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    When I was twenty-one I went through a rough patch of being unemployed while in college. I was living in Sacramento with my dad while going to school full time, but having a hard time with drugs. Luckily I was doing alright keeping it a secret from my dad who wasn't home much to notice. I needed money to support my habit. I was smoking ounces of weed every week and snorting a lot of cocaine, which made it really easy to drink way too much at the bars. A friend suggested that I go into business through Craigslist, offering nude services for older, lonely men. I posted a "naked houseboy" ad and quickly began working as a maid for a few men in the area. Business picked up by word of mouth and I started getting requests to meet guys in hotels. A regular even collared me and took me with him on business trips. It was end of summer 2006, a few months shy of my 22nd birthday. I was wearing a jock strap standing on an eight foot ladder, scrubbing the top of the kitchen cabinets in this expensive midtown Craftsman while the owner, an older married guy who typically liked to sit and jerk off with his partner while I cleaned for them, was polishing some silver fondue set they had recently used. "Have you ever been to Folsom Street Fair?" He asked. "No." There was a brief pause like he was thinking about something that made me uncomfortable, so I kept talking, "I've wanted to go, but I honestly don't drive into San Francisco very much. I don't usually stay overnight because most of my friends live in dorms and it's a long drive back." He hesitated, but finally asked, "If you had a place to stay would you be interested in joining us." I didn't hesitate, "Sure." "We go every year," he explained. "Our friends host a gangbang to start the weekend and then we all go for the fair Saturday and either go our separate ways or return to the apartment for more festivities and brunch Sunday. It's a poz group. You are poz, right?" "Yes," I lied. "Okay, because it's a poz-only gangbang. Not everyone is on meds, so it's high-risk with strain-swapping." "Sounds hot." "And I'm sure they'll just love you," he put a little too much emphasis on the word love. A few weeks later I was semi-stiff massaging my balls in the back of their Mercedes as we drove into San Francisco. It was a drive I knew well since I drove it regularly my entire life to visit my grandparents. But I wouldn't be seeing any family this trip. The sun on the horizon cast an amber glow the reflected off windows on the west side of the city. It was blinding walking up the old concrete steps to the front door. Before we even knocked, an older bald man opened the door in a leather jock and harness. "You weren't wrong," he exclaimed through a grey handlebar mustache. He pulled me in for a firm hug, "Oh, I can't wait to get you in the sling." There were three guys inside, all wearing leather, watching porn in the living room. A sling had been set up in the middle of the room and a play sheet was draped over the sofa. I was handed a leather harness and told where to get ready. When I returned to the living room they were hard and ready. My dick hung, swelling in a leather cock ring and the harness was a little loose. My friends helped me into the sling and kissed me. I could feel their hands on my chest, pinching my nipples, massaging my balls, pressing my perineum until I was dripping precum. They pulled my arms up over my head and cuffed me to the sling. Then they lifted my feet and shackled them too. I was neg slut who stealthed his way into a poz only gangbang where I apparently about to become the main attraction and I couldn't escape. Thehandlebar mustache appeared over me, looking down. He lifted a ball gag up to my lips and buckled it securely into place. "How does that feel you fucking slut? Are you ready? Because we're going to wreck that young little cunt." I was looking so deeply into his olive eyes I hadn't even noticed the growing crowd around me. Slippery fingers plunged into my hole. "Damn, I thought you said this kid was a prostitute. He is tight as a virgin." "He isn't a prostitute. He's just our houseboy." Two fingers became three and then another hand was fighting for it's turn. The room was dark with a red glow from a lamp in the corner. Dark enough that I couldn't make out who was fucking me because the light was at their back, their faces were all in shadows. One by one they fucked my hole over and over. One of them had a large and thick dick that hurt at first, but with all the cum in my ass it quickly passed. I lost count of how many loads I felt shooting inside me. Then the room began to fill with light from outside. "Oh fuck, it's already morning," grunted one of them.
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    Here is one of my stories from another site and decided to share it and mix it up on here This is a complete work of fiction if this offends you or is not allowed where you are or in your household then I hope you don't have anyone who will look through your history. I pulled up to the rest stop after driving for many hours happy to know I was close to the college campus I was to be atending. I parked and went to stretch my legs and walk around. I went to the bathroom to make sure I would be ok for the rest of my trip and didn't see anyone around so i went to the last stall pulled my shorts down and sat on the toilet. Soon after i was sitting down i could hear the door to the bathroom open and could hear the sounds of flipflops heading in my direction. The door to the stall next to me opened and the guy sat down as well. I started to stroke myself after seeing the strong pair of legs next to me. I could see a tarus zodiac symbol on his foot and i found that to be a turn on. The guy next to me raised and tapped his foot under the partitan three time and I knew what that meant so i did the same to him in return. I didn't see this but the toilet paper holder was slid aside leaving a large enough hole for the mighty cock that was pushed through. My mouth watered at the sight of this mighty piece of flesh and i sank to my knees and devoured as much of it as i could do. I was able to get this thick 8 inch cock at least all the way down my throat thanks to all my years of sucking off the football team and they all were just as pleased and as big as my neighbor here. I was able to fish pull my shorts and underwear in a fluid motoin without interupting the blowjob. I scooped up some of the saliva from the wetness of the blowjob and started to use it to finger my ass in hopes of getting him to fuck me as well. After about 5 minuets of a sloppy wet blowjob I stood up and aimed the head of this slick cock to my hole and was able to take it completly down to the balls in one fluid motion causing my neighbor to moan loudly in snyc with eachother I was happy that no one else was there to cause us to stop. He started to pick up speed and fucked me ravagily and i was loving every moment of it. The feeling of my neighbor pulling out and shoving all of the way back in told me that he was getting close to cumming and i was ready to get filled with his load. With a final thrust i could feel his cock unload a massive amount of cum into my hole causing me to paint the wall in my own load. After my neighbor caught his breath he slid out of my hole and i clentched to keep his load in me for as long as i could. He pulled up his shorts and left the stall and i sat back down on the seat and started to fish out the load from my ass and licked it from my fingers. It tasted so sweet i wished i had so much more of it for later. Once my hole was clean of the guys load i pulled my shorts up and got back into my car to finish the trip to the school. About an hour more and i pulled onto the campus and was all signed in and ready to go to my dorm room and crash for the night. I followed the map that was given to me and found the building that i was assigned to and grabbed what i wanted to bring in for the night and planned on getting the rest in the morning. I found my room number and knocked on the door with my foot since my hands were full. What I didn't expect to see was a strong red headed man standing there in nothing but a pair of tighty whiteys with a perfectly sculpted body standing there running a towel over his six pack. "Oh hey you must be our new roommate." I was taken aback when he said ours and then I thought i was seeind double when an identical redheaded hunk walked right behind the first in similar garb and doing the same to his equally impressive six pack. "Oh i guess they didn't tell you your roommates were twin brothers huh?" I shook my head no and they apoligized and let me in. I saw the only empty area and bed in the apartment and knew that it was to be mine. I set my things down and sat on my bed to wrap my head around this. "I'm Tommy and this is my brother Todd" the first one said. I greeted them both but couldnt help but gaze at the two of them and their impressive buldges in their tight undies. My mouth started to water again like from earlier and i wanted nothing better than yank both their underwear down and service both of these guys and i just met them. We chatted for a bit and i looked down at their feet enough to see that they both had the same tattoo on their foot. It was the same one as the guy from the bathroom from earlier and my mouth went dry. I couldn't believe that one of these ginger hunks had fucked me in the stall earlier and now i come to find out i will be living with him and that there is a second one now. This was going to be an awesome year in college with hopefully more action with these hunks.
