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UK Chems/taboo

Guest Bladeboy

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On 1/28/2018 at 1:11 AM, Guest Bladeboy said:

Any guys In the UK into [banned word], chems, incest, snuff? 

I’m looking to chat, and particularlyfor hookups  with guys in uk

not so sure about snuff but anything else goes

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Guest Qwertyasdfgzxcvb
22 minutes ago, Trade20 said:

Yes!! I’m defo up for a chat in wik… DM me 

I can’t message yet only post, but I’d love a [banned word] convo

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  • Similar Content

    • By Hozzel
      In My Neighbour's Backyard
      By Hozzel
      A loud noise from the neighbour's backyard first attracted my attention. A solid thumping noise, as if someone punched metal over and over. A strange, weird noise accented each thump, like repeated grunts, with a staccato rhythm, "Uh...uh...uh..."
      Curious, I snuck between the leafy shrubs up to the corrugated iron fence and peered between the branches into their big back yard. Next to a big shed, the yard was littered with old cars, parts of old cars, wheels and tyres.
      "Oh, fuck!" I heard. 
      The vision startled me. I hopped back, shocked and aroused at the same time. I quickly peeked over the fence again.
      18-year-old Roger, the younger brother, spread face-down over the bonnet of one of an old car. His fists beat the dirty white bonnet while his bare bum and legs quivered from the hammering he received from his older completely naked brother, Flynn.
      Mouth open, I realized my breathing had deepened and I had become instantly solid.
      Flynn fucked fast and hard into his brother. I could hear his hips as they quick slapped against Roger's bare arse. I saw Flynn's fingers curl and then heard Roger yelp when he thumped the bonnet again. Between his spread legs I could just make out Roger's tight balls and stiff cock. It flopped up and down with every pelvic punch from eager Flynn. As I stared I realized Roger was pushing back in time to Flynn's heavy thrusts. They were fucking each other.
      Roger yelled, "Harder, harder!" and Flynn went into overdrive.
      Clearly no one was being forced here. The boys wanted to do this.
      "Hey! Not without me!"
      Their dad ran around the corner of the shed, dropped his board shorts and kicked them away. My mouth hung further open as I marvelled at his big hardening cock. The grey fuzz surrounding the thickening base was not enough to hide its size. Is he going to…?
      "What have I told you boys about doing it in the open!"
      Guilt and shame suddenly washed through me. I was spying on my neighbours having incestuous male sex. I was peeking, [banned word], a naughty voyeur. And they were men! I wasn't into men, although I had secretly enjoyed trans and gay porn and got off from it. I knew my straight-laced wife would throw a tizzy if she caught me with the porn or doing this. Luckily she was out shopping. I could not help myself and simply had to spy again.
      Peter, their bear-shaped bearded dad with a dragon tattoo on his left upper arm, stepped up behind Flynn, roughly grabbed the boy's narrow hips and thrust that great big hard thing into his son's skinny arse. He didn't take his time and ease it in, he pushed hard and grunted loud, causing Flynn to shout.
      "Fuck, Dad!"
      "There's a real bareback cock in ya now," the older man said firmly. He slammed against his older son and the late teenage son pushed against his younger brother. "I know you love it up the arse just as much as Rog."
      Flynn cried out as his father began to fuck like mad and let out a continuous loud moan. It escalated into a non-stop holler which quavered from his pounding. The hairy older man held his son's hips and just hammered relentlessly.
      Flynn shook from the body hits and Roger kept pounding the bonnet and yelping, "Shit, that's good!"
      That was it. Decency be damned! Intrigued, I unzipped, pulled my hard dick out and began to wank the foreskin back and forth.
      I watched them go at it for the next five minutes. Peter, clearly a strong fucker, never missed a beat. He never slowed or paused except to change his footing. He fucked his boy hard, with an ongoing animal growl, until, suddenly, I saw his shaking rear clench. I heard a loud grunt and watched the boys' father jam hard and deep.
      "Feel that? Fuckin' loading you, boy," Peter said loudly.
      Roger yelled something like, "You fuckin' got me goin'! Gaaa…" I glimpsed his cock jerking and guessed he was coming, too.
      Their dad slapped and grunted a few more times then pulled out. His singlet topped chest heaved from deep breaths. Fluid dripped from his son's arse. He turned toward me and motioned, "Come on over and join in!"
      I could not believe it. I was caught! Embarrassed, I scrambled back.
      I heard, "Come on, hop over, Ben. It's okay, isn't it boys?"
      Peter's bearded face appeared on the other side of the fence. "I knew you were [banned word] on us. My boys like to be fucked and they don't mind bein' watched. They do it to each other all the time. They're supposed to keep it inside but on a day like this, what can I say? Perfect weather for havin' a root outdoors." He turned and called, "Hey, boys! Would you like to have a go with Ben?"
      I heard thumping on the car and, "Yeah!" Then the rhythmic squeaking of the car resumed as Flynn fucked into his young brother again.
      "Hang on," I said, tucked myself away, and came back with a step-stool. Peter helped me over the fence.
      "Strip off," Peter instructed. He reached down and unbuckled my belt. "Can't fuck properly with all this gear." He quickly removed all my clothes. "You're hard as a rock," he observed, fondling my erection. It felt weird having another man paw at me, but in my aroused state, I actually liked it. Wearing flipflops only, I walked barearse naked, with their father's fingers rubbing my knob, up to the rooting lads.
      I had visited their home only once before and now something made sense. All the inside doors had been removed. No secrets. Easy access. I had heard yelling and even screaming before and now I knew the cause.
      Peter pointed, "Don't be shy, mate. My boys really like to suck and fuck. There's a nicely slick arse right there for you. Go ahead, stick it in. Or would you rather be the bottom?" He shoved me toward his sons.
      "Both," I stammered. I knew what he meant.
      Flynn pulled out of his brother, stepped to the side. I stood behind the young boy and looked down at his rear, right where his older brother's cock had just been.
      "Go ahead," ordered their father. "He'll love it."
      "Yeah," Roger chirped. "Stick it in me bum."
      I shook my head, stepped up and pressed the swollen head of my cock between the boy's cheeks. What the fuck was I about to do? When I hesitated, Flynn shoved me in the back and I suddenly pushed all the way into Roger. My shocked dick went in easily. One push and I penetrated deep. It felt unbelievably snug and positively marvelous. I felt Roger's internal muscles clench and clench on me as he started to move. My wife had never, ever, allowed anal sex. For that matter, sex between us had become almost non-existent for years. But now, here it was, I was doing anal for the first time, and doing it with a teenage boy, my neighbour's youngest son. Gay sex. I was not freaked out, and it felt wonderful!
