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gf is at her bbc bulls apartment

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MY girlfriend and her bbc bull maarq just left here going to his place for the night he has fucked her 2 times before he took her pussy raw both times I just slammed a .4 of tina and he gave her a .8 but told her she had to wait till she was laying in his bed with her legs spread wide open and he will breed her lil pussy tonight i can't wait till she gets home received_778681888840628.thumb.jpeg.d6cfcecbb0bd2877695c366f910e5857.jpeg 

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13 minutes ago, Pointslammer said:

MY girlfriend and her bbc bull maarq just left here going to his place for the night he has fucked her 2 times before he took her pussy raw both times I just slammed a .4 of tina and he gave her a .8 but told her she had to wait till she was laying in his bed with her legs spread wide open and he will breed her lil pussy tonight i can't wait till she gets home received_778681888840628.thumb.jpeg.d6cfcecbb0bd2877695c366f910e5857.jpeg 


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Damn lucky girl and damn sure lucky bull to be able to breed her like that!!

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she finally got home from maarqs she text me saying to bring 10 dollars outside to give maarqs friend for gas to bring her home. I walked out and saw a dark blue trailblazer with mirror tint i walked over and the windows stayed up the motor was still running I got a lil closer still  nothing then the back door opened and I saw her getting a black guy who I've never seems cock shoved down her throat and he started pushing his cock hard as she was trying to breathe he let out long loud moans as u could tell he was getting off in her mouth she was struggling to get herself out the truck I handed the money to the guy and she went in the house I followed her in and I watched her peel off her shirt and I noticed bra missing her tits had bruises and I looked up and saw his cum on her chin she said she has a present I said what is it... she pulled a 100 unit point from her bag I saw it was 80 units i looked over and she smiles at me as she steps toward me and i asked well did u have fun? ...


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Important question is did u luck the cum off her chin then go down on her and clean her up!

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    • By Totalcumslut
      I went to an ABS in Houston tonight.  I was a lucky little slut!
      The first cock I got was a Tranny cock.  She had been fucked several times that night as cum dripped from her ass and down onto her ball sack.   I guess she would say it was time she got her rocks off and she shoved her nice cock through the glory hole and I gobbled it up and sucked until she gave me her load directly into my throat.
      The next two encounters were bbc's that needed to get off.  Each guy just walked into the booth, shoved his cock through the hole looking for relief which I gladly provided by giving them a warm wet mouth into which each could unload his cum. 
      So, I'm a happy slut with a belly full of swallowed anon cum.  Mmmmmm, so fucking hot to make complete strangers cum!
    • By travelingbi
      Yesterday I stopped at Peepland during the "noontime rush" that most of the Las Vegas ABSs get during lunch time. When I pulled into the parking lot, there were only two cars, still I paid my admission and got $20 worth of $1 bills to feed the video machines.
      Sure enough, there were two red lights illuminated over two booths in the hallway of a dozen booths.  I tried the first door.  It was locked.  Damn!  I tried the second door.  Bingo!  Unlocked.  I went in to find a handsome, next door neighbor type guy in his mid 30's sitting on the chair, his cock out in his hand, stroking it to some str8 porn.  I stepped fully into the booth, locked the door, dropped to my knees and began to suck on his semi-hard cock.  He let out a soft moan as his cock began to fully harden in my mouth.  After a couple of minutes, he pushed my head away, unbuckled his pants, lifted his ass as he pulled his pants down to his ankles.  I took this time to take some deep drags on my poppers.  He pulled his pants off his feet and tossed them into the corner.

      I went back to worshiping his cock, which had swollen to about six rock hard inches.  I licked up and down the underside of his cock, then licked his smooth balls.  Now he groaned loudly.  I licked under his balls and he lifted his legs slightly, so I pushed his legs up and licked his hairy asshole.
      "Oh, fuck!" I heard him softly say. 

