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  1. As I'm starting to write this blog post, I have not yet updated my profile with pictures and info - That will come with time, for now you will have to use your imagination and paint your own picture of me as you read this. I have never written a blog, this might bore you, it might be all over the place, but as time goes I will get better at it. Please feel free to comment and tell me how to improve :) this first entry is just to explain where I came from and who I was, my real stories that I want to tell only start the past year. Please note that my first language is not english, I hope it all makes sense....

    I grew up in a good home, Christian, respected in the community. I was always considered a pretty boy, from my early school days. My early school years is quite the opposite of most gay boys, I was out to all my mates by the age of 14, part of the popular crowd and admittedly I was part of that crowd that made fun of the insecure gay kids in school. I was a Grade A student and your ideal boy to take home to mom. This however, at the young age of 14, was only my face I put on. I had already sucked my first dick at age 12, a black dick to be more detailed. (right now I have to tell you where I'm from otherwise the last mentioned detail wont actually have the impact it should - South Africa) I did not have many hookups between the age of 12 and 15, but they happened every now and then, always discreet, I had already slept with more guys at the age of 15 than most of my friends from school has slept with until today.

    On my 15th birthday i got a motorcycle (South Africans can only drive cars from 18+) and this allowed me to broaden my range for possible hookups. I was able to get around every day after school while my parents were still at work - everyday from 2 pm to 4:30 pm was my playtime, and I made sure to play everyday. Now that I had wheels I could go cruising and from some research, I had found a local lake that was suppose to be a great spot, and thinking back, it didn't once let me down. Afternoons became my hunting time, but here I was faced with something completely new. I had hooked up with guys slightly older than me or the same age, but never with guys I considered really old, and that is the only type of guys I found cruising the field around the lake. The first few times were just drive-arounds, but eventually I parked my bike and when an old man stopped next to me I got in his car, from there it was a done deal - dick is dick, no matter what age, shape or size. Over the next few years I lived by that motto, I took what I could find, as long as it was safe when we fucked, he never came in my mouth and he never new my name (Probably for the best as most of them would have been arrested as I was underage) - Its quite funny that back then I always tried to block it out after each hookup like it never happened, but now it's a major turn on - while this was going on I started dating, beautiful blond boy, same age as me. We were in love!!!

    At 17 I started clubbing, My cute BF had an older brother, well established  in the gay community - and all to happy to take the young ones out for a Party. I was in my element, I started making connections, I started getting messages from guys and before I knew it I had 3 boyfriends at the same time, fucking all of them and cruising in the afternoons. Some days I felt bad - But never bad enough to stop. None of these relationship lasted until I was 18 and probably a good choice on all of their parts. 

    Back at school I was still the innocent, popular gay boy and enjoyed a lot of attention from the straight/curios boys and I was the best frienrd to almost every girl. Now I'll skip some boring parts of my life story to get back on track.

    I finished high school with flying colors and got into a great college in another City, close enough if I needed home, far enough so I can do what I want. This is where i really started becoming ME. I stayed in a commune, so I still could not have intimate private hookups, but now I had a car, monthly allowance and I cold get anywhere I want. at age 19, I discovered, what I still consider, My home - An adult book store chain named Adult World, It was entirely new to me, completely dark, gloryholes, cubicles, always busy with guys all shapes and sizes and open all day untill 11pm. This became my home, I would go there daily after class, sometimes skipping class to go, my allowance was spent on entrance. I was obsessed, I had already fooled around with older guys, but was always embarrassed, this made it easier, it was dark and anonymous. To note here, Always still safe sex - well, getting fucked safe. In my Naive 19 year old mind, sucking cock was perfectly safe and what did I know about STD's?

    Fast forwarding a bit more, I started dating in college, fell in love and promised to be faithful. and I was, or I believed I was. No one knew about my new found home, dark, discreet. thats how it would stay.

    I eventually finished studies, started working and started living adult life, had Boyfriends, broke up with boyfriends, the usual story - I was the innocent, pretty boy all the guys wanted - But at every opportunity I got I visited a Adult world store wherever I was - to this day, this has not changed, it still is my favorite place to go. As time went on and technology evolved to us having Grindr and more accessible means of organizing hookups, I started coming out the dark. I started what I considered in my mind ''cheating'', and its since I started with these apps that I got caught out and my relationships ended, and its also here that I realized the darker, sleazier and dirtier the place you go, the safer it is - for other peoples feelings.

    By 25 I could walk into any club or bar in the state and i was bound to find someone i've sucked off or who's fucked me, I started getting that reputation - ''hes such a slut''. I didnt always feel proud about this and never spoke about it. My boyfriend at this stage was very controlling and jealous, and for good reason I guess, but I still managed to keep my ''dark life'' a secret but people started talking as I knew they would, because of social media and hookup sites. The boyfriend I had at this stage I dated for 3 years - and we had a good 3 years. i knew he was cheating every now and then and I just ignored it. I had random hookups, alot, and still visited my favorite place as often as possible. We were happy, we both played safe always and life was good

    I was just about to turn 28, two days from my birthday. I had left work over lunchbreak to go visit Adult World. My Boyfriend planned to surprise me at work for lunch, but as he drove into the parking, he saw me driving out. Having always been very jealous and controlling he immediately followed me. I was getting it on in the darkroom and had 4 old and quite fat guys standing in front of my taking turns sucking their cocks and I had someone fucking me, I was in heaving....for about 3 min until I heard my name being yelled. And there was my Boyfriend, front row seat to the secret life was no longer secret. We broke up there in the darkroom after a rather brutal fight, however this is not where this story ends. He was very hurt, and rightfully so, and this caused him to tell everyone and everyone he knew the story. I was embarrassed and felt humiliated, I didnt visit my favourite place for almost a year nor did I go to any gay bar or club

    I was single for a few months, then dated again, but close to turning 29 I realized that I would always hurt someone else, somehow things have changed to much and I couldnt have a secret life anymore, I couldnt hide stuff that well anymore, did I actually even want someone? I ended the relationship for his sake.

     If I did the rough calculation, I had either sucked or been fucked by roughly 3500 cocks since age 12 to 29, some probably more than once, but that was still a insane amount. And how lucky was I to still be healthy and clear of Std's (except for some rash I picked up and doctored for a week) - I Had to admit to myself, I was a slut, no actually a whore. 