      I would never be the same again.
      "Go ahead," Flynn said to me. "He likes it rough."
      I placed my palms on Roger's hips and, started to shove in and out. Roger grunted with each of my thrusts. "Uh…uh…uh… Fuckin' come on," he snapped. "Give it to me!"
      Right. I grabbed his bony hips and began to pound into him. The intense sensations mounted quickly. It wouldn't take long. I slowed, trying to draw out the feelings and my quickening climax. "Too good," I muttered.
      "Here," I heard Peter say, "see if you like this." He stepped up behind me and took my hips in thick-fingered hands. I stopped and felt his big cock push between my arsecheeks. Stunned, I held still and let him have his way.
      Flynn said, "Dad likes to fuck us when we're fucking each other."
      This was another wonderful fantasy: to be taken over and over by another man or a strong trans. I had dreamed what it would feel like when a real penis fucked into my guts instead of a broom handle. Now here it was and the reality felt far hotter.
      Peter slowly pushed into me. It felt like a huge slug invaded my body. I stood rock still, leaned over Roger, felt all the astonishing sensations, and panted while his father slowly slid his enormous prick up my rectum. This was great!
      When I felt his hips against my rear, he paused and said, "You're fuckin' tight. How does that feel?"
      "Good," I breathed. "Huge. Full."
      "Hurt any?"
      "Barely," I admitted. In fact, there was almost no pain, just the feeling of being stretched and stuffed full. I had no idea I could take that much.
      "Like it?"
      "Love it," I said truthfully, bent over his son.
      "Good. You must be a natural. Here goes, slut."
      He pulled almost out then pushed himself back into me. I let out an explosive breath. I could feel his entire cock slide in and out as he began to fuck, a fabulous carnal feeling. Soon he was fucking me quickly. This caused me to do the same to Roger. My own penis swelled further as it slipped inside the boy's arse. Peter shovelled and something inside my rear began to tingle. It felt as if an orgasm was quickly rising.
      In an attempt to hold off I huffed "Oof! How often do you do this?"
      "All the time," Flynn said.
      "Do you like it, Rog?" I asked. I slid my palms over the youth's bare back while Peter fucked me with short, jabbing strokes.
      "Fuck, yeah."
      "Do you ever get to do it? Get to top?"
      "Yeah. But I like being a cumdump best."
      "You do it with anyone else?"
      "Sure. When me mates or Flynn's mates come over. Or Dad's buddies."
      Their father suddenly slammed into me, knocking my breath out through my nose. "Yeah, he's a right cumdump, Roger is. Flynn, too. I'm getting' there. How're you doin'?"
      "Fuckin' hell, I think you're screwing my prostate," I said. "I'm coming without squirting." My body twisted in pure pleasure as a fluidless orgasm flashed through me. I had never felt anything like it before and it was unbelievable!
      Despite coming, my erection remained hard inside Roger's arse, and I felt as if I could do it again immediately.
      But I felt Peter ram himself against my buttocks, felt his enormous cock swell even further, and felt him begin to pulse inside me. Felt the strong volleys of thick warm fluid as he shot into me, over and over. It triggered my own stronger orgasm. I could no longer hold back. I yelled very loud and shot over and over into the teenage boy.
      "What'd ya scream like that that for?"
      "Better that way," I panted. "Like karate. Yelling and screaming makes it feel stronger. Greater punch."
      "Have to remember that at the next gangbang."
      The weight on my back suddenly lifted. My anus felt empty, my rear cool and exposed. Peter smacked my bum.
      "That your first time, mate?"
      "Cool. Ready for more?"
      I started to stand up. My legs felt weak. I shook briefly, but I stammered, "Okay."
      "Anyone else want another round with our new slut? He's been broken in."
      Roger levered himself off the car and faced me. He was hard again. Long and thin and straight up. "I want to fuck you."
      "Go ahead," I heard Peter instruct. "Ben, here, is our new fucktoy."
      Roger stood before me, grabbed my arms roughly, and pulled my body against his. For a skinny boy, he was quite strong. Face close, I felt his hot breath then lips on mine then tongue as he tried to lick my own tongue.
      What the hell, I let him, and returned the passionate kiss. My hands descended to his round rump and I felt his hard cock rub against mine.
      He then wrestled me to the dirt. On my back, eager Roger spread my thighs with his hips and knees and proceeded to fill me nicely. Grinning, he pushed up over me and began to fuck me in earnest with long steady strokes and panting breaths. Flynn fell onto his brother. Roger paused while Flynn inserted. And then their father, his fat renewed, stepped between our legs and pushed into his older son. My legs stretched wide, I revelled in the amazing but awkward four-way fuck.
      "He's ours, now. Let's go, boys! Breed him! Knock him up!"
      "You gonna poz him, Dad?"
      "Why not!"
      Three more loads in my butt later, Flynn and Roger took turns sucking and licking me hard again. I felt ready to fuck once more. Instead of being worn out, I was super-charged, energized for the next hit of fantastic, shameless sex in my neighbour's sunny backyard. My rear tingled with only slight soreness. The boys, however, pissed off, literally leaving me with their insatiable father. Peter placed his hands on the old car, arms straight, spread his hairy legs and offered himself to me.
      "I'll teach ya how to bottom, ya old cunt."
      He did.
      He came hands free, too, this time screaming like a banshee.
      Me, too.
      After, as he escorted me back to my home, he said, "My buddies'll be over Saturday night. You can be the slut at the centre of our next gangbang. In fact, come over any time. We have a 'not allowed to say no' policy."
      I nodded and admitted, "Sounds great. Love to." I had loved it. The feeling of their cocks filling my arse still tingled nicely. I had crossed a new line in my life, one I was not about to reject.
      "Applies to you, too, of course. Whatever any of us wants, you have to obey."
      Late that afternoon, my frumpy wife commented that I seemed in a particularly happy mood and asked what I had done during the day.
      "Hopped over the fence and visited the neighbours," I said. "Turns out we have a hobby in common, so I might be spending more time over there. I'm going over to watch the footy Saturday night." Visions of men taking me raw danced in my new-found wicked imagination.
      "That's nice, dear," she said. "Always good to have a hobby."
      July 2021 by Hozzel. This is a work of fiction. It is not based on a real event. Or is it? If you liked this scene, if it turned you on, especially if it caused a throbbing response, I would love to hear from you! Always up for email fun, too. Ping me at athenamorgansbox at gmail dot com.
    • By insatiable
      Written along with @swimslut.  Both of us will be adding to the story.
      Chapter 1 - Setup
      My name is Ryan.  I am 21 years old and just finished my second year of college.  Now I’m back home for the summer, with my parents and 18 y/o brother Braden.
