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Fucking and Fisting Away the Cold

My Playroom—December, 2021 It had been a while since I’d seen Jake.  I always wait for him to contact me for he rarely can get away for a play date.  He had written about a week earlier that he would have some time coming up.  We’d agreed on a day and time—and then Michigan weather stepped in.  A huge cold air mass was sweeping through the Lower Peninsula causing lots of wind damage and power outages.  My place was fine, but I turned on the space heater as the basement playroom was very col


FelchingPisser in Fisting


One thing I’ll never forget. The very first time I drove to the place. I had it bookmarked, written on a paper, heck— I even printed a map of Oakland Park Blvd! Reminder to readers— there were no navigation apps at the time, and iPhone 1 was still a few years from being invented. So… I was driving up and down the boulevard, not being able to find 2536… I guess I drove one too many times because— honest to God, a cop stopped me right after crossing the railroad tracks going ea


Barebacked in Bathhouse

Giving His Ass to ‘The Hemmingway of Filth’

My Playroom—December, 2021   We met on Asspig.  Very early in our conversation he typed that he had found the blog.  He gushed about it.  I hope he won’t mind that I quote him here: “Dang, Dude !  You are a great writer. Nice pacing, tone of voice, your prose moves right along with no awkward moments or fat. You write with real efficiency and clarity. The Hemingway of Filth! I read for over an hour. It was almost hypnotic.” I was flattered.   We set a date.  We had


FelchingPisser in Fuck Buds

A Five Sex Pigs Rematch

Lansing—November, 2021 The couple who I last wrote about in ‘Five Sex Pigs and a Voyeur’ contacted me again at the end of November.  This time it would be just the couple, me and anyone I wanted to bring.  I took a long shot and asked Keshaw to make the long trek up here.  He jumped at the chance to play with them again.  By the time Keshawn had arrived at my house, I’d had a text from the hosts that their tatted friend from last time would be there, too.  It was now a Five Pig rematch


FelchingPisser in House Party

Jerk(er)s at the Bathhouse

Indianapolis—November, 2021 I went from staying the night with Keshawn, after the basement sex party, right to a short work gig in western Indiana.  I had one day off in my time there.  I spent it coming back to Indy and going to the bathhouse.   The naked man emerges from the swirl of steam.  He sits next to me—a hot, hairy daddy dripping from the heat.  My cock erects the rest of the way.  He looks down at it and his muscular arm and massive hand takes hold of it.  He jerks me t

Basement Sex Party, Part Two: “Eat Me Out Good…”

Indianapolis—November, 2021 (This post continues the saga of the Basement Sex Party.) Still later. I have Black Leather on his knees on the large table.  He doesn’t want to get fucked, but the idea of me eating out his hole has made him a very happy young man.  He huffs some poppers and reaches back to pull his generous right ass cheek to the side.  My tongue connects for the first time. “Oh, yeah!”  He’s one of those guys who babble with poppers.  “Eat me out good…” I l

Basement Sex Party, Part One: "You Can Always Tell Me to Stop…”

Indianapolis—November, 2021 Keshawn had been after me to attend a mostly monthly house party in Indy.  He loved it and was sure I would have a good time.  It worked perfectly for me to get down there at the top of November as I was about to do a short contract in that area. He told me to come to his house—and he would drive me to the group.  I could spend the night afterward at his place.  That sounded great. I arrived right on time.  He had left his door unlocked as he was still finis

Fisting Party on Halloween Night

North of Home—October, 2021 So the actual afternoon/evening of Halloween I spent at the Ginger Bear’s house.  Between us, we had organized a group of men to share some fist and some food.  My only contribution turned out to be Ross (he of the enormous rosebud).  The Ginger Bear invited four buddies who showed up.  All were over 50.  His friends are true bears.  Ross is built much like me, tall and slim. I got there in time to set up my fuck bench—which was never used.  Our host owns tw


FelchingPisser in Fisting

Halloween Party 3: "Fuck Those Loads Deeper"

Grand Rapids—October, 2021 (This picks up right after Halloween 2) On one of the couches is the short, Black, mostly straight young man I saw at the first all gender party.  He would fuck his girlfriend of the moment and allow the gay guys to suck his wet dick.  He looks at me, but is attracted by the sounds of a woman being fucked in the glory hole area.  He gets up and goes, nodding to me.  I follow.  My cock oozes.  I really want to suck his soon to be wet cock. The Glory Hole

Halloween Party 2: "I Want It On All Fours"

Grand Rapids—October, 2021 (This picks up right where we left off from the previous post…)   A white guy wearing nothing but an orange jock is standing there.  He has a thick beer can of a dick jutting out to the side of the pouch and his towel on his shoulder. “You want another cock?” I bark out. Osvaldo doesn’t even look to see who it is.  “Fuck me!” I pull out and Orange Jock slaps his cock on the Latino’s wet ass.  “Now this is gonna be fun…” I take my dick

Halloween Party: "You Want Another Cock?"

