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  2. I prefer the older due to there experiences and can be kinky as fuck and can fuck for a long time! Sometimes I'll tap out because the fuck lasted too long. But I do like when getting fucked by a much younger they can recharge over and over again. The drawbacks are they seem not to last long cum fast.
  3. Best gloryhole I ever had was at a hotel in Phoenix. I was there for work and on a whim went to Walmart and bought a wool blanket and a few other things. I used tape to hold the blanket up and cut 4 holes at different heights. I posted ads on every app I could. I got naked and put on a tight cock ring and ball stretcher. I sat down on the ottoman in front of the holes. The first guy to message me said he was at the abs just down the road and asked if I could deep throat and if I wanted poppers. I said I would try my best. A few min later he showed up and handed the poppers through the hole. He had a long thin cock and after a few hits of poppers I got his cock down my throat. It was the first guy that every came down my throat. After that it was a cock about every hour until I just couldn't stay awake.
  4. I would love to be fucked by younger guys, they can recover and breed again, the more cum in me the happier I am
  5. I went last Wednesday- it’s not all bb, 50/50 should say
  6. You sound hot 🙂

    i visit czech-republic often. interested in hooking up?mydick4.thumb.jpg.7dc87d6f970987d94c1afc6a9f2eef09.jpg

  7. But be careful HPV can also cause issues in the mouth....You can get warts in the mouth and possible tongue cancer....
  8. Damn, that was so hot!! I love an Alpha Daddy like that. Reading that got my cage a little tight. Wish I had a cock to ride.
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  10. 219 loads so far this year. It's overall pace is down a bit, but May has been excellent with 74 loads. Below are my results for 2021 and 2022 with partial results from 2020. That is the year I began keeping track.
  11. 5 minutes ago. T intoxicated. Went to my local laundry, got bred, he had a scorpion tattoo, he wanted a condom, I told him either fuck me or fuck off, don't know if I'm poz , but looking to get any load.
  12. Very hot. It has tried this a couple times but never had as much success. It's best 24 hours was in a bathhouse. It was a busy evening and it swallowed 17 loads on Friday. It took a nap and was awakened early in the morning and got up to pee. The place was hopping so this pig got back to work and swallowed 9 more loads Saturday morning. All told it sucked 44 different cocks and swallowed 26 loads in about 22.5 hours. My results ⬇️
  13. I've only done piss play a few times but the first was voluntarily. I was at a bath house with a very hot young guy. We were making out, kissing, sucking each other, He said he had to take a break to go pee. I told him I'd love to swallow his pee so he did.t have to leave. I put his dick in my mouth and he started pissing. He was conscious of not overwhelming me and I was able to take it all without spilling. He must have been well hydrated because it wasn't too strong. As he finished I kept some in my mouth and kissed him so he could taste what he just shared. It wasn't a domination thing for either of us as I loved it because of the intimacy of sharing fluids. I was so hard that after he finished I lifted his legs, ate his ass, slid in and bred him. It was only fair that after I had taken his fluids that he should take mine.
  14. Wife does it to me she’s getting a cock lock soon
  15. Keep a diary write in it every load and a note if you’d take that cock again. I dated a guy about 10 years ago that was working on his 10th notebook
  16. It all started when l got home after being out for dinner with friends, one of my dads younger friends was at our house. We were all out side enjoying a warm summers night around the pool. My parents left to go to bed, my dads bud stayed and we started talking, I had known him for years he was married with children. He had his eye on me for some time, l picked up on the vibe, I was in my swimmers, I was in the pool I swam down to the rear of the pool. Got out and watched him, as l got out l pulled my swimmers up my butt crack. I could see him watching me and smiling, he headed towards me, l was looking the other way, l felt his his hand on my butt cheek, he fucked me raw for an hour or two cum in me few times, kissed a lot. Start of a fling for several years, occasionally we still get together, no family members know.
  17. damn ......so hot to be a good cunt for a [banned word] older guy....to use !!
  18. and yes, i am in a cage and someone an hour +/- away holds the keys.....

    he has let me out to inspect and fuck me, then locked back up.....no hard on, no sroking, just serving him as he see's fit to use me.

    feels incredible.


  19. UNITED STATES - Home for a month and ready for adventures. I met Jack, an Irish-Italian twunk who I've seen a few times. We had dinner and chatted about life. Afterwards I tried on a new Andrew Christian jock. He was rock hard and topped me raw on my back. I was moaning when he came inside me.
  20. As someone who knows Paris well and have traveled several times and played, this story is a fantasy. Common sense alone you didn’t get fucked by 400 guys in 10 days. I have been to sun city, IDM, O’dessa and while they are pretty good baths, they aren’t packing to the level to encounter 400 guys. Sun City alone tends to be quiet during the day but is more busy during weekend nights. Paris is a nice sex city but it isn’t some sex destination place, that honor goes to Berlin. I am sure you did visit the baths but hard press to believe you had 400 in 10 days especially knowing the vibe and crowd of some of these baths
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