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15 hours ago, ejaculaTe said:

The best part of this last chapter is the redemption of Archie.... Damn, Dubconforlife, you are good.

I love this story – for getting off but as a damn good story.  I popperbated to the first several chapters over a few hours a few days ago and the next night, I couldn't hold off and did the same thing all the way to the end.

Great writing and especially with the characters.   Archie is kind of lovably dense.  But Gray is the character that got me hooked.  It was genius to introduce a younger, lower-down-the-totem-pole character who has more wisdom and experience.  His confidence and attitude is so magnetic.  It is easy to see how the all-ego Archie got sucked into Gray's world.  The donkey dick wasn't everything!

Can't wait for more!

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15 hours ago, ejaculaTe said:

The best part of this last chapter is the redemption of Archie.... Damn, Dubconforlife, you are good.

I love this story – for getting off but as a damn good story.  I popperbated to the first several chapters over a few hours a few days ago and the next night, I couldn't hold off and did the same thing all the way to the end.

Great writing and especially with the characters.   Archie is kind of lovably dense.  But Gray is the character that got me hooked.  It was genius to introduce a younger, lower-down-the-totem-pole character who has more wisdom and experience.  His confidence and attitude is so magnetic.  It is easy to see how the all-ego Archie got sucked into Gray's world.  The donkey dick wasn't everything!

Can't wait for more!

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The next morning me and Gray got to school and were instantly confronted.


“What the fuck man?’”Dax screamed, charging right at us.


“You owe me a blow job,” Gray said.


I nodded, I had bet against Dax would be stupid enough to confront us in the parking lot.


I raised my hand, “Hey dude.”


He slapped my hand don, “Don’t dude me, you fucking asshole.”


That was one.




“You fucking know what my problem is faggot.”


That was two.


“I really don’t, but you sure you want to keep screaming about it in public?”


He looked around and saw a few people in parking lot looking, nothing better than a free fight.


He grabbed my sleeve and pulled me into one of the empty portables off to the side. These were study classrooms, where people could come in, read, do homework, take a fucking nap, anything they wanted if they had a free period. Luckily, for him, it was empty in here.


Gray closed the door behind him, really loving the whole scene.


“Where the fuck you get off fucking drugging me?”


“Were you drugged?” I asked, “I mean, if we took you to a police station right now, would there be a substance in your system that would be identified as a drug?”


“Stop fucking around bitch, you know…”


And that was three.


My hand lashed out and grabbed his throat, my hand covering the entire thing with one grasp. He beat at my arm, but no way this freshman gets me to let go.


“Faggot. Bitch. Slapping my hand. These are all things you might want to reconsider.”


He was using both hands to beat at my arm, uselessly. His face was growing red and I heard Gray behind me say softly, “Archie.”


I opened my hand and he fell to the floor, rubbing his neck.


“Fuck around and find out punk,”I growled at him, he looked up with the proper amount of terror in his eyes.


Gray moved me aside, he had bad cop, time for good cop.


He knelt down, “You ok? Need some water?”


Dax shook his head.


“Cool, so what’s your damage?”


“He let me get raped!” He croaked at me, his voice raspy.


Gray looked back at me, “Did you do that?”


“Me?” I pointed to myself, “No.”


“Bullshit! Those surfers fucking drugged me and raped me!”


“Hmmm,” I said looking up like I was thinking, “I remember it differently.” I pulled my phone out, “I remember you, on all fours, fucking yourself on his cock like a good little jock pussy.”


I played the video and he looked at it, pale and opened mouthed.


“See that’s you,” I pointed to the screen, “And he’s not moving…and you’re just pushing back…all by your self…”


He went to knock the phone out of my hand and I grabbed it with my other.


“Kid, you swing at me one more time, and I am going to break your fucking face.”


He pulled back his hand quickly as I stood up.


“It did look like you were liking it,” Gray said as I put the phone away, “And you liked it when I fucked you.”


His eyes locked with Gray’s and I could tell he didn’t think I knew about that.


“I did not,” he said, his voice thick with emotion.


“You kinda did,” Gray reasoned, “I mean, you were screaming for more.”


“You fucking got me drunk!”


“Yeah, the same way you wanted to get Archie drunk. With a vodka bottle up your ass. And you were crying with pleasure,” Gray said getting right up to his face, “You were fucking riding my cock, begging me for more. You can talk all the shit you want to, but I saw you…you loved it.”


Dax shook his head, but he didn’t say a word.


I came up behind him and whispered in his ear, “It felt hot right? Feeling that cock in you? Just giving up, letting all of it go and just be used?”


He flinched away from me, and Gray continued.


“The feeling of my thick cock sliding up your ass, touching you in places you dream about. The moans when you were slamming down on me, the way your hands held on to my shoulders, crying for more.”


Dax just so knelt there, stunned.


“You loved last night,” I said, coming up behind him again, “You were fucking loving it. Don’t worry, no one has to know…but here, with us…you can admit it.”


I licked around the edge of his ear and he shivered.


Gray moved closer, “It can be our secret,” he said, moving close enough to kiss him, “I already own Archie…you wanna be one of my sluts?”


“Just let go,” I whispered, “You know how good it feels.”


“Huh Dax? You wanna serve me?” Gray’s mouth was right next to Dax’s and you could see the fear and attraction in the baseball player’s face, “You wanna be a good boy?”


Slowly, as if in a trance, Dax nodded slowly. Gray leaned in and kissed him and I heard a melting sound come from Dax’s throat, I moved my hands over his pecs, tweaking his nipples as I lightly gnawed on his neck. He was the meat on our fucking jock sandwich, and you could feel his resistance fading with each touch.


Gray tapped my arm, which was the sign. I counted to three and stopped, the exact moment Gray did as well.


We both stood up, leaving Dax on the floor, mouth open as he craved more. He looked up at Gray in confusion.


“Get up! He snapped and the speed in which that tat jock jumped up was comical.


“You want this?” Gray asked, cupping Dax’s sizable bulge through his jeans.


Dax nodded, “Yeah.”


He screamed as Gray squeezed hard on his balls, “Yes sir. Never yeah, never ok, never fucking sure. Yes followed by sir. Got it?”


