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  2. Before testing poz I used to try to insist the guy pull out and let me swallow his load instead of breeding me. Now I rather have the load go in my ass and clean him up with my mouth. Just don't forget to pick the sweat off his balls too, fuck sweaty balls taste and smell unbelievably delicious.
  3. Jon’s thing I find ironic is that young guys like me to eat their ass or suck their cock clean after they’ve cum in my ass but then they won’t kiss after I take the Cum in my mouth or after I’ve eaten their ass or cleaned off their cook a2m as if it’s too dirty for them to put against their mouth. Where do they think my mouth has been? Lol
  4. I started out as a cocksucking faggot but I have become a community fuckhole, a bathhouse cumdumpster and a t-girl whore. I am more of a fucktoy than a sex partner for guys. men don’t have sex with me, they use my body to get themselves off. I am definitely a bitch and a faggot and a whore but to the men who use me, I am more of an object. At best l am a cheap, disposable fucktoy.
  5. No, never. I have never cum in a bottom without some kind warning and a chance for them to pull off before I shoot. I don't necessarily disclose status if it is a scenario where I'm hooking up with random sluts, but they must give tacit consent to get bred. I expect the same when I'm on the receiving end.
  6. Hi guys, Sub, bottom neg pig bottom here from the UK. In San Francisco next week for a few weeks, Fully vacc and looking for hookups with active/top/dom breeders. Staying in the centre, can travel. All loads taken. Early 40's, gym fit
  7. I don't like the taste of lube to be honest :s and prefer the load in my ass. But i did it a few times, also from a top his cock who was in someone else his ass.
  8. Unshaved, nothing smells and tastes better than a set of hairy sweaty balls after a fuck.
  9. Any subs wanna used at Sailors on Thursday afternoon?
  10. First time someone tried to fist my ass they brought J lube. Well they left the bottle when they left frustrated I couldn’t take their fist. Now that I can take a fist and arm I’ve come to appreciate J lube. It’s amazing stuff but there are warnings in the bottle about it being harmful if it gets in certain areas.
  11. Last night I managed to finally get my friends (who a girl) bf to cum inside me. We were chilling at his place and watching a movie. He was free balling in sweats so I could see his dick print clear as day and he did catch me staring a few times but didn’t say anything. It was getting kind of late and she said she has to go cause she has class early in the morning while we said we gonna finish the movie and then call it for the night. By the time the movie ended he was a sleep on the couch. I wanted to try and sneak a peak at his dick so I carefully and slowly pulled his sweats down and pulled his dick out. It was so sexy I grabbed it and jerked it a few times. He didn’t react so I thought I’d get a little taste too and then head out. I got his dick in my mouth and started to suck him. He moaned out his gfs name and I froze up with his dick in my mouth. After a min I continued to suck him. His dick was getting bigger and harder and soon I was deepthroating his delicious chocolate dick. I felt his hand move in the back of my head and I looked up but he was still a sleep. As I swallowed his entire 9 inch dick balls heed he woke up. Looked down and said bro wtf. All I could do is look up while his rock hard dick was in my throat. I felt it pulsate so I know he was enjoying it. He was like man what you fucking doing. Not pulling away or pushing me off. I flexed my throat around his dick and he let out a soft moan. I slowly pulled his dick out my throat and then swallowed it back up. I felt his grip behind my head get tighter pulling me on his dick. Soon he was pumping his dick in and out of my throat. He said no way were telling his Gf about this. I slid his dick out of my throat and said if that’s the case I want you to fuck me balls deep and hard. He was shocked. I know you gonna love my tight ass squeezing ur big dick and if we gonna keep a secret might as well make it worth it. I pulled of his shirt and felt his abs as I went down and sucked his dick a couple more times. He reached back and teased my hole wit his fingers. I slid his dick out of my throat and took off my shirt and sweats too. My dick was hard and dripping precum. He was sitting on the couch with his dick rock hard against his abs. I spat in my hand and rubbed it on my hole then I lowerd myself on his dick. His dick head was pressing against my hole and he was staring at it. Soon it popped inside my pussy and inch after inch slid deep inside me. He moaned softly as I slid down his dick and finally let out a louder moan once I was balls deep on it. He told me that my ass was tight and squeezing his dick. I can feel it pulsate inside me. I slowly started to ride him. He was moaning and enjoying it so much. He started thrusting up as I came pushing down meeting me half way. In a few minutes we were full on fucking deep and har and fast. After some time he laid me back on the couch and started fucking me like I was his Gf. Then he fucked me on the side, on my stomach, doggy, made me ride him again, got me on my back and told me he was about to cum and he couldn’t hold it back no more. I pulled his hips into me and told him to flood me. I was gonna be he cum dump from now on. He let out a loud moan and his dick began to shoot his hot cum inside me. He leaned back with his dick still inside me breathing heavy. I asked him how he enjoyed my ass? He said I shouldn’t have let him use me like that cause he’s gonna be abusing it so much going forward. I’ll be his cum dump secret. told him my ass is ready for his bbc and cum anytime he needs it. Kept his load in me all night. He messaged me again this morning he wants to hangout later today again. Just us guys.
  12. Coconut oil is a really good lube that tastes of - well coconuts. The coconut taste isn't overpowering and you can even cook with it if you run our of cooking oil.
  13. Today
  14. I’m in concord nc. I’d love to get whored out. 704-701-1154
  15. Yeah. I’d love to be a little porn whore
  16. A hookup used Trex on a large, thick dildo on me not so long ago - was actually quite good. Did make me laugh though as my mother uses it for cooking! 🤣
  17. The one thing about BB I love is there is no cleanup. No rubbers to dispose of, no cum to wipe off, therefore after I've been fucked and semen has been deposited I love cleaning off the tops dick, tasting my ass and any seed that still might be oozing from his dick
  18. After a Top dumps their load in you it’s a sign of respect for you to clean their dick as they might get hard again and fuck you some more.
  19. If you are on PrEP and take it regularly and you are fuck raw by Poz or undectable and take their loads. You are not chasing but just getting fuck. If you are not on PrEP and you don’t care who fucks you then you are chasing.
  20. i take cock from ass to mouth and even taken from some other ass to my mouth. as a fag i don't ask just take it.
  21. Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!nice

  22. i admit i dont like getting fucked because most often it hurts, and rarely do i have a top who fucks me and it does not hurt. but it does not matter to me. i also know even i endure pain i am giving my top pleasure and it comes with being a submissive bottom. its my role to pleasure men no matter what he desires.
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