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    Safe Sex Only Advertisement (Part 1) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** My friends and I met on a friday night in one of those gay leather bars. We knew each other for quite a while and were comfortable with us being positive through and through. It was for us quite a sport to convert innocent guys, but times are rough with all the prep around. And all of a sudden Brian ‘happened’. Brian was a cute blonde angelic twink, who had the goal to prevent other guys from practicing unsafe sex. The night he came to our table, he greeted us friendly and asked if we would enjoy the evening. Probably all of us got an instant hard-on. There he appeared, like an angel on the borderline to hell and we were sitting in the shadows, lurking for his innocence. Of course we asked him for which organization he volunteered. ‘None’ was his answer. That made us curious and so we started our conversation which led Brian to take a seat at our table and tell us about his story. After introducing ourselves we moved on. “So…. Brian. It is interesting to meet you. I mean such a young guy working on such an important subject is not so usual” Brian beamed and was willing to tell us about his reasons. “I didn’t come out to my parents yet. I mean… with 18 I just didn’t find the right moment to open up.” We nodded understandingly getting probably wet spots on our jeans from our leaking dicks already. “Then I met another guy on a chat. That was a year ago, but he used me only and since we had bareback sex I was very scared about HIV and stuff” he continued. “Understandable and so grown-up” “I see it as my duty to the gay community to warn them about the risks of getting stuff you know?” he blabbered. “Of course it is” we agreed wholeheartedly. I could see all my chaps were already in the hunting mode. It was our time to make the next move now and so I opened with a made-up story about an advertising company who was looking for male models, to star in an HIV commercial. He listened to my lies – in which we had found a twink-model, but that the guy turned out to be positive and since we would record dangerous scenes it was not justified to endanger our other active participants. We had to fire this guy and so the big deal was off and we would probably lose our jobs by the end of next week. “Why? I mean it is not your fault that your star was sick.” “But our bosses won’t care if we are guilty or not. They want to see results. It is a tough business…” we expressed with sad eyes. “Hey…. aaaaw… forget it” a pal of mine (Mark) interfered. “What is it?” the little angel wanted to know. “You would be ideal for the role of the innocent twink. You look young and would fit into age gap we want to reach with the advertisement” he explained. It was only one way he could react and that was with a polite rejection. “That’s too bad – see you could safe some of your twink friends with this add, instead of coming to bars or clubs. I bet people try to hit on you. You know what I mean? Your issue is so honorable and still there are so many guys out here who try to get into your pants. With this add it would be different you know? Yeah – they would see your cute face of course, but they would see the message behind it” Then he revealed his true problem. Since he wasn’t out of the closet, he was scared his parents or neighbors or probably his friends would see this. That was the reason he was scared about mostly. “Uhm… we work for an international advertising company with a european branch” and we explained to him, that this spot was only for the european market. We assured him, that it wouldn’t be shown in the US. “It won’t be even shown on the internet, only in certain cinemas in the opening credits, because of its open sexual content.” another friend of mine (Oliver) explained. “But we are dealing with a serious subject here” I added. “Guys… guys… our other models are gone too. The active studs – remember?” the third pal (Morton) mentioned. “Damn he is right… although, we could take the part. We are active and well hung and we are all negative” With that I assured him again we would be healthy and all over nine inches. “Our company would pay you and your time of course. The checks could be payable to you. All we need is your address and last name. We would handle the rest then. “Uhm… how much would I get…. if I am willing to participate in the educational spot” Brian asked and was obviously ashamed of bringing the subject of payment to the table. “Depends on how long we work on you and how much you are willing to do – we could explain that all to you, but only if you are actually interested” I told him. Of course he understood, that it would be a waste of time explaining all this, if he wouldn’t want to do it anyway and so he signaled to us, that he would love to a part in this advertisement. That was a great offer and after some exchange we welcomed him happily on our team. “What do I have to do?” he asked innocently. “Well – we need two days for this shoot. First we would film all the risky scenes, the bareback and stuff” we explained. “Bareback? No way! That is way too dangerous.” he revolted. We had to realize, that we didn’t have a young and good looking twink at our table, but also a stupid one and so it was necessary to get him back where he belonged. On our POZ cocks. “Actually our company requires an HIV and STD test every four weeks. You are the high risk factor here. You are young and attractive – it is highly possible, that you are sick already!” “No way – I had only one boyfriend and he was the only one getting into me without a condom. And since we broke up, I waited my share of time and made a test and it came out negative.” Brian answered. “See – and that is why, we are willing to take the risk with you, since we are totally positive about being healthy too” I confused him. “Do you guys have a studio?” he asked. The little brat caught us but Tim came to our rescue. “Our budget is big enough to rent a studio but our clients in europe want the spot as real as possible – so we wanted to start with some shoots here in the bar and then in a cheap hotel down the street. Only if it looks authentic, people will probably recognize the scheme and avoid this situation in future.” Brian nodded understandingly and mentioned that there are so many dangerous places around to be fucked up with HIV. “There are so many filthy toilets or guys get infected because the fuck around in a back seat of a car” he added. We agreed on that and discussed if we should do some sequels on the toilets but Morton argued against it. He brought us back to our client’s wishes (a lie: there was no client) and said it had to be a casual meeting between a boy slut and some POZ studs. “Too bad we only got our high definition mobile cams with us (a lie: we referred to the cams of our mobile phones). Our other gear is in our hotel and this is on the other side of the town. Those mobile cams are property of our company and they are really good” we fabricated but Brian believed every word we said by now. Almost like old friends we ordered him a beer and clinked glasses. He refused at first, since he didn’t like alcohol at all, but we convinced him to drink with us. In the end we had something to celebrate. He asked us to be kind to him. He had no experience with being an actor. “Of course – and remember it is all a reference to dangerous sex acts. We will penetrate you of course, but we are not shooting a porn movie or so. It will be still tasteful and show only the hint of risky behavior. If the scenes are too much hardcore after all, they will be edited anyways. So don’t worry about it.” We would explain every scene to him before shooting it. It was only important for him to know, that on the first night we would record the scheduled ‘unsafe’ scenes and on the other night we would do the ‘safe’ scenes and the contract between him and our fake company would be signed. The second night would never happen though. After another glass of whiskey, we decided it was time to set off. Brian was a little bit tipsy and as we left the bar, two of us helped Brian to walk straight. It was a funny sight. He looked so small and thin. His 5.4 foot and our over 6 foot tall bodies would make a nice contrast. I couldn’t wait to shoot my toxic load into his small and tight ass…
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    For most of the drive Peter was on his phone, which was not unusual just odd since we were heading to Palm Springs for a vacation. It was my first time visiting, but Peter had been so many times before we got together he'd lost count. He told me about all the gay clothing optional resorts, which he had visited, but I was a little shy and just wanted to stay at a nice hotel. When we arrived and I found our hotel, I was taken back. It looked like a hotel that you would rent by the hour. “Peter, are you sure this is the right hotel? The only word for this place is 'sleazy'. “Yeah, it was the only one I could find in our price range,” he replied. We checked in and went to our room, and damn, sure enough the place was a dump. Peter told me to clean up, he was going to go get some alcohol so we could play. “Did you pack the condoms?” I asked. “Yeah” he answered as he walked out the door. We had to play safe with each other as I was negative and Peter was poz. He was poz when I met him and we still got together although my friends warned me it wouldn't work. I went about my business of preparing for our fun. After an hour I started to worry a bit. I know he knows Palm Springs, but did he get lost. Still I kept to my tasks, and sure enough, an hour or so later, Peter opened the door. “Hey I got a surprise for you.” “Yeah? Was I a good boy?” I asked. “Yes, you were,” he laughed. “Oh boy....” We always enjoyed playful banter, even if sometimes a little on the goofy side. “No just relax and go with it,” Peter continued. “What did you do?" “I got an escort for some fun,” he answered. “I wanna watch him fuck you.” “I don't know....” “He's got a big cock.” Well, that was an easy decision. “Okay, but he has to wear a condom.” “He only fucks safe babe, relax” Peter said, “plus we don't have to worry about what people will say, which you always worry about. We aren't at home so no one knows us here.” I nodded in agreement. Peter smiled in satisfaction as he opened the door to admit a big muscle man. He stud was stunningly hot, and immediately stripped, advertising his wares, pulled his tank over his head, giving a glimpse of his deep pits and massive chest and arms. Seeing both Peter and I were appreciative of his build, he flexed and posed for us. “You like?” he asked, directing his question specifically at me. I nodded yes. “Wanna see more handsome man?” he asked. “Yes” I said with my mouth suddenly going dry. He hooked his thumbs into his waistband of his gym shorts. The front was already poking forward from his hard cock inside. “You wanna pull them off me?” he asked. “Go on, do it” Peter said as he stripped off his clothes. I got up and went to escort, who took me in his arms and kissed me, our tongues dancing in each other's mouth. I could feel my cock swelling up inside my towel. He pulled off my lips and put his big hands on my shoulders, gently pushing down, urging “On your knees." I slowly dropped to my knees, taking his chest and abs in as I went down. This man was a living god. Once on my knees, he pushed his crotch against my face. I grabbed his shorts and pulled. I watch his hard cock bend downwards and the pop out as the waistband released it. It bounced up and hit his abs then down again. He thrust it forward and I opened my mouth. His cock slid in almost the whole way. My eyes were looking forward and I could see a tattoo hiding inside the trimmed hair on his crotch. I kept my eyes on that, trying to make it out as his cock went in and out of my mouth. It tasted so good, he was already leaking pre-cum, which was sweet tasting. He bent down and started to play with my hole, his finger circling my hole, teasing it. Taking his finger in his mouth, he loudly sucked in it, making it wet, and then slid it back down by my hole, circling it again. I moaned against his cock. “It's a sweet hole, just like you said,” the escort commented to Peter. “Just wait until you feel it around you cock,” Peter replied. I just continued to suck on the escort's cock, moaning my approval to what was happening. Moving behind me, Peter lifted me to my feet, and as he did so, of course the escort’s cock popped out of my mouth. “Time for the main event baby,” Peter advised me, and then, turning to the escort asked “You have the condoms?” The escort grabbed his shorts and pulled a few out of his pocket, answering “Always have 'em.” Peter moved me to the bed, he helped me get on the bed and put me on my hands and knees, but got in front of me and pushed me down until my chest was on the bed and my ass in the air, instructing me "Now, just stay like that," as he moved quickly around to my ass, separated my ass cheeks, and, now on his knees, slid his tongue up and down my crack. His tongue almost immediately found my hole and started to work its way in and out. The escort moved in front of me, he opened the condom. He placed it on the tip of his cock head and rolled it back, and then moved back to my ass as he slowly jacked his cock. I could hear the condom crinkle as he moved his hand over it. “His ass is ready,” Peter said, “do your damage.” I felt a dollop of spit hitting my ass, which made me jump a little. I reached back and moved my hand along the cock of the escort. The condom was still there. “Relax baby, just enjoy the ride.” The escort's cock pressed against my hole. I pushed out a little and it slowly moved inside my hole. The head popped inside and the escort moaned. “Want more?” the escort asked me. "Oh, hell yeah," I groaned, as he pumped his cock head in and out of my hole. His hand sought out his cock and the condom, and, finding it satisfactory, he remarked "Just making sure the condom is in place.” Happy that he was keeping his word of only fucking safe, that I started to push back onto his cock as he pushed in. My hole opened up around his hard covered shaft. “Baby, it looks so hot seeing another man's cock in your hot hole,” Peter said from behind me. “Feels good too, babe," I answered. The escort pulled out, I heard the condom crinkle again. He placed his cock against my hole again and pushed all the way in. I jumped a little. I wasn't used to his cock yet. Sensing that I needed a moment he pulled out again. I heard more crinkling of the condom. “Tell me when you are ready” the escort said. “Put it back in, slowly,” I replied, adding “Is the condom intact?” “Yes it is” the escort answered. “Stop worrying baby and enjoy” Peter urged. I felt the cock head press against my hole, then slowly slide in. This time I moaned loudl. The shaft slowly moved against my hole as he pushed in, until his crotch hair and that hidden tattoo were pressed against my ass. “Gonna hold it all the way in, give you time to get used to it,” the escort said. I moaned my response. I relaxed more and started to pull off his cock only to push back when I felt his cock head pulling my hole outwards. He grabbed my hips and took control. He started to fuck my hole, gently at fist but building up this thrusts and speed. He stated to push me down, until I fell to the mattress laying flat. His cock popped out of my hole. I heard more crinkling off the condom and figured he was making sure that it was on fully. He drove his cock deep in my hole, in one long hard thrust. He dropped his body down on to me. He was heavy and I couldn't move he was that heavy. His mouth was right next to my ear and was breathing hot air deep inside. Peter moved to the floor in front of me, kneeling to be face to face. “I always fuck with a condom” the escort said, “a doctored condom, prepared so it breaks” he whispered into my ear. “Just relax baby, its for the best” Peter whispered. “My uncovered cock is leaking pre-cum into your hot hole” the escort whispered, “highly toxic poz pre-cum.” My eyes widened, I tried to move from under the muscle stud escort, but I was trapped. “I'm going to deposit my virus deep into your hole. That's what I was hired to do.” I started to fight again as my mind tried to figure this out. My own boyfriend hired an escort to infect me. My anger grew. “Don't fight it,” the escort whispered, adding "You want this." His hips were lifting higher and dropping down onto my ass, driving his cock in and out. His massive chest was pushing down on my back, pinning my torso down to the bed. My arms were pinned under my chest and the escort’s arms were wrapped around my neck, holding me tights, but not choking me. “Please don't! I don't want it,” I pleaded. “Of course you do,” the escort corrected, as he ordered “Peter, get back there and take that ripped up condom off the base of my cock.” Peter complied immediately as soon as the escort's cock slid out of my hole. Within seconds the head was stabbing at my hole. I tightened up, not wanting the unwrapped cock back in my hole. Peter came back around to face me. “Accept it, it will happen,” Peter said, “it can happen here and now or sometime before we leave Palm Springs. Other plans are in the works.” I was shocked, Peter planned this and more. Taking a deep breathe, I relaxed. The escort still pushed his cock head against my hole, but didn't push it in. “Ask for it” the escort ordered of me. “Please put your cock in me?” I asked me, almost crying with frustration. “No, ask me." “Please would you please fuck me?” “You're still not asking for it.” “Please give me your disease,” I asked the muscle bound escort. “Better, but not good enough.” “Please fuck your highly toxic virus loaded cum into my hole.” “That's what I wanted to hear." He pushed his cock deep into my hole, pressing his crotch hard into my ass. He pulled out and then rammed his cock into me. His nuts were meeting my ass before his body. Peter was jacking his cock in front of me, smiling. “I know you saw his tattoo,” Peter remarked to me. I didn't say a word, just blankly stared at him. “It's a scorpion, a mark of a poz man who infects others without their knowledge or even their consent” he said laughing. The escort continued to fuck my hole, breathing heavily in my ear, quietly saying "Tell me again.” “Fuck your poz cum into me,” I implored, adding a polite “please.” He slammed his cock into me. I could feel his cock jump and twitch into my hole. He load shot out and filled me up. “That's so fucking hot baby” Peter said, still jacking his cock. “Why don't you add your load to mine?” the escort asked Peter, who didn't answer, but rather simply stepped up next to the escort who was pulling out to get to his feet. As he did so, Peter slid his cock into my hole. Unlike every other time we had fucked, this time it was raw. “Stopped taking my meds two months ago, just for this reason, babe.” He began fucking my hole, pounding me hard as the escort stood in front of me watching. His cock was slowly getting soft and starting to hang down over his spent balls. “Poz him again,” the escort said, urging Peter on. I knew Peter was close, I could tell by his breathing and by the way he was fucking. He always pumped only the head of his cock in and out, rapidly when he was close. It was his way of edging, so when he slammed his cock in deep and yelled “Take it, you chasing whore. I've been wanting to charge your hole since we met.” I'm not sure I was all that surprised. “Fuck yeah, pass the gift” encouraged the escort, who added “I hated those fucking condoms on my cock or up my hole,” as Peter slowly pumping his cock in and out. “Yeah, mixing those diseases,” Peter remarked with satisfaction. “You were right. Deep down he was a chaser,” the escort commented. Peter pulled his cock out and got off me. He moved around grinning ear to ear, proud of what he had pulled off. I simply lay there, dazed, watching them. Peter went to his shorts and took out a wad of cash. “Here's your fee, $200 as agreed, and a tip,” Peter said. “Let me know if he needs another dose,” the escort said. The escort dressed and left, leaving us alone and naked in the room. “You fucking bastard” I said, “how could you do this to me?”
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    This is yet another True Story of how I started playing with Men and became the slutty bottom I am today. The year was 1989, I was a teenager at the time, barely 18 if I remember correctly. My family had had money, we'd been living in a small suburb in Southern California called Arcadia and had had a very beautiful home. My father had been a union landscaper at the Santa Anita race track, a popular horse-racing track in the area. Unfortunately, my father had developed a very bad gambling habit and was soon gambling his paycheck away on the horse races which led to us losing our home. That did not last very long and we soon found ourselves moving to a low income part of the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California and I soon began to call a small town by the name of "El Monte" (The Mound) my home. Moving to a new area was definitely a culture shock for me. While I was used to having my own porch and front yard, I now had just a stairwell and small stoop to share with my neighbors. While previously I'd had freedom and privacy, now I apparently had eyes on me all the time. I clearly rememberer taking out the trash and hearing my neighbors whistling jokingly at my short gym shorts and laughing at my near naked legs as I would walk over to the dumpster to throw the garbage away. Our apartment was directly above a two bedroom apartment where I swear at least 6 latin guys were living. I remember going down to take the trash out one time and 3 of my downstairs neighbors were just sitting on the landing and stairs drinking cheap beer and laughing as I squeezed my way past them. One of them had whistled at me, said "Nice legs!", and asked if I needed help, his attention made me blush for some reason and I just whispered , "no, thank you". He immediately said, "Well, if you need some help, I'm Javier and I'll take care of you baby". Just hearing him say that embarrassed the hell out of me and I ran from him while wishing I could run towards him instead. This type of flirtatious behavior continued for a few weeks and I found myself liking my polite friend more and more. All of the guys that lived downstairs were really young and nice and, I must admit, kinda sexy looking and I grew to trust and like them as time progressed. Finally, one muggy summer day, I had gotten home from school really early since the school year was letting out and I knew that my parents wouldn't be home for another 6 hours or so and something inside me was just restless. I can't explain it but I really wanted to talk to Javier and get to know him better. The apartment was hot and humid and I soon found myself bored but curious to see if my neighbors were home. Not knowing what else to do, I walked into my house, changed into my running shorts and decided to pretend to water my plants. As I was absentmindedly watering my plants, Javier came out of his apartment wearing sweat shorts and sneakers and said, "Hi Baby!" I blushed when I saw his defined naked chest and a small dark trail of hair leading from his belly button down into his shorts and meekly said "Hi" as I walked to the faucet to turn the water off. He bounded up the stairs and asked me why I was home so early. I told him that we'd only had half a day cause school had let out for the summer. He asked me where my parents were and I told him that they were at work til six so I was alone and bored til then. Javier asked if I'd like to come to his apartment and have a drink with him and I said "sure" not understanding why his invitation was making me so nervously excited. Javier was all smiles as he explained that neither he nor his roommates had gone to work since they worked construction and we had just gotten over a very bad storm the day before, construction work would be halted for at least a couple of days as the ground dried. He led me towards his apartment and for some reason his strong hand leading me by the small of my back had me breathing heavy and feeling strangely nervous. As we walked through his door, I saw two of his roommates sitting on the couch watching TV with drinks in their hands. "That's Tomas and Daniel." Javier said as the guys looked my way and waved at me. "Hey Adam" the guys said almost in unison. "There's also, Francisco, Douglas (which he pronounced Doo-Glass), and Andres (which made me giggle because I thought he said Undress), but they're at the store picking up some food and drinks". "Adam is home alone and bored so I invited him in for a drink." Javier told the guys on the couch as he moved towards the fridge and took out some orange juice and a bottle of what I later learned was Vodka. "Wanna try a screwdriver or do you like something stronger?" Javier said teasingly, no doubt knowing that I'd never had alcohol before. "Um, a screwdriver is cool" I said, not having the slightest clue what he was talking about but not willing to let him know that. He fixed me the drink and when he handed it to me, I drank almost half of it in one gulp thinking it was the weirdest orange juice I'd ever tasted. "Whoah! Slow down little man, I want you relaxed not drunk!" Javier exclaimed as he took the glass in my hand. Let's go sit down he said and we sat on the love seat next to the couch. It wasn't until we sat down that I noticed that there was porn on the tv, which I hadn't focused on because it was muted and, honestly, I couldn't take my eyes off of Javier's handsome face and sexy upper body; especially his sexy bulging biceps. We sat down to watch the movie and pretty soon I was feeling nice and warm although slightly dizzy but pleasantly so. As we continued to watch the movie, I exclaimed "Wow!" because on the screen, a big busty blonde was sucking the biggest dick I'd ever seen. "You ever done that Adam?", Javier asked and I, wanting to impress him, responded "Sure, lots of times". "Oh, yeah, which one were you? The guy or the girl?" He said and they all laughed as I turned bright red. "Um, I don't know, I was kidding. But I'd still like to see what it's like" I said. "Oh yeah? The sucking or the getting sucked?" Javier asked again as he put his hand on my thigh. His touch and a floaty feeling that I'd started to feel after downing half the drink, gave me a new found confidence. I blurted out something that I'd only thought about alone at night on hot nights when the slightest breeze would make me sprout a boner, "I've always wanted to know what a guy feels like" I said. There was a moment when the energy of the room suddenly changed and all eyes were intently focused on me as my own eyes darted from one tented lap to the next. "No time like the present, little man" Javier said as he got up from the couch and stood in front of me. The huge tent in his shorts was inches from my face and as I took hold of his waistband and pulled down his shorts, his thick uncut cock sprung up and slapped him on the navel as a drop of golden fluid flew from his cock head and landed on my lips. I licked my lips tentatively, the taste was a sweet yet salty mix. As if to the manner born, I leaned over and put his cock head in my mouth intending to mimic what the girl was doing in the movie. Javier gasped audibly and I heard Tomas exclaim, "No fucking way! We got us a cocksucker here!" I started trying to copy the girl in the movie and tried to stuff Javier's cock all the way in my mouth, but he was too long and too thick for me to manage more than half of it. "Oh fuck baby, you're gonna make me shoot but this isn't how I wanna cum. Let me see that cute little ass I've been wanting to fuck since I saw you." Javier said as he put his hands under my armpits and simultaneously lifted and turned me around. He pulled down my shorts and the next thing I felt was him pushing me so that I ended up kneeling on the couch as he went down on his knees, spread my ass cheeks, and this long wet tickling feeling directly on my asshole made me moan in absolute pleasure. I learned that day the heavenly feeling that having my ass eaten out brings. I turned my head nervously, wondering what the other guys must be thinking and I saw them both stand up, drop their shorts, and begin walking towards us with huge erections, the precum literally dripping down their shafts. Now, having just completed sex education in school and Aids being this scary item almost daily on the news, I was afraid and told Javier, I've never done this before but please put on a condom. "Fuck Baby, how am I gonna own your ass if you don't take my cum?" He responded dejectedly. "It's cool," Daniel said, "I've got some, go ahead and put one on." Daniel handed him a gold colored packet and I heard the crinkle of the foil as Javier took the condom and started rolling it over his huge cock. "He's gonna need some lube, go get the Vaseline" Javier instructed and Daniel rushed to the bathroom. I soon felt a cold greasy feeling as Javier began spreading it all over my hole and I soon felt his index finger go inside me, followed by another, and yet another as he tried to stretch my hole enough to accommodate his impressive hole wrecker. Up to this point, I'd tried carrots, cucumbers, and zucchinis; a veritable cornucopia of phallic vegetables. As a result, my hole easily relaxed with the familiar sensation of intrusion. "Oh man, baby, your hole is so tight and hungry, I love how you grip my fingers. I'm gonna love fucking you and making your hole my own personal cumdump." Javier whispered into my ear as he slowly slid his fingers in and out of my hole. "I think you're ready baby, take a deep breath and relax, I promise I'll be gentle." Javier, pulled his fingers out of my ass and stood up, I felt empty but not for very long. Soon, I felt what felt like a baseball spreading my crack and pushing directly right on my asshole. Daniel put a small brown bottle under my right nostril and said "Take a couple of deep breaths baby, trust me, you're gonna need this". I breathed in a pungent smell but within a couple of seconds, I felt this warm relaxing feeling rushing over me and my hole relaxed as Javier's big mushroom shaped cock head popped inside me and I felt my hole stretch wider than it had ever stretched before. I had had various tubular vegetables penetrate my hole before but, pardon the pun, this was no garden variety penetration. This was finally a grown man popping my cherry asshole and welcoming me into the world of man on man sex! "Ohh fuuuuck!" Javier groaned as he continued to slide his cock inside me and I felt my insides shift to accommodate the thick invader filling my tight, but no longer virgin, ass. I finally felt Javier's pubic hair scratching against my ass cheeks and pleasantly rubbing the rim of my asshole as he rested, fully planted balls deep inside me. "Fuck baby, I wish you could see how beautiful your hole looks stretched around my cock!" He exclaimed excitedly. He started slowly pulling his cock out of me and I could feel the rim of his cockhead rubbing inside me as he withdrew til only the head was in me. He pushed balls deep again and started a slow in and out sawing motion that had me trembling with pleasure, excitement, and what I can only describe as ecstasy. "I want to feel that!" Daniel said as he reached under us and started rubbing the rim of my hole and massaging the underside of Javier's cock as it continued to slide in and out of me on its greasy pleasure seeking voyage. Not wanting to be left out, Tomas got up and sat on the back of the couch and stuffed his thick uncut cock into my mouth and I was soon gagging on his hard fucker as Javier's thick cherry popper hit a spot inside me on the downstroke that sent shivers throughout my body. Now, unbeknownst to me, Daniel had started to slide his index finger in my hole alongside Javier's cock, using his thumb to massage the spot between my hole and my balls. That felt amazing and all I could think about was how great I felt with a cock in my mouth, and Daniel's added stimulation, with Javier's cock filling me as the icing on the cake! However, while I'd asked for a condom, they obviously intended to breed my young hole. As Javier slammed his cock balls deep inside me, Daniel slipped his finger inside the rim of the condom so that as Javier pulled out, Daniel essentially held the condom in place and it rolled up Javier's cock as he slid out of it. In a matter that took less than a second, Javier's cock popped completely out of my hole, Daniel's finger also slid out of me (with the condom around his finger, though I couldn't tell) but Javier's cock almost instantly shoved back in and my deflowering resumed. Javier's breathing quickened and his pistoning became erratic and he started grunting and groaning and I felt his hands squeezing my shoulders hard. "Fuck! I'm not gonna last! I'm gonna fill you up baby! Are you ready?!" "Yes!" I tried to say through a mouthful of Tomas' cock as I felt Javier slam his cock balls deep and hold it there, fully embedded in my ass. I felt this strange sensation as if Javier's cock was pulsing like a beating heart held in the grip of my hole and a warm feeling spread from deep inside me where his cockhead was shooting his cum and bathing the walls of my ass in his hot sticky love juice. Javier collapsed on my back and I could feel his heart hammering against my shoulder like a rabbit trapped inside a cage too small to contain it. I was still frantically sucking Tomas' cock as he held the back of my head with one hand and caressed my cheek with the other. He was obviously enjoying my mouth but was controlling the pace so he wouldn't cum too quickly. Javier eventually caught his breath and slowly pulled his huge cock out of me, leaving me with an empty feeling and the need to be filled again. "Fuck Yeah! I want that ass right now!" Daniel exclaimed. I briefly pulled off of Tomas' cock to say, "Don't forget the condom please!" "Don't worry baby, we won't forget the condom." Daniel chuckled and I heard the familiar crinkling sound of another golden foil wrapper. Daniel's cock was slightly thicker than Javier's so he turned to Javier and said, give him a couple of hits, he's gonna need them. Javier then placed the small brown bottle under my nose and once again I breathed in the pungent scent that I knew would give me that awesome warm rush. Almost instantly, I felt an even bigger cockhead pressing against my hole and I gasped as Daniel's cockhead once again broke through my defenses. Now, while Javier's cock stood out straight from his body, Daniel's cock had a slight downward curve to it and the difference was definitely noticeable. From the first downstroke, I could feel his cock pressing on that magical spot inside me that sent shivers throughout my young body. "Damn Javier! You should take a closer look at how beautiful my cock looks stretching his hole." Daniel exclaimed, to which Javier responded by sliding his index finger inside me along Daniel's thick uncut fucker and proceeded to use his thumb to massage and stroke that amazing spot between my asshole and my balls. Unbeknownst to me, Javier had also stuck his finger under the condom's rim and was essentially rolling the condom up and off of Daniel's dick as Daniel shoved his hole wrecker balls deep in me and pulled out til only the edge of his cockhead was stretching my ass lips, almost completely barebacking me at this point. Just as Daniel had done, Javier shoved his finger knuckles deep in me and completely rolled the condom off of Daniel's hard baby maker. "Fuck Baby! I love how beautiful your hole looks as it stretches and struggles to take my cock!" Daniel said as he completely pulled his cock out of me as an excuse for Javier to extract the condom. Javier hooked his finger in a beckoning gesture and pulled his finger (and the condom) out of me but all I wanted at that moment was for anything, be it cock, finger, or vegetable to fill me up once again. By this point, my teen cock had been rock hard and since Daniel's first downward stroke, that tingling sensation in my balls had been building up in a crescendo, you know the one, that tingle in your nutsack that signals that your cum is gonna come shooting out of you any moment. I briefly pulled off of Tomas' cock and exclaimed, "Oh my God! I'm gonna cum!" "Go for it Baby!" Daniel encouraged me as the small brown bottle was once again place under my nose. Daniel timed the rush with his cock slamming back into me and his thrusts became frantic yet determined. I couldn't help myself anymore and as my first cumshot flew from my dick, my hole spasmed erratically and gripped his cock tighter than I'd ever clenched in my young life. This clearly pushed him over the edge and he slammed balls deep in me and let his cum flood my guts with a growl worthy of any Lion rutting to show the pride who the Alpha truly is. At the same time, Tomas had been thrusting his cock as far into my mouth as it could go and, holding my head forcefully against his lap, he began to cum All I could do was swallow or drown and so swallow I did. As our orgasms subsided, Daniel hugged me against his chest and growled in my ear, "Your ass is mine Baby! From now on you're gonna want my dick, and my friends' dicks and we'll always be with you. We took your cherry and no one can take that from us!" The only response I have to that all these years later, is that he absolutely knew what he was talking about. For the next couple of days and the remainder of the summer, I continued to go to their apartment after my parents would leave for work, provided that they themselves didn't have to go to work. They became my first adult friends, and lovers, and Daniel eventually became my first boyfriend. I eventually caught on to the trick with the condoms but by that point it didn't I'd been bred dozens of time by then so I just shrugged and said, "Well, it does feel way better without a condom." Definitely NOT The End
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    Part 2 I spent the whole next morning in my cubicle, working. I didn’t see my boss all morning. Lunch time came and went. It was about 1:30 when my phone vibrated. It was the text message that was promised. It read: 9:30 p.m. at the Full Moon Motel, Lakeshore drive, Room 13 The rest of the day my mind wondered, what did I get myself into. I finished the workday, still no sight of my boss, hurried home and got ready. I got in my car and drove out to the motel. I was shocked when I saw it. Not only was it sleazy looking, but it also looked like a setting of a horror flick. I drove around the hotel, only a few cars were parked in the lot. The room I was looking for was on the back side of the hotel, you could not see the road from here, nor can anyone see your car from the road. The lot was dark, and most of the lights were out or flickering in the open halls. I parked and got out. The numbers were missing from door 13, You could see the the out line where the numbers used to be, etched in the paint. I knocked and then waited. “Right on time,” my boss said as he motioned for me to come in. He was still fully dressed in his suit. I went to say something and he put his hand to my mouth. “Strip” he said. I kicked off my shoes and then reached down and pulled off my socks. He moved over to the bed and sat on the corner. I watched him rub his crotch as I undressed. I pulled my shirt over my head, revealing my smooth defined chest. I started to play with my nipples, pulling on them. I reached down and popped all the buttons on my button fly jeans, exposing my crotch hair to my boss, since I had no underwear on. “Turn around and drop those jeans, Let me see that ass” he said. I turned my back to him and slowly pushed down my jeans as I did I bent over, opening my crack up to him and exposing my hole. I carefully stepped out of my jeans, throwing them over with my shirt. “Even hotter out of your pants” my boss said, “That ass has drove me crazy for a while” I reached back and spread my checks more, giving him a better view of my hole. I pushed it out and sucked it back in. Teasing him. “Strip me” he said. I stood up and moved over to him. While he was still seated, I untied his tie and laid it nicely in the chair near the bed. I went behind him and helped him out of his suit jacket, again putting it nicely on the back of the chair. I, then, unbuttoned the cuffs of his shirt, rubbing my hands over the fur on the back of his hands as I did. He stood up, as I began to unbutton his dress shirt, with each button undone, his hairy chest was exposed. It was a forest of black fur with just a few white ones mixed in, causing my cock to get harder. Once fully unbuttoned, I pulled the shirt tail out of his pants and took off his shirt. “Can I please Sir” I asked him, and his only response was a nod. I ran my hands in his fur, exploring his muscular chest hidden within the hair. I slid my hands down his furry stomach to his pants. Undoing his belt first, I continued to strip him. I was about to undo the button on his pants when he cleared his throat. “Shoes” he said. I dropped to my knees, putting my face right in front of that massive bulge. My hands were busy untying his laces, carefully so I would not knot them. I pulled each shoe off and then his socks, still staring at his crotch. I reached up and undid this pants and lowered his zipper. His dress pants slowly slid down his legs, without my help, revealing his black boxer briefs. He stepped out of his pants, allowing me to place them on the chair, folded neatly. He had put his fingers inside the waist band of his underwear. “Tell the boss what you want” he said. “I want your massive cock” I replied. “Where do you want that massive cock” “In my holes” He pulled down his underwear and stepped out. His cock was almost hard and bounced as it popped out of this underwear. He offered them to me. I brought them to my noise and sniffed. I could smell his musk on them. As I was sniffing his underwear, he reach around and put a finger in my hole, slowly circling it. “Pre-lubed, you are a good whore” I pushed back on his finger, which slid into my hole. I took a big sniff of his underwear, taking in his musk. His finger pushed in deep, then slowly slid back out. I pushed my ass back to meet his finger coming back into me. “A very good whore” he said silently. I could feel his cock pressing against my upper thigh. It was driving me crazy, I wanted to touch it, suck it, get fucked by it. With his free hand, he began to move his cock, first sliding it over my ass cheeks, then slapping them with it. He dropped it down on the top of my ass and left it resting there. “Get on the bed, on your back.” he said, “and get those legs high in the air” I didn’t hesitate, even though I wanted that cock in my mouth, I wanted to taste the musk on it. I was on my back with my ass at the edge of the bed. I lifted my legs up and then brought them into my chest, giving my boss full access to my hole. He positioned his cock at my hole, circling it with his head, gently pushing in against my hole. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling. “I brought some condoms, they are in my pocket” I said. “Don’t use them, so we don’t need them” he replied. 

I went to protest, but he was pushing his cock into my hole. I took a deep breathe and pushed my hole out, giving him less resistance. My hole stretched to open around his cock head. I wished I had some poppers, but I didn’t forgot them. I moaned as he slide his massive cock into me slowly. His head popped in and I could feel the meaty shaft sliding into my hole. He didn’t stop until he was all the way in. I could feel his crotch hair against my ass, as well as his huge nuts. Once in he pulled my legs apart and laid on top of me, pressing his full weight on me. I could feel his hot furry torso against me. “See, my wife won’t let me fuck her at all, with or without a condom” he said. He slowly was moving his hips in a small circle. “it’s not that she can’t take my big cock” he said, “she took it fine early in our marriage” He started to pull his cock out slowly, teasing my hole. “I wasn’t the faithful man to her” He was now slowly pumping his cock in and out of my hole, bringing the head back until it was pulling at my hole from the inside and then pushing it back in. “I fucked women and men” I was moaning loudly by now. His cock felt so good in my hole. HIs fur was tickling my smooth skin. “Even took a cock or two up my ass” I wrapped my arms round him, feeling his furry back. He was a walking ape. “I wasn’t careful” he said. The pumping of his cock in and out of my hole was picking up speed. I reached down and grabbed at his furry ass checks, pulling him into me more. “Caught something I couldn’t get rid of” That registered into my mind quickly and I began to panic. I moved my hands between our chests and started to push him back. Fuck this whole fantasy of mine just went to a place I didn’t think or want it to go. He was much stronger than I was and pushed back.
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    Part 3 I kept fighting to push him off of me. I had a good idea of what he had and I didn’t want it, however my efforts to extract my ass from his cock were just a waste of energy. “It’s too late. I’m so turned on” he said smiling, “I've been leaking into your warm hole since I slid in." His cock was pumping faster and harder as he pressed his weight down on me, holding me still as he explained “I need this release," his breath becoming increasingly coarse, even as his cock because increasingly turgid. "I’m so close,” he murmured as his hips pounded ever faster. I gave-up on escaping and counted on him finishing-up after which I could escape, and clean-out his load. Grunting, he fucked me with yet increased energy. "Here it comes,” he announced as he pushed deep into my ass, raised up his body, his hands anchored on my chest as he positioned himself for his explosion, exclaiming "I'm shooting my toxic HIV into your hole!” as he pushed against me more and more, almost slamming his hips into me, repeatedly exclaiming "Take it, take it,” only to collapse on me, laying there gasping for breath but otherwise motionless. I tied to wiggle out from under him, as he was in a relaxed state from his climax, but he sensed it and pressed more of his weight to me, explaining "Oh, we're not done. I still have a couple of loads left in my balls," as he pushed deeper into my ass, somehow trying to find ever more depth. Then with a slight chuckle he explained "I've been saving this up for a while.” I accepted that I was stuck, that I was going to get more poz loads out of my boss. He didn’t wait long until he started to pump his hard massive cock in and out of my hole. With his cum in me, his cock was now wet. I moaned over and over as he fucked me, commenting “The whore likes my big poz cock.” Giving into to the demon lust I answered “Oh God yes, fuck me, fuck me Daddy!” He stood up, grabbed my ankles in his big hands, spreading my legs wide. “You got it baby’ he said smiling pumping his cock into me hard and harder. Oh my hole had never felt like this, it was stretched around a huge cock and the sensations were out of this world. “Give me another load” I yelled. “What kind of load do you want?” he asked. “A poz load, your poz load!” I was now getting into this. I had dropped my guard, my fear and I was letting loose. I wanted more of his furry body, more of his cock and more of his cum. “Oh fuck yeah, I knew I had you pegged right,” he remarked almost to himself. I could feel his balls slapping my ass as he pounded my hole. Harder and harder he fucked me. The mattress was squeaking and the bed was hitting the wall causing a rhythmic pounding noise. The thuds were getting louder and louder, the faster he pounded my hole. “Oh fuck yeah, give me that big cock” I yelled. He was now pulling completely out of my hole and ramming it back in. The thuds were getting louder too. “Someone’s getting fucked hard in that room” I heard someone out side say. “Harder," I yelled. He was really starting to sweat, which was matting down his fur. He was breathing hard. I could feel his cock hardening up as his balls drew up close to his body as he grunted "Oh, fuck, your ass is milking my cock.” “Shoot it in me deep” I yelled, "poz my ass.” He slammed into me hard and collapsed onto my body, knocking the breath out of me. I struggled to breathe. As the shooting of cum in my ass slowed, he raised up a little, giving each of us a slight breather, after which he explained “The next fuck, you are going to do the work and ride me.” I just nodded.