Dax nodded quickly, “Yes sir! Yes sir I’m sorry.”


Dax went from squeezing to rubbing and Dax let out a small sigh of relief.


“Archie is coming over after school so I can shove my cock up his tight little ass until he cums. You want the same?”


The sound of hunger in Dax’s voice was a fucking turn on, “Please sir.”


Gray smiled, “Good boy. We’re gonna walk out of here, and everything goes back to normal. But when we are alone, when no one can hear or see…who do you belong to?”


‘You sir,” Dax said with an eagerness that I had to admire.


“No,” Gray said, looking at me, “Us.”


I moved behind him, pressing my hard cock up against that baseball bubble but, “Both of us,” I said, moving my hands up the sides of his torso, feeling the lean muscle as he practically purred against me.


“Yes sir…both of you sirs…” he said dreamily.


Gray stepped forward, both of us pressing him tight, “Just be a good boy…”


“I’m a good boy…I can be a good boy,” he whined.


I pulled his head to the side and kissed him, he responded with a fierceness that kinda shocked me. Gray bite the side of his neck as we kissed and I hear Dax moan as he was marked. When he was done he stepped back and I broke the kiss off.


Dax put a hand up to his neck and rubbed the newly formed hickie.


“What do you say?” Gray asked.


“T-thank you sir…” Dax answered, his voice trembling.


“You have a change of jeans in the locker room?”


Dax nodded.


“Better grab them,” he said looking down. I came around front and looked, and sure enough, there was a wet spot where the boy had cum in his jeans. Oh yeah, he wanted this bad.


“Thank you sir,” he said, taking a step towards the door and then pausing. He looked at me and then took a step forward, kissing me again, this time with a lot of passion. When he was done he smiled at me, “Thank you for last night.”


I winked at him, “Next time I’ll do it with you, we can offer ourselves up to the surf pups.”


I could see hie eyes widen as the thought pushed nearly all his buttons before he ran out of the building, before we could make him cum again.


I looked over at Gray, “Where did all that come from?”


He sat on the edge of one of the desks, “Are you kidding? Teaching someone to submit was one of the first lessons my dad taught me.”


I cocked me head, “You and me had very different childhoods.”


He laughed, “I’ll tell you all about it someday, come on. We’re gonna be late.”


I stepped up and kissed him, “Yes sir.”


He grinned, “Such a good boy.”


He rubbed my cheek and kissed me back, I could get so fucking used to this.



At lunch Gray and Dax sat together and talked while I chilled with the boys. Tony and Wyatt were hanging on Coop’s every word, while I just watched and listened.


“You’re quiet,” Coop said after awhile, “What’s up?”


“Thinking about nationals, a lot on the line.”


“How many offers you got so far?”


I shrugged, “A few, but none from the places I want. Places like those are gonna wait to see how I perform it’s the best before they offer. What about you?”


He smiled, “I got four so far, I’m leaning towards Oklahoma, but Iowa also dropped me a line.”


I nodded, “Sweet man, both are decent picks.”


“Who you holding out for?” Tony asked.


“Penn or bust baby.”


Wyatt nodded, “Man that would be tight, Penn is like one of the best.”


“Fingers crossed, if I kick ass at nationals it’s a mortal lock.”


“I’m sure you’ll get what you deserve,” Coop said with a smile.


“In the end, we all get what we deserve.”


We locked eyes for a moment, and we both knew we wren’t talking about wrestling.


“We’ll see.”


I nodded, “Yeah we will.”



After school Gray got into the jeep, “He’s gonna meet us at my place.”


“How excited is he?”


“He’s about to burst, this is gonna be fun.”


I nodded, I had been thinking about this all fucking day. When we pulled up Dax was standing outside his car, the letterman jacket, the tight white T-shirt, the faded jeans, the beat up Converse. He looked very inch of a fucking jock stud, just like I did. He was looking at his phone, his handsome face in a moment of concentration, it would be easy to mistake him for another straight, boy next door. The kind parents loved, girls chased and guys wanted to be friends with.


From here it would be impossible to clock him as a fucking slut.


Well future slut, he hadn’t been properly trained yet. He was a lot like I was when this first started, not sure, wanting to argue against it, but in the end drawn to it like a fucking black hole. There was a hunger in both of us that we had mistaken for strength and masculinity, but actually turned out to be a desire to be owned. 


It was easy to see it now, I barked loud because I was scared. I was aggressive to ward off stronger animals. I fronted like an alpha because at heart I was an omega. I had been scared to be found out, to be used, to be owned. I’d ran from it, built walls around it, fucked girls to try to distract from it. But in the end, I was a small, little boy who wanted someone to tell me what to do. And looking at Dax, I could tell he was right there with me.


“Hey,” he said seeing us walk up, paused for a second and then added a soft, “Sir.”


Gray smiled, “It’s ok, it feels weird at first.”


Dax smiled and then looked at me.


“Trust me dude, you’ll learn to love all of it.”


Gray let us in and we dropped our backpacks at the door and followed him to his room. Once in I kicked my shoes off and climbed on the bed, I wanted a front row seat for this.


Gray took his shoes and socks off and leaned against his desk, “You good?”


Dax nodded, looking super nervous.


“Relax, I got you,” he said in a strong voice, “Now strip.”


Dax paused for only a moment and then he kicked off his shoes, shucked his jacket and began to peel his shirt off.


“No!” Gray barked and he froze, “Slower. I didn’t say get undressed, I said strip.”


Dax put the shirt back on and nodded, I could see the embarrassment in his face, I felt the same way when I got that order. Slowly he pulled his shirt up, flexing his abs as he revealed them, grinding his hips, making his Adonis belt flare with each movement. When he got to his pecs he tightened them, his fucking nipples looked chewable, damn this boy had a body.


He got it off and tossed it aside, standing there in his faded jeans and socks…he looked like a sex dream.


His hands undid his belt and opened the first button on his jeans, the white of his boxers briefs waistband was visible, the word UNDER moved with him as he slowly undid another button. He was wearing He was wearing Under Armor boxer briefs, the pocket that held his cock was strained as he popped the last button, showing the imprint of his hard dick straining to get free.