    One night  leading up to my 29th birthday, me and my best buddy got home late after a party and stayed up chatting, I started telling him about all me sexpeditions and my estimated amount of cock I had. He thought it was a joke, he would not believe me even when I insisted and went into detail....and there for the first time I wanted to just  tell him more, somehow I i found some pride in what I do.....

    Its where by my ''Re-birth'', a whole new mindset, A whole new Outlook, A whole new me. I was ready for a new chapter. I was ready to turn 29, But I was ready for a total new person to be presented.

    I was going to be single, out-spoken, I was no longer going to try and hide what I do, I was going to openly talk about sex and I was going to try everything I had fantasized about and never did. And here is where my actual stories start.... From the picture perfect twink boy with secrets too ...... well, Ill talk about that in the next blog!

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    Yesterday my master decided to put me in a club with one order: be a slut. It has been a hard night.
    The session started at 7 pm, I was so horny and after weeks of chastity my master unlocked my cock because some tops become nervous when they see a metal cage around my cock. Obviously I was not allowed to touch my cock or cum.  

    My Sir was working nearby the club, and coming from time to time in the club just to be sure that I was serving men in the right way. One strict rule> safe sex, no bare and no swallowing! The piss- and cum-dump inside me can be feed only at his place with his friends.

    I sat on the sofa and soon some guys showed interest in me, one was bttm and sucked me a bit (permission from my master: my body has to be a source of pleasure) and two tops. I changed position, kneeling on the couch, legs wide, ass exposed. I started sucking the two tops while the bttm guy prepared my ass with a good rim job. Then one guy started fingering my hole, he was shy in the beginning, but soon my hole relaxed and gave a warm welcome to his fingers., Few minutes and the guy realized that I was ready and willing to get fucked good, so he did it, moaning and yelling while fucking me deep. The other top started fucking my throat deep and then he also fucked me on the sofa while the first guy enjoyed the show.

    Quick break for them, while another top pulled my hairs, moving me from the couch to stand, face to the wall and fucked me like this.

    The two guys decided to pass by my holes again, this time on the mattress, doggy, and they lasted longer, pumping my ass hard.

    My master came to check me and I sucked his dick also just to tease him a bit, looking forward to have his cock after the session in the club. He talked with some other guys and they came to enjoy the show of me team-tagget by the two guys.

    Among the audience, there were a guy with a huge cock, teasing himself and waiting his turn, and a couple, a man hugging a woman, laughing with glances of lust in their eyes...

    The guy with a huge cock waited until the other two had their pleasure and then he fucked my throat really deep, before fucking me hard, doggy on the mattress. I moaned loudly and told him not to stop, to do deep and hard this way.

    After that huge cock it was around 9:30, and the club became more quiet. 5 minutes and there was almost no one left, only that couple, and a bunch of old guys hanging around. The woman entered the room for first, her guy followed her half-closing the door.

    The guy just grabbed my head without saying a word... cock hard, and started fucking my throat hard and deep... It was different from the others. I realized that when I started struggling for air... and puking, without having any sign of mercy. I had to push him away with all my strength to have a break to breath and clean my face and chest from the slime.

    I was a bit pissed off, I was distracted by the laughing of that woman that passed him a condom. The guy grabbed my head again, and I found myself again doggy on the sofa. When he started fucking me was clear that he was not seeking for pleasure, he was fucking me with anger, just to give me pain, to use me like a hole calling me "piece of shit", "faggot", then the woman asked me "why you don't moan any-more?" I was almost crying. Fuck that guy pumped my ass hard and for long I buried my face in the sofa, trying not to cry or ask for mercy because I guessed that would caused even a harder treatment.

    He came, hitting hard my ass, and then he showed what I thought 2 or 3 fingers inside my ass.. burning sensations,
    groaning sounds suffocated in the sofa.

    My master was already inside the club, talking with the owner, he understood from my face that I had hard time so he decided to give me a break.
    The break consisted in cleaning the floor of the club while he was talking and rinking cola with the owner.

    After the cleaning, the three of us moved to my master place, it was 12:30 and they fucked me again. My ass was on fire but I did not complained at all, I moaned to show them I was enjoying their cock but inside I was just praying them to come fast. at 3 in the morning I was at my place, under the shower. Ass burning, weird feeling like leaking lube from my ass hole and then I realized: inside my butt there was a condom. One guy, most likely the straight one, just came and used my hole to trash the condom, the garbage....

    Final result: my master will punish me and since the next blood test he and his friends will fuck me with condoms... but in his mercy he decided that I can still swallow all their cum.

  2. So got myself all HnH this weekend, got chatting to a 20 year old guy on grindr. Turns out he was a part time rent boy. Never paid for sex and wasn't starting now but as we chatted it turned out he'd always wanted to try meth.... So I invited him over and shared a pipe or two of meth with him. Then I bred his ass several times. He was still there this morning and I gave him another one for luck before packing him off home! 

  3. analluv27
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    Shamefully I've been so busy posting on the forums I completely forgot about the blog.

    So let's see been sucking lots of dick in the video stores with an occasional fuck. Mostly bareback but one dude had new blow him covered no make the two guys but one emptied the condom on my tongue.

    Making out with a woman I met through my job, not quite sure where that's going to go to be honest.

    Trying to reconnect with one guy I met on BBRT that fucked me much earlier in the year, his cock is huge and was too much for me to handle anally but I want a round two.

    Lots of middle Eastern dick as of late not that I'm cumplaining .

    My days off on work has changed and that's about it for now

  4. I gotta toot my own horn. I  got a blog post published on another site!

    As you can imagine, given what I like to write about (being a proud Bareback Cumslut whore), there aren't many sites I'd want to write for or who would publish me. Other than blogs I've made on my own or here (thanks BreedingZone for being awesome and having a blog feature!).

    Anyway, if anyone is interested the Post is A BATH HOUSE GUIDE FOR NEWBIES and is published on One of my two favorite sites ever (BreedingZone being the other, obviously).

    I'd actually submitted one post previously describing how I created MY OWN PRIVATE GLORYHOLE which He posted and gave me credit for. But that was a trial run because he never allowed anyone else to post before. This new one is the first with me being an official, acknowledged, contributor!

    Of course I didn't get paid, and didn't expect or ask to. The owner is an Alpha Master. I am a faggot whore. It's my privilege to serve however I can, after all. I just wanted to get my slutty words out there.

    Now I have!

