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  2. Name bottom jim 59 location 23059 cell 804-840-1318 readily available
  3. Potential fucker: There's 8 billion people on the planet, that's the odds of me fucking you. Clueless Idiot: So that means I still have a chance? 🤣😂 Love it. But you're right. When asked if they can go back in time what they might do, many people say they'd kill Hitler. No you wouldn't, you'd go back and buy Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, Google and Amazon stock and then just sit back and wait patiently.
  4. Chapter 3 Go Big -- and Go Home “Whatever it is you’re working on there, you’ve been buried in it for hours. Take a break, already, and let’s go for a swim and have a drink.” Rich shook himself out of his concentrated memory trip to find Tommy dressed (or, more accurately, underdressed) for the pool and holding a cocktail shaker. “What’s in that?” he asked. Tommy gave him a salacious grin. “You have to ask what’s in here?” he asked, as he rubbed his bulge. “Oh, you meant in here,” and he waggled the cocktail shaker. “Extra dry Tanqueray martinis. The glasses are all set to go in the kitchen. Come on, already.” Rich closed the computer, made his way to the closet, and quickly stripped down, switching to a speedo. He then headed for the kitchen, where Tommy was just pouring the martinis. Tommy looked up at him. “Olive or twist?” “No, Tommy, I’m not rewriting Dickens for him.” Tommy made a face at him. “Why ask? You know I always like a twist of lemon.” “It’s just from the super-serious expression on your face, I thought you might need an olive instead, to match your mood.” “Well, to answer your question, the usual, please. And to answer your other question, I sat down and started writing the memoir we talked about this morning. I’m deep into the story of Carlo now, and it’s proving emotionally tough. Especially knowing he’s dead now.” “Then why do it?” “Tommy, it just feels like something I need to do. For me, principally, but for all the other people in my life as well. Family, friends, partners… I need to set my story down and now is the time. “Confessional time?” “Yeah, I guess so. But a pool break sounds like a marvellous idea.” Out the door they went, parked the martini glasses on the edge of the pool, and then slipped into the water down the stairs. The early evening, the setting sun, the cool water, the gentle warm breeze, the ice-cold martini, all worked wonders on Rich’s mood. Sitting on the underwater ledge, nuzzling Tommy’s cheek and neck in between gentle kisses helped, too, at restoring his natural Saturday evening buoyancy. Eventually, with the drinks gone and the sun about to disappear behind the island’s mountainous spine, he plunged under the water, and proceeded to swim a dozen or so laps, more for ironing out the kinks of a day spent hunched over his laptop than for any other reason. Three times a week, Rich and Tommy would head down to the public indoor pool in Portavedra for more serious swim workouts. On other days, in a more recreational mood, either or both of them might go to the public beach north of the city where Rich’s grandparents had lived when he was a boy. Both of them were long gone now, of course, and so was their home, replaced by a luxury boutique hotel. But the beach, like all beaches in Alcantara except the ones along the edges of the airport, remained open to the public at all daylight hours. With the sun gone, and the air getting chilly, they climbed out and towelled off, then headed inside where Tommy got to work on one of his killer dinners. Rich tried to help, but Tommy shooed him out of the kitchen, saying that this was Rich’s welcome-home dinner, and he was not allowed to do any of the work on it. Rich compromised by setting the table, putting out the wine glasses, and uncorking the wine. After a heavenly meal of seared tuna on homemade rice noodles with a Cajun spice and lime glaze, they settled back in the living room with coffee and talked for a while about what Tommy had been up to during Rich’s absence. Predictably, it was the usual round of faculty meetings, preparing and delivering lectures, chairing his two weekly seminar groups, meetings with students, and grading papers. When bedtime rolled around, both of them were content to just snuggle up to each other and sleep the night away. In the morning, after the normal swim and breakfast, Tommy asked, “So, what’s on the agenda today? Any surprise meetings with the premier or the president?” Logical as always, Rich pointed out, “Well, if I knew about them, they wouldn’t be surprises.” Then his face saddened. “Speaking of which, I’m going to have to keep on writing that memoir today. I’m coming up to the surprise that ended my relationship with Carlo, and I have to get it written and out of my system. Then I can relax for the rest of the day.” “I know what you’re like. When you have to do it, you have to do it now. Just promise me that if it gets too upsetting, you’ll knock off and come and find me. I’m going to spend my Sunday puttering around in the kitchen garden – the morning, anyway.” “I promise, Tommy – and thank you.” ******************** Over the next week, we made a number of trips with my car, gathering Carlo’s stuff up and getting him moved in with me. As we did, I saw exactly what he meant about his place, the small rooms, the incessant interruptions from his roommates and the three girls next door (one of his roommates had a thing with one of them). At last, the job was done, and we went out for dinner again to celebrate. As we were lying cuddled together in bed after that night’s round of hair-raising sex (Carlo had given me a fuck to remember), he