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  1. Hi, I'm 183 / 79 / 30. Seeking for CF buddy. You can view my videos on Twitter @darkicarus69 @DarkIcarus69
  2. Hi guys, I'm in Singapore too. Drop me a PM if you want to meet up for kinky fun. 30 / 183 / 85 / Chinese / Btm
  3. **This story is inspired by real life experience. Let me know if you like it. I have a fuck buddy from another city. I will meet him whenever I am visiting there. One time, he asked if I smoke. I said no but I didn't mind he does it. He took out a bong, lit it up and took a few puff. It got me curious cos I have not seen that before. I asked if I can try and he said yes. I took a deep puff and cough, I had never tried anything like this before, immediately I feel relax yet energised and horny. My buddy pinched my nipples and I jumped and moaned. My nipples have never been so
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