    I hope you like the post. I'd really love to get some positive reinforcement feedback on here from fellow sluts, and Superior Alpha Studs, if you happen to like it. =)

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    I've been shoving things up my cunt since I was 12. Always wanting to play with my hole like it was my main sex organ. As I grew older I found out that it would turn out to be true! When I entered high school I did what most of us do. I buried these feelings deep down inside of me, so far down I never wanted them to resurface, then in my senior year I had that moment of vulnerability, that moment of temptation. He was the catcher on my baseball team. He was hot, he was cocky, he had a smoking bod & we had a bromance going on. In hindsight I think we both knew at the time what we both wanted to do with each other, but it never needed to be said. We could both sense the sexual tension in the air & we needed to get it out of our systems. I lost my virginity to him and his 11 inch cock & I didn't even cry. Sure it wasn't easy getting that massive thing inside me, but I was determined! He plowed my ass while my little bottom boi dick bounced around and dribbled pre-cum. From then on I was hooked! After high school I would learn how to use my hot ass and twink look to seduce all the big dicked tops! I would wear jocks and thongs to show off my hole. I got my first booty bump from a porn star friend. from then on my cunt became insatiable and needed bigger cocks, bigger dildos, and bigger fists! I watched as my once pucker shaped hole transformed into the puffy lipped slit shaped cunt it is today. I've been mounted so many times my cunt dilates and puffs out on a single touch. In the sling I can take a fist all the way to the elbow. I was born to take it in the ass, I was born to be a pig bottom. Now that I've started my bug chasing phase only one thing remains. My used cunt recently sprouted its wart farm. I love fingering my cunt and feeling around in my currently bumpy cunt making those cuntflaps of mine all swollen and puffy! Now all I need is the gift and my journey towards the dark side will be complete. I will fulfill my destiny as a poz pig and hopefully be collared by some master to be a pet party pig to pass around and gang bang with all their friends! Oink oink! 
  5. This morning i woke up feeling so excited because tomorrow im going out to my favorite pnp spot near the beach with a private pool. planning to bring some nice tight sexy skimpy bikinis and lycra gear. not to mention a huge amount of lube and oil... camera and webcam would have to be ready to shoot some hot sexy session videos and pics!


  6. This was in October of last year. I met a man off of I went to his apartment, he greeted me at the door wearing only his underwear and kissed me right away. Then he led me to his bedroom where there were three other men fucking on the bed. As I took off my clothes I watched as one came inside the other. Then they both said they had to get going. That left me with two guys still left to play with. My host removed his underwear and laid on the bed. I kneeled on the bed in front of him and started sucking him off. His cock was huge and I was drooling all over it when his friend got on the bed behind me. I raised my ass up, offering him my hot hole. He immediately started rimming me, lubing me up with his spit, spreading my cheeks wide. My cock was throbbing and my pulse was quickening as he pulled his mouth away and I felt the head of his cock against my hungry fuckhole. I pushed back against him eagerly taking him deep in my ass. It was my first time being spit-roasted and it totally exceeded my expectations as I got filled with cock at both ends. I sucked my host's cock with the same rhythm as I was being fucked. Then I heard "I'm gonna cum" from behind me and I paused, keeping the other cock in my mouth, wanting to appreciate every spurt of hot jizz filling my ass. After a moment he pulled out and I had my host lay down flat on the bed so I could ride him and take his load next. My ass was slick with cum, which helped me take the monster cock beneath me easier. I took him balls deep and rode him hard, gyrating my hips and moaning with intense pleasure. It didn't take long before his penis twitched inside me, spraying thick gobs of cum deep in my bowels. I felt like a perfect slut and I loved every second of it.

  7. highbarebot
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    I hated every moment of it. I hated the fact that they knew their ways around my naked body. I hated the way they made it look dirty. I hated the smell of sweat and cum. I hated their purring, their moaning, the hungry look in their eyes. I hated them from the very moment she had placed her hands on my shoulders. And I know I would hate them every time I would come to my boyfriend’s house pretending to meet him.

    Lez, my boyfriend for the past 2 years, had rarely mentioned about his family. Though our relationship mainly bordered on the carnal side, we had those rare moments where we would lie on my bed, sweating and panting, trying to catch some breath till we are hard again. I would do most of the talking, and he would just listen. Sometimes I would just wonder if the cigarette was more capturing than my rambling.

    Sometimes, I would just give up, and remain quiet. And he would then turn and face me. Then in a flash he would be on top, rubbing his nose against my chin, smelling me, and then pulling me up against his chest, and burying his face on the right side of my neck. It was always the right side. And we would just stay there for moments which I had never bothered to count. And I would feel his thumping heart, the roughness of his stubble, the limp dick in between my legs slowly (though it always seemed to be in a flash at that time) getting harder, and the tickling and throbbing sensation against my balls, and the hairs down there brushing against mine, the beads of sweat slowly trickling down his back against my hands; I could almost see the curves of his ass, and I would then just close my eyes and imagine how the buns would shake while fucking me. I often wished I had mirrors on the ceiling, so that I could see the show in full action. Nothing turned me on more than a movie scene with a shot of the ass pumping hard. And as I would get hard and my cock would start to hurt due to the little space between our bodies, I would squeeze him for one last time. He felt so cuddly. I often stared at him in class, in the canteen, anywhere when we were together, getting the huge urge to squeeze him tight. And those few seconds till he goes back in control, I would squeeze him harder, feeling his every breath, every shudder, and every heartbeat.

    Lez and I were in the same under-graduate class. He was a gym-built, pumped up, chiselled faced rough guy, who had major attitude problem. Often he ended up in fights, which made him look both tough and intimidating. I was quite uncomfortable with him at first. I was this tall, slim yet well-toned guy, who would steal a quick glance at every bulge that went with a tall and young stylish face. I was a closet gay, who enjoyed getting fucked ever since my cousin brother and I had shared the same bed, some six years back, during a family wedding. Lez had caught my eyes when I saw him play basketball one day after class. I had shagged that night thinking about him. And four days later, during a moment of self-doubt in a computer class, I asked him for help. I always wanted to ask him whether he had rubbed his bulge against my arms purposely, or it all happened by accident. That afternoon was tough. I was sweating and rock hard. I could feel the curve of his dick that slowly became hard as my arms, as if innocently, tried to work on the mouse while cautiously brushing against it. He stood still for sometime, and then moved away. I didn’t look at him for sometime. Then I did, and he did too. And we both smiled. I think I blushed a little too evidently.

