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Vitamin E, Playlist 01

Some of you requested I make a few playlists of jams I like to beat out to. Deep, dark, industrial techno is one of my favorite genres of music, and brings out the decadence in your soul. Great for fucking! 1. Keep Calm (Edit) - ARTBAT & Dino Lenny 2. Ask Yourself (Knobs Remix) - PLASTIKMAN 3. Traversing the Asteroid Belt (Monoloc Remix) - Traversable Wormhole 4. The Fall of the Empire is Imminent - Pfirter 5. Fractales - Pfirter 6. BX 3 - Len Faki 7. Subze


120DaysofSodom in Music

Update as I take a break...and then the next night...

Dangling my wet cock as I type a few lines first. Friday night's menu was to fuck a few at bh, then we headed to a motel cumdump my man found on bbrt, and we've been prtying since last night with another cumdump afterwards, like now. We took turns and so far he's gotten just 1 from me. My man loves watching me fuck and breed anon butts lol. Motel ass I was already like 12th, but my man gave like 3 loads after two in front of us finished.  So this one is my 6th hole today...this dirty s

A Minor Epiphany at the Bookstore

Near Home—August, 2021 I came home from Chicago and holed up in my duplex.  It was the largest group I had mixed with in ages.  It was also the largest group of all vaccinated men I had mixed with ever.  I felt fine, but I kept to myself for twelve days to make sure.  So, of course, now that I was ready, the hook ups sites were dead.  I went to the bookstore nearest to me…   It’s slow, but it is a Friday afternoon.  I do no more than look into the empty straight theatre befor

ATM - Spring 2022

I've mentioned Rob a couple of times now.   He really is a first rate pig.   He is a versatile guy, but he really loves to receive ass play and we have progressed to fist play.  He is getting better all the time and taking more of my hand, fist and forearm.  He actually has 'assgasms' (as he calls them) and his entire hole clamps down when he cums, his ass gets juicier but his cock doesn't blow (although it does leak a lot of pre-cum while I play with his ass). He called last week and said


PG1961Canada in ATM

To Blow Or Not To Blow...

Last night I got an unexpected message from an acquaintance that I made a bit of a mistake with a while ago. On one summer night in 2015 we were messaging and perhaps we had both been having a bit too cozy an evening with a bottle of wine, so as I like to say I kind of slipped and fell in my apartment - and landed with my cock in his mouth 3 miles from there. It happens, right? Well, he sent me a message mentioning that it's now nearly 7 years since he blew me. Anyway, he ble


Today I was doing a little spring cleaning, digging into nooks and crannies to root out the winter cobwebs. This is an old house my papaw built in 1936 and it’s impossible to keep it dusted, so I don’t get dust mice - I get dust mammoths. As I was clearing off a bookshelf to wipe away the skunge, I came across a VHS cassette - that’s a video tape, for all you young’uns. It had no label on it and I hadn’t the first idea what was on it, or remembered putting it there. It had to have been year

My sensual desires and fantasy

Through out all my life since a very young teen when i started having sex, i have experienced much, from forced sex, rape, bondage, ass spanked and rough sex and even dressed with women clothing to pleasure my top. I can say as time goes on, ones desire only craves more and more deeper and more rough and cruel form of sex. I can only speak for myself as a gay male. i know most speak against such forms of forced and even rape, but having experienced it often in my youth. and looking back i can sa


mikeboi1 in my desires

A House Full of Horny Men

Chicago—August, 2021 Sometime in July, I received a text from my fuck buddy Zane to make sure I reserved a specific Saturday in the middle of August.  The young scent pig and his two roommates were throwing another house party—the first since lockdown.  I had loved the one I had attended in the past (related here) and promised to be there, once again offering my fuck bench and rimseat for use. On the day, I got to Chicago in good time.  We set up the bench in the basement where there w

chempiss, pipe, meth, piG, bondage, dildo

This happened in October 2016. I was getting nicely tweaked with a guy around 9 at night who I found on CL (remember when it was a wonderful site for piGs like us?), when we decided to advertise for a third. The guy had never seen anyone in bondage before, so the guy who joined us tied me to the bed, and flogged my T dick (but not very hard). This proved a little too much for our less experienced friend who bailed. After the new guy had let him out, he came back to finish his business,

Bookstore Highlights Three: The Free For All

Near Home—August, 2021 Because the last trip to the bookstore had proved to be worthwhile (and ball draining) I went back a few days later.  It was a Thursday evening, who knew it would be hot from the moment I walked into the gay theatre…?   A very large man is sitting in the cocksucker’s chair.  He smiles at me as I pass him and sit against the wall.  He is likely twice my weight.  His dark skin shines in the half light of the reflected video.  I take out my dick.  The porn is g

