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    • By ohvisit
      A week ago when I was in DC, I decided to cruise a building on a university campus to see if I could score any understall action. This particular building was known for its active cruising scene, and the posts online seemed to indicate it was safe for non-students. Fortunately I can blend in with the student body at this particular university. So around 4pm in the afternoon I made my way to the building, then up the stairs to the floor with the restroom that supposedly had the most cruising. I walk in, and it's totally empty. But it's easy to see why guys choose this place: the stalls are set far back from the door, and the door is so squeaky you have plenty of warning. I pick a stall in the middle, wondering how long I'll have to wait for someone else to show up. In less than five minutes, I hear the door open and footsteps leading to the stalls. I peek through the crack between the stall door and wall. It's the tall muscular black guy I had spotted in floor's lobby area on my way to the restroom. He quickly drops his pants and taps his foot, wasting no time to signal he wants to play. I tap my foot, but before he can even respond, the door opens again. I peek through the crack and watch a trim black guy, probably in his early 30s, enter the stall on the other side of me. He drops his pants, sits down on the toilet, and immediately taps his foot. I'm sandwiched between two black guys looking for action!
      I tap my feet to let both of them it's safe to play. The muscular guy drops to his knees and slides his legs under the stall. His cock is huge, at least 8" and thick. I get on my knees and start stroking his cock with my left hand. I motion with my right hand under the other stall, and the guy within seconds slides his legs under, presenting me with a second thick cock, probably around 7" long. The guy on my left reaches under and starts rubbing my ass. He pulls his hand back momentarily, returning it lubed with spit and getting my hole nice and wet. I spit into my hand and lube his cock. Knowing that someone might enter and disrupt our fun at any moment, I don't waste time. I quickly squat down onto his bare black cock, taking his entire length up my hole. As he starts to slide his cock in and out of my ass, I lean over and start blowing the other guy's hard cock. The guy fucking me starts to pound me hard, and I can hear his breathing increase. He moans loudly. I feel his thick cock pulse in my hole. His raw cock is loading me up with his cum. He pulls out fast, and I feel some of his load leak out of my hole. I quickly stand up and lower myself on the other cock, honestly not caring if he came here to fuck or if he was even willing to fuck raw. He didn't pull away, so I bounced on his cock until he started to push and pull in and out of my ass. Within maybe a minute he pushed in deep and held his cock buried all the way in me, giving me his load. I squeezed my hole tightly as he pulled out, hoping to keep as much of the cum in me as possible. 
      After the guys left, no one else entered for the next ten minutes. I pushed the loads out into my hand and licked up the warm gooey sperm. I jerked off and left, feeling fulfilled for the day.
    • By BritRawBottom
      O772O 874 35I - TEXT OR WHATSAPP
    • By muscledpigbttm
      It's been a week since I last got bred. That fact's been driving me crazy, but since last Thursday I've been at the beach and there aren't that many guys away from the city. Today I got back though and went straight downtown to the bathhouse to try and get some loads. I rented a private room as soon as I got there, got my hole cleaned up and went out to prowl the joint.
      This fit as fuck Venezuelan guy kept looking at me a soon as I got out so I approached him and we started making out. As I got there pretty early, around 4 PM, the place was almost empty and he wanted to set up a little show for the few guys that were around, so right in the middle of the steam room he pulled out his dick and drove my head towards it. I swallowed it hole, while two other guys watched and jerked off. The Venezuelan had some poppers, gave me some, took a hit himself and drove his shaft all the way in my throat, holding the back of my head as he fucked my face hard, not minding my gagging and coughing noises. "I'ma cum", he said, and didn't stop facefucking me until he shot his load down my throat. I got up, made out with him for a bit and without saying a word and trying to keep his cum from going down my throat, I left for the bathroom.
      I got into a stall and gagged onto my hand until his cum came out. I crouched down and with the poppers still ringing in my head, relaxed my hole and got as much of the Venezuelan's cum into it as I could. I've never done anything like this before, but the need of having this hot guy's DNA in me was too big and I didn't even really gave it a second thought. I was gonna have that load in me no matter what. I walked out of the stall and right there was this older heavy guy, not pretty, peeing with a can-thick dick and doing a pretty lousy job of covering it.
      I checked his cock out, making sure he saw that I was craving dick and nothing more and he nodded me into getting back into one of the stalls. I did and he knocked a few seconds later. He got in; we barely fit in there together and I got on my knees and started blowing him. That big piece of meat grew and grew and kept of growing, until in spite of it already being all the way down my throat it's girth got too thick for me and it started to really hurt and I had to pull it out. I turned around, he stuck a finger into my hole and said "Nice, you're already wet". He got the tip of his dick next to it and started pushing in slowly.
      He took his time and I didn't mind it. I'm not a big guy, 5'4", and he looked to be over 6 feet, so with me standing on my tip toes and him somewhat crouching, getting his dick to slide into my hole took some work. And the girth didn't help. I scooped up the Venezuelan guy's cum from my cheeks and perineum, using it to lub up his big bear's dick, and I finally felt the *pop* that goes with getting a really thick dick into you. He slid the rest of the way in and, grabbing onto the stall, proceeded to relentlessly fuck me, holding onto my shoulders, pushing my body against his dick, getting his dirty fingers into my mouth and spitting in it and I fucking loved it. There's something special about being manhandled by a guy you know you're fucking just because their dick is big and it's gonna give you a load. It makes me feel like the cumdump I love being. I makes me feel like nothing else matter but the dick.
