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    Hi Guys, Super new to this forum but have been writing/reading/fantasising/watching poz related content for years and years! (I’m 23) Over the years I have written a load of short stories and whole sagas relating to it, but don’t have them anymore, so thought I write some new stuff for here along the same lines. Let me know what you think! (And any poz tops (viral only) can get in contact...wink wink...) The Dark Room - A Prologue It was 3 am, I was drunk, and even my friends had gotten tired and left for home. It was just me, dancing like a crazy guy, in the Havana gay night club at 3am... I stumbled over to the bar to ask for another drink, but they turned me away, so I decided it was time to head for the exit. The whole room was a swirl of bodies and sweat, the smell was enough to get any guy hard, but at this point my sole focus was finding the way out. I could see a large corridor and began staggering my way through. The loud club music faded into the background as I continued my journey...was this the way I had come in? Eventually I saw some stairs heading downwards and began a rather drunken decent down...had we climbed stairs on the way in...? Everything was a blur... The stairs opened up into a very large but dark room, filled with shifting silhouettes. The smell hung heavy in the air, musky, the smell of man. I could hear grunts and groans, and the squelching of dicks sliding in and out of asses. I could hear muffled whispers and moans. This must have been some kind of sex room? I laughed to myself at the situation I had found myself in, but just before turning to clamber my way back up to civilisation, I couldn’t help but acknowledge the rock solid dick I was hiding in my underwear. In my drunken state I slowly edged forward just to catch a better glimpse of the action. My eyes began to adjust to the room and I could see several different clusters of guys eagerly pounding away. I couldn’t really make anything out, but before I had chance to look closer, I felt a hand grab at my pecs from behind, they were rough and calloused. I felt his warm breath up against my ear as he whispered gruffly, “Hey baby, not seen you before...” his hands stroked downwards and round to my ass. I still couldn’t see his face but his right hand slid down my crack and I felt his finger tapping at my hole, “Mmmmm...wow...you’re perfect...” he slowly kissed at my neck, sending shivers down my spine, his grip tightening, “I can’t wait to get inside you.” He breathed me in loud and deeply, “GOD...you smell so good, mmmm you want me to sort you out baby?” I was frozen to the spot, not expecting so much attention so quickly, “Um..I..” I stammered getting flustered, the room still shaking from drunkenness. “Ssh, shh shhh...don’t worry baby,” he whispered right up to me ear, “I know what you want I can help you out.” His finger pressed firmer against my ass and I felt his finger slip inside me, I had already cleaned and lubed up in preparation for the night and his whole finger slid inside at rapid speed once he’d entered the hole, “damn boy!” He grunted, “I can see you got ready for me how sweet.” He stuck out a thick wet tongue and licked at the sweat on my neck, and then he hugged me closer and I could feel his hard cock pressing against my left ass cheek. I heard him spit and some squelching sounds, and once again he returned to my ear, my goosebumps returned. With his right hand he stroked down my inner right thigh and groin, gripping firm. My dick was rock hard, precum began spilling over and drooling to the floor. I felt him slip his finger out and then quickly return the pressure, but this time it was much wider, two or three fingers I presumed.... He slid deep inside and began to thrust in and out, his pace increasing and his breath quickening. As my prostate began to pulse I could tell it was his dick fucking me...and bare! There had been no mention of condoms, in fact, I still hadn’t even seen his face. This unknown figure was standing directly behind me, pressed up so close. It was happening too quick and I was too drunk to process everything properly. His right hand tightened on my groin and his left arm gripped round my chest up and to my throat where he held firm. He whispered once more, “God you feel so amazing baby, so warm and soft...UGHH...god....ugh ....so good,” he was thrusting so deep he was almost leaning right into me and I struggled for balance. I staggered to hold my stance, his thrusting never slowed and his grip around my neck never loosened. Eventually his weight behind me was too much and I fell forward and down onto my stomach. He fell on top of me knocking the wind out of me and I couldn’t move or speak. The thrusting didn’t stop, even for a second, “like to play a bit rough ey?” He joked as began to jack up and down and really ram deep with each pound. I was sore from the fall but my prostrate was in fluttering ecstasy, and I teased on the edge of orgasm for a couple of minutes. The guy behind, who I still hadn’t even seen, kept on like a animal, driven solely on the instinct to keep pounding till he bred me. I was too dizzy and disoriented to stop him. And I could see another shadow shift into view... “Fuck Vic another one already! Don’t you ever stop man! That ginger one is still crying in the back room!” The voice shouted to the guy balls deep inside my ass. I heard the guy behind me laugh as he continued to grunt into me, “I’ve got a record to keep Jeff! Besides, I heard Mario knocked up half of that football team we had in here last week, and I ain’t letting him catch up!” The guy standing above us just laughed and shook his head, “You’re a dirty fucker Vic you know, I don’t know where you find these idiots! I’ve seen you in what...8... maybe 9 asses just this weekend...and I mean...I’d have thought you’d at least slow down after what happened to Danny.” “Oh just fuck off Jeff! Give a guy a break when his balls deep man. Lemme at least unload a sec...and....and I’ll chat after....” the guy must have agreed, as he then walked off. The drink and the confusing conversation were overwhelming, and for a few more minutes, no word were exchanged until his hammering finally picked up a final time... “Who’s...who’s Danny?” I managed to stammer. “Just some idiot kid who got what he deserves....you stupid neg bottoms are all the same, preaching about same sex, but the slightest whiff of a poz cock and your ass up before you can even blink!” He laughed to himself. “Wait what? Poz..poz what?” “Danny,” he interrupted ignoring my questions, but still thrusting, “Danny...was a guy...I ...I fucked last month...but don’t worry about him....he’s...he’s ...he’s in the hospital now...” “What?!” I managed, confused. “Don’t worry baby....I told you...I got .... what you need” he managed to breath as his thrusting continued and he began to pant, “I’ve got... 11 solid years... under my belt...and...and not one pill..” I frowned in confusion, distracted by the alcohol and the pain..no, the pleasure...building inside my ass. “Oh fuck...oh it’s coming boy...good luck...I hope......I...hope...ugh...fuuuuck,” he stammered before grunting loudly, “UGHH..UGHH” I felt his cock unload hot ropes of cum deep inside my ass, “UGHH...ohhh..there we go...” he breathed, my own cock spasming and shooting out into the wet tiled floor. We lay there together breathing heavily. “There you go,” he whispered stroking my neck and releasing his grip, “god my babies are gonna love it up inside that ass man,“ he whispered and kissed the back of my neck. His dick slopped out my hole with a audible ‘plop’, and he clambered to his feet. “I hope... I hope you’ve got health insurance...” he breathed heavily and with great effort he staggered up and for the first time I could see him standing over me. He was a tall skeletal figure, his muscles visible, but also his bones. He looked ill and his face was purple with effort. His face shape was gaunt, and he must have been 40/50s at least, though looked perhaps older. He grinned wide with yellowed teeth as he staggered off into the distant crowd. My drunken brain couldn’t put together all the information? He was...he had...he had HIV...definitely he was soo ill...and no condom! I just breathed and struggled to process. In the distant I looked to see his huge cock swinging between his legs, dripping wet... “How many’s that then?” I heard a voice laugh as he his footsteps faded, “that’ll be 163!” He replied, “Ain’t no one stopping me! Now then... where’s that hot swimmer guy,? There ain’t no way I’m letting Mario get inside that one cos just the smell of him made my balls ache! I’m gonna have him whether he wants or not!” He laughed and slapped the back of whoever was jesting with him. Their voices and footsteps faded into the distance until I was left alone on the floor, breathing heavily...
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    Chapter 1: A Real Man Never Pulls Out Why we had come to the bath house, my friend Finn and I, well that’s a whole story in of itself. Let’s just say, we were young and horny and wanted to push the boat out a little now we were both 21. We had heard it was great to find tops who were great at sex, and they even said guys in ‘our condition’ could get in for free...whatever that meant? After a swift pass through reception, and three minutes stripping in the empty locker room, we were ready. We had agreed, for the first half an hour to split up and explore alone, to best be free to do as we pleased. It was still early, so the steam rooms were quite empty, but within five minutes I found myself entering the hot wooden sauna room... A hairy guy was sat back in the sauna, alone, like a beautifully carved statue. He was bald, but with a thick brown nest of a beard covering his chin and neck. He was almost posing, led down with his right hand resting above him, revealing a large bicep and a thick nestle of armpit hair. His other hand was at his side, his chest a thick rug of brown curls, leading seductively into a thick mat of dense forest. The base of his dick wasn’t even visible between his thick hairs, which dripped with sweat. His tree trunks of legs shot out from under him, also hairy of course, ending in large feet with chunky toes. I stared deep into his bush, mesmerised in every way, and could see the tip of his dick at the base of his crotch, curled to one side. It was still mostly soft and yet large and snake like. It flopped down to the wooden planks that were supporting his back and ass cheeks. A good three or four inches of shaft was showing, though you could tell there was at least another two or so hidden at the basement which was huge for a soft cock. At the tip a large circumcised mushroom head flared out, a rich purple, almost a deep brown colour. My entire face was locked in on him, hypnotised by the manly hairs and long juicy looking cock. I looked at his face, a handsome chiselled face with bright blue eyes that had locked onto mine. He smirked slightly and nodded for me to come over. Not even a nod, the smallest of eyebrow raises, a tiny gesture, and it flooded my whole body the adrenaline and my cock stiffened. I slowly edged forward, but he didn’t move to meet me. The only movement was he parted his legs ever so slightly, and bucked his hips in one swift subtle motion. His cock was filling and growing slightly, though it’s full length still hidden within his mighty bush. I edged closer and knelt to bring my nose closer to his crotch. He smelled of perfection so strong and masculine. With one deep inhale I breathed in the scent of the man, and slowly reached to pull his cock up and out from between his legs, as it filled to full erection. It was huge, I would guess nine inches. My eyes widened. I opened my mouth and slowly brought the beast of a cock to my lips, the scent filling my nostrils. A quick hit from his fist threw my side ways, “No mouth!” He said firmly, “Bare ass only lad, take it or leave it.” He then resumed to laying back and closed his eyes. I had no choice, I couldn’t leave such a god alone without having experienced his cock deep inside me, so as instructed I climbed above him and lined up his bare shaft to my ass lips. The question of lube hadn’t crossed my mind till he spat in his hands and rubbed it on his shaft, not once opening his eyes. Slowly I sank down on his shaft, it was tough but not painful, so long as I kept it slow. But after a few second I felt his strong arms yank down at my hips and his entire cock pierced through my guts in one stroke. I yelled helplessly and in an effort to push up, was firmly held down by his immense muscular strength. He firmly kept me down and then grabbed at the back of my head and pulled my tight into his exposed right pit. He knew what he was doing. A guy like this must have down this hundreds if not thousands of times. The smell was intoxicating, hypnotic, overwhelming. My eyes watered and my spine tingled. I’d never smelled something so heavenly, so powerful. My entire body relaxed and all thought of his thick cock penetrating me had left my mind. It was sheer bliss, I couldn’t help but begin licking and deeply breathing all the musk I could find. “That’s right lad breathe it in,” he said slowly, a smirk on his face, “breath in that musk for me lad, and let me have your hole.” Despite his first thrust, he was grinding very slow and sensually, he was balls deep and remained so, only moving his cock around in circles and in and out the slightest of inches. His cock was so far up I could feel it punching at my stomach, a dull ache and yet pleasure all the same. I could feel his bush tickling at my ass cheeks and could feel his pit hairs tickling at my nose. “You know what that smell is lad? That’s the smell of a real man. That’s the smell of a man, not a pussy boy like you. I haven’t shaved ever, except my head of course, I’ve never once touched a razor in my life, and you know what else...I haven’t washed this body in just under 5 years. That’s right, that’s all five years of sweat and musk built up over time, my dick, my balls, these pits not seen a bath or shower since 2015. That’s what you’re smelling, a real man, and you can’t help yourself, you stupid fag, I mean look at you. I get you nose deep in my bush and you take a poz cock raw without any questions.” He chuckled shaking his head. I snapped out of my daze at the sound, “Poz? You’re poz?!” I said panicked. My ass remained firmly impaled on his cock, and his slow rhythmic thrusts never ceased. He just winked at me and nodded, gesturing down to his crotch. I could see beneath his mass of hairs was a black biohazard tattoo I hadn’t noticed hiding away. “This is a poz cock you got in you boy, and it ain’t shooting blanks neither. You can count yourself lucky,” he grinned proudly, ”this bad boy was shooting at 900,000 VL last count, and that was a good few months ago lad...so who knows how viral it is now...” “Wait we need to stop, Im not on Prep I can’t...” “Shhh lad, it’s fine man, just accept it,” he whispered calmly, grabbing my head softly and directing my face back down to his pit. The smell of this unwashed unshaven cave man overwhelmed me once more and all thought of danger left me. I moaned quietly in pleasure as his cock picked up just a little pace and began probing deeper and deeper into my intestines. “Just don’t....don’t cum in me please...” I stammered bravely. He really did laugh then, “Sorry lad no can do. I have four simple rules...” He brushed through his jungle of a bush, “Rule one: a real man never shaves” He told me to breath deep, “Rule two: a real man doesn’t wash away his musk.” He even breathed deep himself then, revealing in his own scent. “Rule three: a real man doesn’t waste a load masturbating, he only ever cums in a bare ass, no more no less.” He smiled again me then. He then lifted me up swiftly, and spun me round, so he was above me penetrating deep into me in missionary position. “and finally, once inside an ass,” he began to pick up pace into a quick thrust, “a real man never pulls out!” His face was slowly reddening as he thrust harder and harder, he was sweating even more and the smell was staggering. It was as if the whole room was filled with a thick fog of his musk. He looked at me deep into my eyes as he pounded harder, “And trust me lad....I’m a real man!” And with that he thrust once more deep deep into my ass and grunted in pleasure as his thick cock contracted and shot his poz sperm right up my gut. I was in absolute ecstasy and hypnotised by his scent. “Give it to me, I want your load, give it to me!” “Fuuuuck!” He grunted, a few more shots adding to the growing pool of poz sperm splashing at the walls of my ass. His whole body collapsed on top of me as he breathed deep. His weight was heavy, but his skin was so close that I could smell him better than ever before and I sank away into a dream like state. Eventually he climbed off and went back to lying down in the sauna, his dick was covered in cum as it slowly crystallised, I noticed he made no effort to wash it off. He spoke not one word afterwards, and I slowly left the room, light headed from the fucking. I gathered my thoughts in the next room, a steam room with steam so heavy it was hard to see. But once my eyes adjusted I could see all too clearly what was going on... My friend Finn was bent over, ass up against the wall, and a young Latino guy was pounding away at his ass. He sported a large scorpion tattoo on his right thigh...I could see Finn was falling for the same treatment as me.... what was this place...? And to add to it, his throat was eight inches full of another guys cock, an older thinner guy. An all too familiar symbol was clearly visible above his crotch, a large black biohazard tattoo. Finns face was red as he was choking and gagging on his cock, an eruption of throat slime spewing out from his lips. Yet despite his struggle for breath, the old guys cock remained firmly balls deep until a second much more violent avalanche of stomach juices flowed out. Only then did he pull out, and I noticed a thick heavy PA ring hanging strikingly from the tip of his already massive cock. How a young guy like Finn had ended up in this situation, well... I guess that’s another story....
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    The next morning we woke up to a knock at the door, it was Jerol. It felt weird seeing him and hear him telling us we had an hour to get ready, especially after what we did the night before. The boys all headed to the shower, while I waited for them to leave, and pull the cum soaked toilet paper from in between my ass cheeks out and flush down our toilet. Another knock on the door. I opened it with just my towel on thinking one of the boys forgot something. It was Jerol again. He said,"hey, sorry I was a little rough last night, but it'd been a week since I've gotten my cock wet." His hollywood smile made me soft and I said,"It's cool man, I just wish you hadn't cum in me." That was embarrassing to say out loud. He smiled at me and hugged me, our skin touching like that, made me hard again! What the fuck!? Why? He felt my dick harden against him. He pulled my towel off and I was rock hard standing straight up. He asked,"Did you shit my cum out of your pussy last night?" "No," I replied,"I couldn't do it with the guys all in here and the shower area closed off." "Good," Jerol responded, "get on your back on the edge of your bed, we have about twenty minutes." He pushed me toward the bed, and I did as he told me to, all the while telling him we couldn't fuck, he was too big, and I was too sore, I didn't like it. He lifted up my legs and started eating my hole. I was in bliss, as my battered hole was getting some relief from a tongue massage. I heard a "click" and saw he had oil in his hand. I guess he'd had it in his shorts pocket the whole time. He was stroking his third leg as he ate my boy pussy. I mean, my ass. I was beginning to feel relaxed and almost felt like I might cum. He got up on his knees and placed that huge cock on my hole. "Jerol! Please don't! I can't take it." He retorted,"I'm just going to rub my head on your hole okay?" I let him. I just laid back like a slut as he rubbed his cock on my hole. He started stroking my steel hard cock with his hand and as I relaxed more he applied pressure to my hole and he started to sink into me. I guess all the cum inside me and the oil he'd poured all over his dick was enough lube to enter my tight hole. It still hurt like a fucker, but kinda felt good too. Having this tall, gorgeous young man put such a huge cock into my tiny hole. I felt so dirty, so wrong. It was so wrong to let this guy push his huge thick cock into my ass. He was sinking more and more of that beautiful cock into my butthole when he hit my inside spot again. Precum started pouring out my pee hole. I was grunting it hurt, but also I felt the pressure against my prostate and fuck...I think I might cum. Why did it hurt so bad too though? He put my legs up onto his shoulders and grabbed my hips as his began slamming his cock into my little hole. I was breathing hard as I felt myself about to cum. He railed on my hole. Jerol began talking gross to me again. Telling me my white boy pussy was his to use and breed as long as I was at camp. He said he'd fuck all of his loads into my bitch hole whenever he wanted and I'd better learn to take his poison loads. "Poison loads???" What did that mean? Precum was leaking out all over my abs. I told him to hurry before the guys got back. "Hurry what?" Jerol asked "Hurry up and cum in me before they get back," I said. Jerol smiled and began ramming me hard, his hips slapping against my ass cheeks...pow pow pow rapidly plowing my hole. I couldn't take the pressure or pleasure any more and my cock started exploding between us. I didn't even touch my dick this time! I was blowing my last load out onto my face as he drove his truck sized cock into me and I felt again how much thicker it got as he blasted my insides with his cum. He pulled his dick out unceremoniously and dropped my weak legs to the floor. He pulled up his shorts and put the oil back in his pocket. "Get to the showers before the boys get out, or they'll see you covered in cum and might see my loads leaking from your used up pussy." Jerol warned me. I quickly covered up with a towel and practically ran into a shower stall so no one would see my shame. I felt a little bit of Jerol's cum leak out of my hole for the rest of the day. Why did I let him fuck me again? It hurt so bad the first time, I wasn't ever gonna let that happen again. I guess it wasn't as bad the second time, but still! I can't believe I came without even touching my cock...I came sooo hard and so much...
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    I was in High School when this all went down. It was the summer, and I had just turned 18. I was looking forward to basketball camp at a University about 40 miles from my home town. This was the type of basketball camp where we stayed in the mostly empty dorms for the 5 days we were there. The first day was a hard one, the instructors were tough. My group was paired off with a freshman University player. He was tall, of course, maybe 6'7" or so. He was very good looking and mixed race. He looked like he might have been 1/3rd black or possibly half black. He wasted no time in shucking his shirt, and wow...his body was ripped. You could see every muscle in his body. He had a tiny bit of hair in the middle of his chest, which I found very attractive since I barely had any hair except my pits and crotch. I noticed his ass and crotch as he demonstrated moves for us. His ass was the definition of a bubble butt, I swear you could probably bounce a brick off of it and he was no slump in the crotch department, his bulge was prominent. I don't know why I was noticing all of that. I have a girlfriend, maybe it's because I hadn't seen such a well developed man this close in person and about my age. He also worked with us one on one and every time it was my turn it felt like he was deliberately making sure his skin touched as much of my skin as possible. The smell of clean fresh sweat was extremely intoxicating and I was glad I had worn my jockstrap to keep my cock down. Why was this turning me on? I guess it had been two weeks since I got to hookup with my girl. She was at church camp and my basketball camp overlapped her camp by a day. I was blessed with a pretty decent sized cock, about 7.5 inches, cut and quite thick. I could also cum multiple times in a row without going limp and I was a shooter. So not having been able to fuck in over two weeks was beginning to take it's toll on me. We finally had a lunch break and we broke off into our groups to eat, our instructor, Jerol, sat with us, more specifically, sat right next to me on the grass. We all laughed and talked. Turned out his dorm room was in our building with the rest of the guys. By the end of the day we all were fast friends, including Jerol. We all retired to our dorm buildings, and settled in, and began readying for a much needed shower time. I was on the phone with my girlfriend while everyone else went and showered. She kept me on the phone for at least 45 minutes and I finally convinced her I had to go or there'd be no hot water left. My three other roomies were already back in our dorm talking to their girlfriends or family. I got my stuff together and went to the shower area. It was locked up! Why would they lock up the shower area at all? I didn't understand, I thought this area was open 24/7. Just then Jerol came down the stairs and saw me standing at the door holding all my shower gear. He said,"sorry man, I didn't know anyone was left, but hey, there's a shower area on my floor and they keep it open all the time for us that stay over the summer. I followed him up to his floor and he showed me the shower area, it was actually a lot nicer than ours. He started to undress in front of me, which was cool by me, I've seen plenty of naked bodies. I was shucking my clothes as well. That's when I saw out the corner of my eye his huge cock. It had to be 7 inches soft and thick as a coke can. I couldn't stop glaring at it. I broke out of my trance when he started walking towards me with his monster swinging at my eye level as I sat on the bench trying to cover my thickening cock. "Come on man, let's get some soap on our ass and balls," Jerol said while patting my face. I reluctantly got up carrying my towel in front of me to hide my growing erection. He started the showerhead first and while his eyes were closed I was able to put my back toward him and hide my dick. It was a "hard" situation to shower next to this hung god and hide my erection the whole time. Once we were back to the locker area drying off Jerol began putting oil all over his body. He said,"most black guys have to use lotion or oil on our bodies after a shower so are skin doesn't get ashy." I told him I had to do that during the winter myself. Jerol asked, "Hey man, can you get my back and shoulders, I can't ever get to all of it," I said "sure, but you'll have to sit on the bench, because you're kinda too tall for me to reach your shoulders." We both laughed and he sat down, still naked. I had gotten my underwear and shorts on at least. As I rubbed the oil on his back and shoulders he let out a light moan. It took my by surprise and I froze. "Man after today's workout, your hands just feel so good on my sore muscles, do you think you could massage me?" Jerol asked. I was reluctant, I hadn't ever touched another guy like this, but I desperately wanted to keep touching him. His skin felt like velvet stretched on top of tight muscles so I agreed to massage him. He quickly stood up and grabbed his stuff and said,"come on, let's go to my dorm room so it's more comfortable." I just did what he asked and followed him. Once we got inside, he pulled off his shorts and laid down on his bed in just his underwear. He told me to straddle him and work on his shoulders. I did as commanded as if in a trance. His hands eventually started rubbing my thighs as I massaged his shoulders, I was hard as a rock and there was no hiding it. I thought,"thankfully he can't see my erection about to bust out of my shorts." It was at that exact moment Jerol flipped over lifting my body easily on his ass and as he turned over my ass slid across his butt, then hip, and rested right on his crotch. I was frozen in fear as he saw my erection and I quickly tried to put my hands over it. Jerol laughed and said,"relax man, you're not the only one enjoying this," It was then that I realized I wasn't just sitting on his crotch, I was sitting on a steel rod of about 10 inches and thick as my arm. Jerol smiled a Hollywood smile at me as his hands went to my bare hips and began stroking my exposed skin, he wasted no time fishing my cock out of my shorts and started jerking my cock with his oily hands. "You're pretty hung for such a young white boy," Jerol complimented me. I was shaking I was so nervous, I pushed myself off of him and blurted out,"I'm not gay, I have a girlfriend! That's why I was late to the shower." Jerol smiled that smile at me again, and grabbed my hand, pulling me back toward him next to the bed. "It's cool man, I've got a girl too, she's back in her hometown for the summer though, and men like us have needs. We're just helping each other out." Jerol explained. I couldn't say anything as he slowly pulled my shorts and underwear down to my knees where my raging hardon was right in front of his sculpture like face. In one swift movement he took my whole cock down his throat. My knees buckled and I almost lost it. I'd never felt anything like that before. To be deep throated in that manner was something completely new to me. His large hands practically covered both my ass cheeks as he used them to pull my body forward causing me to throat fuck him. He was going at such a speed I suddenly realized I was about to cum. I grabbed his head and hoarsely said,"SHIT! I'm gonna cum!" I unleashed a torrent of cum, blasting down his throat. He kept sucking me and swallowed every drop. I was weak as my cock was still lodged in his throat. He gently moved me to the bed and slowly pulled off my cock. I was still rock hard and out of sorts. Confused by what had just happened. Jerol stood up and yanked off his shorts and underwear, he got onto the floor on his knees in front of me, and quickly pulled off my clothes. He went down on me again, sucking in my hard dick down to my balls. He was a pro, I'd never had anyone suck my dick all the way down and certainly not at this speed and expert level. He made his way down to my balls and began licking and sucking them as his oily hand stroked my boner. I was in heaven, I just laid back and let him pleasure me. Every time I felt like I was about to bust another load, his hand would slow down or stop as he continued to lick my balls, his tongue was so long it was stretching out and licking my taint even. That felt good too. He lifted my legs up so that my ass cheeks were almost resting on his thick muscular shoulders, one hand wrapped around my thigh and continued to stroke my cock, he used this position to suddenly push my hips up and within a second his tongue was on my asshole! Holy fuck that felt good. I began to relax even more as he licked my hole, he would flex his tongue and start to dart it in and out of my loosening wet hole. I was beginning to leak precum steadily. He pivoted my body so that instead of my ass hanging off the bed I was now on the bed with my legs up and he crawled up onto the bed between my legs with his tongue still inside my hole. He grabbed the oil and poured a bunch on his huge cock, I was amazed at how incredibly thick and long it was. His dickhead looked like golf ball on the end of a extra long beer can. He crawled up to where our cocks were rubbing against each other, he was jerking both of us off at the same time. He grabbed my hand and put it on his dick. This was the first time I'd touched it. It felt oddly satisfying and strange to be stroking another guy off, let alone masturbating a cock that my hand couldn't even fully reach around. I could see little pearls of precum popping up out of piss slit and saw a tattoo of a 4-leaf clover on below where his waistband would've been and below that some sort of tribal design, it looked like something from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. It's cool he's a gamer too! But currently I was mesmerized by how beautiful and big his cock was in my hands. He pulled my legs up to his shoulders and began to thrust his monster against my cock and balls as he leaned over my and his face got closer to mine. He was telling me, "damn, you're so hot, you're making me so horny with your tight white body." This strangely turned me on even more as he thrusted his body against mine. Eventually I noticed that his thrusting movements had somehow changed our position a bit and his gigantic cock was now rubbing up and down my ass crack. Occasionally his cockhead would catch on my hole and apply some pressure. It actually felt amazing. I didn't know my asshole could make me feel so good. It was making me think I might cum again. More and more his cockhead would catch on my hole and more and more it felt like it was beginning to penetrate my hole. Just a little bit, like the outter ring maybe. It hurt, but with all the oil, it was still feeling more good than bad. He was breathing hard and when I looked at his face, his mouth was open and he was panting as he thrust onto my hole. I was beginning to feel like a piece of meat, and I'm embarrassed to say it made me hornier. At some point during one of the times his dick caught on my hole and slightly penetrated me, he pushed harder with his weight, and I felt his cock enter me, just about an inch or two, but it had hit something extra tight right inside my butthole. I felt like I had just been ripped open. I screamed but his massive muscular body held me tight in that position. I pleaded, "oh fuck, take it out man. It hurts to much. Pleeeassse take it out." Jerol said,"if I take it out right now, it's gonna hurt way worse, just don't move okay? I didn't mean to enter you, I'll take it out in a minute when your hole relaxes." I did what he said, I just laid there, not moving a muscle. He stayed still with his huge cock lodged a couple inches inside me. Tears began to leak out my closed eyes from the pain. I opened them and looked at him. His face was full of lust and it looked like he enjoyed seeing my tears. "Jerol, please take it out, it hurts so bad," I begged. It was actually beginning to loosen up, but it still hurt like hell and I didn't want to tell him there was "less" pain now. "I'm sorry," Jerol replied,"I didn't mean for it to go inside you, I promise when you loosen up and relax, I'll take it out." His hips began to gently rock, not really thrust or anything, but his cock was moving inside me, but not going deeper. I was beginning to feel better, it still felt painful, but not like the initial pain. I told him I thought it was loosening up and he could probably take it out now. He said,"okay baby boy, let me put some more oil on it so that it will come out easier." He grabbed the oil and liberally poured more all over his cock and my hole. He laid on top of me with his face buried in my neck, he started to kiss my neck and as I relaxed more, I felt his cock actually go deeper inside me! "Ouch ouch ouch! Jerol! Please, this hurts so bad, you're going deeper." I pleaded. His kisses became more frantic as he worked his mouth up my neck and to my cheek, his thick soft lips locked onto mine. This was the first time a guy had ever kissed me, and it felt so good. He had some thick lips and as they worked my lips, his tongue opened up my mouth, I immediately let his tongue enter my mouth and I began kissing him back, hard. I was in so much lust. I felt myself break out in a sweat as I kissed back with all my might, when I realized his cock was going in deeper again. I was moaning into his mouth from the pain when all of a sudden his pushed his weight down on me and my hole broke open, he sank about half his cock into me. I cried out loud, but he had his hand on behind my head and my mouth was locked onto his mouth. I screamed into his mouth as he began pumping his huge cock in and out of my torn hole. I was hitting his shoulders and sides with my fists, but they didn't seem to phase him at all. He finally broke our kiss and grabbed my wrists, yanking them above my head. "Listen here bitch, I haven't fucked in a week, and you gave up your pussy real quick, so relax, I need this," Jerol commanded. I was crying now as he held onto my wrists and was pumping 4-5 inches in and out of my incredibly stretched tight hole. I cried to him,"Please Jerol, take it out, it hurts so bad." He replied by reaching for his phone and setting a timer for 5 minutes, Jerol told me,"Just let me go for 5 minutes, I'll take it out then okay?" He continued fucking his cock in and out of my hole, and kept going deeper. At some point, he was deep enough he hit something, I guessed it was my prostate. It felt really weird, like I had to piss or cum or both. I have to admit that when his gold ball cockhead hit me there it sent shockwaves through me. I resigned myself to letting him fuck my hole for the remainder of the 5 minute timer because, well, it did feel really good when he hit that spot even though I felt like my hole was being torn a new one. I looked at the timer and it had been 4 minutes, he somehow had worked all ten inches into my tight hole and now my prostate was getting a constant barrage of pleasure despite the pain I felt in other places. The timer finally went off, and he reached over to cancel it. I sighed in relief while he was still balls deep in me. He said,"fuck man, I'm almost ready to cum, just let me go a little bit longer, I can tell I'm hitting your g-spot now, you can't hide how much you like my cock hitting your good spot. I replied,"No, I mean, yes, you're hitting something and it feels fuckin good but it still hurts in other places, you're just too big." Jerol continued,"Please, I'm so close to cumming, just give me a few more minutes? Please? You're so hot, and your hole is the tightest I've had, just a couple minutes?" He said all this while gently flexing and pumping his cock against my prostate, making me shoot a tiny bit of precum onto my belly. I counter negotiated with him, "If I let you go a few more minutes, you gotta put a condom on if you're gonna cum." He smiled like he'd won. He said,"Okay man, I'll put a condom on, but you gotta let me cum in you, it's the only way I can bust." "Okay, but go slow when you put it back in and just cum if you have on a condom." I said. Jerol grabbed a condom, and gently pulled out of my hole. I felt very empty, and although I felt relieved, I also really missed that feeling my prostate had. Jerol wrapped up his cock and spread a ton of oil onto his cock. He positioned it on my hole and slowly re-entered me. It was slick and still felt tight as hell. I reached down and wrapped my hand around his cock and felt his ten inches slowly sink into my battered hole. He bottomed out and began to long dick me. I still had my hand on his cock as he piston fucked me, he was hitting my prostate at a much faster speed now and my eyes rolled back into my head as the intensity built up. He was pounding my ass now I felt his huge cock fucking past my hand right into my hole so deep and fast. I felt my asshole hairs in between my fingers and hands as his cock pounded away. I didn't have much hair on my asshole though, maybe I was feeling his pubes. Jerol was panting and breathing hard,"You want my cum bitch? Say it. Tell me you want this nigger cum in your white boy pussy." He was wrecking my prostate so good, I just went with it and started to tell him, "fuck my white boy pussy, I want your cum deep in me." We kept trading filthy talk which made me even hotter, I was feeling his monster fuck my hole with my hand and suddenly I felt another orgasm racing through me, I couldn't even talk, I tried to say I was cumming but couldn't, I blew a pint of cum all over our bodies. My cock was spraying our naked bodies when he slammed balls deep into me and roared. I felt his cock become even thicker against my straining anal walls as it was shooting cum like a fire hose into me. My hand on his cock felt it blasting through his shaft and out his cockhead buried deep in my bowels. He started to pump his cock in and out of me again, faster this time. I said,"didn't you cum?" Jerol replied,"fuck yeah, I unloaded and bred you good, but I've got one more for ya so hang on." He was fucking the hell out of my now limp body. I took my hand off his pistoning cock and as he slam fucked my hole I looked down at my hand to see it slick with oil but also ten or twelve pieces of rubber stuck all over it. I realized the condom hadn't just broke, it was shredded. "Jerol! Stop! Stop! The condom broke!" He was fucking my weak limp body so hard now he didn't pay attention to me and blew another huge load inside me. I laid there and let him cum inside me having no strength to fight his large muscular body. He began very slowly pulling out of my hole. I told him again,"Jerol, I told you to stop, the condom is shredded," Jerol, looked at my hand covered in condom pieces, and said,"Yeah I think it broke when I was putting it in your hole, you were just too tight man." I looked at him in shock. "Why didn't you say anything?" Jerol responded,"We made a deal, you said I could cum in you if I had a condom on." I asked if I could use his toilet, as I needed to try and shit out his cum. He told me his didn't work, I'd have to use one in my dorm or the ones in the shower area. I put my clothes back on as he laid naked, his cock half hard slick with oil and cum still on his dick head. I don't know why I did it, after feeling so used and worthless, but I went over and sucked his cock clean, he pulled my head off his cock and told me I'd better get back to my room because it was curfew. I went down to my floor and it dawned on me I couldn't use our dorm bathroom to shit out Jerol's cum. I tried the shower area again, but it was still locked. I stuffed a bunch of toilet paper in between by crack and just went to sleep exhausted, I immediately knocked out.
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    I’m sure he could tell I was nervous. Because I was. It took me fifteen minutes to work up the courage to walk inside, let alone the weeks of promising him I’d show up, now here I was. Walking up to the local bathhouse, the unassuming location on an unassuming side street. At the top of some steps was a set of doors and a small tellers window, the thin wiry man behind it was tall and friendly. He could see I was nervous. “First time?” He asked giving me a grin. Some of his teeth missing in his smile. “is it that obvious?” I asked trying to hide my shame. ”No worries, just have fun okay?” He said handing me a key and towel. “Mostly older regulars tonight, so hope that’s your thing. I nodded and smiled as he buzzed me in, grabbing my key and towel I walked inside. I was surprised at the relative cleanliness and fashionable sitting area. There were weights a steam room and spa. Something that said video room around the corner. “Something wrong?” He asked me from another little window. “No sorry just a bit surprised, it’s not really what I expected.....” “Yeah most say that. First floor is all pretty tame to be honest. You’re not supposed to really have any touching going on, but it’s a big space and only one of me, so I don’t really enforce that. Just know your limits and be sure to be okay with what you want. Here you go.” He handed me a small brown bottle. “On the house, if you’re nervous, take a sniff, I’m sure a lot of the guys will show you how. Rooms are upstairs, have fun.” ”Thanks.” I said looking at the small bottle, it said jungle juice on the side. Looking up the stairs I saw that the lights seemed to dim. As I walked up I started to smell something. It was strong and musky, there were sounds I was familiar with but had never heard myself. The familiar slap of skin against skin. Grunting, mewling and moaning. This is what I expected. and as I stood at the edge of the stairs I could finally see what I truly though it should be. Long hallways stretched out with doors lining them. Numbers were on the doors for people to see, but otherwise it was a long stretch of hallway and doors. I went and looked for mine, number 17 on the keychain. I found the room and quickly walked in. There was a bed and a small table. That was it. Wasting no time I changed out of my clothes and tied the towel around my waist. There was club music playing softly. A stable beat punctuated by the sounds of flesh slapping in the background. My breathing started to get heavy. I found a room off the back corner. The lights were dim. A couple of gloryholes to the aide and two tiers of benches. There was an older man sitting in the corner. Striking a huge heavy tool. His legs splayed open and wide. In my nervousness I sat as far away as I could. Slowly closing into myself. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye. He was so much older. Clearly old enough to be my father or maybe even grandfather. A white well trimmed goatee around his mouth. His body was old but not withered. He was good looking for an old guy. However, his heavy tool was really what I couldn’t stop looking at. Heavy, and hard, a full engorged sack supporting it below. I licked my lips thinking to myself I want that. He shifted on the top bench and slowly closed the gap between us. His foot gently tapped my arm. It was then I realized it’s now or never. I responded by moving my arm to touch his leg. He responded in kind, opening his legs wider, giving me full acccess to what we both know I wanted. I got into position, knees on the floor, hands on the bench and I went in. Running my tongue up along his being shaft I looked up at him. He wasn’t even looking at me. He pulled out a brown bottle like the attendant had given me and proceeded to sniff in both nostrils. reaching for my own I copied his movements after two sniffs I was about to cap it when I heard him say. “More.” I looked up and gave myself two more sniffs. “More boy.....” he said again, his deep gravely voice sent chills down my spine. I capped the bottle and then I felt it. Heat, a fire inside me, also emptiness. I was so empty I looked right at his heavy old man dick and I immediately took it into my mouth. I moaned my happiness as I nursed on his thick cock. Feeling the heat of it, feeling the fullness in my mouth. This is what I had wanted. And now I was getting it. I could hear his groaning as I worked his meat. His musk invaded my senses and I went into heat. I slurped. I sucker I did everything I could to make him feel goood. “You like to fuck?” He whispered quietly. I nodded with his cock still in my mouth unsure if I wanted to stop. with and audible pop I pulled myself off his thick 7 inch tool. Admiring its veiny shaft and glistening head. I knew right then I wanted it inside me. “I’ve got a room, room 17” I said looking up at him desperately as my hand slowly stroked his powerful member. I wanted this old man to fuck me and I wanted him to do it now. “it’s slow today, we don’t need a room,” he said as he got me into position. I couldn’t believe it. Here I was first time at a bathhouse and I was about to let some man who was probably double my age, if not triple, fuck me for all to see. “Give me four big hits on both nostrils,” he said while opening up a pack of lube. I felt a bony finger began to prod me as I took my first couple of hits. I felt myself relax and allowed the intrusion. As I continued to hit I felt myself get more relaxed. I realized how comfortable I felt in that moment. In a dark room about to let some stranger fuck me. In my delirium I never heard a condom wrapper, I just assumed he did. I was nearing my last few hits when he said. “Two final big hits.......really draw them out.” I did as he ordered. As the euphoria began to hit me I felt that emptiness again. This time in my hole worst of all. “Ready boy?” He asked, but by the tone in his voice I didn’t have a choice. I put my head down and braces myself. I focused on my emptiness and heat. I felt the head against my hole, and then came the pressure. It started to burn and ache as my hole started to submit. I realized that he wasn’t wearing a condom. I wanted to tell him to stop. This wasn’t safe this wasn’t supposed to happen. Yet it was. I was getting rutted like an animal by this old man. Where was the emptiness. Now all I felt was pain and burning. Gritting my teeth I waited for the good feeling. However, he had other ideas as he finally pushed forward and forced me to take it all. I let out a loud yell as I felt my hole finally submit. “Take four more hits boy.” Hands shaking I unscrewed they cap and follows his orders. After the first few hits the pain started to slow. “That’s it, let that boyhole open up for daddy.” He grunted as he started to saw slowly inside me. After the third hit I started to feel that need again. I realized that I wasn’t empty anymore. I was complete. I had what I needed and it felt amazing. “So good......feels so good.....” I moaned in between his thrusts. As he pushed in I started to tense my hole, trying to pull him in deeper. “Oh that’s it, use your boyhole, embrace what you are. Daddy’s cumdump. Such a good boy” he said while picking up the pace. He took his right leg and raised it up on the bench. Giving himself more leverage. I felt him reaching new places inside my hole. And all I could do was moan my delight. Suddenly I felt a disturbance in the bench and to my left there was a new individual. Tall and lanky completely nude. He had a soft face that looked like someone’s father. Yet now he sat next to me watching with an evil glint as this old man pounded my boyhole. “I’m getting close boy, you want me to breed you?” He asked although I knew he was going to. I knew I was going to let him. And I was hoping this guy next to me with his thick nine once cock that he stroked was going to be next. “course he does,” the guy next to me said. “Give him what he needs and I’ll go right after.” I was so excited to hear this. Talking the bottle in hand I took two long sniffs and felt myself soaring. “that’s it boy, beg daddy for this load.” His thrusts started to get quicker. He was jabbing into me, hitting this spot inside my boyhole. “Please daddy, please give this load, please give me it. I want it inside me so bad.” “Ask him to breed you slut.” The guy next to me said. “Please daddy, breed me!!!!!!” I begged. That’s when I felt it, his cock grew thicker, and started to pulse inside me, I was being bred, like some cheap whore or barnyard animal. And I loved it. “Fuck yeah boy, take that load, take daddy’s load.” He fell on top of me and I could feel him, his sweaty body sticking to me. “Hope you liked that poz load boy, come find me if you want more.” I froze, did he just say poz???? I wanted to run away. I wanted to hide. As he pulled out of me with an audible pop. He slapped my ass and looked to the guy next to me. “Next?” He asked as he shuffled off. And the guy wasted no time moving behind me. I should have gotten up at that moment....but I didn’t. I unscrewed the cap and took four deep hits. “I’m ready daddy.” And I was, but I didn’t realize for how much.
