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    • By MrLip69
      Hey, looking for anyone who wants a tight hole to breed. No loads refused. In zone 1+2. Accom in the morning and travel alot. Also into cruising and being used in public. Most recently ucl. I was a good slut but my fantasy would be more than 10 guys using me like a cumrag. Dont tell me your status ūüėą
    • By zyx11
      Hey all. So there's a rather large thread in this sub-forum about chatting that caters to a particular type of chat, but I figured I'd start a thread for those of us breeders who want to talk or swap pics/vids about raw fucking outside of that particular niche. I'm on wickr, and find it's much better for privacy and sexting than other apps. 
      For basic information so people know whether or not to hit someone up, here's a few things you could offer (I'll use myself as a demo).
      Mid-20s, twinkish, vers-top into the normal stuff, along with condom to bareback, stealthing, pup play, dom/sub, sports gear, roleplay, jocks, underwear, pits, blindfolds, gloryhole, anon, public, groups - pretty open.
      Username is stlth1. If anyone wants to chat with me, say hey! otherwise, share your info and let's get eachother off
    • By freshxtop5
      Anyone else love that first sniff of fresh Popper right before fucking or getting a cock in your ass. I feel it's almost one of the best feelings ever. I love it with the English White Lable.
    • By FrenchKiss
      Hello guys,
      I'm a member on this for about six months now i think but i already used to visit this site way before to read the bareback stories. I was really happy when i subscribed to the site to see that there was a chatroom. So I decided to see what was going on there and i was suprised and not in a good way I have to say. Most of the time each time i visit the chatroom. it's only discussion about getting poz load and pozzing. Please don't think that i do not tolerate this kind of content. The only thing that i complained about is that. the discussions is mostly about that and not just about bareback sex. could there be a solution like different channel like the topics created? Am I alone to get pissed off to just see this kind of discussion? Maybe it changed but each time i visit the chat room. I stay like 5 minutes before leaving because it's all about pozzing subject. 
      I'm sorry for my english. that's not my mother tongue.
    • By Bibaldbtm
      I have been on quite the dry spell, my FB has been working out of town and the winter months have slowed business travel for me and others coming into the area.  That all ended last weekend.
      I was in the Southern part of the state on business and horny as fuck, hoping for an opportunity to get some cock while gone.  There was no time for play during my trip but I had some time on my way home as the wife wasn't expecting me until late.  I knew of a great little ABS in St.Albans WV that had both booths with gloryholes and private rooms with couches for play.  Only thought is that it may be quiet on a Sunday afternoon around 130....was I ever wrong.  Pulled into the lot and it was full of cars.  I go in, pay my 10 bucks for a token and pick up a fresh new bottle of poppers (Locker Room, may be a new fave) and head back to the arcade.  I walk thru the maze of booths checkin outa couple younger guys holding their crotches, wander back through the private rooms to see if there is any action back there, nothin but a couple closed doors and guys peeking thru the blinds tryin to see some live action.  I go back out to the booths...and decide to walk in and at least get my cock hard and see what I could find.  Got a pretty nondescript blow job from a younger guy, but wanted to save my load, so I pulled out of the hole, tucked my cock in my pants and walk thru to the private rooms again...this time I see a decent lookin 20 something guy with a scruffy beard (looked like an oil and gas guy) with his jeans down to his boots, his shirt pulled up above his belly pinching a nipple while he stroked a thick banana curved cut cock with a wonderful big head.  I look down at it and he squeezes some pre-cum from the head and motions me to lick it off....I step in, unbuckle my belt and drop down across his knee to taste that pre cum and deep throat the curved cock.  I go to town sucking him, hit my poppers deep so I can deep throat him good.  As he watches me hit my poppers he goes from holding my head, to reaching down to finger my hole, as he slides one in I moan he says "does daddy like to fuck?"  I moan yes without missing a beat, now slobbering all over his shaft to slick it up...he keeps fingering, one, then 2 fingers and says "how do you want it?  I said since you are sitting down already I will ride it, if thats ok?  he says "hell yeah"  I pull one leg out of my pants and straddle him, facing him...spit on my hand, wipe it on my hole and line him up to slide on...he said "I am clean" like most 20 somethings would say, "me too" I said but just tell me when you are ready to cum"...I take a double hit of poppers and slide down on this banana cock, it feels so good I begin milking him with my ass up and down and then rock on it to stretch my hole.  He reaches up under my shirt to pinch my nipples....I moan "poppers" he holds my poppers under my nostrils 4 good hits and I begin really riding this cock....couple good grinds and he says "I am gonna cum".  I slide up on his cock like I don't want it in me, then without warning slide back down the base, feeling him dump that nut into my hole grinding on his shaft while it fills me.....he was like " I thought you didn't want me to cum in you".....I said "it felt too good to stop, besides you told me you are clean"...He says "oh I am but didn't know you wanted it".  I look up and we didn't even shut the door....and had quite the audience....he gathers himself up and I sit down on the couch.....stroking my cock...my young buck walks out and says thanks while a 50's guys says "can I take care of your cock?"  sure, I needed to nut and he licked and ate the cum from my hole and swallowed my load as well.  Great way to end my drought!  I drove the 2 hours home, feeling quite satisfied.
