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My Business Trip Adventure

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I’m a technical professional and as part of my job I travel to a variety of locations across North America. Staying in hotel rooms can get pretty old, so when I am visiting a location where friends or relatives live I often try to visit since I have all my time free after work. On one visit to LA, I decided to reach out to one of my old friends and see if we could get together. Mark and I had attended school together back in my hometown and always had a blast getting buzzed and picking up girls. It had been years since I spoke to Mark, but we were linked on social media and had several friends in common so was hoping we might get the chance to get together and have a laugh.

I finished work and went to my room to get cleaned up and to see if Mark was available to get together that evening. I called the number listed for Mark but another man answered. “Hello, may I speak to Mark?” I inquired. “I’m sorry but Mark isn’t home right now, may I take a message?” replied the voice on the phone. “”Sure, I’m James – Mark and I were old school buddies and I was hoping we could get together while I’m in town to catch up” I responded. “Oh yeah, hi James, I’m Bob – Mark’s roommate.  Mark has told me about some of your escapades from the past…we’ve tried to continue the pursuit of debauchery in your absence, maybe even take it to a higher level”.  I laughed and said “I should have figured Mark was as cool as ever. Could you let him know I called and give him my number?”. “If you’re free for the evening perhaps you’d like to come over and wait? Mark should be home soon enough and you can chill until he gets here” Bob replied. Since I was already dressed with no plans I thought it might be fun. “Sounds great…I can be there shortly…Oh – do you need me to bring anything?” I inquired. “No, just bring your body on over and we’ll be set for a fun evening” Bill responded with a mischievous tone. “Great then – see you soon” I replied more than a little curious about Bob. I’m a married man but had my share of bisexual experiences so I was pretty sure that Bob might be interested in more than hearing stories about back-in-the-day. I felt my cock growing a little as I imagined the possibilities, but quickly put those thoughts on hold and headed out.

I drove my rental car to Mark’s address and found it was an old servant’s house behind a very large place. It seemed nice from the outside so I continued to the door where I found a folded note with my name attached to a clip by the door. I pulled the note and it read: James – come on in and lock the door behind you as you enter. I didn’t think that the note was strange since Mark and I were from a “come on in and make yourself at home” type of small town community. I entered through the door and saw there was a long hall with a room opening to the left at the end. I headed toward the room calling out to Bob so he would know I was there. As I rounded the corner I saw a large TV with gay porno playing and I immediately felt my cock stir in my pants. I looked across from the TV and saw Bob in a large overstuffed chair. He was looking directly into my eyes while a very attractive male kneeled before him; both were naked. As my eyes focused I saw that the young, blonde Adonis was bobbing up and down on Bob’s ample cock and was making very sexy slurping noises in the process. Bob continued to keep direct eye contact with me while he pushed his boy away and quickly stood up and extended his hand to greet, his hard dick pointed directly at me. “Great to meet you Bob. I hope I didn’t interrupt anything” I said while giving him a wink.  “Don’t be silly. I had my boy roll a few for us before you arrived…take a seat and fire one up while I get you something to drink” Bob responded. He offered me some iced tea which was a relief since I don’t drink alcohol when I’m traveling on business. After he handed me the drink and returned to his seat, we passed one around. I was starting to feel quite comfortable at that point so I said “please continue what you were doing and I’ll sit here for a bit and enjoy the view”. The eager young man quickly returned to his place between Bob’s legs, this time raising his perfect ass where I would have a great view. His sexy butt-hole was glistening and I was pretty sure he had already had some fun recently. After placing his hands on the young man’s head as encouragement to take him deeper, Bob looked at me and said “Take off your clothes James”.

When Bob had stood up I had noticed a few things about him; he was considerably taller than me (I’m a short guy), his body was cover with dark hair that was neatly trimmed, and his cock was about 9” long with a respectable girth. I was immediately impressed by his confidence and his welcoming manner. The fact that I was also majorly turned on by the circumstances upon arrival also influenced my willingness to do whatever Bob instructed at that time. As if his deep, sexy voice telling me to remove my clothes had me in a trance, I immediately stood and began removing my clothes. I took off my shirt, shoes and socks, and then unfastened my pants. When I pulled my pants down my hard cock sprang from my pants, showing the pre-cum that had already begun leaking and was about to drip onto the floor. I heard Bob say “nice!” and then tell his boy to move away and sit on the couch next to the chair. Once his boy was seated he told me to get on all fours in front of his chair. I was all-in at this point and quickly positioned myself on hands and knees before him as requested. In a fluid motion Bob slid down behind me and placed his hands on my ass cheeks, spreading and kneading them so he could get a better look at my hole. I heard him making a guttural growl as he slowly leaned in, moving his face closer and closer to my open bottom. Soon I felt his lips kiss my butt hole as I simultaneously felt the vibrations from his vocal chords as he continued to growl and moan while pushing his tongue inside. I knew then that I would let Bob do whatever he wished with my body, and I began to push my ass back into his probing orifice to let him know I was at his command.

