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Part One

“Hey hot stuff, save me!!”


I turn, nod and smile at the guy as I keep walking to the lifeguard stand. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, I love Blacks Beach to death but fuck there were a lot of queers here during the summer. I hear another wolf whistle as I climb up into my stand but ignore it. Let them stare, it wasn’t like I had anything to be ashamed of


“Wassup Archie!” One of the local surfers say as they jog out into the water. I wave back and watch the guys eyes follow him all the way. I sake my head in disgust as I pull the lotion out of my bag, it was gonna be one of those days where the sun was not gonna stop and last thing I needed was to burn.


My name is Archibold Brian King, Archie to just about everybody which let me tell you, sucked. Growing up it was fine but since that fucking gay ass show came on everyone asks why my hair is black instead f red or am I still dating Veronica. Real childish crap.


I’m 22 years old and am on top of the world, and not just because I’m sitting on a six foot lifeguard stand. You may not know me but I am the 3rd ranked college school wrestler in the nation and this year I’m going for number one. I go to University of San Diego and seriously, my life rocks. 


I’ve spent the whole summer working out, lifting, running, anything when I’m not getting a killer tan while doing my job. I need to be 182 by the time the season starts if I’m going to be able to compete against the guys I want. I’m 6’2” and at 5 percent body fat, I’m pretty sure I can get that down to 4 by the time the season starts. So basically what that means is I’m a stud.


Don’t laugh, I have a perfect eight pack, super defined pecs, biceps for days and a pair of thighs that could crush a watermelon in seconds. Overall I am the complete package. Thanks to my mom I am naturally smooth which only makes my cut lines stand out even more and thanks to my dad I fill out just about any singlet I wear, if you catch my drift. I’m a beast and I love it, and apparently so do the fags that come to watch me every morning. 


I’m not hating, it just gets old. I don’t know how many times you can tell a guy you’re not gay before you’re allowed to fuck him up but I was getting to that point. But all of this fades as I look out over the ocean and smile, screw the gays and all of that, his was going to be my year, I could feel it. Nothing could stop me.



The day passes quickly, I’ve gotten some more color and I was able to do some crunches on the platform when I got bored so my abs were popping. I see my replacement coming across the beach and I gather my things up. I notice the gays don’t fucking bug him like they do me.


That’s because I look better than him.


He waits for me to climb down and I hear a couple of cheers as my ass is shown. 


“Damn you have a fan club,” Seth says with a smile.


“You can have them,” I half growl as I see they are still staring.


He laughs and climbs up the stand as I leave. I’m almost to the parking lot when my number one fan comes running up.


“Hey Archie,” he says breathlessly.


“No,” I say curtly.


“Oh come on, I haven’t even said anything!”


His name was Matty and he was one of the surf pups that practically lived here over the summer. He has a whole pack of friends that hang out by the coves, surf, get high and whatever they can get up to. If Matty here is any indication, they have a lot of gay sex.


“Are you gonna ask me out to the dunes for a blow job?”


“Well yeah but at least let me ask before you turn me down!”


Sighing I keep walking.


“Come on man, I know you don’t have a girlfriend!”


He was right, I didn’t. My entire life was training, I didn’t have any time for dates or romance or anything. My life was working out, eating right and making sure I was the best I could be. Maybe some of the other guys could handle being less than the best but I couldn’t. I was laser focused so that meant no girls. It was a harsh rule but one I lived by.


“That doesn’t mean I’m fucking gay,” I snarl.


He held up his hands, “Whoa dude I wasn’t saying you were, but don’t you just wanna have some fun, you know a little release?”


I knew I should have beaten this kid down the first time he came on to me but I was trying to be nice.


“Dude, back the fuck off! Just take no for an answer!”


He took a step back and looked like a hurt puppy, “Ok man, was just trying to help you out.”


“I don’t need that kind of help!”


He nodded and walked away, fuck I hope that was over. 


I climb into my brand new black Jeep Wrangler, oversized leather seats, digital sound system, the whole nine yards. My dad had bought it for me when I made varsity last year and I loved this thing. I got in and turned the engine over, for a second I feel a tinge and freeze. I can feel the head rush and my leg twitch slightly as the vibrations even out. Whew, that was intense. I wait for everything to relax before I back out of the parking lot. 


That was my girl, too much horsepower for her own good.


My mom is cooking something when I walk in, it smells fantastic.


“Hey ma!” I yell as I head to my room.


“Make sure you wash you wash up before dinner,” she scolds.


I toss my bag down and strip off my board shorts. I look at myself I the mirror and like what I see. My tan is insane, the tan line above my pubes is just killer, A shame once the season starts I can’t maintain it but for now I looked fucking hot. My cock is still half hard from the parking lot, Jesus this thing has a mind of it’s own.


I turn on the shower and get in. The cold feels amazing on my burnt skin, I fell my entire body relax as I let the day just pass through me. I forget the fags, Matty, everything, and just focus on my year. I was so close I could taste it. I pictured myself out there on the mat, arm raised as the guy I had just stomped was still face down on the mat. Every muscle popping, the bulge of my donkey dick slipping down my left leg, the entire country seeing how fucking hot I am. I was the going to be top dawg this year, I was.


Well now my cock was fully hard and there was no way it was going down until I came.


I fist the base of it and look down at my pride and joy. Any guy could work out a lot and get super cut, but none of them had what I had. A fucking fat, uncut cock that was never quite satisfied with itself. I start to stroke and for the millionth time wish I had a gf to fuck. Being celibate last year was tough and this year was going to be worse, but I could tell the difference in concentration. With no stupid texts, no late night calls, I had all the time in the world to focus on me and my body.


But man my dick missed pussy.


My hand was a blur as I felt my balls start to ache, there was a tingle through my groin as I felt everything start to blur. My vision goes fuzzy and I feel my eyes roll back as I shoot my load all over the shower wall. I blacked out for a moment as my orgasm moved through my body. One thing about my condition, cumming was always fucking incredible.


I suppose I should explain.


I have what my doctor calls an overactive prostate. Basically it means that any vibrations or shit like that can cause me to go into what I call fuck mode. You know when you’re about to nut and nothing else in the world matters? You are right on the edge and even if your mom walked in on you wouldn’t stop until you came? The state of mind you only get when you’re right on the edge? Well if anything fucks with my prostate I instantly go there. Most of the time it sucks, when I’m driving the vibrations of the car will shake me just enough to make m half hard. Bigger engines, like the one on the team bus, can put me in an almost drunk state, where my cock is raging hard and I am about two seconds away from blowing my load. Honestly most of the time I don’t even notice it, but when I jerk off, my orgasm hits my prostate and its like fucking fireworks going off in my head. It’s like nothing I can describe except, perfect.


Because of that I am super drained after I cum. I am barely able to dry off and collapse naked on my bed before I pass out.  I drift off with a smile on my face though, because I am feeling no pain.



A hand slapping my ass wakes me up in a flash and I yelp and spin around quickly.


My dad I standing there laughing, “Boy do you know how much hell you’d hear if I was your mom?”


I grab my pillow and put it over my crotch, “Sorry dad, took a shower and passed out.”


He gave me a wink, “Well if you spent your time actually washing and not beating your meat you wouldn’t be dead to the word would you?’


My parents of course know of my condition, my mom knows it as a medical thing but my dad knows the whole story. He was super cool about it, making sure my mom knew if my door was closed to knock first and he was always buying me lotion on the side. He knew even normal day to day shit turned me on because of it so he just assumed I was always jerking off.


He wasn’t wrong.


“Well drop your cock and grab your socks, dinner is ready and I am pretty sure your mom has a no shoes, no shirt, no food policy.”


I nod and smile, “Thanks dad.”


He gives me one more look, “Looking lean son, you’re going to tear them up this year.”


I feel a flush of pride, my dad was the one who pushed me to be this good. He wrestled in the military and was the one who got me into it in junior high. It was like having my own motivation guy on call, pumping my ego when I was down and keeping me grounded when in slacked off. He wanted me to have this year as much as I did.


I flex for him, “Am doing double reps now, trying to bulk up the most I can without going over weight.”


He feels my bicep, “Don’t overdo it, you get too big and you’ll shoot right past your weight class and then what?”


“Then I’ll have to kick some bigger guy’s ass?’


He laughed, “That’s my top dawg, come on get dressed.”


He waked out and I tossed the pillow aside. I looked down at my cock, “See what you get me into?’


My cock looked bored with the whole conversation and went back to sleep.





That Monday school starts and I am ready to go.


Most of the guys hadn’t seen me since last year and they could see how much bigger I was. I wore my varsity letterman jacket, a tight pair of jeans that cupped my ass perfectly, pair of orange converse high tops with a tight red shirt that hugged my chest within an inch of its life. I looked like a fucking god and I could see everyone could tell. I nodded to a bunch of people I didn’t know as I waked down until I got to my locker. Me and a couple of the guys had all started meeting before class outside the student center back in sophomore year so it was like out own little jock corner. As I walked  up the guy’s eyes got wide.


“What’s up losers?” I asked.


“What the fuck man?” Tony, 195, thick guy with tree trunk legs, “Someone upgraded this summer.”


I smile as Wyatt, 152, tone as fuck surfer guy, comes up and gestures for me to take my jacket off, “Come on man, don’t tease.”


I roll my eyes as I slip my jacket off and let them see everything.


“Jesus Christ,” Cooper, 182, same build as me just not as good, says as he reaches for my shirt, “You have got to be kidding.” He lifts my shirt and I flex my eight pack for him. He runs his fingertips over the hard ridges and I can see how impressed he is.


“What can I say guys?” I say slipping my jacket back on, “It’s hard to be this good.”


They groan and Wyatt throws a wadded up piece of paper at me, “Nice to know the only thing bigger than your body is your ego.”


I give him a wink as I opened my backpack to find a snack,, “What? Like my eyes don’t work?’


They laughed but no one said anything. I was the best looking guy on the team, in the school you could argue and no one wanted to debate me on that. A couple of girls walked by, their eyes practically falling out as they looked at me, “Welcome back Archie,” they say as one.


“Hey girls,” I said with a head nod, no idea who they are.


As soon as they were gone the guys mimicked them, “Hey Archie…” their voices high and cracking.


I flipped them off and tossed my bag in, “Shut up Cooper, last time you got any you put peanut butter on your dick for your dog.”


The guys all laughed and pointed at him as he grew red.


We all got our shot and walked to class together.


Yep, my year.



School passed pretty quickly and afterwards I made my way to the gym.


God I loved this place. The smell, the way the sound bounced from the walls, everything. I had grown up in places like this, they were my home in so many ways. As I walked across the court to the locker room I could feel my confidence triple as I push open the door.


“I have returned!” I screamed, scaring the shit out of the underclass men who had been changing out.


“King!” Coach screamed, “Stow that shit and get in here!”


“Coming mother,” I called back, making the guys bust up as I jogged over to the office.


“Always the smart ass huh? Get in there,” he said shooing me into this office.


I paused, there was someone else already in the office. He was younger, maybe sophomore, freshman most likely? He was in good shape for his age, well defined, tight body, he had a pair of baggy jeans on that only made his waist look smaller than it was because of his big chest. He had that fresh faced look that most guys laughed at on the mat but girls loved. He had curly brown hair and a mouth that seemed to rest at a smirk, he nodded at me as we made eye contact.


“Archie, that’s the kid,” coach said closing the door.


“I’m Grayson,” he said extending his hand. 


I glanced at it then back to the coach, “What did you need?”


“You didn’t turn your physical in,” he said going though some papers on his desk.


“I thought I didn’t have to this year.”


The coach shook his head, “Not sure who told you that but you do.”


“What about my last one?”


He stopped and looked at me, “Archie, you are going for the gold this year. Do you want to be disqualified because of something as stupid as a damn physical?”


I looked down, “No sir.”


“Great, you guys have about twenty minutes to get to the clinic before it closes.”


“Guys?” I ask looking up.


“Yeah the kid needs his as well, he just transferred in and his paperwork didn’t follow. Take him and both of you get it done.”


“He doesn’t have a car?”


“Nice,” Grayson mutters under his breath,


“Son. Take the kid, go get your physical. Stop bitching. Got it?’


“Yes sir.” 


“Good, go!”


I don’t even look at him “Come on.”


“Lead on,” he says cheerful


I get into my Jeep as. He marvels at it, “Damn, this is yours?”


I nod behind the wheel, “Yeah, come on.”


He hops in and looks around, “Dude, this is tight.”


I don’t bother saying anything as I pull out of the parking lot.


Were halfway there and he starts talking, “So, heard you’re the best on the team.”


I nod, and keep driving.


“That’s cool, I wrestled last year at my old school but nothing like this. Any tips?”


I glance over at him, “Get bigger.”


He waits, expecting me to go on and then shakes his head “Ooookkk then.”


He’s thankfully silent the rest of the way.


We run into the clinic as the nurse is flipping the sign, “We’re from Westview, he’s expecting us!”


She looks like she doesn’t care until the doctor comes out, “Go ahead and let them in Jennie and you can leave. I’ll lock up after.”


She smiles and lets us in, “See you tomorrow doc.”


He waves her out and locks the door behind us, “You boys are lucky, I was about to give up on you.”


“Sorry sir, “ I said as we follow him back.


“How you been Archie? You’ve spent the summer working out I see.”


The pride that this guy who only sees me once a year can tell is nice. “Yessir, I was lifeguarding and keeping in shape. I am going for number one this year.”


He nods as he pulls some gloves on, “Well if anyone can get there it’s you. Up on the table.”


I hop up as the kid sits and waits.


“Anything new? Pains? Sores? Injuries?” He asks as he checks my throat.


“No sir,” I gargle as he moves to my ears.


“Good, good, and what about you condition, any worse?”


I feel my face flush as I shake my head, “Still the same sir.”


“Good, good. Ok shoes off.”


I untie my converse and he exams the soles of my feet and reflexes. I feel my stomach knot up as we get closer to the bain of my existence.


He finishes and temps back, “You know the drill by now.”


I nod and undo my pants, I slip them over my boxer briefs and then pull them down as well and bend over. I catch the kid peeking at my junk but it doesn’t look like a gay thing, just curious. I mean who doesn’t look?


“Ok,” the doctor says from behind, “Deep breath.”


I feel his finger press against my hole and then push in quickly. I wince from the displeasure as he roots up into my ass, digging for my prostate. He moves over it and just like that my head fogs. I know a low moan escapes my mouth before I can stop it and I feel my hips push back, causing his hand to be forced out.


“Steady,” he says putting a hand on my back, “Relax.”


“I’m trying sir,” I said, my breath already ragged, my cock filling up fast. He pushes into me again and this time hits it in one. I feel my legs get weak as my eyes roll back in my head, before I know it I’m cumming.


“Fuck…fuck!!” I scream as my cock erupts all over the exam table. I feel like gallons of cum gushes out, I can do nothing to stop it, I just have to shake and cum as my whole body screams in pleasure. I am panting as the spots in front of my eyes fade, I don’t know how much time has passed because the doc has already taken his gloves off and is writing something.


