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My younger friend is 21, hot twink, loves being shared with dads and bears, is neg and on prep (for now)  has a big soft spot for verbal kinky poz dads/bears 50+ into group sex where we pound him and pass him around.  If you participate in group with him and both feel a connection, he is polyamorous and likes to form emotional, intimate bonds and relationships with poz men into neg boys



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    • By putitinmecoach
      It was a beautiful summer day in rural northwest Georgia. Jay had rushed through his chores on the family dairy farm, anxious to enjoy the rest of this glorious day without the restraints of the normal grind of agricultural life.
      The fences were fixed, it was too soon to start cutting hay and pending any farm auctions that his dad failed to mention, Jay would have the day to himself. He rushed back to the house to change into some fresh jeans and a t-shirt and grabbed his bike.
      Soon he was coasting on the down the road with the wind in his face and the promise of a nice dip in the swimming hole a mile further in the valley below their farm. As he approached the swimming hole he could hear the inviting sounds of the water spilling from the culvert into the waiting pool. He stashed his bike in the roadside underbrush and was soon sliding down the bank and peeling out of his shirt.
      Jay was a handsome young man. Having just turned 18, he wished his body would catch up with his adult age. He was thin but solid, five foot ten, red cropped hair and blue eyes that were as deep as the perfect sky above him. He was probably 140 pounds soaking wet and he longed to be more bulked up like the man he felt he was. Jay was a smooth and his stomach was flat as the smooth slate rocks at the bottom of the swimming hole. His arms and legs were lean and strong from the work that he performed around the farm.
      He was soon under the shelter of the culvert where a person could stand without hitting the top of the tall and wide metal spiral that gave way to the watercourse of the creek that ran under the road above. It was a perfect place for a swimming hole as the water would pour from the culvert and drive an ever deeper hole in the center of the damned up water way. Jay could feel the sun on his chest and he stretched gloriously in the fresh country air, his nipples responding to the playful breeze. He leaned to remove his shoes and now felt the sun on his back. He set his shirt and shoes to the dry side of the culvert and began to unbutton and unzip his pants. He took his time and let the sun find each new inch of his exposed skin until he was now fully naked at the edge of this cave like shelter. The breeze licked at his growing bush of pubic hair and tickled at his young balls. It wasn't long before he was totally erect with the combination of the breeze and the sun hitting his white and rarely exposed midsection.
      Without another thought, he dived into the pool of water and immediately felt the chill of his skin going pocked with goose bumps as the cold spring fed stream surrounded him. He emerged from the water and laid back in the water and floated on his back. He laughed as he looked over himself, seeing his still erect cock jutting out like a periscope. He loved seeing his naked wet body. It made his lean body look leaner as he was impressed with the state of his growing muscles.
      After a short swim and a good hand scrub to remove the sweat and grime from his morning work, Jay lay on the larger flat rocks near the waters edge and let the sun and breeze dry his now frigid body. As the sun hit him full on, Jay was tempted to stroke out a load from his cut seven inch cock right then and there but the sound of chattering voices could be heard in the distance and he knew he wouldn't be alone for much longer.
      He trapeezed his way across the rocks and gravel with his bare feet, climbed up into the culvert and threw on his clothes as fast as he could. Before anyone came in sight Jay was off down the road on his bike and pedaling for all he was worth for the adventures that awaited him. He would take the old road that led into Alabama and then make a right to the yet unexplored side roads of what was known in the area as 'four corners'. Being a bit of a loner, he wasn't at all sad to leave behind the reverie of the oncoming kids that he could have spent the day with.
      Jay began to long again for the refreshment of the swimming hole as he pumped and worked his body to capture the top of the hill he now drove along. The relief to his young strong thighs and calves was wonderful as he finally made the top. Just in the short thirty minutes of biking he was already sweating and he wiped his forehead with the back of his arm as he surveyed his surroundings. Unseen to him before when he had come this way was an unexplored road that he had thought before was a driveway. Now it was clear that this was indeed a road and it led down an inviting hill and into the outside edges of the pinewood forests that filled this area.
      This is exactly what he had hoped to find. A new road to somewhere but who knows where? He pedaled to the head of the road and then began his decline into the forest ahead. Once again the breezes of the day whisked his sweat away and the scent of evergreens and new leaves filled his lungs. As he entered the forest he could see at the base of the hill a dog watching the road and then an ascending hill beyond this threatening guardian. He started to pump as hard as he could to gain as much speed as possible. He would need it to capture the next hill and stay well enough ahead of this looming dog. True to form the dog was a chaser and Jay easily passed him and flew up the hill beyond his territory where he gave up and trotted home.