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    Part 1 Fuck, right there on the front of my khaki pants was a huge wet spot. I knew it was a bad idea to read the stories on Breeding Zone at work, but what was really worse, was I had to piss. How would I get from my cubicle to the mens room on the other side of the office without my co-workers seeing my huge wet spot? I put my head in my hands to think. Shit, I thought back to school when I had had to try to hide an inopportune hard on when called upon to go up to the board. Okay, hands in pockets - fuck that wouldn't work. Book in front of the crotch. Okay that would work. But wait - there were no books - but there were files. Yeah, a file would work. “Everything okay?” a voice asked from behind me. “Yeah, just trying to think” I replied, turning around my chair. Fuck, it was my boss. I panicked a little. Had he caught me looking at my phone reading the stories and gently rubbing my hard on in my pants. I had lusted after this man for so long, but not in an obvious way, but who wouldn’t. He was a little over six feet, salt and pepper hair, with the same in his goatee, and he filled out his suit perfectly. It was if is tailor had painted on his suits of him. You could always see a little tuff a hair sticking out of his collar, just behind his tie, with more tuffs at the cuffs of his sleeves leading to his furry hands. He walked around with a huge bulge in his crotch. I only had one word that really described him: DADDY. “Okay carry on” he said walking away. Grabbing my folder, I headed to the restroom, hiding my wet spot all the way. A s I entered, the lights flickered on. I was relieved that no one else was in the rest room. Grabbing a hand full of paper towels, leaving the folder on the sink. I headed to the stall. I shut the door and locked myself in and inspected my trousers. “Shit” I said out loud. The spot was bigger than I remembered. I took the towels and rubbed the spot trying to dry it. I began to worry that my coworkers would think I pissed on my self. It began to dry a little and disappear. Once it was small enough that people didn’t notice, I left the stall and stepped up the the urinal, unzipped and pulled out my soft cock. I was about to start to piss when the men’s room door opened and footsteps walked to the urinal next to me. “This is where you disappeared to,” my boss said. “Yeah,” I said nervously. “Don’t be pee shy on my account” he said, looking up from my cock. Damn, these older buildings with no dividers between the urinals are a blessing and a curse. I looked over and looked him right in the eyes. He had a big smile on his face. His hand were unzipping his dress pants. I looked down and watched him reach inside and pull out his cock. My eyes widened. His cock was so fucking thick. My first instinct was it was almost as thick as a beer bottle. And it was still fucking soft. The head along was huge. “Don’t be scared, it’s very friendly," he said. My eyes widened more, almost to the point of where they could pop right out. My boss knew I was looking at his cock and he was flirting with me. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to look” I said nervously. “Don’t be shy. I have seen you looking at me, looking at my crotch," he said. I was so scared and nervous I was about to pass out. I think my cock shriveled. “I have been watching you too, especially that ass” he said as hit piss start to flow and hit the back of the urinal. “You’re married” I said. “Oh, it’s complicated” he said. “Oh” I replied. “I need you to stay after we close. I have a special project for you” he said. He finished pissing, put his cock away and zipped up. I heard him behind me washing his hands. I closed my eyes and concentrated, getting my piss to flow. By the time I had finished, he was gone. My mind raced with thoughts and questions. I could only stare into the mirror, lost as I washed my hands. I returned to my desk and looked at the clock. Only two hours until closing and everyone would be leaving. I busied myself, trying to keep my mind off this after hours project he had for me. Each time I looked at the clock, only a few minutes went by. Time was dragging. I decided to stop looking at the clock and when I looked up again I saw the last person heading to the elevator. “You coming?” she asked. “Just finishing this report up. I'll be out of here in about 15 minutes or so.” The bitch didn’t even wait for my response. She simply rushed to get to the elevator, throwing me a casual wave. , she was rushing to get to the elevator waving at me. When she was gone, I got up and headed to my bosses office. Knocking on the door when I arrived. “Come in,” he said. As I did he motioned for me to sit down. He was behind his desk. As I sat down, he got up and moved in front of his desk, sitting on it in front of me. His suit jacket was unbuttoned and his crotch was huge. “I’m not going to beat around the bush here” he said, “I am going to propose something, if you say yes it must be a secret here in the office, If you say no, it’s okay, but if you got to HR, I will flat out deny it and your career here will be over.” “I understand.” “I need someone to give me some stress release. My wife refuses, and you are my choice” he said, “Understand?” “Yeah, I think so.” “We would meet at your place or a motel, you will give me my release,” adding “at least twice a week." I just stared at his eyes. “This will not help your career here in any way” he said. I just nodded. “Before you answer, let me show you what exactly you will be dealing with.” I watched as he undid his belt, letting it hang on each leg wide open. He then unbutton his pants and unzipped them, opening them wide. I could see his black underwear inside. I looked up at his face, seeing his smile grow. My eye went back down to his crotch. His hand moved inside his underwear, then pulled out his cock and balls. His cock hung over his balls, thick and veiny. His balls were huge too, not quite the size of eggs. Everything just hung there. I looked up and his eyebrows raised up. His hand moved back to his cock and wrapped around it, slowly fisting himself. His cock twitched and grew, thickening a little more, even as it grew substantially in length. I had seen a cock like this in porn, only it was uncut. His cock was the cock version of Lito Cruz. My mouth dropped a little, as I watched this meaty cock harden in front of my eyes. He let go, it was hard but still had a bit of softness to it. “I think it likes you,” he said coyly. I just nodded, I was speechless. “Are in you or out of this special project?” he asked. “Oh, I’m in, I'm definitely in.” “Excellent, tomorrow night is our first meeting. You will get a text of when and where tomorrow afternoon” he said, tucking his cock back in his pants.
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    Part 4 My boss pulled out of my hole. I could feel it gaping open. He climbed on the bed where his cock sprawled across his hairy thigh. I stood on the bed, straddling his hips, my hole teasing his cock, which left my cock pointing right at his face, just inches away. “You know, if we want to insure I infect you,” he said, “we need to do a little prep work.” “Is it too late?” I asked. “Not at all.” “I was trying to do that when I first started to finger your sweet hole.” With that his hand snaked its way up to my hole, where his finger nail ripped at my hole. It stung like a paper cut. He started to push it inside, at which point some of his cum dripped out, coating his finger. Once inside, he hooked his finger and start to scratch the inside of my hole. It wasn’t too painful, but it definitely hurt. He pushed in more and scratched the walls of my hole. Once he thought his work was done, he withdrew his finger, which was now coated in his toxic cum. i thought he was going to give it to me to taste, but it went into his mouth and he sucked it clean. “Your ass and my cum taste awesome together,” he remarked with a slight chuckle, as he slowly jacked his cock, which was gradually responding by stiffening up. He displayed his prowess by taking his shaft at the base tightly in his fist, holding it straight in the air. “Sit,” he ordered. I slowly squatted down as my boss aimed his cock at my hole. It wasn’t long until the big head was pressing against my hole. Bracing myself with the old wooden head board, I dropped lower onto my boss’s cock. His cock head popped into my hole with ease. “Drop down don’t stop at all” he said, “until you are balls-deep.” I took a deep breathe of air and dropped, loudly exclaiming "Fuck me,” even if, after two fucks, it still was a little stretch to accommodate his pole. Soon enough, however, I could feel his balls against my ass, his crotch hair as well. My cock and balls were resting on his hairy stomach, tickling them. “Now ride my horse cock,” he commanded. I lifted up until I could feel the head of his cock on my hole, then dropped back down. The boss let out a groan as I fucked myself. I picked up speed causing the mattress to squeak again. My boss was thrusting his hips upward, which pushed him back against the head board. His thrusting action was causing the head board to knock against the wall again. “Fuck his ass good, buddy,” said a voice in the next room. “Third time,” my boss replied, “come over and watch. Door's open.” “Oh fuck, yeah,” the other voice answered. I continued to ride his horse cock as we heard a door slam shut next door. My hole was sucking his cock back in as a knock came from the other side of your door. The door opened and a man came in. He was shirtless and was holding his open jeans up. He pulled up a chair to the bed, dropped his jeans to his ankles and sat down. He was toned and had a few tattoos. His cock was average in length, but thick. His crotch was shaved, as were his balls. He looked like a drug addict, but was too clean cut to be one. “My whore didn't show,” he said, “so I have been huffing poppers and jacking to you guys fucking.” “I got lucky,” my boss said, “this whore works for me.” “Fuck yeah,” the stranger said, “loved the poz roleplaying, made me shoot.” “Fuck, it’s not role-play,” my boss said, “I'm fuckin' infecting him.” “Oh fuck that’s twisted.” I continued to ride the horse cock, when my hole got to the head, I paused giving the stranger a good look at my boss' cock. I watched as the stranger as he stroked his hard cock. I could see a shine on his cock head from the pre-cum he was leaking. “Your next load you can shoot in his ass” my boss told him. “I’m not poz.” he said, “hell, I can't be since I'm in the Marines.” “It’s cool,” my boss muttered as he placed his hands under each check of my ass, helping me fuck myself on his cock. My cock was bouncing off his stomach each time I hit bottom. I could see the Marine out of the corner of my eye, he was huffing poppers and jacking his cock, his balls bouncing as his hand moved up and down. My boss’s cock was slick with the cum that was oozing down his shaft from my hole. My ass was wet from the cum that had started to coat his balls. I was leaving a little bit of pre-cum each time my cock hit his stomach. The Marine, meanwhile, had gotten up and moved to the edge of the bed, still stroking his cock. His cock was rock hard, as if he was ready to cum soon. “Feed me that load,” my boss said. The Marine quickly jumped on the bed and stood between me and my boss. He was straddling his body, cock to his face and ass to mine. I could smell the musk coming from his body, especially his ass. It was intoxicating. “Open wide,” the Marine instructed my boss, as I continued to ride my boss's cock, which was getting harder and harder. “Here it comes," the Marine announced as his body stiffened as he started to grunt. My boss moved forward bringing his mouth closer to the Marine’s cock. I could see the balls of the Marine bounce a little as he shot is load in my boss’ mouth. As soon as he was done, he jumped off the bed, put on his jeans and ran out. My boss’s face was a mess. It was covered in cum, even in his goatee and in his hair. “Did you taste any?” I asked. “A little, that cannon shot out everywhere, and kept firing,” he replied. “I need to clean you,” I suggested hopefully. “Not until I load your ass again,” he answered, adding “I’m so close.” I started to move up and down on his cock faster. My legs were beginning to ache from squatting so much and would be sore over the weekend. My boss’s breathing was becoming more rapid. He moved his hands to my shoulders, just resting them there as I bounced up and down on his cock. “Here it comes,” he yelled. “Shut the fuck up you faggots,” yelled the Marine in the next room. “Fucking going to load your ass,” my boss yelled even louder as he pushed me down hard onto his cock and held me there. His cock jumped inside my ass, depositing it’s third toxic load deep into me. I could feel his cock slowly softening inside me as it stopped shooting it’s load. With that I leaned forward and started to lick and suck all the cum off my boss's face, swallowing it. As I did so, I felt his cock slip out and fall between his legs. “I need to shower and head home” he said with a sigh. "Get dressed and be gone when I get out.” I stood up, moving off the bed and dressed quickly so I heard the shower come on as I left. Getting into my car and heading home, I was lost in the memory of what just happened. I had the weekend to processes the events: my boss using me three times, force-pozzing me, and I acquiesced to his designs, without even a fight.
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    What have I done? Last Sunday I awoke with a huge hard on and felt very horny so logged on to Grindr & BBRTS but no one was around that early therefore decided to take my frustrations out on a bike ride seeing as it was such a glorious day. I had a quick wash and clean out, just in case, I looked into my wardrobe, revealing many different coloured Lycra cycling outfits - black, red and many other coloured shorts. I chose none of these and decided on my white bib shorts. I squeezed my slim 21 year old body into them, making sure they were as tight as possible and ran my hands over the silky curves of my pert ass before adjusting my cock and balls that jut out leaving no one in any doubt of my size and girth. I went outside, got on my bike and off I went. Less than half an hour into my ride is a fabulous undulating road with sweeping corners and one fast downhill section all within a cool forest. It felt great to be alive! I flew on the downhill section hitting 43 m.p.h. then just as I swooped past a big beefy fellow cyclist came a sharp right-hand corner. Suddenly the front wheel washed out under me on a swathe of gravel and I promptly hit the deck, hard, sliding some short ways further down the road until coming to a crumpled halt spread-eagled on the asphalt. Luckily the guy I just passed stopped to help me up. “Hey young fellah, you hurt?” adding, “It’s not often a young man falls at my feet, must be my lucky day!” “Just winded, I think” as he clears my bike to the side of the road just as a car comes along, as I’m still dazed I’m swept up into his big powerful black arms and carried me out of the way to the roadside layby then gently laid me on my side in the recovery position. “Stay there and catch your breath young’un” he says “Oh you have ripped a big hole in your shorts, bit of gravel rash too. I’ll get some wet wipes and clean you up.” As he goes off to his bike saying, “It may hurt but there’s no blood…yet.” On his return, he kneels in front of me his crotch right in front of my face as he’s gently cleaning my tender now throbbing ass. He’s so close I can smell his musk and the sheer size of his dick, which I swear is growing, as he cleans up my scraped butt cheek. I must admit the ministrations to my ass were hot-wired to my now rock-hard cock. “Is it that bad?” I ask thinking he is spending a lot of time cleaning me up back there. “Oh sorry young’un I got carried away…gotta open the wounds to get the grit out” He stands up and offers to help me to my feet. “Ummm looks like you’re already UP!” I know I am blushing and as a result sheepishly admit, “It felt great even if I do hurt a bit…in fact I feel sick!” I stumble to me feet, lean against the nearest tree and retch, my stomach flips a couple of times but nothing comes up. “Gosh! I now need to pee” as a sudden urge hits me and just in time I pull the front of my ripped shorts down as a bladderful of golden piss strongly arcs from my dick. As I stand and shake the last drips off I look down to notice broken packets of lube, used condoms and soggy tissues by the foot of the tree and am instantly hard as an image of orgies flash through my mind. I stand there that bit too long slowly jacking until brought back to reality with, “Ummm, shock I guess” the black guy with the deep booming voice informs me, his breath hot on my neck as his arms wrap around me again, “here let me help you out.” I instantly melted into his muscular body and felt his hard BBC press into my ass crack and it felt huge. His hands brushed both my nipples and worked his way down to my cock. He ripped away at what was left of my torn lycra shorts and cupped my exposed ass. His one finger brushed my hole. I moaned. While he was doing that I rub my hands over the thin material between my hand and his cock and marvel at the amount of precum that is already seeping through the lycra as I rub his dick to full near lycra bursting hardness. In no time I pull down his shorts to free his gorgeous thick curved cock. We kiss, hard, tongues battling with one another saliva all over my face. He broke off the kiss "Are you OK?" "Yes...... I need this" I pulled off my top as I bend down to lick the end of his cock, swirl my tongue around his fat mushroom head and tease his piss slit. His reaction was to moan out loud. When I stood up he was almost naked. We grind our bodies together all the while kissing hands exploring one another’s bodies. "I love the taste of my first black cock," I tell him Our cocks sliding against each other. He easily turns me round and bumps his cock towards my hole. Rubbing it on my hole makes me moan as I move up and down on his hardness as I was so horny for him to fuck me. He pushed me up against the tree and continued kissing. He worked his way down my neck to my chest and sucked on each nipple turning me on even more than I thought possible. I wanted to make him feel good more than anything in that moment. He bobbed down and ate my ass. No one had ever done that before. I was in heaven, moaning and pushing my ass back against his tongue. He ate my ass for about 10 minutes opening me up and getting most of his tongue right up my chute and when he turned me round and we made out and I could taste myself on him. It was sooooo hot. He slammed me against the tree and slid one, then two, three and finally four fingers in and out of my ass. Wow, my legs shook but boy it felt great I open my legs wider to give him the best access as we continue like this for what felt like forever and I was sooooo into it. The whole time his cock was rubbing copious amounts of precum in my skinned ass making it sting, wet and sticky. His cock felt so good on my ass that I spread my legs more and just then his cock head slipped in my ass about halfway. I was shocked and so was he. We hadn't used any lube and he wasn't trying to penetrate me yet, or so I thought, but there was his cock in my ass, bareback. It felt so good. I grabbed his ass and pulled him into me, fuck it hurt like hell but though wincing I told him, "Don't stop. Fuck me. C’mon fuck me" He pushed in hard as my sphincter gave way to the pressure, pinged then stretched further as he plunged the whole length in to his scratchy pubic hairs and with no time to adjust rapidly began pumping away. His sawing in and out threw me about like a rag doll but I hung on to the tree for support every time he bottomed out in my guts. "Oh, fuck, I'm getting close!" he says then started to gently rock his bare cock slowly in and out of my ass. I loved it. No cock had ever felt this good in my ass, I was getting barebacked and I loved it. I thought about stopping but I didn't want to. I knew it was dangerous, but it felt so great that I just kept kissing him and saying "Fuck Me. Fuck me" over and over again. It wasn't much longer before I felt him getting close to cumming, his dick swelled and felt extra hard. He started tensing up and said, "I'm going to cum, cum in your ass, bitch." I’m telling him, "Do it. Cum in me." and pulled him into me as he shot his cum in my ass. "Shit! I'm cumming ... fuck, I'm shooting right NOW." I too was also shooting, but unlike his load, my cum blew all over the forest floor. It must have been biggest load I've ever shot and even after my climax had ended his cock was still throbbing and pulsing spilling cum deep in my bowels. No time for a post fuck kiss as I get one huge shock! There’s clapping behind us, “Nice show Kyle. Heard you tested Poz the other day, he your first victim since?” Kyle’s cock was still rock hard in my ass and I felt it twitch again in response. WHAT DID HE JUST SAY? I completely froze. “So, your husband told us you finally have HIV now, congrats you’ve joined us in the brotherhood man! Good to see you’re spreading your diseased seed.” My mind was racing. ‘Shit what had I done. Is it too late? Maybe I’ll be lucky and it won’t take. They’re joking, right?’ I had just been in fantasyland, fucked by an unbelievable man with a fantastic big black cock who had cum inside me and now I find out he’s POZ? My head was about to explode and my mind was spinning fast. What should I do? Time was passing so slowly with everything that was on my mind. Kyle’s cock was still hard as a rock, his erection planted deep in my guts plugging his toxic seed making sure none could escape. I tried to move forward slowly to remove his cock from my ass but I was too up against the tree and now two other black guys were surrounding me. Oh God! What to do? The answer was made for me as a minute later their zippers were down, my head yanked down and on to another enormous cock, “Suck this, get it slippery and wet coz that’s the only lube you’re getting bro’” I was hard as fuck again and rocking back and forth getting skull fucked which in turn pushed Kyle’s cock farther inside. Now I didn’t care about the hot load inside me. I was hungry for more cock, needed more black cock. I had to keep from screaming when Kyle pulled his monster out of my ass, partly because it hurt and partly because it left me feeling so…empty. I pulled off the dick in my mouth, turned around looked Kyle straight in the eye and begged him to fuck me again. He didn’t need asking twice but I found it to be a big turn on for me and in no time at all he had that monster back inside me and was fucking me as hard and fast as he could with his full length. And I thought the previous fucking was good, man could this guy move. Getting seriously plowed by a POZ stud with a huge cock, one load in me and another on the way was the biggest aphrodisiac coz my dick was bouncing rigid spraying strands of clear precum everywhere as my head was pulled down to suck dick again. “You like this big dick fucking you?” “Mmmmm. Yes. Sir, I sure. Do.” Is all I can say with a mouthful of cock down my throat? “You heard I’m POZ?” I immediately moan, “Yes,” in response. He pushed hard into me driving his cock as deep as he could and , grabbing my hair and pulling my head back as far as he could. “You want another POZ load in that hole don’tcha?” “Yes.” “Yeah I know you do. I’m working on it young’un. I’m gonna fuck so much cum into you. Do your friends know you’re a cum slut? That’s what you are now, a dirty POZ cum slut?” He all but shouts into my ear whist all the time is driving that HIV laden cock in and out of my ass, his diseased cum filled balls slapping my ass. “You want this load? You want me to breed you? You want me to infect that ass, don’t you?” There is only one answer I can give “Yes. Yes. YES! God yes!” I wanted him to blow another load into me and keep on fucking his POZ loads until I was infected and he would just keep fucking me. “You asked for it baby boy, here it comes.” His body slammed into me again and again as he climaxed dumping shot after shot of poisoned cum into my hole. I was shaking from the thrill as I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck and I could feel his cock throbbing with each heartbeat. After a moment, he pulled out with an audible plop and a flood of cum ran down my wobbly legs, he smeared his cummy dick across my scratched butt cheek then moved in front of me and ordered me to clean his dick off which I happily did. I took his dick in my mouth and sucked him clean of cum and ass juices. God did that cock taste like heaven. “Good boy young’un” was all he said satisfied that it was clean he put it away in those tight lycra shorts. "He’s all yours Jay. Won’t need any lube now, plenty of slick lubricant in that wrecked hole. Cum, the best lube ever!” I soon felt Jay’s index finger go inside me, followed by another, and yet another as he tried to stretch my hole enough to accommodate his impressive, shorter but much thicker member. "Oh man, oh baby boy, your hole is still so tight and hungry, I love how you grip my fingers despite Kyle’s hole wrecker twice fucking you good. I'm gonna love adding to your hole making you our own personal cumdump." Jay barked into my ear as he roughly fingered my hole. "I think you're ready baby boy, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy, you are so gonna be in for a bumpy ride." Jay’s fingers were ripped out of my ass, he stood as he mate thrust a bottle of poppers under my right nostril and said "Take a couple of deep breaths boy, trust me, you're gonna need all the help you can get". I breathed in the heady smell and as this warm relaxing feeling rushing over me and my hole relaxed, Jay's big cock head popped inside me and I felt my hole stretch wider than it had ever stretched before. "Ohh fuuuuck!" I groaned as he continued to slide his cock inside me and I felt my insides shift to accommodate this monstrously thick cock totally filling my no longer tight, ass. He finally was planted balls deep inside me. "Hey baby boy, I wish you could see how your hole twitches around my cock! Renton look at this, it’s sucking me in, the hungry bitch wants more" He exclaimed excitedly. He started slowly pulling his cock out of me and I could feel the rim of his cockhead pulling on my ass lips as he withdrew until only the head was in me. He pushed balls deep again and started a slow in and out sawing motion that had me trembling with pleasure, excitement, and what I can only describe as ecstasy once more. Not wanting to be left out, Renton stuffed his thick uncut cock into my mouth and I was soon gagging on his equally huge hard cock now stopping the oxygen supply that sent shivers throughout my body and I felt light headed and limp. I came to as Jay roughly slammed his cock balls deep inside me, just as Renton pulled out, his breathing quickened and his pistoning actions became erratic as he started grunting and groaning. "Fuck! I'm not gonna last any longer! I'm gonna fill you up baby! You ready?!" Jay slams his cock balls deep and holds it there deep inside me shooting bathing the walls of my ass with his red hot POZ juices. Jay collapsed on my back panting hard he eventually caught his breath and slowly pulled his huge cock out of me, leaving me with an empty feeling that needed to be filled again. "Fuck Yeah! I want that ass right now!" Renton exclaims. Renton's cock was thinner but slightly longer with a wicked curve than Jay's and instantly I felt his cock easily slide balls deep into me. That curve made a noticeable difference from the first in stroke, pressing on my prostate, making my cock just and shoot yet more precum. “Fuck Babyboy clamp those ass muscles around my big black dick!” I try my best “I love the look of your lily-white ass against my black log as it swallows it whole.” Renton says as he completely pulled his cock out and rammed back in, “Pushing all that POZ cum deeper up your ripped-up guts, making sure we knock you up good.” By this point, my young cock had been painfully hard from all the prostate stimulation making me tingle all over and my toes curl with pressure building in my balls, cum boiling ready to shoot at any moment. Renton bucks his hips hard against butt making me scream "Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum!" "Shoot, get rid of that useless neg load" he bellows while continuing to slam back into me and his thrusts become even more frantic and that was all it took. Cum flew from my dick, my hole spasmed erratically and gripped his cock tighter clearly pushing him over the edge and he slammed balls deep, “Pozzing your ass, your ass is mine too now Babyboy!” As I distinctly felt every blast of poison shoot from his dick. The three hugged me and Kyle growled in my ear, "Your ass is ours! From now on you're gonna want my dick, and my friends' dicks and you'll always carry us with you, coz you only get pozzed once!” Jay adds, “We’re here at this layby most nights, dusk time so when you need another fucking you know when and where to come…and when you get sick find us coz we’ll all need a potent recharge from your fresh HIV Positive white dick. Gotta keep them strains toxic!” When I got home I lay on my bed thinking about what had just happened. My cock was rock hard again, painfully hard and I don’t know what’s a matter with me? I jacked another load out, perhaps my last neg cum as I fingered my puffy hole and shot all over my now not so white bib shorts. I certainly got a fitting souvenir of a remarkable ride, one I’ll never forget.
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    Part 6 The next day I was back in the office. It was a quiet morning and I wasn't sure if the VP had reported back to my boss the events of yesterday’s meeting or what. I had not heard from him all morning, so I concentrated on my work. I had just sat down after returning from lunch, a liquid one just in case, when my phone rang. Picking up the phone, I hadn't even answered with a hello when I heard my boss' voice bellow “My office, NOW!” I jumped. I moved quickly to my boss’s door and knocked. Then waited. “Come,” my boss' voice answered from the other side. Opening the door, I found not only my boss but the fucking VP who had pozzed my hole yesterday evening. “Sit.” I shut the door and moved to the guest chair. “Mr. Meeks has filled me in on your meeting. While he complimented your hole, your attitude was an issue.” “I’m sorry, Sir. I wasn’t sure how I should be. I had never met you, Mr. Meeks, and I apologize. I hope you give me an opportunity to correct my attitude.” “I will use that hole again,” Mr. Meeks replied. I was glad to hear that he wanted to fuck me again. I didn't want to fuck-up this whole special project. “It has been brought to my attention that one of our high asset clients will be in the area tomorrow night. I will be sending you to him as a gift from our company,” my boss said. My cock twitched in my pants and start to leak. I could already feel the cock in my hole. I wanted it. I could feel the pre-cum flowing out of my piss slit as I listen to them pass on the information I needed for the client. Mr. Meeks occasionally adjusted his crotch in his dress pants, while he was standing next to my boss. Their instructions were not hard, just had to act some, but that would be easy. My boss rose from his chair behind his desk, revealing his hard cock sticking out of the fly of his suit pants. It was semi hard. “Remember, we have a meeting Friday night,” he cautioned. “Yes, Sir." He grabbed his cock and tucked it back into his fly, then zipped up. The next day I got the info and set out to meet the client, arriving at his hotel at 4:45 and making my way up to the fifteenth floor. Taking a deep breath I knocked on his door. It was just a moment later he answered it. “Good evening, I am Kent. Mr. Meeks and Mr. Troy sent me.” “Oh yes, yes, please come in,” a voice answered. Once inside, I made my way to the middle of the room and turned to face him. He was about six-four, solid man. He had red hair and was a bit pale. He was only dressed in a white robe, tied closed around his body. “Please make yourself comfortable,” he invited. I removed my shoes and socks first as he stood there watching me. I began to unbutton my shirt and remove it next. I undid my jeans and dropped them to the floor. After stepping out of them I was completely naked. I stood there watching him, remarking “This is way more comfortable,” rubbing my hand across my chest. His hands went to the ties of his robe and undid it. I watch the robe open exposing his naked body underneath. He was completely smooth except of a small patch of red fur just above the base of his cock. To the right of it was a scorpion tattoo. He removed his robe and threw it on the floor next to the door. “I like your scorpion tattoo, so you are a Scorpio?”I said, playing dumb. “Something like that,” he replied. I moved over to him and dropped to my knees. His hardening cock was right in front of me, slowly growing outwards from his body. “I only play safe” I said to him right before I put his cock head in my mouth. “Me too,” he replied with a smirk. I slowly slid my mouth down the shaft of his thick cock. I slowly back off his cock, just to slid it back into my mouth. I could hear him moaning as I sucked his cock. I reached back and started to play with my hole, running my finger around it, then sliding it in. “Oh yeah, finger that pussy,” he moaned. I continued to suck his cock and finger my hole. I slid another finger in my hole, stretching it a bit. “Let’s get you on the bed and have some fun,” he suggested as he withdrew his cock from my mouth and stepped back, helping me to my feet and onto his bed, where he placed me in a kneeling position, my knees almost on the edge of the bed. He disappeared into the bath room, bringing back with him two condoms. I listened to him open the package of one condom. He slipped it onto his hard cock. I could hear the condom snap a couple of times. “It’s okay, just pulling to tip out a bit, so there is room for my load inside it.” I smiled, I knew what he was really doing. He was trying to rip the condom a bit so it broke as he fucked me. He snapped the condom again. “Got it right where I want it.” He knelt down and started to eat my hole. His tongue pushed in my hole some. He then pulled his face back and spit on my hole. He quickly stood and pushed the head of his cock against my hole. I pushed my hole out and his cock slid into me, very slowly. He then pulled out his cock and jacked it, pulling back the condom, stretching it a bit more on his cock. Again he lined up his cock and pushed into me, this time sliding in balls-deep, and staying there. “Sweet hole,” he murmured. I pushed back against him, pressing my ass against his crotch. He gripped my hips and started to slowly move back and forth, his cock slowly moving in and out. He was pulling his cock out until his head was just in then sliding back in. I reached back while his cock was almost out and touched it, making sure the condom was still on. “It’s still there my friend,” he remarked, adding “no fucking with out them." He picked up speed and was now thrusting faster and harder. He was moaning as he pushed into me. His balls were swinging as he fucked me. He pulled out for a moment and then slammed his cock back into my hole with such force I fell forward on the bed. His body followed mine and he was now on top of me, raising his hips up and down driving his cock in and out. “Oh fuck, your hole is amazing,” he said, “even through the condom, it’s like velvet.” “Yeah fuck me, fuck me hard,” I exclaimed with genuine pleasure. He continued to pound my hole, harder and faster. Abruptly, however, he stopped, explaining “I think the condom just broke. I won't fuck you anymore - unless you want me to.” “Please keep going, but promise to pull out before cumming and shoot your load on my back.” “Are you sure” he said, “I'm disease free.” “Yes.” He continued to fuck me harder and harder, his breathing became quick and shallow. “Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum!” he exclaimed. “Pull out and shoot,” I ordered. “Oh, shit, it’s too late! I've already squirted some in your hole,” he said. “Pull out” I yelled. He pulled out and I felt another shot hit my hole, then he pushed back in. “Oh fuck, I am back in your hole,” he acknowledged. “Take it out, please,” I begged. “I shot my load in your hole” he answered. “I’m so sorry/” He was pushing his cock deep in me, slowly pumping it as if he was milking the last of his cum out of his shaft. He slowly pulled his cock out. I turned quickly and saw the broken condom on his softening cock. He pulled it off. “I’m sorry my friend” he said, “I don’t know what happened.” “It’s okay.” “I am disease free,” he repeated. I just nodded. “In light of the situation, I think our meeting is complete for the night. I will pass on to your bosses that I enjoyed the meeting, even with the accident that took place.” “Thank you” I said, as I moved to redress. I quickly put on my pants, socks and shoes. He watched me from the bed where he was sitting. His legs were wide open and his cock and balls were hanging. “I really do like your tattoo” I said, putting on my shirt and starting to button it. Once it I was dressed, I tucked my shirt into my pants. That’s when I felt the note I was to give the client. “Oh I forgot to give this to you” I said handing him the note. I checked for my keys and I left the room, heading back where I parked my car. When I got there, I fished my cell out. I noticed a text from a blocked number, strange because I didn’t know you could send that way. “I lied” it read, “I shot a high viral load filled cum wad in your hole.” I just laughed a little, then another message came through. “Enjoy it while you can, fucker.’
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    Part 5 I spent the weekend at home, alone and drinking. I couldn’t believe what had happened. I had to let it soak in. At least the weekend when by slow, I wasn’t sure how I was going to face work and my boss on Monday, but it came. I got to my cubicle on time and didn’t speak to anyone, not even those on the elevator. I kept my head down and just waited. I was searching for an excuse to why I wasn’t myself today and could not think of one that was plausible. So, I decided I would just say I drank to much this weekend, which wasn’t a lie. Once my computer was up and going, I went through my morning routines. Emails first. Fuck. There in my box was an email from my boss, telling me we had a meeting at ten in his office. Deep down I was hoping that it was a department meeting, but at ten I learned it was not. “Excellent job last week, Kent” he said as I entered his office. “Thank you Sir,” I said. “Please take a seat” he said, moving around from behind his desk. He seat on the corner of his desk, suit jacket open, exposing his bit crotch to me. My hole twitched knowing what was lurking behind that zipper. “I had a good chat with the VP of Public Relations and needless to say he would like to get involved in our special project” “Sir?” i said questionably. “He’s in a similar situation and I offered him your services. Right now, your identity is not known, but he would like to meet you tonight at the same motel we met.” “I don’t know” “Same room, but at six” he said, “I have arranged for you to leave early, with pay so you can be ready for your meeting” “Sir, I ….” I tried to say. “Don’t disappoint me, Kent,” he said, “you are providing a great service to the executives of our corporation” “I will meet him” “I knew you would, always a team player.” he said smiling, “you can leave at lunch time to get ready” “Yes, Sir” “Do me proud” he said as I was about to leave his office. “Oh, and our time Friday will be a standing appointment, got it?” he said “Yes Sir” The day went by fast at work and then at home. I quickly found myself back in my car heading out to the sleazy motel to get used by another man. I was a little nervous not only entering the motel during the day, but on who was about to meet. I had never met him before, nor had I ever laid eyes on him. Parking behind the motel, near room 13, I looked around. The only other vehicle in the lot was a black Range Rover. Taking a deep breathe I got out and headed to the door. I could see the curtains of the window open a bit. I fought the urge to peek in to see what I who I was going to met. I reached the door and knock, abandoning peeking in the window. When the door opened I was shocked, instead of a very old man, I came face to face with a man in about his early forties. He had blonde hair and blues eyes, clean shaven. He was dressed only in white briefs, which were already tenting outwards. His body was toned and completely smooth. No words were spoken, he just motioned for me to enter. Once inside the door was shut and locked. He pulled the curtains shut. I was standing in the middle of the room, staring at the bed, the one just a few days ago my boss fucked me three times and knocked me up. His hand on my ass brought me back to the present. I didn’t waste any time. I began to remove my clothes, until I was naked in front of him. Without saying a word, I moved to the bed and sat down. He just stood there and watched, rubbing his crotch through his underwear. “What position do you like to fuck in” I asked him. “On your back, ass at the edge and your legs stretched up to heaven” he replied. I laid back, making sure my ass was on the edge of the bed and lifted my legs. I watched him drop his briefs. His cock was not as big as my boss’s, but who’s is. He was a good seven inches cut. He moved towards my ass, slowly stroking his cock, which was already hard. Once at my ass, he pushed the head of his cock into my hole, but just only to hold it in place, it didn’t go in. “You understand that this will be a fuck with no condoms” I nodded. “I don’t pull out either when I shoot my load” I nodded again “oh, one more thing. I am highly toxic” he said slamming his cock into me balls deep. I screamed. I was pre-lubed but I was not relaxed enough for him to enter me. He pushed in further as his body met mine. “Wanna be a cold fucking whore” he said, “I will treat you like a cold fucking whore” He pulled his cock back until his head was just inside and then slammed back in. The pain was intense. His hands gripped my ankles, pulling my legs wide. His cock was being rammed in and out of me. “Still shooting neg bitch?” he asked. “I think so” “So no fuck-flu yet” “No, Sir” His balls were bouncing off my ass hard, as his cock used my hole. “You know you’re just a fuck hole to us” he said, “nothing more.” “Yes Sir, fuck me and breed me” “A fucking whore who gives it away for free” He was sweating good now. Beads of sweat was running down his chest. I turned my head to see our reflection in the mirror. I could see his ass muscles clinch up, causing deep dimples to form on his ass. “Leaking toxic cock slime into that ass” I watch more beads of sweat run down his back and over his beefy ass. At times I could see the reflection of his cock pumping in and out of my ass. “Look at me, cunt” I turned my head and looked him in the eyes. He pulled my legs open wider, causing a little pain in my groin. “Your fucking cock’s not even hard” he said, “you’re just a pussy boy” His speed was picking up, His cock was pumping my ass harder and harder. His cock was thickening up. “You should feel privileged getting my toxic load, bitch” He slammed his cock deep into my hole. He lost his balance and feel on top of me. His cock stayed buried deep in my hole, pumping it’s poz load into me. “Fuck” he said. He quickly lifted off of me and pulled out. He wiped his cock on my leg and moved away. I slowly lowered my legs and stood. It was over quick. “At least you could say is fucking thank you” he said “Thank you Sir for your toxic load” He nodded. “Get dressed and get out” he said. I quickly got my clothes back on and headed to the door. “I will email your boss when I want that hole again,” he said, “It’s the best I’ve had in a long time” I went out to the room. I stood with my back to the door, trying to take this session in. Treats me like shit, then wants it again. Damn, that’s fucked up, I thought. “Got that pussy fucked again” a voice to my right said. Walking up the sidewalk was the Marine. Shit, I thought, this is all I need. “Different john I see, maybe you should charge them. Sell that pussy if it’s that good” he said with a laugh. I headed to my car to leave. “Hey faggot!” he said, “AIDS kills”
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    Dad’s Basement Part Twenty-Seven I watched Dad back up, giving the cameraman room to get in front of me to get more of my gang bang on film. I watched him slowly stroke his cock about six feet away. The hard cock inside me continued to pounded my sloppy hole, which was making a lot of noise as he pulled and pushed in and out of it. I could feel cum running down my balls, and I was sure that it was dripping off. “We need a clean up” someone said. “On it” Garrett responded. The man up my hole slid all the way in, as I felt a tongue running up my hard cock heading towards my balls. It licked all around my ball sac, cleaning it of the poz cum that had leaked out my hole. Once my balls were clean, he moved towards my hole. I felt his tongue lick around my puffy hole. I knew he was hitting the cock inside of me because the man was moaning. “Pull out just a bit, wanna lick that shaft too.” The man slowly pulled back, until just his head was inside me. Garrett’s tongue hit my hole Some as he lick the man's cock shaft. “All clean, now fuck that pussy, it's time for the full blown members to get at that hole” The man rammed his cock into my hole. Pumping me hard and deep with each thrust. His fingernails were digging into my hips as is cock slammed my hole. Dad was still stroking his cock, but was not watching me get fucked. He was staring at the camera man’s ass who was slightly bent over in front of me capturing the cock in my hole. The man slammed in, grunting as his cock pulsed in my hole adding his cum to the loads in me. He pulled out and someone pushed in. “Gonna fuck the first AIDS load of the night in you” It was Garrett, he had his uncut cock deep in me. He reached up and pulled my hair, forcing my head back. I was struggling to keep my eyes on Dad. The camera man had moved in even closer, his cock was stabbing me in the throat, just under my chin. His lower abs and crotch was in my face, just slightly away from touching me. His arms were stretched over my back camera in hand filming Garrett’s AIDS cock fucking my hole. I saw two hands grab his hips, holding him. Then he thrust forward pushing his cock into my throat. Someone had slid their cock into his hole and was fucking him. “Fuck him Drew” Garrett said. Dad was fucking the camera man, who was struggling to keep his camera focused on my ass and keeping his balance. His cock was leaking pre-cum on my throat. “Deposit an AIDS load in my son’s ass” Dad said to Garrett. “He's about to get it, gonna slick it up for the next AIDS babies to come” He started to pull out and slammed back in, driving his cock deep in me. His balls slapped against me with every thrust in. I worked my hole the best I could around his cock. He was growling loudly. “Give me that deadly AIDS load!” I yelled. “Here it comes” Garrett said slamming his cock deep in me. I pushed back into his body, squeezing my hole around his pulsing cock. “Milk it pussy boy” Garrett said “Got another AIDS load for you boy” someone said behind me “Gonna add my death too” another man said Garrett pulled out and immediately another cock slid into my hole, balls deep with one thrust. “Is that an AIDS cock” I asked “Fuck yeah, gonna fuck you hard and rough with my death stick” The man grabbed my hips and started to punch fuck me, pulling his cock all the way out and driving it all the way back in. I pushed my hole out, opening it up to the hard thrusts. “Look at the cum flow out that pussy” someone yelled. “That cameraman is getting covered in cum,” another man said. “His mouth is open and feeding on it.” The man fucking my hole was grunting hard as he rammed his cock in. He slapped my ass as he pushed in me deep. I could feel the bench move forward with his thrusts. “Someone keep him from moving forward.” Garrett and another man moved and stood at my shoulders. Each one’s hip was pressing against my shoulder holding me as I was fucked hard. The camera man pulled off Dad’s hard cock and moved in to get this deadly fuck on video. “Use that pussy hard Gene” someone said “Gonna shoot soon, can't hold it anymore” Gene said, panting hard. He rammed in balls deep and began shooting is load in my hole. “Giving you AIDS fucker!” He shook as he shot is load. He slowly pulled out. Leaving my hole empty. He moved around to my head, that's when I saw him. He was so skinny. His checks on his face sunk inwards, his body was completely devoid of any fat. His eyes looked empty, as if death had already set in, they were dark, almost jet black in color. I think he was close to death physically. As another cock slid into my hole, he rubbed my head. “Thank you boy, it was good to past on my death before death takes me” I just smiled and grunted as my hole was being fucked. I lost sight of Dad, maybe he was back in line to fuck me again. I knew I had to get a load from each man, but wasn't sure if once they all shot in me, if they could fuck me again. A new cock slid into my hole. My leg and arm muscles were getting sore from being in the same position and that ache was more than my hole. I had lost track of the cocks that had been up my hole. I didn't know how long I had been on the fuck bench. I did know the camera men had switched out memory cards a couple of times during the fucking. I would have given anything to be able to see what was happening behind me, if the men were just jacking their cocks waiting for their turn, or if they were sucking and fucking one another, but saving their loads for my hole.
