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    • Guest Taboowatford
      By Guest Taboowatford
      Hi all any one near london/Watford into taboo/perv. 
      I'm 33 bi 
      Wickr malewatford
    • By Proudlypoz
      Back in my late 20s, I’d been barebacking for over a decade, started young like many Including with my now ex through most of my 20s. We’d go clubbing, I’d split my time between the dance floor and the darkroom, giving n taking loads. Working night shift as security was great, no-one wonders why you are bleary eyes or even groggy at 9pm Monday evening.  
      Around when I was 24 we moved and ended up living near a hot Spanish guy I worked with. We worked for different companies but in the same building and sometimes had to work on stuff together. Then I spotted him online. Hot and gay!
      He was around 6ft2, hairy as hell, Spanish lisp, great beard and salt and pepper hair despite barely pushing 30. He always wore baggy clothes which was a shame as he had an amazing ass, tiny love handles. Just my type. One day he came over for a threesome, after my bf wore him down and enticed him with my dick pics. We soon relaxed and got into it and after eating his hairy ass I rode his fat dick like my life depended on it as my ex licked and teased his nipples. Though eventually he said he wouldn’t cum in me... back then I was neg and much shier about being a bug chasing cum slut. He was neg though we somehow managed to ‘forget’ the condoms. My bf paid lip service to safe sex but he loved breeding almost as much as me, just wasn’t open with others or himself. A thoroughly unsatisfying fuck.
      Though with 4/5 fucks a weekend, and eventually getting some hot poz fisting buddies that would soon be fixed for me. It started out as “I’ll be poz probably?” To “I should get it over with” to the complete adoration, fetishisation of the virus, poz cum and poz men, nothing got me hotter than a biohazard tatt. I was on a mission 
      About 9-10 months later, after my diagnosis as a proudly poz pig, we were both on a night shift and bumped into each other in the basement where his offices were. We moaned about how dead night shifts were, nothing to do. When he started getting flirty. Maybe it was my snug security guard uniform that really cupped my balls, maybe the big black boots. Maybe the fact he had not long broken up with his boyfriend who had put a stop to us playing apart from that one annoyingly load free time.
      We went into his office, a small dark windowless room. We started to kiss, I could smell his aftershave mixed with the funk you get after being at work from 9pm to 6am. He locked the door, then dropped to his knees. Rubbing his face in my crotch. I sat back on an office chair and let him unbuckle my belt, before he breathed in deep the smell from my underwear, rubbing my ever harder dick with his nose. I grabbed his thick hair and pulled back his head till his big brown eyes locked with mine. Now I don’t wanna brag (lie) but my dick is nice n thick, even longer then when I was clubbing every weekend and was skinnier than my beefy dad bod I now have. I hooked down the waistband of my Aussibum underwear till my cock sprang out. I slapped it over his face, I noticed it made him arch his back. He was clearly in greedy sub mode. I let him worship my dick for a bit, occasionally forcing him down, my hands on the back of his head. I love feeling that extra thick throat juice you get when a man chokes on your dick. Love to feel it flow down the shaft of my dick onto my balls. 
      Eventually I push him back, stand up and get him in front on me, kissing him deeply, my hands massaging his ass through his tight suit trousers, relationship fat, I like ‘em chunky and love a snog suit on a big ass. He moans n asks if I have condoms / lube. I lie, I have lube in my wallet, as I have other plans. “No” I say “but I need to fuck you baby”. This makes him moan as I kiss his neck, and drop his trousers. I yank back his hair and flick my tongue over his nipples, His weak spot I remember, and begin to gently rub my finger around his hole, nestled among his super round pert hairy ass. 
      I flip him round, use my work boots to spread his legs and bend him over his desk. I move my hands down his back before dropping to my knees and burying my tongue in his warm tight ass. He is moaning so loud I think someone may hear even though there are only a handful of people in the place. Eventually I stand up and tap my dick against his hole, my thumbs keeping his dark hairy cheeks out of my way. 
