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    • Guest LoveBBC
      By Guest LoveBBC
      I just want to share my belief that a true cumdump denies no one with the exception of bad hygiene.  Too many cumdumps reject the few that still insist on wearing a condom. While it is a valiant effort to seduce the man to remove his condom, if he makes the decision to continue to wear it, respect him and allow him to continue.    I usually say the condom is starting to hurt and then 1/2 of those men will remove it because they are caught up in the moment and the ecstasy.  
      For those that cum in the condom, I simply tell them to leave it in my room and then I will either lick and swallow it from the condom or scoop it out and insert in my hole.  
      Either way, I’m still getting the load and I’m staying true as a cumdump there for the pleasure of ALL men. 
      It’s not our place to negotiate with the top, it’s our jobs as true cumdumps to let the tops have their way with us.  Remember, it’s about them and not us. The more we please them, the more pleasure we’ll receive in return  
    • By newboy1689
      This is not the story of some straight muscle jock suddenly becoming gay, or the story of a “top only” homo learning to bottom. No, I came out when I was 15, I’ve always thought of myself as vers, though mainly in theory. I’ve topped boys, and I’ve been topped, but in the end, I found that anal just wasn’t really my thing. I loved giving head. It was my passion. This though is the story of how I found a new passion, of how I learned that I actually do enjoy anal, and more than that I need it. This is the story of how I learned that my ass hole is not a hole but a pussy, more over a cunt that needs filled with seed. This is the story of how I became a cumpig to a rough, bear, with a fat cock. This is the story of the man who changed my life. This is the story of how I become a bottom for raw cock. 
      First a little about me.  I’ve never thought that I was exceptionally attractive, though I think I’m pretty cute and at the time of this story was 27.  I’m about 5 foot nine, with light brown hair; I’ve never loved my natural hair so usually I dye it blonde in the summer leaving me with blonde streaks for most of the year.  I work out fairly regularly, though I still eat whatever I want so I’m not terribly thin and I certainly don’t have a six pack.  What I do have is a narrow waist, a nice chest, arms with a strong vein running down the bicep, and a thick bouncy ass from lots of running.  I’m not what you’d call super hairy by any means but I’ve got a nice covering across my chest and down my stomach, and a nice hairy ass. 
      At the time I met Sir I think I’d been fucked maybe half a dozen times in my life, though I’d certainly sucked more than my share of cocks. On this particular day that’s what I was aiming to do. Having just gotten home from the gym, I lay on my bed in just my still sweaty shorts scrolling through my porn Tumblr (I miss porn Tumbler so much) my cock getting harder as I scrolled. I’m always super horny when I get back from the gym and today was no exception. I started to think that more than jerking off I wanted to swallow a thick cock. 
      It was maybe 1 P.M. on a Saturday and in Harlem there is almost always someone around.  Opening up Scruff I started to scroll.  I sent out some woofs and some messages to regulars when he messaged me. 
      His profile photo was of a solidly built torso with beautiful pink nipples, thick dark hair, and a strong treasure trail leading out of the frame, what it didn’t have was a head.  Still I read though his stats.  He was 41, lived with in a half mile of me, six feet tall, muscular. I opened his message. 
      Directly following his quick greeting was a photo of a thick fat cock.  It had a broad flat head, several thick veins running down the toilet paper roll thick shaft, thick dark pubes at the base, and two heavy looking low hanging balls hanging below.  Without even seeing his face I was taken in.  I wanted to swallow that cock.  I loved feeling my jaw stretched to its maximum around a dick.  I wanted to feel that man’s cum hit the back of my throat. 
      “Damn, that’s a beautiful cock” I responded. 
      “Thanks, boy,” he replied a few seconds later, asking "what are you looking for?”
      “Honestly I just got home from the gym and I’m horny as fuck.  I really want to suck some cock today.”
      “Well, what a surprise.  I’m looking for someone to come suck my fat cock for me.”
      “Perfect!” I responded, and then before I could ask him for a face pic or anything else he sent me his address. 
      “Come get this fat cock now if you want it boy.  Don’t bother showering from the gym or anything.  Just come get my dick in your mouth.”
      My cock throbbed.  I don’t know why but there was something about him, the way he talked, or maybe just the sight of his absolutely perfect cock.  Whatever it was that something overruled the rest of my brain.  I pulled a shirt on, slipped into some shoes, and grabbed my keys.  He only lived ten blocks downtown from me and I had walked half way there before I remembered I didn’t know what he looked like.  In another half-block I decided I didn’t care.  I had no idea how much things were going to change for me over the next few hours and days. 
