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    So I’ve just got home from 36 hours of pigging out. My piggy cunt is so, so sore. It’s also full to bursting.

    I’ve been playing at the place of a young black guy who I randomly chatted up on BBRT. He said all the right things about perving and pigginess, but you never know for sure until you meet, right?

    He didn’t disappoint. Before I even get to the perv and pig stuff, he was my perfect type: legal young, black, average height, a bit toned, hung with a swinging curved cut monster, top, a little dominant when he needed to be.

    But even better than that, he gave me exactly what I wanted - the Trinity that my pig cunt worships:

    1. Cum

    He gave me 3 poz loads in 36 hours, which isn’t bad for a boy on meth.

    2. Blood

    Each time he slammed, he drew some blood back out, then squirted half direct into my hole and half onto his cock before fucking me.

    3. Piss

    Twice he pissed deep in me. He did strong slams so his piss was like a mega booty bump each time.

    He made sure that I could make the most of these gifts by never using lube to fuck and by rough fingering my cunt intermittently between fucks, using his nails to open up my skin to take each gifts as fast as possible.

    So here I am, my pig cunt still full of those three, sore from so much raw, lubeless fucking and stinging from all that poz cum, toxic blood and chem piss is soaking into the cuts on my roughed up insides.

    I love it: this is the real me. 





  1. Friday afternoons my mind starts to go hazy and I find the last three hours of work very slow as I start thinking of how many cocks and loads I might get over the weekend. I go through my fuck contacts and start texting tops to see if they need a hole to use to start their weekends off with a bang. I also start putting up quick connect ads everywhere - hoping to attract some new meat and seed. By the time I finish work my cunt is on fire. I am usually chatting to some guys on the train home, and my weekend hobby kicks in - taking cock and seed as much as I can. That is my addiction, my hobby and my passion. As I live out in the suburbs - getting raw cock during the week is hard, sometimes a regular might be looking for a hole of last resort so he will text and cum over and breed me - but usually I have not trouble getting a safe fuck off Grindr most nights. It scratches the itch a bit but I always crave raw cock and men blowing in me - so the weekend is my big bang!

    I answered this add from a Chinese guy - who was visiting in town for five days - pics looked ok, said he was total top (my kinda man), uncut cock, looked average but thicker than a lot, and the body was fine - and he was staying in a city hotel. What caught my eye in his ad was "love whoring a bottom out." We messaged and I told him I could be at his hotel by 8 douched - and ready for him to open me up, whack a load or two in me and lubricate my hole for the rest of the night's activities. When I got there he met me in the lobby, stylishly dressed, much taller than me (well most men are considering I am only 5 feet 5 inches). We said very little in the lift - but when we got in the room, he had already dimmed the lights and the lube and towels were on the bedside table. He said "strip off slut and show me that fuckhole." Again, my knda guy - taking command. I did as I was told and he sat at the end of the bed watching me until I had nothing but my G-string on. He stood up and started to undress. I was surprised to see he already had a harness on under his shirt, his nipples were pierced and a leather studded pouch encased his now half hard cock. He opened the bedside draw and produced a bag of toys - butt plugs, dildos, cuffs and tit clamps. I was excited as he looked like a top that was going to give me mancunt and senses a hammering. He was dom, he was rough, he was vert aggressive. He turned the music up and then got very verbal. We did it ll, he fucked me with dildos, nearly pulled my tits off when he was fucking me with his lovely thick uncut cock, and he gave me a good slapping around and I was thanking God it was Friday. After we finished I spent a good 10 minutes cleaning his cock and balls and then I just lay there with my head on his stomach and his lovely soft cock in my mouth like a dummy. I had got two loads out of him and he was great sex. 

    He asked what my plans were for the rest of the evening and I was honest. I told him he had got me super horny so I was going to go to the backroom and take as much seed and cock as I could get for a couple of hours. He laughed and said we might fuck again over the weekend - which I simply said to him - call me or message ne and I will come. "Kyle" said - "you really are a slut aren't you." "Totally I just love it" I replied. As I was leaving he was still laying on his back naked on the bed and he held his cock up at me and said "you want more of this." I walked over and leaned down to kiss his half flaccid cock and said - "I'm yours whenever you want." 

    I headed to HQ for "blackout" the Friday night nude party. I checked my messages and one top - who had fucked me a couple of times before wanted to unload in me but wouldn't be home till 11.30. That gave me an hour and a half at the backroom. I checked in got undressed and my body always feels hyper sensitive after I have been fucked good and hard. It also heightens my sex drive and my mind had flicked into total pig mood - I needed cock in my mancunt, in my mouth and in my hand. Straight to the group room. Thankfully the fuck bench was unoccupied and there were a few guys hovering around stroking lubed cocks and one guy was on his knees giving head. I took up my position leaning over the bench and in one minute I could feel a hand on my arse and a bare cock being slapped on my cunt cheek. I groand and opened my legs to give the man easy access. I leaned back and felt a solid hairy chest. He reached above my head to the lube dispenser I grabbed his arm and said "no need, there are two loads in me for lube," he groaned with pleasure an immediately placed his cock at my hole. I think he was taken aback as I thrust back to take his better than average cock in one hit. I hate tops easing into me - I like cock to hurt me - to take my breath away. His load was the first of the night and I took three more, before I left while a couple of tops had a taste - stuck their cock in and pumped a bit before pulling out as they obviously did not want to nut too soon.

    I left and headed for Brian's - a decent enough top, good body, great cock and the three times he had fucked me previously were basically blown n' go jobs as it is all over red rover for him when he blows. Mind you he always gave me a good 15 minutes pleasure from his cock. I texted him to tell him I was on my way and that I was pretty full of seed and looking forward to him being my last load for the night. He sent me back some pig emjois and said my sloppy hole was one of the reasons he liked fucking me - and he knew I would by loaded up by this time of night. I got there and he was laying on his back naked - which was my queue to undress and straddle his lovely cut cock. As usual I got my 15 minutes of heavenly fucking off him, my mancunt was slupring with all the seed in me and he fucked a good bit of it out of me. 

    Finally I headed for the train home. I love it when I go out whoring, I only wear a G-string so my mancunt leaks and there is a wet patch at the back of my jeans - its special to me. I went home very satisfied and about half way home a message came through from Kyle - "can you come over same time tomorrow night whore". Of course I said yes, smiled and leaned back in the train and put my head against the window. I could feel that beautiful puffiness my cuntlips get when I have have been fucked five or six times. "This is going to be one hell of a weekend," I thought.

  2. BadInBrooklyn
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    large.unnamed.jpg.27ab99b6025a9f8a60e96f61eb89da50.jpglarge_body.jpg.830c947a6d53765a315ae8f7b9022380.jpgCL guys have been a staple of mine for a long time.  Sure you gotta watch for the flakes and scammers, but there's always something fresh and quite a few diamonds in the rough out there.

    Posted that I was a gentleman looking for a younger top and got this reply:

    Hi there, I'm 23 years old, 5'11", 140lbs, slim fit build. 7"cut. TOp that's into pleasuring older guys. I'll be around this weekend and can be available whenever is easiest for you. 

    After some back and forth we came to an agreement and I invited him over.  He arrived and was exactly as described but with longer hair than in his pic.  I thought he looked better with the hair and told him so.  He came across as very friendly and sweet and was as eager as I was to get started.  I undressed him and had him lay down on the bed.  When I pulled his under shorts down he nervously commented that he was only so small because it was so cold outside.  I knew how to take care of that!

    I started sucking on his limp cock.  Didn't get a response right away so I moved to his balls.  He really liked having his balls licked.  After a few minutes work, his cock came to life and started to grow in my mouth.  Pretty soon I was sucking and licking a beautiful rock hard cock.  I took him long and deep and licked and sucked his balls till I was crazy with desire.  

    I told him he had a beautiful cock and I needed him to fuck me with it.  He hopped up and I for into position for some doggystyle.  I hadn't been fucked in a while, so i made sure he had plenty of lube and I had a fresh bottle of Amsterdam poppers.  I took a hit as he started pushing himself inside of me.  I let out a gasp as he forced himself all the way inside me.  It hurt, but it was exactly what I wanted.  He started stroking and pain gave way to pleasure and soon I was moaning and urging him to pound me harder.  He have me a good enthusiastic pounding and even kept going for as long as he could after he had cum.

    As soon as we were done he cleaned up and was out the door.  Definitely earned his pay!

  3. CumdumpSi
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    So as promised here it is my bucket list, if you can help me out with any of these please direct message me don’t tag it onto here. I’ve split it into 2 the sleazy and the normal, while you will see some have ticks on, those are the ones I’ve completed recently I’m not adverse to doing them again so get in touch if you want to help


    1. Get piss fucked and used as a piss whore - ✔️

    2. Get fisted and let my hole be punch fisted

    3. Get drugged, knocked out and used 

    4. Service a master for 48 hours 

    5. Service a group of guys as their personal cum dump for the weekend.

    6 Get fucked by my best friend at School ✔️

    7. Get Raped - willingly

    8. Get Pozzed

    9. Be edged for hours 

    10. Get triple fucked 

    11. Get fucked by a cock bigger then 10”

    12. Film myself being Anon fucked by a group of guys 

    13. Get jizzed on by as many guys as possible

    14. Collect used condoms from followers and crushing areas and film loading them inside me 

    15. Get a tattoo that a follower designs or chooses 

    16. Get a PA

    17. Get fucked by a porn star for free

    18. Let followers submit what they would like me to include and complete 10 submission filming them.

    19. Get sounded by a fan

    20. Admit a twitter, Tumblr, and breeding Zone crush that I would never do if it wasn’t for my diagnosis 

    21. Visit my cousin in Oz and get used again

    22. Allow someone to own me for 24 hours 

    23. Complete your Amazon wish list and use all the sex toys that I get, filming it and sending it to the givers.

    24. Be the whore at a conversion party.

    25. Star in a porno - professional or Amateur

    26. Get loaded with cum and plug it in for 24 hours and wear no underwear all day

    27. Have a toy session with a fellow bottom follower.

    28. Try a sexual experience I said never to

    29. Have sex in a public place and let people watch 

    30. Have a BDSM session with a fellow follower


    Non Sexual Bucket List


    1. Donate a months wage to children with cancer ✔️

    2. Visit a country I’ve never been to

    3. Tell people what you really think and don’t hold it back anymore✔️

    4. Get another tattoo (other than the follower one)

    5. Reveal a secret you wouldn’t normally

    6. Skydive one last time

    7. Go snowboarding one last time

    8. Go Scuba diving one last time

    9. Visit my most favourite holiday destination again

    10. Shave my head ✔️

    11. Go for a meal and leave without paying

    12. Give my car away

    13. Quit my job ✔️

    14. Climb a mountain ⛰ 

    15. Learn a new language 

    16. Tell my family what I really think of them all

    17. Got to the police and report him ✔️

    18. Plan my funeral ✔️

    19. Tell him I love him even though I know it’s pointless ✔️

    20. Go on an actual date this Valentine’s Day instead of being a slut and going out for sex

    21. Apologises to him for not saying yes when he asked and ending it all ✔️

    22. Go back to school and thank Mrs Taylor

    23. Travel to every country of the United Kingdom in a week.

    24. Start a blog and document treatment ✔️ (sort of)

    25. Be a kid one more time

    I aim to add more to this as I complete it but more sexual things than normal things that people do when they know they are dying and as I know roughly how long I have I want to make the most of what time I have and explore my sexuality while I’m still here 

  4. From the First Century CE, Pliny the Elder wrote of the (truncated) life and (dubious) escapades of the wife of Claudius Caesar, by name Valeria Messalina. Messalina was a bad egg. She machinated her way ruthlessly around the court, cheated shamelessly on her husband to the point that it offended even Roman sensibilities (which is saying something), and used sex as a weapon both in work and play.

    Perhaps Pliny’s most famous account of Messalina concerns her reputed contest held one-on-one against Scylla, a prostitute noted for her endurance, to determine who could have intercourse with the most men in 24 hours.

    Messalina, the Roman equivalent, mind you, of the First Lady Of The United States, won with a final tally of 25 fuckings by 25 distinct men.

    What a slut. At least, even the decadent and debauched society of Rome thought she had crossed a line, and it contributed to her downfall.

    I think about Valeria Messalina a lot. I think about her condemnation by her society - its judgment on her promiscuity. Although that was by no means the only character trait that brought about her demise.on a centurion’s blade, it was significant. I think about it because a few years ago, in a 24-hour period, I beat Messalina’s winning score by *nine* I’m almost 150% more of a slut than Valeria Messalina, perhaps history’s most reviled slattern. My score was 34. And all I can think about is someday topping that.

    There’s a lesson in here somewhere. When I find out what it is, I’ll tell you. At the moment, though, I’m typing this on my cell phone lying buck naked on a cheap hotel bed where I’m being whored out by another guy. I’m in between fuck number 13 and 14 and I have 10 loads of cum in my ass and two in my belly, and I think someone’s at the door.

  5. analluv27
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    Hey guys it's a new year still plagued by old problems. 

    Some days I just want to be a big ole bottom pig, and mostly focus on getting cock, my holes filled and abused and so much tasty cum. Hell I'm getting hard while writing this. But at the same time thoughts of spirituality and commitment weigh in and its becomes a shit or get off the toilet situation.

    Most part I've been good at balancing both but some days I just want to go "Fuck it" and throw all my chips in. But then I realize how selfish that attitude is. If this is any where close to what addicts go through my prayers are with them.

    Well as of late I've mostly been giving head and not been topped with the exception of the six inch dildoe I picked up. What I've been craving is a real hot three way raw with heavy domination. 

  6. How I was Turned Into A Male Prostitute,      Now I'm Owned By A Black Master,  Part 2
    The prostitute web site that Tyrone had set up Was getting some hits, Then one day someone Had answered my ad,
    He said his name was DeShawn He said He was from New York,  And was over the snow and was coming to town for two weeks,  And wanted to rent me for a week, 
    He said He was into Bondage,  And He Had Black football play build,  And was Poz,  And He Had a Big Black Dick 11' Uncut,  When He asked how the Executive Hotel was ?
    I reply it was a nice adult hotel,  When He came into town,   Tyrone had set Him up with a nice room,   The honeymoon suite,   I knocked at the door,  He opened the door,
    He was tall '' 6 foot 5. And must of been 300lbs  He said come in,   I'm DeShawn Why don't you take your clothes off,   I want to see your body,
    When I remove my pants and shirt,  I was nude,  He looked at the tattoos,  A bar code,  Black Owned,  And on my right arm  For Black Use Only   He asked what made you get them ?
    I explained that Tyrone had drugged me and had a buddy put them on me why I was sleeping,   Than He asked about my Cock Cage?
    I said that was Tyrone idea  too,   Tyrone put it on me and said,   He was my Black Master,
    DeShawn said He was into bondage,   For extended periods,  
    DeShawn pulled a sleep bag out and told me to get in it,  He that put a Catheter in my dick,   No need to piss,  I Had no control of my Urinal Now,  Just a Urinal Bag, 
    He Said the Sleep Bag material is similar to spandex but 10 times stronger.   The design is very  effective in restricted movement,   And will stand up to all futile attempts to escape,
    I got in it, And DeShawn pushed me on the bed,  He hooked a Pump up the bag,   And slowly the air was sucked out of the bag,   Making my body size a lot smaller,
    He put a Leather Hood on me and inflated the Mouth Gag,   I could not hear or say anything,  The next day I was carried to a car and put in a trunk,  
    Don't know how long I was in the Sleep Bag,  But it must of been for days,  Finely I was carried in to some where,  I felt a needle stick me and I went out like a light,  
    When I woke up and opened my eyes,  I was in cement building 30 by 30,  There was no windows  It was cold and damp,   I was nude there was a Wrist and Leg Irons on me,
    A Iron collar was around my Neck,   A Cock Cage that was Riveted on me,  To make coming off impossibility, 
    I was put in chastity to help grow my hole into the only sexual organ that matters,   A custom belt,  That was heavy Leather Belt,   That had a Lock on it, So it wouldn't come off,
    A hook on the Belt was  Attached to a long chain that hooked to a wall,  There was Mirrors on the walls and ceiling,   So I could see my self, With the Irons on me,
    There was a toilet in the room,  And a shower,   And a mattress on the floor,    And some steps that when up,   DeShawn came down the steps, Carrying a bowl of food,
    He set it on the floor,  You must be Hunger,   I asked where I was ?   He said your in Baltimore your new home, 
    I said Tyrone well be mad you took me to Baltimore,  He said no He won't, I bought you,   I own you,   I needed a slave to go in my Dungeon, 
    I well put you isolation cell that I built into my Dungeon,   If you ever bring up Tyrone again,
    Your a subhuman Loser with zero self esteem and certainly no self dignity or respect,
    There was Bondage Gear covering the walls,   Hood's  and Muzzles,  Locking Wrist and Ankle Spreader Bars,  Blindfolds,  Dungeon Irons and Handcuffs,  Suspension equipment,
    Arm binders,   There was Fucking Machine System,  A Sling hung from the ceiling,  One corner of the room,  Sleep Sacks,  Strait Jackets,  Hospital Restrains,  Pony and Puppy things,
    A Steel Puppy Cage,  Trainer Shock Collar,  Electro sex Gear,  Chastity Devices,  Whips and Floggers,  Medical Instruments,  Milking Machine,  Fetish Clothing,  A wood Saint Andrews Cross, And a king size Bed was over in one corner of the room,  There was Video equipment,   And all kinda of Equipment that I had never seen, 
    He said there were Surveillance Equipment all around the room,  There was four big flat screens TV,  He put on a Leather hood,   So no one would know it was Him, 
    He turned the Video camera on,   And We were live on the TV,   Broadcasted on the web,    You well get used to being on camera,   When your in the Shower Or taking a Shit,
    You'll be a Video,   Welcome to world of Virtual reality, 
    DeShawn said I created a fully active Web Site,   And for a price they could follow you,   And watch you,  
    Where my follower could request certain sexual activities to be performed for them, 
    And for a price they Could interact with me,   If they wanted to Fuck me,  They would put a device on there Cock, 
    And I would put a device on my ass,   And strap it in place,   Then when they thrust there dick forward,   The device on my end would thrust the dido forward into my hole,
    There movements would be the exact movements that I felt on my end,  As there end,
    With the Virtual headset on they would See and Feel and Hear you moan,   Give them the real life Experience of fucking,  He said He needed the first day recorded, 
    For your new web page,
    I stared to protest   DeShawn just laughed,  Your in a cement building sound proved And under ground,   And chained and shackled to the wall, 
    We can do this the easy way or the hard way,  You decide, And with that He pushed a button and  There was a shock in my Dick I gabbed the Cock Cage, And I screamed,  
    Accept your place bitch, You’re just a sex toy for alpha Black Bull.   You exist too serve Black Men,    Be abused and then disposed of when the customer was done,
    I'm going to make you  feel really really bad about itself,            I think I well call you Tyler !   
    Come over here and Give your Black Master a Blow Job,  I sucked His Black Dick, And then His Nuts,
    That's right swallow that Fucking Dick Faggot!    Good Bitch boy,   
    Choke and Gag on that  Superior Black Master Cock, Like the good Fucking Slutty Pussy Whore you are, Gonna split your Cracker ass open,
    Now sit on this Black Dick Bitch,  Hell yeah.  Let’s put on a show!   I positioned my self over His Black Dick,  And slowly He penetrated me,  He grabbed me by the Hips,
    And Drove that Black Dick all way in my ass,   Take that fucking ass Fucking , 
    He Made me ride His Black Dick up and down,  I started to squirm and resist,  But once He started pounding my Cunt,
    I wanted to surrender completely,   He fucked me hard and deep,   Till He was ready to cum,    I'm going to bred you with this Poz Seed,
    He Held  me down on His Black Dick,   Balls Deep,   Yes I'm Cumming,   I'm pumping this Poz Load in your Ass Pussy, 
    I was Begging Him to knock me up,   I could not resist,    DeShawn said I told you that it would fit inside of you,
    I have a Black room Mate You well have to Take care of,    His name is Willie,  He doesn't like white people much,  So Hes a bet of a Sadist,   When it comes to whites, 
    He well want to Humiliation & Degradation you disgusting white fag,   But if your good to Him He mite Fuck you, 
    He has a  overwhelming desire to sexually torture you,    He a Sadism at heart.
    And well want to beat you,  And Whip you,   And well get off on controlling you,  He's  going to be insulting You,   Demeaning,   Dehumanizing and Pissing and Spitting all over you,
    You stupid fag, 
    So you well have two Black Masters to deal with,   
    I'm going to Buy a Black slave,  Then my customers well be able to experience a true interracial experience,   For now we just have you,
    I've been shopping around for a black slave,   But he's got to be hung with 12' black dick,
    That night I was introduced to Willie,     He hooked me up to the Suspension equipment,   And He Whipped me,
    I begged Him to stop,  I Keep screaming like a Bitch,   Willie said that’s actually Hot,   Sometimes I will cry.  It’s part of the process,   Your pain is my pleasure,  
    No one gives a shit if your boi pussy gets permanently wrecked,  Then I begged Him to Fuck me,  Willie said one day you well get the privilege of this Black Dick,
    But for now you well just have to settle for this Black Dido device,   He positioned it above my ass, He flipped the switch on,   
    He spread me out on the bed,   With the Wrist and Leg Irons hooked to the bed, 
    Willie Said this well Permanently Elongated, Puffy Pussy Lips,   No one will ever confuse this with an asshole ever again, Willie said now you wait ! 
    Some guy well want to Fuck you,   With Virtual reality headset on,   There no escaping, 
    DeShawn well be up in the morning and wanting some ass,    A faggot’s training is NEVER done!
    So get some sleep for now,  Your going to full fill some guys fantasy tonight,  It’s a New Way Of Life. 
    I fall a sleep,  When the Black Dido came to life,  The Device started to move,  The Black Dido penetrate my ass,  
    The TV and spot lights came on,  I moaned,  I looked up at the TVs  And saw a Black teenager on the TV,
    He said I just want to get a Nut before bed,  He began to Fuck His Device,  I felt the Black Dido going in and out of my ass,  The Black teenager Fucked me for about 10 min, 
    I'm cumming He said,  Then the Black Dido squirted some liquid in my ass,   And pulled out of my ass, 
    The Device than when back to it original Position,   Ready to be inserted with the next horny Guy,  The next morning DeShawn came down,   The TV and light were on, 
    And the Device was Fucking me again!   Dam I wanted to get my nut,,    But your busy making money for your New Black Master ...
  7. I went to the Dr for a cold, I had a 104 temperature,  The Dr said I need to go to the hospital because 104 temperature
    was dangerous, I was not feeling well, I went to the emergency room  And said I'm not feel well, I started to throw up,
    And The next thing I knew I went into a coma, I spend 22 days in a coma, When a woke up from the coma, I saw all this equipment around me There was a hose in my mouth to make me breathe, There was IV hoses in both arms,To bring me fluids and nutrients, My arms and legs had heavy leather restrains on them making any movement impossible,  There was a Catheter hose in my dick, There was a long hose that was in my anus,  I had hoses in every hole, I did not know where I was, The Black Doctors came in wearing protective gear, And a face mask,
    I tried to speak, But I couldn't, They were talking between them, Saying we could try this and that, Than the male nurse came in, He said I know your scared and frightened, The Black Doctors are the best here , I have to check all your hoses, He grabbed my dick, And I started to struggle, The male nurse said calm down, I going to give you something to calm you down, And took a hypodermic needle and added it to my IV lines, I immediately felt high, And did not care what the male nurse was doing,  He checked my  Catheter, And He then unhooked the restrains that were on my legs,  He pushed a button on the bed and it started to move my legs up in the air, Exposing my anus, He checked the hose that was going into my ass, He moved it around and then I felt a buzzing deep in my gut, And I was asleep, That night I had a night mare, I was being Fucked by Black Cocks, One right after another, When I woke up, All I could feel was my ass buzzing,  The next day the Black Doctors took the breathing hoses out of my mouth, And took the restraints off of me,  They checked the urine bag for out put, And the Black Doctor said something about the white fluid that was floating in the urine bag, And smiled,  He told the Black Male nurse to repeat the procedure again tonight, I asked what the procedure was for, The Male nurse said The doctors well tell you about procedure, That night the Black nurse came in and said are you ready for your procedure ?   And took another hypodermic needle and added it to my IV , I'm giving you a double dose tonight,  I immediately felt high again, 
    The Machine pulled my leg in the air, And my anus was exposed, The buzzing started in my anus, As the Male nurse started to increase the speed, Then I went into a deep sleep, I started to dream again,  About Black Cock again! 
    The psychological impact that these Black Cocks have on the whites are ingrained so deep within their brains, That they don’t even realize they are being changed, I dreamed I was be dominated by a Black Guy subconsciously, And led down the path to my true purpose.  Little by little the thought of these black guys and their superior manhood fucking me,  Deep down inside, Slowly changing this white guy in ways I never thought possible, I was confronted with the Dominance of Black Guys, And slowly letting go of the lie I’ve been taught by society, The lie that I'm a male, 
    I awoke to the night mare, I was screaming, Pulling at my Catheter, The Male nurse called for help, And More Black nurse's came in, And restrained me once again, They gave me another Shot, And I went out like a light, 
    The next day I awoke, The Doctor came back in, And said My body is going through changes, And fighting the changes,  He said they where going to transfer me to another hospital, And gave me another shot,  I awoke in a new hospital,  They still kept me restrained But I no longer had the Catheter in my dick, Or the Machine that they had with a long hose in my anus, My ass felt empty, When it out it, The new place was okay,
    This Black male orderly came in and said His name was Tyrone,  And said He was in charge of my rehab, He would Tell me when to eat, And when to shower, When to wake up and when to go to sleep,  So started the first day, 
    I was restrained at all times, Except when Tyrone was around, Or I eat food, When I would be allowed to take a shower Tyrone was all ways around watching me  taking a shower , All way making sure I cleaned my anus well, When I didn't Tyrone was there with a bush and cleaned my anus, right And then back to bed and restrains were put back on, Than Tyrone started to put porn on the TV, Tyrone put interracial videos on, I started to watch  more and more interracial videos, I was becoming obsessed with Black Cock. Tyrone would take the restrains off of my hands, And allow me to masturbate,  So much so that I begin to masturbate at the thought of a black man fucking a white men. Soon this white man was looking at the Black Dicks,  I wanted interracial sex. I was exposed to porn 3 times a day,   And after only a short time, I found myself mesmerized by these superior Black Men and their beautiful Black Cocks.  Your doing just fine whitey Tyrone, He gave me a shot, And I went to sleep,
    When i was asleep, Tyrone fitted me with a Cock Cage and put the Lock on it,  When I woke up the next day,
    I asked what it was, Tyrone said The Doctor came in and order it,, Said I was no longer allowed to masturbate, 
    The next night Tyrone told me to lay on my stomach, And Gave me a shot in my butt, I started to get drowsy,  Tyrone said He wanted to check my anus out, And do a full exam of my rectum,  He put the restraints on me, And spread my legs a part and put the restraints on my hand and legs, I was spread eagle on the bed, He put some lube on my anus,  And put a thermometer in my anus, He remove His scrubs in front of me, His body was lean and muscular body, And had a nice big uncut Black Dick,  
    My anus started open and close, And the thermometer popped out of my anus,  He then replaced it with His Finger, Tyrone got on top of me, And Sled  His Black Dick in my hole, When He was balls deep, I moaned, He slowly began to pumping  His uncut Black Dick in and out of my hole, I was slowly letting go of my fake so called manhood, And being pulled uncontrollably into becoming the Black Cock Sissies that they wanted me to be,
     How does that feel, My anus was now His pussy I was being feminized, Towards their ultimate goal of becoming a Black Guys white Bitch.  Tyrone said most whites will try and fight this progression in any way they can,  Unfortunately they will only be humiliated further once they get the procedure done,  The Black race is superior, He pulled His Black Dick From the Hole,  And than jammed it back in, I moaned,  He started to Fuck me harder, His Black Dick got Harder and Bigger, It seemed to grow longer,   I screamed Fuck Me,, Fuck Me Hard,, Give Me That Black Seed,, 
    Tyrone Black Dick started to pulsate in my Hole,   Yes Fuck My Pussy,, I felt Him Cumming ,, Deep in my Pussy,,
    I started to shake, I was have a ass orgasm, 
    He slid His Black Dick out of my pussy,
    He took the restraints off of me, And put some cream on my ass pussy,
    Tyrone said your going to get Fucked in ways they never dreamed, He had me turn over, And examined my clit, 
    There was cum dripping from the Cock Cage,  
    He said I would actually experiencing a orgasm from being fucked ! 
    The next day a had to see head Black Doctor,  He told me to stand, He examined my body well, And then knell down on this machine My hands and legs were strapped in,  Than the machine, Raised and tilted forward, Giving the Doctor full access to my ass pussy My hole was exposed,  He than used Collin Speculum device, And he was looking in my ass pussy, He removed the device, And replace it with his fingers, How That feel? Good I guess, He pulled His scrubs down, And revealed a nice Black Cock, And pushed it into my hole, Nice it could be tighter,  But being that you when thru reconstructive surgery, It could be better. The Doctor put His load in my ass pussy , How's that feeling ? Can you have ass orgasm ? Tyrone gave me one I said,  He order me to have electric shock intensive therapy, 
    The next day started my therapy session, I was taking to a room and restrained in a position in the bed,
    There was a machine they hooked wires up to my head and body , they put pic of white guys on the TV, If my body would react, I would be shocked, if i saw pics of black Guy  and i reacted , I would not be shocked,  
    During shock therapy I was given a seizure-inducing electrical shock that can change your sexuality, It reboots your system, Like turning a computer off and when it comes back on they are not the same sexuality The seizure may restore some neuro connections or reconnect nerves that are "short-circuited." The procedure also may change the levels of norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin, which play a role in your sexuality,
    That night i realized,          I was a patient in a Psychiatric Hospital,  
    I begged Tyrone to stop the machine, Finely I was taking off the machine, My brain was not functioning right,
    What was Real,  And What was Not,  Did I have Sex With Tyrone ?  Or was that a figment of my imagination,
    That night I made a choice, I was going to seduce  Tyrone When he came in a feed me and than my nightly shower,
    When I was in the shower I rubbed my hands all over my body Very seductive as possible, Tyrone was looking , 
    When Tyrone was putting me in the bed, I gabbed His hand and put it on my ass, I said my ass hurt,
    He than put some ointment on my rectum, gabbed His finger and pushed it in my ass,  And moaned, I grabbed His other hand and put it on my Tits , He reacted by fingering my ass, I spread my legs wild, To gave Him Better access to my hole, I reached down and felt the bulge in His blue scrubs and began to rub His Black Dick, I pulled His scrubs down , He had a Nice Black Dick, I said Please Fuck me, He put His Black Dick against my hole, And I backed up into it . And it slid in my hole, He began to Fuck me Long Deep strokes, He pick up the pace And then started to Fuck me fast, He said He was going to Cum,   Cum Cum in my ass,  I felt Him cumming in my ass, He pulled out, And I fell to my knees and sucked Him clean, I pulled His scrubs back up, And when to bed Tyrone did not restrain me, 
    That night I dreamed of His Black Dick, When I woke up the next day Tyrone came in and said your getting out of here today,   Here some scrubs for you to wear, Put them on , And you can leave, I put them on
    He handed me a key, He gave me a paper,  It had His name and address and His phone number on it ,
    You need a place to stay at ,, Make your self at home,  And He said I had Fun with you last night ! 

