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  2. Hail Sarah Palin!  HIV is a blessing from Sarah Palin--- it increases the lust of BB sex.  I feel Our Lord Sarah Palin is calling me to it!


  3. I missed out on fun when I was younger. I had a decent skinny bod - and I always looked about 10 years younger than what I was (and I had no idea what I was worth until the guy who introduced me to T said that he wishes he knew me when I was younger as he could have made a fortune out of my tight hole cute butt and deepthroating skills).
  4. It is outstanding. I'm always thinking about how much power that ass, those legs, and that core could fuck into my cunt. It's even discussed openly in the films:
  5. First of all, great writing! Keep going! Hopefully, your story was based on true experiences. I sure hope so. I wish my ass had been one of those tagged by that toxic cock of yours!
  6. A few days ago I was getting an incredible cunting from my dom breeder friend. He really enjoys fucking and breeding in the missionary, folded deck chair, and pirate's bounty positions. All positions where he has maximum control of my cunt and he can get the deepest penetration. But this time he shifted me from missionary by pulling my legs down to lie together under his legs and he lay on top of me, kissing and stroking his long cock under my balls, between my thighs, and up into my cunt. In other words, he fucked me like a man might fuck a woman if they were standing up, face to face, with both feet on the floor. Does anyone know what this position might be called?
  7. just watched Captains America. OMG, His ass. Holy fuck. Incredible ass.
  8. please, someone get Gayhoopla to cross over to the joyful side and ditch the condoms, pick up the pipe and do what Slamrush can't.
  9. Great fucking story
  10. I eat my cum when I eat out my girlfriend’s pussy after I fuck her. I also eat my own cum when I kiss her with a mouthful of my cum after she gives me blowjobs.
  11. Getting off Burke Ave on the 2 line. Walk to the park once in the park head to bridge from there go any direction towards the wooded areas. I'm going to be there tonight.
  12. Today
  13. For me your advice is absolutely unusable. Because I’m sure the mission of the LGBTQ community, as very marginalized community in the world, is in the fact of unity and power of Love Respect Freedom Tolerance Equality and Pride. I’m sure that more experienced community’s members have to be ready being a mentors and teachers to les experienced members. That’s what’s called a Community. And that’s its goals and purposes for its members as a community
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  15. I always said I was bi, finally just gave into it and accepted I was gay - happy with it.
  16. I really don't know if it is a choice or not, I now believe it was natural and programmed into me at conception. At a very young age and discovering things about sex, I had ideas, thoughts, and what I thought were fantasies of being taken and used for all kinds of sex, by different male individuals. I learned about both gay and hetero sides of it and was always more attracted to the gay side of it more, even though at that time it was deemed a mental disease and horrible. I struggled for many years throughout life with it kept totally a secret as to my desires and needs, until I began discovering that there were many others with the same situation. It was at that point in time, I began to experiment whenever possible, and found that I really enjoyed and was much more comfortable having sex with men and being used by them, than I was with women. I realized that I was designed by nature and born to be exactly what I am.
  17. To me, for example, the only one thing would be workable that is a gym workout program to change my body type from Twink to Fitness/Swimmer. I don't like my Skinny body type and I will never be ready to take my Skinny body with love and acceptance. If this called a body dysmorphia then ok. But I don't wanna see this Skinny/Twink body type every day in the mirror. Enough is enough. I can’t fully and truly “love myself” with having body which were an object of shame and rejection by gays all my lifetime. Well, is there are any buddies that could be my gym partners to help me with gym workout? I guess this would be fair enough if some guys could teach me about their knowledges, experiences and gym skills. If so, you might give me a real help to solve my issues. Getting a personal gym trainer is too expensive for me. And, honestly, I can’t find any good reasons to pay overpriced for personal gym trainer if most of the guys are getting their routine workout with their friends/boyfriends etc 😉
  18. what makes me a whore is begging strangers to do the kinds of dirty perverted stuff to me that even the dirtiest whores need to be paid to have done to them. the fact that I have no standards, no limits, no pride, no shame and no self respect and am nothing more than a fuckhole for males to get themselves off. the fact that I am trash and men treat me like it and I thank them for it.
  19. Like most others, I didn’t choose it, it chose me. I had fantasies as a child about being kidnapped and having stuff done to me, or being forced to do things. It wasn’t sexual stuff, I was like 4 years old. But I wanted to be taken away, tied up and left there, etc. This obviously matured over time into a sexual awakening and a realisation that I’m a faggot. From my first bf asking if I wanted to fuck or be fucked, and me suddenly realising there would only ever be one answer to that. To starting to take ever bigger things up my hole, to doing it with an audience, to being filmed and photographed, to developing so many kinks because bottom line is it feels so good to be used in every way for a man’s pleasure. To pushing those kinks as far as I can because I want to give the most pleasure I can, to be the best fag I can be Did I ever regret it? Once, briefly, when a guy finished off sex by pissing on me and then threw me out without letting me have a shower. As I walked home stinking of piss, part of me thought “What are you doing?” But the other part was thinking “Everything about this feels amazing.”