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    Part 2 Mr. Kelly walked me into his living room and sat down on his couch. "Sit down. Make yourself comfortable" he said. I was still in shock not knowing whether I should leave now or if I should just go with it as he seemed to be. "Mr. Kelly, I..." "Jake, relax. It's ok. You won't get in trouble for this. We're just two adults hanging out at my house. It's ok." "But how are you so chill about this? What if we see each other around school?" "Jake you know that picture on your profile? In your speedo? Did you forget our school name and logo is on your team speedo?" Fuck. I forgot about that. I remembered thinking about it when I posted the pic but I thought it would be too small to notice. Someone would have to know that it was there. Like someone who worked at the school. "Didn't you notice me at a couple of your home meets this year? I was trying to figure out who I was talking to. That and a couple questions about the things you do at school and I put it all together. I've known for about a month now." I couldn't believe it. The guy I had been talking to this whole time was watching me. We were at school together. That actually somehow got me hornier. I sat down on the other end of the couch. "I guess I feel kinda dumb Mr. Kelly. If you want me to go or if you don't wanna do anything it's fine really. I can just go home now." "It's ok it's ok. I promise. Let's just sit together and if you still want to leave after we talk a bit then you can go but I would like you to stay so we can get to know each other better." This was a teacher I had trusted when I had him in 10th grade and he was also the man I trusted with some of my secret desires. I nodded. "How would you feel if we just turned on a movie and if we feel like it we can do a little smoking. What do you think?" I was starting to feel more comfortable knowing that he was into this and was initiating doing some of what we planned for our first time hanging out. I nodded and began taking off my hoodie. He turned on his huge TV mounted on the wall and a movie was already playing. Two guys were together in bed wearing only shorts and making out. One looked around my age and the other was older like Mr. Kelly. They were really passionate like you couldn't tear them apart if you tried. Sometimes one of them moaned but mostly it was the sound of two men kissing and breathing heavy. "Is this ok?" Mr. Kelly asked. I said yes and he stood up from the couch and said, "Let me go get some stuff for us to smoke." He walked down a hall into another room and came out with a couple things in his hands but while he was in there he also took off his shirt. I couldn't believe I was looking at my teacher half naked. He looked better than his picture. He looked more fit then I remembered and I could see the hair across his chest and down the center of his stomach. I was starting to get hard. He sat down next to me. "You said you smoked pot before right? You ever smoke anything else?" I shook my head. I told him I didn't even know what else there was besides pot and cigarettes. "I have some weed but I thought this might be fun especially since you're so nervous. Do you want to give it a try?" "Sure" I said "What is it?" "It's called T. You might like it." He showed me a small water pipe with a bulb at the end of a glass tube that came out of the base with water in it. "I'm going to light this and you'll see some smoke come out of the hole here. That's when I know to take my hit. I'll do it first so you can see." Mr. Kelly lit the bulb and like he said soon wisps of white smoke started coming from the top. He took a long hit and when he pulled away he blew out a massive cloud. I didn't know what it was but seeing him do that was hot. He turned to me. "You want to give it a try?" I said ok and he moved closer and then put his arm around me. I could feel the heat coming off of his body. I had never been close to someone like this before. He lit the bulb again and put the end of the pipe up to my mouth with the arm that was around me. "Ok, now. Go ahead and take your hit." I started to suck on the pipe very lightly. Mr. Kelly chuckled. I pulled away. "No it's ok. You're just gonna have to suck harder. Make sure you can hear the water when you take your hit. Don't be afraid. I got you." He put the pipe back up to my mouth. I tried again and this time sucked much harder. Suddenly I felt my lungs fill quicker than I thought and I pulled away coughing. A big cloud burst from my mouth. "You ok?" "Yeah sorry." I looked up and for the first time looked Mr. Kelly in the eyes. Something in his look made me feel protected like I could do or say anything with him and feel safe. He put the pipe up to my mouth and told me to try again. I did this time knowing what to expect. I felt the smoke fill my lungs. He told me to keep sucking until he pulled the pipe away. It felt like a longer hit than my first and longer than his too. Finally he pulled the pipe away and said, "Now hold your breath. Don't let it out yet. I'll countdown from 5 and when I say let it out." He counted down slowly. Being a swimmer I had no trouble holding my breath but somewhere around 3 I started feeling a tingling. First in my chest and then somewhere in my head there was buzzing. Then he told me to let it go and I blew out a huge cloud of smoke. "Good boy" he said and patted me on my chest with his hand that held the torch. Do one more. We did the same thing and the tingling got more intense in my chest in my head and down to my cock. "Feeling ok Jake" Mr. Kelly asked. "Yeah. I'm tingling. Is that normal?" "Yes. That means it's working." He took another hit himself and then turned to me. "Feels good doesn't it?" It did. I could feel the arm around me pull me in closer. "So...this whole time we were chatting I was calling you Mike but you're Mr. Kelly. What do you want me to call you?" Mr. Kelly chucked again. I was looking down at my sweatpants to see if my boner was showing. The hits made me feel like I had to touch my cock. I was doing everything I could to restrain myself. Mr. Kelly put the pipe and the torch down on the coffee table. The couple in the movie were naked now the older man on top of the boy still making out. Mr. Kelly put his arm back around me and pulled me tight. "I actually was thinking about that. You told me that you thought incest was hot." Just hearing Mr. Kelly say the word make my cock throb. "So how would you feel about calling me dad? Only when we're in private of course not at school." This was amazing. Imagining Mr. Kelly was my dad was enough that hand acted on its own and started rubbing my crotch. "I'll take that as a yes, son." Fuck. Hearing him call me son like that made me gasp and moan. He got closer and put his mouth to my ear. "Can I kiss you son?" "Yes dad" I whispered. He pulled me in for our first kiss. The first kiss between dad and son.
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    I've been in Covid lockdown for nearly 2 months. I've never in my life gone this long without dick. So, I haven't had any new experiences to write about. But, my mind has been remembering some past experiences that make me anxious to get back out there. This experience happened several years ago. I had pretty much forgotten about it. But I actually dreamed about it last night. So, I thought I'd write it down while it's in my memory. First off, I have to tell you that I LOVE poppers. I've been using them for decades. I do miss the old poppers, which are illegal, now. You know, the little glass capsule, covered in gauze netting. You'd break the capsule, put it in the aluminum cylinder and sniff. Real Amyl. Damn! That was hot! The stuff out there now is nothing like it. But, I still do like to get the quick buzz, even if it doesn't last long. Anyway, I live in a city where poppers are readily available at the many sex shops in town. However, there was a guy here in town that advertised on Craigslist all the time. Offering poppers at a highly reduced price. He even sold some brands that were not available in town. Including one unnamed, unlabeled, little brown bottle that would kick you on your ass. It was twice the price of my usual brand. But, for special occasions, it was fun to use. Anyway, this guy (I'll call him Brian) sold poppers out of a refrigerator in his garage. He was a tall, muscular guy in his late 60's. For a man his age, he had an absolutely amazing body. He stood about 6'4''. He had a broad, muscular, hairy chest. Muscular arms and legs. He wasn't exactly beautiful of face. But his impressive build was a huge turn on to me. Even though Brian wasn't exactly a handsome man, there was something about him that I found incredibly appealing. He had that strong, silent, hypermasculine Marlboro Man look to him. In addition to being tall, his hands and feet were quite large. Making me wonder if his dick was as big? He normally wore rather tight jeans. And occasionally, I could make out a rather impressive bulge in his crotch. I began to purchase my poppers from Brian about 10 years ago. The transactions were always very businesslike. I'd send him a text that I needed poppers. We'd set up a time. I'd drive to his home. Park in front and text him that I was there. He'd text me to come in. He'd open his garage door. I'd go it, pay him for the poppers and go. He was pleasant, but not much of a talker. It was always quick and businesslike, with little chat or small talk. I had no idea whether Brian was gay, bi, straight or what? I really didn't know anything about him. I'd been buying from Brian for several years. Normally just one bottle at at time. But one afternoon I told him I wanted 3 of my regular brand. And I wanted one of his "special" unlabeled bottles. As we made the transaction in his garage, he offhandedly said, "This is a big order for you. Have you got something special going on, on, or just stocking up?" "Yeah. I'm renting a hotel room tomorrow. I'm hosting an anonymous breed and seed party. The brown bottle is for me. It's not going to leave my hands and I'm not sharing." I said with a chuckle. "The other bottles I'll have available for the other guys that want to use them." "Damn!", he said with a sly smile on his face. "You never struck me as the kind of slut that hosts those things." I just laughed. "Oh, I'm a horny slut, for sure. I love taking hard dicks and loads." Brian just smiled a bit from one corner of his mouth and put the 4 bottles in a small paper bag. Handing them to me, he said "Sounds fun. I haven't been to one of those in quite some time." "I don't know anything about you, Brian. Mind if I ask if you're gay? I've never been sure?" "Well, Dave. Not exactly sure how to answer that? I consider myself straight. I don't find men to be a sexual turn-on in the least. But, in my day, I've had many a man's mouth on this dick. And I've pounded many a load into a man's ass. Though I'm not really attracted to men, the sight of a nice ass, male or female will get me hard. So, most would argue that I'm bi. But, labels are just labels. I'm just think of myself as a horny fucker. A hole's a hole. I've never sucked a dick and don't care to. I've never been fucked by a guy or had anything up my ass, and don't plan to. But, if I need to get off and a man will take my load, I'm game. I've been married to the same woman for 40 years. We have grown kids and grandkids. I'm not attracted to men in the least. But when pussy isn't available a man's mouth and ass will do very nicely." "Damn! If I'd known, I'd have cleaned out and you could pound a load in me, right now." I said "Yeah? Well, my wife is disabled. She never leaves home without me or one the kids taking her out. And I never leave her alone, unless one of the kids can relieve me. So, I don't get much of a chance anymore to fuck." he said. "That's too bad, Brian. I'm going to be at the Day's Inn, just down the road tomorrow night. If you have any way to get out, I'd be more than happy to offer my mouth and ass for you to use." I said to him. "Thanks. Doubtful that will happen. But, thanks for the offer. But, text me your room number tomorrow. And who knows?" he said with a sly grin. I thanked Brian, paid for my bottles and left. So, the next day, I checked into my hotel room, got myself and the room ready for my party and sent my room number to all that had requested an invitation. So, in addition to all the others, I sent Brian a text with my room number. I told him the door would be unlocked, just come in. Within an hour the first couple of guys had shown up and fucked me. As the 3rd guy was pounding me from behind, my door opened and closed. I glanced towards the door and saw Brian standing there. "Hey! Good to see you, bud! I didn't think you'd come." I said as the other guy continued to fuck me. "My son came by. I asked him to stay for an hour so I could run some errands. So, here I am." he said as he began to undress. Brian was soon naked and he was an impressive sight, indeed. His muscular body was covered in thick hair. His cock was soft, but hung at least a full 6"s, hanging over a giant set of plump balls. As he walked towards us, the guy fucking me reached over to grab his dick. Brian moved closer to him and the guy stroked Brian's cock as he fucked me. Brian slapped my ass hard. "Looks like a nice ass, Dave." I just smiled and took a drag on my poppers. Brian walked over to my head. His cock was still mostly soft, but he lifted it and put it up to my lips. I sucked on his cock as his cock slowly grew and hardened in my mouth. I think the sight of me sucking Brian must have been a turn on to the guy fucking me. Because he now began to fuck faster, harder and deeper. The guy grabbed my hips and rammed deep. "Ahh, FUCK!" he yelled as he held his cock deep in me, shaking, as he filled my ass with load number 3. Without saying anything more, he pulled from me and walked to the bathroom. I heard the water running in the sink as Brian pulled his now rock hard cock from my mouth and moved behind me. His dick had grown about 2"s in length, to close to 8"s. And swelled in girth by a great deal. As the other guy came back into the room and began to dress, Brian stood behind me and repeatedly slapped his dick on my hole. Even though there was a bottle of lube laying by me, he spit on my hole and his dick a few times and began to press into me. I took some more deep drags on the extra strong poppers as he slowly slid balls deep into me. It was hurting a bit as I adjusted to his length and girth inside me. But the deep drags of poppers soon loosened me up. Brian picked up the other bottle of poppers I had laying by me and took a drag. "Give me your bottle." he said as he put the cap on the other bottle and tossed it back onto the bed. Brian took some deep drags on the no-named poppers. 2 deep drags in each nostril. And then a deep drag through his mouth. This guy was a pro at this. He handed the poppers back to me and I took a few more drags. I knew I was going to need this. He was now sliding in and out of me. He'd go in balls deep, then pull nearly all the way out, before slamming back up into me. Thankfully, his spit and the loads I already had in me was adequate lube and he was easily sliding in and out of me. My head was spinning from the poppers, but I was loving this. I had been fantasizing about this man's dick in me for a long time. Brian was an aggressive top, for sure. There was nothing sensual about his fucking. It was pure, raw, animal sex. No talk, only occasionally I'd hear a grunt as he rammed into me. I'd occasionally take another drag on the poppers, then hand them back to him. He'd push me into other positions. Each time, trying to dig his cock even deeper into me. Finally, he had pushed me further up onto the bed. He was kneeling behind me and had grabbed tightly onto my shoulders as he ground his rock hard, monster dick into me. His fingers were digging into my shoulders, but he'd occasionally release my shoulders to give my ass a hard slap. SWAT! "Like it?" he asked. SWAT! "Huh? Is this what you wanted?" SWAT "Yes! Fuck, YES!", I grunted, as he slammed into me. Finally he had pushed me onto my side and raised my right leg up to my chest. He as now ramming into me from an angle. This position got his dick even deeper into me. His thrusts were so hard and deep that I found myself gasping for breath. His pace was slowing a bit, but he was still ramming hard and deep into me. Each thrust produced a loud slapping sound as our bodies met. And I grunted each time as his trusts knocked the air out of my lungs. Now he'd trust balls deep. Hold it there a second, then pull nearly out of me. Hold it a second, then thrust hard and deep again. This pattern went on for a minute or two. Then the pace of his thrusts sped up again for a few moments before he let out a soft, deep growl. As he held deep in me, I could feel his cock throb in my ass. I used my ass muscles to milk his cock a bit. Then he thrust a few more times, before he collapsed onto me. Both of us breathing hard, trying to catch our breaths. After a few moments, he rolled off me, pulling his cock out of me as he rolled off me. He laid on his back, with his eyes closed for several minutes, as his breathing slowly came back to normal. He rolled off the bed and stood. He appeared wobbly as he walked into the bathroom to wash up. "Wow! Those poppers are strong. It's been awhile. I forget how strong they are." I could hear him saying from inside the bathroom. As he washed up, I climbed off the bed. Feeling wobbly myself, I moved to a chair, sat down and took a few drinks of water from my bottle until my head stopped spinning. Those poppers were strong, indeed. I'd probably had over done it. But, I did need those poppers to take that big, monster dick of his. Brian finally came out and dressed. "Glad you texted me, Dave. Like I said, it's been awhile. I sure needed it." I truly had enjoyed it as well. But, to be honest, I was hoping I'd have a bit of a break before the next guy showed up. But as Brian was combing his hair in the mirror, trying to put himself into a presentable appearance before he headed home, the door opened and in came another guy. This guy was a middle aged, slightly chubby guy. As the new guy undressed, the door opened again and a younger, buff, black guy in his mid 20's came in and began to undress as well. Brian passed between them on his way to the door, saying to them, "That's a nice piece of ass, guys. Enjoy yourselves!", he said as he walked out the door. I grabbed my poppers and walked over to the 2 newcomers. Dropped to my knees and began to take turns sucking both of their dicks, getting them hard, before climbing back onto the edge of the bed, putting my ass up and opened for business, again.
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    Cheers guys, got the next part... Finns perspective Chapter 2: His Pleasure Is More Important Than Your Breath I left my mate as we had agreed, and headed to the wet steam room. But already, just in the way there...my eyes began to wander. A muscular Mediterranean looking fella sauntered past looking cocky as anything. He had a nice full bush, with a thick uncut cock swinging freely between his muscled thighs. He winked at me. I could see his scorpion tattoo and knew what it meant...he knew I knew....he knew I wanted it.... I hadn’t told my mate why we were here, and what I really wanted...what this place was famous for.... I headed into the steam room and was greeted my another guy, much older. “Hey sexy,” he whispered and smiled. In one stroke he dropped his towel to reveal what lay beneath. My eyes widened and my mouth watered. “Wow it’s huge! Um... never tried one with a PA ring before...” I didn’t fail to notice the biohazard tattoo clearly plastered above his shaft, wow this place really was all I had dreamed, two guys I’d seen were clearly and proudly displaying their status. “Don’t worry baby, it’ll glide down that throat no problem,” and with that he shoved me down onto my knees, bent his knees a little, lined up his long shaft to my lips and pulled the back of my head towards him. At first only three inches got in and I choked a little, the metal was cool in my mouth. But as I choked, my throat loosened and with a quick tug, he yanked my whole head towards his groin and the entire shaft slithered down inside my gullet. My lips smacked against his crotch and I could feel his bush tickling my nose and could smell his musk. He couldn’t help but release a moan of pleasure as his ring and dick head were squeezed tightly by my throat muscles. I was struggling to breathe so with a quick shove back, I yanked my head backwards to pull away....but I didn’t move the slightest of inches. His hand had me gripped firm and in gagging panic, I choked up once more, this time a small amount of saliva and juices spat out into his groin. The saliva dripped from his balls to the floor in long ropes and he moaned in greater pleasure once more. My face went from red to purple, and I violently slapped at his legs as a signal to release, which he did after a few more seconds of pleasure. My eyes were streaming with tears and my cock was rock solid. I hadn’t even noticed I’d been stroking at it. I rubbed my eyes and saw the man sit down in front of me, so I edged a little closer. He took my head in his two hand, one firmly around the back of my skull, the other under my chin and at my neck. With a firm tug he pulled me down and his entire shaft once again jutted into my throat. He thrust upward several times, forcing more fluids to flow from my throat and lube up his cock, which would spasm occasionally in pleasure. I tapped again for release, but this time....this time things would be different.... In fact, he even laughed as I tapped, “No no no, not this time my boy...not this time, I’m liking it just how it is..” he patted my head, almost delicately despite my now violent gagging and eruptions of juices flooding down his legs. “In fact...” he lifted his right leg and slid it over the back of my neck and pulled tightly down. My entire head and neck was scissor locked between his thighs, his dick still swallowed in its entirety. He put his hands back behind him and sighed out in pleasure, “Aahhh, thats my boy...yeah.... you like a nice poz cock down that throat don’t you baby eh? You best not get over excited because you know I’m saving these AIDs babies for your ass eh?” He sighed again and smiled, closing his eyes and leaning back, all the while I choked and choked, spluttered and gagged violently, swinging my arms to gain footing but unable to release myself from his steel grip. And yet my cock was throbbing in ecstasy so much so that I had to stop playin with it or I’d cum everywhere. It felt like hours, but must have been only a minute or so, until I was finally released, and with one single breath in was forced back down on his cock. And from then up and down he thrust, from completely outside to all eight inches deep he impaled my throat with his cock at rapid speed, as a spat and coughed. I was in such dizzy ecstasy at first I barely noticed the hands grabbing at my ass. The wet fingers that began to slide in and out. That is...until a bare cock slid inside my hole and I violently arched my back. It was at this point the old guys cock fell out of my throat and left me to breathe. “Damn Diego! I always forget how hot you are! Get him nice and ready for me! Do you wanna seed first or me? I gotta tell ya, my bugs are dying to get in him!” He joked. “Nah man I’m having this one first!” Diego barked back, “he’s been eyeing me up for ages dude, he was drooling the first time he got sight of my cock and I can tell this ones even more excited knowing it’s shooting poison! He’s mine!” He was right, I was not only gasping for air, but I was gasping for his cock, every time he pulled out I wanted more than anything for it to go back in. All I could think of was that scorpion I’d seen just moments ago. It must have been a few minutes of my throat being full of the skinny old guys poz eight incher, and my ass being full of the Spanish dudes uncut poz weapon. True bliss, I don’t think I’d ever been happier. “Damn this is a good ass! I’m gonna shoot!” Diego panted and jammed his cock deep and held it firm. I could feel the contractions as he unloaded his sperm inside me. “Fuck yeah! Poz this stupid faggot!” I heard the old guy shouting. Diego’s cock began to soften and it flopped out my ass, small flecks of cum dripped to the floor. Within seconds the older guy was stood and around to my ass. His right hand gripped my mouth and covered it, preventing me from speaking. And then he started diving in and out, with an unbelievable amount of energy given his age and the look of him, until he was soon reaching his climax. “Poz load number two coming right up for ya! UGHH.....” he grunted and another five shots of poz sperm were mine! It was only then that my dick erupted and shot across the floor, and I turned to see my friend had returned, looking at me from the doorway.... strangely. This would take some explaining. But then he smiled. The old guy pulled out and left without even speaking to me after, only a little laugh and a “good luck”, followed by a slap on the ass. In fact both him and Diego had left me there without even saying goodbye. I stood up, a little woozy from the steam and exhaustion, and walked over to my friend, who had seen all of it or at least most. But before we could acknowledge the situation. We heard a gruff “mmhhmmm” calling for attention from the very back of the room, “That was a good show boy! Now which one of you fags is gonna sort me out? Hmm?” We both looked at each other and then looked back at the guy, the only other guy in the room now, he was a thick set muscular hairy Arab with a very grithy cut cock. “And before you ask don’t worry, just because I haven’t got the tattoo, doesn’t mean I’m not fully loaded and ready to knock fags like you up, now.... who wants to go first?” We looked at each other, I could see my friend gulp, we turned and walked deeper into the steam, ready for whatever happened next...
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    To start, it might help to tell a little about me. I am basically a somewhat regular person that most people wouldn't really notice while walking past on the street or in the mall. I lead a standard life with nothing really spectacular on outside appearances but out of sight of most folk I have a distinct affection for many alternative and kink realms, and oftentimes the more outside the norm something is, the more I feel attracted to it. This adventure starts on Grindr where I had been chatting with someone (Mark) for a while but had yet to ever meet. His profile originally caught my attention because of his attractive picture, as well as several of the things in his bio including his interest in kink and other activities. An additional aspect that caught my eye was his status which was listed as poz / undetectable. I was negative and we had chatted somewhat in depth about his status, when and how he contracted it, his treatment and so forth and his openness with everything made me feel quite comfortable. While I have played around some (both protected and unprotected), I have tried to be relatively careful while doing so and I have managed to remain disease free in all ways - through having caution in who I meet with as well in the activities we engage in and the level of protection. Mark and I had talked about getting together with some of our conversations becoming very steamy, but I live with family so my place is only available at certain times and his living situation made his place unavailable for meeting there. Between that and our differing availability (he sometimes travels for work) our getting together never happened. It had been a while since I had seen him online then one morning I logged in to find him there which immediately sent a tinge of arousal through my body. I had woke up particularly horny and hadn't played for quite some time so was thinking of masturbating to start the day but really wanted something much more and I sent him a message saying that I was horny and asked if he'd like to meet. I embellished the message to be intentionally enticing and pointed out that it was safe to meet and play at my place right now if he was available. His reply was every bit as enticing as my invite and he essentially told me I better be careful what I asked for because I just might get 'it' because he hadn't gotten off for a long while and was horny. He then added that he had been out of town for a while with work and it would probably be best if we didn't meet right now which sort of burst my bubble. I was turned on by the first part of his reply, but disappointed with the last part so responded with a picture of my bare ass and replied "Do you want to cum - here?" in an attempt to encourage him. He didn't respond for several minutes then a picture of his bare, glistening wet and fully erect cock popped up on my screen and he replied "My cock says yes, but we would need to talk first." His cock picture sent a bolt of electricity throughout me and I replied: "We can chat here *I gave him my address* and would love to meet you. I am free right now." It was another several minutes before his reply. "I will be there in 20 minutes." I replied "Awesome!" then immediately headed to the bathroom to do a quick pre-play cleansing (inside and out) with my heart beating deep and fast. Clean-up went pretty quickly and I was in my sweats and a t-shirt by the time his car pulled in front of the house. My heart continued its rapid beat and in addition I could feel wetness seeping from my loins as he came toward the house. I met him at the door and could sense that there was passion flowing in both directions as soon as our eyes connected. Once inside, I closed and locked the door and led him to the bedroom where the lighting was dim and I had porn playing on the screen at just the right volume to set an atmosphere. He said it was great to finally meet me which I replied much the same, and since he wasn't making any moves I got on the bed and moved to the other side and he sat down beside me. His pictures hadn't really done true justice and his body was even hotter than I anticipated, particularly with his loose fitting gym shorts and t-shirt doing little to hide his physique. It left little to the imagination but I couldn't keep my hand from reaching over to rest on his upper thigh where it slowly moved toward a covered but quite pronounced bulge. Mark's hand came to rest gently on my forearm and as he looked straight into my eyes he said: "We need to have a little talk." "Can it wait for a little bit?" I asked as my eyes looked back into his and my palm came to rest on top of his thinly covered but very evident erect manhood and balls with my fingers tenderly moving upon him. As his eyes closed, his head leaned back into the pillow and it became clear that the talking could wait. His relaxed and awaiting posture increased my desire and I moved around to face him while on my knees and kneeled there with one hand continuing to explore his loins with my second beginning to caress his upper body. His hand remained in place on my forearm but began to slowly stroke as an encouragement for me to continue. As I continued to touch and softly squeeze, his cock grew ever harder and his body relaxed as if in a further invitation. My hand slid downward on his leg and then up once again, only this time it entered between his flesh and his shorts where I cradled his bare balls and engorged manhood. Talking became the last thing on our minds and when his lips parted, it was not to say words but for his tongue to emerge and wet his two lips. I haven't been big into kissing but in the atmosphere of the moment, I found the urge and leaned forward where our lips locked and our tongues intertwined. He appeared to like the kissing too and within moments the head of his cock was covered with wetness as his pre-cum began flowing forth. We both moaned in unison and continued our kiss but as I removed my now wet and slick hand from inside his shorts and attempted to remove his shorts, he pulled his head slightly back and murmured "We really need to talk first." I somewhat sarcastically said a soft "Yeah?" before my lips again enjoined his while I maintaining a downward pull on his waistband. His body seemed to give in and with his eyes fully closed and his tongue softly swirling, his bottom raised upward and soon he was bare from the waist down. I raised up to see his exposed cock and balls and with the rapidly increasing temperatures between us, I removed my shirt and began removing my pants. He leaned up to shed his shirt too and we were then naked together. In seeing his bare body, I was in full and complete in lust. The feeling was likely mutual because as I leaned down to lick his soaked loins, his palm rested atop my head as a sign of encouragement. The taste was truly alluring and just when I thought I had cleaned up every droplet into my mouth, another would appear and his flow never stopped. My mouth then opened and took him inside, starting at the head and working downward until I began to choke. His arousal seemed to increase as I did so and in addition to the hand on my head, he placed a second on my ass cheeks where it began rubbing and squeezing. As his fingertips probed further, he discovered that I was slippery with lube that I had applied earlier after I had cleansed myself. My lips began moving up and down on his engorged cock and I did my best to take it all the way, but I'd softly gag each time it reached the deeper depths. He didn't seem to mind though and perhaps it was a turn on because I soon found his fingers entering in and out of my ass in tune with the movement of my mouth on his cock. With my hands free and not occupied by his cock, I reached for a bottle of poppers and took several deep hits, with only a momentary pause in my sucking. The feeling of euphoria soon overtook my body and evidently my throat as well because I found myself now taking his entire hard cock fully with only an occasional small gag, and from his reaction, he was enjoying it as much as I was. I rose once again and took a huge hit, held it for a short bit then followed with another. I then replaced the cap and moved to straddle his body with my bare ass coming to rest atop his hot and wet cock and I looked deep into his eyes. He began to mouth the word "no", somewhat softly at first but increasingly stronger as I slowly gyrated on top of him. When his cock nuzzled up to the entrance of my hole and my opening began to part, he reached up to take hold of me and said "We have to talk." I looked at him and stopped, my body hungering to go downward, but I waited to hear as he began talking and said that he had been off of his meds during his work trip because he had forgotten them at home. I was conflicted and admittedly a bit scared too, but at the same time my arousal was through the roof - the feeling of exposure and the vulnerability of a poz and possibly no longer undetectable cock probing inside my body had my heartbeat and breathing going spastic. With the length of time he was off of his meds, neither one of us really thought it would be safe to go on, and things had come together and happened in a way that there wasn't an opportunity to research it before we got to this point. In honesty, didn't want to become infected and he didn't want to infect me, but at the same time our arousal had taken us to this all-time high point for both of us. As we were talking about it, I became aware that I was now sitting fully impaled on his rock hard cock - and I could now feel both the soreness of my fully stretched ass and the stress his knob was creating as it was pushing the lining of my inner rectum further within my body. He realized how deeply he was inside too and shyly said that it felt like his cock was leaking and that things were becoming wet inside - but at the same time, was admittedly feeling so very gawd awful hot. As I remained motionless and uncertain, Mark reached down and came back with the bottle of poppers that had worked its way beneath his bottom and was now quite hot from it's confined position against his hot flesh. Almost by instinct, I reached forward, took the bottle in my hands, exhaled completely, removed the top and took multiple inhalations of the warmed and deeply potent scent. Upon completion, Mark took the bottle from my hand and took a strong hit before closing the bottle, his palms coming to rest on my hips where he took a somewhat assuring grip - looking into my eyes with a renewed sense of arousal. I began to raise up, causing his cock to slide alongside my stretched and open hole which gave a wonderful feeling. My lifting also removed some of the pressure on my painfully stretched inner membrane, but interestingly the feeling of being deeply impaled on his cock felt far better than the sense of not being there - particularly after the last dose of poppers I just had. While I think I was intending to get up and to stop - because we could always wait and play another day when we knew it was safer - but my body, the moment, the poppers, and the amazing feeling of his cock being inside my ass caused me to sink back down and to become fully impaled again. "What are you thinking?" Mark said as he looked into my eyes, his palms holding me tight but not forcing me either way. I looked deeply back while moving slowly back and forth on his potentially potent cum pole, pondering for a few moments, then without a further thought, I raised upward, his cock pulling free and watching it wetly slap against his stomach. I then took a position with my bare body beside his, my exposed ass raised slightly in the air and clearly said: "Fuck me, gawd, fuck me hard." As his body rose, I planted my face deep into the bed and it was probably a good thing that I did because when his cock plunged roughly inside me, I gave out a strong audible gasp and the fucking began. I am not sure if the tears that began to flow were from the pain that his hard fucking was giving me, or from the magic (or the fear) of what was happening, but at this point I was beyond any reasonable thinking - things were just happening and I didn't want to make it stop. I really didn't know if things were going to be okay but at this point I really didn't care, I just wanted it to happen - no matter what 'it' was. Mark was fucking me ever more intensely and I took each and every stroke, including the variety of slaps and punches that he began giving me while asking if this is what I wanted (he knew well of my masochistic interests), only to have my body twist and writhe to his motions, not trying to escape but to try to remain in place as it all happened. This went on for quite some time. My body can only take so much though and it reached the point I couldn't take anything more, but before I could say a word, he plunged deep inside and further than any stroke before, his teeth making a hard bite into my shoulder that I knew would leave an eternal mark and as I gave a full throated scream, his body began convulsing and pulsating with his unleashed cum flowing into and coating my worn rectum. His fucking had stopped and I think he was just as exhausted as I was, but he didn't get up and continued to lay on me, his cock firmly lodged and with the bulk of his cum contained inside me but with an ooze of the overflow working its way out too. It was quite a while before he finally pulled his body free and for me to be able to start recovering. I remember how precious it was though in hearing his words about how amazing of a fuck it was, and if nothing else, I felt great satisfaction in knowing that I pleased him that way (which turned me on and only made me want him to fuck me again - soon). I lay on the bed a bit longer with the growing stark realization of the seriousness of what just occurred, which was really sinking in with a multitude of thoughts flowing through my head, some absolutely scary. When we met, the last thing that I wanted was to become poz, but now that we had fucked like that, some of the scary stuff began dissipating and was being replaced with some type of wanton desire. The fuck was like nothing I had ever experienced in my life. If nothing more I am filled with a cherished (and in some ways physically painful) feeling, and having the uncertainty involved is making it even more intense. While time will tell what the ultimate outcome of this play will be, I found that my play with Mark was very much on the edge compared to anything I have done before and visiting the edge is something that I find myself wanting to happen again - particularly if it carries an euphoric and true degree of risk.
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    There is a brief mention of GHB in this post being used to lower inhibitions. Dinner time rolled around, and Jerol had texted Billy and myself saying what time to be ready and he'd meet us in our dorm room. Billy found it "so funny" that Jerol had invited us both to dinner. He had no idea I watched Jerol take his straight boy cherry, just as he did mine. Jerol knocked on our door, I was sweating, I don't know why I was so nervous. Part of me was scared Jerol would try something with both of us, thereby outing me...or what I'd done with him. Then again, I already know about Billy, and it didn't bother me, so I guess that would be okay. I'm just so nervous, about something(s). Jerol looked damn good. He was wearing a tight t-shirt and tight khaki's that really, really showed off his bulge and ass. I was trying very hard not to look at his package. I broke out in another sweat when he grabbed me and pulled me in for a group hug. My hand kinda drifted down to Billy's ass on accident and fuck, I got hard. I'm still in the habit of wearing my jockstraps so fortunately it kept my 7.5 guy down, but I gotta say I clearly had something going on in my pants. I should've worn loose jeans. We had a great time at dinner. We ended up not really eating, we started at a bar table because of the wait, and Jerol's ex-girlfriend was our waitress so by the time our name was called we'd all decided we'd just stay where we were at and enjoy some more half-priced beers thanks to the ex. We all laughed and talked like we had known each other for years. We were checking out girls saying what we'd like to do to them, yet, I kept catching Jerol giving Billy and I a certain "look." When we settled up we were walking back to campus and went right by a fairly empty pub, it looked pretty chill so we decided to pop in since Jerol knew the bartender, he knew we wouldn't get ID'd. I was freshly 18 and Billy was about to turn 19, although with his babyface, he looked younger. We each tried a flight of beers, which was cool, getting to sample a lot of different types. I was beginning to feel kinda weird. I guess I'd drank too much on an empty stomach. That didn't explain why I was getting so horny though. I could barely keep from touching Jerol and Billy. Billy seemed to be in the same predicament as myself. Any excuse to touch and we'd take it. I finally said we'd better head back to the dorms. Jerol said he'd get the check, Billy and I were happy to let him treat us, we waited by the door. Huh...that looked like a $100 bill Jerol gave his bartender buddy. I know we didn't drink anywhere near that amount. Maybe he was just tipping him really well. By the time we got back to the dorm I was hot, I felt like my insides and crotch were on fire and my jockstrap strained to keep my cock down. I had already untucked my shirt on the walk back to try and hide it. We entered the dorm room and Jerol asked if we wanted some more beer or a drink. Billy quickly said,"more beer!" I felt dehydrated and "off" so I asked for water. Jerol said, he'd go get it from his dorm, but he was gonna change too and get more comfortable. I told Billy,"he's right, I need to change too, I'm hot as fuck right now." I turned the a/c down to 65F degrees and started clumsily and quickly ripping my clothes off with my back toward Billy. I heard him doing the same. I turned around and caught him bending over trying to get his legs out of his pants. What the fuck?! Billy was wearing a jockstap! AND I could see his perfect smooth ass and a wet pink hole buried in those cheeks. I was burning up inside now and I don't know what happened but when I saw him bent over...I couldn't control myself, I'd pushed Billy down onto his bed on his stomach, and yanked his pants off his legs. "Let me help ya man, you seem to be having problem with these pants," I said menacingly. Well now my face was a mere foot away from his ass, it smelled of soap and a little sweat, I was so hard my cock had pushed it's way out the side of my jockstrap. I grabbed his ass cheeks and buried my tongue into Billy's hole. I don't know why I"m doing this. I'm acting like an animal. I didn't ask Billy if he wanted this or anything. Gawd, his hole tasted good. I couldn't get enough of it. I was eating it like a medium rare ribeye. It vaguely registered with me that Billy was moaning like a bitch in heat as I tongue fucked his glorious boy hole. He didn't have a single hair on or in his ass. His hands reached back and spread his thick ass so I could get in deeper. "Wh..what are you doing?" Billy breathlessly said "I pulled my face out of his ass, and began apologizing,"I'm so fuckin sorry man! I, I don't what I'm doing." "Don't STOP!" Billy yelled I dove straight back into his hole. He was so clean and delicious down there. I couldn't help myself, I got up behind him and placed my cock onto his hole and spat down on it as I began to shove my hardened wood into his incredibly tight bitch ass. I'm fuckin delirious from horniness at this point. I've lost all self control. Billy first let out a deep groan, then screamed as I sank all 7.5 inches into his hole with just spit for lube. I was balls deep in him now. He was panting hard and I apologized again, I don't understand what's come over me, I was sawing my cock in and out of his hole while I held his arms down on the bed and basically raped his hole. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls and ready to blast out. And just like that, Billy began moaning,"OH SHIT! OH SHIT! FUCK! I'M CUMMING!" As he shot his load onto the bed his hole clenched and milked my shaft like a machine and I let loose. There was no turning back as I fired off load after load after load into his warm pussy. We were panting and struggling to gain some sort of composure. I just realized we could be caught any time by Jerol. "Fuck Billy, that was so hot, I'm sorry, we better get dressed before Jerol comes back." I said. "Stay right the fuck there boys!" Jerol said. I whipped my head around to see Jerol naked stroking his giganic cock. Billy didn't even move. It was like he didn't give two shits about anything right now. "Jerol!" I exclaimed,"I, uhm, I don't know what happened, Billy and I were undressing, and I saw him bend over, and, and well, I couldn't stop myself." "Relax man," Jerol responded, "that's the GHB and viagra in you. My buddy at the bar spiked your beers, that's why I ordered us all those bitter deep lagers and IPA's, so you wouldn't taste it." "You fucking drugged us!" I yelled back, I was mad, but I hadn't moved out of Billy's ass, I couldn't leave it. "Dude, it was hardly anything, you're horny as fuck, I can see that, and you feel amazing with no inhibitions right? What's wrong with a little fun? You had to have known I was gonna fuck you on your little visit here right?" Jerol rationalized his actions to me. Fuck it, he's right. I just want more ass, more fucking. "Stick that cock in me Jerol," I commanded. It felt odd telling him what to do. But I wanted to feel that pain and know I'm taking such a monstrous cock inside my tiny hole. He wasted no time in grabbing the oil out of his shorts on the floor and slicking his erection up and pouring some on my twitching hole. He began to rub his cockhead on my aching hole and I pushed back toward it, feeling the pain and hugeness of it, at the same time my cock was going in and out of Billy's tightness, I felt my cum leaking slowly from Billy's hole, so I scooped some up and reached around to rub it on my own hole. I felt Jerol starting to enter me now. FUCK IT HURT. But I grit my teeth hard because I was so horny, I was gonna take that huge cock no matter what. He was sinking into me when Jerol pushed a bottle under my nose, "inhale real big, both nostrils" he told me. I was scared. I didn't know what this was. "I don't wanna do any more drugs Jerol, I'm so horny from what you already slipped me," I complained. "Relax, it's totally legal, it'll just get your hole to open up a little bit." Jerol explained. I wasn't opposed to that, so I began inhaling through each nostril. Fuuuuck....oh my gawd, he's sinking the whole thing into me. All ten inches were pushing past any tightness and ripping me open. I felt his balls on mine, he was fully inside me. He made me take another hit of that bottle and I began to buck back against his cock. My own hard cock was now pumping in and out of Billy's hole while I fucked myself on Jerol's horse cock. I was in a state of painful bliss. It was probably the pain that kept me from falling into whatever realm Billy was in. He just laid there moaning over and over and telling me to blow another load inside him. I began to pick up the speed and was really ramming into Billy's sweet hole. Jerol's cock had stretched me to my max and I felt it thicken. I knew that feeling, he was about to blow. I grabbed Billy's hips and began slamming his ass so fast, that I felt Jerol start exploding inside me which in turn brought me to my own climax, I yelled,"FUCKIN TAKE MY CUM! YOU FAGGOT WHORE!" As I blasted another huge load into Billy, he was a quivering beefcake moaning and mumbling something about taking my loads and being a slut. We slowly unhooked ourselves from each other. Billy crawled up on his bed and rolled over onto his back. I got up there too and Jerol crawled in between Billy's legs, lifting his lifeless limp legs up and I watched as Jerol sank his cock into Billy's wet beat up pussy. I sat there and jerked off while Jerol blasted another load into Billy, I was cumming when Jerol told Billy to take his filthy poz load. What was that again? He told me that once too. I came inside Billy two more times that night as Jerol nutted inside me too. We all fell asleep naked and cum dripping from mine and Billy's holes.
