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First planned cumpdump Part 1

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Hi Boy.

I hope you take the time to read and coment on my post since i am taking the time to write my experience though processes and emotions  though out this real life moment. 

 i will be writing this  in a series  of short  post rather then one super long super detail post that might lose your interest.  so as long as you guys show interest and comment then i shall keep writing  for you guy. 

Part ONE

The idea on an anonymous cum dump is something me and my BFF have always talked about and planned  in in secret and fantasized but never really had any idea how to do it or the guts to do it.  we both know  what we've done and  she is the only person i have ever told all my secrets to.  she was one of my first high school friends and we have been close ever since then no matter what.  

It all began at some point in the week. it had been a while since we had seen anyone and are hormones must have been high cuz all we could talk about was sex.     we talked and searched the net for hot stories and dirty context.  we came up on a Craigslist post  about a guy wanting to anonymous breed a girl no questions asked.  we googled Anon Sex and ran into a tone of gay porn. we where so turned on by these guys spreed open on all fours taking other random guys bareback and shooting there loads into there ass.  it was pretty gay lol but the idea was super hot. we started tossing ideas and what ifs and so forth and soon we where both over the edge and desperate  for some dick.  we talked about all the pros and cons, risk  and how we would go about setting something like this up.   we both wanted it but for obvious  reasons where a bit scared.   at the time i was 21 she  had just turned 22. so we started off by testing out how many men would actually do this. we posted an AD on craigslist  seeking straight men to fuck bareback and cream pie  no questions asked. to my surprise  the next morning my inbox was full with guys lining up to participate.  seeing my inbox with  over 50  emails of random all color and size cock was crazy hot.  it was at that point i knew i wanted to go forward with it. 

My BBF came over that   night and we worked out the who, when ,where parts.   for safety reasons we agreed that we would both be in the room but only one would participate while the other watched and kept things under control/.  we   drew name to see who would go first and my name was picked out.  so the planning began. 


We looked  for a motel  with and hourly rate and booked it for 3 hours. that was going to be the limit  half hour setting up 2 hours for who ever showed up and  the final half hours for clean up or just chilling and talking about what just went down. 


We planned for a saturday night to make sure we both were free and to guy the men the best possible chance of them being free. 

plus it gave us time to rest  the next day.


we averaged out 15 minutes  per guy as this was not about who could last the longest but instead of how many we could do in the set time  period.  I began emailing back guys  hows cock stood out and got my attention.   we figured 8-10 guys  but emailed 15 in case there was no shows.  after some time we narrowed it down to the 15 men  and gave them the location a time and a number  for there order. 

 the only question that where asked to the men was there cock size, there backgound,  nothing else mattered. 

4 American 

5 Blacks 

3 Hispanics 

 3 Europen 

we started  the  mid size cocks  then the large ones and if time permitted the smallest cocks last. 

For safety reasons we told a Male friend to be in the car in the parking lot ready for anything. 

So after a  two days of talking and planning it was set and ready to go down. 

 The Plan was that i would be blindfolded  and placed in the middle of one of the motel beds on all fours with my ass up in the air.  The door would be left unlocked  they walk in fuck cum and go. Mt bbf was there to keep  track of things since i would be blindfolded. 


Hope you like the start of this i figure there would be 5-6 parts to this so  show some love leave your comments and ill write part 2  when i have ur attentions. 

if i missed anything  you might want to know so far in the story leave you questions. 

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Oh, please continue, have always enjoyed hearing about things like this and also one of the biggest things I've enjoyed, is I used to have a lady friend that was very much involved in similar things and also used to work in the trade the same as with you there.

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I'm glad that all this gay shite we keep falling over here and mostly cringe at, got somebody turned on! I'm delighted it got you and your best friend so wet! I love your motivation, and your understanding of the big adventure. In a room full of gay men I'd be scared, had a champagne cork up my ass and a No Entry sign. But I love you girl! I couldn't have kept my hands off you nor my cock out of you. I's have expected you to promise to marry me after that session!

