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  1. It was Friday. A bit slow at work so I hopped on Scruff and Grindr trolling for dick. Couldn’t really find anyone that could host. I went to lunch and decided to head to the store to run some errands. While I was there I got hit up on Scruff by this guy that said he was an older porn star. I looked him up; he was in his 50s and indeed a bareback porn star. I was so horny from the AM that I figured what the hell. A load is a load. I said sure, I’m down to head over, where at? He was staying at a hotel down the street from my office; I headed over and messaged him when I was in the hotel parking that I was on my way up.

    I had already been here before at this hotel, gotten fucked a few times in the rooms and the bathroom in the lobby.  I got on the elevator, hit the 8, walked down the hall and knocked on the door.  An older gentleman looked in his mid-50s and total dad bod opened the door. He let me know, closed the door behind me then walked over to the bed and lay back. He was already fully naked. I walked over to the table and set down my phone and keys and got undressed.

    “Come over here, suck daddy’s cock.”….I crawled up the bed between his legs and took his cock in my mouth, he smelled soap fresh. I sucked on his cock, it was still soft but I could feel it start getting bigger and thicker in my mouth. “Play with daddy’s tits, don’t stop working my cock.”   He started to moan while he face fucked me, he then took me by the head and put it on his right tit, “Don’t bite, just suck”…He was moaning while I worked on his tits, he would alternate me from one to the other, and sometimes reach over and just slide a finger in my ass. I was on all 4s just servicing this daddy.

    “You ready for this daddy cock? You want me to breed that pussy if yours?”…”yes sir, that is what I am here for, to serve and take cum.” He got up and kept me on all fours, he spit on my ass hole and just slid it in. He started pounding me, calling me a slut, a cum dump, how I was only made to take his cum. I could feel his cock slamming in and out of me and I moaned in pleasure. He said I sounded like a bitch in heat when I moaned, and he loved it. He pulled me to the edge of the bed, flipped me over and spat on my hole again before he slid his cock in. He held my thighs down, making sure he had access to my pussy. He would pull his cock out to the tip and slid it back in.

    I was in my own little pleasure world when he let go of my legs and told me to suck on his cock, “I want you to taste your own ass slut.” I looked down at his cock and just swallowed it to the pubes. I could taste myself, I didn’t care, he told me to get back on the bed and show him my pussy. I laid back and held my legs up, offering him my hole; he spit in it and just took it. “You want this seed slut? You want daddy’s cum.”….”yes please sir, breed my hole.” And in one more thrust he started cuming. He shot rope after rope of cum up my ass. After he was done he pulled out and had me lick his cock clean. I quickly got dressed and left. As I was ridding the elevator down I pulled out my phone and made one note:



    Old Porn Star

  2. Total pigs and cumsluts like me do not make for the best of faithful partners - sure we are great sex, that is why our partners are with us - but it takes a special kind of top to tolerate being in a relationship with a pig that constantly craves cock and seed. We can't help our cravings - it is what we are born for - to take cock and seed and that need permeates every fibre in our body. My current partner is a great man and I love him heaps - he is great sex and I get plenty of it from him - but that insatiable need for hard cock inside me always wins out over everything else. We have only been together a short while and he is a one on one man and up until recently I lived within the rules. Then, oh fuck - Mardi Gras fortnight came along. For years I have spent those two weeks taking cock and seed from all over the world and absolutely loving it. This year I was going to try and keep a lid on my slutting out - until my partner told me he had to go to Melbourne for four days for work. He did the worst thing he could have done the morning he was leaving, he threw a good 20 minute fuck into me before he left for the airport. Suddenly I was alone., naked in bed, with a load seed in me and horny as fuck. I knew I needed more cock (or dildo - which I resort to at times to satisfy myself fully) so I thought I would hook onto BBRTS and see if I could get "just one more fuck". I threw up a quick connect ad and within 25 mins a middle aged American man, hairy chest nice fat cut cock was talking to me. He was looking for a pig and I knew I was looking for a pig fucker, so in no time at all really we arranged a hook up in his city hotel. I told him my partner had already loaded up my mancunt and he told me not to get rid of the load as he wanted it for lube.

    In no time I was on the train and headed for town. He was a great fuck, he rimmed, fingered and fucked me for a good half an hour. It was like old times for me, my legs open and a strange cock in me and me enjoying every thrust of his gorgeous cock and the feel of his large balls slapping against my hole. As he blew I arched my back and worked his cock so hard with every muscle in my hole. As he pulled out he reached for the towel, which I quickly pushed aside and went to work to complete the job, cleaning his cock and balls and ensuring what never went in my hole went down my throat as I stuck my tongiue in his piss slit to make sure I got every filament of his seed in me. After some small talk he said ÿou want more". That was music to my ears as I certainly did want him to fuck me again. But, I was misreading what he was saying he meant did I want to fuck for a group. He got back on line and shortly said to me - another top is five minutes away - he wants you blindfolded on all fours. Just like old times I got really excited and knew I was in for a day getting banged. He blindfolded me and I heard the buzzer ring and he left me in the room while he went down to retrieve the top to fuck me.  As they walked in he was tellin the top there were already two loads in me. The American slapped my arse and asked me to push some seed back for the top/. I obeyed. I could hear the sounds of undressing and within a minute or so I could feel a cock probing at my hole. In one thrust a good sized cock was buried to the hilt in me - and the hard fucking began and the yank cheered him on from the sidelines. "You like that cock piglet"and "fuck him hard"and "breed the cunt"and "make the pig squeal" were among his verbal onslaught. The top obviously loved it as he fucked me really hard digging his fingers into my hips before finally letting out a guttural groan and unloading in me. "pull it out and let the pig clean you up"the yank said. I immediately spun around and felt for his cock - it tasted wonderful with that lovely pungent taste of three seeds mixed on it.

    He left and the yank offered me a beer. I accepted as I was hot and bothered and then he told me had organised an Asian and white guy couple to come over and fuck me. He started fingering my sloppy cum filled hole and asked me if I was up for more cock. The dormant slut in me had risen fully and I was ready for the entire city to fuck me. I said yes. Within an hour they arrived the white guy about 50 salt and pepper hair and a hairy chest with a nice average uncut cock, his Asian partner slim, hairless, about 35, average cut cock and I immediately set to work getting them hard. The Asian guy fucked me first and within five minutes he was groaining and busting his nuts in me. His boyfriend immediately took over. The Asian boy walked to my head so I could clean him while his partner fucked me doggy style. After I cleaned the Asian up the yank stuffed his half hard meat in my mouth and I was relieved as I knew I was going to get another serve off him. "Hey piglet do you think you could take both our cocks" he asked. With a mouthful of his now hard thick cock I nodded yes. When they DP'd me I was in heaven, there is nothing nicer for a bottom pig than to feel that full of cock you feel like you are being split in two.  I stayed as still as so I could keep both cocks in me as long as possible and let the tops fuck me how they wanted and in what position. The yank had the best of it as he was on top while the white guy was under me and after about five minutes the yank said Ï am going to breed your pig cunt" - he thrust hard and blew in me and all over the white guys cock in me.

    He slipped out and rolled on to my chest and the white guy pounded me for a few minutes before he too unloaded in me.  I loved the verballing I got off both the white guy and the yank - they reminded me of what I was - a fucking cumdump pig. After I cleaned up all the cocks, I felt so complete, so happy and so used - but at the same time thrilled to be filled with loads. My yank friend said he had a dinner date and I got dressed - conscious of my dripping cunt and headed home to suburbia. When I got home I immediately put a butt plug in me to keep all the seed in me for as long as possible. Like all true cumdumps - I had a spring in my step.