      Little bro is cute, with bright blue eyes and shaggy brown hair.  We never explored sex together until.... 
      Living in the city during college exposed me to A LOT of new things.  I the freedom to hook up with anyone at any time, and had access to all kinds of porn (unrestricted by my parents’ content filter).
      One of favorite fuckbuds is a 27 y/o short-haul trucker named Marc.  He works out of the city where my college is located, and his job brings him to my hometown about twice per month.
      About a week after I moved back home, Marc told me he was in my area.  I invited him over. Braden’s swim practice was scheduled until late and my parents were going to a reception after work.  It was a perfect opportunity for a sleazy hookup.
      I had downloaded LOTS of videos while I was at school, free from my parents’ restrictions.  So I stripped naked, put on a sketchy gangbang video, and started stroking my 7-inch dick.  I was so focused on the video that I didn’t hear the front door open.
      Apparently, Braden’s swim practice was interrupted by a power outage and they sent everybody home.  I didn’t hear him walk upstairs or watch me jerking off through the open door. I had no idea he was there, until he threw  his t-shirt on my bed.
      The sudden motion startles me out of the corner of my eye.  I spun around to see him dropping his pants, leaving only his speedo from swim practice.  His entire body is smooth, as is typical for swimmers.  A bulge seems to get larger and larger each second.
           Me – HOLY FUCK bro.  How long were you standing there?
           Braden – Long enough.
           Me – I was just....  Um…..
           Braden – Just um what? 
           Me – Dude, you gotta go..... I have a friend coming over, and, uh......  You gotta go.  Just Go.
           Braden – Why? Is this what you do before your friends come over?
      My gaze is so fixated on his bulge that I don’t notice him smirk back at me.  I hesitate.
           Me – I was just trying to relax.
           Braden – You relaxing has got me all horned up!  Who this friend you have coming over? Do I know him?
           Me – Don't ask so many questions!  ...... Actually..... Fuck it.  Bro, take your speedo off and come here.
      As my slick-shaven little brother walks toward me, I pump a wad of lube into my hand.  I grab him by the dick, line up behind him, and begin to stroke him while we watch the porn together.  Part of me is jealous because his dick is about 2 inches longer than mine.
      Braden is raging hard and leaking precum.  He’s either really enjoying the gangbang vid, or really enjoying me stroking his cock.  Hopefully both.
      I lube up my other hand, and start prodding at the entrance to his hole.  He lets out a soft moan.  I insert my index finger, and he opens up much too easily.  So I go for two, then three.
          Me – Seems like the rumors I’ve heard about you are true.  You really are the swim team slut.
          Braden – That’s how I got started, but that’s not the half of it.  I bet you haven’t heard about everything.
      Since Braden is so loose and apparently so experienced, I decide to slide my cock in him.  I bend him over slightly and get just past the cockhead when the doorbell rings.
           Me – Fuck!  Marc is here.
      I slide my dick out, turn around, and put on some loose gym shorts.  I didn't bother wasting time for a shirt.  With my hardon popping out of my waistband, I order Braden to stay while I get the door.
      When I open the front door, my hardon is so obvious that Marc immediately laughs.  He walks in, takes off his shoes, and we both head up the staircase.
           Marc – Looks like you're excited to see me *e slaps my dick through the shorts*
           Me – Yeah, uh.....  Just so you know, there's someone else here.  My little brother came home early from swim practice.
           Narc –  No problem.  So we just gotta be quiet?
           Me – Uh, no....  Actually, it’s the opposite.....
           Marc – Huh?
           Me – I always heard rumors from some guys at our school that my brother Braden is a major cockwhore. I discovered a few minutes ago that it was true.  If it’s okay with you, it will be all three of us?
           Marc – *laughs again*  Your own brother, huh?  A pair of fags.
           Me – We can both fuck him, but make sure I am the one who get your load.  You know why I want it.
           Marc – Yeah, no shit.
      We arrived at the open doorway, take one look at Braden, and step inside.
    • By Hozzel
      The first part of the story contains only gay content. You can find it here. 
      Part II of "In My Neighbour's Back Yard"
      Should I do it? I thought for at least the thousandth time. Or maybe two-thousandth. Hard to keep track when all I could think about for the past week was sex, sex and more sex. Wonderful, bareback, raw, uncomplicated but passionate sex. And the promise of more.
      I fidgeted, waiting with mounting excitement and an annoying level of mild guilt. I had showered, I was clean, and nervous as hell. Sweaty palms be damned. Where was that phone message?
      I glanced over at my dour wife. She lay on the lounge watching TV. Still a good looking woman for her age – shaggy hair coloured light brown, baggy purple t-shirt concealing large breasts, sweat-pants covering long nicely shaped legs – she could move like a smooth pole dancer and capture my heart, but our intimacy had perished years ago when she claimed the dreaded pause from men had hit. She just did not give a shit about my sexual feelings and needs, and she apparently had none herself. So we lived in celibate fakery, a calm existence, punctuated by my odd secret online wankfest. Until last weekend.
      My phone queeped. I jumped. The anticipated message read: "Me mates are on their way. Get your arse over here now, slut." I took another deep breath, deleted the message, and felt my heart thump harder.
      The guilt washed over me for a moment. I looked over again. Fuck her, I thought. I have needs. Courage. I can do it, and I'll have a ball, literally. I dug fingers into the chair and made the fateful final decision. Standing, I said, "I'll be off now."
      "Going next door to see Peter and his boys?"
      "Watch the footy?"
      Yes. Some of his mates are coming over, too. Maybe shoot some pool as well."
      "Your new hobby?" She actually chuckled. "Maybe make some new friends."
      "Sticks and balls and holes," I said, imaging hard fleshy sticks, hanging full balls and yawning male holes. If only she knew. I swallowed. I doubted very much I would see any football as I hoped to be far too busy. "Don't know when I'll be back. Could be late." I felt my heart beat and my eager penis twitch.
      "Have fun, then," she said and winked at me before tucking her hand between her thighs and turning her attention back to the dull romance movie. It was now a sex scene. I wondered what my sexless wife thought about that.
      She never looked at me as I slunk out the front door.
      As I hurried down our long gravel driveway I recalled last weekend. Something amazing had happened. Something that may have changed my life forever. Something maybe I should not have done, but I had and now I have become consumed by it. I craved it again.
      I thought I was straight, but sex with another man? Oh, yes. The best sex I had ever experienced. Raw, unrelenting, more passionate than anything I had known before. Pure sex for its own sake. I had loved it. My older neighbour Peter and his two sons had been amazing. I yearned for more.