      I ask him if he wants it. Now he may think I just mean my dick, but I’m thinking about the thick poz unmedicated load brewing in my balls. “Yes” he gasps... “but don’t cum in me”... “Sure” I say, though it’s totally unconvincing, he is too horny to notice the smirk on my face.
      I tell him to choke on my dick to lube me up as I slip a finger in to his ass. He’s a pro and his hole relaxes till I’m knuckle deep. “Slut” I say and his knees almost buckle. Though the spit soon dries. All I have to do is keep pounding and it’ll dry up nicely, just what I want. 
      I grab his kneck, hold his head down on my dick, his chin against my balls till I feel his stomach heave. Then I spin him round ready to plow him. I place my hands on his shoulders as I line my dick up with that hot hairy hole. I tell him to spread his cheeks. I slip my head in. He moans and it vibrates through his body. I start slow but soon end up halfway and he’s moaning up a storm. I then thrust balls deep to his surprise. I have to hold those shoulders tight to stop him moving off. “Shhh” I say “take it all like a good boy”. 
      I get a rhythm going, he starts jerking off.  I feel his hole relax but as I get deeper I feel the resistance as my dick forces it’s way along his guts, the friction making his insides hot as the spit dries. I work the angles till I start hitting that spot. He actually screams out. “FUUUUCK” I don’t let up..
      “You want it” I pant
      “Fuck yes”
      “Want me deep inside you” I grin
      “Gonna take it” I can almost see biohazard signs in front of my eyes
      He starts to twitch, I hear his load splattering over the paperwork on his desk, his ass tightens and my balls rise up and empty out. I make sure my knees are behind his, his hips against the desk my hands on his shoulders. He has nowhere to go. I grunt n growl and I feel my dick twitch. He says “oh fuck I feel it”. I hold us both still till my knees give out. My face falls to the back of his neck. I slowly move back n forward. Never pulling out. I give a deep thrust pounding past his second spinchter.
      “Bad boy” he says clearly blissed out but not wriggling off my toxic dick. 
      “I had to! You begged for it” 
      He then realised his shirt is between the cum soaking into the paperwork on his desk. His hole cinches shut in panic, keeping my toxic cum inside him as my cock slips out. “Fuuuuck” he says realising the state of himself. Sadly I doubt he would want to clean my dick in his panic. As he realises his shirt is soaked through with cum and the paperwork ruined. 
      I tell him to blame it on spilt coffee and get dressed. “We should do this again” he looks sheepish. As I unlock the door. I feel electric, is this my first neg hole I have bred? 
      So reader, you wanna know if it took? Well we fucked on and off for a few months. We did the charade of, “condom” - oh no I forgot! A few times,  and the odd don’t cum in me. 
      Then he got some clean cut, and certainly neg bf - online he was a safe sex crusader.  They split up after a few months, and I move jobs. A few weeks later I bump into him at the sexual health clinic. Not the floor for general check ups, the one where the poz pigs go to get their bloods and meds. He blames his dull boyfriend, I say “He didn’t seem the type, I guess you never know”. I knew it had to be me. 
      Then I just smiled, and say, “We should fuck some more” and left.... he obviously didn’t click I was on the same floor as him. He must have at some point as he then blocked me everywhere. How rude after giving him that gift! Nowadays he is being a cumdump on BBRTS and says hi to me! Hopefully I can recharge him sometime.
      this is my first proper story, would love your feedback, as well as your holes on my dick.
    • By BosBBDom
      In my 20s nasty verbal perv looking to host this weekend, 8uc poppers 420 G cool. Can accommodate if you travel here.
      wickr; DudeTab00
    • By pervinmt
      Part 1
      It was the middle of the night and I awoke to the sounds of my son Matthew fumbling in the dark trying to find his flip-flops in our dark rv.
      "Sorry, Dad.  I gotta go take a shit," he remarked as he slid his feet into his sandals, heading out the door. 