    A white boys risky gay hook-up goes in wildly unexpected directions.
    There was a book store that I had heard about it had Glory Holes , My heart was pounding.
    A mixture of fear and adrenaline made him breathless. He consciously took a deep breath then walked in… He’d first heard of  a few months ago. Mark, A Black guy at his work mentioned it as a place to avoid. But while his workmates laughed and sneered at the description and the warnings, Jay's interest was aroused. He’d come out here a couple of times to scout the place out. There was distinctly unusual traffic at the Book store. For starters, it was in a relatively remote location, And definitely in a seedy area, During the day, there were always plenty of visitors of course, But Jay was surprised by the number of Black men that continued to visit as evening drew on. And the nature of the visitor changed as well, no longer were they white But Black guys,  The people who came by after 6 exhibited a different tempo, some nervous, some cautious, some eager,  And now, after three days of surveillance from his car, Jay was ready to take the plunge. He walked into the brick building. You walked in the door and you where than looked over by the Black clerk and then he buzzed you into a second door, Where you payed the clerk to enter the back booths,  There were five men inside, all much older than me, And all of them turned to look at me. Each of them looked Jay up and down and smiles appeared on their faces. Jay knew what it was like to be looked at like a piece of meat: flattering. He knew he was decent looking, with a good body. He played it cool. He walked past the men into the end booth and pulled the door shut, locking it behind him. He looked the booth over. It had a glory hole in the wall,  Where fags go to suck each other off. They go into the booths  and stick their dicks through glory holes in the wall then strangers blow them.”  But Jay found the prospect unbelievably exciting. He wasn’t out about his sexuality, and even among his closest friends only a small handful knew that he was gay. He listened carefully as Mark explained to his sneering work mates about the book store. To a young guy who was just coming to terms with his sexuality, the place sounded like a dream: just stick your dick through the glory hole in the wall and a stranger blows you, no attachments, no complications, and the guy didn’t even know who you were. To Jay it was a perfect tentative, anonymous first step into the world of gay sex. He decided that if he was here for a blowjob, it made sense to have his pants down, then dropped his pants,   Jay looked around the booth. The walls had some of the usual graffiti “For a good time call…” as well as random graphics and logos. But it wasn’t the wall scribbling he was here for. He looked to his left and there as expected, was a hole in the chipboard partitioned wall. It was four inches across; larger than necessary. Jay looked at it with a mixture of trepidation. He didn’t want to initiate anything or get up close and look through the glory hole, Three fingers protruded through the hole from the other side. Jay looked at them with excitement. The fingers thrummed up and down on the rim of the hole. Jay didn’t know what to do so he leaned forwards and played with him self.  A low voice said, “Put your dick through if you want a blowjob.” It was clear from the tone that the speaker’s mouth must be close to the hole. This was it. It was now or never.  He lifted his penis towards the hole. Nervousness had robbed it of its ability to get hard, But Jay had no doubt that it would respond to a hot mouth. He’d never had a blowjob thru a Glory Hole, But he’d imagined one many times and he was eager to experience it. His glans brushed the back of the fingers resting on the base of the hole and a little shiver of excitement coursed through his Cock. The fingers withdrew then he felt them lightly gripping his snake, Pulling him through. He moved close to the wall, Pressing his pubis against the painted wood. “Nice,” the man on the other side murmured. “Stand a little higher.” A vision of the man on his knees, getting a crick in his neck reaching forwards to suck him flashed into Jay's mind. He grinned and straightened his legs until the top of his cock was just touching the upper rim of the Glory Hole. To his surprise, fingers reached through the Glory Hole, hooked behind the neck of his scrotum and pulled his balls through the Glory Hole too. He felt the man on the other side slowly rolling his large nuts in his fist. Jay had never experienced testicle play and it was surprisingly erotic. He let out a soft sigh and thrust his groin towards the hole so that the guy would have as much to play with as he wanted. Jay knew from experience that when he got excited, His balls were going to retract towards his body. He felt a tongue on the head of his Dick. He inhaled sharply, a shuddering, staccato breath that signified his surprise at how good even that first warm, wet touch felt. The tongue slid across his glans then returned and repeated the motion. Jay imagined his benefactor holding his prick and licking its head like a lollipop. His breathing came faster and he felt his penis rapidly responding to the tongue. The unknown man’s mouth closed around his thickening cock now, His lips encircling the rear of Jay's glans. It was all Jay hoped it would be and the man was only just getting started! He felt his penis straining within the man’s mouth. Ordinarily Jay’s balls would be climbing upwards, in preparation of an orgasm, but the man held them firmly in his fist, Preventing them from rising. Jay started squirming. He was already at fever pitch, Close to blowing his load and the person on the other side had been blowing him less than a minute. Jay started insistently thrusting his Cock forwards, Trying to compel the man to suck faster so that he could blow his load. He didn’t know what the etiquette was for Glory Hole ejaculation, but he doubted 90 seconds from start to finish was considered good form. But he didn’t care, all he cared about was personal gratification. He strained forwards, pressing the palms of his hands against the cubical dividing wall, Turning his feet outwards so that he could get as close as possible. “Faster,” He urged quietly, his face pressed against the wall. On the other side the man grinned. “Easy tiger.” Jay felt his balls being pulled downwards, Slowly but firmly, trapped in a tight fist.  He groaned at the aching in his nuts. Then he felt something strange; Something cool pressed against the neck of his scrotum. The fist released him but his nuts remained low, Tugged four inches below the hole. The mouth moved away from his Cock and he felt fingers touching his stiff meat. They were wrapping something; A band of some sort embedded with plastic-cool objects on four sides. The fingers moved down and wrapped two more straps; One around each nut, also embedded with plastic. Then the fingers were gone and just the bands with their objects remained. Then suddenly a buzzing and a rapid but shallow vibration on all four sides of his glans. Jay squirmed as the delicious feeling elevated his libido once again, bringing him to the very brink of orgasm, But somehow the buzzing was not quite enough to push him over the edge. The buzz was accompanied by a deeper, more powerful one in his nuts, Stimulating him in ways he’d never even considered before. He tried to with draw back pulled and twisted, Pulling his groin ready to thrust back in, but he couldn’t withdraw. His cock and balls were trapped on the other side! Although he couldn’t see it, the second booth had been fitted with a 6 inch long hinged metal bar designed precisely for this purpose. The new meat would poke their eager dicks through the Glory Hole, and then they would be unable to pull their balls back out.  Jay heard a sound to his right. He turned and saw the door sliding open. His eyes widened. He struggled harder to free himself, yanking on his Dick and Balls, But unless he was prepared to tear his own nuts off he was stuck securely against the wall. The door opened and two Black men entered carrying nylon ropes. One grinned. “Welcome to the club ! Who are you? What are you doing?” Jay demanded. The speaker moved behind him. Jay tried to turn his body but he was pulled tightly to the wall and he could only move his shoulders. Suddenly, both Black men pounced on him, Each tying a thick nylon rope around his wrists. The ropes were hooked over to the corners of the wall, And Pulled tight then tied off. “What are you doing!!” Jay demanded more loudly. “What you want,” The grinning Black man said. “But first an initiation to the club.” “I don’t want THIS!” Jay said. “Really? Then why stick your boner through a Glory hole in the wall?” “I… I…” Jay couldn’t think of a good answer. The truth is, He DID want some excitement. He wanted to have some kind of sexual adventure with a Black man, And he wasn’t all that discerning who or how old that Black man was. The Black men pulled his trousers and underwear off, Roped his legs and pulled them apart so far that Jay was forced onto his tip toes, Feet barely touching the ground at all, And all his weight on his arms, Before tying the ropes to the corners of the booth as well. Now Jay stood, naked and spread eagles, Pressed tightly against the stall wall. He struggled furiously and he could feel his rigid erection bouncing on the other side of the wall, Kept hard by the ceaseless vibrations of the milking machine strapped to his Dick. But for all his struggling, He was utterly unable to free himself. The talkative Black man produced a small lubricated Black dildo. He showed it to Jay. “Something to get you warmed up.” Jay’s eyes opened wide. “No, no. I don’t need warming up. Keep that away from me.” The man spread Jay’s Ass cheeks then knelt and examined the boy’s Asshole. A pristine starfish winked back at him. There was no redness, No signs of stretching, No bruising, just a tight puckered star of virgin flesh. “Looks to me like you do.  Where no Black man has gone before.” He smeared lube from a tube onto the pinch of flesh. Jay flinched away from the touch. “No, no!” he repeated. Then he felt the head of the Black dildo against his hole. He tried to resist but it was almost impossible with his legs spread that wide apart. The man twisted and wobbled it until, despite Jay’s best efforts, It slipped inside him. Jay grunted. “Uhnnnn nnnnn.” Then the Black man turned a dial on the end of the Black dildo and it also started buzzing. Jay understood in an instant why Black men and liberated breeders Enjoyed having things in their assholes. In many ways, This was everything he had hoped gay sex would feel like. Except with a Cock, and not secured  in a remote book store, Jay squirmed desperately, As his hole and genitals were gently vibrating, Forcing him to the sort of ecstasy He had hoped to experience. The Black man took out two small clamps, Like rubber coated bulldog clips, But with very little bite. He reached around the right side Jay’s chest and tweaked a nipple between his index finger and thumb. “Ow!” The nipple stood up pert and the Black man quickly attached one of the small clamps. Jay felt it pinching his nipple, a sharp pain that quickly lost its edge. A second clamp joined the first on Jay’s other nipple. The sensation was uncomfortable but bearable, and it added something to the stimulation his other erogenous zones were experiencing. “How you enjoying this white boy?” The Black man asked, leaning close. “What’s your name?”  Jay,” the young man replied, Not thinking to make up a lie. “I’m Hunter. It’s good to meet ya Jay.” The Black man kissed Jay on the cheek: A slow sensual kiss. Jay instinctively recoiled, Expecting something disgusting, But the kiss was actually surprisingly tender and the Black man smelt clean, With a mixture of mild soap and quality after shave. Two days of stubble brushed Jay’s smooth face. “Aww don’t be like that. You came here for a reason with your hard Cock and your virgin Hole. You came for an adventure and you’re gonna get one. But there’s no need to worry.”  Jay exhaled heavily as the Black man told him that he was going to get home safe, He’d feared that maybe he would die in this small booth, Now that this clean Black man in a Seedy place reassured him that he was not going to die tonight. “Thatta boy. Relaaax. You’ll actually start to enjoy it. That is why you came here isn’t it?” As he cooed reassurance into Jay’s ear, Hunter pumped the  Black dildo in and out of the Jay’s Asshole. Jay frowned. He was so hard. “Y… yes. I guess so,” He affirmed. Then he made a weird strangled sound and started struggling. He struggled frantically for 30 seconds then slumped against the ropes that held his arms. His feet barely touched the floor. “Did you just cum boy?” The Black man enquirer. Jay didn’t answer so the Black man looked in the next booth. There was white liquid sprayed into the milking machine. Hunter smiled. “Many more like that before the night is done Jay.”  Jay frowned, Surprised at how easily his body could be induced to give up its Seed completely against his control. “Did you like that?”  Jay’s frown deepened. What would it mean if he said yes? He already knew he was gay. He wasn’t ashamed of it. He was simply private; circumspect about who he told. But here, at a book store, Milked by machine and this stranger. What kind of fucked up weirdo did that make him. But he couldn’t deny the power of his orgasm. In spite of his trepidation, There was no doubt that he HAD enjoyed feeling the small Black dildo slipping in and out of his hole, As well as the powerful orgasm it had produced. Jay gave a curt nod, admitting to Hunter what was already obvious. “Good. Then you’re going to enjoy the next few hours a whole lot more.” The man produced a small brown bottle. It had a lively font that spelled the word “Locker Room aroma” against a bright red back round,  Hunter showed it to Jay. “Poppers. It’ll make your Orgasms better.  Hunter unscrewed the lid and wafted it under Jay’s nose. “Good. Sniff.” Jay took a small sniff. His nostrils were filled with an acrid scent and he almost immediately felt light headed. Hunter attached a nose gag and poured the liquid into the nose gag , Every time I would inhale thru my nose I would get a good hit of Poppers,  Hunter unbuttoned his jeans and dropped His boxers and jeans to his knees. Jay strained to see. The man’s Black cock was as clean as the rest of Him, Nine inches of uncut Black meat. Hunter gripped his flaccid cock and with just a dozen quick tugs his Black cock was almost as hard as Jay’s. He rolled a rubber onto it, Then shuffled up behind the young man. “This will be an experience to take back with you,” He whispered. Hunter turned and his accomplice was standing by the door already hard. The other Black man was watching intently. Hunter nodded to him and the other Black man left the booth. Hunter  removed the Black dildo and slowly replaced it with his larger Black cock. Jay tensed, anticipating pain, but the Black dildo had loosened his sphincter and  Hunter’s Black cock slid easily inside. The Black man started to pump slowly, enjoying the tightness of Jay’s virgin hole. Jay had no choice but to stand, Legs splayed wide as the Black man took him, But even if he could have walked away, he was no longer sure if he would have. The situation was erotic beyond the bounds of his limited imagination, And it wildly exceeded his hopes. A few moments later, Jay felt hands on his rigid Cock and they removed the vibrating beads. His cock continued buzzing as the amyl nitrite in the Poppers liquid constricted the blood vessels. His cock felt even harder than when he had ejaculated and he could almost feel the blood coursing, Tingling through his tightened blood vessels. The fingers continued touching his throbbing member and Jay correctly surmised that the hands were sliding a condom onto him. But he was beyond distracted, His attention being torn in multiple directions, not the least of which was the Black penis that was now slipping in and out of his virgin hole. Hunter was thrusting with long, smooth strokes, Letting Jay experience every one of his nine inches. Withdrawing all the way, then re-penetrating the young man on every stroke. At this stage, He was fucking as much for Hunter as for himself. Every time Hunter’s Black dick head bumped past the Jay’s sphincter and Jay's hole snapped shut, Jay felt a thrill as the nerves in his rear responded to the stimulation. Then a moment where he could feel Hunter’s glans pausing against the outside of his hole, His glans surprisingly hard and hot, Then it was followed by the sensation of his hole spreading and enfolding the Black man’s Cock once again. Hunter’s fucking was leisurely, enabling Jay to focus on every part of the experience. Jay had never been so aware of the physiology of his anus, Both inside and out, But now it felt as though Hunter’s Black cock was a pioneer, Casually exploring his hole inside and out. At the inner limit of each stroke, Hunter’s glans rubbed against something inside Jay’s anus. Jay felt a thrill, A little rush of excitement as the head bumped over it, Then a feeling of pressure deeper in. He realized  that this must be the prostate that he’d heard about, And know he realized why it was so highly regarded. Each time Hunter’s glans touched it, Jay felt like he was going to cum – Not the massive full body experience of his earlier Orgasm, But a different sensation in his testicles and somewhere inside him, A quick welling of excitement that was gone the second Hunter’s glans was past, Leaving him craving the next touch in that deep place. And all the time that buzzing, Vibrating feeling deep in each testicle, Distracting as much as arousing, Yet making him feel like his balls were somehow being activated, Charged, Primed by the incessant vibrations. Yet it was a strange kind of distraction, Both frustrating and tremendously arousing. The testicular stimulation had a secondary effect that Hunter was only too well aware of; it was forcing Jay’s penis to new levels of hardness. The vibrations were transferring to the root of his penis, Increasing the pulse rate, While the amel constricted the blood vessels, Reducing the rate at which the blood could leave his cock. The circumcised head strained upwards away from the shaft, bloated and deep crimson. The shaft was hard to the touch, Tiny veins purple just behind the head, leading in minute delicate delta maps towards the shaft. Larger veins corded along its length, vascular as a ‘body builder. Even his testicles had already grown by 50 percent, Ready and eager to spread his seed. No longer were they the soft orbs that hung in his pants as he went about his day, They were firm to the touch, engorged with blood and semen, His nut sack stretched thin and tight over each large oval. Jay’s head was pressed against the partition wall, His face turned to the open door as Hunter slowly screwed him, Gathering pace now. Then Jay felt something he did not expect; warmth against his cock. But not the warm wetness of a mouth, Somebody was forcing his cock into their own hole. He’d fooled with people before, jacked them off and been jacked in return, But he had always wondered if he was going to prefer being a top or a bottom. He was a passionate sportsman, but not aggressive by nature. Yet the idea of going down on his knees and being taken seemed a little submissive to his tastes. But now he was experiencing the very best of both worlds simultaneously. His hole being plowed with his cock was engulfed in a hot hole that was sliding back and forth along its length. On each inward stroke, The cheeks of the man’s rump spread on the wall, pressing firmly against Jay’s trapped and swollen balls. It was another new experience. Mildly uncomfortable, Causing a slight ache in each nut, Yet the pain also added to pleasure, Making Jay acutely aware of the connection between his nuts and his libido, Dissolving the barriers between pleasure and pain. Now that he was sure that muscles in Jay’s sphincter had relaxed sufficiently not to injure, Hunter began to fuck Jay more aggressively. No longer did he fully withdraw, But instead he pulled his hard Black tool halfway back, Before ramming it back with jackhammer force, Drilling the kid to the wall. Jay tried to look over his shoulder but Hunter put a hand on the boy’s cheek and turned him away, Forcing the side of his head into the wall again. Jay understood that he was Hunter’s play thing now. That this was Hunter’s time to have fun. On each thrust of Hunter’s hips, The entire partition wall vibrated with a thud. Jay had toyed with rape fantasies while masturbating, But they usually involved white guys. He’d never even considered the possibility of Black men old enough to be his father. But now the limits of his imagination were being revealed. With tattooed arms and a wife beater t-shirt on, Hunter looked like he could be a trucker. On the other side of the wall, a puffy guy in his fifties was riding Jay’s cock like he was at the rodeo, Using the vibrations of Hunter’s fucking as a metronome and bouncing at twice the speed. Jay could hear the Black man gasping and groaning as he pleasured himself, Using Jay’s dick the way a desperate housewife uses a dildo. Jay realized that that’s all he was to these Black men – a hole and flesh dildo, And it felt great! No longer was the question whether he wanted to be a top or a bottom, But how his body could be used in the most gratifying manner. He was happy to be both, and neither. He was powerless, Just a human sex toy. Behind him, Hunter pounded into him. The man grabbed Jay’s hair and pulled his head back, becoming more aggressive the more aroused he became. Jay wondered who would cum first Hunter or the other guy. The way the pudgy man was moaning it was going to be him, But surely Hunter couldn’t keep this thudding pace up for long without losing it? As it happened, It was neither of them. From out of nowhere, Jay came again hard. “Ahh ahh ahhh ahh ah!” He moaned and panted and squirmed, Squirting hard into the hole. Hunter pulled the boy’s head back further so that his head faced the ceiling, But the guy could see nothing, His eyes were clenched tightly shut as his second orgasm, Even more powerful than the first, carried him away. The guy heard Jay cumming then felt the squelching wetness as the condom filled in his own hole and that was all it took to trigger his own orgasm. He panted, short and fast in a high pitched voice like a little girl having a nightmare, But all he was feeling was ecstasy. Breaking a new boy in was a privilege, And he was enjoying riding this guys six inch meat immensely. Hunter thudded his cock faster and harder into Jay’s hole, Finally allowing himself to go over the edge. There was nothing prissy about HIS orgasm. He snarled like an animal, Clawing at the back of Jay’s left shoulder, drawing blood as he let loose and filled the condom he was wearing with a massive load. When he finally stopped cumming, Hunter withdrew his cock from the boy’s asshole and carefully pulled the condom from his hard cock. He lifted the condom and dangled it in front of Jay’s now open eyes where the boy could see it. It hung heavy with a viscous, semi-opaque Black load that looked more like something a horse would produce. “Open up,” Hunter said, holding the neck of the condom against the young man’s lips. Jay declined to comply. Even in the heat of the moment that was too much for his Christian upbringing to cope with. Hunter released the his hair and squeezed the sides of his cheeks, Pushing them painfully into his teeth. Jay opened his mouth instinctively and the moment he did, Hunter poured the contents of the condom into the boy’s mouth; Quarter of a cup of fresh spunk.   Jay tried to turn his head, but Hunter held him in place, immediately placing his hand over Jay's mouth so that he couldn’t spit the slimy deposit back out. “Swallow.” “Mmm mmm,” Jay responded, Trying again to turn his head. Hunter pinched the boy’s nostrils shut. Now Jay couldn’t breathe. “Swallow,” Hunter repeated calmly. “I’m not letting you breathe again until you do.” Jay still refused. Hunter stroked the guy’s throat. “Swallow. It’s really not that bad, Black Cum well make your Body Stronger,  It’ll make your Balls and Dick Bigger.”  Jay forced himself to take a small gulp and as soon as he did, Hunter released his nostrils. “All of it.” Jay took two more gulps and he felt Hunter’s massive load sliding down his throat. This was insane. It was like he was two separate people. In the other cubicle, His cock was still hard, Straining, His own cum sloshing around in the condom that had been placed on him. That part of him was horny, Eager, Its fat balls thrumming with sexual energy, his glans bloated like a mushroom cloud a top his rigid tool. And on this side, He was still fighting against decades of religious programming, All of his conscious intellect screaming against the debasement of his body. But it felt so good. So, So good. Hunter released Jay’s head and lay against the guy’s back exhausted. They were both drenched in sweat. Hunter released Jay’s face and Jay lowered his head. Jay stared out of the cubical door and there were three more Black men standing there watching, Positioned so that they could see into both booths simultaneously. Two of them had their Black cocks out and were maturating slowly, And the third had a large lump in his pants, But was recording the scene on a video recorder,  Jay realized that he had become the main attraction at the Club and there was nothing he could do to stop it. His arms and legs were still spread wide, Making him look like a horizontal starfish. “Thanks ,” Hunter said from behind him, And ruffled his hair as he left the booth. Another Black man walked in as Hunter left. Jay’s eyes widened. Again? Another one? But he was exhausted, sexually drained. He couldn’t possibly… Two hours, 15 cocks and 8 ass holes later, Jay’s mind was in a haze. He could barely think straight. He was horny beyond his most fevered imaginings and his cock was still rigid and eager for attention. He’d lost track of how many times he’d cum in the milking machine? Then someone arrived and it was like a bucket of cold water to the face. It was Mark from work. The 24 year old sauntered in. “Well look who it is. That story always gets someone.” “M… Mark! What are you doing here?!” Mark grinned. “Same as you. Well, not exactly the same obviously. Welcome to the club!” Mark opened his pants and pulled out a monster. It flopped out like an Anaconda,  Flaccid with a huge arrow-shaped glans. A porn star Black Cock. Greasy looking; dark brown; dangerous. He reached into his pants and hooked out a pair of nuts that were as impressive as his nuts; A heavy pair of bull balls, Each the size of a large chicken egg, hanging low in a loose sack. Jay looked at Mark’s genitals with a mixture of awe and fear. Mark saw Jay’s expression. “Yeah, I get that reaction a lot,” He said with a cocky smirk. He started to massage the head of his gargantuan Black penis. It rapidly filled with blood, adding another three inches to its length. Now fully hard it was 12.5  But what was making Jay’s heart pound was its thickness; thicker than a deodorant spray can, and just as long. It was undoubtedly the thickest Black Cock he’d ever seen and Mark watched a LOT of gay porn. The dark glans was huge, Its upper trailing edge sloping far back, Like the barb of a whaling spear. Jay had once seen a documentary where biologists theorized that the shape of the human glans was an evolutionary development designed to scoop any mating rivals’ sperm from a female’s vagina. Looking at Mark’s Black cock head, Jay didn’t doubt the theory. It looked capable of scooping pints out of any woman unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end. Mark did not put on a condom. It was doubtful that even a magnum could cope with his penis. Jay had long since resigned himself tonight, To the fact that his asshole was just a receptacle for a seemingly endless line of cocks to drill, But this was different. This was a freak of nature. A beast. It was surely going to rip him in half. “I can’t take that!” Mark grinned. “Yeah, They all say that. Cunt's can't take it either, That’s why they called me last. After my go the new meat is ruined for everyone else. But it’s not so bad. It’ll hurt, But you’ll be surprised just what you can do if you put your mind to it!”  Mark moved up behind Jay, And Jay expected the Black man to simply ram his way in. There was something about his tone and demeanor that hinted at cruelty. To his surprise, Mark was calm, Patient, just as Hunter had been at the start of the evening. He pushed slowly, Allowing Jay’s hole to stretch at its own pace. Jay felt his hole gradually opening for the huge intruder, But after a few minutes of firm but careful pushing, His hole was at its limit. Mark realized that Jay’s hole was open to his maximum extent and leaned on the boy with all his body weight, Forcing Jay’s sphincter to admit him. “Gahhh! Stop, it hurts, it hurts. You’re killing me.” Mark ignored Jay’s pleas. He’d heard them dozens of times. They always protested. Sometimes their assholes stretched, And other times they simply tore. If it was the latter, They’d heal, And they’d always remember the time they were fucked by the biggest Black cock they’d ever see. Jay’s hole stretched. It was burning, Stinging as the skin expanded far beyond its normal elasticity. Tiny superficial micro tears appeared in the surface, But the skin of his sphincter largely stayed intact. Suddenly Mark’s huge love missile passed the sphincter and slipped inside. Jay’s hole was monstrously stretched but at least the pain didn’t get any worse. He was peripherally aware that another Black man was riding his cock but his entire focus was on enduring the assault on his rear. Mark started to pump, moving slowly to avoid causing unnecessary damage. He knew that if he went hard, It would take little effort to tear the Jay's ring. He pulled Out And sprayed some numbing spray on my Hole. Mark said He didn't like to use the stuff, Because it made Him fuck forever, Mark pushed his Black Cock in gradually, But this time it slid right in,   For Jay, the pain was acute, But he was also preoccupied with the overwhelming feeling of fullness. Of course, the stretched circumference of Mark's cock left Jay in no doubt about the man’s immense girth, but as the massive Black meat forced its way into him, His rectum was forced to enlarge to accommodate it. At first, It just felt as though he had to take a large dump, But the longer his bowels remained full, The more uncomfortable the feeling became. His stomach ached and the internal discomfort gradually morphed into the stomach cramp that arises from holding crap for too long while wearing too-tight jeans or a belt. Mark fucked him at a medium pace for fifteen long minutes. During that time Jay ejaculated twice while on the other side of the wall, The milking machine sucked his loads. Jay  was only peripherally aware of the sucking, His attention switching from the milking machine for a few moments before returning to the reaming of a lifetime he was receiving from his Black shift leader.
    Jay started to morn, Jay pushed His ass out to give Mark total access to his hole, Mark realized the numbing spray was working, He could now pull all the way out, And push His Big Black weapon all the way in, Jay was in total ecstasy now, Yes Fuck Me, Fuck my Hole, Y..Yes Cum in Me,
    Even when Mark came, It felt like something was happening to a body,  He was barely connected to, With the main event happened on this side of the wall. As the 20 minute started, Mark picked up the pace and filled Jay’s hole with twice as much jizz as Hunter had earlier and made the Jay drink.  As he reached the vinegar strokes, He rammed his Black beast home in short staccato strokes. He buried His Big Black Cock all the way in my hole, Mark took His hands and pulled my ass cheeks apart, And pushed deeper, Mark slid passed Jay's second Hole, Mark held His Black Cock Deep,  
    He leaned forwards speaking through gritted teeth with a tone of contempt. “You make…” thud “a great little…” thud “fuck toy!” thud thud thud. You want this Gift ?? I'm going to give it to you! 
    My Fuck Toy , I could feel His Black Cock Throbbing, As He was Cumming,  Finally spent, He pulled his Black Cock out. It swayed, like a javelin in front of his body. Jay’s hole remained wide open, a battered flesh tunnel that would be unable to close for days. Cum dribbled out and down the inside of his legs, Cooling the second it hit the fresh air.  Mark left the stall without another word or a backwards glance. As soon as he was out, Hunter and another Black man came in and started to untie Jay’s arms and legs. The moment Jay’s arms were released, He slumped, and Hunter  had to catch him. The man reached around around pulled off the nipple clamps. “Easy guy. Feeling a bit wobbly?  Mark has that effect on the new meat.”   In the other stall, somebody removed the vibrators from Jay’s balls, And the bar that had trapped them on that side. Without the constant stimulation Jay’s cock immediately started to wilt. He felt punch drunk, As though he had just undergone ten rounds in a boxing ring. Hunter and his assistant helped the staggering guy out of the booth into the main lavatory where half a dozen men stood grinning. Jay didn’t notice but the nylon ropes were still wrapped around his ankles and wrists. Hunter and his helper lead me to the urinals and sat him on the floor between two urinals,  Jay was still too dazed to realize what was happening, But when they pulled the ropes around his wrists wide, Tying them off on the pipework of the two urinals next but one to him on each side, He realized his ordeal was not yet over. “No more. I can’t take any more.” He moaned. “Sure you can,” Hunter reassured him. “Sure you can.” Jay looked around and everyone he looked at was grinning. Then he saw the Black guy with the video recorder again , At first he thought that they were the grins of men who Had a good time, But now he realized that they were the grins of men expecting one, Like a lion looks at a wounded wildebeest. As Hunter and his assistant tightly tied Jay’s arms into a T shaped crucifixion pose, two more Black men worked on his legs. Each grabbed an ankle rope and pulled them out to the sides, Pulling Jay’s legs apart until he yelped And started trembling at the strain. Then they eased off just a touch and tied the ropes off on the metal girders that formed the supports for the stalls opposite. When Jay was tied down, Hunter produced a face mask from a backpack in the corner. There were straps that passed around the head, and curved metal strips that would hold Jay’s mouth wide apart. “Open wide,” Hunter said. Jay shook his head like a stubborn child. “Come on, Let’s not go through this again.” Hunter looked down at the Jay’s flaccid genitals. Jay’s heavy, still-swollen balls rested on the floor like two eggs in a withered balloon. Supporting his foot on the heel, Hunter put the toes of his heavy boot on my nuts and carefully rocked his foot forwards. Jay’s nuts were immensely tender from hours of stimulation and endless orgasms. They bulged around the side of Hunter’s boot. “Open wide,” Hunter repeated, increasing the pressure. Jay resisted as long as he could, But after five seconds he caved. “Ah, ahh, ahhh,” Jay yelped, “Okay okay, get off my nuts.” Hunter brought the mouth spreader to Jay’s mouth, maintaining the pressure on my balls. “Wider.” Jay opened as wide as he could and Hunter pushed the spreader in then strapped it into place. Then he removed his foot. No long term harm done, But Jay’s nuts were seriously aching. “Unnnnnhhh,” he groaned. Hunter walked forwards holding his flaccid cock in his right hand. Jay wasn’t averse to sucking a dick but it had to be the cock of somebody he liked not one that had just turned his asshole into a red-rimmed cavern. Hunter wiped the head of his flaccid dick across Jay’s lips, Leaving a snail trail of his after-jizz on Jay’s lips. Jay turned away and the watching men laughed. “Oh Im oh unnuh,” Jay said, as though his unintelligible words meant anything. But Hunter had no interest in a blow job so soon after filling Jay’s asshole. Instead he pissed on me  letting loose like a donkey, And turning the guy’s head so that it went into his mouth, His eyes, his hair. Jay whipped his head back, reviled at the debasement and cracked his skull against the tiled wall. For a moment he was stunned and Hunter continued pissing, undeterred. When Jay came around, He was covered in piss from his hair to his pubes and Hunter was grinning down at him as he continued to direct the last of his urine at his face. “Aww what the fuck man!” Jay said, blinking against the urine that was stinging his eyes. “You’re the designated bitch for the day Jay,” Hunter informed him. “What?! For fuck’s sake.” Jay spat the urine from his mouth but then one of the watching men approached and grabbed him by the sides of the head. Jay struggled expecting more urine, But instead the man thrust his hard Black cock into his open mouth. Jay gagged but there was nothing he could do to prevent it. The Black man slowly face fucked him, thrusting and pulling the head onto his Black cock in time. As the man moved closer to orgasm, He increased the pace of his fucking, Jerking Jay’s unwilling face onto his Black dick harder and harder. He squirted his load directly down the back of Jay’s throat, And compared to the urine it was not particularly unpleasant. The Black man kept fucking until he was dry, Forcing his load down his throat. Then he lightly tapped his nuts with the toe of his sneaker. “Thanks .” He was immediately followed by another Black man, And another, And another. More coming in from outside, Until 14 men had emptied their loads into stomach, And each tapping him in the nuts, Or lightly rubbing them with shoes before leaving – Not hard enough to permanently injure, But by the last his sack was turning a rosy pink and his nuts were aching constantly. Hunter approached and pulled something from his bag. A contraption. Jay didn’t recognize it. He knelt between Jay’s spread legs. Jay’s drained cock was small, Flaccid, languishing in a curve to the side over his pink balls. Hunter picked up the little dick and forced it into a short metal tubular chastity device. Three inches long. A little longer than Jay’s cock now at it most shriveled. He clamped a bar behind it trapping Jay’s testicles in their wrinkled and tired-looking scrotum. Then he inserted a padlock into a metal ring that held the cross bar in place. Now the device would be impossible to remove without Jay pulling his balls off. His cock was completely encased in metal, With just a narrow slit at the end to piss through. There was no way to touch your self. “That’s a titanium Cock Cage. Impossible to cut off, Even with an industrial angle grinder. Same with the lock. Can’t be cut or ground off, And it’s an EVVA lock with a dual magnetic key. Impossible to pick. If you want to get to your cock, You’re going to have to come here again.    Your a white slave Now !  
    Just like your white ancestors owned Black slave's that they used for Breeding and manual labor
    Now the Black race His evolved into the Dominant Black race, And started to Own white slave's for sexually use !  You know what to expect. We’ll Ungage it from time to time when were braking in a new white slave,  I think you’ll agree, It isn’t entirely unpleasant. And if you try to involve the cops, they’ll never get the key. I can wipe it with a single click, Then you’ll be trapped in that cock cage forever.” Jay nodded to two Black men and they untied the cords from Jay’s wrists and ankles while they removed the mask. And one more thing,  Mark's My Cousin,   Now Mark is not your shift leader anymore, He Your Manger Now ! Your going to promote Him tomorrow ! And following His promotion! You well take off your clothes and show Him your Caged Cock, And Beg Him Fuck You Again !
    Tell Him He Owns you now!   He's your Black Master and Your His white poz slave!  My eyes went wide open,, I started to protest,  Hunter slapped my face hard, Yes I said Poz slave, You were Bred by Him..  Mark gave you the Gift !  As you are Now !  And if you don't please Mark sexually,  
    You know that recording we made of you last night,  Its my first insurance policy,  It well go over the world wide web!  Unless you take care of my Cousin real Good, 
    And the second insurance policy is your DNA from the milking machine, In case we need it to frame you for a sexual crime, The brothers in lock up, Well like you, They well make you a Bitch, You well be Raped every night by Black brothers ! They well pass you around like a white whore!
    Before long it's almost gonna be like you can't go a few hours without His Black Dick !
    That's right you're going to be addicted to Black Dick ! 
    And Jay clambered to his feet and hastily dressed then stumbled towards the exit without a word. “Same time next week slave?” Hunter said grinning as the Jay reached the door. “Unnnn,” Jay grunted non-noncommittally.
    He saw years of incredible ecstasy and humiliation stretched out before him, He was a Poz slave now and he was uncertain whether it excited or sickened him. But he knew he’d be back the following week. Being owned is both humiliating and comforting when the person takes care of you and protects you. There is even a great deal of sensuality in being humiliated.
  9. No longer a virgin in any sense.