      At the top of the next hill Jay relaxed again and slowed down to take in the beauty of this Georgia summer. The road flattened out now and wound through the pinewood trees. Every once in a while a chained driveway gave indication of someones summer camp. Up ahead Jay could see a sign along the road that actually stated that the road was closed. It should have been obvious to him as the road was in poor repair and there were plenty of rocks and potholes to dodge in the dark earthen path that steadily grew worse. The further he went, the worse the road became. Curiosity drove him ever further and the cool shade beneath the trees was a welcomes change from the bright summer sun on the more main roads.
      Jay's mind began to wander a little as he mechanically plodded ahead on his bike. At times he had to actually walk through and it was in one of these walking sections that jay noticed trash that littered the side of the road. It seemed to be someones dump deep in this wooded area. Jay dropped his bike on the roadside and began to weave his way through the scattered patch of woods. He soon found a smoked out fire pit, filled with charred wood and crushed beer cans. It was someones party spot. Jay then looked around at what he thought must be paper plates and napkins until the image of naked bodies began to form in his vision. It wasn't paper plates at all but a collection of pornography literally everywhere he looked. He leaned over to pick one up and his blood went cold. This wasn't just any porn, it was gay porn. This wasn't someones party spot, it was the scene one hell of a good orgy by the look of things.
      Being as young as he was, he only imagined this kind of stuff. To know it actually happened made his dick go instantly hard. In a frantic rush of excitement, Jay went from spot to spot finding more and more gay pornography strewn everywhere. Less than an hour from his home on bike, somewhere in a night long passed, a gay orgy had gone on in this very spot. He could feel the precum rise to the top of his hardened cock.
      Hours had passed and Jay would have never guessed it. he sat amongst the gay porn mags he had collected from the woods and goggled at page after page of the hottest naked men he had ever seen. His loins stirred for release as he read about the things they did with each other. Cocks were sucked, holes were licked and fucked. Descriptions of cum faced bottoms and alpha male tops breeding and conquering the more submissive men. Jay was going nowhere until he had gotten his fill of this glorious treasure trove of gayness. The feelings that he had felt through his younger years were now being confirmed. This was what he preferred too! He wished he could have hidden in the forest and watched and learned in person what he was now educating himself with. He was going to have to stroke one out. His balls ached for release. Two hours of hardcore eyeballing naked pages and reading about the life of gay men was too much for his young sex drive.
      As he turned to another page with yet another glorious naked man laid out in front of him, Jay heard a crack of twigs in the woods somewhere nearby. He leaped to his feet and ran for his bike but instead smacked straight into the arms of a man that had been watching him for some time. Jay apologized for trespassing and struggled to get away but the two dark haired arms held him fast.
      'No rush to be leaving' said the man. 'Looks like you were enjoying yourself. This hard pole between your legs seems to confirm that' purred the man.
      Jay looked up into his rugged handsome face and just stammered words of completely unformed recognition. The man released his grip on Jays arm and placed it now on Jays hard cock and squeezed it through his jeans. Jay winced and yet felt himself melting into this mans embrace, whether hostile or friendly. The roving hand then moved to his tight young ass and pressed it between his large fingered hands. 'Nice' said the stranger, 'Very nice.'
      With that the man took Jays arm and twisted it behind his back. His other hand moved over Jays mouth and Jay could feel himself being forced forward into the deeper forest. They walked for what seemed to be twenty minutes. A cabin stood ahead of them and Jay could see a couple figures on the porch leaned against the wall with booted feet resting on the railings. 'Look what I found boys' trumpeted the man that held him. The two men on the porch dropped their chairs to the porch floor and stood up to get a better view. The stranger then kicked the back of Jays heels and sent him reeling backwards to the ground, landing firmly on his quivering ass. The two men sauntered off the porch and headed towards them. His captive pulled up his leg and slipped his tennis shoe and sock easily off his foot and then repeated the action with the other foot like a pop tab on a beer can. The two men coming towards them were now grinning from ear to ear.
      'Nice one Bobby' they said together.
      'I caught him at the end of the driveway rifling through our party favors' laughed the first man.
      'Looks like he really likes what he found too.' Bobby now pulled me to my feet and pushed me over to a large tree on the side of the cabin clearing.
      He reached in front of me and lifted my t-shirt off my shaking body and then indicated to the other guys to each take an arm. I have never been a tree hugger but I now knew that I must have looked like one as they pulled my arms around the base of the tree and began tying my hands together on the opposite side with my shirt.
      Once I was secure I felt the big hot hands of Bobby probing my bare skin. His touch was like electricity and what I could see of him was heaven. His hairy arms were every bit the kind of manly arms I aspired to have. Those burly arms then reached down for my zipper and soon my bare ass was to the wind and my hard cock was up against the tree that I was now tied to. He lifted each leg in turn and pulled my jeans from me and then I was completely vulnerable and as naked as I have ever felt in my life. My head was not secured so I was able to look at all of them in turn and from what I could see they were all sold stocky well built men, two of them dark haired and one of them blonde. They all grinned at me and somehow I knew I would be alright despite what this seemed to be turning into.