    I was warm. And it felt great. I thought I might just be lucky. And I was. He gave me a lift back to the hostel. Then asked me if I could lend some notes of a subject whose name I didn’t even bother to ask. To my relief my roommate was not there. And as I was trying to pull out some papers from my desk, he stood close to me. I stopped and waited. Then as if on cue, he tried to reach out to some book on the other corner of the table. His face was looking at the book, and we were both breathing hard. We could feel the warmth of our breath and bodies, and for a moment I felt the blood rush to my head. His hand was still on the book. His eyes were fixed on it, and his left cheek was towards me. He did not move, but I could feel his chest thumping against my right arm.

    I turned and faced him. He looked at me, and then inched closer to pick the book up. And I knew it was happening. He was close, his crotch almost within my reach, as was his chest, his face, his lips. In a quick move, I gave a peck on his right cheek, but before I could come back to my original position and assess the damage I could have caused, his hands gripped my arms, and he opened his mouth over mine. And the smell of tobacco and mint, followed by a wet tongue and saliva, and a tight hug and pelvic thrusts, and then a quick zipping down of jeans, and I had his hard medium sized dick in my mouth. It was warm and hard, oozing pre-cum with the stifling moist smell.

    I somehow managed to be the star pupil of my class. And in spite of facing a tough opposition and frequent taunts about my subtle effeminate demeanour, I managed to become the general secretary of the class. As I walked up the dais to shake hands with the disgusting dean of ours, I looked at Lez who was standing nearby, waiting for his turn as the sports secretary, and looking quite bored with the entire proceedings. He just stared at me.

    I felt a sudden jolt of pain in my stomach and chest. I stood there motionless. I was hurt. I was jealous. I simply stared at Lez and Laila, riding Lez’s silver coloured Yamaha. I had seen the two of them talking and laughing, and I knew Lez was not gay, and we were just having sex. But no matter how much I tried to convince myself, I couldn’t help. I was infatuated. I was probably in love.

    In the heat of the moment, Lez knocked off an alarm clock kept on the side-table. The moment was gone, and we were both motionless and quiet. It was an old clock, presented to me by my aunt. I shrugged and turned towards him. He was staring at the wall. When I touched him, he jerked away from me. I tried to explain that I did not value the watch very much, but he did not listen. He just got dressed and left.

    That night after dinner, as me and a couple of friends headed back to our respective rooms, I saw Lez driving away from the hostel gate. Quite surprised, I came down the stairs, and the guard told me that he had left something in my room, and had gone up to get it back. For a moment I thought he probably brought a clock for me. With mixed feelings, I hurried towards my room. And there on my table, was nothing that was new. I looked around, and realized, there was nothing new in my room. He did leave behind something. He did not buy an alarm clock for me.

    Lez and Laila were doing it. I tried to remain strong through all the gossips. I believed it as we hardly did it ourselves these days. And I was shagging two other guys around on a regular basis. For a moment, it all seemed to be a thing in the past. And then the accident occurred.

    When we reached the hospital, Lez was already on the operating table. Laila was unconscious in some other room. As we waited outside the O.T., for the first time, I saw his parents.

    For the first few months it hurt. Lez had changed. We were no longer the same together. In fact, we were not even together anymore. Silently, we had parted ways. Though we still met in class, and ever since the accident Lez had been falling back in studies so I had to help him at times with the assignments and other projects, but we were still far apart. Even if by accident our bodies faintly touched the other, we would apologise and shirk away. The heat, the passion, the desire was now dead.

    When I rang the door-bell of his house, I thought of all those dreams I had about visiting his house for the very first time, with him by my side. Only today I was, but was alone. Due to some reason, Lez had lost all his data on his laptop, and the final project submission was just around the corner. One frantic phone-call and I was on my way. I didn’t know why, but I just did.

    Lez’s mother answered the door. As I was led to Lez’s room, I felt a strange sense of uneasiness. Though I had met Mrs. K several times at the hospital, I could feel her staring at me as I walked up the stairs, with her leading me from behind. She gave me a weird smile as I entered Lez’s room. Shirtless, on the bed, was Lez. As she closed the room from behind, Lez got up and walked towards the window. He closed the drapes and walked up towards me. Sometime back, such a move would have turned me on, and though my heart began thumping, I was just puzzled. The room was semi-dark. As Lez locked the door, I walked towards the lap-top. To my surprise, I found it working. As I was about to turn towards Lez, I felt his arms wrapping me from behind. And there we stood, in a tight embrace. Lez had his head on my right shoulder. Slowly he let me go, and then smiled. I was puzzled.

    That afternoon, Lez and I lied next to each other on his bed. We were both quiet, and Lez just stroked my hair with his fingers, slowly moving it down to my ears, my lobes, and then to my neck. Softly he would finger feel my arms, my nipples, my chest and then gradually move up to my lips. Soft and tender, the brush of his fingers on my cheeks, slowly circling, and then running over the outer contours of my lips, then over my chin, and then lightly over my eyes… for moments I was shuddering in ecstasy. Then, all of a sudden, Lez strong hands grabbed my arms and pulled me on top of him, and then he buried his mouth against mine, and we just stayed there. I almost choked, but I knew this moment would never be back again. Slowly Lez turned me around. And I lay there, on top of him, staring at the ceiling, and feeling his hands running all over my body. Slowly he felt my bulging crotch, unzipped my jeans and pulled my tee out. And then his hands gently squeezed my chest and the sides of my body. We lay like this for some time, and then I rolled over. Lez was quiet. And then he pulled out his dick, and began to jerk off. I did not expect this sudden turn of event, so I tried to touch it, but Lez shoved my hands aside. So I just watched him. Seconds later, Lez sprung up and with his right arm grabbed my head, while his left hand continued to jerk off vigorously. And then he held his dick close to my mouth, and came. I didn’t feel like it, but still opened my mouth to take his load of salt n bitter warm cum. I was no stranger to this, but today I felt like I was. And for the first time I felt dirty.

    I was waiting for Lez in his room when his mother knocked and entered the room. She said that Lez would be late and asked if I would join her in the kitchen for a snack. I knew I would any ways be bored, so I agreed. When I walked into the kitchen, I saw Lez’s dad sitting at the edge of the dining table, sipping coffee. I noticed how his eyes ran up and down my body. For a moment I felt embarrassed to have shown up in tight jeans, and I was sure they were certainly displeased. But later, after being served some strawberries, when Mrs. K sat a little too close to me and his father began to dip a peeled banana in a bowl of white yogurt and (suggestively) sucked onto it, that I realized that I should probably leave. I wanted to, but something kept me seated. And then Mrs. K complimented me on my tee, and then my jeans, all the while feeling it with her trembling hands, as if to enjoy the fabric. Her hands on my thigh sent shivers down my spine. I knew cupping. And I stood up. And then there was no more doubt. Lez’s father was looking at my bulge. I thanked them for their hospitality while trying not to look at them directly, but before I could finish, Mrs. K patted my buns, and then rubbed my bulge, and winked suggestively at her husband. I was shocked beyond compare.

