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    Part 1: I live in a remote town and recently we had some bad storms and my house got some pretty bad roof damage. So I had to get roofers out to replace the whole roof. It was going to be a week long job as there were a lot of houses needing repairs and the roofers were spread pretty thin. So there would only be 2 guys working on my roof. I was told it could be anywhere from 1-2 weeks. It was pretty important as I work from home as well. The first day rolled around the the two guys turned up. One older guy in his 50's and a younger guy in his early 20's who was just that typical surfer kind of looking guy. Sandy blonde curly hair that was just off his shoulders. I a bit unshaven. He was about 6' tall and reasonably slim. He was wearing a singlet and I could see the typical tuft of hair in the centre of his chest just nudging out of his singlet. And the king gee workers shorts and work boots. The older guy was in his 50's, but a solid workers build. Greying hair but quite muscular. He was wearing similar cloths to the young guy. I live in a remote and very hot location so singlets and shorts are the norm here. They were both smokers and reminded me of the good old Marlborough man add lol. They were both hot in their own way but I just couldn't take my eyes of the young guy. I swear the older guy caught me looking a few times. I am early 40's, athletic build and smooth all over. I have quite a few tattoos. Typical short hair office type dude and the horniest pig bottom I know. On day one they pretty much got straight to working. I was just wearing a singlet and shorts. I showed them the bathroom and kitchen etc. and told them to make themselves at home. I showed them my office so they knew where to find me if they needed anything. It is right in between the bathroom and my bedroom. The young guy made a point of saying "is that your bedroom and smiling". They both put their lunches and drinks in the fridge and got to work. I could see most of what they were doing from my office window and I can say I didn't get much work done. By lunch time it was getting hot and they were mainly getting scaffolding and stuff set up. They had both taken their singlets off by this time and were working in just their shorts. The young guy had the most gorgeous thick bush of blonde hair/treasure trail I have ever seen on his lower abdomen. I couldn't help but fantasise about what it led too. They both came in and got their lunch and the older guy excused himself and said he had to go check on another job for the afternoon and that Scott (the young guy) would finish up the day here on his own setting stuff up for tomorrow. They both walked out and then I heard the older guy leave in his truck. Almost without warning I see Scott standing at my office door with his sandwich in hand "you not gunna make a guy eat lunch alone are you? Surely you take a break too". I had to adjust myself slightly as I got an instant boner as I saw him standing there with no shirt and the sweat was dripping down his chest to his treasure trail. I then notice for the first time part of a tattoo that comes out from under the top of his shorts. I can't tell what it is, but it is a dark line with a point on it. I go grab a sandwich and we sit outside in the shade and have lunch. Scott tells me he is in town for 6 months because of all the storm damage and work. HE gets an allowance for the accommodation, but some of the guys had mates they stayed with so they banked the allowance. I am struggling to maintain eye contact the whole time. "I love your tatts man." he says. I pretend to not have noticed his and ask if he had ever thought of getting some "on that gorgeous body of yours" I finish off in my head. Without any warning or shame he stands up and his crotch is almost directly in front of my face and he pulls the front of his shorts down to reveal a tattoo of a scorpion just sitting to the right and above his crotch. It was the stinger I could see before. I swear I can smell his manhood. He seems to pull his short down far further than he needs to and I can see the impression of what must be a huge cock pushing against his wrist and he is revealing the entire top of his cock and pubic area. I almost shoot in my shorts there and then. "It is quite a special tattoo." he says. "I have only had it a year, but it means something to me, and I am pretty proud of it". I am at a loss for words here. Most people peg me as gay, but I just wasn't sure how to respond. "I'm guessing you would be familiar with what it means" he says. And he intentionally is looking at my crotch now which is very obviously bulging. "And it seems you like what it means too?" "Well obviously I am gay, and yeah I know what it means. To be honest I pretty much worship what it means" and Scott looks at me with an evil grin. "Good" is all he says. He offers me a smoke and we chat for a little longer about how he is bi, and just broke up with his girlfriend a year ago after she found out he had been fucking around with guys as well and got himself "knocked up". "To be honest I just love to fuck holes, I don't care if its a girl or a guy. Just happened I was curious and let a guy fuck me at toilets just once and wasn't planning on it. It was just once and I thought what are the chances. So he bred me and while it felt good, I think I prefer to fuck. But as it happens, he was obviously poz. Got pozzed with my first and probably only time being fucked. So thought what the hell and got the tattoo and thought I'll own it" He laughed and said "stupid bitch always thought she would be the one getting knocked up". We got up and went back to work and I swear he takes every opportunity to stand on the scaffolding outside my office window. I am just looking at his crotch half the afternoon and I swear I see it grow and go down a few times and then on one occasion I am sure there is a wet patch before the sun dries it. It gets to 5pm and my shorts are wet from precum from watching Scott. Scott comes in for a drink and walks straight into my office and stand next to me as he has a drink and tells me he is done with the roofing for the day. His crotch is staring me in the eyes and it is clearly growing as he tells me this. I look up and he just winks at me and says "as I said, finished with the ROOFING" and he puts the emphasis on the roofing. He reaches down and unbuttons his king gee pants and his 8" cut cock literally bounces out a few centimetres from my face and a dollop of pre-cum flicks on to my face. I need no further invitation and I start sucking his cock and his young juices taste like the wine of the gods. The smell of his crotch and the the combination of sweat and cigarettes just yells this is a man to have. As I am sucking his cock he is groaning and I am feeling over the tattoo of the scorpion as I give him head. He pulls me off his cock and pulls me up and kisses me deep. This man can kiss like you don't normally get from bi guys. I am still clothed and he turns me around and bends me over my desk and pulls my shorts down. He spits on my arse crack and starts rubbing his cock head up and down my crack. "just so we are clear, you know what the scorpion means right? It's only been a year and I haven't started meds yet. So if I go in, there's a good chance you'll get stung". I raise myself on my toes so the head of his cock catches my hole and back myself onto his cock in one move so he is almost half way inside me in one move and say "sting me with your venom". That was all he needed at he shoves his cock all the way in with one hard push. He doesn't last long since he has pretty much been on the edge all day. After 5 minutes he ramps up the speed and he is almost yelling that I am about to be stung. "You ready to take my venom". I am in heaven and all I keep saying is "Sting me" He then blows a huge load in me. I swear I feel the thrusts and squirts hit my inside walls and he seems to blow for over a minute. With his last few thrusts he stays inside me and kisses the back of my neck as he continues to spasm deep inside me. He stays inside me for almost another minute until he starts to go soft and he gently slides out. And stands up straight as I stand up and turn around. He is almost 20yrs younger than me so for me this is all about him getting off and unloading in me and I am fine with that. I couldn't think of a hotter dude to poz me with his babies. But he leans in and kisses me more and we go outside and have another smoke and chat more about him being here for the next 6 months. He must have blew the biggest load in me cause I and am having trouble keeping it in and some begins to drip down my leg and he notices. He smiles and says "sorry man its been like over a week." We both laugh and he says he needs to get back to the motel cause he and some of the other roofers have drinks planned for the night. I go back inside and find my but plug and shove it in so I don't loose anymore of his magic seed. To be continued...
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    Part 3: The Revelation Dr. Bell joined David and me sitting on the bed, revealing both David and he were HIV positive. I was shocked. Upset. Pissed off. But more than anything I was dumbfounded. How could Dr. Bell do this to me? I had so many questions running through my mind. I will admit the fucking was fantastic. But still. I asked Dr. Bell why he hadn't used a condom? He said that he honestly thought I knew after seeing his tattoo. I told him I didn't know that it meant he was poz. Dr. Bell explained to me that I was likely poz now myself. That would explain why I still wasn't over the flu. As I paced around the room taking everything in I noticed the more I thought about it and how it happened the hornier I was getting. This didn't go unnoticed by Dr. Bell and David. Dr. Bell then said something else that blew me away. David was Dr. Bell's son, and Dr. Bell had knocked-up David. This revelation only added to my horniness. Well hell chances are I'm now poz myself so I did what any horny bottom would do and presented my ass and mouth back to Dr. Bell and David to use. Neither of them wasted any time. David shoved his cock down my throat and Dr. Bell attacked my ass. I was being spit roasted by these handsome studs. My own cock was creating a puddle of precum underneath me. I couldn't say anything with my mouth full of cock but I was definitely showing them I wanted more of their precious cum. Dr. Bell was the first to cum and I swallowed every drop of cum he shot down my throat. He had me continue sucking his cock after he cum and to my amazement he didn't go soft. A minute or so later David said he was cumming and he shot his toxic cum inside my ass. His cock, like that of his father, remained hard. David and Dr. Bell changed places and continued spit-roasting me. I was so cock drunk that I paid no attention to my own cock. I was now addicted to taking poz cum. Dr. Bell announced he was going to cum and this sent David over the edge at the same time. As each gentleman fed me his cum, I exploded without ever touching my cock. As I was coming down from my post orgasmic bliss I heard a blood curdling scream followed by the shout "What the fuck are you doing?" My mom was standing in the doorway.
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    Part 2: Dr. Bell and the Male intern Two weeks had passed and once again I had to drive myself to see Dr. Bell. Honestly I was glad this time because I needed to be fucked again. I showed up at the medical office around 4:30 and noticed his nurse wasn't there but a rather handsome male intern, who's name was David. The bulge in his pants left me wondering if David liked my looks. Leading me down the hallway to an exam room, David took my vitals while awaiting Dr. Bell's arrival. Now, let me describe David. His eyes were baby blue which enticed me to loose myself. He was six feet, two inches, neatly trimmed brunette hair but no facial hair. Oh, and he had muscles like a Greek god. For a few minutes I actually forgot I was sick. Normally young guys do nothing for me but I was hoping David would somehow fuck me sometime in the near future. After David asked me for the third time how long I had been sick because apparently I was lost in lust I broke out of my trance and answered him, adding an apology for having missed his earlier questions. David was sweet and laughed it off, suggesting I must have had something or someone on my mind. I blushed. How right he was. About then Dr. Bell walked in and looked at my vitals, commenting I'd find this visit to be special. With that he asked me to undress. With David in the room I was a bit nervous, but both Dr. Bell and David assured me it was fine, as David was 'like Dr. Bell'. I interpreted this as meaning David was, like Dr. Bell, gay. I quickly got undressed and they did the same. My first though upon seeing David naked was fuck, he is hot, but my real focus was on his cock. While perhaps not quite as large as Dr. Bell's, it definitely wasn't small. I'd estimate it at eight inches, obviously uncut, and obviously quite thick. His cock was already leaking precum and I couldn't wait to taste it. I noticed David had a scorpion tattoo but I still had no clue what it meant. Dr Bell then asked what would I do to pleasure both of them. "Anything you desire, Dr. Bell," I immediately replied. "Well, David hasn't cum since getting his results which has been over a month ago, and I know he would like to share his load with someone who would absolutely poz-itively take it without question." I didn't catch how Dr. Bell emphasized the poz part and I said I would love to have him cum inside my ass. A big smile came across David's face and Dr. Bell led us both down the hall to another room which contained a bed in it. Dr. Bell had me get on all fours on the bed, and David sat on the bed in front of me, presenting his eight inch cock to my lips, as Dr. Bell got behind me and started working on my ass. I opened my mouth and started licking up all of David's precum. I also noticed Dr. Bell was scratching up the inside of my ass again while he fingered me. It hurt again but I didn't say anything because I wanted to worship David's beautiful cock. After several minutes of Dr. Bell fingering my ass he slowly this time worked his glorious cock in my ass. It took Dr. Bell a few minutes to work his cock all the way up my ass but once he was all the way in I relaxed and he slowly fucked my ass. I was in heaven. I took my time on David's cock and since Dr. Bell was taking his time I managed to deep throat David's cock. This went on for a while and David had me stop a few times because he was close to cumming. My own cock was making a big mess on the bed from my own precum and when Dr. Bell picked up the pace and really started fucking my ass I lost it, shooting six big wads onto the bed as simultaneously my ass tightened up around Dr. Bell's cock, causing him to blow his load in my ass. After Dr Bell finished he withdrew from my ass, gave me a light slap on my butt cheeks, advising David it was his turn to to fuck me. David and Dr. Bell switched places. David immediately rammed his cock up my ass, but as Dr. Bell had really opened me up well, David slid in easily. As I started enjoying his fucking I turned my attention to Dr. Bell's cock and I noticed there was blood on it. I gestured to the blood, and seeing it, Dr. Bell commented it was okay, that a little blood was only natural. With that I calmed down, cleaning his cock with my mouth while David enjoyed my ass. I had just gotten into cleaning Dr. Bell's cock when David let out a primal scream and unloaded what felt like a gallon of cum up my ass. Dr. Bell held my head in place to continue cleaning his cock while David came back to reality. David didn't remove his cock and he never went soft. He stayed hard and within a couple of minutes he was fucking me again. I continued cleaning Dr. Bell's cock and before long he was hard again so I started sucking his cock and worshipping his cock. David fucked me a lot longer the second time and he held off until Dr. Bell said he was going to cum. A few seconds later my mouth and ass were full of cum at the same time and I swallowed all of Dr. Bell's cum. After they both were finished Dr. Bell got up and David got on the bed and pulled me up to him. Dr. Bell said he would be right back while David and I started kissing each other very passionately. After Dr. Bell returned David and I didn't even notice until Dr. Bell cleared his throat. By the hard on he had I would say he was enjoying the show. I also noticed a needle and a couple of vials for drawing blood. Dr. Bell then sat on the edge of the bed and said he really needed to talk to me about what the tattoos meant and why I've been sick for two weeks without any improvement. What he told me changed my life what happened next shocked even me.