      He announced he would cum soon and I started squeezing and releasing my ass to the rhythm of his thrusts. That got him moaning even more and, with his big hand on top of my head pushing me down while pushing himself deeper, dropped a load into my guts that made all the meat on his body shake. I realized while he came that I'd managed to use this guy's cock to push the Venezuelan's cum into me while also getting another load in the process and that thought plus the feeling of that dick in me made me cum a little bit. After that he got his towel around him and left.
      I walked onto the little dark room by the terrace on the first floor and found it empty. I turned around to leave and saw that a couple of guys had followed me. They were a little taller than me, bodies that had clearly never been to the gym and faces I couldn't quite make out, but one of them had a HUGE bulge under his towel so I grabbed one of his nipples with one hand and his dick with the other, while the third guy took my towel off and started eating my ass. "Salty", was all he said while the hung guy sat down and I started blowing him, and the rimmer shoved his dick in me.
      I couldn't believe I was getting bare dick this easily on a weekday. I got fucked hard and fast and got another load in me without it being announced. His dick wasn't that big and I really wasn't paying much attention to the guy but for the occasional ass squeeze while he came. When he left it was just the hung guy and me in the dark room and I felt a hand making me turn around and a dick poking my leg. Yes, more bare dick and a really big one this time around.
      I sat on it and felt the joy that comes with being truly full of dick. The rush of not even having seen this guy's face, the thrill of just being a hole for him while him also being just a dick stirring the other three loads in me. I was grabbed by the waist and the fucking dude just stood up with him still inside of me. I was wet from sweat and slipped a little, which made his dick open my hole in a weird and painful way. I yelled that he was hurting me and he just turned around, said "Get on all fours and don't complain, whore", and put me against the place he was sitting in a second ago. He didn't wait for me to get comfortable, he didn't even wait for me to have all my limbs down before he started fucking me.
      "I'm gonna take a while", he said, and pushed his dick all the way it could go in. I could feel my second sphincter opening up, but it hurt like hell, my body was clenching up and my dick was oozing cum out of the excitement. Pain was bad, pleasure up there with it, and the continuous loud fucking was drawing some shadows into the little dark room. Soon this guy sat close to my head and pulled out a nice average dick. I sucked on it, not even trying to jerk myself off as all I could do was focus on being a good willing hole.
      The guy I was blowing took a little poppers bottle out out of nowhere and gave me a hit and that fucking did it. The hung top fucking me took the queue and shoved his dick all the way in and the pain gave way to pleasure as I could feel my fucking soul opening up at the same time my second sphincter did, letting him truly all the way in. "Give me some poppers", the top said and took the biggest hit ever. "I'm leaving it there, bitch", he said and fucked me hard, moaning and yelling, as some guys watched him wrecking my hole. With a big final plow he said he was cumming and dropped his load as far in as his dick would go, leaving me sore, leaving my balls emptied of cum, leaving my ass with four loads and leaving my head with the knowledge that I had them all the real way in.
      I got up, took my towel, thanked the guy for the load, showered and left. Got home a while ago and can barely sit. My underwear is wet from my hole dripping cum, but I'm trying to keep it squeezed as that's some hard earned loads. I'll be going out later tonight, hopefully there're more loads to take. I'll write about whatever happens.
    • By CigarBear68
      After receiving many messages from a negative bottom here on breeding zone, I finally responded, and we began some back and forth pozzing chat.  I told him how much I enjoyed fucking a tight hole raw with the sole purpose of knocking-up the bottom.  He responded saying how much he wanted to be my bottom pig.  After a few months of message exchanges, I told him I was ready for him to follow through, or to quit messaging me.  He replied saying he was a four hour trip from my town, and he would plan a trip to my locale, and would get back to me with the details of the trip.
      Well, a month passed before I heard back from him, and was somewhat surprised when he opened saying he had booked a hotel room nearby for an upcoming weekend.  I was skeptical, but just in case I told him to let his beard keep growing and not to let anyone fuck him until after our weekend. 
      The Friday of his projected arrival, I had dinner and just watched some TV, not expecting him until fairly late as he wouldn't even commence his trip until after he got off work.  Around 10:30, I got a call from him, letting me know he was at hotel.  He sounded nervous, so I reassured him he'd be fine.  I got in my truck and drove the 30 minutes to his hotel room.  When he opened the door, I was surprised at how sexy he was - at (approximately) 5' 9", beefy with a belly, and a beautiful bushy brown beard growing up onto his chubby cheeks.  He invited me in, and I could see how nervous and scared he was, so I gave him a big hug to break the tension.  He relaxed, and I pulled his mouth to mine and gave him a deep kiss which lasted nearly a minute. 
