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Hi there!

Welcome to Breeding Zone, the best place to go for information, tips and stories about barebacking. Since you decided to join our community of nasty men, please take the time to read a little bit about how it works, so you have a more pleasant experience here.

Men bareback for many different reasons, and what turns on one may be disturbing for another. While we deal openly with subjects related to bugchasing and drugs, we try to keep them in a special section called The Backroom that can only be seen by registered members. That way, people who might be offended, digusted or threatened by those topics can browse the Breeding Zone forums without concerns about these subjects showing up. Some of our users are in recovery, so please make sure drug-related posts go in designated areas. If you are in recovery, contact one of the moderators and we'll make it so you can't see those sections of the site.

This is a forum by gay men for gay men. There are some heterosexual and bisexual barebackers and bugchasers, and since there aren't other places for them to discuss their feelings and desires we give them space in our community, but we still remind them that most of our users have zero interest in straight sex or pics of naked women, so posts about straight sex are restricted to a dedicated straight/bi section. Likewise, pictures of women are not allowed in the gallery portion of the site, but may be attached to posts in the heterosexual parts of the site.

Ditto for cross-dressers and transsexuals – the whole fem thing isn't something most men are turned on by sexually (straight men are more into that, actually), so please keep those posts in the dedicated cross-dresser / transsexual section. [FTM trans guys are welcome to post wherever – just keep the pussy pics to a minimum in the more public areas.]

In general follow these rules when posting (the rules are ordered, the first one you hit that's a match is the one you should follow)...

  1. If it's about women or heterosexual sex, post in the Hetero/Bi section of the site (posting hetero topics anywhere else will result in a temporary ban from the site - there are no warnings)
  2. If it's about cross-dressing or MTF transsexuals, post it in the cross-dresser / transsexual section of the site (posting in other areas may result in a temporary ban from the site).
  3. If it involves drug use, post in either the Chem Sex Stories section (fictional stories), or in the Sex With Enhancements section (discussion topics)
  4. If it's a about bug chasing, gift giving or HIV as a fetish, post in the appropriate section of The Backroom (fiction, discussion, available bug chasers, available gift givers, poz guys looking for a recharge)
  5. If you're writing about a personal sexual experience - post your story in the Members' Blog section (blog posts are moderated before they go up so be patient - do not post discussion topics - they'll be deleted)
  6. If you're posting a fictional story, post in the Bareback Stories section
  7. If you're posting that you're looking for a hookup or have a city or region-specific topic, post in one of the Regional Hookup sections
  8. If you have a problem or question, post in (or read) the Tips, Tricks & Help section
  9. If your post is about bareback porn, post in the Bareback Porn Discussion section (new threads are moderated before they go up - never mention or link to a site that has pirated porn - you'll get banned - there are no warnings)
  10. If none of those other things fit and you have a general discussion topic, post in the General Discussion section

I know that's a lot of rules, but keeping things where they belong helps everyone - you'll appreciate the organization as you use the site more and more.

Also, please realize, while our community is made of nasty, sweaty fuckers and pigs, that doesn't mean we can't have intelligent discussion and be polite to each other. We want a community where people feel free to express their opinion and exchange views, where nobody feels uncomfortable or insulted, even if people disagree with them. So far we have been remarkably successful in achieving that goal, but we need your help to keep it that way. If you have a problem with someone, choose your words carefully - there's always a polite way to tell someone they're wrong.

And if you have any doubt or are experiencing problems with the website, please don't hesitate in sending one of the moderators a message.


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This is a good summary of the rules governing this site and overview of the forums/groups available. Could the content of this thread be sent as a welcome email message to everyone just joining the site or drop it into the FAQ rules section to refer to. It would have helped me if I had seen it sooner--I just stumbled upon it now.


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There have been lots of posts violating these rules lately. Please give the rules another look. 


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oops, sorry for having post my question on the wrong forum. Didn't mean to get against ur rules. It did make sense to me to post a question on a place everyone could be able to see it & give his point of view. Understand everyone & not only the guys from the black room. I had this written on the question so I gues you understood the idea & fact nothing wrong was made on purpose. Anyway, I won't do it another time. Sorry for having given you extra work :* 


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