      I licked his ass and balls for a few minutes, then went back to sucking his cock.  It only took about seven or eight minutes of cocksucking before he finally began to fill my mouth with his sweet juice.  In typical "Str8 guy fashion" he immediately pulled his cock from my mouth, stood, pulled-on his pants and was out the door in a flash.  LOL.  I always laugh to myself about this with str8 guys.  The nano-second a straight guy begins to cum, he decides he must get out of this situation immediately.  I've found more than one straight guy won't even finish cumming before he splits - almost as if something clicks in the guy's brain and he just then realizes a GUY has just him off and it's just too "Gay" for the straight guy to deal with. 

      As soon as this guy had exited the booth, the door opened again and in walked a Latino Daddy type guy in his late 50's.  He was short and slender with a black mustache and one or two day's growth of facial stubble.  He entered the booth, locked the door, opened his pants and presented his limp, uncut cock up to my lips.  So naturally I began to suck on his foreskin.  After a minute or so, he sat back on the chair as I fed several dollar bills into the video machine, also taking a few drags on my poppers.  Then I resumed sucking on his ample foreskin.  His cock grew, then I pushed his foreskin over his cockhead and began to suck his cock. His cock quickly grew to full hardness as he flipped through the movies to find one that was exciting to him, settling on a firm involving two black guys feeding an Asian chick. 

      After I had plied my cock sucking skills for about five minutes to his seven inch, very thick cock, the Latino papi leaned forward and felt up my ass.  Great!  He wanted to fuck.

      "Want to fuck me?" I asked.

      "You got a condom?" he asked.

      "No", I replied. 

      "Damn!", he said. 

      I continued to suck him.  After a few more minutes he again leaned forward and felt my ass again.  "Show me your ass," he demanded. 

      I stood, unbuckled my shorts, pushed them to my ankles and stepped out of them.  Turning, I bend over and spread my ass.  Without hesitation he fingered my hole.  Reaching into the pocket of my shorts, I located and handed to the Papi a small bottle of lube I had brought.  I further prepared myself for the invasion by taking some drags on my poppers.
      He dribbled some lube on my hole and likewise lubed his cock.  As I took another hit on the poppers, his cock head was pressing at my hole, only to push its way in to my hole in one quick, smooth thrust, immediately thrusting hard and deep.
      I took hold of the molded plastic chair that's bolted to the cement floor as he rams deeply into me. About ten minutes of hard pounding finally brings a soft groan as he fills my ass with his load of cum.  My ass milked every last drop I could get from him.  He then quickly withdrew, wiped-off his cock with the paper towels from the dispenser by the screen, pulled-up his pants and was out of there.  I put my shorts back on and sit down to catch my breath for a second.  The movie time runs out and I decide to go out into the hallway and check to see if anyone else had arrived.

      At the far end of the hallway of booths are two booths that share a gloryhole between them. I see one of those booth doors closed and the red light is on. So, I go into the adjoining booth, lean down and view into the large, oval hole that's been cut into the wall. I see a white guy in his mid 40's standing in that booth. His limp cock is hanging out of his zipper as he flips through the movies available on the tv monitor. I do the finger tap on the bottom of the g/h. He sees me do it, but continues to flip through the channels. There's 200 channels in these booths and he seems to be in no hurry to find one. Finally after what seems like an eternity, he settles on a chick on chick film. Two slutty bitches are taking turns eating each other's shaved pussies. He now touches his limp cock for the first time as I lock the door to my booth and feed a couple of dollars into my video machine. I now position myself on my knees, my face at the g/h. He now turns to me and steps up to the hole, putting his limp cock onto my tongue as I open my mouth and extend my tongue. I wrap my lips around his cock and begin to suck. His cock is not quick to harden. But I'm determined to get him hard. I want his str8 load. Finally, his cock starts to harden. His cock is about 6"s. It's very slender. It's actually the perfect size and angle for me to deepthroat. I'm swallowing his cock balls deep. Without taking his cock from my mouth, I sniff some poppers and make love to his cock. I'm massaging and tickling his hairy balls as I worship his cock. I feel his cock begin to throb, his mushroom cock head swells, then his cock unloads in my mouth. Again, in typical str8 guy fashion, he quickly pulls his cock from me. He zips up and leaves his booth. Another guy quickly steps into the booth, closes the door and leans forward to see my face in the large, oval glory hole. He feeds a dollar into the machine an unzips.