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    Background: For all sakes and purposes, I prefer to go by Dom since all boys I end up using end up submitting their bodies to me and crave to serve other men that remind them of me down the road when I’m searching for my next conquest. I’ve been poz for about 2 years and go on meds for most of it until I hit my peak season period where I will take a hiatus and search for a slim twink to corrupt and convert into the bb lifestyle... clouds have always been my pass-time and nothing makes my dick harder than seeing some naive slut obey Daddy’s orders to hit the pipe at first as I light it for them... eventually getting the sexy boy to look up as he takes his first hit... then upgrade him to bongs for bigger hits he can do himself to show Daddy what he’s willing to do to please me. Those cute boys turning 18-19 are prime for the best of life lessons any proud chem pig would want to impose on them for their future sex lives.... lets go with one of the many whores I’ve created...starting with Eric... Part 1. I had always been the horniest right after I had got done with work... beginning the trip home. My pits would be sweaty and I could smell my scent coming through my shirt which gave me a hardon. My balls would be aching knowing I was about jerk my poz 9” thick uncut cock and blow a load all over my sheets, then snap a pic so I could snag another slut to use up on a weekend after feeding them a preview. Loved seeing those innocent eyes light up when they see a huge load. As I got home I did the usual setup, logged onto my hookup apps and sites making sure my latest muscle pics and leather gear was showing. Wasn’t long before I saw a new profile on bbrt.. 18 years old, beautiful smooth slim ass. This twink must have been 5’7” 135lbs, blonde gorgeous hair, and small blonde patch of hair coming out of his underwear in his pic. His second showing his ass with a leg up on the toilet seat as he spread his cheeks open snagging another pic. Was this faggot not out yet? Hiding in the closet craving to show off his cumhole? Average size dildo was on the counter standing up too. Everything in his profile stated Ask Me besides Status: Negative. He looked to be about 8 miles away and had already been viewing my profile. I decided to unlock my pics for him and give him the full view of albums. The puppy twink I pozzed up in the sling after slamming him... looks like a 20 year old howling while I had my meaty fists inside his blown open cunt as I jerked off my cock inside him. “Your cock is huge... not very experienced. Would like to try sucking it and more but can’t do it here. I’d have to travel on a weekend. I’m out of classes for the next week so free to meet. I’ve smoked some weed before so down clouds as well.” - Eric” I glanced over from my computer to the play room where my bong, pipe, points, sling, and FF toys laid dorment until my next trick came over.... this could be my next one. This slut would be getting some clouds alright. “Clean out this evening good and pack a weekend bag with you. Head to this address in 5 hours and ring the doorbell.” I messaged my dealer and told him to make sure my playroom was stacked for a multi-day function. “I got a shower attachment... I’ll be there around 9pm. Where do you want me to park?” I responded back, “Look for the open garage door. You can park your car inside no problem”’ ”I haven’t taken anyone that large before so I may not be able to take it.” I thought hard before responding back and sent the message, “I know, i’m counting on it. Come over.” ”Getting ready, i’ll text before I head over.” I was practically grinning ear to hear. This boy would be parked in my garage with the doors locked. My g laced juice would lighten the mood as I held him under my ripe pits but he’d be too intimidated to comment on the smell.... and once he was offered the pipe...... *sound* my phone buzzed as the dealer said he was enroute to stock my room up well before Eric arrived. He asked if he could stick around cause usually my broken in boys fall into his lap once our session is done. I told him no problem and went to go wash up, this boy would learn to eat out a man’s muscle cunt as well and savor the taste.... my dick pulsed again thinking about it all. 7 o’clock came and Marko (dealer) came by. He seemed pretty energetic and asked if I had any pics of the boy coming. “Oh course, man. Just sent em to you. Don’t come by until after midnight once he’s come undone. I’ll let you know.” He loaded up my box with t, more g, his lube bottle with a gram of t mixed in with it, fisting numb cream, and an extra pipe. My hallmark... once a boy learns to light it. He needs to have a pipe of his own to enjoy the savors of my spoils on his own. He’ll open up to it. The restraints in my sling were adjusted for the boys height, the webcam positioned just right for under his ass of the sling, overhead, and in the bedroom so when I got him to light it up himself, I could record everything and keep it to the faggot in line. Coming back for more or I’d release it to his friends and family. I stopped to glance in my toy drawer and couldn’t help but wonder if this boy would be able to take my massive strap-on hole wrecker of a toy once I had knocked him up and got him flying. Depends how pliable his fuckhole got for me with a few hours work...hmmm. It would be hot to see that pussy blown wide open in his highest state.... lets see what we can do tonight. —- Eric’s bathroom work —- The water felt warm enough. I slipped the shower nozzle inside and began prepping out for the hookup. I just kept thinking of this guy’s huge muscle arms, tattoos all along his sleeve and down his chest. It looked like a snack slightering down to his pubes swallowing a scorpion and tail sticking out. The whole thing gave off wild vibes and I was all for it. I had already given a few guys head and swallowed some loads before. I’m sure this guy would be cool with just some oral play and maybe rimming. He did ask me to clean out though...... can I take that huge dick? My stomach started to feel full and as I sat down on the toilet... I did the glance and everything was clear... a sigh of relief and nervousness hit me and my stomach got intense. As I got in the shower I did one last check by lubing up my finger and slid it in al the way to the second knuckle...nothing. I guess this is it then.... I packed the rest of my bag of clothes, phone charger, I saw a bottle of poppers I had frrom a guy I blew who left it on my bedside and brought it with. Wouldn’t be long till I get there.... here goes nothing. “On my way, how will I know which garage is yours there?” I waited a few minutes which seemed like an eternity for me. “Look for the red lights inside, that’ll be your spot.” *deep breath*.. I texted back, “coming” ——— I saw the sluts final words of acceptance that he’d committed to following through. The rest would be easy. My place is out of town in the woods and no one would hear him no matter how hard he screamed the only 2 houses in this 3 part giant condo house were both full of tweaker pals of mine who never could get enough ass or cock to play with. His screams will just turn them on more anyways. I look forward to this new boy of mine. I put on my leather vest in the playroom, cockring on, jockstrap, and covered up a muscle shirt and shorts. Couldn’t risk freaking the boy out at first sight. I had a few extra jockstraps and clothes from previous boys laid out depending on what I’d want him changing into later. I’m sure anyone would look good on that beautiful neg ass of his. Once that hole was flooded with my seed... fuck....the beast would take over.