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    Part 2: Scott is back the next day and he has his boss with him. Scott is friendlier now and far more familiar and I am surprised at this in front of his boss. His boss (Steve) doesn't seem to mind and I swear I catch him smirking at me when talking to Scott every now ant then. Every time Scott comes in to use the toilet he ducks into my office and smack a huge french kiss on me. One time he stays for a few minutes standing behind me kissing my neck and with his hand up my shirt pinching my nipples as I try to work. It is so hot and strangely romantic. I join them for lunch again and I swear Steve is not wearing underwear. He is very keen to spread his legs when he sits and at one point I am sure I see the head of a thick cock pocking out one side. But that was about the extent of the lunch this day and they get back to work and I enjoy the scenery every time they pass my window. Scott always makes a point of looking in and either nodding in acknowledgement or giving me a wink. Steve leaves at 5pm and Scott walks straight in to my office all sweaty and puts both his arms down each side of my chest from behind as I sit on the chair sending off my last few emails. He just lightly massage my nipples and stomach and kisses my neck as I type. I lean back and look up at him and he just kisses me deeply while his right hand pushes down into my pants and crotch to massage my now growing cock. I am both turned on and also confused. I want to be pounded by this guy every second of the day, but never once thought of a soft romantic side. He breaks the kiss and says "You know I've had a few girlfriends and after I got poz I pretty much feel like that chapter of my life is over. I really enjoyed fucking you yesterday and have thought about nothing else all day." He kisses me again and he hasn't shaven so his 5d growth is starting to become a light beard and it feels so good to kiss. "Actually, I think i prefer fucking guys to be honest. Maybe it's time to consider a boyfriend for a change instead of a girlfriend." He is massaging my cock in my pants the whole time and kisses me in between comments. I say "You'd have now worries man, your insanely hot. You could have any guy you want". "You sure about that?" he says looking me straight int he eyes. I get up to face him and we hug and kiss non-stop for about 5 minutes. Our cocks are both hard and I have a wet patch on my shorts already. "So what you got planned for dinner?" Scott says and I tell him not much. "Then let me take you out for dinner to the club. Not exactly romantic, but I went there last night with the boys and it was a good feed. I'd love to know more about you and why the hell you are all the way out here". "Ummm ok" I say with obvious surprise. He notices and comments "is there a problem mate?" He is so butch yet so gentle it is a contradiction and my brain can't seem to reconcile it all. That, and I am 42 and he is clearly somewhere in his 20s. I can accept a pounding from this guy, but coming in through the day and kissing me and snogging through the day and now dinner has completely caught me by surprised. I really could be old enough to be his father. "Look I'd love to come have a meal with you, but most people in town know I am gay. It's a great place and there are no issues here, but if they see you hanging with me, they will assume we are on a date or something. They will definitely be thinking you might be gay too". "I don't give a shit. Who I date is my business. Girl or guy, I'll never be ashamed of my choices. Does it bother you?" he says. "Nah, all good man, as long as you are cool with it." An hour later he is back after a shower and he is wearing tight 501 jeans and a t-short. He has tied his hair back into a small pony tail. The typical cleaned up surfer look. I am just in jeans and t-shirt and already I am starting to bone up just from looking at him. We go have dinner and we learn a lot about each other. He seems to be much older mentally than his age. He is really good company and I can't help my mind wandering. Some of the regular locals are watching us and you can see what they are thinking. Scott notices and doesn't seem to care. We get up to pay and you can see eyes are on him. Who is this guy and where did he come from and what is he doing here with me. As I stand at the counter to pay Scott put his arm around my shoulder and you can almost hear the locals gasp. He picks up on it straight away and he lowers his hand to my arse and cups my arse and squeezes it where everyone else is watching. I turn to him in surprise and he winks at me and turns around to everyone watching and leans in and kisses my ear and then licks it and winks at them all with a smile. He clearly has no issue with what anyone else would think. We get home and I barely get the front door shut than Scott has me pinned against the wall kissing me. His hands are all over my body and cupping my crotch. He is already rock hard and his jeans look like they are about to explode. I reach down to release his "stinger" and he grabs my hand and stops me. He looks me in the eye and says "Now it's your turn man". He kneels down and pulls my jeans down and my 7' cock bounces out and it takes it all in his mouth in one go. This man knows just how to give head. I can't hold on for long after the night we have had and I warn him so. He doesn't slow down and I shoot a huge load into his mouth. Before I finish he pulls off and ropes of cum squirt on to his beard. He continues to lick my cock until there isn't any left. He stands up and I can see my cum on his beard in a couple of places. He licks his lips and with an evil grin he says "sorry, was a bit thirsty". I lean in and say "you missed a bit" and I lick my cum off his face and when I have got it all I kiss him and we share the remnants of my load until there is none left. "I know a way for you to be able to get a few extra minutes sleep in time tomorrow if you like" I say. "How" he says. "Stay the night and you won't have to get up and drive here" "Done". Scott fucks me 3 times before I fall asleep in his arms with my head resting on the tuft of blonde hair in the centre of his chest and his toxic loads dripping from my arse. I wake up and I don't think I have moved at all. Scott is still snoring but his cock is rock hard with a morning hard on. I check the time and it is only 30 minutes before Steve is expected to turn up. I wake him up and no sooner than he opens his eyes he is kissing me. I immediately spread my legs and straddle him as I kiss him and he spits on his hand and uses it to wet his cock and he just shoves straight in. It is quite sore as it is still quite dry, but I don't care as all I want is his seed in me. He piston fucks me and I am rock hard and so close to cumming that when he floods me with his toxic seed again, I shoot my load all over his treasure trail and over his scorpion tattoo. I sit up straddling him with his hard cock still twitching it's last drops in me and I massage my load into his hair and skin over his tattoo. "This may be one of the last loads I shoot that will be neg". He looks a little concerned for a minute and I assure him. "Seriously, I couldn't think of anyone else I would rather give me this gift other than you man" and he relaxes and his cock softens and falls out of my arse. He gets up and grabs his work clothes from his ute. He gets changed and kisses me and ducks out the back door as Steve turns up and greats him as though he had only just turned up. To be continued...
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    Part 5 - Finale: Another 2 weeks goes by and Scott and I have settled into a very comfortable relationship. I really love this man and he really seems to love me too. The best part is the sex just seems to have gotten more intense, not less. Scott comes home from work one evening and over dinner he brings up the subject of Steve. He has explained to Steve why I wanted to wait and that I wanted to be sure it was Scott that brought me into the brotherhood and I wanted to make sure there was no doubt to this. Well we know this now. I am poz and it's definitely Scott's strain in me. Scott will now forever be a part of me no matter what happens. Apparently Steve thought this was a bit "mushy" but the official response was "whatever, when do I get to breed him?" Scott is such an amazing boyfriend, he is worried I don't want to do it and he doesn't want to pressure me into anything. I remind him of how much of a bottom slut I am and that as long as he is ok with it, I am also. At the end of the day, it's Scott I go to bed with at the end of the night and wake up next too and it will always be Scott's load last in. Friday comes around and as planned Steve comes over for a BBQ dinner. The plan is to enjoy a BBQ and a few drinks and then have some fun. But Steve has brought another one of the roofers with him. I am really surprised and so is Scott. I assume the idea is that the other guy is here for the BBQ and then will leave before we start to have a play. I am inside getting some drinks and Scott comes in and says to me, "That's Peter. Steve just asked me if we would mind letting Peter join in. Apparently he is married with 2 kids, but has been playing around with Steve a bit on these work trips. I had no idea". Peter is middle eastern and is over 6' tall, dark cropped hair with olive skin and a trimmed full beard. He has a really hairy chest with dark hair and is built like a body builder. On a purely physical form I am totally turned on, but that is the pig in me. It sounds great, but I love Scott and will only play if Scott wants too. "I was thinking, and this is totally up to you, maybe we can share them. I haven't been fucked by a guy since I converted just over a year ago. Maybe they can share us together?" I am getting hard as Scott tells me this and I can see Scott is starting to pop a boner. So I tell Scott to go clean himself out while I continue to entertain and cook. Originally it was just Steve breeding me, so Scott hadn't prepared himself. And Scott always topped me. We all sit around the BBQ and enjoy a smoke as we cook dinner. Peter is not at all shy since he has been obviously told that it is on for the night. He sits with his thick cock peaking out of his shorts all through dinner and both Scott and I are open about how much we enjoy the show. After dinner and a few drinks and while we are having a smoke Steve stands up and says, "So tonight we have some fun" and pulls his semi hard cock out of his shorts. Peter follows suit and Scott looks at me and says "You have first choice". So I go over and go down on Peter and Scott does the same on Steve all out in the open. There are both hard in an instant. Steve is an average thickness cock but it is long. At least 8 inches. Peter on the other hand is an easy 9" and thick. I cant take it all in my mouth. We give them head for a few minutes and then Scott and I stand up and begin to lead them inside to the bedroom. In the bedroom Scott takes charge and I now realise why I love him even more. "Here are the rules. All cocks go in raw and natural. But at the end of the night ALL cum goes to my little piggy boyfriend here" and he puts his arms around me and and kisses me. Steve looks a little surprised, and Scott continues "don't fucking stress boss man. You can both still fuck us both, but my pig here gets all the loads. If Simon says so I will let you fuck me at work once next week and give me your load. But only once so you have the pleasure of having bred both of us." Scott looks at me and I respond, "Fuck I love you man - yeah of course". Scott moves to the other side of the bed and assumes the doggy style while I crawl onto the bed on my back with my legs in the air so my face is directly under Scott's face. The two men take no time to slide their spit soaked cocks inside us both. Peter in my arse and Steve in Scott's. It's been a while for Scott and I can see him grimace in pain. I kiss him "Are you ok babe?" "Yeah it will relax soon - all good" but Steve is not giving him the chance and is beginning to piston fuck Scott almost immediately. Peter is taking it a bit slower and you can tell is is all about maintaining control. "It's been ages since I got some arse. Steve over there really prefers to top too. And the missus hasn't put out since the last kid. And your arse is so much tighter than a pussy." I squeeze my arse to suck his cock in more and it almost sends him over the edge. "If your that close man, let one go cause we have time and I pretty sure you'll be up for seconds pretty quickly and be able to relax more once you have that first load out of your balls." Peter takes my advice and while I am kissing Scott and telling him how much I love him Peter slams into me so hard it break my kiss and he yells "Oh no!!!! Oh No!!!!" I he is shooting what must be the biggest load I have ever taken deep inside my guts. I can genuinely feel my hole being filled and he seems to twitch and pump for ages. It sends Steve into a frenzy and he pulls out of Scott and rushes around to my arse and is yelling "MOVE". But Peter is still rock hard. So Peter pulls out with a pop and a small gush of cum follows him and he goes over to Scott and slides his still hard cock inside Scott and Steve slams into my hole and is exploding inside me the second his cock slides in. He doesn't even fuck me. He just slams in balls deep and I can feel his cock pulsating as he releases his seed into me. He holds his cock there as he seems to be trying to force every last drop out of his cock into me and I continue to kiss my mans as my insides are flooded with more cum. To my surprise Peter is fucking up a storm inside Scott and his eyes are bulging and he says "fuck I think I'm gunna cum again." He pulls out and Steve pulls out of me and I stop kissing Scott and say "Stay man, finish in Scott." And I look Scott in the eyes and say "this ones for you babe". and he smiles and kisses me again as Peter floods my boyfriends arse with his second load. Meanwhile Steve has slid out of me and is starting to go soft and is fingering my cum filled hole as Peter is finishing off in Scott's arse. We all get up and put our shorts back on and step outside for a smoke and rest. Steve and Peter are clearly relieved and judging by what happened and the size of the loads it has been a while for each of them. Scott just can't keep his hands of my arse and keeps fingering me while kissing me between puffs of smoke in front of them and telling me he loves me so much. The other two are laughing and say "for fuck sake - get a room you too". I finger Scott's hole this time and can feel Peter's load in there. It was another huge load and I am impressed at what he pumped out. We drink and smoke and chat for another hour before Peter says he needs to go back to his hotel room since he has an early start. As he stands Scott stops him and says "thanks for the load, but I wanted tonight to be all about my little pig here. Surely you can give him one more before leaving." Scott pulls my shorts down and bends me over the outdoor table and my arse is still leaking cum. Scott pulls Peter's pants down and starts to give him a head job and he is hard almost instantly. "Now give my pig what he deserves before you leave" and Peter slides right back in and starts fucking me again. It is making a sloshing sound by now and it feels so wet and smooth. He fucks me for longer this time, but after about 10 minutes he releases another load deep inside me before he says thanks and leaves. So the three of us sit around and drink and smoke for another hour. I have cum dripping down my legs through my shorts by now. Steve is getting horny again and he starts playing with his cock and he is rock hard in a few minutes. "So who will it be before I leave" and he looks as Scott. "not me man, I prefer to top and one loads enough for me. You need to feed my little pig here." And he kisses me again. He does the same thing as with Peter. We don't go inside. But this time Scott bends me over in front of him and say's "have a drink while he finishes off in you and pulls his shorts down letting his wet cock soaked in pre-cum hit my face. I suck Scott while Steve fucks me again and releases his last load for the night in me and leaves. Scott and I then go inside and relax on the lounge and leave all the dishes till the next day. Scott fingers my hole and I have to do everything possible to not shit a bowl of cum while he does it. He keeps licking his fingers when doing it. "How did you feel about that babe" he says. "as long as it is with you and your happy, then I am happy" I respond. "Well as promised babe, let's go to bed and I will be the last one in you" We got to bed and I realise that through all of this neither Scott or I have cum ourselves. Scott lays me on my back with my legs over his shoulders and slides into me wet leaking hole easily and begins to fuck me while jacking my cock off for me. I don't take long and I can't resist feeling and touching his scorpion tattoo as I blow a huge load all over my stomach. I feel him buck and as he grunts loudly, I say "sting me again babe. Give me more venom". And Scott erupts deep inside me. The edge of the bed sheet is now wet with the cum of the 3 men. Scott then falls on top of me with my cum matting his blonde treasure trail and him still inside me. He kisses me and doesn't go soft. For the first time ever he actually falls asleep on top of me with his cock still rock hard in my used hole. At the end of the 6 months Scott has found a local job, and our living arrangements are now permanent. We are very much in love, yet on occasion Scott shares me with a few mates. I couldn't ask for a hotter, better more understanding boyfriend.
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    Fantasy* I really enjoyed toying with the idea of being tied up and raped against my will but would never do it in a million years. I would log on and chat and set up meetings for guys to come over to find me tied up, but I would always slip out before things went anywhere, saying we had to stop. I had al ot of fun with it. One day, I was talking with a guy on Squirt. He was a 50 year old top daddy who said he wanted to fuck me. I replied "Come on over to my place, I'll leave the door unlocked. You come in, find me laying on my back, on my bed, my wrists handcuffed to my ankles. I will have a blindfold and ballgag in so I can't scream. Just use my hole however you want. As far as I'm concerned this is real. Punish me if I struggle." Although I said he could do to me however he wanted, I had no intention of giving him free range, but he didn't know that. He was clearly up for my invitation, taking down my address, and saying he'd be at my place in an hour or so. I prepared myself by laying down, putting on the ballgag and blindfold, and slipping the handcuffs over my wrist very loose. So there I was, waiting, with a massive hard on. In less than an hour I heard the front door open and close. I heard foot steps approach the bed, only to realize, to my utter horror, my top man had grabbed my wrists, squeezed and clicked the handcuffs tight. I couldn't get out. A gruff voice announced "Just wanted to make sure you weren't going anywhere, baby." Then he brayed coarsely. I struggled, yelling loudly behind my gag, but in truth my cries were scarcely audible. And, for that matter, I was barely moving. He started to lick and finger my hole and it hurt. I then heard to my panic the belt and zipper of his pants coming off. I'd never yet felt anything enter my ass but I was feeling him pushing his cockhead in. "Oh, baby, you're so tight," he moaned. Struggling, I tried to buck him off. He leaned against my restrained legs, slapped me across the face and pushed in deeper commenting "I've been saving this poz load for a willing hole for quite a while. Not only are you gonna get a big load, I love how realistic you're making this session, baby." I was horrified, my pride destroyed. I was crying. He fucked me hard for about 20 minutes when he leaned into my ass, filling me up with his poz load. After he caught his breath he wihdrew, climbed off, all the while I waited for him to uncuff me. My blindfold was soaking wet with tears. My heart dropped when, as he zipped his pants, he told me "Thanks sweetheart. I hope you have a great day. I went ahead and shared your address across a few other websites...."
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    Part 4: Disowned and Owned My Mom had gotten worried because it was so late and I wasn't home yet. I had arrived at the medical office at 4:30 P.M., and, in glancing at the clock, was shocked to see it was now after 10:00 P.M. Involuntarily I remembered the old saying "Time flies when you're having fun." Apparently it was true. Standing next to my Mom was Dr. Bell's nurse, Michelle. The appearance of Michelle and my Mom made it fairly Mom, concerned about my absence, had reached Michelle, who, guessing I was still at the office, had instructed Mom to meet her at the office so they could check to see if I was still there. And, of course, in the process of searching for me, Michelle (apparently deliberately) let my Mom into the office, knowing Mom would likely discover her little boy taking poz cock. I wasn't embarrassed in the least, in part because the look on my Mom's face was priceless, and Michelle was grinning with uncontrolable glee, all but salivating at the scene. It took Mom several minutes to pull herself together, but when she did, true to form, she was a drama queen, exclaiming "You're no son of mine! You're on your own. I don't want to see you again!" Before I had the opportunity to digest her declaration Dr. Bell spoke-up saying "That's just perfect as I was about to invite your son to move in with David and me," stepping forward to take me in his arms. The venom of Mom's declaration rendered moot, I was fully prepared to through gasoline on the fire so I gave Dr. Bell an intensely deep and passionate kiss, followed by exchanging a similar kiss with David. As I hoped, Mom was utterly disgusted with our menage a trois, storming off in an impressive, if pointless huff. Looking forward into the immediate future I thought "Excellent. I have my own life to live." After Mom left, the four, (yes, including Michelle), sat around chatting. Dr. Bell asked her if she would draw my blood for the lab. Agreeing readily, Michelle skillfully drew the samples as I luxuriated in bliss, and when she was finished and had prepared the sample for the lab testing firm, Dr. Bell, David, and I dressed, and as everyone was hungry, the four of us went to Dr. Bell's house, Dr. Bell and David in one car, and Michelle and I in her car. Dr. Bell's house was only about 15 minutes distant from the medical office, and enroute Michelle and I had a wonderful talk and she said she would help make sure I was taken care of after my results came back. I asked her as to my chances of becoming poz, and she replied given all the cum and blood in my ass, the prospects of seroconversion were excellent. Upon hearing this I actually had an orgasm in her car without even touching my cock. My second no-hands orgasm of the night. Michelle, realizing what had just happened, smiled broadly saying she thought I would really enjoy living with Dr. Bell and David. As we arrived at Dr. Bell's house I was in awe. The house was huge. As Michelle prepared a meal for us Dr. Bell gave me the grand tour, in the process identifying my room, after which all four of us convened in the kitchen where Michelle was in the process of putting a meal together. "Michelle, would you mind taking this young man to the store tomorrow morning? He needs a new wardrobe." Before Michelle could reply I replied "Dr. Bell, I have very, very little money, and can't afford new clothing. Somehow I'll have to get my stuff from my Mom's house." Dr. Bell looked at me with an understanding look, and replied "Don't worry about the cost. Oh, and if you're comfortable with the idea, David and I would be pleased if you would simply address me as 'Daddy'." I was definitely comfortable with his proposal, and, returning his offer with a wide smile, answered "Thank you, Daddy." With that Daddy again kissed me, leaving me with the feeling I had truly come home. Our kiss ended, David and I wandered off to the living room as Daddy and Michelle finished-up the meal preparations. Seated on the couch, David and I found ourselves making out, and as we did so David commented with a sly smirk on his face "It's gonna be great having you around, if only 'cause there will be plenty of sex to go around." Grinning, I knelt in front of David, unzipped his trousers, and pulling out his cock went to town on it. When fully hard, I stood, dropped my own trousers, and rode his cock. We tried to be reasonably discreet, but were unsuccessful. As I bounced up and down, my moans became increasingly pronounced, and by the time David unloaded his cum deep inside my ass, Daddy and Michelle were staning in the doorway watching the show. As I gave David a deep 'thank you' kiss, Michelle told Daddy that appeared I would be a son. Daddy agreed. As I climbed off of David's cock Michelle said dinner was ready and I sat at the table nude as cum oozed from my ass. As we sat through dinner we talked about everything under the sun. Once we were finished everyone was ready for bed. I then realized Michelle lived here as well. So each of us when off to his (or her) respective room for a good night's sleep. Crawling into bed I smiled, fully aware how fortunate I was to have landed on my feet. The night flew by and before I knew it the morning had arrived. Michelle awoke me with the announcment "It's time to go shopping." It was 7:00 A.M. I tried to argue with her that it was too early but I lost the argument. So at this point my new life officially began.