  10. Once You Go Black You'll Never Go Back?!!

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    I can’t NOT think about it. No matter how I try.  The memory of that stud masseur having his way with me plays in continuous loops over and over in my mind.

    his crotch grinds into my face as he feeds his rock hard, throbbing cock down into my throat… he wields it like some kind of weapon… jabbing and thrusting… fucking away at my stuffed esophagus… using me like a cheap masturbation toy until he shoots off like the Fourth of July, flooding my stomach with his hot load… ensuring I will carry more than just the memory of him home with me…

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    I have been using since the mid 80's and used primarily Rush, Rush Gold, Jungle Juice, Bolt and various other brands. I am just curious about your experiences using them, recommendations on various brands and anything else related to alkyl nitrates.

    I have heard horror stories of people being burned in very sensitive areas of their bodies from poppers being spilled, myself included. Back in the height of the AIDS Pandemic scare it was also linked to the spread of the disease. Of course this was just part of the hysteria in the early 80's.

    I have heard that there is a new brand called Maximum Impact. I haven't seen it in any of the adult bookstores here in Minneapolis, but then again we are between both coasts.

    So let's share and discuss your ideas on popper usage and anything else popper related.

  11. It’s so sad when I see people right on zoom how they’re waiting for their boyfriend to leave so they cheat on him. People like you are the reason people like my ex don’t trust anyone and assume we’re all cheaters. If you want to be fucking anyone who’s anyone why just not just be single. Like why cheat. To the people that think it’s cool or hot I honestly have to say it’s not, it’s quite pathetic and just cruel. And I see in a lot of us gays doing this and I can now see why people like my ex have a hard time believing and get paranoid that every gay is a cheater

  12. DanishAss
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    When I arrived there was only the host, but pretty soon the other bottom arrived. 

    We were ordered to strip naked and get in a 69 on the bed, and after a short while the other tops started arriving. At first they just watched us sucking each other, but eventually there were hands groping our bodies and arses, and I could feel fingers exploring my hole while I could se other fingers exploring the whole of the other bottom while I sucked his cock.

    Finally when all the tops had arrived we were ordered up on hands and knees side by side, but in opposite directions so my mouth was next to his arse and his mouth was next to mine. There was a total of 6 men - and us two bottoms on the bed, showing our willing holes...

    Then it began.

    A hard cock in my mouth, while I could see another hard cock enter the arse next to my face - and I knew the other bottom could see the cock that pushed inside my arse while he presumably also had a cock in his mouth! They went hard at it, and both me and the other bottom were moaning as much as you can with a hard cock fucking your mouth! 

    But between the two of u we only had 4 holes - and there were 6 hard cocks to service, so inevitably there would be some switching around. Every cock would go in every hole... The second cock in my mouth came directly from the other bottom's arse! And I knew that the cock from my arse probably went in his mouth... 

    They kept switching around between our holes, fucking deep and hard as we moaned with our mouths full of cock and only short breaks in the cocksucking to allow us to sy doped up on poppers. Damn, the sound of our moans mixing as we were getting used side-by-side was so hot... But the main act was still to come!

    Two of the tops laid down on the bed on their backs side by side, and we were ordered to sit down on their cocks and lean forward, exposing our holes to the two other cocks that were now forcing their way up our holes. I looked across to the other bottom and I could see on his face that he was in as much pain as myself, trying to adjust to having two hard cocks fucking each of our arses!

    We were told to load up on poppers, and then the remaining two cocks were presented to our mouths for us to suck. Each of us was now serving three cocks each - and once we got used to the double-fucking it was quite clear that we both LOVED taking so much raw cock at the same time! 

    There was a bit of witching around of cocks so all of the tops got to have a go at the double-fucking, though I'm not sure all of them tried double-fucking each arse; I was beginning to lose track of who was fucking what hole at that point and just enjoyed being used and hearing the moans and groans of the other bottom. Damn, SO HOT!!!

    Eventually the double-fucking stopped and the two of us where directed up in doggy position side by side and we were ordered to finger each other's arses to feel how open our fuckholes had gotten... Damn... We were both wide open!!! And then it was time for the breeding. The tops were all lined up behind us, and two by two they fucked and bred us until each of us had three loads in our arse... When we got our first loads I locked eyes with the other bottom and it was clear he was just as ecstatic as me to be bred! And after each dump the cock would move to the mouth of the opposite bottom to be sucked clean! And so it continued until we each had three loads in our arse.

    (Of course I would have LOVED getting all six loads myself, but it was also VERY hot to share the breeding experience with another BBottom!)

    After we each had three loads in us we were ordered back in a 69 as in the beginning and told to drain each other while the tops looked on. I was lucky enough to be on the bottom of the 69, so the cum leaking from the other bottom's arse was slowly dripping down to his balls where I could clean it off! That was so fucking hot that I blew my load in the other bottom's mouth way before he finally came in my mouth - and the moment he had cum we were ordered to get dressed and clear out!

    We had been there to be used, and we DEFINITELY got used! 

    Once we were outside the building we shook hands and said goodbye in a very polite way that probably didn't indicate to passers-by what we had just had done to us...

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    It was Friday night at the local Leather Bar,
    I was dressed in a Leather Hardness and Leather pants, And a Leather Collar, I siting there, When I saw this Black Guy standing up against the wall, I've seen Him before, And there was something about Him that I found sexy, 
    I don't know what it was, He was nice looking, But He Had a home less look about Him,  He was probably was just down on His luck,  He was 5'6 looked to be about 150lbs .
    He came over to me and said Hi , We talked for a few, And than He took my hand and guided it down to His crotch,
    I was delighted to fine a nice bulge in His pants, When I went to remove my hand from His crotch, He grabbed my hand and put it back, This excited me in the way, He was taking control, Than He grabbed my head with His hands and guided our lips together and explored my mouth with His tongue, He unzipped His pants and revealed His
    huge Black Cock, semi-hard and dangling in front of me,  It must have been 9 or 10 inches long, You gonna suck it?
    I couldn't keep my eyes off it!  I opened my mouth and slid the Black Cock in as far as it would go, And started to Suck Him, My head was still spinning from the excitement of sucking Black Cock in the bar,  You going to get a hotel,   If you want this Black Dick, You will follow my orders,  " He pulled His Black Cock away from me, And put it back in his pants,
    "You coming?  " Yes Sir,  He grabbed my arm and started to lead me out, Let go Bitch, I let myself be led out by the arm, His powerful hand grabbing me tightly, His commanding presence making me follow, I was just a white cock sucking faggot ready to be used for Black Cock, When we arrived at the hotel, The Black Guy opened the door and turned to me. "Get undressed Bitch,  It was kinda sleazy place,     Let's go bitch, I said strip ! Take it all off, He said in a commanding voice,  I started to undress in the middle of the room, Feeling embarrassed but aroused at the thought of doing it in front of him. As I took my clothes off, He was going through my over night bad,  He turns around and throws Jock Strap at me, Saying  " I like my bitches to wear a Jock strap." I stood there completely naked holding a Jock Strap,  He said to come here, He put a Cock Ring on me, He than put my dick in a Cock Cage, And Lock it,  He told me to put on the Leather Hardness, And than the Collar   "Let me see you in your slave clothes, Come over here and show me what a Bitch you are". I stood in front of Him and turned around, Showing Him my Locked Dick and exposed ass,  "Yeah, you look good, bitch, This is what your going to wear from now on, I want you out of your street clothes and in your slaves clothes as soon as you get here, understand?" "Yes, sir", I respond, Gonna make you bitch, You want that, Don't you, bitch? You want to be a Black Man's Bitch, Don't you faggot." You want me to Fuck your white Bitch Ass and turn it into a Pussy, Don't you?"
    "Yes, please Fuck me, I want your Black Cock in my Ass, Please Fuck me!  I want to be your bitch!"
    He order me to my knees, Now suck my BBC,   I do as I'm told, And suck Him good, After he was fully Hard, He said get on the bed and put your hands and legs out spread eagle, He took some rope and tied my hand and legs to the corner of the bed, Now your going to be my sex slave, I'm going to fuck you now, Tell me you want this BBC,  Tell me,
    Please give me that BBC, And he slowly put His BBC in my Hole, When he was balls deep He started to Fuck me, 
    Beg for this BBC slave, I said I want your BBC, Fuck me please, OOOO Fuck my ass, Than I feel His Black Dick start to throb and swallow, Than I felt His Coming filling my ass with His Black Seed, He held His BBC deep and said, Your my slave now,  Every week I want you to get a hotel room, I'm going to get Bred you once a week,   Put this Black Seed in your ass pussy,    I'm going to put this Black Seed in you, Deep in your second hole, Where this Black Seed Well start to slowly change you,  You well not notice the changes, But Other Black Men well,  Pretty soon you well be giving your ass up to any Black Men, Once this happens you'll be Black Property !     Under stand,
    I said Yes Sir ... 
  13. Sitting here with my chasers hot wads of cum leaking out of my chub hole after a quick fuck session that finally ended in him seeding me... It's been a long time coming, he's been a regular fuck for over a year, we've gone bareback before but he's never blown his load inside me and would always pull out after a few minutes. He prefers to wrap up when we fuck.

