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  2. I'd love to be whored out like this, strapped to a bench face down with my hole receiving any and all loads, stretching my anal girth and depth limits!
  3. I love topping bareback. I will never use condoms again. I love the feeling and being able to squirt deep inside. I am addicted and proud of it.
  4. 👿 Lookin for the real NASTY fucks - chem jock seeking other hot creative sexy [banned word] brothers for cloudy twisted chat - c2c or phone. DM for contact. HAIL!

  5. Damn that was hot. I remember seeing my dads cock a couple of times in the shower. It was a big one too even soft, never did see it hard.
  6. Barebacking is so addictive, you’ll never what condoms involved again. The feeling of a guy’s cock swelling inside of you and then feeling his cum unload is quite a sensation.
  7. Add me hungry for all loads cum and piss fcket123 on kic
  8. Hopefully you'll become his go to "port in a storm" after this CV bullshit is over with, keeping his balls nicely cleaned out, leaving nice, fresh seed for his gf's cunt (and for yours!).
  9. Getting whored out is a blast! It sounds as though those previous cocks got you nicely stretched open for that BBC!
  10. Today
  11. Bought this 13" to play with. With the lock down and decreased activity, I need to keep in practice.
  12. I must be in the water or something. Since I moved here, I've noticed that in general the amount of cum and the quality of cum is different from what I'm used to . There seems to be less of it, and it's more watery. Haven't had one of those fill your mouth with thick white cum sessions with anyone since I moved here. Anyone else have this as an issue, or has my technique just gotten that bad.
  13. The solid floors vs. carpeting helps with clean up.
  14. Had some great meets off there, few party invites too
  15. Does it require a key card or anything and is there parking? I’m hoping for a place that the rooms open up to the outside like motel style. I found a place called oasis hotel that seemed like had rooms that open to the outside and no gate or anything. I want easy in and out so I can take plenty of loads
  16. I bought like 5 new BadDragon and GoblinEmporium dildos this month and love knotting tf out of my ass with them 😄
  17. If it’s that loose put your fist in and jack it off in there.
  18. Sometimes my hole spasms shut and it's hard as hell to get a cock in, but for the most part it's getting pretty loose. Can't take a whole fist but a solid 4 fingers. I would like to a bit looser though. Hardly ever a complaint though from tops and a can still grip when needed.
  19. I like drinking chempiss...from a pigs ass. But seriously, one thing I have trouble with drinking piss is I feel bloated quickly.
  20. Yesterday
  21. I can't believe I've never read his book 'Faggots'. I'm going to need to find it and read it. His play, 'The Normal Heart' is brilliant and heartbreaking. All of us faggots owe Larry Kramer a huge debt of gratitude.
  22. Bareback is addictive. Can never go back.
  23. Really like the vault. Before this virus I used to try and go once a month on the naked nights. Oddly although Thursday is usually packed, Monday is the better night IMHO. I love lying on one of the "couches" in the barrel room with my hole on offer to any passing cock. Usually go home on the tube leaking multiple DNA from my hole. Made a couple of good fuck buddies from there too. Highly recommended if it ever restarts.
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