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    PART 6 I spent the whole drive over shaking I was so nervous. Over and over i told myself to just turn around and what what was I thinking risking so much? The first time I didn’t know til it was too late , but this was different. And I couldn’t pretend to myself it wasn’t. My hard cock and hungry ass were leading me, overpowering every thought I had to just get away! There was no hiding it, Tim had told me flat out. He was hiv positive, poz as he called it. And he didn’t use condoms. And he had no intention of pulling out. And I had seen that huge cock and knew how deep it could be when he came. And I had seen those giant cum producing balls. He had to shoot a massive load. He will fill me up with it, his sperm. His HIV positive sperm. Spurt after spurt, his cock all the way inside me erupting. And fear took more of a backseat. I was a horny as hell 18 year old that had just discovered bottoming and had done it with a hot experienced hung top. And he had fucked me bareback and cum in me my first time. I couldn’t help wanting more. And I knew how amazing Tim was, how he had made it feel so good, had made me so hungry for cock and so wanting to be a proud gay bottom. A bareback bottom now, on my way to see him again. Still shaking, I rang his bell and he answered obviously nude and obviously knowing it would be me knocking. “I’m so glad you are here. I have thought about that hot ass so many time these last few days. And the way that mouth felt on my cock. And the taste of your asshole. Wanna go straight up?” He welcomed me shutting the door. Nodding eagerlly at home he responded by leading me up to the room I had been in before. This time, I was tearing at my clothes, my cock like steel already and eyes focused on Tim’s already hard meat. Naked, I fell to my knees and licked the shaft from the base to the head, before swirling my tongue around the big mushroom head. Tasting precum, I lost my self and opened wide and took as much as I could. Concentrating on relaxing my throat, I tried to take more and more burn woukd gag occasionally and have to back off. I was trying my best to please him, to be a good cocksucker. “Fuck yeah”, he growled, “that’s so good. Suck that fucking dick. Get it ready. I’m gonna fuck you with it in about 30 seconds.” I grew every more eAger in my sucking, wanting to show my enthusiasm for what he said. “Get up, get on the bed on your back and pull your legs up,” he ordered as he reached for his lube and applied some to my hole and to his cock. Standing over me, his cock head an inch from my starving hole, he looked down and asked me, “what’s my boy want? Does my boy want me to put my cock inside him right now?” “Yes! Fuck yes”, I cried out. “There’s no condom on this cock”, he whispered as he began to tease my hole by rubbing the tip against it. “No condom. No condom.”, I repeated in an almost begging tone. He was driving me to the edge, making me want him so badly. “Should I pump all of my cum Into your hole when I shoot? Should I give you my sperm when we both know I am hiv positive? What do you want?”, he whispered as the pressure on my hole gradually increased. “I want you to cum in me, fill me up with it! All of it! PleAse just please fuck me til you cum!” I whimpered. With that, he pushed in and i I felt that piercing pain followed by a dull ache as my almost virgin hole tried to relax. He gently worked his big meat into me, slowly rocking his hips pushing deeper and deeper. Then starting to take longer strokes as my breath became gasps and I started losing myself to the sensations of pleasure in my hole. It wasn’t long til I was lost. The only thing on earth that mattered was Tim and his huge cock and me and my tight little hole. We were connected. Eyes locked, him grunting and huffing as I began to feel my breAth knocked out with every deep stroke. His ball were now slapping against me when he drove home and I reveled in knowing he was in me ball deep. I was taking all of him. Raw. He was pumping hArd and his thrusts began to pick up speed, his ups bucking erratically. I recognized this from last time and concentrated on trying to take every single bit of that cock inside me while squeezing and miliking it. “Fuck yes, squeeze that fucking cock Chris. Earn that load. Tell me you want it. Tell me you want my sperm in you.” He grunted. “Fucking please cum in me. Please cum in me. I want it in me. I want your cum all inside me. I won’t let it leak at all. Please!” I begged him. “Big poz load. Gonna give it to you. Fucking dump that cum deep inside you.!” He muttered between clenched teeth as he was slamming into me. “Yeah. Big load. Big poz load. Inside me. All of it. Poz load inside me. Poz load inside Me.” I just kept saying it. Then I felt it his pace grew ever faster and then he drove deep and collapsed onto me and i felt that huge rod pulse and throb as his sperm entered me and splattered into my guts. I squeezed and milked it and wrapped my arms around him to hold him insode me. The throbs slowly ebbed and he pulled back up and looked down at me. My stomach was covered in my own cum? I had shot without touching myself. He made no move to pull out and I made no attempt to back off it. Instead I looked up with a guilty grin and knew inside there was no way I could stop doing this. Getting fucked without condoms and taking Tim’s cum. It was like a drug. I was already hooked. What was I gonna do now? This is crazy! But fuck his cum is in me and that thought still scared me but it was turning me on more. A lot more.
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    Disclaimer: This is a complete work of fiction, any instances are not based on any life events of any individuals. It was the first week of college. I had just recently turned 18 and was excited to experiment in college. I had various parts of my body that I wanted to explore for the first time. A little background: I had grown up from a small town in the middle of nowhere, where everyone knew each other. I grew up in a conservative household, unable to have the freedoms as my fellow teenagers around my age; such as getting a tattoo. I never felt like a masculine man in all my life. I was always told that I was better at listening to what others had instructed me than to act on my own. I was more of a follower, never a leader. I guess it was attributed to my small frame. Also, I barely had any hair as I went through puberty, and almost none when I turned 18. Regardless of my background, I was excited for my future. Going into college, I realized that any prior restrictions were gone. My parents couldn't restrict me and I was free to make my own choice. And so here I am, ready to go on a wild ride and have a positive college experience. During my first week, I met a few individuals. I met these guys through a campus event before school had started. There was Xander, a well-built senior student; Brett, a thin twink senior with a few tattoos; and Phillip, who was also a graduate student involved in some sort of lab. The oldest of the three, Phillip, had asked how old I was. I replied "just turned 18." Phillip replied "Perfect." Each of them asked basic questions to get to know me. After a while, they wanted to explore other events on campus. I followed them since they were the only people I knew at college so far. As I walked around with them, I began noticing their body and their features. For some reason, I had felt an attraction towards these new friends. For some strange reason, my mouth started to water. I felt dizzy and wanted to lay down. I had told them that I needed to get some rest, and I turned back into my dorm room. For some reason, my attraction was sexual. I had never felt this way about another man. The more I thought about it, it became clear. I wanted to see what their cocks looked like and sucked till they came down my throat... Immediately, stopped thinking about that possibility and finished getting settled into my dorm room. As the hours went by, I didn't hear from them and the sexual thought had left my mind. One day, I ran into them and they invited me to go to a party off campus that was going on after the first weekend of classes. Phillip told me it was hosted near an older friend's house. Before I could reply, Phillip had instructed me to dress comfortably and not to worry because everyone knew each other. Although I was hesitant, the instant thought of me swallowing their loads helped me make a decision. I agreed and headed to class. I went on throughout the rest of the week like a normal college student. Occasionally I would see my new group of friends. They would stop by and ask if I was still going to the party, in which I replied yes. They seemed very eager and excited that I attend. Before they left for classes, they had given me their number. The weekend came by, and I had realized that my gym shorts were slightly too tight and small for me. I had no choice but that wear my small tight gym shorts, it barely covered my privates. At this point, I was unsure of the whole party. I had texted Phillip if it was appropriate to wear clothes that were a bit too small for me. He asked that I send a picture. So I took a picture in the mirror and sent it to him. No reply. After a few minutes he texted back, "yeah thats perfect." Feeling relieved, I had grab the rest of my belongings and waited. I received a text from Brett that he would be picking me up at my dorm. I sent him my location and waited. He arrived in his car and opened the door. I had gotten in excited, and nervous. During the drive to the party, Brett had told me that the party would be a mix of older men and younger college students. He then asked how I was feeling about that. I had told him that I was fine with that. Then he asked me an alarming question out of the blue. Brett looked at me and asked "Have you ever had sex with men?" I didn't know how to reply. I shook my head no. Brett had assured me not to worry, and that he was just asking. As we continued to drive, I realized how far we have been driving. He then asked if I would consider having sex with men. I didn't know what to say. Nervously, I said "I guess I'm not opposed to that. I just haven't had any encounters in that sense." All of a sudden he had stopped the car. I looked around and we were nowhere near a building. I had no idea where we were. Brett looked at me and said, "Would you like an encounter now?" Before I could reply, he had zipped his pants and pulled out a thick long cock. Immediately, I started to think back to imagining swallowing his thick load. In that moment, he put his hand behind my head and said, "I'm going to gently guide you, feel free to pull away when you feel uncomfortable. I will respect your wishes." I didn't want him to stop. He continued to guide my head down to his thick erect cock. I could see the veins bulging out of his cock as I got closer and closer. I could smell the thick scent, which I could not describe. His cock was circumcised and glistening with pre-cum. As I almost touched his cock with my face, I instinctively opened my mouth and closed my eyes. As his cock entered my mouth, I felt the ridge of the head on my tongue. My mouth was watering uncontrollably, as his shaft was rubbing along my taste buds. It felt so good to have such a thick cock in my mouth. I tasted his slightly salty pre-cum on my tongue. And before I knew it, he hit the back of my throat. I gagged. When I looked at his cock, there was still a good 2 inches left. Brett continued to press his cock to my throat making me moan. I was feeling lightheaded, and I felt my anus twitching each time he hit the back of my throat. I was rock hard at this point. Brett started to reach down my pants and stroke my cock. He said "Oh, I see you're excited." and then proceeded to grab my balls. I felt relaxed, knowing I was being grabbed by Brett, who had the thickest cock I had ever seen so far... As I sucked his cock moving my head up and down, he had grabbed my head and proceeded to thrust his cock into my mouth. When he would thrust, his entire cock would enter my mouth, making the extra two inches disappear. This caused each thrust to choke me. I couldn't breath. I wanted to tell Brett to stop, but I chose not to breath for that instant, since it meant that he would give me his thick creamy cum. With a few grunts, I felt a warm gush of liquid in my mouth. Immediately, I swallowed the cum. It was thick. Very thick. I felt it go down my esophagus slowly. Brett looked at me and smiled, "I guess I'm the first to coat your throat." I nodded yes with a smile on my face. As Brett was wiping his cock and pulling his pants back up, I had noticed a tattoo on his inner thigh. I hadn't noticed it but it was a red plus sign looking cross, on top with a biohazard tattoo. The strangest thing was that I noticed that he had a few initials under it, "HG VGL." I was a happy boy and I didn't want to question it. As Brett pulled up his pants, he said "Let's get going to the main ev- I mean main party." As Brett quickly accelerated, I felt Brett's thick cum fall down, where I didn't feel it slowly slide down anymore. I guess it's in my stomach now. I was chippier and excited to go to the party to see all my other new friends. More to Come, Tags are just there for future storyline.
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    Yeah, I’m a bug chaser. It didn’t take me long into my bareback bottomhood to realize that the thrill of sex increased exponentially if there was a danger element involved. So I started doing it with married men. In public places. With the partners of friends of mine. And eventually with Poz men. I must admit that the whole Poz thing really turned me on. At first I was kind of freaked out about how I got off on the idea of playing roulette with my health, but once you experience that thrill of living on the edge and letting a Poz guy stay in you when he cums... well. It’s all over from there. But this was the mid 90’s and dating/hookup apps didn’t really exist yet. And Poz guys weren’t really to be found on AOL and gay.com. At least not where I lived in middle America. What we did have in my community, though, was a small AIDS hospice. Okay, okay. I know how this sounds. Pretty sick, right? A young guy trolling an AIDS hospice for Poz cock? Preying on gay men in the last stages of life?? But that’s exactly what I did. And very successfully too, I might add. I was in my mid-20’s back then. I was decently attractive with a sort of “golly gee” innocent charm about me (that totally hid my pervy side). And I had a good ass. Total bubble butt. I mean, from the age of twelve I knew I was built to be a bottom. Anyway, I applied to be a volunteer at the hospice. I said I would love to come read to the guys or talk or just keep them company. I could come by in the evenings and on weekends when I wasn’t working. AIDS still had a strong stigma back then, so having a young gay such as myself willing to volunteer was a bit of a novelty. I was snapped up quickly. Now, don’t go thinking that I immediately started going down on and raping all the men in hospice— because I didn’t. I actually did read to them and chat and keep them company, as I had volunteered to do. But I was also developing relationships and sussing out which men might be up for some unprotected sex with an eager, 20-something bottom slut. Eventually I found Ken. Ken was in the later stages of his illness. He was still handsome, in a way, but pretty gaunt. Blonde. Sharp Blue eyes. Mustachioed. He was one that I read to on a consistent basis. But we also talked and developed a decent friendship. Once we were fairly comfortable with each other, I asked him about his past. Like, did he have a partner ever? Did he used to have lots of sex? Did he know how he became infected? Did he used to go to bath houses or anything? He smiled slyly at me and opened up about being quite promiscuous in his day. “How promiscuous?” I prompted. Which is when he started regaling me with tales of sex parties, orgies, back rooms of dance clubs, bookstores, and yes— bath houses. He’d done them all. “And I really liked it,” he said wistfully. “I just really liked sex.” In subsequent visits I prodded him for more and more details, always saying things like “Life is so different now— this doesn’t happen. Back then it was so much more... exciting.” To which he’d agree. He didn’t know how he’d become infected, but it was several years ago now- probably in the later 80’s. He laughed and confided, “Yeah, I was stupid back then. I figured since I was a top, I was immune. That only bottoms got infected. Whoops.” Hearing this I asked if he only ever topped. He shrugged. “I tried bottoming a couple times— didn’t really enjoy it. Besides, once guys saw my dick I sort of automatically became the top.” “That big, huh? You poor thing! You must have been very popular!” I laughed. “How else do you think I wound up in this bed?” He chuckled. From there, I started steering our conversations into more sexual waters. Like did he miss sex? When was the last time he had some ass, etc. He looked at me wistfully and said he hadn’t had any since a year before hospice and that he did miss it. “With all the ass I’ve had, you think I’d be satiated, but I’m not. You always want more,” He said quietly. “Yeah, I know.” I told him. “I’m such a slut for big cock, I can never get enough of it.” Then I winked at him. He actually blushed. That was as far as I pushed it for awhile, letting the seed I’d planted in his mind to germinate a little. Plus, I needed to be sure about what I was going to do and then prepare my next steps. After a couple more “innocent” visits to Ken, I was ready to take it to the next level. This time, for my reading material, I brought some gay erotica. I started reading it aloud, as I would have our other book. After it became apparent what I was reading, he stopped me. “This is a bit of a departure from our usual,” He said hesitantly. “Yeah, I know. But I wanted to mix it up. And given some of our conversations I thought you might like this change of pace.” And I kept reading. As I read, I looked over occasionally and could see him fidgeting a bit and shifting around. I also saw him casually put his hands in his lap to mask his growing erection. I smiled at this and kept on reading. It was a particularly vivid account of a young bottom going to the baths and getting bred by stud after stud- cum leaking out of his chute. After the account of the fourth load from a particularly randy well-hung black stud I put down the magazine and said, “Hmm. You don’t have to be shy. Let that boner be free, it’s ok. We’re both gay, and I got one too.” The chair I was reading in faced him so I shifted my legs so he could see my crotch. I saw him eye my bulge hungrily although he did blush again. But he also moved his hands for me. Holy fucking tent. “Damn Ken, you DO Have a big one, don’t you?” I said breathlessly. I could see the sheet moving slightly as his pulse made his dick jump. “Can I... can I see it? Just a peek. Please??” He looked toward the door and hesitated, and I looked him squarely in the eye and said please again. Slowly he lifted the edge of the sheet and freed his impressive cock. “Ohhh. My.” I exhaled. His Dick was beautiful. It had to be 9 inches at least. It was one of those cocks where the head wasn’t huge and flared— just behind the rim of the head his shaft grew in girth until it reached its widest point about 1/3 of the way down the shaft. Then it tapered slightly to the base. It also arced proudly out from his groin, like the weight of the end of it pulled it slightly downward. And below it all were a nice pair of low hangers, just resting on the mattress. “Damn, you are blessed aren’t you?” I whispered in awe. “Sometimes I think it was a curse,” he said. “Like, if I had an average dick maybe I wouldn’t be sick right now.” “Maybe,” I said matter of factly. “But do you really think having a smaller cock would have changed your sex drive though? I mean, I know big dick guys who have no libido at all, and small dick guys who jack off 10 times a day. All I know is that you seem to have been sexually insatiable and probably would have found a way to have tons of sex, with or without that monster.” This talk was making him lose his hard on, so I quickly said, “Hey. How about you tell ME an erotic story. Like from your bathhouse days. Don’t be a lazy bitch and entertain ME for a change.” I smiled. “Surely you must have a hot tale of a favorite fuck to share.” He smiled back slowly and said, “Oh yeah. I have a few good ones. How about I tell you about the young marine?” “Sounds good to me! Let’s hear it,” i urged. “So this was at the bath house, oh many years ago now. I was there one night and in the sling room was this young, muscle-stud. He had a ‘friend’ who was guarding the entry and whoring him out. Several guys were peering in and and watching the action so I asked the ‘friend’ what what was going on. Turns out this little muscle stud was a Marine, had just turned 21 and wanted his own 21 gun salute. The friend was helping to line up good Dick and to make sure things didn’t get out of control. So far the kid was up to 11 loads and #12 sounded like he was getting close. So I asked if I could take a turn and flashed my dick at the friend. The friend smiled and said “you’re up next”.” “Oh damn, man,” I said. “This is my total fantasy! Sorry for doing this but....” I then unfastened my pants and pulled out my throbbing cock. Ken watched me do it and made no protestations. After watching me slow stroke a few times he went back to his story. “So I hear #12 finish up— loudly. And as soon as he left the room, I walked in. The kid was fucking hot. Exactly what you’d think of when you think US Marine. Tan. Well muscled. Lanky. Buzz cut dark hair. Even the dog tags laying between his pecs. His legs were slightly furry as was