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  2. I am sorry to say but I could not be monogamous! I have to be with anonymous people and have anonymous sex as much as possible! I have never been able to have a monogamous relationship!
  3. Very hot! Pretty sure the top in the vid I posted is one of those tops... & now I think I've got a crush on him!!... Anyone know who he is/which site he has his vids on?
  4. Chapter 6.2 - Sparky "U like doin negs?" was the message Ric got from Jim. Ric laughed to himself and wondered where this was going. He liked that they had continued to hookup after the summer break but knew that once the new library was finished they might not. A few had been longer fucks than their usual pump and dump on the construction site. Ric had even met Jim's roommate when they had an extended fuck session at his apartment. "Done my share. why?" he replied. A few seconds later Jim replied "Been fuckin an electrician" and then "Last time he said he just tested neg again and wondered why" followed by "he thought all poz guys could give him bug." "doesnt sound like he's too worried abt it. he chasin?" Ric asked. "Dunno bred him most of summer b4 he found out I was poz" Jim replied then added "others stopped fuckin him when they found out I was nailing him too. dumbfucks dont understand since I'm undetectable I'm safer than most guys no matter how many times I tell em." Ric wondered what Jim was thinking and if he wanted to poz the guy up. "U gonna stop meds to do it?" he sent. "Kinda wanted to watch u fck him first" Jim answered. Ric chuckled. "fuck him or poz him?" he asked. "Fuck. Dont think hes had a dick as big as u. hes cocky. b nice to watch a college guy own his ass" Jim texted back. Ric thought about it a moment and replied "If I fuck him, I'll own his ass 4 sure. where n when?" Jim sent a message back a few minutes later "checking. prob do longer fuck than we can at jobsite. u know places? don't want to use my apt." "Bathhouse?" Ric asked. "I dunno, might be too public for him" Jim replied. "Just go at an off time and have him get a room. He can decide how visible he is" Ric said, starting to think this was going to be too much work. "Monday eve might be quiet. Can u do that?" Jim asked. Seven thirty on Monday night, Ric walked into the bathhouse. "Not one of your usual times. Meeting someone?" the attendant asked. "Yeah. Not even sure if he'll show. How's the crowd?" Ric replied. "No crowd. Only a handful inside right now. It might pick up after ten" he got as a reply. Ric stripped down and stuffed his clothes in the locker before heading to the sauna. He gave Jim and his friend Sparky an hour before he would give up and head back home. He didn't have to wait long and he saw Jim and another guy come into the sauna. Once they got close he could see the other guy better without the steam. Sparky was a several years older than Jim or maybe he just had a hard life. His head was shaved and he wore several days scruff on his face. His smooth body held several extra pounds and the good start of a beer belly. There were several small tattoos scattered over his body and one large lightning bolt tattoo on his upper left arm. When he took the towel off his waist, Ric saw a rather small cock and no pubes. Ric didn't think Sparky was very attractive and hoped that he was a better lay than eye candy. At least when he turned around to check out the steam room Ric saw a nice, but smooth, ass. "Did you get a room?" Ric asked. Jim shook his head "No, the guy up front said there weren't a lot of people here so Sparky decided to chance it." "Ya only live once, huh?" Sparky said in a thick southern drawl. Ric chuckled and nodded, spreading his legs and stroking his soft cock. "Damn that's big" Sparky said, keeping his sentences short. He kept staring too and started to lick his lips. "Yeah, I won the lottery in that department. Come on over and give it a try. Let's see if you can wrap your lips around it" Ric said. Sparky looked around and no one else had come into the sauna. He came closer and bent over, taking Ric's partially hard cock into his hand. "Fuck" he said before pulling the foreskin back and licking over the head. Ric hadn't showered and he knew there might be more than just sweat and some piss under the hood, but Sparky didn't object. Slowly, he took more of Ric's cock into his mouth and Ric watched Jim disappear behind Sparky. A few seconds later, Sparky moaned around Ric's cock and Ric assumed that came from Jim's tongue on his ass. The moans kept coming and Sparky began sucking harder and deeper. It wasn't the best blowjob Ric had gotten but it wasn't the worst, either. Sparky mostly kept his teeth from scraping on Ric's shaft, but Ric was used to it. He licked back