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    Looking back, I wish I had never heard about Craigslist. Or thAt Craigslist had policed their personal ads better. Or done away with them much, much earlier than they did. But They didn’t, and now I have to live with the consequences, however long that may be. There was a time when I didn’t really know about Craigslist personals. I used manhunt and adam4adam like a regular, horny gay guy. I also used scruff and Grindr, but those only ever seemed to work if I was out of town. But manhunt and A4A were iffy at best at producing a decent lay, and getting worse. That’s when I heard people talking about Craigslist. It started off as people laughing and talking about “sleazy Craigslist hookups”— like it was a joke. Only the dirtiest of people would post ads and connect that way. People talked about posts they had seen (or heard about) where guys were looking for really off the beaten path kink stuff. Like scat, or diaper play, or rape scenes. It was like the “dirty bookstore” of gay hookups, guys may do it, but didn’t want to be caught using it. Anyway, the seed had been planted (pun intended) and I found myself thinking about it more and more often. Especially as my one regular now had a boyfriend and was not available. And as I said before, manhunt and A4A seemed to be full of flakes. So one weekend night I found myself opening up the personal section and scrolling through to see what kind of trouble was out there. What I discovered was that most of the ads were pretty benign. Just guys looking for a quick hookup. Usually something anonymous with no strings. Which all sounded just fine to me. Now I did find a couple ads looking for stuff I considered beyond the pale, which I quickly skipped over. And then I discovered one ad that caught my eye. I really should have skipped it too, but I was intrigued. This is how the ad read: “PREGNANCY BY THE SPERMINATOR: Is your biological clock ticking? Are you looking to get knocked up? If so, my dick will get the job done. 100% pregnancy track record, usually on the first try. My baby batter is planted so deep, my DNA is guaranteed to take. Serious inquiries only. And no, I ain’t sending a pic of my cuntwrecker- just know it is Guinness Record big and will be the biggest you’ll ever take. Hit me up with a pic and digits in the first email.” There was only one pic with the ad. It was a gritty picture of an egg with sperm surrounding it, like you would see in a textbook or in a biology film. Only superimposed over the egg was the biohazard symbol. Now I wasn’t dumb, I’d been around enough to know the biohazard thing meant HIV positive. And the ad was in the gay men section of the ads so there wasn’t much mistaking what the ad was for. The guy was advertising converting guys into being HIV positive. On purpose. The ad disgusted me. Who would deliberately infect someone? But even worse, his ad was asking for guys who were actively seeking HIV infection? Who does that? Surely there weren’t guys out there that did this, were there? I skipped the ad that night and ended up emailing a top guy who was looking for a dark room pump n dump. He responded, saying he wanted to just walk in and find me on all fours ready to take cock. No talking. 30 minutes later, I was taking a 7” or raw dick, with only the flicker of porn to illuminate the room. I never saw the guys face. Only his nutload the next morning. After my first success, I went back to the Craigslist well again the next day. As I was perusing the ads, I found myself looking for the Sperminator ad. I couldn’t find it- it had probably been reported and removed. I’m not sure why I was fixated on this ad- the concept was revolting. But it also made my dick twinge a little, and I wasn’t sure why. Perhaps I was just intrigued by the description of the guy’s cock. Who knows? Even if the Sperminator ad wasn’t there, there were plenty of others. And that next day I found a couple other ads that sounded good and hit them up. That night I managed to get two more loads, one from a married DL guy and one from a hung, uncut hispanic just getting off work. Craigslist was really working for me! Over the next few months, I would find myself going to Craigslist when I was horny, and I’d usually find some cock. I was noticing a lot of similar and/or repeat ads with the same cock pics. A couple even from guys who had fucked me- and I’d often get repeat cumloads that way. It was in this way I stumbled on the Sperminator ad again. Same heading. Same text. Same pic. And again I was upset by it— and oddly turned on. But sure as hell I wasn’t gonna hit up the ad as I wasn’t one of those, twisted, fucked up “bug chasers”. Fuck that. Although as I scrolled through the ads looking for my next fuck, I started taking stock of whAt I was doing. I was having anonymous, Craigslist hookups and letting these random men fuck me unprotected and cum inside me. And to be honest, what did I know about these guys, really? I was negative but I never really asked about the status of the guys fucking me. Some of them could be positive and just not telling me. But guys wouldn’t do that, would they? Thoughts like this would inevitably quench my sex drive for awhile, until my ass would get the itch again and I’d jump back on good ol Craigslist and hunt down a load or three. About this time I started dabbling with posting my own ads. I had a killer ass pic that seemed to attract the tops. This ad helped me pull in a LOT of cock. But, as all good things do, Craigslist started becoming more hit and miss for me- more often than not a miss. And I started going longer and longer between fucks, and it was driving me crazy. And as we all know, horny and desperate leads to bad decision making. After one particularly crazy month of no sex due to family drama, work, and other extracurricular activities, I finally had a free weekend and I was climbing the walls. I needed sex in the worst way and goddamn it, I was gonna find some. So I jumped on Craigslist and started scrolling... and that’s when I saw it. The Sperminator as was back up. And I opened it found myself reading and rereading it. Why was I even entertaining the thought of this? And why was my dick straining against my sweats at the thought of a cuntwrecker of world record size? I closed the ad and kept scrolling. I found about 8 other ads that intrigued me enough that I sent them messages. After an hour And a half I had zero responses. And it was getting late. Fuck. I needed Dick in me or I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I was literally going out of my mind. Which is my only explanation for why I scrolled back to the Sperminator ad... and answered it. I sent him two pics— a face pic and my ass pic that seemed to get me laid. And I sent my phone number as requested. After I hit send my stomach was in knots. What did I just do? I rationalized it to myself by telling myself that he probably wouldn’t even message me. And even if he did I was under no obligation to respond. I could even block his number if I wanted. All of which would be moot because I was sure he wouldn’t... My phone chimed at me. I had a text. I opened the text window. Random local number text. All it said was “sup”. Fuck, what do I do now? I could ignore. But my stomach had that anxious feeling and my cock was throbbing in anticipation. What to do what to do?? I took a breath and texted back. Me: my ass. For cock Him: I see that. Nice ass. seen ur ads before. Thought about hittin it 4 awhile Me: glad you like. I’m kinda nervous tho. You sound huge Him: it is huge. U gon walk funny 4 days Me: lol that’s what scares me Him: u hit me up, u must want a baby Me: that also scared me Him: u wastin my time? U saw my ad. I knock bitches like u up for fun. U never forget this Dick. Him: U want or no? I waited and debated. And in the end, I texted back. Me: yes. Him: addy? I typed in my address, parking and entry instructions. And I hit send. Him: coo. See you in 20. Have that ass deep cleaned My god. What the fuck did I just do? What was I thinking? And hell, I better fucking check my prep work to make sure I am fully cleaned out. The next 20 minutes went by in a blur. My ass was fully prepped. I prelubed the hell out of my hole and I cracked open some fresh poppers. Just as I was dimming lights and getting the porn on, my phone buzzed. He was at my building entrance— and I was freaking out. I buzzed him in anyway. There were 30 tense seconds, and then there was a knock at my door. And there I was, at the rubicon. Was I going to do this— like for real do this? I opened the door and invited him in. The Sperminator was tall. Really tall. Like pro basketball tall. Probably 6’8”? And he was black. And he was handsome. Scruffy beard. Short dreads with blonde tips. A visible neck tattoo peaking out the top of his shirt. Biggest feet I’ve ever seen on a human— the Nike’s were enormous. I locked the door and led him to the living room. He took off his jacket and sat down. I asked if he needed anything to drink. He asked if I had beer— I did. I got two and joined him in the couch. “You’re really nervous,” he said. “Well yeah. I’m honestly not sure why I answered the ad, and I’m second guessing everything.” “Something about it must have got your juices flowing. You must secretly want that ass knocked up,” he smirked. “I don’t think I do— at least I never thought about it that way. I mean, I get off on taking raw cock and cum, but never thought about it much beyond that,” I confided. “Then why am I here dude? You know what I do and you answered my ad.” He stood up to leave. “Cuz I’m a whore for big cock and I think I’ll go crazy if I don’t get fucked and bred tonight!” I stated. “Well, I got big cock,” he said, and he swished his hips back and forth. He was wearing grey sweats and what swung back and forth below the fabric looked positively monstrous. “He sniffin our that pussy and he getting excited,” he said. And his rising cock started pressing into the leg fabric. I set my beer down and got on my knees in front of him. “Can I see it?” I asked. He nodded and I reached up and slowly pulled down his sweatpants. I had to pull his sweats almost down to his knees before his cock sprang free. Yes, you read that right. His cock nearly stretched to his knee! When it popped free, I just sat back on my heels and marveled. It was simply fucking huge. “Told ya,” he said. “You like? That pussy quiverin?” “Hoh. Lee. Fuck.” I finally breathed. “It is easily the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. Porn or real life”. For my own edification, I cupped his balls and laid his cock along my arm. It went past my goddamn elbow. And it was torpedo shaped. The middle of it was fat— fat like my forearm fat. I mean, the whole thing was fat, but the middle was ridiculous. And I don’t think he was even fully hard yet. “Now that he up, he ain’t satisfied til he breed a pussy,” he told me. “So I hope you’re ready.” I sucked the the tip and as much of him into my mouth. Bottomed out in my mouth, i wasn’t even 1/3 of the way down his dick. Just feeling his head flex in my mouth and feeling that massive, heavy member was making my own dick leak. I tried sucking him a bit longer before I gave up and pulled off him. “Since I can’t even begin to suck this thing, let’s hope my ass is ready for this cuntwrecker. My ass was definitely not ready. We went to my bedroom and got naked. He laid down on my bed. “Here, imma do you a favor and let you sit on it. Normally I just take the pussy, but tonight I’m feeling generous.” So I lubed him liberally, straddled him, positioned his head at my hole, and hit the poppers hard. I still could have stopped. Said no. Made him leave. But that massive cock was beckoning me. I needed to try it, if anything just to say I did it. I wanted the story. And I wanted to know what that much cock felt like inside my body. So without another thought (and with a good popper rush going) I started to sink down onto his dick. I did not make it far. I got hung up at that thick middle portion. My ass was feeling full and I wasn’t even halfway onto him. I slow bounced up and down to try to get that thick portion in, but no dice. I pulled off and relubed us both, took more poppers, and tried again. And again I got stuck halfway at the thick part. He must have been at least 7” in diameter there. Or more. My fingers never came close to touching around it. “I don’t know if I can get you in,” I panted. “Sure you can, that pussy good and deep,” he said. I felt his hands move to my hips and then he sharply thrust up into me while pulling down on my hips. I howled in pain. I’m sure my neighbors thought I was being murdered, and I guess technically speaking, I was. He just tore my sphincter in one thrust and I nearly blacked out. My vision fuzzed our to blackness and I saw stars. And the pain made me feel nauseous. “There you go, baby,” he said. “Told you I’d fit— and make you walk funny for days.” And the irony was he wasn’t even fully in yet. His thick part was, but there was probably still 3 or 4 more inches of him to go. Thankfully he stayed still while my ass did it’s best to adjust to his massive size. I gulped great quantities of air in order to relax. And I hit the poppers again. Slowly I up and downed onto his cock and I could feel his head at my second ring. And then popped through and was beyond my second ring— and still going. And that’s when my eyes rolled back in my head. I’d never felt anything like it before. The biggest cock I’d previous had was probably a true 8.5”. It was enough to smash into my second ring and hurt. And eventually with some maneuvering his head went in. But it was uncomfortable. This cock was closer to 13”. And was sublime. The pleasure created by his cock rearranging my intestines and slipping well into my second ring was mind blowing. It was making me forget the pain at my hole. I hit the poppers and started to ride him in earnest as I could NOT get enough of that feeling. I rode him and worked myself into a lather. I was sweating bullets from the effort of taking something so massive into my body. And my dick was rock hard and leaking Precum onto his belly. I was in heaven. Or so I thought. “Ok, that’s enough of a free ride. Time for me to deep dick this pussy right,” he informed me. He lifted up on my hips and I slowly extricated his cock from my ass. It felt like it took a minute to fully pull out of me. The tug outward on my ass as the thick part pulled out was intense as hell. And thankfully I had indeed prepped adequately. He commented on this and was impressed. He got me on all fours at the edge of the bed (thankfully my bed was tall) and he stood up behind me. I asked him to put a bit more lube on (he did) and I took a good snootful of poppers. He positioned himself at my hole and said, “Get ready- cuz we ain’t stoppin til I put a baby in you.” And then he shoved in. The pleasure pain of it was exquisite. The thick part still hurt like fuck going in, but not like before. And he buried himself in me in one stroke and ache as he went into my second ring took my breath away. I screwed the poppers to my nose and prepared for his onslaught. It was borderline brutal. Once he was in, he set up to pistoning my guts with shorter deep thrusts. Making my second ring jack his head and shaft. And then every so often he’d do a long, slow, pullout— pause— then shove back in hard until his pelvis slapped my ass. I moaned and grunted with every hard thrust. The short strokes made me keen in delight. At some point my body gave in to his cock and he sensed it. It was like my ass stopped fighting and finally relaxed. When that happened, it was like I was transported to a different dimension. The pleasure. The deep deep pleasure was transcendent. It was like my whole body was on the edge of a sneeze and vibrating. When we reached this point, he started pulling his cock all the way out of me and then slamming it back in to the hilt. Again and again and again. I think I was either moaning or saying “oh fuck” with every thrust. I honestly don’t recall exactly. My vision was red from the poppers and I was almost having an out of body experience. “You ready to get pregnant, bitch?” He asked? “Fuck yes!! Knock me up deep!” I cried. He buried himself deep and did a series of quick, short thrusts. And then he grabbed my hips hard (enough to leave finger shaped bruises) and did one final wickedly hard thrust that he kept buried as deep as he could. I felt his massive member throb deep inside me. Deeper inside me than any man had ever been. It throbbed again. And again. And again. Six seven eight times. Or more. We stayed welded together until he stopped spurting and his dick started softening. Part of me was glad the fuck was over. My ass needed a break from the pain aspect. But the full feeling in my ass was so nice I didn’t want him to pull out. But eventually he did, but not before telling me to tighten my hole and squeegee every drop of seed out of his cock. I collapsed onto the bed and into a huge wet spot. Apparently he’d fucked the cum out of me, but I was so out of it, I didn’t realize when I had cum. As he cleaned himself up in my bathroom he complimented me on my ass and my ability to take his cock. “Most guys cry,” he said matter of factly. As I walked him to the door he said, “Now you read my ad, right? 100% pregnancy guarantee. If you don’t get it this time, I’ll come back til you do. I got a rep to protect. You just let me know.” He had to come back two more times before my pregnancy test came back positive.
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    Part two As he walked away I couldn’t help but think this was risky. My resistance was lowered due to the alcohol and my mind was being controlled by my dick. The HIV pit. I have to avoid going in there. I walked into the video room. A hot Euro stud getting nailed raw on the screen. Top with an obvious biohazard tattoo and some facial wasting. A group of guys quickly turned their attention off the screen and onto me. “Look at him” I heard one of them whisper as I walked inside taking in the action on the screen. This older guy walked straight over and started touching me. He forced my head down onto his throbbing cock a nice solid 7 inches and thick. I noticed he had a small scorpion tattooed next to his cock and thought nothing of it. I slobbered over this piece of meat as best I could. I soon noticed the other guys crowded over to me. I had five rock hard cocks all wanting a piece of my mouth. I took a deep hit of the poppers. I felt my head being moved around and a different cock inside my mouth. I could tell I wasn’t going to get their cum yet so I got up off my knees. They all asked where I was going and I told them I needed a break to get my breath back. I walked downstairs and hopped into the spa. I tried to relax myself a bit. I’ve never sucked so many cocks in my life. I was always so shy yet here I was openly sucking cock. I got out of the spa and dried off. I decided to make sure my hole was clean and lubed up. I may as well have some safe fun. Now I was upstairs again and walking around when I noticed the dark room. Oh the HIV pit. I better steer clear of it. I then felt a man behind me push me inside and hands all over me. I couldn’t escape their clutches as I was pushed further inside. I was bent over a bench and I felt my hands being strapped in to some harness. I couldn’t escape now no matter how hard I tried. I felt a hard slap on my ass as my towel got pulled away and thrown. I felt a cock nuzzling in my ass cheeks. I heard him yell “he needs more lube no way this is getting inside him” I was begging them to let me go but I knew I was done for. I was about to learn everything about being a cum dump bottom. I felt lube splash across my hole and a finger follow it roughly fingering my hole. I begged again “if you’re going to do this please use a condom” The man about to fuck me chuckled “no rubbers around here pig, you came into the HIV pit and that’s what you’re leaving with”
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    Breeding Boyfriends Club I was out for some beers after work with one of my colleagues and my new assistant. My boss, Patrick, is older, early 50s, and smoking hot, recently divorced, newly out, and playing the field with a few casual dates here and there. My new assistant, Alex, is late 20s, latin, short, and adorably ripped. We were chatting out about dating and I told them things were fine if not just a touch stale with my boy. My assistant winked suggesting he knew a way to liven things up. He mentioned that he and his ex had gone on PrEP and went to a club where every week a circle of guys offered up his boyfriend to get fucked by the guys in the club, preferably raw. I dropped my jaw not at the idea of Alex sharing his boyfriend raw, but that he acted like it wasn’t a big deal. Meanwhile, I was getting hard under the table. He explained that the move for the new job, and not having health insurance for the next three months until our plan kicked in, he’d gone off PrEP and was hornier than ever. My boss hadn’t said anything since Alex had told us about the club. He cleared his throat, and said he and one of the guys he was casually seeing would love to start something like that. Patrick confessed to us that he really got off on sharing his boyfriend too. They'd talked and fantasized about it but never followed through. Patrick told me that he got hard thinking about it and stood up to show us his massive cock stretching out his pants. He winked at me and suggested it would be a fun way to spice up my relationship. Alex’s eyes twinkled. He suggested we put an ad online and see if we could get a group started as soon as possible. I promised to discuss it with my boy to see if he'd consider having some fun like that. Alex had said he’d round up a willing bottom to take on the group, so my boy was off the hook for at least a meeting. That night over dinner, I mentioned it to my boy, and he eagerly nodded that it would be a fun way to get some spark back. I’d go to the first meeting, see how it went, and report back. He said that he'd seriously considering getting barebacked by a few strangers. That got me so hard and wet. I bent him right over the kitchen table and started eating his ass. He told me he'd love for me to eat a guy's load out of his hole. I lined up my cock and slid all the way in. It was as if he loosened up just thinking about taking fresh raw cock. My boy and I had a serious talk about opening things up and starting PrEP. I called our doctor's office the next morning, and, of course, we couldn’t get an appointment until after the first meeting, so I agreed to play safe while fucking the willing victim. When the day of the first breeding session came around, Alex’s friend bailed. Alex, Patrick, and I spoke in hushed tones in the office kitchen. Alex wasn't sure he hadn't recently caught something and had maybe passed it to his boyfriend. Patrick was glad to offer up one of the guys he was seeing, and again, showed us his massive hardon straining his pants. I nearly dropped to my knees and swallowed my boss's hard cock right there. With a few hurried text messages to the guy he was seeing, he offered to host the party at his place. After work, I went home to shower, change, and put a few condoms in my pocket. I kissed my boy and headed directly to Patrick’s to safely fuck a stranger with a few colleagues and new friends. Patrick had a swanky big house. He let me in, greeting me naked at the door, with his massive cock swinging, already half-hard and drooling precum. He’d had mattresses placed in the living room and there were already a few strangers standing around naked. Alex wrapped his arms around me and gave me a deep kiss. He started fingering my ass and I reminded him that I was doing the fucking tonight. He jovially frowned and ran to answer the doorbell. Alex led in Patrick’s date, Matt, a sweet-looking skinny twink with bangs over his eyes. He was clearly nervous. About six guys in all were there to top Matt, all strangers to him except his casual boyfriend, Patrick. I admired this dude for being willing to take on so many new cocks. Patrick went first, even though he was very well hung. Matt got on all fours and Patrick slid his big dick into Matt with one easy go. Alex cradled his head and asked if he’d done anything to prepare for our loads. He explained that he’d lubed up with two of his roommate’s loads freshly fucked into him. Alex oinked approval as Patrick came deep inside. Alex went next. His caramel ass looked so good flexing as he hammed his cum into Matt’s loosening hole. I went next, with a condom and sloshed around in his stretched-out ass and cummy messiness. I came in the condom and the next guy assumed his position. I rolled my filled condom off. The guy raw inside Matt took the condom from me and squirted my load all over his dick and fucked it right inside. After a another guy, Matt collapsed, exhausted, not ready to take on that last cock. Matt excused himself to the bathroom and Patrick followed him to make sure he was alright. Alex bravely assumed the position so the last guy could get his nut. Alex asked me to hold him up. I held his head against my chest and spread his cheeks for the last man, a sexy tall blond guy neither of us knew. Naturally, the stranger went raw and filled him with cum. Patrick had come back after seeing Matt out and was jerking off when the final stranger came. He slid right in and bred Alex. I jerked my cock until I came and shot my second load all over Alex's open asshole. As Alex fingered my load into his guts, he looked up to me and told me it was a thrill taking raw cum, especially after quitting PrEP. So hot. I was still hard and slid my cock into his ass, coating my dick with cum. Alex offered to clean me up, but I had a raunchier idea. I got dressed as the party was breaking up and headed home after texting my boy telling him to be naked, lubed, and ready to get bred as soon as I walked in the door. I walked into our place and directly to the bedroom, where my boy’s ass was moist and shiny with lube and ready to get fucked. I pulled my pants down to my knees and slid right in, still rock hard even after shooting two loads. Some of that globby cum leaked off from my cock seeped into my boy’s guts. As I told him about the party, he was out of his mind with lust, begging me to share all that cum. I came deep inside him and stayed there until I was soft. My cock plopped out and he squatted down capturing my third load of the night and remnants of strangers’ seed from my cock, and dripped it into his mouth. He grabbed the back of my neck and fed it to me. Three weeks later it was time for my boy’s turn in the spotlight. He was ready to take cum from strangers, my boss, and my assistant without protection of any kind. He was ready, but was I? To be continued...
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    The Brothel Part 1 My name is Jaxx, and I own one of the biggest, most infamous criminal businesses in America. I've dedicated my life to spreading drug addiction, diseases, and prostitution, and this is the story of how it all started. When I was 35, I thought I was the shit. I was a tan 6'4" cue-ball made of 280 pounds of pure, bulging, tattooed muscle. Some people called me a meathead, but fuck them. When I got angry or aggressive (which was often), everyone shut the hell up. If I wanted a hole to fuck, I could pick from any number of holes that were begging me to fuck them. However, I now admit I was struggling to stay afloat. I lived alone then in a run-down basement apartment in the hood of Philadelphia. I hadn't talked to my family in over 7 years - I had been living with my parents until I was 28. They kicked me out after 10 years of me doing nothing but amateur porn, smoking weed in the house, and bringing girls and fags home to fuck. Took them long enough, I guess, but being a small-time straight male pornstar barely pays at all, so I started dealing drugs too. I mainly sold meth, crack, and coke, but I pushed a little bit of everything, including rarer gems like GHB and K. I had to deal with all kinds of fucked up customers, many of them flaky and shady as hell. One day, one of my customers gave my contact to this boy named Chris. To this day, I don't know Chris' last name, even though I've known him for years. Chris was only 18 at the time and was still finishing high school. He had lost his virginity much earlier than that apparently, but it wasn't until he was old enough to be active on hook-up sites and get into gay bars and clubs did he try Tina for the first time. By the time he had decided to buy from me, he had already tried it a few times, and the bottom boy lived for it. I arranged for Chris to meet me by the parking garages at the end of the street at 10PM. By the time I walked down there at 9:50, Chris was already there waiting, looking suspicious and lost. My eyes widened. It was love at first sight. And that, I mean I knew I needed to fuck him. Even then, I had thoughts of how I'd ruin his life. Chris was the type of boy who was probably timid and sometimes picked on because he was gay but was so gorgeous it would've been impossible for him not to know it. Given his track record with sleeping around town, I'm guessing he did know. He was 5'8", toned just enough that he had pretty defined arms and chest but wasn't at all big. He had soft golden blond hair in spikes like a surfer, sported a deep tan, had the whitest teeth and most brilliant blue eyes I've ever seen, and a charming boyish smile that screamed of innocence. I knew he wasn't all innocent though. He had a deep arc in his lower back that thrust out his juicy ass, which he accented with tight skinny jeans that sagged just a little. His tan skin was perfectly smooth, so something tells me he shaves or waxes. He had two big studs in his ears, and he wore this crazy low-cut shirt that was so tight his nipples stood right out. The boy looked like a slut. Everything about his appearance says he likes men and wants men. At that moment, I instantly changed my mind about the deal. "Hey. Chris?" I asked rhetorically. I reached out my hand, which looked gigantic compared to his. "Y-Yeah. You're Jaxx, right?" He put his delicate baby-soft hand into mine, and I almost crushed it with my firm grip. "That's me. Pleasure to meet you, babe. How about we head over to my place?" I offered. His eyes lit up, and I smiled a devilish grin. I knew this boy was attracted to me, and he was excited to think that maybe I was attracted to him too. I was, and I am. I grinned and placed my hand on his ass and guided him in the direction of my apartment. I led him down a staircase coming from the sidewalk into the basement floor, where we walked to end of the hall. The door in front was the boiler room. The door to the right was my apartment. I sensed he was little scared, but also excited. My place is just a fuck den and nothing more. It's enough to freak any unsuspecting young boy out, but then again he came here to buy my drugs and probably hoped to take my dick, so he wasn't going to back out. My whole place consisted of only two rooms and a bathroom. The door opens to the main room. In one corner of the room was my bed, or really just a mattress on a frame with a sheet covering it. Two dirty pillows, no headboard. In another corner was a computer and TV-monitor. Against the wall were my clothes strewn across the dirty concrete floor - a messy tumble of jeans, wife-beaters, socks, sneakers, and boots. A table in a third corner had all kinds of junk and a microwave on it. The trash was overflowing, and most of it was on the ground around it. Little empty drug baggies mixed themselves in with empty beer cans and bits of litter and debris. The second room, which I call the cave, I kept locked, was smaller, and consisted of a mattress, several locked cabinets packed to the brim with drugs, a suitcase for distribution, and various drug paraphernalia lying around. On a little nightstand stood a glass bong and a tray with a pipe, torches, butane, points, plastic syringes, etc. Several half-full bottles of poppers and various oily lubes were littered on and around the mattress. Finally, the bathroom looked akin to a gas station bathroom. No additional explanation needed. Chris stood there awkwardly, not knowing where to be. I unlocked the cave and led him inside onto the mattress. I sat him down, picked up the glass bong and a fat bag of crystals, then liberally poured the stuff into the bowl piece. "You're a new customer, so let me smoke you up. First one's on me," I said as I started melting the crystals. "And if you keep me company and smoke with me tonight, I'll give you the ball for half the price I said it was." Chris' face lit up with excitement, and he even shined his pearly white teeth. Before he could respond verbally though, I pressed the mouthpiece of the bong to his lips and told him to pull. The clouds rolled furiously as the bong grew into an opaque, almost yellowish white. He struggled to take as much of it as he could, but he had to do it in two breaths. When he exhaled, his clouds were cotton-thick. "Oh shit," he coughed. It was so hot watching him. He was bewildered by the bong hits and I could tell he was already feeling fuzzy and good. I love a lightweight. "Holy fuck, that was a lot." I then gave myself a huge hit too. As soon as I sucked a fiendish cloud into my lungs, I pressed my lips to his and shotgunned it into him. He gulped it down with some trouble, and the clouds billowed out from his mouth. "Fuck yeah," he mumbled, beginning to touch himself through his shirt restlessly. He saw me eyeing him, and then flushed with embarrassment. The T was fucking with his body heat, and he was already sweating. "You feel good, babe?" I asked. "Yeah, I feel real good. Can I take another hit?" he asked. "Hell yeah. Tonight, you can take as many hits as you want." He looked at me like I was his hero. If he wasn't already halfway to becoming a Tina whore, he probably would've realized I was actually a bad man. I passed the bong to him and lit the torch for him again, keeping the flame there to force him to take another monstrous hit he couldn't handle. I watched him cough and choke, then pretended to care and ask if he was OK. I didn't give a shit if he was OK. I kissed him softly on the lips after every time I shot-gunned my hit to him and asked him if he was feeling good. Little did he know, feeding him my leftover clouds would be the only time I'd ever kiss him like that. At that point, I had already decided Chris wasn't going to be a customer. He was going to be my whore, and I was feeding him hits I was already planning on how to enslave him. You see, I installed a secret camera built into a clock on the nightstand. I already have a tape of Chris smoking T, but that's only the beginning. Over the course of the following few weeks, the camera would capture Chris doing cocktails of drugs multiple times as well as getting bred by quite an array of anonymous men. I'd then blackmail Chris to being my live-in whore if he didn't want the videos released to his friends and family and the internet...and then I planned to do it anyway. Once he's living with me, he'll become fully dependent on drugs, and I'll start selling his pussy and videos of him getting fucked. The rest is just making him follow a fitness plan and taking care of his body to keep him sexy and healthy enough in face of all that I was going to put him through. I got more excited about my plans for Chris looking at his pure face. Just thinking about how I'm going to be the one responsible for turning this innocent boy into a piece of whore trash that's gonna get violated by so many sleazy men without remorse...it turned me on a hell lot. After we cleared two rounds of the bong, I set it down and decided it was time to enjoy what would soon be mine. Without ceremony, I slid my hand under Chris' shirt. My hand's giant, muscled silhouette was visible down to the vein through his skin-tight shirt until it reached his pecs. I glazed my fingers over his nipples, savoring them. His skin was so smooth and warm I heard myself groan with lust. Even though he turned a little red and was clearly nervous, he didn't protest. Partly because he liked and trusted me, partly because he was spun, and partly just because he was another easy, slutty faggot. I slowly lifted his shirt up his body, not fully undressing him. Before he knew what was happening, he was underneath me on the mattress, his jeans unbuttoned, with one of my hands still groping his nipples and the other hand sliding underneath his briefs, down his dick and balls and resting over his hole. To be continued.
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    You can read this as comic parody or anything else, just enjoy. As you can tell,my first attempt . The Set Up Seth rang the doorbell to the old brownstone on the south end of town. It was a dark, drizzly October night. The streets were quiet and wet, and the air smelled of decaying leaves. “So this is the fisting club Jack told me about,” Seth thought. Just then his phone rang. “Hey Seth, listen -- I'm sorry, but I’m not going to be able to make it tonight. Have you left for the party yet?” It was his friend, Jack. “Yeah, I'm here already – and I just rang the doorbell!” The door opened. Seth's eyes bugged out. Standing there was 6 feet, 4 inches of pure testosterone. Bald. Built. Salt and pepper beard. Icy blue eyes. A black tank barely covered a hairy torso. The man’s jeans were spread wide open at the crotch, with a bulging white jockstrap lewdly spilling out. Seth noticed a heavy PA visible through the overstretched fabric. The guy was at least 50. Fuck! Seth’s cock sprang up instantly. “Yeah, Seth, I’m sorry, man,” Jack continued on the phone. “I just came down with something suddenly. If you’re already there, go ahead and introduce yourself to the guys. Remember, it's Tops’ Night.” The man at the door stood aside and silently invited Seth to step inside the house. “Ok, well, I'm here. Someone just answered the door, so I'll probably just stay for a few minutes. Sorry you’re not feeling well, Jack. I'll call you tomorrow.” “Was that Jack?” The man asked, in a bass voice. He pressed his jock into Seth’s ass while closing the door. “He called here, too, just before you arrived. Guess he's under the weather. You must be his friend, Seth.” The man extended a large, hairy hand. “Hi. Yes, I’m Seth.” The man towered over Seth’s small, lean but defined build. “I didn’t know Jack was sick. If you want - - I can just go back, I mean . . . I don't want to be a bother or anything.” Seth babbled, clearly nervous. “Oh, why don't you stay for a while, since you’re here already.” The man made no pretense of checking out Seth’s small, bubble ass. He grinned to himself when he realized his cock was turning to steel from just looking at it. “Why don’t you come downstairs, I’ll show you the place and you can meet some of the guys. . . . Jack mentioned you might be interested in joining the club.” The man’s tone was suggestive. “Well, ok . . . if you don’t mind.” Seth was nervous and excited at the same time. “And yes, I'd like to join the club. . . I'm just not sure I'm experienced enough -- but I’d love to get trained to take a fist someday!” “Then you’ve come to the right place,” the man grinned. “We can give you as much as you need, Seth, and even more – turn you into a real pig. C'mon, let's get that sweet ass of yours downstairs.” Seth hesitated. He and Jack were buds only since August, when Seth started as a freshman at the local college. Jack and Seth hit it off at the campus gym, and then, later, in their off campus rooms. They quickly discovered they were both into ass play. Jack introduced Seth to taking fingers and some of Jack’s dildos. The freshman was a natural. Seth wanted a whole fist someday, but thoroughly enjoyed getting his ass stuffed in the meantime. He usually ended up spewing a pint of cum before Jack got anywhere near using his hand. Beyond fingers and toys, though, neither fucked the other – they found out they were both bottoms. They frequently confided in each about their tastes in top men, their fantasies and sexual interests. A couple of weeks ago, Jack mentioned a local fisting club, and suggested Seth join him there one night as his guest. Jack said there was a smaller group that sometimes got together - Top's Night, they called it. It was for some tops in the club to have their way with a single bottom for one night – anything goes. Jack was invited to be a bottom, and said he would ask the guys about bringing Seth along. Just last week, Jack told Seth the guys agreed for Seth to join them. Seth knew Jack would be the center of attention that night, but cleaned out his own ass anyway before heading out, just in case his ass saw a little side action. “I'm Vince, by the way,” the stud said as he started to descend the stairs off the entrance hallway. “Umm, nice to meet you, Sir.” Seth had not even thought about using the term “Sir,” it just seemed right. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but so far, this was very hot. “So, are you expecting many people tonight?” Seth asked. “As it happens, just a few here tonight. A select few. But all tops.” When they got to the bottom of the stairs, Vince opened a heavy metal door to the right side of the dark basement landing. Inside, Seth first noticed a bare concrete floor and stone walls. The room was dark, with darker corridors leading back into unknown areas. Around the room were some old heavy leather chairs and ottomans, a wooden table and a small refrigerator. A red lamp dimly lit the room from a corner. Old sex and fisting posters were on the walls. Seth made out three other men in the room. “This is our ‘social room,’" Vince said. “Hey men, no Jack tonight, but this is his friend, Seth. Seth, meet some friends. I have to make a quick call upstairs, but I’ll be back in a sec.” Vince stepped out again with his cellphone. The door clanked shut. Seth found himself in the darkened room with what felt like a wolf pack leering at him. The man closest to Seth whistled. “Holy mother, that is one fucking hot piece of ass.” He shoved his hand out toward Seth. He was shirtless, with a broad hairy chest like Vince, and wore a red jockstrap which was stretched to the limits by a thick, heavy cock. “I'm Bob - nice to meet you – and that hot ass of yours.” Seth shook Bob's hand. He first noticed the hand’s girth, but then something else. Something sticky. Seth then saw the precum leaking through the stretched fabric of Bob’s jock, stringing down to the concrete floor. Seth’s own cock twitched. “Hi Seth, Frank here.” Frank was a little younger than Vince and Bob, probably 48 or so. Still, over twice Seth’s age. Frank, too, was shirtless, except for a black armband with a red spider or something on it. He wore tight cotton shorts clearly displaying a huge slab of meat extending to the leg opening on his thigh. “What's with all these guys?” Seth thought. “All hung like bulls.” The third man, Kirk, wore just a white jockstrap contrasting against his skin. He, too, was older, but lean, with six-pack and a thick piece of meat standing straight up, extending over the waistband by at least five inches. Kirk just grinned at Seth, while his dick twitched and a huge glob of precum oozed out of his piss slit and ran down the shaft. Seth gasped, before he noticed a pair of handcuffs and a thick rubber trungeon on a small table next to Kirk. Then he shuddered. “Why don’t you relax, Seth – Have some of this and we can talk a bit.” Bob handed Seth a fat smoke and a bottle of Gatorade. Seth took a deep inhale and passed it back, but Bob motioned Seth to finish it, and passed a few others to the men. “Why don’t you change down the hall, if you like. There’s also a bathroom there if you wanted to freshen up.” While smoking and getting hornier by the minute, Seth went to the small bathroom off the hallway and stripped off his leather jacket, jeans and t-shirt. He stepped back into the dark den just wearing his jockstrap, boots and an old high school baseball cap, while finishing the last of his smoke. He looked - and felt - like a horny slut offering himself up to a group of older men he didn’t even know. Vince was back in the room, saying something about someone running late, when he abruptly stopped. “Geez, kid, you’re going to get raped wearing that. . . . We need to talk now, before this gets out of hand. Want to talk about maybe submitting tonight? “Absolutely,” Seth said, although it was more the smoke and his hungry hole speaking for him. “Well, there are a few things you should know first.” Vince paused for several seconds. “First, our small group here gets into other things besides just fisting.” “That’s cool,” Seth said, “I get into other things too, so ….” Vince cut him off, “No, wait, just listen.” Another pause. “Jack confided in us that you both get turned on by conversion stories you’ve read on certain sites. Now, before you say anything, you should know we don’t think you’re sick or strange or bad or anything like that. As a matter of fact, everyone here gets off on the same scene. We get off on it a lot. Call us perverts - not many of us into it, so we stick together. And sometimes some of us do more than just share stories. We share our virus. And sometimes we get a chance to actually breed a neg ass, like yours. Yeah, you heard me – we get off trying to infect willing neg guys by pumping them full of our poz cum. Frankly, if you stay, that is what we will want to do to you.” Seth sat down, dumbfounded. He tried to think about what he just heard, but he was incapable of figuring out what was happening. Getting fucked and bred by a poz top was his hottest, darkest, and most secret fantasy. It made him shoot enormous loads every time he thought of it. He just couldn’t believe Jack and these four tops secretly set this whole thing up. They obviously were into dangerous poz/neg fucking as much as he was. “This whole night was planned, with Jack’s help, to give you a chance to pursue your fantasy, as far as you want - and, admittedly, to give us a chance to knock you up. So far, I’d say every sign is pointing in that direction, but instead of you making a decision this second, why don’t we just start off slowly, maybe a little foreplay. You can make a decision later – and say “stop” at any time. But you’ve been warned: everyone here wants to get his poz cum into your ass. Sound like a plan, at least for the moment?” Seth silently nodded an “ok.” He would definitely like to start something with these older studs. The experience, at least, would provide him with a ton of jackoff material later. He could also see about going on PrEP tomorrow, if things got out of hand. “Oh, and I forgot,” Vince added. “We’re usually undetectable.” Victor paused another second. “But to get a leg up on tonight’s goal, we went off our meds a couple of weeks ago – all of us, including someone joining us later. That means the level of virus in our bodies has spiked. Way up. Our cum is toxic. So don’t count on our shooting blanks into that neg ass of yours.” Seth’s heart skipped several beats.
