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    Fresh 18 yo ass that needs a raw cock to fill his hole in Arkansas 

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    I was the new kid in town after my dad left the Army and we settled down to civilian life. My circle of acquaintances was pretty much limited to my class mates at college and night life in my new home town consisted of a few pubs and one night club, and that's where I met Mark. He was just chatty and friendly and it felt good to make a new friend my own age. It was him who suggested going to see a band playing at the Teacher Training College.

    Afterr the concert he invited me to sleep over at his place to save me having to walk 3 miles to get home. He told me his bedroom was above a detached garage so we could play music and smoke weed without fear of interruption before we slept, but we would have to share the queen sized bed. After a few hours of getting stoned and listening to records Mark told me he was ready to sleep, but since he always slept naked he hoped I was okay with it. Without thinking anything of it, since I always sleep naked, I said as long as I could sleep naked too. So far absolutely nothing to suggest what was to come.

    I rolled to one side of the bed and soon fell asleep, but after some time I was woken up because I felt like I was close to cumming. As soon as I woke I realised that the reason I was about to cum was because Mark was sucking my cock incredibly well. It felt so good I didn't want it to stop but my mind was trying to deal with the fact that a guy was sucking my dick and I wasn't gay. I rationalized it by kidding myself that if he did all the work I wasn't being gay when I blew my load in his mouth while he kept sucking and swallowing.

    After he finished sucking me dry he asked me to snuggle against his back to sleep, and since the warmth of his body against mine felt good I agreed. It didn't take loIm long to start rubbing his ass against my cock until I was rock hard again and dripping precum. Once again it was all him so I let myself enjoy it without doing anything. He put his hand between his legs and pulled my cock between his thighs so he could rb the tip while using his thighs to squeeze my shaft.

    I was enjoying what he was doing so much that it was disappointing when he pulled away so my cock slid out from between his thighs but I soon found out why he did as he guided my cock head into his ass and pushed himself back onto me. As son as I felt myself inside him I knew I had to cum but I didn't want to be gay, so I convinced myself again that if he did all the work I wasn't being gay as I came and came and came inside him. That was how I lost my virginity with a guy I never even suspected of being gay when I would never have once thought of myself as being gay.

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    So, I’ve always had a deep desire to go to another city, check into my hotel, and open the door for men to use me anonymously. I fantasize about being blindfolded and naked on the bed waiting for random men. The problem is I’m not sure how to set it up. I made my first attempt last week while away on business. I was all ready and nervous as I thought about how to notify tops. First thought was Craigslist but that’s gone. So, turned to apps. What a wasted attempt. Lots of hits trying to get me to fuck them, lots of chatty dudes, and only 1 dude actually into anon fucking. Unfortunately it was less anonymous than I hoped. In my mind there would be no face pics, no stats, just guys hitting me up and me giving the room number. I settled for my first attempt being less anonymous as I’d seen the tops face. I dimmed the lights and got into position with the door ajar. Soon I heard the door open and shut. A hand on my leg running up to my ass. Then a hard dick against my butt, slowly grinding against me. The sound of the lube cap clicking then I felt his cock head on my hole. Slowly he pressed in. He held my shoulders down as he began to fuck me, harder and faster. I could feel his nuts slap my taint with each thrust. It was amazing. Soon he leaned in and whispered in my ear, “you want my load?” And I moaned yes, please. He fucked harder and then thrust deep, pausing as if felt his cock pulse and he moaned “I’m fucking breeding you, you’re taking my nut”. He pulled out and I waited on my stomach until he was gone. I can’t wait to try again but need to better set up the flow of tops. Hopefully next time I’ll have multiple tops deposit loads. 

    I’m planning a trip to Philadelphia in October and think that’s me shot to fulfill the full fantasy of being an anon hotel cumdump. Bigger city might be better. I even wonder about finding a top into whoring me out so I’m sure to not see the tops before they fill me. Hell, if there’s a sauna I may try that too. Just wish I was better at setting things up. I guess that will come in time. Until then I will have time to read posts and blogs here to get ideas. I’m looking forward to the possibilities 

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    So during my chasing journey, I realized that I made several fatal errors in contacting potential breeders.

    1.) Messaging them during the "Wait do I really want to be poz" jerk off and not respond to them. (I'm sorry if I've done this to you literally punch me in the face)

    2.)  Messaging guys who are only looking for other poz guys. They won't breed neg guys for various reasons. 

    3.) Being too desperate. (self explanatory. I am desperate fml)

    4.) Going on BBRT right before bed when you know you can't go out at that moment. 

    5.) Going to sex clubs and being fully clothed. 

    6.) Freaking out when a guy asks you if you're clean. 

    7.) My biggest mistake is doubting myself on whether or not I want to become poz. Every time I test neg I don't get a sigh of relief like most people. I get frustrated and angry. I just want to punch a wall til my knuckles bleed. My ritual ended up being going to get tested and going straight to a sex club and bend over bare ass up in a dark room and getting a little aggressive with guys who look like they are poz. I let all my holes be filled with all kinds of nasty cock. 

    I'm sure there are a lot of neg guys who go through the I want poz cock and after they jerk off have second thoughts. Those second thoughts faded away and now I even after I cum I think about poz cock and how much I want the next load I shoot to be my last neg load. 

  1. bottom4blktops
    Latest Entry

    I was picked up by a Black Guy,  We went to a hotel and He got me fucked up and I passed out, I woke up when the Black guy was slapping my face He said wake up slut, I tried to get up But I was restrained to the bed,   I'm going to breed that ass, And turn you into a white Slut for any Black male"s  to use,  He spit on His Black Dick and said,  These are sounds a white male makes when He’s being broken and realizes that soon he will never ever be able to use His little pee pee again to penetrate a hole,  It well not get hard any more,   When Black Cum swarms inside His guts it will get Absorbed into the Blood Stream where Chemicals and Hormones in the Black Man’s Cum will,  Over time with enough dosages,  alter the white bottoms brain structure to make Him more Docile,  Submissive and Sensitive to Anal Stimulation.  His white dick well no longer get hard,  After this white bottom gets this last load of Cum,  He should be able to be Caged and Plugged with Zero Resistance, My Black Cum is Potent,  It should only take five or six Loads of my Black Cum to Affect your white brain,  Enjoy That hard on,  It well soon be your last one, Than you well be begging for any Black Male to penetration you,  With His Black Dick,  Now that my Black load is in you,        I'm going to bring a few Black Males to inseminate you inject there Black Semen in your ass,  When I'm done with your ass, It well be a ass pussy, 

    You well be attracted to Black Males only, 



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    Welcome to my new and very first blog anywhere.  I hope that this can be a place where others share their feelings and beliefs and be respected.  No topic is banned other than those that are not acceptable to this web site.  It is hoped that what is written here is read with an open mind and responded to with courtesy.  We live in a republic where each person's beliefs are of worth even if we totally disagree with those beliefs.  That is a basic tenant of a republic.

    With all that in mind, does anyone have a topic that they would like discussed or even a rant to air?

  2. Hey remember when I was thinking about walking away... Yeah if you haven't already guessed not only have I dusted  off the kneepads but broke then back in. I've been sucking dick like a thirsty man drinks water at a fountain.

    Now I've been sucking dick like a champ but getting fucked? Like a Damn amateur shits sad as hell. I've got to build that up like my head skills.

    Now it's no secret here that I'm poz and I've been taking raw dick for a bit but now I'm getting concerned about dual infection and super infection. Life can throw some shit at you that's for sure. Plus I'm thinking about being more forthright about my status instead of waiting for a guy too ask that's if he even bothers to ask.

    Plus thanks to all who read this and like my "recent load given/ taken" entries 

  3. [I want to preface this entry with a word to any readers whose heritage is Native American. The experiences I describe below are a true account, and my narrative of them is as objective as I can make it. My interpretation of the meaning of the events is naturally filtered by my own cultural lens, but also by my professional role, one that has to a degree sensitized me to the history, realities, and sensitivities of Native Americans. I assure you that my contemplation on the nature of the experience derives not from crude stereotyping or assumption but from my observations and from a spiritual sense inherent to myself that I find difficult to describe but that I can only swear to be genuine.]

    I once hooked up a few times with a Top who was a nice guy, but when he fucked me, a strange sort of change came over him. He was, as it happened, a Lakota, and each time he started dicking me down he would suddenly become very aggressive, grab me by my neck from behind with one hand and grab a handful of my hair with the other and force my head down flat sideways on the bed, my torso stetched out so that my pelvis was ground under him for deepest possible penetration.

    Then he would lean over and start saying angry, harsh words in my ear in Lakota, but which I couldn’t understand, and he would punctuate each phrase by spitting on me - on my back, on my ass, on the back of my neck. After some of this, he would then fuck me savagely until he came, then yank my head back by my hair as he let me go.

    The next moment he was exactly the same as before we had started, almost as though a different person had walked into the room (naked).

    I realize this sounds spacey and all New Age and shit, (never mind race stereotyping) but I always felt as though that guy wasn’t actually the one fucking me. It felt as though the person fucking me was full of rage, and these fuckings were actually rapes counted as coup for far worse wrongs done to helpless people generations ago. It was the spitting - something I really don’t like anyway - the hate and ferocity embodied in each blast, each one bursting through tight lips like a knife blade into my naked back as he stabbed me repeatedly lower down, that told me this wasn’t about sex.