He slid the jeans down his thick thighs, he stepped out of them, the hard muscle of his calves moving as he kicked his pants behind. He stood there, wearing only his underwear, and he looked like a fucking stud. But I could see the real him right underneath. The muscles and working out to hide the fear he wasn’t man enough, the hours of sports to cover up and facilitate being close with guys all the time. He looked like a fucking alpha, but it was all show, all theater.


He was a slut just like me.


Gray stood up and walked over to him, “Kneel.”


He dropped to his knees quick, it was insane how much presence the kid had. I was over on the bed just watching and I wanted to fucking do as he said. There was no argument that Dax might have been able to overpower Gray physically, but there was a quiet firmness in Gray’s entire demeanor, that transcended physicality. 


“What do you want?” Gray asked him.


Dax reached up, as if to rub Gray’s crotch.


“No!” Gray shouted, startling Dax, “No hands. Show me what you want.”


Dax put his hands down and leaned his face into Gray’s crotch, rubbing his cheek against the obscene bulge that was getting bigger by the second. As he rubbed the bulge became a lump and the lump became an outline, an outline of a truly fucking big cock. Once you could see the fucking crab apple head of the kid’s cock Dax stopped rubbing his cheek and mouthed the denim covering that monster.


Gray put one hand in his hair, “Good boy.”


I could hear the purr like groan come from Dax as he doubled his efforts, coating the front of Grays jeans with his spit. The more he gummed it the more visible it became, and I felt my own cock start to swell. I had forgotten how much that motherfucker turned me on.


Gray pulled his shirt off no tossed it away, and then undid his belt and pulled it free. He wrapped it around Dax’s throat and pulled it, “You gonna behave?”


Dax nodded, “Yes sir.”


“Undress me.”


Dax reached up and pulled Gray’s jeans down, the jock Gray was wearing did not hide his horse cock in the least. Half of his shaft and that purplish, red head jutted out to the left, just hanging there, like a fucking monument to cocks. Dax pulled the jeans down and Gray stepped out of them, and just stood there. Dax put the pants aside and then looked up at him, like a hungry puppy. His eyes kept darting to his cock, I could see a bead of precum forming from here.


“You’ve been a bad boy in the past,” Gray said, not harshly, but firmly, “You’ve done some horrible things.”


Dax looked down, “I know sir, I’m sorry.”


“Not to me,” Gray pointed to me, “To him.”


Dax looked over at me and I had no idea what to do.


“Come,” Gray said to me with the same tone you’d call a dog.


Yeah it turned me on, sue me.


I jumped up off the bed and stood in front of him.


“Strip him,” Gray ordered Dax.


He stood up and those baby blue eyes locked with mine. He grabbed he bottom of my shirt and pulled it up, I raised my hands and he took it off. He looked at my chest and I could see the naked hunger in his eyes. Oh yeah, we were the same kind of animal.


“Worship your better!” Gray barked and Dax’s mouth moved over my nipple, nibbling it lightly as his hands moved over my abs.


“You will learn your place,” Gray whispered in his ear as he licked my entire torso, “You will learn to serve your betters and love every second of it.”


Dax nodded as he licked and let out a quick. “Yes sir.”


“Keep going.”


Dax’s hands pulled open my button fly and my jeans dropped to my ankles. I stepped out of them, leaving me in my athletic socks and the worn, red jock, that my raging cock was fighting against. His hands moved up my thighs, I could feel him squeezing the hard muscle, loving every inch of it, just becoming more and more turned on. His hands moved up to my ass and he ran them over the hard muscle, and another small whimper escaped his mouth.


Gray pulled Dax’s head back by his hair and pulled it back until he was looking up at me, “Apologize.”


“I’m sorry sir,” He said, swallowing hard.


“I want you to get this,” Gray said letting him go and pushing him aside. He sat off by the closet and watched us.


“Kneel” he said to me and I slowly went down, trying not to look at that cock, because if I did I was going to lose it. 


“Who do you serve?”


“You sir,” I said truthfully. God I felt shame from admitting that in front of Dax and that just turned me on because I knew I deserved to be humiliated like this. I had been a liar, a dirty, fucking liar all my life. This was my truth, this was myself.


“Give tribute,” he said and I leaned forward and licked that precum off his cock. As soon as I tasted it I knew I was gone. I wantonly just moaned as shoved as much of that fucking beast in my mouth as I could. God I had missed this dick. I had dreamed of this dick, jerked off to videos of it fucking me, as I licked up and down the ten inches of perfection, I felt my eyes watering from how much I had missed it.


My hands grabbed his hard ass and I pulled him in as I just worked him over as much as I could. I had no shame, no reserve, I didn’t care who saw me at this point. I was beyond ego and caring, I was home. I was home with my kid’s cock in my mouth.


His hands moved through my hair lovingly, it wasn’t for command or to guide me. He was petting me, showing me love like the fucking dog I was. I really did belong to him, I mean I really was his. If he put a collar on me and made me sleep on the floor next to his bed, I would with a smile on my face. How had I been so stupid? How had I let this go?


After his entire cock was covered in my spit and he was leaking like a faucet, he told me to stop.


I reluctantly pulled back, panting, my own cock throbbing with lust.


“Open your mouth,” he said.


I opened it and he just spit right into it.


I felt my cock lurch in response.


“Thank you sir,” I said as I swallowed it.


He looked over t Dax, “You see how low he is? How much of a fucking dog he is?”


Dax nodded, his own cock hard and leaking from the sight of me praying at the alter of cock that was Gray.


“He is my pet, my plaything, he is my possession, heat and soul,” he looked at me, and in a softer voice he asked, “Aren’t you?”


I just blinked back tears, “Yes sir.”


He smiled and touched my face, “Such a good boy.”


I leaned into his hand and for a moment thought I was going to start bawling.


He looked back to Dax, “As low as he is, as beneath me  he is…you are still lower.”


Dax nodded silently.


Gray grabbed a hunk of my hair, “He is a dog, make no mistake.”


He had pulled my head back, exposing my throat, god I loved this…why had I fought this?


“But he is the alpha dog…and you are his bitch.”


Dax’s eyes widened.


“So…get over here and worship your alpha.”