sighed and said, wistfully, “God, I wish we could ditch the rubbers and fuck bare. Skin to skin, all natural. That’d be so awesome.” Practical me came right back at him. “Yeah, sounds great, but we’d need to stop playing with other guys and we’d need to get tested a few times before we could do it.” “Have you been playing with anyone else, Rick?” “Not for months. You use up so much of my energy, I’ve got none left for anyone else! You?” “About six weeks ago, not since. Do you want to do it?” I thought about it for a minute or two, taking my time. It was risky, sure, but if we did everything we could to minimize the risk, then why not? “Yes. Only one problem: I don’t have a doctor out here.” Pain in the neck. You still had to go through a doctor to get access to an HIV test. Some cities had walk-in clinics, but I didn’t know of one in Vancouver. “Let’s use mine.” “Okay, set it up. Let’s do it before school starts again, I’m going to be buried in work.” “You? Work??? I thought you just whistled and those straight As jumped right up into your lap!” “Ha ha. This is law school we’re talking about, that’s not going to be a pushover.” We had to wait a bit for an appointment, but two weeks later, we went together to see Carlo’s doctor. I was only mildly surprised when both Derek, the nurse, and Dr. Brennan himself turned out to be unquestionably gay. After all, Carlo was a couple of years older than me and far more deeply immersed in gay life than I had been when I met him. We had an amusing conversation, jokingly fending off Dr. Brennan’s laughing assertion that we both looked like we needed “a really, really thorough genital and anal examination.” A week later we went back and got the test results, and we were both negative. We waited three more months, then retested. Negative again. We’d told the doctor what we wanted to do, and his response was simple. “Be careful, be exclusive, and come back to get retested every three months. Have fun, boys.” That night, as we lay together in bed, we were both almost hesitant. We’d rushed to the bedroom as soon as we finished eating dinner and cleaning up, and we were both rock-hard before we even began undressing. Not only that but, for once, we undressed ourselves, quickly, as if we couldn’t wait to get to the main event – and we couldn’t. And then, there we were, lying still, looking at each other. It was weird. In a way, it felt just like the first time all over again, a feeling that this was a door in life which, once opened, could never be shut again. At last, Carlo spoke gently as he caressed my face. “Do you want to go first, or do you want me to do the honours?” “You’ve been leading the way all along. I’m glad to follow your lead again.” I lifted my legs, allowing Carlo to do his usual magical relaxation work on my ass. His tongue and fingers moved even more gently than ever, perhaps because he sensed that this was an expression of love. It had to be right; it had to be perfect. Was it just the moment, or was there really an extra degree of intention, of concentration, of communication between us as Carlo slowly probed me with his tongue and his fingers? Even now, so many years later, I can’t say for certain. The one thing I did know was that I loved him even more for doing this in such a special way. At last, it was time, and both of us were ready. With no hesitation and no rushing, Carlo slowly but firmly pushed his cock deeply, all the way inside my hole until his hips were resting against my butt. I could feel the difference. I could feel the warmth of his hard cock, gently rocking inside me. I could feel the sensation of his skin rubbing against mine, there in my hole, where that had never happened before. No one in my life had ever entered me with a raw cock. And no matter how many times it happened in the future, Carlo would always remain the first man who’d ever given me this extraordinary sensation. If it was incredible for me, I know it was no less for him, as I looked up to see his face wreathed in a beatific smile. “Oh, my God, Rick – I had no idea your ass would feel so smooth and silky and warm.” “Your cock feels so amazing inside me too. Naked, warm, skin to skin, it’s so natural.” Carlo laughed. “There’s an awful lot of people out there who don’t think what we’re doing is natural at all.” “To hell with them. Times are changing, and we’re going to be so accepted in another 30 years, like we’ve never been for centuries.” “I can’t wait.” “Neither can I, so pull your mind back to the present and show me what you can really do inside me with no obstacles.” And with that, he began. Slowly, firmly, he worked his cock in and out of my hole while both of us absorbed every detail of these wonderful new sensations. The heightened degree of feeling between our bodies, between our hearts and souls, made this a different kind of sex than I had ever experienced before. We were totally in touch, totally in tune, two bodies become one in our quest. Carlo grabbed me by the shoulders, then rolled onto his back, bringing me up on top. It felt no less amazing to ride him in this position, to be able to vary the angle a bit on every downstroke and truly feel his rigid cock stroking every part of my insides. It was too good to last. With both of us complete novices at bareback sex, we had yet to learn how quickly that direct personal contact could bring on an earth-shattering climax. But we were about to find out. Suddenly Carlo gasped aloud. “Ohmigod, Rick, you’re going to make me shoot!” I grabbed my tool and began frantically stroking, trying to finish with him, but he slapped my hand away. “No, don’t! I want you to give it to me once I finish myself off.” “Shoot it, Carlo! Let