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Have you been stealthed before, and if so, did you get any bugs as a result?

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Not exactly stealth-ed, but just recently the top didn't tell me he was pozz until he was already fucking me.  He was willing to pull out before he came but I was loving getting some cock so I let him cum in me.  It felt great and it has been over a month with no symptoms so I doubt I got the bug.   

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I’m virtually certain I got stealth bred at an ABS once.  I was sucking one guy through the GH between our booths and then asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He came right around to my booth and then another dick came through the GH he had just vacated.  He got that guy to come around as well (they were large booths, like couple size) and they began sharing my mouth back and forth. I gave the one guy a condom and he proceeded to fuck me.  I was more than a little turned on getting spit roasted for the first time.  When I left, I couldn’t find the one condom from the first guy and after I left, I kept thinking my hole seemed awfully slick from some sticky KY lube that the top was using.  I became convinced that he stealthily bred my hole deep.  Didn’t catch anything, but now that I’m a total PrEP cumwhore, I get turned on by the thought.  Now a no loads refused kind of slut.  I’ve caught some things, but nothing of consequence.  I absolutely love being a cum receptacle for others to get off in.

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I think I have been stealthed twice. Both A4A hookups. First one, got to the guys house. Went to bedroom. A large towel was laid out on the bed with a tube of lube and a condom.  I was on my back sucked him hard, then he rimmed me. He picked up the condom like he was about to open it, and told me to stand on the floor and bend over the bed. I did, assuming he was putting on the condom.  He lubed my ass and started fucking.  He moved me into several positions on my back and front and eventually climaxed with him stood on the floor,  me on my back at the edge of the bed with him pinning my legs above my head.  As he slowly pulled out and released my legs I saw he wasn't wearing a condom.  I remember feeling confused wondering where it was. I said " the condom " he bent down,  picked up the unopened condom off the floor and said " don't worry.  You'll be fine.  Go take a shower and wash it out if your worried." This was when I was first starting to cheat on my then wife, so I was super nervous about it.

The second time may or may not have been deliberate,  not sure. A middle eastern guy came to my house. He wanted me in girls clothes, and I was. I was nervous because my wife and kids still lived with me, and the fear of an unexpected return was always on my mind when I had guys over. Anyway,  he kind of weirded me out a little, and I gave him a condom when he was ready to mount me. Watched him put it on, he wanted me on my stomach with him laying on top. It wasn't a comfortable position and he kept moving around and pulling out, then pushing back in. Eventually he pulled me up onto all fours and pulled the dress up and over my head and fucked me doggy. He didn't say anything when he was done, and told me not to move while he put his clothes on. I stayed doggy with the dress over my head.  He said" I better not catch anything " and I heard him leave the room, then the front door opened and closed. I got up and was getting the lube and condom wrapper so no one would find it. I was panicking because I couldn't find the condom and family might be home soon. I took a shower and got dressed,  took one last look in the room, and just figured he had taken it. It wasn't until latter that evening when something didn't feel right, that I found the condom way up inside me. It didn't have any cum in it as he had obviously cum in me. He hit me up the next day, and I asked why he didn't tell me the condom had come off. He said he didn't realize until it was too late to stop. He said he just figured I would realize and find it.

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I got stealthed once with chlamydia. My show in 2008 was a terrible failure, and it wrecked my self-esteem. To take my mind off things, I went to a house party after work one night, and I was pursued by this little black dude. He wanted my dick, and when I went into the bathroom, he followed me to get a look at it. I tried to kick him out so I could piss in peace, but I had no confidence at the time and couldn't get him out the door without applying force. Wasn't going to risk the chance of accusation of a hate crime, or so my drunk brain thought. But having someone watch me piss got me harder than steel, and he saw my full erection as I struggled to piss. 

