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  2. Pozlover1


    Agreed. Free exchange of goods and services. Making it illegal is a money racket for the Goooberment. if they were worth two cents they would outlaw telemarketers instead
  3. fisterm8


    Not sure if im allowed to post links but here goes............love the tattoo :D https://www.facebook.com/9gag/videos/246232022709253/
  4. TheRaunchiestPup

    Piss up the ass

    You'd think that the sheer volume and warmth of so much fluid would feel obvious, but it's not. I've heard younger stories from some of my top daddies about their first time taking piss in the ass unknowingly they get up and not realizing what just happened.. splash, like.. sprint to the toilet his hole's too loose! (in my head a voice..) Yes... Pissing in an ass is a thing, welcome to your new perverted life, you have successfully deepened your limits. We laugh about it all the time.
  5. Pozlover1

    Gay friendly tattoo artist

    They are all gay friendly
  6. TheRaunchiestPup

    Piss up the ass

    Screw pissing in somebody else's ass. When i'm high and spun at home, I put my cock up my own ass and start pissing in it. I piss a little in the toilet to test that it's chem piss and I always take it slow and careful to never spill a drop, plugging up my hole right away, or laying upside down in the tub to fuck myself with some anal beads. Hearing that swishing, splashing sound like water in a deep well is reallllllllllly pervy.
  7. Attended an Xmas orgy in Sydney, probably 200 guys there at least. Most were fit young guys who weren’t interested in me but it was fun to rub up against them and watch them at it (it was packed tightly for at least the first half hour and was almost standing room only, other than a mattress on the floor, so most guys were fucking standing up). The first guy to ask me to fuck him asked that I wear a rubber, though not keen I reluctantly complied as he explained he had a girlfriend and couldn’t risk STIs (though frankly coming to an orgy wasn’t the brightest idea in that case). However things hotted up for me when a cute young Asian guy watched me fucking and as soon as the other guy came squeezed through the crowd to ask me to fuck him. Raw this time. He was pretty tight but was game to take my cock which tapers up to a thick base. After I had screwed him for quite a while, in several different poses, we flipped and he fucked me raw. Then we flipped back and forth. Normally in an orgy I’d be prowling around to score with more guys but I surprised myself by spending more than an hour switching back and forth while other guys were coming and going along side us on the mattress, sometimes watching us or having one of us suck someone while we were ploughed, and occasionally fucking one of us in a brief pause in the action. We took a short break and took some food and drink before returning to finish. As it happened I never actually came at the orgy but I was pleased to have the Asian guy come in me whic slowly dripped out over the following hour. The guy offered to drive me back to my hotel after the orgy wound down as I’d arrived by bus. Naturally it didn’t end there as he came up to my hotel giving me the chance to give him the proper breeding I’d denied him earlier.
  8. TheRaunchiestPup

    Piss up the ass

    I have a Daddy who I sometimes parties with. He'd only be into piss when he's high which is perfect because you're guaranteed chem piss with him every time. He'd blow a big cloud into my ass and fuck me for hours, dumping loads after load and churning up his cum like butter. Finally he'd finish by pissing in me to flush it all down deep into my gut, I'd go plug myself with my discreet vibrating plug and relax upside down against the bed to make sure it all gushes as deep into my gut as possible. While i'm busy getting high (again) from his chem piss, he grabs my bottle and pisses inside, finishing up the last of it. (what a sweetheart). he knows that afterwards when I leave for the bath houses, I like to dip all my toys in his chem piss and fuck myself with it, one dip one fuck, one dip one fuck. People I've told this story to always tells me, "isn't that really ineffective lube?" and I reply "of course it is! that's the point! I'm raw dogging with my meth daddy's piss. My hole gets torn and tendered up so I can absorb his juicy love even quicker into my bloodstream." of course you get dehydrated very quickly this way, so you always want to be chugging gatorade or have abundance supplies of water. p.s. when the bottle gets half empty, I add my own piss in for the last leg. Dad and son's chem piss, mixed together inside my hole. p.p.s. because of the expectations to be The RaunchiestPup, some things I might beg him to do differently are.... top off the bottle with his drool and spit when he's filling it up. blow a big cloud into my ass before he fills it up with piss, I love the idea of the clouds mixing together with his piss like a human water bong. don't piss first then blow clouds though, we've tried that and it turns you into a messy geyser... wasteful.
  9. Today
  10. yum! where are you located, stud?butt.thumb.jpg.e31f911a8eb1e8104df89c2f5e5577c8.jpg

  11. daddybear

    Off to College

  12. BBTV6

    best bareback hookup sites?