    He had been messaging me most of the day, arranging a fuck session when he took his break tonight. Plan was he wanted me waiting in my Nasty Pig jock strap, poppered up and gagging for his cock and he wanted to fuck me without lube; he fucked me before a few weeks ago without lube and he loved my reaction when I squirmed to adjust as he forced his wrapped cock into me. 

    I had recently purchased the thin feel condoms just for him, it was the closest thing to bareback he'd allow. I got myself ready, showered, douched, put on the jock and started huffing poppers when he gave me the notice he was ten minutes away. 

    He's a very fit young man, he's 25 and has a large uncut thick cock, decent length and well able to fuck. He's got a nice but not overly hairy chest, low hanging balls and a broad chest. He's got a girlfriend and I don't care about that as long as I'm getting cock now and then which is the way it's worked for over a year now.

    I assumed the position and took my last hit of poppers as I heard him open the door and walk up the stairs. He walked into the room and started to undress as I motioned on the bed and presented my hole to him. "Oh that's a nice sight, you dirty pig slut, waiting for my cock" was his opening words to me "Yes sir, I've been gagging for it all day" I replied as he climbed up onto the bed and teased my hole with his cock (no condom so far) 

    He was rock hard as he slapped his cock off my ass and grabbed my jock strap and teased my hole with his cock, resting the cock head at my hole but as I pushed back he pulled away. He lay down on the bed and told me to eat his hole, he loved to be rimmed and he had a perfectly shaped bubble butt and pink hole that I enjoyed eating out. After some time he turned over and reached for the condom while I went down on his cock and balls "Get off my cock and lick those balls you pig" were his instructions, I worshipped his low hanging balls full of his seed as he wrapped a thin feel condom over his manhood. I must admit my hardon flopped a little as I saw the rubber go on but I knew this wasn't going to happen otherwise.

    "Get your mouth over that and wet that johnny now as that's all the natural lube we're using you pig" were his instructions as he lay there, balls naked with his thick cock standing proud but wrapped. I went down on him, the taste of the rubber was horrible but I needed to wet it and get it reasonably ready for my hole. While I was down over the rubber I thought this could actually work to my advantage, having read about stealthing before I thought if I could use enough force I could break the condom and get his seed.

    I stopped sucking him off with spit and just used my lips as they seemed to dry the condom. I sat up and whimpered a little so he'd know I was doing this against my will and wanted to use lube. He lay there as planned as I slowly positioned my big chub body over him and started to sit down on his cock, I adjusted his cock to my hole but at the same time played around with the condom and tried to stretch it just before he penetrated me.

    I eased onto his cock, with some pain, but not as much as I expected and we started to fuck. He grabbed my hips and started to push up and down inside me, he slapped my fat ass as we started to get into a rhythm and I began to moan with enjoyment, he started to call out how good it felt inside me and within 15 mins he told me he was close. I started to really go for it, wanting to make him blow a hot load but not knowing would I feel it or would the evil rubber catch it all.

    I was bouncing on his cock now, harder and harder as he opened his eyes and gave a roar and shot his seed... he grabbed my hips as he pushed deep into me and at that moment I felt the warm sensation of cum inside my asshole. I said nothing as I enjoyed the moment and he continued to blow until he pushed to ease me off his cock. "Fuck that felt good" he said as I dismounted and felt my hole was wet with cum "Ah shit, the condom broke" he announced as we both looked at his cock, erection now slowly going down, and there was a fine tear where his cum should be... "Sorry man, I didn't mean for that to happen" he said "it's okay, I get tested regularly, don't worry about it, I guess that's what happens without lube" I responded as I lay down on my bed and pretended as much as I could that this wasn't meant to happen.

    He got up and went into the bathroom off my bedroom and I turned over and felt my hole, his hot seed was there alright and I pushed what was leaking out back inside me where I wanted it.

    After a few minutes he came out, apologised again for the rubber snapping, got dressed and left... I'm starting to wonder did he enjoy the feeling of his seed blowing into me more than he cared to admit it; we all know it feels better than blowing into a nasty sheet of rubber!

    I'll sleep well now tonight :)

  14. Hello all,

    It has been a while since I have written anything here in my blog. That's because up until last night I really haven't had anything out of the ordinary happen. I have been getting my normal blow jobs and ass fucking at the local ABS.  On Saturday I was checking out Craigslist and BBRT looking through the ads for hook ups when I came across a party ad on BBRT. I checked it out and the ad was looking for a bottom for Tops party. I messaged him asking for details about the party. He messaged me back telling me that he had a bottom and three other Tops lined up for the party later that night and the bottom he had lined up bailed on him. Which in turn caused the other Tops to bail also. He told me that he was in town from Minnesota and was leaving in the morning and still wanted to party. We exchanged some pics and stats about ourselves. He told me his likes and dislikes. He told me he was all Top and didn't bottom at all, though he would suck cock on occasion. He really liked to have his ass rimmed and he liked to rim ass especially before fucking it. He was into some raunch and some water sports and his one big dislike was the word "no" coming from his bottoms. I told him I was good with his likes and dislike and that I would do my best to please him.

    He wanted to know if I wanted to meet with him at the scheduled time he had listed in his ad. He told me that he would try to line up the other Tops but for sure he wanted to fuck me if I was game. I didn't have to think all that long and hard and I told him I would love to join the party with just him or other Tops. I asked for the Hotel and room number and told him I would be here at 8 pm for the party. He messaged me back and told me he was looking forward to partying with me.

    I was a little nervous but more excited about the party I was going to later in the day. More excited in not knowing how many people might be at the party. I took the afternoon to get myself ready for the party. I showered, shaved and cleaned myself out real good for a night of fun. I had a couple drinks at home to take the edge off and headed out to the Hotel for the party.

    I showed up at the hotel got in the elevator pressed 5 and up I went. I got out of the elevator and found the room and knocked. I still at this time had no idea how many people might be on the other side of the door. Within a few seconds after knocking the Top opened the door wearing only a towel around his waist. He told me to come in and as I entered the room I noticed only the Top and I were there. He must of noticed me scanning the room and told me he couldn't get a hold of the other Tops and hoped I wasn't too disappointed. I told him that everything was cool and now I could direct all of my attention on him. He told me he had a beer  in the fridge if I wanted one. I told him I would take a beer and he told me he would get it for me and that way I could shed my clothes so he could see in person the ass that he was going to be fucking. He got the beer for me and stood there as I finished undressing. He handed me the beer and had me move over to the bed rubbing my ass checks on the way there. He told me to sit on the edge of the bed while he stood in front of me. We drank some of our beers and had some mild chit chat then he looked at me and asked if I was ready for a good fucking. I told him I was as ready as I would ever be. He said good and grabbed my beer bottle and placed it on the table next to the bed. He dropped his towel and I was very impressed. He did send me a pic of his cock earlier but I have to say it didn't look much longer but it looked a whole lot bigger in girth in real life. He moved over and laid on the bed and had me move up next to him so I could explore his body. I moved my hands up and down his chest and I just couldn't help myself and I let one hand move down to his cock. He wasn't completely hard yet but I could feel it getting harder as I stroked it. He let out a soft moan and said how my hand felt good on his cock and to keep that up for a bit. I continued to stroke his cock with my hand as my mouth made up to his mouth and I kissed him. Damn his mouth came to life as we kissed, tongues moving around each other. I finally broke the kiss and started to kiss down his neck to his chest stopping to gently nibble on his nipples. I worked my tongue down his stomach to his belly button licking and kissing around sticking my tongue in his belly button. His cock was standing at full attention as my mouth and tongue licked its way down to the base of his cock. My tongue slid up the top of his cock and when I got to the head my tongue licked the little bead of pre-cum that had formed. My tongue licked its way down the bottom side of his cock until I reached his ball sack. He moan all the while my tongue was bathing his ball sack. He spread his legs to give me better access to his nut sack. I made sure to take each nut into my mouth and work it around. I moved his nut sack up and started to move my tongue between his nut sack and his asshole. He moved his legs up and I knew what he  was  wanting so I moved my tongue down to his asshole and licked his hole and pulled back giving his hole a soft breath. I moved in with my tongue licking and sticking my tongue in his ass as far as I  could get it in. He was loving it from the moans and the movement. He even placed his hands on the top of my head trying to pull my face in to his ass. I finally finished with his ass and started to work my way back up to his cock. My tongue licked the bottom side of his cock from the base to the head of his cock. He was moaning and saying things I really couldn't understand, but as I took the head of his cock into my mouth I did hear what he said then. "I hope you like Poz cock". I had the head of his cock and half the shaft in my mouth when those words registered in my mind. My heart skipped a beat and started to pound really fast. I pulled my mouth off his cock and asked him what he just said, trying to confirm what I thought I heard him say. He picked his head up and look me right in the eye and said you heard me. I said I hope you like Poz cock. I must of had a blank look on my face because he said I shouldn't be surprised and he knows I have fantasies of Poz cock. I looked at him puzzled and asked how he would know that. Then I felt like a dumb ass as he told me that he had read my blog here on breeding zone. I said well yes you do have me there. I told him that I wanted to try undetectable poz cock first. His reply was well you know your going to try undetectable poz cock and then your going to try toxic poz cock and guess what, you've had my toxic poz cock halfway in your mouth. I just sat there not knowing really what to say. He was right its just not the way I had visioned things happening. He broke my thought process when he grabbed my head and started to guide my mouth back to his cock while telling me that he was starting to think I was going to embark on his biggest dislike as a bottom saying "no". He said look just suck my cock for now and lets see how it goes for you and if your still too uncomfortable to go through with it we can stop. His hands holding my head over his cock, my lips touching the pre-cum on the head of his cock. He tells me to lick his pre-cum and tell him if it tastes any different than negative pre-cum. My tongue licks the pre-cum from the tip of his cock. He asks "does it taste any different". I shake my head no all the while thinking holy shit I am about to suck a toxic poz cock. My cock gets rock fucking hard as that thought goes through my head. With a little help from his hands I give in and I slide my mouth all the way down his cock until the head of his cock is in my throat cutting off my air supply and my nose at the base of his cock. He is moaning telling me to suck his poz cock and how good my mouth and throat feel on his poz cock. He turns my head loose and I go to town on his cock. My head moving up and down and my mouth sucking for what it worth all the will hearing him tell me to suck his poz cock. I keep feeling his cock hit the back of my throat as my head and mouth move down his shaft, the pace picking up wondering if he is going to shoot his toxic load of cum down my throat, his breathing is getting faster and more labored, his hips are meeting the rhythm of my head and mouth. I know he is getting close, my cock is so hard its about to split wide open, I'm so horny thinking that any second I am about to have a toxic poz load of cum shot down my throat, then he stops and pulls my head off of his cock! I'm thinking what the fuck and he tells  me that he  was about to cum and he doesn't want to cum just yet. He has me take my mouth and hands off of his cock for a bit so he can calm down. He has me move up from between his legs and wants me to straddling his chest. He wants to see my cock and can't believe how hard my cock is. While my legs are straddling his chest he strokes my cock and tells me he knows this is making me so hot and horny from the feel of how hard my cock is. I told him that yes I have to admit that I am so fucking hot knowing that I have had a poz cock in my mouth and thinking about how close I was to having a poz load of cum shot down my throat. He keeps stroking my cock as he lays back with me straddling his chest. As he strokes my cock his other hand finds its way to my asshole and he starts to rub my asshole. He tells me to spit in my fingers and lube my hole so he can slide his fingers in my ass. I get a good amount of spit on my fingers and move it around to my ass and lube up my hole as his fingers take over and push inside of me. I moan and move my hips loving the feeling of his fingers sliding inside of me while his hand is stroking my cock. He keeps talking to me telling me how hot it makes him knowing that his poz cock is having this much of an effect on me. I just moan and listen to him talk loving the feeling of his fingers working my asshole his hand keeps stroking my cock. His hand keeps pushing against the base of my cock as his fingers work my hole. I'm lost in the moment and he tells me to put some more spit on my hole for him. So I spit on my fingertips and move my hand back to lube up my hole for him when I notice the head of his cock only a couple of inches away from my hole. I lube up my asshole real good for him and his fingers continue to work in and out of my ass. He tells me to get some more spit and to lube up his cock and stroke it for him as he strokes my cock and fingers my hole. I spit a big amount on my fingers and bring it down to the cock that is only inches away from my ass. He is talking to me while he has  me moaning with the pleasure of him stroking my cock and fingering my ass, he asks me if I'm still hot for his poz cock and I tell him yes I know its wrong but I did get fucking horny sucking on his cock. As I am stroking his cock I feel him pushing me back until I feel the head of his cock hit the crack of my ass above my hole. He keeps telling me in an almost seductive tone how I make his poz cock feel so good. He wants to know if I want to know what it feels like to have a toxic poz cock rub up against my asshole. I told him I don't know, I'm kind of scared, but still as scared as I am I do want to know. He tells me to move the head of his cock to my hole and rub it around and then let him know if it feels any different than a negative cock. I move his cock to my hole lubed up with my spit and rub it around. I move my hips so the head of his poz cock rubs all around my now hot asshole. My asshole feels like it is on fire and it is craving cock. He moans and says that my negative hole feels so good on his poz cock and wants to know if the head of his cock feels good and if it feels any different than a negative cock. I moan and whisper to him that his poz cock actually feels better and I don't know why. He tells me that's because his poz cock is so wrong in my mind and that by it touching me like it is, so close to being inside of me, where I want it to be but because of the taboo of it makes me extra sensitive. I tell him I don't know if that's it but I do know that it feels so, so good. He tells me to get some more of my spit and lube up my hole some more. While I am spitting and lubing up my hole he is telling me that I really want to see what it feels like to have his poz cock inside me and that I should just put the head of his cock in my hole and then pull it out and let him know how it feels. He asks me if I would do that for him and I with my eyes closed I softly tell him yes as I line his poz cock up to my negative hole and slowly push back feeling the head part my asshole and slowly slide inside of me. My heart his beating out of my chest knowing that  what I am doing is so wrong on many levels and yet I can't stop myself. I feel the head of his cock push past my asshole just inside me, he lets out a moan and tells me how hot my asshole feels and I pull myself forward and the head of his cock pulls out of my ass, my eyes still closed he asks me how it felt. I tell him it felt amazing, no cock has ever made my ass feel like this. He tells me to push the head of his cock inside of me again and to leave it inside of me for a little bit longer. I line head of his cock back up to my hole and with my eyes still closed I slowly push the head of his cock inside my asshole, my heart still pounding, he tells me to leave it there because it feels so good to him to be inside of me even if it's just the head. He asks me if I like the way his poz cock feels inside of me and I tell him softly fuck yes, it feels so fucking good. He tells me he knew I would love his poz cock inside of me and that  I would want more of his cock inside of me and he asks me if he is right. I tell him yes I want more of his cock inside of me but it scares me. He asks me why it still scares me when I already have the head of his cock inside of me. He tells me that it is completely up to me but he knows that I want more of his poz cock inside of me and that I should push a couple more inches inside of me and then I can pull out if I want. I take a deep breath and I push back and slide a little more of his cock inside of me, he lets out a big moan and tells me how good my negative hole is making him and his cock feel. I tell that his cock is making me and my ass feel so fucking amazing. He corrects me and and tells me that he wants me to tell him how good his poz cock is making me and my negative ass feel. I tell him that I love the way his poz cock is making me and my negative ass feel, it feels amazing. As I am telling him this  with his hands on my hips he pushes forward until his cock is buried deep inside of me and he holds it there. As I feel his cock push all of the way inside of me I finally open my eyes and look at him, he has a devilish smile on his face as he tells me that he knew he could get his poz cock inside of me, as he begins to slowly push his cock in and out of my asshole, he just had to be patient with me. At that point I didn't know what to do. I have this HIV positive cock inside of my HIV negative ass and part of me wants to get up and run, but a bigger part of me gives in and I wrap my arms around him, I hold on tight as he rolls me over onto my back with his cock still inside of me, pushing deep inside of me fucking me. His pace picks up as his poz cock works in and out of my asshole. He asks me if I like his poz cock fucking me and I tell him yes I love the feeling of his poz cock inside my negative ass. His pace quickens and I can feel his sweat dripping on me. He tells me again to tell him how his poz cock feels in my negative hole. I am moaning and moving my hips to meet his hips as his cock is now slamming my ass, it feels like he is tearing my asshole up, I tell him how good his fucking hard poz cock feels in my negative hole. He tells me to tell him how I love the feel of his poz cock wrecking my negative hole. His breath is getting more labored and his sweat is dripping off of him and onto me, he yells at me to tell him how I love the feel of his poz cock wrecking my negative hole. His pace picks up even faster as I almost scream telling him how I love the way his HIV positive cock is wrecking my HIV negative hole and with that I feel him raise his chest with his arms and he pushes as deep inside of me as he can, I can feel the head of his cock swell up deep inside of me and at that point I realize that he is pumping his toxic load of HIV infected cum deep inside of me and I am fucking loving it. In fact I am loving it so much that my cock begins to shoot its load of cum and I haven't even touched my cock. I have never been able to cum without touching my cock. He finally  begins to slide his cock in and out of me, trying to calm his heart rate down. I tell him how amazing that felt having his poz cock shoot deep inside of my negative hole. He looks me in the eye and tells me that I can't say that anymore. I laid there with a lost look in my eyes realizing that he is more than likely right. He rolls off of me and lays back, still panting from the poz fucking he just gave me. I look down at his softening cock with his my ass juice and his cum on it. I sit up and lean over, lick his cock and take it into my mouth cleaning it of his HIV positive cum and the last of my HIV negative ass juice. While cleaning off our combined fuck juices his cock starts to get hard again and he asks me if he can fuck my poz hole with his poz cock. As wrecked as my asshole feels I looked at him and told him only of he fucks my sore poz hole gently. He laughed at me and told me what a hot conversion that was for him. He asked me if I liked it when he kept having me tell him how his poz cock was making me feel. I told him yes and that after the first couple of times I figured out why he kept wanting me to repeat it and he said yes because that was going to be the last time I was going be able to say that.

    He fucked me two more times before he had to get to the airport to leave. I went home and got into the tub to soak my sore asshole and reflect on the events of Saturday night. I have a host of emotions mainly scared not knowing what to expect next.

    Later in the day on Sunday when he was at the Denver airport he text me to tell me what a great time he had and he wanted to let me know that although he is HIV+ he is on meds and is undetectable. He told me that he was sorry for not letting me in on him being undetectable but he wanted me to get the full feeling of a possible HIV infection and from the way the night went down he believes that had I known he was undetectable that I wouldn't have reacted the same.

    So I am relieved in one sense that I probably didn't get poz'd and sad in another but mostly relieved.



















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    Life After Divorce

    I endured through a grueling separation and divorce during the beginning of July 2010. I emerged victorious on all mitigation aspects in alimony, custody, child support with all the nasty legalities and hearings. When everything was settled, my parents insisted in leaving my reservation for solitude and rest. I settled into a nice motel in Albuquerque’s mid-town area and I made the personal decision to recover, regroup and begin my journey of self-acceptance in being a closeted bisexual and a discrete nudist during my vacation. It was the first time I was alone without my children, family and enjoyed being naked the entire time, masturbating to porn, enjoying “booty calls” and “fuck buddies” for the first time in my life in fucking native women, and being fucked having gay sex from closeted native men with no strings attached.

    It was a bit of a wild time and I fucked, and was fucked, raw and bareback. I orgasmed deep inside two native women, I anally penetrated and deflowered a closeted 18 year old high school male. My teen bottom was so tight, I had sympathy when he was gasping, whimpering and breathed shallowly when I felt my very slippery and lubed up small cock, penetrated and slightly widened his tight anal ring during our bareback anal sex session. He squeezed his virgin sphincter in reflex, when I began going in and out, and it took me less than a minute fucking him doggy style to cum inside of him. He jacked off in front of me and wonderfully shot thick, white and ropey loads of cum. He scooped up his own semen and swallowed it! I bottomed in anal sex twice, bareback and two closeted Navajo men orgasmed deep inside me, and I had a lot of semen leaking out of my sore and raw anus. I was lucky I tested negative in all sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.

    My heart was pounding fast and hard from being both nervous and horny. I was taking off my shirt and I caught a glimpse of my friend Joseph unbuttoning his jeans and pushing them down with his underwear. He stepped out of them and he was completely naked. I nervously put my shirt on a chair, untied the draw string of my running tights, pushed down my tights with underwear, also undressing completely naked too. We looked at one another for second, hugged for a second with a brief peck on the lips. We embraced for a moment, exchanged pleasantries and caught up. We were both happy to see one another. I was happy my fellow closeted native man came to visit me at my motel room and we were nude. Joseph excused himself to use the room’s restroom and squeezed my right ass cheek as he walked by. He was younger than me, married with children and closeted Navajo male top, and grew up in a similar and conservative environment. He had a flat top, wide shoulders, light brown skin, a small flat ass, an untrimmed thick black and natural bush with a small circumcised cock similar like mine. I had made love earlier the same day, and enjoyed a wild fuck session with a beautiful Pueblo native woman. I penetrated her perfect shorn bald slit and I ejaculated deep inside of her twice. After she left, I became horny for cock. I hungered to be naked with a native woman with her tits, ass and vag in my mouth, but I hungered just as much now to be naked with a cock in my mouth and to be penetrated raw, bareback, ass up and face down. I miss being naked and being fucked as a bottom. It felt invigorating and free as I was finally making myself comfortable in having sex with both men and woman freely as a closeted bisexual native male.

    I was brought back to reality in hearing the toilet flush and the sink faucet being turned on. I was sitting naked on the edge of the motel room’s king sized bed, and I was enjoying the new porn DVD I purchased the day before. I was playing with myself, fingered my thick and natural bush, and enjoyed the amateur Latinas and exotic women being fucked in the Chica Boom series. Joseph walked out of the bathroom naked, he was semi-erect, and sat next to me and began playing with himself too. He reached over with his left hand and began caressing my pubic hair and scrotum. I moved my ass up the bed more and I laid back, opened my knees and legs for him. I was a bit embarrassed as my nervous and tense self, made my nuts shrink more and my small and glistening circumcised cock shrank more and resembled a small nub buried in thick pubic hair! Joseph placed his head between my thighs, and I shuddered at the feeling of a tongue and warm mouth licking the pre-cum off of the tip of my small circumcised cock. He buried his face into my thick bush and began sucking my small cock harder while he caressed my hairy taint and slightly spread ass cheeks. I whimpered and moaned and felt an erection forming and my balls relaxing. I gasped slightly when Joseph traced his tongue down my shaft, scrotum, taint and pressed his tongue harder on top of my brown anal ring. He lifted my legs higher and spread them further and began licking, kissing and sucking my asshole. It was heavenly laying on my back naked, my legs held up and opened wide, while I was getting my small cock sucked and my asshole being orally pleasured.