I pissed, and before I lost my boner, he got to his knees and sucked it without asking. His mouth was like velvet on my dick. I gave in and said, "If we're going to do this, let's go somewhere more private." So we went across town to his place, and we fucked. I put on a condom and topped him. When I pulled out, he was all poopy. He removed the condom, and said, "We're gonna do somethin different." He went into the bathroom, and I heard the bathtub gush out some water. Was I supposed to join him in the bath? Evidently not, for when I reached the door, the water stopped. He comes back out with hot water in his mouth, and goes right down on my dick again. It burns but feels really good. He sucks so long that I finally squirt my load in his mouth.

Then he told me that he's positive. Undetectable wasn't a word at the time, so he definitely didn't say that, and if he DID, I wouldn't have known what it meant. I was THAT green, lol. 

A couple weeks later, my dick felt dry and wouldn't stop itching. I had to go to my high school reunion like that, distracted by a non-stop itch that took away any chance of enjoyment. After Thanksgiving, I went to the doctor. Tested positive for chlamydia. Got my pills and took them, and it went away.

I later confronted this guy when I saw him out at the local poof bar. He denied having oral chlamydia, but there was no other way I could have got it. I had no money to pay the doctor's bill, and I fully expected him to pay it for such negligence. Eventually the bill went away when the clinic learned that I was unemployed by that time, so I didn't make a fuss of it. That guy asked me for another fuck several months later, forgetting who I am, and I flatly refused. 

Whether it really WAS him, or whether he had oral chlam, I don't know. But I felt violated and like I got stealthed. Wasn't fun.  

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In my younger days I drove to a guy's place for a late night sleazy hookup. I know he put a condom on but after a good few minutes of hard fucking I felt round and couldn't feel the condom. When he pulled out there was no condom and later there was no sign of it having come off inside me. He had a fairly big cock so there wasn't much chance of it coming off by itself. I didn't make a big deal of it and got him to put on another condom. The first thing I noticed some time after was itching round my pubes but i'd had crabs before so did the treatment. But a few weeks later, and after some anal bleeding, I saw my Doctor as I had previously had issues with hemorrhoids. But it turned out to be anal warts for which my Doctor said I could only have contracted by anal sex... I then had to be treated by a Specialist, firstly by cauterization then by surgical removal. Took a long time to heal and was painful but i've never had HPV since as my body will have built up an immunity to it. But yes, I have no doubt I was stealthed by him taking his condom off but he may not have known he was infectious for HPV. Crabs was no biggie, my first boyfriend gave them to me, just an annoying but treatable itch. Roll forward to today and i'm happy to be stealthed with everyone's bugs but thank God i've never had anal warts again.

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I referred to this experience in another post but I was at a Married Men’s sex party a few years ago and there was a new guy there that was “oral only” but guys got into that. He grabbed me and went down on my dick. I let him do that out of courtesy even though I’m not really into dick sucking (I’m more anal...rimming, fucking, being fucked). He didn’t really suck though, he kept coming down on my dick like a pile driver. It hurt so I pushed him away. Turns out, he had gono and was passing it on to every guy he went down on that day. 

Because of that incident, I’m still reluctant to let someone I don’t know suck my dick. Like I said before, I’m not that into it and I always think back to that encounter.  The only times I’ve had gono have been from some guy sucking my dick. 

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Only been stealthed once by a Grindr hookup a couple years ago. Ironically the guy fucking me was the one who had insisted on condoms in the first place. Anyway, after a bit of mutual oral he turns me around and sticks his covered cock in me. It was alright but he was taking very slow, deep strokes.

Eventually he stopped to “add more lube” and took the condom off. I could feel the difference but didn’t say anything as I was enjoying the increased sensations. That really got him going. “Yeah, you fucking pig. You like that don’t you”. He quickly shot his load and left. As he left I noticed the empty condom on the floor. I fingered my hole and sure enough he had cum inside me.

Didn’t catch anything. Never saw him again as he blocked me on Grindr after we hooked up so I’m sure he knew what he was doing

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Sorta. While I was getting to know my late husband, my ex went through a seroconversion and didn't tell anybody. After my man died, I went back to the ex. Comfort where I could get it, and trying to find some small measure of happiness in a destroyed world. We dated some over the summer, and had sex a few times. It was probably the best sex he and I ever had.