      This guy is perhaps late 20's, early 30's. He's got shoulder length, dirty blond hair. A short beard and mustashe. He's muscular, wearing shorts, flip-flops and a tank top t-shirt. He's really quite a hunk. He changes the movie to a str8 film with a likewise muscle stud pounding some blond bitch. 

      His cock is already fairly hard. Just a few moments of my sucking has him now fully hard. His cock is a very nice 8", very thick with an ample foreskin. I love to make love to foreskin. And he's loving it. I'm sucking on his cock, then he pulls from me and motions for me to come join him in his booth. I stand up and leave my booth. He's now opened his door. Instead of letting me into his booth, he steps out of the booth and motions for me to follow him. We cross to a booth across the hall. He whispers to me, "This is a bigger booth". We enter the booth and lock the door. He quickly strips off his pants. I feed a few dollars into the machine. He's now bent over the chair and tells me to lick his ass. I happily do as he asks, spread his ass cheeks and lick his hole. I lick his hole for several minutes, then he turns, sits and I go to work on his cock. He's flipping through str8 films until he settles on one.  About eight or nine minutes of my cock worship finally brings him to orgasm. 

      I had been in the arcade for less than an hour and had gotten four loads.  It was time to leave and get errands done for the day. 

    • By whitebtm4bigdicks
      hello to all the Chicago tops. I will be on a Halloweenie vacation Oct 23rd -Nov 1st and while staying with my friends I would like to meat with horny Tops so that I can play with their thick poles. Love all types form slim big dicked guys to more heavy set guys as long as they have a big dick to feed me. Love 7-9 inches with heavy balls full of cream. I am into whites, latinos , blacks and middles eastern. I am pretty average but willing to be your fuckhole. I don't have dirty pics though...late 40's, blue eyed, Polish-German-French European with 6.5 cock and a willing fuckhole to fill. Peter
      hook up at man's country or Touché? the Ram or anyplace... OK for threesome with two tops filling my holes....
    • By travelingbi
      I posted on Craigslist here in Las Vegas yesterday that I was a raw cum dump and was looking for black tops to seed my ass. I got hit with several replies. One was from a 30 year old black guy named Darrin. Darrin and I have been chatting by email for over a year. But, our timing has just never worked out. Darrin said he was home all day and wanted to finally seed my hole. I told him I'd douche and shower and head to his apartment. I had seen pics of his cock. But I'd never seen his body or face pics. So, I was pleasantly surprised when he opened the door to his apt. He's a very attractive, young black man with a toned build. He answered the door in sweatpants and a wife beater tshirt. He had placed some towels on his sofa. So, that's obviously where he wanted us to have sex. We both immediately undressed. He was partially hard. I sat on the sofa, he stepped up to me and I began to suck him. He was fully hard in my mouth in just a matter of minutes. Quickly, he was bending over and feeling my asscrack. I stood, turned and knelt on the sofa. He squeezed some lube on my hole and then slid his 7", but slender black cock up inside me. It felt great going up inside me in one, quick thrust. He fucked hard and deep, then would pull out to keep from coming. Then he slammed into me again and pounded for another few minutes, before again pulling out. Finally, he couldn't control himself anymore. 

      "Oh, Fuck.....! I've gotta cum." he said as he slammed repeatedly into me. I squeezed my ass on his dick and he moaned. 

      "Ahhh....Fuck!", he groaned as his load filled my ass. 

      It was maybe a 10 minute fuck. But felt great. We both dressed and I left. When I got into my car, I checked my messages. I had a message from another guy that I had sucked off before. He had seen my ad and wanted another blow job from me. He's a half black/half latino, Str8 kid in his late 20's. He's got a nice, 8", uncut cock. Sadly, he won't fuck. But he does have a great cock for sucking. 

      I messaged him back and told him I was 30 minutes away, but was on my way. He met me at the door of his apt. wearing gym shorts and a sweatshirt. We went to his sofa. He dropped his shorts and I took my place between his legs. His cock was soft. I sucked on his foreskin as his cock began to swell. Soon he was fully hard in my mouth and I was sucking the length of it. Then I licked the underside and licked his balls. He moaned in approval when I sucked on his egg sized balls. About 10 minutes of my cock worship finally brought him off. He filled my mouth with his hot seed as he arched his back and groaned. 

