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  • Top Dawg Part Thirteen

    I woke up to someone tapping on the window.   Sitting up I felt my head spin as my body moved in slow motion from all of the happy in my brain.I sat there, not sure where I was when the tapping happened again.  I looked over at saw a flashlight hitting me in the eyes. I squinted and covered them as the tapping happened again.   “Open the door son.”   Where was Gray’s dad? How log had I been out? I reached over and opened the door and I saw there were two cops standi


    Dubconforlife in Tales from a Jock

    Brick a Bottom: A Bottoms Bottom

    The biggest challenge in my gender transition has been learning how to douche my ass. Not the surgeries and the internal bleeding , not the coming out over and over again, not telling my father or my son that I was planning on having a glorious BBC of my own.  No , the hardest thing,  is the mostly mental block to, cleaning the waste out of the trash bin so to speak. The humiliation aspect of being that trash bin for strangers starts right there. I'd be remiss if I did not say that the preparing


    UrBoyHenry in Health

    B-Day Bare-ly Adulting

    Today I am 43. I don't look it that's for dam sure and I sure as hell aint mad at being carded. It is quickly becoming an asset to my own dark dementors. I like my men older. I lost my virginity at 14 to a beautifully hung military man. And my 1st Dom at 18 was 40 years my elder. But this strikes a darker streak, a primal need to be consumed by my maker, to be destroyed by my own creator. And the dark perverted child in me  finds it funny when disapointment and confusion spreads across  the


    UrBoyHenry in Balls Deep

    Gay Wad

    My entire life has been centered around sex. I found porn at an early age  and it was the answer. The Answer. To Everything. And it has been gay porn from the very first sight of a rock hard, ass smashing dick. Didn't matter if that ass was attached to a woman, all I have ever saw were those long girthy  beautiful schlongs of the 80's porn scene. Soft core compared to the filth that makes my little t-cock throb now a days. I was envious of that Dick, those balls and I have not lost any of my fas


    UrBoyHenry in Balls Deep


    This ride is intense. At forty I am trying to navigate the most massive  shift in my life,  from a pussy licking , leash holding Dom  to a wiggly bottom cum slut. This story is beautiful, disgusting, epic and pathetic. Life on T is not a game for the weak, young,  old or untested. This is expert level shit here son. Most of you would  have begged mercy, screamed uncle, tapped out and be well on your way home to momma by now, and we haven't even started.  This is the game that says I get to play


    UrBoyHenry in Wetdreams

    Top Dawg Part Twelve

    I woke up with the kid shaking me awake.   He was saying something to me but it honestly just sounded like the sound the grown ups make in the Peanuts cartoons? You ever watch that shit? People thought the weirdest shit was funny in the old days.   “Archie!” He screamed in my face.   I blinked twice and tried to shade my eyes from the sun, “Dude, what?”   “We slept in, we have ten minutes to get to school.”   Well that woke my ass up quickly.


    Dubconforlife in Tales from a jock

    Attention Whore Part Seven

    I slept for the rest of the day. My hole was sore and I felt like garbage for sinking that low. I had begged him to fuck me, literally cried for it! I ate my own load, licked his body clean…and I fucking loved every second of it. And the fact that it had been filmed, other people were going to see it…   It should have disgusted me but instead it just turned me on more.   When I didn’t come down for breakfast Rachel came and found me. I had the covers thrown over my head, wish

    Top Dawg Part Eleven

    I was in a ship.   Maybe a boat? What the fuck am a sailor? I was on something that was being rocked like a boat. It was relaxing as hell and I felt like I was floating almost, above the water.   I could hear the voices of the sailors nearby by, they were close but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. A huge wave came over the side and almost knocked me down. One of the sailors came up behind and pulled me up and away.   I wanted to thank him but before I co

    Top Dawg Part Ten

    The next few days were…good?   Me and the kid had settled into a routine that both of us seemed happy with. That Monday when I went to pick him up he let me drive saying “I’m over it now, it’s your jeep.”    Which made me happy.   We worked out the same, working on his offensive skills mainly every morning while doing our normal workout. After school I’d drive him home and we’d fuck until his parents got home and start the whole thing over again.   I was w

    Attention Whore Part Six

    After a bit Shayne and I got up and wanders to a shower. I was covered in cum and I could feel his load moving in me each time I took a step. I suppose I should have been grossed out but I wasn’t. There was a part of me proud I could make Shay cum like that. It was a reward having his cum in me, he had chosen me to take his load and that felt special. We got into a smaller shower downstairs and started to rinse off. He grabbed some soap and lathered my pecs and, moving down to my abs. It wa

    Top Dawg Part Nine

    I woke up spooning the kid from behind.   We were nestled together like a fucking married couple, my arms were around him, head resting next to his…my first reaction was to jump out of bed and take a shower in turpentine, but I stopped myself. I forced myself to lay there, and really get a feel for the situation.   This felt…nice. I mean it didn’t suck, sure it as a guy, but I had a feeling I was going to have to get over that. Or do I? Shit man, I don’t want to be gay. I jus

    Attention Whore Part Five

    We got out of the shower and he took a huge, white towel and began to dry me off. It was such an intimate gesture I just stood there and marveled at it. He started at my feet and worked his way up my legs, no one had ever done anything like to me before and it was kind of amazing. When he got to my cock he dried it and then took it in his hand. “God you are hung,” he said, kissing the tip gently before going back to drying me. I was half hard by the time he got to my abs and realized h

    What i so much crave now!

