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On 10/6/2017 at 10:16 PM, thejackal70 said:

Oh fuck wish to chat with you 

Bro, jerking with you the other day was soooo fucking hot. You made me cum HARD ;)

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    • By toilettrader
      I decided to go to a nearby cruising area one night that I had heard about, situated just off a main road. Night time was always the busiest time apparently and there were always loads of guys looking to fuck a cute ass. I was new to doing this. I knew it went on, but had never actually been to a cruising spot at night, especially one where I knew there was loads of action. I was nervous, scared and excited at the same time. I knew if I got out of the car and wandered into that darkness, that my young and hungry hole would be ravaged by all sorts. My cock was very hard and pre-cum was leaking into my shorts. I took a deep breath and got out of the car and headed into the bushes.
      There were plenty of passages and assorted fuck areas, dens throughout the park and the floor scattered with used condoms. I didn't have to walk very far before a guy was following me into the woods. My heartbeat increased and I continued to go deeper into the bushes, knowing I was being stalked. Others wandered around looking aimlessly for some action, passing by and turning around. Our eyes met and the language of no words uttered, as we all knew why we were there. I stood in the first empty den I saw large enough to encompass a group, dropped my shorts and pushed out my pert and hungry hole. I hung onto the branches of the overhanging bushes, poppers in hand and waited for the inevitable. My heart pounding, my cock hard as wood and my hole exposed..
      Finally, I felt a hand touch my ass. Rough fingers touching my soft tanned cheeks, spreading them and touching my damp hole. Hmmmmmm, exciting. I reached around to feel a hard and rather large cock in his pants. I dropped immediately to my knees taking out his fat piece of meat and began sucking like a hungry dog. His shaft was covered in veins and hard, bulbous and uncut. He thrust it down my throat, gagging me and making me splutter. 'You like that boy?! Do you take it raw in your ass?' he said. I managed a mumbled 'Yes. Yes please.' Not long after, others started to appear, watching and masturbating at the horny scene. Very excited by the crowd I stood up, took the guys wet cock and pushed it up against my hole. He spat on my crack and without any hesitation started to slide it into my ass. No condom, straight in, bareback. Oh my god, what was I doing, this was insane, but so exciting. Letting dirty old men fuck me bareback in a truck stop, any cock, just dump your load in my hole and leave! I took a deep hit on the poppers and let him start pumping my cunt..
      The guy fucking me ushered others to come forward and soon I was being spit roasted by two complete strangers. Others sticking their cocks in my face, men I didn't know or could barely even see were forcing me to my knees and making me sniff poppers. All my inhibitions disappeared and I began sucking all of them, anyone that wanted to have me. I knew what was going to happen, I was going to let all these men cum in my holes bareback. I was scared and yet very excited. I huffed on more poppers and feeling the rush started pushing back hard on the cock pounding my ass. The pace picked up and the guy behind spurted his load deep into my ass, squeezing me tight as he emptied his balls. 'Good slut', he said as he removed his dripping and limp cock from my hole. Hmmmmmm, very horny.
      Before I could move another bare cock was taking it's place. I looked around to see three or four guys standing around, cocks in hand, waiting their turn. It seemed I was going to have little choice, my hole was going to be fucked again and again and all that spunk was going to get pushed inside of me. Dangerous, who were these men? But I didn't care, I just wanted anonymous sex and to be filled with the spunk of strangers. I hit the poppers again, this was far too exciting to stop.
      My head was spinning, my hole was wet. I held onto the branches and let the strangers fuck my gaping hole. One by one they came forward out of the darkness and took their turn. I have no idea how many, it was a bit of a blur. I got the impression someone was spreading news that there was a cute and hungry whore taking it bareback from anyone, as more people seemed to suddenly appear. I was fucked raw and passed around numerous times. My hole now a wet and sloppy cunt for anyone to fill. After each one had shot his toxic load into me I stuck a finger into my cunt and smelled and tasted the last load.
      They all left as fast as they appeared, leaving me to deal with my very aroused self. Dripping with sperm and still very horny, I waited until more men cruised the area. There is nothing that excites me more, than being fucked bareback again when I am already full of cum. Other guys love it too. When they stick their stiff cock in and feel it's all warm, hot and wet. That bucket of used spunk, to pump full of yet another load. Guys really pound your hole when it's all full of sperm, making it very sloppy. Nothing beats huffing poppers and have strangers spurt into your hole at the same time.
      More groups formed through out the night and my ass was freely passed around with a bottle of poppers. I let anyone fuck me. Numerous strangers, young, old, fat and thin all fucked my holes, pumping my mouth and ass full of hot semen. By the end of the night I counted a total of 15 men had cum in my ass. Most dribbled out around the tenth, between my thighs and all over the balls of the guy fucking me raw while bent over a branch huffing poppers. The slapping and sloppy sound of the spunk being pumped into my guts still gets me hard. Even at this point more men were appearing and looked like they were waiting for their turn. I got scared at that moment and wondered how many loads I was going to take! I was fucked until late into the night. I squeezed the cum out of my asshole all the way home, my jeans were absolutely soaked when I arrived back at the apartment.
      I sniffed and licked the crotch of my crusty jeans the next day, remembering and smelling the previous night. Then I went sunbathing on a naturist beach, spreading my legs in the sand dunes, letting all the voyeurs see my stretched and battered hole and thought about the multiple loads of anonymous juice that was pumped into me the night before..

