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  2. My hole, the muscle control I have. Can really milk every last drop of cum out of man's cock, I get off on squeezing their dicks and feeling those last few drops of cum going in my ass. My cocksucking abilities and the voracious way I eat ass. I could do that all day.
  3. To be fair, the following morning I hooked up with a fella on bbrt and went round to his where he was on all 4s and blindfolded. I dropped my pants and fucked him like my bitch, cumming deep in him and leaving😈😈😈. So both is the correct answer 😀
  4. I wish I could find a couple of local fuck buddys too. Few and far between.
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  6. So I’d love to wear a latex skirt at Cumunion... probably open back for easy access. Topless and shoeless. Would that be allowed?
  7. You looking to be slave? 


  8. I love being called a bitch just as long as the top is treating me like a bitch
  9. My ass still feels wrecked. I can not wait to ride him again. 

  10. You've been on BZ for six years. Try harder.
  11. Due to becoming comfortable with Barebacking and my new found acceptance of my sexuality, I find that I enjoy going to bath houses, to pursue sex with other men, much more enjoyable than hook-ups from dating apps or any other method. I regularly go to this bath house that is much like a resort. I go there after I go for a run on the weekends. I shower, get a room, and then lay out by the pool, until somebody makes a pass at me, then we go back to my room to have sex. This is what I felt a gay lifestyle would be life for me
  12. I was at a bath house, and this guy walked into my room, he was full of tattoos, and someone I am sure I would have never decided to meet on a dating app. He started to caress me while I was laying down, prone. I rose to the doggy style position, and he proceeded to mount up and fuck me. I was very turned on, even though he decided to slide on a condom.
  13. My legs and my ass, from running most of my adult life
  14. Anybody know any spots in Disney for cruising? Tryna get away from the family for some fun.
  15. I am thinking of doing the same thing myself. I am not bitter, disappointed or angry. Its like a professional Athlete deciding to retire after his final season. Due to my age, and where I am at in life, I feel I have one more year to go with this lifestyle, and that will be it.
  16. Can t host but looking for place or guys into using n enjoying willing daddy open minded Busy Friday day ant help appreciated. Like groups n being a hole all plessure nsa u host or meeting place
  17. Unbelievable, didn’t expect the father doing the pozing! Nice twist!
  18. You know you're in trouble when he asks if you need a ride...