up the shaft, letting Ric's cock pop free of his lips. After taking a deep breath and going back down, he took Ric further into his mouth and just let the tip hit his throat. Ric rested his hand on the back of Sparky's head, pushing harder until the tip squeezed in. Sparky struggled and Ric let up, giving him a moment to refill his lungs before pushing his head back down. With his cock deeper in Sparky's throat this time, Ric gently started to thrust up, getting a little deeper. A few moments later, he saw Jim's head pop up and then stand up. He let Sparky grab another bit of air and pressed down as he watched Jim push in. Like he usually did when he fucked Sparky, Jim slowly sunk his entire shaft into the hole. Sparky had told him he loved to feel the burn and today he was sure Sparky would feel it at least twice today. He made sure there was just the bare minimum coating of spit to let him in. A slow drag pulled his cock all the way out before he shoved back in. This time, he didn't stay planted and began to plow way with firm strokes. Ric was fucking his face too, just with shorter strokes. The moans had turned to groans and Ric could tell Sparky was in pain. He wasn't trying to push off or wiggle away, so Ric pulled his head back and let him nurse on Ric's cock. The moans returned after a couple minutes until Jim would thrust in and make him grunt. Jim started to drill Sparky faster and Ric figured he was close. He had never seen Jim top before and now knew he was much more than just a horny bottom. Out of the steam Ric saw a guy come closer, stroking his cock. When he got next to Jim, Ric recognized him as the guy he called spiderman. The guy was about fifty and had a dozen or more spider tattoos crawling up his arm. Ric and Taylor had taken turns the previous Spring making sure that his cum was now virally enhanced. Spiderman grinned at Ric and watched Jim inch ever closer to orgasm as he slowly stroked his hard cock. A loud growl preceded Jim's last thrust, followed by the first breeding that night of Sparky's hole. It looked like a long orgasm and Ric wondered if he had been saving up to make sure he flooded Sparky's cunt. Spiderman grinned and then wordlessly asked if he could be next. Ric wasn't sure that Sparky knew there was another guy in the sauna, but he found out when instead of Ric getting up or Jim pushing back in, he got spiderman's long thin cock. Sparky jolted a bit, but Ric held his head. It didn't take long before spiderman was pounding Sparky's ass. His fuck looked pretty boring to Ric, with only one motion and one speed. He only lasted five minutes before he began to shoot his toxic jizz into Sparky. Ric would have preferred to be the only one filling Sparky with viral cum, but so far Sparky wasn't a good enough fuck to earn Ric's desire to be the only one. Once spiderman was out of the way, Ric and Jim swapped spots. The hole might have been slick with two guys' loads, but it still was tight. He saw Sparky's face buried in Jim's crotch with a cock probably deep into his throat. Ric got a couple inches in and bent over Sparky, pressing his chest to Sparky's sweaty back. With his head next next to Sparky's, he asked "Ready to get knocked up, Sparky?" Sparky whimpered with Jim's cock still in his mouth. "I'll take that as a 'yes'" Ric said, plunging his cock most of the way in. Sparky screamed out but most of it was muffled by Jim's cock. His body squirmed and twisted but since he was pinned between Ric and Jim, it just forced Ric's cock in deeper. Ric raised his hips and gave another hard thrust, digging into a new spot and making Sparky scream even louder before Jim pushed his cock in deeper. "Jim said you were disappointed your last test was neg. I hope that won't be a problem next time" Ric said, rolling his hips so his cock was almost out before driving back in. Slowly he plowed, forcing most of the two loads out and stretching the soft chute with each thrust. The whimpers returned a few minutes later along with Ric's faster strokes. Ric saw Jim face fuck Sparky's throat and he started to plow faster too. Once Sparky got used to one intensity, Ric would go harder. Ric pushed up, keeping his grip on Sparky's shoulders while he kept pounding. Jim smiled back at him and Ric wondered if he was up for a fuck like this. Most of their encounters had been quite a bit tamer. Another five minutes had Ric close and a few minutes more found him firing off volleys of his cum into Sparky's battered cunt. A few guys had gathered to watch Sparky get fucked and a few made comments when Ric shoved in the final time. "He's fucked" one guy said. "Lucky bitch" said another. Ric chuckled, quickly glancing to see who might be a good hookup next time. Once the adrenaline had faded, Ric