Gray let go of my hair and Dax crawled over to me, his head down, looking up slowly. I turned towards him no he moved closer, I was kneeling and his face was almost touching the carpet. He squirmed forward another inch, and then lifted his head slowly, towards my cock. I grabbed his hair and shoved his face onto it.


The sound of his moan and gag at the same time was like fucking music to me. 


My cock hit the back of his throat as his tongue struggled to work around my base. Sure, Gray had the best cock since his dad, but my cock was no joke either. I watched as the baseball stud as he lapped at my dick, worshipping it, loving it, trying his best to please me in any way he could. I could feel his desperation, his urgency, he so badly wanted to be under me he could feel it in his soul.


I pulled his head off my dick, the look of panic on his face was priceless. He was terrified he’d angered me somehow.


I stood up and laid back on the bed, my legs spread.


It took him half a second to realize I was waiting and he jumped between my legs and went back to work. Now he could service my balls, the shaved skin hummed in his mouth as he sucked my balls one at a time, his hand fisting my shaft as he kept trying to bring me pleasure.


He was good, but he needed more.


I pushed his head down, and then kept pushing it. He licked the base of my balls, then past it…and as I moved my legs up he knew what I was demanding.


His hands grabbed under my thighs and lifted them up as he licked the crack of my ass, his tongue trailing though the muscled canyon. Once he had me up his hands moved to my cheeks, pulling them apart so he could find his true target. My hole reveled itself, one, perfect, pink jock hole dying to be licked.


His tongue moved around the edge of my hole, the fact that Dax was eating me out made the sensations a thousand times more erotic. When he poked timidly at my hole I could feel the muscle resist him. He got another hold of my cheeks and then pressed in again, his tongue breaching half an inch into me.


“Oh fuck…”I moaned as I felt him penetrate me.”Good boy…such a good boy.”


The words made him groan as he doubled his efforts, shoving another quarter inch into me. Shit, this kid’s tongue should be a fucking lethal weapon cause it was killing my pussy. He didn’t stop, he kept laying at my jock hole over and over, once inside folding it into a taco, then pushing even further in. Holy shit…this was fucking amazing.


He wasn’t trying to lube me up or even loosen my hole, he knew fucking me was off the table for him. So instead of trying for utility, he was just fucking driving me nuts. He was humming into my hole, curving it up, tickling my walls, Jesus fuck how did any girl not beg him to fuck them after this?


Gray had to have seen that I was losing it because Gray grabbed the back of Dax’s head and pulled him out.


For a second I saw Dax’s face, eyes closed, fucking snake of a tongue moving in air…god damn that was hot.


“You worked up?” He asked Dax, who just nodded mutely, drool flying from his lips.


“You wanna get bred?”


Dax’s eyes got large, “Yes sir, please sir…”


Gray barked one dismissive laugh, “Don’t ask me, that’s your stud.” He said pushing him towards me.


He looked at me with sad eyes and pouty lips, “Please sir?”


I looked down at him as I sat up, “You wanna get fucked, present for me bitch.”


He seemed confused for a moment and then turned around until he was facing away from me, and spread his legs and pushed his face into the bed. And there it was, in all it’s glory.


His fucking perfect jock pussy, begging to be used.


I moved and climbed between that baseball ass and attacked his hole with purpose. He gasped as I tore into him, not taking it slow or edging it in. I fucking pounded my tongue into that fucking cunt and he started to whine from the feelings he was getting.


“Oh fuck yeah….oh shit…Archie..shit…ARCHIE!” He yelped as I pushed both of his cheeks back and just skewered him. I don’t want to brag but I had fucked a lot of girls in my time and most of them were because of the way I ate them out. Girls love to be fronting that they aren’t that kind of girl and they don’t want to rush but once you have a thick ass tongue up their fucking cunt, and they are moaning and begging…they will pay you to fuck them if you do it right.


I was doing it right.


“You feel that?” Gray asked him, kneeling down to make eye contact, “You feel your stud prepping your that hole?”


‘Oh god yes sir…”


“He’s getting you pussy wet, lubing you up so you he can mount you, and dump his seed into you. That’s what you are for now, you’re his hole. You live to take his cock, whenever and however he wants. You don’t have a name and you don’t have a fucking life. You are a hole…and you love it.”


“I love it sir…oh please….fuck….I’m your hole Archie…shit I’m your hole…”


Once I had him pressing back into me and that little baseball cunt was winking at me, I knew he was ready. I got up and Gray tossed me his lube. I smeared some over my cock as I watched Dax shiver in front of me, face down, ass up, pussy quivering.


I pressed my head against it and he gasped and held his breath.


“This,” I said holding for a moment, “This is all you’re good for.”


I leaned in and felt my head shove his hole apart. He cried out as I punched my way into him, he was pinning the sheets as my cock busted the walls of his jock ass apart. He was screaming in pain, but he didn’t tell me to stop, and he didn’t ask for me to slow down.


I paused halfway and rubbed the small of his back “Such a good bitch.”


His breath was heaving as he fought through the pain. I heard a strained, “Thank you sir,” as his ass spammed around my cock. I waited, as Gray had waited for me until I heard him take a deep breath and then beg, “More please.”


Music to my ears.


I moved forward again slowly, making sure he felt every fucking inch of my cock just destroy his entire ass. 


“Oh…oh…ohh god…” he whined as I kept going. “Shtishitshit,” he hissed, I could hear him finally give up and collapse, screaming into the bed. For a second I wished I had used the Eden lube, but then I remembered how much Dax had fucked with me in the bathroom, and just kept going.


“You ever gonna talk back to me?” I growled, shoving more of my cock into him, “You ever going to disrespect me?”


His head moved up as he screamed, “NO SIR, NEVER SIR…OH FUCK….”


“You gonna be my good cunt, do whatever I want, always?”

“I’m yours sir…oh god Archie…always yours….shit….aaahhhhh….”


The last few inches entered him, and I felt my pubes touch that perfect ass.


“That’s it baby, that’s the whole thing.”


He was sweating, trying his best not to scream as he huffed and puffed, working through the pain best he could. Finally I heard a small, “Thank you sir…god you are so big…”


“You like your man’s cock?” I asked, pushing forward, causing him to cry out.


“Yes sir! FUCK! Always sir…”


I bet he wished he had my condition right about now.