  3. Janice's Sissy, Christopher Jason Suse.


    @christopherjasonsuse @godessjanice #sissy #faggot #cocksucker #cuckold #bitch #LOSER



    Janices Perfect Ass And Evil Sexy Dirty Looks Mind Fucked Me Into Wanting To Be A Girl Rather Than Fuck One.


    Just a glance of her ass walking away from me in those demon filled jeans had my lust and desire set where I would do anything to have her sit on my face. Usually I would imagine banging that ass and watching it bounce off my pelvis, her doggie style and naked, ass arched, head tilted back, mouth wide open and moaning....but not this time...something was different....I wanted to worship that ass and I knew immediately she was better than me...a real catch, a red hot sexy bitch in the shell of this quiet christian single girl that i met at a very conservative church in the bible belt.


    She always wore very baggy clothes at church and singles functions...never showing a hint of having a nice ass, let alone a perfect ass that would become my obssesion for over 20+ years, and I fear for all of eternity.


    I was lamenting at the singles bible study one Wednesday night how all the single girls in the group are all 2's with one exception; Janice. I thought their could be some relationship possibilities with her since her chiseled semi-cute face had nice dimples and she did have feminine long dark hair, and pretty, but dull, unimpressive blue eyes. I assumed her baggy dresses and shorts covered another very average, nothing to write home about sad looking butt.


    Everything changed that evening when she walked in wearing those soul stealing tight as fuck jeans showing off the most perfect, tiny, apple bottom bubble butt I have ever seen.


    Janice sealed my fate by quickly turning around in the dining room and throwing me a look that started changing me from a man, to a girl, from the hunter, to the hunted, from the Stud to a sissy, bringing out my past secrets from 13 years prior when I seduced the neighborhood boys during sleepovers, gobbling those tiny pre-pubescent dicks that didn't satisfy...always wanting a big dick like my 5.5 inch dick.


    OMFG, I couldn't believe how just one look from this sexy as fuck evil bitch could get me back on my knees, wanting to act out like a girl, as she would very soon get me totally naked, on all fours, with my ass arched up, my head tilted back, my mouth squealing the words of a porno chick from the last porn flick I saw as she was being fucked doggie style by a real man, with a real man sized cock. "FUCK MY LITTLE PUSSY!!!!" I would exclaim, over and over again as she kept pumping my pathetic sissy dick until I would explode caving in to her charms, her spell turning me into a sissy, destroying my manhood with every tryst. All the while, I thought I was corrupting her, the sweet innocent christian girl, not knowing she would have me obsessing over her ass with a real mans cock in my mouth as I stare at her picture that captures some of the look that started my forced feminization and sissification.


    She cast a spell on me that night, and although I don't recall her words, I will never, ever forget that powerful, evil, sexy, strong dirty look that instantly started controlling my cock.  It all came down on me by total, surprise, followed by shock, and an instant raging hard on.  These “surprises” go to my soul, and is something she will do again and again on her demonic quest to trap and steal my soul, mind and body, turning me into my deepest fantasies, and dumping me for a real man with a big dick she can fuck.  


    Once she saw I was totally caving in to her spell, and acting out my secret fantasies, and things I’ve done in my past acting out on the fantasy of being a girl, sucking cocks and seducing other faggot losers, she introduced me to Sandy, her former, and only other “boyfriend.”  Her goal all along was to destroy two guys who she could tell at first glance were easy prey for her to dominate because she could look right through us, see the desperation in our eyes when she let us see her ass in tight jeans, or shorts, and sometimes naked.  She knew we would do anything to have her spell capture us more and more.  She said the only way she would ever let either of us have another tryst with her, we would have to let her video Sandy and I fucking…doggystyle, ass up, and act like the sissy faggots she created.  She said it was just for her pleasure and she would never show them to anyone else…well, I found this on Flickr (She never would fuck me, because “…girls don’t fuck fags…LOSER”), and that was the last thing I ever heard he say to me.


    Ohhh, that perfect ass, and her shockingly powerfully strong mean dirty looks took control of my cock instantly, and I craved for her to humiliate, dominate and destroy all traces of my manhood masking me her Sissy Cocksucker Cuckold Bitch LOSER FOREVER.


    Her Perfect Ass And Mean Powerful Dirty Looks Mind Fucked Me Into Becoming The Devil's Sissy Cocksucker Cuckold BitcH LOSER.


    She Is The Devil... mmmmmm

  4. Back in January I spent one Friday getting fucked by four men throughout the night as their "after-dinner entertainment".

    Well, on Saturday I got a text from the host, saying he'd be having his friends over again, and since they had liked my hole he thought I should come over again. I didn't need to consider that for very long - obviously!

    So I showed up around 10pm, got naked and went into the sitting room to face the four men who'd be fucking me as many times as they wanted until 10am Sunday morning... They must have agreed on how to proceed in advance, because two of them grabbed hold of me and pushed be down across the coffee table and held me down as the other two took up places in front of me and behind me. I felt a gob of spit land on my hole, and the host behind me rubbed his cock around in it for a bit and then told me to open my mouth.

    The two cocks went inside me at the same time, each pushing all the way inside, so the one in my mouth was making me gag while the one in my dry ass felt like it was splitting me wide open! Damn... And I hadn't even had a chance to take a few hits of poppers to prepare for this! It was deep, hard fucking in both holes, and meanwhile I was being held down by the two other men who seemed to enjoy pushing me hard down on the coffee table and eliminating any risk of me trying to pull away from either cock.

    I would have begged for more spit or a dose of poppers if I could, but with a cock fucking my mouth and throat that wasn't really possible. So I hoped and prayed that this would just be a short warm-up, but it wasn't. Both kept going and going in my holes until they finally dumped their loads in me.

    Now, normally when I get a load I'm just happy to get a load, but this time I couldn't help thinking that at least my ass was now lubed up with cum before the next fuck, and anyway I had been fucked by the largest cock in the room so the next cock would be smaller and fucking a wetter and more open hole... That I got a load in the mouth was perhaps a shame - I prefer taking loads in the ass - but on the other hand it was hot to get loaded up in both holes at the same time!

    The men switched places so the two that had been fucking me were now holding me down and the other two positioned themselves to fuck my holes - and I only just had time to beg for some poppers, so the host gave me the choice between no poppers at all or being a poppers bitch for the rest of the night and taking hits whenever he ordered me to. Well, I was horny and my ass was sore and I needed some help to push through, I thought, so I accepted him controlling the poppers. I was told to take six deep hits to get started, and boy... OH BOY! Complete rush, and my body went limp and I instantly begged for cock!

    I got it... They repeated the style of the first two men - hard and deep and continuing until I had one more load in each hole!

    The poppers was again placed under my nose and I was told to take another six hits. After that I was completely helpless and probably couldn't have said "no" even if I had wanted to. They almost had to lift me off the coffee table and lower me unto the cock of the host who had laid down on the floor. Sheer gravity forced his cock balls-deep in me, and then I was pushed forward so I was lying on his chest. I guess it's no big surprise what happened next; nobody in their right mind would expect a bottom woozy on poppers to be able to ride a cock satisfactorily, right? The last time they had taken turns fucking me for hours before I got DP'ed, but apparently they had less patience this time - or just wanted to challenge my greedy hole...

    Having been fucked twice and taken two loads in my ass, clearly I wasn't exactly tight or dry, but still... Ouch! But then, I do like getting fucked so I can FEEL it, and I definitely felt it! I was moaning and yelping and writing around as they fucked me hard.

    And basically that's how the night continued; hard and deep fucking in my increasingly wet and sloppy ass. No more deepthroating, but fuck after fuck after fuck while I was being kept on a permanent poppers high. At one point they were talking about going online to find random guys to fuck my used hole, but they gave up on that idea - and to be honest they were more than capable of using me without external help...