      This was not unusual, as the campground where we were staying didn't have hookups, so we used the camp toilets which were really just outhouses.  It was also not unusual for him to run off shirtless. He hardly ever wore a shirt unless absolutely necessary, but I certainly understood his aversion to shirts:  at just one month shy of 20, he was in his prime.  He had just finished his freshman year at university where he was on the football team.  Not that he had actually played any games yet, but he still had to train hard, and keep fit.  And boy did he.  At 6'2", he was a tight 190 lbs of head-turning perfection.  All the ladies drooled over his curly brown hair, which he kept a respectable shaggy length.  His profile showed a strong nose, a stronger jawline, and plump lips that were absolutely enticing.  In addition his broad he sported tan, wide shoulders, chiseled, smooth pecs, a narrow waist, perfectly formed, round ass, oh, and his strong legs were lightly covered in dark hair.  The only other hair on his body was a light treasure trail, and his dark, bushy pits.  His facial hair hadn't really started coming in very heavy, and he still had rosy cheeks which suggested a boyish glow to his face.
      Then his eyes.  Oh my gosh, his big blue eyes framed in thick dark lashes.  His mother's eyes.  That's what drew me to her first, so many years ago.  But how times change.  She's still a wonderful person, we just are more like friends now.  Still married, just cause it's easier financially, but that's it.  The sex ended years ago, and we've had separate bedrooms for quite a while.  She says I snore too loud.  Of course it doesn't help that she put on a hundred pounds since our wedding.  But I do have my sexual releases.  Unkown to my wife, I've always been bisexual, and have had a long time fling with my best friend Brian down the street.  We keep each other satisfied.
      Me?  Well, I'm not too bad for 43.  I'm six feet, and weigh in at 195 pounds.  I work out, usually with Matthew, but still am treading the dad bod territory a bit.  My salt and pepper hair and distinguished beard certainly help me.  I was in the army for 20 years stationed right here, so I receive a pension, and in addition I sell cars.  So all in all, things are pretty good.
      Matthew still lives at home, which I like, if only as it saves money.  Matthew was never much of a party kid, instead he was a genuinely pleasant kid, which meant we gave him all the freedom he wants.  Living in our basement bedroom, Matthew uses a private entrance to the basement, and we don't frown on his friends staying over. 
      My wife never joins us on our camping trips, she hates it, so it's always been something special my son and I do.  I have always treasured our trips, especially now he's almost a grown man.
      "Dammit," I mumbled to myself.  "The fucking power of suggestion.  Now I gotta shit!"
      I grumbled as I put my own flip-flops on and headed into the night, but not before I pulling on a shirt.  Walking down the gravel path toward the shitters, I enjoyed the pure peace of a mountain night, however as the outhouses came into sight, I could hear whispering.  Specifically, I heard two male voices.  Now, at first glance that wouldn't be unusual, although the hour was very late, but when I realized the conversation was occurring within the outhouses, and further realized I wasn't really hearing a dialogue, but rather I was hearing grunting, and panting.  You know:  sex sounds. When I reached the toilets, I definitely heard a man ask "Yeah, you like that you little slut?  You like taking that cock like a bitch?"
      And I heard another man say, "Yeah, fuck me.  I AM a nasty slut!  I want your cum in my ass!"
      IT WAS MATTHEW!!  Oh my fucking God!  My son was getting dicked in a dirty, smelly outhouse!  I froze, not knowing what to do.  Should I bang on the door?  Should I slip away?  My heart pounded as I tried to quickly digest what was happening.  My little boy, my Matthew, was getting fucked by a total stranger.  And he was liking it.  No, he was LOVING it!!  He was begging for it.  The man fucking him was calling him nasty, degrading things, and my son was pleading for more!  I couldn't move, I was transfixed.  It was like a car wreck, I couldn't turn away.  Then I realized, I didn't WANT to turn away.  My cock was rock hard in my shorts.  What the fuck?  Listening to my son get used turned me on?  I had never thought of my son like that!  Sure, I could recognize his physical beauty, but I never thought of him sexually.  Now that's ALL I could think about.  Imagining what he looked like right now, taking a cock up his ass made my own cock ache.  Listening to their filthy talk and animal noises made me want to join them.  I wanted to be the one fucking Matthew right now!  I could hear the man say, "I'm gonna cum slut.  Gonna fill you up with a huge load!"
