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  2. I just finished getting loads. I just had 5 different black guys fuck me in the ass. All five of them had 9 inch dicks too. My ass is so full of cum right now. I have another guy getting ready to come over. I am going to suck his dick and have him shoot his load down my throat
  3. in Beverley East Yorkshire and looking for my first load/poz load. pm me for my address and come get me when it suits you x
  4. It would be better to play with the "do not knows" in the meantime. But unmed poz tops are out there, but may not want to be public about it.
  5. Me too! I love when they put their stomach on my back while fucking me
  6. thanks for the folliow x

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  8. That was just fucking awesome! Love to be pile driven like that!
  9. I am in CPT for another week. Really hungry and thirsty, for loads of man-essence/ CUM.
  10. Count me in! I am ' guy4xxTops ', on KIK.
  11. In a room at a cruise club I had just finished an extended but ultimately unsatisfying fuck (Asian guy had insisted on a condom, I’d fucked him till he was sore but I hadn’t cum). The other guy had cleaned up and slipped out and I was just starting to exit the room when I noticed a cute young guy with black hair eyeing me so I stain the doorway and cruised him back. He could see my still hard cock pressing against my pants and came closer and reached over for a feel. To seal the deal I slipped my cock out and one he’d seen its size and felt its hardness he squeezed past me, bent over the bed and dropped his trousers. He was a cute young guy with a firm bubble butt and smooth olive skin - and a cute asshole. I wasn’t wasting time and shut the door and positioned my cock for entry. It felt good to enter him raw after the frustration of the previous guy who had insisted on a rubber. He never spoke but after screwing for a while he reached back held my cock and repositioned it at the opening to his asshole and I’d re-enter and we’d be off again. This happened several times while he’d also be sniffing poppers. I had to try to guess what he wanted but eventually I think I worked it out. Left to my own devices I was going fast and deep and I know some guys, especially youngsters, find it hard to take my fairly wide girth at the base of my cock (although most experienced guys of course love it!). I think he preferred slower, not all the way in, and concentrating on repeating entry. I was happy to oblige and it was hot screwing this cute young guy who was obviously enjoying every minute. It was my 4th fuck of the evening and I was honoured to deposit my load deep within him.
  12. Depends on my top. Usually if he fucks with a good rhythm and has an above average size cock i cum hands free.
  13. It's a mix of both. Long slow balls deep at the start to get used to a new cock, and then rapid piston punching dick and that side-wides twist that hits the spot. More important is a long session - couple of hours and multiple loads (to push out onto my fingers and tasting).
  14. I’ve had both cum hands free and had anal orgasms while getting fucked by just my BF or by a group amazing feeling! Specially love it when I’m locked in chastity and oozing cum while I’m getting plowed
  15. Big fan of DP here 😈 the feeling of having two cocks pushing, stretching and fucking my hole deep is incredible! You’ll need to stretch your hole to accommodate two cocks, use plugs and large dildos to make sure you can both stretch and take it deep i replied to a similar post here but basically, practice, practice, practice 🐽 and let us know how your first time goes!
  16. Goatees and beards on tops and breeders are a definite yes!
  17. Proudlypoz on Kik, love to meet some London cumdumps for deep heavy breeding
  18. Looking for a TOXIC POZ load

  19. Not sure that I've ever had a full on wet orgasm from getting fucked. I've gotten close a couple times, even though I wasn't hard it felt like my cock was going to turn into a fire hose of cum every single time the top pumped his cock into me. Thought I was going to go crazy the few times it happened, and it instantly pushed my slut switch into overdrive. But nothing more than a small lake of pre-cum as a result. On the other hand, it feels like I have near constant dry orgasms when I get fucked. The sensation doesn't necessarily kick in until a top pulls out for even a few moments, I feel a shock up the entire length of my spine followed by that telltale feather-light feeling of release. Yet not a drop of cum. Sometimes it lasts a few minutes, if I got fucked really well it can last for hours on end. It's a reminder that I am indeed a bottom, and that's perfectly fine with me.
  20. Hey: very cool profile indeed - love how you for almost one year now are off PrEP - surely seem like the only competent choice:-)