      Now each of them began stripping. Hard cocks were soon bouncing up out of jeans and briefs, protruding out of the hairiest crotches I could have ever hoped to see. Just a few short hours ago I was seeing my first gay porn, now I was seeing it in person. Three sets of hands began fondling every inch of my body. I could feel full hairy chests rub against my shoulders or hairy legs brush against my bare ass and thighs. The warmth of their rough hands made me dizzy with pleasure and fear all at the same time.
      Soon they all backed up from me a couple of feet and I wasn't sure what would happen next. Then I felt the hot liquid sensation of hot water being jetted all over my ass and legs and back. They were pissing on my like dogs on a fire hydrant. The smell hit my nose like a pheromone and enraged me with lust.
      'You are marked territory now' said Bobby. 'The three of us have just marked you as ours and you are now our bitch.'
      I trembled but said nothing.
      'You found him' said one of the porch sitters, 'You should have first dibs.'
      I could then feel Bobby's probing hands split my dripping pissed-on ass and a single finger penetrate my hole. I was wet with both sweat and piss and when Bobby's furry body spooned up against me I could feel the end of his hard cock begin to slide into my trapped body. The pain was incredible at first but slowly I began to feel the heady sensation of pleasure as Bobby thrust in and out of my asshole. I could feel his sweat through his chest hair and its strong smell and he pounded away at my ass. After ten or so minutes of his working my ass he drove it deep into me and steadily increased his speed until he yelled out with pleasure and his balls shot ropes of seed into my worked over ass.
      Bobby pulled out and immediately a new scent hit my nose of the blonde guy as he took position and soon added his sperm load to Bobbys. The third guy must have been the biggest as I could feel the uncomfortable pain of stretching begin again. I was soon accustomed to this new cock and took his load as well without a word of complaint. Had I not been suspect of my own gay feelings this afternoon would have been nightmarish. As it was, I couldn't imagine somewhere that I would rather be.
      My virgin ass was now the property of three rugged men out in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. I carried their loads in my body and was dripping in their piss. It came then as a suprise to me that all three of them all of a sudden just picked up their clothes and headed for the cabin. I was left alone, tied to the tree with the sun at about two o'clock and me beginning to worry that I would never see home again.
      I tried to pass what seemed like eons remembering the events of the last hour. I had never seen such beautiful hairy men before. The blonde one was my favorite. His light hair against his tan skin was like a fuzzy peach, ripe and meaty. It made me want to pass out knowing I now carried that hot blondes spunk inside me like the bitch they told me I was. Bobby was probably the hairiest of the them and the sensation of his hairy body against me put me into orbit. The third guy was shorter but he more than made up for it with his large cock breeding me and stretching me further than the other two. I began to think maybe I needed to yell for them to let me go but somehow I didn't want to go. So I stood and waited for what would happen next.
      It didn't take long before I could hear trucks on the distant road. Unseen to me was a road through the woods that these trucks seemed to know. I could hear them coming closer and closer. I strained to turn and watch them approach. One had three men in the cab while the other had three in its cab and two in the truck bed. All of them were beefy solid country men from 30 to maybe 50 and it was obvious now to me why the other three had left. They had been busy collecting the rest of their party group to come try out their new bitch.
      Out on the porch the three came, whooping and laughing as the trucks unloaded. After rounds of chatter, hugging and back slapping the attention was now on me. I could feel the heat of eleven men staring holes through my body. I could hear them approach as leaves and twigs crunched under their shoes. I could hear the sounds of belts being undone, zippers coming down and clothes being stripped and dropped. My dick raged against the tree bark as I anticipated the oncoming scene.
      I felt the hot heat of piss. It was unending this time. I seemed to come from every direction. I felt my ass being pulled apart again and a new sensation hit me like a warm wave of bath water as a scruffy face buried itself in my ass and rimmed me into heady pleasure with a very talented tongue. It soon gave way to fresh air as he pulled away and then new pain as my ass was reopened for my fourth cock of the night.
      I could tell the afternoon was getting late as I stood there taking dick after dick. Each man came to a climax to the whoops of his buddies and the eventual breeding of my captive ass. It was as if the forest had turned to men and I was the only bitch within miles to mate with. My belly was full of seed. The sensation left me feeling like I had to piss and shit all at the same time. I had long given up and pissed on the tree while I was being fucked. Each time a cock was pulled out I could feel the cum slowly release from my well used hole and run down the inside of my legs.
