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Quick update and chat group

Hi everyone, just an update.  I'm completely vaccinated and since things are getting back to being sleazier around here, more guys are willing to hook up, which is great.  Been dealing with some stuff at home, my family saw an anti-condom post I put on facebook, but that's being dealt with and I'm not ashamed.  I'm seeing a great Mentor.  We're not an exclusive couple, so feel free to fuck me if you want.  He's really great at teaching me to be more obedient, sleazier 🙂  I'm still untested for H

Breaking Quarantine with Braydon (and Company)

I had no sex from the middle of  March to the end of August, 2020.  There are still posts and re-posts of hot times on the parent blog for those interested.  Here I am skipping to the next new playtime.     Kalamazoo—August, 2020 It was time to have sex again.  I knew it—and I knew I needed to do it with some thought.  I had not played since March 14.   But now, in late August, my intensive summer work schedule (made even more intense with figuring out how to keep working safely d

getting attention

I have always had this shy  and timid feeling, but yet as a total submissive bottom i love the power and control of a man over me. In my youth had men rape me and make me walk around nude and work naked so they could enjoy and watch and even stand behind me so they could look at my ass and see my pussy hole as my cheeks spread open. I have to admit I felt shy, even humiliated. but i have grown with time going to a bathhouse and lay there with my legs spread open and have men come in, sadly no on

getting pleasured

With this global situation of covid i am feeling hornyier more and more then ever before. i have been fucked since my early teens can even be said even since puberty, but i started daily sex till i was sixteen and then from time to time but at least once or twice to several times a year, only when i could get away discreetly be it from family or work. I have been a whore since my friend made me be fucked by one of his other friends and made a point of treating me and referring to me as a fu

Summer - And A Needy Hole

My cruising excursion last night left me wanting more this morning... My hole desperately needed more cock! So I went back to the cruising ground, though to a different area where I could lay out a blanket and do some naked sunbathing, hoping that some kind gentleman might walk by and be tempted enough by what he saw to offer to service my needy hole... And sure enough; I'd been there for 5-10 minutes when somebody said "nice weather today"... Polite conversation - but you don't start

"That's Better Than My Girlfriend's Ass!"

I was bored, so I drove out to the local cruising ground and took a walk... Within 5 minutes I noticed somebody, so I walked down a dead-end path into some shrubbery and waited for a bit. When he approached I pulled down my shorts, showing my ass so he would have no doubt what I was after. He came over, and I immediately reached for his cock. Nice one... Already firm, but... Yeah, I got down on my knees and pulled his shorts down and began sucking. He was hard in SECONDS! VERY HARD! An

Fukdto: The Grand Finale

Toronto—March, 2020 (This picks up right after the last post.  And is a fitting conclusion to my 5 or so hours of fucking and felching....) I find Kevin in a sling in the upstairs area.  The small area is actually deserted save for a blow job happening by the other vacant sling.  From the look of his hole, Kevin has been busy all night.  It is gaping slightly and the ass lips are tremendously puffy.  I kneel and massage them with my tongue.  He groans and hits the poppers.  I stick my

Fukdto: Asses at the Gloryhole

Toronto—March, 2020 (This picks up immediately after the last post.) “Please, will you a fuck a friend of mine?” I nod and Alexandros leads the way to the glory hole wall.  Two asses are displayed in the side by side glory holes, their legs in the chains attached to the wall.  The first it a meaty, hairy bear ass.  A young Asian is fucking it hard—and panting.  The other ass is younger, flatter and smooth.  Alexandros nods toward him. “Jimmy has never tried the wall before.”   I k

Fukdto: Fucking Dolf and Friends

Toronto—March, 2020 (This picks up immediately after the last post) Dolf envelops me in a huge bear hug.  “And you have the perfect cock to get me opened up for tonight…” We kiss lightly and then he bends to sample my rampant, engorged rod, fresh from Alexandros’ hole.  Dolf grunts his approval as he takes me deep into his throat.  His tongue gets busy as he slowly pulls off it.  He leaves my dick good and wet—as he leads me to a fuck bench that I hadn’t noticed behind us in a lit

Fukdto: Getting Started

My last play, before the Covid lockdown stopped me having sex, was the final Fukdto gathering in Toronto with Dolf Dietrich.  At least I went out with a bang. A really big bang.   Toronto—March, 2020 “Are you sure they are even going to be open?” I am sitting in my car at the customs terminal, having just crossed the Blue Water Bridge on Saturday, March 14.  I have told the rather hunky man in uniform that I am headed to a private viewing in downtown Toronto.  An ar