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    Midwestern Bathhouse Prologue. I was out of town for two weeks of job training in a medium-sized midwestern city. On Thursday afternoon, I realized that I had the whole weekend off. I was super horny, sexting with my boy back home, suggesting that he fly out so I could fuck him all weekend. We're open and play bare with other guys, and are getting better and taking loads from strangers. He had done some piggy searching online and suggested I go to a shady part of town to a 'men's club.' He gave me the name of it, and I searched online for it and came up with a really crappy website that looked ten years old. There were some reviews saying it was hit and miss, but Friday nights could be fun. I told my boy I'd go and see what naughty fun I could get into. The next day after work, I took a long shower and cleaned out my ass, not sure what might be in store for me that night. The place was in a white cinderblock building just off the interstate not far from a major college campus, but definitely on the wrong side of the tracks. There was a tall wooden fence off the back of the place that enclosed an outdoor heated pool and hot tub. I texted my boy saying I had arrived and needed to turn off and check my phone. He texted me back saying 'OINK. HAVE FUN!' I replied with a pig emoji and said, 'I WON'T BE ABLE TO TAKE PICS, SO I'LL DESCRIBE IT ALL LATER.' He wrote back, 'MAYBE I'LL SEE IT FOR MYSELF!' I sent him a smiley face and clicked my phone off. Chapter I. The club was 'member's only,' so I had to pay for a one-time membership plus admission. The guy behind the check-in glass was a short stocky Italian-looking guy, with chest fur peeking out of his shirt collar. He winked at me and told me it was going to be a busy night, some alumni weekend on campus. I paid for my membership, a towel, and a locker. The guy told me he'd give me a free upgrade since it was my first time there and gave me a key to a private room. He mentioned that there were a few new faces around sure to be popular. I went to the locker room, stripped down, and wrapped a small towel around my waist, barely enough to knot into itself. There were a few guys milling around. I went to take a piss and walked up to a trough urinal. There was a twinky athletic guy in his early 20s sitting on the edge suckling a stubby uncut cock on a furry guy old enough to be his dad. The daddy smirked at me as if to say the twink was all his. I lifted my towel to piss and the twink leaned over and took my dick in his mouth. The daddy got pissed and backed away. The twink looked up and me with my cock in his mouth and said, 'PISS!' So, I did. He swallowed it all down, gulping and slobbering on my cock growing in his mouth. The daddy was standing behind me and cleared his throat when I was done pissing and now the guy was just sucking my dick. I took a step backwards and the daddy took my place. I headed to the maze of dimly lit hallways and found the door to my 'room'. The walls were maybe eight-feet high in a taller room and had chicken wire across the top to keep people from peering over or climbing into another room. It was really more of a booth than a room, with a narrow mattress and a small side table with a bowl of lube packets, not a condom in sight. The floor was tiled and cold. The whole place reeked of bleach, cum, and sex. I could hear a few different fuck sounds in adjacent booths. I saw a hole drilled in the wall at the perfect height for a gloryhole. I peeked through but the room was empty. I made a point to check it out later. I stood in my doorway for a few minutes and saw a few guys slinking up and down the hall. One guy, heavyset and stooped over with a bit of a belly and meaty pecs with pierced well-developed nipples walked past me, then took a few steps backwards. He reached under my towel and fished out my dick. He used one hand to jerk me off a bit and the other to stroke my balls. He reached to my furry taint and rubbed his finger against my hole. I rarely bottom, but this guy was turning me on. He was so… nasty. The guy stuck his fat finger in my mouth then swirled his wet finger against my ass. He gently pushed my shoulders so I took a step back into the room. I made to close the door, anxious for whatever raunchy fun was about to get started. He held up his hand to stop me, leaving the door open. He spun me around, ass up and dove into my crack, sticking his tongue into me. He dropped his towel and I looked over my shoulder to see a 5” thick cock slick with lube or assjuice. 'You're my third bottom today, man. The other guys couldn't take my dick long enough for me to get my nut. You want to try?' I nodded as he slid his meat against my crack. 'Push back on it, pig,' he grunted. I inhaled deeply and let him force his way inside me, raw, and without lube. It burned like hell but he kept pushing. I think his cock may have been as thick as it was long. I was biting my lip and started sweating. He started rocking his hips and in a matter of seconds it went from searing pain to absolute pleasure. I saw stars. I also saw an eye peeking at me through the gloryhole and two guys leering at me taking raw dick through the open door. The guy fucking me waved them in with his paw and the guys stood on either side of him, tweaking his nipples. 'Harder!,' he shouted. They were really twisting his nipples. I could feel my hole getting more and more wet as his cock was leaking precum into my guts. My top pulled out and flipped me over onto my back. He slid right back in and pistoned away at my hole. He looked down at me and said, 'I'm gonna breed you now.' He didn't ask me, he told me. His pace quickened and he bred me. Load #1 in my hole. From a stranger. He pulled out and one of the guys watching dropped to his knees to clean my ass juice from his cock. The other guy lined up his cock with my cummy hole and slid right in. He was scrawny, almost gaunt, and slipped his dick balls deep in me. His cock was thinner but longer than my first top, who slinked out of the room into the darkness. The guy inside me came, shooting his seed deep into me. He also disappeared quickly. Load #2 in my hole. To be continued…
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    As I felt his big cock penetrate me he had some how grabbed the poppers from me in the struggle. He put them under my nose and made me take huge hits. I felt my head spin and my whole body relax. All I could think was somehow I would stay neg. Maybe I’ll get lucky and be immune. I struggled to look behind me and saw the shadows of at least ten men. Yeah I’m not leaving here neg. He kept pumping into me roughly tell he screamed out. I’ve never felt anything like this before. His raw cock was just incredible. I could feel everything inside of me. “Take my toxic load you faggot” “i can feel my aids infecting you” I was still trying to resist as he pulled out of me. “You’re going to thank me. I’ve loosened your hole up for Barry. You’re going to need this” He placed the poppers back under my nose and told me take the biggest hits you can. I looked back and saw this huge man 6 foot 5 plus. His body size matched his cock size. It felt huge as he forced it inside of me. I was thankful for that load. It at least gave me some lubrication. I felt my body submit completely. I’ve never this full of cock ever and I loved it. I noticed a different sensation each thrust inside of me. “Fuck he’s pierced” I yelled out “Yeah I am faggot. Made to rip the hole of neg fags like you so I can get my toxic seed to work” “there is plenty of blood here already. Looks like we are all going to get another notch on our belts boys” I heard another say “he will be the tenth fag this month who will be ripe with hiv. I hope he goes out and shares it” Barry then said “i might keep him for myself, make him my personal HIV pit. Never had a hole grip me like his. He wants to get aids the fucking slut” I could feel a change in me. The screams were now moans. I loved raw cock. I heard about bugchasers previously and thought how crazy are they. I realised they weren’t crazy. It was the hottest thing a gay man can do. I begged Barry. “Please cum inside me. I want your HIV” Barry said “i could just tell when you walked in you were going to love it, I just knew you were destined for aids” He unleashed a flurry of cock into my hole as I kept begging for his load calling me every name possible. “Take my toxic load you bugchasing faggot. Get all of this dirty cum inside you. Yeahhhhh take that Poz cum” I came without even touching myself as he bred me with my second Poz load. “its your turn guys. Kid, once you’re done come find me”
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    Part 4 I shortly woke up a few hours waking up before my parents got home. I needed to go on my daily run since I had not worked out at all let week. I don’t regret anything I did it had done to be lay week. Jason helped me discover my true self. I finally admitted to myself I had buried thoughts I had about guys after seeing what Jason why through. Now I was free in more ways then one. Free to enjoy sex another man and free from the fear of HIV since I was exposed to the big multiple times since my older brother first fucked me over a week ago. The only freedom I didn’t have was in my service to Steven as my pimp. The idea of serving as a fuck toy for the wealthy men Steven had looked up was rather exciting. I had a steady supply of Tina, already made $600 I tips and received a great blow job from the twink Steven was fucking. The only restriction was to be available evenings when Steven needed me to meet with whomever he had for me too meet. I was on my run I came across Bruce who was our student trainer a couple years back. This past year he was a freshman at a major college in the state. His father told me he was working with the athletic department's sports medicine department. I heard rumors that he was gay so when I saw him out undying of his house I stopped to say hello. I could tell he was surprised I stopped to talk to him as we chatted about this and that, you know, the usual bull shit about classmates. I asked him how the girls were at college and could tell by his answer that he was embellishing his experiences. Bruce asked me how the high school tail was. I didn’t lie, although I left out some details, when I told him “Lately I’ve discovered an older crowd.” He smiled as I spoke and I could see this cock twitch. I invited him to hang out at my place. I knew his house was one of the new that didn’t have a backyard pool. He happily accepted my invitation and said “I'll come by tomorrow, say 10?” I told him, “Right on, That’ll be great.” When I got back to my house after my run I sent a text to Steven telling him about Bruce and my wanting to corrupt him tomorrow. Steven replied, ‘sounds investing, what does Bruce look like?’ I sent him Bruce’s description, 19, 5’10”, 135 pounds, slim buddy, and promised to send a picture when he comes over tomorrow. Steven texted back, ‘he sounds cute….tell you what, been meaning to tell you to shave your pubes off. with how young you look I know a few guys that would get off on the illusion of you being younger teen your real age’ His text about me shaving my pubes had me stunned. I remember most of the boys who were at the party Friday night along with most of the guys that fucked me last week had little or no pubic hair. I figured why not if he was going to let me work on Bruce. I texted back, ‘i'll shave my pubes’ I then received a video call from Steven. He wanted to watch me shaving my pubes. I shaved my cock and what little hair I had around my ass. Steven commented, “Nice, I like the look. Don’t forget under your arms too.” I followed his direction and shaved under my arms listening to Steven telling me what a hot jock ass I had and what a great fucking my ass gave. My pubes were all gone and Steven gave me the all clear to make a move I Bruce with one more condition, but wanted me to live stream the action for him to watch. I had no problem with that, in fact the thought of Steven watching us turned me on. I woke the next morning excited at Bruce coming over to hangout. I threw on a pair of maternal shorts and went downstairs . I saw my parents who didn’t say a word about the other night and ate breakfast. I took a quick shower and went out by the pool. I had my tablet set up so that it wound capture all the action by the pool. Like clockwork Bruce showed up at 10 am. He had on a pair of board shorts and a tank top. I asked if he’d like something drink. He just nodded his head. I told him, “Have a seat and relax while I go grab drinks.” I fixed a couple Cokes with GHB, putting a larger dose in Bruce’s drink and added a splash of rum and some Tina. I took the drinks out and handed Bruce his spiked cola. I you a could good hefty swigs from my drink and sad down. We chatted some as Bruce nervously gulped his drink. Before he knew it, he had finished off his drink and asked for another one. I finished mine off and headed inside to fix a could more. This time I fixed Bruce the same as I did with his first drink although I put in more Tina. I could see the sweat start to form on his forehead and knew the Tina was working. I took a gulp of my drink and commented, “It’s starting to get pretty hot. I think I’m going to get in the pool.” I quickly dropped my shorts and jumped into the cold water buck ass naked. When I came back to the surface and looked up at Bruce who had a semi shocked look on his face. I wasn’t stud if his shocked look beats he couldn't believing I was skinny dipping or the fact that he caught a glimpse of my hard cock when I dropped my shorts. I watched him take a couple big sips of his drink like he was trying to get courage from the alcohol in his drink. The courage that came from his drink was in the form of G and T. Seeing the glassy looks I his eyes, his pupils growing larger with the increase in the sweat I knew the drugs were flowing and would cloud his judgement. Looking up at him with a big smile I asked him, “Are you going to stand there or join me?” I think he was trying to decide if he should take his board shorts off. I knew what I said too him next would help me get him where I wanted him to be of I was to corrupt him further. “Dude it’s just us. I skinny dip all the time when my parents aren’t around. It’s cool with me either way. You can swim with your board shorts on or you can take them off. That’s up to you as long as you get your ass in the pool.” Without hesitation Bruce pulled the tie in his board shorts and dropped them to the pool deck and jumped in the water. When he finally came back up I smile at him and said, “Nice choice.” Bruce smiled at me and I could see the wheels spinning as he tried to think of what to say to me. I caught his eyes drift down trying to make it my still hard cock. When his eyes came back up to meet my gaze and the shit rang grin on my face. He quickly matched my grin as I silently moved closer to him. I knew he was turned on when the tips of our hard cocks touched right before we leaned in towards each other and kissed. He was great kisser as our tongues dualed in and out of each other’s mouths. I knew we were both on the same wave length when we almost simultaneously reached for each other’s hard cocks. After we stopped kissing I suggested, “Why don’t we take this to my bedroom.” I had a camera hidden in my bedroom to capture the action there as well. Wet picked up some new double I the way to my bedroom (Bruce's was pre spiked with G and T). Bruce had already finished his drink when we got to my bedroom and dropped to his knees taking him cock down to the root. Damn, he was a good cock sucker, I was hoping he’d turn out to be a good bottom. After Bruce had been bobbing up and when in my cock for about 5 minutes I figured it was time to take things up a notch. I reached for my pipe that I had already loaded with an ample amount of Tina, lit my torch and heated the bowl. Bruce let my hard cock slip from his mouth as looked up at me and asked, “You smoking weed?” As I blew out the white smoke from my lungs I replied, “No something better.” He stood up with a curious look in his eye. I knew his inhibitions were definitely lowered by the glassy look I his eyes from the G and T he had consumed I his drink. His pupils were very dilated and glassy. I knew he was G'ed out. So I want surprised when he asked, “Can I try it?” The burn was still warm as I heated it for another hit when he asked me if he could try the pipe. I shook my head yes as I took a second hit completely filling my lungs. Bruce the reached for the pipe, but instead I leaned in to kiss him. He seemed to understand what I was thinking as he emptied the air from his. Lungs in time to take the sole from my lungs. He room as much as he sounds as only a little bit escaped or lip lock. The shotgun turned into a passionate kiss as I let him edge my north with his tongue. When we finally stopped kissing Bruce blew out an impressive cloud and I asked him, “How about another one, but this time you hit the pipe and shotgun it to me.” I explained how to heat the bowl so not to burn what’s I the bowl and to slowly inhale. Bruce did exactly as I instructed. He leaned: and we locked lips as before and I inhaled the smoke from his lungs. This time when we kissed my tongue probed his mouth. I had Bruce sit down on my bed. It was my turn to suck cock while Bruce hit the pipe. He let out a site moan as I began to guide him a good job. While I worked his cock with my oral skills he hit the pipe 5 times. In between his hits he softly moaned letting me know he was ready for more. I lifted his legs and moved down to his taint licking my way towards his hole. I paused to admire the hairless, pink pucker I was ready to introduce to the joy of bareback sex. I waited until he blew out his latest hit of Tina. By my count he had just sucked in his sixth lung full of Tina to go with what he had in hits 3 drinks. I was kissing the areas around the hole, taint, inner thighs and his butt crack. Once be exhaled a huge cloud I dove my tongue into his pink pucker. Three soft moans changed into deeper and louder moans as I probed his hole with my tongue. Bruce's hole opened up altering my tongue you penetrate in further. It was easy to tell that his hole was hungry and eager to be filled ass I felt it trying to suck my tongue inside. I tongued as deep as possible while Bruce ran both of his hand through my hair. Anytime I would slightly pull back to get the air Bruce used the hands on my head to pull me back into his ass. I knew he was you’re duty the pickings and flashed a pre arranged signal for Steven to know that soon Bruce was going to get fucked. I pulled out a bottle of Tina laced lube Steven provided and a good size rock of Tina. I began to alternate between fingering and licking his hungry hole. All this stimulation was driving Bruce crazy as his moaning few louder and he sees moving his ass around. As I worked more of the Tina laced lube into Bruce’s hole he complained, “They burns a little.” I took the opportunity of this distraction to slip the rock of Tina into his ass and answered him, “Yeah I’m using a warning lube. You every had your hope played with before like this?” As I pushed the rock as deep as I possibly could into his ass I also kissed and listed his home and the areas around his home to keep him distracted from the new burn he was about to feel. Bruce’s complaint continued as he says, “Ouch! Now that’s really burning.” Quickly his complaints turned it is soft moans which turned hungry loud moans as he began to buck back against my hand as I continued to finger fuck. I stood up from where I had been on my knees feasting on his hairless ass, looked down at Bruce. He was ready to be fucked. I pulled my fingers out of his hungry hole to hear a whimper of disappointment from Bruce. I picked up his legs and rotated him still his head was on the pillow. I put his calves on my shoulders and teased him with the tip of my rock hard 8”cock. Every time I would brush the trip up against his hole Bruce would try and push back I an attempt to get me inside him. I leaned down, gave him a deep passionate kiss before I told him, “I am going to fuck you so good and breed that cute trainer ass.” Bruce looked at me as I got my cock ready to penetrate him and said, “I only play safe.” I answered him, “You used to play safe.” The pushed ¾ of my cock in one thrust. He looked as if he was trying too process what I had just said to him as I pulled back and half way thrusted all of my cock into his ass.
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    1. Clint "Are you awake?" Greg asked me softly. "Yeah, I am," I said. His cock was nestled against my ass, and his arm, already wrapped around my chest, sought out my nipple, and began to play with it. "How are you feeling?" he asked me. "Ok, I guess," I said. I was doing only ok; I wanted to never think again, and sleep the rest of the week. "Jason told me to go to practice yesterday. He said it would help." "I know. Nathan told me to work out as well." "I wonder what it would be like if we hadn't done that." "Worse, I'm sure," Greg said. "How are you doing physically? After the weekend?" I laughed. "You mean, how is my ass doing?" "Yeah. Exactly. How many was it?" "Men? or loads?" I asked. "Either. Both." "For the men, you know them. But numbers? Honestly. I lost count. I mean, just starting out, I got at least four loads." Through the effects of the weed, the crystal, the GHB, and the lack of sleep, it was all a blur. But I remembered that seemingly, there was always a cock inside of me. Even when we went to the club, there was always a raw cock inside of me. "At the end," Greg started. His cock pressed against me, desperate to assert its dominance over me. "You were so wet. So open." "I know. It was hard to take you." "It was?" Greg's voice suddenly got softer, more tender. "Yeah. My hole was so damn sore." Greg's cock had been like a burning hot poker sliding into me. Jason had given me a few hits on the pipe before, and I think the thick clouds were the only thing that allowed me to take it. "But you didn't say anything." "I know. I didn't want to deny you," I said. The entire weekend was a bit of a fog, between the drugs, the sex, the men. I remembered finally coming down and being nestled between Greg and Jason, with Greg's cock right up against my hole. I wanted to be with Greg, to be with someone I knew and who knew me. "Really. Boo. You should have said something." "No, it was ok. It was something I wanted to share with you." "And now?" Greg's cock was a titanium rod. It had been nearly two days since he had last gotten any relief, and his balls were filling up with his deadly juice. "You want to fuck me?" "Yeah," Greg replied. "I do." "You want to fuck me with that poz cock of yours?" "Yeah. I want to fuck you bareback. Breed that hot soccer jock butt of yours." "Do you think I'll ever say no to you?" "I think you should. But I am glad you don't." "Breed me," I said. As I reached for the tub of coconut oil Jason had given me, I extracted myself from Greg's embrace, and rolled onto my back. With one arm, I held up a leg, while I smeared some of the thick grease on my hole. It no longer hurt, but I had definitely been fucked hard over the weekend. Greg knelt between my legs, his cock sticking up straight against his flat stomach. "You sure?" he asked, as he smeared some lube on his shaft. It glistened like a deadly snake, poised to strike. "Absolutely sure." My cock was throbbing, and I reached down to play with it. Despite how turned on and horny I was, my cock was remaining defiantly soft. It had been the same way in Palm Springs. Jason had said it sometimes happened in response to crystal. I felt a bit ashamed; the thing that made me a man was missing in action and left me only able to get fucked. "Fuck me. Breed me." "Poz you?" Greg asked. His dick head was now pressed up against my hole. "That too," I said. I released my flaccid shaft and grabbed his waist. I pulled him closer to me. It also forced his cock into me. Luckily, my hole had mostly recovered from the assault over the weekend, and it was not the unpleasant experience I had feared when I first committed to Greg. But, on the other hand, neither was it completely pain-free. Like all good things, getting Greg's load was not going to be easy. "I'm inside you, boo," Greg said. "My raw cock inside your hole." He was smiling widely, ecstatic to be connected with me again. "Hell yeah," I said. Like his uncle, Greg was hung, and his cock was opening me up again. I didn't know if I was smiling in pleasure or wincing in pain. "Give it to me," I said. The line between pain and pleasure was a delicate one, and as Greg began to piston in and out of me, I crossed back and forth between the two worlds. "You want?" Greg asked me. He had reached over and found a bottle of poppers. "Please," I said. He unscrewed the cap, and took a quick hit, before handing the bottle to me. I inhaled deeply, letting the invisible gas fill my lungs. I handed it back to him. He took another long hit, before putting the cap back on and slamming his cock into me. "Fuck," Greg moaned. "You feel amazing." He rested my legs on his shoulders, and bent me over. His face was inches from mine. I craned my neck, reaching up for our lips to meet. He did the same, and in the heat of the popper-fueled euphoria, we kissed deeply. "I want you to be mine. I want you to be my poz man." "Your infected man." "Taking all my loads." "Taking all the loads," I repeated Greg's words back, with such a small, but such an important difference. "Fucking sexy soccer slut," he said, pushing his cock deeper into me. He was dripping pre-cum now. Between the spit we were swapping in kissing, the sweat from our bodies, and the potent pre-cum dripping out of his cock, I couldn't get enough of his fluids. "So many men this weekend." "So many loads," I said. "And now you're in my fucking bed. Taking my dick." I smiled. "Your bed?" I asked. "My bed. And you're fucking me in it." "Our bed?" Greg said, offering a compromise. "And you're marking me?" I asked. "Marking you as mine." "Always," I said. "I'll always be yours." "Always taking my load?" "Hell yeah!" I grunted. Greg held the poppers under my nose once more. I had no choice but to inhale and feel the waves of pleasure washing over me. "Fuck me, man. Fuck me hard." Greg paused his assault on my ass long enough for him to do a hit as well. "You really want it? Really want my poz load up your hole?" "Yeah," I said. "I do." Greg put the cap back on the poppers. "I want it from you." "Me too," Greg said. His face was flushed, as the poppers started to hit him. "I'm getting close," he said. "Don't pull out," I said. I grabbed onto Greg's waist, and pulled him in close. "I want every drop." Greg leaned in to me, his eyes locked onto mine. His breathing was getting shorter, as he edged every closer to the inevitable release. With each stroke of his cock, my hole was also getting hungrier. "Please," I grunted, before he slammed his shaft back into me. "Of course," he said, before shoving his tongue into my mouth. "I'm gonna fill that hole with my poz seed." "Oh yeah," I said. His cock was dripping pre-cum now. "Oh hell," he grunted, and slammed his cock into me. His body convulsed, his dick twitched, and my ass was filled with his thick, toxic seed. "Oh HELL," he grunted again, as another spam racked his body. "Give it to me," I said, as I clenched my ass around his shaft, trying to milk out every drop. Greg had fucked me often enough that his cock was now a familiar presence in my body and his seed was a comforting presence. Other men provided variety and spice, but Greg provided consistency and solidity. "Oh hell," Greg continued. In the middle of his orgasm, deep thought was well beyond his cognitive ability. All he was focused on was the pleasures and sensations from his dick. "Oh hell," he said again, as another spurt of semen landed inside of me. "Every drop," I said. "Don't spare me. You know I want it. All of it." "You're getting it. Every drop." "I want to be like you," I said. "I want to give it to you." We didn't have to talk about what it was. We both knew the gift that he was sharing with me. "I want us to share it. Share a special bond." His orgasm ending, Greg was now able to speak more coherently. "I like it when you cum in me," I said, as the last few drops dripped from his poz rod and into my body. "I like cumming in you." He leaned in and kissed me again. "I really like cumming in you." "Me too," I said, between long kisses. His cock was still buried in my ass. Every once in a while, there would be a residual spasm from the orgasm, just enough to remind me that I was still impaled on his hard shaft. "I love you," he said. "I love you too," I said. "Did you enjoy the weekend?" he asked me. We had barely talked about what had happened. I wasn't even sure I could remember all of the details, and here, the details were exactly how many times I had been fucked me over the course of the 36 hours. "I did. Did you?" "Hell yeah. Seeing you get fucked. Getting inside that sloppy soccer jock butt. Knowing how much you had done. Gets me hard just thinking about it." He wasn't lying. His tool was still nestled inside my hole, and even though it was so soon after he came, his cock was starting to stiffen and lengthen. It felt like it was searching out some vulnerability hidden deep in my body. "I'm glad," I said. "Are we going to do it again?" I asked. "The partying? Or the playing? Or both?" "Both," I said. "Or either." He stared at me, his brown eyes examining my face, seemingly alert for every subtle twitch of my expression. "Yeah," he finally said. "I would. You?" "I would. It felt good to share that with you. To share it with Nathan and Jason." "With Sean? With Vic? Them too?" "Yes, them too." I paused for a moment. I wanted to ask him something else. "Maybe. Next time," I stammered. I didn't want to end the sentence, to learn what Greg would think of me. So, I did the obvious thing, and kissed him. "Next time?" Greg said, as he pushed me away. "You aren't going to get away from that opening with just a kiss." "I dunno," I said. I knew what I wanted to say. But I couldn't bring myself to say it. Luckily, Greg came to my rescue. "So, you want a next time? I mean, partying?" "Yeah," I said. "I do. And I liked it like this time. Some time with a group, but some time alone with you." "Good," Greg said. "I liked sharing you. I liked seeing you go off with my friends, knowing they were going to fill you with their infected cum." He grinned. "And," he continued, "I liked getting fucked as well." "I liked watching you take cock." Greg's cock was now hard once more, and he was starting to slowly pump my ass. The cum he had recently injected into me was lubricating his strokes, making them just bearable. "Would you..." he started, but trailed off before he could complete the sentence. 'Would I?" I parroted his statement back to him. "Would I what?" I tried to imagine what Greg wanted me to do, especially in light of all the things I did over the weekend. It was a short list. "Would you want to play with Doug? I mean, party with him?" "Yeah," I said. "I would. Is he..." I wanted to know if he had converted yet. Or, better, I needed to know. I wanted to be Greg's project, to convert first of all the men he had been fucking. If Doug got it first, I feared that Greg would think we weren't compatible. "Not yet," Greg said. "At least last time we talked. Why? Hungry for more infected sperm?" "Always. You know that." I clenched my hole, feeling Greg's shaft keeping me open. It reminded me just how vulnerable I was around him, although despite our near-constant efforts, I was just as healthy as the day we had first met. "But only you have what I want. What I need. Doug doesn't have it." "I guess we're going to have to keep trying, huh?" "Yeah. I guess so." I didn't tell him how jealous of Doug I was. I didn't mind that he was fucking Doug on a regular basis; I was included in their playtime often enough that it felt more like a team effort than anything else. Besides, I was getting plenty of dick other guys. What I was terrified of, what kept me up in at night, even when I was wrapped in Greg's arms, was what if Doug got infected before I did? "You ok, boo?" Greg asked me. He had noticed my attention had wandered. "Yeah," I said. "I'm fine. Going to be even better when you get me knocked up." "I know. I'm looking forward to it as well." "What if it doesn't happen?" I asked. "I love you," he said. "I love you too." "We have years to make it happen." Greg pushed himself up off my chest. His hard cock was still deep in me; he pulled it out, then pushed it back in. The fluid from his first load squished around inside of me, a deadly mixture of sperm, semen, and virus. "But it's never going to happen if you don't keep taking loads." "Poz loads," I said. "Fucking dirty, infected poz loads." "Like mine." "Being slammed in deep," I said. "Fat, long dicks dripping infected pre-cum." "Like mine," Greg echoed back. "Are you going to breed me again?" I asked. I was hungry for it. My mind was still a bit fogged by the after-effects of the crystal, and I suddenly felt like this was the most important question I had asked Greg. I was almost shaking from the immediate, overpowering fear that he would turn me down. But my dark-haired stud did not fail me. "Yes. Of course I am. Longer. Deeper. Harder." With each word, he took a stroke into my ass, reminding me of exactly my position as the bottom. I gasped, but as Greg continued his relentless penetration and exploration of my hole, I moved past the point of pain, and into pleasure. I was aware of every millimeter of his cock as it explored my body, getting deeper than I thought possible. "Please," I murmured. "Whatever you want. As long as I get your load." "My poz load. You want my diseased spooge, don't you?" "Please," I said. My entire body ached for his cum. "I need it." "You are a hungry stud today," Greg said. "I can feel it inside you. Sucking my cock in deeper. Milking out my pre-cum." He pushed in deeper, smiling as I winced in pain. "Oh, baby," he said, noticing my wince. "You ok?" However solicitous his voice was, I noticed that his cock stayed just as deep in me as ever. "Just a second. Let me get used to it." "Of course. And this never hurts, does it?" He held the bottle of poppers under my nose. It was impossible for me not to inhale the thick chemical aromas. The poppers hit me fast and hard, the sudden rush radiating out from my brain, across my body, and focusing in on my hole. "Keep on taking it. Fucking big hit." "Oh fuck," I moaned. "Oh fuck," I moaned again as my mind exploded into a million different thoughts. "Oh goddamn fuck," I moaned, as my body was racked by spasms of pleasure. "Focus," Greg said, stroking my abs, finding my treasure trail down to my dick. I looked down, expecting to see the soft husk of my dick. However, as Greg's greasy hands ran over it, I was amazed to see it stiff and erect. "Focus on my cock," Greg said again. "Focus on my poz cock. Focus on me dripping deadly pre-cum into you." "Oh god," I moaned. "I want it. Give me your virus." I had just heard Jason talk about spreading the bug when he had been fucking me over the weekend. Memories of those intense two days were coming back to me, albeit blurred by the drugs we had done. The memories were making focus on anything hard. "Just cum in me." "Oh fuck, you want this deadly load, don't you?" Greg had grabbed onto my cock, and was stroking it in synchrony with my own strokes onto his dick. "So fucking hard, getting pounded by my poz cock." "Oh fuck." Greg's hand on my cock had sent another spasm of pleasure through my body, and I was worried I was going to cum far too soon. If I came, I wasn't going to be able to get fucked, and I didn't want to deny Greg the opportunity to breed my hole once more. "Just cum in me. Fucking fuck me up and infect me." "Wanna give it to you," Greg grunted. "Fucking hot bro, you begging for my poz seed. Getting me so damn close." I saw the look in Greg's eyes. Crazed with lust, the animal that all of us possessed was coming out. Once the fierce beast took over Greg's mind, it was only a matter of time before my boyfriend would shoot me full of his toxic waste. I knew how to bring out the beast. "Come on man," I said. "Wanna feel that deadly cum in my hole. Get me knocked up. Get me infected." "You want it?" Greg replied, the beast spreading from his eyes across his face. "Tell me what you want, bro." "I want your sperm. I want you to shoot in me. I want you to breed me with that infected cum of yours." I caught my breath. "I want you to give me AIDS. I want you to be the one that kills me." "Oh hell, bro," Greg said, the sounds almost an indistinct growl. "You're going to get it." The battle against beast had been lost. The man I knew as Greg, my boyfriend, was no longer fucking me. Instead, I was being raped by a totally different, yet strangely familiar Greg. Everything about him was amplified, from his personality to seemingly the size of his cock. I grabbed his head and pulled him to me. "Give me the virus," I said, before jamming my tongue in his mouth. His reaction was immediate; his cock slammed back into my hole. Since the poppers had long worn off, I was barely prepared for the intrusion. I winced and simultaneously tightened my ass around his cock. "Owwwwww," I grunted. "You ok?" I nodded. "Good, because I don't want to stop," Greg said. The animal was still there, still controlling him. He continued. "I'm not going to stop." His hips were slamming against my ass now, each stroke pushing his cock deeper into my body, and his balls closer to releasing their load. "Gonna seed you good. Fuck this virus cum into you." "I'm here to take your infected cum any time you need it. Fuck that poz jizz into me." "Oh yeah," Greg growled. "Oh Yeah," he growled again, this time loud and more intense. "Oh Yeah!," he continued. He was fucking me, and with his fast, deep strokes, I could feel the steady stream of pre-cum, heralding the imminent arrival of his orgasm. "OH FUCK YEAH!" he screamed, loudly enough that I wondered if the other guys in the dorm could hear him. Then he leaned in, and whispered something in my ear. The contrast in loudness only emphasized the sensitive, intimate nature of what he had to say. "I'm going to infect my lover with AIDS." "I'm going to let my poz boyfriend fuck me bareback. And fill me with his dirty cum." I gave him a kiss and his strokes sped up. He was on edge, and I wasn't going to prolong his agony. "Breed me with your poz sperm." "Take it," he said. His body went rigid, as did his cock buried deep in my hole. There was a momentary stillness that engulfed both of us. My tongue in his mouth and his raw cock deep in my guts both stood motionless. But then, the two bombs between Greg's legs exploded. They were each small death factories, constantly pumping out Greg's signature toxic juice. I could feel the explosion travel up his cock, right before it burst into my gut, filling me with the promised second load. "Shoot it in me," I murmured, between frantic kisses. "Take it," he grunted again, as another jet of cum shot out of his dick into my body. He wrapped an arm around me, pulling me tight against his body. I did the same to him. "Take my poz load," he said. We were holding on to each other tightly now, making sure that Greg's deadly spooge was delivered deep into my body. Even if I had wanted, there was no way I could escape being impregnated. "Please," I said. His cock was white-hot poker in my guts and his cum barely quenched the burning. But the pain didn't matter. It was a price I gladly paid for Greg, for having this amazing man fuck me, for him showing how much he cared about me. "I want it." "Take it," he said, one last time. His thrusts were slowing down and were no longer quite the visceral, animal acts. The beast was receding, and the man I knew was returning. "Let me fill you up." "Let me carry your loads to class today." "I love my loads inside you." "I love your loads inside me," I said. There was that particular post-orgasmic happiness engulfing the two of us. Greg's cock was still deep in my body and his cum was now being absorbed and becoming a part of me. There was a peace between us; Greg had accomplished his essential mission of breeding my hole and with the insistent distraction of his cock out of the way, other topics could be considered. Greg wrapped his other arm around me, pulled me even tighter, and rolled over. He made it seem effortless, although it was an expert move to do, keeping his cock inside of me. "What about you?" he asked me, reaching down for my dick. It was still hard, and with his touch, I realized just how horny I was. "Your turn. Stroke that boy cock for me. Shoot your load." "Boy cock?" I asked, grabbing it and stroking it. "It's not as big as yours, I know. But hardly a boy cock." Greg laughed. "A man's cock shoots charged up sperm. A boy's cock shoots blanks." For a moment, I saw the man Greg would become. It was an echo of Nathan, but hardly a reflection. My dick twitched in response. More than anything else, I wanted to be with this man, and at that moment, with his cock deep inside me, we were as close as two men could get. As I rode his still-hard cock, I stroked my dick. "Oh god," I moaned. "I'm going to cum." "Fuck yeah, Clint," he said. "All over my chest. Shoot that cum on me." "Oh god," I grunted again. Greg's cock was deep in my ass. Every move I made reminded me of how tender and used my hole was, but yet, I could hardly stop myself from fucking myself on his manhood. "Oh god," I said as my balls clenched tight. "Oh GOD," I said, passing the point of no return. An arc of white jizz shot out of my cock, over Greg's chest, and landed on the pillow next to his head. "Come on," Greg said. "Shoot it." The next spurt wasn't quite as powerful, but it was larger. The spurt landed on his chest, a long white line starting just below his shoulder and ending at the base of his pec. Several more followed in quick succession, covering Greg's torso with my thick white sperm. "Fuck, that's nice," Greg said, as he scooped up some of my cum and licked it off his fingers. "So fresh. So pure." "You need to fix that." "I know. I'm trying. You're trying. It will happen." Greg wiped up more of my cum and let it drip into his mouth. "That was hot," I said. "Yeah, it was." He let his fingers drift across my torso, following the contours of my muscles and eventually landing at my cock. "So hot to think about infecting you." "And afterwards? Find a new model?" "Of course. For both of us to infect." "I want that. A lot." "Me too," Greg said. "So, you up for a weekend with Doug?" "Fucking?" I asked. "Partying?" "Both," Greg said. "A lot of both." "Yeah," I said. "You thinking this weekend?" "I am." "Not a lot of time," I said. "For?" "You to convert me." "Or for Doug to get puzzled up." "Yeah. But now, I can't decide which I want." "How so," Greg asked. "If I want Doug to be poz and fuck me. Or for me to be poz and fuck Doug." "There's a third option," Greg said. "Both of you poz and fuck me." "There is that," I said. I collapsed on top of Greg. My cum squished between us as we kissed deeply.
