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Young inexperienced Neg Jock gets used, trained and stealthed

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Justin had just broken up with another girlfriend.  This is the third one in a year and a half.  Struggling and fighting his urge to be with a guy, he had played with a few guys on vacation and in between girlfriends.  Sucked a dick here and there and jacked off with buds while they watched porn and even fucked two guys.  He had secretly hoped a couple of the jerk off buds had been interested in fucking him and often jacked off to it.  Most of the time Justin searched for guys online to talk to and jack off about and with.  One guy he was talking to Mark in California asked him if he had ever been on BBRT, just asked what that was and Mark told him he needed to check it out.  He sent him a user name and password, Mark used this account when he was whoring out a bottom and told Justin to use it for now it's paid for and check out all the hot guys there!  Let me know what you think?

Just spend the next three days searching profiles and he found lots of hot guys and really huge dicks on the site, he started reading the profiles and not just looking at the pictures and he found that a lot of the guys were POZ.  Just started to quickly close the profile once he realized a guy was POZ.  For the next three day he enjoyed BBRT and jacked off several times a day.  Mark hit him up while on BBRT from his profile.  The exchange is below:

Mark : Hey little slut, how is it going?  See anyone you want to fuck or get fucked by? 

Justin:  Yes, Justin had written down the names of several guys who he wanted to fuck him, he gave him three names!

Mark:  Nice, I see you want to get fucked.  You only sent me tops.  Good pics bud! Too bad they are are so far away. 

Justin:  Yea, I have never been fucked but really want to try it.

Mark:  Too bad I am not there, I would def help you out.

Justin: I have you on my list, your pics are amazing and that huge uncut dick makes me want to suck you till till you cum.

Mark: You would be on your knees in second of me walking into you place and I would be using your throat deep before I fuck and load you.

Justin : OMG that would be so hot, If you are ever here I want to do just that.

Mark: Be careful what you wish for!

Justin: I am so horny know, I really need to jack off but I have to go to work.  TTYL

Mark: Yes you will!

Mark starting searching form some guys to start breaking in little Justin.  The first guy Mark lined up was a young white guy with a thin 8 inch dick.  Mark sent him a message and a few others guys.  It was not long till his first choice hit him back saying, we are both tops not sure this will work.

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Mark sent Justin a message on BBRT and a text to his phone that said I sent you a message on BBRT, sign  inwhen you get home and look for a message from RockHard4hotass.  Justin text him back and asked a ton of questions but Mark just text him back and that he could not text right now but to text back and email both me and your new friends back as soon as you reed the messages. Got it?  Justin said Yes I will.  Justin tried to sign on his phone but could not remember the password he had it written down on his desk.  It was only two hours till he was off work but it felt like 10 hours when he was finally able to head to his car and head home.  Twenty minute drive and he could sign on finally.

Justin seemed to hit ever stop light, he pulled up in front of his house 25 minutes later and his neighbor Joe was out, Justin tried to rush into the house but Joe stopped him to talk about his lawn and how Justin backed up and ran over his grass at the corner of the drive.  WTF, is all Justin could think about but he quickly apologized and told Joe he would not do it again and rushed into his apartment.  Once inside he rushed to his computer and turned it on and pulled up BBRT and signed on.  There were 25 messages, Justin opened the email and found Mark's email. 

Mark:  Good boy, you are one horny fuck.  I can not be there but a good buddy is going to help you tonight.  Open his email and you must follow his instructions.  You will do that right boy.  Email me back that you agree and text me.  No questions, just be a good boy and help my buddy out. 

Justin paused and tried to think, he was rock hard and then a text came in.  It was from Mark, "Hey boy, I see you opened my email now send me an email back and text me that you will follow my buddies instructions and service him like the good little cock hound you are!" Got it?


Justin sent the email, saying wanted to help out his buddy and he would follow his instructions.  He then text Mark the same, Mark text back open his email he is horny as fuck and needs you!  Do it now! Justin text him back Okay!

