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  2. Glad you like my story.  Sorry it took so long to write another chapter but almost quit the site completely because of a dispute with Dr Scorpio, who I personally don't like at all.  He has banned me twice now for his mistakes and RawTop refuses to discipline his mods in any way even though he apparently thought I was right.  Not a good thing to my way of thinking.

    1. Docebrown


      Oh that is not good at all, sorry to hear that you have had problems with the moderators

  3. Truvada and Methotrexate

    Yeah, there is information in the site but I wanted personal experiences from anyone on PrEP who is on Methotrexate. From what I've read, the problem is that both, PrEP and Methotrexate can be bad for the liver. But then I wonder how do poz guys who need Methotrexate deal with the HIV medications.
  4. Blog or Story

    To be the best sub whore.
  5. The Biggest Cock You Have Sucked

    12 inch uncut German cock. Went straight up my pussy as guys watched and cheered. I couldn't believe I took the whole thing
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  7. The Gay Pride Parade

    Damn it took a long time for another hot part of this story. I hope it will continue with more poz breeding.
  8. hungry horny cumdump ready for breeding hosting until 4pm today

    you know what i like SIR what i need
  9. 7 Loads in 24 Hour

    A ten gallon Stetson and a ten cup cock of cum. Hot.
  10. Bareback Gangbangs

    Gangbangs should always be BB. The more slippery a cunt is the quicker most guys cum, and from there it's a just an inevitability of more junk being shot.
  11. It's a fucking shame he has to use this. Hey cutie! My hole or mouth is here!



    Fleshlight gif.gif

    1. NLbear


      But he got some relief


      proudbator cum gif1.gif

  12. Ass to mouth

    I like giving ATM. After my top eats out my ass and fucks me bare I’m happy to suck his cock. In fact I’ll do it each time we change positions. It turns me on, I think it’s hot as fuck and so do my tops.
  13. hey stud


    1. cumpig1980


      Alright slut. What's your scene?

