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  2. Spit that PrEP out, Boy.  Spit it the fuck out, and toss the bottle.  You can't medicate the gay away, Son.  Don't swallow your pride for the sake of peer and medical pressure.  Wake up and grab the Gift that awaits your ought-to-be AIDSHole.

  3. Yeah, why would you. It would be such a waste
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  5. Why would you ask a man to pull out
  6. waiting for the next ass to fuck .. :>


    1. Fistulike666


      Well ... I'm pretty versatile ... let me fuck around a bit, then once I've had a slam or Two from AunTy T  then the whole scene can quickly change and I'm ready for anybody to use my holes for their pleasure  ...

  7. I got to have some experiences early on, but I wouldn't say I was molested. My family was very open about sex do I was able to try things out around 11. I'm still experimenting with my piggy/puppy side.
  8. Me next.
  9. I wonder what a ton of cock would feel like in my hole?:confused:

  10. (sucks on that sweet dick stickin outta your pants)   :>


  11. Hiya ... thanks for the rep Jay xx :* xx

  12. Hell yea. Taking anon cum loads is the best especially when I am being watched. I want to get fucked in public again soon. Maybe take some homeless cum in my hole XD
  13. love when i feel a cock or toy slide through my 2nd ring and stretch it out and fill my fuck guts deep. The added stimulation is amazing, especially the thicker it is
  14. The problem is I spend all my time fantasizing about anonymous sex and the thrill of not using condoms… I know I'm going to slip up and do something even riskier if I don't have bare sex before too much longer. I've been waiting years and I've turned down good opportunities before. And recently I've been sick getting sucked by anonymous old trolls who always push my boundaries farther than I intended anyway. This guy at least says he's on prep. I'm not sure if he's telling the truth. I know he gets fucked by other poz guys and he's trying to invite me to tagteam him with another supposedly HIV-negative guy, but even just writing this I'm jerking off thinking about the fact I could actually have unprotected sex with him.
  15. I started tracking my glory hole activity on my GH stats web page back in 2013 so I have very accurate numbers about the number of guys that have cum in my ass. I printed off my graphs and took them in to my doctor when I had to switch to a new one in 2015. That way he knew exactly how slutty I am. I know I'm not the worst skank slut by far but I do alright. I get tested every time I see him and get it cleaned up. Of course I take any nasty cock in my ass so it's a rinse and repeat cycle over and over again. You also have to make sure they understand you're a bottom. Otherwise the doctors will tend to want to just check your throat and cock for STD's which doesn't help if it's in your butt. I don't spare any details when I'm talking to healthcare providers. Some of the ones that aren't in the HIV field get weird when you do but that just means you need to find a more open minded provider. I won't put up with any of that righteous moral bullshit where they try to force me to have safe sex. Had a bitchy nurse once tell me they were about prevention and start to give me the condom lecture while I was getting a penicillin shots. I did not go back to that provider again.
  16. hey thanks for the follow stud!

  17. My daddy who has trained me has moved away from Berlin to Hamburg, he is very rough and a week ago he forced me to sit on a kind of butplugg (formed like torpedo - way too big) and it tore somethin of my cunt lips, hurt really bad. In the gay magazine Siegessaule there was an advert from a doctor. I contacted him, on the phone i tried to explain it and then he asked me to come later that day after university. I did, biking painful. He was an elderly man, short gray hair an mustache. white coat. he turned me on and he could see it when he asked me to take off my clothes and climb into the chair where he placed my feet in stirrups so that my cunt was visible. he had a look, and then he started massaging my hole with an ointment. nothing serious he said but no fucking for a week. he then asked me if I wanted to have a closer check-up, I said yes. he claimed that I was verdammt eng , damned tight, and he had to use a speculum to expand my hole. he did, and there being unable to move I was dripping pre-cum, he lokked me hard in the eyes, inserted a finger and said 'now cum' and I did. I couldn't believe it. mu small dick almost exploded. I will be going back for a check up in a week
  18. Thanks for the follow sexy!

  19. I guess this is hot if you like the idea of shitting blood for weeks and not being able to have pain-free anal sex for a while.
  20. I LOVE your tumblr. A few of my favorite videos are on there. I play them when I got guys fucking me. Usually on mute ;) A lot of guys that fuck me are on PrEP or neg, and so I try to make it subtle about the poz vids that are being played. See if they get turned on by them. My tumblr is raxistarbeam.tumblr

  21. Nothing better than a big black snake crawling up my ass and expelling it's venom. And yeah, I have proof you can get a virus from that! and yes, I am honest with my Dr. same guy fro 25 years now....not much he does not know. he is not judgmental....but does always have some "suggestions" about how my health risks due to sex might be mitigated.
  22. How fucking beautiful is the pic of your man cunt....YUM


    God what i`d do to bury my jizz deep in your guts 

    1. HungryHole22


      mmmm fuck yesss! oink oink


  23. Two loads from my new volunteer buddy. The man has stamina and knows how to fuck. My legs trembled when he finally dumped his second load in me but he did make me cum handsfree which always is an amazing feeling. I was oozing precum until I couldn't hold back anymore. Love hearing and feeling his big low hangers slap my ass as he pounds away. Hope to meet again in the weekend.
  24. I am planning on staying in Sydney in April and want to take as many anon loads while I'm there. I figure to do so I need the right location (a guy suggested Surrey Hills) but also a hotel or apartment where guys can come and go easily without access issues such as security (no keycard required) and is discreet. Was hoping a local might be able to suggest a place I can stay to satisfy my cum sloppy hole and take as many loads as I can while in Sydney
  25. I'm gonna need you to elaborate on this snake business.
  26. I can't say I've really experienced it. My really hung partners were when I was a fairly inexperienced bottom and it was more so uncomfortable. One guy, he wasn't the greatest lay, maybe he was stabbing instead of really stroking but I was sore up there for a couple days. Not a good experience. I mostly top, but I'm much more comfortable with bottoming these days, just haven't found the right guy.
  27. fuck yes take the poz loads , I stopped my meds today and am going with the breeding zone guys that want aids


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