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Teasing Grindr Top Leads to Forced play

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Part 3:

Brrrrup. The sound of grindr notifications were echoing through my mind, as the sound of a person disrobing came from behind me. I couldn't see the person, as my head was locked and forced me to look forward at the screen that my captors were using to broadcast my future. I couldn't control what was going to happen to me, but I could see what was being planned and what was happening to me. It was an out of body experience in the best way. I was so turned on. 

I love seeing Grindr messages and emails and communications from others that were short, sweet, and dripping in sexual energy. My high mind and used hole were twitching with anticipation. The image of me in black & white on the right hand side showed a top down image that was cropped to show my ass, my lower and upper back, and all the way up to my face. The screen showed a bit of empty space in front my face and behind my ass, but not for long. I could hear the other person in the room approaching me and from the screen I could see the hard dick appear first. It was rock hard, pointing upwards towards the ceiling. Meanwhile, on the other side of the screen I could see the messages and notifications coming, with my captors responding. The message that was currently on the screen read, "Yeh. Someone is fucking him right now, just arrived. You can join if you want, or you can have him after?" The other person replied back, "On my way". I was too high to know where to focus. Do I stare at the screen, the video footage of me getting used, or do I close my eyes and focus on the sensations? Was I scared? Did I agree to this? Did that matter? I couldn't really ponder these questions, but as I failed to take the thinking much further, I felt the cock enter my hole. As he did, the top groaned just as he bottomed out. 

I couldn't stop watching myself being fucked. There was a bush sprouting up around my ass cheeks where the tops cock met his body. He was fully impaled in me and it was amazing to look at. I would know it was me and then forget, then I would realize again, and these realizations came in waves just like the feeling of the drugs. The top pulled out and plunged back in and started up a rhythm. I started huffing on the poppers.

It had been a few moments since I had taken any poppers, too lost in thought about my previous fuck-escapades. The high of the drugs and the poppers met with a furious warmth and my brain lost as much control as my body had already experienced. I was so happy to be used. The top didn't say anything else except for his first few words when he entered and the initial groan. I just started at the video image of him pumping me deep and fast. He leaned forward over my body and the image was slightly obscured as he reached his arm around the front of me and pulled me back by the neck. The room was still dark, even with the screen portraying the messages and live footage. I could barely make out the shape and size of his arm as he pulled it around me, tightening on my neck. I heard the door open again and suddenly the screen shut off and the light in the room was gone. The top inside me kept plowing with an intensity that would have broken me if I wasn't high. The light in the room switched and suddenly everything took on a deep red glow like I was in a seedy darkroom at a bathhouse. My captors knew what they were doing. 

The top inside me kept plowing me as I heard the sounds of someone or some others enter the room. The top inside of me released my neck and let me fall down again a bit. My whole body was moving with his thrusts and my dick and balls were being slammed against the furniture I was strapped over. I was getting used to the rhythm and had my eyes staring aimlessly at the ground. I didnt want to look up, I barely could look anywhere anyway. I saw two pairs of bare feet lit up by the dark red light appear in front of me. I felt a dick swat my cheek followed by a command. "Suck me".

I felt the dick on my face slide down my cheek and across my mouth. It came from the right. The pair of feet in front of me approached closer as well and I felt a second dick on my face from the other side. I opened my mouth and took in the dick from the right. The man inside me growled. 

Now I was being spit roasted with a dick on the side, my whole purpose to be in service of others. I was high, out of control, not knowing what day it was, who I was being used by, and what the rest of this day had in store for me. The dick in my mouth pulled out and was replaced by the dick to the left. This was a smaller uncut dick, with a dripping wet head. My mouth was smeared with precum. Again, another command was issued from my right. "Suck him. Get him ready for your ass fag". The top on the right moved away out of my limited sight, towards the back. I felt him trail my body with his hand as he moved towards my ass. The top inside me moved from being mostly on top of me to standing and plowing me in an upright position. His breath and movements became more intense, less rhythmic and more lost in my body. He made a few guttural noises and I felt a deep and hard slap on my ass as he bottomed out and spasmed. He held his jerking dick inside me while I had the smaller wet uncut dick in my mouth and another dick next to my body, waiting to use my hole next. The top inside groaned, "fuck" as he pulled out of me. I felt my asshole stay open, as if to invite the next top in. It didn't take long. I heard the sounds of shuffling and the dick that was in my mouth moments ago was now at the edge of my hole. I heard soft sounds of clothing being put on as this next dick was shoved in. 