He put the mouse over the email, he could see it read Slut you ready for some big dick!  Justin took a deep breath and opened the email. 

Slut boy, you have two minutes to send me your address, phone number.  If I do not hear from you in the next two minutes I will block you.  Justin emailed him back with his address and phone number and then went to look at his pictures.  Wow, this guy had a hot body and he was young and hung.  His profile says negative, what a relief Justin thought, then his phone buzzed.  Fuck Just looked at it and it had to be this guy, Slut I am heading over be there in 20 min.  Shower and clean out, I may want to taste that boy pussy.  Justin had only done enema's twice before and he remembered he had one from the three pack. Justin got undressed and grabbed it from under the sink and followed his guys instructions.

While he was cleaning up and out, Justin thought fuck what the hell am I doing.  His dick was rock hard and he finished up and slipped on a jock and a pair of basket ball shorts and a tank top.  Then his phone buzzed again.  I am two minutes away, I want the door unlocked, you on your knees, I want you in a jock and nothing else.  Justin Froze.  The guys text do you hear me?  Just text back okay.  Text me when you are on your knees in front of the door with your eyes looking at the floor.  Just quickly got in place and text him and it was not more than ten second later Justin hear the door open and he was so tempted to look up but he kept his gaze on the floor. 

He heard the guy say, fucking hot little slut!  Keep looking down, Justin did and he saw the guys feet come into site.  Work out shoes, maybe he had come from the gym?  Just soon felt the guys crotch against his head and the guy said look up a little and kiss my dick you fag.  Justin started to his the guys crotch, he was not sure he liked being called a fag but his dick was even harder for some reason.  Was this guy actually straight, OMG.  The guy let Justin kiss on his dick and balls and then he told Justin to suck his cock, Justin went to pull the guys short down and the guy slapped his head, Fucker I did not say take my shorts down, suck it right there like you have been kissing it.  Justin was annoyed that he had hit him so hard but his dick seemed to like it and Justin sucked away at the guys dick and then without notice the guys pulled on the sides of his shorts and let his dick flop out. 

This is what the little fag has wanted all day isn't it.  His and suck the head boy, Justin kissed the head and it was all cummy and then he licked it and sucked on it and took a little more in his mouth and really wanted to go deep but the guy held his head and said go slow faggot slut.  Good boy, Just could feel him getting harder the more he sucked.  The guy kicked off his shoes and said where is your bed fag?  Justin pointed, the guys said, don't look at me just turn toward your room and go to the end of your bed and get on yours knees just like you were when I walked in.  I will be right in.



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Justin waiting nervous yet excited kneeling facing the bed.  His jock framed his bubble ass and his hairless butt.  Brad Marks new found buddy walked in and said good slut boy, that ass look pretty nice there.  Bet that shit is hungry as he slipped between Justin and the bed and forced his cock deep in Justin's mouth.  Damn boy, you are one hungry slut!  Brad Spit on his hand and especially two fingers and started to rub the boys hole, Justin tried to squirm but the dick formed down his throat kept him in place and before long Brad slipped a finger and then two up Justin's tight ass. 

Fuck boy that is tight, you might be a virgin!  My lucky night!  Just thought, fuck he wants my ass.  I had not planned on that tonight,  Brand's fingers kept sliding in and out of Justin's ass and before long Justin was moaning and enjoying it.  Fucking whore, Brad said, as he kept finger fucking Justin and involuntary moans kept vibrating on Brad's dick and this low moan escaped Justin's lips.  Brad pulled his hips back and slid his dick out and his fingers and told Justin to get up on all four on the edge of the bed.  Justin hesitated and Brad slapped the back of hid head hard and just quickly got into place.  Just was still dizzy and his head hurt while Brad put a bottle under his noise and said inhale.  WTF Justin thought, I do not do drugs nut quickly inhaled not wanting to get hit again.   Brad moved it to the other nostril and he said whore inhale, Justin followed three more time so each nostril took three hits and then Brad put the cap on it and pressed Justin's face into the bed and spit three times on Justin's hole and then on his hand and lubed up his dick and started to press his dick into Justin and slowly he opened the kid up and Justin started to whimper and say you have a condom on right? 