  14. Uk Lad into Perv/taboo

    Wickr sonlovingdaddy Manchester based perv
  15. Raw at work

    Give it a go!
  16. Raw at work

    Hell yeah! It’s fun as hell!
  17. Sloppy seconds by antwatch2 https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/the-blonde-blue-eyed-part-2-30175341 The Blonde Blue Eyed ***(Part 2) Met this lad again for round two was a super hot meet and u seem him good n proper and couldn't wait to get my fat dick in ur hole proper deep
  18. This was when I first embraced being a bareback bottom. I would go to the Club Z in Seattle weekly. I was in my late 20's and looked like, well, to be honest I looked like sexy Jesus. People often remarked on my looks that way. I had long dark hair sometimes a trim beard, slim body, tall (6'2") with a pleasing dusting of chest hair. When I would walk up the stairs at the club in a towel I would see my reflection in the long mirror at the top of the stairs, gay Jesus coming to fuck away all your sins. On your knees and pray or suck the cock in front of you. Sometimes seeing my image like that I would feel sexy. It gave me the confidence to offer my body to the men at the club that day. I was not everybody's type but more than enough men wanted me and I liked that feeling. No, I loved it and I loved making them feel good. The smile a man gives you as he fucks you when he is really into you is such a mind trip. Many of my fucks start out completely anonymous but some end up as a face to face encounter that can be every bit as satisfying as the faceless, nameless fucks that leave you loaded and dripping with cum. I was feeling great, good hair day (long hair can be such a pain), no zits, horny as 15 year old boy with a stolen Playgirl hidden under his hoodie. I checked in and discovered I was in my favorite room, number 211. Yeah, I went there so often I had a favorite room. You will find out why in a minute. Going into my room and shutting the door is one of my favorite parts of my time at a bathhouse. I get to shut away the world. I have my tiny haven away from all the troubles and trauma of the outside world. Here I can be myself among men who are like me, won't judge me for who and what I am. The anticipation of what is beyond the door or what will come through it excites me. My cock begins to harden. Who knows, it might be a dead night and I will end up jerking off in the porn room or I might take load after load from raw cock all night. Usually it is something in between the two. I am prepared. I had already done a thorough cleaning out so deep I will be able to fuck for several hours without a whisper of taint. I get out my supplies: lube (two kinds), poppers, cock ring and a bottle of rum. Rum first to heat me up, loosen my muscles give me a bit of a buzz. Booze makes me hornier. I take my time putting on my ring and lubing up my hole. I am not a natural born bottom. I have learned to take cock like a trooper but I need plenty of lube and a top who takes a few seconds to enter my ass. First I apply a small amount of Vaseline and then plenty of Elbow Grease. Isn't that a great name. I even take a tiny huff of poppers. That really makes my cock take notice. I love poppers more than I can express. Sigh. The new poppers today are shit. R.I.P. poppers high. I want to get to the fucking but for some reason I decide to make a tour, see what is happening, who is there. Its early and not terribly busy. That is okay I only need one cock for now. Later I will want one in each hole. Making my way back to my room I remember the man who passed me on the stairs after I checked in. He me 'gives me 'that look'. You know what I am talking about. The look that says, "I am interested, wanna find out what my cock tastes like." I can be very shy at times like this. I don't ignore him and I don't encourage him either. I don't know how to handle situations like that, at least not sober with my clothes on. Back in my room I dim the lights and toss the towel up near the head so I can bury my face in it once I open the door. I use the pillow like a wedge under my hips to elevate my ass and make it obvious I am offering my hole up for fucking. Burying my face in the towel, clutching the little brown bottle of heaven I slowly grind my cock into the pillow trying to be inviting and seductive. It is a weird and self-conscious position to be in. Offering your body to anyone with a hard-on seems to me to be pathetic, heroic, humiliating, dangerous, adventurous and somewhat arrogant. Who am I to think Joe Schmoe is going to want to stick his dick into my body? Do I think I am so hot that I can just put myself out there like that and expect to get fucked? Mostly I feel embarrassed because I don't feel worthy of the cock I crave. I feel like I don't deserve to get fucked exactly for the reason I want to get fucked, because I am total cum hungry cock whore. A cum dump who will let anybody fuck him. It also makes me feel soooo horny and sleazy but in a good way. The anticipation of this situation can be excruciating and thrilling. The wait is mind blowing. Your ears become attuned to every noise. It drives me crazy when a noisy neighbor arrives, some twink with a friend who makes ten trips back and forth from his room each time passing the open door framing my lubed up ass, an obvious invitation to be used by any Tom, Dick or Harry. Why do I care what he thinks. I don't care about him, unless he stops by to drop a load. I like this room because it is close to a hallway but not in plain view of a passerby. To see into my room you have to be looking, you have to be on the prowl for cock or ass. As I wait I listen and imagine. I listen for the tell-tale creak of a floor board. This room has a loose board at the threshold so if you step close or just inside the room I will hear that faint creak. It is a squeak that sends chills down my spine and makes my nuts churn. It might only be a gawker, which is fine but frustrating but then again I might feel a hand on my ankle. Of course I never know what to expect. My favorite are the men who get right down to business, the ones who upon discovering my lubed up hole mount up and begin fucking. I hate being fingered. It makes me tense up but I will endure it for a minute if I think it turns my top on and get him hard enough to want to fuck me. I enjoy being rimmed but a devoted rimmer will ream all the lube out of me. Not such a big deal, especially in my room where it is close at hand but its still a delay in what I really want, raw cock unloading in my eager hole. This night I do not have to wait long. There is the creak and then nothing. Silence, no touching but I am sure he is still there. I can sense him watching me. I continue to grind my hips. Slowly I reach down and push my hard cock into view between my legs and to the side of my balls. I have big balls. Its no boast just passing on what men have told me over the years. Still nothing. I wait...and wait. Finally it comes. A hand slides up my calf and grazes my ass to the small of my back. He caresses me for a while. He is enjoying the feel of me, the sight of my prone and naked body offered up for his use. I shiver. The club is cool tonight and I am going mad with anticipation of what this man might do to me. The mystery ends when he straddles my ass and pushes his cock into me. Just like that I am getting fucked and I could not be happier. My anonymous top stretches out on top of me and I luxuriate in the feel of his skin and the pressure of his weight on me. I want him to fill me and fuck me and crush me to the mattress with the exertion of his thrusts. I want to be drenched in his sweat and I want him to take ownership of me by breeding my ass with his DNA. I use the poppers liberally and so does he after I hold them out to him. My eyes are still closed. All I know of the man is from sound, smell and feel. He feels awesome. He has a Goldilocks cock, not too big, not too small.....just right. High on lust and poppers I am in love with this man who is giving me the gift of his body, the joy of his manhood and I know in my heart his seed. He will breed me when he is done taking his pleasure. Eventually he flips me. At this point is seems ridiculous to keep my eyes close. I open the and see the man from the stairs grinning down at me. He is wearing a baseball cap. I find that both weird and boyishly sexy. I can tell he is immeasurably happy to be fucking me. This makes me happy to be alive and at that moment there is no other place I would rather be. His boning is energetic and enthusiastic. He discovers the full length mirror which gives us a great view of the action and is enthralled by watching his cock pound my ass. I get caught up in it too and our eyes are glued to the mirror like we are watching a feature film. It's a beautiful sight I have to admit. The guy can't get enough of the scene. He pushes and pulls me into different positions all the while keeping his eyes glued to the mirror. He cums like that, watching live porn of his own making. When his tremors subside but his cock is still in me he looms for a moment smiling down on me with a satisfaction that warms my heart. His load is already warming my guts. And then he is gone leaving the door open and me to ponder what just happened. I am feeling fucking great, goddamn fantastic, on top of the world. What do I do next? Roll over of course and wait for the next top to breed me. I don't remember specifics of the rest of the night. That first top stands out but I know I got several more loads, all anonymous. I feel very close and grateful to all those men who fucked me. I realize I might be nothing more to them than a warm wet hole to sink their dick into and unload. That's not just fine with me its what I want. If they are fucking me I know they are getting what they want. They didn't have to choose me. I have not pressured them in any way. They want to fuck me. When I know a guy is getting his nut while in my ass I am in love with him, I am desperate with need and desire for him. His particulars don't interest me. I don't want to know his name or see his face. All I want is to feel his hard cock breeding my cum hungry ass and when he does I love him for it. Like I said its a strange kind of intimacy when you get anonymous loads.