      I got to his apartment as quickly as I could.  I buzzed the door.  A somewhat gruff if tinny voice came across the speaker saying only "Third floor,” as the door lock clicked open.  The stairs were at the back of the building.  As I walked down the typical narrow New York apartment building hallway I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.  Then, there I was, right in front of his door.  Taking a deep breath, I knocked.  There was a brief pause and then the door opened. 
      There he stood, the most perfect man I had ever seen.  I had been prepared for some troll with a good body, but the man who stood before me was stunning.  He had a broad, strong, handsome face, and a thick black mustache across his whole top lip.  His tight black t-shirt was stretched thin across his wide muscular chest and a thick tuft of chest hair stuck up from the collar.  He clearly wasn’t wearing underwear, and through his thin basketball shorts I could see the outline of his semi-hard cock. 
      “Get in here boy,” his resonant baritone voice rumbling in my chest. “And strip.”
      I stepped inside and he closed the door behind me.  Without thought or hesitation I stripped off my clothes, even though I was a little surprised.  My experience had been that a guy who just wanted his dick sucked would simply whip it out, and neither of us would actually get undressed.  This man however, clearly had different ideas. 
      “Good boy. I’m Michael,” he said, and I blushed a little realizing along with not asking what he looked like I also hadn’t asked his name.  For a split second I asked myself what kind of spell had he placed over me. 
      “Stephen,” I replied. 
      “That’s great, but from now on you will address me as 'Sir' and I will address you 'Boy'.  Is that clear?”
      I nodded. 
      “When I ask you a question you respond with ‘Yes Sir’, boy.”
      “Yes Sir” I replied immediately replied.  I had no idea why I was saying it but it made my cock hard to do so.  I think I was harder than I had ever been before.  My mouth was watering I wanted so badly to get my lips around that cock. 
      “Now, let’s get you what you came here for.”  With that he pulled his shirt off revealing the torso from his profile photo.  His thick chest hair swirled over strong muscular pecs, his middle was thick with muscles without ever really manifesting into a six pack.  He looked like the sort of man who gained his bulk from physical work not the gym.  He walked over to the couch, and just before he sat down he pushed his gym sorts off revealing his perfect cock.  I stared at it, half hard, sticking up slightly from his crotch but still too soft to fully lift its own weight.  “Well,” he said shaking his cock at me, “come wrap those pretty dick sucking lips around my cock, boy.”
      I basically sprinted the few feet between us and fell to my knees between his legs.  His crotch smelled musty, of sweat and testosterone.  I loved it.  Hungrily I licked around his head, pulling the still mostly soft cock into my mouth.  I felt it start to harden as I swallowed the shaft down. It grew thicker and thicker in my mouth with each bob of my head. I was in heaven.  My own cock was hard as a rock, and I moved to jerk it slowly as I sucked him but Sir had other ideas. 
      “Get your fucking hand off your cock.  Did I say you could jerk off?  No, you get off when I say you can boy.”  He shoved my head down hard, pushing more of his cock into my mouth.  I gagged a little but just kept swallowing.  I wanted his load down my throat more than anything in the world and I was willing to work for it. 
      I swallowed him to the balls, my nose nestled deep in his pubes breathing in his scent.  His hands drifted from the back of my head down my body as he leaned forward. His cock thrust forward, shoving more than I thought possible down my throat, my eyes were watering, and I was so focused on what I was doing that I barely noticed his hand reach my ass. 
      My body however responded for me.  I felt my back arch, and my ass stick out more as I stuck my tongue out and licked at his balls.  I was light headed and it was as if there was no more air left in my body but I didn’t care:  I needed his load in my stomach. 
      One of his fingers rubbed against my hole, and to my own surprise I moaned around his cock.  The more I sucked him, and the more he teased my hole the more I started to think that I might want him to fuck me.  It seemed crazy at the time, I probably hadn’t bottomed in over a year, but now I was starting to think I wanted this massive cock inside me.
      He must have read my mind, “I think you want more than to just swallow my cock don’t you boy.  I should have known, boys like you always end up begging me to fuck them.”
      I pulled off of his cock, “Honestly, Sir, I really did just come here to swallow your load.”
      “Hmmmm, you might be telling the truth, but now that I’ve seen that nice furry ass I have some other ideas of my own.”
