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gf is at her bbc bulls apartment

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MY girlfriend and her bbc bull maarq just left here going to his place for the night he has fucked her 2 times before he took her pussy raw both times I just slammed a .4 of tina and he gave her a .8 but told her she had to wait till she was laying in his bed with her legs spread wide open and he will breed her lil pussy tonight i can't wait till she gets home received_778681888840628.thumb.jpeg.d6cfcecbb0bd2877695c366f910e5857.jpeg 

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13 minutes ago, Pointslammer said:

MY girlfriend and her bbc bull maarq just left here going to his place for the night he has fucked her 2 times before he took her pussy raw both times I just slammed a .4 of tina and he gave her a .8 but told her she had to wait till she was laying in his bed with her legs spread wide open and he will breed her lil pussy tonight i can't wait till she gets home received_778681888840628.thumb.jpeg.d6cfcecbb0bd2877695c366f910e5857.jpeg 


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Damn lucky girl and damn sure lucky bull to be able to breed her like that!!

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she finally got home from maarqs she text me saying to bring 10 dollars outside to give maarqs friend for gas to bring her home. I walked out and saw a dark blue trailblazer with mirror tint i walked over and the windows stayed up the motor was still running I got a lil closer still  nothing then the back door opened and I saw her getting a black guy who I've never seems cock shoved down her throat and he started pushing his cock hard as she was trying to breathe he let out long loud moans as u could tell he was getting off in her mouth she was struggling to get herself out the truck I handed the money to the guy and she went in the house I followed her in and I watched her peel off her shirt and I noticed bra missing her tits had bruises and I looked up and saw his cum on her chin she said she has a present I said what is it... she pulled a 100 unit point from her bag I saw it was 80 units i looked over and she smiles at me as she steps toward me and i asked well did u have fun? ...


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Important question is did u luck the cum off her chin then go down on her and clean her up!