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    This is my first post. I am a young, healthy, muscular, blond athlete jock boy living in South Florida. White collar pro by day, but a secret need and a want to take anonymous loads all the time. For my birthday this year i decided to go to NYC. I had posted on BBRT beforehand (blondjockboi) to find a host to whore me out while I was going to be there. I had been whored out once before in LA by the famous Master Jerry the previous summer for LA Pride as his "pride cumdump" where I was blindfolded, ass up taking every load he sent to me at the Dunes Inn motel. I didn't know if I would meet Master Jerry, just that my role was to be ass up taking loads. I ended up with 38, but kind of lost count half way through. Master Jerry surprised me by showing up at the end with a young friend, and giving me my very last load. 38 was the number on my back at the end of the night. Within a few hours of posting on BBRT for NYC I got a message from a man called Dmitiri in NYC. He claimed to be the Master Jerry of NYC, so I thought great - I will definitely get a lot of loads. I was instantly attracted to Dmitiri because he was so pervy. He was only interested in getting me as many loads as possible. He had also been coordinating with another boy coming to NYC from Albany (a super cute twink EMT), and set up a hotel room for us in Midtown. The plan was that the twink EMT would take loads the night before, and I would come in the morning and replace him, taking loads all day. Sort of a marathon of cumdumps available for all these horny men on Dmitri's list. When I walked into the hotel room, it was about 8am and the smell of cum was overwhelming. The boy was laying on his stomach the bed, with cum just drizzling out of his boy pussy all over the sheets. I stripped down and hopped in bed with him, we were making out for a bit and I was fingering his cummy hole - about that time a super hot daddy walked in. I told the boy you take it, and I'll take over after. He said it was his 41st load. The boy played on top of me, and as we were making out the daddy climbed on top of him and shoved his massive hairy cock in. I could hear the cum splooge out of his hole with this massive cock penetrating this pussy. All three of us were making out, and the daddy bit my lip and came inside of him. As he pulled out, I could see a long stream of cum falling from his dick, I rolled over and gobbled it off. As the daddy cleaned up, the boy hopped in the shower, and before you knew it I was alone. I tied my blindfold on, and waited. Within 5 or 10 min the door opened and I could hear 3 or 4 voices coming in. I knew I was going to be used, and filled up with all of this hot anonymous cum. One thing I like when getting fucked is reach underneath and feel the balls of the guy who is breeding me. Every guy was different. One was shaved smooth, one was stubbly, and one was fully hairy. To my surprise the hairy balls slapping my ass turned me on so much, I came hands-free when getting fucked by guy 3. Everything after that is a blur. It was guy after guy, grunting, sweating, whispering in my ear, cumming in my ass. Tongue after tongue, finger after finger, cock after cock. I was taking so many loads, I wondered how long I had been going. I got a quick break, and checked my phone. I had been going 4 hours, and Dmitri had texted me. "You doing okay?" "I'm not going to stop sending guys". I told him to keep going. The next time I took off my blindfold the sun was going down. I had taken 61 loads in 9 hours. I was a cummy mess. Dried cum all over my face, my back, cum oozing out of my pussy. I checked my phone and told Dmitri that I was happy, and had to get ready to meet friends for my Birthday Dinner. 10 minutes later, another twink came in the room, and said he was replacing me. Dmitri had set up a 3rd boy to take loads that evening/night. The twink was super cute, and told me he played Peter Pan on Broadway. I knew I needed to cum again after being fucked all day, so i bent him over, and gave him his first load. As I was finishing the trail of guys started coming in to breed him. I kissed him on the lips as I was leaving - and told him to have fun. 🙂 Dmitri was awesome, and said the feed back from the men was great! He would happily whore me out again when I get to NYC. In the meantime, I would love to find a super pervy partner who would be interested in traveling around and whoring me out to every dick of his choosing. I'm even up for moving to you if the situation is right. 🙂
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    Part 6 "Fuck!" Both of us said it at the same time. Mine was more a scream of pain. He warned me about the burning before he gave me that booty bump but this felt like a pain that started at my hole and then spread everywhere. I could feel my whole body buckle and if he hadn't grabbed my hips at the moment he popped inside me I don't know what would have happened. His "Fuck" sounded more like pleasure. More like "Fuuuuuuck". My eyes were closed tight as I tried to work through the pain. I thought about getting off him and stopping entirely. He read my mind. "You're good son. It's ok. Just hold where you are. I got you. I won't let you take anymore until you say youre ready ok? Open your eyes. Look at me." I was breathing short breaths. The pain was still so sharp. I opened my eyes but I didn't want him to see me cry. He was smiling again. "I know it hurts. We're going to take it slow. Try to take deep breaths and give it a minute." He was being so gentle with me. I know he wanted it to feel good to me but there was no way this thick cock wasn't going to be painful for my virgin hole. I tried to take deep breaths and he could see I was getting calmer. The pain was becoming dull. He took one hand off my hips and reached into his cloth bag. It was small but it seemed to have so much inside it. He pulled out a small bottle. "I want you to try something that will help. They're called poppers. You sniff them. I'll show you." It was a new bottle so he looked at me and asked if he could take both hands off. I was feeling secure with my hands and a lot of my weight resting on his shoulders still hovering over him with just the head of his cock inside me. He broke the seal and unscrewed the cap. The chemical smell hit me immediately. It did not strike me as a pleasant smell. He put the bottle up to his nose and inhaled deeply. He put the cap back and closed his eyes for a second before he exhaled and opened his eyes. "See that? Easy right?" He was going flush. His face turning red quickly. "Dad are you ok? You're getting red. Is that normal?" "Yes son. It means it's working. Ready to try? It will make it easier to take more of me. I took one hit but I want you to take two. I'll put it up to one nostril and then the other and I want you to breathe in as deep as possible. Then after the second nostril I want you to hold your breath as long as you can. Ok?" I nodded but all of the instructions were hard to follow with the drugs already in my system and a thick cock head inside me. He unscrewed the cap again and pressed the bottle against my right nostril and pushed my left nostril closed. "Really deep son." I tried to do what I saw him do but the chemical smell stung hard and I pulled away coughing. It seemed to be a pattern. "Sorry. It stings." Even though I didn't do what he told me to, I felt a rush and warmth that felt...good. "Youre good son. First times are always the hardest. Let's try the other nostril. This time try to hold it ok?" I nodded and he pushed the bottle up to my left nostril and held my right nostril closed. I inhaled deep again knowing to expect the chemical smell this time. I kept inhaling longer then he did for his hit. "Damn son. That swimming gave you great lung capacity. Ok now hold it in as long as you can. Even when you want to let it go, hold it for just a little longer ok?" I nodded. He put the cap back on and set the bottle aside. The warmth I felt with the first hit was much stronger this time and I was being hit by a wave of pleasure. I don't know how long I held my breath but the longer I did the better it felt. "Good boy! It's hitting you isn't it? Hold it just a little longer....a little longer...a little longer...You wanna let it go?" I was feeling like I was gonna burst. I was nodding fast. He quickly placed a hand over my mouth and nose. My eyes shot open in panic. "I got you son. Just a little longer. You got this. You're a swimmer. Show me what you got son." Slowly he pulled his hand away and I exhaled like I had been underwater for an entire 500 race. But the wave of warmth I felt when I was holding my breath turned out to be nothing compared to this. My whole body melted my head fell back and without his hands on my hips I started sinking down on his cock slowly. This time both of us moaned. I could feel him stretching me from the inside. The pain was still dull but it never got worse. There was something else now. It wasn't even pleasure. It was like a realization. Like I didn't know that I had spent my life partly empty until that space was being filled. "Oh my god dad. Your....your....cock is so....thick." He moaned. His eyes were closed and his mouth was open. I stopped myself from sinking further. I wasnt sitting in his lap. I couldnt believe there was more. I needed a break. He opened his eyes. "You're almost there son. You're doing great. How does it feel?" I struggled to find a word. "Good dad." "Just good? Because it feels amazing inside you son. Youre so tight and warm around your dads cock." Hearing that got me so worked up. I dont know how but almost as a reflex to hearing those words I squeezed my hole around his cock. He moaned loud and long and his eyes rolled back. It was so hot to see the pleasure I was giving this man. I wanted to give him as much pleasure as I could. And that was enough to make me decide to just hope that the worst was behind me and I sat all the way down taking the rest of his cock inside me. His moan went from loud to completely silent like he was screaming but nothing was coming out. His eyes opened the way mine did when he forced me to hold my breath and he looked at me in shock. The pain was sharp. I couldn't believe how deep he was inside me. My eyes watered and a couple tears were falling down my cheeks. He brought his hands to my face and wiped the tears with his thumbs. "We're just going to sit here so you can get used to me inside you son. This is what we both needed. Look at me. Your dad's raw cock is inside you son." I moaned and my hole squeezed on his cock again. He pulled me into him and kissed me. We put our arms around each other his grip tight as he moaned into my mouth. We made out for what felt like the longest we had to that point just exploring each others mouths and tongues pushing further into the other. He pulled me away to break the kiss. "You are so beautiful son. Perfectly smooth like a good boy should be and so tight around my fat bare cock. You know I havent cum in a couple weeks. When you told me your birthday I decided I would hold a load so that the first load that shoots into you is so big that you never forget it." Talking about cumming in me brought me a little out of the haze and made me a little nervous again. This wasn't safe. But that's all I wanted from this man. I wanted to feel a man shooting his seed into me deep. Either I show everything on my face or he can read minds. I think he could detect that my mood was beginning to change. He grabbed the pipe and torch. "How about a couple hits?" I nodded. I was nervous but I didn't want to stop what was happening. If the hits could cloud it again then I was going to do them. He gave me three hits before he took one. For good measure he gave me one more after his one. I was flying high again as the clouds hit me hard. "Ok we're going to do something now. We're going to stay in this position. I'm going to teach you a couple things that will make every top fall in love with you." At the moment there was only this man who I wanted to fall in love with me. I would do anything he told me to. "Eventually you'll learn how to bounce up and down on a cock but you just feel so good that I don't want you pulling off me even an inch. You're gonna grind into me and you're gonna find a spot inside you that is gonna make you cum." I looked down at my cock. It was still just semi-hard. There was no way he was gonna make me cum with my cock only half hard. He pushed my chest back so I was leaning back. He kept pushing until I had to use my arms to brace myself behind me. "That's good son. Now just make slow small circular motions with your hips with my entire cock inside you." I began trying to do what he said while being sure not to pull away from the feeling of the hair of his crotch brushing against me. Dad was using his hands to rub my chest my abs my legs and then used one hand to stroke my cock as he rubbed my body. Not even a minute of doing this he said "Let's do another hit of poppers. I think it will help and I also want to see how they mix with the T for you." I pulled myself back upright and in that motion his cock hit something inside me that caused me to shiver and moan. "There you go son. I think we found it. Let's do these hits and get you feeling even better. He gave me two hits letting me take a quick breath after the first but making me hold the second one. Before he took his hits he said "I'm going to take my hit now and I'm going to hold it in too. I don't want you to let go of yours until I let go of mine. Ok son?" I nodded but I was already starting to feel like I was going to need to breathe out soon. The warmth was working its way into me like a wave and I was trying to hold on. Dad took his hit and held it. He closed the bottle and put one hand on the back of my head. He pulled me in so we were forehead to forehead both holding our breaths. Finally he nodded and we both exhaled. What I felt was incredible. It was so much more intense than the first time. He pulled me into a kiss and we were both animals. But he shortened this kiss and pushed my chest back again. He put one hand behind my back to steady me. I knew what he was doing. "We're gonna find that spot again son. I want you to feel even better. Go ahead and try that motion again." I started making circles with my hips again still riding the wave. And then it hit. I actually screeched. Dad held me in that position. He was like a surgeon with incredible precision. One hand on my abs and the other on my back he held me at an angle that was not as far back as before but not upright. We sat still for a moment and he looked deep into me. I could barely focus I was so high. "Are you ready son?" I didn't really know what he was talking about but I nodded anyway. "Clench your hole for me son." He closed his eyes and moaned through his smile as I held his cock tighter inside me. "Try to match my rhythm with that move ok son?" Rhythm? I had no idea what he was talking about. We weren't moving. And then suddenly I felt his body buck slightly and inside me his cock pressed against that spot again making me shiver and sending my head back behind me. Then he did it again. And again. And again. And then over and over until I was screaming out. "Fuck...dad... your... cock....oh...my....god." So this is what it meant to be fucked. This is what it meant when all those guys in the videos who were getting fucked moaned like crazy. I was seeing stars in my drug and poppers fueled high on top of this feeling of his huge thick cock stretching me and introducing me to a pleasure I never wanted to lose. "Don't....stop...dad...please...." He started moaning too as I clenched down on his cock over and over. "Son fuck yes. You love your dads raw cock inside you dont you? This thick cock is going to breed you so deep with a two week load of ropes and ropes of thick dad cum. You want that son? You want your dad's load to breed you son?" I didn't say anything in response. Something was bubbling in me. The tingling that I had been feeling since those first hits were suddenly turning into something else and I was starting to shake uncontrollably moaning and gasping for breath at the same time and even though I hadnt been touching my only half hard cock I could feel this wave of pleasure make its way to my balls and through my cock as I came like never before. Dad pulled me against his chest as I was still shaking and with his mouth at my ear said "I'm cumming son. Oh fuuuu......" I could tell that he was moaning that silent moan again. His body against mine was shaking bucking over and over and after at least 10 spasms he moaned deep and long. The spasms kept coming but there was a longer period between them. He held me tight against him and when he thought they were over he pulled me back and kissed me. He bucked a couple more times and said "Oh fuck I'm still cumming. Oh...m--" I put my tongue in his mouth. If each time he bucked into me was a shot he must have cum almost 20 ropes into me. Our kiss got slowly and more sensual as our breathing steadied. I pulled back this time. I had shot a massive load. There was cum all over our chests. "How are you feeling son?" I didn't know what to say. I felt amazing like everything in my life had changed. I put my head on his shoulder. "Dad. That was incredible." I could hear him chuckle. He was still inside me and I could feel that he was still hard. "That was just the beginning son. I have an idea. How do you feel about calling home and telling your folks youre staying over your friends place tonight?"
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    His name was Rob. At least I presume it was from the username he used on Gaydar. I guess it could have been something else, but it really doesn't matter. Just like it doesn't matter that I never knew the name of his friend that day. His friend who played host to us in our most unlikely liaison. I had been talking with him online for what seemed like years. Over time I had learned he was poz, married to a woman who he no longer had sex with, had some boyfriends but was discreet for the sake of his home life and kids, and that he shared some of my horny fantasies. He in turn learned that I was neg, married to a wife who I do still have sex with, and that I was, deep down, a sleazy fucker. I had told him all about my fantasies of playing with a poz guy. I had posted them to this site and others like it. I had told them to random guys that I had no intention of hooking up with, and I had jerked off with them in my mind more times than I could ever hope to count. But he was different. I really wanted to meet him. He lived in a town only about 15 miles from me. A mere nothing considering that most of the people in the forums I frequented were on the other side of the globe! You see, I didn't want to be poz. I had no intention of limiting my life that way. I have a wife who I love very much, and who loves me. She is bi too and totally supportive of me playing with guys, but she could never understand my fantasies I know. I have girlfriends who are married themselves and (I'm pretty sure) are only cheating with me. I have a family who I never want to have to tell about my sexual preferences. So many guys I read about in the forums want to be poz to free themselves from the worry. I am not one of them! No, I don't want to be poz. But I still fantasise. I still cum thinking about a poz guy breeding me. I still read the stories and find myself hard and leaking precum, and despite my best efforts, I still have more than my share of risky sex! I never use a condom when I fuck a woman. Actually, I did recently at her request, but it broke anyway! Like the universe was trying to tell me something. Up until then I never believed condoms actually broke by accident as it had never happened to me or anyone I knew! I love to feel a wet pussy around my cock. I love to empty my cum into a woman. I also love to know that it's joining another man's cum in there... I try to be more sensible with guys. Especially as I'm almost exclusively bottom. I try to pick guys who will use a condom. I try to pick guys who won't expose me to unnecessary risk. I try to stop myself going into the glory hole booths at the sauna and wrapping my lips round any cock that comes through into the darkness for me to suck. I more often than not fail at these things. I meet guys and find myself sliding onto their bare cock. I kneel in front of the glory holes praying that a guy will come in and fill my mouth and that he will encourage me to put my arse up to the hole for him to fuck! Deep down, I crave the risky sex. I crave the [banned word]. I have one guy who wants to introduce me to Tina. I haven't yet, I know if I do I will most likely let it take me to all the dark places that I try to keep away from. I know that it will give me an excuse to do those depraved, risky things that I know I shouldn't. I also know that I will meet her one day soon.. But enough about that, back to Rob. He was older than me, in his 50s. I love an older man. He was fit though, looking like he worked out, defined but not too cut. His hair was slightly receded, but cropped short. He looked nice, kind, hot, but slightly dangerous. Some months ago we swapped numbers and talked on the phone. He sounded nice, but he talked nasty! I opened myself to him. He knew I didn't want to be poz, but that I wanted to play with a guy who I knew was. I wanted it to be him. I wanted him to play with my arse, open it, lick it, make it ready to take his cock. His raw cock. I wanted to feel it inside me, nothing protecting me from him if he chose to impregnate me with his DNA. I wanted him to tell me what he was doing, make me admit my fantasies face to face, flesh to flesh. I wanted to do it with somebody I could trust to pull out before things went too far. Rob was that man, I had no doubt. He couldn't host because of his wife, but he knew a guy who could locally and who would watch us play. I was nervous about this, partly because I didn't know if I could open up my fantasies in front of somebody else who I hadn't built up a trust with, but partly because I knew that if it became a two on one fight, I could end up in a very bad position. He was on Gaydar too, I looked him up and he looked safe enough, so I agreed. He was apparently neg, but played bareback so understood my position. I wasn't sure, but I hoped he would be able to encourage me in the same way Rob had. So the day came. I cleaned out my hole until it was squeaky clean. I used a nice glass dildo to check that it was clean all the way up and that I was ready to get a good fucking and I set out to meet them. I arrived early and parked down the street, compulsively checking my messages in case he needed to cancel. I wasn't sure what I would do if he did. Whether I would be disappointed or relieved! I had no excuses to cancel myself, although I was almost desperate to find one! As the time I had agreed to be there approached, I locked my car and walked slowly to his front door. They must have been waiting for me, as the door opened as I approached it and I walked straight in before I even saw the guy holding it open. He smiled at me and gestured to the stairs. I only noticed his smile and shaved head, but I couldn't tell you anything else about him at this point, I was so nervous! We had agreed that there was to be no small talk downstairs, that I would arrive, get naked in the bedroom and then we could talk if we wanted. I reached the bedroom and found it empty of people. The bed had been stripped to the bottom sheet, a large towel laid across, and I noticed Velcro restraints at each corner. I also noticed a bottle of baby oil on the side table, but no evidence of a condom or any water based lube. I stripped, knowing that there was no turning back now. Once naked I sat on the bed and waited until the door opened and Rob walked in. He was as hot as he looked in his photos - hotter even! The silvering hair on his chest reminded me that I was about to submit to a real man. There was nothing to suggest his health status, and I wondered how many other 'healthy' guys who had fucked me had been concealing the same thing as him! I reasoned that he was safer than them. Knowing his status, he would avoid other infections that might challenge his already compromised immune system.. He would be able to spot the signs of people who were not safe to play with and he would avoid them.. Of course, deep down I knew this was bullshit, and I knew he fucked raw with plenty of guys who could be carrying much worse diseases than the one he was admitting to! He asked me if I was still wanting to continue. Actually, he said 'do you still want me to breed you, cumwhore?' I nodded, not trusting myself to speak, but that wasn't enough for him. 'Speak up, slut!' 'Yes sir, I still want you to fuck me raw, but please remember not to cum in me'. He smiled, but I couldn't read it to decide whether it was kindly or evil. I felt small and weak, even though I knew I had him on height and weight and even cock size! He made me stand while he moved the restraints from the foot of the bed up to join the others near the head. I didn't get it at first, but soon realised what he intended. I was to be trussed up like a sacrifice to his poz cock. I tried to remember that he promised not to take things too far, but I was terrified. I wanted nothing more than to run from the house and never look back, but before I could reach for my clothes, his hand reached out, pulled my head to his and I felt his lips on mine, mashing us together and swapping our first fluids. My resolve melted and I knew I was his to use. Within our agreed limits of course! His hands were all over my body, pulling me to him, exploring me. Mine were concentrating on his nipples and cock, working to get him horny, although I don't think I needed to give him much help! After a few minutes of biting on my lip and making me suck his tongue, he began to move me to the bed and pushed me back so I fell between the restraints. He first fastened my wrists, and I realised that, although my legs were free, I was effectively his prisoner. I tried the bonds, knowing that we had agreed I could end it at any moment, but found that I couldn't reach across myself or slip through them. I began to panic, but he soothed me by whispering in my ear, 'you can trust me to give you what you want. You wanted me to fuck with your head as well as your body, right?' I nodded again, still unsure, but noticing that my cock was still rock hard - a fact that hadn't escaped my captor's notice. As he moved down my body and took my cock in his mouth, I noticed his friend setting up a video camera on a tripod next to the bed. 'I didn't agree to that! I can't be filmed!' 'Don't worry, we'll watch it back and erase it when we're done today, promise' and he was back on my cock, sucking my fears and doubts into himself. He was an amazing cock sucker, bringing me close to cumming and then backing off time after time after time. I lost track of how long he had sucked me, or how often I had nearly cum in his expert mouth, and just as I thought he might bring me off and send me on my way, I felt him lifting my legs into the air. His friend, who had previously melted into the shadows took this as his cue to step forward, pulling my ankle up to my shoulders and fixing them into the bonds that he had prepared for me! As he finished making sure they were tight but comfortable, I felt a tongue on my hole. It felt wet, hot and beautiful in a way I couldn't describe. It licked, teased, probed and opened my exposed and vulnerable hole until I was moaning like a cheap whore! I barely even noticed that in my stupor, my cock had shrunk, no longer needed to be satisfied as my needs were now all about my arse. I jumped as he slipped first one, then two, then three slender, wriggling fingers deep inside me, confirming to both of us that I was ready for more. I saw him reach across and felt the cool, slipperiness of the baby oil as he poured a generous amount down his fingers, spreading them to help guide it into me. As soon as he was satisfied that I was lubed, loosened and fully compliant, lifted himself so that he could once again see my face. I realised he was positioning his cock at the entrance to my arse, that it was bare, that even if he rubbered up now the oil would ruin it, and that all my rationalising the risks of what was about to happen meant nothing! 'Stop, I can't go throu...' He held his hand over my mouth and as I tried to squirm and tell him I'd changed my mind, I could taste my hole, his cologne and baby oil and I knew it was futile. He knew my fantasy and would see it through, no matter what! I realised I was still safe, this was what we discussed and I tried to relax as I felt the head of his cock pushing against my hole and sliding in! This was it! I heard a voice crying out 'breed me!' And I recognised it as my own! 'What do you want?' Rob asked me as he pulled his cock from me. 'Put it back in, fuck me, fuck me!' 'What about my toxic precum that I'm leaking, and the fact that I'm about to cum?' 'I don't care, just fuck me some more, your cock feels so good in me' Out of the corner of my eye I saw the light from the camera reflecting on the nameless man's face, making him look hollow, evil, controlling... Rob was fucking me faster, making me pull painfully at my restraints, but all the time calling out for him to breed me, fuck me, make me his poz cum whore, make me like him... I saw on Rob's face that he was getting ready to cum, his hands tightened on my hips, his strokes getting more urgent and I felt his cock rubbing harder over my prostate as it began to swell and harden even further. The extra stimulation brought me to new levels of ecstasy and I was unable to control my orgasm as I felt the cum flow onto my stomach from my still soft cock. My hole clenched around his cock, despite my efforts to stop it, and I knew that my own orgasm had sealed my fate. Rob apologised after. He'd intended to pull out, he'd wanted to take me to the very limit, to make my fantasy fuck a memorable one, but my hole had tipped him over the edge at the very moment he'd been ready to pull out and cum on my body! We watched the video after. By the time it finished, the restraints were unnecessary.... [I found this in my drafts. Apparently I wrote it back in 2012! Rob was a real guy, the scene was one we discussed playing out, and one which played out in my head many times, both then and since! I hope you like it.]
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    I came into the world with not much going for me. My mother was a prostitute, so I never knew who my father was. She was also a lesbian, so her bull dike lovers were always around; I was not treated well as a family member but just a thing, as the best part of the day for me was school lunch, as I was always hungry. It did have a long term effect on me as my height 5ft. 3 105 lbs. But life did give me something that would define me for the rest of my life, that's is 14 X 8 dick. At School, always being the smallest male in my class, the bigger boys would beat me up and call me a fag when I get home. My mother, bull dike lover at the time, would do the same. Since no one cared about me and when I turned 16, I ran away from home. I hitchhiked out of town, and after 500 miles and coming to a big city, I stop as I found a place that would give me a job. Sal's restaurant was looking for a dishwasher, and they had a place in the back where I could live. The room was 4X8, with a bathroom next door. The work was hard as I also did deliveries on the bike they had and made some good money with tips. I always wore long pants as with shorts; my dick could come out as I never wore underwear. The next two years were uneventful as I turned 18. Some in the kitchen would talk about they fuck over the weekend, but I had no interest in their sex stories. With Sal's being in an industrial part of town, there were plenty of empty buildings around. WE see across the street some construction going on two of the buildings. I ask one of the workers, and he says one is going to be a Men's Library and the other a Men's Spa. I tell Sal, and his reaction is good as they will have to eat and you will have more deliveries. When with Sal's restaurant being 24/7, we see the library and Spa are very busy at night, which seems queer, but they are asking for a lot of deliveries, so I'm doing well with tips. When I go to the Spa, I see men with just towels on walking around, and on the walls pictures on men naked, as I get excited as all I ever do is a jerkoff. When the manager is not around, I have to show my state-issued I.D. to prove I'm 18, and the looks I get are exciting to me. I also see a sign in the window one day that they are looking for an early morning cleaner. So I ask Randy what does the job involve, so he shows me what to do in the library. Just mop the floors clean the small rooms which can fit two men, I think, pick up the condoms and wipe the holes in the walls. Over at the spa, the small rooms have a bed with rubber sheets on them, again mop the floor but watch out for the syringes and put them in the sharps box and be careful with them if you see small brown bottles you can keep along with the little cellophane. I ask what is in them, well the brown bottle is poppers get you high, and the powder in the cellophane sends you the heaven with a rush. I take the job as the cleaner, and most nights, no one is there, and I'm collecting a lot of the poppers bottle and a few of the cellophane bags. The Spa is into sections. The Little rooms have a bed or sling and a small table. A large room that has crosse, benches, OBGYN tables, Chaines are hanging from the ceiling, and cages with wheels on them. Then you have the darkroom. The walls are black, so is the floor, and cleaning that room is a pain in the ass, and cum is all over the place; I even found cum on the ceiling a few times. At the Spa, they have special nights that I see on their handouts. Leather Men's night Daddy boy night Anything Goes night Bear night I say to my self WTF they have bears here? -TO+ I wonder whats night is about? TNG night Stripper night At the library they sell tokens, poppers and sex toys are on the walls. Since I only go to the front desk, I have no idea what's going in the back, but I do hear some people talking in the back rooms. Take if bitch I'm cumming Where do you want my load With screams of some getting hurt and some are moaning in pleasure. One night Sal's gets big order from the Spa, but it's raining heavily; by the last trip, I'm soaking wet to my skin. The manager said it has stopped raining and for me to come with him as he can put my clothes in the dryer they have here. He takes me to the locker room, and as I'm getting out of my clothes, everyone is looking at me, and the manager's mouth is open in shock as I stand there naked. I look down, and my dick is sticking out. For the first time, I see other men and how their big dick is. I wrap a towel around myself and warm up as the other men are smiling at me and giving me thumbs up. The manager hands me back my dried off clothes then asks for my ID. He says if I want to make some extra money next Sunday on the stripper night. I say yes, but what do I have to do, so he takes me to his office and plays some movies of what the strippers do. I don't look like these hot looking men; I'm skinny no hair as he is laughing then says you have some they will go nuts for is your big dick. I see how the strippers work string and men put money inside the G string you ware, you come out in street clothes or a business suit, you do a 10 minutes session. Some will give you a business card for a date, and if you are a dud on stage, they throw pennies as an insult instead of paper money. They tell me the business cards are where the real money is not from stripping. One night as I was cleaning at the Spa, I find this 20-year-old like half dead. I ask Randy. I think this guy is in trouble. Randy takes one look and says O him he was brought here tonight to get pregnant, I say to my self he is a male, so how could he become pregnant. We help him off the bed, and cum starts to leak out of his ass hole, Randy says put him down as they forgot to put a plug in him we then dress him Randy calls a friend. We put him in a car, and they take him away, I ask what's going to happen to him, so he is laughing then says in a few weeks if everything goes right, he will get the fuck flu and be POZ for the rest of his life. The Sunday strip show I show up to the dressing room, I see what the other men look like an,d I see how beautiful they are with their rip muscles bodies, with me this skinny boy with a feminine body. They all want to help, and once I'm naked, one says I will be a star as he points to my dick. Everything they have is too big, and with some safety pins, it helps. The G string my dick keeps flopping out as they laugh. As soon I get on stage, they start to throw pennies on stage as a way to embarrass me, with catcalls of getting the faggot off the stage and get a real male up on stage as the clothes come off they are getting louder with more insults. Then the room goes dead silence when I'm down to the G string with my dick flopping out; I just stop with my dick as it grows to full erection, then the cheering with them waving dollars bills for me to come over to put in the G string and a few with business cards. When my 10- minutes is up, they are giving me a standing ovation and asking me back on stage to take a bow. I got back with the money, even the pennies and started to go through the business cards, and one of the strippers see the black card then say don't ever see this guy as he is crazy and will mess you up. He says this other guy is nice with great blow jobs. He has a room number on it, so I take a quick shower and walk to the room; all he wants to do is give me a blow job. I lay down on the bed, and he goes right to sucking my dick little does he know this will be the first blow job I'm getting. After 10 minutes, he is driving me crazy as I'm fighting back as hard as I can not to cum. I can't hold back anymore, and I did not tell me I' a big cummer and always make a mess. When I cum, his mouth is still on my dick as he is swallowing every drop of it and is licking every drop from my body. The strippers are right; you will make a lot more money from the business cards than from dancing. One early morning in the dungeon area, these three men who were still going at it as they had this 40-year-old tied to the bench, so I went in really quite as not to disturb them. Then one of them said HAY BOY, are you the one with that giant dick, I nod yes and go over to them. He asks with a big smile on his face as I drop my pants, and my dick falls out. Do you want to make a few bucks? I say sure as the other one takes a rope and picks up a syringe and bends down to him and says just one more dick in you, but you are going to need it as he is going to split you in half. I have seen enough Male porn, so I know what I have to do, but it will be the first time I will be fucking someone. They gave him a big slam as he is coughing his brains out, the one behind me says stick it is slow as we want him to feel the pain as it goes in. The one behind me who is directing me I feel his dick rubbing the crack of my ass, one behind me is kissing my neck and squeezing my nipples as it feels so good then his finger goes in my ass hole as I'm balls deep into the bottom as his screams are driving me nuts as I start to fuck him faster with fingers in my hole hitting my prostate I will be cumming soon when I do between my nipples played with, my hole being fingered. The kissing on my neck, these feelings I never knew it would feel this way when you cum. When I pull out my dick, Now I know why he was screaming so much as I see dark blood on my dick and in my cum, and I panic for a second. Then the two men are laughing as they bring me around and for me to put my dick in his mouth. The other two are laughing and say to me he is already a member of the brotherhood and in good standing.
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    It was close to the 4th of July and I really had no plans for the weekend so I decided to call up the local gay camp ground and made reservations for the weekend and booked a camping spot. Once the reservations were made I went around packing up my camping gear as well as plenty of lube poppers and my gear and some toys to take with me in hopes of having some fun. Once everything was packed up I got into my Jeep and started the drive to hopefully a fun weekend. A little about me. My new is Jonas I'm 19 and a freshman in college. I was on the highschool weight lifting team and it gave my 6 foot body a very strong definition of muscle. I have long black hair that fell to my back that I kept tied when training and competing and deep brown eyes. In the locker room I always got whistles from the other guys on the team because they all were jealous at my muscles ass and 8 inch cock swinging as I walked by. Many of my teammates didn't know unless they told each other but I have been fucked and fucked every member of the team all through highschool and they were all nervous it might get out. I always assured them I wouldn't say a word and it always calmed them. Now in college I have made it a point to have as much bare sex as I could because I wanted to start my new life with a new change. I wanted to be HIV+. I know that is a weird for a young man to want but I have wanted it for so long now. I have read many stories on how it has changed so many lives and how happier those who willing get pozzed to be free of wanting to not use condoms and love the natural feeling of bareback sex and I want to be as free. I got to the campground and paid for my site and started to set up my tent and get everything ready for the weekend. I went on Grindr adam4adam and a few more of the sites and aps I'm on letting as many guys as I could that I was there and accepting any and all loads they have no questions asked and bareback only. U got a few responses quickly from guys who were already there and those who said they will be there for the weekend. I responded to all of the and let them know my campsite number and told them I am ready for anything just let me know. I took out my sluttiest pair of underwear with the back removed so anyone could have access to my ass if wanted and walked around the grounds. I got a lot of looks by anyone passing me and a few walked up to me and probbed my all and felt my cock in the pouch. I was loving the attention from everyone. I started to make out with the closest guy to me and was trying to get my tounge as far as I could down his throat I didn't notice the cock probbing my hole until it forced its way to the root in my ass. I moaned loudly into the mouth of the guy I was kissing and it felt awesome. I stood there in such a glow feeling my tounge getting massaged by one guy and my ass being plowed by another. I came up for breath from his mouth and bent down to suck his cock and give the top who was pounding my ass by now a better angle. I didn't want this to end but I felt the familiar feeling of both cocks getting harder and I knew I was about to get wahat I wanted. Both guys grunted and shoved in hard and came at the same time. I slurped as much cum as I could from the guys cock and squeezed my ass hard to milk out the load in my ass. Once both guys were soft they pulled out my my holes making a popping sound from my ass and an empty feeling that needed to be fixed. I looked at both of my first fucks and saw they were guys I knew from the college weight lifting team. I looked like a deer in headlights to them and they said don't worry we both thought you were hot when we saw you after practice and when we saw that you posted you were here on Grindr we made sure that we would find you. I smiled at both of them and kissed both of them deeply before going our separate ways for now. I reached back at my ass and felt the stream of cum coming out of it and made sure to get every drop from my ass to my mouth. I looked at the direction my new teammates took and saw they were walking towards a uv light that was set up for the party for tonight and was shocked to see bright red uv tattoos on their asses of biohazard symbols and I was excited to know that I was going to get more than fireworks this weekend.
