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How many guys love to watch there wife's Girlfriends being bred by a dom and maybe impregnating them ?? I'm into the idea of being cuckholded I'm a Sissy XD xx 

Also is there any girls that like to have there husbands boyfriend's watching you get bred xx please guys girls answers please xx

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I got off on talking to my ex's months or years later on how they would cheat on me. I always got hard and beat off while talking to them.

It was only two or three of them

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Guest elevenincher

Ya this is a major fantasy of mine, to have multiple kids with my wife who are not mine - maybe one or two mine...

I'd love fucking her as the baby grew more and more every day, fucking her and anointing her baby bump with my cum and/orfeeding her my loads as testosterone shots for the health of the baby.

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I totally enjoy breeding a woman in front of his husband. The last time I did that was around Christmas last year. The husband held on  to my shaft as i was pumping my juice in her. I fucked her 3 times that night. I have never seen a husband getting so pumped and excited seeing her wifr getting bred by other men. One of my best fucks ever. I also bred him before i left when the wife was in the shower. I wonder if she ever found that out. 

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    • By CorkChubGuy
      **Fictional story, first time giving this a go**
      PART ONE
      We were together just under three years when Lucas suggested a night out on the town, a few drinks and back to the house for an all night fuck session.  It had been a while since we had had a night on town.  Don't get me wrong:  we have great sex and never once in the three years had we ever used a condom, whether hooking up or while in a relationship.
      I had met Lucas in 2014 through an online forum at which time I was looking for a twink to have fun with for a night.  Lucas, a shy young guy got in touch, we exchanged photos, continued emails which then turned into text messages and eventually he came to my house where I planted my first seed in him one night.  I had been knocking him up on a regular basis ever since.  He moved into my house shortly after he turned 18.  His mother was more accepting to me than his father, was but they got over it and in any event we have lived our lives our way ever since.  He's now 20, almost 21, and I'm 39, nearly 40.  I've a full time, well-paying job.  Lucas is in his second year in university.
      While our sex life is good, from time to time I'll tell him I need to dump a load in another guy's ass, or that I want someone to fuck me.  He has had no trouble accepting my announcements, and once I have it arranged he'll head out of the house for a time while I bring someone back and let loose with another man.  It works for me and he knows his place is always back in my bed.  Eventually.
      The weekend was fast approaching and I wasn't feeling very well.  There was a vomiting bug going around and I think I caught it.  We were going to have to put our plans for our anniversary celebrations on hold.  I could see the disappointment in Lucas as I cancelled the dinner reservations but I was just too ill.  We'd have a night curled up on the couch and once I was better we could do it all again.  We awoke on the Saturday morning, I was feeling better and the upset stomach I had was settled down, although I was still not quite up to par.  In addition I was thinking about the fact I had had to cancel the prior evenings plans, and was somewhat disappointed about as much when Lucas brought me breakfast in bed.  He looked so sexy bringing the tray into our room.  His body was freshly shaved all over from the night before, there wasn't a hair on his body and his cock stood rock solid as he climbed up onto the bed to give me a warm kiss.
      "Love you" he said.
      "Love you, babe," I replied  as I reached around and shoved a finger into his twenty year old hole, adding "Open your gift," gesturing at the box I had had gift wrapped, and which I had placed on the bedside table.
      As he unwrapped his gift I started to feel better as each minute passed, so I wrapped my arms around him and went down on him, giving him a slow, wet sloppy well deserved blowjob.
      "Oh wow!! Anal beads!  You remembered!" he exclaimed, only to moan in pleasure as I continued licking his shaft and tongue his piss slit.
      Sitting he up, I again kissed him, answering "Of course I remembered.  You said you wanted to try them at some stage, so why not now as an anniversary gift?"
      We shared a chuckle, I shoved him onto his back and continued to work his cock until he could take it no longer, shooting his hot healthy streaming wads of cum down my throat.
      It's rare that I'd concentrate solely on his pleasure but I felt if only for that day I should make it all about him, particularly as I had cancelled dinner already and told our friends that we wouldn't make the rounds.  Instead we stayed in, built a fire and curled up with each other on the couch, wrapped in a blanket. 
      The morning went by, during which I bred him twice and I swallowed another load from him.  It was a very slow morning - we didn't even get showered until 11:00 AM.  I wanted to give him so much more.
      As I said earlier, we have an understanding that I can freely play with another man but Lucas never said he had done the same, although I suspect he has taken cock while I've been away on work-related trips, but if I'm right, I'm also fine with as much.  A few weeks ago while drunk we chatted about Lucas serving as a cum-dump for a party of men, but nothing came of it, so I thought as a treat I'll get him as much cock and cum as I could on one night!

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