Moving forward I grabbed him by the throat and pulled his head back slightly, my tongue trailed around his ear and his whole body shook. The pleasure from his ear was distracting him from the pain in his ass, and I felt his jock hole relax slightly.


“Ohhhh….” He whimpered as I tongue fucked his ear for a moment before moving down his jawline.


“Who’s bitch are you?’ I asked.


“Yours sir…oh fuck yours…”


“Fuck right you are…this tight, little baseball ass is mine whenever I want…I better make sure everyone knows you’re owned.”


I sank my teeth in the to side of his neck and I felt his ass spasm as he cried out, “Oh please sir…please don’t leave a mark…”


Gray stepped up in front of him, “You telling you alpha what he can do?”


“No…unnn….no sir…” he whined as I kept gnawing on him. He was distressed but my mouth was fucking making him hornier, his ass was subconsciously pushing back onto me already.


“You’ve been a bad dog,” Gray admonished him, “Until you prove you can be trusted…you need to be marked.”


I stopped and put my mouth right to his ear, “Beg me to mark you,” I whispered, “Plead with me to make you mine…”


He hesitated for a second, I could imagine the thoughts running through his mind. He wanted to submit, so fucking bad, but he also had to deal with the rest of the baseball team asking him how he got hickies up and down his neck.


“Beg,” I insisted, pushing my hips forward a second.


“Oh….please sir… his ass answering for him, “Please mark your bitch…”


“Show me your neck,” I ordered.


He lifted his head, giving him full access, I licked from ear to chin before going back and just biting the shit out of him. He yelped as I bit down and sucked, leaving the biggest, darkest mark I could think of.


“Ohhh…yesss…..” he hissed as the shame of being fucking branded like cattle set in. He had given in, and the pleasure from it was overwhelming his ego. He bucked back again, his fucking tight, little hole begging to be fucked.


I let go of his neck and his head drooped down, the weight of his actions hitting him hard. He had let another man fucking mark him, he had willingly let a dude claim his as property…as shamed as he felt, I was also certain he was equally turned on.


I know I had been when I was in his position.


I put both hands on the side of his trim waist and held him tight, “Such a good girl…” I said, pulling my cock out slowly.


“Ooohhh….” He moaned, his head flying up seat falling from his bangs. “Oh god…shit…shit…” he panted as I kept sliding back.


“”You my good girl?” I asked, pausing with only two inches left in him.


He nodded, “I’m a good girl…please sir…I’ll be a good girl…”


I slammed forward and there was a strangled yelp as he felt all nine inches of my fucking cock punch thought his guts. I paused and then drew my hips back again, like I was pulling an arrow back to strike.


“Ffffuuucckkkk….” He cried out, feeling his straight, baseball ass grip a cock and milk it for all it’s worth. When I slammed forward again the sound was less painful and more rapturous. As I pulled back the third time he braced his arms, and I could feel him waiting. When I pushed in he used back, our bodies hitting hard, causing him to blurt out a loud…




His ass was squeezing my cock for every drop of precum I could make, I started to pull back and he moved forward, then slammed himself back again. I paused, watching him slowly fuck himself on my cock of his own accord. 


“Shit..shit…fuck me…oh god..” he panted as he moved forward and back, sliding his ass up and down my pole. “Fuck your cock…ohh….please…please..”


I had no idea who he was talking to, I wasn’t doing a thing, he was fucking himself all on his own. He started to speed up and I could tell he was getting hungrier. I knew this state well, the moment when your ass had just gone to jelly, your pride had surrendered to pleasure, and you needed more cock, faster cock…all the fucking cock you could find.


I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him back onto me with no mercy, the moan he gave as I started to pump him as hard as I could was as erotic as all fuck. I went at it, punishing that little, baseball hole as hard as I could. At first he kept up, pushing back the best he could but slowly, the harder I hit him the lower he sank, the louder he moaned…


His arms gave out and his head hit the bed, his words had become noises as he just gave up, stopped trying to contribute, and became the fucking hole he realized he was. As I fucked him I pushed his face harder into the bed, his ass straight up as his body forced him to submit to my cock. The entire baseball team could walk in right now and he’d only glance up with them with a dopey smile he was being fucked so well.


This punk, this fucking little shit that thought he could own me, thought he could fucking control me…the more I thought about it, me begging for his cock in the bathroom stall, him laughing, the sneer he’d give me…all of it..I took out on his ass. Each time I bottomed it he gave out a small whimper, the only acknowledgment he was still conscious.


After about five minutes of this Gray got my attention.


“Hold up,” he said, asking me to pull out. There was a wet squelch as my cock popped out of him. Gray rolled him over and I almost burst out laughing. There was a puddle of cum, soaking into the bedspread from where he had cum hands free some time ago. Gray rolled him over on his back, Dax’s hard cock still sticking skyward.


“See that?” Gray asked, pointing at his face.


I looked down and say the complete visage of joy on the jock’s face, the smile, the drool, the blown out pupils from his lust…all of it just another brushstroke to make up a portrait of a slut.


I nodded.


“That’s the reward,” he said, “That’s the gift for submitting…that is why you serve.”


And I got the other part of the lesson.


I gave my ass up to others, so that they may feel pleasure. The fact I was sharing myself to them, bringing them fucking ecstasy, that was what they got. But looking down at Dax, in a fuck daze, not a care in the world, I realized that’s what I got. I got to be so well fucked that I spent the next hour in heaven, just floating above the world.


It was also a gift.


Gray smiled and climbed up on the bed, “It’s not about shame and surrender, it’s about pleasure and excitement. It’s about the rapture we can give each other,” he pushed me back until I was sitting against the headboard. Gray moved Dax up, and maneuvered him on my lap. I grabbed he base of my cock and lined it up with his fucking sloppy hole. He slid down my length without any resistance. There was a slight moan but not much more.


Gray moved forward and I felt his cock push at Dax’s entrance.


“Let’s give him a real gift,” Gray said, and slowly forced his cock into Dax’s ass.


It was like a low growl from Dax as Gray tried to breech his hole. The more he pushed the louder it got until I felt the head pop in next to my cock and it became a wail.


“FUCCKK!” He roared, coming to life as his ass tried to clamp down on the new intruder.