    Whenever somebody came in my ass I simply had no idea if he'd be followed by another fuck or by a DP - it was unpredictable, and I didn't have a say in it anyway. I had come there to be used and to do as I was told...

    Seriously, every slutty bottom should have a session like this every now and then. It's a good reminder that if you just give up control you can take a LOT of cock for a LONG time! Who cares if your tight little hole is a sore, open, wet, sloppy mess towards the end of it... And believe me, I was a mess, leaking a continuous flow of cum and gaping when there wasn't a cock or two in me.

    The gaping led the host to try and fist me, but he couldn't get his big hand in me - so they compared hands to find the one most likely to succeed in fisting me, and eventually... Well, I have rather slim hands, so the host pulled one of my hands around to my hole and began fingerfucking my ass with my own fingers, directing me to add more and more fingers until all five fingers would fit - and then he started pushing on my hand. He fucked me fast and hard with my fingers, slow and easy - and any pace in-between, working out what worked the best in getting me to open up. I love the feeling of my own sloppy hole when it's completely fucked open, but this was challenging! (Also for my shoulder; it takes quite a lot of flexibility to attempt self-fisting, even if somebody else is directing your hand!)

    I was lying there on the floor, trying to open up to take my own hand - and the only word I knew how to say seemed to be "FUCK!" And then, after another large dose of poppers, I suddenly felt my hole slowly contract until it was squeezed around my wrist! I've never fisted anybody before, so I had no idea what it would feel like to have my hand in a hole - let alone my own hole... It was insane! I was jiggling my fingers around in my gut while I was flexing my hole around my wrist! That didn't last long, though, because the host pulled out my hand and then instantly pushed it back in again, beginning to fuck me properly.

    The other men were sitting around watching, laughing each time I gasped or moaned, urging the host to fist me wide open with my own hand, but then the host let go and told me to go on by myself; to put on a show for their entertainment. I did my best, but it's a hell of a lot harder to force your own hand up your ass than to have somebody else force it up! I did my best, though, and perhaps they enjoyed it all the more because they could see I was struggling...

    Finally they resumed fucking me, and to be honest an 8" cock feels like a relief after even a slim hand... More fucking, more loads; you know how it goes... By 10am I was told to get dressed and take my fucked-up ass somewhere else. (So I did... When I left I texted another fuckbuddy who loves sloppy seconds, so I figured my hole in that state would be just the thing for him - and it was!)

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    Someone once asked how many cocks I have sucked. Having spent hours—days—at glory holes, in adult theaters and book stores with couches, mazes and big screen video, I can only think the number of cocks I’ve pleasured must be in the high hundreds. I can’t imagine that I’ve sucked thousands of cocks, but I am trying.

    While I would love to remember each and every cock, I simply can’t. In a glory hole booth, for example, as quickly as one penis unloads in my mouth, almost before I can swallow, another may take its place begging the same attention I provided its predecessor. I am more than happy to slip one cock into my mouth after another. I like to think a line forms outside the booth, men seeking a good cocksucker, anticipating getting their hard cocks sucked through the glory hole. And I do my best to oblige.

    I have encountered memorable cocks outside the video arcade though, some to which I have provided great pleasure and some which have provided great pleasure to me…or both. I met one lover online who first told me he was dominant and wanted only a submissive hole in which to pleasure his large cock. I shied away; he scared me. It was early in my development as a cockhound and the thought of my pussy being nothing more than a hole for his cock to cum in put me off. Little did I know.

    I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. I realized that, indeed, mine is a submissive pussy hole created to pleasure another man. Some months later, I contacted my soon-to-be lover and told him I would be the hole for his cock. I was not disappointed.

    I met him in a hotel room; I’d readied myself and opened the door naked. He said hardly anything, reaching for my cock and feeling my bottom. He pushed me onto the bed and somewhat roughly, examined my hole. He rubbed a finger around my entrance and spread my cheeks so he could see. I felt his tongue licking into me…and I knew I was lost to his desire. I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted to be his submissive hole…

    He told me to wait for him, that he would return in a couple of hours. I was in a state of high sexual tension and used the time to string myself even higher, masturbating but not coming and stretching my lubed pussy hole with a butt plug. Finally, I answered a knock on my door.

    He didn’t say much, but immediately started taking off his clothes. I was fascinated by what was at the time the largest cock I had ever imagined would be fucking into my tight pussy. Without his asking, I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. Soon he was raging hard and I knew it was time for him to fuck me…a little scared but so excited it didn’t matter.

    Again he tossed me onto the bed and spread my legs. He ate my pussy like no one has since; he sucked my pussy lips hard into his mouth while pushing his tongue deep into my hole. Soon I was absolutely shaking with lust and desire for him to fuck me. I was realizing my destiny as submissive bottom, craving a cum-spewing cock deep inside me. It wasn’t my first time getting fucked, but this one was somehow different. I was simply a warm hole for his cock and sperm. I wanted him to breed me.

    I knew it would hurt even though he had opened me with tongue and fingers. His cock felt huge as the head rubbed and probed my open hole, and then he slowly pushed inside. He was dominant, but careful of me like a good top should be. He didn’t want to hurt me and scare me off. The head of his penis popped inside my sphincters and he waited for me to relax. Soon my pussy welcomed his huge cock and he pushed balls-deep inside me. Oh my god! It felt so good. I was born for this. I was realized and complete.

    He fucked me long and slowly—deep stroking—and then he would mostly withdraw to rub his glans in and out through my sphincters. He called it “tipping.” Then he would thrust deep into me again and pound my pussy like the hot hole it was. Nothing hurt me; it was all wonderful!

    We fucked for what seemed like a long time and he asked if I wanted him to stop. I urged him to keep having his way with my pussy and to breed me, cum deep in my hole. Finally he powered up, fucking me fast and furiously, sweating and rooting inside me. He fucked into me and I knew he was cumming. I felt his cock throbbing against my pussy walls and I was filled with his warm cum.

    I was hooked. I was a hole to his beautiful dominant cock for over a year. During that time both my attitude and my pussy evolved. Now I know more about myself. My pussy has stretched and can more easily relax to welcome a penis. It has developed well-defined lips. When open and dripping, I know how good it will feel to bury a hard cock in it. Now I know what it is for.

  5. He was an online hookup, can't remember if it was craigs or someplace else...  We had a fairly brief convo, he sent me a dick pic that looked really nice and I invited him over for a bj or maybe more.  

    He showed up and he was young and fit.  Good looking with a nice smile, smooth dark skin.  We sat on the couch and I made him a drink.  Tried some small talk but I wasn't getting much of a sense of personality out of him, and we didn't appear to have much of anything in common.  I didn't want him to lose interest so I decided to go straight for the main event and reached over and started rubbing his crotch.  I felt an immediate reaction, and in just a few seconds he was pulling his pants down.  His cock was as beautiful as in the picture and bigger than I expected.  I couldn't wait to taste it and gave it a few licks and then started sucking on it properly.  He was really enjoying it, moaning and smiling, and it continued to grow.  I was already so turned on I couldn't think straight, sucking on this big beautiful black cock, feeling it get bigger and harder by the second.  By the time he was fully erect, it was a good 10" and thick, with a nice mushroom head and a slight upward curve.