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The night before the big day i stared to feel excited and a bit scared. A shit load of thing rushed to my head and i had to calm down.  i put on some music and decided to look for some thing to wear for tomorrow. i tried on several heels. end up with a pair stiletto high heels black.  they had 6" heels which are not meant to walk to long on but i knew i wasn't going to be walking it was just for show.  seeing how my shoes didn't match any of my outfits i decided to forget the out fit and just go with a pair of black lace stockings to mach my heels. I figure that is all i need since any panties or other outfits would just be in the way for the men.  I checked my self out in the mirror and then undressed and packed the stocking and heels into my bag.  I showered and shaved my legs and then  shaved my pussy. i Shaved it smooth since any design would not be seen since i planed on being in doggy position all night.  i washed all over including m hair and came of of the shower and laid on the bed with my legs open. by this point i was so horny i couldn't resist  and had to masturbate. i opened my night stand and  scanned through some of my toys.  i pulled out my anal beads and some kY lube and began to pop in each bead till all 7 when filling my ass hole.  the warming lube and the bead quick hardened my nipples as i felt then deep into my ass getting warmer with each passing minute.  i pulled out my rotating vibrator that also had and  clit massaging tip.   i got the KY girl lube put some on my fingers and rube my clit and fingered my pussy. then i took the KY men's and loaded up the vibrato is a good amount. i laid back spread eagle and slide in the vibrato. instantly  the to lubes reacted to each other and my pussy was over whelmed my so many sensations.  i turned on the rotation and messaging tip  and i drifted to heaven. with in minutes my pussy was creaming and i was about to cum. i moaned and squeezed my tits  as i tried to  hold it and prolong it but it was no point.  i inhaled and then my pussy  tightened and then the flood gates opened.  i screamed  as my body shock  and my pussy pushed out the vibrator covered in my creamy cum.   I inhaled and open my eyes to a amazing sight between my legs. the vibrator was covered in my cum. i reached for it and licked the tip tasting my creamy cum.  after licking it clean and using a wet wipe to clean my clit i waled to the bat room.  i took the towel on the bed tossed it on the floor and laid under my covers happy as can be. 

i figured i need to get some rest  and  start drinking water to get ready for tomorrow. i chugged down a cup of water  turn the light of and rolled over on my side.  as i did i felt the anal beads move inside me. i reached back to the tip that has a ring and pulled them out slowly. one by one each bead pooed out sending shivers down my spin. finally i pulled the last one out and tossed them aside. 

The Next morning i woke up with my pussy still dripping. i new i need to go easy cuz tonight would be hard on me mentally and physically.   my pussy would take a huge beating my my mind will also be steered and trying to process everything that will happen.  i chugged some  more water and had breakfast. the i called my BBF and the motel to make sure everything was in order. 

We arrived at the motel around 5 pm on a Saturday got our key and walked to the room the room faced the parking lot and was on the first floor. we walked in and it was  cheapy looking room, red walls dark carpet and old furniture. if what was about to happen it was enough. this was not a romantic night or honeymoon lol. 

Me and my BBF  talked as i got ready. the excitement in her eyes seem to be way more then mine. lol obliviously she didn't have all the fears or thought i was having since she was just watching while i was the one doing it.   i showered again, rolled on the black stocking and laced up the heels.  i stood there doing my hair as she talked and told me ho hot i Looked.  couple times as i was  doing my hair she couldn't help her self and spanked me jejejjejeje.   i drank some more water as she prepared my syringe for me. i knew i would never go though with it if i was thinking straight.  when i finished getting ready i tied up my arm and shoot up. i felt it enter my vain and flow  up my arm. the rush was huge. my heart raced  and my scenes dozed of.  she looked at the time and smiled. 

she asked are you ready ? 

I smiled and replied. ready as i will ever be. 

i stumbled over to the bed  and pulled of the nasty covers. we places a pile of pillows  at  the middle of the bed and i tested it out getting in doggy position.  the pillows  pushed my ass up in the air in case my legs got tired and  i need to lay down and rest. the guys could just keep going.  once the bed was ready i stood up and  we peeped the room. by this point  my phone had 18 messages from the men confirming the time and location and the first few that where already on there way. we unlocked the door locks. dimmed the lights.   my BBF sat at the coffee table with both phones and a camera and a paper to keep track of everything.   he handed my the blind fold  i placed it and she secured it. 

I inhaled nervously .  as she walked me to the bed.  I climbed on got on all fours and spread my legs apart arching my ass up. i felt the breeze of the ac  blowing between my legs and the coldness of the lace stocking and my heart began to race. i could not believe  what i was about to do. being blindfolded for some reason hand my other scenes on full alert.   i had goosebumps down my body. then it hit me. what the fuck was i doing.  i was about to take 10 maybe 15 dicks that i had no idea who they where what order they where in of if they where clean of hand any STD's.  

What if one of more had Aids, or any other std's, what fuck would i do? then i remembered I'm not on birth control,  this never stopped me before but quickly began thinking at what part of my cycle  i was in.  i was so nervous i could not add up the days since my last period. 

so many things rushed through my mind and then i herd the knock on the door  followed by  it open. 