    Joseph stopped for a moment and asked me to suck his cock while he sat on the bed and watched the porn. I got off of the bed and he sat down on the edge, leaned back on his elbows and relaxed. It was awesome in we were both nude, enjoying porn in my motel room and I was about to suck my friend’s cock. I was more excited in I was about to get fucked doggy style and become his little bitch. I marveled at Joseph’s equally thick and black bush. Mine was thicker but his was wider, had larger hanging balls, a slightly shorter cock but his circumcised head was wider and larger. A large, clear bead of pre-cum appeared on his slit too. I knelt down in front of him and used a hand to give him a couple of strokes. I had forgotten in how hot an erect cock feels on my hands and my lips and mouth. I opened my mouth and softly wrapped my lips around his wide mushroom head. Joseph shuddered and gasped in pleasure as I licked his slit and tasted a large pre-cum bead from his head. His erection grew slightly harder, wider and hotter. My head began moving up and down slowly and picked up the speed slightly when I was sucking his dick faster. I used my right hand to stroke his shaft too, while I gave him a blow job. I began sucking my friend’s cock and softly played with his balls. I slurped, tasted pre-cum and savored the feeling and flavor of having a cock finally in my mouth. I missed the heat, the salty and sour pre-cum with being an oral and naked submissive bottom.

    It was awesome in feeling my friend shudder and quiver while he moaned while I was giving him head. He stopped me while I took out his cock from my mouth and told me in a shaky voice in he wants to fuck me so bad. I stood up and took out a bottle of ID Lube from my suitcase and a laid out a bath towel on the bed. I handed the bottle of lube to Joseph and gave each other a quick deep kiss, before I positioned myself on my elbows and knees with my ass up to him. I heard Joseph open the bottle of ID Lube with the subsequent sound of a wet, slick hand stroking a slippery erection as he jacked off for a second watching a petite perfectly figured, small chested amateur Latina with a full bush get creampied. He was also happy in looking at my smooth, slightly spread ass cheeks while I was ass up on my elbows. It felt great watching the porn, and feeling a finger go up and down my partially open ass cheeks, to caress my taint, my tight hairy scrotum from my nervously hidden balls, also to play and finger my anal hair sticking straight out from my open ass and to feel my anal ring. I heard more wet stroking sounds and felt room temperature, slippery and water based lube begin to run down between my naked ass cheeks. I felt a hand at the bottom of my ass crack cupping the copious amounts of lube being poured. I instructed him in a slightly shaky voice, from a dry nervous mouth, to use lots of lube as we can. I felt his right hand and fingers go between my ass cheeks with the copious amounts of wet and slippery lube. I felt a warm slippery finger gently probe my anal ring and I inhaled sharply in surprise and pleasure as I felt Joseph’s finger penetrate my ass and began fingering me. I felt more lube being poured on my ass, while I felt his middle finger going in and out, while I moaned and cooed softly.

    I felt the king sized bed shift weight more as Joseph climbed on his knees and positioned himself behind me and between my legs. My mind raced and I was aroused and nervous as I was about to be fucked bareback by a hot cock for the first time in years. I heard Joseph pour a little more lube to stroke himself and asked me if I was ready to be fucked. I was panting slightly and answered “Yes” in a shaky voice. I felt his hot circumcised cock head between my ass cheeks being positioned. I reached back with my hands to spread my cheeks further apart and Joseph positioned his slick head right on top of my anus. I let go of my ass cheeks and grabbed a pillow to clutch as I felt his hands on my hips grip tighter. I felt the first push against my tight asshole and I winced. My ass cheeks were spread once more by Joseph to position again. He positioned his cockhead in the middle of my asshole again and pushed forward harder. I cried out in pain and moaned uncomfortably while I was face down and ass up after a few unsuccessful tries. My tight asshole was beginning to feel sore and raw from the unsuccessful tries. Finally it happened with more lube and patience. I gasped out loudly in surprise, pain and pleasure when Joseph’s rock hard cock tip partially penetrated and opened my raw and tight asshole. I whimpered and squealed while breathing shallowly as I felt the sting of my tight anal ring being pushed and stretched opened and penetrated by Joseph’s rock hard erection. Joseph held my hips tight and I angled and pushed back with my ass to guide his cock to slide forward and to keep his wide mushroom head partially penetrating my very tight anal sphincter ring.

    I was breathing shallowly and whimpering when I felt the rock hard slippery cock being pushed forward slowly, trying to get Joseph’s cock head past my sphincter to completely penetrate me. I wailed loudly in surprise as his cock was pushed forward with shocking strength and I was lucky in a smaller cock was pushed in to finally penetrate my incredibly tight asshole. I felt Joseph’s pubic hair on my ass, as I whimpered and moaned quietly while struggling to get comfortable with a cock up my ass and my anal ring wrapping itself tightly around Joseph’s shaft base. He was panting and moaning too in shock and with pleasure, surprised in how tight I was. I fought the urge and willed my anal ring to not squeeze out Joseph’s cock being an uncomfortable presence. We both leaned back as Joseph sat on his heels and I tried to make myself more comfortable sitting on top of his erection. Goddamn, I was tight, I was breathing loud in shallow breaths and whimpering as it felt like I was being impaled through my asshole as Joseph’s cock went in a bit deeper inside my ass. We straightened up again as I felt his hands on my hips gripping me stronger and he began pumping me doggy style. I felt his cock begin to slowly go in and out of my raw and tight asshole. Joseph moaned and I whimpered and squealed begging him to slow down but he began fucking me faster and harder. My anal ring gripped his shaft tight as it went back and forth, feeling his pubic hair and balls slapping my taint. It was invigorating, erotic and painful as I was being fucked by my friend and he was fucking me bareback and doggy style. I moaned loudly while I was getting fucked, sweat poured down our heads and back, and Joseph began to moan and told me he was about to cum. I cried out as he gripped my shoulders hard, plunged himself as deep as he could inside my raw asshole and orgasmed. Joseph ejaculated a large and watery load of cum deep inside my ass. We were both panting and felt his relaxing cock slide out of my sore and raw anal ring and felt cum run freely down my taint and ball sack. I was surprised when I was flipped on my back with my legs spread wide open and Joseph began sucking my finally erect cock. He savored and moaned while sucking it and I whimpered and moaned once more as he flicked my sensitive circumcised head with his tongue. Joseph tried fingering my semen and lube soaked asshole but had to stop him as my asshole was too raw and tender. He jacked me off with his right hand while he sucked my cock and felt the familiar exquisite feeling of semen leaving my balls. I curled up more from the ecstasy and sensitivity of my cockhead and whimpered loudly as I orgasmed into Joseph’s mouth. He grunted and moaned for a second and swallowed my cum. I moaned and squealed loudly, while I kicked out my legs outward and back and forth quickly as he kept sucking my sensitive head and milking my cock.

    My closeted friend and I collapsed in a sweaty heap and held me for a few minutes. Joseph jumped in the shower and quickly cleaned and washed himself and left. I tenderly touched my raw asshole, got up and sat in the toilet and watched in amazement of the mixture of blood tinged semen and lube coming out. I smiled in being content as I felt another horny stirring in my loins. I was happy in finally becoming a little more comfortable in fucking both the boys and girls!




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    First of all please forgive me my language mistakes. English is not my first language.


    As you already know I'm from Poland. I'm in a 9 years long relationship and have never cheated.

    About a year ago I started to think about something new. Not exactly a new dick, but new stuff like spanking, bondage, gags, masks, being submissive etc.

    I started visiting various English forums BDSM related, chatting with dominant/submissive guys, buying kinky toys.

    I started to play with myself in the different ways: I put the mask on, plug my hole, lock my dick in a chastity belt and clean up the apartment. I simply fantasize about being complete bottom to an older man.

    About 2 months ago during my visit to gay chat a guy sent me a message. He's 48, 190, 85, 19 dominant. We chatted and moved to the messenger.

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    Meeting -1
    The first meeting was arranged pretty fast. Several messages on the sex site then a few texts to arrange the details and the meeting was on.
    His latest text informed me he was on his way and would arrive in 20 minutes.
    I had showered and was clean and fresh. I had the motel room ready.  Towel folded on the chair. Poppers ready. All I had on other than my chastity cage was my Black jockstrap and my nipple clamps. I'd been pumping them for a couple of hours a day they were swollen up nicely, over a half inch long and thicker than a pencil. The clamps felt good as the chain pulled and swung. In the cage, my cock throbbed and swelled as much as the down curving steel cage allowed.
    It's always nerve-racking, meeting a Black top for first time. He was new to the site, something I am always wary about. His pic though had swayed me to take the leap. His Black cock looked impressive. Long and thick and hard.
    It was only planned to be a short visit. An introduction.  Just oral this time. He said he wanted to give me a good deep face fucking. All he had time for. I wasn't going to complain.
    I took off the tit clamps and thumbed my tender swollen nips.

    I heard the throbbing sound of a car engine. I took a quick look out through the blinds, saw what must be him parking in the close. My pulse quickened. 
    A text arrived. 'Here.' was all it said. I quickly replied. "Ready sir. Door unlocked." And hit send. I had already told him where I would be in the hotel room and nub. I took up position on my knees facing the door. Heart beating hard in my chest.

    I heard the front door open, his feet on the tiled floor, the door closed and lock turn.
    He filled the doorway. He was a well build Black man. Tall and pretty good looking. 50 and fit. He looked me over as I knelt waiting.
    He kicked off his shoes without talking or smiling. Just stared at me as I knelt submissively pulling and rolling my nips. He undid his trousers. They came off quickly. Boxers with a big bulging outline of his Black Cock! He looked hard already! A good sign he liked what he saw.
    He stepped up and offered his bulge to me. I didn't hesitate. I pressed my lips to his bulge, licking and mouthing the length of his hot fat Black Cock through the cotton, feeling it twitch and throb as I worked along the length. I wasn't going to be disappointed, I knew!
    In no time my saliva had darkened the grey cotton outlining his meat. He hooked his thumbs in the waist and tugged them down. As he took them off I admired the big 9" cock bobbing as he moved to take his boxers right off.
    I sensed that he was a bit nervous too. Not greatly experienced. But I could see a real fire smouldering behind his eyes.
    He straightened up pushing his hips forwards. I opened my mouth, letting out a soft moan as I took him in. Fuck he tasted good! Clean. Freshly washed but smelling of man. I worked my mouth, lips and tongue down about half way, getting the spit going. I bobbed taking him deeper.

    His hand hooked the back of my head firmly! Pulling my head and pushing his hips forwards, he
    fucked his Black Cock all the way in and down my throat! I gagged noisily! I'd told him that I gagged easy. He'd said that was good, he wanted to hear me gagging on his Black Cock!

    He made me gag alright! Holding me down. Fucking his hips forwards and back! Fucking his Black Cock down my throat! My eyes watered. He eased up, let me gasp in some air. Saliva drooled down wetting my face. When he was I had my breath back, he pushed his Black Cock back into my open mouth and down my throat again.
    "Yeah! Fucking gag you Black Cock Whore! Gag on my big Black Cock!" He growled, holding my head with one hand while the other reached down and grabbed the nearest nipple, pinching and pulling on it. I moaned and pushed my chest forwards for more! He fucked my throat steady and relentless.
    "Fucking Cock Sucking Pig! Take it!" He growled.
    He eased back to allow me to take a breath. Thick saliva coated his gorgeous Black Cock and strung out to my panting lips as I gasped, open mouthed ready for more!
    "Like that? Like gagging on my Black Cock, Cock Sucker?" He growled down at me. He sounded more relaxed now, more in control.
    "Yes sir! Love your Black Cock Sir!" I managed to pant before he Fucked it again down my throat!
    He held me down, leaning right over me, running his hand down my spine to my framed Ass. He rubbed a work-rough finger across my puckered hole, sending a thrill up my spine! Was he going to change his mind?
    'Slap! Slap!' His strong Black hand came down with stinging cheeks.
    He straightened up, let me gasp in air. A fire burned hot in his eyes now!
    "Where do you want it cocksucker? Face or mouth?" He said, his voice tense with excitement as his Black Cock twitched ready to go back in my mouth.
    "Both sir!" I gasped.
    He shoved it back in my mouth, gripped my head with both hands and fucked my face hard and fast! I gagged and spluttered, spit spraying and spilling down over my lips!   If he was inexperienced, he was overcoming it fast!
    I could hear him breathing hard, growled rumbled from his throat! Soon!
    He pulled back from my mouth! "Finish it!" He snarled! I gripped his throat slime soaked Black Cock and worked it with my hand, mouth wide-open ready! His knob was dark, swollen, piss slit already gaping for release!
    The first rope landed right across my tongue! Salty-sweet and thick! The next hit my cheek More, across my nose and forehead. Lips and tongue!
    He shoved his pulsing cock back in my mouth, gasping and groaning, pulling me to him, forcing his cum spitting head down my throat! He bucked. Twitched! Shuddered!
    He relaxed his grip and I eased back and carefully milked and sucked the last of his cum from his Black Cock. I know how sensitive his Black Cock felt! Went easily on his wonderful Black Cock as he panted and gasped and flinched as I licked the last drips of spunk from his piss slit.
    Looking up, I let his Black Cock slip from my mouth and licked his Black Cock softly, clean and dry. I could feel his spunk on my face. I would leave it there for the rest of the day, feeling it dry and crust and smell it on me!
    He stepped away, the slightest of smiles on his flushed face.
    "There's a towel if you need it sir." I smiled at him as I looked up with his spunk all over my face and in my belly He wiped his Black Cock on the towel.
    "Was that okay sir?" I asked as he picked up his boxers and pulled them on.
    "Very nice cocksucker. You well make a good Slave , I will definitely see you again for more of that. Might even fuck your Pig ass too!" He said as he pulled on his trousers. "I would like that Sir. Lots more." I smiled, happily.
    Re-dressed, he gave me the briefest of grins the walked out. I didn't move until the front door closed behind him.
    He texted me later and said he had really enjoyed it. Had loved finding me on my knees waiting for him to face fuck. Had loved hearing my choke and gag on his Black Cock. Seeing me take his spunk in my mouth and on my face.
    I told him his cum was still there, that I was wearing it as my prize.
    He liked that. Following texts discussed future visits. What he would like to do. I didn't protest to anything he suggested, even responding with suggestions he might like to do, that I would certainly let him do. He seemed more than happy with my suggestions and said he would consider all I had mentioned on his next visit.


    MEETING -2

    I had the Motel room ready.  A clean towel.  The wooden paddle, two foot long, two inches wide, it says SLAVE on it with grip handle! Nipple clamps. An elasticated bungee cord. Poppers. Dildo! And extra lube. I had told him what I was setting out in readiness. He had been evasive as to what he would and wouldn't use, not wanting me too prepared for his plans, to leave him the element of control. I was freshly showered. Cleaned out thoroughly. Shaved in the right places. Ready for whatever Black Master would decided. Chastity cage locked on under the black jockstrap. Suckers on my nipples, where they had been for a solid hour now!  He'd told me he didn't like ass that was too tight, that I was to work it with the Black dildo to loosen it just enough to relax it but not too much. He hadn't actually said he was going to to fuck me, that he would decide that on the day. My hole was greased ready just in case.
    I heard the now familiar sound, a quick check confirmed it was him.

    The  Motel door was open and so was the door to the shower room.
    The front door opened! I heard him enter and lock the door.
    "Shower room slut!" I heard him say loud and firmly.
    He stood by the side of the shower stall unzipping his fly! I quickly moved into the stall and knelt with my mouth open ready!
    His Black Cock was close to half hard! Pointing at me! I clear drip of piss appeared at the tip! Then a jet hit my chest! Hot piss! He guided it up until he was pissing into my open mouth! I gulped down mouthfuls as more cascaded down my chest and soaked into the black jockstrap.
    He moved closer til his Black knob brushed my lips! I swallowed his hot acrid piss down!
    The flow began to ebb and his Black Cock stiffened right up as he wiped the last drips of piss on my face. He like this! He was enjoying it!
    "Front room!" He growled down at me.
    I stood and walked quickly back to kneeling. He followed already pulling off his clothes. I watched as he stripped naked. I opened my mouth.
    "Not yet you dirty fucking cock slut!" He said with a sneer in his voice as he leaned down and took hold of the suckers on my nipples, pulling and twisting! I moaned softly unable to take my eyes of his big hard Black Cock, a tear of piss or was it juice at its tip?
    He worked the suckers off. My nips stood out long and fat from the suckers. He eyed them a moment before his fingers closed on them! I groaned as he pinched, pulled and twisted on them, hard.  "Sniff poppers slut."
    I grabbed the bottle and took some big deep sniffs. He'd said he wanted to see me high on them, have me totally compliant so he could do so much more to me. The throbbing buzz washed over me. He pulled and twisted my tits even harder! I moaned and pushed my chest out, offering my tits up for more! He gave me more!  Then he let go, told me to sniff more as he picked up the title clamps. I sniffed. The jaws bit down! The pain was delicious! Even more when he pulled on the chain stretching them, out, up, down.
    "Fucking dirty little pain slut!" He sneered as I just moaned and sniffed more poppers.
    He let go the chain.
    "You like pain so much piss slut, get over and offer that fucking ass up!" He growled, picking up the two foot long, two inches wide paddle.
    I scrabbled over the bed and sniffed some more before capping the bottle.
    Crack! The stick landed perfectly right across both cheeks! I gasped loudly as the sting really sunk in! He waited. We had agreed safe words. Traffic light system. Red, stop. Amber, close.
    I remained silent! Crack!..................... Crack!................... Crack!............. Crack!............. Crack!......
    Fuck he didn't hold back! Six good solid strikes! My cheeks burned red hot! I knew I was going to be wearing the bruises of the paddle that said slave for a couple of days at least!
    I was breathing hard, feeling the heat sink in.
    "Six more?" He asked. The edge of concern and hint he was liking this!
    I opened the poppers and took a few big sniffs! "Yes sir!"
    The second six landed one after another, hard and we'll placed. Maybe a week of bruises, I thought as I blinked the tears that blurred my eyes!
    I flinched as his hand explored his handwork. I could hear his increased breathing! Oh yes! He was enjoying this! He liked his roll as my Dom master!
    I gasped as he drove one of his long thick fingers right up my ass! He twisted it side to side and fucked it in and out!
    I sniffed poppers, pushing my ass back onto his finger as he fingered my hole with it.
    His knees nudged my feet! Oh yes! He was going to fuck me!
    He pulled his finger out. "Spread your ass slut!"
    I grabbed my cheeks and pulled them apart!
    I gasped as he lined up, pushed and fucked his Black Cock all the way in, in one long push! Fuck it felt good! Perfect length and stretched me wide! I heard his groan of pleasure as he filled my hot hole with his big fat Black Cock!
    Then he was drawing back! He grunted as he drove it back in! He fucked me, hard, deep, gripping my hip and shoulder to ram in me hard, making me gasp and grunt!
    He picked up the speed! Breathing hard and raspy! "Fucking Black Cock Slut! Take me Black Cock! Mmmmm! Fuck! Yeah! Gonna fucking breed you, you fucking bareback slut! Fill your fucking pig cunt with cum!"  He was racing to the line! In fuck frenzy now!
    The fuck probably lasted only 5 minutes but it was fucking intense!
    With a roar he drove in Black balls deep and I could feel his Black Cock flexing and twitching, his spunk shooting deep in my ass!
    Stillness! Just us both panting! A few twitches as he milked his Black Cock inside me!
    I felt hollow when he pulled out! Empty!
    "Lie on your back you fucker!" He growled breathlessly!
    I rolled on my back on the bed, head banging down! His Black Cock, slimy with his cum and lube moved towards my open mouth! "Suck it clean cock slut!" He panted, shoving it in my mouth and right into my throat! "Fucking........... dirty............ cock sucker!" He sneered as he fucked his cock in my throat! I started to gag! His hand closed on my throat, squeezing just hard enough to feel his Black Cock moving in my throat! I heard him moan in delight!
    I was gasping when he moved away. The taste of Black Cock, cum and ass in my mouth!
    I saw him checking the time. He got to his feet and used the towel to wipe himself.
    "I need to take a piss!" He said. I quickly got up and knelt, mouth open.
    He gave a chuckle as he stepped up close. "My own personal urinal! Ha ha ha!" He held his Black Cock, the head between my lips! I looked up as he looked down, looked submissively into his dominant eyes as a trickle of salty hot piss awoke my taste buds. I swallowed quickly. The smile of satisfaction and domination as he slowly filled my belly with his piss.
    The flow slowed to a dribble which he let soak into my face before squeezing the last drops and wiping them round, particularly under my nose with the head of his Black Cock!
    "Keep that on your face slut, all day." He said as he dressed and I stayed where I was. "Wear my dried piss on you. And keep my spunk in your ass as long as you can."
    "Yes master." I smiled. He turned and walked out, leaving me wearing his mark and scent.
    His texts afterwards complimented how well I took pain. He asked for a picture of my bruised bottom which I duly sent him. He loved how I was marked with slave on my ass. "I look forward to our next session very much slut. You will take more next time. I'll make sure I have more time so we can have a longer session."



    The bruising took about 5 days to go away and the imprint of SLAVE was on my ass .
    I had enjoyed the tender sore discomfort.

    Now I was again kneeling in the front room in my usual attire waiting my master's arrival. I had prepared to his instructions much as before and had the same items ready as before. I waited on my knees.  At last, I heard his car outside! My pulse quickened. Unlike before, this was an evening visit. He had a few hours free!
    I heard the motel door opening and smiled in anticipation and excitement.
    He walked in and looked at me in my now familiar pose. He dropped a plastic carrier bag on the bed and walked up to me, taking hold of the suckers on my nipples which he pulled and twisted roughly, making me moan in pain and pleasure. After several minutes of this he removed them.
    I took some hits from the poppers, a fresh new bottle for the occasion, as he picked up the nipple clamps. He stared into my submissive eyes as he spread the jaws and lined them up onto my nipples, letting them close and bite on my fat pumped darkened flesh! I groaned as they bit in. He toyed with the chain, pulling and stretching my tits in all directions and making me moan.
    "Fucking pain slut!" He snorted letting the chain fall. He turned and rummaged in the carrier bag? He turned around, holding in his hands two brass weights from an old fashioned kitchen scales!
    He held them up so I could see the small hooks he had fastened to them! My pulse quickened and I sniffed more poppers as he walked up to me!
    He had a sneering half smile on his lips as he fed the hooks through the rings on each clamp! His eyes bore into mine! I gasped! He let the weights go! Letting them tug down sharply on my nipples! Oh fuck! Oh sweet agony!
    Inside the chastity cage, I felt my trapped cock twitch and pre-cum pulse out and wet the jockstrap material!
    "Get me a small pair of scissors slut." He says firmly.

    I quickly get to my feet and with the weights tugging and swinging from my tits,
    I return to kneeling on the bed and hand them to Black Master .