Without saying a work Brad put a pillow over Justin's head and started to fuck him relentlessly.  Brad called him a dirty whore, fucking cum slut and cock hungry queer before shooting a huge load in Justin.  The popper's had warn off and Justin's ass was sore.  Brad kept fucking the boy, Justin thought he would have stopped after cumming in his ass but Brad was working up another load and after another five minutes she shot another load into the boy.  With that he lifted the pillow and bend down and whispered, little slut you know know what your hole was made for.  Be ready in an hour a buddy of mine needs your little slut hole!

Justin wanted to shake his head no but just stayed right there and waited as Brad pulled his dick out and he said Beautiful little whore cunt on you.  You will be just like this when my buddy walks in and I text you.  Then he slapped his head again and said, don't fucking make me hurt you boy.  Do as your are told and you will have a great time! Leave my cum in your ass boy and I want you to text me after my buddy leaves!  Do you hear me?  Just said Yes, in a soft voice.  Good little whore, then Brad slapped his ass and left the room and got dressed and Justin heard the door shut and eased himself off the bed and slipped on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.  He text Mark and did not get a response and then fired up BBRT and send him a message. 

Justin wrote:

Mark I sent you a text, in about 50 minutes another guy is going to be here to fuck me.  I really was not ready to get fucked but your buddy who came over fucked me and came inside me twice and he is really rough.  I am not sure what to do, I feel like I should lock the door and take a shower.  I need to talk to you please hit me back.

Justin text again 30 min later. 

Mark I only have 20 minutes, please tell your friend not to send his friend. 

Brad text Justin ten minutes later and said:  Slut boy, you still have my cum in your cunt?

Justin, Yes.

Brad: That is Sir to you.

Justin: Yes Sir.

Brad: Good Whore Boy, you ready for more cum?

Justin: Silence

Brad: Boy do not make me come over there and hurt you.

Justin: Yes Sir.

Brad: Not that is my whore boy! 

Brad: My buddy just text he is five minutes away, go get on your bed in that jock,  Take your phone.

Justin: Yes Sir.  (Justin's heard was beating hard and he legs were shaking)

Brad: He just parked he is coming in.

Justin: I am ready Sir.

Justin heard the door open and close, then steps toward his room and then a belt, zipper and pants dropping. It was dead silent and then Justin felt a hand on his back and then a blindfold was slipped on.  then the guy walked around got in front of Justin and it sound like he was texting on his phone and snapped a couple pictures.  Then more pictures and texting from the rear and the guy pulled Justin's checks apart and said nice cummy hole boy.  Then he felt the guy grab his angle and slip what felt like a thick angle bracelet and the the other ankle and then both wrist.  It was then that Justin heard the door open and close.  His first thought was that Brad, he hard steps toward the bedroom and then a guy undressing while the first guy tied his arms to the headboard. Then the first guy got in place and fed Justin his cock.  Fat uncut cock, had to be eight inches.  Justin began to suck on his cock and the other guy started to eat his cummy hole.  Justin loved that feeling but thought fuck is that guy really eating cum out of my ass, the guy tongue fucked him and then pulled off, spit on his hand and he lubed up his cock and started to slide in. 


OMG Justin thought as this big dick tried to invade his cummy hole,  Without poppers it hurt like hell, then the guy stopped and he felt a finger but if felt really sharp and then the finger pulled out and then another.  Fuck that hurt and suddenly Justin felt relaxed and warm.  The guy pressed his dick against Justin's hole and slowly pressed inch after inch in until all nine inches were inside Justin.  Fuck that is some good whore pussy the guy fucking him said, slowly sliding all the way out and then driving back in and he fucked like this for ten minutes and then said greedy bitch wants my cum.  Fucking take it bitch and with he shot his load in the boy. 