    hop in.jpg

  19. Well. Isnt a generation 20 years? Anyway lol... The point is, being 20 in 2019 definitely makes u a Gen Z kid lol
  20. I would suggest doggy. The edge of the bed (or corner as suggested) may work well but that depends on the height of the bed and how tall the top is. Your ass may be positioned too low for the top to fuck you comfortably in a standing position. Maybe kneeling down on the bed, ass up face down, is better. That gives the top several options to penetrate. His legs between yours or not, he can spread his a bit so he is in the best position etc.. And you can indeed put pillows under you to raise your ass more. Missionary is nice as you can see the top's face but for larger guys it may be uncomfortable to be fucked in a missionary postion. Your legs or back may start to hurt if your legs are (kept) above your head (if you even manage) and your concentration goes to your uncomfortable position rather than enjoying the fuck. I am not very tall or large but big enough to prefer doggy. Or lie down on your belly with the top all over your body, but for deeper penetration doggy is better. I think at least 😉
  21. There have been a few threads in here asking about your first time barebacking. Mine first bareback experience – indeed my first fuck - came in 1981 at the Club Bath on West Ninth Street in Cleveland – long since closed for public pressure, urban renewal or name the reason. Club Bath was a great place. Three stories. Rooms on each level. A small playroom on the top floor. A huge orgy room in the basement. I went almost every Friday night after I got off work at 11 p.m. The place started hopping around midnight. Bath houses were happening places in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. One night in particular, I paid my fee, got a locker, stripped, grabbed a towel and headed for the steam bath. I loved the steam bath. A couple of minutes after I entered, a guy came in and stripped his towel off. He was in great shape, sandy blond hair and between his legs was a soft baseball bat. He sat on the level just above me. I looked over my shoulder. His cock started to twitch as he grabbed it a few times. It was at least 8 inches, with the greatest mushroom head I had ever seen, attached to big swinging balls. It was the most perfectly shaped cock I had ever laid eyes on – and truthfully, the best since. I was a bit shy but pretty soon my hand moved to his leg and his balls, then his cock. He got hard. Really hard. My hand could wrap about two-thirds around the girth. I moved my lips to engulf the head. It was spongy on top of that rock-hard cock. I started to move down the shaft, though I did not get far. I came up for air, and he got up, put his towel in and moved elsewhere in the club to have his cock worshipped. After that, I repeated the session almost weekly. Each time i got a little more in my mouth and enjoyed his cock longer. Finally, one night, he shot a huge load down my throat. He patted me on the head, smiled and left. At the same time, I had imagined getting fucked. I practiced with dildos and vibrators, and often thought about it but did not muster the desire into action. Then came the day that I decided to go on the hunt. I chose a quiet Sunday afternoon as I did not want to wall-to-wall people of a Friday night. I went into the narrow entranceway, paid for a room, purchased lube and locked my valuables away. Once in room, I stripped, applied some lube, wrapped my midsection with a towel and made my way through the club. Of course, I ended up heading for my favorite place. I hung my towel and opened the steam room door, and there he was, Mr. Perfect Cock (I would later learn he was Wes). He was in his usual perch in the upper bench so I walked I over, got on the bench in front and went immediately for his cock. He moaned and I was happy. After a few minutes, I looked up and invited him to my room. Once we got to the room, we dropped our towels and started to explore each other. He kissed diwn my body and took my much smaller cock in his mouth. He grabbed my ass and as his hands moved around, he felt the lube. I almost froze at the thought that I turned him off. Instead, he began to slowly move his fingers toward my hole and began to move one, then two fingers slowly in and out, taking time to ritate them. We moved to the bed (a thin mattress on a wooden block frame), and continued exploring. I looked hom in the eye and said, “I want to try fucking.” His reaction was to smile and begin massaging me, paying particular attention to my ass as I fondled his cock, which was a hard as a baseball bat. He lubed his cock and added more lube to my ass. He then rubbed his cock all over my chest and stomach before turning me over. He climbed atop me and rubbed his cock gently on my ass. He stopped to re-lube me and he started to rub again. He was driving me wild. It was erotic. Finally, his cock pressed against my opening. He slowly inserted the head into me before backing out. How he stayed so hard was amazing. But he continued to work into me. Then, with no warning, he started to slowly insert more of his cock. There was resistance but then I felt him pass that second spincter – an amazing thing. Each time he pulled out, more went back in until his balls were against my ass. I was in agony and excited as hell. I felt like expelling him from my ass but I started to crave more. The pain was searing but the excitement was even greater. He asked softly if I was OK. “Yes,” was my simple reply. Each time he pulled out, I felt empty and pushed back to grab his cock with me ass. “Oh, you are tight,” he said. Then, just as suddenly as it hurt, a save of intense pleasure took over my body. Finally, I said in a intense voice that sounded like another person, “Fuck me. Fuck me.” He started to increase the pace, pulling back and then aiming for the bottom of my ass as he plunged his cock to his balls. (I later figured that he was perfectly hitting my prostate.) With each plunge, I could feel the urge to cum. He then pulled out had me flip over to my back. “I want you to see me cumming,” he hissed. With my legs pushed back, he started to fuck even harder. From that angle, his cock seemed six inches longer. This time, with upward thrusts he hit prostate. Oh, I remember how much I loved what was happening. Suddenly, he plunged hard and held still. He was cumming. And I mean cumming. His cock was twitching as he pumped me full of his load. After the finished, he grabbed my cock and I came almost immediately. There was no doubt that I was a confirmed bottom. Foe the next several months, we fucked weekly baths. By about the third fuck, I actually shot hands free from just being fucked. Did not happen all the time but enough that it was intense and over-the-top great. Later in the year, I was transferred to Atlanta, I think about Wes often.
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