Bookstore Highlights Two: Not In Public

Near Home—August, 2020 Having fun with the Arab (not to mention not getting off) made me go back to the bookstore just two days later.  This time it was an evening…   It’s going to be a good night.  The moment I sit down in the straight theatre, a regular, standing against the back wall, recognizes me.  He comes over and kneels to suck my dick.  It’s great warm-up head.  Another man, who I don’t know, proffers me his dick to suck while the first man works on me.  This new guy give

One of my training sessions

Besides just fucking in wild scenarios, Master also directed me to get physically trained. Not just weight-lifting, which I did just before this session, but by machines. Not much details besides at the end I was gonna have to fuck. The main purpose of sensory training is so that I can tolerate the orgasms longer and thus cum more times/takes longer to cum each time. I was told to abstain a week for it too, so I was a little excited and scared. I was greeted by another daddy master upon arr

Bookstore Highlights One: The Arab

Near Home—August, 2021 I came home from my quick job in western Indiana right at the end of July.  I self quarantined for a week.   I even did a rapid and then a regular Covid test as the county I had been working in was a hotbed of anti-vaxxers.   All was well.  Thank you, Moderna. Once I was horny again, I found many of the men in my stable seemed to be away for the summer.  So I ended up going to the bookstore for three sessions.  Each trip had its own highlight.  Here is the first…

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - Vol II

Against my better judgment I broke down and hosted again in Louisville tonight. It wasn’t entirely on my own accord - I had received a text earlier in the week from a man up here who had fucked me last fall and wanted to know when I would be back because he wanted my ass again. In case you haven’t followed my posts, it’s my firm and genuine, honestly-held belief that it is my duty to surrender my body to any man’s use at his request, so this amounted to a summons. I ended ip paying nearly $


ErosWired in Hosting

"I Want You to Fuck Me"

Eastern Illinois—July, 2021 “I want you to fuck me.” The text got my attention.  This was a new direction for Dan, one of the trio of cocksuckers from the Illinois bookstore.  (It was just detailed in the entry:  A Trio of Cocksuckers.)  We had exchanged phone numbers that day and now, on the following day, we talked about how much fun we’d had, exchanged pictures—and then he stated that he had been thinking about nothing but my dick in his ass. I learned he was new to gay sex, ha


I don’t know why so many of my entries seem to center around numbers - I’m not a numbers kind of guy. Nevertheless: Ten. I’m getting bred by another man in ten minutes from now, ten minutes from this moment. That’s enough time to put my whole life into a weird perspective that leads up to me being a hollow vessel for another man’s lust. Ten. Ten toes that splay and curl with his penetrations; when he forces me to an anal orgasm In missionary I can see my own big toes draw und

Back to the Bathhouse: "You Will Want to Ride this Babymaker..."

Indianapolis—July, 2021 Another week, another day off.  I debated briefly what to do and where to go.  But I knew I wanted to spend some time outside in the courtyard of the bathhouse on this beautiful summer day.  And the sex would have to be better than last time, right?    I strip at my locker.  I go down to totally naked for a quick stop in the steam room.  With the key around my wrist, I pass the sauna and hear the steam running.  The big door closes behind me.  As I walk thr

Two Oddities

Here are two short entries.  Neither rate the total “Bad Sex” label that some posts have earned, but “Odd” will suffice.  Both happened during my stay in Indiana.  It’s good to remember that every hookup is not “A trip to the moon on gossamer wings….”   Indianapolis—July, 2021 After my fun oral bookstore outing I was stoked, on my next day off, to head to the local bathhouse.   I strip off at my locker.  As always here, I start in the steam room—it’s a great way to unwind aft

My Uncle Cliff Part 5

The glare of the midday sun temporarily blinded Uncle Cliff as he emerged from his cave rendezvous. He stopped briefly to allow himself time to adjust to its brightness, before surveying the shoreline for his nephew. As expected, he saw Trey was in the same spot as when he left him. But much to his surprise, he noticed that he was not alone; the two hunks they had seen on their way down the beach had joined him. Even more surprising, to the best he could tell with his compromised eyesight, was t

A Trio of Cocksuckers

Eastern Illinois—July, 2021   The next morning I went on to my new job in western Indiana—a contract that would take me through July.  I spent almost two weeks getting the preliminaries done—and finally had some time for sex.  I decided I wanted to go back to the bookstore over in eastern Illinois, where I had so much fun the last time I was in this area. Here is the description of the theatres I wrote on my first visit:  “I loved the layout.  Both theatres and a restroom were thr

Tina-fueled perversions pt. 2

I'm really Tweaking hard right now. I called in sick this morning and rented a room for the day at a sleazy motel, smoked like half a gram of meth while being slutty on Grindr. Then before I went home for the day I went to the adult theater to suck off the old men who gather there in the afternoon. Knowing how sick and depraved I was on my knees sucking one grandpa dick after another, somehow aroused me more than I thought possible.  Aside from my filth and faggotry, I also met a lot of int


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