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North East

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Any poz guys looking for filthy cum fukin fun around York or North East. Can travel daytimes, vers and luv kink.

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9 hours ago, wedgy7uc said:

Any poz guys looking for filthy cum fukin fun around York or North East. Can travel daytimes, vers and luv kink.

Message me

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    • By uncutyum
      Poz bottom/versatile in NYC looking to travel to Berlin in spring for BIOHAZARD MEN POZ-ONLY SEX PARTY XXL EASTER. Have anyone has been already, how is it like, are men into verbal pozzing, do men parTy? Looking to finally do my POZ ONLY gangbang, get my hole filled with HIV cum. Any other verbal poz pigs going to the party? 
    • By TimSon
      Bonjour from Paris... just moved to Paris from the States. Looking for older tops... any advice on where to meet for bb sex, or advice is appreciated. Merci! 
    • By straightandafraid
      I noticed its quite difficult for a straight male (even though i'm good looking).
      I tried:
      - Forum here. Hard to fined willing female users.
      - HIV dating site: They are not kinky at all.
      - Emailing prostitutes

      Best case would be fucking a positive woman and knowing it. I would also consider fucking her while shes menstruating and making her bite my dick bloody.
      I could also consider sloppy seconds with positive guys and a woman.
      i'm open for other ideas. What about getting other STDS? Is that easier?
      I want sth more than just fucking prostitutes where i dont even know if they are positive.
    • By VersMK
      Looking to go to the Vault139 Monday 11th Dec (around 4pm) for a few bb Fucks giving and taking loads 
    • By Lazyzombie16
      Still a little new to all of this, so sorry if the story sucks. But its something I fantasize about so here it is.
      Cole had a very high sex drive and was usually a top. He is also very inexperenced when it comes to sex as he has only had sex with his boyfriend. This day how ever his boyfriend was in a rush and wanted to have a quickie with Cole on bottom. He quickly slid in using only spit and came deep inside of Cole very fast loading him up, giving him a kiss, and walking out the door.
      Cole was not satisfied at all by this. He was still feeling extremely horny. So he decided to be a little adventurous and checked around online for hookup sites. Eventually, he discovered that Craigslist has ads for just that and found one of a bottom cumdump listing a blackroom - just walk in, dump a load, and leave. This turned Cole on big time so he messaged and got the address. This of course being his first time with another person, he grabbed some condoms and headed over.
      When he got there he was extremely nervous but even more horny. He walked in the door and was surprised to see a few guys already pounding the bottom. This turned him on more than he had ever been. He dropped his pants and put his condom on excited for his turn. After a few grunts and hearing the current top saying to take his load Cole quickly moved into position cutting in line though he didnt realize it. He lined up and went in all in one thrust. He was surprised how easy it was and how slick the bottom was. He was loving every second and got so into it that he bent over wraping his arms around the bottom pounding harder and harder. Unfortunately he didn't notice this revealed his boyfriends cum which was now leaking out of his hole. The other tops didn't either that is until another guy walked in and light filled the room for a brief second. 
      The man next in line just so happen to see so he decided since it should have been his turn now anyways he was gonna get his load into someone. He lined up his precum-covered cock to Cole’s hole and during Cole's outward thrust pushed the head straight in with nothing but cum as lube. This surprised Cole and brought him back to reality. "Hey I'm not a bottom - top only man," Cole said. "Okay okay! I'm just trying to stay hard and since you cut me in line. I figured its only right." "No man, I'm sorry im not a bottom." "Well what if I just use the tip until your done?" Cole thought for a second and agreed but only if he wore a condom and went back to fucking the bottom. The guy walked over to grab a condom when the newest guy whispered, "Who does that prick think he is cutting and then giving demands? Here just open the rubber and pretend to put it on he wont notice." So the guy did just that which made him leak a shit ton of precum which he used as more lube and poked his tip back into Cole's ass. He let out a moan as Cole worked the bottoms hole and his raw cock head. 
      After about 5 min of this the guy couldn't take it anymore and started pushing deeper. When Cole tried to stop him the second guy grabed him from the side holding him down and covering his mouth. "He isnt going anywhere.  Load the bitch up!" "Oh hell yeah," the guy said and went balls deep forcing Cole to let out a muffled screem as he came from the excitment tensing his ass and filling his condom. This only made his rapist fuck even harder "Fuck yeah, I'm about to cum and add to your already filled hole! Fuck yeah, dont think I don't know you’re cock slut. Let me give you what all cock sluts want - my charged up load! Here you go! Ahhhhh fuck yeah, take my seed!" And with that he pulled out. The second guy let go of Cole "Dude, what the fuck? I told you I didn't want to bottom," Cole started to yell at the first guy. The bottom who was turned on with a raging hard on flipped over to see what was  going on. The second guy grabbed Cole and shoved his face into the bottoms crotch. "Shut up and suck that dick, cock slut! We aren’t done yet. There's still more guys to satisfy! Im about to show you how a real man fucks!" He shoved his full thick raw 8 inches balls deep in one thrust. "We’re gonna turn you into a real cumdump"

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