that load fly!” “Aren’t you going to pull off?” “Not on your life. You’re going to shoot it deep inside me and fill me up with your cum!” As soon as I said that, Carlo’s face screwed up tight, he let out a roar, and I felt his cock begin pulsating inside me. He was cumming, cumming, gushing out a torrent of his sperm deep into my hole – the first load I’d ever taken inside my body. He roared again, and his cock spasmed into a second round, and more, until finally he was shooting blanks. At last, I fell across his body, bringing my face to his, and we kissed passionately as our breathing slowly wound back down. His cock slowly slipped out of me, followed by another new sensation – the feeling of his wet load oozing out and trickling down over my taint, dropping back onto my balls and then down onto his cock and balls. That galvanized me into action. I reared up onto my knees and said, “Carlo, I’m going to fuck you, using your own cum as lube. Roll onto your face.” He did. I dived down into the crack, eating and slurping at his ass like I’d never done before. While I was doing that, I reached behind myself and scooped the sperm off my butt. I added some spit for good measure, and then I brought my palmful of cum to his ass crack, and spread it onto him, using my finger to push it into his now-wet hole. I then wiped the palm of my hand over my cock and aimed it right at the target. Carlo was absolutely quivering with anticipation as I placed the tip against his hole and began to lean. He wanted it, so badly; his hole opened up and all but sucked me into him. I kept going, slowly, until I was embedded all the way inside him and was lying right down on top of his muscular back. If it had felt wonderful having him bare inside me, I was beyond ecstatic at the thrill of being bare inside him, feeling his tight hole and warm insides surrounding me. “Carlo, I’m not going to last long, I’m just about ready to cum right now because it feels so amazing.” “Well, why wait? Go for it.” With that, I began pumping into him, driving my speed slowly up from first gear into highway overdrive. By the time I was really pounding him, my hips smacking against his firm round ass cheeks, I could feel my orgasm mounting and knew it was going to happen – soon. “Oh, fuck… Carlo… I’m going to shoot… your tight ass is sucking the cum right out of me…” “Do it, Rick… cream me… fill me up with your load… cum inside me!” That did it. I slammed furiously into him, deeper than I’d ever gotten, and let it fly. I counted eight or nine separate shots before I lost count, and still my dick was pulsating like a mad thing inside him. At last, the pulses stopped, my breathing began to slow down, and I lay at ease on top of him, kissing his neck and shoulders – until he turned his head, to let me kiss him properly. At last, he spoke. “Is it just me, or did that feel like we just lost our virginity all over again?” “You are so right, baby. God, I love you!” We rolled onto our sides and fell asleep like that, with my cock still semi-hard inside him. For the next month and a half, I was beyond happy. We swam in the sun, we went on long walks, bike rides, and lazed about in the parks. Both of us were working, but as I remember that summer, it seems that all we had was oceans of spare time. We had the most incredible sex nearly every night, and sometimes in the daytime too. With practice, we soon learned how to prevent ourselves from cumming too quickly, how to vary pace and angle and depth of our strokes to prolong the experience of fucking naked, skin to skin, and finally sharing our loads into each other’s bodies. We sucked, we fucked, we pumped innumerable loads of our seed with each other, and we loved every minute of it. This idyllic existence came to an abrupt halt when school began again. I’d never encountered anything like it in my life. It wasn’t just that I suddenly found myself having to work at school for the first time, bad as that was. First year at law stretched me so badly that I was scrambling, struggling to keep afloat. Since it was a new experience, I didn’t handle it well at all. In my usual thorough way, I tried to keep abreast of dotting every “i” and crossing every “t” in each of the cases we studied. I had never before been forced to master the skill of focusing right in on the key points, and I kept losing sight of the forest because I was trying to memorize every leaf on every tree. All this intense work was taking up more and more hours every day, and it was playing havoc with my social life, tying me to my desk or to a table in the library for longer and longer periods. Even my sacrosanct swimming workouts were becoming less and less frequent. In particular, the seductive siren call of law school was destroying my life with Carlo. Not that I saw it that way at the time, of course. Our sex life was slowly dwindling. I would walk home in a zombie daze late every night, flop into bed and pass out. Sex now happened almost exclusively on the weekends, and it was still wonderful when it happened – or so I felt – but it happened less and less often. Looking back after all these years, it’s easy to see now that our relationship was drifting onto the rocks and was going to crack up. It was the way it finally happened that ripped me apart. One Saturday afternoon in early February, we had Jackie and Tyler over for drinks. Jackie had been one of Carlo’s roommates in his hyper-active former apartment, and Tyler (his new boyfriend) had actually been in high school with me in Toronto for a year or so. They’d gotten back from a Grand Tour of Europe that fall and wanted to share it all with us. And that included a handful of magazines that Tyler tossed