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    “Hi Mike, I’m Jason Dr X’s assistant. Very nice to meet you” ”Nice to meet you too Jason, please come in” Mike held the door open for Jason, as he stepped inside. “This shouldn’t take too long Mike, I just need to collect a few samples and we will go over what to expect on Saturday. Assuming all the STD panels come back good. I know you said you haven’t caught anything, but we just want to make sure.” ”I completely understand” Mike replied. ”Kitchen table work okay for what we need?” He asked as he led Jason into the house. ”Yep that works perfect!” Mike led Jason to the kitchen and pulled a couple of chairs out. Jason removed a backpack from his shoulder and set it down while taking a seat. Mike followed in his own chair. ”Okay Mike, first thing and I hope you don’t mind. I need you to sign an NDA before we go any further. “ ”What is the NDA for?” Mike asked “Basically states, that you won’t discuss or disclose anything we talk about today or the procedure. The Dr likes to keep this on the quiet side and does not want details to be shared in the public” ”Okay, I can completely understand that” Jason pulled a folder from his bag and removed a document from it. He also grabbed a pen and handed them to Mike. Reading them over Mike signed and dated them, sliding them back to Jason, he put them back in the folder. ”Okay, now we can do the blood draws and other samples we’ll need Mike.” Jason started pulling tubes and containers out of his backpack. “So I’ll take two blood draws, a mouth swab, a urine sample, and just before I leave I’ll need a semen sample.” ”What’s the semen sample for?” Mike asked, feeling a little embarrassed. ”Well you stated that you’ve had a vasectomy, so the Dr. just wants to make sure you are still swimmer free”. ”Ah, yeah that makes sense” Jason started the process of the blood draws and as he did, he started to give Mike some background on the Dr. “Dr. X, and yes, he is a real Doctor. He’s been a general practitioner for about 10 years now. He spent a year in Africa doing Doctors Without Borders. While there he contracted HIV. Unfortunately, his particular strain is med resistant, so he does everything he can to stay healthy. There is a whole story behind this, but it is his to share. (*hint*). The idea behind his insemination procedure started when he had a patient come in with flu symptoms. The gentleman was obviously not feeling well, but he was actually happy and asked the doctor for an HIV test. Confused the doc asked him why that made him happy. The patient went on to tell him that he had been chasing HIV for over a year and letting anyone with it have sex with him bareback. He went on to explain that he knew he sounded crazy, but he truly wanted to have this, it spoke to him on a very deep level and he felt it was the next step in his journey of life and once he had it. Somewhere down the road he would like to share it with someone else who felt the same way. To be able to pass on his DNA and keep it living. So basically, that is where the idea for the insemination procedure started. The doc liked the idea of passing on his DNA, but he would only do it with individuals that were absolutely positive about it and were looking to further their own journey. Like you Mike” While Jason has been talking about this, he had drawn my blood and swabbed my cheek. Now he asked ”Think you can give me a urine sample?” ”Sure” Mike replied. Taking the cup, he went into his bathroom and filled it up. His mind was completely racing with all the information that he had received so far. Screwing the company back on, finished up and washed his hands. He brought the cup back to Jason. Jason started talking again. “Okay so, here’s what to expect now Mike. We will have the results back for all the tests by Tuesday, so once they are in I will give you a call. At that time assuming everything is good, we will send over a kit that you will need to use on Friday. Do you think you can take Friday off by chance? You’ll be on the toilet a lot.” ”Yeah, I can take Friday off. What is in the kit?” ”It’s basically a smaller version of a colon cleanse, just to make sure your completely cleaned out for the insemination. We have found it really helps because not only are you completely empty, but it also slightly irritates the lining for better reception of the semen. So on Saturday morning, I will pick you up at 8 AM. Once in the car I will ask you to put on a blindfold, this is just so we can keep the location of the office anonymous. Once in the office and in the room, the blindfold can be removed. At this point, you’ll do a little paperwork , then I’ll have you disrobe and get on the stand. I’ll prep you for the procedure. Then at 10 AM, the doctor will come in, he will explain the whole procedure, what to expect and what happens. He will perform the procedure, then after it is complete I will clean you up. You can then get dressed and I will take you home, blindfolded again. We will go over the aftercare while you are at the office also okay?” ”Yeah, that all sounds good, I’m really excited and kind of nervous too” “No worries Mike, any other questions you have at the moment?” ”Umm I don’t think so” ”I threw a lot of information at you, so if you think of anything, let me know. I’m really happy to answer any questions. So we’re about done here. Except for the semen sample. You ready for that?” ”Umm yeah I guess, kinda weird doing that with you here” Jason laughed. “No need to be embarrassed Mike, We’re just a couple of guys. Here stand up quick.” Mike stood up and before he could even say a word, Jason grabbed his gym shorts and pulled them down. And In the next moment he had Mikes cock in his mouth. He was taken completely off guard, but then that all went out of his head as Jason worked his cock over with his expert skills, Mikes head tilted back as a moan escaped from his lips. Jason definitely knew what he was doing. Mike was in heaven as he felt his cock going down the back of Jason’s throat, Mike knew he would cum fast if he kept that up and Jason must have read his mind because he kept the deep throating up. Mike looked down at Jason as he bobbed his head up and down his shaft. “I’m getting close” he mumbled. Jason grabbed the cup from the table, never missing a beat as he sucked Mikes cock. ”Oh god! I’m gonna cum!” Mike yelled Jason pulled off his cock and put the head in the specimen cup and he stroked Mikes cock. Mike let out a loud groan as the first shot of cum exploded from his head. More followed as Jason slowly milked him completely. He felt mike shudder and then released him from his grip. ”There we go!” He said as he stood up. “See that was easy” He laughed as he looked at Mike. Mike looked back at him. “Wow! That was amazing!” ”Holding the specimen cup up, Jason said. “This reminds me, no more for you this week. Please refrain from a sexual activities including masturbating. Doctors orders! Now I need to get going, we need this specimen fresh for examination.” With that, Jason packed everything up in his backpack and slung it over his shoulder. “Remember, if you have any questions please get in touch with me. I’m happy to answer anything.” Jason started walking towards the door, and Mike followed him, still a little dazed from the head he just received. Reaching around Jason, he grabbed the door and opened it for Jason. ”Okay, I’ll be in touch on Tuesday” ”Okay, sounds good! Thanks for everything Jason!” Looking back, Jason smiled and winked at him. “Talk to you soon”
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    Hey guys I've been reading hot stories for longer than I should say so I finally decided to try writing one myself. Let me know what you think! I woke up on the morning of my birthday to find a bunch of texts from friends and family. I read Mike's first. "happy birthday boy maybe now we can meet :)" I was already hard when I woke up but that got me stroking. I met Mike on Grindr a few months before when I downloaded the app on my phone and said I was 18. I was curious and I couldn't wait. I had to see it for myself. I put up a pic of my smooth chest. I also cropped one of my swim team pics so you could only see me and just from my neck down. I was wearing my speedo. Mike messaged me and we started to chat about what I was interested in doing. I think he could tell that I wasn't 18 pretty quick so during that first conversation he said "so when do you really turn 18 🙂?" I came clean and let him know that I was 17 and a total virgin. I had made out with a guy on the team at a party once and I loved that but we were both drunk and never talked about it after. Mike didn't ask to meet that first time the way some of the other guys who messaged me did. He took things really slow and I really liked him. When he did mention meeting he said that we had to wait until I was 18 but if I still wanted to meet when my birthday came around he would be willing to show me everything I wanted to experience and some things I probably didn't know about yet. He let me ask him about anything I wanted even stuff that I was scared of. He said he wouldn't judge because he wished he had someone to ask when he was younger. Over the months that we chatted he basically knew all of my fantasies. Most people would say they were pretty vanilla but I didn't really know what was out there. But the one thing that I found so hot that I was scared to share was how much the idea of incest got me off. I don't know what it was because I actually was not attracted to anyone in my family but thinking about a father and son messing around always put me over the edge. Mike said it was normal and there were ways to explore that without messing around with actual members of my family. Mike was 42 the same age as my dad. He lived alone and was never married or had kids. He had two pics on his profile. One was a body pic. He looked fit like he took care of himself but not like a big muscled guy who goes to the gym all the time. The second pic was of his entire body but fully clothed in what looked like an outfit my dad would wear when he went to work. Button down shirt and pants. But in the pic he was also wearing a baseball cap and was looking down so you still couldn't see his face. All these months he never asked me for a pic of my face. I think he knew I was scared to do that. I wasn't out yet to anyone and I didn't want anyone to find out. So I didn't ask to see his face either. After I thanked him for the birthday text he asked me what I thought about meeting IRL. Was I ready? I said I think I was as long as we go really slow and maybe not do everything the first time. Could we just meet and hang out and maybe just watch some porn and leave it at that? I developed a lot of trust in Mike those months and knew that he would be the kind of guy that I would want to be my first. He said of course we could take it slow. That's the best way because there's no rush. We made plans to hang out at his place that weekend. The anticipation over the next few days made me the horniest I had ever been. We actually didn't even message each other until that Saturday. "You still up for coming over and hanging out a bit?" I told him I was as the anticipation turned to nervousness. He sent me his address. He was really close. I knew from Grindr that he was not too far but I didn't calculate what that might mean. I could bike there and be there fast. We decided to meet at 3 so I could finish this one lab that I had to turn in that was already late. He told me to text him when I was about to leave my house so when I did I told him that I was really nervous. He texted me back immediately like he knew I would say that. "I understand. Everyone's first time doing anything can make people nervous. We are just going to hang out. No pressure. You told me you smoked pot before and like it right? We can just kick back and smoke a little to relax us." He was right. Nothing was going to happen this time. We were just going to meet and put a face to the last few months. What if one of us thought the other was ugly? Maybe he wouldn't be attracted to me and I had to be ready for that. I texted back that I was heading over. That was the longest bike ride I ever took. Now that I was on my way, I just wanted to get there. But I got to his house and started shaking. I couldn't control it. He told me to bring my bike into the back so that it would be safe left alone. I parked my bike right by his back door and then knocked. He didn't answer right away and while I waited I thought there was still time to get back on my bike and go home. But I couldn't move. And then I heard the chain on the door and then it opened. Mr. Kelly, my 10th grade math teacher stood in front of me. "Hi Jake." I couldn't speak. My only thought was that I was in trouble. Now everyone would know. But Mr. Kelly is gay? He was one of the chill teachers at school that everyone loved. I never thought he could be gay but I guess I never really thought about my teachers actually having lives. He was smiling as though he was not surprised that the person who was at his door was a student he had just a couple years ago, who was still a few months away from graduating. "uhhh Mr. Kelly? I'm so sorry...I...this is a mistake...I won't tell..." He reached out and held my arm. "It's ok. Come inside and let's talk." He pulled me gently and I followed him into his house.
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    Finally had some fun today. For the last week my housemate has gone on about being horny and his gf being miles away and not being able to see her. Been offering to help him out but no dice. today was in the bathroom when my phone went off with a text from my housemate asking if the offer was still on the table. I jumped for it and told him yeah and I would be in his room in a sec. quickly giving myself a clean cause with no chance of being fucked I haven’t done it lately. Once I was happy I was clean just in case I got out and knocked on his door. when I said it was me he told me to come in and the sight I saw sent my semi into a ragging hardon, he was naked on his bed, hairy chest, bit of a belly, 5 inches of cut semi hard meat and him on his phone watching porn. i didn’t care I just jumped into the bed and slid up his legs and took his cock into my mouth, he never looked at me he just kept watching porn. When I pulled off to lick his balls I looked at his 7 inches of meat and needed it so bad. So I went for it I got up turned my back to him and lined his cock with my hole, he didn’t say anything so I lowered and bounced on his cock for all my worth, I could feel him tense and unload into me. i got off and used my boxers to clean his cock, before leaving, he was still watching the porn eyes closed. Got to my room put in my butt plug and jerked off knowing his load was in my ass. Was soo horny had to write this right now. so I have his load still in me as I type this and hoping he might want more, will keep you posted if he does.
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    That was a little prologue bit, now we start the main story: Chapter 1 - The Bouncer “Tickets,” the bouncer was stood rock solid at the doorway. He was quite short, but with bulging muscles, biceps in particular. He had throbbing veins all along his bald head which shone with sweat and we could all smell him from where he stood. I was doing all that I could to not give away how turned on I was, but this bouncer didn’t look friendly. “Tickets!” He yelled gruffly, as Owen was fiddling around in his bag. The bouncers face reddened more and more. A few seconds later and a panicked Owen revealed our three tickets to the Havana Gay Club, but it was too late. The bouncer was out of patience, we’d kept him waiting a whole fifteen seconds and this man didn’t wait for anyone. He grabbed Owen roughly by the throat, lifting him off the ground and staggered off a few metres down the street. Owen was gasping for breath, his feet kicking beneath him, and Ryan and I were yelling for him to stop. But we were in an empty street devoid of people, it was 3am after all. The bouncer banged violently on a metal shutter in the side of the building, and within seconds it lifted a little off the ground. With one strong swing he tossed Owen underneath, and the metal shutter smashed loudly to the ground once more leaving only silence and the slow footsteps of the bouncer as he returned. “Wh...what was that?! Where is he? What’s through there?” I yelled confused “I’d forget about him son, a pretty thing like that...especially with his ass...damn he won’t be coming out again...” “What do you mean?” Ryan asked “The lads down there are gonna tear him apart, I’d forget about him son and enjoy your night...at least you faggots have learnt not to keep real man waiting! Now fuck off,” And with that he shoved the two of us inside the doors and slammed them shut. We were immediately thrust inside the night club which blared loud music with flashing strobe lights. There was an enormous crowd of people and we were swept up inside the sea of bodies. It had seemed so quiet from outside.... Within seconds in all the confusion I had lost even Ryan, but eventually I managed to swim my way to the bar and leant on a stool to catch my breath. It was hot and sweaty inside. I waved to grab the attention of a barman, whilst trying to catch any sign of Ryan...nothing, I couldn’t see him anywhere. The barman who greeted me was objectively handsome. A thick jaw and short black beard with piercing blue eyes. Just like all the servers he was butt naked. He was muscular and slightly hairy, with a gorgeous cut cock that hung soft from a hairy crotch and swung delicately as he walked. It took me a few seconds to stop getting distracted and remind myself of my situation and begin speaking. “My friend... hes...my friend...the bouncer threw him round the side and I don’t know...” “Really? Again?! I swear he’s tossing about five guys every night in there, I’m guessing it’s cos the boy tried hitting on him huh?” The barman laughed. “No! Well not really, he just took too long getting the tickets out!” “Damn he must be in a mood, the bouncer I mean. Let’s just say he’s had a few fights with the guys downstairs... to do with his sons.... and I think that he thinks if he throws enough guys down there, that they’ll leave his youngest son alone...I dunno.. whatever... you getting a drink? “What no?! I need to find him!” “Trust me you don’t want to, looking at you I’m guessing you don’t really know what goes on in this place and it’s best that way man. I’m gonna be blunt with you, it’s over for him. That’s the dark room, once he’s down there he’ll be thrown about like meat and anyone can get inside him, and trust me there isn’t a condom within a mile of that place, and all the tops down there are poz and shooting toxic loads.” “Poz?! What?” “So are most of the lads here actually, me included,” he winked at me gestured down to his cock, which he shook from side to side teasingly... “Wait so you aren’t then? I’d keep that to yourself buddy, or these guys will have you on all fours in seconds!” The heat and music were all getting too much, what was going on? “You just better pray that he gets your friends only gets fucked by some of the younger guys. There are the two alphas down there Vic and Mario. Mario is this big hairy Italian bloke, and it’s his life’s work to rip all the pretty boys apart. He got mad at Vic mouthing off about being the best top and since then they’ve had a bet to see who can knock up the most guys in one year, rumour has it Mario even knocked up over seven guys on the same football team! I mean that’s impressive!” “Impressive? What the fuck? That’s insane,” I shot back, though couldn’t deny my arousal, my eyes hadn’t left the soft poz cock hanging right in front of me... “To be honest it’s Vic you really want to worry about! He’s reached 166 guys already and there’s still three months to go. Marios way behind on like 120 or something but who knows at this point,” he shrugged. “What? 166 guys he’s pozzed in nine months? But that’s like 5 or something every week, how does that even work?” “Yeah man! He’s here most nights getting the job done, he’s kind of famous in this area. I see a good few guys heading down those stairs each night for a play with Vic and his boys, and to be honest most of them go down for that very reason. You should see him man: he’s tall and super thin, but man his dick is to die for!!!” He laughed hardest of all then, “Literally.” “In fact, speaking of, you better hope Vic isn’t in today because the last four dudes that guy has shot inside had to go to the hospital. This cute kid I know Danny, one other drunk one that got lost down there two weeks ago and also these two friends from Germany who he knocked up last month, all four are hooked up on IVs, that guy is lethal man!” I just stopped in shock. The barman continued, “Damn this chat is getting me hard, looks like I might be payin a visit myself tonight... maybe see you there,” he winked and walked off in response to another guy asking for a drink across the room. I didn’t know how to process it all, what I did know was that I needed to find Owen, so I foolishly headed for the stairs downwards...into darkness... At the bottom of the stairs it was near pitch black. But I could see a figure standing nearby and as I approached, he edged closer and into the light.
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    Part 3 I had only kissed one other person like this before and I was drunk at the time so it was mostly a blur. But the T made me more aware of the feeling of Mr. Kelly....dad....kissing me and wrapping both of his arms around me his hairy chest pressed against me. Our making out was so heated like we were trying to devour each other. I just took his lead and tried to do what he was doing and it was so hot. He broke the kiss but didn't pull away more than a couple inches. He looked into my eyes. "I want to show you everything you want and more. But we will take this at your pace. I promise. Just tell me if I am pushing you too far and we will stop. Is that ok son?" He said the magic word. When he called me son I felt myself melt into him. It made me want him, dad, even more. "Yes dad" was all I could say. I was so horny and my cock was aching to be touched. I reached down to my crotch and noticed that I wasn't hard at all. I didn't understand it but I figured by the time my pants came off it would be hard again. "Why don't we go into the bedroom? I have a TV in there too." He got up off the couch and took my hand and lifted me off it. He grabbed the pipe and the torch and led me into his bedroom. Against one wall was a king size bed. I had never seen one so big before. It was bigger than my parents bed. On the opposite wall was another TV mounted to the wall. "Go ahead and sit up on the bed. I think there's a movie I have that youre gonna like." He was at a small desk with his laptop on it. I sat up in the bed on one side against the headboard to get a good TV watching position. In a minute the TV was on and a video started. Two guys sitting on a couch fully clothed and staring into the camera. It was obvious right off the bat that these two were related. The older guy looked around my dad and Mr. Kelly's age and the younger guy looked around my age and he looked like he would be what the older guy looked like 20 years before. Mr. Kelly...dad...it was hard to get out of the habit of thinking of him as my teacher...before he came to the bed he went into his closet and pulled out a small cloth bag. He got onto the bed and told me to get closer to him. "We'll make use of every inch of this bed eventually, but let's sit close now." I pulled myself over more to the center of the bed so that our arms were touching. "What do you say you take off the shirt son?" I did as he asked and soon dad and son were both topless. He rubbed my chest and brought his hand down to my stomach and crotch. That first feeling of another man's hands on my body was like electricity. I was shivering. The dad and son on the screen were starting to rub each other's legs. Dad pulled out of his cloth bag another small bag of what looked like chunks of crystals. "I'm going to reload the pipe so we can smoke a little more. You liked it right? Do you want to do more son?" That word again. "Yeah dad. I like it a lot. It's weird I got so horny after those hits but I'm not hard at all." "That happens to some people son. I wouldn't worry about it. As long as you're feeling good that's all that matters." He dropped some of the crystal pieces into the bulb and I heard the now familiar sound of the click of the torch. He took the first hit and then began to pass the pipe back and forth between the two of us. Each time he would hold the pipe to my mouth telling me to suck in as long as it was there and then he would tell me to hold it in until he did his next hit. The tingling continued and spread throughout my body but I also felt something else happening. It's hard to explain. It felt like something in my mind was being opened. Like the hits were the key that would release what was inside. And I was feeling that what was inside was all the dirty thoughts I had that I didn't want to tell anyone and that I didn't want to tell myself. "How are you feeling son?" dad asked. "Oh dad" was all I could say in response. My head was being flooded with thoughts I always thought were so dirty about gay sex and gay incest. I think he could tell that I was changing. He smiled and chuckled again. "Feeling good huh? How would you feel if I suggested we get naked?" I didn't wait to respond. I just stripped of my clothes. I wanted to be naked with this man. With my dad. And I wanted to feel our bodies pressed together. I swept the rest of my clothes off the bed and onto the floor and turned back to him. He was naked too and I think I gasped at the sight of him. I was with a hot man who looked better naked then clothed. And what I could not miss was the biggest cock I had ever seen. From stealing glances in the locker room, most of us were pretty much the same size. But dad was long and thicker than anything I could compare it to. Nothing came to mind. He noticed me staring. "Are you ok son?" "You're so huge dad." He smiled again. "Yes. I am pretty big compared to most guys. Do you like that it's big?" I didn't know how to respond. "I think so...but I just never thought they got that thick before." He grabbed his hard cock. "It is very thick. Probably not too much bigger than average lengthwise." I could see that his fingers did not touch when he wrapped his hand around his cock. "Come back over here and sit with me. We can watch more of the movie." I climbed back into the center of the bed and he put his arm back around me and pulled me close. He had the pipe in the hand that was around me and he lit it again so that I could take another big hit. We both took two or three more. By that point I had lost count. I was just flying and thinking the thoughts that I had kept inside for so long. Dad told me to keep my eye on the screen and to keep stroking. I didn't even realize I was stroking my soft cock. Even though I couldn't get hard, it felt good to touch it. The dad and son on screen were fully naked and the dad was on top of the son as they made out. "I love making out with you son." The dad confirmed that he was with his son. The only difference was they were definitely the real thing. It was making me hornier every time they started talking dirty like that. Dad put his mouth up to my ear. "You like when they talk like that to each other son?" I shivered again and just nodded. "We're going to have so much fun together son." My mind was swimming. Somehow all the things I was raised thinking were wrong were the things I wanted to do most in the moment. "Why don't you grab my cock son." Without taking my eyes off the screen, I reached over and put my hand around dad's cock. It was hot and throbbing and felt even thicker in my hand. His mouth was still at my ear. "Yes son. That feels good. I want you so bad. And so does this cock. Stroke it for me son." I began stroking his cock up and down. It was harder than I think I ever felt with my cock. Like a weapon. The son was sucking on his dad's cock. In the same way that they looked alike everywhere else on their bodies they had similar cocks. The dad was moaning and at one point said "Look at me while you suck that cock that made you son." That's when I felt dad touch my cock for the first time. I started shaking immediately. It was so unexpected and felt amazing. Another person's hand on my cock. It was still soft but I could feel it getting a little thicker in dad's hand. "You like that son?" I was gasping and nodding. "Yeah dad. That's amazing." "Should we try to do a little more? You decide. It's up to you son." I nodded. "Son. Look me in the eye and tell me." He pulled away from my ear and I turned to look at him. He was no longer smiling. He looked dead serious. "Yes dad. I wanna do more dad. Please."
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    “Stop fucking flinching. Take it like the worthless faggot I always knew you’d become.” I could barely see straight through the fog of my high. It wasn’t anything hardcore yet that night, but the alcohol and edibles, paired with some fresh poppers and 8 loads earned deep in my cunt had me lost in pleasure and submission. There I was: ass up in a motel, taking anonymous loads… and it was him forcing my hole open. I knew his voice. It was the man who started it all. It was David. Again. 10 years ago I was a condoms-only college kid with a fantasy to submit. And then he showed me what it meant to really get used. What it meant to give myself to a real man. What it meant to regret it. And here he was - 8.5 thick inches pulsing deep inside me while he wrapped his hands around my neck and choked. 10 years ago I wouldn’t have recognized the shell of a faggot whore on that motel bed. Hell, I barely recognized him that night. As this beast of a man tore my hole open yet again, I realized just how far I had fallen. I was leaking in my cock cage, begging, and crying. But to him? I was just an object. No different than the object he’d raped 10 years earlier. And we both knew it. “Cmon, faggot. Put your mouth around the barrel of the gun. I want to play a game.” — 10 years earlier, and I was 20. It was the summer between my sophomore and junior years of college in Los Angeles, and I’d grown more and more comfortable with my sexuality. I was a good looking guy: nearly 6’0, Italian blood, dark features, hairy and tight body. I could fuck any college kid on that campus, but it just didn’t quite scratch that itch. I needed to get used. Or at least thats what I fantasized about when I jerked off. And “getting used” seemed to be getting darker. Rough fucking had become verbal fucking. Light bondage. Slapping. Pain. I needed it to be kinkier and kinkier to get me off. I found myself falling down the rabbit hole, searching for boys crying, having forced orgasms, and — and it made me hard to even type it into search engines - getting raped. I wanted it. Or I thought I wanted it. It all sort of blurred together as I busted orgasm after orgasm to the kinkiest and roughest porn I could find. But I also knew that it wasn’t realistic. Real rape wouldn’t be ‘fun’. Real rape couldn’t be planned. Real rape was just a fantasy. But that didn’t stop me from being a tease. And thats when David first came into the picture. I’d met David online. He was clear from the outset: he didn’t want my name, he liked to fuck holes as objects, it would hurt. I did not matter to him. And I busted a load that first night we chatted - a huge, thick load. And then I quickly signed off. I did to David what I did to all these guys: I teased. I played out my fantasy to earn my own orgasm. Days and days. Countless orgasms. He took me deeper in those conversations, deeper than I knew I could go. He told me he whored boys out. I came. He told me he came from seeing fags cry. I came. He told me he beat a man nearly to death. I came. He told me he wanted to do it again. I came. This went on and on. Until the night that I let my 20 year old sex drive get the best of me. I agreed to go to his place. He told me it would be rough, but that I’d be fine — that he knew so many of my desires were just fantasy. He told me he got it. He told me I’d enjoy myself - that we’d have some fun. And I trusted him. My dick was leaking, my hole was pulsing, and I was speeding down the 405… until I was there. Heart racing, dick hard, skin moist from nerves, adrenaline and sweat. I was there, knocking on his door. That knock would play out in my head for years to come. That knock was the start of a slippery slope — a slope that would ultimately lead me 10 years later, blackout in a trashy motel, throating a 9mm pistol, effectively destroyed no matter the rules of his game. But that night 10 years ago? I just thought it was going to be some quick, rough fun.
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    This quarantine has me going a little stir crazy. I've been checking out the apps. I found a local guy who is back from school early and visiting some local family. His gf is back in middle america some where and he hasn't see her since break. We chatted about wrestling a bunch, he was wrestling college, and I'm looking at programs. This weekend was super nice so I decided to go for a run. I put on my super short track split shorts and tucked my cock in the little brief liner. It was like 80 and sunny so I was going shirtless to get some sun and show off whats left of my abs. He comments on my shorts sends and back a pic of him in sole super short army shorts, silkies he called them. I couldn't figure out how he got his fat cock to stay in them We decided to meet up on our run. I put a little Vaseline in my hole just in case. I'm no sooner out of the house than im boning in my shorts from his pic, by the end of the block I've poped out of the liner and is poking out at the leg. I quickly tuck it back in , and this process repeats every few blocks. We met up and he could see the bulge in my shorts. We both have our little covid masks on. He had a massive package in his I couldn't figure out how such thin, short loose shorts held it in until he lifted his tank top up to show me his abs and i saw the waist band of his jock strap. After a couple of minutes of running and my re tucking my junk. we stopped outside one of the parks in our town which are closed and empty. We hopped over the fence and went in the little baseball dugout. As soon as were behind the wall, he runs his hands up my shorts, caressing my package and grabbing my ass. he lets my cock out through the leg opening in my shorts. I reach under his and rub his massive jock strap bulge. he lets me rub his ass but clenches he glutes and wont let me any where near his hole. I pull down his shorts n move his jock strap pouch aside and start stroking him. He grabs my head n pushes my down on to my knees and onto his cock. He tries to hold back but cant help it and cums a bit soon after hes in my mouth. my covid mask is hanging on my chin n catches what drips out of my mouth. He grabs the back of my head n thrust his cock down my throat , even as I gag.Its thick, meaty and uncut. i'm slobbering all over it. He then pulls me back up, and has me put the mask back of, which smells like his cum. I get on all 4s on the bench n the little dugout. He slides his cock up the back of my track splits and pulls the brief aside and pushes the fat had against my hole. he hole surprised tenses and resists. he goes into str8 boy fuck mode with his cock lined up on the bullseye , hes not going to let the hole get away, he grabs me by both hips, and pulls me back onto his cock. putting his massive biceps and shoulders to work. It burns, it hurts but he doesn't care he just keeps going, his cock needs hole. he puts his hand over my mouth. between the covid mask and his hand it muffles the sound of my moaning but also makes me a little light headed. He buries he shaft and waits a minute for my ass to relax before gently pumping my hole until he cums. He doesnt pull out but picks up the pace n starts pounding me until he cums again. I cum all over the inside of my shorts. After he cums the second time, he pull s out . Says thats it hes str8, has a gf thats all he wants to do. he tucks his cock back into his jock n pulls his shorts up. He takes a quick look outside and then takes off. My walk back from the baseball field is a little slower , My cock sliding around in my cum, soaking the liner of my shorts and showing wet and shiny on the front. The brief in the back is all wet n soggy from his. Soon the cum is dripping down my leg. On the way home, Jrs dad passes me in his SUV and sees I'm kinda limping. he stops to ask if I pulled something an need a lift. I saw sure, thats it. As i get closer, he sees my wet shorts and smells the cum and sweat. He has me jump in the back seat. And tells me to dig around in the trunk to see if one of his sons left a fair of shorts in the back. I find an old pair with a rip in them and a t shirt. They still smell of sweat from when they were used, probably over a month ago. I put the shirt on, but before i can change the shorts, jrs dad pulls into one of the closed mall parking lots. My shorts are on the floor, and he climbs into the back seat. He soon has my legs over his shoulders and his shirts unzipped and around his knees. Hes got me folded over in half with my ankles over my head pounding away at my as, telling my how loose my pussy is, calling me a slut, and making me beg for him to cum. I say "fuck me daddy"n he busta huge nut inside me, then has me lick his cock clean. But before he stopped he gave me a fast n furious bj. I came so hard in his mouth. I put on the mesh gym shorts as he drives me hole. by time i walk up my driveway and get up stairs ive leaked enough cum to make a wet spot on the second pair of shorts.
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    English is not my mother tongue so please excuse my typos etc. Part I It was a normal day for Daniel. Boring work in the office, small talk with his co-workers during coffee break and couch and Netflix afterwards. The only thing that seemed somewhat exciting was his online activity. He had several profiles on all the gay dating websites and apps. Most of them were anonymous, showing no pictures of his face but maybe one or two of his body. After all he was proud of his muscles and liked to show them off a bit. Most of the time he only tried to get some dick pics from other users online, to wank too, or exchange some hot videos. At 25 Daniel was somewhat afraid of real sex. He came from a very catholic family and was always told, that sex without being married or even worse gay sex, would lead to STIs which would then lead to certain death. Even though growing up he realised that this was non-sense, the fear of him catching anything remained. The few times Daniel had sex; he was very cautious of being safe. Condoms were used basically for everything, even wanking and he only got penetrated once by a friend in college. He did like it, but his friend was too annoyed of always covering up for the smallest bit of interaction so that they eventually stopped their intimate relationship. For the last year or so Daniel didn’t meet up with anyone for sex, and even though he was horny basically all the time he only ever wanked to videos people sent him. He preferred bareback videos, they seemed forbidden and hot at the same time. He loved stroking his dick while he watched “Assbreeder82” fuck yet another twink. “Assbreader82” was an online user on one of the dating websites Daniel was using. One of the only ones that didn’t stop writing after they realised, that Daniel would probably never meet up for actual sex but was only hunting for more videos and pictures to wank too. Quite the opposite was the case, he called Daniel his little fan boy, and whenever he fucked another guy and filmed it, he sent it to Daniel. They had been doing this for quite a while now, and Daniel watched “Assbreeder82” fuck quite a number of guys, always bare and always cumming inside their unprotected holes. “Assbreeder82” was a daddy-type kind of guy. He was quite hairy with a well-defined torso and a beautiful cock that must have been about 19 cm long and quite wide. He certainly always stretched the bottoms hole and a number of them complained that it was to thick. He however didn’t seem to be bothered by that and simply held poppers under their noses and told them they knew what they were getting themselves into. While Daniel was laying on his couch, checking his messages and settling in for yet another evening at home, he got a message from “Assbreeder82”: Hey fanboy, what are u up to tonight? Daniel got excited, Assbreeder82 only contacted him when he got new content to watch and Daniel could really use some excitement today. Nothing much, just chilling on my couch. Got any new vids for me ? He didn’t have to wait long for a reply. Not quite, but I do have something more exciting for you! Interested fanboy? Daniel was curious what his chat partner was up to. It was unusual for him to be so mysterious, their chat was usually rather flat. Him sending him a new video and Daniel replying with praise and horniness how amazing it looked. Nethertheless he answered. Oh a surprise for me ? You bet I am interested coming from you. The familiar sound of him receiving a message followed shortly after. You’re in luck, I am fucking a twink today and would like some audience. So you will join us today. I know you do not want to get involved and I am fine with that. I respect your boundaries… at least to some extent. But unless you show up today and prove to me you are a real fanboy; you will stop getting videos from me. You can film or just watch, that’ll be up to you but there are no clothes allowed. Here is the address, and that is the boy I will be inseminating today. Be ready for some nice pig action, and don’t bail on fanboy or should I rather say …. Daniel- While reading Daniel had been getting quite horny, but after reading the last sentence he was in shock. Daniel never told Assbreeder82 his real name, nor did he give up any information that would clue anyone who he was in real life. Yet this man new his firstname, and if so who knew what else. He was in a state of excitement and horror and surely horny as fuck. He realised, that he loved the power Assbreeder82 seemed to have over him. He liked the demanding tone the message had and most importantly, he couldn’t wait to see the main character of all his wanking fantasies, fuck right in front of him. Daniel got ready. This would be an exciting day after all, he thought. Then he left his apartment. More to cum 😃
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    Thanks for all the kind comments! Part 4 "I'm so glad you want that son. I do too. Do you like what you see on the screen?" I turned back to the movie and the dad and son were still making out with the dad on top of the son. But the dad was fucking the son! When the dad pulled away from their kiss I heard him say, "You like the feel of your dad's raw cock inside you?" The son was moaning and getting louder with each thrust. Dad was cupping my balls and stroked by cock his mouth back to my ear. "We don't have to do that right now or even tonight but I know you want to feel your dad's thick raw cock inside you don't you?" I moaned softly excited and scared all at once. I had never even thought about getting fucked raw. Bareback was always fantasy to me. It was too risky to do for real. But the door to the secret room in my mind was wide open now and in that moment condoms seemed like the worst possible idea. I turned to look at him again and this time I was dead serious. "No dad. I want that tonight. I want that now. Please dad. Fuck your son." As soon as I heard myself say it I pulled back away from the center of the bed and dad's arm around me. "Oh my god. I'm so sorry I don't know what I'm saying. I...I ....I'm not like that." Dad reached for my arm and held it pulling me back to him. "Hey hey it's ok its ok. You're fine. I want to know your deepest desires. I'm here to make them all come true. You're not scaring me. I like that you can trust me with those thoughts." I was leaning against him again and heard the click of the torch. "Here let's do another couple hits. I think we could probably use something to help us relax." He put the pipe up to my mouth and I took another big hit. Back and forth we went until that urge returned. I grabbed my semi hard cock and I stared at dad's thick cock. Without saying anything I leaned down and licked the tip my tongue moving along his slit. I tasted the sweetness of his pre cum. "Oh fuck son." I felt dad's hand against the back of my head as he put the slightest bit of pressure so that I would take more of his cock. I wrapped my lips around the head and got the loudest moan of the night as dad's reaction. It was just the head but my mouth already felt so full. I tried to go deeper on his cock but my mouth just couldn't handle it. "God you're so huge dad. I can't fit you in my mouth." I was looking up into his eyes with his cock on my tongue. "That is such a gorgeous site. Why don't you just lick up and down the shaft. I don't want to cum this way anyway." He gave me what looked like a conniving smirk. I knew what he meant and I felt my cock pulse. I started licking up and down his cock trying to taste every part of it. It was hairy but it looked like he probably trimmed so it wouldnt get out of control and so nothing hid how big it was. "Come back up here." I felt like I wasn't doing a good job. I didn't really know what I was doing so this was probably not the best blow job he had ever gotten before. He pulled me into another kiss and laid me on my back his hands moving up and down my chest and abs. Then he kissed his way down my neck down my chest and down my abs and then he put my cock into his mouth. "Fuck oh my god" I screamed. His mouth felt amazing. He was able to get all of it in his mouth which was probably easier because I was still only half hard. After a couple minutes he pulled up from it and used his hand to stroke me while he licked my balls. He looked up at me as the tip of his tongue teased each ball and made me jump from the sensation. "I love how smooth you are son. Does everyone on the swim team shave their cock and balls too?" I was feeling a little embarrassed. I never talked to anyone about this. I just liked the way it looked in porn so I figured I would try it too. "Nah not really. I just wanted to see how it looked and felt." He kept teasing my balls but with each touch he moved further down. "Well they look amazing. How do they feel?" I could see that he was smiling as he gave me a small spasm each time his tongue hit my balls. "It feels amaaaaaazing." "If you think that feels amazing you're gonna love this." He surprised me and pushed my legs up and pulled my cheeks apart. He kissed each ass cheek and then all of a sudden i felt that tip of his tongue again brush against my hole. I lifted my head up with a gasp. This time he used more of his tongue to lick around and on my hole. "Wha- what are you doing? Oh my god." He pulled his head up. "You haven't seen this in porn? Rimming?" I shook my head. "Oh are you one of those guys who turns on a video and fast forwards to the fucking?" He got me. I started laughing and as my head fell back against the pillow his tongue pushed into my hole for the first time. My laugh became a long moan. "Dad oh fuck that feels amazing." For the next few minutes it felt like he was trying to use his tongue to get deeper and deeper into me. I was in ecstasy. I never even knew this was something that existed and it was the best thing I had ever felt before. I reached for my cock and felt that it was getting more than semi-hard. He raised himself up and lowered my legs back to the bed. He came back up to a sitting position and grabbed the pipe and torch again. "How about a couple more hits?" I didn't say anything. I just pulled myself up to sit up again with him. He put the pipe up to my mouth first again. I took a long hit and as I let it out he put the pipe back to my mouth. "Don't you wanna take your turn before I take my second?" He smiled and just said "You are so sweet Jake. It's ok. There's plenty for both of us. Go ahead take another hit." He made me take a few more hits in a row. All big clouds. It felt amazing and for the first time I felt the tingling at my hole. I needed him to take my virginity. Now. As if he could sense what I was thinking he put his mouth back up to my ear and whispered, "I think it's time dad takes his son's cherry." I shuddered and nodded. On the screen the dad was screaming "Take your dad's load son! I'm breeding you with the cum that made you son!" All my brain was saying to me now was I want to feel that too. I was ready.
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    I guess you could say that Steve and I are dating - though we've not formalized anything at all. We meet a few months ago on BBRT. He came over and we spent the weekend getting high on tina and fucking. I hadn't partied in nearly 4 years and welcomed the chance to let my inner slut out and be a nasty little cum dump for the weekend. Drugs really let me come alive. Steve is 27, tall and skinny with a fat uncut dick and shaved pubes. Except for his broad shoulders, you might mistake him for a bottom twink, which he is not. He's well worked-out and has tight defined muscles. And he's quite aggressive. When he came over that first weekend he was wearing a scooped muscle shirt which came off immediately as he entered my apartment. Under the sweat shorts was a sexy jockstrap that contained his 9" dick. Waisting little time he brought out the pipe and we started blowing clouds and making out. He started getting all verbal. "What do you want," he asked? "I need to be used," I said almost desperately. "I need to be a cumdump." Steve happily obliged and proceeded to dominate and pound me throughout our cloudy night. I got two thick loads pumped deep in my hole, and plenty of spit on my face and in my throat. This boy knew how to take charge and he liked being a power top pig. Now here's the weird part. The following weekend Steve texted to see if I wanted to hang out. Of course I did! He invited me to dinner. I think it was a date! Can you believe that? Me either. Afterwards we went back to my place and fucked. We didn't party again, but that doesn't mean that the sex was watered down. Steve resumed his powerful role over me and pounded my hole raw with his massive uncut dick all the while calling me a nasty cumdump slut -- which got me off so hard. We continued hooking up. Not every weekend but enough. And we started talking about what sorta stuff we were into and wanted to do. I had never really opened up about my desires for slutty and raunchy sex with anyone while being sober. But Steve easily got it all out of me. I explained how I wanted to be in a gangbang with a bunch of guys. He told me how he always wanted a regular hook-up who he could pass back-and-forth with his friends. I even mentioned my fascination with taking piss up my hole. He really liked that idea! One night we were lying in bed, my ass dripping with his cum -- he always made me sleep with his load in me -- we were talking about sex and fantasies we wanted to do. And then he got kinda serious. "So you're, like, really open to some [banned word] situations then, hu?" he asked. "Well, yea," I admitted. "Especially when I'm high - I'm down for quite a lot." "Well that might happen again soon," he said. I was excited. "So I'm going to share something with you. Don't let it bother you." I was really intrigued. So far Steve has been totally confident and unabashed in bed. Nothing that I've said has thrown him, and he's allowed me to tap into my raunch pig side so easily. "My younger brother is coming into town for a visit and will be around for just under a week," he said. I was, like - OK. No biggie. I figured that meant Steve would be busy playing host and not around much - which was no big deal. "He's 24 and straight," he said. "He'll be out here looking for work." Steve sat up on his arm and looked directly at me. "I came out in high school," he said. "It wasn't a big deal for anyone in my family. But my brother and I had been sorta messing around a little, like boys do." "And when I went off to college Travis would come up and stay with me in the dorm sometimes. Anyway, he's been fucking me for years." I was turned on and really curious. I'm sure my face had lit up some hearing this. "He's totally straight," I asked? "Yea. He dates women. Always has. But he's always take advantage of the fact that I'm gay to get off by, basically using me the way I fuck you. He's really dominant and aggressive, the way I am with you." "I can't imagine you with your legs in the air bottoming," I admit. At this point I'm stroking Steves uncut cock which is rock hard and leaking pre-cum. "He's the only one who I've let top me. And he doesn't give me much choice. When he visits he sleeps in my bed and has his way with me. I know he loves me as a brother, but when we're together he calls me his faggot fuck hole and uses me like a cheap whore." At this point I roll Steve onto his back and sit my cum-filled ass down on his rock hard dick and start riding him hard. The sounds of his last load slosh in my guts as his raw dick slides in and out of me. "Fuck! Did that turn you on," he asked? "Hell yea it did!" Steve then flips us around, throws my legs over his broad shoulders and slides his dick in my sloppy hole but just leaves it there. Then, looking deep into my eyes, which are practically in the back of my head he says in a deep and seductive tone, "you like the idea of my straight brother using this faggot to get off, hu you nasty little slut?" And with that he spit in my mouth and began fucking me like the slutty faggot that I am!