“Very good,” he says handing me a cup, “Collect a sample and clean up can you?’


I pull up my pants and make sure not to look at the kid as I collect some of my own cum and put it in the cup. I hand it back and he passes me a wet rag. I wipe my mess up, I shot all over the fucking table and it looks like past it, but I am not getting on my hands and knees to find out.


I toss the rag away and grab my shoes and sit down. I glance over and the kid who is just staring at me open mouthed,


“What?” I growl and he pulls back, afraid I’m going to punch him.


“Nothing!” He says quickly and looks away.


“Your turn son,” the doc says and he moves over and hops up on the table.


God why did I have to bring him? He just saw me fucking shoot a porn star load from just having a finger up my ass. No one at school knew my condition and I’d be the laughing stock if they did. I watched as the doctor worked him over, when he did the prostate exam exam all the kid did was grunt and wince.


You know, like normal people.


He got dressed as the doc filled out our forms, “You’re both in perfect health and should have a very good year.” He handed us the papers, “Archie, I’m looking forward to seeing you go all the way.”


“Thanks sir,” I say as I walk out, not caring if the kid was behind me or not.


I got into the Jeep and slammed the door, my knuckles were white as I gripped the steering wheel.


He got in and did his seat belt, silent.


I turn to look at him, “You ever say one fucking word I swear to god I will end you.”


His eyes got wide as he cringed.


“You get that? Fucking end you.”


He nodded and in a very small voice asked, “What was that?”


I wanted to it my fist through his face but that would just get people asking questions. “I have a condition, my prostate is weird. It’s not a gay thing!” I add and he nods again.


“So what it is super sens…”


“I’m not talking about this!” I snap and his mouth closes. “No one, you got it?”


He nods again.


“Good,” I said as I start the car, “If I hear even a fucking whisper about this, I know where it came from.”


“I won’t say anything!” He blurts out and I believe him.


“For your sake you better not.”


The ride back to the school was silent, we turned in our papers and I went home. 


FUCK! This had started as such a good day too,


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Part Two

The next month we trained like crazy. 


We had a good group this year but no one they could come close to touching me: I usually ended up sparring against Cooper since he was the closet to my weight. He was good but I was head and shoulders above him and we both knew it. Still, it was better than nothing so I made do with what I had.


The only time the kid talked to me was about a week later when he asked me if I could spar with him to give notes. I told him I didn’t spar with underclassmen and he should find someone that he could handle. He looked hurt but whatever, this wasn’t wrestling camp, not everyone got treated equally. He had two years left to get his shit together, all I had was this year before I started wrestling at the college level.


Our first match was at home and we kicked their ass solidly. Well I did at least, a couple of the guys won their weight too but I stomped my guy within an inch of his life. The fucking feeling of looking down at a guy knowing you were his better. Not even sex could beat that feeling. The next game was at San Marcos, couple of hours away but it was a Saturday day game which meant leaving on Friday and staying in a hotel so we were rested.  The new guys were pumped, it was their first time wrestling out of the school, the rest of us took out time to study tape of the guys we’d be going against, because no one wanted to lose in front of strangers.


That Friday we all got onto the bus to leave. I always sat in the way back since my condition was going to fuck me up anyways. I usually pretended I was napping but in actually I was resisting the urge to cum. Everyone knew to leave me alone before a match, everyone but the kid that is. He came back and tried to talk me up but I just ignored him and he eventually went away.I focused on anything but my cock the entire ride there. Counting the seconds I could get off this fucking bus.


Once we arrived I grabbed my bag and got off the bus. I saw a couple of side glances at the bulge sliding down my leg but no one was going to say anything about it. So I had a big dick! And? We all got our stuff and checked in and the coach started handing out room assignments. I saw Tony and Wyatt get painless up so I assumed I was getting Cooper.


“Cooper you’re with Jamison, Kong you’re with Lake.”


“Who?” I asked pissed.


“The kid,” he said pointing to my own little fucking annoyance.


“Coach can’t I room with…” I began to say and he cut me off.


“King, we’re here to wrestle not braid each other’s hair. No rating rooms, period.”


We all sat there stunned.


“Get going!”


I grabbed my room key and stomped off, this was bullshit. How did I end up with this fucking punk?


“Hey sorry man,” he said catching up to me halfway down the hall.


“Shit up. Leave me alone. Don’t talk to me,” I said not slowing down.


“What the fuck did I do to you man?”


I turned and glared at him, “You were fucking born.”


He shook his head, “Dude you need to relax.”


I ignored him and unlocked our room. I threw my bag down on the far bed and walked into the bathroom, slamming the door.


Fuck I didn’t need this.



We all ate dinner, hung out, I went back to the room, showered and laid down. I said nothing to the kid and he wisely didn’t try to talk to me. He had brought an iPad and airbuds and was watching something when I went to bed. At some point he turned on the heat cause it was fucking hot as hell. 


“What the fuck?” I asked him.


“Dude I’m freezing!”


I kicked off the blankets and turned over, “Fucking pussy.”


After a few I drifted off to sleep, and dreamed.


I was back at the doctors office except it was the nurse instead of the doc. She had me bent over the table and she was whispering for me to take a deep breath. I felt her push into me and I bore down on the pain until she found my spot. She was moving around and I groaned from the discomfort, she whispered sorry, hold on…” and kept digging. God the fucking pain…it was so bad I felt myself waking up…


And boom, there it was.


I felt my mind explode and I could hear my moan as I threw my head back. She has her finger right on my button and I was losing my shit. Fuck, fuck she kept moving it, nudging it, slipping over it, every fucking particle of my body reacting. Another perfect hit and I felt my body jerk..And I heard moaning again. Loud ass moaning and someone calling out, “Moooreee…fuck more…”


It was a deep voice, some guy was begging for…


Another finger and the nurse hit it again. I grunted. “Shit!” And heard the voice say it as well. “Right there..” I said and the same time the voice did, “Right fucking there..”


The nurse complied and I felt my body jerk again in response, my fucking mind completely blown. It felt like I was flying it felt so good, no one had ever played with it before and it was…fuck it was amazing. I groaned and the voice followed and I was losing track of time…


“Fuck man you’re into this,” a male voice said.


I instantly came awake and saw the kid on my bed. I was about to scream at him when something moved across my spot and the world broke as my whole body jerked. Again and again, not resting on it for just brushing over it, each touch making my nerve endings scream as I writhed around on the bed.


“Yeah you do like this,” the kid said evilly, his finger moving off my spot.


“W-what the fuck…” I panted, my mind still fuck drunk, “What are…”


Another jab and I feel my hips buck up.


“Whoa, that was hot,” he says moving his finger back and hitting me again. My hips are off the bed as I grind back into his fingers. I have no control of anything as I feel him tease my hole with a laugh. “Not so tough now huh?” He asks as he barely rests his fingertips on it.


I cry like a fucking girl, I can hear myself whimper as he tickles my guts, I can feel my cock throb, smearing precum all over my abs.


“Big fucking dawg whining like a bitch,” he sneers, “How bad you want this? Come on Archie, how bad?”


I’m beyond speech but my mouth still babbles, “So bad, harder…please….”


What the fuck? Part of me is horrified but the main part of my brain is in a complete fuck fog. He moves his fingers back and forth, eliciting more and more desperate pleas for him to let me cum. 


“Look at this body man, fucking perfect muscles, perfect abs, I mean look at this cock man!! Why would god give you such a fucking cock if he was going to gift you with this pussy?”


To accent his point he jabbed it once, my brain turning off for a moment from the overwhelming pleasure. When I came to he had three fingers in me now but there was no pain. My fucking spot was sending me so much pleasure I didn’t even notice it. All I knew was he was making me beg for it and there was nothing I wouldn’t do at this moment.


“Tell me you love this,” he commanded.


“I fucking love this,” I screamed.


“Tell me you want more.”


“Please give me more…please!!!”


I was crying inside but my mouth wouldn’t stop.


“Tell me to play with your pussy.”


I forced my mouth shut so he hit it harder. Again lights flashed in front of my eyes and he asked again.


“Tell me to play with your pussy.”


 Two more jabs and my arms were over my head as my ass bucked upwards into this hand. 


“Say it!!” He raged.


“Play with my pussy!! Please play with my fucking pussy!!”


He finally pressed down on my spot and my cock just exploded. I could hear myself just moaning like a fucking slut as I felt hot cum rain over my face and chest. It felt like it wouldn’t stop as my ass kept clenching, pulling his fingers down onto it more and more. I felt myself start to black out as his fingers slipped free of my ass.


I felt something press against my lips and didn’t have the energy to stop it. His fingers slid into mouth, feeding me a huge glob of my cum. I had no idea what I was doing and felt myself suck on them as the world went black.


“Good girl,” was the last thing I heard.



I woke up slowly, my mind was reeling, I wasn’t even sure where I was for a moment. I looked over and saw the kid sitting on the other bed and everything came rushing back.


“Fucking asshole!” I screamed as jumped towards him.


He rolled back and held up his phone, “Don’t even think it!!”


I was about to pound him when I heard my voice coming from the small speaker.


“Play with my pussy!! Please play with my fucking pussy!”


I felt my blood go cold as I felt my knees go weak. I could see myself on the screen, cumming everywhere from being fingered by a guy.


“It’s already uploaded, so you can break my phone and I still have a copy. So back the fuck up and sit down.”


Slowly I moved back from him, I felt like a vampire retreating from a cross. I stumbled back onto my bed, I don’t even think I was breathing.


“That’s better,” he said sitting across from me, “Come at me again and this will be everywhere, got it?’


I nodded, completely in shock.


“I said do you understand?”


“I do,” I said with no emotion whatsoever.


“Good, so look, you’re pissed right?”


My eyes narrowed as the urge to punch him rose, “You just fucking raped me.”


He rolled his yes, “Rape? Rape? Look dude,”


He came over and sat next to me, putting an arm around my shoulder. I wanted to push it off but he was holding all the cards right now, best I just wait for a time.


“See rape is when someone is forced to do something they don’t want to do,” he pushed a button on his phone and the video went to the start. Me on my back, him crawling between my legs, applying lotion to my ass, his fingers…me groaning in my sleep cause it hurt like a motherfucker and then my whole body shook.


“More…” I hear myself moan and feel a wave of shame overcome me. I watch as I writhe around on the bed, mewling, begging him to keep going. Even when I wake up I am pushing back onto his hand. My cock is fucking raging hard, there is no doubt my body is into this shit. I want to puke as I watch him fucking play me like a fiddle, finally causing me to cum all over myself. I look away as he feeds me my own cum, I feel sick to my stomach.


“So let’s not use that word again ok? You may have not been wiling, but you were more than wanting.”


I looked over to him, “What do you want?”


“Me? What I want doesn’t matter any more. I wanted to come to new school and make friends with people. I tried to talk to you, tried to be nice and you were a fucking dick every time. So what I want is long gone, the better question is what do I need?”


“I don’t have a lot of money dude, my dad isn’t rich…”


He laughed, “No man, I ain’t looking for money. You got this all wrong.”


I look at him confused.


“See, you and me, we have the same problem.”


“I doubt that,” I say in a half growl.


“Watch your tone asshole, start treating me with respect or I’ll say fuck it and not try to bargain with you.”


“OK, ok,” I say quickly, “I’m sorry, what is our problem?”


“We don’t have girlfriends.”


I blink a few times, not sure if he is joking or not.


“See I just got here so its hard for me to talk up a girl and you’re fucking super wrestler and have no time for one.”


“What does that have to do with anything?’


“I am in a better mood when I get laid and I bet you are too.”


“Come again?”


“I want a girlfriend to fuck, get my tension out and you need to get laid more than anyone I know.”


“So you want me to get you a girlfriend?”


He just chuckled, “No man, you’re gonna be my girlfriend.”


I jerked back and loot off the bed, “What the fuck man!”


“Sit down,” he says calmly.


“I’m not gonna sit down, you can’t just…”


“Sit down!” He barks, his finger on his phone. I can see the publish button on Facebook on the screen. Fuck he actually has it uploaded!!


I close my mouth and sit down, as far away from him as I can and still be on the bed.


“We can kill two birds with one stone here, and trust me, you’re gonna love it.”


I was not going to love it.


“I need a hole to fuck and you have a pussy that needs filling.”


“It’s not a pussy,” I say angrily and instantly regret it, “I mean, I’m not a girl.”


“No you’re not, but you need realease my friend and so do I. So lay back down, come on scoot up.”


He gestures to the head of the bed but I don’t move.


Sighing he shakes his head, “Just lay the fuck down, or do I need to threaten this again?”


Fuckfuckfuck. He really has that video ready to post! If anyone saw that…my fucking life, my future, fuck I would be ruined, completely ruined. I can feel my eyes start to water as I crawl up towards the head of the bed and lay down.


“Please don’t do this man, please…be cool.”


He pauses, “Be cool? You mean be a friend?’


I nod in a panic, maybe I can convince him not to do this.


“Ok sure, let’s give that a try. I will delete this video and leave you alone, on one condition.”


“Name it, anything!”


“Say my name.”


I just stare at him.


“What is my name? We’ve been on the same team for over a months prove to me you aren’t a raging asshole and at least know my name.”


Fuckfuckfuck, what was it? I think the coach said it before the physical…shit I don’t know! I don’t remember every fuck who is on the team. He’s a fucking freshman, how would I know?


“Um Jason?”


He shakes his head.


“Kyle? Steve? Adien?”


He reaches over to the table between the beds and grabs a bottle of lotion.


“See what I mean? You’re a fucking asshole, I’ve tried talking to you a dozen times, and I don’t exist to you.”


He pours some on his hand and tosses the lotion on the bed.


“So yeah, sorry, no deal.”


He reaches towards me and I pull away, “Please…”


“Lay the fuck still,” he commands, “Just let this happen, trust me you’re gonna love it.”


“No I wont! I wont! I’m straight man, please…I’m straight.”


He reaches between my legs and I fight the urge to kick him.


“I know you’re straight man, but god gave you a gift, you need to share that.”


His fingers touch my ass and I jump, he moves closer and puts a hand on my and, “Hold still.”


I can feel him moving between my cheeks, his fingertip touching my hole, I jump again but he is holding me in place. “Hold on,” he says as he pushes against my puckered hole, “There it is…”


I try to hold it close as long as I can but it is slowly moving forward and I feel it enter me all the same. 


“Fuck!” I shout, fuck he has a finger in me!


“Shut up fuckhead!” He snakes, “You want a coach coming in?’


Oh god the thought of someone walking in and finding me like this terrifying me and I feel his finger push further into me.


“Unngghhhh….” I moan as I bite my bottom lip. It fucking huts, well not hurt but it feels fucked up and I don’t like it. He goes deeper and I make more noise. He is past his second knuckle and I am trashing from the pain.


He takes his hand off my stomach and slaps the shit out of me, hard.


I freeze as I look up at him in shock.


“Stop being a pussy, fucking man up and take it.”


The sting of where he hit me echoes, it doesn’t hurt as much as it shocks me. I feel my ass unclench and he pushes all the way in, I close my eyes and try to take it.


