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any top ts in ny metro area lookin to breed me?

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    • By travelingbi
      I was in Honolulu a few days ago on business.  I posted an ad on Craigslist saying I was hosting in my Waikiki area hotel room, and that I wanted to suck, rim and get fucked.  I only had a few hours available to play, and while I received a number of replies, most gave the impression of being game players and pic collectors.  One reply, however, which I received from an Asian man, in his mid-40s, and who was only five minutes from my hotel caught my eye.  He was clear he was straight, and simply needed a quick blow job during his lunch hour.  I gave him my room number.  True to his word within five minutes he knocked at my door.
      He came in and we both quickly shucked our clothes and he sat on the edge of the bed as I got on my knees, between his legs, and took his small, soft, uncut Asian dick into my mouth.  He quickly became hard.  Lucky for me, he was a "grower, not a shower."  His cock soon grew to about six inches, and had a big, mushroom, swollen head.  I swallowed his cock to the back of my throat, after which I licked his smooth balls, then lifted his legs and licked his asshole.  He groaned, grunted and moaned with enthusiasm, culminating in his comment "Oh, Fuck!  That feels awesome!  I've never had my ass licked." 

      I ate his virgin ass for about five minutes, and resumed sucking on his cock and balls.  He unquestionably really got off on my services.  Finally I looked-up from his crotch and bluntly asked him if he wanted to fuck my ass.

      "No, I'm straight.  I don't fuck guys.  Every once and a while I just like to get a blow job." 

      I resumed sucking him, and a few minutes later I heard him quietly aske "You clean?"

      I hate that question, whoever asks it.  I may be undetectable, but, I'm always freshly douched and showered.  Ever the master of ambiguity, I looked up at him and moaned "Mmm humm," and then went back to his cock, thinking to myself 'He can interpret my reply however he wants'.

      "Show me your ass," he demanded. 

      Climbing up on the bed, I knelt on the edge, reached back, spreading ass cheeks.  Getting to his feet, he stood behind me, feeling up my ass and fingering my hole. 

      "Got and lube?" he asked.

      "On the bedside table," I replied, gesturing to my right. 
      He located the lube and felt him apply a generous amount of the cold lube into my crack and hole.  The tension grew as I heard him lube himself.  Then in one, quick thrust, he slid his rock hard six inch cock up inside my hole, ramming all the way in, full depth. 

      Like many straight guys, he was a quick cummer, I imagine because they've undertaken an act which they consider to be taboo, that is, something that's outside their normal experience, leaving them both excited and nervous.  As a result they cum very quickly.  He was no exception:  he rammed my ass several times, hard and deep, then I heard him let out a loud groan.  I squeezed my ass on his cock as he filled my ass with his warm cum. 

      Also as is true for the majority of straight guys, no sooner had he stopped shaking from the orgasm, than he withdrew from my ass, disappeared into the bathroom where he almost certainly washed off his cock. 

      Returning from the bathroom, he avoided eye contact as he wordlessly dressed, throwing a casual 'thanks' in my direction as he headed out the door.  With that he was gone.
    • By 21subpup97
      Anyone know about the 269chillipepper hotel in brazil. Anyone ever been there?
    • By Pigtronic
      Anyone for pride in GC This year... Taking a sun who I want to be left flooded with spunk inside him... Also.plays well with others. 
    • By SirPhilippe
      hello guys,
      I was wandering about that decision you ever took to have raw, unprotected natural bareback sex. What or who was it that makes you go for that option? Some boyfriend, some happening? Has it become your usual way to have sex for all occasions or only under certain circumstances?  
    • By ohvisit
      Yesterday I posted a party ad on BBRT and after some vetting settled on ten potential cocks to load me up. Five out of the ten guys ended up showing--three at the same time! 
      First up is a 40 year old married Latino guy who wanted an anonymous scene with no one else present. He shoves his dick in my mouth, and I initially feel disappointed that his dick is quite small. But he keeps growing, and the next thing I know I'm sucking a thick 7 inches. After he is completely erect, he wastes no time and positions himself behind me, shoving balls deep--but with little lube. The pain is intense, but he is on a mission to cum in my ass, and I'm not about to stop him. He fucks me probably less than a minute, breeds me, and quickly leaves.
      About 15 minutes pass, and in comes this handsome 24 year old black guy. He has me suck his cock, which grows to a respectable 8 inches. While I take him deeper into my throat, he begins to finger my hole. He realizes I've already taken a load, and he starts calling me a cum dump, a whore, a slut. This man is sexy as fuck. He moves behind me, lubes up with gun oil, and gently pushes his cock into my hole. He moves his dick around in my hole, and you can hear the squishy sound of the other load being churned. He starts to fuck me hard. Just as he gets into a rhythm, a tall slender and very good looking black guy enters, and it's apparent they know each other. The second guy takes off all his clothes and stands beside the guy fucking me. I take a quick look back. The new guy has a massive 9.5" bbc--long and thick. All I could think is: Are they going to trade off? Am I about to take that huge dick? The young black guy continues to fuck me while the other guy utters all kinds of nasty things in his ear: "Load up that white pussy. Breed him. Give him your load." I start moaning loudly, and it's evident the guy is about to bust his nut up my ass. Right before I think he's going to cum, though, the guy with the huge cock tells him to pull out. He shoots his load on the young guy's cock and orders him to fuck that load up my ass! The young guy pushes in, and a couple of strokes later he blasts his black babies in me.
      He stays in my hole for a few minutes, and before he pulls out, in walks an exceptionally tall well-built black guy in his late 20s. He pulls off his pants, walks over to the side of the bed, and rubs a huge cock across my lips. As I later verified, he was packing 10.5", which might be the biggest cock I have ever taken. He forcibly shoves his dick deep into my throat, and by some miracle I manage to not gag. When the young guy finally pulls out, the new guy reaches around and fingers my hole. He pushes in two fingers and whispers to me that he can feel the cum loads in my ass. His cock gets even harder in my throat--to the point that I can't take much more of the abuse. He walks behind me and lubes up. He gently eases the first half of his cock up my ass. I take a hit of poppers, and the moment I screw the cap on, he shoves his entire black snake in my hole until I hear his balls smack my cheeks. I yelp from the intense pain of this nearly foot long bbc sitting so deep in ass. He fucks me hard doggie style for about five minutes, then shoves me forward on the bed until I'm resting on my stomach. His dick is so deep at this point that I can't take much more. My prostate is being battered. I've cum in my jockstrap without even touching myself. Then suddenly he slows down and says he's going to breed me. He pushes in as far as he can get. I feel his cock spasm, shooting his load deep in my bowels. He pulls out quickly, but I manage to tighten my hole to keep the seed from leaking out. Four loads in an hour...not bad at all.
      A few minutes after the black guys leave, a Latino guy in his late 30s enters the room. He roughly shoves three fingers in my hole, pulls them out, and tells me to suck the cum off them. Apparently already erect when he arrived, he pushes his thick 8 inches into my ass, relying on the cum to lube him up. He fucks hard and deep for maybe two minutes before dumping his load into me. My ass needs a break by this point, so I'm glad the other guys don't show.
      After a brief rest, I squat over a glass and let the cum drain out. Two of the guys said they hadn't come in a week--that might explain the ridiculous volume of cum from only five cocks. I lift the glass to my mouth and let the warm cum slide over my tongue and down my throat. 

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