    • By PopperMeUp79
      I was on a business trip in Pennsylvania and was surprised to find there was a video arcade within 20 miles that had glory holes and heavily a M4M clientele.  I like to tell myself I'm not a BB whore (although I am), so I slipped a couple of rubbers, a bottle of poppers, and lube into my pocket and made the trip to the arcade. 
      Although I found the place without difficulty, there was no actual signage, so the building looked to be abandoned.  I approached the door, range the bell, and was buzzed inside where I paid the $12 admission fee and passed through the turnstile.  Inside I found a few hallways, all of which were very dark, each hallway being lined with individual video booths.  There were also a couple video rooms with rows of seats, and a few rooms at the back with benches.  I could smell the stale cum and antiseptic cleaner everywhere.  This place was seriously seedy.  There were about ten guys hanging around, a mix of body types, though all looking eager.  I finally checked-out an booth which, I saw, contained two glory holes, one cut into each of two opposing walls.  Taking a seat, I pulled-out my dick and began slowly stroking myself to the porn on the screen.  Before long a player arrived at each of the two adjoining booths.  Dropping to my knees, I rested my fingers on the rim of each glory hole and was quickly rewarded on one side with a nice thick cock to suck.
      Getting into it, and sensing the guy in front of me was enjoying himself, I pulled off my shirt and pushed my jeans down to my calves, pulling a bottle of poppers out of my pocket.  I took a hit, inhaling the scent of sex and acetone, and felt the welcome warmth pass through my body.  My ass also wanted some attention.  As I worked the cock in my mouth, I became aware a hand was reaching through the other hole, so I slid back far enough the guy could play with the tight muscles of my ass.
      I was bent over so I could keep my eye on the cock I'd been working in my mouth. He withdrew from the glory hole to see what was happening, and heard me take a whiff of poppers.  That cock was beautiful.  The hand behind me started fingering my hole, poking a bit roughly with too little spit.  In front of me, I saw the guy applying lube to his cock.  Immediately I felt a rush thinking he would take me raw.   I turned around and presented my ass to the glory hole, kicking off my flip-flops and one pant leg so I could position more easily.  I inhaled poppers again, and almost immediately the head of that beautiful cock was rubbing against my arse, seeking the hole.  I pressed back against the wall and moved my ass a bit.  His cock slid in nice and smooth.
      "Fuuuuuuck yeaaaah," I moaned.  He held inside me a moment, and then the fuck started.  He was obviously playing for a long game, working me open with his cock, which got wider at the base, and setting a rhythm to his thrusts.  I moaned and grunted, stroking my own hardon, vocalizing my satisfaction.  I was standing naked in a dark video booth with my ass pressed against the wall and some anon cock boring into me.  After a few minutes, the cock slid out of my ass.  I waited anxiously, but heard the door to his room open. 
      I stepped away from the glory hole, getting ready to present my ass the other direction.  Then the door to my booth opened and in stepped a lean, handsome guy in his early 50's.  I recognized the shirt tails I'd seen through the glory hole.  He didn't say a word, but pulled his hard-on out and turned me around.  I inhaled deeply from the bottle of poppers as he pressed my upper body into a corner by the video screen, my bare skin rubbing against that filthy wall, and my feet sticking to the floor.  He slid his cock right back into my hole, and started fucking more vigorously than before.
      His hands held my shoulders for leverage as he propelled all seven inches inside my hole.  I could distinctly feel his balls slapping against my cheeks, which left me even more excited.  Pounding my hole for a good five minutes or more, we were both caught up in the pleasure.  At once his rhythm changed, becoming more deliberate with each thrust.  His grip on my shoulders tightened and he began grunting softly.  The guy had decided to seed me, and I had no say in the matter.  He stayed in my arse only a moment before withdrawing.  He stuffed his spent hard-on into his pants, the lining bulging, gave a quick "Thanks" as he opened the door and slipped out into the dark hallway. 
      I stood there panting in a poppers fog, my ass freshly bred, in a filthy little booth with my clothes strewn on the floor. 
    • By traindriver68
      A while ago I posted a story of the encounter I has with my hot slut. The guy was so conflicted, even so desperate about wanting the bug that the very thought of it makes him hard, yet, at the same time, the thought of the bug scared him shitless.