his ass. The kid looked up at me and his eyes were totally blown- probably on something. Or it could have been that sex haze. Anyway, I walked up to his face so he could get a look at my cock and his eyes got real big! And then his mouth opened... So I fucked his mouth to get myself good and hard. He was choking and gagging on my cock, but also just moaning like a bitch in heat. It didn’t take me long before I was raging hard. Like I am now.” I looked back at his cock and he was back at full mast and throbbing. I scored my chair right up next to his bed so he was within reach. I think Ken knew what I was thinking, but he didn’t stop me. “Go on...” I urged. “So, I pull out of his mouth and moved to position. I look down and can see a trickle of cum leaking out his ass, as well as a good puddle on the floor. I can’t believe I’m saying this but— I bent down and scooped up some floor spunk and slathered it on my Dick. Then I pushed into him. This boy was so used and so full of cum, I really didn’t need the extra lube, but the idea was hot to me. I pushed in pretty easily to a point, then met with resistance as I got to his second ring. So I took my time and slow-stroked him with just enough Dick so I was teasing his second ring. It felt so... WHOA!” It was at this point in his story when I reached over and grabbed his cock. It startled him. “Whaaa what are you doing?” He asked in a shaky voice. “I’m helping you out, man. You need this. And I want to do this. I wanna make you cum as you finish this story.” His breath was shaky and shallow, but I kept my hand on that impressive cock and jacked it slowly. His eyes half closed and he swallowed thickly. And I knew I had him. “So, you were fucking him slowly, right up to that second ring....” I promoted. His eyes close... “Yeah. Um. So I start to tease deeper. I slow push into him and get my head up in his second ring and you would think the marine is storming Iwo Jima from the noises he starts making. I pull out and slow push in again. And again. And again. Eventually this marine is grunting and Ooo Rah’ing and taking it like a goddamn champ. So I really start giving it to him. Hard. The sling chains are singing and my groin is totally covered in cum spatter as all the other loads are being fucked out of him and deeper into him. He’s going cum crazy and bucking into me to take all I can give. I look back at the door and like 5 guys are watching us fuck. I know I can’t hold out much longer and thankfully I don’t have to. Suddenly the kid cries out and I see cum shooting from his Dick all over his chest and belly. I can feel his ass spasming around my cock and that’s about all she wrote. I ram it it hard, as deep as I can, and I flood his fucking slut marine guts. He’s whimpering and moaning and I and I am so turned on that I keep cumming and cumming and... AGGGH.” Ken’s cum shoots in a perfect arc from his Dick and spatters the sheets. The next spurts drip down my hand and onto his balls. When his orgasm subsided, I got up, put my hard cock away, and got him a wash cloth. I then cleaned up the mess. “Looks like someone had been saving up quite a load,” I said with a grin. Ken couldn’t meet my eyes. I think he felt embarrassed or something. I covered him with a sheet and patted his leg. “Dude, that was incredibly hot and I regret nothing. In fact, I hope we can do this again.” Ken didn’t say anything, but.. was that a tiny nod? After that, I would pepper in my visits with some erotic reading, and it would end with Ken telling me of one of his escapades while I jacked him. It was definitely hot- but time to take it to the next level. About a month after our first JO encounter, I started a more frank discussion with him involving his status. “So, did you still have as much sex after you became positive or did it kind of stop after that.” He grew quiet and didn’t answer for a time. “It stopped… for awhile.” he sighed. “But sex is hard to give up. Did you switch to condoms then?” I inquired. “Mostly…?” he whispered. “Bareback sex is even harder to give up, isn’t it? It’s ok, trust me I get it. You can tell me. I’m not here to judge you- we’re friends.” This seemed to open Ken up a bit. “When I was diagnosed, I sort of… shut down. I withdrew and basically stopped all sex cold turkey. I wasn’t partnered at the time, so I didn’t have to worry about that pressure. Heck, I didn’t even jack off. I just sort of became a sexual zombie. Eventually I was finding myself checking out guys again. Getting horny. Getting those ‘inconvenient boners’ during the day. I started jacking again. And then I got the urge to fuck again. I tried some hookups where I used condoms, but … they didn’t work out so well. I just couldn’t stay hard being all gloved up, and I would end up disappointing the bottom. So I kind of gave up the idea of sex again. Until…” he trailed off. “You fucked a guy bareback and gave him your poz load.” I said. Ken looked up at me with a startled look on his face. “Yeah. I mean no. I mean, I didn’t really mean to, but… it just sort of happened.” “It’s okay Ken. We’re sexual beings and you must have been insanely horny. So, this was your first time fucking bare as an HIV positive man— and I gather that you liked it. Tell me about it?” It looked like he was struggling with something internally. His face contorted a bit and he wouldn’t look at me. So I grabbed his hand and held it for awhile and we sat in silence for a few minutes. “I’m worried what you’ll think of me, but…. “ “I was so damn horny. It had been almost a year since my diagnosis and no real sex. I was going out of my mind. One afternoon I found myself on autopilot and sort of ‘came to’ when I was standing outside my favorite old adult bookstore. I went in and paid my 5 bucks and headed to the back. It wasn’t very crowded and honestly I didn’t even know what I was doing there. I didn’t know what I wanted but I knew I needed to get off. Maybe jack off watching others? Maybe a BJ? I didn’t know. I wandered around for a few and noticed that the glory hole booths were busy. There were these two particular booths that had a decent sized glory hole. I noticed a few lurkers hanging in this area, so I figured some guy was giving BJ’s. So I leaned up against the wall to watch. It wasn’t long before one door opened and this hispanic construction worker came out and was fastening up his pants. He headed for the exit and one of the other lurkers took his place in the empty booth. It wasn’t long before we could hear some groans and movement noises coming from these booths. And the booths, being flimsy plywood, were kind of shaking a bit. So it became apparent that more than just a BJ going on. I look over and the other guy has his fly open and is jacking a pretty decent piece of uncut meat…. “ By now Ken was hard, the retelling had him excited. So I reached over pulled back the sheet and took him in hand, as usual. He flinched a little, but let it happen. He still wouldn’t look at me though, his head was facing the other way out the window as he remembered. “So the guy in booth 1 cums loudly and the booth rocking stops. About a minute later, he comes out with a big smile on his face and heads for the exit. Now there are just two of us ‘lurkers’, and we look at each other. The other guy is older, kind of hard to tell his age really. Maybe 60? Looks a bit… sick… you know? Probably similar to how I look now And I knew. I KNEW he was poz. And yet there he was, jacking his cock at the book store…. He raised his eyebrows at me as if asking if I was heading in or not? I shook my head, and he walked into the empty booth. He didn’t close the door. So I found myself slowly walking up and watching. The old guy fed his dick through the hole and started moaning as I heard the wet sounds of a hungry mouth going to town on his cock. ‘Fuck yeah, suck it faggot,’ he whispers harshly. In my head I know this guy is poz and he’s just letting this guy suck him. In my head I’m really conflicted, but I can’t look away. And I’m… really turned on. Soon the wet sucking noises stop and I hear that unmistakable click noise of lube bottle being opened. I know what’s going to happen and again I’m watching it all go down and not saying anything. The old guy moans and I know the guy on the other side of the wall just sheathed that uncut cock in his ass. The booth starts moving slowly and I can hear the wet sound of ass fucking. My cock is so hard at this point it’s like it wants to tear a hole in my pants to get out.” In my hand, Ken’s cock is mirroring his cock in the story. He’s wickedly hard as he’s retelling this and I just keep jacking him. I stop just long enough to spit on my hand and go back. Ken makes a small noise in his throat, then goes back to his story. “The old guy starts really fucking into this dude’s ass through the glory hole. I’m basically in the booth with him at this point, my face close to the glory hole so I can see his cock going in and out of this ass. I can tell he’s getting close by his wheezing, when suddenly he stiffens up and grunts a few times and I know. I know his load, his… sickness… is shooting into the ass on the other side of the wall. I feel like I should say something. I feel like I should have stopped it before it got this far. But I didn’t. I just watched it all happen while my cock betrayed me in my pants. And I kept watching as the old guy slowly pulled out of the ass with a wet plop. Yup. Definitely no condom on that. He zips up and pats my shoulder. ‘It’s worth it,’ he says. And he exits the booth, leaving me alone in there. I see a finger extend into the glory hole from the other side. The international symbol for ‘stick your dick through, i’m waiting’. At this point I’m basically beyond the point of no return, so I close the booth door and open my pants. I hear the appreciative “DAMN” from the other side of the wall an I know he’s eyeballing my cock through the hole. He sticks his finger through again and motions to me. And before I know it, i’m feeding my dick through the hole. It was all I could do not to cum when I felt his mouth around my dick. It had been so damn long! I let him suck me for awhile, then I felt him pull off. Felt him apply the lube to my dick. I knew this was my chance to pull back… to stop. But I … I didn’t. And then I felt him slowly push his ass back onto my dick. The warm, wet heat enveloped me and I almost cried it felt so good! But I also was so conflicted— I was in this ass raw. And even though I’m pretty sure the previous guy just left a toxic load in there, that wasn’t me. Or was it? All I know is that fucking ass without a condom felt so damn good. I’m so turned on that I know I won’t last much longer. This guy is slamming his ass back onto my dick and fucking himself with it and I’m just standing there pressed against the booth wall letting him. I felt the orgasm building in my balls. I knew I was close. I knew I could pull out and spray all over the booth floor. I knew all this… and I let him keep fucking onto me. I needed the release. I needed to fuck. And then… it happened. I was cumming in him. I was in a post orgasmic haze— barely remember pulling out and zipping up. After a minute or two I stumbled out of the booth just as the other guy was coming out of his. We looked at each other. The guy was in his mid 40’s. Handsome. Dressed in suit pants, white shirt, and a tie. And had a wedding ring on. He saw me see it, and he just shrugged and smiled. ‘Thanks for that!’ he says. After that monster, I’m done.’ And he turned and was out the exit.” Ken paused here in his story and I still jacked his cock. I don’t know what prompted me to push, but I did. “That must have been a shock. Seeing that you just put your dirty load into a guy with a wife and kids, huh? Especially for your first time raw fucking as a poz man. I bet you felt sick about it… and turned on, too.” Ken finally looked at me. “Yeah. At first I was angry. I was all “You stupid fucker! You know you shouldn’t fuck without a condom! You have a wife!” “But it was hot because he WAS married and he WAS careless. Which made it all the hotter. Plus he’d taken god knows how many other loads that day. At least 3. Breeding married men is aways the holy grail… right?” I said all while jacking Ken’s cock more quickly. Ken’s eyes were boring into me. “Fuck yes. Stupid married men, thinking with their dicks … and asses. It’s almost like they’re asking for it. Asking to be caught.” “Asking to be infected,” I whispered. “Getting what they deserve,” he says. “Which is what made it easier the next time, and the next time, and the next time…giving all those stupid fuckers your toxic seed. How many did you fuck and fill, Ken?” That’s when I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking him while I still jacked. “Oh jesus,” Ken moaned quietly and I felt his hand come to the back of my head. I finally had his monster cock in my mouth and I lovingly sucked it and worked the head with my tongue. “Shit, I’m gonna…” Ken managed and he struggled to pull away. But I just gripped his cock and kept my mouth planted right where it was. Spurt after spurt of bitter, salty cum filled my mouth, but I swallowed it greedily. I kept him in my mouth until his cock started to soften- the last dribbles of semen pearling onto my tongue. Ken’s hand was still resting on the back of my head. When I finally released him from my mouth, he said “You shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m really sick, man.” He looked away from me sheepishly. “Ken, you know that the risk of transmission orally is very small. Also, I’ve been wanting to do that for months.” I tell him. He looked at me, with a bit of sadness in his eyes. “I’m going to let you in on a secret,” I tell him as we look at each other. “I’m not a nice boy who volunteers at an AIDS hospice and secretly pines for a boyfriend and two dogs and a house in the burbs. No. I’m a naughty boy. Sometimes I have anonymous sex. I don’t always fuck with a condom. I let guys cum inside me. Sometimes even if I don’t know their status. And sometimes…” I see something flicker across his gaze. “Even when I DO know their status.” “I love taking those loads best of all.” And I winked at him. A couple weeks later, I was back at Ken’s bedside for our reading time. But tonight was going to be different. Tonight was the night. I was going to get his cock and load inside me— unless he had a sudden attack of conscience and wouldn’t let me. I had come prepared. I had cleaned out thoroughly, prelubed my hole, and had lube and poppers in my backpack. I was also wearing a pair of gym shorts that I had cut strategically in the back for access. I pulled out the erotic fiction from his nightstand and read a good story to get Ken in the mood. It worked like always and soon he was tenting up that bedsheet. I put down the magazine. “So, tonight I thought maybe we’d do something different,” say. I see him look at me quizzically. “I thought perhaps I’d tell you one of my stories instead? Something… naughty.” Ken licked his lips and nodded approval. “So, there’s this guy I was hot for. Older than me, but handsome. Blonde— like you. Blue eyes, too. We chatted for a long time before I finally got up the courage to make a move on him.” I reached over and grabbed his throbbing cock. “We did some minor stuff— just hand jobs and blow jobs mostly. Turns out the guy is fucking hung like a racehorse! Fucking jackpot! I seriously can’t get enough of his big dick,” I said while jacking him. Ken’s eyes look black as his pupils are complete dilated as he watches me. “I mean, I love sucking that big fucker,” I said as I bent down to suck on Ken’s cock for awhile. “But I need more, you know? I’m a slutty bottom that craves big cock. And if this awesome guy won’t give me his, then I’ll just go to a bookstore and take some random strangers through a glory hole— you know?” Ken’s breath is coming faster now as I continue to suck him a bit. “So one night, I make my move and try to get this guy to FINALLY put it in me already! Only that’s when he springs it on me. He’s HIV positive. He doesn’t like fucking with condoms and he doesn’t want to risk infecting me, so he doesn’t want to fuck me.” I look at Ken as I pause in my story. “So I started sucking his cock and I tell him that I don’t care. That I want him to fuck me bare. That I want to— no, NEED to feel him cum inside me. I tell him I’ve let other men fuck me bare and some of them have probably been poz too. Heck, I might even be infected now and I may not know it. I’m so slutty and careless it’s almost like I DESERVE to get it, you know? Just another stupid bottom thinking with his hole. And whether he fucks me or not, nothing is gonna change this.” I feel Ken’s cock twitch and jump in my hand as I say all this. I then casually reach into my back pack and get out the lube and poppers. Ken’s breath hitches in his chest. I open the lube and start slathering his massive member. Ken’s eyes don’t leave mine. “So, this guy finally relents. I lube him up, open my shorts, lube my hole a bit, then get on top of him,” i say as I climbing onto his bed and mimicking all the actions coming out of my mouth, “and take a massive hit of poppers because I know I’m gonna need them.” I hit the poppers hard. “And then I slowly— finally— lowered myself onto him,” I whispered. It was like being torn open. Even with the poppers, Ken’s cock was huge. Easily the biggest I’d ever taken in my life to that point. It was the thick part just past the head that was the trick. I had to pull off, relube him, hit more poppers and slowly inch my way through that thick part as my hole burned in protest. Then there was a ‘pop’ as that thick spot suddenly breached my hole, and it got easier. I slid all the way down. Ken hissed as I hilted myself onto his dick. His hands found my hips. “The guy’s cock was massive, but I’d wanted it for so long inside me that I took it like a champ. And then I started riding him slowly. I wanted him to feel every inch of my insides and know that I wanted him there.” I rode Ken slowly up and down, getting myself used to his dick. Occasionally I stopped for poppers. “This guy had told me stories about his past… how much ass he’d fucked. I just hope mine would live up to the others. And, truth be told, I loved the fact that his dick had been in so many guys and it was finally my turn.” “I know this guy said he was conflicted about fucking me, but his raging hardon said otherwise. He loved it. And I know that in his secret heart of hearts, that he loved breeding guys with his poz seed. He loved fucking bare and dumping his toxic DNA into as many asses as would take it. Breeding all these guys who would never ask for a condom. Never ask about status. Just take whatever load in their cumhungry cunts. I know he didn’t like to admit it to himself and he probably felt ashamed for doing it. And even more ashamed for being so goddamn turned on by the idea that he’s infected dozens, if not hundreds of guys by now.” “Yeaaaaaah,” Ken moaned quietly as I continued to ride him. “I told this guy that it was ok. I understood. We all had that biological urge to procreate, and this was our way. Making sure a little bit of us lived on in others. And I told him I was a willing vessel. In fact, I wanted him to cum in me. I wanted it to be HIS cum that infected me. I didn’t want to be like he was and not know where the virus came from. I wanted the moment to be memorable. I wanted to KNOW. And I wanted him to know that he was the one.” I was riding the full length of Ken at this point. I had opened up to where his cock was plunging into my second ring on each thrust and I was leaking precum into my gym shorts with every bounce on his cock. Ken was helping guide me as he grabbed my hips. “Do it Ken. Cum in me! Fill me! I want you to be the one! Please??? Be the one who knocks me up!” Ken’s eyes flicked open and he grabbed my hips hard as he thrust up into me. His cock was buried well up into my second ring when I felt the pulses. The throbs. The wet heat. Ken’s AIDS cum was shooting so deep into me that I knew it would take. And I filled my gym shorts with my own seed as I spontaneously came from the knowledge that I was taking a living part of Ken and continuing the line. Ken shuddered and we stayed welded together until his cock had softened enough to easily come out of my ass. As I pulled off of him I bent down and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Thank you,” I whispered. I got off the bed, grabbed a wash cloth and started to clean him off. There was a little blood on the rag after I washed off his dick. He saw it and his eyes got big and I could see him wondering if he had hurt me. “Dude, you have a massive cock- the biggest that’s ever been in me. I was expecting this. Maybe next time I’ll be a bit more loosened up.” And I smiled at him as I went to the wash room to clean myself up. Ken and I fucked a few more times, but it wasn’t long before his health took a turn and before I knew it, he was gone. At least I got to be by his side when he left this world; for that I’m grateful. And yes, I did get sick after our fuck sessions. Sure enough, I had caught the ‘fuck flu’. Testing confirmed it. Given the timing, I knew it was Ken’s doing. And I was grateful for that ,too. I kept volunteering at the hospice after that. I mean, it wasn’t like Ken was the only guy I spent time with during my visits, but Ken was the only one I had cultivated a fuck relationship with. Until Mark. One evening I was visiting Mark and as I was preparing to read to him he stopped me. “Um, I was wondering if you could maybe read this tonight instead,” he asked. He pulled out the magazine of erotic fiction that I had given Ken for our sessions, and he handed it to me. I smiled. “Uh, Ken said that you would read to him out of this and it was very, um… stimulating. I was hoping that maybe we could do the same?” Yes Mark. I was positive that we could do the same.