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    • By bigbessy69
      My first breeding was a lucky find through Craigslist. I had always fantasized about being bred by a big black bull. The more interesting part was the role play fantasy I had thought out. I got it all typed up and posted. A couple days went by with no answer and I had almost given up hope. I had figured that my weight had turned people off. I'm not huge, 257 lbs, but still, I was self conscious. It was weird because I liked being talked dirty to about my weight during sex. I get off to guys calling me their chubette, or cow. On the third day, my luck changed. A guy named Mike sent me a relpy telling me that he loved my fantasy and would love to be a part of it. He said he would do his best to make it come true. So we set up a date and I waited. Part of my fantasy was to do it outside and in the woods. Creepy, I know, right? But we were both down. There I stood, burning a joint, I waited in my big back yard wearing nothing but my long black coat, butt plug inserted. Finally at about 2 am, Mike pulled in the driveway. He came around back and met me, grinning from ear to ear. He had already been smoking lol. We introduced ourselves and shared the joint. I asked him if I could see what he would be filling me up with momentarily and he smiled. He stuck the joint in his mouth and from the light of his phone, I saw him pull out an 8 inch clock about as girth as an extra large bratwurst. I was so excited. I had been masturbating with big dildos for a while. It was then that I revieled to him that I had never been with a guy before. He smiled, put one arm around me and pulled me in close, rubbing the head of his glorious cock against my chubby belly. I hadn't realized how tall he was until now. He was 6'4 and I'm 5'11. He was chiseled too. Damn. He just put one arm around back of my jacket, pulled me in for a kiss and gently pulled out my buttplug. I moaned in ecstasy. He smiled and said "Don't worry Big Bessie, I'll take good care of you." I smiled and said ok. He asked if I was ready as I finished the joint. I said yes and told him where I wanted him. He walked over behind some bushes and I backed into the shadows of the trees. I took a deep breath and arched my back, stood up on my tip toes and put on my best regal face, then I walked out into the moonlight. Slowly, Mike emerged from the bushes, now naked and approached me... and then proceeded to completely fulfill my fantasy and then some.  "Good evening my queen," he said. "Good evening, sir" I replied. "Where is your husband this evening?"
      "He is away until the next full moon." He smiles. ".... Good" 
      He then walks up, opens my coat, reaches inside with both hands and grabs my ass. 
      "Sir," I protest. "What are you do-" he interrupts me with his tongue as he starts to lick my face and kiss me. He slides one finger in my lubed ass and I moan through his kisses. He stops just long enough to say "You're my queen now." He kisses me again, gently this time, I put up less protest this time. He then turns me around and runs one hand up to my belly and then he starts to rub his hand all over it. He kisses my neck and whispers in my ear "You are ripe for children... MY children. Tonight we will lay together and I will give you my seed. You will carry my children and be my queen." He then pulled me closer against him and kissed my neck. "Do you hear me, cow?" He asked. "Your utters *squeezes my tits* will fill with milk and your belly will swell and when you look down and see that cute jelly belly of yours has grown, you'll know that you're with a real king and you're carrying his baby like a good hoe." He kisses me again and quickly pulls up the back of my jacket. I look back at him and say "You're no king of mine." He laughs and said "Let's let your pussy decide." He then slides his cock up and down my ass crack as he pours on more lube. I moan in anticipation of that big cock I had seen. "There we go." He says as he pops the head of his cock in my and I gasp. "See? You already like it, don't you?"
      "My... my father would call me a whore." I whimper. 
      "I'm your daddy now, my queen. And you can be my little whore. Now get that plump rump of yours over here. I'm about to Make you smile" He was rubbing my belly again. "Are you ready to be my queen?" He didn't wait for my answer, he just gently slip all the way to his shaft into my ass. I had taken bigger dildos, so it didn't really hurt, but oh my god, it was so amazing. Warm, thick and throbbing this god like big black cock was inside me and it was going to dump a load of cum in my fat ass. I moaned heavily. Taking it all in. He pulled out slowly and pushed right back into my gaped hole. "You see?" He said. "You can't tell it no, can you? You know deep down you want this. You want me to fuck you. You want to have my baby and be a chunky little slut. You want to do nothing all day except take this big dick. You know you want to be my cum dump, my fuck toy.  