      A half moon ghosted the pebbly driveway. I live on a private acre property surrounded by other large lots and new homes. Privacy comes from thick trees and shrubs and a brick house set near the middle of the lot. Peter's place next door is private, too, with a large back yard full of old cars and an enormous shed almost as big as a small house. I made my way through the cool evening air to his unlit front porch. Hesitating, heart pounding, I reached and rapped.
      The solid wooden inner door swung to reveal Peter standing behind the brown screen. His thick body shadowed by a hall light, he pushed the screen door open, grabbed my shirt and roughly pulled me inside.
      "About fuckin' time, slut!" he snapped.
      He threw me against the wall and kicked the door shut at the same time. His burly body slammed against me, knocking the breath out through my nose and astonished mouth. He wore a white singlet and nothing else. His thick cock swelled as he smashed against my body and began jabbing it at my crotch. I squirmed and felt his hot breath and scratchy beard on my face.
      "Get this shit off!"
      Pressing his heavy body against me, Peter pulled on my belt, tugged on my jeans.
      Never before had I ever felt such strong desire. My emotions flamed. My instantly hard cock strained. My body tensed, ready for whatever he was about to do to me.
      I quickly pushed down my tattered jeans, kicked shoes and jocks and pants away. Peter immediately began to thrust his cock against my own stiffening prong. He pulled my t-shirt over and off, grabbed my shoulders and roughly kissed me. His tongue pushed between my stunned lips and flicked against my own. My sweaty palms instinctively slid down his hairy body to his hips and clenching rear. He fiercely bucked against me then shoved me away. Forget romance, forget soft foreplay, this was rough urgent sex and it felt fabulous.
      "Let's go! They'll be here soon but I can't wait to fuck your tight virgin arse again."
      Now naked, he pulled me through his house. I stumbled along a sparsely furnished family area around which doorless bedrooms gaped. He tugged me through the door at the back of the room, into the laundry, then out a squeaking screen door, across cement pavers and through another heavy wooden door inlaid with frosted glass.
      Instead of the back yard, I stumbled into the shed.
      Some shed! The "shed" was nothing short of an amazing man cave. Spotlessly clean, to our left an ornate, fully stocked bar glistened with bottles, glasses and mirrors. Before us a green pool table stood waiting, balls in formation, cues and triangle neatly racked beside a leather couch. Behind the pool table lay an enormous bed covered by a soft doona. A black iron frame held the king-size mattress just off the carpet. To the right of the bed, a solid metal hook hung screwed into one of the raked ceiling's steel rafters. An enormous flat screen, flanked by tall speakers, dominated the far wall above the bed. Uplamps cast a mysterious soft glow without shadowing. The most amazing thing: egg cartons adorned the walls. Of course: sound proofing. Excellent!
      Peter pulled me to the bed and literally threw me onto the mattress. Now naked, I bounced and spun onto my back. Up on elbows, my own cock standing, I waited for him to pounce.
      Instead he stood at the foot of the bed, fists on hips and legs parted akimbo, and gazed down at me. I stared at his big semi-hard cock and barrel shaped tough body.
      "Assume the position," he ordered.
      I shook my head. "What?"
      "On your hands and knees. Do my dick."
      "Yes, sir!" I scooted down to the end of the bed, reached and gently took hold of his stiff cock. I looked up at his stern face with an obedient puppy-dog expression.
      "Knock it off and keep me hard."
      Holding the base, never releasing eye contact, I opened my mouth and took him in. I loved his cock. I sucked and licked, used my tongue to roll back his foreskin, rubbed the tight crown with my lips and tongue, and began to jerk the stem at the same time. Almost like a religion I worshiped that solid, rubbery pole of steely passion. I moaned and slobbered and licked and rubbed, did everything I could think to mount his prurient pleasure. To make him good and stiff before his assault on my quivering body.
      In a few minutes of exciting work, he had indeed hardened further. He pulled back and twirled his fingers. "You're a good little cocksucker, almost as good as my son Roger. Now, slut, present yourself. Get that round arse up."
      Obediently, I spun around, positioned myself, looked at the iron bars of the bed's head, and waited. Would I be tied up? Or cuffed?
      I felt the bed move as he mounted and knee-walked up behind me. I gasped when his thick fingers first slid along my back, then down to my rump. He begin to kneed and part the cheeks. I felt his scratchy beard against my rear then his tongue flick at the sensitive rim of my anus. I shuddered and gasped again in amazement! Sparks of sensation shuddered through my switched-on body.
      Fuck my wife, I thought, she never did anything like this to me!
      Behind me, I felt Peter silently rise then slip the bulging tip of his big cockhead between my fleshy cheeks. He pressed against my pucker. Almost panting, head down, I waited. Come on, I thought, I'm more than ready!
      "Do you remember last weekend?"
      "Oh, yeah," I breathed. "Really well."
      "Want it again?"
      "Oh, yes! Been waiting."
      Felt him push.
      "Why didn't you come over? I said the boys could have you if you ever came over. They were keen to tag team."
      "Didn't want to … oof! … seem too eager or desperate."
      "Why not? You're our slut now, and if you can take it, we'll fuck you every day."
      "I can take it. I can take it."
      "Right, then. Just get you lubed up first."
      He reached to the side. I heard a snap then felt cool smear at the entrance to my needy rectum. He pushed a finger in and I jerked and let out a gasp. Then his finger was replaced by something bigger, something huge trying to invade my body. I felt his legs against mine then felt myself begin to take the tip of his hard cock. Resistance is useless, I told my body. Just take it. Despite the excitement I tried to relax. I blew out as he pushed slowly and let it happen. I just opened up for him as if my body already knew what to do. Like before, I felt little pain. Instead, a marvellous full sensation filled my body and mind as his thick cock stretched my rectum. I felt him push slowly into me. I couldn't help it. "Oh, fuck yes," escaped my trembling lips. I felt myself dilate further. The fat invader slid in and in until his hips butted against my butt.
      I was now panting heavily. My own cock remained rigid, parallel to my stomach, constantly jerking. My butt was filled with so much cock I thought my guts might churn. I could not help gripping it firmly with my rear muscles as I waited for him to begin the lovely friction.
      I felt Peter edge back but not quite out, then very slowly push in again. "Not all the way in yet but we'll get there." Not all the way? How could he possibly stuff any more inside me? I felt him push harder until something gave way and he popped in even further. His hips slammed against my butt and I felt absolutely stuffed by his enormous cock. It felt like a solid pole from which my body dangled.
      "Good man," he said and patted my rear.
