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    • By sthrnguy
      About three years ago, my nephew confided to my husband and I that he thought he was gay.  He was 15 at the time, not exactly the family genius, but decent looking.  We gave him our best advice, him living in the deep South, that keeping quiet about it would work well, and maybe explore more in college.  A bit about us, we are both very conservative acting, straight laced guys.  He is a college professor and I am an attorney.  Both of us in our early 40s and been together for damn near 15 years.  Both of us have been off and on stacks of anabolics since we were in our early 30s and we are built like brick shithouses.  That said, we love our pig sex and slamming from time to time.  Both of us have seen guys go down the rabbit hole with Ms. Tina, and we want nothing to do with that.  So it stays a rare thing for us.  We gave him the best advice that we could based on our own life experiences, but sometimes my nephew can be an idiot and not do as advised.  It took some time, but holy shit, that boy could fuck up an anvil with a god damn banana.
      When he turned 18, right after Thanksgiving to be precise, he got caught sexting with another dude.  My brother, his Dad, was livid and demanded that Derek move out of his house.  This boy adored his father, but his Dad rejected him completely.  I have always been at a loss as to why, since he has no issue with me being gay at all.  Maybe its that I am his older brother, or maybe that I am just plain bigger than he is to this day... Who knows?
      I had planned a trip home to see my aging parents at Christmas, as I always do.  On Christmas Day, Jake and I (Cheyenne) piled into my truck and headed south.  It took about 13 hours, but we arrived and crashed at my folks' place.  It was the first time they had seen me in a year, so the usual celebrations ensued, and finally Jake and I had pounded some Jack Daniels and were off to bed.
      The next day, Derek pulled us aside, explained what he did, and what happened.  We were both pissed, but not much that we could do about it.  I agreed to talk to my brother.  I knew that wasn't going anywhere, so finally we agreed that Derek could head back with us to Chicago, where we would enroll him in the local public high school so that he could at least finish school.  He returned with us, and our houseboy Mark very quickly became friends with him.  Now, with a six figure house hold income, neither of us had planned on raising a kid, but now damnit, we apparently had one.  It became tighter than we had planned.  The food bill for a teen, plus the hidden Copenhagen habit of mine really added up.  Pretty soon, my husband was asking about receipts and what was happening to our money.
      "What the fuck is going on?  We are spending way too much?"  Jake screamed...
      " We have a hungry teen boy and a 20 something houseboy" I replied...
      Then one Friday night we planned a slam session.  I was tottally cleaned out as usual, but Dereck required some training.  It finally worked out and he got it all taken care of.  He was clearly quite nervous.  
      Downstairs to the basement we went.  He crawled up in our sling without command, as if he knew what awaited him.
      It was obvious that Derrk knew what a sling was.  Painfully obvious.  Crawling right in, he laid back and relaxed.
      "'Baby boy, you know what is gonna happen to ya?"  Jake aked
      No Sir, but its gonna be good Sir." he responded
      stay tuned for more?..
    • Guest SFchill1
      By Guest SFchill1
      Looking for like minded guys in the SF Bay Area..  please keep this topic clean of any comments that are too bait. .. leave ages and wickr/telegrams
      please be local to the area
    • By Couple4fun2011
      Add our Wickr couple4fun2011 for taboo chat and swaps
    • By K9taboopig
      Looking to meet/chat to fellow filthy pigs! White only. Women are my only limit.

    • By K9taboopig
      Looking to meet/chat with fellow filthy taboo pigs, whites only. Only limit is women.

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