    The options are blank, safe, by agreement, condom, PrEP, PrEP & Condom, TasP. I went for “by agreement”, but this misrepresents me as it suggests accepting safe sex by specific individual agreement, which is not true at all, as I never would. So I think I will go for tge blank option too. Even when “never” could be selected in the past (which it can no longer be done in the advanced user search function), I kept on getting approached by “always safer sex” people. With this experience behind me, I start my profile information with a clear statement that I only accept sex without a condom and that means anal (i.e. in my transgirl vagina). This is in line with my “no risk, no fun” attitude, or rather “lot of risk, lot of fun”, as there is practically no risk and fun with just oral sex, or sex without penetration and ejeculation into the hole where infection is quite likely, depending on HIV status.
  13. Limitlessbot

    Gay friendly tattoo artist

    wow, 138 views and not a single reply! Truly amazing for a city that is supposed to have a vibrant gay community.
  14. blackbbutt

    Taking cock after you cum

    Getting fucked immediately after cumming is almost painful, If the top keeps fucking I always get horny again . The one exception was a guy who edged me for a long time and them made me cum twice. He said he wanted the pleasure of fucking all to himself. After I came a second time he immediately slammed his cock in. It was amazingly hot and made med really horny no pain/cramping as all It was also really frustrating as my cock just wouldn't get hard. It was a real turn on and left me hornier than ever. The only reason he managed to do it was because I was cuffed to the bed and couldn't push him off
  15. blackbbutt

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    A really polite Polish fucker picked up a Polish truck driver. Got back to my place and he asked "May I fuck you?" "Of course" "Please bend over" He then fucked me so hard I could hardly breathe. He came just before my legs gave out. The he said "Thank you. Would you like to come too?" me: "Yes please" . He got dressed, said thank you again and left. Still dripping cum.
  16. Limitlessbot

    Perv/taboo chat [but this site has rules]

    Incest, young, beast, and much more. Wickr is protrubances
  17. Limitlessbot

    Fuck Load Count Using Excel

    I hear you on that one. I can count the last couple years that way...(not really, but close)
  18. Limitlessbot

    Alternative to Craigslist? Best Hookup Sites?

    And frankly i think it sucks! It's always the same three prolific spammers posting in my location. At least Craigslist had legitimate posters as well as the spammers.
  19. Since the last time I counted I went up to 411
  20. Damn... I just love helping needy guys out 😈🤯

    1. swanee772


      Nice, maybe you need to take a holiday in the West. I am sure there are a few needy guys over here to be helped 😁  

  21. bumbtch


    That's disgraceful. Consider those bottoms to be fake. If you're gonna take it raw then you have to take the load. A real bottom like myself accepts any and every load. I beg guys not to use condoms.
  22. sleazebugga

    POLL: CONDOMS: Does ANYONE ever use them?

    Used to be a safe only guy, but started occasionally raw 5 years ago. Once I discovered what real as opposed to safe sex I soon chucked the condoms completely and started fucking and getting fucked like a real man. Only contact with condoms now is playing with used ones. Love everything about bareback and wish I had started long ago.
  23. chrisnsd4u