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    Part 4: "As I mentioned Steve was keen to fuck you from day 1, but he literally hasn't had a chance. I don't think he is poz though. Well he never mentioned it. And I want to do the right thing by him as my boss. Would you let him fuck you. I know we just said we'd be boyfriends and all, and if you don't I am totally fine with that. But I know he wants too." I am looking at Scott and he seems a little torn over this. "Babe, if you are ok with your boyfriend being bred by another man, then I am fine with it too. but I have one condition. Do you think he can wait a few weeks?" "Of course he can, well he fucking will, why a few weeks?" he asks. "Well one of the reasons I want you so bad apart from just about everything about you is this (I point to his scorpion). I don't want there to be any question at all that it is your DNA and babies inside me. I don't know Steve's status and don't care. But can we wait until we are certain that you have become a part of me?" Scott looks at me in both surprise and affection and just kisses me non-stop for the next five minutes. "I have never want to be with someone this much before. Not even my ex made me feel this way, and no one has ever wanted me to be a part of them in such an intimate way. It's like I am literally sharing the most valuable thing I have with you. Yeah lets wait. Better still, if it is a rough ride for you I will be here to take care of you." We kiss again, and he is hard as a rock and leaking precum again. "Maybe we should get an early night so I can try to get you pregnant again then". So we go to bed and tonight he fucks me twice straight after each other for the first time. Initially it is romantic with a lot of body rubbing and he fucks me slow and gently until he blows another toxic load in me. I go down and lick his cock clean and he never goes soft. "Babe, ever since I used the word "boyfriend" with you I have been hard as a rock. It's like someone shoved and overcharged battery in me." So I straddle him and sit in his hard cock again. Some of his first load is dripping out past his cock as he begins to fuck me again. This time I am on top and it seems to drive him wild. I am usually a total bottom but this evening and what we have talked about has got me rock hard too. He fucks me hard and I ride him in complete rhythm and for the first time in my life as he started to buck me and tell me I'm about to get another toxic load off him, I blow my load hands free and half of it gets him in the face. When he has finished unloading in me I keep him inside me and lean in and start licking my load of his chest and face. He raises his hand to my mouth and he sticks his finger in my mouth to feel my cum and says "now don't be greedy". I lean in and I kiss him and his tongue is searching my mouth for every last drop of my load in there. We kiss for ages and until there isn't a drop of cum to be shared. His cock slowly goes soft and pops out of my hole and I just lay there on his tuft of hair on his chest, his soft cock still at my hole and drops of cum dripping onto his cock and fall asleep. Nothing has felt more natural. The next morning Scott doesn't rush to get ready before Steve arrives. This time Steve turns up and can see Scotts ute, but no Scott. Scott being the man I am beginning to love so much walks out my back door with only his shorts on and no shirt while still brushing his teeth. He makes a point of showing he stayed the night. And as usual he is a sight to behold. I watch from the window as he walks up to Steve and you can see Steve initially is confused but as Scott gets closer the penny drops and you see huge smile across Steve's face. "You dog!!!" he yells and laughs. "I had no fucking idea. And here I am saying I wanted to tap that". They jostle and joke for a while and then I see Scott pull the top of his shorts down to show his tattoo. Steve is initially shocked, but seems ok with it and they continue to talk a bit longer. Then Scott turns around and points to me in the window and gestures for me to come out. "Steve this is my boyfriend Simon". And Scott kisses me on the lips there in front of Steve and puts his arms around me. Steve turns to me now "So Scott pretty much has given me the heads up. We been working together for a few years and the only thing I am disappointed in is not knowing this hottie was batting for both teams. But he seems pretty hot for you and you must be doing something good cause he's the happiest I've seen him in ages. So he will be staying here with you for the rest of the time we are in town I understand. Clearly you have your sleeping arrangements sorted" and Scott smacks me on the arse. "He also showed me his tattoo which is even a bigger surprise to me. And if your wondering how I felt about it, well all I could say to Scott was welcome to the brotherhood." I am surprised and say "Wait, your ... poz as well?" And Steve pulls his shorts down to the op of his cock and there above his cock is a biohazard tattoo. "FUCK!!!" is all I can say. "So Scott says he wants you all to himself for a month or so first, but once he is satisfied what you have is permanent according to him, then I would be allowed to breed you for just one night. According to Scott apparently he owes me that. So I'll take it." Scott just looks at me and I realise that he has not discussed the arrangement we have for him to get me pregnant. Smart move. Obviously Steve thinks I am already part of the brotherhood. We get back to our daily routines and Scott is for all intensive purposes living with me now as my boyfriend and the situation is just perfect in every way. He has a sex drive that matches mine and we fuck at every chance we get. Exactly one month in I come down with the flu. Only mildly worse than normal, but true to his word, Scott takes a week of work and looks after me even though I really don't need it. It isn't much worse than the the usual flu, but it only lasts the week and the following week we both attend the local clinic and I have all my tests done. We are open with the nurse and explain his status and that we are expecting a poz result. We told her not to panic if it is. Sure enough one day later I get the call and I am poz. I have absolutely no negative emotion. I finally understand how a woman that wants to get pregnant feels when she gets the news. I wait until Scott gets home that day and when I tell him we go out for drinks to celebrate. He cannot keep his hands off me more than usual and it draws a lot of attention. He fucks me in the parking lot before coming home and then fucks me again three times when we get home. After the third fuck at home we are laying there snuggling and I say "you know its ok. I am pregnant now. You don't have to try so hard anymore" and we both laugh. He rolls over on top of me and with his cock hard again rubbing against my belly he looks me in the eye and kisses me for a long time with that amazing beard and then says "I know I don't need to try anymore. I will be part of your forever now and that really means something to me. So, yeah that deed is done. I just want to fuck you more and more now. Partly because you've got my babies running around your body now, but mostly cause after all this, I'm in love with you. And I just want to be with you and inside you every chance I get." He fucks me again for the 4th time before we fall asleep in each others arms. I am in love! To be continued for Steve...
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    Part 3: So the next day is a pretty good one for me. I spent most of the day with Scott's load in me as I worked inside and he worked outside with Steve. He takes every chance he gets to sneak in for a kiss and grope. The rest of the week is a repeat of the last night., Scott spends every night with me. He loads me up load after load, but it's not just sex. He is incredibly affectionate and he loves to snuggle and kiss. He definitely loves to breed though and he is inside me every chance he gets. I barely eat the entire week so I can stay clean all the time in case he gets horny and he can breed me whenever he wants. Before I met Scott I was recently tested neg and I knew if I converted it was going to be his babies inside my. His DNA and strain roaming around my body and the thought of this man inside me in this way forever made my crazy for his cock and loads. When he would fuck me missionary style it was the best because I got to see the look in his eyes as he would let go of his toxic juices deep inside me. He would then kiss me as he spasmed his last squirts deep inside me and I would feel more connected to him than ever. I would wrap my legs around him so tight because I never wanted him to be apart from me. So by the end of the first week he had stayed the night at my place every night. Same routine and he would be up and out before Steve would arrive. He stayed with me the weekend and on the Sunday morning we got to talking as I lay in his arms with his morning load dripping from my hole. He played and fingered my cummy hole the entire time. It was like he had to have some part of his body inside me every chance he got. I decided to bite the bullet and just go for what I wanted and I asked him if he wanted to move in and stay with me the entire time he was in town to save paying money for the accommodation. I knew this was risky. He was bi and was also leaving in 6 months and I had to be honest I really was falling for this guy. He seemed keen but asked if he could think about it. I thought maybe I pushed it but what the hell. Nothing changed though he was as horny and affectionate as ever. We vegged a bit and watched a movie. I took him to see some places around town and when we got back I said I would make dinner. While preparing the food he had a shower and when he was done he walked into the kitchen completely nude and sporting a rock hard cock. He didn't say anything, just pushed me against the bench and pulled my shorts down. He spat on his cock and shoved it straight in. Again I just couldn't get enough of it, and he started getting verbal again about how he was going to knock me up and I was going to have his poz babies. He thrust so hard at the end it felt like he found a totally new spot inside my arse and it felt like he exploded one of his biggest loads yet inside me. Something was different with this fuck. It was more intense and deep than the others. As he pump the last few drops of his venom inside me he stayed there leaning against my back plugging my hole with hard still hard cock. Again he nibbled my neck and ear and he leans in and I can feel his breath on my ear. Still inside me he whispers in my ear, "there's your answer babe". I reach around to grab his arse and hold him deep inside me and against my arse. "I'm not sure - what is the answer?" He pulls out slightly and thrust in hard and bottoms out on my arse "Yes. This is what I want every day I am here. Every night, every morning. I want to spend every moment I can inside you like this. I want to stay here with you" he says as he kisses my ear and neck. We have dinner and discuss logistics, and then snuggle on the couch and chat about the coming weeks, namely his boss etc. "Steve doesn't know I like the boys as well as girls, but I think this will be enough of a hint. Tomorrow I am going to tell him. But I want to tell him I have decided to live with my boyfriend while I am here". The word boyfriend makes my heart skip a beat and I think it is visible and I noticeably gasp. "sorry is that a bit soon? I just figure if we are gunna live together and you are going to let me share my DNA, my strain, the most personal thing I have with you, I figured we should at least be boyfriends." he is starting to get hard again just talking about it and so am I. "look I had a girlfriend for 3 years, and the last year has been a bit lonely on that front. I really want to give this gay side a fair go. Who better to do that with than the man that wants to have my babies". We kiss and I give him a resounding yes. And immediately we seem to have moved to a completely new level of comfort with each other. "I don't think Steve will have a problem with it" I say. "He seemed to be flashing me his cock on day one". "Yeah Steve is bi as well, I know that, but he never knew I was. Actually he was all up me about fucking you after that first day" and he laughs. "that brings us to the point of Steve, there is something I might need my new boyfriend to do for me." We both smile and I am pretty sure I know where he is going with this. To be continued...
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    It was the winter after I turned 18 when, right before Christmas, I came down with the flu. I dreaded going to the doctor, but my Mom insisted, getting me an appointment on a late Friday afternoon. She was supposed to drive me there, but she telephoned, saying she couldn't get off of work. So somehow I drove myself. A little bit about me. I'm 5' 6" and weigh maybe 145 pounds. Blonde hair that's just about shoulder length. And hazel eyes. Being small older men loved me but none had fucked me yet because they didn't believe I was 18. So off I go to the doctor. I had scarcely walked through the door of the doctor's office when a wave of something hit me - leaving me feeling like shit. Even so there was paperwork to complete, so by the time the nurse came to lead me back to the examination room to get my vitals, the waiting room was empty. After the nurse had taken my blood pressure, temperature, and other routine tests, she remarked "The doctor will be with you shortly." Perhaps five minutes later HE walked in. Dr. William Bell. Six feet, seven inches and perfectly lean, salt and pepper hair. In his mid 50's. My type of man. I was hard instantly. Dr. Bell told the nurse she could go ahead, that he would lock-up, Dr. Bell and I chatted for several minutes until the nurse left and Dr. Bell asked me to undress to check for any abnormalities. I was slightly embarrassed because my cock was hard and I was leaking precum. Dr. Bell didn't pay any attention as his hands poked and prodded at my body. Dr. Bell then had me lay back on the bed and put my feet in the stirrups so he could check my prostrate. I thought that was kind of strange considering anybody could tell I had the flu. But he was a doctor so - well, whatever. I felt somewhat vulnerable given my ass was exposed, but at the same time I was still turned-on. Dr. Bell then startled me, asking if I had ever had anything in my ass. "No," I replied. He responded with a big smile as he murmurred "Just relax," inserting his index finger into my ass. I was so excited and nervous that I didn't notice Dr. Bell hadn't pulled-on a glove on to check my prostrate. As his finger entered my ass my load exploded. I was beyond embarrased, but to my surprise Dr. Bell didn't remove his finger, but rather inserted a second finger. He then scooped up my cum and fed it to me. Before long I was hard again and moaning like a bitch in heat. I noticed a couple of times what felt like him scratching inside my ass. It hurt slightly but the pleasure was far greater than the pain. After a few minutes Dr. Bell inserted a third finger in my ass really opening me up. After Dr. Bell had my ass where he wanted he lowered his pants. I nearly fainted at the size of his cock. It was a full nine inches long and as thick as a coke bottle. I also noticed a scorpion tattoo but I didn't know what it meant. He told me he was going to really destroy my immune system. Positioning himself at the foot of the bed, his cock aligned with my ass, and for better or worse before I could object to the prospects of that monster entering my ass, Dr. Bell shoved his cock all the way into my hole. I all but fainted from the pain. When I came to Dr. Bell was fucking my ass with a steady, powerful rhythm. It started feeling really good and I didn't think about asking about a condom, reasoning to myself "After all he is a doctor so what could happen?" My own cock was now hard again and I was on the edge of having another orgasm. After a few more minutes Dr. Bell really picked up the pace and was fucking me like a man possessed, so it wasn't surprising when Dr Bell let out a growl and unloaded what felt like a gallon of cum in my ass. This sent me over the edge and I exploded all over my chest. Kissing me hard, Dr Bell said "In two weeks I want to see you again." He also inserted a butt plug in my ass saying he said he would call me when it was time to remove it. Oh, by the way, Dr. Bell did indeed write me out a prescription to combat the flu. He also said "Welcome to the club," but didn't elaborate. Nearly two weeks have passed since I saw Dr. Bell, and I am still down with the flu. I can't wait to see Dr. Bell again and find out why.
