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Hey Guys.

Heading to Sydney in August and hoping to get some nice strong AIDS Viral strains bred into and take back home.

dont mind how you want to gift them to me.  Blood slamming ensures your Dna fucks me over good and quick.

i will ensure I want harm the virus once inside me and will just let it do its thing.

let me know if anyone can help out. Cheers.

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    • By jackdaw
      A couple of months back, I had recently turned 26 and I was looking to be a little more socially responsible. I wanted to be able to help those in need by sharing my talents and strengths. Being gay myself, I thought that volunteering at the local AIDS Hospice would be a good way for me to do that. I called and spoke with Brian, the director, and he suggested that I come in and tour the place to see if I thought that I would fit in.
      On the day of my interview I showed up full of anticipation. Brian had me fill out an application and then gave me a tour of the place. There were a dozen men currently living there, all in different stages of being affected by the virus. Some guys looked completely healthy and others were more visibly ill.
      When the tour concluded, Brian suggested that I spend some time with one of the residents. He walked me down the hall and knocked on the bedroom door at the end. When it opened, Brian said, “Hiya, Francis! I’ve given Alex here the grand tour. I think he likes the place. Could you, maybe, give him the lowdown on living here? You know…an insider’s viewpoint.”
      I should tell you about Francis. He was my height and very thin. He obviously had lost a lot of weight. His sweatpants hung from his bony hips. What appeared to be a pretty sizable cock bobbed enticingly against the grey fleece material. His tank top loosely covered his torso. His face was still quite handsome…gaunt but cheerful. Francis always had a smile…at least for me.
      Francis invited me into his room. There were no chairs so he had me sit on his bed and he sat down next to me. “So,” he said, “do you like the place? You thinking of working here?”
      I told him that I was impressed with the setup. “Brian said I could start out working the overnight awake shift. I’d be alone but, he told me not to be concerned because nothing much ever happens during those hours. I’m sure I could handle the work. You know…I’ve always wanted to be in a job where I could be of service!”
      Francis told me about his fellow house mates. He made a point of reminding me that these weren’t just patients. They were flesh and blood men with wants and needs of their own. I responded that, if I worked there, I’d do anything I could to improve their day to day lives.
      Of course, I ended up taking the job. I started the following week and, on my first night, after everyone else was settled in for the night, I rapped on Francis’ door and poked my head in.
      “Hey!” he called out. “Come on in!” He was just wearing an old frayed bathrobe that dangled from his skinny frame. He got up and joined me in sitting on the edge of his bed.
      I told him that I was just checking to make sure he was set for the night.
      “Thanks!” he said. “That’s real thoughtful of you, Alex! I like you! In fact…I like you A LOT!” With that, he leaned over and brushed his lips against mine. Without much thought, I kissed him back. His hand caressed my knee. “Remember?” he said. “Remember when you told me that you wanted to be of service to the residents here?”
      “Sure!” I said.
      He continued. “When we found out you were coming to work here, we all talked it over. Now…I could tell you what we need most…but here, let me show you.” That said, he put his hands on my shoulders and guided me back onto the bed. He followed me down so he that was laying on top of me. His sunken chest pressed against me. His lips locked on to mine. At the same time his hand slid over my crotch and began a gentle squeezing. “We may be sick…but we’re MEN, you know. Men with NEEDS. And right now, Alex, I need YOU!”
      I wasn’t sure how far Francis was going to go with this but I didn’t mind making out with him. Like I said…he was a good-looking guy and his urgency was contagious. How could I say no?
      He opened the drawer on his bedside table and took out a small bottle. “Here, Baby…take a hit of my poppers here!” They must have been fresh and, whatever they were, they were awfully strong. My mind spun off into the void. I was utterly relaxed and felt an indescribable bliss. I was remotely aware that my pants and briefs were getting tugged down off me. When I began to re-focus, I realized that his hand was tugging and stroking my dick which, naturally, began to swell and harden.
      “Take some more!” his voice said and off I went again. When my vision cleared, there stood Francis, between my legs, raising my legs up to his shoulders. His bathrobe had parted, revealing a stiff cock that was already dripping toxic goo.
      He leaned close. “And AGAIN!” the voice commanded. He held the bottle in place so that I had to take 4 or 5 breaths of the heady vapors. That really sent me to the moon. Fucking heavenly! As I returned to earth, I became aware of a rocking motion. The cause was soon apparent. Francis had entered me and was thrusting forcefully against my upturned ass. I could feel his cock sawing back and forth. His speed increased and his breathing grew ragged “FUCK! HERE I COME!” he shouted as he pushed into me one last time and held himself in place, his cock spasming repeatedly.
      Although he had emptied his balls deep inside me, he didn’t withdraw, opting to stay on top of me, his dick plugging my hole. “Come on, Baby! Let’s give my seed time to latch on…start to grow in you. I kinda wanna be the one that knocks you up!”
      As we lay there, he explained that all the men in the hospice had decided that what they needed most was for someone like me to be their willing partner whenever they wanted to breed. Most of them felt shunned by society and hadn’t been able to fuck a bottom like me in a long, long time. They wanted to be able to use me during the night hours as they would a lover. They wanted someone that wouldn’t say no to receiving their dirty seed!
      Francis asked, “Are you willing to do this for us?” Again, how could I say no?
      That was several months ago. Since then, some residents have died and new ones have replaced them, but night after night I’m there to service them…my 12 Poz Lovers.