He pulled out and told Mike, I know know his name is Mike Justin thought, thank bud that was a great piece of ass.  Text my buddy it was his turn!  Mike said invite whoever you want. The door opened and closed and in walked a tall skinny white guy, he quickly dropped his pants and his dick was rock hard in no time had to be 10 to 11 inches.  He spread Justin's legs further and slapped his thick dick on Justin cummy hole and then slide his cock slowly to the base.  The guy fucking Justin's mouth pulled out and Justin gasped and moaned, whispered OMG, please fuck me, you feel so good and muck more.  Most of it was inaudible but after two minutes of fucking the guy whit the magic dick show a huge load in the boy.  The guy said dude, that is one fucking hot hole.  I will be in back in an hour to drop another load.  Then he pulled out and got dressed and headed for the door. 




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Justin was still flying and wondering where the other guy was and then he hard to door open and several footsteps toward him.  Thank go he thought, Justin was so horny and needed some dick.  He could not believe how amazing it felt and wanted more.  The blindfold was still on so he did not even turn around to see and his hands were still bound.  Justin's ass was still tingling as a finger touched his cummy hole and started to rub and then the finger popped inside.  Justin gasped and then the finger was removed and he felt it against his hole and that sharp pain as the finger slide deep inside him.  He thought fuck is that guy back and then out and another sharp pain as the finger was inserted again just as Justin pushed his ass back and arched his back a dick slapped his face.  Then the guy said Fucker open your mouth in a rough raspy voice. 

This guy must have thought Justin was talking too long as he slapped his head harder than Brad had. Justin opened his mouth and the guy slapped his fat dick on Justin's tongue and the guy said stay right there.  The guy slowly slide his cock into Justin as a guy got in place behind Justin after spitting on his ass and then as the guy started to press his fat dick against Justin's hole the guy with his dick in Justin's mouth grabbed his head and he impaled Justin on his dick as the guys grabbed his hips and shoved his dick in without mercy. The boy was partied up but not ready for two beer can dicks roosting roughly and tearing his ass up and stretching his throat.  Justin was in pain and he could could not breath, he tried to pull of the big thick cock but the guy held him as the guy behind him piston fucked him. Then the guy holding his head let go and pulled back enough for Justin to gasp and cough and eventually caught his breath and then a a smack harder than the first. 

Fucking whore, get back over here and suck this dick, Justin obeyed and got the cock back in his mouth and tried to suck on it but the guy wanted more and grabbed his head and shoved it down on his dick and slowly fucked Justin's throat and Justin tried to relax but his ass was hurting as the guy behind him started to pick up the pace and two minutes later the guy fucking him shoved in deep, deeper than he had been before and shot his load.  Justin hoped he would pull out but the guy just stayed there pulsing his dick, Then he said, fuck you are every bit the whore my buddy said you would be.  I am gonna go hop in the shower and rinse off while the guy fucking your throat takes his turn.  He is thicker then I am but make sure that throat is ready for me when I get out of the shower slut! 

The guy slowly fucking his throat pulled out and Justin again gasped and coughed and finally started to breath normally.  The guy said fucker, one day you will be able to really deep throat me.  You will learn and another slap against the head not as hard as the last time, Justin said Yes Sir quickly, finally boy the guy said and then he opened a bottle of popper and put them under the kids nose and said inhale slut, Justin did and the guy went to each nostril and soon Justin was flying.  Then Justin was fed a straw and told to drink and he did, it tasted like some terrible generic grape punch.  He hesitated but the guy said drink it all, between the poppers, G and the T up his ass Justin was again feeling so horny and ready to be fucked. 

