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IML Friday Night: Fornication 2--Fucking Out The Loads

Chicago—May, 2022 (This continues right on from the last post…) The Fornication guys take a break.  Dirk hugs me one more time before he leaves.  I stay in the third floor play area with the sling and the fuckbench.  The Cute Younger Top with the long hair finds me there.  He has become very versatile after his fucking by Ray. “Will you fuck me in the sling?” I nod—wondering silently where the tatted boyfriend is for they have been inseparable all night.  I get his ankles in

IML Friday Night: Fornication Party (part one)

Chicago—May, 2022 I had heard a lot about Fornication from Keshawn.  He had been to a couple of them—and loved the energy the porn guys brought to the sex party.  He wondered how it would work at Steamworks.  Would partygoers be up on the third floor with special tickets?  The answer from Ray that afternoon was that no, there was no special admission price for Fornication tonight.  Just look for the performers around the bathhouse. I was horned.  I needed a good group fuck party.  I go

Barebacked against my will

Last week i went to a gay sauna to meet an old married daddy who had a profile on Grindr looking for sub married bottom to suck his thick meat and get fucked with condom. We agreed to meet at the gay sauna because we are both married and cant host . When we got inside an empty room, we quickly dropped off our towels then he ordered me to get down on my knees to sniff his sweaty ripe cock, balls and rim his hairy asshole while he was loading up his glass pipe with white crystals then started taki

Barebacked against my will

Last week i went to a gay sauna to meet an old married daddy who had a profile on Grindr looking for sub married bottom to suck his thick meat and get fucked with condom. We agreed to meet at the gay sauna because we are both married and cant host . When we got inside an empty room, we quickly dropped off our towels then he ordered me to get down on my knees to sniff his sweaty ripe cock, balls and rim his hairy asshole while he was loading up his glass pipe with white crystals then started taki

IML Friday: A Mini-Orgy and Some Porn Guys

Chicago—May, 2022 Cowboy Boots and I had breakfast again, comparing notes about our different evenings.  I went back to the room and made notes about the various cumdumps I’d visited the night before.  It got me thinking that I wanted more from CommunityCumhole.  I checked the BBRT listings.  Of course he was available. I didn’t go instantly.  I wrote a post for here.  I waited until after lunch and went back to the pale ginger…   I open his door.  I hear loud groans.  My bud

IML Thursday Night: Trying Out Some Cumdumps

Chicago—May, 2022 I had a quick dinner and made some notes about the Master and the boy for my future write up.  Then I logged into BBRT.  The quick connect and the party ads are overflowing with men.  But everyone is a cumdump.  No one seems to want to actually have or want a true sex party.  I look around and select two who seem interesting.  During my time, a top friend lets me know I should visit a guy he’s whoring out.  I get room numbers for the three.  I might not make it to all thre

IML Thursday: Master and boy

Chicago—May, 2022 Cowboy Boots and I had  really good eggs Benedict the next morning.  I think he went off shopping and I wrote a piece for the blog.  By the afternoon, I was horned.  I got online. There were a few more men in the hotel by this point.  I saw that an old fuck bud was here.  He is a man well known in the gay community.  I only seem him at these events.  (See:   “CLAW:  Master and Slave.”)  The Master is a man my age, incredibly dapper.  But once the suit and tie come off he i

IML Wednesday: Two Familiar Asses

Chicago—May, 2022 Sometime during our bathhouse play at CLAW, Cowboy Boots asked if I would like to be his roommate at IML.  I told him I had planned on going, but to just a couple of events of the leather weekend—and thought I’d stay in a cheaper hotel.  Well, he had a suite at the host hotel and the man he thought he’d be sharing it with had made other plans.  I told him I would think about it. Once I was home, I realized I did want to spend a little more time at the event.  I sent C

Rimming a Hot Pig Bottom

He had big tits with huge nipples, and a big stomach.  Normally this is not my kind of guy.  Anyhow, I decided to go along with the scene and holy shit am I ever glad I did. After we got spun up he took off his pants and crawled up on the bed doggy style. I was astonished.  He had a beautiful meaty ass and legs. His skin was as smooth and cool as a dolphin's. I was not expecting that in a million years. He had what I call "Grade A Ass", two big beefy glutes split by a deep straight cra


DarkBone in Rimming

“Will One of You Cocksuckers Do Me?”