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    Part 75 - The Subcontractor Joe and Kyle had gone back to the warehouse and cleaned up before locking the door and heading home. Joe tried to think of another place for the meeting on Tuesday. The warehouse had been fun but it was a pain to set up and get Carter, Blaine and the non-club members to. He thought about the hotel room but Dennis said that it had become more popular as word got out and was booked all week. Then he remembered one of the first times he had been with Blaine and they had fucked under an oak tree near the creek that went through the farm. He talked to Blaine who thought it was a good idea so Joe sent out more messages. On Monday he got a message from Blaine asking if they could postpone their meeting until Thursday. Joe sighed, realizing he had to start over again getting people together. A few of the guys he had gotten for Tuesday couldn’t make it but he was able to find replacements. Joe crossed his fingers hoping there wouldn’t be any more changes. — Ric was nervous. He had been nervous all week. It had started innocently enough the week before when a schedule conflict meant Joe couldn't meet a client so he texted Ric asking "Want to earn a few bucks?” Ric's thought was it sounded like fun: he would meet a guy, have sex and then go home with some cash. It immediately got more complicated when Joe told him what he should do to set it up. He should keep everything separate from his normal life. Ric came up with a name to use - Austin, a new email, a cheap cell phone on a pay-as-you-go plan and listened to all of Joe’s instructions. Still, he figured that after the hundred bucks he spent on the phone he would make it all up in one night. Joe introduced him to the client via email and they had chatted a couple times setting the meeting up. He gave the guy the new phone number and everything moved to text after that. He figured that no matter what the guy was like, he could probably take an hour of him. Since Joe had met him before and said he was a good guy, Ric decided that he really didn’t have much to lose. He didn’t tell anyone what he was doing. He wanted to confide in Alex, but then changed his mind. Tuesday morning as he was walking into school he spotted Coach Adams walking slowly in from his car. “Hey coach. How are you feeling? That must have been some bug you caught, you were out almost two weeks” Ric said. “Oh fuck, don’t remind me” the coach replied and then much quieter he added “How the fuck did you survive that? At one point a friend wanted to take me to the hospital.” “Everyone is different. Mine wasn’t too bad compared to…” Ric almost said ‘Shane’ and then realized the coach might not know about his team being poz. He then finished the sentence with “… some others. Have you gone to the clinic like I told you?” “Yeah, I did last Friday and then yesterday for the results. That was the weirdest doctor visit I’ve ever had. They don’t want to put me on drugs right away. Did they do that to you too?” Ric chuckled as he stopped and looked seriously at the coach. “Yeah, but you shouldn’t say anything about that. It’s supposed to stay quiet. I take it that means you’re going to share” Ric said softly. “Yeah, I know. I just figured that you would know since you referred me there. And yeah, I am. My boyfriend is going to be home on leave at the end of the month. I have a welcome home gift for him” Coach Adams said and then laughed quietly. Ric and the coach went into the school and carried on like nothing happened. He went home and prepared a small bag with some supplies. He was putting it under his bed when Frank, his Dad walked in and things became messy. Frank recognized the new phone and wanted to know what it was for. Ric came up with an excuse, but Frank saw right through the lie and accused Ric of selling drugs. Defeated, Ric told his father the truth, expecting him to blow up and ground him, but instead Frank thought it was really hot and agreed to keep it their secret. Frank even dropped Ric off at the hotel Wednesday evening and told him to call or text if anything went wrong or when he was done. Ric walked in and took the elevator up to the ninth floor and found the room. He had a small bag over his shoulder with the things Joe suggested. He knocked and waited. He was about to knock again and the door opened. In front of Ric was a middle aged white guy. His brown hair had a few gray hairs mixed in and he had a trimmed beard. The guy’s brown eyes inspected every inch of him. He matched the description that he had gotten from Joe so he said “Hi, Barry? I’m Austin. We spoke a few days ago.” Barry smiled and said “Come on in. Glad you could make it” as he walked back into the hotel room. Ric followed him in and looked around, making sure that things looked legitimate. He tried to keep a calm exterior but inside his stomach was turning over and his mind was racing. “I was kind of disappointed that Dave couldn’t meet, but I understand it’s a bit of a drive. So, he and you are friends or co-workers?” Barry asked. “Yeah, I’ve known him several months. We met on a work thing” Ric said, trying to keep it vague and hoping to not get caught in a lie. “Oh cool. You seem a bit young to be doing this… Uh, you are over 18, right? I don’t want the cops running in here. It would make life really bad” Barry said. Ric chuckled and replied “No, I understand. Yeah, I’m over 18, theres nothing to worry about with that. And I really don’t want to deal with the cops either.” Ric set his bag down next to the bed and moved behind Barry, rubbing his shoulders. “We didn’t really talk about what you wanted to do when we were together. I got a little bit of an idea from Dave but he doesn’t like to talk about what happens with clients,” Ric said. “I… uh… appreciate that. Its kind of why I like to hire the same guys. Fewer mouths to talk, if you know what I mean” Barry replied. “I completely understand. What happens here, stays here” Ric said massaging Barry’s shoulders harder. Barry moaned and let Ric rub him. He started to unbutton his shirt and soon it hung open. Ric took the cue and stopped the massage long enough to take Barry’s shirt off and lay it on the chair nearby. “I like to enjoy the pleasure that younger men can give me. It rarely is the same thing twice. I like to let things just happen” Barry said as he turned around. Ric continued to rub his neck and shoulders, this time from the front. Ric looked over his body. There was a small patch of hair between his pecs and another on his stomach. He didn’t have a six-pack but he did have a trim dad-bod. He wondered what was inside his pants but figured he would find out soon enough. Ric then looked back into Barry’s eyes and saw him smile again. “I think we are going to have some fun tonight, Austin. Theres an envelope for you by the TV. As I said, I don’t like to be rushed so we’ll go for two hours and longer if we need to.” Ric spied the alarm clock next to the bed and made a note of the time. He felt Barry pull his shirt up and raised his arms, letting it pull over his head and then get tossed to the floor. Barry held Ric at arms length and looked over his upper body and said “Damn, you are one hot guy. I bet you make a fortune escorting.” Ric chuckled again and lowered his arms down, rubbing his fingers over Barry’s nipples and then moved them down to his waist. “Let’s just think about you and how we can make you feel amazing tonight” Ric replied. He reached in and unbuttoned Barry’s pants and then unzipped them, letting them drop to the floor, revealing a pair of tight blue trunks with a large bulge in front. Ric cupped the bulge and squeezed while moaning “Very nice, Barry.” Barry was obviously enjoying the attention and then reached down and pulled Ric’s jeans down. “Oh fuck yeah” Barry said as he spotted the white sheer see-through trunks that Alex had given him after Ric had successfully knocked him up. They both shucked their pants, socks and shoes. Barry gently motioned to the bed and when they got next to it Ric dropped to his knees, pulling Barry’s underwear down with him. The semi-hard shaft was already six inches but Ric didn’t know if he was a shower or a grower. The uncut cock had a nice heft to it and he licked from the balls up to the tip. Barry let him suck his cock and balls for a few minutes and then tugged on his arm and the two were on the bed kissing seconds later. Barry started out slow and Ric assumed he didn’t usually kiss the guys he hired since he was pretty tentative to start. While they were kissing Barry reached down and slid Ric’s underwear off. Their bodies intertwined and their cocks were nestled next to each other. Barry moved down Ric’s body, kissing his neck and then down to his chest. Barry flicked his tongue over Ric’s pierced nipples, each time making Ric’s cock twitch. He finally moved lower and then came face to face with Ric’s cock. “Holy fuck. You really scored in the cock department” Barry said. Ric spread his legs apart and let Barry explore his cock and balls with his tongue. Several minutes later, Barry pushed Ric’s legs back and zeroed in on his hole. Ric was surprised at how hard Barry could tongue fuck his hole. Most guys just gave a few stabs before going back to licking. Barry seemed to keep poking his curled tongue in forever, even though it was only about ten minutes. Ric could feel the moistness around his hole and Barry seemed to think he had done enough with his tongue. Barry lowered Ric’s ass down and as soon as he could, he speared his cock into the waiting hole. Once inside, Barry just kept driving his cock in deeper, not waiting for Ric to adjust. His bushy pubic hair was pressed against Ric’s hairy ass and Barry looked at Ric’s slightly contorted face. “Yeah, you poz boys all know how to take cock. You never can get enough, can you? Probably don’t even care who it is or what diseases they have” Barry said and followed up with a sinister laugh. He pulled back and rammed back in, feeling Ric flinch at the treatment but saying nothing. Ric was saying a lot, but it was all in his head. “He thinks I’m a seasoned slut and would probably freak if he knew I have been fucking for only seven months” Ric said to himself before stifling a grunt. Once Barry started an even pumping motion, Ric started to work his ass around Barry’s cock. “Slow down, boy. I plan on fucking this hole for a while” Barry barked out. Ric smiled and thought to himself “I may be the bottom now, but I can control how this goes.” Barry fucked for several more minutes before pulling out and groaning. Obviously he was getting too close. He flipped Ric over on to his knees and then drove his cock back in. This time Ric was more subtle and he let Barry fuck his ass for twenty minutes before he started to work his ass muscles and gently milked the shaft. “Oh fuck! Oh shit” Barry yelled out and was able to get two more strokes in before he fell forward on top of Ric and began convulsing. Spurts of his neg seed shot into Ric’s hole and Ric started to aggressively drain the remaining cum out of Barry’s balls. Barry rolled off Ric and lay on the bed, panting. Ric moved down and started to clean the cum and ass juice off Barry’s cock. “Damn it! I usually last a lot longer than that” Barry said with the sound of disgust in his voice. “That hole just feels so damn good and its been a few weeks since I’ve been able to fuck” he added, as if Ric needed an explanation. “Don’t worry about it. We can go again when you’re ready. You still have a lot of our time together left” Ric said before he licked his lips of the last bit of cum. With Barry’s cock now mostly soft, Ric reached up and rolled Barry on to his stomach. He crawled up and started to massage his back, with his hard cock and full balls nestled on Barry’s crack. It wasn’t a professional massage, but Ric’s hands rubbed and dug into Barry’s back and it took only a few minutes before Barry was moaning again. Ric’s cock was rubbing between the two mounds and after several minutes Ric moved down Barry’s body and was rubbing his lower back with his hands. His hands moved lower and then he started massaging his ass and thigh muscles and chuckled when Barry pushed his ass up. Ric wondered if this top daddy was up for a little bottom action and pried his ass apart while still massaging his butt muscles. Ric leaned down and blew on the exposed hole and was happy when he didn’t get any protests. He got closer and licked up from Barry’s balls up to his hole and licked and nursed on the pucker. He kept adding more spit and then working it in with his tongue and fingers. Ric moved back up Barry’s body and then laid on top of him, with his cock wedged between the crack. His hips rocked slowly and he whispered into Barry’s ear “You want this, Barry?” Ric pressed his cock deeper into the crack and continued humping. Barry just moaned, so Ric continued. Ric’s cock would catch on Barry’s hole and then pop out. A trail of precum was mixing with his spit around Barry’s hole and a dozen strokes later, his cock pushed into the wet opening. “Oh my god” Barry said breathlessly. Ric smiled and said “That feels good, doesn’t it?” and Barry quickly replied “Mmmhmm.” Second by second, centimeter by centimeter Ric’s cock got deeper inside Barry. Each stroke was short but eventually Rick had half of his cock pistoning into Barry. The moans were interspersed with the occasional grunt as Ric’s thick cock stretched Barry open a little more. Ric decided to go for broke and the thrusts got longer and deeper. Barry remained in moan and groan mode as the strokes got harder. Ric didn’t get all the way inside, he kept nudging against Barry’s inner ring and that seemed to be the limit of how deep Barry would let him fuck. Ric started pounding harder and the two were bouncing on the bed from each thrust. Ric could feel his balls start to tighten and knew he had to ask. “You want me to pull out Barry?” Ric asked as his cock drove in and out of Barry’s ass. He got a moan back so he gave several more deep strokes into Barry’s ass. “I’m getting close Barry. Should I pull out?” Another moan and he kept thrusting. “Last chance Barry or I’ll breed your ass with my poz cum” Ric said breathlessly. The response was a louder moan and then Barry pushed his ass up to meet Ric’s inward shove. Ric was now balls deep, past the second ring and it triggered his body. His cock pulsed and ropes of charged seed shot deep into Barry’s neg hole. Ric could feel Barry’s hole twitching and knew he was unloading onto the bed. It milked more of Ric’s diseased sperm into Barry’s guts while Barry kept moaning. His balls were empty and he was still hard deep inside Barry’s hole. He thrust in slowly a few times and then pulled out, rolling over next to Barry. Barry looked over to Ric with a wicked grin. “You are one dirty boy. I bet you really got off on breeding my neg hole” Barry said. “You didn’t stop me and seemed to enjoy it. I gotta keep the customer happy” Ric replied. “Kinda hard to tell you to stop when it feels that good” Barry said as he leaned over and licked Ric’s cock. “You can always hit the clinic and get treated, just don’t wait more than a day or two” Ric said. “So you’re not undetectable?” Barry asked. “Nope” Ric replied with a devilish grin. A look of panic came over Barry’s face. “Fuck!” he yelled out. He moved over and pushed Ric’s legs up. He may have looked pissed, but his cock said “turned-on.” Before Ric knew what was happening, Barry’s cock was slammed all the way into him. “You fucker! You’re trying to poz me up?” Barry growled. He pulled back and rammed back in. “I’m gonna fucking wreck that cunt of yours!” Barry yelled. Ric was now the one with a look of panic on his face. Barry was pounding his ass as hard as he could. “Grudge fuck” was all that Ric could think of. Each thrust seemed to be as rough as Barry could muster and Ric’s head was now banging into the headboard. “UGH UGH UGH” Barry was grunting as the two bodies slammed together. It went on for ten minutes, then fifteen and almost twenty minutes. “FUUUUCCCCKKK!” yelled out Barry as he buried his cock in as deep as he could and unleashed another load into Ric’s hole. Ric looked up and Barry still looked pissed. This didn’t seem to be a role play of the pissed off guy that just got pozzed by surprise. Barry pushed off and plopped down on the bed, not looking back at Ric. Ric slid off the side of the bed and went to the bathroom and soaked a washcloth and wiped off. He came out and got dressed. Not a word had been spoken. He started walking to the door when Barry said “Don’t forget the envelope.” “You sure? This didn’t go like I thought it would” Ric replied. “Me either but it was the hottest fuck I’ve had in a long time” Barry replied. Ric grabbed the envelope and went to the door. “You know how to contact me if you want a repeat. Bye” Ric said as he walked out the door. His heart was racing and his breathing was labored as he walked down the hall. He got into the elevator and fell back against the wall of the car, feeling his heart pound in his chest. Ric went down to the lobby and then out on to the street. He leaned against the building and texted his dad “Done. Pick me up pls.”
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    A cute twink I've been with before was back in town and wanted to hook up. He's average height, thin, blue eyes, bushy curly hair, and a cute ass that is the perfect size. In our haste to meet up at the hotel, neither of us brought lube; that turned out to be a good thing. I got the room and quickly undressed and freshened up. My twink arrived in a few minutes, and I greeted him wearing nothing but a nice pair of blue Andrew Christian briefs. He sighed when he saw me, and I know I was grinning ear-to-ear from seeing him again. We shared a deep kiss and as we began removing his clothes. His ass was nicely framed by a pair of black Calvin Klein briefs that were about to bust from his raging hard on. The briefs came off, and we were on the bed for more kissing and fondling, pausing to tell each other how good it was to be back together again. Eventually, he slipped down my chest, gently kissing me through my fur until he reached my cock. I'm usually not a fan of blow jobs because I'm so eager to get into the hole, but this guy does them nicely for me. He worked my cock carefully and gently with a very wet mouth, almost like he was worshiping it. He paused after a few minutes, and I asked if he was ready. He affirmed by asking in what position I wanted him. I instructed him to get on his hands and knees. As I had forgotten to bring lube, I had staged a bottle of hotel lotion on the night stand as a replacement, but I was hesitant to use it because I have found hand lotions can sometimes cause a burning sensation. I had placed a cup of water to sip on nearby so I would have plenty of saliva to use as lube. My twink was waiting with cheeks spread so I slowly let my spit drip from my mouth, landing perfectly at the top of his hole. I spat in my hand and lubed my cock while working the saliva in and around his puckered hole. He sighed at the sensation, and added to his pleasure by easing my leaking cock head into the entrance of his hole. He turned his head over his shoulder, his face bearing the look of someone who was high - his mouth slightly agape and eyes somewhat distant. When I asked if he was okay he nodded affirmatively. I touched his lips to mine and gently kissed him as my cock sank into his tight hole balls-deep. The saliva proved to be the perfect amount of lube as I fucked him with slow strokes. We were both moaning with ecstasy as I worked my cock in his fuck hole. Our kiss almost never broke throughout the session; it was a very passionate fuck. Soon, I felt his hole get very slick with the precum from my pending climax. The sensation was remarkable, and my twink felt it too as he softly exclaimed "Wow". That sent me over the edge as I knew he was experiencing the same sensation I had felt the first time I bottomed raw with spit as lube. My experience had been one of finding my hole beginning to dry out, and finding myself on the cusp of asking the top for more spit or lube, only to suddenly sense an amazing slickness, born of the top's cum. I asked him if he wanted my cum inside him, and he replied simply "Please." Giving in, I gave him another deep kiss as my cock unloaded by blasting four days worth of load into his twink guts. The semen was thick and viscous, and it almost hurt as it was being forced through my rock hard cock. It was the most powerful orgasm I have had in quite a while. As my orgasm was subsiding, the twink repeatedly exclaimed "Oh, fuck, oh, fuck," as he shot his load all over the bed. His convulsions and spasms felt amazing on my softening cock. We stayed locked for a long time, kissing and nuzzling each other as the afterglow waned. Suddenly, he began playfully clamping his sphincter around my soft cock until it fell out with a soft 'plop'. Looking down, I saw one satisfying drop of white cream emerging from the bottom of his hole. There was no mess; almost the whole of my load was inside my twink. We cleaned up while chatting about random events of the day and said our goodbyes, but not before exchanging one more passionate kiss.