      The last dick to approach my hole was Bobby. I knew it was him as soon as his arms went up on the tree again and his scent caught my recognition. Without even guiding his cock he slid into me like we were a matched set and he then gave me my 19th and final load of the day. When he was done, I felt his hairy torso collapse against my back and he kissed my neck with lingering affection. 'I know you won't tell anyone about this because I know you want more.' He whispered. I knew he was right. He then untied my hands and gave me my shirt. 'It's getting dark, you better start home' he suggested.
      I turned for the first time and looked straight on into the faces of the eleven men that had just given me a day in my life I never dreamed possible. They ranged from dark hair to blonde. A couple were bald and stood naked under the fading sun in all their glory. Some were shorter and one was a strapping 6' 5' or better. Everyone of them was beautiful and memorized in my mind.
      The blonde guy from the porch then walked up to me and knelt before me. My dick was soon enveloped into the velvety smoothness of his hot mouth. Each of the guys surrounded us and some played with my body while others kissed me. One of the bald men spread my ass and began rimming me again. Never once did they let me cum and now I was being rewarded in grand fashion as they heaped their collective sexual thanks unto my body. I began to tense up and breathe fast. The blonde pulled his mouth from my cock as ropes of cum shot three feet into the air in front of me, some hitting those that stood too close. The sensation of my pent up desire issued out of me like rushes of waves on an ocean beach.
      When the last blast left my body, Bobby handed me a pile of snap shots from an instant camera.
      'Here's a little something to keep under your pillow.' he said. 'We are having a party next Friday at 7 and I hope you'll come back.' A picture of every man fucking my hole and candids of the guys standing around watching filled my grateful hands. 'The road is right there. Just follow it out and you'll find your bike waiting right where you left it.' said Bobby.
      With that he kissed me and handed me the remainder of my clothes. I didn't even bother to dress. I just carried them numbly in my hands and headed towards the road. Just before I got to the road I dressed and painfully climbed unto my bike. It was a no brainer to hit the swimming hole one more time when I arrived. The fresh cold water brought me to my senses and I let my first sexual experience wash to the back of my mind to be hidden and stored for many a night of recollection. I felt like a fish that had been caught and shown off like a trophy and then returned to its watery home. I was a 'catch and release!' Supper never tasted so good and next Friday could not come soon enough.
    • By Texasbislut82
      Looking at taking a trip to Washington DC end of October. Would stay at Washington plaza and hit up Meriden Park for anon loads, bathhouse and p street beach. Looking for anon pnp tops to fill me up with seed. Like to be blindfolded and stealthed drugged and whored out. Finally getting out from Covid lockdown and need to get broken back in.
      Whose intrested? 
    • By Akoor
      This is part 1 of a fictional story. It's fairly raunchy and filthy so read the tags before proceeding. Subsequent parts will be based on reader's desires so feel free to leave comments, feedbacks and your most twisted kinks that you want to read going forward in this story.
      Today marks three years since my life changed for the better. When you read my story going forward, you might argue if I'm truly better off. It would be a valid argument except what you wouldn't understand is that, secretly, this is exactly what I had wanted all my life and more.
      But I'm getting ahead of myself.
      August 2017 (3 years ago)
      My life was awesome. Back then, I was Ian Connelly, the successful CMO of one of the largest consulting firms in the world. At 35, I was rich, successful and the poster boy for American capitalism. I had played by the rules, worked my ass off and had achieved everything I had set out to do. People loved me, they wanted to be with me, they wanted to be me, they looked up to me and craved my company in their life.
      The other advantage of success was the constant availability of sex. Women, men, trans, queer- whatever I was in the mood for, a few phone calls and I could have someone delivered to my door. I could do what I want with little accountability and by god, did I love it.
      And yet, I wasn't truly happy. There was something I wanted but I was too afraid to seek it. Afraid of opening that door and stepping into a life I so desperately craved, and yet terrified of.
      I wanted to be pozzed. I wanted to be a slave.
      I wanted to be a poz slave.
      It had been a fantasy since my undergrad days. A desire that had translated to hours on the internet seeking porn and discussions that scratched that itch. And over the years, that fantasy got darker and more fucked up.
      I wanted to be pozzed by an ugly beast. A man far removed from society's notion of acceptable behavior who would take me in his arms and give me a place to kneel next to his feet. A man so disgusting, that the idea of him would make people shudder in disgust. His audacity for filth would be a natural barrier to any person and yet, he would do nothing to change the way he was.
      Just picturing someone like him would make my dick throb. That fantasy got worse over the years and it delved deeper into some very fucked up desires.
      I wanted to be blackmailed into getting pozzed. Blackmailed by such a man to be pozzed by him and be his slave or be outed as a closeted, repressed bug chaser sub.
      It was just a fantasy. Until it wasn't anymore.
      I had been browsing the internet for some pozzing videos in one of the popular HIV forums. My desires were clearly stated in my profile but despite countless messages from many guys over the years, I had never acted on them. I had fun chatting with guys, telling them what I wanted while I jerked off and blew my load.
