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    Spit Roasting Braydon

    Near Home—February, 2020 Braydon is the young cub who I met and bred at the bookstore last fall.  He was so much fun I suggested he come to the playroom the next day to be fucked by both Don and Reid.  (Those exploits are here and here.)  Braydon wanted another meet right after that—but I was off to Indiana to work until the end of the year. Once home, we tried again.  He had a new job, so he had a much fuller schedule and I had all that business travel to Memphis.  We finally aligned

    Eleven Man Orgy

    Grand Rapids—February, 2020 The weekend after I came home from my wonderful Chicago meet with Zane, I was ready to play again.  A good thing too, for it was the monthly group sex meet to the north of me. Don and Reid, the couple who has gone from Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell hook ups to playing together as a couple, had heard me talk about this group.  They hoped I might get them invited.  So I wrote the host—including the magic words:  “And the top has a bigger cock than I do.” We got the inv


    AS I STATED IN PART ONE OF THIS MULTIPART EXPERIENCE: Most of those who’ve read my real life “enhanced” experiences may know that I’ve kept a “sex diary” since I was a teen-ager coming out in pre-AIDS New York City. This multi-part entry tells about the longest party weekend I’ve had in all my years back in 2006. I had started to tell this story on another now defunct site almost 10 years ago, but the notebook of my experiences from that time went missing when a friend borrowed the whole se





    Most of those who’ve read my real life “enhanced” experiences may know that I’ve kept a “sex diary” since I was a teen-ager coming out in pre-AIDS New York City. This multi-part entry tells about the longest party weekend I’ve had in all my years back in 2006. I had started to tell this story on another now defunct site almost 10 years ago, but the notebook of my experiences from that time went missing when a friend borrowed the whole set and returned it with one book missing. He found the mispl




    Tongue, Pits and Ass: Two Scent Pigs Rut

    Chicago—February, 2020 I met Zane last May at the Cum Union during IML.  Here is a snippet from that post about that meet: Instantly I am attracted to the hot ass jutting towards me from a cute 20-something man leaning on the shelf.  I go over.  He groans as I kneel behind him and begin rimming his fucked out hole.  He is dripping with load.  I clean him up—pushing some of it back into him. “Can you taste how busy I’ve been?”  he asks. I grunt something affirmative and drill

    Making a Devil's Dick

    This post is a picture post, so it is hard to transfer here.  It is step by step of how to make a devil's dick with all that cum you waste as you jerk off.   There are pictures. There is video. Follow this link for all of that:  [think before following links] https://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2020/03/making-devils-dick.html    

    From Snowman to Snowbunny

    I hope everyone is able to snuggle up with someone while all of this lockdown stuff is going on... Unfortunately, at the moment I am kinda un-attached so it is just me laying in bed watching Snowman oh hulu and letting Tina keep me company tonight... Bored and poking around a little "lurking" on things around here also... I am sure the toys will end up here with me pretty soon....Tina always does that to me If you haven't seen Snowman yet, its a series from F/X telling their version on the




    Straight, But Open...

    Eastern Illinois—February, 2020 I didn’t try to do anything else in Memphis.  The conference dragged on and I just saved my seed.  I had plans:  I was going home by way of Chicago to breed a piggy boy I had fucked during the IML Cum Union held in the Hole. I knew I would be dead and worthless in bed (or the sling) if I tried to make the trip to Chicago in one day.  So I overnighted in the small town where I had found a new bookstore during my November and December contract.  I had neve

    Well, that was faster than I expected

    Received an SMS about an hour ago asking if he, Zane (it turns out his dad was saying ‘Zane’ not ‘Shane’) could come to my place. Had an argument with his girlfriend and wants to “earn more gear”; his words. He said he’d like to spend the day with me and even hinted that he’s up to try anything. Already asked him if he minded me slamming; he asked what it’s like and, after I described it to him, he wants to try getting slammed. I’ll show him some vids of guys getting slammed and fucked for the f

    Tattoos I like

    I’m very much looking forward to the day I learn I’ve finally been knocked up by some bloke’s seed. I love the idea of he and I deliberately deciding to merge our bloodlines, our DNA. Hence my preference to know whose DNA is inside me for the res of my life. And, while I don’t believe in stealthing guys (I don’t judge those who do...or want to like my boyfriend (yes, we’ve decided to start describing ourselves as “boyfriends”. Tard surprised me recently by saying that to someone we both know wel

    Beat encounter

    Let me start with a declaration: this encounter happened yesterday on my way back from Melbourne to my farm in Gippsland but part of it is fictionalised; reflecting what I hope transpires next.   Having been in virtual lockdown on the farm for most of the past fortnight, I made a quick trip to see my dealer. I wanted to stock up (as it were) knowing that tighter restrictions were pending in Australia. (They were announced yesterday, effective midnight last night, so it turned out As is my

    Bad Behavior at the Bookstore

    Memphis, TN—February, 2020 My annual trip to Memphis arrived at the top of month.  Once again I drove and opted to do it in two days.  The first day coincided with a snow storm.  It waited until the last hour, but it made me crawl over fast filling roads to the motel.  I had chosen the town for it had a bookstore I hoped to play in—well, the weather made sure that was not going to happen.  The snow tapered down in the night and roads were plowed by the morning.  I waited until the sun

    Corona and a Bored Bottom...

    When people in all sorts of countries began panic-buying bogroll, power bottoms around the world were going "I'll be fine; I'll just douche instead of using paper." A more serious shortage is the distinct lack of cock in my arse! I've got my trusty double-ended dildo and a nice fat butt plug, but it's not QUITE the same as being bred by a real, warm cock! I find myself thinking a lot about cock these days. Well, I have the time to do so, don't I? And at night I sometimes get lucky and




    "Swallow My Load, Too"

    Rural Kentucky—February, 2020 Sometimes after great sex I am totally sated.  Sometimes great sex merely flips a switch and makes me want more.  I was sated as I hit the road home to Michigan after fucking Seamus and breeding the Professor.  However as the miles slipped by, I kept playing over the scenes from the night before.  I became aroused.  By the middle of Kentucky, I pulled off the highway and took the exit to an adult bookstore.  This place is, I think, the only business which
    Body Image

    Body Image

    I have never understood the uppity gay man.  You know the type, they have the 6-pack and the big dick, the eyes that twinkle and smile with dimples.  That pretty, perfect, prissy faggot. I despise these types - the ones who look down their noses at anyone with over a 2% body fat.  Bitch, not all of us have those genes.  Congratulations that lady luck shone down on your mamma's vagina the day you came squirting out, but I wasn't so fortunate.  I can tell you that, under this little layer of




    Seamus and the Professor

    Nashville—January, 2020   The Professor wrote me.  He was excited to tell me he had been talking to pornster Seamus O’Reilly to set up a meeting.  Another meeting, actually.  The Professor had flip fucked with the gorgeous ginger lad a couple of times.  And now the Professor thought he would like to include me—would I consider coming south? How could I say no?  I went as far as Indy the day before.  I stayed at the bathhouse with limited evening traffic.  There were two other men

    Short, But Damned Sweet

    My Playroom—January, 2020 I got a message from a man I’d met at the bareback group that meets to the north of me.  We had played a little during the four hours of sex up there—but it was mostly his being fascinated with sucking my cock.  I couldn’t remember fucking him. And that I can’t remember if I slid into Henry’s beautiful butt or not is slightly odd as he’s one of the handsomest men I know.  He is just under six foot tall, gym worked out, in his early 40’s but doesn’t show it, an

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