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    Part 2 After that night of the homecoming, Mark and I had become really good buds. I'd see him often at his brother Ray's house, which I regularly visited. Mark and I would sneak off here and there and have some fun giving each other bro-jobs. He started dating this really cute girl, who was a few inches shorter than he was and had a massive rack on her. Her tits were firm and perky, and he'd tell me how they fucked all the time and all the details. It turned me on every time he'd talk about it, and he knew it. He loved getting me hard without touching me, particularly when other people were around. He'd laugh to himself every time he knew he got me to bone up. One night, Mark, Ray, Ray's girlfriend, and I were all at Ray's house drinking and having a good time on that same sectional where Mark and I first experienced each other's mouths. Mark's girlfriend was out of town so we were getting a little drunk, and Ray pulled out a joint. I can't smoke the stuff, but I don't mind if other people enjoy it. I kept drinking, while everyone else got high. They didn't over-do it or anything, they all shared half a joint, and had a light buzz going on. Mark and I could tell Ray's girlfriend was enjoying the high as she began to get more frisky with Ray in front of us. She would playfully rub her tits against Ray and say she wanted him to cum on them. She grabbed Ray's cock through his shorts and he was blatantly erect. Mark and I just looked at each other and laughed. Finally Ray couldn't handle it any more and yelled at his girlfriend,"Alright! If you're so horny, we're going upstairs and I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you." She simply got up, took her shirt off and threw it at Ray and walked up the steps. Ray looked at Mark and I with big eyes and said,"well, I guess I'll see you boys in the morning then." We all laughed as he followed her up to the bedroom. Mark and I were watching tv and having some beers when we heard Ray's girlfriend moaning. Mark laughed and said,"you know who moans like that?" Of course I knew he was talking about his girlfriend, I had heard enough stories by now and I knew what he was he trying to do to me. He was trying to get me hard, so I said,"yeah I know who moans like that, you do, when I stick this fat cock up your ass." His smile faded and I thought to myself I'd crossed a line, but he took a big swig of his beer and said in a very shaky voice,"we can find out." Now MY smile was erased, and yup, you guessed it, I got hard as steel in seconds. He looked down at my crotch and laughed,"I knew that would do it." I quickly quipped,"Don't tease me, unless you're gonna please me." He got up from the couch, walked over to where I was seated, leaned down and whispered in my ear,"I know where Ray's roomie keeps his condoms and lube, you're gonna fuck me tonight." I didn't know if he was just high and trying to one-up me or what, so I played right along, and pulled my face back from his ear, grabbed his face with my hands and pushed my tongue into his mouth. If he was trying to shock me, I wasn't going to be outdone. He didn't resist, in fact, he sat down on my legs and started kissing me back. His mouth tasted like beer and weed, but gosh damn, I loved it. He was wearing basketball shorts and I could easily see he was hard as we made out for the first time. I began to run my hands up the back of his shirt against his skin, pulling him closer to me. I slide one hand down and grabbed his bubble butt, it was so muscular and firm, that I moaned into his mouth, he reached back, grabbed my hand and put it down the back of his shorts. While we kissed and tongued each other I slide my hand down his smooth crack and found his hole. I began to massage it firmly with two fingers. He was smooth, but also slightly...wet? I broke our kiss off and said,"you're wet, you've had something in your ass today when you jerked off just like you used to." Mark replied,"remember the pic I sent you homecoming night of the little red bull can in my hole?" Hell yes I remembered that picture. I jerked off to it all the time. "Well tonight, I used the bigger can, so I could be ready for you," Mark said while he looked directly in my eyes. Okay. So Mark wasn't playing any games with me. He legit wanted me to fuck him tonight. And I was 1000% into it! "Go get those condoms and lube now," I told him. He got up and went to the bedroom. He came out of the bedroom and was looking around like he'd lost something, then went to the kitchen and came back with olive oil and a condom, I looked at the olive oil and he just shrugged and said,"can't find the lube, we gotta make this work. Get naked and lay back, I'm gonna sit on it so you don't tear me a new one." I shucked my clothes and laid back just like he asked as he pulled off his clothes, took the condom out and started rolling it onto my erection. I have a pretty thick cock, so the condom wasn't going down very well. Mark put some oil on my dick and the condom started to slide down it now. It was so tight it almost hurt, but I didn't care, I desperately wanted inside Mark's ass. I guess I always have wanted to be in his ass to be honest. He got on top of me, I started rubbing his legs on both sides of me as he oiled up my condom covered cock and began to sit on it. I knew he already had a big can up his ass earlier today, but fuck was he tight! He would sit down on it just a little bit then come off of it, then back down again, until a few inches were going in and out of his hole. Everything was going pretty well, he came off my cock again, and added more olive oil. This time when he sat down on my cock he put about half of me inside his hole then we seemed to have hit a barrier. My dick was stuck halfway up his tight hole. I could tell he knew we had a problem too. I didn't want this to ruin the moment so I pulled his face toward mine and started to kiss him again. I told him how tight and good he felt, and how I've been wanting this for a long time. He began to relax and get into making out, he adjusted his position so he could kiss my neck, and that's when it happened, his hole gave in, and in one moment I was balls deep inside him. He grunted hard and gave a deep moan against my neck and said,"Fuuuuuuuuucckkkk dude." We stayed like that for a bit, he was breathing into my neck and my cock was literally throbbing inside of him. He started to rock up and down on me now, fucking himself on my cock. He leaned up and sat all the way down on my cock again, this time when he bottomed out I guess my cock head found his prostate because precum poured out of his foreskin. Mark moaned again and the look of pleasure (and maybe some pain) was all over his face. He started riding me faster and breathing hard when all of a sudden I felt it...the condom snapped. I wasn't surprised that it happened because I'm very thick and it was extremely tight on me and Mark used oil as lube which I knew from sex ed degrades latex. What DID surprise me was the fact that Mark felt the condom break too and we froze, locking eyes. "You're all the way in me...bareback now. You're like REALLY inside me." Mark stated I didn't know what to say, I just shook my head "yes" with this dumbfounded look on my face and my mouth hanging open. Mark breathed out,"god it feels so fuckin good, you're huge and you're entirely inside me...raw." He started to ride me again, so I just went with it. I was grabbing his legs and rubbing his body all over, I'd pull him down and into a kiss every half a minute. His cock was still drooling precum when he sat on me fully. We were both getting into this, a lot, when he reached back and grabbed the base of my dick and started to slowly come up off of it. When my head pulled out of his hole it even made a "pop." He pulled what remained of the condom off my cock and said,"follow me." I didn't hesitate, I immediately got up and followed him into the kitchen where he tossed the condom pieces into the trash then bent over the kitchen table. I came up behind him and looked down at his big muscular ass, saw his tight wet hole and pushed the whole thing up his ass. He let out a big breath,"yesss, fuck my hole." "You want this dick, Mark?" I retorted as I began pounding his ass. My thighs were slapping against his firm ass cheeks as I plowed into him faster and faster. I couldn't handle seeing my cock pistoning in and out of his hole much longer. It felt incredible and I was getting close. I struggled to get the words out,"I'm gonna fucking blow man." Mark was jerking his cock feverishly under the table and moaned out,"fucking don't pull out, just let me finish, cum in me if you have to, but don't stop fucking me!" That was it. That did it. I started blowing a huge load up his ass, and did just as he said, I. KEPT. FUCKING. HIM. As I shot my load up his ass and kept fucking him as fast as I could his whole body tensed up and he was breathing out,"oh god I can feel your cum. fuck. oh shit. oh god. ohhhhhhhhhh!" as he blew his load onto the kitchen floor. I was still fucking him, and to my surprise when I heard him say those words and he started blowing his own load, I began blowing ANOTHER load up his ass,"Mark, I, I, I'm cumming again, oh fuck dude, I'm cumming in you again, ahhhhhhhhhhh." We were both covered in sweat and coming off our orgasm high. We were trying to catch our breath as I slowly pulled out of his ass. He stood up and we just looked at each other like, well, like we just had the best fuck of our lives. Oddly enough, that's when we heard what could only be Ray's girlfriend, having a very loud orgasm upstairs. That snapped us out of our blissful fuck haze and we realized that we were naked in the kitchen, with our clothes in the living room, our bodies covered in sweat with his cum on the floor and my cum leaking down his leg. Mark and I gave each other "oh shit" looks of panic and started cleaning up our mess. We went into the living room and grabbed our clothes, I said,"go to the bathroom and try to push out my cum and get dressed, I'll put something on tv." Mark had just walked out of the bathroom before we heard Ray coming down the stairs. Mark sat down on the sectional on the other side across from me and Ray just laughed and said,"damn, I fucked her so good it smells like sex down here too." Mark and I laughed too. Ray grabbed us all beers and sat in between us on the sectional and started watching the football game. Mark had pulled up his legs onto the couch while he drank his beer, I looked over at him, and he winked at me, slide his hand down to his shorts and pulled them up enough for me to see his wet hole with my cum still around it. He just did it for a second, but it got me hard anyway, and he just chuckled into his beer can as I grabbed a pillow to cover up my boner.
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    Part 76 - By The Old Oak Tree The next few days kept Joe busy. He wondered if Ric ever went through with meeting the client, but he didn’t even know when this week it was supposed to be. After class Thursday, Joe went home and cleaned up and grabbed a bag of things that he had prepared. He checked his phone to make sure there weren’t any last minute issues and saw a message from Ric - “Hey, met client last nite. was really wild. thx” Joe quickly replied “Cool. hope u had fun. u want to do more?” He and Steven drove over and picked up Jaime and then Dakota. Joe then drove over to Luis’s apartment who followed him as he drove out to the farm. Instead of the farm’s driveway, Joe drove a little further to a dirt road that he followed back to a clearing near the creek. They parked the cars and the guys followed him on foot to the tree. It looked just like Joe had remembered it, except that Blaine had staked out a blanket on the ground and had a cooler full of beer and water off to the side. Hanging from one of the strong branches over the blanket was a block and tackle with a rope dangling down and the other side tied off on a stake in the ground. Joe laughed as he dropped his bag to the ground. “Guess we won’t need most of the stuff I brought” Joe said to himself. The guys pulled off their t-shirts and a couple took off their shorts and were standing in just their jockstraps or were naked. Joe grabbed a beer and was taking his second sip when Blaine and Carter came up on dirt bikes wearing just shoes and shorts. Blaine and his brother got off the bikes and walked over to the blanket. “You're not riding safe" Joe told them, chuckling, and then added "Ready for round three?” “Fuck yeah!” Carter yelled out and everyone laughed. Joe reached into his bag and pulled out a pair of leather cuffs and Carter held out his hands and Joe locked them on. He fed the rope through the D ring on each cuff and then knotted the rope on itself. He pulled Carter’s shorts down and Carter stepped out of them. “On your knees” barked Joe and Carter obeyed. Dakota walked up and pulled his cock out of the jockstrap and fed it to the younger brother. The rest of the guys lined up while Joe led Blaine over to the side of the blanket and pushed him down to his knees. Joe unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop to the ground. Stepping out of the shorts, he got another pair of cuffs and then cuffed Blaine’s hands behind his back. Luis walked over to the stake and pulled on the rope and Carter pulled off Dakota’s cock and stood up. Luis continued to pull the rope up until Carter was standing with his arms above his head but not stretched out completely. Carter arched his back, pushing his ass out and Dakota spit on his fingers and pushed them into Carter’s waiting hole. He twisted them around, stretching the tight pucker open and generating a loud moan from Carter. Dakota pulled his fingers out and quickly replaced them with his hard cock. All ten inches of Dakota’s thin, cut cock drilled into Carter in one hard stroke. “FUCK!” screamed out Carter but there were only a few people that could hear him and none were going to stop the source of his pain. Dakota held Carter closely, feeling his body spasm and writhe from the invasion of his cock. As soon as Carter settled down, Dakota reached down and grabbed Carter’s cock and whispered into his ear “We’re gonna make sure that cock of yours always shoots a load that has a bug in it.” Dakota could feel Carter’s cock harden as he talked to him. “Please poz me up” begged Carter as he pushed his ass back. Dakota took the cue and pulled back and slammed his cock all the way in again. Carter let out a grunt and Dakota rammed in again. Carter’s hole was throbbing and the pain had ripped through his body, but he needed this to make sure that his body was filled with the bug. His hole was still sore and swollen from when Blaine fucked him the night before and now it was being wrecked even more. Blaine stood there on his knees, watching his brother get fucked by the guy with the long, thin cock. He knew that without any prep his little bro was hurting from the penetration and the subsequent hard pounding. He didn’t notice Joe moving behind him until he felt the spit dribble down his crack and then Joe grabbed his bound hands. He felt the now familiar steel ring press against his fuck hole and had only a moment to relax before Joe also rammed in all the way. Joe’s hard shaft tore into Blaine’s tight ass and Blaine let out a growl. Everyone looked over as Joe had a big grin on his face and his cock planted deep inside Blaine’s ass. Joe started to fuck and watched Dakota drill his dick deep into Carter’s pussy. He matched the pace while holding Blaine’s shoulders. Suddenly, Dakota started to hammer Carter’s hole and Carter yelled out as his hole and inner hole were battered with Dakota’s death stick. With one hard slam, Carter was skewered deep and could feel each throb as Dakota shot ropes of highly charged seed into the boy’s ass. “One in” yelled Joe while he kept plunging into Blaine’s cunt. When Dakota’s orgasm died, he pulled out and was replaced by Luis’s uncut shaft. “Your pussy was so fuckin’ good the other day I had to fuck it again” he whispered into Carter’s ear before adding “Welcome to the club cuz I don’t think you’ll be neg much longer.” “Fuck yeah! Give me more of your dirty seed you fucker” yelled Carter as he thrust his ass back on to Luis’s thick cock. Luis held the boy’s body close as he fucked as hard as he could. He knew that Dakota had him on length, but his cock was thicker and even after Dakota’s fuck, Carter’s hole was tight around his dick. He would pull out and then slam back in, getting a loud grunt from the boy each time. Luis fucked faster and harder until his balls couldn’t hold back anymore and he bear hugged Carter before he dumped spurts of deadly sperm into his hole. Joe was up on his feet, drilling Blaine’s pussy as Juan pulled Luis off the 18 year old, eager to feel the cum filled hole. Juan’s cock was a little longer than Luis’s and about the same 6 1/2 inch circumference. Only a little cum escaped between the two cocks and Juan was pounding Carter within seconds. Everything that Luis had told him was true - the boy could take a pounding and his hole felt like velvet. Juan kept fucking hard and never let up. He would jab his cock in different directions, torturing the boy’s fuck chute with each stroke. Joe let out a howl as he unloaded his first virus filled load of the day into Blaine’s ass. The other guys cheered him on, Jaime adding “Feel that bug take over just like it did me.” The pulses went on for over a minute and Joe never heard Juan grunt as his special seed mixed with the other loads in Carter’s ass. Jaime slid his newly poz cock into Carter as soon as Juan pulled out. He looked over and nodded at Dakota who moved over in front of Carter and dropped to his knees, sucking his rock hard cock into his mouth. While Dakota sucked Carter’s cock, Jaime slid into his cum soaked hole. Jaime stabbed roughly, driving his cock in and forcing the tainted seed into the ravaged walls of his cunt. Dakota just stood there and each time Jaime would drive into Carter, his cock would get slammed into Dakota’s throat. There seemed to be an endless stream of precum dripping out of Carter’s cock and Dakota was eager to lap it up and swallow it. Jaime took more time fucking Carter this time than during Sunday’s session. He loved feeling the other toxic loads coating his shaft and the way that Carter worked his ass on his cock. Eventually though, Jaime’s balls took control and pumped their virus laden contents into the well fucked hole. Spurts of his bug laced seed shot into the walls of Carter’s cunt helping to seal his fate. Steven muttered “Fuck yeah” as he approached Carter, still hanging from the rope and dripping charged cum from his ass. “Just a sec” Joe yelled out. Joe pulled his cock out of Blaine’s ass and unlocked his wrists. He led Blaine over to his brother and said “Raise your hands.” Blaine did as he was told and Joe guided them over to Carter’s wrists. He connected the four wrists together and grinned back at Blaine. The two brothers were facing each other and supporting each other, physically and emotionally. Joe took his place behind Blaine and Steven behind Carter. They both shoved into their bottoms and began to fuck. The smiles on the brothers told everything. They were in this together and knew each other were going to probably see some rough days ahead, but they would make it through it together. Steven tried to keep up with Joe, increasing the intensity when Joe did, pulling out and slamming back in like he did and fucking with the same speed. Over ten minutes later, Joe hammered in another charged load into Blaine’s battered ass and Steven was right behind in seeding Carter’s hole. Steven stood there for several seconds as his breathing calmed and his cock soaking in all the juices. Joe pulled out and slapped Blaine’s ass before reaching up and unhooking his wrists from Carter. Juan was loosening the rope and after Steven pulled out of Carter, the younger brother dropped to his knees, sweating profusely. The brothers sat on the blanket, trying to recover. Joe tossed each a bottle of water and most of the other guys grabbed a beer from the cooler. “We’ll give you a little break before we go for another round” Joe told everyone. Twenty minutes went by and Joe got up. As he reached for the rope, Carter said “Please, Dave, can I get fucked doggy this time?” The group chuckled and Joe replied “Sure, its your breeding. You can take it however you want.” Joe walked over and untied the rope from Carter’s wrists and then disconnected the cuffs from each other. The brothers knelt down facing each other and once again Joe was behind Blaine and now Dakota was behind Carter. One by one the guys fucked, pounded, and drilled Carter’s ass. The blanket was soaked in cum that had been forced out of his ass and replaced with a fresh brew of toxins to attack the boy’s doomed body. The abuse was wearing Carter down, but he knew he only had a couple more guys to go and his ass could take a rest for a few days. He had read dozens of stories about what he could expect over the next few weeks. It could be nothing or it could be a hellish flu or something in between. His brother had only gotten bred by Dave, but he had taken over ten different guys including a guy that had AIDS. Each time he thought about it, Carter’s cock would get rock hard and his ass would squeeze tight around the cock in his ass. He knew his ass would be too sore to get fucked for the next few days and he would probably leave a blood stain on the bed like he did after the other two breedings. He heard Jaime grunt and shake and knew his chute was being painted with another infectious load of cum. A few minutes later, Carter felt Steven slam his cock inside and then began to fuck like a madman. “What do you boys want?” Joe barked out at the brothers. “To get pozzed!” Blaine and Carter yelled back. “And?” Joe asked. “To share our gift!” Blaine grunted back. Steven was pounding Carter so hard he could barely talk. His head was buried into the blanket and he could feel the burn on his cheek from his face rubbing back and forth on it. Steven screamed out as he unleashed his last load of the night into the pool of virus filled spooge in Carter’s cunt. Joe reached his arm around Blaine’s neck and pulled him against his chest and hammered his abused hole. A few minutes later he growled and pumped his fourth load of the day into Blaine. Blaine was milking every drop out as best he could but it was a struggle since his ass was so sore. Joe fed his cock to Blaine’s mouth after he pulled out and Blaine knew his hole was wrecked from the taste he got. Steven did the same to Carter and looked over at Dakota who was licking his lips after having cleaned the other guys cocks earlier. The guys laid around naked, drinking beer until Joe said “I think we should be going or we are going to be lost in this field until morning. Dakota helped Carter get his leg over his dirt bike and they watched the brothers ride off back to the house, standing on the pegs and not sitting on the seat. “Think we did it?” asked Steven. “I’m pretty sure that Carter is knocked up. Hopefully I wrecked Blaine’s hole enough for him to be part of the brotherhood too. Should be an interesting few weeks for them” Joe replied.