      When I saw a message from a new user called 'Pig-Farmer', I figured it would be a fun way to get off. We exchanged pleasantries and a few body pics. His user name was apt because the man looked like a pig. I didn't see his face but he was clearly big, burly and hairy. Piercings and tattoos adorned his hairy body but what really piqued my interest was the scorpion tattoo on his neck and the biohazard symbol above his groin. I sent him photos of my naked muscled fuzzy front and back, with a clear shot of my parted ass cheeks and visible hole.
      He responded with a photo of his dick.
      Actually, it wasn't a dick. It was a weapon of mass destruction. Not very long (about 7-7.5 inches but wider than a beer can. Dark veins covered the length of his manhood and it all ended at a dark pink head with a frenum, ampallang, lorum and a PA (I know all about cock piercings). The sight of his cock made my mouth water and my ass throb.
      Then he sent me a pic of his ass and it made me lose my mind.
      It wasn't just that he had a furry, big ass (which he most certainly did), but it looked dirty. The sight of it, while revolting to most, made me swoon. Picturing myself between them, my tongue lapping at that disgusting beautiful hole was all I wanted and I wanted it bad.
      We exchanged a bunch of messages after that and I got the sense he didn't have this happen to him often when someone would seek his company despite seeing him in all his glory. He wasn't very chatty but he was unapologetically filthy. 
      This was the start of a beautiful online friendship that lasted for two months. He would send me pics of his dirty cock, all slimy and cheesy, that would make my cock harden and ooze. In exchange, I would send him pics of my bubble butt. Sometimes, I'd be at work when he'd tell me to send him pics so I'd take off my trousers and send him ass pics, wearing business formals on top and showing off my hole.
      Eventually, I sent him pics of my face. He never asked for them but during the time I had been talking to him, a connection had been established. I trusted him but most importantly, I wanted him to know who I was. He never showed me his face and I didn't ask for it. Somehow, it made it hotter knowing that he could put up my pics online and I'd have no way of stopping him.
      After two months of regular conversations, he finally proposed a meeting. He sent me an address about an hour's drive away, far outside city limits and asked me to meet him there three days later.
      At first, I was scared. As long as it was online, there was an element of control but was I ready to meet someone knowing where it would end? I knew this was my only chance, to have what I had always wanted but I was nevertheless scared shitless. The thought kept bothering me until the day of our proposed meet. Yet, as scared as I was, I decided to go.
      The address was in a very isolated area. An abandoned factory was the only place around for miles and it seemed I was supposed to go inside. I walked up to the front door and tried to open it but it was locked. Confused, I was about to step out when the door opened and out stepped a big burly bouncer.
      "The fuck do you want?", he grumbled with a snarl.
      I was at a loss of words. What was this place and why was I told to come here? Where was my online friend? Did he prank me?
      Thoughts like these raced through my mind as I scrambled for words. Defeated, I turned around to leave when suddenly
      "Yo, come in. I know why you're here", the bouncer said.
      I was confused by his attitude but I decided to go inside. Once in, the door closed behind me and I found myself in a corridor. The bouncer asked me to follow him and we walked through the corridor until we came upon a large door.
      "Step in", he said pulling the huge door open.
      Inside, I found myself in a pub of some kind. Men of all kinds and ages were in there, drinking, conversing and enjoying themselves. I saw two guys drinking and chatting while rubbing each other's cock through the fabric of their pants. A rather large man was being aggressively kissed by a muscular dude who was squeezing the big man's hefty chub. A skinny dude was getting his nipples twisted by a silver fox, while getting his dick rubbed by another gentleman.
      I made my way towards the bar and ordered a beer. My friend was nowhere to be seen and I had zero clue as to why I was here. I downed my beer pretty quickly and ordered another, waiting for him to show up. Eventually, I realized I had been stood up and decided to call it a night.
      Suddenly, I felt my nipples being grabbed and twisted hard, making me moan. I felt a man's weight against my back with the smell of booze and man musk violating my nasal senses, while his hands worked my nipples.
      "I am glad you came boy."
      It was him!
      I tried turning around but he put more weight against me, preventing me from turning. I'm a strong guy, with years of weight training under my belt but this man was stronger, much stronger.
      "Just relax baby. Let me work those pig tits and you finish that beer."
      His words were like an aphrodisiac that calmed me down. I had a slight buzz going too, which might have helped in making me more suggestible and docile but I adhered to his words and kept sipping my drink while he played with my nipples.
      "You're hot, boy. Daddy's gonna like turning a hot guy into a real pig."
      His words went straight to my cock which started chubbing up quickly. He noticed it as one of his hands slipped down my body and rubbed my cock through my jeans.