      He leaned over my back, his heavy weight causing me to shake. He reached around and grasped my tight pulsing rod. He pushed and I collapsed onto my stomach. His legs parted mine. He released me, placed his hands beneath my arms, pulled back then shoved his huge cock in again. I wuffed as he knocked my breath out. Back then in. I could feel every inch slide in and out. I lay with my head on a pillow and wallowed with each thrust as he proceeded to fuck my arse with strong strokes.
      I loved it! The amazing feelings lept like lightening from my arse through my body causing me to grunt with each of his powerful jabs. Little orgasms began to erupt, one after the other and it became difficult to breathe. How could this get any better?
      "How's that, slut? I see you remembered what I taught you. I can feel you clenching your arse nicely. I bet I've got you cumming, too."
      "Oh, I'm cumming alright."
      Not even trying, I hoped I was automatically giving him as much pleasure as he gave me.
      "You feel better than Maria," he announced as he more rapidly slammed into me. "I've been banging her for two years. She's eager for it, and she loves anal and threesomes. Have to arrange something with you, but you'll have to play the role of a cuckold and service us. She'll want to see me do this to you. That's what she likes."
      Sounded like complete bullshit but I was in no position to disagree. Without slackening his pace, Peter said, "Listen, slut, have to warn you about the others. They can get rough and there's a twist."
      "Ug! A … twist. What's … ug! …that?"
      "You'll see."
      "Where are … oof! … Roger and Flynn?"
      "They're at a mate's. Probably fucking him."
      A noise diverted my attention.
      "Hey, Pete!" someone called. "You started without us. And who's this?"
      Fuck! Embarrassment flashed through me, but there was nothing I could do. Without slowing, Peter said, "Our new fucktoy. This is Ben. We get to bang him tonight."
      "Cool. I see you've already started doing that."
      "Ben, this is Trev."
      A medium size bald man with very dark skin hovered at the edge of the bed. "Hey, Ben," he said. He was already unbuttoning his black shirt.
      Peter said, "That's Frank, and that one is Stacey, Frank's wicked daughter."
      I managed to croak, "Hey. Nice, uh, to meet you."
      I swallowed embarrassment. Here I was, naked, on my stomach on a huge bed being fucked in my nearly virgin arse by another man in front of strangers. I had thought tonight might be men only, but shit, a girl, too. Daughter? Oh, wow. What have I stumbled into? Peter apparently had frequent sex with his own sons, and they with each other, and he knew someone else who maybe did the same. The man definitely had interesting friends.
      When Peter lifted off my back and pulled out, I released a huge breath, levered myself up onto my hands and knees, turned around and nodded at everyone. A meek, "Hi" squeaked from my dry lips.
      Peter said, "Ben, here, is our fucktoy for the night. Caught him [banned word] on me boys in the back yard last weekend and invited him to join. He now loves bareback man sex, don't you pig? He is still pretty much a virgin, so tonight we can teach him how to be a good cumdump."
      Trev, the black man, had almost finished undressing. "Can't wait, man." Medium height and age, his hairless body sported muscles from obvious workouts. He took his hairless soft cock in hand and began to jerk. I watched it quickly inflate from small to large, an amazing transformation.
      Shorter Frank, maybe around my age, excitedly hopped from foot to foot as he stripped. He stared at my wilting penis and literally licked his lips.
      Stacey removed her t-shirt revealing modest braless pointed breasts with small nipples. A dragon tattoo fired on her left side. Clearly young, I could not discern her age and feared she wasn't legal, maybe 16 or so. Stacey sported a definite gothic look with short black hair, thick dark eye makeup, black lips and fingernails. In a husky voice, she said, "He looks good enough to fuck tonight." She did not undress further but kept on the short leather skirt, red fishnets and tall black boots encrusted with silver buckles and laces. She sat on the lounge like a queen and crossed her knees. Peter stood next to her. Smiling, she began to stroke his still hard cock before erotically taking it into her mouth. Despite licking him, she never took her dark eyes off me.
      Trevor stepped up to the side of the bed and presented his penis to my flushed face. "Come on, boy, get this thing up so I can bang your white arse." I took hold and pulled it into my eager mouth. He looked over at Peter and Stacey and winked.
      "Can't wait!" Frank said again.
      "Here, give us your dick." Frank hopped over to Trevor who took Frank's excited penis into his hand. I noticed a gold wedding band.
      "When do you have to leave?" Peter said. His hand smoothed Stacey's short hair while she worked his re-stiffening cock.
      "I only have an hour. My hubby's at metal-sculpting, and I know he is screwing the teacher after class so it could be longer."
      "How do you know he's doing that?"
      Trev laughed. "Because I screw the teacher, too, and he told me."
      "Can't wait!" Frank bellowed again. He lept onto the bed. He pulled at my hips. Somehow I managed to keep Trevor's hardening dick in my working mouth while Frank probed my butt with his eager waggling dong. "Got it!" he shouted. I felt him suddenly jam up my gaping arse. I gasped, "Fuck!". I was thankful he wasn't as big as Peter but he made up for it in enthusiasm. The man began to root furiously. I grunted around a mouthful of tasty throbbing penis and had to admit to myself I really did love having a cock fucking up back there. Even his digging fingers felt great. And having another on which to suck at the same time brought heaven on Earth.
      "Shit, man," I heard Stacey say. "Are you that hard up?"
      Frank said, "I'm that hard! I haven't had it since I fucked you and your boyfriend last Tuesday. Shit, he's slick but tight."
      "Still a virgin," I heard Peter say.
      I was sucking a man while another rapidly fucked me. All I needed now was someone else to play with me at the same time. My dick felt hard enough to explode, and the frantic rubbing inside my arse just promoted all those lovely little prostate zaplettes, one after another. It became difficult to breathe through my nose as my body trembled and shook from Frank's pummelling and my nervous system's attempts at mini-orgasms. For a moment I lost it.
      Trevor snapped, "Hey, dude, I'm almost there."
      I lunged and sucked his ultra-hard cock back into my mouth so deep I almost gagged. I had heard about swallowing, so I tried to do that. It felt absolutely weird and I just gagged. I said, "Sorry, man," then sucked so hard he laughed.
      I craned my head and saw Stacey still gently stroking Peter's hard-again cock and watching my face with amusement.
      Frank suddenly yelled something and shoved so hard that Trevor's cock almost did go down my throat. I coughed loudly. Arms whirling, he stumbled back from the edge of the bed. I held my ground while feeling Frank's pulses shoot warmth into the bowels of my quivering body. Just, wow, even more amazing than I remembered last weekend. I loved the strong throbbing sensations so much I almost came myself.
      When Frank pulled away I actually gasped. I suddenly felt very empty back there.
      "Come on," I said almost panting. "More. I can take more." I turned so I could see everyone.
