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Where are the Brazilians who really enjoy this lifestyle?

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Hey, my fellow Brazilian [banned word]. I'm kinda young and have little time of experience among these heavier fetishes. So I'd like to know if you actually like to create fictional stories for our forums in our delicious Brazilian way and would like to organize ourselves in some kind of obviously untraceable and secure community - just for the sake of hornyness - in order to exchange information with each other for us when we travel to different places which might seem difficult to find people like us in sexual freedom and willingness. That yould be my suggestion, nothing of the illegal sort would be accepted by obvious reasons, but it would be nice to know where to find the real putos and schemes to have a good fuck when we travel throughout the country. 

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    • By Hungtop4barehole
      I met Jessica at the bar, I could tell she was a little shy and lacked confidence, but she had splendid features and a smoking body. I started hitting on her, her friends told her to stay away from me but once I got her attention, she had little choice. I soon had her coming over to my place and it did not take me long to get her into bed and to take her virginity. Over the course of the next few weeks, I would fuck her daily and then send her home.
      This was all part of her training, slut training. I only used her after work and after I came inside her I would send her home. I had plans for her this Friday and asked her to go on a date. She quickly said yes, and Friday she came over and let me breed her and then she went home to get ready for our date. I told her to come back at 9 PM and just before at 8:55 she arrived. She was all dressed up and when she entered, I told her I had a surprise for her and have her a lace teddy. I had her strip and put it on and then blindfolded her and lead her to the bedroom leaving her pretty dress on the floor.
      When we got to the bedroom, I helped her on the bed and positioned her on the bed with her legs open and she was leaning back where I could hold her and whisper in her ear. I played with her breast and told her how beautiful she was. On time the tall white guy I found online came over and let himself in and he walked into the bedroom in sweatpants and a t-shirt, and I could tell from his expression he was pleased. She noticed we were not alone but before she could say anything I turned her head and kissed her while the tall guy who had pulled his shirt off climbed up on the bed and pulled her panties aside and began to eat her little cunt.
      She tensed up but soon came which made her relax. I could tell she was uncomfortable, yet she wanted to please me. He continued to eat her out and then he pulled up and got off the bed and undressed and out spang his thick 9-inch dick. The guy was average looking but once he was undressed, he revealed a tight body and a huge dick. I whispered in Jessica’s hear and told her that my friend is going to fuck you now. I am going to leave you two alone. Show him what a hot fuck you are, she started to speak but I kissed her and motioned for the tall guy to come over and I brough her head over to his dick and guided it into her mouth and waiting till she started sucking that big dick.
      I watched at the door while she sucked his dick, and he began to moan and then he pulled out of her mouth and brough her up and he leaned down and kissed her. He made out with her while he slipped her out of her teddy and then he began to finger bang her and she came again. I left at this point and went into the other room an watched the video camera I had set up. He soon had her on her back, and he was fucking her while he made out with her, and I could her moaning and even screaming some. I know it must have felt great and hurt all at the same time and after twenty minutes he came inside her and then got up and he dressed and left.
      I went in and held her a few minutes and then told her she should go home and come back tomorrow like normal. I could tell she wanted to say something, but she dressed and left like a good little slut she was becoming. She arrived on Saturday at 3 PM her usual time and I kissed her at the door and told her to undress. She did and I blindfolded her and led her to the bedroom where the tall guy and another guy I got off the internet were there. The second guy was 5’11 180, muscled with dark hair and a fat 8” dick.
      The tall guy jumped right in and began to kiss her, and I lifted her leg and put it on the bed giving the dark-haired guy room to slide in and eat her pussy. I left the room and watch again while they began to use her. They soon helped her on the bed and I hard her come while she was sucking the tall guy’s dick and the dark shorter one was eating and fingering her. He then pressed he fat dick at her wet pussy and began to fuck her and ten minutes later he shot his first load inside her. He pulled out and tall go in and fucked her for another fifteen minutes and shot his load inside her. They both ended up shooting two loads in her and then they both left.  I left her in the room by herself to see what she would do, and she just rubbed her clit and soon came.  I came in and told her it was time to go, and she pulled the blindfold off and I kissed her goodbye before she left. I text her an address on the way home and told her to meet me her tomorrow at 3. She said she would and that she loved me, and I told her I loved her too. Now be a good girl for me tomorrow.