“Ok, here we are…” he says casually, “If I remember it’s right…”


“Please,” I cry, “It fucking burns…”


And I gasp as I feel him brush it.


Instantly my ass is wide open and I can feel my legs spread. A low moan escapes my mouth as he drags his finger back across it. My hips buck and my cock is nearly hard as I hear my voice just plead, “Ohh….there….”


“Yeah is that it?” He baby talks me, nudging it slightly, causing my head to slam back into the bed as my whole body moves. “Is that it?”


I nod and feel myself trying to push back on his fingers, my ass is literally off the bed now as I try to fuck myself on his finger. 


“Yeah see, you like this, you want this…” he says swiping it a couple more times before sliding his finger out.


I let out a huge lungful of air as I fall back to the bed, I am already sweating and my head feels like I am fucking plastered. My cock is just throbbing as I slowly come back to my senses.


“See? That isn’t rape,” he says with an evil smile.


“Please don’t” I beg him as I see his hand move under me.


“Shhhh,” he said as I felt two fingers touch my hole, “Deep breath…”


I do as he says as he pushes into me. I curse from the pain and but I force myself not to scream. He keeps pushing and I am almost at the limit of what I can take. 


“Come on!!” I snap, “Go!!”


“Your wish…” he shoves them all the way in and the pain is unbearable for a moment until I feel him him touch it and my world shatters again. 


“Oh fuck!!” I call out as I feel my will drain away almost instantly. It’s like being stuck in my own head without any control. I am mentally screaming for him to stop but my body is rutting back onto his fingers like a fucking cat in heat.


“Yeah there we go…” he laughs, “That’s my girl.”


Again I wanna scream I’m not a girl but instead I just moan and plead for him to do it harder.


“Yes, yes…” I hear my voice plead as he fingers my spot again and again and again.


I’m like a fucking puppet, every time he touches my spot my whole body shakes, my legs keep spreading wide, my arms are all over the place. Finally I just put them over my head to keep them still. My cock is just leaking everywhere, I’m on the edge of cumming but I haven’t even touched it!! It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt, my head is just spun, I have no chance to pull myself free.


Even when he pulls his fingers out my head is still ringing, now I feel an emptiness inside me and my cock is still screaming for release. I start to come back to the world when I feel him press his finger back into me.


I automatically take a deep breath and ready myself as something big shoves it way into me. The pain is off the charts and I look up in panic as I realize that’s not his finger.


He’s fucking me!!


His fucking dick is in me and it burns like a motherfucker.


“Get it out!” I cry, “It hurts!! Please!!!”


“I swear to god you’re going to get someone’s attention with all that screaming. You want the guys to find you like this?”


The thought of having someone see me like this, it freezes me and I force my screams down.  Now all I can do is quietly whimper as he pushes slowly into me. Jesus how fucking big is this kid? It feels like a fucking baseball bat is in me. I can feel tears roll down my cheeks as the shame and pain just rain down on me relentlessly. I am fucking Archie King, fucking best looking guy in school and a freshman has me on my back with his cock up my ass. Fuck how did this happen?


He stops moving and I let out a breath I’ve been holding.


“There we go.” He says leaning over me, “All the way in, how does it feel?”


“Fucking horrible,” I admit, trying not to look him in the eyes.


“Well let’s see if we can change that.”


“Fat chance,” I sputter as I feel him slowly pull out…


“OH!!” I cry out as his dick drags against my spot, it’s so much more than a finger and the difference is overwhelming. I can see the glee in his eyes as he pushes back in, his head going back over it. “Oh fuck!!” I moan as this kids cock smashes my entire spot at once. Again my hips know what I want even if I don’t, they push back onto him, shoving him even deeper into me.


“Whoa,” he says steadying himself, “You like this!” He asks as he assaults me again.


“Oh fuck yeah!” I cry out, my head back, eyes rolled back in my head. All he’s done is move his dick an inch back and forth and I’m already so fuck drunk I’d do anything he said.


“Yeah I told you..” he says as he pulls nearly all the way out, his cockhead and shaft rubbing my spot for so long I thought I’d pass out. “Told you your pussy needs this.” He pushes back in and again his whole cock drags inside of me and I can feel my cock just begging for release. My legs are wrapped around his waist, pulling him into me, I’ve shoved my hands under my head to keep them from thrashing everywhere. He starts to fuck me and I find myself matching his very move, trying to shove as much of him into me as possible.


The voice of the real me is so small against the roar of fucking pleasure that is screaming in my head. I beg for him to stop but it never makes it to my mouth, all I can do is whimper with each thrust.


“Yeah my girl has a hungry pussy doesn’t she?”


His words burned but my fuck fogged brain didn’t care, all it knew was that his cock was touching me in ways I had never dreamed and it wanted more, so much more:


“Fuck yeah,” my mouth babbles, “Fuck me, fuck me!!”


“You have a hungry pussy?” he asks slamming into next


“Fuck my pussy,” I scream as my ass shoves itself back onto him. “Fuck my hungry pussy!!”


“Oh fuck yeah,” he groans, leaning into me, really starting to pound into me. I am completely lost now, the only thing I know is that cock and how much I needed it. I am fucking myself as hard as I can as his cock draws more and more begging from me.


He leans forward more and I’m practically folded in half. His face is over mine and from this angle is his cock is hitting a different part of me: 


“Harder!” I scream, “Fuck me harder!!”


He leans down and kisses me, I feel instant revulsion but I am so fucking thrown my mouth kisses him back. His tongue is as aggressive as his cock as me, Archie King, ranked three wrestler in the country let a fucking freshman fuck me like I was a fucking ditzy cheerleader. I was swirling, moaning, crying like a fucking girl as he fucked me again and again and again. 


His cock never stayed in the same place long enough to make me cum, all he was doing was sliding across it hard enough to make me lose control. He broke the kiss and gnawed on my neck, his teeth dug into my flesh and I was so far gone in the fuck it actually felt good. Shit what was he doing? Oh fuck no, he can’t, please god no…


I felt him gnaw on my neck hard, marking his territory with a fucking hickey! How the fuck was I going to explain that? My fear though was short lived as he leaned back, grabbed my legs and spread them wide. I saw my massive thighs flex as he held them open wishboned, allowing him to slam in me ever easier.


I couldn’t keep up any more. I was so fucking overwhelmed by the kids cock all I could do was lay there and let him fuck me. My mind was just a fuck haze of pleasure, I could feel the drool slipping down my cheek as he thrust into me time after time, making me grunt and moan with each one. 


I had surrendered, I had no fight left. I was a hole for him to fill, a fucking sex toy for him to use, and I loved it. My mind couldn’t get enough of the feeling of his dick sliding up and down my fucking spot, making it sing for more and more until I lost my mind.


“You my girl?” He asked, leaning down again.


I nodded wearily unable to protest. 


“Say it!” He snapped, “You my girl?”


“I’m your girl,” I hear myself moan, “I’m your fucking girl…”


“You like your man fucking you?”


“Yeah fuck me…” I mutter.


“Say it! You like your man fucking you?”


“I do!” I finally blurt out, “I love my man fucking me, so hard….so good…”


I had no shame anymore, all I knew was this kid’s cock and it was more than enough to satisfy me.


“Beg me to fuck our pussy, tell me you’re a dirty whore of a girl…”


“Please kid fuck me, “ I whined, “Please fuck my slutty pussy…I’m such a fucking whore, please...please fuck your nasty girl!”


Where the fuck was this coming from?


Evil chuckle and, “Good girl, see? You know what you want.”


He stops talking and just starts jackrabbiting me. The sound of our flash slapping together is like applause as his cock smashes into my spot again and again and again…flashes of light start to form in front of my eyes and I realize he’s done it…he’s pushed me over the edge.


“Oh! Oh! Oh!” I cry as I feel my cock start to pulse.


“You gonna cum for me baby?’


“I’m cumming!” I whine as I feel my brain start to shut off.


“Come for your man bitch!”


My cock unloads with his words and I feel fireworks go off in my brain, I am pushing back onto his cock as hard as I can, fucking myself, shoving that cock into me. As cum flies over my head and into my hair I can hear myself literally crying in pleasure as I hear him cuss, “Fuck you’re gonna make me shoot…”


There is a brief terror of him shooting in me but one stroke of his cock over my spot and its gone as I shoot another five ropes of spooge over my chest and abs. I don’t know if I imagine it or if it’s real but I can feel his cock expand as he shoots in me, it feels like it presses up against my spot, filling my entire ass full and I feel myself go insane.


He collapses on top of me as I feel my ass still twitch around his softening cock, my legs are spasming as I feel myself start to pass out. He leans forward and kisses me, “Such a fucking hot girl…”


I am too tired to resist and find myself kissing him back as my brain turns itself off

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Part Three

I woke up hungover again.


My head hurt, the sun was too bright and everything just felt achy. At least I remembered where I was this time, I glanced over at the other bed and the kid wasn’t there. I could hear the shower running and glanced over at the clock.


Fuck, we have breakfast in ten minutes!


I jump out of bed and instantly regret it. Everything kind of dips to the side for a moment and I feel like I am going to fucking fall over. I stumble into the bathroom and open the toilet to let out a stream of piss that feels like I’ve held it in for a month. I groan at the relief.


“That you?” He asked, sticking his head out of the shower.


I think to cover my dick for a moment but why bother? This kid has seen everything I have and more.


“Why didn’t you wake me up?” I ask instead of answering.


“You looked like you needed the sleep, I was gonna when I got out.”


I finish and flush the toilet, “Well hurry so I can take one.”


“Just come in.”


I freeze as I wonder if that is a command or not.


“I can wait.”


He opens the shower door completely, “Stop fucking around and get in here.”


I had never really taken a good look at this kid before, well fuck before last night I barely knew he existed. He was cut as fuck, wiry, with some muscle he would be fucking stacked. I glanced at his cock, I can’t help it, its bigger than it should be on a guy his size. It’s not as big as mine but judging by last night, more than capable of getting the job done.


“Hey!” He snaps his fingers and I look up, “My eyes are up here, get in.”


This time it is a command, the tone, the look on his face. I sigh and step in behind him and slide the door closed.


“Here,” he says moving behind me, “Get wet.”


I step under the water and let it fall down my body. God that feels a million times better, I felt myself starting to really wake up…when two hands grabbed my ass.


“What the fuck…” I ask looking behind me.


He is on his knees with a grin, “Lean forward.”


“Come on man, we don’t have time…” I complain but he pushes me forward. I place my two hands out and brace myself on the shower wall. He feel him spread my cheeks and I close my eyes dreading what was next. Something warm touched my hole and I gasped from the surprise. I try to look back but I feel his tongue shoot up my hole and into me, a low moan escapes my lips.


“What the fuck….” I ask, feeling sensations I never imagined before. This wasn’t like my spot, I was still here and aware, but fuck it felt good. “What are you dooooinggggg…..” I cry as he stabs me again and again with his tongue.


“Eating my girl out,” he says before plunging back into me jock hole. 


“I’m not a fucking girl…” I growl as more whimpers escape me. He lifts one my knees up and I place it on the side rail, giving him even more access to me.


“You sure?” He asks, a finger slipping under my balls.


“Yeah, look man let’s just…”


He pushes up on the area between my ass and balls and I felt my legs almost give out. A pitiful moan flies from my mouth before I can stop it and he laughed as he rubs his finger around in a circle on the same spot. I go from awake to fuck drunk in seconds…my cock slaps up against my and as I feel myself lean forward to give him all the space he needs. He’s fucking pushing my spot from the outside! He presses two fingers up into my flesh and my voice goes high as I hear myself start to babble.


“Oh yeah….fuck….”


“See? I know all the ways to make my girl feel good. Right?’


 I nod, my eyes closed as I try to hang on to my self dignity if I can.


“You just need your clit rubbed,” he says, digging in harder, making me slam my head against the shower wall in fucking ecstasy. He keeps his fingers on my spot and his tongue goes back to eating me out and I really whine now.


“Ohhh….fuckkk…..yeah….oh please…..”


My voice sounds pathetic as I beg a fucking freshman to eat my ass out and play with my puss….my spot. He really starts to go to down, he is pushing up into my spot as he shoves his tongue further up my ass. I feel like I am climbing the wall now as I try to spread my legs wider apart and push back onto him the best I can.


I look down and my cock so hard its pulling my foreskin back almost painfully. Fuck my body is into this so much even if I am crying inside for letting this kid handle me this way. He keeps this up for about a minute, my common sense drowning in my fuck coma from his fingers and tongue.


He stops and I try to catch my breath, maybe he’s done. My mind stars to unfog as his cock shoves straight into me. 


“Fuck” I bark as his cock lodges its way into my tight ass. The pain is instant and I feel myself start to pull away. His hands grab my hips and pulls me back onto it.


“Nu-uh, you know the rules,” he pushes me back down onto this cock and I am biting my bottom lip again from the pain. I feel his hips brush up against my ass and once again this punk has filled my ass with his fucking cock.


“Shhh,” he says as I whimper,”Let daddy make it all better.”


He slides out slightly and I feel myself lean back into him.


The change is so fucking fast, so complete I am not even aware I’m pushing back onto him until he reaches round and tweaks my nipples. 


“Fucking love my girls titties…”


I moan in shame as his cock starts to sing in my ass and my shame screams at me to do something. I am slamming back into his thrusts now, once again his cock tickles my spot across the entire length of his cock, each inch one more level of madness for me. 


“You like daddy’s dick?’ He asks and I can already feel my face burn with shame as he shoves his hips forward, colliding his cockhead with my spot.


“Fuck me daddy,” my mouth starts to chant, “Fuck me, oh daddy fuck me harder…”


Fuck I can’t believe what this kid does to me, I feel like crying I am so fucking shook but I can’t stop begging him to fuck me even for a second.


“Tell daddy how much his girl loves this…”


“Oh daddy your cock…feels so good….”




“In my pussy, oh daddy fuck my pussy…..”


I mentally scream to shut the fuck up but I can’t, his cock is just too much.


“Fucking alpha stud begging to be fucked. This is what you always wanted Archie, this what you craved. A fucking fat cock up your ass, didn’t you?’


I didn’t, never, not once.


“Oh yeah….fuck me with that fat cock,” I beg, another part of my soul dies.


“My girl wanna cum?’


My response is instant and needy, “Please daddy, please make your girl cum….please…”


He reaches around as he slams his hips all the way into me and grabs my rigid cock. I make a startled sound because just his hand makes my whole brain quiver with lust. 


“Fuck why did god waste such a fucking cock on you,” he swears as he starts stroking me. 


“Oh kid please, fuck kid, daddy,” everything falls out  of my mouth as I feel my dick get ready to shoot.


“Cum for me baby, show daddy how much you like to get fucked.”


“Cumming, cumming….” I whine as his cock slams my spot and I black out for a moment. It feels like I am falling as my dick just spits cum out shot after shot. I don’t even know who I am anymore, all I know is that this cock makes me cum and I need it all, every part of it.