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    Part 2. - The arrival I saw from my security cams that this boy Eric finally was pulling up to the driveway and into the red garage den I had for him. He slowly crept his vehicle up and once he passed the door, I hit the shut button and deactivated the manual button from my phone. ”Here” I saw his text as he was waiting for me to come greet him. I walked into the garage as I saw him slowly step out of the car nervously grabbing his overnight backpack and I gave him a warm smile. (If only he noticed the grin from the corner of my lips)... “Welcome man, lets get inside, its cold out here.” As we entered my place I sat on the couch where my pipe was sitting casually by the lighter. To break the nervousness he smiled and dropped his bag saying, “ah sweet I didn’t think you’d have some weed here.” I went to grab him a drink of juice in the kitchen slipping out the baggie of crushed t and slipped it into the drink with a small dose of g. “This weed is a lil diff. Lemme bring us some drinks and I’ll show you how you hit this stuff.” As I came back the boy already had the pipe in his hand looking at the inside of the bowl. I walked up behind him and slowly rubbed my cock bulging through my shorts against his ass cheeks slide my other arm under his rubbing his chest as I hinted our next step “Damn you are even hotter in person. Drink this stuff a bit in one go. It’ll relax ya. I already took a glass myself.” I didn’t give much chance to think about it as my left hand rubbed his bulge to give him some pleasure to distract his brain as the other brought the glass to his lips as I whispered in his ear “chug this juice faggot.” My dick pulsed as against his ass cheeks as I felt his spring to life. He swallowed it all and as he tried to bring up the taste, I held his head with both hands and looked in those beautiful blue eye and slipped my tongue deep in his mouth. “You’re so fucking sexy baby.” He blushed as I gave him as much spit as I could over his tongue to mask the leftover taste and he soon forgot about the drink. He moaned like a boy in heat and I took that window as my moment to pick him up and straddle him over my lap. Reaching around him I grabbed the pipe and lighter from table, “Watch these clouds boy.” I started to light the bowl and watched the big shards starting to melt. This would last us a lil while. The sound of the lighter made his eyes focus on the bowl as I started to hit it and rolled it side to side slowly, the clouds building up so thick that it was shooting out the top of it and slowly from my lips. A looked that faggot straight in his eyes, I timed it just right as he had just finished a breath and blew out a thick cloud straight under his nose and up to his mouth as he inevitably took a breath in. “That smells....different.” I had already began my second large hit and made sure to fill up my lungs completely carefully muttering to avoid losing some clouds, “Oh I know why, blow out all the air from your lungs and lemme give you a diff taste.” He slowly did as he was told and I immediately leaned forward pulling him to my lips sealing over his and forced the hugest cloud yet straight into his whore lungs. I saw he was trying to breath out so I pulled his crotch straight into mine to turn him on again while plugging his nose and mouth, again.... staring in his eyes with reassurance. “It takes a few seconds to smell and taste better, trust me babe.” I held his nose and mouth shut for 4 more seconds as I licked and kissed on his neck before letter go, pulling his head to the side as I worked on making him moan. I could feel his heart-rate increasing and body getting warmer. Fuck yeah ”That was amazing. Can we do another hit?” I grinned and felt my cock leaking some precum already. “Fuck yeah cutie, that pipe is yours for now. Hold the pipe like this...” I handed him the lighter as he lit it “Now keep it just under the bowl and as you see the liquid form, slowly roll it side to side under the flame. There you go.” I placed the stem up to his beautiful lips (This was the moment of no return, would the faggot press forward?) “Now inhale”. I saw the clouds start to fill his lungs. “Now I know you can do better than me, make sure to keep going till you feel like your completely full.” I glanced at his face and noticed the thick taste was getting to him. It was pouring out his nose thicker than I had ever seen, I locked my lips on his and traded his huge hit back into his lungs to keep him well fed. “Fucking beautiful boy.” His heart was racing and I could see his head beginning to sweat a bit. “Keep hitting this till you either finish or gag.” He looked up questioningly “Gag?” I grinned, “You’ll know when it hits stud. Just remember, this stuff is good for you. Make daddy proud and empty this bowl for me.” I left the boy on the couch, now completely enthralled with this pipe and t. From under the table was my lube bottle mixed with the gram of more t and I slid it between my legs. “Lets bring this over to the bedroom baby, itll be more comfortable in there. Strip down naked and wait for me there. I’ll bring you back the pipe as long as your on your stomach ready for more. He quickly stripped off his clothes as I looked at his beautiful neg smooth body and admired how easy it was to take these sluts to bb whoredom. He walked over to my bed and plopped down almost playfully with the g kicked in and energy from the t. I licked up his inner thigh to his crack and slowly handed him the pipe and lighter back. “You remember what daddy told you, make me proud with those clouds baby. Blow them high for me to see and let me loosen up this hole a bit.” *click* the lighter sound hit and I saw the bowl rolling already.... the silence in the room besides the flame going made my cock twitch as I licked his smooth neg hole. Stroking my cock hard with my left hand, tongue deep slowly pulsing inside his hole with his long inhales from the pipe, I used my right hand to take a rocket boost of a shard between two fingers. I managed to lube up my two fingers pretty good and kept slowly poking in the two fingers bit by bit, then pulling out. Sliding in a little further with the t-lube....then out. He began to rock back into my fingers with the focus on hitting the pipe and ignoring some of the burn in his hole. As I got about 1” inside him, I placed on hand on his lower back holding him down as his eyes went wide and rammed the rest of my two fingers all the way in to my second knuckle. He yelped and groaned as the big shard was guided up to the top end between my fingers and finally released. “Fuck you feel so good baby.” (1/2 gram in his whore guts). I slid my finger a little out, and guided it back to its spot where I felt the rock and gave it a tiny push. “aa-AHhhhhhhhhh” he groaned loudly. I quickly retreated my fingers as his hole came crashing down gripping on the shard and slapped his ass hard making his hole flex on it. He started to squirm, “I feel like theres a burn inside a little bit.” I grabbed his hips and pulled his ass up and arched his head down to the bed with my hand on back of his neck. “Stay there boy. Just start rocking your body in this position. It’ll pass.” (I texted my dealer and took a muted snap pic of him face down ass up) “he smoked a bowl, and faggot just got .5 gram shoved up his pussy. Text your boys we got a cumdump for later tonight. Smooth hole, hungry.” My boy shot me back immediately, “Plz let me fuck him now” I pulled the bitch’s hair to turn it to the side and looked at his eyes aggressively, they were wide as FUCK. The bitch was beginning to pant. Sweat was coating his entire back as the minutes crept by and his sexy gold locks were not matted as well. I kept texting as many poz friends as I could would sliding my finger up and down his crack. His body still rocking with my finger pulsing against his hole. “Oh fu.....mmmmmm fuck.... fuck.” Now his eyes were bulging and he began to pull on his own hair. “How does that hole feel now boy?” - “Fuck....Fuck me” - “Put your fingers in my ass...MMmmmm” (3 fingers easily slid knuckle deep inside as I twirled them around inside him) He was fucking wet.... just how I like em. I flipped the boy over before he knew what hit him. His mind was beyond the clouds, face red like a cherub as I grabbed my 9” cock and brought it up to his hole. “Keep your hands behind your head, legs on my shoulders.” He did so instantly. “Give that cunt to me faggot. Spread your pussy cheeks wide open”. He struggled with the sweat all over his cheeks and fingers. No luck. I guided both of his hands fingers and pushed them inside and then slowly brought both of my hands onto his neck and made sure his eyes were locked on mine. “I know your in heat bitch” I spit on his face as he panted some more. “Pull those cunt walls open for Daddy I know you feel that beautiful cunt already”. And like that, the light bulb went off in his head and he used his 3 middle fingers from both hands to pull his hole open as hard as he could as the head of my poz cock poked at the entrance. I let out a deep groan and buried my full shaft in one go, maintaining his face to look at me as I felt like his eyes were ganna bulge out of his head. I licked his face and tilted my head back as I pulsed my cock inside him just so he could feel it. His legs were shaking for a minute till they began to wrap around me slowly. He had a death grip on my arms as I slowly kissed his forehead and he leaned into me, “You’re doing so good baby.”
