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    Part 2 Todd looked at me at me saying, “If you want a blow job Anthony here would be glad to suck your cock, hell, he’ll even swallow your cum of you want him too." Before I knew what was going on Anthony quit cleaning up, hopped between my legs. had my shorts open and my cock down his throat. All while I was taking a hit from the pipe. Todd took the poops from me and held it out towards Anthony. He lifted his head from sucking my cock causing me to involuntarily whimper in disappointment as he jacked my cock while hitting the pipe. Anthony held the smoke in as he resumed his excellent such job. I watched him take the entire length of my 7½” cock down his throat and his it there when all of a sudden he let the smoke escape out around my cock. It looked so cool to watch and felt incredibly awesome as he kept up working my cock. Todd asked me, “Hired that mouth feeling bro?” I couldn’t deny it, “Fuck, it’s the best fucking blow job I’ve ever had.” I had just taken a couple hits off the pipe when Todd told me, “Bro, just relax, may back, close your eyes am enjoy Anthony’s mouth and throat.” I was starting to feel a little out of it, but still energized and very horny as Anthony continued to work my cock n and balls. His mouth felt amazing and even he went an the way down and you my cock into his throat, I’d feel his throat massaging the shaft of my cock. Suddenly I felt Anthony push my legs up allowing him battery access to work my balls. He was starting to push my legs up towards my ears to the point I was finding it difficult to move. I was about to say something when I felt a tongue I my hole. As strange as the thought of someone living my ass home was, the feeling was incredible. I began to moan as the simulation from my ass being licked and getting sucked had me moaning. I don’t know why but it you me a for to think how Anthony could be tonguing my hole while also sucking my cock. I was starting to become aware that there seemed to be more people at Todd's then when I first arrived. I opened my eyes at the same time someone over my head grabbed my arms. Anthony read still working his wonderful mouth on my cock while Todd was working his tongue on my hole. Todd began to finger my hole which feels as strange as his tongue at first. I then watched Todd grin and he held up a white rock. He put some lube on the rock and two of his fingers acct slowly stuck then inside my ass. It burned at first as Todd worked two lubed up fingers around inside my ass as I complained at the infusion. As abrupt the intrusion of his fingers penetrating my hole was the discomfort from the burning season began to morph into pure pleasure. This caused a deep conflict within me of guilt and disgust at the thought of enjoying a man finger fucking me and the thought of disgust of that same thought. I began moaning as he worked his fingers in and out of my hole and women he added a third finger my moan grew louder. Todd was looking into my eyes and it felt as if he was staring into my sole. As quickly as this all began it seemed as if it was about to end when Todd pulled how’s fingers from its home inside of me. I felt a moment if relief the quickly disappeared and then I felt an emptiness, a emptiness that grew into a hunger, a hunger for him to stick his fingers back inside my ass. I unexpectedly whimpered at the removal of his fingers. The look on Todd’s face told me that he wasn’t surprised at all as he said to me, “Is my little rich, entitled bitch missing having something indie his hole? You want me to put something back inside your bitch cunt?” I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth as the desires of my body were trading control of my mouth as I answered, “Yes stick your fingers back inside my ass. It felt so good I get some more.” An evil grin appeared on Todd’s face as he moved his naked body began my legs forcing Anthony to let my cock dip from his mouth. It was at this moment I discover that my rock hard cock that Anthony had been sucking had shriveled up to almost nothing looking to me maybe 2” long. I was so transfixed on the sudden loss of my hard cock I barely heard Todd when he told me that he had something to sign inside my ass that he knew I was going to come to love as I felt something hard being pushed into my ass. Again the desires in my body were in control as my hole seemed to eagerly open up and suck in what he was pushing inside me. Looking up at Todd standing between my legs I realized that out was Todd’s cock the was sliding into my ass. My instinct was to push him off and run, but what I did seemed to happen automatically. My legs were released and I instinctively wrapped then around his taught, muscular frame and as a moan of pleasure escaped through my lips I pulled him in closer allowing him to work his cock deep inside me. The expression on his face changed to that of a victor, as if he had just won a big game. What I later learned he won was my ass which he now owns. He held his cock balls deep in my ass before slowly pulling out to the ridge of his glands before slowly thrusting all the way back inside. Todd fucked me with a steady pace to start and slowly began to build up to a steady rhythm which caused me to moan in pleasure. Every once if a while he’d thrust in deep and hard keeping his dick buried telling me, “I can tell by your you’re expression your enjoying my cock working your hole.” All throughout his fucking me thoughts were darting in and out of my mind. These difference thighs were making me feel conflicted. One second my mind was on how good Todd’s cock felt as he fucked me, the next second I felt guilty for enjoying getting fucked, the next I am thinking about my girlfriend and what will I say you her, then I’m thinking about what will my fucking affect me and I then worry what will happen if my very conservative family found out I was fucked by a guy and I liked it. With all the thoughts racing through my mind it made it difficult to bring myself to say what my dealer wanted to hear. I was hoping to get out of Todd’s place and never see him again. Todd had been fucking me for 30 maybe 45 minute all the time I moaned I pleasure. By this point I was getting a serious pounding when Todd slammed the full length of his cock deep in my ass and said to me, “When I eventually breed you I'll own your ass Tell me you want me to own your ass. Tell me you want to become my bitch.” I knew saying this would be strip away the last little bit of my dignity and put me in a position where I would (most likely) be getting fucked by Todd again and again. I tried to resist letting my body dictate my answer although I think my brain wasn’t that far behind as I felt him fired his cock as it was buried balls deep inside me. Todd was waiting for an answer as he continued, “Answer me, do you want me to own your ass? Do you want to be my bitch? If you don’t answer me I’m going to pull my cock out, give you a hefty dose of GHB, slam your ass with a strong dose of Tina, stuff a big rock up your cunt and throw you out on the street buck ass naked. If you think your horny now, after you’ve been given all that you’ll be pounding on my door to let you back inside so I can fuck you some more. Or you’ll you to the local park or maybe the adult book store. You’ll look for someone to fuck you, and when the Tina high starts to ware off you’ll be looking for a dealer to buy Tina from so you can get high again. The hunger for her will be so strong you’ll do anything to get some and that one way or another you'll become some dealer's bitch.” As he said this to me someone forced my mouth open and poured a foul tasting liquid in then held my mouth closed forcing me to swallow, saying “Swallow your G.” I felt someone place a tight strap on my arm as I turned my head to see them wipe my arm with a cold alcohol pad. I continued to watch as a syringe first with a semi-clear liquid was stuck into my vein. The plunger was slightly pulled back as a flash of red appeared before the plunger was pushed and I was given the contents and was told, “Are you ready tom blast into the stratosphere? Here’s a nice big slam for you.” Todd laughed as the tight strap was removed and I began to cough. As the drugs were hitting me I knew Todd was saying something that I could make out as I felt him start to slowly pull his cock from its home deep inside of my body. The last bit of resistance I had was gone as I found myself saying, “FUCK ME! Make me your bitch. Own my ass.” As the drugs worked they’re way through my body Todd resumed fucking me. As he worked his cock inside me it began to feel incredibly better then a few moments ago. I began to be aware that his breathing started to become faster as his cock seemed to get harder when again looked at me as I felt as if he was staring directly into my soul telling me, “I knew from the first time you came here that the day would come what’s I was going to breed you and make you my bitch. That time is now, I haven’t cum since then and I am about you how a 6 week load inside you. Tell me you was me to breed you. Been me for my cum, been for my dirty cum my bitch.” Just when I thought he couldn’t degrade me and get me any lower than he’d already taken me, he wanted me to ask for him to cum in my ass. The thought of him shooting him cum inside me caused me to think back on the numerous girls that I had shot my cum inside and how on a two of them I spent a few weeks worrying that I might have gotten them pregnant. This entire situation was reducing me to nothing more than a cum receptacle. At least I didn’t have to worry about Todd getting me pregnant. Todd was practically on top of me as he placed his knees on the couch as he fucked me. I could see the sweat dripping down his face and neck as he looked at me and baked out like an order or command, “SAY IT BITCH! TELL ME TO CUM IN YOUR ASS! BEG ME TO BREED YOU!” Without any hesitation I found myself screaming out, “FUCK ME! YEAH, FUCKING BREED ME, CUM IN MY ASS!” Todd began to grunt which friend into now if a howl as I felt his cock grow harder and then I could feel his cock spasm inside my hole m as he exclaimed, “FUCK! FUCK YEAH! FUCK, TAKE MY DIRTY CUM!” I heard one of the guys who was standing next to us and had witnessed my getting fucked say, “Breed that bitch, give him your charged load.” I heard another guy yell, “Fuck yeah Todd, poz that neg ass.” I was trying to figure out what they meant with each comment when Todd resumed fucking me, his cock still rock hard as he let me know, “Now I own you, I own your ass” which he punctuated when a couple deep, hard thrusts.”
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    Part 1 My name is Preston Arthur Lewis IV, son of Preston Arthur Lewis III, grandson of Preston Arthur Lewis Jr. As great grandson of Preston Arthur Lewis Sr. I stand here at the door of room 1225 of the downtown Westin hotel using the card key to open the door. As I open the door I hear a voice from the bathroom calling to me, “Come on in and make yourself comfortable.” I knew that meant to get naked, have a seat on the bed and wait for him to come out of the bathroom. I was to be his ‘bitch’ for the night. He’d get me high and fuck me until he was satisfied. Then I’d get dressed and go to meet the next guy I was to service. How did I get here? How did I, an 18 year old high school senior from a very affluent family become a male prostitute? It all started about a month ago when my regular weed dealer got busted. I had a regular pick up of pot for me and my girl. We liked to done weed woke we fucked. But now I needed a new connection and that’s when I met Todd. A guy I knew at my high school introduced me to him. The first time I went to his place to pick up some weed I noticed that he had a bunch of guys hanging out art his place. I made my purchase and left without any issues. Todd was a cool guy and had great weed for a better price then my previous dealer. The next week I went over to get it regular pot supply it seemed that the same guys were hanging around. We made our transaction as I got up to leave he said to me, “Bro, I’ve got this new stuff you’ve got to try sometime.” I just gave him a quick ‘Yeah, sure’ kind of acknowledgment and headed out you meet my girlfriend. The next time I picked up my weekly pot supply from Todd I notice that there were fewer guys hanging out. As he got my stuff out he asked me, “You ready to try the new stuff I’ve got? I know you’d really enjoy the high it would give you.” I nervously stood up telling him, “No thanks bro.” The next two weeks the amount of guys hanging out at Todd’s place continued to decrease and he kept asking me about trying some new drug. As much as I was curious about the drug he was offering me I wanted to stick with smoking weed. He kept offering and I kept brushing him off. The following week I arrived at Todd’s place and was surprised that there was only one person hanging out. He looked to be around my age and was straightening things up. I sat down with Todd ready to make it transaction and head over to pick up my girlfriend before going back to my place to smoke and fuck. Todd told me, “The guy who supplies my weed is running late, he’ll be here within the hour. You cool waiting for him? I’ll give you a an extra couple ounces for your inconvenience.” I answered “Sure.” I mean if he’s going to give me more weed for the same price I’ll wait. He then said to me “Good. Now you can try that new stuff I’ve been getting you about.” Todd pulled out a bong that looked a little like what used to smoked my weed with, but this looked a little funny. He lit a torch and started to heat the bottom of a round glass at the end. Todd yelled you the young guy cleaning to get me a some Gatorade as the glass end started to fill with white smoke as he told me, “I’m going to show you how it’s done. After the bowl starts to fill with smoke you keep heating it while moving the touch slowly under the bowl and inhaling slowly until you can’t take anymore in.” I took a could swigs from my drink while I watched as Todd put his mouth on the end of the bong and inhaled before he stopped and held his breath before blowing out a huge cloud of white smoke then said “Then you hold out as long as possible.” Since I had to wait for the weed to be delivered I didn’t have a excuse to say no to his offer. He handed me the bong and said that he's heated the bowl for me so I could concentrate on slowly sucking in the smoke. I could believe his much I inhaled that first time until I blew out this huge cloud. Todd had me take another hit of the bong telling me, “Come on, blow me some big clouds.” Before I knew it I had taken 3 massive hits. I began did feel like my world had gotten brighter. I felt a wave of energy surge futon me. Todd didn't have to tell me to hit the pipe again, after reading a could gulps from my drink I instinctively took a forth hit off the bong. Todd took a hit of the pipe while I finished off my drink. I was suddenly feeling very warm and Todd surprised me by removing his shirt leaving him sitting next to me wearing only a pair of mesh basketball shorts as he commented, “Don’t know about you, but I'm begging very hot.” I agreed with him saying “Yeah, me too.” Then why don’t you take off that shirt and get comfortable” he replied. I’m not sure why, but the next thing I knew my shirt was hanging off the back of the couch and Todd was repacking the pipe with more of what ever it was we were smoking. Todd handed me the bong and I was a little shocked when it accidentally brushed it again my dick. I hadn’t noticed at first, but I was throwing doing major wood. Todd looked at the tent in my shorts then at me saying, “Looks like someone is horny.” That caused me to blush as I fumbled with the torch. As I gained my composure Todd let me know, “I probably should’ve warned you that this shit can make you very horny.” I had admitted to him, “I am horny as fuck. When’s your pot guy going to show up. I need to get my girl and get her mouth on my cock.” Todd looked at me at me saying, “If you want a blow Anthony here would be glad to suck your cock, hell, he’ll even swallow your cum of you want him too Before I knew what was going on Anthony quit cleaning up, hopped between my legs. had my shorts open and my cock down his throat. All while I was taking a hit from the pipe.
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    I walked out of the shower and walked into my room and stopped at my full mirror. I admired my hard work at making my body into my masterpiece. I worked hard every day growing up in the gym making large strides to make myself look like a porn star and now I am 19 and I have achieved my goal for how I look and now I am looking to complete my next desire and challenge. I looked in the mirror and saw the water dripping down my hard body of muscle and admired how it made my body shine in the light. I couldn't help but flex my arms and see the muscles in them buldge and I was starting to turn myself on and my 7-inch thick cock was starting to stiffen. I turned around and admired my back muscles and my hard toned ass as well. I couldn't stop myself from circling my index finger around my puckering ass and slid it all the way in on the first try and moaned and added a second one to the first. I started to pump both of them in and out of my hole and when I felt myself close to cumming I had to stop so I wouldn't spoil my plans. I stood up and again looked into the mirror but this time I wasn't looking at myself. I glanced at the calendar I had put up at the corner of the mirror and looked at today's date where there was a biohazard symbol drawn in the box. I had planned for today to go out and try to receive the best gift I have heard of to try and get. I had been searching through the internet and seen so many first-hand accounts about guys who love looking for poz sex and how awesome it feels to have all inhibitions dropped and just enjoy everything that comes with bareback sex. I had been on Prep for so long just to save myself for my 19th birthday to finally get pozzed. I did some research on some hotspots where it was known for some quick hookups as well as a well known gay bathhouse and made a few posts on here about what I am looking for and added a good torso and ass pic to help anyone who was interested. I took a black sharpie and wrote on the small of my back "Mark your status" and then I wrote poz above my left ass cheek and neg on my right one so I can keep track of my progress through the day. I picked out my sexiest jockstrap and my sexiest tanktop and shorts and started to make my way to the first spot on my list. I pulled into the parking lot of one of the parks I found that was supposed to be a very popular spot and looked around. I liked the distance from where the parking lot and picnic tables were from the bathrooms and that I could see many cars around the lot so my spirits were high. I walked to the bathroom and like the size of it when I got in. It was very clean and very private as well as large which is why I understood why this was a popular place. I walked to the last stall and got myself ready hoping someone would discover me soon enough. I placed the marker I brought with me on the elastic of my jockstrap so it could be used and got onto my belly with my ass up in the air ready and excited. It didn't take long before I heard the sound of the door open and heavy footfalls heading in my direction. My heartbeat picked up with excitement that I was hopefully about to get my first cock of many for the day. Sure enough, the door to my stall opened up and I just stayed there in anticipation for what hopefully was going to happen. I felt this man's hands run across my ass and it sent shivers running through my body it felt so amazing. He took his time feeling up my ass and pushing his fingers into my hole making me whimper in pleasure. I could hear this man unbuckle his pants and then start to slide his cock up and down my crack. It felt thick and heavy and my blood was pumping deep in my head and I took a long hit of poppers that I had right as this man started to push in my first cock of many to start the day out right. My head was swimming as I was bottoming out on what felt like maybe a 10-inch cock. I reached under myself to feel this mans balls and he had a nice set of large low hangers to go with this tool of a cock pumping into my boy pussy. He must have liked the attention I gave to his balls because he was moaning and started to pick up his speed on my ass. I took another hit of poppers as this man started to piston fuck me. His balls felt amazing hitting my taint and I could tell he was getting close to unloading into me and when I felt his cock start to spasm he slammed it into me bringing me over the edge and made me cum in my jockstrap. He stayed there in me panting and catching his breath until he felt he could get up. I shivered a bit more when he started to pull his softening cock out of my ass and I heard a sloppy pop as it left my gaping hole. He took the marker from my jock and placed a tally mark on my left cheek to tell me I took my first poz cock of the day which made me so happy. Once the man left I reached behind and scooped up some of his load from my ass and brought it up to my mouth to eat it and it was then I noticed a bit of a pink streak through it and new that he made me bleed a bit and I was more excited because now it was a better chance of me being pozzed today.
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    I was home from college for the summer, my parents are divorced so I spent the first part with my mom the second part with my dad, my Dad was a tall hairy broad bloke, had a Charlton Heston look about him too. My dad picked me up at the airport, grabbing my luggage he threw it in the truck then hugged me "It's great to see you" he smiled. I smiled back "It's great to see you too". He opened the door "Let's get out of here, before security runs us off." We chatted on the journey, Pulling in the driveway he turned to me "I couldn't get alot of time off so I will have to go to work, but if you will take me you can have the truck so your not stuck at the house." I didn't have a car so this was great, I didn't know how I was going to pass the time at home. I settled into my room, then called it a night I was really tired from traveling, so it wasn't long before I was asleep. The next morning came, my dad popped his head in "Steve it's time to get up , your gonna take me to work." I rolled over to say something but he was already gone, I got up, got dressed, and met him at the door. He smiled "Did you sleep ok?" He grabbed his coat it was freezing outside, I forgot how cold it got here. I simply nodded my head as I was still half asleep, grabbing my coat we were out the door. He handed me the keys "I'll let you drive so you can remember how to get to my new workplace." Opening the door he climbed in and we were off. After I dropped him off I went home and right back to bed. It was 4:30 so I left the house to pick up my dad, he climbed into the truck "Hey man I see you found your way." He chuckled I smiled "Yeah " My dad turned to me "Hey let's go get something to eat and have a couple of drinks I never got to celebrate your 19th birthday with you." I thought this was a great idea, so he had me go a different way. As we turned the corner I noticed an old adult bookstore, it was right behind my dad's workplace. I tried not to make my stare obvious, I felt my cock stir, I readjusted myself and asked my dad where he wanted to eat. After dinner it was late so we went home and to bed, All I could think about was that fucking bookstore. I looked it up the store online it was known to have gloryholes which got my dick hard. I had gone to a bookstore close to the campus and had my first gloryhole experience but, I'm straight. I like pussy just as much as the next guy and will fuck some pussy every chance I get. But I love having my dick sucked, I don't give a fuck who's doing it a mouth is a mouth. The next day came and I dropped my dad off at work, I thought I would leave early to pick up my dad and hit it up the bookstore then. Dad turned to me "We'll go out for dinner tonight so we can catch up some more ok." Dropping him off, I drove around the block to check out the bookstore again, it was on, I would come back early to pick up my dad and hit the store then. As my day went on, i was horny, grabbed keys and made sure not to drive by my dad's work I took another route, parking the truck down the street so as to not be noticed. Once inside I walked up to the counter nervously, the guy took my entrance fee and I was heading thru the door. It was a long hallway with booths down one side, there were signs with warnings which I paid no attention. I opened the first door no gloryhole so I went down further picking another booth. Looking in I saw the hole on the one side, jackpot I thought, entering I put some money in as the porn started playing. I was in the booth about 10 minutes when I heard the door open, close and lock, the screen lit up. Before long I saw a finger come thru the hole I dropped my pants, stood up, and put my dick thru the hole. It was amazing the guys mouth was so warm, I could feel my cock slide across his lips as he sucked me, a moan escaped my mouth. I hadn't had pussy let alone head since I got here and my balls were aching for release. I pushed my pelvis as flat to the wall as I could so he could suck every inch of my cock "That's it man suck that fucking cock" I whispered. He pulled off it "Hell yeah, you gonna give me that load dude." He wasted no time going back down on my cock. I began to face fuck him I knew I wouldn't last long so I told him to take it slow, it was no use I felt my fucking nuts tighten up "Dude I'm about to blow this down your fucking throat." I started to breathe heavy as I started shooting, my dick throbbed over and over as I filled the guys mouth and throat with my jizz. He kept sucking til I was empty "Fuck man you about drowned me that was a fucking load!" He exclaimed. Pulling my dick back thru, he got up and left, it wasn't long before someone else entered the booth and another finger was at the hole. I didn't think I could cum again so soon but I stood up, putting my dick back thru the hole, feeling another wet warm mouth my dick began to get hard again this guy was better than the first "Oh yeah dude your gonna get this load." I could already feel another load brewing in my balls. This guy was quite the eager cocksucker "Oh man I want you to cum all over my fucking face!" Starting to suck my cock first his hand then his mouth I could feel his tongue licking the head of my dick, I knew I wouldn't be able to hold back, he started to pick up the pace when I told him I was going to bust. I tilted my head back "Oh fuck man here it fucking cums!" With that I felt my balls tighten again, I gasped as I shot my load, he licked the head and stroked me at the same time. He got up to leave as I looked at my cell phone thinking I had better get out of here to pick up my dad, as I opened the door to walk out the other guy did to. I looked at him smirking as had my cum all over his face, he didn't even bother to wipe it off. Walking away, the door to the hallway opened again, looking up I froze, it was my dad. Ducking into the booth the guy had been in I closed the door and locked it. I stood by the door so nervous, thinking I could try to leave, an attendant came thru the hallway telling me to put money in the machine, I couldn't go back out right away in case my dad was out there so I had no choice. I put some money in and the movie began to play. I heard the door to the booth I was previously in open, close, and lock then the porn started to play. Standing close to the gloryhole the other person would not be able to see me but it didn't seem to matter because I saw his finger rubbing the hole. I thought what the fuck I have time to get my dick sucked again, sticking my cock thru the hole I felt another warm mouth, in this cold weather I loved the sensation of pulling my cock out in the cold air then having it engulfed by a hot wet mouth. There was no doubt this guy had sucked some cock before he was a pro, he didn't mess around he was all throat, all the way down til I could feel his nose in my pubes. Applying the perfect amount of suction and hand stroke on the way back up, I couldn't say a word, I was absolutely speechless. I had already cum twice so this one wasn't going to be easy but rather than say anything I just let this guy suck my cock, enjoying his skills. My cock was rock hard, I didn't think it was possible but he got me there. He pulled back every so often to just stroke me so I never knew when he was going to go back down on me, it was fucking awesome. He pulled back off my cock, this time he seemed to take longer. When he went back down on my cock it felt so fucking good I couldn't believe it I let out a gasp, it felt like velvet, it was so tight, warm, but not as wet it felt like pussy. I pulled back away from the gloryhole a little so I could see his lips, when I looked down I didn't see lips, instead I see the guys hairy ass. He had my cock right up his ass, I started to pull out but he reached back grabbing my balls so I couldn't, he immediately started to ride my dick. I could feel how good his ass felt....it worked! Squeezing his ass tight with every upstroke he was literarily sucking my cock with his asshole. I stood at the wall gape mouthed, I was in fucking ecstasy I couldn't say a word. I had never fucked anyone thru the gloryhole before, when a guy would put his ass up to the hole I would pass or pull out, but this guy was so moist, i think he was carrying a load already, it was like silk. This time I could feel my load building I wanted to say something but I couldn't it was just to fucking good. I wanted to cum in this guy bad so I started to fuck him as I felt my load start to explode. I came so fucking hard in this guys ass I wanted to absolutely scream! He could feel me cumming as my knees buckled against the wall, I thought I would pass out. I groaned as I shoved my dick as deep in his ass as I could. He reached back grabbing my balls so I couldn't pull out "That's it boy cum in my fucking ass!" He was panting and groaning... Fuck me...., I recognize that voice..... it was my dad! I stopped as he continued to ride my cock me unloading the last drops of cum in him. Trying to pull out he held on to my balls, I knew if I told him to let go he was bound to recognize me, I had no choice and let my dad finish riding me before he pulled off my dick. Once he was done I flew out of the bookstore, jumped in the truck and hauled ass. I pulled in to parking lot to pick him up as he walked around the building, my heart began to race. I had to think,think...It was to late as he was in the truck "Let's get something to eat, I'm starving." We sat down to dinner and nothing was ever said about the secret ass-fucking I gave him at the bookstore, I felt that he really didn't know it was me, I was relieved.although he did keep scratching his ass at times. We drank and talked about his work day and I just smiled "What you smiling for?" He looked at me I looked back at him, the handsome masculin father of mine "Just glad to be here Dad." I was smiling thinking about how my dad was sitting across from the table with his ass full of my cum and whilst here will fill him again and agsin, anonymously of course... Thanks Dad
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    I knew early on I was gay. Back before the internet all we had was magazines to look at. I remember getting Penthouse Letters for the first time and reading just the gay stories in it. As I got older I kept my homosexuality a secret from everyone. I so wanted to suck cock and get fucked but I had no idea how to go about it. One day during the summer as I was out driving I noticed a grey and pink building in a not so good part of town. Just the colors said this building was different. I parked my car and just watched the men going in and out. Adult video and theater was on the sign outside and this peaked my curiosity more. After hearing about a certain celebrity getting caught in a place like this had me wondering what exactly goes on inside a place like this. So I decided to check the place out. I walked up to the door and on the outside was a sign that said you had to be 21 to enter. I being 18 decided I would push my luck. I entered the building and it had everything you could desire. Magazines, videos, adult toys, and of course the theater in the back. I noticed several men strolling by the entrance just staring at me and I knew they wanted me by just their looks. About this time the cashier asked for ID and I lied saying I lost it by getting a DUI. She knew I was lying but she didn't stop me. I asked about the theater in the back and asked her what could I do back there. She shocked me by saying I could do anything I wanted to do. Upon hearing this my cock was hard and leaking precum bad. So I made my way to the back and let my eyes adjust to the darkness. I saw a big theater room playing straight porn and probably 30 private booths for enjoying other videos. The back was crawling with men. I found an empty booth and deposited my money and started flipping through the channels to find a video I wanted to watch. After settling on a hot gay video of an older guy fucking a younger guy I pulled down my pants and started jerking off. After a minute or so something caught my eye. Sticking through a hole in the wall, which I now know as gloryholes, was a cock. Ok I'll admit I was a bit scared because I didn't know if it was a setup. After several more seconds he withdrew his cock and stuck his finger through. He asked if he could suck my cock which for some reason I didn't have a problem with. So I stuck my cock through the hole and he started sucking me. God it felt great. I had found the answer to my prayers. His mouth felt great. After a few minutes I withdrew my cock and he slid his cock back through. This time I didn't hesitate. I got down on the dirty floor. It was sticky and smelled but for some reason I felt right at home. I jerked his cock a little bit and then licked up his precum. And the moment came. I put a cock, his cock, in my mouth for the first time. Oh how wonderful it felt to be sucking a real cock for the first time. I knew I had found my calling and the place to unleash my desires. I sucked him the best I could and being on my knees felt so right. After sucking him for a while he withdrew his cock which left me disappointed. He then asked if he could come into my booth to continue our fun. Oh God I got nervous but agreed to let him in my booth. He came right over and as soon as he locked my booth door I got a good glimpse of the man. He was around 30 and was a bit taller than me. Nice toned body with no facial hair. His cock was around 7 inches but not to thick. He sat down on the bench and took his cock back out. I got back on my knees and started sucking his cock some more. I was having so much fun. Then it happened. As I came up for air he put his hand under my chin and bent down to kiss me. I was a bit shocked but I soon returned his kiss. He then asked if he could fuck me. I asked if he had a condom because I didn't want any disease. He said he only fucked bare and I was not having a cock inside me without protection. He looked disappointed but I had my standards at the moment. He then produced a bottle of something and held it under my nose and told me to inhale. I did as told for some reason and I felt strange. Hornier than I had been and I started sucking his cock with gusto. After several minutes he told me to inhale again. I was starting to lose all my inhibitions. He told me to strip and after another time of inhaling I begged him to fuck me. He obliged. He took off his pants and got behind me and slowly slid his cock inside me. It hurt but whatever I was inhaling also had me to where I didn't care. He got all of his cock inside me and just let my ass adjust to his cock. After a few minutes he slowly started fucking me. He had me take another whiff of what he had and I lost it. I was now begging him to fuck me harder. I must've been a bit loud because he hushed me by covering my mouth with his hand. God his cock felt wonderful. I was glad I found this place. Here I was on a dirty floor with some strangers cock inside me raw. After several minutes of fucking me hard he started cumming. The whole time I was hard and I didn't even touch my cock and I started cumming as well. After his cock went soft he took it out of my ass. He kissed me before getting dressed and said welcome to the club. I didn't know what he meant. He asked me to stay naked that I would be popular today. He handed me the bottle of what I was inhaling and he told me it was poppers. I had never heard of them but I loved them. He said there were several guys waiting in the hall just like him. He then said he was HIV positive and before I could react he had me take another hit. And to my surprise I told him let the fun begin.
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    Part 3 Todd began to grunt which friend into now if a howl as I felt his cock grow harder and then I could feel his cock spasm inside my hole m as he exclaimed, “FUCK! FUCK YEAH! FUCK, TAKE MY DIRTY CUM!” I heard one of the guys who was standing next to us and had witnessed my getting fucked say, “Breed that bitch, give him your charged load.” I heard another guy yell, “Fuck yeah Todd, poz that neg ass.” I was trying to figure out what they meant with each comment when Todd resumed fucking me, his cock still rock hard as he let me know, “Now I own you, I own your ass” which he punctuated when a couple deep, hard thrusts. Todd fucked me for a good 10 minutes before he paused, put his arms under me and told me, “Put your arms around my neck and wrap your legs around me.” In this position Todd was able to pick me up. He continued to fuck me as he carried me over to this ‘swing’ like contraption I heard someone referred to as a ‘sling’. He placed me I the leather seat while a couple of the guys watching us helped by putting my legs I the stirrups. Todd was now standing as he continued to fuck me as I lay in the sling. The sling seemed to give him an advantage allowing him to fuck me deeper. He made sure that every stroke he made inside my ass was looking, deep and with purpose as he said, “Yeah, you’re starting to feel it, you’re starting to feel my DNA burrowing into your body. You feel my DNA becoming part of you. Soon it will start to take over your thoughts, your desires, your dreams and your fantasies.” His words danced through my head. All my random thoughts began to fly out of my head as Todd's words began to dominate my thoughts. He smiled at as he continued to fuck me working the cum he deposited inside me into the walls of my ass. As strange as it sounded when Todd spoke of it, it felt like his sperm was burrowing into my cells. I could tell that his DNA was working is way into all parts of my body, working into my brain, taking over my thoughts. I was starting to feel different, I was starting to think different. My mind was focused only on Todd’s words and actions as he worked his cock in and out of my ass. I began to work my ass muscles tightening my ass muscles as Todd was pulling out and relaxing my ass when he pushed in. Surprisingly my mind was thinking about getting him to breed me again. I could tell by the expressing on his face that he could feel what I was doing with my ass. He smiled and said, “That's my little bitch, work that ass. You want more of my dirty cum?” My only answer as he continued to fuck me was a nod is my head ‘Yes’. He continued, “Not to worry, I’ve got plenty my charged seed for you, able once I’m certain that I’ve given you enough of my jizz to convert you I’ll let others fuck you.” He paused taking to me for about a minute as his breathing and the pace he was fucking me began to increase. His cock began to become harder and thicken as he continued, “What do you think? I figure they can fuck you for $10 and breed you for $25.” Again he paused, but only for a few seconds when he suddenly said as he was about to breedme for the second time, “FUCK! It doesn’t matter what you think. I own your ass and I plan on renting it out so you might as well get used to the idea.” I continued to milk his cock with my ass when suddenly Todd slammed his cock balls deep inside me. I felt his cock spasm letting me know he was breeding me again as he kissed me for the first time. My body responded as I let his tongue pushed into my mouth. As I was experiencing my first man-on-man kiss Todd’s words from earlier were still dominating my mind. His DNA was taking over and becoming part of me as I was trying to get more of his lips as we kissed me and he continued to slowly fuck me. While we were still kissing I started to think about what was really consuming my thoughts was a strong desire for another needle I my arm. This new drug he gave me, Tina he valued it, made me feel so good that I had to have more. For a split second I worried what Todd would think about me if I asked for another one so soon, but then the desire for the needle, the need for the drug won out and when we stopped kissing I sheepishly asked, “You think I can get another ‘shot’ of that new drug?” Todd answered me with a chuckle while he continued to slowly fucked me, “First of all the drug is called Tina. It’s also known as ice, clear, crystal or meth but it’s better know as methamphetamine. The needle is called a rig or point and the ‘shot’ you are asking about is known as a slam.” I now understand the reason behind his ‘chuckle' as I smiled and corrected my request, “Can I get another slam of Tina?” Todd grinned like the Cheshire cat sitting in the tree above Alice as answered, “Absolutely, I signs use another slam myself.” Todd continued to slowly fuck me as a tourniquet was placed on my arm and a couple rigs seemingly appeared from no where. Todd stop me fucking to administer my slam telling me, “You will learn for to self administer how own slam when you start working.” I wasn’t sure what he meant by ‘working’ but I knew I was going to want to know how to make a administer my own slam. Todd wiped my arm with alcohol and explained as he was administering my slam, “Find a nice fat vein and slip the needle in, then pull the plunger back slightly getting a flash of red indicating your you’re in the vein then slowly empty the contents.” The tourniquet was snapped off and I began to cough while Todd administer his own slam. Then we were each handed a small glass of Gatorade with GHB. Todd explained, “GHB, better known as G, enhances the Tina and increases your horniness.” Right after we each downed our drinks Todd resumed slow fucking me as we kissed some more. He gradually picked up his pace as I flexed my ass muscles truly to milk another load out of him. With Todd’s silence and the way he was fucking me had me thinking he was teasing me. It was starting to drive me to the point I worked my ass harder and began ask him, “Are you getting tired? I need you did breed me again. I really wanted more of your special cum.” Todd just grinned at me and have me a couple of quick ‘jabs’ with his cock before responding to me, “You really want more of my special cum? Are you sure you really want me to give you the gift of my special gift?” I answered, “Fuck yeah give my your special gift.” This cause a couple of the guys watching Todd fuck me to laugh at one of them said ‘I bet you do’ and another said ‘Be careful what you ask for.’ Todd must have been holding out when he suddenly began to rabbit fuck me and within minutes free as ready to breed me for the third time. As his breathing began to pick up and I can’t his cock get harder and thicker Todd leaned his face close to mine to where we were almost touching when he asked me, “Do you really want my gift? Do you understand what is special about my cum? Why my cum is dirty?” I had no idea what he meant by his questions. All I knew was that I needed him to cum in my ass and breed me. I tightened my ass trying to milk that load out of him and said, “Fuck, just give me your cum and breed me.” Todd grunted out as I felt his cock throb as he fired his load deep inside me. He had a smirk on his face like along with several guys that had been watching us as Todd pushed my hands over my head he kissed me. While he was kissing me and held my hands over my head I was distracted and barely noticed it when my wrists were placed in restraints followed by my ankles. Todd pulled his cock out of my ass and said, “It’s time for your ass to make me some money. You can fuck the bitch for $10, and breed the bitch when your diseased cum for $25. Who wants to go first and help convert this pretentious rich boy into my poz whore?"
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    Shortly after I heard the closing of the bathroom door to my delight I could hear it open again and could hear the footfalls of another man walking to the stall and when I heard the stall door open I could hear the sharp intake of breath and a hiss of what I believed to be excitement. Immeadly after that, he got to his knees and started to rim my ass like it was his last meal on earth. He probed my hole deeper and deeper and it made me moan and squeal with so much pleasure. The man growled at me as he tried to go deeper and deeper with his tongue and he grabbed me by the hips to shove my ass deeper into his face as I felt his tongue go deeper into my sloppy hole. I felt something get put over my eyes and was spun around and my face was met with a very fat cock. "Suck my dick" the man growled at me. I opened my mouth and he didn't wait and shoved the entire length of his cock down my throat. I was so thankful that my parents had my tonsils removed and that I have practiced so much on my deep throating skills that he was able to go balls deep in my throat on his first try. This caused me to moan and vibrate on his cock making him growl loudly. He face fucked me for a little while raping my throat with his cock and I could start to feel his cock starting to grow and I knew I was about to get my second load of the day and I wanted it in my ass more than I wanted it in my throat. This man must have wanted the same thing because he spun me around again and shoved his whole cock into my ass making me squeal as I could feel his large cock unload into my ass every ounce of cum in his balls. He stayed still for a moment panting heavily on my back and then slid his cock out of my cummy ass with a pop grabbed his clothes and left the stall. I didn't have any time to rest after he was done because the stall door opened up as quickly as it shut. I sensed that there was something different, I looked up and saw a set of twins looking at my hole with hunger gleaming in their eyes. I wiggled my ass and puckered my whole at them welcoming both of them to enjoy my used puffy whole to their heart's desire. They took my invitation and started to undress and start to probe my ass with their fingers. One of them started to run their hands over my chest and pinch my nipples making me whimper and moan like a bitch in heat and that just made them play with my body even more. I could feel one of their cock pushing into my ass and the other moved to shove his cock down my throat. They both started to fuck me with the same rhythm and I was in pure bliss. They started to both pickup speed but suddenly stopped and one of them laid on the floor and told me to sit on his cock so they can dp me and cum at the same time. I was so excited to have them both in me at the same time so I rushed to impale myself on his cock and lean forward to make ready for the other one. I felt him enter me and there was a combination of pain and pleasure that it took me over the edge again and made me drop another load into my already cummy jock. Both of them moaned as they felt my ass tighten around their cocks and it only made them fuck me harder and harder until I felt their combined loads in my ass. When they were both done cumming they held me there for a while longer and then I felt it, they both started to piss into my ass at the same time. I had never felt so full before I couldn't believe how great it felt. The first twin started to pull out of me and told me when they both pull out to hold in their loads and cum for as long as I could they had a gift for me. Once they were both out one of them pulled a buttplug out of their bag and shoved it in place sealing their cum and piss in me. One of them pulled me up and I got a good look at how sexy they both looked and saw identical biohazard tattoos on their pelvis in the middle of their V. They handed me a card and said that they are both tattoo artists and then when I convert to come to find them and they would tattoo me as well in exchange for using my body. I thanked them and they both had me bend over so they could make two more marks on the left side of my ass and they gave me a golden shower before they both left.
