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There's plenty of talk on these boards (and others) about guys who get pozzed and love it, plenty of bravado etc.

I just wondered if there are any on here who, upon getting a poz diagnosis, were genuinely devastated by the news?

Have any of you got any genuine regrets about your actions in the past, and the consequences they have had on your life?

Only curious as i was reading a blog written by a guy i've fucked a few times at the NG2BBGROUP bareback parties I go to... he's early 20's, fit, cute, an avid barebacker, and tested poz about a year ago... in his blog it's clear that whilst he would never have changed bareback for condom sex, his diagnosis was truely devastating for him.

He talks about how he feels about telling his friends and family etc.. it's seriously moving stuff...

It made me wonder, that despite all the bravado from guys who get bugged up, what are those peoples, genuine, real heart felt feelings and emotions on things.

Thoughts? Please share.

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I have a lot of regrets. Life is definetly harder with being poz. How you react to situations is WAY different. I think I stated here before having to be worried that if I get injured and there is blood I have to alert the person to my status. The Daily Meds...the worrying about someone near you having a cold...or how your body will react to anything else that is out there..things like whooping cough could do real damage to me. Now with all that being said I dont know if I could have changed my lifestlye enough to prevent myself from getting Poz'd. I do truly enjoy being bred. There is something erotic about a person pumping there seed deep in you..the feeling of a bare cock sliding in and out of you..but then again..I am kinky that way...it truly is a double edge sword

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I have a lot of regrets. Life is definetly harder with being poz... Now with all that being said I dont know if I could have changed my lifestlye enough to prevent myself from getting Poz'd. I do truly enjoy being bred.

I'm still HIV-neg but I can't imagine myself giving up getting fucked bareback and getting my hole creamed. I love it! And I know that life cannot never be the same after you poz. I would much rather have the chance to bareback withoutr the risk of HIV.

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I suppose barebacking for all thos years was like playing Russian roulette. I love barebacking, however I hate being poz. It sure puts a crimp into my regular life as well as my sex life. As much as people on this site profess to want it: it is no pic nic. About barebacking without risk of HIV: good luck. I thought that I was immune, or that the people I played with would be honest, or know about their status. I did have my eyes opened after I was diagnosed.

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I've been poz since at least 1985, most likely infected between 1979-1983. I don't regret anything I did that led me to getting HIV, though having it has changed my life in more ways that I can count and many of the earlier years pretty awful. By 1995 I'd lost countless friends, fuckbuds, and a husband and fully expected to be dead myself in fairly short order. Protease inhibitor meds managed to stop the deterioration of my immune system (for all they made life miserable in many other ways), and I survived. It does sometimes amaze me the fervor that some men bring to trying to get pozzed. True enough that treatment is easier to live with than in years past, and that with successful treatment a mostly normal lifespan is possible. This presumes that there will always be a steady supply of those meds - something not at all certain in my view.

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I'm actually waiting for my test results now to return from the hospital, and I'm nervous that HIV may be the cause of my doctor's concern. I never taken anyone's load, and I've only let someone attempt to top me raw 2 or 3 times, but I know that all it takes is one contact to cause a problem. I'm scared to death of how to tell my family, and of having to stay with my lame job just keep my insurance to pay for my meds. Hearing the way that your lives have changed should have been enough warning for those of us who still love to play on the dark side... I would love to take someone's load deep inside of me, and maybe let someone else use his left over cum as lube for a second deposit. Being positive would break down those fantasy walls, and may even allow me to bond with someone close enough to form a real relationship. But are those perks enough to sacrafice my health? At this point, its all thats keeping me sane until my results come back...

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Good luck and I hope you get the results that you want. It must be tough waiting. Where do you live that you have to wait so long? Here where i live, you can get results in like 20 mins. Anyway, if it does come back positive, you dont neccessarily have to tell your family if you dont want to. Its your private business, your health and people dont need to know everything about you. I'm sure you will be fine, your life will continue, and whatever the results show, you will deal with it and you will be okay.

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Yngclassic98, I also hope you dodge this particular bullet, and hope also that the health problems that led to your doctor ordering the HIV test are soon to resolve.