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    Justin had just broken up with another girlfriend. This is the third one in a year and a half. Struggling and fighting his urge to be with a guy, he had played with a few guys on vacation and in between girlfriends. Sucked a dick here and there and jacked off with buds while they watched porn and even fucked two guys. He had secretly hoped a couple of the jerk off buds had been interested in fucking him and often jacked off to it. Most of the time Justin searched for guys online to talk to and jack off about and with. One guy he was talking to Mark in California asked him if he had ever been on BBRT, just asked what that was and Mark told him he needed to check it out. He sent him a user name and password, Mark used this account when he was whoring out a bottom and told Justin to use it for now it's paid for and check out all the hot guys there! Let me know what you think? Just spend the next three days searching profiles and he found lots of hot guys and really huge dicks on the site, he started reading the profiles and not just looking at the pictures and he found that a lot of the guys were POZ. Just started to quickly close the profile once he realized a guy was POZ. For the next three day he enjoyed BBRT and jacked off several times a day. Mark hit him up while on BBRT from his profile. The exchange is below: Mark : Hey little slut, how is it going? See anyone you want to fuck or get fucked by? Justin: Yes, Justin had written down the names of several guys who he wanted to fuck him, he gave him three names! Mark: Nice, I see you want to get fucked. You only sent me tops. Good pics bud! Too bad they are are so far away. Justin: Yea, I have never been fucked but really want to try it. Mark: Too bad I am not there, I would def help you out. Justin: I have you on my list, your pics are amazing and that huge uncut dick makes me want to suck you till till you cum. Mark: You would be on your knees in second of me walking into you place and I would be using your throat deep before I fuck and load you. Justin : OMG that would be so hot, If you are ever here I want to do just that. Mark: Be careful what you wish for! Justin: I am so horny know, I really need to jack off but I have to go to work. TTYL Mark: Yes you will! Mark starting searching form some guys to start breaking in little Justin. The first guy Mark lined up was a young white guy with a thin 8 inch dick. Mark sent him a message and a few others guys. It was not long till his first choice hit him back saying, we are both tops not sure this will work.
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    Mark sent Justin a message on BBRT and a text to his phone that said I sent you a message on BBRT, sign inwhen you get home and look for a message from RockHard4hotass. Justin text him back and asked a ton of questions but Mark just text him back and that he could not text right now but to text back and email both me and your new friends back as soon as you reed the messages. Got it? Justin said Yes I will. Justin tried to sign on his phone but could not remember the password he had it written down on his desk. It was only two hours till he was off work but it felt like 10 hours when he was finally able to head to his car and head home. Twenty minute drive and he could sign on finally. Justin seemed to hit ever stop light, he pulled up in front of his house 25 minutes later and his neighbor Joe was out, Justin tried to rush into the house but Joe stopped him to talk about his lawn and how Justin backed up and ran over his grass at the corner of the drive. WTF, is all Justin could think about but he quickly apologized and told Joe he would not do it again and rushed into his apartment. Once inside he rushed to his computer and turned it on and pulled up BBRT and signed on. There were 25 messages, Justin opened the email and found Mark's email. Mark: Good boy, you are one horny fuck. I can not be there but a good buddy is going to help you tonight. Open his email and you must follow his instructions. You will do that right boy. Email me back that you agree and text me. No questions, just be a good boy and help my buddy out. Justin paused and tried to think, he was rock hard and then a text came in. It was from Mark, "Hey boy, I see you opened my email now send me an email back and text me that you will follow my buddies instructions and service him like the good little cock hound you are!" Got it? Justin sent the email, saying wanted to help out his buddy and he would follow his instructions. He then text Mark the same, Mark text back open his email he is horny as fuck and needs you! Do it now! Justin text him back Okay! He put the mouse over the email, he could see it read Slut you ready for some big dick! Justin took a deep breath and opened the email. Slut boy, you have two minutes to send me your address, phone number. If I do not hear from you in the next two minutes I will block you. Justin emailed him back with his address and phone number and then went to look at his pictures. Wow, this guy had a hot body and he was young and hung. His profile says negative, what a relief Justin thought, then his phone buzzed. Fuck Just looked at it and it had to be this guy, Slut I am heading over be there in 20 min. Shower and clean out, I may want to taste that boy pussy. Justin had only done enema's twice before and he remembered he had one from the three pack. Justin got undressed and grabbed it from under the sink and followed his guys instructions. While he was cleaning up and out, Justin thought fuck what the hell am I doing. His dick was rock hard and he finished up and slipped on a jock and a pair of basket ball shorts and a tank top. Then his phone buzzed again. I am two minutes away, I want the door unlocked, you on your knees, I want you in a jock and nothing else. Justin Froze. The guys text do you hear me? Just text back okay. Text me when you are on your knees in front of the door with your eyes looking at the floor. Just quickly got in place and text him and it was not more than ten second later Justin hear the door open and he was so tempted to look up but he kept his gaze on the floor. He heard the guy say, fucking hot little slut! Keep looking down, Justin did and he saw the guys feet come into site. Work out shoes, maybe he had come from the gym? Just soon felt the guys crotch against his head and the guy said look up a little and kiss my dick you fag. Justin started to his the guys crotch, he was not sure he liked being called a fag but his dick was even harder for some reason. Was this guy actually straight, OMG. The guy let Justin kiss on his dick and balls and then he told Justin to suck his cock, Justin went to pull the guys short down and the guy slapped his head, Fucker I did not say take my shorts down, suck it right there like you have been kissing it. Justin was annoyed that he had hit him so hard but his dick seemed to like it and Justin sucked away at the guys dick and then without notice the guys pulled on the sides of his shorts and let his dick flop out. This is what the little fag has wanted all day isn't it. His and suck the head boy, Justin kissed the head and it was all cummy and then he licked it and sucked on it and took a little more in his mouth and really wanted to go deep but the guy held his head and said go slow faggot slut. Good boy, Just could feel him getting harder the more he sucked. The guy kicked off his shoes and said where is your bed fag? Justin pointed, the guys said, don't look at me just turn toward your room and go to the end of your bed and get on yours knees just like you were when I walked in. I will be right in.