It wasn't until this past summer that he finally told me he was poz. I had no idea, and he never said anything about it. Didn't even tell his sister, and the two of them share everything in their lives. I had already discovered that I'm a chaser by this point, so I had conflicted feelings. I should have been told two years ago when we were sleeping together again, but he withheld that. Yes, they were and ARE medicated loads, but I had a right to know especially something like this. His reasoning was that I was going through enough at the time, and he didn't want to add to it. 

So when we fucked for the last time this past September, I told him to give me that fucking poz load. And boy, he DID. Still a lousy top, though. LOL

I think this counts as a stealth even if I wasn't in any danger.

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    • By jayfox
      I sat there in my chair, one of many arranged in a circle in some badly lit room at the community support center. 19 years old, 5’6”, dirty blond shaggy hair and 120 pounds of barely even muscled twink. The counselor thanks the last guy for sharing his traumatic experience and motions for me to stand and introduce myself.
      I stand and clear my throat. “Err hi? My names Tom, I’m 19 and I guess I’m here to talk about what happened to me last month…”

      One month earlier
      I’d had sex with guys before but I was always the top, until I let my best friend fuck me earlier this year. It changed everything. If I had known that bottoming was so great I would have done in years ago and if my friends 4 inch dick could feel that good I wanted something bigger and better. I bought myself a plastic vibrator and a bottle of amyl, it got deeper much deeper than my friend but somehow just wasn’t the same.
      After reading a lot of sex stories online I decided what I needed was to go to a bathhouse, the hottest stories were over guys roughly taking dick after dick, I jerked it multiple times over the bareback stories but I wasn’t going to risk anything like that. I wasn’t out as gay yet so I needed a place I wouldn’t get caught out, after checking squirt for a good place to go, I found a sauna that looked fairly discreet and one or two guys mentioned stealth in the comments. Seemed like the best place to go unnoticed.
      3 hours later after a deep clean, I nervously walked up to the 4 story matte black building, pushed open the large red door and made my way upstairs. The man behind the glass window looked me up and down before asking for ID, after giving me another look he passed it back. ‘Room or locker? Lockers $15 and rooms $40, first time?’
      ‘Uhh yeah, do I need a room?’
      The guy smirked, ‘no you don’t NEED a room but it makes things easier’.
      I just shrugged and pulled out $40. ‘I’ll take a room then’
      The guy gave me a key and towel and buzzed me through. ‘Find your locker and strip off, towels only past the locker room and your rooms on level 3 kid’, he called as the door closed behind me. The room smelt like the locker room at high school except for the addition of the amyl smell I’d come to know so well. I made my way through the dimly lit locker room and after copping a few odd glances and slap on the ass, I found my locker and started to strip off. Even the years or PE at high school never got me over the embarrassment of undressing in front of so many other guys. I definitely never got so many blatant stares as I stripped off my briefs and  quickly wrapped myself in my towel.
      Clutching my towel around my waist in one hand and the bottle of amyl in the other, I followed a guy through the only other door in the locker room and into room with what looked like two hot tubs and a raised glass walled platform between them lined with showers so you could see the guys showering from the outside, beyond that both a wooden door marked SAUNA and a frosted door marked STEAM. I must have stopped walking as I noticed one guy with his hands on the shower glass as another fucked him from behind as a guy tapped me on the shoulder and asked in my ear, ‘First time kid?’
      I made a girlish noise as I was shocked out of my staring, earning a few laughs from other guys in the room as I turned and looked at the guy. He was 6’1”, black and muscled with tattoos up his firm arms, chest and stomach, a guy straight from one of my favorite stories and very close. I don’t know how my face felt so hot when so much blood was rushing elsewhere. ‘Y…yeah, first time’. Holding up the key around my wrist like an idiot.
      The black god before me chuckled at my awkwardness and pushed my hand down after giving the key tag a glance, ‘Well how about I show you around and help you find your room? You look a bit nervous’. Putting his hand on the back on my shoulder and turning me towards the stairs, we were half way to across the tiled floor before it occurred to me to reply, my mind occupied with keeping the folds of my towel over the erection inside. ‘Thanks, that would help, um.. my names Tom’.