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    Part 2....... I got so obsessed with my dad since that day when i left my spunk in his arse st the ABS that I arranged activities where I could see him naked like Gym showers, swimming etc and sniffing and checking his used jockeys from the laundry. He had a great manly body and such a beautiful dick and bullballs, nice. I was kinda messed up mentally because I still wanted and loved pussy, but this was my Dad, my father, my guardian, protector and I was planning and scheming and perving on having him again. I fought it, but lust came calling Hard. Anyway, that's that, my dad had bought me a scooter to get around instead of using his car and I used to sit outside his work at the cafe to watch him, there he was, grey beard, tall and strong, handsome in a grey 3 piece suit getting in his car, he was early today. I followed him, sweating in my helmet, but unrecognisable, he pulled up in the park I jumped, my phone rang, it was my dad, I could see him, he asked me how I was, did I fancy dinner tonight etc, yes , I asked what he was doing, he said he was sat at his desk busy, catch u later I said. He got out of his car and walked into the restroom, kinda looking out of place in his suit. I left my helmet on and went in, 3 stalls, 2 taken, I went into empty cubicle and could hear muffles and odd bangs to walls, I noted a Hole in wall, covered over with toilet paper, I move it and see a beautiful hairy arse moving back and forth in the hole on his side and some groaning going on, I look under the stalls and see black office shoes and grey office trousers over the top of them and ankles backs of, dad's, my dad's ankles, obviously being fucked by hairy arse Man, I was kind of jealous for some reason, but severely boned up. I am in the stall 10 minutes, listening and wanking to my dad getting fucked, it went quiet, but then I hear someone come in to the next stall. I look through the hole and its my dad! My dad pulls down his pants and much to my surprise he is sporting a 9 inch king of a hard on. He sits down on the toilet and starts stroking it. I put my visor up on helmet and my mouth to the glory hole and In two seconds I feel the head of his cock slowly slipping into my mouth. I start to slowly suck the head of his cock , my fathers cock in and out of my mouth inching it closer to my throat. Soon I am deep throating my dads beautiful cock till the hairs at the base are tickling my nose. I can smell his pubes, his groin, his man sweat hear him start moaning and he begins to fuck my throat faster until I feel and taste the first jet of sperm hit the back of my throat. I move my face back because I want the rest of his cum in my mouth so I suck the head while stroking his shaft. The next warm spurt hit the roof of my mouth and ran down under my tonge. As I swallowed my dads first mouthful of warm sperm I heard someone going into the stall on the other side of him. My dad heard it to and pulled his cock out of my mouth and through the glory hole but not before one last rope of warm cum landed in my mouth. I heard dad breathing hard in the stall and watched as he sprayed the rest of his cum in the toilet. I looked through the glory hole and in the stall was my dad, backing onto the hole in the wall, being jerked forward, so he is obviously being fucked and I still have dads cum in my mouth and here he is with his pants down getting fucked groaning again, i seen his face, his getting fucked face. He taps on the partition hole and puts his mouth up to the glory hole and I immediatly shoves my dick through the hole into my dad's mouth and starts getting really tuned on. i hear a door open and close and feel a difference on my dick, my dad was again riding my bare dick, it was so warm and silky that I found myself spurting warm cum in to my dads used arse. I now added my cum to the two strangers cum in my fathers arse My dad finaly pulls it back out through the hole and is gone. I sat on the toilet slowly stroking my cock feeling the stickiness on my dick and the warm sperm in my pubes from the strangers cum in my father's arse and his spunk taste still on my tonge. My phone rings, its Dad...........tbc
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    Part 9 I had a few more ‘pozzing’ sessions over the week. Steven even had me come over to a hotel room where he had twink meet him. Steven told me it was the twink's 18th birthday and he was looking to get fucked his the first time. What the kid didn’t expect was that he was going to hey this ass fucked full of cum. When I arrived I found the kid was tied up with a butt plug in his ass. Steven told me “I need you to add your cum to what I’ve already deposited.” I asked “Did he meet Tina?” Steven held up a pipe and answered “It was a little cloudy when we started.” I then commented, “I figured you’d play darts with him.” Steven laughed and said “I would have, but I needed help. And I figured with your assistance we can convert him.” I started to strip as I noticed how young he looked. He had no pubic hair. I had to ask Steven “Are you sure he's 18?” Steven answered “Yes. I had him bring his birth certificate.” He showed me the kids burn certificate. I learned that the twink lived a couple hours away and that his father was a minister or reverend, something like that and the doesn’t know that the twink came here to hook up. Steven planned to mid the kid through the weekend getting him addicted to raw cock, cum and Tina. It was time to give him a proper introduction to miss Tina. Steven was going to administer the kid's first slam as I administer my own slam at the same time. The kid’s slam was very strong as he coughed out hard. I started to fuck him before he died coughing as Steven released the kid’s restraints as he said “Knock him up. Get him pregnant.” The kids had no clue as I started to fuck him. By the time I had deposited me third dirty load of cum and he had had a second slam he was asking me to get him pregnant. When I left, Steven was giving him a third slam as he fucked him some more. At this point the kid was asking for another slam and Steven was telling him “You are now my bitch. Your ass belongs to me.” Steven held up the twink's phone showing a video clips of him sucking cock, getting fucked, smoking from a pipe and getting slammed. He told the kid “I sent these to anyone in your contact list along with this message, ‘I can no longer lie to any of you. I am a gay drug addict. I have left home for good.’ Everyone you know back home know what you've become, Tina whore. You will do as I say or I’ll just seen your ass to the highest bidder and you’ll have be heard from again. The kid was starting to cry as I was walking out the door. The kid came around quickly as he became one of Steven’s working boys. Steven had his pubic hair permanently removed as it made him look really young and rented his ass out to perverted that liked to think he was 13 or 14 even though he was actually 18. On Friday I received a text from Steven. I was to be the guest of honor for the weekend at a special party. The group were alumni from a major college. One of the schools that was heavily recruiting me to play football. I arrived at the local hotel meeting Steven I the lobby. He told me “These are really good friends of mine you should meet since you’ll be playing college football there.” I let Steven know “l hadn’t decided where I was going to play football.” Steven looked at me and didn’t say a word. His stare said enough. I knew that I was going to commit the play football there and that I’d be getting you know these alumni very well. We got off the elevator, walked down the hall and Steven used a key card to open the door to the room. Steven introduced me to everyone there. They all talked about how happy they were they I had decided to play football at their alma mater. Before too long a glad pipe appeared and was starting to get passed around. When it was handed to me I was encouraged to take several hits off it as clothes stared to come off the men standing around me. As I started to lose what I was wearing Steven told me “Enjoy yourself, I have to get back to my new slut” as he headed towards the door. I was completely naked and had someone eating my ass while being given a cock to suck. I heard someone say, “I think our new quarterback needs a slam.” I was carried over to the bed where I was placed on my back. Before I knew it I had the tourniquet on my arm, had the needle suck in my vein and he contents from the rig pushed into me. The tourniquet was snapped off and I coughed out hard. Damn that was a strong slam, all I said was “Holy Fuck. For the next 2 nights I was kept high with multiple slams as each guy their turn breeding me. I was told how good my ass felt and how they each looked forward to seeing me when they visited the school.
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    PART 3: I drove home from Marcus and Chloe's apartment late in the afternoon, my ass still full of his poz cum. My hole was still wet when I got home so I took a shower and I had to jerk off while replaying last night's and this morning's events. I can't believe that I just let Marcus fuck me while is girlfriend was 15 feet away making our coffees. It was irrational and dangerous, but Marcus was right about me, I'm a whore for his cock. I lose my fucking mind around him. He's this completely straight, hot, hung mixed guy. It just so happens that he can't cum with a condom and his girlfriends won't let him cum in them. I guess I won the lottery, no hangups or drama, just getting bred by a hot straight guy. It'd been a month since I went clubbing with Marcus and Chloe, and subsequently got bred a few times by Marcus' thick hung uncut poz dick. He's undetectable and I'm on PrEP, so I don't really see any issues. Marcus and Chloe and I have all hung out several times in groups and sometimes we'd just chill at their apartment. Marcus has no problems just being cool around me despite the fact that he's fucked me senseless more than once. It was Friday again, and I had just gotten off work when I got a text from Marcus: "Hey, what's up homie?" I responded saying I just got off work and asked what the plans were for the weekend. He texted back: "I'm at work too, but don't get off for another couple hours. Come by and have a coffee with me. Chloe is making dinner tonight so we can all hang." So I swung by this gym he works at as a side job. He just basically gets people checked in and answers any questions. It's also helped Marcus get even MORE ripped and muscular. I didn't think he could get any hotter. Wrong. I found Marcus up front talking to a gym member. When he got done, he said,"Come on back to the office for some coffee." I followed him and gesh, his t-shirt was short and just rested on his bubble butt. That ass looked fucking amazing, I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. Marcus surprised me by saying,"You keep staring at my ass like that with yo mouth open and I'm gonna shove my cock down your throat." He caught me off guard and I snapped my head up, just now seeing the full length mirror on the office door and realizing Marcus had literally caught me drooling over his thick ass. I got embarrassed, because he's my straight friend and I don't ever make moves on him really because I don't want to overstep my place. I felt comfortable enough now with him that when we were alone like this I was just flat out honest with him. I told Marcus,"Sorry, but I've never really fully noticed how hot your ass is until now. You could bounce a roll of quarters off those globes." He laughed and told me to not get any ideas. We sat down and settled into the office club chairs with our coffees, we were shooting the breeze. Time flew by and it was closing time, so I helped him lock up. He asked if I wanted to work out a little bit since I already had caffeine in me. I told him I didn't have any workout clothes in my car. He said,"The gym is closed man, just get down to your undies." I was like,"fuck it, okay," and stripped. I swear I did anything he told me to do. SMH. He took his shirt off and damn, he was getting cut as hell. His chest and abs were really defined. We worked out for about 45 minutes, and we were soaked in sweat. Obviously I kinda knew where this was going. I mean, straight guy, closed gym, this was a porno in real life. I wasn't shocked when Marcus suggested we shower before we head over to his and Chloe's apartment. The gym was a smaller gym and had a small locker room and open showers. So of course as soon as Marcus was naked, I had a raging erection. Marcus just laughed at me, and he too had a semi. We were showering and I asked Marcus to get my back. As any good porno in real life would play out, he said "sure" but seemed hesitant. His hands on my back felt so good. Having him touch my skin under the warm water, I moaned and leaned back so that my ass pushed up against his thickening cock. He was at full mast in an instant and began rubbing his monster cock between my soapy ass cheeks. I reached back and started pushing just his cockhead in and out of my hole. He began breathing hard against my neck and wrapped his arms around me. Marcus felt so good against me. He shoved several inches up my tight hole without warning. It hurt, but I wanted it. He fucked into my hole for a few minutes, then abruptly pulled out and said,"man, I can't do this." I was a little surprised because that's not how our fucking ever played out. I asked if I did something wrong or if he was having problems because he's straight but fucks a gay guy. Marcus quickly came up and smiled, pulled me into an embrace, swiftly gave me a friendly kiss on the lips and said,"No man, It's nothing like that. You're my buddy and you've given me something extra too. A hot hole that I can actually cum in." I immediately felt better but was still confused because our cocks were both hard as rocks rubbing against each other. "Then what's up? I really want you inside me, like bad." I told Marcus. Marcus replied,"It's just I've been off my meds this month because someone dropped the ball at my health insurance. I don't want to put you at risk. I feel great, but still, I don't wanna put you at risk of getting HIV just because I can't control my cock." I looked at him and said,"Marcus, I'm on PrEP, it's okay." He smiled at me and hugged me closer. He kissed my neck and spoke into my ear,"Man, I know you're on PrEP but we don't know if my viral load is up and how much you're protected. I love ya bro, I don't wanna hurt you." The fact that he was being so vulnerable and caring and...loving...while holding me naked in the shower with our cocks sword fighting between us just made me want it even more. I was losing it again, all I wanted right then was to have him fuck me and breed me. I hugged him back even tighter, and slid down his body to his cock and before I swallowed his massive organ said,"well there's no risk in this." I was working his cock with my mouth and hand very eagerly, and as he placed his hands on the sides of my head he began to throat fuck me. My knees were starting to hurt on the tile floor but I wasn't going to give up Marcus' cock for fear he'd try to stop this again. I got off my knees and sat on the tile floor, scooting back to the shower wall and dragging Marcus with me where he continued to fuck his thick cock in and out of my throat. My head was stuck between the shower wall and his pubes as he started to ram his dick in my mouth. I was so horny for him and this situation, that I grabbed his ass and pulled him into my deeper. I got especially brave and was rubbing my fingers up and down his crack, stopping on his hole and gently massaging it. Marcus moaned when I did that, so I took a chance and pushed my finger into his incredibly tight hole. It went in fairly easy with the water and soap, and I wasted no time finding his prostate, I wanted to at least hit his g-spot before he could object to me finger fucking him. When I pressed his button deep in his ass, he moaned hard and his body shook. His legs trembled against me. Marcus looked down at me while he kept fucking my mouth and said,"holy shit man, is that what my cock hits inside of your hole? No wonder you're a whore for my dick. Keep doing that shit. I think I might actually cum for the first time from a blowjob...fuck man, keep pushing that spot. Shit. oh fuck." I did as instructed and began to work his prostate with my finger and continue letting him rape my lips and throat. His body was trembling at this point, and I felt his asshole tighten on my finger like a vice grip, then I felt hard spasms from his prostate against my finger and I got what I was working for, a huge load down my throat. He blasted a massive amount of cum down into my stomach. Marcus kept cumming and spasming, he had to hold himself up against the wall as his orgasm waned. I kept gently massaging his prostate with my finger as he slowly pulled his cock from my mouth. "Fuck." Marcus hoarsely said,"I almost never cum from a blowjob, man. Now you have done it twice. That was unfuckingbelieveble." I smiled up at him and pulled my finger from his hole. He was still in amazement at what had just happened as we dryed off and sat on the locker room benches. He was still 80% hard and I was still 110% hard. I looked at him and his cock, and couldn't help myself, I got on my knees again and began sucking in his cock while he sat on the bench recuperating from his climax. He moaned as I took him fully into my mouth. I worked my hands on his steel rod and my mouth slowly began working on his smooth balls, then I started to lick his taint, and run my long tongue down his taint to his hole and pushed the tip of my tongue into his tight hole. "Oh man. Fuck that feel good," Marcus said. He let me lift his legs up while he stroked his cock. I was so horny now, I dove into his ass like it was Christmas dinner. All he could do is moan and pant, I slipped my finger back inside him and found his prostate again, this time, I slowly worked his hole and his prostate, gently getting him relaxed and able to take two, then three of my fingers using a lot of my spit for lube. I put his cock back into my mouth while I worked his hole with my hand, he was breathing hard, laying back on the bench with his legs up and letting me work him over. I felt like he was about to bust another load. I was about as hard as anything right now, and my throbbing meat had taken over my brain awhile ago. My erection had control and it was thrusting forward into the hand that had three fingers fucking into Marcus' gorgeous ass. I couldn't help it, but my cock was pushing past my hand and trying to get to his hole, it wanted to be where my fingers were. Part of me was trying to stop myself, telling myself that if I tried to stick my cock inside him I'd ruin everything. He's straight, he's one of your best buds, you're going to destroy everything. But, like I said, my boner was in the driver's seat and it was steering itself to that tight wet hole. My thick mushroom head found his opening and began pushing and rubbing into it. Marcus was so hung, I easily continued to suck his huge tool as my steel pipe began to push into his hole. I sank into him about an inch or two before I found resistance. His inner ring didn't want me to go further. But my wet dick was only encouraged by the tightness it felt. I kept fucking into Marcus and when my cockhead pushed past that resistance and I was about 4 inches inside of him, his eyes kind of flickered open. I looked up at him, still sucking his cock, his eyes locked on mine,"Is that? ...Is that your cock?" Marcus asked in a strained voice. I grabbed his thick shaft and came off of him and said,"I'm really sorry Marcus, I didn't really mean to, I can't help it. I can stop." I was slowly pulling out of him, when he plopped his head back down on the bench with his eyes shut and his mouth in an "O". "Wait." Marcus breathed out,"wait, wait just a minute. Fuck, that feels good. I'm just really fucking horny. Damn man. It's not so risky if you top right?" I was shocked he said that but too horny to let it interfere with what my red bull can cock wanted,"Yeah, even if you're off meds, and might maybe have a higher viral load, it's a lot safer if I topped." He had rested his hands on my hips, and began moving them to my ass where he pulled me toward him and consequently INTO him. "Ohhh fuck. Your cock is making me feel things I've never felt. I don't know if I like it." Marcus told me,"keep going, I want to see, I wanna at least do this once and see what it's like." That's all I needed to hear. I got the green light to push more of my slick rod into his thick muscular ass. It's not every day a straight guy tells you to keep fucking his hole. I sank all the way into him and because he was on his back and I have a wicked curve upward to my erection, my mushroom head hit his prostate perfectly. I watched as his eyes went wide and he let out a gratifying gutteral moan. He looked up at me and just shook his head "yes." I started fucking my thick cock in and out of his tight hole, going balls deep to keep knocking at his prostate. I was getting close, and found a fast hard rhythm pounding into his ass. He began breathing harder too as I was working up to a climax,"Marcus, I'm gonna cum." I warned him, "oh fuck, I'm getting close, you're too fucking tight. Marcus, look at me?" He looked at me as he was stroking his cock, which looked enormous and hard as a pole, he had leaked a ton of precum out onto his belly from my constant barrage on his prostate with my dick. "Do it man, go all the way," Marcus croaked out, "just cum in me, I've already let you fuck me, and I'm close. Just don't stop fucking me when you cum, I'm so close." That was it, I tensed up and slammed into him,"Oh fuuuck, I'm cumming, fuck I'm cumming," I yelled as I blasted my load inside of him. I didn't slow down my fucking at all, I was still ramming into him as I shot load after load, Marcus' eyes were shut tight and his back came up on the bench as he roared out and began shooting cum all over his cut abs and chest, he blasted onto his face and past his head. I'd never seen anyone cum that far, I had stopped fucking him, because his body started fucking itself onto my cock the minute he started orgasming. We stayed perfectly still aside from our heavy panting as we came down off our fuck-high. He began to gently move up to slowly let my cock come out of his wet hole. "Fuuuck man," Marcus stated, "that was fuckin' crazy." We both started laughing, he stood up and grabbed the back of my neck to pull me up, "we better shower again," Marcus said with a huge smile on his face. I watched him as he reached behind himself and felt his hole, "it doesn't hurt, just feels different," he said looking at me, "I don't know if I'm into it, but since I couldn't fuck you, and I was so horny...shit, it was definitely different." laughing again and shaking his head. We got ourselves together and headed over to his apartment to meet Chloe, she had cooked dinner and brought home tequila. Marcus was putting away the dishes when Chloe noticed him walking funny. "Was it leg day today babe?" Chloe asked, "you must've gone hard." In typical Marcus fashion he quipped,"Nah, I let Nick here, fuck me up the ass." We all laughed hard. Chloe didn't miss a beat and retorted, "Damn Nick, if you're that good, I might have to give you a try."
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    Part 4 Todd pushed my hands over my head he kissed me. While he was kissing me and held my hands over my head I was distracted and barely noticed it when my wrists were placed in restraints followed by my ankles. Todd pulled his cock out of my ass and said, “It’s time for your ass to make me some money. You can fuck the bitch for $10, and breed the bitch when your diseased cum for $25. Who wants to go first and help convert this pretentious rich boy into my poz whore?” As I was pulling at my restraints I was trying to figure out what Todd meant by convert into a poz whore. Todd had pulled his cock from my well fucked ass and I felt a little bit of his cum leak out of me. I felt empty and was still very horny. Suddenly I had a needless syringe forced into the back of my mouth and tagged the bitterness of a dose of GHB given to me. Then a couple of the guys who watched Todd fuck me were on either side is me. Looking at then I thought I was seeing double realised that they were twins. I watched then as they each applied a tight strap to both arms. I felt the coolness of the alcohol on each arm followed by the now familiar pinch as they each found a vein and stuck a needle in me. Although I was still flying from the slam Todd had given me about 30-40 minutes ago I was about to get a double slam. Without a word says between the twins as they simultaneously pushed the contents into me as I started to feel the G kick in. They snapped the straps off one of my arms and I felt the rush of off of the slams hit me as I coughed. Just as my coughing was subsiding the other strap was snapped off and the second slam hit me. I couldn’t focus my eyes and I heard a ringing in my ears as the thought of what Todd said about help to convert his poz whore. One of the spectators of us fucking stepped up between my restrained legs. He placed the tip of his hard cock against my well fucked hole and pushed the full length on his cock inside me. As quickly as he sunk his cock inside me he began to pull out then slammed back in deep. As this guy fucked me I found myself moaning in sync with his thrust inward. My thoughts were all over the place as I began to instinctively work my ass muscles wanting him to breed me. The guy fucking me suddenly said, “Damn Todd I think your bitch wants my load, his ass keeps milking my cock.” Todd leaned down and said, “That’s my bitch. You’re learning to please the guy using your hole. Now ask him to breed you. Beg for his dirty, charged cum.” I said what Todd told me to say as I looked at the guy fucking me, “Please give me your dirty cum. Breed me. I need your charged load.” As I finished speaking I barely heard some one say, “This rich boy had no idea what he’s getting. I can’t wait to give him my AIDS cum.” I felt the guy fucking me suddenly quicken his pace as his dick thickened inside me before he was cumming inside me. As he finished he quickly pulled out and was quickly replaced by the next guy do was waiting for his turn at breeding ‘my neg ass’ as it was being called. Although my brain was still a little foggy from the drugs I was starting to figure out what all the talk around me was about. Todd looked down at me knowing I was starting to figure out what all they were saying meant, when he said to me, “Is my bitch finally figuring it out? You know now, don’t you?” As the next guy went to with fucking me, I knew what they meant by ‘dirty cum’ and ‘charged load’. Todd and every guy here is HIV+ and with each of them fucking me I was being exposed to HIV. The current cut inside me didn’t last long as he shot his load inside me without a word and pulled out. As I laid there empty for the brief moment I began to panic as the next guy ‘in line’ stepped up to fuck me before I could even think about attempting to expel their cum and rammed the full length of his cock deep into my ass reminding me of the pleasure I discovered from the drugs and sex I later leaned was known as PNP or ParTy aNd Play. I looked up at Todd as the current guy fucking me began to quickly fuck me causing me an involuntary deep moan emanate from as his throbbing cock spewed it’s venom. As he pulled his spent cock from my hole I involuntarily squeezed my ass trying to milk the last drops of his seed out while I simply asked Todd, “Why?” He held up a wad of cash he began counting telling me, “Your ass has already made me nearly $500. You know how many guys want to breed you?” My hazy brain figured at $25 each that was almost 20. Before I could answer Todd told me, “Your going to get a total of over 20 loads of cum from guys who are HIV+. It’s all part of my plan to make you my bitch.” I was trying to comprehend Todd’s words regarding his plan to make me his bitch when the next guy penetrated me with the largest dick I had rammed inside me to this point. I screamed out in pain as I was quickly given another slam and found myself starting to enjoy the horse cock that seemed to penetrate deep into me. I heard someone say, “When that poz cock breeds this pretentious rich boy he may cough up the cum.” The guy fucking me answered, “I’ve already cum in him once. I paid $100 and I have 3 more loads for him. I stopped taking my meds a few weeks back when Todd started to talk about how he was going to drug this boy up and convert him into his private whore. I wanted my viral load you climb and got tested this past week. My viral load is over half a million.” Todd was holding a slam in his hand what he asked the guy fucking me, “I think we need to add a little something to his next slam. Would you care to contribute?” The guy replied to Todd, “Fuck yeah, right after I give him load number 2.” I felt his cock go even deeper into my body as he delivered another while saying, “Fuck bitch, that's two loads of my highly toxic cum. Bet you never thought you could get pregnant. Well, one of us here is going to be your AIDS father.” He held still while Todd gave him part of the slam before drawing the guy’s blood into the syringe. He then suck the needle into me as emptied the entire syringe into my arm. The slam added to my high as the guy’s toxic blood mixed with the meth went to work.
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    Part 5 The guy fucking me held hits huge horse cock still while Todd gave him part of the slam before drawing his blood into the syringe. I was then suck with the needle as the syringe was emptied the into my arm. The slam added to my high as the guy’s toxic blood mixed with the meth went to work. I took 3 more loads from this guy as he told Todd that he owed him $25. One after another I was fucked by every guy who had been there too help Todd. I wasn’t sure how many loads of cum I had taken until I heard Todd say that I made $605 with my ass. That means I took 23 loads of cum and had 1 guy fuck me 3 times without cumming. I recall when this guy fucked me, he had reached the 30 minute the limit Todd has set. Anyone who has not shot his toxic load inside me within 30 minutes had to pull out or pay an additional $10 to continue fucking me. Todd was ok with this since it did serve to work the existing cum in my ass deeper into my body. I was kept extremely high throughout the night when most of the guys were beginning to dress and leaving with the exception of Anthony and a couple of the really hung guys. They were standing around me as Todd forced a butt plug in my well fuck ass before releasing my restraints. They helped me out of the sling and over to the bathroom where they also helped me shower. I was still a little horny but couldn’t get one of the guys that were helping in the shower to fuck me. I also had a craving for a slam that grew as I finished my shower. When I came back to the living room Todd had some porn playing on the TV. Once I got a good look at the porn playing I realized that what was playing was a video recording of what I had been doing ever since I arrived at Todd’s. I watched as I smoked from the pipe, when Anthony started sucking my cock to when Todd licked my ass right before he fucked me while all the time I was morning in pleasure. The highlight of the video were the times that I willingly was slammed. I watched truth sight excitement and shock as I down on the floor with Anthony and another young guy. Todd came over to me and said, “I told you I owned your ass. Now if you don’t want daddy seeing any of this video you’ll do exactly as your told. Understand?” I was in shock and was only able to manage nodding my head ‘yes’ when Todd grabbed my chin so that I was looking at him and in a stern voice repeated himself, “I DIDN’T HEAR YOU. NOW YOU UNDERSTAND THAT I OWN YOUR ASS AND YOU WILL DO WHATEVER I SAY?” I found myself answering, “Yes sir.” Todd then said to me, “That’s better my bitch. You’ve leaned how to take a good fucking and breeding.” As he tapped the butt plug me had shoved into me as he continued, “Now it’s time to learn how to properly suck dick.” Anthony was stood up next to me, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me towards his crotch while Todd told me, “Now open your mouth and take as much of his cock in your mouth.” Anthony was already hard as I quickly opened my mouth and allowed his cock to fill my mouth. Surprisingly I had almost the full length of his cock in my mouth. As Anthony applied slight pressure to the ball of my head attempting to get the remaining little bit of his cock as I was told, “Breath through your nose.” While the tip of his cock forced its way into my throat I felt a sudden pinch at the base of my cock followed by slight morning sensation that quickly disappeared. As I continued to be gagged but Anthony's cock I began to feel my cock start to grow. As it began to thicken and grow harder Anthony forced the tip of his cock into my throat causing me to gag. Suddenly I was here aware of my not rock hard cock as Anthony rubbed my cock with his bare foot, looked down at me and said “You must really be enjoying sucking my cock, you’ve gotten really hard while gagging as you deep throat my cock.” Todd was standing next to Anthony as began actively sucking Anthony's dick. Looking down on me Todd added, “That a good bitch. You’ll learn quickly that a good cock sucker will always be inn his knees when he sucks cock. Now Anthony here has the perfect cock size to start with when you’re leaning how to suck cock properly.” I was now sucking Anthony’s cock into my throat with a regular rhythm as Todd continued, “Anthony has been working for me for almost a year. Unlike you, he was gay and he already knew how to suck cock and was pretty good at it, I helped him get better as you experienced first hand. The thing you both shared was that he was a total top and had never been fucked before. That was until he partied with me and I showed him the joys of slamming.” Anthony was smiling at me as his foot continued to rub his bare foot across my hard cock as he smiled at me telling me, “In a few seconds you’re going to learn a important part of sucking cock, you’re going to learn how to swallow cum.” Anthony had a grip on my head and neck as Todd leaned down to me and told me, “Anthony hasn’t cum I’m a could weeks. I’m sure he’ll be shooting a big load for you to swallow. I expect to see you take every drop in your mouth then swish cum in your tongue before you swallow.” Anthony began to breath a little faster as his cock seemed to grow harder and slightly thicken before I hard him grunt, “FUCK! OH FUCK! FUCK YEAH! FUCK! YEAH BITCH SWALLOW THEY CUM!” Anthony fired my mouth with his cum as I tried not to let any leak out. I had expected the taste to be foul but found the taste was slightly salty. Todd leaned in and told me, “Open your mouth bitch, show me how much you like the taste of that cum before you swallow it.” I opened my mouth . and showed Todd the cum in my mouth as I played when Anthony’s cum on my tongue. The longer I played with Anthony’s cum in my mouth the more I tasted his cum. After a couple minutes Todd simply uttered one word, “Swallow.” I closed my mouth and swallowed his cum. Anthony quickly joined me getting when on his knees. Anthony told me, “It’s my job to teach you how to suck cock and with these cocks you’ll need my help and advice.” Todd picked up where he left off, “Like you, sort of, I just had to show him that he was missing out on getting fucked. You were missing out on man on man sex.” Anthony directed he to move began the legs of one of the guys that had fucked me did was now sitting of the couch and guided my head to his cock as he instructed he to lick the shaft of the guy’s cock before I took the tip into my mouth and began to suck. He had me take my time and told me enjoy myself as he continued telling me the night Todd turned him into a Tina addict and changed him from a 100% total top into 100% total bottom. As I sucked this guys cock, taking it deeper and deeper into my mouth and at the entrance to my throat as Anthony told me, “Todd tricked me like he tricked you. He gave me Gatorade laced with GHB.” Todd chimed in, “Gatorade is perfect to hide the taste of the G.” Anthony told me, “Breath through your nose the next 3 times you go down on the cock, then on the 4th time when you go down breath the cock into your throat, swallow the cock.” While I was going down on this guy’s cock, breathing I through my nose Anthony would usually play with my hard cock. The guy who’s cock I was sucking was running his hand through my hair complimenting me on the job I was doing on the blow job I was giving. Anthony counted out the three times he had instructed be to do when breathing I with each time I went down an when the third time Anthony told me, “Breath in through your nose and swallow his cock as it enters your throat.” The next time I went down I took a good, deep breath in and as his cock reached the Newark of my throat I swallowed as I felt the guy’s cock push into my throat as the guy I was sucking had a firm grip on the back of my head as he forced my head into his cock as far as I could go and held me there as I began to realize I couldn’t breath. Anthony was stroking my cock as he attempted to reassure me, “Relax, it will only be a short time until he’ll let you off.” And looks Anthony said the guy let me off as I came up and took I a deep breath as Anthony told me, “Like you did before, breath through your nose the 3 times when you go down, then on the 4th time swallow the cock. This time try and keep his cock in your throat as long as possible. The longer you are able to deep throat a guy’s cock the less likely he is going to force your head down on his cock.” Again I breathed in deep through my nose as Anthony counted out and on the fourth time I too the cock into my throat and held I there with the guy's hands firmly on the back of my head but not forcing me to go any further. I was doing the next I could to hold the cock in my throat trying to ignore the need to gag as Anthony again worked to distract me by striking my hard cock. I finally gave out and attempted to pull off only to have the hands on my head hold me about a minute or two longer. I pulled up and took a deep breath as Anthony told me, “Now go then 2 times then deep throat guys cock.” On the third time down I buried my nose in his pubes and held there as long as I could. I must have dinner it right cause when I pulled off I wasn’t men's down. As I was going up Anthony told me, “One time down breathing I deep through your nose then take his cock into your throat.” I went then breathing in two through my nose and took the guys cock into my throat which seemed to surprise everyone. I misunderstood Anthony’s instructions. He wanted me to go down while breathing ok through my nose, pull up and then go down letting the cock enter my throat. Instead I did it on one move. Todd liked what he saw me do, “Fuck yeah! That’s my bitch suck that cock.” I went to work sucking the guys cock when encouragement from Anthony. “Nice job, keep that up your doing great.” The guyI was giving the blow job to completed me, “Keep that up and you just might get me to cum.” Anthony was still occasionally playing with me cock although he was doing it less and less as I was starting to find real pleasure in sucking dick. Anthony continued telling me about how Todd changed his life, “After I drank the G laced Gatorade and the metg I had smoked I was very horny, I was hard as steel and needed to fuck some ass.” Todd then jumped in, “I had one of a whores there for him to fuck.” Anthony continued, “The guy was in the sling, I stepped up to him, started fucking him. Before I was able to really get into fuck this guy’s ass, Todd came to behind me, pushed me down into the guy I was fucking and shoved a rock of Tina to my ass with a bunch of lube. As the rock burned inside me I was held down on the guy in the sling. I felt a tight strap placed on my arm as Todd placed his cock against my hole. The guy I was fucking gave me my first slam followed by Todd took my cherry ass as I was getting fucked for the very first time in my life.” Anthony had stopped playing with my cock as the guy I was sucking began to work his fingers through my hair as I was now regularly deep throating his cock. Anthony, Todd and the guy I was giving the blow job were all complimenting me on the job I was doing. Todd told me, “The only you’ll know if you’re sound a good job is when you get the guy to cum.” The guy was now really gripping my hair as he began to thrust into me I took his cock deep into my throat. I heard him say, “OH FUCK!” As his cock lodged deep down my throat/ and his cock pulsed as he shot his load straight into my stomach and continued, “Fuck, I’m shooting my load directly down his throat.” He pulled back giving me the last couple spurts of cum in my tongue giving me a taste. Without any instructions I opened my mouth to show Todd and was rewards with a “Good bitch, you can swallow.” There was one guy left sitting on the couch I still needed to suck off. It happen to be the guy who had the massive horse cock that fucked 5 loads into me. I was surprised he had any cum left as he waved his hard cock for me reminding me of the task I have before me. I began by licking he shaft and sucking the tip every so often before I really started to work on sucking his cock. I used the tricks Anthony had taught me as I tried to get as much of his cock into my throat. With him sitting on the couch and me on my knees between his legs just didn’t provide the right angle to be able deep throat his cock. I wasn’t sure the right thing to say when I asked him, “Do you mind standing up I think it’ll be easier for me to suck your cock.” Looking down at me Todd was the first to speak when he said, “You really want to suck his cock right.” The guy stood up as said, “Yeah this is going to work better. I’ll probably end up skull fucking you.” Now with the guy standing and by kneeling at his feet I was suddenly able to start wiring his non cock into my throat. I went down on his massive cock and want able to get it all into my throat. I pulled back up, took a couple deep breaths. Before I could move forward and attempt to get his huge cock into my throat he put his hands on either side of my head, looked down at my and said, “You’re going to have to learn to take my cock into your throat one way or another.” He slowly pushed his hips forward as I felt his cock move across my tongue. When it reached the entrance to my throat he paused, looked me in the eye and asked, “Are you ready?” I knew what he meant and what he was about to do, looking up at him add seeing Todd standing next to him I knew wear was expected of me and nodded ‘yes'. The guy laughed and then said, “Ready or not.” He pushed his hips forward as his cock slipped into my throat causing me to grunt out “Oomph” as he slowly sunk his cock into my throat. I had thought he had stuffed the entire length of his cock into my throat as he commented, “Damn, your throat is almost as nice as your ass.” He the adjusted his grip on my head as forced another inch of cock down my throat. He pulled his cock out allowing me to take a couple breaths then pushed back in again but I felt my head slid further down his cock. After a minute or two he pulled out again allowing me to take a couple deep breaths and while looking down at me said, “You only have 1½ to 2 inches left to get into your throat. This time you’ll take the full length into your throat as then you are to make love to my cock with your throat.” I wasn’t sis if that was a statement or question, but I nodded ‘yes' with both men looking down at me. His hips pushed forward and I took a deep breath in through my nose as his cock began to push into my throat until I felt my nose buried in his pubes. Triumphantly he leaned his head back as Anthony whispered to me, “Now use your throat to massage his cock.” I worked my throat on his cock as he stood there moaning in pleasure. Although I was enjoying pleasing this guy with his cock buried in my throat I was getting to the point I was going to need to breath when he pulled out. I was gasping for air when Todd stepped up in front of me saying, “Time for me to see first had how good your cock sucking skills are.” After having that guy's massive cock forced into my throat sucking Todd's cock was going to be easy. I went down on Todd’s cock taking him to the root. After having that massive horse cock in my throat suck Todd’s cock was easy. I was starting to bob up and down on Todd’s cock. Todd pushed the full length of his cock deep into my throat and held still buried in my throat as I felt a strap on my arm followed by the familiar pinch of a slam. The strap was snapped off and I felt the familiar rush of the slam. I didn’t realize how badly I needed a slam until now. The butt plug was pulled from my ass and I felt a huge cock start to push in. The guy I had been sucking was now about to fuck me again. There was some laughing as chat between the two guys that were spit roasting me as I learned that the two made a bet. Todd didn’t think I’d be able to take the dude’s entire cock in my throat. If I wasn’t able to take the full length of his cock he’d paid Todd $100. If I did take the full (what I now know is nearly a 10” cock) he would get to fuck a few more loads into my ass.
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    We’ve had rain off and on here in Dallas and I was on Grindr when I got messaged by a guy with no picture. I usually avoid them but figured what the fuck. He sounded potentially hot, 25, blonde, smooth, some ink, fit, worked construction and his site was shut down due to the rain and he was looking for play. He didn’t have naked pics, just random ones including shirtless. He wanted to get sucked, maybe fuck and liked that I was young and not gay. We set a place to meet and I got into his truck hoping for the best. he looked like his photos and as we drove he pulled his pants open and put my hand on his dick. It was nice sized and wet with precum and I started jerking him as we drove with him saying nothing. We pulled into a pretty sketchy place that looked like there was no one around and he ordered me down to suck him, which I gladly did. I was at it a while and he told me to stop and get naked. I did as told and he told me to get face down on the seat. I did as told and hear and feel him spit on my ass which he fingered in and smeared with the head of his cock. I was wondering if he was gonna wrap or just slide in me bare when I felt his big cock head force it’s way in me. I gasped and told him to slow down as he forced more and more in me. We hadn’t talked about him going bare or his status and while I kinda wanted it that way I was pretty nervous. He started getting a rhythm going that at first was pretty painful but he kept pulling his dick out and spitting more on my ass and sliding in again. He kept this up saying nothing. I knew he didn’t want to kiss or any of that gay shot and I was hoping it was good for him and he wanted to fuck to completion. He finally started a brutal deep pounding, sliding balls deep in me and get up some speed to where I heard his balls slapping my ass. There was no way I was gonna tell him to pull out to cum now, I was just gonna take my chances. He let out a loud groan and I could feel his cum flooding my ass like hot lava. He pulled out and told me to suck him clean, which I did as he planted. His body was drenched with sweat and looked amazing. he drove me back to where I’d parked and I got out without a word. I know I shouldn’t have let him fuck me raw and cum in me but it was a seriously hot fuck and with a guy like that I doubt he’s getting fucked in the ass bare by other dudes. And if he is, damn I’d love to watch!