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    (This story is pure fictional) Part I : Who’s next?! Joey is only 21 and made a fortune with posting videos YouTube. For more than 4 years, mostly teenage girls have watched him doing stupid stunts and pranks without his shirt on. His followers fantasize about him, his muscled bronzed torso, his long blond hair and piercing blue eyes. What they don’t know is that Joey also has a depraved dark side. In the last 2 years he created a gang of 9 fit, hung boys between 18 and 21, and together they prey on mostly hot, straight boys to convert them and add to his gang. 2 boys started gay and 7 boys are straight/bi guys that got converted into predators with a high vl. All boys share the same pozz dna that they got from Joey. (How Joey got pozzed and depraved, I will explain in a later story.j Joey and his gang are chilling at the skate park, when a voice asked, “Are you that Joey guy from the videos”. Joey turns around and looks in to the eyes one of the most gorgeous guys he seen. “Yes i am!” Joey replies. “My ex-girlfriend, the whore, is a big fan. So if i can make a photo together then the bitch will be fucking jealous!” the boy says. “Sure,” Joey replies and takes his pose. “Thanks! Have a great day” says the boy. “Wait! … You look like a cool dude, soon do you want to join us?” Joey answers. The boy says “Sure! I’m Omar”. “Omar, you’re not really dressed for hanging out?!” Joey tells him. Omar answers him and says “I know I just got off from work!”. “Get the backpack” Joey orders the boys. One of the boys hands him the bag and Joey takes out a short and a shirt, hands them to Omar and says “Keep it!”. Omar stutters and says “Thanks! But these are very expensive”. “Not for me!” He smiles and then orders Omar to put them on. This will give Joey a chance to admire the Moroccan boy. Omar removes his shirt and trousers without showing any shame. The boys see his light-colored hairless athletic body and a huge limp cock between his legs. Joey says “why would your girlfriend leave that donkey dick?!”. “I kicked her out because she didn’t want to try anal!” Omar replies laughing. All the boys start laughing. “A fan offered to be my and my boys personal slut this evening. She is hot and a total whore. Definitely in to anal and dp. Do you want to join us in my penthouse in fucking her all night!” Joey asks him out of the blue. “Hell! Yeah!” Omar replies, not knowing that there is no fan and that he’s going to be the bitch that get fucked all night. Omar’s life will change forever. Part II : Getting him high The boys arrive at Joey penthouse and start taking of their shirts. “Get comfortable! Want a drink?” Joey asks. “Yes please!” Omar says while taking of his shirt and takes place on the big leather sofa. Joey hands Omar his drink and takes a big gulp of his own. The boys all take a seat in the big living room and start drinking. Omar takes his first gulp of the very sweet beverage not knowing that the taste is to mask the G that is added. All boys drink the same G-laced concoction. One of the boys starts handing out pills. “Viagra! So you can keep a hard-on all night!” Joey explains. The boy hands Omar his pill - a fake one that does nothing. The rest of the boys swallow their real pills while Omar swallows his fake one. They going to reprogram him by making him into a willing bottom for all their pozz loads. His big dick will come in handy the next time they convert a boy. Joey puts his drink down and says “Let’s get in the mood… she will be here in approx 45 minutes… Let’s welcome her with a parade of big hard dicks.”. A huge screen slowly drops down from the ceiling and the lights get dimmed. Trance music begins to play and on the big screen straight porn starts to play. Within a few minutes all boys are rubbing their hardening dicks. Joey gets out a pipe with Tina and starts heating it and takes some hits. Omar’s head begins to feel light and starts staring at Joey smoking his pipe. “Wanna try? It get you so damn horny. We all love this shit!” Joey asks. Omar nodds and Joey starts heating the pipe, put it between Omar lips and orders him to take a deep hit. “Keep it in for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… and exhale!” Joey tells Omar. A big cloud of smoke leaves Omar’s mouth while the T starts to cloud Omar’s mind. “Take another bigger one” Joey orders Omar. The whole procedure repeats itself several time. Joey knows now that he can start the conversion. The porn switches to young raunchy guys fucking and seeding a small boy. Omar is looking at it and starts to get horny. The T has a firm grip on him. Joey begins to kiss Omar’s neck and begins working up. Their eyes meet, their lips touch and they begin to kiss. Four other boys get closer. They remove Omar’s shorts and a half stiff dick begins is in reach. One boys swallows the big dick whole, Omar starts to moan while locked in a deep kiss. Omar’s big dick starts to harden and filling the boy his throat. Two other boys lift up Omar’s legs and with the other hand they start pinching his nipples softly. Omar moans louder as the boy that’s sucking the cock lubes up finger and begins working it up Omar’s ass. Omar starts moaning deeper and his ass starts relaxing. Then the boy takes out his finger and takes a big shard of tina and begins working it deep in Omar’s ass. A burning sensation fills Omar’s ass, slowly it turns in to a warm feeling that covers his body. When the T reaches his brain he surrenders to this new horny state of mind. Joey stops kissing him. “You are so hot! I want you to join me. Quit that stupid job. Like these boys, I can give you everything you desire.” Joey whispers in his ear. Omar nods. Joey continues and says “In exchange I only ask one thing and that is that you do what I ask you… I don’t want to hear NO! Deal?”. Omar nodds again. “Okay! Just sit back and enjoy the ride!” Joey grins. Omar doesn’t understand. Joey drops his short and a dick bigger than Omar pops out. “Grab his arms” he orders 2 other boys, while kneeling in front of Omar’s spread ass. He starts lubing up his dick and placing the tip at Omar’s ass-lips. Omar realises what is about to happen and opens his mouth “N…”. ‘Smack’. Joey hit Omar hard across his face. “I told you… don’t say NO!” Joey says with a loud firm voice. Before Omar can say something else Joey begins to push his huge cock in that virgin ass. Omar starts screaming while the cock splits him in half. “Yeah! I like destroying tight straight asses” Joey grunts. After a few minutes Joey is ball deep inside Omar. The screams fade. Omar’s ass starts to accept the big dick filling him. “Strap!” Joey orders. Two boys stretch Omar’s arm while a third ties it of. Omar feels a fast stab in his arm. “Ready for you new life?!” Joey asks while the strap gets released. A warm feeling takes over Omar’s body, he starts to cough, and his brain gets overloaded by new hot feelings. The ass starts to relax and this is Joey’s signal to start pulling back. When the big cock is nearly out he plunges it back in. Omar gasps for air. Joey starts pumping the ass that get’s looser with every stroke. Joey starts asking questions like “YOU LOVE IT?”, “YOU WANT IT HARD?”, “ARE YOU MY SLUT?”. All get answered with a load moan. “BEG FOR IT!” Joey orders. “Please, give it to me hard. I’m your slut. I love it so much!” Omar moans. “I want to cum deep in you… Breed you… make you one of us!” says Joey. Omar replies with “YESSSSS! I WANT IT SO BAD!”. “Are you filming this? i want to see the look in his eyes when it hits home!” Joey ask the boys. Omar looks confused. “Yeah! We document all conversions… We all have a video with us accepting our new life!” Joey says before he lets out a big grunt. His cock begins to pump an enormous flow of cum inside Omar. “Feel the cum filling you up. Not long now before my dna is entering your bloodstream. Poisoning your blood with the gift i once got!”. Omar eyes are wide open. He begins to struggle. ‘Smack’. Again Joey slaps his face saying “to late now”. He begins to pump his big cock inside the ass again. Harder and harder. Omar moans loud while the cum drips out his ass with each stroke. Again a load grunt and Joey starts to fill the ass with a second big load. Then he pulls out his cum dripping. “He’s ready for your filthy pozz seed” Joey says laughing. The boys give Omar a second slam before fucking him one by one. After the last boy a huge puddle of cum is laying on the floor under Omar’s ass. The ass is wide open and dripping cum. Part III : CUMMING SOON!!!