      My heart thudded hard in my chest, was I ready to be fucked by this cock, could I take it, did I want to?
      “Follow me.”  He pushed me back and got up off the couch, his cock sticking straight out from his body.  I followed him into the bedroom where he lay down on the bed.  “Sit on my face boy, I’m gonna eat that pussy while you blow me.”
      I’d never had my hole called a pussy before and my heart skipped a beat.  Quickly I climbed up on the bed and pushed my ass back onto his face, and then bent forward to swallow his cock again. 
      “Mmmmmm,” he growled, “still nice and ripe from the gym.  Good boy.”
      His tongue brushed against my hole and I gasped.  I had only been rimmed once before and I don’t think the guy was very into it.  Sir, however, was very into it.  His tongue first lapped across my hole, flicking against my tight pucker, then started to swirl around the outside of it coating my hole in lots and lots of spit. 
      I moaned and panted as I went back to swallowing his cock.  Sir’s hands were on either side of my hips pulling my ass back onto his face, pushing his nose tight into my crack.  I felt his tongue start to push against my hole lightly and my whole body seemed to start to go slack.  It was as if he was pushing some button inside of me that I hadn’t known existed until then.  My body was turning to putty in his hands.  I sloppily swallowed his cock while steadily pushing my hips back against his face. 
      He pushed his tongue harder against my tight hole as I shoved back into him and I felt myself start to open for him.  My tight pucker started slowly to part, and give way to his slow but steady onslaught. I groaned and pulled myself up off his cock and rocked back, putting most of my weight on him.  His tongue pushed into me, opening me up, and I felt my hole bloom open. 
      I had never felt anything like this before.  My whole body was electrified, his mustache rubbed against my hole as he moved his tongue around.  I felt myself getting more and more loose and the little voice in the back of my mind that had started to think I might want to get fucked was steadily growing to a yell.  I bounced a little on his tongue and felt him growl his satisfaction into my hole. 
      Sir gave me a hard shove and pushed my ass off of his face.  "Get on your back pig,” he ordered. 
      I flipped off of him and lay flat on my back.  Sir stood-up, moving between my legs.  My cock was rock hard, harder than I think it had ever been.  A steady stream of precum oozed down my shaft. 
      “You’ve got a tight pussy boy,” he said putting my legs on his shoulders.  "Maybe you told the truth in your profile and you are more of an oral boy.  But by the way you were pushing that hole back onto my tongue tells me you’re ready to change that.”
      “Change that, Sir?”
      “I’m going to do you a favor today.  I’m going to make you my boy.  I was just going to send you home with one of my loads in your stomach but I think instead I’m going to show you what you’ve been missing and fill your gut with my cum.”
      “I… um… I…” I stammered, then I felt his cock head brush against my wet hole.  Initially I froze, my whole body tensed, but then, as if on command, my body seemed to relax and slid down closer to him.  My jaw unclenched, my shoulders relaxed, I let out a breath, the knots came out of my stomach, and my hole seemed for a moment to loosen and twitch allowing just the very tip of his blunt cock head to press inside. 
      “Good boy,” he said and carefully dropped a big glob of spit onto his cock and my hole. He leaned forward, his face an inch from mine and said in a deep rough whisper, “deep breath in, count to three and the let it out slowly.”
      I did as he said, breath in, one, two, three, and then out slowly.  The rest of the tension went out of my body and as it did he pressed his cock into my hole. 
      “Mmmmm, feel that pussy opening up for me.  Deep breath in again, boy.  A lot more cock still needs to slip into that boy hole.”
      We repeated the deep breath process three more times before he said, “There we go.”
      I felt him push the last part of his cock into me and his balls come to rest on my ass.  My head was sipping.  My hole had never been so full, all of the other times I had been fucked I had felt stuffed, or pushed, but this was different.  This was a glorious feeling of being opened up, my whole body was on fire with excitement and lust.  My cock was pouring out precum, and my hole seemed desperate for more. 
      “How does that feel, boy?”
      “Amazing, Sir,” I panted.
      “I knew you’d like Sir’s big cock in that sweet pussy.  You want Sir to fuck you, don’t you boy?”
      “Yes, please, Sir.”
      “You want Sir to give you his load, don’t you, boy?”
      “Yes Sir,” and as I answered I knew what was different.  I understood what had changed.  I had never been fucked bare before, this was the first raw cock I had ever taken.  Removing that thin piece of latex had changed the world for me. 