Over the years I've often said that the best thing about getting HIV is no longer having to be afraid of getting it. If the results do come back that you're positive, it will be a shock and a difficult adjustment, but not necessarily an utter catastrophe. You will have many options for how to move forward, and many people to call on for advice and information. Please let us know how this turns out.

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None. Like the ancient Chinese philosophers, I believe every crisis is also an opportunity. Being poz has led me to become healthier, more fit and physically and mentally stronger than I knew I could be. Plus, the depraved bareback sex has been fantastic.

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So far, the good outweights the bad. When I was notified, my current partner was there (actually, we got in a relationship because of my diagnosis), holding my hand, he has been poz for 20 years, and I knew it, but he was not who prob. infected me. I cried for like 5 min, then that same night we went to a bar and started fucking guys raw and watch him taking loads, felching him back home. We did that for the 3 months we lived together, before I left because of visa status.

No, it's not worry free, and prob. the worst has to come yet, but, as RawPozLust said, it can be a wake up call to make you stronger

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Thanks guys! Generally the rapid tests take 20ish minutes to come back, but this was an actual lab blood test that for whatsever it has been a few days and I still haven't heard anything. Anyway, you guys are right. If anything, i'll be more driven to lead a healthier lifestyle and keep myself is good shape.

Good luck and I hope you get the results that you want. It must be tough waiting. Where do you live that you have to wait so long? Here where i live, you can get results in like 20 mins. Anyway, if it does come back positive, you dont neccessarily have to tell your family if you dont want to. Its your private business, your health and people dont need to know everything about you. I'm sure you will be fine, your life will continue, and whatever the results show, you will deal with it and you will be okay.
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When I became poz it was quite a shock so i deffinately wish i had been more cautious in the past. Whilst being poz for the last 5 years has not casused me any major problems thus far, it certainly hasnt been nice.

I have bareback sex with poz guys because i don't like the hassle of telling neg guys i am poz and i would rather be honest with them. While its true that bareback feels better, i worry about picking up other std's and having to change to another cocktail of meds that are more difficult to take or has side effects since the stuff im on now is easy to take and gives me no side effects.

None. Like the ancient Chinese philosophers, I believe every crisis is also an opportunity. Being poz has led me to become healthier, more fit and physically and mentally stronger than I knew I could be. Plus, the depraved bareback sex has been fantastic.

This is also true for me as well. I've never looked better than I do now but i just wish i didnt have a life-threatening illness.

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Guest MightyMouth

It is a very expensive virus to live with. Yah there are programs but you have to qualify for them. Insurance can be a bitch; copays add up quickly when your insurance is shit. I once had an interview for a job that was going to require a physical and had a moment of panic come over me. Others have already talked about the issues around disclosure. It sucks. I would absolutely go back and do things differently.

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The expense side of things is very true. Back in 2009 I had to drop meds because I hit the Medicare Part D 'donut hole' and couldn't afford nearly $3000 monthly costs out of pocket. I was over the maximum annual income for my state's ADAP program by $300, so I wasn't able to get support through them. Going off meds was the only choice. At the end of 2009 I lost the benefits from a private long-term disability insurance policy. Lost 2/3 of my income, but the lower income meant that I finally qualified for ADAP and could restart treatment. My current regimen has a retail cost of $2681 per month.