      Trevor pushed Frank off the bed and immediately raced behind me. He roughly parted my arse cheeks and I felt him probe. When he found the right spot, he shoved hard, almost knocking me down. He grabbed my hips and began to stroke himself in and out rapidly, using my anus like a tight fist. He didn't say a word but breathed heavily. My entire body was forced to sway in time to his powerful pelvic thrusts. I tried to fuck back but he simply pulled and pushed my hips.
      "Oh, fuckin' yes!"
      Frank turned to Stacey. "Come on, bitch, I'm ready."
      Still holding smiling Peter's stiff cock, she casually replied, "No bastard sticks it up my sissy cunt without permission. Not even you, Daddy."
      "But I'm your father. That gives me permission."
      "Not at all, twink, Remember: I was the one who seduced you." she commented with a naughty smile.
      "Oh, I remember alright. Five years ago, wasn't it?"
      "Six," she said. "I'm not in the mood tonight to bottom for you." She released Peter, stood tall, and swayed over to the bed. I could not see her but I felt her weight next to Trevor. Then I heard the unmistakable sounds of kissing and humming and tonguing. Trevor slowed briefly but then sped up again. I had gone slightly soft but the slapping of his thighs against my rump and the feeling of his big cock shovelling in and out caused me to stiffen again.
      I felt a hand a hand on my aching cock. Relief! I glanced down and saw it was black nailed Stacey's hand. She was fondling me at the same time as pleasuring Trevor. Her fingers felt divine as she began to rub and stroke.
      Frank climbed onto the bed on his knees and shoved his cock at my face. I opened and took it in. The bed rocked even more as Peter knee-walked behind thrusting Trevor.
      "Ready for it, Trev?" he announced.
      "About time you old [banned word]."
      "Who you calling a [banned word]?"
      "You are and you know it, old [banned word] fart." Trevor paused. "Oh, yeah," I heard. "You know I love being the meat in a man sandwich." I remember Peter saying it turned him on when he could fuck a man who was already fucking another man.
      "Great arse," I heard Peter say. "Nice and round and tight."
      I was suddenly shoved onto my stomach. My legs and arms shot out and I cried in surprise. Peter had jammed himself into Trevor and was fucking hard enough to push us all down. Stacey fell onto the bed next to me. I felt her firm breasts press against my body and her breath on my ear. I felt Trevor's cock forced in and out by Peter's savage thrusting. Stacey's teeth slid on my earlobe and then her lips and tongue wet my face as I was bounced on the bed. "Just wait," she whispered, "until I get to you." I twisted my head. Her eager dark rimmed light blue eyes loomed before she began to kiss me. Two kisses then her tongue flicked.
      I couldn't believe it. I was being fucked by one man while another fucked him. A young girl was kissing me while pressing her half naked body against mine, and her father was wanking himself next to my head, too. I began to pant heavily. The strong sensations rose in my arse and suddenly exploded through my body. Lightening cracked. The sky split. Thunder roiled. I yelled. My cock did not shoot but it felt as if everything else did. Stacey stuck her tongue between my lips as her lips mauled.
      Peter yelled, "You fuckin' did it, mate!"
      "Yeah!" Trevor called. "I can feel you cummin'. And I am, too! Oh yeah!" At the same time Peter unloaded into Trevor, Trev blasted into me. "It just turns me on too much when someone else participates at the same time."
      Trevor and Peter pulled away and stepped off the bed. I caught a glimpse of Trevor's swollen wet and dripping cock. I had had that up my rear! I felt wet drip down my leg. He and Frank must have filled me pretty good.
      Stacey rolled away and off the bed. She went back to Peter, knelt, and took his spermy cock into her mouth. I could hear the slurping. "Good, girl," he said.
      "About time!" Frank slid straight back into my rectum and began to root quickly. I could hardly feel his smaller cock. He slapped my bum and complained, "He's not tight any more. Too stretched by you big boys." I clamped hard and Frank yelped. "Oh, yeah, that's better." He fucked on for several minutes until he finally began to "Ha…ha…ha…ha…" and jammed himself against me. I could feel him squirt several times before pulling away.
      I rolled over onto my back and gestured to Frank. "My turn?"
      He just looked at me and laughed. "Can't, mate. I'm shot and I gotta go and can't have a leaky arse."
      I watched Trevor and Frank begin to dress.
      "Too bad," Peter said. "No seconds tonight."
      "Well," I called, "could I fuck anyone else here?"
      Laughing, Frank and Trevor both left quickly.
      This was it? I thought. I mean, the group experience felt terrific and I was already craving another dick, but that's it? Quick fucks and everyone is gone in half an hour?
      "I have my car," Stacey announced. "Tell you what," she said to Peter, "I'm horny as a raging goat. How about I fuck him and then spend the night keeping you awake?"
      Peter grinned and nodded. "Sounds like a good plan."
      "Right," she said rubbing her hands together. "First, I'll just make sure you're ready for me." She crawled onto the bed, leaned down and sucked my dick into her impatient mouth. I caressed her short hair then smooth back as her head bobbed and she licked and sucked me to further hardness. It didn't take much.
      She sat up and gazed down at my smiling face. "Okay, boy, here we go. Hope you're ready." She balanced on her knees, reached behind, unzipped her leather skirt, unwrapped it and tossed it to the side. There before my astonished and delighted face proudly stood a very beautiful, very hard, very ready penis. A brilliant cock supported by two large tight testicles. It stood up for me as if begging. I looked up and she smirked.
      "Didn't expect that, did you?"
      Peter laughed, too. "Remember the house rule, slut. Have fun with him." He turned and left the room.
      Stacey pushed me onto my back and crawled over my body.
      "Are you a she or a he?" I blurted.
      "Either," Stacey said. "I prefer she, but I'm half and half. Sometimes I'm taken as a boy cross-dresser and other times a trans. Either way is fine. These boobs are natural but I have a boy's hips. I like to dress and act female sometimes, and male other times. Tonight you got Stacey instead of Stan. But what matters to me most is fucking."
      She parted my legs with hers, dropped her hips and pressed that amazing cock against me. My legs instinctively wrapped around her thrusting rear. In seconds she had fully embedded herself. Her Goldilocks cock was just right: not too big, not too small, just right. It filled me like no other. She lay down on my body, making sure her nipples and firm breasts pressed against mine. Her smirking face stared down at my astonishment.
      "How's that feel?"
      My hands slid down her back. "Um, simply amazing. You feel terrific."
      "Of course I do!"
      After another kiss, I felt her begin to move. Out then in, out then in, slowly at first then faster and faster until she was literally pummelling my body. Laughing, she held herself up with her harms and fucked even harder. I slipped my hands down to her tight round butt and held on as she fucked me with wave-like motions.
      The raw sexual sensations became even more amazing.
