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    • By cumstick
      My name isn’t so important…what happened that is a story worth telling, you can decide if it’s worth reading.

      I am about 6’ good build, solid muscle and hung at 8” and thick…guys never complained, some did as they were pushing it in the first time.  I was always told it was a good size and shape once they had a chance to get used to it.

      I would go to the sex clubs, bath houses, cruise on-line always looking for next way to blow my load be it in another guy or jerking off to porn or watching guys fuck at the bath house.  Most days I would go to bed after shooting 5 or 6 loads throughout the day, I was always sex hungry and I was almost always a top.

      I loved going to the sex club where I could flop my cock out of my pants, give it a few quick strokes to get it hard then wait for a hungry bottom to come by.  I loved topping and breeding raw hole after raw hole giving greedy, hungry bottoms what they wanted which was seed.  My favorite bottoms were the muscle studs with a bio-hazard or scorpion tattoo, sex with poz bottoms was always better they knew how to give a great fuck.  Even though I loved topping, I always had the voice in the back of my head of wanting to bottom to feel what they felt of having another guys DNA shot deep inside me.  But for one reason or another just never did it, until a bottom turned me into more of a sex pig than I was already.

      I was at the sex club hanging around with my cock hanging out keeping it in various states of arousal ranging from chubby to rock hard.  I spotted this muscle stud who was just standing looking kind of irritated.  If he was having a bad night, I certainly didn’t want to make it any worse but I was curious as to why a muscle stud like that who could have any guy he wanted was upset and turning guys away left and right.  I found a spot where I could just observe and figure out what was going on and see if I could try to mount this stud.

      This stud target stood about 6 feet tall was wearing a white wife beater that showed off his big shoulders, large pecs and nipples that looked like they would love some attention.  He was wearing basketball type shorts and no underwear, I could tell by the almost 10” cock that was hard and making a very visible protrusion from inside his shorts.

      I had been at the sex club about 3 hours so far fucking a few guys, edging my cock but hadn’t dropped a load yet.  My balls were starting to object about being teased but not being allowed to release.  I knew seeing this 6 foot well built stud he was the one I wanted to breed and hopefully more than once.

      This was a sex club not a bath house so no showers or private rooms just various play spaces and “stalls” where you could close the door have a little more privacy if you didn’t want an audience; I usually liked having an audience.  I found an open stall just to the left across the walkway from him, he could easly see me and we made eye contact, but I just smiled and stayed where I was.  I didn’t want to find out why this guy seemed so irritated before I made any sort of move and I figured being respectful of his space was a good place to start.

      Guy after guy would walk past, ogle his body then immediately try to grab his huge cock…that’s when he got irritated and I almost had my answer.  He looked over at me again saying “I might have a big cock that doesn’t mean I have any desire to use it” then he turned a bit to give me a peak of a big muscle butt.  I responded, “I don’t give a fuck about your cock, I want to put my tongue up that ass”.  For the first time he smiled walked past me motioning for me to follow him.

      We walked into one of the public large dark rooms where there was a padded fuck bench.  He immediately dropped his pants and bent over the bench as he was dropping his pants, I was dropping to my knees.  I needed to get my tongue up that perfect muscle ass, didn’t know if he had been fucked already and I would have some cum to eat or if I was his first and I didn’t care.  I wanted to eat it, suck on it, open it up and breed it then breed it again.  I was going to pound every drop of cum I had into this stud and I was sure he wanted it and could take it as rough as I wanted to give it.

      I shoved my face between his two perfect fuck globes I stuck my tongue out and licked him from his taint to the top of his crack with my tongue flat.  With my tongue flat and deep lick they get a nice run of sensation over their hungry hole and I get a good taste of sweat and sometimes seed that has already been pumped into them.  This guy was a bit different, I wasn’t sure if he had been fucked tonight I could taste a little lube but that was it and the lube could have meant that he just came prepared.

      I proceeded to eat that ass like it was the last hole I was ever going to eat.  I licked him up and down (stayed away from his cock), then putting my mouth around his hole and sucking on it making it open up in my mouth.  Sucking on a cum pigs hole will usually get me some seed to taste but not this time but he wasn’t relaxing his hole as much as most bottoms do.  However, I could tell he was really enjoying what I was going as he was really vocal about it and I REALLY enjoyed eating his muscle ass so both of us were very happy.

      I asked him to flip over on his back so I could eat that ass from a different angle which he did, I also wanted to see those pecs of his again.  As he turned I made a move to start taking his shirt off which he realized and took it off himself, there my new conquest stood, naked bulging muscle and big pecs and the perfect nipples.  I asked him if they were wired and he pulled my face into his chest where I latched onto his nipple and worked it like was his ass.  He was moaning just like he did when my tongue was up to his hole.  I then pulled away and did the same to his other nipple where he continued to grown and moan with pleasure.  I was sure to stay away from his cock but did have a firm hand on his rock hard ass and was using my finger to rim around his wet twitching hole.

      After taking a quick lick into each pit that contained this stud bottoms perfect scent he laid on his back and put his legs in the air and spread them wide.  Those perfect muscle fuck mounds parted and there was my prize a perfect hungry pink hole that was hungry for a pounding and a seeding.

      The lights were dim so what I hadn’t noticed was the biohazard symbol tattooed on his hip, not big but enough to be easily seen if there was more light.  I asked him “are you poz?” he said “yea, that a problem” I said “no, it’s a bonus!” and dived my face right back into his cum pig hole.  Knowing that my new muscle cum pig was a poz muscle cum pig made everything better and my need to use him grow even more.

      What I didn’t know was what using him and what was going to happen in our brief time together was going to do to me.

      --End of Part 1--

      Let me know what you guys think and I will continue the story.
    • By edgecub
      At the Hampton Inn Airport 1-4 March, looking to get as many loads as possible.  Can host in my room (can be anonymous) or can meet at your place or public spot.  Just load my hole!

    • By Pigtronic
      Anyone for pride in GC This year... Taking a sun who I want to be left flooded with spunk inside him... Also.plays well with others. 
    • By jungpassiv1
      had the chance to get pozzed some times but always refused because i was afraid. now there is this hot guy who wants to tear my ass with a toothbrush and then convert me with his high viral load
      i love bareback and cum in my ass and think i will get pozzed sooner or later but still not sure if i should let him do it

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