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      I received and email from him.
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      Me - Yes, of course.  I am still horny and wish you were still her.
      Boy - I have not made it home. I am 5 minutes away.  Can you fuck me again?
      Me - Yes, I want you to come in and get on all four on the edge of the bed, no talking, no kissing just hot fucking and I want to make you cum again.  It was hot that you shot your load while I held your hands. 
      Boy - OMW
      He arrived and followed my instructions, he undressed and got into place and I slapped my big dick on his cummy hole now leaking and slide my big dick inside him and fucked him for ten minutes making him shoot his load and I followed a few minutes later.  
      The weekend progressed and I fucked the kid 20 times and gave him a load each time and he swallowed 10 nuts from sucking cock.  
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      I am recently divorced; I am bi and in one of my out of town weekends I got a little too wild and crazy and tested Positive.  My wife and I had stopped really have sex by then and I decided to move out and file for divorce and to this day she still has no idea.  We have a great relationship, she is dating a new guy and we share visitation of the kids, I have them every other weekend. 
      Since I was alone this weekend it would be a great time to get into trouble.  I search some adult sites for some no string fun, I always prefer it bare but will use a condom if I have and the woman or man is hot enough.  I had seen a post weeks earlier when I had my kids.  It read:
      Husband, looking for hung guys to come fuck his wife.  She is 28 5’7 130 great ass and tits.  She will be blindfolded; you need to wear a condom she is not on birth control right now.  I will just watch, no male on male touching.  You must be in shape, hung and ready to use my wife till you both cum.
      I could really get into this, I sent off an email to see if they were still up for playing, telling hubby that I am vsafe so there are no worries there.  Had a vasectomy three years go.  I kept searching post and finally came across another.  Could it be the little wife?  It read:
      Hotwife, along and horny.  My husband is out of town on a hunting trip and he can not find bulls to fuck me.  I am 28 5’7 130.  He generally blindfolds me and has me ready for fucking when a guy walks in.  Condom’s required and am not on birth control and I am ovulating.  Hit me up if you think this is something you could get into.
      I immediately shot off an email to her:  Hung white mail. 34 6’1 180 8” who loves to fuck hotwives.  I am vasectomy safe, got that before I divorced three years ago.  I would love to find you ready and blindfolded, eat your pussy and make you cum hard over and over and then fuck you till you cum.  Hit me up if you have an interest, I am ready to roll if you need some attention. 
      I shot off a few more emails but no response from anyone, I was about to drive to a glory hole I visit to get off, I was so fucking horny.  Then an email came in.  It was from her, she wrote”
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      I answered her immediately and said, yes that is exactly how vasectomies work.  Zero chance of you getting pregnant.  I am free at 9 PM and will follow your instructions but I would love to find you as described.  I love to make women cum.
      I quickly got her response, I am at 411 Grant, the front door will be unlocked and when you enter go to the right down the hall and through the only open door.  You will find me naked, blindfolded and ready for you!  Do not enter before 9 PM okay?  I responded that I would be there, and she will love every minute of it.
      I was pleased to get her response and that she did not mention pregnancy or condom and I might get to fuck her bare tonight.  I went to the gym and did a few arrands and I was showered and ready at 8:30 and it was only a 20-minute drive.
      I was showered and ready and my dick was hard just thinking about finally getting inside her.  I drove across town and parked in front of her place, it was a nice house with a big porch and a porch light and very few lights inside.  I walked up to the door and there was a note, I am ready for you.  I turned the door handle and slowly walked down the hallway.  I stop at the door and see the most beautiful little body completely naked.  She was blindfolded and I walked to the bed and traced her body with my fingers from her feet to her breast and then grabbed them and she moaned.  I leaned in and sucked her nipple and then kissed my way to her lips and she seemed to not want to kiss but I reached my hand down and rubbed her clit and she moaned and opened her mouth and I began kissing her and she started to get into it. 
      We made out for five minutes and then I got undressed and went to lick and eat that sweet wet pussy.  She moaned and five minutes later she came for the first time.  I ended up staying till 11 PM and she never brought up a condom and let me slide in and give her three loads that night.  It was completely intense and when we finished, I got up, got dressed and headed out after telling her I wanted to come back tomorrow.   