When I came back I am on my knees in the shower, everything is muffled like I had gone deaf and when I look up I see the kid, stroking his fucking huge cock in front of me. I have no idea what is going on until I see him jerk and start to cum.


I am not even aware I am holding my mouth open until the first shot hits my tongue.


A fucking gallon of hot cum is shot over my face, I flinch from the impact as another rope of it falls smack in my mouth. I feel the tip of his cock enter my mouth as the last of his orgasm is pushed down my throat. I look up in horror as I see him over me, shooting his load right in my mouth.


He pulls it out and smiles, “Damn baby, that was hot.”


I have to swallow the rest of his load before I can breath, I just knelt there on the shower floor, wondering how far I had fallen.


“Don’t dawdle,” he says getting out of the shower, “I know you just ate but you still need to show up for breakfast.”


He walks out of the bathroom as I try to rinse the taste of him out of my mouth, I am sobbing under the water as I realize, I can still taste him, and most likely will the whole day.



We went downstairs where the team was having breakfast. The guys had already claimed a table so I went over there and sat down.


“Hey man,” Cooper said as I sat down, “So did you wreck him?”


“What?” I asked, my head still a million miles away.


“The kid man, did you put him in his place?” Tony clarified.


“Oh, um, yeah sure.”


They all laughed, “What did you do?’


They were all looking at me, waiting for an answer.


“Um, you know, I put him in his place.” 


They laughed and Cooper held his hand up for a high five.


I slapped it and they settled in and started to look at the menu. I looked around for the kid and saw him at another table with the other younger players. He saw me look and gave me a wink. I looked away and grabbed my menu, feeling my face burn with fucking shame.



We changed out for the match, I was still feeling completely out of it as I slipped my singlet on.


I didn’t want to admit it but there was an emptiness in my ass, like it was too big now. I had never felt like that before but it was throwing me off. I laced up my shoes and tried to get my head in the game. The coach was telling us something but all I could feel was the hole in my ass.


“You’re losing it.”


I looked up and the kid was standing there. I looked around and the locker room was empty How the fuck long had I been sitting here?


“Look man,” he said sitting next to me, “You gotta focus up, go out there and kick some ass.”


I looked at him with a stricken look, I was terrified if he was going to ask me to do something here or not.


“You’re Archie King man, you’re a fucking legend. You’re third in the country, did you forget that?”


I nodded slightly.


“Well don’t, you’re the fucking man. No one here can touch you, go out there and fuck them up.”


“How can I?” I blurt out.


He looked at me confused.


“After all that…what the fuck man?”


I put my head in my hands and just looked at my shoes.


He scooted closer, “Look man, try to focus for a moment and just listen ok?”


I nodded.


“How do you feel?”


“Like shit.”


“No, not in your head, your body. How do you feel?”


I paused and tried to concentrate and take a physical inventory. I kept waiting for that inevitable knot in my stomach that I had before a match. The ache in my shoulders from the stress, the tightness of my breath…


It was all gone.


I looked up at him in shock.


He was smiling, “See?” In a hushed voice he said, “Look man, you were too wound up. You just needed a release. Don’t you feel better?”


I nodded, I actually did.


“Now take that and go out there and own this fucking place. You’re Archie King!”


I stood up, feeling better, “I am right?’


“Fuck yeah you are.” He said standing up with me.


“You got this.” He said.


“I got this,” I repeated as we walked out into the match.


I could fucking do this.



Sure enough I killed my guy instantly.


It wasn’t even a match, I was so fired up that he didn’t even have a chance to beat me. I came off the mat and the guys were not heir feet cheering, I ran over and they high fived me, I slapped their hands and saw the kid standing next to them, his hand out.


I slapped his hand and smiled, he gave me a quick wink and then walked over to get ready for his match.


My eyes followed him, trying not to stare.



We took the whole day, out of all our matches only two lost, let’s just say the crowd was not happy to see their boys spanked so throughly. We were all on a victory rush, we felt like we were invincible. We started back towards home and stopped off for pizza, a well deserved reward for a day well spent. Again I sat with my guys while the kid sat with his. He hadn’t said a word to me since the locker room, but I was terrified he might come out of nowhere and try to pull something. It was past six when we got back on the road, we had fought like animals, ate like pigs and now wanted to sleep like the dead.


I made my way to the back of the bus and settled in for my normal torture filled ride. Most of the guys just knocked the fuck out and I felt myself drifting off as well. It was dark outside and the coachs had made sure all the lights were off as we drove. My mind was fuzzy as the vibrations did their number on me. My cock was nearly hard under my gym shorts, I had my track jacket over my lap to hide it.


I was about to nod off when the kid sat next to me.


“Hey,” he whispered.


My eyes were wide as I stared at him, “What?”


He smiled, “Relax, everyone is asleep, we’re safe.”


“Safe for what?” I asked in dread.


He gave me a wink and leaned back on the seat. I just watched him, not sure what the fuck he was up to. The bus hit a bump and I gasped as the vibration hit my spot for a moment. He looked over at me with a huge smile on his face.


“Holy shit, I didn’t even think of about that, this must be hell.”


I nodded. Trying fo focus up but I was halfway into a fuck fog and it was just going to get worse. He scooted over and I tried to shove myself into the corner, but there was nowhere to hide. He put his hand on my lap and I jumped from his touch.


He started to pull my jacket off but I grabbed it to keep it in place. He pulled again and I pulled it back, he gave me a stern look and then at my hand. Slowly I removed it and he pulled the jacket off of me.


“Jesus,” he said quietly, “Dude you have a massive dick.”


He wasn’t wrong, my cock was halfway across my hip. The red gym shorts did nothing to hide the bulge, he put his hand over it and stroked it like the thing was a fucking cat.


“Don’t!” I hissed, trying to slap his hand away. He grabbed my hand and held it in place.


“Don’t ever do that again.” He said sternly. He let go of my hand and I dropped it to my side.


He went back to stroking it through the material and I felt my stomach churn as a guy touched my dick. I was actually getting soft from his touch and he noticed. “You really don’t like this?”


I looked around to make sure no one was a watching, “Not from a fucking guy!”


He pulled his hand back, “We’ll see about that.” His hand snaked down my thigh and his fingers dug under the shorts. I jumped and raised my hand to slap it but he gave me a look that froze me in place. His hand snaked under my thigh, I wasn’t wearing underwear so he sipped under my balls and lower.


“Please don’t,” I whispered.


He pressed his finger upwards and hit my spot right in the center. I bit my lip to keep from calling out as I felt my mind just start to fuzz over. He pressed it up like he was fucking doing Morse code, each time a flash of light hit behind my eyes, I was mortified to feel my legs spread.


“There we go,” he said quietly, moving his hand deeper.


“Please,” I whined but he pushed me back, I was leaning against the side of the bus, one leg on the floor, the other on the seat. The kid was between them now, his hand moving lower and lower until I felt his finger tickle the edge of my hole.


“Please..” I beg him, looking around in a panic.


“Shhh,” he said with that fucking grin, “You wanna wake someone up?”


I stopped struggling as his index finger slipped into me. I winced as he pushed it in deeper, it wasn’t as bad as before, fuck please tell me I’m not getting used to this. His second knuckle entered me and I held my breath, because we were both getting a pretty good idea where my spot was.


His fingertip brushed the edge of it and I gasped so loud it scared me. I clasped my hands over my mouth as he barely stroked the surface of my spot. I slid down the seat, pushing his finger deeper into me as I felt my head start to spin. He started to jab up in me, making me jerk in my seat each time. I laid my head against the glass of the bus and closed my eyes as he fingered me over and over. My cock was a mess and I could just lie there and let this kid fucking molest me.


He slipped the finger out and scooted closer, I looked up to see him smiling at me, two fingers penetrated me with a push. My eyes winced as the walls of my ass stung but he knew where to go and within seconds both fingertips danced over my spot and my head fell back again as I started to drool.


“You like that?” He asked in a whisper.


All I could muster was a nod as he traced the edges of my spot with a feather touch. “Want me to keep going?”




My head nods again and I think I’m smiling.


He chuckles as I scream in my head.


Now he is attacking it, he doesn’t keep his fingers pressed enough for me to cum but enough to keep me fuck drunk as shit. I’m thrashing my head as I fight down fucking moans, and he is just eating it up.


“Yeah my girl likes getting fingered on the bus doesn’t she?”


I am trying to hold on to my fucking mind.


“Answer me,” he hisses.


I nod, “Finger me please,” I croak out quietly, “Please let me cum…”


“Nu-uh,” he scolds as he hooks his fingers up, making my eyes fly open in surprise. “You cum when you’re a good girl.”


I am trying to keep my hands over my mouth but every time he fucking hits there my limbs jerk all over the place, fuck I am going to scream and wake everyone up.


“You a good girl?”


I nod frantically, praying for him to fucking get me off.


“I don’t believe you.”


I reach over and grab his shirt and pull him close, “I’m a good girl,” I say to his face, “I’m a good girl, please…”


He leans in and kisses me, again my stomach rolls but I am so fucking turned on I respond as enthusiastically as I can. So there I am, the best wrestler at my school, in the back of the bus making out with a fucking freshmen as he fingers me mere feet away from the rest of the team. All it would take is one person coming back here, just curious, checking on me…


The fear is overwhelming but so is the fucking pleasure. My fuck coma is being kept at bay by the terror but I know if he keeps this up I will stop caring…and then I am fucked.


“Please…” I hiss, sounding like I am crying, “I beg you let me cum, please…please…”


“Who’s my good girl?” He asks.


“I am, I’m your good girl, please daddy….please let me cum…”


We stare into each other’s eyes for a long second, I want to see some kind of kindness, compassion, but instead all I see is reckless joy. His finger moves up and jams right into my spot. 


“Cum for me baby,” he growls and my head falls back as my cock starts to gush.


I can feel the hot mess in my shorts as my dick empties gallons of cum all over me. I’m whimpering as he makes sure I keep cumming over and over again. Even after I’ve cummed he keeps his finger in place, the fucking feeling is like being jacked off after you’ve cummed except its inside. It hurts like a motherfucker but is also fucking amazing. I grab his head and pull him close, my voice is that of a fucking whore.


“Please stop, please…please….” I kiss him, hoping if I initiate it he’ll give me a break. That finger..fuck I am going to scream…please stop….please….


His finger pulls out and I feel like a puppet with its strings cut. All of my energy leaves and I fall back mid kiss onto the window.


“See?” He says grabbing my shirt and pulling me down, “Don’t you feel relaxed now?”


He pulls my head onto his lap as my word starts to fade. I feel his hand move through my hair, “Go to sleep baby, I’ll watch over you.”


I snuggle into his lap instinctively and fall into the sleep of the dead.



Next thing I know I’m being shaken.


“Wake up man, we’re here.”


The kid is shaking my shoulder, I can hear people getting off the bus, how long was I out for? 


“Come on,” he said holding his hand out, “We gotta go.”


I take his hand and he pulls me upright and again I feel myself almost fall over. He holds me up, “You alright?”


I nod, but even I don’t believe it.


“Ok come on, one foot in front of the other.”


He helps me walk down the isle and off the bus. I get to halfway down and look back, “My bag…”


He holds it up, “I got it, keep waking.”


I nod and he leads me off the bus, the cold air feels good in my face.


Cooper and Tony see him leading me off the bus and come rushing over, “What the fuck freshman!” Cooper yells, “Get off of him.”


I hold up my hand to stop him from slugging the kid, “It’s ok, just slept wrong.”


They stop but are looking at him with daggers in their eyes.


“He’s just out of it,” the kid says, “I’m gonna drive him home.”


He is?


“He is?” Tony asked me.


I looked over at the kid and he nodded. I looked over at Tony and nodded.”Yeah it’s cool.”


They all nodded slowly, but they knew better to say anything back to me.


“See you Monday man,” Coop said as the kid walked me to my Jeep.


“Dude you are out of it,” he said once we were alone.


“Yeah my condition usually drains me but not like this,” normally I wouldn’t tell anyone anything about my shit but I was too out of it and it wasn’t like he didn’t know.


“I guess it’s just cause it’s affecting you more,” he said causally like he wasn’t talking about raping me.


He walked me over to the passenger’s side and I balked, “What are you doin?”


“Um, getting you in the car?”


“You’re not driving,” I said, trying to sound pissed.


“Dude, look at you. You’re walking like you’re fucking drunk. And I’m willing to bet driving affects you the same way the bus did. I don’t want you bust a nut and kill us on the way home.”


He had a point, normally I knocked the fuck out after cumming but that was from just jerking off. Cumming from having my spot played with is like a thousand times more intense. Also, if I hit a bump in this state I might just start cumming and we would be dead.


“Fine,” I said digging the keys out of my shorts, “But be careful!”


He gave me a fake salute and opened the passenger door. I climbed in and laid back in the seat, I just wanted to go to bed.


He got in and turned the car on, seconds after that I was asleep.


I woke up moaning. 


A finger in my ass and I was already fuck drunk. My own cries had woke me up as tried to back up into it. The kid was leaning over the center divide, a look of fucking evil on his face. 


“Wha??” Was all I could muster as he kept fingering my spot again and again.


“Welcome back,” he said grinning, “How you feel?”


“Fuck,” was all I could whine as I slammed my head back onto the headrest.


“Yeah my girl likes it,” he pulled his finger out and I collapsed back into my seat, huffing and puffing like a had just ran a marathon.


I looked up and saw we were in the middle of nowhere. There were trees and shit around, I could see the town below us. I had no idea where we were.


“I thought you were taking me home,” I said when I could catch my breath.


“I will, you just gotta give me this,” he said with a wolf’s smile.


“Give you what?”


“Come on man! I’ve always wanted a car like this, bring my hot girlfriend up to park, get her off.”


My stomach dropped when I realized he was talking about me.


“Come on man, haven’t we done enough?” God I sounded like such a bitch.


“Oh baby, you can’t tell me you don’t like it. I even have the evidence to prove it.”


He whipped out his phone and now it was him fucking me in the hotel room. He’d set the fucking phone up when he grabbed the lotion! There I was, thrusting back into, screaming for more…there as a metallic taste in my mouth as I looked away.


“See? Listen to you go on…” he turned it off and leaned over, “Recline the chair.”


Reality sets in and I panic. I look over at him with a fucking wide eyes, “Please…please not in my Jeep.”


He pauses with an odd grin, “Why not?”


I close my eyes because I am burning with shame, I wasn’t fighting him not to fuck me now I was just trying to choose the place he did it. 


“I love this Jeep, it’s my baby…and…” I can’t finish.


“And?” He prompts.


I can actually feel my eyes sting from tears. 


“Why not the jeep?” He asked in a stern voice and I realize I’m getting him mad and that’s not good.


“And I always dreamed of taking a girl in the back seat and fucking her and I don’t want to ruin that.”


He just stares at me for a long while and then busts out laughing, “Well see, we have the same fantasy. The only difference is I’m about to make mine come true.”


He pulls his shirt off and I can feel my heart pounding.


“Recline the chair,” he says as he kicks his shoes off.


I don’t move.


He looks over and slaps my face, the sting makes me jerk.


“Recline the chair cunt, I wasn’t asking.”