    Civic Center Motor Inn on 9th st. It's discreet, has lots of street parking, and people can just walk up to the rooms. Hosted orgies here a few times.
  20. Married Guys In Their Own Beds

    Yeah getting fucked by married guys bareback in their beds is hot as hell! Not caring about anything and they just wanna breed ass makes my cock hard as a rock and my hole hungrier and sluttier 😜
  21. Married Guys In Their Own Beds

    It’s a bit like marking your territory 💦
  22. if i cum 2 you, 

    will you cum in me? 

  23. Best douching techniques

    Thanks Read 1, always a good reminder and guide.
  24. Truvada and Methotrexate

    From that same site: http://www.ehealthme.com/drug-interaction/truvada/methotrexate/ from drugs.com https://www.drugs.com/interactions-check.php?drug_list=1590-11350,971-1696
  25. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Saturday I was home visiting family in west Texas, and hit up my favorite video store. This place has booths with glory holes between them, and as I'm sure anyone who's read my previous posts knows... I LOVE Anonymous glory hole sex. Well it was about 6pm and I risked it, not knowing the busy times anymore. Well I was rewarded with a full parking lot, which was amazing since it had just rained quite a bit also. I parked and went inside, saw the same clerk who's been there since I was in college. Purchased some new poppers and had some small talk with him and he gave me the run down on who was there and who to stay away from (which means those guys were definitely on my list). First guy was a college guy, latino, nice athletic build similar to mine. He was cute. Made eye contact and we went into a booth, the same booth with a glory hole on the other side. Well we're sucking each other and he has a nice uncut cock and thick, maybe about 6 inches. I ask what he gets into and he said oral. But once he saw my ass he asked if he could fuck me. I said yes. No talk of status or condoms or anything. He uses spit on my ass and lines his cock up to my tight hole. I'm. now facing the glory hole and the guy in the next booth starts to stroke my cock as latino guy slides in. I'm hitting the poppers and he's balls deep soon and pumping me. He doesn't last more than 5 minutes and announces he's going to cum and I tell him to breed me. He loves the sound of that because he's pounding harder and I feel him unload deep. I milk him dry with my ass and he pulls out a couple minutes later. With one drop of cum on his cock, I bend over and lick it up. He pulls up his pants and thanks me and leaves. Didn't even get his name. It was amazing. So the guy in the next booth pushes his ass against the glory hole and I slide my pierced cock into his ass, it's warm and already full of cum. I fuck him for about 10 minutes and hit the poppers and he's begging me to cum. I shove all the way in deep and unload as he moans and says he can feel my cum invade his ass. He pulls off and spins around and sucks my cock clean. I then realize he's one of the guys I was told to stay away from... So I turn around and push my loaded ass against the glory hole and he immediately starts to eat and fletch my ass, he stands up and pushes his 8" cock into my ass and really pounds me. I can he his breathing quicken and then feel his cock thicken and then the cum hits my prostrate. It was so hot! I bend over and ask him his status and he says pos, but think's he undetectable even though he's not on meds and hasn't been to the doctor in over a year. I hope something else comes up... I'm still so horny from this whole experience!
  26. so much spunk wonder how many guys were involved.


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