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    I laid tied to the bed, staring at the hotel door, waiting for the next top to come and poz my hole. Wrestling with how to come to terms with the whole thing. “Peter?” I said. “What” he snapped back. “I admit I wanted to be pozzed, but honestly not like this” “Yeah, I know how you wanted it, you wanted me to do so you could hold it over my head” “No I wouldn’t” The knock at the door kept him from responding. As he opened it wondered who would be there. The man that was outside was fucking hot. He was like a living god. Tall, dark, handsome and covered in tattoos. Under his tank he was furry and muscular. As he walked into the room, his cock jumped under his gym shorts. “So how many have knocked him up?” he asked “An escort, me, and a guy who was full blown” Peter said. “Fuckin’ hot” the stranger said, “let me add mine” “He’s open for business,” Peter replied, “tell all your toxic friends” “Fuck man, I can have my husband head over after his workout, as well as some of my buds” “The more the better” The muscle god was now stripping. Once his tank was removed and his body exposed, I was in awe. He was solidly built. “you ready for this?” he asked looking right at me. “Yes” I replied. “If he starts to object, just keep going,” Peter said, “he’s going home poz one way or another” I watched the muscle god drop his shorts, exposing his thick veiny cock. It had to be nine inches. I licked my lips and lifted my hips off the bed, raising my ass up in the air. “Someone’s eager” Peter said. The stranger climbed between my legs and buried his face in my crack. Licking my hole, soaking it with his spit. Peter was pinching his nipples as he watch. The stinger then climbed on top of me, line up his cock and pushed it in. I let out a loud moan. He dropped body on me and I felt as if I was being smothered. He was pumping his cock in and out of my hole. I would lift my hips off the bed, pushing upwards so my ass was meeting his cock. “Someone’s very eager” the stranger said. “Fuck your poz load into me” I said. The stranger slammed his cock into me hard, pushing me into the mattress. I was pushing back my ass as he slammed in. I watched Peter across the room, watching me as I was getting fucked. “Untie me your twisted motherfucker, so I can fuck this man properly” I yelled to him. Peter dropped his phone and quickly moved over to the bed. He released both my wrists and i pushed myself up to a kneeling position. I wanted this doggie style. “Fuck me like the bitch I am” I said. The stranger grabbed my hips and began to fuck me more, faster and harder. “Slap my ass” I ordered. Peter was releasing my ankles. “I said slap my ass” The stranger slapped my right cheek hard, making it sting. “Again” I said He then started to slap my ass over and over as he pounded my hole. “Glad to see you are embracing your inner pig” Peter said. “Oh I’m just beginning” The stranger pulls out and flips me over on my back, grabbing my ankles he pushed my legs back, shoving my knees into my chest. Peter grabs his cock and lines it up with my hole. The stranger’s cock pushes in all the way. “Going to dump my load into your hot ass soon buddy” He started to pound my hole, thrusting his body weight into me. I could see Peter standing there, his cock was getting hard again. I watched it lift off his balls and slowly start to expand, until it was sticking straight out. I squeezed my hole around his cock as the stranger fucked me. The bed was squeaking as we fucked on it. I know people passing the room could hear it, but I didn’t care, fuck them. Hell, if they wanted they could come in and fuck me too. I didn’t want to fight this any more. I wanted to be a fucking pig. The stranger’s cock was rock hard and his balls were tensing up, drawing close to his body. He was getting close to dumping his poz load into me. “Want my load fucker’ he asked. “Fuck yeah, is a pig’s ass pork” “Fuck yeah” “Dump your poz load in my hole” He slammed into me. He grunted loudly as he emptied his balls into my hole. Every few seconds he would pull out and thrust back in. “Fuck dude, y’all up for a little four-way later tonight” “Fuck yeah” I said. “I will text you the address when I get to my car” he said, “my husband needs to poz that ass” “Tonight all holes will be available” I said. “Same here” He pulled off me and began dressing. I wasn’t sure if Peter was in shock or just scared. As soon as the man left the room. I grabbed my cock and started stroking it hard. I stared at Peter the whole time, watching him and his hard cock standing there. “Hope we have some time before my next trick,” I said to him. A beep on his phone brought him back to reality. I grabbed it off the table, it was a text message of the guys address and what time to be at his place. I tossed his phone back down, then walked towards him next to the bed. “Your ass is next” I said to him, pushing him on the bed.
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    Peter just stood there, smirking at me, pleased with what he had done. His cock hung semi hard. He was looking at his phone, I could see it on his face that he was up to something. “Answer me damn it,” I said, “how could you do this to me: “Me? You had a part in this too, I didn’t see you put up a fight when the escort was fucking you” “How could I, I couldn’t move, he was holding me down and was much stronger” “Bull fucking shit, if you really wanted to fight it you would have, but you just laid there and took it” “I need to go to the doctor or something” “Your ass isn’t going anywhere, its not over yet, you dumb fuck” “What” Before he could answer, there was a knock at the hotel room door. Peter moved over to it and opened it. The man that walked in scared the shit out of me. He was tall and thin and not naturally thin. He was sickly thin. “That him?” he asked “Yeah’ Peter replied. “Ugly fucker, but I will dump my load into him any way” “He’s had two poz loads fucked into him” “My toxic seed will convert him. I have converted at least a dozen men and boys, never had to pump a second load into them, converted on the first” I just laid there, listening to this twisted, fucked up conversion. I jumped off the bed, determined to lock myself in the bathroom and save myself, but Peter and the man were quick and they both grabbed my arms, yanking me back. “Oh no you don’t, you are not escaping this” Peter said, “hold him, I think it’s time to tie his ass to the bed.” The thin man sighted his grip on my arm and grabbed the one Peter was holding. Peter went to his back and pulled out some leather cuffs, 4 in all. “If he tries to escape or fight me, punch him in the gut” Peter said. “My pleasure” the thin man replied Peter worked quickly to put the cuffs on my wrists and ankles. Then went back to his back and pulled out two long thick ropes, he threw one end of each under the bed. He returned to me. Getting right into my face, he start to kiss me, sticking his tongue into my mouth. I tried to fight it, but couldn’t. They moved me to the bed, forcing me down onto my stomach, my arms were stretched out toward the edge of the bed and my wrists cuffs were attached to the ropes. The rope was barely long enough to reach my arms, so I was stretched more. The tension kept me from moving. My legs were pulled wide open and were attached to the rope by the cuffs on my ankles, spreading my legs wide. Once I was secured to the bed, the thin man began to undress. I watched as he exposed his smooth, emaciated body to me. His chest and stomach had no fat on them and I could see his ribs. As he undid the button and pulled down the zipper on his shorts, I began to feel tears welling up and running down my cheeks. “Of fuck, man up you pussy. You know you wanted this” Peter said. The shorts dropped, exposing his crotch to me. It was hairless. His cock was thick and steadily growing. It was cut and had a big acorn head. His balls hung down low between his smooth thighs, which was like a road map of veins. “I didn’t want this” I said sobbing. “Yeah right, wasn’t it you who said that he wanted to be like me. Wasn’t it you who said you wished we didn’t have to us condoms” Peter said angrily. The thin man climbed on the bed, kneeling between my spread legs. He reach under me and grabbed my cock and balls and pulled them back. “The fucker is into this, his cock is hard” he said to Peter. Peter just laughed. I could feel the thin man moving and positioning his cock head at my hole. Peter had wrapped his fingers around his cock and was slowly fisting it. Without warning, the thin man pushed his cock in, driving it completely in. I could feel his hot crotch on my ass. Peter watch closely as it disappeared into my hole. I let out a soft moan, not wanting either to know that the cock in my hole felt good. The thin man lowered his torso onto my back and began to lift his hips, pulling his cock out of my hole. He slammed his cock back into me, repeating this over and over. His mouth was next to my ear. I could feel his breath slowly releasing into my ear. “Damn fucker, your ass feels good on my AIDS cock” he whispered. My eyes widened. “Your boyfriend got you a full blown cock” he said, “You should feel special, I don’t give my deadly load to just anyone” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, a fucking AIDS top that was picky on what hole he fucked. I almost laughed. “But when your boyfriend contacted me and said it was a forced infection, I said yeah even though I thought you were ugly as shit” His cock slammed into me over and over. His balls bounced off my ass. “Please stop Peter, I need to get to the hospital, it might not be too late.” I pleaded. “Shut the fuck up and take it” Peter said. The thin man kept fucking my hole, slamming his cock into me. I could feel wetness slowly moving down my balls. “This pussy is fucking sloppy, just from two loads,” the thin man said. Peter got down front of me, looking me start into my eyes. His blue eyes were blurry from my tears. He ran his hand through my hair, gently stroking it. “Relax baby, it will be over soon and you will be free” he said so sweetly. “Oh fuck I ain’t going to last long” the thin man said. “See baby it’s almost over” Peter said. “Oh fuck, it’s too late now, I am shooting my AIDS load into your hole” the thin man said grunting with each pulse of his cock as he shot. Peter stood up and was stroking faster and faster. His cock was aimed at my face. I could tell he was getting close to shooting. Within seconds his head went back and his piss slit opened. HIs cum shot out, the first shot hitting me in my eye, which burned instantly. The rest hit all over my face. I pulled on the ropes to try and get my fingers up to my eye, to get the cum off it, but I couldn’t move. “Nice shot” the thin man said as he pulled his softening cock out of my hole. “Going to leave it there, just so he knows who’s in charge here” Peter said, wiping his cock in my hair. “That should take” the thin man said as he was dressing. “oh there are more to come, so we will have a conversion, no doubt about it” I was confused by Peter, he was playing this Dr. Jekyll / Mr Hyde game, which I had never seen before. Angrily mean one minute and sweet the next. What the fuck was going on with him. He knelt down next to the bed, again stroking my hair. “Oh baby you are doing so good,” he said as he phone went off. He quickly stood and went to it. Smirking and laughing as he read it. “Bitch your next fuck is almost here,” he said, “don’t be a fucking cry baby and embarrass me again”
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    Should I Stay Or Should I Go ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** Sometimes we meet a person and we know – this is the one. Do you know what I mean? You look at someone and your heart stops missing a beat. Your whole body tingles. You hear the blood rushing in your ears. The world is spinning around you. This happened to me 92 days ago. 92 days with butterflies in my body. 92 days with friends rolling their eyes, because I had only one subject. 92 days full of romance and not one fight. It is strange – in my earlier relationships I was always insecure and jealous. After a short while I was suspicious but this time everything was different. From the moment I met Scorpion I had only eyes for him. And I saw his eyes were only resting on me. It is a great feeling, if you love each other with all of your heart. And tonight I am sitting alone at home and staring into the candle light. I am not sure how long Scorpion is gone. We talked very much and we cried a lot and then he left. The evening started romantically. We bought some stuff to make dinner. We enjoy cooking together. Mostly I do the cooking and he caresses my neck and steals a kiss from my lips. Don’t get me wrong. He is all the man I need. He is quite a macho in our regular life, but also protecting and caring. I do not feel like his possession but I know also, that I belong to him. All the things have changed now. The first time we made love, I was a bit uneasy. Curious but also a bit scared. I was used to get my foreplay. I was used to get sucked and often my lovers licked my ass. With Scorpion it was like changing from day to night. He told me to undress and get on my knees. Then he opened his jeans and ordered me to suck his dick. I wanted to use my hands but he told me to keep my hands down and open my mouth widely. He grabbed my ears and started face fucking me. Although I choked, he didn’t seem to care. After a while I started drooling spit all over my chest. There was so much spit. I thought it would be disgusting, but Scorpion didn’t stop. He simply used my mouth and before shooting his load he withdrew his thick cock from my mouth and ejaculated on my face. I was breathless. At first I thought, this was way too rough, but then I realized this was exactly what I was looking for. I needed a guy who would protect me during the day and use me like a slut at night. Then he fucked me for the first time. He wanted to go bareback, but I was not comfortable with it. And so he agreed after a while to fuck me with a condom. I could see in his expression, that he wasn’t too happy about it. Our foreplay was easy and fast. I received a few slaps to my face and undressed rapidly. He ripped my underpants from my body and threw a jock strap onto the bed. “Wear these…. I don’t want to see your dick” he ordered. Then he shoved me down on my back and told me to spread my legs. He used some lube on his cock and after holding my legs up (they rested next to my chest), he fucked me hard and fast. It was almost like he tried to rip my ass apart. I have never felt so much pain and was never so much satisfied. Scorpion showed me my place and when I tried to jerk off he told me I should take my fucking hands away from my cock. At first I was offended but he explained to me later on, that it was my duty to concentrate myself on satisfying his needs. I should not distract myself by rubbing my clit. He allowed me to jerk off later, while being on the loo. Every time I returned from the bath room he was still awake and grinned cheekily and I would cuddle myself into his arms and only then he told me, how much he loved and needed me. During the act he called me names like slut and bitch. But he never said he loved me during his ejaculation. Somehow I valued that very much. It means more, if you hear those words during the day or before falling asleep. So after a while I’ve learnt, that my submissive vein was not a deficit. Don’t get me wrong. I am not feminine, but at night I am on the receiving end – and I enjoy feeling a real man within me. Several times did Scorpion try to convince me, to forget about the condom. He even promised me, to pull out before shooting his load. And last night we made love in the purest form. Skin on skin and I enjoyed it so much, knowing there was nothing between us anymore. Did I ask him about his status? No. Why? He looks great. I was sure everything would be fine and I didn’t want to make him uneasy. Maybe it was a mistake. In our time nothing can be taken for granted. So he fucked me so hard. he banged me harder than he ever did before. I was used, that he wouldn’t lick my ass. He always told me, that wouldn’t be his job. But this time he denied me any kind of lube. Still I was willing to take the pain, because I knew it would create pleasure for him. He looked me deep into the eyes, when he told me he was about to cum. I reminded him softly to pull out and with a curse he withdrew his cock and shot his load on my stomach and splattered more cum over my chest. For a moment I thought, I did something wrong. He seemed to be upset, that I asked him to keep his promise. But when I came back from the bathroom he was cute as always and he held me in his arms even while I slept. And today he opened up to me finally. He told me, while we ate our dinner, that he loved me and he wanted to be with me. I smiled at him, because it was exactly what I felt in my heart. Then he continued with a serious expression on his face, that he had to tell me something. I was concerned, because of the way his eyes looked at me. I could see a deep sadness, I had never seen before. Scorpion told me, that he was sick and he apologized for risking infecting me also. I heard the words and even though he did not say the letters, I knew he talked about HIV. At first I was furious. He fucked me bareback. Who knows if he really pulled out in time? How could he endanger my health that way? I don’t remember it clearly, but I think I threw my glass after him. I screamed at him, that I hated him and that I cursed the day I ever laid eyes on him. My whole mind was upside down. I didn’t know what to do and so I told him to piss off. Scorpion was not aggressive. He tried to touch me and he actually held me for a while and we both cried, but after a while I pushed him away and told him to leave my flat. He got up and told me, he hoped I would be okay and repeated that he was sorry. For a week I was not able to do the easiest thing. I called in sick on my work, but I didn’t go to see a doctor. All I could do was crying and after a while I asked myself, if I cried because of me or because the lost love. And then I realized, I didn’t want to miss Scorpion in my life. He was sick… okay. There are more serious diseases than HIV. Then another week passed and I received a text message, if I was okay and if he could visit me for a short while to get his stuff. The night I threw him out, he had no chance to take any of his stuff. There was his tooth brush. He left his aftershave in my bathroom. There was his shirt he slept in lately. And I had to admit I had sniffed at it lately. There were of course other clothes in the desks and cupboards. Music CD’s and DVD’s. Scorpion was almost living with me already. I had to ask myself, should I stay or should I go? A few hours after his text, I messaged him back and told him he could come to my apartment in the evening. When he arrived he had two bags with him. He greeted me and dared stepping up to me. He just hesitated for a second, but then he pulled me into his arms and told me he was really sorry and he hoped I would be ok. I couldn’t help it, but I started crying again. Scorpion rubbed my back and then smiled at me. “Everything will be fine. I promise. I took good care of you, even if I put you under danger, I am sure you will be okay…” he promised. Then he went into the bathroom and collected his stuff. After a while he went into the bedroom and opened the drawers to collect his clothes. For a while I was not able to move. I have said so many mean things. But I had to react and so I followed him into the bedroom and stood at the door frame. “Don’t go… “ I whispered. Scorpion stood with his back to me. I could not see his face, but he stopped in his movement. “Please… don’t leave me.” I added. He turned around and looked at me with his beautiful dark eyes. “It is not so easy you know that.” he replied. “Why? I see you with my heart Scorpion. You are the love of my life. There won’t be another. I may meet another guy one day, but I will never love that way again.” I sniffed. He stepped up to me and kissed my forehead. “I thought about you and me for the last two weeks. And you are right, I was mad at you at first, but things have changed. I am not scared, if you are by my side. Healthy or not – as long as you are with me, nothing can harm me.” I told Scorpion and looked deeply into his eyes. Then I went down to my knees and started opening his jeans. “No….” he said. “Yes….” I insisted. In this night we made love, the way he taught me to. “Fuck me hard and cum in me” I begged him and although he was hesitant at first, after a while he banged my ass so hard and brutal. I yelped with every stroke he did and tried my best to massage him with my slit. He slapped me twice before ejaculating and asked me again if I wanted his toxic cum. “Yes – give me your poison.” I screamed. I got lost in his eyes, when he started to moan and felt every splash of cum in my body. “Do you want to go to the loo and clean yourself up and jerk off?” he asked. “No – I would rather stay with you and I want to keep your sperm in me” I answered. He nodded and cuddled up to me. “Stay with me… forever” I whispered. “I have never met someone like you. I will never leave you” he said softly. I turned my head and kissed him on his mouth. Then I felt his cockhead swelling again and this time he fucked me from behind. I believe his promises to stay with me. Will I get and see a doctor? No. Sooner or later I will get the fuck flu – then I will know I am closer to him than ever before. There is no need to be afraid, as long as he allows me to be with him. I made my decision to stay with him.
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    I had been checking out hot poz men online for a couple of years and came upon several that were willing participants in conversion play. Most of them were too far away to actually hook-up with them, but our conversations and emails were hot, and fed into my fantasies, and more to the point, the longer this went on, the more intense the desire which over came me to be the passive recipient of a toxic breeding session. This one successful breeder that had wanted to seed me from the first time I had contacted him (Lucas) finally became my choice. I especially liked him because he was so into poz breeding and sharing. He lived to get to knock up negative men. Also, he was a multiple cummer. He had been known to shoot as many as 14 loads in a night of breeding, which was a very rare thing in breeders, and this I had verified from some of his previous bottoms who had shared info with me. After over two years of back and forth and keeping up on each other's exploits, we agreed to a time of meeting that worked for both of us. I had to fly to his city and he picked me up at the airport and drove to his place to begin my four day visit. I had learned a lot about him during our two years of chatting. He had told me that he was a serious chaser for several years and vowed that when he got infected, he would never turn down a negative man that wanted converted. He had during the few years that he was HIV positive had successfully impregnated at least 26 men of whom he knew. Of course many of them never got back to him to let him know that he was successful, so the count is not exact. He has never been on any meds and takes all the recharges he can get on a regular basis. He has not tested since his first test when he got infected but knows that he is potent as his results in conversion rate is almost perfect. The month before I decided to go see him he told me that a traveling couple had come to see him for a one night, one breeding each on their way through town, and he had infected both of them and they reported back in 16 days that they were both horribly sick with the fuck flu. Just before I left to go see him, he said they had called and reported their tests were poz. This affirmed for me he was still in the game and results were positive for his seed. I had told him that I would really like to have my conversion videoed for future enjoyment. After all, a man only gets knocked up once. On the way from the airport, we stopped and picked up his camera man (Joe) because as he explained in the car, he didn't want to waste any time once we got back to his home. He said his cock had been anticipating my negative asshole to seed and was throbbing and full of cum. I'm not sure which one of us was more excited. Lucas had infected cam man Joe about a year ago and they both recharged each other on regular basis as poz fuck buddies. He told me that some of the men he had infected wanted a blood slam to make certain that the infection would take, but I told him that I wanted it fucked into me the old fashioned way. That way I can say I earned it. Slamming just seemed like cheating. I want that toxic seed deep in my shit hole, like a real man. We arrived at his home and went inside where about three feet inside the door Lucas took off his clothes and Joe took off his pants as his cock was so hard it couldn't be contained, knowing what was about to happen on video. Joe started the video rolling and Lucas said for the record "I am telling you that I am HIV positive and you are negative. I am going to fuck you full of HIV seed and you are willing to take it." "Yes," I replied, "that is the point of this breeding session." "Get your pants off," Lucas ordered, his eight by six inch cock dripping precum. To be continued.
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    Safe Sex Only Advertisement (Part 2) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** We accompanied Brian almost like bodyguards. Oliver held Brian by his nape, massaging the twink like an old buddy would, but in the end he was just giving him direction to our destination. Mark was feeling the boy’s ass up and looked at us, mimicking the word ‘slut’ But at the last corner, Brian took a sudden halt. “What’s wrong? Why are we stopping?” Morton asked. “I…. I don’t know…. maybe I should think about it” With an absent minded glance Brian looked around and didn’t fail to perceive the prominent bulges at the front of our jeans. “I am a bit scared….” “Hey, hey… I understand that. I mean if we do great things, we often have doubts… but come on, it must be your fate…. You are such a good guy, sharing your whole concept to better the world and the gay community….” I tried to distract Brian’s concerns. “Imagine… your face on the screen in erotic cinemas all over Europe… with your reference to the risk of unsafe sex…. and the Millions of gay teens who will look up to you and say: ‘I don’t want to become such a slut as Brian’” I continued. “But you guys seem to be so much ‘bigger’ than my boyfriend’s…. cock…. and I never had anyone else in my ass.” “That’s awesome… and shows again how precious you are, to share your body with our cocks. You see we have the same goal. We just want to get into you too…for ‘our’ project and the good cause.” My mates had to concentrate not to laugh out loud. “Look – the hotel is right across the street. Are you still on your mission to rescue the world, or do you bail out now? Brian straightened himself up and without any help started walking towards the hotel entrance. We fist-bumped each other with an evil grin and followed Brian closely. This hotel was renting out rooms per hour, if you know what I mean. At the reception we encouraged Brian to ask for a room. It made the whole thing so perverted, him asking about a place where we could corrupt him. My friends and I would share the rent for the couple of hours of course. Brian would be a cheap slut, abused in a cheap room. Once we’ve reached our space, Brian sat down on a couch immediately. Obviously he was still a bit tensed and feared to be near the bed. “Now… that we are here, we could talk about the procedure. Our clients in Europe have some clear ideas about the commercial.” I reopened the charade. Brian nodded to my suggestion. The other guys were sitting on the bed or standing nearby, simply pressing their lumps. It was me, taking the role of the director and so I told Brian we should start taking a few pictures of the crew. This had to be arranged and so I told the guys to stand in the middle of the room, right in front of the bed. The bed linen looked stained. On the mattress was not a sheet at all. Just the plain mattress and it was quite disgusting. There were several dried stains of cum and piss and who knows what stuff. Brian had to kneel in front of the tall guys, which made him look even smaller than he was. “You keep serious faces guys – and look down to our little hero. Brian, start smiling into the cam. That’s nice…very nice.” Being in such a kneeling position, the brat was surrounded by several big junks. Now I started with some close-ups of Brian’s angelic face, and this way the bulges next to him seemed even more impressive. “Move closer together guys. Let Brian touch your baskets now.” I ordered. No doubt, my friend’s cocks started tingling. “Do we really need this?” Brian sighed. “Of course – we need to send some pictures in. I thought everyone would know the business?” I barked. “Oh, sorry…. I guess I forgot” he replied timidly. “Don’t worry about it. Now reach out for the guys junk and massage them a little bit. That’s nice…. yeah…. show some respect to the guys and turn your head to the left now. Stick your tongue out and lick the bulge next to you. Perfect!” After this ordeal, we felt Brian’s extreme tension. Although he smiled at us, it looked more like a cramp to his face. On my sign we moved closer to the boy and started doing business - talk. The boy tried to get up, but he was pushed back to his knees several times by different hands. Because of us, he was totally surrounded by legs and crotches. In the meanwhile I ordered him to open our jeans one by one. Our belts and the highest button of the pants should remain closed. All the other buttons downwards should be opened. And if he was finished with that, he was allowed to fish our dicks out of opening. This way he could make the first contact to our POZ cocks. He didn’t have to suck us, just to free our cocks. At least this announcement calmed him down a bit. After he managed the tasks successfully, he stopped immediately his actions and waited for further instructions. His hands rested on his thighs, but he couldn’t stop gazing at the big, fat dicks that swung above his head. They were already leaking and some of the drops were hitting him on his face or head. The guys agreed to do some more of the group photos, but this time thick and long cocks were sticking out proudly close to Brian’s face. You could see the terror in his eyes rising when we asked him to jerk two cocks off slowly, while French-kissing the glans of the others. He was free to decide which one he wanted to lick, but we made sure, that his tongue had to touch every dick at least once. We told him, it had to be fair to all of us. In order to prepare his speech, he got 10 minutes time and then the recording would start. Brian wasn’t experienced enough and too excited and so we helped him, writing down some lines for him. When this was accomplished he got told to get into position and work on the guys. There he was, beautiful Brian kneeling in this cheap room and licking a glans, while jerking two others off, then he turned his head to the mobile cam and said: “Hello! My name is Brian and I am 18 years old. *smiles to the cam* This is an awareness advertisement to battle against HIV and AIDS. *flickers his tongue against another penis, who is offered to his mouth* We want to show you today the kind of sex, which should be avoided if possible, because it is way too dangerous: Bareback Sex! *licks another dickhead* These friends of mine will help me to visualize the dangerous acts, which you should not practice in future. We are all negative. Please try to stay the same…. “ “CUT CUT CUT!” my voice boomed above Brian’s head. “I told you – if we want to reach the people, they need to think there is danger ahead. Get it in your head!” with that I grabbed some of his hair and shook his head, with every word I said. “But then the video tomorrow would make no sense, if the people think, you are all POZ and next day we shoot a video with condoms on…” Brian argued. “Listen… you are just at the receiving end. I got my orders from my bosses and know exactly what to do. Tomorrow we will solve the mystery to the audience and sending them the message – with condoms a fate like yours today, could have been avoided. Got it?” “Uhm… alright” the lad sniffed but his face expressed that he wasn’t really convinced. The problem was, now that he was here in this room with all these macho men, he wasn’t so brave and cocky anymore. “So… now from the beginning… and ACTION!” “Hello! My name is Brian and I am 18 years old. *doesn’t look so happy anymore* This is an awareness advertisement to battle against HIV and AIDS and other sexual transmitted diseases. *I roll my eyes* *a friend of mine shoves almost his whole cock into the lad to shut him up* *Brian is visibly stressed and chokes on the invading dick* We will show you some sexual acts, which should be avoided if possible. Bareback Sex! *looks up to my mates and me* These friends of mine will help me to visualize those dangerous acts. I am negative and they are POZ. Please – do not try this at home…. and now…. Enjoy.” I raised the cam and all of us (except me – since I was filming the scene) could be seen, with naked upper bodies. We were all quite in good shape. Every one of us had a biohazard tattoo, resplendent on the left chest. When we started corrupting twinks, we all agreed this should be our distinctive trademark. It was fun, if a guy like Brian didn’t even know the meaning of the tattoo and probably admired the work of art. But it was even more fun if you are already fucking a boy and he recognizes the tattoo and gets frantic. It drives you over the edge, when the boy realizes he will get seeded by a POZ cock. We stopped the recording and applauded Brian. That was nicely done now. “Scorpion?” the twink asked shyly. “You wanted to tell me, how much I could earn here, doing this clip” Was it possible, that young Brian here was in some sort of financial distress? “Well our contract has three possible paragraphs about payment. The first one is – you will get paid for the actual clip. This ranges from 200 to 500 Dollars. Our bosses like to apply that paragraph because we work for several days mostly; everything else could be too expensive to the company. Then there is the second possibility to be paid for activity. The more you are willing to do, the more money you get. But this could take quite long, because the actor has the right to stop the production if he is feeling uneasy. Everything has to be repeated then – over and over again. You could earn between 500 and 800 Dollars at best per commercial. And the last option is almost never used, because our bosses would lose way too much money. So theoretically it could be chosen, but it is most unlikely.” “And what is that?” Brian asked. “Well – you get paid for received cum-shots. This means, if a guy shoots his cum up your ass, or down your throat or it simply splashes it on your skin, you get paid 900 Dollars per cumshot. The bad thing is – no interruption is allowed. No code word. No nothing.” “You are five guys. Will you all cum in me?” “Well – uhm, I guess so. In every scene several guys will replay the scene. This way we will get the best results, when editing the clip. So it is highly possible, that all five of us will fuck you sooner or later. “I mean… are you all going to get into my body at once?” he shivered. We laughed loudly. “You don’t have enough holes. But to be honest – we wouldn’t do that. We are working here on a serious project. This is not a cheap gangbang porn. It wouldn’t make sense to annihilate you. I guess three guys will work on your body. Four at most! Don’t forget – one or two guys will record the whole stuff all the time. It will be a blast, I can feel it!” “Think about it – sometimes it might really hurt you, because we have big cocks, but if you chose the second version, we would stop fucking you if you say the word. Our dicks would most likely stay in your hole until you say we could continue. I think this might be really cruel also and will hurt you even more. If you chose the third possibility, you will definitely feel the pain. But I promise you, if the pain is unbearable for you, just express yourself and we will fuck you even harder. This way, we will cum sooner and all the pain will stop eventually. It is your choice” with that I finished my specification. Brian was torn inside. It took him a couple of minutes to make his decision. “I would like to choose the third possibility…” he whispered back. In that very second he looked only at our cocks, hoping it wouldn’t hurt so much, but he should have looked into our cold eyes. We would show no mercy to him. We wanted to make it hurt as much as possible and to rip his ass open, while fucking our toxic cum into him. “This is a verbal contract then. If you break this contract our company is able to sue you for 500.000 Dollars.” I explained to him finally. There was an audible gulping. “That won’t happen. Just don’t be too hard on me. Remember your promise – it should be only an intimation of sex anyway. If all of you guys fuck me at least one time, I will get… erm… over three thousand Dollars I think.” We all grinned evilly. “That’s the right attitude. And if whores can open up their holes for 20 johns or more… hey, I bet you can beat that!” I grinned and ordered him to suck my throbbing dick for a minute. In the end the boy was nothing more than a filthy, fucking, stupid bitch. And before the night would end, he would be a filthy, fucking, stupid, POZZED bitch!