      I drove home and by the time I got home there was an email from her.  It read: OMG that was so hot, I agree with you, you need to come tomorrow.  Any chance you are free at 7 PM tomorrow?  I need you to cum inside me again.  I replied, you are one hot little fuck. I can be there tomorrow at 7 PM and ready to fuck and load that hot little pussy of yours.  I wrote, think you would be willing to let a young college guys fuck you sometime?  I would like to watch a young guy fuck you and make you cum.  It would be totally if you were into it but no worries if you not, I am yours whenever you are ready
      In the morning I opened and email from her, she said yes that would be hot, but he would have to wear a condom.  I cannot get pregnant.  I will leave it up to you when we can do it.  I am excited!  I was really glad to hear she was up for it, I started posting for young guys who want to fuck a hotwife, she will be blindfolded and it would start out with a condom and go to bare and you will cum inside.   It did not take long to start to get responses.  I picked four of interest.
      Jason 22-year-old, 6’2 180 white red hair and 9”
      Mark 23-year-old, 5’11 170 white dark brown hair and 8.5” thick uncut
      Louis 26-year old, 6’4 200 Blatino with thick uncut 9.5” dick
      Tyrese 25-year old, 6’ 180 muscled black with 10”
      Each said they were willing to start with a condom on and finish bare and cum inside. This was coming together perfectly, and my little slut would probably get pregnant while her hubby is away. She had told me in a moment of passion she was not allowed to kiss but liked kissing me and her hubby never let her play on her own so please if you ever get invited by my husband to fuck me, we have never met. 
      I reached out to the two white guys and set them up for 8 and 9 on Saturday and told the blatino and back guy that I would be in touch on what time Sunday night works.  They confirmed they would be ready, and I hopped in the shower and got ready, the day had gotten away from me and the time was quickly approaching.  I headed over and shot Jason a text the first and gave him the address and instructions and that he had to make a big deal of putting on the condom and I would motion for him when it was time to take off the condom.  I sent the same text to Mark.
      I entered and we began the same way but this time I made her tell me about how much she wanted a young big dicked college boy to fuck her.  I told her that he was going to wear a condom.  I made out with her and gave her one load before it was Jason’s time to use her.  He came in with bright red hair and he stripped and did not say a word and just went down on her and at her wet cummy pussy.  She came after ten minutes of him eating her and then he got up and, on the bed, and tore open the condom and put the wrapper on her belly.  He slides it on and then slowly slide into her.  He fucks her and sucks on her left nipple and I cup her right breast and tell her how hot she is. 
      I motion him after 15 minutes of fucking and he pulls out and eats her pussy some more and slides off the condom and then slides back inside her wet pussy and fucks her harder for another 8 minutes before cumming inside her He pulled out and then said, where can I get ride of this condom as if he wants to get off.  Nice touch seems like he may have done this before.  He dressed and nodded on the way out and I got a text from him, hot scene let me know when you want to do it again.
      I put a pillow under her so the cum would stay inside her and played with her clit while we made out and soon, I made her cum again.  I got up leaving her there elevated on a pillow and fed her my cock for the first time and she sucked away, she was a great little cock sucker.  She sucked me till I was close and then I fucked her can came inside her.  It was close to 9PM and it was time for Mark to breed her.  I whispered that I had one more surprise, I have another college boy for her.  She smiled and I leaned down and kissed her. 
      Soon Mark entered, very good-looking model type.  He was almost pretty looking; I was very attracted to him and had many thoughts of what I would like to do to him myself.  He walked over more confident and grabbed her tits and felt her body and unzipped his pants and pulled off his clothes while he was telling her how beautiful she was, he leaned in and kissed her and she kissed him back.  He got on the bed and pointed his thick dick toward her and grabbed her head and pulled leaned it toward him and said show me how much you love cock. She opened and realized he was uncut, and she sucked on his skin and swallowed as much of his cock as she could.  Not bad baby, you will get better at it over time.  Hope you pussy does better at taking all of me and with that he got back between her legs and opened the wrapper and slide on the condom and then rubbed it on her wet cummy pussy and he pressed in and she had a little trouble opening up right away but he pressed her legs back and held them and put more pressure and he stretched her open.  Good girl, open that pussy for me. 