“Relax,” Gray snapped, still moving into the jock.


“No..no..fuck it’s too much!” He whined as more and more of Gray’s cock blew open his hole. The pressure on my cock was insane, it was like my dick was in a velvet vice, and the more Gray crammed in there the hotter and tighter it got.


“Nonononono…” Gray panted, realized he didn’t have the strength to fight us. He stopped squirming and I felt him collapse onto my chest like a rag doll. 


Gray finally got his entire horse cock next to mine, and I could feel that baseball ass quiver around the two monsters in it. His muscles were shaking as Gray bottomed out and smiled at me over his shoulder.


Gray grabbed Dax’s limp head and pulled it back, “You wanna be our good girl?” He asked.


A slurred, “Imagoodgirrrrlll…” fell out of his mouth along with more drool.


Gray gave me a wink and pulled his cock back.


“Ooooohhh….” Dax moaned, as he felt ten inches of donkey dick slowly pull out of his ass.


When Gray reversed course Dax gasped and I felt his body shake as he felt his ass shake open. Gray pulled back again and then forward and Dax’s breath gave out for a moment as he felt his entire worldview being changed.


Gray slowly started fucking him and Dax pressed his sweaty head into my chest as he took both our dicks. At first he was just holding on, a passenger at best. But as Gray picked up pace you could see Dax start to engage more, his head came up, his hands moved to my shoulders to brace himself. 


I felt like my cock was going to explode with pleasure, the friction from Gray’s cock sliding up against mine was like nothing I’d ever felt before. The warmth and tightness of Dax’s ass was just amplifying everything as I wanted Dax transform in front of me.


He went from straight baseball jock to reluctant bottom to blown out hole to abused victim in the space of 20 minutes. But as Gray really started to pound into him he began to change again. He started to push back, his eyes closed in concentration and he slowly grunted, “Yes…yes…” with each stroke.


His cock was rock hard against my abs as he rode our two cocks harder and harder. He was no longer a passenger, he wasn’t a victim…as I watched Dax became a full on pig.


“Yes!” He finally snapped slamming himself back hard, “Fuck me! Oh shit FUCK MY ASS! HARDER…FUCKING HARDER…”


I could feel Gray bracing himself against Dax’s violent pushes to take as much cock as he could. After awhile Gray stopped and let Dax fuck himself silly.,


“Who’s a good girl?” I asked.


“Me..fucking me…oh fucking rape my cunt…fill me…oh fuck daddy…please…please…shit..I’m a slut..I’m a jock slut…”


“You our faggot?” Gray asked.




And just like that his cock erupted all over my chest. His ass closed over Gray’s and my cock, causing him to start to shoot as well. Gray’s yes got wide as he felt my cock start to shoot and within seconds, all three of us were cumming. Dax just shoved both of us deeper into him, his cock raining hot cum all over me as he let out another cry of joy.


“Fuck….” Gray moaned as he felt both of our cocks just unload into the same hole. Dx’s orgasm milked our cocks like the softest hands we ever felt. All three of us were a mass of sweating, cum covered jocks, moaning and shooting our loads…bond the three of us together. Dax belonged to me, I belonged to Gray…and Gray owned us both.


Gray finally collapsed onto Dax’s back as the baseball jock licked the steam of cum off my pecs.


I ran a hand through his sweat soaked hair, “Good boy.” I said.


He looked up with me, cum on his face, tongue dripping with his own load and just smiled…the smile of an owned and happy dog.


Hey guys, I run on caffeine and compliments. if you want to leave either my Venmo is @jack-parker-109 Buy a cup of coffe for an American who’s down on his luck? I’m just kidding, that’s from a cartoon. But tips are always welcome, but never needed.

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4 hours ago, Dubconforlife said:

It was easy to see it now, I barked loud because I was scared. I was aggressive to ward off stronger animals. I fronted like an alpha because at heart I was an omega. I had been scared to be found out, to be used, to be owned. I’d ran from it, built walls around it, fucked girls to try to distract from it. But in the end, I was a small, little boy who wanted someone to tell me what to do. And looking at Dax, I could tell he was right there with me.

I go through 3 years of therapy to figure this out for myself [never fucked girls though], and you distill it into one paragraph (ok, one chapter). JFC, Dubconforlife, you are beyond good....

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5 minutes ago, ejaculaTe said:

I go through 3 years of therapy to figure this out for myself [never fucked girls though], and you distill it into one paragraph (ok, one chapter). JFC, Dubconforlife, you are beyond good....

I got mad skills lol

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Archie finally understands fully what Gray's Dad tried to teach him.  Now, look out world.  Archie and Gray are on the loose.  

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The next few days as Gray and I laid out our plans, we realized we had completely different mindset about what was to go down. I had one idea, he had another. They were completely opposite, we couldn’t have disagreed more if we had tried. We went around and around about it until of all people, his dad stepped in.


We had different ideas of what had to be done about Cooper. Mine was, well mine came from a new understanding about my life and how I fit into the world. His came from a place of real rage and the was not going to back down. We got into arguments about it more than once, and it looked like there was literally no middle ground to be found…until of all people, his dad stepped in.


His dad had heard us arguing through the door and came in and talked to us. He spoke about the way he saw things and how they settled things at this Eden place. At first it didn’t make any sense…but as he explained, we both realized something.


We could both have our way if Cooper was the kind of person we knew he was.


And like that, we had a plan.


We explained to Dax that he needed to started feeding Cooper information that I was getting desperate again. Cooper needed to hear I was looking for a good fuck before I went to nationals and that Dax had already turned him down. Which meant sooner or later I was going to come to Cooper needing a fix.


Dax told us Cooper practically began to drool when he explained it to him.


Sure enough that day at lunch Cooper found me and herded me into a corner by myself, “What’s up bitch?”


I looked down, not making eye contact, “C’mon Coop…”


“You ready for nationals?” He asked, right up in my face.


I nodded.


“You sure? You don’t need…” his hand cupped the front of my jeans and he squeezed slightly, “Some help?”


I looked up at him and he just smiled.


“Come on man, let me help you out. I want you at your best.”


I hesitated and he added, “Come on baby, let daddy take care of you.”


