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  2. love to read this storry and match popper hits and fuck myself with my dildo in time to the story sooo many loads shot.....usually right onto my dldo then soved back in my hole so I can match the bottom
  3. Sold Health

    Fucking hot story. I say. ‘ it is a Deal.
  4. Four more guys found what they were looking for when they shoved their dick in a glory hole: the mouth of a cum dump faggot to feed, a tongue to take care of their orgasm, a wet and warm mouth where to rest until the last drop is stilled.

  5. What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    Currently neg bottom guy here in Texas any older top daddies want to change that? Get me pregnant with your special dna ?
  6. What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    Congrats Tom!
  7. Colin Smith.....

    Check here on the Internet Adult Film Database: http://www.iafd.com/person.rme/perfid=britainwestbury/gender=m/britain-westbury.htm
  8. perv/taboo chat

    I want to talk about sick sadistic stuff of all kinds. Raceplay ,beast ,rape,torture,young. I love BBC interracial dirty talk. Wickr me taboochris
  9. My first swallowed load was at an adult book store in San Diego I was young horny guy starting out experiencing sex with other males and was horny watching videos in the booth older daddy top kept walking by came in the booth and pushed me down and I just started sucking and bam he blew his load in my mouth down my throat and I just took it then slowly started to piss down my throat. Damn loved it then later that night after a fresh shower I decided to take a chance at my first male spa bath house. Cleaned my self out prior fresh shower etc and went on to the spa walked around with a very small supplied towel with a hard on still new to now knowing I’m meant to be a bottom so let other men slowly walk by me run my ass etc then I made eye contact with a lovely older daddy followed him to a private room he had sucked his cock he then bent me over and lubed my hole and well just put it in my raw and I freely accepted it for my first rawcock before I only played with dildos so my first cock and raw cock and it was amazing he did cum inmy ass which was amazing and then to my surprise pissed fucked me as well. Didn’t know pisssex was actually amazing as well this was perfect. This special moment made me realize I’m ment to be a bottom only guy so I only bottom for men and those lovely she males and only raw
  10. I NEED to Submit

    I cant stop thinking about pleasing a man. I NEED to submit. I am looking for a Master or Dom to use/own me. I'm 28 6' 210 semi hairy from waist down and have tattoos. Im a masculine white male whos completely straight acting. I am ready to submit entirely to a MAN Looking for a preferably older man to use as his sex object or in any way he pleases... I am a kind intelligent sane young man who just cant shake the thought of pleasing another man. I am completely drug and disease free and trying to stay that way. Please SIR I live in New Brunswick New Jersey
  11. perv/taboo chat

    Wickr: pozseekerfin KIK: Guy83fin
  12. Today
  13. Do you clean cock?

    Ueah i always want to take the tops cock in my mouth after hes bred me, not just to clean it for him but i also love to taste his cum and my ass on his dick and to show hom how much i loke his cock and cum and to thank him for breeding my ass and also to show how much of a cock slut i am
  14. IML 2018 Who's going

    Is the host hotel sold out? Must be by this time.
  15. Experiences at CumUnion

    Hey, Rawbros! Well, after a 3 wk hiatus from man-to-man bb sex due to a very nasty chest cold (no temperature though!?), I decided to go to Steamworks Toronto last night. I guess that my horny, slutty nature took over. And that's just fine by me. I did catch up on reading posts on BZ as well as jerked off to new bb porn. All GOOD! Each time I visit Steamworks Toronto on a Friday night brings a new crop of guys. I didn't have any trouble finding and getting bb sex. I got to suck a few hard cocks. Nobody wanted to cum. A few guys appreciated me rimming them. Last night I didn't get rimmed, felt up YES, but not rimmed. I dumped my saved load into an anon hole and got 1 load dumped into me. I'm very appreciative. A dry night, rawbros! Not many guys and not many wanted to play. I hope that the next time is more slutty! Do you, rawbros, experience nights like these? Thoughts?
  16. What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    Very proud to be poz 5 weeks
  17. When I had a house I would often leave the door unlocked for several hours and take whoever walked through the door. Before the final closing when I sold it I took the week off, moved the mattress into the front living room and stayed naked and cleaned out with the front door unlocked that whole week.  In between packing up stuff i posted constantly and would give out the address to anyone and everyone. I took cock and loads all week long whenever someone walked through the door. A number of times I woke up at night with guys stripping down or already in my ass. I cant do that sort of thing where i live now but man do i miss totally whoring out like that! Now I have to travel and find those who can host.

  18. My dad and brother were the first men to breed me, they never wore condoms, so I never questioned it. Since I thought bareback was normal, I was surprised when a guy said he wanted to use one. I laughed and said dude I am not going to get pregnant. He was the first one to tell me about HIV in the mid-80s. I told him 100s of guys fucked me without a condom over the years so he might as well too.
  19. When I was younger I counted that religiously. I know that just before hitting 18 I had my thousandth cock but then I was whoring back then and lots of men will pay for young ass. Not a few hired me to serve large groups at parties and during frat initition times there were several groups that used me as their initiation. Since then i stopped counting except for short periods of time when i want to totally slut out and break a monthly record or am getting whored out over a few days or something like that.
  20. perv/taboo chat

    I want to talk about sick sadistic stuff of all kinds. Raceplay ,beast ,rape,torture,young. I love BBC interracial dirty talk
  21. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Steamworks hosted cumunion last night. I showed up around 10 and got a room, opened the door and laid ass up with a blindfold on in my jock. Within an mins I had an avg sized cock probing my lubed loose hole. He slid in and mounted me and really started pounding me which normally I don’t Love right off the bat but I was a no loads refused cumdump so I was not about to complain ;). He dumped pretty quick must’ve been real horny but it was a big load. Right away after he pulled out a long skinny cock slid in and started pounding right away. All the sudden after a few mins of long strokes I hear yeah bitch take this dirty load so I clamped my poz pussy down on his cock and said recharge my pussy daddy. He loved that a dumped a huge load in me. The next hour or so was a poppered up blur I know a group of bbcs passed me around I loved getting my throat fucked by a big black cock. Made them all dump their loads. After they left I just laid ass up the rest of the night and lost count of who fucked me. I bet I got over 20 loads though. Fucking great cumunion. As I’m writing this I’ve got a 9” dildo in my cummyhole and a 10” poz bbc on his way to add his load to my sloppy hole
  22. In this modern day and age it is politically correct to sympathise with the mentally challenged, the suicidal and the self harming! Then by the same token we could argue that it is equally politically correct to try and "cure" Queers in a suitably christian manner! (Anyone who gets a bur up their arse about that last wry comment please note that I capitalised "Queers" and failed to capitalise "christian" lol)
  23. Why Did You Start Barebacking?

    When I was younger I didnt know about rubbers as they were called then. I only had raw sex and took plenty of cocks long before i was legal but every one of them was bare. The first time a top used a condom with me it rubbed my ass raw. It was a while before I realized it had to be a good fit and that you needed lots of lube with a condom. When i got bred bare it felt a ton better and never needed lube after the first fuck so I just never got in the habit of insisting they be used.
  24. thanks for following me


  25. Sold Health

    Darn, I was hoping this story was updated.
  26. A Brother in Trouble

    Ric should have just kept his mouth shut, patted Zac on the ass, and said "I love your hot tight ass, we should fuck again soon."
  27. Folsom Street Fair

    Damn hot! Nothing like completely anon ...and even better not trying to turn around and see who it is fucking your ass...just enjoying the feel of the thick, raw cock deep up inside your hole, filling you with anon seed as your cock is getting sucked equally deep! Thanks for sharing that!
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