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    Part 79 - The Smell of Leather Joe and Kyle were packing up the last of the gear and dragging it down to the car. Jaime had called a few minutes earlier asking where they were. “Guess he’s almost as excited about a weekend with lots of hot guys in leather as I am” Joe said. He made sure he had the hotel info that Patrick had sent him and they drove over to Jaime’s place. The drive was long and unlike the spring break trip they didn’t stop at all of the rest stops, so they could save up as much cum as they could. Halfway through the trip Joe’s escort phone buzzed and he took a look at the message. “hey. bro been sick a couple days. last nite i woke up sweating. now have rash on chest, arms” said Blaine’s message. “congrats. u r prob in club now. wait a week n hit clinic” Joe replied. The Friday afternoon traffic in Chicago sucked but they finally got to the hotel. Joe and Kyle grabbed their bags and said “See you tomorrow” before they hopped out and let Jaime drive the car back to his parent’s house in the burbs. Joe and Kyle’s heads were rubber necking as they walked through the lobby and up to the desk to check in. They had never seen so many guys wearing leather gear in one place. Some were subtle but many weren't. Once they got to the room, they unpacked and showered. Joe started assembling the sling while Kyle rolled a few joints. Joe had texted Patrick once they got to the room and his phone buzzed just as he connected the last chain. Joe read the message and said to Kyle “Ready for a crazy weekend? We’re supposed to go to Patrick’s room and meet everyone.” “Do you want me to go or should I go scout out the hotel?” Kyle asked. “They may be my future co-workers, but if I fuck em, you should too” Joe replied. Joe hoped that first meeting would be a quick introduction and then right to sex, but decided to not assume anything and dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt. They wandered up to the other hotel room, not knowing what to expect. Joe knew that Patrick and Raphi would be there but he had no idea how many others were sticking around for the weekend. Joe stood in front of the door for a few moments, took a deep breath and knocked. The door opened a few inches and then Patrick invited them in. Joe looked around and saw Raphi on his knees sucking a tall black muscle bear who seemed to be about 40. Next to them was a white guy about the same age that looked like an ex-jock with a shaved head and a bushy beard. Behind them was a muscled asian guy that seemed to be about Joe’s height and age. “Joe, you know Raphi. Above him is Evan, our VP of Sales. Next to him is my boss Micah. And hiding in back is Ken who will be working with you. He started in January after graduating early. There are two others that are here this weekend but they are partners and they said they won’t play around this weekend. Knowing Skyler, they’ll probably be in their room the whole weekend fucking each other. You might meet them at a couple social things I planned” Patrick said. “Sounds good. This is my boyfriend Kyle and we won’t be alone in our room all weekend, hehe. What is the plan for this weekend?” Joe asked. “We really don’t have a plan other than to have a good time. I told these guys that everyone should have taken a load from all the other guys by Monday, no questions asked. I know Raphi has a little head start since he’s had a few dicks in him every day this week. Now he just has to breed some ass to make up for all he’s taken” Patrick said. “Well, if anyone is interested, I have scheduled a few parties tomorrow in our room and anyone is welcome. One is for a friend of ours and the other is for a guy I met online that wants to be a cumdump for a couple hours” Joe explained. The smile he got out of Ken was the first sign that he wasn’t scared out of his mind with the thoughts of what might happen this weekend. Both Evan and Micah nodded and Raphi was still sucking on Evan’s dick. “How about we start with a quick fuck and then head out to dinner before we hit the bars tonight?” Patrick said. “I like that. How about we start with management on staff?” Evan replied. Kyle looked around and realized he was going to be left out, but quickly decided he would sample the cocksucking skills of each bottom while they got fucked. Joe and Kyle removed their clothes while everyone else took off what little clothing they still had on. Joe climbed on the bed next to Raphi and Ken then climbed on the other bed. Joe was on his back and Raphi and Ken opted for their knees. Kyle’s cock was already getting stiff as he stood between the two beds looking at the bottoms and saw the three tops all talking quietly to each other, choosing who they would fuck first. Patrick walked up to Joe and smiled. “Now its time for me to return the favor” he said. Evan approached Raphi and adjusted his position to be ass height. Micah took his place behind Ken, spreading his legs wider and then rubbing his cock over his hole. Kyle kneeled on the bed and slapped his cock over Raphi’s cheeks and then pressed it to his lips. A little bit of lube was applied and the three tops simultaneously pushed in. Raphi stared at the biohazard tattoo above Kyle’s cock as he sucked and was getting pounded from Evan’s thick rod. Joe was getting no mercy from Patrick who seemed intent on destroying his hole right away. Micah may have started out slow and easy on Ken, but turned out to be the vocal top. The room was soon filled with grunts and comments about the bottom’s hungry cunts. Having stuffed Raphi’s throat enough, Kyle needed a break and pulled out. He turned around and looked at Ken. His face was pressed to the bed with Micah’s hand on his shoulders. He chuckled and realized that Ken was not going to be his next cocksucker, but if he stood on the bed, Micah’s mouth would be at just the right height. He climbed on and straddled Ken’s body and looked down at Micah who looked up at him for a moment before realizing Kyle’s intent. Micah’s furled eyebrows told Kyle that he wasn’t used to being anyone’s cocksucker, but Kyle didn’t care. Micah wasn’t going to be his boss in a few months. A hand on the back of Micah’s head guided him forward and Kyle’s cock was soon pressed to his lips. He pushed harder and when those lips parted, Kyle started to fuck Micah’s mouth. Micah may now have been quieter, but he was still pounding Ken’s ass as hard as ever. Kyle had his hands on each side of Micah’s head and was drilling into his throat which unsettled his rhythm fucking Ken. Kyle could feel Micah trying to break free and after a few more minutes let go and pulled his cock out just as Micah let out a growl and slammed into Ken’s pussy, unleashing a huge load of cum inside. Micah looked at Kyle and said “Payback is gonna be a bitch” and then grinned at him. Evan had been drilling Raphi’s ass while he watched Micah, Kyle and Ken. He was holding off until either Patrick or Micah had shot. He never wanted to be the first top to unload, but Raphi was working his cock really well and it was a struggle not to shoot. He heard a grunt from Patrick and then slammed in hard two more times before his cock started pumping seed into Raphi’s hungry cunt. Patrick had jackhammered Joe’s hole from the start. It was a hard fuck that Joe wasn’t quite expecting from his future boss. His impression from the previous times that he had fucked Patrick was that he was mostly a bottom, but now he knew that might have been wrong. But now he felt the warmth as Patrick’s poz cock shot rope after rope of cum into his ass. He looked up and Patrick seemed to be lost in bliss with his eyes closed. A smile slowly grew on Patrick’s face and he slowly pulled is cock out of Joe’s hole, cum dripping down on to the floor. “OK, now it’s time to switch it up. I know at least a couple of you bottoms want to fuck management” Patrick said with a chuckle. Raphi, Ken and Joe climbed off the bed. Each was looking at the three management guys over trying to decide who to take. Ken and Raphi were spending too much time looking back and forth so Joe walked over to Evan and twisted his pierced nipple before turning him to the bed. “Oh fuck. Go easy, I don’t get fucked often” Evan said as he climbed on the bed, leaving his ass hanging over the edge. “Don’t worry, I’m a pro at opening up tight holes” Joe replied with a snicker. Ken and Raphi glanced at each other and swapped sides of the bed. Ken smiled as he walked up to Patrick, his cock pointing straight out and dripping precum. He put his hand around Patrick’s head and pulled him in for a short rough kiss and then pushed him to the bed next to Evan. Raphi was more hesitant as he approached Micah. He really didn’t feel comfortable fucking guys, much less a VP of his company. Micah laid down on the bed on his back and pulled up his muscular legs, exposing his hairy hole. Raphi kneeled down and stuffed his face between Micah’s ass cheeks. His tongue licked, probed and coated the hole with spit. His hand was stroking his cock, keeping it hard. After a few minutes he stood up and rubbed the head of his cock over the hole and started to push in. His body was shaking and his nerves were not helping his cock stay stiff. He pushed a finger into Micah’s pussy and then a second while stroking his cock again. Raphi quickly pulled his fingers out and pushed his cock in, finally getting inside. Kyle had been groping the other two pairs and noticed Raphi in a near panicked state. He walked over behind Raphi and reached around, first rubbing his chest while his cock humped Raphi’s ass. Kyle started pinching both of Raphi’s nipples which seemed to get the desired reaction. Raphi started to fuck Micah’s hole slowly, his cock now staying fully hard. Kyle twisted harder and Raphi’s thrusts got more energetic. Kyle adjusted his body and with the next outward thrust, he shoved his cock deep into Raphi’s cum filled hole. “Oh my god!” yelled out Raphi and he began to pump back and forth into Micah’s hole and on to Kyle’s pierced cock. His cock was leaking precum into Micah’s cunt and as it got sloppier, he fucked harder. He had no idea what Micah’s status was but his precum was coating every bit of flesh inside Micah’s hole and soon he would be flooding it with a two day load of virulent seed. He started to feel Kyle slamming into his ass which forced him into Micah even harder. He could feel his cock engorge and his balls were now aching and pulled tight. “FUUUCCCKKK!!!” screamed out Raphi as his cock pulsed and the cum seemed to shoot out with a force unlike any he had ever experienced. Raphi’s hole, too, was getting wetter as his orgasm was milking Kyle’s cum into his ass. Ken had started out gentle with Patrick, lubing his hole up with the bottle of lube he found on the bed and then slowly opening his pussy up with his cock. Now his body was rocking and driving his cock into Patrick and he was back in his normal “fuck zone.” When he saw Joe slam into Evan, he picked up the pace and was soon pounding his boss’s hole like Joe was doing to Evan. Any concerns about fucking his boss were long gone and he pulled Patrick up to his chest. He kept fucking but bit down on his shoulder and whispered in a ragged breath “Fuck, your hole feels so good. I hope we can fuck a lot more after this weekend.” Joe had started out slow with Evan, as well. His time escorting had gotten his cock into all types of guys, from virgin to those with decades of experience, extremely tight to very loose. Joe could tell that Evan had taken cock before, but he was still very tight. He briefly tongued Evan’s hole before using the lube on the table which he forced in with his finger. He did it a second time with two fingers and after twisting them around a few moments Evan squeezed his hole around Joe’s fingers. Joe knew he was ready and worked his cock inside. He loved watching his pale cock slowly sink inside Evan’s darker skinned hole. He built up speed as Evan got used to his cock but would jab his cock to spear Evan’s chute with his piercing and hopefully give a new way for his bug to invade Evan’s body. The bed was rocking as the four guys fucked into their bottoms. There were whimpers, grunts, moans and the occasional coherent word yelled out. Raphi was the first to shoot, followed by Kyle. Ken was enjoying Patrick’s hole but when Patrick started milking his cock with his ass muscles it didn’t take long before Ken pulled all the way out, slammed back in and unleashed his cum into his boss’s cunt. He growled with each shot that pumped inside, surprising just about everyone in the room. Joe was last, letting Ken finish and pull out. He liked having guys watch him fuck and he really wanted to impress this group. He hammered Evan until Evan was just yelling out “fuck fuck fuck” over and over. He slammed in, ground his hips against Evan’s ass and then let his balls pump their poison into Evan’s battered hole. He leaned over Evan’s back, his cock still firmly planted deep inside, and kissed Evan’s neck. As his cock softened, Joe pulled out and backed away. Ken leaned down and licked the cum dripping out of Patrick’s cunt and then moved over and did the same to Evan. He stood up and said “Damn, that was the hottest thing I’ve ever done!” Raphi turned to Kyle and said “Thanks for the help. My ass is yours whenever you want it.” Joe walked up behind Ken and whispered “I want your ass and cock before we go home.” Patrick stood up, cum dripping down his leg. “Lets get cleaned up and meet down in the lobby in a half an hour and get some food. Dress casual or slutty casual. The work week is over.”
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    I live in a remote location and sex is hard to come by. What is here is most game players and time wasters. But last week I got a message from a young 22 y/o local and he seemed serious. I'm 42. I picked him up and while we were driving somewhere quiet I noticed he was wearing footy shorts and he was rock hard already. So I grabbed his cock and he then started grabbing mine. As we drove I wanked him and had to stop - he was ready to blow. We found a quiet street out of town and pulled over. We got out and I was surprised when he kissed me for a bit. Then I bent over the bonnet and pulled my shorts down and he shoved his cock in me. It wasn't huge, but rock hard. He fucked me there over the bonnet for about 10 minutes which really surprised me since he almost blew in the car. Then he pulled out still rock hard and I thought I would suck him for a bit before giving it another go. It as then I realized he had already blown at least one load in me and a drop of cum dripped out with his cock down my leg. So I still cleaned his cock and then he went back in. He continued to fuck me for about another 10 mins even when truck drove past he didn't stop. He eventually pulled out and I am not sure if I got a 2nd load or not. He was a quiet little fucker. We drove back to where I picked him up and I dropped him off and went home with my arse wet and full and fell asleep like that.
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    My back ihas been bothering me so I looked for someone who could give me a real massage, specifically to work the knots out of the muscles in my lower back. I found a masseuse, and after talking to him for a few minutes, I got the impression he knew exactly how to work my back, so I went over to his place, knocked at the door, which he answered wearing only a jock strap and a tee shirt. He was about 30, was rather hot looking, and had a swimmer's build. I could also detect the outline of a nice size dick in his jock pouch. Welcoming me to his place, he asked me to lay on my stomach on his bed, explaining he had ordered a new massage table and it had not yet arrived. Of course I agreed, undressed, and lay face down on his bed. Applying some warm oil on my back, he went to work, finding every knot in my back. His treatment was somewhat painful, but I knew my back would feel much, much better the next day. Throughout the massage, although I couldn't actually see him, I got the impression he had shed his clothing, so I wasn't terribly surprised when I felt his hard dick slide across my body. Nor was I surprised my dick was also rock hard. I thought of a sexual encounter as an extra treat. By this time he had massaged every muscle in my back, so he began applying oil to my butt cheeks, a generous quantity of which oozed between my cheeks, pooling in the cleft of my hole. When he instructed me to spread my legs widely, I complied quite willingly, and to my pleasure his finger slid into my hole very easily. Then a second finger, and then he began working my prostate, all the while his hard dick rubbed against my leg. I couldn't help but think to myself "I'd love to get a fuck from him." He lay on top of me, uring me to relax as the head of his dick pressed against my hole. I couldn't tell whether or not he was wearing a condom, but I knew I wasn't on PrEP. Still I didn't object when his dick slid ever so gently into my hole, for which I was grateful as his cock was both long and thick. Before long he was balls-deep, fucking me in short strokes. I was in heaven as his strokes got longer, and when I began clamping down his his cock when he was at full depth, he muttered "Stop, man, I don't want to cum in you." To myself, however, I replied "I I don't care," and clamped down full bore. Still he pulled-out and blasted a load any porn star would be proud to pump out. When he had finished wiping his cum off of my ass, I turned and got the shock of my life: his chest bore a large tattoo of a BIO HAZARD symbol.
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    Thanks to this site, I know all about stealthing and how it’s done. I definitely get off starting with a condom but ending with a hole overflowing with fresh seed, whether because the rubber broke or broke accidentally on purpose, or got removed when the bottom is too blissed out to notice. Tonight at the baths, a tall skinny dude got the room next door. After he changed, he left his room and came into mine. He started playing with my hole, added gobs of Gun Oil, and before I knew it, he yanked my hips back, hooked his arms under my legs, and assaulted my hole. With extra gun oil, there was no problem taking his long cock with a rubber. it was the extra deep strokes that were the first clue. I know from here that’s how you break through the end of a condom. Of course I didn’t let on that I knew the score as he drilled fast and hard and deep. He was awesome, talked dirty as he leaned in with my legs over his shoulders. He called me “boy” as he took charge, telling me he knew I wanted to be fucked and filled. Well, that’s exactly what happened. He came in convulsions of cum, but then he left in a hurry. That’s when I started to feel cum leaking out of my hole. Tons of cum! It turns me on knowing that he bred my ass thinking I didn’t want his seed. I did, and now it’s sloshing away in me. Nice!