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    After a night of hard drinking, I invariably wake up super early (after only 4-5 hours of sleep) with a need to feel a hard cock in my ass. Last night was one of those nights so this was one of THOSE mornings. I woke up at 5:30 and, as I often do, I hopped online and hit the usual sites - BBRT, A4A, Manhunt, and Doublelist. I don't normally have any luck and end up jerking off to some hot bb porn, but as soon as I logged into BBRT I got a message. He was a slender young white guy, mid 20s, with what looked like a solid 8-inch cock hanging between his legs. "U host?" he asked. Uh oh. That's the number one indicator that the conversation isn't going any further. "No, u?" I replied. "Sorry no. But if you're open to it I know a spot." Hmmmm. Public sex always intrigues me, and I have no problem being watched as I take cocks and loads, but I have a tough time being quiet while being pounded, and something told me this kid was gonna pound me. "Where?" "The 24-Hour [drug store] near you. Men's room. I'll be in there with the door unlocked at 6:30 sharp. Don't knock, just walk in." After a bit more back and forth about my inability to get fucked quietly, and assurances that it wouldn't be a problem, I got ready and headed out the door. What the hell, I figured, I could always grab some more lube and enemas while I was there. At 6:28 I walked into the all-night drug store. A lone employee looked up from behind the counter, nodded and went back to looking at his phone. My nervousness grew as I walked down an aisle of Easter candy toward the bathrooms. Outside the men's room door I paused and checked my phone - 6:30 am. I grabbed the doorknob, turned it, and pushed the door open. The sight that greeted me took my breath away. This fine, tall, slender guy was reclined on the toilet, holding a massive piece of meat with his right hand. He shook it at me when I walked in. "Get on your knees," he whispered, and I quickly obeyed. I took that cock into my mouth and savored the slight salty taste and musky scent. He wasn't freshly showered, as I usually prefer, but in that place in that moment I didn't care. I was extra turned on. I broke out my brown bottle, took a sniff, then slid my mouth down on his shaft until he was buried in my throat. He moaned quietly with pleasure as my tongue caressed his big, clean-shaven balls. I worked my throat up and down on that gorgeous cock, choking and gagging and covering it with that self-made, super-slick lube that works oh so well. After a few minutes on my knees, my desire got the best of me. I stood, dropped my pants, and rubbed a bit of that deep-throat saliva on my hole. In one motion I positioned myself over his cock head and sat down slowly. I felt the pressure as the tip popped inside. My hole opened and in a flash his entire length was deep in my ass. We both tried to muffle the noises we made as I grabbed the handicap rails and rode my ass up and down on that beautiful slab of meat. He reached up from behind me, sliding his hands under my shirt to find my nipples. He worked them hard, making my mind spin with pleasure as I worked his shaft. Then, all too soon, he whispered, "I'm gonna cum." "Cum in my ass," I hissed back, and that was all he needed. I sat down hard on his cock and held there, sitting on his lap and squeezing my sphincter as I felt that big cock pulse and dance and spurt its load deep inside me. I stayed like that for a moment after he finished cumming, then carefully stood, tightening my sphincter as he slipped out to keep as much of his juice inside me as I could. My pants were still around my ankles and I reached down into a pocket, pulling out a plug I brought just for the occasion. I handed it to him, and he knew what to do. I stood in front of him and belt over at the waist so he could slide the plug into my well-fucked hole. Once it popped in place, I stood, pulled up my pants, and walked over to the sink to wash up. It was only then that I noticed the drug store uniform folded neatly on the side of the sink. Surprised, I turned to look at him. "You work here?" I asked. "Isn't that a bit dangerous?" "Nah," he replied. "My friend working the register does the same thing. It's just the two of us. He looks out for me and I look out for him." I smiled and nodded, then reached for the doorknob. "Nice system. I had fun, thanks." As I opened the door, he said, "My friend texted me when you walked in. He just had someone in here so he isn't looking today, but next time he wants to take a turn once I've finished in you." The thought send shivers down my spine. "Anytime." The guy behind the counter watched me intently as I made my way back through the store. Walking to the door, I gave him a smile, which he returned with a big grin. Content, with that big load of baby batter secure in my hole, I stepped out into the morning air. And wouldn't you know it, I forgot to get lube and enemas before I left. Guess I'll just have to go back next weekend.
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    Hello, I've been reading fiction on here for several months now and have been discovering what is for me a whole new turn on. This is my first attempt at writing a poz story and would like to state that most of it is fiction with some inspirations from reality. I look forward to your comments, please don't hesitate to share your remarks, thoughts and constructive criticism. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I met him on Grindr. It was late in the night and I was horny and talkative which made me prone to telling strangers things I usually keep to myself until I know the person a little better. His name was Maxime. Like me, he was in his early twenties. He had a muscular build and a very attractive look on his face. He was wearing joggers and a t-shirt and a pair of black Adidas Y-3 Kaiwa sneakers in his profile picture which was an immediate turn on for me. He had started the conversation pretty casually with a quick "hey, what's up" but then it had quickly evolved into dirty sex talk with him asking what I was into and my horny trusting self answering his questions and giving up information which, as I just mentioned, I usually withhold until later. And so I told him all about how I like being forced or seduced into submission, how I liked sneakers and the manly scent they emitted. After a while he answered that he loved seducing and dominating guys and while sneakers weren't really his thing he didn't mind implementing them into his domination routine for me. I was already rock hard and reading those words made me even more so. That is when he sent the following: "Well, I'm tired so I'll be going to bed now, but I'll leave you with a little present ;)". The message was followed by a few close-up pics of his Adidas Y-3 sneakers. Then he went offline. Five minutes later I was in bed, masturbating to the pics he'd sent me and imagining him fucking me mercilessly while holding a sneaker pressed against my face. If only I had known back then what I was getting myself into. The following day we talked some more and he ended up sending me a link to his Facebook profile. I added him and we continued our conversation there. I decided to take a little stroll through his photos while he was telling me how he'd like to meet, have some fun, how he'd like to hold me in his arms and force me onto his bed... His words combined with his Facebook profile being filled with pic after pic of his muscular body, at the beach, in the gym, etc, got me hard and horny again. That's when I saw something strange in his photos. There was a picture of a what looked like maybe a white lab coat (he was a fashion student, go figure) on it was drawn, presumably by him, a very muscular male with a Mickey Mouse head and a gigantic, veiny cock. And coming out of the cock was a heart inside which were written the words "AIDS Forever". I couldn't quite understand what it meant. I was just about to ask him but as I opened the Facebook conversation a pic was waiting for me. His muscular legs in gym shorts with a clear view on his Adidas Y-3 sneakers and the message "Just came home from the gym. Been training all morning and those babies are quite sweaty inside. I think you'll love the smell ;)" At that moment I felt harder than I'd ever been before, forgetting all about what I wanted to ask him. His next message came in: "wanna come over?". And then his address. 20 minutes by bus from where I lived. I was ready to leave home 30 minutes later. 30 more and I was in front of the address he'd given me. I rang the doorbell and soon the door opened. He looked even better than in his pictures. He was a bit taller than me and had a warm smile on his face. We said hello and then a powerful arm was around my shoulders, gently but firmly pulling me inside the house. I was feeling completely hypnotized by him. His presence, the manly scent of a guy who'd just come home from the gym, his beautiful, deep voice, the way he looked deep into my eyes. We were sitting on his couch having a casual talk... which quickly evolved into casual making out and before I knew it his muscular arms lifted me from the couch and carried me to his bedroom. All the way he was carrying me he was looking me in the eyes, the most beautiful smile on his face. All I could do was smile back. "Shhush, baby, we're going to have some great fun" he said gently and he laid me onto his bed. Next thing I knew I was naked and he had stripped his sweatpants and t-shirt, leaving only his boxers and those sexy Adidas Y-3 sneakers on. Then he removed his boxers to reveal the largest cock I'd ever seen. Long and veiny. And then I remembered the picture I'd seen earlier on his Facebook profile. I sat up on the bed and said: "Hey, I saw this strange pic on your Facebook this morning", I said, looking up at him. "Oh yeah, which one, baby?" "Well there was this Mickey Mouse with a big cock and out of it..." He interrupted before I could finish. "Oh... you mean that." He caught my gaze with his beautiful eyes, and with a gentle smile on his lips he continued: "It's because I am poz." "Poz?", I asked, "As in HIV positive?" "Yeah. But don't let it bother you." I was still caught in his gaze, rock hard. "Let's just have some fun." Then he started kissing me before I could answer him. "Can't you just use a condom?" I asked when we finally broke the kiss. "No." "I really like you but I don't wanna get infec..." My protest was met by his warm sneaker as he pressed it, gently and firmly, against my face covering my nose and mouth. All I could do was inhale his manly scent and moan. He hadn't been lying when he'd said they were sweaty and smelly. As the heavenly, warm, masculine scent was assaulting my nostrils I felt his breath in my ear. "Shuuush, relax, baby. Don't worry, we don't have to do anything risky. Just relax and enjoy what you came here for. I've been getting them nice and stinky all morning in the gym just for you." After saying those words he started gently and slowly maneuvering me, getting me laying on my belly on his bed, face buried in his sweaty sneaker breathing deeply and moaning every time I exhaled. He then laid on top of me and before I could think anything of it his warm breath was once again in my ear: "Shush, it's ok, baby. Do you like my smell? Yeah, that's it, just relax and keep inhaling my smell." I was so horny and turned on by everything he did and said and by the smell I couldn't stop myself from breathing that I barely noticed his cock-head gently starting caressing my hole. "Shuush, shuuush." He continued to coo in my ear as his muscular body started to rub against mine in a gentle and rhythmic fashion. Soon it wasn't just caressing my hole - now the cock-head was starting to gently push against my hole, demanding entry. "Just relax and open yourself to me baby." Was all the motivation my body needed to relax and let him enter me. With slow thrusts he penetrated deeper and deeper into me until his full length was inside me. That's when he stopped and his breath was back at my ear. "I am deep inside you now baby. My poz cock is buried deep inside you. Unprotected. Every thrust has been peeling away the fragile defenses of your gut. Once I cum in you I'll infect you." He said those words in a warm, tender voice but it was enough to finally bring me back to reality. I didn't want to get infected. I didn't want to get AIDS. I didn't... Before I could finish that thought his hand found my own rock hard cock under me and squeezed. This time his voice was powerful and dominant, no longer whispering. "Breathe." And I did. I breathed in the sweaty smell of his sneakers as the thrusting resumed, this time faster, more fervent. "Breathe in the smell of the man who is about to infect you with AIDS. Relax like the good boy you are and breathe in deeply." There was nothing I could do but obey. I had revealed my turn-ons to him and now he was using them against me. I didn't have the strength to fight him. "That Facebook pic you were worried about. Don't worry. It says AIDS Forever in the heart because AIDS is love. I am about to give you my love." He was starting to grunt as he was talking now. "My love you will carry with you forever. Ahh, yeah, breathe in my foot-sweat as I infect you!" With that I felt a warmth spread somewhere deep inside of me and knew he had infected me. He collapsed on top of me and continued fucking me, slowly and gently, massaging his seed into my gut with his still hard cock, making sure not a drop would be wasted. I was vaguely aware that I lay in a pool of my own cum, I didn't know when I had orgasmed. We soon drifted to sleep. I woke up several hours later. Silently collected my clothes, got dressed and left. Two weeks later I had a severe case of flu. A month later I went for a blood test and tested POZ. His name is Maxime and his love will forever be inside me.
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    Part II of II (for now). Vince moved his hand underneath Seth’s jock and cupped his ass without waiting for any response. His palm practically covered one cheek, while his fingers extended into Seth’s crack and rubbed the entrance to the kid’s hole. Vince led Seth down a dark corridor that fed into another, even darker room. The other men followed, stroking their own hard, drooling cocks. When Seth’s eyes adjusted to the dim light, he could make out slings, fuck benches and sex furniture throughout the room. Chains, ropes and slit slings hung from the dark ceiling. On one wall, shelves were lined with dildos and plugs, from small to obscenely huge. On another wall, there were floggers, paddles, prison straps and restraints of all sorts. The room smelled of cigars, cum and poppers. A low rhythmic beat came from somewhere beyond the darkness. It was warm and humid. The floor was sticky. “And this . . . this is what we call the ‘play room,’” Vince hoarsely whispered in Seth’s ear. “but tonight, maybe we should call it the pozzing room.” Vince’s fingers started to push against Seth’s hole. Hawking a wad of spit, Vince pushed half of his middle finger into his target. Seth unconsciously arched his back, spread his legs and ground his butt against Vince’s thick finger. “Yeah, horny little fucker, aren’t you?” Vince thrust in his entire finger and began strong, circular motions to warm up the freshman’s cunt. Seth rode one, then two, then three spit-soaked fingers. “Oh yeah, that’s it, boy, ride that hand.” Vince discretely added his precum to the spit lube and continued to stretch out Seth’s hole. “Fuckin’ hot hole, boy,” Vince purred. “That’s going to feel nice around my poz cock.” Unknown hands, meanwhile, worked Seth’s body and nips. Bob’s sticky fingers parted Seth’s lips. Bob pushed several into Seth’s mouth. Seth coated them with spit, tasting Bob’s precum. Slowly but insistently, Bob pushed his fingers deeper back into Seth’s throat, making Seth gag. “That’s it, boy,” Bob encouraged, as he pushed even deeper, “gag for me, kiddo. That’s it. Take it, boy.” Seth was slobbering and lubing up Bob’s hand when Bob growled, “Let’s get this boy bent over, NOW.” The men bent Seth over the nearest fuck bench in a dark corner. He kneeled on pads at one end, and his forearms were placed on padded rests towards the front. His thighs were spread wide, and his ass was elevated by a padded mound at the end of the bench, totally rendering his hole vulnerable to four drooling cocks behind him. Before he realized what was happening, the men tied Seth’s wrists, waist, thighs and ankles to the bench, which in turn was firmly bolted to the concrete floor. Seth couldn’t move if he wanted, and curriously, he had no desire to go anywhere. Instead, Seth gyrated his ass in hunger and ground his dick into the padded bench. His enticements didn’t go unanswered. The first glob of spit hit the center of Seth’s hole with such force it splattered. Then another wad hit him - bullseye. Then another, and another. An onslaught of spit, coming from different directions, drenched Seth’s ass. The mucus ran down Seth’s balls. Various fingers, sometimes doubling up, took turns pushing the slime deep up Seth’s hole, until Seth’s ass was a leaking mess of spit and precum from all four men. Seth’s ass was already in overdrive when he felt Vince’s hot breadth and beard on his ass. “Fuuuck,” Vince muttered as his mouth clamped down on Seth’s hole. Vince was voracious. He tongued, sucked and bit like a starved animal, all the while adding more spit up Seth’s soaked hole. Vince finally came up for air and stood. His thick, pierced cock aimed straight at the kid’s open hole. Someone cracked a capsule under Seth’s nose and made him inhale. Seth went into the ozone as Vince speared the kid’s hole with half his pierced dick. Seth only groaned. Vince moved his cock slowly back and forth, sinking more of his piece into Seth with every forward motion. Vince was mildly surprised when his unloaded a couple of small squirts, but continued silently to thrust back and forth, until his cock was balls deep up Seth’s gut. He ground his PA and poz fluids into the walls of Seth’s ass for a couple of minutes. The kid was only making sounds, and none of them protests. So Vince pulled back and thrust hard and deep one more time. He immediately unloaded huge ropes of viral-laden cum into the kid’s cunt. Vince knew it was only his first load of the night. He could cum like a twenty-one year-old when inspired like this. He just wanted to get a load in before the young man began having second thoughts. The “slow foreplay” idea was quickly forgotten. Someone fed Seth another ampule of amyl while Bob took Vince’s place. Bob’s dick was thick and long, but Seth pushed back enthusiastically against Bob’s groin, encouraging the older stud to tear up his ass and deposit his own DNA. Bob did not disappoint. This time Seth yelped from Bob’s pummeling, but he never indicated he wanted it to stop. Like Vince, Bob did not hold off very long, and soon added a huge dose of virus into Seth’s tenderized ass. Bob continued to lewdly thrust his hips forward for several minutes, trying to get squeeze every drop into the horny kid. Kirk walked over to a shelf, and came back with what appeared to be a long bottle brush. He stood in front of Seth’s face and spoke for the first time while stroking the brush like a dildo. “Care for a little cleaning?” Kirk smiled. The bristles were stiff. Seth’s eyes widened. “Just something to scratch your insides a little – for my special delivery.” This time Seth did yell “noooooo,” but the men held Seth down, and gave him more amyl while Kirk worked the brush up Seth’s ass. Kirk thrust and twisted only a few times before he pulled the brush out and dropped it to the floor. His long dick was already smeared with poz cum when he shoved it deep into Seth’s ass. Like clockwork, he, too, quickly unloaded into the kid and spurted off five or six shots. Seth was soaked, inside and out. His ass was gaping and leaking thick cum which covered his balls and dripped to the floor. Frank began to take up position when Seth asked if he could stand up and take a break for a few minutes. The men agreed - Frank, most reluctantly. They plugged Seth’s ass and went back to the “social room.” While drinking and smoking, Vince asked Seth whether he might be up for some fisting later. Seth said he was open to the idea, but doubted whether he could take a fist after the rough fucking. “But definitely up for a few more rounds, if anyone else is,” Seth grinned. Frank whooped and grabbed his crotch when the metal door opened and the late arrival entered. Both his and Seth’s mouths dropped to the floor. “Seth??” barely came out of the man’s mouth. “Dad?” Seth answered increduously. “Son, what the fuck?” Seth hadn’t seen his Dad in years. His Dad provided well for Seth financially, but lived a separate and private life on the coast, away from Seth, his Mom and her new husband. The thought occurred to Seth to visit his father after Seth went off to college, but the thought hadn’t developed into any plan yet. “Whoah, whoah, whoah.” Vince interjected, taking some control over a disaster in the making. “Max, have a smoke. Or two. Seth, you just sit there. I know this is a shock to you both, but let’s talk this out. Seth, we didn’t know Max is your Dad, and Max, we didn’t know our neg boy here was your son. That said, we are where we are.” Vince thought for a second. “Seth, your Dad is one of us. Maybe more than any of us, he is very, very into spreading his virus. He’s actually the one who came up with the idea of this group. Max, don’t react, just listen. Believe it or not, your son is turned on by getting his college butt filled with poz cum. It excites him. He wants it. He’s got a hot little cunt, too - horny and negative. He craves poz cum, whether he could tell you that to you or not. And Seth, don’t deny that you and Jack also got off on trading incest stories, and talking about Dad/Son fucking. Hear that, Max?” Max nodded, silently. “So we can just end this all now and everybody goes home, or we can maybe turn this into something else. You two could make a wet dream true, and agree that what happens here won’t affect who you are to each other outside these rooms.” “Is that true, Son?” Max asked. “You get turned on by a man pumping poz sperm up your ass?” “Yeah, Dad.” Seth admitted in a low voice. “And the incest stuff?” Max added, “You want your old man to breed your ass?” “Yeah, Dad. Is it true you went off your meds so you would be infectious?” Seth asked. “Yeah, Son, I’m more than infectious. My cum is likely toxic.” “And you want to . . . infect me?” Max paused, “Fuck yeah I do. All I could think about for two weeks is pumping this load into some hungry hole. And that hole turns out to be you. I won’t deny it; you’re not the only one who gets off on incest. I'm resisting right now, but I won’t be able to control myself if this goes on much further. Just talking about this is dangerous.” Max addressed that last comment to Vince. Vince grinned as Max took a fourth drag on his smoke. Seth checked out his Dad smoking at the door. He reminded Seth of a former marine sergeant. His Dad had a short, silver buzz cut. His denim shirt was opened to the waist and revealed a fit, hairy torso. Max spread his legs when he noticed Seth’s eyes moving lower to his waist. He knew what was going on in his son’s mind. His thick fuck tool hung down his left thigh. It pulsed visibly through the tight jeans. Seth groaned and got hard again. Max swung the metal door. It closed with a loud clang. Without a word, Seth stood up, turned around, and knelt on the worn leather chair. He arched his back, pushed his ass out, and removed the butt plug along with several globs of cum. “Fuck me, Dad. Make me even more like you.” Max undid the buttons of his jeans while strutting towards his son’s upturned ass. Yeah, his cock was a monster. A drooling monster. It jutted straight out, and got thicker and longer by the second. Seth reached back and lewdly spread his cheeks to show his father his cum dripping hole. Max hissed in approval. He placed his huge drooling cockhead at the entrance to Seth’s hole, and spread the toxic goo up and down. “So my neg son craves poz cock?” Max’s voice was guttural, different. “Oh god, yeah, Dad, breed me.” “I’m going to, kid. With my virus. And with the dick that made you.” Vince fed them both plenty of amyl, and Max shoved his giant cock into Seth in one thrust, causing Seth to cry out. “Forgot to tell you, Seth,” Vince whispered, “but your Dad is also the roughest fucker here. Better have some more amyl.” Max was rough. He fucked like an animal. Seth’s ass got even more torn up, and he loved every second of it. Max shoved with such force the chair slid across the floor to the wall, at which point Max felt multiple blasts of toxic cum being sprayed into his son’s guts. Both father and son screamed at the top of their lungs. Max had not cum so much in years. “Oh, fuck, are we ever going to have some fun.”
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    So after a hard training at the gym, I went back to my friend's apartment, horny as hell. I told him that I needed to get pigged out. He told me that the naked night was good at the Laboratory, so we decided to prepare and go. Before going he wrote on my back with a marker something like "Cumdump" or whatever. Cannot remember. The place is huge....I have no idea about how many people there were inside. A LOT. Aften getting naked, i picked up my popper bottle, and followed my friend....lots of big cocks, many hot guys. Some guys started to follow me, we went to dark area behind the bar where my friend after blindfolding me, told me that all the raw actions was going to happen there, and that i had to make him proud of me. While he was putting me in the fuckbench i could feel hands touching my body...i cannot explain how horny i was. After kissing me, he began to fuck my well lubed hole, calling for the attention of other tops who were gathering up around me. It lasted hours, and for hours I know i was surrounded by cocks. I have no idea how many guys fucked my ass, but in the middle of the night i was feeling kinda exhausted, do i needed to take a small break. My friend did tell me that I was full of cum as I have never been before, but when i arrived to the bathroom i could not believe it....IT WAS SO AWESOME, I had cream everywhere in my ass and legs...i was overflowing. It got me so horny that i immediately came back to the bench. My friend was already there waiting for me there, with a guy who i think he got something like a 11" cock. He licked my creamy butt, and then he begun to pound my ass...i was feeling all the cream jumping from my ass to my back. Serving so many horny men has been so awesome. As i've told you i have no idea about how many people fucked me...but it surely was a lot. My friend told me that i took something around 60 loads. I don't know if it's true....but it's possible, given the amount of people.... If you're looking for pin bottom paradise...this is it. And if you're muscular and young, be assured that you'll come home with cum dripping from everywhere. I remember that when i got home, some cum went throught the jeans...i hope that i didn't leave something on the taxi.
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    This is a two part story about two people who helped me through a difficult time in my life and were also were important in my progression towards giving into my real desires and learning to enjoy and embrace and the risks associated with fucking and being fucked bareback - my flatmate Patrick and my neighbour's son Alex, who I will tell about in part 2. Part 1 - Patrick I had not long split with my long term partner and I was going through a bit of a difficult time. The split had been difficult and I was feeling bruised, I was tired, hurt and not really sure where my life was going. I was also a bit up against it financially and would be until the house we had shared was sold. I needed somewhere to live and got a good deal on renting a small two bed flat. The flat was to be sold and one of the conditions was that I had to let the estate agent in to carry out viewings whenever they needed to. I didn't have any problems with that and signed up for six months. I was still a bit short of money though and one of my friends suggested that I get someone in to share the flat with me. He said he knew of a guy who was coming down from Scotland to work for six months and was looking to rent a room. I thought this would be a good idea and a few weeks later my friend set up a meeting for us. I liked Patrick straight away. Although he lived in Scotland, he was actually Irish. He was in his late 20s, with dark hair, a really nice smile and a fit body. I especially noticed his arse which really filled out his trousers. We got on well and decided that he would move in the following week. Sharing a flat with Patrick was good for me - he did not take life too seriously and was fun to be around. It was particularly good for me to have someone like Patrick around given the way I was feeling. He had indicated that he was planning to play the field a bit while he was in London and asked me if there was any problem with him bringing guys back to the flat. I said I had no problem with that and the next weekend he brought a guy back that he had met in a club. As I passed his bedroom door a little later I could hear the sound of fucking. Patrick had told me he was mainly a bottom and had admitted that he didn't always play safe. I wondered if he was being fucked without a condom right now and the thought turned me on. A few weeks later I came home from work early in the evening and Patrick was in the kitchen with a fit blond guy in a smart shirt and trousers. Patrick introduced him and said they had met through work. After a while they disappeared into Patrick's bedroom and a short time later Patrick reappeared in the kitchen in just a T shirt and pants and asked me if I had any condoms. I said sorry I didn't have any and Patrick shrugged. "Oh well, not to worry. " and added "He's got a boyfriend so he wants to use one." He grinned and then winked at me and headed back to the bedroom. As I passed his bedroom door a little later I noticed it was slightly open. I couldn't see in but I could clearly hear the sound of flesh slapping on flesh and then I heard Patrick moaning "Fuck me...fuck me!" I knew they were fucking bareback and this, together with the image of Patrick in his pants and T shirt got me horny. I unzipped my trousers and got my cock out and began to play with myself as I listened to them fuck. I heard the guy telling Patrick he was getting close but they kept fucking and before long I heard the guy cumming noisily up Patrick's arse and I shot my load into my pants. After a while the guy left and Patrick came in to the kitchen where I was preparing something to eat still in his T shirt and pants. He opened the fridge and bent down to get some juice. I had a great view of his arse as he bent down and the knowledge that he had a load of cum up him really turned me on. I had been struggling to decide what to do since I had split with my partner. During the last couple of years we were together we had not really had sex and I had started doing it with other guys. More and more I had been fucking bareback and loving it and I knew now that I could do whatever I wanted. But somehow I was holding back and didn't really feel ready to give into my desire to fuck and be fucked bareback. Patrick's attitude was "you only live once" and he said he was going to make it his mission to get me to lighten up and have some fun. He had made it clear that he was up for being fucked by me but for some reason I was still holding back. I was getting more and more tempted though.... Patrick continued to have a good time with the guys he brought back and I knew that, unless the guy insisted on a condom, Patrick was letting these guys fuck him bareback and cum in his arse. He was a really good looking guy and I was not surprised that he brought so many fit lads home with him. One morning I got up and headed for the toilet. A naked guy was standing taking a piss in the toilet and I recognised him as one of a group of students who shared a house down the road. A week or so later the same guy emerged from Patrick's bedroom on Saturday morning with one of his housemates and Patrick told me later that they had both fucked him and cum in his arse. Around this time we were starting to get more viewings for the flat and I discovered I knew the estate agent quite well. His name was Charlie and he was the boyfriend of one of my ex partner's best friends. Charlie was a stocky, slightly chubby dark haired guy in his mid 30s. I had always liked him and thought he was quite fit. One day I came home from work and Charlie's car was parked outside. I assumed we had a viewing but when I went into the flat there was nobody there. Patrick's bedroom door was half open and from inside I could once again hear the sound of fucking. I couldn't resist looking in and I saw Patrick kneeling on the bed in just a T shirt as Charlie, naked from the waist down, fucked him hard from behind. I could see from the look on Charlie's face that he was close to cumming and seconds later he was clearly shooting his load up Patrick's arse. I didn't want either of them to know I had been watching so I went quietly back out of the flat and waited five minutes before letting myself in. Patrick and Charlie were in the kitchen and Charlie said he had just done a viewing. When he left I asked Patrick if Charlie had just fucked him. He grinned and said "You know he has - I saw you looking in just as he was cumming!" I asked if Charlie had fucked him without a condom and he grinned and nodded "There's nothing like a good hard bareback fuck!" he said Patrick was not bothered that I had seen him and Charlie fucking - in fact I suspected he was deliberately trying to tempt me - he was leaving his bedroom door open more and more and I knew now that it was only a matter of time before I gave in the temptation he was putting in front of me. It was a week or so later that I came home and once more head the sound of fucking. This time it was coming from the living room. I looked in. Patrick was bent over the settee, naked from the waist down, his pants and trousers on the floor as young black guy fucked him from behind. I knew that Patrick had seen me but the other guy hadn't. The black guy looked no more than eighteen or nineteen and I suspected he was another student from the nearby college. He was fucking Patrick harder now, his pants and trousers down at his knees and I was really turned on by the sight of his fit arse banging Patrick. "I'm getting close...." he panted, "Can I cum in your arse mate?" Patrick moaned and told him to go for it and seconds later I was watching the young black guy pumping a load up Patrick's obviously unprotected arse. I watched as the guy pulled his cock out of Patrick's arse. It was massive and I had a perfect view of Patrick's gaping arsehole as the black guy pulled out and some cum slid out of Patrick's arse. I was in the kitchen when I heard the black guy leaving and seconds later Patrick joined me, once more in a T shirt and pants. "Did you enjoy the show." he asked. I nodded. "Do you want some?" he said softly. I nodded again and he leaned forward and kissed me. Soon my trousers and pants were down and Patrick was sucking my cock. I was so turned on it was hard to stop myself cumming but after a while Patrick stood up and kissed me again and then turned around, pulled his pants down and offered me his arse. There was no way I could resist even if I wanted to. I pulled his cheeks apart, lined up my cock and pushed. I had secretly wanted to do this ever since I met Patrick. I slid up his cummy hole easily and began to fuck him right there in the kitchen. I knew I wouldn't last long and after ten or twelve thrusts I shot what felt like a massive load into his arse. Patrick and I fucked regularly after that. He knew that I loved fucking him after another guy had loaded him up and would often drop his pants for me after some guy had fucked him, telling me all about the guy who had loaded him as I fucked him. We also had a few threesomes, including a really horny encounter with Charlie the estate agent. I had known Charlie and his partner for a few years and I had never thought that I would end up in a threesome with him. I enjoyed every minute of it as we kissed, sucked and rimmed each other. I loved getting my tongue up Charlie's hairy arse and was even more turned on when he asked me if I wanted to fuck him. The fact that Charlie was cheating on his boyfriend turned me on even more. I fucked his hairy arse bareback and shot a nice big load right up him. Patrick and i ended up kneeling on the bed, arses in the air as Charlie took it in turns to fuck us, moving from one to the other before shooting his load up me and the pulling out to shoot the rest up Patrick/ Patrick had succeeded in bringing me out of myself and I really enjoyed knowing him - he helped me at one of the most difficult times of my life just by being himself and his fun attitude to life began to rub off on me. Patrick is married now and lives in Ireland with his husband. He still enjoys the occasional bareback fuck behind his husband's back though and when I met up with him in London last year I dumped two loads up him. When the lease on the flat was up, Patrick went back to Scotland and I found a small house in West London which would be ready for me to move into a few months later. One of my good friends was going to work abroad for three months and suggested that I live in his flat until my house was ready. I enjoyed living in Michael's flat - it was in a beautiful upmarket area of London and I could never have afforded to live there otherwise. Michael owned the top half of a large Victorian house in north London. The lower flat was owned by a really nice lady who was divorced and had three sons, the youngest of whom was at university..... Part 2 to follow
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    Was a nasty slut this weekend. Went to the local bathhouse Saturday night and got a room. Started off waiting in my room door open for guys to pass by. First load was a hung fat black guy. Lights off except in the hallway so couldn’t see any face. Bred me deep and hard, loved all the grunting using my white cunt. A couple more guys filed in. Met up with a buddy and flip fucked with him for a bit then headed into the public areas. Started playing with him until a crowd formed and we both hopped onto some random cocks. Nice and fat for our prelubed asses. Pretty much continued taking loads all night in the dark room and sauna. Really craving more black cock now. DC based here for anyone interested.
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    Chapter II. I fucked my boy twice a day for the next three weeks. Every time I entered his bare hole, I remembered the sensation of that extra cum sloshing around. I was worried about him taking cum from strangers, but knew it turned us both on. Since my boy was volunteering to get railed by these strangers, we were in line to host. I took the day off work to get things set up. My boy came home from his job early to soak in the tub, clean out, and get lubed up. We’d been firing our loads into a jar in the fridge and bought a lube shooter online just for the occasion. After he was cleaned inside and out and the house was ready for a raw breeding party, he lay on the bed, legs up, and I shot a week’s worth of our cum into him. He was good and ready for what was about to happen. His hole was still tight, but leaking seed. Patrick and Alex arrived together. They'd been flip-fucking in the office after work a few days a week. Patrick had brought his casual fuckbuddy Matt and they all took turns bottoming for each other, swapping loads. Patrick invited me to join one evening and I would have, but I was still hesitant about fucking raw without PrEP. Both Patrick and Alex were getting over a pretty serious cold, but they both rallied to join the fun. Two of the guys from the last meeting couldn’t make it, so Alex invited his ex and a his ex's new boyfriend to join in the fun. That made maybe five guys including the three of us. As they arrived, my boy handed out a few beers, naked, letting the guys fondle his dick and finger his already-cummy furry hole. Alex asked if I wanted to go first before he was good and sloppy. I confessed that that a messy used hole was exactly what I wanted, so I'd go after the five guys had all had a turn. Alex suggested that Patrick go first so my boy would be good and open for the rest of the guys. We all followed my boy upstairs where he bent over the foot of our bed. When Patrick was sharing his man's ass with us, it somehow felt less intimate. We weren't in their bedroom, and they were only casually dating, not two guys in a relationship inviting strangers into their bedroom to get one of them bred. That though got me super hard. Patrick slapped his drooling cock on my boy's ass. Alex grabbed my boy's ass cheeks and spread them wide. Alex's ex slid his long cock down my boy's throat while his boyfriend put his cock in my boy's hand to slowly jerk. I put my cock in my boy's other hand. Patrick took his time easing his raw cock balls deep into my boy as we all egged him on. My boy groaned the big dick in his mouth. Patrick gave him a few seconds to get used to being so full. When he started fucking, globs of cum lube trickled out and matted his sweaty pubes. Patrick hammered him harder than I ever fuck my boy. He shouted that he was about to cum and grabbed my hand, bringing it to his big nuts. I squeezed them and felt them pulse as he filled my boy with his seed. Alex slid in after him and my boy had to release the dicks in his hands and mouth so he could fuck himself back on Alex's cock. Alex had a low-hanging sack and big balls. I rolled them around in my palm as he let my boy use his cock. Alex's ex stood over my boy's hips and slid his cock down Alex's throat. Alex grunted on that fat dick and slurped away. Alex's ex pulled his cock out Alex's mouth and winked at me. He climbed down and stood behind me, easing his spit-slick cock up and down my ass crack. He whispered in my ear as Alex came closer to shooting, 'Had to pull out. I have a better place to put my dirty load…' I was confused as to why his load would be more dirty than anyone else's. Alex bred my boy sloshing even more cum into his ass. Alex's ex laid down next to my boy and hoisted his limp body onto his cock. The ex's new boyfriend slid a finger in. He wagged his thin long cock at me and pointed to my boy's stuffed hole. He pulled his gloopy finger out and slid right into my boy's ass alongside his boyfriend. I was loving watching my boy take two strangers' raw cocks at the same time, only a little sad that I wasn't inside him when he took his first double penetration. The guys fucking my boy had their heads close to my boy's ears, and whatever they were whispering was really sexy. My boy just moaned over and over. As Alex's ex was about to cum, he shouted, 'Beg for my load boy. Take it. Take what you want!' My boy groaned as both cocks inside him erupted. They pulled out slowly and I knelt behind his stretched-out ass. My boy's hole gaped as I traced his puffy red ass lips with my fingers, smearing them with fresh cum. I lined up my dripping cock and slid inside him. My cock was so wet in his slack hole. Alex pressed my boy's cheeks together to get it to feel tighter. I was so turned on that I shot pretty quickly, adding my cum to the mess leaking out of my boy's ass. My boy was all but passed out as Alex knelt and cleaned off all of the guy's cocks, savoring mine last. We left my boy collapsed in the bed and went downstairs for a beer. The guys were all in a great mood after loosing their loads inside my boy. Alex promised to host next time, even if he had to offer up his own ass to share. Patrick bent over the sofa and sucked Alex's cock while his ex's new boyfriend ate his ass. Alex's ex wrapped his rugged arms around me and kissed me hard. 'Thanks for sharing your boy's ass, man. So glad he's open to playing with guys like us…' 'Like us?,' I asked. 'Yeah. POZ guys. Like us…' His words hit me like a brick. With the other guys busy, I prodded further, 'Does Alex know you're POZ?' 'No,' he answered, 'but, I'm pretty sure I pozzed him before we split. So, if he's been fucking around, he probably already pozzed a few guys…' It dawned on me that Alex and Patrick might not have been getting over a regular cold. The guys on the sofa all came again. Alex's ex could see that I was a bit shaken up and he and his boyfriend got dressed quickly and headed out. Patrick and Alex followed a few minutes later, noticing that I was quiet. They wanted to make sure that I was okay, and I told them they may want to go to a clinic and get checked out. They seemed confused, but thanked me for a great night. After seeing Patrick and Alex out, I went back upstairs. My boy was right where we had left him, cum still oozing out of his opened hole. I slid into bed next to him and smoothed his sweaty hair. He kissed me and thanked me, 'This is the kind of raunchy rough risky sex I wish we'd been having for a long time…' I kissed him gently and told him that this kind of sex was more than a little risky. He just grinned at me, then started licking my ear. He whispered to me, 'I'm pretty sure I just got DP'ed by two raw POZ cocks…' I exhaled, 'yes, very likely…' He kept whispering and reached for my cock, already hardening again at this filthy talk, 'I'm pretty sure he converted Alex and I'm pretty sure Alex converted Patrick… ' I moaned, 'yes…' He positioned himself over me in a sixty-nine, with his cummy ass right over my mouth. He gobbled my cock as I tongued his hole. 'Fuck yeah! Eat that ass! Eat that ass leaking POZ cum!' I did just that, fingering globs of cum into him then swallowing everything pouring out of his hole. I came down his throat and he shot his load all over my chest before licking up and swallowing his own seed. After catching our breath and making out for a few minutes, he grinned at me saying, 'If I get a bad cold in the next month, can I join the party? I'd love to try topping more. You know, spread my seed around…' I kissed him knowing these fuck parties had already changed our lives forever.