    I sucked on him for what seemed like hours, practicing my deep throat technique, which isn't normally that good, but I was so turned on by this guy that I was able to take it all pretty well.  Obviously he was having fun, but I knew I wasn't going to be satisfied with just sucking.  I kept hoping he would make a move but he didn't so finally I stopped, looked up at him and said "I really want you to fuck me."  He looked a little surprised, but said "okay" and stood up and started removing the rest of his clothes.  I took him into my bedroom and lay him down on the bed and went back to my duties.  He still wasn't making any move towards giving me what I wanted so finally I took his hand and placed it on my ass for him.  He finally got a clue and started playing with my ass but that didn't lead to anything else.  I finally realized that as long as I was sucking him he'd be perfectly content and I wouldn't get anything.  So I stopped and looked him in the eyes and  said, "I really need you to fuck me."  At that point he stood up and reached for the lube which I had made sure was clearly visible.  I got on all fours, (doggy is my favorite position, top or bottom).  He lubed up his shaft and started fingering my hole, and again there was hesitation.  At this point I was completely out of my mind with lust and was really begging him for it.  He finally started poking the head of his cock around my hole and I took a big hit of poppers and said, "Stick it in, stick it in!"  He finally gave a push and his hard thick cock started it's way inside me.  I let out a gasp of pain mixed with pleasure and he asked if I was okay.  I was nervous but not about to back out now, so I just said "Yes, fuck me!"  In a few seconds, he was balls deep.  He paused for a second and then started with long slow strokes.  The pain quickly subsided and the feeling of his thick shaft sliding in and out of me was amazing.  I moaned and groaned and told him how much i loved his big cock.  When he started picking up speed I urged him on and got louder and louder to match.  I have no idea how long he fucked me, but I was in heaven the whole time.  When he told me he was close to cumming, I said "Yeah, give it to me!" and started pushing my ass back against him so he'd know he could go in for it hard.  He really started thrusting, with long powerful strokes.  It was starting to hurt again as his cock started throbbing but I didn't mind.  He had a long, loud orgasm and didn't stop stroking till he was completely spent.  He pulled out, told me I had a great ass, collapsed on the bed, and was almost instantly asleep.

    Well I was certainly not expecting an overnight guest, but he'd certainly earned his rest as far as I was concerned so I left him alone.  After a while I fell asleep too for a few hours.  When I woke up, he was still dead to the world and I was horny.  I let him sleep till sunrise and then decided it was time for him to earn his keep.  I carefully pulled down the bedsheet to expose his soft, but still big and beautiful cock and balls and started carefully licking.  He didn't even stir.  After a few minutes I started kissing on the head of his penis and it started to swell.  Once it was partially erect i started moving down to the shaft and I heard a groan.  I looked up and he was slowly waking from a deep slumber, and clearly confused about what was going on.  I kept working on giving the best head I could, and soon he was fully erect and awake.  Once I knew I had him completely turned on, I said "you are going to have to fuck me again".  

    Again, he seemed genuinely surprised by the demand.  He just looked at me and said "Really?"  I had no intentions of letting him out of this, so I grabbed his cock with my hand to demonstrate how hard it was, and said "yes, I need you to give it to me again."  Before he had a chance to protest I had the lube and was greasing his pole.  I got back in doggystyle position and in a few seconds he was mounting me.  I was sore from the first time around, but I guess still stretched out, so I took him all the way in without difficulty.  He gave my ass a couple of slaps and started rhythmically pumping.  It felt great and I made sure he knew it.  After a few minutes he paused, and I was worried that he was already done, but then he rolled me over, pulled one of my legs up and started fucking me sideways.  He ended up giving it to me in several different positions, really testing my flexibility.  He ended giving it to me missionary.  His whole body was slick with sweat and dripping down on me as he held my legs apart and thrust his cock into me.  I was sore all over but could really feel every hard inch of him sliding in and out of me.  When he announced that he was going to cum, I clenched down hard so I could feel his cock twitch and throb inside of me.  Afterwards, I made him stay inside me while I told him what an amazing lover he was, which made him really smile, and then he slowly pulled out and went to clean up.

    We talked for a little bit before he left, but again we didn't seem to have anything in common and his personality seemed a bit dull.  Over the next few weeks we messaged back and forth occasionally, but never managed to hook up again.  Eventually we lost touch.  Shame...I've had plenty of BBC since then, but he's still one of the best.




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    About two years ago, I got into bare backing.  Love the feel of a hot load up my ass. I was still selective and would only play with guys who, "said" they were undetectable.  Unlike many here, I was not looking to get bugged, but I guess that's when it happens. 

    I am not sure if I have been gifted yet.  I had some blood work done, and found out I have Hep C though.  Running another test to se if its active.  I don't shoot up so if it is active, pretty sure it came from a poz top. Dr. is retesting to see if Hep is active, and also for HIV.  Dr. says if bugged, it may just not be showing yet.  I know my body is feeling something.  Have been feeling fatigued, and running a 100+ fever for 3 days now.  Could it be the Fuck Flu?  From what I see guys bodies react different when first bugged.

    Several have asked how I feel about being converted, and honestly I don't know.  I loved the suspense of knowing that it could happen to me, and if converted, that will be lost.  On the other hand, it would open up a new world for worry free sex.  I'm a total bottom but several other bottoms told me it has opened up a new world of being a top, so they could spread their toxic seed.   Will that happen to me, not really sure.

    I guess when it comes down to it, I'm excited about the possibility of being converted.  Thanks to all that have privately chatted me regarding it., and your blog feedback is welcome also. I will continue this blog as my journey continues!


    So they journey continues on 2/27.  Went for my Hep retest.  If its a recent infection, being retested for HIV in a month.


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    Last week I was online at bbrts and was horny as hell. I was looking for some close hole to breed and seed.  One of my neighbors that I have fucked and seeded before was online and he hit me up.

    He said he was in a rather slutty mood and wanted to get bred and seeded.  Ok! count me in! He said he had a few others coming over to breed him and was that ok?  HELL YES. I love the feel of a wet cummy ass when I slide inside.  That wet gooey feeling is the best ever.  I love sloppy hole.  I said sure I would be over shortly.


    When I arrived the door was unlocked and I heard him say come on in.  When I entered the room there was another guy naked on top of him banging away at his hole while both were hitting poppers. Of course my cock got hard immediately.  He said he already had a load deep inside and was looking for more.  The guy fucking him said he wanted to take a break and did I want to fuck.. Of course.  I undressed quickly and took a few hits of poppers. I rubbed around his wet hole as my cock got harder and harder.  OMG I so love that warm wet feeling.  I was able to slide my cock nice and deep and started fucking. He was in my favorite position. He was on his stomach while I was on top. Both of us hitting poppers and I was kissing his ears, neck and back as I was fucking deep.  I let my first load go!  Fuck it felt so good and it mingled with the other load that was already there. I later found out the guy came and left real quick as he was late for work.

    After my load was planted deep I continued to fuck until the other guy said he was so turned on he had to go back inside.  I got off and the other guy climbed on top.  His cock slid inside and they both moaned as he felt my cum load deep inside.  That is such a turn on. Trading off with another top as we plant loads deep inside. Nothing better than cum for lube. 

    I watched as the other guy drove his cock inside deep and both were moaning and groaning with pleasure as the top shot a huge cum load deep inside..That got me turned on again and when he was done I went back in for another  turn..

    That silky feel of a man's wet hole never fails to drive me over the edge. I so love it. Fucking for me is so much better than oral.  I shot another load deep inside. My neighbor grunted in appreciation.  I got up to get dressed as there was another knock on the door and the next guy came in. When I left he was mounting my neighbor and I'm sure there was another load planted deep!

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    Where I operate the girls generally don't even contemplate an appointment without a condom; sometimes this even extends to oral. The professional girl often sets boundaries to enable her sustain an element of control over the encounter. Consequently there really is no greater turn on in life than getting an escort to break her golden rule and fuck you bareback.