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    There was a time when the back room at Cell Block was a place to be, to be seen, to see, and most importantly to be had . . . if you enjoyed public sadomasochistic sex. Since I do enjoy any kind of sex in public, semi-public, private, anonymously, and any other form, I enjoyed visiting the back room at Cell Block. (For those being unfamiliar, Cell Block is a leather bar in Chicago.) That said, let your imagination go with the flow. I visited Cell Block many times through the years. I met many men from there. Some I went home with and was used gloriously for their perversions. Others became just bar friends with whom I enjoyed chatting and visiting when I hit the Windy City. Still others had other relationship statuses with me. There is one visit to Chicago and trip to Cell Block which stands out in my mind. It was a very memorable trip as well as productive. I met up with my bar friends around ten and spent time learning what all they had been up to since my last visit. They were such interesting men. The back room opened and though not a great rush to occupy it occurred there was a diminished number of patrons in the front bar. I always waited for the initial occupancy to settle in before going. Once my waiting period had passed which was a half hour to forty-five minutes usually, I would excuse myself from my group and make my way to the back room where I hoped to at least make a hook-up with at least one man. I liked to enter on the right side as that was where the door leading to the rest room was located. Calculation is that with even that small area not occupied by men against the wall or near the door, that space which normally would be filled would have its occupants scattered about the room’s other walls. Thus, by entering and staying on that side of the room initially, I would see more men. Yes, calculating and playing the odds always put me a very small step ahead of others. And, if needed, I was always closer to the rest room in case I needed to piss. I generally would take up a position about two to three feet from the rest room door. I could see then who went in and when they came out. I also had a very good view of the entire room especially the raised walkway with fencing that was at the end of the room. Many interesting scenes of entertainment happened there. Some of which I participated in. This night I was fortunate to find a spot in my preferred area and settled in with my club soda to begin my watch. I saw the usual floggings, spankings, parade of property, pissing, sucking, and making out by men of all descriptions. The traffic in and out of the rest room was nothing to note. I turned my attention once more to the shows that were being performed on the raised walkway. This walkway was against the back wall. It had a chain link fence on the front side of it making it a narrow passageway from one side of the room to the other. This was also a “stage” where many scenes played out in public. Men stood on the floor and sucked cocks that were stuck through the chain link. Some even got a few piss drinks served there. On the walkway, there were all different scenes that took place meaning nipple torture, sucking, cbt, kissing, ass slapping, and even on rare occasion a burning done with a cigarette, a cigar, or a lighter. Oh, the delightful eroticism of sadomasochism that we engage in to satisfy that wonderful lust that we crave. As I stood watching the scenes as they developed and were completed, I became so affixed to watching that I lost myself and objective for the night. What I remember is that I heard in my ear, “Looks like the floor shows are pretty dull and the usual fare.” I turned to see who had made such a statement. I turned to my left facing a white man an inch or two taller than me, about my weight, piercing blue eyes, short brown hair, full beard and moustache, muscled but not bulky (obviously not gym but real muscles from work), wearing a leather vest, black t-shirt, jeans, and biker boots. He had my attention. “It beats a video though,” I replied. He laughed but nodded agreement. We turned our attention back to the walkway. I drank the last of my club soda and set down the empty glass. I again stood watching the different shows on the walkway but aware that there was now someone who had noticed me. It was only a matter of time to see if there would be any more communication between us. I shifted on my feet and settled on my right foot. As I completed this shifting, I felt a slight pressure on the seam of my jeans. I stood perfectly still. The pointed pressure began moving up and down my seam. I let about four passes go before deciding to act. I slowly pushed on my toes making my body move slightly backwards. With my continued pushing backwards, I was rewarded with two more passes of what I presumed was a finger. Following this pointed pressure, came a rubbing of my right ass cheek. I stayed where I was and let things develop. Rubbing my ass in its entirety soon was the deal. I let this happen for several minutes before finally turning slightly to the right. Now, instead of my back to the wall, my stance was at an angle to it. I also made this turn so that I stepped a half step away from the wall. Let whoever is behind me have full view and access to my ass. I heard and felt movement behind me feeling a body move closer to me. A pair of hands began rubbing over my arms, upper hips, ass cheeks, upper thighs in the front and sides, ending on my stomach and reaching upward to my nipples. Finding my nipples, hands grasped them fully squeezing hard but eventually specializing by using two fingers on each hand to grasp the tips and squeeze hard as he twisted them. I sighed deeply surrendering to the rush. It did hurt so good. This man took over as I willingly succumbed to his wishes. Nothing had been verbalized between us other than those few words which were commentary on what we were viewing. I had no idea what his full or real intention was but was prepared to be a part of it. He continued to feel his way around my body as I settled back onto the front side of his body. We melded into one while still being the user and the used. He continued to explore me for a few minutes before leaning into my ear and asking, “You up for some public use in a corner?” I shook my head in assent. He stepped from behind me and moved to the corner of the room just a few feet away with me following. There, he backed me into the corner wrapping his arms around my waist putting his mouth close to my ear. I heard him say, “You do not speak. You nod yes or no for response. Faggots I use have no business talking to me. Do you understand and agree?” I nodded yes. “Are you willing for some heavy nipple torture and ass spanking?" I nodded yes. “Are you willing for cock and ball torture?” I shook my head no. He paused for a very long time. “Are you cleaned out for finger fucking?” I nodded yes. “Can you take as many as three fingers without complaint?” I nodded yes. “Can you take three fingers roughly?” I nodded yes. “Are you willing for me to fuck you here?” I nodded yes. “Are you willing for me to choose other men to fuck you?” I nodded yes. “Are you willing to strip naked except for your boots?” I nodded yes. “Tell the wall why no cbt.” I turned slightly to the wall and said, “I have a mass on my right ball from a major injury in childhood.” I felt both my nipples being squeezed now and twisted sharply. I stood there yearning for more as my body awakened to this intense pleasurable pain as my cock grew. As my nipples were released, more pain as the blood rushed back into the mashed areas. In my ear I heard, “When I tell you to do so, you will strip totally except for your boots. You will roll up the contents of your clothes putting your wallet in the middle of your clothes. You will then stack them on end in the corner here where you can watch them. You will kneel before me when you are finished for your final acceptance by me. Do you understand and accept?” I nodded yes. “Strip.” He stepped slightly away from me, and I proceeded to remove my biker boots then my vest and black t-shirt which I folded in half quickly laying them on top of my boots. I then unhooked my belt, unsnapped my jeans, unzipped them, and slid my jeans down stepping out of them. As I rose up to fold them, this Sir stepped forward saying, “Leave that jock on.” I nodded continuing to fold my jeans in half making sure that my wallet was in the middle and placed my t-shirt on my jeans rolling them both into a bundle which I placed in the corner with my vest on top as instructed. I put my biker boots on and knelt. I could tell that men around me had begun to position themselves watching my actions. I dutifully kept my head down watching the boots of this Sir as I held my hands behind me as I knelt. He stepped forward reaching around my throat securing a rope at the back of my neck. He announced publicly, “This is a faggot I’ve claimed for public use tonight. He has not earned my collar but is mine by virtue of my rope. I present him now for your witness of my using him as a pain pig. This is only to see if he meets minimum standards. He is a breeding bitch though and will be available for all to use when I am finished with him. Faggots that I use are not allowed to speak. If you have a question, direct it to me.” Nothing was said from anyone. “Faggot, get up and face the corner. Put one hand on each wall and spread your legs. Make sure you are at a slight angle and ready for my use.” I followed my orders and was soon enough prepared for public use. I felt a presence behind me followed by a sharp stinging almost instantaneously with a crisp slapping sound as my ass began feeling blows from a gloved right hand and then a gloved left hand that continued to alternate as my ass surely reddened with each blow. As quickly as it had begun, this beautiful torture stopped only to be replaced by my nipples being grasped and tortured once more but more savagely than had been done before. I contained my sounds in my throat as I accepted all these assaults. My cock had begun to grow more and stretched the pouch on my jockstrap. I was leaking pre-cum almost as if I were pissing. The joy of such can only be understood by a Sadist or another masochist. Once more pain rushed into my nipples as they were released from the mighty crush of this Sir’s pincer fingers. He stepped backwards and again assaulted my ass with his gloved hands heating my ass cheeks to a very hot red without my ever having the need to see them. Experience had told me what I looked like at this point. This new Sir stepped forward leaning in close to my ear and said, “Are you prepared for me to use my belt on your back, ass, and legs?” I thought as quickly as possible at his precise words knowing that the boundaries had changed and shook my head yes. He stepped backwards several steps. I heard him unsnap his buckle and withdraw his belt. I made a slight shuffle in my position and prepared myself by hunching my back slightly and moving slightly lower with my hands and backwards with my feet. My back, ass, and legs were going to be fully available for him. As I prepared myself once more, I also heard several feet moving to my right and left as men moved away from the area. I felt the first sting on my back and jerked my head upwards immediately moving it back down. Two, three, four, five, six more blows to my back. He moved on to my ass with criss cross action marking me with such temporary belt marks. I sensed him stepping to the side as the assault on my ass eased to be followed quickly by my legs being hit. He moved quickly like a cat from one side of me to the other making one leg and then the other the primary target for his belt. And, when satisfied there, he moved up to my back once more where he gave me about a half dozen more slaps of his belt moving on to my ass for another half dozen slaps, and ending back on my legs for a finale. He rushed into me as I stood there bathed in sweat and knowing that I had red marks all over my back side. He wrapped his arms around my chest pulling me into him causing a secondary round of pain to shoot through me. He hissed into my ear, “You’re a fucking pig for pain, and you’ve got me turned on real good.” I knew what he meant as my ass though on fire from his beating could feel his hard cock being pressed into my skin. “Pig, you bend way over when I let go of you. You might survive this.” He released me, and I bent over. Almost instantly I felt a very dry sharp pain in my hole as he plunged his middle finger full length into my ass with no benefit of spit or lube. Sweat is no real lube. He fingered me hard for a few minutes before inserting his index finger along with his middle finger. Still no lube was used. He continued to now assault my inside as he gently rubbed my back and ass cheeks admiring his work no doubt. Finally satisfied with his double digit assault, he now shoved his ring finger in me and began a slower but steadier assault with his twists and turns and full length jabs as I made every effort to accept him. This Man was talented outside and inside at inflicting wonderfully erotic pain. Once satisfied that his three-digit assault had done their job, I felt all three fingers withdrawn quickly collapsing my hole and giving me a needed break. I began once more breathing easily and taking in full lungs of air not only to give me a respite but to bring me back to some level of thinking. This did not last long though. This Sir had other ideas and was keen on knowing when one of his faggots had recouped enough for further use. With no fanfare, once more I felt my hole being splayed open with a middle finger. This time the assault was different. This time there was a decidedly different purpose. This was not to determine if my gut was clean and could take a hard finger fucking. Scraping was being done. I felt long deliberate strokes of his fingertip that moved downward attempting to abrade my insides. This somewhat surprised me and didn’t. He continued a careful but methodical movement all around my inside and completely the length that his middle finger could make. He had no doubt made some inroads at some point on my insides. Satisfied that his last invasion was to his satisfaction this Sir removed his middle finger stood once more behind me pushing upright bringing his three fingers to my mouth where I willingly accepted them using my tongue to wash them clean. As I bathed his fingers, I heard once more the familiar voice saying, “You fucking faggot. Your ass is going to get bred tonight and you ARE going to accept it, aren’t you?” I shook my head yes. “You need being bred in public, don’t you?” I shook my head yes. “You make any sound of protest at all, bitch, and I will beat you senseless. You understand and agree?” I shook my head yes. “Your ass was bleeding when I pulled my fingers out. You know what that means, don’t you, bitch?” I shook my head yes as I had already tasted the slightness of blood on this Sir’s fingers. Fingers were pulled from my mouth as I felt this Sir unsnap his jeans and heard the zipper slide quickly downward stopping only once it had reached the bottom. I felt a scalding hot rod of meat jump out and strike my cheeks. Mentally I prepared myself for what I knew would be a much more erotic painful entry in my ass. I willed myself to switch off all my senses of pain that would result in an openly public display of physical hurt while at the same time channeling those thoughts of delightful acceptance of what was to come and to embrace this pain as a needed supply of energy to me. I stood facing the corner as my blood red cheeks were pulled apart allowing the head of this Sir’s cock to align itself with the opening of my ass. I felt his left hand firmly grasp atop my torso as his right hand moved to my waist. My ass cheeks closed in around his cock sealing my fate. No pretense of making niceties by offering up any spit or other lube. My own body moisture was all that I was going to be granted to allow this formidable cock to gain entry into my ass. The pain was exotic as I knew it would be when with no warning my sphincter and ass lips were spread open wide and forced to accept this now fully hardened cock from this Sir whom I had seen only briefly. The channel of my gut fully inflated as this hardened upward turned tube on a man made its way inside me at the speed of light stretching so that with each passing of the smallest fraction of his cock created the friction that a glacier does as it descends a valley scraping and abrading as it passes. Such exotic pain delivered was what I needed now. More he pushed himself into my ass as he drove his hardened upward bent spike into me no doubt stretching those small cuts he had made with his fingernail. I made every effort to push outward not to expel but to allow further entry and to ease my angst of not satisfying him. He heard no sound from me other than a sharp inhale of air which I held until he had fully inserted his curved manliness—his scepter of authority over me. Once done, I did make an effort to relax to allow the full enjoyment of this man and how he had invaded me. I whimpered very, very quietly and enjoyed the exaltation that was mine. The shooting pain continued throughout my body and coursed round and round from one nerve ending to another bouncing as if it were a pin ball in a game. Not indicating he had heard me this Sir now grabbed my waist and began fucking me without any hesitation or time to adjust to his occupancy. He pounded my semi-dry hole without mercy but with a determined measure that would surely cease only when he chose to do so and with any luck for me to feel his releasing his cum load deep inside me. The more he fucked my hole the more he sent those shooting pains throughout my body. The more he fucked my hole the more he created those inevitable fuck juices including his own pre-cum liquid that so prominently come to pass even without lube. I felt my ass cheeks being pried open by unknown hands allowing him to make entry further into me as I stood braced against the walls with my own two hands and my feet firmly planted on the floor. “You fucking breeding pig stock. You’re going to feel the first of many breeding loads in your ass soon enough. You’re going to take every fucking breeding I tell you to take and like it. You fucking belong to me, and you are marked as mine. You fucking whore.” I heard all this as he fucked harder and harder into and out of my ass. I shook my head yes for him and all others to see. His cock continued to be buried and to resurface as this Sir fucked me steadily as he held my hips now. He had created a tempo which I judged and now began milking his cock on the outward stroke. At the furthest point of his inward stroke, I would quickly use my ass muscles to clamp down on his cock just as it began its outward stroke. He allowed this without commentary until at last he increased his tempo. He said, “You breeder pig. You dig being fucked and bred, don’t you? I know you do you fucking pig. I feel those ass muscles of yours. You need to be bred here by every fucking man. You can’t get enough, can you? You cock-loving cum crazed faggot! You need to have your ass bred HARD, don’t you? DON’T YOU, YOU FUCKIN’ BREED STOCK PIG?” I shook my head vigorously yes. The hands that once pried open my cheeks pulled away leaving my Sir alone at my hole. He reached up with both hands grabbing the top of my torso as he slammed into my ass harder and harder and faster and faster. I was losing my balance as he began to spiral up the last level of passion for him. “YOU GOD DAMNED MOTHER FUCKING BREED PIG WHORE YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE MY BALL JUICES IN YOUR ASS, YOU FUCK PIG! YOU FUCKING BREED PIG WHORE!” And, with that I felt him shove his upturned cock fully into my ass as his balls began pumping and pumping and pumping their contents out of themselves and through the cords and into his cock through his cock tunnel and finally splattering inside me coating my gut with his hot, creamy, white, gooey, paste-like cum load. I clamped down hard and released instantaneously but continued to milk his cock as it filled me at my deepest recesses. He continued to expel his cum load in my ass as he held tightly to my shoulders, and I balanced myself allowing him to return to a normal state after such a public scene. Several minutes passed before he slowly began withdrawing his now semi-rigid cock from my ass. I gently squeezed on his cock so that my ass would taste all of his cum not wanting to miss a drop. Once completely withdrawn, he pushed up to me and said, “You fucking are mine breeder pig. In more ways than one, you are mine. You are marked, and I will always be with you. Know that. Your night has just begun. You will kneel and clean my cock, then, return quickly to this position for more breeding. You got that?” I shook my head yes. He stepped back away from me, and I did as I was told to the letter. When I had returned to my post, my Sir announced in a loud voice heard throughout the back room, “ANY MAN WHO WANTS TO BREED THIS PIG IS WELCOME TO DO SO. NO MAN WILL BE TURNED AWAY. ANY MASTER WHO WISHES TO REWARD HIS BOY, FAGGOT, OR SLAVE FOR SERVICES RENDERED TO HIM MAY USE THIS BREEDING PIG SO THAT HIS BOY, FAGGOT, OR SLAVE CAN RELEASE HIMSELF. THIS IS A BREEDING PIG. HE NEEDS TO BE BRED AND TO TAKE AS MANY CUM LOADS AS POSSIBLE. HE ISN’T HERE JUST TO BE FUCKED; HE NEEDS CUM LOADS IN HIS ASS. SO, PRIME YOUR OWN SELF, STEP UP BEHIND HIM, SHOVE YOUR COCK DEEP IN HIS ASS, AND LET LOOSE INSIDE. HE HAS BEEN PRIMED ALREADY WITH A LOAD FROM ME. YOU CAN’T BE THE FIRST, BUT YOU CERTAINLY CAN BE THE NEXT.” I heard this announcement and waited with legs spread apart leaning slightly into the corner while my arms supported me away from the walls. I heard mumbling behind and to my sides as I sensed my Sir standing next to me. I would not look; I had no need to do so. I was here to provide him with satisfaction of knowing that he totally owned me for use and that what he said was law. All was right with the world. I heard my Sir respond to questions from other men. Yes, any man, any cum load. No, just shoot your load; it’s not a fucking contest. Yes, I would take any man and cum load because my Sir had said so. I would not refuse. No, I was not to be beaten; that was reserved for this Sir. No, not even torture my nipple. Yes, shoot your load in his ass. I thought that a game of twenty questions had begun. Then, I heard him say, “Go ahead. He needs it. He needs it now.” I felt a presence between my legs. “Bend over and give him a target, breeding pig.” I bent over resulting in my ass spreading open and exposing my ass hole. I felt a hand on my right hip as an object moved closer to my ass hole. I felt a pressure that mounted and as it did I began pushing outward. POP! The head of another cock slid inside me followed by a nice size cock that slowly sank into me fully. Both of my hips were now held as this new man fucked me hard. There was no foreplay. Within less than two minutes, I heard behind me a man’s voice rising up, “Fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Yeah. Oh, fucking yeah. DAMN!” and felt my ass being filled once more with a new load of cum. Seconds was all it took for this one to finish. He withdrew quickly. “No, he’s here for breeding. You’ll have no problem finding some other faggot to clean your dick off. Move. Let this next man in.” This is how it went one man after another. There were times when no one was ready to shoot their load. But, I was there ready anyway. One man after another though would stand behind me, shove his cock into my ass, pump his cock in and out a few times, and then I would receive another load of cum to my gratification and more importantly to my Sir’s satisfaction. This continued on until the lights flickered and closing was announced. I knew it had to be closing in on two in the morning. I had no clue how many cum loads I had taken. I knew it had to be a lot as by now they were definitely leaking out of my ass and running down my legs. I did not care. I gloried in it. I trembled with gratitude for this new Sir and his reading me so correctly. I waited to be told to dress but the direction never came. I stayed where I was and the sounds of the room lessened and lessened. However, there was somewhat of a rush at the last minute by some men to get behind me to shoot their loads of cum deep in me before departing. They, too, eventually faded away. “Don’t move, pig.” I stayed where I was and listened to the sounds from the outer bar and from the bar back who was moving through the now brightly lit room collecting items, cleaning, and straightening the room. I heard footsteps soon enough and from the sound several men were approaching. I heard this Sir say, “Thank you for allowing me to have some real fun tonight back here. This is a breeder pig I met. If you want to use him, he will suck your cock until you shoot a load, you can fuck a load in his ass, or you can use him as a urinal. He won’t object at all, will you, pig?” I shook my head no. “If you choose not to use him, I still thank you but offer him up if you wish.” With that, I heard a zipper and prepared myself. I felt my cheeks being pulled open and the head of a hardening cock pressing inward to find my hole. Located, there was more pressure and more hardening until at last the head slipped inside me. As more of this cock was pressed inside, the harder it became. Soon it was making small decided strokes until it had become rigid enough to make full fucking motions. It slid easily enough in and out because of all the cum lube. Nothing was said to me, and I of course said nothing. I was fucked many minutes until the tempo increased and increased and increased again. Another delivery in my ass of another load of cum from another unknown man. How many was this? I had no idea. He pulled out and was gone but replaced by another unknown man. They had all been unknown. This man did the same as all the others had: He fucked me likewise for several minutes increasing his speed until he, too, made his delivery in my ass. More unknown cum but knowing that I had been delivered up as a breeding pig I could only hope I had once more been bred for a purpose and intent. A third man made his delivery of cum before a fourth man turned me around and shoved me downward to the floor. I sank to my knees eyes cast downward on the floor. This man shoved his cock in my mouth and began fucking it. I kept my eyes averted. It was not my need to know or care. It was my loving duty to accept how each man wanted to deliver. I sucked this cock and worshipped it as he began face fucking me harder and harder until at last he shoved his cock to the back of my throat and began to unload his cum. I swallowed and gagged some but never released him. I tasted his sweet goo and savored it. This was my first cum taste all night long. As he finished, naturally his cock deflated and grew smaller. He did not pull his cock out of my mouth, so I began bathing it with my tongue. In the midst of this bathing, I felt the telltale warmth of water rushing into my mouth. Quickly I began swallowing as fast as I could to keep up with the now torrent that was flowing from the piss slit. Several seconds I was warmly bathed in this new liquid until the last drops were deposited. My stomach felt full and almost bloated. Now, he withdrew his cock. I lowered my head making sure that my eyes never ventured a look upwards. It would have been incorrect and disobedient to have done so. “You’ve been a good breeder pig tonight. Real good. You did me proud.” I heard from this Sir’s lips. This sent joy and elation rushing through my psyche. I had provided him with visual that he had enjoyed. “Put on your shirt, jeans, and vest but do not close your jeans.” I did as told. “Bend way over.” I did so. I felt a pressure at my hole and then a swift insertion of an object that ran into me full length. I felt an adjustment being made at my ass hole’s opening. This Sir was now satisfied and told me to stand up and finish dressing fully. I did so and stood up realizing that a dildo of some sort had been inserted. “After all that I have done for YOU, you had best not disappoint me by telling me you can’t finish the night. You are going home with me. Right?” I shook my head yes. This Sir stepped in close to me. Into my ear he quietly and deliberately as if making a report spoke saying, “You are carrying a total of 23 breeding loads of cum in your ass, one in your stomach, and a stomach full of breeder piss. You need to properly rest. Then, I'll breed you again only in my play room. If you continue to be a good breed pig, you'll get several more breeding loads from other breeder pigs. And, just as much fun, we'll see how much pain you can take.” He stepped backwards, put his hand beneath my chin raising it up so that I faced him. He looked piercingly into my eyes, nodded once with no smile, turned from me, and walked away. I followed behind him to wherever he was taking me to complete my service to him. My entire body was shaking in anticipation and excitement. This night was far from over, and I was going to pay dearly. I could barely contain myself as once more my cock rose in my jeans and my eyes shone brightly with servitude.
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    "Joe, keep that camera running. And you, get all your clothes off and spread those ass cheeks," Lucas ordered. I hurriedly got naked and the anticipation had me so weak in the knees I could hardly stand up. I was actually going to get bred with that big beautiful poz cock. "Bend over, boy," Lucas murmured. I complied, which gave him the perfect position to slide his tongue deep in my asshole and worked it in and out for at least a full minute. I could look down and see his cock hanging and dripping precum on the floor. He stood up and right there inside the door he drove that huge uncut cock deep in my ass with one thrust. "Fuck, yeah, breed that fuck hole," Joe exclaimed in approval. Lucas took Joe up on his recommendation and slammed his cock into my ass so hard he slammed me into the wall. I managed to catch myself before I brained myself, and braced myself against his trusts, in point of fact slamming my ass hard against his cock. I could feel Lucas' balls slapping in my ass crack as Joe howled with pleasure watching me take Lucas' big cock. He pumped about 20 good hard thrusts and the anticipation must have been too much to last any longer and I felt his cock pulsing as he shot about six good long ropes of cum deep into my guts. Lucas panted as he continued grinding his cock into my ass, massaging his huge cum load into my tissues. I could feel some of it leaking out as he stroked and some dripped off my balls onto the floor. After a few minutes, Lucas withdrew only for Joe to shove a big butt plug into my asshole. Joe said "It's best to let that stay put for the time being." Lucas said, "Now that we have been properly introduced, how about we have a few drinks and talk for spell? This is the first installment and I wanted to get that out of the way before you had a chance to change your mind. Now we can take our time and get into some serious poz breeding and seeding. The commitment has been made now as you have a bonafide AIDS load swimming in your guts. From now on for the rest of your visit we can just enjoy the passion of AIDS breeding." To be Continued.
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    Dad’s Basement Part Thirty-One It took me two days to recover from being up almost the whole night, and it took almost a week for my hole to recover. My hole was very puffy when the gang bang ended. I spent pretty much the week of doing nothing, but chilling in front of the TV. It was Friday when Dad text me to tell me that he was being home someone for me meet. So clean up nice. “Squirt, where are ya?” Dad yelled from the garage. “In the living room, what's up” “My cock” he said back laughing, “that is if your boy pussy is up for it” “Be gentle,” I replied, “it's my first time” I slipped my shorts off and raised my legs in the air, spreading them wide and exposing my hole. I could hear him laughing. I almost feel off the sofa when I saw a man standing in the door way from the kitchen to the living room. I had forgotten Dad was bringing home someone. My face went red with embarrassment. “Well, that's greeting I won't forget” the man said. “Neither will I” Dad said. I tried to cover up quickly, but it was too late, damage was done. They had both seen me in this obscene position. I watched as Dad reached over and unzipped this man’s jeans. He put his hand inside and pulled out his cock and balls. It was slowly getting hard. I watched as the man pulled his shirt over his head. He was a hot sexy silver Daddy. Not only was his hair on his head white, but so was his goatee. By the shape his body was in, he took care of himself over the years. His chest was defined with a light coating of white hair. “Keep going” Dad said, “he's well broken in and eager” I watched Dad strip exposing his furry, muscular body to me. The older man kicked off his shoes and dropped his trousers. His cock was rock hard, sticking out of a nest of white crotch hair. His balls were smooth. “Daddy!” I said softly. “Yes” my Dad said. “Not you Daddy,” I said, “Him” Both men chuckled as they walked towards me, both their cocks pointing the way. I raised up and pulled my shirt off. “Hot smooth boy you got there, Drew” the man said, “grew up nicely” “Thanks, I tried to raise him right” “Takes dick and was pozzed” the man said, “I would say you did” As they reached me, Dad dropped to his knees and pushed my legs back farther, which allowed him to stick his tongue up my hole. I moaned loudly as this tongue licked around my hole and slid into it. “Boy likes his pussy eaten” the man said, “now lets see how you suck Daddy dick” He climbed up on the sofa, straddling me, squatting slightly. His cock was aimed at my mouth. I opened it and formed an O. He slowly pushed his cock in. I licked the bottom of his cock head and shaft as it penetrated my mouth. His cock slid all the way in, down my throat until my nose was in his white crotch hair. He slid back out and slowly pushed back in. I breathed deep each time he pulled out, making sure I didn't gag as he pushed into my throat. His hands gripped the sides of my head as he started to face fuck me. Dad had pushed a couple of his fingers into my hole as he tongued me. My hole was only a little sore so there wasn't much pain when he did, just a dull ache. He moved them in a a steady pace, working my hole open. “Boy’s hole ready for dick, Drew?” the man asked. “It's always ready” “Spit on my dick good, boy” he said. I pulled up some deep thick slime from my throat and spat. It landed on his cock head. I pulled up some more and spat, this one landed on the shaft. He climbed down and stood just away from from me. “Kneel with your ass out” I got up and did as he said. I spread my knees some to give him room in between my legs. My hands were on the back of the sofa, holding me up. He stepped forward, stroking his cock, spreading my spit on it. He stepped forward again and his cock head was pressing against my hole. I could feel him adding pressure, trying to push his cock in. I pushed my hole outward which allowed his cock to slide into me. I groaned from the ache of the muscles of my hole. He slowly pushed past the head and was inching his shaft into me. He had one hand on my lower back, pushing me down. I dropped my head to the back of the sofa, resting my forehead on the cushion. “Nice warm boy pussy” “I didn't lie” Dad said. Soon the man was fully into my hole, balls against balls and crotch hair against ass. He held his cock there for just a few seconds and then began to pull out. His cock slipped from my hole. He lined it up again and thrusted in. I jumped and yelped, as his cock pushed through and slid all the way in. He didn't wait this time. He began to pump his cock in and out at a steady pace. His balls were pressing against mine as he pressed on. Dad was seated next to me, stroking his cock. I watched his hand slide up and down his full shaft. Bubbles of pre-cum oozed out of his piss slit. My own cock was hard and bouncing as the silver Daddy pumped my hole. Each thrust in, made my cock bounce upwards hitting my stomach. The ache of my hole was replaced with pleasure, making me moan. “Fuck me!” I said. “Boy your hole feels so soft around my cock” “My boy is a cock and cum whore” Daddy said. His cock pumped in and out of me harder and harder. His thrusts were forcing me forward more, so I had to brace myself to keep from falling forward. Once steady, I started to push back onto his cock. He stopped moving and let me take over. “Fuck yourself on my cock, boy” I started to move back and forth faster and faster. I could hear air being pulled in and forced out with his cock. The more I move on his cock, the harder and thicker it got. Dad was slowly stroking his cock, smiling at me. “Getting me close, boy” the man said. “Work his venom out of his balls, son” Dad said. “Highly toxic,” the man said. He grabbed my hips and started to ram into my hole. Harder and harder. “Can't hold back, boy” the man said. He slammed into my hole, mashing his crotch hair into my ass. He grunted and groaned as his cock pumped a large load of poz cum deep into me. My Dad was stroking his cock faster and faster. His hand bounced off his balls. “Hungry, son? I had to contort my body to keep the silver Daddy's cock in my hole and get my mouth over my Dad’s cock head. I licked around the head as he stroked. “Swallow!” He grunted. His cock pulsed out six shots of cum, the first two hit the back of my throat. The rest landed on my tongue. I swallowed ever drop, and sucked out the rest, swallowing that too. I felt the silver Daddy's cock soften and slowly slip out of my hole. I released Dad’s from my mouth and moved around to sit on the sofa, legs spread wide. The two men moved in between my legs. They ran their tongues up and down my hard cock. I was so close. The silver Daddy put his mouth over my cock and sucked me, pulled off and pushed my Dad’s head to my cock. He put it in his mouth over my cock and sucked it down his throat. “I'm going to shoot” Dad pulled off my cock, until only my head was in. My piss slit opened and I shot my load into his mouth. He didn't swallow, he held my cum in his mouth. He only pulled off when I finished shooting my load. “Give me a taste, Drew” the silver Daddy said. Dad and the man started to kiss. I could see their tongues moving into each other's mouth. A dribble of cum rolled out of the silver Daddy's lips and ran slowly down his goatee. They continued to kiss and swap cum and spit. It was so fucking hot. When the pulled apart, Dad licked the cum out of the man’s goatee, then turned to me. “Son, meet Dax,” Dad said to me, “also known as …….”
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    Still in a daze, I jumped on his back, clean or not I was going to fuck one of my last negative loads into him right now. I didn’t care. “You get to get every load I pump out from now until I test poz, you hear me fucker” “Yes Sir.” I didn’t lube his ass or my cock. I was going in dry and I was going in fast. I lined my cock up with his hole. I could feel the heat coming off it. He was motionless under me. I began to push hard against his hole and it was not opening. I slapped the side of his hip twice and it gave up a little resistance, allowing me to pop the head in. Peter screamed a little. I grabbed a pillow with one hand and pulled his head up with his hair and forced the pillow under him. I continued to push my cock in his hole. I forced his face into the pillow. “Scream in that you fucking wimp” I said. I pushed harder into his dry hole, my dick moved quickly and hit bottom. I felt him struggle as he screamed louder into the pillow. I didn’t give him time to get use to me. I didn’t have much time, I was sure he had another person lined up for my hole. I began to fuck his hole hard and fast, slapping his hip as I did. He was screaming a lot less but still screaming from the pain. His hole didn’t feel as good as it usually did but I didn’t care I wanted him to hurt. I slammed my cock into him and shot my load. “One less neg load in me fucker” I said pulling out of him. My cock was pretty clean except for a few bright pink spots on my shaft, a mixture of cum and blood. “Go clean up fucker” Peter jumped off the bed and went into the bath room, just as his phone went off again. It was another text message. The guy would be here in fifteen minutes to poz my hole. “Next poz fucker will be here in 15” I yelled to Peter in the bathroom. He came out still wiping his ass with a wet cloth. He looked hurt and confused. “Fuck baby that’s a side I have never seen” he said to me. “You deserved it with what you did to me” “I fucking love it” he said smiling. “Piss me off again and it will come out” I went over to him and put my arms around him, hugging him tight. I stared right into his eyes. “Thank you Peter, this is going to be a great vacation” I said. I kissed him hard and deep as his phone went off again. I was hoping it was the next man saying he was hear early as we continued to kiss.
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    Dad’s Basement Part Thirty I was carried over to the sling, raised high in the air. When I was lowered my back met the cold leather of the sling. I could hear chains clinking. I was pulled up a little, positioning my ass just over the edge of the leather. My legs were raised up and put in the leather hoops, holding them up. My arms were raised above my head and was locked in handcuffs. I tried to move my arms but they wouldn’t move. They were locked in that position. Fuck, no way to adjust the blindfold to get a peek at some of the men. I wondered why there were some that wanted to remain anonymous. I felt a cock stabbing at my hole, which gave way instantly. I was back in business. “I hope you remember this cock from our first encounter.” the man said. “You fucked me in the first round” I said. “I fucked you way before that” he said. I knew it wasn’t Garrett or Dad. I started to think, crossing off people I could think of that fucked me. I couldn’t place the voice. Was it someone from the bookstore, rest stop bathroom or the poz resort? I didn’t know. “Going to give you want you need more of” he said, “AIDS loads” He was steadily fucking my hole. His thrusts make the chains clank more and more. I could hear more men cheering. It must have been a hot show. My cock was hard and was laying against my belly. “One day this boy cock is going up my hole” he said lifting it off my stomach and slowly jerking it. I moaned out a yes as his hand slowly continued to to stroke my cock from the base to the head. My balls began to pull up, I squeezed my ass, trying to hold off from shooting my load. “Hey Dad, get your mouth over here” the man said, “your boy has a treat for you” I felt a mouth cover my cock head. The man let go of my cock and the mouth slid down, deep throating my cock. The cock in my hole continued to fuck me. I tried to buck my hips up, but they were being held down by someone’s hand, which I assumed was Dad’s since he was sucking my cock. I moaned constantly. I was in so much pleasure. “I’m going to fucking shoot” I yelled out. The man in my hole started to fuck me faster and harder. I could feel the cum raising and raising until I couldn’t hold it back. I shot out into my Dad’s mouth. My muscles around my hole contracted as my cock pulsed. It caused my hole to squeeze some around the cock in me. He suddenly pushed into me and began to shoot his load into my hole. “Giving you fucking AIDS boy” he said, “For the third time” I felt him pull out and another cock push in. Dad was still on my cock, slowly running his tongue on my softening cock. I tried to buck my hips again because my cock was getting sensitive. Dad slowly pulled up off my cock, tightly holding my cock with his lips as he did. I felt my cock fall out and drop to my crotch. The cock in my hole was steadily fucking me, as I felt lips touch mine. I started to kiss the man, pushing my tongue into his mouth. It was then I tasted cum, my cum. It was my Dad kissing me and sharing my load with me. Even when both of us had swallowed our share of my load we kept kissing. “Oh fuck that’s hot” the man fucking me said “Daddy and son kissing” He fucked me harder and harder. I could feel Dad’s hand rubbing my chest, running across my nipples. Dad soon pulled away. “Taste good son” he said, “my boy’s poz load” I felt the man grab my hips and start pulling me on his cock. It wasn’t long until his cock was getting harder, signaling it was ready to add it’s load into me. “Here it comes little fuck toy” he said. He slammed into my body, thrusting me forward, his grip on my hips were the only thing that kept me from being pushed off his cock as it spit it’s viral load into me. His breathing was in the form of grunts. His body shook as he emptied his balls. I could feel a hot breathe on my ear as he pulled out and another hard toxic cock slid in. This one was thick and already felt rock hard. “Some of us have been talking” the voice said in my ear, “your Dad being one of them.” I didn’t recognized the voice. The cock in my hole was slowly moving in and out, trying to keep the chains quiet so I could hear the voice. “We thing it’s time to visit Dax and make some money off your boy pussy” he said. The man in my hole thrusted three times really hard into me, rattling the chains. “Your Daddy agrees. You’re a natural born cum dump bottom” he said. Three more thrusts into my hole. “We are sure Dax could use a boy like you” The man thrusted three more times and then slammed deep into my hole. I could feel his cock twitch and pulse as he added his toxic cum. 
“Daddy is going to email him to get you a face to face, or maybe it will be hole to cock” the voice said. The man in me pulled his cock out and again was replaced by another, who quickly started to fuck my hole fast and hard. “Daddy already let the cameramen know to send a copy of tonights gang bang film to him” he said. I was being fucked harder and harder now, as if the voice was turning each man on, making them want to fuck and cum, no matter how quick. I could feel the cum running down my ass, some running under me and in-between me and the leather of the sling. “Ask Daddy sometime about his gang bang film and his time with Dax” the voice said before leaving my ear. I closed my eyes trying to process what I had just heard. I knew I wanted to see Dad’s gang bang film. My cock jumped again at the thoughts in my head of my Dad tied down to the fuck bench or in the sling getting fucked just like I was now. I lost count of the men who had been fucking me, all I could think about was Dad. I wanted to know more. Soon I felt my hands being released and my legs being taking down. “Son, hey son” my Dad said, bringing me out of my thoughts. “It’s over buddy, Skin and I had a awesome time” Garrett said, pulling off the blind fold. I looked around and the place was empty, besides dad and I. “Sixty loads boy up that hole, it’s a new club record,” Dad said, “hell it’s the only record.” “Let’s get out out of there and into the showers” Garrett said. “Careful of the floor” Dad said. “Yeah someone flooded the place with cum” Garrett said laughing. I was helped out of the sling, my foot landed in the big puddle of cum on the floor, in an area that would have been under my ass. It slid forward. Thankfully Dad and Garrett caught me or I would have busted my ass on the concrete floor. We made it to the shower with no accidents. Cum was flowing from my ass. The hot water came quickly as I turned it on. I stepped under the water and just stood there. “Push the cum out son!” I aimed my ass at the tile wall and pushed. Cum shot out and landed on the tiles. The more I pushed the more cum came out. It still flowed when I stopped. Looking down I watched it flow down the drain. “Don’t worry Son, your body absorbed a lot of the strains tonight.” “Fuck yeah” Garrett said. “Hurry and clean up, so we can get you to bed, the sun is going to be coming up soon” I don’t remember much after that. I was tired and ready for bed.
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    Dad’s Basement Part Twenty Eight The more I was on the fuck bench unable to more, the more my legs and arms ached. I tried to concentrate on the men fucking me, but I was hurting. I could hear the men cheering as they continued to fuck me. I had really lost count on how many of the men had fucked me and dumped their toxic loads into my boy pussy, as they were calling it. “Drew, think we have time for round two, now that he only has two more loads to take” “Fuck yeah, I wanna give him another load”
 “I don’t see why not, he’s not going anywhere,” Dad said. “Damn we haven’t given someone sixty loads since Garrett was initiated” an anonymous voice said, “and he bitched about it” “I didn’t bitch” Garrett said laughing I had two more loads to collect and I was in the club officially and it didn’t seem like i had a choice of wether or not I wanted to do “round two.” I was silent, only moaning as I was fucked harder and harder. I had put my head down, not sure what to do or think” “Look at me son” Dad said. I looked up and Dad was kneeling in front of me. He had a smile on his face and I could see he was proud of me for getting through my gang bang initiation. “Round two won’t be that hard, most of the men are fucking and sucking each other now. They will only want to shoot in your hole.” he said. “Fuck Daddy, if we are going to do round two, let’s do it right. They fuck me and use my hole to make them cum” I said. “That’s my fucking boy” he said proudly. Standing up, he got the attention of the men behind me. The man fucking me continued. Dad’s hard cock was right in front of my face and if I could grab it, I would have had it down my throat. “Okay guys, the boy is up for round two, only he wants it done right, no using each other’s holes to get close then cum in his pussy. He wants his hole used as all the way” The men behind me cheered as they heard this. The man fucking me gripped my hips harder and slammed his cock in deep. His cock pulsed and twitched as he pumped his load deep into my sloppy, cum filled hole. “Load 29” he yelled, “I will be ready when it’s time to put load 59 in” He pulled out and the last man slid into my hole. There was no resistance and it was so wet from the cum that his dry cock just slid in balls deep with ease. “Fuck this hole is full” he said as he began to pump my hole. I could hear men in the back huffing poppers, getting their rush as round two would be beginning as soon as this man shot his load into me. He was gripping my hips tightly, as his hard cock pumped in and out of my hole. Cum was running down from my hole, to my balls and down my cock. His grunting was loudly, as his thrusts were short and hard. I could feel his cock tense up as he was close to shooting his load. The cheering behind me got loader and they all began to chant: “Shoot, shoot, shoot” “The Club welcomes our newest poz member!” Dad said. He moved around to my face and knelt down. His lips locked on mine, his tongue went into my mouth and he kissed me long and deep. He pulled back smiling. “Get the blindfold, let’s let him stretch and then it’s back down on the bench for round two!” A dark piece of fabric was placed over my eyes and nose and tied behind my head. I felt my legs and arms being untied. Two arms on each side of me helped me up off the fuck bench. I stood for just a moment, then moved. “Look at that goddam cum waterfall between his legs” someone shouted. “Fuck I hope we got that on film” “I sure did, I get it from beginning to end” one of the cameraman said. I could still feel the cum running out of my hole down my legs as I slowly moved about. I was being held up by two unknown men still. “Fuck, would y'all look at Garrett,’ someone said, “the perv is down on his knees licking up that river of cum” I could hear slurping coming from below. “Here get it from the source” one of the men holding me up said. I was turned around and bent forward. I pushed my ass out and waited for Garrett’s mouth and tongue to touch my hole and it didn’t take long. His tongue was licking all over my ass, even getting down to my balls. “Any one wanna get in here?” he asked, then moving his mouth to my hole. I felt his hand on my ass cheeks, pulling them apart to get his mouth deeper on my hole. The room filled with a slurping noise as he suck the cum out of my hole. “Leave some so we have some lube for round two” Dad said, pulling him off my hole. “Ah Daddy, you such a party pooper” Garrett said jokingly. “Let’s getting on the bench, I need my cock up that boy pussy!” someone said. I was moved back to the bench and tied back in place. Once I was there I thought that they would remove the blind fold, but I was wrong. I felt someone pul my cock and balls out from under me and placing them against the bench but pointing down. I felt a hand on my back, as someone presented my nose with the little brown bottle, pinching the other nostril shut, as I deeply inhaled. At the same time a cock rammed balls deep in me. I inhaled again, then held it for about ten seconds. Once the bottle was away from my nose, a cock head touched my lips, pressing and opening my mouth. The man fucking my hole grabbed my hips and started to pound my ass roughly as the man who’s cock I was sucking, grabbed my head and started to face fuck me. All I could do was moan as I was fucked at both ends. Round two had started and I was again a pig in heaven.