    Lying there under the domination of his hands, listening to those unfamiliar, berating words spat at me, followed by the smack of his saliva, feeling cruel force ravage my body and then triumphantly fill me with itself - I could not escape the thought that this man must be channelling the spirits of some warrior of the First Peoples come to claim justice for his people from mine.

    Not long ago I took one of the AncestryDNA tests to find out where my people came from. I’m basically 100% British Isles. No wonder I ended up the target ass for his justice fucking. And do you know what? I’m okay with that. My ancestors did horrible, horrible things to people, rape included. Maybe I’m nuts and this is all in my head, but if raping my ass can give a few of those poor souls their rest, then let them rape me. The bill is overdue.

    I just wish they wouldn’t spit.

  4.     Looking for poz tops to come here and dump their loads in me.


  5. DanishAss
    Latest Entry

    I take cock from all sorts of guys. From young bucks to retired old men. If they have a cock (and live up to basic hygienic standards) I'll take it. Preferably raw, but a rubbered cock is better than no cock. 

    But sometimes something better comes along... 

    I've been exchanging messages with a guy on a more "conventional" dating site, and he seemed both handsome and charming, so for a while we've been talking about meeting up for a movie night some time - and last night it finally happened. Well, that is to say... On Saturday night we were apparently both sitting at home, sharing a bottle of wine with ourselves, and you know how alcohol can reduce inhibitions... So the messages went a bit beyond flirty and became very explicit in terms of what each of us were into.

    So when I showed up at his place for a movie night I knew what I was in for!

    I was immediately poured a glass of wine and shown a chair where I could put my clothes, and then I knelt down naked and leaned in over the coffee table where he had put a few cushions so it would be comfortable for me. It was going to be a movie night, so he put on a movie (a Scandinavian noir thriller) and I had a perfect view of the TV from my position. And then he began.

    Basically he rimmed my ass for the duration of the movie! He on seemed to stop to come up for air, but otherwise he kept on relentlessly licking and eating out my hole while I tried to watch the movie and drink my wine. That tongue had some SERIOUS stamina!!!

    The movie was good - but the rim-job was exceptional! After nearly two hours of tongue, my hole felt wet and supple and BEGGING for cock! He got up and undressed, and then he went in front of me and offered me his hard cock, glistening with pre-cum. I did my best to repay the attentions he had given to my hole, but I was distracted by the fingers of his right hand reaching over my back to play with my hole... Pretty soon I had a cock in my throat and three fingers in my ass!

    That nice-looking young man who had written such intelligent and witty messages to me was now telling me what a good cocksucker I was and how I was soon going to take his cock in my ass... AND I LOVED IT!

    Eventually he pulled his cock from my mouth and moved behind me, somehow managing still to keep his three fingers in my ass. He then told me to take three deep hits of poppers, and when I finished the third hit he roughly pulled out his fingers. He gave my hole a couple of wet licks, and then he put the head of his cock to my hole, told me to take another couple of hits of poppers, and then he pushed all the way inside me in one deep thrust. FUCK YEAH!!!

    He fucked me hard and deep for a while, and then he pulled me down on the floor for a 69 with his cock in my mouth and his tongue in my ass. Then he had me on hands and knees on the floor, switching back and forth between my ass and mouth again and again before he finally dropped a load in my hungry ass. 

    Of course it didn't stop there. I did my best to keep all of his sperm inside me, but his tongue still managed to felch out a fair bit - and then he pulled us both up standing and kissed me, the taste of his cum heavy on his breath... And... That was our first kiss? I swear, if we end up dating, that is one heck of a first-kiss-moment!

    He then topped up the wine glasses, put on another movie and then we spooned on his couch - and when I felt him hardening against my buttocks I reached back and guided him inside me where his hard cock just stayed still as we watched the movie, sipped wine and chatted... 

    When I finally left it was with three loads in my ass.

    We've agreed to meet for coffee in a café next time to make it less horny and more of a classic date... (But I'll be wearing a jock strap under my respectable clothes! And I'll know where his tongue has been...)

  6. Yesterday I did the usual when I got home from work, showered, douched, hooked onto the sites and hoped I could get a fuck somewhere. Out in the suburbs where I live you get a fair bit of safe sex cock but not too much raw cock - I usually have to go to BBRTS on the weekends and go to the city to get seeded. Within a few minutes a message popped up on Grindr from Tony - which was a pleasant surprise. The previous week he had hit me up and asked me if I wanted to suck him off and could I host. I said yes on both counts so he came over. He was fucking beautiful. 19, blond and a great body. He told me he was not really into the gay thing and kissing and "all that shit" he just liked to get sucked off. In no time I threw some straight porn on, sat him on the lounge and went to work on his cock. Lovely thick cut cock and after 10 minutes of giving him the best head job I could he flooded my mouth with a bucketload of is beautiful seed. Gee he came a heap and I licked up every drop and kept sucking and licking and squeezing every last filament of seed out of his cock until he got up put his cock away said "thanks" and left. He was the type of young man you dream about, washboard stomach and pecs and very fit. I thought that would be the last I saw of him. 

    "Want to suck another load out of me" he asked. I said why not - that's what I am here for. 20 minutes later he arrived. This time I put the porn on in the bedroom. I undressed him and while he was laying on the bed I went watching I went to work on his cock. I was enjoying sucking him off but my mancunt was craving his cock. He started groaning and was obviously enjoying himself and I thought I would take my chance.  I slid my shorts off and straddled him, aiming his cock at my clean lubed up hole. IN one thrust I sat down on him. He sort of look startled but said nothing as I started to suck his cock off with my mancunt. In no time I was riding his beautiful stiff cock like there was no tomorrow. He laid back and put his arms under his head and seemed to enjoy having his cock immersed n my pink heat. 

    I did not want to change the mood or position and I kept riding and suddenly he grabbed my hips and gave three really hard thrusts into me as he pumped me full of his seed. I kept rocking on his cock for a minute or so and then slid off. I immediately went to work to clean him up and gave his cock and balls a beautiful polishing. As he got dressed he seemed a little surprised at what had happened and said to me "you take cock good man". I smiled. I did not want to pressure him but told him anytime he felt the need to bust his nuts I am always available. "That's the first time I have fucked arse man," he said walking towards the door. "Won't be the last," I thought, hoping he will come back and fuck me again. 

    He left and I was totally rapt. I just love young tops - they are so energetic and they come so much. His cum was good lube as I got two rubbered fucks (one from a regular) later on so I had a ripper night.

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    image1.jpg.1ee89142ec594e18a5c77adc52c3b859.jpg I had been looking to hookup all night and was having no luck I looked on my a4a and saw 3 unread messages it was a top guy who was wanting me to come over he had 4 guys there already 3 of them tops so they had 5 tops and one bottom he said he had party favors and a swing set up in his living room I found out he was about 35 minutes away I got the address and went straight over there I got there and knocked and a tall solid built white guy wearing a set of leather chaps and a leather vest answered I stepped in and saw 2 black guys sitting on couch and a white guy sucking another white guy and the other white guy was shaking up a bottle of lube I said hey guys they all looked towards me and i dropped my pants and took my shirt off and I was only wearing a tiny girls thong the guy who opened the door started grabbing my ass and he ask if I wanted to get in the sling  I was the youngest in the room by at least 15 years I had already cleaned out so my boipussy was super clean I saw the black guys rolling a bowl and blew huge clouds. I climbed into the sling and I felt the guy slide my thong over and he started to tounge my hole I saw the black guys get up and one asked when the last time I had been fucked? I told him I haven't had any dick in 4 months he was shocked and ask if I used a dildo I told him that i didn't have one the guy who was rimming my hole said he is really fucking tight and he started pushing his finger into my booty I didn't expect it and I tried to squirm away he didn't let me and he kept pushing till he buried his finger the black guy put the ankle straps on me and fastened them he took his finger out and pulled my thong off and I felt him put a rubber cock ring over my balls and cock the black guy got the lube from the guy shaking it and he ask if it was ready he answered yea (I didn't realize it was spiked) he said whose gonna go first?  The guy pulled his finger out and said that he would love to fuck a hole that's so tight I felt him put the wrist straps around my wrist and fastened them both above my head the other black guy was behind me and i couldn't tell what he was doing the black guy in front of me took his cock out and started stroking it I was getting nervous his cock was uncut at least 8 inches and really thick I saw him getting hard and the white guy got beside me and he put his cock to my mouth I started sucking him and he rammed it down my throat I was gagging and he pulled out and shoved it in again his was 7 1/2 inches and skinny but rock hard while he was throat fucking me I felt a rag get put beside my face it was soaked in 'rush' he took his cock out of my throat and slapped my face with it and I stuck my tounge out and he slapped his cock down on it I felt a piece of rope tied my arm and I expected the other arm to get tied too but the white guy stopped and I felt the black guy squeezing lube all over my hole and he said that he is gonna go first I said I don't know if I can handle yours First he was rubbing lube all over his huge black cock he said you ready to take this i was scared and i noticed everybody was standing around me even the guys who had been preoccupied I felt  felt a pinch on my arm and went I jerk away he said be still I froze and looked over to see him with a needle in my arm and I watched as a bit of blood oozed into the syringe and he pushed the clear liquid in my arm I didn't know what to expect or do at that point I watched as he pushed the rest of the shot into my vein I felt the poppers rag cover my nose and he told me to inhale through my nose I took 3 deep inhales as he pulled the rope off my arm I instantly felt my entire body get hot my eyes started bouncing I felt it take my breath i coughed 4or5 Times as I felt my boipussy it felt like my hole was soaking wet and hot I was hornier than I've ever been...