      After the last session I hadn't heard from him in a while when yesterday I received a message in my inbox from him which said "I need you.  Please!"

      Read on, because I intended to make sure this slut's dreams, and fears, come true.

      "I’ve been thinking about my last encounter with traindriver68 and how horny I have been.  Despite the obvious risks, the prospect of doing it again was often in my mind, fueling pretty much every wank session I have had, and helping me cum quite a few times with the various women I was fucking as well!

      This morning I was in the shower, getting clean, and my mind turned back to him and his hard, raw cock.  As I washed, I began to fantasize about our next encounter.  I’d been chatting online with a local guy the night before and we’d talked about meeting up at the sauna in Luton for some group fun.  Traindriver and I had also chatted about meeting here and it got me thinking about how exciting that meeting would be.

      We met at the Greenhouse in the changing room and agreed on which glory hole we would use.  I entered the cubicle and got into position.  He followed me, entering the adjoining booth, where he promptly slid his hard cock through the hole in the wall for me to suck.  I dutifully dropped to my knees and sucked his cock, getting it hard and slick with my spit and his precum, the taste of which excited me, but I resisted playing with my hard cock, which kept me horny and in need of release.  He passed his poppers through the hole to me, which was the signal that I should align my hole with the glory hole.  Bending over, I parted my cheeks and pushed back so that my arse was centered over the glory hole, and then I prepared myself by taking a hit of the poppers.  He fingered me, pushing a generous quantity of lube into my quivering, vulnerable, nervous arse.  Then, when he thought I was ready, his hard, raw cock began pushing at my hole, seeking admission where I know it shouldn't go, but I wasn't one to object.  I took another hit of the poppers, enjoying the rush which made me into his slut - into his breeding bitch.  The anonymous nature of the sex was perfect as it allowed me to fantasize, reveling in how slutty I was behaving.

      As he found his pace, and I enjoyed the sensation of his hard cock stretching me out.  Reaching forward, I was able to stroke another cock which had appeared through the hole on the other wall.  I was one happy slut:  multiple cocks are always better than one.  About then I heard he call out to me, instructing me to to unlock the door to my booth so that guys could watch and enjoy my whorish self.  Of course, in my heightened state of arousal, I complied and unlocked.  He apparently heard the bolt slide open as he told me "You're a good boy, and I'm gonna reward you!"
      With that I heard the bolt of his door slide into the open position, but at no point did he pause in fucking me.  Knowing he also enjoys being fucked, I assumed he was hoping some horny guy would come by and slip into his hole while he fucked mine!