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    After a long drive, Brett and I arrived to the house. It looked like a run down house in the middle of nowhere. I got out of the car and walked towards the house; following Brett. As I got closer, I heard some music and a few people in the house. As I stepped on the chipped paint steps, I looked back and around to notice that we were surrounded by trees as far as I could see. Brett called me to come in, and so I listened and stepped inside the battered screen door. When Brett and I arrived, I was greeted by Xander and another man. The mane said "The name's Roger, but my friends and everyone here calls me Stinger." I thought that was a strange nickname, but I didn't think too much of it. I replied "Hi. Nice to meet you" nervously. 'Stinger' saw my nervousness and assured me to relax and that everyone is friendly here. Stinger said "Relax kid, and try to make friends. Hell walk around and introduce yourself. I'll join you in a moment." As I peer across and into the living room, I saw a large crowd of people in the house. There must have been at least 15 people in the living room, varying from ages and race. At this point, Xander and Brett had told me that they had some party preparation to do in the basement. As I walked around, I saw that everyone was looking at me for a brief moment and continuing on to their previous conversations with others. When I reached the kitchen I saw a few older men who were muscular, and certainly much more masculine than me. I felt feminine just being in the same room as them. I saw most of the men in the kitchen did not have a shirt. I also noticed two other men who looked very sick, so sick that I could see their rib cages pressing their skin. Nonetheless, I smiled and walked to the next section of the house. While I was exploring around the house, I saw Phillip and Brett get into an argument. I kept walking, minding my business. I wanted to make new friends and didn't want to get involved between them. In the back area of the house, I saw a few men smoking cigars, and I couldn't help but to over hear something about "initiating a boy to our brotherhood." I didn't really understand or care, so I went back to the main area of the house and towards the dining room. I sat down and I saw Phillip across the other chair in the room. He got up and brought his chair next to mine. He sat down and asked "So are you comfortable?, I see that you wore a comfortable attire." I replied "Yes, is it okay?" Phillip responded "Yeah, thats fine." After a moment, Phillip got up to grab a drink, and he returned with his drink and a bottle of water for me. "Hey so I heard what happened between you and Brett..." Phillip asked. I responded, "Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. He just.. just showed... me and I didn't know what to... so I jus-". Phillip cut me off and said "No worries, it happens. How about we go upstairs and talk about it, it's a bit too loud down here." Phillip and I walked upstairs, and for some strange reason, I hoped that he would continue what Brett had started. Phillip opened the bedroom door and gestured me in. I entered the room and sat on the bed. Phillip sat down next to me and asked me "So do you feel comfortable with what Brett and you done?" I said "Yes. At first I was hesitant, but I kind of want to do more." At that point, Phillip smiled and kissed my lips. It was gentle at first, but a few minutes later, he started to be rougher. He started to push me down on the bed and stick his tongue deep down my throat. I felt pressure on my hip as Phillip reached down to grab my dripping cock. Phillip then ripped my barely fitting shorts. I was worried, but Phillip reassured me "No worries, I'm sure you won't be needing those after this weekend." I was confused at what he meant just now but he pressed me down and continued to shove his tongue down my throat. I was turned on. All I could think about was Brett's cum and how Phillips cum would taste on my tongue. I wondered if his cum would be thick like Bretts or different. Suddenly, Phillip stopped and grabbed my head. He started to force his cock down my throat. I was happy. Phillip couldn't see it, but I smiling while opening my mouth to suck his cock. I noticed that Phillip's cock was uncircumcised. Additionally, Phillip's cock looked much different from Bretts. It had a darker skin, and was thicker, but shorter. However, as Phillip was pounding my mouth, I felt his large balls slap my chin and drag back up as he would move back and forth. Gradually, Phillip stopped moving. He then pulled his cock out of the suction from my mouth and asked me if I was ready. I knew what he meant. I didn't have to know what he was going to do. I know that he was going to give me his cock. I wanted his cock. I wanted him to stretch my virgin boipussy for the first time. I wanted him to fuck me and make me his. I wanted him to cum deep in my ass. I instinctively replied, "Stretch me and fuck me till I can't sit." He flipped me on my stomach, moved my hips upwards, and placed his cock on my hole. Before I could take a breath, he shoved his cock in my ass. It felt like lightning. A sharp pain. "How do you feel?" Phillip asked. I told him that it hurts. He said "it will feel better once I go deeper." The pain continued as he shoved his cock deeper. And then all of a sudden I felt a stronger and more intense feeling of him entering into my ass. Phillip said "Damn boy, you have a short distance to your second hole." I couldn't think. Phillip continued to enter into me back and forth. Phillip held me down and grabbed my neck. I felt a strange feeling building up in my cock. I felt as if something was travelling out. With a few more minutes of grunting, Phillip yelled "I'm cumming, I'm giving you a piece of me. Let it stay in you!" At the same time, I felt the pressure move from my cock and something was coming out, I was cumming as well. As Phillip was huffing, I noticed a biohazard symbol on his left rib. I couldn't see it before when he was grabbing me down and pounding me. I asked him what that symbol was, and that I had noticed it on Brett, but that it was slightly different. Phillip replied " Oh this? This is a symbol of brotherhood, everyone here has one. Some others might have more designs or additions to it, but we all share this here. All 35 of us here share a commonality. By tonight we will invite you into our brotherhood. So just rest for now." I was happy to make friends and be a part of a brotherhood. I smiled ask Phillip's cock was still keeping my ass stretched. Phillip pulled out, and I felt a huge glop of warm cum drip down my balls. He scooped it up and rubbed it around my stretched gaping hole. I felt happy and relaxed. I couldn't move too much as I was in a daze. I then heard steps coming from the stairs. For some reason I felt drowsier than ever. I started to lose consciousness back and forth. I saw Stinger at the door and he asked "Has it been 20 minutes since the boy drank the water bottle?" Phillip replied "Yeah, I also got his hole prepped, I didn't use lube so it would help for our main event down stairs. At this point my eyes closed and I fell asleep.... More to come, been busy but will have more updates this weekend!
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    PART 8 There was nothing else open around the bookstore, which was surrounded by a neighborhood of car repAir places, storage places, and industrial type businesses. I pulled into the store’s lot, totally nervous I would be spotted by someone. I had no idea what to expect still, but I wasn’t the only one there. There was at least a dozen cars in the lot besides mine. Before I could chicken out, I got out of my car and tried to discreetly sneak in. That plan was blown when the clerk immediately asked me for my id. I showed it to him and he looked it over and handed it back, telling me to enjoy myself. I took a quick look and saw the layout. Rows of DVD’s and then an aisle of lingerie and an aisle of sex toys. I was beginning to be disappointed when I saw the small lit up sign advertising private video booths. Without hesitation, I made my way into the back of the store. This area was separated and customers in the front wouldn’t even really be able to see back here. It seemed like a few rows of dark corridors that led to small booths, maybe twenty booths total. Along the wall of the main corridor wAs the list of all the pornos that you could watch in the booths. At least half were gay, which was reassuring. I also noticed guys lurking in the shadows, in vacant booths with the doors open. Not a ton, but these were guys obviously not just watching videos. They were hanging around back there. I pretended to look at the video selection wall, but really watched the guys mill around. Two were old, like real old and I had zero interest. Another one was at least 39 but overweight. A Latino guy just looked a little too gang menmbery. Then I saw him, a guy just my type. He was 40ish and taller than me, probably a little over six feet and thin. His hair was cut very short. He had on a T-shirt and shorts and flip flops. I didn’t know what to do, so I just stared at him. After he looked back and met I stare, he gestured with anod toward a booth near the back of the row. Slowly, he walked in and gently shut the door. I keenly didn’t hear a click of a lock. With a shaking hand that took all my courage, I reached and felt the knob, after makin sure no one was watching me. The door opened and he gestured again with a nod to come in. As soon as I did, he reached over and clicked the lock. The inside booth had a machine to take the money and control the screen mounted to the wAll. He loaded a few dollars and the video sprang to life, as he clicked over to a gay sex scene where one guy was worshipping another guys cock with his mouth. We both stared at the screen, our eyes going back and forth from it to each other. He was rubbing his bulge and i was mesmerized. Seeing this, he opened his shorts and dropped them down stepping out of them and setting them on the bench seat. It was a beautiful cut 7 inch cock with nice full balls. I followed suit, assuming this was protocol. As I set my shorts down and turned away, I felt his hand graze my butt. Instinctively, i spread my legs and allowed the touch. His finger slid between my cheeks and I arched my back to meet it. Suddenly, he was down on his knees and he was spreading my legs further and gripping my ass cheeks. Then I felt it, his beard scratching the insides of my ass crack as his tongue darted out and licked my hole. I bucked but he held on and dove in, licking and sucking my asshole. The porno played, along with the sounds of other booths. The smell of sweet smell ofcum and sex permeated the air. I gripped the wall for balance as I stood bent over having a total stranger I hadn’t ever seen until two minutes ago lick my hole. I was gasping and bucking and trying to keep quiet. He was so good at rimming me. I gave in completely, my cock so hard I knew better than to touch it or else I would cum. Then just as suddenly, he stopped and rose up behind me. Almost immediately, I felt it and knew. One hand on my ass cheek, pulling it open and exposing my hole. The other hand guiding his rock hard cock to my eager rosebud. He rubbed his cockhead against my asshole, driving me crazy. “Ready to eat fucked?” He whispered. “Please!” was my only reply. The pressure increased. I tried to relax, a little worried that he was only using spit as lube. It definitely burned when his steel like rod drove into me and my hole surrendered. Hands against the wall i focused just on letting my hole open, feeling the change as the pain and stabbing turned to ecstasy. He was working it in, as both of us tried not to make too much noise. His cock began to pick up speed and I noticed the spit made things a little less slippery in a really good way. My hole has blossomed and was accepting his big man cock hungrily. It felt so good to have a hard dick fucking me again. And he was picking up speed, really fucking me now. “I’m getting close,” he whispered as he hunched over me. I didn’t plan it or anything but I heard myself replying, “Please cum in me.” As soon as those words left mouth, my mystery man’s thrusts grew faster and more erratic. With both hands on my hips he drove deep one final time and collapsed against me, as his cock throbbed inside me and spasmed, as it ejaculated into me. After a few seconds, he slowly backed out and i clamped my hole shut to try to keep the cum in me. He silently dressed and i hurried to get my shorts back on. As soon as his clothes were on, he straightened himself up and opened the door, slid out, and gently shut it, leaving me still dressing in the booth with the gay porn still playing on the screen and a huge load of a strangers sperm soaking into me. Less than ten minutes had elapsed since I had walked into the bookstore.
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    Getting caught Part 2 It had been a couple weeks since my best friend's older brother had caught us and subsequently ended up fucking me. Everything was normal, he never let on that we even did anything. Which was cool, 'cause that put me at ease and made me feel like he really would keep my secret. It was Friday, another football game day. Everyone wore our school colors, the cheerleaders wore their outfits and the players wore their jerseys. I had gotten to school a couple hours early to hang up some artwork in the art room, which was in the same building as the basketball gym. There were a couple offices, two school rooms, two locker rooms with showers and the workout room all in the basketball gym. The art room was separated from the weight gym by two metal doors and in between those doors was a short hallway, two storage closets and a small bathroom. I had gotten the key to the art room the day before, got to school early and let myself in and started hanging the paintings. I had only been at it for about ten minutes when I heard someone knock on one of the metal doors separating the weight gym and the art room. I thought that was odd, but just thought one of the coaches got there early and needed something. So I went and unlocked the metal door, opened it and to my surprise it was my best friend's brother standing there. I was surprised and said,"Oh! I thought you were a coach, I'm just hanging up some paintings before school starts." Still acting like we hadn't fucked two weeks ago. He said,"yeah, I saw your car wasn't at your house on my way back from my girlfriend's this morning." I assume he had gone over to his girlfriend's house early in the morning while her parents were at work to fuck her. He did that often. We chit chatted for a couple minutes when he said he had to get in some chest exercises and went back into the weight room, leaving the metal door open. I figured, I'd just lock it back when I was done. I could hear him working out for about 20 minutes then I heard him yell,"hey buddy, can you come help me real quick." I went through the first metal door assuming he needed a spotter and was surprised to see him standing in the little bathroom instead of the weight room. There he was shirtless, again, showing off...and I realized we were alone again. He said he had gotten a piece of metal stuck in his hand but couldn't see it well enough to get it out. I looked at his hand, but I was standing in the way of the light, so I sat down on the toilet so I could see his hand better. I saw the tiny sliver of metal in his hand and started to push around it til it was far enough up I could pull it out. "Got it!" holding up the little piece of metal. He said,"thanks man," and playfully patted the side of my face with his hand. I smiled, then he did it again, this time he left his hand on my face. I looked up at him and swallowed hard. His crotch was at my eye level and I could see that HUGE cock of his was beginning to get hard. He started rubbing my lips with his thumb smiling down at me, then pushed his thumb into my mouth. Yet again, I find myself experiencing intimacy in ways I've not experienced yet. His brother, my best friend, and I fucked, but sucking and fucking were all we did. He began slowly pushing his thumb in and out of my mouth through my lips. This immediately got me aroused and I was trying to cover my boner again. He smiled and started rubbing his growing erection in his shorts. He quickly reached over and swung the bathroom door closed and locked it then went back to stroking his cock and fucking my mouth with his thumb. I could see he was fully hard now. "It" was standing straight up and forcing it's way past his waistband. I don't know how or why, but I reached forward and pulled his shorts down to release his massive cock. It was beautiful this up-close. His cock was ten inches and as thick as a beer can, with a big head and uncut too. I gulped, he removed his thumb from my mouth, grabbed the base of his cock and said,"it's okay, go ahead and suck it if you want to. I know you want to try fitting this big thing in your mouth and get your tongue all over it." I slowly reached out and grabbed his cock and began to lick it. It felt so good to have his cock in my mouth. I pulled back a little and said,"I can taste your girlfriend." "Tastes good, doesn't she?" He responded. I had to admit, it did taste good. Really good. Why was it suddenly 190 degrees in here? Fuck, I was horny. I started sucking his cock with enthusiasm now. I wanted to make him cum in my mouth. He moaned,"yea, suck that cock. ahhh, you're better than my girlfriend, you can actually get half of it in your mouth." I don't know why, but I felt...proud? Yea, I was proud that I was a better cocksucker than his girlfriend. Wow, I really must be gay. He told me to get my dick out and jerk off while I sucked him. So I wasted no time in doing so. I was sitting on the toilet, with my jeans around my ankles, jerking off and sucking this straight quarterback's giant cock. He kept telling me how good it felt and to use my hands on the part I couldn't fit into my mouth. I could tell he was getting close to cumming too, when he grabbed the sides of my face and pulled my mouth off his dick. He held my head in his hands and looked down at me smiling and slowly made me stand up while he lifted my face. We were standing face to face with our cocks in between our bodies. He wrapped his muscular arms around me and pulled me close to his body. He was giving me a tight hug, resting his head on my shoulder, I could feel his breath on my neck, our cocks were smashed together, he slid his hand down my ass and began running his fingers up and down my crack, resting on my hole and massaging it firmly. I moaned against him. He turned his head slightly, his mouth was against my neck and I felt every bit of his hot breath against my skin, then, he kissed my neck. A long kiss with his wet lips on the skin of my neck at the same time as he pushed a finger up my hole. Again, I moaned. I had my eyes closed and just stood there, letting him do whatever he wanted to me. He began to kiss up my neck, across my cheek and when he got to my mouth, he pressed half of his lips against mine with our mouths barely open, and just breathed. He was finger fucking my ass while he stayed like this, when all of a sudden, he breather out at the same time I breathed in which caused me to literally breath in the air that he just breathed out. It was the most erotic thing I'd ever experienced and I felt like I was about to pass out for a second. He said,"suck my tongue," and proceeded to stick out a very long tongue. No wonder it felt so good when he tongue fucked my hole for the first time. It was warm and moist and felt like I was sucking a tiny cock. He pulled back a little bit, knelt down where his face was at eye level to my cock and gently removed my shoes, then pulled my feet out of my jeans and started to raise up, licking my cock for a split second on his way up. He reached behind me and lifted me up and put me on the sink. Sliding his hands and arms along my legs pulling them up until my knees were resting on the inside of his arms. "Wrap your arms around my neck," he commanded. I was immediately lifted up into the air, being held there by his strong muscular hard body. I felt his cock press against my hole. There was no way it could enter me like that. He quickly sat me back down on the sink and squirted a bunch of soap into his hand, rubbed it all over his huge head, picked me up in the air again and sat my hole down right onto the end of his dick. It painfully entered me about an inch. I moaned but let him continue pushing in and out of my hole. He sat me down on the sink again, and got another big amount of soap, rubbed it on his cock, picked me up again and this time forced half of his ten inches into me. I let out a loud,"OW!" He kissed my cheek and told me to breath and push out, just like last time. In thirty seconds he was balls deep inside me again. When I felt his balls on my cheeks I also felt a strong sensation deep in my ass, his massive bell-end hit my prostate hard in this position and I began to leak precum. "Fuck. No one can take this dick all the way." he breathed against me. He started bouncing my body up and down on his cock. With him holding me in the air like this, there wasn't a way to fuck me slowly. So he didn't. I was getting rammed up and down onto his monster dick. Every time he would bury himself up my ass it would hit my prostate. He started going so fast it felt like I was being jacked off, even though I couldn't touch myself. "I'm gonna cum in you," he moaned,"you want me to shoot my big load deep in your boy pussy?" I had never heard the phrase "boy pussy," and under any other circumstance I would've hated hearing it, but right now, he was right and he was plowing into my g-spot so fast I couldn't think clearly. "Please cum in me, Cum in my pussy," I said loudly as our bodies forcefully slapped together. It came out of nowhere, we both started to feel it hit us like a truck. The pleasure we both felt all over our bodies could no longer be contained and it was about to be released. He pushed my back against the wall, while still holding me in the same position and growled as he began to pound my hole like a fucking machine, then his whole body went rigid and began to shake and I felt his cock throbbing hard inside me blasting load after load into me at which point I began shooting all over both of our stomachs, chests, and neck. I was cumming so hard and so much that he looked down at my spasming cock and I shot cum all over his face. He slowly let me down, his cock was still slightly in me as we leaned against the wall. He kissed me real quick and told me to lick my cum off his face. When I was done, his cock had come out of me and he said,"You still make me cum harder than anyone. Try and keep my cum inside you 'til after the game tonight. I want to know you're in the crowd with my load inside you." He pulled up his shorts, unlocked the door, and went back to lifting weights, leaving me naked with the door open to take care of myself. That night after the game, all of students went down to the field to congratulate the team. He was there with his top off, coated in sweat hugging his girlfriend, as they walked past me. "Good game man!" I yelled. He turned back and said,"did ya keep that thing I gave ya?" I was shocked he said it, but I didn't let my face show it,"sure thing man, right where you put it." He winked at me with a smile, grabbed his girlfriend's hand and walked off to the parking lot.
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    PART 7 The next day, I relived the experience at Tim’s. I had almost no regrets. The hiv thing scared me, but not enough to keep me from already looking forward to more. I thought about what had happened after we had fucked. Tim really seemed to like fucking me. He asked me again about the hiv thing and reminded me that In the moment, I had not only been ok with it, I had asked him for it. For his poz cum. Those words were going thru my head a lot. I knew I had said it. And the words had a weird effect on me now the next day. They scared me and made me hArd. It was totally messing with me. And I was still totally getting the “stop doing this, this is crazy” messages In my brain, but I had jerked off three times in the last 18 hours since his cock had ejaculated into me. And I was still horny. I wanted him, even still a little sore, I wanted to get fucked. By 8 that night, I was online and messaging Tim, but he wasn’t on. I waited and waited til almost ten. He must have been busy and I couldn’t just show up. I was so horny at this point, so eager to service him, to worship cock. I figured I would give it a few more minutes. My Dick was rock hard and sex was leading all thoughts. I didn’t see any hot guys on the site . I signed off and as I did, a thought occurred to me. I had driven by it many times and it was only twenty minutes Away, in the business district. I wasn’t even sure if the stories were true about the adult book store, that it was mostly a place for gay guys to hook up. Something about a maze of private video booths with 100 different pornos to pick from and that guys would go into the booths and fuck and suck. The owner of the place was gay and actually encouraged it. It sounded like an urban legend that was fake but what if it wasn’t? What if there were some hot guys, older guys like Tim, just there horny and looking to meet someone to fuck right there in the store? At 10:30 that night with a rock hard teenage cock and a hole that had just become addicted to raw man sex, it didn’t even seem like I had a choice. Even though I was literally so nervous I was nauseous, I was on my way. I was barely past my 18th birthday and on my way to my first adult book store, where I hoped that everything I heard was true and that I was on my way to meet a stranger I hoped would want to fuck me. I didn’t pretend or lie to myself. I wanted to get fucked by an older guy, no condom and no pulling out. And I wanted it so bad.