      I got up, thanked him for the load and left his apt. I once again checked my messages.
      There was another text from Darrin. 

      "Damn! I could fuck you again. My dick's still hard", he messaged.

      I texted back. "U serious? I can come back if you want to fuck again". 

      "Come over", he texted.

      I headed back the 30 minutes to Darrin's. This time he answered the door totally nude. I stripped off and we repeated the same scenario. I sat on the sofa. Sucked him hard. The he threw a towel onto the floor. I got on my knees on the floor and he slipped his 7" black cock up into me.

      "Ahhh.........You're still wet", he says as his cock slides balls deep into me. 
      He again repeats his pattern of slamming hard and deep into me. Then pulls out and pauses to keep from cumming. This time he took about 20 minutes of edging, before he could stand it no longer.

      "Ah, fuck.......Gotta' cum!" he says as he pounds me hard. 

      "Ahhhh......Ahhhh......Jesus!" he yells as he fills my ass with his second load. 

      He pulls out and I get up. We both dress. 

      Derrick is a military contractor. Unfortunately, he goes to the Middle East for extended periods of time. I'm hoping to hook up with him a few more times before he returns to the Middle East again. He'll be fun to have a "regular" fuck buddy. 
    • By BarneyRubble
      Craigslist ad was Chub for BBC. Pic of my ass I hope was alluring. Me in a jockstrap. Big, beefy, pale ass. Guy responds with body and dick pics, one of five or six responses. A couple flakes, and one pic exchange where I wasn't his type after all. Honest mistake, and good luck out there, buddy. So this guy responds, and he's got a good sized cock. It's pretty big in the photos, but 8 or 9 inches, can't tell and honestly, doesn't matter as long as it's owner is proud of what he has and what it can do. We exchanged emails and he said he could come over as soon as a friend picked up keys. Less than a half hour. Something like that, one of those things guys say when they intend to flake out. 
      He seemed okay and into me during our meager exchange, so I said sure. Hit me up. 
      I also thought the encounter may not happen because I asked for us to use condoms. I know that this makes part of the story unpopular, but I wouldn't be posting this story if things didn't go as I had asked. I love bare--always prefered. But I'm not a bathhouse guy. Not that there's anything wrong with that - I jerk off to those stories too and admire those dudes. Warriors. But I'm uh...shyer. I fantasize about having three guys loads in me at once, because I haven't even had two different guys' cum in me at once. And I'd love to make this fantasy come true. 
      So, I asked if condoms were okay. I didn't want to tell him that if we hit it off, maybe we'd end up condom-free somewhere down the road, two or three encounters later. I dunno. I love raw. But my brain sometimes doesn't adjust to the possibility of doing it immediately. And I love those stories on this site. 
      He texts me and said his friend obligation was complete. He didn't live far and I had given him the cross streets, so he texted me, "I know it's later than we said, but it's Friday night, so I know you're up. Give up that fat ass. I'm a block away. Address." 
      I liked his attitude. 28 to my 50. Big dick and a no-fuck-around attitude. 
      He showed up and I was pleased. He was too. I could tell as soon as he walked through the door, a knowing grin that was, "this is my type." I led him to the bedroom. Got him some water. We made a little small talk while we undressed. He was pleased, because this was the first time in a month a craigslist ad had worked out for him. He described three incidents going to someone's house who was a no show and, of course, disappeared from text or whatever communication. 
      He shrugged it off, while I helped peel off his underwear. His cock was thickening and I thought to myself, "We might not use condoms." It was bigger than the photos, both of them, and it wasn't fully hard. I sucked and he loved it. It took me a minute or two to accommodate his whole cock in my throat, but I like to take my time getting there anyway. I like surprising the guy that, yeah, I can take more of this fat dick. More than that. Surprise! I can take another inch and a half more. 
      His hands were on my head, pleasantly surprised and exclaiming, "Oh shit." I thought he was cumming, but he was just getting ready to push deeper. I sucked him this way, luxurious deep strokes and then 'holding position,' when his shaft was at its deepest. He loved this and so did I, getting him throat-slobberred. 
