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  2. Really don't know, took 15 at a bookstore one day and had room for more but the supply ran out.
  3. I usually get tested every few months or sooner depending on how much I’m getting fucked. If it’s a higher risk situation or I feel like I could have caught something, I’ll go sooner. It’s usually every few months I’ll catch something and just have to do the normal doc visit and treatment and then my ass is back out there looking for fun.
  4. Hello good night, I'm new here and I'm from Sintra, Portugal.
  5. I think I love being locked up in a sling is that I have no real control over who fucks me or how they fuck me. I’m completely at the mercy of who put me in the sling and who’s fucking me. I also love being blindfolded in the sling and not being able to see but only feel who’s fucking me. I go a regular party where I usually end up taking a turn in the sling at least once during the night, it’s so hot and I always leave leaking and used.
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  7. The is is BB site, not a political site. We don't like when people point negative attitudes towards us. Butt yet so many point those negative fingers at others. My last comment was just being a bit of a smart ass. suddenly in the 2000's we have to point fingers and be fast to judge with a billion labels. How can we keep politics out of this site? I come here to not see the BS from both sides. I come here to get hard, not get a soft cock! Who would like to fill my ass with a few TOXIC Loads NOW?
  8. I'm tingling with the possibilities! I hope the next chapter comes soon, and really moves things forward!
  9. I always want the load in my ass. And after the guy leaves I pretty much always squeeze it out onto my fingers and lick them clean. Or sometimes I’ll fuck myself some more with my dildo and lick his cum off that. The point is, any load that goes in my ass usually ends up in my mouth as well.
  10. J"erry began to worry when his phone hadn't rung by 4:30. He almost dialed Rod's number and then at 5:05 Jerry saw Rod's name in the phone as it range. Let it ring a few times. Don't be too anxious. Jerry feigned surprise at Rod's call. Rod said, "Man, uh, buddy, uh, Jerry could you come by the store?" Jerry replied, "Troubles?" Rod assured him it was not real trouble but he needed advice and uh some special juice. Jerry agreed to head to the store. Jerry felt sure he had Rod hooked. Now, he just needed to let him have a little rope and he wouold hang himself. Jerry took his time and that drove Rod crazy. The store had one customer when Jerry came in. "I'll be with you in a minute," Rod called. The minute the customer left Rod led Jerry to the back room to the pan for emptying the scrub bucket. It was much like a shower. Jerry played dumb. Rod had to ask for the piss. Jerry was happy, he had been saving it all day and felt as if he would explode. He even had asparagus for a late lunch at 4. The piss would be strong tasting and smelly. If Rod took it, he had him. If he turned away, Jerry would have to work harder to get that hot piece of hot ass to do whatever he wanted. Rod begged saying, "Please, Jerry, I really need it. Please." Jerry made him carry on for a while and then he whipped it out. Rod was thrilled. He knelt in the scrub bucket basin and said, "I really need it. I have been waiting all day." Jerry worked hard to start and stop the flow so as not to overpower Rod until he learned to take as fast as it flowed. Rod kept swallowing. Jerry kept pissing. Jerry thought it took forever for Rod to take it all. Rod licked his lips when the dick came out. Jerry said, "Well, you owe me a favor, Rod. Now suck this cock and swallow my cum, full of protein, you know." Rod looked confused, but took the dick and started sucking. It took a good 15 minutes and all the strength Jerry could muster to make the orgasm last so long. When, Jerry recovered he asked, "Was that a fair trade, Rod?" Rod agreed. He asked Jerry how he could get some piss in the morning. Jerry said that it would be tough as the piss has to be fresh. Jerry considered. OK, he thought. Can I get the piss again tomorrow? He asked Jerry the question. Jerry said, "Well, I guess so. Will we do it here again?" Rod agreed. But he asked Jerry to call first. Jerry waited for Rod to finish his closing routine and they walked part way home together. All the while, Jerry was scheming how to get into Rod's ass again. All the while, Rod was wondering how he could get Jerry to hurt his dick and fuck him. It seems to be a match made in heaven. Stay tuned for the next episode
  11. Gawd I hope so. Since I started on PrEP I’ve made it a rule to refuse any top that wanted to use a condoms. And I haven’t had to refuse anybody in almost a year.