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    "Alright pledges get your asses up I want all of you to be in the house living room in 5 minutes for your start of pledge week." I jumped out of bed and grabbed my shirt and ran to the living room where the whole frat house was waiting in anticipation for us to arrive. We all stood where we were told to with our eyes to the floor waiting for our next orders. A little about myself, my name is Klaus I'm 19 and just like the name entails I am of Viking descent. I'm 6ft tall and have green eyes that stand out with my blond hair. I wasn't a jock but I did keep myself fit from running twice daily and the extra cardio gave me a firm set of abs and defined chest. My father also being of Viking decent was proud when I spoke with him when my body was changing and saw that I had a 12-inch thick cock like he and the rest of the males in my family had with a set of low hangers. We were all told to turn around and look up from the floor. When we did as we were told we were met with a large box that wasn't there before. Our pledge master emerged from the opening of the box to give the next set of instructions. "Alright pledges get ready for the beginning for you all, you are all to enter this box without your clothes on and make your way to one of the many holes in the box, once you're at a hole a cock of one of the current brothers will slide in and it is going to be your task to suck and put it up your ass when you feel it is wet enough for you. "You will then proceed to let the brother at the hole fuck you to completion in your ass, now the challenging part afterward is that once every brother is finished at the hole all of you will leave the box and will have to remember the taste and feel of that brother's cock because all of them will fuck you and you need to approach who you believe was the one who was first to fuck you. "There are cameras hidden that will show the brothers who are at the hole they approach so they will see which pledge is there." "When we are done and the brothers are matched with their pledges it will be your duty to take care of their sexual needs above anyone else's, now if they want to loan you to another brother then you will take care of them as well, this is to build familiarity and trust with the house to show you have what it takes to be a brother." "Keep in mind that today you will all leave the box pozzed up and if you complete your pledging you will be welcomed to your pozzed family and if you don't then you just live your life pozzed." I was shocked with this both with surprise and with horniness because I have known I was always gay with everything I did with my dad and brothers. I was also a hungry bottom pig and was always wanting a bigger cock up my ass. I could fit a baseball bat up my hole and thankfully it closed up tight after each time so I could enjoy the feeling of being stretched open again after each time. I was so ready to be pozzed and knowing that all of the brothers were poz made it even better for me. "Alright pledges strip and get your asses in the box." I got naked as quickly as I could without looking too eager since I wasn't out and entered the blackness of the box. I walked around in I stumbled around letting my eyes adjust to the darkness until I saw a hole and went up to it in anticipation of what would await me. It didn't take long until I saw a long thick cock slide through my hole. I had to have been 13 inches long and as thick as a beer can with a thick cut mushroom head. I was both excited and scared because it would have been the biggest thing I have had up my ass before so I would make sure to get it as wet as I could before it was to go inside my ass. I got started on sucking this baseball bat sized manhood and did my best to get it as far down my throat as I could to make this brother pleased with my work. While sucking I took some of my spit and started to finger my ass to try and open it and slick it up because I wanted to enjoy every inch of this meat up my hole as I could and be as painless as possible. After sucking and slobbering as much as I could the cock was removed and a small bottle of poppers was sent through the hole and I was thankful for them to make it more fun for me and easier for him to penetrate me fully. I took two hits of the bottle for each nostril and then started to push my ass against the hole and could feel the head of this monster cock push for entrance into my hole. I took two more hits off the bottle and could feel my body loosen up enough to feel nothing but a pleasure and the whole of this cock slide up my body with nothing but pleasure. I was in such a pleasure high with the fullness I was feeling. The brother that was fucking me took his time at first with him pumping slowly and gaining more and more speed. I had to brace myself against the box to steady myself against the onslaught on my hole and I was enjoying every moment of it. I could hear the moaning of the brother outside of the box and a mixture of moans from all of the other pledges inside the box as well. I could start to feel the body of his cock and the head start to swell and could feel the pulsing of a heavy stream of poz cum being shot into my hole. I couldn't help myself with the pressure on my prostate and the stream of cum I shot my hopefully last neg load in the box. The brother was panting and stayed in my ass until his cock deflated and he slid it out of my cum loaded hole. He put his hand through the hole and shoved his fingers up my hole without warning causing me to yelp in surprise and when he removed it told me to turn around and clean off his fingers. Once they were clean the voice said to continue tasting the cum in my hole and remember the taste and wait for the all call for all of them to come out and start the next part of this. I sat there in the dark digging into my hole and to scoop out the load and tasting it making sure I knew what this poz load tasted like so I could pick it out among the others. After a while, we were all called to come out of the box and to ready ourselves for the next phase of our brotherhood challenge. Once I left the box my eyes had to take a moment to adjust and when they did I could see all of the current brothers all in a circle naked with their matching red biohazard tattoos on their chests and looking ready for each of them to take a turn with each of us and made my mouth start to water and my ass start to itch in anticipation. "Alright, pledges line up and get ready for the next part of the brotherhood."
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    Again... Thanks to TexasTwink for inspiring this story... Seriously, guys. Follow him. Chapter 2. We entered Sam’s basement playroom to see the twink already in position, with his curvy butt cheeks beautifully framed by his jockstrap right at the edge of the sling, ready to get fucked, raw or otherwise. He huffed his poppers as I knelt down and dove into his beautiful ass. I lapped at his hole, with Ron’s big hands spreading his cheeks as wide as they’d go. Mike and Bill started fingering his ass as I spit onto the twink’s loosening hole. Sam told the boy he was going to go first. The twink nodded and took another big huff of poppers. I stepped aside as Sam opened the fresh condom and unrolled it onto his meaty cock. Sam is very well hung and that condom barely rolled halfway down his dick. He slapped it against the twink’s crack and jabbed it into him. The twink winced but knew better than to ask Sam to enter him slowly. Sam hammered his hips into the twink as I knelt down and sucked Pedro’s cock. Sam asked the twink, ‘Do you want me to fill up this condom or let another guy have a go?’ The twink moaned, ‘Use me… Please use me…’ He reminded the twink that they hadn’t discussed the status of any of the guys about to fuck and eventually breed him. The twink just moaned realizing he was likely to take raw POZ cock. Sam pulled out and his meaty cock drooped down. The rubber had rolled down and his cock was far from fully hard. He shrugged and said, ‘I hate condoms…’ Pedro grabbed Sam’s balls and pulled his hand back taking the condom with it. He rolled it inside out over his uncut cock. Of course, it was smeared with Sam’s copious precum, which now oozed into the twink’s guts as Pedro slid forward. I knelt down to get Sam fully hard again with my throat. The twink groaned as Pedro opened him up. Pedro leaned forward so his face was right over the twink’s. ‘Take a hit, slut….’ And he did. Pedro rocked his hips slowly but forcefully. ‘Feel that rush, slut.’ The twink exhaled and allowed the rocking of the sling to let Pedro go as deeply as he could. Pedro pulled out, his cock only at half mast, spongy from the condom dulling his sensation. Pedro yanked the condom off. I was surprised it had lasted through two aggressive dominant tops. He rolled the used rubber down onto Ron’s stubby thick toxic tool. Ron stabbed into the twink’s ass and fucked hard for a few minutes. He pulled out, and I suckled his softened dick. I tasted the fuck juices on the condom and handed it to Mike who reluctantly put it on. Mike almost instantly lost his hard on but managed to get his cock into the twink for a few thrusts before shaking his head and pulling out. Bill turned the condom inside out so his partner’s POZ precum was slick on the outside. Bill sneered at the twink as he slid in, hissing, ‘Your guts are being lubed with toxic precum? You like that, slut?’ The twink just moaned and took another hit of poppers. ‘This rubber won’t last much longer, pig. Then, you’ll get a full dose…’ The twink took another deep hit. ‘You like that,’ he egged the twink on… ‘You do. Pig…’ Pedro had snuck up right behind Bill and asked Sam over his shoulder, ‘I have an idea. He into piss?’ The twink’s eyes opened wide. Sam shrugged and said to ask him. The twink nodded vigorously. Here was this beautiful twink already fucked by multiple strangers more-or-less safely but lined with POZ precum, and naturally he was a piss pig too. Pedro tapped on Bill’s shoulder and nodded that it was his turn. He yanked the battered condom off of Bill’s hard cock and pulled it down hard onto his own dick. Pedro grinned and pushed his hips forward. The twink squirmed on his cock. Pedro held his position and I realized that he was pissing into the condom on his cock. I swear I heard a pop and then piss started to slosh out of the twink’s hole. Pedro ripped that rubber apart with a big load of piss. Pedro pulled out and the shredded condom was on the base of his cock, looking more like a cockring than any kind of protection. Ron pulled it off of Pedro’s glistening dick and pulled it down around his balls. I suckled Pedro and Sam back and forth as Ron stepped up to the twink’s ass. He entered him, the first fully bare cock of the night. He groaned loudly enjoying the twink’s silky wet hole without any latex in the way. He grabbed the chains and wrapped his arm so the twink could see the biohazard tattoo. He licked his tattoo and spit in the twink’s face. The twink was overwhelmed with pleasure he’d never before allowed himself. Mike and Bill oinked and held the poppers under the twink’s nose. He was really flying. Ron would pound a few strokes, then pull out, allowing Pedro’s piss to drool out of his loosened ass. Sam stood behind Ron and let his cock brush against his POZ hole. Sam held his cock straight out and it slid easily into Ron’s well-used well-fucked seasoned ass. Ron loved having a bare cock in him as he raw-pummeled the twink. He began to quiver and came deep in the twink’s ass. Without a pause, Sam pulled Ron aside and slid into the twink. Ron’s fresh load, ass juice, and Pedro’s piss made for a wet fuck and Sam bred the twink as he moaned loudly. Mike laid down on a mattress and Bill and I hoisted the twink out of the sling and onto Mike’s thick POZ cock. Bill forced the twink’s sweaty body down and slid his own dick into the twink alongside his partner. This twink was full of two raw POZ cocks opening him up wider than ever before. Mike was mostly still with Bill plowing into the twink doing the hard fucking. Mike looked into the twink’s face and told him he was about to take two more POZ loads. He came inside the twink as Bill kept fucking, sending a stream of runny cum sloshing out of the twink’s used-up ass. Bill came too and pulled out. I dove in and lapped at the twink’s hole. I filled my mouth with seed and spit it down onto my own cock. Pedro handed me the shredded rubber and I sucked the goo off of it and let it drool into the twink’s open mouth. I got on my back and aimed my dick straight up. The twink lowered his ass down onto me and I slid inside him. He threw his head back and whimpered. He bounced up and down on my cock as globs of cum poured out of him and onto my balls. He pulled off and lapped up the spilled seed. He climbed back on and rode for a few minutes. The guys circled us as they jerked off into the twink’s face. Sam and Ron came again bathing the twink in cum. He guzzled as fast as he could and Mike and Bill came again too, shooting their loads all over his chest. Pedro mopped up the cum with his hands and fingered it into the twink alongside my cock. That sticky wetness sent me over the edge and I bred the twink deeply. He finally reached down to his jockstrap pouch and pulled out his own beautiful cock. Sam aimed his hand at the twin’s used fuckhole, and forced at least a few fingers inside him. The twink jerked frantically and shot perhaps his last NEG load all over my chest. He rolled forward and collapsed onto me in a sweaty heap. He closed his eyes saying over and over, ‘Thank you. Thanks guys. I really needed this. Thank you…’ I got up and Ron covered the twink with a cummy towel. We headed back upstairs to give him a few minutes to nap. Upstairs, we clinked a few beer bottles. Sam asked if we’d had fun, and of course we had. The guys left one by one and in pairs until it was just me and Sam. We opened another bottle of beer as the twink came meekly up the stairs. In just his jockstrap, he bent over a counter and showed us his red juicy ass. I couldn’t help but dive back in and lap at all of the cum running out of his hole and down his thighs. He had to head to the airport for an early flight, but promised he’d let Sam know the next time he was passing through. Now that he’d felt raw cocks inside of him, he’d never go back to asking tops to ‘please… use a condom…’
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    I recently finished my first degree. (Associates in nursing, still in school for a bachelors in psych. ) i also FINALLY moved out of my parents house into my own place. I was able to land a pretty sweet new job at the hospital here too. On with the story, I moved into an apartment complex targeted for young/single professionals. There’s no age limit, but they’re all luxury studios so they’re targeted for single people and about 95% of us are in the 20-26 age range. The apartment complex is in the middle of a suburban type neighborhood. White picket fences, minivans, all that. Both my parents still work, so they weren’t able to help me much with my move. Luckily, this older (probably late 30s early 40s) neighbor introduced himself and helped out. I was going to wait until a friend was off work to move the heavy stuff but I didn’t have to. “We got this.” said my new neighbor. We ended up getting everything inside my apartment. We were both pretty sweaty and it was extremely hot from all the moving. I didn’t have much groceries but I did have a few bottled teas and some leftover chicken that I offered. He took me up on both. I get to chatting with this sexy new neighbor of mine, finally getting the chance to see just how sexy this dude is. He’s got a nice set of pecs and a bit of a hairy dad bod that I can barely see through his sweat soaked shirt, he’s about 6ft, not too much taller than me but still noticeabley taller, his hair has little specks of grey in it, but otherwise black. He’s wearing some grey running shorts and some running shoes. We get to talking and he tells me that he’s married to a “crazy fucking chick” as he says and then gives me a pat of approval on my chest and says “bet a stud like you has tons of crazy chicks.” To which I respond “nah man, I like dick. “ with a chuckle. He smiled at me and says “hey even better.” Followed by a quick “hey I gotta go, but we should hang again.” I agree and thank him for the help. Still the same day, I’m putting stuff where it belongs and here a knock on the door. It’s my upstairs neighbor. He’s a geeky type, chubby, glasses, somewhat awkward and even has a Star Wars shirt on. He had brought a plant to put in my house as a gift. I offer him the standard chicken and tea and he also accepts. We chat a little bit and me being the whore I am, and never (knowingly ) getting fucked by a “nerd” start craving this dudes cock. I don’t wanna be known as a creepy neighbor, but I want his load. My cock grows hard st the kitchen island and he notices. He starts rubbing my cock and I do the same. I drop to my knees and take him in my mouth. He’s pretty fucking thick which makes me want him inside my hole even more. I always keep lube in my car for when I go cruising. But I hadn’t bought any “house lube” I keep suckin his cock and make sure it’s nice and wet. I slowly stand and turn. I start backing my unslicked hole into him. “Condom?” He says. “Don’t have one.” I replied. He didn’t care. I feel the sting of his head popping through my hole. Then part of his shaft, and finally the base of his cock. He keeps himself balls deep for awhile. He had already came. “Sorry I’ve never fucked raw before, I’m still rock hard too.” “That’s okay, I got your load.” I said. I start grinding on his cock and he grabs hold of my hips. He starts fucking into me, slowly. He picks up his pace. “Fuck I’m gonna cum again” and that he did. I clean his cock off and he’s on his way. I kept his loads in me. I always do but but felt especially obligated in this case. It’s the next day and I can feel him leaking out of my hole. I clench to keep his load in and hear a knock on the door. It’s my friend from before. The daddy. He’s all sweaty from a morning run, I invite him in and his slight BO has my hole twitching and oozing stranger cum. We are having a friendly chat but I noticed he’s wearing the same shorts from the day before, only this time he’s freeballing. I can see his bulge and this drives me to the edge. He inches closer to me and grabs my hand, he puts it in his shorts. I can feel how sweaty his bush is and his dick is leaking Precum. He tells me how him and his uncle are faggot fuckers. They always have been but they’re both married now and haven’t lived up to their title lately. That’s enough for me to drop and start sucking. He holds my face in his pubes while his cock is jammed in my throat. He face fucks me for awhile. I can’t take it anymore. I beg him to fuck me. He thinks this is a great idea. I’m on my kitchen floor in all fours. He plunges his cock into my hole and absolutely wrecks my hole. He grunts loud and says “take my fucking load bitch.” And I do. I feel him pull out his softening cock and hear him snap a picture. He asks if i thinks I can handle another load. I obviously say yes and he leaves. I’m confused for a bit until about 20 minutes later he’s back with another guy. Turns out, his uncle is the ER night doctor who’s also my boss. (Always thought he was at least curious, he’s always winking at me.) he doesn’t say a word, he has a second go at my hole while I prep Dr daddy’s cock with my mouth. Nephew loads my hole again, and I turn around so doctor can have a turn and I can clean his nephew. Dr gives me a huge load and they both leave. I was on call tonight and ended up going in. Doctor daddy always works weekends, after a team huddle he calmly asked for my help with something. We went to 3rd floor admissions (which is closed at night) and he bent me over in the supply closet. Spit on my his cock, and shoved into my hole. He came buckets in under 2 minutes. Told me he’s gonna stop whenever he wants to get drained, and he’s gonna fill me when he pleases. Yes please sir.
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    Part 100 - Tying Up Some Loose Ends It had been a long drive but Joe and Kyle were now relaxing in the pool at Mark’s apartment complex. “Only 3 days until you start your job. You should enjoy this while you can” Kyle said to Joe. “Yeah, hopefully it isn’t too grueling… for the first month, anyway. Have you heard back from any of the places you interviewed at yet?” Joe asked. “No, it really sucks. I’ve had seven phone interviews since graduation and not one word from any of them since” Kyle replied. “Hang in there. Something is bound to come up. In the mean time you can be my houseboy” Joe said and then laughed loudly. “I’ll be your trophy husband instead. Speaking of which, my beer is empty. Get me another one” Kyle replied, barely able to say it without laughing. They got out of the pool and dried off before heading back to the apartment. ——— Ric was counting down the days until he left for college. His mom wasn’t happy with his decision to go to school in California, but he really did think it was the best place to go. The logistics were getting complicated and he wasn’t all that keen that his mom was flying out with him to help bring all of the clothes that he would need for the semester. There was a knock at the door and when he opened it, Alex was standing there. They went up to Ric’s room and laid on the bed. Alex stroked Ric’s bare chest as they talked. After a half hour, Ric’s escort phone chirped and he got up to took a look. It was a message from Ari and he opened it up and read it. “Austin, I hope you are well. We completed the video project and have sold it to a studio. It took a little longer than expected due to a few issues. Our star’s test 3 weeks after your shoot came back negative. We found another actor, but when we went to shoot the scene, our star was not feeling well. The new actor recognized the symptoms and a new test had a different result. Congratulations! You are the actor in scene four. The star sends his thanks. Enclosed is a link to download your copy of the final product. The link will be valid for 30 days. Obviously, it is for your personal use only. Do not share the video or the link with anyone. Please let me know if you want to do additional work, it was a pleasure working with you. Ari.” “Fuck” Ric said as he opened up his laptop and downloaded the video. “What? Bad news?” Alex asked. “Uh… I don’t know if it’s good or bad. If I show this to you, you can’t tell anyone about it. OK?” Ric said. “You know me, my lips are sealed. My ass isn’t, but my lips are. What is it?” Alex replied. “I did a little video work when I was out in California. This is the finished product. Want to watch?” Ric asked. “Wow… Uh, sure” Alex replied as he went over to Ric’s desk. Ric started the video and Alex gasped as he realized it was a gay porn video that Ric had done. They watched each scene and when they got to his scene, Ric paused it. “Don’t you want to watch any more?” Alex asked. “This is my scene. I’m kind of nervous” Ric said. Alex reached over and hit the space bar to get the video to continue. “You have to watch it at least once. Besides, it’s out and I’m sure lots of people have already seen it” he said. The two stood there watching the action with Alex making comments the whole way through - “fuck, you’re hot” “yeah! pound that guy” “be his little neg bitch” “take that poz load” “yeah! breed him again” and on and on. Finally they got to the end and Alex said “That was fuckin great! You got to fuck a real porn star. Too bad he’s one of those vocal PrEP proponents so you didn’t knock him up like you did me. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.” Ric grinned back at Alex but didn’t want to divulge the secret. “I wonder if there are any reviews yet. Let’s search” Alex said. A quick web search found a few places where there were comments. They read through them and most were positive. “Rawson really knows how to take dick and always gets bred” “Love the cum shots esp the 4th guy who shot just a little on his hole and then pumped the rest inside” “Are all these top guys poz?” “haven’t seen the guy in scene 3 in years. he looks sick” “wish the wrestler dude would fuck me like that” “the bio tat on the wrestler was so hot, I’d take that dirty load any day” “that seen with his cock pumping cum into Rawson was epic. shot my load 5x watching it” “Anyone know where I can find more vids with that latin dude?” “lots of porn guys escort, wonder if I can hire the wrestler” “3 boring scenes. only last one worth watching” “I’d let that last top knock me up” “hope prep works or Rawson is really fucked” “is that blood in the cum on the last shot?” “You have some fans” Alex said, looking at Ric. “Yeah, I guess. I might want to lay low for a while” Ric said quietly. He closed the laptop and looked at Alex, smiling. “Want to get fucked by a porn star?” —— Joe got back to Mark’s apartment after work and sat back on the couch. His first few days at the job had gone well, since he really didn’t do much other than fill out forms, meet people and read documentation. He knew Kyle had an interview that afternoon and hoped that since he wasn’t home yet it had gone well and he wasn’t sitting in a bar getting drunk since he was depressed. He had tried to keep Kyle cheered up, but the long job search had him feeling depressed most of the time. With some time to kill, he grabbed his phone and tapped a message he’d been meaning to send all week. “Hey, when are you getting out here? I thought I’d have a welcome party for you so you can meet a few people.” He hit send and then lit the pipe and took a big hit from it. A few minutes later while he was deleting spam email, he got a reply from Ric. “thx arrive Aug14 mom goes back on 15th anytime after then ok classes start aug19.” He sent back a message “21st ok?” and got an immediate reply “yes.” Kyle walked in the door looking exhausted. He pulled the tie off and unbuttoned his shirt, dropping both in the middle of the living room and collapsing on the couch. “Oh my fucking god. That was rough. Nine hours of interviews. I even got grilled during lunch. Only the last one was easy, the rest of the time they dissected my brain. It wasn’t an interview, it was an interrogation” Kyle said. “Stop your whining. I’ve been there and done that” Joe said before adding “The important question is… did you get the job?” Kyle turned his head slowly to Joe and then began to smile. “Yeah, I did.” Joe leaned over and pinned Kyle to the couch, kissing him and grinding against his tired, sweaty body. “I’m really proud of you” Joe said as he dragged Kyle off the couch and to their bedroom. —— August rolled around and Joe walked into the kitchen and said “Mark, would you mind if I had a party here this Saturday? A friend from back home is starting school this week and I’d like to introduce him to a few people so he has someone to talk to besides his roommate.” “Uh, sure. How many people?” Mark asked. “Well… him, us four, a couple guys from work and anyone you want to invite since I don’t know that many people either” Joe replied. Mark laughed. “So you want me to get some guys to come over to fuck? I assume that this guy is gay. How do you know him?” Mark asked. “Yeah, he’s gay and I figured it would turn into a sex party. How we met? Well… That’s complicated. The short version is that his dad hired me to let his son try gay sex. I liked him and we became friends” Joe said. “You didn’t…” Mark started to say and Joe interrupted him “yup, cherry popped and pozzed.” “Fuck! But… How old is he?” Mark asked. “Almost nineteen. But he acts older and is a great fuck. And he’s hung. I even got him to do an escorting job” Joe said, with Kyle nodding over his shoulder. “Damn, dude. I guess you ARE taking after me. Let’s keep it small. I’ll invite a couple other people over. I know Paul wants to come over and see you again. And maybe that guy from building 2 that you two knocked up at New Years” Mark said. “Adam? He was a fun fuck and his roommate was even better” Kyle said. “OK, that should be enough. I’ll get food and beer. How about we start in the afternoon? Maybe 3pm?” Joe said. “Yeah, sounds good. I’ll tell Paul and you can tell everyone else. I hope you remember where Adam and his roommate live to invite them” Mark said chuckling. ——— Joe drove over and picked up Ric from the university and brought him back to the apartment. Joe had told him to plan on staying overnight, since no one would be sober enough to drive him back to his dorm. Ric dropped his backpack in the bedroom and then went to help Joe and Kyle get things ready. Mark and Eric came back from their run and stood there in just jogging shorts, sweat and shoes. “You didn’t say he was really cute” Eric said as he closely looked over Ric. “He’s smart too, but all you noticed was his body. Shame on you Eric” Joe replied before introducing Ric. “Thanks for inviting me over. It’s really strange being so far away from my friends and family. I kind of like it, but it’s going to take some time to make new friends to hang around with” Ric said. “Well, you shouldn’t have any problems meeting gay guys and if you swing that way, women” Mark said. “So… you were one of Joe’s tricks?” Mark asked. Ric blushed and then explained the whole thing from meeting the female escort, to meeting Joe, then fucking and then Joe giving him a makeover. “That might be an interesting TV show, Joe - maybe call it ‘Queer Eye Escorts’” Eric said, laughing. “I just gave him advice that I wish I had gotten. My useless brother didn’t bother to even tell me he was gay until after he left the state” Joe replied, snickering. There was a knock at the door and Adam and Wes came in. More introductions were made and Joe started handing out drinks while Ric and Kyle put some hors d’oeuvres out. “Hey Adam, Mark tells me you didn’t quite make it to PrEP. You doing ok?” Kyle asked. “Yeah, I’m fine. I went to the clinic after our little session and started the tests for PrEP. But then I got really sick and when they re-tested it was too late. You guys don’t mess around, I guess” Adam replied. “Did you do meds right away?” Ric asked. “Nah. I waited a few months before I started meds” Adam replied and then Wes added “He suddenly became this aggressive top and was fucking any guy he could find. Knocked a few up, too.” There was another knock at the door and Joe went to invite the next attendees in. Raphi and Ken walked in and Joe introduced everyone. The living room was getting crowded so Mark and Eric pushed the couch back to give more floor space for people to sit. “So, is everyone here poz?” Mark asked. Everyone raised their hand except Wes. “I’m on PrEP, so don’t get any ideas that I’m your neg fuck toy to poz up today” Wes said, making everyone laugh. “Damn, I knew I forgot to get something for the party” Joe said, chuckling. “Finding an eager bottom is easy around here, neg ones are more of a challenge” Adam said, grinning. The group talked for a while, drinking beer and filling the apartment with a thick cloud of pot smoke. The appetizers were gone soon after everyone started smoking and Joe wasn’t sure he wanted to start grilling burgers like he had planned. The guys were all looking at each other deciding who was prey and who was predator. There was a knock at the door and Mark was the first to move. “I think my guest finally arrived” he said. Mark opened the door and said to Paul “Hey buddy, glad you could make it. And look, you brought us a toy to fuck.” Paul followed Mark into the room and his friend followed him. Mark said “Hey everyone, this is my friend Paul and his friend…” “Paul!?!? Rawson!?!?” Ric exclaimed. “Oh my god! Austin?” Paul replied just as astonished. Everyone looked back and forth, a little confused. Mark jabbed Paul in the ribs and whispered “Ric.” Ric got up quickly and wobbled a bit as his pot hazed mind tried to regain balance. He went over to Paul and Rawson as the door clicked shut. “Hey guys, I never expected to see you here. How the hell are you?” Ric said. Rawson grabbed Ric and gave him a big hug and deep kiss that lasted for a couple minutes. “Thanks! I was really hoping you were the one and while it took a little longer than I expected, you really did it!” Rawson said enthusiastically. “I bet it was because you were on meds so long” Paul said quietly. They could hear the murmuring from the rest of the guys in the room. Many knew who Rawson was and never expected a porn star to be at the party, much less anyone knowing him already. The four went back in the room and Joe delivered more alcohol to keep everyone primed. “So, Ric. Can you tell us how you know a porn star?” Joe asked. “Because he’s one too. He was in my last video” Rawson replied before Ric could say anything. Ric blushed and was embarrassed for all of this to come out in front of people he was trying to impress. “Yeah… it’s true. It was a last minute thing when I came out here to look at the university. Uh… Paul… Did you have anything to do with it?” Ric asked. “Guilty. I called his agent right after we finished with our client. His agent had been trying to get me to do the scene, but when I saw you in action I knew you should do it instead” Paul said. Everyone was glued to the conversation. “Oh yeah… Do you know what happened with that guy? I know he wanted to see you again” Ric asked. “Yeah, I saw him a few more times. He never forgot the safe word, either. He even used it a few times, hehe. Based on when he got sick, I’m pretty sure we knocked him up that day. Once I took him to a bathhouse and he found he could easily fuck and get fucked for free, he stopped calling. That’s ok. I don’t like clients to get too attached. Five or six sessions is usually the max I do” Paul said. No one was talking and a few seemed astonished that they would talk about an escorting client like a hookup. “I’m glad you called my agent. I think that was the best scene I’ve done in a while. It reminded me of my first few videos. You were so spontaneous and energetic. You even tripped over the cameraman like I did on my first shoot” Rawson said. “I gotta see this. Rawson, do you have the video we can watch?” Kyle asked. “Of course. I have it on my phone with all of my other scenes” Rawson replied, eager to show off his latest video fuck fest. Mark grabbed the remote off the table and turned on the TV and set it to receive the cast. A minute later, the video started playing and Rawson walked over and sat down on the floor in front of Ric and leaned back against his chest. Ric leaned forward and whispered “I hope you’re staying toxic.” “Mmmhmm. You got some grandkids already” Rawson whispered in Ric’s ear before he pulled his shirt off. The guys watched the video and by the end of the first scene most everyone was undressed to some extent. When the second scene ended, most were naked and stroking their cock or their partner’s cock. “This is fuckin hot. All of these guys are openly poz and you’re just taking their loads and begging for more” Wes said. “Yeah, that was the theme. All of them had high viral loads and weren’t on meds. It was fun taking them and the tops really got off breeding my neg hole” Rawson said before he looked back at Ric and winked. “I know that feeling. Your public service ads got me on PrEP and I haven’t said no to a guy since. Its even better when it’s a really sleazy looking dude and you know he wants to give you a bug or two. You just fuck and maybe go to the clinic for some antibiotics a week or two later” Wes said. “I have a contest on my site for fans to be the bottoms in my next video. I’m going to top for the first time on camera and breed them” Rawson said with a grin. “Oh... oh... this is the last scene and it’s with this stud” Rawson said, pointing back at Ric. Ric was even more embarrassed and was avoiding eye contact with everyone. He just stared at the screen and then at Rawson. “My ass hurt for two days after we did this shoot, but it felt so good” Rawson added. Everyone watched the scene and would look over at Ric occasionally. Joe had a huge smile on his face the entire time and would occasionally mutter “That’s my boy.” When the video ended, Ric looked around the room, expecting everyone to be laughing at him. Instead he saw a bunch of horny guys rubbing cocks and trying to figure out who to fuck. Adam was the first to move and he just rolled over on to his knees, with his ass hanging off the front of the couch and his head over the back. Seconds later, Ken was shoving his cock into Adam’s ass and Raphi took his mouth. Rawson stood up, looked around the room and laughingly said “Two porn stars, no waiting.” Joe walked over immediately and said to Ric “I want that ass and I want it now.” Ric smiled and turned to face Joe and said “Aye, papi” before he kissed him deeply. Ric stroked Joe’s cock and then slowly dropped to his knees saying “You can have it any time you want… You own it.” He opened wide and took Joe’s cock into his mouth until his face was firmly planted against Joe’s pubes. Ric slobbered and sucked on Joe’s cock and pushed a wet finger into Joe’s ass, massaging his prostate until he tasted the precum in his mouth. Ric slowly pulled away and looked up at Joe, grinning, before he turned around and presented his ass. Joe kneeled on the carpet and rubbed some spit into Ric’s hole before driving his cock in with one firm shove. “Aaahhh fuck yeah” Ric said as he pushed back. “Damn, Ric, you’re so fuckin’ tight. You need to get fucked more” Joe said, getting a good rhythm going and opening the tight hole up. “I know, but there’s so many damn bottoms to breed” Ric replied, fucking himself back on Joe’s cock. A few guys were eyeing Rawson but Kyle was the first to move. “Show me how you’re going to fuck those fans before I breed your neg ass” Kyle said. He pulled Rawson over to the end of the couch and Kyle bent over, letting his shorts fall to the floor. He stepped out of them as Rawson spit on Kyle’s hole and worked it in with his fingers. “I just started topping a month or so ago. I just suddenly had the urge to breed guys like they bred me” Rawson said, pushing his hard cock slowly into Kyle’s pussy. Paul walked past Rawson and rubbed his hand over Rawson’s ass. “Mmm, new tat. Not the usual one, but appropriate” Paul said as he moved towards Mark. The tattoo on Rawson’s ass was a spider with red fangs in a web. Rawson chuckled as he fucked harder and harder, making Kyle grunt and brace himself against the couch. Kyle was surprised to hear that he had only started to top recently, since he seemed pretty good. Rawson let out a loud groan and shot his newly charged seed into Kyle’s unsuspecting ass. He pulled out and Kyle was laying him back on the arm of the couch moments later. Kyle felt over Rawson’s ass, before sliding a finger inside. It was already moist and he looked back at Rawson’s face. “Yeah, Paul dumped one in earlier. Go for it” Rawson said. Kyle plowed in and felt the cum coat his cock. He drilled Rawson’s hole and realized he was a really good bottom. A few minutes later Kyle started to wonder if he was as good a top as most of the guys that had fucked Rawson on video. He quickly realized it didn’t matter, he was fucking him now and wanted to blast a big load into his neg hole. “You toxic?” Rawson grunted out while Kyle thrust in. “Yeah, it’s still viral” Kyle replied, pounding in harder. “Good, give it to me” Rawson said back. Kyle fucked faster until the cum started to rise from his balls. He flooded Rawson’s guts with ropes of hot cum until he was empty and pulled out. “Thanks, man. That was hot. I might have to flip like that in my next video. It would be a great way to start” Rawson said. Paul walked up to Mark and pushed him towards one of the chairs. “You fucked me over the last few weeks, now it’s my turn to fuck you” Paul said. “What?” Mark asked. “You had me workin overtime so much I couldn’t do any escorting. Now it’s payback time” Paul barked out. Mark kneeled on the chair and Paul shoved two spit covered fingers into Mark’s ass. “You slut, you’re already lubed” Paul said, chuckling. He guided his cock to Mark’s hole and drove in. Mark groaned as Paul pulled all the way out and plunged back in. “God, you got a great ass” Paul said as he hammered away on Mark’s butt. “Yeah, fuckin’ wreck that hole, Paul” Mark yelled back. Paul took it as a challenge and fucked harder. The chair was rocking and squeaking and Paul grabbed Marks arms and hoisted him to the floor before it broke. He pressed Mark to the floor with one hand between his shoulder blades, pinning him down. He didn’t slow down, he fucked harder. And harder. The room was filled with the sound of men fucking, but theirs was the loudest. Mark was grunting with each thrust and then Paul snarled out a loud “FUUUUCCCKKKK!!!” as he shot his virus filled seed into Mark’s battered chute. He slowly pulled his cock out and saw it covered with cum and streaks of blood. He slapped Mark’s ass before he got up and headed to get something to drink. Eric grasped Wes’ hand and pulled it behind his back, whispering “Lets put those drugs to the test.” He forced Wes down on to the carpet and dragged his cock over Wes’ lips. Wes licked around the head of Eric’s cock and swallowed it down. Eric slowly fucked his cock into Wes’ mouth and then laid down on top of him. Eric slurped over Wes’ cock a few times before he began to suck in earnest. He was fucking Wes’ mouth while bobbing on his cock, but that only lasted a few minutes before he rolled them on their side. Eric liked this position better, since he could concentrate on sucking Wes’ nine inches of cut cock and Wes could suck him. He took most of it into his mouth on the first slow descent, but still left a few inches outside his lips. Eric pulled off, his lips tight around Wes’ shaft and took a deep breath before trying again. He relaxed his throat and grabbed Wes’ hips and pulled himself almost all the way down. His nose was in Wes’ trimmed pubes but there was still almost an inch to go. Suddenly he felt Wes pull back and shove his cock all the way into Eric’s throat. Eric held himself there and flexed his throat around Wes’ dick. He could feel Wes bobbing on his cock and knew it was covered in spit. Eric waited a few more seconds until he started to feel his body beg for some oxygen and pulled off. He rolled Wes over and mounted his bubble butt. Wes’ hole was tight so Eric added a little more spit and pushed in. “Aaahhhh FUCK!” Wes groaned out. Eric sunk his cock in with one slow push and laid on Wes’ back for a moment letting him get used to his cock. First he just rolled his hips, plunging his cock in and out of Wes’ tight hole. Soon, though, he pushed himself up and was driving his cock in harder and faster. Eric finally thrust in and let his balls pump their poison into Wes’ PrEP’d hole. When the last cum load shot out, he fell down onto Wes’ back again and whispered in his ear “You should stop the meds. You have the perfect pozzing weapon.” The party started to wind down and the room smelled like cum. The haze of pot smoke filled the room again. Raphi and Ken were the first to leave, followed by Adam and Wes. Paul got up and looked over at Rawson and laughed when he saw Rawson and Ric making out. “It’s a good tonsil hockey match, you should let them find a winner. We’ll get him home tomorrow” Mark said to Paul. Joe went into his room and pulled out some bedding and dropped it on the couch for Ric and Rawson to use when they finally went to sleep. Joe pulled Kyle to their bedroom and Mark and Eric went to theirs. When Ric came up for air, he looked around and it was just the two of them in the living room. They pulled the covers down and laid down on the cum stained rug. Rawson spooned behind Ric and in less than a minute was pushing his cock into Ric’s hole. He threw his arm over Ric and kissed his cheek. “Thank you, Ric” Rawson said as he drifted off to sleep. The End. —— It’s time to let Mark, Eric, Joe, Kyle, Ric et al ride off into the sunset. I never imagined that this story would go on this long, but 100 chapters seems like a good place to stop. With the mod's announcement today that they have a policy that they can change any posting in fiction to what they like, means an author has no idea what will end up visible to readers. I will have to think long and hard about ever posting any more fiction here. Thanks for reading.
