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  2. On a rare rainy day in So.Cal. I met a construction worker at an ABS and we went back to his place. While we were fucking, his roommate came home. His roommate was my former jr. high gym teacher. Long story short, a good time was had by all.
  3. Gave a blowjob during the Brisbane 1988 Expo just outside of the Ships Inn, only time we started to get notice is when he started cumming in mouth. Later that day the same guy took from behind in the cinema's.
  4. Chapter 20 There was still a thumping over by the Kid while a guy was trying to see how much of his cock he could get in the Kid. He was only average so he could not get the Kid to respond like he had hoped. In fact the Kid had cocks much bigger in him so an average cock, while it felt good, would not make the Kid scream. The Neighbor looked over to the Kid. He wasn’t sure how many guys had taken their pleasure in his ass. He saw one guy sucking and pumping the Kids erect cock, the Kid was whimpering, he needed to get off but try as he might, he couldn’t get off. Most of this as due to the drugs that were injected into his cock earlier, that plus the generous amount of Tina was given would keep him on the edge for some time. It would also make sure he had an erection which would add to the frustration. He though to himself that when his cute little girlfriend gets back he will be wanting to do her all week long, he only hopped that she would be up to the task. The Neighbor went into the room and asked the Kid if he was having fun. The Kid said “ Oh yes. I have needed this for a while “. The Neighbor opened his pants and let then drop and started stroking his cock in front of the Kid. He asked the Kid if he had an idea as to where he could put this and the Kid said to bring it over to him. He put his cock on the Kid’s mouth and he immediately started licking the underside of the shaft. The Neighbor was enjoying this when the Kid stopped and his eyes opened up and the Kid said “ That burns, it is to big. I think I an being ripped in two “. The Neighbor walked over to the door to see an old friend. It was a cop friend that had a massive cock. One that most women he knew that would run screaming from it when they saw the size of it. He didn’t know that after the Vid of the Kid in the park was over this was the massive cock that that about destroyed the Kid’s pussy and that he actually got balls deep in him. It wasn’t that the cock was long, it was that the thickness was something that no one could handle, the only reward a victim would get was the huge loads that were shot from this cock. The Cop said “ I know this cunt, I was in him at the park a while ago, he took me to the root like a real slut “. He was steadily working his cock into the Kid. The Nighbor made sure that the cameras were on and recording the action. He had a couple cameras over the Kid’s spread legs but he also had on that was right over the Kid’s head so he could record the facial expressions. He knew that when he was done mixing the vids he was going to have an epic Vid that he might be able to make some money on, guys would love to see the Kid’s facial expression and that monster split open his hole. The Look of surprise and pain mixed was going to be great. Later when he looked at the Vids he would also see that someone pushed a couple shards up the Kid’s ass right before the Cop was going to wreck the Kid’s ass. The Cop started pushing in and out of the Kid’s ass. He was only getting about half of his cock in the Kid’s now stretched spun hole but the Cop would change that soon enough. The Neighbor looked around and noticed other guys either getting sucked or sucking cocks, or, one guy was bent over a table and was getting his ass plowed. There was a thick cloud hanging in the air. You almost didn’t need to hit a pipe to get some in your lungs, it was that thick in spots. It was defiantly a good party. Everyone was going to be feeling this tomorrow. He looked over that the Kid and the Cop had all but the thick root lodged in the Kid. The Kid was moaning more than he had heard before an the Cop pulled back and then grabbed the raised legs of the Kid and shoved forward. His cock wend balls deep n the Kid and you could her the Kid whining like a littler girl. His ass was now stuffed to the brink. The Cop started pumping in and out of the Kid’s ass. He was moving side to side to try and stretch the hole a bit more and at the same time to hear the Kid moan more. The Kid’s voice had changed to a high pitch with all the excitement. He truly sounded like a girl now. The Neighbor knew it was getting late an the Sun would be coming up soon and he would have to call it quits but the Kid had one more surprise before the end of the night.
  5. Bathhouses; bookstores; bathrooms at least one sex party
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  7. I was wondering besides CCBC are there any gay resorts or campgrounds where you can find guys into watersports?