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    Chapter II. A gorgeous brown cock slid through the gloryhole and the other guy gave me an evil grin. He stood me up and lined my leaky hole up to the wall. The unseen man on the other side of the wall groaned as I was forced back onto his raw cock. Then, the guy backed onto mine. His hole was loose and wet, clearly fucked often, and already at least a few times this night. I remained still, moaning into the stranger's neck as the guy on the other side of the wall did all of the work. When he lunged forward, his cock plunged into me and rocked my hips into the guy on my dick. 'Gonna cum! Gonna breed you,' I heard, muffled, through the wall. I felt my ass get slick with his fresh cum and that made me shoot my load into the guy I was fucking. Load #3 in my hole / Load #1 in another guy's hole. The stranger pulled off my cock and kissed me, saying, 'thank you,' into my open mouth. The guy behind the wall backed out of me with a wet juicy plop. I wanted to explore the place a bit and wandered the halls a bit, seeing another gloryhole in a wall. I peeked in to see that it looked into a dim room. There was a fuck bench with a few guys around it, all enjoying a bottom slut in one way or another. I couldn't see the bottom's face, but I saw his beautiful bubble butt, pale and covered with a matt of black hair. It reminded me of my own boy's ass and it made me smile. I wished he were here with me to enjoy this slutty hole-in-the-wall. Literally. Two sexy guys were alternating raw-fucking this lucky slut, with one guy gripping his head and skull-fucking his face. I watched a bit then moved onward to the outdoor pool. It was already dark outside, but the patio area was decently lit. I circled the pool, watching two guys fucking in the shallow end. There was a stand of tall reeds or grass with a trail in a narrow opening. I heard some action going on and stepped through the plants to discover a wooden gazebo with a leather sling in it. (I'm seriously not making this up. If you know the place, vouch for me…) There were two piggy men standing next to the sling, currently occupied by a slim lanky guy, maybe a college freshman. His feet were in stirrups and his ass was hanging off the edge of the sling and one of the guys was sliding his fist into his hungry loose ass. I mean, this freshman's ass was seriously gaping. His ass lips looked meaty as they swallowed the older man's wrist. The other guy was miking the freshman's hard cock, wiping up pearls of precum. He brought one to his lips and savored it. He brought the next one to the fister's mouth, then extended one to me. I lapped it up. These two pigs looked pozitively wasted, with jowly faces, fleshy soft asses, and hard beer-bellies. The freshman in the sling moaned, 'I need a break,' and they helped him out of the sling. He tottered away, bowlegged. One of the guys hopped into the sling and spread his cheeks. He clearly had been taking loads. I stepped forward to slapped my cock against his puffy gash. The other guy grasped my cock and slid in inside the bottom. I eased all the way in. The Guy kept his hand on my cock and I realized his hand was inside the bottom's ass too, gripping my dick. Fuck, it felt good. He eased his hand out and scooped my balls up and plopped them inside the bottom too. What a pig! The man lined up behind me and slid into right me. His cock wasn't big, but it felt so good sloshing around inside me. He grabbed the chains of the sling and rocked his buddy onto my cock and balls. He stayed planted in me but didn't move much. I felt my ass get suddenly warm and wet. I looked down and saw a yellow stream of piss pouring out of my ass. The guy was pissing into me! I'd never been so raunchy, especially not with strangers. Knowing that a stranger was actively pissing into me made me loose my load. I bred the bottom in the sling. Load #2 in another guy's hole. My piss-top jackrabbited into me, splashing his piss everywhere and forcing my still-hard cock out of the sling bottom. He filled me up with grunts as his hard belly rubbed against my back. Load #4 in my hole. To be continued..
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    BLACKMAILED FOR MY ASS Dan was a nice guy that I met online. He’s ‘straight’, married to a woman who was at work too much, and wanted to dip his toe in the guy pool. That’s where I come in. After chatting online for a couple of weeks, his wife went out of town to visit her mother in another city. This left him with the house to himself to finally play and indulge in the fantasies he’d been getting off to for who knows how long. I’m no model pin-up or anything, but some people think I’m attractive. And I’ve got a great, fuckable ass that would never turn down a load. From the pictures Dan had sent me, he’s about ten years older than my 45, more of a Daddy, and attractive in his own way. Not all burly or buff, just a regular guy with slightly thinning hair and a slightly thickening middle. But that’s okay. It was his dick I was interested in, anyway. The rest never mattered much to me. I arrived at his place as planned and ready to play. I wasn’t in the mood to waste time, so as soon as I got in the front door, I dropped to my knees and fished his cock out of his shorts -even before he got the door closed! He was a little panicked at that, but also surprisingly turned-on. Maybe he had a little voyeur in him just aching to get out. I sucked him to hardness and then he was ready to fuck. Neither of us was in the mood to waste time, apparently. I was liking him more and more. We’d talked about condoms already and I told him I don’t like them. Well, more than that -I wouldn’t accept them. If he wanted to fuck me, he would have to do it raw or not at all. He’d been stuck using condoms on his own wife for years, so he was kind of eager to fuck someone without. Lucky me. Especially with the choice piece of meat he had swinging between his legs. The perfect size for me, really. Not too big, not too small. A decent thickness that you can no doubt feel but won’t be destroyed by upon first entry. I’d already lubed a little at home in hopes that he would want to just get down to the deed, so right there in the entry way, he spun me around and placed my hands up on the wall like I was a perp and he’s a cop about to frisk me. He did feel me up and down while I was in this position, but when he got to my lower half, he yanked my nylon trackies down to my ankles, exposing my bare butt in nothing but a jock strap. I heard him make an approving growl in his throat, and then seconds later his fat cock head was pressed against my opening. I hadn’t been fucked in a while, so I knew it might be a little rough getting started. I closed my eyes and tried to think relaxing thoughts, willing my hole to relax and open up naturally for him. This actually does work for me, and it did now. It’s like easing the tension from your shoulders, only with my butt hole. I felt myself relax and then like magic my hole just yawned open and his cock slowly slid a couple of inches in. “Jesus!” he hissed. “It’s like your hole is eating me up! Fucking unreal!” I felt it, the minor discomfort of taking someone in me after so long without, but it felt so damn good, all I could do was moan. He moaned his appreciation, too. And then he slowly sank the rest of his shaft in me until he was balls deep. He held there for a moment, reaching around and pinching my nipples, which got my hole fluttering over his cock. I guess that was the signal he needed to move, so he started rutting his hips, lightly smacking my butt cheeks with his abdomen with every sharp thrust. His strokes lengthened, and turned more frantic. Before long Dan was slamming full length in and out of me, his hands gripping my hips tightly, while we stood in the entry way of his house, grunting and groaning like animals rutting in heat. It was fucking awesome! “I . . . I don’t think I’ll last much longer,” he panted. “Do it, cum in me!” I yelled. More like begged, really. “Yeah? You like getting bred like a little whore?” he snarled in my ear, which really only turned me on more. He hadn’t said much of anything through the fuck, but this slightly rougher side was fucking hot. And when we’d been chatting online, I told him I liked to be called names and stuff while getting pounded, but at the time he didn’t seem all that into it. Glad I was wrong about that. “Fuck yeah!” I shouted. “I love getting bred! Cum in me!” I felt like a man possessed, but it was more like an addiction -I needed his seed swimming in my guts. “Take it, pig! Take my load up your whore ass!” he growled. I leaned my forehead against the wall, removed my hands from the wall and reached behind me to pull his hips flush against my ass so he was buried as deep as possible. I held him there for a moment, rippling my hole over the length of him, practically siphoning the seed straight out of his balls. That pushed him over the edge, he pulled back and slammed extra hard and extra deep, his arms wrapped around me so tight I could barely breathe while his balls emptied into my willing hole. I was in heaven once again. That moment is always heaven to me. He was breathing hard, his forehead resting on the back of my neck, as he collected himself and slowly withdrew his softening cock from my happy hole. I turned around to thank him but before I could utter a word, he reached up and grabbed hold of my face, pulling me into a passionate kiss. He’d made such a point of being a ‘straight’ married man, I never expected he’d want to kiss me, but kiss me he did! When we came up for air, I must have looked confused, because he said, “I just had to kiss you. That was the best fuck I’ve ever had. I couldn’t help myself. I just . . . I just needed to kiss you. Your ass is fucking amazing.” He was breathing hard and smiling wide. I’d done my job. We had agreed that our first meet would be brief, so we could feel comfortable, and also leave us wanting more. So I began to slowly dress myself, clenching my hole tight so I didn’t lose a drop of his cum. Once fully dressed, he kissed me again, and then I was on my way. He texted me later to thank me again, and to set up another fuck -soon! Over the next couple of days we swapped messages, just flirting until I could get over there again. But on the second day, I was at home later that night, and I got a strange message from him. Might be in trouble here, not sure how we should proceed. Ominous, right? I text him back, What’s wrong? The wife back in town? His reply was, My next door neighbor apparent heard us fucking, and saw us through the front window. He said if I didn’t want my wife to know, I had to let him fuck you the next time you come over. And he thought this was a problem? The more the merrier! What pig would ever turn down extra loads? I quickly sent a message back, telling him it was more than fine and to not even worry. What I didn’t know is that his next door neighbor had secrets of his own. Secrets that would change my life forever.
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    Part one The HIV Pit Here I was, young, 19 years old and a total prude. I was always quiet about my sexuality. I knew I was a bottom young and let a couple of men have sex with me safely when I was 18. I fell into all the safe sex propaganda shouted at us all through school. I had managed to find a job in the city straight after school. I was focused on my career pretty firmly and knew what I had to achieve my goals. Mr Right was always on the back burner. My desires though filtered through one Friday night. My team at work went out once a month for drinks when we finished up on Friday. I decided to head out. The tequila shots were soon flying and I was feeling pretty buzzed. I didn’t mention that a few drinks makes me super horny. I couldn’ttry and cruise any of my work mates. That would just end in a trip to HR. I quickly googled gay saunas and found this one about ten minutes walk from where we were at. I quickly said bye to everyone and got on my way. The cool higher hit me and I was suddenly feeling a lot more drunk. I was just hoping to make it inside and not get rejected at the door. I found the sauna and went through the door, paid my entry fee. The doorman staring at me the whole time. I told him I have never been there before. He replied “fresh meat. Look I got five minutes. Go have a shower and get into a towel and come and see me” I quickly went and had a shower making sure I was as clean as I could. I still had a very tight small body that I was a little proud of. As I walked back I felt every single man in there watching me. I was still under the illusion I would be having some safe fun and was enjoying the attention. The doorman saw me and put up a sign saying back in 5 minutes. He said “im John, let me show you around, on this level we have the wet area, showers, spa, sauna. Perfect for relaxing. Now up these stairs is the play area. We got private rooms, a video room like a cinema but for porn, glory holes where men get their cocks sucked and the best part. The dark room or as I like to call it The HIV Pit. You won’t see who is in there but I’m sure you will love it”. I thanked him and he quickly handed me a little brown bottle. “On the house, I think you will need it.”
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    Part 4. As the last man in the dark room unloaded in me he undid the straps and left me there. I stumbled out after a couple of minutes, cum leaking down my leg. I went into the bathroom to check the damage and noticed the cum was tinged pink. “Fuck they ripped me apart. I’m Poz for sure” I whispered to myself I went back out and felt every guys eyes on me with looks of disgust. I figured I better get out of here before I suffered anymore. As I got to my locker I saw the doorman waiting for me. “I saw how much you enjoyed yourself up there and now I want my piece of the prize” He grabbed me before I could say anything and dragged me into a storage room. “I knew you were a bugchaser the second you walked in” “Wait no, I’m not, I just....” He bent me over and pounded me hard straight away. “You didn’t even question the sign at the door when you came in. You knew what you were here for and that’s to get aids” Oh fuck that sign. There was a sign on the door of a biohazard symbol with the word bare. “You little faggot you love taking toxic loads” “You probably got every fucking strain possible in one night” I was given a hit of the poppers. Somehow my hole was still somewhat tight. I didn’t think that would last long. “im going to give you another dose now, fucking take this HIV you cunt” I had no idea how many loads I had taken but this one felt so strong inside me “Thank you sir for your load” “Yeah you’re a good faggot. A diseased faggot like me. Go out there and get more. You still have to see someone”
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    Met a guy to give him a deepthroat blowjob today. He wanted it anonymous with little talking, and I was totally game for that.He was small at first but definitely a grower after he went down my throat for a few thrusts! What intrigued me is that I kept hearing him on this phone type and the typical GrindR notification noise popping up constantly. At some point he held my head still and took a picture of me sucking him and I assume sent it to some guy. Then he innocently asked to see my ass, and started pressing his cock against it, and without even asking started fucking me. I did not expect that at all, as I was in the mood to just give a simple blowjob tonight, but I went with it. He fucked me for a few minutes then withdrew and ordered me to suck him again. Now I've never done ass to mouth before but I again just went with it and followed his orders. He told me to lie down and started fucking my throat pretty deep and I gagged quite a lot. Then the unexpected happened, I heard him call someone, and he was talking with another guy about how he was getting sucked and fucking a bottom boy right now. Then I realized he was on video cam because he told the other guy to look at me sucking. The fact that he didn't even ask me for permission made it even hotter. He went back after a bit to fucking me and was showing it to the dude on video. I was getting fucked raw by a complete stranger blindfolded and he was broadcasting it to another complete stranger. I think they were trying to cum at the same time because he kept asking the other guy if he was close. He asked the other guy where he wanted him to cum, and the other guy asked him to cum on my face and mouth as he wanted to see him cum. A few minutes later he came a huge load flying over my face and in my mouth, and asked me to show the cum in my mouth to the other dude. And they came at the same time and hung up almost immediately. This was a first to me on many levels - never been made to do ass to mouth, and never had pics or even a whole video taken of me being used, especially when we were planning for just a blowjob. The best part? My guy was asking the other if he wanted to fuck me, and the other was like fuck yeah. When he left he told me they're going to organize something to both use me another time, and I'm very much looking forward to my first 3some!
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    Part 5 With Tina doesn’t through his body, coding his mind and taking his thoughts to sleazier places I exposed Bruce to his first raw fuck. The expression on his face was a mixture of pure joy from the pleasure he was receiving and worry knowing that he was putting himself at risk with this raw fuck. The deep, sexual moans that he made with every thrust of my cock told me the pleasure side of the internal argument was winning. The entire situation with Bruce had me so turned on my cock deemed you grow harder. The entire situation with Bruce, the way his body responded to my touch, my cock invading his hole, the look in his eye as I bottomed out my cock deep in his hole weigh dry thrust had me so turned on. I’m sure as Bruce looked up at me he saw a jock who was tenderly giving him what he needed, and (more importantly) something extra that he didn’t know he needed. My cock had already started to drop a steady supply of pre cum that I hoped would stay to change him forever. Although I had yet to sero-convert I knew my body was probably already fling up with the virus. The thought of all that cum I took over the week was filled with enough of the bug there was no way I was going to escape it grasp. From the moment I was first fucked and Jason unloaded inside me I started to feel a change inside me. Not just the fact I discover the pleasure of gay sex, or the connection of bare skin on bare skin, or the intimacy of a man injecting his load directly into my body. My mind began to go to a sleazy place of what I wanted to do with man. How I wanted to please him in so many ways. But right know, this was for me, my fucking Bruce was for my pleasure. Yes Bruce was I the receiving end of a nice cock bringing him to heights of pleasure as the drugs took him to a place (like me) he’d want to return to again and again. I was going to show him the way and Steven was thing to take him there. I began to feel my balls tingle and I began to fuck with more ferocity. Cum began to ooze in a steady stream from Bruce's limp Tina dick I was approaching my impending orgasm. I learned down allowing or two foreheads to touch. I looked into his eyes directly into his soul. We spoke to each other without saying a word. Bruce knew he was about to be his first ever breeding from his first every raw fuck. I have him a quick nod of my head as I one I was about to blow my load inside him any second. Bruce nodded back acknowledging what was about to happen between us. I couldn’t hold back any longer add let loose with a giant roar, “FUCK!! I’M CUMMING BRO. I’M FUCKING BREEDING YOUR ASS!!!!” The look on Bruce's far was a combination of fear and contentment. I slowly worked my cock inside Bruce’s well bred ass while I was hang ready for round two. Bruce’s expression changed to me of cock as I began to fuck him did a second time. I knew I had taken him to a whole new level after my third lead.
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    Reminds me of my first dealer/fuck buddy who conspired with my long time girlfriend to fuck me. Thefucked up part was she and I were engaged only a few weeks before they carried out the plan where she slipped ghb to me, having him come over to sell Tina to us, tag teaming me with arguments that I should try a booty bump which meant stripping nude and allowing him to put shards up in me. I can't remember when she disappeared but I didn't mind too much since he had my dick in his mouth and three fingers twisting through my tight hole. Once he was finished breeding me for the third or fourth time a few hours later, he admitted that the "love of my life" was all too happy to trade him my high, semi aware body for his use, and all for a bag of Tina and a few tabs of x. Jokes on her though because the next ten hours he kept me high and fed load after load of cum up my ass and down my throat from his 11 inch uncut caramel cock making sure I loved it by the time she returned to our condo the next morning. It took less than a month for him to become a regular hang out pal and for her to end up with no dealer, no engagement ring and no me. If she reads this, I have to thank her for unintentionally showing me how much I prefer the pain my ass feels each time a massive cock rams in to it over the pain in the ass that most women turn out to be for the men they tie down. He still fucks me on occasion and I can only take his full length once in a rare while but he always makes me his cum dump before offering his own thanks to the bitch who made the worst trade since the French sold the US what is now the Western United States.
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    Part 2 - Pants down in the park Living in West London close to a major airport and so many hotels has provided me with a huge number of hook up opportunities over the years and I have taken full advantage of this. I've fucked (and been fucked by) guys travelling on business, flight attendants and airport workers and quite a few lads who have been staying near the airport for the night before travelling the following day. A few years ago I was on line one Friday evening and I began chatting to a lad from Scotland, who told me his name was Jamie and said he was staying in one of the airport hotels with his partner for a couple of nights before they flew out of the country on holiday. I was tired as I had been working hard all week and had not had much time for anything else. I was also very horny and in fact had not cum for over a week. I enjoyed chatting with him but did not think anything was going to come of it as he was with his partner. He was very good looking, dark haired with a really nice smile . As our conversation became more explicit he told me he was horny to be sucked off and asked me if I was up for it. He then sent me some pictures of his cock. He was a really good looking guy and I was definitely up for sucking his cock. I asked about his partner and he said his partner was cool with it and might even join in. He said that we couldn't do anything other than kissing and sucking and I said that would be fine. I really liked him and thought that sucking him off in front of his partner might be quite horny. I arrived at their hotel about half an hour later and Jamie met me in the lobby. He was even better looking than his pictures suggested - he was quite small, slim and dark, dressed in trackie bottoms and a T shirt and as I approached him he grinned. He led me up to his room and when I got there he introduced me to his partner who nodded at me but didn't seem particularly interested that I was there. Jamie pulled me towards him and began to kiss me as his partner went and sat down, looking at this phone and not paying much attention to us. As I kissed him, I pushed my hand down the front of his pants and began to play with his cock. Soon his trackies and pants were down at his knees and I was sucking his big cock. He moaned and his partner looked up briefly before returning to his phone. I sucked Jamie's cock for a while and then motioned to him to turn round. He shook his head and looked briefly in the direction of his partner. I was disappointed not to get to lick his arse but I enjoyed sucking his cock. A few minutes later the partner got up and came over and joined us. He pulled his cock out and began playing with it as he watched me sucking Jamie. After a while Jamie pulled his cock out of my mouth and indicated that I should go down on his partner. I took the partner's cock into my mouth and began to suck him but he never really got fully hard and after a while he pulled out and stuffed his cock back into his pants. Without a word he went and sat back down and seemed to be completely absorbed with his phone again. I started sucking Jamie again and I could tell that he was getting close. His partner was not paying any attention to us so I began to move my finger up and down Jamie's arse crack as I sucked him and after a while my finger was pushing against his arsehole. He glanced over at this partner but didn't stop me and he spread his legs as I wet my finger and began to push it up his arse. I kept sucking him as I fingered his arse and after a while he moaned and shot a big load of cum into my mouth. When he had finished cumming he told his partner he was going to see me back down to the lobby. His partner nodded without looking up. In the lift on the way down to the lobby Jamie said he was sorry that his partner hadn't really been into it. "Not to worry" I said, "maybe I'm not his type." Jamie grinned and said "Well, you're definitely my type." I smiled. As we reached the ground floor Jamie said he would come out with me and get some air. He asked me if I lived locally and I said I did. He then said that he would be out jogging early the following morning and asked me if I fancied meeting up. I said I would love to. He grinned again and said maybe we could do a bit more. I said I would be well up for that and we arranged to meet in a nearby park at 7am the following morning. I had no idea if he would turn up the next morning but I liked him a lot was really hoping he would. I was also hoping to get a shot at his fit arse. I was fairly sure that kissing and sucking only was his partner's policy rather than his and I really wanted to see how far he was willing to go. I got up early, showered and made my way to the park, enjoying the warm autumn sunshine. There was no sign of him at first but after a short time he jogged towards me and grinned. He looked even fitter in his dark blue shorts and white T shirt and soon we were in the bushes. I pulled him towards me and we began to kiss and soon we both had our cocks out wanking as I fingered his arse. We kissed for a while and then he went down on my cock. He sucked me really well and before long I was getting close so I pulled my cock out of his mouth and went down on him. I enjoyed every minute of sucking his cock and this time when I indicated to him to turn round he didn't resist. He pulled his shorts and pants right down and bent over. He had a really fit arse and I couldn't wait to get my tongue up him. I pulled his cheeks apart and pushed my tongue right into his hole. His arse was smooth but his hole was quite hairy and I enjoyed every minute of licking it. After a while I stood up and began to rub the head of my cock over his arsehole. "I want to fuck you." I said He stood up and turned round. "Did you bring a condom?" he asked. "No." I said, "Did you?" He shook his head. "So what do we do now?" he said, grinning as he looked straight at me. I didn't say anything. I produced a small sachet of lube from my pocket, turned him round and bent him over. He didn't object when I began to finger some lube into his arse or when I pulled his cheeks apart, lined up my cock and began to push it slowly right up his unprotected arse. I gave him a moment to get used to my cock and then I began to fuck him bareback. He grunted and then moaned "Fuck me!" He was holding on to a tree with his right hand and wanking himself off with his left, his shorts and pants at his ankles, and his T shirt pushed up his back as I fucked him hard and fast, enjoying every minute of fucking this fit lad. I asked him if he let other guys fuck him behind his partner's back and he nodded and moaned. "Do you let them fuck you bareback?" I asked as I began to fuck him even harder. "Yes!" he groaned. I kept fucking him until I felt myself getting really close and then I told him I was going to cum in his arse. "Yeah," he moaned "Do it...fucking do it!" I began to shoot what felt like a massive load right into his arse and as I started cumming in him he moaned and shot his load out in front of him. I felt as if I was never going to stop cumming as I pumped more and more cum into his arse. We were both out of breath as I pulled out his arse and he pulled up his shorts and pants. "I'd better go." he said. He pulled me towards him, kissed me and then grinned at me as he jogged off back to his partner, his arse full of cum. A few months later I was spending a long weekend in Hamburg and on the Friday evening I had arranged to meet a friend for dinner in a restaurant in the heart of the gay area, Once again I was feeling horny and as it was quite a mild night, I decided to check out the Stadtpark before meeting my friend. I had had a few horny experiences cruising the Stadtpark early in the evening in winter. It could be hit and miss but quite often there would be guys cruising on the way home from work and when I got to the cruising area this time I found quite a few guys cruising around. I ended up sucking a tall, thin guy who came in my mouth quite quickly and then I went further into the park. I came across a group guys with their pants down wanking and I joined them. The centre of attraction was a blond lad who looked to be in his late twenties. He was wearing a puffer jacket, a smart white shirt and dark trousers and had obviously come from work. One of the guys was down sucking him off and when he stood up the blond lad went down on him. The blond lad took a turn sucking on all of us and at one point he was bent forward with his arse in the air. An older guy unzipped the blond lad's trousers and pulled them down along with his white underpants. The older guy began to play with the blond lad's arse and he didn't resist as another guy joined in and began to finger his arse. He pulled away when the guy began to rub his cock against his arse and it was clear he wasn't up for being fucked. He kept sucking any cock that was presented to him but when another guy tried to fuck him he pushed him away. I had moved away a little now and was sucking a fit skin head guy who looked to be in his mid 30s and had a massive cock. I sucked him for a while and then we were joined by another guy who presented his cock to me. I began to suck him and the skin head wandered away. After a while the guy I was sucking told me he was going to cum. I kept sucking him and he pumped a nice big load of cum into my mouth and then wandered off. As I was getting up I heard a loud groan and I looked around. The blond lad was bent over against a tree, his trousers and pants down and the skinhead guy with the big thick cock was fucking him hard up the arse. A crowd of guys were watching and wanking as the skinhead fucked him and I soon had my cock out wanking as I watched them fuck. I had a great view of the skinhead's big thick cock thrusting up the blond lad's arse and I was fairly sure that he wasn't using a condom. Just then the skinhead pulled his cock right back and then slammed it up the blond lad even harder. As I had thought, he was fucking the blond lad bareback. The blond lad was groaning as the skinhead fucked him and after a while the skinhead grunted and began to cum deep in the blond lad's arse. A few of the other guys shot their loads as the skinhead pushed his cock right up the blond lad and held it there as he pumped him full of cum. The skinhead pulled his cock out, stuffed it back in his pants and wandered off. The blond guy suddenly seemed to realise he was standing with his pants down in the middle of a crowd of wanking guys who had just watched him being fucked bareback. He couldn't get away quick enough. Half an hour later I was sitting in the restaurant catching up with my friend Oliver. A nerdy lad with glasses was sitting at the table opposite us, looking at his watch occasionally and obviously waiting for someone. A few minutes later he was joined by the blond guy I had just watched being fucked in the Stadtpark. The blond lad kissed him and sat down, apologising for being a bit late. From the way they interacted, it was clear they were a couple. I was fairly sure that the blond lad had not intended to let anyone fuck him and had probably got caught up in the moment and gone further than he intended to. I was quite turned on by the fact that no one else in the restaurant, including his boyfriend, had any idea that he had just taken a load of cum up his arse in the park. The nerdy guy looked a bit like a guy I fucked more recently. I was online one night and chatting to a guy I had chatted to a couple of times before but had never managed to hook up with. I had more or less given up on him but when he messaged me this evening he said he was up for meeting and horny to be fucked. He said we would have to meet outside as his boyfriend was asleep in the house. He gave me the address and told me to meet him at the end of a row of garages behind the houses. I was very horny and as it was a beautiful warm summer's night and he wasn't very far away I decided to go for it. I got there and parked up by the garages. Nothing happened for a while and I thought maybe he wasn't going to show but a few minutes later he appeared. He was a fit lad, small, slim and quite nerdy looking with glasses - a look I really go for. He led me round behind the garages and I got my cock out. He sucked me for a while and I was getting close to blowing my load in his mouth when he stood up, pulled his trousers and pants down and bent over. I fingered his arse and found that he was already lubed up. I slid my cock up him and fucked him bareback, shooting what felt like a massive load up his cheating arse after just ten or twelve thrusts. I pulled out and he stood up. "Cheers, mate." he said as he pulled his pants up and headed back to his partner. Part 3 to follow
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    Part 2 I slowly lifted his shirt up his body, not fully undressing him. Before he knew what was happening, he was underneath me on the mattress, his jeans unbuttoned, with one of my hands still groping his nipples and the other hand sliding underneath his briefs, down his dick and balls and resting over his hole. I knew Chris was smooth, but through touch I confirmed he didn't have a single hair on his genitals or his hole. Didn't even have a single chest hair. I felt my dick stir. Fuck. It's like the boy knew exactly what I liked. Don't get me wrong - I've fucked my fair share of girls, but total smoothness on a boy is completely different. It's not exactly feminine, it's more of acceptance that he is a faggot and a boy, not a man. And unlike with girls, the only reason boys shave and wax is to hopefully please certain men. I could no longer resist. I roughly grabbed the belt of his skinny jeans and ripped them off of him. Fuck, I was going to go insane from lust. Chris' legs were perfectly smooth and highlighted his very toned calves. I could tell how deep his tan was by his deep speedo tanline. Chris must've caught me looking at him with the eyes of a predator. "You like that?" he asked. "Oh, baby...", I groaned. "Oh...baby...." I ran my hands over his body, just groping whatever I can get. He felt so good. His body was cold from being outside, but with my giant wall of muscle cradling him and my hands running all over him, I was going to warm him up fast. I pulled Chris' shirt off next, and decided to leave his jockstrap on. He was wearing a thin black one with white stripes, and it looked hot stretched out over his smooth bubble butt. "Oh...fuck, babe," I kept whispering to myself. I unwrapped him like a present. I took his dick out of his jockstrap, already completely limp from the Tina. Just how I like it. Guys like to play with a faggot's dick, even suck it, but I had already decided for Chris he wasn't going to be using it much. "Daddy! Don't!" Chris cried out as I squeezed his dick hard. I smirked. I wasn't going to keep torturing him, but I just wanted to hear him cry out. And it made me feel happy to hear the boy call me daddy. It didn't faze his affection for me though. Naked on my dirty mattress after i had just inflicted pain on him and enjoyed it, Chris turned to look at me with doe eyes. His pupils were dilated, and he looked a little cracked out already since it was his first time, but there was no mistaking the attachment and affection in his gaze. I had him in my lap (I was still fully clothed), one hand on his nipple and the other hand just softly grazing his hole. He wrapped his arms around my neck. "Daddy... you make me feel so good," Chris whispered. His delicate, angelic face pressed against my hard, muscled one. "Yeah baby? Daddy's gonna make you feel real good all the time," I uttered back in a deep, seedy whisper. My lips grazed his as my sentence trailed off. I started kissing him softly, then hungrily tongued him and slobbered over him, sloppy and aggressive. Then I'd get tender again. While kissing him, it occurred to me that he wasn't as tweaked as I wanted him to be yet. He was obviously high, wired and uncontrollably horny, but I prefer to have sex with sluts who are completely fucked up and barely even functional. When I broke the kiss, I held up the bong. "Want another hit, baby?" I asked. "Fuck yeah," Chris said excitedly. "Take another. Take a couple," I added with a grin. I pressed the mouthpiece of the bong to his lips and lit it up. The body of the bong was almost yellow with how thick the smoke was. He had to stop sucking halfway and exhale, blowing out a stream of the thickest white clouds I've seen in a while. But he wasn't done, and I pressed the bong to his lips again to make sure he emptied the smoke inside. He coughed and gagged, a little nauseous from the taste and the heaviness of the vapor. I gave him some time to recover - I didn't have anything to get the taste out, unfortunately, but that didn't mean he could stop hitting the bong. After he finished coughing, I immediately pressed the bong to his lips again and I didn't go easy on him, giving him just as intense of a hit the second time. I fucking torched the bowl. Almost immediately after, i dipped my finger into a tub of vaseline, then scraped a couple crystals, and slowly dug it into his fresh pink pussy. "Ahhh!" he moaned. He winced as the crystals slowly dissolved into his bloodstream, burning him from inside. I know it hurt, so i just let my fingers sit there for a bit and let him recover. Again, even though I was the one who caused him pain without warning or consent, he looked at me for comfort. Eyes desperate for a kiss to make the pain better. I quickly complied, making out with him sweetly as his hole finally adjusted. I slowly pulled my fingers out. He kissed me hungrily like he loved me. Maybe he did. Boys fall quickly like that. He didn't even know that he wasn't going to be leaving this dark room with its dirty mattress for the foreseeable future. His eyes were out of sync at this point, and he was muttering unintelligibly. A bit of drool was leaking from his lip and his body had small convulsions here and there every time he got a chill. "You feel good, baby?" I asked. "Yeahhh!" he practically yelled. "Fuck daddy, I wanna be a meth whore! All I want is more drugs and as much cock as I can get!" Parts of his speech went in and out, but I'm pretty sure that's what he said. His hand was over his hole, desperately trying to make it feel something. "Faggot," I growled, suddenly changing my tone. "You're finally where I want you. Two steps away from an overdose." This only turned Chris on. His blue eyes, which faded a little in color, glared at me in an attempt to focus on my face. "I want... I want to always be this fucked up when I'm with you," he said weakly. "Daddy... Daddy, can you fuck me? Please? I need it...I need it so bad." I put my mouth against Chris' ear and whispered, "Fucking faggot whore. Look at you begging for my dick inside your little cunt." "Please... please," he kept pleading. "Daddy, I need a dick inside my hole." In the ten minutes we've been laying together on this filthy mattress, I had become Daddy to Chris and he'd become Faggot to me. As far as I can remember, we never used our actual names with each other again. My lip curled as I got turned on by how our names solidified our new relationship. I grabbed him by his tiny waist and threw him on the other side of the mattress. "Spread your legs wide open, Faggot," I demanded. "Show me that pussy." Faggot wasted no time. He raised his legs and spread them as wide as he could. He even grabbed his asscheeks and pulled them apart with his hands, desperately trying to open his hole up more. Damn. It really was a pussy. It was smooth and bright pink. The hole was so tender and tight you would've thought it was untouched. Just looking at it made me want him to bear my children. I had to unbutton and unzip my jeans right away as my dick was getting so hard that it was hurting, trying to burst through my pants. It swooped right out, completely hard, pointing directly out from me. I'm proud of my dick. It's not a beer-can dick. It's not so thick. However, it's a full 10.5" of average girth, totally solid, uncut bone. It might have even been a little on the thin side. Now I don't know why, but even when I smoke Tina, my dick is always rock hard once I'm horny. It's like I had reverse erectile dysfunction, my dick always got the stiffest and hardest boners, ever since I was a boy. Occasionally, it could only get semi-hard if I do too much Tina, but a cock ring and a viagra quickly turn it into a rock pole. My manhood seemed to perfectly complement Faggot's cunt hole. It was so tight, the hardness and small girth would more easily enter. I wasn't going to risk damaging his hole just yet though. I need that thing to work for a long time. I squirted a ton of baby oil into the tub of vaseline and scooped a giant, gooey lather of the grease onto his hole, rubbing it in a little with my finger. I rubbed a light layer on my dick too. I tossed Faggot a fresh bottle of poppers, a silent order for him to prepare himself. Violently spun, he fumbled to unscrew the bottle and shakily snorted from both nostrils. Deep. Just as he was about to screw the cap back on, I stopped him. "Wait - 2 more deep hits," I ordered. The boy looked like he had been destroyed by the combined highs of the meth and the poppers. His blond hair was tousled, his blue eyes wonky, his white teeth chattery, and now he looked dizzy and unfocused. All he could produce were loud moans and "Oh...Fuck..." I took the bottle of poppers from him. I didn't trust him to put the cap on safely anyway. I took two deep hits too. Fuck. A wave of what can only be described as intense perversion swept over me, and as the poppers dotted my vision, I looked at Faggot through an even more degrading lens. He was so damn sexy with his tan smooth body and his legs spread open for me, it was even hotter that his clean cut appearance was trashed by how drugged up he was. As the rush of the poppers hit me and then swept behind me, all I could think about was fucking him however I wanted. I pressed my dick hard against his greased up pussy. It still met with a little resistance, but the poppers relaxed his hole significantly and opened it up a lot more. My dick was uncut, so the head didn't need to pop in first. It penetrated like a stick. "FUUUUUUCK YEAHHHH!" I roared like a beast. "OHHHH FUCK! FUCKKK IT'S IN!" Faggot yelled. My head spasmed with pleasure, and my eyes rolled back into my head. For a moment, I even thanked my parents for not circumcising me so that I could enjoy the full pleasure of the pussy I was in right now. The Faggot's breeding hole was warm, soft, and tightly wrapped around my dick. Most of all, he was wet too. His hole squirted like crazy from arousal. The drugs probably helped with that. My dick felt so much friction against his insides and was coated with so much of the oily lube and juice that my body shook from the sensations I felt. "Unh! Uhhhh!" he moaned like a bitch as I continued to push in deeper.. and deeper. Whenever he thought it couldn't get any deeper, I pressed his legs further back and shoved more in. His eyes widened as my dick hit a painful spot. Because it was so hard and didn't curve to the inside of his hole, it probably jammed deeper than his pussy could even take. "AHH! SO DEEP!" he screamed, wincing in pain. "YEAH?" I boomed. "YOU FEEL IT DEEP IN YOU?" "TOO DEEP! TOO DEEP!" he gasped. "Fuck you, Faggot. You'll get used to it," I said. And then I spit on him. It landed in a thick wad on the side of his perfect, shiny, tan cheek. He looked helpless, and if I could get any harder from that, I would've. My dick might've pulsed with arousal. A smooth twink with a smooth tight hole completely at my mercy, meaning no one was going to stop anything I did to violate or degrade him. I allowed Faggot to take two more deep hits of the poppers before moving my dick. Once the cap was screwed on, the gloves came off. I withdrew almost the entire length of my dick, which must've felt crazy for the boy, then plunged back in. And out and in again, and out and in again, so fast the Faggot could barely breathe and scream to keep up. My dick ripped through his pussy, stabbing in and out. Each stroke made me feel like his cunt was rubbing ecstasy straight into my dick. It definitely felt even better watching him yelp at the top of his lungs with each thrust. "UH! UH! UH! UH! AH! UHH!" "FUCK YOU, YOU STUPID SLUT! I'M GONNA FUCK THAT TWEAKED UP CUNT SO HARD BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT YOU FUCKING DESERVE, FAGGOT! YOU FUCKING WHORE TRASH!" I barked. I didn't care if he was loud. When I got verbal, I yell obscenities at whoever I'm fucking. I sound like a drill sergeant. His screaming and moaning and my aggressive roaring mixed together to fill the silent room with the explosive sound of sex. The fact of the matter is the household upstairs can complain all they want to the landlord, but their noise complaints go unheard. The landlord buys crack from me (after all, that's how I got the basement), so he's on my side and would do anything to keep the police from coming. I found out a week later they left before their lease ended because they couldn't live with the extremely loud sex through the thin ceiling/floor occurring at all times of day and weird times of night. I pounded Faggot for 40 minutes straight. His sexy legs and delicate smooth little feet bounced and flailed around my arms and shoulders the whole time as I fucked him. If a while went by without any harsh words reminding him his only worth was giving me pleasure with his body and pussy, I'd spit on him and slap him. At one point, I pulled out completely. Then I charged in, ramming straight to the deepest point I could possibly reach, and while his little body folded to take the impact, I spit straight into the center of his face, splattering from his nose to his cheekbones, then slapped him hard with the full force of my titanic, muscular strength. His face was so red it burned through the tan. He cried out in surprise and pain, but took it like a good slave boy. To reward him, I grabbed him by the hair and slapped him across the face three more times before spitting on him one more time and giving him a quick kiss. Then I grabbed one of his ankles and punch-fucked him for a minute straight. He was gasping for air, not even being able to react to the abuse happening so quickly and one after another. But no matter what I did, when he looked me in the eyes, it was the same expression of love, only shadowed by a bit of pleading. He was high as a kite and he couldn't help it, because the dick felt so good in him and he was so horny and hungry for a man to use him, all he could see was his strong, sexy, manly daddy. At this point, he knew that his daddy was depraved and sadistic. But dick and drugs could turn a boy into a hopeless lover. Finally, I felt the electric sensation of wanting to cum, an burning sensitivity rushing through my penis as it thrusted. I grabbed both his ankles hard enough to snap them off and buried my cock to the hilt as I unloaded one of the biggest nuts in recent memory. My whole body convulsed as I roared and gasped, shuddering as my cock just pulsed inside him, shooting jet after jet of my seed into him. He moaned in ecstasy as he felt my dick harden and vibrate. Then, everything became silent besides for our grunting and panting. I slowly pulled my dick out. A splash of cum was dragged back with it and popped out of his hole. One thick drop trickled down his tailbone. For a moment, all I could do is just touch him and finger him gently to feel the cum inside his hole. It was still so smooth and tender. It's amazing how something that felt so soft inside could withstand the brutal beating my dick just gave it. Faggot looked completely used up and laid limp, his legs having fallen on the mattress after his marathon of having them being split apart. He was still a handsome, beautiful boy even like this. I laid down next to him and caressed his face and body, kissing him. "Daddy," he groaned weakly. "I... i want more..." I smiled just a little, feeling pride in how much of a cock whore I turned him into in just an hour. Out of impulse, I suddenly decided to revise my plan for enslaving him. I was just going to take him. I got up and zipped my jeans up. From one of the cabinets I retrieved a brown leather leash with a 5 foot chain. I pressed my body down on Faggot to restrain him and clipped the collar of the leash around his neck. I looped a small padlock around where I clipped it and locked it shut. Then, I tied the chain around one of the pipes protruding from the wall and put a padlock around the tied chain. I had the keys in the main room, where he wouldn't be able to reach. Tweaked and confused, Faggot yanked experimentally at the chain. Then, he realized he was trapped, but he didn't panic. He looked at me with puppy eyes with a pleading look, just waiting for me to explain. I got on the mattress with my enslaved boy and held his naked body in my giant arms. "Listen, Faggot," I said softly. "I'm going to turn you into my whore. You're going to live here now, and you're never going to leave this fucking room, got it? I recorded everything that just happened, you doing the drugs and getting fucked, and I'm going to anonymously send it to your parents, teachers, friends, whoever I can get ahold of. You're never going to see or talk to any of those people ever again. I'm going to smash your phone, throw out your house keys, and keep your wallet. From now on, this is your new reality." Even violently high, Faggot was realizing the gravity of the situation. "Daddy... Please! Don't show anyone the video. Please," he begged. "I'll be a good boy. I'll do whatever you want. Please..." Tears welled up in his eyes, realizing the shock that would hit everyone he ever knew. I ran my hand through his hair. "Bitch, you're going to do whatever I want anyways. That's not going to stop me. I'm going to send it to all of them through your phone and tell them you couldn't resist your inner whore anymore and ran off to become a pornstar. And you're going to become a pornstar, because these videos are going on any porn site I can publish them on, and I'm going to make whatever money I can from filming you. From now on, your purpose is taking my dick whenever I'm horny and making money using your body and cunt. All of my nut goes in you. All of my piss goes in you or on you. There are going to be men coming in and out to come fuck you. That's because I'm going to sell your pussy to them. When I make a sale, I'll tell you to get ready." Faggot looked at me with fear and arousal. His lip trembled, and his handsome face looked almost pitiful. He looked so helpless and boyish I almost felt sorry for him until I remembered that he's just a piece of property now. Even still, I knew a small part of him was excited to be with me and embrace an endless cycle of drugs, sex, and personal and physical maintenance. ------ The next day, I woke up with Faggot in my arms. Being in the basement with no windows, I couldn't even tell what time it was or how long we slept. Last night, he cried a little bit after reality kicked in, but I gave him some weed to smoke and slept on the mattress with him instead of my bed. The boy calmed down eventually and fell asleep, and I fell asleep holding him. I let him continue to sleep. One perk of being here is that he doesn't have to wake up to an alarm. When he eventually did wake up, I was ready to introduce him the finer details of his new life. I made him a small breakfast of eggs and packaged fruit and brought him a gallon jug of water for the day. As he ate, I spoke. "We're going to have to have rules to keep you in place. "Let's start with the most important one. You can't refuse any man I sell you to. Old, ugly, fat, short, sweaty, smelly, I don't give a fuck. They pay, they fuck. If they want to fuck raw, which will be encouraged because I'm not supplying condoms, you take it raw. Nod if you understand." Faggot nodded vigorously, determined. "Second. Sometimes I'm going to have to take you out. I might take you on a house call to a john or to a bathhouse. I definitely have to take you to the doctor and get tested constantly since you'll be taking so much raw dick and cum. You're going to get diseases, so I gotta catch them fast so that you can still fuck. You need to go to a dentist, go to the gym, and tan. When we go out, I lead you by your leash and you keep a blindfold on. You get one outfit to put on: the one you wore here today. You hop right into the back of my van and wait for me to let you out." "People are also going to ask questions. They're going to see you filthy and dressed like a street whore when you show up to the doctor's office. Let me do the talking. Under no circumstances are you to talk to anyone when we go out unless it's a man who's going to fuck you. I want my whore to interact only with men who use you for sex. That'll be all you know and all the companionship you get. If you try to ask anyone for help, remember you'll be out on the street homeless with severe withdrawal from any number of drugs I'm gonna put you on. That, and before I go to jail, I'm going to beat the shit out of you. And you won't have any money or ID, because, third, any money you earn goes to me. Whatever you need, I buy for you if I want to. Including drugs. "Fourth, you keep cum inside you as long as you can. I will flush your hole out regularly to keep it clean, but you are a cum dump slut and when I fuck you at the end of the night, you better be oozing. I don't care how nasty the guys are who breed you, you respect them by letting their sperm inseminate every fiber of your being. "Fifth, you will always be high. I'll be fucking you up with all kinds of stuff of my choosing. I even got stuff to make you sleep. When men come to fuck you, you will always be tweaked beforehand and given more during or in-between. If you're going to be my whore, I'm going to force you to be heavily addicted to drugs and sex. The johns will know that you are useless without drugs and sex and therefore should feel like they can treat you pretty much however they want because you're a desperate, fucked up piece of garbage who needs their dick to survive. I will make sure you're safe and not damaged in order to ensure you can continue doing your job. "Finally, your name is no longer Chris, and I don't want to ever hear that name again. From now on, your name is now Faggot. One of my buddies learned how to tattoo, so he'll be tattooing your name as a tramp stamp on your back. That way, johns will know that Faggot is your name." I finished as Faggot finished chewing his food. It took him a long time to put it down since he still had residual T in his system. He looked at me with those blue eyes, fresh and sparkly after a full night's sleep, but a little red from crying. Then, unexpectedly, he leaned into me and wrapped his smooth body around my torso and rested his ass in my lap. "Daddy?" "Yeah, Faggot?" "Does this mean I'm going to do meth everyday and get fucked by you constantly? Multiple times a day?" "Yeah. You're going to feel real good on T all the time, baby. And now that I have you, I'm never going to jerk off again. If I wanna get off, we have sex." The boy leaned his blond hair into my big chest. He felt so small and fragile in my arms, even though he was a fully toned and developed young man. "Then fuck it. I want to be your whore, and I don't need anything from my old life. As long as I have you, I don't need anything or anyone else. At home or at school, I'm always horny and wishing that men were gay and would fuck me. If the only human interaction I have is with men and through having sex, that's more than enough. I want to be a good whore for you, Daddy." I looked at Faggot and felt nothing but pride and love for the boy. I took his life from him and he's still going to be a good whore boy for me. That's exactly the kind of unconditional worship I expect from him. I wanted to tell him I love him, but what I really loved was the piece of flesh that he was. I held him in my arms and kissed him softly for a while, and then without a word, I stood up and left him chained there. I opened up grindr, Scruff, bbrt, A4A, and craigslist. It was time to make him some profiles. Part 3 coming soon
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    Here's my honking PA... even the smooth edges results in a bloody fuck most of the time... OINK!