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    So I’ve just got home from 36 hours of pigging out. My piggy cunt is so, so sore. It’s also full to bursting.

    I’ve been playing at the place of a young black guy who I randomly chatted up on BBRT. He said all the right things about perving and pigginess, but you never know for sure until you meet, right?

    He didn’t disappoint. Before I even get to the perv and pig stuff, he was my perfect type: legal young, black, average height, a bit toned, hung with a swinging curved cut monster, top, a little dominant when he needed to be.

    But even better than that, he gave me exactly what I wanted - the Trinity that my pig cunt worships:

    1. Cum

    He gave me 3 poz loads in 36 hours, which isn’t bad for a boy on meth.

    2. Blood

    Each time he slammed, he drew some blood back out, then squirted half direct into my hole and half onto his cock before fucking me.

    3. Piss

    Twice he pissed deep in me. He did strong slams so his piss was like a mega booty bump each time.

    He made sure that I could make the most of these gifts by never using lube to fuck and by rough fingering my cunt intermittently between fucks, using his nails to open up my skin to take each gifts as fast as possible.

    So here I am, my pig cunt still full of those three, sore from so much raw, lubeless fucking and stinging from all that poz cum, toxic blood and chem piss is soaking into the cuts on my roughed up insides.

    I love it: this is the real me. 





  7. BadInBrooklyn
    Latest Entry

    large.unnamed.jpg.27ab99b6025a9f8a60e96f61eb89da50.jpglarge_body.jpg.830c947a6d53765a315ae8f7b9022380.jpgCL guys have been a staple of mine for a long time.  Sure you gotta watch for the flakes and scammers, but there's always something fresh and quite a few diamonds in the rough out there.

    Posted that I was a gentleman looking for a younger top and got this reply:

    Hi there, I'm 23 years old, 5'11", 140lbs, slim fit build. 7"cut. TOp that's into pleasuring older guys. I'll be around this weekend and can be available whenever is easiest for you. 

    After some back and forth we came to an agreement and I invited him over.  He arrived and was exactly as described but with longer hair than in his pic.  I thought he looked better with the hair and told him so.  He came across as very friendly and sweet and was as eager as I was to get started.  I undressed him and had him lay down on the bed.  When I pulled his under shorts down he nervously commented that he was only so small because it was so cold outside.  I knew how to take care of that!

    I started sucking on his limp cock.  Didn't get a response right away so I moved to his balls.  He really liked having his balls licked.  After a few minutes work, his cock came to life and started to grow in my mouth.  Pretty soon I was sucking and licking a beautiful rock hard cock.  I took him long and deep and licked and sucked his balls till I was crazy with desire.  

    I told him he had a beautiful cock and I needed him to fuck me with it.  He hopped up and I for into position for some doggystyle.  I hadn't been fucked in a while, so i made sure he had plenty of lube and I had a fresh bottle of Amsterdam poppers.  I took a hit as he started pushing himself inside of me.  I let out a gasp as he forced himself all the way inside me.  It hurt, but it was exactly what I wanted.  He started stroking and pain gave way to pleasure and soon I was moaning and urging him to pound me harder.  He have me a good enthusiastic pounding and even kept going for as long as he could after he had cum.

    As soon as we were done he cleaned up and was out the door.  Definitely earned his pay!