      Then Matthew begging for it.  "Oh fuck yeah! Breed me!  I'm a fucking cumdump.  That's what I'm for!"
      That's when I high-tailed it back to our rv, shit or no shit.  But before I was out of hearing range I heard the top grunt as he shot his load into my son's hole, to which Matthew moaned in appreciation as his guts were filled with sperm.
      Now out of breath and my heart racing, I jumped into our rv, kicked-off my sandals as I decided how I would respond to what I had learned.  Should I confront him?  Should I pretend nothing had happened?  While I recognized ignoring what I learned would be the course most parents would take, a voice in my mind suggested 'This could be a golden opportunity.  You have the power over him right now'.
      I had to ask myself, however, if that was what I wanted, recognizing Matthew could freak-out, permanently damaging our relationship, but I also considered Matthew had begged that strange man to use him. "Fuck it!" I thought, as I ripped off my shorts and climbed under my covers, "my son is obviously a cock hungry slut!"
      Some ten minutes passed before Matthew finally returned, long enough for my breathing and heart rate to return to normal, but not long enough to lose my hardon, or my nerve.  "Everything come out okay, son?" I asked as he climbed inside.
      "Huh, oh, yeah.  Just a little constipated, you know," he replied kicking off his flip-flops and crawling under his blankets on our bed.  I could smell the sex on him and my cock ached more. "Good night, Dad," he murmured as he lay facing away from me. 
      I waited a few seconds, then inched closer to him. I could feel him tense up as I pulled his blanket up and pulled mine off.  The smell of fresh sperm hit me like a mac truck, making my dick pulse.  I slid my body next to his as he froze in fear, not sure what to expect.  I leaned into his ear as I  touched the wet spot where cum had leaked out and whispered, "I know."
      "Dad......"he started to say.
      "Shh shh shh," I silenced him, as I pulled the elastic waist band of his shorts down. "It's okay, Matty. Daddy's not mad that you're a little cockwhore."  I lightly rubbed his freshly fucked assring, feeling the slimy goo.  Matthew moaned a little bit. 
      "Daddy's just disappointed he didn't get it first," slipping two fingers into my son.  He moaned a tad louder, so I let him know "But it's okay.  Daddy loves sloppy seconds."  I slid my fingers into his mouth so he could taste his ass.  Then I instructed "Now, pull down your shorts." 
      Matthew complied, removing his shorts, revealing his own throbbing erection.  He may have his mother's eyes, but he has his daddy's dick.  Before now, I had never seen it erect, but it was a carbon copy of mine.  Not thick, but about eight inches long, uncircumcised, and with a wicked curve that could hit all the places inside. 
      "Did you cum?" 
      He shook his head yes, unable to speak. 
      "And you're rock hard again?  I guess you truly are a slut."  He just shook his head again.  I pulled back my foreskin and placed the head of my cock against his wet hole.  "Good," I said as I slid my cock slowly into my son. "Daddy wants his little boy to be a good slut for him."
       Matthew moaned in approval as I buried my bone all the way in his warm, wet, hungry fuck chute, pressing it hard into his prostate.  I just held it there as I whispered, "no more secrets."
      "No more secrets," Matthew returned.
      I began to saw my cock in and out of my boy's hungry pussy, pushing hard into his prostate as he let out little grunts and moans, obviously loving that his Dad was finally fucking his slutty hole.  He reached to jerk his erect cock, but I slapped his hands away, growling into his ear, "No, don't touch your cock, boy until I tell you to."
       "I'm sorry Sir." He whispered.  His natural submissiveness only made my cock swell more in his ass.  I wrapped my arms around him, grabbing his hands and squeezed him tight against my body.  He squeezed my hands back as he squeezed his glorious asslips around my cock, eliciting a throaty growl from deep inside me.  My son definitely had a talented cunt.  I knew I wasn't going to last long with his man pussy milking my cock, as I slid in and out of his cum slick chute.  Knowing another man's cock had just been in my son, fucking him, using him, cumming in him was too much for my brain to handle.  I knew I was close.