I am stopping myself from sobbing as I pull the lever and feel the seat go back. I am looking up at the roof of my Jeep, knowing I’m about to get fucked.


He climbs over to my seat and on top of me. “Take your shirt off,” he says, “I wanna see those titties.”


I pull my shirt half off and he tears the rest of it and throws it in the back seat.


“So fucking hot,” he said leaving down and kissing me.


I keep my mouth closed, I am not going to fucking let him do anything I can prevent.


I feel his hand go between my legs and I close my eyes and try not to start crying.


His hand slips under my shorts and finds my hole. It slips in easily enough and I almost count down until he touches it.


5, stings like a bitch, 4, fucking hurts bad, 3, feels like he is going to tear something, 2, so far in I feel like his finger is going to come out of my mouth 1, about to scream in agony…




I gasp as he bluntly nudges it, just like that my head is fogged and I forget how upset I am. The pain in my ass is gone as he rubs over the spot a few times.


“Yeah, better?”


“Oh yea,” I whine, my eyes closed in shame, “Fuck yeah…right there…”


“My baby likes me playing with her clit don’t she?’”


Before I can answer his lips press against mine and I feel his tongue enter my mouth. I don’t want to kiss him back but every time he brushes my spot my mind spasms and I find myself kissing him back as hard as I can. He keeps this up and I start to forget why I cared, my arms wrap around him and pull him down as we start to make out.


He is grinding his groin against my abs, I can feel his fucking cock through his jeans. I am moaning into his mouth as he keeps hitting me again and again. He breaks the kiss and I start fucking rambling, “Fuck yeah…oh please….fuck….please kid…”


He chuckles as he start as to gnaw on my neck again. He didn’t leave a hickey last time but he is going to sooner or later. I can hear the terror in the back of my head about it but his fucking teeth feel so good on my neck I pull my head back to give him more access. Everything feels better when my spot is fucked with. You ever rub the bottom of your feet when you cum? Or have someone twisting your nipples during orgasm? Everything feels a billion times better, your body is literally grabbing pleasure out of every single nerve impulse you have. When I’m on the edge of cumming like this it’s the same way but it lasts for as long as my spot is touched.


He keeps fingering me and it’s like a 20 minute orgasm that you don’t cum to. He bites my neck, licks my ear, fucking catches one of my nipples between his teeth and the whole time I am whining for more. All he has to do is keep that finger in me and I will let him do anything he wants…and I hate it.


I hate it with all my might but the longer it goes on the more fuck fogged my brain gets, and I start forgetting why I hate it. It’s like I become another person, a fucking sex starved slut who just wants more and more, and the more I get the more I want.


At 30 minutes I am as hot as I ever have been, I’ve licked him, kissed him, let him mark me and I still wanted more. He pulls his finger out and I am disgusted to hear myself whimper in disappointment. He’s learning because I’ve been out of it so long it will take me awhile to get back to my senses, in the meantime I am just a lump of clay.


“Raise your hips baby,” he asks as he tugs at my shorts.


Like the good fucking slut I am my hips raise and I feel him slide my shorts down my legs. Now I am only wearing my sneakers as I lay back in my Jeep, waiting to get fucked. He is pushing me up some and I feel my senses returning some. 


“Wai…” I slur, not able to make words.


“Shhh, it’s coming bitch.”


“No,”I whine shaking my head. I sound like a fussy child instead of fucking raging mad. He pulls my legs apart the best he can and I feel him slide under me.


“Please…” I am able to get out as I feel his cockhead press up against my hole.


“You don’t have to beg,” he mocks as he pushes it in.


I scream as his fucking dick penetrates me, the pain helps and I feel myself gaining control again.


“Please please….stop…” I say, using my hands against his chest, “Please….I beg you…”


His smile gets darker as he shoves it in harder. My head flies back as I feel my ass burn with pain. Fuck his cock is too big, I don’t understand how it even fits in me.”Please, please…” I start to sob, “Please don’t fuck me…”


It happens so fast I hear myself gasp before I realize I had.


He is pushing his cock in and out, right over my spot and I feel everything I was trying to get washed away as I moan, “Ohh……fuck…..yeah harder….”


I feel another part of my dignity die as I beg this freshman to fuck me in the passenger seat of my Jeep.


“There’s my girl,” he sneers, pushing up into me, making my voice shriek as I see fucking sparks in my eyes. He is just pushing into me and I am holding on for dear life. I reach back and hold on to the headrest to keep my arms from flailing about. He smiles as he looks down at me, “Look at those fucking biceps,” he says leaning down and kissing them, “You are such a fucking alpha stud it’s insane.”


Everything he said was a compliment but all it did was humiliate me more. He was right, I was built like a fucking Mack truck, guns for days, solid pecs, eight pack, fuck my cock was over nine inches and my ass was made of rock. I was what every guy dreamed of looking like and here I was, begging this kid smaller and younger than me to plow my ass harder.


“Oh yeah,” was all I could utter as he kept thrusting into me, making my whole mind warp with each impact. “Oh yeah, more, more…please….oh please harder…”


No laugh this time, instead he grants my wish and starts to rail me with all his strength. He may be small but he wasn’t weak, I felt my guts get smashed as he held me down on the seat, shoving his cock as deep into me as he could.


“Tell daddy you like this,” he growls and my mouth just fucking starts on its own.


“Oh daddy fuck….fuck me…so fucking good…shit, please daddy, please fuck your girl…”


He hadn’t even asked me to call myself his girl and my brain was automatically doing it, what the fuck was happening to me?


“Yeah you love you man fucking you don’t you?” He asks poking down at me.


I nod like a madman, sweat flying from my hair, “I love my man, please…I love my man….FUCK!” 


He stops pumping and just drive his cock down, right into my spot.


It is like nothing he’d done so far and my brain explodes


“I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!!”  I scream as my cock sprays cum over our abs. My ass is pumping up, slamming his cockhead against my spot over and over, driving me fucking crazy. My hands are on his shoulder pushing him down, I am trying to get as much of this kid in me as I can. He has literally stopped moving but I am still fucking myself as hard as I can as my dick empties its load all over me.


I am literally senseless, there is an echo in my ears as everything is blurry in front of me. I feel his lips against mine and I kiss him willingly. My arms wrap around him and I hold on to him as tight as I can. I am shaking under him as he slowly slide his cock out of me. I twitch with each inch until its free of my hole.


I lay there, wrapped in my euphoria, unable to move or speak.


He kneels and strokes his cock, “Open your mouth,” he orders, “Eat my load like a good girl.”


I barely understand the words, but I just smile and open my mouth and wait.


He strokes that fucking oversized cock as he watches me wait for his load.


“This is what I wanted…my girl…fucking feeing her my load….”


He throws his head back and I feel the first shot of hot cum hit my tongue and I hear myself moan as more follows. Unbidden I lean up and put my mouth over his cock, capturing the rest of his load the best I can. He is in as much shock as I am as he grabs my head and holds me in place, making me eat every drop.


He hits my head when I don’t stop sucking and pulls his dick out of my mouth, “God damn girl….fuck.”


I look up at him, same clueless smile on my face as his cum drips down my face.


He pushes me back into the seat and I feel like I am falling a thousand miles into darkness.


I am out by the time my back hits the seat.



This time when I come to we are about half a block from my house, parked on the side of the road. I’m still naked, laying back in the seat.


“Fuck!” I call out bringing the seat up.


“Jesus!” He snaps, “Scared the fuck out of me. Jesus dude you sleep like a rock.”


I look around for my shorts, they are bundled up on the floorboard. I grab at them and see they are already crusty from the load on the bus. Jesus fucking Christ.


“How’s your head?” He asks like he cares.


“Fine,” I snap, seeing the dried cum all over my fucking 8 pack. I use the shorts to wipe it off best I can, its not like I can get any more cum on me.


“Yeah I’ve been reading,” he holds up his phone “I think its endorphins,”


I pull my shorts on, “What?”


“Endorphins, the chemical your body makes to make you happy?”


“I know what fucking endorphins are,” I instantly regret my tone when I see his eyes narrow.


“Yeah, you want to know or you want to get punished?”


I actually break eye contact and look down, “Sorry.”


“Better, anyways, when you cum your body makes endorphins, it’s part of why you feel so good. I’m thinking your body is making a ton of it when you cum because it’s so much stronger than normal. I mean it makes sense it says here a prostate massage is the most powerful orgasm a man can have.”


“Is that what were calling it? Prostate massage?”


He closed his phone and looks over at me, “Sorry, let me try again. Getting fucking railed like a slutty cheerleader by a fat cock is the most powerful orgasm you can experience. With yours it has to be like a million times better.”


“Nothing is better about this,” I say sadly.


“Oh please, you just said you loved me.:


I feel the heat on my face as the moment surfaces. I want to deny it but what am I going to say? I plead fuck drunk?


“Anyways, here’s how its going to go down.”


I look over at him, dreading what comes next.”


“You’ll be at my house every morning, 6:30 sharp to drive me to school. Well I’ll be driving, but you get the idea. We work out, at practice I am your partner and you start to actually teach me some shit. And then after school I’ll drive us to my house and you can have your jeep back. 6:30, not a minute later. One complaint, one bitch, and you know what you get?”




He smile, “Punished. And get over it Archie, getting fucked isn’t a punishment, in fact sooner or later you’ll be asking me to fuck you wilingly.”


“Never,” I practically spit.


He shrugs, “We’ll see, so what time?”


“6:30,” I answer.


He reaches over and pats my cheek, “That’s my girl, don’t be late.”


He opens the his door and looks back at me, “And get your shirt and wipe your face, you got jizz all over it,” he shakes his head, “I swear you fucking sluts are so bad.”


I look in the rear view mirror and I see the dried cum all over my mouth and cheeks.


I try not to throw up as I look for my shirt in the back seat, god I wanted to die.

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Please Sir..... May we have some more ???

I’d love to see how this develops.  Maybe the coach and teammates find out and join in ? 
and/Or maybe he gets some extra help at home from Dad ?

Can’t wait for future updates to this story 

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21 hours ago, viking8x6 said:

Whoa... when did Black's beach start rating a lifeguard?  Not that you really need one, the bluffs are more dangerous than the water.

Unless I missed something, he was ranked as a high school wrestler, bit a life guard. 

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3 minutes ago, EricX said:

Unless I missed something, he was ranked as a high school wrestler, bit a life guard. 

I meant, "when did Black's beach start being of sufficient prominence/merit to have a lifeguard"? Certainly there wasn't one last time I was there - in fact I don't think at the time it was officially sanctioned for swimming at all. That was around 2000. Not that it would conflict with, or reflect on, your story, which is fiction, and so of course can have lifeguards there regardless of what happens in the real world.

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12 hours ago, viking8x6 said:

I meant, "when did Black's beach start being of sufficient prominence/merit to have a lifeguard"? Certainly there wasn't one last time I was there - in fact I don't think at the time it was officially sanctioned for swimming at all. That was around 2000. Not that it would conflict with, or reflect on, your story, which is fiction, and so of course can have lifeguards there regardless of what happens in the real world.

It’s my story and according to [think before following links] https://www.sandiego.gov/lifeguards/beaches/blacks it says: Black's Beach is one of nine beaches that has permanent lifeguard stations patrolled by San Diego Lifeguards.

I made sure before I added into the story, I know that it used to be a big surfing place back the day but maybe they added swimming recently? I haven’t been there in years either so you might be right. I was just going by what the website said.

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Might be I never noticed it. I looked at their web site and it looks like there is a whole section of the beach way south of where I used to go when I was down there. And I might have been distracted by other things to look at. Maybe. 😉

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6 hours ago, viking8x6 said:

Might be I never noticed it. I looked at their web site and it looks like there is a whole section of the beach way south of where I used to go when I was down there. And I might have been distracted by other things to look at. Maybe. 😉

My *guess* would be that there are lifeguards at Black's Beach in the area where most people (including families, etc.) hang out, and probably not so much in the parts the gay male community is more familiar with, ie the nude beach and nearby "environs" where other activity takes place. I could be wrong, but that seems like the most logical reason one of "us" wouldn't have noticed a lifeguard - because they aren't stationed near the "playground".

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Part Four

Luckily my parents were asleep by the time I went inside. I ran upstairs and to my room, I couldn’t get under a shower fast enough. Washed myself throughly, even rinsed my ass out because god knows how many loads I had up there. By the time I got out I felt barely human but better then before.


I fell back on my bed and tried to think. How the fuck did I get out of this? The kid had me over a fucking barrel and I needed a way out. It wasn’t my fault I had this fucking condition. Up till now it’s been annoying but I had no idea it could control my fucking life. I was drained but I was also feeling anxious, and when I felt that way I usually jerked off.


I grabbed my handy bottle of lotion and laid out, ready to stroke one out before bed. I loaded up some pornhub on my phone, found the hottest girl getting fucking ruined and started to stroke my cock. I love my cock. I love that my dad didn’t let them circumcise me at birth; I loved the way my foreskin felt gripping my fucking thick shaft. I usually used two hands to jerk off it was so big, so I could cover the entire thing:


I watched the girl get her pussy ate out, and started to stroke. She was hot, I wish I was the one fucking her. I imagined my fucking thick ass cock shoving into her wet hole, her moaning from the pain…


I was only half hard.


What the fuck?


I found another video, this one of a hotter girl fucking herself with a dildo. I imagined her taking my cock, the way she’d gasp and whimper as I pushed into her tight cunt. I could almost smell her fucking cunt, my fist was working over my dick..


That seemed completely uninterested in the whole thing.


Two chicks fucking each other.








Fuck I even tried a gay one and all I got was queasy.


My dick was just at half mast and shrinking.


Fuck now I wanted to cum but obviously couldn’t. I wanted to scream but didn’t want to wake my parents. I paced my room, mentally berating my dick. It had never let me down before, I mean it’s been fucking cumming every time that stupid kid fucked me and now…


Oh god, what the fuck did he do to me?


I felt a tightness in my chest as I started to panic. Did he break something? Fuck something up?



Ok, calm down, I can work this through. I sat down, leaned back and raised my legs up. Reaching between my legs I pressed up where the kid had, trying to find the under side of my spot. It took a while  but I was able to get close and a tingle moved through my whole body.


My dick stirred:


Oh come on man! What the fuck was this shit! Press around some more, another flash and another twitch. The problem was when I hit it I fucking lost control of my limbs and let go. I couldn’t hold it and jerk off at the same time.


Desperate times call for desperate measures.


I threw on some shorts and headed downstairs. I dug through the fridge until I found a nice, fat cucumber. It was about the kid’s size, cold as fuck but it felt sturdy. I didn’t need that twerp to get off, I could manage. I took it upstairs and locked my door. I grabbed my lotion and covered it completely, then I made sure my hole was coated in it. I laid back and pressed it against my hole, fuck it was super cold!! I ignored it and pushed it in, it didn’t hurt as bad at the kid’s dick because the tip was smaller. It went in smoothly with only mild discomfort;  but still nothing. The more I pushed it the thicker it got and my hole started to burn, fuck this hurt!! Usually by this time the kid had hit it and I was halfway to the moon,  it this just fucking hurt.


