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    • Timblacker  »  Lucien666

      Hail Sarah Palin!  HIV is a blessing from Sarah Palin--- it increases the lust of BB sex.  I feel Our Lord Sarah Palin is calling me to it!
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    • mass1ve

      why does ZUCC have a dump truck ass in 2020 siri google search   🤔
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    • babyeddie71

      He begged for my cock but he also begged me to pull out and shoot my load on his cute ass. So after dumping my first load deep in his gut's, I kept right on plowing that tight hole until I shot my second load in his hole. Just before I was done I pulled out and said here it come and shot the rest on his ass. I hope he enjoys the warm toxic cum that is swimming deep inside him. He was one HOT Jock and still in his practice gear when I tagged his hole and breed him.   He is the First JOCK I have had the chance to breed seance this fucked up pandemic.

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    • mass1ve

      hey @mass1ve do you play Ghosts of Tsushima??? 😡
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    • POZitiveBoyZ

      «I am looking for some advice. I know this isn’t a big achievement or goal for most people here. So I have not been used by many guys. I wondered if you lot can give advice on getting to my first 100? That would be helpful. How did you get to it?» 
      Here in the same situation. Cuz I’m not a “Musc” guy. I’m Skinny to Athletic, a lit bit Fem with some manners, with Small to Average 5,9/6 inches dick size Bottom. I’m a POZ Undetectable on meds Bottom without of any experiences or practices cuz of my previous life in very homophobic and hateful country that name is Russia. I’ve been experienced a lot of pain, hate, homophobia and internalize homophobia, shame, rejections, manhunt in Russia. I’ve never had a good and truly loved gay best friends cuz this is too shameful to date me for too many Russian gay guys. Cuz I looks “too gay” Russian gays. Cuz too many of them are living in the box, living a double life and prefer to hide their sexual orientation of friends and family, of boss and colleagues, of doctors and other people around them. I’ve never been welcomed guy in Russian gay bathhouses, sex-parties and sex-clubs because there were a “No Fem” policy and a picking guys standards based on their dick sizes. Means that that world of the wild gay sex with its opportunities to bathhouses, anon fuck, sex-clubs and sex-parties are open only for Musc, “Real Alfa” and “Naturally Looking” gay guys.
      And here, in NYC, I’ve been experienced the same things from the US guys. This was a bullying, boycotting, mental and sexual abuse with a lot of the jokes and gossips about me.
      Recommendations? There is a few. If the LGBTQ community in the US really wants to help me, then first it is vital to come up to me, talk to me personally to get to know me better and try to figure out where my problems and complexes came from and for what reason.  And only after all this, the community and people within this community could ask me “can we help you somehow” and “how exactly can we help you”. If the guys really want to help me, then they should help me with the methods and ways that I consider the most acceptable for myself.  This means that if the American LGBTQ community really wants to help me, then in this case this community should show me all its friendliness and willingness to accept me as a member.  This primarily means that the community and people should not try to force me to "love myself" through abuse, boycott and persecution, but try to establish mutual contact, diplomatic dialogue, show me the other side of gay life in the United States and be my "guide" and  "Personal trainer". Because any of these fashionable mainstream “treatment methods" will never work for me and will make a diametrically opposite results.  Because I’ve found this mainstream "narrative" psychology is totally unethical, unscientific, unfriendly, disrespectful, abusive, homophobic with the way of promoting hate, aggression, confrontation and madnesses. So, I’m talking about REAL LIFE, REAL DIFFERENCE, REAL DIVERSITY, REAL INCLUSIVITY, REAL EQUALITY, PERSONALITY AND INDIVIDUALITY, INDEPENDENCE and SOCIALIZATION. I’m talking about INDIVIDUAL AND FRIENDLY HELP. I’m talking about that we are, all of us, are very different from each other (including mentally) but we are still be equal to each other. I’m talking about that psychological treatments should not be given for everyone with the same ways of rehab. And about that every help should be given with respect, with the knowledges about the person and your subject and object of help by your help taker. That’s means that “No Any Actions Behind My Back without my personal permission and without my total acceptance of your actions and helps”
      Finally. I’d love to hear a real kind truthful and friendly apology from you to me. Asking you to apologize to me does not mean trying to humiliate you.  Asking you to apologize to me does not mean that I consider myself better than you or that I am trying to punish you.  Asking you for an apology means trying to make a really friendly gesture towards each other.  This can show me that you have realized your mistakes and that you are ready and willing to be my friends.  I think I deserve it and I have the right to ask you about it. Isn’t it?

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