      “Good boy.  I’m going to fill you up good.”  He slowly withdrew his cock out of my hole commenting "I’m going to teach you how to be a real pussy boy.  A hole this good shouldn’t be wasted on some cock sucker.”  Just the tip of his cock was inside me now, and as he continued to speak he pushed back inside me.  I let out a long low moan. “This is the kind of ass that begs men like me to breed it.  When I’m done with you, boy, you’ll be begging the next guy to hit you up on Scruff to fuck your cunt, not your throat.”
      Again his balls slammed against my ass, and as he again made a slow withdraw Sir commented "I’m gonna train this pussy good, loosen you up, get you ready to just bend over and take whatever comes to you.”  I felt my hole flex a little as the tip of his cock pulled against my ring from the inside.  “You want that boy, don’t you?  Now that you’ve felt Sir’s cock deep inside that pussy of yours, you know you want to feel like this all the time.”
      “Yes Sir,” I breathed. 
      “Good boy.  Push that pussy out for me, push it out against my cock.” 
      I pushed out for him.  I felt my hole open wider around his cock.  Then he slammed back into me.  The whole length of his cock in one quick thrust was thrust in its entirety into my hole.  I yelled out but as his cock bottomed out in me the head struck something deep within me and my yell became a deep guttural moan.  It was too perfect.  Something inside of me had just broken.  Some final barrier within my body was gone and my ass became his fuck hole.  It was as if the rest of me didn’t exist, I was just a hole.  My cock was completely forgotten, and all I could think about was wanting to feel like this more. 
      “That was your second hole opening up for me boy.  That was your hole taking its first step to being the pussy its destined to be.”
      With that he pulled his cock all the way out and slammed it back in again.  I grunted, like an animal in heat.  My entire focus was on my hole and his cock.  "Keep pushing it out for my boy.  I want that cunt nice and sloppy when I’m done.”
      For ten minutes, probably, he pummeled my hole while I kept pushing out, keeping it open for him.  I felt my hole changing.  I felt myself getting looser.  It was easier each time to take him, and he seemed to be getting deeper like he was rearranging my guts.  I was in heaven.  With each thrust I let out a deep low grunt and each time he pulled out completely I felt a sinking emptiness inside me.  I needed this. 
      Sweat started to build on both of us and the room started to smell of sex.  It was intoxicating.  You never got this just blowing a guy. 
      Suddenly he grabbed me by my hips and in one swift motion flipped us so that he was now on his back and I was sitting on his lap completely impaled on his cock.  “Ride me boy,” he instructed.
      So I did.  I started to bounce hard, almost completely pulling-off his cock, only then to slam my ass back down, my balls bounding off of his stomach.  There was a massive wet spot in the pelt of hair that covered his stomach from my drooling cock. I was yelling and moaning, I couldn’t help myself. I had never loved anything so much. I could feel every vein and ripple in his cock as it slid in and out of my slick hole. His head kept hitting new places inside of me sending fresh waves of ecstasy through me. My second hole was now as loose and my first and his cock had free reign over my hole. 
      I have no idea how long I rode him but I could have done it forever. Sweat ran off of me and I could smell my own musk growing. Finally, after what was a beautiful lifetime he again grabbed me and tossed me onto my back. His cock came out of my hole as we rolled and once I was on my back he slammed back into me. 
      This time was different though, there was a new energy to his fucking a roughness, a need that had to be fulfilled. I guessed at what was coming. 
      “You ready for my load boy?”
      “Oh my God! Yes, Sir! Please, give me your load!” I practically shouted. 
      “Good answer boy.”
      He pounded even harder, his rhythm becoming erratic, his breathing getting rough. The with a deep roar he slammed the full length of his cock into my body as I felt it swell and then being to pulse inside of me.
      For the first time ever I was taking a man’s load inside of me. I was being bred, and I loved it. I could feel every pulse of his cock, I felt warmth spread through my body. I was lost in euphoria. 
      We stayed like that for a long minute. Both panting as we came down from the fuck. I still hadn’t cum but I felt a different kind of satisfaction. Slowly he pulled his softening cock out of my hole, and as he did so I began to feel a deep emptiness taking its place. 
      Now empty and full of longing I looked at the man who had just bred me. A smile spread across his handsome face. He lent down and kissed me for the first time. His tongue pushed into my mouth and I felt his moustache against my lips. Then he sat up. 
