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  2. I've always thought it would be hot to find the artery that pumps and the artery that receives and be chain linked with a bunch of hiv + guys in a circle and let the blood flow from one to the other like dialysis 😵
  3. I lived in a college town with a military base. When I got together with friends and talked about the guys we had met up with, we had one phrase that we always said: "A hole is a hole is a hole."
  4. Chapter 8 "What the hell did you guys do?" Marco, "What we pierced his nips." "Why is he in a sling and why is his ass dripping?" "Well we also collected payment" "You were not supposed to breed him. He was only supposed to suck you off. Did Felix fuck him too?" "Uh, well, of course. How could he resist." I thought to myself these fuckers. But I guess that's what I get for not staying behind to supervise. Now I was going to need to increase my plan a lot faster. I looked at Marco, "Is your place free all night?" "Yeah, why?" "well now you owe me. I will be using your place this evening." With that I immediately sent a text to my owner from the theater and told him that I had an 18 year old that's taken 5-6 poz load recently and that I wanted to use him like he did me and make some money. He immediately shot back, "I think we can arrange something. Send me some pictures of him. Also, how bad do you want him used? anything goes - all cum and diseases? or what?" I walked over to Duke and started taking some pics with him hanging in the sling with his freshly pierced nipples and cum dripping from his hole. I knew these pics were going to drive guys nuts. I looked down at him and said, "Duke tell me who can fuck you and what you're good for?" He responded, "any cock as my purpose is to collect cum and please guys." He didn't realize I was recording that and sent it along to my owner. I got a response back, "Wow is this dude well trained or just dumb?" I responded, "really dumb and naive." My owner said, "well in that case I am thinking we sell him for $50 a person, but you get a $10 discount for each gift you might be carrying up to $30 off his hole. By the end of tonight you know he will probably end up with multiple poz strains, gono, clap, herpes, the whole menu of items. You sure you're ok with it?" "Yeah, Marcos and Felix already ruined him for me so I might as well make some final money on him. I already said we would be using Marcos for it tonight. Just confirm a start time and I will make sure he is here and ready." "Ok, lets start at 8pm and go until well people are done with him." "Perfect see you tonight." "Alright Duke do you think i should let you out of the sling or add another load of mine to the mix first?" "That is for you to decide. My job is to collect cum and please you," I was instantly hard and couldn't resist. I pulled my pants down and rammed it in. HIs hole felt nicely stretched and wet but it wasn't as hot fucking knowing that it was going to be a guarantee of my strain infecting him. However, I was still able to bust a decent size load in him. As I was getting him out of the sling I let him know that he needed to tell Austin that he had to go home tonight at 730 and I would offer to drive him because I was going to spend the night partying with some friends. He asked if he really had to go home. I let him know that he wasn't going home yet, but I had a few friends that also wanted to meet him for their pleasure. He just nodded ok. Then we went back to my house and Walter and Austin were still not back. Let me know if you have any thoughts on the giant upcoming evening.
  5. Swallowing loads sometimes the top will pull out and just want to lay it on your tongue and he’s really backed up so the cum comes out with tremendous force and goes up your nose eyes. It’s fun I am licking it up. It's the life of a cum dump.
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  7. Was ne geile Soichenfotze... 


  8. Which midtown hotels has everyone been using recently for anon cum dump scenes? Please share.
  9. neg bottom columbus ohio

  10. Three loads yesterday...Still going.
  11. In younger years I used to fantasise a lot about someone going in dry. I reckon if someone were to take the choice away from me, I could get into headspace pretty easily. Otherwise there had t ever been discussion on it, it’s just always been other peoples cum or actual lube.
  12. Ah ok, that's interesting. One would certainly feel a bit silly saying they weren't undetectable because they had 1 copy per millilitre of blood.
  13. Columbus Looking for poz load

  14. Here in the US Quest Diagnostics has a cut off of <20, LabCorp uses <40. Those are the big testing companies. My ED Dr. says that there are tests that can detect down to 1, but they are not in common use and anything less then 200 is "acceptable"
  15. I love it when he stays inside me after cuming. I like to give it a little squeeze every so often. Sleeping with his cock still inside would be heaven. It is just a shame that so many tops want to pull out as soon as they cum.
  16. Have one gone into a micro cage. My 2" cage was becoming too loose
  17. How did it go? You get knocked up?
  18. Yesterday
  19. You're a good boy. I'd love to have fucked you after you were fully loaded.
  20. omg you said it best. i've had sex with dozens of girls but nothing compares to the emotional connection i feel with a guy when he stick his hard penis up my ass. there's something just so beautiful about gay sex. i want a monogomous relationship with a guy i love so we can feel so connected to each other. i want him to hold me down with his dick inside me deep and look into my eyes and tell me he loves me. i love thinking about that so much. fuck.
  21. Wow.. I wish I had a father or uncle like John. Please write more.
  22. Yes, this is my plan. Take more loads and eventually don't care about who/how/when/where.
  23. One of my all time favorite stories- gets me boned up every time
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