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Gifting n oozing me in aus

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Sydney or Brisbane

a man to poz me 

Want highVL mega hung top for outdoir anon rough forced painful Rape and  gift breeding. 
Preferably Outdoor n anon. Meet rape cum leave 
Bring mates . 
Do anything u want 
no abuse will b too much if it gets u horny gets u off n makes u cum in my bloody gash 

Bleeding physical damage obvious agony and uncontrolled screams are expected to be induced in me by your pleasure

my fantasy conversion is from a high vl sadistic pain giving ultra hung massively thick top man ( hopefully 14” by 8” plus ) who rapes me n tears me apart inside. As a total masochistic sub need my conversion to be a horrific experience for me. Orchestrated by an evil man or group who use only there Cock to purposely stab n hack away manger tear and rip contort and destroy my internalls 

all the while this total physical ruin is simply for that fleeting orgasm of this sadistic man . It’s a sacrifice I’m so excited to make , the ultimate expression of pleasure a man can get is there orgasm for the sadistic man it’s even better if it hurts damages or kills a person I want to give that to him. Plus I want this bloodstream from the open wounds created inside me by his giant fleshy club to mix and absorb his semen , the semen that full with virus particles that will ultimately maim and Jill me. My death sentence. 

I can sense the excitement and thrill he can get , that he deserves in gifting me . Hopefully my fuck hole is never the same again. Hopefully he is in a position to visit me and rape me day after day after day . Further ruining and ripping ,never allowing the wounds to heal . 

Preferably I’ll go to hospital and be stitched up. On my return home. He is waiting. I am a born cum slut cock whore I’m obliged to accept every penis . He knows that every thrust rips the wounds open anew ,tears the stitches. Makes me bleed more. Makes him more violent a fuck n make his giant fuck pole produce and ejaculate massive quantity’s of this deadly cum.over n over day after day

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