      “Good boy.  You did well.   So, here’s what happens next.” His fingers brushed my loose wet hole, “Think of it like a test.”  He slid two fingers inside of me.  “I’ve got some work to do so you’re going to go home,” a third finger was added, “You are not to shower,” the fingers started twisting around inside of me, “you are not to cum, you are not to let any of my load out of your hole.”  Reaching over to the night stand, Sir pulled something out that I didn’t see.  He spat on the object and then, removing his fingers from my hole, pressed it inside of me.  It started out narrow and then flared so that it stretched my hole for a moment before popping inside.
      “You are not to remove this butt plug unless you are going to get fucked.  Now this is the part where you get some choice in your test.  Along with denying yourself the joy of cumming and staying the sweaty fucked out mess you are now, you will take at least two more loads today.  When I am done with work at 7.30 tonight I will text you, and I will breed you again tonight and give you those two loads.  But if you cannot wait that long, and something tells me that you won’t be able to, you are to get on Scruff and find another cock of no less than seven inches to breed this sweet little cunt in training.”
      He pushed hard against the butt plug.  Involuntarily I moaned.  "Do you understand?”
      “Yes Sir.”
      “Good boy.  Now get out” 
    • By Proudlypoz
      Back in my late 20s, I’d been barebacking for over a decade, started young like many Including with my now ex through most of my 20s. We’d go clubbing, I’d split my time between the dance floor and the darkroom, giving n taking loads. Working night shift as security was great, no-one wonders why you are bleary eyes or even groggy at 9pm Monday evening.  
      Around when I was 24 we moved and ended up living near a hot Spanish guy I worked with. We worked for different companies but in the same building and sometimes had to work on stuff together. Then I spotted him online. Hot and gay!
      He was around 6ft2, hairy as hell, Spanish lisp, great beard and salt and pepper hair despite barely pushing 30. He always wore baggy clothes which was a shame as he had an amazing ass, tiny love handles. Just my type. One day he came over for a threesome, after my bf wore him down and enticed him with my dick pics. We soon relaxed and got into it and after eating his hairy ass I rode his fat dick like my life depended on it as my ex licked and teased his nipples. Though eventually he said he wouldn’t cum in me... back then I was neg and much shier about being a bug chasing cum slut. He was neg though we somehow managed to ‘forget’ the condoms. My bf paid lip service to safe sex but he loved breeding almost as much as me, just wasn’t open with others or himself. A thoroughly unsatisfying fuck.
      Though with 4/5 fucks a weekend, and eventually getting some hot poz fisting buddies that would soon be fixed for me. It started out as “I’ll be poz probably?” To “I should get it over with” to the complete adoration, fetishisation of the virus, poz cum and poz men, nothing got me hotter than a biohazard tatt. I was on a mission 
      About 9-10 months later, after my diagnosis as a proudly poz pig, we were both on a night shift and bumped into each other in the basement where his offices were. We moaned about how dead night shifts were, nothing to do. When he started getting flirty. Maybe it was my snug security guard uniform that really cupped my balls, maybe the big black boots. Maybe the fact he had not long broken up with his boyfriend who had put a stop to us playing apart from that one annoyingly load free time.
      We went into his office, a small dark windowless room. We started to kiss, I could smell his aftershave mixed with the funk you get after being at work from 9pm to 6am. He locked the door, then dropped to his knees. Rubbing his face in my crotch. I sat back on an office chair and let him unbuckle my belt, before he breathed in deep the smell from my underwear, rubbing my ever harder dick with his nose. I grabbed his thick hair and pulled back his head till his big brown eyes locked with mine. Now I don’t wanna brag (lie) but my dick is nice n thick, even longer then when I was clubbing every weekend and was skinnier than my beefy dad bod I now have. I hooked down the waistband of my Aussibum underwear till my cock sprang out. I slapped it over his face, I noticed it made him arch his back. He was clearly in greedy sub mode. I let him worship my dick for a bit, occasionally forcing him down, my hands on the back of his head. I love feeling that extra thick throat juice you get when a man chokes on your dick. Love to feel it flow down the shaft of my dick onto my balls. 