  12. Again with the labeling. There's countless forums for political expression outside this site without instantly alienating half our BB brothers and pitting them against each other for political entertainment. A little class amongst pigs please, and respect for the United States by not amplifying the dirty laundry of our political system on an International sex forum. Thank you.
  13. Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, and the pig enjoys it.
  14. Toronto—December, 2019 I went to Spa Excess for New Year’s Eve. It was the same venue I went to last year. I don’t think there were as many playful guys around this year. I felt like more men were there for the roast turkey buffet than for sex. But I still had a great time. And how better to ring in 2020 than in some man’s ass? I stayed, mostly, in the third floor play area. There is a sling, a fuck bench and a room with a glass wall where you can watch men in the shower. There is a slurp ramp to save cocksucker’s knees and lots of dark corners and booths for a modicum of privacy. And there is a cage, three steps higher than the floor, where I often stand and let passersby suck on my cock sticking through the bars. I had told two gentlemen, both new to me, where I would be that night. I was curious to find them… I stow my clothes in my locker. I get into my leathers. I walk through the play area. It is just around 9 o’clock and not many men are there yet. There are a few rooms on this floor, so I walk the hall. A big beefy man, with tats and a hairy chest is hanging out by his door. He’s one of the men with who I chatted earlier in the day. He nods. I nod and follow him in, shutting the door. Before it latches, he is digging in his bag. “Do you PNP?” “No.” “But you’re ok if I do?” “No,” I say and start to open the door. He slams it shut. “Ok, I’ll just do poppers.” He sinks to his knees. He sucks me—some. It is much more about his nose to the popper bottle. Constantly. To the point I don’t’ dare move or I’ll make him splash some on his face. I’ve had enough, though my dick is barely wet. “Get on all fours.” He does, clutching the bottle. I take out my frustration with him (and the man the day before) on his ass. I have one leg up on the bed and plow him hard and long. He only asks me to go easier so he doesn’t spill his brown bottle. And to top it off—he’s dirty. I leave and wash. I hang out in the dark play area, standing in the cage and letting young Asian men suck my now clean cock. After three mouths—none willing to try it in their hole—I walk out to the rooms again. I find the other man from BBRT. He’s about 5’10” and a slim 150. His hair is silver. His profile says he’s ten years younger than I am, but I’m guessing it’s more like four or five. His face lights up and he leads me into the one sling room on this floor. He kisses me—tentatively at first, but growing to a major kiss. This is going to be good. He goes to his knees and gets me wet. He is great with his mouth—everything I need to be ready to plow. I help him into the sling. His ass is a lovely bubble sticking out from the leather straps. And he loves my tongue work on his hole. “You didn’t lie. You do love to eat ass…” he murmurs. I spit a few more times into his hole, stand up and glide into him. His moan is music to my ears. I fuck him slowly for a long time. But eventually building to a chain rattling fuck. He loves ass to mouth, while still in the sling. His ass is incredibly juicy when I revisit it with my tongue and mouth. We use the sling some more. We do one round with him on all fours on the bed, but we both miss the sling, so we go back to it for another fuck. “Now go fuck some other lucky guys,” he tells me. “Should I leave the door open?” I ask. “Naw. I don’t’ think I want anyone else after that…” I thank him and tell him I’ll come back for another round if he’s still here. I go into the dark area. Someone is now on the fuck bench. I move between his legs—and instantly walk away from the smell. It is the second of likely eight men who are dirty that night. I will just skip the others. Yikes. I play in the cage. I find a hot, 40 something gym guy in backless rubber shorts bent over the box in the cage. I eat his perfectly framed ass and sink into him. He milks my cock like an expert. “You