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    In for work early this morning which meant I could bounce earlier today. Was on Grindr and got messaged by this hottie Latino boy who wanted me to ride his cock and take his load. He wasn’t far from where I live so swung by and took him up on it. The first load was gentle, riding his thick monster until he bust inside me. He must have loved the way my face lit up when he blasted inside me as he gave me a hell of a pounding after that with me on my back. He finished inside me then straddled my cock and took every inch, riding as he jacked off on my chest and face. I was hugely into it and busted two loads in him while he rid me. I had to leave as his folks would be coming soon but left him with a smile on his face. Also got his digits so we could hook up again.
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    Part 2 "Ram that fucker man!" "Drill that boy hole!" "Fuck his pretty pussy!!" Everyone was yelling something in that room, watching that little boy cum dumpster take thick cock after thick cock. I knew that I would have to take my turn at that little pig slut, so I got closer to inspect my prey. Nice tight body, dusting of hair on his chest, nice thick cut cock, about seven inches, beautiful full balls and a hairy sack. My favorite part was his treasure trail which went down right into his thick pubes. I bent down and licked that little line of boy hair, tasting the mixture of sweat, spit, and his own pre cum. It was my turn to fuck his little hole, but before I did, I made sure to spit into his open mouth. He was panting like a bitch in heat and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to give him some spit before giving him my DNA. When the guy before me shot his load, I wasted no time getting in there. I love 'em young, and this kid was perfect. Beautiful ass with a light coating of hair, sweet boy taint, and a nice hairy crack. He already had some chest hair....yep, he was going to be a hairy fucker when he grew up, and he had the cutest little peace sign tattoo on his upper thigh. I love innocent boy cunt. His boy pussy was well used by the time I got to him - I guessed seven or more guys had already used this little slut, and I was going to be next. I entered him easily. His ass had been opened wide. I grunted as I plowed him, savoring every minute of that little boy twat. Sweat was pouring down my face, and my assault on his hole was punctuated by my comments to the slut: "I love fucking that little ass!" "Gonna give you my load deep in your boy hole!!" "Take my bare dick, little slut!!" "I'm gonna breed that hot hole of yours!!" "Take this bare cock you fucking whore!" I didn't even know what I was saying, but it was pouring out of my mouth. He must have liked the talk because he reached down to touch my hairy stomach and jerk his boy cock. I knew I was going to cum soon, so I picked up the pace and rammed him hard. He was moaning and groaning in pleasure, and FUUUUUUUUUCKK......I shot my jizz way up into his guts. His ass sucked it up like a vacuum. With a plop, my cock fell out of his hole. Totally spent, I decided to hit the road and go home. The next day I woke up hard at the thought of that kid I had violated the night before. Got out of bed, grabbed a smoke and went downstairs where my son was having breakfast. He looked tired, but not half as tired as I was! "How was your night, kiddo?" I asked "Fine....boring." He said as he lit up his own cig. We finished our breakfast and Kyle went up to take a shower. About 15 minutes later, I decided to get ready myself. Right before I went into the bathroom, I thought I heard a noise from Kyle's bedroom. I peeked in the crack of the door to make sure he was alright, and he was drying off, totally naked. I guess the noise was just the television, and I felt bad about looking at him, but I have to say that at 19 he has filled out quite nicely. I stood by the door and looked for just a minute. Nice coating of fur on his chest, treasure trail, thick pubes, and something I had never noticed before: a little peace sign tattoo on his thigh.
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    Part 47   I slept like a log and then woke up, at least mostly refreshed. I looked at my clock and found it to be only about 11:30 am. I was somewhat surprised at this as I thought I had slept longer. I felt a lot better though. I got up and then found out that although I felt awake, my hole was so sore I could hardly walk. I made my way into the shower to try and soak a few aches and pains away. As I soaked my aches away, I had time to reflect on what the hell I was doing. My God the sex was fantastic, but almost every load I had taken in my ass was HIV+. I loved the sex but what the hell was I doing keeping on taking load after load of positive cum in me and getting infected. Every time I would see a cock the last few days I wanted it in me, but no cure for what I was taking, was it worth it? I had been totally straight! What the hell was happening to me? I scrubbed and soaked and got the water hotter and hotter till the room was steaming. Damn it felt good to get my muscles to relax. By the time I decided to get out, almost an hour had gone by, I actually felt pretty darn good. Now, I just had to sit down and start to think this thing through and see what I thought would be best for me to do. I had no idea yet.
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    This is FICTION. It didn't happen. 😉 I couldn't believe it was about to happen. It took weeks of exchanging texts full of egg plant emojis, and then our coffee meet up, and then that risky step of telling Lucas of my secret pent up desire. I was worried he was going to get upset or weirded out when I confessed to him why I started messaging him on adam4adam those weeks ago. Much to my pleasant surprise, he was just as excited about making me poz as I was about taking a load from his giant aidsmaker . I told him of my fixation with one particular story that I wanted to experience for myself. It was a powerful and intoxicating story that brought me to the edge of insanity that began with four simple words: Five Minutes to AIDS. I can't remember how many times I read that story and the strength of the grasp that narrative held on me. I tried to forget about it often, but I was fixated to say the least. And it was about to be my turn. I felt Lucas's hot breath as he whispered into my ear that which we had rehearsed through text messages nights before this night, "Are you sure you want this poz dick in your boyhole? You want my HVL pumped into you?" I didn't hesitate. I knew that once I told him the "go" with the right phrase, he would strive to infect me with his HVL in under five seconds. "Fuck yeah, I want your aidsmaker! Give it to me. Give me your AIDS!" Lucas played along just as we scripted, "You want to be another bug chaser getting infected by AIDS?" "Yes!" I immediately affirmed, "I want your dangerous deathdick to destroy me!" "This is your last chance. You're about to be one more faggot dying from AIDs.." Lucas both warned and teased. I felt the tip of his thick long cock lightly press against my pre-lubed hole. I gave him the go phrase, "I want death cum in my butt. I want to die from your AIDS!" I barely finished the last word as I felt him jab in his deathcock deep inside me. He pounded me at an unimaginable rate like a jackhammer and informed me in no uncertain terms ""Fuck, bitch, yeah, you're getting it now, giving you my AIDS! Three guys already died from my AIDS! You're next!" I immediately felt his cock twitching and pulsing. Oh fuck, I'm getting AIDS now!!! My cock erupted a moment later as the though of his HVL making its way inside me nearly made me scream in both horror and delight. He quickly pulled out as I gasped for breath and completed our plan, "That was a hot fuck. I loved hearing you say you wanted my deathdick." In between pants, I replied "I did. I wanted your deathcum in my butt. Thank you for your AIDS cum." Exhausted, I began to drift off to sleep thinking to myself "I'm going to be number four."
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    I've been reading stories on the site for awhile. Every story about taking poz cum just got me hornier and hornier. I noticed barebackrt kept popping up a lot so I decided to take the plunge. I set up my profile and then started browsing. Several profiles caught my eye but one in particular was just what I was looking for. I've always had a thing for older men. This guy was definitely old enough to be my Daddy. He said he wanted someone young and in shape and knew what they wanted. He was poz and not on meds. My precum was leaking bad. I sent him a message with my stats and pics and to my surprise he responded back immediately. He asked me if I wanted to get fucked immediately and without thinking I said Yes Daddy. He said good boy. I gave him my address and he said he'd be over in an hour and to be clean for him. He also asked if I had a hard bristle toothbrush and if not he would provide one. I knew why he wanted the toothbrush and that only added to my excitement. He told me to start getting ready and he will see me in an hour. Damn the hour is dragging by.
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    Chapter IXX For the next two or three days my boy and I kept trying to come up with a solution on what to do. We wanted to save our friends but weren't real sure if any of them would actually listen to a warning, thinking we were just paranoid or making it up to keep a good fuck from them. What a dilemma and also, we were both still massively turned on by the thought of getting fucked by that huge cock again, but still wanted it safely and not to get pozzed like he seemed to want to do to us. Out talks all failed to come to anything except to get us horny as hell and start fucking like crazy to relieve some tension and have fun and dream about a huge cock fucking us senseless. About the 4th day after the party we got another email from the poz bar owner with another shot of his huge cock and telling us time was almost up and he had already called another of our friends and invited them to the bar this coming Friday night for free drinks and some hot sex and he had it verified the guy was ready to party. We started fucking almost immediately and once again, as my boy was cumming in me, I heard myself whisper, :Oh, yeah, so nice, fill me full of your poz cum." We both fell silent again looking at each other and wondering what the other was thinking. My love finally said, "It looks like he has gotten into both of our heads big time as I was thinking the same thing you said when I was cumming." We just laid there is shock, not really understanding, but knowing we had to try and keep our friends safe and maybe sacrifice ourselves to be pozzed and freed from our guilt. We had already been responsible for one friend getting a poz load and maybe knocked up, but could we afford to let it continue, with our acceptance of his threat. Thursday night and we still could not come up with any kind of decision. About 8 pm another email arrived from the bar owner. It was another pic and short video of his magnificent cock. It was leaking precum, a lot of it even. We could only watch and drool, wanting it in us but not wanting his poz load. The dilemma was maddening. Then about an hour later another email arrived. It was another vid. We gasped when we opened it. He started with a small narrative, explaining that our friend got ahold of him and didn't want to wait for Friday night and we should enjoy the show. A few seconds later and our friend, naked and on a bed with his legs hoisted over the poz guys shoulders. The huge cock buried to the hilt and our friend squeeling in pain and pleasure at the same time. His ass being destroyed with an unmerciful pounding of huge cock. The video lasted almost 45 minutes before the owner roared and we could tell he was cumming deep in our friends ass. A couple of minutes later and the vid moved in to a close up of our friends cumm filled ass with definite tinges of blood oozing out with the leakage. Then a pan up to our friends face with a huge contented smile on his face and telling him that that had been so fantastic. A few seconds more and the poz guys face was on the screen telling us, "two down and how many more, before you two let me set you free, too?" OMG What Do We Do?
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    Part 9 - Old Rivals Daniel had slept until 8am before he started to wake up and stretching his body in bed, laid there for a moment looking up at the ceiling fan silently spinning away without a care in the world, for the first time in ages he felt the same way. He walked in to the bathroom over to the cabinet above the sink, opening it he took out and opened the small white plastic pill container. Tipping out one pill he popped it into his mouth and filled a glass with water before gulping the pill easily down, replacing the cap he put the container back in the cabinet. Ever since he found out that Greg played the field he decided to start taking prep behind his back, he wasn't overly concerned about hiv but he was not going to risk it with the amount of one nighters Greg was having, especially if one of them had an untreatable strain. He jumped in to the shower to freshen up. Dressed he strode in to the lounge to find his mother on the veranda taking coffee. He walked out to join her asking what she was working on as papers lie strewn across the table. She sat back showing Daniel the plans for the LA hotel, his mother worked with the designers on the concepts for all the hotels décor and ambience. She told Daniel of her trip back to LA later today to meet with the designers tomorrow morning as they were flying in. They were deep in discussion when Sofie appeared looking rather anxious. Lucy looked up "What is it Sofie?" she put her pen down on the table. "Old Mack knows your here and wants to see you" she said "I told him I would let him know if you are free". Daniel laughed "What did you do this time to upset him mother?". "Nothing, we haven't spoken since last year" as she held up her hands "Tell him to come over and I will see him". Sofie disappeared to let old Mack know he could come and see her. Old Mack ran the 60 bedroom Saffron Cove hotel next door, like the Salinger Resort it had it's own private stretch of beach and many hotel and investment companies had been trying to prise the land off old Mack for years. The offers kept pushing the price of the land up but he was not selling for any amount of money. He was a local Bajan called Dermot Mack, known throughout as Old Mack since he had been running the hotel for 40 years and was now heading in to his early sixties. There had been years of rivalry between Mack and the Salinger's, mostly through how the Salinger had gone completely high end whilst the Saffron Cove kept itself stable as a 3 star hotel with little investment. The Salinger's had never entered in to discussion to buy the hotel, but Lucy knew how much the land and private beach setting is worth being next door to the Salinger Resort. Half an hour later old Mack appeared with Sofie and joined Lucy and Daniel on the veranda before Sofie left them to it. "Lucy, Daniel" Mack addressed them. Lucy smiled "Mack, please join us for coffee". "Thank you Lucy" he said as Anderson appeared and poured him a cup of coffee. She waited until he was settled "So Mack, have we done something to upset you?". He twiddled his thumbs "No this is a business visit, I came to tell you that I am retiring and moving to Florida". Lucy looked surprised "Really, oh!, well I will miss you but I am happy for you. Is your son taking over the hotel?". "Well no, he is not interested and wants to come with us" a smile appeared on his face feeling a little more at ease. "So who did you sell up to in the end?" she asked. Mack looked at Lucy "No one, that is what I want to see you about. We had our differences but you have always been here when I needed you". Lucy Laughed "It was no easy ride Mack, but I do have to say how much I have admired you over the years". "You know the last offer I had was $60 million for the land and beach front" he looked at Lucy and Daniel. She smiled "Yes I know, I have been kept informed by the town council, so are you taking it?". "Oh no, they will put up some horrible hotel and ruin this spot forever" he remarked. Lucy looked on "So what will you do run it from Florida or bring in a manager?". "No nothing like that" he pulled a hefty set of documents out from his bag "I filed these papers and got approval yesterday from council". "For what?" she looked on a little worried. Glancing at Daniel and Lucy "Buy me out at $10 million, I know you will do right by the land and hotel" he said. Daniel knew to keep his mouth closed and looked over at his mother who pulled the documents towards her and read the contract, Mack sat nervously waiting for her response. After 10 minutes she looked up at Mack. "Mack are you sure this is what you want to do?" she asked. He smiled "I've always known that if I sell it would be to you. It has already been approved with no conditions". Daniel looked at his mother "Mack wants to sell to only you mother, I think you should" he said. She picked up the pen and signed the contract of sale and land deeds "Mack I don't know what else to say" she stood up and held her hand out. Mack stood up and shook her hand "Thank you Lucy, my attorney will be in touch" he said good bye and left. Daniel and his mother just looked at each other in astonishment, Daniel spoke first asking what they should do with Saffron Cove. Sofie appeared and called out to them both that she had found a lost puppy wandering around the pool terrace as Jordan followed in behind her. Daniel strode over to Jordan and kissed him, he was a little unsure weather it would have been appropriate to kiss Daniel in front of his mother, well Daniel had answered that quick enough. Lucy watched on then invited Jordan to join them, thinking back on their conversation last night a plan was forming in her head. "Jordan are you staying in the main hotel?" she asked him as he sat down. "Yes in 121 overlooking the beach" he replied. Lucy shook her head "Nonsense, Sofie see to it that Jordan moves in to the suite this afternoon". Sofie nodded but Jordan intervened "Please that is not necessary." he implied. "Don't be silly Jordan, there are two bedrooms here and it will allow you two some time together" she replied. "Thank you Lucy that is very kind of you" he replied looking at Daniel's big grin. "Oh and Sofie I will be back to two days time overnight again" she said pouring a coffee for Jordan. Sofie looked in her notepad "The couple in the other owners suite leave in the morning so that works perfectly". Lucy smiled "That's sorted then, Jordan you just need to empty your personal things the rest will be moved for you". Jordan thanked her as Daniel and he left Sofie and Lucy whilst Anderson instructed the suite attendant to clean bedroom 2. They walked up to Jordan's room and he emptied the safe and left the contents in the office behind reception as they headed down to the beach. Jordan's head was in a turmoil trying to keep up with what had gone on. Still he had Daniel with him and could sit on the beach to relax and talk about last night. Lucy called Anderson over to join her and Sofie "You both know what to do, I will be back in two days". They both nodded to Lucy understanding exactly what she meant before they both left to get on with their jobs. The first hour Daniel and Jordan spent laying and looking at each other as they grabbed some sun, Cael approached with some chilled fruit slices and placed them on the table next to them before whispering 'fruit for the love birds' giggling he went on to deliver fruit to the other guests. The frozen grapes were by far the best and most unusual way of serving them, Jordan got up and asked Daniel to walk with him, Daniel stood up and waited for Jordan then they walked down to the shore line. Jordan took Daniel's hand "Now what about you and all this hotel business?" he asked. "I work for my parents in their hotel chain simple as that" he tried to be as convincing as possible. Jordan was not buying it "Somehow I don't think it is as simple as that Danny". "Are you regretting anything, you know last night, my mother?" Daniel asked inquisitively "If you are tell me now". Jordan put his arm around his shoulder "No regrets Danny, it's just something she said to me last night". Daniel stopped walking "What did she say Jordy?". He hesitated "She said most of your partners knew who you was and were in it for other reasons". Daniel laughed "That's true, but you didn't know me unless you are a really good actor". "Not that a good an actor I'm afraid, so what are the other reasons?" Jordan held Daniel's hand. "Well having all this at their disposal I guess" Daniel paused "and I suppose the lifestyle afforded me". Jordan chuckled "Lifestyle?" he smiled at Daniel "You are on the outside very normal Danny no pretence or show". He looked at Jordan "You think I am normal?" he giggled "still it doesn't remove the wealthy aspect of attraction". "I see, I'm not attracted to your money Danny" was all that Jordan could say. Daniel had a serious look on his face "Doesn't change me as a the person". "I never said it did. But would you give all this up to be with me Danny" Jordan looked in his eyes. "If it was the only way I could be with you then yes I would" Daniel did not hesitate with his reply. "That is all I wanted to hear Danny" he stroked the side of Daniel's face "Your endearing and kind and that's what has made me fall in love with you". A tear rolled down the side of Daniels face "No one has ever caught my breath like you do or really said that to me". He didn't care that they were standing on the beach as he reached around Jordan's neck, their lips met in a light kiss several times as each one lingered longer. Jordan wiped the tear streak from Daniel's face, his mouth sought Daniel's as their lips parted and kissed deeply standing in the sunshine with the sea lapping around their ankles. Daniel looked at Jordan "You have stolen my heart Jordy". Jordan smiled and hugged Daniel "I just hope your mother will accept me, she did some serious business on me last night". Daniel laughed "That's nothing she was on form this form this morning and brought the Saffron Cove before you arrived". Jordan's feet splashed in the lapping water "Isn't that next door to here?". "It is, and will probably need remodelling, don't know if she plans on merging the two hotels" he said shrugging his shoulders. They walked up to the beach bar where Cael had already prepared them two fruit crushes, they sat at the bar captivatingly looking each other in the eyes smiling. Cael looked at the both of them he saw the sparkle in their eyes of two people in love. Steve and Callum swam to shore and wandered up to the beach bar, Callum nudged Steve nodding in the direction of Daniel and Jordan commenting that they appear to be lost in each other. As they walked past Steve said good morning to them both. Daniel turned "Oh Steve hey, hi Callum where you guys off to?". "Just to get a drink then back to the beds" Callum replied as he went all gushy with Jordan looking at him. Jordan chuckled at Callum "Come over and join us, come on Callum" Jordan patted the seat next to his. Steve thanked them and looked at Daniel "So, err, what's the story?" he said quietly nodding in Jordan's direction. Daniel watched Jordan chatting to Callum "Do you mean are we dating?" Daniel sipped his drink "Well I suppose we are". "Brilliant he is such a catch, you can probably tell that by how Callum gets all shy around him" nodding in Callum's direction. "Whose a catch?" Jordan asked as he overheard part of their conversation. Daniel looked up to the sky with a seriously mocking looking on his face "Apparently you are Jordy". "As if you didn't know that!" Steve added "So when are we having that dinner you promised Daniel?". He quickly looked at Jordan "How about tonight if you two are free, the 4 of us?". Callum all excited nearly jumped up and down on his chair "Oh yes that would be great". "Be in reception at 7pm and wear casual, shorts and shirt" Daniel told them "Oh and call me Danny". The four of them sat enjoying their fruit crushes and Callum became more at ease being around Jordan. They spent nearly 2 hours chatting as slowly and surely they were becoming good friends with plenty of similarities to Daniel working in hospitality. The more Jordan sat and listened the more he was feeling how very uncomplicated his life would be. Most of the people he knew through Sage were malicious and quite unpleasant in many ways, but that now seemed a lifetime away. Here he sat with a new man and two guys who didn't bitch or degrade people. Cael refreshed their drinks with the biggest smile he could stretch across his face, Steve and Callum watched in shock as he rubbed Daniel's head telling them to let him know if they needed anything else as he walked away. Daniel laughed at their shocked faces before he told them that he had literally grown up with Cael. Jordan spotted Sofie crossing the beach shoes in her hand and stopping to chat quickly to guests as she made her way over towards them. As she got to the table she told Daniel that his mother was leaving at 2pm then gave Jordan a new key card, she explained all his things had been moved and the keycard will get him all the access to the wing. She reminded Daniel 2pm as she turned and left them. Daniel stood "I'm sorry guys Jordy and I have to go, see you at 7pm in reception". Steve and Callum stood "Come on Callum swim time, will see you at 7pm" they both ran down to sea. Jordan laughed "They are a nice couple and Callum is so funny" he said turning to Daniel. Daniel chuckled "I think Callum is finally getting use to being around you" as they walked back up to the hotel. "Would be nice to have them as friends, they are so pleasant to be around" he waited for Daniel to put his reefs on. Daniel shook his head "Jordy you amaze and surprise me every day, I couldn't agree with you more about them".
