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Do you prefer your cocksucker to be clean shaven or with facial hair

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Just wondered if tops prefer their cocksucker to be clean shaven or not. I love being sucked off by a dude with a heavy stubble or a full beard. This morning I was throat fucking a bearded cocksucker. I was going in deep grinding my balls on the thick fur on his chin. It felt so fuckin hot. Made me cum faster than usual. Also I prefer cumming on a bearded cocksuckers face. I enjoy looking at his beard covered with my sperm. What do you guys enjoy?

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Clean-shaven، I'm afraid. It's not at all in line with my need for natural hair absolutely everywhere else, but I want to land on cunt-soft skin wherever my penis whacks him in the face. And I don't like seeing my seed stuck in a beard. I guess I'm generally boy-oriented when it comes to penetrating. I'm looking for intimations of youth and fertility, which are best conveyed by a clear, exposed face.

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On 8/30/2020 at 1:18 AM, Bokkierob said:

This morning I was throat fucking a bearded cocksucker. I was going in deep grinding my balls on the thick fur on his chin. It felt so fuckin hot. Made me cum faster than usual.

So hot. Never done this before but now I can’t wait to try.

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      Let me tell you about myself quickly. My name is Josh I am 20 years old, ladies man, athletic and a student at the local University. Until two weeks ago I would have said I was a straight lad who loved fucking women and was not gay at all!
      Between studying and working I don't have much time left for exercising, so my evening jogs had become a welcome routine and somewhat relaxing distraction.
      So as I jogged along the path at my local park, I thought I saw someone walking the opposite direction as me on the other side, its not unusual to see people in the park at this time of the evening so I thought nothing of it, and besides I lost sight of them as I rounded a few trees.
      Deciding to finish my jog with a 100 metre sprint I headed towards the public toilets at a furious pace.
      Panting heavily and out of breath I reached the public toilets, deciding then to take a piss and refill my water bottle.
      The toilet was dimly lit inside and to my surprise I was not alone, there was a older man using one of the two urinals.
      Looking up he acknowledged me and said "Evening lad, been running have you?"
      I nervously stepped up next to him with sweat running from my brow, unzipping as I replied, trying to keep my eyes on the wall in front of me. "Yes, thanks"
      "I'll bet you're thirsty boy"
      I looked over unsure what he meant, his tone different, more authoritarian.
      "Yeah I-"
      I broke off my reply, my eyes had looking down to his hands, which were shaking off the last few drops of urine from his cock. But more than that, he was stroking it, and what a cock it was. It must have been around 8 inches long,  thick with an angry dark purple head.
      I was lost for words and forgot completely about my need to piss, I just stood still with my dick in my hands... 
      "I'll bet your real thirsty boy, I have got something for you" his tone definitely had a strong in control edge to it. 
      Suddenly he raised his voice slightly and said "You little faggot, you've been staring at my cock and you're getting hard!"
      I snapped out of my trance staring at his cock, eyes flicking between my hardening dick, 6 inches when fully erect, and his manly cock.
      "I'm not gay!" I hastily replied. 
      "Like fuck you aren't! Your mouth is watering at the sight of a real mans cock!" and with that he reached out and grabbed my hand, pulling it towards his  own thick cock.
      I could have resisted but for some reason I didn't, partly in shock I allowed myself to be led by him. My fingers instinctively wrapped around him as best they could naturally. His cock felt warm, solid and heavy.
      "I knew you were a fag" he then stated, "get on your fucking knees".
      There I was holding a cock in my hand, a cock that for the first time in my life, wasn't my own. A cock to someone who looked more than twice my age, and my own cock was strangely rock solid.
      I slid to my knees, confused but unable to resist. I had this overwhelming feeling that I wanted this.
      My hand began to stroke his cock, feeling it hardening even more and becoming ever firmer, heavier, fuller.
      "Open your mouth slut" as if they were the magic words my mouth fell open,  my mouth watering instantly.
      I was given no warning, nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. He grabbed my head and rammed his hard throbbing cock into my mouth. This wasn't to be a blowjob, this wasn't going to be sexy, like one of the blowjobs my girlfriend had given me. No it was forceful, powerful, I was being facefucked like a slut.