      "Tell me what you want son," I whispered in his ear, "tell your Dad what his nasty, slutty, cumdump of a son wants.  Tell me what you are, boy."
      "I want your cum, Daddy," he whispered back in short gasps as I pounded his prostate hard.  "I want you to use me as a cum receptacle.  I was born to be fucked and used.  I'm a slut, Dad, I'm just a cumdump.  Shoot your load in my ass, Dad.  Do it.  I want your seed in me."
      That did it.  Hearing my son begging for my load pushed me over the edge.  I buried my cock as deep as I could in my boy and let out a long, deep moan as my dick throbbed and flexed, pumping what I knew was a huge load into my slut's guts, mixing with the load the other man dumped in him not even a half hour earlier. 
      "Oh Matty," I moaned as his ass muscles milked all the cum out of me. "Daddy's going to be using this hole a lot from now on." 
      "Yessssss," he softly hissed in reply.
    • By Grey
      I feel like the storyline is overdone, but I'm feeling it at the moment. I'm opening with this and seeing how it goes... Enjoy.
      I've always wondered who my dad was.
      My mom made a point of not talking about him. Apparently, my grandparents had always given her shit over the fact that she'd gotten herself pregnant right before graduating high school. It had become a sore point, and she tried not to dwell on all of that. I'd ask about him occasionally when I was a kid, but the result was always the same: a pointed change of subject and snippy responses if I tried to push it any further. Left to wonder about it, I'd concocted theories. Maybe it was one of the neighbors. Maybe it was our pastor. Maybe it was some total stranger. None of these theories were ever backed by any kind of real evidence, but suffice to say, it was something that I'd always dwelled on.
      I never had a stepdad or anything. My mom worked at my grandparents' diner, and we both lived in my grandparents' place. Luckily for us, the house had once been home to all 4 of my mom's siblings, so they had room to spare for a single mother and a growing kid. I don't think they did altogether too bad of a job, though my grandpa was always a bit of an asshole. When I finally moved out for college, it was a relief to be out of there, away from my mom and grandma being overbearing and my grandpa finding something to complain about. No one knew who I was here, and I finally had the freedom and privacy to explore and be myself. By this point, I knew fully well I was a cocksucker, having discovered this fact sometime in my early teens after P.E. in the locker rooms.
      I'd never really had the room to act on it, though, and now I found myself living on my own and having access to men only a few messages away. It didn't take long for me to meet up with other guys at school, scoring my first kiss and handjob within a few days of each other. It was thrilling, but the prospect of sex was still somewhat daunting. After all, even if I did think my grandparents were prudes, it was hard to get a lifetime of shit out of your head. Luckily for me, I had some help in that direction.
      He'd come in the form of a guy whose profile was named "Papa's Home". Maybe it makes me a stereotype, but the second I saw the name and the salt and pepper-coated musclegut attached to it, I couldn't stop myself from checking him out. He was more than twice my age, total top, with a penchant for "sons", as he called them. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as I read it, and I sent him a message, unsure of what to send other than "I love your photo." It was pretty lame, and I felt like an idiot even sending it, but whatever. I figured my profile made up for it enough; I'd spent my summers maintaining my grandparents' place, on top of being naturally gifted with a beefy build. I'd been a chubby kid growing up, but now I was built strong, having taken up weightlifting halfway though high school. I'd never cared enough to be a proper gym rat or the like, but I knew I looked pretty damn good. My profile shot was a beach shot, my furry belly and bearded smile on display. Show your best assets, I figure.
      About five minutes later, I feel my phone buzz, then a series of buzzes following. Pulling it up, I see that he's sent me a bunch of photos, and I feel my cock throb in my shorts as I open them up. He's in a speedo, flexing his furry body... An ass shot in the shower... Him grinning with a pint of beer in hand... And a shot of him holding his cock, easily at least seven or eight inches, and girthy from the look of it. I've never imagined taking anything like that, and I almost chicken out then. I finally see the last message.