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    This story was on the original bugshare, and whatever it was called before that (back when it didn't have the crazy purple background and was just text). As I recall, there were multiple versions. One version was ported to this site back in 2010 (thanks hotload84), in "A special birthday gift" The other version, which had a rather different feel to it at the climax (the only part of the story that was much different), wasn't. And it was hot in a different sort of way. About three computers ago, I used to have a version of it saved to my hard drive and would revisit it every now and then. But with changing formats and all, I lost track of it and I haven't been able to find it anywhere on the web, either. So I've reconstructed it from the existing version as best I can from my battered memories (oh yes, I've killed more than a few brain cells in the last 20 years!), with a few added touches of my own. Hope you enjoy! The Birthday Boy I met the birthday boy at a club I don't usually frequent. The crowd is younger and overall less mature than what I like. But a buddy of mine twisted my arm, so I went along. I was having an okay time dancing until I bumped into this kid who was no taller than 5'5", but built like a gymnast and wearing no shirt. He gyrated his hips in a sexy manner and kept looking in my direction. I smiled at him, which he took as an invitation. Next thing I knew he was pushing his butt against my crotch and we were dirty dancing. It wasn't long before I asked him to have a drink. My buddy was tangled up with a bunch of twinkies on the dance floor, so I didn't feel like I was abandoning him. Chip and I headed toward the bar. He’d just turned 21 and was celebrating with some college buddies. He was studying geology, and his only sex had been with guys in the dorm. There was a lot he wanted to explore. And he didn’t mean rock formations. We drank a couple of beers, danced some more, and ended up in his jeep a half hour before closing. I invited him over to my place since I live alone and don’t have to worry about roommates or uninvited visitors. Earlier that day I‘d purchased some high-grade weed and wanted to try it out. We headed up to the roof of my building to smoke a joint and jabber. A few tokes told us the stuff performed as advertised, and it hit Chip particularly hard. "I feel so fucked up now." I volunteered to give him a massage, and we went downstairs to my bedroom. I had him undress and lay face down on the bed. I took the baby oil and started rubbing him down. He got to moaning and grinding his hot bubble butt up into my hands. Every time I ran past his crack, he'd part his legs a little more, until, by the 5th pass, he was lying there totally spread-eagled. He wanted it bad—and so did I. I stroked up and down his crack and leaned my face close to his boy butt so I could smell the musky scent emanating from his hole. "Do you like to buttfuck?" I tried not to laugh. “Do I like to buttfuck? Hell yeah!” He asked me to put on a condom, saying he wanted to stay clean in case he ever met “Mr. Right.” I commented that if he ever met “Mr. Right,” it wouldn’t matter if he were clean or not. I pretty much always bareback and halfway contemplated refusing. But considering my status, I figured he had a point. I squirted some lube in his crack and worked it in with my finger. Then I let him unroll the condom over my rock-hard shaft. “Roll over,” I said, and spooned behind him. Then I put my arms around his hot little torso and slowly pushed into his crack. To my surprise, before I even got the head fully in he grimaced and complained how much it hurt. I reassured him, then rolled on my back and told him to sit on it. That might be easier. Hi tried it, but still complained, and pulled off my dick as soon as he got the head inside. I was getting frustrated, but tried not to show it because, well, he was just 21; and I figured he hadn’t fucked much. "I'm sorry, I guess this isn't going to work," he apologized, reaching back and pulling the condom off my cock. I expected to hear him to say that he’d better be going. But instead he kept his hole positioned right above my drooling dick, and gradually lowered himself till strands of precum clung to his man-pussy. "It's really too bad,” me murmered, “'cause I really wanted to feel you way up inside me, a kind of a special birthday gift. And I bet you wanted to fuck me, too.” He began gently rocking back and forth on my cock and brushing his ass lips against the tip. When my cock was just centered in his hole, he gyrated his hips the way he had on the dance floor – so that, ever so slowly, my raw dick started to slip inside him. When the head of my cock popped past his sphincter, he got this glazed look of lust on his face. His lips parted, but he said nothing further. I slid deeper into him. He leaned back on me. His hungry hole gripped my dick. I could remain passive no longer. I pulled out, rolled him onto his back, lifted his legs to my shoulders, and began to fuck him slow and deep. I kept it up for what seemed like ages, but eventually I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. My breathing grew ragged as I picked up the pace, thrusting hard into his firm gym-rounded ass. He moaned softly, "Don't cum in me, okay? Just don't cum in me." "Don't what?" "Please don’t cum in me." I slowed a bit and leaned down, brushing my scruffy cheek against his smooth one. “Don't... what?” I asked, kissing his neck and jaw. "Don't cum in me..." “Don’t.” I raised my head and locked eyes with him, twitching my dick inside his hole with my pelvic muscles alone. “What?” I could see his pupils dilate as he visualized it. “...Cum in me,” he whispered. I knew I had him. “What?” I asked. “Cum in me.” I nodded my head and resumed thrusting, never breaking eye contact. “Cum in me. Aww fuck, cum in me!” He grabbed my hips and pulled me tight against him as my thrusts grew furious. I was only too happy to oblige; as he yelled wordlessly and thrashed in ecstasy I could feel my cock swell to its full girth, flooding him with wave after wave of my toxic cum. His own jizz, perhaps neg for the last time, shot onto my chest. To make a long story short, the marijuana and the fucking had taken its toll and shortly thereafter we fell asleep. In the morning he was the first awake; and I fucked him twice more, once in the shower and finally in the alley behind my building as we were saying goodbye. It was then that he asked my status. I hemmed and hawed. “Status doesn’t mean anything,” I said. “A guy may test neg one day, have a fatal affair the next, and end up poz.” “And did I just have that fatal affair?” “I think so.” “Then I’d better get tested.” He glanced off down the alley toward where his jeep was parked. “I didn’t expect to stay neg forever. In fact, I kind of wonder if I wasn’t asking for it last night.” With that we kissed. He hopped in his jeep, and drove off.
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    I was being wheeled through a dark room in a cage. I looked up groggy but sure enough I was being restrained in a tall metal cage with my arms and legs shackled and separated to where I couldn't move at all. I tried to clear my head and remember where I was and what had led up to me being in this situation but my head was so fuzzy I couldn't clear it. I tried to call out to the person that was wheeling me around but couldn't find the voice to do so. I didn't know what to do or what to make of my situation so I decided to just see where I was being wheeled to and see what was going on. We came to a door and the person punched in a code to open the door and we were met with a flood of light and sound on the opposite end of the door. I had to close my eyes for a bit because the light was so bright coming from the dark room before. I opened them slowly and they adjusted to the light and I could see where I was led to. What I saw was a large group of naked men. There had to be about 50 or so men varying from 18 to maybe late 40's dancing around, grinding up on headteacher and even some of them fucking on the lounges around the club. I was shocked and turned on at everything that was going on and my memories started to come back to me in a flash. (earlier that day) I was looking at myself in the mirror and running my hands all over my body. I loved how thin and toned I looked and loved how sensitive I was when I ran my hands all over and how I stopped to pinch and play with my nipples. It made me moan and get so hard I always had to stop myself from cumming to soon. My frame always made everyone think I was a girl and I was ok with that I accepted the fact that no matter what my dad and I tried I couldn't build any muscle mass on my body. We went to a doctor and found out that it was a condition with my metabolism that I would burn off anything too quickly before my muscles to absorb anything to help them grow. I'm was 18 today and I love what muscle that did grow with my age because everyone was so shocked that someone as thin as myself could have a 12 inch cock hiding in my pants with a nice set of low hangers. I slowly moved my hands downward and started to stroke my cock and caress my balls before one of my hands made it's way further to my hole. I circled my pucker and it made my cock twitch even more and I dove in with two fingers and brought myself over the edge and came all over the mirror. I was always a large cummer and coated the mirror in my load. When my cock finished throbbing I slowly slid my fingers out of my ass with a pop and went to lick up my load from the mirror. When the mirror was clean I heard a ping coming from my phone and saw that it was an updated email about a gay club that I was looking into. I hadn't been there before because it was only for 18 and up and saw that they have a birthday special for all newcomers who come on their birthday. I was excited as to what that could be and decided that it was how I wanted to celebrate my birthday. I saw that you had to send an email response if it was your birthday so the place could be set up for it so I sent one with the details they asked for and hit send. Shortly after that I got another email from the club thanking me for my interest in coming to them on my birthday and they sent me a few requests to follow as well and I was happy to oblige. I looked at the list of requests and was getting turned on again. 1. Please bring as little clothes as possible as we are a nude club. 2. Please if you can make sure you clean out before you arrive if you cant we have the tools to do so 3. Please refrain from any oral, anal, and self stimulation from here on out. 4. Please refrain from any kind of drug usage I found these requests to be acceptable and I felt a little bad that I had already came but I know I would be fine for the next day. I picked out a jock, shorts and a shirt for tonight and tried to go on without thinking of how I was excited to have my first night as an adult.
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    A while ago a member on here contacted me saying he liked my profile, had read my blog and wanted to cum in my ass. I was really flattered as nobody who has ever read my blog has suggested breeding me or reached out to tell me it was even hot. Anyway, hes an Italian stud who doesn't get to London much, but he was here this holiday weekend and we hooked up today. I know from chatting that he preferred a slutty pre-loaded hole, so we set a time, and I made sure to have taken a big load right before he was due to arrive, I was in my dressing gown and naked under it and ready to go ass up for his hard Italian cock. Anyway due to one thing and another he was late and got some shabby directions off google, but eventually with me holding a huge load in my hole for him to use as lube, he arrived. Hes a hot fucker, stocky dark shaved hair and built like a solid tree, we went upstairs and I took of the dressing gown and soon found a hard cock pressed in my hole. he fucked me really well, really hard in fact only stopping to drink the first guys load out of my hole when it started splashing out. Soon he bred me and gave me a massive load. We chatted a bit after and both agreed once wasn't going to be enough...... hes a hard hot fucker this guy so if he messages you on here, I recommend you take his load. His tag here is Gboy and hes hot as fuck. And like I said I've never had anyone want to try my ass after reading my blog before........... so HOT. Here is a pic of his thick Italian cock in my hole.
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    First crack at writing, hope you enjoy! Sir - 55 6'5" 200 lbs 10" cut cock Me (boy) - 24 5'6 135 lbs 7" cut cock Chapter 1 It started out like all my other meet ups with Sir. He would summon me to his house and of course I would get there as quickly as possible. Sir would always great me at the door, and then once inside I'd strip for him down to a jock and he'd walk me into his bedroom. He had a four post queen bed so he could tie me down in a multitude of different positions, whatever he was feeling was best for me to serve him in. Sir would always have some type of gear for me; wrist and ankle cuffs were standard, either a ball gag or mouth cage depending on his mood, a leather collar, and sometimes a blindfold. I had been Sir's boy for about a month, and he'd summoned me about 10 times so far. He introduced me to my sub side, that bareback was the only way to fuck, and my place in life was to serve him. I was never happier than when I was bound on Sir's bed with his monster cock either in my forced open mouth or spreading my hole and planting a load deep. With our size difference he was easily able to hit my second sphincter and shoot his load directly into my gut. Sir wasn't usually particularly verbal, he'd give me quick short orders to position me how he wanted, but he grunted like a wild animal when he was shooting his load. He loved that I moaned like a bitch in heat when he was fucking me. As I got out of my Uber to Sir's this time and got to the front door, there was a note for me to go around back through the fence gate and use the back door. Once I got to the back door there was another note telling me to strip down to my jock, and place all my clothes in the trash bag he had left out. I wasn't terribly surprised Sir was changing things up, he had always made comments about taking the "next step" in our relationship. As I put my clothes in the bag I noticed sir had left a thick metal collar with a small lock under the bag, and a note that read "Boy, once you put this collar on you agree to fully submit to me and all I want for you. If you decide not to, I don't ever want to speak or see you again. If you submit, you will wait on all fours in your jock for me." The only thoughts that were going through my head was how I was happiest when Sir had my ass tied down and his cum leaking out my stretched out hole. Of course I stripped down to my jock, put my new collar on, clicked the lock shut, put my clothes in the bag, and waited on all fours like the good boy Sir had expected me to be. A few seconds later Sir opened the door and told me what a good boy I was, and that he knew I'd choose a life of servitude for him. Sir then affixed a leash to the collar and guided me inside, but instead of going to his bedroom he lead me to a door that led to his basement. "I know we've always played in my bedroom boy, but now that you have chosen to submit to me I am going to introduce you to the real playroom of my house." I was rock hard under my jock, and leaking pre-cum. I knew I had made the right choice to fully submit to my Sir, but I had no idea what that really meant. My naive self thought it was just more role-play before Sir and I, but he had different plans, and I was about to find out how twisted my Sir was.
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    I try to be a good guy. I love my husband with all my heart but there is an itch he just can't scratch. We will be married 3 years this June and in that time I have walked a fine line. This past Sunday I crossed it because I just needed to get scratched. I created a Grindr account and saw a guy nearby who had a hot typical torso pic. We chatted a while and exchanged pics. This is normal...I do a bit of catfishing and move on. The more we talked though, the hornier I got. He finally sent me a dick pic and knew thats what I needed. It was just over 8 inches and fat. I wanted to nurse it but he wanted more. I guaranteed he would get off....so he gave me the address. He met me at the door shirtless with a long bushy beard and lean tan body. He was older than me but he was in great shape. We started to make out right after he shut the door. His hand slid down the back of my shorts and mine went right to his bulge. It didn't take long to find our way to the bed room where he stripped me down and he got naked as well. I sucked his dick a while when he shot a premature load. This is where he surprised me...he stayed hard. I licked the cum off his stomach as he told me to get on all fours. He ate my ass like it was his last meal and I was moaning like a whore. 10 minutes late he was balls deep and slow fucking my hole. Long story short...he nutted balls deep in me and then jerked me off before sending me on my way.
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    Evolution of a Verbal POZ Daddy - Part 1 Mike was always a careful guy his whole cautious and inhibited life. Out young in the early 1980s and taught to slap a condom on for everything sex, every time. All his jackoff video friends on porn VHS tapes and later DVDs used them. All was simple and all was straightforward: stick on a condom or die of the AIDS bug. Meds were still unproven effective and still in their infancy. Over two long-term nearly-monogamous parters through 2016, all was pretty relatively easy in his ever/horny mind. But since then, tossed into the Singles Word Jungle again, Mike had to get up to speed on how much things had changed. Of course, his porn video buddies were nearly all barebacking now, reflecting the New Word Order of guys taking Prep and using more stuff beyond weed 420 to get High. Tina, pnp, blowing clouds, slamming, stealthing and social media were now in the mix beyond his trusted lifelong use of weed and poppers, whether at his local bath house or hooking up through the guy apps, hosting or being hosted. The drift towards no longer using condoms started gradually. Mike simply adopted the belief that being a top daddy was the safest way to bareback. The first few times with hookups, cumming into willing bottoms felt so slick and smooth, there would be no going back to using the condom, ever. It had been years since Mike and his late partner, tragically killed a few years earlier, had gone to the local bath house, more to make use of the sauna and pool than to trick around. Mike’s house was now a lonely place since his partner died, and hookups from the guy sites were not always reliable nor trustworthy as types to want to form a relationship with. So Mike treated them as the cum dumpsters they actually were and preferred and adopted an anon arrangement. If the bitch was hosting, Mike wanted him spread out and ass-ready, blindfolded, so he could walk in, talk nasty, breed him hard and leave. These pussy bitches weren’t worth getting to know because, like him, they really were all into getting off, NSA, with multiple tricks, whenever the need called for. And the need was often. If Mike was hosting, his porch light was turned on, and he would be spread out, cock hard and ready, with instructions for his bottom to enter, close the front door behind him, strip down to nothing but a jockstrap, walk upstairs to his bedroom door and put on the blindfold he always kept hanging on the doorknob. At the bathhouse, as with his anon encounters, Mike had his usual upper body harness, and liked to cruise the open fuck room and see who was straddled ass-ready in the sling. Mike didn’t deal with the expense of a private room. In his mind, he was there to safely top breed, between sessions in the pool, steam room and whirlpool. The place didn’t have a problem with guys smoking weed or whatever outside in the pool area and Mike kept his poppers handy in his locker. At the baths or when hookup hosting at home or being hosted, a joint and bottle of poppers were always on hand. Mike did not yet want to cross the line into chem, out of fear of addiction, and for his anon top breeding setups, didn’t really give a fuck what his bottom sluts smoked, dabbed, snorted or slammed for their own high. This top breeding setup among his anon hookups and the bath house became pretty routine. Mike continued to get free STD and HIV testing at the bath house every three months and kept cumming up as a neg. He was advised to take Prep. Mike gained experience as a verbal top dad, talking rough and dirty to all those hungry bottom bitches, of all ages, ramming his big pierced cock into their willing juicy cunt holes. Mike liked to show off too, getting hard at the sight of guys watching him fuck his bitches. On crowded nights the bath house, he liked tag teaming bottom bitches with other horny tops and loved and preferred the feel of the sloppy hole. When hosting at home, he began video recording his conquests and storing them on various drives. Mike was enjoying his transformation from lonely widower to a confident verbal top dad. The more conquests he enjoyed, the more he craved for them and consequently the more he got. End of Part 1
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    Part 8 I texted Steven when I got in my car letting him know ‘the client was very satisfied and I had the task was completed'. Steven texted me ‘right on, here’s your next client’ as he sent me the address and which set of points I was to use. The next guy was a bug chasing jock (my type). He was early to mid 20's, nice muscular build. He had a great cock, not that he’d get to use it. He was an avid partier when never slammed before. But if was brought to be pozzed he wanted too be slammed. We chatted a little bit when I arrived as I pulled out his point. I leaned that he was more of a top and that he has always been turned on by pozzing stories. He also has a cute twink who didn’t just want to be fucked by him, the twink wants the jock to breed his ass. The twink never asked the jock if he was poz or neg. He learned that the twink had never used a condom when fucking. So he started to think about fucking the kid bareback and breed ass. Then his thoughts slipped yup sleazier thoughts of pumping him full of poz cum which turned him on beyond belief. He knew he was ready to take the final plunge and become poz himself. Use coughed that Tina would help him take that final step and not turn back. There were 4 points for him since he was slamming for the first time. The important factor Steven taught me about slamming is that you can always slam more, you can’t slam less. I was to administer one slam and after 5 to 10 minutes then I would see how the client was doing and would then determined if he was to get another one until he was sufficiently cock crazy. Basically I was to get him to the point of having T-dick. I could see that he was a little nervous as I got everything ready. I had him lay back and relax as I got him some Gatorade to drink. Steven’s instructions had me dose the Gatorade with some GHB is he showed any apprehension. The downed the Gatorade quickly and as the G took effect the jock seemed to know that he had been dosed saying to me, “You put G in my Gatorade.” I answered him, “Yes, I am just flowing Steven’s instructions. He knew you might need it to help get you where you really want to be.” He then told me, “Thanks. You know Steven offered to poz me, but since I rarely bottom I wasn’t going to let his horse cock wreck my hole.” I looked at him and as I applied the tourniquet said to him “I think you’re ready you be slammed.” As I swabbed his arm and readied to skip the needle into his vein he answered “Yeah I am ready.” I skillfully hit the big, juicy vein and after getting the red flash emptied the first point into the jock. After I pulled the tourniquet he coughed a little and I knew right away he was going to need more. I was just going to give him the second slam butt he kept telling me to give him 2 more. We quick texted Steven and the jock pled his case. Steven told me to give him 2 more points. After I administer both points he coughed out hard as his hard dick went a little soft. I made note of the amount me has slammed knowing how much the jock could do make T-dick right get him as I administer the fourth slam which, in combination with the G he drank, turned the jock into a cum dump. Over the next 8 hours I proceeded to fill his neg jock ass with my poz cum. I roughly used a dildo to work those loads in deep and help insure the pozzing process. I also inserted a butt plug before I left to keep the loaded inside him while putting a pair a locking charity shorts so he couldn’t remove the but plug. I was to come back by Saturday night to breed him some more. The next client was a simple party-n-play fuck. The guy was a bug chaser who was tired of not getting converted after 6 years of barebacking. The last client before he had to go back over to the jocks was a partier who wanted to get his conservative, straight laced, neg boyfriend to party for the very first time along with pozzing his ass. They had talked about him trying Tina for the first time and him converting only to have him back out. The client was determined to finally make it all happen. The apartment door was left open for me to get in. I would find the client fucking his boyfriend who was to be slammed and pozzed. Once in the bedroom the client would good his boyfriend down while I administered the slam. Then the two of us would tag team his neg ass filling him with poz loads. As I was about to walk into the bedroom I could hear the neg boyfriend say something about hearing someone in the apartment. By the time I entered that bedroom the client had the boyfriend pinned to the mattress as I quick applied the tourniquet and before he knee what was happening the neg boyfriend was coughing out hard. It was apparent that they were about to fuck since the client had a condom on his cock. He quickly pulled the condom off as his boyfriend rode his first rush. He then administered his slam and proceeded to fuck and breed his boyfriend. When it was my turn the client told his neg boyfriend “The guy fucking you just recently converted HIV+ and between me and him breeding you're sure to convert.” I was about to dump my first load inside his neg ass when he surprisingly answered, “Thank you for helping me experience Tina and making a take raw cock.” This was a quick job as I dumped 2 poz loads into his ass and left after double fucking him, but I had to get back to the jock and remove the butt plug and dump some more of cum into his ass. It wasn't easy to get the plug out of his ass but with some lube, effort and a nice slam the plug came out. He had absorbed the cum I had dumped inside him the night before. For tonight the jock asked that I get a few poz tops to help breed him. His only stipulation was not to have anyone over 7” to 8” fuck him. It was decided to get a hotel room for the night. I had placed ads on BBRT and Craig’s List and was going to have him pick out the guys he wanted to have fuck him. He opened his laptop, I logged into BBRT and the email I had set up the Craig’s List ad. Had him get on all fours and I slowly fucked him while he looked through the replies. He set it up for 6 guys to come by the hotel room while I made sure that the guys coming over were the righT Type. As we waited for our visitors to arrive I made sure there was a well packed pipe and bong along with clean pints and Gatorade to take GHB with. I had our slams ready to go and convinced the jock to let me slam him as he let the next guy fuck him. I told him we’d have the guy lay on his back so that jock could mount him.. The jock was down to try only if he coughed fuck me at the end of the night. The first got showed up was a college frat boy type who quickly started smoking. He was also down for getting his dick inside the jock’s ass as I slammed him only if I could administer a slam for him. I mixed the slams and our visiting top laid down, the jock slowly worked his tight ass slowly down the guy’s 7½” cock. There was still about ½” to ¾” left when I gave the jock his slam flowed by the visiting top. As they both coughed out I saw the rest of that cock disappear as the jock proceeded to fuck himself as the top laid back enjoying the rush. A few minutes later the top began to fuck him below as the two began to get a nice rhythm going. I stood up letting the jock suck my cock. Soon we are joined by a couple more tops. It of the 6 the were invited only 4 showed up. Each one partying up and fucking a load or two (or four) pinto the jock's neg ass. He took a dozen loads that night and when we were left just the two of us I fixed is a couple more slams, had him lay on his back as I straddled him felt his 8” cock balls deep in my ass then administered his slam. While he coughed or I quickly did my own slam and then let him fuck me. He turned out to be a great top and rushed me for a good 2 hours before we quit.
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    I looked through a lot of posts of horny looking guys who are looking for a regular fuck toy and each ad had been hotter then the next and each one kept me hard while reading them. I stopped on one of them because it shocked me with the difference to all of the others. The title of the ad said, Looking for someone to turn from neg to poz to help me spread my virus to as many as possible. I kept on reading and the more I read the more I decided that I wanted to be this guys sex toy and virus spreader. I messaged this guy and told him I am ready for whatever he wanted to do with me and I was ready to pass along his virus to as many people as I could. I sent the sexiest pics I had to him of me in many positions exposing my hole and whatever I thought this man would like to see of me. I waited and waited for his response and I was so horny from all of the reading I went and grabbed the biggest dildo I could and played with my hole imagining it was the man's poz cock priming my whole for his poz load. I moaned each time the dildo bottomed out in me and I could feel it rub up against my prostate making me squeal with pleasure. I started to jack myself off in unison with my dildo fucking and as I was about to cum I heard my computer alert for my email go off and I came just as it did. I shot so hard and such a large load I was drenched in hopefully soon my last neg load that I would have left. I scoped it all up and swallowed it and then went to my computer in hopes that it was this guy ready to make me his poz boy. I was excited to see that it was from him and was practically jumping for joy when he said that he liked what he saw and was happy enough to have me as his poz boy. We chatted for a bit and he sent me a few pics of his cock dripping with his precum and then more of his body covered in huge amounts of his own poz cum. I was so turned on with all his pics I was hard again already. He said that he wanted to video chat with me so he could see what his new poz boy looks like in live time. I added him to my friends' list on Skype and started a video chant and laid down in a position that he could see all of my body when he came online. All I heard was a sexy whistle and I knew he was online and liked what he saw. He said he liked how my creamy white skin looked and how my quarter sized nipples looked good enough to bite and pierce. He had me play with my ass so he could see what he would be working with. He said he liked how tight and pink my hole looked and then he asked me if I was a virgin or not and he was pleased when I told him that I was. He gave me a rule that I was not allowed to have sex with anyone no matter how horny I was or what anyone would offer me that he was to be my first one in that hole. I was turned on that he was being very stern and I wanted to have him as my first so I promised that I wouldn't do anything or anyone from now on until I had him in my ass first. we talked more about what we were to do when it was time to poz me and I was told not to even cum again until it was time. I told him that I had cummed before we video chatted and he said that it was ok but it would be the last time until he said so. We set up a time and date that he wanted me to lose my neg cherry. He gave me his address and surprisingly he only lived 5 blocks away from me so I knew being his poz boy was going to be easy and fun. I was told what to wear and that he was going to turn that night not only as my pozzing night but into a huge sex part with other daddies and their newly converted boys. We said our goodbyes and he again reminded me not to touch myself or be touched by anyone or anything else and I knew it was going to be a challenge not to jack off but I wanted him so bad I would deny myself it.
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    Part 18; I suddenly felt very COLD. Then, my Master without having a proper 'non stop 5 minute Beast orgasm' squirted his first lot of Demon-cum deep inside, out of pure typical greedy Demon play. 👺💦 Fuck, my cunt immediately began to BURN. It felt like it was actually almost on fire. 🔥 - Master, my cunt feels like it is almost on fire. He ignored me, and his claws that were at the base of my neck dug into my sweet pale flesh, and dragged down all the way to the top of my buttocks. Just like he did with my ASS cheek earlier, he caught my skin, marking me with even more of his unique Demon scratch marks. This time all the way down my back! He feral fucked me for a few more minutes, and then; SQUIRT! 💦💦 Another dose of Demon-cum filled my insides. He had not even had a proper orgasm yet, and already his Deep green, musky smelling, oily Demon-cum squelched out of my cunt as he fucked me, with it now running down my legs. It felt wonderfully hot on my skin. - 'L' - Hail Master. - Get the blindfold, and blindfold my new boy. - Yes Master. Sir promptly blindfolded me, with my Master continuing the fast and wild feral Beast-fuck between he and his boy. Here I was, in the middle of some forest, a few minutes drive from a secluded run down Gothic style mansion, intoxicated on mind altering substances, having my body savagely USED, and slowly possessed by it's new rightful OWNER. I had longed for nasTy virulent p☣️z seed for some years now, and the time now really had come to receive the ultimate special gift. I could not ask for more, for it to be happening in such a dramatic fashion. There was no way in 🔥HELL👺 that I would ever forget this moment. It was not long at all now until my MASTER's DNA would be corrupting my own, where he would be possessing me COMPLETELY! He had been feral fucking me for a good while now, and my cunt was feeling wonderfully sore and gaping, albeit it also felt like it was almost burning, too. Suddenly, he withdrew his EEL Dick, spun me around, and threw me on my back with some brute force to the ground, right where the other 5 Demons had squirted their hot, oily, and musky Demon-cum. My smooth scratched skin on my back met with their slime and the dry dirt on the forest floor, and, I was literally now becoming a filthy slutty pig as the dry and wet materials underneath me mixed together and got my ever increasing defiled body dirty; The way nature had intended! 🐖 My Master grabbed hold of my ankles, and spread my legs open VERY wide. Just as well I have practiced yoga daily for years. I am very bendy! Then, that slippery EEL Dick penetrated me again, and, I was being fucked how I was earlier when I first got here, with powerful yet slow, intermittent hard thrusts, impaling himself deep inside my cunt, pausing, then withdrawing half way, pausing, and slamming in again. Damn, I WISH I could see him. - I wish I could see you, my Master. - I don't want you to be scared, my Charlie. I am without my cloak. - No Master, I want to see your body. - Then I permit you to take off your blindfold. - Thank you, my Master. HOLY Fuck. I looked up, and there he was, serpent tongue slithering away into the intense night air. This was the first time I had seen his super hairy body along with his Goat-Beast head. His torso looked thick and strong, like a Werewolf, and of course was covered in a very thick layer of hair, which REALLY turned me on. More hair than normal is a MAJOR turn on for me. He looked down at me with his serpent tongue slithering. Each time he slammed his Demon EEL Dick in the force of course would be making me grunt. And being on my back with my legs stretched open wide, with my Master towering above me, and deep inside of me, made the deepest recesses of my mind completely submit. This was now by far my favourite part to the night. I had MY Master doing exactly what he wanted, slowly developing me into what he expected of me long term. And I was going to get exactly what I wanted. - Please Fuck me Fast again Master. I NEED you to really tear up my cunt. Without a word the fast and wild feral Beast-Fuck recommenced which went on for a few hours; Non stop!! Near the start of those few hours I was getting so turned on submitting I grabbed hold of my Dick, which was now hard again, and started stroking. - CHARLIE. You are NOT here to play with yourself. Arms above your head, and keep them there. - Sorry Master. I will do as you say. I am your obedient little fuck-pig. 🐷 Once I put my hands above my head, arms stretched out, that is when he really had me. My arms stretched out, my legs spread and held open wide, lying on my back in a forest, outside in the middle of nowhere, with a Demon feral fucking me. His dominance grew stronger by the second, as did my subservience. The entire few hours he fucked me like this he remained completely silent, simply USING my body for his Dark Demon Desires of greedy lust. I on the other hand whimpered and moaned the entire time, with my noise only getting louder and louder. As I frequently looked up at his broad Werewolf torso and Goat-Beast head with his slithering serpent tongue I would keep screaming out stuff like; - Yes MASTER. Fuck me. Fuck my neg boy-cunt with your Diseased Demon Death-stick. INFECT me! ... PLEASE. ☢️👱‍♂️ I was in piggy-heaven! Once again my screams of pleasure bounced and echoed off of the trees and around the forest at such a strong velocity, that it was without any doubt that they were reaching back upto my Master's secluded mansion. I so could have let him fuck me like this for eternity, I didn't want it to st☣️p, BUT, the time had come. He let go of my ankles, and leaned in right by my face; - I am READY to cum now Charlie. I am exceptionally close to giving you my Dirty p☣️z D-E-V-I-L seed! 👺 - Fuck YES my MASTER. CLAIM me as YOUR boy. 👱‍♂️
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    Part 8 I went to take a step closer when my foot landed on a twig and SNAPPED beneath me. “Shit!” I heard one of them whisper from inside the tent. The door to the tent unzipped and Jim peeked his head out. He saw me standing there, mouth agape, and he knew that I had heard. “Hey, kid. How about you come inside. I think we need to have a talk.” Without saying anything, I ducked into the tent before Jim zipped up the opening behind me. Once I was in, I folded the clean sleeping bag I brought with me a few times into a cushion and sat on it. Once he was seated, Jim began by asking, “has your dad told you about why your parents have been fighting all this time?” “Not really. They told me a few excuses that I’m sure were complete bullshit, but I always suspected that one of them had cheated on the other.” “What made you think that?” “They were arguing all the time, remember? I’m a bit of snoop, but after a while, I stopped listening. However, I did hear my mom accuse him of sleeping around one night when he came home late, but I didn’t stick around to listen. When I was leaving, though, she seemed to be the one on the defensive.” “Well, I’m not sure if it’s our place to tell you,” Jim said before casting a eye over to Henry who immediately looked away, “but with all that we’ve shared this trip, I think we need to be able to tell you the truth about what happened between your parents.” “Did you- did you sleep with my parents?” I asked a bit confused. “No,” Jim said, looking taken aback a bit, “but I know that they both have been sleeping around on each other for a while. You know The Pulman, right?” The Pulman was the local gay bar. I had never been, but since it wasn’t a huge town, the local gay bar was the go-to gay joke for straight guys. “I know of it, but I haven’t been since I’ve been able to go.” “Well, one night I saw your dad in there.” I felt my eyes grow to the size of half dollars. My dad? In the Pulman? “I know what you’re thinking, I was surprised myself. Anyway, he was drinking alone when I saw him, so I walked up and sat on the bar stool next to him. When you go in, there’s a big dance floor with booths lining the sides and the bar was in the back. There weren’t too many guys there that night, and most were relaxing or hooking up in the booths. When your dad looked over to see who sat next to him, his eyes got to about the size of your’s right now, and he instantly started to panic and say things like “he didn’t know what type of bar this was,” which of course was bullshit. I calmed him down by telling him that he had nothing to worry about and that my lips were sealed. I did ask him why he was there, though, and that’s when he told me everything. Your mom slept with one of her coworkers. Your dad hadn’t walked in on them but found the used condom in the trash bin the next morning. She hadn’t known that the guy had thrown it in there. When he confronted her about it, she admitted it but said that it’d never happen again. A few weeks later, your dad DID walk in on them having sex in their bed. They both panicked, but your dad found that he liked watching them. He told them to continue, and even though your mom was reluctant, they did. Eventually, your dad joined in. To your mom’s surprise, her coworker, Greg, was apparently bi and sucked your dad’s cock that night. He said it was the first time a guy had ever sucked him and that he couldn’t believe how much better it was.” I didn’t remember hearing any of this, so I guessed that I must have been over at a friend’s house that night or had the TV loud. Jim continued. “A few days later, your dad said that Greg had come over when your mom was out of town for something. They went at it, and your dad sucked his first dick that night and fucked his first man ass. He said he loved it. Hell, both of them loved it apparently since your dad kept of going over to Greg’s house when he could. Eventually, your mom found out about the extra trips, and I think that’s when the arguing started to really pick up since that’s when you started coming over more.” “All of that does line up with a lot of things.” “Of course it does kid. I’m not telling you all of this to hurt you, I’d never do that. I’m telling you only because I think you deserve the truth.” “Yeah, I know. Sorry for making it sound like I was blaming you.” “It’s no problem, Aaron. After your dad told me that your mom had found out about him and Greg, she started to go after any man she could find. He said that he was finding more and more used condoms in their room, and one time she had even left on in their bed for him to find.” “So- has my dad, like… gone all the way with a guy, yet?” “Meaning has he gotten fucked yet?” Jim asked. I halfheartedly nodded. “He didn’t tell me that, but from the way that he was talking, I had guessed that he had played around back there with a few toys at the very least. He seemed to be hiding just how kinky he really was when we were talking.” It felt weird, but I found the image of my dad shoving a dildo up his ass kinda hot. He wasn’t bad looking; he worked construction, and a few years ago some of his coworkers had gotten him into weightlifting. I wouldn’t say that he’s bulky, but he’s muscular for a man his age. He has gray hair and usually keeps a bit of light beard stubble that gives him a bit of a rugged look. I had never sexually thought of my father before, but then, knowing that he liked men, seemed to open a door I’d never thought could be opened. “That night, he asked if I wanted to go back to our place and have some fun, but it was right after I had been diagnosed. I told him that I was POZ and he seemed to be fine with it, but it would have felt like we were betraying you by sneaking around behind your back with your dad.” While it kind of would have been hot to hear that story, I was touched that Jim was thinking of me and at least taking me into consideration back then. “He did say that he was proud of you when you came out to both him and your mom. He said that he wasn’t sure how he’d ever tell you, himself.” That made me smile. I leaned over and kissed Jim on the cheek. And, as to not leave him out, leaned over and kissed Henry on the cheek, too. I was glad that Jim had told me the truth, and I told them so. Honestly, though, I was tired as shit. I had lost count of all the loads I had taken, and given, in the last 24 hours. We all laid down in a tight ball of flesh with our arms and legs intertwining. As I drifted off to sleep, I felt Jim’s hand rest over the soft skin just above my cock. He didn’t say anything, but I could tell that he was hoping that their POZ seed had taken. And as I drifted off to sleep, so did I. To be continued….