I nodded and he got excited, “Awesome, you got a place in mind?”


“Coach is letting me use the gym after school, I got keys to lock up since I’m training for nationals.”


His eyebrows went up, “You wanna get fucked in the locker room?”


I nodded and he ate it up.


“Oh we can defiantly do that.”


“Swing by after six, the school is empty and the gym is all mine.”


He nudged me, “And you’re all mine.”


I nodded again, and he nodded, “Good girl.”


He walked off and I texted Gray it was on.








With that I put my phone away and walked over to the guys and sat down, I leaned over to Wyatt, “Hey man, can I talk to you for a second?”


“Sure man, what’s up?”


I started talking.



When six rolled around the gym was indeed empty. Everyone had gone home, the janitors had even locked up. It was just me and the entire locker room and gym to myself. I was in a pair of red workout shorts with no shirt, waiting for him to show up.


I didn’t have to wait long.


“Daddy’s home!” He said, walking in with a smile.


I was on one of the weight benches and nodded at him, “Hey man, thanks for coming.”


He winked at me, “You can thank me for cumming later.”


I forced myself not to roll my eyes.


“So why you clothed?”


“We should talk,” I said standing up.




I took a deep breath and summoned my courage.


“I wronged you man. I have been an asshole to you and the guys for…well forever. I treated you all like shit, I was arrogant, cocky and just a self centered asshole. You guys didn’t deserve that, and I know that now.”


He just stared at me, not sure where the fuck I as going with this.


“Um, ok. All of that is true, what’s your point?”


“The point is this, I did you wrong. I was a bad person and I want to make amends.”


He waited for me to get to it.


I went down to my knees and looked up at him, “I’m sorry Cooper…please…do whatever you want to me to make it right. I submit.”


His eyes got wide, as I knelt there, begging for forgiveness. Finally an evil smile crossed his face, “Well this is more like it.” He knelt down so we were eye level, “You ready to pay for what you’ve done?”


I swallowed hard and nodded.


He undid his jeans and I could see the bulge in his boxer briefs, “Show me how much you want to make it up to me.”


I fixed forward, mouthing his cock though the material. He was already hard, just one In a thousand clues I never out together before this. He moaned as he pushed my head into this crotch, I could feel him push forward, trying to suffocate me with his cock as I lavished his tool with my mouth.


“Finally Archie King on his knees…” he said as I licked up and down his hardness, “You know how long I’ve wanted you here, on your knees, begging…where you belong.”


“I do belong here,” I said instantly “I want to serve you Coop, completely.”


I could see the lust start to burn in his eyes as I talked.


“Please let me suck your cock Coop…please…” My hands were clasped together as I knelt in front of him.


He nodded and I pulled his briefs down, letting his cock free.


Again, it was a decent cock. He wasn’t in Grays league, he wasn’t even in mine, but it was a good, solid, fucking cock. It filled my mouth well and I know for a fact it could hit my spot with authority. The problem was, as Gray put it, no matter how good his cock was, it would always be less than mine.


In fact, no matter what Cooper did, he was always going to be less than me, a fact he, not once, ever got over.


So seeing my on hands and knees, sucking his cock like a good slut, was indeed every one of his personal fancies made flesh. Both of his hands grasped the back of my head and pushed me down on his shaft, I could feel his cockhead hit the back of my throat and I automatically moved my head to accommodate it. I had learned to deep throat on Gray, and if I could take that fucking beast, this dick wasn’t even going to make me gag. 


But it made him feel good.


“Yeah, take that whole cock you fucking slut,” he growled, slamming his hips forward, “Fucking jock faggot…everyone thinks you’re the fucking shit, always talks about you. But look at you now…fucking servicing your better as you should.”


I moaned around his cock, and he let go of my head to let me talk.


“I live to service you Cooper, I’m yours, all yours, please let me make amends.”


I could tell this was even more than he had imagined but the way he just started at me like this was a dream or something. When he didn’t say anything I added a desperate, “Please?”


And it broke him out of it.


“We haven’t even gotten started yet,” he sneered, “Get those fucking shorts off and lay down on the weight bench.”


I got up and slipped my shorts off over my sneakers. My cock was rock hard from serving him. It had taken this long for me to accept it but it was a truth I was coming to terms with. I loved being used. I got off on being a fucking slut and I was done hiding from it. I laid back on the weight bench as he pulled his jeans off and threw his shirt across the room.


“Oh look at that pussy,” he said moving between my spread legs, “Fucking prime jock pussy waiting for a real cock.”


I handed him the bottle of Eden lube, “Please…you’re too big to go raw.”


It was half true, he wasn’t so big I wouldn’t adjust, but I really wanted my spot to be numbed, I wanted to be here for this fuck. I needed to be here. You see, I had wronged Cooper along with the guys, I had been a cocky fuck and a horrible friend, and Gray’s dad had explained that at Eden, when you did someone wrong, a friend, a comrade, anyone who counted on you, when you sinned against them there was only one way to make it right in the eyes of God.


Submit to them.


So here I was, on my back, submitting to him for all I had done.


He applied the lube over his cock and then shoved three fingers into me with it, I winced at the breech but within seconds I could feel the pain go numb and knew it was working.


“That better baby? Your cunt all wet now?”


I nodded, “Please Cooper…use me.”


“Don’t have to tell me twice,” he said shoving his cock into me with one thrust.


The lube did it’s trick, the bottom half of his cock I couldn’t even feel as it smashed into me, the top half though I could feel pretty well. The pain was sharp but only for a moment, the lube took hold and even that started to fade as he held his cock deep in me.


“You feel that? That’s your man’s cock.”


“Fuck me Cooper…do whatever you want to make this right.”


His smile was pure malice, “Oh don’t worry baby, I plan on doing just that.”


He slid his cock all the way out maybe an inch and a half still in me and then just assaulted my ass with his entire length, though I couldn’t feel the pain, I could feel him filling my jock hole and I could feel my own cock throb from that thought. This was the part I had been hiding from, the part that had kept me miserable. It wasn’t just my spot that turned me on, the sensation of getting fucked made my body shake, yes, but there had been more to it than that. Much more.