      He fucked her for five to six minutes like that and then pilled out and slide three fingers in her while he slipped off the condom.  He continued to finger fuck her and then he took all that cum on his fingers and jacked his dick and slide it full length into her and fucked her for another twenty minutes and came deep in her.  He leaned down and kissed her and kept his throbbing dick in her and when he broke the kiss he said, baby you are going to let me fuck you again soon!  Yes, please is all she said as he pulled out and got dressed and left. 
      She looked so hot, I got the pillow again and make out with her and played with her clit and made her cum again and then let her suck my dick, telling her how hot it was watching those young guys fucking her.  She came hard,  I stayed with her till 10 PM that night and left but had convinced her to let the two guys who just fucked her that it would be hot if they got to fuck her again tomorrow afternoon.   She agreed and I hit up the boy and told Jason to be ready to do it again at 3 and Mark at 4 on Sunday. They both confirmed.
      I got back to her place at 2 PM and we made out and I had her tell me how hot last night was, she mentioned that I cum a lot, and I told her it always makes me hot seeing a young hot wife taking big dick from young guys.  She told me she loved it.  She I fucked her before Jason arrived at three and gave her, her first load of the day.  Jason was right on time and came in and undressed and ate her out tasting my cum, and probably some of Mark’s cum out of her.  He ate her longer and she came twice and he did the entire condom show and put the wrapper on her tummy and slide in but this time he only kept it one for a couple minutes and pulled it off and fucked her for 15 minutes and shot his load in her. 
      He stayed inside her this time and leaned down and kissed her and they made out for few minutes.  I knew she was tasting cum since Jason had eaten her pussy and sucked out the cum.  All the kissing got Jason riled up again and he slowly started fucking her and in another ten minutes he shot another load and pulled out.  He said where can put this condom and we did the entire show for her.   Jason had taken up a lot more time so I knew Mark would be there in 20 minutes.  I made out with her and she told me she loves she could taste me when he kissed her. I told her how hot that was and then had her suck me again till I was about to cum and I fucked her and came inside and pulled out.  Looking at the clock it was 3:58 and I heard the door and there was Mark.  He wore shorts and a t-shirt, and he must not have been commando since his dick was pressing against his shorts.  He went over and grabbed her tit again and squeezed it and said I hear you need more of me.  She said, yes please. 
      He pulled his shorts off and said, are you going to be a good little slut for daddy?  Yes, she whispered.  Louder, she said yes daddy.  Good, now open your mouth and show me you want to learn to be a better cock sucker.  He fed her his cock and she gagged and swallowed and after five minutes he pulled out, good girl you are getting better.  He leaned down and kissed her for a minute and then got between her legs and she begged him to fuck her.  He tore open the condom and motioned for me and he had me roll it on my dick and then he lined up his dick and slide inside her.  He fucked her and she moaned and whimpered and came hard and he said my beautiful little slut, you want to feel my dick spasm and unload in you don’t you, bet you wish I would take off this condom and spray my cum deep inside you.  She whimpered yes, oh fuck yes.  Good girl, good girl you are going to soon get what you want.  He fucked her for another two minutes and came hard inside her. 
      He leaned down and made out with her after he caught his breath and then slowly pulled out of her and once out I pulled off the condom making a show of it and he again went over and grabbed her tit and said you need more of me don’t you baby.  She said yes, please.  I will be back in two hours; I have to go see my girlfriend for a couple hours and I will be back at 8.  You need more of my big dick and you still need help learning how to suck thick dick baby.  Then he turned and left. 
      I got on the bed again and put the pillow under her, her pussy was leaking cum.  Three young loads in her fertile pussy.  If today was her peak day she was probably already pregnant. We took a break and she asked me to get her a drink.  I headed to the kitchen admiring her pictures of her and her husband.  She was hot and he would a good-looking white guy.  Sandy blond hair and well built, in any event of all the breeders I lined up none will look anything like this cat.
    • By nastystephen
      looking for any tops that need to cum in a hot hole no rubbers ever no pull out north phoenix curious, gay, horny, girlfriend wont put out, i will.... hmu sixohtwo4threefive3twofive8
    • By PozAnonCumslut
      Ill be visiting Atlanta for the weekend of the 11-13 and we all gonna get slutty! Im probably the biggest of them all! Lookin for hot tops to use and abuse me! Very poz and disease friendly so dont stray away if ur cummin with some extra friends! 😜 hit me up for more details. 
    • By PupLucky