      "Thanks, son. I like yours, too. Nothing makes Papa's day like a handsome boy saying hello."
      I send him back some more photos of me, mostly clothed but ending with a shot of me on my stomach in a jockstrap, my fuzzy ass perfectly framed for the camera.
      "Fucking beautiful, son. You gotta let Papa have a taste."
      We kept chatting over the next half hour, where he convinced me to get my stuff and head over to his place. He lived not far from campus, among the residential neighborhoods only a mile or so from the dorms. I drove to a neighborhood with a bunch of houses nestled away among the trees, the driveways made of gravel more often than not. The address he'd given me led to an old trailer at the end, where I could see him standing outside, beer in hand.
      "You made it, son," he said with a smile as I got out of the car, taking me into an embrace as soon as I came up to him. He smelled like beer and sweat, his musk filling my nose and making my head spin as he brought his lips to mine, that massive tongue sliding into my mouth and filling it as his hand cupped my ass. It felt incredible, and even as I reveled in the hunger with which he felt me up, I could feel his cock growing in his jeans, the thick meat rubbing against me. "Get your furry little ass inside. Get on the bed. Clothes off."
      I wasted no time in complying, going past the screen door in the front and past a living room with some beers scattered about and porn playing on the TV. The bedroom was mostly just a massive bed in the center, with a TV sitting on a dresser beside it playing more porn. I stripped my clothes, folding them up and putting them onto the dresser as Papa came back in, his shirt already off and belt unbuckled. His furry body was on display for me, glistening a bit with sweat as it was. I climbed onto the bed and he joined me soon after, his naked body coming against mine as he pulled me in for another kiss. This one was slower, more sensual as he ground his cock against me. I could see a steel cockring at the base, and as I moaned into his mouth, relishing the feeling of him kissing me, he soon pulled away, his cock drooling precum onto his thigh. "I gotta get to that hole or I'm gonna lose it," he growled, and pushed my legs back, exposing my furry hole to him. That beard soon buried itself between my cheeks, and I couldn't stop the moans that came out as he began his tonguefuck. It felt amazing, and I pushed back against him, feeling my hole relax and take more and more of his wet, hot tongue.
      When he pulled it out, I found myself groaning in protest, craving that tongue once more. "Can't take it, I gotta have you," he said, and before I could even warn him about my lack of experience, he was moving to my ass, positioning his cock on my slicked-up pucker and pushing it in. Much to my surprise, the head went in without too much pain, the discomfort shocking me more than anything as he groaned from the tightness. "There we fuckin' go..."
      I was in shock, feeling him pulse and flex in me before pushing in more. Some part of me wondered if this was really happening, another wondered if I ought to point out the lack of a condom, but both were shut up when he slid the rest of his length into me, each veiny inch making me shiver and groan. It began to hurt a bit halfway through, but I'd always been a stubborn boy, and I rode out the pain, feeling him bottom out in me before long.
      "Good boy..." He muttered, beginning to hump at my ass. The friction felt uncomfortable at first, but as I got used to it, I found myself enjoying the way it felt to have him fill me up like that, his cock entering me over and over, stroking over my prostate and bringing me pleasure unlike anything I'd felt before. It didn't take long before his panting and grunting was joined by a steady stream of my own whimpers and groans, my cock drooling precum onto my furry belly and smearing it between us as he looked into my eyes intensely.
      "You ready to take it, son? Ready for Papa's seed?"
      I didn't think twice about nodding, panting heavily as I replied, "Yeah, Papa, give it to me, please!"
      His fuck hit a frenzied pace, then he rammed it all the way in, my hole burning a bit from the brutality of it as I felt the heat of his balls unloading into me. His cock pulsed and twitched, draining for several seconds before he slowly hauled it out, my wrecked pucker drooling out his cum. He didn't say much for a second, simply panting and dripping sweat down onto me before rolling over onto his side, pulling my head down to his cock. He didn't need to tell me what he expected, his half-hard cock pushed to my lips. I cleaned it off, tasting his cum and my own ass on him. I found that I loved it, even though I could feel my ass ache from the roughness of my deflowering.