slowly pulled his cock free and watched cum drip out of the wrecked hole. He stood back and Jim got up, leaving Sparky gasping for breath and braced on the bench. Jim slid his hard cock into the loose hole and laughed. It was then that Ric saw the fresh ink on Jim's upper back. The bio tat was larger than his but looked perfectly sized for the placement between his shoulders. It only took a couple minutes before Jim was growling again and pumping more of his seed into Sparky's hole. Ric took a seat and Sparky licked his cock briefly. When Jim had pulled out, Sparky stood up obviously in pain. "Fuck, my ass and throat are so fuckin sore" Sparky said. "That should hold you for a couple days" Jim said, slapping Sparky's ass. They headed off toward the showers with Ric trailing the other two. "Nice ink, Jim" Ric said as they rinsed off. "It's your fault. I liked your tat and wanted to get one, but I was afraid of the reaction I'd get. I've been getting a lot more action the past year and found more guys that aren't afraid of fuckin poz guys. Seem to be a lot more poz college students that want some hole to fuck, too" Jim said. Ric smiled back at him. "That might be my fault too" Ric thought.
  5. The closest thing to that I know of was blowbuddies, but that closed down. I know Eros opened back up on Turk street but haven’t been yet. still looking for piss tops!
  6. Chapter 6.1 - Rescuing A Friend Ric was standing in the ballroom talking to Devon and the endless line of people that came up to chat. He felt uncomfortable in the tux but was getting used to being the eye candy on Devon's arm for these monthly formal events. Devon had even bought him the tux. He could never imagine spending a few thousand dollars on an outfit you only wear a few times a year. It looked and fit perfect, thanks to the cute tailor who needed three fittings and five loads to get it right. At first he thought that the champagne was messing with his eyes but the closer the two guys got, the more he realized that he saw him correctly the first time. "Hi, Devon. Good to see you again. Even better to see that you brought the same stud from the last few events. He's definitely a looker. Uh... This is my friend Zane" the cherubic guy with a cheap, poorly-fitting gray rental tux said. He was a few inches shorter than Ric, at least thirty pounds overweight with a round face that had a few pimples on it and a mop of dark blond hair on his head. More interesting to Ric was his date "Zane" or as Ric knew him, Paul. "Nice to see you again, Ted" Devon said, unconvincingly. He then said "Finally decided to come out? Congrats." Devon and Ted began to talk and Ric gave Paul a bro hug. "Good to see you again. Been way too long" Ric said. Paul leaned in and whispered "Your client is a lot hotter than mine. Want to swap?" Ric chuckled. "Devon is a friend, not a client. He did hire a guy once for an event like this last year, but it sucked in a bad way. Having fun with yours?" he asked. "Oh crap. Not really. He thinks he's a top and only plays safe. He's not a good kisser and burps a lot. The money's good though, and I've already spotted a half dozen previous clients at this event. All but one looked away. It seems most of these guys are closet cases. So... Friends or friends with benefits?" Paul asked. A grin covered Ric's face. "Oh, benefits for sure. He's a great bottom and is becoming a decent top. We had a fun three way with my boyfriend a few weeks ago" Ric said. "I bet that was hot. Is he on prep?" Paul asked. "Surprisingly, he wasn't. It took four tries but I gave him the Christmas gift you can't return. Now he's on the flip side" Ric replied, laughing softly. Ted dragged Paul away a few minutes later. Devon turned and leaned in close to Ric. "Uh... Is he a friend of yours? I think Ted hired him for the night" Devon said. Ric smiled and pulled Devon to the dance floor. He leaned in as they slowly danced and replied "Yeah, he's a friend but I know he does work like that on the side. Keep it quiet, please... and ask Ted to do the same." "Oh, sure. I'm kind of responsible for Ted doing that, though. I told him what I did last year, but added your suggestion to be more picky on who he hires. Zane seems nice and is really cute. Ted should have looked for someone more in his... league. He did say their warm up before the party was really hot and was looking forward to more later" Devon said. "Ah, ok. I thought he was telling you that he hired a guy just as normal conversation" Ric said. "No, it was more along the lines of thanking me for the idea. I got to admit, I was surprised at your response when I told you about the guy I hired last year. I only told one other person and they gave me a ton of crap for doing it. You should consider doing