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    Part 7 We finally got up from the sleeping bag, and I just noticed that we were all sweaty. “Maybe we should go shower off,” Jim said. “What about the sleeping bag? It’s probably as sweaty as we are.” “Quin usually has a washer and dryer at his station. If you’re nice,” Henry said as he winked, “he’ll let you use it.” “Is he gay?” I asked. “I may have caught him staring at us a little longer than most straight guys have, but, honestly, I don’t know. I think I’ve always kind of hoped, but it’s a real toss-up with that one,” Jim said. “Well, I guess I can go see if he’ll let me use it. The washing machine that is.” I quickly caught myself. “Are you two going to head to the showers already?” Jim looked at Henry, “Sure. No telling how much dirtier we’ll get in there, though.” Jim reached over and squeezed Henry’s left butt cheek. I got dressed, grabbed the sleeping bag off the ground, and started my hike towards the ranger’s office. Just as I was getting out of sight of our campground, I saw Jim and Henry chasing after one another towards the showers. As I walked up to the ranger’s station, I could have sworn that I heard moaning coming from inside. It sounded like a woman, and my first thought was that Quin was inside fucking some girl’s brains out, but then I heard another guy’s voice say something along the lines of, “Yeah, you like it when I squeeze your tits?” Then the woman moaned back. He was watching porn, and really loud too. And straight porn at that. As I got closer, I tried to be as quiet as I could until I could see inside; he had his cock out, and he was stroking it to some porn video on his phone. He had a nice seven-inch cock that was really thick at the base but tapered off near the tip except for the enormous head. Even though I was still about ten feet away, I could see the beads of precum glistening off the tip. I wanted to lick it up. To smear it all over my face. To taste his hole. But I knew that this very second was probably not the right time. I knocked on the side of the little hut that made up the station and then heard his him exclaim, “Oh shit! Sorry about that!” “Not a problem. Sorry for barging in on you,” I said as I entered the hut just as Quin was shoving his still hard cock down into his khaki shorts. “We were wondering if we could use your washer. Our sleeping bag is starting to wreak.” “Umm, sure. No problem. It’s in the corner over there.” He said as he pointed towards the other side of the hut. I could tell that he was still a bit off kilter from my catching him literally with his dick out. I went over to the machine, put the sleeping bag in, and started it up. It whirred into life as I walked back over to Quin who was pretending to suddenly be interested in a magazine about wildlife. I thought I better just break the ice and get the awkwardness out of the way. “That sounded like some pretty hot stuff you were watching.” “Oh, that? Ha! I guess so, yeah.” He said as his face flushed bright red. “No need to be straitlaced with me, man. It’s not like I’ve never seen a porn before. What video were you watching?” “Oh, umm,” he looked over at his phone, wondering if he really should show me the video. He reached for it, “It’s this one.” He opened his phone, and a paused frame of some big-boobed blond was getting railed from behind by some frat-looking guy. I noticed that the guy in the video actually looked pretty hot with a six-pack and huge, pecs that gave the woman’s own boobs a run for their money. Quin pressed play, and the woman on the phone started moaning loudly again. The louder she moaned, the more engrossed I could tell Quin was getting. I looked down and could see that his dick was getting hard again and was tenting the front of his shorts. I decided to just go for it and reached over and grabbed his dick through his shorts. He immediately reacted and pulled away from me. “Whoa! What the fuck! I’m not fucking gay!” He said as he shuffled away from me. “Sorry. You just seemed like you could use a hand,” I said, trying not to laugh and add insult to injury. “I saw what you were packing earlier, and it was kind of hard to resist.” “Really?” He asked. His expression turning to one of curiosity. “Yeah.” “So, you definitely are gay, though, right?’ He asked me, still keeping his distance. “As gay as they come,” I answered. “So, umm, how does mine compare to others you’ve seen?” He asked. I nearly laughed. Straight guys can be so odd sometimes when it comes to comparing their junk. “Like I said, you got a pretty nice slab of meat hanging between your legs there.” He looked me up and down as he, slowly, started to make his way closer. “If I, umm, take it out again… you promise you won’t tell no one?” He asked, hesitantly. “I promise I won’t tell no one,” I replied just as he had asked, double negative and all. In my mind, I was wondering just who in the hell he was expecting me to tell out here? My gay neighbors? He stepped closer still and slowly began to undo his shorts. He was wearing boxers underneath and hesitated only for a second before pulling them down and revealing his cock to me again. I whistled, and now it was time for me to move forward. I got down on my knees and scooted over until Quin’s cock was right in my face. I grasped it in my hand and felt the rest of his body melt as he sighed. I slowly began to pump my hand over the shaft of his cock until I couldn’t help myself any longer and put him in my mouth. He immediately began to moan and grabbed for the back of my head, driving his cock deeper into my throat. I took all of him pretty easily and wrapped my hands around him and began to squeeze and massage his ass. I looked up at him, “turn around. Let me show you something.” “I’m not too sure about that. I don’t want you to put anything up my ass.” He looked worried, but something in the way that he, for some reason, smiled told me that the idea could be one to come back to later. “Don’t worry about that. I’m not going to put anything up there.” In my mind, I added, “yet.” He hesitantly turned around, and I didn’t waste any time in spreading his cheeks and lapping at his straight-boy hole. He began moaning again, and I took it as a sign that he was enjoying it. I decided to take it a little further and began to press my tongue against his hole until it went inside of him. He moaned louder and fell over onto a counter that he was in front of him, giving me better access. I tasted his hole and his insides. Above me, he seemed to be losing all control of his actions and was flailing wildly. I didn’t want to stop, but a part of me wanted to see if I could take this a step further. I got up, and he turned around, seeming out of breath. “How was that?” I asked. “Fucking amazing! I’ve never had anyone do that to me before.” He looked so cute in the excitement of the discovery. “Well, your ass is just as impressive as your cock. But I want more of that cock.” “Really?” “Yeah,” I said as I dropped my shorts, exposing my cock, and leaning over the counter that he was leaning over earlier. “Please fuck me, Quin!” “I don’t know about this.” “Oh, come on, Quin! I need that big cock of yours inside me!” I saw him look down at my ass. “Can I, umm, do what you did to me?” I nearly couldn’t believe my ears. This “straight guy” was asking to eat my ass. “Fuck yeah, you can,” I said. Quin timidly sank to his knees and reached for my ass. He began messaging it and spreading my cheeks, getting a good look at my puckered and abused hole. Suddenly, I felt Quin’s tongue begin to lick my pucker. It didn’t take long until I felt his tongue enter my hole and began to lick my insides. I felt him pull back from my hole. “Is that cum in there?” He asked. “Yeah, my neighbors have been fucking me since we got here. Is it too much for you?” “Actually, no. I kind of like it.” Quin said, surprising me again. He dove back in and began to stick his tongue inside me, undoubtedly tasting more of Jim and Henry’s cum. I wondered if I should tell him that it was POZ cum that he was tasting, but I thought it best not to disclose that bit of info just yet. “Do you still want me to fuck you?” He asked, pulling back from my hole. “Yes, Quin! Please fuck my ass! Fill me with your cum!” I said as I looked back into his eyes. He smiled and spit on his throbbing cock before lining it up with my hole. It didn’t take much pressure from him to breach my pucker and felt him slowly slide all the way into me until his balls were pressed up against my taint. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close to him as he began to saw his dick in and out of my hole. I felt his big cock head pull on and massage my insides as he moved. He pulled my head to the side and kissed me. As his tongue invaded my mouth, I reflected on how he had earlier said that he wasn’t gay. I had to say something, and when he pulled back from my mouth, I did. “Not bad for a straight guy.” “Who said I was straight?” “Umm, you did.” “All I said was that I wasn’t gay. I love pussy, but your ass feels and taste amazing. You’re the first guy I’ve ever been with, though.” He said all of this while still fucking my hole with long, slow strokes. “Maybe I’m somewhere in between. I saw you and that other guy in the shower last night. At first, I was going to break it up, but when I saw you, I thought you were so hot. When I saw him fucking you against the wall and how you moaned when he was inside you, I got hard.” He slammed into me, and I unexpectedly moaned. “Yeah, like that.” I felt his cock twitch inside of me. “I didn’t stay for too long, though. When he pulled out of you to put you on the ground I left, came back here and shot a load just thinking about you two. Just like I’m about to do now.” “You’re gonna cum?” “Yeah.” “Cum for me, Quin! Cum deep inside me!” He picked up his pace for a few strokes before slamming all the way inside of me. His seed splashed the walls of my rectum, and once again, I was marked by another man. His (probably) negative cum was mixing with the POZ cum in my ass and, just like the POZ cum, was probably finding its way into the tears we’ve made in my chute and bonding with me forever. After a few moments of resting, Quin began to massage his cum into the walls of my rectum. “A bit late for me to ask this, but, umm, have you been tested?” Quin asked. I had to laugh. “Typically, it’s best to ask that before you fuck someone.” “Yeah, but I couldn’t hold out.” He laughed too. “So, umm, have you?” He said as he slowly pulled his cock out of my ass. “Well, until yesterday I was a virgin so I never really felt any need to. So no.” “That’s good.” “But-,” I added. As I turned around, I saw his eyes widen a bit. “Even though I’m sure I was negative when I came out here, my neighbor that’s been fucking me raw for the last two days is positive.” I saw the blood run from his face in fright. “Fuck! Are you serious?!” “Yeah. I doubt that I would have caught anything, or I at least doubt that I’m transmittable just yet so I’m sure you’d be fine. I should have told you before, though. I’m sorry.” “Yeah, you really fucking should have.” He said as he ran his fingers through his dark, red hair and turned away from me. “Fuck!” I heard him say underneath his breath. Just then the washer dinged to signify that it was done. To be honest, I had completely forgotten about the fucking sleeping bag sometime between him eating my ass and pounding it. I couldn’t even think about it now, though. I felt so damn guilty about not telling Quin about Jim (and Henry) being POZ. I found my clothes and just put my underwear back on and grabbed the rest. Quin was still turned away from me. I wanted to say something else, but the only thing that came to mind was “sorry” and knew that wouldn’t have been enough right now. So, without saying anything, I left and headed towards the showers. When I was about halfway there, I thought that I heard the door to the hut open, but when I looked back, there was no one there. When I got to the showers, I immediately noticed that Jim and Henry were already gone. They were probably already back in the tent, fucking each other’s brains out even more than they probably did in the showers. As I turned on the middle showerhead in the building, I looked down and noticed that I had neglected to take off my underwear. I guess a part of me felt exposed, like a nerve. The fright and look of terror in Quin’s face after I told him, stuck with me as the water began to cascade down my body. Was this what I had to look forward to once I converted? Is this how Jim and Henry were treated? For a moment, I felt terrible for them until I remembered an extremely important thing: they had each other. So did I for that matter. I was hurt by Quin’s coldness, but what I did was wrong. Hell, I even promised Jim at the top of the hiking trail that I wouldn’t do something like this. Fuck! What if he found out that I couldn’t keep that promise before I even converted? I felt a warm hand wrap around my stomach and looked down at it before quickly turning around. It was Quin. He was fully naked and pressed into me once I was fully turned towards him. He was a bit taller than me, so I was looking up into his eyes when he began to speak. “Hey, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have acted that way. What happened was as much of my fault as it was yours. But you REALLY should have told me.” “I know. I’m sorry. Why did you come back, though? I didn’t think you’d ever want to see me again.” “I had to come back. If it had been anyone else, you’d probably be right, but I knew that I’d regret not holding you again, or doing this.” He said before he bent down and kissed me. The water flowed over both of our bodies now, and I felt myself starting to get hard again as was he. His erection pressed into my leg and the fear and panic that I had just been feeling less than a minute ago washed away, and it felt as if I had gone into heat. My breathing picked up as his mouth explored mine, and his hands caressed my body. I nearly tore off my underwear and threw it towards my other clothes. Quin went for my ass with one of his fingers before sticking one in and pumping it a few time in and out of me. I moaned into his mouth. He pulled his finger out, broke our kiss, and held his finger in front of me. I immediately swirled my tongue around it, tasting his (and Jim and Henry’s) cum. The smooth taste and the smell as his finger continued to stay in front of my face, cemented my need to have his throbbing cock back inside of me. The thought came to me, though, that maybe he wouldn’t want to fuck me anymore. “Please, Quin, fuck me!” I begged as I looked into his eyes. “I don’t think I’m ready for that yet,” he said as he looked down at me. Just then he turned around and reached for his clothes. I thought he was going to start putting them back on, and my heart began to sink a little. However, I saw him go for his wallet and pull something out. When he turned back around, he had a condom in his hand. “I’d rather you fuck me this time.” I was speechless. I didn’t expect this to happen, but I was extremely excited that it was. I had never worn a condom before, so I wasn’t looking forward to that, but I was still about to fuck Quin. My mind raced with excitement. I ripped open the condom pack and began to roll it over my cock, which was harder than I knew it ever could be. I got down on my knees, turned Quin around, and stuck my tongue into his ass. He moaned as I rimmed him and pulled back from him and spit on his hole so my tongue could get even deeper inside of him. I felt my tongue breach his hole and swirl around his smooth insides. He tasted so good, I had to fight myself to pull my tongue out of his ass. When I did, I gently began to work a finger inside of him. “Fuck.” I heard him whimper as my finger explored his rectum. “That feels so good.” I took that as a sign to keep pushing his boundaries and inserted another finger inside of him. He continued to moan, and I began to feel him pressing back on my hand. I couldn’t take it any longer, so I stood up. “Do you think you’re ready?” I asked. “Fuck yeah! Fuck me- uh- what’s your name again.” I laughed, noticing that on top of not asking for my status, he had also forgotten to ask for my name up until this point. “It’s Aaron,” I said, smiling as I looked at his long back that was stretched out in front of me. He laughed too. “Well, nice to meet you, Aaron. Now fuck my ass!” He commanded in a playful tone. I wasn’t one to keep him waiting, so I put the tip of my wrapped cock up against his hole and began to push into him. I heard him wince and moan in pain as I breached his pucker. “Fuck that stings,” He hissed. “I know, but just breath, trust me. It’ll go away.” I said, stopping so he could get used to the feeling. Before I could begin to push again, just like earlier, I felt him slide into me, taking me deeper into him. “Fuuuucccckk.” He moaned, now in pleasure rather than pain. “How does it feel to have a cock all the way inside of you, Quin?” “Fuck! I love it! Please fuck me, Aaron!” He moaned and squealed. I began to pump his ass with my cock. Fucking with a condom on felt extremely different; I could hardly feel anything at all except for a warm tightness. I kind of hated it, but at the same time, I was too excited that Quin was letting me fuck him to care. I was popping his ass cherry like Jim had taken mine the night before and in the same place too. I stopped moving and allowed Quin to push back and ride my cock for a bit. He seemed to really like it when I did that. I noticed that the shower water was beginning to turn cold, so I reached over and turned the water off. Not ten seconds after I did that, we both heard an audible POP come from between us. The sensation of his ass suddenly seemed different, warmer, and more familiar. I wasn’t sure what had happened, but the way Quin stopped in his tracks seem to show that he did. “Fuck!” He said. He pulled all the way forward and pulled my cock completely out of him. In the dim lighting of the shower building, we both saw the tattered remains of Quin’s condom. “Shit! I knew it was a bad idea to keep it in my wallet, and I did it anyway!” He scolded himself. “Umm, do you have another one?” I hesitantly asked. “Nope. I’ve had that one in there for forever.” Quin and I both just kind of stood there for a few seconds after I pulled the tattered remains of the condom off my cock and threw it over towards my clothes. Neither of us said anything. I wasn’t sure what he’d want to do. Quietly, I heard him ask, “Do you- think you have it?” I didn’t have to ask him what he meant by “it.” “My neighbor, Jim, and his partner, Henry, are both positive and they’ve both fucked me since yesterday. I hadn’t been with anyone until then. They both fucked me bare and dumped their loads in me. But, even if I do have the virus inside me right now, it’d be way too soon for it to be transmittable. That being said, can I ask you something?” “Yeah, sure.” “Did you like having me inside of you?” “More than I ever thought I could.” “If I was transmittable, would that have changed for you?” I asked. He looked away and pondered my question. “I don’t know.” He said when he couldn’t come up with an answer. “I think you do. However, it’s such a scary answer that you’re not sure if you can bring yourself to accept it.” He looked away, not sure how to take what I had said. “Maybe.” “Now, even though we don’t have any protection, do you REALLY want me to stop?” He looked down at me. “You said you came back because you had to be with me again. Even if I was transmittable, I’m still me, Quin. I still want you, and I think that you still want me. Am I wrong?” He smiled before he leaned down and kissed me. When we pulled away from each other, he looked at me. “I still want you, Aaron.” He said before kissing me on my forehead. He then turned around and bent over. He looked over his shoulder at me and gave me a sly smile. I smiled back before spitting on my cock. “Are you ready to take my bare cock, Quin?” “Fuck yeah, Aaron! Breed me!” He commanded. I pressed my cock against his hole and began to push in. It went in easier than it did the first time, and immediately I felt the difference from having a rubber on. The bumpy yet smooth tissue of his rectum felt like something brand new, even if I had already fucked other men before. This felt magical after using the condom. Quin seemed to notice the difference, too; his moans were nothing but pleasure as he looked back at me and said, “Fuck! Your cock feels so fucking amazing bare, Aaron! Please fuck me! Cum in me!” Hearing Quin beg for me to cum in him somehow turned me on even more than it did when I heard Jim beg me for my load. I began to slowly fuck him. I couldn’t help but moan along with him. I changed the angle of my cock and Quin let out a tiny yip, “Fuck! What was that?!” “What?” “I don’t know. It felt REALLY good.” “I must have hit your prostate. Right… here.” I said as I tried to match the same angle I had before. He yipped again. “Oh, fuck! Right there! Please fuck me right there, Aaron!” He begged. I looked in between our legs and saw that there was a heavy stream of precum dripping from Quin’s dick every time I seemed to hit his prostate. He grabbed his cock and began to jack it as I picked up the speed of our fucking, trying my best to hit his sweet spot. He practically squealing when I began to fill my balls draw up and tingle. “Oh, fuck! I think I’m about to shoot, Quin!” “I think I am too,” he moaned as he continued to jack himself off. “Are you ready for me to cum inside you? Are you ready to take my DNA, Quin?” “Fuck, yes! Please breed me, Aaron! Please fill me with your cum!” He begged. That pushed me over the edge, and I slammed into him before unleashing a torrent of cum deep inside this guy who, less than an hour or so ago, I thought, was straight. I only counted four spurts of jizz, but they were strong contractions that coursed their way throughout my entire body. I pushed my cum in deep and collapsed on his back as his moans picked up and he nearly screamed. “I’m cumming, Aaron! Please, fuck me!” I was starting to get sensitive, but I did as he asked and began to pound his hole with my cock, driving my cum deeper into his man-womb. He came with a whimper all over the shower wall in front of us, and I felt his hole contract around my cock. The contraction didn’t make me fully orgasm again, but I did feel him milk a few extra drops out of my balls that I didn’t know I had. I stayed in him a while longer, not wanting to pull out when he slowly pushed off of me, turned around and we kissed and hugged. Since we were now pretty sweaty and sticky, I turned the shower back on, and we both took our time as we washed each other clean. When we were finished showering, we went to the changing area and got dressed, tucking the tattered remains of the condom into the pocket of my shorts as a souvenir. Quin’s clothes were a bit damp since they were on the floor, but mine were on a bench in the changing area of the shower building. When we walked over there, I noticed that Quin had not only come back just for me but also because I had forgotten all about the reason why I went to his hut in the first place; the sleeping bag was there, neatly folded and well on its way to dry. “Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you that I dried your sleep bag a little after you left. It’s probably not all the way dry yet, but you should be able to use it comfortably tonight.” “Damn, you’re just too sweet,” I said as I went over to him and kissed his cheek. Once I was fully dressed, I noticed that Quin was still naked. “I’m just going to walk back like this. Don’t think I’ll offend anyone that’s here since it’s just you and your neighbors.” “You could say that again,” I said before jumping behind him and smacking his ass. He yipped and turned to face me. “Will I see you again while you’re here?” He hesitantly asked. I could read the hope in his eyes as he looked down at me. “You can count on it,” I said. Quin’s entire face instantly lit up. “Not to mention, since it’s just us here, if you happen to make your rounds near our tent, don’t be afraid to join in on any fun you might find,” I said and winked at him. “Those guys are fully positive, though, right?” “Yeah,” I said, mentally wiping the possibility that he’d now actually join Jim, Henry, and me. “I’d have to think about first.” He said. When he looked down into my face, I think he could sense the despair coming off me in waves because he said, “But, for you, I’ll REALLY think about it.” Just as he had done earlier, I instantly perked up at that. He kissed me deeply, and we both went our separate ways; He heading back towards his ranger hut, and I back to our tent with our now clean, if not a bit damn, sleeping bag. When I approached our campsite, it was starting to get pretty dark, and I couldn’t see Jim or Henry anywhere. I guessed that they were in the tent, probably post-sex cuddling. I wasn’t sure about the cuddling, but as I approached, I could clearly hear them in the tent. I couldn’t catch what they were saying when I first heard them, but when I got closer, I could clearly hear one of them say the one thing that I would have never expected them to say: “We need to tell him about his father.” To be continued....
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    So, I had been having some hot Poz talk with a toxic pig bottom on BBRTS. I let him know my desires to get charged up so I could become a true breeder of men. However, this pig is a true sub bottom and can never top. He was hot enough, and I was worked up, so we arranged a meet. On the way to his place, he inquired about my fisting experience. Having none, I said I would like to give it a try. He opened the door wearing only a jock. Following him into the bedroom, I noticed a liter of lube, towels, and a toothbrush on the night stand. He asked if the sight of blood bothered me, and if not, I could tear up his hole with the brush to allow more of his poisonous body fluids access to the inside of my cock. I don’t know why this turned me on so much, but I did my best to tear the lining out of that toxic hole. In no time, creamy pink liquid oozed from the hole. Turns out he had a load of HVL cum in his hole. Once he was bleeding good, I got ready to fuck and leave until he reminded me of the fisting. He grabs my right hand as he is instructing me, and I feel a sharp pain. Motherfucker! I exclaimed. He had a stainless steel screw in his hand and scratched the back of my hand with it. He then said, now, fist me and let that toxic cocktail infect you. So, I was at the now or never moment. Slowly and steadily I eased my hand into his wrecked hole. I paused as the scratch on my hand was about to go in, then, with a grunt, I pushed in past my wrist and started twisting my hand in his bloody, cum-filled gut. The back of my hand was stinging, and I knew the deed was done. My cock was rigid, and in the heat of the moment, I grabbed the screw and scratched the top of my cock before slamming it inside the hole containing all that poz sludge. I shot my load quickly, and then the doubts starting to come into my mind. He was talking to me, but I wasn’t listening. I washed up as best I could and left, considering going to an ER for PEP. I found a local bar and decided to have a drink or three to contemplate the situation. I decided to let it be. Thirteen days later, I began to feel ill. I knew what was happening. Either through the hand or the cock, that bottom pig had done his job. An oraquick swab ten days later confirmed it. I don’t know what ever happened to that toxic sub, but his nasty strain has been passed on the seven more so far.
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    Chapter IV Sunday night arrived and at about 6:30, our buzzer rang and Randy had arrived a bit earty. We welcomed him in and he presented us with a huge bottle of wine. He told us that it was the least he could do for our wonderful invite for supper. He went on to expain that it would be great not having to cook for himself again and to make some new friends. His attitude and huge smile almost melted both Nigel's and my hearts completely. He was great to talk to. I did most of the cooking, although my boyfriend was no slouch when he cooked either. I actually love when he cooked, as it let me admire that beautiful butt of his. It was so round and plump, yet firm. Looked absolutely delicious. As it had been, the night before, Nigel had a huge amount of trouble keeping his eyes off of Randy. I couldn't blame him as I had the same trouble, as Randy was just plainly and simply built like a god. He was magnificent. He had on a tight polo shirt and, as we had explained before, it would be just informal attire, track shorts. Those shorts were almost as tight as his shirt and showed his marvelous bulge. It was hard to keep our eyes up at all. Nigel was flirting terribly and I was getting just a little jealous of the attention he was paying to our guest. We finally sat down to eat supper and everyone loved the meal and we all talked a lot. Our meal took almost an hour and a half to finish. By the time we were fianlly done, Nigel was almost hanging over the corner of the table onto Randy and was flirting nonstop. Randy was returning it also, to the point that, at times, I felt almost left out. I am considered, or so I have been told, to be quite good looking. Maybe not quite as good as Nigel but good anyway. The two of them offered to clean up the table, while I went to our TV room to set up our TV to make sure it was ready to watch our movie. They soon were joining me with the wine and glasses, so I started the movie. It was our new one as I wanted to see what reaction I got from Randy. Nigel and he sat on the couch and I sat in our recliner. They seemed to sit closer than I thought they should, but didn't say anything. Even as the movie was starting the two of them were almost giggling while flirting shamelessly. It was a hot night and Nigel, after only about 5 minutes later , took off his shirt and very soon after Randy did also. Neither of them seemed to watch much of the movie. They would watch a couple of minutes it seemed and then were looking at each other. Nigel was almost drooling. At one point, I looked over at them and they had moved closer together. At this new angle I was able to see Randy's back and as I looked at this rippling muscles from his shoulders downward, I all at once noticed he had a tattoo on his lower back. I almost gasped when I say it as it was a large biohazard symbol with a scorpion curled inside it. I was in shock. This magnificent black Adonis had HIV, I could not even speak. Should I even say anything. I decided not to say anything about it. After all, Nigel would never play with anyone else anyway and even if he did, we always played safe, even with each other. The movie got hotter and hotter. I was definitely getting turned on by it again and even found myself wondering about seeing Nigel getting fucked by a Poz guy. That was crazy, wasn't it. I turned towards Randy and Nigel and found them intwined together and making out hotly. Their mouths were tight together and I could tell that their tongues were wrestling in their mouths. Their hands were all over each other, rubbing, pinching and groping each other. As I watched, Nigel, moved back slightly and reached between them and fished Randy's cock out of his shorts. It was hard and huge. Nigel slowly stroked it and as he did, Randy's hands reached around and lifted Nigel up a little and one hand went down the back of Nigel's shorts. From Nigel's moans I could tell that Randy was fingering his hole. I watched, mesmerized at what was going on. I felt my own cock get hard and yet I was jealous as hell and even a little upset at what my boyfriend was doing right in front of me. By now, Nigel's shorts were down midway on his thighs and his own little cock was hard also. I could see a lot of precum from Randy's cock all over Nigel's fingers as he stroked that huge 'poz' cock. Then all at once, Randy pulled back. He quickly stood up and had a very startled look on his face. He was almost stammering as he apologized for what he was doing. Nigel had a shamed look on his face and had trouble looking my way. Randy tucked his magnificent cock back into his shorts and sat down away from Nigel, who had pulled his shorts back into place also with a very guilty look on his face. They were both looking at me to see my reaction. I had no idea what to say at all as I was upset but also totally turned on like crazy from watching my boyfriend almost get fucked by a huge poz cock. I could not help wondering if it would be hot to watch, but still not really wanting my boyfriend pozzed, or did I?
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    Come on Steve, we are going to be late Dad shouted, I hate weddings Anyway I was driving, Dad wanted a drink. He looked great in his wedding suit and smelt nice, I was turned on looking at him. Nothing much had happened since I seen him in the cottage last week getting fucked and by me, it made some good memories for the wank bank though. The day and evening went quick, I got to have a snog and fondle with a bridesmaid, got her number. Dads mate Jim, brides father shouted me, Dad was completely passed out drunk at a table, not looking good, he asked if I needed help to get him in car, yes I did, but managed to get Dad to stand and took him to restroom to piss, Me and Jim stood at stones holding dad up, you are the son lad, you will have to get it out he said. I unzipped my dad’s trousers and pulled out his dick and held it to the urinal under Jim’s watchful eye, Dad was pissing whilst I held his dick in my hand, he was catching my fingers with his piss, I had such a hard on, when finished, I shook the excess of piss off his dick, Jim said, hey lad, are you wanking him off? But laughed I blushed and we got him in the car, very very unconscious. I Drove home, but I copped a few feels of his body and dick at the lights, he was so wasted, I was boned up. Managed to get him home and upstairs, took ages, lay on his back on his bed, I shook him, nothing, I touched him on the bulge in his pants feeling his dick, I undid his belt and shirt and felt him all over as he was half undressed, he smelt horny, but out cold. I slowly approached his crotch and started stroking his delicious balls with my hands, felt his cock grew harder and harder, suddenly my lips were kissing his nipples and my tongue was running down his abs and into his marvellous cock. The thick head of his dick began to enter my mouth and gently sliding into my throat, how big and delicious it was! I felt it in my throat when I saw his body moved, and I was very scared thinking that he had awakened but, he was too drunk to wake up. His dick was happy though, I know it, it began releasing delicious Dadman juice that I could not get enough of, and he began to moan in his sleep as I gagged with his big fat penis, it was amazing. I spent almost an hour worshiping his delicious piece of meat, never got tired of ramming that delicious cock into my throat. I wanted to return to my room, my brain was telling me to return but my cock would not let me, seeing his beautiful naked body and his big cock in the bed was too hard to resist. So I stripped him completely naked, he genuinely slept through it all, it took me ages, he was a dead weight, I was so hard, dripping even. I stripped naked to and took pictures of him on my cell, even detailed pics of his arse and hole, awesome, I felt bad, but found myself, rolling him over lifting his leg up and placing a pillow under his hips so his arse was higher up and I started to eat that arse out, my father’s arse was being kissed, licked and eaten out by Me, Steve his Son. It was so tasty, I could not help it, seriously I couldn’t . I mounted my Dad and slid my hard cock into his licked out hole deep, I started to fuck him good, I was sweating, worrying he was gonna wake up, but carried on. His cock wouldn’t go soft, and my cock was pretty hard stuck up him. I began to shake and came so hard in my dad’s arse, I was beat, pulled out and I stroked my cock so hard I came again on his body everywhere, after it scared me thinking how I was going to be cleaning it up, so I decided to lick my cum from his body until he was clean, but left my cum in his arse I returned to my room and I was lying in bed feeling a little regret, but looked through my phone st his pics, it only made my dick hard once more and I jerked off again. The next day I woke up before him, took a bath and prepared breakfast, when I heard him get up I greeted him, he went to the dining room with only his pants on, American Eagle pants, I told him we arrived home late last night, saying something about getting in bed. Anyway he sat down on the leather cushioned seat, whilst I did him coffee, he got up for sugar, I noticed wet patch on seat my cum??? Further, I could not help noticing that there was still a trace of my dried cum in his abs and back of his leg; I don’t really know if he didn’t notice or if he just didn’t think, but he did not discuss the issue at all, but seemed distant, I wonder if he thinks he got fucked at the wedding. I am back at Uni, in a couple of weeks, going to miss my dad.
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    My husband and I ENCOURAGE each other to get extra action on the side! The more the better! And expect it to be 'unsafe' bareback sex, preferably with total strangers. We 'keep scores' and show each other the exchanges on Grindr and Scruff and the dick and full body naked shots! The more cocky, lewd and self-assured they are, the more we are in awe about the other's 'prize tricks'. We EXPECT the other to take loads and or breed some guy raw, whatever the action requires. Of course only a balls-deep ass-breeding will leave a proof-positive residue and that musky scent of buck on your ass... We get so turned on by all that we now have the best sex with each other as we call each other a 'champ barebacker', 'proud slut', a genuine cum-dumpster, whatever details of our daily or weekly exploits... Promiscuity and raw play should be a sport among bros! He is my wingman and I'm his slut mentor! PS: we started out as a 'conventional cheater' situation, me catching him, laying down THE NEW LAW! "PROMISCUITY and random sex rules! But all must be consummated bareback! No regrets, no shame, no fear, no hypocrisy, no jealousy, and no rubbers EVER!" Can't preach my sermon often enough!
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    Part 7 The fuck I received was a reward for bringing Bruce over. Bruce was getting fucked more intensely them I had ever been. I kept hearing him meeting referred to as a ‘pig’ and I had a good idea what that meant. It meant that Bruce was going to be changed from this innocent gay boi into a dirty fuck toy. He was going to learn how to do all sorts of extreme things that I'd never me asked to do. As the day progressed I thought I saw Bruce being forced to drink a guys piss straight from his dick. He also was double fucked numerous times as well as having his of all shapes and sizes shoved up his ass. It was also at this point I started to feel not that great as Steven finally took his turn at my ass. It had been almost a week since Steven had last fucked me. I really liked getting Steven’s horse cock plunging deep inside me and especially loved it when he would breed me over and over again. This time as he filed me with his poz load he looked into my eyes and could tell I was not feeling well. Steven wouldn’t let anyone else fuck me after he was done breeding me and sent me home to bed trekking me, “Looks like my little high price whore has finally got the fuck flu. You are to call me when your feeling better and ready to fuck. I have a number of people who will want your high viral load cum once you are done sero converting.” After the week with my older brother and now my time working as Steven's whore I learned that I was exposed to HIV and knew I was expected to become HIV+. As I drove home the thought that what coursed through my brother’s veins, and her possibly Steven’s veins, was at this very moment changing my body from a clean cut jock into a positive whore had my dick hard as a rock. When I got home I climbed into bed with the cum I got at Steven's still stewing inside my ass. I called Jason to tell him all about Bruce and my fuck flu. Steven was excited for me and let me know he was in his way to Steven's to help with training Bruce to be a pig. I spent the weekend in bed and all the time I was horny as fuck, I must have jerked my cock half a dozed times a day. On Tuesday I was starting to feel a little better when Bruce surprised me by coming into my room after my parents had left for work. They had let him in as they left the house. He told me that he spent 2 days doing with a could days over the past weekend at Steven's and enjoyed every thing he did with Steven and his friends. Bruce added, “Thank you for introducing me to Tina and Steven. I now work for him with a select group.” I knew that Steven was looking for a new boy to pick for one that recently…… let’s just say ‘he left’. This boy was an extreme leather boy who was into BDSM and a particular client paid Steven a large sum of cash for the boy’s ass on a permanent basis. Steven told me about this when I mentioned Bruce to him and the plan to corrupt him was hatched. Steven said he can turn any boy into a leather pig, even one as straight laced as Bruce was with Miss Tina. Tina is what turned me from a straight jock into a Tina whore. Steven selling this boy made me wonder if he'd ever sell me to someone. He told me, “I can make more money on my ass with the high price clientele I was going to service then he made selling this boy off. I need another boy to fill the role and with Tina I’m going to turn Bruce into a leather pig.” As I sat up in bed with my sheets barely covering my raging hard cock, Bruce asked me “Do you have any Tina, I could use a hit.” Bruce licked his lips as he stared at my hard cock that was very noticeable through my sheets. I Reached into the table next to my bed as Bruce quickly stripped as i pulled out my kit. Bruce quickly began to suck my cock as I pulled out my pipe. He paused his cock sucking to ask me, “Got any points, I’d prefer to slam if you know how.” I put the pipe on the table next to my bed and pulled out 2 fresh new rigs asking Bruce, “How many times did you slam while at Steven’s?” Bruce surprised me when he answered, “If I remember correctly I was given a slam every 2 hours so I’d have to say at least 18.” I know the week that my bro hey me high I may have been slammed a total of 18 over the week. Although, when I met Steven for the first time I was slammed over half a dozen times. I remember being slammed 3 times during the 9 hours I was at his place and at the party that night I received 4 maybe 5 slams. I had both slams ready when Bruce lubed up my rock hard cock and slid his ass down on it ready to ride my cock right after I administer his slam. I applied the tourniquet, you’d a good vein and gave him his slam. After I removed the tourniquet and he began to cough I realized why Steven enjoys slamming guys when they are in his cock. I quickly administered my own slam and as I coughed out Bruce began to work his ass I my cock. I could tell he had learned a few things in his time with Steven. He quickly brought me to my first orgasm (from fucking) in days. After he milked that load of me he continued to river my cock until he got a second load from me and speaking for the first time “Fuck yeah, give me that dirty cum.” I wasn’t sure if he knew what he said and what it meant or if he was parroting what he had heard woke at Steven's. I knew that there was a lot of poz talk going on with Bruce, but I wasn’t sure if he knew the meaning. After I dumped that second load I took control of fucking him. I pushed him over telling him “Get on your hands and knees bitch.” He quickly complied as I mounted his ass, pushed his upper back down to the mattress so that his back arched and giving me the best access to his hole. I then proceeded to pound the hell out of him occasionally slapping his ass I the process. Bruce then answered my internal questioning when he said, “Fuck yeah, give me that poz cock.” Bruce then let me know that Steven told him to come over and check on me and if possible you get high with me and get me to need his ass with my poz cum. Bruce’s conversion to pig was so complete I even tied him up and fucked a could more loads into him before we you a break for a swim. During the swim break I texted Steven, ‘bruce came over, planted several poz loads into his neg ass’ He replied, ‘sounds good, have several special jobs for you this weekend’ I asked ‘special jobs?’ To which he answered, ‘yes special, they are guys that are looking to becum poz and with your growing viral load you’re the prefect person to convert them……I want to use this for a while until I put you on meds’ My answer was short and simple, ‘cool' The idea of converting willing guys had me turned on and hard again. Bruce noticed my rock hard cock and without saying a word we went back to my room for a could more slams and my breeding him. He took 4 more loads from me before my parents got home and he left. Before he left me asked “Can I come over later in the week for more of your cum?’ Knowing I’d need to save my poz juice for the weekend’s paying customers I had to tell him “No.” It was agonizing trying not to cum the rest of the week, but when I finally got to Friday and the first client I was ready. Friday morning Steven texted me to stop by his place at 2 pm. I was to pick up supplies before I headed over to my first client of the weekend. I was to party with all of the clients and was told that 3 of then would be partying for their first time. Steven would give me instructor before I met each client. I got up Steven’s he had prepared points for me. Each at was in a bag with a number of it. The instructions were simple, Steven would tell me which bag was for use with each client and the point with the red mark was for my use. He gave me the first clients address telling me, “You will be told by the client what to do when you get there and you are to follow his instructions without question, understood?” I answered him as I only knew how, “Yes sir, I will do as he tells me.” I was given the address and told that I had to be there exactly at 3 pm. I had just enough time to drive over to the guy’s house. I parked in the driveway as instructed and went to the back door. I was to meet myself in and I’d find the client in the bedroom I the left at the end off the hall. I walked in to find a teen aged boy, probably my about 18, tied up with his hand tied to the head board of the bed and his feet tired up to his arms with his hole exposed and gagged.. As I looked the boy over we were joined by an older man. As we walked closer to the bed the man told me, “This is my faggot son. He came out to me last week. I want you to slam him up and you’re to tell him every time you need his neg ass that you’re dumpinga dirty load of poz cum inside his ass.” I now knew why Steven didn’t give me a lot of details, not that I want cared about the situation, actually the idea of giving this kid his very first slam then fucking him full of poz cum had me already rock hard. I decided I’d start to fuck him then slam him up with my cock inside his neg cunt and then I’d slam myself. The bag for this client had 3 points in it, one for me and 2 for the kid. I was to be here about 2½ hours so I figured the kid would get the second slam about an hour later. I stripped and climbed on the bed, applied a little amount of lube on the boy’s hole and slid my cock in an the way. I could see a sign of discomfort as I penetrated the boy as I asked him, “First time getting fucked?” With the gag in his mouth he answered the only way he could by nodding ‘Yes’. The thought that I was the first guy to get inside this boys ass had my cock get even harder as I could tell I was what doing my poz pre cum inside his neg hole. I skillfully applied the tourniquet you guys arm and found a nice plump vein telling the boy, “You better keep still so that you don’t get hurt.” I then slid the needle home, registered the familiar red flash then emptied the contents giving this boy his very first slam. I quickly administered my own then pulled both tourniquets simultaneously. The boy went into a huge coughing fit b only matched by my own coupe of coughs. As he coughed I vent his ass spasm as I began to fuck him. His ass was nice, warm and tight as I returned my cock in and out of his hungry hole. I could tell he was moaning as I was fucking him which caused his father to remove his gag. The first thing his said was, “Fuck yeah, fuck me.” I was turned on by his naivety as I fucked him. He had no clue that he was getting fucked by a poz top, but he was about to learn his fate. As I got closer to breeding him for the first time I spoke to him, “You like that cock fucking you?” He answered, “Fuck yeah, keep fucking me. Please don’t stop.” I then told him, “Trust me bitch, I ain’t gonna stop until I’ve fled you with enough of my cum. I’m gonna bed your ass again and again. In fact, I’m about to bed your ass. You want my cum don’t you?” I could tell he was trying to process what I had just told him when he asked me “You’re not really a condom?” My answer was silent as I was about to blow my poz load deep inside the boy’s ass as I shook my head ‘No'. I could see the panic in his eyes as he tried to push my cock out with his ass muscles and squirmed beneath me as I began to shoot. And as his father wanted me I looked at the boy and let him know, “Fuck yeah, take my dirty load bitch. I’m dumping my HIV positive cum deep inside you boy. I now own your ass bitch.” I kept on fucking him as he began to cry. It had only been about 40 minutes since I first slammed him, but I figured he was ready for the second one. So as I held my cock deep inside his cum filled hole I applied n the tourniquet to his arm and when the same instructions as before for him not to move, I have him his second slam. When I removed the tourniquet me went into a coughing fit that was bigger then his first. I could tell by the expression on his face along with his hard coughing that this slam was much stronger then his first one. It felt great on my cock as I continued to fuck him as he only could moan in pleasure. Between the kids ass convulsing with his coughing, the fact I took his cherry and had given him his first raw fuck and breeding had me ready to dump load number 2. Of course I let him know “Bitch you have me so turned on. You’re gonna feet a second charged load out of me. Fuck here is cums bitch.” I slammed my cock I as deep as I could and knew he cloud feel me shooting my load. Unlike the first time I filled his ass he seemed to be wanting my cum now. The Tina mass changed his mind set at me looked up at me and said “Fuck me, breed me, fill me with your cum.” I replied to him “If my bitch wanting my dirty cum? Is my bitch wanting me to poz his neg ass?” The kid shook his head ‘Yes’ as I continued to fuck him. By the time I dress due I gave him 5 loads of poz cum and for the last 30 to 45 minutes his father untied him. He was so wanting to have the crumb in his ass that his father had ads placed on a few strategic hook-up sites and had a few guys lined up to breed his boy for a price. He was turning his son into his personal whore, one that he told me I could need anytime.