  20. Mine is way more recent than a lot of guys here. Here I go with another long-winded story, LOL. When my husband died, I had to clean out our place in a hurry, and get rid of all the sex stuff before his son found it. I grabbed a large box that was full of condoms he had collected over the years from Pride and IML and such events, and had stored jeremy case he ever needed them. (Not that he used them, lol.) I brought them home with me, put them in a drawer, and forgot about it. Nearly two years after his tragic death, I found the box right where I placed it. I looked at this and thought "All these condoms, and they are far too old to even consider using. Screw it, I'm a bugchaser now, they're toast." And I threw them out. And I cleaned the entire drawer to make sure none escaped my purge. The ONLY time I will accept condoms anymore is if they are in a packet with lube packets. I'll separate them later.
  21. You’ll remember that day forever. And you’ll get more and more militant about it. I’ve let exactly two guys in the last year fuck me with a condom. To put it in context, one was at a party of committed barebackers, and we went out and bought this guy condoms so he’d fuck each and every one of us, he was that hot. That is the standard needed to use a condom on me now. The other guy I was a bit out of it and the other lads let him condom fuck me, purely so they could have a laugh and give me abuse about letting a condom in my body later.
  22. Hopefully me this year - though not the best year for trying lol 🤣 I can't wait for the saunas to reopen - i have been gagging on getting in that sling, putting my blindfold on and huffing poppers.... was just about to do it in march... when they closed down! This site got me doing lots of steps along the way.... slipping the condom off a guy fucking me and slipping him back inside.... taking my first on known poz (ud) load.... setting up a poz guy to 3sum with my gf and i at the time... I am so ready to get that poz result.... but need more options 🤣🤣 fuck off covid lol.. not the bug i amlooking for!! Piss off so we can get back to the fun virus catching!
  23. And yeah, look after yourself. You don’t have to be a god: I’m short and not muscled. It was great for the twink look, but I’m too old to pull that off now, so I needed to work on facial hair/body grooming, make sure I stay slim even if not the alpha male look, etc. Find what works for you. And look after your sexual health. Lose all hang ups about getting STIs, because you will get all of them multiple times. But get tested regularly and get treated, because they’re not nice to have or spread (some guys have a pozzing fetish, but I mean the others). Let us know how you get on 🙂
  24. I've pretty much switched from mostly top to mostly bottom over the years and let me say it, I have a huge respect for bottoms! I still don't understand how some guys manage to go to a darkroom and spend the whole night getting fucked. It hasn't been mentioned yet: OMAD (one meal a day) is extremely effective. If I expect company in the evening, it might be a good idea to have a very large breakfast as a single meal for the whole day.
  25. Disclaimer: this is all pre- (and hopefully post-)COVID advice. Doing any of this during COVID is crazy dangerous, for you and anyone you might come into contact with during or afterwards. What worked for me is going to a sauna (bathhouse in the US) or cruise bar, and act like the resident slut. Make it very obvious that’s what you are. In a sauna, you have a towel: don’t cover your ass with it. Hold it in such a way that it covers your cock, because that’s not important, but have your ass on full view. Expect guys to touch it, and when they do, stick it out a little more. Bend over/cuddle up to them, depending on the situation (cuddling up is great to let that one guy know you’re his to use; bending over sends the signal that your ass is public property). Same applies in cruise bars. Tops will be there in various states of semi-undress. You take all your clothes off, bar a jock (and invest in a nice one). Again, this shows off the important bit and hides what’s not important. Don’t be shy. If you want to get your numbers up, no better way than getting fucked in a corridor, in full view of any passing traffic, some of whom will hopefully join in. If you’re in a cubicle, door stays open. That was one guy fucking you becomes a crowd of onlookers watching. If their cocks come within reach, start wanking/sucking. The more cocks you have in you, the more cocks you’re going to attract into you. If that makes you nervous at first, go to the dark room instead, but make sure you get a prominent position where guys will be walking by, and stick your ass out so they’ll feel it as they’re going past. Don’t be picky. If you’re there to be used, you’re there to be used by all. Sticking to Prince Charming isn’t going to get your numbers up. I started this in my 20s. Guys asked me what I was doing letting that guy fuck me when I could do better. I’m being a slut, because that’s who I am and what makes me feel fulfilled. All of the above can be applied at parties on Grindr/BBRT and the like too. Numbers will be smaller, but go to enough of them and you’ll rack them up. And relax. This is a gradual process and you’ll get more confident and better at it as you go along. You’ll also find you’ll be able to take bigger cock, and more cock in the one session, which opens up more opportunities. I was in single figures until I was 28. 5 years later I’ve totally lost count but would be surprised if I was at less than 4 figures. Good luck, and enjoy!
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