The scene played itself out exactly as you could imagine. The top in my ass was loving my used and wet hole. The dick in my mouth was building up energy and intention for when it was the owner's turn to use my ass. The drugs kept me as high as ever. The two men who were left didn't talk, barely interacted, just the odd "fuck yeah" and grunt of encouragement to each other. 

The top inside me didnt last long. He pulled out and jerked his cockat the edge of my hole, cumming on my ass and then shoved it back in. "Yeh, take it bitch. Fuck". He plowed a few more times, milking his cock in my hole, and pulled out. The owner of the cock in my mouth paused, pulled out half way before saying, "you ready? Im not pulling out all like he did and Im gonna cum quick". I could feel cum leaking down my ass cheeks and cross my balls. 

I was mounted again quickly by this third top. His dick was already wet, engorged, and ready to use my hole from having some prep time from my mouth. As he fucked me I couldnt hear the other guy and I assumed the guy before him had already left. I felt ravenous. The top inside me didn't last long, a few minutes at most. As he built up to his climax he put his fingers in my mouth and pulled my head back. His fingers tasted awful, like they were covered in something acidic and metallic, but the flavour was soon replaced by warmth in my ass and in mouth. He was giving me more drugs while he was seeding my ass. 

He didn't linger in my asshole. A few shudders and gasps and he pulled out of my gaping hole. I heard him mutter a few words, then silence for a few moments, followed by the sound of a door opening and closing. 

I waited for something else to happen, some indication that I was going to be used again, but nothing. I waited in silence for a few moments. I was so horny that I couldn't stop grinding my dick into the furniture. By now everything under my hips was soaked with lube and cum. I was a wreck. 

I was fuzzy and had trouble focusing. The light in the room changed again as the screen came back on with black screen and white letters spelling out, "You get a break now. Enjoy it, because more men are on their way. Soon you will have some decisions to make. Till then, enjoy the show. Our subscribers surely will". 

The video changed again and I could see the footage again, except this time there were three different screens. There was the top down image from before, but also there was a wider shot showing more of the room, and a shot from what looked to be right from the screen in front of me highlighting my face and shoulders. I watched myself take a hit of poppers as a man approached me from behind. I realized, I was watching the scene from a few minutes ago. I was going to relive it. I took a hit of poppers and decided I would take this opportunity to enjoy it. 

At the bottom of the screen I saw messages coming in. 

"Fuck, this video is hot. He is going to get used." 

"What a fag"

"Best videos on the web"

I was being streamed. The people who had invited me over and put me in this position, were not just whoring me out, they were filming it and making money off of some sort of live stream. 

I took another hit of poppers. I guess I might as well enjoy the show before I become the show once again. 

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On 4/29/2021 at 7:49 AM, pigdad867 said:

Love to trade places with him. Totally submitted and being used. Only a hole to be used for a man's pleasure. 

Whether blindfolded and exposed in a sling or boycunt spread open against a gloryhole, good faggot know if they'd been commanded by their top master to learn how to surrender completely, they just do it- especially if their master's invited top guests to offer the faggot's mouth and raw boycunt for use. 

I dream about being owned by a nasty and sadistic top master who's gonna really enjoy blindfolding me, leaving me only wearing a jockstrap,  boycunt totally exposed and lubed, and I know he's aimed a camera underneath my raw boycunt.... I just get forcibly whored out to anonymous random cocks that I can hear coming over, unzip, before the next cock is filling my mouth or raw boycunt...  t

After enough strangers have cum filled my raw boycunt, I should find myself impaled on a top cock, and it belongs either to my master or a top buddy he's invited. I get told that as long as I keep milking the top's dick, I can watch the video showing my raw boycunt being anonymously wrecked... I know sooner or later, I'll be begging for the chances to service anonymous top men again...

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