    Lez’s father and Mrs. K both took turns in sucking my cock. Then Mrs. K sat on my hard long uncut dick, while Lez’s father had me suck him deep. And as I tried hard to take them both together, I kept thinking why I was doing it. Before I knew, I was on my back, and getting fucked. Lez’s father came in my ass. Mrs. K. stroked my hair and then left to wash off.

    It had become a game. The 50 something, well-established couple with reputed social status had a new boy toy. I had understood that if I didn’t play along, I wouldn’t loose much, only Lez. After the first time, Mrs. K had hissed that she knew about Lez’s other side, and that if I did not give them what they wanted, she would make sure that Lez would never get it either. Though it would have bothered me less, as I could have got other Lez, I didn’t know why I went back every time they called. And then one day, I thought I should stop. As they were busy licking my body, I was staring up at the ceiling, thinking that I have the upper hand against them. If I exposed them, they would be ruined. But I knew that would also destroy Lez. So I looked at them. Lez’s father looked at me while licking my balls, and I motioned him to come closer. And for the first time, killing all my shame and guilt, I kissed him on his mouth for the first time. From that day, I had rimmed them and sucked them, fucked them and got fucked. I even entered into their secret society of couples engaging into groups and sodomy. I was good, I knew, as I began to please more and more of them.

    And every time I went to Lez, I thought that it was all worth it. Not that I was bowing down to a vague threat I couldn’t have resolved otherwise, but the fact that I kept their parents happy and satisfied, was a reason enough for me. And one day, when Lez looked up at me after a hard fuck, covered in sweat with hairs curled up on his forehead dripping drops of sweat, and smelling of manliness, I smiled and leaned forward to kiss his forehead. And he just glanced at me, with my legs still high up in the air; and then he buried his head, exhausted, on my right shoulder.

    It began to hurt one day. And I bled. Then I passed out.

    I had little recollections of those days. But I remember the frantic faces of my parents. The diagnosis had shocked them. And everyone was talking about it. And they had questions. Everyone had. But I was quiet.

    When Lez turned himself to the police, I was still bedridden. The news reached me after a week. It was in the papers. Everyone was shocked at the apparent cold blooded murder. Though the attorneys began digging out dirt from all sides, even hinting at sexual abuse, little seemed favourable for Lez. A cold friend of mine told me that Lez was quiet throughout the entire ordeal. And that he has pleaded guilty.

    My mother sneered at my father when he read out the verdict from the papers. I could overhear their discussion from my room. For a moment I thought my mother’s hatred was due to the obvious fact, but upon careful listening I understood that it was not because of a son butchering his parents after raping them, but because of confessing lewd sexual molestation and abuses by threat and force upon her ailing son, causing him to suffer from an incurable anal cavity disorder. It had not been the son’s fault for engaging in sodomy, for it was he who had done it to him, even with the help of drugs on occasions. The son was thus pure and a victim in the eyes of the world. And the accused was damned for straying from the right side of the world.

  8. The bf was spending Sunday with his folks so I was both bored and fucking horny. He threw a quick fuck and load into me before he left for the day and all that served to do was make me horny as all fuck - and he was not going to be back until Monday night. I knew I needed ore than one cock an one load in me - so I started trawling the net pretty early - like 11 am. I was prepared to travel or host all the same to me as long I got fucked and bred. There were plenty of guys online on both Grindr and BBRTS that had fucked me before - and one an Asian guy called Tony - nice thick uncut cock and good hard fucker - started charting to me. He had fucked me with other tops a couple of times before and he asked me if I was going to put myself out for a group. I said I was ready to take all and whoever. I already had a load in me for lube and I just needed more. I put up a quick connect ad and started both messaging and texting previous fucks.  Told them all I had been opened up and bred by the bf and was in the mood to pig out on cock and seed. In no time I had four tops in their cars on their way to mine (Tony included).  I jumped into the shower, and got naked ready for the guys when they arrived - leaving the front door open, turning on the music and putting some raw porn on. The four tops had all bred me several times before, I was used to how all of them fucked and used to all their cocks so I was as horny as. While I was waiting for them I hatched a plan that I would ask them to DP me. It is my favourite form of sex. I just go crazy and being a bottom that just loves width and that wonderful feeling of being split in two by cock I was hoping they would be up for it.

    What an afternoon! Got bred 10 times and my mancunt ended up puffy and swollen and dripping - just the way I love it. Rob and Tony obliged me DPing me for a good 10 minutes which was cock heaven for me. David stayed back after the others left as he wanted to spend some time felching seed out of me before he took me in the shower and and gave me a wonderful piss drenching to finish me off. After he left I just sat on the floor of the shower savouring the hole wrecking and total using I got from the guys. A fair bit of seed had leaked out of me or been felched out - but I was determined to keep whatever I could of their beautiful seed in me for as long as I could. So I got my trusty butt plug, put it in my sore hole and had a shower. I was exhausted but what a way to spend a Sunday?

  9. I am being a pretty good slut these days. I would be an even better one if I lived in a major city. I AM trying to get Pozzed up, but discover I have one or two limits. I have read of others using tooth brushes and even bottle brushes to ensure there is a transfer through the blood barrier. I have read of others injecting HIV+ blood into their veins. I am not quite yet willing to go that far. If a few gang bangs with smaller groups won't work, I will simply set things up for some larger groups. Eventually, sheer numbers and getting fucked raw wil get me where I want to go.

    I AM down for a lot of fucking bareback with everyone, particularly Poz guys. I figure if I get enough bareback sex in bathhouses and with other confirmed Poz guys, it will eventually happen. I have had well over 100 bareback rides in the last four months, although most were not Poz. I am hoping to get 400 within 12 months. I am not sure if this will be possible, but that is my goal. I am planning a bareback gang bang sometime in the next 6 -8 weeks in Vancouver. It will be held at Steamworks, it will be advertised  on this site and on I will take on as many cocks as I can for 8 hours, with a few 10 minute breaks. 