Deep down I wanted to be used, always had. I wanted to be just fucking plowed my entire life, but was terrified about what that meant about me. I was too cocky, too arrogant to allow myself to like it. But here and now because of Gray, because of his dad, I got it. I not only understood it, I loved it. I wanted to be fucked like a whore, I needed to be treated like a hole. That was what turned me on the most, not my spot.


But the fact I was serving someone.


I threw my head back as I felt him start to fuck me hard, his cock moving the entire length of my ass in one motion, the look of pure bliss on his face as he hit me again and again was incredible. He had wanted to be over me since we had met, always wanted to be the top dawg, not just in name, but in everything. He had always wanted me on my back, submitting to him, admitting he was the better man. 


He wasn’t, but I had wronged him, which meant right now, he was.


The longer it went on the harder he fucked me. The harder he fucked me, the more degraded I felt. The more degraded I felt…the more turned on I was. 


“Fuck me Coop…fucking own my cunt…come on…take my ass…” I moaned, my hard cock slapping against my eight pac. “It’s yours…all yours…”


My words were driving him nuts as he grabbed both my ankles and spread my legs wider. He had them pulled apart like a wishbone as he drilled his cock into me my pussy, making me moan with each impact. I wanted to push back, I wanted to shove him deeper into me but I had no leverage. I was on my back, helpless, powerless, and it was fucking making me so fucking hot.


I gripped the bench behind me head, flexing my biceps as he fucked me. His face was hungry as he looked down at my muscled body, sweat covered, perfect form, perfect cut, years of blood, sweat and tears, all of it…for him to fucking use. I made sure I clenched my abs, showing off for my man, letting him see the trophy whore I really was.


“You wanna be my cunt Archie?” He asked, his lust starting to overtake him, “You wanna be my fucking jock cunt? Just follow behind me, waiting for me to fuck you? My own pocket pussy, always there, always ready.”


“Oh fuck yeah Coop,” I whined, “All yours…crawl behind you, sleep on your floor…nudge my nose against your hard cock…begging to get fucked…pleading…”


His thrusts got harder, he was not ready for me to play along so hard.


“This what you always wanted wasn’t it? On your back, getting fucked by me? You dream of this? You jerk off to this?”


“All the time…I would stroke my cock, thinking of you over me…raping my pussy…owning my cunt…always you Cooper…all you…”


He grunted in appreciation, because I think he was getting losing the ability to speak he was so turned on.


“Please own me Coop…please…fuck me into submission, make me your whore…harder…harder….oh please daddy….”


The daddy was it.


He groaned and let go of my legs and leaned forward, shoving his cock as far into me as he could.


“Yeah you my dirty fucking girl?” He asked, head face over mine.


“All yours daddy…I’ll be your good girl…please…fuck your girl…”


One hand went to my throat and I could see the madness in his eyes, he was losing it. This was so much more than he thought he would ever get, and as he got it he was surprised as anyone to realize he wanted even more. 


“Fuck you into a coma,” he roared, the sound of his hips slapping my ass filling the gym, “Fucking keep you chained to my bed…so you couldn’t give it up to anyone else. Own you…fucking feed you, groom you like a fucking fuck dog. You wanna be my fuck dog Archie?”


“Your dog Cooper…your mutt…”


His thrusts were erotic now, “Bark for me bitch, bark for your master’s cock…”


I let out a howl, no shame, no ego, just a pleading howl for all the cock I could get.


He saw me submit and that was it.


His cock exploded in me, cum flooding my guts as he grabbed my waist and pulled me down onto his hardness. He kept thrusting into me as he came, make sure every single one of his jock babies were poured into my pussy. He was trying to get me pregnant and he didn’t want to waste one drop of his cum.


When I felt him cum in me my own cock let go. My head flew back as I screamed fuck and felt the hot rain of my own cum fall over my perfect body. I could feel drops hit my face and I desperately used my tongue to catch as much as possible. I wasn’t human in this moment, I was a fucking cum whore and didn’t care who knew it. I needed as much cum as I could get, in my ass, in my mouth, all over me…moremoremoremore…


He finally collapsed on top of me, cock still in my ass.


I put my arms around his shoulders as we both laid there, panting like we’d ran a marathon.


“Thank you Cooper…thank you for letting me serve…” I said breathlessly. “Thank you for making it right.”


He laid there for a moment and then sat up, his softening cock slipping free of my hole.


“Right? Oh that doesn’t make it right, that isn’t even close.”


I just closed my eyes, hating that Gray had been so right.


“You are always going to serve me bitch. I call you cum, that’s how the rest of your life is going to go. Unless you want the world to find out how you got fucked at State.


Sighing I looked up, “I gave you what you wanted Cooper, I submitted, I apologized, why can’t you just let it go?”


“Because I don’t want to!” He said scowling at me, “This is your life now Archie, so get used to it. You’re my cunt, now and forever.”


“I would have submitted to you whenever you asked Cooper, you don’t need to threaten me.”


He laughed and stood up, “Yeah but this is funnier. I’m shocked King, I really didn’t think you’d get over what I ‘d done to you so quickly.”


“I realized you were right, I deserved it,” I said sitting up, “So I got over it.”


The smile on his face told me everything I needed to now. I had been wrong about him, completely wrong.


“I got over it, but my boyfriend didn’t.” I added.


He cocked his head for a moment, “What boyfrie…”


Grays hand slapped itself over his nose and mouth, covering it with a popper soaked rag. I could hear him scream a few times as he tried to struggle, but all that did was make him breathe in more…


And then it was over.


Gray lowered his unconscious form to he ground.


“Did you just call me your boyfriend?” Gray asked me with a huge smile on his face.


“If you’ll have me.”


He tossed the rag away and sat down joint he bench across from me, “Consider yourself had.”


The smile on my face could have lit a stadium as he kissed me.


We sat there, making out for a few minutes when we heard the gym door open.


We looked up and saw Wyatt and Tony walk in, “We early?”


I shook my head, “Nope,” looking down at Cooper, “Right on time boys.”


Hey guys, I run on caffeine and compliments. if you want to leave either my Venmo is @jack-parker-109 Buy a cup of coffe for an American who’s down on his luck? I’m just kidding, that’s from a cartoon. But tips are always welcome, but never needed

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