    I love when you've just undressed the young lady, started to stimulate her clit and then find that she's genuinely beginning to react. That devine wetness is the most magical discovery. At that stage many girls can still control the situation. But with a few you notice how she manoeuvres her pussy closer to where she expects your cock to be; that's a sign that her resistance is crumbling and you're onto a winner. And while you continue to pleasure her there's the exquisite knowledge that your naked cock is soon going to slide into her unprotected love shute. An equal a kick is to observe how the young lady has lost control. Primeval instincts have taken over and she wants your seed deep inside her. Her body writhes in expectation of possession.

    The feel of your prick barebacking a seduced whore has no parallel on earth. And when you cum inside of her, your cock pulsing with her lust, you sometimes see a little flicker of recognition in her eyes that she isn't on any other form of birth control; total conquest.

    I found such a girl last night. I'm going to see her again this evening. She says that she wants to enjoy a two hour session. Am I being played? Of course. But she's great value even at that; and she says that she wants my cum inside her again. Yum

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    Been, trying to be more active on this site as of late....finally made the attempt to meet up with someone on here! Let's see how this goes, trying my more natural attempt at cruising vs what I think is expected, which isn't as crude as what I find on here, as piggy as I am, I can only come up with so many ways to say make me your cumdumpster bug chasing chemmed up whore.

    Time to smoke a blunt an do nothing now, I deserve it.

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    Yesterday my Daddy ordered,when i ll be poz he want that i dont do meds.He want his Sissy Slut fertile.

    I will obey and be proud to be his Slut.

    kisses Bobbi


  6. Ok, many of you have probably seen my profile and also read some of my various posts in some of the forums and know my interests and desires already, but here is a long version to bore you all if you care to read it all.

    I came onto the scene and began opening up to the fantasies, thoughts of, and ultimately the deep seated desires of becoming what I have come to realize I should have been all along in my life. Being addicted to and enjoying bottoming since the beginning of my encounters and training back in my mid 20's, it has finally became clear to me that it was my destiny and duty to service any and all cocks and accept cum from any man that wished to use my man pussy or throat for his pleasure and satisfaction, regardless of his viral and disease status. Sadly and very regrettably to say, this revelation has come to me very late in life. The years haven't been all that well to me, but on the other hand, I have to say that for the number of accidents and other incidents I've had throughout my life, I'm still alive and not in all that bad of health other than the most common afflictions brought on by the aging process. During my 65 years of life, I've been involved in three serious accidents that should have ended life for me, but for mysterious and unknown reasons or miracles, I survived each with moderate to minor injuries. I've given serious thoughts to and about the television series of a few years back called, "Final Destination", And how the individuals were involved in accidents that should have killed them, but survived pretty much untouched, only because it wasn't the correct moment or scenario in their destiny for them to die. Finally when the timing was correct and there lives had reached the that critical moment in time, they were taken and could not escape their true destiny.  I'm pretty sure for myself there is something to this with a born to karma and destiny and have come to believe that ultimately I have been spared for a greater reason and purpose in life. I have come to think, understand, realize and fully accept that becoming a servant and offering up myself as an open and willing cum dump for those in need is the beginning to my true born destiny, and yes I also understand and fully accept that it will very likely be "My Final Destination" also, but hat will have to remain to be seen at this point.

    I began my so called and commonly referred to, "Chasing" quest back in the beginning of 2016, by taking any and all loads of cum from BB guys, anonymously and with a no questions asked approach. To date I've accepted 34-35 fucks and loads from anon guys at the bath house that I go to as often as I can and am pretty sure that at least a few were from HIV + guys, one told me so after he had fucked me twice and then pissed in my male pussy. It's my only real venue at this time for obtaining cock and cum.  Now I'm not a real fanatic about really seeking out and begging for a change in status, but I do believe in allowing nature to take it's course and also when the time is right and the time for my true destiny to begin, the miracles will happen or not. While I'm reasonably sure that this is the path that my life was chosen to take, but I still question a lot of the processes of it.  I have gone a little over a year now, taking unknown loads of cum from anon guys at the bath house and still remain neg and free of other sexually TSI's and I had assumed it would be so easy and would probably have became infected within the first few, but that has not happened, so am pretty sure, it's just not my time yet. I also know that with time and as the number of loads goes up, the odds will narrow and go down, but am I being saved for a majic number and moment in time? That is one of the many things if I could, I would choose to know for sure, the very moment in time that my destiny is to begin with it's blessing. One other thing that I'd choose to know if possible would be the particular strain of infection that I'm destined to acquire when the proper time arrives, would it be one of the more common or possibly one of the more aggressive and untreatable strains ? Once again, I will only have to be acceptable and comfortable when the time comes to find out for sure.  Would I change any of this with the foreknowledge of answers to any of these questions if I could and it was made available to me before hand, Absolutely not, as I stated so long ago, I have come to realize that this is the beginning of the journey to fulfillment of my born to destiny and path in life. 

    This is where I'm at in time and in the journey so far. Only the supreme one, if he does exist, knows my course of journey and final outcome from here on and I'm accepting and comfortable with that and doing my assigned duties to service all of those in need until I'm no longer needed of service and meet up with my final destiny.

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    tranny needs gangbang breeding she needs to suck cock, and have her asspussy filled with hit juicy cum to till it drips out

    profilepic013112016 021628 AM.jpg

  7. Hi I am Susi from Germany and i am a slut for groups and mens and i will fucked from poz mens.

    Hi bin die Susi aus Germany und biete mich hier als negslut für poz Kerle an.lasse mich auch von gruppen

    rannehmen.Der gedanke das poz mich ficken benutzen und besamen macht mich tabulos.also meine es ernst und

    hoffe es findet sich eine gruppe oder Hengste die poz sind und mich als neg pozzen.Komme aus NRW.Bin mobil.

  8. BottomCumWhore2Use
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    Neg bottom in Orlando FL desperately seeking to be POZed . I want lots of horny Highly Viral men to gang rape me and leave me loaded to over flowing with hot POZ cum 

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    My first blog post on here. Disclosure: theres no breeding in this one!

    So I was on my way home from the 56 Dean Street where I had a post-Berlin STD checkup and was heading towards a friend's place in Ealing for afternoon coffee and a catch up. Checking Grindr while sat on the Central Line a lad sent me some pics of himself in scally gear and sneakers and asked if I was interested in a session. Of course I was, so I diverted to Acton and went to his flat. 

    When he opened the door he demanded I wiped my sneaks on the doormat and lay on the floor face down... which I did. He was late 20's, pretty fit and was dressed in white/grey trakkies a t-shirt and light grey Nike Airmax 90s. As soon as I was on the floor I felt him put one foot on my arse and the other across my shoulders with his full weight. He then pulled my shirt up to expose my back and continued trampling and rubbing his sneakers on my back like he was wiping his feet on a doormat, occasionally throwing in a kick to my ribs or arse. He then got off and grabbed my scrunched up top and pulled me across the floor into the living room.

    He sat in a chair and motioned that he wanted me to lick his sneakers - first the tops and then he'd rub the soles in my face. He spat in my face a couple of times and rubbed it into my eyes and hair using the soles of his sneakers... He was quite hard and wanking himself off by now so I went in to try and suck him, but received a hard slap across the face for acting on my own initiative. He took a couple of hits of poppers and then pulled my head down to his dick for me to suck him. It was pretty tasty and there was a lot of pre-cum. As I sucked he continued tormenting me with kicks from his sneakers and slaps to the body and face. 