on the coffee table in front of me (while Carlo was mixing drinks in the kitchen), urging me to “see what life in Europe is like!” This was in the days when Canada Customs was still fiercely guarding the moral integrity of the nation by impounding and destroying vast amounts of pornography every year. Whatever did get through was usually pretty mild stuff. These mags were something else again. The third one, though, stopped me dead in my tracks. There was something familiar – chillingly familiar – about the body and dick of the cover model (the title of the mag covered his face). I froze. To his credit, Tyler quickly sensed that something was wrong. He began gathering up his magazines again, but I hung onto the one I was holding. I was, oddly enough, very proud of myself that neither my hands nor my voice were shaking. But I didn’t fool Tyler for a second. “No, Tyler, I’m finding this one very interesting.” I flipped through the pages, finding the cover shoot. It featured eight pages of promo stills for an upcoming film starring “the hot new sensation, Alfonso Torres!” The photos concealed nothing. Not the asses. Not the dicks. And not the clearly bare dick of “Alfonso” sliding into the cute little ass of the blond twink under him. Nor the equally bare dick of the big muscle stud pushing into his hole at the same time. It looked like one fucking hot fuck chain. Except, of course, that his real name wasn’t Alfonso. It was Carlo. My Carlo. Barebacking one guy, and getting barebacked by another guy, on camera, for the whole world to see. Then Jackie – dear, obtuse, stupid Jackie – said, “Wow, that must be hot if it grabbed Rick’s attention!” Before Tyler could stop him, he jumped up, came, and looked over my shoulder. And stared. And said, “Oh, fuuuuck.” Just like that. With his voice curving down towards the floor, the single epithet landing with a thud. Tyler stood up, grabbed Jackie, and steered him – none too gently, either – towards the door. He quickly struggled to invent an excuse about having just remembered another engagement or something. And just then, Carlo came back in with the tray. “What? You guys aren’t going? You just got here!” Tyler gave their excuses, leaving Carlo plainly baffled, but they said goodbye quickly, and went. “Rick, what the hell was that all about?” And then, looking at me more closely, “What’s wrong with you? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” “It’s on the coffee table. Excellent quality photo work.” I couldn’t even look at him as he sat down, picked up the magazine, and flipped through it in a daze. In my head, I was busy lecturing myself. Don’t go all emotional. You’ll just demean yourself. Don’t play the victim, be the judge on the bench. Remember that line from “The Winslow Boy” – “Cold, clear logic, and buckets of it, should be the lawyer’s only equipment.” Just do what you have to do and get it over with as quickly and neatly as possible. Carlo spoke. “Rick, what do you want me to say?” “I want you to answer two questions for me. One: did you guys cum inside each other?” “Yes.” He was honest. I had to give him that. “And two: have there been any others?” “Yes.” I was silent. Then he flared out at me. “Rick, what the hell else would you expect? You’ve been damn near non-existent for the last six months, buried in your legal studies.” “I’d expect you to tell me. I’m not upset about you fooling around with other guys, that’s your business. If you want to play dice with your health, your life, by doing them bareback, that’s your business too. But here, you’re playing fast and loose with my health, with my life, and that’s where it becomes my business. That’s what you should have told me.” “I know. I should have. And I’m sorry.” “Carlo, you’ll need to start looking for another place. And start packing up your things. You can sleep here on the pullout until you’re ready to go.” “You can’t mean that, Rick! What we have is so amazing, so powerful… that love is worth fighting for, to bring it back to life.” “It’s about trust. I trusted you, and you trusted me, and now you’ve shattered that trust. I could forgive you some day, maybe, but could I ever trust you again? I doubt it. I’m going to bed – alone. And in the morning, I’m going to Doctor Brennan to get tested – alone.” I went into the bedroom, shut the door, and flopped onto the bed, crying silently. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of letting him hear me weeping. Within a week, he’d found a new place and moved out. I couldn’t even bring myself to say goodbye. What I could do – and did, unflinchingly, for years – was to blame myself for being such a selfish, self-centred idiot. Carlo was right about one thing: what we’d had was amazing, it was powerful, and I’d thrown it all away with both hands, without even a second thought, to pursue my own personal ambition. His reaction was unforgivable, yes, but it was just that: a reaction, triggered by my withdrawal, by my inaction. I’d gotten exactly what I deserved. At least, the repeated testing showed that I was still negative. Some years later, I would discover that it was even worse than I’d thought. The film had been shot right there in Vancouver. The producer had wanted to use our apartment, but Carlo had at least had the common sense to veto that plan and they’d gone to a hotel instead. In any case, the film, first in a successful series, was only the last step. He’d been recruited by the producer when the producer had hired him for a hot night together, from an ad in a gay paper. He’d been escorting, fucking clients in our bed, probably bareback, while I was at school. “Have there been any others?” Oh, yes – more than likely, too many to count.
