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Uk Lad into Perv/taboo

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Wickr - dudebreed.

Send me taboo dropbox stuff. NO I don't have any to trade and don't wanna waste time talking fantasies. Just hook me up with the good stuff and help me get off.

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    • By takingdeepanal
      This from NKP regarding "PERV" and "TABOO" (Moderators - please shift this to a different part of the forums if applicable): https://www.nastykinkpigs.com/messages_inbox.php?message=82214472
    • By Doccer19677
      I was at my favourite Brighton sauna and headed to the dark room. On entry I was pawed by a couple of guys. One grabbed my dick and started to slowly wank it. He dropped to his knees and started to blow my increasingly hard cock.
      I was nice and hard and another guy presented his hole to me..I played with it to make sure it was nice and moist for my now rock hard cock.
      I moved to position myself behind him to fuck, running my slick cock up and down his arse so he knew what was coming. Then I felt him reach around and attempt to roll a condom on my erect cock...WTF!
      So the question is what is the normal etiquette for this situation, I’ll be interested  to get some views and/or suggestions on what I should do/should have done?  I will then go on to tell what went on and how it ended..
    • By traindriver68
      traindriver68: This story is written by the guy I fucked recently, and describes our most recent scene. You can see my response below.
      Hot chaser: This is a true account of a recent meet I had with a guy from BZ who I have met previously. We’d chatted online and met once at Scratchwood open space, where we had some safe fun with a bit of poz talk. I had opened up to him online about how much poz/neg play turned me on and how the talk got me hot and hard, but how I was scared of the consequences of actually carrying the fantasy into reality. For his part he had fed those fantasies, helped me open up to them more and more, encouraged me and also tempted me with the promise of pushing my limits, but not breaking them. If we met again, he wouldn’t do anything to harm me, but would make sure I had all the poz/neg talk I wanted. He told me he was undetectable, but enjoyed making out he wasn’t for the purpose of fulfilling my fantasies. I told him that if we met, I would likely chicken out unless he kept me poppered up and was somewhat dominant with me. Poppers always make me feel slutty and I usually respond with a slightly submissive attitude to a guy who takes charge.
      Td68: I'd been looking forward to this for ever. Everything was set.
      Chaser: So skip forward and I find myself outside his place in a nearby town, ready to take that plunge into all the dirty fantasies I had. I messaged him that I was outside and he quickly opened the door and let me in. He was already naked, and as we’d agreed, he told me to strip, which I did, right inside his front door. He pushed me down to my knees and told me to suck his hardening cock. I took it in my mouth, not allowing myself to think too much about the fact that this cock could be toxic. He could be lying about his undetectable status to stealth me. I didn’t think about it too much, but the little thoughts that crossed my mind caused my cock to stir. As I sucked him, he produced a bottle of poppers and held it under my nose, telling me to take big hits. I later found out that these were old formula poppers, strong and pure and they soon made me start deep-throating his big, thick, poz cock with no concern for my wellbeing.
      Td68: he was a neg hole who wanted poz cock. I was gonna make sure he got it. And those old style poppers did their magic and turned him into a virus seeking animal.
      Chaser: When he was hard he pulled me up and took me to his lounge, where bareback porn was playing on the big TV. A lucky guy was getting his hole filled at one end, and his mouth filled at the other. I wished I was that guy, and soon I was back on my knees, sucking and sniffing poppers. He kept telling me to suck his poz cock, how he was going to fuck me with it, asking if I wanted to be fucked like the twink on the screen, all of which had me moaning in anticipation of what was to come. I noticed lube and a condom on the table. I had brought condoms with me, but they were in my pocket, and that was by the front door. I could still use his though, if I wanted.
      Td68: yeah I had condoms, but no way did he want them. And i kept him poppered up and horned up so he kept wanting it.
      Chaser : We moved through into a bedroom, obviously not his as there were no sheets on the mattress, but lube and poppers available, but no condoms here. I knew that if he fucked me, he intended to do it bareback. He wanted to use my hole, and in my aroused state and flying high on the poppers, I wanted him to. I knew the risks, I knew what could happen, and at that moment I didn’t care.
      He sucked me. I was hard and horny, but I didn’t want this to be about me getting off. I knew I wouldn’t want to do as much if I came first, so I flipped over onto my front, allowing me easy access to the poppers and him easy access to my hole, which he began to eat. His beard scratched against the sensitive skin around my pre-loosened and cleaned out hole, but his tongue opened me up, teased me and made me wetter, looser and ready for his cock. By the time he finished eating me, I was ready to be fucked. I needed his cock in me and I was telling him that. I told him to fuck me with his poz cock, to stretch me and fill me up.
      Td68: I love rimming a hole deep before I fuck it. And I knew this guy was horned up by it. He was ready for poz cock, and wouldn't say no.
      Chaser: He wanted me on my back to start with, but I resisted, staying on my front. I didn’t want access to my cock and I wanted to feel trapped, to feel his weight on me. I guess I wanted to feel that he was in some way raping me, removing my responsibility for the irresponsible action I was about to enter into. Anyway, he obliged and I felt his cock at my hole, probing, searching, ready to fill me.
