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Recently diagnosed poz, NEED to be used like a cheap whore!

One on one,  or in groups, your place, a sleazy motel room, an adult bookstore/theater, your car, an alley, wherever! 

No condoms allowed! 

Love ALL sizes, colors, shapes! 

Total cumdump looking for loads! 

Into most scenes, just ask!




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    • By Bb4allloads
      Sloppy hole for more loads if u got them loads thatbare loaded my hole this sub cum slut is ready wet and taking more all night bring them here knights inn 5116 ga Highway 85 forest park 153 anonymous breeding leave me ur gifts deep in me the red room is open cum breed!!! If u do happen to cum just comment ur gift u leaving in me here show how nasty of a cum dump I am 
    • By LoadMyHoleOAK
      Another cum dump night on Saturday at Slammer in Los Angeles.Because this was my third time there, I pretty much knew the layout and where I should go for raw anonymous fucking. So I didn’t waste any time walking around the cubbies but headed straight for the dark room where I could have my ass up and ready for any dick that wanted to use it. I spent most of the night there ass up against the fuck bench.
      I’m lucky to have a good top friend in my life and we’ve spent many hours talking and texting each other about our fantasies and desires. He’s always encouraged me to fulfill my desire to be a cum dump and been very influential on the journey. He was the first one to tell me about Breeding Zone which helped me open my eyes and understand what I could be. I’d read the stories and be jealous of all the bottoms that would allow themselves to take all loads.
      I started barebacking about a year and a half ago and quickly learned how much I love it; especially the feeling when my hole has been well used and fully loaded. That feeling is like a drug to me; I just can’t get enough of it!
      On my journey I had to overcome my fear of rejection because I could no longer pretend to be the “good boy” and “husband material” gay man. Instead I learned to accept that I want to be a hole that is used by as many men as possible to dump their loads in and in anonymous, sleazy locations.
      My friend has been there to encourage me all the way. He shaped and changed my way of thinking so that I gained self acceptance. He got me to look past appearances and social mores to understand my purpose: To serve as a cum dump to ALL men that need one. Lately he’s been training me to think of myself as just a hole; a receptacle for the needs of men. And to let go my thoughts and desires and focus on the pleasure of the top. So on Saturday I took his training and advice to heart and thought about myself as a hole. I let any and all man who wanted to...use it. I didn’t care if they were short, tall, fat, ugly, muscular or handsome… My hole was theirs to use. So after about five hours, 12 to 15 fucks and seven loads in me, I felt like I had learned his lesson well.
    • By Bb4allloads
      Face down ass up knights inn 5116 ga hwy 85 forest park 153 cum show me how a slut should be treated n fill my void with ur bugs 
    • By martinthefaggot
      NEG CUB. Very hairy, Looking for anon Poz loads from men 35+. No one is to old. In londom from 31st of august till september 5th
    • By LDNhungvers
      Anyone hung vers and up for B.B. fun?

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