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    DILF 2 I think I neglected to mention my new friends name in the original story. His name is Tim and I am Joe although he has taken to calling me Joey as he breeds my tender ass. I live in a bit of fear that my daughter will find out that her ex-boyfriend Tim and I are hooking up. In the last week, I have been to his apartment 3 times and he to mine twice. Needless to say, he fucked me ass several times each time. We would shower and I would gobble down his thick dick while the water would wash down over us. One night after a rigorous workout, we were the only two left in the gym and it was well after 10pm. I was just going to go home and shower, but Tim pulled me into the changing area. This is one of those small 24 hour gyms. I immediately did what I naturally do. I fished out his thick 7 inch cock as I sat on the bench. His musky smell was so overwhelming I had to have him in my mouth. He chuckled. I looked up at him. He said Tami (my daughter) would suck his cock just like that after he worked out. I think many of you would have spit his cock out right then and there, but that made my cock even harder. Deep inside I wanted to know did I suck his cock better than she did. I just assumed since they dated such a short time that they never “hooked” up, but now I was kind of wondering how my skills were stacking up. Tim put his hand on the back of my head and really started to fuck my face with gusto. His cock was in my throat and before I could gag he unloaded in my mouth. He smirked and said, “you take my load better than Tami ever did. Now, go home clean up and get ready, I will be over after I shower and eat.” got up off the bench and made my way out of the still empty gym. I got home, left the front door unlocked and jumped in the shower making sure to clean inside and out. I got into bed face down ass up, pre-lubing my hole and waited. I must have dozed because the next thing I know Tim is behind me sawing his cock in and out of my ass like his short life depended on it. He smelled of booze, but that made it just all that much more exciting. I tried to look at the clock, but he held my head down as he knocked my knees off of under me and fucked me flat on the bed holding my head down. I noticed over the last week. Tim had been more aggressive with me, treating me more like his personal slut. A role I did not mind playing. I could feel my cock swell as TIm pumped his plump cock in my tender ass. I begged for his load. He kissed, sucked the back of my neck hard. I was sure he was leaving a hickey. He pulled out of my ass, told me to flip over and spread my legs wide. I did as he commanded. I felt his hard thick cock poking back at m pussy and his hot mouth on mine. His hard manly hands roamed my body. I wrapped my legs around his waist and urged him to fuck me deeper. His lips were on my neck, marking his bitch, I squealed as I came covering us both with my cum from his pounding cock in my ass. I sucked on his left nipple. I think it made him harder as he pounded my man-pussy even harder. His strokes shortened up as he drove deep in my ass. His mouth on mine, my cock hardening once again. His tongue explored my mouth intertwining with mine as he bred me for god knows how many times that week. He kept pumping me full of his cum. HIs massive member never went down. He stayed hard in my well fucked, filled to the brim pussy and without thinking I felt myself sliding back and forth his turgid penis. I wanted more of him in me. I was not content with just one fucking this night. I needed more. I heard Tim chuckle as he pulled me on top of him and I rode his stiff cock to another mind-blowing hands free orgasm covering his fur covered pecs. I continued to ride him to see if he had another seed to plant deep in my body. When he kicked my legs off underneath me and rolled me onto my back. His cock never left my hole and that is how he treated it for the next 5 minutes. At some point, I passed with his rough hands around my throat and him laughing. I woke up the next morning on top of the comforter with a rather large and uncomfortable buttplug wedged in my ass. There was a note taped to my clock: See you tonight after your dinner with Tami Wear the plug to dinner More to cum. If you enjoy my stories show me/tell me hot pics and hot messages are WELCOMED
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    Bar Breeding Last summer my boy and I went to a jockstrap party on the roof deck of a certain leather bar. We wore matching old-school elastic gym jockstraps, not the high fashion kinds that underwear models advertise. I loved the thought of hanging out with nothing but a jock between us and the outdoors, knowing we’d be surrounded by sweaty sexy men wearing just as little as we were. We arrived at sundown, undressed and checked our clothes, and had a few bottled beers. I needed to piss and went downstairs to the mens room to use the stainless steel trough. I saw a skinny tall guy with a nose piercing and a bleached blond buzzcut standing there with an enormous uncut cock hanging out letting his piss flow. I was taken by his big dick, and by his apparent joy in showing it off. I also noticed a biohazard tattoo peeking out over his pubes. The guy stood next to me, sneering or smiling as I whipped mine out and started to piss. He put his arm on my shoulder and I just grinned and smiled at him. He nodded silently to me and brought his free hand down to my dick, wrapping his hand around the base while I kept my stream going. When my stream died down, he shook it a few times and slipped it back into my jockstrap. Of course, his hand had given me a bit of a hard-on. I washed my hands and he muttered, ‘see you later.’ I went back upstairs and got two fresh beers for me and my boy. As I handed him his bottle, he snickered noting my hard-on straining the pouch of the jockstrap. My boy took his, we clinked bottles, and then he headed downstairs for a pee. I hadn’t had a chance to mention my POZ friend at the trough, but figured out that he’d learn on his own in no time. Sure enough, maybe ten minutes later, he came back with his own dick straining to get out of his pouch and a goofy grin. Without an explanation, he came up to me and wrapped his arms around me, kissing me hard. I was wondering if he tasted a little like cum. When he pulled off my mouth I asked, ‘What’s gotten into you?’ ‘Nothing… yet…’ He then told me that the guy had held his dick while he pissed then jerked him off. He shot his load into the guy’s hand. The guy licked up half and then smeared the rest of my boy’s fresh cum right into my boy’s mouth. I loved that my boy had given into his naughty streak and let a stranger make him cum, and that he’d just swapped his seed with me on a crowded deck where surely at least a few guys knew exactly what he’d just done. We grooved a little and made out on the deck and I went for two more beers. Our bathroom buddy appeared next to me, and I got a beer for him. We walked over to my boy and chatted a bit. As it got darker outside, guys all around us were getting more frisky. The guy kissed me on my cheek, then my boy. He groped his crotch while watching us make out. ‘I love couples,’ he said as he positioned himself behind my boy. Reaching around my boy, he grabbed my hips so the three of us were grooving together. I grabbed the POZ stranger’s saggy ass and squeezed. He slipped his fingers down towards my ass and stoked my hole a bit. I did the same to him, feeling his ass a bit moist and sticky, likely with someone’s cum. All the while, making out with my boyfriend, I got my sticky fingers and started massaging my boy’s meaty firm ass cheeks. I let my finger tease his hole, knowing I was playing with fire. My boy grabbed his cheeks and pulled them apart. I worked one sticky finger in before going back to the stranger’s hole for more natural lube. The POZ guy was really grinding on my boy’s ass and whispering filthy things while chewing on his ear. When my boy’s hole was opening up and wet with someone’s cum, I scooped the stranger’s cock out of the jock. I felt as his bare cock slid up and down my boy’s crack. My boy had his cheeks pulled as far apart as they would spread. He nodded to me, pleading for my help. I grabbed that POZ cock and angled it so the head was right at my boy’s hole. They nodded at each other then my boy looked into my eyes as he backed himself onto his first raw POZ cock. My boy groaned loudly enough that a few dudes on the roof deck turned and smiled, happy to watch the bare action unfolding in the crowd. One the stranger bottomed out inside my boy, he wrapped his arms around my neck for support and kept his eyes glued to mine until they glazed over. Hands were everywhere as other strangers touched my boy and his POZ top. The stranger looked up and me and raised his eyebrows as if to ask me for permission to breed my boy. I just nodded knowing it was going to happen whether I wanted it to or not, and I knew I wanted it to happen. I watched as his face twisted into a grimace and his pace quickened. He lurched forward as he started cumming deep in my boy’s guts. My boy collapsed into my chest as the stranger kept hammering bursts of toxic seed into his ass. My boy was covered in sweat as the top kissed him gently all over his back. My boy stood up and a few guys clapped. The stranger winked at me then backed into the crowd where I lost sight of him. My boy grabbed my face and kissed me deep. I pulled back and he looked at me surprised, like he was afraid that I didn’t want anything to do with him. On the contrary, I was so hard I knew I was going to cum soon. I spun my boy around and he grabbed his ankles. I slid easily into his stretched out puffy hole. I pounded him for as long as I could hold out, noting a frothy circle of cum churned out of his hole at the base of my cock in my matted sticky pubes. I jerked forward afraid my boy would loose his balance. I had been so busy focusing on my boy’s cummy hole that I hadn’t noticed that he was now choking on a muscle daddy’s thick cock. I came hard in him, adding my seed to the toxic load our stranger had left. I fired into him a few times thinking I was done. The whole scene was so hot, I came a few spurts on my boy’s back. He spun around and sucked my cock clean as the muscle daddy smeared my load into his hole with his own bare dick and slid in next. My boy’s hands were wrapped around my waist as the daddy bred him deep. When someone else tried to slide in, my boy threw up his hands. Three loads was apparently enough for him and we went to sit down on a bench. The muscle daddy brought over some beers and we toasted. When I was ready for another piss, my boy grabbed me and told me we needed to go before one of us took another three loads. We got dressed and went home where I fucked another load into him.
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    Back in high school my best friend and I had been fucking for awhile. One night after a foot ball game, I ended up staying the night with him. Typical weekend fun. We drove around drinking some low alcohol beer, then snuck into his room where we commenced our usual fuck session. As my buddy has a huge, nine or nine and a half inch cock, which is thick and uncut, I let him fuck me first, so I wouldn't lose my horniness. At that age I didn't know there were tops, bottoms and versatile guys. I just thought I had to let him fuck me if I wanted to fuck him. However, as a consequence of playing with him I eventually learned I was definitely a top, and remained so from college on through today. But back to this night, he was overly aggressive, he had my face pushed down into a pillow and was ramming his cock in and out of my hole incredibly hard. It hurt so bad, that each time he pulled out I found myself hoping he would miss the mark when trying to ram it back in. Thankfully, he missed several times and so I was, in some measure, spared at least some of the pain associated with being brutally rammed balls-deep by such a huge cock. We had the radio on and were in basement, and knew his grandma was sound asleep two stories above, so we were being as loud as we wanted to be. Finally he came. Afterwards I fucked him as hard as I could - if only for revenge. Truthfully I was kinda pissed he had pounded me so hard. The next morning, his grandma was at church and he had just left for work. I took a shower and was going to lock up when I left. I got out of the shower and went into the basement to get dressed. Standing naked in the basement bedroom, pulling my clothing together, I heard a discreet cough. It was his older brother, a football player who was one grade above us. He was standing shirtless near the bench press in the dark corner taking a break from his workout, which is why I hadn't registered his presence. I grabbed my underwear to cover my cock saying "Sorry. I didn't know you'd be here." "It's fine," he replied, adding "I actually got in late last night quite late, after the football guys went out drinking. I decided to crash at my grandmother's house rather than run the risk of being questioned by my parents." I gave a neutral reply saying "Oh, cool. Let me get dressed and I'll head out," pausing for a minute for him to leave, but he didn't move. Instead he commented "You know when I snuck in last night I heard a lot of noises and thought my brother was fucking his girlfriend, so I tip-toed down the stairs and saw him pounding the shit out of your ass. You gotta be sore from taking such a big dick." I was scared shitless at this point. No one was really 'out' back then, and if you were gay in small town you certainly wanted to do everything you could to keep it a secret. I just stared at him and stammered "Please don't tell anyone. I don't let him do it very often. I was just drunk, he usually just lets me fuck him to get off." Approaching me he responded "Don't worry man, I'm not telling anyone. But you really took a beating up that ass." He grabbed the underwear I was holding in front of myself, tossed them aside, suggesting "Lay back on the bed so I can make sure you're not bleeding," guiding me back onto the mattress. By the time he sat me down I was already hard. I tried to hide it, but he pulled my hands away murmuring "Don't worry, man, no big deal. Just lean back and lift up your legs so I can see your butthole and make sure it's okay." I just kindof mumbled,"okay," not knowing what to do. He was a few inches taller than was I, and some fifty pounds heavier with nothing but football muscle on his frame, so I complied when he said "Grab your legs and pull them up and hold them steady." Once I was in position, he crouched down at the level of my butt where he appeared to be visually examining my hole. Then he began ever so delicately sliding his fingers up and down my ass crack, his thumb occasionally seeking out and massaging my hole. Naturally all the while I was super hard, thoroughly turned-on by the thought of taking orders from a straight football jock with multiple girlfriends, who was now handling my naked little body as if it were a common every day thing. "Man, your hole is a little red. I better put something on it. Stay right there," he ordered as he stepped into the bathroom, returning immediately with some vaseline. I was still holding my legs up in the air when he got on his knees and started to look at my hole closer. I could feel his breath on my hole now and I was so hard I thought my cock was going to pop off. "Yeah, it's really red," he reiterated as his thumb again began exploring my hole. "Does it hurt?" he asked. "No," I whispered. This was a type of naked sexual thing I had never experienced and I my mind was racing, but before my head could explode my attention was diverted by an incredibly pleasurable sensation centered on my ass. Looking down, I saw his eyes on mine even as his tongue was buried in my hole. Now, my best friend and I had only sucked and fucked. We hadn't explored anything outside of the that two course sex menu, so a tongue-licking and a general massage of my asshole was an indescribable feeling. I involuntarily moaned like a girl. I couldn't help it. It was absolutely fuckin' amazing - and it was an utterly unexpected experience. He continued licking and laving my hole. I found myself closing my eyes and drifting off to a land of bliss, but when I occasionally opened my eyes to check out the tongue in my hole, each time I found his eyes were fixated on mine. I could also see he was stroking his cock - and fast, although given his position all I could actually see was a glimpse of his cock head, - and, of course, his hand shuttling to and fro. After several minutes he paused, stood, and presented himself to me: to my amazement his cock was quite like that of his younger brother, except signicantly bigger. His cock was at least ten inches, and had the circumference of a beer can. I couldn't believe it. My first thought was to go down on it, but was still under his spell, so I simply stood there, marveling at his tool as he meanwhile had begn lubing his throbbing cock with a generous amount of vaseline. And, when ready, he gestured for me to turn around and bend over. His mushroom head was laser-focused on my hole. It felt amazing, but I was scared to death he was going ram it into my ass. He, however, did no such thing, but rather rubbed his cock head over my hole, applying a bit of pressure on each pass, using one hand to guide his cock, and the other guiding my ass and legs, as well as providing a slight distraction. Again reaching for the vaseline, he began lubing my aching cock, telling me to jack myself off while he jacked off on my ass. I did so, as did he, but at no point did his fat cockhead leave my hole, so it was hardly surprising my ass was continually relaxing, so when at some point his cock head penetrated the outside ring of my ass. The sensation was a new level of 'amazing'. His massive, slicked-up cock head was opening my outer ring, each time hitting the inner ring. And yes, each time he pushed hard I was in some serious pain, but he was quite considerate, and he backed-off each time he came against my pain limitations. This went on for 15 or 20 minutes. I was barely able to contain myself. I was leaking precum and had to stop jerking every minute or two because he kept urging me not to blow. While I was young and dumb and knew nothing about edging, he certainly did. After several minutes of tentative fucking, he intensified the pressure on my inner ring, . Now and this time when I would find myself tensing-up, wincing in the process, he would gently urge "Breath slow and push out." He knew what he was doing because the second my inner ring relaxed just a tiny bit, he pushed his cock past it. I felt like a baseball bat just got pushed inside me. Tears started coming down my face, and he wiped them gently saying "Easy, buddy, you're taking it. Girls don't let me fuck them in the ass cause I'm so big, so I really need this. I f you let me finish off, I promise I'll never tell anyone you're a faggot." Gritted my teeth I muttered "Okay. Go for it." He was extremely gentle with me, and after about ten minutes he was all the way inside me. Even though he was bigger, it wasn't nearly as painful as when he brother fucked me, but again, we didn't know about lube or taking our time, we just fucked in order to cum. I had this straight football jock balls deep in me now for a little while and he was fucking in and out of me when I got hard again. He told me to stroke myself. After a few minutes of stroking my own cock, I was feeling pleasure from every inch of my ass inside and out, - through my taint, balls and cock. I was breathing like I had run a 5k. Everything felt so good. He started to fuck my hole faster and faster and telling me he was getting close. I was so turned on I started jerking faster and felt a burning pleasure inside my hole, ten inches and all around. I felt like my asshole was having an orgasm. My cock may have gone a quarter limp, but I was still plenty hard enough to continue jerking and could feel my cum boiling up as my asshole was shaking and felt like it was about to explode. He noticed as he was fucking me harder and said,"Yeahm shoot your load, man." That set me off and I moaned louder than I ever had before and exploded! I was cumming all over myself, my neck, face, and in my wide open moaning mouth. My asshole was quivering and clenching when all of a sudden I heard him yell,"FUUUUCKKK!" He started blasting his load inside my ass. It took him a minute to empty his balls inside me. I was soaked in sweat and cum, he was dripping sweat onto me from above. We stayed like this for a bit before I slowly started to pull out. I felt completely empty now. He told me to go sit on the toilet then shower again, he'd use the upstairs shower. Before he walked up the stairs, he said,"I've never cum so hard in my life. I needed that man, you took it like a champ." That night I jerked off eight times in a row to the memories of him fucking me that morning. The next day at school I was amazed at how easily we acted like it never happened. Not even a knowing look between each other. I became a top, but for a year in high school, I got fucked about once a week by a straight football player with a huge cock who made me cum like no one else ever has.