      "Yeah, that's a nice cock. Looks like you're liking daddy's attention."
      "Fuck yeah daddy, feels so good."
      "Finish your drink and pay up. We are leaving boy," he said while withdrawing his hands from my nipples and cock.
      I downed my beer in one go and pulled up some cash when daddy stopped me.
      "No cash boy. Pay him with a card, Apple Pay or any other traceable shit like that."
      As weird as that instruction was, I did what he told me to. I pulled up my credit card and paid my tab.
      "Good boy. We are leaving now," he barked. He didn't wait for my answer as he walked towards the entrance door.
      I was frozen in place. The situation, as hot it was, was making me apprehensive. If I went with him, I was opening myself to something there was no coming back from. It was hot and part of me wanted it really bad but my conscious mind reigned supreme. I decided to slip out quietly without him noticing, saving myself from the situation I had put myself in.
      I waited for a few mins before slipping out. He was nowhere to be seen and I made a dash for my car. I had parked a little way off the road, away from anyone's sight, which gave me an advantage.
      Or, so I thought.
      "Going somewhere?" his voice boomed in the silent night, just as I was about to open the door to my car.
      "Mmm yeah, look, I gotta run. Something's come up at work," I stammered and opened the door of my car.
      "You sure boy?" his voice dropped a few octaves, turning into a slight whisper, as he started walking towards me. I was still facing my car when I felt him behind me. I was about to turn when I felt the sharp prick of something against my spine.
      It was a knife. The man had a knife to my back!
      My legs were shaking, I was sweating and breathing deep slow breaths, trying to stay calm. He stayed frozen too, his knife resting against my back, as the strong musky smell wafting off of him turned me on ever so slightly.
      Here I was, in a perpetual life and death situation, sporting a partial. At that moment, I felt truly fucked up as waves of both horniness and fear raced through my body.
      "Here's what's gonna happen boy. You are gonna leave your car here and you are going to come with me. Understood?"
      I felt the knife pressing against my back harder as he leaned in closer to my ear.
      "Yes what boy?"
      "Yes...Yes sir."
      "Try again boy"
      "That's right boy. You're gonna love what Daddy has planned for you. All the fucked up shit you're too pussy to do by yourself, Daddy's gonna make you do it boy."
      He pulled the knife off my back and my body relaxed. I let out a deep breath to release my anxiety when I felt him push me against my car and push his weight against my back.
      "You don't have a choice anymore boy. If you think about leaving, you should know that this place is a known private club for poz men to meet. You used your card here, think what would happen if people found out."
      He pushed his crotch against my ass, letting it rest against my cheeks before continuing.
      "Besides, you wouldn't want Daddy to send all the naughty pics and texts to your contact now would you? What would they think of Ian, the closeted neg bug chasing pig trolling for poz dad dick on the internet."
      Hearing him blackmail me and use my fear against me made my cock throb and my body experienced a wave of pleasure that made me buckle. He put his arms around my front and held me steady, kissing my neck as he let me steady myself.
      "Relax boy, Daddy knows what you need piglet. You don't have to be scared of Daddy anymore because Daddy knows who you really are. What you really are."
      That's when I felt the sudden spurt of wetness expanding in the crotch area of my jeans. I had cum hands free, hard.
      Most importantly, I needed to do this. I was going to do this. I had no choice.
    • By leatherpunk16
      Disclaimers: This is my first story on BZ. This story is based on an actual experience. Feel free to contribute your own ideas to help me flesh out the story - I'm not really a writer, but I felt this had to be told. Enjoy, piggies!
      Part 1
      The heat of a July afternoon in the Midwest can get really intense. But I barely noticed it as I drove toward the metropolis with an anxiety in my stomach. The car sped along the highway merrily as I grew ever closer to my destination… and my destiny.
      Five weeks since, I decided to take a bold step. I’ve been a bugchaser for years, but I really didn’t act on those urges and try to get myself infected. They just happened as part of the ho life, and I dealt with them accordingly. I’ve had a few STDs - the usual maladies of chlamydia and gono and the like - but this time, I was chasing down a big one. Sorta. I got in touch with a friend who has been positive for many years, and undetectable. Rick is known for HIV activism in his community, including volunteering for the clinic and AIDS hospice. He ran for a leather title a few years back and his platform that won him the title was about love and acceptance of the afflicted not only in his community but worldwide. 
      So it’s a curious thing that he agreed to do this for me. Because I can’t get bugchasing and converting out of my head, I hatched a hair-brained scheme to find out for myself what the other successful chasers were raving about. I asked Rick to pretend to poz me. 
      “Dude, that is not okay!” was his opening response to my request. “This bug is no picnic to live with. I get it’s not a death sentence like it used to be, but this shit will fuck you up, and your hunger to get charged up will get you in trouble.”