something like that. You'd be perfect. You know how to fit in, you're well mannered, you're hot, can dance and talk with people. And you're fucking awesome in bed. I guess the only down side is that you'd end up with guys like Ted hiring you" Devon said as the song ended. Ric gave him a wink and said "Or you" before they continued dancing the rest of the night. Ric grabbed a pair of glasses of champagne as last call was made and they stood next to a table watching the party wind down. "I invited a couple guys back to the room after the party. I hope you don't mind" Devon said. "Ted?" Ric asked, half seriously. "Oh god no. His... uh... friend, I'd ask in a heartbeat. No, it's a couple guys from the house that want to play with fire" Devon said. "You sure you want to knock up your fraternity bros? It can come back to haunt you. I had one guy from my dorm that glared at me most of last year after he got what he asked for" Ric replied. "One, I really do. The other guy I really don't care. He's a freshman and thinks he can fuck his way up the ladder. I told him if he put out good tonight, I'd help him get on the social committee" Devon explained. Ric chuckled, thinking what position the guy would have on the social committee. Pole dancing entertainment, was his first guess. He wondered if he couldn't help Paul get out of his boring evening with Ted. "I got Pau...Zane's number if you want me to invite them over. We could make the night really memorable for Ted..." Ric said before an evil grin filled his face. "That's tempting. He's made a few comments about wanting to hookup, but he's not really my type" Devon said. "Too chunky?" Ric asked. "Uh... too whiny... uh, needy, hell... both" Devon said, taking the last sip of his champagne. They kept talking as they made their way back to the suite upstairs. "Well, I think he owes you a big thank you for helping him come out and show up with a stud on his arm tonight. The least he could do is come over and take some dick" Ric said. Devon laughed and replied "You want us to knock him up?" "Well, we'd have to have an even number of tops and bottoms. I assume you and I are topping your bro's and I've only seen... Zane bottom twice, once when we flipped one time. That would mean Ted needs to bottom" Ric replied, chuckling afterwards. Devon was surprised that Ted agreed the moment he asked. He even didn't put up a fight when Devon told him he'd have to bottom. Fifteen minutes later there was a tap at the hotel room door and Devon invited Mick and Samir inside. Mick was the older of the two and Ric assumed that Samir was the power hungry freshman. He wasn't what Ric expected, only standing five foot four and looked thin, even in his tux. He assumed from the name and appearance, he was Indian. Mick was the tallest of the group at just over six foot with a lightly muscled and tanned body. "We got some other guests coming, so avoid any comments about status, okay?" Devon said and got grins and nods from the two new guys. Ric had changed into a robe over his naked body as soon as they got to the room. After the first guests arrived, Devon had removed his jacket and tie, unbuttoned his shirt and kicked his shoes off. The new guys stood there in just their underwear while they waited. Another fifteen minutes and finally there was another knock on the door. Ted looked nervous, but Paul was calm as they walked in. Devon got looks from Mick and Samir as they recognized Ted. Paul winked at Ric, giving him a very grateful "thank you" look. Once Ted and Paul were naked, Ric looked over and saw that Devon had stripped too. "Wow, that looks fresh. When did you get the ink?" Ric asked Devon. A big grin came over his face and Devon replied "A couple weeks ago. Tell your boyfriend thanks for the referral. That artist is awesome." Ric looked over the dragon tattoo on his right arm, covering from his elbow up and over on to his right pec. It was in black ink with red accents and looked good against his caramel skin. "Look at the claw" Devon said quietly. Ric took another look and saw a pendant dangling from the dragon's claw with a biohazard on it. "Subtle. I like it" Ric replied. When he turned back, Ted was on his knees, sucking on Paul's cock. Mick followed Devon to the side of the bed and Ric went to the other side. He opened the robe and watched Samir's eyes gaze up and down his body. He looked nervous, but raised his hand and wrapped it around the base of Ric's cock and guided it to his lips. Samir sucked better than Ric expected, but struggled with the length of his cock. Devon was the first to turn Mick around and forced some spit into his hole. Ric watched closely, waiting for Devon to be the first to drive his cock into a willing ass. Mick groaned and the expression on