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Being used like fucktard II

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Hey TboTTomfun:


.I really like the TIM movies with fucktard where he bottoms. You can never tell if he is either drunk of high. I like what he does and I admire him for it. For me personally I never tried any chems but I love how he can let himself go and being used by other guys who take advantage of his state of mind and of course his body. He is a total slut and I envy him for it. I wish I could myself let go like him, being fucked up and being abused by other guys. I am new to the barescene but would not mind to go the same way like him except I am in Brussels and the scene there is not as outgoing as in the USA.

But the scene in Paris, Berlin and the London area is.  I haven't been in Amsterdam in a while but I would expect a lot of serious bareback there was well + chemsex.  For that matter I saw a hot bareback video a few years ago  that was definitely done in Brussels.

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