Grand Rapids—October, 2021 On the last Saturday of the month, the bathhouse was once again sponsoring an all gender party—this one with a Halloween theme.  My leather served as my costume.  I was glad of it, too, for it was a chilly evening.  The whole gathering had a much freer feeling than the earlier mixed gender party I had attended.  I still did not find the right combo of a bi couple to share, but I was very happy with the men who gave themselves to me…   I am upstairs.  Wat

Braydon's Cummy Ass

Near Home—October, 2021 It was inevitable that after meeting Braydon by chance at the bookstore, we would want to do it again.  (That meet was in The Reverse Felch, a few posts ago.)  We set the day and time during the last few days of October.  I drove in after lunch and was pleased to see a number of cars in the parking lot…   Braydon is already here.  He nods to me as I buy my ticket and follows me into the straight theatre.  I sit for a moment.  He hovers on the back wall.  Th

Five Sex Pigs and a Voyeur

Lansing—October, 2021 A few days later, I got an invite from the couple I usually see at the monthly orgy.  With that group currently on hold, they asked if I would be interested in a meeting at their house.  It would be the two of them, likely the friend they had lately been bringing to the orgy and anyone I wanted to invite.  I immediately thought of Keshawn— who I quickly learned was intrigued and available.  He drove to my house—and I drove us the rest of the way north.  We made sm

Moments at the Motel

Chicago—October, 2021 Jay, my host in Palm Springs, was going to be in Chicago during the third week of October.  He wondered if I wanted to come spend Friday and Saturday with him.  I said yes.  (As it turned out, I could only stay one night, as I had to return for an unscheduled meeting, as I am still working occasionally.)  Jay had also contacted a couple we both knew from the piss party hosted in town.  I had played with them a number of times there and during IML.  One was total top, o


FelchingPisser in Motel


I failed. The shame clings to me like a handful of Styrofoam peanuts after shuffling across a shag carpet. I failed the man who trained me, my duty, my determination, my identity. Three hours. The Top fucked me for three hours, interrupted only to tag-team with each of the other two Tops who came in while he worked. He had taken me before, the last time I was in Atlanta, back in 2021. Back then, he only fucked me for an hour and a half. But then he came back and did it again.

Using Davis' Hot Hole

My Playroom—October, 2021 Davis was back for another round in the playroom.  I loved how open he’d been to new experiences, so when he was ready to come up again, I cleared my schedule.  This time didn’t set any kind of new goal to achieve.  We just had some kinky fun…   It’s a long drive for Davis.  He has spent a fair amount of time in the shower to freshen up.  I have left a robe for him on the bathroom door knob.  I go back to the blog post I was working on when he arrived and

Fuck Buddy FINALLY Breeds Me!

I've known my fuck buddy James for years. We met at a party I had at my downtown apartment. We hit it off, and he ended up being the last one at the party. We were talking in the kitchen as it was the farthest room from the bedroom where my boyfriend had gone to sleep. James and I were both leaning against the counter when we reached the inevitable lull in the conversation. At the same time we both leaned in and started kissing. He's a short Hispanic dude, wiry but muscular frame, and you'd thin


JamieLong in BB

Sex Amid the Clutter

Detroit—October, 2021 We spoke on Asspig, the fisting site.  We talked about what we liked to do.  We seemed like a good match—he loved fisting and he had a sling.  He wanted my dick, too, not just my hand.  He asked if I would be ok with other men being there.  Of course.  I tend not to travel into Metro Detroit lately, but I made an exception and said yes.  Of course, he was on the east side—the farthest possible for me—but off I went on a Monday morning for an afternoon of play…  


FelchingPisser in Bad Sex

DPed By Married Couple

I had met Evan and Eric through my ex-boyfriend when we were still together and always thought they were really cute. About a year after my breakup I ran into them one snowy day at one of the local gay bars. Snow days are kinda rare, and the city was pretty much shut down. We made it to last call and started walking back home. I made a joke about them stopping at mine to warm up since it was on the way, and to my surprise they agreed. While we were at my place chatting someone brought up sharing


JamieLong in BB

Bred By a Latino Before Work

I work up earlier than usual one morning before work. I was feeling horny so I got on Grindr and spent a while looking for someone to fuck me. I ended up finding a muscular Latino guy with what looked like a big cock about 30 minutes before I had to leave for work., I finished cleaning out and showering and went to his place which was conveniently on the way to my work. He met me at the door wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. His English wasn't too great, but he led me through to his room. By thi


JamieLong in BB

The Otter at the All Gender Party...(though it proves to be all gay sex for me)

Grand Rapids—October, 2021 I wanted something different.  Had Palm Springs spoiled me?  As I was thinking where I could go for something new, preferably without an overnight stay, I got an email from the bathhouse in Grand Rapids.  They were having another all gender gathering at the club.  With visions of a different type of three-way or some Trans sex, off I went on a Saturday night...    There is no parking anywhere near the bathhouse.  I finally find something several blocks a

Finally Breeding the Ex

MY first dating experience was when I was 19 and I dated this guy Ken for about 3 months before he dumped me for another guy. I don't really count him as a boyfriend since we were only dating a few months, but I still call him my ex. Or first date started in the middle of the night. He picked me up and we drove around, parked for a bit and made out for a while. Then we went back to his place and fooled around. We only kissed and sucked each other, but he was the first guy to actually let me shoo


JamieLong in Breeding

An Unexpected Breeding

In my early twenties I was quite the slut. I usually topped, and didn't mind if guys wanted to use condoms. I still don't even though I prefer bareback. I met this guy Tony at a bar one night and ended up going back to his place. We made out on his bed for a while, and before we even got our clothes off I could tell he was going to try to fuck me. At that point I wasn't bottoming much, mainly because there were just so many bottoms in town, and also my first experience bottoming wasn't that grea


JamieLong in Breeding

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