      I was prepared for this. “Rick, it’s just fantasy,” I answered. “All you have to do is fuck me like the bitch that I am, and work some poz talk into the scene. I’m not asking you to come off your meds so I can live this fantasy. It’s just that. Fantasy.”
      Rick went silent for a while. I suddenly felt like I crossed a line. When he finally spoke again, he said calmly, “I’m gonna send you some links to websites, some information. You don’t seem to be educated on what this all involves, and if you’re serious about doing it, then you should be informed of the commitment this lifestyle requires. And believe you me, this WILL change your life in ways you can’t imagine, Steve.”
      “Okay, I’ll take a look at it.”
      “I’m serious, Steve,” he quickly said insistently. “What you’ve asked me to do is really disrespectful, and I … I really need to think about this. I admit I’m attracted to you, and after seeing your sweet hole that night at the bathhouse, I wanted to pound you into oblivion. But I don’t appreciate you asking me to violate my boundaries like that, even though I’m undetectable, and yes it’s just play, but I’m concerned you’re going to go and seek out the real thing.” 
      True to his word, Rick emailed the information to me. I read it, and only got more turned on. This was something I *needed* to do. Personal fulfilment, Rick’s warnings be damned.
      Four days after this uncomfortable phone conversation, Rick shot me a text message.
      “Did you read it? Are you still set on a fake conversion scene?”
      I hesitated. I didn’t want another lecture. I just wanted to fuck, and convert, and live my new life charging up other guys. “Hi Rick. Yes, I read it,” I texted back. “And yes, I still want to do it.” I didn’t ask him a direct question, and left it for him to fill in the blank. A few minutes passed before he answered.
      “Okay. I’ll do it. But we are going to have a talk about this in person when you get here. If this is what you want, then I’m going to make sure you never chase again. Understood?”
      I practically jumped out of my seat when I read this. I didn’t think he’d actually agree to it. I didn’t want to appear over-eager, so I gave a non-committal reply. “Yes, we need to talk about it as much as you think is necessary. When should I come visit?”
      “Five weeks. How’s the 24th looking for you?”
      I checked my calendar. I had no commitments that day. “That’s fine.”
      “Come to the brownstone. 4pm sharp.” Our conversation ended there.
      As I entered Rick’s neighbourhood, a growing mood of nervousness and anxiety began to manifest itself in my environment. I parked the car a few blocks from the brownstone, and just sat there for a minute. I need to get moving. It’s nearly 4 o’clock, and if I don’t show, I won’t enjoy having to ask him for this again. I looked in the rearview mirror at myself. Something behind my eyes told me Don’t do this. My dick, however, was standing fully erect while my mind raced. Remember, you’re totally safe. He’s undetectable, you’re going to be fine. And his monster dick will make you feel good. That was all the convincing I needed. I exited the car, paid for my spot, and began the trek to the brownstone.
      Rick was waiting for me outside when I arrived. I could smell his fat cigar well before I actually saw him. He was seated on the patio, scrolling mindlessly through his phone while hauling hard on a cock-sized stogie. He wore a simple t-shirt over his slender, underdeveloped frame, and tight khaki shorts, and had his aviators over his eyes. While not the picture of masculinity, there was a certain sexiness about the whole look. I walked over to his table, and could see a near-empty water bottle. The wind blew gently giving us a short break from the humidity of the afternoon.
      “I’m here,” I cheerfully announced. Rick looked up from his phone. “Good to see you made it, Steve.” He stubbed out the half-smoked cigar, and rose from his chair. The water bottle rolled off and I bent over to catch it, and missed. I suddenly felt his hand on my ass.
      “Hey, we’re not doing this out here,” he said. “But thanks for the preview!”
      “Let’s go inside,” I said, smirking. “I’ve gotta piss so bad I can taste it.”
      “Dirty boy! But later!” he said with a laugh.
      We entered the brownstone, and Rick sidestepped so I could rush to the bathroom and relieve myself. I unzipped, and my piss poured forth in a hot, thick stream of golden yellow. I couldn’t believe how much I was holding, but I also had to remember how much water I drank on the way here. The road to the city is a long one, and combined with July heat made for a very thirsty chaser. After washing my hands, I left the bathroom and found Rick on the couch, quite comfortable. He poured a drink for each of us, and patted the seat next to him gently.
      The conversation was more of what we discussed on the phone, and was frequently a carbon-copy of that conversation. “This really isn’t my thing,” Rick admitted. “When I was first diagnosed, I had to think of all the guys I played with around that time. And because I didn’t know I was positive, I infected someone I really liked.” He seemed to be remembering it as if it were yesterday. “When he got sick, I felt so guilty. I locked myself in my room for days, and just couldn’t stop crying. Not for me, but for this guy. And I had the unhappy duty of telling him in person that I was the one who pozzed him. He socked me right in the nose for that, and I never saw him again. Too bad. Dave was a sweet guy.”
