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  2. 28 year old Hnh rough and ready sleazy bottom can accom at the St Giles Hotel near soho next Monday. Up for as many loads as I can get. Kink friendly. Anon or not - ping us a message 😉
  3. Hi there from Cambridge Ontario. Neg4poz here looking forward to a viral load. Into anything. Get off your meds for a little while and poz me please. Thanks paul 

  4. I used to love pregnancy risk sex before I got rid of my pussy. Still got a little clitty with sensation. Loved being bred but the seeds never took.
  5. Even thou this is old still liked it and wish i could find a place like that
  6. Unfortunately, TDS is still very alive. My grandpa has Alzheimer’s and Dementia. I see similarities in Biden. I honestly don’t think he will make it the full 4 years, and for his health I hope his family realizes it. The stress from the job ages the President quite rapidly. This isn’t about the past President. This is about the current one. Unfortunately if he goes, Kamela takes his place. Not something I’d be happy with.
  7. Glory Holes have been around as long as there have been men's rooms. But what's their true purpose? Obviously for Cocks to get sucked off by men that crave it. But, there's another, deeper function too. When there's a public room (i.e. men's rest room), with one or more glory holes carved into the partitions, it focuses all the attention on only one thing: Lust. The need to suck a Cock off, feel the rush when it pumps Sperm down the throat or up the gut. Glory holes are seldom bigger than they need to be to get the Cock/balls through and mate with a hungry mouth or hole. This fact actually reduces our concentration to the lowest common denominator. If you happen to like beefy guys, and the Cock on the other side of the partition is so skinny he could walk through a harp, you won't know or care. The only important thing is the hard Cock staring back at you through the gh. If you like skinny guys, and the guy on the other side is beefy, you won't see or care. All you care is there's a man that needs to sate his Lust, just as you need to sate yours. Whether the Cock pumps sperm down your throat or up your Hole, the important thing - boiled down to it's lowest common denominator - is hard raw Cock mating with hungry raw Hole. There are no other considerations available. Of course, in a bar/"bookstore"/whatever known for raw pigsex, men will cruise each other and head to the john to complete the act of mating with each other(s). But in general, glory holes serve a magnificent purpose by filtering out all the unnecessary distractions, allowing us to focus on only our Lust, the need to mate with our brothers, the craving to pitch or catch sperm. Maybe you finish and see the guy as he leaves, and think to yourself "oh fuck - did I actually suck that mess off?" Or, "oh fuck - that guy is hotttt - I want/need more" and go get his contact information. In either case, the act of mating with your brothers has taken place, as it will again and again and again. Glory Holes serve a crucially important function: it's all about lust - all about mating. It's all about Cock/Hole/Sperm. Whether at a group breeding orgy, a glory hole, in an alley, at your place or his, wherever. It's all about Cock/Hole/Sperm.
  8. I am always on the hunt for chubs and superchubs but not had much luck in meeting any yet.
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  10. Hi there. Neg4poz here in Cambridge Ontario Canada. My Skype is glazedover1 and I would like to chat sometime with you. Thanks very much paul 