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    I recently started to get interested in leather and liking the more dominant tops it just seemed a natural progression. I hadn't been out into the scene much and thought I needed to make some changes there. I am 42 y/o and 5'6" tall. Naturally smooth and a few tattoos. I even have a subtle tattoo over my arse that can be seen as an arrow to my hole. Light brown hair, blue eyes and average build beginning to bulk up a bit since I started serious weight lifting recently.I bought myself a pure leather harness and I decided to go the leather kilt. I figured it provided the most modesty and yet easy access at a moments notice. The design was pretty good as it had a few pockets, so carrying my keys and cards etc on me the whole time was easy. I met a guy through a leather website who was keen to breed me and the best part about it was he had a pa in his cock. I had always fantasised about being fucked by a guy with a pa. There is just something magical about the thought of it on the end of the cock and it "whisking" up the load/s inside me. He was much taller, 6'1" tall and more of a bear type. Hairy and solid, bot not exactly overweight either. We hooked up a few times and he bred me deep and it was awesome. We became good fuck buddies. The this particular week I went to the doctor to fill my script for PreP and he was overseas and was not going to be back for 2 weeks. I had completely run out (bad management of time and appointment there on my part) so I had to stop taking the PreP until he got back and I could get an appointment. My regular FB was neg and on PreP so I figured no harm, no foul. The 1 week into being off the meds he calls me on the Friday and says their is a leather party in the city at the gay club. He knew I was hesitant about clubs but said I could go with him and he would look after me. What a great chance to try out my gear I thought. Not once did I consider my vulnerable status. I very naively didn't think it would be more than just that - a party. So I get into my gear on Saturday and my mate pics me up. Leather harness and kilt with my faux leather jockstrap underneath. He is also wearing a leather harness but he wears leather chaps with a black jockstrap. We get to the club and there are so many hot dudes on leather. But I fit right in and we have a few drinks. Every now and then my mate slides his hand up under my arse and fingers my hole. I have cleaned and lubed it for him in the hopes some time during the evening I will get a load off him. And then an hour into the night he tells me he is horny and I can see his cock trying to break through his jocks. He has his hand up my kilt and his finger in my arse as he tells me there is a back room of sorts for just this event. He grabs my hand and leads me to wear the toilets are and then past the toilets to a dimly lit room. There are about 10 guys in there in various stages of sucking but no one seems to be fucking. There is a table in the middle of the room and some guys are sitting against it as they are being sucked off. My mate turns me around to face the wall and pulls his cock out lifts my kilt and just shoves his cock in in one thrust. It hurts a bit at first but he doesn't care. He fucks me harder than usual and is more vocal than normal too. He makes a point of saying "take my raw cock" a number of times. A few minutes in he is blasting his load in me and I am stretched and relaxed all at the same time. He leans in to kiss my ear and whispers "how much of a bottom pig do you feel like tonight?" I don't say anything, I just make a noise "OINK!" He kneels down and pulls out a black marker pen and writes something on both my arse cheeks. I am guessing it is "Fuck Here" or "Insert Here" or similar. I have completely forgotten I had stopped my PreP. The pig has taken over me in lust. He literally lifts me up while still facing away from him and turns me around and carries me to the table in the middle and bends me over the edge of the table and lifts my kilt up and says "Guys this is my bitch for the night. Who wants a piece of this arse?" He slaps my arse hard and goes on to say "i decide who breeds my bitch, and you all are in. Just remember to indicate you have left your load inside him by putting a mark on one of his arse cheeks. Let's see how many loads he can take tonight" One guy comes in front of me and grabs my hands and says "you won't need them" his hard 7" cock bobbing in front of my face. I look at his cock and he shoves it down my throat. "That's it you pig. Keep me wet and hard until it is my turn to breed you". Before he is finished telling me that I feel another cock go straight into my hole. He fucks me hard and fast. All these guys have been sucking and edging, so I am not expecting anyone to be a fuck marathon. I take my second load in the first 5 minutes and after he pulls out, I feel him mark my arse with a stroke. This goes on for 2hrs. Guys come down fuck me and go back to the club over the hours and after the first hour I am pretty sure I have taken at least 15 loads. I can feel cum dripping down my legs between fucks and as we enter the 2nd hour my mate shows up in front of me with a beer. "Here, you need to stay hydrated. There's a way to go buddy. There is a line out the door". I drink the beer in one scull and I feel it go to my head. As the 2nd hour goes on I am light headed from the beer and I have no idea how many loads I have taken. But it must be a lot as I can feel guys putting marks on both my arse cheeks, so I guess they are running out of space lol. A couple of guys come back for seconds cause I hear them ask if they can go again. I figure my mate knows a lot of them by the way he speaks to them and he must be looking out for me as he seems to turn a few away. After about 2hrs of constant fucking, he says "ok, enough. My piggy needs a break and some food". He pulls my kilt down and I stand up and I feel a bit dizzy. "How many was that?" I ask. "Not sure myself, but I made sure every one of them put a stroke on your arse cheeks so we can count them later". We go back out to the club and people are even in various stages of undress out there now as the alcohol is taking hold. I stand at a standing table with my mate and he has ordered some fries for us both. A friend of his joins us, a 25y/o slim athletic godlike figure with shoulder length blonde hair that is tied back and a trimmed blonde beard with the final finishing of a lightly blonde hairy chest he calls Mark. Worn proudly on his shoulder is a biohazard tattoo. I am not looking to be poz, but the look of the tattoo on him gets my cock hard instantly under my kilt. It looks like he has just arrived and I am glad he wasn't around earlier. I don't think I would have been able to ever say no to him. He asks my mate, "so did you get to take your little pig here for a play in the pen? Yeah he told me all bout you mate" and he gives me an evil smile and then kisses my right on the lips completely out of the blue. It's deep and his tongue is exploring the whole time. I swear I am about to lose a load in my jocks. My mate says yes and Mark looks disappointed. "How many?" says Mark. My mate says a lot, but he is not sure, but we kept a count on my arse if he wants to tally it up for us. Without warning or hesitation, Mark moves behind me and kneels down so his face is at the same height as my arse and lifts my kilt. I feel him touching my arse cheeks and he is counting. He is whispering numbers to himself and I assume he needs to tally the numbers from both my cheeks. All I here is "Fuck yeah you are a good little pig! I'm sorry mate, but it's a little messy down here. Let me just clean it up for you for a minute". Without any more words I feel his beard against the insides of my arse cheeks and his tongue darts straight into my hole. The feeling is absolutely divine, but we are out in the open now. You couldn't actually see anything other than a guys head under my kilt at the back. And hear the moaning as he gave me the best rimming I had ever had. What was even more amazing is he licks the inside of my legs down to my knees. He really did mean it when he said he was gunna clean up for me down there. After about 5 minutes down there he stands up again behind me and I can feel he is hard. He whispers in my ear "sorry I missed the fun, but don't be stingy. I'm going to pop my head back down there and I want you to share some of the spoils with me". He goes back down and his tongue is probing my hole. I start to push a bit (which is unusual since I have been trying to do the opposite since the breeding) and I feel a flow of what I think is almost a cup of cum drain out. I hear a loud groan and I know he has managed to get it all. He stands up again and turns me around and kisses me hard. There is so much cum in his mouth that is drips down the sides of my mouth. When we have finished kissing and there is no cum left, he breaks off and licks the rest that we lost during the kiss and walks over to my mate and kisses him to finish it off. My mate then say we should head home and that I can spend the night at his house since Mark will be doing the same. I start to get a bit worried because of his tattoo, and I know I wouldn't be able to say no, but I don't want to be presumptuous or rude, so I agree. We all head back to my mates place in a cab. When we get to his place, Mark starts kissing me again and says "I wanna get some of that before it gets too dry. Lube it up for you again and maybe even again". He can see I am struggling with the idea and he asks what's the problem. I point to his tattoo and say I have been off my PreP for almost a week now. He looks really surprised and my mate looks at me in shock and almost yells "what?". I explain and my mate is looking really worried. Mark grabs my hand and leads me to the bedroom where there is a floor to ceiling mirror. He turns me around and lifts my kilt and says "look man". I look, and on one arse cheek I see in capitals "-ve/+U" and on the other cheek is "+VL". There are at least 10 strikes on BOTH sides. My heart drops for a second at the realisation of what I have done. I am conflicted because as dangerous as it was, I cannot deny how much I enjoyed it. I know my mate didn't realise I wasn't still on PreP, so it wan't his fault. Mark is asking if I am ok and I am less worried about myself than how my mate must feel. How can I reassure him I am ok with what happened and that I don't blame him? I look at Mark and look at his tattoo. I touch it with my fingers softly and say "well I guess if it's gunna happen, it's gunna happen. One more load will not make a difference. My only regret will be that if I do convert, I won't know who's DNA it was. And I would really like it to be yours." And I kiss him passionately. He breaks the kiss and looks me in the eye and says "just one?". I respond "it's probably best to no limit anything at this point with a number" He is hot and 17 years my junior and he wants to fuck me and share his toxic seed with me. Who am I to refuse. He gives me 3 more loads that night and my mate gives me 2 more. We wake up the next morning intertwined naked on the bed. We all kiss and cuddle for a bit and then I get up to go home. After getting dressed in normal clothes Mark comes up to me and kisses me and hands me a note with his number on it. "You know I do prefer guys that are older and shorter than me. I really want to do this more, if your keen. But here's the deal. Give it a month, and see how you go. If you get tested and after all this your still neg, then how about I take you to my family holiday house for a romantic week away. A real holiday, just you and me. And I will make sure it takes then. And when it does, when you are carrying my DNA inside you, I will marry you."
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    Part 2: So as the weeks roll by Mark texts me almost every day. I am horny as hell but he refuses to fuck me until I am tested. We come close a few times and I blow him a couple of times and the sexual tension is insanely high. He really seems to be into me and he assures me that regardless of the test results he still wants me. He just wants the chance to be the one to impregnate me with his DNA and know it if the chance arises. 6 weeks later I go to the clinic and get tested. I am astounded it is negative and I am also negative for all the other nasties after such a filthy night. I text Mark the good news and he rings me straight back. "Dinner tonight - my treat right?" He picks me up and we go for what is one of the nicest dinners I have ever had in a fancy restaurant. We talk about the past few weeks and for the most part it is pretty tame. Then he leads in to the week away. "So when can you get a week off?". I already have a weeks holidays booked for about a month away and Mark is set. "Right, that's the week that I get to change your life." He comes from a family with money and they own a beach house just 1 hour away. The next 3 weeks seem to take forever, but finally I finish wok on Friday and Mar is picking me up at 9am the next morning and we are off. I cannot believe this hot 25 y/o wants to spend a week away fucking me. Maybe his intentions are not exactly sincere, but the thought of a week with him is too good to pass up. We get to the house and it is a small 2 bedroom holiday house that has been renovated to a very high standard. A huge bathroom with walk in shower and a 3 person spa bath. It is directly on the beach and there is a huge deck at the back overlooking the beach. On it is a huge hot tub. I couldn't had want a nicer place to be converted. "Converted???" I suddenly think to myself. The Mark walks out of the bedroom in really tight board shorts and no shirt. And all of a sudden my concern is lost. "Yeah converted with his DNA - done deal" I think to myself. He walks up to me and kisses me like I have never been kissed before and turns me around to face the ocean. He stands behind me with his arms wrapped around me from behind and I feel his hard cock push against my arse through his shorts and he kisses and nibbles my neck and ears. "Are you ready for this week?" "You have no idea" I respond. "I had my blood tests last week and my viral load is the highest it's been in a long time. The doctor says I will have to start meds soon. So this may be the last chance." he says. We stand like that for almost half an hour silent and I feel so part of him already. I turn around and look him in the eyes and we kiss and he breaks the kiss and has a slight chuckle and massages my face with the back of his hand. Looking me in the eye he says "I haven't stopped thinking about you since that first night." I respond with the same sentiment. "I don't think you understand man, I really think I am falling for you" and he kisses me again and I am rock hard and my cock is pressing against his. I break the kiss and realise as I look into his eyes that he is dead serious. I get hold of myself and decide why the fuck not? "I think I may be feeling the same way". We kiss for what seems forever and he finally breaks free again and steps back holding both my hands in his. He looks at me in a way no one has ever looked at me before. "I'm kind of old fashioned in my own way, if this works, if this takes this week. If I get you pregnant with my DNA and babies I will be a responsible parent. If that happens will you marry me?" I cannot hold off any longer and I shoot a load hands free in my shorts and it is obvious and wet. "I'll take that as a yes" he say and kisses me and his cock is rubbing my now wet patch. "The what are we waiting for - lets get me pregnant". The week is exactly how I had fantasised and so much more. We have sex at every opportunity. In the bed, in the kitchen, in the shower, in the hot tub and over the kitchen table. It's like he is marking every location in the house. We go out for dinner three times and each time he fucks me in the toilets and one night he fucks me in the parking lot. I am a true pig bottom and by day 4 even I am getting a bit sore from all the fucking. The dream week comes to an end and we head home. In the car on the drive home, we drive with my hand on his thigh and cock as he massages my head. "You know what I said about if you get pregnant?" "Yeah" I respond. "Well I don't want you to be disappointed if your not. Sometimes it can take a while. But I meant what I said about if you do." "So what happens if I don't then?" I ask. Suddenly I realise I never asked about what happens if I don't. "Well I am not going to marry you if your not carrying my babies inside you. But that doesn't mean I don't love you". LOVE??? Fuck. I get hard almost instantly and he knows exactly what he said and what it did to me. "If your not pregnant, then it's not time for me to marry you. I only want to marry the man with my DNA and babies inside him. But, if your not, would you be my boyfriend and not take any other cock and loads until you do get pregnant with mine?" "Of course" I say. "Then as of this you are my boyfriend and my man, my valentine until you do". I have enjoyed having the hottest boyfriend on the planet for the past 2 months now and I haven't had a flu or anything. It's weird, I really want to marry Mark, so I am disappointed that I don't seem to have converted yet. I have a test when at the clinic for my three monthly check-up and explain my sexual history and the fact that I have been well with no flu like symptoms. 2 days later I get the call to come back in. I am confused but go in and it is confirmed. I'm HIV positive. The counsellor is concerned as I almost do a dance. I ask Mark over for dinner and over a bottle of wine I give him the news. I wonder if he was serious about his offer. It's now 6 months later and I am a newly married man
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    I haven't written in a while but the other day, something happened which I just had to share with you all. My husband is a shopaholic and orders orders stuff online all the time. Because of our work schedules are at odds, I often find his purchases are delivered when I am at home. This past week, I was in the shower and I heard the doorbell ring. He had mentioned a package would arrive that day, and it would require a signature, so I quickly pulled on a towel and ran downstairs. The UPS delivery guy that stood there when I opened the door was a handsome 40 something year old Middle Eastern looking wolf. Dark beard with extremely hairy arms and legs. He was bout 6'2" and maybe about 300lbs. Seemed muscular and was almost too big for his uniform. He addressed me, asking me to confirm my name. As it turned-out the package was for me. He handed me a small box and asked me to sign his clipboard. I fumbled with the box and clip board, particularly as my towel was working loose, and I had visions of it falling to the floor. Still, I successfully juggled the package, the clipboard and my towel, and everything satisfactorily handled, we exchanged the proper niceties I stepped back into the house. I had barely gotten inside and placed the box on the kitchen counter when I received this text message: "Hey, this is Sander. I just delivered your package. I was wondering if I could bother you for a glass of water?" I was slightly surprised, but still I replied by text "Of course, no problem." Upon opening the front door I found Sander standing on my threshold. "Thank you so much. You know how hot it is out there," he remarked. "No worries, come in," I said, motioning him inside. As he entered the house and walked past me, I got a whiff of that distinct odor that was unmistakably man musk. He was obviously sweating in the heat outside. His arm air glistening in the sunlight that entered the house through the front door. I could see the pit stains over his UPS uniform. My ass involuntarily twitched, but I checked myself, shut the door, leading him into the kitchen where I pulled out a water bottle from the fridge and handed it to him. He looked around the living room and kitchen and said, "Wow. This place is really dark. All the windows and blinds down." "Oh yeah. We have neighbors and I don't want them to see me naked in the house," I honestly replied. He took a big gulp of the water bottle I had handed him and downed it in one go. He then turned to me and stared at me with his dark beady eyes. I looked right back. He moved closer to me until he was towering over my small 5'6" 135lb frame. Neither of us said a word. His face was tense, almost angry. My heart started to race and I could feel it thumping loudly in my chest. He was right in front of me, less than a foot from me. I could smell his rank body odor. His presence was overwhelming. I realized that neither of us had spoken or looked away from each other for a good minute or so. I took a deep breath in. He moved his hand and placed it over my head pushing me down. I knew what I was supposed to do. In the next few seconds I was on my knees fumbling with his belt and shorts trying to get access to his baby maker. I unbuckled him and opened his shorts to see his black Jockey briefs. Now normally I would take my time but somehow I knew I had to be fast. I pulled down his shorts and briefs to his size thirteen shoes and saw the most gorgeous thickest black bush of pubes with a nice thick 7" semi uncut cock. His crotch smelled pungent and his cock was cheesy and leaking precum. His hairy balls hung low and were wet with sweat. I quickly lapped up some of the sweat on his balls before starting to suckle on his ripe dirty cheesy cock which was increasing in length and girth every second. The smegma made his dick taste salty. I suckled on his cock as if it was my last moment on earth. By this point his dick was a full nine inches, and was as thick as a coke bottle. I started to choke as I swallowed it whole my nose and lips buried deep into his sweaty pubes. He started to moan. I felt his hands on my head forcing my face to remain buried there with his whole member inside my mouth and deep in my throat. As I started to gag he pulled my head back and said, "Its too big for your mouth." He guided me back up to my feet. My towel by this time was on the kitchen floor. He looked at my body and smiled. He then quickly turned me over and bent me over the counter. I spread my feet apart as I took a deep breath preparing for what I knew was going to be painful. He spit on his fingers and roughly manhandled my ass. I hadn't been fucked in weeks and I was tight. And then just like that, he placed one hand on my mouth and in one forceful and excruciating stroke pushed his thick donkey dick inside of my tight ass. I let out a loud squeal and tried to move away from him, but he knew what would happen and was prepared for it. With his large hand on my mouth and his other one wrapped tightly around my waist, there was no escaping. As tears of pain rolled down my eyes I knew he was inside me and he had full control over my body. He owned me in that moment. He started to thrust deep into me. With every stroke I gasped. He was rearranging my insides with his huge cock. As he kept going I waited for the pain to get better but it didn't. It seemed like this beast was going to get rougher and rougher with every stroke. Suddenly I felt his pace quicken. His thrusts became more forceful. More painful. Deeper. I knew what was happening. He started to grunt in the most animalistic, feral snorts I could imagine and, with stroke after stroke, volley after volley, the thick seed from his sweaty balls emptied into my ass. I looked at our reflection in the stainless steel refrigerator. Here was a giant BULL over twice my size towering over me with his donkey dick inside my small ass pumping me full of his superior seed. After about fourteen volleys, he was finished breeding me. He had emptied all the DNA in his balls completely into me. I was his sow. Just like that he pulled out of my hole leaving it gaping and full of his sperm. I turned around and turned my attention to his dick. It was damp and sticky with a mixture of his seed and blood from when he ruined my asshole. I cleaned him up with my mouth and he quickly pulled up his shorts and said, "Thanks. I really needed a slut to empty into. I'm so glad you opened the door." I smiled back. My ass still hurting from the assault it had undergone, but I was proud of myself. He returned my smile, gave me a light swat on the ass, and quickly left to get back to his route. As I gathered my towel up from the kitchen floor I saw the box on the counter. It was a gift to me from my husband. The package an exquisitely beautiful watch. The card which accompanied the watch read "To my beautiful husband. This watch is to celebrate the last five years of love, loyalty and commitment to each other. I love you more every day." I smiled, not feeling the least bit guilty I had cheated on him yet again....
