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This is the third chapter of the "Whore 29" series. Links to the others are below. 




I woke up a couple days later, still in Jakes front seat. The previous few days were a blur. I'd be awake for a few minutes then fall back asleep. I knew that fucking Jake the way I had would flood my system with more of the HIV virus, and that was the point. I wanted to make sure I had it. I'm this sick because I want to be. 

I'm not sure I can explain why, but once Jake told me I was HIV+, I just *wanted* him! I just needed to fuck him. A lot. It's all I wanted to do. I never desired a man like that until now but, being honest with myself, I absolutely loved having his cock between my legs. As Jake was my first time going anal, I don't know if that need stems from me being pozzed by him, or is commensurate with everyone that does anal. All I knew was, even in my current state of drifting in and out of consciousness, all I could think about was his cock. It was also the subject of most of my dreams. 

Jake poured some water down my throat. "You're at the point I was at when I first got it, whore. You'll bounce back but you're going to go through hell for a few more days."

I looked over at him and smiled. 

He shot me back a look of confusion. "Why the hell are you smiling?"

I chuckled. "I've never been this miserable - I've also never been this happy." It's one of the truest statements I've ever made. 

I reached over and unzipped his pants, taking out his cock and starting to stroke him. As sick as I was, I could at least do that much. 

He looked over at me briefly, long enough to see me smile, then got his eyes back on the road. "You must have been real popular in the navy, whore."

I shook my head as I worked him through my hand. I kept the grip loose enough so he slid through my fingers but tight enough so that I was working the muscle. 

Jake's uncut, if you were wondering.

I shook my head as I worked him slowly, but deeply on every stroke. "No, I was hated - for precisely the reason that I *didn't* put out. I wasn't there to fuck people, I was there to serve my country and to fulfill my oath. Men expected me to be what I am now, and I wasn't. That's not why I was there."

He looked slightly confused so I continued as he became semi-erect. 

"Whatever I'm doing, I give myself over to it. Singular focus. When I was in the navy, I was a sailor. That's it. When I was at work in the civilian sector at my desk, I was there to work. Nothing more. Now that I'm a naked HIV+ whore, my entire life is about pleasing the men that own me. Sex isn't about me and my pleasure."

He nodded as he got harder in my hand. "Yes, I've noticed that you haven't cum once in our time together. All the other bitches reach for their cocks when I'm fucking them - but not you. Your hands are always on me."

I nodded, looking at how fast he was becoming rock hard. My conversation was helping. "This cock between my legs isn't my own - it belongs to the men I serve. No doubt some will want me to fuck them, and I will. But it's THEIR choice, not mine. I exist solely for sexual pleasure of others. That's my life now, Jake."

He leaned back in his seat a little and began to give himself over to me. "In all seriousness cunt, you're nothing to us. You really are just fuck meat."

I looked up at him. "And that's all I want, Jake. It's how I see myself. I'm a whore, nothing more."

Jake was hard now so he unbuckled me, used his strong trucker arms and lifted me onto his cock so I was facing him. "You'd die without us."

I nodded as I slid him full on into me. "I was dead before you found me, Jake. Now I'm alive for the first time. I have no illusions, I'm going to die fucking some man - or men - I don't know. It's going to be in someone's truck or overseas but it will happen. I wouldn't have it any other way, stud."

Calling him that caused him to throb hard inside of me. I felt it throughout my body. I decided to push him a little further. "What usually happens to your bitches?"

He took a hand off the wheel and placed it on my hip, guiding me up and down. "We keep you viraled up like you are now.  I'll be handing you off to Tony in a town outside Atlanta."

It takes all my focus but I start to ride him with more rhythm. "Tell me about Tony."

For a moment his eyes closed, lost in lust. I felt his cock throbbing a bit harder. "As small as your dick is, he's going to put you in chastity and he's going to leash you. He's known to have a higher viral count than me which means you're going to feel worse than you do now."

I push down hard and held him deep, then kissed him softly on the lips. "You didn't answer my question - what really happens to bitches like me? What happened to the other 28?" I started to nibble on his ear lobe. 

He pulled his head back and looked me in the eyes - to be more accurate, he looked *through* my eyes and straight into my soul. "Most don't last more than a couple years. We keep you as you are now, your T cell count slowly dropping. None of us give a shit - we're just going to use you bitch, and when we're done..."

I put my mouth next to his ear and whispered. "Then what....................................................................................... stud?"

He grunted - even growled before replying."Then we sell you. To our friends in south east asia. The kind that run brothels full of AIDS infected whores. You'll spend all day just being fucked by one man after another, after another until you've got nothing left to give - you're all used up." He said as he was close to cumming hard. 

I looked into his eyes. "Finish it."

He lowered his head into the nape of my neck. "You vanish. Without a trace. No one gets out alive."

I summoned my strength, raised my body up high and dropped down quickly twice. It was all he needed. 

He screamed loudly as he came deep inside of me, my arms wrapped around him. With my mouth next to his ear I whispered, "That's it....give me all of you. Pump your toxic seed deep inside of me." Let me feel you the way your wife never can. 

He pulsated hard a few more times, his muscle moving against the inside of me, filling me again with his cum. He whispered, "We're going to enjoy destroying you, cunt."

I waited until had gone soft, then I rolled off of him and back into my seat, keeping my legs closed tightly to keep in  his seed. "Not as much as I will, Jake. I'm definitely getting the better end of this deal."

Before drifting back off to sleep. 




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wow!  just like earlier comment....would so willingly accept my fate to end like this...to be handed off to Tony, for some even more intense experiences;  and now knowing that i'd end up in an Asian whorehouse, being used over and over..... I, too, would be getting the better end of this deal.

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I'm feeling terror, resolve... but mostly aching unrelenting need for cum and cock. I don't know if I could do what The Bitch does, but that's where the abduction comes in. I wouldn't have the choice.

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Fuck, it's all that I want, too. I would gladly do this, hand over my life for a life of a total cumdump truck stop whore doing nothing but let strangers breed me with their toxic seed.

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4 hours ago, Sexnmayhem said:

 It would make more sense if you added each chapter to the end of the original story versus creating a whole new thread

The reason I don't do that is because, to read the next chapter, people would have to read (or scan) through all the comments made by posters. It would be hard to find my next chapter. 

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9 hours ago, whore4poz said:

The reason I don't do that is because, to read the next chapter, people would have to read (or scan) through all the comments made by posters. It would be hard to find my next chapter. 

Actually, people can easily skip to the first unread post in a thread. That’s what the little icon that looks like two ovals next to the thread total does. 

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