    For me, it is not JUST about getting converted; I want to enjoy being a total slut while I seek conversion. 

  10. My stepfather wound up staying at my place for a few days and we got caught up in fucking, so much so that I had neglected to respond to some of my regulars who had messaged me wanting to use the hole. I was having a shower after work and my stepfather came into the bathroom. "You know a Nathan?" He asked, I told him I did and then asked why. He said that Nathan had messaged me on my phone wanting a blowjob and that he had told him to come over. I got out of the shower and asked what my step father would be doing while I was sucking Nathan's dick. He told me he wanted to sit on my side with me and watch me work. 

    We set up and waited, I eventually heard the sliding door and looked out the hole to see Nathan walking towards it. He had a cap on, a black zip up jumper and baggy jeans on. His shaggy dark hair hung from either side of his cap. "It's been a long time" I said before sticking my tongue out in anticipation, "yeah you gonna make it up to me right?" Nathan asked, having no idea my step father was sitting on the other side with me. "I am get that dick out" I said and watched him pull his jeans to his ankles. There it was his hard uncut cock, wet and with a nice trimmed bush surrounding it and his ballsack. He stuck his cock through and I started to suck, he tasted good like his cock had been trapped in his briefs a day or so without showering, not dirty but that manly smell and that cock taste I can't describe. "Deepthroat it!" Nathan said, and I felt my step fathers hand push my head down on Nathan's cock, I heard the sound of my stepfather fapping as I slurped on Nathan's beautiful uncut rod. 

    Nathan pushed hard against the wall, I could hear the creeping of the Timber as he fucked my open mouth. "Take that fucking dick! Oh fucking take it! Take it!" Nathan said. I started to massage his balls, "lick my fucking balls" he said and I did. "Taste good, you like my fucking sack?" He asked, "YES!" I said before devouring his dick. "That sack his full for you slut, get that cum! Get that fucking cum!" Nathan said and started pushing harder up against the wall until it came off the hinges. I pushed it up in place "oh shit!" Nathan said pulling his cock from my mouth, "no, no it's fine it's fine put your cock back in my mouth! Please come on" I pleaded and he slid his cock back through. I sucked and sucked while trying to keep the wall stable "this is it!" Nathan said, "OH SWALLOW MY FUCKING LOAD!" He said and started blowing in my mouth. I moaned like crazy as I collected his sperm "keep going man, fuck keep sucking" he said and I did until he pulled his cock out. He pulled his pants up thanked me and said sorry about the door before leaving. I stood up and moved the wall which was completely broken. I still had Nathan's jizz in my mouth. "How's it taste?" My stepfather asked, "so fucking good" I said. My stepfather pushed me to my knees "open your mouth I'm gonna add to it" he said, I opened my cum filled mouth and my stepfather jerked another fresh load into my mouth. "Gargle it" he said and I did before swallowing it all down. 

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    So this is a brief introduction to my desire since at the moment I must get ready for work. But I want to a least share my desire/fantasy for anyone to read. 

    I am a 23 Latino, I'm a sub bottom (very little experience) with a bubble butt, cute face and a little extra meat. I say I am sub even though if only had a few sexual encounters because although I haven't done much, I do know what I like and would like to experience. 

    Anyways I myself have had this fantasy that I wish to become real. I discovered I was a bottom when I stumbled across gay BB porn at the age of 18. Since then I have developed this intense desire to find a hung (and when I say hung I mean at least 8" or bigger) daddy type or even bro type guy to take me and make me his sub slut. Now I love cum, love to suck and swallow, get rimmed, get fucked (the right strokes make me really wet and cream!), have a sexy top be verbal and call me dirty names, to get treated like a slut, teased, kissing, body contact and usually open to more that doesn't involve pain or scat. 

    Anyways I've always wanted to meet a hung daddy that would take me, train and mold me into his personal cumdump slut. Yes I'm sorry guys but I seek that exclusive partner that I can devote myself to and serve regularly for some good dick and some hot cum. Anyways this is a brief intro as I must head to work now. But given the chance later today I will delve further into this topic and write more. 

  11. So I wonder what constitutes a 'full-fledged' initiation into the bareback brotherhood? Random, isolated raw hook-ups? Hardly! Dozens of dudes? Hundreds? Raw bondings in public witnessed by multiple bystanders? Raw gang-bang participation? Indiscriminate acceptance of any willing breeder and his load? Being the bottom and cum-dumpster in a ritual, anon breeding session? Certainly a true bb-player takes virtually ANY load, right? And keeps it to full absorption!!!? Right?

  12. Well, what better way to help celebrate the US Independence Day than by taking a huge black American cock up the ass?

    There's this guy from Florida who occasionally stops by Copenhagen for business, and until today it has never worked out that I got to offer him my holes. But damn... Just the pictures of that bulge made me so horny, and when he started sending me pictures of the actual monster I just new that some day I had to have it!!! 

    23.5cm long with a 19cm circumference... That's just about 9 1/4 inches long! That is a BIG cock!!! And he knows it's big and that little blond bottoms will line up for a huge black cock like that, so I'm flattered he allowed me to service his cock today. He also knows that for most bottoms it will be painful to take his cock all the way - and he seems to be turned on by that, but he demanded a guarantee that I would take him ALL the way and not back out when the going got tough... 

    Well, I drove up to Copenhagen to visit him at his hotel. He was wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt when I arrived, but it was quite clear that A) he was BUILT! A solid, tall man that towered over my slim 5'10" body as I stood before him. And B ) that the bulge in his sweatpants definitely looked promising bordering on scary... He ordered me to get naked and turn around for him so he could see what I had to offer and feel me up, and then I was pushed down on my knees as he dropped his sweatpants...

    Some tops get off on having their cocks worshipped, and this was definitely an idol worth worshipping! Even semi-hard it was massive! And it just seemed to grow and grow as I licked it and sucked it, doing my best to take as much of it in my mouth as I could, though deepthroating it was definitely not going to happen. Still, he grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face as deep as he could get while he was calling me a little white slut and demanding that I show him just how badly I needed a huge black cock... 

    Damn... He wasn't being gentle on me! I kept gagging, and tears began rolling down my face - he seemed to really enjoy that! I can't say it was pleasant, but he had warned me that it was part of the deal if I wanted to get fucked by him, so I endured it.