  8. First, in Canada remember there are not many poz gifters. It's a myth that people are still into gifting. I really doubt that. Most poz guys are on meds. Second, this adds to complexity in sex clubs, darkrooms, bathhouses. If a bottom is bent on a fuck bench, ass up and lubed, who is going to check whether the initial condom is still in place especially when poppers are flowing. Activist judiciary is a major issue in the world right now.
  9. I would be interested in reading about new gay destinations in the United States. It used to be well known that there was a lot of sex on a vacation to Palm Springs. Now I think that the gay resorts in Palm Springs are priced so high so I would like to read about other gay vacation destinations which are more affordable but still offer clothing optional and gay sex options that Palm Springs provided.
  10. I didn’t know how long I had been there for. I had lost count of the number of guys who had fucked and bred me. It might have been a lot or maybe just a few. I was exhausted, I was still sweating profusely, feeling hot as fuck. The sheet covering the mattress was drenched in sweat and cum. A bottle of poppers which had not been closed tightly enough was soaking the pillow, diffusing the strong scent across the small room. The place was reeking of man sweat, and I finally noticed the smell was coming from me. My ass had been empty for maybe a few minutes and I thought it was over. I was still blindfolded and couldn’t see if my room was empty or not. My senses were all messed up. My mouth was dry. I needed some air and water. I moved to get up with difficulty, but I was immediately pushed back down by a firm hand on my chest. “I’m not done with you, boy. It’s my turn” a deep voice said. I was out of breath, with my head buzzing, and couldn’t even form a sentence to answer. “I gave your ass to all those guys, you don’t think I deserve a go?”. “Yes” I managed to say. Fingers were inside my hole. “Look at this, you’re dripping cum” as cummy fingers were being pushed into my mouth. “Lick” I was ordered. As I was obeying, I felt a dick entering my ass again. “So good! No need for lube, sliding right in”. I could feel a breath in my neck, some chest fur rubbing on my body. I was feeling a heavy body weighing on mine, fit but not muscular. My hands were held firmly above my head by a strong grip. The breathing was now close to my ear. “I loved watching you taking loads after loads, like the good slut you are” was whispered in my ear. “I love stupid boys like you. You took whatever I gave you, you took all the loads I told you to take, no questions”. “Now you’ll have to face the consequences.”
  11. Hypnos pushed me over the edge to participate looking at men like they are meat ....
  12. Was out over the weekend with a couple of friends to dine and wine. As always I am ready, douched and lubed because sex for me is that moment. We had a couple joints before going to this nice boutique bar/restaurant. I was hoping we get a waiter since there were two guys that were really cute and showing off quite a bulge. Luckily it was him at out table. Maybe impressed by my bubble butt. We kept eyeing each other and he kept bringing his bulge close to my arms. Then I asked him about the washroom to which he took me to the employees only washroom. He came inside telling me that he too would like to use the washroom as it had a pot and a urinal. I deliberately lowers my jeans to expose my gstring and he couldn't take the tease. Aimed his 8in at my hole and slammed it in. All this while I was still using the urinal. Luckily I had lubed up, had some weed before and eventually started sniffing my poppers. Fucked me maybe 15-20 strokes and he loaded me. First one of the night. My friends knew exactly why I was so excited and shaky and spent the rest of the night with them where they loaded me a few more time.
  13. CLAW 2023?   Anyone going?   I have a room at the Indigo hotel and seeking a dom top as a potential roommate!


  14. Playing Devil's Advocate: the problem I see there is that (for the most part) this isn't a hookup site, and while personal ads are sort-of tolerated in the regional forums, the truth is that a site like this is always going to be less useful than "the apps" (whichever one might choose to use). At a minimum, sites designed for connecting people need to be able to show who's online, and when, and this one just doesn't. It's a discussion forum.
  15. Not to sound discouraging, but it's hard to get even a twink or a muscleboy gang-banged, because there's such a shortage of tops. That said, I wouldn't go for a particular city as much as I'd try to find places hosting bear events. Those attract both the bears themselves and non-bears who like them, so you might have a shot even if you don't attend the event itself.