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    Part 99 - Diploma Time Mark and Eric were walking down the concourse at the stadium looking for the section where their seats were. “Fuck. I hope this goes ok” Mark said to Eric. They stopped near the mens room and Mark was in front of an older guy and said “Hello, Uncle Edward. I didn’t expect to see you here.” The guy was a tall, thin, meek looking man who was mostly bald wearing an ill-fitting, cheap looking blue suit. “Mark? Likewise, I didn’t expect you to be here. We came up for Cynthia’s graduation. It’s a year early but you know what a bookworm she always was” Edward said. “Congratulations. I came back from California for my brother Joe’s graduation. Is Aunt Sophie here too?” Mark asked, trying to be polite. “Oh yes. We even brought your parents up. I was hoping that seeing your brother on the stage getting his diploma will get them out of their stubborn old fashioned thinking and let your family be whole again. Is this your… boyfriend?” Edward asked. “Oh yes, sorry. Eric this is my Uncle Edward. Uncle, this is my partner Eric” Mark said, surprised at the accepting tone. “Good to meet you Eric. Keep a tight leash on him, he can be pretty wild at times but he is a good person” Edward said with a smile. “Yes, he is. I think I manage keeping him in line” Eric replied with a grin. “I’d love to talk more, but I need to get back to Sophie and your parents. Fingers crossed it goes well” Edward said as he leaned in to hug Mark and then Eric. Edward continued down the concourse and Mark and Eric went in the opposite direction to their seats. “Well, fuck me. I can’t believe how good that went. I expected fireworks or him avoiding me” Mark said. “Maybe there’s hope yet” Eric said. —— Walking out of the stadium after the ceremony, Mark spotted his parents with his aunt and uncle. His mother glanced his way and smiled briefly but kept walking. He and Eric got to the car and headed back to the hotel. They took a long hot shower together, taking turns sucking each other and making out under the cascading water. They finally turned off the water and dried each other. They both stood there naked, rummaging around their suitcases trying to figure out what to wear to Joe’s party. Eric slid on a pair of shorts and a jersey with his last name emblazoned on the back above the number 69. “Going commando, huh?” Mark asked. “Yeah, I don’t want to slow anyone down from stuffing their college dick in me or mine in them” Eric replied, chuckling. Mark pulled on a yellowed, dirty jockstrap and some baggy cargo shorts that hung down showing the top of his crack and the waist strap on his jock. He pulled a tank top on and then grabbed a couple bottles of poppers and a small lube bottle and put them in a pocket. “You don’t think your brother will have enough?” Eric asked. “I want to be prepared. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long night” Mark replied. They drove over to Joe’s apartment, stopping at the drug store on the way. Mark laughed when he got to the checkout line and it was the same cashier that checked him out when he got the tests for Joe and Kyle the previous fall. She had the same disapproving expression on her face as she scanned the kit and Mark paid for it. He grabbed the bag and walked out and hopped in the car. Eric looked inside the bag and said with a big grin “I can tell you the result right now, if you’re not sure.” Mark laughed and replied “Joe wanted it. I assume he wants to know if he tagged another one.” They got to Joe’s apartment and walked in the open door. Joe and Kyle were running around getting everything set up for the party. The keg was in the end of the kitchen, the dining table was pushed against the wall and the four well-worn dining chairs were spread around the living room. The TV was on with no sound and music was playing. “Congratulations Joe. I’m really proud of you” Mark said, hugging his brother. “Thanks! You brought me a present? I love the wrapping job you did” Joe replied, taking the bag from the drug store. Eric hugged Joe and told him “Congrats, bud. Now you can start being a responsible adult” before laughing loudly. Mark gave Kyle a hug and said “Congrats to you too” while squeezing his ass. “So, who is the lucky guy that earned his test?” Eric asked. Joe burst out laughing. “Uh, it’s my neighbor and I didn’t even know he was gay. For the past 2 years, his roommate has been fucking him and sharing him with his buds and I never suspected a thing. He’s going to be our entertainment for the night. I just want to know if he’s already in the club or not. He doesn’t seem to care” Joe said. He finished setting out some munchies and headed back to his bedroom. Joe came back with a canvas bag and said “Mark & Eric, can you help me a minute.” They followed Joe out the door and down the hall. Joe knocked on the door and soon Zhen opened it up. “Hi Zhen. Are you ready?” Joe asked and Zhen nodded back. “This is my brother and his boyfriend Eric. They’re going to help you set the sling up. I’ll be back in 20 minutes or so” Joe told the three as he started to leave. “Oh, I forgot. Here, swab your gums with this” he told Zhen passing him the test stick. Joe went back to his apartment and the three assembled the sling. Mark looked around and there was nothing in the living room of the apartment. Once the sling was put together, Mark showed Zhen how to get on it. It took Zhen a few tries, but then he had it figured out. Mark said “Now, take your clothes off.” Zhen was nervous but did as he was told. He stood there naked with his hands behind his back looking back at Mark. Both Mark and Eric looked him over and felt up his body. Eric guided him into the sling and positioned his legs in the straps. Mark pulled the bottle of lube out of his pocket and slicked up Zhen’s hole. Both Mark and Eric chuckled as they heard him moan each time Mark’s finger pushed inside. He pushed in two fingers and added a little more lube. “I think that’s enough to get you started. After the first two guys, cum will be your lube” Mark said. Mark and Eric stepped towards the door and Zhen asked “You’re not going to fuck me, sir?” Mark stopped and turned around. “Would you like us to?” Mark asked. “Yes, sir. I haven’t been fucked since Tuesday and I need to feel a man inside me” Zhen replied. Mark looked at Eric and grinned. “Are you sure? We don’t have any condoms” Mark said. “I never use them, sir. I was taught it was rude to refuse a top man and to always let them fuck me as nature intended - bare” Zhen stated. “I never pull out. You will take our cum” Mark replied. “I hope so, sir” Zhen said back. Eric unbuttoned his shorts, pushed them to the floor and moved in between Zhen’s legs. Zhen let out a loud gasp. “What?” Eric asked. “I… uh… I have never been fucked by an asian man before” Zhen said. “You’re kidding” Eric and Mark replied together. “No, sirs. Mostly black, some latinos and a few white men. Just the men who Lenny sent to me” Zhen replied. “Well, then. I will be your first” Eric said as he held Zhen’s legs and pushed his cock into the freshly lubed hole. “Thank you, sir” Zhen said as he closed his eyes and relaxed. Eric worked his cock in deeper, knowing that Mark had only lubed the first few inches of Zhen’s fuck chute. Once he was driving the full length of his shaft in, Eric started to fuck harder. Zhen kept muttering encouraging words, occasionally begging to be fucked even harder. Eric obliged and was soon pounding Zhen’s ass as hard as he could. The chains jangled as his cock slammed in repeatedly until Eric growled loudly and pumped a large shot of his poison into Zhen’s empty hole. “Thank you very much, sir” Zhen said, smiling back at Eric. Eric slowly removed his cock from Zhen’s hole and gave room for Mark to take his place. Mark lined his cock up and yanked back on Zhen’s legs, impaling his cock into the tight, cummy hole. Zhen grunted but gave no other protest. Mark fucked hard and varied the angle his cock jabbed into the walls of Zhen’s colon. Mark was impressed at how well Zhen was taking the abuse his cock was delivering and was surprised when Zhen started to use his ass muscles around his cock too. “You want me to breed you, don’t you” Mark asked as his cock thrust in hard, pushing Zhen off of it and then ramming back in as his body swung back. “Yes sir. I want every man who fucks me to give me his seed” Zhen replied unemotionally. Mark grabbed Zhen by the legs and slammed his cock in, feeling each spurt of venom he was pumping into Zhen’s battered cunt. He pulled his cock out and easily pushed two fingers into the slowly closing hole. He twisted them around and then fed them to Zhen, who eagerly licked them clean. “Thank you sir” Zhen said smiling back at both Mark and Eric. “Our pleasure. I’m sure there will be many more tonight” Eric said as he and Mark pulled their shorts on and headed to the door. They met Joe in the hall carrying a few towels and a bottle of lube. “He’s already got enough lube unless no one else fucks him for a few hours” Mark said. Joe chuckled and opened Zhen’s door and set the stuff inside. He came out a minute later and said “Damn, you guys really filled him up, there’s already a puddle on the floor.” They walked back into Joe’s apartment and finished setting up. Kyle passed a freshly loaded pipe around and each took a big hit of some killer weed that he had gotten. “Shit, dude. That’s got some kick” Mark said. The knock at the door brought the first guests. Jeff, Connor, Dennis and Corey all stood there and Joe invited them in. “Glad you could make it. Beer’s in the kitchen, food’s out here, bedroom at the end of the hall is available to fuck or the apartment next door has a guy in the sling taking all loads” Joe recited. Each of the guys chuckled and walked in. Kyle looked over and Connor now was wearing the leather collar he had given to Jeff many months before. He walked over and said “Damn its good to see you here. I was worried about freeing you, but you look like you’re doing good, Jeff.” “Thank you, sir. It was hard, but I understand now. Congratulations on getting your degree” Jeff replied with a smile. People arrived at the party and soon the room was packed. Each got the same welcome message from Joe or Kyle. Joe looked around and saw people heading back to his bedroom or disappearing out the door and coming back ten or twenty minutes later. After a couple hours, Mark walked up to Joe with a concerned look and asked “What happened to Steven?” Joe smiled and said “He and Ryan are working tonight. Hopefully they’ll be here just after 11. I’m sure the party will still be going by then.” Mark nodded and then asked “Have you bred your neighbor yet?” “Not yet. Now is probably a good time, can you greet anyone that shows up?” Joe replied. “Sure, go have some fun” Mark answered. Joe grabbed Kyle and they went next door. They walked in and were surprised to find a line waiting to fuck Zhen. Connor was balls deep in his hole with Jeff grasping his collar in his hand. Jeff was sternly telling Connor to fuck him harder and Connor obeyed. He hammered his cock in until he was shooting ropes of diseased cum deep into Zhen’s ass. “Make him number five” Jeff said as the last spurts filled Zhen’s hole. Connor pulled out and moved over to let Zhen lick his cock clean. Jeff shoved his cock in and pounded Zhen, holding his body still so he could suck Connor’s cock. After only a few minutes he rammed in and unleashed a huge load of viral seed to the mix inside Zhen’s cunt. When Jeff pulled out, Connor immediately pulled away from Zhen and dropped to his knees to clean Jeff’s cock. Joe watched the next guy stuff his cock into Zhen’s cum filled hole. It was one of his ex-teammates from the wrestling team, Devin. Once he got a good rhythm going he turned his head back and said “He’s even sloppier than you were after your last match, Joe.” Joe smiled and watched him fuck harder until he was unloading his cum into Zhen. After he removed his cock from Zhen’s hole, Joe walked up to Devin and whispered “There’s a lot of poz cum in that hole, I hope you’re good with it.” Devin turned back and replied quietly “I’m hoping to take a few charged loads tonight since my boyfriend won’t poz me.” Joe pushed Devin against the wall and spread his legs wider. “You want it, you got it” Joe said to Devin. His dick had already been hard, but now it was hard as steel. Devin pushed his ass back and Joe rammed in. Devin screamed out as Joe’s cock ripped in and stretched the soft tissue of his rectum. Joe covered his mouth to muffle the scream and as it died down, Joe pulled back and thrust in hard again. Devin growled this time and Joe began to plow harder and harder into Devin’s unlubed ass. This was an ass he had wanted to fuck since they were freshmen together on the team. Devin had fucked him many times since then, but now he got to fuck and maybe mark him for life. Joe slammed in and bred Devin at the same time Devin’s boyfriend dumped his medicated poz seed into Zhen. Kyle looked back and forth as Devin’s boyfriend moved away, trying to decide who to fuck - his neighbor or Joe’s teammate. Kyle moved in and shoved his hard, dripping cock into Devin’s hole. Not having heard any of the comments between Joe and Devin, Kyle just fucked. There was no erotic talk, just one guy fucking another as hard as he could. He wrapped his arm around Devin’s neck and shoved in deep, pumping another charged load into Devin’s hole. As the four walked out of Zhen’s apartment, two more guys were walking in. “Hi Thad, hi Daryl. Have fun and see you next door when you’re done” Joe said. Joe and Kyle joined the party again and were milling around talking to people. A while later, a guy tapped Joe on the shoulder and asked “Did you just poz my boyfriend?” Joe looked back and it was Devin’s boyfriend. Joe smiled and said “Yeah, I did. He wanted it” hoping that the scene didn’t get ugly. “I know. I just can’t do it. Thanks for helping him out” he said and walked away. Joe walked over to Mark and said “See that guy there with the soccer jersey on? He needs a few more toxic loads.” A few minutes later he watched Mark and Eric push Devin into Joe’s bedroom. He knew that Devin’s chase was about to get a helping hand or two. Kyle saw the front door open and a guy walk in that he didn’t recognize. He walked over as the guy looked around. “Looking for someone?” Kyle asked. “Yeah, my cousin Steven lives here and invited me to the party. Is he here?” Sam said. “Are you Sam?” Kyle asked and Sam nodded back. “Good to meet you. I’m Kyle. Steven said you might stop by. Grab a beer, have some fun. Look at the room that says ‘Do Not Enter’ on it, that’s where you would stay after Steven and Ryan move to our room. Steven should be here in about a half hour or so” Kyle explained. He watched Sam get a beer and look around the apartment, spending a long time looking into Joe and his room, where he knew at least one guy was probably getting fucked. “Gotta burn that mattress before we move” thought Kyle. Twenty minutes later, Sam walked up to Kyle and asked “You know a bunch of guys are fucking in your room, right?” Kyle laughed and replied “Yeah. We’re sending our room out with a bang. If you want to join in, go right ahead. Or you can fuck our neighbor next door. Just remember the rule in this place is ‘no condoms allowed’ and the load you get might have some bite to it.” Sam grinned and said “Thanks” before he headed back to refill his beer cup. Mark and Eric walked out of the bedroom, zipping their shorts up. Moments later, Devin staggered out and rejoined the party looking much more exhausted than he did earlier. Kyle saw Sam walk into their bedroom and decided to see what was up. As he walked in he saw Dennis and Luis pawing over Sam and stripping him naked. A minute later he was being strapped to the cross and Luis was stroking his cock fully hard. Luis lubed it up and then forced some lube inside Sam’s tight hole before he pushed his cock into the tight chute. Kyle smiled as Luis started to fuck and Dennis abused Sam’s nips. He went back to the party to let Sam get fucked by Luis, Dennis and hopefully a few other guys. Aaron and Nick walked in the door and Joe gave them the run-down of alcohol, food and sex spots. Just as he finished, Steven and Ryan walked in. Kyle walked up and told Steven that his cousin had shown up earlier and was around ‘somewhere.’ Steven replied “cool, I’ll find him after I change out of this uniform.” Ryan and Steven went to their room and found two guys on their bed naked, making out. Ignoring them, they stripped off their work clothes and changed into shorts and tees. Aaron grabbed Mark by his shorts and dragged him back towards the bedroom. “You owe me one. Drop those shorts and bend over” Aaron said with an evil grin. Mark bent over the side of the bed, staring at a smaller jock who was getting fucked by a much larger one. Aaron licked a finger and pushed it into Mark’s ass. “You fuckin slut. You’re already filled” Aaron said before stuffing his cock into Mark’s cunt. “Fuck me Aaron. Recharge me with my own bug” Mark said back to him. Aaron drilled Mark as hard as he could. The bed was bouncing as Aaron and the larger jock brutally fucked their bottoms. Just as Aaron was getting close, the larger jock growled “I’m pozzing you good, Tommy!” The smaller jock yelled out “Oh fuck! NO!!!” as he collapsed on the bed, trying to escape the bigger jock's cock. Aaron shoved in and shot six ropes of highly infectious cum into Mark’s chute. “You didn’t even have the guts to tell me like that guy did” Aaron said, slapping Mark’s ass hard. Aaron pulled out and pulled up his shorts and Mark stood up and pulled up his. “Sorry, Aaron. You’re right, I should have. Sometimes I think with my dick” Mark said. “Yeah, I know. I do the same. I don’t regret it… now” Aaron replied. “Speaking of which, how’s Zane?” Mark asked. “A little freaked out. It was his first time getting bred. He was also really turned on. I’ll give him a few weeks and if he doesn’t get sick I’ll finish the job” Aaron replied with a grin. Steven looked around and didn’t see Sam anywhere. He finally went into Joe and Kyle’s room and found him strapped to the cross getting fucked. Luis and Dennis were pulling their jeans on as Thad slid his cock into Sam’s now loose hole. He heard Sam beg for a hard breeding and figured he would check up on him later. He got two steps out of the bedroom door and turned around. He stood back watching Thad hammer his cousin’s ass. His cock got harder every time Thad shoved in to Sam. Thad slowed down and leaned in, whispering something to Sam. Sam said something back that he couldn’t hear and then Thad began to roughly pound Sam. Two minutes later, Thad slammed in and unleashed his cum, pumping Sam's hole full of toxic jizz. Steven pulled his clothes off and waited for Thad to pull out. He heard Thad say something else to Sam, but the only words he could make out were “free tattoo.” Steven didn’t say anything, he just slid in behind Sam and gently pushed his hard shaft into the sloppy, wrecked pussy. He felt the cum coat his bare cock and then pulled out and shoved in hard. “I guess you like taking poz loads” Steven whispered into Sam’s ear. “Mmhmm” Sam replied. Steven pulled back and rammed back in again. “Good, I have a big load just waiting for you” Steven said as he began to thrust in and out. He had no idea what Sam’s status was but knew he was filled with some pretty potent cum and desperately wanted to add his. He may have been tired from work, but he had renewed energy fucking his cousin. Even over the sounds of music and an apartment full of people, everyone in the living room could hear the cross bang on the wall and the grunts and slaps as Steven attacked Sam’s hole. He didn’t know why, but he needed a rough, rape-like fuck right now and Sam was his victim. He drilled a few more minutes and then shoved in, shooting huge spurts of charged cum deep inside as he yelled out. Steven stood there with his cock all the way inside Sam, kissing the back of his neck. “Get used to this, we’re going to be fucking you a lot as soon as you move in” Steven whispered to Sam. He backed away and bumped into Marcus who was standing there, stroking his cock. “Can I take a turn?” Marcus asked. “All yours. Hope you like it sloppy” Steven said as he grabbed a towel and wiped his cock off and then got dressed. “I hope he likes it toxic. I got almost a million babies that want a new home” Marcus said as he shoved his cock into Sam’s leaking hole. As the clock turned three AM, the crowd had dwindled. The core group was still there, but looking tired and wasted. Joe headed next door to check on Zhen. “You doing ok?” Joe asked as he walked in seeing someone he didn’t know pump their load into Zhen’s puffy hole. “Very good, sir” Zhen replied. The guy pulled out his cock and pulled up his pants before heading out the door yelling “Thanks.” “How many, Zhen?” Joe asked as he rubbed his bulge. “Nineteen have filled me, sir” Zhen answered. “Let’s make it an even twenty” Joe replied as he let his shorts fall to the floor and stroked his cock the rest of the way hard. Looking directly at Zhen, he slid his cock into the cum filled hole. Zhen moaned and closed his eyes briefly. “Thank you, Joe” he said as Joe started to fuck, churning up the cum mixture of several men. A ring of frothy semen formed at the base of his cock and Joe thrust in harder. Joe drilled a few more minutes and then planted his cock in deep and shot several spurts of his charged cum deep inside. Once the orgasm died down, Joe pulled out and then helped Zhen out of the sling. Zhen wrapped his arms around him and Joe didn’t know at first if it was because he couldn’t hold himself up or not. As Zhen squeezed tighter, he said “Thank you” over and over. Eventually, Zhen released Joe and he headed wearily to the bedroom while Joe walked out the door, locking it behind him. He walked into his apartment and found most of the guys sitting around the living room passing the pipe and a few joints around. He sat down and joined in. Mark asked “Hey, Joe. How did the test go?” Joe chuckled and replied “It was positive, so no one knocked him up tonight. He’s probably been poz a while and doesn’t even know… or care.” Steven looked over at Sam and asked “How was yours?” Sam looked down at the floor and said “Negative… but who knows about the next one”
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    What had I done? It was late at night, and my horniness had gotten the better of me once again. I had been chatting to this guy on and off for months, getting myself exciting and then blowing a load and chickening out. He was a fit guy, bearded and slightly gaunt in the cheeks. Huge cock on him and had the filthiest talk. I should turn back, I shouldn't be doing this. I am going to regret this I know I am. But I couldn't stop myself. My hole was practically pushing me along the path itching to be filled. He had told me where to meet him. “Come to the side of the old church” his message had said “ wear some trackies but no pants”. I had done as he said. My hardon being held down by the waist band but pointing. I walked through the residential area and to the old church. It was situated in a surround of terrace homes, the church was still used, but mainly for community services. It was slightly sunken and walled by picket fencing, but you could be fairly unseen unless someone peered over the edge and in the darkness it was unlikely. I saw him waiting by the corner. He ha d a big rain jacket on and some trackies, he gave me a nod to follow him as he walked into the dark between the church and the railings. My heart picked up pace as I followed him down. He was waiting there rubbing his crotch but my eyes were drawn to his set up. There was a tarp propped up over a damp looking mattress on the ground, some plastic bags and a tattered suitcase were propped against the church wall and there was discarded food packages around. It hadn't clicked until then. All the times we chatted he seemed to move about. He was homeless. Suddenly my stomach was in knots. Was I really going to do this. He could clearly read me even in the dull light as he slide across the gap between us and wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in. His waxy rain coat opened up and I was pulled into his bare chest. He was slim but not skinny, with a nice tuft of hair on his chest. His nipples hard little bullets. I let myself be pulled in as planted a couple of kisses on my cheeks and then pushed his tongue forcefully into my mouth. Naturally submissive I relented with ease and opened my mouth to his slobbering assault. His breath wasnt nasty, it was sort of sweet, but his beard was scratching my face and his saliva was dripping down my face. His hands pushed my trackies down exposing my arse to the evening air as he grabbed each cheek and gave them a rough squeeze. “Yeah thats it you dirty fucker, youre good at following instructions arent ya” He span me around and pushed my hands up against the church wall. He dropped to his knees and pulled my cheeks apart and with the same amount of wet passion, he drove his face into my hole and began lapping and slobbering all over it. I moaned at the pleasure of his assault, but also at how nasty I was being. Getting rimmed by some random homeless man. What would people say, what if someone saw me? I yelped as something jagged was pushed into me, he was working a finger in, painfully. I leapt up onto my tiptoes to try and get away from it but he quickly stood up held me tight and worked his digit in deep. “Ssssssh ssssssh ssssh” he whispered in my ear. “Dont want to wake the neighbours do you” and he moved me round from the wall and pushed me forward, digit still inside, onto the damp mattress under the tarp. “I reckon you need a little privacy dont you precious” He swung round and sat on my back keeping me in place as he pulled off my trainers and socks. He threw my shoes out from the tarp and kept the socks close by. Then off came my trackies which he also unceremoniously discarded. He yanked me onto my back and shifted pulling his trackies down and pulling out his huge hard cock. Clearly he liked being rough because he was solid as they came and dripping precum. Despite my anxiousness, I couldnt help but lick my lips to which he laughed. “You fucking pigs are all the same, dont worry you'll get it. Now open your mouth you cunt”. I opened wide getting ready to suck when I heard him snort and then gob a huge chunk of phlegm into my mouth. I gagged but he quickly put a hand over my mouth and snarled at me to swallow. I did and quietly shuddered. “Good pig now keep that mouth wide open, dont make me get nasty”. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, not as wide this time. I felt him lean close and could feel something pooling into my mouth. He was drooling slobber into my open mouth. “Dont fucking swallow yet, keep that mouth open” he said as he paused. I laid there, eyes crushed closed, a mouth full of a homeless mans spit. Weight shifted again, the mattress wobbled but I kept my mouth open, and my eyes shut. The weight came back again but different this time. I could feel legs either side of me. The smell hit me first. Unwashed, sweaty musk. His spread hole lowered onto my open mouth. “work that tongue pig, wash me good”. He squeezed me balls for compliance causing me to jolt. Through the saliva I pushed my tongue up and connected with his hole. It was wet and loose and I could taste a hint of metal. He groaned and gyrated on my mouth, periodically squeezing my balls between his fingers as I worked my tongue up inside his hole, making it wet and clear trying not to imagine what I was tasting and what state his hole was in. It was disgusting, it tasted vile, but I couldnt help myself. I was hard and leaking too. Shifting off my face he swivelled round and faced me again. “Now swallow you sick pig”. I closed my mouth, full of wet stinking filth and swallowed, at which point he lowered his wet loose hole down onto my cock. “Oh Fu..!” I exclaimed before a hand quickly gripped my mouth tight. “Shut your fucking mouth pig, just let me milk that cock dry with my bugged up hole”. Oh fuck, what was I doing, I was being raped thats what was happening wasnt it? I didnt want this. Fuck I had just eaten this guys hole, whatever bugs he had were in my mouth, in my throat and gut. Fuck this was a nightmare. What was I doing? And why couldn't I stop myself meeting his thrusts, pushing into his sloppy meat hole. Wanting desperately to get in deeper. “Thats it pig” His whispered, “Get ready to give me that last clean load you'll ever shoot”. My eyes bulged at the confirmation and my moan muffled around his tight hand. My cock spasmed shooting load after load deep into my assailant causing him to groan as he began to piss up and over the top of me showering my face and tshirt in a final humiliation. He slowed down and came to rest sitting on top of me as my cock softened and slopped out of his hole. The shame hit me like a ton of bricks. What had I done. He rolled me over and pushed me face first into the newly piss soaked mattress. I knew what was coming. A large gob of spit splashed between my cheeks as he slide his huge dick up and down between my cheeks. “Lets make sure it sticks eh...” his head flared through my tight hole, breaking it open. I cried out in pain but his hand found my mouth again, only this time pushing his sharp nailed fingers into my mouth and down into my throat. I choked against them as he slowly humped his full length into me pushing in, pulling out, pushing in deeper, pulling out. Working every single inch of his meat deep inside me. Only when he was balls deep did he rest. I quietly sobbed as he came close to my face “stop acting like the victim, you wanted this, no one forced you” and he began to slowly pick up pace pounding my hole harder and harder, churning up my insides. “This dick is going to give you everything you deserve you sick little fucker. I'm going to get you nice and pregnant” I pushed my face into the mattress begging for it to be over. He went silent and the sloppy sounds of the fuck filled the quiet night air. Without fanfare he grunted, and thrust in as deep as he could. I could feel the throbbing. It had been done. He pulled himself out and moved to kneel my face. He smeared his dick across my cheeks and lips. I didnt want to open my mouth and he didnt look like he was going to force it. He pulled back my tshirt and wiped my hole, then wiped his dick a final time. “You can fuck off now” he growled, and I crawled out from under the tarp. I grabbed my trackies and trainers and bent to put them on but he started shouting this time “ I said fuck off you dirty little faggot, you little sick queer pig!!” he was drawing attention deliberately, so I quickly scuttled off round the corner, praying no one was looking, and then when out of his view I put on my trackies and trainers. The taste of his stink was in my nose and mouth. I quickly walked back home, hoping I wouldnt have been missed. My phone pinged and I had a message from him, My mouth fell open and I began to cry. The message read; Be ready for the next time I message you. Otherwise this will get out. And attached to his message were various stills of a video of the whole encounter. What had I done?
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    Just back in the office after a fun breeding session. A cute blue-eyed, 20yo twink with thick, bushy, brown hair hit me up on Grindr saying he was looking for a Daddy to fuck him. I had just finished a stressful morning, and fucking a cute twink was just what I needed. This kid was wet and ready! I knock on his door, and he opened it stark naked. Slim, smooth, probably 5’5” and maybe 130 lbs. He threw his arms around me and said “Daddy!!!” before giving me a hot kiss. He was almost skipping as he led me to the bedroom and began undressing me. It was like he was opening a Christmas present, he was giggling and kissing me all over. He rushed to get my cock out and starting gobbling and slobbering over my hard cock like mad. I have not cum from getting head in a long time, but this kid could have pulled it off. I stopped him and told him to get on his hands and knees. Obediently, he got ass up and face down with a nice arch in his back. He was shaking his little booty and said, “Please, fuck me, Sir.” I started to dive right into his pink hole, but I needed to taste him first. His hole was nice and fresh, and I dove into it with my tongue. My rimming was driving the little guy wild as he grabbed some lube and started working his cock. I did not want him to cum, so I rose up, lubed my shaft and drove my raw cock in his ass balls-deep. “FUCK YES!!!” he exclaimed as I began the rhythmic thrusts into his little fuck hole. This is the great thing about Millennial twinks, they rarely ask for condoms, it wasn’t even discussed. I just went in bare and he didn’t care. We also did not talk about where I would cum, so, I kept concentrating on the feeling that this kid was giving my cock. I could not wait to unleash my seed into his little fuck hole. Finally, I could sense that he was getting close to cumming, so I drove in the the hilt and flooded his gut with my load. Then he started moaning in ecstasy as his little cock began shooting a surprisingly large load on his sheet. We recovered with my cock softening in his warm sheath. After I popped out, we rolled over to kiss and snuggle. The little guy grinned and rolled over so my cock was pressing against his well-bred ass. He wrapped my arm around me and asked for me to stay 30 more minutes. I set an alarm, and we took a little nap. After the alarm woke us up, we had some idle chat while getting dressed. I was curious about his opinions on getting bred, so I asked him if he let guys breed him often. He said, “You were the second.” I told him that I hoped to be the third as well! He raised up to give me a good bye kiss and said, “Me too, Daddy.”
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    @jackdaw .... Absolutely FANTASTIC pic 😈 LOVE it! This is the kinda image I have had in my mind for an encounter Charlie has between himself and his Master's MASTER (the D-E-V-I-L), which would be several chapters away. I have several ideas floating around already. Whoever wants me to actually develop that part of the story, then 'like / upvote' this comment, so I know if it is worth my time going down the darkest path. 👺
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    Due to pertaining chronic health issues, writing has temporarily paused on this story. There seems to be a very keen interest with this one, so, I will most certainly return with more; Sooner rather than later, I hope. Maybe Chapter 15 tonight ... 😛 Also, a BIG Thank You to all who show their appreciation with 'likes', and 'up-votes' ~ Genuinely appreciated, and spurs me on to continue writing more piggy filth! 🐽😈
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    Chapter 2 As Sir guided me down the stairs, there was a St Andrews cross on the far wall under a dim spotlight, the entire rest of the room was completely dark. He continued to walk me towards the cross and bound my arms and legs apart so I was completely immobile. “Quite the different environment than you are used to boy huh?” Sir said with a bit of a chuckle at the end. “Looks like you are enjoying yourself just fine though considering the pre-cum leaking through your jock” he said as he walked back towards the stairway to turn the rest of the lights. Now that the basement was lit up, I could see everything. Biohazard symbols everywhere, a wall full of jock straps nailed were directly across from me, and there was what looked like torture devices everywhere. “Welcome to your new life, boy” Sir said in a deep voice. “Remember how you had a terrible flu last week? Well, I know that was my virus taking over your body. I’ll have a doctor friend of mine come and confirm, but I’m positive I have knocked you up. I’ve been pumping my unmedicated poz loads into your cunt for weeks.” “What the fuck! You told me you were Neg and on PReP! You even showed me a bottle of it!” I screamed at him while fighting my hardest to break free of the restraints Sir had placed on me. “You idiot, I stole that bottle from the last boy that I had in your place. I knew it would make it easier on my next mark to convince to let me seed his cunt” Sir said laughing while grabbing a marker from the tool box. Sir walked over wrote 19 on the outside of my shoulders. “19” he stated in a firm voice. “You aren’t even boy to me anymore faggot, are relegated to just a number. And from now on, you will refer to me as Master, while anyone I whore you out to you will refer to as Sir. Understood?” “Fuck no, I’m done with this role play, let me go!” “Oh we aren’t role playing anymore 19, you agreed to become mine unconditionally when you put that collar and lock around your neck don’t you remember? This is your next step. It may take you a little bit to fully accept your new place, but I knew from the moment you woof’d me on Scruff that you needed this. And you may want to look down at your jock, you haven’t stopped leaking pre-cum since you’ve been on that cross!” What the fuck! He was right! I felt like my body was betraying me. One head saying to get the fuck out, while the other had never felt more at home. Was I really Poz now? The flu I had last week as the worst I’d ever had, but I had thought it was just because I didn’t get a flu shot this year for the first time. “What, uh what are you planning to do with me, Master?” I mumbled. “Well 19, you see those 18 jock straps in front of you? Those represent the 18 faggots I’ve turned out over the last couple decades. The first 12 are red because they got knocked up by friends of mine as I hadn’t been pozzed yet myself, while the last 6 are black because those are faggots that got knocked up with my virus, and the one thing have in common is they were all converted without their knowledge in this house” “What happened to those boys sir?” I asked. “Well 19, some couldn’t handle their conversion, some have gone on to spread the gift themselves in the same manner, and a couple you’ll be meeting later on tonight as they were able to evolve from just a number to a Master gifter like me.” Fuck, what did he mean by ‘couldn’t handle their conversion’? “Your new life starts now, 19. Time to get you prepared for the rest of your pathetic short life” Sir said as a hood went over my head and I began to feel light headed and then it all went black.
