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  2. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

  3. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

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  5. My true Spandex Poz God......

  6. Love that tee shirt!:)

  7. thanks

    1. BosPervCloudy


      no problem.  thank u as well

  8. Last dance for loads.

    after that hot fuck I need to shoot one more time.  

    Found a Latino cum pig bottom wondering around and I grabbed his beefy ass an told him he would take my load.. face down ass up. Fucked him good and deep recalling up all the previous action to get me raved up and to shoot.  He got a deep dry heave of a load.  I was shooting blanks but still had the feeling of organism. Time to head home !  Hot night at the bath 


  9. thanks for the follow Jaybird  :cool:

    1. jaybird


      you're welcum bud .. ;-)


  10. I was trembling in anticipation to take his cock. He pinned me down and prepped his dick with lube. Then he spit on his hand and slicked his dick up and plunged right in.  He went all the way in and hit my second chamber just like that. I wanted him bad and didn't resist him. He held me down fucking me with long deep strokes for 40 minutes.  Amazing stamina.  Heard him snort towards the tail end of this hot fuck.  He said let's take a break code for I just shot my load..   left me on the bed shivering in ecstasy and hole leaking of questionable daddy load. 


  11. The fox was super tall and lanky. Big cock around 9 inches and thick. No foreplay just fucking.  He left the door open so he could get me more dick. 

  12. The finales. 

    Hot older silver fox type. I wanted him bad but he kept walking by but I wore him down.  He came in and asked if I like 3 ways. Hell yeah. He said turnoff the light and get on your stomach your gonna get fucked. 

  13. Random blow jops and fingering asses until I was rested. Crowd slowed down.

  14. Latino cub- this guy has brick house ass and is a regular I fuck.

    does amazing grip tricks with my cock.

    banged him for 30 minutes and shot another' load.  

    Cilais was peaking.  

  15. The sheepish pup- after all,the loads I decided top. Usual song and dance but the pup finally had them balls to enter my room. I went for my cock and asked to be fucked.  Made him put on my jock and plowed away.  His cunt was so nice and was pre loaded. That got so hot.  Pup got my 7 day load.  Shot slapped his out and sent him packing.  Heard him in the restroom farting out my cum.  

  16. The daddy nerd- fucked me with a condom but that's ok. Made sure I was the one who,rolled it off his cock.  Took his load and shoved his load inside out in my loose hole.  Mixed up with the brothers load! So exhilarating.  


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