    With this confinement, i am feeling deeply in need of man to touch me and feel my body. I so much crave now the desires and feelings of having a man looking at me and as he looks and i see desire in his eyes i began to get wet. I dont know if this in normal for other gay bottom males? but for me when i know im going to get fucked and im so horny i get all wet between my legs my ass gets all moist and damp and can even sometimes my pants and specially my under wear getting all wet. im so hor

    Top Dawg Part Eight

    I had strange dreams.   My dad was in my room and he was screaming at me. I couldn’t understand what he was saying but I was scared all the same. He was up in my face and just shouting and I kept trying to tell him to stop but nothing came out of my mouth.   He finally pushed me back and I fell onto my bed. I felt him rip my shorts off and the thought of getting spanked terrified me. I tried to turn around to tell him I was sorry but he put one hand on the small of my back to

    Attention Whore Part Four

    I woke up warm and protected. It took a second to realize that Shayne was behind me, cradling me as he slept. I know I should have been freaked because it was a guy but honestly, it was one of the best feelings of my life. I had been at wits end in my tiny apartment, alone, trying to get through this fucking quarantine. I was starving for physical touch and the fact it was Shayne...I snuggled back into him and just laid there soaking it in. So did this mean I was gay now? I mean, I don

    Attention Whore Part One

    Chapter One My alarm goes off and my first thought was why bother? My second thought was that fucking thing was not going to shut up so I reached over and turned it off, and then laid back down. I stared up at the stucco ceiling of my one room apartment and went over the list of things I had to do today. Nothing. The sigh that escapes me is as much a habit as it is an expression of my apathy. I've woken up like this for months now and it isn't getting any easier. This whole C

    Attention Whore Part Three

    I woke up, not sure where I was. My head was pounding and the sunlight was aggressively bright, and I had no idea who's bed this was. I was naked, which was weird because I would never sleep nude at a stranger's place... My memory came back and I realized I was in Shayne's bed....and we had fucked. My face grew red just from the memory of it as my mind reeled from the implications. Did I really let my bet friend fuck me? What the hell? And worse, did I like it? I shook my head fro

    Encounter at a bathhouse changed my life

    I am just your typical little dicked white boy who has been under the spell of BBC ever since I was taken by a Black Man in a Chicago bathhouse. Until he came into my room I just thought all Tops and dicks were the same or very similar. This incredibly sexy Black man entered the room, shut the door and dropped his towel. I was staring up at the biggest dick I had ever seen and I couldn't stop staring. When he saw the expression on my face he started laughing a little bit. He said that in the pas

    Attention Whore part two

    Shayne was waiting there for me when I got off the plane and I ran to him instantly. I might have pushed an old woman out of the way as I grabbed him and pulled him into a bear hug to end all bear hugs. He hugged me back, his hand pulling my head close as we stood there and just held each other for what felt like years. “I missed you so much...”I blubbered as my voice cracked. “I know pup,” he said into my ear, “I got you now.” I know it sounds silly, but I felt myself instan

    Top Dawg Part Seven

    The next morning I woke up and had no idea where the fuck I was for a few seconds.   I was laying in the kid’s bed, I had been curled around him, big spooning him like a champ. My first reaction was to pull away but he was still asleep and…well it wasn’t like this was killing me.   I laid my head back down and closed my eyes for a moment, I had to admit that this wasn’t the worst feeling in the world.   There was noise outside his room, his parents were awake and mo

    Top Dawg Part Six

    I slept like a fucking baby.   Getting fucked may be the worst thing ever, but damn did it give you a good night’s rest. I woke up feeling like I could take on the fucking world. I showered, did come crunches, made a couple of pre workouts for me and the kid and headed over to his house. I was about ten minutes early so said fuck it and went and knocked on the door.   His dad answered, it looked like he was half dressed for work, “Archie! This is surprise, come in.”  

    Top Dawg Part Five

    I woke up slowly, my mind felt like it was snuggled up in a warm blanket and didn’t want to stir. I felt deliriously happy, I wasn’t sure where I was but I know I didn’t want to leave it.   I was curled around something warm and in my daze I rubbed up against it, trying to squeeze the last few moments of sleep I could.   “You awake?” A voice asked.   My eyes flew open and I realized I was spooning the kid, my head was resting on his chest like a pillow.   
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