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    Part 35 - A New Year Daniel looked over the reservations and juggled the maintenance schedule for two suites in order to cater for the last minute booking that was to be kept quiet as it was a surprise for Mark and Ben, Steve was taking care of the arrangements for the private new years eve party that was to be held in Mark and Ben's suite as it was large enough to hold the number of guests. Jordan was with Mark and Ben as Bobby was doing some photos of them in Salinger Barbados Retreat, a coup for Bobby was that Nicky and Kit had also agreed to be in a couple of the pictures which he knew would definitely hike the selling price for the article. Nicky was so impressed with the photos that she and Kit signed up to be the first big name celebrities with the company, Bobby was so excited that he tried calling David several times but his phone was switched off. Mark and Ben finished at lunchtime then spent the afternoon by themselves relaxing and being with each other, they had a quiet early dinner as Daniel said he wanted to pop by later around 9pm. The first of the limos arrived at 8.00pm with David and Maddy Davenport and Daniel had dressed appropriately for the VIP arrival and escorted them to their suite and informing them that everything was arranged for 9pm. Jordan greeted the second the limo with the 4 boys in, he was suitably impressed by Angelo but bowled over when he saw Ethan exit the limo. As young as he looked his body was superbly defined a result from his workouts every morning with Adam and Angelo. Straight away Adam's gaydar went up and sussed Jordan out, as they walked through the elaborately decorated reception and in to the lounge where they came across Daniel returning from settling in Mark's parents. Adam shook hands with Daniel and looked at Jordan and back at him as Daniel smiled and chuckled knowing that Adam had already uncovered them as a couple. Jordan and Daniel left them to freshen up "I like them" Adam said collapsing on the sofa. Tony shook his head "My Adam so predictable" he laughed as Ethan sat next to Adam. "Got to admit Daniel is pretty hot and Jordan wow" Ethan said in dreamy state. Angelo clipped both of them around the head gently "Get your heads out of the gutter and freshen up" he laughed. Maddy and David were brought to the boys suite by Daniel before they proceeded outside across the Orchid wing pool terrace and the gate leading to Ben and Mark's suite. Daniel opened the gate slightly having heard that the others were outside on the terrace. "Hello hope you are all decent" Daniel called out. Ben walked towards him "Wondered if you were going to turn up!" he said as Daniel opened the gate fully. "What?" Ben stood there taking in the scene then screamed and ran forwards to Ethan. The others looked over to see Angelo, Ethan, Tony, Adam, David and Maddy piling on to the terrace. Cries of joy erupted loudly, Mark ran over to his parents kissing and hugging them before he worked around everyone else. "So this is why I couldn't get hold of you today" Bobby said to David. David was laughing "Sorry it was all last minute, what was so urgent?". "We got an A list movie star signed up, Nicky and her husband Kit" Bobby said boiling over with excitement. David gave Bobby a hug "Well done that is brilliant news". Mark held his mother "What is all this about?" he wiped a tear from his eye overcome with emotion. Maddy laughed "Thought we would celebrate new year with you for a couple of days" she hugged him again. Ethan was busy looking around the suite "Wow this is amazing it's such a lovely hotel" he said to Daniel. Daniel handed Ethan a glass of champagne "Thank you, it's all my mothers work". David grabbed Angelo "How did the meeting go Angelo?" he asked taking a glass of champagne. "Really well" Angelo replied as Ethan came over and held his hand "We are moving to LA" he said. Maddy spotted David's smile as he hugged Angelo and Ethan "What is going on?" she asked. "Angelo and Ethan are moving to LA" David said still beaming. Maddy looked at Angelo "You sold the company?". "No only 50% we are setting up an office in LA to expand" Angelo was about to continue but Maddy stopped him. "You will stay at Liongate until you get properly settled" she said looking at them both. "Absolutely" Ethan said before looking at Angelo "Tell them the rest" he told Angelo. Angelo laughed shaking his head "We got $40 million for half of the company" he told Maddy and David. Ben over heard them "Are you really coming to LA?" he said excitedly. Ethan nodded "Yes" and Ben flung his arms around Ethan almost crying from joy. David put his arm around Angelo "If you need help managing the money you only have to ask". Angelo chuckled "Going to need a lot of help David, it was one hell of a surprise". Jordan, Daniel, Steve and Callum were persuaded to stay on a little longer, Jordan and Steve kept wandering off as they were still on duty and Steve was being trained up to the reigns on in a weeks time, tomorrow would be the turn of Daniel and Callum. During their few weeks back in the UK Lucy had them working at the Salinger London shadowing the duty managers learning the role, to her surprise they took to it with ease and as it turned out were great at managing the staff in the hotel which was one of their trickier hotels to manage. She would be flying out to LA in a few days to oversee the renovations of the new Salinger Los Angeles, Callum and Steve were now also relief managers for the London hotel as they did such a good job there. As usual the hotel was running like clockwork so Jordan and Steve made their way back to the suite carrying coffee in case anyone needed it. Maddy and David said good bye to everyone despite the protests from everyone, but they knew their job was done for the day bringing the lads together. Jordan walked with them escorting them back to their suite. "I guess Daniel and yourself are together?" Maddy asked as they walked through the lounge to the door. Jordan smiled "Yes he wants a Christmas wedding but I just want to marry him whenever". "I see, is there much of a cultural difference you know with Daniel being British" Maddy enquired. Jordan chuckled "Not really, but I have spent a lot of time with Daniel and his family in England". "Ah yes, you must let us to meet his parents at sometime" Maddy said and David agreed. Jordan looked at them "Well they are opening a hotel in at the end of January" he started saying. "That's right I heard about it at the golf club" David said. "I know his mother would jump at the chance of you attending the opening party" Jordan laughed. Maddy laughed "Well then, make it happen Jordan" she said stopping at the door to their suite. Jordan looked seriously at her "You mean you would attend?" he asked unlocking the door. David chuckled "She said she would, but you will have to invite all the guys". Jordan laughed "No problem there, I will speak to Lucy in the morning and sort it out". It wasn't long before Ben had Daniel mostly naked and dragged him off to the bedroom before returning in to the lounge with Daniel wearing Ben's jock strap. Daniel was laughing as Jordan walked in and looked at him smiling and turning to Ben asking how the hell he got Daniel to wear a jock strap, he swooped over and kissed Daniel rubbing his exposed ass cheeks. Daniel had never felt so sexy as he stood there in the arms of Jordan even forgetting that Ben was standing there, but the ever so discreet Ben slipped out as Jordan watched him. "I think Ben was a little upset" Jordan said quietly to Daniel "He has taken a real shine to you". Daniel smiled "They are a great group of guys and Steve and Callum get on well with them". "If you want to let yourself be free around them I really don't mind" Jordan stroked his face. "Oh, I don't know it's a bit full on with them" Daniel sounded unsure. Jordan looked at him "I promised you I would never cheat on you and I stick by that". Daniel kissed him "I know, suppose we will have to use to this if they are going to be friends". Jordan laughed "I never thought about it like that, but your my man never forget that Danny". Daniel and Jordan returned to the terrace where they saw Ethan grab hold of Ben pushing him up against the edge of the pool, Ben was laughing on the surface but incredibly turned on, it was still a strange feeling to him being able to kiss Ethan so freely. Their lips met and in an instance they locked together in a deep kiss, Daniel watched on still trying to fathom the group out. He felt the ping on his ass as Josh pulled the jock strap letting it fling back laughing. Josh put his arm around Daniel's shoulder "Childhood friends these two" he said. "Bizarre" Daniel said and looked at Josh "I mean the way you kiss like this" he turned back to watch them. Josh laughed "It takes time to understand everyone but it's what makes our friendship close". Daniel kissed josh on the cheek "I need a soft drink" he said "and I feel strange wearing this". "Does make you look so sexy" Josh said pinching Daniel's ass "Not bad for a Brit". They grabbed some fruit punches and sat on the sofa with Angelo and Ben climbed out of the pool drying himself off he squeezed on the end of the sofa sitting next to Daniel who put his arm around Ben. He looked at Daniel and smiled but couldn't help thinking of what he must have gone through over the last few weeks. Everyone settled down sitting and chatting away Josh decided to sit on the edge of the pool dangling his feet in and laying back, Mark and Angelo sat cuddled up together talking about LA. Callum was sat in Adam's arms and his legs across Tony's lap when Jordan and Steve reappeared finishing for the night. Steve looked at Jordan "Is this the way American way of friendship?" he asked. Jordan smiled "No, but it's a nice friendship to be able to be so close to each other". Steve nodded "Danny seems to finally be letting himself go again". Jordan put his arm around Steve and kissed him "Oh, what was that for?" Steve asked sounding taken back. "I think our friendship is close enough" Jordan replied, Steve but his arm around Jordan's waist. Bobby who had been laying on one of the sofas sat up making room for them. Steve sat down and ran his hand through Bobby's trimmed beard then then Jordan's 'mmm not sure which one is better' he chuckled then squealed as both of them rubbed each side of Steve's face with their beards unable to escape as their hands held him down on the sofa. Bobby then kissed Steve who laid back and smiled giggling like a girl Callum watched and chuckled in his calm state as Adam continued stroking his chest whilst Tony was giving him a foot massage. Jordan stood up stripped off diving in to the pool to cool down, the rush of water fell on Josh as Jordan climbed out of the pool and sat besides him causing Josh to giggle, he didn't move but watched Jordan laying down mimicking Josh. He looked over and nudged up closer to Jordan until he felt Jordan's arm pushing his head up and cradle it as Josh moved in closer so his head was almost resting against Jordan's chest, he was pretty beat from all the hype of the day and evening as he watched the stars in the sky above them peacefully he dozed off. He was woken by Jordan picking him up and carrying him inside with Bobby walking by his side, Jordan placed him on the bed and gave him a kiss good night. Daniel walked in after having changed out of the jock strap and gave Bobby a kiss good night, Jordan turned to kiss Bobby before leaving them. Ethan woke suddenly hearing the clinking of china, he put on the robe by his bedside and walked in to the lounge to find the butler laying out coffee for the 4 of them, he chuckled to himself as the butler left thinking this was just like being at Liongate. He wandered over to the French doors looking out over the Orchid wing pool area noticing that it was quiet apart from a family of four crossing to pool terrace towards the beach. The family looked up and waved to someone he couldn't see, he looked carefully thinking he recognised the woman before nearly jumping out of his skin and Ben stood at the doors pulling a face. Ethan took a moment before opening the doors "Hell Ben you scared the shit out of me doing that". Ben was laughing "Wakey wakey Ethy" he said kissing him "Come on lets go to the beach for a swim". "Eh? Oh yeah sure, sorry had to much champagne last night, need to change" Ethan replied. Ben followed him in to the bedroom where Angelo laid sprawled out fast asleep, Ben put his finger to his mouth and crept over to the bed sliding under the sheet and proceeded to nuzzle up to Angelo. He murmured in his sleep pulling Ben in to his arms who was finding it hard not to laugh, Ethan picked up his phone and began filming. Ben was now trapped in Angelo's arms as he hugged him, his eyes still closed he kissed Ben on the mouth, he felt Angelo's hand wandering down to his ass giving it a squeeze and rub. His eyes still closed but he smiled 'Your a married man you naughty boy' Angelo said. Ben tweaked Angelo's nipple laughing "How did you know it was me?". Angelo opened one eye "You got a flabby ass" he said laughing and tightening his hold on Ben "you need to work out". Ben rolled on top of Angelo "So happy you are coming to LA" he cuddled up enjoying being in Angelo's arms. Angelo stuck his fingers up at Ethan "Stop filming you dirty whore" he smiled and rolled Ben over. Mark wandered through looking for Ben "Hey that's my husband" he laughed grabbing Ethan's phone. He turned the phone to himself and Ethan and kissed him filming them "Right you swimming?". Ethan nodded "Kiss me again" he said holding Mark who laughed and obliged. Ben called out "Someone help me" he was stuck under Angelo he was showing no sign of letting him go. Mark walked over and looked at him "How many times do you have to be told to be careful". Angelo turned to Mark "Morning Mark" he said leaning over to kiss him. Mark patted Angelo's ass "Don't crush him" he kissed Ben and Angelo rolled over releasing his grip. Ethan brought Angelo a coffee over "You coming to swim?" he asked looking at Angelo with his disarming smile. Angelo sipped his coffee "Stop smiling at me like that you know what it does" he nodded "Yes, are Adam and Tony up yet?". "Not yet" Ethan said grabbing Angelo's swim trunks. Mark sat on the bed "There is one thing, a movie star is on the beach, just be cool she is nice". "I thought I recognised her crossing the pool area" Ethan said excited. Ben grabbed his phone "Leave this here Ethy" he said laughing and watching the video of Angelo and him. Ethan and Ben set off arms around each others shoulders, just like they use to do in school, walking towards the beach whilst Mark waited for Angelo to finish his coffee and get changed, the two boys had only just got to the shore line when Nicky called out to Ben, Ethan stood there giggling repeating her name unable to comprehend her presence and that she knew Ben's name. Ben explained that it was only through Daniel and Jordan that Mark and he met her and reminded Ethan keep mum about anything that goes on as privacy was what she guarded most. By the time Mark and Angelo appeared Ethan was sat in the water with Nicky chatting like old friends, Ben was with Kit playing with the children and even Angelo had to double take, he was introduced as Jordan joined them on the beach for his morning swim. By 8am the beach was pretty packed with the group as Adam, Tony, Bobby and Josh had arrived, Nicky was finding it hard to keep up with everyone but her and Kit were getting to know the names and put them to faces much to everyone's amusement. "What are you doing tonight Nicky?" Mark asked her sitting down. Nicky looked up "Oh dinner then drink in the lounge to celebrate". Mark shook his head "No not good enough, come and have dinner and drinks at ours you know almost everyone". Nicky looked hesitant "What do you mean almost everyone?" she replied. "Oh, my mother and father are here, they will be coming tonight" Mark said nodding as Kit sat down. "Yes we will come" Kit said "Sometimes Nicky just needs to let her hair down". Mark nodded "It is a private party Nicky and please bring the kids as well". "Okay yes, but I do want to meet your mother" Nicky said sounding more excited. Mark laughed "I think she wants to meet you!". "I wondered if this is where you would all be" David said crossing the beach unfazed by Nicky's presence. Kit and David revelled in their new friendship as they paddled around in the water chatting about property in Bel Air and who was on the move until Maddy approached them, Mark swam ashore and exited the water to say hello and introduced her to Nicky and Kit, Steve and Jordan also made an appearance for their morning swim. Steve thankful that Ben, Josh and Ethan were entertaining the children managed to swim a fair bit before returning to shore but not before Josh tried to tease and give chase to him. Jordan sat on the beach next to Maddy and telling her that the invite was all set for the Salinger LA opening party on 31st January and how thrilled Lucy Salinger was that she would be attending. New Years eve was a tropical pool party in the privacy of suite with bountiful food and beverages of all kinds. Bobby took the opportunity to take some photos of Maddy and Nicky as well as some private ones just for the group of friends. It was a long evening and finally all the revellers departed and Mark collapsed on the sofa at 1.30am, Bobby and Josh decided on a late night swim in the pool, Ben fell next to Mark on the sofa and kissed him lovingly, Mark put his arm around Ben and held him close as they watched the guys in the pool trying to ascertain how things between them were progressing. Mark kissed Ben on his head 'Have I told you how much I love you?' he quietly asked kissing him again, Ben snuggled up closer and smiled 'Yes but it never gets boring' he replied stroking Mark's smooth chest. Bobby leaned up against the edge of the pool grinning as he watched Josh swimming towards him, coming to a stop he kissed Bobby's torso as he stood up, reaching Bobby's face they looked at each other intently and as if it was meant to be, their mouths tenderly touched slowly kissing, each one lasting longer and longer until they finally became fully embraced and closed out of the world around them. Mark squeezed Ben as they clearly saw a different side to Josh coming to the surface, they stood and said good night to Bobby and Josh and headed to their bedroom. Bobby jumped out of the pool and held his hands out for Josh who reached up and was pulled cleanly out and on to the terrace coming face to face with him again. "I wish you would come and live with me Josh" Bobby said emotionally stroking his Josh's face. Josh smiled "Why is that?" he asked looking him in the eye. "I think you know how I feel about you Josh, ever since that day in Larchmont" Bobby kissed him waiting. "New year, new friends, new life" Josh ran his hands down Bobby's back "it is a lot to take in". Bobby put his arm around Josh "A new life together?" he asked wondering if he was pushing him to quickly. Josh rested his head against Bobby's shoulder "Don't make me regret it" he replied. Bobby turned Josh and held him in his arms "Never Josh, and I know Maddy will be happy". Josh laughed "Only because I am growing to love you more each day Bobby" he said kissing him. Bobby swept him off his feet and carried him in to the bedroom before placing him down next to the bed, Josh slipped in to the bathroom to shower and wash the pool water off. He let the warm water cascade over his head standing there facing the wall, he smiled feeling Bobby's hand slip around his waist and the unmistakable hardness of his cock pushing in between his ass cheeks. Josh pushed back against Bobby and moaned feeling the friction of his cock pushing open his ass, he gasped and grabbed hold of Bobby's arms as felt more of the cock working it's way deeper inside him, he was so turned on by the way his lover was showing his dominance over him and he could do nothing but melt in the arms securely wrapped around his torso. The water falling over his chest and bounding off his own erect cock as Bobby kissed his neck lightly a first but fast turning in to a harder kissing and biting. Josh gasped an moaned as Bobby's hips began moving in perfect undulating movements allowing Josh to feel that his cock was deep inside, his ass burned from the dry entry but the pleasure he felt was immense and his body relaxed accepting his lover. Josh turned his head seeking Bobby's mouth as their lips closed in on each other tongues dancing back and forth in to their mouths as the speed and intensity of the fucking increased, each deep penetrative strokes rubbing against his anal wall opening tiny fissures in the lining. Josh moaned louder and cried begging Bobby to fuck him, the bathroom door was closed and the running water dissipated the noises from them. Bobby gripped Josh harder and resumed kissing and biting his neck as he began to feel the tingling in his balls 'oh fuck Josh' he moaned in between his panting feeling his cock stiffen and begin to swell ready to breed his lover, Josh moved his hands and gripped hold of Bobby's ass cheeks holding them as close to his ass as possible. His euphoria making him want to climb the wall but the arms held in firmly in place as he felt the pulsing in his ass, Bobby cried in ecstasy and bit down harder on Josh's neck 'yes' Josh cried out 'yes Bobby' he moaned as he grabbed his cock and rubbing it a couple of time before splattering the tiled wall with his cum. Each breeding contraction reverberating through Bobby's body and his mouth sucked at the spot of Josh's neck held in his mouth, his body shuddering and overcome from the intense sex his cock pushing still deeper in to Josh. Bobby relaxed and his mouth let go of Josh's neck leaving a noticeable love bite in it's wake, his cock pushing still deeper in to Josh rubbing his toxic seed against the tiny tears that had opened up in the anal lining trapping it and providing the virus ample opportunity to begin it's infiltration of Josh's body. Slowly Bobby pulled his cock out kissing Josh as he did so, they spent several minutes showering and drying each other and somehow Josh felt more attached to Bobby than he had ever done in these past few intimate moments. Josh put his towel on the hook and turned looking in the mirror before chuckling at the mark Bobby had left on his neck. He turned to Bobby and took his hand as they walked through to the bedroom climbing in to bed and settling in each others arms at the beginning of a new year.
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    TWINKS IN LOVE, BUT SMALL COCKS? CHAPTER I I met my boyfriend, Nigel, when we were both sophomores at a University. I had seen Nigel occasionally whilst on campus, but we never spoke to one another until one day when I was out on a run one early autumn. If one has spent any time in New England, one knows that the most beautiful season is autumn. The air is so fresh and clean, the colors are brilliant and the sky is clear blue. It was during this one morning that I saw Nigel running. As I ran closer and came alongside him, we looked at one another, smiled and passed greetings. Nigel looked gorgeous in his blue running shorts, long white sleeved UVM sweatshirt, ankle socks, and Saucony running sneakers. His long, dark blonde hair bouncing along his face and neck as we small talked and ran. Nigel was about 5`8", 145 lbs, and his body was so slim and muscular. I could not help but slowing down slightly just to get a glimpse of his ass as he ran slightly ahead of me. I had never seen such a round, firm, muffin ass on a guy before and I was truly impressed with his ass. I noticed he had no hair on his legs. Nigel's legs were so smooth and muscular. As we ran, Nigel told me he was at Ready Hall. I replied I was living at Sichel Hall. Both halls were in the North Trinity area. As we continued running, I learned Nigel was also a sophomore, born and raised in Vermont and wished to work as a teacher. I was working towards a nursing degree and wanted to continue as a Paramedic upon completion of school. As we headed back to our respective dorms, Nigel asked if I would like to get together sometime. I was more than elated at the invite but tried to keep my excitement low key. We exchanged telephone numbers and went on our separate ways. Later that evening, my mobile rang and it was Nigel. He wondered if I was doing anything, and when I told him that I was not doing anything, he invited me over to his room. I gladly accepted and told him I could be there in 15 minutes. As soon as I hung up, I jumped into the shower, threw on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a long-sleeved sweatshirt. Twenty minutes later I was knocking on his dorm door. When he opened it, Nigel looked even more handsome. Smiling widely, he has his long dark blonde pulled back, behind his ears, wearing a tight t-shirt and blue jeans. I noticed he was barefoot and could not believe how small and feminine his feet looked. They were well manicured and looked so soft and girl like. Nigel invited me to sit and offered me a beer or wine. I accepted red wine and sat on the hard desk chair. Nigel's dorm room was small and other than his bed, desk and desk chair, there was a plaid love-seat by the window. Nigel handed me the glass of wine in a beer glass (college life) and sat by himself on the love-seat. We chatted for hours about childhood, family, University, friends and our ambitions. We chatted about ex-boyfriends and sex life. Nigel explained that he had only 1 boyfriend before and it was short lived during high school. He had dated a few others his freshman year at University, but not anything really serious. I explained that I had dated occasionally, had a relationship that lasted one year, but we broke up as we were heading to different Universities. As it was getting late, Nigel asked if I wanted to meet him for breakfast the next morning. I gladly accepted and was on my way out the door. Nigel took me by the arm and as I looked at him, he gave me a kiss on the lips. Nigel's lips were warm, gentle and soft. I was glad he kissed me. As I walked out the door, I gave him a wink, thanks and said I looked forward to seeing him again! We began dating shortly thereafter. Within months, we had decided to move into a dorm together and all through University, we lived together. Upon graduation, we located a beautiful apartment, were able to find employment and now live very happily together. I just realized that I had not mentioned my name. It is Randy and I am basically the same size as Nigel. Another thing we discovered was that we were both endowed about the same also, rather small like we were, about 4" and slim. My hair is somewhat darker blonde than his also. Neither of us has enough hair on our bodies to matter, more like a very little dusting of it and short. We also discovered that although we both can be versatile, I am a little more of a top and Nigel is more of a bottom, which works out great for us. Both of us, although completely monogamous, always still use condoms and have always been for safe sex only. Everything seemed so nice, easy and normal for two guys deeply in love. We did everything together. Eating, watching TV, going to a bar or a movie, bathing. Our only real vice was watching porn together. This gradually went a little bit more wild as we went on, trying to find a little bit more daring scenes to watch. We went from very basic porn to eventually, watching mostly barebacking types, sometimes even watching where a bottom got gang banged by several men and all were BB and many loads in the bottoms ass. Watching these movies always got us both hard and soon in bed and making wild passionate love to each other, condom covered though even as we watched all BB porn any more. Whenever I would cum, the throbbing of my small cock would still make Nigel cum also. The only unsafe thing we did was to rub his cum all over our stomachs which is where it landed to start with.
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    15 minutes from where I live in Amsterdam there’s this refugee centre with a small park behind it. Monday I decided to go there and see if there were some refugee guys hanging. I saw one guy smoking and I decided to say hi and we started talking a little, I could barely understand him though. A few minutes later I told him I would suck his dick if he wanted me to, something he did understand I saw he was hesitated so I walked to a more private space and sat down on my knees. He came up to me and I unzipped his pants. His dick was thick and hairy. I started deep throating him right away. I could tell he was looking around him to make sure no one would walk in, but at the same time I could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth. He grabbed my head and started throatfucking me hard and rough. He kept moaning louder and louder getting ready to cum but then I stopped, turned over and put down my pants. I was wearing a pink jockstrap and bend over to show him my my smooth pink hole. No hesitation this time, he sat down on his knees and started fucking my ass. I already had taken 2 loads earlier that day from a regular so my hole was nice and loose. He started fucking me super hard and rough right away. I tried not to moan as loud as I usually do. I think in less than a minute he shot his load in me. He pulled out and I told him “Thank you.” he laughed and said he had to go back inside. I gave him my number and tried telling him that if he wanted to unload or use a slut all he had to do was hit me up and I’d be on my way. Not sure if he understood me though, lol. But we’ll see! I walked in the park for another 20 minutes trying to get more cock but it didn’t happen, there was only one other guy texting on his phone. I’m definitely going back there more often to see if there’s more guys willing to use and breed me though. I think welcoming these real men here with an open mouth and hole is the least thing I could do! Will definitely keep you guys posted on hopefully more adventures to come there.
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    Running out of fresh fags to POZ here
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    I had been on BBRT. I saw an ad for a local sex party so I enquired to the ad. Spoke to a wonderful man named George who explained that once a month he held pozzing parties at his home. So going through who the invites were I noticed that none of the tops were listed. I asked George if there was a reason for that. He told me that all the tops were men that he knew well, and that he wanted to keep them somewhat anonymous. However he explained that all the tops were decent to well hung and that they really knew how to fuck. So I told him that I would be there on the Friday. On Friday I spent most of the day making sure I was prepped etc, for the big event. I got into an Uber and went to the address that George had sent me in the email on Thursday. I knocked on the door and George opened it. He was only wearing a pair of shorts. He had this real Daddy thing going on. Something that always turned me on. He was semi erect and I could tell that he had a thick cock. He welcomed me in and gave me instructions on what to do. Along with a generous slap on my ass. I went into the bathroom took my clothes off and put them in the bag I had brought with me. I exited the bathroom and went into the living room. There were 5 other guys in there. Ranging in age from early 20's to mid fifties. We were just generally chatting etc. George came in the room now with out shorts on. His thick cock swinging as he walked in. "Men can I have your attention, Ok so the tops are a bit randy to get things going shortly so this is the plan. Each of you will go on your knees and put your asses in the air. Each top will come in and fuck you three pumps. We will go to the other room and choose which bottom they want for their first fuck. Then they will take you to another part of the house, either one of the four bedrooms or the two in the basement. They will be the first to breed you." After a pause, George said "Bitch's get into your positions and put those pussies in the air" We all got into position. I was third one in. I felt a dollop of lube put on my hole, and a thumb push it in. Still felt a bit dry. I also felt a marker go on my left ass cheek. We heard the door close. We all waited. A few minutes later the door opened again. I could hear a muffled sound as the first bottom was penetrated by a cock. Followed by three quick slaps of flesh on flesh. It repeated again beside me as the same top penetrated the young twink. Then it was my turn. The top was rather thick but not overly long. I felt him take the three required stabs at my pussy. The second top bottomed out, but didn't quite hit the second sphincter. The third top was a decent size. The fourth top was thicker than the first top who fucked me. The fifth top was thick but average. However the sixth top was both thick and long, and he almost made it into my second sphincter. This continued on for about a half hour. At that point we were allowed to get up stretch our legs and wait for the tops to come claim us. George came in and gave us number cards on strings around our necks. I was number 3. The tops came in and went to their desired partners for the first breeding. George took the twink that was beside me. All five of the guys left leaving only me in the room. That is when the door opened and my top came in. He was tall mid fifties hairy chest. A bit of a belly. But his cock was a wonder unto it's own. To be continued
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    Part 37 - A Time To Commit They returned home to Liongate later that evening and considering the journey was very short from Stone Canyon to Nimes Rd Josh fell asleep against Bobby, he was anxious seeing Josh like this. As the limo came to a stop in the courtyard Angelo ran round to the other side of the limo and picked Josh up carrying him inside. Bobby walked with Angelo "Do you think it is what I suspect?" he asked Angelo. Angelo nodded "Looks like it, when do you think it may have happened?" he asked. "Barbados, we had quite hard sex in the shower and there was a little blood after" Bobby said looking ashamed. Angelo looked at him "You will have to marry him now" he chuckled "I will ask Mark to get his doctor out". "It is the first time I have knowingly converted someone" Bobby said shaking his head. Angelo put Josh on the bed "Bobby it was his choice as well he willingly accepted your gift". Bobby nodded "I know but I feel ashamed and responsible at doing it". Angelo kissed Bobby "He is your man" Angelo said looking at Josh "well boy I guess" he chuckled. Bobby looked at him "I've never loved anyone this much" he said hugging Angelo. "Go get some sleep I will sit with him" Angelo said as Ethan came in to the room. Ethan put his arm around Bobby "Come on you can sleep with me tonight". "Thanks Ethan" Bobby replied "Call me if anything happens Angelo" he said and Angelo nodded. Ethan kissed Angelo and took Bobby to their room cuddling up in bed with each other, Bobby only managed a few hours sleep so it seemed as the morning light came through the window. Ben knocked softly and opened the door seeing Bobby was awake he walked in and climbed in to bed next him cuddling and comforting him, Ethan turned over and mumbled morning to Ben and putting Bobby in an Ethan and Ben sandwich. Bobby drifted off to sleep comforted either side made sleep so much easier. Mark wandered in to find Josh cradled in Angelo's arms "How is he?" he asked climbing on to the bed. "He is fine, drunk plenty of fluids looks like a mild case" Angelo replied. Mark leaned over and kissed Angelo "I remember you looking after me like this". Angelo smiled "So do I, Ethan was the hardest one I had to deal with" he remembered back to that weekend. "Bet you didn't know then that you would fall in love with him" Mark said stroking Angelo's arm. Angelo leaned his head back "I lost it with him when he pushed me away realising what I had done to him". "I know, he told me but my god he tamed the beast" Mark said "and he is incredibly in love with you". Angelo chuckled "He keeps reminding me that I own him" he looked at Mark "and yes I love him so much. Mark laughed "I know you do Angelo I see it all the time when you are together". Josh nuzzled up "Shame I won't get to be fucked by either of you" he said sleepily. Mark chuckled and kissed Josh "There's nothing wrong with him" he said running his hand down Josh's body. Josh grabbed Mark's hand "Stop it, I haven't got the energy to fight back" he said feebly. Mark climbed off the bed "I will get you a smoothie start building you back up". Mark picked up his phone so he could call the doctor a little later, he returned half an hour later with a couple of smoothies and handed one to Angelo before leaving them to find out how Bobby was doing. He knocked softly and opened the door snickering seeing the sight before his eyes and how beautiful it looked, quickly he put the phone on silent and took several pictures. Bobby was laying on his back with his arms around Ethan and Ben's neck and shoulders either side of him cuddling up, Ethan and Ben sort of holding hands across Bobby's chest each had one leg across Bobby's legs, their faces buried against Bobby's neck all sound asleep. He crept out and softly closed the door and went back to Angelo and Josh who was now sat up drinking his smoothie. "You have to see this" Mark said showing the photo to Angelo and Josh. Angelo smiled and looked up at Mark "That is so sweet and sexy". Josh handed his smoothie to Mark and laid back down looking at Angelo and Mark "Well" he said. Mark laughed and knew what Josh meant, he stripped off and climbed in to bed with Josh in the middle. They cuddled up and stroked Josh's body tenderly. Without even thinking the three of them fell asleep quickly. Ethan woke up and looked at his watch, it was just gone 7am already and he looked surprised that they had managed to sleep, he slipped out of bed and put a t-shirt and underwear on. Bobby and Ben woke up and put on a robe each, Bobby thanked them for the being here kissing and hugging each of them. They wandered through in to Bobby and Josh's rooms and into the bedroom smiling, Josh was laying half across Angelo in his arms and Mark was spooning Josh. Mark sensed and woke up startled at the three watching them. "God what time is it?" he asked trying to extract himself from Josh. Ben snickered "7am, how is Josh?". Mark looked at Josh and smiled at Ben "Thinking of sex as usual". Ethan shook his head "Same old Josh then" he said walking around to Angelo's side and kissing him on the head. Angelo stirred and ran his hand over Ethan's ass "Morning sexy". Ben giggled "How does he do that?" he asked amazed that he knew it was Ethan. Angelo slightly dazed "What day is it?" he asked then remembering "Oh it's Saturday, no work today". Josh woke and bit on Angelo's nipple "I'm hungry" Angelo wriggled and kissed Josh getting out of bed. "He is all yours Bobby" Angelo said kissing him good morning. The rest of the day Josh sat outside by the pool feeling much better, the doctor had come earlier and tested Josh confirming he was hiv positive. Josh had looked at Bobby after the doctor had left and asked if it was the night they had sex in the shower as he knew his ass had bled a little, he chuckled seemingly unperturbed by his diagnosis. Mark swung by the pool terrace as he was taking the limo to the airport to meet up with Nicky and bring the guys back to Liongate. Pedro knew what was happening with Josh after Mark had a quiet word with him and was spoiling him rotten by the pool. Angelo and Ethan were down at their new home looking at the pool taking shape, it was large and also contained rock formations at one end providing a little grotto. "It's looking amazing, how much is this all costing Angelo?" Ethan asked looking at him. Angelo looked at him "I have no idea, I gave Dimitri the budget and he said leave it with him". Ethan looked at the modern take on a ranch style house "I'm looking forward to moving in". Angelo put his arm around Ethan "So am I. We have a housekeeper cook to interview Monday" he said. Ethan turned to him "Do we really need one?" he asked. Angelo chuckled "You've seen how big this place is, I am not cleaning it". Ethan laughed and agreed seeing Angelo's point that it was to big to manage themselves, they strode along tree lined Nimes Rd back towards Liongate. Crossing the open expanse of the courtyard at the front of the mansion they heard the gates opening down the drive, just as the reached the steps the two limos pulled up. Ben came running through the front doors seeing Jordan exiting from his limo he threw himself in to his arms giving him a kiss like a long lost lover and Jordan spun him around in circles. When he did eventually put Ben down he ran around and gave Daniel and hug and kiss almost knocking him to the ground before he steadied himself and gave Daniel a big kiss back commenting how fantastic it was to see them again. Daniel stood and looked up at Liongate after Ethan finished hugging him "Seriously this is huge" he said. Ethan put his arm around Daniel "You will love it here Danny, come on Josh and Bobby are by the pool". Angelo and Jordan hugged "Josh has been a little unwell" he winked at Jordan. Jordan nodded "Ah, is he okay you know mentally?" he asked. "Yes he seems to be pretty okay" Angelo said walking with Jordan in to the house. Bobby stood up seeing Jordan and Daniel approaching "Hello guys" they kissed and hugged. Jordan sat next Josh "How's my sexy little man feeling?" he said hugging him. "I'm okay, achy but fine otherwise, I didn't know you knew" Josh lowered his head embarrassed. Jordan put a finger under his chin raising his head "Nothing to be ashamed about Josh". Before they knew what was happening the entire group were in the pool enjoying the last of the sunshine except Nicky who was sat with Josh. He opened up to her about why he was unwell and she kept fussing over him and fetching him fruit, until she burst out laughing after he said we would be on the toilet all night if he kept eating fruit. "What is it with Josh?" Mark asked seeing how Nicky attended to him. Jordan and Angelo turned to look "I don't know" Angelo said then turning to Jordan "Maddy is the same with him". "Are you sure you don't need anything else Josh" Nicky asked mopping his forehead making him laugh. Josh could see the others looking at him so he poked his tongue out at them "No I am fine Nicky, thank you". She stood up "I have to get home, are we lunching tomorrow, my treat?" Nicky asked. Mark looked at her "Bring everyone over for lunch here Nicky, Danny's and my parents will be here" he suggested. Ben swam towards her "Come over in the morning around 10 we can make a day of it" he said looking at Mark who nodded. "Okay sounds perfect a nice day relaxing" She said as Mark put on a robe walking with her to the limo. Daniel caught up with them at the front door "Mum and dad have arrived and in the limo on their way". Nicky stopped "Dam, tell Lucy to give me a call later and I will see them tomorrow" she said saying good bye. Daniel nodded and put his arm around Mark "Thank you so much for letting us stay here Mark". "Hey think nothing of it, my parents insisted you all stay here when I asked" Mark replied as he closed the doors. "You know you just have to message us if you want to come out to the hotel anytime" Daniel said looking at him. Mark laughed "You may regret that. Oh Would your parents mind doing a publicity shoot with mine?" he asked. It was Daniel's turn to laugh "Are you kidding my mother would love that". They hadn't got more than 5 meters inside when Maddy and David arrived back from Colorado excited to see Mark and Daniel standing there but more interested in when Daniel's parents would arrive. Horrified Maddie quickly shot up the stairs to change leaving David standing there. "Well, why is my son in law not here to greet us" he laughed. Mark kissed his father "At the pool with the others, we have everyone coming over tomorrow for the day". David shook his head "You haven't told your mother have you, you know how she likes to organise things". "You tell her I know she will want to put on a fancy lunch" Mark said grabbing Daniel to go back to the pool. David chuckled and walked up the stairs calling out to the butler to tell him just in case Mark hadn't informed anyone, but luckily he had done, kind or relieved as the butler would know what Maddy would be expecting for a poolside lunch. Down at the pool most of the guys were sunbathing, Callum was sat in the hot tub and Ben joined him to keep him company. "You look away with fairies Callum" Ben said stepping climbing over the pool edge in to the hot tub. Callum opened his eyes and smiled "I can't believe this is a home not a hotel" he chuckled. Ben looked back "It is big and very homely, oh we should take you down and show you our home" he suggested. "You brought a house, your not going to live here then?" Callum asked sounding surprised. Ben laughed "Yeah it's 10 minute walk from here" he said waving his hand in a general direction. Callum rested back enjoying the bubbles "We always stay with Nicky and Kit when we visit, it's so nice there". "It is a lovely house they have, and you would be welcome at ours as well" Ben said genuinely. Callum looked over at him "I know Steve has been wondering but are the other two coming?". Ben looked at him "Yes if you mean Tony and Adam" he replied smirking "why?" he asked him. Callum chuckled "Steve has the hots for Tony, so are they committed or open?". Ben chuckled "Very open Callum, but you should know they are both hiv" he said watching Callum carefully. Callum just nodded and smirked "Steve has dodged it so many times, he has top tier status of the mile high club". Ben nearly choked laughing "Get out of here" he sat forward "come on tell me more". Callum smiled "We both use to work for an airline, Steve was cabin crew, well you can imagine the rest". Ben rolled over on top of Callum laughing "Come on how many times?" he asked holding Callum down. Callum couldn't stop laughing at Ben's attempt to hold him down, wriggling his arms free he grabbed hold of Ben and pulled him close until their bodies touched 'kiss me' Callum demanded tightening his hold of Ben who was giggling out of control 'then will you tell me?' he asked in between his giggling 'tongue or no tongue' he also asked trying to establish a boundary. Callum just looked at him 'full on kiss' he replied, Ben stopped giggling and leaned forward there was no petting involved as they both parted their lips and engaged in an erotic tongue wrestling match in the hot tub. Steve worried by what he saw stood up feeling a hand on his shoulder he saw Mark standing there. "Mark sorry I didn't..." Steve started speaking but Mark cut him off. "Guess you have to kiss me then" Mark said interrupting him running his hand down Steve's naked torso. "Fuck" Steve said noticing Mark moving closer "I'm gonna kiss Mark Davenport" he said warming up to the idea. Mark silenced Steve by thrusting his tongue in to his mouth and kissing him long and hard. Mark released him from the kiss and Steve had to steady himself from being so overwhelmed. When the turned to look at the hot tub Ben and Callum were leaning on the side arms around each other smirking at them. Mark told them no more frolicking as his parents were now home so prim and proper behaviour he said trying to sound British as everyone laughed at his feeble attempt. Josh had climbed off the sunbed and was sat in the cool water of the steps leading in to the pool, Bobby kept looking over in between his conversation with Daniel making sure he was alright. Jordan seeing his concern stood up and went and sat in the pool with Josh putting his arm around his shoulder. "How are you feeling Josh?" Jordan asked as Josh cuddled up next to him. Josh smiled "Tired, but I want to go in". Jordan stepped deeper in to the water and held his arms open "Come on". Josh slipped off the step in to his waiting arms and gave him a kiss "Thank you". Jordan walked around the pool carrying Josh in his arms who was in heaven and loving every minute. Bobby and Daniel moved to the side of the pool watching them arms around in each other as they continued chatting away. Daniel's initial view of this type of friendship had evaporated after realising that there was no threat or underhanded attempts to have sex with each other, yes there was a tenderness and sometime very erotic antics but boundaries were very clear and never crossed. Of course he knew that Steve and Callum had a very open relationship as did Adam and Tony, but the friendships he had here came without conditions just love for each other. The afternoon was simply perfect, Maddy and David were watching from their balcony smiling, happy for their son who finally had found his feet and no longer fought against the wealth as his friends accepted him for him and his husband just adored him no matter who he was. George the butler knocked on the door and called out that Lucy and David Salinger have just entered the East Gate compound, Lucy asked George go tell Daniel that his parents were arriving. Maddy and David knew everything about their son and kept a very close eye on his well being, they were astute enough to figure out that Josh showed the same symptoms Mark did from Angelo's updates when he fell ill but seeing how healthy Mark and Angelo were it was just a condition that no one needed to know about and that was how they would treat Josh. It had crossed their minds that Josh's involvement with Bobby was the reason but as long as they stayed true to each other they knew it was a matter between them and no cause for concern. "So you will be keeping an eye on Josh now as well" David said following his wife down the hallway. Maddy chuckled "Oh yes, he needs a mother figure here in LA and he is a pleasure to be around". David kissed his wife "Just don't wear him out after all he came here because of Bobby and to work". "I know you keep reminding me and I promise to let him live his life, well sort of" Maddy chuckled. David smiled "Makes Liongate not such a lonely place having people here again". Daniel entered the entrance hall just as Maddy and David reached the bottom of the stairs and hearing the limo pulling up in to the courtyard. Lucy apologising for the delay as she had to check on the hotel to make sure everything was coming together for Monday and the grand opening. Maddy and Lucy found it hilarious having two David's in the house and they knew it was going to get confusing for everyone when talking, Maddy escorted Lucy to the sun room for tea before going out to the pool to meet everyone, after all she needed to gauge her feelings on the boys openly gay flaunting and antics. Lucy laughed as she took tea with Maddy secret telling her she hoped that Daniel was being more open about it since his last boyfriend had really brought him down and the unfortunate business at Thanksgiving. Maddy explained that at first he found it unconventional but with three 19 year olds running riot around the house it was hard for him not to get drawn in and free himself, they stood and walked out on to the terrace hearing the noise coming from the pool area. "Do they really run wild around here in such lovely surroundings" Lucy asked amusingly. Maddy chuckled "Yes after all this place is big enough and private for them". "I hear your having a pool party tomorrow with Nicky and Kit" Lucy asked in a questioning manner. Maddy smiled and linked her arm with Lucy "Well it is suppose to be a lunch which has gone out of control". Lucy laughed patting Maddy's hand, she had already taken a liking to her but then she never really doubted as she wanted to win the Davenports over knowing how good for business they would be. She was not one for deceit and was very open to Maddy about it in their chat whilst having tea and in return Maddy suggested using Bobby for their PR which Lucy agreed stating it made good business sense but only if Bobby could photograph the Davenports whenever they stayed at a Salinger hotel. David was already in the throng of guys chatting loudly with his trousers rolled and dangling his feet in the pool. Jordan came over and gave Lucy a kiss and hug swiftly followed by a wet Callum and Steve, she was quite surprised seeing so many gay guys in one place but her heart lifted seeing Daniel being chased by Ben and Ethan in the pool taunting each other. She met everyone suggesting they all wore name tags until Josh pointed out that they all had different coloured jock straps they could wear to make it easier. Maddy laughed telling Josh off until David chipped in and told Lucy even he had one and suggested to Lucy's husband David they pop out tomorrow and buy him one which Lucy found so funny she nearly fell in the pool. "Maddy I have no idea how you can cope with this" Lucy said sitting besides her. Maddy smirked looking at her "I was the one who brought them all jock straps". "No way, you did?" Lucy asked in amazement. Maddy chuckled "Yes, you should have seen the looks I got in the store. Champagne Lucy?" she asked. "Absolutely" Lucy said thanking her. Maddy called Pedro over "I like your style Lucy. Pedro can you bring champagne and glasses please". Pedro nodded "Of course my lady" he chuckled and scooted off and Maddy saw the strange look on Lucy's face. "Long story Lucy I will tell tonight but he is our under butler but has free range in the house" Maddy explained. Josh sulked when Maddy refused to let him have champagne until she had to relent eventually when he turned on the poor little boy act, she allowed him to have a very weak mimosa cocktail. Mark and Angelo came over letting them know they were off to meet Adam and Tony at the airport. Maddy nodded and reminded them dinner at 7pm and casual dress as they would eat on the terrace, she then called over to Mark again telling him she had put them in the room next to Jordan and Daniel. Lucy chuckled commenting that it is just like running a hotel with so many guests. Finally the pool terrace quietened down as the boys stretched out on the terrace enjoying the sun. Ethan stood over Ben "I'm taking Jordan to the gym why don't you come and work out with us" he asked him. Ben sat up "Isn't it boring?" he replied. Jordan laughed and heaved Ben off the floor on to his shoulder "Going to work out for an hour" he called to Daniel. Ben slapped Jordan's ass repeatedly "Put me down I don't want to work out" he pleaded with no effect. Mark and Angelo returned with Tony and Adam and headed straight down to the pool "Where's Ben?" Mark asked looking around. Daniel looked up "Oh Jordan dragged him to the gym with Ethan" he snickered and nodded to confirm what he said. "No way, seriously they got Ben in the gym?" Mark replied looking shocked. Angelo turned abruptly "What, they got Ben in the gym... I gotta see this" he laughed about to head off. They didn't have to wait as the three of them were walking back down to the pool with one difference, Jordan and Ethan were kind of holding Ben up as he had jelly legs from to much working out. They picked him up and placed him in the hot tub to let the jets massage his legs, Adam and Tony came over and started mocking Ben before they got around to seeing everyone else when Adam and Steve finally came face to face to say hello. Adam was pretty good at picking up signals from guys and after saying hello to each other he saw the same look he got in Barbados and read it clearly. Steve was busy talking to Tony and Mark who noticed the look being exchanged and the silence between Tony and Steve. Callum nudged Adam "I think that is going happen soon" he said nodding in the direction of Tony and Steve. Adam placed his hand on Callum's ass "Looks like it" he replied as Callum jumped slightly feeling the hand caressing his ass. Callum pushed it back resting it against his hand glancing to see a very mischievous grin on his face "Are you having a good feel?" Callum joked. "Wouldn't mind tapping this" Adam said copping even more of a feel. Callum looked at him "Tapping?" he asked then very out of character for Callum his hand slipped around and cupped Adam's cock. "You know fucking your cute British ass" Adam replied seeing Callum's eyes opening wide feeling the dense firm thickness of his own cock. Callum smirked and looked at Adam who carried on as if nothing had happened when his hand fell away. Callum sensed he would be feeling Adam's cock again but in a different way sometime soon making him smile as he turned his head to look and Adam winked at him. The pool terrace began emptying with Ben and Mark last to head inside having finally recovered from his jelly legs but strangely he enjoyed working out and was full of himself stating he would go every day and build up his body strength to finally take Ethan down or at least match him. Mark laughing but with as much intent said he would join him, they walked hand in hand up the stairs kissing as they went. Josh took off his shorts and turned the shower then stood under the rainfall shower letting the large drops of water cascade over his head as a dark foreboding ran through him. His body shuddering as he fell to his knees sobbing as the realisation finally hit him, underneath he knew what he was getting in to engaging in bareback sex but the reality of his actions began to hit home as heaps of self doubt and worry came tumbling down. He was unsure of his future now and did Bobby really love him or was he playing a game to knock him up. Conflicted in himself he sobbed harder his whole body shaking as the water poured over the crouched figure in the shower his head in his hands unable to control his sobs. Bobby finished checking over the accounts somewhat amazed by how much commission he was making just from the few pictures and articles he had sold already to the highest bidders. He stood up and undressed wondering where Josh had got to as he had been in the shower for quite some time so he must be done by now, as he reached the bathroom door he heard the sobs emitting from the shower. Panic initially set in as Bobby rushed in dreading the worst but stopped dead in his tracks, his heart sinking seeing Josh on his knees bent over crying. He turned the shower off and sat down beside Josh hugging him as close as he could trying to comfort him bringing much sorrow to himself seeing him this way. "What have I done" Josh sobbed into Bobby's neck "I don't know what I have done". Bobby stroked his head "Oh baby, please don't do this" he kissed Josh's head "I am here for you Josh". Josh sobbed "No one will want me now" he sobbed again feeling he would be left alone in the world. "I am here" Bobby said reiterating as his eyes began welling up and holding Josh firmly in his arms to reinforce his words. Josh began to quieten down "You won't leave me will you?" he asked in between sobs. Bobby kissed his head again "You are mine Josh why can't you see how much I love you, people here love you Josh no one is going to leave you". Josh's sobbing began to lessen hearing those words, his head full of turmoil and unable to see things clearly for what they really were had brought him to this point. He just needed to be told that he wouldn't be neglected like his parents had done once they knew he was gay, they didn't throw him out but told him his decision and he has to live with it, since then they had become somewhat distant and just let him get on with it. Bobby continued stroking his head as silence fell in the bathroom as the sobbing stopped. "Your my Josh, my lover and the person I hunted down from the first day I saw your cheeky confident grin behind Ethan" Bobby said. Josh sniffed "You did didn't you" he said "sort of persistent aren't you". Bobby chuckled "I knew I wanted to fuck you when I saw you, but dam you just won me over like no one else ever has". Josh looked up his eyes red from crying "I'm glad you hunted me down" he said, a smile appearing on his face. Bobby hugged him "I don't want us to go on like this any more Josh". "What do you mean?" Josh asked sounding alarmed. "Like this, I want you to want me, I have to know you are committed to me" Bobby said looking him in the eye. Josh felt something inside that seemed to tell him what he needed "Committed to you?" he replied wiping his eyes. Bobby wiped Josh's tear streaked face "Yes, no more uncertainties Josh I know what I want but do you?" he asked him looking serious. "Serious about you?" Josh asked looking in to Bobby's eyes "I moved out here for you Bobby, what else is there?" he asked. Bobby leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth "Marry me Josh" he said kissing him again "show me you want to be mine". It was a fleeting moment that seemed to hang in the air for ages as Josh heard him speaking the words, did he know if that was what he wanted. But he had agreed to move out to LA to be with Bobby, no way would he have done that if he didn't feel anything for him, but what he did feel was such a sense of happiness that was so hard to explain. A feeling that far greater than just getting fucked. Without any further hesitation Josh nodded "Oh god yes" he hardly spoke before Bobby kissed him. They kissed more intimately than they had ever done so before lasting a few minutes before Josh pulled his head away and bobby stroked his face smiling. Josh kissed him gently on the mouth then lowered his head until he reached Bobby's semi hard cock, his lips kissing along the shaft until he reached the head slipping his lips around it he gently caressed in smooth delectable movements, feeling it grow instantly in his mouth nearly causing him to gag. Slowly he increased the pressure around Bobby's cock introducing a light suction as he continued, he heard Bobby moaning the words 'oh fuck', he felt the pulsing and his mouth filling with Bobby's seed as he was unable to contain himself. Josh pulled off and kissed Bobby deeply passing the cum between them and letting it dribble down their chins before licking it back up to each others mouth and finally kissing deeply. Bobby pulled Josh up "You are a dirty boy" he chuckled "and so full of surprises" he smiled. Josh looked at him "Me" he smirked "I'm not the one with cum in my beard" snickering as he turned. "Very funny and that's why I love you so much" Bobby replied slapping him gently on the ass. Josh turned on the shower standing underneath he pulled Bobby forward "I love you Bobby". Bobby kissed him still tasting the saltiness of his cum in Josh's mouth giggled 'good' he said as they showered each other, his heart soaring hearing Josh finally say the words he wanted to hear from him and quietly overcome with emotion he wrapped his arms around Josh holding him close as the water rushed over them rinsing the soap off. Bobby reached over and turned the faucet off and looked Josh in the eye 'okay' he asked quietly, Josh nodded and cuddled up to Bobby resting his head against his wet neck 'happy' was all he said. They both looked at each other hearing a voice coming from their bedroom muttering 'I have to walk round this massive house to hurry you two up, your not answering your phone, now where on earth are you' they both looked at each other recognising it was Ben and broke out in fits of giggles. "Oh there you are" Ben said entering the bathroom "you better hurry up or you will be late". Bobby turned his head "Were coming Ben" he said seeing Ben peer closer at him. "Looks like someone did, you still got some in your beard" he laughed loudly as he left the bathroom. Josh wiped the spot on his beard chuckling "All clean" he said feeling Bobby's hands cupping his ass cheeks. Privately they agreed to hold off telling anyone until after the hotel opening night. Josh somehow felt like a different person as if a new page was being turned that would dramatically change his life.