      "Damn you're a sexy cub," I told him, and asked where my bourbon was.  He quickly grabbed the bottle he brought, and poured us a few drinks.  As he did, I removed my shirt and hat, and made myself comfortable on the bed.  He joined me, and as we drank he rubbed my belly and tits, and my cock began leaking precum inside my jeans.  Once the alcohol was kicking in, I told him to get naked for me, and he quickly did, showing me a sexy cub covered in fur from head to toe.  As he stood beside the bed, his 5" cock was arching upwards, oozing clear fluid out the tip. 
      "Get my boots off, boy." I ordered, and lit my pipe.  When he was finished, I had him put his head back on my chest and start sucking my nipples.  So I'm just leaning back enjoying my pipe as he's working my nipples, and I ask him if he's ready to suck my dirty cock.  He nods, and I tell him to remove my jeans and get between my legs.  I start stroking my cock, working more precum out, as the cub watches me eagerly.
      "You sure you want it, boy?  You want my cock in your mouth?"  I grabbed the back of his head and guided him down on my cock.  Seeing his hairy mouth open wide for me just makes me harder. "Suck it slow, boy- remember this first load is for your ass.  I've been saving it all week just for your hole."
      The cub slowed his pace, and, looking down between his legs, I could see his cockhead was a bright red, and it glistened with his own juices.  Pulling him off my cock, I positioned him on all fours, along side me, his hole convenient to my position.  Gently fondling his balls, I segued to stroking his hole as I finished my pipe.  He whimpered in pleasure as, initially, I rested the warm bowl of my pipe against his tight ballsack, only to slide it onto his crack and rest it on his opening.  I can see his hole clench. 
      Smacking his ass, I told him "What a good little fucktoy you're being.  Put your head on the bed, pig, and keep your ass absolutely still for me."
      Now milking my cock, I scooped-up some of my precum, rubbing it on his puckered hole. "You like having daddy's tainted cum on your pussy, don't you, boy?"
      "Yes, sir," he unhesitatingly grunted.
      Noticing a string of clear cum leaking from his cock, I caught it with my fingers and added to the precum I had earlier applied to his hole.  A finger inserted into his hole met resistance, but I keep going, urging "Open up boy.  You got some of my precum in you now."
      He moaned in approval.
      Repeated I finger-fucked his hole, increasingly roughly, enjoying his moans as my assault intensified, and even more enjoying the tint of red that was showing-up on my fingers.  It was time to progress to the next level. 
      Getting to my feet, I had the bottom position his ass at the edge of the bed, which was the perfect position for me to slide my cock up and down his crack, spreading more of my toxic load onto his hole. He held perfectly still, even if breathing hard.  Finally I began to work my head a little deeper, urging "Take my poz cock, baby.  Open up for Daddy."
      While I couldn't understand the words he grunted, I could understand his level of excitement:  he was actually cumming on the bed, and I wasn't even inside his hole.  Naturally I quickly shoved my rock hard seven inches in his ass.  He flinched in pain, even perhaps intending to extract himself from my control, but instead I held him still, as I hammer-fucked his ass. 
      "Stop, man, stop," he demanded, but I wasn't about to comply.
      Without pausing in my thrusts, and as my balls tightened, I snapped "You're taking this load, pig, shut the fuck up!"
      His moans continued, which added to my perverse pleasure in seeing the streaks of red which alternated with the precum with which my cock was coated.  So I fucked him still harder, ever harder until finally my balls erupted, shooting my six-day load deep inside his ass, my cock twitching inside my new pig.
      Panting hard, I announced "That's it baby.  Take your first dirty load.  Let it soak in.  Let it make you a whore."
      His head hung low, his body frozen as I finished stroking my final drops of toxic cum into his coated boy cunt.  Afterwards my cock plopped out and his hairy hole slowly closed, but not before I saw a little bit of my load leak out - so I scooped it up and pushed it back in.  Waste not want no, you know.
      Lighting my pipe anew, I lay on the bed, ordering the pig to join me, gesturing for him to lay his head on my chest.  Some tears ran down his face, and he hugged me for support.
      "Hush, there, Pig, it will be okay," I cooed, and when he calmed down I guided his mouth to my cock.  He knew what to do, and without a word licked my tool and crotch clean.
      "Look me in the eyes," I ordered, and with my cock still lodged in his mouth, but his eyes were fixated on mine, I took a draw on my pipe, and admonished "Remember the taste of that cock.  It's the one that knocked you up." 
      We fell asleep, and twice in the remaining hours of the night I bred him again.  In the morning I left for the day, but came back Saturday night and managed to fuck four more loads into him before he left Sunday afternoon. 
      I continued chatting with him online, until finally eight weeks later he messaged me to let me know it took.  He was officially knocked up.  He let me know it made him hard to think about it, but he was scared and wanted to come visit again.  I replied "No.  My job is done, pig.  You gave me your cunt to fuck and to knock up, and I did that.  You're a whore now.  Go fuck strangers.  Go fuck bookstore trolls and old men.  Go share your little bear pussy with anyone who wants it.  You're a cumdump now.  I prefer negative boys."
      He deleted his account the next day. 
    • By MrLip69
      Really need cum in me! Been ages. None refused 

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