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Uk Lad into Perv/taboo

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Wickr - dudebreed.

Send me taboo dropbox stuff. NO I don't have any to trade and don't wanna waste time talking fantasies. Just hook me up with the good stuff and help me get off.

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    • By Mrversa1982
      Last werkend I had so much fun. Since a couple weeks Ihave a new buddy. Max is 18yo and a sleazy fuckboy. I met him at a parking and I took him home, where we had long and perv sex. He is a skinny tall boy that does bb since a young age. He told me he wanted me to meet his familly and invited me for the weekend. 
      In the weeks before he told me alot about his 2 brothers and his parents. He lives in a shady/trailertrash area (got lots of pozfriends there) with lots of horny neighbors. He got me hard by the stories about his gay brothers and bi-sexual parents. 
      At my arrival he brought me into the house were I heard lots of sex noisses and I noticed all the doors from the rooms were removed. That weekend I had a lot of sex and saw all of his family naked. 
      Last weekend I went back and arrived an hour to early. I went inside and up to his room. In the hallway I heard him moan and looked for him. I found him in his parents bedroom getting fucked by his dad and facefucked by one of his brothers. It was so hot that I got naked and joined in. I fucked his brother and fot fucked by the 3 of them that weekend. 
      I still am hard thinking about it and going back this weekend for more bare fun.
      Does anyone has a samelike experience? 
    • By Couple4fun2011
      Uk south coast couple for trades and meets only. Old Wickr was couple4fun2003...
      new wickr
    • By TwistedPerv1
      Add me on wickr for some no limits and filthy perv taboo chat Twisted10
      (old account username was Partum and kept disconnecting so started a new one add me if we chatted before) 
    • By TwistedPerv1
      Seriously twisted perv here mate. Taboo and extreme welcome. Unshockable and no limits. 100% discreet. Chat on wickr if you’re in two twisted taboo. Username is Partum - prefer guys who can voice chat 

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