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    Part 7: Aaron: Chris led me naked to Club 80 where he had hired a room. As we walked through the venue, he stopped to talk to a couple of rough looking, hung tops. They pawed at my skin, twisting my nipples and shoving their fingers roughly up my arse. Fuck, I was wired. I needed something - anything - up my hole. We walked into the room Chris had hired and he bent me over what looked to be like a fuck bench of some kind. There, he tied my arms to the bench. I was secured quite tightly, but loosely enough that I could take a huff of the coppers that Chris pushed into my hands. “Huff until I tell you to stop,” he ordered. I started to take deep breaths; first one nostril, then the other. My head was spinning. I was sweating from the massive Tina slam Chris had given me earlier. I lost count at 20 and started again. I got to 25 of the second lot and I knew I was in danger of passing out. “Stop,” I heard Chris say. I felt Chris’ hands near my hole and felt him slip his fingers into my cunt easily. I felt a burning and I know he had pushed a few shards of tina up my arse. My whole arse seemed to warm up to his touch. “This slut taking it raw?” I heard a gruff voice ask. “Isn’t that the only way?…” was Chris’ reply as he withdrew his fingers and reached around for me to suck them clean. “Fuck, yeah,” was the response and I felt a sizeable dick slide into my hole. “Fucking tight, how many fucked him tonight?” “You’re the first here, but he’s been stretched out a bit leading up to tonight.” “He partied up?” asked the stranger. “Yeah, going to keep him that way, too,” said Chris. Fuck! They were talking about me as if I was not even there. “He poz or neg, mate?” “Neg mate… but hoping that’ll change this weekend!” I felt the guy’s dick swell at that last statement - the thought of giving me a poz load seemed to turn this guy on! “Oh Jesus…. dirty fucking whore… taking poz cocks at a sleazy sex club… taking all comers…” he started a litany of abuse as he slammed into me. “Gonna give you my dirty load, cunt, beg for it…” he instructed. Chris leaned into my ear and said, “beg, cunt, and make it good!” I begged and babbled as if my life depended on it. Chris and I were still working out the boundaries of our relationship and, to be truthful, I was a little scared of him. He could be a fearsome master when he wanted to be. “Fuck your dirty load into my cunt, give me your load, Sir…” I babbled… “Here it comes, bitch,” I heard him say and he slammed into my arse hard. By now, a group had gathered by the door. My anonymous sperm donor moved over to the bed and knelt in front of me. The cock presented to me to clean had streaks of blood on it and I knew I was going to get knocked up. I slurped at the dick greedily as I felt the next guy line up. As he thrust into me, I felt his piercing. “Oh, fuck, you’re pierced,” I groaned. The guy laughed and said, “all the better to tear you up with, my dear,” and thrust into my hole particularly hard. “Going to make sure this and all the other poz loads get fucked deep into you.” I felt the first guy scoot his head underneath my torso and start chewing on my nipples. Damn, they were going to be sore! He would lightly run his tongue around the aureole, then take the nub into his mouth and gently suck before nipping at the nipple with his teeth. Then he would lick and suck again and move onto the next nipple. Whatever nipple was not receiving his oral skills would be pulled, pinched and twisted with his rough fingers. I never wanted this to end. The guy fucking my arse slammed in one last time and I could feel his load pumping into my hole. The guy chewing my tits pulled me down and latched onto my nipple and bit hard causing me to clench my arse and milk the guy fucking me. “He tight?” someone asked him as he withdrew his dick. “Not anymore,” the dude smirked before presenting his dick to me to clean. I lifted myself up to look behind me and was hit by a wave of light headedness and realised that the tina was doing a number on me today. I felt the next guy take position and thrust his dick into me, bottoming out super quick. I groaned as I felt his girth invade my guts. I felt the loads already in there squish around his member and he started a steady rhythm of fucking into me. The mouth nibbling and sucking my nipples moved to first my left and then my right pit. Jesus, this felt good. I jerked as I felt a hand come down hard on my butt, slapping me back to reality. Before long, he had unloaded in me, too. And so continued a procession of about 18 guys unloading my arse. I felt an enormous butt plug forced up my hole to keep the loads brewing and, hopefully, infecting my hole. I was not always a chaser; but Chris had awakened my inner slut. And a big part of my horniness today was seeing that stud, Matt, and his piercings and tatts. I wanted… no, needed… Chris to get me knocked up in the same way. I wanted to look like Matt. I knew that Chris was going to get me pierced sometime today; my dick was hard and leaking just thinking about it. Chris eventually untied me and led me to the car. We were heading to the a friend of his who would do my piercings and tatts that night. Matt: I woke up disoriented, wondering where I was. Soon, the room came into focus. I rolled over and looked at my phone - it was just after 3pm. I think I had slept for around 6 hours. I was feeling quite refreshed; but I also knew there was a long evening ahead. I stumbled to the bathroom, had a piss, a douche and a shower. I drank about a litre of water and gobbled down some yoghurt and some fruit. I made sure my mouth was clean. Brian had stepped out and wanted me in my wrestling singlet and waiting by 4pm. By 355pm, I got into the wrestling singlet and stood with my hands behind my head in front of the open door. I had a blindfold on. The only other clothing I wore was a pair of ratty old Converse with no socks. Oh, and my cock cage. My cock was straining against the cock cage and I could smell the rank singlet as my body warmed it up. “Still whoring around?” I heard a voice… it sounded like Scott. “Put your hands in front of you…” he commanded and I felt steel cuffs snap around my wrists. He fitted a collar around my neck and fixed a leash to the collar. “Come with me,” he said as he started to walk, pulling the collar. I stumbled a little and he coached me along the passage and into the bright sunlight. I had no idea where we were going but we had not walked far when he directed me to sit in a car. I heard the car start and we drove in silence for what seemed like an eternity. We got to our destination and Scott led me into another building. I could hear voices coming from the passage and they all fell silent as we entered the room. There were a few grunts of appreciation and I felt hands all over me. Scott led me to a St Andrew’s cross and tied me to it. I felt a swab on my arm and the tell tale prick of the needle. My ears started ringing and I had a metallic taste in my mouth as the drugs started to course through my body. Fuck I loved the sensation! The blindfold was removed and I took in the scene in front of me. Aaron was tied face up and naked on a bed. I watched as they swabbed his arm, found a vein, registered and delivered more drugs into his bloodstream. Damn, he looked good wired. His nipples and his dick and balls looked as though they had had a good workout over many hours. His nipples in particular looked sore. A man I recognised walked into the frame and walked up to Aaron’s bound frame. I remembered him from the day that I had been pierced all those years ago in Brian’s play room. He started to twist and maul Aaron’s nipples, causing the kid to groan. I saw him use some forceps and grab Aaron’s left nipple, insert a needle through it and then thread a barbell through the nipple. Aaron hissed. He repeated the process with the right nipple. He swabbed Aaron’s cock and I saw him ready the needle to give Aaron an ampallang. Aaron’s body arched off the bed as the needle pierced his cock head. I know how painful an ampallang can be! But he was not finished and I saw him give the kid an apadravya as well. Fuck, that must have hurt. Surprisingly, the kid’s cock was still burping out a stream of pre-cum. Unsurprisingly, mine was as well. The man quickly worked his way around Aaron’s body and had finished reasonably quickly. He walked up to me… I certainly wasn’t expecting any extra hardware and my body tensed. He freed my cock from its cage and manipulated the piercings gently. I loved the sensation of the barbell being manipulated in my piercing. He removed the piercing and took out a larger gauge barbell and stated to work it into the hole. It was not an altogether unpleasant sensation but it was not something I would willingly do to myself. He also worked around, removing my existing piercings and inserting larger gauge jewellery in each.I knew it would take a while for me to get used to the new hardware, but it was an exciting process and I was turned on. He wrinkled his nose as he breathed in the scents emanating from my bound form. I saw him walk over to the table and get a double pin wheel toy connected to an electro box and walk up to me. He ran the toy up and down my torso. There was no electricity flowing though the toy yet. The sensations were fantastic, particularly around my nipples and around my armpits. I saw him switch the electro on and touch the pin wheel to my bound form. Fuck!
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    Used to go jogging without a t shirt and without a jockstrap in these when I needed to pick up some hungry pig to breed. Worked every time haha I love my cock
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    A buddy of mine is in town on business and looking for fun. He works for a local airline is 40, 5'10' fit vers/top, with 7 thick inches. He says he has an 8 day load that he needs to donate to someone and asked if I were interested. I was booked up but told him my bf was working from home today. 5 minutes later the bf texts to ask if he can play during lunch -- "go for it, but save it for me to taste" was my response. Two hours later I get a text from my pal that reads "That is hands down, without a doubt the HOTTEST sex of my life!" So, I decide to head home early in hopes of using his nut for lube. I walk from the garage into the basement to find my boyfriend still naked (sans a jock strap) lying in the sling playing with his cummy hole and left nipple. I dropped down and started eating his (delicious) ass and noticed that quite a lot of cum had dribbled on the floor. I start wiping it up with my right hand, using it to lube my dick in preparation to fuck my boy... He tells me that our pal shot a HUGE load in him, that he felt "so full" -- I asked him to push some out for me to eat and it literally squirted 4 feet across the floor (more lube for me!) -- he pushed more out and I licked up every drop before pushing my dick in his hole and fucking him until I loaded him with my 2 day load. The boy can't stop talking about how the guy made him cum without touching himself. It was a hot, loud, porn-style fantasy fuck so after I bred him I texted a hung black pal of mine and had him stop by --like me, he loves using a stretched out cum-flooded manhole. He's fucking my boy downstairs as I type this note... shortly when hear their moans escalate toward orgasm, I will return to watch the breeding --and just maybe deposit a 4th load of cum into my boys amazing butt. Damn, I hope he works from home and "cheats" on me more often!
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    John is a good friend. He is younger, around thirty, 70 kilos and around 1.75cm. But he looks much younger. He goes to the gym so he looks like a wrestle. People tend to like him. I guess it is his smile. Tops adore him. I guess it is his nice round smooth bubble butt… one think I know for sure… he definitely knows how to use it. He is a cumdump like me. But I enjoy so much watching him getting fucked that I don’t mind sharing the tops with him. He is one of those law key good hearted bottoms who deny no cock and after they take the load they say thank you. I am different. I say the Next. We first met in a bareback party one Thursday evening in a bar. We happened to put our asses on a bench… side by side. He smiled in a way that only generous bottoms do. So I decided to be nice… I shared my poppers with him. Later on we had a beer and we laughed talking about the importance of semen in our hole, both agreeing that we are focused more to the sperm than the size of the dick who delivers it. In bareback parties I seldom talk. With him it was different. We clicked. I had seen the scars on his hands so I knew he was a slammer but I didn’t say anything about our common chem habbits . I am old enough to know when and where I ask questions. I even gave him my load. It is so nice to meet a bottom who is more bottom than me and his hole was so nice and sloppy that I couldn’t resist. When I bred him he said thank you to me as well. I told you he is a really nice guy. In the next few months I met him three or four times. Always in those bareback parties. And always in clubs. Every time we met each other we kept the same routine. Bend on our knees and getting fucked doggy style taking loads from random tops, then going to the bar having a drink and then return back on the bench sharing the poppers. It was in one of those Thursdays that he asked me to go to his place after the party and sleep together. Just sleep. I had no plans for the next morning so I agreed. Nice studio apartment. Big bed. Big kitchen. Two big bathrooms. A huge TV that played straight porn with no sound. And all the glasses of windows painted in black. You had to slide the glass to see the daylight. I was OK with that. I like pitch dark when I sleep. And my sleep is not easy since I know a thing or two of slamming my self. We had a nice long shower. We drank our cocoa milk and we slept. I was still a student in the University the last time I shared the sleep with a bottom. I have to admit. It was a comfortable sleep. He had a way to make things easy with the snuggle. I am usually not good with intimacy. But with him was different. I loved the touch of his skin of his back stucking on my belly. It seems that I have missed a good snuggle more than I wanted it to admit. Next morning I woke up first, cooked some scrambled eggs and made some tea. “So Johnny”, I said when he was drinking his chamomile tea. “What’s on your mind? ” I took him a bit by surprise. “What do you mean? “ he asked. “I mean you need something. All this time we know each other you smile and you are friendly, and I thank you for that, but the truth is that you were checking me out. “You never flirt the tops they fuck you, you are friendly of course with them but always distant, you don’t share data about your life and your name is not John but its Stephan…“ I had seen a bill for the electricity stuck with a magnet on the fridge. “Which It is ok by me. You have every reason to protect your privacy, just next time you bring someone you don’t know, be a bit more careful and not leave traces around… but to let you know… I will continue to call you John… ” He blushed. “John is fine with me… And sorry… you deserved to know my true name at least.” I smiled my way. The father figure way that I carry only to certain occasions. And he was still a good guy. There are certain truths that you don’t share easily specially with people you meet in parties sharing loads and poppers. He got more relaxed. “So you were checking me out to see if you can trust me and then you brought me to your place to see if I fit and then you asked me to sleep as for a test to see how safe you can be when you are vulnerable. Isn’t that right? “ Now he was really speechless… “Damn you are good… what is your job you said? “ “Look kid I am a cumdump. But I am a really good one. One of the best you will ever encounter. And I guess I have been wandering in those steep hills of depravity quite a long time to recognize the whatever hidden agendas… And you are right. I like you… so you have no reason to feel awkward as long as you are not keeping me in the dark with your true intentions. So what’s up? “. He had a last zip of the tea. He looked at me like a boyscott ready to start an adventure. And then he spelled it out. “I have my birthday next Saturday. I want to celebrate it with a bang. I want to become a hole. A true hole like the one you see in the creampie gangbang porn films. Where one man after the other enter the room get hard shove it in give the load and then go. But I can not do it alone. And It is not something I can ask from any of my friends without them freaking out… So I had to find someone who can understand and not judge and with whom I can feel safe when and if the door opens and the cocks start pouring in…” What a great way to celebrate the new decade. He was waiting for my response. “Tops are a bit possessive. Bottoms are easier to trust… “ he continued. Well I guess he has a point. But all these stereotypes are a bit dated. Or maybe I am dated. I had to give an answer. Stood up and went to pee. I needed some time to gather my thoughts. The kid was brave. Braver than what I used to be twenty years ago. That’s for sure. He was washing the dishes. I took the towel to dry them. My voice was firm. Damn I could be a decent Top using that voice. “OK… but you need some training for that particular night. We have a week. If you are to become a hole you wish than you will have to slam hard and go to the zone…Do not look at me like I am any wizard. I know you slam kiddo… Look at your arms. No matter how good you cover them with make up I can see your small scars. Look I love being close to a chem slam hole. So… yes I can do what you are asking me…. Be by your side and make sure you get not into trouble and you won’t get robbed from your nice silverware. But to do so you have to follow my orders. With ‘no buts and no ifs’… and most important ‘no secret agendas’... I am I clear? “ He shook his head and then gave me that smile. Damn kiddo… what a beautiful smile….
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    Part 5 As I stumbled out I knew I had to find him. I walked back upstairs. I found him. “hi um Barry” “knew you would find me faggot, you enjoy taking all that toxic cum” I couldn’t believe he was so open about HIV. It was such a taboo unspoken amongst anyone I know. “i loved it sir thank you” “Now you have a choice here, you can go to the hospital and get pep which can possibly stop you becoming pozzed, or you join me. I make sure you’re looked after when you convert, then you go out and spread your seed to everyone” “im scared” “I know you are. Let me tell you my story. I got pozzed years ago. Stealthed. Didn’t know who it was. I was angry at the world so I made sure I never touched any meds and went out and made boys like me” “But aren’t you worried about dying” “no boy cause my virus will live on in faggots like you. HIV has been a blessing to me. It’s given me purpose and I hope it does the same to you” “i got a lot to think about sir” “Well you better make it quick if you want to stay neg. I’m going to leave but I wouldn’t mind another go at your hole. Get me hard boy” He pulled that massive cock out and I was just drawn to it. I started sucking it hard trying to take as much down my throat as I could. “Yeah boy look at you go getting this aids cock rock hard” I felt it grow and I knew I just had to have it in me again. I stood up and just sat on it and took it deep. “oh boy look at how that hole has opened up. Could barely fit anything in it and now here you are taking this like a champ trying to milk more aids cum out of me” I had a hit of poppers and my head was spinning. I felt nothing like it better. I felt complete. “poz me sir. I want to be just like you. Give me your AIDS. It’s what I want.” “Im getting close boy. Going to shoot another toxic load in you. Fuck take it you faggot. Here comes my AIDS.” I screamed out in pleasure as I felt it shooting deep inside me. “Thank you sir. I have made my decision. I want to be your little HIV boy” “i knew you would, now let’s go get dressed and get out of here, we got a long way to go”
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    The making of a pig boy (Disclaimer: All characters are fictional, including the narrators. All resemblance of anyone alive or dead is purely coincidental. This story originated as a hobby for me to get over the writer's hump, so i guessed it worked. It is told from alternating perspectives: the narrator and the Daddy. Mild offensive themes and way too much expletives. and I hope you enjoy and maybe i will write more about this pig and his adventures.) Oh there will be typos. Lots and lots of typos. 1. I have been driving for two hours on a narrow 2 lane road somewhere in rural Arkansas, deep in hill country. The only light on the road are the dim headlights of my battered car. Occasionally i would be blinded by the light of trucks passing me, wheels jacked high and confederate flags flying from the back. An hour later, I finally arrived at the one-stoplight town of Creek. Although it is barely 11pm, the streets are almost completely deserted, save for the entrance of the bar where several men gathered, standing around in loose jeans and tank tops, sipping their beers and smoking in the night air. Across the street from the bar, i found the only motel in town. I paid the tired looking old woman behind the counter and walked across the cracked pavement to my dark and damp room. I pulled my phone and launched the secure messaging app. me: hey hickdad: you made it? me: yes hickdad: ok, do what i tell you to and i will be there in an hour me: ok, see you then. I logged off and unpacked my stuff: some clothes, some toys, lube, a blindfold, and a bottle of poppers. As i cleaned out and showered, i thought about how i ended up in a dingy hotel room in the middle of nowhere. Several months ago, i started chatting to a man named hickdad online. He claimed to be a rough top who love to breed young men like me. As we keep chatting, i found he shared my dirtiest and most perverted fantasies. I spent countless nights chatting with him, only calling him "sir" as he tells me how he would round up a bunch of his hick friends and turn me into a cum dump pig whore. Cyber chatting turned to phone calls and i would have deep, almost violent orgasms as he told me, in his gruff, deep voice, how he would turn me into a cum whore for himself and his redneck friends. Sitting on the dildo he made me order, i would tell him my fantasy of being turned into a sub human cum dump, not a man, just a pig to shoot cum into. I would jerk off constantly to our conversations and chat logs, hypnotized by his voice and his domination over me. As time goes on, hickdad would teach me to train myself on poppers and toys, pushing me to rough neck gyms to build my body, and sending me links to videos of unimaginable perversion. I shot load after load watching dirty pigs like me drinking piss, get bred by anonymous dicks, and begging for poz loads from fat toxic cocks. In a few months, by forcing me to work out hickdad added pounds of muscle to my body. Finally one day a package arrived at my door. It contains a jockstrap, a large buttplug, a large stash of steroids and a letter from hickdad telling me it is time to make my fantasy into reality. That night, over the phone, he instructed me to wear nothing but the jockstrap as my underwear for the next 8 weeks, washing it only when absolutely necessary. Next, I am to use the steroids as instructed to make my body bigger and thicker. I am to use that buttplug daily, stretching my hole and keeping it in for 4 hours every day, especially during my workout at the gym. Finally, in his stern masculine voice, i am ordered not to touch myself at all until we meet. He left me with the address of the motel and ordered me to drive there with my laptop and some clothes in 2 month's time. So here i am, waiting for hickdad in a dirty motel room. Thanks to the steroids he sent, i having put on 30 pounds of muscle, i can scarcely recognize myself. My neck is now as wide as my head, my legs barely fitting into my jeans. My pecs, swollen and thick, are crowned by massive wide nipples that are so sensitive that would make me spring a boner just touching them. True to his instructions, i have only washed the jockstrap twice during the entire time i was wearing it. The original white fabric is now yellowed with piss, sweat and the copious precum my cock spew out during the month of chastity and gym work. After thoroughly cleaned out, i inserted the butt plug into my ass and my cock got hard instantly. I started one of the raunchy videos hickdad sent me on my computer and took a deep huff of poppers while watching. My cock is rock hard inside my jock and i can barely stop myself from jacking off when i hear the sound of a diesel pickup truck parking outside the motel room door. A hairy stocky man in his 40s enter. Wearing nothing but a sweaty cut off t shirt and dirty jeans, hickdad is as masculine and rugged as his pictures suggested. Closing the door behind him, he inspected me from head to toe while i kneel on the carpet in front of him as instructed as he strips off his tshirt, revealing his powerful pecs, massive biceps, and a ton of tats all over his body, including a giant blue black biohazard symbol over his right pec and an intricate scorpion on his left torso. "Hello pig boy" Hickdad said while undoing the top button of his jeans, showing off the waistband of his yellow jockstrap. "hello sir" i replied. "you ready to be used boy?" "yes sir" "yes sir what?" "Yes sir, i am ready to be used sir" "Good boy, get on the bed, on your hands and knees boy" hickdad growled and i jumped to comply. Face down on the dirty sheets on my knees, my ass sticking out. I can feel his rough hands inspecting my ass and the buttplug he ordered me to wear. Firmly and steadily, he pulled on the plug until it dislodges from my hole. I feel empty and desperate to get it filled. "get on your knees faggot" hickdad commanded , and i scrambled off the bed and get on my knees. He is standing right in front of me, the bulge in his jeans inches away from my face.hickdad must have noticed that i am staring at his manhood, because without a word he pulled down his jeans and took them off, leaving his heavy work boots on. I can smell the sweat and piss emanating from the jockstrap. It was all i can do without burying my face into his crotch. "You want this dont you faggot" "yes sir, please sir" Reaching behind him into my bag, he pull out a thick 10 inch dildo and my bottle of extra strength poppers. I watched silently as he spit on the dildo to slick it up. Then he planted it on the wooden chair by the window. "come here and show me what you learned, faggot" I got off my knees and moved over to the chair as hickdad watches. After taking a deep huffs of the poppers, i sit myself onto the large rubber cock. I pinch my swollen nipples as the slick rubber stretches my hole, pushing deep into my rectum, moaning in a animalistic voice and keeping eye contact with my master. When i reach the botttom i rocked back and forth, the rubber cock stirring my insides, while huffing deep snorts of poppers every minute as hickdad trained me to do. By now my jockstrap is soaked through with precum and sweat, and the smell of poppers and my own sex juices and sending me flying. Hickdad got up from the bed and stand in front of me. "Good boy" he intoned as he push my face into his jockstrap. My nose is instantly overwhelmed with its odors, and i hungrily licked and sucked on the fabric, tasting the sweat, piss and cum that has been deposited there for god knows how long while riding the dildo deep inside me. I can feel hickdad's thick manhood stirring behind the thin fabric. Inn no time it become hard and bulging, and i am slobbering all over the pouch like it is my last meal on earth before he pulled away and push my head back. "You like this shit boy?" "Yes sir, thank you sir" "Open wide" I opened my mouth wide just in time for hickdad to hock a big glob of spit into it. I moaned in gratitude, grinding harder onto the rubber cock as he pull his cock out of the jock pouch, and shove the thick and veiny cock down my open throat. 2. "Fuck, that feels good, suck my cock faggot" I grabbed the faggot's head and start raping his pretty little mouth. He is pretty good at it for such a young punk, and his tongue is doing something that makes my cock feel good, better than any of those bitches i fucked when i was locked up. I pulled out of his mouth after choking him for a good 5 minutes. He reached for his poppers and took deep huffs while i sat down on the dirty motel bed. Those roids i sent him did a nice job on him, making him look more like a muscle pig that he wants to be. It was expensive, but i am sure i can make that money back tonight. "get that faggot ass up and bend the fuck over the bed" I said, and the fag did as he was told. I started rubbing the rim of his slicked up hole with my fingertips, and his ass lips start spasming like a pig in heat. "you need my dick up in that faggot cunt don't you" "Yes sir please i need it bad" "Your ass is mine isnt it" "Yes sir my ass is yours sir" "Flip over and put your legs up like i taught you" The faggot flipped over and pulled his legs up, his eyes staring hungrily at me. I pulled my jock down and my 9 inch fat cock sprang up, harder than a rock and already leaking. Without saying a word, i shove my fat cock inside that pig cunt in one stroke. 3. I feel hickdad's fat cock inside me all at once, and it hurts like hell. I screamed, but his rough hand covered my mouth and my voice is muffled as he forcefully raped my hole with his fat cock, pulling out almost completely before pushing it in again. He sneered at me, enjoying the pain he brought to my entire being, after a while i cannot help myself but moan as his cock pounds my ass, making my own dick rock hard, twitching with my heartbeat. He smirked at me as i moaned, his fingers pinching my fat gyno tits and my entire sensation concentrated on my dripping dick, desperate to cum. The pleasure is too much. I am bucking and arching my back, trying to keep his dick pounding inside me. I screamed into the poppered rag he shoved into my face, my cunt overwhelmed by the sensation of his thick meat deep inside me. 4. I pound away at the faggot's cunt, I pulled his fag clit out of the jock and it is fat and swollen, slapping against his stomach as i pound my cock deep inside him. I reached towards the poppers, poured some onto a rag and shove it into the fag's face. As he breathe it in his entire body starting to twist around, the fag monaing like a fucking demon possessed. Suddenly his hole is clenching tight on my fuckstick and that hole just feels so god damn incredible. *mmmm MMMMMM* the faggot screamed into the rag as his ass clamped on my rod like a vice. I am pinching its gyno tits and its eyes 4 rolled into the back of his head. "Fuck yeah boy, take it, take my dick" I growled at the fag as he bucks and squirms under me. His eyes are glazed over, his hole is all he knows now. I leaned in, his clit rock hard against my belly, right on my scorpion tat, my face inches from his. "Take my fucking cock you fucking fag pig" I whispered to him before i spit on its pretty face as i pound away. "I can last for a long ass time in a smooth pig hole like yours. By the way did i mention i am poz boy? You are getting some toxic cum tonight." The pig is staring at me now, a mix of fear and pleasure in its eyes. 5. I stared into Hickdad's eyes as he pound away at my ass. He just told me i am getting pozzed. Suddenly all the pozzing videos i watch flood into my head and all my nastiest, dirtiest fantasies are coming true. "Fuck yes daddy, fuck me with that fat poz cock. I want your toxic cum in my ass pleaseeeee" I begged as his fat dick pounds me hard. My cock is so hard its painful, sandwiched between my gut and his tattooed stomach, my cockhead gettiing rubbed by a intricate scorpion tat. The thought of getting my cunt filled with toxic seeed by a hot redneck daddy is too much. With his fat cock deep into my hole and his fingers twisting my gyno tits my entire body tensed up and I am fucking cumming oh my god... 6. The pig is begging for it now. its hole is gripping my dick like a fucking vice while the stupid pig is begging for my toxic load. Its clit is rock solid hard and the pig's eyes is just wide staring at me. It looks like he is gonna lose its fucking mind when i bite his roid up tit and shove my dick in him one more time. he is clamping tight on my pole like a fucking milking machine and the pig start cumming. Globs of nut juice just come gushing out of that clit all over its tummy as he thrashes under me like a fucking demon moaning oh my god like a bitch. I can feel my load churning inside my balls, ready to knock that bitch up. "fuck yeah bitch, cum for me you fucking pig. you want my poz load dont you? fuck yeah here that nut for you FUCK" The pig is barely listening. its eyes are rolling into the back of its head as my dick keep pumping in and out of its pulsating cunt, spraying my poz load deep inside that hole. I pinned down its arms so he cant play with its clit and it is still ozzing ball juice. 7. His cock feels so fucking good deep inside my ass, just thrusting in my cunt, and my brain cannot think of anything else. My cock has never been harder, but Hickdad was holding my arms down and i cannot jerk myself off. I am moaning like a bitch, staring into his blue eyes and going crazy when suddenly he thrusted one more time, deeper than anything has ever been inside my ass, and he bent down and bite my gyno tits. I screamed when i feel my load come blasting out of my dick. I feel like i am having one of those out of body experience, I cant feel anything except my dick, and all i can do is to lie there and cum, shooting spurt after spurt of my nut while Hickdad shoots his load inside me. I can feel the hot poz cum flooding my cunt and I cant stop myself nutting even more. Pig daddy finished blasting his nut, but his dick is still rock hard in my ass, thrusting and punching that spot that makes me want to cum over and over and that is all i can feel when i pass out. 8. FUCK. That fucking pig cunt was fucking good, milking that load out of my dick. The fucking cunt actually passed out on me, but his fucking hole is still twtiching. Un fucking believable. I pulled out of that tight cunt and wiped myself down with the pig's tshirt. Damn i sweat a whole fucking lot. The cunt is sprawled on its back, a thick load covering his stomach, my load swimming inside that young hot hole. I will let him rest a bit. He isn't done yet for tonight. Not by a long shot. Once i took a breather with a beer and a smoke, I got back to work. The pig is pretty heavy, but I lifted heavier shit than him, so moving him to the middle of the bed and tying his hands to the bed posts is a piece of cake. Next i pulled out the magic marker and wrote CUNT right on his stomach. Then i pulled out my phone and started scheduling dates for the pig. 9. My buddy Joe is the first to arrive. The dude marched into the room wearing his mechanic jumpsuit. Built like a brick shithouse, Joe is my roid dealer and my mechanic, and he spend his entire life lifting, working on cars, and pound every hole he can find. "Yo wassup big guy" "Yo. You got some new meat?" "See for yourself" I said as I point in the pig's direction. By the time i closed the door and turn around, Joe is already stripping off his jumpsuit. The motherfucker is even bigger than i saw him last, he must be really overdoing on the juice. His neck is thicker than his head, and his body is just a giant mass of muscle, like a cartoon drawing of a pro wrestler. In no time, the fucker is on the bed, lifting the pig's leg's up, and teasing it's tight cunt hole just as the pig is waking up. 10. I must have passed out when daddy shot his load in me, because when i woke up my hands are tied to the bed posts and there is something poking at my sore hole. I opened my eyes and there is a massive man in front of me, his bright blue eyes staring at me. He is the skinhead muscle beast of my dreams, just a giant sweaty mass of hot muscle covered in creamy white skin streaked with what i thought is motor oil. His pecs are super huge, hanging over his roid gut, his nipples pink and fat and pointing straight forward. I can barely moan in lust before he start entering me. His dick is not as long as hick dad's but it is thick as hell, and it stretched my hole something serious. Hickdad helpfully shove a popper soaked rag under my nose as the stud pounds into me, alternating between slow deep strokes and fast ones. "Fuck you are so fucking huge..." i moaned, "Fuck yeah thats a fucking tight faggot pussy right here", the man growled towards hickdad, who is sitting on the other bed, smoking and smirking while his dick pounded away inside my hole. In no time i am rock hard again, my arms struggling against the cuffs.
