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Guest hole4bbuse

Anyone looking for mature sub pig btm to video or livestream

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Guest hole4bbuse

Mature submissive parTy pig always looking to serve, submit, in videos, pics, groups, great stamina, love chempiss deep, supercharges the play, bdsm, was catcher, livestream, video all good wild and nasty to total freaky. If you want to make a amateur video or can use a mature submissive bitch cum dump this mouth and ass is for you. Hit me up, no loads refused... 1520906550543.thumb.jpg.9ae5dab6091e65604d0f77f1bd185a88.jpgIMG_20180311_140651.thumb.jpg.d9eb368ac0341be8e8386f60ba493401.jpgIMG_20180308_222816.thumb.jpg.ffb119f830b0a433d1304b9a5fceb0b8.jpgIMG_20180308_222833.thumb.jpg.e4362632434586f0795e2bdf4dc412e8.jpgD56DDE12-5D3C-4D04-9C2B-AE7392F3A27C.jpeg.35b999d818f9b99e7eea3a2e9f4df2eb.jpeg544875E0-9C93-43BA-8F37-D5CDD91F82C1.thumb.jpeg.5ae2f316027ba0f9da273dfc757006a6.jpeg6654B832-CDA2-4B5A-8E35-417321A0797E.thumb.jpeg.303e044e6c67ebb1c05e9dc75f0d47f4.jpeg72686BFF-E3B3-4788-B5F8-CF36CC8B8477.jpeg.8a7b068da3ba6863d7fb425d89e444e5.jpegIMG_0140.thumb.PNG.4f2d868e580020eb730ef76fea1d2557.PNGIMG_20180311_140909.thumb.jpg.cdfbc4c8b53abaf3ca409354bd34ce55.jpgIMG_8205.thumb.JPG.7d6a5048a2eaf38eed025455089e09b8.JPGIMG_6169.thumb.JPG.1c34a5ff071e325cc68b2e09403e2034.JPG



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    • By Bonusholeluke
      FtM transman hosting cumdump in Glendale hotel. Hosting until I can't take anymore or Monday morning 8/13, whichever comes first. 
      Lubed and ready, message me for address, room #

    • By Ozpig
      Being an unashamed slut - even my BBRTS profile begins with "just a total cockpig and cumslut" - I find from discussions I have had with a myriad of tops over the years - that the absolute pig is not ideal for them when they are looking for a fuck online. Yet,  I find the opposite applies when I am at a naked party, a backroom hanging over the fuck bench or in the sling and in those type of primal settings there is an appreciation of a total pig and get well and truly used in those situations. Sure, I have a few regulars, many of whom I know use me as the "hole of last resorts" as I see them online for a few hours and when they have drawn a blank they will hit me up and see if they can dump their load in me. I always accommodate. But unless I organise a gangbang in my apartment or hire a hotel in the city - I find I have to go to venues to satisfy my need to get pig fucked and get multiple cocks and loads - which is what I crave constantly. Yes I can get fucked a lot of apps and online - but I get a lot of rubber fucks (particularly off Gaydar) and I always accommodate them to - I always suck the seed out of the condom afterwards anyway, so at least I do not waste their seed. I recently had a top say to me (after he had fucked me) that I was a "low life slut" as I was emptying the condom into my mouth. Does anyone else find being a total unowned pig bottom a drawback outside of the backroom, sex party situations.
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      Decided to check out the Cumunion @ Club Ft Lauderdale yesterday. I'd never been since they instituted a few months back.  I kept my expectations low, as one never really knows what to expect at a bathhouse at anytime.  Well I was surprised.  My friend at the desk gave me a Primo located room. As I got undressed (door ajar) I was already getting cruised by a hot bear/cub.  I nodded approval and it wasn't more than 10 minutes before he'd given me the first load. I wandered around a bit... smiled at a nice young black guy who followed me to my room and gave me second load with little concern for how I felt! (I do love that) A talk lanky hot man who I know from BBRT and who fucked and Bred me a few years back cruised me and led me back to MY ROOM !  He was very dominant and threw me on the bed... licked and ate out some of the cum from my slightly swollen hole.  He's hung 9+ and thick and slowly (thank god) entered me and fucked me nice and passionately for 30 mins or so... midway depositing his load. Fucked with an older latin guy who lost his hardon with too much poppers... Then cruised a youngish Cub who I've chatted with on and off for over a year... took him back and were making out, he kissed so passionately then he knew I'd been wanting him so he took me doggy and left his seed very deep !   Another young latin boy came in while I was resting and took me from behind.... fucked for 5 or so minutes but didn't cum. 
      I am definitely going back next month,  a great crowd with many there to get off... much different than a typical day.
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      Young 25 yr Old Raw btm flying to Berlin last weekend of July (27/07 - 30/07) for a weekend of having my holes gangbanged, used and being the best cumdump I can be. Most importantly I want someone to finally POZ me and hope this it happens while I'm in Berlin. Can anyone tell me how I can set this up or how I can gather a group of Poz tops and if anyone wants to whore me out all weekend?

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      Really need a good breeding - Fit, Masculine - guy - not been getting much lately -I love being fucked - hit me up 

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