his face told everyone he was having a hard time with Devon's cock. Ric pulled Samir off his dick and a quick nod was all it took for Samir to turn and move on to the bed. Ric dropped the robe to the side and knelt down behind Samir. Unlike Devon, Ric buried his face into the hairy ass and worked some saliva into the tight hole. While the ring relaxed a bit, Ric knew he was going to have to spend some time opening him up to have any chance of getting his cock inside. When he finally had three fingers in, Ric knew he was way behind both Devon and Paul. He stood up and saw the other tops drilling their bottoms before he pulled the foreskin back and pushed his cock in. A deep groan came out of Samir while Ric forced his way in deeper. He barely made it half way in before he paused, feeling Samir gasping and twisting. "Gettin stretched there, Sami?" Devon asked, chuckling afterwards. "Mmhmm" Samir replied painfully. "Don't worry... it feels great once he gets it all in you" Devon replied. Ric heard Paul laugh as he plowed harder into Ted. Ric began to roll his hips, giving short strokes with his shaft. He leaned forward and pushed Samir's head into the mattress and began to thrust harder. The muffled cries caught the attention of the other four, but with Samir staying in position and taking the fuck he was getting, no one said anything. The two other tops began to drill harder too. It didn't take long before the tops were looking at each other, trying to gauge how close the others were to cumming. A quick nod said that Devon and Paul were ready and a minute later when Ric nodded it triggered the other two. Devon came first with Paul just a few seconds behind. Ric tried to drive the rest of his cock in, but hit the wall and got a loud scream from Samir before his cum showered the battered chute. Ric knew he'd torn him up, but the darker skin on both of them obscured the damage. Only the drips of dark pink cum onto the bedspread told how badly Samir's ass was wrecked. "Switch right" Devon called out as he pulled his dick out of Mick's hole. Ric had to walk around the bed to get behind Mick and once again was the last to push into his bottom. "Oh... god yeah... something smaller. I thought I just took a baseball bat in my ass" Samir said. "I can make up for it by pounding that pussy into tomorrow if you'd like" Paul said. "NO! Go easy... my ass is sore already" Samir said. Paul continued to slowly plow his hole and Devon was drilling Ted. He was surprised that Ted was taking it without complaint and figured that most of Ted's experience was as a bottom. Devon looked to his right and assumed that the scorpion tattoo on Zane's chest meant that he was poz, but figured that since he hired out he must be undetectable. Ric was relieved that Mick was used to taking thicker cocks and while he grunted with each thrust, it was much easier than fucking Samir. He was sure the load of cum inside helped, too. After fifteen minutes, the tops once again nodded at each other. Paul was the first to seed Samir's tortured cunt. Devon pounded Ted a minute more before he dumped his viral cream in and once again Ric was last. He was able to thrust his cock in balls deep before firing off his own tainted seed, forcing a low groan from Mick. Devon gave everyone a little time to recover and then called out "Next!" He was surprised when Samir tried to crawl away when his cock touched the battered hole. "You know the deal. You backin' out of it?" Devon asked, getting a pained "No" in response from Samir. A pair of hands on his hips tugged him back and Devon forced his cock in with one move. It was the only time Devon planned on letting Samir get a second chance. Ric approached Ted and slipped into the gaping, cum filled hole. The sounds Ted made let everyone know how sore he was and that Ric's cock was stretching him out even more. The walk around the bed made sure that this time Paul was the last one in. He rubbed his hand on Ric's ass as he went by to take his spot. Paul gave a wink and all three tops were plowing their bottoms again. Ric found he couldn't get too deep inside Ted, but plowed him anyway. He wasn't sure how much cum he had left either, but as usual the thought of breeding another neg guy urged him on. Paul was plowing the hardest, with Mick showing his ability to take cock far better than the other two. None of the tops lasted as long for the third round. They still looked at each other to time their orgasms close together. Samir whimpered when Devon gave his final two lunges and shot his load in. Ric was next, giving four hard thrusts, trying to break through Ted's inner ring before giving up and coating his guts with a third dose of cum. Paul added his seed to the remains of Devon and Ric's jizz inside Mick's