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High School wasn't bad for me. I graduated in 2003 from a suburb of Dallas. I was skinny, toned, and had a great butt. I worked out constantly, but never got too muscled. I played basbeall and hung out with my teammates mostly. I always had a girlfriend. I was over 6' tall and had blond hair in a tight fade. I kept my body shaved. Looking back on it, I don't know how everyone thought I was straight. With the exception of my low voice and athletic tendencies, I fit the stereotypical mold for a twink.

I watched a ton of porn. It started out pretty normal... a girl playing with herself... then a guy doing her missionary... then some kinky shit... then one day, I saw two dudes fucking, and my dick sprang to attention. It was forbidden. Risky. Primal. I was hooked. I loved imagining I was taking a big dick while I stroked. I couldn't get enough of the videos. I used to sneak out of my room at night and watch porn until 3 or 4 in the morning.

I started on yahoo messenger looking at the m4m rooms. I didn't figure anyone would want to chat with an 18 year old who was still in high school, so I made up a persona. "Brian" was 21 and in college and looking for fun. I used my own pics, but never showed my face. People were more careful back then, and I didn't want to get outed.

Late one night I got a ping right as I was about to cum from some guy named Eric who lived about 10 minutes away. He was abrupt, and a little rude, and really hot. He was in his 30's with a 5 o clock shadow. Fit. And a nice dick. He didn't seem to give a fuck about anything except getting off, which was a turn on. I stroked harder and harder and came. I shut down the computer and went to bed. That night I had a dream about him.

-to be continued-

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