Near Home—May, 2022 IML was the next week.  But here is was a Saturday night—and I was horned.  I hadn’t been to the nearest bookstore at night in a long time, so off I went.  A man was coming out as I parked.  He took one look at me and did a U-Turn and followed me back inside.  In the light of the store I recognized him as one of my regulars who loves sucking my cock.  We nodded to each other as I got in line to get my ticket. The male attendant sighed as I told him I wanted the thea

The Texan and the Naked Otter

Near Home—May, 2022 So after my so-so bookstore experience on a Saturday afternoon, I was back at my regular haunt on a Tuesday afternoon (really?).  Different men plus a different place equaled a different experience entirely…   The parking lot is full enough to be potentially interesting.  The straight theatre has a smattering of men and a horrid point of view movie.  I don’t even linger to get hard.  I go around to the gay theatre.  Only one man is there.  The movie here, too,

Bookstore Head (and No Tails)

Jackson—May, 2022 The afterglow of CLAW, and then Keshawn’s birthday fuck, kept me going—which was good as I needed to concentrate on a brief work contract.  It was not until the next Saturday that I could even consider playing.  I decided to hit a bookstore—but not my usual haunt.  I went back to the one that is sprawling, with lots of diverse porn viewing stations.  In the past, Saturday mornings and afternoons had been fun there.  I was curious to see who would turn up.  I packed a lunch

Loading Keshawn for his Birthday

Indianapolis—May, 2022 I came home from CLAW and self isolated for a week.  I was fine.  Tired, but fine.  It took until the end of that week to even feel horned again.  This proved to be perfect timing as Keshawn wanted to do something special for his birthday.  He had also invited a good looking man (who was a vers/bottom) so Keshawn could be his versatile self.  I liked the idea of the variety that this offered.  Devious scenarios played in my mind as I packed the sling and drove south.

CLAW: Bathhouse Free For All 2--Fucking to Shoot

Cleveland—April, 2022 (The night in the dungeon wing of the bathhouse continues from the previous entry.) There are now two asses, side by side, in the glory hole wall.  I fuck each of them—not for as long as I would like, as the holes are low in the wall for my long legs.  I do awkward knees bends as I rail each man.  But from the groans on the other side of the partition, they love getting fucked by an anonymous big cock. I find my friend Bob hanging around the sling we didn’t u

CLAW: Bathhouse Free For All

Cleveland—April, 2022 I stayed in most of the next day after my night at the Horse Market.  I treated myself to a nice meal that evening, then went back to the hotel and wrote a little.  I was returning to the bathhouse that night.  I was meeting a specific man there.  We had chatted for a long time and always missed each other at various leather weekends—and we lived too far away for a session on either of our home turfs.  But he had a hotel-like room at the baths—and I agreed we should fi

CLAW: My First Horse Market

Cleveland—April, 2022 I didn’t try for any sex during the day after my Thursday night at the baths.  I wanted to save every drop of semen for my play on Friday evening.  I was going to my first Horse Market.  In case you have been living under some sort of non-sexual rock, the Horse Market is a sex party that started in Berlin and has spread to a number of European cities—and finally there is one in San Francisco which also hosts events around the USA.   There are very specific rules.  Men

CLAW: Getting Off at the Bathhouse

Cleveland—April, 2022 (Picking up where we left off in the last post…) One door is open which does not have a man on all fours.  He is young, handsome and has a killer smile.  His black skin looks even darker as he reclines on the white sheet.  “Come in,” he gestures.  He sits up and in moments is giving me exquisite head.  He does my shaft, my balls and back again.  He loves when I fuck his face.  He pulls off me to catch his breath.  The gym and his hard work have given him a ma

CLAW: The Bathhouse Warm-Up

Cleveland—April, 2022 I made it into Cleveland easily.  It was rather odd to be in a hotel again; even if it was not the host hotel, it was busy and full of people.  I had decided my way back into CLAW was to stay somewhere else—and mingle as I felt motivated.  I set up my room—and wrote a little. After dinner, I decided I really wanted to explore the bathhouse in town, not try to juggle the apps.  I had not been to this one in several years.  The pandemic was not the only excuse—but t

Dropping a Load Before CLAW

Near Home—April, 2022 I was packing for my trip to CLAW for several days before I was to actually leave.  I was excited to return to a leather weekend.  Just the act of putting things in travel bags at the foot of my bed (toys, restraints, leathers) worked my cock up.  I knew I wanted to get off at least once more before I set off to Cleveland. So back to the closest bookstore I went.  I wasn’t about to waste my load with a wank…   The parking lot is full.  I take the last sp

This Is How I Know

I’m home tonight, it’s Sunday - Superbowl Sunday in fact, which signifies nothing to me since I’ve never watched football in my life. The clock was closing on 8:00 pm, and I had just heated up a bowl of soup for a late supper. I planned to read the news online while I ate it, and then probably think about getting some rest, as I had been up late the night previous. Tonight seemed like a good night to just unwind. The cat agreed; she wanted me to go the fuck to bed so she could have the house to

A Slick and Sticky Surprise for Dave

My Playroom—April, 2022 The very next day after the second bookstore trip, Dave was coming to the playroom.  We’d had two hot sessions before the pandemic, but had lost touch.  He had sent me a text and asked about re-connecting.  I was more than ready to meet this self-described pig again…   I am leaning against the end of the fuck bench.  Dave is on his knees.  He looks great in his slightly stained white jock and black boots—flagging yellow on his socks.  His mouth finds my pou
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