  8. How I was Turned Into A Male Prostitute,      Now I'm Owned By A Black Master,  Part 2
    The prostitute web site that Tyrone had set up Was getting some hits, Then one day someone Had answered my ad,
    He said his name was DeShawn He said He was from New York,  And was over the snow and was coming to town for two weeks,  And wanted to rent me for a week, 
    He said He was into Bondage,  And He Had Black football play build,  And was Poz,  And He Had a Big Black Dick 11' Uncut,  When He asked how the Executive Hotel was ?
    I reply it was a nice adult hotel,  When He came into town,   Tyrone had set Him up with a nice room,   The honeymoon suite,   I knocked at the door,  He opened the door,
    He was tall '' 6 foot 5. And must of been 300lbs  He said come in,   I'm DeShawn Why don't you take your clothes off,   I want to see your body,
    When I remove my pants and shirt,  I was nude,  He looked at the tattoos,  A bar code,  Black Owned,  And on my right arm  For Black Use Only   He asked what made you get them ?
    I explained that Tyrone had drugged me and had a buddy put them on me why I was sleeping,   Than He asked about my Cock Cage?
    I said that was Tyrone idea  too,   Tyrone put it on me and said,   He was my Black Master,
    DeShawn said He was into bondage,   For extended periods,  
    DeShawn pulled a sleep bag out and told me to get in it,  He that put a Catheter in my dick,   No need to piss,  I Had no control of my Urinal Now,  Just a Urinal Bag, 
    He Said the Sleep Bag material is similar to spandex but 10 times stronger.   The design is very  effective in restricted movement,   And will stand up to all futile attempts to escape,
    I got in it, And DeShawn pushed me on the bed,  He hooked a Pump up the bag,   And slowly the air was sucked out of the bag,   Making my body size a lot smaller,
    He put a Leather Hood on me and inflated the Mouth Gag,   I could not hear or say anything,  The next day I was carried to a car and put in a trunk,  
    Don't know how long I was in the Sleep Bag,  But it must of been for days,  Finely I was carried in to some where,  I felt a needle stick me and I went out like a light,  
    When I woke up and opened my eyes,  I was in cement building 30 by 30,  There was no windows  It was cold and damp,   I was nude there was a Wrist and Leg Irons on me,
    A Iron collar was around my Neck,   A Cock Cage that was Riveted on me,  To make coming off impossibility, 
    I was put in chastity to help grow my hole into the only sexual organ that matters,   A custom belt,  That was heavy Leather Belt,   That had a Lock on it, So it wouldn't come off,
    A hook on the Belt was  Attached to a long chain that hooked to a wall,  There was Mirrors on the walls and ceiling,   So I could see my self, With the Irons on me,
    There was a toilet in the room,  And a shower,   And a mattress on the floor,    And some steps that when up,   DeShawn came down the steps, Carrying a bowl of food,
    He set it on the floor,  You must be Hunger,   I asked where I was ?   He said your in Baltimore your new home, 
    I said Tyrone well be mad you took me to Baltimore,  He said no He won't, I bought you,   I own you,   I needed a slave to go in my Dungeon, 
    I well put you isolation cell that I built into my Dungeon,   If you ever bring up Tyrone again,
    Your a subhuman Loser with zero self esteem and certainly no self dignity or respect,
    There was Bondage Gear covering the walls,   Hood's  and Muzzles,  Locking Wrist and Ankle Spreader Bars,  Blindfolds,  Dungeon Irons and Handcuffs,  Suspension equipment,
    Arm binders,   There was Fucking Machine System,  A Sling hung from the ceiling,  One corner of the room,  Sleep Sacks,  Strait Jackets,  Hospital Restrains,  Pony and Puppy things,
    A Steel Puppy Cage,  Trainer Shock Collar,  Electro sex Gear,  Chastity Devices,  Whips and Floggers,  Medical Instruments,  Milking Machine,  Fetish Clothing,  A wood Saint Andrews Cross, And a king size Bed was over in one corner of the room,  There was Video equipment,   And all kinda of Equipment that I had never seen, 
    He said there were Surveillance Equipment all around the room,  There was four big flat screens TV,  He put on a Leather hood,   So no one would know it was Him, 
    He turned the Video camera on,   And We were live on the TV,   Broadcasted on the web,    You well get used to being on camera,   When your in the Shower Or taking a Shit,
    You'll be a Video,   Welcome to world of Virtual reality, 
    DeShawn said I created a fully active Web Site,   And for a price they could follow you,   And watch you,  
    Where my follower could request certain sexual activities to be performed for them, 
    And for a price they Could interact with me,   If they wanted to Fuck me,  They would put a device on there Cock, 
    And I would put a device on my ass,   And strap it in place,   Then when they thrust there dick forward,   The device on my end would thrust the dido forward into my hole,
    There movements would be the exact movements that I felt on my end,  As there end,
    With the Virtual headset on they would See and Feel and Hear you moan,   Give them the real life Experience of fucking,  He said He needed the first day recorded, 
    For your new web page,
    I stared to protest   DeShawn just laughed,  Your in a cement building sound proved And under ground,   And chained and shackled to the wall, 
    We can do this the easy way or the hard way,  You decide, And with that He pushed a button and  There was a shock in my Dick I gabbed the Cock Cage, And I screamed,  
    Accept your place bitch, You’re just a sex toy for alpha Black Bull.   You exist too serve Black Men,    Be abused and then disposed of when the customer was done,
    I'm going to make you  feel really really bad about itself,            I think I well call you Tyler !   
    Come over here and Give your Black Master a Blow Job,  I sucked His Black Dick, And then His Nuts,
    That's right swallow that Fucking Dick Faggot!    Good Bitch boy,   
    Choke and Gag on that  Superior Black Master Cock, Like the good Fucking Slutty Pussy Whore you are, Gonna split your Cracker ass open,
    Now sit on this Black Dick Bitch,  Hell yeah.  Let’s put on a show!   I positioned my self over His Black Dick,  And slowly He penetrated me,  He grabbed me by the Hips,
    And Drove that Black Dick all way in my ass,   Take that fucking ass Fucking , 
    He Made me ride His Black Dick up and down,  I started to squirm and resist,  But once He started pounding my Cunt,
    I wanted to surrender completely,   He fucked me hard and deep,   Till He was ready to cum,    I'm going to bred you with this Poz Seed,
    He Held  me down on His Black Dick,   Balls Deep,   Yes I'm Cumming,   I'm pumping this Poz Load in your Ass Pussy, 
    I was Begging Him to knock me up,   I could not resist,    DeShawn said I told you that it would fit inside of you,
    I have a Black room Mate You well have to Take care of,    His name is Willie,  He doesn't like white people much,  So Hes a bet of a Sadist,   When it comes to whites, 
    He well want to Humiliation & Degradation you disgusting white fag,   But if your good to Him He mite Fuck you, 
    He has a  overwhelming desire to sexually torture you,    He a Sadism at heart.
    And well want to beat you,  And Whip you,   And well get off on controlling you,  He's  going to be insulting You,   Demeaning,   Dehumanizing and Pissing and Spitting all over you,
    You stupid fag, 
    So you well have two Black Masters to deal with,   
    I'm going to Buy a Black slave,  Then my customers well be able to experience a true interracial experience,   For now we just have you,
    I've been shopping around for a black slave,   But he's got to be hung with 12' black dick,
    That night I was introduced to Willie,     He hooked me up to the Suspension equipment,   And He Whipped me,
    I begged Him to stop,  I Keep screaming like a Bitch,   Willie said that’s actually Hot,   Sometimes I will cry.  It’s part of the process,   Your pain is my pleasure,  
    No one gives a shit if your boi pussy gets permanently wrecked,  Then I begged Him to Fuck me,  Willie said one day you well get the privilege of this Black Dick,
    But for now you well just have to settle for this Black Dido device,   He positioned it above my ass, He flipped the switch on,   
    He spread me out on the bed,   With the Wrist and Leg Irons hooked to the bed, 
    Willie Said this well Permanently Elongated, Puffy Pussy Lips,   No one will ever confuse this with an asshole ever again, Willie said now you wait ! 
    Some guy well want to Fuck you,   With Virtual reality headset on,   There no escaping, 
    DeShawn well be up in the morning and wanting some ass,    A faggot’s training is NEVER done!
    So get some sleep for now,  Your going to full fill some guys fantasy tonight,  It’s a New Way Of Life. 
    I fall a sleep,  When the Black Dido came to life,  The Device started to move,  The Black Dido penetrate my ass,  
    The TV and spot lights came on,  I moaned,  I looked up at the TVs  And saw a Black teenager on the TV,
    He said I just want to get a Nut before bed,  He began to Fuck His Device,  I felt the Black Dido going in and out of my ass,  The Black teenager Fucked me for about 10 min, 
    I'm cumming He said,  Then the Black Dido squirted some liquid in my ass,   And pulled out of my ass, 
    The Device than when back to it original Position,   Ready to be inserted with the next horny Guy,  The next morning DeShawn came down,   The TV and light were on, 
    And the Device was Fucking me again!   Dam I wanted to get my nut,,    But your busy making money for your New Black Master ...
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    I went to the Dr for a cold, I had a 104 temperature,  The Dr said I need to go to the hospital because 104 temperature
    was dangerous, I was not feeling well, I went to the emergency room  And said I'm not feel well, I started to throw up,
    And The next thing I knew I went into a coma, I spend 22 days in a coma, When a woke up from the coma, I saw all this equipment around me There was a hose in my mouth to make me breathe, There was IV hoses in both arms,To bring me fluids and nutrients, My arms and legs had heavy leather restrains on them making any movement impossible,  There was a Catheter hose in my dick, There was a long hose that was in my anus,  I had hoses in every hole, I did not know where I was, The Black Doctors came in wearing protective gear, And a face mask,
    I tried to speak, But I couldn't, They were talking between them, Saying we could try this and that, Than the male nurse came in, He said I know your scared and frightened, The Black Doctors are the best here , I have to check all your hoses, He grabbed my dick, And I started to struggle, The male nurse said calm down, I going to give you something to calm you down, And took a hypodermic needle and added it to my IV lines, I immediately felt high, And did not care what the male nurse was doing,  He checked my  Catheter, And He then unhooked the restrains that were on my legs,  He pushed a button on the bed and it started to move my legs up in the air, Exposing my anus, He checked the hose that was going into my ass, He moved it around and then I felt a buzzing deep in my gut, And I was asleep, That night I had a night mare, I was being Fucked by Black Cocks, One right after another, When I woke up, All I could feel was my ass buzzing,  The next day the Black Doctors took the breathing hoses out of my mouth, And took the restraints off of me,  They checked the urine bag for out put, And the Black Doctor said something about the white fluid that was floating in the urine bag, And smiled,  He told the Black Male nurse to repeat the procedure again tonight, I asked what the procedure was for, The Male nurse said The doctors well tell you about procedure, That night the Black nurse came in and said are you ready for your procedure ?   And took another hypodermic needle and added it to my IV , I'm giving you a double dose tonight,  I immediately felt high again, 
    The Machine pulled my leg in the air, And my anus was exposed, The buzzing started in my anus, As the Male nurse started to increase the speed, Then I went into a deep sleep, I started to dream again,  About Black Cock again! 
    The psychological impact that these Black Cocks have on the whites are ingrained so deep within their brains, That they don’t even realize they are being changed, I dreamed I was be dominated by a Black Guy subconsciously, And led down the path to my true purpose.  Little by little the thought of these black guys and their superior manhood fucking me,  Deep down inside, Slowly changing this white guy in ways I never thought possible, I was confronted with the Dominance of Black Guys, And slowly letting go of the lie I’ve been taught by society, The lie that I'm a male, 
    I awoke to the night mare, I was screaming, Pulling at my Catheter, The Male nurse called for help, And More Black nurse's came in, And restrained me once again, They gave me another Shot, And I went out like a light, 
    The next day I awoke, The Doctor came back in, And said My body is going through changes, And fighting the changes,  He said they where going to transfer me to another hospital, And gave me another shot,  I awoke in a new hospital,  They still kept me restrained But I no longer had the Catheter in my dick, Or the Machine that they had with a long hose in my anus, My ass felt empty, When it out it, The new place was okay,
    This Black male orderly came in and said His name was Tyrone,  And said He was in charge of my rehab, He would Tell me when to eat, And when to shower, When to wake up and when to go to sleep,  So started the first day, 
    I was restrained at all times, Except when Tyrone was around, Or I eat food, When I would be allowed to take a shower Tyrone was all ways around watching me  taking a shower , All way making sure I cleaned my anus well, When I didn't Tyrone was there with a bush and cleaned my anus, right And then back to bed and restrains were put back on, Than Tyrone started to put porn on the TV, Tyrone put interracial videos on, I started to watch  more and more interracial videos, I was becoming obsessed with Black Cock. Tyrone would take the restrains off of my hands, And allow me to masturbate,  So much so that I begin to masturbate at the thought of a black man fucking a white men. Soon this white man was looking at the Black Dicks,  I wanted interracial sex. I was exposed to porn 3 times a day,   And after only a short time, I found myself mesmerized by these superior Black Men and their beautiful Black Cocks.  Your doing just fine whitey Tyrone, He gave me a shot, And I went to sleep,
    When i was asleep, Tyrone fitted me with a Cock Cage and put the Lock on it,  When I woke up the next day,
    I asked what it was, Tyrone said The Doctor came in and order it,, Said I was no longer allowed to masturbate, 
    The next night Tyrone told me to lay on my stomach, And Gave me a shot in my butt, I started to get drowsy,  Tyrone said He wanted to check my anus out, And do a full exam of my rectum,  He put the restraints on me, And spread my legs a part and put the restraints on my hand and legs, I was spread eagle on the bed, He put some lube on my anus,  And put a thermometer in my anus, He remove His scrubs in front of me, His body was lean and muscular body, And had a nice big uncut Black Dick,  
    My anus started open and close, And the thermometer popped out of my anus,  He then replaced it with His Finger, Tyrone got on top of me, And Sled  His Black Dick in my hole, When He was balls deep, I moaned, He slowly began to pumping  His uncut Black Dick in and out of my hole, I was slowly letting go of my fake so called manhood, And being pulled uncontrollably into becoming the Black Cock Sissies that they wanted me to be,
     How does that feel, My anus was now His pussy I was being feminized, Towards their ultimate goal of becoming a Black Guys white Bitch.  Tyrone said most whites will try and fight this progression in any way they can,  Unfortunately they will only be humiliated further once they get the procedure done,  The Black race is superior, He pulled His Black Dick From the Hole,  And than jammed it back in, I moaned,  He started to Fuck me harder, His Black Dick got Harder and Bigger, It seemed to grow longer,   I screamed Fuck Me,, Fuck Me Hard,, Give Me That Black Seed,, 
    Tyrone Black Dick started to pulsate in my Hole,   Yes Fuck My Pussy,, I felt Him Cumming ,, Deep in my Pussy,,
    I started to shake, I was have a ass orgasm, 
    He slid His Black Dick out of my pussy,
    He took the restraints off of me, And put some cream on my ass pussy,
    Tyrone said your going to get Fucked in ways they never dreamed, He had me turn over, And examined my clit, 
    There was cum dripping from the Cock Cage,  
    He said I would actually experiencing a orgasm from being fucked ! 
    The next day a had to see head Black Doctor,  He told me to stand, He examined my body well, And then knell down on this machine My hands and legs were strapped in,  Than the machine, Raised and tilted forward, Giving the Doctor full access to my ass pussy My hole was exposed,  He than used Collin Speculum device, And he was looking in my ass pussy, He removed the device, And replace it with his fingers, How That feel? Good I guess, He pulled His scrubs down, And revealed a nice Black Cock, And pushed it into my hole, Nice it could be tighter,  But being that you when thru reconstructive surgery, It could be better. The Doctor put His load in my ass pussy , How's that feeling ? Can you have ass orgasm ? Tyrone gave me one I said,  He order me to have electric shock intensive therapy, 
    The next day started my therapy session, I was taking to a room and restrained in a position in the bed,
    There was a machine they hooked wires up to my head and body , they put pic of white guys on the TV, If my body would react, I would be shocked, if i saw pics of black Guy  and i reacted , I would not be shocked,  
    During shock therapy I was given a seizure-inducing electrical shock that can change your sexuality, It reboots your system, Like turning a computer off and when it comes back on they are not the same sexuality The seizure may restore some neuro connections or reconnect nerves that are "short-circuited." The procedure also may change the levels of norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin, which play a role in your sexuality,
    That night i realized,          I was a patient in a Psychiatric Hospital,  
    I begged Tyrone to stop the machine, Finely I was taking off the machine, My brain was not functioning right,
    What was Real,  And What was Not,  Did I have Sex With Tyrone ?  Or was that a figment of my imagination,
    That night I made a choice, I was going to seduce  Tyrone When he came in a feed me and than my nightly shower,
    When I was in the shower I rubbed my hands all over my body Very seductive as possible, Tyrone was looking , 
    When Tyrone was putting me in the bed, I gabbed His hand and put it on my ass, I said my ass hurt,
    He than put some ointment on my rectum, gabbed His finger and pushed it in my ass,  And moaned, I grabbed His other hand and put it on my Tits , He reacted by fingering my ass, I spread my legs wild, To gave Him Better access to my hole, I reached down and felt the bulge in His blue scrubs and began to rub His Black Dick, I pulled His scrubs down , He had a Nice Black Dick, I said Please Fuck me, He put His Black Dick against my hole, And I backed up into it . And it slid in my hole, He began to Fuck me Long Deep strokes, He pick up the pace And then started to Fuck me fast, He said He was going to Cum,   Cum Cum in my ass,  I felt Him cumming in my ass, He pulled out, And I fell to my knees and sucked Him clean, I pulled His scrubs back up, And when to bed Tyrone did not restrain me, 
    That night I dreamed of His Black Dick, When I woke up the next day Tyrone came in and said your getting out of here today,   Here some scrubs for you to wear, Put them on , And you can leave, I put them on
    He handed me a key, He gave me a paper,  It had His name and address and His phone number on it ,
    You need a place to stay at ,, Make your self at home,  And He said I had Fun with you last night ! 
  9. No longer a virgin in any sense.

