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  2. I have a room at the Parliament House Cum over and flood my ass with your seed No load refused Will be poppered up - load my hole - gang bang me hit me up
  3. skylon

    Leaking Loads during Flight Home

    I got fucked one night by a hot young guy who planted a huge load in me. I woke up the next morning with still inside me, I showered drove to work and as I was walking from the parking lot to my office it just let loose. My ass and shorts were soaked with his cum and my ass juices. I went right to the mens room and luckily it didn't soak through to my trousers, but my boxers were soaked. The scent was awesome. I put on my trousers and went commando the whole day, hiding the soaked boxers in my desk and savoring that scent all day
  4. Yesterday
  5. jizzmboy

    Getting Caught

    I was caught all the time...lol we started young in my family.... I caught my dad....he taught me... then he caught me with the same guy...
  6. I loved this! I'm so into chemsex and it just turns me on so fucking much. I'm straight but when I'm rolling or spun, I'm down for ANYTHING. Can't wait to hear the rest!
  7. biguygettinhigh

    Looking to suck

    26 Bi-curious, 6'2 240lbs, looking to suck for first time, will travel, can only host weekend of 10/27-10/28, 420 friendly, must be clean. Help me pop my mouth cherry! Also would love if you returned the favor. Sorry but no ass stuff, only hands and mouths 😮🧤
  8. GingerCumPig

    Pup in IA

    dusty and pozottr are both hot pups. And I think pozottr can provide exactly what DustyPup needs
  9. Saturn1

    Pup in IA

    I bet that you Pups are not THAT far away from each other...Know what I'm sayin'???
  10. BBiker4Fun

    Cumdump taking all loads....

    I’ll be around, and would enjoy breeding your ass
  11. DEEP THRUST is the BEST way to make a Boi YOUR PROPERTY!!! :2thumbs:



  12. Mmmmm, BALLZ DEEP in the SHOWER!!! Gettin' DIRTY while gettin' clean... ;) 



  13. If THIS Boi texts YOU to CUM over...YOU FUCKIN' GO and FORGET the condoms!!! Lol!!! :P



  14. BLACK DICK is in DEEP and Bottom Boi is in LUV!!! :2thumbs:



    1. blackseed650


      Get that man/pussy anyway you can.

  15. BOI says: "Huh? Why? What's Prep???"




  16. DustyPup

    Pup in IA

    Gonna add that he is a SUPER CUTE pup!
  17. phukhole

    Palm Springs LEATHER Pride

    Anyone in town for it this weekend (10/25 - 10/29)? I want your loads!
  18. phukhole

    Cumdump taking all loads....

    @BBiker4Fun If you're around this weekend for Leather Pride, you're welcum deep inside my hole!
  19. please dont pull out baby,i dont want to miss a drop ..................... i always say it
  20. fisterm8

    Leaking Loads during Flight Home

    i remember clearly the very first time i leaked loads as i couldnt hold them in despite trying.........i started dating someone and it turned out he had a huge thick cock and loved to fuck for hours..........the first weekend i spent with him he mustve fucked me easily 10 times all BB.......he was a market trader and had to work on the sunday for a few hours so early sunday morning after having just 2 or 3 hours sleep we were awake at the crack of dawn and off to market to set his stall and display up selling goods.......my arse was full of his spunk which i was holding in with difficulty as he had stretched my hole fucking me the whole day and night before............after standing serving customers for about 4 hours i just couldnt hold it any longer and down my legs it went and leaving a huge wet spunk patch on the rear of my jeans........when i told him what happened he said not to worry as id be getting more up me on the way home - there wasnt any suitable place for me to go clean myself up with tissues,etc so i let it dry in naturally..........after packing up the stall and goods into the van when the market finished we headed for home to his place but he stopped halfway there in a layby and proceeded to pump more spunk inside me.........i felt dirty as i was stinking of cum but at the same time i grew to love it...............we spent 6 months together and i was fucked everyday on the spur of the moment at least 4 times......id to drop everything whatever i was doing to let him breed me.......ive only done BB ever since and dont always like it leaking as i prefer to have it in my overnight so it gets absorbed.
  21. "Deeper deeper" "pound the shit outta me!" And "No! Don't pull out flood my guts with your cum"
  22. i like it when a bottom says "mmm your big"
  23. fisterm8

    filled condoms

    im in scotland if any lads want to send me condoms which i will empty up my hole.......i will send cum to you in return if you wish.
  24. fisterm8

    Ever been filmed?

    there are a few clips of me getting bred and a few more of me getting fisted.......i dont mind provided they push their cum in me if its squirted on my hole..........and i dont like my face shown (unless its halloween LOL)
  25. evilqueerpig


    HOT start!
  26. HardOneLA

    Manbun Otter Minuteman

    Man, you said it all! I love scenes where there's no BS, back & forth, wavering, etc beforehand. I mean we all know what we want, and need, to do. Love being on all 4's on bed, hearing him walk in the door, anticipating his approach, and nervous. Besides them working my tits, if someone rims me that drives me into hog heaven and makes my hole beg for cocks! Then he mounts me doggie style and the rest is history, as you know. Several times I hooked up with this totally hot, built, buff, body builder in the desert. He was totally a nipman, as I am a titpig. So we started working on 'em. Then I was a little surprised when I saw his cock - tiny, small. But once he started to fuck me he did things that I'd never felt before. He absolutely knew how to work every inch of his cock until he bred me! I've also been surprised when hooking up with small, short, little guys who end up having a huge cock. Hullo? So we can never judge a book by its cover. OINK!!
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