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    I stood at the entrance of club Orlando and was mixed with both fear and excitement. I had heard of this place many times before and was fixed on going when I did my research and saw it was a gay bathhouse. I had read many stories of times there and I wanted to go so badly to have as many cocks and loads shoved up my ass and down my throat. Most of all I was so hoping that I could find someone there to take my poz cherry. I went inside and paid for my membership and for a room and went in. Once I found my room I started to take my clothes off and took a moment to admire myself in the mirror on the wall. At 21 I stood at 6ft 2 and was 230 pounds of muscle thanks to the 6 years in the army. I kept my blond hair cut short out of habit but still managed to catch the eyes of anyone and everyone who looked and admired me. I wrapped my towel around my waist and made my way through the club to see what was going on there. I came on a night of a lights out party so the inside was dimly lit. I brushed by allot of thick hard cock and got my ass felt up many times as I ventured further into the bathhouse. I saw the theater room and the dark room they had there and caught a twink getting pounded on the table in the dark room. I stood there for a little while stroking my cock enjoying seeing the twink squealing for the bear that was fucking him to go harder and faster. The bear let out a mighty growl and yelled that his pussy was about to get his toxic load and I had to stop and walk away before I came myself since I didn't want to cum just yet. I made sure to make a mental note of what the bear looked like so I too could possibly take his toxic load in my ass too. I made my way out to the pool where I saw a nice cabana next to it lined up with many chairs to enjoy the time by the pool but there wasn't much there for me to get into. I walked back along and saw two guys making out in the hot tub and decided to keep on moving on. I saw the room that was in the far corner and decided to go in and see what was going on and if I could join. There was allot of guys milling around in here all in different stages of fucking. I saw the twink I saw in the darkroom earlier in the sling getting fucked hard by a monstrous man. I stood there admiring what I was seeing, the man was at least 6ft 4 and very muscled and covered in tattoos. I could see the biohazard tattoo at the top of his back and two of them one on each asscheek. I couldn't help myself any longer and went to kneel on the floor behind him and spread his ass to devour his hole. I could taste a few loads that he pushed out into my willing mouth. The mix of the cum and his ass juices made me moan. I tried to shove my tongue as far as I could and didn't even realize that there was another guy that got right behind me and started to thrust into my ass. It went in without any resistance and they went in balls deep right in making me moan loudly into the ass I was eating and with a savage hunger I went in deeper into his ass. The guy who was fucking me was holding no bar against plowing my ass and it felt so amazing. He reached around and grabbed my nipples and started to twist them making me moan even louder. Get ready bitch you're about to get my fully charged up aids load he whispered in my ear. Hearing I was about to get my first poz load of the night with hopefully more to come I dug my face in as deeply as I could into he ass in front of me as the guy slammed into me one last time and I could feel his pent up aids load gysering up into my rectum making me feel full and warm as ever. I kept up on feasting this guys ass and could feel his ass clench onto my tongue and I knew he was loading up the twink in the sling with a nice load of poz cum and I hoped I would be next.
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    Chapter III. The guy who had just bred me backed off and I headed towards the sauna area at the back of the building. There was an open glass block gang shower across the hallway from a sauna. I sat in the sauna where I had a good view of the shower. The guy from the front desk opened the sauna door, grinned at me and closed the door. He stripped, hanging his clothes on a towel rod and came back into the sauna. He sat next to me, our thighs touching. He brought his hand to his crotch and I jerked off a meaty fat cock, toying with his hairy balls and stroking his furry chest. I was so into jerking him off, I hadn't noticed the daddy from the urinal leading a sexy shorter furry guy into the shower area. He had the guy pinned against the wall and I recognized his hairy bubble butt. It was the hot bottom from the fuck bench. His body blocked the guy's face, but I knew it must be the same guy with the hottest ass in the place. The daddy fucked him hard under the running water as I jerked the desk clerk. The daddy bred the guy with the amazing ass and walked away to a steam room down the hall. The desk clerk stood me up against the glass sauna door and told me to arch my back. He easily slid into my well-fucked hole, which by now was more full of strangers' seed than it ever had been, and I was totally okay with him adding another load. As he fucked me, a well-built black guy came into the shower across the hall. I wondered if he was the guy who had fucked me through the gloryhole in my booth. The bottom was still standing, ass out, in the running water. The black guy knelt down and ate the bottom's gorgeous ass. He jerked himself to fully hard and spun the bottom around. The glass bricks obscured everything from chest down, but I saw the bottom's face. Of course, it was my boy. I figured he had booked a flight and headed here to surprise me. His eyes were clenched tightly closed as the black guy railed him. I was moaning as the clerk pounded me from behind and filled me up. Load #5 in my hole. I shot my load all over the glass door watching my boy take raw cock. I stepped out of the sauna as the black guy shot his load into my boy's ass. The clerk was on his knees licking my cum off of the glass door. My boy opened his eyes and smiled at me, almost drunkenly, like he was high on cock. The black guy backed up and slapped his cummy cock on my boy's ass. He disappeared looking for the next thing. My boy and I stood under the shower head and made out, fingering each other's ruined holes. We headed back to the locker room and pulled our clothes on. He had a small backpack with him with his overnight stuff. We called a cab and rode back to the hotel, blissed out and leaking cum. To be continued…
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    My hubby is a total power top and I’m vers. We have an open relationship and agree we don’t need to tell each other about our escapades. But it’s hot to me when he lies, sneaks, or hides his hookups. And I love it even more when I catch him or find evidence. The first (and one of the hottest) times I witnessed him cheating was at Halloween in Castro several years ago. We met up with our mutual college friend Dan & his new boyfriend Caleb in San Francisco. We were younger and didn’t have much money back then so we decided to split a hotel room in the city with the plan to crash there after the night of partying. The only room available had just one queen bed, so we figured we’d all just share. We had a blast out in the Castro that night and got drunk and very high from pot brownies. Back at the hotel, in a stupor all four of us stripped down to our underwear and fell asleep pretty quickly on the bed together. I woke up a little later to someone snoring. But then I also noticed the soft sounds of kissing. I was on the edge of the bed with my hubby next to me, and I knew Caleb was next to him and Dan on the far edge of the bed. I quickly realized Dan was the one asleep and snoring, while my hubby and Caleb were making out in the middle of the bed. I got instantly hard. As far as I understood, Dan & Caleb were monogamous. So my hubby was definitely cheating here and risking Dan’s friendship. Listening to them was making me very horny, so I decided to stay still and pretend I was asleep, and just let them go at it. Since we were all squished together in the bed, I was pressed up against my hubby as he was making out with Caleb. In fact, I could feel Caleb’s hands caressing my hubby up and down and they kissed passionately. They pulled off each other’s underwear and started rubbing each other’s cocks together. Soon I heard Caleb start moaning quietly and I knew my hubby must have a finger up Caleb’s butt. I heard Caleb whisper to my hubby asking him if I was still for sure asleep. My hubby said yeah, he’s totally passed out. Meanwhile Dan was still snoring on the other side of the bed. After some more whispering, they shifted positions so that Caleb was on his back and my hubby was on top of him, facing each other. I heard my hubby spit a few times and Caleb began moaning a little louder. I knew my hubby’s cock was inside Caleb’s ass. My hubby began slowly fucking Caleb and now both their bodies were rubbing up against me. They continued kissing passionately and my hubby increased the intensity of his rhythmic pounding. In a whisper he said to Caleb I’m gonna cum, and with a few more deep thrusts he groaned as he shot his raw load right up Caleb’s ass. Caleb jerked his cock with my hubby still inside him and finally came too, spraying an enormous load all over the bed and onto my face, shoulder, and arm. I was so turned on, but I was trying not to breath too heavily in order to avoid giving myself away. They kept kissing for a while and eventually got out of bed to clean off together in the bathroom. As soon as they had gone, I licked up all Caleb’s cum droplets and jerked myself off to a huge orgasm. All the while, Dan was still sound asleep and snoring, Next morning, the four of us woke up to terrible hangovers. My hubby and Caleb acted like nothing happened. All of us claimed not to remember much of the night before, because we had been so drunk and high. Dan & Caleb made the long drive back to their home later that day. Even now, I don’t know if my hubby remembers what he did that night or if he’s just hiding it from me.
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    PART 16 After we had caught our breath, we untangled ourselves and i got up on wobbly legs to try to find my clothes. The day had been hotter than anything i could have imagined but now i was starting to have that guilty voice in my head, not to mention my hole was wrecked and my legs felt like jello. I think being more experienced, they had seen young conflicted guys like me before. They were both extremely nice and almost gentle in the way they helped me ease out of the room. Ron insisted on giving me his phone number, which was approved by my original Top man. He seemed happy even that Ron and i had so obviously liked each other. I got back to my place and slipped into my bedroom and stripped off, planning to shower. But as i laid down and stretched out, part of me was enjoying my current state. The mix of man sweat and ass and cum and lube was making me relive the entire day. I was very aware that i had two different men’s semen inside me. HIV positive semen. And now not just from one guy, but two guys. And now here i was hard again just from thinking about it. And when i gently fingered my cummy hole, it just made me regret having left. What was i going to do? It was like i couldn’t control it, like i needed it. Getting fucked had unlocked something inside me. And taking it raw, there was something about it that made such a difference. Something about knowing it was skin on skin, that another man was in me with no barrier, and that i was giving him my hole to cum in. That magical moment was always the thing that replayed in my head, the moment when they would cum inside me. I loved all of it, but there was something about just knowing i was giving them the opportunity to cum in me, and that they wanted to, and that something made me want it so bad. So bad that even if they were HIV positive, i was gonna beg for it anyways. Admitting that to myself made me feel gulilty and it also made me rock hard. The turn on of it all won out though. It won out every time i got fucked and even now in my room as i jerked off. I jerked off thhinking about Ron giving me another fucking. And after i was a little uncomfortable that the hiv part had played big in my fantasy. I decided to sleep in my cummy mess and wait til tomorrow to wash their scent off of me. And i was already thinking to myself if tomorrow would be too early to call Ron, even as his fresh cum was still soaking into my guts.
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    Part 89 - A New Role Jeff and Connor spent the entire day together, talking and joking around and then going back to Jeff’s room and fucking each other some more. As they lay there, cum dripping out of their asses, Connor turned to Jeff and said “Didn’t you used to wear a leather collar?” Jeff looked down and said quietly “Yes.” “Why don’t you have it on any more. I thought it looked hot” Connor said. Jeff got choked up and a tear rolled down his cheek. Connor wiped it away and had a concerned look on his face and knew this was something that hurt Jeff deep inside. After a few minutes Jeff said “My master released me. He’s graduating and moving to California and not taking me with him.” “You had a master? As in someone who controlled you?” Connor asked. “Yes, but I wasn’t a slave to him. He was good, and taught me things, and cared about me. He let me have fun and even have sex with others…” Jeff said as his voice trailed off. “Would you have gone to California? What would you have done when you got there?” Connor asked. “I dunno. I suppose I would find a place to finish my degree, somehow. I just wouldn’t have a scholarship to pay for it” Jeff replied. “Uh… Did he just tell you to go away, it was over?” Connor asked. “No, it was nothing like that. He said we are still friends and he cares about me” Jeff said with a light sob. “Jeff, it sounds like he really wants what’s best for you. You can finish your degree here without having to worry about how to pay for it and maybe resume being his… uh.. non-slave when you graduate. That’s if you want to. You might find someone else before then. You still have a couple years to go for your undergrad, right?” Connor replied, a sound of sadness in his voice. Jeff replied with a somber “I guess.” Connor sat back down and they hugged. “So… tell me what kinds of things did you do as his boy?” Connor asked. Jeff explained some of the things that he had done with Kyle and Joe. “Fuck, that’s so hot. I love to just give in and let a top use me. They didn’t care that you were poz?” Connor asked. “They’re poz too” Jeff replied. “So you’ve been taking a lot of poz cum since it happened, huh?” Connor asked and Jeff nodded. “Do you think they would want to fuck both of us?” asked Connor. “I don’t know if I’m ready for that with them” Jeff replied. “Come on, Jeff. You said they wanted to still be friends. You can find out if they were just saying that or if they really meant it” Connor said. “I guess. I’ll send a text and see if I get a reply” Jeff said as he picked up his phone. “Hello Sir. Met a new poz guy. He is scared of poz sex. Can u and Master Joe meet us and show him its ok?” He showed the message to Connor before he sent it and when Connor nodded he hit send. Kyle’s phone chirped as the message arrived. He saw it was from Jeff and he got a knot in his stomach. Their last meeting hadn’t gone as well as he had hoped and Jeff had been quiet all week long, ignoring most of his messages. He opened the message, fearing that Jeff was telling him he never wanted to hear from him again. He read the message and then read it again. “Fuck yeah!” he yelled out and Joe looked back at him, confused. Kyle showed Joe the message and said “I guess he’s going to be ok. What should we do?” “Fuck em, of course. I have a client tonight, how about tomorrow afternoon?” Joe said. Kyle smiled and replied to Jeff’s message - “;) our pleasure, tomorrow @ 1 @ my apt ok?” Jeff grinned when he got the reply and showed it to Connor. “Let’s meet at the triangle on campus at 12:30 and then walk over. Be prepared” he said with a wink. They met the next day and got to Kyle and Joe’s apartment. “Its only going to be a couple hours and they won’t hurt you, but follow orders. When we get inside, do as I do. Master Kyle will take it from there.” Jeff said. Jeff knocked on the door and Kyle opened it, letting Connor and Jeff inside. Connor looked around saw Joe and Kyle both standing there, dressed alike in jeans and leather chest harnesses. Joe was tapping out a message on his phone and clicked send before he looked up at the two younger guys. Jeff nudged Connor who saw that Jeff was almost naked and folding his clothes. Connor stripped and hastily folded his own clothes, setting them next to Jeff’s by the door. Jeff stood there for a moment, trying to figure out where to sit. “Hmm, no collar or cage. I’m proud of you, Jeff” Joe said as Jeff and then Connor kneeled down in front of Kyle and Joe. “So your friend wants to be our poz cumdump for the day, huh?” “Yes, Sir” Jeff replied. “Well, first thing… Jeff, rise. You are not going to be a sub today” Kyle said, staring down at Jeff. Jeff nervously rose to his feet and looked at Connor and then Kyle. “From what you told me, Connor here hasn’t embraced his new poz life, yet” Kyle continued. Connor looked down at the floor in front of him. “Connor, nothing you can do at this point can change it. You’re poz and so are a lot of other people. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and now you can fuck bare without fear. Right now, the safest people for you to fuck with are other poz guys. Of course, if you want to infect neg guys, you can do that too. God knows, there’s a bunch that want it” Joe said looking down at Connor, who’s head slowly lifted up and he looked up at Joe. “Really? There are guys like that?” Connor asked. “Yup and unmedicated guys like you are a great find. Just don’t expect a long relationship out of it. Once the deed is done they are usually gone forever” Joe replied. “Connor, stand and follow me” Kyle said. Connor stood up and tried to hide his partially stiff cock. The three other guys chuckled as Kyle walked down the hall to the bedroom. Connor followed, still blushing and with his hand over his cock. Joe and Jeff followed behind with Jeff staring at Joe’s ass, trying hard not to shove his face between the muscled mounds of his former master. Once inside the room Kyle turned to Connor, his face only inches away from Connor’s and staring into his eyes. Connor tried to look around the room, but all he had seen walking in was a messy bed and a dresser. Now, with Kyle so close, he couldn’t see much of anything else and he figured he should be looking back at Kyle and not around the room. In a calm voice, Kyle asked “Do you want to be our fuck toy for the afternoon, Connor?” Connor nervously nodded. “Good. Now, we aren’t going to really hurt you, but your body is ours for the next few hours. There will be some pain and hopefully a lot of pleasure. And you’re going to walk out of here with a lot of viral cum inside you, but since you're already poz, it's just cum” Kyle continued as he guided Connor in front of the St. Andrew’s cross. Turning him around, Kyle said “Now, raise your left arm.” Connor raised his hand and as soon as it was above his head he felt a leather band close around his wrist and Joe attached it to a short chain hanging from the cross. “Whhhhaa” was all Connor got out as Jeff slipped the other cuff around his right wrist and raised his hand to secure it to the chain on the other side of the cross. He looked up and saw each hand chained to the wood, giving him little movement. He heard rustling behind him as Joe and Kyle removed their jeans and stood there behind him, quietly planning the next move. He felt a body get close to his back and soon felt the leather straps of Joe’s harness on his skin and a hard cock nestled between the crack of his ass. The heavy metal ring dragged up and down the crack and then Joe pushed two lubed fingers into Connor’s tight hole. Connor moaned and Joe pressed the ring and the tip of his cock to Connor’s hole. Joe pushed harder and his cock forced it’s way inside. Joe’s shaft stretched Connor open. He tried to slow the burning in his ass, but the only way he could move was up by standing on his toes. Joe pulled him back down, impaling him on his dick. Joe stood there a moment letting the situation sink into Connor’s head. “No where to go. We told you that you’re our’s to use, so you might as well enjoy it” Joe whispered into Connor’s ear. While Joe whispered to Connor, Jeff had crawled under the two of them and when Joe started to fuck, Jeff swallowed Connor’s cock. Joe’s drilling helped push Connor’s cock into Jeff’s mouth but he was also sucking and bobbing on him too. Joe built up speed and was pounding Connor when suddenly he pulled out. Jeff stopped as well and Connor was suddenly just standing there, whimpering as his ass and cock craved more attention. Kyle clipped a clamp on Connor’s right nipple, letting the chain and other clip dangle. The tight pressure on Connor’s nipple caused his cock to throb and his ass to quiver. Kyle moved behind Connor and thrust his cock in with no notice. “That what you need, Connor?” Kyle asked. “Yes, Sir!” Connor replied emphatically. Kyle drilled him with long, firm strokes occasionally tugging on the chain to the nipple clamp. After a while Kyle started pounding harder and Joe grabbed the chain and clipped the other clamp on Connor’s left nip. Jeff was edging Connor and after a few minutes of Joe’s tugs, Kyle’s fucks and Jeff’s sucks Connor was blowing his load down Jeff’s throat. Each spurt caused him to grip Kyle’s cock like a vice and on Connor’s third shot, Kyle started to pump his toxic seed into Connor’s gut. Kyle grunted and then told Connor “I’m recharging that hot ass n making you stronger.” With Jeff’s stomach filled with potent semen and Connor’s gut filled with Kyle’s poz load they stood there coming down from the rush. “Let me add my cum in there” Joe said, nudging Kyle out of the way. Connor wasn’t quite ready for another cock inside him but Joe didn’t care. Joe shoved his cock into the cum filled hole and was hammering away as Jeff crawled out from under the two, licking his lips. Kyle pointed at Jeff and mouthed “next” to him. After several minutes, Joe slammed in and let his cum shoot into Connor’s sloppy hole, both of them groaning as Joe thrust in a few more times. Joe slowly pulled his cock out and then Jeff pushed his cock into the now familiar hole. “You want another toxic load, Connor?” Jeff asked in a sinister tone as he slowly drove his cock in and out. “Oh fuck yeah. I need more poz cum in me” Connor begged. Jeff began to drill Connor’s hole, his arms wrapped around Connor’s chest and rubbing against the clamped nipples. Connor began to buck back, making sure that Jeff’s cock got shoved as deep as possible. Jeff barely lasted a few more minutes before he too shoved in and pumped a huge load of infected cum into Connor’s cunt. When the orgasm ended, Jeff unclipped the nipple clamps and pulled his cock out. They left Connor hanging from the cross as the three recovered, watching the cum drip down Connor’s legs. Connor would occasionally wiggle his ass, hoping to encourage one of the guys to put their cock back in his hungry, empty hole. Joe chuckled when he saw Connor do it for the fourth or fifth time and got up. He walked up behind Connor and whispered in his ear “We decide when you get fucked, not you, so you can stop wagging that cute ass of yours.” “Yes, sir” Connor replied, sounding dejected. “Do you always get fucked raw?” Joe asked. “Mostly, sir. I love how it feels when a guy cums inside of me” Connor said. “What’s the most number of loads you’ve taken in a day?” Joe asked, reaching around and grasping Connor’s hard cock. “Uh… Five sir, several times from my frat brothers and I think five the night I met Jeff” Connor said, feeling Joe’s grip get tighter. “Hmmm, sounds like you already were a cumdump and it’s hard to stay neg like that. Now you can let a guy fill you with viral cum like I just did and not worry about it infecting you” Joe said as he released Connor’s cock. “Yes, sir” Connor replied. Joe slid down Connor’s back a few inches and pushed his cock between the crack, holding the tip of his cock and the piercing against Connor’s hole. He felt Connor relax and then push his ass back. SLAP! Joe smacked Connor’s ass hard. “What did I say before?” Joe said sternly. “Sorry, sir” Connor replied. Joe stood there for a few minutes, not moving except to brush his thumb over Connor’s swollen nipple. Connor started to moan and stopped himself right away. Joe looked over and saw Kyle and Jeff talking quietly and then Jeff shaking his head “no” followed by Kyle nodding his head up and down. He turned back, looking over Connor’s shoulder and thrust his hips up, driving his cock all the way into the slick hole. He held it there as Connor gasped. Joe held on to Connor’s shoulders and started to pound in and out of Connor’s hole. Their bodies slapped together with each stroke, with Joe only varying the speed of the thrusts. After several minutes, Joe slowed down and took single jabs into Connor’s hole followed by leaving just the head of his cock inside and waiting a few seconds before jabbing again. He looked over and Kyle was bent over the edge of the bed and Jeff was on his feet behind him, fucking Kyle’s ass jockey style. Joe smiled and turned his attention back to Connor. Grunts filled the room as Jeff and Joe fucked their bottoms. Joe and Kyle were surprised to find out how vocal Jeff could be when he was the top. They had never heard more than moans, whimpers and gasps out of Jeff when he had bottomed. Now it was growls and grunts and comments making Kyle beg for it harder or to get bred with his charged seed. Jeff might have been reluctant at first, but once his cock was inside Kyle, he was a fucking machine. Once Joe heard the pounding slow and the sounds of Jeff breeding Kyle, he changed from drilling Connor’s hole to filling it with another load. Joe pulled his cum covered cock out and nodded at Kyle. Once Jeff had pulled out of him, Kyle stood and walked up behind Connor. He pushed two fingers into Connor’s battered hole and twisted them around. He pulled them out and fed the cream coated fingers to Connor, who sucked them clean. “You like that taste, Connor?” Kyle asked. “Fuck Yeah… sir” Connor replied. “That’s poz cum. Just like the cum that infected you. But now, you want it, don’t you?” Kyle asked. “Yyyyes, sir. I won’t turn any load away ever again” Connor answered. “Good, boy” Kyle replied before slowly driving his cock balls deep into Connor’s hole. Connor’s moans filled the room. Kyle fucked harder and harder while Joe and Jeff looked on. Joe picked up his phone and sent another message while encouraging Kyle to breed Connor. The room was filled with the sounds of bodies pounding into each other, the wooden cross creaking, the chains jangling, Kyle grunting and Connor’s moans that turned into groans. Kyle hammered Connor’s hole before planting his cock deep and shooting ropes of spunk inside Connor’s abused cunt. Corey stood at the bedroom door rubbing his cock and said “Damn, you really nailed him. Hope there’s something left for me” and chuckled. “Glad you could make it. You ready to breed this poz slut?” Kyle said breathlessly while backing over to the bed. “Hell, yeah. Nothing better than a hole full of cum” Corey said as he pulled off his t-shirt and then pushed his sweat pants off. He was going commando and his cock was already hard. After looking at the cum dripping down Connor’s legs, he figured there was no need for lube so he just walked up and rammed his cock in. Corey wasted little time and was fucking Connor’s hole right away. “Damn, this hole is sloppy” Corey said as he fucked harder. Connor moaned and tried to work his ass on the new cock. Corey was close after a few minutes since he had been stroking for almost half an hour, waiting for Joe’s message. Corey pulled out, stroked his cock twice and then shoved it back in just as he started shooting his neg load inside. After the last spurts finished, he leaned in and whispered “a new poz boy, just what I’ve been looking for.” Corey pulled his still hard cock out of Connor and went over to the edge of the bed and kneeled down. Joe and Kyle went over to Connor and unlatched his hands from the cross, while Jeff looked on very confused. Connor shook his arms, getting blood flowing back into them, as Kyle turned him around. “There ya go. Corey’s lookin for a poz load and we’re all empty. Your turn to breed some ass” Joe said, pushing Connor towards Corey. “Whaa? I’m a bottom” Connor said. “Not from what we heard from Jeff. Your dick is still hard so we know you can do it. Now fuck him” Kyle said, handing him a bottle of lube. Connor slowly walked over, looking at each of the four guys and slicked up his cock. He crouched behind Corey, resting his cock at the furry entrance and said “You sure? You know I’m poz, right?” Corey said “Fuck, yeah. No one else has knocked me up. I hope you can do it.” “Shit, you’re neg? I… I… I can’t fuck you” Connor replied. “Come on, I need it bad” Corey said as he pushed his ass back, feeling Connor’s cock start to plow in. “I’m already lubed with my boyfriend’s load. Fuck me hard and give me yours” Corey added and then pushed back harder. Connor was shaking, his cock half way in and leaking inside. He was conflicted, it felt good and the guy was begging him to do it, but he wasn’t sure he could knowingly fuck a neg guy. Corey started fucking his ass on Connor’s cock as he stood there. The cum filled hole felt really good around his cock and after a couple more strokes from Corey’s tight hole, Connor grabbed his hips and began to drill. Connor remembered fucking Jeff the two previous days and how the dirty talk had gotten him really aroused. He started to fuck Corey’s ass harder than he had ever fucked before. “You wanna get pozzed up? Then I’m gonna do it. Gonna flood that ass full of my dirty seed n knock you up. The doc said I’m really toxic and with three days of taking more poz loads I’m probably even worse. You’re so fucked…” Connor said as he pounded Corey’s fuckhole. It only took him a few more minutes and he grabbed Corey’s shoulders and buried his cock as deep as he could before firing off a half dozen shots of his infected cum. Connor fell on top of Corey’s back, breathing heavy and surprised at how turned on he was. He felt some pressure on his ass and soon Jeff’s cock plowed inside. “That was so fuckin’ hot” Jeff said as he drilled Connor who was still inside Corey. It was a quick fuck and Jeff’s balls were running low, but he still pumped a few spurts of cum into Connor. Kyle whispered to Joe “You gonna tell him that Corey is on PrEP?” and Joe quietly replied “Nah, it’ll be a lot easier for him now when he meets his first real chaser.” Jeff pulled out of Connor and moved back next to Kyle and was followed by Connor pulling out of Corey. Corey stood up and looked at Conner and said “Thanks. Gotta get back to Dennis before he suspects anything” as he slid his sweats and t-shirt on and left. Connor was kneeling on the floor and Jeff walked up to him, tapping his cum covered cock on Connor’s lips. Connor licked and sucked until there was just spit coating Jeff’s cock. He pulled out and patted Connor on the head saying “Good, boy.” Kyle and Joe snickered but they too walked up to Connor and had their cocks cleaned. Kyle moved behind Jeff and wrapped his arms around him and pulled him close, whispering “I guess you’re not a sub anymore.” Jeff turned his head, looking at Kyle and replied “I still am. It’s just that now I know who I serve and who serves me.”
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    **Like I said, I'm only doing a couple more chapters so this one is quite longer than I intended, but it has the good stuff that I wanted. Enjoy!** CHAPTER TWO That weekend Dan and I had scheduled our next fuck session, planning for a much longer play time this time around. We’d had days of waiting, and now that he got his first taste of hot male butt, his dick was apparently constantly hard as memories of being sunk in me played on a loop in his mind. Good. That means he isn’t as upset about sharing me as I first thought. I wasn’t sure if his neighbor would actually be there this weekend, but I arrived with that exciting thought in mind. I’d never been treated like property before and it turned me the fuck on. The idea of getting passed back and forth between these two guys was like one of my wet dreams come true! And I didn’t even know anything about this neighbor, only that he apparently thought it was okay to blackmail his neighbor for a piece of ass. That should have been disturbing to me, but it wasn’t. Again, it only turned me the fuck on. When I arrived, Dan pulled me in the house quickly and slammed the door shut, but not in haste to get in me as I thought. He was looking sort of frantic and concerned as he dragged me over into the living room. “We don’t have much time ‘til he gets here,” he practically whispered to me. “Are you sure you’re okay with doing this? I never imagined having you come over the other day would put you in this situation. I don’t know how I’d handle the wife finding out, but you shouldn’t feel responsible. I can’t let you do this.” His concern really was sweet, but he obviously had no clue about the world of greedy sex pigs. Okay, so I had the greedy part down, but I was new to being a sex pig. For most of my adult like, I’ve been more reserved. Recently I just started to ask myself, “What for?”. Like, who am I saving myself for? I’ve always had the urge to get used by a lot of men, but always fought it. Not anymore. I took his face in my hands to get him to focus on me as I told him, “Dan, relax. I can handle it. You might think that a lot of the stuff you’ve seen online is just acting, but I can assure you that there are plenty of us who will happily take loads from whoever is offering. This neighbor of yours is just a bonus, so don’t worry. Everything will be fine.” Little did I know . . . Seconds later a loud pounding came from the front door and Dan looked stricken again as he went to answer it. He returned to the living room with a man who was taller than his six feet by about three inches, but where Dan is getting on the thicker side, this guy was rail thin. The pronounced bulge in his pants captured my attention and made me forget to give him a closer look. My mouth was watering and my hole was already yawning open all on it’s own. Dan looked resigned as he quietly said, “Chris, this is my neighbor, Steve. Steve-” “Pig,” Steve interrupted, like he spat the word out. “I think I’ll call you pig,” he said, his tone ominous and predatory as he glared into my eyes. I’d never seen such intensity before. It wasn’t passion. It was something else, something almost sinister. It made me both uncomfortable and horny at the same time. I’d always been drawn to men who looked sort of mean or hard or dangerous (though I never acted on it), and that’s what was radiating off of Steve. I could tell that Steve was going to be the Alpha in this situation as Dan was still sort of cowering, looking like he wanted to be anywhere but here. However, Steve wasn’t going to let that happen. “Dan, why don’t you take first crack at that ass while the pig gets me hard and wet. My dick is a lot bigger than yours, so I’d like a load in there before I destroy his hole,” Steve said, sounding oddly playful. As if it wasn’t obvious that Dan was anxious about this entire situation, I had to work to get him hard enough to fuck me. This should have been turning him on more, not less. Either way, I got him hard while sucking him, as Steve stripped out of his shorts. Once Dan got his cock head in my warm hole, his nerves seemed to vanish. What man could possibly concentrate on worries when their dick is buried deep in a hungry hole? Dan held my hips and pumped away at my ass using a steady pace, while I was bent forward and working Steve’s mammoth cock. It was the hugest slab of man meat I’ve ever seen. Thick as my forearm and probably as long, too. He wasn’t kidding about destroying my hole. I should have been scared, but something told me this man was going to give me the fuck of a lifetime. Steve’s precum was the most delicious thing I’d ever tasted. It had a perfect balance of sweet and salty that made me sort of hope that he would cum in my mouth so I could swish a good mouthful of his seed around my taste buds. But I really wanted to feel Steve in my ass. I have to admit that I’m a bit ashamed. I was so consumed with my thoughts of what Steve was doing to do to me that I wasn’t giving my all to Dan. I was just a hole standing in front of him that he was pumping away. From his soft grunts I guess he was enjoying it anyway, but I know that I could have put much more enthusiasm into that fuck. But something about Steve had me almost hypnotized. Moments later Dan grunted, “Ready for my load?” I yanked my head back off of Steve’s cock and yelled, “Fuck yes! Breed me!” before going back to sucking Steve. It only took about five more thrusts before Dan buried himself balls deep in me and I felt his cock twitching as he unloaded his seed in me. Fuck, that feeling never gets old. And now that he was finishing, I was eager to give Steve a try. I knew that even with Dan’s load coating my ass walls, it was going to be a very tight fit getting Steve’s huge dick up my ass. But I have always loved feeling stretched beyond my capacity, so I knew I would be getting some delicious pain/pleasure soon. Little did I know . . . Once Dan had extracted his softening cock from my now-sloppy hole, I stood and stretched out my back. My eyes were still practically glued to Steve’s enormous dick and I wondered how I would ever fit that in me. I’ve seen videos about fisting before, and I imagine taking him in you would be like that. But I’ve never even come close to trying to get fisted. How the hell am I going to manage it? And yet there was still a pull, a need in me. Now that I’d seen his cock, I just couldn’t turn him away. I had to have him. More like him having me, really. I didn’t think I had much say in the matter anymore. Steve stood back and leered at me while he slowly stroked his cock -that hung practically down to his knees! Not quite, but it was damn close. Now I was feeling more frightening than horny. There really is no way I can take him. As panic was starting to grip me, Steve released his cock and reached out to grab me by the throat. Not enough to cut off my air entirely, but it was a firm grip that told me to pay attention. “There’s no going back, pig. We’ve got an arrangement.” He glanced from me to Dan and then back to me before he said, “Let’s go over to my place. I’ve got a better set-up and . . .” he paused to glance around the immaculate living room, “I wouldn’t want to make a mess in here. And trust me, things are going to get messy.” Steve turned at the doorway of the living room and said, “Grab your shit,” before heading down the hallway away from the front door. I scrambled to gather my clothing but didn’t take the time to actually redress, while I heard Dan pulling his clothes back on and follow behind me. As I headed down the hall in the direction Steve went, I realized that he wanted us to cut through the back yard into his yard, so I didn’t worry that I was completely nude. “Are you sure about this?” Dan asked in a loud whisper. We were at the back door when I looked back at him. “Look, I don’t want to cause trouble for you. And, anyway, he seems pretty determined. I’ll just go along with it. If I really don’t feel comfortable, I’ll get out of there. Besides, what’s he going to do? It’s his word against yours,” I told him before rushing through the yard, through the adjoining gate, and through Steve’s open back door. Steve waited for me just inside the open door. He’d removed his tee shirt, revealing his skinny body. I’ve always been thin and hated when people called me skinny, but this guy was skinny. As in skin and bones. He had a bunch of tattoos on his torso that I hadn’t seen with the shirt on. Some of them were kind of muddled looking, while others stood out clearly. I assumed that they held some meaning to him. He must have been a scientist because some of them looked like chemical symbols. I heard Dan enter behind me and saw Steve’s posture stiffen. Looking up at his face, he was frowning, too. “You might not want to stick around for this part,” he told him. What the fuck was that supposed to mean? Now I was getting scared, no doubt about it. What the fuck have I gotten myself into? I thought I was just going to have a little extra fun, get an extra load, and head home a happy boy. Now I didn’t know what to expect. I looked at Dan who looked really worried for me. He gulped anxiously in that way that told me he was really worried what he’d gotten us both into. Being a genuine guy, he probably felt like shit for getting me caught up in all of this. His eyes darted around a little but finally met Steve’s. He cleared his throat and said, “I’ll stick around to make sure he’s ok.” His voice was a little uncertain, but he was clear that he was going to stick by my side, which went a little to reassure me. Steve scoffed and said, “Suit yourself. But stay the fuck out of my way. The pig is mine now.” Well, his stern voice was night and day compared to Dan’s. Steve left no doubt that he was getting things done his way. Surprisingly, Steve held my hand as he walked me down a short hallway to a door that led to the basement. As he took the stairs, I couldn’t help but wonder why people always had their sex rooms in the basement. Yes, there was something sexy about it. But when you were in a situation like the one I was currently, it was more terrifying than sexy. Visions of serial killers were dancing through my head! The twisted thing was that as I was having these thoughts, Steve was cackling to himself ahead of me. What the hell was he laughing at? Or did I just say all of that out loud? Holy shit! He didn’t say anything, though, until we were standing in the middle of the open concept play room. Dan had paused at the bottom of the stairs, looking completely torn. It was sort of nice that he felt responsible for me, but there really was nothing he could do, so I didn’t bother to try and reassure him. How could I reassure him when I was terrified myself? “Leave your clothes in the bin over there,” Steve instructed, gesturing over to an empty basin on the floor next to the stairs. “Then get that ass up on the fuck bench. You’ll be more comfortable there than if you were standing the entire time.” How nice of him to take that into consideration. Not! He was going to be stuffing that mammoth cock into my tight hole -nothing about this was going to be comfortable! I did as I was told, almost like I was in some kind of haze, or hypnotic suggestion. I could have easily just taken my clothes and run back up the stairs. And yet, here I am, cock fully hard, my heart pounding in my chest, and my hole feeling . . . dammit! My hole was aching to be stuffed FULL! There is no doubt that he will stuff me full. I did as I was told and before I knew it, I was kneeling on the fuck bench, and surprised that I was comfortable this way. There was no strain on my back or legs, and I could just relax. Hopefully I could relax enough to take him into me without doing any permanent damage. He didn’t waste any time either. As I was discarding my clothes and getting into position, he was walking around the room, flipping switches, turning on lights and cameras and monitors playing bareback porn. I had no idea what he planned to do with the cameras, well, obviously I did, but what would he do with the video? Sell it? Post it online? Bloody Hell! And by the time I was situated, he had everything right where he wanted it. And then he was on me. No preamble. One second nothing, and the next I felt his hands on my ass, one hand on each cheek, pulling me wide open. And then I felt his enormous cock head at my opening. Oh fuck, this is it. Relax, breathe, relax, clear everything else away, I told myself in a desperate attempt to will my hole open so that I didn’t get ripped to shreds. My mind closed nearly everything else away, except for Steve and my pig hole. I didn’t think about any other part of my body, just my vulnerable opening and the massive meat dong that was insisting on entrance. I could hear the sounds of raw sex filling the room from the sound system attached to the monitors displaying breeder sex videos. That helped put my mind in the right place. I couldn’t see the monitors, but I could picture assholes gaping open and swallowing cocks, swallowing their loads. As I did so, my hole yawned open and I felt Steve begin to slide in. “Shit, you are a fucking whore!” he laughed as he sunk into me. “Look at you taking that cock. I’m not even pushing and your fucking pig hole is just eating me up. You want what I got, dontcha, pig?” he laughed sinisterly. My hole might have yawned open and allow entrance, but that didn’t mean I was wide open and gaping. He made it a couple of inches in and then stopped, allowing me to breathe and try to adjust. It was still quite a shock to my system. Before I got back into that mindset, Steve slammed full length into me, balls deep in one hard thrust! I felt my entire insides split apart from the sudden invasion and I howled in pain. That explains why play rooms are in basements -so the neighbors can't hear! Normally if there’s some pain during a fuck, I just grin and bear it. This wasn’t just pain, though. I felt like someone just rammed a telephone pole up my ass, I’d never been so full or so violated. Violated, that’s a good word for what I was feeling. And yet, the stupid thing is . . . somehow I was turned on during it all. I could feel my cock throbbing beneath me, trapped between my stomach and the padded bench. It’s almost like another aspect of my personality came out with extreme pain like this, a part that reveled in it. Because apparently I was, as I suddenly found myself shoving back onto Steven’s hard monster cock. “Look at you, fucking pig! Riding this cock even though I just busted you open good!” he snarled, so impressed and amused by my behavior. “You can’t see it, pig, but you will when you watch the video. Your ass is lubing my big dick up nice and slick with all of that blood.” Blood? Hell! Bloody Hell! He really had done some damage. So why was my ass feeling greedy, still? Steve took hold of my hips and pumped away, my hole destroyed and slackened enough that he could just ride me. Especially with the combination of his precum, Dan’s load, and my own ass juices and blood slickening his ride. I could feel all around my ass and down my legs were wet as he continued to rape my hole. I knew it was blood. There was no way Dan bred me that much or Steve could precum that much. So why the hell am I still turned on by this fuck? Am I sick? I’m a sick fucker for loving the fuck this man is giving me. I’ve never done anything like this before, nothing ever this extreme. Steve power-fucked my ass for what felt like another hour, but was probably another fifteen or twenty minutes. Then he slowed and lowered himself down onto me so his stomach was flush with my back. He brought his head down next to mine on the left and whispered into my ear. “So, the pig is enjoying the ride, I take it?” his gravelly voice rumbled sexily. “Good thing ‘cause you’re not getting out of here until I’ve gotten all I want from you. Or, should I say, given you all I want to give you,” he chuckled. “What . . . what do you mean?” I asked, feeling a sudden surge of panic again. “You’re not leaving here without my AIDS, pig,” he snarled into my ear. AIDS?!? What the fuck? I was suddenly thrashing against him, whimpering, trying to get Dan to come and get this sick fuck off of me. I could hear struggling and Dan was trying to get Steve off of me. He didn’t know what Steve had told me but it must have been quite clear that I wanted to go. “Back the fuck off, Dan, or your wife gets a phone call at her mother’s house tonight,” Steve bellowed, and then the room fell silent, except for the porn playing in the background. It’s not like they could have been fighting much, given that Steve was still buried balls-deep up my ass, but whatever struggle they got into ceased and I heard Dan walk away. Quietly, he said, “Chris, I’m sorry. I didn’t know this would happen,” and then he disappeared up the stairs. I felt Steve lean down next to my ear again and in a sexy whisper, he said, “Thank fuck, I thought he would never leave. Now we can have some real fun. You want that, don’t you, pig?” Why did my body respond to this man who had literally destroyed me? I had never been so turned on in my life, and this man just told me he was going to give me AIDS! What the hell is wrong with me? “You want it, I know you do,” he chuckled into my ear before he pushed himself back up to standing. “Are you ready for your first load of AIDS cum, pig?” he asked loudly. “Fuck yes! Give it to me!” I heard my own voice yelling. Fuck, I really am a sick fuck. Then again, I’d just been thinking he was a sick fuck, too, so maybe we were more compatible than I thought. I was so inexperienced with sex outside of vanilla, this was all so new and exciting, I couldn’t deny that I wanted to delve deeper. “Here it comes, fucking whore! Take my HIV! Take my AIDS!!!” he yelled at the top of his lungs as his balls erupted and blasted my shredded insides with scalding hot high viral cum. I’ll admit it stung like a bitch, but somehow I got a perverse thrill from that. I just didn’t know my own mind anymore. As his cum began to shoot into me, I felt my own cock going off below me as a pool of my semen spread out between me and the bench. I felt like such a pig. And I loved every second of it. Steve yanked his dick out of my ass, causing me to yell out in pain and shock. He stepped back and appeared to marvel at the mess he’d made of me. I glanced over my shoulder back at him and could see my reflection in a large mirror on the wall behind him. My entire backside and the backs of my legs were streaked with blood. I hadn’t just gotten a tiny tear. I was bleeding. Not gushing or requiring medical attention. I don’t think, anyway. But there was an alarming amount of blood. “We’re off to a good start, pig,” Steve told me, sounding kind of proud and not nearly as scary as he had before. “You up for it?” I really didn’t want to be up for it. I really thought I should say something like, “Go fuck yourself you sick fuck!” and take my damaged ass to the nearest hospital for some stitches and some PEP. That’s not what I said, though.