  10. Once You Go Black You'll Never Go Back?!!

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    I can’t NOT think about it. No matter how I try.  The memory of that stud masseur having his way with me plays in continuous loops over and over in my mind.

    his crotch grinds into my face as he feeds his rock hard, throbbing cock down into my throat… he wields it like some kind of weapon… jabbing and thrusting… fucking away at my stuffed esophagus… using me like a cheap masturbation toy until he shoots off like the Fourth of July, flooding my stomach with his hot load… ensuring I will carry more than just the memory of him home with me…

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    I have been using since the mid 80's and used primarily Rush, Rush Gold, Jungle Juice, Bolt and various other brands. I am just curious about your experiences using them, recommendations on various brands and anything else related to alkyl nitrates.

    I have heard horror stories of people being burned in very sensitive areas of their bodies from poppers being spilled, myself included. Back in the height of the AIDS Pandemic scare it was also linked to the spread of the disease. Of course this was just part of the hysteria in the early 80's.

    I have heard that there is a new brand called Maximum Impact. I haven't seen it in any of the adult bookstores here in Minneapolis, but then again we are between both coasts.

    So let's share and discuss your ideas on popper usage and anything else popper related.

  11. It’s so sad when I see people right on zoom how they’re waiting for their boyfriend to leave so they cheat on him. People like you are the reason people like my ex don’t trust anyone and assume we’re all cheaters. If you want to be fucking anyone who’s anyone why just not just be single. Like why cheat. To the people that think it’s cool or hot I honestly have to say it’s not, it’s quite pathetic and just cruel. And I see in a lot of us gays doing this and I can now see why people like my ex have a hard time believing and get paranoid that every gay is a cheater

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    It was Friday night at the local Leather Bar,
    I was dressed in a Leather Hardness and Leather pants, And a Leather Collar, I siting there, When I saw this Black Guy standing up against the wall, I've seen Him before, And there was something about Him that I found sexy, 
    I don't know what it was, He was nice looking, But He Had a home less look about Him,  He was probably was just down on His luck,  He was 5'6 looked to be about 150lbs .
    He came over to me and said Hi , We talked for a few, And than He took my hand and guided it down to His crotch,
    I was delighted to fine a nice bulge in His pants, When I went to remove my hand from His crotch, He grabbed my hand and put it back, This excited me in the way, He was taking control, Than He grabbed my head with His hands and guided our lips together and explored my mouth with His tongue, He unzipped His pants and revealed His
    huge Black Cock, semi-hard and dangling in front of me,  It must have been 9 or 10 inches long, You gonna suck it?
    I couldn't keep my eyes off it!  I opened my mouth and slid the Black Cock in as far as it would go, And started to Suck Him, My head was still spinning from the excitement of sucking Black Cock in the bar,  You going to get a hotel,   If you want this Black Dick, You will follow my orders,  " He pulled His Black Cock away from me, And put it back in his pants,
    "You coming?  " Yes Sir,  He grabbed my arm and started to lead me out, Let go Bitch, I let myself be led out by the arm, His powerful hand grabbing me tightly, His commanding presence making me follow, I was just a white cock sucking faggot ready to be used for Black Cock, When we arrived at the hotel, The Black Guy opened the door and turned to me. "Get undressed Bitch,  It was kinda sleazy place,     Let's go bitch, I said strip ! Take it all off, He said in a commanding voice,  I started to undress in the middle of the room, Feeling embarrassed but aroused at the thought of doing it in front of him. As I took my clothes off, He was going through my over night bad,  He turns around and throws Jock Strap at me, Saying  " I like my bitches to wear a Jock strap." I stood there completely naked holding a Jock Strap,  He said to come here, He put a Cock Ring on me, He than put my dick in a Cock Cage, And Lock it,  He told me to put on the Leather Hardness, And than the Collar   "Let me see you in your slave clothes, Come over here and show me what a Bitch you are". I stood in front of Him and turned around, Showing Him my Locked Dick and exposed ass,  "Yeah, you look good, bitch, This is what your going to wear from now on, I want you out of your street clothes and in your slaves clothes as soon as you get here, understand?" "Yes, sir", I respond, Gonna make you bitch, You want that, Don't you, bitch? You want to be a Black Man's Bitch, Don't you faggot." You want me to Fuck your white Bitch Ass and turn it into a Pussy, Don't you?"
    "Yes, please Fuck me, I want your Black Cock in my Ass, Please Fuck me!  I want to be your bitch!"
    He order me to my knees, Now suck my BBC,   I do as I'm told, And suck Him good, After he was fully Hard, He said get on the bed and put your hands and legs out spread eagle, He took some rope and tied my hand and legs to the corner of the bed, Now your going to be my sex slave, I'm going to fuck you now, Tell me you want this BBC,  Tell me,
    Please give me that BBC, And he slowly put His BBC in my Hole, When he was balls deep He started to Fuck me, 
    Beg for this BBC slave, I said I want your BBC, Fuck me please, OOOO Fuck my ass, Than I feel His Black Dick start to throb and swallow, Than I felt His Coming filling my ass with His Black Seed, He held His BBC deep and said, Your my slave now,  Every week I want you to get a hotel room, I'm going to get Bred you once a week,   Put this Black Seed in your ass pussy,    I'm going to put this Black Seed in you, Deep in your second hole, Where this Black Seed Well start to slowly change you,  You well not notice the changes, But Other Black Men well,  Pretty soon you well be giving your ass up to any Black Men, Once this happens you'll be Black Property !     Under stand,
    I said Yes Sir ... 
  12. I’m sitting here now with a rock hard cock thinking about the great unprotected sex I had in my hotel room on Thursday night... I had met Az through an advert I posted on Craigslist the week before. I am due to be in Dublin for a few nights next week so was seeing could I arrange a few hook ups while I was there.

    Let me go back and tell you a little about me; I'm a big chub man and not to everyones taste but I enjoy cock and when I can I'll take it... I prefer to btm but when I top it's usually for younger twink guys and when I btm I enjoy, really enjoy, raw sex.

    Az responded to my advert and within a few short hours we were messaging each over via KIK having exchanged details. He was very discreet and didn't disclose too much about himself at the beginning but we kept chatting over the app and after a while he opened up to me, he was not from this country and from what I could gather had either a religious or social standing/reason for keeping his gay sex very very discreet. I am fine with that and each to their own! During out KIK chat he brought up the subject of kinks and had I any, I asked him to tell me about his and see what we could make happen and then he just came out with it "I've always wanted to try BB with a guy" Music to my ears... and we agreed that when I come to Dublin in a few weeks he'd be welcome to call around and see what happens

    A few days ago I had to head up to Dublin for something on Friday morning so I choose to drive up on the Thursday night to avoid an early start with a lot of traffic on the Friday morning. I told Az over KIK that my plans to come to Dublin had come forward but I'd only be up for one night and if he was around I'd like to meet. He was very anxious about it but wanted to meet up. I exchanged my hotel details and he said he'd be over around 9pm

    By this stage he had exchanged a few cock shots and one body shot but I still had no idea what he looked like other than that, I didn't care, if I was not turned on by him I'd ask him to leave and call it a night. I took a chance and I'm glad I did.