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    Part 10 I was awake most of the night, wondering if Danny knew that he was stealth and had toxic cum shoot up his hole and down his throat. I wondered if he would soon convert to being poz. The strange thing was that my cock grew rock hard thinking about what we had done. Too late to change anything. I got up early to prepare for “anything” and even left for work early. I was the first one in the office, hell I was so early that the floor lights were not even on. I went to my desk and started to work in the dim light that was available. “Damn you’re early” one of my co-workers said. “Yeah, I didn't finish a report on Friday for a meeting with the boss today,” I said, “was too lazy yesterday to come in and do it” I worked until my meeting with my boss. Knocking on his office door I was a little nervous of the unknown. “Come” my boss’s voice said from behind the door. I entered and quickly moved to the chair and sat down. “Interesting day we had yesterday” he said. “Yes Sir,” I replied, “was hard thinking about what we did to my neighbor” He stood behind his desk, dropping his cock on it. His pants were unzipped and his horse meat and balls were hanging out. “Drop your pants and bend over the side of my desk,” he said. I didn't hesitate and followed his orders. My pants and underwear were around my ankles. He started stroking his cock causing it to grow. With he free hand, he pushed the speaker button on his phone, the dial tone killed the silence in the room. He dialed a number and the phone on the other end began to ring. As he waited for the other person to pick up, he moved behind me and slid into my Hole. I moaned just as a voice started to speak through the phone. “Hey Jake, what's up” the voice said. “My monster dick and its sliding up my whore’s ass” my boss said. “Yeah,” the voice asked. “I don't lie about where my cock is” I heard the faint sound of a zipper being pulled down and rustling of clothes coming through the speaker. “You have my attention, Jake,” the voice said. “Pulled your cock out huh,” my boss said. “In hand and stroking” My boss started to pump in and out of my ass a bit faster. I moaned a bit. “You up the ass of the employee that you infected?” He asked. “Yeah, he's my whore now” my boss said, “we raped a Marine yesterday and stealthed his neighbor” “Fuck man,” the voice said. My boss undid his belt, opened his pants and let them drop to his ankles. I could feel bare skin hitting my ass. “When are you loaning me that whore” he voice asked. “When you want it” my boss asked. “Having a party this weekend,” he said, “still don't have a party favor” “He's yours,” my boss said, “but I get his Friday at 6 to about 10” “Party will just be getting started by then” the voice said. My boss started to speed up fucking my hole. I moaned more and more. “Vocal bitch huh?” “Yeah but a cock deep in his throat will drown that out” my boss said. My boss was really pounding my hole now. I could hear the voice over the phone start to groan. My boss’s cock was now rock hard. “About to give him my poz load” my boss said. “Fuck man dump that strain into him” My boss grabbed my hips and really started to pound my ass. I was sure that my co-workers could hear me getting fucked in the boss’s office. “Damn Jake, about to shoot,” the voice said, “wish it was up your hairy ass” “Shoot it Rick” my boss grunted out. “I'm cumming” was the only thing I heard from the phone. My boss slammed hard into my ass. I felt his cock pulse and twitch as it shot HIV deep into me. “Shooting up his ass” my boss moaned. “Shot in my hand Jake, going to eat it” “Fuck yeah” my boss said as he pulled his cock from my ass. “Clean it” he ordered. I dropped to my knees and took his spent cock into my mouth and sucked it clean. “Balls back in your court Rick, top that call” “Might take a while” he replied, “later bud” “Yeah got another assignment for the whore” I continued to suck my boss’s softening cock. He worked my head back and forth on his cock for a few minutes. I kept his soft cock in my mouth as he gave me my instructions for my assignment. “Take the elevator to the fifteenth floor, after you exit turn left and head into the men's room. The floor should be empty, under renovations and no work today. In the men's room, go to the last stall, enter, but do not lock, remove your pants and underwear and bend over holding on to the toilet, ass towards the door and wait.” I nodded with his cock in my mouth. “Get to work!” I left and head five floors up. It was eerie walking off the elevator to an empty floor. I found the men's room, pushing the door open, I discovered a dark room. It smelt of old piss. As I entered I felt for the light switch. I flipped it on, but that didn't help much. The room was barely lite. My eyes adjusted slowly. I carefully made my was to the last stall. The door creaked as I pushed it open. I walked through the door, as I unfastened my belt and pants. I kicked off my shoes and moved them out of the way. I listened carefully for any movement outside the men's room. I unzipped and then pushed my pants and underwear down, stepping out of them. I did a half-ass fold and tried to put them on my shoes. Bracing myself, I bet forward, pulled my shirt up, but found it would slide down, so I pulled it off and dropped it on the floor. There I stood bare ass naked except my socks. I could feel the cold tile floor through the socks. Chills traveled through my body. My mind seemed to be playing tricks on me, as I heard almost every quiet creak and groan of the building. I almost jumped as I heard the door to the men's room open slowly, then shut. I closed my eyes as footsteps moved through the men's room to where I was. They stopped right outside the stall door, which creaked open as the unknown person pushed it inwards.
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    Part 9 It didn't take long for my boss and me to get to my place where, once he found a parking spot, he met me outside of the building’s door. His cock was hard in his shorts, tenting outwards. He wasn't even trying to hide it, and he was all over me before we could get inside the building, sticking his hand down the back of my shorts, his fingers prying open my crack, fingering my hole. We moved almost in tandem as we moved to my apartment door. I had a hard time getting the key into the lock, as he was trying to take my shorts off. I had to keep pulling them back up. I was afraid he would just fuck me against my door. I was soon able to get the key in, unlocked and door open. As we moved in, we stumbled with the result I landed flat on the floor, on my stomach, my boss top of me, his hard cock stabbing me in the butt. Pulling the back of my shorts down, he liberated his massive cock and rammed it up my hole as he anchored his hand over my mouth to suppress my moans. Fortunately I could see the front door was closed. His hips were raising up and down, pumping his cock in and out of my hole, remarking as he did so, “Force -fucking that Marine’s ass has made me so fucking horny," as he slammed his cock in my ass, over and over, faster and faster, adding “I feel alive again, each time I pass my strain to someone against his will.” His balls were bouncing off my ass as he rammed inside me. His breathing was increasing in speed. His grunts louder and louder as he exclaimed “Oh fuck, I'm going to blow in you hole!” Just then someone banged on my door, hard and fast. Not to be put off, however, my boss responded “Go the fuck away, asshole.” “You fags need to quiet down or knock it off.” Without missing a beat my boss retorted “Go the fuck away or I will give you my horse cock next, fucker,” as he continued fucking my ass as a noisy, furious pace, with the result my body was banging against the floor, creating rhythmic, loud thuds. Fortunately this didn't last all that long as, after only a minute or so of extreme fucking, my boss pushed in balls-deep, blowing his load in the furthermost recesses of my hole, collapsing on my back as his balls drained. “Oh fuck that was hot," he grunted as he rolled off. Another round of banging commenced. “I got this” my boss, rising to his feet and padding to the door, all but stark naked, his cock and balls still very much erect, and slimy with cum and ass juices. Yanking open the door my boss snarled “You got a problem asshole?” at the very, very surprised man who was standing in the hallway. “Um, uh, uh, uh, no” the man stuttered seeing my boss’s cock. “You banging on the door, cuz you want my cock too” he said. “Well, no,” he said bashfully, “just other people could hear.” “Your crotch is saying something different,” my boss said grabbing the man’s hard cock through his shorts. “Danny, get in here and drop you pants,” I ordered, recognizing my neighbor. Not giving him a chance to back out, my boss pulled him into the room and shut the door. “You know him?” my boss asked me. “Yeah, he's my neighbor and has been trying to get in my pants since I moved in.” “He needs to be taught a lesson,” my boss said. “No Sir, I'm good,” Danny replied. “I'm not,” my boss responded. "Drop you pants and bend over the arm of the sofa.” Danny looked at my boss as if he was crazy. “DO IT NOW FUCKER,” my boss yelled. That did the trick. Danny jumped in startlement, opened his pants and dropped them around his ankles. He was quiet as he moved to the sofa and bent over the arm. My boss stripped out of his shorts and moved closer to Danny. Evaluating the situation he turned to me and commanded “Spit on his hole.” Rising to my feet, I moved behind Danny, knelt down, and spread his smooth ass cheeks, in the process exposing his hole, thinking as I did so, 'Even if Danny is a bit of an asshole and even if he's very pushy about getting up my ass, he did have a sexy ass and a hot little hole'. I spit again and reached under him and pulled his hard cock and balls back. Surprisingly he was hung and thick. I moved up to his head and sat down. “I've never been fucked before” he said. “He will take it easy,” I said, “plus your first time is better with a big cock. The small ones hurt more” My boss had moved behind Danny and was rubbing his cock up and down his crack. I watched spit drop from his mouth onto his cock. He continued to rub Danny’s crack, mixing some of his cum and his and mine spit together. “Breath in deep and push your hole out,” my boss said, “I will be gentle," as he pushed the head of his horse cock against Danny’s hole. Danny moaned a little, especially when my boss' cock head popped into Danny's hole and my boss stopped pushing. “Relax. buddy,” I said to Danny. By this point Danny’s eyes were closed. The boss started to push his cock in more, about a quarter of his shaft. “So tight” he said. Danny moaned as the boss pushed in more. I knelt in front of Danny's face, rubbing my cock head against his lips. His tongue moved out to taste the cock snot I had left on his lips. “You've wanted my cock for a while, suck me and take my boss's cock” “I get your ass soon” Danny said The boss pushed his cock the rest of the way in, as my cock head popped into his mouth. The boss waited giving Danny a moment to adjust to the thick hard cock in his hole. He was now focused on sucking my cock. The boss pulled out some and pushed in, slowly and just small movements. Danny moaned around my cock, and I nodded to my boss. He pulled out more and slide back in, he was increasing the distance he pulled out each time until his cock was pulled out until his head was only in, then pushed back in. Danny grabbed the base of my cock and pulled it out asking “He's using a condom, right?” “Of course,” I lied in response. Danny tried to reach back to feel the boss’s cock, but I pulled his hand back to my ass, urging “Trust me Danny, it's on his cock” I said. "Play with my hole.” My boss began to increase his speed, fucking faster and faster as I did the same to Danny’s mouth, pushing in balls-deep to make Danny gag. My boss, meanwhile, was really pumping Danny's ass hard and fast, holding Danny's hips in an iron grasp. “Get ready Danny, I'm about to give it to you,” my boss said. With my cock in his mouth, he couldn't speak. I could feel the urge to shoot creeping up. I was determined to shoot my load down his throat. I wrapped my arms around his head and started to fuck his mouth in short stabbing motions. “Here it comes,” my boss announced as he slammed his cock deep into Danny’s ass, deeply seeding his hole. Perhaps the highest praise was when my boss slowly pulled out, remarking with price "That hole is fuckin' gaping, now." Knowing my boss was stealthing Danny's hole was enough to take me to and beyond the edge - as my cock started shooting down Danny's throat, causing him to cough, especially when the first two or three volley of cum shot against the back of his throat. Sensing the session was over, at least for the time, I withdrew my cock from Danny's mouth, whereupon he asked "Can I go now?” My boss and I both nodded, although, as Danny left, an evil grin came across my boss's face. He pointed down to his cock, which was hanging soft over his balls. It was covered with a pink goo, blood mixed with his cum. Danny's life was going to change. “I need to go,” my boss said pulling on his shorts. “Thanks for the load,” I said. “I want to meet with you tomorrow at ten, my office,” he said “Yes sir.” “Be ready for anything, understand,” he said walking out the door.
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    Part 7 The rest of the week went by uneventful. I wasn’t called back into my boss’s office the day after getting pozzed by the client, so I guess he was happy with that meeting. Friday came and I knew I had a standing appointment with the boss at the sleazy hotel. After work I headed home and got ready, had a couple of cocktails to help relax me. Time slipped by quickly and I headed out. I got the the hotel with about five minutes to spare. Parking, I noticed that the lot was fuller than it normally was, which led me to wonder if he had some guests with him. As I got out and headed to the door, I saw the Marine again. “Damn faggot, you can’t get enough cock huh" he yelled at me. I just put my head down and moved to the door. Suddenly, I felt his hot breathe on my neck. “Don’t you remember what I said last time, faggot?” he asked. I nodded. “Tell me then.” “AIDS kills.” He started walking away laughing. I knocked on the motel room door and waited, over come with shame. What I was doing, whoring my ass to all these poz men? My boss opened the door and motioned for me to come in. “I was wondering if you had forgotten about our meeting,” he remarked. “No, not at all, Sir. I was held up in a bit of traffic,” I answered, even as I knew I was lying to him. He was already naked. I watched his furry ass as he walked to the bed. I immediately was hard in my pants. He turned as sat on the corner of the bed, balls hanging as his cock started to twitch to life. I started to undress, slowly removing each piece of clothing I was wearing. Once I was naked, I walked over to him, my cock pointing the way. With out words, I dropped to my knees, between his open legs. His cock felt heavy in my hands as I gripped it around the base with both. I could feel his eyes on me as I lifted the engorged head to my mouth. Stretching out my tongue, I licked the head of this cock, slowly, savoring the musk, a mixture of crotch sweat, piss and pre-cum. As I cleaned his cock, the head began to pump more pre-cum out of his piss slit. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and slowly took the head in, wrapping my lips around the spot where the shaft meets the ridge of his cock head. I sucked just a little, not moving, just sucking a little as if his cock was a massive straw. Pre-cum oozed out and coated my tongue. My mouth began to produce a large amount of spit, that mixed with my bosses pre-cum. I could feel his hips more, thrusting towards me as I teased the head of his cock. He was moaning. “Suck me please,” he begged me. I slowly push my lips a bit further down his shaft, until I felt his cock head hit the back of my throat. I slowly moved back, licking the under part of this cock with my tongue as it slid out of my mouth. I could see that his cock was wet from spit just shy of half way. I slid my mouth back down is cock, then pulled back when he hit the back of my throat again. I repeated this over and over, picking up more speed as I did. He was thrusting his hips more, forcing his cock into my mouth more. The head popped into my mouth. Feeling this, he pushed more causing more of his shaft to slide into my mouth, until I was nose deep in his crotch hair. He placed his hands on the top of my head and pulled me off of his cock, which was coated with thick spit from my throat. “Only one other man has ever done that” he said, “Mr Meeks.” “No shit” I exclaimed in genuine surprise. “Furthermore, I am part of him, just as I am now part of you,” he continued. Holy shit, my boss infected Mr. Meeks. I was shocked. Both were married men and both were poz. “I'm part of twelve men now, with you being the twelfth." “I’m honored” I said. “Of course you have not gotten the fuck flu yet, but you will,” he confidently noted. I tried to get back on his cock, put he pushed my head away. He stood and went to the bathroom, returning with a toothbrush. “Get on your hands and knees on the bed, ass outwards. I have some prepping to your ass to do.” he said. I did as instructed. I felt him place the toothbrush at my hole, then forced it in me dry, scratching my hole as it did. He moved it in and out, ruffing up the walls inside my hole. I winched in pain. “It’s for your own good,” he said, “I need you to convert.” He pulled out the toothbrush and started to working it in and out, but just around my hole. Once he was satisfied that I was prepped, he put the toothbrush in front of my face. It was pink in some spots and bright red in others. I grabbed it and looked at it. He placed his cock head against my hole, and pushed hard in. It was only lubed with my spit. I could feel my hole resisting, which only made him push harder. “Open up you mother fucker,” he demanded. I pushed my hole out as well as pushed back on his hard cock. It was only seconds later that my hole gave and he drove his massive cock balls deep into my hole. The pain was intense and I jumped. He quickly grabbed my hips to prevent me from pulling off and escaping. Not waiting for me to adjust to his cock inside me, he started to pull out and push back in. Slowly at first, then increasing his movements and speed. After a while the pain subsided and my hole adjusted to him being in me. I started moaning as he pumped in and out of my hole. I realized that I was pushing back to meet his cock as he was thrusting in me. “Fuck me!" I demanded, adding “Breed me with you poz cum.” His grip tightened. I could feel his nut sac swing as he fucked my hole. I was swinging up and hitting my sac as he pushed into me deep. “Faggots are fucking in this room,” a voice outside yelled. I knew it was that damn Marine, or someone who claiming to me a Marine. “Spreading their fucking AIDS” he screamed at the top of his lungs. My boss’s cock became rock hard as he power drived my hole. I knew he was getting ready to shoot. His grip tightened and he slammed into me, erupting his poz load into my hole. “Fuck, wanted to last longer, but between knowing you were prepped well this time and that fucker out side, I just could not hold it. He slowly moved in and out, pumping the last of his cum into hole. As he pulled out he slapped my ass. “Can’t give you three loads tonight. I'm already late for an event I must attend." Disappointed, I nodded, got off the bed and started to dress. He walked to me naked and grabbed me by the shoulders. “Monday is a holiday, we are going to meet here at ten in the morning.” he said, “we are going to teach that Marine a lesson he won’t ever forget.” I smiled with him. That fucker pisses me off each time he opens his mouth. “I’m going to poz that fucker!” “I hope he is here Monday.”
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    Travis, the second ex came over at 1:30. Ex soccer player, so he has a nice body and is a good looking young man. Travis is 5'10" 150 pounds with a 6.5 cock that is avg thick but has a big curve in it. He has only topped me a few times in the 2 years that we dated. The curve is hard to take, so I'm usually drunk when he topped. Offing the ass up today was a big thing to him, so when I told him I was going to bottom, he was all for it. I was on the bed upstairs in a jock when Travis came threw the door of the house. I told him, I was up stairs and come up. I had a dildo and lube laying on the bed. I don't want him to know that I had been fucked twice already. So, I acted like I had been play with myself. I was ass up and waiting I told him. He hit the bedroom in just his briefs, pulling on his cock. He just stood in the door way, saying that I looked hot in the jock, ass up and waiting. He walked over and rubbed my ass and informed me that he has a 4 day load that he wanted to unload and that it may be a quick fuck. I said I wanted it and a quick fuck was ok. I had three more cocks to take and a quick fuck was ok by me. Travis pulled his briefs down, just under his balls and asked if I needed more lube. I told him that I had been play with the toy and was lubed up. He started to slid in and I feel that curve go in, that just totally chances the fuck right there. It's that different angle that gets me every time. I was glad he said it was going to be a quick fuck, he was a good fuck and has tornen my ass up before, but I was not in the mood to get torn up today by him. He bottomed out quick and started to fuck me, this was a fuck and unload. He nor I was looking at a long fuck and he just wanted to unload a 4day load. He was jack rabbiting my ass and told me I was a little loose and should lay off the toy. I just had to laugh to myself and didn't say anything. He was hammering my hole and said that he was getting close to blowing his load. I told him to blow when he was ready, he asked me if I was going to get off and I said I would later. I had blown one load today and had three more fucks coming, I wanted to save it. He grabbed the hips and said take it, I could feel him unloading in me. It must have been a big one to feel it like that. He pulled out with a pop and pulled up his briefs, slapped my ass and thanked me for the hole. I told him, thanks for the load. He dressed and was out the door.
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    Those of you that follow my stories know that the things I like best are str8 men and black men. There's nothing in the world that I like more than getting fucked by a horny, str8, black man with a bbc. Knowing that the Mayweather/McGregor Fight here in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena would be bringing 10's of thousands of horny str8 men into Las Vegas for the past weekend, I planned ahead and got a motel room reserved at a seedy motel, located just across the freeway from the arena that the fight would be taking place. I rent rooms at this motel quite often. Because it was a busy weekend, the price was 5 times the normal price. But, I was willing to fork out the money for the chance to get a steady stream of cock and cum that night. From past experience, I've found that the guys that come for these fights leave the fights full of testosterone, anger, aggression and are hornier than hell. Fight nights are always the busiest nights of the year for the prostitutes here in Vegas. The strip clubs are overflowing after the fights. And the guys usually leave the strip clubs sexually frustrated and horny as hell. So, I checked into my seedy motel room early that evening. I had been placing ads and notices on Grindr, Growlr, BBRT, Squirt, and of course Craigslist. Craigslist usually tends to bring me the biggest responses on fight nights. I douched and showered and set bottles of poppers, lube and boxes of tissues around the room. I had put 2 small night lights into wall-sockets in the room and one in the socket of the bathroom to give the room just a dim light. Because I was going to have all the other lights turned off. Since I have no idea of how many guys will show up, who they are and may not even see most of their faces, I make sure that I've locked all my valuables in my car, then lock my keys in a bag and secure the bag to something unmovable with a bike lock. I don't want to take chances of someone ripping me off while I'm getting fucked. My ads had said that beginning at 9pm, my hotel room would be unlocked. Come in, find me ass up, face down on the bed. Feed me your cock in either my mouth or ass. Pound, seed me and leave. I sent emails and texts to the guys that had already replied to give them my hotel address and room number. I updated my Craigslist ads and hid my hotel name and room number in the ad so guys could just come over without having to contact me. I rigged the door with duct tape over the lock, I turned out the lights, grabbed a bottle of poppers that I planned to keep in my hands. There were 2 other bottles of popper for the guys to use if they wanted them. I climbed on the edge of the bed and put my ass up. Then I waited for about 20 minutes before I heard the door open and close. I heard clothes being discarded, then felt a finger on my hole. Someone spit on my hole and put their cockhead up to it. I took some strong hits of poppers as I felt a thick cock being pushed up inside me. I had no idea who's cock it was? And that was definitely part of the enjoyment. Soon the guy was slapping my ass and calling me a bitch, whore, cunt. I could tell from the voice that it was a black guy. That made it all the more exciting for me. He moved me to all sorts of positions to get into me deeply. Finally he pushed me over onto my back, my legs up over his shoulders, and I could see his handsome, young face. He looked to be in his early 20's. Almost 6' tall. Maybe 185lbs. He was ramming deeply into me. He fucked me for about 25 minutes before he finally grunted and filled my ass with his load. Once he'd cum, he quickly pulled out, wiped his cock with some tissues I'd left on the dresser, he quickly dressed and left my room, tossing the cum covered tissues onto the floor as he walked out the door. No words exchanged. I took a drink of water and got back on the edge of the bed in my ass up position. For the next two hours there were another 4 guys that came into my room. 1 older black guy couldn't keep a hard on long enough to fuck me. But I ended up sucking him off and he came down my throat. The other 3 guys filled my ass. Two white guys and one black kid in his 20's. Then I had about an hour with no action. But, from past experience, I know that on fight nights here in Las Vegas, there's a period where the str8 guys are all out drinking and watching the girls at the strip clubs, I just have to be patient. I kept reposting my Craigslist ads, then finally around 1:30am my door opened again. I quickly jumped back onto the edge of the bed. The guy that had come in was a white guy in his late 40's. He was gruff looking. He looked like he might have been one of the 18 wheel truck drivers that overnighted in the truck lots on either side of the motel. But, talking is not what they want. They want ass. So I put my ass back up and he soon had pulled down his pants and was pushing his 6" cock up into me. The previous loads of cum inside me made it so that lube was no longer necessary. The guy was a quick cummer. Maybe 4 minutes of fucking resulted in him putting his load in me. Pulling up his pants and leaving. About 5 minutes later the door opened again. I didn't look up, but heard two guys whispering to each other. So I turned my head to see a very tall, 6'4", slender black guy taking off his clothes. He looked familiar. "Hey", I said to him. "I thought this might be your ad.", he said. "I fucked your white ass a few months ago. Remember''? "I live in the apartment across the street." he said. "Fuck, YEAH!" I said. "I remember your cock. He indeed lived across the street from the motel. He had a 9" bbc. He stayed hard as a rock and had staying power. I had gone to his apartment a few months ago and he fucked me for 2 hours straight before he came in me. I was sore for a week, afterwards, but it was a great fuck. "I brought my buddy to sample your white ass", he said. His buddy hasn't said a word, but he has stripped completely and has climbed up on the bed. He's feeding his 8" uncut black dick to me. It's not hard, but he begins to swell as I start to suck on him. The other guy is slapping his 9" cock on my hole. "Damn! You're wet back here. How many loads in you?" he asked. "I've got 4 in my ass and one down my throat", I said. "Well..... You about to get two more in your pussy, I 'spect", he said. For the next hour, this hot fucker and his buddy kept taking turns pounding both my ass and mouth. While they were using my holes another guy had come in. He was an older white guy in his 50's. Cubby and not very good looking. He never fully undressed, but he did unzip and pulled out his smallish cock and would walk around and watch the two black studs using me. He finally sat on one of the chairs and stroked his cock as he watched the action on the bed. then the 9" guy began to groan and yell "You want my cum? You want my load? I'm gonna seed you, faggot. You want it?" he was growling. "Fuck, YEAH!" I shouted. "Fill my ass. Cum in me", I yelled. Just then, the older white guy stood and came to the bed to watch the action. The 9" guy begins to fill my ass with his load. And the white guy shoots his load onto my side. He quickly pulls up his pants and leave the room as the 9" guy pulls from me and changes places with his buddy. His buddy slides up into my cum filled ass as the other guy kneels in front of me and feeds me his cum covered cock to clean off. I clean off the cum from him as the 8" guy is ramming into me. He's got me held tightly around the waist and he's really slamming into me. The bed is pounding against the wall as he rams into me. I'm sniffing poppers as fast and as deeply as I can as he's pounding me. He only takes a couple of minutes of fucking before he grinds deep into me and lets out a growl. He shakes as he fills my ass with his load. The growl is the first sound he's made. But his growl is loud and low. He pulls from me and quickly dresses. His buddy is already dressed and patiently waiting on one of the chairs for his friend to finish fucking me. As they're leaving the 9" guy says, "Let me know when you back, fag", as they both leave the room. I've got cum dripping down my legs and my thighs are getting sore. But, I'm not ready to give up, yet. I lay on my back and try to catch my breath while I check for messages. I send my room number to a couple of guys that requested it, then see the door to my room open again. From the light outside the door, I can dimly see a tall black guy in his early 40's peek inside my room. "You the old queer taking nigger dick?'' he asks. His use of the word "nigger" catches me by surprise, but I shake my head and mutter, "Yes. That's me". "You better be able to handle a couple of big, black, horny, fuckers, faggot. Cause your ass is gonna get used", he says as he comes in the room. He's followed by 3 more black guys. All in their 40's. Two of the guys are late 40's, very tall, thin and muscular. One guy looks to be in his early 40's, maybe late 30's. He's short, but extremely muscular to the point of being kind of intimidating. The 4th guy is early 50's, heavy set. Probably about 5'8" tall and 290 lbs. They all come inside and begin to strip. The first guy (#1) is now nude and I drop to my knees at his feet and begin to suck on his soft, but already huge bbc. He's cut, not sure how long he'll grow? But his cock is hanging over a set of huge, hairy, black balls. I suck on his cock and on his balls as his cock begins to harden. Soon another black cock is at my face. I take turns sucking on both of them. "Show me that pussy", #1 says to me. I climb on the bed and put my ass up. I spread my ass cheeks. I feel a sharp pain as he slaps my ass hard. He puts his thumb up to my asshole and presses it in me. Cum dribbles from my hole as he presses his thumb into me. "Damn! That's a well used pussy, boys", he says as he presses his thumb in me. "This queer's been takin' some dick, already". He slaps his semi hard cock against my ass as I take some drags on my poppers. Soon, I feel his cock pressing into me. The younger guy (#2) is now kneeling on the bed, at my face, he's fully hard and I take his cockhead into mouth. It's an awkward angle, but he fucks my face as best he can as #1 continues to fuck me. Then #2 turns and puts his ass to my face. I lick his hole. "Yeah! Lick his nigger ass, you fuckin' queer." #1 growls as I lick his friends asshole. #1 pulls out of me and the short, heavy set guy (#3) steps up to fuck me. I catch a glimpse of him as he walks towards my ass. He's got a respectable 8" bbc. Nice and thick. He immediately slides up into me in one, quick thrust. He's groaning as he begins to pump into me. "Damn! Feels like pussy." #3 says as he fucks me. The other tall, thin 40's guy (#4) has now taken his buddies place at my face and is putting his black ass up to my face. His ass smells sweaty and funky, like he's been out in our 100+ degree heat all day. The smell is intoxicating as only a black man's ass can smell. I'm hungrily lapping my tongue on his puckered black hole. He reaches back and spreads his ass cheeks. I slide my tongue as deep into him as I can get it. I can feel the soft, pink inside of his hole with my tongue. He's moaning and groaning as I eat his hot hole. "Holy FUCK!" #4 growls as I continue to eat him. "Feels good, fag! Real good! Never had a tongue in my shitter before". Damn!", he moans. #3 cums fairly quickly. He lets out a loud grunt and shakes as he fills my ass with his hot load. #3 pulls from me and #1 slides back into me. His cock has grown to well over 9"s. He's very thick as well. I continue to lick his buddies hole as he begins to brutally pound my ass. "Like this, Faggot? You like our nigger dicks in you? Huh, queer?" "You like being a pussy for our straight, nigger dicks?" I moan loudly as a reply as I continue to eat his friends asshole. #1 is ramming into me, slapping my ass and continuing to call me fag, queer, whore, pussy, cunt and every other name he can call me. #1 pulls from me and #4 moves from my mouth to my ass and slides his bbc up into me. #4 is obviously very turned on. He's got about 7"s, he's rock hard and super horny from the ass eating I've been giving him. He grabs me tightly around my waist and rams deeply into me. I again have to suck on my poppers as he assaults my ass with his bbc. He's grunting as he pounds me and within just a few minutes of fucking me he lets out a groan and fills my ass with his load. He quickly pulls from me as my ass is milking his cock and the younger guy, #2 steps behind me. He slams into me in one, quick thrust. He's slapping my ass as he fucks. He's also calling me a faggot, queer, whore, pussy, etc. as he's fucking me. Like his buddies, he's a brutal fuck. He's ramming into me deep and hard. #1 is slapping his bbc on my face as his buddy is fucking me. About a 5 minute fuck resulted in #2 filling me with his load. And then #1 stepped back to my ass and slammed back into me. He gave me another 5 or 6 minute fuck before he also deposited his str8 load into my cunt. Cum was streaming down my inner thigh as he pulled from me. The 4 guys dressed as they laughed about the queer they had just fucked. I collapsed onto my back on the bed and watched them dress and leave. It's now after 3am and I'm exhausted. I'm thinking that I'd better call it a night and lock the door. But, before I can even gain the energy to climb off the bed to pull the duct tape off the door, the door opens and in walks two white guys in their late 30's. These guys are very rough looking. Both wearing wifebeater tee shirts and genes. Very gruff looking and covered in tats. They are really sort of intimidating. They are not exactly muscular or buff. But looked strong and had an angry look about them. I'm feeling very uncomfortable. They both walk into my room and slam the door shut. "We just want blow jobs. You fine with that?" the first guy asks? "Yeah. Sure", I say. The first guy immediately begins to unzip and pulls out a 6" uncut, soft cock. I climb off the bed and drop to my knees at his feet. I take his cock into my mouth and begin to suck on his very ample foreskin. "Grab me some beers", he says to his friend. His friend leaves the room and quickly returns with a 6pack of beers that they must have had in the car. They both pop a beer open and swig on their beers as I suck on #1. I suck on him for several minutes before he pulls from me, kicks his shoes off and pulls his pants and underwear off. He sits on the edge of the bed and I crawl back between his legs and take his now hard cock back into my mouth. I hungrily work my mouth on his cock. I lick his balls and he moans a bit. Then he lays back on his back and I lick under his balls. "You lick asshole?" he asks? I lift his legs and lick at his hole. He spreads his ass for me and I go in deeper. He may be str8, but he's obviously let guys eat his hole before. He's eager to be pleased. I lick and eat his hole, then go back to suck his balls then back to his cock. His buddy has now undressed and he's fingering my cummy asshole. #1 says to #2, "You gonna fuck him?" "Yeah. Why not?" he says. #1 climbs back onto the bed. Leaning back against the headboard, he motions for me to climb up on the bed to continue to suck him. I climb up on the bed and crawl between his legs and again take his cock in my mouth. His buddy climbs onto the bed and positions himself behind me, on his knees. He pushes his hard cock up into me and begins to pound my hole. As both guys are using my holes, I hear the door open and close. I come up from #1's cock to see a black guy entering my room. He's mid 50's, 6'2", 200 lbs, very good looking. He moves to the table and takes a seat to watch the white guys using me. After a few minutes he unzips and pulls out a huge, thick cock and slowly strokes it as I continue to be used by the 2 white guys. The guy I'm sucking soon begins to moan and fills my mouth with his salty load of cum. He and I are both moaning as I hungrily swallow his str8 cum. This sets his buddy off as #2 now begins to groan and shoots his load of str8 cum deep inside me. He fills my ass and they both pull from me and climb off the bed. The tall black guy still just sits there, stroking his cock as the white guys dress and leave. The black man now stands and undresses. He's an incredibly handsome, (Think Billy D. Williams), muscular, hung black man in his late 50's. "How much you got in you?" he asks? "I have no idea", I say with a laugh. He laughs also and tells me to kneel on the edge of the bed. He's now naked and kneels behind me. He spreads my ass and licks at my hole. He spreads my ass wider and tells me to squeeze out some cum. I do as I'm told and he hungrily laps at my cum soaked asshole. Then he presses his face deep between my ass cheeks and begins to suck on my hole. He's hungrily draining my ass of all those loads of cum that have been deposited inside me. He's moaning with pleasure as he's feasting on my hole. While he's eating my ass, the door opens again and a young white kid comes in. He barely looks 20 years old. He's kind of a hippy type kid with a man-bun pulled to the back of his head. He's in running shorts and a tee shirt. I comes in and pulls out a 6" cock. He's stroking his cock as he watches the black daddy eating my hole. I motion for him to climb on the bed so I can suck his cock, but he shakes his head "No" and just stands there stroking. Black daddy now stands and slides his close to 10" cut cock into me. My ass is now quite sore, but he slides easily into me and I take some deep drags of poppers to lessen the pain of another giant cock in me. Black daddy now is fucking me hard and deep with his bbc. The white kid now comes over to black daddy and begins to suck on black daddies tits. Daddy is loving it. Soon the two are kissing as daddy continues to fuck me. I hear them whispering and soon see the young white kid undress. Daddy pulls out and the kid slide up into me. His cock is only about 6"s, but he's rock hard. He fucks me hard for just a few minutes, then I hear him groaning as he fills my ass with his load. He then pulls from me and Back Daddy again slams into me. Daddy fucks me for 4 or 5 minutes, then fills my ass with his load. By now, the kid has left and Daddy quickly dresses and leaves himself. That's it. I can't take anymore. Besides, my ass is ready to explode. It's been so used and abused, that the recent 2 loads of cum are begging to come out. I go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet. As cum drops into the toilet, I hear the door open and close again. Damn! I forgot to lock it before going into the bathroom. Soon I see a white guy in his early 30's standing in the bathroom doorway. He unzips his pants and walks into the small bathroom and puts his soft cock up to my face. I'm sitting naked on the toilet as he presses his cock to my lips. I can smell the alcohol on his breath and he's staggering, almost falling as I take his cock into my mouth. Luckily the bathroom was small and he was able to brace himself against the wall as I sucked on him. He was so drunk that he couldn't get fully hard. I finally told him to go into the bedroom. He collapsed onto the bed and I again sucked on his cock. He got a bit harder. I sucked on his balls, lifted his legs and licked his asshole. But, it was evident he probably wasn't going to be able to cum. He was too drunk. Another guy came into the room. He was a black guy in his late 40's. He entered and quickly undressed as I sucked on the drunk guy. The black guy undressed and I moved to him to suck on his cock. He grew quickly to about 7"s and very thick. I glanced over to the drunk kid and he was passed out on my bed. I knelt next to him so that the black guy could fuck me, but drunk guy didn't even move. The black guy slid up into me. Fucking me hard and deep. My ass was really sore now, but I wasn't going to stop him. Even with the discomfort, he felt great inside me. Thankfully, he didn't take long to cum. Once the black guy had dumped his load in me, I tried to wake up the drunk guy on my bed. He would wake for a minute, then pass out again. I did get him to tell me he was staying at MGM. Thankfully that hotel was close by. Just on the other side of the freeway. I told the black guy that I was going to call a taxi to take the drunk guy back to MGM. I asked the black guy if he'd help me get drunk guy up and dressed. We both got him dressed and the black guy told me he was sending for an Uber to take him to Mirage. He said he'd drop drunk guy at MGM, so not to worry about it. When the Uber arrive and they both left, I finally pulled the duct tape from the door and locked the door. I downed a bottle of water and pulled the night lights from the sockets. I climbed into bed and took some deep breaths. I heard the door handle rattle a few times. There were a couple of knocks on the door the next hour or so, but I was done. I didn't have the energy for one more dick. This was undoubtedly the best cum party I've had in years. 3 days later, my hole is still sore. But, it was all worth it.