      At one point, he pulled out, slowly, inch by huge inch and I realized it was probably 11 inches. Fat. In our brief emails, he never said, "I have an 11 inch cock." I wondered how many guys would flake out if he had volunteered that detail. But it was a fuck monster, and it was fat, and bloated, and at that same moment, we both knew it was time for him to be inside me. 
      I think I knew at that moment, we wouldn't use condoms. 
      They were sitting a few inches away. 
      I crawled up on all fours and he liked what he saw. Growled without trying to be an ass about making sex noises. I get that chubby guys is not for everyone, but it was for him. He ate my ass, and when I pushed back and made my own growling, grunting fuck sounds, he pushed his tongue in further. I could hear his hand jacking his cock, because I had slathered him in my throat spit, so it was juicy as he jacked it. 
      I thought about how big it was. 
      He pushed the head into my crack with intention. 
      I said, "What about condoms?" 
      He pushed a little more and when he popped in, I think he was again, pleasantly surprised by how deep he got on the first push and I could take it. Not all the way, no. But more than six inches. I felt him keep going, and I knew he was talking me out of condoms, but not using words. He pushed deeper and then slowly pulled out, some longer strokes to let me know what I'd be missing if I insisted.
      I didn't insist. 
      He fucked me more. Deeper. Slow, and then sometimes fast jabs so I knew to open up when he encouraged me to open up or he'd get his way jackhammering me. Either way. So, I opened to him.
      He pounded me good, and I felt him tense. Not "cum in four seconds" tense, but he had completed a few laps and had now worked up a good sweat. He really liked my ass and I felt like that 11 inch dick was maybe more. I dunno. I was ravaged. 
      I said, "You're gonna cum in me, aren't you?"
      He said, "Yeah. I am." 
      Maybe he had assumed he always would. He was probably used to men giving up their ass easily to him.
      Once I stopped asking questions of him, he could see that he would reach the goal line, he got more intense, excited to release himself in me, now that he had gotten the permission he may not have waited for anyway. He fucked harder, yelled, yelled again, and said, "Oh, shit," in a louder voice, followed by repeatedly saying, "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" 
      He dumped his load in me. 
      Before he had even gotten soft, hadn't had time to pull out, he was pounding my ass again, so I talked dirty to him. Now that he had done it, why not? I described the creamy froth he was creating in my pink colon, fucking his own cum into me deeper, and how his sons would swim further than other men, because he was stronger. He loved this kind of talk, and it wasn't long before he dumped a second load in me. 
      We took a break after that, lying around sweating, both of us, "wow-ing," and me kissing and licking his balls and saying, "thank you." He liked that, too. A lot of things I did were getting to him. 
      Soon, he was inside me again. He didn't cum inside me that time. He jerked his whole body hard as he began to cum and his cock jumped out of me, spurting along my crack but he couldn't get his cock inside for the full cum. 
      The fourth cum was inside me. 
      I was admiring his still half-hard penis, sucking it, worshipping it with my lips, and that's how I swallowed the fifth load. 
      Sixth load less than twenty minutes later. 
      Took a shower before leaving. 
      We walked to the front door, me talking about how crazy this was, and how did he know he was gonna breed me? He didn't answer, just said, "That was hot. We need to do this again soon." I talked dirty to him about how his sperm was inside me, would be all night, and he used my hand to show me he was hard again. 
      I led him by the cock again to my bedroom and he fucked the sixth and seventh loads into me. 
      I kept sucking his cock after he came to get all the drops of cum out, which turned him on even more, and so...I swallowed the eight load. He admitted he had never experienced anything like this before. He had dumped up to four loads in a guy, but this was a new record. I walked him to the door and we laughed about the craziness, how Craigslist had some incredibly frustrating experiences, but sometimes there was this, a connection that was so intense that incredible things happened. 
      We've been texting all day. I bought a thong because he likes thongs. It's Saturday, around 8:30 pm. Central time when I'm writing this. Not sure when this will actually appear in the posts, but that's what time it is now.
      He's coming over in an hour. 

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