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  2. Finished off a great day yesterday with 8 more loads for a total of 10 loads plus one load i drank. Passed out at 12:30am now back up at 6am rock hard and looking for more. Fuck I love my Breed Steed  life!!

  3. Thanks for following me stud. 

  4. Thanks for the follow, stud

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  6. As a top I'm proud if a bottom sports a raging hardon as it proves he is happy the way I fuck him; if my bottom is soft, no big deal. As a bottom I'm always soft when getting fucked, once only years ago my top with "an upward bend banana" fucked an incredible load out of my hard cock.
  7. another condom to bareback breeding video
  8. I definitely prefer the slow-sensual fucking of a top when bottoming and as a consequence I fuck slow-sensual as a top until my orgasm is imminent … and I go for a final crescendo.
  9. HOT condom to bareback scene. Bottom gets verbal when the top removes the condom and starts breeding!
  10. Thank-you for the follow mate

  11. Just the kind of message I would love. My ex used to always call me his " useless piece of fuckmeat" and always told me I was only there to pleasure him and the tops he let fuck me - and he was right and I always just totally surrender myself to tops for their use in whatever way they want
  12. Me too. Although if the hole has multiple loads, love to piston fuck.
  13. “Hop up, get comfy and enjoy the ride.” I hop up, lay down and wriggle into place and am then surprised as I’m tightly strapped in with a thick leather band over my chest, my legs are pulled back leaving my ass up and my hole fully exposed as my ankles and arms are manacled one, by one fixed in place to the clanking chains of the Sling. “There, all good to go, no hood for you today as everyone else will have one on…OK Pawel send them in.” I watch as a stampede of naked men of all ages shapes and sizes come into to the room and crowd around me, most already are sprouting hardons and are verbally excitable. Pawel’s voice booms out, “Get cleaning.” It was an incredibly sensuous feeling to have those soapy hands roaming my body and I just lay there luxuriating in the sensations as slippery hands glide over the contours of my folded body. Those feelings were kicked up a notch when I felt a smooth object inserted into my ass. There was no need to inquire as to the reason as almost immediately warm water started to flow into me. Faster than I would have thought possible I felt my abdomen swell with the influx of water and hands kneading my stomach creating pressure pains in my guts and as the enema was remove someone pressed hard down on my guts and the water shot out of my ass to much cheering from the crowd. The next thing to happen was hands began to stroke me in a most sensuous fashion. Laying there relaxed, yet stimulated, letting the movements of their hands bring me once again to rigidity, their mouths joining their exploring fingers, stroking my cock, a ball, then the second, entering a mouth, my breathing coming quicker. Warm wet lips descended on my cock as I felt my head penetrating, the glans sliding over his tongue and entering this anonymous throat. My hips started a slow rhythmic rocking with the chains clanking as I fucked into his mouth, the breathing loud as he drew breaths through his nose. Unseen by me cool ointment is spread around my hole and the lube filled syringe disappears in my ass as it is shoved deep in my bowels and emptied. That by itself must be hot as more cheering, murmurs and back slapping spontaneously break out as they can tell although my hole is already very loose from earlier attention no way am I ready to take a fist, so they get to see one lucky bastard lube their hand and easily insert 1, 2, 3 then 4 fingers. I groan as the agitating hand saws back and forth now past the knuckles, scissoring all 4 fingers as he pulls on the out stroke. As much as I try to strain and see but missed his thumb being placed in the palm of his hand and thrust back in. I yelp as the pressure mounts on my sphincter which is offering greater resistance to this intrusion until his hand has greater force than my ass muscle as his hand breaks through to an audible pop. The pain is colossal and I’m trying to slap my hands at something shouting FUCK!, FUCK! FUCK! My balls draw up and my sphincter clamps down on the hand invading my hole frantically quivering and clamping around the wrist at my entrance. Slowly but certainly this guy works his hand all the way inside my asshole. Yep, the full hand, but that is not enough for these hooded fisting maniacs crowded around me, as my guts are invaded by the whole arm of this fistee, until only his elbow is visible. My held breath is released as he withdrew to caress my parted ass lips and the opening leading inside. His fingers circled my ass, teasing, probing, letting the suspense build, the sensations firing off in all directions making me overcome the pain and fully engaging into wanting more! The man sucking on my cock slurped and swallowed my free-flowing pre-cum. I was waiting again, feeling the tension, hoping that was not all, that he would enter me again. Four fingers plunged in this time in one quick entrance, opening me wider and penetrating more deeply. Then quickly in and out, working his fingers and my ass, rapidly forcing me wider with each thrust, the friction making me super horny. He pulled out bringing some of the lube with it and without pausing plunged his entire hand inside me but more easily this time as I opened up and with a little lube. I lurched in response, tightening