Ok, maybe it’s the angle. 


I pulled it out and sat up, I knelt on my bed and placed the edge to my ass. I pushed back and sat down on it, Jesus this hurt more! I got nearly half of it in me but nothing. I pulled up and sat back but it didn’t hit it. I was getting frustrated and started thrashing back on it harder. 


“Come on you stupid fucking spot…let me cum!


Finally I pushed back and the whole thing went into me, the fucking base tore my hole open and I almost screamed bloody murder. I just froze, waiting for my ass to adjust to it. Once it was a dull ache I started sitting up and moving around. There was a slight tingle but nothing I could use. I tried jerking off while I adjusted but nope, not a thing.


I was now rocking back on it’s entire length, sliding it in and out as I desperately tried to nail my spot.I let out a miserable whimper and looked to my right. I could see myself in the mirror, fucking beast of a wrestler; all around stud, frantically fucking himself on a cucumber and about to cry because he couldn’t get off on it.


I jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom as I began to wretch.


Everything I had eaten since I was five came up as I realized how far I’d fallen. Even as I clung to my toilet and dry heaved I was acutely aware of the cucumber shoved up my ass…and the fact I was still bummed I couldn’t fuck myself with it.


I pulled it out, threw it away and crawled into bed miserable as I went to bed with blue balls, something I hadn’t done since I was 12. 


What did that kid do to me?



The next day was Sunday, which gave me a day to figure shit out on my own. The first thing I did was get my doctor’s number off my mom’s cell. Once I had that I drove over to a parking lot and called him.


“Dr. Tannerman,”


“Doc this is Archie, Archie King?”


“Archie, everything ok?”


“Yeah I’m sorry to call you on a a Sunday but I had a couple of questions…about my condition?”


“Of course, what’s your concern?”


“Well, I guess what I wanted to ask was if there was a cure for it?”


He was silent and I could hear him clear his throat, “Cure? Archie you don’t have a disease or a malady, it’s just a sensitivity, there is no cure anymore than there’s a cure for being left handed.”




“Ok but is there like a drug I can take to make it less? Or maybe something to numb it?”


“Archie, I know this maybe be uncomfortable for you but you have to understand it’s not that big of a problem.”


I was about to complain but he talked over me.


“I can imagine it’s not pleasant to live with but in actuality it isn’t that bad of a condition. You have nothing to worry about, as long as you don’t agitate it you can live a normal life.”




“Yes, you don’t want to stimulate it directly, normal vibrations and such is fine as long as you just leave it alone.”


I could feel my heart about to explode.


“Why what would happen?”


He seemed to think about it for a moment, “Well son I’m going to be frank with you: I assume at your age you’ve had intercourse?”


“Um of course,” did he forget what I looked like?


“Ok and I assume you masterbate as well, so let me explain. When you ejaculate it is because of stimulation, and that stimulation is gauged off of what your body is accustomed to. For example a person who has had very little physical stimulation can take very little to ejaculate. While someone who has had various sexual encounters would take more to get to the same state.”


“Ok, but what’s that got to do with me and my condition?”


“Well prostate stimulation is about the most intense form of sexual pleasure a man can receive. With your condition that would be doubly true.”


I knew all this.


“So if you were to agitate your prostrate, with your condition, your body would become accustomed to that level of pleasure to ejaculate. If you were to repeat it your body might not respond to lesser stimulus later.”


“I’m sorry doc, in English?”


He sighed, “If you were to ejaculate from your prostrate being stimulated your body might not find anything less pleasurable. It would become desensitized to normal  masterbation or even sex.”


I was silent and he added.


“You might not be able to have fun from anything but that after awhile.”


And I got it quick.


“So even if I was turned on and wanted to jerk off, I wouldn’t get hard?”


“Not if your body had become accustomed to anal stimulation.”


Oh god I was fucked.


“But it’s ok Archie, as I said normal vibrations may arouse  you but it won’t make your condition worse. You only get one physical a year and that’s not enough to cause you distress. Just make sure you don’t agitate it and you’re fine.”




“What about endorphins?” I asked, fearing the worse.”


“What about them?”


“If it got stimulated, would endorphins mess me up?”


“Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that. Endorphins are released at orgasm, and there have been studies that show the correlation between the strength of the orgasm and the amount administered. I would have to say if you did have an anal orgasm it would release an extra ordinary amount of them. But they are mostly harmless, if that was to occur I’d be more concerned about withdrawal.”


He said what now?


“Withdrawal from what?”


“Endorphins are the body’s natural pain killers, they are released in small amounts through your entire day. You can’t feel it but your body has a variety of aches and pains it suffers through but your natural endorphins level makes them negligible.  But if the brain senses an abundance of them then it stops producing them to allow the body to recover. This is what happens when you do narcotics, the drug increases your endorphins which makes your brain stop making its own. And that’s when you start feeling those aches and pains I was talking about. That’s what withdrawal is. When a drug addict hurts from not getting high, it’s because their body has stopped producing endorphins.”


I had a bad feeling where this was going.


“What would ghat have to do with me?”


“Well hypothetically if you body was to produce an abnormal amount of endorphins from an anal orgasm, then your body would stop making them in the intern. That would mean you’d start experiencing withdrawal pains from it.”


And the last shoe dropped.


“You mean headaches?”




“Feeling groggy?”




“Being pissed?”


“Irritation is a symptom yes.”


In other words everything I’ve been feeling since he fucked me the first night.


“How long would it last?”


“Withdrawal pains? It would depend on how much was released into the body’s system. On a average? About a week or so.”


“From one time?”


“I believe so.”


Fuck, I was trying to count how many times he’d made me cum this weekend.


“Archie, I assure you all of this my sound scary but you’re fine. Just follow my advice and leave it alone, it may feel pleasurable but the long term effects are too dire to risk.”


I was dead, I was fucking dead.


“Yeah no problem doc, I was just curious you know?”


“I do know son and let me repeat myself, it may feel good at first, but if your body becomes addicted to that level of stimulation and begins going through withdrawal pains, you’ll be in a world of hurt.” 


Yeah no shit doc, I was in a world of pain.



I woke up Monday morning feeling like shit.


My head was aching like I was hungover but I hadn’t drank anything last night but milk. I stumbled to the shower and tried to shake it but there was no use. I was horny as fuck but my dick refused to do anything but sit there, I had almost rubbed my foreskin off trying to cum last night. I was going to have to face the facts, I was screwed big time.


I made myself a pre workout and headed over to the kid’s house. He wasn’t lying when he said he only lived a few blocks away from me, so that was cool I guess. He was waiting outside with his gym bag over his shoulder. I pulled up and he came around the driver’s side.


Fuck I forgot, he wanted to drive.


I got out and he handed me his bag, “Morning sunshine,” he said with a smile.


I wanted to shove the bag at his face but I took it instead and went around to the passengers side and got in. I looked over and he was drinking my pre workout. I opened my mouth to say something and he raised an eyebrow. I shut up.


“This was good man, next time make one for yourself.”


I nodded as we took off. 


“How’d you sleep?”


“Shitty,” I said looking out my window.


“Miss me?” He asked with a fake smile.




He chuckled, “You will.”


I looked over at him and wondered, did he know about the withdrawal? He couldn’t of. Could he?


We got to school and thankfully it was early enough that no one saw him driving my jeep. I put my hand out for my keys and he cocked his head, “I’m driving home, I’ll hold on to them.”


“I’m not giving you my fucking keys,” I growled.


His face got serious, “Choose now. Lose the attitude or explain to everyone why you like getting fucked so bad.”


I felt a chill down my spine but tried to stay strong, “You’re willing to tell everyone you fucked a guy?”


He laughed and cupped his hands over his mouth, “I fucked Archie King this weekend!”


I panicked and slapped his hands down, “What the fuck your you doing?”


His voice got dark, “Making a point, I just got here man, no one knows me from shit. You on the other hand are the fucking golden child. Which one of us has more to lose?”


Jesus Christ he was serious.


“So what’s it gonna be big guy? You wanna shut up and beg me for forgiveness or you wanna fuck around  and find out?”


“I’m sorry,” I said instantly.


“Not good enough, I said beg.”


I looked around, it was still super early. In a whisper I said, “I’m sorry please forgive me.”




I took a deep breath, “Please man,”




Small pause, “Sir, please forgive me…”


“My girl.”


God fucking…


“Please forgive your girl for speaking out of turn.”


He stood there, just staring at me. After a a long while he said, “Pull this shit again and you’re gonna gonna be a YouTube star. Got it?”


I swallowed hard and nodded.


“I’m keep the fucking keys. You wanna go off campus for lunch, find me and beg for them.  Now come on, I wanna get a work out in before class you need to spot me.”


He walked off and I followed behind, what the fuck  had I gotten myself into?



After practice he drove us home, I was terrified of what was going to happen now. We got to his house and he parked my Jeep, “6:30, another one of those pre workouts and less attitude. Got it?”


“Yes sir,” I answer waiting for it.


“Good answer,” he said and got out.


I got out of the car and stood there, he looked back and saw me, “What?”


“Is that it?” I asked, my stomach about to hurl.


He laughed, “Go home slut, nothing here for you.” And went inside.


Leaving me standing there, wondering what he was doing.



The week passed exactly like that.


I’d drive over there, he’d drive us to school, we’d work out, have practice and the drive us home. He never tried to do anything to me or make me do anything. I was both relieved and worried at the same time because I was sure it meant something worse was coming. 


But Thursday rolled around and nothing. I wish I could say that was good news but it wasn’t.


I was getting worse.


Every day I woke up with cottonmouth, a ringing headache, I was pissed as hell and at practice I was useless. The coach spent most of this time screaming at me, which did nothing for my head, telling me to stop fucking around and be serious.


He didn’t know this was as serious as I could get.


We had a match this Saturday and at this point I was performing worse than the kid was. I had hoped I could ride this out but between wanting to cum so bad it hurt and waking around downing Advil like they were candy, something needed to change.


It was Thursday after practice and we were pulling up in front of his house and my hands were shaking. He hoped out and said later and I stopped him, “Hey,”


He paused and looked back at me.


“Um, so what are you gonna do?”


He cocked his head, “Do?”


I tried again, “I mean what are you doing right now?”


He smiled ,”Having my time wasted by an idiot.”


I tried not to make a face, “I mean do you wanna hang out or something?”


His smile turned evil, “Or something?”




“Yeah, we can hang out if you want.”


“If I want? Nah I’m good cya!” And he closed the door.


I jumped out of the Jeep and practically ran to him, “Wait!”


He turned around against


Come on Archie, you can do this.


“I wanted to know if you were in the mood…” and my voice trailed off.


“In the mood for?” 


Fucking asshole!


“You know what I mean”” I snapped and knew that was a mistake.


“No. I don’t. You want something big guy just ask, don’t hem and haw like a fucking little cunt.”


I closed my eyes and blurted it out, “Do you wanna have sex?”


He just stood there blinking at me. After almost a minute he said, “Nah,” and walked off.


I grabbed his shoulder and turned him around, “I don’t know what you did to me but I can’t cum and I feel like shit. I need to get off before the game or I’m fucked.”


He looked over at my hand and I dropped it immediately.


“You said that wrong, you need to get fucked before that game or you’re gonna play like shit.”


I nodded, not sure if I was in a panic because I didn’t want him to fuck me or that he wouldn’t.


“What did I say? When you called it rape, what did I say you were going to do?”


I thought back and I felt a pit in my stomach.


“You said I’d end up begging you.”


He nodded, “I’m waiting.”


Fuckfuckfuck! He meant it.


“Please fuck me,” I muttered, barely able to get the words out.


“Oh come on Archie, you can do better than that.”


“Will you please fuck me?”


He laughed, “Dude that’s pathetic, beg liked you mean it.”


Fuck this.


I turned around and stomped back to my Jeep, I didn’t need this shit. 


I was halfway there when he yelled at me, “You walk away now and and this is off the table.”


I froze.


“You want to be first in the nation? You aren’t going to do that the way you’ve been fucking up all week. So you have a choice, continue to be a fucking loser and walk away, or figure out what you really need and beg.”


Fuck he was right. If I played this badly Saturday the scouts that had been coming to see me would think something was wrong. And there goes my chances at a real life, all my parents work, everything gone. I looked him in the eyes, wishing I would find some form of compassion or kindness.


Instead all I saw was amusement.


I walked over to him, “Please fuck me, I need to get off and you’re the only one that can do it.”




“Please, I need this, I can’t fuck up my season…”


He faked a yawn.


He didn’t care about me, he only cared about himself.


“Please give me you me fucking cock.”


His eyes got wider


“Please fuck me with your horse dick until I cum. Please, please…”


I’m a voice barely above a whisper I said.


“Please fuck your girl.”


His face lit up with a smile and I knew I’d done itZ


“See baby?” He said warmly, “That’s all you had to say, come on.”


He opened his front door and let me in, I tried not to feel like a trapped animal as he closed the door behind me.



He tossed his bag down and kicked off his shoes, “My room is down here.”


It was a nice house, little small but clean. I followed him down a hall and into his room, which just reminded me of how much older I was to this kid. He had fucking comic book posters up everywhere, an Xbox, about ten empty Monster cans, it just looked like my room when I was in Jr high. I cannot believe I was begging this kid to fuck me.


“You can lay down,” he said gesturing at his bed.


It literally had fucking Ninja Turtles sheets on it.


I sat back and took my shoes off, I mean I was going to have to do this sooner or later. He closed some drapes and turned on a string of fairy lights around the ceiling, hand to god this kid was setting a fucking mood.


“Um where are you folks?” I asked.


“Working,” he said loading up Spotify on his Xbox, “they work till 5, not home till 6 most nights.


That left us about 2 hours to get this over with.


“So, you want to undress?” I asked, trying to move this along.


He found some fucking love song channel and over to the bed, “Relax, we have all the time in the world.”


Yeah but I I didn’t want this to take all the time in the god damned world.


He sat next to me and then leaned in to kiss me. I jerked back in an automatics response and then cussed at myself as I saw him frown. I leaned in and let him kiss me, the whole time hating this with a passion. 


He stopped and looked at me, “If you’re not into this…”


“Can’t you just get me off?” I ask, losing my patience.


He stares and then gets up, “This isn’t working, you can go.”


“Wait!” I say standing up fast. I grab his hand, not even sure why. He looks at me curiously and I bring his hand up to my mouth. I kiss it, which seems to bore him. I kiss it again and he sighs. Fuck it. I take his index finger and I start to suck on it.


His eyebrows go up and he starts to grin


I ignore the taste, forget who it belongs to and just roll my tongue around his finger. I need this kid to get me off, my fucking future depends on it. I’m already fucked, how much further down could I fall?


I lead him back to the bed, sucking his finger the entire time, when he sat he slips it out of my mouth and leans in to kiss me. I close my eyes and think of anyone else. Stacy Briggs, sophomore year, huge tits, fucked her under the bleachers one night after a game in my singlet. Had to buy a new one because of the hole I had to tear for my cock. Lisa Jensen, summer before last, met her when I went to Arizona for skills camp. She took me to this dam made lake and I fucked her in the water. She texted me for a fucking year before she got to the hint. I imagined I was kissing every girl I’d ever seen, trying to make this punk happy enough to make me cum.