      I should mention that I have been preparing myself for this for weeks now. Cleaning out my hole regularly, fingering, using a small toy and using a large toy to open it and make it easy for somebody to get inside while causing me the minimum amount of pain. I’m not into pain and I don’t want to feel that agony of the first penetration when I’m not completely ready. It kills my mood and doesn’t do much for the top. I have now got to the point where I can take a D-Cell Maglite in my hole to a depth of about 6”. It’s not the depth that counts as much as the girth in this case. I know if I can take that, there are few cocks out there that will challenge me when I’m ready!
      Anyway, back to the bed, and his cock found its mark and he pushed into me, sinking all the way in on the first thrust! No pain for me, but joy for both of us as we realised my fantasy of his raw, poz cock being bare inside me for the first time! When he was sure I was taking it ok, he began to fuck me hole, telling me how he was filling me up, opening me, that he was bareback inside me, toxic, dangerous. I played my role perfectly, taking it like the submissive bottom I am, and even begging him to fuck me. Well nearly. To begin with I asked him to wait, not to fuck me, not to cum in me, not to do it. I told him I was scared. I wanted it but I didn’t want to be poz, I needed it but couldn’t do it… He reassured me and eventually I became that submissive bottom, begging to be fucked, begging to be pozzed, even begging for his load. I could feel my hard cock rubbing against the bare mattress. The sensation was making me even more horny, teasing me, heightening my arousal, but not bringing me closer to getting off my own load!
      Td68: I loved the feeling of being on top of him but I wanted to see his face, to kiss him deep so we were connected physically at both ends of the opening into his sweet, vulnerable and neg insides. I didn't want him coming too soon because I wanted to sit on that monster fucking meat of his.
      Chaser: He flipped me over, putting me on my back and lifting my legs onto his shoulders. His cock found its mark again and he was now able to fuck me and look into my eyes, seeing the equal amounts of terror and desire on my face, knowing I was his bitch, there to be bred and take his seed!
      On my back I was able to touch my cock. I knew what would happen, but I was so aroused I needed to cum badly. I began to play with myself. He encouraged me, seeing how horny I was and knowing, I think, that it would distract me from what he was doing – fucking my raw, vulnerable hole with his hard, toxic cock!
      I so needed to cum, but he pulled out and lay back on the bed. I knew he wanted me to fuck him, we had discussed it online before meeting. He knew that I don’t normally top, that it doesn’t do it for me for a number of reasons, but today I couldn’t help myself! I slid into his soft, velvety hole, and he took me without a murmur of pain! Clearly he has been preparing too! And so I fucked him, deep and hard, with a primal urge to unload my seed, to cum, to reproduce. The most basic urge of any man, and it had a hold of me like never before, and when I came it was one of the most intense experiences of my entire adult life!
      Td68: I knew his cock was so big that it would rough up my insides and I'd bleed a little. It didn't hurt, I was amazed, I was so turned on. I took every fucking inch and his face got redder and redder. He was actually begging and crying to cum and eventually I let him unload what felt like a bucket of cum in me. Then I flipped him over, pinned him down and fucked him some more before he could say no. He kissed me deeply as I plowed that neg hole.
      Chaser : I don’t think he came in me. Honestly, this is a true account, but some of it is now a little hazy. The poppers and the intensity of the emotions and physical sensations I felt have blurred some detail. Everything I have put is true, but there are details missed, such as what happened to his cum. I honestly can’t tell you. But I’m mailing this to him and I want him to fill in the blanks. To add his perspective, to correct my mistakes and to tell you all what a dirty slut I was! There is another reason I’m sending this to him. I want to do it again. I keep revisiting that evening in my head and I want to revisit it for real. I want to get naked for him inside his front door. I want to be high on those amazing poppers again, and I want to be fucked by him again. I’m scared still. I still don’t want to be poz, but I need that feeling again.
      Traindriver68: Oh yes baby, we will do it again. And again.
      You can see this hot slut bugchaser and I had a great time. Not only did I get my raw poz cock in him, dripping my poz pre-cum into him, I turned him on so much he was almost insatiable for poz cock. I wanted to get my poz arse juices into his piss slit too, so I sat on his dick.
      This guy is so conflcited. He wants the bug, he wants the poz juice. He loves the mindgame and when he blew his load inside me it was after telling him how much he was getting my poz arse juices into his big pisslit and cock head, and how tops could pick it up too. Was I undetectable? Well I could have been lying and might be toxic.
      Did I cum in him? Well, not this time. Am I undetectable? Well, lets just say I was that time but I'm thinking there will be enough of a meds holiday for next time for me to be toxic. He's taken the first step, fucking raw with an undetectable guy.
      He thinks its safe now, wants the bug but wants me undetectable too.
      Some mates of mine who are poz and highly toxic will load my hole just before he arrives so this horny fucker plunges into my manhole next time with the risk of three toxic strains, not just one. And I know when I tell him that as I enter him it will drive him fucking crazy!
      After all, its only a matter of time before chasing gets you that bug, right? Thats how it was with me.

    • By Vect0r
      Stocky fella from Ireland is looking to experience new things.
      into fisting, bb etc
      have used some light Chem with K etc
      but the experiences are getting old and repetitive. I think I would love to have an experience with something stronger than k, maybe something taboo, and I would love to have a long drawn out session where my ass was just used over and over with no mercy.
      willing to travel to make it happen, just need someone to show me the way.
    • By Taboopervwatford
      Hi all any one like to chat /meet later who open minded and into perv/taboo? 
      Pm me your wickr or post it here

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