  16. A number of people have commented that, ethically and legally, you're in the clear - he's no longer a student, you didn't hit on him when he was one, you didn't use the school connection to make contact. So what remains is: do YOU want to continue having sex with him, or not? For this purpose, everything else is extraneous, because if you don't want to sleep with him again - for ANY reason - you don't have to, and you don't owe him an explanation of why, other than "I don't want to." There's no need to justify it to yourself with a rule about not shitting where you eat; if you don't want to have sex with him again, don't. There can be any reason, or no reason at all, and you don't have to supply him with one regardless. If you do want to sleep with him again, then (as discussed) you're ethically and legally in the clear. At that point, it's just a matter of deciding whether your general rule about sex with former students is ironclad enough to rule this one out (in which case, see the previous paragraph), or whether this situation seems different enough from what you envisioned when you crafted that rule that you think it could be okay. Which may simply mean revising the rule a bit, ie not sleeping with any former student until he's been out of school long enough to have finished college (whether he went or not). That would mean a guy in his mid-20's is fine, but not someone who was, say, 19 going on 20.
  17. Anyone attending CLAW 2023? I have a room at the Indigo - interested in sharing it out. I'm a power bottom and would love to have a dom top as a roommate for the 4 days/nites there!
  18. Yesterday
  19. Have gotten blow jobs in public parks on trails and one guy would jump in my car and we'd park in random peoples driveways and he'd blow me in front of their house.
  20. Any tops looking for a greedy cum dump, I’m taking loads at St.Giles from 3rd - 5th Feb. drop me a message and let’s fuck.
  21. You will probably be well bred looking at that hole haha I've just found them a bit quiet but world pride will probably be a different beast
  22. Part 4 I put on the singlet I was handed. I was lucky if this thing went 3 inches down my thigh and it's tight enough you can see the contours of my cage in it.... the cage in it, it's not mine I'm going to do what it takes to get it back to the one that owns it. I look at the rest of myself now and again it's really tight so it shows off my body you can see the muscles I already have. Nothing too special but with the neck line going down pass my pecs and arm holes are big enough that if I had decent lats they would would shoot out perfectly. But for now it's just slightly toned and pretty boxy looking. I start putting my shoes and socks on when Sir Nate walks up and stops me. "I think you look better bare for don't you agree?" I nod "I'm sorry I didn't quite hear that" I look up at him. He is wearing a dark green singlet with a similar cut to mine the big difference is his size. You can see cleavage his pecs are so big and the neck line is so low you can see part of his bio hazard tattoo. His bulge definitely goes lower than the legs and his lats are so massive if he didn't have such big arm holes he'd probably tear the shirt. "Sorry Sir. Yes Sir" "Yes what?" "Yes my feet look better bare Sir" "So bare is better?" "Yes Sir. Bare is better Sir" he got a wicked grin at that response. "Are you sure we won't get in trouble Sir" "No no no. I know the owner I helped him out in the past and he let's me wear what I want at the gym. As long as it's early enough in the morning." We walk out of the change room I assumed no one would be there because of the time of day, but boy was I wrong. I walk out and there is about 20 bodybuilders working out doing various work outs around the gym. "This is body builder hour it started half an hour ago. I like to show up late so all the guys check me out." We walked over to some machines not in use and everyone stops and checks us out. Sir Nate gets some head nods of approval while I get glares at best. I don't think they are hostile towards me I'm just intruding on their time. We work out pretty hard for an hour and a half. Which is longer than I'm used to so my singlet is drenched and I'm sore all over. Sir Nate leads me to the change room and as I'm about to take the singlet off he recommends I wear it to fag school. I wanted to protest but the smell he gives off is to much for me and just throw my jeans and t-shirt on over top. "You did a really good job today boy. I think even after your done fag school you'll be joining me for work outs." He said to me as I left the change room. His compliment made my face grow flush. Why did this guys opinion matter to me so much. I get to Jackson's house and he let's me in right away. "Before we begin fag school. I figured you would be hungry let's cook breakfast." I follow him into the kitchen and he gives me a more hands on lesson on how he does breakfast. I remember some of what