      It didn't take long, maybe only a few minutes, but it felt almost like forever. When it happened her eyes widened, she yelled loudly, "Fuck, I'm filling you!" I felt her magic cock spurt and spurt and spurt. She did not stop shoving the entire time, she just kept at it even after finishing. "Feels fucking great. Going to do it again." She stayed amazingly hard and continued to use my body for her enormous pleasure. It was as if the strong orgasm had not diminished her desire but instead renewed and increased it. This time her thrusts became stronger, more powerful, insistent, demanding.
      I lay beneath her body and revelled at my great fortune.
      After she came very loudly a second time, she withdrew, squatted while still hard, and regarded me with a tipped head. Her hand slipped up and down my own stiff, aching shaft. "I could keep going but I think you need something. I want to give it to you. You have permission. We'll do it bareback. I never rubber up. And do not pull out."
      I would have been happy if she wanted to keep doing me but instead, she straddled my hips and lowered her thin hot body. My aching cock sunk deep into her trembling body. Eyes closed in rapture, she then rose and fell, fucking me at her own pace. I watched her face twist as her pleasure mounted. When I tried to move my hips, she mashed down on me and shook her pretty head.
      Five minutes later she lay full on my body, grabbed my arms and rolled us until I was on top. Her legs tightened together, capturing my prong. She shoved up, encouraging me to fuck her. Which, of course, I did. I held her thin body and shoved myself hard and deep, over and over and over, until I felt that wonderful tingling in my legs then balls then dick.
      Just as I was about to cum, she cried, "Wait!" she and pushed me off. The nearly nude half-girl scampered off the bed and hopped up on the pool table. With a wicked smile she crooked her finger at me and parted her booted legs wide. Her amazing cock remained standing and wet and wanting.
      I crawled off the bed and stood before her. She reached, grabbed my dick, and roughly pulled me against the solid table. She levered my hard knob beneath her ballsac, reached around and pulled at my arse. She scooted forward and I pushed until I was once again engulfed in warm, tight heaven. She kissed me and began to move and pant immediately. Her legs rose and encircled my waist, tugging me deep. Then she slowly lay back onto the table. Her arms flailed and pool balls clicked, snapped and rolled. One sunk.
      "Come on. Do me. I need it. Shoot your hot jizz into me." I reached for her breasts – they felt soft and natural – leaned down and tongue-flicked an erect nipple. She squirmed and began to hunch me. She smacked her palms against my head and glared up at me. Through gritted teeth, she hissed, "Come on! Fuck that load into me!"
      I pushed hard. I rooted fiercely. I jammed as deep into her as I could, almost at machine-gun pace. My breaths deepened. I panted heavily. I was incredibly turned on. I went at it for minute after minute while she twisted and moaned. Soon that incredible electric feeling shot through my body, from my groin down my legs and out through my arms. Just as I began to pulse I felt her wonderful cock, wedged between our heaving stomachs, spurt again, showering us with sticky magic spunk. She squirmed, yelled something, gritted her teeth and continued to fuck me with increased savage power.
      "Give it to me! Give it to me! Give it to me!"
      That was it. My body tensed, electrified further, and I let loose with a blood-curdling banshee scream. I pushed very hard, jammed myself into her as far as I could and let loose. My triumphant cock blasted. Uncontrollable powerful spasms ruled the universe as she grabbed my head and thrust her tongue deep. Her entire youthful body writhed as she took in shot after shot of my horny juice. I could feel her own cock and anus respond and pulse, too, adding more glue to our wanton union.
      When she let go, I pushed up, panted heavily, and began to laugh. She laughed, too.
      "Wow, I really felt that. How ya doing?"
      "Pretty damn good," I puffed. "You came and you're still hard."
      "Sure am."
      "You can stay like this and keep on going?"
      "I don't go down until I'm done. I can cum, keep going, and cum again. Each time just pushes me onto the next. I can do it for hours."
      "True blue."
      We stopped moving and laughed together at the stupid comments. She slapped my arm. "I can keep doing this all night but you look exhausted. You certainly came hard and long. It felt fuckin' great, let me tell you. I loved it."
      On a whim I said, "How old are you?"
      "Same age as Flynn." That would make her nineteen. That meant she seduced her father when she was thirteen. That meant she was more than thirty years younger than myself and had more than forty years between herself and Peter. I wondered what her amazing life had been like. What was it like growing up? When did she start having sex? She seduced her father? How? When did she decide she was female or had she always been like that? What he really a cross-dresser or a she transperson? So many stupid questions! None of them mattered. Only the feelings, the urges, the craving for more raw sex. I pushed up and off and pulled out. She levered herself up, laughed, and flicked my wet bouncing cock. "Cool. Oops, don't want to mess the felt." She swung a booted fishnetted leg around and spritely hopped off the table. "Listen, you're cool. I like the way you feel. How about we do this again, just us, okay?" Her finger trailed down my sticky chest. "I can fuck you for a whole afternoon, and I'll give you permission again. What do you say?"
      How could I refuse an angel? "Let me know when and where and I'm yours."
      Peter came back into the room with a beer. Stacey pecked my cheek and hopped over to him. "Hey, there." She sidled up against the burly bearded man who wore only a singlet. Her hand fondled his penis as she kissed his cheek. Hers still stuck up strong. "You wanna fuck?"
      Shocked, I said, "What are you doing?"
      She smiled at me. "He has permission. Besides, house rule. I'll have his boys later after they get home, too. We'll have an all-nighter."
      Oh, yes, I thought. The house rule: not allowed to say no to sex. "What about your boyfriend?"
      "Oh, fuck no. Dushan's a one-shot wonder. So is Dad, but you somehow got two out of him tonight, so you did well."
      I shook my head in amazement and slight jealousy. Peter gets to fuck with an energetic, demanding teen who can go at it the entire night. I forced my heart calm.
      He motioned to me. "Get yourself cleaned up and mosey on home. I'll let you know when I've arranged the threesome with Maria."
      "Maria?" Stacey said in mock astonishment. "You still banging that neglected nymphomaniac housewife?"
      "We're down to once a week." Peter wrapped a big arm around her shoulders, bent his head, and kissed the, um, delightful girl who had just filled my arse. Gob-smacked was the least of my problems. I could seriously get to like her and knew that would be a very stupid move.
      I sat on the toilet and felt a large amount of fluid drip. I cleaned and dressed. I heard giggling noises and laughter and creaking from Peter's doorless bedroom. I tiptoed through the family room and peeked. Her smaller body lay on top of him. His hands held her undulating rump. His legs hooked over her shoulders as she strongly fucked into his wicked arse. She suddenly let loose a loud orgasmic shout and, "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" I watched her whole body spasm. She turned her head, smiled at me, and continued to fuck him.
