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  2. One of the fuckbuds I used to see pounded me good for my 32nd birthday. He was close to 10 inches, but definitely not over 10. Don was the sort to arrive last to the sex party, and the first to cum. On this occasion, his partner was not ready to play yet, so Don just nailed me over the couch. He kept whispering "happy birthday" in my ear as he drilled my hole. It hurt, but it was a good kind of hurt. We were totally a good fit sexually. He fired a huge load in my ass after several minutes of pumping, and I expected to feel something in there. But no sensation. For all I knew, he could have faked it. But that was the last time he fucked me, and one of the last times I saw either of them. I haven't had as big a dick since although my scene with Michael Phoenix ripped me open from stem to stern (my two favourite parts).
  3. I never measured it but I had a regular soft spoken Black guy that could hit the “second door”. I never lost a drop but I know he cum a huge load.
  4. My very first ltr was with a very well endowed black man. He is 10.5 and really thick. We were together for 10 years. I did get used to it but I remember it was a chore getting him inside me at first. It was like getting fisted every time. He is also my gifter. As you can guess it didn’t take long to convert with him.
  5. BBiker4Fun

    XTube link collection - breeding videos

    https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/7-furry-ass-cub-raw-fuck-amp-fist-39200471 Here is a short clip of the nearly 4 hours I spent with this sexy furry cub in a sling at CCBC, eating his ass, fucking his sweet bare furry ass, breeding his ass then fisting my load even deeper. I need a fucking cameraman. I planted 6 loads in his ass, and you can see some leaking out of his furry butt. He shot his load all over his balls while my fist was working his hole, catch the result at the end.
  6. Pozguyinchi

    Body hair insecurity

    I agree! On a man no amount is too much.
  7. Pozlover1

    Arse to Mouth

    Hot ass.... yes Poop.... no
  8. PowerTopper

    Anyone wanna use my slut?

    @gangbangsuperstar @LittleCumSewer I'm such a bad daddy!
  9. Pozguyinchi

    Arse to Mouth

    Not one that I have found in all of my years of bottoming.
  10. SEPaBBGuy

    Arse to Mouth

    Wonder how many guys like an undouched ass?
  11. Today
  12. rawsatyr

    Does anyone else feel guilty after having sex?

    I guess many of us were at that point once. Feeling 'guilty-and-dirty'; not just for that sketchy seed we accepted, but for being gay and not being in a monogamous 'sanctioned' relationship! UNTIL... we realize the hypocrisy and the double-standards! Then liberation enters the picture... This frat-boy whom I met on BBRT reminds me of those times when I had accepted the gay part, but promiscuity frightened me but all the temptations. The frat-boy is somewhere in the early phase but on BBRT all the time now. He is really nervous but even more so HORNY. He looks around like he is expecting the morality police to step out of my closet or back-rooms. So I just walk over to the action section and he made it clear he wants to always fuck me face down... when he undresses he is still soft, NERVOUS but the moment my ass goes up he is hard as a rock and he ruts my hole with spit like a champ. I bet after he goes home (to his dorm or secretive lair he won't tell me where it is) he showers and scrubs and feels guilty... I on the other hand (another victim of a catholic, stymied sexual upbringing) have sworn off all fear, guilt and loathing! I now receive all cocks RAW and unrestricted! I accept the cum, DNA and raw cocks like an electrifying SACRAMENT. No more hang-ups, just full membership of the brotherhood of satyrs and debauchery! NO LOADS REFUSED once the stranger gets started, and no cheating with 'queefing' the cum out! No idea what the status is. Poz would be nice, but probably just novice negative stuff! But hey, he could be a liar, a punk with an agenda! I don't care! No rushing, no regrets, no shame and no denial! While he is on me and after he is long gone! That cum stays where it is put! In my ass to full absorption. With other it goes down my throat (no spitting out like at a cum tasting) savoring the flavor and on my body until the much delayed, and purposely brief next shower! I want that MUSK OF BUCK, that ESSENCE OF BUCK, that predatory promiscuity to transfer... kinda like savoring a good wine. Being a PIG is all fine and dandy, but as a LATE-CUMMER to the anon bareback scene we tend to relish our 'alleged depravity' and animalistic bondings even more!
  13. Saturday was my last load, started out breakfast with a friend ( straight) but I saw a regular from the cruise spot so I made eye contact and when I went to the bathroom he followed, I dropped to my knees and sucked him for a sec and told him to meet me in 45 min. He was waiting for me and I jumped in his truck, we kissed and before I could pull out his cock he said he had his place to himself to follow him, in less then 15min I was in his bed him naked and me in my jock. He kissed me all over and really chewed and sucked my nipples hard, nipples dark red and marks on my neck . He then started giving me his cock it was fully in my throat before I knew it, it tasted good. He pulled out and produced a bottle of poppers and held it to me and I breathed in its toxic vapor, by the time he was done I was ready for anything inside me and began to beg and whimper like a little girl. He pushed me to my back and mounted me like only an alpha does, lubed up and peppered up he took me. Deeep hard and good, he pressed his body on top of mine and began the breeding process his lips never left my body and his bites and sucks left it’s mark and by the sight you know I was bred, when he was ready to dump bit down on my lip and exploded inside me, my body just quivered. I need more of this man and I think he wants me
  14. BBBoyfromTN

    ATL-Manifest trip

    Good to hear Manifest is still there. Used to go there regular when I lived in ATL and still drop in when I’m back. Doesn’t really get busy until after Midnight Friday’s/Saturday’s or special nights like CumUnion or the Poz Play party.
  15. BearOKC69_Poz

    Best Way to Administer Poppers

    Although it will work, the juice box is a bit large & bulky. I have used a small nose spray or even Elmer’s white glue bottle and either cotton balls or the square cotton pads (roll up and insert into bottle). Use an eye dropper (dedicated to just poppers ya don’t want to accidentally use it and get them in your eyes). Empty bottle of contents and wash well and let air dry before adding poppers. Whatever bottle you get, make sure it’s soft and squeezable. Twist lid that you can manipulate with one hand. Either just sniff or for added effect, squeeze bottle as needed
  16. BBBoyfromTN

    Married guys asks for condom

    Been with a few married guys where I did the same thing. I’ll say “we can put one on when you get closer” and then let them enjoy fucking me bare. They usually enjoy fucking me bare so much they forget about the condom and wanna blast inside me and just relax and forget about the condom.
  17. I’d love to be controlled by a master and ordered to do this and record it ! Either with master there or a distant master ... any Dom’s out there ?
  18. SleazyFucker27

    Young London Taboo Lad

    30 year old lad in London looking to chat to other young UK guys who’s into yng/taboo/incest. wicker Twist26
  19. daddybear

    The Pub

    really really nice!!!!
  20. hardnow

    The Pub

    More please!
  21. Pozme1981

    Why do you want to get pozzed?

    Me to I am trans just not out yet I dress at home and wife let’s me she knows I want to be female and she knows I want poz to feel as if I am pregnant in a way
  22. Chubpozchaser


    I so want this to happen to me !!
  23. Chubpozchaser

    Southern bug chaser needs poz load

    Hi perv dirty chub 39 here looking for gang rape and/or breeding hopefully and use totally. No limits . message me to arrange . can travel
  24. insatiablebot

    Best Way to Administer Poppers

    Wait. Found it 🤓
  25. insatiablebot

    Best Way to Administer Poppers

    This sounds promising and I do wish someone put up a YouTube video of how to do this properly 🙈
  26. LoadsNeeded

    Dad takes charge

    Fabulous start!! Can't wait to read more! Following for sure!
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