    It was a relief when he finally pulled out of my mouth, threw me across the bed and started lubing up his cock. He ordered me on my back and told me to pull my legs as far up as possible - he wanted a clear view of my hole and my face when he entered me. His cock looked downright scary, rock hard and huge between my legs and about to fuck me! I was about to take a hit of poppers but he told me not to - he wanted me to feel EVERYTHING as I took every last inch of his cock.

    His cock was dripping with lube, pre-cum and my own spit when he started rubbing the head back and forth over my hole. We both knew I wanted it, we both knew I was going to get it - and we both knew it was not going to be painless...

    And then he started pushing against my tight hole... I did my best to tighten it up completely at first, just to play slightly unwilling and egg him on - and then I did my best to open up and allow him inside me! But damn... I can't open that wide without any warm-up, so his cock head basically forced my ass open and stretched me wide. It hurt - but in that way that a power-bottom knows promises great things!

    He ordered me to look him in the eyes as he pushed deeper and deeper, slowly but surely impaling me on his monster cock. Damn... It went on and on! He had to give a few hard pushes towards the end - and that HURT! - before his balls were finally dangling against my ass. I like big things in my ass and can take a fair bit of cock or dildo, but this was definitely something!!! Especially with no warm-up of my hole...

    And then it began. He fucked me hard and deep - and after perhaps 15 minutes of fucking me on my back I was allowed to get into a doggy position and load up on poppers as he continued to fuck me.

    Some tops can do that thing where they continue fucking through an orgasm and then continue - and he was one of those! He came in me at one point, and made no secret of the fact that my little white ass was now full of cum from a big black cock, but he continued fucking my ass. Feeling my ass being so wet and stretched around a large cock that just torpedoed its way through my guts was amazing - I was literally shivering in ecstasy and had several anal orgasms before suddenly my cock came in a hands-free ejaculation. He scooped up as much of my cum as he could and fed it to me while he continued fucking me hard, telling me that he was only going to deposit his loads in my tight little ass so that was the only cum I was going to taste.

    (Though by then I was definitely no longer tight by normal standards!)

    And that man could seriously just go on and on... He had told me in messages that he had stamina, and that definitely wasn't a lie! He only took one small break for a minute or so when he pulled out and ordered me to gape for him and show him how open my hole had become - and then he rammed his cock inside me again and continued...

    Eventually he came a second time, though he continued fucking me a bit longer, telling me he wanted to make sure I got his load as deep inside me as possible... 

    He pulled out, put the sweatpants back on and ordered me to get dressed at once and leave.

    I checked the time when I was in the lift down; I had been taking cock in that hotel room for just over 3 hours! No wonder my ass was sore - and still is...

    But... Damn... I got a huge black cock! That's a rare thing in Denmark, and it was definitely worth the pain. He had told me he'd destroy my ass, and it definitely feels quite destroyed; loose and wet and far too open to be tight around a normal sized cock. 


    So there... Happy 4th of July to me! :-D 

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    Friday 6/23 was the first day of my weekend long fuck party. I've been preparing it a few weeks now. Around 12 I arrived @ the hotel in Denver where the party was going 2 be. I unpacked my stuff, put all my valuables in the room vault and got ready to clean out deep. I total with holding in Been busy 4 hrs just cleaning up as deep as i could. What makes this extra special 4 me is my decision to stop PrEP. So this morning @ 10 I took my last pill. No pills left, no refills this is it.  Once completly done wearing nothing more then a jockstrap and an blindfold I was ready.

    The rules for the party were very simpel:

    - there were 2 hours a day the door was closed for me 2 have breakfast and dinner and 2 clean up
    - the rest of the time was open door. everyone could come in and leave and come back whenever and how often they wanted.
    - bareback only
    - piss only in the bathroom and Fisting only on sunday.
    - guys could suck or even fuck amongst themselves if they needed 2 ait there turn, but no finishing a guy off. All cum would have 2 go in2 me.
    - versbot were allowed to lick a cock clean of it's owner would allow it and my crack could be licked but only if anything came out. No sucking cum out

    The party would start 6/23 at 6pm and last untill 6/26 10am. A total of 101 guys subscribed to come through BBRT and 15 more via my craighslist add. How many will turn up eventually I don't know but with these kind of number it should be good i guess

    When 6pm came I unlocked the door and took my position on the bed. blindfolded just in jock face down ass up. And it didn't take very long before the door opened and the first GUYS came in.

    The rest will follow shortly


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    I need real nasty play mates. Those that love hard bondage sessions. Spanking and whipping a submissive tranny till red welts cover the bum cheeks. Who fuck without mercy to spunk load a hole for their own pleasure. 

  13. BottomCumWhore2Use
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    total sub bottom cum slut in Plant City , FL currently neg but really want that changed. NO load refused  , NO dick turned down . if it comes from  a penis I swallow it . Sit on my face and feed me , I have NO limits 

  14. Hey all Heading to tamps tomorrow, will try and get there to spend a night and would love some company.  have a weeks worth to unload.


    message me on recon, bbrt, skype... fastest was to get in touch

  15. Memorial day weekend.  Of course I get super horny when everyone is out of town.  Spent a few hours online hunting, had a few nibbles but nothing really interesting.  Things were slow even once I decided I was going to have to be "generous" to get anything.

    Finally heard from a guy who said he would give me what I wanted for a reasonable price.  I invited him over.

    He showed up right on time.  Good looking dark skinned guy.  Tall, nice body.  He sat on my couch and we chatted for a minute.  Then he asked if I was ready, I said "sure".

    He got undressed and lay down on my bed.  He had hinted at a ten inch cock, and even soft it was bigger than most and pretty thick.  I started sucking on it, he was clean and tasted great.   Even soft it was big enough that it was fun to suck.  I continued for a few minutes though and there were still no signs of life in it and I started to get worried.  I switched my technique around, trying to figure out what would flip his switch.  After a few more minutes I took a short break from sucking and just started licking it along the underside of the shaft up to the head.  It was then that some blood started flowing down there.  I continued working on it and it ever so slowly started to grow and harden.

    When it was about half erect, he suddenly jumped up off the bed and grabbed my ass.  He was ready for the main event.  I took my pants off and watched as he stroke himself to full erection.  Soon it was proudly pointing straight at me, a good 9" at least and thick from the dark brown base all the way up to the caramel colored head.  I bent over and put as much of it in my mouth as I could.  Nothing is hotter than sucking on a rock hard cock, knowing it's going to be in my ass soon.  I would have liked to suck on it longer but he started fumbling with the lube, obviously ready to get down to it.