    Off to College

    PART 2 Chris and his new roommates spent the rest of the day cleaning and organizing. They had pizza that night sitting on the floor. Fortunately, his two new friends were going to make a run back to their home town for a sofa and some other missing necessities. Still, it was pretty awesome. 18 and in a new apartment with two good guys and right next to campus. This was better than the dorm maybe. And he would have more freedom. And less questions. He kept thinking about that guy from the store, Kevin. He was so hot and obviously gay. Chris knew that this area around here adjacent to the college was known as a gay friendly neighborhood. Chris fell asleep thinking about all the hot guys that must live around his new place. Maybe a walk around to just explore a little while his roomies are away, Chris thought as he faded off. The roomies hit the road early and Chris took his time making breakfast and then throwing on his clothes for a run. Intent on a workout and not getting lost, he stuck near the school and circled around campus before heading back a hot sweaty teen mess. By now it was a little after lunchtime and after a quick rinse off, Chris decided to check out the patio and maybe get a little sun. They would have to get some patio furniture for back here, he thought as he slid open the sliding door and eyed a spot to set his towel down. The sun felt great on his body, perfect in just his swim trunks. As he stepped out and flapped his towel down onto the cement, he could hear a radio and someone, a guy obviously, humming along. As the fences were not that high between units, Chris could see his neighbor was definitely there and had the screen door open. Not wanting to seem nosey, Chris prepared to let his new neighbor enjoy his patio in solitude, and sat back with his hands resting supporting him as he leaned back. The guy might think he was rude if he just leaned over and stared or something, Chris laughed to himself. Hearing a creak, it was obvious the neighbor was in the backyard and moving or adjusting. Just then he heard a voice thru the fence, “is that my new neighbor over there? If it is, you better stand up and and say hi!”, said a friendly and definitely gay sounding voice. Chris stood up, a little nervous, just as the neighbor peeked over the fence, which only was maybe chest high. The look on Chris’s face was one of pure shock. The neighbor just smiled. “Well, I was hoping to see you again. Didn’t I just get lucky?”, said the neighbor. “Kevin!”, was all Chris could blurt out. “You remembered my name. I like that. I remember yours too, Chris. Now here, come on over, meet your neighbor, be neighborly And all that.” As he said that, Kevin unlatched a gate at the end of his patio and pointed at the identical gate Chris had. By opening them both, one could just basically go from unit to unit. As Chris entered Kevin’s side, he first took in that a finished patio with plants and some chairs and lounges made a huge difference and Chris made a note to cooy this patio as much as he could. Then he looked and took in Kevin, who was wearing the tiniest speedo style bathing suit Chris has seen. And how it was holding him in was a miracle of fabric. Kevin’s bulge was giant. Chris knew he had stared too long and turned red in embarrassment. Kevin being a twice Chris’s age and experienced, took it all in. The hunger was obvious in Chris’s eyes. Kevin loved living near the college. Chris wasn’t the first 18 year old he had had as a visitor, but he was special, Kevin thought. What a sexy young stud. His body was perfect, lean and strong, his ass cheeks must be fabulous, Kevin imagined. And he knew he would find out. Chris’s eyes had betrayed him. He was a little faggot just waiting to discover himself. Kevin couldn’t wait to show him, but he wanted him eager, desperate even. I know he wants me, Kevin told himself, but let’s make him need it. Something was telling Kevin this boy could be special. The lust and the time that boys eyes had spent on his bulge told him Chris might be all bottom, Kevin’s favorite type. Boys that hungry and horny gave in quickly. Usually so hungry he didn’t have to spend much, if any time, convincing them to let him fuck them his way. The only way Kevin liked to fuck. Raw. Bareback. All of this flashed thru Kevin’s mind in just a few seconds, as he reached out and put a hand on Chris’s shoulder. “Why don’t we go inside and get out of the sun for a moment and that way we can get to know each other a little without everyone around us listening to us gossip on the patio”, Kevin laughed, adding “I bet you are going to be such a good neighbor.” Chris was nervous as hell, but unable to summon any resistance. As he was led in, Kevin pointed to the couch and turned around and shut the sliding door. Walking towards the sofa, his cock stirred a little. He wasn’t sure yet, and he was prepared to be patient drawing this boy in, but something was telling him he might not need to wait. This kid seemed starving for man sex. And it was driving Kevin wild. More and more, he was sure Chris was going to be special, a little cumslut. His new fuck toy.
  24. I’ll see if I can get away
  25. Just wanted to say Hi AND thanks for the follow! :) 

  26. I read the entire thread and was disappointed nobody discussed the other side of this: when YOU'RE the one trying to make an initially anonymous encounter into a relationship or even just a FB setup, and you're denied. I met a guy from my city while we were both on a business trip, in the same hotel. He told me he lived only a few blocks away. We agreed to do a pitch dark walk in scene in his room, officially just to cuddle and make out, but his thick knob and mine wouldn't go down. The bareback was incredible, as was my chewing his hole. (I don't always love that, but his ass was totally slurpable.) He invited me to sleep over, so I did. He left the room for breakfast with his boss then we fucked again when he came back. So. Mind blowing sex. When I got home, I texted him. Making it clear I just wanted to suck that hole again, and definitely fuck. He was polite. But it never happened. Sure, you could hypothesize reasons. Maybe he's taken. Maybe he's closeted at home and gay on the road. Maybe it was only awesome for me (but no). Maybe I'm an ogre (I'm not). 😉 But I think he's one of you guys, asking how to keep anonymous anonymous. I don't totally get it. Sure it's hot, but being on the prowl is a lot of freaking work. Isn't it worth keeping a harem of known awesome FBs? Why would you turn this down, even if you can still get your anon on too? I noticed several of you wrote "I'm not looking to date, BUT I'm not exactly against it..." I would have to ask, what the hell do you want? Why turn it down if the stars seem aligned? To me it sounds like a recipe for staying single forever. For those who wanted it both ways like this, why?
  27. cinimod1981

    POLL: CONDOMS: Does ANYONE ever use them?

    I turn down sex if it's safe only.. As a bottom its my duty to accept all and any loads..
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