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Frederick County Cumdump

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    • By Bbpop
      Young 25 yr Old Raw btm flying to Berlin last weekend of July (27/07 - 30/07) for a weekend of having my holes gangbanged, used and being the best cumdump I can be. Most importantly I want someone to finally POZ me and hope this it happens while I'm in Berlin. Can anyone tell me how I can set this up or how I can gather a group of Poz tops and if anyone wants to whore me out all weekend?

    • By cumholes
      BBRT profile = cumholes87   
      making a trip to SOP on Sunday 1st July, looking to get drenched and filled with cum including ALL LOADS OFFERED including ANON
      i will not be refusing if someone is ready to shoot and wants to do it in my ass.. in fact please cum and find me before you shoot...
    • By AnonNSA
      I’m a 30 year old guy in a monogamous relationship with an amazing man. The problem is I am missing my cumpig roots, and don’t know how to approach the subject with my boyfriend. I yearn for the days that I was having my guts destroyed by a black beast with a 10 inch dick, or getting beaten, fisted and pissed on my master.  My bf simply isn’t that into the wildness that I once was. Is this a dealbreaker? Do I sacrifice a great relationship for sex?  Do I cheat and get what I need on the side?  Any advice, life experiences or suggestions welcome! 
    • By chipygmalion80
      Just pumped a furry Jewish fucker's ass full of my pent up cum.
      On BBRT his profile said Sasquatch hairy or something. That bothers the shaved-smooth types but I didn't care. I still planted my face inbetween his hairy butt cheeks and sucked on his hairy fuckhole. He let out a big moan when my tongue went up his fuckhole.  No cum to taste but my bet is his fuckhole gets used.
      His ass gave a nice firm bounce everything I pounded. Moaner too. And I noticed his Menorah and other stars and such out of the corner of my eye when pumping his ass so kinda hot knowing he's Jewish. Maybe that bothers some too but my dick was liking it.
      It was quick pump n dump.  I bumped into the guy's neighbor again who had just started walking a dog and was just finishing that dog walk when I walked out the guy's door. Buddy said he hopes to see my dick again, and I bet I'll see his furry ass again!
    • By 1nOnlyCumDump4All
      CumDump4All thru the night located in sleezy hotel wher breeding is a must knights inn 5116 GA HWY 85 Forest Park rm 153 Push it is open mount me and breed me just ensure u can work what u got 

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