      I gagged as his cock hit the back of my throat, I tried to pull away. His hands held my head firmly, his cock pulling back only to thrust again.
      I could taste the pre cum from the end of his cock, and the manly taste of a hot warm cock.
      All of a sudden he thrust deep into my throat, holding my face tight to his crotch as I struggled weakly against him. My throat convulsing and gagging.
      "God that feels amazing you little slut, you were born for this"
      My head felt like it was about to explode, his thick cock was stopping any air from getting to my lungs. Finally just before I felt I would pass out he pulled it out, strings of sticky saliva hanging from his cock and my mouth.
      "Work it fag boy"
      I looked up at him, kneeling on a dirty public toilet floor, with his cock at my lips and tears in my eyes having just been used. I felt dazed, like I was in a dream. But my own cock was so hard.
      I started kissing the head of his cock before parting my lips slightly and letting the head slip back into my mouth. I wanted to make this stranger cum, I did not know why but I wanted to give him a good blowjob. 
      I began bobbing my head, trying to take him further each time, my hand working his shaft while my other cupping and massaging his balls.
      For a time the only sounds to be heard were my slurping as I messily sucked my first cock, and his grunts and moans.
      "Here it comes fag boy" his cock swelling in my mouth. His hands grabbing my head again as he began thrusting faster, more frantically.
      At this point I panicked. I'm not sure if it was the realisation of what I was doing and the fact a stranger was about to cum in my mouth, or that I realised I would be truly a faggot if I tasted his cum.
      Either way it was now pointless, he grinned down at me while I struggled, holding my head tight. His thrusts became shorter and harder.
      Then he exploded in my mouth. Hot sticky, gooey and foul tasting cum. Those are the only words I can think of to describe it, my mouth was quickly filled, what with the huge cock and increasing amounts of his cum there was not much room and his cum began dribbling out of my mouth as he pulled out, forcing my jaw closed.
      "Swallow it faggot." He ordered as his last few spurts of cum hit my face, and he rubbed my face with his cock painting it like a cheap whore.
      I swallowed his cum, it slid down the back of my throat, which was sore from such rough use. I coughed as I swallowed, bringing the flavour flooding back into my mouth.
      He pulled his softening cock back into his pants and half slapped my face, "thanks cock sucker, be here the same time tomorrow."
      As he walked out I looked down there was a small pool of my cum on the floor between my knees and my cock was still hard but constantly dripping.
      I ran my hand across my face, covering it with the strangers cum, and didn't hesitate to lick it, to taste it again, this made my own cock drip even more and I promptly lowered my hand to my cock and stroked it using the strangers cum as lubricant. It did not take 20 seconds before I was bucking my hips as I shot my load at the surreal event that just happened and the smell of cum and cock that filled my nostrils were a added stimulas. 
      Heading home with a belly full of a strangers cum I felt weirdly liberated, happy that I had finally found my purpose in life as a cock sucker. 
      Thank you for reading this story and please check my other stories in other categories, if you enjoy them leave a comment or hit the like button. 
      Many thanks! 
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      Hungry Cocksucker in Austin, TX lookin for Well Hung Black, Latino and Middle Eastern Dominant men who enjoy using a cocksuckers throat with no regard for the cocksuckers enjoyment or comfort. 
    • By SimiSucker
      My neighbor just stopped by again.
      He likes to call me names as I suck his cock.
      Sissy. Fag. Cocksucker. Slut.
      He also likes to cum all over my face and rub it in with his cock!
      Sitting here with his cum drying on my face!
    • By Bokkierob
      Anyone use an open mouth gag. I love to strap it on the cocksukker so I can use his mouth like an asshole and pound it hard. I love to see him drool and choke as I'm fucking his throat ruff. One time a horse cocked fun buddy asked if I'd wear it for him. I agreed, put it on and laid down on the bed on my back with my head hanging off the end. Man it was intense, he pinned me down and forced every inch of his thick cock down  my throat.  `He fucked me hard and I had no control to limit the depth of his thrusts. Now I was the drooling chocking cocksukker. I have never taken a load so deep down my throat.
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