      After a few more minutes fucking, he asked "You want a load in your ass?"
      Although unsettled, I gave him a firm 'yes'. 
      He picked-up the tempo of the fuck, and I could actually fee his cock expanding.  Part of my brain recognized my decision to get fucked raw was far from the best of ideas, but just as I was forming the will to pull off his cock, the door opened, and a guy sporting a rigid cock walked into the room.
      From my position, all I could see was his cock, and was fuckin' beautiful.  It was about the same size and shape as traindriver’s, hard and ready to be sucked!  As I open my mouth and it slides in, I almost forget about the cock about to load me up, but I suddenly remember and make a move to pull off. As I do, the guy in my mouth reaches down, grabs my hips and pushes me back against the wall. “Stay there and take his load, you know you want it!”. The voice! It was traindriver!! “Shhh, you know you want this, so I made it happen! This is what you wanted but were too scared to ask for. This is why you wanted to be fucked through the glory hole, so you could imagine it was somebody, nobody, anybody…”

      I begin to cry, terrified of what is happening to me, but I don’t struggle against his grip. “Good boy, just keep sucking my cock and enjoy what’s happening to you!” I feel the cock in my arse suddenly swell and the warmth of a big load begin to fill me up. As I feel it, I cry for the knowledge of what I know is happening. As I cry, traindriver unloads in my mouth and as I automatically swallow, I feel the cock in my arse pull out and the cum begin to run down my balls. I try to pull away, but I’m held in place once more, and almost immediately, another cock slides into my ruined hole.

      “You stay there and take those cocks. I know you want to, I know you need this and you know it too! The big load of cum you just shot on the floor without even touching your cock is proof! I’ve set you free and you needn’t worry about whose cock is coming through the hole any more. As he speaks, the second cock pumps another hot load into me and is replaced by the yet another. I can hear the guys outside high-fiving and telling each other about the hot hole in the booth taking their loads.

      I’m held in place for a total of five loads, shot deep in my hole and pushed deeper by each subsequent cock. My cock remains hard throughout, despite the huge load I shot with my first cum injection, and despite the fact that its continually drooling cum (just like my ruined, stretched arsehole!) all the way through my breeding.
      Traindriver remains with me throughout, whispering words of encouragement, feeding me his cock, keeping me in place and making sure I am sniffing his poppers to keep me compliant. When the fifth cock pulls out of my gaping hole, he gently pulls me into a standing position, my tired limbs complaining from where I’ve been bent over for so long.

      “Did you enjoy that? Wanna know how many of those guys were poz?”
      Of course I did.
      “Well the guys who fucked you were arranged by me. I know who they were, but you don’t. If you want to find out, you’re going to have to go around the sauna and ask the guys. But you can’t just ask them, they’ve all agreed that they will only tell you if they are poz or neg when their cock is in your hole. You’ll need to get fucked a few more times if you really want to know!”

      As I left the booth I saw guys walking around the hallway, and I wondered which of them had been in my ass.  Of course I also speculated as to which guys were poz and which were neg.  Most of the guys registered my legs and arse were coated in cum, and the hunger each man displayed in his lustful gaze told me he wanted to be the next man to spew his load in my arse.
      I made my decision and headed to the open room at the end of the floor where a number of guys had gathered, to be joined by those who were following me.  Taking up my position on the bed, I gestured for someone, anyone to use me, all the while knowing I would, one way or another, eventually figure-out if any of the loads in my arse were, in fact, poz.
    • By DarkLighter
      Hey ya guys! What's up this fine evening? We got clouds, several dropbox links full of our perv'd turn on's like dad, son's, brother's,  incest.
      KIK: WhiteHawk8x
      Wickr: WhiteHawk8x

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