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    Dad’s Basement Part Thirty-Two I stood there waiting for Dad to reveal more about Dax. The two of them were standing close, just looking at one another. “Tell him, Drew,” Dax said. “Matt, Dax is your Grandfather, he's your mother’s dad” my Dad said to me. After everything I had learned about Dad since going in the basement, what I had experienced, this really didn't come as much of a shock to me. “Is Dax, or um, Grandpa poz as well” I asked. “Yes son,” Dad said. “Matt, your Dad and I had a physical relationship when he was married to your mom” Dax said. “Fuck buddies” I said. “Yes, you could say that,” Dad said. “Your Dad accidentally infected me,” Dax said, “and it changed my life for the better” “Wow!” I said. “So son, the strain that runs my veins, runs through yours and your Grandfather” Dad said. “One big poz family” I said. “In two weeks we are going to met Dax and make a little magic together” Dad said. I was intrigued, what the hell did that mean. “What are we going to do?” I asked “You will see” Dad said. “Just so you know, Matt, your gang bang film is the hottest thing I've seen” Dax said. “Yeah son you should be in pictures” Two weeks. The if the wait doesn't kill me, the anticipation will.
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    My husband and I are "monogamous," at least he is. When I'm traveling, I take as much dick as I can, preferably raw. Love setting up glory holes in my hotel rooms, spending the night in bath houses or saunas, and even picking up a college boy or two at a bar if I'm in that sort of town. Two weeks ago, I took a cruise with a friend from college who won a free trip and needed someone to go with him. We were able to pay a bit extra and get two rooms, both with balconies, but on opposite sides of the boat. Which was great for some private fun. While he was out chasing women (and nailing a few, according to our chats in the pool, the bars or at dinner), I made my way through as many of the gay boys on the ship as I could. My favorites: 1) A pair of guys in their late 20s on their first vacation together. Met at a LGBT happy hour in the ship bar, and then in their room. One was "strictly" a bottom, so I sucked him while his boyfriend pumped two loads into me. 2) Got a steward to come by my room to "help me fix the TV". He was dark skinned and so beautiful, with a long, uncut dick. He fucked me three of the nights I was there, and brought another steward with him the last night of the cruise to take turns on my hole. 3) Saw a young guy — said he was 18 — checking out my cock in the restroom. We met up at the second island stop, and I rented a hotel room. Suck a nice, smooth cock. His pubes smelled fresh, that sort of smell that comes from underwear washed by your mother. He actually shot off in my mouth while I was trying to get him good and hard, so I only got him to plant one load in me before we had to head back. Ran into him a couple of times after that, and he kept turning bright red. The rest were just middle age guys, most who I met at the daily LGBT events. One had a gut but a huge dick with a piercing that felt like it was tearing me up inside. Best thing is that no one asked about a fucking condom the entire time.
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    Park cruising, rest stops and public toilet cruising is not something I normally do very often. But, I stumbled onto this situation a few weeks ago and just couldn't resist. I was driving up the interstate freeway north to Salt Lake City. I'd been on the road for several hours and all the coffee I had been drinking was ready to come out. I found a rest area to pull off the highway. It was late at night/early morning, actually. And there were only a couple of cars in the parking lot. As well as a couple of semi trucks parked in the truck parking area. I got out and walked to the restroom. It had a heavy metal door that scraped against the concrete floor as I opened it and walked into the men's room. The bathroom was deserted. I walked to the urinal, unzipped and pulled out my cock. It was a relief to expel all that piss. As I stood at the urinal, I heard the metal door scraping the floor as someone entered the restroom. A tall, heavyset guy in his late 40's came up to the urinal next to me, unzipped and pulled out a hefty, thick slab of meat. He rubbed his finger on the underside of it to coax out some piss. Soon a thick stream of piss was coming from his cock. I was glancing sideways out of my eyes to capture the view. But, trying to not be noticed for being a voyeur. But, as I glanced up to his face, he had obviously noticed me checking out his cock. He smiled at me and then looked down at my cock. I stroked my cock a bit. He did the same. Soon both of us had full hardon's and were standing there stroking our cocks. I finally reached over and took hold of his cock that had now grown to about 7"s of thick, rock hard cock. He motioned with his head to head to one of the stalls. He walked to the large handicapped booth at the back of the bathroom. We both went in and he locked the door to the booth. I dropped to my knees and began to suck on his big cock. The guy looked like he might be one of the truckers. He was dressed in a denim shirt and jeans, with heavy work boots. Wearing a baseball cap. As I was sucking I heard the door scraping open again and footsteps towards one of the urinals. I stopped sucking and looked up at the guy I was sucking. I'm sure I had fear on my face. I mouthed "It's OK", and pushed my head back onto his cock. I went back to sucking him. I heard the toilet flush and the water in the sink turn on. Then I could hear the metal door of the toilet cubicle next to us open and slam against the metal wall between my cubicle and the next one. The guy was pulling some toilet paper off the roll to dry his hands. He must have seen the truckers feet and my knees from under the partition, because he quickly stepped up onto the toilet and looked over the partition, gazing down on us. I looked up, the trucker's cock still in my mouth, as I looked eye to eye with the guy in the next booth. He stood there for several moments watching me suck off this guys cock, then he hopped off the toilet and knocked on our booth door. The trucker leaned forward and unlocked the cubicle door. The other guy came inside the handicapped booth and locked the door behind him. He was soon pulling his pants down. This guy seemed to be in his mid 30's. A rather average, guy next door look to him. I moved to his cock and began to suck him. He was already rock hard. The trucker now tried to get me to scoot over, so he could stand behind me. He whispered for me to pull my pants down. I undid my pants and pulled them to my knees. He knelt behind me. He spit on his fingers a few times and lubed up my ass. I was sucking like crazy on this new guys cock. He continued to swell. He was now a nice 6"s and hard as a rock. The trucker soon was pressing into me. He plopped up inside my sphincter and began to pump. He had only fucked me for a minute or two before the guy I was sucking let out of soft groan and filled my mouth with his hot load of cum. He came and pulled from me very quickly. He zipped up and was out of the booth and out the restroom door in a second. The trucker fucking me reached forward and locked the door again and continued to fuck me. He took about 4 or 5 minutes of deep, hard pounding before he silently emptied his balls into my hole. He then pulled from me. Stood, pulled up and zipped his pants and left the booth and bathroom. I climbed up and did the same. When I left the restroom I could see the trucker climbing back up into the cab of his semi truck. And a sedan car was pulling out of the parking lot, heading back to the freeway. Those were my two fuck buddies. I likewise, climbed into my car and headed back to the freeway for the rest of my journey up north. Something to be said about late night driving on a rural freeway in the middle of nowhere. Thanks for the quick diversion, guys.
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    “Forgive me Father for I have sinned. It’s been a month since my last confession” “To be forgive my son, you must confess all your sins to me” the Priest said from behind the screen. “Father, I have engaged in sins of the flesh” “Please continue” “I had sexual relations with a man, Father” “Was there penetration” “Yes Father, both oral and anal” “My son, sodomy is going against God, but is forgivable” “Father, there is more” “Please go on,” the unknown Priest said, “tell me it all” “Father, I also told false witness to this man” “What did you lie about my son” “He asked if I was ‘clean’ and I lied and said I was” “Clean? Hygienic clean?” “No Father, clean as in disease free” “My son, no one is completely clean” “He was asking if I had any STDs” “My son, are you saying you are not free from God’s punishment from sin” “No I'm not Father” “Why would you bare false witness to this stranger” he asked, “I assume he was a stranger” “Yes, Father he was a stranger. I lied because I hate when people use the term clean that way” “My son, do you feel guilt from your deception” “Not from my deception, Father but from the act that followed” “Sodomy is forgivable” “It wasn't just the sodomy, Father.” “Explain” “When I met the man, he was naked, with his ass up” “Ready for penetration?” “Yes, Father. My erection was throbbing in my shorts” “I see” the Priest said, as I heard a belt buckle rattling. “I dropped my shorts, freeing my erection.” “Was he still in the same position” “Yes Father, ass up” There was more movement from the Priest side of the confessional. “Are you okay Father” “Yes my son, needed to stretch a little,” he said, “please continue” “I took a condom from my short’s pocket” “Condoms are against the Church’s teaching, my Son” “I know Father, but he wanted protection used” “I see” the Priest said as he breathed a little faster. “But, I had doctored the condom” “How my son” “I poked many holes in the condom, thru the wrapper, with a pin” “Why would you do that my son” “To make sure that the condom broke as I penetrated him” I heard more heavy breathing from the other side. “Are you still with me Father” “Yes my son, continue” “After carefully putting the condom on, I slide my erection into his willing rectum” “Was it smooth or hairy” “What, Father?” “His behind?” “It was smooth Father, cheeks and crack” “Beautiful” whispered the Priest “Sorry Father?” “Nothing of importance, my son. Please continue” “His ass was so warm and tight around my erection” “Oh my” “And as planned, Father, the condom broke” “You are inside this man in the flesh” “Yes my erection was exposed inside his flesh, from the tip to the base, where the condom had moved to” There was a soft, steady knocking on the wall between us, as well as a heavy breathing. “You still with me Father” “Yes, my son. You have my full attention up” “I pumped my erection in and out of his rectum” “Did he know the condom broke as you penetrated him over and over” “No Father, but he reached back once and I was fully in him, so he only felt the condom around my erection base” “He was satisfied you were wearing the condom” “Yes Father” “Are you erect as you confess” “Yes Father” “Please continue” “When I climaxed Father, I did not pull out” “You spilled your seed inside his rectum” “Yes Father” I said, “deep inside” “And what of the condom when you removed your spent erection from his rectum” “I quickly removed it and discarded it” “Was the man still deceived” “Yes Father” “My son, what was so bad about that” “Father, I carry HIV” “My son, your guilt must be a large weight on your shoulders” “Not really Father” “My son, your deliberate act makes the Angels weep” “Father, if I am to be truthful with you, I must confess more” “Is this not the first time you did this” “No Father I have done this with at least a dozen men” “You have penetrated a dozen men with your erection” “Yes Father” The knocking was becoming more steady and his breathing a bit heavier” “Do you take more pleasure from the penetration or the passing of your disease” “If I answer honestly Father, would you answer a question from me honestly” “Of course my son” “I get more pleasure from passing the disease” “Oh my son!” “Father, are you self pleasuring as I confess” “My son, God’s holy shaft is in hand” “Father, before I left this man,” I said, “I penetrated his mouth with my penis” “Did this get you erect again” “Yes Father, fully erect” “Did he oral stimulate you until you spilled your seed again” “He did, Father. His mouth was very warm” “Oh my” “Father are you close to spilling your seed” “Yes my son, I am on the edge” “I want you to bless me with your Holy Seed” “My son, exit the confessional and head to the restroom on the second floor.” “Yes Father” I stood and adjusted my erection in my shorts. Before opening the door, I heard the Priest say: “Kneel in prayer” I silently moved through the Church and up the stairs to the men's room on the second floor. My footsteps echoed through the empty Church hall. The door to the men's room creaked as I pushed it open. I quickly dropped my shorts and knelt on the cold hard tile floor. My cock was sticking straight up. I heard footsteps approaching as I folded my hand in prayer I front of me, lowered my head and closed my eyes. The door slowly creaked open. “My son, God has forgiven you for your transgressions, but you must resist the temptation to sin in the future” “Yes Father” I heard the rustling of his garments and the distinct sound of a zipper being lowered. “I must wash away your sins” There was more movement and rustling. “Look up my son, look in my eyes” I opened my eyes and moved my stare up his body. His erected penis and testicles were sticking out of his zipper. His cock was massive, a good eight and a half inches long, thick and veiny. I looked directly into his eyes as he started stroking again. His hand moved quickly up and down his shaft. “Your penance is to take my Holy seed, allow its goodness to consume you” He was quickly stroking his cock, pre-cum oozed out of his piss slit, which was picked up by his hand and coated his shaft. “Open your mouth” I opened wide, he moved the head of his cock to just inside my mouth. I kept my mouth opened as wide as I could, his pre-cum dripped on my tongue. His breathing was heavy again. Without warning the first shot of cum hit the back of my throat, each volley of cum shot into my mouth. Some was running down my throat, causing a tickle. He squeezed his shaft hard, milking the last of his cum out onto my tongue. As he put his cock back into his black pants he said: “Your sins are forgiven, go and sin no more, my son” He left me kneel there on the bathroom floor.
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    Thanks for all the comments! I really do appreciate any feedback people give. Had more time to work on this update. Going to try and start shooting for a weekly update, but not sure how well I can achieve it with work. Hope you enjoy! -- PART 6: Stoking the Flames “Jake?!” Matthew said with a gasp, hand in hand with her. “Matthew,” I replied curtly, looking down at their hands before looking back in his face. I kept my face completely emotionless. “What…. what are you doing here?” he asked, first looking at her, then me, then their hands intertwined, “Um… Jess… sweetheart, do you mind going up without me I need to talk with Jake… alone…” Looking at me with a satisfied smirk, she turned and smiled at Matt, giving him a huge kiss on the cheek before releasing his hand. “Not a problem baby! I’ll see you upstairs! I’ll miss you bunches sweetie!!!” she replied, her fake saccharine sweet tone grating against my nerves like nails on a chalkboard, as she stepped into the elevator. I watched as she pressed the button for our…. now her floor. She looked at her nails as the doors slowly closed, looking up for only a second to glare at me menacingly. I turned my attention back to Matthew. “She's a real gem,” I said, my tone flat, as I shifted the box in my arms. “Look, Jake, I wanted to tell you but…” Matthew replied, his face bright red from embarrassment. “You’ve just been so busy, right?” I said, blinking slowly at him, suddenly very tired of his bullshit. “Or, let me guess, you forgot?” “No, Jake, baby…” he stammered before I cut him off. “Oh no…” I said, take a step towards him, letting the coldness flow through the tone of my voice, a wave of satisfaction hitting me as he reflexively took a step away from me, “I'm not your ‘baby' anymore Matthew. That new job title is ALL on little Ms. Jess.” “Please Jake, let me just explain…” “Explain what exactly? How you slept around behind my back? I think if I’m smart enough to get a medical degree, I can understand that one without having you explain it to me. You wanted to stick your dick into something new, and boy, you really made sure it was something new,” I smiled, knowing it probably was more like a sneer. Shifting the box to my other hip, I started walking towards Matthew again, “And you know, now that I see the both you together? You two make just a perfect couple. Don’t worry though babe, I’m not here to mess that up. I’m just here to get my things from OUR apartment,” I said, my cold tone and quiet demeanor slowly pushing Matt back against the wall behind him. “Honey, please… it’s not like…” “It’s not like that? Hmmm…. let’s look at it from my point of view. You see, if you wanted an open relationship, you could have come to me and I just might have been open to trying it. Hell, if you wanted to spice things up in the bedroom, I would have tried anything you wanted. A threesome? Sure, why not. Needed to see if you were straight? Not where I saw you going, but something I’d be willing to talk about.” “Wait… really?” he asked, a small glimmer hope in his eyes. “Oh yeah… Absolutely,” I said, with a smile and adding a bit of fake flair to my voice, putting my hand next to his head and leaning in close to his ear, “I really, truly would have. Because I loved you with all my heart and I would have done anything to keep you happy. And I do mean ANYTHING. Things that that girl you’re playing house with up there would lose her shit over babe. Depraved things you can’t even begin to imagine. The type of shit you’d only find in the deepest, darkest porn. I would have fulfilled your nastiest fucking fantasies, just to make you happy and keep us together. Our time apart has shown me some new things about myself you probably would have really liked. Nasty, perverted things the likes you’d never believe, baby.” I let out a soft sigh across his ear and ran my hand through his hair, knowing it was a major turn on for him, watching as what I did made him shiver and bite his lip. I smiled cruelly, knowing he was getting turned on, as I could feel the beginning of a hard-on form in his pants against my leg. I leaned in even closer, giving it a small lick and started to whisper into his ear. “But you fucked all that up the second you went behind my back. When you packed up my shit into those boxes. And when you gave away my things to that piece of trash. Now? Now we are nothing. You aren't my baby, my sweetheart, my love, or any o those false platitudes. You took all the love in my heart for you and threw it into the trash. I could literally not give any less of a shit what you do now. Sleep with whoever you want. Enjoy this thing with that piece of ass. I really, truly don’t care. We are done. Any hope you had of us ever getting back together ended when you packed me away like an unwanted toy.” I gave him a small kiss on the cheek. I stepped back and started walking away. “Jake,” Matthew said, his voice almost needy, “Please… Don’t… I love y…” I stopped and looked over my shoulder. “Oh, no. Don’t even try that one on me. We both know what a big lie that is, and that little boy lawyers like you will always say anything to get what they want when they know they can’t have it.” I watched as he cringed, my words hitting him in the gut as I allowed myself to let every hateful thought I felt about him flow out of my mind and into my mouth. Was it low? Was it the below the belt? Absolutely, and he deserved it. With a smile, I tilted my head and regarded him one last time. “Oh! Before I let you watch me walk out that door one last time, I just have one more thing to tell you,” I said, a smile on my face that I knew didn’t reach my eyes, “Get your bitch her own laptop. If you ever give my shit away to someone else, I will personally make sure to come into your house while you sleep at night and cut your balls off myself. And we both know I have the time, the knowledge, the easy access to the supplies and most definitely the support staff to back that up. Goodbye, Matthew.” I walked out the front doors of my former home, a sense of satisfaction restored at being able to end things with Matthew on my terms. Sometimes, being an evil, heartless bitch felt amazing. — I walked back up to Whitehorn’s with a few minutes to spare, thankful that Eric was still there and waiting. Opening the door, he held it open and gave me a huge smile. “Hey! Jake! Glad you made it back in time!” he said, smoking a new pipe this time, puffing the fragrant smoke in my face. I took a small breath in and had to admit, it smelled wonderful. Different from the cigar for sure, but amazing nonetheless. “Yeah, had a little issue at the old apartment I had to take care of, “ I said, setting my box on the counter and with a grateful sigh rolling my shoulders. “Sorry to hear that man,” he said, taking another puff with a frown on his face. “Oh, nothing major, just had a run-in with the ex and such,” I said, shrugging my shoulders, amazed at how much better I felt after telling Matt off. I turned my attention to the different pipes on display on the counter. “Oh…” he said, looking down at the slightly open box. “I guess you and she didn’t end on good terms?” he said, looking back up at me. “Her? No…. him…. my boyfr… my ex-boyfriend…” I said. “Oh I just assumed since…” he continued with a bit of confusion on his face. “Since?” I asked, not sure where he was going. Pointing down into the box, I looked down at what he was showing me and I let out a sigh. “I mean, pink and sparkly? I wouldn’t exactly call that masculine…” he said with a snort, before letting the smoke from his pipe pour out of his mouth and nose. “Yeah. I can see what you mean. That would be the handy work of my ex’s new girlfriend,” I said turning my attention to one of the displays as Eric continued to move around and straighten up things and turn lights off. “Damn. Traded you in on a girl? That’s fucking cold,” he said, giving me a look of pity. “Wanna talk about it?” I told him the entire story of my breakup, from walking in on Matthew to the satisfying breakup as he finished closing everything up, omitting only the sex parts. He said nothing as he worked except the few outraged replies and angered growls, just puffing at his pipe while letting me vent my entire story out. As I finished, he moved my purchase to the top of my box. “Wow,” he said, speechless for a moment, “Just. Wow. What a fucking douchebag. Fucker deserved everything you gave him. I mean fuck! If I had a smart and sexy guy like you, I’d never let your ass get out of my grip, much less leave our bed!” That one sentence got my immediate attention. “Oh… you’re…” I said, definitely sure now that he was not only flirting earlier but actually being toned down. “Gay as fuck? Shit rainbows and fart glitter? You bet,” he said with a smile as he took a deep puff. He let the smoke out with a large nose jet. “Shit rainbows and fart glitter? That’s a new one. I’ll have to remember that, “ I said, as I let out a small laugh, transfixed by the display of his smoking. “Feel free to use it,” Eric said, taking a few more puffs before reaching under the counter and grabbing a well-worn leather satchel, “Well, shop’s all closed up. Time to leave.” I followed him out the door as he set the alarm, before pulling out a set of keys from his bag. I stood there checking out his firm ass, as he turned around and locked doors. “Look, man,” he started, turning back around, pulling a lighter out of his pocket and bringing it up to the bowl of the pipe. He took a few puffs which make the bowl smoke even more. I watched with interest as he took a deep inhale that he nose jetted out, “This is probably pretty forward. I know you’re fresh out of a relationship. Same here. Not nearly the nasty breakup like yours, but still. If you ever want to meet up and chat, or take it up a notch and take me up on that pipe lesson offer, or even just hook up for a quick smoke fuck, hit me up. You’re one sexy piece of ass, and the fact you’re into smoking is a major plus in my book… And I’d definitely love to get us both puffing away naked sometime and find out how freaky you can get. If you’d be into that kind of thing.” I watched as he reached down, grabbing his cock through his pants and showed made his bulge more prominent. “I kinda have a feeling you are, though,” he said with a smile, taking another puff of the pipe. “You… I…” I spit out, unable to form a sentence at the sudden change in Eric’s attitude outside the shop. I would never have guessed this guy had a dark, kinky side. Though, I guess the same could be said of me. “I saw you checking me you earlier, sexy… getting hard as you saw me smoke,” he said with a wink, “and you’ve had me boned up all day thinking about you lighting up those thick stogies. Something tells me that you’ve been smoking them longer than you let on.” With that, he handed me his business card, and on the back was a telephone number. “That’s my cell. I don’t give it out to just anyone, so… Give me a call soon, stud?” he asked, rubbing his thumb on the back of my hand as I took the card from. “Um… sure!” I said, shocked but pleasantly surprised before blurting out, “Do you need mine?” “Text me and I’ll add you. Well, I gotta go meet up with a few friends tonight for a thing I promised to do with them. I want to see you again soon though,” Eric said, putting his hand on my shoulder and rubbed it with his thumb as he took a deep inhale on his pipe and then pulling it back out of his mouth. “Defini-“ I began to say when he mashed his lips against mine, shoving his tongue into my mouth and blowing his smoke into me. His hand held against the back of my head, holding me against him as I breathed it in, my cock instantly got hard. We stood there for several moments, kissing deeply as our tongues slid against each other. He stepped away, a grin on his face as I slowly exhaled, savoring the taste of his pipe smoke as the thick cloud poured out of my mouth and nose. “Just what I was hoping for. Later hot stuff,” he said, winking at me as placed the pipe in his mouth again and started walking towards the parking lot across the street. I stood there for a minute in a stupor, bringing my fingers to my lips as while watching him as he hopped into a small SUV and drove off, waving to me as he passed with his pipe dangling out of the side of his mouth, the only thing in my mind that I seriously needed to get a pipe or two. Finally snapping out of it, I blinked a few times and walked down the street towards my apartment. Almost to my building, I stopped, looking at the adult bookstore from the night before. I was horny and knew I was going to need to get some relief later at the glory holes. That’s when I realized it. Poppers and an ass plug. I definitely had enjoyed using the poppers every time I had access to them. And as for the plug, with the amount of cum I would hopefully take up my ass very soon, I knew I would need something substantial to keep them trapped inside. My ass ached to be flooded, and I wanted to take all my hard earned prizes home. Walking in, I looked back to the back towards the video booths counter, hoping that Kyle would be there to ask for help. Sadly, instead, there was a small twink guy with bright blue hair, texting away on his phone looking bored. Disappointed, I went to where I saw the poppers before, and after a while found a bottle that looked similar to the ones Kyle had shoved under my nose. The bottle proudly displayed ‘Super Rush’. Next, I walked over to the butt plug and my mind nearly shut down at all the choices. They came in sizes big and small. They could be made of glass, metal, rubber, silicon. Inflating, vibrating, cellular connected. Tails, cock rings, even jeweled. I shuddered at the last one. After the horror that my laptop had become, I could never look at rhinestones and fake crystals the same way again. And then, I saw it. The box called it a jock style plug, and it spoke to me with how it looked like a giant cock, but still, would work like a normal plug. Plus, it came in a two pack, so if one was too big, I could go with a smaller one. Going up to the counter, I paid for the items and threw them into the bag with the cigar supplies. Satisfied, I walked back out and realized as my stomach growled that I had no groceries. Thankfully, on my previous adventures in the neighborhood, I had discovered a decent grocery store, and so I walked across the street to it. A quick run through the aisles and I had a few TV dinners and a couple other staples to last me until I could make a full run to the store the next day. Laden down with both the box and my grocery bags, I walked back and entered my building. With a small lift of my fingers in a wave to Amal, who was talking on the phone, I then proceeded to call the elevator. While I waited, I shuffled the things in my hands and pulled out my phone. Flipping through the numbers, I sent a text message to Kyle: Hey, it’s Jake from last night. If I were to go to the video booths, what time should I go?? I watched as the message sent, and got into the elevator. Looking at my watch, it proudly displayed 6:45 pm. The doors opened, and I looked at my door which caused me to let out a slight curse. Maintenance In Progress, Please Come In Well, I sighed to myself, looks like I’ll have to wait until they are done to try out the purchases. With a groan, I opened the door, and walked in, setting down everything. “Hello?” I called out loud, looking for the maintenance man. “Sorry, in here,” I heard a muffled voice say, coming from the utility closet. Something about it sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it. A ding from my phone interrupted my train of thought on where I knew the voice. As I read the reply from Kyle: Depends. y? Me: Well… it’s been a day. And I need to get rid of some stress. Was hoping to have fun like last night. Picked up some poppers and a few cigars. Have a few with your name on them as a thank you. Kyle: fuck! not there tonight, but you tell benny the twink at the front i said you can go in on the friend discount. have to get you to come by a different time so we can enjoy the gars in style fucker Kyle: 2 answer the other ? tho i would say if u want loads dripping out ur cunt like the fuckin slut u are, go after 10 tonight Me: Seriously? Thx! Me: Wait… Slut? I've only ever been there once! lol Kyle: and u were a hot nasty cumdump pig. loved seeing that latin fukkers load drip out ur pussy and watching you take my prick and inhale my fuckin gar man. you have a great hole btw. so tight n made to suck out jizz. wish i was there to watch you get filled with cocksnot til u drip. Kyle: so wanna feed your lungs a few reds and sum more gar smoke, then when ur high on smoke, fuck you up on poppers n get u 2 back your hole up on some nice anon raw dick Kyle: have 2 also get u 2 the bathhouse sometime too. u wood be real popular there. maybe give u the grand tour and have a few buds give you some extra special loads. i know theyd love to take a long hard ride in your ass before filling up ur cunt w their hot swimmers Me: Might just do that. All of that sounds pretty fucking hot actually lol Kyle: just let benny know ur looking to be a cum dumpster 2nite. he’ll send em ur way. btw, he says some preppy guy that fit what i said you look like just came in and bought a nice fuckin set of ass plugs and sum high power poppers. that u? Me: Yeah… I tried to find the kind of poppers you used. And I bought a set of butt plugs that looked really hot. Kyle: hot damn fucker. please tell me its for the loads tonight? u gonna fill up ur hole and let em marinate all night? Me: Maybe…? Kyle: fuck!!! making me wish i was there to help you trap all that ass grease into your cum pit. gonna make you smoke so much more next time we fuck together now i know ur a smoke pig. would love to watch you smoke some reds. watch em dangle from your lips. maybe even give u my piss. Me: Never tried them or piss, but I’m game for both. Kyle: fuckin nice bud! so hot that you are turning into a nasty breeding piggy. never would have pegged u 4 one, but fuckin love it. use booth #8 bro. small enough you can get it from both end anon. hungry pig like you needs it anyway he can. cant wait to fuck your dripping boy pussy again and add my wad. gtg tho Me: ok. ttyl Shit, I have to kill a few hours, I thought to myself. My cock throbbed at the thoughts of what might go on tonight, and I felt antsy, wishing I could start sooner. Maybe I could smoke one of the cigars and get high on the poppers, then work the smaller plug inside me. But first, I’d have to wait for the maintenance guy to leave. Resigned, I unloaded my groceries as I turned my attention back to the voice in the closet. “Oh, sorry. Um… important work text I had to answer. Just didn’t want to startle you when I walked in,” I called out, suddenly realizing I had never replied back to the maintenance worker. Taking my box from the old apartment into my room, I placed it on the ground next to the dresser and made the bed, which I had forgotten to do the night before, picking up a few clothes and putting them into a pile before I reached down and grabbed my used underwear from the night before. Looking at the doorway, I briefly took a quick sniff of the dirty garments, enjoying the smell of dried cum before throwing them in the pile. Grabbing the cigars and supplies, I walked back out and nearly dropped the bag as I was confronted by someone I definitely didn't expect to see. “Holy shit…” I said, slowly, walking up to the kitchen counter, ”Jackson?” Standing in front of me was the man who had introduced me to smoke sex and barebacking. He gave me a slight look of shock as he realized instantly who I was. “Shit! Jake, right?” he said, wiping the sweat from his brow, clearly out of breath. “Yeah, um… why are you…” I began, my nervous habit kicking in again as I began to scratch the back of my neck. Without speaking, he pointed to his shirt, clearly labeled “Maintenance.” Turning back to the new washer and dryer now sitting in the utility closet, he pressed the start button on both, smiling as both started up perfectly. Shutting both off again, he turned his attention back to me. “How have you been? I mean, good I’d guess. Got a new place obviously!” he said, smiling and he went over to and washed his hands before drying them on his shirt, “But things have been going better since I last saw you I hope?” “Yeah, um… Things are better for sure. I just moved in yesterday,” I said, unable to stop staring at him. He looked almost unrecognizable in the polo shirt and lack of prominent piercings, “Why are you working here though? I mean, I thought you did construction work…” “Oh yeah. I still do,” he said, before opening the cabinets to pull out a glass. “Hey, do you mind if I get some water? Been standing on my head for an hour and these polos don't breath at all.” “Sure…” I said, waiting for an answer. I watched as he filled the glass and gulped it down. Setting it in the sink, he turned around and fanned his shirt as he continued. “Little brother is the property manager. He started on a few months back, and his team lost several of the maintenance crew. Few of them to another building and the rest had to be fired. He asked if I could fill in,” he said, as I nodded, checking him out. If anything, he looked even hotter than before, “I love my little bro, and he was in a pretty rough patch. Between that and the cooler weather cutting down on my work, I said sure. So, steady income and benefits until I want to leave. Also get better hours than on my own. In fact, you’re the last job of the day and I get to go home.” “Oh, cool,” I said, feeling my cock harden at the memory of his cock, now a prominent bulge in his pants, filling my ass. “How about you?” he asked, apparently enjoying the fact I couldn't stop staring. “Not much I guess…” I said, trailing off, slightly embarrassed as he made his way over to me before grabbing the bag in my hand. “Damn!” he exclaimed, looking at the name on the side of the bag, “Looks like someone has good taste.” I blushed as he gave me a huge smile. “I, uh… yeah…” I said, muttering slightly trying to come up with something to say, “Kinda have you to blame.” “Shit! Really?” he said, peeking inside of the bag as he sat it on the counter, “How is that?” “You got me really turned on to cigars that night… well, among other things…” I said, still slightly embarrassed. “Double fucking damn!” he said, smiling and rubbing his crotch, an evil grin on his face, “Don’t mean to intrude but… mind if we fire up few of these fuckers? Been dying for a smoke all day, and I’m now officially off the clock. And,” he said, reaching in and pulling out the bottle of poppers as well as the butt plugs, “It looks like you came prepared to play hard, boy. I seem to remember that you owe me a few cigars from the other night.” With a huge grin, he walked over to counter next to me and set the bag down before reaching into the bag and pulling out two of the large Asylums I had purchased. Unwrapping them from their cellophane, he ran one under his nose, inhaling deeply, before reaching over and setting the bottle of poppers in front of me. Next, he opened the butt plugs and taking the smaller one, licked the bottom and shoved it onto the side of the cabinets, where it stuck firmly. “You’re gonna need these poppers with the hard fuck I’m gonna give your tight hole, boy,” he said before he reached down to grab my dick through my pants, “And when I’m done, I’m gonna trap my loads deep inside your cunt.” I put my forehead against his chest, breathing in his sweaty, manly scent, mixed with the faint smell of cigar smoke. I moaned in pleasure. “In the mood for some fun then?” he growled, squeezing my cock, “Want to take a few loads to keep that hole warm all night and let me really fuck those lungs of yours?” Immediately my cock strained even harder in my pants, the thought of having a repeat of that first night made my hole ache to be stretched and filled, and my lungs hungered for the smoke. Slowly, I began to nod.
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    Dad's Basement Part Thirty-Three As I sat in the passenger’s seat of Dad’s big truck, heading to Dax’s or Grandpa’s not sure what to call him yet. I thought about the last two weeks. No sex, no jerking off, nothing. I found it really hard to keep my hands off my dick, or even Dad’s dick. One night I even snuck into his bed and tried to suck off his cock while he was sleeping, only to get a smack on the back of my head. My ass got a smack on another time, when Dad caught me pulling on my cock. Dad even threatened to put me back into chastity. Dad and I were both ready for fun, but I wasn't sure exactly what kind of fun. My cock was semi hard in my jeans and by the look of Dad’s crotch so was he. Bastard knew what was about to go down. “So, where is pops place?” I asked. “Pops?” “Yeah, can't call him Dax and Grandpa doesn't sound right” I said. “Oh he is going to love that!” “Seriously Dad, where are we going” “Well, it's not to an area of town that you should go alone” Dad said, “it’s in the old industrial section” “That's where he lives” I asked “Nope, it's where he works, or does his work” he said, “you will see, just wait” “Not going to spill the beans, are ya Dad” “Nope” he said grabbing his crotch. I looked out of the truck window, watching the rundown buildings and empty lots going by. Every now and then I would see a group of women on a street corner, hookers. Hell, I saw a couple of men standing on a corner, male hookers. Dad pulled up to a gate for a fenced in lot. He honked his horn. The gate jumped and started to open. Dad drove through the gate. The gate automatically closed while we were parking. The lot was barely lite. We got out and moved toward a door with a painted warning in it. My eyes widened when I was able to make it out clearly. “WARNING: Radioactive materials stored inside.” I looked at Dad and he just shook his head and laughed. He knocked three times and paused then knocked again. I laughed, was that just a secret knock. The door opened and Dad moved through. I paused and then followed. Inside was just as lit as the parking lot. I moved quickly to catch up with my Dad that I didn't even look to see who opened the door and let us in. Dad had stopped outside another door. “You ready for this?” he asked me. “Yeah Daddy,” I said. Dad knocked on the door four times then waited. After few second he kicked it twice and then knocked. “What the fuck Dad,” I said, “secret knocks?” Before he could answer I heard locks clicking open, multiple locks. The door opened, but just enough for part of a face to be exposed. “The wind blows AIDS up my ass” Dad said. I couldn't hold it, I busted up laughing. The door slammed shut, causing Dad to turn to me and say: “Good job numb nuts” Before I could answer the door opened. The light shining inside was blinding. As my eyes adjusted, they widened. I could not believe my eyes on happening inside the large warehouse.
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    He started to slide his cock deliciously in and out of me, taking his time as he enjoyed the feel of my cummy arsehole around his cock. "Mmmm....darling!" he gasped. " you have a sexy pussy!" The other man got off the sofa and headed out. "See you two lovebirds later!" He laughed. "Knock him up good, Terry!" Terry chuckled as the man left and whispered in my ear. " Is that what you want, baby? Do you want daddy's nasty sperm in you? Do you want my baby?" I was gasping with pleasure as I knelt on the old sofa, arse up, being fucked by this sagging old man. But his cock felt so good, and I was so high with the sleaziiness of it, I could only nod my head and say "Yes...breed me!" He sighed happily. "Good boy!." Then he thrust faster in and out until his cock was like a rod of iron in me "Here it comes!" He gasped and I felt his cock throb and throb, knowing with each contraction his toxic sperm was spurting into me. After a few moments, he stopped moving and lay heavily on my back. I could feel his ribs and his heart pounding. "Oh yes...you're all wet with my spunk now. Let's give it a chance to take, shall we?" He lay on me like an old pig. It was quiet and still as the others had left, and I could hear the clock ticking and smell the body odour on the sofa back beneath my chin. Eventually, his cock softened to the point where my hole expelled it with a soft hiss and he got heavily to his feet and slapped my bum. "There you go, son. Hope you enjoyed getting pregnant with me. See you later" Then he was gone and I was alone in that filthy room, sperm dripping out of me, wondering what the hell I'd done. And yet, my cock was rock hard and I was as excited as I've ever been. There was a noise in the door way and the thin, veiny man called Arthur who'd used me to get off came in and gave a dirty laugh. "Fuckin' hell! Look at you!" He laughed as I got to my feet, erection standing out with a drool of pre-cum hanging from the tip. "Bet you didn't expect this, did yer? Bet you didn't plan to go home well and truly pozzed?" I shook my head and blushed, "I'm so ashamed of myself, I shouldn't have done it" I said. But my hard-on showed a different story and he just leered at me "I think you knew what you were doing. You're just a filthy bastard like the rest of us." He turned, knelt on the sofa and spread his sagging, wrinkled buttocks revealing a puffy, slack brown hole glistening with lube. "C'mon," He said. "Give me your last neg load. This is what your arse is going to look like one day" He wriggled it obscenely at me. I couldn't resist. My heart was pounding and I knew now what I was. I got behind him, pressed my cock into his puffy lips and slid up him as Bill appeared again with his rubbish bag to empty the bin. He watched me fucking the wasted old body for a minute or two, then came and slipped his hand under my buttocks and squeezed my balls and fingered my cock were it entered the slimey hole. "That's it" He said. " Don't be shy. Shoot up him like his wants." He suddenly thrust his forefinger into Arthur along side my cock and I gasped with pleasure, feeling the orgasm approaching "C...cumimg! I gasped "Ooh, lovely! I can feel it shooting around my finger" Arthur was laughing as he took my load "Git your fucking finger out you dirty sod!" Bill did what he was told and winked at me as he licked the cum and juices from his forefinger. "Nice. " He said. " Sweet. And your last neg load. I know they've all fucked you. Welcome to our little club!"