    Next he wanted to trample me again this time with me on my back. He stood with all his weight on my chest and it was difficult to breathe - which he really got off on. Still stood on my chest he crouched down and pulled my head up so I could suck him again. It didn't take much and after another hit of poppers he came and deposited a huge load which tasted mighty nice. He used my shirt to wipe himself and told me to leave. I said thanks, and he replied "shame you're not paying for it" as I left. Walking into the lift to exit the building I saw my reflection in the lift's mirror realised my hair was matted and wet with his gob and face marked from the soles of his sneakers.  Was quite proud to wear the marks of a good session. 

    When eventually I got to my friend's place in Ealing he opened the door, looked me up and down and commented: you slut. 

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    First off Seattle is beautiful. Spent six months acclimating before I finally got laid. Loved it. So I ended up with this hot not my age who looked like if Lenny Kravitz had a son. And spent all day naked and foreplay was amazing. Then to end it 8 hours later of constant sensual torture he bent me over and wrecked my hole. First cock in 6 months and first guy in Seattle to breed me. I write this as my fingers discover his cumloads in my well fucked hole. I want more.  

  9. Another Real Experience: - Excelling at CusTomer Service; Part 3 – Rental Surprise

    I had actually posted this true story elsewhere but those sites are "no more", now's the perfect time to include it with my real experiences that came about because of my work in real estate – to be fair, this doesn’t happen OFTEN, but being a realtor has afforded me a number of unexpected chances to play - even more frequently than my OTHER career, performing. Therefore, here's a few more of the hotter sessions that started out as "just work".

    So a couple of summers back, a friend and colleague was going on vacation for a couple of weeks and asked me a favor - she knew that I generally don't do rentals, only sales, but these were customers of hers who had bought a new bigger house and wanted to rent out their current one for a year or two until the market improved. I generally DON'T do rentals, but she's a good friend, and it was a $3000 rental, so a good commission.

    I go to the house to take pictures and to meet with the owners after my friend let them know I would be handling it, and was in for a bit of a surprise.  I got to the place - it was awesome for a small house:  pool, hot tub, koi pond, bbq pit in the back yard and great interiors with huge tubs and showers on each floor.  The wife met me first, cool lady kinda hot in a "tough chick" sort of way... and then the husband came downstairs. Fortunately, his wife was looking at me and not him when his jaw hit the floor and he recognized me.  I had to suppress a chuckle as I said "oh, hey Ted! Didn't know this was your house".  Ted with a crooked smile said "yeah, it's my second wife's house, actually... and we just bought one together."  "You two know each other? How cool!" Wifey number 2 puts in.

    "Yes," I said, "from the 'Y' - we work out at the same time frequently enough..." If she only knew HOW we'd worked out, one particular time in general...

    Ted is a real hottie - used to be an NYC fireman, now works construction as a carpenter and is a volunteer fireman in our 'burb here just outside the big apple.  Built like a baseball or soccer player, he's got a great mesomorph body, awesome pecs, nice dick and a beautiful hairy bubble butt. Coloring -wise he's "Black Irish": very pale but not unattractive skin, piercing blue eyes and dark brown thick head of hair and a '70s clone-style 'stache that on him is very hot. He's about 2 inches shorter than my 6' and at the time he was - like me - in his late '40s but in really good shape.

    I'd immediately noticed him at the gym, years ago when I first moved back home to the burbs after a couple of decades in NYC. A total hottie and just my type. But a wedding ring, and though he looked around a lot more than usual for a straight guy, he didn't respond to any of the usual clues.  Interestingly, our YMCA's steam room actually DOES get active every once in a while, but you have to be really careful as it is co-ed, though few women use the steam room. Also, some guys are just not cool.  Ted had occasionally been in the steam room when some groping or even a little oral got started, but at first he always left.  After a while, he started to stay, though appeared to look away. Finally he got to the point of openly watching.  It was after one of those sessions when the guy who was blowing me did so for only about 2 minutes before he shot himself and hastily exited that we finally spoke to each other. "You seemed to be enjoying the show" I said, pointing out his tented towel. He actually blushed and said "yeah, I can't believe how easy it can be for you guys".  We talked a bit (seems he HAD gotten some blow jobs from guys before in the past on a couple of occasions) so I asked if he wanted to try some more again. He said yes, but not there and invited me back to his new apartment, which he had gotten upon divorcing his wife.

    It was a very short drive, we could have walked, and I followed him in after pulling my "play bag" out of the trunk of my car.  He was amazed that I had videos, lube, toys and leather gear with me, and that my partner was cool with me playing on the side when he was working.  Ted said he wanted to try out more than just getting a blow job but was scared, and he lamented that he didn't have any weed because he knew that would relax him.  I told him I didn't either (I actually have problems with the stuff, I may be allergic) but that I did have a pipe with me and stuff that would make him feel really good, and really horny and lower some inhibitions, but wouldn't leave him out of it or unaware of what was happening. He was all for it, and I pulled out the glass cock and filled it up with the icy crystals and *puff* he was having his first dance with Miss T. We popped in one of my videos that had a woman or two in a couple of the scenes, and stripped down to our boxers. Jerking led quickly to mutual jerking and soon the boxers were gone and I was on the floor between his hairy muscle thighs sucking that very nice dick - he loved it.  I pulled out the poppers and took a huff,  and swallowed his dick to the balls - he says "can I try some of those? What do I do?"  I pulled off briefly, told him how to huff and NOT get stuff up his nose, took a hit, handed him the bottle and went back to sword-swallowing. He took a hit and moaned, so I pushed his legs up and attacked his hairy hole (knowing we'd both showered at the gym) and he just squirmed and loved that.

    I pulled back, asking if he liked it and he said "oh fuck yeah". I fired up the torch and we had a few more major hits, and I said "any interest in reciprocating?"  He said he'd give it a shot... he took a few more fortifying puffs off the pipe, took a long hit of poppers and basically went nuts on my hard dick, sucking, licking, licking my balls and even a gave me a rim job - which he actually stayed on better and longer than the blow job (and - not his fault - he did use his teeth a bit unknowingly.)  All the while, whenever his mouth was free for a moment, he was all "fuck this is hot, fuck this is hot".  Finally he moved us to the bedroom... bringing my play bag, vids, the glass cock the poppers and all.  A few more clouds shared and we were in a 69... nice.  His tongue seemed more used to hole than dick (probably used to eating pussy) so he was back to that shortly. I asked if he wanted to fuck that hole, and he was all for it.  I said watch the vid, while I check on something and left him with the torch and pipe and took my "emergency" kit to the bathroom and found I was just fine for being fucked, quickly washed the kit and got back in there.  He asked what I had been doing, and I briefly explained without any off-putting details that I was making sure I was clean for a fuck.  We puffed more (thank god he wasn't getting Tina Dick), I pulled out two kinds of lube and he mounted me - me on all fours with him behind and both of us facing the video.  He liked it, a lot, and gave me a huge load.

    We puffed more when he got done, and he was clearly still majorly turned on.  He kept asking about getting fucked, and what it felt like, and did it make me feel less like a man (hardly) and so on, and finally asked if he could try it if I would promise to stop if he hated it.  I agreed, and he asked about the whole bathroom thing. I explained, gave him the kit, told him what to do, and how to do it and for how long, and set him at it with the poppers while I kicked back with the pipe.  A little bit later he was back, like me there was really nothing there to worry about, and he made sure to wash well so I could get my tongue back in before we started. With the torch firing, we did hits while I blew some of the smoke up his butt and mounted him the way he did me - doggie style facing the porn.  He didn't seem like the face to face kissing type - at least not yet.  I gave him the poppers and told him to take some gentle huffs while I was entering him, and he did.  Slowly but surely, I got inside and started a slow pulse after he told me he was okay and his hole had accepted it.  We built up speed and had a long serious fuck that he seemed to like very very well.  I didn't shoot, as I'd played the night before (that's why the bag was in the car) and he told me it was awesome, but he wasn't sure he'd ever have the guts to do it again.