      ‘Nobody uses real names here kid, if you make the right impression someone might give you a name but otherwise we don’t care’ he said sternly as he half pushed me up the stairs. ‘Wet area back down there, dark rooms and glory holes on this level. You should check them out before we find your room, perfect for first timers.’ I nodded dumbly as he led me through the dim hall ways, my wide eyes drawn to the other guys walking past in towels, some over their shoulders, some with not a towel in sight. Coming up to a line of doors we stopped and he turned me to face him. ‘Ever sucked a cock kid?’.
      ‘Yeah a few’, nervousness twisting my stomach at the chance to suck the dick of such a hot guy.
      ‘Good, start in here’ He said opening a one of the doors to reveal a small dark booth with dim red bulb providing enough light to reveal a foot long slit cut in the wall about head height. ‘You need to calm down kid, lock yourself in here and suck some dick, you wanna stop being so nervous right? This will help, but you gotta give me your key and towel so I can take them up to your room’. It sounded reasonable so I stepped inside, unwrapping myself and handing over my key, towel and amyl. He refused the amyl saying, ‘No you wanna keep that, take long deep sniffs. Come on take one now, no not like a pussy, longer kid, until you can’t take in any more’. I did as I was told, my head and chest feeling hot and my head a little dizzy. ‘yeah that’s right, keep that shit up when you can and make sure you suck whatever comes through that hole, you’ll love it trust me. Lock the door and I’ll knock when I get back’. And the was gone, the door closing and leaving me in the dark space.
      With shaking fingers I latched the door and turned  to see the door close in the other room and a barely lit crotch press up against the hole, I stepped up to the hole, swallowing the lump in my throat and gently took the hard shaft jutting from the wall. Berating myself for being such a pussy and reminding myself that this is the stuff I came for, like in the stories. I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the guys cock. I started sucking and bobbing my head, hearing the guys on the other side moan and grunt his needs. ‘Yeah man’, ‘That’s good’ and ‘Watch the teeth’ before his cock throbbed and with a loud ‘Fuck yeah’ came in my mouth, 5 spurts and a gulp later,  the cock pulled away and the guy left.
      Less than a minute later another man stepped into the booth, latched the door and stepped up to the slit. This guy was short but his cock was much longer. Taking hold of his shaft with both hand I began to stroke the biggest cock I’d even seen, marveling at the fact it was long enough to fill both my palms. ‘Stop fucking playing and suck it man’ He growled from the other side. Startled but turned on my the aggressive attitude I took his cock in my mouth and began sucking. ‘Come on take it deeper’. I tried to take more of his dick, but kept gagging every time he hit the back of my throat. I pulled away coughing, uncapping the amyl I took another deep sniff, the guys kneeling to look through the hole. ‘Shit man your young, yeah take another hit,  that’s right. Come here and let’s see if you can take more’.
      By now my head was spinning as I recapped the bottle and stepped forward, the man on the other side reached through the slit and guided my head back to his dick, clutching a handful of hair on the back of my head and ramming it down my throat. I dropped the bottle and slammed my hands up against the divider, my forehead slamming up against the sides on the wooden slit as I gagged around the cock trying to force it’s way even deeper. My eyes watered as I tried to push back, the attempt just making the pain of pulled hair worse as he just gripped tighter. With a final shove, my chin pressed against his balls, my throat spasming around the guys member as I struggled to both breath and push away. ‘Fuck yeah, that’s more like it. Come on start sucking and breath through your fucking nose’.
      Using my hair for leverage he pulled my head back enough for me to suck in some air through my nose before forcing me back down to start gagging again, then repeated the action and setting up a rhythm. Hands pressed against the smooth black painted wood I struggled and gagged against the treatment, breathing when I could and tears running down my cheeks. The hair in his grip hurting with every pull but hurting less if I didn’t struggle against it, a constant string of verbal abuse getting more and more forceful as he worked himself closer to climax with my throat. ‘Yeah suck it faggot’, ‘Take my fucking dick’, ‘ Fucking gonna rape that throat’, ‘Gonna nut, take it cunt’. With 3 final sharp thrusts, not allowing me another breath he held my head down against the partition as his cock hardened further and throbbed, spewing his load down my throat. Desperate for air I started pounding on the wall, yet still he held me there, hard cock lodged down my throat until with a last throb he roughly pulled himself free and  released my hair. I fell back and rolled over as a coughed and spluttered, his load running out my nose as I continued to cough and struggle to drawn in  more air.
