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  2. Hosting in Ottawa South, near Hunt Club & Conroy Road. Horny bottom, lubed up and aching to get fucked. Message me if you want to come dump a load in me
  3. pussyfucker

    Poll: Sexual Risk Habits, For Both Poz/neg

    For the first few years of my adult life, I was a low-risk '1'. I skipped '2' (as I've never had a lasting relationship), and moved straight to '3' and '4' (anonymous barebacking … although I've never actually asked them if they're neg or poz). For many years - that is, during my 20's and 30's - I presumed (or guessed) that my fuck-partners were neg. For the last few years, I haven't given a shit (and adopt a "don't ask/don't tell" approach). I've bb fucked bb complete strangers at parties and parlours. But I don't fuck anyone (I have to be attracted to them, otherwise I just don't get hard). So perhaps this puts me somewhere between '5' and '6'.
  4. Currently level 4 for about a few weeks!
  5. I was on Grinder trying to find some ass to fuck. I was 28, working hard and working out regularly. I had a pretty good body and was getting some young dumb bubble butts to submit to my cock because of it. This 22 year old black guy hit me up on Grinder and man, did he look good. He had a lean muscular body, very cute face and a juicy hard ass. He just wanted oral, but I was reluctant because I don't cum from blowjobs. But then he sent a pic of his dick. It was a solid 9 inches, not as thick as me, I'm 7.5 and thick as a red bull can though. His cock immediately turned me on, I loved sucking big dicks. So I agreed to meet him at his place to suck him off. I showered up and once I got there, he opened the door in a wife beater tank and shorts, except his huge cock was dangling out of the front. I came in and he sat back down on the couch, hard as fuck, watching his laptop porn and told me to take my pants off and sit down. I quickly took my pants and underwear off and sat next to him. I had gotten hard as a rock the second I saw his dick at the front door. He and I were stroking ourselves for a minute when he told me to suck his dick. Which I gladly leaned over and started sucking his steel pipe. After a few minutes he asked if I swallowed. Of course I swallowed, but for some reason I froze and didn't say anything. So he took that as a "no" I guess and told me to get on the floor so he could jack off on my ass then. I got on the floor with my head on the couch and ass in the air. He started jacking off on my ass, I felt his hand sliding up and down his cock because his hands would rub against my cheeks. Then every once in awhile he'd slide his cock up and down my crack, his cockhead of course would slide over my hole when he did this. He started pushing my lower back down and telling me to push my ass up more, but I couldn't for some reason so he told me to put my face on the floor. That seemed to work. I felt very vulnerable at this point. He apparently had lube in his shorts pocket because he stopped stroking, I heard a "click" and then his hand came around to my hard cock and he was stroking me with silicon based lube. It felt really good and after a few minutes I was tensing up. He stopped stroking me and told me to jack myself off while he finished. I was jerking off, getting closer and closer and hornier and hornier. He kept swiping his cock in my crack and on my hole the whole time when he suddenly stopped right on my hole and started pushing in. I hadn't bottomed since high school, so I didn't pay much attention to it. I thought there was no way that big dick would get inside me without it hurting like hell and me jumping up. But his cock started sliding right in my hole! It felt so fucking good too, no pain at all. This was such a surprise to me I got extra horny and just let him keep going. I was still jacking off while he was jacking off my hole and insides with his big black cock. After awhile of him pushing his cock in and then all the way out of my ass while I was jerking I could barely handle it. It dawned on me he was surely going to cum and I didn't want any STDs so I looked back and told him not to cum in me. He was like,"no problem just let me keep going til I'm about to nut." I started feeling my balls tense up and my hole was clenching and unclenching, having it's own orgasm around a BBC. I was panting like a bitch in heat. I barely was able to say,"I'm about to cum." He told me to blow my load all over the floor, and he really picked up the pace, his cock was going in and out of my hole so fast and so slick. I moaned so hard and started blasting my load onto the floor and couch and he moaned loud and pulled his cock out and I felt him spraying cum all over my back and up to my neck. My hole felt thoroughly used and wet while I still had my head on the floor trying to catch my breath feeling his cum on my back sliding toward my neck and head. I came back several times and would suck him and swallow his load, but he would only let me do it if he got to finger my hole while I sucked him. But hey, that was the price I had to pay to suck a hot young guy's big black cock.
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  7. Bottoms way outnumber tops. Realizing these numbers, you are more likely to find a bottom than compete for the limited number of tops. As a top, your technique will develop and improve. The legendary porn star tops fully connect and pleasure their bottoms. Being a top isn’t just a sexual position. It is an attitude and presence. Develop this aura and bottoms will be lining up. Bottoms way outnumber tops. Realizing these numbers, you are more likely to find a bottom than compete for the limited number of tops. As a top, your technique will develop and improve. The legendary porn star tops fully connect and pleasure their bottoms. Being a top isn’t just a sexual position. It is an attitude and presence. Develop this aura and bottoms will be lining up.
  8. There are a lot of bottoms who will love your cock. Just make sure to fuck a whole lot, so you get your technique down. I'll be honest, for myself, size definitely does matter. Totally my own fault for being a huge size queen whore for years now, but my hole takes bigger dicks easily, and I really enjoy the feeling of my hole being stretched. I still let smaller guys fuck me, but that's because I'm also a cumwhore and I want their seed in me... Not because it makes my hole feel good/gets me off. Either way, though, I'd take your load in a heartbeat man.
  9. I love taking the load laying flat on my stomach with the top’s whole weight on me as he pounds me from behind. On my back with my legs up on his shoulders is a close second. Really though, any position that results in a hot load getting pumped into my ass is fine with me.
  10. A big cock excites me but I have a regular who is probably 5.5 inches who is one of my favorites. It’s the right shape or something, plus he does have great technique. But like a lot of bottoms I don’t like to be choosy. It’s about the top’s pleasure. He has made me cum from fucking me a couple of times and now he’s disappointed when it doesn’t happen. I’ve tried to tell him that’s irrelevant but I guess he likes the idea that his cock can be that pleasing.
  11. Started at a 2 and I’m at a 4, flirting on 5 now.
  12. tighthole64