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    My name is John, i'm 24, average height, slim build with soft brown hair and blue eyes, I'm not the best looking guy but I get my fair share of attention. i'd finished university in the summer, split up with my boyfriend and started my graduate job in a large business firm in the city. The company managed product development for major companies and brands so I was thrilled to get a place within such big company. My parents always told me to never turn down an opportunity that could take you somewhere. After working in the office for a few months I quickly got used to the fast pace, that started to creep into every part of my life. After working all week, putting in 50 hours, I was normally exhausted on a Friday night and would just head straight home and masturbate for as long as I could, it had been ages since I'd had sex, with work being so busy. That is however, until I got talked into going to a bar by one of my co-workers. He was married, unhappy about it, and constantly stressed in work. We went to a bar a couple of streets away from the office, It was dark and you would walk past it if you didn't know it was there. It wasn't the sort of place I imagined anyone in work would go to, least of all Mick. We sat at the bar and was served by an overly flirtatious girl, I rolled my eyes now realising why Mick came here; "Not your type then?" Mick asked me "She's certainly not anything I'm looking for." I said, realising i'd probably said too much. "Oh shit, I didn't realise you were gay, don't worry about it my nephew is gay, It doesn't bother me." "I...er... please don't tell anyone in work. It's hard enough being new without them knowing." I pleaded "John... relax, lets have a drink and i'll point you in the direction of the gay bars in the city, you need to try stop thinking about work all the time." We finished our drinks and after Mick had bitched about work and his family we headed out. He told me what train to get and explained where to go from there. I thanked him for the drink and told him I'd see him on Monday. Little did I know what was coming. I took the train to a part of the city I'd never been to before, walked the short distance and found a few bars with guys hanging around outside smoking. I walked into the bar with the least amount of guys hanging around outside, hopefully it meant the bar was quieter. I just wanted a couple of drinks and maybe a dance-floor fumble, I was still exhausted and hadn't prepared for any kind of sex, my pubes hadn't been trimmed for weeks and my ass wasn't clean. I grabbed a drink and found a stool at a table in the corner of a small but open bar and dance floor area. It was inoffensive and there was an okay selection of guys. Mostly in their 30's and upwards but I didn't mind a slightly mature guy. They tended to be less pushy. After nursing my drink for about 10 minutes or so a guy sat down across from me. He was in his late 40's, maybe. Good hair, perfect smile and from what I could see he kept himself in shape. It was his crisp white shirt that first caught my eye. "Hey, I'm Tom." It took me a minute to register what he said, I was lost in his bright blue eyes. "I'm John" I mumbled out, I couldn't stop looking into his eyes. "Are you here by yourself?" He asked, breaking our gaze and looking around the room. Once I regained my composure I smiled at him. "I've just came from work and was just looking for a quick drink, I'm not looking for anything else tonight." "You're a bit presumptive kid" he said laughing "How about I buy you one more drink, and then once we've chatted a bit you can try turn down my sexual advances then" He smirked at me and his blue eyes narrowed in a dangerous way, he turned for the bar and I found myself just sitting there. I wasn't normally as direct with guys, but there was something about Tom that made me feel slightly scared, even if my cock was growing in my briefs. Tom came back with two drinks, he handed mine over and I took a few long sips, trying to avoid conversation. "Sorry it took a while, I bumped into a few friends at the bar.... so, I'm guessing you're not from around here?" "I just moved to the city after I graduated, I got a job in the city. A friend told me about here, tonight, I thought I'd come take a look, I've not been out much since I moved." I quickly finished the rest of my drink, completely embarrassed by how pathetic I sounded. We chatted for another half hour or so, my cock stayed hard the entire time. I told him about myself, where I grew up, what I studied, how I've only had one boyfriend at Uni and how I hadn't had sex since we split up. He just sat there the entire time staring into my eyes, I realised I hadn't asked him anything about himself. "Sorry Tom I've not even asked you anything about yourself." "Don't worry about me, I find you very interesting. How did you and your ex have sex?" I was surprised, I wasn't expecting such a blunt question, I guessed it was only fair after our conversation earlier. "Well...I'm versatile, but I mostly fucked him" I said timidly "You cum in his ass boy?" "I...eh...no, we only played safe, the condom broke once, but we stopped." I was surprised at myself for telling this stranger about me and my ex's sex life. "I'm sorry Tom, I really should be going home, thank you for the drink." I stood up and turned towards the door. Tom stood as quickly as I had. He was six foot, and his chest and arms looked very buff. I glanced at his crotch too and he had a nice bulge under his black suit trousers. "Wow kid, slow down, just asking you some friendly questions. If you insist on leaving, at least let me walk you back to the train station. It's easy to get a bit disorientated in this part of town." I let him walk me down the street towards the train station, the fresh air must have gone to my head, I was beginning to feel a bit dizzy and my vision was getting blurry. I felt Toms' arm around my waist holding me up, we turned a corner. I didn't remember walking this much when I first got off the train. "Whats happening...I don't feel right" I mumbled finding it harder to walk now. "Shhh...Not much farther, my car is park just over here. You must have had too much to drink...." Tom said with a wicked smile, although I couldn't see it. We walked a bit further and I heard the sound of a car door being opened, I felt myself being laid across the back seat, too limp to say no. While lying there with my eyes closed I could hear mumbled voices outside of the car, I think I heard Tom say; "I'm going to claim him first, I'll text you when he's ready"
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    Part 2 After I heard the car door open and close, I blacked out. I woke up in a massive bed. The room had no furniture in it except for the bed and a side table next to it. The wall was a full mirror as was the ceiling. I sat up and looked around. At that moment the door opened. It was Tom, he walked into the room smiling, still wearing his black slacks and white shirt. “Hey sleepy head, you blacked out. How are you feeling?” “Where am I?” “I brought you back to my place, I didn’t know where you lived so had no choice really. Look it’s only about 1 in the morning, you weren’t out for long. Why don’t you have a shower and I’ll drive you home?” I had so many thoughts racing through my head, mostly I was relieved that nothing bad had happened. I really needed to piss and I’d been in bed with my clothes on so I felt a bit sticky and sweaty. I agreed and Tom showed me an ensuite bathroom. When I was having my shower I noticed an enema attachment on one of the hoses. I thought I owed Tom a good night seeing as he helped me. So I cleaned myself out, just in case. Once out the shower, I went back into the bedroom to find Tom sitting on the edge of the bed, fully dressed. I was just in my towel and blushed as I looked around for my clothes. “Come over here, let me dry you off boy.” Tom said smiling at me, calling me boy made me cock twitch. Tom started to rub my towel over my body, he carefully opened it up to reveal my now growing cock. I blushed. He took the towel and carefully made sure I was completely dry, focusing especially on my ass and cock. “Hmm, you’re a bit bushy down there boy” “Sorry, it’s been a while” “Don’t worry about it, let me tidy you up.” Tom said with a wink. I’d never had another guy shave any part of me before, I wasn’t particularly hairy but I’d left myself for too long. Tom took me to the ensuite and lathered up some soap over my cock and balls, teasingly jerking my cock a few times. He then took an open razor and clean shaved my entire crotch, I hadn’t been that smooth since before puberty. He turned me around and did the same to my ass. Once he was satisfied I was smooth he put me in the shower again and told me to rinse off. “Did you clean your ass for me boy?” I nodded and explained that I felt I had to make it up to him for looking after me. He just smiled and turned back to the bedroom. I rinsed off, grabbed a towel and followed him. Once in the bedroom he again sat on the bed and dried me off. I just stood there hard as a rock. I leant down towards him to kiss him but he pulled away and took the back of my head and forced it into his crotch. “Been wanting to do that all night kiddo.” I started nuzzling his crotch and then slowly undid the zipper and pulled out the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. It was semi hard and already about 8 inches and as thick as a beer can. I gulped. “Don’t worry boy I don’t expect you to take all of it but a little tease wont hurt.” Tom lifted me onto the bed we 69’d, he had his clothes on the entire time. I managed to get just past the head of his cock in my mouth and was beginning to enjoy myself when I realised he was sliding his finger into my ass, he had used just spit and it scratched a little as he pushed in. “Fuck boy, you’ve got a tight cunt!” Tom said slapping my ass cheek. He flipped me on to my back and spread my legs wide, eating out my ass. I was moaning like I had never done before. My ex never rimmed me and I hadn’t been fucked in a long time, heck I couldn’t remember the last time I had kissed a guy! It was almost euphoric. Tom grabbed some lube and started fingering my ass, he slowly worked up to 3 of his thick fingers in my hole. He grabbed the lube and started coating his cock. “Have you got a condom?” I asked “I don't have unsafe sex, I’m negative and scared of getting anything. Not that I think you do…” “Shh boy.” Tom said with a wicked smile, he reached to the unit next to the bed and grabbed a Condom. He made a show of tearing it open carefully and sliding it down his now 12in hard cock. The condom barely made it half way down the shaft it was so thick. “Please go slow, it’s been a long time” I whimpered as Toms cock teased at my hole. “I won’t put it all in, just the tip, enough to make you feel good boy.” I sighed as he slid a couple of thick inches into me, he slowly rocked the top of his beautiful cock in and out of my hole, after a while he asked if we could change positions because he wanted to cum. I rolled onto my front and again felt him slide a couple of inches into me. He kept up a steady pace and then I felt his restraint as he came. He didn’t pound deep into me but just pulsed where he was. “Shit, the condom broke” Panic rushed through me like an icy chill. “Are you sure, shit, are you clean. Fuck” I got up and immediately ran to the bathroom, I started to try push out his cum but it must have been deeper than I thought because nothing came out, when I wiped my ass there was some blood on the toilet tissue. “Look kiddo it happens, don’t let it ruin the fun” Tom said while pulling me in for a tight hug. I felt his strong arms hold me in place and his cock grow again slightly. Although he never said if he was clean or not, but I didn’t dwell on it. When I glanced at his now sweaty shirt I could see colours of a tattoo under his shirt, but I couldn’t make them out. Tom gave me my clothes and he took me back to my apartment, as I was getting out the car he took my hand. “John, I’m sorry if tonight seemed a bit much.. I’ll come and pick you up tomorrow and take you for some drinks to make up for tonight. I won’t take no for an answer boy” “I normally have stuff on over the weekend and I enjoyed myself but I should probably go and get myself checked tomorrow and… “ I babbled on “Kiddo, I’m picking you up tomorrow, end of discussion.” With that he let go of my hand, pushed me back and slammed the car door. He drove off, leaving me at the side of the road, not quite sure what had happened, and what was to come.
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    Dad’s Basement Part Thirty Four “This brings back some memories” Dad said. “You have been here before?” I asked him. “Hell son, I sold my ass here” he said. “Fuck me Dad, you were a hooker?” “Well, I did have sex for money,” he said, “and I have fucked you” “Funny Dad, funny” I said, “Are you going to sell my ass now?” “Among a few things” “Do I have any say in this” I asked “Not at all” Dad said, rubbing my head, “Let’s go find Dax” As we walked into the warehouse, I noticed that there were two rows of rooms, separated by a hall on the left side. The walls were up, but there were no roofs on any of the rooms. “That’s where the ‘hookers’ as you called them, entertain” Dad said. On the right said was rooms, but they were only walled up on three sides and opened on the fourth. There were bright lights in each room, cameras were on tables out side of the rooms. “That’s where Dax shoots his porn” Dad said. In the back of the warehouse was a stage, with a large aisle separating the rows of seating. Nothing was happening here in this area and it was all dark. “The stage is for strippers or live sex acts, but nothing is booked tonight.” Dad said. “Why not’ I asked. “My boy, you and I are about to film our first scene together” Dad said, “some twisted perv Dad/Son bareback scene” “Really” “Yeah, but we need to find Dax” We walked to another door and Dad knocked. From inside a single word was spoken: “Enter” Sitting behind the desk inside the office was Dax, shirtless. “I see you got in him, did you tell him what this place is and what we were doing tonight” “Yeah, gave him a brief tour” Dad said. “He also said I didn’t have a choice in this” I said, “Is that true” “No you fucking don’t,” Dax said, “I own your Dad’s ass and by family right, I own your ass” “What” “When your Dad accidentally pozzed me, as he tells it, I didn’t believe him” Dax said, “So instead of turning his ass in to the cops, he agreed that I would own him and do as I said” “But I….” “But you! He also agreed to poz your hole for me and give you to me, hence I OWN you” “It’s true son” “Fuck this, I don’t want any part of this” “Fine, I turn your dad into the cops, he pozzed you and me against our will” Dax said, “He goes to jail, you lose everything that you have from your Dad” “Matt he will do it” Dad said. “I own each of you” I dropped my head, I didn’t want Dad to go to jail, I didn’t want to lose anything. I just stood there. “Glad you now see it my way” Dax said. “I do, Pops” I said. “Pops, oh fuck no. When you are here, I am Dax” he said, “nothing else” Dad smacked my ass, not hard but just to let me know I need to behave and listen. “Tonight, we are shooting the porn scene: Dad seduces his son for the first time, son sucks dad, then gets fucked by him. I want a verbal dialog to get the subscribers off” “Yes, Dax” Dad and I said together “Meet me at set three” he said. Dad and I turned and left, silently. As we walked towards a set I stopped Dad and asked: “Is that the true Dax, an asshole” “Don’t push it son, Dax is capable of more than you think” Dad said, “those are not empty threats”
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    Dad’s Basement Part Twenty-Nine I continued to suck the cock in my mouth, as my hole was fucked hard and deep. My own cock was hard, but I wasn’t sure if I was leaking or if it was more cum running from my hole. I could hear chatter behind me, but was not sure what was being said. The cock in my hole slammed in deep, pulsing as it pumped it’s second poz load deep in my hole. The cock in my mouth pulled out, taking the mouthful of spit with it, I could feel the spit running down my chin. “Front hole is open” someone said. The cock in my hole pulled out and another cock slid in. Someone put the bottle of poppers back under my nostril. I inhaled deep again and held it. The bottle was moved to my other nostril, I inhaled deeply and held it. I could feel the rush intensifying. “My mouth is open for cock” I said. Almost instantly a cock presented it’s self to me and I took it in deep. I formed a ring around the shaft as my tongue was running up and down it. The cock slid into the back of my mouth and down in my throat. Hands gripped my hair, holding on tight, as the cock began to thrust in and out of my mouth and throat. The man fucking me was slapping my ass checks as he drove his cock deep into my fuck hole. Each cheek was getting a bit warm as he continued the slapping. “Fuck him good” someone yelled “Damn Drew, your boy is almost as good as you” “Like father like son” another voice called out. “Yeah, they both are cum whores” The man fucking me slammed his cock deep into my hole, shooting his load. “Move your ass, it’s my turn in that boy pussy” someone yelled. I could feel the man in my hole being pushed out of the way. As soon as he was gone someone pushed in. My hole was getting sore, very sore, but I was determined to get through the second round. “Fuck his hole is puffy and sloppy” “Just like a good whore should be” someone said, “Isn’t that right Daddy Drew” “Fuck yeah it is, especially boy pussy” my Dad answered. It didn’t take long for the cock inside my hole to shoot it’s load. The cock fucking my mouth just continued, but he had slowed down. Each time his crotch and balls met my face he would press into me hard. The spent cock in my hole pulled out and was replaced by another. This one didn’t waste time, he quickly started to roughly fuck my hole. His cock stabbed at the back of the inside. Each stab hurt just a little, which caused me to grunt when the cock was not in my throat. The cock in my mouth pulled out some, which allowed the little brown bottle to be shoved under my nose again. Inhaling deeply, I felt the rush run through me. Once the bottle was pulled away, the cock started to fuck my mouth again. “I’m gonna cum, give me that hole” someone said. The cock in my ass pulled out and a new one moved in. I felt a shot of cum hit my puffy hole and then the cock was pushed into me deep. “Dumping my AIDS” the man said. There was cheers from the rest. As soon as he was done, he pulled out and so did the cock in my mouth. The cock that was fucking me before slid back in and started to pound me. “Mixing those strains” he said. A cock was presented at my mouth, a new one. “Taste that AIDS cum, pussy boy” the man said, “this cock just pulled out of your hole, NOW CLEAN IT.” I didn’t hesitate. I took it into my mouth deep. The taste of the mixture of ass juice and toxic loads filled my mouth and I eagerly sucked it down. “Clean that cock son” my Dad said in my ear, “Get that load out of that cock in your ass and we will move you to the sling” “Yeah fucker, but the blindfold stays on” I tried to push back on the cock in my hole, but being tied down to the fuck bench I didn’t move much. I tried to squeeze my hole more around the cock, but it didn’t move much, only added to the soreness. The cock in my mouth pulled out. I felt a hot breath on my face. I assumed the owner of the cock I was cleaning knelt down. “Good job boy” he said, “always knew you would grow up and be like your Dad. Coach Paul and I had a bet on who would get you first. Bastard won” I just grunted from the fucking of my hole. The cock had picked up speed and was getting rougher. “Every time I saw that ass walking the halls, my cock got hard boy.” he said. Suddenly his lips touched mine, locking me in a hot kiss. He pushed his tongue into my mouth. His hands were holding my face as he kissed me passionately. I felt his goatee against my face, which caused so tickling and some prickling of my skin. We head that kiss as I was getting pounded. The cock inside me pushed in hard and deep and stayed there. I knew he was unloading one more toxic load into my hole. The man kissing me broke our lip lock, rubbed his hand in my wet hair and said: “Good boy” Leaving me wondering who it was. I knew it was someone that knew Coach Paul, but who. I also knew he was at my school. So many possibilities. As the man pulled his spent cock out of my hole, I was being untied by other men. Before I could move, I was lifted up and flipped. “Off to the sling”
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    I been in a master slave relationship since I was 18th serving my master for nearly 12 years now. My master made me work as a bike massager and he always pick the spandex outfits I had to wear for the whole week not the normal shorts and jerseys ones but a cycling skinsuit that been custom made to my master need. At the beginning of the week my master would hand me a skinsuit and lock me in using a padlock on my collar and if I ever need to pee I was order to pee in my suit as you can tell by the end of the week I was very smelly. I had a busy day work on the Friday but I had other things on my mind as tomorrow is my birthday when I turn 30 and I hope my master will have some thing planed for me. We live in a flat above a shop and a basement sex club for which I never been to. I seen guys going in and out of it but there no listing for it any where. When I got home I put the bike in the bike room we had at the front of the flat and I notice in there was a box with a new bike inside could this be I'm getting a new bike, I should say or act about it just go in and speak to my master that I'm back from work. My master didn't say nothing to me just nodded at me this wasn't normal any way I strip naked and washed myself down so I'm all clean for my master needs this weekend. My master came into the bathroom he said. "I'm doing some work to your room so you can't sleep in your cage tonight so you can sleep in the spare room tonight you will need to make it up" This is weird I hasn't slept on a bed since I was a teen but then again I don't have a life my master own me so I replied "Yes Master" Before my master left the room he turn around and looked at me. "by the way I got a friend coming around now so finish off and stay naked and come out to me so I can put this blindfold on you as you getting a tattoo tonight but you will not be able to see it until tomorrow. I agreed to it and clean myself and came out to my master who then blindfold me and I couldn't see a thing. Later that day I found myself laying face down on a table unable to see any thing I could here my master talking in the background and the other guy say are you happy with this tattoo design. The next thing I could feel was pain as the tattoo gun pinning just above my ass crack. It went on for some time must of been some big tattoo as I felt it right across my ass. When the guy finish they wrap some thing around my ass and I was order to sleep on my front tonight ass up so I didn't make a mess. I Found it hard getting to sleep that night maybe I wasn't use to sleeping on a bed or it could the pain I feeling on my back. I woke up to the sound of my master footsteps I could hear him opening the door to my slave room listing carefully I could hear say "Good boy you are training well I think you ready for your new tasks and roles as my current slave is retiring today" What the fuck when through my mind I haven't done any thing wrong then why is my master getting rid of me like that. My master came in to the room and told me to get up now and don't get dressed. I got out of the bed and standing there naked in front of my master he them put a chain on my collar and pull me along as I follow him into the next room. In the room was another guy who was on the skinny side then my master spoke to him as I listen. "Here the slave, He just turn 30 today and I no long got any need for him now too old now for my liking. I trained him well over the past 12 years so he should ready for any of your needs." My master handed over the chain to the skinny guy as he came up to me and felt my body checking me out. "He will do great with us and I love the tattoo you gave him that will go down well with all of us" I still haven't see the tat yet I still got no idea what it is. My master then turn and look at me in the eye, " Thank you slave you been great over these past 12 years but you grow old now and I like my slave young so I hope you enjoy your final years of retirement and my friend here will look after you. He runs the club in the basement and you will be of great use to them." I'm now confused here I'm only 30 I still got a long time ahead of me I'm still fit and healthy why am I being retire and told enjoy my final years. My now ex master open the door and the skinny guy start to pull on the chain making me follow him out, I'm still naked as I left the door slam shut behind me. My life to what I was use to was now over and what is my new life going to be I know nothing about this guy or the club in the basement. We arrive in the basement it was dark only lit by a single small light there was only one door down here. On the door it said private club enter at your own risk, the skinny guy unlock the door and pull me in and locked it behind me. Behind the door was a small room with a mirror on one wall and another door I follow the skinny guy into the next room which was a changing room, Ok I get the idea it's one of these sex clubs maybe. The skinny closed the door behind me and I noticed some text on the door "No one has ever left here neg" What dose that means, The skinny guy pulls me into a much bigger room with a bar and many other small dark room with photos of gay porn on the walls. The skinny guy then take my chain off and then tell me that I'm safe down here feel free to walk around and get use to my new as he got some work to do. I saw a wall which was full of photos of guys being fucked, I stood there look through them all and at the top it said "Our members of our brotherhood" Must of been a list of the club members. Then the skinny guy came and put his hand on my ass and spoke into my ear, " Tonight you will be welcome into our club and you will soon learn your new role in life as we all very looking forward to getting to feel your ass. All these photos on this wall show all the guys that we have welcome to our club one this here was me back when I was a very fit healthy muscle stud " I looked at the photo and saw it wow he was one hot looking guy back then but the guy fucking him look very sick almost like he was, um sure not it couldn't be. Then the skinny guy point to another photo " This was the guy who was your ex master slave before you " I ask what happen to him? He reply he only last 3 years here before he died. I felt a not so good feeling in me about this I turn away just to clear my head a little sure this couldn't be happening. I mean surely it can't be real all this. I saw a room that had a big area to sit down as I walk in I noticed that all the walls have mirror on them and you could see every angle of any thing that was happening in here, Then I saw the tattoo that my ex master gave me before kicking me out. Just above was the biohazard symbol and just below it said cumdump. So my ex master gave me retirement from him to only be used a cumdump for poz guys. So many thing was flying through my head that I just couldn't believe what is about to happen to me. My neg days is over as I stared in my eye in the mirror. " I see you seen you tattoo " said the skinny guy standing next me I nodded yes. " Now you know I better get you ready for tonight as you will get every type of Aids virus that no meds in the world will save you" I felt the fear in me but it didn't show in my cock that went rock hard point right up like it saying give me every thing. " Looks like you really want, well you got some time before it start so I can give you start off now if I can have you last ever neg load " I couldn't answer back as the skinny push me and bent me over a table and then I felt his cock pushing into my ass I could see it in the mirror it look like my ass was eating his cock it was dry no lube was use on it, felt like my skin was breaking up down there so much pain but the feeling of the raw cock going deeper inside me felt so good. He start to pull out and in but it felt like it was getting easier like some lube has been used down there I look down and saw some blood on the floor then it hit me that wasn't lube he rip me open for his poz load. I know there nothing I can do now any minute now his cock is going to explode in me shooting his toxic loads deep into me. The skinny guy started to moan louder I could tell he getting close. " Boy you going to get, say goodbye to your neg days and welcome your new poz cumdump life " My ass tighten up after hearing that " Oh fuck yeah tighten up at much as you want you can't stop my poz cock riding your hole now, Here it come take my toxic load you cunt " The skinny guy cock felt like it was growing hard then he let a very loud moan. He was cumming it felt like he was cumming big time. " Welcome to our poz brotherhood I save up two week load for you and you better enjoy it " He pull out of my ass, I stood up to see his cock with some pinkly cum still on it. " Now for your last neg load " the Skinny guy drop to the floor and put my cock in his mouth, I never been suck off like this before he must be a pro at it, I didn't last long and I blew my last neg load in to his mouth licking every last drop of it. He look me into the eye " Thanks for that, guys last neg load is always the most tasty ones! " I sat down knowing that his poz load is swimming around my body and later today I going to get even more. How many years will I cope before the virus eat me up? I don't really know.
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    Part 11 I squeezed my eyes even tighter shut, as the unknown person came into the stall. “Don't turn around, eyes forward the whole time,” a man said, “understand white?” “Yes Sir,” I replied. I knew the voice, but could not put a name to it. I heard his belt being undone, followed by a zipper and pants dropping. Hands gripped my ass cheeks and spread them apart. I could hear them man drop to his knees. His hot breathe invaded my crack, heating my hole. I moaned softly as he pressed his face into my crack. I could feel a bushy mustache rubbing and poking me as his tongue licked around my hole. The mustache gave away the identity of the unknown man eating my ass. I was the VP of Human Resources, Mr. Warren. It was his voice that I heard and it was his mustache that I was feeling. Damn what was with the married men in this company. My mind wondered if he was infected with the deadly virus too. Mr. Warren stood and rubbed the head of his cock around my wet hole. “How many loads are in you now, whore?” he asked. “One Sir.” “We will change that soon enough” He started to push his hard cock into my hole. I pushed my hole out allowing him to easily enter my hole. His veiny cock slowly slid into me deep. He didn't stop until his crotch was pressed against my naked ass. Gripping my hips he began to slide out, until his head was pulling my hole outwards. He didn't hesitate and slammed back into me. I grunted loudly, to which he slapped my ass. I jumped. He continued to pull out to his cock head and then slam in. Only every now and then he slapped my ass. The noise from the slap would echo inside the bathroom. His balls were swinging as he fucked my hole. I pushed back meeting his thrusts in, driving him deeper into my ass. I tried to remain quiet, but every now and then I would softly grunt. His moaning was loud and adding to the echoes of the bathroom. “Fuck whore, your hole is fucking hot” he said. I moaned my response to him and pushed back on his cock more. “Gonna dump a big load into you” he said, “don't have to worry about knocking you up” I moaned even louder. My cock was swinging back and forth as pre-cum was oozing out of my cock. He was pounding my hole harder and harder. His cock had thickened and was rock hard. “You want it don't you, you want my cum up that cunt” “Yes give me that load” “Of fuck, here it comes” he yelled slamming his cock deep into my hole. “Breed me deep” He pumped his cock in and out a bit, mixing his load with my boss’s. “Squeeze hard,” he said, “I don't want you you lose my load” I tensed up my muscles as he pulled out. He wiped his cock on my ass cheek and the pulled up and started to leave. Once the stall door closed he said: “Your next cock should arrive soon” he said, “so stay put” “Thank you Sir for you load” “Thank me for more than that” he said, “I just shot a load of syphilis up that ass” “Thank you Sir for your virus” “Your boss’s gift was AIDS, my gift was syphilis,” he said, “who know’s what the next cock will bring you” He left after saying that. There I was bent over a old stained toilet, with two loads up my ass, one with AIDS and one with syphilis. The door to the restroom opened and I could hear footsteps coming to the stall.
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    Part 8 I got up bright and early on Monday had to make sure that I was ready for anything when I met my boss at the motel. I even left early to make sure I was there on time. The sun was still not up when I arrived at the motel. The place looked empty. I didn’t even go to the office to see if lucky room thirteen was available. I just went to the back and parked, just to the left of the door to the room. I turned off my car and just sat there in the dark. I scanned the darkness for any movement or sign of life, as time ticked away slowly. I was there in my car a good fifteen minutes, when lights started to brighten the parking lot. I was thinking it was my boss, but when the car parked, I could tell it wasn’t The car was beat up, looking like it was being held together with bond-o and duct tape. I slid down a little in my seat, trying to conceal myself, as the door opened and the Marine stepped out. He staggered a bit, looks like he was a little drunk. Hell this helps with the plan. I watched him move to room fourteen. He opened the door and went in, except he didn’t close the door properly. I could see a thin line of light between the door and the door frame. More lights brightened the parking lot, as my boss’s SUV made it’s way in. He parked next to me and got out. He was wearing only gym shorts, tank top and shoes. I could just make out his cock flopping inside his shorts as he walked to my car. “Morning," he greeted. “Morning.” “You ready to rape a Marine?” he asked with an absolutely evil smile. “Fuck yeah,” I answered, grabbing my dick in my shorts. “Now we just need to find him,” my boss said. “Oh that’s easy. He’s in room fourteen, slightly drunk and the door isn’t closed.” “Damn, it’s like he wants to get raped.” I got out and walked with my boss to room fourteen. The door was ajar, and gave way with a loud squeak when my boss pushed on it. I looked in and saw the Marine on the bed, face down in his white briefs. Shit, it was getting too easy with this fucker. We quickly and silently opened the door more, just enough to get in and then shut it. I could hear the Marine snoring on the bed, he was facing us, eyes closed. My boss moved to the bed and found one of the Marine’s socks next to his boots. He picked it up and placed it by the Marine’s head. “Straddle his back and sit facing his head.” my boss instructed me in a whisper. I nodded in understanding when he quietly added “He’s going to scream when I ram my cock deep into his ass. Shove the sock in and hold your hand over his mouth.” My boss pulled his shorts down and stepped out of them, leaving his shoes on. His monster cock was already hard and leaking pre-cum. I quietly dropped some spit on his head, just to help him get inside the Marine’s hole. We got on the bed, gently and silently. The Marine mumbled in his drunken slumber and moved a bit, but stayed on his stomach. When my boss nodded again, we both moved quickly and straddled his body. I could hear the seat of his underwear being ripped open. I glanced over my shoulder to see that my boss had torn a hole in his underwear, a little bigger than his cock. He was already positioned his head against his hole. Grabbing the sock, I nodded to my boss, signaling to him that I was ready. My boss rammed his cock into the Marine’s hole, hard and fast. I had my knees locked on his arms so he could not fight back. His eyes opened quickly and he let out a blood curdling scream. I jammed his nasty sock into his mouth and put both of my hands over it. I pushed my weight onto his back. I could feel the Marine’s body thrusting forward as my boss rammed his cock in and out of the Marine’s hole. “AIDS kills,” I said to the Marine, “and we're gonna give you AIDS right now.” I could hear the muffled scream coming from behind his sock. Panic was setting in, which caused him to try and fight me off. With out warning my boss, punched him in the side, which made him stop moving. “Seeing me get infected the first time made you get off, now it’s time you get what you really want.” “I don’t want it,” the Marine replied in a somewhat muffled and frantic voice. “I heard you say you wanted it,” I said to him. “I didn’t,” he clearly replied, even through his sock and my hands. “I heard, ‘I want AIDS’ every time you told me that AIDS kills” I said to him. My boss was grunting as he rammed his cock in deep. He was ramming his cock in harder and harder. “Ripped his ass open,” my boss said, “he’s got a pink polka dot on his underwear now.” I laughed in the Marine’s ear as I murmured “Now the virus has an entry into your blood. Almost certainly you now are HIV poz, and actual AIDS is just around the corner." I felt something wet against the side of my hands. He was crying. “Suffer the consequences of your words,” my boss grunted. Part of me was feeling sorry for him, but the anger from hearing his words over powered those emotions. “Getting close,” my boss remarked. “Your hole is about to be flooded with the HIV virus," I intimately whispered in his ear. “Can’t hold it,” my boss exclaimed, thoroughly proud of himself. “You are going to feel that AIDS load hit your insides." My boss rammed in deep and was grunting. I could tell his load was pumping out of his cock and into the Marine’s insides. “Can you feel it, fucker, can you feel his AIDS?" I asked the defeated Marine. The only response I received was the sound of his sobs. When my boss withdrew and stepped out of the way, I jumped to my feet, slipped off my shorts, and took my boss' position, my crotch straddling his legs, his underwear wet with sweat, cum and blood, a real pretty shade of pink, with bright red flecks of blood in abundance. Fortunately my boss was holding the Marine down, and covering his mouth, as I was pre-occupied with lining my dick up with his hole and making my entrance. “We don’t know if he is or isn't carrying AIDS," my boss explained, "but he’s going to load you up anyway.” I could feel my boss' load inside the Marine’s hole. Between the blood, ass juice and cum his hole was slippery. I started to pull my cock out of his hole and ram it right back in. My boss’s hairy ass was so close to my face. I could smell the musk coming off it. It was intoxicating. “He’s pushing the AIDS load in deep,” my boss explained. “You know, Boss, the Marines won’t want this guy's ass now. They'll kick him out.” “Fuck yeah.” I fucked his ass harder and harder. I could feel his body being pushed into the mattress as I slammed into his hole. I grunted loudly each time I slammed into him. I knew I would not last long inside his ass. “Going to blow soon” I announced. “You heard that fucker? You’re about to get another load of AIDS cum,” my boss said. The Marine sobbed louder and louder. I slammed into his hole and my cock started to twitch and pulse as my load shot out. As I was shooting into the Marine’s hole, I was slowly moving my cock in and out, mixing the loads and possibly the strains. Once done I pulled out and wiped my cock on his briefs. “You get off this bed before we leave, you will regret it even more,” my boss warned. I was already pulling on my shorts as my boss got up. I grabbed his off the floor and handed them to him. As he put them on he said to the Marine “Report this and you'll suffer more consequences.” The only response was deeper and louder sobs. “Not so tough now, are you?” I asked with sadistic pleasure. We moved out of the room as he sobbed more on the bed. We pulled the door shut tight. “Glad to see you taught that fucker a lesson” a voice said in the dark. We looked over to the corner of the building and saw a man standing there, smoking a cigarette. “He harassed everyone that comes to the motel for some fun” he said, “can’t kick him out, he’s the son of a man who’s friends with the owner.” Shit I thought we were caught. My boss just stood there, looking at the man. “Don’t worry, they both hate him, plus I didn’t see you two here this morning” I felt some relief. At least we had someone on our side if he turned us in. “I’m sure the rest of the clientele will be happy that he got what he deserved. Hell the hookers would not touch him, not even for five times the going rate.” “Thanks,” said my boss. The man nodded and walked away. I got in my car and headed out. My cell phone rang a short time later. It was my boss, so I answered before the third ring. “You live alone right?” he asked. “Yes, Sir." “I’ll follow you. My cock is rock hard again,” he explained.
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    Peter and I sat there staring at one another in silence as we waited for the next man to come and dump his poz load into my hole. I reached between my legs and felt my hole. It was wet and leaking cum. I stuck my finger into my hole, scratching the inside of my hole. I winched in the little pain I was causing myself. “What are you doing” Peter asked. “Ensuring that the virus has an entrance point and infecting me” Peter smiled and stood. His cock was rock hard and dropping pre-cum. He moved to the window and pulled the curtains open to peek out. I continued to finger my hole, really working my fingernail into my flesh. Each time I pulled it out it was getting more and more coated with drops of blood mixed with the cum in hole. Peter jumped when there was a knock at the door. I just continued to abuse my hole. I'm sure I was a sight. Sitting in a chair with my legs up fingering my hole. I looked up to see a cop at the door. Fuck! “Been reports of forced sex acts coming inside this room” the cop said. “Not really forced, Officer,” Peter stuttered out, “just some roleplaying” “What's he doing over there,” “I'm fingering my hole, Officer,” I said pulling my finger out and sucking it clean. “Why is that” “Getting it ready for the next cock to shoot a poz load deep into my hole” “You’re a willing participant in getting infected” “Yes,” I said to him. “We are waiting for a guy to show up and fuck him” Peter said. “Unless you want to fuck me with your big gun, Officer” I added. The officer stood there looking. He cocked his head and said: “Are you trying to solicit an officer of the law?” “No, Sir nothing like that” Peter said. “Yes I am,” I said, “I want that cock of yours up my hole” “Shut up before we get in some real trouble” Peter said. I stood up and walked over to the officer. He stepped a little closer to door, so he was part way in and part out. Bravely and confidently, I reached out and grabbed his crotch. I could feel his hard cock in his pants. I looked over to Peter, his eyes were wide open. “Take it out and suck it” the officer ordered me. I dropped to my knees and unzipped his black uniform pants. I squeezed my hand inside and wrestled with his cock and balls, pulling them out through the zipper. His cock was about six inches and as thick as a beer can. His balls were big and already pulled up to his body. I stuck my tongue out and slowly licked the head of his cock. I could taste the sweat that had dried on his cock. I wrapped my lips around his head and slowly slid my lips down his shaft. I swallowed the whole cock and only stopped when I had my face pressed into his uniform pants. He put his big hand on the back of my head and pressed me into his crotch. His hips pumped into my face as he did. His balls were pressed tightly against my chin. He released and I coughed a little. I pulled my lips back slowly until they met the ridge of his cock head, then I slide back down on his cock. It must have been a sight to the people passing by, a cop in a door way getting a wet blow job from a cum dump. Peter was slowly stroking his cock watching me suck the cops cock. “Get up his ass, you dumb fuck” the cop said to Peter. Peter jumped, moved quickly behind me, dropping to his knees. He lined up his hard cock with my hole and pushed in. He slowly started to pump his cock in and out of my hole. His thrusts in were pushing me further on the cop’s cock. Peter was slowly fucking my hole, just thrusting into me hard. “Oh fuck, let me show you how to use that fuck hole” The cop pulled out of my mouth, pushing me into the room. Peter fell back and his cock popped out of my hole. We quickly moved into the room and closed the door. I got up and moved to the bed, laying down on my back, lifting my legs in the air. “Look at that sloppy fuck hole,” the cop said. He lined up his cock and rammed it in my hole. I could feel my hole stretching around his cock. He didn't wait, he started to pump in and out of my hole. I could feel cum leaking out. His big balls were being smashed between us. His belt was hitting my ball sac. My cock was hard laying on my stomach. Peter was standing beside the bed, his cock just hanging out hard. He had a look of surprise and wonder on his face. I don't think this fucking was real, I did seem like something out of a dream. The cop had grabbed my ankles, spreading my legs wide and thrusting his cock in my hole. I could see sweat bearing up on his forehead. His tongue licked his lips over and over. His cock was rock hard in my hole, signaling he wasn't going to last much longer. He slammed his cock deep in me and shot his load. His cock pulsed out a thick load of cum deep inside me. Once done he pulled out, then went into the bathroom. I could hear running water and knew he was cleaning up. When he came out his cock was back in his pants and zipped up. “Damn Officer, that was fucking hot” I said “That service ain't free,” he said sternly. “What” Peter said? “It's a C-note for the fuck and another twenty for the cleaning of my pants” “That's extortion” Peter said. “These are the other option” he said pulling out his cuffs. “Don't be an asshole, Peter. Pay the man” I said even though I'm sure I could get fucked in jail. Peter got his wallet and paid the officer, almost still unwilling to part with the money. “I will spread the word about that hole” he said turning and leaving. Not seconds after he left there was another knock on the door. The next fuck was arriving, late but at least he showed.