      Just then I heard a knock on the door and my guide called out, ‘Sounds like your done in there, come on out kid. I wanna show you the dark room’.
      To be continued..
    • By Rubberbanned
      Please share the best videos you have watched here!
    • By losolent
      Part 1 - Parting Ways
      There was hardly any wind in the air and the sun shone brightly on the group of graduates. Oxford had never looked so English as it did right now. Many of the graduates started to feel uncomfortable in their academic dress getting sweaty and sticky underneath. The time honoured tradition took all afternoon to complete, but at least it wasn't raining. Luca walked off the podium to applause from his fellow students, cutting a fine figure in his academic dress and striking blend of Mediterranean and English looks. One of a few bright students that entered in to university at 16 he had finally graduated at the age of 20. His parents looked on proudly at their son, he was assured a bright future with his results and was already fielding job offers from prospective companies. Right now though working was the last thing on Luca's mind, education finished all he wanted to do was take some time out and enjoy a bit of life before he had to work. The celebrations went on for several hours before Luca said goodbye to his parents and headed back to the dorm room. His university friend Mark was already packing his belongings half naked when he entered the room. Congratulating Luca and having a quick banter about how funny people looked in the academic dress Mark slumped on to his bed phone in hand and buried his head in social media. Luca took his hat off and yawned loudly exclaiming how tired he was from all of today's activity and began undressing. Mark discreetly watched his favourite time of day when Luca undressed. Luca wasn't tall just an average at five feet eight inches, it was the Mediterranean and English looks that really set him apart. Gio his father being Italian had given him his dark almost black hair and light covering of chest hair that trailed down to his groin in a perfect line. Sarah his mother came from England and gave him the eyes and looks, eyes that contrasted spectacularly being the brightest blue that seemed to change shades in the differing light. Amongst the other students he was also known as 50 Shades of Blue. At his young age Luca was impressionable and easily persuaded, more so when flattering or flirting was involved. In secret it was Luca's downfall, he just couldn't say no when someone paid him attention and they were male, not a slut by any means as he had some will power allowing him to draw the line. Mark loved looking at Luca's chest, so many times he wanted to run his fingers down along the treasure trail. It drove him wild and would often imagine what it would be like to have sex with Luca. The perfect body and tight swimmers build begged to be lapped up. Admired and loved. Mark felt the usual twinge in his groin and turned over on the bed.
      Luca was no fool seeing Mark turn over on to his stomach, he knew Mark liked to watch him undress or walk around the room nearly naked. They had spent 2 years living together and neither of them discussed sexuality, Luca knew Mark was gay but he never spoke about it for fear of being discovered himself. The last thing he needed was to make things difficult between them, after all he liked Mark and they spent a lot of time hanging out and he liked it just that way. The academic year finished it would be the last night they would be together, Mark still had another year to complete and hated the idea of another room mate moving in to Luca's bed. Luca returned from showering and hurried Mark along to get showered and dressed. He was taking Mark out for dinner as a thank you for being a friend. This time it was Luca's turn to watch the tall figure stand up from the bed. Mark was just under six foot and had a rugby players build, strong muscular legs and ample sized biceps. He was not ripped just very toned and not a bad looker either, his brown eyes were big and seductive, and his neatly kept brown hair showed he took pride in his appearance. Luca's eyes wondered down to his packet and could tell he was still semi hard, certainly he was not lacking in that department. Mark grabbed his towel and headed out of the room, Luca sat on the bed putting socks on then stopped. He couldn't help but wonder if he had made a mistake by not hitting on Mark. He had admitted to himself some months ago that he was attracted to Mark on many levels, had he just let the love of his life pass by. Standing up he perished the thought as stupid and finished getting dressed.