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    Chapter 34 The group of us stepped into my hotel room and for the second time this week I was really grateful we'd gotten the larger room. "Okay," I asked, "anyone still neg in this group?" Two guys, one in his forties and one in his early twenties raised their hands. I smiled when recognized the younger guy was the same one I'd just been breeding. "Damn boy, you really want the bug don't you?" "Yes sir, I need it bad." "Well we'll do our best to see you leave here as one of us. Okay we've potentially got two more chasers joining us shortly so if you're toxic please make sure one of our neg boys gets your load and chasers, any of you want to up your chance and have us brush your cunt just say the word. Now enough talking let's get to work." I walked into the bathroom to grab a toothbrush and by the time I came out there was a pile of clothes on the floor, two horny chasers in the doggy position on the bed each with a horny top about to mount them. Fuck I love sex! I waved the toothbrush at the two and asked, "hey sluts, so either of you want to make sure you leave pregnant?" The young guy looked me straight in the eye, grinned, reached back and spread his checks and said, "holy fucking shit hell yeah, brush those toxic loads into my pig cunt." I handed the brush to the top about to breed him. "You heard the pig, get him ready then add your strain to the mix." The top didn't miss a beat and shoved the toothbrush all the way in and went to town. The bottom just moaned in both pain and pleasure. Walt, the older guy was already breeding the other chaser but as soon as the top pulled the red coated toothbrush out of his young bottom's ass Walt grabbed it, pulled his cock out and replaced it with the toothbrush. "You don't get choice slut, it's my duty to make sure you go home with my baby growing in your pussy." "Oh god yes! Thank you sir, I've wanted this for years, destroy my cunt sir give me your gift," said the older chaser. There's nothing hotter than watching a neg guy getting what they need. While I was watching there was a knock on the door. I opened up to find our cute waiter boy and three other guys standing behind him. "Come on in boys and join the party." "Hope you don't mind, we told our boss where we were going and he asked if he could come too." I checked out the boss as he took his clothes off and damn he was hot. Looked to be in his thirties, tight body with a nice eight inch hard cock. A big scorpion tat on his right pec. I ran my hand over his tat and said, "fuck that's hot, please tell me it means what I think it does." "I'm toxic as fuck man. Names Conner." "Nice to meet you, I'm Scotty. The two boys on the bed are neg and begging to join the family so have fun." "Excellent! I just found out tonight that these two sluts," he pointed to the two guys that were with our waiter, "are looking for the bug too, then I found out about your little pozzing party and knew I had to crash it. Hope you don't mind." "Not at all Connor," I said. "You can never have enough toxic cum. How long you boys been chasing?" The older of the two spoke first. "I'm Bobby and this my brother Billy. We've been playing together for awhile and discovered poz porn a few months ago." "Fuck me, you guys are brothers," I said my dick even harder than before, "hot! How old are you boys?" Billy answered, "I just turned 19 and my brother is 20, sir." "Holy shit Billy, look at bloody toothbrush," his brother said. "Does that turn you on Bobby?" I asked. "Oh my god yes! We've talked about doing that to each other." "Well what are you waiting for. Go for it, I'm sure any one of these toxic tops we'll be more than willing to plant their babies deep inside you." Bobby gave me a quick hug, grabbed his brother and ran over to the bed to join in. "Fuck yeah," said Conner, "I've wanted to breed those two since the moment they told me they were brothers! Now to find out they're chasers too, just fucking wow." I smiled at him and said, "well we've got four neg bottoms to charge to so let's get this done." After that it was a free for all with the poz guys being very careful to make sure every single toxic load found its way into a neg hole, not wasting a drop of their precious gift. A couple of hours later our first two neg boys called it a night and left both looking exhausted but extremely satisfied. As they were leaving Xander showed up. "Hey Scotty, I was hoping you'd still be at it. I wanted to make sure to see you before I flew home in a few hours." Even before the door shut behind him Xander was stripping off his clothes. "Damn boy you're still horny?" "I'm always horny sir but I'm not sure my battered cunt can take any more tonight unless you insist sir. I stripped because you taught me my place was to always be naked in the presence of real men." Fuck I was so proud of him. "Turn around and let me take a look at your pussy." He did so and bent over so I could get a good look. "Holy fuck that is so beautiful." His once tight hole was so swollen and puffy. I gently ran my fingers over his ass lips and he let out a deep low moan. "God I'm so proud of you son." He stood back up and gave me a passionate kiss. I'd been so distracted by his pussy I'd totally missed his new ink. His right shoulder was covered in a beautiful design that was working its way down his arm. If you looked really close you could make out several bio haz symbols discreetly worked into the design. "Dear god that's got to be the hottest tat I've seen in years." He blushed, "thanks Scotty I really like it but I still feel a little apprehensive since I'm not officially poz yet." "My little slut, with the amount of toxic cum and abuse your perfect cunt has taken this week there's no way you're not already on your way to being one of us. Just try to be patient for a few weeks. I know, easier said than done. Just make sure you don't go back to being that shy boy again." "Oh no, that ship has sailed. There's no putting the genie back in the bottle now," he laughed. "My pussy wouldn't let me even if I wanted too, it knows its true purpose now." I smiled at him, "fuck I am so proud of you. Promise me you'll let me know the minute you start feeling sick." "Of course sir," he leaned in and gave me a deep kiss. There was a knock at the door and he grinned at me, jumped up and opened the door to let in this masculine guy I'd seen around all week at the conference. "Scotty I'd like you to meet Matthew, my new Sir." I must have had a look of shock on my face. Matthew chuckled, grabbed me, gave me a tight hug, squeezed my ass and planted a kiss on me. "I have to thank you Scotty. I've wanted this boy for years but thought he was straight so imagine my surprise when I walked into the party downstairs and saw him with a big raw cock deep inside his sloppy cunt." I noticed his hand was between Xander's legs rubbing his puffy slit. Xander was moaning, god he was such a slut. "So