HELLO and deep voice said......



come on guys leave me some love comments or questions.   

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Well, maybe the first to comment, this is great, will be anxious to read more about it, you go there girl!!

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You're "working well", (writing not too badly also!) Just been checking out your fans here; Bi guys, Versatile guys, and Bottoms, all wanting to be in there with you! Do you think you might straighten a few of them out? LOL Love your story, keep it up.

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1 hour ago, MiaSlut24 said:

 i was about to take 10 maybe 15 dicks that i had no idea who they were, or if they were clean or had any STD's.  

What if one of more had Aids, what the fuck would i do? then i remembered I'm not on birth control,  this never stopped me before but quickly began thinking at what part of my cycle  i was in.  i was so nervous i could not add up the days since my last period. 

Darling, you bareback anonymous Johns every day, you weren't on birth control then and you've shaken off the "baby blues" before!

Barebacking anonymous Johns every day, and it only costs an extra $50 "danger money" to fuck your ass! - what if do you get a dose? How many of your Johns actually ask if you are "clean"? - would you bother to tell them? Or do they love you being "dangerous to know"? There are plenty more where they came from, you won't even lose any money!

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this event happened a long time ago before i stopped caring about life or anything.  ever one asks if im clean. thats a stupid question to ask a hooker. but they all get the same answer yes baby i swear. thats all it take to have them lose there heads.

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1 hour ago, Homo60 said:

Well, maybe the first to comment, this is great, will be anxious to read more about it, you go there girl!!

thank you 

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47 minutes ago, Pelops said:

You're "working well", (writing not too badly also!) Just been checking out your fans here; Bi guys, Versatile guys, and Bottoms, all wanting to be in there with you! Do you think you might straighten a few of them out? LOL Love your story, keep it up.

I know that if I were located in her area there definitely would be a good chance of it happening with me for sure !! lol

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41 minutes ago, MiaSlut24 said:

this event happened a long time ago before i stopped caring about life or anything. Everyone asks if I'm clean. thats a stupid question to ask a hooker. but they all get the same answer "yes baby i swear". that's all it takes to have them lose their heads.

Stupid question to ask, of course she'll swear she's clean, especially when you first meet and he hasn't handed over the money yet! LOL

I find it's a much bigger turn on to ask later, with my bare cock buried up to my balls in her in the dark in the back of the car! Then you get all the banter about it being "a bit late to ask now" - "What are you going to do now? Pull it out and ask me to kiss it better"? No of course not, but I might ask to kiss her pussy better!

There was this tall skinny hooker who was a heroin addict, the other girls unkindly shouted up and down the street at clients, "Don't go with her, she's got Aids", but they were only jealous of the business she was getting! (There were two other very skinny girls, someone christened them the "three horsewomen of the apocalypse" - Famine, whose ribs you could have played the xylophone on, Death was 70 year old and looked like a skeleton in lycra with a peroxide topknot, and this girl of course was Plague!) I asked her about the slanderous rumors while we fucked in a hotel room, just to get all the usual banter - "too late now" - "all those other girls are barebacking the same punters as me"! Neither of us ever caught anything!

You say you've "stopped caring about life or anything" - that'll do it LOL - We are all going to die! - Just hopefully not this week or next!

But think about it, it's not all that bad! Nowadays there are no death sentences! We can either live with it or get it fixed! Even the suicidal gang of Bug-Chasers are beginning to realise it. There is no reason to get HIV on Prep, nor pass it on on Meds. Vaginal sex is probably as safe as houses! A cure is just around the corner. The suicide squad are starting to talk about contracting Ebola and passing it around, and being doused with gasoline at their death party and set alight. They're getting that desperate!

Just keep taking all the risks, love it, and we'll all keep cheering you on, especially those who get to take the risks with you! 

Love You xxx xxx xxx

Edited by Pelops

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      I got up, took my towel, thanked the guy for the load, showered and left. Got home a while ago and can barely sit. My underwear is wet from my hole dripping cum, but I'm trying to keep it squeezed as that's some hard earned loads. I'll be going out later tonight, hopefully there're more loads to take. I'll write about whatever happens.
    • By MrLip69
      Really need cum in me! Been ages. None refused 

    • By MrLip69
      25 yr old rentboy living in london. 98% outcalls. Message me for details. Want to breed this rent boy? Ill be yours to use for an hour 😉😈 message for more details 

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