      Luca had played his life carefully at university, having a few encounters with some very hot guys off campus. Never giving them his real name of where he was living or studying, always keeping a very low profile and only doing anonymous meets. He could recount all 20 of his encounters, some just blow and go some fuck and go, never anything more and never twice with the same person. Luca was never short of attention from girls around campus and some of the openly gay students, keeping his cards close to his chest and focusing on getting educated. People only ever saw the straight side of Luca, never giving cause for anyone to question him. He was quite happy flirting with the females and enjoying the attention. Mark on the other hand thought he had been discreet around Luca and was banging up two or three regulars on campus, all discreet meetings to avoid unwanted attention. Luca had some idea as he often went out late evening with the lame excuse he was going for a run. Mark returned to the room and quickly dressed in a tight black t-shirt that he liked since it accentuated his arms nicely. Heading in to Oxford city centre they went to Travatina's Italian which had become their favourite eatery in town.
      "So this is finally happening" Mark said finishing his espresso "our last night at uni".
      Luca sighed "It has been great fun living with you these last few years" he replied looking at Mark.
      Mark smiled "I hate to think what I have coming next term" he said looking almost scared.
      Luca laughed "Hate the idea of someone else being your friend now I won't be there" he replied.
      "Your still my number one" Mark said sitting up in his chair "just don't forget about me stuck here".
      Luca felt a little embarrassed feeling that Mark was slightly hinting at something "Friends for life Mark".
      Mark nodded "Yes" he replied "so you are going on this graduation trip?" he asked.
      "Yes we fly to New York next Wednesday and sail back to Southampton on the Sunday" Luca replied excitedly.
      Mark refused to let Luca pay and paid then stood up "I want to see lots of photos" he said waiting for Luca to put his jacket on.
      "Think about Italy Mark" Luca said as they walked outside "we would love you to come out for a few weeks".
      Mark nodded "When are you going to Tuscany?" he asked watching a gay couple across the street.
      "Middle of July" Luca replied "we will be there for five weeks as usual".
      Mark smiled "Tuscany" he said dreamily "in July, gonna be hot" he said rambling on.
      Luca nodded "Yes but it is so nice" he said smiling "I have three weeks in the UK after New York".
      "So lucky" Mark said looking ahead "I mean having a home in Italy and here" he looked at Luca.
      Luca chuckled "It will be the last time I get to spend 5 weeks in Italy" he replied.
      The following morning Luca's parents arrived at 10am to take him home. Mark walked outside with them to say goodbye, Luca's mother gave him a kiss on each cheek and said she hoped to see him in July. Gio gave him a hug and Luca embraced Mark hard holding him tight trying to contain his emotion. It was one of the saddest days he ever experienced saying goodbye to Mark. He desperately wanted to kiss him, instead he inhaled deeply taking in his scent. When they broke apart their eyes met in a strange way. The look was enough to question how deep the bond between them really was. Mark helped Luca put his luggage in to the car and hugged him one last time.
      "I will see you in July" Mark said watching Luca step in to the back seat of the Range Rover.
      Luca smiled and looked back at Mark "Really?" he asked smiling "it makes it easier saying good bye now".
      "Send me the details and I will get my flight booked" Mark said more confidently having made the decision.
      Mark closed the door and watched the car pulling away from the dorm building. Gio watched his son in the back, the sad expression on his face said a lot. Both Luca's parents were beginning to be aware of their son's sexuality even though he didn't like to broach the subject. They invited Mark out to Tuscany having got know him through Luca and how he would talk about him constantly without realising he was doing so. They liked Mark and saw how easily the friendship between Luca and him had happened. It had crossed both of their minds that there may be more to the friendship that ran deeper. One thing was certain Gio could see the hurt in his sons eyes today of all days, maybe it was just Luca feeling sad leaving what had essentially been a home for him for the last four years. Luca looked at his phone and saw a message already from Mark, he opened it up 'Cheer up, will see you in July', smiling he typed a quick reply 'Already looking forward to it'. Luca sat back and chatted to his parents on the drive back to London and their home in Holland Park.