Good news is, I'll play with you all day and wear this ass out." I look back and try to fight the fact that I'm actually enjoying this, I say "Just who do you think you are, fucking me in the ass like this? I am the queen and my add is not for you and I am certainly not carrying your children." He chuckled and continued."This will be your life *slowly pumping my ass whilst I moan* your ass is ONLY for fucking and it is mine." Finally, I pull away and run into the woods while I listen to him laughing behind me. I see the canopy up ahead where I put the big air mattress hours earlier. I make the left turn and then I'm stuck. I had run right into the mud (quicksand) that I had set up that day. "Oh no, quicksand!" I exclamation. He came trotting up behind me and chuckled before helping me out of the quicksand that had been up to my knees. We helped wipe me off and he then kissed me again. "You saved my life" I said. "I suppose I should thank you in some way. But I just simply can't have your children." He smiled and held me. "He is not your husband anymore, I am. You are mine now. I will take you back to my village and you will be my prize." He took my by the hand and lead me to the canopy and onto the bed where he sat me on his lap. "You are to be my concubine. You will now live for fucking and carrying my children. When I saw you in the moonlight, all plump and beautiful. But you are a whore for coming into the Forrest at night without clothes. You wanted this all along. And because you were unfaithful to your husband, a whore's life you shall live forever." He began to finger me again. He smiled at him. "Well, it can't be all bad. That cock filling my fat ass forever, I think I would look cute if I was all preggers." He smiled back. "As do I my plump princess. Are you ready to become my queen now?" I leaned into his kiss this time. "Take me away and fill me forever, my king." I said. He put me on mt back and buried his tongue in my ass, grabbing my legs while he ate me out. I moaned and moaned like the little slut I am. He the. Climbed up next to me and positioned me on top, facing his legs.... I started to ride him. He was so deep. I rode him forever. We changed positions so many times before he stopped and held me close and said "I'm about to cum, Bessy. I will cum inside you and then you will become pregnant with my child. Your belly will swell and you'll lactate as I said. You will be a complete bimbo and a slut but you will be mine. You will be my fat queen of sex. Your ass will clap for me and you will be fully mine." He rubbed my belly and suckled my tit. "I'm ready. This fat hussy and this deep ass is yours, daddy. Give this bitch your baby." He kissed me and Rolex me over on top of him, but facing away from him. He then hooked my legs and stood up, cradling me... he slowly lowered me down onto his glorious cock. It was as if my ass wanted it and just opened for him. He began giving me deep, heavy pumps. I moaned harder with every pump. I growled "That's right, dump it in my guts, daddy!" . I started to feel something twitch in my ass and then he pushed himself all the way in and thats when I felt it... warm globs of cum dumping deep in my ass, filling my belly with his seed. "I can feel it," I said. "I'm pregnant. You gave me your baby. I'm going to be one sexy fat cow. Actually I think I just felt my ass get bigger." He laughed as he played with my ass some more, fingering me, pushing every drop into my belly. I rolled around and put that wonderful cock in my mouth. I had to taste it. It was so good. I sucked and sucked until I felt something on my belly. I looked up to find him pouring baby oil on my belly and then my legs. He then started rubbing my plump round belly. I rolled around to face him and said "What are you doing?" And smiled. He smiled back and said "I'm thinking."
      "About what?" I asked. With that he roles my greasy body on top of did and positioned my well fucked boi pussy back over that monster cock. I looked up wide eyed and he said: "I think you have room for more than one of my children in that fat belly of yours. Wouldn't want to waste those baby bearing hips now, would we?"
      "But my king? I will already be so fat!"
      "You'll be fine *he rubs my belly* as a matter of fact you're not fat enough". He wraps his body around me and plunges his dick farther in my butt, he's so deep.  Against my protest, he humps away and I moan and fall deeper in love with every thrust.  I give up my fight and only trash talk him. 
      "What make you think you're even worthy of this fine ass you're fucking? My body wasn't made for you."
      "maybe not, but this dick was made for you, jelly belly. Now be a good little piggy and open your ass up a little more for daddy. You know you want my to fill you up again." And with that I gave up and accepted the several more babies he gave me that night. I'm going to be such a cow. 
    • By travelingbi
      I was in Honolulu a few days ago for work. Early in the afternoon I placed an ad on Craigslist, stating that I was going to unlock my hotel room door, close the draperies, turn off the lights and take all anonymous loads that walked into my room. In addition to getting emails directly from CL, I had posted my KIK address and had hidden my cell number into the ad. As soon as my ad appeared, I started getting responses. The first guy was a young str8 kid that said he was nearby. He told me that he wanted the room dark. An eye mask or something tied over my eyes. He wanted me on my knees and wanted me to suck him off. But, he didn't want to be seen. I told him I had a sleep mask. I would do as he asked. I'd be on my knees with the sleep mask over my eyes. I gave him my room number, and within 5 minutes, I heard the door open, close and his zipper was being unzipped in front of me. I opened my mouth and he put his soft cock into my mouth. I sucked on his cock as it slowly hardened in my mouth. Soon, he backed up and sat on the edge of the bed. He guided me over to him and I continued to suck on him. Then he removed his pants and underwear giving me better access to his cock and balls. I licked his balls and licked under his balls. 