    Az messaged to say he was enroute by taxi and would be in the lobby of my hotel soon. It was coming up to 9, I had douched and showered and was ready for action. I had an unopened bottle of poppers and a bottle of lube by the bed. I had another bottle that I gave a few huffs off when he messaged me to say he was downstairs. A few minutes later, I was answering the door in my t-shirt and jockstrap to this stunning man. He was 5"10 tall (I'm 5"6), lovely tanned complexion, well kept beard all wrapped up in a big body of muscle and a little fat.

    He came in and we made small talk and he asked could he use the shower as he wasn't long out of college that evening. I said sure and in he went. I lay up on my knees on the bed and opened the new bottle of poppers to have a huff. Within a few minutes the shower stopped and the bathroom door opened and out came Az just wearing a towel and looking so sexy with a nice hairy chest all puffed out and ready for some fun.

    Without saying anything I stood up and he walked over and behind me and placed his hands on my ass cheeks, I took some more poppers as he reached around, dropped the towel and his cock teased my body. I dropped to my knees as I handed him the poppers and was staring straight as his uncut, solid cock. Not huge but oh a nice size and very thick. Without hesitation I wrapped my mouth around his manhood and slowly gave him a welcoming BJ. He moaned in pleasure as he took more poppers.

    After a few minutes he was leaning over and running his fingers down my back, he signalled for me to stand up and as I did he turned me to face the bed as he stood back and admired my ass. He pushed me forward and I got on the bed into a doggy position and then I felt the fantastic feeling of his tongue inside my hole... This was going to be a good night!


  13. Hello all,

    It has been a while since I have written anything here in my blog. That's because up until last night I really haven't had anything out of the ordinary happen. I have been getting my normal blow jobs and ass fucking at the local ABS.  On Saturday I was checking out Craigslist and BBRT looking through the ads for hook ups when I came across a party ad on BBRT. I checked it out and the ad was looking for a bottom for Tops party. I messaged him asking for details about the party. He messaged me back telling me that he had a bottom and three other Tops lined up for the party later that night and the bottom he had lined up bailed on him. Which in turn caused the other Tops to bail also. He told me that he was in town from Minnesota and was leaving in the morning and still wanted to party. We exchanged some pics and stats about ourselves. He told me his likes and dislikes. He told me he was all Top and didn't bottom at all, though he would suck cock on occasion. He really liked to have his ass rimmed and he liked to rim ass especially before fucking it. He was into some raunch and some water sports and his one big dislike was the word "no" coming from his bottoms. I told him I was good with his likes and dislike and that I would do my best to please him.

    He wanted to know if I wanted to meet with him at the scheduled time he had listed in his ad. He told me that he would try to line up the other Tops but for sure he wanted to fuck me if I was game. I didn't have to think all that long and hard and I told him I would love to join the party with just him or other Tops. I asked for the Hotel and room number and told him I would be here at 8 pm for the party. He messaged me back and told me he was looking forward to partying with me.

    I was a little nervous but more excited about the party I was going to later in the day. More excited in not knowing how many people might be at the party. I took the afternoon to get myself ready for the party. I showered, shaved and cleaned myself out real good for a night of fun. I had a couple drinks at home to take the edge off and headed out to the Hotel for the party.