ass. Ted groaned as Ric pulled out and then fell flat on the bed. Paul and Devon pulled out too and the three tops moved over to the sitting area in the suite. Mick joined them a minute later and Samir headed to the bathroom. "Fuck... My ass is bleeding... Do you think I got torn?" Samir asked. "Nah, but keep an eye on it. You were pretty tight" Ric said. He looked over and Ted was passed out. "You, ok there, Ted" Ric asked but got no response until he heard a snore a minute later. Samir joined everyone and gently sat down on a folded towel. He still winced, but sat there looking around. "I didn't think I was going to get bred by three guys tonight... only you, Devon" Samir said. "You guys all undetectable?" Mick asked. "Not me" came the chorus from Ric, Devon and Paul who all grinned back at Mick. "Fuck. I hope I can dodge the bullet again..." Mick said. "I'm done, then. There's no way way I'm not going to get pozzed with three viral loads and an ass this wrecked" Samir said. "Ya never know, but I know a couple of us have a good record" Paul said, smiling back at him.
  7. It IS a problem. Luckily, I'm brown and somewhat exotic, so I'm usually lucky enough to get in - despite being less fit and older than I used to be. It has happened to me as well though and it sucks. Definitely is a hit to the ego, but as was mentioned above, I usually have a plan B to fall back on. If you're ever in the states the Horsemarketsf parties are similar to the German ones, but are more body positive and don't have such arrogant door policies.
  8. i'm like that now. casual sex doesn't excite me. it hasn't for a while now. sex with one man that i love has a more powerful feeling to it. more powerful orgasms. it is more fun and exciting, and in my experience it has been more creative. even the most mediocre sex feels a lot better than hot sex with a hookup.
  9. New Action is always high on my list, as is Mutschmann's and Scheune. I used to have good luck in all of those places, as well as the previously mentioned, Fickstuttenmarkt and LABORATORY. Enjoy (and let us know where you got the most loads!
  10. I'm 13/14 - Veteran. Apparently, I've been around a while, have interacted with a lot of people, Posted topics and commented on others. It think there's some value to each of those actions and they build over time. I'm still 2200 points away from becoming the Supreme (or whatever 15/15 is). When I do, I'll expect a crown and a scepter and the respect I deserve! :-p
  11. Today
  12. I'm going to horse fair in November as well. I'm bottom and it will be my first time. See you there.
  13. I used to be monogamous but not so much lately. Also I've gone from being 100% hetero to bi. Lol
  14. Ugh, religious freedom is a doctor telling a ten year old girl to literally go die because treating her life threatening condition goes against his beliefs. I myself have recently been religious freedomed. This piece of sh*t pharmacist refused to refill my prescription and tried to give me (testosterone) patches to "fix" me
  15. This is a spin off of a story written here in this section called My Friends Dad. I encourage you to check it out, like and or comment. Many things here will make much more sense if you do. For those who've already read it, some interesting stuff coming up here. So it was time to head back to college! Before I left, my homophobic real father actually encouraged me to join a fraternity as it was a great way to meet women in sororities. He continued by telling me about all the pussy that he got in college while in a fraternity. He was disappointed that his chapter was not on my campus, as he could get me in as a Legacy. Deep down I felt a sigh of relief! I told him i had thought about joining a fraternity, but he convinced me that I should. Little did he know the fraternity I was thinking about was know as the "fuckternity" on campus! On the other hand, my new dad and brother advised me to join a fraternity for other reasons. My brother said the fraternities typically had lots of hot guys in them. He said they typically prefer pussy, but he's sucked quite a few fraternity guys, and even been fucked by a few. He wasn't in a fraternity, but had a friend that was, and he would frequently visit just for head, saying that women just don't know how to suck cock. My brother then continued by saying one night when his friend was drunk, he came over for his regular blow job, and asked him to fuck him, as he was tired of using a dildo on his ass, or having a sorority sister come over and fuck him with a strap on. With that my new dad said he had a going away gift for me. He brought out a Webcam, and said that he and his son had a private video room, and that his son would often turn it on when he and his roommate