further against my restraints, still not breathing, my stomach fluttering with excitement. He pumped into me repeatedly, my anus expanding momentarily as his knuckles passed through then tightening as his wrist entered me. One more withdrawal and more lube as he quickly curled his hand into a fist and shoved against me. This time he had to fight the resistance of my anal ring as I felt myself trying to spread to accept him. He pushed harder, straight in, not twisting, not working it, just a straight-ahead push that left me no room for escape. My ass was being pushed into me until finally I felt myself start to spread open, a slight yield to the inexorable pressure. My anal ring was riding up and over his fist, yielding and expanding as he entered me. I willed myself to relax, not sure if I would be able to take the bulk of his fist when my outer sphincter gave way and I swallowed it whole hungrily drawing his fist in further. Without pause he withdrew then plunged back in, over and over in short quick strokes. My anal opening was vibrating with his thrusting, I felt my anal lips expanding and contracting riding up and down over his fist. Then he stopped inside me, his fingers opening, probing for greater depth, scratching whilst searching for the second, deeper sphincter that would allow him to go really deep. I became aware you could hear a pin drop other than the rhymical sound of guys slowly wanking, no action around us as my eyes roamed across the audience witnessing my penetration. Momentarily I lost concentration, then as his fingers probed the end of my rectum I returned to focus on the thrill of his deep penetration. His exploring fingers found the opening into my colon and began to worm their way deeper, spreading my innards as his fingertips passed through. I could feel him penetrating more deeply as well as feeling his hairy forearm beginning to enter well past the wrist. A bulge began to show on my abdomen on the left side, proof of the deepness of his invasion. The growing bulge vanished as he pulled back outside my colon only to ball his hand back into a fist and plunge deep again. As his balled fist pushed its way past the sphincter I moaned explosively through clenched teeth at the eroticism of a fist sliding deep inside me. He had worked his way inside far enough so his wrist was past that inner constriction, the bump of his fist pushing out my flesh some way past my navel. I was grunting in lust to such an extent that for a minute I was not conscious of additional fingers snaking their way through my ass. I caught my breath as I digested this new stimulation, my ass stretched around his forearm as the opening increased rapidly with the introduction of four more fingers. Involuntarily I began to pant, wanting to be spread more, beginning to understand how to respond to being fisted. I don’t know what I was doing externally but internally my mind was expanding as fast as my ass. I lay there mentally digesting the fact that one hand and half a forearm was buried inside me and a second hand was creeping inside with the first. I knew my breathing was coming short and fast and that my toes were curling and I was tense with excitement with my steel hard cock pulsing with every heartbeat, but all I could really feel was the slow progression of a second hand and the spreading that was taking place. I didn’t even realize that it was a different man that was inserting the second hand, all I knew was that I was being opened like never before. I briefly worried that my ass must be split, ripped and bloody from all this stretching. A long whoosh of expelled air and a slight reduction in pressure as my anal ring encircled the wrist, briefly though as the second forearm started to enter me. My inner sphincter was now being assaulted and stretched, spreading around the entrance of another hand. OhhhhMyyyyyGgggooooddd it was passing through, two hands in my colon. My cock was attempting to respond, shaking in the hand of these men, little spurts of pre-cum ejecting as knuckles or wrists buffeted my prostate forming pools of cum on my belly that rolled off my skin as the bulge of the hands lifted my abdomen up. My stretched ass felt as if it were gaping open and had given up, visible to all that wanted to look up inside me as one guy’s cock was eased in alongside the hands and forearm. My senses hit overload as a hand began stroking my twitching cock with his hand and although I desperately wanted to cum one hand started to advance again, the taut skin of my belly separating into two distinct bulges, one moving higher then turning to the right as it sank deeper into my colon. My anal ring stretched to a greater width and I didn’t realize at first that an elbow was entering me. My ass yawned open, pausing as it reached around the elbow and forearm to finally gulp it in. My body was literally tingling with the eroticism of the penetrations and I was moaning continuously, gulping in air between moans. The men were alternating pushing into me so that it looked as if some giant piston was pumping inside me as one wanked himself inside me as the other pushed further inside. I couldn’t believe how open and exposed I felt, how erotic the sensations were, the disbelief that two people were deep inside me. The man working my cock, licking and sucking it as he lazily pumped it with his hand. As the guy masturbating inside my guts grunted to announce his climax I seemed to melt even further, churning with an unreal erotic charge. I began to hump against the arms already lodged inside me and against advancing fingers. Once more he lowered his mouth over my