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    • By RhodyCumhole
      ...is raw dick in your butt.
      My husband and I are out of town visiting my uncle.  Well, my uncle is also into guys and has encouraged us on multiple occasions to find a hookup and have fun while he is at work.  He works 3rd shift, and I happened to wake up wicked early this morning - long before he was due to come home,
      Pause, I know what you're thinking.  I would be too.  But this is not going in any direction which involves my uncle.  I apologize.  I wish it were too.
      So I wake up, raging hard-on, needing to get fucked BAD, and I log onto the usual fuckbuddy sites/apps.  It doesn't take me long to find someone who is only a few minutes away, looking to fuck, and willing to go in raw (this was not BBRT after all).  I asked my husband if he wanted to get in on this, but he was too tired.  He told me to go solo on this one.  Okay!  I threw a sheet over one of my uncle's couches, got my poppers and lube, threw on a jockstrap and waited for him to show.  I didn't wait long. He came in, stripped down, and was on top of me at a speed which would make a guy's head spin.  And what a kisser!  Damn.  We did the usual obligatory ritual of trading suckjobs (I fucking hate oral.  It gets in the way of me getting what I really want.  He was already hard before he dropped his pants). Finally, when he was sucking me, he began to push my legs up.  This dude's cock could punch a hole through concrete at this point, but he lubed up and gently slid into my ass.  From the get-go I could not get enough of his raw dick stretching my hole wide open.  He tried to take it easy on me.  I absolutely would not fucking let him.  After a while, this dude got the message loud and clear, and he began an all-out assault on my ass.  On the other side of the wall behind me, I knew that my husband could hear everything and was most likely gushing precum as he stroked his perpetual hard-on (guys, seriously, it never goes down. I hit the jackpot with him).  As I'm thinking of this, my online fucker speeds up and I can feel his bare cock as he tried his best to completely wreck my tight hairy hole.  He came long, he came hard, and he came deep.  It felt like he would never stop shooting in me and he buried that raw bone right to the hilt.  Just as I thought he was finished, I felt one more hard pulse from his cock - so intense, it actually startled me a bit.  it felt fucking incredible.  He eased his cock out of my hole and collapsed on top of me.  i love this part.  Just grabbed onto him tightly, mashing him down on top of me as he caught his breath. 
      When he stood up, his cum-glazed cock looked delicious and I had to have a taste.  I wondered to myself if any of the cum on his cock was my husband's from the night before. Probably not.  That's okay though, because as soon as online guy left, my husband was ready, and he didn't waste any time tagging and reclaiming my hole for himself with a cumshot of his own buried deep inside me. He threw me down on that couch, buried himself in me, and plowed me mercilessly until he bred my ass deep in the exact same spot as our recent guest.  He just loves it when my ass is freshly cum-lubed.
      So the day hasn't even really started, and already I have cum in my ass from two different people.  I love being "fresh meat" while on vacation in a new town. It's wall-to-wall cock for my entire stay,
    • By Londonbear
      Since I got back to London on Jan 3rd I decided I would try for a few loads to get a good head start on the year. During the course of the 3-10 of Jan I managed to get 11 loads and was happy that I had taken more loads than there had been days in the year. I got a load from: a local arse obsessed punk who has fucked me before more than 20 times. A train driver who fucked me over the sink in my office, an architect who shot a five day load down my throat, a young Kiwi guy with a thick 7" who liked going second, an exchange student, a local DJ who has fucked me a few times before which a nice chunky 9", and my boyfriend who was happy to go second or third in a session. Sadly now I am working in a conference center so ive had to slow down as the work days are crazy but ill be back in the saddle soon enough!
    • By LoadMyHoleOAK
      Spent the holidays in Europe taking loads in Paris and Berlin. The best night was at a bar called Scheune in Berlin. There was a small dark room in the back. They used to have a basement but for some reason it’s closed and they only have the small room now. I was very disappointed at first because I had a good experience there on a prior trip when I had gotten gangbanged. 
      When I went back in the dark room, there were only about four or five guys. Not much seemed to be happening. I left and the same guys were still there about five minutes later. This time there seemed to be a little more action happening. One guy had a very thick beer can sized dick typical of many Germans which he had out and was stroking. I started making out with him and  then he went down and sucked my dick for a while. I was actually worried he might be a bottom. But then I reciprocated and sucked his dick. He then turned me around and started fucking my ass. Even though I’ve gotten fucked by many guys for four days in a row, his girth made it slow going in the beginning. He needed to stretch open my hole wider and deeper than my previous fucks. He fucked me for a while and then I’m not sure if he passed me on to someone else or decided to take a break but when he pulled out another guy jumped on immediately. He then fucked me until he shot his load. Mr. Beer Can Cock jumped back on and did the same in my now squishy hole. He was followed by another 4-5  guys who all unloaded in me. With the exception of Mr. Beer Can, I have no idea what the rest of the guys looked like, but I was certainly happy to get their loads. 
      45 minutes later when I came out, my friends that I was traveling with said I looked exhausted. After we left there, we went to another bar where I had a few more loads put in me. Quite a hot night!
    • By Danpigboi
      Bottom pig will be at sydney sauna on the 25th january 2019 from 11am-7pm. Fuck me raw and breed my ass. No cock refused. Will be mostly in dark room or glory hole. Kik:danifti

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