I take it you two know each other?" "We used to work at the same company, I was the director over his department. I used to spend a lot of time visiting his boss just so I could get a look at Xander's tight ass. Fuck if I'd known he was such a good little faggot I would've made him my personal assistant," he said sinking his fingers even deeper inside Xander. "What Mathew doesn't realize is that I had the biggest crush on him. I'd always watch to see when he'd go to the restroom so I could follow him in and try to get a glimpse of his big dick." "Well now you have all the time in the world to properly get to know each other. So are you poz?" I asked. "I am, but currently undetectable. However, my hot little boy here has shown me how selfish I've been and convinced me to flush the meds so I can share my gift with others like him." Xander had a big smile on his face. "I'm just sorry I wasn't the one to knock him up but I'm eternally grateful to you for helping him realize his true potential. You'll have to come down and visit us once he's officially part of the family." "Fuck, I'd love too. It's been fun watching him blossom into such a total bottom faggot. Xander I know your pussy's really sore but anyway you'd let me breed you one last time?" He looked at Matthew who shook his head yes. Xander got on all fours, bent over the arm of the couch and presented his ass to me. "Please give me another toxic load sir." "Fuck," Mathew said, "that is so hot watching you beg for poz cum." I slowly sank my hard cock into his very puffy, sloppy cunt. After two days of being used by countless men I was pretty sure Xander's boy pussy would never be the same again and by the way he was moaning I don't think he cared. "Hope you're okay with other men fucking your boy," I told Matthew as I started shooting my load. "After this week I think it's safe to say we've created a fucking cum whore who's going to need a lot of dick." Matthew kissed me hard as I pulled my dick out of his new boy. "Don't worry Scotty, I've already sent a video of Xander getting bred to all my buddies. They can't wait to meet him. I promise I'll take good care of him." While we were talking I hadn't noticed that Mitch had taken my place and his dick was buried deep in Xander's ass. "Hope you don't mind but I just had to take my turn at this amazing cunt." He shot his load pretty quickly then dropped to his knees to lick up the cum that had escaped his hole. "Fuck boy you truly have an incredible ass that was made for real men to use." As Xander was getting dressed Mathew grinned and told him, "boy just your jock leave the rest of your clothes off." He didn't even miss a beat, grabbed his clothes gave Mitch and me kisses goodbye and with that they left. Mitch and I collapsed on the couch while the others were still going at on the bed. "Damn Scotty, to bad he doesn't live by us can you imagine if he was our boy." "Fuck that would be hot. Hmm are you saying we should find a boy of our own?" Mitch winked at me, "hmm I kind of like the sound of that, you me and a neg sub we can totally make our own." "Mmm our own happy slutty family." Pretty soon the fucking wound down and the neg brothers took off with their boss to continue their conversion and everybody else returned to their rooms leaving Brandon and I to crash for a few hours of sleep before our flight home in the morning. Mitch was flying home on a later flight so we had agreed to meet up Saturday to go on an actual date. All in all it had been a very positive conference. So it's been several months since the conference. As expected Xander came down with the fuck flu almost three weeks to the day after I gave him his first dose of toxic cum. He's still with Matthew who's taking good care of him, making sure he has plenty of dick for his hungry cunt. Brandon was still my assistant and doing great. He was well on his way to being an alpha male and even had a few boys of his own begging him to knock them up. Mitch and I really hit it off and were talking about moving in together. We were still looking for that perfect slut to make our boy but in the meantime our favorite date night activity was hooking up with neg guys so we could share our gift. So all in all life was good. I'm going to end my story here. Who knows I may be back some day but now this is a very happy poz Scotty signing off.
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    There I was, naked, cuffed to a bed in a hotel in Germany, hoping I could earn some money selling my body to get home. "This must be rock bottom," I whispered to myself as I lay there waiting. A tear fell from my eye as I thought about what I was doing. But my attention quickly turned to the door as it opened. Brad and another guy walked through. The other guy didn't waste any time. He stripped and came over and said hello. He was skinny, about 20 years old, blonde hair, and a hot toned body. His dick was small to average, so at least it wouldn't hurt too bad when he fucked me. He laughed, "I see you're looking at my dick, but I'm a bottom, so I don't want to fuck you. I want to swallow your cum. Brad told me how this works. I'm going to suck you for 10 minutes, and if I can't make you cum, you get another $500." As he got down on his knees on the floor, I heard the clicking sound of the timer getting set. The twink knelt on the ground and leaned over the bed, pulling my legs toward him as far as my cuffed wrists would let them go, and he leaned his head down onto my already pulsing dick. I had a nice dick honestly. Bigger than this guy's. I was about seven inches long, and a little girthy, with big balls. The twink began to suck and lick and caress me all over with his hands. This was fucking amazing. Better than any blowjob a girl had given me. I was in ecstasy. Holy shit. I leaned my head back and enjoyed it. And then he did it. All at once, with no warning. He swallowed my dick--I mean like all the way down his dumb, whore throat. If my hands had been free I would have held it there--maybe even hit him in the back of the head. It was weird to have my dominant side coming out while I laid there cuffed to a bed, probably about to get my virgin ass fucked. But with girls I was always pretty dominant, so I guess it was just in my nature. His throat was spasming all around my dick and it felt fucking amazing. I yelled over to Brad, "How long is left on the timer?" with desperation in my voice, trying not to cum. "About a minute he said," with a laugh. The twink sucked harder and faster, and then he took my dick all the way down his throat again, and I lost it. There was nothing I could do. Probably 8 ropes of cum down his throat. When I was finally done, and gasping for air, the timer went off. He stood up, licked his lips, smiled, and winked at me before throwing his clothes back on and walking out the door. Brad looked over at me. "You seemed to enjoy that, boy. Another round?" I nodded my head yes, and he smiled.