      It wasn't all happy when they first met two years ago. Mark crashed in to the dormitory room with confidence, he looked at Luca and said hello then dumped his bags and went out returning four hours later looking dishevelled. Luca kept his head in his books and ignored Mark hating how he noisily unpacked and disrupted his studying. By morning Mark was up and out by the time Luca woke up, he never heard him moving about or going out. His previous room mate Dominic had at least been friendly hanging out with him and studying together. Dressed for the day Luca went to the refectory to get breakfast before lectures, walking across the grounds he saw Mark trying out for the rugby team. It sent a shiver down Luca's spine. He hated sports like this and had a love for tennis, he hated even more that he had to partake in rugby at least once a week since it was part of their academic studies. He stopped for a moment watching the power of Mark steam rolling down the field then shaking hands with the team captain. The last thing he needed was a horrific sweaty sporty person living with him, the smelly socks and dirty kit left laying around the dorm room. Luca met up with several of his friends at the door to the refectory all keen to find out about Luca's new dorm mate. By that evening they had at least spoken a little more but in theory they seemed worlds apart. Mark was studying English literature and Business on a three year course and Luca found him to be very well educated and spoken. Something you would never gain from his outward appearance. Luca stood on the field in the pouring rain with his rugby kit stuck to his skin, wishing the ground would swallow him up. Mark was playing for the other side and several times they made eye contact and laughed getting told off for larking around. Being a contact sport where you played to tackle your opponent he could never imagine that Mark would take full advantage of this. Whenever Luca found himself holding the ball and running he knew full well that Mark made a beeline for him and tackled him to the ground purposefully lying on top of him until he let go of the ball. By the third time they played rugby together Mark was tackling Luca for no reason bringing him down and stopping him from even getting the ball. He found it funny at first then he started getting turned on every time he laid on top of him, it was getting weird now and Luca was starting to get pissed off with him without really knowing why. Having had enough he switched to tennis as soon as the weather got better, at least he was good at it unlike rugby. Mark was obviously disgruntled by Luca's change of sport but tried to hide it from him. They had become better acquainted and begun to hang out a couple of times a week and gradually their friendship grew over the next two years. Luca even looked after Mark when he came down with a bad bout of flu during their final year together. Luca checked on him every few hours during the 4 days he was struck down, half expecting to contract it himself. It was like a waiting game over the next few days, Luca was sure he would be struck down with it. Somehow he avoided it despite how close he was to Mark. Luca felt so much closer to Mark during this time, the temptation and want to climb in bed next to him was hard to resist. Thinking better of it, he retained dignity and just admired Mark's body.
      Mark went back to the dorm to finish packing the last of his belongings. He sat down on the bed feeling alone for the first time in years, Luca was an incredible person and so kind inside. He was now only beginning to fully realise how lucky he was to have had him in his life and how happy he made him. Mark saw a message from his parents saying they were 10 minutes away. He stood up and retrieved his medication from the hiding place putting it in his bag and zipping it up. Why didn't he make a move and tell Luca how he felt, could he even be sure he was gay since he never showed any sign indicating he was. Luca probably would have run a mile and even further knowing he was hiv positive. He might even freak out knowing that he had nursed Mark through his conversion. It wasn't meant to happen but then one to many beers and a dodgy hook up app on his phone spelled disaster and lead him down a path that came back and bit him hard. The weeks he had gone to counselling afterwards he used as discovery sessions trying to figure a lot of things out and clearing his head. Mark was unsure if everything boiled down to his own personal upset having to lie to Luca.
      He laid on Luca's bed then turned over on to his stomach burying his head in the pillow inhaling deeply, head full of regrets now that their time was over. Turning on to is back and cuddling Luca's pillow. His hand fumbled through the jeans waistband to his hard cock stroking it and inhaling the pillow again, quietly whispering 'Luca, oh god Luca'.
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