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    I'm writing this after taking a record number of cocks and loads (for me) last night at the sex club. I've been having sex with guys for about 32 years now - and LOTS of it by just about anyone's measure! For over 31.5 of those 32 years I was always hunting for someone equal or better than me in looks. I think that's ingrained in most of us. I'm very visual and go straight to bb muscle porn. I workout every weekday and can be pretty fanatical about my diet and felt like I "deserve" the hottest guys I can score with lol. I didn't realize what I was missing till a few months ago, and I've been expanding my horizons. I used to almost always top. 2016 was my year to become fully vers, and I succeeded. Flipping and GROUPS have become my definite favorite, but lately I sometime binge as a cumdump. I don't think I have the patience to do it at home, lining them up and dealing with emails and flakes. Plus I'm an exhibitionist and like the public use. I've done it 4 times in the bathhouse and sex club in Atlanta. I'll admit that MuscledHorse here was probably my main inspiration for expanding my limits. I saw guys of every shape and size in a line to breed this stud at cumunion. It sort of turned me on, but sort of turned me off that this stud was letting ANYONE fuck and breed him. He told me how much pleasure he gets himself from knowing how much other guys are getting off on (in) him. I didn't really get it or necessarily believe it, but I'm 100% on board now that I've been trying it myself. Last night was the monthly poz/prep play party at the sex club and a hot young 28yo preppy versatile buddy of mine asked if I was going. We texted during the day a lot. I didn't realize that he's been cumdumping himself lately and we agreed to meet there and both pig out, then flip breed at the end. We both walked around in jocks. He got there about 10 mins before me and reported he already had 3 loads in - I better catch up! He fucked me for a min in the hallway but of course didn't cum. I did catch up in about 10 mins myself but then he had 10 more mins himself, so still ahead lol. Last night I did squeeze in some topping time and swapped fucks with a couple guys, but half my loads came from backing my jocked ass up to the "jail cell" bars for about 15 minutes and letting anyone fuck me. Last time I whored around (last weekend) I kept my cock trapped, but this time I let it out and stroked. I was on viagra and hard and could've cum the entire time I was getting fucked but I held off. Sometimes I turned around to see who was fucking me but mostly I watched guys in front of me and just enjoyed my hole. A few times my hot young buddy walked by me getting fucked and smirked. I know I got fucked and bred by a few "average" and overweight guys, and I was totally enjoying letting go, and my cock was so hard and hole starting to make the "slurping" sound. I know I hadn't even been there an hour yet, and my buddy came over and said he was getting ready to leave. I was a little disappointed since we hadn't really played after that quick warm up when I got there. Plus we agreed to flip. I asked if he came already and he said no. So he and this other friend of his and I went in a private room (not sure why - I would have preferred out in the open) and i assumed the position. He slid in EASILY and fucked me till I was SO close to cumming. His friend was jacking next to us. I was too close and pulled away from him and told him to flip. I slid in his slippery hole and held off as long as I could, but it was two minutes or less before I was seeding him. Hated to pull out but wanted his load, so we flipped again, he slid back in and bred me. His friend was holding off until he got off me. He took his place and bred me within 10 more seconds. I'm pretty sure I've never felt more exhausted and satisfied in my life lol. We said our goodbyes and will def play again soon. I was heading to the exit and this good looking guy I had made some eye contact with earlier while getting fucked reached for my ass and felt up my body telling me how hot I am. The whole night had been a TOTAL ego boost, and I decided one more load wouldn't hurt. He also took me in a room and slathered lube on his cock hoping to make it kind of quick since I already came. His cock turned out to be pretty damn big, but I was fucked so much it went in easy. I told him I already came but I'd give it a try. He pumped about 4-5 minutes and I could feel him getting more rigid and knew it was cumming soon. I knew this would be my last load for the night so grabbed his ass and pulled him all the way in as deep as I could get it. We both thanked each other and parted ways. I headed to the lockers - literally breathing heavy, my hole leaking and feeling the most sexually satisfied I've been in a long, long time!! I never really understood the "no loads refused" attitude. I was all about the "conquest" of getting a "hot" guy. But HOLY FUCK, I do get it now. As much as I felt satisfied last night, I am already horny to do it again. Letting out the inner pig has been incredible. Bottom line is that I honestly lost count - it was happening kind of fast - and while I had my ass backed up to the jail bars I wasn't really sure who was fucking or breeding me. It's safe to say I got bred 10 times in the hour I was there with another 5 fucking me but not cumming. I kknow some guys here can blow those numbers away, but it's a record for me - by far!!! A mix of poz and prep loads - very hot party, and I'll be back for sure. Cumunion is just two weeks away now
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    “Peter, lets go cruising for dick” I suggested. “Cool” I grabbed a pair of gym shorts out of my bag and slipped them on. Peter did the same. After each of us put on our shoes, we were out the door, each with poppers in hand. We rolled down all the windows and we set out to explore Palm Springs and cruise for cock. The air was hot blowing through the car causing each of us to start sweating, the smell was exciting. We drove through downtown. There were men everywhere. I saw a lot of men that I wanted to fuck me, but we didn't stop. As we turned down a side street, I noticed a guy walking towards us. He was shirtless. As we got closer, he grabbed his crotch. Peter slowed down and flashed the headlights. The man crabbed his crotch again, then stopped walking. We stopped next to him. “Hey buddy” I said. “Hey, looking for some poison” he asked “Looking for an injection of the deadliest” I said. “Got just what you want, but comes at a price” I motioned for him to get in the car, he adjusted his crotch again and walked to the back door. “You sure you want it” “Positive” He got in and we drove off. “What's the price of death on the street?” Peter asked “It's sold by the shot” “We want four shots!” I said quickly, “two each” “$400” the man said, “gave you the friends and family discount” “No problem” I said. “Which one of you is chasing death” “I am” I said, “he's already found death” It didn't take long to get back to the motel. The man was the first one out of the car. As I got out he grabbed my ass. I just stood there. He pulled my shorts down over my ass and squeezed each cheek. His fingers ran up inside my crack and over my hole. He stepped closer as his finger found my hole. “Looks like your quest for death has already began” “Yeah but I haven't accepted death yet” I grabbed my arm and pulled it back until my hand was on his crotch. I rubbed the front and discovered his hard cock. I squeezed it as his finger slid into my hole deep. “Come on guys,” Peter said, “lets do this inside” “Relax,” the man said, “its Palm Springs” I popped open the jeans of the man and stuck my hand in, wrapping my fingers around his thick cock. He flexed it in my hand. I moved my ass on his finger. “You’ in heat,” he said, “burning up from the inside” I pulled his cock out of his jeans. His balls were still tucked inside as I moved my ass towards his cock. He pulled his finger out of my hole and slowly pushed his cock into my sloppy hole. Reaching around he slid the finger that had been up my ass into my mouth. I eagerly sucked on his finger, tasting the loads from my ass. Peter stood by the hood of the car as the man slid his cock into my hole, between the parked cars. Peter was slowly rubbing his crotch. I pushed back on the man's hard cock, sliding it further into my hole. “I so enjoy fuckers like you,” he said, “ones who embrace death so eagerly” I slowly pulled off his cock, but left the head in then slid back down on it. He braced himself as I pulled off again. With his arms stretched out, hand on our car and hand on the one next to us, I pushed back hard and quick on his cock. I pressed back against him, feeling his jeans press into my ass. I pulled off and slammed back on his again. I continued to fuck my self on his work. “Work out my death, you twisted fucker” he said. Peter, still rubbing his cock through his shorts, was looking about to make sure no one pulled up and made trouble. I could hear cars passing by on the street, but that didn't stop me from fucking myself on the guys cock. My cock was hard trapped inside my shorts, as I moved on and off the street man’s hard cock. He suddenly grabbed my hips and pulled me back hard on his cock. He started the thrust in and out of me harder and harder. “Guys someone is driving up” Peter said, but it was too late. The car slowed as it passed us. Peter tried to get the man fucking me attention but he was focused on pumping in and out of my ass. It stopped and reversed, stopping so the driver was lined up so he could look between the cars where we were fucking. “Dude you fucking that ass?” the driver asked. “Bout to shoot in his hole” the man said. “Fuck yeah, toxic?” “Deadly” The driver pulled up and parked his car. “Ready for your first taste of my death?” I nodded as he pumped my ass harder and faster. The driver of the car had gotten out and was standing next to Peter, watching me as I was about to get my frost load out of this man. The stood there silently, Peter again rubbing his crotch as the driver rubbed Peter’s ass. “Killing you now” the man said as he slammed into me deep. His piss slit opened in my hole and he shot out a thick load of cum. He grunted with each shot. I milked his cock as he shot in me, slowly moving a bit and squeezing my hole around his cock. “That's one hundred” he said pulling out. Peter and the driver moved towards our motel room door. Leaving my ass exposed I walked a little behind them. With his cock hanging out of his jeans, our new escort walked behind me. Peter unlocked the door and the four of us went in, into the cool air.
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    Saturday of Labor Day weekend I went to Steamworks in Chicago, arriving around 9:00 PM. There was already had a decent crowd. I got to my room, undressed, lubed my hole and opened the door for tops to use me as they wished. After about five minutes of laying on the bed, my lubed and ready ass in the air, the first top entered my room, closed the door, (which is how I knew I was about to get my first load, as most guys will generally rub my ass and/or legs before closing the door). I took a hit of poppers when the top started fingering my hole, obviously preparing it to take his thick cock. He then climbed on top of me and thrust his entire cock in my willing hole. I had to take a few more hits of poppers to get over the shock of being opened so quickly. Two minutes or so later he grunted and bred my hole. A little bit later a couple of Hispanic guys started to play with my hole and rimming me, the door to my room being open the entire time. Honestly, I really find it hot when a top fucks me with the door open, but I digress. Eventually the Hispanic guys closed the door and proceeded to fuck me. The first guy cock was on the thin side, but made up for it in over all length. He fucked for a little bit and then withdrew, allowing the other guy take a turn on my ass. He fucked me for several minutes until I felt his cock throb and he thrust one more time to plant his seed deep in my guts. Afterwards the first top resumed fucking me asking "How you like it? You like being a slut?" Then I heard a third voice ask "How does his hole feel?" Glancing about my room, I realized there were three, not two Hispanic guys in my room. I honestly hadn't noticed when he entered the room, but in any event he was welcome. The other two guys answered the question raised by the third guy saying I was a good bottom and a great fuck. The skinny dick guy continued fucking me, eventually shooting his load into my ass. The third guy took his place and fucked me for no more than 30 seconds before, I kid you not, he asked "How many loads do you have in your hole?" "Three," I replied. "Well, slut, you're about to get your fourth!" With that he bred me. After the three guys left I decided to take a break and cruise the different floors and go to the hot tub to let the loads absorb a little in me, and after I was somewhat refreshed, decided it was time to use the fuck bench on the third floor. No sooner had I lay on the bench when I felt a tongue on my hole. As the guy rimmed me, I fed him some of the four loads I had received. I was not surprised when the guy slid in and added his load to my guts. After the fifth guy blew, he withdrew and an unseen six guy immediately entered my hole, wanting to add his load to the mix. Each time the guy withdrew from my ass I could feel the previous loads dripping out of my now sloppy hole. After about four minutes of wrecking my hole with his cock, the sixth guy gave me his cum. In all, I got six loads that night, and after driving home, slept with all of them in my ass.
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    Apologies for the long wait between stories, but work got in the way. For Finn the rest of the day dragged slowly, he was constantly hard thinking about meeting James and what he would do to him tonight and then there was Noah the work experience summer intern who was by far the best eye candy in his department. Finn had to keep going to the toilet to clean his pre-cum soaked underwear to try and keep the smell of cum from wafting around his desk, alerting his co-workers of his morning commute shenanigans. He imagined they kept looking at him, finding excuses for him to go to their desk or them to his, paranoia was exhausting and 5pm could not come fast enough. Eventually it was time to go and Finn was so damn horny he nipped to the toilets to brush his teeth, “Umm nice minty breath” he said out loud thinking he was by himself… ”You gotta date then?” It was Noah at the urinals and made Finn jump out of his skin. “Nnnno, just meeting a mate,” was his lame reply. “The same mate you enjoyed this morning?" asked Noah as he now faced Finn stoking his sizable dick hard going on to say. “You can’t kid a kidder mate, I’m a teenager so wank enough to know the smell of cum when I smell it, you lucky bugger.” Finn felt hot and clammy as his face blushed red, breathing hard he managed to spit out “I have to go or I’ll be late, see you tomorrow” and could not leave fast enough. He knew he was early, but needed the fresh air and to get away from any work buddies. He kept checking his watch, looking around searching for James and then when he glimpsed him he shyly looked away trying not to show his desperation. “Hi” said James as he purposely strode up to the now not so confident young Finn, giving him a mighty bear hug “Oh, Hi James” Finn managed to squeak, “I’m Finn by the way” Nervously Finn babbled away telling James his potted history barely stopping to breathe before adding he couldn’t take James home as he still lives with his mum and, “I’m not ‘out’ to her although she probably knows...." James, however didn't allow Fin to finish his thoughts and interrupted asking “So, you reckon we’re gonna fuck then?” Finn immediately blushed, wishing the ground could open up and swallow him as he realized from the startled look on the couple standing close by that they heard every word. “C’mon lets get a drink, there’s a good bar around the corner and then see where we go from there eh?” as he ushered Finn into one of the gay bars he owned with his partner, Jake. The dimly lit bar was packed with an array of businessmen and tourists, mostly watching the near naked go-go boys dancing for cash on the bar top. “Here, over there, it’s a quiet corner where we can talk, get to know each other a bit better, what d’ya want to drink?” “Vodka 'n' coke, please.” James ordered a triple vodka for Finn with a dribble of mixer, and a long soft drink for himself. Their conversation came easily as Finn cockily boasted he was an exclusive top, and James subtly telling Finn his flat was close by and they would be alone as his ‘flat mate’ was probably away on business. “We have a code. If our bedroom door is open then it’s free to come in, otherwise….c’mon drink up, you’re falling behind.” After their third drink Finn was no longer in control of his actions as James pulled him by the hand and guided through the bar and up the stairs to his spectacular high tech top floor flat. Finn had only seen places like this in style magazines, “Wow…thish ish amazing,” the wide-eyed boy uttered. Whilst drunkenly taking in the surroundings James grabbed Finn and spun him around and roughly kissed him. It felt amazing their tongues intertwining hands moving up and down bodies, his hands got under Finn’s shirt brushed and tweaked both Finn’s nipples and worked his way down to his floppy alcohol affected limp dick. James popped open the top button on Finn’s suit trouser and pulled down the zipper. Peeling off the trousers he pushed his hands into Finn’s underwear and cupped his ass as one finger brushed his hole. He broke off the kiss "Are you OK?" "Yesh...... I need thish" as James pulls off Finn’s shirt and the kid stumbles out of his pants and pulls off his socks to stand naked in front of his God. James is out of his clothes in a flash and grinds their bodies together all the while kissing until tired of this James pulls the jock's head to his crotch. Instinctively Finn drops to his knees licks the huge pierced cock he has only touched before and began to suck the hard flesh to 7” then 8 until the monster stretched further. As his cock rose to its full hardness, Finn pulls it out of his mouth, marveled at it and inquired "Hhhhow big ish that thing?" (in his alcohol fueled state Finn didn’t notice the faint trail of blood the sharp edge piercing had cut into his throat lining) "Ten inches. Think you can take it all?" Without saying another word Finn immediately dove back down on it, gagged, went for it again and sucked for all he was worth trying to get the whole thing in, but can’t manage it and gagged again with about three-quarters down his throat. While Finn was showing James his cock sucking skills he had no clue that before the night was through James, Jake and who knows how many customers were going to be sliding their raw, POZ cocks inside his neg ass filling him with multiple loads. In his drunken state Finn continued to try and stroke his cock hard still under the impression that James was the one who was going to get fucked this night. Finn’s frustration with his inability to get hard spilt out "FUCK! I'm so damn horny and I can't get fully hard!" James pulled Finn to his feet kissing him before guiding him onto his back on the bed then got between Finn's legs and began to suck his softish dick making Finn's head role from side to side as he moaned while enjoying the blow job yet still not being able to get completely hard. Whilst James had him distracted from the best blow job he could give Finn barely registered James was also scooping up the combined precum and saliva pouring out of his mouth and down to lube his fingers then transferring the slickness in a circling motion on Finn’s hole. It wasn't long before James eased a finger inside the youngster’s chute eliciting a deeper moan from the unsuspecting jock. From the conversation outside the train station James correctly guessed that Finn was a virgin as he felt the tightness of his ass on his invading finger. James took his time as he worked a second finger inside his victim. As one became two fingers breaching his opening and penetrating him, slowly, gently, easing inch after inch into his hole. Finn cried out his body quivered with the penetration until James managed to pull out from the nightstand a little brown bottle of poppers, “Here sniff these, it’ll help” and as if on auto-pilot Finn does as instructed with the desired effect of fumes and alcohol fogging the lad’s tension as James, in between Finn’s moans, could feel his hole begin to relax as a third finger was sucked in swiftly followed by a fourth…he had no clue he was but a few minutes away from becoming James’s cum dump. Finn kept thrusting his hips upwards trying to connect with James’s hole but without success and it was James’s rock-hard cock, leaking like a faucet covering its enormous length in slime that found Finn’s sensitive hole, the piercing caught on its target and pressed into the puckered opening...it brought Finn back to reality, eyes wide, frozen in the moment, he looked straight into James’s eyes as he leant forward, pressing Finn’s knees up and against his chest. “Oh fuck” is all Finn can say as the monster dick grinds against his ass for a minute and then stops on the mark again, momentarily waits then presses forward against the virgin hole, his cock head flared angry and red the prominent veins fully showing the blood engorged cock was ready for action. “I’ve never done this before” Finn admits. “I know…but you’re not saying no, though are you?” and as he says “No” James's cock easily slides inside him. Far from ramming home and fucking like a Jack Rabbit James took his time as he slowly worked all 10" inside Finn eliciting moans of pleasure. “You don’t mind taking it bareback do you?” There’s no reply just cooing sounds as the drunk is overwhelmed by the sheer full pleasure his ass and G Spot are receiving as this cock now repeatedly drove intensely against and over Finn’s prostate. Finn was in HEAVEN feeling as though he was floating above watching the experience. James fucked in long slow strokes, strokes he could do all night, pumping his cock through the tight ring of Finn’s hole and sinking his evil piercing into his soft hot tunnel and oh so slowly pushes into his hole over and over and over until he felt Finn's hole loosen, his ability to slide into him grow easier and he began to fuck harder, to swing his hips faster and Finn took it, the tearing burning sensation he guessed was from taking his first ever cock, soon he was moaning and grunting with every deep thrust up into him. James was clearly enjoying himself, "DAMN! Your ass feels nice and tight” as he looked down as his cock slid in and out began to fuck with more purpose slamming into the hilt and back again over and over as Finn winced at the pain but eventually adjusted and began to writhe in ecstasy. “Ooops! Look like I got carried away and tore you up a bit…there’s blood on my cock, don’t worry you’re not the first, it won’t kill you.” and yanked one of Finn's hands and held it to his own hole as he stared into the jock's eyes. "Feel how my bare hard cock is working your hole. Wait while I take my piercing out now it’s opened you up and you’re well lubricated" Finn felt the hard slick veiny cock that took his virginity and as he realized that he really was taking a bare cock, he was past the point of caring, animal instinct had cut in and somewhere in the back of his mind he thought back that it was the exactly the same way he had fucked every guy to this point and besides, he loved the skin on skin feeling. Finn let rip with "FUCK YEAH, GIVE ME THAT RAW COCK!" and began bucking up to meet James’s thrusts "Yeah, does my new bitch like raw cock fucking him? You want my dirty load boy, you ready to be my knocked up cum dump?" as James thought it time to let his prize know he was not only getting fucked raw, but taking a POZ cock and would eventually be bred full of POZ cum. The way Finn's tight ass felt James knew he was good for up to 3 loads and it wouldn’t be long before Jake turned up, that thought making him really fuck long dicking him, he pulled completely out "Come on...shove it in...punch that cock into my ass" Finn begged as James slammed back in balls deep making the youngster’s body shake and quiver on each inward thrust. over and over and over till he built up a furious pace, his body slamming back and forth until… "Oh fuck I'm going to cum" James cried out and slammed his hips, hard, rocking the bed violently. "Come on, pump that shit in me" Finn pleaded, "Shoot...come on...shoot" On command James cried out, his body shook and he came, thick ropey wads of cum flew out of his cock spattering wads of poison into Finn’s torn up cunt and continues to furiously fuck his venomous load deeper until the last of this first load pumps out of his balls. “Holy fuck, kid,” he finally groans. He then asked Finn, “So you liked taking your first load?” “fuck yes, I have to do that again, I fucking loved it.” “I’ll get some more tops to fuck you and give you their loads tonight If you wanted, there’ll be plenty downstairs who’d love a crack at your hole.” Without hesitation Finn replies, “fuck yeah!” Right on cue Jake arrives “Wow! That was hot, now it’s my turn.” They were too noisy, too lost to their primitive desires, this urge to fuck and be fucked to hear Jake enter the room, all hot and sweaty in his gym shorts with his tank top hung around his neck. He had heard them from the corridor outside even above the sounds rising up from the bar. "Come closer" Finn said, trance like barely above a whisper as Jake moved up close to the bed and as Finn reached up and tugged his shorts down, pulling them out and over the hard cock trapped within them letting them fall to the floor then reached up and took hold of Jake’s cock, ran his fingers down the shaft feeling how smooth the skin was even stretched tightly over the rock hard shaft, he squeezed it watching a bubble form at the slit and before he dove in for a taste he looked up to see the muscular body, with its tattoos, a black and red Scorpion was proudly inked above his shaved pubes and an intricate design over his heart neatly disguised a bio-hazard symbol and with both nipples pierced made him look menacing, threatening, but his hand moved gently over Finn's head, massaged his scalp, caressed his cheek and when Finn looked further up he saw Jake was kissing James, passionately still holding Finn’s head "Suck my cock...suck me" he whispered as he pumped his hips back and forth letting his hard 8” inches sink into his mouth, Finn licked the head clean tasting the sweet flavor of Jake working back and forth until it was wet and slick. James was even more turned on as without going soft and still buried in Finn’s ass he continued not missing a beat as he began to work the poz cum deep inside Finn working up for load number two. He knew it was time to let Finn know he not only took his first load, but his first POZ load. As James got into his stride pulling his cock back and sinking it back in, over and over he worked his hips back and forth till he was in rhythm, his hips moving in a natural pace to let him fuck inside his tunnel, to drive his cock into Finn making him grunt and moan. He moved with long swings of his hips towards his second load he let Finn know that his breeding was not like the ones he had done to all the asses Finn had fucked before. Pummeling Finn even harder than before he stared into his new cumdump’s eyes, thrust deep as his cock spasmed and unloaded load two, then let him know that he breeding him with a charged load, “Take my toxic POZ load boy!” Finn had a stunned look on his face as he registered what was said but continued to take the fucking, “Your fate was sealed the moment you cut your finger on my piercing and let my pre-cum, then cum flood over the cut…allowing my diseased swimmers into your cut squirming their way in, breaking down your immune system, making you my POZ baby.” Said James still pumping away After a second or two to take in what had just been said Finn’s only reply was "Oh YES! I want your load. Breed me. Turn me into your cum dump." He managed to shout around the cock lodged in his throat and simultaneously shot all over his chest and abs whereby James licked up the cum while he was still fucking and then fed it to Finn, “Enjoy it…it might be your last negative load” After a pregnant pause, “Might be...I know it won't be the last time I’m barebacked…it was one of the hottest things I’ve done.” He defiantly uttered. James pulled out and put his dick in Finn’s face and he sucked it straight from his ass tasting all the cum, blood and ass juice and as he lapped the dick clean James rammed his fingers in his ass, got all cummy and made Finn lick them clean too.
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    FS Part 14 Stinger helped me off the table after Fister and the doctor left the exam room. “I’m going to be in the freak show?” I asked “Yeah buddy” Stinger said. “But what about my life, my job, and my home?” “That’s the past. Think of it traveling with the carnival, getting cock every where we go” It did sound fun, but I would have to give up everything. “What would I do there” “You would have your own, adults only act” Stinger said, “We could bill you as The Grand Canyon as Assholes” he said with a laugh. “Seriously” “Dude, you would be getting fucked by almost every dick that walked in” I just gave him this look. “I am serious.” “Can I think about it” “Not too long, we leave in two days” he said, “Off to another town” After getting my clothes, dressing, I was about to head out when Stinger came running down the hall after me. “I will be at your place at noon, the day after tomorrow” I shook my head and left. The bearded lady was gone. I went and there was a cab sitting there waiting for me. “You should go with them” the driver said. “What?” “You should go with them” he said pulling away from the curb. “How do you” I said stopping suddenly mid sentence. “How do I know? Dude, Stinger in my nephew.” I sat back and rode home in silence. The sun was going down when we arrived on my street. I was lost in thought as we pulled up. “Shit, I don’t have any cash” I said looking in my wallet. “I will take it out in trade” he said laughing. “Park and come to apartment three, door will be open” I got out and went up to my place, leaving the door ajar as i went in. I quickly stripped naked and got on my knees, directly in front of the door. I heard his steps coming down the hall a short time later. There was a quiet knock and the door slowly opened. He saw me naked on my knees and just shook his head. “No bitch, I want that ass” He came in and closed the door, locking it. “Get on your bed, ass up” he ordered. I moved fast into my bedroom and did as he said. He came into my bedroom buck naked. His cock was uncut and thick. He was pulling the foreskin back exposing the had as he walked towards me, balls bouncing as they hung low. I spit in my hand and rubbed it on my hole, which was still wet from the fucking that I got earlier. I could feel my puffy hole twitching as I rubbed it. Once at my ass, he spit on his hand and rubbed it on his cock head, then pushed in. My hole gave way easily. His cock slid all the way into me. “That’s one loose pussy you got there, tighten it up” he said. I squeezed my hole, trying to make it tighter for his cock. “Better but it’s still loose as fuck” he said, “What did they put in you, a Mack truck?” he said laughing. He began to fuck my hole, pulling his cock completely out and then shoving it back in. My hole gave way easily each time. I just laid there and took his fucking. I was tired, but I wanted it. “You poz?” I asked him. “Who the fuck do you think gave it to Stinger, mate?” “Fuck man, that’s twisted” “Nah fucker, what’s twisted is selling him to the Professor” he said laughing. “Don’t you mean the Doctor” “Hell no, the Professor, he is the one that owns the Freak Show and all the freaks.” “Did you know Stinger wants to keep me”

“Yeah and I can tell you I know you are going to go with them” His cock was still punch fucking my hole. His balls were hitting my hole as he fucked me. “Wait until you get fucked by the Professor, he’s twisted.” Yeah?” I said as my cock twitched. “Yeah, watched him fuck Stinger, shot two loads, on without even touching myself” My cock was now completely hard. “oh someone likes that” he said holding onto my hard cock. He started to jack my cock as he continued to fuck me. My mind was lost in images of Stinger being used and abused by the Professor. My cock started to leak fuck snot onto the hand of Stinger’s uncle, not just a little a lot. “You have the mental picture” he said jacking my cock. “Yeah” “You should see the fucking video of it” he said. More pre-cum shot out of my hole, it looked like I had shot a mini load of cum. He let go of my cock and brought his hand to his mouth, sucking and licking my pre-cum off. His lips smacked as he gobbled it down. Once done his hand went back to my cock and began too jack it again. His cock was thrusting in and out of my hole roughly, but my hole was still gapping wide so it was not painful. His hand was jacking me and I knew I would not last much longer. My muscles began to tense up. “I’m cumming” I shouted. He pulled out of me and put his mouth over my cock, swallowing my load as it shot out of my piss hole. I grabbed his head in my hands and held on tightly. As soon as my cock became sensitive, I pushed him off. He slammed his cock back in my hole and started to pound my hole. He grunted every time his cock penetrated my hole and hit bottom. My whole body shook as he fucked me. His balls hit hard against me, until he slammed into me hard and stayed there. “Oh you fucking freak, I’m cumming into you” he said. “Breed me” I yelled “Fucking my poz fucking load into the freak hole” It was right then and there, I made up my mind.
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    FS Part 13 Join forces, what the fuck. I was almost in panic mode. I wanted to jump up and run out of the room, but there was no way with Stinger, Mr Fister, and Dr. Clown blocking my way. “I think the gas mask might be in order, Mr Stinger” the doctor said, slowly stroking his engorged purple cock. “I agree” Mr. Fister said, “It will also muffle any screams” “Not that anyone could hear him, well other than the Bearded Lady” Stinger said, “and you don’t want her here” Stinger moved to a cabinet and opened it. I could see inside, there were two gas masks that had long hoses coming from the nose area. The eye were dark and I wondered if when it was on, was I going to be able to see anything. At the end of the hose was a small connection. One another shelf was about a dozen bottle of poppers, all with no labels. “Professors, private brew,” Stinger said, getting a mask and bottle. He moved over to me, I lifted my head to make it easy for him to put the mask on. “Someone’s eager” he said as he slipped the mask over my face. I could feel the bands pulling at my hair as they tried to slip down securing the mask. He moved quickly to fix them and adjust them until the mask was tight against my face. The eye covers were too dark for me to see clearly, just shadows of the images on the other side. “Total sensory deprivation, if you please Mr. Stinger” Mr Fister said. I could hear movement in the room and could see a shadow move towards the cabinet again. “I would like a bottle as well” Dr. Clown said I could just see Stinger getting the bottle and handing it to the doctor. He returned to my side. I felt cotton being stuffed in each ear. The sounds were muffled now. Then he place a thick clothe over my ears, it was almost dead silent now. His last step was to but head phones on that and it was truly silent. I felt the tube move and suddenly the fresh air was replaced with the odor of poppers, strong ones. The rush was instant. I felt every muscle in my body go limp, my heart raced and I felt it. The rush increase more and more as I breathed in and out. I felt something press against my hole. It was there only for a second then it pushed in, driving deep. My hole spread out wide. Dr. Clown was sliding his cock into my hole. There was no pain this time, it felt good as it went into me. I don’t know if it was the poppers or if I was just used to my hole being open so wide. He began to pump his cock in and out. I could just see his outline between my legs. I watched as the shadow of his arm moved up to his face. I assumed he was taking a big hit of poppers. He suddenly started to pull his cock completely out and then ram it in all the way. I let out a yelp, but I don’t think anyone hear me, if they did, they didn’t seem to care and continued. I breathed deep and felt the rush of the poppers flood my body, causing what little pain to be replaced with pleasure. I could feel his body pressing up against me as he fucked my hole. I felt someone start to pinch my nipples, then twisted them. They were pulling on them, working them hard and rough. I twisted my head to see the shadow next to me and assumed it was Stinger, I could not see any other shadows in the room. Dr. Clown slammed his cock deep into my hole and stayed there, pressing his body against me. I felt a hand moving around the shaft of his cock, then his cock pulled out some, allowing the tips of the fingers to slid in-between the lips of my hole and the shaft of the cock. Slowly the fingers moved inward, sliding deeper into my hole. I breathed deeply again to get my hole to relax more, to allow the hand to come in with the cock. I felt the first set of knuckles slid into my hole. I breathed deeper and held my breathe then released. Sensing my new relaxation, Mr. Fister slid into me more and I felt his second set of knuckles slide into my hole. Dr. Clown’s head was thrown back, well it looked that way in the shadows that I could see. More pressure was added to my hole, stretching it more as the back of Mr. Fister's hand slid against it. With the cock in me, I could not feel the biggest part of the hand and thumb sliding into me. My nipples were becoming sore and that took my mind off my hole, but just momentarily. The hand inside my hole, started to move back and forth, but just small movements. At the same time, the doctor’s dick started to move with it, but opposite movements to the hand. My cock throbbed from the pleasure of my hole being fucked and fisted and the pain of the torture of my nipples. I could feel my cum shot building up and I knew I would shoot soon. The hand and cock continued to move inside me, it felt like Mr. Fister’s hand was slowly jacking off Dr. Clown’s cock inside my hole. Each thrust in from the cock, my own cock would jump and land back on my stomach. Stinger let go of my nipples and began to remove the headphones. The sounds of the room were slowly coming back, muffled but coming back. He removed the clothe and the cotton from my ears. I could hear everything now. Including my heart beat which was loudly beating in my ear from my popper high. I was now hearing the slurping sounds of my hole being fucked and fisted. Stinger went back to my nipples, twisting them hard and then pulling them. His hard cock was resting on my side and was leaking fuck juice. “Lick my hole” the doctor ordered. I thought Stinger was going to move around and stick his tongue up the doctor’s ass, but I heard moaning. Mr. Fister must have moved his tongue into the doctor’s crack and invade his hole. “Oh yeah that’s it, move your head with my ass, don’t let the tongue lose it’s touch on my hole” I heard a muffled reply, but could not make it out. Stinger released my nipples, allowing the blood to flow back in, only to pinch them again. This time he used the tip of his nails, digging them into my flesh. I released a loud moan inside of the gas mask. The poppers were still giving me a rush each time I breathed, but I was getting light headed at times. Stinger must has sensed that I needed air because he undid the little brown bottle from the hose and allowed fresh air to come in. I had not gooned on poppers in a long time. As much as I loved the rush, the fresh air was better right now. “Remove the mask, Stinger” Fister said. Releasing my nipples, Stinger pulled on the mask, pulling my hair, any resistance from the mask straps gave way and I was out of it. As my eyes adjusted, I could see the doctor pumping his cock in and out of my hole, while rubbing up against the hand inside with it. He was pinching his nipples, moaning. I could not see Fister at all, but I knew he was back there, slurping on the doctor’s hole. “Fuck me Fister,” he said. Fister did not slowly pull his hand out of my ass, he ripped it out. I yelped loudly as it slid out leaving only the doctor’s cock in me. The doctor had stopped moving and was waiting for Fister to push his cock up his ass. Soon they were in a good rhythm. The doctor nodded his head and Stringer jumped up on the table, squatting down on to my hard cock that the doctor was holding up. It easily slid into his muscle ass. Fister was the first one to cum, he grabbed the doctor in a bear hug and held on as his cock pumped his load deep into his ass. I could hear him grunting as he unloaded. I couldn’t hold it any longer and started to shoot my load deep into Stinger. He continued to slide up and down my cock as it pulsed. Dr. Clown moaned as my hole twitched around his cock as I came up Stinger’s hole. Stinger sat down quickly, once he felt me shooting in his ass. The doctor picked up speed of his fucking and then after a minute, the doctor slammed into me deep shooting his load. Fister had pulled out and was standing by the cabinets. Stinger was slowly lifting off my soft cock, leaving the doctor buried deep in my hole. “You are going to make an excellent addition to our family of freaks” the doctor said. “I get to keep him?” Stinger said excitedly. “Yes Stinger you get to keep him” “He’s going to be my new pal” Stinger said like a small child.
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    this boy screamed so loud when I fucked him I thought the neighbors would hear him. he took my cock and load as well as my boy's. we let the pup jerk off on his ass
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    As Danny is walking out the door, I'm texting Peter from my accounting class and told him I was free. He said he would be there in 10. Peter is an avg looking guy, he is 6'2, maybe 150 pounds, skinny kid but a good heart and a nice cock to boot. Peter walked in and kissed me, was we moved to the couch he grabbed me ass and felt the left over lube, spit and little bit of cum that leaked out of my ass into my short. He pulled me back into him and whisper in my ear. "Who has been fucking your ass this morning". We are open about our sex life, so I told him Danny had been over 15 mins ago and dropped a load in me. He held me from behind and guided his cock into my ass, he informed me that he wanted to fuck me and push my ex's load in deeper as he was biting my ear. Peter has the ability to do it to, he is 8.5"long and loves to long dick. He is not as thick as the ex but its a nice thickness all the same. He bent me over the couch and dropped my shorts, then ran a finger over my hole. "I love pre-lubed holes he informed, specially cummy holes" he said. He starts spitting on my hole and rubbing his cock head around my hole. He asked if I want it and what could I say but yes. He slowly pushes it in till he got to the last inch and told me to hold still, then he slammed the last inch or so in. He holds it there and say " the ex's load is deeper then he could have gotten it now and laughs". He then starts pulling all the way out and then pushes all the way back in, he is a pervert like me. He tells me as he pulls out a second time, that his cock is covered in my ex's cum and drives back in and holds it there. He pulls out again and drives back into me, he does this for the next ten mins, he tells me the whole time how he loves the way my ass takes his cock. As we are fucking my cell goes off and it's the other ex that I texted about fucking. Peter looks over my shoulder as he is pushing into me and ask if I'm going to let him fuck me today also. I told him that I wanted to top today, but it is looking like a bottom day. Peter tells me that if I let the ex fuck me he will come over after and push his load in deep like he is doing now. How could I say no to that, Peter is not a rough fucker, he likes to take his time and enjoy a long fuck. So, i text the ex back an ask when he is free, he replys after 1, its only 11:30 and I'm having the second fuck of the day. So I said 1:00 would work for me. At this point, Peter has been fucking me for about 25 mins, going at a nice easy pace. My legs are getting tired and my back is hurting from being bent over the couch, I ask Peter if we can change it up and he told me that he is getting close and he wants to blow because he has to get to class. I started to jerk my cock and told him to bring it on. Peter starts to fuck me faster and is only pulling out a few inches now. Peter is getting close and ask where I want it, I had to laugh at that. I tell Peter, ur fucking me raw with my ex's cum as lube, where do u think I want it. With that, he pushes in as far as he could and loads me, telling me that he is so far up in me that I should be able to taste his load, because it was a big one. Peter pulls out and tell me that he wants me in my team shorts and jock later tonight when he comes back to fuck me again. As I'm pulling up my shorts, the cell dings again, it's college boy. The blond hung monster, he is horny and want to play after class around 2. Peter ask me about him, and I told him about the massive cock twink and what we had done in the pass. Peter not a dom, but he can act aggressive sometimes. He tells me that I should let college kid fuck me also. That I should be a true cum slut today and take all the cocks and loads as I can. I have only let five guys ever fuck me at this point and the most I have ever been fucked in one day is four times and that was by Danny the ex. I didn't know if my ass could take four guys and five fucks. Peter tells me that I can handle it and maybe one more, I just look at him strange, as in who would be the one more. Peter just smiles and says he has a fuck buddy that has wanted my ass for a long time. I ask him who it was and he say Zack, this skinny, short punk kid. Zack is cute in a punk way, so I asked if he thought he would be up to it today and Peter says he would skip class if he had to, to fuck me. So, I ask the big question, is he hung? Peter just laughs and tells me that Zack is about the same size as him, maybe a little thicker and uncut. He does warn me that zack is aggressive and twisted when it comes to sex. That they have done some kinky things together and talked about doing some-other things but he didn't tell me what they were. I trust and know Peter, we have been playing for the last year. What all has he done with is punk that we have not done and how twisted can this little punk be? What can he be into that peter and i have not done before have? Plus, I have not had an uncut cock before. Just something you don't see around here. So, I told Peter to set it up and ask if he was clean, dumb question to ask someone since I have taken two loads and was looking at taking three maybe four more. But all the loads were from guys that have fucked me before and yes it's a risk, but I was comfortable with taking their loads. Peter told me that he was clean and that they been trading loads from time to time. So I said, set it up.

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