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Sunday parTy fun Oct 8

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LookinG to host a few guys Oct 8 for a parTy. My first time in palm springs and want guys willinG to have fun. Let watch porn, get naked and see what happens. Would love one top to whore me out that night. If interested put your info below well send pics.

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    • By Nipping420
      Thinking of going to CBC for cummunion on Saturday. Got about 13 loads in the dark room attached to where the bed is. Definitely want to try to get more than that! Anyone else thinking of going? Hmu! 
    • By BB4fking
      I’m preparing to attend an orgy on the weekend and wondered how frequently other guys join in orgies.
      What is an orgy? Dictionaries emphasise excess and sex. Urban dictionary includes one meaning as “a bunch of people getting together to trade STIs”, which is a bit cynical, and another “5 or more all having sex” which is a bit too general. I feel an orgy needs to be distinguished from, say, a small sex party amongst friends, a sex-on-site venue such as a bathhouse, or a busy cruising spot although these may each be reasonably considered to be an orgy by some. For others it’s just business as usual.
      So, here goes my definition for this poll: orgy means:
      - at least 10 people have sex during the event.
      - the sex is generally in sight of others and uninhibited.
      - the area in which sex happens is open to all participants (ie it’s not an orgy if people just pair off and head to closed bedrooms or cubicles for sex) and in proximity to each other (ie it can be over several rooms or an entire house but not a cruising area of an entire forest or beach).
      - it can’t be at a regular bathhouse or sex club: I realise this is a strange qualification but without it I guess any Saturday night session at a busy sauna might potentially be an orgy, whereas I see an orgy as something distinct. I realise this may mean that cumunion held at a sauna is not an orgy but if held in a hotel suite it is.
      Please bear with me in my attempt at a definition but offer your own if you can express it better!
    • By HardOneLA
      Hey guys, given that the name of our site is "breeding zone", I'm thinking we have to take it a step forward from just relating past tales, to creating our own new experiences.   Set up our own get togethers to fulfill the needs of all - those who need to fuck and breed, and those of us who need to be fucked and bred.  Would love to have it so we can video it, discretely, and record the fuckings and breedings.  Please let me know those of you who would be interested and we'll make it happen.  I may be able to host my first breeding party and then we can see where we go from there.  Thanks for your thoughts, suggestions, input and responses.  Oink!
    • By CigarBBcn
      We are a couple (Poz Top and neg bottom/vers) based near Barcelona and we will be visiting Berlin from 14th till 19th November 2018. 
      We are searching for real meetings with other pozz Tops or Vers pigs... preferably masculine, older than 35 y.o., smokers and depraved.
      We are also interested to know sex clubs or bars where we can play bareback. Any suggestion? Thanks! 

    • By Begsforpozseed
      Bb Bttm getting a hotel Folsom weekend hit me up for details 

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