    He takes a sandwich box from the carrier, takes the lid off and puts the box on the shelf where I cannot see what's inside.
    Scissors in one hand and standing over me he reaches into the box!
    "I've been round all the dogging sites and cruising sites and toilets collecting these!" He sneers holding a used condom with the heavy with spunk! He dangles it before my face, letting me see the thick cum in the rubber! He moves it up and my head follows! He has a cruel grin on his face as he moves the sharp scissors towards the rubber! He snips! The cold pungent spunk from some unknown cock pours down onto my face! I shiver as I feel it running down my face, soaking into my face. It could be hours or days old! He grins as he wipes the still oozing hole across my top lip and under my nose! The smell is strong! Ammonia! Cum!
    He drops it on the bed. Reaches for another!
    "Amazing how many I found on my travels! Hundreds dotted around in some places!" He dangles another one over my face! There's less in this one! He snips and the watery contents spill and splash on my forehead and down my nose! "Some had obviously been off ages ago. All dried out." He said dropping it and picking another much fuller one from the box! "But I managed to find plenty of fairly fresh ones!" Snip! And a gush of cold clammy cum soaked onto my upturned face, cascading over my lips and into my mouth! I felt my stomach lurch but didn't move! He wanted to humiliate me! Degrade me me!
    He dropped the slimy rubber onto my forehead, letting the last drop seep and run into my hair. "Who knows what the men who left them were like? He . Who cares." He chuckled, taking the next and snipping the rubber letting the thick heavy load pour out, working it all over my face! He dropped it, first onto my tongue to let the last ooze into my mouth.
    Without moving my head I quickly took a few sniffs of poppers! I needed them!
    The next was the fullest yet! The level must have been a quarter of the way up! "That's a big load!" He said in mock surprise! "This was from the toilets near the park. Hung on the paper holder. So it should be pretty fresh I reckon. Guess where this one's going slut?" He grinned, moving it directly above my mouth! Snip! It slithered out like a thick fat white oyster and landed full in my mouth! Fuck! I couldn't help it! I swallowed it! Cold and foul!
    He laughed! "Fuck! You filthy fucking cum slut! Ha ha ha ha!" He squeezed the last drops out onto my face right under my nose so I could smell it!
    He put the scissor down and picked up the camera I had left out! He turned it on. Aimed at my face. The flash was blinding as he took several closeups of the spunk covering my face and running down my neck!
    He put the camera down and undressed, putting his clothes on the chair out of the way. His cock was rampant, the head wet with his juice. The activities so far had obviously excited him greatly.
    He looked at me with a steering grin. I felt my face redden with shame and humiliation.
    He reached into the bag and took two lengths of red rope!
    "Put the poppers down. I'll keep you going." He said.
    I placed the bottle down. He knelt beside me and tied my right wrist to my right ankle. Then my other wrist was tied similarly.
    He stood in front of me and jiggled the chain, making the weights swing and bounce from my nips. I groaned. He opened the poppers, held them to my nose making me sniff over and over until I had to pull away as I was going dizzy! He moved close and swinging his hips from side to side slapped his Black Cock back and forth across my face. It spread the cum even more and soon coated much of his Black Cock.
    He touched the wet tip to my lips. "No!" He growled, pulling it away when I tried to take it in my mouth! "You suck when I tell you slut! You just open your mouth and don't fucking move!" He snarled authoritatively.
    I opened my mouth and stayed still. He again moved close and let the tip of his Black Cock just rest on my bottom lip! He stared down at me, knowing I was high and struggling to resist the urge to suck him!
    Then I saw him reach over, pick up the scissors and take another cum filled used condom from the box! The corners of his mouth twitched as he dangled the rubber right in front of my eyes! It had a big load inside!
    "Don't fucking move slut!" He growled!
    He moved the scissors and made a small snip in the end of the rubber! The cum began to drop down, onto his Black Cock! He moved it back and forwards, dripping the anonymous spunk the entire length of his shaft and hot engorged knob! I could see the thick slimy cum slithering down the sides! He grinned down at me as he made sure there was lots of it on his Black Cock head! He then poured out the last of the cold spunk right on my tongue!
    He pushed his hips forwards feeding his slime covered Black Cock into my mouth, dropping the empty rubber and scissors and gripping my head firmly. A wide sadistic grin on his face, he fucked his Black Cock deeper! I gagged! He pushed on in ! "All the fucking way bitch! I'm gonna push the spunk right down your throat!"
    I grabbed and spluttered but could not fight or resist him! His slimy Black Cock broke through and buried itself down my throat! His big balls mashed against me wet chin! "Yeah you fucking spunk whore! Feed on that anonymous cum you pathetic slut!" He sneered, grinding my face into his crotch hard!
    After holding me down until I feared I was going to vomit or pass out, he pulled my head back roughly! I gasped for air and coughed! Cum and throat saliva joined his Black Cock and my gasping mouth!
    He grabbed me and pushed me until I was bent over the bed! His knees pushed  my ankles, tied to wrists apart! He used one hand to press down on my back, the other guided his Black Cock between my cheeks!  "Aaaarrgghhhhhhh!!! Fuuuuuuuuckkkkk!!!!" I shouted as he drove his slimy Black Cock balls deep in one brutal thrust, right up my ass!
    "Fucking take it! You wanted to be be used bitch! Wanted me to fucking Dom and own you! Well now I fucking do you fucking disgusting perverted piece of shit!" He snarled as he fucked his big hot cock in and out of my helpless ass! I cried out! Whimpered and gasped as he fucked me fast and furious! One of these rubbers most have some Poz cum, "I'm gonna fuck you so fucking sore your ass will be raw! Had a wank earlier so your in for a fucking long drilling cunt!" He sneered through gritted teeth. His big open palms began to slap my cheeks leaving red hand prints on my skin!
    After about 10 minutes pounding me relentlessly, he started pulling right and spearing his big rock hard Black Cock into my gaping hole! I was past any pain now, my hole broken and unresistant as he pile drived my  ass!
    He continued slapping me and giving me verbal abuse no matter how breathless he was.
    It must have gone on for half an hour before he roared out in pleasure and bred his hot spunk in my ass!
    He pulled out and lay down on the bed panting hard! It was several minutes before he could speak.
    "Get over here bitch and clean my fucking Black Cock!" He growled.
    I managed to struggle round and crawl over to him. He spreads his legs and I moved up and began to lick the cum and ass juice off his now glacier but still big Black Cock.
    "I need a fucking piss!" He growled, making no move to get up. I sucked his Black Cock into my mouth and held it there, waiting for his flow to start and swallowing it down as it filled my mouth over and over. His bladder emptied he eventually sat up and pushed me away.
    He picked up the poppers and held them to my nose until I was good and high. He moved me so I was kneeling, ass up, face on the floor and gave me twenty hard strikes across my cheeks with the stick!
    I remained there, panting, my ass on fire when he picked up the Black dildo and drove it into my wrecked ass, right up to the molded balls!
    He chuckled as he dressed.

    He walked out and left! It took me a hour to get my wrists free!
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    I found my self in a cheap hotel in Ft lauderdale.. It was know for being a sleazy place, Where prostitution runs rapid, It was full of Pimps and Hookers. That' where I met Him, 

    I got up wearily from my long and exhausting night being fucked and punished by my new Black Master. As I awoke, I could scarcely believe that all those depraved things had happened to me. One minute I had been merely exchanging emails with a man, who could have been anywhere and the next minute, That very man was at my hotel door, And then inside my body. Black Master, a man whose name I didn't even know, a man who looked to be about ten years my junior, Had taken me to a place, I hadn't realized existed, hadn't even realized I wanted to go, and now that I was there, I was scared beyond belief. He had slapped me around, fucked me, He had stuck his cock down my straining throat and then cum all over my face. He made me eat his asshole, He had taken me anally, very roughly and then bred me with his seed, He had taken one of my Black dildos and attached it via suction cup to one of chairs and renamed it my `Slaves Chair'. I was to be sitting on it every time Master comes over, no exceptions. He had even taken the spare key for my hotel room,  There was no way I could do this, No way I could go through with letting this...This Black thug control every aspect of my life. I wouldn't do it. I'd just have to contact Black Master and let him know I'd changed my mind. Yes, I'd just explain that this wasn't what I was looking for. He'll understand...I moved over to the desk and turned on the computer. Checking my email I saw that I had several new messages, One was from Black Master. My heart was thumping madly as I clicked to open it. Surely he'd just be thanking me for a great night and be done with me. "Sissy slave -- I enjoyed fucking your mouth and ass pussy last night. You knew how to take my nut real good but I'm sure you could do better. We'll work on it together. Other areas we will work to improve: Your ass-eating and most importantly, your attitude and IMMMEDIATE obedience at all times! You need to understand that you are now a 24/7/365 sissy as well as my Slave, Whenever I choose to partake of your body. Don't like it? Too fucking bad, cunt! You fucked around with me for too long and now I'm taking my payment. Which is you. First thing today, you are to head to the Victoria's Secret store at the mall and buy yourself a sexy outfit, Get the girls to help you find proper sizing and matching pieces. I like almost anything, but among my favorites are the baby doll nighties, I also like crotch less panties and cat suits, corsets, teddies, and I go fucking crazy over garter belts and stockings. Always be certain your stockings are silk; Buy some new high heels too. Last of all, don't fucking call me or IM me or email me to say that you want to back out of this. Too fucking late, Slut! You fuck with a top dog, you gonna get topped! See ya, BLACK MASTER"

    I was trembling as I read the harsh words and I realized I was scared too. Oh no. What have I gotten into here? I mean I love wearing lingerie, but I like wearing leather more,  I've got to end this now, before it goes to a place I can't escape from. These types of relationships have to be consensual, don't they? I decided to take a chance. I dialed the number from my caller ID. One ring. Two rings. Three rings. Then four, five, six, seven. Shit. Suddenly he answers. "What, sissy slave ?" I swallowed hard and took a deep breath as his utterly masculine voice cascaded over me. "Hello, Black Master?" I spoke in a tiny voice, ashamed. I couldn't believe I was a 40 year-old man, stuttering like a girl on his first date. There's a long pause. "Yea, it's your Black Master. Now what the fuck do you want?" I couldn't breathe and my ears were ringing for some reason. Black "Master. I can't do this,  " There was silence on the other end. "Do what, sissy slave ?"  I didn't know how to say it. Black "Master, I can't be with you. Master." Again, silence engulfed us. I could hear his breathing, could almost imagine him next to me. "You're already `with' me, sissy. I marked you as mine last night, remember? Slut takes a Black top's cum all over his face and down his throat and in his ass pussy, makes it kinda hard for his Master to believe he don't want it." I did not want this, did I? I couldn't face the constant humiliation and subjugation and degradation of being with a Black Pimp. "Please, Master." "Please don't come over. Just leave me alone..." There was a long pause on the line. "You're fucking with me bitch, and I don't like it. Told you not to fuck with me. Doesn't matter what you want or think you want. You're mine now . I guess I need to head over there and give you another lesson?  Fucking up my day, now you are,a slave. I ain't gonna be happy when I get there so better try to dress yourself up for me a little extra." He said it as a statement, as if it were the most normal thing in the world for him to discuss. His voice suggested that there was no room for debate. "But  Master,  I have plans today..." He cut me off before I could finish my last word. "Shut it, cunt. Your plans are whatever I give you. I will be in your hotel in one hour. Douche yourself,  shower and get your slaves outfit back on. And be sitting on your sissy chair." With that he hung up, leaving me standing there with my mouth wide open, unsure what just happened or what to do next. This Black Master had basically just made it clear in no uncertain terms that I was his sissy slave at all times and he was on his way over again. What could I do? I didn't want to risk a worse beating that I had gotten before. Just what I need, plus I imagine Black Master would be furious with me then. I looked up at the clock. Fifty seven minutes left. I better hurry to get ready for his arrival. I can't believe I'm doing this. I'll have to talk to Black Master in person, make him understand that I can't, won't go through with this, not after today, anyway.  Fifty two minutes later, I'm fresh from the shower, my ass pussy douched and totally clean. I put on my slaves outfit again and move to squat over my slaves chair. I dab some lube on both the Black dildo and my hole and then slide down slowly. God, it's big! I grimace as I slide onto it, feeling it stretch my pussy hole. I hear the loud exhaust of Master's car and then the thumping bass from his sound system as he pulls into the spot,  Oh Jesus. He's here. I feel myself trembling. The car door slams. Within seconds I hear his key in the lock. The door opens. My 25 year-old Black Master is framed in the doorway, all 6'3" and 230 pounds of him. He looks...perturbed at least, perhaps angry. He stares at me. He pushes the door shut behind him. Fuck. He's pissed. "At least you can follow a simple rule like this, sitting on your slaves chair. Nice to know you understand some of what I'm saying." He says it with an air of complete calmness about him, "You should see yourself, faggot; the perfect picture of femininity. But I guess you will be seeing yourself soon enough. " What did that mean? He walked around behind me and motioned for me to stand up. "Up, but don't turn around. Put your hands behind you. Open your mouth wide." I did as told and suddenly felt something click around each of my wrists, Handcuffs of some sort. Shit. Then I saw a red blur as something passed over my head, past my eyes and into my mouth. I realized Black Master was fitting me with a ball gag. I slumped resignedly as I realized the severity of my predicament. Now I was not only His slave But a cuffed and gagged one at that.  He circled back around so he was in front of me again, following a hard, short slap on my exposed ass. He had his shirt unbuttoned,showing off his linebacker physique. Black Master is very cut, with a very toned torso and quite a few tattoos. God he's such a man! "Now, slave let's see if I understand you correctly." He looks deep into my eyes, his face inches from mine. "You exchange emails with me for several weeks, teasing me with all the ways you're going to pleasure my Black Cock and being my slave and all. Telling me what a good slave you are and how you'd give anything to please me. Then, when I show up and grace you with my presence as well as the opportunity to follow through on all your deepest desires, an opportunity which I might add I don't give out to just any cock sucking slave I find that perhaps you aren't all that serious about this after all. Well guess what, faggot? It's serious now! Got it?" He grips my chin in his forceful grasp, compelling me to look directly at him, unable to hide my utter shame. "So now, you cause me to make changes to my day, just to come over here and train you in the ways you are to treat me at all times. That means, respect, submission...and no fucking questions or opinions! Got it, cunt?" I nod wearily, having difficulty seeing through my tears, He pushes me back down onto my slaves chair and I gasp out as the thick Black Dong invades my rectum again. "You should be at Victoria's Secret buying a outfit right now but instead your forcing my hand. Well this is how it's going to be, pussy. I come over when I want. You sould have bondage gear and keeping this room stocked up on booze for me. I like Grey Goose, Got it? Good. And have plenty of food stocked up too. Steaks, burgers, shit for burritos, I love Italian. You'll be making it all so you better be a good cook or learn how. When you're in my presence you will not eat or drink, I like my Sluts to be skinny, The following are substances which you are allowed to drink in my presence: My spit, My cum and My piss. Is that clear, slave?" I nod in tearful acquiescence. He smiles wickedly, clearly enjoying the power he holds over me at this moment. He continues on. "Things you will be allowed to dine on? My cock, My balls and...My asshole. Whenever I ask you if you are hungry, you must look me in the eyes, indicate that you are indeed hungry and then I will present you with whichever part of my body I expect serviced at that moment. At ALL TIMES...you are to treat any part of my body you are orally servicing as if it is the best thing you've ever tasted, The best thing you've ever  smelled. Your own personal comfort doesn't matter one fucking bit to me. I don't care if the taste of my crotch makes you want to gag, you will smile and service me as if that is the last meal you will ever receive. Understand?" I nodded my understanding, feeling a sense of helplessness As my formerly normal life continued to spiral out of control. "Yes Black Master." I managed to croak out around the ball gag. My tiny dick was throbbing from the verbal abuse as well as from the sensation of being physically dominated at someone's complete mercy.

    Black Master smiled at me, an evil sort of grin, without warmth or compassion. "Good slave That's my slave ." He looked down and an even bigger smirk fell across his features as he saw my raging boner. He smacked at it a couple of times with the back of his hand. "You're so fucking hard because of this aren't you, bitch? Huh, my words getting you all hot and bothered? Or is it the bondage? Little of both, I'd guess. Ground rules for your slave are as follows. Under no circumstances are you to EVER touch yourself sexually unless you have my permission. The only permissible touching of that area by you is in the shower or on the toilet; both situations would be purely for hygiene purposes only. Otherwise your dick is what it is; a useless appendage that I control. And, slave, I can't stress this enough... if you ever and I mean EVER, cum without my permission, you will know a whole new world of pain. I control your orgasms, or lack there of, And I think it goes without saying, But I'm gonna say it anyway, no more dick for you. And with that,  He said "Spread your legs, slave. I got something new for you to wear..." He chuckled, and evil sounding laugh devoid of mirth or warmth. I did as instructed immediately and Black Master again chuckled when he saw my stiff cock. "Boi dick is all fucking hard? He said this is what a Real Black Man Cock looks like 10' of Black uncut Dick, He put it next to my hard dick I was dwarfed in compared to the Black Dick,   I'm flattered that's because of me, but I've been thinking... What does a slut really need a useless prick for anyway? You're never gonna fuck me. Hell you're never gonna fuck anybody again, as long as you're mine." I wasn't sure what he was talking about, but as he moved closer to me in his swift, cat-like motion, I was suddenly overwhelmed by his scent.  It made me stiffen even more and I felt my mouth begin to water. Black Master stepped between my thighs and pulled them apart even farther. He then began slapping my erection, slapping it very hard. I yelped as the pain radiated through my dick and into my abdomen. I tried to push his hands away, reflexively. Big mistake. "What do you think you're doing faggot!?" He raised his voice a bit and I knew he was pissed. "You don't push me away. You don't make the decisions here. You know that. Don't you, you fucking pussy bitch?" He quickly grabbed both my wrists in one strong hand, yanking them above my head and with his free hand twisted my chin so I was make to look him in the eye. "Look at me faggot." I was helpless to his strong words and stronger grasp. He moved his hand holding my chin down and started slapping my dick again, seeming to derive pleasure from my obvious discomfort and embarrassment. It was his way. My boner soon shrank under the constant back hand and forehand smacks. Black Master stepped back. I could see the enjoyment in his eyes and I could do nothing to disguise my own delight and desire from his knowing stare. He reached into his pocket and withdrew an object. As he moved to show it to me, I recognized what it was and my heart skipped what felt like two beats. A chastity device. Fuck! I met Black Master's perceptive look again and we both knew that I knew what was about to happen. "You see, slave I've enjoy our time together and plan to continue enjoying the future. But, really does a slut faggot need to sport wood for? I have decided that you have been a tad too focused of late on your own pleasure and that disappoints me. A sissy should always be 100% centered on his Black Master's desires and well-being, not thinking about the next time he might cum...... So easy fix: you aren't going to cum anymore, unless I deem it suitable. Putting you in chastity will ensure that your thoughts remain focused on your Black Master......me." He stopped talking and caught my gaze again, My mouth felt dry and I couldn't swallow. I tried to croak out a few words. Black  Master... Please..don't.  "This is happening slave Of course there are......other options. I could always take you to a specialty surgeon and have your cock and balls removed permanently. We can do that,  Sound good?" He continued onward, without pausing for a response from me. "Or I can slip this little cock cage on you and presto! No more bothersome boners for my little slut " I nodded my consent, not that he needed it, "Please put me in chastity, Black Master,"  I was begging for it, as I knew that Black Master might not be joking about the surgeon thing. He laughed again. "If you insist, slut." The look he gave me was positively wicked as he knelt down between my spread thighs and proceeded to strip away my man hood from me, rendering the very thing that made me a man......useless. Less than useless. A wrinkled appendage I would now use only to pee with. He fit it onto me and I heard the click as he latched the tiny padlock and made a show of putting the key in his wallet. I looked down at my now truly ineffectual boi-dick and wondered at the rubbery and plastic now sheathing it. My emasculation seemed complete  And it was difficult to describe just how right it felt. I felt a strange simultaneous feeling of loathing toward myself and my weakness, coupled with overwhelming love and gratitude toward Black Master for delivering me from my former life of unenthusiastic sex slave.  I would never have known the joys of serving and submitting to a man such as Black Master, the man who showed me my true self. I looked up into his hard eyes and hoped I was showing my thanks properly.  "Occasionally, when I decide, I may allow you to remove the cock cage and stroke yourself off. It will not be often. In the meantime, we will also work together on getting to know your pussy more thoroughly. Lots of guys learn how to cum just from having their Black Master inside them, just like a woman. Mite even train you to have a ass orgasm while Black Master fucks you. Heh, heh." He looked at me with a depraved grin and I felt myself blushing again. "Thank you, Black Master. Thanks you for letting me become your obedient bitch. If I find out that you ever got your little dick wet, I might just cut it off. Or castrate you, The only way you're ever going to fuck anybody ever again is if I have one of my boi's bring over their sissy slave for you to play with." I must have conveyed some kind of look at the mention of sex with another sissy because he chuckled and went on explaining. "That's right, slave. Most of my thugs have got sissies slaves of their own. Me and my buddy have been talking `about throwing a couple of you white slaves  in bed together, just to get us worked up. Just knowing that it ain't what you bottom bitches would want is enough to make me want to try it sometime. But that's for later, cunt. Right now, I'd be embarrassed for any of my boys to come over here. Your not trained up proper yet at all, not a drop of fucking booze in the room How'd that look to my friends? Got to remedy for that shit, bitch!" He started to walk towards the bath room . "Get up and follow me." I jumped up immediately and started to move towards him. "This place is small, You well get adjoining room " I nodded that I would, "Good. I'll check it out later, but that's where you will begin putting together a little sex dungeon for us to play in. As you can see, I like bondage, slave, and I like to have a lot of variety. I'll leave the URL for a great BDSM site and you'll need to start purchasing some more of the leather gear." He must have seen the fear in my eyes and though I could tell he enjoyed it immensely, he reached out and wrapped a beefy, calloused hand around my waist, pulling me into his hard, lean physique. He whispered in my ear. "Don't worry, sweetie. I know how to treat my slaves, I won't hurt you......much."  Again, I was brought back to the realization that this whole situation was spiraling out of my control. I couldn't think straight, pressed up against the granite-like hardness of this overwhelmingly masculine Black stud. That plus the feminine nature of my outfit as well as the total loss of freedom due to the wrist restraints and the ball gag were conspiring to mess with my head as I breathed in the intoxicating aroma of Black Master's skin. God I was so horny I was quite sure I would have done almost anything at that moment to feel his hands on me again. I rubbed up against him, mewling in a high voice around my gag, trying to show him how turned on I was. "Oh now you're horny, eh sweetie? Well soon enough we'll try to quench that burning inside your ass but first things first." With that he pulled out a small digital camera and held it up in front of me. He grinned at me as a look of realization came over my face, suddenly knowing what he planned to do. I grunted out my weak protest as loudly as I could but Black Master just laughed. "I'm starting, or rather you're starting a new website. You're a techie, right? With the computer, I know you are so no use denying it. Anyway, this new website is going to chronicle your transformation from from straight guy into a cock sucking, taking-it-in-the-ass slave,  complete with photos of you, from various stages of your life. Of course we have to get a bunch of pics that show just how very much you like sucking Black cock, eating Black ass and drinking Black man's cum. Your face will be completely visible at all times in these photos, Not like the shit that you been posting with out a face While my face will be either out of the shot completely or cropped out prior to posting on the site. I get anonymity, you get humiliation. That's just the way it going to be. I will need you to put together a complete and 100% truthful biography of yourself, including a section on why you enjoy being feminized and your favorite things about Black men in general and your Black Master in particular. I might also like a short diatribe on the taste of my cum and why you can't get enough of it, that you even go so far as to spit some of my jizz into Tupperware containers and store them in the fridge, for Lube when I'm not around. This site will be up for all the world to see, We'll call the site, oh I don't know, something like...... Black Master Does White Slave .. He was smiling that evil smile again, clearly content with himself for causing me so much distress. "You'll be updating at least once a day, With pics we'll make some videos, and you'll be posting some of those gay fuck stories you've sent me. Keep writing that shit, slave,  Fuck that shit gets me hard as steel. And that's what you want right? A Hard Long Black Dick, unrelenting and untamed?

    That's what you told me in that first email, at least. Those are your words, not mine. But that's me, baby. Your Black Master."  I had no idea what to say. It was almost too much to process. I couldn't stand the idea of all that private info about me being up on a website, showcasing my deepest, darkest desires. Photos of me sucking Black cock, videos of me be feminized and turned out and moaning while Black Master invades my most private of places. And anyone could see it: my bar buddies, my friends,   Jesus I was going to be on public display, with all my sexual fetishes hanging out there. I started as I heard the soft buzzing of the camera as Black Master began to take some shots of me in my slutty leather, Making sure to get pics of my mouth and ass pussy ,  "There we go, slave.  Just need a good one for the main page photo. Gotta get in there real good." He paused. "Damn, you look like shit. Maybe we'll take the main page photo sometime when you're a little sexier looking. Anyway, I got something else I gotta do right not. Get over there and lean over the bed  stick your ass out real nice and high." I did as he instructed. I felt Black Master behind me and I was puzzling over what was coming next. "All right, slave. We set up some ground rules, and we'll go over some others as well, but right now I got to lay down the law. You directly disobeyed me this morning. Not only did you NOT got to the mall to shop for out fit, as I had instructed but I distinctly ordered you not to call me with your whiny bullshit about how you don't want to do this. And then you fucked me up my valuable time to come over here to straighten things out. I don't like it when my bitches fuck up my free time."  With that I felt and heard a hard `THWACK' as His belt hit my unprotected ass  I screamed out around the ball gag, but it came out as nothing more than a hoarse, muffled cry. `THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!' I was screaming, blubbering out incoherent apologies but to no avail. Black Master was furious with me and he had contained that fury all morning long. "Fucking bitch! You little cunt! If you EVER fuck with me again, on ANYTHING AT ALL, this beat down will seem mild by comparison!" I heard the clicking of the camera He was taking pics of my red ass, Now you have Punishment marks, He struck me several more times, ripping sharp yelps from my vocal cords as the pain tore through me. Then I was roughly pulled around and Black Master pushed me to my knees. His boxers were already down around his thighs and his throbbing erection was jutting out at full mast, the harsh, rigid ten inches of Dark, Black Cock Meat. "Suck me you fucking whore. It's all you're good for you little faggot!" His hands tore off the ball gag and I had about one second to draw in a breath before his cock head was forcing it's way into my orifice and I felt my jaws being fucked wide apart again. "Look at me, slut, Anytime you're orally servicing me, you are to be looking directly into my eyes the entire time unless I tell you otherwise. Is that clear, cunt?" I could do little other than gasp out an abbreviated answer as he pulled out of me a short way. "Mmmm-hmmmm." I mumbled unintelligibly. I then locked my eyes onto those of my tormentor, as I was told to do. And in that moment, I could feel a tiny shift in our relationship. As a piece of my soul had melded with his and I had started to accept the connection we now had. Black Master looked down at me, a mix of loathing and superiority and.........something else apparent on his dark, hardened features. What was it? Covetousness? Lust? Perhaps......love......? "Alright, slave! Get ready for a hard throat fuck. Last time we tried this you were gagging and shit. I don't give a fuck! You're gonna learn to do it with or without the gagging but you're taking my Black cock and that's all there is to it. And as always, keep your eyes on mine, bitch. A slave can tell a lot about when his Black Master is about to cum and what throat and tongue techniques pleasure him the best from his facial expressions so it's important for him to watch closely, wouldn't you say?" He pulled his Black cock all the way out from my oral cavity and I briefly stared at it's almost unbelievable length and girth and the wicked curve of it as it protruded outward. Quite frankly, it scared me a lot... And some part of me loved that feeling, needing it. I hear the camera click click  "Answer me slave  I know you love looking at my Black dick but when your Master asks you a question, you fucking answer." It was clearly not a suggestion, but an order. I quickly looked back up at him, his cruel eyes boring through my very soul, owning me. God, was this what my heart truly wanted even as my mind screamed no?