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    Part 11 - The Spectrum Of Sex Mario left the hotel room having showered and finishing the last scene for the porn movie, he hadn't taken to kindly to his actor partner and was glad that he didn't want him to stay for post filming sex as was the norm in this industry. Instead he slipped out the hotel door just as his phone pinged. He looked at the message it was from Sage so he opened it 'Fuck now' it read, as much as he didn't want to do this he wanted, no needed sex as filming always made him overly horny. His fingers with a mind of their own typed the reply 'On my way'. He knew what his body was about to go through again, yet being roughly used and just the thought of Sage's body pinning him down on the bed was enough to convince him to go. He knocked on the door quietly as it was just after midnight, the door opened and like a bolt of lightning Sage grabbed Mario's arm and yanked him inside hard almost ripping it out of its socket he could tell Sage was either drunk or high. He heard the door close trying to compose himself but the muscled arms already were securing him around the waist lifting him effortlessly in the air, he was carried in to the bedroom like a rag doll. He landed on the bed face down, immediately his shorts were tugged down his legs to his ankles, Sage wasted no time in allowing him undress completely, his legs were pulled back to the edge of the bed exposing his naked butt. He heard a zipper being undone, why had he done this to himself he thought laying on the bed in anticipation of what was about to happen. He felt Sage's body bearing down on him as the pain surged up in his arse spreading through his whole body, he had penetrated Mario balls deep whilst his hand held the back of Mario's head to stop him moving. Mario cried in pain as Sage began relentlessly tearing up his arse with big pronounced thrusts, harder and harder he pummelled in to Mario's body. He heard Sage telling him repeatedly he was a worthless whore who now belonged to him, a whore who needed to show respect and be grateful that he was taking time out of his day to fuck him. A whore who came back for more because he knew his place, a whore who needed him to show how it was to have a real man breeding him. And so the verbal and mental abuse continued for what seemed hours. Tears pouring out of his eyes from the pain and agony, Sage's hand held him firmly against the bed. The fucking went on and on with no sign of him easing up, he was controlling and owning Mario, physiologically breaking him down constantly telling him he was worthless and should be thanking him for making him see his true worth. Sage full of drink and cocaine began to pump faster into his bitch, his balls tightened sharply as he drove his cock in deep and held it there as his orgasm reached its height releasing his toxic seed and flooding the ass of his bitch. He felt Mario tense and wriggle but he pushed his hand harder against Mario's head keeping him in position until the last drop of venom was milked from his cock. He collapsed on top on him, Mario grunted and moaned as his body was crushed under the muscled torso. Sage stayed in position for nearly an hour, every so often he would buck his hips forcing his semi hard cock deep in Mario. Eventually Sage rolled on to his back and fell asleep, the sheet beneath Mario's head was damp from the tears he had cried during his ordeal. The sweet mild mannered Mario was slowly but ever so surely being broken in many ways, he had the opportunity to get up and leave but his body was hurting and he was exhausted. Naked laying on the bed he fell soundly asleep, during the night he mumbled as it felt like his body was gently pulled up the bed and a sheet placed over him, feeling a sudden comfort washing over him he drifted back in to his deep sleep. Daylight appeared through the window he slowly began to wake up, startled for a moment at the unfamiliar surroundings that came in to focus as his eyes opened. He had a weird feeling of being trapped and as he tried to move he felt the arms around his body that were holding him close against a warm body. He glanced at the muscular arms around his small body, remembering he came over to Sage's place last night after he called him. He knew they had sex, well Sage had sex he just laid there held down taking the aggressive fucking. All he remembered after that was laying at the bottom of the bed falling asleep, here he was now in bed laying close to Sage as if they were lovers. He could feel the tenderness in his arse and decided not to try and move and wake him as he couldn't go through another fucking like that this morning. His head was confused with conflicting emotions, yes he thought Sage was sexy, but no he didn't find him attractive in a material boyfriend way. Was it the danger and adventure that had lured him back last night. Sage began to stir and felt Mario's body held firmly in his arms, how easily they fall he thought to himself. Still Mario wasn't a bad catch to pass the time of day until he got Jordan back, after all he never really said they were breaking up. In his eyes Jordan still belonged to him, he was patient and would eventually get him to crawl back. Kissing Mario tenderly on the back of his neck, he slowly turned Mario's body around to face him and began to kiss him deeply. He stopped after several minutes and asked Mario if he had found out anything about Jordan, Mario shook his head as Sage expressed he was worried in case something had happened to him. Mario completely brought the story and picked up his phone and typed a posting on facebook asking if anyone had heard from Jordan and to let him know, he also posted on his timeline asking him to let him know. 4,000 miles away Daniel stirred he could feel Jordan's breath caressing the back of his neck, they laid in the same position all night Daniel's body instantly pushed back to be closer and he felt Jordan's arms pulling him in. There was no mistaking that whilst Jordan' was still sleepy his cock was not, it was parked between his arse cheeks. Slowly Daniel gently wriggled his arse back and forth feeling it growing in intensity. Jordan woke up smiling and kissed Daniel on the neck and mumbled the words 'Morning my lover', Daniel twisted his body around to face him and they tenderly kissed each other for several minutes. Their kissing morphed in to passion, Jordan's hand roamed down to Daniel's arse which he began caressing slowly, Daniel softly moaned in pleasure as his leg lifted over Jordan's and gently rolled him on his back and Daniel came to rest on top of Jordan. They kissed harder with more vigour as desire to make love took hold of them both, Daniel raised both his legs up until his arse rested on top of Jordan's shaft and began moving up and down. Jordan was now moaning sweetly with pleasure his whole body was ready to take his lover for the first time. Daniel's arse movements became concentrated at the head of Jordan's cock slowly forcing it up between his arse cheeks. Jordan's arms wrapped around Daniel again as the head of his cock hit Daniel's hole, Daniel emitted a louder moan as his hole stretched open wanting and willing to take the cock inside him. The head of Jordan's cock pushed against the unlubed resistance repeatedly until it became slick with precum, Daniel gasped in to Jordan's mouth as the head finally penetrated, the sensation tingled up his spine mixed with a tinge of pain quickly dulled by his desire. Daniel moaned softly lifting his head and looking Jordan in the eye, slowly he edged his arse back feeling more of his cock slipping inside him, he let out another quiet gasp still looking lovingly in to Jordan's eyes. He felt Jordan pulling his legs up pushing the rest of his cock inside Daniel, he moaned louder and fell forward on to Jordan's chest as their mouths sought each other locking together. Jordan wrapped his arms around Daniel and began pushing his hips up in gentle undulating movements, Daniel moaning with each upward motion began responding pushing his arse down and wrapping his arms around Jordan's neck and shoulders. The flow of air from the ceiling fan causing the hairs on the back of his neck to stand on end bringing a different sensation to their love making, their bodies melting into one as the primal instinct to mate enveloped them. The passion between them boiled to the surface as Jordan felt his balls tingling, he knew he had to pull out before his orgasm took over and not ejaculate inside. Daniel sensed that Jordan was close as his arms released their hold on his back and moved towards his arse, he raised his body slightly kissing Jordan's neck. Quickly Jordan's hand moved towards his cock his moaning was interspaced by grunts. Daniel felt the cock inside his body swell and twitch causing him to cry out in his own excitement and orgasm as his cock exploded all over Jordan's chest. Caught in the heat of the moment Jordan pushed up, 'No' he muttered as his hand lifted Daniel's arse whilst the other pulled his cock out followed by a stream of cum that had already been released in to Daniel, several spurts followed coating Daniel's hole and arse. Daniel collapsed on top of Jordan and kissed him deep, Jordan laid stroking Daniel's back. "Danny I didn't mean to I couldn't pull out in time" Jordan said apologising. Daniel was not moving "It's okay Jordy, I have been on prep for a couple of years". Jordan kissed his head "It's no guarantee Danny". Daniel looked at him smiling "I know the risks Jordy, I'm surprised I never caught it from Greg". "Is he positive then?" Jordan inquired calmly as he recouped from his orgasm. Daniel got up off the bed "Yes but never told me until he got ill and started taking medication". Daniel walked in to the bathroom and turned on the shower and stepped in, Jordan stood at the doorway watching as Daniel stood under the rainfall shower, the water deluging over his head. He squeezed the shower gel and began washing himself, he turned around seeing Jordan and the sexy smile on his face, Daniel laughed and beckoned him over to join him. Jordan dried himself off as Daniel went out to get coffee, he sat on the bed to check emails when he saw the notification appear on his phone's screen. He had been silent on all social media since leaving LA so it was only a matter of time before people started asking questions. He unlocked and opened facebook and saw Mario's posting to him, as tempting as it was to answer he saw the location of where the posting originated from. He wasn't that stupid to realise that Mario was not in his usual location for that time of morning, instead he was at the same place where his posts use to show. Somehow Sage had got hold of Mario that was the only reason he could think of. He sat contemplating for a moment before he went to the settings and hit the delete account button and put the phone down. Mario was refreshing facebook when his post disappeared and Jordan was no longer showing, he quickly searched through but all the posts had gone. He tried to search by name but only random Jordan's showed up, he turned to Sage and told him that Jordan has deleted his account. Sage fumed as he knew Jordan would have seen the post but without him posting anything he would have no idea where he had gone. Daniel was enjoying coffee on the veranda as Jordan walked out through the lounge on to the veranda to join him. They kissed as Anderson came over with a coffee cup for Jordan, he told Daniel about the posting and how he knew Mario was doing Sage's work at tracking him down. They had a good laugh about it over breakfast but Jordan was still worried and even more so about Mario's welfare. He was a nice guy and had enjoyed their sex together but if Sage really had got hold of him he would soon spiral out of control under his influence and control. The sun was shining brightly and a light breeze wafted through the palm trees on the beach, Daniel and Jordan were sat at the beach bar with Nicky, Kit, Steve and Callum. Nicky keeping an eye on their children playing at the waters edge with some other children. The beach was fairly busy as the hotel was running at full occupancy. Their talk was mostly around the previous evening causing laughter as they forged closer friendships in their group. Steve and Callum were still a little in awe at becoming friends with Nicky and Kit, several times they had to kick themselves to believe this was really happening. Not only having the holiday of a lifetime but making some nice friends on the way. The bursts of laugher causing other guests to look over with a little tinge of envy wishing they could be in the group with the movie star. One guest was standing several meters away and taking photos of the beach setting and posting it on their twitter feed, the scene was of the palm trees, blue sea and white sand looking towards the beach bar. It captured the moment in full brilliance including the group of six laughing at the beach bar. Nicky clearly visible along with Jordan and his arm around Daniel, the photo was captioned 'Who said Barbados had nothing to offer #Barbados #Paradise #FamousPeople'. An innocent memory captured in a fleeting moment that would go on to have devastating consequences on the road ahead.
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    Part 2:The hour is up Finally an hour later and there was a knock at my door. Daddy arrived wearing almost nothing. A pair of shorts that showed a big bulge. Flip flops and no shirt. I had on a towel and a smile. I opened the door and Daddy removed my towel and forced me on all fours. He has me crawl in front of him to my room and then climb on the bed with my ass in the air. He then pulled out a toothbrush and put it in his mouth to get it wet. After he got it just wet he spat on my hole and rammed the toothbrush up my ass. It hurt but I knew his purpose. He brushed inside my ass for about 10 minutes and when he pulled it out it had blood on it. Daddy didn't waste any time. He yanked his shorts off and rammed his cock up my ass. Daddy was there to infect me and he wasn't wasting time. I usually prefer lube when getting fucked but knowing what was happening I loved being fucked without lube and my moans proved it. I was rock hard and within a few thrusts of Daddy's cock I exploded all over my bed. Daddy fucked me for about 15 minutes and then I received it. He shot a load inside of me that he had to have been saving for a while. After Daddy finished I asked if I could clean his cock. Daddy happily obliged and after he was satisfied he pissed down my throat. After that night I waa Daddy's on call boy until I converted. I had to remain faithful to Daddy because he wanted to be the one who converted me. It didn't take long. In just under 3 weeks I got the fuck flu and Daddy stopped by and gave me my congratulatory fuck. I still see Daddy and also his friends. I truly enjoy being an on call boy. Thank you to everyone who is involved with Breeding Zone. This site changed me forever.
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    Was out on the Katy Trail cruising when I could feel Grindr going off. No face pick but a guy who was 24, a hot smooth body, and inked. OK cock, not huge, but wanted to fuck me and was down for doing me raw and cumming inside me. We met at a condo parking lot nearby and wound up going into a nearby alley to fuck. He might have been Latino/white mix but sounded country as fuck. He was already hard and dripping precum. I handed him the lube and dropped my shorts and he was balls deep in me in no time, pounding me hard as he groaned. He wasn’t saying much and it didn’t take long for him to blast a nice load in me. He kept stroking and asked if I was cool to take a second one and I said yeah. He was stroking long slow deep strokes and then going faster harder and deeper, changing it up a bit while he also stroked my cock. He kept it up for a while then built to faster and deeper fucking before letting out a groan that told he’d shot again. He was twitching and spasming and his cock slid out of me with him panting. His shorts were down around his ankles and I pulled some of my cum off my cock and started fingering his hole as he lay against a fence panting and moaning. I kept adding more precum and fingering deeper. Without saying anything he slowly turned more and more of my ass to me and I could take the hint. I lubed my dick and slowly eased it into him raw as he said nothing but moaned with pleasure. He’d gasp as I went in too fast or too hard but soon I was all the way in and stroking. He was moaning like crazy and it did t take long for me to shoot my first load but never stopped stroking. I had no idea if he knew I already came or not and I didn’t give a shit. I was fucking him so hard I could hear the fence rhythmically creaking and groaning in synch with his moaning. By now he was quietly begging for me to cum and before long I gave him his wish, blasting load two in him. Part of me wanted to kiss or see if he liked it but he was quick to pull up his shorts saying he had to go. I thanked him and quickly he was off back down the alley. I headed back up to the trail and debated looking for more, turned on that I had his load still in my ass for the next guy to find.
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    Got invited by a FB on bbrt to attend one of the local parties while I am in Atlanta this week. I have (tried) to hold parties like this before and frankly my results suck! So i went with pretty low expectations. It was a pretty usual set up..hotel room with door that opens to the outside, door unlocked. When i walked in 4 guys were already on one of the beds all tangled up rimming and sucking each other. My thought was this is a pretty good start...i quickly stripped and joined in. In a few the guy that invited me got there, he has a massive cock. Long and fat. Yes. Right after he stripped a hot black guy shows up he’s dressed like he just left work and is stopping off for a quickie before going home. At this point i am on the side of the bed getting plowed by the other guys there. The black guy is hot and i wanted him. I managed to get near him and he started rubbing my ass and another bottom laying next to me. He slipped in me and gave me a nice fuck before switching to the other bottom next to me. He switched back and forth for a few minutes. He entered me and really started pounding, i thought “he’s ready to get off and bounce”. My intuition was right. Dude started pounding me and I was holding his cock tight in my hole. At this point all of the guys are standing around watching us fuck and me get bred. Last few thrusts and he unloads in me. Pulls out, wipes off, gets dressed and leaves. My buddy that invited me starts fucking the other bottom and he can barely take his big tool. Then I got fucked by another of the tops and he quickly unloads in me. By this time, the room is pretty full and action is going on all around. Mostly sucking and some fucking. It’s early still. The hung daddy decides to move over to me and we start kissing and he tells me how much he loved watching the bbc unload in my hole. He says it’s his turn. I get on my back, raise my legs over his shoulders as he slowly glides in. This guy’s dick is so big most of the other guys stop and come over to watch. I am taking it like a champ. After starting missionary, he puts me on all fours for a bit. The other guys are encouraging him to pound me harder. He tells me to lay flat face down and he crawls on top of me. I am 5’10” tall and this guy is prob 6’3” and 30-40 lbs heavier and he has all of his weight on me as he starts to assault my ass. This makes the other guys really get into watching me and encouraging him to breed me. After a bit, he starts to tense up and i know he’s close. He starts to shake and unload deep in my bowels. Within the first 45 minutes i had 3 loads and my ass is dripping. I took a break but the party didn’t. Was surprised how many guys ended up attending. Overall probably 20+ guys showed throughout the evening with a good variety of tops, bottoms and vers guys. All shapes and sizes. I watched the other guys give and take loads, it was so hot! All of the guys were engaging with everyone. No attitudes, everyone was there to feed their lust for man sex. At one point, there were 3 of us bottoms lined up doggy style around a bed and guys were taking turns fucking us. It as much as a mental turn on for me as physical turn on watching all of these complete strangers having intimate acts together randomly. As a true cumdump does, i stayed almost until the end. Guys (especially these guys) really like my hairy tight ass so i got fucked by all of the tops and vers guys so prob 16-17 of them. I took at least 7 loads for sure cause my ass was dripping cum profusely after 3 hrs. I went back to my hotel room and got a text from a fuck bud i met before. He’s 28 y/o small framed black guy with a very long uncut cock. I am 51 and he really likes Daddy/Son role play. I tell him my hole is loaded already, he doesn’t care. In a few minutes he’s walking into my hotel room with my door unlocked and ass in the air dripping still. He rims me and tastes my jizz filled hole. He’s really turned on and starts kissing and slobbering cum all over my face. We start the role play and he is totally turned on. This kid fucks like his cock is a pistol, he rams it in over and over and tries to go deeper with each thrust. He fucks me for 45 minutes in every position possible and keep the daddy/son fantasy talk going to keep him turned on even more. I am flipped over on my back and am in missionary when he starts to pound with everything he has. My ass is pretty sore at this point so i am encouraging him to breed me. He starts breathing and sweating, eyes roll in his head and ropes of cum are blasting in my already full ass. He keeps his cock in and I feel 2 more smaller blasts. After he pulls out, he jumps in the shower and is off to see his lover. BEST TUESDAY EVER!

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