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  2. Hey: you are so CUTE and so SEXy and so honest:-)


    Carsten, Danish poz doc

  3. Hey...good to see you on here too.  :)

  4. Insatiable bottom visiting Berlin in May. where can I go to find some hot young German tops to breed me besides Laboratory? also, if there’s any hot local tops in Berlin who wanna have fun with me and my mate?
  5. Why do you like bareback?

    I feel honored every time a man chooses to give me his load. Keeping his cum inside my hole letting it absorb into my body. I see it as he's becoming a part of me.
  6. ☣☣☣ Private PozParty In HIV+ Girl in Frankfurt ☣☣☣


  7. Today
  8. Barebacking

    My first time being fucked was bareback and have never stopped since. Have been fucked with a covered cock but only about 6 times total. First poz bareback was undet and same guy did me about 11 or 12 times. First time hvl poz just a short time ago, like a year. Very hot young man with avg cock but youthful extreme hardness and felt marvelous. Now all I really want is bareback poz hvl cock in me.
  9. perv/taboo chat

    Yng, twink, bb, beast, forced, shota, sometimes incest just to name a few kik: xeto2 wickr: xeto
  10. Unfinished Stories

    Get creative...come up your own ending
  11. perv/taboo chat

    The user is right i’ll MSG you
  12. https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2018/04/man-deliberately-infected-others-hiv-just-got-life-sentence/
  13. breed me fucker.. 618-967-7232
  14. New Owner

    Desperately waiting for more. Please keep going! 🙏🏻
  15. Open invitation

    Hey guys, from here on for the rest of the summer until September I have an open place and can host in South Jersey, looking to have a regular flow of traffic
  16. Moved to Binghamton area a few months ago.
  17. what a beautiful view!


  18. jockstrap workout :>









  19. now THATs the way they should teach gymnastics!  :>


  20. Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

    Went to IML a couple of years ago and had scruff open and got hit up by boy fillmore. Had a crush on him since ge was a twink in dirk yates videos back in the day. Chatted to be sure it was him and he wasn’t trying to drum up business and went up to his room and went to town. I was in my head too much trying to stick and move like a porn star And don’t know how well I did (in my head it was bad) but still can’t get over how cool he was and that he reached out to me. Dispite my poor performance I still think I lucked out and it ranks up there with my all time top encounters!
  21. get comfortable with the wall bro .. you're gonna be up against it alot while the team fucks you .. :>


  22. REALLY thirsty


  23. Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    So glad that you're back pup. Wonderful to read your words again. You're fucking amazing. Have a great weekend sexy boy.
  24. Pump & Dump Advice Needed

    Dear God no!
  25. perv/taboo chat

    Ur username isn’t popping up on kik
  26. perv/taboo chat

    Also looking for groups or exposure!
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