      She arrived right on time; I text here to come to the door. She rang the door, and the tall guy answered the door. This was the first time seeing him, she had been blindfolded every other time. He asked her in and then handed her a note. I had given him an envelope for Jessica. Babe, I am tied up, it said. Taylor here is your date for tonight. He had plans for you! Be a good girl for me. The tall guy leaned down and kissed her and began to undress her. He led her to the bedroom and pushed her to her knees and had her suck his big dick. He let me set up a webcam so I could watch as he started to fuck her throat and she would gag and try to swallow him as he called her a dirty little whore.
      He used her mouth like this for twenty minutes while she gagged and slobbered all over his huge dick. The then pulled out and put her on the bed and ate her out for a few minutes till she came and then he began to fuck her. He fucked her for twenty minutes and then shot his gigantic load inside her. He pulled out and told her to stay just like that, her legs spread eagle on the bed. She looked so hot like that, then he got out his phone and began to text a few guys. The first to arrive was a young guy who lived down the street. He got there in four minutes and walked right into the bedroom after letting himself in. He was a tall skinny guy, blond and attractive and he quickly undressed, and I am sure his dick had to be 10 inches but on his thin body it looked like 12 inches.
      He ate her cummy hole and then got up and slide his huge cock inside her and fucked her for nine minutes and shot inside her. He looked at the host and said thank you, Brandon the tall guy told him to go grab something to drink and as he left the room the door opened and in came an older good looking Latin guy. He came in and undressed and jacked his uncut thick 7.5-inch dick and then got on the bed and rubbed it on her clit and began to fuck Jessica and fifteen minutes later he shot his load inside her. He called her a couple names in Spanish and got dressed and left. I could see that Jessica was starting to feel bad about being used like this and I text Bandon to get back in the bedroom and help her be a good little slut.
      Brandon went back in, and Jessica had covered her pussy and tits with a pillow and had started to cry. Brandon got on the bed, held her, and told her how beautiful she was and that she should not cover herself up. He grabbed the pillow and leaned in and kissed her as he placed his hand on her body feeling her all over. She began to moan, and he pinched her nipple. He played with her for another ten minutes and told her how much he liked her and wanted her to be his. She told him she liked him too. He then began to rub her clit and finger her and she soon came again.
      The next guy had arrived, and the young stud showed him to the room and they both entered. The hung young guys was in shorts and the muscled red head pulled his clothes off and his dick was 7 inches soft and grew to 9.5 and thick. He went over to Jessica and fed her his cock and she grabbed it started to suck him once Brandon encouraged her. Red was rough and fucked her mouth. Brandon started to leave but stayed to keep her compliant. Brandon told her what a good girl she was and hot she looked sucking that big dick as the hot young guy ate her pussy and Jessica soon came hard. After she came the young man fucked her again and shot in ten minutes hearing Jessica gag and choke and Red telling her she was a whore that needed training. After he shot, he got up and left and Brandon followed and left Red alone with Jessica. Once the guys were out of the room, Red pulled Jessica off his dick and choked her and told her she better learn how to suck dick and quick. He let go of her throat and she gasped for air. He then grabbed her and positioned her head off the bed and told her to open her fucking mouth.
      He proceeded to slide his dick in and fuck her throat and she gagged and chocked for the next ten minutes and finally Red was able to long dick her down her throat and he fucked her throat for another two minutes and then let her up for air. He then pushed her head back down and fucked her throat for another five minutes and again she gasp for air. He turned her around and spread her legs and shoved his big dick inside her and piston fucked her hard and she screamed and came while he was destroying her cunt and twenty minutes later, he came inside her.
      He grabbed her again and fucked her throat and made her clean off his cummy dick as he fingered her cunt with four fingers and then he fucked her one last time and shot another load inside her. Once he finished, he got dressed and told her she was one of the worst whores he had ever fucked but with his help she would improve. You will have another lesson soon and he turned and walked out of the room. Brandon saw both the young guy and Red out and then went in to check on Jessica. She seemed to be in shock, Brandon on the bed and held her and told her what a good girl she was and how amazing she was, and she cried and feel asleep in his arms.
