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  2. Same here...love it when their cock is coated in cum...preferably a mix of others guys cum too.
  3. Many beaches (including non=-nudist beaches in broad daylight with loads of people around), woods, car parks, laybys, the desk in my boss's office, train carriage, train toilets, an STD clinic...
  4. Visiting Portland tonight, looking for loads.
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  6. I do like the comment the gentleman made about being respectful I feel that is key when communicating with anyone who’s older. Like it or not they do have more world experience and they might have a perspectives that would be helpful to you and it doesn’t hurt just to listen. When communicating try if possible to speak in complete sentences. Yes every situation is going to be different I understand that but sending an initial communication and only putting something like “SUP” or “HOST” might not be received in a favorable way. Besides I’ll be honest I don’t have a clue how to answer those
  7. Just set a play date for FF, 420, and poppers this weekend. Fuck I can’t wait! Been too long since I’ve gotten stretched and fisted. Mmmm. 

  8. Your profile says your not on meds. 

  9. I'm over 60 and I must admit at first I was surprised when 20's to 30's would hit me up for fucking. A lot of it was bs and many were far away so I would chat a bit and then they would stop talking and I would delete them. However, there have been a few guys that have been serious and we have hooked up. I fucked and bred a couple guys multiple times and I have a 22 yo currently that I see sometimes as he is a bottom for daddy cock and cum. So, don't give up. Be honest about what you want and you will find it. I have had conversations that end up with "can you help with rent? or gas mone
  10. Always welcome to teach me, Sir!
  11. Wait till you get piss up your ass......
  12. Several posts in this thread seem to try to make a point that attractiveness simply is what it is, and justify a willingness to engage with the lunatic seditionist because his appearance exists independently from his behavior. I disagree, and I think the evidence lies in the fact that we can be aroused by someone right up to the point that we learn something invalidating about him, and then not be aroused at all, even though his appearance has not changed. Put succinctly, ‘pretty is as pretty does’. The guy would have lost me in any case the minute he put on the horns. `o.O ‘ Thes
  13. You taking care of your boy again and that has me so turned on again!! So love your stories!
  14. Love this story @MTLneg, it's like edging, you take us to a plateau and then ease off with another little side step before continuing
  15. We must have just missed each other.. I was in the us air force stationed in england from 1984-1986. Had quite a few adventures in London and surrounding areas back then... Used to go to the hippodrome on tranny night and never left without a smile lol
  16. I used to live in Dallas and would be bred weekly on harry hines blvd... Great times, great memories

  17. Part 13 Luke’s lower lip hung slacked after I face-fucked him, well he wasn’t sucking with much conviction, so I decided to feed him my cock… I was amazed on how much the presumably straight guy was so easily enrolled in gay acts by me! He must have been curious at least. Magoo had done the same with me, but at least I was gay. Unwilling and gay. For a cop representing authority in public, Luke was pretty submissive in bed. I didn’t cum yet. I was edging, slowing down when I felt too close to the point of no return. I had no reason to rush this. I had a neg guy for me to play with
  18. Excellent story. Especially like the chastity part
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