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  2. Guys What is WK you all seem to be members of sounds good. Cheers
  3. "Be more outgoing and hit on the top instead of waiting for them to come sniffing for your bussy." I could have had even more action with so many potential daddies...
  4. i dont have a boyfriend because im not gay but i do love fucking men and givign em aids
  5. I have come to realize that if I am really horny or turned on, I can take any size cock so long as it is raw. So maybe that?
  6. Oh fuuuck love that daddy is involved. I hope he’s not driving Archie back theirs now tho...will be so messy with Gray
  7. Size difference between the top and the bottom would be the biggest most important factor. Nothing like a huge sweaty daddy bear who doesnt even bother to take off his dirty socks, taking control of a tiny squealing twink or pup's body, using him and pumping his superior daddy juice inside impregnating him.
  8. happens to me a year ago, I begged to use condom, but he took it off and put his cock back in my ass, I couldn't resist. i begged to not cum inside me, it was enough for him to hold me and explode with his hot milk deep inside. He took it off just before his last jet, and finished in my face while my ass was leaking his cum out through my dress.
  9. i love and getting it very often during facials that I take
  10. Love this scenario. Had a boy that loved getting used after we partied him up. As soon as he knocked out, I'd call a buddy or 2 to come by. Wouldn't take long before I found one of them in bed next to the partied up slut finger banging him or sliding up into his pussy.
  11. I agree 100%. I've had friends and family get very sick or die because of Covid. Even though I'm vaccinated now, it's still in the back of my mind and it does have an impact on how much risk I take. It's one thing to risk getting a STD to fuck raw, but an entirely different level of risk to say I will still fuck randoms even if it means I could get very sick and die. I think about those times I spent hours in darkrooms or at sex parties with strangers and how that just might be a thing of the past.
  12. Today
  13. i would love to suck a big cock and swallow a huge load of sperm when we are on shrooms.
  14. I haven't fucked on shooms, but did go to a cruise lounge on Acid once, that was interesting. It was great being in the darkroom, and just kinda getting amongst it and taking in all the sensations. It is very easy to get distracted, though, so at times, you have to actually remind yourself what you're doing. When you get in the groove, though, it's fun. Would be keen to give candy flipping a go.
  15. Sub slut looking for some tops to please. 30, brit indian, can travel.
  16. 30, brit indian, total sub looking for a master to serve
  17. we did shrooms a bout 20 years ago. it was a great time. we laughed all night, every thing was funny. we did it in a glass of pop. it is a great time. it would be exciting being fucked on shrooms. just relax and have fun. i wish we could meet at a motel and take shrooms and get into bed.
  18. Thanks for the follow mate. 
    Total bottom cumdump lad here in UK.
    Hundreds more pics and vids of me on www.twitter.com/jonny4dad 

    jonny4dad's ass needs raw cock.jpg

    1. Dane


      Hi jonny, you're welcum. Sure looks like a very fuckable ass you've got. Hope there are plenty of UK tops to keep it loaded to the hilt 😈 Guess I'll have to check out you twitter profile 😇 

  19. I sadly had to the other day, a guy I have played with 3 times, nice uncut latin cock, a good 7" er. He always insists and I haven't had luck getting him raw....yet
  20. This is a work of fiction and should not be re-enacted in any way. Part 6: The First Wave "Alright you three, listen up. After you took care of Hank, we had to place his body in our new deep freezer," Joshua said. "We released the video online and have received thousands of applications to be a new model. We've selected a few hot ones and Shawn, your first one is coming later today. His name is Mitchell, he's 22, college senior, frat president. Christian, your first is named Skylar, he's 21, college junior at a small Christian college. Both of them are athletes as well and have extre
  21. I hooked up with a top in a local alley behind my usual coffee spot. He shot three loads deep into my hungry pusy.
  22. Hey what's up? In ABQ the next few days and would love to take a few raw loads. Hit me up!
  23. You're blunt but I definitely agree. I make sure my bottom is enjoying his pounding and I'll go slow to ease in. But I'm not gonna be a regular fuck bud with a guy who can't take my dick.
  24. You’re letting your rhetoric run away with you. You could easily have pointed out that some bottoms don’t take such an absolute view without disparaging those who do. There may be no rule designating what “proper” bottoms are or do, but neither is there any metric classifying submissive bottoms as “groveling, no self-esteem”. I grovel for no one and my self-esteem is just fine thank you very much, yet I agree that a bottom who claims to offer any sort of quality service had better be willing and able to take cock. Not all bottoms are alike; some are very self-oriented, others are service-
  25. yeah, for ritualistic cutting of condoms before sex
  26. This chapter is undeniably hot -- I heard Archie's head bounce against the inside of the Jeep and I felt every stroke of Dad's cock across his prostate. But better yet is how you describe the deep and hitherto unknown passions of the characters. That is real talent... and real scary.
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