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    I left John’s place and told him to get some rest because I had plans for him for the evening. I told him to be ready at 7pm and I will pick him up with my car. He was smart enough not to ask further more questions. It was our ‘no buts and no ifs’ deal… Went home. Parked the car. Fed the cat. Called my dealer. Twenty minutes later he had brought enough Tina and coke for the weekend. I went and bought lube and syringes and went to the bank to get some cash. Made some phone calls. First I called Mattias. Mattias had a nice place he was renting for men who like to get in a party mood without having to worry about bringing people at their own private place. The world of cumdumps and slamwhores is more than a jungle. You flirt with all kind of dangers and sometime people you encounter are beasts… including your self… so it is good to have a couple of gateways and shelters… Mattias’ shelter is unique. His place is downtown. It is on the top floor of a building that has only law offices. From 7pm the whole building gets empty. EXCEPT the loft at the top floor. Mattias’ cave… Hidden lights, no cameras, easy access with private elevator, no neighbours, big room with double beds, a sling, two huge TV screens playing all kind of porn, two bathrooms, lots of towels. Mattias true profession is a Doctor…. Which is handy and precious to me since he enjoys giving loads and provide the slams. And if it is in the same time then even better… I told him that I will bring some friends for a party gathering and he would be more than welcome to stay if he had no other plans. He knows that my parties are fun and that I am reliable for the fees he is asking for renting his place and his skills too. He also knows that my guests are people who will cause no trouble with the cops or paramedics.. (told you it is a jungle out there….) The next call was to Serge. A cool 50y old guy from Jamaica with a huge 24cm thick uncut cock with huge toxic loads and veins always ready for double slam session. He is an escort. An expensive one I must say, but he is worthy every penny.. And he knows people with the right attitude… thick cocks who play bare and snort or slam whatever chems but still remaining stiff. My kind of favourite people… I am a man of old habits. I usually go to the same place, sit in my usual table, order the same food. Yeap. You can call me boring. I don’t mind. I’ve been called with worse names. But as I said I am too old to change. The same with sex. I have rituals that I follow in a… hmmm… I must admit a bit selfish way. But it works for me and confess: I am too old to apologize if I follow mostly my needs than my fuckbuddy’s. But at least to my defense, before I engage into any kind of sexual contact I make clear of my agenda. If the guy is OK with my terms then we continue and play… if not that’s pretty understandable… no hurt feelings… … the next… My usual session in Mattias’ place has a very predictable routine as well. It goes like this : I arrive and call Mattias to open the door downstairs. Most of the times I go with a cab. I know I will be under the influence of chems so I do not take my car. But if I do, Mattias has given me the code for his private parking lot. And he is not leaving me to drive unless I stay sober for 48 hours. You see why Mattias is a guy I trust… I press the code for the elevator and arrive at the top floor. I always find the door open. The TV screens are already on playing raw gangbang porn. And Mattias is no where around. I make my self comfortable and undress. I drink the cocktail that Mattias has put on a glass on the front table ready for me. I trust him. I don’t trust dudes easily. Or the drinks they offer. But Mattias is professional. I know that whatever liquid is on the glass will help me to get in the mood. I have around ten minutes to start feeling the buzz from the drink. The envelope with the money is left it on the prearranged hidden place, inside a jar next to the breakfast biscuits. I know that while I’m in the bathroom Mattias will come out from his hidden place and will take it. And then he will retrieve to his ‘cave’ until I am ready. Quick shower and a bit freshing up for my butt. Before I leave my place to come for a session I make sure I am clean and prepared… and shaved… the hole is hairless though my body and legs are bearish. Nothing better to feel my hole exposed and lubed by sperm. And piss… I told you I am one of the jungles’ beasts. Mattias has a peculiar taste on towels. They are all black… the bed sheets also black. And always smell fresh… and the touch is soft. Even the carpets. Also black. Always soft in the bare feet. No latex. No cold surfaces. Even the marble. Black marble brought from Kaspia sea in the bathrooms. Always heated. Black wooden floor in the kitchen floor with black small carpets here and there. Air condition controls the temperature all over the big loft. And the air is filtered. He has a very trustworthy cleaning service. He is not charging in discount. I appreciate the high standards of his services and from the very beginning I made clear to him that I am not a client who bargains… … the jungle has its laws and the beasts have their own kind of understanding. Thru Mattias I met Serge. And thru Serge I met the Brazilian Paolo, Elias from Greece, Albert from Ghana, Wolf from Dusseldorf, Ahmoud from Egypt… All escorts and who fuck bare and enjoy pnp. After shower I go to the bed take the position ‘on fours’, with the poppers ready. I blindfold my eyes with the piece of cloth that is already on the bed and then I wait. I hear Mattias approaching. I feel the belt on my on my arm and the cotton on my vein. He has the slam ready. I feel the needle. Yes.. Always the first slam is a strong one. And Mattias is a pro. Slam and cocktail make me fly… and he provides the first load. And the second. And then the escorts start to arrive. For the next twenty four hours I become a hole for men I rent. No suck, no kiss, no chit chat. Mattias takes care giving the towels for their shower, pays them, and make another slam for me. Or cocktail. Or both. And while I buzz I hear my self whispering.. The next…. That is how I usually play at Mattias place. Once a month is enough for me. And one Thursday in one of those bar parties. I am not losing my self in the jungle any more. But I was excited by the idea to give to John a glimpse of my own kind of savanna… When I put down the phone I checked the alarm clock and set it up for 6pm. I took a pill to help me sleep. I had eight hours ahead before I go and pick up John from his place. It was going to be a nice Friday night. I was pleased with the way I had it all set it up. John’ s training was about to begin…
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    31 Fuck Matty is just gorgeous. He is basically the younger version of Dave: thickly built everywhere. His traps practically starts from the base of his neck, his chest big and round, and a flat solid stomach. Once he grab my face and started kissing me, I got him out of his cloths in a hot second and we are making out on the bed in front of Daddy Dave. He keeps whispering in my ear about turning me into his piggy little brother and I am in fucking heaven. "get on your back baby" Matty said, and I dad as told. He kissed me and worked his way down my body, sucking on my swollen tits, kissing my gut, and licked my belly button, which made me giggle. He passed my dick completely, licking my swollen sac, then pushed my legs up and start playing with the plug that is still lodged in my hole. "Relax baby" Matty cooed as he pulled the plug out of my hole. Its wide open and i cant stop leaking all the loads from the night before. "Aww baby bro its so full" Matty sounds so excited before diving right in with his tongue, first licking my twitching hole and then sticking his tongue right in there. "Oh fuck oh god eat my pussy" 32 I watch Matty eating the pig's hole like it's the last meal on earth. I know he is always hot for a hole filled with cum and this is like heaven for my boy. Cory is moaning like a pig in heat as Matty probe his tongue deep and lap out all that cum that was planted in that piggy cunt all night. Sitting here stroking my 9 inch fuckstick, I watch the hot scene play out: life action porn at its finest. 33 Matty came up for air after eating my hole out for fuck knows how long. We kissed and shared the toxic loads inside me as he tweaked my nipples. I can feel his cock, rock hard, pressing against my cunt. "Please fuck me..." Matty stared into me with his brown eyes and asked "You want it baby brother?" "yeah put your dick in me please"..... i begged as he pushed his fat dick inside my cunt. "Oh fuck it feels so good...." Matty was a gentle fucker. It feels so good when he thrust his dick slowly in and out of my hole, while his hands keep teasing and rubbing my dick. I was so hard i feel like its gonna burst. "Oh i am gonna cum if you keep it up".... i moaned as he started pounding me harder "Go for it bro cum for me, i am gonna bust my load into you" Matty said and I can't hold it anymore. "Oh fuck oh fuck fuck me hard breed me breed me make me cum UGHHHHHH" Ropes and ropes of my pent up cum blasted out of my dick, the first one landing square on my face. Meanwhile i can feel my ass clenching on Matty's dick and feel his load shooting deep inside me. "Oh fuck here it comes bro oh fuck fuck FUCK" he shouted as his hands keep milking my dick, squeezing every spurt out of me. At the same time, Daddy Dave walk over, stroking his 9 inch tool. Matty pulled out and let Dave push in my hole. It feels so hot and hard as he thrust right in. "Fucking pig take my fucking load" He grunts as he thrusted away while Matty jumped to my side and suck on my tit. "Oh fuck daddy breed me please yeah shoot you load in me oh fuck" "Fuck fuck FUCK" Daddy pushed all his 9 inches inside and I can feel it pulse as he unloaded. We collapsed into a heap of sweaty cummy muscle on the bed, both Matt and Daddy above me. We shared a kiss and I promptly pass out. 34 (Epilogue - Cory) Its been 2 months since i went to Arkansas to get transformed into a fuckpig by Dave. My hole is finally returning to somewhat normal, but I constantly crave cock and cum in it now. At least i can sit on a hard chair without wincing. After the threesome with Dave and Matt, i stayed another day, mostly to rest. Dave has to work, so he left Matty and I to our own devices. He fucked me a couple more times, but mostly we just talked about everything except Sex. Apparently there is a sweet guy wrapped under that raunchy nasty sex pig, and we ended up sleeping together, him spooning me, his cock pressing against my hole, before i have to go back to the city. Dave and i are still chatting online and on apps. We sometimes have phone sex while I ride the dildo, making me cum multiple times while he tells me about all the toxic loads that i took. Matty and I are chatting too, but our conversations are less raunchy and more sweet. Somehow, i went to become and pig and came home with a long distance relationship. Meanwhile, that weekend has changed my life in the city too. I go to sex clubs now, where i would gladly take loads of cum and piss from strangers. I hookup with guys to explore other fetishes. Some i like, some i don't. After a month, I went to the clinic to check for STDs, but despite me taking a bunch of poz loads in my hole that weekend, i managed to not get it, although i did need to take other antibiotics (LOL). After my clinic visit, i called Matty. He told me he is planning to move into the city with me, and i shared my clinic news with him. He chuckled and said "Well, i guess i have to cum to fix that" Fuck, i came all over myself again.
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    Part 28 - The Real Mark Mark got out of the car and opened the front door, it had been a lovely dinner just the 4 of them and to boot Ben was staying over with him. They settled down cosily on the sofa watching a some TV relaxing in each others company like a dependable drug they had to be close and touch or be held in the arms of each other, Ben's phone started ringing. Ben reached over and looked at Mark "It's my father, do you mind?". Mark kissed him on the head "No of course I don't mind" he said. Ben answered the phone "Hey dad". "Ben, how are you?" Rob asked sitting on the terrace overlooking the ocean. "Yeah I'm really good, a lot of things have happened since we last spoke" Ben said resting back against Mark. Rob paused for a moment "I spoke to your mother yesterday, been wanting to call you" he said as Heike patted his shoulder. "Oh right, I guess she has told you, so why haven't you?" Ben asked raising the pitch of his voice slightly. "You know, this is quite big and a major turning point for you" Rob looked over at Heike who was nodding approvingly. "Does it change things between us?" Ben asked as he looked at Mark mouthing the words he knows. Rob sat forward in his chair "No it doesn't Ben, you are my son and god I miss you". Ben began crying down the phone "I will come and see you in a few months when I get paid" he sobbed. "Stop that Ben or you will start me off" Rob stammered wiping his eyes. Ben pulled himself together "I am moving in with my boyfriend next weekend dad" he sniffed breaking the news. "That soon Ben, is it Steven?" Rob asked him. Ben paused for a moment "He has never really liked me dad, but I want to do this for me not for him". "Good, I didn't want to say anything but he was part of the reason why you never came here" Rob waited for a reaction. Ben sniffed "Yes I know, something always came up and he was very controlling over me". "You know Heike and me are here and we both want you come out to see us" Rob said watching Heike smiling. The phone call was difficult in many ways, the part about him being gay was the easiest and Rob had promised to tell Ben everything when he would eventually get to LA. Rob had told Ben enough around how he was forced to give up custody for a clean break from Margarite and it was this that killed him inside every time he tried to Ben over to LA as he had no overriding rights until now. "You love him a lot don't you?" Mark asked as Ben cuddled up next to him on the sofa. Ben nodded "It still only seems like yesterday he walked out, but I understand a lot better now why he did it". "Well you know how Angelo and I feel about family Ben, you will get to LA soon" Mark said stroking his head. Friday had come and Ben was in the bedroom with Mark unpacking half of his clothing that he had brought with him. Mark sat on the bed smiling like a Cheshire cat still trying to believe this was really happening and he was starting to move in, his love for Ben was clear and he desperately wanted to spend the rest of his life with him. When he put the last shirt in the closet Mark walked over and kissed him telling him it was time to eat so they headed down to the kitchen. Ben nearly wooed every time he walked in to the modern stylish kitchen with it's island and counter. Ben sat down whilst Mark prepared dinner "You will need to teach me how to do these sort of things". Mark looked up and smiled "Nah, we will get a housekeeper to do this" he said then quickly went back to work. "Housekeeper, what are you made of money?" he laughed at the laudable suggestion. Mark tried to keep the conversation on a different course and put the pasta in front of Ben "Pasta alla Mark". "Thank you" Ben said smiling and waiting for Mark to join him. "So there are some things we need to discuss Ben" Mark said light-heartedly. Ben "And what is that?" he asked as Marked laughed and wiped the sauce from Ben's chin. "Do you a dinner suit?" Mark asked Ben shook his head "I don't think so, oh wait no that's a birthday suit being naked, so what is it?". "Tomorrow we will go out and get you one, next weekend we are having dinner with my parents" Mark explained. Ben looked at him curiously and put his fork down "Mark what is going on?" he asked. "Next weekend we go to my parents for a few days" Mark said trying to look casual about it. "A few days?" Ben looked shock "I thought you said dinner". "Well 4 if you want and I think you will want to" Mark was bracing himself to tell Ben with excitement. Ben cocked his head to one side "Your bursting to say something I can tell". Mark looked at Ben "My parents live outside LA so I thought you might like to see your father as well". Ben jumped out of his seat kissing and hugging Mark "Oh god yes I would love that Mark". "Great we will get the tickets tomorrow and get the morning flight out to LA" he said to an excited Ben. "Oh I.." Ben stopped his excitement dampening down "I will have to tell my dad, I am sure he will pay for my ticket". Mark shook his head "No I will sort it out Ben, plus there is something else I need to tell you". Ben sat back down "What is it?". Mark held Ben's hand "My parents are quite wealthy" he said looking at him. Ben nodded "Oh okay is that why I need the dinner suit?". Mark continued "I don't want any of what I tell you now to change us as we are". Ben looked confused "Why would anything change Mark?" he asked squeezing his hand. "You need to know that I am in my own right as well" Mark said thinking that Ben would understand. Ben looked even more confused "As well what?". "I have money from a trust fund" Mark replied trying to asses Ben's reaction. Ben chuckled "What you mean like you have a million dollars?" he asked laughing. Mark laughed and shook his head then looked seriously at him "No, several million dollars". Ben sat with his mouth open in silence and eventually spoke "I only wanted to move in to be with you". Mark smiled "Your not going to go all crazy on me?" he asked. Ben cuddled Mark "No, I am here because I love you. Why are you telling me this now?". Mark looked at Ben "I wanted to make certain it was me you liked, I don't want to hide behind a veil of deceit". "I would still be here even if you told me it was a joke" Ben kissed him "Eat your dinner it's getting cold". Mark looked at his plate of pasta "By the way I can only cook pasta and oven ready meals". Ben nearly choked laughing and looked at him "So we will both learn to cook together". Mark nodded "Yeah that would be fun, and I am incredibly in love with you". Ben put his fork down and looked at Mark "You are? So..." he hinted towards the stairs. Mark knew instantly "Get up stairs you randy little fucker" standing up Mark chased Ben up the stairs. Ben had very little awareness around money and material things, he knew that money was required to function in the world and if you didn't have the money you made do with what you could. It was this that never really dawned on him around the true extent of Mark was telling him. When they headed in to the city Ben stood in Macy's trying on different dinner suits whilst Mark was sat outside waiting for him to parade each one as he tried them on. Mark was on the phone finishing off booking the flights with his personal travel manager at the airlines Concierge Key club, Ben walked out and stood in front of Mark who was talking on the phone and twizzled his finger to get Ben to turnaround. Mark took the phone away from his ear "Looks really good on you Ben, do you like it?". Sheepishly Ben nodded feeling a little uncomfortable "Yes but it's so expensive" he replied. Mark ignored him "Do you want to try on another one?" he asked him. Ben nodded "Yes something not so flashy and under $200" as he turned to look admiring the dinner suit in the mirror. Mark nodded to the dresser indicating this suit "Okay well try on something you like" he suggested. Mark finished on the phone and hung up watching one of the attendants exit with the flashy dinner suit as Ben called it. Mark gave the address of his parents house and asked them to send it on immediately. Ben came out feeling a lit more comfortable in a much more plain and reasonable dinner suit at $120. Mark chuckled and nodded at Ben then as he went back to change he called his mother and had a very brief concise conversation with her that was over with in five minutes. Leaving the department store they strolled through Manhattan and rounded the block, Mark loved the way Ben walked so closely against him. Ben stopped "Oh the hotel we stayed in" he laughed. Mark smiled "Yes, where it really all started" he said looking at Ben. Ben looked at Mark "It is where I found my true self and what I wanted in my life". "Soppy, come on were meeting Angelo and the others for lunch" Mark said taking Ben's hand who was now excited. The six of them were a little noisy but controlled as they had a lunch courtesy of Mark and Angelo, Adam and Tony announced they had set a date to tie the knot in April and it would take place at Adam's family home in Harrison. All eyes then turned to Ethan including Angelo, he put his hands up and suggested June or July in the Hamptons and looked at Angelo who smiled and told him it was a fitting place to marry since that is where he first knew and proposed. Coffee was being served in the lounge and Mark went to speak to his friend Luka the duty manager of the hotel, Angelo circled around and collared Ben before he could leave to join the others. "I've been wanting to catch up with you Ben" Angelo said inviting Ben to sit down next to him. Ben sat and smiled "About the job?" he asked. Angelo shook his head "No, has Mark spoken to you about his family and circumstance?". Ben laughed and went in to hushed mode "You mean about the wealth of the family?" he asked looking at Angelo. "Yes, I'm pleased he has, he doesn't like talking about it and tries to live like a normal person" Angelo said chuckling. Ben rested his head in his hands leaning on the table "Well it doesn't change anything I like how we are now". Angelo smiled "Did he go in to much detail?" he asked with a little relief. "Not really he just said he had several million in a trust or something" Ben recalled. Angelo laughed "Several! that is an understatement. He also has a few million in personal savings". Ben looking up "How the hell do you save a million dollars?" he said looking amused. "Mostly his allowance from his father, he never spends it so it just keeps racking up" Angelo said watching Ben. Ben sighed "We don't need it to be happy, although he did talk about a housekeeper". Angelo laughed "Oh god, you have been prone to the pasta dish, that's all he can cook". Ben was laughing so hard and when he calmed down he looked at Angelo "I really don't know what he has done to me". Angelo looked at him curiously "What do you mean?" Ben sighed "I don't know Angelo, it just feels so right. Sort of like he needed me". Angelo smiled at Ben "He has been lost for a few years, I just think you brought clarity and love to his life". Ben blushed "Do you think things will change, you know the money thing?". "Some things may change Ben, but his love for you won't that much I can tell you" Angelo said patting Ben's hand. Ben sat back in his chair "He is taking me to LA next week". "Oh your going to Liongate the Davenport family home, it is lovely and I am sure you will enjoy yourself there" Angelo said. Ben stood up "Come on lets join the others". Sunday and Mark sat chilled out on the sofa with Ben who was on the phone to his father, he was amazed how Ben never brought up the subject since their discussion about his wealth, he sometimes wondered if he did indeed have a grasp at what he was told. What he found funny was how he chose the cheap dinner suit despite that he had told Ben to pick what one felt the best on him. He also knew that Angelo had told Ben his surname and if Ben had done a search on the internet he may not be so calm about it. There was nothing untoward in his family apart from his mother who being a descendent of European nobility attracted quite a lot of media attention when they appeared in social events and fund raisers, both parents wealthy in their own rights and his father was a successful businessman from Europe had married Madeline whom by birth was American. The flip side meant that both Mark and his sister were also media fodder and it was this that caused him the most concern about Ben stepping in to his world, other than this family was family and very private. Ben hung up the phone and looked at Mark telling him his father was excited and wanted to meet him as well. When Ben went home for his final few days in his family home he had decided to spend Thanksgiving with them and Mark would pick him up on the Friday for the very last time. Mark would be spending it with his distant relations at Angelo's family, Angelo and Ethan were going to Angelo's for the day then to Ethan's parents for dinner. Adam and Tony would also he in Harrison at their families doing a similar approach to Angelo and Ethan's way. Thanksgiving turned out to a dull and windy day as Ben watched from his bedroom window, he had just finished packing his last few bits that he wanted to take with him. Steven his step father had not spoken a word to him partly due to Ben avoiding him at all costs. His grandparents and Steven's parents and sister's were coming to dinner as well and Margarite had warned Ben to keep things private for the moment. He showered and changed before heading downstairs to receive the luke warm reception he always got from Steven's family side, Ben's step aunties in particular often tried to wind him up to the point where he would just stand with dignity and walk out of the room. Ben got to the bottom stair 'God I hope his is over and done with quickly' he thought to himself as he joined the family in the kitchen. The saving grace were his real grandparents who loved him unconditionally as he was their first grandchild. It was the mocking around the dinner table, Margarite tried to keep the peace but Steven's younger sisters Lucy and Beth were winding Ben up as usual. They did it more out of intrigue this time noticing that Ben had changed and was completely different from when they last saw him. Thankfully his grand father put his foot down abruptly as he was trying to have a conversation with Ben, the tension around the table with palpable since Lucy and Beth had never been spoken to in that way, it didn't take long for things to ease down. "So Ben what are your plans when you graduate? his grand father asked and a few people stopped to listen. Ben looked up "Oh I start work at a tech company in 2 weeks time, great salary and they will help me finish college". "Well done and good for you Ben" he replied raising his glass. Lucy bored with the conversation turned to her mother "Oh I see that Madeline Davenport was in town last week". Her mother looked off dreamy "I bet she looked stunning, was it another charity event?". "No, it didn't say why she was in NY, but there are pictures of her leaving NY on Sunday" Lucy said holding her phone up. Beth took delight in updating the rest of the table "European descendent probably not that nice but wealthy". Ben was sat between Lucy and Beth completely failed to register the name "Why is she of interest to you?" he said. Lucy looked at him "She is fascinating and always impeccably dressed, look how she departed La Guardia". Ben and looked at the phone being shoved under his nose "Oh yes" he stopped and looked at Lucy "What is her name?". Beth laughed at the look on his face "Stupid boy get with the times that is Madeline Davenport". Lucy waved the phone in front of him "The Madeline Davenport, but then your a boy what would you know". "Davenport" Ben said and looked at his mother "Can't be can it" he said to her recognising Maddy in the picture. Margarite just looked on as if not understanding anything "What are you on about Ben?". Ben pulled his phone out and dialled Mark "Hey I have a question I need to ask you". "Babe is everything alright?" Mark asked. Ben realised he was talking to his boyfriend at the dinner table in front of everyone "Yes, fine". "So what do you want to ask?" Mark said quietly and seductively down the phone. Ben chuckled hearing his sex voice "Stop it, is Maddy your mother also Madeline Davenport?". Mark was silent for a moment "Yes Ben she is, is there something wrong?". "No, my step fathers sisters are showing pictures of her just wanted to make sure" Ben said reassuringly. Mark laughed "Tell them to look at Davenports in Spain it includes a picture of me last year". Ben laughed down the phone "And you, is it known publicly?" he asked trying to be discreet. Mark laughed again "Yes it is public, I got caught kissing a guy which made the gossip magazines". Ben could feel the eyes on him listening to him so he did the bravest thing "Thanks, love you". Lucy mocked him "Love you" as she turned to Beth and they laughed. Margarite stood up "Stop it enough of this, if you can't be civilised to my son don't speak to him". "Mum it's okay, they don't bother me" Ben said as tension grew around the table. Beth turned to Ben "So who were you talking to, can't be the daughter she is married". Lucy looked at Beth then Ben "This is their son" she said showing Ben the picture. Ben took the phone and passed it to his mother "Oops" he said. Margarite looked at Ben and laughed "Didn't you know?" she asked. Ben shook his head "No". Lucy grabbed her phone "Do you know Mark Davenport?" she asked in a shrilly voice. Ben smiled "Yeah that's my boyfriend" he said, Lucy and Beth sat their opened mouth looking at Ben as he opened up about his sexuality. Mark excused himself from dinner worried and concerned about the conversation he set off to Harrison to see Ben. Without really knowing what he was going to do he had to speak to Ben before everything unfolded, he checked his pocket and breathed a huge sigh of relief that he had the ring with him. It was going to be a massive gamble but he wanted Ben so much he had to do it. There was a shattering silence around the table as everyone looked at Ben who just seemed to be in his own world at that moment. "Boyfriend" Lucy said "Your gay?". Ben snapped out of it and looked at his mother "Yes, and Mark Davenport is my boyfriend". Steven shifted uncomfortably in his seat "Well now Alex is doing very well at school" he tried to change the subject. Ben's grand father seeing how the others reacted spoke "Ben this is a surprise, I'm very happy for you and hope he makes you happy". "Thank you pops" his grand mother came round and gave him a hug as well. There was uncertainty amongst the others around the table and mostly Lucy and Beth didn't believe Mark was indeed his boyfriend, they searched on their phones and found several articles where Mark was seen kissing with a guy on a beach in southern Spain last year and the speculation around this. Since the family had not given any comment the story flatlined within a few weeks. Beth looked up "Wow" she said "He has an estimated fortune of some $30 million dollars" she showed Lucy and her mother. Ben smiled at his mother who now looked amazed "Blimey" he said not realising how rich Mark was. Margarite stood up "Well shall we have coffee in the family room" she announced "Ben stay and help me". Ben nodded "Yes of course" he started clearing plates as everyone else stood up to go. Steven's mother was heard by Ben as she spoke to her daughters "He is probably lying about this" pointing to the phone. Margarite hugged Ben "Don't listen to them". "Sorry I shouldn't have said anything but they were annoying me so much" Ben said. "No more secrets in this family Ben" Margarite asked preparing the coffee tray. Ben shook his head "No, it was a surprise to me when he told me he had a bit of money". Margarite handed Ben the tray "It's not a bit it's a lot, here take that through". Ben placed the tray down and walked back to the kitchen as the doorbell rang "I'll go" Ben said. Ben was beginning to feel a little down trodden by Steven's family which was nothing unusual and tonight it was more intense this evening. He opened the front door to see Mark standing there with a worried look on his face. Ben didn't say a word he looked at him and lunged forward kissing him madly until Mark pushed him off. "Hey hey, what's the matter?" Mark asked quietly. Ben sighed and hugged him "God I am happy to see you, I have had a hell of a night". Mark hugged Ben hard "Was it to do with the phone call?". Ben nodded "It's my step family winding me up and then I just announced at the table about you being my boyfriend and came out". Mark laughed "I have a lot of explaining to do Ben and I should have trusted you more about my family and me". Ben looked at him "Doesn't matter who you are Mark, I just want you the Mark I know". Mark kissed him "No question Ben, and my feelings for you have and will never change". "Mark" Margarite stood holding the coffee pot at the kitchen door "Please come in". "I'm sorry I didn't mean to intrude" Mark said apologetically. "Ben get Mark a cup and then both of you join us for coffee in the family room" she gave Mark a kiss and walked off. Ben smiled "Come on, I think she is glad you turned up to shut the rest of them up". "What do you mean?" Mark asked following Ben to the kitchen. "Step mother thinks I am lying and my step sisters don't believe that you are my man" Ben said holding his hands. Mark chuckled "So you want me to by your man?" he asked. Ben pushed Mark up against the refrigerator and kissed him "Definitely, take me home and make love to me". Mark smiled "What about the family?". "Fuck them I need to be with you" Ben replied looking in to his eyes. Mark pushed Ben off "Coffee to shut the family up then I take you home". Ben smiled and grabbed another cup and took Mark's hand walking with him towards the family room, they stood outside for a moment and could clearly hear Lucy, Beth and their mother dissing him about Mark and then Margarite saying they should show a little more respect and regard for her son. Mark looked at Ben "Let's get this over with" he said. Ben laughed "Shame we haven't got some dramatic music to play as we walk in". Mark bent over laughing quietly but was nervous as hell "That would be funny" he kissed Ben then nodded to him. Ben opened the door and grabbed Mark's hand and walked in "Mother enough coffee for one more?". Margarite stood as if it was a well choreographed routine she kissed Mark "Of course how nice to see you Mark". Ben took a moment to look at his step family as he stood in a defiant stance and watched the looks on their faces as they saw Mark standing there in the flesh. "Everyone I would like you to meet Mark who is my boyfriend" Ben proudly announced at the stunned faces. Mark leaned in and whispered to Ben "How about husband?". Ben turned slowly to look at him slightly stunned his heart beating faster a smile on his face "Did I hear you..." Mark got down on one knee to the gasps in the room and produced the ring "Ben I love you so much, marry me?". Ben shut everyone else out as he looked down seeing his Mark, a person who loved him dearly and wanted to be with him "Yes" he said without hesitation. Mark slipped the ring on his finger and stood up to kiss him. Margarite was crying and Ben's grandparents came over to congratulate him and wanting to meet the person that had changed Ben's life. Lucy was about to start filming on her phone but Margarite swooped on her and knocked it out of her hand looking sternly at her 'Don't you dare' she snarled at her making sure she understood, Beth quickly slipped her phone back in her bag to avoid a confrontation. The step family not realising it immediately had been side lined by Ben in an obvious statement to them at how Steven had treated him over the years. Steven's father looked at his son and the look said it all, he had warned him to treat Ben any differently but he had ignored his fathers advice. Mark sent a text to his mother with two words 'job done', it was a code word they used in the family. Maddy looked at it and turned to David and told him that Ben had said yes, he smiled and kissed his wife saying thank god he finally found some one. Mark said he had to speak to Ben and Margarite alone for a moment and they rushed in to the kitchen. "I'm sorry I didn't forewarn you Margarite" Mark said apologising to her. Margarite patted his arm "It's fine, I loved the look on their faces it was priceless". "There is just one thing I have to do but it means word will get out immediately" Mark began explaining. Ban looked at his mother "What do you mean?". "My parents are public figures of sorts so it means Ben and I will be public knowledge" Mark was looking at Ben. "I see" Margarite replied "Does that mean it will be in the spotlight?" she asked. Mark nodded "It does. It will probably be for a week or so but you can never tell". Ben nodded "Do it before those two post anything" he said referring to his step aunties. "Are you both sure?" Margarite asked looking at Ben and Mark who both nodded "Okay do whatever it is you have to do". Mark typed the word 'Go' to his mother who replied within seconds 'Released' he smiled "It's done". Ben got his phone out "I will call dad and tell him now". Mark nodded "I guess we should let Angelo and Ethan know". They worked quickly letting their friends know but Ben said he would like to tell his father in person when they got to LA. Ben stood there for a moment taking in the scene, his mothers excitement and grandparents had wandered in to the kitchen leaving Steven and his family in the family room were also excited. Ben never thought his grandparents would get it but was surprised on how up with the times they actually were. It was just 15 minutes when the door bell rang and Margarite went to answer it. She returned with Angelo, Ethan, Tony and Adam who had all come to offer their congratulations. Ellie and Jack turned up with Sophie a few minutes later and Margarite was quite relieved to see Ellie and explained how everything just seemed to happen and she was happy for Ben. Finally things quietened down and Ben turned to Mark and asked to take him home away from all the chaos. Both of them exhausted they laid facing each other in bed laughing for no particular reason just happiness. Eventually Ben surfaced from bed at 9am whilst Mark was already up drinking coffee and sitting in the study on the computer. Ben plodded down to the kitchen and grabbed a coffee, his looked at his finger at the ring that he now wore as a symbol of Mark's love. He picked up the cup and wandered through to the study and sat down in the sofa. "Morning, what time did you get up?" Ben asked snuggling up on the sofa. Mark watched him "About an hour a go, my phone kept going off" he laughed. "Yeah" Ben said looking at his "mine hasn't gone massively crazy but a few messages, oh one from my step father". Mark looked up at him "And, what does it say?" he asked. Ben read aloud "Ben I know we never really connected, have wired money to your account use it to buy Mark a ring". Mark smiled and looked back the computer screen "Well at least he seems to be coming around". Ben shrugged his shoulders "What are you doing?". "Ah mother told me to check the Hello website" he said typing on the keyboard. Ben jumped up "Am I famous now" he laughed coming to terms with the conversation last night. Mark sat back and read the article aloud to Ben "The race is over girls Mark Davenport is off the market. David and Madeline Davenport made a surprise announcement last evening that their son Mark has got engaged to a Benjamin Midler-Warren from the east coast. We are yet to see who the beau is that stole Mark's heart and no one saw this one coming shutting the door firmly on months of speculation about his sexual orientation". Ben came round to his side "Oh shit" he stood scratching his head giggling "This really does happen". Mark laughed "I expect mother is negotiating the wedding rights as well". Ben looked down at him "It won't be big will it?" he began to feel a little jittery and slightly daunted. "No we can keep it to family and close friends if you prefer" he assured Ben rubbing his ass. Ben dragged Mark to the shops and being Black Friday it was busy as people clambered around trying to grab the best bargains, fortunately the shop they were heading for was busy but not overly manic, Ben used the money from his step father to get Mark a ring. Glad to be done they headed back home to spend the rest of the day packing before heading to Angelo's for dinner with the gang. Franco arrived at Angelo's early as he was visiting other family in Brooklyn and so decided to head straight over, as he parked the car on the street he spotted Josh walking in his direction so he stayed there waiting leaning against his car. As straight as Franco was there was just something about the way Josh would smile at him like he was doing now which got him all fuzzy and warm inside. As the evening wore on it was plain to see they way Franco interacted with Josh was very different, it was almost like it was on another level. From the stolen glances each would make when the other was not looking to the lengthy conversations they would have between themselves about absolute nonsense. Angelo watched them both carefully when not engaged in conversation himself but could not figure them out. Josh's dazzling blue eyes seem to sparkle in contradiction to Franco's Latin sultry looks he wore that evening and it had not gone unnoticed especially by Josh. It was towards the end of the meal when Franco announced that his parents and he were moving to Puerto Rico in 2 weeks time. Angelo quickly looked at Josh and saw the sparkle extinguish from his eyes at the news, he put on a brave face hiding his emotions. Franco and Josh had strangely developed an incredible bond of friendship over the few weeks they knew each other, Josh had secretly held a crush on Franco despite being told to forget about him. Josh was first to leave using the excuse he had to work in the morning, walking down the street towards his family home he had got no more than 50 meters before he burst into tears. Inwardly he was broken beyond words as Franco was the only guy who he had really taken more than just a fancy to. He slipped in to the small public garden and sat down on a bench and cried his anguish out. Mark waited until Franco left and walked in to the kitchen find Angelo and Ethan cleaning up whilst Ben chatted putting glasses away, he went over and gave Ben a kiss before going over to where Angelo stood. "Did you know about Franco moving?" Mark asked leaning against the counter. Angelo looked at him "There had been mutterings in the family but nothing concrete until now" he replied. Mark nodded "You know Josh is distraught about it". Angelo stopped what he was doing "Really?" he said looking surprised. "Have you not noticed how close they had become has friends since the kiss" Mark said. Angelo smiled "Yes but he knows Franco is straight". "He has a massive crush on Franco" Ethan chipped in hearing them. Angelo looked over at Ethan "Fuck did I really miss that, I'm usually dam good at spotting these things". Mark shook his head "I think we may have to look after Josh a bit, I saw his face when Franco announced he was going". Despite Mark and Angelo's warning to Josh not to get hung up on Franco he hadn't listened, he now sat in the park feeling like his gut had been ripped out of him. Stupid he told himself over and over, he unlocked his phone and looked at the selfie of Franco and him taken a few days prior.