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    Chapter II We seemed to have a perfect relationship. Both working at jobs we loved, great place to live, wonderful times together, sex that was out of this world for us both. We loved watching porn and then somewhat recreating it together, although we were now at a point where all we watched was BB porn, we still used condoms with each other. It was a dream come true. We were now both out of school and working for about 2 years now. Going smoothly. My nursing job was at a clinic that catered to mostly gays. We had a few friends, not many, but plenty for us as we were not partiers anyway and only a few drinks here and there. Just nice comfortable and easy going lifestyle. Then one day, Nigel, stopped to pick up a new dvd for us to watch. Don't remember the title, but he had thought it was just another BB movie for us to enjoy. It was a Friday night, so it was kind of our 'date' night. We went out to eat, then to a club to have a quick drink and dance a little and say hi to a couple of friends. Then home to watch the movie and make love together. We got home and fixed a couple of drinks and went to watch our new vid. It started out basically like most, a somewhat boring uninteresting meeting of a couple of guys. They went back to one of their places for all intents and purposes for hot sex. Mainly the usual French kissing as they disrobed each other next to the usual almost bare bed. Then the usual groping of each other and both ending up in a 69 with probably the top being on top of course. Somewhat boring to this point other than both men were built and damn hot looking. As per usualy the top having the bigger of the two cocks, lol. Then slowly, the top withdraws his cock from the bottom's mouth and keeping his on the other cock, slowly turns around. Then withdrawing his mouth off of the bottoms cock, crawls between his legs and lifts them up over his shoulders. Then the top starts to rim the bottom to get his hole lubed with spit only. He gets a little verbal at this point telling the bottom he is going to BB him and dump his load up his ass. The bottom seems to love it and says do me. Then as the top takes his tongue out of the bottoms ass, he lowers it down till he can look the guy in the eyes and tell him to get ready. As he moves forward to impale the bottoms hole the camera pans around till it appears to be the viewpoint of the bottom watching that huge cock come towards him. There, just above the tops, cock is THE TATTOO. A biohazard symbol that we all know the meaning of. Nigel and I gasp and look at each other. This was something we had never contemplated at all, Nigel whispered that he had no idea what this movie was. The toxic cock begins to enter the bottom and the camera angle changes again to let us see the entire length going in. The top hesitated only a few seconds and then begins to pount the bottoms hole as fast and hard as he can. This goes on for about 15 minutes until the top suddenly drives deep and tells the bottom he is coming and pozzing his ass good. No pulling out and coming mostly on the bottoms ass and then reinserting like so many other vids do. All the toxic cum deep inside and then just a few drops dripping out when the cock is withdrawn. Both top and bottom have huge smiles on their faces when done and then the vid is over. Nigel and I look at each other in disbelief, but when we both look down we see that we are both hard as a rock. We soon are making out and then I put on a condom, like normal and I fuck him hard and don't stop till i have dumped two loads in the condom and Nigel has also cum twice. We then fall asleep in each others arms after one of the hottest fucks we had ever had.
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    Part 1 It was the middle of the night and I awoke to the sounds of my son Matthew fumbling in the dark trying to find his flip-flops in our dark rv. "Sorry, Dad. I gotta go take a shit," he remarked as he slid his feet into his sandals, heading out the door. This was not unusual, as the campground where we were staying didn't have hookups, so we used the camp toilets which were really just outhouses. It was also not unusual for him to run off shirtless. He hardly ever wore a shirt unless absolutely necessary, but I certainly understood his aversion to shirts: at just one month shy of 20, he was in his prime. He had just finished his freshman year at university where he was on the football team. Not that he had actually played any games yet, but he still had to train hard, and keep fit. And boy did he. At 6'2", he was a tight 190 lbs of head-turning perfection. All the ladies drooled over his curly brown hair, which he kept a respectable shaggy length. His profile showed a strong nose, a stronger jawline, and plump lips that were absolutely enticing. In addition his broad he sported tan, wide shoulders, chiseled, smooth pecs, a narrow waist, perfectly formed, round ass, oh, and his strong legs were lightly covered in dark hair. The only other hair on his body was a light treasure trail, and his dark, bushy pits. His facial hair hadn't really started coming in very heavy, and he still had rosy cheeks which suggested a boyish glow to his face. Then his eyes. Oh my gosh, his big blue eyes framed in thick dark lashes. His mother's eyes. That's what drew me to her first, so many years ago. But how times change. She's still a wonderful person, we just are more like friends now. Still married, just cause it's easier financially, but that's it. The sex ended years ago, and we've had separate bedrooms for quite a while. She says I snore too loud. Of course it doesn't help that she put on a hundred pounds since our wedding. But I do have my sexual releases. Unkown to my wife, I've always been bisexual, and have had a long time fling with my best friend Brian down the street. We keep each other satisfied. Me? Well, I'm not too bad for 43. I'm six feet, and weigh in at 195 pounds. I work out, usually with Matthew, but still am treading the dad bod territory a bit. My salt and pepper hair and distinguished beard certainly help me. I was in the army for 20 years stationed right here, so I receive a pension, and in addition I sell cars. So all in all, things are pretty good. Matthew still lives at home, which I like, if only as it saves money. Matthew was never much of a party kid, instead he was a genuinely pleasant kid, which meant we gave him all the freedom he wants. Living in our basement bedroom, Matthew uses a private entrance to the basement, and we don't frown on his friends staying over. My wife never joins us on our camping trips, she hates it, so it's always been something special my son and I do. I have always treasured our trips, especially now he's almost a grown man. "Dammit," I mumbled to myself. "The fucking power of suggestion. Now I gotta shit!" I grumbled as I put my own flip-flops on and headed into the night, but not before I pulling on a shirt. Walking down the gravel path toward the shitters, I enjoyed the pure peace of a mountain night, however as the outhouses came into sight, I could hear whispering. Specifically, I heard two male voices. Now, at first glance that wouldn't be unusual, although the hour was very late, but when I realized the conversation was occurring within the outhouses, and further realized I wasn't really hearing a dialogue, but rather I was hearing grunting, and panting. You know: sex sounds. When I reached the toilets, I definitely heard a man ask "Yeah, you like that you little slut? You like taking that cock like a bitch?" And I heard another man say, "Yeah, fuck me. I AM a nasty slut! I want your cum in my ass!" IT WAS MATTHEW!! Oh my fucking God! My son was getting dicked in a dirty, smelly outhouse! I froze, not knowing what to do. Should I bang on the door? Should I slip away? My heart pounded as I tried to quickly digest what was happening. My little boy, my Matthew, was getting fucked by a total stranger. And he was liking it. No, he was LOVING it!! He was begging for it. The man fucking him was calling him nasty, degrading things, and my son was pleading for more! I couldn't move, I was transfixed. It was like a car wreck, I couldn't turn away. Then I realized, I didn't WANT to turn away. My cock was rock hard in my shorts. What the fuck? Listening to my son get used turned me on? I had never thought of my son like that! Sure, I could recognize his physical beauty, but I never thought of him sexually. Now that's ALL I could think about. Imagining what he looked like right now, taking a cock up his ass made my own cock ache. Listening to their filthy talk and animal noises made me want to join them. I wanted to be the one fucking Matthew right now! I could hear the man say, "I'm gonna cum slut. Gonna fill you up with a huge load!" Then Matthew begging for it. "Oh fuck yeah! Breed me! I'm a fucking cumdump. That's what I'm for!" That's when I high-tailed it back to our rv, shit or no shit. But before I was out of hearing range I heard the top grunt as he shot his load into my son's hole, to which Matthew moaned in appreciation as his guts were filled with sperm. Now out of breath and my heart racing, I jumped into our rv, kicked-off my sandals as I decided how I would respond to what I had learned. Should I confront him? Should I pretend nothing had happened? While I recognized ignoring what I learned would be the course most parents would take, a voice in my mind suggested 'This could be a golden opportunity. You have the power over him right now'. I had to ask myself, however, if that was what I wanted, recognizing Matthew could freak-out, permanently damaging our relationship, but I also considered Matthew had begged that strange man to use him. "Fuck it!" I thought, as I ripped off my shorts and climbed under my covers, "my son is obviously a cock hungry slut!" Some ten minutes passed before Matthew finally returned, long enough for my breathing and heart rate to return to normal, but not long enough to lose my hardon, or my nerve. "Everything come out okay, son?" I asked as he climbed inside. "Huh, oh, yeah. Just a little constipated, you know," he replied kicking off his flip-flops and crawling under his blankets on our bed. I could smell the sex on him and my cock ached more. "Good night, Dad," he murmured as he lay facing away from me. I waited a few seconds, then inched closer to him. I could feel him tense up as I pulled his blanket up and pulled mine off. The smell of fresh sperm hit me like a mac truck, making my dick pulse. I slid my body next to his as he froze in fear, not sure what to expect. I leaned into his ear as I touched the wet spot where cum had leaked out and whispered, "I know." "Dad......"he started to say. "Shh shh shh," I silenced him, as I pulled the elastic waist band of his shorts down. "It's okay, Matty. Daddy's not mad that you're a little cockwhore." I lightly rubbed his freshly fucked assring, feeling the slimy goo. Matthew moaned a little bit. "Daddy's just disappointed he didn't get it first," slipping two fingers into my son. He moaned a tad louder, so I let him know "But it's okay. Daddy loves sloppy seconds." I slid my fingers into his mouth so he could taste his ass. Then I instructed "Now, pull down your shorts." Matthew complied, removing his shorts, revealing his own throbbing erection. He may have his mother's eyes, but he has his daddy's dick. Before now, I had never seen it erect, but it was a carbon copy of mine. Not thick, but about eight inches long, uncircumcised, and with a wicked curve that could hit all the places inside. "Did you cum?" He shook his head yes, unable to speak. "And you're rock hard again? I guess you truly are a slut." He just shook his head again. I pulled back my foreskin and placed the head of my cock against his wet hole. "Good," I said as I slid my cock slowly into my son. "Daddy wants his little boy to be a good slut for him." Matthew moaned in approval as I buried my bone all the way in his warm, wet, hungry fuck chute, pressing it hard into his prostate. I just held it there as I whispered, "no more secrets." "No more secrets," Matthew returned. I began to saw my cock in and out of my boy's hungry pussy, pushing hard into his prostate as he let out little grunts and moans, obviously loving that his Dad was finally fucking his slutty hole. He reached to jerk his erect cock, but I slapped his hands away, growling into his ear, "No, don't touch your cock, boy until I tell you to." "I'm sorry Sir." He whispered. His natural submissiveness only made my cock swell more in his ass. I wrapped my arms around him, grabbing his hands and squeezed him tight against my body. He squeezed my hands back as he squeezed his glorious asslips around my cock, eliciting a throaty growl from deep inside me. My son definitely had a talented cunt. I knew I wasn't going to last long with his man pussy milking my cock, as I slid in and out of his cum slick chute. Knowing another man's cock had just been in my son, fucking him, using him, cumming in him was too much for my brain to handle. I knew I was close. "Tell me what you want son," I whispered in his ear, "tell your Dad what his nasty, slutty, cumdump of a son wants. Tell me what you are, boy." "I want your cum, Daddy," he whispered back in short gasps as I pounded his prostate hard. "I want you to use me as a cum receptacle. I was born to be fucked and used. I'm a slut, Dad, I'm just a cumdump. Shoot your load in my ass, Dad. Do it. I want your seed in me." That did it. Hearing my son begging for my load pushed me over the edge. I buried my cock as deep as I could in my boy and let out a long, deep moan as my dick throbbed and flexed, pumping what I knew was a huge load into my slut's guts, mixing with the load the other man dumped in him not even a half hour earlier. "Oh Matty," I moaned as his ass muscles milked all the cum out of me. "Daddy's going to be using this hole a lot from now on." "Yessssss," he softly hissed in reply.
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    Chapter V After some small talk, quite awkward really. Randy soon left and seemed quite sorry about what he had done with Nigel. Nigel was quite contrite, also, and apologized to me profusely. I told him not to worry about it as although I was jealous, it had been hot as hell to watch them. I didn't mention the tattoo though as I wanted to think about that a bit. The scene of Randy's huge black cock and his dark skin compared to Nigel's very pale skin was an image I could not get out of my mind. I was wondering what it would look like with that BBC fucking my very pale twink boyfriend's ass and filling if full ov cum. We always fucked with condoms, but I wondered what it would look like with Nigel's beautiful ass dripping cum. Then I was thinking, OMG, it can't happen because Randy is POZ. Damn, I found myself getting so hard it hurt. I almost raped Nigel's hole when we went to bed. The next few days flew by fast. We did keep in touch with Randy. I fucked Nigel like a madman during this time. Friday night arrived and the day before we had found out that Randy had a rare Friday night off and invited him over for dinner again. We had actually went to the restaurant where he worked on Thursday evening. While there, Nigel was flirting almost uncontrollably with Randy who returned it just as much. We did find our that, although Randy was single, he did have somewhat of a crush on another waiter there named Justin. We did see him too, and he was another twink almost identical to Nigel, only he was black. His build was almost identical to my boyfriend and hot looking as hell too. We didn't extend our invite to him as Randy told us he hadn't approached Justin yet to see if he was interested in dating yet. Randy had told us he was going to bring another bottle of wine and one of his own favorite videos for us to watch. We could hardly wait for Fridayl evening to get here. Nigel was almost flying high about it, while I was looking forward to it also, but with some worry too. What if they started to make out and got carried away like last time. Would I, or could I, stop it Did I even want to, knowing Randy was poz and they hadn't even thought about a condom last time. If Randy tried to fuck Nigel could I get them to wrap it up, did I even want Randy's poz bbc wrapped or did I want to see my loved one take a chance on getting pozzed? What a dilemma. Randy arrived a little early, again, carrying a nice bottle of wine and a couple of dvds for us to watch. Nigel was cooking tonight so Randy and I went to the TV room. We had a gass of wine and put one of the vids in to watch until dinner was ready. My mouth fell open from the start of it. The first images were 3 bbc guys and all had biohazards tats just above their cocks. On then bed was a clim cute white twink tied down with his legs in the air and spread wide and his hole lubed and ready. Each of the black guys had cocks that looked to be at the smallest to be close to 10 inches long. As I watched, the first guy walked up to the twink and just rammed his cock in deep in one thrust. The twink groaned but didn't scream. The cock plowed in deep and immediately started a fast and hard fuck. Unlike many pornos this fuck only lasted about 2 minutes and the bbc guy told him he was cumming a huge poz load in his ass. I found my own cock had gotten as hard as a rock. Nigel then yelled to us that our meal was ready. As like last time, Nigel and Randy flirted a lot while we ate. This time, though, they both seemed to pay more attention to me. I found myself actually becoming more at ease with the flirting as I was sure nothing would come of it. We finished quickly and found that we had completely drained the bottle of wine. Luckily, Nigel and I actually kept up a nice small bar for entertaining. It was no problem to replenish our drinks as we went to the TV room. When we got into the room, Randy went right to the dvd player and took out the vid in it and put in the second one he had brought. We took basically the same seats we had last time. I vowed to myself to keep an eye on those two so it didn't get out of hand like last time. The movie started andit was, again, another BB poz vid. OMG, I had hoped it wasn't anything but BB. Too late now I guess. Almost immediately on the screen were two nude twinks almost like twins for Nigel and me in a way. They were soon joined by a marvelous specimen of a man, similar to Randy. BBC with a huge biohazard tattoo on his stomach and a scorpion tat that almost covered his entire chest with a dripping stinger. I heard Nigel gasp at the sight and I had, too. That BBC man approached one of the twinks and picking him up, planted a huge kiss on him. Putting him down he then pushed him to his knees and told the twink to start sucking him. As the twink gulped the BBC into his mouth, the other twink was grabbed and lifted up for a kiss. The only difference was that as they kissed, the poz man ran his hand into the twinks ass crack and the camera showed him ram two fingers up the twinks ass roughly. For some reason, this vid was turning me on terribly. The poz man backed off of the twink sucking him, and lowered the other one down and onto his huge hard cock, withdrawing his fingers and driving his cock deep into him I was rock hard and turned to see how Randy and Nigel were doing. Like last time, they were entwined together, kissing deeply and Randy's hand was again down the back of Nigels' shorts, which were halfway down his thighs. Nigel was stroking Randy's huge POZ BBC, slowly and from his moans, I just knew that Randy had at least one finger up Nigel's butt. I spoke up then, asking what the heck they thought they were doing? They broke apart quickly and guiltily. They moved apart a little and started to watch the movie. I was satisfied that it was done and turned to watch the movie which showed the poz guy just cumming in the twink and telling the other one to get ready as he was going to be fucked good next. He threw the other twink on the bed, spread his legs and rammed his huge cock into him in one mammoth thrust. This was so hot, I found myself rubbing my own small cock from it. I glanced over to our couch, again, and found that Randy and Nigel were both now completely nude with Nigel almost laying down with his legs spread wide and Randy between them and deep kissing again. I could see that Randy's cock was like a bar of steel between them and he had what looked like 3 of his fingers up Nigel's ass and one of his hands holding Nigel's leg up in the air and caressing his foot in a sensual massage. Nigel was moaning in ecstacy. I could not believe my eyes. I yelled at them again, wanting to know what the hell? They ignored me completely. I got up and almost ran to the couch and before I realized what I was saying, blabbed about the tattoo on Randy's back to Nigel. They both, either ignored me or were too far gone in lust. Randy seemed to be getting ready to penetrate Nigel's ass with his poz bbc.. I was in a panic and turned and went to the end table and opened the drawer. I grabbed a condom and turned back to them, seeing Randy rubbing his precum dripping cock on Nigel's hole. I ran over and thrust the condom in Randy's face, telling him he needed to put this on. He took it and dropped it on the floor. He then leaned back a little and grabbed my hand, pulling me closer and placing my hand against his giant cock. He pressed my fingers as far around it as he could and leaned forward guiding his cock and my hand towards Nigel's hole. As the tip hit against the opening, he let go of my hand and whispered for me to decide which direction it was going to go. I looked down into Nigel's eyes, they were filled with lust and longing, and he nodded to me. I found myself guiding and even pushing Randy's POZ BBC into Nigel's hole. As it sank in deeper and deeper, Randy reached between them and pulled my hand away. He reached up and pulled my head down, planting a big kiss on my lips. As we broke apart, I looked down to see that the entire length of his cock was buried deep into my love's ass. I gasped at the sight and looked up to see absolute amazement on Nigel's face. Then Randy started to fuck him. His astonishment at the amount of cock going in and out of him was wild. I was scared to death but also so turned on, my hard cock was almost in pain. Nigel was moaning in pleasure uncontrollably. Randy pounded his hole fast and hard. I could not fathom how he could take all of that monster cock like he was. The fucking went on and on for a good 1/2 hour. Then, like in the porn video, Randy told Nigel he was going to cum and give him his gift of poz cum. As Randy said that, my cock blew a huge load all over his back. Nigel seemed to be cumming between them from the sounds he was making. It was one of the hottest things i had ever been a part of. OMG, my safe sex love of my life and I had put the poz, no condom, cock into his hole with my own hand. I was now wondering what the hell I had done and and was Randy's load undetectable or hvl. I had to ask and the reply shocked both Nigel and me when Randy told us it was probably very high as he had been POZ for about 1 1/2 years and had never done meds. Nigel eyes were even bigger than mine at that pronouncement
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    Part 4 Damm, The printer up here won't connect to the computer since I messed with it." Dad’s out, I can use his, I know the password. I didn't know why, but the thought of this spooked me, I felt wrong about using Dads computer without his knowledge or permission, especially since, me being his son, I imagined Dads computer was used for one reason. But I was addicted as to what excited him? I would be able to see what Dad did in his alone time. One click would show me everything he was into. I don’t know why, but I needed to know. As I thought about it my boxer-briefs slowly began to feel tighter and tighter, would dad prefer the type of movies I myself sometimes watched when I was alone?. The type of movies that women appeared in?, Gangbangs?gloryholes? all sorts flashed through my mind, I was rock hard. I crept into Dads bedroom, It had an overpowering, yet not at all unpleasant aroma of sweat and musk,and masculinity; last time I was here, I fucked my father in this bed, his bed!!, anyway The laptop was closed on his desk. The chair was pushed away from the desk: the perfect position to have one hand on the keyboard, and the other doing something else. I imagined Dad sitting there, with his robe open watching a gay bareback orgy perhaps, some sweat slowly moving down through the small patch of dark hair between his pecs. Slowly dripping down his toned body, great physique from his rugby playing days, ending in a thick mat of wiry black pubes, while he wanked his throbbing cock to satisfaction. My cock which had swollen to its full capacity was begging to be released from my jeans almost cumming in my pants. Reflecting....Had I become sick? This was my Dad who again I imagined blowing his load. What was wrong with me? I was thinking about some weird twisted shit, that's all. Anyway, as usual my cock and lust led me on and I made my way to the computer and opened up Safari and noticed the history button. I felt butterflies and a twinge in my groin. My cock was slowly dripping to the point where the tip was touching the wet spot where pre-cum had oozed out a few minutes before. One quick look I thought, I needed to know I didn't realize it, but as I dragged the mouse and clicked, I was scared and I had held my breath. My dick was growing faster now... OMG.....Nothing. No history to show!!!!. The only item was the website Ebay. Damn,got out of Safari and was about to turn off the laptop when I noticed the Chrome icon in the bar at the bottom of the screen. Hadn't Dad always told me to use Chrome instead of Internet Explorer? Maybe this was his preferred browser. I hadn't even had to check the history to see what Dad was looking at. Dad apparently hadn't closed out of the window after his last jerk session. The site that he favoured was BBRT and RawTop. I knew what Dad had come to these sites for. Rubbing my cock underneath my jeans, I clicked on the history icon, this time confident I would find something. What I saw instead almost made me blow my load in my pants then and there. "Incest" was the category he preferred. "Dad has Needs", "My son Rob", "My Dad and Me". While I was imagining Dad jerking off, to be honest I didn't know how to feel about this. Seeing it in print, I kinda felt wrong, dirty. But deep down, something about this felt so right, It felt so Right..... I had a further shock before I closed the computer with what i saw , is he really into this???? I decided I would never think about this again. Dad was just sex deprived I had already decided. Getting laid was all he needed to get rid of these nasty thoughts But later that night I closed my eyes and all I could think about was my Dads cock and arse, and what I had just found on his laptop. Now what do I need to do. .............
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    “DOES THAT RAW DICK FEEL GOOD BOY? IS THAT WHAT YOU NEEDED?” The bottom had tried crawling forward, his body reacting to the infectious AIDS T-Bone I had just shoved in his booty hole - dry. He didn’t get far. His doggy masked head shook from side to side as his manicured pink nails - hidden inside his puppy costumed paws - tried to hold their grip on the edge of the bed. “GET BACK HERE BOY! STAY!” I snarled as I yanked my dick out of his rare hole, grabbed his wrists, dragged him back to where I wanted, and then mounted him again. My POZ drip mixing with his bloody hole was all the lube the pup needed. The pup’s dog tags jangled and jingled. “FEEL THAT BIG DICK KNOTTING YOU BOY?” He might have said something, but then arched his back and yelped like a good pup when I yanked out and slammed back in. I yanked out again, took a second to admire his furry little hole - surrounded by a touch of pink, now red, skin. His hole was the only thing on his body not covered by his pup costume, which was just fine by me. All I needed was someplace to bury my AIDS T-BONE. “BIG AIDS DICK IN THAT ASS BOY - FUCKING YOUR PUPPY HOLE!” The boy bucked, I laughed, grabbed the back of his collar, slid the fingers of both hands underneath and twisted and pulled back. The pup bucked and yelped and my AIDS T-BONE buried a little deeper. “I GOT A SHIT LOAD OF HOT AIDS GRAVY FOR THAT PUP HOLE BOY - FULL OF VIRUS KIBBLES AND BITS!” His little paws were useless. I turned my head to the left and admired myself in the full length mirrors he had on the wall. The small lenses of his two video cameras were not easy to detect, but I made sure they got the shots. I hope he enjoyed watching this later. I hope he enjoyed seeing my wasted body, the skin that hung slightly off my muscles, the ribs that showed in my chest, my hollowed out cheeks and lesioned skin. “THAT’S IT - WHIMPER FOR ME PUP. MY AIDS T-BONE DICK IS FILLING THAT ASS UP - TURNING YOU INTO A FULL FLEDGED BITCH!” The pup gurgled his agreement as I twisted the collar tighter and started to long dick that ass with deeper, filling, stretching and wrecking strokes! I had been eyeing the pup online for a while now. I knew his habits, his secret desires, his voyeuristic pleasures. I knew he liked to secretly record and live stream anonymous dick fucking him. I knew he always insisted on safe sex only - something which he was not only vocal about, but condescending to those who held a different approach to life. “I’M YOUR AIDS SIRE PUP! UNMEDICATED DADDY DOG DICK SLICKING UP YOUR LITTLE HOLE - BUSTING IT OPEN WITH MY BIG KNOT - THAT FORESKIN SLIDING BACK, GETTING READY FOR MY POZ NUTT TO SPADE AND FIX YOU!” A loud, clear, yelp escaped the pup’s lips as I tore open a new path of destruction in his guts. I pressed down on his shoulder blades with my left hand, turned my body clockwise with my dick still buried deep in his furry ass. We formed an AIDs’ cross, ready for his crucifixion. I took my right hand and pushed his right leg outward so his hips raised up a bit, giving me head on access to his sidewalls. “YEAH BOY, PLAYING FETCH. TAKING MY AIDS T-BONE SMACK IN THEM ASS WALLS. OPENING THAT FURRY HOLE SO WHEN MY BALLS MAKE YOU PREGNANT THERE WILL BE LOTS OF BRUISED AND BLOODY SPOTS FOR THEM BABIES TO HOOK UP TO!” The pup’s hole was smearing my dick good now, creaming for my AIDS T-BONE. I yanked out, the pup’s body spasmed from the sudden evacuation, and I easily rotated my position. I used my right hand now to press down between his shoulders keeping his body on the bed and adjusted his left leg and held it so I could damage the other side of his ass walls. The pup’s whimpering told me he was hungry. “GOOD PUP READY TO SUCKLE SOME POZ MILK OUT? GET THAT ASS BACK HERE - THAT’S IT - RIGHT ON THE END OF THE BED AND DROP THEM LITTLE HIND LEGS DOWN. I’M GOING TO DRIVE MY AIDS T-BONE RIGHT UP THAT HOLE AND SQUIRT MY VIRAL MILK! GOOD PUP - TAKE THIS AIDS T-BONE! FEEL IT PUP? FEEL THAT KNOT SWELL? YEAH WHIMPER FOR ME LIKE A GOOD PUPPY - WHIMPER FOR ME AS YOUR SIRE BREEDS YOU - BEG FOR MY POZ MILK! BEG FOR IT PUP - BEG FOR IT - FILLING YOUR PUP ASS UP YOU FUCKING BITCH! FILLING YOU UP!” A couple of hours later I got up my nap. Filling a NEG hole up is always the best thing to get me set for a long nap out in hammock in the afternoon sun. I wiped the sweat from my brow, adjusted my eyes, and pulled up the pup’s homepage. Fuck yeah! Folks had liked our scene and had rated it five WOOFS! Lots of comments about ‘what a great set up’, ‘hot role play’, the ‘realistic fake fluids’. I’d give pup a couple days. He’ll come scratching at my door begging to be let in and when he does, I’ll be ready. (*From the author: If you like the story let me know - post a reply or give a reputation. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read these stories and for the continued support!)

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