    Sure enough, after that, he didn't quite avoid me at the gym, but he certainly never came to the steam room again and when he did speak to me it was in a group.  Then my schedule changed and I was not working out at that time of day anymore... so I hadn't seen him much the last two years.

    UNTIL my friend asked me for a favor and I found myself listing his (well, his new wife's) house for rent.  He did manage to let me know that he'd really enjoyed what we did... and maybe, MAYBE he might want to repeat sometime. I thought I might get the chance to have time to add some persuasion to that - but the listing was so damn good the place rented THAT afternoon as soon as I put it in the system. Ah well, if my friend needs to travel around the time they close on their new house... who knows?

  10. I am 29 right now and have been chasing AIDS since I was 24... I really wish that I had been successful at getting AIDS years ago when I first began chasing AIDS. I'd probably look like a AIDS pig should after nearly 5 years with the med resistant strains doing their work on my body. I know that I would have gotten the diagnosis and proof I got the full med resistance that my AIDS pig had to share. Just thinking about it makes my current attempts to get infected with AIDS all the more important to succeed and get AIDS now.

    I think I am better prepared for the lifestyle change that is coming once I get AIDS now. I want it much more than ever before and have plans in place to make it happen. My friends and family are less of a concern to me after I get AIDS and start becoming more toxic every day. There's not going to be any reason I'd regret this or want to back out of my decision to get infected with AIDS for once and for always. I am more open to getting other infections along with AIDS and never treating them as well. 

  11. analluv27
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    Now originally I was going to go on about this row I had with the missus the other day, but as I was typing I decided nah. This is time of cheer. So I raise my glad to a toast to all those guys that gave me the gift of cock this year, truly a gift that gives. Especially notable are the guys and cd's that frequent the Fair theater in Astoria Queens, oh the cock I have sucked and rode on there

  12. Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Nigh as appropriate.

    July 4th was the last time I used Meth.  When I use I inject and each injection is normally between .20 -.25 as measured by the lines in the syringe.  When water is added the total is .45-.55 approximately.  

    Up until a few weeks ago it has been non issue.  As an aside I have been using for 7 years and injecting for 6 average usage every 3-6 weeks though when I quite I had been using every 7-12 days for 3-4 months.  Every time I had bought any the 6 months prior to stopping Jan 16-July 16 I normally bought a teener and sometimes 2g or an 8ball.  Though I did share some of each buy with friends, most of each buy I used.  When I use i tend to binge what I have till it’s gone taking anywhere from 3-7 days per session.

    That probably sounds like a lot and it was.

    Back to now.  Since July when I just stopped, there has been no issue.  I didn’t go through any physical withdrawals or anything.  I just went about my normal business, and in fact I moved during that time period overseas to Israel.

    Now though it is in my thoughts, in my dreams and in my fantasy life.  Today in fact had me craving and wishing I had it.  If it had been available you can be certain I would have prepped a syringe or point and would have done a slam.  

    The good thing why I didn’t get any is I did move overseas.  Though I have a good idea where I can get some on a Friday/Saturday here travel is not the easiest thing to accomplish and I don’t exactly live in tel Aviv where I understand I could probably find it.

    Here is what is happening with me.  I have desire to get high.  it is in my thoughts, my dreams and my fantasy life.  it has been getting stronger in that desire over the last say 6 weeks.

    Part of me wants to ask for help in finding it and if anyone knows or can connect me please do.  Part of me is asking for assistance on how to get it out of my head and thoughts and such.

    The one one thing I can say is I don’t have to have it.  There is no physical demand my body is giving that I will get sick with out etc...   it’s all in my head.

    I have no idea if this will lead anywhere.  Do I just shrug it off, and continue to ignore which has been working or do I finally give in again and make a concerted effort to find some.

    I don’t even know what I will end up doing.  More then likely I will continue to ignore it for the most part and live vicariously through others who are posting, live streaming and chatting.Today was in fact a day where I was watching others or reading stories with it as a center piece in the story etc...  I cannot tell you if it helped to relieve the thoughts or added to it.  I do know writing this is a venting process allowing me to put this out there for others to know this can be a struggle.

    There you have it in a nutshell of sorts.  So my question to myself on a daily basis is “Do I go or do I stay?”

    Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

  13. keith

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    looking to be bred 4 xmas x




  14. I woke on Saturday and spent a few hours exploring Berlin’s museum island. I absent-mindedly poked around the Bode Museum, the Pergamon and a craft fair/flea market but my mind was on the Fickstutenmarkt coming up that evening. I noticed a lot of good looking guys, some with their wives/girlfriends, a few gay couples and some single guys and wondered if any of them would be fucking me that night.

    The Fickstutenmarkt, if you haven’t heard of it, is a gay horse fair. Bottoms (mares) arrive at the event early. They strip nude, have their hands bound, and are blindfolded with a sack/hood that is colour coded. White sacks stand for safe sex and red sacks stand for bareback. When all of the mares are in place and waiting, the Tops (stallions) arrive and are free to fuck or “cover” any mares they choose. There are a number of rules, but the top one is that mares cannot refuse any stallion who wants to fuck them.

    From reading the Fickstutenmarkt web site and thanks to other posters on Breeding Zone (like Bottomhole and DanishAss), I had some idea about what to expect at the event and also knew that it was important to arrive early as a mare to get a good spot. I arrived back at the hotel at 2 a couple of blocks from the venue and was aiming to be in the queue when it opened at 5:30.

    I spent lots of time cleaning out and getting ready. I stretched my hole a bit with an inflatable, and lubed up with Swiss Army silicone. I slipped on a pair of sweat pants, a t-shirt and my black lace-ups with short blue socks and walked the two blocks to the entrance, with my stomach in knots. I hadn’t eaten anything for about 36 hours at that point so, as usual before a big night out, I wasn’t sure whether what I was feeling was nervous butterflies, hunger or low blood sugar.

    The Berlin Fickstutenmarkt is held at the Kit-Kat Club but it uses a different entrance. A Berlin underground metro stop is right below the building and there is a nondescript door – something like a fire door – that opens right off the steps down to the metro. I arrived later than I intended; it was about 5:45, and there were about 10  guys ahead of me in the queue.  I exchanged smiles with a couple of guys but everyone seemed a bit nervous like me and there was no conversing.

    When there were only about 4 or 5 guys ahead of me I could hear the door attendant switching between German and English as he asked each mare whether he knew what the event was about, that they would be blindfolded and fucked anonymously. Each guy said yes, paid the $10 or $12 euro fee (I can’t remember now which I was).

    And then the pattern stopped as I heard the attendant say “I’m sorry, we don’t have room for you tonight” to one guy. My heart stopped for a minute as I reviewed the thousands of dollars and kilometres that I had invested in this weekend that were going to waste. I had arrived 15 minutes too late.

    The guys ahead of me stayed in the queue so I did the same, hoping that there might still be some hope. There was a bit of back and forth conversation and then the guy who was turned away made his way past the rest of us as the queue started moving again. He was in his 60s with grey/white hair that needed cutting and I suddenly realized that he had been refused entry based on his appearance. I had read on the website that this was possible, but hadn’t expected to witness it. I started feeling quite sad for the fellow, thinking that a haircut could have made all of the difference, but didn’t have time to finish the thought as it was my turn at the door.

    “Do you know what the event is about” I was asked. I said yes.

    “Do you know that you will wear a hood and can’t see anything while you are fucked?” Yes.

    “Have you read the rules on the web site?” Yes.


    I paid the fee and went through another door.