      Hours later she awoke to Brandon fucking her nice and slow and making her feel amazing yet sore from that brutal fuck from Red. He came inside her and then he told her it was time to go. Brandon made a show of kissing her and telling her she was so beautiful in front of the cam before letting her out the front door. I text Jessica and tell her she was making Brandon fall hard. She sent a smile back and asked when she could see me. I told her I would be back in a few days and to go to Brandon’s every day till I am back. She text back a sad face and I text her that I loved her, and she should be a good girl for Brandon. 
    • By CmDump
      Young 24 BTTM CumDump here, I’m based in East Croydon (next to station). 

      Any TOPS looking for a ass and hole to use, breed and fill?  No loads Refused!
      I’m free after 17:00. My door unlocked, walk in, find me ready and waiting on bed! Do anything you want! No Limits! 
      Leave me used and filled deep, dripping full of Cum! 

    • By CuriousCub89
      My first visit to Paris, I went to visit my cousin who was living there temporarily. My friend being a girl, we had few moments to actually check out the gay scene etc.
      On the Sunday I was there, my friend had to work early the next day and she convinced me to just go out by myself and see what Paris night life was like. 
      Super nervous, but very excited I set out on my own. Never having been to Paris (or Europe) I didn’t know the concept/frequency of dark rooms in bar/clubs. 
      I enter this one bar playing top 40s music upstairs, nice mixed crowd and they had a basement area as well. Curious - I went downstairs. 
      Similar music playing but much darker lighting and more intimate dancing. I definitely enjoyed the dark ambiance more than upstairs so I decide to get a drink.
      I’m standing in line, most likely sticking out like a sore thumb when this taller Latino guy comes up to me and starts talking to me in French. I don’t speak French so I just politely smile and ask English? He doesn’t speak English. Then he asks for Spanish and I used my few Spanish skills to communicate.
      In the conversation he asks when I arrived and what bars I had visited etc and as soon as he learned that it was my first bar, my first night out alone, For being very basic conversation - the sexual energy was very charged up very quickly. 
      During talking he puts his arms around my waist and casually his hand slides under my waist line and he feels for my underwear. Once he pulls on the strap of the jockstrap I’m wearing I see an even bigger charge in his sexual energy. 
      He immediately grabs my hand, leading me out of the line we were waiting to get a drink and towards a door in the corner of the basement. 
      I’ve noticed a few people strolling in and out of that door but without a sign saying what it was I assumed it was a bathroom. 
      He pulls me into that room and it’s pitch black. A little bit of light streaming in from the bar area but gave very little options to see more than feet shuffling. 
      As far as I could tell the room was empty but didn’t have much time to look around since as soon as we get into the room and starts making out with me very intensely. 
      This is not who I am - hooking up with a stranger, even just making out, is not typical behavior but must’ve been because I was in town a few days with no male exposure or just the situation but I immediately kiss him back with the same amount of energy. 
      He’s touching me all over, pulling up my shirt, hands everywhere, as he grabs my ass and pulls me flush against his body I feel his rock hard Dick pressing against my stomach. 
      Again this had been not even 5-6 minutes of me arriving to the bar but it was so hot I didn’t even think twice. I drop down and take his Dick out and into my mouth in one swift move. 
      I can taste a lot of precum and as soon as my mouth is on him he moans very loud and starts speaking French. I don’t know what he’s saying but the moans in between sentences is pure ecstasy and I lose myself in the moment just pleasing him.
      After a few minutes, he pulls me up and starts making out with me again super hard. Never had a guy makeout with me immediately after giving him head so it was a turn on that he seemed to want to taste himself in my mouth. Super hot kissing. 
      He pulls my pants down and finally has access to grab my ass fully since I only have a jock on covering only the front. As soon as his fingers touch my hole, he whisper “so warm” and then turns me around, a little roughly, and bends down to start eating my ass. 