    I showed up at the hotel got in the elevator pressed 5 and up I went. I got out of the elevator and found the room and knocked. I still at this time had no idea how many people might be on the other side of the door. Within a few seconds after knocking the Top opened the door wearing only a towel around his waist. He told me to come in and as I entered the room I noticed only the Top and I were there. He must of noticed me scanning the room and told me he couldn't get a hold of the other Tops and hoped I wasn't too disappointed. I told him that everything was cool and now I could direct all of my attention on him. He told me he had a beer  in the fridge if I wanted one. I told him I would take a beer and he told me he would get it for me and that way I could shed my clothes so he could see in person the ass that he was going to be fucking. He got the beer for me and stood there as I finished undressing. He handed me the beer and had me move over to the bed rubbing my ass checks on the way there. He told me to sit on the edge of the bed while he stood in front of me. We drank some of our beers and had some mild chit chat then he looked at me and asked if I was ready for a good fucking. I told him I was as ready as I would ever be. He said good and grabbed my beer bottle and placed it on the table next to the bed. He dropped his towel and I was very impressed. He did send me a pic of his cock earlier but I have to say it didn't look much longer but it looked a whole lot bigger in girth in real life. He moved over and laid on the bed and had me move up next to him so I could explore his body. I moved my hands up and down his chest and I just couldn't help myself and I let one hand move down to his cock. He wasn't completely hard yet but I could feel it getting harder as I stroked it. He let out a soft moan and said how my hand felt good on his cock and to keep that up for a bit. I continued to stroke his cock with my hand as my mouth made up to his mouth and I kissed him. Damn his mouth came to life as we kissed, tongues moving around each other. I finally broke the kiss and started to kiss down his neck to his chest stopping to gently nibble on his nipples. I worked my tongue down his stomach to his belly button licking and kissing around sticking my tongue in his belly button. His cock was standing at full attention as my mouth and tongue licked its way down to the base of his cock. My tongue slid up the top of his cock and when I got to the head my tongue licked the little bead of pre-cum that had formed. My tongue licked its way down the bottom side of his cock until I reached his ball sack. He moan all the while my tongue was bathing his ball sack. He spread his legs to give me better access to his nut sack. I made sure to take each nut into my mouth and work it around. I moved his nut sack up and started to move my tongue between his nut sack and his asshole. He moved his legs up and I knew what he  was  wanting so I moved my tongue down to his asshole and licked his hole and pulled back giving his hole a soft breath. I moved in with my tongue licking and sticking my tongue in his ass as far as I  could get it in. He was loving it from the moans and the movement. He even placed his hands on the top of my head trying to pull my face in to his ass. I finally finished with his ass and started to work my way back up to his cock. My tongue licked the bottom side of his cock from the base to the head of his cock. He was moaning and saying things I really couldn't understand, but as I took the head of his cock into my mouth I did hear what he said then. "I hope you like Poz cock". I had the head of his cock and half the shaft in my mouth when those words registered in my mind. My heart skipped a beat and started to pound really fast. I pulled my mouth off his cock and asked him what he just said, trying to confirm what I thought I heard him say. He picked his head up and look me right in the eye and said you heard me. I said I hope you like Poz cock. I must of had a blank look on my face because he said I shouldn't be surprised and he knows I have fantasies of Poz cock. I looked at him puzzled and asked how he would know that. Then I felt like a dumb ass as he told me that he had read my blog here on breeding zone. I said well yes you do have me there. I told him that I wanted to try undetectable poz cock first. His reply was well you know your going to try undetectable poz cock and then your going to try toxic poz cock and guess what, you've had my toxic poz cock halfway in your mouth. I just sat there not knowing really what to say. He was right its just not the way I had visioned things happening. He broke my thought process when he grabbed my head and started to guide my mouth back to his cock while telling me that he was starting to think I was going to embark on his biggest dislike as a bottom saying "no". He said look just suck my cock for now and lets see how it goes for you and if your still too uncomfortable to go through with it we can stop. His hands holding my head over his cock, my lips touching the pre-cum on the head of his cock. He tells me to lick his pre-cum and tell him if it tastes any different than negative pre-cum. My tongue licks the pre-cum from the tip of his cock. He asks "does it taste any different". I shake my head no all the while thinking holy shit I am about to suck a toxic poz cock. My cock gets rock fucking hard as that thought goes through my head. With a little help from his hands I give in and I slide my mouth all the way down his cock until the head of his cock is in my throat cutting off my air supply and my nose at the base of his cock. He is moaning telling me to suck his poz cock and how good my mouth and throat feel on his poz cock. He turns my head loose and I go to town on his cock. My head moving up and down and my mouth sucking for what it worth all the will hearing him tell me to suck his poz cock. I keep feeling his cock hit the back of my throat as my head and mouth move down his shaft, the pace picking up wondering if he is going to shoot his toxic load of cum down my throat, his breathing is getting faster and more labored, his hips are meeting the rhythm of my head and mouth. I know he is getting close, my cock is so hard its about to split wide open, I'm so horny thinking that any second I am about to have a toxic poz load of cum shot down my throat, then he stops and pulls my head off of his cock! I'm thinking what the fuck and he tells  me that he  was about to cum and he doesn't want to cum just yet. He has me take my mouth and hands off of his cock for a bit so he can calm down. He has me move up from between his legs and wants me to straddling his chest. He wants to see my cock and can't believe how hard my cock is. While my legs are straddling his chest he strokes my cock and tells me he knows this is making me so hot and horny from the feel of how hard my cock is. I told him that yes I have to admit that I am so fucking hot knowing that I have had a poz cock in my mouth and thinking about how close I was to having a poz load of cum shot down my throat. He keeps stroking my cock as he lays back with me straddling his chest. As he strokes my cock his other hand finds its way to my asshole and he starts to rub my asshole. He tells me to spit in my fingers and lube my hole so he can slide his fingers in my ass. I get a good amount of spit on my fingers and move it around to my ass and lube up my hole as his fingers take over and push inside of me. I moan and move my hips loving the feeling of his fingers sliding inside of me while his hand is stroking my cock. He keeps talking to me telling me how hot it makes him knowing that his poz cock is having this much of an effect on me. I just moan and listen to him talk loving the feeling of his fingers working my asshole his hand keeps stroking my cock. His hand keeps pushing against the base of my cock as his fingers work my hole. I'm lost in the moment and he tells me to put some more spit on my hole for him. So I spit on my fingertips and move my hand back to lube up my hole for him when I notice the head of his cock only a couple of inches away from my hole. I lube up my asshole real good for him and his fingers continue to work in and out of my ass. He tells me to get some more spit and to lube up his cock and stroke it for him as he strokes my cock and fingers my hole. I spit a big amount on my fingers and bring it down to the cock that is only inches away from my ass. He is talking to me while he has  me moaning with the pleasure of him stroking my cock and fingering my ass, he asks me if I'm still hot for his poz cock and I tell him yes I know its wrong but I did get fucking horny sucking on his cock. As I am stroking his cock I feel him pushing me back until I feel the head of his cock hit the crack of my ass above my hole. He keeps telling me in an almost seductive tone how I make his poz cock feel so good. He wants to know if I want to know what it feels like to have a toxic poz cock rub up against my asshole. I told him I don't know, I'm kind of scared, but still as scared as I am I do want to know. He tells me to move the head of his cock to my hole and rub it around and then let him know if it feels any different than a negative cock. I move his cock to my hole lubed up with my spit and rub it around. I move my hips so the head of his poz cock rubs all around my now hot asshole. My asshole feels like it is on fire and it is craving cock. He moans and says that my negative hole feels so good on his poz cock and wants to know if the head of his cock feels good and if it feels any different than a negative cock. I moan and whisper to him that his poz cock actually feels better and I don't know why. He tells me that's because his poz cock is so wrong in my mind and that by it touching me like it is, so close to being inside of me, where I want it to be but because of the taboo of it makes me extra sensitive. I tell him I don't know if that's it but I do know that it feels so, so good. He tells me to get some more of my spit and lube up my hole some more. While I am spitting and lubing up my hole he is telling me that I really want to see what it feels like to have his poz cock inside me and that I should just put the head of his cock in my hole and then pull it out and let him know how it feels. He asks me if I would do that for him and I with my eyes closed I softly tell him yes as I line his poz cock up to my negative hole and slowly push back feeling the head part my asshole and slowly slide inside of me. My heart his beating out of my chest knowing that  what I am doing is so wrong on many levels and yet I can't stop myself. I feel the head of his cock push past my asshole just inside me, he lets out a moan and tells me how hot my asshole feels and I pull myself forward and the head of his cock pulls out of my ass, my eyes still closed he asks me how it felt. I tell him it felt amazing, no cock has ever made my ass feel like this. He tells me to push the head of his cock inside of me again and to leave it inside of me for a little bit longer. I line head of his cock back up to my hole and with my eyes still closed I slowly push the head of his cock inside my asshole, my heart still pounding, he tells me to leave it there because it feels so good to him to be inside of me even if it's just the head. He asks me if I like the way his poz cock feels inside of me and I tell him softly fuck yes, it feels so fucking good. He tells me he knew I would love his poz cock inside of me and that  I would want more of his cock inside of me and he asks me if he is right. I tell him yes I want more of his cock inside of me but it scares me. He asks me why it still scares me when I already have the head of his cock inside of me. He tells me that it is completely up to me but he knows that I want more of his poz cock inside of me and that I should push a couple more inches inside of me and then I can pull out if I want. I take a deep breath and I push back and slide a little more of his cock inside of me, he lets out a big moan and tells me how good my negative hole is making him and his cock feel. I tell that his cock is making me and my ass feel so fucking amazing. He corrects me and and tells me that he wants me to tell him how good his poz cock is making me and my negative ass feel. I tell him that I love the way his poz cock is making me and my negative ass feel, it feels amazing. As I am telling him this  with his hands on my hips he pushes forward until his cock is buried deep inside of me and he holds it there. As I feel his cock push all of the way inside of me I finally open my eyes and look at him, he has a devilish smile on his face as he tells me that he knew he could get his poz cock inside of me, as he begins to slowly push his cock in and out of my asshole, he just had to be patient with me. At that point I didn't know what to do. I have this HIV positive cock inside of my HIV negative ass and part of me wants to get up and run, but a bigger part of me gives in and I wrap my arms around him, I hold on tight as he rolls me over onto my back with his cock still inside of me, pushing deep inside of me fucking me. His pace picks up as his poz cock works in and out of my asshole. He asks me if I like his poz cock fucking me and I tell him yes I love the feeling of his poz cock inside my negative ass. His pace quickens and I can feel his sweat dripping on me. He tells me again to tell him how his poz cock feels in my negative hole. I am moaning and moving my hips to meet his hips as his cock is now slamming my ass, it feels like he is tearing my asshole up, I tell him how good his fucking hard poz cock feels in my negative hole. He tells me to tell him how I love the feel of his poz cock wrecking my negative hole. His breath is getting more labored and his sweat is dripping off of him and onto me, he yells at me to tell him how I love the feel of his poz cock wrecking my negative hole. His pace picks up even faster as I almost scream telling him how I love the way his HIV positive cock is wrecking my HIV negative hole and with that I feel him raise his chest with his arms and he pushes as deep inside of me as he can, I can feel the head of his cock swell up deep inside of me and at that point I realize that he is pumping his toxic load of HIV infected cum deep inside of me and I am fucking loving it. In fact I am loving it so much that my cock begins to shoot its load of cum and I haven't even touched my cock. I have never been able to cum without touching my cock. He finally  begins to slide his cock in and out of me, trying to calm his heart rate down. I tell him how amazing that felt having his poz cock shoot deep inside of my negative hole. He looks me in the eye and tells me that I can't say that anymore. I laid there with a lost look in my eyes realizing that he is more than likely right. He rolls off of me and lays back, still panting from the poz fucking he just gave me. I look down at his softening cock with his my ass juice and his cum on it. I sit up and lean over, lick his cock and take it into my mouth cleaning it of his HIV positive cum and the last of my HIV negative ass juice. While cleaning off our combined fuck juices his cock starts to get hard again and he asks me if he can fuck my poz hole with his poz cock. As wrecked as my asshole feels I looked at him and told him only of he fucks my sore poz hole gently. He laughed at me and told me what a hot conversion that was for him. He asked me if I liked it when he kept having me tell him how his poz cock was making me feel. I told him yes and that after the first couple of times I figured out why he kept wanting me to repeat it and he said yes because that was going to be the last time I was going be able to say that.

    He fucked me two more times before he had to get to the airport to leave. I went home and got into the tub to soak my sore asshole and reflect on the events of Saturday night. I have a host of emotions mainly scared not knowing what to expect next.

    Later in the day on Sunday when he was at the Denver airport he text me to tell me what a great time he had and he wanted to let me know that although he is HIV+ he is on meds and is undetectable. He told me that he was sorry for not letting me in on him being undetectable but he wanted me to get the full feeling of a possible HIV infection and from the way the night went down he believes that had I known he was undetectable that I wouldn't have reacted the same.

    So I am relieved in one sense that I probably didn't get poz'd and sad in another but mostly relieved.



















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    Life After Divorce

    I endured through a grueling separation and divorce during the beginning of July 2010. I emerged victorious on all mitigation aspects in alimony, custody, child support with all the nasty legalities and hearings. When everything was settled, my parents insisted in leaving my reservation for solitude and rest. I settled into a nice motel in Albuquerque’s mid-town area and I made the personal decision to recover, regroup and begin my journey of self-acceptance in being a closeted bisexual and a discrete nudist during my vacation. It was the first time I was alone without my children, family and enjoyed being naked the entire time, masturbating to porn, enjoying “booty calls” and “fuck buddies” for the first time in my life in fucking native women, and being fucked having gay sex from closeted native men with no strings attached.

    It was a bit of a wild time and I fucked, and was fucked, raw and bareback. I orgasmed deep inside two native women, I anally penetrated and deflowered a closeted 18 year old high school male. My teen bottom was so tight, I had sympathy when he was gasping, whimpering and breathed shallowly when I felt my very slippery and lubed up small cock, penetrated and slightly widened his tight anal ring during our bareback anal sex session. He squeezed his virgin sphincter in reflex, when I began going in and out, and it took me less than a minute fucking him doggy style to cum inside of him. He jacked off in front of me and wonderfully shot thick, white and ropey loads of cum. He scooped up his own semen and swallowed it! I bottomed in anal sex twice, bareback and two closeted Navajo men orgasmed deep inside me, and I had a lot of semen leaking out of my sore and raw anus. I was lucky I tested negative in all sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.