Justin was so horny, he said please fuck me Sir.  Boy you will get fucked soon enough.  Justin's ass was tingling and he was press back trying to find some dick. Poor horny cum slut, I have a big dick for you, hope you are really ready for it.  The guy got off the bed and Justin felt legs pressing his legs to open up and then he felt a fat dick against his ass. He wanted to push back but his hole was fighting to open up.  Justin thought fuck, that feels so much bigger then the dick I had down my throat and the pressure intensified and then he pulled off.  Poppers when under Justin's nose again and he inhaled and while he was inhaling and flying the pressure began again.  Justin make a loud animal sound like a moose or some load bellowing moan as the dick at his anus stretched this hole and slowly pressed inside him. 

Oh fuck he whispered, I can't, please stop....  Then after about three minutes of pressure the guy bottomed out inside Justin.  The poppers hit again and the guy begin to slowly pump a little inside Justin's hole.  Tight as fuck the guy said, give him some more to drink!  The key kept pulsing back and fourth hardly moving, the straw appeared and the guys said drink fucker, he recognized that voice it was the guy he had in his throat, just swallowed it all and calm started to come over him and he wondered if the guy he sucked gave him the juice who was in his ass?  The popper appeared again and he was made to take eight hits and the guy behind said fuck that did it bro.

Justin felt relaxed and the guy in his ass started sliding in and out more and Justin began to moan, softly at first and then louder.  OMG I love that big dick, fuck me please.  Then a slap against the side of his head and he immediately said Sir!  Sorry Sir.  Now open up that cunt for my buddy and give your ass to him! Here me boy and with that Justin quickly said yes Sir.  Good whore the guy said, the guy was pumping deep and long and opening Justin up.  Justin could hear the guys dick making squishing sound as he fucked his hole and then the poppers again, Justin was flying and before long he opened up enough and the guy fucking him bellowed holly fuck take that load you fucking bitch and shot in Justin.

He slowly pulsed his dick for another minute and then pulled out and thirty seconds passed and he shoved it back in and Justin gasped.  Fuck that hurt he thought.... 

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Justin felt like he needed more poppers or something, why did this guy not pull out now that he came.  The longer he kept his fat dick lodged in Justin's hole the more it hurt.  Then poppers were put under his right nostril and he inhaled deeply then the left.  Still hurt but Justin kept doing it and after the sixth his boy pussy started to open up and the guy lodged in his ass said, fuck that pussy is hungry.  You need more cum boy?  I have been working up another load as your tight ass kept pulsing on my fat dick.  You have not idea what your ass feels like, dude it is better than a pussy! 

Justin began to whisper fuck me please Sir, I need your cum Sir.  Good boy, I love a cum hungry boy!  Popper one more time and then the guy who stretched Justin's throat what seemed like forever slapped Justin's lips with his fat cummy dripping dick.  Boy, hope you have learned hot to throat a dick, open that fucking mouth. Justin opened his mouth and the guy grabbed his head and shoved it deep on his dick and Justin had not even had time to take a deep breath.  The guy started slow fucking his throat with deep thrust and he hard him him say he is ready and then the guy slapped the side of Justin head really hard his ear started to ring and Said Fucker you better not bite my dick or use your teeth as the guy fucking him started pulling almost all the way out and then slamming his dick back inside.

Justin felt like he was being town in two, he grunted and moaned on the guys dick fucking his throat and he almost forgot he needed to breath.  This went on for three minutes then the guy fucking his throat must have sensed that he was about to pass out and he pulled out long enough for Justin to gasp and then shoved his dick back in and started fucking his throat and four minutes later the guy fucking his ass shot again and shoved his dick deep in Justin and pulsed eight ropes of cum and then slowly pulled out.  A minute later the guy fucking his throat shot down it and Just felt rope after rope draining down his throat.  The guy pulled out and plugged Justin's nose and made him swallow.  The guy in his ass pulled out and Justin felt so empty they both got dressed talking to each other but not to Justin.  Then Just felt something really thick as his anus and lots of pressure and a minutes later a fat but plug slipped in Justin and it felt amazing.  The guy did not say anything as the two guys talked all the way to to the door and then Justin felt his wrist being unfastened and the guy said, don't fucking move until you hear the door close.  Two minutes later the door closed and Justin collapsed on the bed with his blindfold still on. 