      Hi guys quick note before i start i'm new at writing fiction (first story >.< ) but thought since i have enjoyed so many of your amazing orgasm inducing tales i should try contribute to the community, so any feed back is more than welcome as its the only way we get better. a quick sorry in advance for the punctuation i have dyslexia and its a bitch.
       this story is based on all those films where the monster is loose and hunts its pray transforming them into creatures like itself, which always really turned me on ... and seems a natural fit for a genetically modified poz monster who wants to convert as many as possible with its toxic dick. nobody dies in this story they just become infected with super HIV developed by a shady pharma corp and transform still living into there new form.
      i hope you all enjoy and on with the story......
      The group walked up to the glass and steel building of Gentech, its massive sign still lit proclaiming “Gentech a better world for all”. But with the lights in the building out and all personnel gone it looked eerie and dead they knew the building was fully evacuated except for basement levels where the labs are and from reports those lab floors were like a small labyrinth. The basement levels had been sealed due to a biological containment alarm with the twelve scientists who working at the time were still down there needing extraction. 
        That was the job of S.R.A.R.G, a search and rescue group used by government to get assets out of compromising situations, the group sent was delta squad a five-man strong retrieval team each hand picked for their skills.  
       The Figures moved up to the doors and slipped inside with military precision, five figures in all wearing black bio-containment suits the front figure held a tablet with a metal wand hooked up to it they waved it though the air of the large glass atrium the tablet lit up green, the figure nodded and they moved quickly across the marble floor their footsteps and rustling suites echoing off the glass and steel in the still darkness they reached an elevator and the front figure typed a code the beeping seeming too loud by far, the metal doors slid open with a shush of air and the group stepped inside without a word, the elevator descended. 
      The figures remained silent the elevators doors opened again and they stepped into a small concrete room only just big enough to hold them all, a red light pulsed on the wall a message flashing on a small black screen underneath “containment breach full lock-down in effect” the figure with the tablet moved up to the large blast door that took up one wall like the entrance to a tomb. he plugged the tablet into it with a small cable, swiftly moved his hands across the glass pad within a few seconds the red flashing light stopped and the large metal door rumbled up. the figures braced themselves but they were only met with a set of glass doors leading to a long corridor lit with dull yellow emergency lights no panicked scientists. 
       The lead figure pushed the glass door open carefully and waved the metal rod it took a few seconds but the tablet once again showed a green icon on the screen, the figure pulled the mask free from his face with a sigh of relief “all clear guys”  he was greeted with a rush of hot moist air that smelled like a locker room, “Air isn't too fresh though makes sense with the air con off down here, but the system says there are dangerous no toxins or gasses ”  
      He quickly striped off the rest of the bio hazard suite showing the black military boots, fatigues,  jacket a bullet proof vest over the top seemed filled with tech gear,  the man was in his twenties 5 foot 9 with sparkling green eyes his blond hair shaved up the sides and back and let to grow long on the top it made him look like a surfer dude who had dressed like a swat officer for Halloween.  
      The other four followed his lead pulling off the black suits to show similar cloths, “if nothing is showing up why the lock down Gray?” Nate was a large man and team leader he looked in his early 30’s with a body that had been carefully sculpted at the gym, his chestnut hair and beard were both buzzed close to the skin  
      Grey looked back up from the tablet and shrugged “no idea, I would need to get into their computer systems to have a look at what they were working on, mission brief just has they were outsourced by the military intelligence on a number of sensitive projects” 
      Nate nodded and looked over the group “right where are going to split up and find the people trapped down here while Gray pulls the files from the main computers … mission control want to know what the hell they were playing with down here” he pointed at two men one could have been a blond frat boy not over 25 and the other with olive skin black hair “Jackson and Alverez you two search the labs and office area me and cooper will escort Graves to the main server room and then join you, be careful we still don’t know what triggered the biohazard alert ”  
      Both men saluted and Jackson and Alverez moved into the Lab complex guns drawn Nate watched them disappear around the corner and had a bad feeling but looked as Gray and Nick cooper a 5;12 Black man with a swimmer's body and Scowled “let's get this done fast”. 

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