-To Be Continued-  

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Travel Adventure Part 2 (continuation)

In a fluid motion Bob had slid down behind me and placed his hands on my ass cheeks, spreading and kneading them so he could get a better look at my hole. I heard him making a guttural growl as he slowly leaned in, moving his face closer and closer to my open bottom. Soon I felt his lips kiss my butthole as I simultaneously felt the vibrations from his vocal chords as he continued to growl and moan while pushing his tongue inside. I knew then that I would let Bob do whatever he wished with my body, and I began to push my eager ass back into his probing orifice to let him know I was at his command.

I felt him darting his tongue in-and-out of my anus in quick stabbing motions and felt my ass-pucker begin to loosen up from his ministrations...I also felt how wet I was becoming as his saliva coated my pulsing entryway. He pulled his tongue out and took a big breath using his nose to smell my sex, then he continued to growl as he nibbled on my ass cheeks and then further up along my spine. I raised my bottom in hopes I would feel him enter me soon, though it was clear he was in no hurry. He pushed my head forward towards his Adonis friend who was sitting on the couch immediately in front of where I was positioned and so I found myself looking up at the smoothest model of a man I had ever seen. His cock was now fully erect and throbbing up and down as he looked me directly in the eyes with his steely blues. I could see his stomach muscles against his skin and his smooth face and full lips as he began to slide down in front of me. I felt butterflies as I reached forward and then he touched my face and guided my mouth onto his cock. I opened my lips and his member slid into my mouth effortlessly, as if a key entering a lock. We both moaned in unison and he began moving his hips faster, causing his erect penis to glide in and out of my hungry orifice. As I took his smooth cock all the way into my mouth I could feel that Bob had pushed his pelvis fully against my ass so that his cock-head was now at my rear entryway. Rather than thrust, Bob patiently worked my ass cheeks back and forth and spread them open and closed, which caused my hole to open further so that his cock head adjusted inside my ass effortlessly. The sensation was sublime and my entire body was in ecstasy. Just then young Adonis grabbed my head firmly and thrust his cock deep and fast into my throat while exclaiming he was coming. I sucked him in as far as I could and felt his cock begin to pulse and throb as his semen filled my mouth. I swallowed as much as necessary but kept some in my mouth to savor when he pulled out and slapped his cock across my face, along with a few threads of cum. He then quickly hoisted himself up and out from in front of me.

When Adonis moved away, my arm that was on his torso was displaced leaving me a little unstable. I then felt Bob’s torso swiftly slide across my back as he pushed his cock deep in my ass while reaching under me with his arm to support me from behind by hugging my chest. He was essentially spooning me while I was on all fours, with his hips pivoting like a hinge while his big cock sensually slid in-and-out of my hungry hole. He was thrusting deeper each time and I was beginning to push back in time, which made me moan and made his growls louder. Then he grabbed my hips and thrust his cock forward with force and I could feel his balls slap against mine, letting me know that his manhood was all the way inside me. He began to move side-to-side and I could feel just how deep his cock was, and that he had made it further than I had ever been penetrated. He said “baby, I’m all the way in your second ring and it feels so good”. I was so turned on by the way he was fucking me that I could only moan and whimper, begging him "fuck me daddy".

I was now his to use as he wished…I found I was repeatedly telling him that my ass was his as I focused on the pleasure from his cock as it thrust and pulsed deep inside me. He leaned further over me pushing me down until I was prone on the floor with legs spread and ass raised. He started to grind into me with his balls doing a semi-circle around my caressing asshole, and then taking a few deep, long strokes before grinding again. He then brought his lips to my ear and asked if I wanted him to breed me. “Fuck yes, shoot inside me!” I begged shamelessly.  “You ready for me to put my seed deep inside you boy?” he asked in a deep, guttural voice. “Take me now!” I shouted as I pushed my ass back against him as hard as possible. He finally replied “You’re mine now boy!” Then I felt him rear back and thrust even harder and deeper into me while his cock exploded inside my belly, gushing his seed and filling me completely. In and out he continued to thrust with loud grunts and a load so huge it was leaking out of my dick-filled ass even as he continued to fuck me. After what seemed like forever and not long enough at the same time, he thrust one final time all the way, planting his cock deep inside my ass while he wrapped his arms around my chest and pulled me tight in to him. I didn’t think it could get any better but then I felt his cock flex deep inside me then collapsed on top of me, which cause me to shake and buck my hips back into him while my sperm shot onto the floor beneath me.  He lifted his head after a bit and leaned down so he could kiss my lips and I accepted his probing tongue eagerly. Just then I heard the front door open and close and I see my old buddy Mark walking over to us. He unzipped his jeans, pulled out his now hardening cock and started stroking and said “I see you’ve met my roommate Bob”.

-To Be Continued-  

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