      Eventually I push him back, stand up and get him in front on me, kissing him deeply, my hands massaging his ass through his tight suit trousers, relationship fat, I like ‘em chunky and love a snog suit on a big ass. He moans n asks if I have condoms / lube. I lie, I have lube in my wallet, as I have other plans. “No” I say “but I need to fuck you baby”. This makes him moan as I kiss his neck, and drop his trousers. I yank back his hair and flick my tongue over his nipples, His weak spot I remember, and begin to gently rub my finger around his hole, nestled among his super round pert hairy ass. 
      I flip him round, use my work boots to spread his legs and bend him over his desk. I move my hands down his back before dropping to my knees and burying my tongue in his warm tight ass. He is moaning so loud I think someone may hear even though there are only a handful of people in the place. Eventually I stand up and tap my dick against his hole, my thumbs keeping his dark hairy cheeks out of my way. 
      I ask him if he wants it. Now he may think I just mean my dick, but I’m thinking about the thick poz unmedicated load brewing in my balls. “Yes” he gasps... “but don’t cum in me”... “Sure” I say, though it’s totally unconvincing, he is too horny to notice the smirk on my face.
      I tell him to choke on my dick to lube me up as I slip a finger in to his ass. He’s a pro and his hole relaxes till I’m knuckle deep. “Slut” I say and his knees almost buckle. Though the spit soon dries. All I have to do is keep pounding and it’ll dry up nicely, just what I want. 
      I grab his kneck, hold his head down on my dick, his chin against my balls till I feel his stomach heave. Then I spin him round ready to plow him. I place my hands on his shoulders as I line my dick up with that hot hairy hole. I tell him to spread his cheeks. I slip my head in. He moans and it vibrates through his body. I start slow but soon end up halfway and he’s moaning up a storm. I then thrust balls deep to his surprise. I have to hold those shoulders tight to stop him moving off. “Shhh” I say “take it all like a good boy”. 
      I get a rhythm going, he starts jerking off.  I feel his hole relax but as I get deeper I feel the resistance as my dick forces it’s way along his guts, the friction making his insides hot as the spit dries. I work the angles till I start hitting that spot. He actually screams out. “FUUUUCK” I don’t let up..
      “You want it” I pant
      “Fuck yes”
      “Want me deep inside you” I grin
      “Gonna take it” I can almost see biohazard signs in front of my eyes
      He starts to twitch, I hear his load splattering over the paperwork on his desk, his ass tightens and my balls rise up and empty out. I make sure my knees are behind his, his hips against the desk my hands on his shoulders. He has nowhere to go. I grunt n growl and I feel my dick twitch. He says “oh fuck I feel it”. I hold us both still till my knees give out. My face falls to the back of his neck. I slowly move back n forward. Never pulling out. I give a deep thrust pounding past his second spinchter.
      “Bad boy” he says clearly blissed out but not wriggling off my toxic dick. 
      “I had to! You begged for it” 
      He then realised his shirt is between the cum soaking into the paperwork on his desk. His hole cinches shut in panic, keeping my toxic cum inside him as my cock slips out. “Fuuuuck” he says realising the state of himself. Sadly I doubt he would want to clean my dick in his panic. As he realises his shirt is soaked through with cum and the paperwork ruined. 
      I tell him to blame it on spilt coffee and get dressed. “We should do this again” he looks sheepish. As I unlock the door. I feel electric, is this my first neg hole I have bred? 
      So reader, you wanna know if it took? Well we fucked on and off for a few months. We did the charade of, “condom” - oh no I forgot! A few times,  and the odd don’t cum in me. 
      Then he got some clean cut, and certainly neg bf - online he was a safe sex crusader.  They split up after a few months, and I move jobs. A few weeks later I bump into him at the sexual health clinic. Not the floor for general check ups, the one where the poz pigs go to get their bloods and meds. He blames his dull boyfriend, I say “He didn’t seem the type, I guess you never know”. I knew it had to be me. 
      Then I just smiled, and say, “We should fuck some more” and left.... he obviously didn’t click I was on the same floor as him. He must have at some point as he then blocked me everywhere. How rude after giving him that gift! Nowadays he is being a cumdump on BBRTS and says hi to me! Hopefully I can recharge him sometime.
      this is my first proper story, would love your feedback, as well as your holes on my dick.
    • By 4BareCocks
      Will be visiting NYC from June 16-19, 2019 and planning on attending the GSA-NYC Watersports event in Brooklyn on the night of June 16th.  On the night of June 17th I will be at the JOC (Jacks of Color) event at Paddles.  Hope to see some NYC guys from here at both events.  At the JOC event will be looking to take all loads there and have my ass dripping.

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