      Monday morning comes and one of the black guys I service occasionally hits me up and asks if I want to get lit, and take care of him.   Being horny from my day before, I can't say no.  I leave work around noon and head to his place.  He texts and said he has a bud that wouldn't mind joining us but he was in a tight spot...  He sent me a pic of his big black dick and said "I know you always say, If I ever have a friend, well I do"  I said how tight a spot is he in, he asks "$50 work"  "each", I ask he said no, I wouldn't charge you, just for him.   Reluctantly, I agree.  He responds with "pick me up a pack of newport shorts and some magnums, you are gonna need them."  I do as asked and show up at his place, he rolls us up a blunt , we somke it to relax and he puts on some gay porn.  His buddy isn't there yet.  While we wait, he pulls down his basketball shorts and boxers to reveal his chocolate 7.5 inch pole, stroking it...I crawl over between his legs and start sucking..not 5 minutes goes by and his buddy walks in the door...grabbing his crotch as he walks in saying we have a hungry bitch here....I stand up to take off my clothes, and grab my poppers out of my pants pocket and kneel down to my new friend smelling his crotch as he pushes his shorts down smacking my face with his already half hard cock..."Open your mouth and stick out your tongue" he demands, I do as told. he smacks my tongue and slides it deep into my throat, "no teeth, just lips and tongue bitch", as I go to work on his cock.  He is darker than my regular, in skin color and sexual demands, "no hands either" he says....I pull off to huff some poppers and I feel my buddy squirting some lube in his hand and apply it to my hole, "you bring the magnums" he asks....I motion to my pants pocket..."we'll get those in a minute" he says....I again huff some poppers and get lost on this ebony pole, sloppily sucking him hard.  I feel something teasing my greased hole, slight pressure, then a little pinch "he is just playing with my hole" I think to my self and hit my poppers again...I am now so fuckin high and horned up I don't know which feels better the cock in my mouth or the "fingers" in my hole....I begin bucking on his "fingers" as I suck this cock,   it feels great, I hear a moan and a grunt and his "fingers" pushed deep into me....my new friend says my turn on that ass...so I roll around and get on all fours for my first fucking of the day, so I think...I hit my poppers and say "condoms are in my pants pocket"  He says ok and I go to town sucking my buddy again noticing it tastes of lube, cum and ass....as I pull of to question what had happened my new buddy slid his cock balls deep into my "lube" slicked hole...my head is now cupped by his big hands on my ears making me deep throat him, all the while my ass is being pounded hard and vigorously by my new darker bud....he says "damn, nothing better than nut for lube when tappin a tight ass"....Now sure of what had just happened to me, and what was about to happen to me I just hit my poppers and enjoyed the ride.   He came in me violently, telling me to "take his black babies"....when he pulled out he said "clean my cock".  I did as told, while he and my buddy lit up the Newport shorts I bought for them...the darker one says "you got my money?"  Embarrassed I pulled out the $50 and handed to him, got dressed, grabbed my poppers and started to walk out.  My regular says "Thanks for picking up the cigs for us, and here, we won't need these" and he threw me the unopened box of Magnums.  I walked our still high from the blunt and dizzy on all the poppers I hit.  Sat in my truck in the driveway for a few minutes thinking about what just happened.  I drove home leaking cum from my gaping hole, and my hard dick.  This was not a good place I am in.
      Four days later, I have to go down south again for business.  End up having dinner and drinks with a client, feeling half buzzed and still thinking about my past two encounters.  Before my 2 hour drive home it won't hurt to hit that ABS in St Albans again.  Just for a quick visit.  I pull in and it is packed again.  9 pm on a Friday night....Paid my $10, wandered around buzzed and now REAL horny.  I go into a booth sit down and begin to stoke, fingers come thru the hole and I stand to get sucked....he goes to work on my cock, sloppily sucking and plenty of spit and slobber...he starts squeezing my balls working a finger toward my hole....I maneuver closer so he can finger my ass ...he is sucking for a while fingering good then whispers let me lick your ass.....who am I to say no.  I turn around and put my ass to the hole....and hit my trusty poppers...damn I love this Locker Room brand.....I reach up and unlatch my door to see if anyone wants to join us...sure enough a nice lookin 50 something guy squeezes by me in the booth, unzips and his short 5" or so but thick cock pops out....I go to work on the thick cock in front of me almost forgetting the guy eating my ass.... the older guy in the booth with me is getting into it fuckin my face good....feeding me poppers.....all of the sudden I feel the familiar pressure of a cock pressing against my hole... i stand real quick, the guy in the booth with me hold my shoulders and pushes me back down saying to me "I am real close don't stop"  I go back to work on the cock in front of me, huffing once, twice and a third time on my poppers getting lost in the rawness of it all and I feel that pressure come and go as the cock in hole slid past my sphincter and was now fuckin me thru the hole in the wall....dazed confused and horny as fuck I push back on that cock and feverishly work the cock in front of me....my 50 year old in the booth reaches down and pinches my nipples and says "my boy is good isn't he"...they planned it out....shoulda known, but didn't care....they kept fuckin me at both ends until the "boy" in the adjacent booth deposited his nut in my ass, he plopped out and I turned around so the 50 year old could finish in me too....he wasn't as long as his "boy" but he stretched my good and left me gaping....saying "enjoy our babies" as he flooded my guts.
      Thank goodness the wife was asleep when I got home, my pants had a big wet spot after 2 hours just leaking out on the way home.
      Needless to say, I am ready for more cock.  I guess I need to restart my testing window.

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