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  • Meeting my coworker fuckbuddy

    Writing some post responses, I noticed I enjoyed describing my story, so decided to post a blog see if it’s something I like. To start with something that happened about 5 years ago (2016). I went on my weekly duty trip to Paris (CDG) airport and checked into my regular hotel. This hotel is also very popular with my coworkers as well and we usually have dinner together as a group in a mall nearby the airport (after basically spending >300 nights in the airport I’m quite fed up with the ‘

    Had a Great Time the other night!

    Hey there, Its been a while since I have posted anything here but with the Covid issues things have been kind of slow. I have had a few hook ups in the last year nothing mind blowing but a couple of nights ago I had a great time. It was a Wednesday night and I was horny as usual driving around town looking for something to do. I drove by my favorite Adult Bookstore and there were a few cars in the parking lot. My heart started pumping faster and my cock was twitching thinking of the co


    plugnplaymt in ABS Fuck

    Fumbling Confusion

    During high school I tried, with limited success, to date girls. I was in denial, my sexuality locked in a closet so small and dark that I thought I was "safe". Dating girls was expected of me, of course, given my upbringing and social environment. Even in the early 80's, being gay in school was a real problem, being different in any way was a challenge. I suppose that's the same, today, but overall there is a much more permissible environment for expressing one's sexuality. My children probably


    InsatiableSub in My Blog

    A Beginning

    I'm convinced that our lives are irrevocably shaped by our childhood experiences. No amount of willpower, education, or socialization will ever do more than slightly alter the course of our lives, a course set while we were quite young. I was born in 1965; at age four, my father enlisted in the Air Force to support his young family. My sister's birth probably had a lot to do with it. Delivering furniture wasn't much of a future for a young father but the military promised, at least, stabili


    I’ve had a lot of pretty extreme things done to me sexually in the last 17 years. I’ve been forced to orgasm so many times, one right after the other, that cumming became a form of torture, and then I was trained to cum on command. My first big gangbang, 32 men. I got mercilessly finger-fucked and toy-raped. Electro through my cock, balls and ass; deep, deep sounding; and electro-sounding. Jacked-off, experimented with and just plain fucked in front of both public and private audiences of up to

    Popping my bareback cherry

    [Author's note:  I wrote this true account of my first bareback fuck many years ago.  At this point, it's been 20 years rather than the 8-9 mentioned in the account.  Brian and I continued to play regularly for years after this took place,  getting piggier and piggier with each play session.  While we are still connected, work, busy schedules, the hunt for new meat has left long gaps in getting together.  I always look back at this encounter with the biggest smile on my face.  I felt a strong at


    piglooking4pigs in Updates

    If you were here...

    I’d answer the door in only my underwear, my hard cock clearly showing in the dim light. If you were here I’d push you to your knees right there in the doorway, bringing you eye level to the tool that was going to dominate you tonight. If you were here you’d feel the heat of my cock through the thin fabric, the throbbing of my pulse as you waited for permission to touch it. If you were here I’d drag you into my place and slam the door behind you and you tried to catch your breath. If you were he


    Dubconforlife in Sex


    My sexual cravings are getting more extreme. It's gotten to the point that I'll only fuck holes that have been loaded. And I find myself secretly hoping that each pussy I fuck will leave my dick leaking and itching. There's something about knowing a bitch has been passed around and used by randoms. I love knowing that countless men have used their hole before me. Anyone else out there feeling like this? 


    BlkSTDPig in bugchasers

    Tops do you like to fuck with the lights on or dim/ dark?

    When I get fucked, most tops want it in the dark or dim almost dark room. However I always find that  even if they are on looking directly at my asshole and I'm on my hand and knees they often miss the hole! I have to personally get my hands back there and guide their cock inside my hole or at least gently to the tip of the hole so they can then push it in. To me its annoying and weird that men look at my photos and want to fuck me but when it comes to actually fucking they don't want to lo

    Fuck Party: Loading Zane

    Chicago—February, 2020 The last day of February I returned to Chicago to see Zane, the scent pig, again.  There was to be a huge sex party at his place hosted by his house mates.  Being a polite pig, I took the fuck bench and rimseat as Zane told me they had more than enough slings. And indeed they did.  The entire house was converted to play areas.  We set up the fuck bench in the basement where there were two slings and a huge bed.  The rimseat was put in the biggest bedroom.  I help


    FelchingPisser in House Party


    AS I STATED IN PART ONE OF THIS MULTIPART EXPERIENCE: Most of those who’ve read my real life “party” experiences may know that I’ve kept a “sex diary” since I was a teen-ager coming out in pre-AIDS New York City. This multi-part entry tells about the longest party weekend I’ve had in all my years back in 2006. I had started to tell this story on another now defunct site almost 10 years ago, but the notebook of my experiences from that time went missing when a friend borrowed the whole set a


    versmetropig in real experiences

    Kink At the Bookstore: Hours 4 & 5

    Lansing—February, 2020 (This picks up right where the last post left off…) I need to stretch my legs after sucking the load out of the man with porn on his phone.  I walk the length of the building to the big screen gay area.  I sit in the shadows against the back wall and take my cock out.  I take a long drink from my water bottle—for a moment it brings the taste of the last man’s cum to life before it washes it all away.  My cock stands back up—and I lean back in my chair, shutting m