The Holes of CumUnion

Grand Rapids, MI—March, 2020 (This picks up right where ‘Opening His Hole Inch By Inch’ left off.)   We have stopped for coffee and a light snack—and we take it out to the truck.  We have about an hour’s trip ahead of us.  I sip the hot liquid gratefully.  It’s a chilly night.  We eat.  We talk.  We love to compare notes on men we have both fucked. The coffee kicks in just as we reach the city limits.  I am ready to fuck.  And I really need to piss.  Check in is fast.  I

Opening His Hole Inch By Inch

Lansing—March, 2020 The top man with who I love to share hole—often at a Michigan campground—wrote me.  Work was getting him down.  Prepping for the pandemic, which he knew would come to Michigan any day now, was exhausting him.  He needed release.  He needed me.  But not to fuck alongside him.  He wanted my dick.  Inside him.  To fuck his hole.  This was not altogether new.  We had tried it once before.  BB.  That’s not Bare Back—but Before Blog.  It had been that long ago when I had

Whoring Out Don

Near Home—March, 2020 Well, I am back to writing up the first of the three encounters I had in March before we locked down.  (I still haven’t figured out how I am breaking the TWELVE WEEKS of no sex, but I’m working on it.)  At the top of March, Don came to my place without his partner Reid.  We thought about just using the sling—but while we talked, we realized that we both wanted to involve others.  We got in my car and headed to the bookstore closest to me.  It was a warm spring aft

The Masked Marine

So with Covid--and me being very careful until I could figure out how to play--I didn't  have a lot to write up.  I did some reposts.  I did some equipment closeups of the toys and hardware in my playroom.  And I dipped back into time.   Here's one of those.  And a warning.  I was still using condoms...   Near Home—September. 1997(?) As it is Memorial Day here in the United States, I looked for a post about a marine I knew.  This was a hook up that I had long before I was doing th

how I became a whore

I was a young teen, my best friend whom we played together all summer long and went everywhere together. One day he brought a magazine to show me men fucking us young ones. and he suggested we should try the same, so he had me naked as he played with my naked body and started to make me suck his cock then played with my ass penetrated me with his finger, a toy then finally penetrated me with his cock. I became his bitch for his pleasure to fuck whenever he wanted a piece of ass. Then one day he

Never Tried That Before...

You live, you learn... I'd been messaging with a top who wanted to fuck me outside, and since we have some nice summer weather that seemed ideal. I've done plenty of outdoor sex in my life, and it's kind of hot. However... This man had a very specific request; he wanted to fuck me in the sea! Obviously you're quite exposed and out in the open when you're sea bathing, so we agreed to meet up at a quiet beach at dawn - so that's 4:20AM around here at this time of the year! (Early bi


DanishAss in Fucked

Summer Time, And The Living Is Sleazy...

-And you know I'm going to use that as an excuse to get fucked, right? So yesterday I agreed with a top that he'd fuck me behind the dunes at a local beach! I got there, found a nice secluded spot and sent him the map coordinates so he wouldn't have to wonder around for ages to find my arse. YAY for GPS in mobile phones! While I waited I had a quick dip in the sea; I love swimming naked, and fortunately that's legal at all beaches in Denmark (though perhaps not advisable, since no


DanishAss in Fucked

Stealing Home Part One

“And up to the plate is freshman phenom Alex “Maverick” Barnes. The 6'3” graduate from St. Mary's out of Iowa has a lot of people talking about his chances to go pro in a couple of years and you can see the worry in the pitcher's face as he takes his stance.”   I look across to the plate and smile, this idiot actually stares for a moment before he goes back to paying attention to his catcher. I know this guy's stats and he knows mine, which is why he looks like he's gonna piss himself

My Uncle Cliff pt. 3

I watched as Uncle Cliff’s ample ass made the last few steps into the shade of the cave. I just sat there, as my imagination ran wild with speculation as to what would go on once her was inside… I could envision Uncle Cliff locking eyes with the swarthy stranger waiting for him inside. The two of them would begin inching closer to each. Despite the cave’s cool shade, the humidity from the sea air would cause beads of sweat begin to drip over their naked bodies. I can imagine the man gently

Why am I gay?

In today's world we have people who are bisexual, gay,Lesbian, or or just straight. To look at why I am gay? In some case we here things like I was born this way, or I was made this way! But let me talk about my case, was I born this way? I would say no and certainly  I did not feel gay or even think about it. In my youth I had my best friend and I suppose i could say he made me what I am today. we did everything together we shared everything together. walked together to school and played togeth

First Time In A Gay Bar?

The other day I randomly remembered the first time I went to a gay bar... I was 19, and I'd been fucked plenty before then of course. But I walked into the bar and felt kind of timid, so I ordered a beer and sat at the bar - and a friendly man began talking to me. So... Yeah, an hour later we were in his apartment and he had pulled down my trousers and his tongue was lapping at my hole. After a while, when I was wet and kind of begging to get fucked he stood up, pulled down his own trous
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