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  6. I should add that what really cheesed me about the mob fucking in front of my door wasn’t the fact that none of them were fucking me - it was the fact that the play space with the fuck bench on the other side of the partition from them was empty. The walls enclosing the space on two sides are glory holes, for fuck’s sake. The whole thing smacked of a lack of imagination.
  7. Hungryhole903 Name: Brandon Number:(txt only) 430-201-4555 Location: Texarkana, Texas/Arkansas (twin city) Availability: most late nights and weekends. Age: 35 Ethnicity: Caucasian Hit me up and let talk about doing this thing. P. S. I have a huge poz fetish and really would love to become poz. I feel it's my destiny and calling in life.
  8. Another good strategy is to use to search for zip codes, city names, and sometimes area codes work… to find posts on this thread… a map would be sweet though
  9. Would be a dream hit to be introduced to Mike.
  10. Any darkrooms in Dallas or surrounding areas? Empty/abandoned buildings? Looking for anonymous darkroom fun. thanks
  11. Fucking hot story! Had that before where my supplier whored me out to his friends or strangers. I normally only have him administer the slam but have had a stranger administer the shot. I had no choice I was blindfolded and tied up so I didnt know who it was. Both times a stranger did it I had to be the biggest i ever had or something else was in it. I was so spun and the room was spinning. But I turned into such a whore i didnt care. I was with a group and got banged for hours.
  12. Sorry. What map? I thought that disappeared a long while back.
  13. Forgot to add location Newhaven Edinburgh
  14. Will from 1400 hrs be avaiable to take any raw cock Poz,HVL especially and any other STD,s 3 tops already confirmed to BB my kunt If want to dump your load in me then send a DM Availabe from 1400 to1900 hrs
  15. I want to be stealth chemed into a needy slut cumdump and whored out to anyone wanting to dump a load in me
  16. Anyone looking for a slut?



  17. Four loads in...still going.
  18. I went to fickstutenmarkt in Amsterdam two weeks ago and I have only the point of view of the top but I would say don't plan to come only for that event. You would have no problem having a spot as a bottom and if you're pretty young it's an advantage because a lot of bottoms there were 50+ so youngs took more attention. But the place was tiny and not so much action. I fucked essentially the same hole of this amazing fit guy and he had my load at the end but I was disappointed to see that only a few top guys wanted to fuck and cum. I think the blind aspect of this party is sexy but also limits the action. So my advice would be to consider it seriously, I'm sure you could manage something blindly without that long trip and if you want to visit Amsterdam, maybe consider the other events too like the meat market that I enjoyed some weeks ago and the Coffe & Cream this week!
  19. Good to know, summer weather is here again, and heading out to my favorite venue........nude beaches ⛱️.
  20. In Hawthorn from 6:30pm. Door unlocked, ass up all night/weekend....
  21. Hey guys, working from home in BS34 area, always looking for loads, drop me a line
  22. Will be visiting Brisbane from 9 - 19 June from Melbourne and was thinking maybe of trying Den. 47yo hiv+ top here and wondering if anyone else goes?
  23. This is incredibly hot. Especially the fact that she doesn't allow/want you to shoot your load in her fertile pussy as well because she wants to be knocked up by some stranger from that group for sure. This is extremely intense and hot. Just like when my ex-girlfriend fucked with her co-worker around 18 years ago. She was not on birth control and let him fuck her bare and - of course - cum deep in her pussy. When she came home later, I had to eat her pussy and I was allowed to put my hard cock in her wet cunt for a few moments but she didn't want me to cum in her. The reason: she wanted me to feel that stranger's cum around my cock and she also wanted to be sure it was his' baby if she got knocked up. Incredible and I can totally recommend playing risky like that.
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