      I grinned, nodded and waved.
      I knew I could have joined them – house rule – but instead I left.
      As I staggered back home, my legs trembled. I felt weak but my heart continued to beat strongly. And my empty anus, well, I needed another cock back up there as soon as I could arrange it. I knew I would crave that full feeling forevermore.
      I found my wife still spread out on the couch. I paused and gazed down at her. Why did she have to be such a prude? She had given up on the most wonderful thing in the universe: sex. But that had driven me onto something greater and much more spiritually fulfilling, not to mention physically. Sex with men was definitely far better and much purer.
      She woke and looked up. "Did you have fun?"
      I chuckled. "Yeah, I did."
      "How was the game?"
      "Invigorating," I said. "Energetic. More than I expected. Bit of a surprise, too."
      "Lots of sticking on that pool table?"
      "That, too."
      She looked up at me and actually smiled. "As I said before, it is always good to have a hobby. One needs pleasure in one's life."
      Guilt washed my soul for a moment before I told it who was boss. My wife winked at me and smiled. And I wondered.
      July 2021 by Hozzel.
      Authors notes:
      I was not sure which part of Breeding Zone this should should be posted, so I posted it in the same area as part 1.
      This is an original work of fiction. The characters are all invented but the story stems from a real experience related to me many years ago by a spunky online friend from Sydney. We used to exchange scalding hot emails, and had a great deal of fun describing what we would do to each other. He had gotten off on my Mistress J and mansex stories, and he gave me permission to use his real all-male gangbang experience in a story. He described himself as a multi-cummer who loved being restrained and fucked for an hour solid by his top buddy and his buddy's mates. As he travelled cross-country for work, we agreed to get together when he was in my state. He promised to fill my virgin arse with many loads and I promised he could bottom for me, too. Sadly, he passed away from asbestosis before the fun-filled hookup could happen. This one's for you, mate. It would have been one hot afternoon.
      I would love to hear your thoughts about part III. What would you like? What will happen?
      If you liked this scene, if it turned you on, especially if it caused a hard throbbing wet response, I would positively love to hear from you! Always up for email fun, too. Ping me at my pseudonym, athenamorgansbox at gmail dot com.
    • By bbottom4poztop
      Hi Lads, Hope you are good. 6ft, 32w Tall slim short cropped fair hair. I am a shy genuine bbottom guy looking for a friendly HIV positive top lad or friendly top lad living with AIDS . I live in Scotland can travel anywhere to meet understanding open minded HIV+/AIDS lad for chats and meets. I prefer younger lads but any age is good please leave me a message if you are interested. I am looking for genuine friends and casual sex. I am natural bbottom nice and tight neg anus good bottom for bare cock sex. Thanks. Totally discreet and genuine. Easygoing lad with AIDS or HIV Positive top lads only. Don't be shy just say hi 😉 x looking forward to hearing from you x
    • By rawsatyr
      I recently had a bit of that fantasy, experienced in the flesh. APRIL 14th 2021
      Hooked up with a new dude, random stranger on BBRT, said he was a poz dude all into the 'piggy things' and I was still spun and very horny from earlier that day being a total whore with my bestie. My bestie right about that time I was going for MORE cock on the internet, INSATIABLE, past midnight, was suddenly calling me and 'acting crazy again' (like he does every few weeks) like a possessed demon, rambling paranoid delusions of somebody who can't handle their party drugs. He blows clouds all day long and then gets freaked out, probably after slamming himself, but that just speculation. He always says to me: "Quit being a a Nancy!" when after SO MANY hits of the pipe (way more than I see guys doing in chem-porn) I say: "OK I'm good now! No more for me!"  But he is a hottie, very seductive and manipulative and we had fucked that day like we have done for the past few years, OFF THE CHART for me, in the sluttiest most promiscuous manner that I have become to expect as my NEW NORMAL to push my buttons.
      Bottom-line: IT was a great fuck day, spun out of my mind, not slammed though! We spent that way the whole earlier part of the day, me taking his neverending loads and poundings without lube and hesitation. One load after another wondering if TODAY is or WHEN the day would come when my tina-dick would magically become the EVER-READY marathon fuck-tool that the demons bless my bestie with. He always says it psychological (he is nuts though) and one day my 'tolerance' would allow me to 'break through'...
      So the ranting and raving on the phone ALMOST was a buzz-kill but I was on a mission: to have pozitively UNSAFE SEX, the forbidden potentially-poisonous RAW oyster treat that makes some guys squirm and others ask for MORE... Well, not sure what I expected; it was a bit of a let-down seeing the average-looking stranger with a bit too much flab and kinda living in a 'starter-kit' hoarder sort-of-way. But I was horny and by then getting off on me being such a random WHORE! Nice dick though, cut, rugged and leathery, no novice part-time fucker. And he liked what I was working with: pierced dick, nipples and ears, and MUCH leaner and smoother than him! And the contrast turns me on! Next thing I know he is breeding me using all sort of hardcore poz-talk, about... 'you need to take more poz seed, take more STRAINS and corrupt lots of new recruits! Initiate them to THE DARK DIDE! You need to become an aggressive pozzer!'  I think he that's what he said and more things that would make a sailor's ears turn red, suggestive of what sounded like it would be breaking laws in all of the 50 states of the Union and if I attempted to quote I would probably get me in deep trouble if I repeated any of it on here. So I'll leave it to your imagination. Let's just say as I was drifting between confusion and arousal, I was thinking: "Say what? Do what? Is that what he just said? (barely audible, in a demonic chant, under his breath with that) Whoa, YIKES!" (Am I imaging things now like my bestie does?)
      "YOU should ALWAYS wear the PA when breeding {tearing up) new converts!" were the tamer things he said as his vulgar precum-dripping mushroom cock teased and pre-lubed my hole and he was speaking as though all the words were ritual, perverse 'incantations' to bring me under a dark spell.  He kept this up (hot poz talk) while he fucked me and played with my pierced nipples as though the devil told him the secret of how to get me off... Really, it felt as if everything he was saying was demonic and very corrupting! AND WORKING!
      Oddly, something happened I would have never expected. I got a raging hardon and fucked him, enjoying every bit of my sudden villainous vigor, as my big 2-gauge PA was tugging hard on my dick as I was inside his demon-slut hole. He had a gaping fuck-slit  that must have been the work of LOTS of cocks and been conditioned by fisting or sex tools. Ever since hooking up with that CORRUPTOR, I have been beating off to pictures of guys seductively flaunting their holes... and getting especially hard for the super-slutty ones! Who are proud of their promiscuity and their past scores...

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