    "Yes, Master." I replied meekly to his question, feelings of defeat rolling over me in waves. "Yes, Master......what?" He asked it with a commanding tone that sent an erotic quiver coursing through my little penis as well as my......bowels? "Yes, Black Master it's important for a slave to learn how to best please his Black man." He grinned an evil, iniquitous smirk. He loved the control he had over me, plainly. His own erection throbbed again as a charge of domination surged through him. I was awash in confusing thoughts, unsure of what these feelings or my responses to Black Master meant about my sexuality. Was it even possible for......those types of feelings to radiate in that area of a man's body? Of course, I could scarcely consider myself a man at this point. I had been taken, topped, seeded and subdued by a clearly superior Black Master and my body was betraying my brain by responding positively to the rough and brutal nature of Master's sexual needs. And my own needs, as well, but ones that went far beyond just sex and mixed and melded with my irresistible desire to serve, to be submissive, to be owned by another. I couldn't explain it, couldn't tell someone why these emotions were running through me even if I tried. But the fact was, they were running through me, my hard little dick and my aching asshole, I mean pussy, fighting a battle with my mind. My common sense was losing that skirmish. "Here we go, Slave. Throat me, slut." With those words I barely had time to open my lips again and his steely Black tool was sliding back between my lips and then down my gullet. I gulped greedily at the offered organ, adjusting my oral ministrations to make certain Black Master was receiving gratification. I fought back the urge to gag as he slithered his way down my throat, unceremoniously and with an undeniable show of bestial strength. In a couple of seconds I found myself with my lips sealed around the base of his manhood, his bushy pubic hair scratching and tickling my nose. The scent of him was overwhelming, musk and sex and Black man's flesh all rolled into this most submissive of acts. I stayed like that for a few seconds, expecting to be allowed to pull back up and off him so as to repeat the action. Instead I felt Black Master's hand on my head, holding me steady and with his other hand he reached down and pinched my nose shut,

    so I could not breathe. Panic overtook me almost immediately, the terrifying feeling of not being able to draw breath suddenly all I could
    concentrate on. I tried to pull back but his grip was too strong, my resolve too weak. "You see here, slave, what we've got here is another example of me showing you how things are going to be. You wear what I tell you to wear, eat when and what I tell you to, speak when spoken to......and now you breathe when I say so. Is all this getting through to you, cunt? Do you realize that your little emails you probably thought were harmless actually awakened a sleeping beast? You opened up a world you didn't dare dream even existed. You told me how you wanted badly to be dominated, By a Black Man to be owned. You told me the things you fantasized about doing to my Black Dick... Well consider yourself dominated, faggot! Consider yourself my property!" Than I hear the camera again click, click, He was taking pictures  and catching my deepest feeling,  Tears were running down my cheeks, caused by both the utter fear I was experiencing as a result of not being able to breathe and also from the finality of his words and the thought of the things that were lying in wait for me in my future. My new future in which I was a sissified slave with an ass pussy and a suck hole that I would use exclusively to satisfy my younger but totally Dominant Black Master.
    Suddenly without warning he pulled his cock from my mouth and I gasped in a huge breath, wheezing and gagging and coughing from the rough, brutal treatment I had just received from Black Master. My slimy throat mucus was dripping from his ebony shaft, the entire length coated in my spit and a thick strand of it stretched from his bloated cock tip to my ruby red lips as sort of an obscene reminder of just what I was good for...... click, click, the camera, "Fuck, bitch! That throat is tight and as much as want to cum in your mouth, this load I'm brewing up is destined for your pussy. I know your sore from your beating and from last night, but guess what? I don't give a fuck! I'm rucking your pussy ass to show you yet again, just who's in charge here. Back on the bed again ...now, CUNT!" I was blubbering now, crying uncontrollably as I realized my old life was gone and the uncertainty of my future was staring me in the face. "Please l..suck you off, Master. I need to drink your cum, please." SMACK! SMACK! I flinched as Black Master slapped my face, very hard. "BITCH! Did I tell you to speak? No I fucking did not! You do what I tell you to WHEN I fucking tell you to and you do it RIGHT THEN! DO I MAKE MYSELF FUCKING CLEAR TO YOU, WHORE!?" He accentuated the last words with another harsh slap to my cheeks. I couldn't even see through my teary eyes as I meekly stood up to bend over the bed again, exposing my naked fuck hole to Master's uncompromising hardness. A second later, he was forcing the ball gag back into my mouth and strapping it tightly around behind my head. My hands were still cuffed behind me and I was the picture of acquiescence.
    Without further adieu he plowed into me, the only lube being my mucus and spit. I screamed out as Black Master took me violently, staking his
    ownership to my body......and my soul as well, if I was completely honest with myself. His steel-hard Black Dick fucked apart my tender sphincter muscle and speared into my rectum with a fury that took my breath away. I instantly began moaning into the gag and to my abject horror, also began arching back into every thrust of his into my body. One of his hands was on the back of my neck holding me firmly in place while the other held my wast at the small of my back; I could not believe how submissive this all was, how he controlled every aspect of my being at this very moment. He was the most important person in the world to me right now. Would be the most important person in my life forever more. His thrusts started out strong, steady, measured but soon digressed to a short jerky fuck rhythm. Just a couple minutes in and it seemed like he was close to nutting. I reveled in the feel of every inch of his steel cock violating the soft fleshy tissues of all my inner rectum, It was truly amazing what a talented cocks man he was and I knew I should consider myself fortunate to have been blessed with such a skilled
    Black Master. But even as I thought those things I still felt perplexed by the turn my life had taken in just the past few hours. Before I could think
    about anymore, Black Master's voice came booming to wake me from my reverie. I could feel his spittle on my back and neck as he leaned into me, truly giving this fuck his all. "FUCK Slave I'm Gonna cum! Gonna cum so hard up your ass cunt, you little fucking bitch! Gonna seed this pussy! With my toxic cum, Gonna make sure you learn your fucking place, faggot! OOOHHHH YEEAAA! OHHH YEAA
    HERE IT COMES Slave ! You ready for my fucking jizz, Slave" With one final blast-like grunt, I felt his cock explode inside me and the warm,
    gooey fuck slime coated my bowels, Breeding me with his Black seed, me with my Master's essence. The feeling of being bred was overpowering and I felt my own tiny sac tighten up and then I followed my Black Master into euphoria, screaming into the ball gag until I was hoarse and choking from the effort. I felt Master collapse against my back, the sweat from our scorching fuck causing us to stick together. We were both groaning in the aftershocks of our almost simultaneous orgasms. But I soon felt him begin to slide out of me and suddenly my open and gaping hole felt very empty and I couldn't stand to think of him not being inside me... He motioned for me to turn around with a light slap on my ass. I already had a good idea what this was going to be about, and sure enough as I turned to face him once again, he presented me with his slowly shrinking lack prick to suck clean of his cum and  ass juice. It was humiliating, but in an exhilarating way as I was still searching my way through the maze of confused sexuality that this whole episode had brought about. Being as feminine and subservient as possible I
    slowly ran my tongue up and down his vein y hose, making certain to keep my eyes on his as I lapped up every last droplet of cum from his Cock, Balls and pubes. I felt like a kitten lapping up some warm milk. GOD ! THAT was fucking fantastic, slave ! Fuck! As mad as I am
    about you wrecking my day, I gotta admit, it might have been worth it. Fuck! What a great cum! And look at you, you worthless bitch. Once
    again, you've cum with your Master up inside your sissy slit. How's it feel to be nothing but a cum dump for a superior Black man? Huh faggot? Can't answer with the gag in your mouth, I suppose eh? Oh well, I don't need you to tell me what you're thinking. The evidence was in the fuck. The way you pushed those sweet, white, round buns back into me, moaning for it harder and deeper... yes it's pretty clear just what kind of a faggot you are. A fag who loves Black Cock, I'd say. Damn, you are a true sissy, slave Just like a jail-house bitch, Can't believe no other Nigger ever scooped you up. But you're MINE now, cunt! I own this pussy." He emphasized this statement with a semi-soft swat across my ravaged buttocks. I could feel the sperm leaking out of my abused fuck hole. Black Master drew himself up to his full imposing height in front of me as he buttoned up his jeans, his sobbing, cum-soaked pussy boi kneeling before him. He grabbed my hair, pulling my face upwards to look at him. I felt myself blushing under his stern gaze, both of us again knowing the exact nature of our relationship. "So I'm gonna go ahead and repeat myself, but this will be the last time I do so for you. From now on, you will answer my demands immediately and unswerving. They are not suggestions and I don't take opinions from faggot whores. Got it? Get yourself cleaned up, put on some clothes  Then hightail it to the grocery store and get stocked up on everything you need to make my life as easy and pleasurable as possible. All the booze and food I mentioned before. Then when you get back here, jump on that bondage supply website I gave you. I want the Deluxe Sling and the Masters' Fuck Rack delivered here within three business days. I'll expect you back here and ready for me by ten o'clock tonight and as always......be dressed for me in leather and sitting on your sissy chair." I nodded my agreement and mumbled something around the ball gag and he seemed to think this was sufficient on my part. He motioned for me to rise and I did so and then he came around behind me and unlocked the wrist restraints. "My boys and I are hitting the strip clubs tonight, so plan on me being extra horny. Probably be over after midnight and then we can go at  it. Make sure you're ready, cause when I'm in THAT kinda mood, I can fuck all night long, baby! Heh, heh." He chuckled as he saw my eyes widen at his comments and then totally surprised me when he leaned down for an extremely tender kiss. I melted into his strong arms not wanting him to leave me. As he pulled away I noticed him leering wickedly at me again, and I realized that he needed this just as much as I did, only in a different way. It almost seemed as though we were soul mates, destined to meet and who knows? Perhaps we are... One dominant, one submissive, fitting together, one inside the other, to suck and lick and Fuck and cum and lust ..
    I decided to try small steps and so began preparing for His return later tonight. I took a steaming hot bath and proceeded to shave every spec of hair from my body, except that on my head. I knew Black Master would want me smooth and soft, so I used a lot of moisturizers and lotions and such, to make my skin as pliable as possible. It took most of the evening and I had almost lost track of time as I put on my leather gear and pull a leather collar on my neck. but I was still on the fence in regards to turning my life upside down. I just needed more time to think things

    through. It was barely a few weeks ago that I had begun to communicate with Black Master online and I thought that was as far as it would go. Then twenty four hours ago, the big brute comes bursting in my hotel room, like some kind of modern-day black Lancelot and I'm just supposed to drop everything and become his slave, My Heart was thumping in my chest as the hour got later and midnight approached.

    Should I expect him just after midnight or like 3am? Shit! I didn't know so I decided to risk sending him a text message, to try to find out when he might be over. "Master -- could you let me know when to expect you?  A few minutes go by and then a return message. "Sissy slave -- it's none of your fucking business BITCH! I told you I'll be there when I'm there. But I'm in a good mood so I'll let you know. Leaving the bar now. Be at your hotel  in 15. Be fucking ready for me whore."I swallowed the lump in my throat and quickly dripped some lube onto my slaves chair Black dildo. Then I squatted above it, positioning my moistened hole right above it and slowly sank down, reveling in the two fold feelings of pain and pleasure as my sphincter was stretched and my rectum filled with rubber dick. I groaned as I felt the last inch slide into me. Fuck! Balls deep on that fucking thing. I looked around a bit and suddenly shuddered as I saw my computer with the webcam on it. I could only imagine what perversity Black Master had in store for me..Within minutes I heard the now familiar thump of the stereo bass in Black Master's car as he drew closer to my room,  house started to shake a little and I heard the car door slam shut. Then I heard the key in the lock and in he stepped. He looked pissed, once again, but I consoled myself with the fact that it was simply his demeanor all the time, to appear ticked off. He closed  door behind him and stopped in front of me, his usual smirk playing across his features. "Shit slave You're even sitting on your slaves chair. What a good slave,  Yea, you like that shit up in your pussy... You my fuck whore, Cause I got to get my nut. Fuck! Those strippers fucking grinding all over my lap, all over my Black cock, and even though I fucked a couple of `em in the backroom, I'm still horny as shit, slut!" He moved closer to me as he spoke and I could tell he'd been in the bars all night long. He reeked of booze, smoke  And sweat... And masculinity... Jesus, I felt my knees already beginning to weaken, my insides turning to jelly as I imagined submitting to him. His eyes
    bored into me as he looked down at me with a mixture of disdain and superiority. "Those crotch less panties? Good for you, sissy. Very nice. I like that shit." He quickly stripped off his shirt and then kicked off his sweatpants. He still had his basketball shoes on and wore nothing else but a black jockstrap, leaving his ass completely exposed. I caught my breath as I took in his amazing physique once more. God! He was an absolute alpha male, a Black Adonis. Muscles rippling, his body said everything you needed to know about him. When he spoke, you
    listened and he always got his way. "Shit, slave, turn on Sports center for me. I gotta tell you? I'm gonna sit on one of your bar stools; kneel down behind me and work on my asshole, slave! Just your mouth. I gotta let loose!" I did as told, watching as he sat down on the
    stool and leaned against the breakfast bar to watch TV. I looked up at his thick glutenous muscles, hanging off the stool and partially covered by the straps of his jock, his buttocks beckoning to me. My mouth began to water as I prepared to taste my Black Master in a way so intimate that few could possibly know the feeling. As I drew close, I sniffed the air and could smell his strong, earthy odor; it  had the strange, unknown effect on me acting like an aphrodisiac and I found myself actually desiring to eat him out this time around. I leaned upwards and placed my lips around his asshole, sealing us together in a manner so personal, there could be no doubt that I was his slave, "Yeaaa, slave ! Get your tongue all up in my shit,  Feels great, baby! You like eating your Master's hole don't you, bitch?" I moaned out my agreement, unable to speak as I was busy French kissing his asshole, making out with his ass lips like I would make out with a gorgeous young man. I gently flicked my tongue across the outer rim of his anus, eliciting a moan of appreciation from Black Master. I pushed my tongue up flat against his sphincter, then pulled back and then repeated this action several times, causing him to wriggle his ass, groaning for me to continue. I licked completely across the hairy opening several times, using varying pressure. I heard him growl, deep in his throat and I could tell I was getting to him. After several minutes of this treatment, I finally went for the coup de grace. I paused a moment in my ministrations to pull back and look at my handiwork. His asshole was glistening with saliva, my spit soaking every nook and cranny of his crack, every butt hair. I then slowly, so very slowly began to push my tongue right into that hole, inserting it as far as I could get in there. I curled my tongue into a pointy spike and began to probe in and out, in and out, seeking out Black Master's pleasure center and when I found it, I probed even harder. I must have been doing something right, because Master was pushing back against my mouth, grinding his ass into my entire face. "Fuck YES SISSY! Eat that fucking' asshole, eat my fucking' manhole, you fucking' cunt! It's all you're good for, pussy boi!  Eating a black man's ass. Get up in there slave! Suck my furry shiter! Is your little dick hard from sucking me whore?" It was stiff and aroused and his words made me even hornier so I busied
    myself with pleasing him, slavering all over his proffered opening, loving the taste and scent of him, knowing him more thoroughly than I had ever known anyone, . I was slobbering into Black Master's asshole, making it wet as he continued to grind his hairy hole onto my face, both of us moaning in bliss. I could not previously have imagined how much pleasure I could derive from bringing Black Master the enjoyment he so richly deserved. What was happening to me? Suddenly Black Master rose from the stool, pulling his ass away from me, although several strands of saliva were still connecting my face to his buns and they broke as Master stood up. I remained kneeling."Shit slave! That was
    fantastic! I love the way you devour my asshole. You're really taking to this, huh? Good! It's good for a slut to enjoy every part of her Master's body, to desire to taste every inch of him..." He grabbed my computer from my desk, then stood over the bed and stood looking at it for a moment, as if pondering something. He set my laptop down on the end table next to the bed, opened it up and angled the top downwards. He motioned for me to get up and approach him. "Grab those bed pillows, slut and put them over here I did as instructed, unsure of what this was supposed to accomplish. Black Master ripped off his jock strap and then sat down on the pillows and hung his knees over the bed, When he leaned back a bit, it had the effect of exposing his Black cock and balls, but also leaving his buttocks hanging over the edge of the bed,
    there by allowing me access to his asshole as well. "Now it's time for you to suck me off, slave . Start with my balls, but take your time and keep using your mouth on my asshole. Switch on and off, get into a rhythm, have some fun with it slut,  It's dinner time for you." I looked up into his hardened eyes, and I could see there was no room for questions or negotiating and he clearly wasn't in the mood for me to do anything but comply with his orders. I was beginning to realize that this whole situation was no joke and this man was a true no-mercy Black Thug Top. "Now crawl to me, pussy boi. Come over to feast on your Master's private parts, which he is so generously offering up for you to service."  I crawled over to him, trying my best to be sexy, but not sure if I was succeeding. My face was burning up as I approached my Black Master, the shame almost overpowering. I couldn't believe I was going along with this degradation,and yet I could not deny how much it turned me on; having this Black man in control of my body felt oddly satisfying. I was almost between his legs now and I looked up expectantly, like an obedient dog. "Yes that's right. You look very good tonight,   I gulped, unsure of how to respond. "Thank you Black Master. .I'm happy you're
    satisfied with your slave. Again I felt a blush creep across my face, as shame and embarrassment took over my emotions. He grinned and chuckled evilly. "Heh, heh, yes I like making' you blush baby. But I also like my slaves to know their place, unequivocally. Before you start sucking me, pick up my jock strap and place the cup over your face and  then hold it there and just breathe in, until I tell you to stop." I did as he
    said, yet more humiliation awaiting me in his latest game. I placed the sweaty cup over my mouth and nose and began to draw in deep  breaths. It smelled like Black Master and it made my mouth water and a foreign sensation stole through my loins as I took in his Black scent. He held my gaze, that knowing, cock sure smirk plastered across his features. "Look at your little white cock slave, all stiff and hard, like a man's cock. But it's no man's cock, is it sissy slaves ? It's just a tiny dicky " I could feel tears almost beginning to form, as I continued breathing in Master's jock sweat. I could feel my masculinity slowly slipping away from me, and I wasn't sure I could get it back. "You wanna stroke
    your stiff little dick, Don't you, I'm not taking off your Cock Cage, stroke it until you shoot your slaves jizz?" I nodded my agreement, mumbling out a muffled "Yes" into the funky jockstrap I was startled as Black Master struck my face with a mongoose-quick slap across my cheek. "Tough fucking' shit, slave ! The correct answer is that you only have eyes for my Black cock. You are to focus %100 of your attention on me. I don't give a fuck if your puny, worthless slave dicky is ready to explode, you NEVER pay attention to your own needs! Is that fucking' clear enough to you bitch? You never touch or stroke yourself unless I say! You never cum unless I say! You don't even think about your dicky unless I have given you permission! And that goes for all times, whether I'm here or not! Got it cunt?!" I was sobbing from the ferocity of his strike and the finality of his words, as I blubbered out my reply. "Yes..Black Master. I'm sorry, Sir."  "OK then, slave. I assume it won't happen again... Anyway I got a surprise for you,  With you busy buying all that leather shit, I had my boys get that website up and running, so we're ready
    to go with some webcam action. Huh? What do ya think of that? You ready to eat me on camera, slut?" I looked up at him again, his words not quite registering with me. I was feeling panic rising inside me. Fuck! I thought I'd have more time to talk my way out of this, but it appeared Black Master expected to forge ahead with his plan to show me off to the world. Terror hit me square in the chest and I did something most regrettable. I stood up and then started speaking out of turn. "Shit, I can't do this Black Master, or, or whatever your real name is. This
    isn't what I wanted or expected when we started chatting. Look...you can't make me do any of this stuff...... Let's just break this off now..." I was breathing hard, huffing in fresh air for the first time in several minutes. I barely dared to look at him, He was staring at me with a previously
    unknown anger bubbling just beneath the surface. He slowly rose to his full imposing height and moved closer to me. I swallowed hard as he spoke. "Whatever my real name is? My real name, to you slave, IS Black Master. You fucking' white slut !  I can in fact, make you do this stuff! I already have. You gonna go run to the cops, pussy boi? Huh? You gonna tell them how you fagged out,  And suck my Black prick and how I breed your ass? With my cum, Huh faggot? Don't pretend you didn't want it then or that you don't want it now. You fucking' white boys are
    all the same. Think you're gonna stand up to me AFTER you've already gone down on me on camera ..."
    Everything was a blur, as tears rolled down my cheeks and I heard myself speaking yet again. "Look, Black Master. Just please leave. I've made my decision and I don't want to take part in this life..." He loomed over me as he stepped even closer, his proximity certainly intimidating. "Oh you've made your decision? Is that right? Little slut  Slave has made up his mind and I guess now I have to go along with it... Well guess what faggot? I've also made a decision and you might want to listen up. You don't want me to have to get rough with you again, right?" He grabbed my chin in his hand forcing me to look up at him, the disgrace etched on my face. "This is how it's going to be, bitch. I'm not leaving and you're not getting out of this. You don't actually want to get out of this, you just think you do. You'll thank me later that I didn't let you go

    back to your old life of having passionless sex with your boi friends." He leaned in and whispered in my ear. "I know what you need, faggot. I've already seen it, seen the way you give it up to me. I've felt you convulsing around me when I'm inside you, breeding you...... Now let's go meet our audience, shall we?" With that he let go of my chin and grabbed both of my wrists and twisted them around behind my back. I felt the cold steel of handcuffs fastening around them and my body went stiff as once again, I found myself helpless.