      "Will you lick my ass? I've never been rimmed." he said.

      I lifted his legs and licked his hole. He moaned loudly and lifted his knees to his chest. I licked and flicked my tongue across his young, straight hole. I gave him about 5 minutes of mouth to ass pleasure, then went back to licking and sucking on his balls. Then wrapped my lips around his cock again. By now, he was so turned on, he soon was filling my mouth with his hot load of cum. 

      In true str8 boy fashion, he quickly got up. Put his pants and shoes back on and was out the door in less than a minute. 

      I checked my messages and had several more responses. I messaged both of them. The first response was from a young black guy in his mid 20's that was staying in the same hotel. He told me he was str8 and with his girlfriend. She was out shopping and he wanted to come to my room. He also wanted it completely dark, my ass up on the bed, my face buried in the pillow. He didn't want me to see him.  I gave him my room number and told him to push the door open, I'd be on the bed as he asked. He said he'd be at my room in 2 or 3 minutes. 

      The other guy said he was 20 minutes away. I gave him my room number and told him to just push on the door and come in when he got here. 

      I positioned myself on my knees, on the edge of the bed, my ass facing the door. As he said, in just a few minutes I heard the door open and close. I felt his finger rub my asshole as I heard him pull his cock from his zippered pants. He spit on my hole a couple of times and spit on his cock. Then he pushed up into me in one quick thrust. I had no idea who or what he looked like. His cock felt fairly large, but not too thick. But, he was truly hard as a rock. That's one thing I really love about young top guys. Their cocks get hard as steel. He slapped my ass a few times as he pounded me. I tried to milk his cock with my ass as he fucked me. After about 5 or 6 minutes of his fucking me, he now grabbed me around the waist and slammed deeply into me. Soon he grunted a couple of times as he filled my ass with it's first load of the day. As soon as he came, he pulled from me, zipped up and was out my door. I tried to catch a glance of him as he was leaving my room, but all I could see was a guy wearing a hoodie sweatshirt exiting my room. 

      I checked my messages and there was a message from one of my "former regulars" that fucked me a lot when I used to travel to Honolulu on a regular basis. I gave him my room number. He said he'd be there within the hour. Just as I finished replying to my "former fuck buddy" I heard my room door open.

      I quickly assumed my position on the edge of the bed. I soon felt someone feeling up my ass and feeling my wet hole. He slapped his cock against my hole a few times as he stroked his cock to harden it. Then he pushed his cock up into me. The load of cum the black kid put in me left me well lubed for his cock to slide deeply into me. He fucked me for  a few minutes, then pulled from me and completely removed his shorts and underwear. Then slammed back up into me and resumed fucking me. He soon pushed me further up on the bed and put me in several positions. He finally had me on my side as he laid behind me and fucked me hard and deep. It wasn't until he had cum inside me and began to dress that I got a view of him. He looked like he was in his mid 40's. He had a military haircut and when he began to dress, he was putting on green boxers, like the Army guys wear. He also had dog tags on. So, obviously he was a soldier at the local Army base. 

      Soon after the soldier had left, my former fuck buddy came into the room. He completely undressed and I began to suck him to get him hard. Once he was fully hard, I asked him to fuck me. He put his face up to my ass and licked my hole. "Damn, Dave", you've got some cum in you, already", he said. 

      "Yup! Two loads, actually", I said.
      He hungrily licked my hole and tried to eat as much cum from my hole as he could get. Then he put his cock to my hole and slid up into me. He fucked me doggy style for a few minutes, then he told me to get on my back and he fucked me in that position for awhile. When he was ready to cum he pulled out of me and told me to open my mouth. He began to spray his cum all over my face, chest and into my mouth. He had quite a large load to cover me with. He came, dressed and was out my door in just a few minutes. 

      I checked messages again and had 2 new messages. There was a message from a young guy. He said he was nearby and wanted to seed my hole. I gave him my room number and he said he'd be there in about 5 minutes. 

      The second message was from the black guy that had fucked me an hour earlier. He said he enjoyed the fuck and if I wanted a second load from him, he could come now. I messaged him back and told him I had someone coming over now to fuck me. I told him he could come now and share my ass with the other guy. Or he could wait a bit. It was up to him. But, I told him the door was still unlocked, just come in  and fuck me. 

      True to his word, the young kid showed up. I sucked him till he was hard, then I climbed onto the edge of the bed and he began to fuck me. While he was fucking me the door opened again and I assumed it was the black guy again. The kid fucking me pulled out of me and I could hear him sucking on the black guys cock. Then I heard the black guy tell the kid to get off his cock, he wanted to fuck me. I felt the black guys familiar cock slide back up into me. Again, he was slapping my ass as he fucked. I could hear the kid sucking on the black guys nipples as he fucked me. I couldn't see any of this, but it was a turn on knowing that the two guys were both turned on. The black guy fucked me about 10 minutes, before he groaned again and filled me with his second load. He pulled from me and I felt the young kid slide his shorter, but very thick and hard cock up into me. As the kid began to fuck me, I heard the black guy leaving my room. The young kid was really turned on and he only took a few minutes of fucking me, before he was moaning and unloaded his balls deep into me. 