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    My father passed away when I was 10. At 17 my mom married my Stepfather named Joe Simpson. Joe was a cool guy until he starts acting like an pervert. Joe would walk around the house with his robe open and massive cock for all to see. Couldn't help but to look at it in all its glory. The head of his cock was mushroom shaped, the shaft was beer can thick, and veiny. Joe loved to fuck and did alot of it. My mom would be screaming when Joe would give her the dick. One night she was to tired to play with him tonight, Joe was really horny and joked about coming into my room and replacing my tight ass for mom's loose pussy. Mom laughed, "If you get that thing up my son's ass." You can fuck him up the ass and leave my asshole alone." Joe did not waste anytime. He called me into my parents bedroom to talk about somethings. He tells me how my mother will not let him fuck her in the ass anymore. So I'll have to pick up the slack and do my mom's sexual duties. I'll have to suck dick, lick balls, and fuck. Joe believes I'm still a virgin at this point, but, I've sexual active since 15 with people my age mostly. Then Joe asked if I've had sex before. I tell them yes and tell them with people my age. So Joe laughs and says that those newbies don't know how to fuck or take dick. The next couple of hours was Joe playing with my butt. Putting me on my knees and training me on the art of sucking dick. My mother looked very turned on by it. "That's my son." She replied while masturbating to Joe's hand guiding my head up & down his shaft. My mom was happy I was doing well with Joe's cock. Because it meant that Joe would focus on My ass and not her. It took Joe an hour and a half to get me to suck cock the way he liked it. Then he started playing with my ass. "This is what I really wanted," Joe said with nothing but lust in his eyes. Joe looked at my mother smiling while taking fingers and running them up my hole. "Your son's hole is tight," Joe tells my mother. "Easy him into the sex Joe," Mom replies. Knowing she was getting close to seeing her husband fuck her son's booty. Joe starts to eat his young fresh asshole. He was sucking on it, chewing then kiss his love pucker. For a good twenty minutes Joe prepared his stepson's hole for sex. Tonight. Not only was he taking his stepson's anal virginity, but also taking his manhood. Taking a guy's manhood means the top is fucking the bottom bareback and when he comes. The top will not pull out and breed this bottom for the first time. "Oh Boy!! Your son's fuck hole is tight and My cock is the right tool to open him up" Joe tells his wife, whose still playing with herself. Joe positions his stepson on all fours to give him a taste of doggie style. Mom liked on with anticipation, while her son waits for Joe's cock to enter his forbidden tunnel. Joe's mushroom cock head pushed up against the young man's hole. "I'll go just the tip for now." Joe explained "Sooner Or Later.. You're going to have to learn to take a pounding, especially tops with hugh cocks," Joe tells him. For a couple of hours, Joe trained his stepson in the basics of sexual pleasing a top. Joe now wanted to test him out and put on a show for his wife. "Ok Joe.. Let's see how will you trained him," Mom answers with excitement for her two favorite men. Joe this time didn't just put in the tip. He forced his cock through the stepson's backdoor. The stepson gasped. Joe saw this and told him to relax. Joe's stepson had a ass full of cock inside him. While Joe moaned because of the new tight hole he was playing with. While mother just masturbated as the two pushed on. "Yeah, that's right son," Mother called out. "Let Joe beat that young man pussy of yours up" she whispered. Joe started pounding that young hole even faster and harder. The stepson moaned a little, but, took it like a pro. Joe started smacking his bottom's ass cheeks, while every thrust from Joe's hips and cock made the bottom's booty clap. Mother finally realized that Joe was enjoying her son's ass and her son was enjoying himself while taking his stepfather's cock. Mother also started wondering about Joe's Older son from his first marriage. He was going to visit during spring break. He was openly gay and dating a transgender woman. The older son is definitely going to have a piece of his stepbrother's ass. Joe and his older son might tag team the younger one as a bonding experience. But, before all that future fun. Joe needs to finish strong by claiming his stepson's manhood and impregnate him. Joe had come this far and there was no need to be shy now. So Joe grabbed the bottom's hips tight and hit him with the power stroke. The stepson's poor hole now sore and abused was hanging on for stepdad's load. When Joe finally came, he pulled out and busted a nutt on the entrance to his stepson's backdoor. "You see that honey," Joe announced to his wife. Pointing to the mess he made on the bottom's creamy rectum. Joe usually comes inside a bottom, but, wanted to see his reaction to what he's about to do. Joe, whose still hard scoops all the cum right on top of stepson's rectum and pushes his come deep inside him.
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    A few years ago I was invited to join some friends on a trip to Munich for a long weekend in December. There were six of us - my friend Michael and his partner, another couple in their mid 30s, Ben and Paul, and another friend of Michael's I hadn't met. For reasons which will become obvious I've changed all the names in this story...... I liked Michael very much - he'd been a good friend for many years and I liked his partner too. The other couple I knew but less well, Paul had been friends with Michael for a long time and I had met him and his partner Ben quite a few times and liked them both. We flew out to Munich on the Friday morning and checked out the Christmas markets in the afternoon. We were all staying until Monday except Paul who had to fly home on Sunday due to work commitments. We had a good time and I enjoyed the company very much. I had been busy at work and was working long hours so I had not had much time for anything else and I was looking forward to having a break. I was also feeling very horny. I knew, however, that this particular group of friends didn't really approve of things like cruising and saunas or sex clubs and also had very strong views on monogamy and on safe sex. I had often heard them talking about it and talking very disapprovingly about the amount of barebacking going on. I had every intention, however, of getting some time to myself and going in search of some horny bareback sex. On the Saturday night we all went out for a meal and later on that night I went off to a large park I had heard was a good cruising ground. I found it easily and had a wander round. It was a beautiful night but it was very cold and there were not many people around. I tried cruising a young lad who looked to be in his late 20s and was dressed in jeans and a puffer jacket but he didn't seem to be interested. A few older guys were cruising but nothing much was happening. Even though I wasn't getting any action, I enjoyed walking around very much. I passed the young lad a few more times with the same result and just as I was on the point of giving up and going back to my hotel, he passed me again and started cruising me. I assumed he had been looking for someone nearer his own age but had concluded that I would have to do. I didn't care and soon his jeans and pants were down and his cock was in my mouth. He had a fair sized cock and I enjoyed sucking it very much. He didn't object when I turned him round and soon my tongue was up his arse. I rimmed him for a while and then stood up and began to rub the head of my cock over his arsehole. Again he didn't object so I began to push the head of my cock into his hole. He groaned and, reaching into his pocket, handed me a small packet. I thought it was going to be a condom but it was a small sachet of lube. I lubed him up and pushed my cock slowly right up his arse. Soon he was leaning against a tree, his puffer jacket hitched up and his jeans and pants at his knees as I fucked him bareback. His arse was really tight and I enjoyed every minute of fucking him. I hadn't cum for several days and before too long I was shooting what felt like a massive load right up his arse. I was feeling much more relaxed and chilled now and we all went out for lunch on Sunday and then Ben went with Paul to the airport for his flight home. The other three were going out for the evening and would not be back until late- they had obtained tickets for some high brow concert outside Munich and were really excited about it. Ben and I arranged to go out for something to eat and found a really good Italian restaurant. I was getting to know Ben a bit better now and I really liked him. A few things he said suggested he was actually more relaxed about some things than the others and he sank quite a few pints of beer in the course of the evening. After we had finished our meal it was still quite early and Ben suggested going for a drink in a nearby gay bar. The bar was nice and modern with good music and friendly bar staff and it was just starting to get busy when we got there. When I went downstairs to the toilet, I discovered there was a darkroom down there too. I took a quick piss and then had a look in the darkroom. Quite a few guys were in there - a young blond twink was down on his knees sucking two older guys and a fit looking black guy was being fucked hard in a corner, I watched for a while and then went back upstairs. A little later Ben went to the toilet. He came back a little while later and said "There's a darkroom down there too." I nodded and Ben grinned. The blond twink was now at the bar and after a while he disappeared again. A little later Ben finished his drink and asked me if I fancied checking out the darkroom. The darkroom was a bit busier now - and there was quite a lot of sucking and fucking going on. The blond twink was bent over being fucked and a few other guys were watching and wanking. As we watched they guy fucking the twink thrust hard up his arse a few times and then pulled out. He took off a condom and threw it on the floor. The twink stayed bent over and a dark haired guy stepped up. He pulled the twink's cheeks apart, lined up his cock and pushed right up him bareback. Ben's eyes lit up and he said "Fuck!" as we moved in closer to watch the action. The dark haired guy was fucking the twink hard up against the wall now and Ben said "Fuck....I'd love to...." I said "Go on, if you want to." He looked at me. "I won't tell anyone." I said. Ben hesitated for a moment and then he moved over to the twink. I watched as Ben pulled his jeans and pants down to his knees and began to wank as he watched the twink being fucked. The twink turned round a little and bent forward, taking Ben's cock into his mouth. Ben and the dark haired guy spit roasted the twink for a while and then the dark haired guy thrust hard up his arse a few times and pushed his cock right up him and held it there and I knew he was cumming deep in the twink's arse. When he pulled out the twink turned round and pushed his arse towards Ben. Ben didn't hesitate - he pushed his bare cock right up the twink's arse and began to fuck him. I hadn't expected that at all and I soon had my cock out wanking as I watched Ben fucking the twink bareback. Ben fucked him for a while and after a while I could tell he was getting close. I watched as Ben threw his head back and pushed right up the twink, obviously blowing his load right up him. When Ben pulled out, I took his place. I was really horny from watching Ben and it wasn't long before I added my cum to the loads the twink already had up him. Ben was a bit quiet when we went back up to the bar but then we got talking to a group of German guys and he livened up again. We got talking to two guys in their mid 30s who were a couple who lived in Munich. One of them was tall and quite thin and the other small and chunky. I went to the toilet and when I came back Ben was chatting to them. I had noticed that Ben was flirting with them, and was clearly enjoying being off the leash for the evening. A little later I went to the bar for some more drinks. The bar was busy and it took me a while to get served. I looked over and saw that Ben was now standing closer to them and chunky guy had his hand on Ben's arse. When I got back the two German guys were just finishing their drinks and shortly after that they left. I couldn't see if they had left the bar or if they had gone downstairs, but I suspected the latter. After a short time Ben put his drink down and said casually "I think I might go check out the darkroom again..." I guessed that he was going to join the other two guys and sensed that he probably would be less inhibited if I wasn't there so I said "No problem, I'll see you later," I waited a while and then made my way back down to the darkroom. It didn't take me long to find Ben and as I had thought, he was with the two German guys. Ben and the taller guy were standing with their trousers and pants down and the chunky guy was down sucking on first one cock and then the other as Ben and the taller guy kissed each other. I watched for a while and then the German guy stood up and Ben got down and started sucking the other two. It was all very horny but it soon got even hornier. Ben was now bent over sucking the chunky guy, his fit arse in the air as the taller guy went round behind him. I saw him taking out a small packet and he began to rub some lube into Ben's arse. This was getting interesting... I didn't think there was any way Ben would get fucked without a condom, but he didn't even look round as the tall guy began to push his bare cock against his arsehole. I watched as the guy pushed his cock right up Ben's arse. He gave Ben a moment to get used to his cock and then began to fuck him. I had my cock out now, wanking as I watched Ben being fucked bareback. I had never thought that Ben would cheat on his boyfriend - and certainly not that he would do it without a condom. The tall guy was fucking him hard now and I could tell that Ben was loving every minute of it. I watched them fuck for a while and then the guy thrust up Ben's arse a few more times and I knew he was cumming in Ben's arse. The chunky guy pulled out of Ben's mouth and moved round behind him. His cock was much bigger than the tall guy's and I watched and wanked as Ben reached round and pulled his cheeks apart to help the guy get his big bare cock up his arse. The chunky guy fucked Ben hard and fast and I could hear Ben groaning as the chunky guy took hold of his hips and began to fuck him even harder. It wasn't long before he too shot his load up Ben's unprotected, cheating arse and I shot my load on to the floor of the darkroom I was back upstairs by the time Ben returned from the darkroom looking flushed. I asked him if he had fun and he grinned and nodded He had no idea I knew just how much fun he actually had.......