    FelchingPisser in Bookstore

    Kink At the Bookstore: Hours 2 & 3

    Lansing—February, 2020   (This picks up right where the last post left off…)   As the well hung foot licker struts out the door, I roll over and grab my sock.  My toes are still very wet.  There is a roll of paper towel on a table under the screen, so I hop over to it and rip off a couple of sheets.  As I sit and dry my foot, a series of hot men stream in and out of the room, never pausing on their hunt for cock or ass. Once fully dressed again, I go out looking myself. 


    FelchingPisser in Bookstore

    Kink At the Bookstore: Hour 1

    Lansing—February, 2020 Zane, the scent pig, had invited me back for a big sex party in Chicago at the end of the month.  By the middle of that last week of the month I became so horned I knew I had to blow a load before that event.  I had just been to my usual bookstore with Braydon, so I headed a little farther away to the half bathhouse/half bookstore.  I was there for just under five hours.   I arrive right after lunch.  The parking lot is nicely full.  I am buzzed into the dar


    FelchingPisser in Bookstore


    Second guy I seduced was another baseball player. Guys in sports are unique kind of guys. We have a lot of bravado and bullshit, but inside a lot of us have self esteem issues. Most of them come from daddy issues, others from repressed emotions, nearly all of them is about being afraid to let go. Athletes are all high strung bitches and we strive to have control over everything we touch, you're seen it. Ultra macho, hyper masculine bullshit which is just a transparent ploy to control whatev


    Dubconforlife in Tales from a Jock

    Dreams of the Past...

    I had a great dream last night. Actually it was more like a sleeping memory, re-living an experience I had back when I was perhaps 15 or 16. (LEGAL in Denmark, so there's that. And all pictures in this post are of me aged 21 or so, so also legal. 😉 ) Through one of those contact phone-lines I had gotten in touch with a guy who was perhaps late 30s or early 40s, so some 20-30 years older than me. Now, I wasn't quite inexperienced at that point, having both used that phone line as well a


    DanishAss in Memories


    First guy I seduced was in high school. He was a friend and was jockish in a way that was amusing. He was athletic and cute but he had none of the swagger needed to be an actual jock. He liked me because he knew I was in charge even though he had no idea what that meant. We hung out, I insulted him constantly in a joking way, until I had worn him down far enough that any compliment from me would send him flying. Did I know what I was doing? Not yet. Would I learn how to do it better as time

    My Life Out of the Spotlight

    Over the years, I've given myself permission to indulge in my more perverted interests that I keep hidden deep inside.  I like to bring them out and play once in a while.  My unspoken attraction to the dom/sub relationship led me to the world of leather and kink, and I found many playmates in my community to have fun with once I learned the ground rules and how to ask for what I wanted.  But in a way, even those encounters were not enough.  I think they were merely a gateway to a world of fantas


    StageWhisper in Intro

    Let Me Show You What He Can Do...

    Once upon a time... Yes, this is a story from ages ago. Two decades, actually. I was young, quite decent-looking even if I do say so myself, and ever so innocent... (Okay, I was a bit of a slut.) Anyway, I had been to the local gay club and had been chatting at the bar with an ex of mine and a couple of random guys - one of whom I quite fancied. When the club closed at 6am the four of us decided to go for breakfast, but since everywhere was closed we stopped by a bakery and bought some



    A little bit about me

    I'm a poz, submissive bottom who is absolutely obsessed with cum. I love taking loads in my ass, mouth, licking random loads up from the floor of a bookstore, eating them from someone else's hole. I very rarely, if ever, turn down a chance to take a load from pretty much anyone. I enjoy anonymous loads, and am extremely turned on by tops with toxic loads, HIV or anything else is fine with me. Thought I'd start maybe taking some pics maybe during, but most definitely after i take loads. My g



    Sex in Public pt. 5

    Managed another park hookup while I was house-sitting for some friends out in the suburbs last week. I was feeling really horny, but mainly wanted someone to dump a load in my ass. It was getting pretty late and I was getting ready to go to bed when a 26 year old messaged me on Grindr. Turns out he was a guy I had hooked up with before. He always insisted on using a condom with me, but the last time we hooked up, he tried to fuck me bare, but I wasn't cleaned out or feeling it. Tonight I was def



    1st knowing pox load

    (From a couple of months ago) It started with a top from Grindr.  He claimed Neg on Prep.  He had approached me first, and what interested me was he was big but manageable between 7.5 and 8” and thick enough that the head was a mouthful.   But the icing on the cake was he was kinky, raunchy, and that was what I was looking for. On top of that, he was hosting. It was about 9 pm Sunday,   Not the best neighborhood in Little Rock.  Dark no street lights, the house, however, was clean and



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