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50yo daddy pig looking to slam with open minded boys and bears. I was a chaser, now a gifter, open to getting new strains myself, and all other bugs, fisting, nut torture, WS, I'm in Portland, looking for extended play action.

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Guest mcoguy4guy

mmm damn that's hot daddy!  I'll be up in Seattle for a week in April and would love to come down to OR for your toxic loads!  Are you on meds?

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I’m 37 yo chaser with no limits when I slam enough. In Eugene, but I can’t travel. If you can get down here to spin me and infect me, my body is yours. Tie me up, choke me out, and rape me if you want. Slam me with your rigs. Just fill my guts with cum when you are done ripping me up. Invite a crowd, film it, and post it online. Clnatesdeals@gmail.com

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im downtown and would love to have u pozz me up, let me know if theres anything i shoul do to my hole before hand to make sure i get the gift?

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I’m sorry: I got this too late. I still want to poz you, though.  Fuck your hole rough and on the dry side and get it sore and scratched up to better get infected.  Unless you slam, in which case... :-)

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      Visiting NYC Aug. 18-19 and staying at a hotel on Times Square. I want to get pozzed hard and heavy while I’m there. Would love more than one AIDS bone to worship. Have fun charging up the Southern guy.  Planning to host a fuck party at my hotel, and am open to lots of toxic one on one encounters, too. NashSpermWhore on BBRT. NashCumWhore on Tumblr.  Love poppers and will have lots to share.
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