  11. Thanks for the follow. I also think genital warts are sexy just like you ~

    1. BBtransUK


      You are very welcome, you are awesome:) x

    2. Zoey


      You are very welcome to hit me up on kik. Sad im not in the UK to fill you up ❤️

  12. I can understand why you miss those parties. Sounds damn HOT.
  13. It really takes me into another zone. I’ve been slammed in the kitchen by a guy that my bf actually found. This guy knew exactly what I wanted just by eye contact. It was hot as my bf hates the thought of slamming, and he knew nothing about it….want to do that and more again. That was my first slam, and this guy knew what he was doing and could see I was a prv. Any other guys keen telegram @alwestlondon
  14. Sounds hot! Love cheating on my bf and slamming ...
  15. I’ve never worn socks and get off on guys wearing worn out converse without socks. The filthier the better
  16. For myself, was a late starter than most, my first experience was in my mid 20's, had never given gay sex a thought until one day at an ABS I was in the basement video booths and two guys cornered me and male raped me by force. It happened that another guy stumbled in and knew what was going on and pulled them off of me and pounded the hell out of both of them and helped me out. A few weeks later, I stumbled across that guy in a couple of different places and we eventually began talking about what had happened that day. He eventually talked me into giving it a try and allowing him to teach and show me a few things. It ended up with him slowly breaking me into being his bitch and as they say, the rest is history. This all took place in 1975 and have been fucked hundreds of times over the years since then, not as much as many here, but still fucked a lot and very seldom with a condom. I did try to screen the guys a lot, but am sure there were some that lied about status, but have remained neg through it all so far. I did think about and gave PrEP a try when it first became readily available, but had undesirable side effects, so decided to just let it go and go with whatever will be back in the beginning of 2016.
  17. I agree with the comments about Harris moving up after the mid terms. I believe it was contrived prior to the election.
  18. I use to go to roulette parties in Boston. Only the host knew everyone’s status. Of course the bottoms were neg chasers, of which I was one. Bottoms were blindfolded. OnceI was blindfolded I felt something being written on each ass cheek. The host gathered us around to let us know he had shifts of tops coming in to breed us. Some are neg, some undet, others full blown. As the party rolled on I was taking lots of cock. I loved listening to the tops breathing harder snd then having them tell me they were cumming. Not one top told what his status was, but they each made a mark on one of my ass cheeks. I assumed it was a tally of poz and neg loads I took. The host would check in occasionally to see if we needed a break, water or to take a piss. The party wore on into the night snd I could hear that things were winding down. Any top in a hole needed to cum and leave before we could take our blindfolds off. the host took a picture of our asses snd there was indeed a tally count of the types of loads we took. I took 5 neg, 10 undet, and fortunately 6 toxic. I left feeling sure one would take after this, but they never took. Eventually I found a toxic top in NYC and he made sure I bugged up i miss those parties!
  19. I will be hosting a bb breeding party on Thursday, Sept 23rd at a hotel in Amherst NY. Send me a message on whatsapp or via text at 716-771-0783. I am looking for tops to breed my neg hole!
  20. I will be hosting a bb breeding party on Thursday, Sept 23rd at a hotel in Amherst NY. Send me a message on whatsapp or via text at 716-771-0783. I am looking for tops to breed my neg hole!
  21. I love the OP's story, but feel weird about the reference to Af/Am seed. I love seed and it's my goal to cherish lots of it deep in my cunt, but if someone referred to my cum as IE/AU seed I'd feel strange about that.
  22. By the way Boot"man", you never answered the question. How long will Biden be in office? Why didn't you answer, is Biden a bad topic for you? Is trying to defend him a battle not worth fighting? But... you know damn well I didn't "base my ideas" of him on that one video. I based it on years of observation of the old sack of pus, including specifically the last 18 months since he became the Dem nominee in the 1st place. You had to pretend that somehow, that video was my first and only ever exposure to Biden. How completely ridiculous is that? That's the depths of fantasy, absurdity and fiction you had to plumb to, in order to "defend" that pitiful sack of pus Joe Biden. Seriously dude. You just pretended that that video was the only ever time I have seen him! Why are you and your feeble arguments the "best" defender of Biden round here? Ask yourself that. What does that say about him. Where are all the young people? If Biden is a good president why does he need you to defend him, why aren't 10 bright young college students beating you to the punch? Is it cause no-one cares about Biden except people who are almost as mentally decrepit as him? Look at how dead the politics board has been on this forum since the whole fake furore over Jan 6th ended. Nobody with a shred of life in them wants anything to do with Joseph Biden, he is a depressing sack of pus that has turned public life into a sick depressing joke, not just in America but in the world. Where did his own appointees actually say that he was "crazy"? There's a huge difference between what they actually think and what you read in some pathetic book by some no-name old fart like Michael Wolff or Roger Rrodentt or whatever, which was sold to gullible people. You wanna talk mental decline, mental decline is where people who falsely call themselves "liberals" go nuts because they can't handle the fact that finally America elected a president who says how they feel about the vile "religion" of Islam - so, you just spend the next 4 years (and more) screaming "RURRRSSIA! RURRSSSSIA!" RUUUUURRRRRSHHHEEEER!" at the top of your lungs,. Actually, that's not really decline, that suggests something that is spread out over time - it's more like mental implosion. And you still haven't recovered you still keep screeching about Trump even 9 months after he's gone!
  23. I have a friend in his 60's who bareback bottomed all through the aids crisis. He said he did the condom thing for like a month and decided raw sex was worth dying of aids for. He said he used to go pre-lubed to some pier in the village bend over and let anyone fuck him. Just about all of his friends died but hes still here.
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