Justin slipped off the blindfold and rolled off the bed.  His ass was so full, he walked to the living room where the computer was up and he could see BBRT was up and Mark had been imming Dan the guy who put the butt plug in, he could see that was the last thing typed.  Just read the IM's.

Dan - Mark the kid is one horny little slut.

Mark - I knew this one was gonna be a good one.

Dan - Don't get me wrong the kid still needs training but he has started calling me Sir!

Justin went to scroll down and the screen closed.  Fuck, he quickly signed and and the im was gone.  He looked for Mark and could not find him but there was a message from Mark.

Hey boy, sounded like you were backing out so I sent my buddy Dan over to help you and make sure you gave up that pretty little whore ass of yours.  Let me know how it went! Justin sat there and thought wow this was an amazing night and just about the time he was going to reply a private message came up.

The message read:

Need cum dump bottom for a party downtown on the weekend.  Just a hot boy ready to take loads all night.  Party favors will be given to the little slut who gets picked.  Let use know if you would like to be in the running!  You must be able to take large dicks and lots of cum!  Justin felt his dick tingle but did not get hard and he started playing with it trying to get hard. Felt amazing but it was still soft.


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Justin was still flying and horny as fuck, he sent a message back and said he was interested in being considered!  Told them he was a new bottom but could take really big dick.  That he was neg and and clean.  Justin looked at this guys profile, damn there were some really huge dicks, black, brown and white ones.   He played with his tina dick and then started looking at others around.  Another message came in and he immediately went to see if it was about the party but it was not. 

Justin opened it and this one read,  Boy a couple of our mates are getting married Next weekend, his best men need a party favor to pass around and breed.  Hit me up if you are free and can travel to our hotel?  We are military, frat and gym guys with big dicks who need some boy pussy to get off in.  Can you take DP?  Deep throat?  large dildos?

Justin's tina dick was leaking as he responded:

Hey, you guys sound really hot.  I am pretty new to bottoming but just took some really big dick tonight.  Have a very large butt plug in holding the cum inside.  I am totally down to be with some hot military, frat and gym guys.  Not sure what DP is but I am sure I can take some large dildos.  Justin hit send and he saw a email and opened it.  It was from the first guy Justin started to read it.

I thought you were going to be a good one, the guy wrote.  You have a slot for a try out, be at 1241 Marks Street, it is a warehouse and the door marked B will be unlocked.  Come in and you will find a single locker to put your clothes in and once you are naked proceed to orange door and you will find a small bench between glory holes. The smaller hole is for your head and the larger one for your ass.  You must be there at 3 pm or you loose your spot!  Got it?

Justin quickly emailed back and said yes SIr.  What is the tryout can you tell me more.  and the email back was good, make sure your ass is good can clean and you are ready to deep throat, you will be given supplies to help so no need to bring anything.  No more questions, be there if you want to have a chance to come to our GB as the guest of honor.  Just sent a reply back that said Yes Sir I will be there.  Then he notice the guy signed off.  The other guy had not sent back a replay but that was the following weekend.

There was an email and Justin was so excited.  He opened it and it was an address. Be there in 20 minutes and wear a jock and some gym shorts and a t-shirt.  Don't right the bell or knock just walk in,  Lights will be low and get on all four on the twin mattress on the floor and slip the blindfold on,  Email me when you leave, Justin wanted to tell him he had a butt plug in and ask if he should leave it in or take it out.  The guy said no emails and his place was about a five minute walk.  Just hopped in the shower and  showered and worked hard at trying to get the plug out and finally it popped out and all kinds of cum and some blood shot out of his ass and ran down the drain.  Justin cleaned out again and more cum and blood shot out.  One more time and just water and cum shot out.  He dried off and slipped on a clean jock and gym shorts and a t-shirt and shot an email that he was on his way. 




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