    I got on all fours at the edge of the bed and he positioned my ass the way he wanted it.  He quickly slapped a light coating of lube on his shaft and immediately pushed the head of his cock into my sphincter.  As I said he wasn't using much lube, and he was pretty thick, and I was pretty tight, having not bottomed in a good while.  I could feel every inch of his thick cock forcing it's way into me as I took a big hit of poppers and prepared for the whole thing.  He paused for a second and then as soon as I was at the height of my popper rush he let out a loud groan and shoved himself all the way inside.  I let out a loud moan of pain and pleasure as he pulled almost all the way out and then shoved back in again.  He was going in with such force I really had to push back to keep from being knocked over.  We continued like this for a minute, doggy-style with me bracing myself for every stroke and letting out a loud groan every time he slammed balls deep into me.  His thick cock was really stretching me out, and the limited lube meant I could really feel the burn as he forced himself into me.  Pain and pleasure.

    After a minute, and without warning he suddenly jumped up on the bed, pulled my ass straight up in the air and started pile-driving straight down into me.  Fortunately I had another hit of poppers at the ready and I took a hit so big I nearly passed out while he pounded my ass from above with the full speed and force of his weight.  Just when I didn't think I could take anymore, he slowed down and asked if he could try the poppers.  I was glad for a brief pause while he took a big hit of his own.  He quickly started up again though and once the poppers took hold he was pounding my hole with wild abandon.  He was going so hard I couldn't maintain the position any longer and slowly he pounded me all the way down onto my stomach.  I though the might stop, but the poppers had him close to cumming.  He spread my legs and held my arms down so I couldn't squirm away as his huge cock continued fuck my sore ass like a wild animal.  Soon his breathing quickened and he finished by pounding me even faster than before and he let out a boyish yelp as he loosed his load deep inside me.  

    I was completely worn out, couldn't move, think or speak, as he pulled out and said "You weren't expecting that, were you?"




  16. Well actually I can believe it.  So in my last post I had talked about how I couldn't believe how turned on I was getting thinking about meeting up with  an undetectable hiv guy. I had been chatting with a guy on bbrt for the week and I was really looking forward to meeting up with the guy for some great sex. Our conversations were hot getting to know each others like and wants from our first meeting. The only thing I didn't want to do was get drunk before having sex. I didnt mind if he wanted to have some drinks before having sex but for me I wanted to be sober for this one and he said he understood.  So we chatted back and forth throughout the day on Saturday.  The time and place were set and agreed upon. Show up about 15 minutes early excited and scared at the same time. An hour and a half past our meet time and a couple attempts at getting in touch with him and no answer. So needless to say I  was disappointed but with internet hookups I guess that is what should be expected. So I decided to have a few drinks before heading out to the bookstore to see if I could relieve some stress. Got to my favorite bookstore and it was slow but I did manage to suck a couple of cocks before calling it a night.

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    Early this morning, I'm on Grindr and I'm smoking and the more I smoke, the more uninhibited I become.  I then saw a guy with a hot body and a screen name with devil in it.  He hits me up, "you bottom?"  I replied,  "Sure."  Address?  16 minutes later he's at my door,  I have it dark.  He walks in takes me to the bed pushes my head toward the center of the bed while positioning my legs and ass where he wants me.  In the mirror I see this 5'7" chiseled stud with a red beard and a beautifull huge fat cock and above it his cock below the band line is a bio tat.  I took the can of Maximum Impact and sprayed it into a sock and inhaled deeply.  As I felt the world exlpoding around me he was fucking me so intently he began to explode inside me!  I reached back and with both hands, I pulled his body as close to me as possible and he pushed his poz cock as far up inside me as possible and he moaned.  It was so fucking awesome.

  17. So one Sunday I decided last minute to get a hotel and place some ads on Craigslist, Adam, and BBRT to take some loads all night. Low and behold I got some responses pretty quick to my surprise and it started out with a regular buddy who is usually the first to load me on most of my slutty events and he came they and lubed me up pretty good with a nice 3 day load from his white 8 cut dick. Left it in till it went limp so I got every drop. 

    The next was a craigslist guy the hit me up and came thru about 20 minutes after this first guy left. Mid 20s aggressive black guy walked in pulled his 9 inch thick dick out I got on my knees took a huge hit of my poppers and went to suckin and thrusting his dick as much as I could and he started forcing me to gag on it while talkin to me. Callin me a nasty faggot boy and tellin men next time he would be pissing down my throat and up my ass first thing. I then got up took a few big popped hits and bent over and he shoved it in pretty quick and hard and began pounding. Talkin and pounding for 10 minutes then asked me to taste my ass and nut off his dick so of course I did. I just love eating loads out of my hole off a dick. Slurping all that dick up for a bit then bent back over and he went to town till he exploded so deep in my ass. Telling me "take that nut man." And my phone was makin all kind of noise from email notifications so before he even got out of my hole I was on my phone replying back to potential loads and got 3 guys that were ready with nice dick pics all about to come my way.

    Next guy comes in and just starts eatin my freshly fucked and loaded ass. I was ass up when he came in as he requested. Pulled his dick out and just started to fuck me. Decent size and my hole was nice and cummy. He can pretty quick put his stuff on and left. And before I could even stand up the next guy gets there and is naked and hard as a rock. So I started suckin and there's a knock at the door it's another guy and I'm gettin really excited. Starts takin big hits of my poppers and gaggin on dick then the new guy starts talkin to me and askin how many loads I got I said 3 and he was like " damn boy I got to get in that sloppy hole" I booted my ass up on the bed and he slid right in with what had to be the bigges dick of the night so far. He was pounding and I was suckin this nice thick 8 and my hole was makin that noise that I love so much. Fuckin loved it! Then they switched and the big guy put that dick in my face and too me to get that nut off boy. While the other guy was fuckin me I was eatin that dick up good and the big dick guy asked if I wanted to take em both at the same time. I said fuck yeah. He got on the bed and I sat on his dick then the other guy got behind me and started puttin it in and next thing I knew it was in and I had 2 in me for the first time ever. The big dick guy was talkin to me while the other guy was workin my hole and pounding way. Next thing I known the guy pounding is Breeding me and damn near screaming.  He claims off and I start riding the big dick guy and my hole I so warm and sloppy now the. He cum  in about 2 minutes. I roll off and put my face in the pillow. I feel so good. 5 loads and I just took my first dp I was thinkin this is a great night.

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