  21. 34 bi m. Dirty kinky chat. Love incest Wickr, newguy84
  22. Chapter XXVI Just as soon as he caught his breath, he climbed off of his bed leaving my boy and I still laying there with our legs still spread open unable to close them nor wanting to. He went to his bar and got a drink of something and then returned to the bed. He grinned at us and then said, "I almost bet that one load each will do the trick, but I think I will make sure. I think you both need more poz cum in you and I also bet you are ready for it right now." My boy and I could not answer as we just laid there staring at him. We were both satiated but also scared even yet, and yet as we glanced at each other, we both knew we wanted more and as soon as possible. Our asses were just tingling from the pounding we had taken and the pleasure we had felt. Then the bar owner did something strange. He turned from us and went towards his door into the main bar. Still naked, he opened it up and shocked the hell out of us as in walked not just the friends we knew he had done but basically about a dozen of our friends. As they entered they all started to strip. The owner came over then and told us, "Surprise! I have already been fucking all of your friends for two or three months now and they have all converted and are now highly toxic poz breeders like me. Now the real party is going to start and you are going to get fucked by all of them the rest of the night. Oh, and don't worry, I will be doing you some more too." As he finished talking two of our friends climbed on the bed and grabbing our legs drove their cocks into us and started to fuck us. My boy and I looked at each other but were too surprised to do anything else as our two friends started to hammer our holes hard. Soon were both too busy moaning our pleasure at being fucked to do anything but push our own asses back on each inthrust to get as much cock in us as possible. In about 10 minutes our two friends were panting and whispering to us that they were both getting close. I am sure my love was feeling the same as me and basically had grabbed our friends asses to pull them into us as deep as possible. Then, within a few seconds of each other our friends were telling us they were cumming and filling our holes full with poz cum. As soon as they quit grinding their loads into us, they got up and were replaced with the next two. Again they just rammed their cocks home in us and started to pile drive our holes good. When those two were done, another two took their place and fucked us as hard as they could. They were all talking and telling us how nice it was to be pozzing us finally as they had been waiting to do it for a while. They had planned the whole thing knowing we really hadn't wanted to become poz, but we had all talked about it before and how hot it sounded taking a chance some time. After the latest two finished the owner came over and told us he was ready again. He climbed on the bed and decided to do me first this time. He drove his mammoth cock into me again roughly and in one stroke went balls deep. He immediately started to try and drive me clear through the mattress. My ass was assaulted like it had never been before. I glanced at my love only to see that while I was being fucked, the owner had driven his hand into my boy's hole and it looked like a good 3 or 4" of his wrist was in ther too. My eyes really got wide at that as my boy's hole had hardly been used but now was loose enough to take a fist in there. WOW. The owner almost destroyed my hole with his gigantic cock and then he growled here it comes as he unloaded another toxic load deep in me. He no sooner finished when he pulled his cock out of me and his fist out of my boy. Then he moved over quickly and rammed his cock deep into my love and as I watched it bottom out in him, I was surprised to feel the owner's hand at my hole and then I almost yelled when it went into me with almost no trouble and up his arm some. I rose up off of the bed which actually drove another good inch into me. The owner drove into us both as if on a mission to drive clear through us. When he finally came in my boy and withdrew his cock from him and his hand from my hole, the rest of our friends jumped on the bed to take their turns. This went on all night long until basically nobody could get it up any more. My love and I had also cum multiple times from the pounding our prostates got. Finally everyone just piled on the bed and passed out. What a night of piggish sex. Both our holes had to be a mess now and we knew we were going to be walking a bit bowlegged and sore from this night for a few days. OMG What a felling to have that we had done and all because I got curious about a huge cock. I am sure we are going to join the poz group now after this. OMG What Did I Do?
  23. I think I've only been fucked here once with a condom and I stopped him almost straight away, 99% of guys go raw. The last one was a total slut fest, it was great.
  24. Horny perv very few limits. Kik is gayfootlover36 wickr is hornybp004
  25. i like The Intern story.  I like when a bottom is taught through painful/pleasurable methods.  When the dominance comes out and the sub submits to it...pervection! 

    Even if it takes a decade, i hope you continue the tale of The Intern!  You are a very talented writer.

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