were fucking each other, or even better when fucking a stranger. Dad also said he had recently set up a Webcam in the dungeon, and used it for the first time at our going away party. He admitted the captures he took from it weren't the best, but showed the overall orgy. He said he included a link to the private website, which he called All in the Family. He assured me that it was private and that only himself and my brother had access to it. During my freshman year, I didn't consider myself gay. Sure I looked at guys cocks in the group shower, but I looked at girls tits too! It was all a part of being off on my own for the first time. After this summer, I definitely knew I was gay though! My first year at college was pretty boring. Really no sex life at all, besides watching porn and jacking. It was a relief not having my father giving me grief for jacking in the bathroom at home! My first year roomie was also straight, yet we would often watch straight porn together, in our own beds jacking. One of our best friends on the floor was somewhat of a religious freak, but when we went out to the bars, he drank much more than either of us! I guess that he was our friend because he was super smart, and often helped us with our school work. One night while at the bar, the three of us started discussing fraternities. The religious guy said he couldn't find one to fit his spiritual needs, but encouraged us to look at the options. He cautioned us about one that was full of "sodomites and sinners" though! My cock got hard over the tought of joining that fraternity. We stumbled home from the bar, basically holding up our religious friend. When my roomie and I got back to our room, we kinda chuckled about the conversation. As we layed in our beds, getting ready to watch some straight porn, my roomie said wouldn't it be funny if Mr religion was totally drunk one night and had gay sex? Just the thought of it actually got me hard! I just laughed and my roomie got up to put a porn in, and he was visibly hard too. He put the porn in, and we both stroked our cocks to completion. I found my friends thought kind of strange. Sure we would jack together to straight porn, but that wasn't really gay. I wondered if he had gay sex before? Was he hinting that he wanted to? Was he simply just drunk? My second year, we had the option to choose a roommate. Although my old roommate was cool, I wasn't sure that he would ever do more than Jack to straight porn. After our conversation about our religious friend though, In the back of my mind, i thought that he may have an interest in having gay sex though. I got super hard just thinking about grooming him, like my new dad and brother groomed me. It was a tough decision, but I decided not to list him as a potential roomie. After the summer I wanted more than just the possibility of having a gay roomie. It was a difficult decision not to choose him as a roomie, but I'd take a chance. I lied and told him I selected him though. If worst came to worst, I'd make sure a new roomie that didn't work out would want to transfer out of my room. Once my friend found out we weren't going to be roomies, he was disappointed, but I said it was a good opportunity to meet others, and if it didn't work out for either, I had a plan. Next up Chapter 2: My new roomie!
  16. I got a message on sniffles asking for my address. He said he was taking Uber I doubted he would show up but 20 minutes later there he was He wanted me to suck him which I did Very slender guy with a huge dick. When he was rock hard he said ready to fuck. He had me kneel on bed and in my ass he went. He fucked me for about 5 min till I heard him say he was cumming. He blew a nice load in my ass. He then waited for Uber to come pick him up. he said he was bi and liked to fuck girls Just every so often he wanted to fuck a guy. never mentioned condom and wanted to cum in my ass Perfect
  17. Very hot. Looking forward to what cums next.
  18. Nice they are available in London... I have been struggling over in Gloucester
  19. if you’re ever in the mood for some really raunchy Peggy phone fuck let me know I would love to get your load

  20. All the married guys that have fucked me have been raw and always left a load. Or two. And then back home to the wife…
  21. Between 500-550 in last 6 years.... All from Grindr or gay club .
  22. One of the ones that might qualify is getting a bunch of members of the A Brotherhood prison gang, having them kidnap me, tie me up, Chem me up, and rape me for days on end.
  23. I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this next... I kinda crave being demeaned and used as a base pig rather than having lots of mod cons and a few luxuries 😈
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