      “You don’t know what happened to him?” I asked.
      “Nope. He blocked me on social media, and although I looked for him at the clubs a couple times, he was just gone. It broke my heart. So I want you to know that your actions today will have consequences that will hurt others if you’re not careful.”
      “I am quite prepared,” I said. “You did a good job educating me on the subject, and I am making the choice that is right for me.” I wasn’t about to let him change my mind because then we might not fuck.
      Rick then took one of my hands, and squeezing it, he said, “Are you ready?” His tone was all seriousness, and he was letting me know that I was in control of what happened next.
      Doubt crossed my mind for a second. I think it was at this point when I began to feel the most nervous about it. “Yes,” I answered as fearlessly as I could. He released my hand, and exhaled loudly through his nose. Rick then looked away, giving one of his thousand-yard stares that he was known for when something that questioned his morals crossed his path. 
      “Okay,” he said with resignation. “If this is REALLY what you want, okay. I’ll help you. But remember - you asked for it, and if you can’t handle the fantasy, you have the power to stop it.” Something about the way he said that made me wonder what kind of script he was going to follow. And my hard dick made itself known again. Rick saw the rise in my shorts.
      “I think I already know the answer,” he said with a smile, grabbing my growing cock. He stood up while holding on to my swelling member, and said, “Come on. Let’s do this.” I obediently followed Rick to his playroom, guided all the way by his pulling of my dick.
    • By daddybear
      Moderator's Note: We are going to treat the stories in this thread as fictionalized accounts based on real-life occurrences.  
      Creaming boy bums. Pt1
      These will be a series of shortish stories about boy bottoms who are all of legal age in the country they reside in, and my times in them
      The older / younger thing was never a big thing for me until the first time a boy called me Daddy as I filled his hot little arse with my spunk, after that I dedicated myself to the pursuit of cute little twinks and showing them the excitement of getting used by older men.
      A week after that encounter it was late on a Friday night or early on a Saturday morning as I was cruising myself round the areas of a well known sauna in New Cross of London, the Sauna is still there but its had a bit of a makeover, back in the day it was a sleazy little pit that just attracted dirty old geezers like myself.
      I rounded the corner near the steam room and saw a daddy bear just like myself feeding a cute little blond athletic twink from a hip flask as he groped the naked kid, the guy winked at me as I looked at the boy seeing his pupils were dilated as fuck.
      The bear kissed and bit the lads neck leaving a big love bite, grinning at me he nodded towards the ‘private’ shag sheds “wanna share it?”, my own fat cock was tenting my towel as I smirked “fuck yeah”.
      Once in the room we had the boy on his knees sucking and licking our fat pieces as we pushed his head from side to side onto our dicks, I grunted as I forced my dick into the kids throat “names Alan pal”, the other guy moved the boys face onto my cock, “Joe here, so you a chicken hawk too?”.  I have to admit I’d heard the phrase before but had little knowledge of what it was, I raised my eyebrows making Joe laugh “an older top into getting twink boi pussy?”.  It was my turn to laugh “Jesus fuck yeah”.
      “wot did ya give him?, Joe giggled as his fat piece moved in and out of the lads cute little arse “just a little bit of booze and some ‘happy chems’ to make it horny”, I watched as Joes dick fucked the boys arse, you could see how the boys pussy was tight as with every pull out Joe’s dick dragged the twinks arse lips with it.
      The lads body bent over a bench was drenched in sweat as Joe rode the butt to new heights before slamming in “that’s it you little slut take daddy’s spooge”, Joe pulled out leaving the kids hole red and gaping, a little bit of his spunk dribbled out “wanna go on the slut?”, I really didn’t need to answer as my fat eight inch log was hard as a rock.
      I pushed it up the twink making him groan a bit before Joe held poppers to the kids nose while covering the lads mouth with his hand,
      “give it to him hard, rip him apart”, like I needed any encouragement as the boys twat was sweet and still fairly tight, I smiled as I held onto the twinks hips and ploughed his bum like there was no tomorrow, the kid moaned and groaned now and again as I assaulted his ring piece with my cock, but joe just poppered the lad up.
      When I came up the boy, shooting nice and deep I gripped the kids bubble cheeks hard enough to leave bruises, well I am sure it did, not that I saw.
      Joe and I left the ‘shag shed’ leaving the boy bent over the fuck bench, needless to say as we left a troop of dirty old geezers matched into the shed and I remember hearing the guttural sounds as a throat and bum of a boy were taken yet again.
      Joe grinned at me “ we work well together eh?”, I smiled back at him “sure do I like a partner on the hunt”, and at that point a cute little skinhead shyly walked by us.
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