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    Two words described my situation. They were words I heard every week. Those two words led my life in a direction that I could never have imagined. Jeff made up the words and when he said, “Cock worship” I knew I was his to use. Jeff and I have been the best of friends for the past 15 years. People say we’re opposite sides of a coin. Our relationship pretty much consisted of guy things: sports, movies, games, bullshitting, bragging, and just having fun. Of course all of that changed last January. On a whim we had made a bet. I got cocky and bragged a whole lot before the bet was finished. To teach me a lesson, Jeff decided that if he won I was going to have to suck his dick. He did win…and he got what we wanted. One blowjob shouldn’t change a person’s life…but it changed mine. I’d never sucked a man’s cock before and I went at it with a bit too much gusto. And because Jeff had never received a blowjob before he decided he liked it…a lot. So naturally he wanted more. In fact, as Jeff commonly does, he got darn right greedy very fast. He held the bet over my head with simple logic. His logic was: as long as I continued servicing him whenever he wanted he wouldn’t tell anyone about our little bet. However, the second I refused anything he asked for he was planning on telling everyone about what I had done. Since Jeff and I have the same friends, and since Jeff knows my family, and more importantly Laura, my girlfriend, I was pulled along with his demands. I wasn’t forced to change any part of my life, but Jeff made it clear that whenever he needed to have his cock serviced…he came first (literally). Over the next several weeks after our bet, Jeff began to train me. It started out with three to four blowjobs a week. This began to increase to eight or nine. Eventually I was made to set Tuesday and Friday nights aside just for him. See Jeff was still a virgin and this was the first action that he’d had his entire life. The fact that it came from his friend was overshadowed by how good he felt getting it. So Jeff laid down the rules and I followed them. Laura wasn’t pleased about my being increasingly away from her but I managed to come up with new excuses each week. The last thing I wanted her to know was that her boyfriend was busy sucking off his close friend. For my training Jeff instructed me in the ways he liked to have his cock sucked. Usually this would begin with me stripping off his clothes while he sat on my couch. I’d then spend long amounts of time licking his hairy chest and hefty belly and working my way down to his balls. Jeff’s crotch is covered in a thick mass of pubic hair and he has the largest balls I’ve ever seen. They pack quite a punch believe me. He often told me that he liked looking down at me with his huge ball sack dangling in my mouth. It made him feel powerful. Normally Jeff would smoke a cigar while I took care of business, giving me orders and directions as he saw fit. Then after his dick had grown hard he’d stand up so I was on my knees in front of him. Jeff would look down into my eyes, smile, and say to me, “I think it’s time for some cock worship.” This was his fun way of letting me know that even though I had a girlfriend and a life, it all now was second to the needs of his cock. I was a slave to that cock. After hearing Jeff demand the cock worship I would then suck his dick until he came. Sometimes he would pull out and shoot his load in my face. Other times he would thrust deep into my mouth and make me swallow every drop. And on days when Jeff was angry or displeased with me he would shoot his load all over his belly, pubic hair, and balls. I would then spend the next hour licking him clean. Either way Jeff chose was quite an experience. His balls were so big that a normal ejaculation would be incredible. But since I was, as Jeff said, “in training”, he had a special technique he would practice. On days when he didn’t come over Jeff would masturbate two or three times, but never to completion. Then when it was time for me to engage in some cock worship I would get an intense jolt of some of the hottest thickest cum I could ever imagine. No matter how much I tried, I was never prepared for the first blast of the night. Sometimes even the second shot was of porn-star caliber. Over the next few weeks I became accustomed to my new role. There were even times when I enjoyed it. There was something secretive and forbidden that really got me excited. Of course, Jeff was enjoying himself all of the time and he began to make our time together more and more about me worshipping his cock. The times where I did something that made him angry also brought about a stiff punishment. These moments repulsed me, enticed me, and changed me completely. Now most people in my situation would have bailed. Heck, many wouldn’t have been dumb enough to make the bet in the first place. But, after almost two months of Jeff’s “training” I was learning quite a bit about myself. I discovered my submissive nature and how much I enjoyed servicing Jeff and his cock. The more dominant Jeff became the more I found myself eager for his next visit…and possibly my next punishment. Of course, I must have been easy to read because Jeff made my third punishment a true surprise. Jeff had arrived at my condo directly from work on a Friday afternoon. He walked up the stairs slowly loosening his tie. I opened the door for him and he came into my apartment. “Hey Mitch. Ready for a good time?” I was truly ready for a good time but I tried to downplay it. “Well if you want to just play some video games that’d be fine with me.” Jeff smiled. “After the day I had at work? Not a chance. You’re gonna be wearing the skin off your knees by the end of the night.” He dropped his suit jacket on the couch and pulled out his shirt. “I’m so freaking pent up I feel like a damn volcano. So come on over here and help me cut loose some of this tension.” I walked over and slowly kneeled down in front of him. “Man, you and this damn bet. Won’t you ever get tired of me giving you head?” Jeff smiled wickedly at me and simply motioned with his hand. The only noise in my apartment was the sound of his pants unzipping. I reached up and unbuttoned his pants, dropping them down around his ankles. His underwear came next and then I was mere inches from his stiff cock. I opened my mouth and slid his warm tool into it. Jeff moaned with delight. As I began lubing him up I could feel his hands on the top of my head…guiding my motions. Jeff looked down at me, still smiling, and said, “Mitch like I could ever get tired of this.” For the next few minutes I worked ferociously on his rod. His balls were slapping against my chin as he pumped harder and harder into my mouth. I could hear him moaning louder and as I looked up I saw his eyes were closed and sweat was forming on his forehead. His pre-cum was dripping from the tip of his swollen cock and I savored the early taste…he was going to be exploding in a matter of seconds. Things were building to a fever pitch when all of a sudden Jeff stopped. He slid back from my mouth and simply pointed to the table. I was puzzled as I looked over, the only thing there was Laura’s planner, which she had left over the night before. “Was Laura here last night?” Jeff asked. I stayed on my knees beneath him. “Yes. She usually is over on Wednesday and Thursday. You know that.” “Did you fuck her?” “Of course. Why is that important?” Jeff stepped back and pulled up his pants. He was tucking in his shirt and fixing his tie before it dawned on me that he was leaving. “Where are you going?” I asked. Jeff looked down at me. “I think I’m going home.” I was completely caught off guard. He continued, “Mitch. I don’t think this is going to work out. Our bet is over.” Many people would have breathed a sigh of relief at this but I was still questioning why this had come about. "Why? What happened?” Jeff looked down at me. “Well, this isn’t going to work anymore. See you’ve got your girlfriend and I don’t have one. So you’re getting the best of both worlds. Frankly I’m tired of sharing you with her. So if you want her then you can have her and I won’t hold our bet over your head any more.” I stayed on my knees contemplating the events. “Well, we had a bet, and I’m just keeping my end of it. But…but…” I couldn’t find the words. Jeff looked down at me…his expression was starting to change. “But what?” “I…I…” “Yes Mitch?” “Jeff, I want to suck your cock.” His smile broadened. “Really.” Now I could see that his actions were just a ploy to get me to admit the truth to him. Once more I had been outsmarted and this time there was no going back. Jeff continued, “But what about Laura?” I was on my knees with my best friend standing above me and now I had a decision to make. It took only a second and I gave in…surrendered. “I’ll dump her. If that’s what you want. I just want to be able to keep sucking your cock!” I could barely believe the words that were coming out of my mouth…it seemed like a dream. His smile continued to grow. “So if I let you suck my cock you’ll dump that bitch?” “Yes.” “You’ll be my bitch.” “Yes.” “You’ll worship my cock?” “Yes.” “Whenever I want?” “Yes.” Jeff reached down and grabbed my hair, tilting my head back. “Fine Mitch. Then unzip my pants and start sucking my fucking cock!” It was like a huge weight had been lifted from me. I immediately dropped his pants and slipped his meat from his pants. Jeff was still rock hard…maybe even harder than before he teased me with his mind game. The veins were bulging in his rod as I slobbered all over it. As the minutes passed, Jeff began removing his clothes. He even had me slide out of mine. Eventually we were both naked in my living room. Jeff’s large hairy girth was towering over my smooth slender body. He began thrusting into my mouth with renewed energy. His fingers tightened in my hair, powerfully controlling the movements of my head. Like never before he made me realize who was in charge. Just as I thought he would cum, he again pulled from me. “What?” I was almost begging. Jeff tugged at my hair and made me look up into his eye. “Mitch…I think you’re ready.” Before I could answer he reached into his suit pocket and showed me a tube of KY-Jelly. “And I know I am. I’ve been carrying this around for two weeks. I knew eventually you’d admit that you needed my cock more than anything else. So now we’re ready to move to the next step.” He squirted a generous amount of lotion onto his cock and began massaging it in with his hand as he talked to me. “Turn around. I want you down on all fours right now.” He would not be taking no for an answer. I was nervous but completely engulfed in the moment. I couldn’t believe it. In less than twenty minutes I had promised to dump my girlfriend, I had sucked Jeff’s cock, and now for the first time ever I was about to get fucked by another man. Jeff kneeled down behind me and began working his slick cock around my tight asshole. I could feel his large hand on one of my hips as he began sliding me backwards. “The bets over. You’re mine now Mitch.” I heard him chuckle as he pushed deeper into me. “Get used to it because up until now this has all been a warm up. There will be no more pussy for you. From now on the only dick around here that is going to see any action is mine. This is the real thing.” The pain was intense as Jeff’s cock went completely into me. I let out a loud yell that I knew my neighbors would hear, but I didn’t care because it hurt like hell. Minutes passed and Jeff worked his cock completely into me. His strong hands were on my hips guiding me. He was in total control of my body. He would vary his thrusts and show me exactly what he liked and then he’d lean back and make me take over the momentum for a while. And when he got tired of me being on all fours… “Down Mitch!” Jeff reached up and pushed me down so I was laying flat on my stomach on the living room carpet. He angled above me and began giving me the true fucking of a lifetime. I could feel his huge belly pushing against my back, his balls slapping against my ass, and his rigid tool having its way with me. Jeff leaned down as he thrust and said, “I want to hear it. Yell out so your neighbors know what’s going on. They need to know that you’re being fucked by a real man! This is true cock worship. Let me hear what you want.” "FUCK ME!” The words burst from my mouth. “Fuck me Jeff! I need your cock! I love your cock! Don’t stop fucking me!” His hands clamped down on my shoulders and his pounding continued…and intensified. For his first time it was amazing of the total control he had over the situation. Jeff fucked like a pro. “You want my cum!” It was not a question. “Yes, please!” I was covered in sweat as his weight kept me pinned tightly to the floor. At my plea Jeff pulled out and spun me around. He tugged his cock a couple times and then exploded with an immense orgasm. The amount of scorching cum his colossal balls had built up was incredible. Some of his juice shot into my mouth, some onto my face, some onto my neck, some onto Jeff’s balls, and the remainder smeared across his hand and rod as he pumped more out. A few seconds later it seemed like anything near my face was covered in his cum. Jeff gasped for air and leaned back, resting much of his weight against my stomach, his cock and balls resting directly over my face…still dripping with scalding hot liquid. His bald head and hairy body covered in perspiration. He hovered above me for several minutes, trying to catch his breath. Our body heat was so incredible that the entire apartment seemed like a sauna. Finally, Jeff leaned over and grabbed a cigar from his coat. He lit it up and took a few healthy puffs. As he smoked he brought his creamy hand down to my mouth. “Clean it.” I did as I was told and took each of his fingers into my mouth, licking cum from them. Jeff still crouched on me, smoking. He lifted his fat dripping cock over my mouth and said, “Clean it.” I took him back into me, sucked the last drops from him, and then tongued him dry. Next he lowered his balls into my mouth, and I followed my instructions. By the time he had finished his cigar I had slurped up every drop of his man juice. I was still pinned beneath him and I looked up into his still smiling face. Jeff said, “That’s the best I’ve felt in a long long time. Did you like it?” “Yes.” I smiled and leaned up, taking him back into my mouth. “I guess you did.” Jeff leaned forward and allowed me to suck his cock, until he got hard. Then he rose above me and began to pump deep into my throat, fucking my face…eager to explode another load. As he thrust he said, “I’m glad you like it. Just remember, your days of pussy are all over. No more dates, no more sex, no more women. I can go out and get all I want, but for you…it’s just cock worship.” TO BE CONTINUED...
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    Been a busy day cruising the bathroom at the bazaar on Harry Hines today. It dawned on me that most Latino guys don't give a shit about American football and are out cruising looking for quickies. Beats trying to find a curious guy at a sports bar. Love that its all quick fucks and have taken loads from six different guys since 11am...none have wrapped or even asked. Love that they don't say much, just put me up against the wall, spit and stick. Love the feel of their cock pulsing inside me as they shoot their loads. Other than wiping my ass after I'm keeping the loads and none have seemed to care I've already been loaded...they just want their turn...probably love that a white boy is here to take their cum!
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    Mike picked up his biohazard jock and started to adjust my legs in the sling so he could slip the jock on me. I’d always thought rubber looked hot but needed to see how it felt first. Now I’m being dressed in it and was feeling strangely calm about it. Turned on, even. He then unhooked a short piece of chain, which I assumed was part of the sling, but for some reason had a padlock on it. I understood exactly what was going on when he moved my head so he could slip it around my neck. Closing the padlock with no sign of a key. “There you go, my boy. You’re starting to look the part already. Your bulge in that bio jock shows your approval too.” He had a point. I looked down and saw my stiffening cock in the jock and felt the weight of the chain around my neck. Fucking hot. A little epiphany unlocked at that moment seeing myself in a rubber jock spread out in a sling, with several poz loads in my hole. I thought that I looked like a pig. One of the more extreme ones you occasionally stumble across on a tumblr. Where more often than not, the guys look like pure animals. Fucking each other freely and feeling part of a semi-secret society. Where guys park their lives at the door and set about exploring their true desires. As men… brothers. Right then, I was feeling like I’d made it into the sty. Mike could almost read my mind. He stood there looking at me admiring myself. Admiring whatever I was becoming. Had become. “I like it. Very fucking hot. You’ll be a perfect addition to the cause once the gift claims you. Your Bugdaddy knows the route, son, let me be your guide into your new life.” It’s true. I’ve seen and could sense a new direction and purpose now. Mike lined himself at my hole again, fingering his last deposit into me as he lubed his cock. It felt beautiful, if I’m honest. They’ve already won. “The sight of my son in his bio jock is turning me on. You’re mine now, body and soul” “Fuck yeah, daddy. Finish it off.” He grinned and looked me in the eye. “Don’t worry boy, there’s plenty coming your way now you’re one of us. My strain alone should have given the recruitment process a head start.” It’s true. There genuinely was no way back now. The reality being that I’ve more than likely been infected. I guess I’d taken about ten, maybe a dozen loads now. On a special Poz Night, admittedly. And, yes, one of those guys was a new member who’d just been recruited, at his most toxic and, oh yeah, then bred me in an initiation. All normal. Normal to me now. And now I was understanding why they call it a gift. Mike shuddered as he unloaded into me, keeping his cock in there as he looked me up and down like a proud father admiring his new born. Which, in a twisted kinda way, was exactly that. I felt reborn. I felt satisfaction. A new freedom, like I was home. I looked into his eyes and slurred like the lovesick cum-craving rawpig I’d become, with my belly now full of his seed. His toxic seed no doubt already incubating in me. “I want to feel like this forever” Mike smiled and came in for a kiss “you soon will, son. You soon will.”
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    I had been chatting on Grindr with an 18 year old guy who opened the discussion with the claim he didn't ordinarily hook-up with guys. Yet there he was, on Grindr, doing just that. Imagine! After some disucsion he agreed to come over to my place. As he walked through my door I thought "What a pleasant change from the norm: his on-line photos are accurate!" He presented a handsome face, a well shaped, reasonably muscular, hairless body, oh, and a nice dick. Reminding me he didn't want to fuck me, but rather he simply wanted me to fuck him. Oh, and he didn't kiss. and he didn't want to get bitten, nor did he want to end-up with any hickies. "Hmmmm," I thought, "this guy needs some training." "I'm cool with that," I replied as I leaned over to make out. He may have said he didn't normally kiss guys and yet there we were, making out, and within a minute or so we were both naked, each of us stroking the other's cock. Moving to the bedroom, I got him onto the bed maneuvered to tease his ass with my cock, including working up a generous amount of precum which gave me just enough slippage to pop the head of my cock in his ass, and eventually to slide into his hole on my cushion of precum. "Hey, guy, you need to wrap it if you're gonna fuck me," he gently said, giving me an annoying, if predictable limitation. "I'll put one on if we really get to fucking," I replied, even as my cock steadily explored his ass, plunging a bit deeper with each thrust, each time my precum coating the inside of his ass. Every half dozen strokes he'd remind me wrap up, especially if I was getting close to cumming. Of course by this point I was balls-deep inside his ass, fucking him with increasing abandon. Again he asked "Are you getting close? Please wrap it up." Natually I continued ploughing his ass, more or less ignoring his comments. Finally he emphatically said "Put on a condom." I had no choice but to slide out of his ass, and to search a convenient drawer for a condom which I knew didn't exist. "Sorry, man," I said, adding "I don't seem to have any - usually I fuck raw." asked to please put a condom on and I slid out of him and pretended to search through the drawer of my nightstand like I was trying to find one. I apologized and said I didn't have any and said that I normally didn't use condoms to fuck. He asked me about getting fucked and if I made guys wrap to fuck me and I lied and said I never bottomed. I told him I could pull out to cum if that would make him feel better and he reluctantly agreed. Back inside him I was now pounding his ass for all I was worth. I really didn't want to pull out to cum and hoped he'd change his mind. He seemed to really be enjoying it, moaning, telling me how good it felt and to my surprise asking me to cum inside him. I wasn't sure I heard him right but then he said it again. I was close to shooting but didn't want to ask him if I should pull out or not. Instead I waited and kept stroking hard hoping he'd ask for me to cum inside him again. When he said it again I said, "yeah...you want it inside you, don't" and he he admitted he did. I demanded he beg for my cum and he did. I kept it up telling him to beg for it and he did. Before long I blasted a huge load of seed in his ass as he panted "fuck yeah, cum in me, shoot that inside me!" I was surprised how much he wanted it, but it was hardly the first time a guy had been wanting me to wrap and wound up begging for my seed. I kept stroking slowly and deeply inside of him, telling him how hot a fuck he was and he told me how much he wanted to get fucked like that. He admitted he was scared to let guys fuck him without a condom but that he always wants it that way. I was still stroking inside him, massively turned on that this boy secretly wanted it bareback. I asked him if he'd been fucked like that before and he admitted he had. I was eating it up, asking him how many times he'd been fucked like that, by how many different guys. While it wasn't a lot it was more than I expected and it was turning me on. By now I was ready to blow another load and started pounding his ass hard and deep. Before long I blew another load balls deep inside him. I slid out of his ass and we laid there for a while kissing, and cuddling. We didn't say much initially and then he asked me if I did this sort of thing often. I lied and said I didn't but he was hot and I wanted to fuck him, which wasn't a lie. He said he'd like getting fucked by me again and I said that would be cool. He then asked if he could jack off and if he could ride my dick while he did that. I jerked until I was hard again and then he eased his ass down on my cock and started jacking as he rode my cock. As he got close to cumming he asked if I wanted his cum in my mouth and I said yeah. Soon he was face fucking me for all he was worth. He had a pretty nice sized average uncut cock and I fingered his ass as he fucked my mouth. He enjoyed that and I could feel my cum leaking out of his ass and down onto my chest. Pretty soon he came in my mouth...a huge tasty load of hot cum. He said he had to get going and I joined him in the shower, which briefly devolved into a makeout session. We dried and he got dressed to go and I realized I didn't even know his name. As he was getting ready to leave he asked for my name and number and said he wanted to do it again, but added that next time he would bring condoms. I never did get his name but if I knew him like the other guys I've done this with the condoms will never get used. Once you get used to taking cum bare it's hard to go back to wrapped.