    My heart was pounding fast and hard from being both nervous and horny. I was taking off my shirt and I caught a glimpse of my friend Joseph unbuttoning his jeans and pushing them down with his underwear. He stepped out of them and he was completely naked. I nervously put my shirt on a chair, untied the draw string of my running tights, pushed down my tights with underwear, also undressing completely naked too. We looked at one another for second, hugged for a second with a brief peck on the lips. We embraced for a moment, exchanged pleasantries and caught up. We were both happy to see one another. I was happy my fellow closeted native man came to visit me at my motel room and we were nude. Joseph excused himself to use the room’s restroom and squeezed my right ass cheek as he walked by. He was younger than me, married with children and closeted Navajo male top, and grew up in a similar and conservative environment. He had a flat top, wide shoulders, light brown skin, a small flat ass, an untrimmed thick black and natural bush with a small circumcised cock similar like mine. I had made love earlier the same day, and enjoyed a wild fuck session with a beautiful Pueblo native woman. I penetrated her perfect shorn bald slit and I ejaculated deep inside of her twice. After she left, I became horny for cock. I hungered to be naked with a native woman with her tits, ass and vag in my mouth, but I hungered just as much now to be naked with a cock in my mouth and to be penetrated raw, bareback, ass up and face down. I miss being naked and being fucked as a bottom. It felt invigorating and free as I was finally making myself comfortable in having sex with both men and woman freely as a closeted bisexual native male.

    I was brought back to reality in hearing the toilet flush and the sink faucet being turned on. I was sitting naked on the edge of the motel room’s king sized bed, and I was enjoying the new porn DVD I purchased the day before. I was playing with myself, fingered my thick and natural bush, and enjoyed the amateur Latinas and exotic women being fucked in the Chica Boom series. Joseph walked out of the bathroom naked, he was semi-erect, and sat next to me and began playing with himself too. He reached over with his left hand and began caressing my pubic hair and scrotum. I moved my ass up the bed more and I laid back, opened my knees and legs for him. I was a bit embarrassed as my nervous and tense self, made my nuts shrink more and my small and glistening circumcised cock shrank more and resembled a small nub buried in thick pubic hair! Joseph placed his head between my thighs, and I shuddered at the feeling of a tongue and warm mouth licking the pre-cum off of the tip of my small circumcised cock. He buried his face into my thick bush and began sucking my small cock harder while he caressed my hairy taint and slightly spread ass cheeks. I whimpered and moaned and felt an erection forming and my balls relaxing. I gasped slightly when Joseph traced his tongue down my shaft, scrotum, taint and pressed his tongue harder on top of my brown anal ring. He lifted my legs higher and spread them further and began licking, kissing and sucking my asshole. It was heavenly laying on my back naked, my legs held up and opened wide, while I was getting my small cock sucked and my asshole being orally pleasured.

    Joseph stopped for a moment and asked me to suck his cock while he sat on the bed and watched the porn. I got off of the bed and he sat down on the edge, leaned back on his elbows and relaxed. It was awesome in we were both nude, enjoying porn in my motel room and I was about to suck my friend’s cock. I was more excited in I was about to get fucked doggy style and become his little bitch. I marveled at Joseph’s equally thick and black bush. Mine was thicker but his was wider, had larger hanging balls, a slightly shorter cock but his circumcised head was wider and larger. A large, clear bead of pre-cum appeared on his slit too. I knelt down in front of him and used a hand to give him a couple of strokes. I had forgotten in how hot an erect cock feels on my hands and my lips and mouth. I opened my mouth and softly wrapped my lips around his wide mushroom head. Joseph shuddered and gasped in pleasure as I licked his slit and tasted a large pre-cum bead from his head. His erection grew slightly harder, wider and hotter. My head began moving up and down slowly and picked up the speed slightly when I was sucking his dick faster. I used my right hand to stroke his shaft too, while I gave him a blow job. I began sucking my friend’s cock and softly played with his balls. I slurped, tasted pre-cum and savored the feeling and flavor of having a cock finally in my mouth. I missed the heat, the salty and sour pre-cum with being an oral and naked submissive bottom.

    It was awesome in feeling my friend shudder and quiver while he moaned while I was giving him head. He stopped me while I took out his cock from my mouth and told me in a shaky voice in he wants to fuck me so bad. I stood up and took out a bottle of ID Lube from my suitcase and a laid out a bath towel on the bed. I handed the bottle of lube to Joseph and gave each other a quick deep kiss, before I positioned myself on my elbows and knees with my ass up to him. I heard Joseph open the bottle of ID Lube with the subsequent sound of a wet, slick hand stroking a slippery erection as he jacked off for a second watching a petite perfectly figured, small chested amateur Latina with a full bush get creampied. He was also happy in looking at my smooth, slightly spread ass cheeks while I was ass up on my elbows. It felt great watching the porn, and feeling a finger go up and down my partially open ass cheeks, to caress my taint, my tight hairy scrotum from my nervously hidden balls, also to play and finger my anal hair sticking straight out from my open ass and to feel my anal ring. I heard more wet stroking sounds and felt room temperature, slippery and water based lube begin to run down between my naked ass cheeks. I felt a hand at the bottom of my ass crack cupping the copious amounts of lube being poured. I instructed him in a slightly shaky voice, from a dry nervous mouth, to use lots of lube as we can. I felt his right hand and fingers go between my ass cheeks with the copious amounts of wet and slippery lube. I felt a warm slippery finger gently probe my anal ring and I inhaled sharply in surprise and pleasure as I felt Joseph’s finger penetrate my ass and began fingering me. I felt more lube being poured on my ass, while I felt his middle finger going in and out, while I moaned and cooed softly.

    I felt the king sized bed shift weight more as Joseph climbed on his knees and positioned himself behind me and between my legs. My mind raced and I was aroused and nervous as I was about to be fucked bareback by a hot cock for the first time in years. I heard Joseph pour a little more lube to stroke himself and asked me if I was ready to be fucked. I was panting slightly and answered “Yes” in a shaky voice. I felt his hot circumcised cock head between my ass cheeks being positioned. I reached back with my hands to spread my cheeks further apart and Joseph positioned his slick head right on top of my anus. I let go of my ass cheeks and grabbed a pillow to clutch as I felt his hands on my hips grip tighter. I felt the first push against my tight asshole and I winced. My ass cheeks were spread once more by Joseph to position again. He positioned his cockhead in the middle of my asshole again and pushed forward harder. I cried out in pain and moaned uncomfortably while I was face down and ass up after a few unsuccessful tries. My tight asshole was beginning to feel sore and raw from the unsuccessful tries. Finally it happened with more lube and patience. I gasped out loudly in surprise, pain and pleasure when Joseph’s rock hard cock tip partially penetrated and opened my raw and tight asshole. I whimpered and squealed while breathing shallowly as I felt the sting of my tight anal ring being pushed and stretched opened and penetrated by Joseph’s rock hard erection. Joseph held my hips tight and I angled and pushed back with my ass to guide his cock to slide forward and to keep his wide mushroom head partially penetrating my very tight anal sphincter ring.

    I was breathing shallowly and whimpering when I felt the rock hard slippery cock being pushed forward slowly, trying to get Joseph’s cock head past my sphincter to completely penetrate me. I wailed loudly in surprise as his cock was pushed forward with shocking strength and I was lucky in a smaller cock was pushed in to finally penetrate my incredibly tight asshole. I felt Joseph’s pubic hair on my ass, as I whimpered and moaned quietly while struggling to get comfortable with a cock up my ass and my anal ring wrapping itself tightly around Joseph’s shaft base. He was panting and moaning too in shock and with pleasure, surprised in how tight I was. I fought the urge and willed my anal ring to not squeeze out Joseph’s cock being an uncomfortable presence. We both leaned back as Joseph sat on his heels and I tried to make myself more comfortable sitting on top of his erection. Goddamn, I was tight, I was breathing loud in shallow breaths and whimpering as it felt like I was being impaled through my asshole as Joseph’s cock went in a bit deeper inside my ass. We straightened up again as I felt his hands on my hips gripping me stronger and he began pumping me doggy style. I felt his cock begin to slowly go in and out of my raw and tight asshole. Joseph moaned and I whimpered and squealed begging him to slow down but he began fucking me faster and harder. My anal ring gripped his shaft tight as it went back and forth, feeling his pubic hair and balls slapping my taint. It was invigorating, erotic and painful as I was being fucked by my friend and he was fucking me bareback and doggy style. I moaned loudly while I was getting fucked, sweat poured down our heads and back, and Joseph began to moan and told me he was about to cum. I cried out as he gripped my shoulders hard, plunged himself as deep as he could inside my raw asshole and orgasmed. Joseph ejaculated a large and watery load of cum deep inside my ass. We were both panting and felt his relaxing cock slide out of my sore and raw anal ring and felt cum run freely down my taint and ball sack. I was surprised when I was flipped on my back with my legs spread wide open and Joseph began sucking my finally erect cock. He savored and moaned while sucking it and I whimpered and moaned once more as he flicked my sensitive circumcised head with his tongue. Joseph tried fingering my semen and lube soaked asshole but had to stop him as my asshole was too raw and tender. He jacked me off with his right hand while he sucked my cock and felt the familiar exquisite feeling of semen leaving my balls. I curled up more from the ecstasy and sensitivity of my cockhead and whimpered loudly as I orgasmed into Joseph’s mouth. He grunted and moaned for a second and swallowed my cum. I moaned and squealed loudly, while I kicked out my legs outward and back and forth quickly as he kept sucking my sensitive head and milking my cock.

    My closeted friend and I collapsed in a sweaty heap and held me for a few minutes. Joseph jumped in the shower and quickly cleaned and washed himself and left. I tenderly touched my raw asshole, got up and sat in the toilet and watched in amazement of the mixture of blood tinged semen and lube coming out. I smiled in being content as I felt another horny stirring in my loins. I was happy in finally becoming a little more comfortable in fucking both the boys and girls!




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