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    The rest of the week was about the same as the first day and morning. Jerol fucked my tight hole 2-3 times a day and would always leave it dripping. It was embarrassing that I was letting this massive hung jock use me like his personal fuck toy. I always told him "no" and that it hurt too much but somehow he would convince me to let him "just rub his cockhead on my hole" or "just lick and tongue-fuck my butthole" which always ended up with his cock pumping ten inches in and out of my ass and him cumming in me. I became more quiet with the guys, they noticed something was wrong, but obviously I couldn't tell them what was really going on. On the last day of camp we'd all been let out early to do whatever we wanted. I went back to the dorm with the rest of the guys, they showered while I talked to my girlfriend. She was telling me that she couldn't wait for me to get home and eat her pussy and fuck her. She'd gotten an implant before she went to camp and wanted me to cum inside her as much as I could. I was so hard and horny now. The guys filed into the dorm room, and asked if I wanted to go to the mall with them. I spent all my money on camp, so I really couldn't. Besides my girl got me too riled up, I figured I'd stay back and jerk off a few times while I had the dorm room to myself. As soon as the guys left I began jerking off, I came once, but it was difficult for some reason. I kept jerking my diamond hard cock, and as I relaxed more I began to feel myself up. I eventually had my hand running through my crack, hitting my tight pink boyhole. Next thing I remember I was fucking my hole with three of my fingers and blasting a huge load all over myself. Hmph...I didn't mean to finger myself. It just happened. I decided I better hop in the shower, when I came out of the dorm room, I ran into Billy, he was in the dorm room across the hall. He was about 5'5" and super quick on the courts. He was part Latino, his skin and complexion would get anyone to look twice. He was really lean and muscular, with quite an ass on him. I bet his waist was only 28 inches around which made his butt look all the more poppin. I said,"hey, you didn't go to the mall with the rest of the guys?" Billy wasn't a shy guy, but he looked down and mumbled something about having to stay back and clean up the gym and he was going to get ready for a shower too. I went on into the shower area, and had a nice hot shower. As I was drying off I heard a "clink" at the door. I didn't think anything of it, so I finished drying off and was putting my clothes back on when I heard someone try to get into the door. That's odd, it seemed like it was locked. I grabbed my shower gear and put on my shoes and when I got to the door, sure enough, it was locked. Why did someone lock the door so early and while I was showering? I unlocked it and peeked out into the hallway. There was Billy at the end of the hall talking to Jerol. Jerol had his hand on Billy's shoulder, I heard Jerol say,"yeah, sometimes they lock up early, but you can use the shower area on my floor..." What the fuck!?!?! Jerol is the one that locked the door that first day! He set that up so he could get me up onto his floor, use his shower, all with the intentions of busting my straight boy hole cherry. That fucker. I felt a pain of jealousy. He was fucking other boys besides me??? Wasn't I enough? He fucked me several times a day too. Ugh. I should be glad Billy was going to relieve me of some of my duties. But I felt, mad, and jealous. Why? I don't like it when Jerol fucks me, it hurts and he just uses my hole...but I do blow my loads multiple times while his cock pounds my prostate. Fuck, maybe I like it. I don't do I? Me cumming so hard and so much is just my body reacting to something so huge slamming my prostate, right? Fuck this shit. I'm going to follow Billy and Jerol and find out if he's really doing what I think he is. I snuck up the stairs and quietly opened the door to the shower area on Jerol's floor. I heard moaning and I froze. "Damnit, shit, it's true." I made my way toward the sounds, and hid behind a locker and peered around the corner to see Billy sitting on the bench while Jerol was on his knees sucking Billy's cock and balls. Damn, Billy had an incredibly thick uncut cock. I couldn't believe such a thick cock would be on such a tiny boy. Jerol was deep throating him too! I watched as he used his mouth on Billy's cock and balls, and then taint, and my eyes widened as Jerol lifted up Billy's legs and dove into that perfect sweet ass. Jerol was eating Billy's pussy hole like it was the last hole on earth. I suddenly realized my hands had migrated to my hard cock and was stroking off to this scene. What was I doing? As Jerol ate that bubble butt, he reached into the shorts laying under the bench and pulled out a bottle of oil. He began slathering it all over his huge member. It was dripping in oil. He turned Billy around on the bench and got up on it with him, and began rubbing his cockhead on Billy's hole. Billy was saying,"just don't put it in okay? I've only had my girlfriend's fingers in me, and you're so much, just way too big." I already knew what Jerol was about to say,"it's cool man, I just want to rub it against you hole for a minute." I watched everything play out like it did for me on day one. Jerol ended up slowly working and running Billy down until he had about 8 inches pumping in and out of Billy's tight hole. Billy asked for a condom several times, he asked Jerol to stop several times, but in the end Jerol blasted his load inside Billy and Billy blew his load twice while getting rammed by that monster. I also shot my load onto the floor three times. I felt so sad though. I just walked out and went back to my dorm. I cried a little. I don't know why I felt really alone all of a sudden. I was exhausted too. I really didn't feel well. I laid down and fell to sleep immediately. When I woke up later I was soaked in sweat, I was burning up. I definitely had a fever, and fuck...I barely got my head over the trash can while I vomited. Oh my god, why do I feel so horrible? My entire body ached. Thankfully, there was just a few more hours until my parents came to pick me up and take me home. I fell asleep again, and woke up to Jerol shaking me. Jerol was asking me,"Hey man? Are you okay? You seem really sick." I told him I had a fever and had thrown up. I felt like shit. Why was Jerol smiling? Jerol consoled me,"you'll be okay buddy, let me take your clothes off you and get you cooler." As his hands pulled my sweaty clothes off I suddenly said,"NO! Fuck you Jerol! I saw you and Billy, you're the one that locked the shower area doors and you tricked me into letting you fuck me! And you do the same shit to every boy that walks in here don't you?" I was too weak to stop Jerol from undressing me. He responded calmly,"Look man, I'm a horny guy. I don't fuck everyone, just the special ones. Guys like you and Billy, with little waists and big asses. You're just so hot. It's just sex man. We all got girls back home, we're just helping each other bust our nuts while they're gone, ya know?" By this time he had me completely naked and was stroking my hard cock. I don't know how I was hard, I was so sick. I laid there, while he fucked me again. I didn't have the strength. I just let him do whatever he wanted. He smiled at me a lot, telling me to be sure and take care of myself and go to the doctor when my parents picked me up to make sure I didn't have the flu. He blew two loads in me. I guess Billy's ass wasn't enough for him, he had to take mine too while I was sick. Jerol put his number in my phone and told me to text him next time I was in town. hmph...yeah right, he wishes. I'll never let someone fuck me again.
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    Chapter four. Sam & Roger - Part 2 I walked into the darkroom and it took a couple of seconds for my eyes to adjust to the lack of light. I could hear the tell tale slapping sounds of flesh against flesh of a couple of guys fucking a few feet away, and next thing, a hand reaches out and grabs my arm, pulling me into the chest of the man I had been pursuing. "You've been following me, haven't you?" The man asked, leaning in closer and whispering it into my ear, kind of stumping me for a second. I felt a lump in my throat, and replied back into his, in the same fashion "Yes, you got my attention when I was in the hot tub". He let out a low murmur of appreciation. Like a little growl. It sounded hungry and animalistic. "What are you looking for today?" He asked. "I came to get fucked.... pretty much" I replied. He squeezed my nipple - HARD - and twisted it slightly, and I moaned with the pleasure and pain it caused. He then kissed me passionately, aggressively even, jamming his tongue in my mouth, wrestling it with mine, and he began sucking on my tongue, then I did the same back to him, feeling horny as fuck and running my hands all over his burly chest. "I think we should go to a room. I'd prefer to get a better view, if you know what I mean" he said, and pulled me away from the darkness, and we began walking down towards the private rooms. We went into one of the larger rooms, which had a queen sized bed, covered in vinyl, and as soon as we were in with the door closed, he pinned me against the wall, embracing me and kissing me again, with the same passionate fire. I was awestruck with how assertive this guy was, as usually I would be the dominant guy, regardless of whether I was topping or bottoming. If I was getting fucked, normally I'd be something of a power bottom. I called the shots, so to speak. If I was fucking another guy, then I could even be quite aggressive, even just a tad sadistic. Stretching out those boy-pussies with my cock and watching the bottoms squirm and squeal and whimper and moan, sometimes even hurting them just a little. That irresistible ache that feels like a slight burn when you're getting fucked and your hole is still adjusting to the size of the invading cock and you haven't quite fully relaxed yet. That feeling that after a while becomes so addictive to a bottom. Yeah, I won't just fuck you gently. I don't mind that, but I'm not always interested in making love like that. I wanna fuck. So, I won't just fuck your hole.... I'll destroy it. No one ever complains in the end, because, even if you moan or protest, or even cry..... You know you want it. So yeah. I was pretty set on that wavelength for quite a few years. But this guy was clearly in control. It was like he was Tarzan and I was Jane. Hell, I could have been not much more than a piece of meat to him. Almost. He had natural charisma, and some good moves, and boy, he knew what he was doing. It both intimidated and excited me. He turned me around, holding me in his embrace, and then loosened his hold and pushed me backwards with his hands on my chest, pushing me onto the bed. "Wait here. Don't leave. I'm gonna go to my locker and get some of my gear." And with that, he turned and walked out, shutting the door behind him. I did as I was told, waiting patiently for about 3-4 minutes, when he returned with a smallish denim duffel bag, the sort of which you might take with you when you go camping or carry sports gear to a match in. He opened the bag on the bed and pulled out a few toys and bits and pieces. First was a blindfold, then a bottle of poppers, a butt plug, some bondage rope, a flogger, and a used, stained jock strap that smelled of piss. He balled up the jock in his fist, and grabbed one of the bundles of rope, and kind of let out a low growl, coming up to me, saying "You're going to make this easy. And I'm going to make sure you can't resist now. Open your mouth, slut. Trust me, you want this. If you want my cock, that is....." Goddamn. Here this stud was, bigger and more muscular than me and more comfortable with himself than just about anyone else I had ever encountered before, and.... the fucker was beating me at my own game. I was fucking staring to feel emasculated by him, even a little worried. What was he going to do with me? How far was this bull going to go? Was I about to get raped?! And yet, despite the sudden rush of anxiety, and these thoughts swarming my mind uncontrollably, I was turned on beyond belief. This man who was going to fuck me, and no doubt completely fuck my brains out, rather than a quick pump n dump or a gentle inner massage, he seemed like he was gonna wreck my insides. And I was starting to feel it. The tingling hunger in my hole for his cock. I think if I was going through with this, if I was going to submit to anyone, this is the guy, at this very moment. Almost like he could read my mind, I think he could see the bit of fear in my eyes.... he stopped for a second and said "Look. Make this easy for us both and do as you're told, bitch. You told me you wanted to get fucked. You perused this, you hunted me down, like a thirsty slut. You led me on. So, I'm going to give you the fuck you know deep down that you really want. I don't want to have to, but if you're gonna be a fighty cunt, then a cunt is exactly what I'm gonna turn you into. I'll leave you tied up here, just a hole for any of the men to use however they want. Or, you can play ball like a nice boy, and you'll get rewards....I think you know what I mean, and I'm damn sure you want my cock inside you, don't you?" I nodded. I was losing my resistance and inhibitions completely as he spoke in the authoritarian, masterful dominant tone. Not abusive or cruel as such, but very clearly in control and in command, and not to be messed with, or he would dish out some trouble that I knew I probably wouldn't enjoy as much. It didn't come naturally, but I knew full well what I would be experiencing now, today, was submission. "Alright then. Open your mouth." I did as I was told, and the bull shoved the balled up jock strap, which was at one time soaked in piss which had since dried up, and was encrusted with cum, straight in my mouth, and told me to bite down gently on it. He then secured the jock with a bit of rope, wrapping it around the fabric that was protruding from my clenched teeth, around the back of my head. He went around a few times, and tied it in a knot behind my head. "Perfect." He said. Then he kissed me on the forehead, in a kind of reassuring way. It was the most gentle thing he had done to me so far, and it actually felt kind of nice. Warm. Loving, almost. He then retrieved the blindfold and placed it over my eyes, it wasn't one of those sleeping ones with the elastic strap, it was more like a bandana or something, a soft piece of fabric, like satin, which he tied tightly around the back of my head also. He chuckled "Righto. Now we're getting there. You're nearly ready, slut. You're gonna love this, I promise." The next thing I heard a bottle being opened, and I felt his body heat as he was right behind me, his chest behind my back, while we both sat upright on the bed, and it felt so comforting feeling that heat radiate between us. I then felt a finger press gently against my left nostril, closing the opening, and the bottle of poppers was pressed gently to my right nostril. "Take a couple of deep breaths, and then we'll repeat in the other nostril", he said. Which I did. I knew the poppers would help me completely relax, so I went for it and felt that amazing, glowing warm rush flow through me. He then pushed me gently forward, causing me to lean into an all fours position, and I felt his tongue drool some saliva right where my tailbone was. He let out a low growl of hunger again, taking a second to watch his bead of spit drip down my crack, towards my hole. He then dove his head down, in between my asscheeks, and ran his tongue over my hole, in a big long slow stroke. He then did it again, starting from the end of my scrotum, up towards my tailbone. I couldn't help but moan out in blissful pleasure this time, it just felt so damn good. He then started tongue fucking my hole, and I gasped, and moaned some more. "Feel good, huh?" He chuckled, spanking my butt with one of his big, powerful hands. "Shit, boy, their ain't gonna be no angels where you're going......" He then dove back in, eating my ass like a man possessed, or a hungry animal of some kind, licking, spitting, blowing on my hole, and biting down on my cheeks, and spanking each of them, getting whimpers, gasps and moans out of me in response. "You know you wanna get fucked, don't ya, slut? I'm going to make you my whore." *SPANK!* He kept up the dirty talk in between his masterful tongueing of my most private parts, pulling my cock through, in between my legs, and licking, sucking, kissing, and even pinching or nibbling on it, alternating his attention between my ass, my cock and my balls. I was feeling so used, and slutty, and I was absolutely loving it. "This cock is gonna fuck your little ass better than you know..... gonna make you useless for any other man.... bitch..... slut.... gonna be my cumdump..... breed that fuck hole full of my dirty jizz"..... *growl* He then even started snorting like a pig. *SPANK!* "Fuck yeah. Daddy's little cumdump whore. I can't wait to felch my juice out of your cunt and snowball it back to you, slut." He then got up, and I felt the slightest rush of cooler air across my ass as he distanced himself from me, then he spit on my hole....fingering it ever so slightly inside me. "That's all the lube you're getting from me." It hurt a little, but my hole was super relaxed from the hits of poppers and the amazing rimming, let alone that I had already been fucked once today. I just moaned, as he pushed his finger in farther, moving it around, rubbing the lining of my ass. He then pulled it out sharply. I heard a sniff. Then he put his finger under my nose. "What's this, then? Been a naughty cunt, eh? Been bred already? Another man's cum in my whore's hole, and you didn't tell me.... ....guess you really won't need lube anyway." I heard him disrobe from his towel, and it landing on the floor. He pressed the bottle of poppers to each of my nostrils again, this time making me take more hits, like a ritual. Then I felt him pressing the head of his cock against my hole. It didn't take much. Just the slightest bit of pressure, and I pushed back ever so gently. That was just the head. Then he pulled out again. He flicked his cock head against my hole, up and down, and then back and forth, then up and down and around, making little circles, teasing my hole, entering just by a few millimeters and then pulling out again. This was driving me nuts, not only did it feel amazing, but the teasing was making me ache to get him inside me. I started rocking my hips, and arching my back. He chuckled when he noticed. "You're a natural, huh? Haha. Just, settle down, faggot. It's coming soon enough." Then he rammed his cock in, all 9 inches of it, straight up my hole, balls deep in a brutal thrust that made me scream. Then, just as quickly, he ripped his cock right out of me. Then did the same again, without waiting for me to be ready. "Told you I was going to ruin you." Rammed in. My responses were all being muffled by the filthy jock that was bound in my mouth. "MMMMMFP". Pulled out violently. "Faggot." Rammed in again. "Mmmmmffff" Pulled all the way out again. "Whore." Same again. In and out. In and out. "Slut." He spanked my ass a few times, then he got up off the bed, and asked "Lie down flat on your stomach". Which I did. He grabbed my legs, and simultaneously swung me around and turned me on to my back, so that my legs were hanging over the edge of the bed, and my ass was right on the corner. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and pressed his cock against my hole. Just held it there, and let me breathe and relax. It didn't take long. As soon as I was breathing slowly and calmly, he pushed in, really slow and gentle this time. And it felt sooooo fucking good, I shed a tear and moaned in ecstasy. "Awww, baby.... starting to learn about what your pussy is really for?" He said, in an almost mocking tone, but still, somehow affectionate. "That's cute." He kept rocking his hips, slowly grinding his tool into my fuck chute. "Fuck, your hole is amazing". "Are you ready yet for another load?" I nodded. "I have something to show you." He pushed his throbbing member all the way in to me, putting an intense amount of pressure against my bladder. It hurt a little. He leaned over me and removed the blindfold. I gasped when he did. After blinking a couple of times, adjusting my eyes to more light, I had a clearer view of my top. "Look towards my pubic bone, slut. I hope you like what you see." I pushed my torso up slightly, resting on my elbows, so I could adjust my line of sight and looked at the man's crotch. I saw something that kind of shocked me a little. It had been obscured from view before by his towel. Just under his waist line, where his stubble from a shaved pubic bush began, I saw a tattoo of a scorpion. It had a red drip of blood dripping down from the tip of it's stinger. I knew what it meant. This man, who now had been brutally fucking my hole, like he wanted to rip it to shreds, and was still buried inside me, was HIV positive. And he was fucking me raw. He handed me the bottle of poppers and said "Take a few more hits". I did, 3 more in each nostril. While I did this, he withdrew his cock from my ass, and started fingering me again, only this time, seemingly determined to stretch my outer ring as much as possible. Starting with one finger, but quickly adding more, until he was up to four inside me, moving them around. He then used two fingers from each hand, and pulled each side of my hole open, and some of my ass juices and the cum that was already in there started slowly leaking out. He then put a couple of fingers inside me, saying "This might sting a little." I felt him start to scratch my insides! And I moaned in pain, as it hurt like hell. He wouldn't stop through, fingering me as roughly as he could, and doing his best to tear the inside of my ass. He withdrew his fingers, then brought his hands around the back of my head. He untied the jock strap makeshift gag, and then removed it, throwing it on the floor. He then grabbed my lower jaw with his hand, and spat on my face. "Open your mouth. Stick your tongue out." I did, and he spit in my mouth, then kissed me passionately, and we both moaned in pleasure together." When he stopped, I asked "Are you poz?". He stopped and stared at me. "Yes. And you're going to get my gift. I think that deep down, you need it. Whether or not you realise it yet...." He put a couple of fingers back in me, and dragged his fingernails down through the lining of my ass, and I wailed out in pain. "Aaaaaah, it hurts...." "Necessary." That's all he said. Then after a couple more minutes of roughly finger fucking my hole, he pulled them out, and showed them to me. Two fingers, covered in blood from my ruined ass. "Better lube than that branded shit." He said. "Lie back down. Daddy wants to breed you now." I took another hit of poppers, quickly then passed him the bottle, and laid down on my back. He pushed his cock back into my hole, roughly, and started spitting on me. "Fuckin SLUT" He then increased his pace, getting more and more forceful and urgent, and then.... holding kind of still all of a sudden "Here it comes..... aaaaaah, fuuuuuuck! Yeah! Take my fuckin dirty cum, bitch!" And his cock spewed rope after rope of his toxic cum deep inside me, us both breathing and panting heavily, his body heaving from the orgasm, and he finally relaxed, and laid down, on top of me, his cock slowly softening in my now destroyed ass. "Gonna be round two, soon. That was fuckin excellent, though." He panted, his head resting on my shoulder. I turned my head to his and kissed him gently, and he kissed me back.
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    I’m a complete cumdump slut. I live for having men cum in my holes, or on my body. I’m a very outdoorsy and active guy, and wear little clothing when it’s warm outside (which is all the time in the region I reside). What I do wear is usually skimpy, so men know I’m easy and available. When I’m at work, I get away with tight pants and button up shirts, with a jockstrap (or commando). I used to live in a small town, which made finding cock difficult (except at the local bookstore), so I’d often travel to larger cities to live out my fantasies. Hardly a day went by when I didn’t have at least two cocks shoot their cum deep in me at the adult bookstore. Weekends I was busy, taking anonymous cocks at bookstores, bathhouses, parks, or just hooking up via grindr in bigger cities. What as missing from my life were friends who knew all of me and accepted me. My co-workers did at times stimulate my intellectual curiosities, but I found them to still be rather conservative and at times just dull. In general, friends were hard to come by in my area. Most just didn’t want to delve into politics, science, and society as much as me. Almost all did not want to be friends with a slut, so I kept secret my cumdump antics, and brushed off judgment of my non-work attire by saying I felt restricted by clothing. They bought it, so I kept running with it. When it came to dating….well, it didn’t happen. I hadn’t had a date at all since living in a small town! Why would you date a slut if you weren’t willing to befriend one? Things changed when I was finally able to move to a bigger city and very quickly found those who accepted me as a cumdump. This is the story of how I met my best mates, and even fell in love. PART 1 – A cumdump finds friends surprisingly easily and plans the seduction of his crush… From left to right they are Chad, Stanley, Ryan, Toby, and Steven. I met them at my first ever venture into the gayborhood after moving to the area less than 3 days ago. The bar had a superhero theme night, and I like wearing costumes. I was waiting in line for the bathroom, and the group of them was in line behind me. They were mulling over one of their phones, laughing occasionally. The line progressed, and I stepped forward. One of them - I soon came to know as Chad - saw the opening space and pushed the one dressed as Robin (Toby), who stumbled into me from behind. We didn't fall, but his hands did end up on my shoulder and on my ass. The only barrier between us was my skintight Spiderman costume, as I only wore a jockstrap underneath. Usually, I’d wear less, but I also didn’t have many options since most of my boxes were still unpacked at my new place. "I'm sorry! Are you ok?" he asked. Did he just squeeze my butt? I stepped away from him straightening myself out. "I'm fine. No worries." I replied. "Watch where you're going, Toby!" We turned to see his friends laughing at their friend’s mishap. After some quips between Toby and his friends, he asked formally introduced himself to me. I put my hand out to shake his, "I'm Slade!" Toby introduced himself, then introduced me to the rest of his friends. As we chatted, and discovered common interests, I found myself drawn to Ryan (wolverine). He was so sexy! We all chatted and had a good time until it was my turn in the cue to use the bathroom. I stepped into the available stall, pissed, and walked out to wash my hands. I saw Ryan and Stanley still waiting, and waived at them after I dried my hands. Stanley called me over and invited me to join them the rest of the night. I agreed, thankful I made new friends so quickly. I spent a few more hours chatting with the group afterwards. The loud music made it hard to talk, so we ended up on a patio bar above the venue. Ryan and I connected instantly. He was more than wicked hot, as at one point he seemed to get semi-hard in his yellow tights…holy shit was he huge! Not yet fully hard, he was at least 11 inches! He noticed my gaze on his crotch, but we laughed the awkward situation and kept things g-rated. We discovered we were both actually nerds in our own way, and we spent several hours laughing, exploring new topics, and all together forgetting we were in a group. I really liked Ryan, but assumed he wouldn’t like the real me…the insatiable cumdump slut. Ryan was intelligent, wise, and overall a nice guy. He’d never want me. I resigned myself to having a good friendship with Ryan. Around 2 AM I started to feel tired and excused myself. We all said our goodbyes, and exchanged numbers saying we would meet up again tomorrow night. I started walking away to close my tab at the bar, which was situated just behind where we were sitting. While I was waiting for my turn, I heard Stanley say, “Ryan, he’s cute…and you two couldn’t stop talking with one another…you should ask him out!” Oh shit! They didn’t realize I was still within earshot. This is awkward… “He is cute, but I doubt he’s my type sexually. Ya’ll know what I like. Well, what WE like,” replied Ryan. Toby laughed and loudly announced, “Yea, a cum-filled slut!” They all shushed their loud friend, as I processed the information that they all like cumdump sluts. My face turned red, and my cock started to harden. “He checks all the boxes, but I doubt he checks that one. He’d be a nice new friend though…better than some” replied Ryan. I’m assuming he smirked and glared at Toby. I got lost in thought, momentarily present to hear the group had moved on to meaningless conversation while I finished paying my tab. I got an Uber home and stripped down to my jockstrap, and collapsed on my bed. I lay there digesting what I just heard. Ryan. Loves. Cumdumps. My heart fluttered. I concocted a plan for the following day to make Ryan recognize me as a cumdump, hopefully opening up an opportunity to explore more than just friendship. I drifted off to sleep with a smirk on my face. Waking up the next morning I was hard as a rock, but I decided to do nothing about it. I wanted to cum as Ryan deep-dicked my hole, sloppy from prior use. Instead I researched my new friends…some call it ‘lightly stalking’, but I call it prudent research in this day/age. I discovered them all on grindr, and learned they were all tops. Funny, I thought Steven and Toby were a couple, as were Stanley and Chad. Their profiles were mostly nondescript, but I did notice that all of them left the safe sex section blank. There wasn’t enough to confirm Toby’s announcement that they love cumdumps…so moving forward meant risking a new friendship. I contemplated this as I busied myself with other tasks. I spent the rest of the day unpacking and cleaning. By 5 PM I was mostly done and had made up my mind to take the risk and assume my new friends do love cumdumps. I had read about a nearby forested park men cruised at, so I decided I wanted to go for a run to explore the city more, and to spend some time at that park. I cleaned out my hole and got dressed in ankle socks, sneakers, a black jockstrap, and short, white running shorts split all the way up the side. My athletic bubble butt was spilling out the bottom of the shorts with my straps clearly visible. I decided to not wear a shirt that would cover my toned athletic body. It would just get damp with sweat and be uncomfortable. Stepping outside I hit the pavement, listening to the sounds of the city as I flew by. After 30 minutes, I ended up at the hidden parking lot entrance of a forested park. If I didn’t know to look for it, I would have missed it. There were a few cars around, and feeling curious, I walked towards a large wooden post with a map of the park and was staring at that when from beside me I heard. "You're a fag slut, aren't ya? I can tell from how you're dressed." I whipped my head towards the voice and saw a handsome, athletic man in his early 30s dressed in hiking boots, shorts, and a t-shirt. The man wasn't wrong. I am a fag slut, yet I stuttered from surprise, trying to find something to say as he walked towards me and pointed out a location out on the map. "I'll be there in 2 hours and I want you to be bred by at least a few guys who cruise that area first." He then turned me to a trail next to the sign and pushed me in that direction. I couldn't resist. I complied and walked through the woods, taking turns I remembered from the map. This was perfect, I had planned on meeting the guys – specifically Ryan - tonight with several loads in my hole, so all was going as planned. I knew I was in the right place when I came upon a hot older gentleman playing with his dick through his cargo shorts. My approach caught his attention - first panic, then lust. I licked my lips and he motioned me over. I immediately dropped to my knees and undid his shorts. He was going commando, because out sprung a 9" thick dick. I'm in Heaven. I launched onto his dick and swallow it halfway down my throat. I gagged. Damnit, I’m better than that! I close my eyes and focus for a second, relaxing my throat, and feel his dick slide deeper into me until my lips are at the base of his cock and my nose is in his pubes. "Holy Shit! You are a fucking dream! Fucking hot faggot slut!" he yells. He then grabs my head and starts plowing me as hard as he can. After a few minutes of that, he pulls out of me and I gasp for air as spit drips from my mouth and onto my chest. He tells me to take off my shorts and bend over a tree. I comply, holding my shorts in my hand. He spits a few times on my hole, and then slips his tongue in me as I moan. After a while, I groan, "Fuck me." The stranger stands up and I feel his cockhead at my hole. He applies pressure and enters me. He stops after 2 of his glorious 9 inches are in me, I presume to let me adjust. I smirk as I open my hole and shove back, swallowing his cock to the base with ease. It’s been a few days, but a whore is always ready. We both let out a deep moan. He now senses my hunger and proceeds to fuck me hard. Our sweaty skin slapping with each thrust must have been heard throughout most of the cruising area. I didn't care. I was in heaven. All too soon I felt his cock pulse and his thick hot cum coat my insides. He slowly pulled out of me, and I clenched my hole around his cock so as not to let any cum escape. He slapped my ass and said thank you. I was about to stand up, when I felt another cockhead at the entrance to my hole. I didn’t resist and in one thrust a thick 8 inch dick was buried in my cum-sloppy hole. I moaned as he started to fuck me. I was feeling bliss that sent shivers across my entire body. The second guy also did not last long, no more than a few moments passed before he dropped his man scuzz deep in my hole. When he stepped away, I quickly glanced and saw another handful of men behind me. Smirking, I turned around and pushed my ass out inviting the next man. After the third and fourth guy, I blissed out and lost count of how many men took turns on my ass. Not all had large dicks, but I didn’t care. I was a cum receptacle. I was brought out of my high when the man I met at the park entrance grabbed my head and brought me in to a kiss. He tasted of alcohol and weed, and had clearly returned from a workout. He smelled of sweat. He broke the kiss to ask “how many loads?” “I… don’t… know…“ I mumbled between moans as my hole was being ravaged by another man. He repeated his question to the crowd of men, and the first guy who fucked me was still there and said, “slut took 15 loads so far.” Oh shit! I am definitely primed for Ryan, but I still wanted more. Park entrance guy said, “Excellent! I love cum sloppy holes. Let me in him.” The guy currently fucking my sloppy hole stepped away as park entrance guy pulled out a massive 11 inch dick and plowed into me. I yelled from the sudden pain/pleasure I felt. My yell quickly turned into loud moans as he started to fuck me by pulling his dick out slowly then slamming it back in. After a few minutes of this, he started to pound me hard, and cum was pouring out my hole and down my legs, soaking the pouch of my jockstrap. Men were encouraging him to fuck me harder. Some even came on my legs and back as he thrust deep in me and planted his seed deep in my hole. He stepped away, and someone else was about to take his place, when I stopped them. I needed to get home and prepare for tonight. With my hole barely closing, leaking copious amounts of cum, I slipped on my shorts and raced home, realizing that if I stopped everyone would still smell and see the cum they plastered my back and legs with, and the cum trailing down my legs from my hole. Luckily I made it home quickly and without much incident. I bumped into a handsome older gentleman who was probably left wondering what he was covered in. I tore off my clothing, throwing it in my hamper, and plugged my hole with a large plug and showered. It was a bit after 9:30 PM when I got a group text from the guys. They were planning where to meet to go out. I was ready for this and suggested we go out to a specific bar I had learned about through some research. It was known for having men cruise in one of the bathrooms, which apparently had gloryholes in the stalls. The rest of the guys were indifferent and said OK. I texted Steven and Toby separately asking them for their help in getting ready since they lived together nearby. They said OK and told me they’d be over by 10 PM. When they arrived, I was in nothing more than a jockstrap, still plugged. I saw both their eyes bug out and when I turned after inviting them in, I saw them grinning at one another in the mirror facing my door. I really hope this works! “Thanks guys, I’m just bad at knowing exactly what to wear. Do you want a drink?” They shook their heads no. “Well then, why don’t you follow me to my bedroom?” As they followed me Steven commented on how my apartment looked nice. When we arrived to my bedroom, I stopped right where I had uncharacteristically left a towel on the floor. “I’m so sorry for the mess!” I bent down to pick it up, exposing the plug in my hole. “Holy shit! Are you plugged?” asked Toby. I laughed gently, throwing the towel into the hamper. “Yes, I am. It helps keep the loads in after I’ve been fucked.” This was a risk. I knew they liked cum sluts, but I could lose friends so quickly if they found this too much to handle. I swallowed slowly waiting for a response. They stared at me, then glanced at one another. I couldn’t read their expressions. “How… many loads?” asked Steven. I hesitated for a second. My heart jumped. This was it. “Sixteen” Another moment of silence ensued. Oh shit, my gamble failed! “Guys, I’m sorry-” I was cutoff as Steven rushed at me and kissed me deeply. Toby got behind me and joined our kiss. I reached down to both their cocks, feeling them through their shorts. Wow they were both already hard, and big! Their hands explored my nipples, ass, and cock. I broke the kiss to say, “I’m so happy I learned you all like cum sluts!” “Wait! Explain, what do you mean ‘learned’?” asked Toby. We stopped fooling around for a second and sat on the bed. I told them I was a cumdump, and about overhearing their conversation the prior night. Toby seemed emberassed, but I said I didn’t mind at all since I clearly am a cumdump slut. I told them how connected I felt with Ryan, and assumed he wouldn’t want me until I heard what Toby said about cumsluts. Toby started to get excited and gushed about how this is perfect, and Ryan deserved someone like me. Ryan apparently had been chatting all day with Toby about how much he liked me, and was debating to still ask me out. Toby also explained that he and Steven are a couple, and both tops, but they have a solution they both love, fucking cumdumps regularly. That’s how they met at a bathhouse, constantly competing to get into the same holes. They also met Ryan at the bathhouse, who introduced them to Chad and Stanley – also a top-top couple. Ryan was interested in a more conventional bottom-top arrangement. While the rest of them found love in each other, he always held out for someone who checked his damn boxes. Steven started to mimic Toby’s excitement when I asked them if they thought Stanley and Chad would want to fuck me. They said they know they would, as they also love cumdumps. “I have a plan...but first, I want you to fuck me hard.” Steven wasted no time throwing me back onto the bed, removing his clothing and slipping his cock into my open mouth. Toby, now naked as well, lifted my legs, and yanked the plug out of my hole. Cum rushed out of my hole before I could slam it shut, which he gathered with his hands, and lubed his long 10 inch pole with it. He slammed his cock in me, eliciting a yell that evolved into a groan. They fucked me at both ends for at least 10 minutes until both blew their loads. I slammed my hole shut to hold one in, while swallowing the entirety of the other. I knew I would gape soon, releasing all the cum in me, so I slammed the plug in my hole again. Toby spoke first, “What’s the plan, slutty Slade?” I grinned when he gave me a nickname. “OK, so I picked the bar for tonight because I heard the one bathroom in the basement is heavily used for cruising.” Steven nodded in confirmation. “My plan is to flirt heavily with Ryan and make him want me more, but after a drink I’m going to go to the bathroom, and I am going to take any cock willing to fuck my hole through the gloryholes. I want you all to keep Ryan busy, and don’t let him in the gloryhole bathroom. After an hour of me being gone, send the first of you to come ‘check’ on me, by which I mean fuck me and breed me. Each one returns and tells Michael how you couldn’t find me, but thought you saw someone that looked like me flirting with some guy on the patio, or somewhere else. I want to make him jealous, even angry. But make sure you keep him away from the bathroom.” “Why would you want that?” asked Steven. I smiled and replied, “He will fuck me harder if he’s all revved up from jealousy and anger.” The guys grinned at one another. I continued, “After all of you have fucked me, hang out until Ryan reaches a boiling point, then tell him there is a cumdump in the gloryhole bathroom he should go fuck to let off some steam.” “OK, that’s hot, but how will he know it’s you through a gloryhole?” asked Toby. “He won’t know it’s me. While he’s fucking me, I want one of you to come in to the bathroom and tell Ryan that everyone’s ready to leave for another bar soon, but no one could find me, so you sent me a text in the group chat. Encourage him to breed the cumdump slut on the other side of the gloryhole until he shoots his load. As soon as he’s done, I’m going to plug my hole. I’ll text that I’ll meet you out front, then clean up and join you.” I told Steven and Toby. Steven spoke first, “I don’t get it.” I continue, “Well, when we are walking to the next bar, I want you all to talk about the slut at the gloryhole you all fucked. Be explicit. Then ask me if I got a chance to fuck the cumdump. I’m going to reply… ‘I was the cumdump.’” Toby put his hand on my lower back and just mouthed the word ‘wow’. “Too much?” I asked. Toby replied, “No, it’s hot. I’m curious to see what happens then.” “Me too” I replied. “For now, I should get dressed.” Turning to Steven I asked him to call Stanley and Chad to see if they’re down to join in my endeavor. He left the room with a smile on his face, dialing Stanley. I opened my closet and asked Toby, “What do you think Ryan would want to see me wearing?”