      Now when I tell you this guy was a pro, you just have got to imagine the most expert tongue driving me wild. I was pushing back onto his face it felt so good.
      He stands up and immediately I feel his Dick press against my hole. Thankfully when this started, another guy walked into the back room to cruise a bit and that snapped me out of my horny bubble and I had the foresight to ask him to put on a condom. 
      I hear the frustration in his tone as he says he doesn’t have one and just wants to feel inside me for a few seconds. As much as I wanted it, I told him I had a condom in my pants and got it out. 
      He told me to put it on him myself and then get it wet again, I pull out the cheap free-bar condoms and roll it onto him but it’s super super tight on his rock hard Dick. 
      After it’s on, I start sucking him again to get the cheap condom nice and wet and after a few minutes he stands me back up and starts poking at my hole again.
      I’m so horny still and his Dick filling me up felt so good. He went slow, knowing his Dick was huge and the only lube being used was spit. After a few minutes of opening me up he bends down again to start licking my ass. 
      Again this guy is an expert and immediately takes me to that super horny point again and I’m pushing back against his face. 
      He gets up, repositions himself and then enters me again and this time he slides right in all the way balls deep and I am in heaven. 
      He grunts very loud and starts fucking me deeply, pulling all the way out and all the at back in. I am moaning very loud.
      I completely forgot about the other guy who walked in who I thought was just standing in the corner but turns out a 4th guy was there the whole time and they had started to mess around in the next corner. 
      The new guy then asks me to suck him but I don’t feel comfortable but the guy topping me moves in their direction while still in me so I’m being fucked but now facing these two strangers.
      In the heat of the moment I decide, what the hell, and starts jerking the two guys so I have no hands to keep stable but my top had yet to miss a beat from the deep pounding.
      One guy asks me if it’s okay to take a photo of my ass getting fucked with no face in the shot and I’m barely paying attention and just say yeah whatever. 
      He takes the pic, a super bright flash in the dark area but after he takes the pic and I’m now more blind then just the darkness. He looks at the pic and then tells my top, “fuck yeah breed that ass raw”. 
      It wasn’t until I heard him say that, that I realized the difference of feeling from when we first started to when he really started fucking me and I reach back and feel his cock and confirm he’s been in me raw for probably a while.
      I pause to move away and he firmly grasps my arms in place and says something in French in my ear. Again I don’t understand so I ask in Spanish and he says, “you know you like this and it’s too late now”. He’s right, it’s been at least 10 minutes of him fully raw deep in my second hole so the real deviant comes out of my and I start pushing back onto his Dick in a fervor.
      Finally having the mutual understanding of what’s happening the sexual tension turns up to the highest level it’s been. 
      Completely forgetting about the other guys, we starting slamming into each other and I’m moaning so very loud. Thankful that the bar music was equally loud.
      He moaning fast and harsh mixed with French words into my ear and biting my neck. I feel that I’m right at the edge of cumming so I start jerking myself and tell him I’m going to cum and he says, “me first” and pushes himself, balls deep in me and I feel the pulsing of his Dick and the shooting of hot thick liquid deep in me.
      Fully sent over the edge I also cum all over my pants and shoes which I’m still wearing while he’s deep inside me. 
      The top did not stop fucking me even after he came and I could just feel how wet and cummy my ass was. He kisses me one last time before pulling up his pants and walking right out of the backroom. 
      The two guys still in there are telling me how hot it was to watch and ask to top me. This time I stood firmly in my condom stance and they both wore one and I took turns sitting on their laps back and forth while they made out and eventually made both of them cum. 
      Walked out of the bar feeling used but so so satisfied. 
      That was my first time being stealthed. 
    • By Kylerd3
      In San Francisco and I'm looking to try partying with a group of guys.  Not sure where to look online for this, so I thought I'd start here.
    • By Negpigslut4u
      Hi, am a slutty CD sissy from Orlando Florida. Near universal studios. Am addicted to anal and Bareback sex.
      39 6'3ft 165lbs 
      I really would love a FWB or a Daddy/Boyfriend for regular daily breeding. Also musk and kink turns me on too.
      Poz Loads are welcome to, turn me into your sissy cum dumpster am ready for it.

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