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    Usually by this time with a guy we had already decided who was going to top but the kiss had been so sudden I had no idea if this was just going to be a kiss and grope or we were going all the way. I heard him moan into the kiss and realized from his actions he didn’t either. Our hands explored over each other’s bodies and we kept kissing. Most straight or curious guys I had been with didn’t like to kiss but Louis wasn’t one of them. He seemed to love to kiss and was really good at it. But I needed more. While I usually topped, I figured that he would feel more comfortable fucking. I broke the kiss and rubbed our beards together as I moved back to his ear. I sucked on the earlobe a moment and then kissed down his neck. My hand rustled through the chest hair on his right side and down to his stomach. My head was following behind and my teeth latched on to his nip, biting it gently while I sucked on it. Louis’s hands were on the back of my head making sure my mouth didn’t stray too far from his body. I hooked my fingers around the waistband of his trunks and pulled them down, feeling his hard cock spring free and rub over my chest, drooling precum into my fur. I let go of his nipple and traced my tongue down his treasure trail, feeling the shaft brush through my beard to my lips. I licked the head of his cock and then wrapped my lips around it, slowly descending until my nose was buried in his trimmed pubes. I squeezed my throat around the tip of his cock and felt him shudder and moan. Slowly I pulled back until the flare of his cock head was on the inside of my lips and then I went back down. I began to bob on Louis’ cock using every trick I knew to drive his lust into overdrive. My tongue, lips and throat worked his cock like I’m sure no woman had ever done to him. I could feel he was getting close and I decided that I wasn’t going to swallow this load. I pulled off and sucked on his balls, one at a time, looking up and seeing his eyes closed and his mouth agape. I wondered what he was envisioning - me sucking him or some hot supermodel. I pushed off my shorts and walked the few steps over to his bike and bent over, the straps from my jock framing my furry ass. One hand was on the tank and the other on the back of the seat, I was braced for the fuck I hoped was going to happen. Louis looked at me and I looked back at him. He looked confused, like he had never fucked anyone before. Finally he said “You got any rubbers?” “Nope. No lube either, spit is gonna have to do. You ever fuck an ass?” I asked. “Nnnnno” was all he replied, obviously nervous. “Same as pussy, just better” I said before I spit on my hand and rubbed my hole with it. I knew it wasn’t enough for him to just slide in, but I like rough fucks. Louis moved closer, holding his cock in his shaking right hand. I pulled my butt apart and wiggled it suggestively. He spit on the end of his cock and rubbed it over my winking hole. I would have been in heaven if he had spent a long time rimming my ass, but I’d have to wait for that another time. Hopefully there would be another time, I thought. I relaxed and pushed back about the time he pushed forward. It took a moment of pressure, but then he popped inside. “Oh fuck… Oh my god… Aaahhhhh… aaaahhh… ahhhh” was all he said as his cock drove slowly into my hole. He got half way in and then pulled back a bit. He rocked his hips, getting deeper each time until I finally felt his hips hit my ass. The lack of lube had definitely given me the burn inside, but knowing he was fucking me raw made up for it. I felt his hands grasp my hips and he started to plow in and out of my hungry hole. His moans and grunts filled the garage and my hole started to get slicker as his precum coated the walls of my rectum. He pounded harder and I felt the sweat drip off his body on to my back. Louis slowed down after a while and I wasn’t sure if he was getting cold feet and was about to pull out or whether he was mixing it up so he could fuck longer. He kept fucking though and I enjoyed every thrust. When his hands moved to my shoulders and he started to hammer my hole I knew the answer. Several minutes later the grunts got louder and I could tell his breathing was erratic. A few well timed squeezes of my sphincter and he buried his cock all the way in. I could feel the throbbing from his cock and knew he was filling me with his pent up load. My own cock started to pulse, shooting cum all over the floor and milking all of the seed from his balls. Sadly, this wasn’t the first time I had wasted a load on the garage floor. I stood up, reaching back to make sure he stayed inside me and felt his sweaty chest against my back. It felt odd with one side furry and the other side shaved, but there was no way I was going to complain. I felt Louis’s arms wrap around me and his heavy breaths on my neck as the rush slowly dissipated. “Oh my god, that was amazing” Louis said breathlessly. He couldn’t see my grin but it was almost from ear to ear. After a few minutes, I moved forward and felt his softening cock fall out of my ass. I felt the familiar drip of cum run down my leg and I turned around to see if he was ok or if I had gone too fast once again and fucked it up. He leaned in and kissed me again. It only lasted a few moments before he backed away a half step. “So that’s what gay sex is like?” Louis asked. I chuckled and said “That’s just the tip of the iceberg, Louis.”
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    I hooked up with a 19 yo college student recently. I was really reluctant because of the age difference but he was insistent on meeting. He told me he loved kissing, getting rimmed and was a bottom. I asked if he barebacked and he said he preferred condoms. I also asked him if he liked poppers....he said he never tried them. I picked him up...He was really young looking...A black guy, very smooth, about 6-0, 145 pounds. When we got to my house we went in my bedroom and began kissing. He was an awesome kisser, very passionate. I grabbed his crotch and noticed his package was huge. We undressed each other while kissing and as soon as he dropped his briefs a fat 8" hard cock in a nice thick bush pops out. we climbed into my bed and continued kissing..His body was very lean and other than his pubic area completely smooth. After kissing him I headed toward his crotch and started licking his balls and rock hard shaft. I took his penis in my mouth and tried to get down to the base to no avail...he was huge. I lifted his legs and was greeted by an awesome ass. His hole was perfect and pretty hairy which i love. As My tongue went right to the center of his hole he started moaning....I loved his hole, so sexy and the hair felt so good on my tongue. I grabbed my poppers, took a big hit and offered them to him. He followed my lead and took a hit in each nostril as I kept eatin him out. I then positioned my cock over his wet hole and started poking him...He kept moaning as I started to enter him...I thought for sure he'd ask for a condom or just say no, but he just moaned more as went deeper. Soon i was all the way in and I started to fuck...I kissed him deep and asked how it felt being in him. He said it was awesome and kept moaning...I pulled out, ate his ass some more getting it even wetter and slid in again, fucking while we deeply kissed. I shared another hit of poppers and started fucking him harder. Ever thrust he'd moan harder. My breathing got heavier and I started moaning until I couldn't hold back and let loose my 4 day load. I stayed inside him as my cock softened and finally fell out followed by a glob of cum running down his balls......The kid that never did poppers and wanted to use condoms now had my semen deep inside him
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    I was feeling horny Friday morning so I got up and went to one of the local bookstores here in Vegas. It was 4am when I arrived and although there were several cars in the parking lot most of the guys must’ve been in the theater and not the arcade area. It was slow the first 30 minutes and then this latino guy walked in and I was standing against the wall and he motioned for me to follow him into a booth. I went in and locked the door and when I turned around he had his big cock out. He was about 8 inches uncut and I could smell the alcohol on his breath. He was about 5’7 average body but handsome and masculine. I had already lubed my hole so as I’m sucking him he is bending down trying to get his hand under the waistband of my pants to feel my ass. I pulled my pants down and when he felt my wet hole he turned me around and as he’s guiding his bare cock into me he asked me if I was negative. He had an accent too. I said yes and then he said I’m negative too and starts fucking me. He gripped my hips tight and fucked me for about 15 min before I felt his big thick cock throbbing inside of me. He was so quiet that was the only way I knew he came. I pulled my clothes up and walked out. I walked around and went into another booth and this blk guy that had been there reached under the booth and grabbed my ass so I invited him in. The booth doors are half doors so people are always bending down trying to see what’s going on. He comes in and pulls his cock out and he’s about 8 inches too and cut. As I’m sucking him he says I wanna fuck you. I stood up and turned around and he guided his cock into me. He fucks me for about 10 minutes and then says where do you want me to cum. I said cum in me. He said beg for it. Beg for my cum. So I say please give me your cum, please cum in me and he moans and grips my hips and cums and collapses on my back. I pulled up my pants and walked out. I sucked off this sexy white guy and swallowed his load. He was sexy. Tall and lean. Nice body, rugged looks. As I leave his booth I see a guy walk away that had been peaking in to see what we were doing. It was the latino guy again. I followed him into the same booth that we were in earlier and I sucked his big cock again and then turn around and slid his cock in. This time my hole was cummy from his previous load and the black guy. He asked in his accent if I’m clean. I said yes and then he starts fucking me. This time he was a little more aggressive but it felt good and he was taking long strokes and you could hear his cock sloshing around in my ass from all the cum in me. He fucks me for about 15 mins again and then he cums again and I feel his cock throbbing again. He was still quiet so when he pulled out and I turned around to clean his cock it was covered in cum all the way to the base. I pulled up my pants and went home with the 3 loads in my ass. My hole was gaping and I was trying to keep all the cum inside me until I got home.
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    4. Revelations After Tommy, Scott and Manuel and I devoured our burgers Scott and Manuel left leaving Tommy and me alone once more “Matt that was fun, ya know the pool and the sex and all” Tommy quipped blushing a little, I ruffled his hair and pulled him close to me “Umm, Tommy I’m not your parents and I’m sure they look after you quite well but something bothers me about your trip this weekend, Umm Universities don’t usually send plane tickets for prospective athletes, students” Tommy thought for a second, I thought he might come clean but instead “Matt, I’ll be touring two of the universities in the area but the ticket came from a company who is recruiting me, I’ll explain it to you when I get back on Sunday if all goes well” His demeanor said let it be, let me sort this out for myself so I let it drop and took him up to my gym and we worked out till bedtime, took a quick shower and cuddled together till we fell asleep in each other’s arms. Once again we woke and although feeling frisky we each got ready, feeling the sexual tension but knowing we’d have to get through the day before we could do anything about it. Tommy had a game after school and I made it a point to get there early so I could talk to Kevin and Coach Williams. Kevin confirms the plans for the weekend. It appeared that coach Williams would be joining us in our adventures which had me stoked as he was about five years older than me and a total hunk The coaches let me stand near the dugout so I could root my favorite players on, Tommy, Manuel, and Scott all did very good although the game went into extra innings ending with Scott hitting a home run in the bottom of the 12th inning. It was already getting dark when the game ended and the team was going to hit the local In and Out for some burgers and fries. Tommy, Scott and Manuel rode with me and we all had a blast reminiscing about the game and the hot guys on the opposing team, Kevin and Coach Williams came over to congratulate their favorite seniors on the win and let them know they would be starting for the last game the “Farewell Seniors” game. I drove the boys back to my place where they kissed and hugged before Scott and Manuel took off for Scotts house, Tommy ran home and finished packing his bag for the following day, before returning to my place and depositing his bag in the back of my SUV. Tommy came in and hugged me “Thank you, Matt for being such a great Athletic supporter” Once again the double meaning, he walked over to me and grabbed my hand and guided it to his sweaty pouch, which barely contained his engorged cock, he leaned in and kissed me tenderly, then with more passion. We ended up having sex on the living room floor with Tommy topping me and shooting his boy cum into my willing hole, before I flipped him over and pounded his ass with my overexcited throbbing tool. We once again fell asleep in each other’s arms, I awoke to have Tommy’s cock buried once again in my hole oozing his precum into my toxic rectum we played in the shower following tommy’s eruption. As we were getting dressed he mentioned his gratitude for all I had done for him over the years, I dropped him off at school before heading to a client meeting which lasted until almost 2 o’clock, time to pick the boy up so I could get him to the airport. I picked him up and we rode in silence almost to the airport “You mind if I skype you when I get settled in say around 6” “No that would be great, text me when you land so I know you got there safe and sound” Tommy exited the car and grabbed his bag from the back, waving back as he entered the terminal Oh My God, I can’t believe I’m doing this, getting on a plane to go check out two university campuses, and even more nerve-racking going to meet up with the guys my cousin Josh set me up with to do a job interview at a video studio specializing in 18+ talent. I checked in last night via the airlines website which allows you to get boarding passes 24 hours in advance and I was approaching security, I removed my laptop and put my bag through the scanner running my phone and laptop separately. I got to the gate and took a seat, cruising the cute bears across the waiting room, I know they were cruising me as well so I made sure I put forth my best assets for them to ogle. The flight was a bit bumpy but time flew by as we soared through the clouds. We were soon on the ground and I hit the baggage check to meet up with the reps from the studio. As I looked around I suddenly saw my names on a placard across the room, I strode over to the two guys holding it, thinking damn they’re hot. The guys couldn’t be much older than early 20’s, both looked like they just came from the beach. We walked out to their car and they took me to a house on the outskirts of town. It was in my opinion a small mansion, only Matt had a house to compare. They took me inside and escorted me to a room with bunk beds where the talent stayed for the weekend of the shoot. They sat me down and went over my itinerary for the weekend, that evening I would shoot a solo interview type scene, in the morning the older of the guys that picked me up would escort me to the UCSD campus to do a tour and to meet with advisers, in the afternoon I would do a duo shoot with a 19 year old performer, and if time permitted I would be able to do a threesome with a couple of 18 year old performers, Sunday morning I’d tour SDSU and meet with advisers there, and do a final group shoot in the afternoon before heading back home. I set up my laptop and called Matt on Skype, the bunk beds looking like I was in a dorm room, we chatted and I jerked off for him on cam, much to my surprise he was not alone I dropped Tommy off at the airport and stopped at the store on the way home, when I pulled into the driveway I noticed a car in my neighbor’s driveway, it seemed familiar as it had been five months since I had seen it. I pulled into the garage and as I exited the car Josh strolled up to the doorway “Hey Matt good to see you, I know with everything going on with Mom I’m the last person you expected to see but I was wondering if I could start my internship early” Josh was Tommy’s cousin who was almost a year older but not quite, he was also an amazing programmer and I had accepted him as my intern for the summer and his first year of college at our local university, I had always remembered Josh as that nerdy kid who came to spend the summers with Tommy, but that nerdy kid had grown into a handsome athletic young man, with still all the geeky charm a nerd can display. I was thinking oh shit there goes my plans for the weekend, I’d have to cancel with Kevin and my friends. I welcomed Josh in and we headed into the kitchen. It was just after four and I really was surprised to see Josh, not really expecting him for at least another month, especially with what has been happening with his mom. “Oh wow, I’m so sorry Matt, I just barged in on you and I probably fucked up your weekend plan, fuck, fuck, fuck, that’s the last thing I wanted to do, damn and Tommy is away this weekend” “No, no it’s ok, I can rearrange my schedule” “No, don’t do that, I came up unexpected, but I had to get away from all the drama with mom and all, She’s going to alright but it’s going to take time and I don’t want to put off my plans, Dad can handle everything” Josh reassured me that I needn’t change my plans, but maybe amend them to include him as he referred to me by my breeding zone nickname, I looked at him surprised, as he confessed his fetish for bug chasing “I’m not that innocent, Matt, I’ve read your post and I want you to be my Poz daddy, I’m not even a virgin” “Well, after dinner I was meeting up with a few friends for some hot breeding” “Sweet, can I stay here until Tommy gets back” “Um, have you talked to him this week?” “No it’s been a couple” “Tommy has been staying with me, he sort of came out and seduced me in one swift move” “Sweet move, he’s been wanting your dick for months, even been spying on your parties from up on the hill, it’s been some hot jerk off material for both of us” “What? That little shit I’m going to have to pound him when he gets home” We both laughed at the situation although I had a suspicion that I had been observed and that someone was watching our parties. Josh ran out to his car and brought in his bags, I showed him to the guest room and let him clean up. He emerged about a half hour later in a jock strap and harness, looking all sexy and buff “Collar me daddy, make me your obedient servant” I pulled a leather collar out and locked it around his neck then forced him to his knees and shoved my cock down his throat, skull fucking him till I felt myself getting close, pulled him up, spun him around and bent him over an arm chair, using just his slobber ran my cock up his behind in one swift motion, he screamed out as the pain took hold of him. I started out slowly withdrawing my cock then ramming it back in till his wimpier subsides. I fucked him slow then fast then slow with jabbing motions before releasing my toxic stew into his unprotected guts At about 6:10 my skype rang and Tommy was on the line, I chatted a bit then Josh stepped into view
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    Hi folks - apologies for the short chapter... our hero needs some rest and I need my creative juices flowing again to continue. Here is part 6, part 7 to follow reasonably soon... Part 6: The four Dominant men peppered Aaron’s cheeks with swats with the paddles. I know that they were aware that they could do some real damage if they thrashed Aaron too severely and so, by the time Aaron had managed to get his twisting and contorting under control, they stopped. Despite the “gentle” treatment, by the end, Aaron’s and my ragged, heaving breaths punctuated the silence in the room - the only other sounds in the room were our occasional moans. As mentioned, the others had not beaten Aaron too badly… even for a novice. It was the abuse to our tits and balls that had us groaning. We were both dripping sweat. If Aaron had smelled divine at the beginning of the evening, he smelled heavenly now! I was looking forward to getting my nose buried in some of that funk! They untied us from the St Andrew’s Cross but did not detach our ball tethers or our tit clamps. “On your knees,” Brian barked and we painfully got to our knees still facing each other. Brian detached our ball tethers and then my tit clamps. I hissed as the clamps were undone - sometimes the pain of blood rushing back into the nipples is worse than anything else. Chris took the clamps off Aaron’s nipples but immediately re-attached them a different way. I’m pretty sure I would have been tempted to rip them off if I was in his shoes, but Aaron seemed to know better and gritted his teeth through the pain. I was so curious to understand the dynamic between these two. As I said before, Brian and I lead a very egalitarian life, we only get into the serious dom/ sub stuff when we’re partying hard. Scott pushed Aaron’s head forward and he started to chew on first my right and then my left nipple. The pleasure/ pain was exquisite and I was enjoying the attention. Aaron stood up and lifted his arms and I was soon burying my nose and mouth in his armpits. Man, the kid smelled delicious. I was licking and chewing and sniffing my way up and down his torso and I know he was enjoying it because his dick was rock hard and leaking. Chris removed his nipple clamps and I quickly latched onto each nub with my teeth, giving each tit and a good working over. “We’re going to go to Piercing HQ and get you some hardware on your tits, balls, dick and arse, boy,” I heard Chris say. Aaron just moaned. “But first, I’m going get you fucked by every guy in Club 80,” he said. I saw him move behind Aaron and insert a toothbrush in his hole and move it around rapidly. Aaron yelped and I saw him try to move away, but Chris held onto him. He withdrew the toothbrush and it was pink. I saw him dip the brush into a bag of tina and then re-insert it. Aaron yelped again as it burned but I saw the change in him very quickly and the shards made their way into his blood stream. He was sweating anew, and I suspected that the kid would get pozzed over the weekend. It took me back to my own pozzing at the hands of Brian about a month into our relationship. We had gone to Headquarters, a sex club in Sydney, where Brian had strapped me to a sling, slammed me with more tina I had ever had, brushed my arse till any poz cum in my hole would definitely take, and invited every top in the place to use me. He finished off the evening by giving me a blood slam and, within a week, I had the fuck flu. My dick lurched as I pictured Aaron getting the same treatment. I suspected we would see much more of him as the weekend progressed and I hoped it would culminate in his sporting the same piercings and ink as me - certainly the Treasure Island tatt… the scorpion and bio hazard tatts would come later. Back in the present, Brian picked up the sodden wrestling singlet and wiped up the sweat and the precum off both our bodies and handed it to me. “Put it on,” he instructed. I struggled into the garment - conscious that it looked even more obscene than it normally would have thanks to the accumulated sweat, cum, pre cum and even some piss that had soaked into it over the evening’s festivities. I knew that it was already morning and that Brian no doubt had something planned for me that would involve some exposure to the limited foot traffic in Melbourne on a Saturday morning. He handed me a $20.00 note and instructed me to go and get the masters some coffees. I headed out the door. The sun was just creeping over the horizon. There were a few stragglers hanging around but the streets were mainly empty. This was a mainly gay neighbourhood, so I was not feeling too exposed, but I was getting some attention from some young twinks who were still out from the night before. I had taken the straps off my shoulders to that the back of the singlet shielded my exposed arse. I know that my nipples jutted out obscenely, I reeked of sweat and cum and that the rest of the singlet hugged every curve of my body. Most of the singlet was soaked. My cock bulged obscenely at the front and my flawless torso glistened with sweat in the early morning light. I used the palms of my hands to “plane” the sweat and lube and cum off my body, licking my hands and fingers clean as I did so. I was dreading this. Fortunately, Plug Nickel is only a few meters from Club 80 and The Gate House. It was about 30 minutes before opening time and I was the first customer milling around the entrance. A very cute young man walked up to the door and ogled me from the interior of the coffee shop. I lifted my arms in a display position and slowly turned a full 360 degrees to give him the best view. I suspected that a blowjob was in order and, as he opened the door and led me out back, I was soon on my knees. There were two other men in the shop and one of them instructed me to stand but continue sucking the other off. Clearly the baristas here knew a few locals who liked services of a sexual nature because it was not very long before I had a few of the regular customers taking advantage of my arse too. All good things must come to an end, and I was soon en route back to the Gate House with a few healthy loads of ism leaking out my arse and coffees in hand. I walked back into the room and distributed the coffees. Scott handed Chris a rig with 0.4g of tina in it and I saw Chris slam it into Aaron's veins. Aaron let out a protracted moan and Chris led him out of the room buck naked - presumably to Club 80 for some pozzing action. Scott also took his leave and Brian led me to the bathroom for some much needed clean up. It was pure heaven rinsing off the accumulated fluids from the evening. Bran brought a few litres of Gatorade, and some other supplies to to me to rehydrate and keep my nutrition up. A few minutes to shave, brush my teeth and pull on some loose shorts and a t-shirt, and we were back at the same cafe I had been to earlier for some breakfast. I could not meet the eyes of the barista or the waiter as they kept looking over at me and giving me a wink. Of course, it did not escape the notice of Brian either and he was soon having a whispered conversation with the three of them off to the side. Soon after we had finished eating, we headed back to the room for a sleep. It was heaven to put my head on the pillow even though sleep would ordinarily evade me, Brian handed me half a sleeping tablet and I drifted off to about 5 hours sleep.
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    I've never shared this story with anyone, but I've never been so horny in my entire life since I created an account here reading all the hot stories, so felt it's a good time to share. True story here, this happened to me when I was very young. At the time I barely knew how sex worked, never had a real bf, and had just sucked and been fucked maybe a couple times. I grew up in a different country so there was a sort of craigslist equivalent there. One day I posted an ad saying that I was "looking for a bf" (yeah, right), and got tons of replies. But one in particular stood out. It was an older guy, I forget his age but probably in his 50ies so almost 3x my age. He said he was looking for a young boyish twink and wanted to take me to a hotel and make love to me like a woman and that he would pay me for it if I let him do what he wants. First I was offended and frankly disgusted and didn't even reply. But I kept thinking about it for some reason. Something about the thought of being treated like a woman as he said turned me on a lot. And also the idea of having another man paying me to be able to use me as he wants was very sexy to me, while still feeling it was degrading. After a week or 2 of thinking about it constantly, I decided it was time to give it a try and replied. The man replied almost instantly, saying I made the right choice and that he would take good care of me. We chatted a bit and convened to meet on a following Friday where he would pick me up not far from my place after I was done with school, take me to the hotel to spend the night, and drop me back at my place the next day. We didn't really discuss much what we were going to do, even though I asked multiple times, but he just said I had to be obedient and do what he says. I was SO nervous on the day he picked me up. I'm already very shy by nature, so you can imagine I was a nervous wreck going in a complete stranger's car and being his "woman" for the night. When I got in he was literally devouring me with his eyes. Said he was glad I was very twinky as he likes his boys looking innocent. The drive to the hotel felt like forever, but I don't think it was more than a 20-30 mins drive. It was way out of town near a highway, and I was very nervous arriving there and almost backed out. He probably saw I was nervous because he told me not to worry, that he'd be gentle and I'd have a good time, and that helped me relax a little. Once inside he wasted no time and as soon as the door closed he started kissing me passionately. I had never kissed a man at the time so it felt really weird. He was very forceful about it too. Then he removed my shirt, and told me to kneel in front of him. I had an instant of hesitation and he told me to hurry up, and I obliged. He was still dressed then, and didn't even bother undressing, and just unuzipped and pulled out his cock and told me to kiss it and smell it and tell him how beautiful it is. Now I was not a total stranger to cock at the time as I had blown I think 2 guys and been fucked twice too, but it had always been after long makeout sessions with lots of cuddling and sweet words and all that. So finding myself like this on my knees with a stranger's cock in front of me felt really uncomfortable. I probably managed to lick and usher a few words uncomfortably about his cock, and I like the he kept ruffling my hair and gently rubbing his hands over my face. I felt very vulnerable and liked the attention he was giving me while I made his cock go from limp to hard. When he got fully hard though his attitude changed. What was once gentle ruffling of my blond hair became fists who grabbed my hair and held my head in place. He told me to open my mouth, and didn't even ask me to suck him - instead he pushed his cock all the way down my throat while keeping my head still. I was pretty shocked then, had never had a cock in my throat before. I was gagging a lot and asked me to stop, but he told me if I want to satisfy him and serve like a woman I have to get used to it and that I should stop complaining. Still in shock, I did my best but probably wasn't very good at it, although I remember him saying he liked to hear me gag. After a while he probably got bored or likely there was too much teeth, and he told me it was time to make a real woman out of me. He put me back on my feet and went back to kissing me intensely, but this time one of his hands started playing with my hole and he started fingering me roughly. It hurt and he wasn't gentle about it, but we stayed like this for a while and my hole started loosening after a while. He put me on the bed on my back, lifted my legs and started approaching me with his erect cock getting clearly ready to enter me. This is when I started fighting back and telling him I didn't want to get fucked without a condom. He was actually very nice about it, stopped for a minute, told me he just fucks his wife and he's only been with very few twinks, and that I had nothing to be worried about. I was still hesitant, but figured I could trust him, so I went back in position. He entered me slowly while caressing my chest. He clearly had no interest in my cock, but he pinched my nipples hard while entering me. It didn't hurt so bad because he had fingered me well before, but felt very different to the couple times I had been fucked with a condom. He started fucking me harder and harder, telling me sweet words, caressing me gently, I really felt like a woman that time. His constant pinching of my nipples, and the feeling of his raw cock going inside and outside of me made me shoot my load very quick all over myself. He lasted a few minutes after that, and he had a deep groan and said things along the lines that I was now his boy and that my ass was his. Then he collapsed on me and passionately kissed me for a while before we fell asleep. He fucked me 3 other times that night, as I found myself woken up by his raw cock entering me and I just took it. Come morning after a last fuck he told me it was great and that he would love to see me regularly. He insisted on paying me for this, saying that I had been very obedient and I deserved it. Took me back to my place, and not an hour later messaged me to see if I was available the very next Friday for the same thing. I ended up seeing him for several months almost every week. He brought me gifts sometimes like pieces of underwear or t-shirts that made me look cute, and he was always paying me for it. Inside my head I was turned on by the idea of giving up my ass raw in exchange of that, even if that felt wrong. After a few months I moved to a bigger town for college so we couldn't meet anymore. He emails me a few times asking how things were going and if I was coming back for the holidays, but we kinda lost contact after a bit. He's the first I've let fuck me bareback, and the only one I've let do that before a loooong time. I was thinking about these memories fondly as I just had my first anon cumdump scene last weekend, and I think it was a great introduction for me to bareback sex. I regret nothing, except the fact that it took me many years after this to accept going back to bareback. This was a bit of a longer post than I anticipated, but I hope you'll find it interesting as this is the story the way I remember it. I've actually never told this story to anyone, there's a bit of a stigma with it being first bareback and then being paid for it, so I've kept it to myself, but this felt like a good place to share it for the first time.
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    Last werkend I had so much fun. Since a couple weeks Ihave a new buddy. Max is 18yo and a sleazy fuckboy. I met him at a parking and I took him home, where we had long and perv sex. He is a skinny tall boy that does bb since a young age. He told me he wanted me to meet his familly and invited me for the weekend. In the weeks before he told me alot about his 2 brothers and his parents. He lives in a shady/trailertrash area (got lots of pozfriends there) with lots of horny neighbors. He got me hard by the stories about his gay brothers and bi-sexual parents. At my arrival he brought me into the house were I heard lots of sex noisses and I noticed all the doors from the rooms were removed. That weekend I had a lot of sex and saw all of his family naked. Last weekend I went back and arrived an hour to early. I went inside and up to his room. In the hallway I heard him moan and looked for him. I found him in his parents bedroom getting fucked by his dad and facefucked by one of his brothers. It was so hot that I got naked and joined in. I fucked his brother and fot fucked by the 3 of them that weekend. I still am hard thinking about it and going back this weekend for more bare fun. Does anyone has a samelike experience?
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    Part 88 -Connor & Jeff’s Rebound Jeff was studying for a test on Friday, but couldn’t concentrate. He laid there in his now usual dorm room dress - nothing but a loose fitting pair of boxers. Finally he picked up his phone and typed out a message - “Sir, may we talk?” and sent it to Kyle. “Ofc what’s up?” Kyle responded a few minutes later. “Sir, what is going to happen when you graduate?” Jeff asked. “Come over and we’ll talk in person” Kyle responded. Jeff dressed and went over to Kyle and Joe’s apartment. He knocked and Joe answered the door. “Hello Sir. Master Kyle asked me to come over” Jeff said nervously. Joe let him in and, as usual, Jeff stripped at the door and then placed his folded clothes next to it. Kyle was on the couch and blew the smoke from the hit he just took into the air. Joe took a seat next to Kyle while Jeff kneeled, facing them. “Jeff, I’ve been honored to have you as my sub. You have been very loyal and great fun to have around. I know I’ve learned a lot and I hope you have too. I do feel that I have failed you the past month since neither Joe or I have been around and the next few weeks aren’t going to be any better. I’m glad you asked about our post-graduation plans, since I have been thinking about that as well” Kyle said. He looked over and he thought he saw a tear come to Jeff’s eye. “Thank you, Sir. It has been my pleasure” Jeff replied. “I will be moving to California with Joe after we graduate. I know that you still have two years left until you finish your degree, which I think is important for you to do. Joe has a job already, but I don’t. I don’t think it’s fair to drag you out there into an unknown situation. I think we should take our relationship in a different direction” Kyle said as he stood up. Jeff’s eyes were glued on Kyle as he approached. Kyle dug the set of keys out of his pocket and held them out. “Here are the keys to your collar and your cage. I would like you to have them so you can decide what the next steps in your journey are. I will always think of you as my sub, but also as a close friend. I don’t want this to end but I think its only fair to you to let you move on” Kyle said, his voice cracking as he did. Jeff reached up and took the keys as he sobbed. “Thank you, Sir” Jeff replied, staring down at the floor. “Think of this as a beginning, not the end, Jeff. We will still be friends and I’ll always be there for you no matter how far away we are” Kyle said. “Yes, sir. May I go now?” Jeff asked. “Yes, of course” Kyle responded. Jeff got up and put his clothes on quickly, opened the door and looked back at Joe and Kyle on the couch, visibly shaken. Jeff walked out the door and went back to his dorm room. He cried himself to sleep, his first relationship coming to a sudden end. He knew it was going to happen at some point, he just wanted it to last as long as possible. He woke the next morning and tried to go through his normal routine. His phone kept going off as messages would arrive, but he ignored them. Finally at the end of the day he sat down on his bed and looked through the messages. Over a dozen were from Kyle, each asking if he was OK. Others were from Joe asking the same thing. And then Steven and Ryan. He sent each of them the same message - “I’m ok. I need time” A few days passed and he got messages checking on him each day. Jeff got home Friday after classes and shed his clothes like he had done for months. Once in his underwear, he looked at himself in the mirror. He took a deep breath and opened the desk drawer and then took out the keys and unlocked the collar and removed it. He looked at his uncovered neck for the first time in almost eight months. A smile slowly came over his face. He then pushed his shorts down and unlocked the cock cage and removed it too. He watched his cock flop free for the first time since the party before Christmas and the times when Kyle removed it temporarily for him to wash. Jeff reached under his bed and removed the box where he kept the few sex toys he had and placed the collar and cage in there, along with the keys. He put the cover on and pushed it back into its hiding spot. He got on the bed and typed out his daily message to Connor, checking in on him but instead of the usual “how r u?” it was “how r u? wanna come over?” About a half hour later he got a response “ok, not up 4 much.” Jeff replied with the number to his dorm room. Connor showed up a little while later and Jeff could tell he was in just as much of a funk as when he saw him after he got the test results. He was dressed in baggy pants and a hoodie with his face peering out from the tightly drawn hood. They sat and talked about stuff they did and got to know each other. The more they talked the more Jeff liked Connor and the closer he moved. Jeff finally took a chance and leaned over and kissed Connor. Connor pulled away, but Jeff pulled him back. As the kiss lasted, Connor gave in and began to kiss back. They made out for several minutes until Jeff grabbed the hoodie and pulled it over Connor’s head and then pushed him down on the bed. He kissed him again, this time grabbing the lip piercing with his own lips and tugging on it a few times. Jeff began to bite, lick and suck down Connor’s near hairless body. He pulled the baggy pants down with Connor’s underwear and threw them to the side. He kissed the tattoo and looked up at Connor who had his eyes closed. Jeff grabbed Connor’s semi-hard cock and sucked it into his mouth. He was energetically sucking the five inch stiffening cock and hearing Connor whimper and say “no” over and over. His voice may have been saying “no” but Connor wasn’t trying to push Jeff off and his cock was hard. After several minutes of oral attention, Jeff could sense Connor was getting close to cumming. He didn’t want Connor to shoot yet and definitely not in his mouth. Jeff pulled off and rolled Connor over. Connor instinctively pushed his ass up and Jeff spread his cheeks. He looked at Connor’s hole and the soft dark hair around it. He spit on the hole and then his hand. He coated his rock hard cock with spit and then pushed the spit into Connor’s hole with two fingers. Jeff moved closer and then dragged his cock along the crack up to the throbbing ring. All of a sudden Connor clenched his ass closed and tried to pull away, yelling “NO!! I can’t! I’m poz!” Jeff held firm and said “You can’t give me what I already have. You need this as bad as I do.” Jeff lined up and pushed in, Connor’s hole almost sucking his cock inside this time. One slow push was all it took and Jeff was balls deep inside Connor. “Mmm, feels even better than last time without all that cum from other guys in you” Jeff said. Connor clamped down on his cock. “Fuck! You knew?” Connor said nervously. “Yeah, but I did too. I thought it was really hot” Jeff replied. Connor sighed deeply, relieved that Jeff wasn’t turned off by how slutty he could be. Jeff started to thrust his hips, gently at first and then harder and harder before backing off. Jeff wanted this fuck to last a long time but he also wanted Connor’s dick in him too. He started to pound faster and felt his balls tighten up. “Ready to take my poz load, Connor?” Jeff said as he slowed down a bit. Connor just whimpered. “Tell me you want it, Connor” Jeff said more urgently. “Please cum in me” Connor said and Jeff immediately responded “What kind of cum?” “Please fill me with your poz cum. I need to feel your hot load in me, Jeff” Connor pleaded. Jeff’s cock erupted, shooting a huge load that had been building for weeks. He held on to Connor and kissed the back of his neck as his cock pulsed and Connor’s guts filled with Jeff’s viral seed. As he bucked his hips a few last times, Jeff hoped that Connor hadn’t shot his load yet. He whispered in Connor’s ear “Now it’s time for you to fuck me.” “Nnnno, I can’t. I’m a bottom” Connor replied. “I used to be too. You can do it and I want you to breed me with that charged cum you have” Jeff said in a demanding tone. He pulled out and rolled on to his back, pulling his legs back. “You can’t infect me, now get that dick in me” Jeff demanded. Connor turned around and moved between Jeff’s legs, shaking. Jeff reached around and felt Connor’s stiff cock and guided it to his hole. “Fuck me, breed me, share your DNA with me” Jeff said. Connor’s cock was leaking precum like crazy and it helped it slide inside. Connor followed Jeff’s example and slowly slid all the way in. They stood there motionless for a few moments and Jeff asked “Ever fuck anyone before?” “I tried once with my high school boyfriend, but I couldn’t stay hard” Connor replied ashamedly. “It doesn’t seem like you’re having a problem now so fuck me” Jeff said. Connor started to drive in and out of Jeff’s hole, first with short strokes and then with longer ones. Jeff just let him fuck into his ass at first, but after a while the hunger inside him started to grow. He slowly began to work his ass on Connor’s cock, squeezing it gently and then harder. He locked eyes with Connor and could see the lust grow. “You gonna breed me Connor? I know you want to shoot that pozzed up load deep inside me!” Jeff yelled out. With that, Connor buried his cock in all the way and started emptying his balls into Jeff’s hole. Connor was mumbling “oh god” over and over as the orgasm just seemed to go on and on. When it finally ended, Connor pulled his cock out and nuzzled next to Jeff. “You sure you’re going to be ok?” Connor asked. Jeff replied “Yup, just like you.” The two made out for a while until Jeff’s cock was hard again. They went for another round, planting their toxic seed into each other, but this time Connor getting more into the poz talk. They fell asleep curled up with each other until they were awakened by Connor’s phone the next morning. “Hey bud, you ok? We can’t find you” the voice said. “I’m not at the house but I’m doin fuckin’ great” Connor replied.

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