“Better”, he said with a smile, “Strip.”


I get up and start to pull my shirt off.


“No!” He barks, “I didn’t say get undressed, I said strip.”


See he is not kidding and I bite back a sigh. He leans back on the bed as I slowly start to pull the shirt over my head. My abs are clenched and my pecs flexed as I toss it aside, I hold my arms up over my head, making my bi and triceps pop. I run my hands down my torso, moving my hips a little for some flair. I pop the first button on my jeans and pull my hands away. Pop the second and pause, get the third undone and my pubes can be seen. 


“Commando?” He teases, “Someone was ready.”


Fuck yeah I was, I pop the last button and slide them over my hips, down my thighs and step out of them. I’m standing there is a pair of black athletic socks and nothing else, my swinging cock moves like a pendulum. He calls me over with a finger and I climb on too if him slowly. He leans up to kiss me, I kiss him back, wishing he’d just get fucking naked and star. He runs his hand across my wide back, his fingers rubbing the deep muscle cuts.


“Your fucking lats man…” he said impressed, “Show those bad boys off.”


I sit up and bring my arms forward, flexing my lats out wide. His mouth is half open as he reaches up and strokes my muscles, the look of hunger in his eyes is palatable. He leans back down and says, “Undress me.”




I pull his shirt off over his head, the kid has a damn nice body for his size. I can’t deny that, I mean it doesn’t do shit for me but it’s still impressive. I fumble for his belt and he grabs my hands to stop me. “When I said undress, I meant do it sensually.”


Oh for fuck’s sake.


I take a deep breath and lean down to his pecs. He’s smooth, doesn’t look shaved, I lick at his right side, not sure what I’m supposed to be doing.


He grabs a chunk of my hair and makes me look at him, “You have had foreplay with chicks before ya?”


I nod.


“And did you just randomly lick them?”




“Then do better.”


He forces my face down to his nipple and I take it into my mouth. It hardens under my tongue and I hear him sigh in satisfaction. He had nibbled on mine once and it was a shock, so I tried the same thing.


“Fuck!” He cried smacking my head hard. “What the fuck man!!”


“I was doing what you did!”


“Did I bite your nipples off?”


I shake my head, worried he was gonna bail.


“The you aren’t doing what I did! Gentle you fucking idiot, don’t bite down, just grab it between your teeth and squeeze.”


 Nod quickly and go back to work, I don’t want him kick me out before I get off. I do as he asks and gently take his nipple in my mouth and just nip at it. He makes a growl and I do it again with a lick. His moan is between pain and pleasure so I move to the other one. It hardens just as fast and I lick around the min before  nibbling on it. He’s squirming under me so I know I’m doing something right.


I’m trying to think what chicks have done to me before. I move down and run my tongue over his abs, he has a nice six pack, if he worked at it he could have an eight like me but there was nothing to be ashamed of. I did this for awhile but then didn’t know what to do.


I looked up at him and he said. “Take my pants off.”


I move my hands up and he adds.


“With your teeth.”


Fucking hell.


I take the top of his jeans and pop the first button. I can feel his hard dick under my chin and I’m impatient to get off. I bite open another one and I can see the jock strap underneath. No wonder his bulge is so big, a jock hides nothing. I lean down to find the third button but all I can grab is cloth. I’m rooting around, trying to find the edge of the jeans, when I realize I’m practically rubbing my face all over his dick. 


Which I suppose was the point.


I glance up and he’s propped up on his elbows, watching me. This is a test, he wants to see how far will go before he gets me to cum. If he thinks I’m gonna back down and fuck up this weekend, he’s insane. I grab the sides of his jeans and rip them open and cup his cock through the material with my mouth. I hear him gasp as I gum his shaft, soaking his jockstrap in my spit. After a few the outline of his cock was fully visible as the white cotton faded.


The head of his cock slipped out the left side, pulling the material back and settling on the waistband like a beached whale. I ignored it and went back to licking the jock but I felt a hand on my head guide me back. Oh fuck this kid was gonna make me a cocksucker!


He moved my face closer and closer, until I was face to face with it, I could smell the precum forming on his tip, my breath blew against the warm skin. I didn’t move, I couldn’t. I was willing to do a lot of things but fuck that. Archie King does not suck..


He bucked his hips forward and the head pushed into my mouth. My fist impulse was to pull back but his hand held me in place. His cock was burning up on the flat of my tongue, I was afraid to move it in case I ended up tasting it.


“You bite, you leave,” he said in a ice cold voice, “I feel your teeth; you leave. You take your mouth off of it, you leave. We clear?”


I nodded, this cock moving slowly back and forth across my tongue.


He removed his hand and waited.


I felt like crying I was so upset, I had a guys cock in my mouth!! And I was about to suck it. Slowly I rolled my tongue around the tip, a salty splash hit my tongue and made me swallow.


That was precum.


I close me eyes and force myself. It to puke as I lick his cock up and down. I’m not sure what the actual technique is and honestly I didn’t want to know. I held the base of it and went at it like it was an ice cream cone, more and more precum filled my mouth as I went. 


“Put your mouth over it,” he said. “Cover your teeth with your lips and work it. Don’t just fucking lick it, worship it. That is the cock that’s gonna win you the game this weekend.


I hate that he was right. Focusing I covered my teeth and began to work him over the best I could. It was fucking big and I couldn’t fit all of it at the same time. My dick was way bigger, how did chicks ever fucking deal with it? I move up and down, doing my level best to coat the whole with with my spit, once I am done at the tip I work my way back down to the base, licking where I can’t actually swallow. He’s quiet which must mean I’m doing it right. I glance up to see if he’s happy and see his cell phone pointed down at me.


I almost come off his cock. It he holds up one finger, “It leaves your mouth, you go home.”


Moaning I close my eyes and get back to work, I can’t believe I’m willingly sucking some freshman’s cock while he lays back on his fucking Ninja Turtles sheets. I should be mopping  the floor with this kid, If anyone is fucking anyone it should be me fucking him. But instead I’m on my knees, worshipping some kids cock in hope he will fuck he with it soon.


“Nice,” he says as one hand gets tangled in my head, “breathe through your nose.”


I almost ask what when he pushes me down further, forcing even more into my mouth. I gag as I feel this fucking donkey dick start to choke me.


“Your nose retard, I just told you!”


I try not to panic and take a deep breath through my nose, his cock is still jammed in my mouth though, his fucking mushroom head past my tongue. I can feel saliva pouring down my throat as the reflex to puke is triggered. I’m constantly gagging as he thrusts into my mouth again and again. 


“Suck that cock you fucking cunt,” he grunts as he stands up.


All I can do is cover my teeth and try to keep my tongue out of the way as he keeps hitting the back of my throat. He stands up and pushes his cock down, fucking phone still recording. “Keep breathing,” he warns and pushes down.


The head of his cock hits the back of my throat and starts to slide down. I grab at his ass as I feel it extend my throat out. I’m running out of breath until I remember his words and inhale through my nose. He pulls it back some and then pushes back down, I gag and groan again.


“Bring your hand up to your throat,” he says in and evil tone.


I out my hand on my throat and he pushes down. I can feel his fucking cock in my throat!!


“Yeah deep throat me baby, take that cock you want so bad!”


My eyes are watering as he does this again and again. I can’t do anything about it but get used. I am fucking screaming inside as I realize this fucking twerp is actually making a fucking senior stud like me eat his whole dick.


He yanks it out and I cough like nuts, going down to the floor to catch my breath.


“Damn baby, you almost made me cum.”


I couldn’t talk, my throat was burning from where his cock scraped it. I swear I was going to have nightmares about that fucking horse dick choking me.


“How we doing?” He asked,”want a minute?”


I wanted several but I wanted to get the fuck out of here. I was fucking drowning in humiliation and I hadn’t even fucking came yet. I shook my head and stood up, he looked me up and down and whistled, “Man I have the hottest girlfriend in school.”


I ignore the girlfriend crack and ask, “We gonna do this?”


“Do what?”


“Get me off now.”


He cocked his head, “How should we do that?”


“You know!” I snap, almost out of patience.


He holds up his phone again, “No, I don’t. Tell me.”


Fuckfuckfuck. I should have watched my tone.


“Please put the phone down,” I beg.


“Say how you want me to get you off.”


My fucking mind is raging and I can feel my masculinity die by the second. I hang my head and in a low voice say, “I want you to fuck me.”


He gets the phone closer, “What was that Archie? Varsity wrestler, 3rd ranked in the country, fucking all around hot ass stud, what do you want me to do?”


I look up at him and I can feel tears stinging my eyes, “Please fuck me.”


He closes the phone and smiles, “Now see how bad was that?”


He scoots back to the head board a points to the nightstand, “Lube is in the top drawer.”


There is a small bottle of lube and some condoms, I hood one up and shakes his head, “Nah, I’m still trying to get you pregnant.”


I push that thought down and hand him the bottle. 


He doesn’t take it.


“Get it ready babe,” he says pointing to his fucking cock.


Don’t sigh. Don’t sigh. Don’t sigh.


I crawl on the bed and our some out in my hands. I start to smear some on, which is pretty much just jacking him off. My cock is definitely bigger but his seems thicker, I can’t close my finger around it. It also curves slightly, I hadn’t noticed that before. But then I never had a chance to see him naked.


“You see that?” He asks pointing at the curve. I nod. “That is your lord and savior right there.”


I say nothing.


“You don’t believe me,  but this curve, this curve means when I fuck you I am directly hitting your cunt. Without it I’d have to hunt and search, but this cock was made to get you off. Say thank you to it.”


I look at his dick, “Thank you.”


“Now kiss it.”


I can’t help rolling my eyes as I lean in and kiss it.


“Awesome,” he always slapping his thighs, “climb on.”




“Daddy’s tired,” he says, “You wanna get off, you’re gonna have to do the work yourself.”


Fuck it never ends with this asshole.


I climb towards him and he says, “You might wanna use that on your ass, just a suggestion.”


I squeezed some out and out it around my hole and then smeared some into it. Once it was nice and wet and climbed over to his lap. I straddled his lap, and balanced my ass over his dick. I took a deep breath and lowered myself down.


I felt his huge head bump my asscheek and I moved over to adjust it. Once it was in my crack I slid it down, until I could feel it touch my hole. Fuck, it seemed fucking massive compared to the size my hole felt. I closed my eyes and tried to push it in but it fucking hurt. I pulled up and caught my breath.


“You got it,” he said cheerfully.


“You’re fucking huge,” I cursed and pushed down again. I felt my hole stretch around his dick and the pain was off the charts, I groaned as I kept trying harder and harder to get it in.  I stopped again, my hole burning with pain.


“Try more lube,” he suggested.


I grabbed the bottle and poured some on this head and then shoved two fingers worth up my hole. Tossing the bottle I grit my teeth and lowered myself again. My fucking tiny jock hole screamed as I forced this kid’s bulbous head into it, I was about to give up when it slipped in, blasting past the muscle and into my hole.


We both gasped  as I forced myself not to push it out.


“There ya go, you got this,” he said with a smile.


My ass was twitching around the intruder and my hole was still in pain, but I could endure it. Closing my eyes I pushed down, grunting as I felt him tear my hole apart. I screamed but didn’t stop as I got halfway down his cock and paused. My muscles were spasming around his shaft, I could feel my heart pounding as I tried to relax. Taking a deep breath I forced my way down some more, each inch worse than the last. I was crying out as it felt like a baseball bat was being shoved up there. I had it nearly all in when I took another break. I was fucking panting like a dog from the exertion. I’d fucking ran six miles in a sweat suit and not felt this out of breath. I was almost done, last push.


Psyching myself up I bore down and shoved the last few inches of the kids cock in me. My hole was burning, my muscles were screaming, but I’d taken it, I had it all.


“That was impressive,” he said in a sincere voice, “How do you feel?”


“Full” I admit and open my eyes.


And look directly into his phone again.


“You look hot man, you took that cock like a champ.”


I wanted to knock that phone out of his hand but I knew better by now. Instead I waited for my ass to relax. 


“You ready?” He asks, camera recording.


I nod, not wanting to talk.


“Go for it man.”


I move from squatting to my knees and lean forward a bit. His cock slides a bit and I ready myself. With my hands on his headboard I pull myself up some, his cock smashing the walls of my hole mercilessly.


I keep expecting it to hit but nothing happens. I stop and push down, and feel him fill me up completely. But no rush.


I try pulling again and all I get is pain, I start to panic as I sit down fast. 


Just pain:


I’m about to lose it, I needed this! I fucking wanted this!! Why is it..


He puts one hand on my chest and pushes me back. I feel his cock slide upwards and my brain explodes with light.


“Oh fuck!!” I cry out, my entire body coming to life. As soon as I stop moving the sensation fades so I pull myself up again and feel that fucking cock scrape my spot as it glides over it.


I slam back down and the impact makes me whimper. I balance myself on the headboard again, this time adjusting my angle to work.


I pull myself up slowly, Excruciatingly slow. I fucking soak in the feeling of his fucking magnificent cock moving over my spot like a heavy snake. 


“Ooohhhhh fuck yeahhhh…” I whine as I get to the end and then lower myself back just as slow. Jesus Christ this the fucking best!! I don’t even have to look to know my cock is raging hard and dripping precum like a faucet. I hear the echo of the docs words that this could be addicting but they are lost by my own screams.


“Fucking yes! Your cock is so fucking big!!l


“You like the baby? You like your man’s cock?”


The flood of pleasure to my head is so great I don’t even care anymore. I nod frantically and whine,”Your cock makes me so good…”


I am just dragging it up and down my spot, I’m. It not doing it fast enough to cum, no not yet. I want this to fucking last! I want to feel this kid own my fucking guts forever. My head is so deep in a fuck fog when he says to smile I stare at the phone with a stoned look, he reaches up and wipes the drool from my mouth.


“Tell me how my girl feels.”


I have no common sense left, no reservations, this isn’t him poking at my spot, nudging it here and there: I have this fat fucking suck smashed across it and my mind is just one big fucking load of sex. 


“I feel so good daddy,” I purr as I ride his cock slowly cut “I feel so full of cock..”


“Full where?”


“My pussy,” I giggle as I shove it into me again, “Filling my pussy so much!”


“You love daddy’s cock?”


I nod and smile, “I love my daddy’s cock so much..”


I lean forward and kiss him, I’m so out of it all I can manage is a slobbering tongue, but he kisses me back as I pull myself up the length of that incredible dick.


He puts the phone down and grabs my head to kiss me, I’m still slowly pistoning myself up and down in a lazy pace, making sure I can feel every glorious inch of this kids dick.


He pulls back and sits me up as I ride him, this angle pushes him in even deeper and I moan in appreciation. 


He reaches out and grabs my hard dick, “Why do you have this!” He asks as I whimper from his touch. “Tell me why god would give you such a big cock if he was going to give you this hot ass jock pussy?”