    Ever since I was diagnosed with HIV..

    GREAT discussion! Still neg here, but a few years ago thought I was gifted and it was an exciting thought. I always knew the risks of BB, and knew becoming poz was a possibility. Unfortunately it wasn't this time. After that, I did chat with a number of poz guys, and most said they had no regrets, and yes their sex drive and life increased. At that point, I decided to start my chase. I was, and still am determined to know who my gifter is though. Unfortunately there seem to be many toxic tops who say they are willing to gift, but aren't serious about it. Perhaps one day I will find one though
  13. Leatherman667

    Best load of Amsterdam

    A great place to go for hot sex! Always have a good time there.
  14. FriendlyBottom

    What Celebrities Awakened Your Desires?

    I remember being strongly drawn to Lee Majors and Peter Breck on "Big Valley" when I was very young -- 5 or 6 years old. At that age I was clueless about sex, but I knew (on some level) that there was something about certain men that I liked. "Big Valley" was in syndication at that time and played daily in my hometown on weekday mornings. I just remember that I couldn't take my eyes off of Lee Majors and I wanted to sit on his lap. Peter Breck always had a few buttons undone on his shirt, providing a glimpse of his dark chest hair, and that had me intrigued. Also in heavy rotation on our local TV channel back then were episodes of the "Tarzan" show from the '60's (starring Ron Ely). I definitely enjoyed watching that nearly naked man traipsing around the jungle. The show also featured a boy who had been adopted by Tarzan and I remember being jealous that he got to live in the wild with the handsome, nearly naked man. I trace my present-day preference for sex in the woods to those old 'Tarzan" episodes! Later, in my early teens, celebrities who got my teenaged cock hard were: Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, Joe Penny (of "Riptide" a short-llived TV show), the thick hairy forearms of Steve Garvey (of the LA Dodgers) and, blast-from-the-past, the more mature Lee Majors in "The Fall Guy". The opening credits of that show included a brief scene of hairy-chested Mr. Majors reclining in a bathtub. An entire forest of trees was sacrificed to make the Kleenex I used to mop up the gallons of cum I rubbed out while fantasizing about joining Lee Majors in that bathtub! Link to the tail end of the opening credits of "The Fall Guy"
  15. Jefantos

    BB Whatsapp groups

    Add me too! I am Jefantos on kik
  16. tighthole64

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Hope you feel better soon!
  17. Bearbareuk

    Stuck babysitting. Need company

    Bearbareuk on wickr
  18. Hot photos i'd love to breed your daddy hole 

  19. HardOneLA

    Experiences at CumUnion

    Thanks very much for the reply and info bud. Definitely will go - hole's hungry for cocks. Oink!
  20. stabr

    Experiences at CumUnion

    I have been to it. Twice. It`s a LOT of fun, with guys all over the rooms and and sort of fuck going on. It happens in a private club close to the airport. All sort of guys too. Just go, you`ll have fun!!
  21. stabr

    Best load of Amsterdam

    I also did it once in a sauna in Amsterdam.. It was one of the hottest fucks I had in a sauna... The guys in AMS know how to have fun!!
  22. why the fuck are you still neg faggot? obviously youre not taking enough anonymous loads fro poz me.a hot little ass like yours needs to get loaded with hiv cum regularly

  23. nice picture faggot.i like your profile name.its nice to see a dirty little whore that knows what it is.you are worthless trash and you own it.but if youre not poz yet youre clearly not doing your duty as a community cumhole faggot.

  24. FUCKIN sweet foreskin!


    1. wm4bm


      OINK OINK!! Lucky man 🐽👅

  25. barebackrnb

    Teacher Gives Me 1st Poz Load

    Adding the internal dilemma that all of us bottoms initially go through provides some realism to the story....😙
  26. waitin for it 😆


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