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    The Dr stood up and moved to the side of the bench. Mike felt the bench start to lower as the Dr stepped on the pedal. ”Okay Jason, let’s get ready” the doc said. ”Yes sir” Jason replied. Mike heard the rustling of clothing. He looked back and saw the doc with his scrubs pulled down part way. His cock rock hard and still leaking precum. ”Lube me up please” the doc said to Jason. Mike saw Jason walk over to the Dr with a tube of lubricant, he squeezed some into his gloved hand and started to apply it to the docs cock. Stroking him from head to the base of his shaft. ”That should do it” Jason said. He moved over towards Mike and looked at him. ”I’m going to apply some more lube to in your rectum Mike. Just relax okay?” ”Okay” Mike replied. His head was swimming with thoughts of what was about to happen. The Dr was going to fuck him with that awesome cock and give him his viral load. He was pulled out of his thoughts as he felt Jason’s fingers on his hole. Swirling around and then pressure as he inserted them inside of him. He felt Jason’s gloved fingers sliding in and out and swirling around inside. And then suddenly his hole was empty as he pulled them out. ”He’s ready Dr” Jason said. Mike looked back again and saw Jason step back and the doc take his place behind him. ”will you raise the bench a little please Jason?” ”Sure thing doc” Mike felt the bench raising up again. ”Right there! That’s perfect” the doc said. Mike felt the head of the docs cock brush his hole. He clenched out of instinct. But then relaxed as he truly wanted this and knew that the docs cock would feel amazing. ”Okay Mike. Are you sure you want to go through with this procedure?” ”Yes Dr. I really do” ”Okay then, let’s begin. You’re going to feel the pressure of me entering you. Just relax and take deep breaths. Okay?” ”Okay” Mike felt the docs hand on his ass and then felt the pressure of the head of his cock as he started to push into him. Under normal circumstances, Mike would have opened like a flower and pushed back on his cock. But he was a bundle of nerves knowing what was happening and what the outcome would most likely be. The Dr sensed his nerves and started rubbing his lower back telling to relax and to breathe. The whole time he still kept the pressure on his cock penetrating Mikes hole. Mike finally got his breathing under control and felt his body relaxing with his deep breaths. As he did, he felt the docs cock start to enter him more. At this point the sensation took over and Mike felt moan escape his lips. The Dr’s cock kept slowly entering him and before Mike knew it, he felt the docs waist resting on his ass. ”There we go Mike! You’ve got it all in you now. I’ll give you a few seconds to adjust. Then I’ll start thrusting.” ”Okay” Mike said. Mike was loving the feeling of his cock inside of him. He felt the doc grab his hips and telling him that he was going to start. Mike felt his cock start to withdraw from his hole, it felt like he was going to pull completely out, but he stopped just before and then held it for a second. He then pushed back into him until his waist smacked against Mikes ass. The doc held himself there for a couple of seconds and then withdrew again, holding for a second and then pushing back in. Mikes body was singing with pleasure as the Dr worked his hole. He knew that this was a “Procedure” but the Doc definitely knew how to work a hole with his cock. Mike was counting the thrusts in his head in anticipation of the viral load he was going to have in him. 5, out and then back in. 6 out and back in. 7, mike felt his anticipation growing as he felt the docs cock massaging his prostate with each thrust. 10, out and then back in. 11, Mike felt the Dr’s hands gripping him tighter, he also heard the subtle change in his breathing. 12, out then in. Mikes own cock was throbbing in the condom he still had on. 13,14. Mike heard the docs breathing become more labored. His hands gripping him tighter. 15, mike felt him start to slowly pull out. ”Its time Mike. Are you sure you wish to follow through with this procedure?” ”Yes please!” The doc thrust back in, held himself for a couple seconds then pulled out one last time and buried himself completely inside of Mike gripping his hips and pulling him as close as possible. Mike could hear the docs breathing through his nose and then he felt the base of his cock throb on his outer ring and then a wetness inside of him right in front of the head of the docs cock. He felt another throb and then more wetness. The Dr let out an involuntary groan and Mike felt a bigger throb and he felt a large gush of wetness. He felt at least 7 throbs on his outer ring and more wetness inside of him. The Dr’s breathing started to become more controlled and his grip loosened on Mikes hips. ”Whew! Okay Mike. You have been inseminated. I’ll stay inside of you for a minute here to make sure you get all my semen.” ”Okay Doc!” ”How do you feel Mike?” ”Ummm” Mike felt waves of emotions flowing through him. He was truly happy and he felt extremely emotional. He felt tears in his eyes as he tried to answer. ”I..... I’m happy.” ”Are you really okay?” ”Yes. I really am, I’m sorry I just got overwhelmed with emotions. I really am happy though” ”Thats great Mike. This is a clinical setting, but it is also a very emotional experience. I feel it too, knowing my DNA will continue on. Okay, I’m going to slowly withdraw from your rectum, then Jason will clean you up” Mike felt the Dr’s cock slowly pulling out and then he felt the cold office air on his open hole. It was replaced by a warm wash cloth as Jason cleaned the lube from his ass. ”Don’t forget to put in the plug” Mike heard the Dr say. ”Got it right here” Jason replied. ”Okay Mike, I’m going to insert a butt plug inside you. We want to keep all the semen inside of you so you’ll need to keep this in for at least 12 hours. If you can sleep with it i tonight even better okay”. ”Okay” Mike replied. He felt the coolness of the tapered plug being pushed into him and then his ring snapping around the base. He then felt Jason grab his still throbbing cock and pull it down a little. ”Well no semen sample yet” Jason said with a little giggle. ”Help him out” Mike heard the Dr reply. Mike felt Jason wrap his hand around his cock and start to stroke it. He let out a loud groan as his shaft was milked by Jason’s expert hand. ”I don’t think this will take long” Jason remarked as he kept a slow steady stroke going. Mike let out another groan and then yelled “Oh God!” As he felt his own orgasm overtake him. He filled to condom with his own cum as Jason milked it from him. Massaging his balls to help the process along. ”There we go Mike! That’s a very nice sample. Could also be your very last HIV negative ejaculation.” Jason started to roll the condom down his shaft and slip it from his now spent cock. He then washed it with the warm wash cloth to clean him up. ”Okay Mike, you can get up and get dressed now. We’ll give you some privacy and then come back in a bit to go over your after care instructions.
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    Mike was jolted out of his reflection of the past week as the vehicle came to a stop and the engine shut off. He heard Jason speaking from the front of the car. ”Okay Mike, we’re here. I’m Going to come around and help you out and into the office.” ”Okay” Mike replied. He heard the drivers door open and Jason getting out. The door shut, a few seconds later he heard his door open. ”Okay Mike, give me your hand. I’ll help you out and into the office.” Mike reached out and felt Jason take his hand. He stepped out of the vehicle and felt Jason leading him along. ”There’s a curb here Mike, so step up. There you go. Okay I’m going to open the door and then we’ll head in.” Mike heard a key in a lock and then a door opening. He felt Jason grab his hand again and start to lead him forward. He knew he was definitely in a Dr’s office, it had that smell to it. Jason led him through a couple of turns and then they stopped. Mike heard a door close and then Jason spoke. ”Okay Mike, we’re in the procedure room, you can remove the blindfold now.” Mike took the blindfold off and looked around. He was definitely in a Dr’s office, the room looked like a typical exam room, but it was bigger. Looking around he saw a counter with a sink, cabinets above. A couple of chairs. Blood pressure cuffs and other exam tools. As he turned, he expected to see an exam table, but instead he saw a weird looking bench. It had multiple flat surfaces on it covered in vinyl padding. There was a larger pad on the top and on either side there were narrower pads. As Mike puzzled over it. Jason saw his confusion and told him what it was. ”This is the procedure table, We’ll have you kneel on these lower pads on the bench, then lay forward with your chest on the top pad and your arms on either side. We can also raise and lower the bench for optimum penetration.” ”Gotcha!” Mike replied ”Well let’s start with the usual, height, weight, blood pressure.” ”Okay” Jason had Mike step over to the scale and step on it. Marked his weight then used the built in ruler to check his height. ”Okay Mike, have a seat in a chair and I’ll get your temp and blood pressure.” Mike sat down and Jason went through both checks and marked them down. He then opened a drawer and pulled out a binder with some paperwork in it. ”Alright, so this is a contract we’ll need you to read through and sign. I’ll give you some time to go through it and after we will start getting you ready. Okay?” ”Sounds good, thanks Jason” ”Anytime! I’ll be back in a bit” With that, Jason left the room. Mike opened the binder and started reading. The contract basically stated that the recipient “Mike” was here under his own free will and was aware that he was going to be inseminated with a high viral load of HIV positive semen. And that although the procedure would most likely lead to contracting HIV, it was not guaranteed. It also went on to state that the recipient would not discuss the specifics or the procedure in general with anyone outside of this office. Mike read through the rest of the contract, there was nothing he wouldn’t expect to see. On the last page there was a box for his signature and date. He filled in both and closed the binder. Well this is it! He thought, he was about to take his first unmediated load of cum. His cock was rock hard and leaking precum in his briefs. Jason came back in the room a few minutes later. ”All finished?” He asked ”Yep, all finished and signed” “Great! So let’s go ahead and get started with prepping. I’m going to have you disrobe and get on the bench.” Mike started to remove his clothing, pulling his shirt over his head, then kicking his shoes off. Next came his shorts, then socks. He left his boxer briefs for last. He could see his hard cock straining to spring free. Jason noticed his bulge. ”I’m glad to see you’re so excited about this Mike!” He said laughing. “Nothing to be embarrassed about, even though this is a clinical setting, it’s still erotic” “Yeah, I’m definitely turned on right now” Mike replied. He hooked his thumbs in his briefs and pulled them off. Standing there naked. Jason looked him over and winked at him. ”Very nice Mike! Okay I’m going to have you lay on the bench, go ahead and kneel on the lower pads and lay forward putting your chest on the top pad and your arms on the pads just below on the side pads. I will then adjust the pads so you’re comfortable. Okay?” ”Okay” Mike replied. He stepped over to the bench and mounted the bench as Jason explained. Jason followed him over and stepped on a pedal on the floor, Mike felt the bench start to rise up until he was about level with Jason’s chest. He moved to the front of the bench and reached under the arm pads, he slid two L shaped bars out from under them and turned them 90 degrees. ”You can hold on to these during the procedure so you don’t feel like you going to go flying off. Okay I’m going to have you lift yourself up so you’re just kneeling on the lower pads.” Mike pushed himself up so he was kneeling on the bench, he heard Jason open a drawer behind him and then shut it. He walked back over and Mike saw he was holding a condom in his hand. ”I’m going to put this on you in case you ejaculate during the procedure, we like to get a specimen before you leave.” ”What do you use it for?” Mike asked. ”Well the Dr’s one regret is that he will not be able to father children, so he collects a specimen from all of his clients in case they decide later down the road they might want a child, we will then have a clean specimen to work with. I know you’ve had a vasectomy, but we like to keep a sample from all patients.” ”Okay” Mike replied. Jason put some surgical gloves on and then opened the condom wrapper. He placed the end over the head of Mikes cock and started to roll it down. Mike let out an involuntary groan as he felt it cover his length. ”Little excited aren’t we?” Jason said laughing and winked at mike again. “Okay go ahead and lean forward again.” Mike lay back down on the bench. He felt Jason reach under him and grab his cock to reposition it under the bench. ”Okay Mike, now I’m going to shave around your anus so we have a completely clean area for the procedure, just relax okay?” ”Ummm Okay?” Mike replied a little apprehensive. He heard the sink turn on and cabinets opening. Then things being placed on something metal. He looked back and saw Jason rolling a metal cart over with shaving cream, a razor, and a container of water. ”The shaving cream will probably feel a little cold when I apply it, so just be ready for that. I’ll let you know before I do it though okay?” ”Okay” Mike turned his head back around and heard Jason squeezing water out of something then a warm cloth was gently rubbing his ass cheeks and then he felt it running over his hole. The warm cloth was removed and he could feel the cool air hitting his ass. He shivered a little, then he heard the sound of the shaving cream shooting out of the can. ”Okay, this will feel a little cold” Mike felt the cold cream on his ass cheeks being spread around, then he felt it being spread in his crack and over his hole. Jason stepped away and Mike heard the sink turn on as Jason rinsed his hands, then walked back over. He heard the sound of the razor swishing in the water container and then Jason started to expertly shave his ass. He made quick work of it with sure strokes and delicacy around his hole. Before mike knew it Jason was rinsing him off with the warm wash cloth again. As quick as the process was, Mike felt the experience was one of the most erotic things he’d had done in a long time. ”Okay, all finished with that Mike, now I’m going to apply some lube and insert a small camera to look in your rectum, we want to make sure your completely clean inside.” He heard Jason removing just gloves and throwing them in the trash receptacle, then the sound of new ones going on. More drawers and cabinets opened, more sounds of things being placed on the cart. He heard Jason roll the cart back over and then his gloved hand on his shaved butt. ”The lube will feel cold and so will the camera. You shouldn’t feel any discomfort though during this okay?” ”Okay” Mike said shaking his head also. He heard the top of the lube opening and then a few seconds later the coldness of the lube on his hole. He felt Jason spread it around a little bit and then felt pressure as Jason Inserted his finger inside of him. He swirled it around a coupe times and then removed it. ”I’m going to insert the camera now. It will only take about thirty seconds to look, just relax and breath evenly okay?” ”Yep! I’m ready” Mike felt the coolness of a metal object on his anus, then pressure as Jason started to insert it. He felt it go past his inner sphincter and stop. He could feel it moving around inside of him as Jason looked. He then felt it retracting from him. ”Perfect!” Jason said. “All clean and it looks like the cleansing did its job, your rectum is definitely red and irritated a little. Is it uncomfortable?” ”Honestly, no. I don’t feel anything.” ”Perfect” Mike felt the warm cloth on his hole again as Jason wiped the lube away. ”Alright Mike, just lay there and relax, I’m going to clean this stuff up here and when the Dr comes in I will apply some more lubricant for the procedure and then the Doc will go over how things will happen. Okay?” ”Yeah! Sounds good to me”
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    I have been seeing this young guy in his early 20s for about a year, he usually he is just into getting a blow job , which was fine with me. The last few times he could not get off with just head He said it was his adhd meds, So it had been a couple months , out of the blue, he sent me a message, asking me if he could fuck me , I was at work, so i could not wait to get home. Well he kept texting me , the asked of he could Bareback me . 1st i said i was not sure, then he said that i had been swallowing his load anyway .So i said yes. His dick is average size with a nice mushroom head , that pulls back on my asshole while he is fucking me ,which feels great. So we had be fucking for a while, I noticed he has lost some weight,sunken face alittle . Last night when he came over I sucked him hard for about 5 min, then he was ready to fuck So I got up on my knees, he eased in , fucking me good, Then he pulled out was playing with my hole, I feel sharp pains, sorted like his finger nails Scratching the inside of my ass, hurt but felt good at the same time, > He played in my ass for awhile , me feeling the sharp pains. Then he slide his cock back inside my burning ass, he fucked me hard for awhile then buried a big load inside my ass, when he got thur , he kinda chuckled. So after he left I sat for a while as i always do , letting his load sit in my ass. When i sent to the bathroom in a couple hrs, When i wiped my asshole there was alot of blood. I think i had been pozzed , it was Hot, I cant wait for him to come back and fill my ass again with his load.
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    Part 15 - Apricots and Americans Mark woke with a thick head in the morning and rolled over to face Luca, cuddling and kissing for a while before they both showered and went down to breakfast. Oliver's flight from Rome was scheduled to arrive at midday and they were on the road just after 10am for the drive to Pisa airport. Luca watched Mark who sat there with a smile on his face the entire trip to the airport constantly chatting about how much fun he had yesterday and how he needs to speed up his language skills. Luca on the other hand was more worried about Mark's reaction when he finally met Oliver, it had been made clear that Luca now had a boyfriend but would Oliver heed this and still try his hand at getting him. The flight had just landed when they walked in to arrivals and checked the board. Luca busy on his phone and Mark was playing shag, marry, kill with all the men walking past. Mark's eyes acted like radars picking up the each sexy Italian that walked in view and some foreigners. "What have I got involved with" Luca laughed returning to his phone. Mark chuckled "Now that one I would definitely shag and marry" he suddenly said urging Luca to look. Luca raised his head "You can do, that is Oliver" he chuckled and waved waiting for Oliver to come over. "Blond?" Mark exclaimed looking at Luca "never had you down as liking blond guys". Luca glanced at Mark "I don't" he said smiling at Mark "anyway it is mousey blond". "Luca" Oliver called out a few meters with a big smile on his face. Luca stepped forward and hugged Oliver "Olly so nice to see you" he said warmly "This is Mark". Oliver looked at Mark who stood slightly taller "Pleasure to meet you Mark" he said drawing his words out. Mark nodded without realising his guard went up seeing him as a threat "Likewise" he replied. "I was disappointed when I found out about you" Oliver said to Mark "I can see why he likes you". Mark looked cautiously at him "As long as you remember Luca is mine" he said clearly firing a warning shot. Oliver made no show of the hiding the fact he found Mark very sexually attractive just like Luca. They grabbed coffees and headed to the car for the drive up to the Tuscan hills. It was a torturing drive for Mark, unsure if he liked Oliver, after all he knew that this guy was a threat to Luca and him. It annoyed him how Luca would chat aimlessly with him with the occasional prodding of Mark to join in. Gio was coming back from his run when the car pulled in to the villa courtyard. Oliver greeted him with a hug like long lost friends whilst Mark stood and watched for a moment then walked in to the villa bumping in to Sarah 'is he here?' she said excitedly walking past. Luca opened the boot of the car and pulled Oliver's case out, closing the boot he noticed Mark was missing. "Come on boys lunch is ready then Luca can show you to your room" Sarah said taking Oliver's arm. Gio took the suitcase from Luca "Where has Mark gone?" Luca asked his father with a concerned voice. "He went inside" Sarah replied hearing Luca ask his father. Gio stopped Luca "Is everything alright?" he asked "with you and Mark?". "Yes" Luca replied looking at the villa "at least I think so" he said "he was quiet in the car". Gio put his arm around Luca's shoulder "Go find him Luca, think Oliver being here may upset him". Luca walked through the villa on to the terrace where he spotted Mark wandering deeper through the apricot orchard. He called out to Mark and stepped down tracing where he saw him last. It took a few minutes but he found the legs sticking out from behind their favourite tree. Luca grabbed two apricots and sat down handing Mark an apricot. "Tell me what is bothering you?" Luca asked glancing at Mark. Mark looked at the apricot "Do you love him?" he asked surprising Luca with his question. "Hell no" Luca replied "why would you think that?" he asked trying to urge Mark to be honest. Mark glanced at Luca "The way you both reacted seeing each other and your parents" he said trailing off. Luca smiled "He is charming and yes he is sexy" he said stroking Mark's leg "but I love you Marco". Mark sighed "I'm sorry for being stupid. My instinct was warning me" he said leaning back against the tree. Luca sat forward and took a look around then kneeled between Mark's legs, his hand running up along Mark's thigh and firmly grabbing his cock 'your hard' Luca said to Mark as he bowed down. His hands freeing Mark's cock and quickly his lips rubbed the head and his mouth slipped around and down the shaft. Mark rubbed Luca's head 'Luca not here' he tried protesting but Mark was already too far in to an orgasm building up. Just the sight of Luca was enough to turn him on wildly, he was whimpering in sexual pleasure trying to stop himself crying out. Hips jerked up and Mark groaned feeling the release from his balls. His head scratching against the bark of the tree as he tried to control himself from crying out and ended up giggling holding Luca's head down on his cock. Luca raised his head and took a bite off his apricot and chewed it mixing the cum with the flesh of fruit he then kissed Mark deep. Passing the apricot flesh between one another Mark slipped his hand in Luca's shorts, swallowing the fruit he pulled Luca up to a kneeling position and ran his tongue over Luca's cock. Luca raised a hand holding on to the tree 'oh fuck' he sweetly whispered closing his eyes feeling the warmth and moistness of Mark's mouth around his cock working him. Mark took his time hearing the moans from Luca, he could feel the cock swelling slightly and knew Luca was going to blow his load. Luca took his hand off the tree and held Mark's head feeling the contractions pulsing in his cock, so oblivious he didn't even notice Mark moving his hand around Luca's ass inside his shorts until he felt the finger pushing in to his hole. Luca gasped and released a girly shriek his orgasm heightened from the simultaneous assaults on his cock and ass. Mark pulled his mouth off Luca's cock and looked up at him taking a bite from his apricot he chewed then pulled Luca down and kissed him passing his cum loaded apricot flesh to Luca. He rolled on to his back laughing and took another bite of his apricot. "Now do you believe me when I say I love you?" Luca asked starring up the dabbled sunlight. Mark laid on top of Luca "Yes" he said looking in to his eyes as Luca's mother called out for them. Luca leaned up and kissed him "We should go before they come looking" he said hugging Mark. Walking back to the villa hand in hand Mark purposefully kept hold of Luca's arriving at the table, mostly for show so that Oliver would see it as a defiant display of their love. Oliver looked over and saw the defensive way Mark behaved carefully looking in the eye defiantly, to Oliver it was a challenge he was going to take up. He might show a defiant stance now but Oliver loved nothing more than breaking guys that thought they were tough enough to stand up to him. Little by little he would wear Mark down until he was nothing but his bitch, then he would move in seducing Luca away. He knew Mark's inexperience would pale in to insignificance and show how pathetic he was being unable to hold on to Luca, stealing him for his own gratification and watch Mark disappear in to the shadows. Indeed he switched on the charm with Mark doing to his best to win him over pretending he was no threat. Mark sat there acting his part, aware that Oliver seemed to be playing him. One thing this American didn't know was never to come between a guy from Manchester and his lover, Mark could tell that Oliver had underestimated him and decided to see how far he would really go and show his true colours. At least the rest of Sunday passed peacefully and dinner was generally good natured. Luca seemed happy that at least Oliver and Mark were getting along, on the outside he was sure Mark didn't see him as a threat to their relationship but he had no idea what was brewing between them. Luca returned from the bathroom naked and kissed Mark getting in to bed. "You seem to hit it off with Oliver" Luca said snuggling down in to Mark's arms. Mark looked at Luca "He is playing me Luca" he replied with his finger rubbing Luca's nipple gently. "Don't be silly" Luca replied "what makes you think he is up to something?" he asked stroking Mark's thigh. Mark kissed him gently on the mouth "He looks at me like I am naïve maybe even stupid". Luca smiled "Johan" he said looking at a confused Mark "Johan is a psychologist, we will invite them over". Mark chuckled "Oliver doesn't scare me" he said wrapping his arms around Luca "do you trust him?". "Not in the slightest" Luca replied pulling Mark closer locking their lips together. Embraced in their loving kiss it wasn't long before Luca felt his body being pulled under Mark, their bodies already glistening from the humid air his cock slipped into Luca. Raising his head Luca kissed him hard his hand holding Mark's head close keeping their lips attached, he moaned feeling the sensual strokes penetrating his ass. Mark slipped his free hand under Luca's neck holding his head up, the closeness enabling them to share the experience of their love making as one. His moans softly echoing around the room from the increased intensity of Mark's hips producing loving and delicate thrusts. Luca aroused purely from the feeling of Mark's body lying on top of him, he continued the tender love making feeling every pleasure rising from Luca's body. His love and desire for Luca building in his groin rapidly, his breathing heavy and short gasps feeling the sensations tingling through his body to his balls. Luca moaned 'oh Marco' he whispered feeling the hips pushing down and locking tight to his ass. Luca's hand grabbed Mark's head firmly keeping him as close as possible together they orgasmed, Luca ejaculating under him and Mark sealed their love freeing his seed in to Luca's body. Breathing deep in to each others mouths, clasping their lips together kissing and riding their orgasms together. The moment of simply, pure and very real intimacy between two lovers. Their bodies drenched in sweat as Mark slowly extracted his cock and rolled on to his back catching his breath. His hand stroking Luca's back and ass who now moved closer and laid his hand across Mark's chest. Luca got up and fetched some tissue and cleaned the sheet as best he could, leaning over he kissed Mark and grabbed his hand 'time to cool down' he said taking Mark downstairs and out to the pool terrace. Mark chuckled getting in to the cool water but instantly refreshed, they swam around and kissed as quietly as possible. From his window Oliver watched, the darkness of the bedroom hiding him from view to the outside world. Admitting to himself that they looked good together, for now. When Luca woke he wanted to act quickly and tried to get his uncle and Johan over on today but they were not free until 5pm, agreeing to come over Nico had briefed Johan what Luca had asked him to do. Johan showed a lot more concern, he liked Mark from their initial meeting at the family BBQ and only too happy to help. Sarah and Gio had left at 9am to visit friends in Pisa and would not be returning until Tuesday. By the time Luca and Mark went down for breakfast Oliver was sat there at the table in just his shorts drinking coffee. Mark couldn't take his eyes off Oliver's body seeing in properly for the first time, Marzi appeared with breakfast and more coffee. Luca reached over and saw only one apricot in the bowl, he stood up and said he would go and fetch some more leaving Oliver and Mark alone at the table. Oliver reached over and took the last apricot and placed it on the table, Mark was sat opposite him and fixing his gaze he smirked placing one finger on the apricot rolling it around. Mark sat there with both his arms on the table playing with the spoon watching Oliver. "Did you sleep well last night?" Mark asked his eyes still firmly on Oliver. Oliver looked at the apricot then back to Mark "Yes" he replied "how was your swim?". Mark raised and eyebrow "You saw us?" he asked watching Oliver nod "we were hot and sweaty from love making". Oliver smirked at him again "There is only one apricot, what do you do?" he asked cryptically. Mark looked slightly confused "Share it" he replied watching Oliver roll it around with his finger. "What if this one apricot was worth half a million dollars?" Oliver asked looking up at Mark. Mark said nothing "Selfishly take the apricot and it's value then leave?" Oliver now asked. Mark sat there quietly aware of what Oliver was doing "It is a small price for such a priceless thing". Oliver smiled "What if it's value soared to one million?" he now asked seeing Mark's eyebrows raise. "Take the apricot and leave" Mark replied his eyes focused on the apricot. Oliver nodded "You take the apricot and disappear for good" he now said watching Mark carefully. Mark rolled the apricot around with his finger "Such an expensive apricot" he replied lifting his finger off. "Worth every dollar" Oliver said testing Mark's resolve and sensing he was close to taking it. Mark smiled and put his palm over the apricot "Apricots don't last forever, but I can crush your dreams". Oliver watched Mark crush the apricot "Crushed like your offer" Mark said "you can't buy me off". Oliver grabbed Mark's hands, his foot began working up Mark's leg "Waste of a perfect fruit". Mark moaned feeling his toes slip inside his shorts rubbing his balls under the table "Stop that" he said. "You should have taken the offer" Oliver said pushing his foot hard against balls gripping his hands tighter. Mark grimaced "You will not win Oliver" he managed to say "we love each other". Oliver released the pressure slowly massaging Mark's cock with his foot "Getting hard Mark?". Mark smirked and saw Luca walking back with a handful of apricots "Looser" he said looking at Oliver. Oliver tapped harder watching the grimace on Mark's face then removed his foot "We will see" he said releasing Mark's arms. Oliver smirked at him again and realised that Mark was not going to be as easy to remove like Andre was. Here was a person that was not intimidated so easily and could not be brought off. Mark sat with a steely determination, his eyes clearly warning Mark not to mess with him over Luca. Mark turned to watch Luca approach with a smile on his face until he sat down and placed the apricots in the bowl, he noticed the crushed fruit on the table between Oliver and Mark. "What happened to the apricot?" Luca asked looking at them both. Oliver chuckled "We fought over it and it got crushed in the process" he replied looking at Mark. Mark smiled at Oliver "Like the million dollars he offered me to leave you" he said seeing Oliver's shocked face. Oliver never expected Mark to say anything "Is that true" Luca asked looking at Oliver. "Million dollars of crushed apricot" Mark interjected quickly. Oliver looked at Mark then Luca "I had to try one more time Luca, but he won't budge". Luca shook his head "Value what friendship we have Olly, just don't come between Mark and I". He wasn't sure if he was angry with Oliver or not but it did seem to clear the air a little, he kissed Mark lovingly and more so for being honest about what had happened. Oliver knew it as a very stark warning from Luca and eased off, over breakfast he engaged Mark in conversation making it rather more pleasant. The day was spent enjoying the best of the summer weather by the pool, Mark was constantly on his guard watching Oliver's every move. By late afternoon Oliver was beginning to concede that Luca did only have eyes for Mark. Desperately he wanted to find love, he loved the fucking around and it had been a good few years. Seeing them together and how in love they looked was striking home that he had no one to share his life with. Mark had made it clear to Luca that as sexy as Oliver was he did not want to risk giving him the opportunity so sex with him was out of the question. laying by the pool Luca stretched and said he was going to get from fruit, Mark walked with him then dived in to the pool to cool off. Behind him a tremendous splash showered him with water, he turned to see the body surfacing out of the water. Laughing Mark felt the strong arms of Johan lifting him up in the air like a ballet dancer before dropping him back in the water. Oliver looked on shocked at the stranger who had arrived. Mark managed to swim away and called back 'toy boy' he shouted clambering out of the pool watching Johan give chase. Johan looked at Oliver 'Don't just sit there grab him' he shouted. Suddenly Mark felt Oliver grab him and pin him down to the floor smiling, Johan arrived and picked Mark up throwing him back in the pool then jumping in back after him. Oliver still confused by what was happening sat on the edge of the pool dangling his feet in watching them. "I see you met my husband" Nico said sitting besides Oliver who turned with a surprised look on his face. Oliver looked around for Luca "Who are you?" he asked beginning to see similarities to Gio in his face. Nico chuckled and held out his hand "Luca's uncle, Nico and that is Johan my husband". Nico smiled "Ciao Luca" he said feeling Luca's arms going around his neck. "Ciao zio" Luca said kissing Nico on the mouth "Sorry Oliver I forget to tell you they were coming over". Oliver though was completely fascinated and in awe of Johan and his build, definitely more muscular than Oliver and with his height he carried it off to perfection. He was oblivious to what Johan was up to and before he knew it he had warmed to him and opened up personally over a dinner of antipasti, bread and wine. After dinner they sat by the pool taking the occasional dip. Oliver found himself in the pool alone with Johan, unable to keep his hands from feeling Johan's body telling him how amazing it was. Johan kept his gaze fixed on Mark then briefly kissed him and held him in his arms a little to tightly for Oliver's liking. "They make a very nice couple Luca and Mark" Johan said quietly in Oliver's ear. Oliver nodded "Yes" he replied agreeing getting aroused held in Johan's arms. "Be bad if anything came between them" Johan said "nothing could protect the person who broke them apart". Oliver remained quiet for a moment "You mean me" he eventually said feeling the arms tighten sharply around him. Johan kissed Oliver's neck "Glad to see you are not stupid Oliver" he whispered kissing his neck again. Oliver leaned his head back like a powerful force had overtaken his body arousing him even further. Johan kissed his neck nibbling upwards then suddenly he let go pushing Oliver away and got out of the pool leaving him there alone. He was so aroused by the brute force of this man and leaned against the side of pool knowing full well he had been given a very clear warning this time. His body feeling like electricity, no man had ever made him get in to such a state without actual sex. Luca and Mark sat there watching Johan seducing Oliver into a horned up mess, he was smiling when he sat down at the table joining them. Nico looked up "Well?" he simply asked quietly "what is your analysis?". "He wants to break you two up" Johan replied looking at Luca and Mark who nodded. "How do we stop it?" Luca asked desperately. Joahn smiled "Don't worry, he got the message" Johan replied "dam sexy guy" he said picking up his juice. Luca leaned over and gave Johan a kiss "Thank you" he said feeling a hand on his waist. "What is this?" Nico asked spotting Luca's tattoo, Johan pulled the shorts down and looked at him. Luca felt embarrassed "Oh I forgot about that" he said shyly afraid to look at them. Nico was looking at him "Luca!" he exclaimed waiting for him to answer. Johan smiled standing up pulling his shorts down revealing a small biohazard tattoo "You?" Luca asked. Johan nodded "Yes, and you?" he asked watching Luca slowly nod his head he turned to Mark who nodded as well. "Why didn't you tell me Luca?" Nico asked holding Luca's face. Luca lowered his eyes "I didn't want to it splashed around the family" he replied. Luca looked in to his uncles eyes "And you?" he asked seeing him smile and nod. Luca and Mark both laughed then Nico spoke "You want to take Oliver home for the night?" he asked Johan. Johan looked at the Oliver in the pool "Depends if these two have any plans for him". "No" Luca and Mark replied in unison looking at Nico and Johan then laughing to each other. Nico went over to the pool and pulled Oliver out "Your coming home with us tonight" he said. Oliver grinned "Don't I get any say in the matter?" he asked knowing full well he was going. Nico chuckled "No" he replied. Luca and Mark said good night to Nico and Johan after being invited over Saturday afternoon and evening after they have dropped Oliver off at the airport.
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    Been horny as fuck lately, but due to company travel suspension I haven't had any opportunities. Have a regular guy when I travel that has fucked me probably 20 times anon ass up face down and I have only seen a dick pic of him. He's 18, mix, slender guy according to his profile. Usually likes to fuck me after I have taken a couple loads. I messaged him a couple days ago that I was travelling and we planned for him whore me out last night starting at 6pm. Got to the Days Inn, prepped and messaged him on Grindr that I was ready. He said the first guy would be there around 6:25 and three others were on the way. Got in position ass up face down, blindfold on and door propped open. In all I took 8 loads including one from the guy that was whoring me out. Never saw any pics of the guys before they arrived and didn't see them when they were in the room. He messaged afterwards and said that I felt so good with all that cum in me. He was load #5. Later he messaged and said guy number 8 was on the way a bbc. Damn the guy must have been 9", but felt great! I messaged to see if any others were coming and he said that was all. I replied that that was enough for the night. First time I had been fucked in 2 months. Ready to get whored out again though.
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    ******************************** Prologue I love corrupting young, college age kids. Gives me a feeling of power. And watching them slide into filth and depravity? Biggest turn on. Seeing these fresh faced boys go from innocent newbies into total whores and sexpigs, it's a rush, to say the least. I am Lucifer, in human form. I'm your friendly neighborhood crack dealer. I'm not kidding about being friendly, either. I'll kill ya with kindness. That's part of how I get you on my side. Narcs? I can smell 'em a mile away. I'm a smart, respectable member of society by day, but in my own time, I'm the guy they all warned you about. If I'm on the prowl for a new bottom bitch, watch out, I'm coming to get ya. I can smell you a mile away, too. Some of the older crowd are wise to my game, but they won't squeal, they know better.... I show my whores a good time anyway. All the cock they could ever ask for. And then some. Wanna party with me? I bet you do. Faggots. You serve cock. You'll eat my ass, too. I'll breed you whenever and wherever I fuckin want. It's your lot in life to be used by men. To be a whore, a faggot, a slut, a hole. Know your place, and I'll make sure you are treated right. Step outta line, and that'll be a different story. ****************************** Corrupting the Mormon boy He came into my life like an insect that had wandered innocently into a waiting spider's web. Knocking on my front door, all good intentions and a head full of naivety and religious dogma. Perfect victim. I had been sipping a cup of coffee and contemplating about how to spend my Saturday when he knocked on my door. I was still wearing nothing but a bathrobe, so I looked through the peephole first. My cock throbbed a little when I first saw him. This cute, young man, with a lean frame and buzz cut hair was going to get more than an opportunity to talk about his religion by coming here. I opened the door and asked him to come in a sit down, and I led him to the couches in my lounge. "Can I get you something to drink?" I asked the lad. "Coffee? Coca-Cola?" I enquired. "Coke would be nice" He replied. Naive boy. Yum yum. I'm going to enjoy twisting this little fucker into a fucked up whore, I thought to myself, as I went to the kitchen and prepared a glass of coke with a small hit of G. I returned, and passed him the glass, sitting down next to him on the couch. "I know what you came here for, young man, but you're wasting your time. I'm not interested in joining a religion." I said, matter of factly. He took a gulp of the drink. "I don't have a problem with it or anything, but.... it's just not for me. There's other things that make me feel... spiritual." As I was talking to the lad, while he gulped down his glass of spiked soda, I did my best to maintain eye contact, but then, as I spread my legs, to stretch open my bathrobe a little, and I saw his gaze move down to my crotch, he swallowed, and I saw a window of opportunity. I opened my bathrobe, exposing my naked body, and revealing my semi hard cock to the boy. He swallowed hard again, and I could tell he was in heat, seeing me like that. "Ever touched another man's penis? Go on. You can touch it, if you want." I said, in an encouraging manner. He kind of stalled, after putting down the glass, so I grabbed his hand, and placed it on my junk. "Here. Don't be shy.... no one has to know. Just play with my cock for a while." He started stroking me, and as he was doing this, I started stroking his chest, opening the top few buttons of his shirt and playing with his nipples. It didn't take long, until he was leaning over, lowering his head towards my crotch, getting ready to suck my throbbing cock. He wrapped his lips around the glans of my penis, and I pushed his head down the shaft, gently, and basked in the warmth of his silky fleshy mouth. I had some gear and a pipe on the coffee table, ready to go, and I also had some tabs of good acid. While I had the lad somewhat impaled on my meat, I figured it was time to show this kid how I was going to make it a "spiritual experience". I took a couple of puffs from my pipe as he was sucking me, and curiosity got the better of him. He wanted to know what it was. I could only answer, "Let me show you", and I dragged in a big cloud of T from the pipe and passed it to him in a kiss, shotgunning it into his mouth. It was pretty easy from that point to get him sucking on the end of the pipe after that. I picked up my remote and switched on the TV screen. Then I put on some homemade porn I had on a hard drive I had plugged in the TV, as I was reviewing it last night. It was a video of me fucking another young slut, bareback of course, and breeding his hole. I took the pipe from him and put it on the coffee table, then locked lips with the little slut, who surely by now was slowly learning about what a slut he really was. After breaking the kiss, I said "Open wide, it's time for your communion." I watched him open his mouth, and administered a tab of acid on his tongue, and told him to keep it there as long as he could. I was going to get this kid so high he wouldn't remember where he was..... After waiting for a few minutes, I pulled him into me for another kiss, and I could tell he was getting hornier, he started playing with his own nipples and rubbing his cock through his pants while we tongue wrestled. He was mine now....
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    I left the toilet clothes in hand and butt naked. My cock still hard and dripping. I was a little torn between wanting to watch him knock up some 18-year-old and getting cock up my ass myself. But my quivering ass made up my mind for me. My ass still felt the assault from that AIDS daddy in the restroom. Having his cock up my ass for just a few minutes pounding away coating my guts with his toxic precum for just a few strokes made me uncontrollably horny to get fucked by anyone. I wanted to cock up my ass. Any cum, lots of cum, from anyone who would do it to me. I was really hoping the rumors I had heard about this place in Evening were true. The sun had set but the night was clear and the moon was pretty close to full. I walked to the edge of the woods and stood there gently stroking my cock before I walked in. Giving my eyes a chance to adjust to the change in light. I looked back toward the toilets. I saw the shape of a young guy moving towards the toilet. He was stripping off his clothes as he approached. When he got to the door he tossed his clothes in some shrubs next to the door. I heard the squeak of the door as he entered. I don’t know what possessed me to do what I did next, but I walked back over to the toilets and pulledthe kid’s clothes from the bushes. In the light I could tell that his clothes would fit me OK. There was a pair of basketball shorts that would be a little snug but not bad. There was an oversized T-shirt, perfect. And a jockstrap. I held the pouch to my face and sniffed deeply. Unmistakable scent of teenage boy underwear. I had smelled it enough time with my own two boys. I knew what teen boy cock smells like. I slipped on the jock. Tossed my clothes into the bush where his he been. And took his clothes with me. I stepped onto the trail at the edge of the woods. I walked down the path able to discern shapes and movement in the half light. There were other guys in the park. I don’t know where they had come from because there were no cars. There must be another access to the park. I walked along quietly gingerly until I got to a spot I recognized. It was a spot where almost 3 years ago I had been pozfucked by a hot young guy. The spot where my quest for AIDS started. I stepped off the trail and took a few steps towards the figure out the dark. He started moving closer to me. As he got within a few feet we recognized each other. It was the kid who passed me almost 3 years ago. And he recognized me. ” hey there,” he said “ Haven’t seen you around here in a while. Back for more?” He reached up and grabbed my cock. Pulled me in for deep kiss. I wrapped my arms around his body and he felt smooth but kind of bone. He pulled away and I looked him up and down. Above his right that was a biohazard symbol. He had a slightly wasted look. He reached up and grabbed my cock. Pulled me in for a deep kiss. I wrapped my arms around his body and he felt smooth but kind of bony. He pulled away and I looked him up and down. Above his right path was a biohazard symbol. He had a slightly wasted look. We started talking and making out. I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth sliding in deep as I could into my throat. While I was sucking him he confessed to me that the guy in the toilets had converted him a month before he fucked me. He told me I was his first breeding after he was positive. He also told that he had full-blown AIDS at this point. That turned me on more than I could say. I slid his cock deep in my throat as I could. Milked it with my throat muscles. He moaned grab the back of my head and started face fucking me. Slamming his cock deep into my throat. After a few minutes he pushed me away. ”Fuck dude” he said,”you’re an amazing cocksucker.but I want that ass. I want to give you my virus.” He pulled me up and pushed me back around up against a tree. He squatted down behind me and spread my ass cheeks. He buried his face in my ass, tonguing my hole, working it in an out.I was moaning like the slut bitch that I am. Begging him to pause my ass up. Begging him to slide his aides babies up into my guts. ”Oh fuck dude. I want that ass so bad.” he muttered. He stood and unceremoniously plunged his cock deep into my ass all the way to the hilt. I screamed and moaned at the same time. He rested his cock in me as he slipped a poppers bottle under my nose. He held my nostril shut and I breathe deep. Reached up and held his hand in place. I breathed in three or four times in that one nostril and then switched. I breathed then three or four more hits in the other nostril. I was flying high as his cock started pistoning in and out of my hole, Tearing up my guts and banging my prostate hard. I was moaning and begging for a seed. Begging for his aids babies. Begging for his virus in my bloodstream. Then I started begging him for demon seed. Begging him to bring me over to the Darkside. In my mind all I could think was that I was sacrificing my ass to pure evil. My cock was hard and rubbing up against the material of the jockstrap. As the kid fucked me I shot a big load into the pouch of the jockstrap. And as my ass clamped hard for my orgasm his cock began to spasm in my whole. He grabbed my hips hard and pulled me as close up against him as he could get. Pushing his cock as deep in my body as it would go. Past my second sphincter. Deep into my guts he poured his aids. I can’t explain it but ass his semen filled my body a kind of shadow fell over my soul, fell over my vision. Not only was there no going back at this point, there was no desire to. There was only desire for cum. There was only desire for pleasure. There is only desire to please anyone with a cock. Deep in my soul I knew that I had given myself over completely to cock, cum., and pleasure. He stroked his cock in and out of my ass a few more strokes. He rested against my back. His cock gently slid out and he stepped away from me. I never saw him leave because as soon as he stepped away someone else stepped up and another cock slid into my hole. After three more cocks and three loads in my ass I finally left the woods. Cum was running down my legs but I didn’t care. I felt so complete so satisfied. As I walked by the toilets I checked the bushes. The clothes were gone. Some random kid who just got an ass load of aids was walking around in my clothes. It was then I realized all I was wearing was the jockstrap. As I approach the road I slipped on the shorts. And jogged my way back to my car. I never bothered to change clothes or to put on the shirt. I just threw myself in the car and went directly to the porno store And spent the rest of the night worshiping cock and accepting seed from anyone.