    • By Bbholr
      I'm looking for dirty loads tested on 4/12/18 got results today 4/13/18 and still neg after taking extensive anon loads. Just want hvl gifters to trun my hole inside out and turn my frown upside down lmao
    • By RiskyMarc
      My mistress wants me to take poz cocks bareback while watching my conversion. You should be HIV+ and tested positive and not be on meds. Region is central or southern Germany. Only serious guys. Just message me.
      Meine Herrin wünscht sich, dabei zuzuschauen, wie ich ohne Gummi gefickt und infiziert werde. Du sollst positiv getestet sein und keine Medikamente nehmen. Mittel- oder Süddeutschland. Bitte nur ernsthafte Nachrichten!
    • By BritRawBottom
      WHATSAPP / TEXT O772O 874 35I

    • By jackdaw
      It was the morning of my 18th birthday! My folks were out of town but they had given me permission to have some friends over to celebrate. I planned on my buddies coming over around 8 o'clock that night. What I hadn't planned on was waking up to find all the lights in the house flickering on and off. Fortunately, my parents had left an emergency list on the kitchen counter in case any problems came up. Sure enough, Electrician - Roger Davis, was on the list. I called him and he said he would be by in an hour or two. I made myself some breakfast and was in the middle of exercising when the doorbell rang. I answered it wearing only a skimpy pair of workout shorts and a tank top.
      Standing there was the electrician. He spoke, "Hi, son! I'm Roger Davis. Most people know me as Ol' Roger! Can I come in?"
      He didn't look old at all to me and I told him so. His face lit up in a broad grin. "Thank you, son! That's nice of you to say! You look pretty good yourself! Now...can you show me where the power box is? In the basement maybe?"
      I took him down into our basement. My dad had fixed it up years ago so it was pretty comfortable down there...like a play room! I showed him where the electric panel was located.
      He said, "Give me a few minutes to check things out."
      I sat down on the sofa we had down there. I told him about my party that night...how excited I was. He was a handsome guy and he noticed I that kept looking at him. He would just look back at me and smile. That kind of flustered me so I mostly babbled on about inconsequential stuff. After about 15 minutes, he said, "There! That should take care of it!" and he flipped on the master switch. All the lights came back on without a trace of flickering.
      He looked at me with interest and said, "Most guys would be upstairs texting their girlfriends instead of sitting down here talking with Ol' Roger. I'm wondering...is there somethin' else I can do for you?" In response, I turned beet red. He slowly pulled his t-shirt up over his head and tossed it onto his toolbox. I'd never seen a Biohazard tattoo on a man before, but I knew full well what it signified. It sure made me nervous but it kinda turned me on as well.
      His smile stretched wider. "You lookin' to get fucked, son? You want my big black dick, do ya? I bet you're a VIRGIN, ain't ya?" He saw me trembling and said, "You're not scared of Ol' Roger, are you?"
      I WAS...but I didn't want him to know that so I blurted, "I'm not afraid of you!"
      He asked, "You think you can handle what I got?"
      I hotly replied, "I can handle ANYTHING!"
      "His response was, "We'll see about that!"
      With that he advanced upon me. I backed up until my legs hit the sofa. He pushed my chest, toppling me backwards onto the cushions. In one swift motion he had yanked down my shorts and thrown them aside. Before I could even think of escaping, he bent over and engulfed my dick with his warm wet mouth. It was like everything in my brain suddenly got reset. As his lips moved up and down my shaft and his tongue swirled around the head of my cock, my resistance faded completely away. He put his strong calloused hands under my knees and raised my legs up in the air. As they parted, he stepped between them and placed my ankles on his shoulders. I heard the sound of his zipper being lowered and softer sounds as he shed his pants. I felt the tip of his cock poke into my ball sac. He gazed down at me and said with a smile, "It's your Birthday, Baby! Ol' Roger has a Special Gift for you!"
      I could figure out what he meant by that. He was planning on putting his infected cum inside me. I remembered that some guys called that GIFTING. My thoughts whirled. How could I stop this from happening?
      Just then, he parked his stiff dick against my hole, ready to invade my innards, so I clenched my sphincter, determined to keep him out.
      His smile never wavered! "You KNOW you want it," he crooned as he gently started a backwards and forwards motion with his hips. On the third or fourth push, my body betrayed me. My clenched hole relaxed slightly. Just enough for his dick to nudge in about an inch or two. "That's it, Baby!" he sighed! "Just let it happen!"
      The gentle battering continued, and with each thrust, his penis sank in a little deeper...and deeper still...until I felt his pubes against my ass cheeks. He paused for a moment and then the fucking began in earnest. 10 minutes later he stiffened, shuddered and cried out, "Take my dirty seed!" as he shot his toxic sperm deep within me.
      After we both caught our breaths, he pulled out of me, stood up and got dressed. He looked at me and said, "Your mom & dad are gonna be real surprised when you test HIV-positive in a couple of months! If they throw your faggot ass out, don't worry! You can always come live with Ol' Roger. Plenty of the punks I’ve pozzed now live with me. I pimp them out to sick fucks that pay good money just to fuck an AIDS WHORE. I'll put you to work out there with the other punks I've given my bug to. You'll see...being a Poz Whore ain't so bad!”

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