    Before my eyes had a chance to adjust to the very dim lighting, I was approached by a stall helper wearing a white tank top like I’d seen in pictures on the website. He handed me an empty garbage bag and my hood, told me to strip off everything but my shoes, and then take the bag down a nearby staircase. He patted me on the ass and gently pushed me toward an opening in a black tarp-like wall.
    Inside there were about ten other guys, half already naked and holding their hoods, and the rest in various stages of undress.  I took a deep breath, pulled my t-shirt over my head, kicked off my shoes and pulled my sweats off.  I re-tied my shoes and threw my clothes in the bag.

    There were a few guys ahead of me making their way down the staircase.  At the bottom right was a doorway covered by a black curtain. On the left there was an open door with light pouring from it.
    As I arrived at the bottom of the stairs, three stall helpers were waiting. One took my garbage bag, tied a tag on it while another held me by the waist as he turned me from side to side to let the third guy write a number (37) on each shoulder and my upper back. Finally, they turned me to face away from the door as I felt the smack from a large rubber stamp on my ass. I didn’t have time to look at it before they tied a piece of white rope to my right wrist and pointed me back up the stairs.

    Back on the main floor I remembered others’ advice to get a good spot early and avoid being placed standing up somewhere. I quickly found the large square padded platform that I had seen in the X-tube fickstutenmarkt video. There were already guys holding spots at each corner and one in the middle of 3 of the 4 sides.  The fourth side was the furthest from the entrance, but I took it.

    I was between two guys in their 30s, both cute and nicely tanned, which contrasted against my very white skin. I had been in the sun on my deck a few times over the summer and had a slight tan line but in this dim lighting I didn’t know if it was visible at all.  Along the perimeter of the room on two sides were padded bench-style chairs. There were a few open spaces but most were occupied.

    Overall, the bottoms in the room were really good looking and masculine.  Quite a few had chest or facial hair, and were nicely endowed. My relatively small package seemed to have shrunk from the anticipation or just being nude, and it fought my frequent efforts to casually pull it outward for better presentation.

    I figured that since I was number 37 and there had been at least 10 guys behind me in the queue to enter, there were at least 50 mares in the building by the time I climbed back up the stairs.  More guys were steadily entering and undressing, so I think there must have been at least 100 bottoms by the time it started.

    We waited in silence on my side of the padded bench for what seemed like an eternity but must have been about an hour. I noticed that the guy on my right had a watch and wondered if I should have worn one given some online comments from others about losing track of time at the event. Then I realized that I’d have a hood over my eyes anyway so a watch wouldn’t help once it started.

    Finally, the music seemed to get a bit louder, the lights dimmed a bit and the stall helpers made their way around the perimeter of the room to bind mares’ wrists and tie their hoods in place. I realized that the wrist binding was mainly symbolic since most bound mares still had 30-40 centimetres of play between their hands. But I noticed that the hoods went on much tighter.  If mares could see anything, it was very little.

    I suddenly noticed a bit of a scramble around my platform as the others grabbed lube packets from the centre of the bench and lubed or re-lubed their holes.  I stood and managed to grab a packet and finger  some into my hole just before one of the helpers tied my left wrist to my right and quickly pulled the sack down over my head.  He deftly rolled the edge of the sack over a few times so that a thick band was across my eyes and the bridge of my nose and pulled it snug. He was an expert.

    The band was tight enough that I couldn’t open my left eye under the sack. I could open my right eye with some discomfort as the sack squished my eyelashes. But the best I could see was downwards across my right cheek to my chest.

    My heart started thumping as I realized just how helpless I was. I was going to be fucked and I wasn’t going to know by who. The event rules went through my head, “a mare cannot refuse a stallion, must always surrender to him and let himself be mounted.” After months of anticipation, this was suddenly very real. I told myself this is what I wanted and it was too late to back down now. I tried to relax and got myself in position with my head down, elbows on the bench, feet on the floor and ass in the air.

    It took a few minutes for the helpers to finish tying and blindfolding the mares and while I waited I found that with my limited vision in one eye and my head on the mattress I could see down across my chest, and between my legs toward the wall behind me. It was not much and I wouldn’t be able to see anything beyond crotch height, but I’d know if someone was standing behind me.

    The music was suddenly much louder. I waited. Time was really hard to gauge. I had a moment of panic.  What if a guy fucked me with a PA and ripped me up like Bottomhole experienced? I’d started Truvada back in August and took it religiously so I wasn’t worried about HIV, but what about Hep C? I tried to focus on the feeling of being exposed and the gentle wafts from the ventilation system on my hole. And I also remembered several guys who said that they didn’t get fucked that much at Fickstutenmarkt. Maybe I’d just stay here, bent over until I’d had enough waiting and decided to call a helper to help me leave.

    A guy somewhere around me moaned like he was feeling a bit of pain and then I felt the cushioning of the bench flex nearby. The guy to my left let out an “ahhh.”  I opened my eye and looked down between my legs. There were at least two guys behind me. One moved out of sight but from what I could see of his thigh (it was fairly defined and had a bit of hair), the remaining guy seemed to be facing toward me.

    I waited for a bit and looked between my legs again. He was still there. I was just picturing him standing behind me surveying the room when I felt a finger slide in my hole. It pumped in and out a few times then withdrew.  I felt a large knob at my hole. He pushed in so that the head popped past my sphincter. It was my time to moan and just as I did that he slid all the way in. I could feel his pubes on the edge of my hole and I was glad I’d stretched it earlier.

    He fucked me in a nice medium rhythm for a few minutes. Once in a while he’d thrust extra hard and I’d experience a moment of pain, but it felt so good. Guys all around me were moaning. Our shoulders were rubbing together as we bent over toward the centre of the platform.

    My first fucker withdrew and I felt that moment of emptiness as the head popped out of my hole. I don’t think he had cum, and I figured none of the tops would want to do that so early in the evening.  As he patted my ass and moved away, I raised my head and grinned. I was at the Fickstutenmarkt surrounded by good looking guys getting fucked. I had had my first fuck and was ready for more. Any doubts from a few moments earlier were all gone.

    Another cock was at my hole and hilted in one swift motion. I could tell it was thinner and longer than the last one. He wasted no time and fucked fast and hard.  It hurt on every inward stroke and I found myself making “AhhhhAAhhhhAhhh” moans in time with his movements. While the first guy hadn’t touched me with anything but his finger and then his cock, this top held on. First he held my hips in an iron grip and then he put his hands below my armpits with his fingers locked on to my pecs.

    The guy on my right must have been experiencing a similar intense fuck.  He was very loud and with his head near my armpit and facing toward me I could feel his breath as he vocalized with every thrust.
    The painful fuck went on for some time and I’m ashamed to say that at one point I started to lean more on to the platform to try to reduce his penetration.  It didn’t work.  He stopped thrusting just long enough to grab the top of each shoulder and haul my ass backwards and deeper onto him.  After that it felt a bit like he was punishing me by really fucking deep.  His cock wasn’t in the least spongy. It was 20-something wood. He could have been a youngster or it could have been Viagra.  Whatever it was, he used it like a bit of a weapon.

    Like I said earlier, time was really hard to gauge, but I’m guessing his fuck lasted 10-15 minutes.  When he finally thrust in a couple of times and held himself there, I think I felt some pulsing very deep in my guts. When he finally withdrew with the same quick intensity it felt a bit like I was being pulled inside out like a sock. He smacked my ass hard.

    Before I could get my breath, another cock slid inside.  He felt shorter and wider and was a nice easy fuck. He had a nice pattern to his fuck and it felt like he used his abs and his hip flexers to give his cock a nice upward tilt on each drive.  I wanted this fuck to keep going. It felt great and was a really nice way to recover from the previous stallion.


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