cock and slid his free hand over my abdomen to feel the two hands moving inside me. I was having difficulty in mentally accepting the amount buried inside me, one arm in past the elbow, another with the elbow just about to enter my rectum and a cock drippling cum of unknown status in my totally trashed slut hole. I can’t describe how open I felt as my knees spread as widely as possible, my hole spread and open to view. It was so erotic to be this open. As tightly as I was packed I still felt loose, as if anything inside me could just fall out. I couldn’t imagine where my stomach and other organs had been shoved. The guys were shifting positions to be able to get in further and I could feel cool lube being added. They pushed on, biceps stretching me out, the sheen sweat covering my body highlighted a massive bulge appearing on the left edge of my torso with a distinct trail comprised of a ridge formed by the two arms attached to the fist bulge. I was heaving my hips up and down, working to get them in deeper, not ready at this stage to accept any limits, only wanting more and more. I was too tied down let alone stretched to offer any resistance against their advances, my anal muscles too wrecked to allow me to clamp around their arms. I was open……just a pit to bury their arms in, open to any invasion they wanted to make, and I was loving it! The continued stimulation of my prostate promoted a steady stream of pre-cum, which someone sucked down as soon as it was produced. In seventh heaven I mashed my crotch against his face, trying to bury my cock down his throat. The first arm held still as the second worked deeper into me, his cum-lubed hand sliding through my inner sphincter, scraping along their forearms, the unbelievable spreading as his elbow entered me, pressing bicep against bicep. I watched transfixed as I viewed the advance of his hand, waiting for the magic moment when their hands joined. My ass cheeks were flattened as they spread away from each other, my insides were quivering in lust, my legs were shaking from lust, I was no longer in control of myself, my body could only react to my excitement. I lay there shaking, mentally visualizing as well as feeling his arm reaching farther inside me. Then he reached the other hand as the men joined hands into one great fist. A huge ridge ran up from my crotch, across my belly and started back down towards my crotch. My lust was so great that I kept hunching myself against the two arms, but not willfully. I was in too much of a sexual fog to do this consciously, it was just a physical reaction to the incredible stimulation. Two men with their arms buried almost to the shoulder were penetrating inside my body. They began to try and fuck me in unison but were to tightly wedged to make much movement. Mostly I slid back and forth on the Slings, well at least as far as my restraints would allow. Gradually, as my hole adjusted and loosened slightly, they were able to make longer thrusts. I laid there limply, letting the sensations of their thrusting arms carry me to greater heights of erotic lust. At times I felt as if I were only a gigantic hole designed to receive their thrusts, but I couldn’t deny the movement of my organs as they were jostled around by the fucking of their arms, or the lustful shaking of my limbs as they quivered in response to my excitement. Their strokes grew longer as my ass hole was first pulled out from my body then shoved back inside with their inward strokes. I knew I was moving to higher and higher erotic levels as they fucked me but it wasn’t until I noticed hot liquid splashing all over my body, face, eyes and hair as the guys watching around me shot their load at the sight of my writhing in pleasure as the two whole arms pulled back and forth inside my guts. This was just too much. I started cumming directly into the mouth wrapped around my cock. The magnificent stimulation of my anus had focussed me solely on their thrusting, my orgasm had become an incidental reaction to that intense stimulation. I lay there as my body was buffeted by their long deep strokes, unwilling to react and thrust against them. As their strokes lengthened to 18 inches my unresisting body began to be lifted off the bench only to be slammed back down on the in strokes. The guy no longer was able to suck me as they forced against me although I continued to spew streams of cum in response. Finally, after one massive thrust they jerked their arms from inside me and I collapsed down into the Sling wet with sweat, short of breath yet blissed out beyond compare. My ass gaping and open, my cock pumping cum, my body limp and yielding. One of the men buried his face against my anus as my stretched asshole covered his entire face. He then slid up and took my sore and throbbing cock into his mouth, drinking down the final dribbles of cum. The men then knelt alongside the Sling resting their elbows against each other, their fingers intertwined and wrapping around to form one great exposed fist. I had not been able to fathom out how anyone could possibly have taken so much but now it was clear. It simply couldn’t be resisted. To ringing applause Pawel and Pitor released my bindings, eased me to my feet and supported me as I staggered to my wobbly feet. I know I have the biggest shit eating grin across my face and a gaping hole that's wanting more, much more with an overpowering feeling that I'm uncontrollably attracted to that huge mass of linked hands and arms, “Fuck that was sooooo GOOD I have to take it inside me again and NOW!”.
  14. He may not be poz at all. Get tested.
  15. Thank you for the follow