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    The next couple of months went by in a blur. It was interesting how quickly I adjusted to a new life. Once a week I would make the trip over to Sams place. This usually involved dinner and some heavy fucking afterwards. Sometimes it was just sex, but often times it was as heavy as the first time we fucked, if not more. He pushed my limits In all kinds of ways: stringing my hands above my head and flogging my body. Forcing me to eat his sweaty ass after he'd been working outside (I almost passed out one time because he likes to put his full weight on me and almost literally smother me). Edging me for hours on end. One time after fucking me the first time, he recovered and fucked me again, only this time after giving me his second load he started pissing in my hole. I quickly learned that he didn't care if I got to cum or not, but he always came in my ass multiple times. I had even told him I'd thought of getting my nipples pierced. And by this point he had tortured them enough and used all sorts of clamps that they had become the size of quarters and constantly tender. One evening, after giving me my first load and thirty minutes with the poppers mask, he went to the bathroom and came back. I didn't pay too much attention to what he was doing (he had put a vibrator in my ass) but I suddenly felt a sharp quick pain at both of my nipples. When I looked at them, they had two brand new piercings. "There, nothing to think about now", he said as he pulled the vibrator out and started fucking me again. But that's how it was with him: he was my dominant bear daddy, and I was his little sub. But everything he said or did made it clear he only wanted the best for me, even when he was paddling my ass and filling me with piss. One weekend around the holidays he invited me to one of his boyfriends house. Now I had never met the one he lived with; that one just let him fuck around but wasn't about it. And that night I was going to meet his other one. There would be a mix or straight and gay guys, so naturally I said yes. I got there a little early, but he was excited to see me, and introduced me to his other significant other, Nolan. He looked to be about early 40's, same as Sam, but with less of a belly. He was about my height and definitely had the rugged look as well. Same came up and whispered "he has a big gift for you when everyone leaves". The evening wore on, and I got increasingly more buzzed (I get nervous around crowds and with people I don't know well). Eventually I started looking for Sam. I asked one of his friends if he had seen him. "No, but I like what I see in front of me", he replied with a wink. He leaned in and started kissing me. I realized this was probably not a good idea, as I was a guest and didn't want to do anything embarrassing, so I excused myself for the bathroom. When I came out, more people had left but the guy was waiting outside the door. "Come on, it will be fun", he said trying to force himself on me. Now I had no problem being a sub with a guy, but after getting roofied and messed up pretty bad by a guy in college, when I said no I meant it. I moved around him, and suddenly ran into Sam. "Hey what's wrong?" I told him and he said he'd have a chat with the guy. By this point there were just the gays left: Sam, his pushy friend, Nolan, myself, their friend John, and Will. John and Will were both about mid-thirties, bear types but cute and very friendly. They came over and we went outside to pass a joint. They got a little handsy but were very respectful, John going just far enough to kiss me on the cheek before making out with Will. "Come on, we want to show you something". We went back inside, by this point everyone had left, except I noticed a door was open. John took my hand and led me to it. It went to the basement, and I definitely wasn't prepared for what I saw. The music was loud and the light strung along the walls kept changing color. There was a bed with couple pillows and rubber sheets against one wall. In another corner was a huge sex swing. Hoods and toys lined a couple shelves, and some drawers where I could see poppers and some types of lube. On a metal chair Sam had stripped and with just a harness on was getting a blow job from his creepy friend. "That looks pretty good, you want some?" said Will. I nodded yes and he started kissing me as John undid my pants. He sucked me for a few minutes before moving off. Will ordered me to strip and put a spare red harness over me with a leather red jock. He stripped to reveal his own harness and jock. Instead of pulling out his meat, he turned around and forced my head into his hole. I spent a couple minutes lapping at it, when I felt a finger at my hole. I turned around and there was the creepy dude. He leaned in and started whispering all kinds of obscenities, like how I would pay for shutting him down earlier. At this point Jake had returned wearing a singlet with no ass, and could see I was starting to feel really uncomfortable. "Come on, we need a talk", he said pulling the guy up and going up the stairs with him. "Sorry, he always gets like this with new guys. He's actually pretty cool but comes off way too strong." He pulled me towards the mattress, making out as we went. He laid down on it and pulled me on top, forcing my mouth on his 8in cock and eating my ass. A couple minutes later I was feeling much more relaxed, when I heard a voice. "Get him in the sling, we want some fun". I looked up and felt my mouth watering. Sam had changed into boots with a leather jockstrap, harness, gloves, and hat. Nolan stood there in a red latex suite. Black boots went almost all the way up his calves, and he wore red and black gloves that went up his forearms. "I want to see this cunt I've been missing out on", Nolan growled. ............................................
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    High School wasn't bad for me. I graduated in 2003 from a suburb of Dallas. I was skinny, toned, and had a great butt. I worked out constantly, but never got too muscled. I played basbeall and hung out with my teammates mostly. I always had a girlfriend. I was over 6' tall and had blond hair in a tight fade. I kept my body shaved. Looking back on it, I don't know how everyone thought I was straight. With the exception of my low voice and athletic tendencies, I fit the stereotypical mold for a twink. I watched a ton of porn. It started out pretty normal... a girl playing with herself... then a guy doing her missionary... then some kinky shit... then one day, I saw two dudes fucking, and my dick sprang to attention. It was forbidden. Risky. Primal. I was hooked. I loved imagining I was taking a big dick while I stroked. I couldn't get enough of the videos. I used to sneak out of my room at night and watch porn until 3 or 4 in the morning. I started on yahoo messenger looking at the m4m rooms. I didn't figure anyone would want to chat with an 18 year old who was still in high school, so I made up a persona. "Brian" was 21 and in college and looking for fun. I used my own pics, but never showed my face. People were more careful back then, and I didn't want to get outed. Late one night I got a ping right as I was about to cum from some guy named Eric who lived about 10 minutes away. He was abrupt, and a little rude, and really hot. He was in his 30's with a 5 o clock shadow. Fit. And a nice dick. He didn't seem to give a fuck about anything except getting off, which was a turn on. I stroked harder and harder and came. I shut down the computer and went to bed. That night I had a dream about him. -to be continued-
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    "What are you doing," Travis said as he comes back from the bathroom. "Just getting comfortable and high," I admit. I've striped down to my jockstrap. "You," I ask suggestively. Travis walks over to me and stands there with his crotch in my face. I undo his jeans and slide them down revealing his thick uncut dick. "You shaved," I said quite relieved that I wouldn't be dealing with a forrest of pubes. Straight guys are the worse at personal grooming. "It does make it look bigger," he admitted. Not that his dick needed to look any bigger. It wasn't as long as mine, but it was fat as hell. I first shaved my brother's pubes for him a couple of months after we started messing around on the regular. It seemed like it was going to continue and he wasn't freaked out fucking a guy - let alone his older brother. It was in the men's locker room at school. Mid-day when nobody was around I took him into one of the shower stalls, got on my knees, and trimmed his bush. It made us both hard. And that was the first time my younger brother fucked me in public. "Well. Suck it, faggot," he commanded while standing there in front of me. What Travis liked about fucking around with me is how rough and dominating he could be with me. In all of my actual relationships, I'm the strong commanding top. But with Travis I get off being humiliated and used. I started opening up to him about the boys I was fucking around with and the piggy stuff we did. It always intrigued him how guys could do things like go to bathhouses and take anonymous loads so easily. The first time he called me a trashy faggot I nearly came instantly. Through me he gets to do things he can't otherwise do: fuck raw, spit, rough house, etc. We've been on a trip exploring together. "U going to breed my queer hole," I ask? We both get pretty verbal. "I haven't jizzed in a week," he said bending me over the back of the couch and spitting on my hole for lube. "I'm going to use you all night, bro." And with that, the wonderful pain of a thick uncut cock sliding into my hole engulfed me. We fucked over the back of the couch for a little bit until Travis threw me onto my back on the couch and began plowing me deep with my legs in the air. We go back and forth between angry sex and sweet sex. In this position it's not uncommon for us to kiss passionately. And then for him to spit down my throat. Hot. After a while of getting used as a fuck hole by my straight brother, he finally empties deep in my guts. He doesn't stop right away. He continues to fuck my cum-filled hole and watching his dick slide in and out of my ass. He likes seeing his dick covered in cum sliding in and out of me. We eventually head into my bedroom. I've got a nice queen bed -- much better than the little twin back at college. When he stays over, my brother still sleeps in the same bed as me. He starts asking about my sex life. Lately he's enjoyed hearing of my conquests and shenanigans. He's always amazed at how gay guys can do random hookups and go to bathhouses. "Tell me about this boy of yours," he asks. "Well he's not really a boy," I tell him. I explain how Sam and I first meet online and had a party weekend together. And I told him how much he's been opening up about wanting to play around more and be an adventurous slut. "I think I may like him," I say. "He's not complicated and I don't think there'd be any issues with us playing together or separate. He really wants me to whore him out sometime," I tell my brother. "It'd be fun to take him to Palm Springs for a weekend and turn loose." "You'd go all the way to Palm Springs to go to a bathhouse," my brother asked? "No to a resort. We'd go for a long weekend. Part a little. And do random hook-ups by the pool during the day and in the sling at nigh," I said knowing that Travis has never seen a sling and that would blow his mind. "And you'd watch as he hooked up with other guys?" "Yea!" I said. "And wait for his hole to be full of random loads before I added mine to it. Fuck - that sounds hot!" I was getting excited thinking about it. "Where are the damn resorts full of slutty women," he said all defeated. "There are none. Hey! Wanna go with us?" I asked knowing the answer. "What, to a resort in Palm Springs to watch you fuck your boyfriend? What the hell would I do there?" "Well we would hang out, mostly. Get high and you can feel free to fuck around," I told him. "I don't wanna fuck men - only you." "Oh, that's sweet little bro. So.... come to Palm Springs and fuck me then. I'll get you flying so high that you won't care. And you can go to town on my gay ass out by the pool," I said. "Guys will get off watching you have your way with me outdoors." Now he was starting to think about it.
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    Part 5 "Lay back down on your back son." He got between my legs and lifted my ass up and spread my cheeks apart. I felt his tongue again and my head fell to the pillow as my back arched my eyes rolling into the back of my head. I never knew that this kind of pleasure was possible. Seemingly out of my control my hands moved down to his head and pushed him as deep as I could into my hole. Both of us moaned at the same time. He pulled his head up and reached for the pipe and torch again. He got back up on his knees and fed me another hit. Then he took one but before he let it out he put the pipe down and reached back for his cloth bag and went back to my hole. I felt him blow into my hole with some of the cloud escaping around my crotch. "How does that feel son?" I didn't have the words to describe it. I gasped and tried. "So good da--oh my god!" He was rubbing something wet onto my hole and began to push his finger into me. "Just breathe. Take a deep breath in son. Now let it out." When I let it out I could feel him pushing in deeper. I had rubbed my hole before when I jerked off but I never pushed anything in. This was the first time anything was being pushed into me. I saw him fumbling a little with his cloth bag. "This is going to burn just a little bit but its going to feel good in a couple minutes." I nodded having no idea what new sensation was going to come next. I felt his finger again push into my hole and then I felt that burning. Not painful but noticeable. He worked his finger deeper into me and i felt his palm against my hole. His entire finger was in. Suddenly the tingling I had felt in my hole became something else. Hunger. And he could see it in my face. "It's working now isnt it?" I looked down at him smiling with that smile that said mischief. "Yeah dad. I think so. What is it?" "It's called a booty bump son. I want you to feel as good as you can so youll be ready to take your dad's cock." I was feeling great. This was so much better than I ever imagined it would be. He moved up to kiss me and rested the weight of his body on top of me. Our making out was even more passionate than before. I wanted to be as close and connected to this man as possible. Our hands exploring each others body and our cocks rubbing against each other. His huge thick cock pressed against my smaller softer cock. I could feel our pre cum getting slick between us. I didn't want this to end. I could make out with this man forever. But he broke the kiss. "I'm going to give you a little bit of the control." He rolled off of me and onto his back. He pulled me onto him and held my face with his hands. "Son it's time. I want you to sit on my cock. Take as much time as you want. We are in no rush ok?" I nodded and he pushed me up into a sitting position. He sat up also and told me to press my hands into his shoulders for balance as I hovered my hole over his cock. He poured some lube into his hand and I could hear him coating his cock with it. Then I pulled away and sat on his knees. In my drug fueled state I was the horniest I had ever been but something in my head was terrified. "What's wrong?" I didnt know what to say. I didn't want to make him mad. "Shouldn't we be using a condom? Just to be safe?" He tilted his head and smiled. "Dads and sons don't need condoms. That's why its the best kind of sex." Something was sobering me up. Like years of conditioning about the shame I should feel about what we were doing combined with always wanting to be safe about everything were bubbling back up at the worst possible time. "Mr. Kelly I mean we're just playing around but we're not actu--" "Stop son." I saw in his face that he was serious. The smile was gone and he was looking deep into me now. "Do you trust me? Do you trust your dad? Look at me. Do you trust me?" I just nodded too scared to speak. Something in his face was completely different. "I told you that I was going to show you everything you always wanted to experience but also some things you never knew. Isnt that right? Isnt that one of the reasons you wanted to come over here in the first place? You wanted to be brought into a new world?" I nodded. "One thing I want you to experience is raw sex son. I want you to feel the sensation of slick skin entering you and touching you deep inside and the feeling of rope after rope of cum shooting so hard into you. And I want you to experience that with your dad the first time so you never forget who introduced you to the greatest pleasure." I noticed then that he had never taken his hand off his cock. He was stroking his cock slowly. The image was mesmerizing. "Climb back up here son. Dads ready." That was all I needed to shut that voice down. I got back up into position and lowered myself slightly. I felt the slick head of his cock spread its wetness into my taint and up my crack grazing my hole back and forth. I could feel how big it was. There was no way it would be able to fit. "I'm just going to rest my cock against your hole but I'm not going to push. Look at me son. Press yourself down real slow. Its going to hurt a little at first but Im right here. Youre safe with me." I felt the pressure on my hole. This was it. I lowered myself and pressed down. My hole was resisting. It was too big. I tried a lttle harder but my hole had become a wall. I started to get frustrated feeling like I was never going to get this to happen and I would let him down. I sighed in annoyance but with that exaggerated exhale it happened. My hole opened and suddenly I felt that wet thick head pop inside me.
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    After a week or two my girlfriend ended up getting real sick too. I guess she got whatever I got. At least she wasn't pregnant, she'd had her period. Whew, the implant must work. I got a call from Jerol's university, they were offering me a scholarship for basketball and wanted to know if I'd come up that weekend for a campus tour before school started back. I was excited to be offered the scholarship and embarrassed that I was kinda hoping to run into Jerol. No, I hope I don't run into him. I guess it wouldn't be bad to see him though, maybe grab a coffee or something. I texted him with the details. We'll have dinner when I get settled in. I packed up and they actually were letting me stay the weekend in one of the dorms. Once I got up there they took me straight to the dorms so I could put my stuff somewhere before the tour. Huh, looks like the same dorm building as the one I stayed in during camp. They lead me up to Jerol's floor! Gosh damnit, I remember this area a little too well. I started to throw wood in my shorts. I've been wearing jockstraps a lot lately now, because I can't seem to keep my dick down. Plus it kinda makes me horny knowing my ass is exposed. I don't know why that turns me on now. I guess it's because of Jerol and the way he used me back there. I got to my dorm, it was at the end of the hall from Jerol's dorm, I was glad I wouldn't be next to his room. I didn't want to hear any sex noises from the boys he tricks into getting inside there. It's whatever. I opened my room up and there was Billy! He was in just his shorts, putting away a few things. Damn. He looked a little more muscular, still had that tiny waist and shit, look at his ass. Man I'm glad I've got my jockstrap on. Billy turned around and said,"HEY! Oh man, I'm glad to see ya, I was afraid they'd stick me with some weirdo or nerdy fag." I gave him a big hug. I probably shouldn't have hung on so long. It's just, he smelled. so good. And his skin felt, so soft and warm. We caught up a little bit. Turns out he got real sick about the same time I did. Guess the flu came around to a few of us. The more we talked the more I liked Billy, he and I were a lot alike. Everyone once in awhile I'd remember seeing Jerol slam his cock up that perfect bubble butt and get flustered. Jerol texted me making sure we were still on for dinner and asked if a buddy could tag along. I responded,"Sure thing! Can I bring someone too?" He said "of course, who did I know at campus though?" I told him I ended up being in the same dorm room as my camp buddy, Billy. He laughed and said, that's who he was inviting to come to dinner with us. Ahhhh, now I see what's going on. Jerol was getting his two conquests from basketball camp together for dinner. I wonder what else his sneaky ass was planning. Gosh damnit, I wish Billy would stop bending over in front of me. His shorts cut right into his crack inside those gorgeous fuckin globes of meat. Shit I'm hard again. What would it be like to be inside an asshole? I could fuck an ass without a condom too, I bet it'd be tighter than my girlfriend, would it feel the same as a pussy?
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    Virginity Lost Given that I received a mostly favorable reaction to my first posting, I thought I might post again only this time starting at my beginning. Since a younger age I had a curiosity in regard to being with a male, but other than some superficial touching, I had never really done anything in depth and most of my activity had been confined to females, though I wasn't overly active there either. After graduating high school, I decided to join the military where after my basic training and rate-specific training, I ended up at my first unit in New Jersey and not too far from New York City. With not a lot to do during my off duty time, I would often find myself cruising around in my car, mostly just looking though my attention was occasionally drawn to a girl about my age that I had seen several times in a local hang-out spot. Given my shyness though, I never made a move to initiate contact. Over time, it was common to come across other folk doing the same and during my drives I would begin to recognize some of the regulars. As this occurred over a somewhat regular basis, there was a particular larger dark car that began to catch my attention. It was driven by a male that was somewhat older than myself and I noticed he would often look somewhat intently in my direction when passing by. At first I didn't pay a lot of attention but after this went on for multiple different nights, I found myself glancing back and sometimes making momentary eye contact. This was in the days when CB radios were popular and a vehicle antenna often made it evident who had one in their car. I always had mine on and with most people hanging out on Channel 19, it was often easy to contact others there. One night while cruising, the dark car and I passed each other a couple times and after the third pass, he gave a call on the radio. I didn't answer though, not because I was completely uninterested, but more out of my overall shyness - though as far as he would know, my radio might not have even been on. This went on over the course of a few weeks and also included occasions where he would spend some of his time following behind me as I drove around, nothing overly bold but I would see him there for a while. He began to capture my interest and curiosity, particularly with nothing ever happening with my primarily heterosexual interests. It was about midnight after one of my typical Friday night 'strike out' cruising sessions when I saw the dark car and driver coming down the street. We were going opposite directions and as we passed, he gave a look in my direction and I gave a look back. I had a particularly high degree of unfulfilled horniness built up and with a mindset of maybe just letting fate play its role, I decided that if he would happen to call me that night that I might just answer him. Several minutes later our paths crossed again where we exchanged solid eye contact and when I heard his voice come across the radio, I answered. We talked a couple seconds and took our conversation to a less popular channel where we chatted for a few minutes. By this time I noticed that he was now behind me and with the lack of privacy on an open radio, he suggested that we stop somewhere. I pulled into a nearby empty lot and he pulled alongside where each of our windows went down. While I had seen him several times, I never had the opportunity to really see him good and my first impression was quite favorable. He was maybe in his 40's, a nice solid build and was dressed in casual clothes. We chatted for a couple minutes and just had just barely broken the ice when he said that the police in town don't really like people hanging around in lots at night and suggested we head somewhere safer out of town. It sounded reasonable and as he pulled out, I followed with a variety of thoughts starting to scurry through my mind. I had never done anything like this before (though honestly I didn't know exactly what 'this' would actually be) but with the hormones my younger years active and my curiosity toward the male gender, I found myself wanting to find out. We had driven several miles with the road becoming progressively more unrefined before he took a right turn on a hard, rough sandy lane to a very secluded and dark spot overlooking the water and with a good view of the roads in all directions. I pulled alongside and he suggested that I get in his car which I did. I don't remember what type of car he had, but know that it was much larger than most cars on the road today with a split bench seat with a folded down console divider seat in the middle and from what I could from see during the short time the dome light was on, a very spacious and open back seat. He might have had an idea before we met but I am sure it was quite evident after just a few minutes of our conversation that I was totally inexperienced, and he seemed to focus his best on making me feel comfortable through his words. I felt relatively safe overall and in his car we were separated by a good amount of distance with the folded-down console seat between us acting like a kind of protective barrier. As our talk became more sexual, I noticed that he had released the front of his pants and that he had taken his cock out but in the darkness it was difficult to really see much at all. The atmosphere was admittedly making me feel aroused though and I slowly let my hand move to the center of the console where it stopped and came to rest. Knowing that I could see him exposed and sensing my shyness, his fingertips reached out to softly graze the top of my hand and he asked if I would like to touch it. I didn't reply verbally but as my hand slowly moved and took it's place on his warm bare flesh, he knew the answer. The electricity was shooting through me and evidently he could feel the charge too because it didn't take long for his cock begin growing into a fairly nice erection within the grasp of my palm. His reassuring words soon had me gently massaging his cock while slowly working his foreskin back and forth over the head, feeling both warm and firm to the touch. With his outstretched arm, he reached over and began massaging my shoulder in tune with my movement. Several minutes later, the lead seemed to switch as as his massaging hand on my shoulder began getting stronger, I felt myself fondling his cock in a more pronounced way and in tune with the increased movement of his of his hand that was on me. "Would you like to suck it?" he said while looking directly in my direction. I looked back toward his eyes and while in the darkness he couldn't really see my expression, he took my lack of verbal response as a 'yes' and with his free hand, raised the console to make a wide open bench seat, then with the hand on my neck began pulling me downward toward his crotch. I couldn't really see anything to begin with so closing my eyes was more an act of a melting into the moment than an act of not looking and I soon noticed what with my sense of sight fully gone, my other senses became more enhanced, particularly in regard to the scent that I was now inhaling. I am not sure if he had not taken a bath for a while or if it was from his increased arousal, but either way, his man-scent was quite intense and ventured deeply inside my lungs as I began breathing more deeply to take him all in. Then as if unable to fully get my full breath, my lips parted to bring in more air and in the process his hand pulled me further down where the head of his cock entered my open lips. I didn't resist and instead went down on him first shyly and then more wantonly with his almost rancid taste awakening a primal feeling inside my body. His audible gasp told me that he was enjoying it too and when my instinct to blow him began to develop further, he rose and moved his pants down to his knees, giving me much more length to work with. As the fellatio continued, the hand on my head moved downward and onto my covered crotch where he began to touch and to squeeze, increasing my arousal even more particularly each time his grasp would grip relatively strongly. He then fumbled with the fastening at the top of my jeans and released it, pulled my zipper part of the way down, but in somewhat of a surprise he didn't go for my cock, but instead reached around behind me and dipped his hand deep into my pants. I let out an audible gasp but with his cock well inside my mouth, the sound that came forth sounded more like a wanton moan instead of a signal of being shocked, and thinking that I liked it, his finger dived deep inside my ass. I rose up and let out a loud squeal as pain erupted inside my asshole from his dry finger and sharp edged fingernail and I wanted to get away. "Wait baby" he said as his free hand came over to keep me bent down, "Let your ass take it, it will feel good, I promise." I didn't move but I didn't say anything either and I simply just stayed there in an almost suspended state. The actual pain of the intrusion didn't last real long but the soreness was still there and sensing that, he didn't go any deeper - but he didn't take his finger out either, letting it remain inside my body. As I adjusted to my anal intruder, his scented crotch reached out to me even more and I leaned down to continue my slow sucking of his bare manhood. This time it was different though and I was met with the surprise taste of pre-cum that was coming from his tip and it began flowing across my tongue and into my mouth. I melted into him a little bit and sensing my relaxing, his finger began moving inside my ass, not with in and out action, but at the same depth and in a more wobbling motion so as to not further abrade my partially torn hole. My soft moaning might have been a signal that I could be ready for more and he asked if he could put some lubricant in my ass and it would feel much better. I didn't give an answer because my mind was filling with a multitude of thoughts of what was happening to the point that I was starting to overload. I wasn't sure what I was getting into, or what I really wanted to get into, I just didn't know, but after a few more minutes of the finger massage inside my anus and with his cock still inside my mouth, I let out a muffled and apprehensive "ok" to give in to his request. With that, he gently pulled his finger from my ass, causing me to wince in the process, then opened his door and said "lets get in the back where we have more room." My hand slowly went to the handle on the door and as I pulled it, my mind went to thoughts of just going to my car and leaving because I was getting scared. As I stood up beneath the open skies and with the distinct smell of seaside air, I felt drawn back to the more primal setting of the car and before giving it a serious second thought, I found myself in the back seat and beside him. The reality of the situation hit starkly as he maneuvered around and started ridding himself of his pants, telling me to do the same. 'Oh Gawd', I thought as my fingers pulled my zipper the rest of the way down, 'What am I doing?' It immediately became clear what I was doing because moments later my pants and briefs were completely gone and we were both exposed with our sexual areas bare in the back seat of his car... The question now was: What was going to come next? Reaching forward, he folded the console seat back down to the lowered position and told me to lean over it, directing me where he wanted me to go. There was now a lot of space between the backside of the seat and the ceiling of the car which made it easy for me to assume my spot. In retrospect, the seat feature was likely the reason he had the car to begin with and it created a lot of room for a lot of possibilities including what would come next. The next thing I knew, he was rose up and his chest was immediately leaning over and atop my back. I quickly grew afraid but didn't know what to do because I hadn't gone out that night to be with a guy, let alone be fucked by one and there were so many conflicted emotions going through me. He reached forward to open the glove compartment, he said he needed to get the lube out, so I guess that his leaning over me was kind of necessary. He wasn't in any hurry though and he lingered on top of my back where I could feel his rock solid cock wedged between my bare cheeks. With my eyes going closed in disbelief and with my breathing quite pronounced, I felt the intense quandary of a growing sexual stimulation and genuine fear of the unknown. I think he sensed my trepidation and with my lack of doing anything to stop him, he quickly took the lead. "It feels good, doesn't it sweetheart" he spoke, with his left palm caressing my face and with his right lube-holding hand coming to rest on top of my right hand to keep me in place. I didn't say anything but instead slowly twisted my head to the left where he let his hand wander fully across my face, pulling my lower lip down and placing several fingers inside to take control of my mouth, causing me to moan wetly with saliva dripping from inside. With his fingers lodged in my mouth, his body pulled back and he flipped the top of the lube tube free and gave a firm squeeze causing a cold and wet sensation atop my exposed nether region. With an audible snap, the lube container then closed and dropped away and his fingers began working the slippery gel between my bare cheeks. I didn't know what to say or what to do and the atmosphere was just so conflicting. At the same time and in the moment though, I don't think I could say or do anything, I was simply in awe and in many ways I was like a deer in a car's headlights, unable to move and waiting for his finger to go back inside my ass. My mind started racing in a million directions with my heart and breathing at depths never before reached when instead of the finger that I was expecting, it was his cock moving in and before I had time to react, his head had breached the ring around my ass and his cock was halfway inside. I gave a startled "No" and tried to move away but in the confines of the cradling seats and with his body on top of me, there was nowhere for me to go. It hurt even more than his earlier finger stab inside my rectum and the sudden act brought no pleasure at all. I tried to say something more, but the words were not able to come because the fingers inside my mouth were effectively gagging me to where I couldn't say a thing at all. I did however manage to expel a muffled but sharp cry of pain though as he shoved forward a second determined time and his raw cock breached even further inside leaving my unprotected ass filled with his cock fully inside. I don't think I could have gotten up if I wanted to and with my slight and young stature and his prominently more muscular body, distinct weight advantage and his will to make it happen, I was essentially bound helpless beneath him - I was his for the taking. At this point though, he didn't force things any further and simply rested there, allowing my body the chance to stretch and adapt for what was inevitably yet to come. 'What was yet to come' was the scary part and to step back to the time when this was happening, New York was a hotbed for AIDS and the city was just a few short miles away (in fact the sky was illuminated with the city lights just to our north). Additionally there were no treatments to effectively help mitigate it's effects - you can easily and legitimately classify me as being very afraid. At the same time though there was also a certain allure to where I was, alone with him in his car; to the atmosphere, with our bodies practically bare; to what was happening, his cock inside my ass; and to the act that was occurring, having sex with a stranger in the night. I was enthralled. With his cock lodged inside my rectum, he began giving words of encouragement which brought me a certain aspect of ease, telling me how special the moment was and how beautiful the night was to finally be together, and that he had been attracted to me and wanted a moment alone with me for a very long time. I must admit that he was having an effect and his words were not only relaxing my mind, but they were also relaxing my body. It is not an embellishment to say that his cock had grown quite large and there was a definite pain in my ass, not only from the initial probe from his sharp & rough fingernail, but it was now being exasperated many-fold more with my tight little ass stretched many times beyond where it had ever been before. Even with the liberal lube that he had used, the physical stretching was more than my body could take and I know that he had torn me in more than one place around his girthy impaled cock. His encouraging words continued as I lay beneath him with my mind entering an almost trance-like state. The feelings of pain were also being dissipated and replaced with the sensation of love and an inner passion, particularly when his cock started to slide out and then back in, slowly moving again, and again, and again... I was being fucked. The fingers inside my mouth pulled my head gently and further to the side where he then removed his digits and his lips pressed against mine. His almost harsh bearded stubble scratching my soft and tender cheek, an interesting contrast to the warmth of the words he was speaking, his kissing and mouthing of words of love and support began to cause me to have a much more receptive body. I also found myself now wanting it to happen and interestingly I think I wanted it happen just as much to please him - someone that was loving me - than for my own personal satisfaction. At the same time, I didn't really know all that much about the actual risks involved - I had only glanced at the occasional AIDS headline, never taking the time to read through the full articles - but I knew enough to be aware that what was happening was potentially dangerously deadly. With a tear appearing and being held in the corner of my eye, I gave a sheepishly meek request and asked: "Can you use a condom?" The tear slid down across my cheek. His cock continued to slowly work inside my body, out the majority of the way and then back in until his bush and balls were firmly nestled against my flesh and his mouth came alongside my ear, "I don't have any, sweetheart", and with that he held me tighter with his actions becoming slightly more pronounced. "Can we do it another time? When we have some? Please?" I asked, his fucking growing noticeably faster and more full. "But we're together now, sweetheart" (admittedly the sweetheart word was beginning to make me melt every time I heard it and I felt like I was 'his' and that I was no longer an independent 'self'). "Your body is telling me that you want it, baby. You don't want me to stop now, do you?" and with that his fucking became even more aggressive. "Please." I almost pleaded. "We can do it tonight, but can we get a condom first?" "Please." This time I was clearly begging. Without saying a word and without even acknowledging what I said, he pinned me downward affirming his position of being in control and continued fucking me - fucking me for a very long time - pounding noisily inside, pounding me hard, pounding me bare, his breathing becoming faster and his sweat making me wet beneath him, my body becoming continually more sore - but I didn't do anything, I didn't try to do anything, I just found myself taking it My ass was getting more wet too and I don't know if it was from his pre-cum or something from inside me, but it felt like my loins were much more wet than from the lube alone. As if to confirm and reinforce the wetness I was feeling, he gave a hard downward plunge, his loins tight against my ass, his cock full and deep inside my hole, his arms wrapping me inescapably tight, my body bound between his chest and the seat, his body shaking almost violently and convulsing and he yells right inside my ear. "Oh fucking God I'm cumming. Oh. Fuck. God. Take it. It's fucking yours." His cock buries inside me. I couldn't do anything, nothing at all. I couldn't stop it, at least not now - it already happened. I began to look around, staring blankly in every direction, not seeing anything, but then also seeing something, the sky glowing above NYC, the things I had read - or rather the things that I should have read. The thought of AIDS was going through my mind - was it now going throughout my body? I truly didn't know about the risk involved, I didn't really know anything at all, just bits and pieces at the very most. I was scared. He stayed inside me and didn't move - I didn't move. We stayed like that for what seemed like a very long time and I don't think he wanted it to end because he never left, then when he started pulling back, it was only to reposition and move forward once again, slowly starting to fuck me once more. I was so conflicted, so confused, so worried, and yet at the same time, in a strange way, I felt so loved. He was no longer fucking me hard and rough like he was before he came inside me, but was fucking me soft and gentle like he really loved me and cared for me. I began to sob softly to myself but not hard enough that I thought he would notice, unless he could see my tears which should have been invisible in the darkness of the night. I didn't know why I was crying and whether it was because of the fear and finality in what had just happened, or if it was for a love that I felt envelop me and thinking that me must be truly loving me, loving being with me. It was then that he held me once again, his warm arms tight and cradling, his loins gyrating into my ass, and his cum definitely squirting inside my ass - again. "I love you" he whispered. "I love you" I said softly back, realizing my sobbing was likely apparent as I spoke. Perhaps not sure about my reaction or the reason for my sob, he was quiet for several minutes before finally asking. "Were you a virgin?" "Yes" I answered. It was my first time with a man and the first time I was ever fucked. He kissed my cheek. As we got dressed, I knew that I had a distant drive to get back and that I would be carrying him for a long time along the way - much too long to have any chance of expelling him and the possible danger that I was carrying inside my body. I thought of asking him before I left if he had AIDS or anything but to be honest, I was afraid to know. I knew that there wasn't any real treatment and that there were people dying from it and I didn't want to leave knowing that it was going to happen to me if he would have said he had it, so I just left. Perhaps it would take more than being fucked once (actually being cummed in twice) to become infected, at least I hoped. I spent the many days ahead paying much more attention to articles and reports about AIDS with the hope of finding some type of assurance that I wouldn't have it - but I never found anything that made me feel safe. I had what I had, if I had anything. I also probably had whatever he had, but only time was going to tell. The only thing I knew was that I didn't have was my virginity. I left it in a car that night. I left it with him when he filled me with his cum. Virginity lost.
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    Mr.Benson puts Joey and me to work as both of us are Poz and are very desirable to chasers and stealth condom fairies. At bathhouses, we show up; ass holes are spread open for our toxic loads. We got to colleges Gay frat parties, which are safe only, so we have to hide our Poz tattoos, but we bring our condom that always fails. Sometimes we hear someone came down with the flu. One college newspaper posted that the school has a high number of men who have tested POZ. We get a call from Mr.Benson to come home ASAP, so we both know something is up. When we get back home, he hands us chastity devices and says that he is going to lock us up for the next 30 days. He tells us that we are going to the Bio Hazard Ball; it's going to be a fun time. We see the rules: Tops can not be on meds, and must be Poz then will be tested before entering. Poz Tops can only use these drugs. Caverject Viagra Poppers Tops will ware either wrist band on their left wrist white with red crosses or a Glod wrist band that lets people know they have full-blown AIDS. Bottoms will be negative lockup in chastity will be tested 30 days then two weeks before the event to make sure they are negative. They must go on a liquid diet two weeks before arriving, the only drugs they can use. GHB Meth Poppers Ketamine They can not refuse any Top advances or their load. If you have a condom, you will be removed out from the party. The party is to convert as many bottoms as possible. I ask Mr.Benson how does this party goes, so there are enough bottoms as he is laughing then says there is no limit on the number of tops as they keep the ratio of neg.chaseres to POZ Tops at 4 to 1. There are so many bottoms who want to become Poz; they put a limit on them. They have taken over the whole hotel, and it's so crowded at the check-in line, then Mr. Benson says, let's go this way. They have a separate line for the Poz Tops as we have to get tested. When it's my turn, they ask me my age, and I say 19 he is laughing, and 20 minutes later, I get my POZ wrist band. I see a few with the gold band, as they are like royalty, I see one with the gold band who is about my age and I can see the bulge in his pants. Walking down the hall to our room, I see the doors with this symbol + or - so it's too let you know what you are. Tops can lock their door as bottoms, can not lock their door, must be open all the time. Tops can wear whatever clothes they want; bottoms can only have PINK jockstraps on. There is also a grand ballroom that is for public breeding. The chasers are in a pen like you have cattle, and the Tops pull them out, take them to one of the benches, beds, slings and breed them put a butt plug in their ass then back the to pen.