      By now, I was hungry and getting tired. I removed my ad from Craigslist and headed out to get something to eat and then came back to the hotel to take a nap. After those fucks, I slept well for a few hours, dreaming of the unseen cocks that had filled my ass the previous few hours. 
    • By Totalcumslut
      I went to an ABS in Houston tonight.  I was a lucky little slut!
      The first cock I got was a Tranny cock.  She had been fucked several times that night as cum dripped from her ass and down onto her ball sack.   I guess she would say it was time she got her rocks off and she shoved her nice cock through the glory hole and I gobbled it up and sucked until she gave me her load directly into my throat.
      The next two encounters were bbc's that needed to get off.  Each guy just walked into the booth, shoved his cock through the hole looking for relief which I gladly provided by giving them a warm wet mouth into which each could unload his cum. 
      So, I'm a happy slut with a belly full of swallowed anon cum.  Mmmmmm, so fucking hot to make complete strangers cum!
    • By travelingbi
      Yesterday I stopped at Peepland during the "noontime rush" that most of the Las Vegas ABSs get during lunch time. When I pulled into the parking lot, there were only two cars, still I paid my admission and got $20 worth of $1 bills to feed the video machines.
      Sure enough, there were two red lights illuminated over two booths in the hallway of a dozen booths.  I tried the first door.  It was locked.  Damn!  I tried the second door.  Bingo!  Unlocked.  I went in to find a handsome, next door neighbor type guy in his mid 30's sitting on the chair, his cock out in his hand, stroking it to some str8 porn.  I stepped fully into the booth, locked the door, dropped to my knees and began to suck on his semi-hard cock.  He let out a soft moan as his cock began to fully harden in my mouth.  After a couple of minutes, he pushed my head away, unbuckled his pants, lifted his ass as he pulled his pants down to his ankles.  I took this time to take some deep drags on my poppers.  He pulled his pants off his feet and tossed them into the corner.

      I went back to worshiping his cock, which had swollen to about six rock hard inches.  I licked up and down the underside of his cock, then licked his smooth balls.  Now he groaned loudly.  I licked under his balls and he lifted his legs slightly, so I pushed his legs up and licked his hairy asshole.
      "Oh, fuck!" I heard him softly say. 

      I licked his ass and balls for a few minutes, then went back to sucking his cock.  It only took about seven or eight minutes of cocksucking before he finally began to fill my mouth with his sweet juice.  In typical "Str8 guy fashion" he immediately pulled his cock from my mouth, stood, pulled-on his pants and was out the door in a flash.  LOL.  I always laugh to myself about this with str8 guys.  The nano-second a straight guy begins to cum, he decides he must get out of this situation immediately.  I've found more than one straight guy won't even finish cumming before he splits - almost as if something clicks in the guy's brain and he just then realizes a GUY has just him off and it's just too "Gay" for the straight guy to deal with. 

      As soon as this guy had exited the booth, the door opened again and in walked a Latino Daddy type guy in his late 50's.  He was short and slender with a black mustache and one or two day's growth of facial stubble.  He entered the booth, locked the door, opened his pants and presented his limp, uncut cock up to my lips.  So naturally I began to suck on his foreskin.  After a minute or so, he sat back on the chair as I fed several dollar bills into the video machine, also taking a few drags on my poppers.  Then I resumed sucking on his ample foreskin.  His cock grew, then I pushed his foreskin over his cockhead and began to suck his cock. His cock quickly grew to full hardness as he flipped through the movies to find one that was exciting to him, settling on a firm involving two black guys feeding an Asian chick. 

      After I had plied my cock sucking skills for about five minutes to his seven inch, very thick cock, the Latino papi leaned forward and felt up my ass.  Great!  He wanted to fuck.

      "Want to fuck me?" I asked.

      "You got a condom?" he asked.

      "No", I replied. 

      "Damn!", he said. 

      I continued to suck him.  After a few more minutes he again leaned forward and felt my ass again.  "Show me your ass," he demanded. 