      He gave me a beer and let me use his shower, watching me as I got dressed and he lay (still naked) on his bed. Before I left, he gave me his actual phone number, letting me know he'd be happy to repeat any time.
      Ever since we met, I've found myself checking out older guys more and more. The whole daddy angle intrigued me in a way nothing else did, and there was certainly no shortage of men who were happy to indulge. It had also brought up thoughts of my own dad again, which of course fused together with my newfound tastes in a predictable fashion. I felt kinda guilty about it, but whatever, right? It wasn't like I'd ever met him.
      The summer holidays were around the corner, and I'd just wrapped up with classes. With school closed up for the break, I headed back home, finding myself back at my grandparents' place and bored out of my mind. There wasn't actually much to do here, and I found myself passing more time on the couch fiddling with my phone than doing anything else really. One of my uncles threw a party for my aunt's birthday, and of course, we all headed over. It wasn't altogether terrible, though I felt a bit out of place. I knew everyone here but I really only ever talked to them at events like this. After exhausting the pleasantries and catch-up conversations, I wasn't sure what else to talk about. Thus, I found myself at my grandparents' table, sitting beside my grandpa. He was drunk, which was quite unlike him, and of course, it only brought his complaining into overdrive. I mostly ignored it, but his ranting caught my attention. He was arguing with one of my aunts, who'd always been sympathetic to my mom.
      "She's the one who spread her legs for him."
      "What? I told her, stay away from O'Connor, he's a damn bastard, she knew better and she still--"
      "Dad, enough!" she hissed quietly, gesturing to me. He just scoffed, returning to his drink and glowering. I put this bit of knowledge away, head buzzing with excitement at what it could mean. I hadn't hard that name before, but I was ready to find out more. I headed home not long after, unable to focus on small talk anymore now that I'd been given this scrap of information.
      I browsed around with my laptop, pulling up search engines and looking around. Admittedly, it was hard to find much, but I had a stroke of luck when I thought to ask a friend's dad when I was visiting him. He'd gone to school with my mom, and when I mentioned the name, he got a bit cagey. Unlike my family, though, he quickly caved when I pressed him on it, telling me his name was Michael O'Connor. He'd been a few years older than my mom, and had been considered a bad influence. Apparently, he'd gone off and joined the marines, serving for some time before heading back. These days, he didn't know where he lived, though he'd heard that he worked as a trucker.
      It was a lot to take in. With that information in hand, it didn't take long to find him. When I'd put his name into Facebook, the third result actually had a mutual friend (one of my mom's friends, who I'd added forever back), and I found myself looking at my father's profile. He didn't lock down much, posting photos of him smoking a cigar with a dog in his lap, another where he's sitting in the cabin of his truck. I feel like a stalker, but I can't help but take it all in. I never thought I'd find out who he was, but now that I looked at it, I could see it. He had the same grin as me, the same chocolate brown eyes, furry chest. The resemblance was obvious.
      What to do now was less obvious. I debated sending him a friend request, but that seemed a bit weird. I eventually just settled on sending him a message.
      "Hello. Sorry for the message out of the blue, and this is probably going to sound weird, but my name is Chris, and I think I'm your son. You dated my mom, Jennifer Fisher, back in high school, and she had me. I don't want to hassle you or anything, but I'd love to meet you in person if you'd be okay with that."
      I felt nervous hitting send, but once it was done, I couldn't stop the excitement buzzing in me. It was really him! I kept scrolling through afterward, taking in the look of him. He had tattoos on his arms, and a good few of the photos had him smoking a cigar or holding a beer in hand. He still lived in the area, though many of the photos from his truck were taken all up and down the coastline. The very thought of a trucker dad made my dick twitch, even as I felt guilty for thinking that way.
      I reached the end of his public stuff before long. Most of it was in that vein, though there were occasional photos with a random friend or the like. It was only a small sliver of him, though, and I was eager to find out more. After browsing through his photos for a while, I figured enough was enough. Just as I went to close out the window, the chat box pinged...

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