are the perfect size for my hole,” he tells me when we break—and decide we’d be more comfortable in the public sling. The sling makes it an even better fuck. I pound him until his eyes roll up into the back of his head. We have an audience—but they seem to be all bottoms. No one will step up to take a turn on his ass. So I go again. Finally I catch an older man’s eye. He is beating a nice sized cock. He spells me. He fucks the full, hairy ass with swift, deep strokes. He says nothing at all as he pumps into Rubber Shorts. He abruptly stops and walks away. I kneel. Yup. He left us a load without saying a word. I dig in and share it with the rubber pig… * I meet up with the man in the sling room. I fuck him until he shoots. He tells me he will hang around until 12. I work the top of the slurp ramp. I am too tall for many of the men. My cage is a better option. I move there. “Hello, again.” A tall, thin young man of less than 30 years of age smiles at me. He has a full goatee. And a big dick. “I want to suck that again.” He leads me to a booth next to the slurp ramp. I know he hasn’t sucked me this trip. I would remember him. He locks the door and goes down on me. Well, fuck. This boy did just this last year. And if I remember rightly…there’s more. “Daddy, I love your cock, but turn around so I can eat your hairy hole again....” Follow the link to see who is my first fuck of 2020: [think before following links] https://felchingpisser.blogspot.com/2020/02/new-years-eve-wel-cum-to-ontario-part-v.html
  15. Thanks! And wow I haven’t had crabs since college. But every other bug has been had. Not sure I would enjoy crabs again.
  16. Hallo, I’m a twenty-two-year-old, neg guy looking for poz, toxic guys with high vls to play with. Real dirty bugchasing faggot here, planning to attend biohazardmen that friday night and collect strains! I’m staying right next to the zoo and will be visiting for april 9th - 12th. Please hit me up if you want to play and share your seed with me.
  17. I work at the Airport (SFO) and there are alot of great Motels in that area, and its become very convenient for me to line up Anon hook-ups at these motels. 😈
  18. I like piss in the bed. never wipe and ;2 months or more fore a shower. Looking for a boi to leave everything to
  19. "Bareback: the new routine way of having sex?" i don't think bareback is "the new routine way of having sex," but that sex is returning to normal and natural? I.e., the "routine" isn't "new." my feel has always been that Tops, or guys topping, have the need/desire to leave a part of their self, their effect, in someone as part of their drive to Top? As a bottom, i have a need/drive to have a part of my Top in me it seems as a permanent marker, effect, impartation? Condoms block a part of that process, they are unnatural, so i think we all feel something vital missing with condoms, like sex is incomplete. i think the return to bareback is the return to normal.
  20. Wanna cum with my shitty pissed self to Vermont for a while?😈 I’m looking for a filthy boi you won’t have to work just let me swallow your piss cum and shit😈😈
  21. I definitely enjoy sucking cock but when it comes to the load I want it deep in my ass too. If aguy can only cum once then in my ass. But if we are planning a weekend together then I would like to swallow one but the rest in my ass.
  22. A bottom has to be a really good cocksucker before I'll let him swallow my cum, because cumming deep inside any ass is definitely my preference.
  23. Goog to hear from a fellow Fort pig! I miss it too. Relaxing in the sling being fucked as people sat at the bar drinking and watching. Do you remember the small toilet at the back of the dark room? Always filled with sweaty bodies you couldn't see as they fucked you!
  24. Definitely want it as deep as possible in my very willing ass. A hot load of toxic cum would be perfect lube for the next cock (or cocks) to fuck my ass. Of course I always suck cocks to get them hard so they can fuck me, but I do so want all their poisonous cum deep in my ass. And I'd love taking infected loads on a regular basis too.
  25. Horny and aching to feel your cum inside me. Hosting today near Blohm and hunt club. Hit me up then knock me up.
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