      I stood, unbuckled my shorts, pushed them to my ankles and stepped out of them.  Turning, I bend over and spread my ass.  Without hesitation he fingered my hole.  Reaching into the pocket of my shorts, I located and handed to the Papi a small bottle of lube I had brought.  I further prepared myself for the invasion by taking some drags on my poppers.
      He dribbled some lube on my hole and likewise lubed his cock.  As I took another hit on the poppers, his cock head was pressing at my hole, only to push its way in to my hole in one quick, smooth thrust, immediately thrusting hard and deep.
      I took hold of the molded plastic chair that's bolted to the cement floor as he rams deeply into me. About ten minutes of hard pounding finally brings a soft groan as he fills my ass with his load of cum.  My ass milked every last drop I could get from him.  He then quickly withdrew, wiped-off his cock with the paper towels from the dispenser by the screen, pulled-up his pants and was out of there.  I put my shorts back on and sit down to catch my breath for a second.  The movie time runs out and I decide to go out into the hallway and check to see if anyone else had arrived.

      At the far end of the hallway of booths are two booths that share a gloryhole between them. I see one of those booth doors closed and the red light is on. So, I go into the adjoining booth, lean down and view into the large, oval hole that's been cut into the wall. I see a white guy in his mid 40's standing in that booth. His limp cock is hanging out of his zipper as he flips through the movies available on the tv monitor. I do the finger tap on the bottom of the g/h. He sees me do it, but continues to flip through the channels. There's 200 channels in these booths and he seems to be in no hurry to find one. Finally after what seems like an eternity, he settles on a chick on chick film. Two slutty bitches are taking turns eating each other's shaved pussies. He now touches his limp cock for the first time as I lock the door to my booth and feed a couple of dollars into my video machine. I now position myself on my knees, my face at the g/h. He now turns to me and steps up to the hole, putting his limp cock onto my tongue as I open my mouth and extend my tongue. I wrap my lips around his cock and begin to suck. His cock is not quick to harden. But I'm determined to get him hard. I want his str8 load. Finally, his cock starts to harden. His cock is about 6"s. It's very slender. It's actually the perfect size and angle for me to deepthroat. I'm swallowing his cock balls deep. Without taking his cock from my mouth, I sniff some poppers and make love to his cock. I'm massaging and tickling his hairy balls as I worship his cock. I feel his cock begin to throb, his mushroom cock head swells, then his cock unloads in my mouth. Again, in typical str8 guy fashion, he quickly pulls his cock from me. He zips up and leaves his booth. Another guy quickly steps into the booth, closes the door and leans forward to see my face in the large, oval glory hole. He feeds a dollar into the machine an unzips.

      This guy is perhaps late 20's, early 30's. He's got shoulder length, dirty blond hair. A short beard and mustashe. He's muscular, wearing shorts, flip-flops and a tank top t-shirt. He's really quite a hunk. He changes the movie to a str8 film with a likewise muscle stud pounding some blond bitch. 

      His cock is already fairly hard. Just a few moments of my sucking has him now fully hard. His cock is a very nice 8", very thick with an ample foreskin. I love to make love to foreskin. And he's loving it. I'm sucking on his cock, then he pulls from me and motions for me to come join him in his booth. I stand up and leave my booth. He's now opened his door. Instead of letting me into his booth, he steps out of the booth and motions for me to follow him. We cross to a booth across the hall. He whispers to me, "This is a bigger booth". We enter the booth and lock the door. He quickly strips off his pants. I feed a few dollars into the machine. He's now bent over the chair and tells me to lick his ass. I happily do as he asks, spread his ass cheeks and lick his hole. I lick his hole for several minutes, then he turns, sits and I go to work on his cock. He's flipping through str8 films until he settles on one.  About eight or nine minutes of my cock worship finally brings him to orgasm. 

      I had been in the arcade for less than an hour and had gotten four loads.  It was time to leave and get errands done for the day. 

    • By whitebtm4bigdicks
      hello to all the Chicago tops. I will be on a Halloweenie vacation Oct 23rd -Nov 1st and while staying with my friends I would like to meat with horny Tops so that I can play with their thick poles. Love all types form slim big dicked guys to more heavy set guys as long as they have a big dick to feed me. Love 7-9 inches with heavy balls full of cream. I am into whites, latinos , blacks and middles eastern. I am pretty average but willing to be your fuckhole. I don't have dirty pics though...late 40's, blue eyed, Polish-German-French European with 6.5 cock and a willing fuckhole to fill. Peter
      hook up at man's country or Touché? the Ram or anyplace... OK for threesome with two tops filling my holes....

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