he told me from the first time and I even pick up on some basic food stuff. We eat rather quickly (he was right i was starving) and we go to his bed room for our 'lesson'. "So I want to explain the set up for what's going on here. I'm pretty sure you've had at least one rule so far that refered to a master. If you want the rest of the rules until that cage is off I will be acting as your master." I nodded not wanting to speak with out permission. " you follow the rules and when you learn them all I take the cage off. Does that make sense?" "Yes" I said quickly. "Good so what was rule 2 again" fuck I was actually going to have to learn these wasn't I. "I don't remember." He looked at me disappointed. "I will give you a pass this one time but moving forward rule 2 is in effect at all times do I make myself clear?" "Yes" "Good. Rule 2: if you ever dare ask for something you must offer something grater in return." OH great if I want a rule I have to offer something greater in return. "Do you have anything to offer?" "My cock Sir?" "I'm glad you offered me you cock. The conditions for it this time is I get to tie you down" oh great I guess he thinks I'm gonna run for it. He was right of course but still. I think for a moment. "Fine" I said it's been too long since I've cum. I'm a twice a day kind of a guy at lease. Now having 0 a day is brutal. I lay on his bed and he ties my wrists to his head board and my feet to the bottom of his bed. I'm spread eagle in the singlet. He pulls my dick through the leg hoel so he can get access to it. He doesnt unlock my... his cage right away because he doesnt care about it yet, he had one goal. He goes to work right away kissing smelling licking just enjoying my state after the workout. "I love a good himbo. When you get the size you'll be a perfect little tool. It feels really good and it relaxes me to the point I almost fall asleep but that's when he unlocks me and I get hard instantly. It strains so much it almost hurts that how desperate I am to cum. And then he starts sucking. My God it felt like he went for 5 hours on me but after seeing the clock it was only 3 min. When I erupted it was like a volcano. His mouth clamped down on me but I could feel that I shot the biggest load of my life. The climax makes me a but dizzy and I start to drift off. I feel him putting the cage back on and I'm out like a light. I wake up half an hour later. When I wake up I was untied and it a thong similar time what body builders wear during competitions. It does wonders for my ass, even I would want to fuck the furry thing. But it does nothing for Mt cock. I pull down the underwear and see he had changed caged again. I realize I woke up not from being rested but from discomfort. He has locked me in a nub an inch at most maybe even half an inch. Fuck. I go down stairs and he's gone already there a note on the table. *I hope you didn't sleep too long you have to go home to your wife to make sure she doesn't get suspicious it is Sunday after all. Here are some ground rules as well if you fail any of them I won't tell you any new rules for a full week. 1 you will only wear jockstrap and thongs until the cage is off and I will require photo proof of this. 2 you will only wear what ever Sir Nate tells you to at the gym and when at the gym you must treat him as your master in my place. 3 you will keep coming to my place and the gym every day until the cage is off. I'm sure Nate has already informed you of some of them but I wanted you to know nothing he says is optional. I also give you a key to my house so that you can lock up or come in when I need you to and I'm not there. Talk soon, Master Jackson* He was right Sundays are usually my day with my wife, we watch TV shows together. She might get concerned if I'm not home soon but she also can't see me in a bright yellow thong. I take it off and throw on some boxer briefs and head home. We were a few hours into our shows when I got a text message. *10 min face and thong together* It was from Jackson. He wasn't serious was he? I left the thong at his place so the earliest I could do a photo would have been 30 min so I chose to ignore it. 11 min later I got another message *have it your way*
  23. I only recently heard the ban is related to a politician who was in the closet and partied hard but when they found him passed from OD, family and the conservatives opted to hide what he was doing and blame Poppers. Yeah, no actual medical support for this ban. Poppers were the sacrificial pawn
  24. i have sucked and fucked ( more of the sucking) and more recently fucked by former students. Usually just wait til they have graduated. Then it's legal, and though some may frown on it, most of the boys don't tell their parents who they are playing around with.. of course, there were also a couple of dads of students I played around with too. It's slightly [banned word], and probably why its even hotter
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