I started to speed up on his dick as I cried out, “I don’t know…don’t know…”


My mind was so far gone.


“Do you even need this cock?”


“No daddy, just want your dick, your dick in my cunt…please….”


“You my little girl?”


I nod and feel sweat fly everywhere, “Yes daddy, I’m your jock girl, please fuck your jock girl.”


“You gonna do what I say from now on?”


“Yess…fuck yes….”


“You gonna talk back to me?”


“No!!  No more daddy! I’ll be a good girl.”


“Will you? Only good girls gets fucked!”


I was slamming myself down on this cock now, my self control was gone and all I knew was this kids elephant cock.


“I’ll be a good girl daddy, I’ll be a good girl, I’m a good girl….so good…”


With each word I shoved myself on his cock, desperate to feel every inch in my pussy. I didn’t even know who I was any more. All I knew was that I was daddy’s good girl and good girls get fucked.


And I was a good girl.


“Unhhhhh, oh daddy, harder…harder…” I cried out, needing even more cock.


He grabs my waist and slammed his hips up, and my mind cracked. I fell forward and kissed his face as I pushed back into this thrusts, I licked him like a fucking dog in heat, I cried, I was a mewling wreck as all I knew was that I needed to show this fucking incredible cock all the love and devotion it deserved. 


“Fuck…fuck…” I panted, losing the ability to form sentences.


“You my bitch?”


“Bitch, cunt…yours..” I spat out; not even sure what I was saying.


“You gonna listen to me?”


“Yours….belong….your cock….”


“You love me?” He roared.


My mouth opened to answer when he hit my spot dead on. My eyes shot open as I felt a weeks worth of cum roar out of my cock. I could feel my ass clench down on his dick and he called out as I just kept cumming and cumming. I had forced myself down on his cockhead and was shoving it up into my spot as I came, my entire life was just his cock and that spot.


I don’t know how long I came, time stopped having meaning as I still slammed myself back on his cock even as I was firing blanks.


He pulled out of me and out his arms around me to calm me down. I was shaking as my body was still having aftershocks from the orgasm. I buried my head in his chest as I felt my mind start to slow down, it took me a moment to realize I was kissing his neck and moving up to his face.


“Loveyouloveuousomuch…so much….” I kept babbling as I just kept trying to kiss him.


He finally kissed me back and the world paused…and that was the last thing I remember.


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I woke up slowly, my mind felt like it was snuggled up in a warm blanket and didn’t want to stir. I felt deliriously happy, I wasn’t sure where I was but I know I didn’t want to leave it.


I was curled around something warm and in my daze I rubbed up against it, trying to squeeze the last few moments of sleep I could.


“You awake?” A voice asked.


My eyes flew open and I realized I was spooning the kid, my head was resting on his chest like a pillow. 


I sat up quickly, drool falling from my mouth. Wiping it away I looked around and tried to get my bearings.


Why was I so fucking fogheaded?


“How you feeling?” He asked.


“Dizzy,” I answered, what was I so fucked up?


“It’s the endorphins, you’re probably still a little high.”


“How long was I out?”


“We slept for about an hour.”


“Fuck, aren’t your parents coming home soon?’


“It’s cool man, we still got over an hour, relax.”


I nodded, wishing I had something cold to put on my head, I felt like I had a fever.


“So how do you feel?” He asked again.


“I just told you, out of it!” I snapped.


“I meant your body, do you feel better?”


I was about to say no but then paused, I did feel better. My headache was gone, the ringing in my head had vanished and my hands weren’t shaking so bad. Besides feeling slightly drunk I felt fucking incredible in fact.


“I feel awesome!” I said, a smile breaking out across my face.


“See? All you needed was a little loving.”


I frowned at that but let it slide, I was back! I felt like I could take down a gorilla the way. The match Saturday was going to be a breeze.


“So you think you’ll be good for this weekend?”


I nodded, “Fuck yeah.”


“So you don’t think this will fade by tomorrow?”


That made me freeze, “What do you mean?”


“I mean you feel fine now, but we just had sex. The match is over 30 hours away, you think you got enough in your tank to make it?”


Shit, that was a lot of time. I was feeling shaky the next day after the away game last week. The match would be the equivalent of last Tuesday when I started fucking up at practice. Shit, I think he was right, I might not have enough.


I looked at him panicked, not able to say it out loud.


“It cool man, here’s what we do. You spend the night here tomorrow night, we take care of business that night or morning, and you’re fresh to go for the match. We can both ride over to the school and beat them down.”


I felt so relived, that was a good plan.


“You don’t mind?” I asked, terrified he’s change his mind.


“Nah, anything for my girl,” he said leaning forward to kiss me.


My stomach twisted but I kissed him back, this kid was my ticket to college right now, I couldn’t afford to lose him now. He pulled me down onto the bed with him, never breaking the kiss, I had no choice but to fall on top of him.


He looked up at me, “So fucking hot,” he moved my head to the side and gnawed on my neck, fuck that always triggered me and I felt my body responding. Come on man, we aren’t a fag! Snap out of it.


His hands moved own my back and I was reminded I was still fucking naked. His hands moved to the small of my back and then over the firm globes of my ass. I could feel a tingle inside of me, like my spot knew his fingers were close and was calling for him.


I just came, how could I be wanting more already?


“You good for another?” He asked, cupping my cheeks in both hands.


“Um…do we have time?” I asked, not wanting to be fucked again, but not wanting to anger him.


He nodded and pulled my waist up until I was straddling him. His hard cock slid in the crack of my ass, it fucking felt like a fleshy baseball bat was back there. He was just waiting and I knew, we were doing this. I moved up, his cockhead leaving a trail of cocksnot deep in my crack. When I felt him touch my hole I paused, knowing what was coming next.


Closing my eyes I slowly sat back on it, luckily he had shot his load in me so it was just as good as lube for this.


Did I just say it was lucky a guy shot his fucking load in my ass? God damnnit.


I relaxed my hole and felt his head press into me, the pain was a sting, not the fucking shooting pain it usually caused. My hole had just been fucked, it was still loose from the last time. I groaned as I felt his shaft push its way into me again, with his cum it slipped into me so much easier…it barely hurt at all.


Once I had all of it in me I took a deep breath and looked down at him.


He reached up and stroked my cheek, “Come on baby, you know you want it.”


I didn’t, I wanted to go home and shower and get his fucking cum out of me. But I had this kid’s horse cock in me already so might as well get it over with. I slowly raised myself up, feeling his rod slither out of my ass, his giant fucking head brushing right over my spot.


“Ohhhh fuckkkkk…”I groaned, as my mind began to wake up again, the pleasure pulsing into me like electricity. I was no longer confused, I wasn’t unsure, I pushed back down on that dick and felt another rush go through me.


“Yeah that’s it baby” he said, his hand reaching up to play with my tits.


He tweaked my nipples and I gasped from the new sensation, the pain was translated into a whole other form of pleasure as I pushed my chest out for more. I never stopped riding that cock, I couldn’t, it was like my entire life was wrapped up in this kids fucking dick and I just needed more and more of it.


“You like me playing with your titties girl?”


I nodded, trying to catch my breath, “So good daddy…so fucking good…”


“Yeah I love my girl, take good care of you,” he said bucking his hips once, his fucking tool slamming into my spot, making me squeal in joy as my cock burped a glob of precum out in response.


“So good daddy, so fucking good…” I said arching my back, slowing torturing myself on that god dammed massive dick. It felt like it was part of me, I didn’t know where my ass ended and his dick began, all I knew was the more I moved the more I loved it. He kept teasing my nipples, making me grind and squirm like a fucking whore.


He grabbed my waist and spun me over, I landed on my back as he moved over me and rammed his cock back into me. My head flew back as I felt a whole new set of fireworks go off in my mind, where did this fucking little stud learn to fuck so well? He was owning my ass effortlessly, all I could do was whine and beg for more.


“Tell me you love this,” he said slowly pistoning my ass.


“I love this so fucking much!” I cried out, bucking my ass back for more.


“You my girl?” 


I nodded, “I’m your fucking girl, I’m your fucking jock girl…” I was losing my mind, I was in so much fucking pleasure I was overloading. I had to show him how much I felt, how much I loved it. I reached up, grabbed his head and pulled him down so I could kiss him.


Mere minutes ago this would have made me queasy but now, with that cock in me, it was fucking incredible. My legs wrapped around his small waist, and pulled him into me. My ass left the bed as I fucked myself from the bottom on his dick. He was kissing me back and even that felt good. My mind was on fire.


This was my man, this was my fucking savior…god I loved this cock SO much.


He sat up and pulled my legs off of his waist and pulled them apart. Then, like I was a fucking girl, he spread my legs and began to really rail into me. I could see my muscular legs raised high as I presented my tight jock ass to him. I surrendered my hole to him, begging him to hit me harder.


“Oh daddy..fuck me…fuck me…”


He chuckled evily, “Who’s my little slut?”


“Oh god I am, I am…you make me such a fucking slut…”


“Play with your titties,” he ordered and my hands instantly to my nipples. The sensation of the pain mixed with his thrusts and started pushing me closer to cumming…and in a panic I realized I didn’t want to yet.


“Slow down, please….gonna cum….” I panted.


“My girl want to cum?”


I put a hand on his chest, “Not yet…please…more?”


He looked surprised as he slowed his thrusts, “You want more?” He asked by slowly grinding his cock upwards, just scraping my spot one fucking inch at a time.


It was too much, I fucking screamed as I threw my arms wide and just begged.


“Right there…oh don’t stop fucking me…please…please….so fucking good!”


He pulled out just as slowly and again my mind was broken. He was playing my ass like a fiddle, I didn’t care about anything but that cock slamming into me. Another slow push and I was just wrecked. My cock was throbbing and my eyes were rolled to the back of my head. I couldn’t even respond anymore, I was his, fucking body and soul. He could tell me to kill someone right now and I wouldn’t even hesitate a second.


“God you love this don’t you?”


I could only nod as my cock twitched again. Fuck, I was going to cum, I couldn’t stop it!


I raised my head and saw my thick ass cock sticking straight up from my trimmed pubes. It reached almost to my belly button, I could see precum smeared all over my fucking eight pack, looking like tanning oil. I made a half noise as I watched the cum literally gush out of my dick. The first shot hit me straight in the face and I felt my mouth frantically open as the next three shots followed quickly. I could taste my own hot cum on my tongue as he kept fucking jamming his cock into my spot, milking my for every door of cum I possessed.


“Drunk that cum,” he growled, “Lick it clean!”


I felt warm splashes over my pecs and abs, and quickly wiped them up with my fingers and brought them to my mouth. My daddy had said lick it all…I had to…had to make him happy…


His cock slipped out of me as the last shots of cum dripped from my dick. I closed my eyes and let out a content sigh as I felt something push against my closed lips.


I looked up and he was over my face. Without a word he pushed into my mouth as he let loose his own load.


“Drink it all!” He roared, “Don’t waste a drop!”


I chocked on the kids load, desperately swallowing as much cum as I could. I held his ass steady as he shot spurt after spirt down my throat. My mind was flooded with so much bliss even the taste turned me on as I sucked every last drop from his fucking balls.


He slapped my face and pulled his duck free, “Whoa, fucking stop you slut!”


I moaned as I felt it leave my mouth and just looked up at him, my entire mind radiating joy seeing him. 


“You love me?”


I nodded and pulled him down and kissed him. I was so fuck drunk that I didn’t even mind laying there, making out with him for another twenty minutes, him tasting his own load on my tongue.


Slowly we stopped, both of us covered in sweat and cum, I was curled next to him, once again resting on his chest. He put his arm around my back and held me, my mind just coasting on this feeling as long as I could.


“So spend the night tomorrow?” He asked.


I nodded into his chest, not wanting to move.


“I get to fuck you as much as I want?”


Another nod as I felt my spot tingle from the thought. I didn’t even need stimulation anymore, just the thought of being fucked caused it to wake up.


“You my girl?’


I moved my head up and nodded as I kissed him. He kissed me back and laid my head back on his chest. My eyes grew heavy again as I listened to his heartbeat drum in my ears.



“Wake up! Archie WAKE UP!”


My eyes flew open and the kid was shaking me.


“Wake the fuck up, my parents are home!”


The fog in my mind was instantly replaced with cold fear. I jumped out of bed and began looking for my clothes I had fucking thrown them everywhere when I did my strip tease for him, the thought of it filled me with shame. I found my jeans and slipped them on commando, I didn’t have time for fucking underwear. I found one sock and said fuck it and slipped my converse on barefoot. I put my shirt on inside out and cussed as I flipped it.


“Do I go out the window?” I asked, close to pissing myself.


“They already saw your jeep!” He said pulling his clothes on too, “No choice but to introduce you and then you leave.”


I had to meet his parents? Fuck me.


He made sure he looked ok in his mirror and went to open the door. Looking back at me he asked, “You ready?”


“No,” I answered truthfully.


He laughed, “Too late now.”


He opened his door and walked out, I followed him, hoping I didn’t look like a fucking cum slut.


“Hey mom, dad!” He said cheerfully, sounding like the freshmen I knew he was. Fuck, was I really letting this kid fuck me?


“Hey bud,” his dad said, the kid moved towards him and gave him a hug, he looked like such a fucking normal kid but I knew better, he was the fucking devil.


“Guys, this is Archie, he’s on the team.”


The dad looked over at me, “Archie King? I’ve heard of you, in fact you’re one of the reasons we moved here.”


I was?


“Um thanks,” I said shaking his hand.


“My pleasure, how long have you and Grayson been friends?”




He laughed and pointed at the kid, “Grayson?”


Fuck has that been his name the whole time? Yeah I had no chance of guessing that.


“Um, since the first day of school,” I stammered, “We had our physical together”


“Oh that’s nice,” his mom said.


The kid added, “Yeah we shared a room on last week’s away game and really bonded.”


Is that whaat were calling it?


“Well I hope you can teach Gray here some moves.”


The kid laughed, “Oh don’t worry dad we’re teaching other a lot of things.”


Is he fucking kidding me?


“Yeah, he’s a great guy…” I said looking for a way out of this.


“Were you staying for dinner Archie?” His mom asked.


“NO!” I practically screamed and then felt instantly stupid. “I mean no I can’t, my mom is expecting me.”


“Archie is gonna sleep over tomorrow night and we’ll drive into the match together, ok?”

They both nodded, “Sure, we’ll make sure to order some pizzas for dinner.”


“Sweet!” The kid pumped his arm, Jesus Christ this kid was young.


“Well I guess we’ll be seeing you tomorrow,” the dad said.


“Yes sir, um..thanks.” I turned and almost ran to the door.


“Archie!” The kid called out. I turned and looked at him “See you in the morning right?”


Oh yeah, I was still his fucking slave.


I nodded and faked a smile, “See you then.”


And ran out the door. I sprinted to my Jeep and pulled out of there as fast as I could. What in the fuck was my life becoming? 


Nothing good as I felt his cum start to drain out of my abused hole.


Fucking kill me now


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