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    PART 4: CODY LEARNS TO ACCEPT HIS ROLE As I felt the seeding come to an end, I slowly slid out of the kid. I kept waiting for him to say more, but he never did. I wondered how long before he’d experience the flu. Then I wondered how long before he realized he was poz – probably a long, long time, I guessed. It’s not as if straight country boys are getting tested often. I’m not sure how much dirty cum I’d shot in him, but it was a lot. Some of it dripped down his his tanned leg. It looked to have the slightest red hue to it. “Cody, this was the first step toward getting you exactly where we both want you to be,” I said. “Yes sir,” Cody said. His voice sounded sheepish compared to his usual alpha-male tone. Almost defeated, actually. “Thank you.” As Cody stood and pulled up the flimsy white briefs to cover his exposed ass, he turned and reached for his gym bag. I decided then and there that he wasn’t quite done surrendering himself to me today. “Cody, what you’re wearing right now, that’s what you’re wearing for your match tonight,” I said. Cody looked more shocked now than he did throughout our pozzing session moments earlier. “You want paid tonight, and you want what we discussed, so that’s your gear for tonight,” I said. He looked toward the floor again. “Shit,” Cody said. “Yessir.” Cody slipped his gym shorts and t-shirt on to cover his near-naked body for the next couple of hours. As more wrestlers began to arrive, Cody chatted with them as if nothing had happened. Later, he watched the first couple of matches and mingled with his fans – mostly female and gay men -- while he signed autographs and sold t-shirts emblazoned with “Cody’s Crew” across the front. Considering his hole was abused a short while ago, and poison was seeping into his guts, he acted as if it was just another day. Cody’s match was the fourth of the night. Back in the locker room, he was minutes away from being introduced. I walked up beside him and reminded him of his obligation. This wasn’t about embarrassing Cody. It was about maintaining my power over him and making sure he knew our roles going forward. From this day forward, he was one of my boys, whether he knew it today or not. “Do I have to?” he said. “You know the deal,” I said. Fully geared up with his white boots and black knee pads, he slowly slid down his gym shorts and removed his t-shirt. At some point he had put on his white spandex wrestling trunks that he had worn many times before, probably thinking that would appease my dirty request. When he looked at me, I nodded my head no. That was one layer too many – even though he looked amazing. Without saying a word, Cody peeled the spandex trunks down from his waist, down his tanned thighs and over his feet, revealing the overly tight, thin white briefs that he wore earlier when I filled his young gut with my viral seed. A couple of the other wrestlers nearby gawked in disbelief – why would anybody with an ounce of pride walk under the lights wearing that? One them laughed at the sight. Cody did a couple of stretches to warm up. When his name was announced, the crowd erupted into cheers as he darted through the curtain and into the arena. Some of the cheers turned to catcalls as the fans caught sight of Cody’s minimal see-through gear. I watched some of the gay fans as their jaws dropped, and undoubtedly their cocks sprung to attention when they saw young Cody’s cock and balls nearly on full display and bulging against the tiny, tight, thin fabric. If only they knew the rest of Cody’s adventure today. My poz cock got hard again at the thought of my virus soaking into his unprotected teenage rectum. Cody wasn’t aware, but I’d told his opponent – a cute, straight, 30-year-old black jock with a wife and two kids -- to take their match to almost 30 minutes. The goal was to get the 19-year-old stud as sweaty as possible. Sure enough, within about 10 minutes, his flimsy white underwear was soaked with sweat and translucent to the point of being invisible. His chubby cut cock was on full display, and his bubble ass filled the back of his wet trunks to perfection. Even from 30 feet away, I could see that he was circumsized as his cock head jutted against the thin cotton. Cody hid his humiliation well, but I think he realized the power that I now held over him. If he wants my help, he’ll play by my rules from now on. The women and the gays were glued to the match, and most of them by now had sent their kids to the concession stand to avoid seeing this nearly obscene display and having to explain why the boy in the ring was wrestling in see-through underwear. As Cody wrestled on, I could swear I saw dried blood stuck to the back of his tight briefs. I knew my dirty cum was buried deep up his neg hole and working into his bloodstream even as he wrestled his match. In the end, Cody won by pin-fall as we’d discussed. That was his reward for enduring the humiliation I’d put him through. As the ref raised Cody’s hand in victory, the boy’s lean, sweaty body glistened under the lights. Everybody in the building got an eye full of the kid’s protruding, chunky cock. I counted at least 20 people in the crowd holding up their phone to capture either photos or video of the ripped kid in all his glory. Back in the locker room, Cody didn’t stick around very long after his match. When he found me later to ask for his pay for the night, I handed him his envelope, which included an extra $100. He said nothing to me other than “Thank you, sir” when I gave him his pay. I also made him hand over his sweaty white underwear from his match tonight as a souvenir to hang beside my desk in my office at home. He did so without question. That pair of hot wrestling briefs still hangs on my wall to this day, but it’s not the only one I’ve collected now. [More to come soon]
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    Part 1 Time: Present Moment, spring 2020 Point of View: Darren Darren sat in his dimly lit cheap motel room on all fours waiting for that sound he loves so much. The sound of the motel door opening and pants hitting the floor. Any minute now and the first of many for the night would start arriving to drop anon seed in his cumdump hole. Darren sat on all fours browsing various hookup apps sending more and more invites with his room number out when he heard the sound he had been waiting for. At the sound of the door opening Darren set his phone aside and put his head face down. The second sound of pants dropping came and the blood began to rush to Darrens 8” uncut Italian cock. “turn around boy, I want you to see who’s fuckin you” Darren turns around to see a tall, slim, veiny pig with a large black biohazard tattoo right over his cock. The pigs body was wasting and veiny. “you want this full blown aids cock don’t you boy” Darrens heart began to race and his cock and hole were throbbing. “fuck yes sir, please give me your aids cock, I need to be full blown” the pigs cock jumped as soon as the words “aids cock” rolled off Darrens tongue. Like a wake up call that it was time for it to fulfill its purpose, spreading toxic seed. ”get on your back boy, I wanna look you in the eyes while I shoot this death seed up your cunt” Trembling from excitement, Darren flips over to his back and pulls his knees to his chest. The pig steps forward and lines his rock hard uncut aids cock against Darrens hole. Darren feels the wetness leaking from the pigs cock as he twirls it around over the hole and teases it “fuck sir, you’re already leaking so much precum” the pig laughs softly and says “I’m leaking something alright”, then shoves his aids cock all the way inside Darrens cunt. the breath catches in Darrens lungs and his entire body begins to tingle as the pig starts ramming his death stick in his ass. Darrens eyes fixated on the biohazard tattoo above the pigs thrusting cock, he begins to jerk off his dick while he gets pounded by the pig. The pig swats Darrens hand off his dick and says “wait, got something that might help you boy”. The pig reaches his hand behind his ass and comes back with his hand covered in cum. “Pushed out the 10 or so loads I was collecting in there for you to jerk with. Those should definitely get your dick nice and bugged too” and begins to lather up Darrens cock with the collected asscum. that alone almost made Darren shoot his load. He has never jerked his dick using cum from another’s hole. Darren began to jerk his cock off with the asscum while the pig picked up the pace on fucking his hole. Getting closer to cumming the pig shouts out “tell me what you want boy” darren, getting close himself, shouts out “your aids cum! Make me a toxic aids whore. Give me your poz seed and all the bugs you got. I want to be diseased” the pig began to grunt heavily while his cock clenched and shot thick ropes of highly viral seed in Darrens hole. Darren shot his cum all over his chest knowing that he just got a highly diseased load in him. the pig pulls his cock out and walks around the bed to Darrens mouth. “clean my cock off boy” darren eagerly gets closer to suck off the aids cum. He slides the head into his mouth then the shaft. As the head passes over his lips he feels small irregular bumps, he takes the cock out of his mouth to see what he’s feeling and his cock instantly gets hard again. ”that’s right boy, you found me looking for a poz load but I decided to give you a few more gifts. Now suck that cock and worship those sores like a good pig” Darrens head began to spin as he eagerly sucked the pigs herpes covered cock. Each bump sliding over his lips and tongue bringing him to a new state of ecstasy, he didn’t realize how much time had passed until he suddenly felt hands on the back of his head and hot streams of cum shooting down his throat “don’t swallow it boy” darren looks up at the pig holding his cum in his mouth when the pig gets on the bed next to Darren. “Feed daddy his cum back, boy.” Darren leans over the pigs mouth and spits the cum in to his mouth the passionately kisses him. Swapping the dirty load back and forth. After some time of cum swapping the pig puts on his clothes and heads out. Darren lays back on the bed mind blown and waiting for the next pig to cum
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    Let's Get Viral I woke up in the middle of the night sweating profusely. My pillow was soaked as were the sheets. I laid there staring at the ceiling a few minutes and finally willed myself to get out of bed. My body ached with every step to the bathroom. I pulled out a clean towel and mopped my head and then my body from the sweat that was coating it. I took another towel out and went back to my bed, laying it out over the damp sheets. Laying down on top of it, I fell back to sleep. When I got up later that morning, the towel was wet as well as my body, but at least I wasn't sweating like earlier. I took a couple ibuprofen with my morning juice and coffee and then took a long shower. I felt better, but I was worried. "Is this how covid-19 starts out like?" I thought to myself. The more I thought about it the more concerned I got. I had never been the hypochondriac type. Hell, after I converted I waited almost 2 years to start treatment since I liked knowing my seed had a lot more kick than most other guys. A little while later it hit me that this was just how I felt when I converted six years ago. It was the news on TV that did it. The stories of people dying alone of this stupid new virus got to me and I picked up the phone and called my doctor and told them my symptoms. Since I was considered "high risk" due to my compromised immune system, they told me to go to the hospital and they would run a bunch of tests. I'd been there several times, usually from a sports injury, but when I walked in this time it was really creepy. I was greeted with people in full protective gear and they took me to a section of the hospital labelled "Quarantine Area." I explained my situation and symptoms and they took my temperature for the third time. They swabbed and poked me, draining four vials of blood from my already weak body. Eventually, they told me that I didn't seem to have Covid-19, but I should self isolate at home and they would tell me the results in a day or two. So, that's where I headed after filling out a few more forms. Two days later I got a call from my doctor. "What is going on? Did you stop your HIV medication?" the doctor almost screamed at me. "Yeah, I was running out and called your office. I was told you wouldn't refill them without a visit and lab tests and you weren't seeing patients then" I replied. "When was that?" he asked, a little quieter. "Uh let me check... about six weeks ago" I said after looking at my phone calendar. I'm pretty sure the next word he said was "Fuck" but it was muffled. "Well, that explains a lot. The good news is you tested negative for Covid-19. The bad news is that your viral load is almost 300k and your CD4 is way down. At least with the stay at home orders in the state, you haven't been having sex. You're still single, right?" he asked. I chuckled and said "Yeah, I am." "Good, stay that way and be as celibate as priests are supposed to be. Don't even trust condoms. Abstinence only. I forgot how virulent the strain you have is. It didn't take long for it to bounce back without the drugs. Your fever, sweats and aches are all from your body trying to fight it again. I'm refilling your prescription and hopefully there won't be any issues from your little medication holiday. Please fill it as soon as possible and I want to see you in person as soon as the shelter order is lifted" the doctor said, finally back to his normal calm demeanor. "OK" I replied to him before hanging up the phone. I wanted to say "I hope you don't mind if I stay off meds until the stay-at-home order is lifted since I like being a toxic fucker again" but I don't think he'd understand. My emotions varied from relief to elation. Now I knew my true status and toxicity and I didn't have to guess. The only thing I didn't know was how toxic I was when I started fucking around a few weeks earlier. The news had gotten me boned and I needed to bust a nut and hopefully it would be deep inside a horny neg guy. I picked up my laptop and surfed my favorite sites. None of the guys that I had hooked up with recently were on so I switched over to my phone and checked a couple apps. College boy was on, but it showed him over three miles away. I looked at who was close and no one seemed very interesting. There was a cute twinky guy but he said he only did safe sex and had prep4prep in his profile. I flipped to another app and saw a lot of the same guys. One new guy did show up and while I kind of doubted he was in my building, I wasn't going to rule him out. He was close enough and listed that he was versatile, neg and into bareback sex. The pics were a little small and blurry but the description listed a 130 pound five foot ten guy that was confirmed by the skinny guy in the pics. He had a few splotches of ink on his arms, chest and legs but the pics were too small to make them out. As I was reading and looking at his pics, I got a message from him. "Hey u look hot n close" he said. "Thx cant tell from ur pics but ur profile is good" I sent back. Moments later I got a pic and then another one. These were much bigger and clearer. The first showed him taking a thick black cock down his throat and the second was the same cock entering his ass raw. "fuk yah" I sent back. "That was last fuck I had 2mo ago" he replied. I chuckled and send him "Need dick huh?" "fuckn bad" was his immediate response. "Now? where?" I asked. "u serious?" he replied. "Yeah horny n need to drop a load" I sent back. "which bldg? 1534 here?" skinny guy asked. "1530. meet ur place?" I asked. I was hesitant to ask him about status and get him asking about mine. "ok. 15 min meet @ back door" he replied. After waiting about ten minutes I headed down the stairwell and out the back door of our building that emptied out on a small parking lot. I walked across the grass to the sister building next door and stood next to the back door. The temps had dropped over the past few days and it was a little cool with the wind blowing off the lake. The door cracked open and I looked to see some eyes staring out at me. I pushed my mask down and he then pushed the door open a little wider and I heard "Come on." Damn, the guy looked even skinnier and paler than in his pics. He was wearing some baggy shorts, a dirty white wife beater and flipflops. The little chin patch and a few other scraggly bits of facial hair definitely gave him a trailer trash look. I followed him to the stairs and up we went to the fourth floor. I was staring at his ass the whole way, watching the shorts slip a little lower with each floor giving me a glimpse of his crack and the top of his pasty butt cheeks. We got to his floor and I was sweating and a little winded. He opened the door with me close behind and I saw his apartment. It looked a little like him. There was a futon and a big canvas tarp on the floor of the living room with two easels opposite the futon. Several half finished paintings were leaning on the floor against the wall. There was a partially open pizza box on the kitchen counter and in his bedroom a mattress was on the floor and a well used dresser staking out the corner. The stale smell of some pretty skunky weed hung in the air. "Sorry about the decorating but I moved in right before the corona thing hit so I haven't been able to do much" he said. "Ah, don't worry. I've seen worse. So, you haven't had sex in two months?" I said back as I looked around, surprised at how stark the place looked. "Nah... been too scared to hookup like I used to. Almost begged the pizza dude to fuck me a few times but just been using Thick Rick on my ass to stay sane" he said pointing to a large black dildo on the floor next to the wall. I nodded and reached out to rub my hand over his ass. "That's gotta open you up" I said with a smirk. "I tighten up pretty quick, but it feels good when I get it stuffed deep. I wish I had muscles like yours to really pound it in and wreck my hole. That's what I look for in guys I hook with - someone who likes to nail a bottom hard and not care about him. Your profile looked almost too good to be true" skinny boy said. "Thanks, I don't like bullshit so I just put it out there. Scares some off but those guys I don't want to fuck anyway. Hard, bare and no pullouts is how I like it" I said bluntly. "Fuck yeah... I like it rough. Don't worry about hurting me. Sex is always better if I end up with some bruises and a guy fucks me so hard I..." he said, getting really excited right before he cut himself off. "So hard you what?" I asked after a few seconds. "So hard I bleed" he said softly. It was obvious that he was unsure how I would handle hearing it and I got it. Lots of guys hate the sight of blood or shit when they fuck. To me, its just part of sex I've gotten used to since I like fucking a guy hard and with my dick size, the combo tears a lot of guys up. Some bottoms are into it and some freak out. It was good to know he was in the former camp. "You like gettin that pussy tore up? I'm cool with that" I replied and watched a smile come over his face. "Not gonna stay neg like that though unless you're on prep. If your pussy is bleeding it makes it easy to catch shit" I then said, staring into his eyes. "It happens. I love the risk but so far no one has knocked me up other than a few of the usual bugs. Syph was a bitch and my old doc used to see me a lot to kill the other bugs" he replied. I could tell from his voice that he was being honest with me, not boasting, and I liked that about him. Just as I was about to pull his shirt off he said "Hey, ya mind if I take a couple pics of you? I like to keep a collage of all the guys and their dicks that fuck me." He reached over and picked up a tablet off the floor and clicked a few times and showed me this image with hundreds of naked guys and their hard cocks. Normally I'd say "no" but he seemed to really want a pic to remind him of our fuck and from his comments I didn't think he'd be handing my pic to the cops when he found I gave him a gift. "Sure" I said. He grabbed a phone and said "Let me see that fuckin awesome body." I kicked off my sandals, then my shorts and slowly pulled my shirt over my head. His hand roamed over my chest, his fingers rippling through the hair and feeling my muscled pecs. He then reached down and grasped my partially hard cock and stroked it several times. "Oh fuck yeah" he moaned before backing up a little to get a full body picture. I'm sure he took a couple pics and then moved closer and zoomed in on my cock. I stroked it a few more times to get it fully hard. "Shit. You're gonna fuckin destroy my ass with that. Don't go easy, man" he said, setting the phone down. "Don't worry. You're gonna feel this fuck for a couple days at least" I said with an evil grin. I pulled his wife beater over his head and then unbuttoned his shorts which was all it took for them to fall to the floor. He stood there naked as I looked him over. His forearms had a bunch of small tattoos. Some looked like they were someone's first tat and others looked pretty good. There wasn't a lot of skin to work with since his bony arms didn't have much muscle on them. There was another big tattoo on his chest. It probably wouldn't have looked so big on a regular guy, but he was so skinny it went from side to side with the skull filling the center of his chest from neck to just below his nips. Normally when I see a guy this skinny I expect him to be jittery from the mix of drugs in his system, but he wasn't. Calm, cool and probably stoned was a much better description. Maybe just a little eager to get fucked after way too long. He even had a decent cock on him that seemed to be growing. Like the rest of him, it was long and thin. "Ya gonna suck me or you just want to go right to fucking?" I asked. Skinny boy was on his knees taking my dick in his mouth before I knew it. He wasn't tentative in any way. My cock was plowing deep into his mouth and then into his throat. I grabbed his head and started to face fuck him. It seemed a little crazy but he didn't show any signs of a gag reflex. I shoved in deep and held him there for a bit and all he did was flex his throat around my cock, almost begging for more. I'd been with lots of guys that said they liked it rough, but this one seemed to be living up to his claims. My balls were bouncing off his chin and he just took it without complaint. He even seemed to be working his tongue and throat around my shaft as I skull fucked him. I felt his teeth start to graze over my cock. The pressure was just enough to feel, but not enough to worry about. If he wanted to scrape up my dick to get it bleeding a bit to help get him charged up, I wasn't going to stop him. I even fucked a little harder, catching the top of my shaft on his teeth. Once my dick started to sting, I knew I needed to fuck his bony ass. Yanking my cock out of his mouth, I slapped it across his cheek and gave him a good shove over on top of the mattress. He was on his knees and I saw him stretch his hand out and grab a sock from the floor. I chuckled as he stuffed it into his own mouth and then braced for my dick. Spreading his ass apart I hacked up some spit and let it drip on to his waiting hole. There was a little hair surrounding his hole but the rest of his ass just had a fine layer of fuzz on it. I jabbed a couple fingers in, forcing the spit inside but that was about all the prep I was going to give him. He wanted a rape fuck and I was going to give it. Grabbing his shoulders while my cock lined up against his tight ring, I counted to three and shoved in. His grunt was muffled, but still quite audible in his apartment if not in the neighbor's homes. The fact that he wasn't trying to crawl away from my initial penetration was a good sign, so I pulled back and stuffed another few inches into him. The grunt this time was longer but about the same volume. "Good" I thought. Withdrawing my cock a few inches, I gave a good shove and felt his ass hit my pubes. The groan this time was louder and a bit more strident. His ass ring was quivering around my shaft but he still wasn't trying to escape. I was impressed and eager to give him a good workout. With my cock buried in him, I pushed up on to my feet and then started to drill him. I tried to keep the strokes pretty long and soon was long dicking him, leaving just the head inside before thrusting back in and giving him between six inches and the full length. Varying the angle of attack, he really didn't protest at all. I steadied myself with a firm grip on his torso. He was verbal and with the sock stuck in his mouth, it was hard to determine if he was moaning or groaning. A few times when I didn't shove in deep enough, he thrust his hips back and I said to myself "greedy bastard!" I wasn't going to complain about it either. It's rare that I find a guy that keeps wanting more no matter how hard you fuck him. We had been going at it for almost a half hour when my balls started to indicate they were ready to launch their first assault. I fucked faster as they drew up tight and when I couldn't hold back, I just let it go. He must have noticed my cock swell in his ass since I could almost hear him yell "Oh fuck!" My hips were thrusting as my cock throbbed and started to spew several shots of cum. I gave another shove and planted every millimeter of my cock inside him. The last couple of spurts shot really deep in him. I took a short break, leaving my cock inside for almost half a minute before I began rolling my hips again. I wasn't quite as hard on him as I started to fuck again. My cum was getting churned inside him and hopefully coating every bruised or stretched section of his gut. It was only a few minutes and I was back pounding him. I pushed him forward and forced the side of his head into the mattress. Increasing the intensity of the thrusts, my hips were bouncing off his ass. There wasn't enough meat on his body to really give a good slap sound, just a hard thud. Leaning forward, I mashed his face harder into the bed. My cock was digging into him at a new angle making his grunts come back. With my free hand I slapped the side of his ass several times which usually got a good squeeze from his sphincter. I plowed in like this for another ten minutes until I had readied another payload of toxic sperm. The ropes of bug filled cum seemed to keep coming when I shot the second time. My whole body shook from the intense orgasm. I had fallen on to his back after the first few shots and our sweaty bodies were stuck together. I pushed up and then pulled my cock out of his swollen hole. It was closing slowly and the cum that my cock had dragged out from it had a nice pink hue. I gave his ass another few whacks and then got up. Pulling the sock from his mouth, I used it to wipe off my dick. Skinny boy had collapsed flat on the mattress, gasping for breath. Looking down, I saw a few red marks on his body where my fingers had dug in while holding on to him and the red palm print on his ass. Those should turn into some nice bruises in a day or two and he might have to explain where the marks on his neck came from. "Fuck dude. You're a brute" he said and then looked back at me with a grin. "Hope that wasn't too soft for you" I said as I grabbed my clothes. "Just like I wanted. Thanks. I hope we can do it again some time" he replied. "Might have to. I like a bottom that takes it with no complaints" I responded. With my shorts on and pulling my shirt over my head I was ready to go home. He was still laying there on his stomach and didn't seem to be thinking about getting up to show me out. I'd rather he lay there and let my DNA soak into his wrecked hole, anyway. "Catch you later" I said as I walked out his front door and down the stairs. "A little cold out there to be dressed like that" James the doorman said to me as I walked through the front door of my building. "Yeah, I know. I just needed some fresh air" I replied as I headed back to the elevator bank with a big smile on my face.
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    Sam & Roger - Part 3 Roger withdrew his flaccid penis from me and hopped up on the bed, crooking his finger to beckon me to join him in a cuddle, and we spooned on the bed for a few moments, him gently running his fingers over my skin. His orgasm having hit seemed to draw out a more affectionate side, and I must admit it was nice having some gentle moments after the roughness he had dished out earlier. He wrapped his arms around me tight, and played with my cock with one of his hands, wrapping his other hand gently around my neck, and kissing behind my ear. I got goosebumps, and sighed in pleasure. We must have stayed like that for about 10-15 minutes, and then he spoke up... "It's time I got you laying on your back again, I think...." Letting go, I moved over and laid on my back, like I was asked to. He got up and moved over to his stash of toys and grabbed a couple of bundles of rope. He lifted my legs up, and asked me to hold them up, ankles together, which he then wrapped the rope around, binding them together. Then he did the same with my wrists, and pulled me towards the edge of the bed. He then bound my wrists and ankles together using the rope he had previously used for the jock strap gag, leaving me in a position which had me on my back and my arms and legs in mid air, leaving my hole and butt cheeks exposed. "Perfect....." He then grabbed the flogger, and gently stroked it across my ass cheeks, then tapping slightly. Very gentle. About 4 or 5 taps.... then.... WHACK! "Aaaah!" He smacked my ass with it a hell of a lot harder. WHACK! It stung like a bastard, but..... WHACK!! He was making sure I knew my place. I mean, even if I hated this, I couldn't do much about it right now anyway.... He ran his free hand across my reddening ass, caressing it and the tenderized flesh went into overdrive. WHACK! "Aaaaargh!" WHACK! "Owww" "Does that hurt?!" He asked, in a facetious manner. Sadistic bastard. "Yes", I replied, breathing out heavily. "Aww, I'm sorry, baby." He put the flogger aside, and kneeled down, so his face was directly in front of my ass, and blew all over it, the sensation making me jolt and squirm around a bit. He smacked my ass with his hand, but he didn't take it away, rather holding it there, against my reddened and sore cheek, squeezing it and digging his nails in. Then he leaned in, and ran his tongue over my hole. I gasped in pleasure, it was such an amazing feeling and made me so horny. It was a total polar opposite to the pain in my buttocks, and the two sensations blending together, I was beginning to struggle differentiating the pain and the pleasure. It was all just sensation now. I couldn't help but moan, as he used his tongue over and in and around my hole, lapping and sucking at the juicy mess he had made, spitting it back on me, and grunting and growling and snorting like a real beast. He pulled my outer ring open, pulling on the sides as hard as he could, and shoved his tongue inside, fucking my hole with that beautiful piece of warm, wet muscle, flicking it up and down and pushing it in. I pushed back with my hole as best I could, trying to get my aching hole to relax and open enough to get as much as possible of my top's masterful appendage inside me. "Mmmm, fuck yeah, push it out.... keep going...." he said, starting to massage his growing member. He stepped away slightly, and stood up, then grabbed my ankles and began to lick my feet. I felt kind of ticklish, and let a giggle out. He just growled, and began to run his tongue in between my toes and suck on them. Fuck, it started to feel really good, and I noticed just how hard I was getting. My cock was jutting out from between my legs, threatening to erupt like a geyser. Then, while still clutching my ankles, he guided his now fully engorged cock towards my hole, and spit on his head and my tender opening. Then he shoved it in, nice and slow, making sure I felt every inch penetrating me, twisting his hips in a swaying motion, hitting the walls of my ass, which felt amazing, especially when his cock brushed past my prostate. He then pulled all the way out, and shoved in to the hilt, as hard as he could, and then went back to the slow fuck. We were both in seventh heaven by this point, just enjoying each other's flesh, and after a little while, he picked up the pace and got a little more forceful. I think I may have been getting a bit numb in my ass from all the punishment it was getting, but my cock was still rock hard, and Roger definitely began to notice it twitching. He grabbed my shaft with a free hand, and began stroking me at the same time as he was fucking me, and then after a little while, started really picking up the pace, and getting harder and faster, never letting my cock go. My brain was now in pure animalistic lust, and I was breathing hard, at least between every moan.... and crying out "Harder..... please, harder..... fuck me!" Then..... it happened. My balls started buzzing like crazy, Roger was hitting my prostate and my ass was gripping his cock, and then next thing.... "Aaaaah... aaaah...Oooooh...AAAAAAAAH!" My cock shot like a fuckin fire hose, blasting my cum all over my chest and tummy, spurt after spurt, my body heaving with the intensity.... I didn't know if I'd even stop cumming.... Then... "Ah, fuck..... I'm gonna cuuuuuum!" Roger bellowed, and mashed his crotch into mine, blasting rope after rope of hot cum deep in my guts... After he pulled out, he went and grabbed his butt plug, and shoved it in my ass. "Let's make sure that load soaks in, shall we?" He said, winking at me. Then he collapsed, exhausted next to me on the bed. I was glowing warm from the orgasm, and was near passing out. Roger got back up and untied me, and let me roll over on the bed. We spooned again for a short while, then both passed out for what would have probably been 20 minutes or so. I just remember waking up, and he was putting his gear back in his bag, he leaned over to me and gave me a kiss. "Hope you enjoy the gift. You can keep the plug, leave it inside you as long as you can stand it. We can swap numbers at the lockers, if you like. I really enjoyed this, and would be keen to play with you again. I'm going to grab a shower now, and I'll be off soon, but hope we can see each other sometime soon." "Sure, that sounds great", I replied. "What's your name, kid?" He asked. "Sam." I replied. "Nice to meet you, Sam". And with that, he gave me one more kiss, and turned and walked out the door. I was all alone all of a sudden, but I couldn't help but smile. Man.... that had to be the best fuck of my life so far..... I would definitely have to get another turn with this man again.
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    I laughed at the boy begging me to rape him. Then I spit in his face. “Dirty little faggot. Careful what you wish for. We’re gonna ruin this sloppy cumdump.” I started to plow him steady and hard, feeling the hot walls of his ass sucking my dick inside. I could feel he was already lubed up. The boy started to moan as my cock sank all the way up his hole. I looked over at Jesse, who had come back in the room, followed by a short, well built mid 20s guy. The newbie’s mouth was agape like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. I just smiled and waved him over. “Hey dude. Take your clothes off and come fuck this faggot. How many loads does the kid have in him, Jesse?” Jesse laughed and said “two from me, and two from some random Daddy types who left just before you got here. Nice big cock on those two. Adam was begging for their loads. He’s such a fucking whore.” Adam moaned on the bed as I kept up a steady pace fucking him. The new guy quickly shucked his clothes, showing off a nice tight body with a big fat dick. He was short and smooth with a sexy brush cut, and his cock was uncut. He also had a nice treasure trail from his furry stomach down to thick pubes. An impressive dick hung there, rock hard. I reached out grabbed his cock, and played with his foreskin which barely uncovered the head. He moaned loudly. “What’s your name kid?” “Brian,” he said. “This is so fucking hot. I had a hell of a week and really need to bust a nut.” “Stick around, Brian. We’ll get you fucked up and fuck all night,” Jesse said. He smiled big and pointed to the bong on the table and the big bag of T. “Oh I don’t do drugs,” Brian said. Jesse smiled even bigger and said “It’s cool, you can do them or not do them. Your choice.” Clearly Jesse was gonna give the kid a booty bump whether he wanted it or not. He had a nice firm ass that I knew we were both going to be inside by the end of the night. Brian moved around to the front of the faggot and shoved his ample cock in Adam’s mouth and both of them loudly moaned. Brian fucked Adam’s mouth for a bit then leaned down and spat on his face, licked it off and grinned. Then he leaned over and started to make out with Adam who moaned louder and started riding my dick even harder, trying to get my cock as far up his cunt as it would go. The boy was on fire. Jesse leaned down and started to make out with Adam and Brian, playing with Brian’s rock hard cock. Jesse leaned down and took Brian’s cock into his mouth while I began to fuck Adam harder, so both of the boys started to moan for different reasons. One because his cunt (and reason for living) was getting split open by my fat dick, and the other because his equally fat dick was being swallowed by a handsome bearded cock sucking pig. I wanted to last longer, so I leaned over and whispered in Brian’s ear “Why don’t you fuck the faggot now? He’s all lubed up and squishy with strangers’ cum.” Brian got a wicked grin on his face, then stuck his tongue in my mouth and then we rearranged positions so that he could slide his rock hard dick into Adam and I laid down to take a break, alternating between making out with Adam and Jesse and whispering dirty things in their ears. “You gonna booty bump this kid,” I asked Jesse? He just smiled and looked at me with his huge black pupils. “What do you think?” I just smiled and made out with him harder. I had a feeling our young friend was going to end up with a butt full of cum, just like Adam. Brian pounded Adam’s cunt hard for about 15 minutes while Jesse and I made out with him and egged him on to breed the fag harder. Finally, the shortness of his breath told us he was about to blast the faggot full of another load of sperm. I leaned over to Brian and said “come on, dude, give that faggot your load. Knock him up. The little whore needs more cum to lube up his pussy.” “Fuck, I”m gonna cum!,” Brian moaned and I could see his nuts pull up as he dumped another load our little rugby dump. Adam moaned and begged, “please shoot your fucking load in me. I need your cum inside my cunt. FUUUUUCK.” Breathing heavily, Brian collapsed on Adam’s back and his cock popped out of the boy. I reached down and could feel the cum start to leak from his jizz hole. When his cunt was empty he started to moan and beg “Please. Fuck me. I need more cock. Please.” “What do you say boys? Should we find some strangers to gang rape this cumdump?” They both laughed and said “fuck yeah!” Jesse grabbed the bong and leaned over to give Adam another huge shotgun of T. I leaned down and took it from him and tried to give it to Brian, who turned his head away. He laughed nervously. I blew the smoke away from him and thought “we’ll get you yet, boy. You’re gonna be begging me for my dick before the end of this night.”
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    "The door is unlocked..." I sent this message to a random guy I had never chatted with before this evening. I was in a daze. It was a late night, I had a lot of fun, but I fell into the typical spiral of coming home feeling lonely and horny. However, this time, my roommates were gone. His profile on Grindr didn't have a photo. Only an age, his stats, and his relative location. He was 35, he had indicated he was an otter, and the app said he was 10 kms away. We chatted a little bit prior to this message and he indicated he was in town on business but leaving early the next day. I wasn't sure when that next day was. Was it today, as in early in the morning, or was it the following day? I didn't care. I just wanted to get fucked, but I was also exhausted and my inhibitions were low. I sent him my address and told him I would be asleep. Before that we talked a little bit. He asked if I was a bottom, I said I was verse. He asked if I was alone, I told him I was and have a house to myself for the week. For some reason, I also told him I just got laid off and that I was essentially without plans for the foreseeable future. I was home alone for the week and I had just recently been laid off. The days were all blending together and I mostly woke up, showered, got stoned, went out and partied with friends, and went to bed. This day was no different, except that I had reached a new level of desperation, sending my address to a profile with very little information. However, I had experienced enough flakey chats (and have been the flakey chatter) enough times to know that the odds of something happening were pretty low. I didn't hear from him again. After a few minutes I thought to myself, fuck it, I am too tired to jerk off and I reached over into my bedside table, took a couple sleeping pills, rolled over and fell asleep wearing ripped old underwear and nothing else. It was 3:30 am in the dead of winter and I planned on sleeping for as long as I could. ----- I woke up to the sound of rustling. I opened my eyes slightly, but it was dark still and it didn't feel like I had slept long. My face was buried in my pillows and I my body was covered in my sheets and blankets. I did not think anymore of it and closed my eyes and intended to fall back asleep. I heard the rustling again. This time I noticed the sound was from in my room and that it was a familiar sound. It was the sound of clothing being removed. I was still half out of it, partially because of exhaustion and likely partially because of my prescription sleeping pills. As I slightly opened my eyes again I gained the energy to move my head slightly and began to look back. "Keep your head down and forward." It was a command. I had not quite recalled the situation I had created for myself, or that I even wanted it, so I started to feel a sense of fear, with also a sense of excitement. I was ready to follow commands. I kept my head down. I felt hands on the bed and my body through the covers. Whoever he was, he lifted himself up and onto the bed over the blankets and over me. He lifted up the covers and slid his hands up the bed along the inside of my legs until he reached my ass. My heart was pounding. I had very little energy or will to move, but I remembered the messages I had sent. It was still pitch black out, but as it was the middle of winter, it was entirely possible it was as late as 7 am. I had no idea and I was too afraid to move to check my phone. I could feel him shifting and moving the sheets and blankets, allowing him to get half under the covers, bringing his face to my ass. He was massaging my ass through my old ripped underwear I liked to sleep in. I had hoped he was going to pull them off, but instead, he must have noticed a hole in them, because he ripped them in half at the crack of my ass. Now my hole and cheeks were exposed to him. He started to eat me out and all I could do was groan. He kept this up for a few minutes, tonguing my hole and reaching under my body to grab my balls. Only minutes has passed but going from sleeping, to half awake, to now being tongued out by a stranger while still in bed in the pitch black of early morning was sending my body into a frantic horny overdrive. He stopped eating my ass and I groaned again, wanting and hoping for more. I heard more sounds. This time there was the sound of glass, loose plastic, the sounds of caps opening and closing, and more sounds and noises I couldn't quite visualize. A few seconds later I felt wet fingers on my asshole. He rubbed what I assumed to be lube around my asshole and slowly inserted a finger into my ass. He shifted forward as he did so and brought his other hand up to my face. In his hand was a cloth and he covered my mouth and face and he issued another command. "Breathe deep. This will help you relax." I did as he told me and felt the euphoria rush over me. I also felt warmth and tingling in my ass. There was a lot going on but all of it felt great. "Don't move. I gave your address to a few other guys. They are on their way. I don't leave till tomorrow and I plan on whoring you out." The euphoria stuttered for a second. He kept his hand and the cloth over my face. I couldn't see and I couldn't respond, all I could do was keep breathing in while he fingered my ass. I felt like I should be afraid, that I shouldn't have put myself in this situation, but each second he fingered me and each second I breathed in, the more there wasn't any chance for the fear to find a place to take hold. I just felt incredibly horny. He moved his hand away from my face and moved away from my body, pulling his finger out of my ass, and I heard him going through his things. Seconds later he was back, with his finger inside of me again. He dove deep and I could feel him spreading the lube around my hole and coating my insides. All I could do was let the fever over take me as I pushed back on his finger and rubbed my cock in my ripped underwear along my bedsheets. He pulled his finger out, I heard more noises of plastic and glass, then felt him shift again, bringing his legs up and behind my ass. I heard him take a deep breath in and out and I could tell he was using poppers. I took a couple of huffs, closed the bottle, and shifted all of his weight forward. His cock was at the entrance of my hole and as he pushed forward he dove in. His body was on top of mine and his cock was inserted completely in my ass. It didn't hurt at all. Everything about the last 5-10 minutes created the conditions where I was ready to take his dick without pause. It felt amazing and it felt like my ass and my body were on fire. I wanted more. He started a quick rhythm, in and out, pumping into my ass without a pause. It felt like he was clearly here to get off. I didn't care, I just didn't want it to stop. He barely said a word, he didn't ask me if I was okay, he just fucked. My ripped underwear started to get in a way a bit and cause a bit of friction between his body and mine. He stopped for a second, ripped the underwear completely off of me. I felt him move around a bit, with some familiar sounds, all the while his cock was still in my hole. He started to slowly push in and out again while leaning forward and placing something around my neck. I didn't move, but I could only assume it was my ripped underwear, now being used to restrain me further. He tightened it around my neck, not enough to choke me or really to restrict my breathing, but enough to give him extra leverage as he plowed my hole. He grunted and my ass and his body started to make a bit of noise. He reached forward with his other hand and placed the poppers under my nose. "Im gonna cum quick and I am gonna fuck you hard. Get ready, you better relax." After a few huffs from me and a few huffs from him, he went to town. The noises in the room were dominated by the sound of my own submission. He plowed me hard and fast, deep and steady, with big long strokes. My ass and body felt warm, my mind was incredibly fuzzy, and overall I could only think of how elated I felt. I felt like my only purpose was to be fucked. He didn't continue for long. At this point my whole bed was rocking and creaking and I was so grateful I was home alone. I wouldn't be surprised if people walking outside could hear us. Thankfully it was ungodly early, cold, and bleak outside. The only ones who were witness to what was happening was us. He pulled tighter on the ripped underwear around my neck, lifting my head slightly and pulling me back. It became harder to breathe. He pushed three more times and spasmed. I could feel his cock jerking hard against the edges of my sphincter. One, two, and three short spurts. He shifted slightly deeper. More jerking. He pulled out slightly and I could feel just a few more jerks and spasms of his cock before he pulled out and rested his cock head at my hole. He slapped his cock a few times, perhaps admiring the feeling, or maybe he could see the view, I wasn't sure, but with a few slaps he was up and moving. As he got off the bed I realized I didn't want it to end. I was overcome with ravenous desire. I wanted more. I needed more. Something had shifted in me. There were contrasting and competing energies in me. Exhaustion from the lake of sleep and probably the sleeping pills, but also, an elemental driving energy radiating from hole and up towards the rest of my body. I felt calm, excited, horny, and like I could barely move. My ripped underwear was still at my neck, but without the tension of being held by a strange man who wanted to abuse my hole. "Your next guy is almost here. Im going, but I am coming back. Im leaving some supplies here. Don't move, don't fight it, just let the guys fuck you. I want to fuck you again in a few hours. Have fun." With that I heard him walk towards the door. "Oh... just in case, I am taking your wallet as collateral." I heard him leave. The door was still unlocked. I could try and get up and lock it, I could have done a whole bunch of different things to stop what was about to happen. But I didn't. I couldn't. I wanted the cock. I looked back around at the table next to my bedroom door where I had a small plate where I kept my wallet, and sure enough, it was gone. I felt a mix of emotions, but my head felt too heavy to do much else. I guess I would just have to believe he was coming back for his stuff, including me. For at this point, I was his and he could do what he wanted with me. I put my head back down and closed my eyes and waited. Who knew what was going to happen next.
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    It's 7PM when I get to my older brother's condo in L.A. Steve has made dinner, which is cool. I'll say this for my big brother, he's got his shit together! He's got this great job in entertainment and a really sweet place. I'm out here trying to see if I can use his connections to find a gig. We spend the evening catching up. Steve has always been there for me and it's nice to chat with him again in-person. After dinner we hang out and share a joint. He's all fancy with his weed. Me, I hit the bong at home. I've known Steve was gay ever since we were kids. It never bothered me. He's always been just a cool older brother who would sneak me beers and shit. We're getting pretty high and I ask if he's seeing anyone. He tells me about this dude named Sam. They've been fucking, apparently for a few months and Steve is kinda into him. My boy is quite the aggressive top, it seems. We talk pretty freely about our conquests to each other. I wish I could get away with some of the stuff the gays can get away with. Sometimes you just want rough fuck. I hit the head. Damn, even Steve's bathroom is fancy. When I get back my brother is just in his jockstrap on the couch taking a hit off the weed. Guess I know what he wants. We started fooling around back in his college days. I figured if he liked sucking cock, why not let him. I'd go up there and stay with him some weekends. I told you, he's always been there for me. The thing was, there was just the one bed always. I made him blow me a few times and then we'd have to sleep together in his bed. I sleep naked. One night after a lot of beers and a BJ, we're laying there together. Out of nowhere he starts stroking my cock again. It feels amazing. He's got his back to me and starts rubbing his ass on my dick. That was the first time I fucked my brother raw in his ass. The sensation was amazing! Better than any pussy. And no rubber. Over time it became a regular thing with us and I felt safe experimenting. So did he. It's kinda' our thing now. Don't get me wrong -- I date women and love pussy. I've never been attracted to guys at all. But my brother and I get to fuck together and he lets me really get into it. He likes it when I pin him down, slap him around and call him my faggot fuck hole. That really gets him off. Walking into the living room now and seeing him in nothing but a jockstrap, I know we're in for a little fun.
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    How ironic the prequel to my next chapter as set out above is titled *Waiting*. For those who are wanting more to this story, and have been patiently *waiting* for more, all my stories have taken to the back burner as I have got a LOT going on in my personal life. I do realise a lot of time has elapsed so maybe interest has waned. However, if you are still eager for more, give this a like so I know to continue. I do have the next chapter almost ready to go to print, ha, and have concrete plans on how I want to develop the central character Stevie boy, and most definitely have plans for his boyfriend Lew, and the next door neighbour Ramon. ☣️ I sincerely hope everyone is keeping well in light of global events that have unfolded during the last few months, and continue to evolve on a daily basis.

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