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    I was out drinking with a few friends last night and ran into a guy I hooked up with a few years ago. He looksed good, he has bulked up a bit from the last time I’d seen him and he grown his beard out a bit. We started to talk and kept drinking. By about 1am we were back at his place, naked with his dick in my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and really rammed his cock down my throat, making me gag and choke on it over and over again. I got really turned on by how forceful he was and how rough he was handling me that I started leaking precum all over myself. He grabbed me and pushed me down on the bed and really went to work eating at my hole. His tongue kept farting in and out of my hole and his beard was rough on my ass but it drove me nuts. I was begging him to fuck me and he immediate took the invitation. He lined up and slide in slowly and shifted to a more sensual and tender mode, slowly sliding in and out. He did this while kissing and biting at my neck and shoulders. After a while he pulled out, flipped my on my back and with my leg son his shoulders, started to pound me. He started to tell me to beg for his load and I did telling him how amazing his cock felt raw and how I needed his load. I could tell he was there and he started to really ran himself into me as he started to moan as he unloaded inside of me. When his cock stopped shooting, he stayed buried inside of me and resumed fucking me again, pushing his load deeper. He stayed inside of me and started on round two right away and left a second load in my ass. We cuddled a bit before falling asleep. When I woke up, he was hard again and I went down and sucked him until he deposited another load down my throat. We ended up getting coffee before I finally Went home.
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    Part 24 - A Thanksgiving To Remember Sam sent a text to Jordan after he was briefed about the incident and waited until this morning to find out how Daniel was, he didn't want to intrude as it would bring a crowd of paparazzi with him and figured it was the least he could do so Nicky was keeping him updated. Jordan woke up to see Daniel looking at him. "Morning, did you stay here all night?" Daniel asked. Jordan stretched "Yes, how are you feeling?". "Achy but otherwise I guess I feel better than I look" Daniel managed a small grin. Jordan smiled "Good, but you have to rest for a few days". "Has Sage been arrested?" Daniel looked at Jordan. Jordan looked down "He, he passed away last night". Daniel rested his head back "I don't know weather to feel sorry or not". Jordan held Daniel's hand "Don't be, he went to some lengths to find me to get at you". Jordan decided not tell him that he thought Mario had some hand in Sage's death. The doctor walked in to the room and handed Jordan some painkillers and said Daniel was okay, no internal bleeding just some bruising so he can go home. Jordan called Kit who said he would be there in half an hour since the traffic was pretty light. Kit kept apologising and Daniel told him he had nothing to apologise for and that he just wanted to enjoy the day as best he could. Jordan helped Daniel out of the BMW, the sun was shining brightly and Daniel turned to kiss Jordan. "Thank you for being with me" he said leaning his body against Jordan. Jordan walked Daniel up to the house "I couldn't be anywhere else Danny you are my life". Lucy stood at the door with David and Nicky and Daniel managed to smile as he approached them. Daniel took refuge on a sun lounger being waited on hand and foot by everyone, Lucy and Nicky began preparing thanksgiving dinner. Jordan received a text message from Mario 'Been to ER said D had gone home, can we come and see you?', he wandered in to the kitchen to ask Nicky who said it would be okay but only if David and Kit were present. Jordan completely understood and sent the details to Mario whilst Kit called the gatehouse to let them know. The morning Daniel spent watching Steve and Callum playing in the pool with the children, Jordan walked up and shook the pill bottle at Daniel as it was midday and was due some painkillers. Sam arrived and made a big fuss of Daniel when the children were not asking him to sing one of his hits in the pool. The gatehouse called and Kit called Jordan over just as the car pulled in to the driveway, Mario and Curt got out and looked up at the mansion almost to scared to move until they saw Jordan open the front door. Curt ran over and hugged Jordan "So good to see you Jordan". "Curt you don't change" Jordan said smiling. Curt looked down "A lot has changed Jordan, but out of it Mario and I have started seeing each other". Jordan smiled "I always wondered if you two would take the plunge, you flirted enough over the years". "Hi Jordan" Mario said catching up to them. They walked through to the terrace where Daniel sat with Sam, Curt and Mario did a double take and then again when Nicky appeared. Jordan introduced them to everyone and Daniel, they appeared to hit it off immediately engrossed in Daniel's British accent and wanting to know everything about London and England. Everyone else was busy in the kitchen, Daniel asked Jordan for a cup of tea, he stood up and asked Mario to help him leaving Curt to chat with Daniel. It was during their chat that Curt revealed what Sage had done to him, he slowly recalled how he was picked up in the bar where they drank copious amounts before heading back to Curt's place. The rest was somewhat of a blur, all he could recall was the weight of Sage on him pinning him down on the floor. Daniel looked at Curt "He was obviously out to destroy everyone that had become to close to Jordan". Curt wiped a tear from his eye "Did he, I mean, sorry I shouldn't ask". "Did he fuck me, is that what you want to know?" Daniel lowered his voice as he asked. Curt looked at him "I don't mean to pry Daniel". "No, he penetrated me but the police helicopter over head stopped him" Daniel replied. Curt nodded his head before replying "What he did to Mario and myself brought us together, finally". In the kitchen sat Lucy, Nicky, Kit, David and Patrick, Kit asked them to sit down for a moment, Mario looking a little uneasy sat down and wringed his hands, he had some idea of what they were going to ask. Kit spoke first "Mario what is discussed here stays here you understand?". Mario looked at him and nodded "Yes". Kit looked at Lucy "Mario what happened with Sage last night?". Mario shifted on his seat "I can't explain, I just knew what had to be done to stop it". Lucy looked at him "Did you do it?". Mario nodded his head "I'm sorry, well no I'm not sorry, Jordan was a friend and Sage would never have stopped". Jordan grabbed Mario's arm gently "I am still your friend Mario" he said as Mario's tears streaked down his face. David spoke "I think we understand Mario, it was not the right thing to do, but we all owe you a debt of gratitude". Kit looked at David then Mario "As I said this goes no further, I heard this morning the LAPD have closed the case". Mario breathed a sigh of relief "Oh god thank you". "Now Mario you and Curt are staying for dinner" Nicky said standing up. Mario looked shocked "Really?" Nicky nodded "thank you". Patrick spoke for the first time "He touched many lives in a very bad way". Lucy looked at Patrick "Do we tell Danny?". "I think we should, but maybe not today though" Jordan said holding the cup of tea for Daniel. "Jordan is right, let him rest for a couple of days first" Lucy replied. Mario walked outside with Jordan "I just want to put this behind me and move on" he said looking at Jordan. Jordan smiled "I think we all do Mario, we can look forward now and not over our shoulders". Nicky looked at the others "Mario and Curt are both nice guys, what he did to them both was appalling". Jordan reappeared "Now he wants a biscuit" laughing as he looked at Nicky. Nicky got up "Hang on we have some somewhere" she said rifling through cupboards. "What does Mario and Curt do for a job Jordan" Lucy asked him. "I think Mario has just started waiting tables and Curt works in a bar" Jordan replied. Lucy mused for a moment "Do you trust them?". Jordan looked at her beginning to understand her more and how she ticked "They are honest and very humble people". David looked at Lucy "I think it is the least we can do for them". "We will speak to them after dinner" Lucy said as Nicky at last found the tin of biscuits. The love of the people around Daniel greatly helped ease the situation, the talk with Curt had shed much light on Sage, he was definitely a lot happier when Jordan and himself joined the gathering for dinner. Daniel was on a strict no alcohol policy by Jordan and his mother so sat down at the table spending most of dinner talking with Sam. Steve, Callum, Mario and Curt were also at the table Daniel noticed how the four had become inseparable and showed a very genuine friendship towards each other, both couples fascinated by each other and their lives. Jordan watched them from kitchen as they all paid Daniel a lot of attention. He turned to the others asking if they had room for two more in their little group which got a resounding yes from everyone. Daniel ate a small dinner beginning to feel a little tired, Jordan noticed this as he had gone a little quiet as he usually did when tired. He excused them both and took Daniel up to bed. "He really does look after him Lucy" Nicky said as they disappeared from view. Lucy nodded "That and good parenting" she held her glass up to Patrick and Lee. Lucy looked to Mario and Curt "What are you two doing for the next week?". Curt laughed "Back to work tomorrow afternoon and Mario, well he has to wait to see if they call him in". "That's no good, do you both have passports?" Lucy asked them. They nodded and Mario spoke "Only ever used it to go across the border to Mexico". Lucy laughed "Why don't you both come to Barbados with us for a week?". Mario shifted uncomfortably in his seat "Thank you but we can't afford it and we have work". "I want to offer you both permanent jobs in our LA hotel" Lucy told them. Curt put his glass down "You own a hotel in LA?". Lucy laughed "Sorry yes and other hotels, we need staff for the new hotel you two would be perfect". Mario looked a little stunned "I don't know what to say Lucy". "Just say yes, plus you will need to come to Barbados as our guests to meet Sofie the manager" She replied. Curt looked at Mario "We have nothing to loose Mario what do you say?". "Yes" he looked at Lucy "I guess were off to Barbados with you". Lucy smiled "Excellent, I will get everything arranged and let you know when to meet us at LAX". Jordan laid in bed with Daniel in his arms who was peacefully sleeping for now, his heart full of desperate love for Daniel, his head felt free of the demons that had haunted him. Knowing he we would never have to worry about Sage, he slowly drifted off to sleep. Downstairs on the pool terrace Kit placed a drinks on the table whilst Steve and Callum were swimming under the stars. The kids were in bed and Sam had left due to his commitments the following day. Kit sat down at the table "He completely seduced me in to friendship to get close enough to Danny and Jordan". David looked over at him "Certainly I don't think it was coincidence you two meeting like that". Mario lowered his head "It wasn't, I think I now know how". Everyone looked at Mario until Kit spoke "Tell us Mario". Mario started explaining 'After Jordan left Sage he hunted me down as I was the closest person to him apart from Sage, he made out to be my friend and persuaded me to go back with him as Jordan should be home and I needed to speak to him. Within minutes I was on the bed naked underneath him. I couldn't stop him but part of me wanted to have sex with him, everything spiralled out of my control and he manipulated me and controlled me. Then after I fell ill I was laying in bed and saw a photo in one of the gossip magazines on line that was taken in Barbados from someone on holiday, in the picture was Nicky, Kit and Jordan with his arm around Daniel. He saw the picture and I noticed a week later in the browsing history Sage had done many searches on you Kit. That is how he found what music place you went to every week regular as clockwork. It was during this time I also noticed my facebook was open at the picture of Jordan, Curt and myself. That week he plied Curt with alcohol and well I think you know can guess the rest. All the time he was mentally abusing me until I had no self esteem and relied on him totally, I found solace with Curt who has helped me get back to who I really am, but yesterday seeing everyone and the hurt he caused made the bubble burst, for once I saw things with much clarity and did what I had to do for everyone's sake. His last words to me was that I was a worthless whore who he would break and when I saw the pure evil in his eyes I opened the valve on the drip feed'. Curt placed his arm around Mario's shoulder to comfort him. Nicky had tears running down her face and Lucy was shaking her head in disbelief that one person could cause this much havoc the rest looked on in shock as the story unfolded, this thanksgiving had certainly been the most unusual and upsetting for most. Patrick spoke first "I guess that is why Jordan refused to speak of him when he came back to Boston". Lucy struggled to find her voice "You protected us all from his maliciousness Mario, we will never forget that". Mario and Curt departed from their new circle of friends and headed home. Curt placed his keys on the hook and closed the door behind him and looked over at Mario, their drive back had been mostly silent still both stunned from the last two days. "What are you thinking Curt?" Mario asked him. Curt walked over and kissed Mario "Are you sure about this job offer and trip?". "Nothing has really made any sense Curt, but to be honest I need proper work. What about you?" he looked curiously at Curt. Curt nodded "I think it will be good for the both of us, we can move on with our lives with more stability". Mario kissed Curt "Couldn't agree with you more Curt". Daniel looked the bedside clock, it was only 6am but he had fought sleep for the last four hours, he slipped out of bed and walked over to the windows and juliette balcony looking out over Coldwater Canyon. His body felt cold as he stood watching daylight approaching, he realised tears were rolling down his cheeks and on to the carpet beneath his feet. The memories whirring in his head, his imagination playing tricks as he thought he felt the warmth of Sage's breath on his neck again waiting for the side of his face to be licked. He stood there unable to move for fear, this is crazy he told himself, Sage is dead he can't hurt me. Jordan woke at the sound of a sob and saw Daniel standing at the window looking out, he walked over and encircled him gently in his arms. Daniel tensed feeling the arms surrounding his body, Jordan whispered in to his ear 'Your safe Danny'. He felt no pain from the arms around his body, only a love and tenderness and his body slowly relaxed into Jordan's embrace. Jordan could see Daniel had been crying and figured that the shock of what happened had finally come to realisation. He kissed Daniel's neck "Do you want to talk?". Daniel held Jordan's arms "I had the worst nights sleep I kept seeing his face and feeling his breath". Jordan stroked Daniel's head "You need time to heal Danny". Daniel turned to face him "No, I need to see his body, I need to see that he is dead". Jordan didn't argue and helped Daniel get dressed the clock in the hallway struck 8am and as they walked down the stars they could hear voices in the kithen. Kit was up with the children giving them breakfast, he looked up and figured something wasn't right. "Kit I need to borrow a car" Jordan said to Kit. Kit looked at Daniel and nodded "Take the BMW and this is Hillson's number if you need to call him". They stood at the ER reception just as the nurse Milly who looked after Daniel walked by, she looked at him and asked if he was okay. Jordan spoke to her and she nodded telling them to wait here. A few minutes later she returned and escorted them through to the morgue, entering the room sent a shiver down Daniel's spine and cool air hit his skin. The grey walls did nothing to cheer the place up and he could see a body laying on a table covered in a sheet. Daniel shrugged Jordan off and walked over as Milly drew back the sheet to reveal Sage's face still covered in cuts and bruises but his eyes firmly closed and body lifeless. Jordan saw a splat of water hit the floor and realised Daniel was crying again. Milly held Jordan back and said to let him get it out of his system first. For 5 minutes he stood shaking and crying until eventually it started to subside, he wiped his eyes and turned to walk towards Jordan. He thanked the nurse and took Jordan's hand and they walked out of the morgue. In the car he held Jordan's hand in silence and looked out the window as they drove back, the 4x4 swept in to the driveway and Daniel looked at Jordan who stared ahead with a blank expression on his face. Daniel leaned over and kissed his arm and told him that Sage could no longer get to them. Daniel rested over the next few days and finally on Saturday night he fell asleep in Jordan's arms and had the first full nights sleep. Sunday morning arrived and Jordan woke to find Daniel still sleeping peacefully, he got up and started packing their cases for their trip to Barbados. Jordan was interrupted by a knock at the door, he opened it to find Lucy standing there with coffee for them. Jordan let her in pointing to Daniel fast asleep. "How is he?" She asked quietly looking at Jordan. Jordan placed his arm around Lucy "Slept through the night mostly in my arms". "If you weren't here Jordan I don't know how I would have coped let alone Danny" she said patting his hand. Jordan looked at Lucy "He is head strong in many areas but there is a loving vulnerability about him". Lucy chuckled "You better wake him as we leave in an hour". To say it was chaos at the airport was an understatement, the check-in clerk couldn't deal with so many first class passengers arriving at once and called for back up. It also never helped when you travelled with Nicky as fans and photographers were always on hand to get in the way. Mario and Curt stood to one side laughing at all the commotion having never seen anything like this before. Daniel walked up behind them and told them to get in the queue and stop laughing at everyone, Mario walked over to where Jordan, Steve and Callum stood. Curt looked at Daniel "Are you okay?". Daniel smiled "I think so, Friday was when it really hit me, but having Jordy with me is helping". Curt place his arm around Daniel's neck "He is so sexy I think it is the best therapy anyone could ask for" chuckling as he finished his sentence. Daniel laughed and put his arm around Curt hugging him and walked with him towards the counter to check-in. The entire group was escorted through to the airport VIP lounge where for the first time Daniel was allowed a glass of champagne as they toasted to their friendship. The airlines representative appeared and escorted them to the plane where they all settled in their seats. The plane sped down the runway and lifted up in to the air, Jordan looked out the window only this time he smiled at seeing LA as the plane banked and set course to the warmth of the Caribbean and Barbados.

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