    Black Master grabbed me by the hair and dragged me back over to the Bed, Shoving me down none too lightly, He sat back down and started typing on my laptop, while at the same time making a call on his cell. "Hey Bro , your got that site for me? ......Awesome! Cool bro! I appreciate it...... Yea, yea He's trying to back out......... No, no I put him back in has place. Gonna be good man, I got it all set up for him to suck my Black cock and balls and eat my asshole on the webcam...... Yea right? Shit Nigger, I got a fucking' load stored up for this slave boi!
    Ha!......Alright  Catch ya!" later He hung up and started focusing on the laptop, typing away, talking to himself. "Yea, www.bbcforsissyslave.com. Yes, this shit is gonna be for real. He looked down at me with a disdainful gaze. Fuck! But it is what it is. And it is Go Time!" He put the laptop back on the table and I could see a web page with a barely noticeable pic of me, and I felt some relief sweep over me; no one would likely recognize me like that. I was probably safe. Black Master's voice broke through my thoughts. "Yes you there?  He was speaking to someone on the laptop. "That's Master Cam. Used to be used by another slave. He's plunked out now. Another fucking' whitey overcome by Black Cock Lust. BCL. Heh, heh." He seemed pleased with his new abbreviation and I could add nothing, so I didn't. It probably wouldn't have been a good idea anyway. "Hey look here, we got ourselves a nice-sized audience, for a first time site. Already got over three hundred fuckers waiting for you to start ......" He paused a moment, as if contemplating something. He tied a black bandana over his head and then as he pulled it down over his face, I could see that it had eye holes cut in it, Zorro-style. He made a comment about maintaining his anonymity then he motioned for me to draw closer to him and I did so, immediately. All right, Cam audience you got this shit running'?"  A couple seconds later a slightly hollow sounding voice answers back, very effeminate and timid but clearly a male. "Yes, Black Master.
    I can control the camera from here, and Master Jay is here watching the whole thing so he can make certain I'm getting the proper shots. You can start anytime, Black Master. I have both the audio and video up and running smoothly. We're live." I felt a cold fear creeping over me as I realized what was happening. I was going to be on display, online, for anyone to see. Fuck. How the hell was I going to get out of this? And suddenly, it was all out of my control..   "Yo, yo, yo what's up, Bitches? This is Black Master here on my new site

    www.bbcforsissyslave.com  What the fuck is up? Yea! Uhh, this site is going to chronicle my training of my new slave,  Going be having all sorts of fun and you can believe me when I say that I am going to put my slave thru the paces . kinds of fun going to put him through his paces! You'll find that I am a no mercy Black Top...be starting in a couple, but first I thought you'd all like to meet my slave  So he's gonna tell you all about himself...whether he wants to or not." He looked down at me, his gaze hard and motioned for me to turn my face towards the webcam. I could not recall a moment in my life when I felt more scared and sick to my stomach. I could NOT go through with this and I started to rise,

    determined to walk away and get this Black guy out of my room, out of my life. Once again, I underestimated Black Master's resolve to enslave me. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?  I tell you to get up, slave?  We're live, bitch!  Now talk to the camera!"  Again, he didn't sound like a man to be trifled with, but I could not let this go on. "Please, Sir. I can't do this..." He looked at me with a mixture of loathing and anger and I instantly knew I had fucked up majorly. He jumped down from his perch on the chair and squatted down next to me, taking my skull in both of his huge hands and pointed me up towards the webcam lens. With my hands secured behind my back coupled with his strength, there was little I could do to fight him and I felt myself meekly submitting to his raw power. "Now talk slave ! Tell the folks, your adoring public, your real name, maybe your favorite type of Leather  and why you love Black cock. That's a nice start..." I obediently looked up into the camera, my former life flashing before my eyes. My voice quavered as I spoke. "My name is..Jack irons  . I'm a white slave for Black Men ..My Black Master Is Pimping me to make money for Him,  paused, still unable to process the humiliation I was going through, like I was watching some other white guy being bound, sissified and put on film by a Dominant Black Master. Tears streamed unchecked down my face,. I hoped and prayed that no one I knew would EVER see this. "And, what's your favorite panties to worship Black cock?" He spoke in a conversational tone now, like he expected complete acquiescence......and I gave it to him. I couldn't believe what a fucking slave faggot I was, I just didn't have the will to fight him anymore,. Black Master now points to this moment as the second I gave into my deepest desire and became his fully slave  "I like my panties  be cause they say on the back BBC only, Black Master likes them the best... And I Worship Black Cock because. I'm a slave..." I didn't know what to say. When I paused too long for his liking, Master slapped my face, Black Master helped me out. "Is it because you like the taste of Black Cock Is it faggot? Is it because you like the feel of it in all your holes? I think it's all those reasons that you love Black dick. Now fucking say it, cunt!"   I swallowed hard, my throat suddenly very dry and hoarse feeling. I managed to croak out my agreement with him, into the webcam. "I love Black dick......... because I......I like the taste of it and I l...like the feel of it in my......holes..." Jesus, I had just uttered my love for Black meat right on the internet, live to hundreds of folks, apparently. What the hell path was my life now careening down, like a runaway roller coaster? I had no idea, but Black Master didn't give me much time to sink into my own thoughts. He immediately sat  back down on the bed , exposing his asshole and genitals to me. "Get to eating', slave!  Smile for the camera before you stick your tongue back up in my shitter!" 
     I am the slut slave , as Black Master calls me. I am following his orders to smile for the webcam before I perform analingus on him, again. I try my best to smile, but I'm certain my tear-streaked face is a mess, But it must be done and so I fake a smile. My hands are cuffed behind my back and I can't move my arms; I am completely at his mercy.
    "Yeah, smile real pretty  for the camera, slut. Such a sexy slut , getting ready to dive right back into my asshole, huh? Yeah, that's right..." I
    tearfully look into the camera as commanded, feeling the last vestige of male hood seeping out of me. I am his now, his bitch. I hate it, but I need it so bad. What is happening to me? "Time for dinner, slut! You got five hundred plus motherfuckers looking to watch you eat me out. Start fucking eating my fucking manhole! Now!" He slides down just a little more, adjusting his angle and then shoves my head down. I can smell the musky, earthy scent of his ass as my nose burrows into him. My mouth begins to water and I realize I want to eat him out. God is this what my life has come to? Dressed in a leather body hardness like a slut, using all my well to get my mouth back onto my Black Master's asshole so I can tongue-fuck him? I sould d be fucking ashamed of myself......and I am. But nevertheless, I waste no time in digging my tongue  back into Master's ass hole,  God he tastes terrible, yet I am slavering all over his hole, devouring the flavor of his back passage as if I hadn't had food for days. He tastes fucking awful, or does he? I am aware of a change in my thought process at this moment. Even though it tastes a bit like feces, I so badly want this, I desire that taste and I am now on the hunt for it. "Ohh fuck yeah, faggot! You like that bitch? You like eating your Master's butt hole? Like the taste of me on your tongue and lips? Huh slut? Show the audience, my peeps, how much you love this shit, pansy! How you love eating Nigger ass! Fuck you are a good little white faggot ass-eater, aren't you? Shit..." I managed to glance sideways at the monitor and could see that the camera was right there for a nice personal close-up. If you were watching, you could see the wetness of my mouth as I made out with Black Master's ass lips. I pulled back for a second, gasping for breath and was met with a swift slap across my face. "I tell you to stop, bitch? Fuck no I didn't! Keep eating,Slut!  You ain't done up in there yet, you fucking whore, I quickly moved back in, stabbing my licker into Master's pink hole, now slick with my spit. I didn't want to risk his true wrath again. Oh God this was so fucking nasty, so fucking not something I could ever have envisioned doing. And yet now I could scarcely get enough of it. I took a deep sniff and somehow this submissive act seemed so right, so primal. Something men had been doing for each other for millennia. Shit, I wasn't a man though. I
    was a fucking sissy faggot cunt whore. Just a piece of pussy for Black Master. Somehow, I had to get that through my head. Not a man, just a slave.. Yeah you fuckers watching this shit? This fucking faggot is all up in my shit! Damn this little slut loves the taste of my ass, I can tell. You
    fuckers out there see how deep he is in my asshole? Course you do! You motherfuckers are paying good money to see this shit! Look up at me bitch." I did as Black Master wanted and found myself looking directly into the webcam, and I felt myself turning red.  Jack Irons well be sucking and fucking for One of the Highest Bitters So don't forget to put in your bids !  I don't want to be seen doing this shit. "Oh what, you're embarrassed now,  Now you get some inhibitions? Too late for you faggot! Everyone knows you're an ass-eating maggot! Not good for   anything but jamming your tongue up my poop shoot and sucking my cock and taking my fucking loads. Heh, heh." He chuckled, a laugh devoid of mirth but full of the knowledge that he had a useless white, formerly male worm under his thrall. What could I say? What would I dare do? Nothing. Exactly nothing. I didn't want to get beat up. "Hey the poll results are coming in. Looks like your audience wants you to work on my balls next. Nice! That's what I was planning on anyway, bitch! Then you can move onto ball-tonguing. You better fucking eat me out good,
    slut ! These folks didn't pay thirty bucks to watch you just licking around the rim. Get up in there, cunt!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Black Master had told me earlier that we had over five hundred viewers. If he was charging them thirty dollars each......? Holy shit, that was over fifteen grand, in one night just like that. With almost no production costs, no overhead cause he was using my hotel room and my equipment. I really was a fucking whore for Black Men !  Not only could he use me for sex and domestic needs, but I was basically paying him to control every aspect of my life. I sighed, perhaps resigned to my fate. I felt like I had no control of anything, no choice but to please this Black man and pray that I did not disappoint him. I did not want to risk his wrath again, so I dug my tongue up into his asshole as far as I could go,
    As deep as I had ever gone. Maybe it was deeper, who could tell? When a small log of shit came out of his ass, I opened my mouth and the Black turd rolled into my mouth,  Master said eat my shit Slave, I swallowed hard, I told you it was dinner time Slut, I sucked on my Master, turd, tasting his manly funk and loving it. I slobbered all over his pucker, enjoying the way it snapped around my licker, trying to trap it and truth be told, I would not have fought staying in this moment forever. Somehow, this incredible Black man had awoken my most primal urges of submission and filmed me to acknowledge them. By compelling me...and  allowing me...to make out with his sexy ass lips, he had (apparently) turned me into a cowering, mewling white sissy cunt who only had hunger or desire for his cock, balls and asshole. I started back into the present at the sound of his voice. "Shit yeah, that's a good faggot. Yeah... That's a good  slave faggot bitch. Yeah, look at the camera. You love that shit don't you faggot?  Show us how much you love eating my poop. Yeah...just like that I'm you're fucking prom date, just smooching a pretty Boi." He paused for a second, shifting the camera around. "You mother fucker see all that shit? You like sissy slave eating' my manhole? Well that's good, cause he likes it too. He a true ass-eating, ball-licking, cock-sucking slave faggot , Born to worship the Black Man. Drooling all over his sexy little body, trying to keep his little faggot dick from getting any harder than it already is. Yeah..... .He loves this fucking' shit! Pull your bitch face up here, slut. Yeah. Look at that shit, fucking' slobber and ass juice all over his face...this bitch loves to eat out his Black  Master." It was true and I knew it. I jumped as Black Master set the webcam back down on the table next to him with a heavy slam. Again he spoke to the audience. "Well that's it for tonight bitches! Sissy slave really enjoyed entertaining you with his tongue up my shitter, but he is fucking wrecked and he's got to be ready for tomorrow night: For one lucky Bitter,  His cock and balls well be chastity.  My cock and balls going to be  snaking right down his throat......whether he wants to or not. I'll most def feed him; perhaps 'l well breed him as well. Hmmm. I love options. Same time tomorrow fuckers... Eventually folks, I'm gonna have cameras installed all over this room, so you can watch him anytime. He isn't allowed to  jerk off and if he does, I want to know about it. This faggot slave Has signed over his life to me. " I turned this bitch out weeks ago and now he stars in my movies on the internet, making me cash. He sucks my Black dick...... your `boy' here swallows Black Loads ,With that he shut off the webcam and gave me a quick slap."That was real good faggot. Real good. You ate my But hole like it was your fucking dinner. That's what my paying customers want to see." I shuddered as I imagined the future perversions Black Master surely had in store for me."Heh, heh you're a fucking faggot aren't you? What a fucking  bitch! Just another white queer begging for a Black Man to take control of his life... Well that's how things are for you now, faggot!  I control your life. You're a fucking sex slave for me now. You dress how I tell you; you eat and drink what I tell you; you suck and fuck what I tell you; You perform on camera when I tell you......" He seemed to tail off for a moment and I was uncertain of just where his thought process was going. He roughly turned me around and undid the handcuffs. I rubbed my sore wrists, trying to soothe them a bit. "I'm horny now, slut. Get into the bed and have those panties off and lay down ass up,  face in the pillow,  Do it now faggot!" I hurriedly jumped up to comply to my Black Master's order,s still not sure why I did it, nor why I was continuing to allow this to happen. Was this what I wanted? I wondered these thoughts even as I slipped my slutty whore panties down my smooth legs and assumed the position Master demanded. I had little time with my thoughts. Within a minute of me lying on the bed.  Master was there; I could hear him moving around behind me and felt so open and exposed, Black Master had restraints attached to the bed, He put the restraints on my arms and legs, Where I was spread eagle naked before him with my naked ass available to his sight and touch. I jumped as Black Master slapped my buns hard. "Yeah that's nice faggot. Gonna fuck your bitch Pussy Hard and Raw. Heh heh I know you prefer my normal gentle self right? Like when I make sweet sensual love to a woman?"  I was confused by his words, distracted by his weight settling in behind me, his hands roving over my buttocks. I started again as he slapped me again, harder this time. "Speak up faggot! Do you want your Master to make love to you or FUCK you? Huh bitch?" I began to cry again, emotion overtaking me as the power of his words rolled over me, crushing me with their finality. "I want you to fuck me Black.Master to  FUCK my cunt!  Make me into your Bitch I deserve to be! A fucking faggot bitch!"  With that Master put the ball gag back on me... "You got it slut You fucking faggot!" With that I felt the immense pressure on my sphincter as my Black Master jabbed into me. He was not gentle with me, and deep down I knew I did not want him to be. He took my hole in one Hard, even thrust. I arched my back to take all of his Black Dick even as a scream of pain was ripped from my muffled throat. I hate and love the feeling when Black Master penetrates into my guts, invading my bowels, turning my once private and intimate spot into a nest for his cock, a womb for his Black toxic seed. "Yeah slave ! Take that Black Dick faggot! Ahhh yeah! Fucking tight-ass pussy! Fuck yeah!" Black Master was hollering and bellowing like a beast in heat as he rutted inside me, turning my innards into nothing but a scorching, spasming canal meant to massage his manhood. I was nothing but a fuck doll for him and his RAW BBC,  I was screaming out as the agony and ecstasy shot through the entirety of my rectal tract and the feeling of Black Master filling me so completely, owning my body making my toes curl and my guts melt in rapture. "Ohhhhhhh  ,, I know you love me faggot!  A slave slut should always love his Black  Master! Good slut !  Now get fucking ready for my thick Fucking Load, You want this Toxic Load  ! Don't You,  Passed my sphincter into my colon and then into the deep membranes of my intestines, Gonna breed that fucking pussy!" I arched my back up into him, He removed the ball gag I screaming out my lust even as Black Master arched forward, burying himself as deep inside me pushing  pass the second hole, He said telling me you want this Black Seed, As I uttered the words He began to empty the sticky sap from his heavy, manly nuts into my pussy slit. We both groaned out deeply as we felt the proof of his breeding, wet and hot, his man jizz sluicing into my slick guts,coating my bowels.

    He collapsed on top of me, both of us gasping for air, our breathing coming hard. I didn't cum this time, But Black Master's nut is all I worry about and, besides there was plenty of time for me to have a ass orgasm;  Master fucked me twice more over that night. I gave myself up to him without question as he made me his slut slave.  He couldn't wait for her Black Master to be inside his little ass pussy. Heh, heh......"

    I was all so sore after Black Master used me as his rightful bitch three times over night and than in the morning. He wasted little time with foreplay, pushing me face first onto our bed and hurriedly jamming his lube-soaked fingers into my rectum. I arched into his hand and he instantly replaced the worming digits with his astounding man meat. "Yeah faggot. You want your Black Master don't you? Huh sweetie?

    Here's what you need bitch!" With that he stabbed hard into my slut hole and I yelped as his generous proportions filling my bowels, gliding
    slimy past my sphincter, into my colon and then into the deep membranes of my intestines. I could scarcely believe the depth of penetration he could achieve. The head of his Black Dick went deep! He had hit my second hole and was in my colon ! Fucking me hard and fast, driving into me at different angles, hitting all the right spots, for both of us. His hammering Black cock was really sending precise strokes and rippling waves of sexual intensity all throughout my gaping sissy-opening. 
    "Yeah you gonna get my fuck now bitch! Work on training that pussy to cum without your useless fucking dick!" Black Master was panting, gasping for breath as he plowed into me relentlessly, like some kind of living jackhammer. "Right now, gotta get my nut. Gonna make you pay for your fucking racism and injustice!  Gonna Fuck  this fucking cunt! Oh shit sissy. Gotta fucking.....CUM!  OHHH FUCK YEAH BOTTOM BITCH! TAKING MY FUCK! GOING TO BREED YOU FUCKING FAGGOT ! GODDAMMIT! OH FUCKING SHIT......SHIT!" He practically
    bellowed the words; I was certain the rooms next store could hear him, His Black Dick got harder and longer, I felt him explode inside me, coating my shit hole with his scalding and gooey man Seed. I had arched up into him again as he had plunged down and I could feel his entire man-package buried to the hilt in my pussy,  He was Deep in my Colon He was depositing His Toxic Seed ,Tell me you want my Toxic Load !

    Tell me Now cunt,  Give It Too Me !   Give Me That Poz Load !   Breed Me !  I Want To Be Bred !  His big, hairy balls mashed into my own much smaller, smoother nuts.I began to shake as if I was having convulsions,   I had been feeling very close to an orgasm, even though I couldn't get hard, but Black Master was only looking for His own gratification at the moment. I would not begrudge him that. He was my Black Master,  My lover. I felt him collapse on my back, his hard muscles covered in sweat, breathing hard. " faggot. That was so fucking Hot, . Keep that pussy ready;   I'm gonna have it some more, just need a little rest ." I felt his softening prick, I wiggled my ass back and forth, When I felt His Black Dick start to swell and grow, With in a few mins He was at fully erect, He said I was insatiable bottom for Black Dick, As He Moved His Black Dick in and out my rectum He fall a sleep Deep in my Hole, Still erect ,  I awoke to his deep voice in my ear. "Wake up, slut  Daddy wants some more pussy..." And without waiting, He pushed back into me, grasping my waist hard with one strong muscled arm, forcefully pinching my nipples with the fingers of his other hand. We both groaned at his breeding of my previously used,hole still slimy ass ring, gasping contentedly as his success brought us both immense bliss. 

    He Put The Ball Gag Back In My Mouth, He put a Butt Plug in my ass pussy, He said he wanted to His Black Toxic Cum to stay where he put it.

    I was still restrained spread eagle on the bed .. I'll be back later tonight . I got to leave you all restrained like this

    Don't want you to be standing or douching My Poz Load out,

    I Gave You The Gift Last Night ..Been Breeding You Every Day Since I Met You .. But Last Night I Hit That Pussy Deep..

    I Put My Black Babies In Your Intestines track Deep ..Where It Is Going To Work Fast ..I Impregnated You..  With my Black Seeds ...

    Now there no turning back Our life's well be intertwined forever ! You well Have the same Poz Strain as me..

    You Can take Raw Loads from now on And not worry ! That's what you wanted slut ,,

    Now with my Poz Cum You well get the FUCK FLU Soon !   I Own You Now.. There No Turning Back Now Your Black Owned..


    He than told me that  I needed a few tattoos, 

    A Tramp Stamp on my lower back that says.... FOR BBC ONLY .

    The second one well be above your dick It well say .... TOXIC LOADS

    The third one well be on your chest above your right Tit saying.... OWNED BY  BLACK MASTER 

    The fourth one well be on your right cheek and say....  JACK OF SPADES 

    The fifth one for your neck a.... BAR CODE  So every one well know your BLACK OWNED

    The look in my eyes told Black Master  I Understood ..  

  15. Well, I did it. I went the full 8 days without PrEP and was as a big of a slut as my body could handle. It's not like I freaked out in the middle and stopped having sex or anything. All in all I got 33 loads (which was just 1/3rd of my initial goal and 1/2 what I really hoped for). In the process I learned a bit about my body and how I feel about getting pozzed…

    Just a quick note to say that PrEP is >90% effective 7 days after you stop (if you've been taking it every day, which I was), but apparently after the 7 days the efficacy starts dropping pretty quickly. So most of my risk was the last day or two. I toyed with stopping a day or so before I went, but wasn't sure how I'd feel when things were actually in progress, so I didn't take the risk.

    Just looking at the last couple days when there was risk. I took 3 loads in Fort Lauderdale (one of which said he was undetectable) on the final day, and three in Key West the day before. So if anything happened it was probably one of those 5 loads. 

    First thing I learned was that I don't want some random guy I really am not into being my poz daddy. Or maybe a better way of putting it is that I want to look back at when I got pozzed and think "that was really hot!". And most of the sex in Key West wasn't really hot. Not saying it was all bad sex, just that there was more "forgettable" sex than one might hope. (Though I did have sex with a porn star you probably all know – which is saying something since he was mostly just fucking his "boy" – a guy who's just started in porn). 

    Going forward I think my strategy with PrEP will be to take it after having 1-on-1 sex. If I'm really into the guy I just won't take it. That way the only guys who have a chance of pozzing me are guys who I'd want as a poz daddy. (For sex parties, I'll take it the day before as well as when I get home from the party). 

    Second thing I learned was that you can be too sexually assertive. I'm a New Yorker who knows the difference between assertive (good) and aggressive (bad). It's not like I was a pushy asshole bottom who was being rude. But the two huge sexual failures this week happened when I was being really sexually assertive. The first time I was wearing a t-shirt that made it crystal clear that I was was a cumdump. The back had a big pig with #CumInMyAss below it and a downwards pointing arrow below that. I got a lot of dick wearing that t-shirt – 8 guys fucked me, but no one came in my ass. I'm in it for the load, not the fuck, so huge failure.

    Then Sunday night I had a #neg4poz gangbang in Fort Lauderdale. 44 guys signed up, plus I gave 2 guys details privately, yet only one showed up and fucked me / gave me a load. (One other showed up, but was super nervous, couldn't get hard, and left after a couple minutes of a blowjob). I've been watching the sex parties in Fort Lauderdale and 44 guys is really good – almost as good as their CumUnion parties get. But only one guy showing up is horrible. In hindsight I think they probably all thought I'd flake – I was presenting myself as a bug chaser and bug chasers have a habit of not going through with it. But so do toxic tops. I even tried to give guys cover and told guys to just pretend they were toxic even if they weren't. That way the assumption could be that the guy was just lying about being toxic. It should have been a really hot scene, but 1 top showing up out of 44/46 is a complete failure. 

    Third thing I learned was that my ass can't take deep cleanings every day. As much as I'd love to be a 24/7/365 cumdump I just don't have it in me. My intestinal track is a mess after doing deep cleanings every day for 8 days. Maybe if I could just do shallow cleanings it could work, but then big dicks are a problem 'cause they'll get up deeper than I cleaned out. But one way or another I probably need to lay off bottoming for a week to let things get back to  normal. 

    Fourth thing I learned was that Key West isn't as gay as I thought. It was my first time in Key West and I'd always heard the gay scene there was pretty good, but it's just not. There are basically two bars – Saloon 1 and Bourbon Street Pub (and some drag places) and they both had issues getting a critical mass of people on what's billed as the biggest week of the year. Mind you, Hurricane Irma dropped the crowds by 30-50%. But that means most of the time they're pretty empty. And their busy hours are really limited as well. 

    That said, Island House was really special. If you've never been think combo gay guest house, naked bar, and bathhouse. I got 11 of my 33 loads at Island House, and the crowd is hotter than elsewhere as well – to the point that it was the only place I was inspired to top (gave 2 loads). 

    [By comparison I got 9 loads at Saloon 1, and 3 at Bourbon Street Pub.]

    One thing I did really like about Key West is how you can be naked in all the bars, and even have sex at the bars – there are no hangups there. I wish the same were true in NYC. Yeah, the Cock is like that, but only late at night. In Key West it's 24/7.

    All in all I'm glad I did it and went without PrEP. It helped clarify a few things for me…

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    Went surfing this morning it was nice and quiet. I like surfing at this particular beach because it’s always nice and quiet and not many people around. There was just me and this other guy. From a distance I could see he’s got a hot body and in his 20’s like me. We were both surfing for about an hour and exchanging smiles every time we looked in each other’s direction.

    I wanted to get his full attention so I went to sit on the beach and see what he would do. As I expected he came to say hello. We started talking about how good the water was and other things. I learned that he just moved into the city recently. We were talking with our tops off and he’s got such a hot body and nice bulge getting bigger by the second just like me. I grabbed my cock and he did the same. I got closer to him and he immediately kissed me and pushed me against the sand. We started making out like crazy, him on top of me. 

    I could feel his big cock trying to burst out of his shorts. I grab his shorts and pulled it off him and he did the same to mine. We were both naked our lips locked, bodies pressed against each other and cocks rubbing leaking with precum. I got on top of him and started to kiss his neck down to his body and his nipples and made my way to his balls. He’s got really big balls and I licked them while my hand plays with his big cock. I like to start with the balls before I make my way to his big cock. I licked his balls and up the shaft and started sucking his big cock. It mush have been 9”   long straight and fat just the way I like it. We were both super horny as fuck! I could taste his precum and it turned me on even more. 

    I stood up and he started sucking my cock and balls and he turned me around ate my hole like it was his last meal. Damn he could eat ass! My hole was nice and wet and sloppy from his spit. He started to work his cock on my hole while kissing me at the same time. I could feel his big cock making its way in my ass and I felt like I was on meth! Wish we had some. He fucked my ass while we were both standing, him behind me while we were kissing. I wanted to ride his cock so I got him to lay on the sand. I started riding his big cock    and we were both making all kinds of noise.

    We switched positions now I was on my back and he was on top of me drilling my hole. He started fucking me faster and harder and he said he was close to cumming. I told him so was I. He continued to pound my hole and he starts to say FUCK I’M CUMMING I’M CUMMING I’M CUMMING...... All I could say was FUCKING CUM IN MY ASS BABY BREED MY ASS FUCKING FLOOD MY ASS WITH YOUR CUM and at the same time he shot a huge load in my horny slutty hole and I shot a huge load on his body and mine. He kissed me while his cock is still buried in my hole our bodies covered in cum and sweat pressed against each other. We spent the next few minutes just sitting on the sand and talking. We exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. We’re meeting again tonight. I got home took a shower and went to work. This happened just a few hours ago. I’m at work and I could feel his cum leaking out of my hole! It’s fucking hot! It’s making me hornier and hornier and really looking forward to seeing him again tonight......

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