  16. That's how I love it, feeling so feminine and like the woman I would love to have been, with sperma swimming inside my hole in search for an egg to fertilize. I don't feel it immediately, but I soon do, and the slippery feeling increases with every movement as I walk or thrive my hips around, excited and enjoying having been seeded, the risk adding to the fun. The more cum the better, from as many guys as possible.
  17. I am a bareback tranny and, like many other TVs and CDs, I only do bareback, refusing anyone who wants to use a condom. Most guys fuck me bare and anonymously, not asking how I want it, just entering my hole and seeding me. I love it, feeling like a woman that I would have loved to have been. My dream is to get a number of loads inside me, one after another, whether in a gang bang or one guy taking me after another has just finished with me with his seed inside me. I don't do it for a living, just for my pleasure and I really enjoy the thrill, and the risk, letting any guy inside me, no questions asked.
  18. UnofficialSexProject

    fuck me now!

    1. lynn1964


      oooooooooooooo lord, can you just imagine getting that in your mouth!!! The awesome taste as he hardens by your sucking. Then, leaning up over him and telling him "you can fuck me if you want"!!

  19. I've got plans to meet a ginger guy mid-July.
  20. Us sissy tranny bitches are here to get bred. Never pull out of one of us. Make us take your entire load. Ram into our holes hard and ball deep and seed our insides. Only pull out when you have finished spurting and get soft.
  21. Hi guys. I just posted 5 new pics in my Lynn's likes gallery. 5 nice big cocks!! Enjoy!

    1. Dickmagnet


      I know i'd rather see yours Lynn - Maybe feel it too. Mmmmm

    2. lynn1964


      Mine is not big and "pretty" like these. But these ore fucking hot to look at and think about!

      Thank you for the comment Dickmagnet!!

  22. I'm a nasty sissy slut. Here to make hard cocks feel good. Any ones cocks. You want to wear me on yours then x
  23. I'm in Loretto Hieghts Park in Denver looking for tonight only. I will let anyone bare fuck me no questions
  24. Hi all you horny guys I'm tranny trixie the cum slut. I love Wearing shiny black pvc fetish outfits and my naughty bunny girl or frenchmaid or St trinian costumes. Having my bottom spanked or whipped. Bondage restraints and collared. I always swallow the sperm I suck out of a hard cock and guys that hate condoms. I'm looking for kinky sex with single or group of guys. Into being used and abused as a true sissy bitch. X
  25. yep i have never used a condom with a tranny. sometimes i go thinking they will ask for one. nope. they just grab my dick and slip right in. Love CD's and TV's they live for raw cock the high class fake tit, fake ass TS girls are usually stuck up as fuck...dead behind the eyes. I wish more girls in the t4m section would be more forthcoming about being poz/raw cumdumps that is so hot. but alot make their living with the "safe" sex posted on BP etc most of the trannies in ATL, B-more, DC, and NYC are poz i can guarantee that
  26. I am a fan of foreskin, and I have noticed that few of the so called "uncut" movies seem to actually focus on it. Do any of you guys know of some quality foreskin oriented porn?
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