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    My boy and I were on vacation and went to a leather bar for a few beers. We saw a few sexy guys, and a couple of old trolls around, some in gear, some not. The bartender had an acne-scarred pockmarked face and a slightly gaunt appearance. There was one guy with white chest hair and a pot belly, which looked even more round with his harness. I asked my boy if he liked doing what I asked him to do, and he said yes. He can be pretty submissive. I asked him if he’d fuck any guy in the bar that I told him to pursue. He said yes. We joked about it over the next round of beers, talking about how he loved to be dominated, loudly enough that both the potbellied man and the bartender could hear. They exchanged looks. By that time, my we both had to take a piss. I let him go first so I could stay and watch our coats and ordered another round of beers. The potbellied man swaggered over to me, dressed in chaps, a leather jockstrap, and his harness. He told me he liked to play with couples. I asked him to follow me to the men's room when my boy came back. I was hatching a plan. My boy came a few seconds later. We downed our beers quickly as the man watched. I got up to do to the bathroom and the guy followed me. My boy raised his eyebrows as he saw the man following me, knowing something was up. The man locked the bathroom door after him and we were alone. He told me to kneel. He told me he loved dominating couples and he was looking forward to breeding my boy. He pulled his jock to the side and revealed a thick stubby uncut dick and furry balls. My mouth watered. He told me to swallow his cock. I did. His cock tasted rancid. He pulled out and spun around spreading his sagging ass cheeks. ‘Eat my hole,’ he commanded. His ass was sweaty and rank. I did as I was told, excited to see him dominate my boy, and myself, actually. The guy scooched his ass all over my face and then pulled away. ‘You’ll do,’ was all he said as he unlocked the door and tucked his cock back into his jock. I still had to take a piss and tried to pee into the trough despite my hard-on. When I left the bathroom, the bartender pulled me aside and said, ‘Be careful around that guy. He’s POZ and I know you were in there with him. Hope he didn’t cum in you…’ I shook my head, ‘no,’ and headed started to head back to the barstool. ‘I know he’s POZ because he POZZED me…’ My jaw dropped but my plan was getting more detailed… The man was chatting up my boy and had three beers there. He had his hand on my boy’s inner thigh and my boy was softly caressing his furry belly. My boy looked a little shy, wondering if I was ok with him talking so intimately with this stranger. I bent over to whisper in his ear, ‘This man is going to breed you,’ and I licked his ear. He just moaned and the man bent forward to kiss him hard on the mouth. I asked to pay our tab and the man told the bartender that I’d be paying his too. The bartender shook his head as he gave me the total. I paid him and we made a quick exit out the backdoor into a dimly lit parking lot. We walked a few steps and the fat guy put his hand on both our shoulders, ‘Kneel,’ he ordered. Me and my boy dropped to our knees on the hard asphalt and he looked at me. ‘Tell him to suck me off. Maybe he gives better head than you.’ I looked at my boy saying, ‘you heard the man. Suck his cock.’ My boy fished out his thick stubby dick and swallowed it down to the root. He cradled the man's big hairy balls. I fished out my dick and started jerking off. When the man’s dick was hard and slippery with spit, he nodded to me saying, ‘It’s time. Bend him over, spread his cheeks, and get his hole wet.’ I lifted my boy to his feet and pulled down his jeans, leaned him against a brick wall. I lapped at my boy’s hole, opening it with my fingers and smearing spit inside, to lube him up for the POZ strangers thick cock. I realized that I knew he was POZ but hadn’t told my boy. This was such a turn on. The man shoved me out of the way and lined himself up, ready to slide into my submissive boy. ‘The nice man is going to fuck you now. Let him use you,’ I moaned into my boy’s ear. The fat man surprised me by rolling a rubber onto his cock. He winked at me. As the stranger entered him, I cradled my boy’s head in my arms. He looked up at me and grunted, ‘Anything for you…’ ‘He might have knocked you up, boy, but he’s wearing a rubber’ My boy just looked up at me with wide eyes and nodded. I knew he preferred to be fucked raw, but we weren’t in charge, and there was a POZ cock deep in his hole. The man grunted as he slid balls deep into my boy. I could hear his hole squelching with my spit. The man fucked my boy for a few minutes as my boy fisted his own hard cock. I knelt down and sucked my boy’s dick. I lapped at his balls and even the spot where the stranger’s cock was splitting him open as it entered him. The man held his fingers at the base of the condom and kept fucking my boy. Every time he pulled back, the rubber rolled up more and more. I kept my tongue at that spot, helping the condom ride higher and higher until it cam completely off in my mouth. I stood up and smiled at my boy, the used rubber in my teeth as the man pounded his raw POZ cock into my boy. My boy’s eyes widened. The man picked up his pace and I heard the back door of the bar open. I looked over and saw the bartender with a bag of trash. He just shook his head at me, but I waved him over. ‘When the fat man is done, would you like to breed my boy?’ The bartender smirked at me and nodded. The man started to cum, and without asking either of us, bred him deeply. He slammed into my boy and stayed deep, filling him up with POZ seed. He started to go soft quickly and pulled out. The bartender had released his own cock, longer but thinner than the fat man. He slid right into my boy who clenched his eyes and teeth and took him without and sign of approval or resistance, another raw cock that he didn’t know was toxic. The bartender looked so hot, his skinny hips and sagging ass swaying as he pounded my boy, about to fill him up with more nasty seed. The fat man pointed to his slimy soft cock and told me to clean it. I gladly did so, filling my mouth with ass juice and POZ seed. He brought his palm to my lip. ‘Spit!,’ he ordered. I did, hocking the slime ball into my hand. He spread my cheeks with his free hand shoved his cummy fingers into my ass. ‘You wanted this. Don’t lie…’ I just nodded and let him force some of his cum into me. The bartender picked up his pace and drilled my boy as the fat man fingered me. I shot my load on the ground as the bartender shot his POZ cum into my boy’s guts. The bartender pulled out and pulled his jeans down, removing his jockstrap. My boy was still leaning against the wall, legs spread as far as the pants at his ankles would let him. There was a thick stream of white spooge leaking out of his ass. The bartender winked at me and tossed his jockstrap to the fat man. The man grinned at me and jammed the jockstrap into my boy’s gaping hole. ‘Get dressed, and don’t show your faces around here again.’ The bartender headed in and the potbellied stranger walked away into the darkness. We fumbled with our clothes and headed back to the hotel. Hand in hand, my boy put his head on my shoulder. I felt conflicted. I had told him to let these men bareback him without letting him know their gifted status. ‘Babe,’ I whispered. ‘Those men… They were both POZ. Are you ok with that?’ ‘They bartender told me they were both POZ while you were blowing that leather daddy in the bathroom. It is so hot that you thought I didn’t know!’ To be continued???
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    I was itchy stepping up to the tattoo parlor with fear and excitement. Once I found out I was poz I was ready to make the next move and mark it so everyone else knew of my new station in life. The guy who pozzed me was so happy for me he set up an appointment for me with his ink guy and told me I could get as much ink as I wanted on him to celebrate it. I had a few ideas of what I wanted and I was ready for whatever came next. I walked into the shop and was greeted by an extremely hot blonde man with an extremely buff body that could easily be on the cover of GQ and any weight lifting magazines. I already started to drool seeing this Adonis in front of me. His tattoos went all down his arms and made him even more sexy. His green eyes were so bright when he saw me walk in and he smiled showing his bright white teeth. He walked up to me and put me in a big bear hug and I could feel his hard cock push up against me and it made me so hard in my pants and I know he could feel it as well. Elijah it's great to meet you Jimmy had told me the great news and I am happy to hear you're one of us but he didn't tell me how cute you are. Strip down for me and let me see what my canvas will look like before. Now I'm not a big guy, I'm 5ft 7 and weigh in at 175 pounds with a swimmers build being on the swim team in school. I have black hair and blue eyes and a nice six pack from swimming and from spending some time in the gym. I have a nice bubble butt that everyone tells me they love when they eat it out and push their cocks into my tight hole. My cock surprised everyone because they couldn't expect someone of my size. When they saw that someone like me had an 11 inch cock hard and 8 soft I always got whoever was fucking me to shove my monster in their ass as well and I always obliged. I got the same reaction out of Sam when he saw me and loved that I also had a nice PA right on the head and a Jacobs ladder to go with. Sam like everyone else looked like a deer in headlights but quickly recovered his composure and went straight down on his knees in front of me and engulfed my cock in one fell swoop. I was shocked that he was able to go straight down on me and I tried my hardest to not cum right there. After sucking me for a few minutes he got up and bear hugged me again saying he was just in so much shock that he had to do that. I told him that it was more than fine and I hopped we could do more of that sometime. He said he hopped so but for now let's get down to why we are both here. Sam went over to the door and locked the door and turned off the open light and closed the curtains. We talked for a bit and we went over what I would like to have done tonight. I explained that I wanted to get to b Red biohazard tattoos on my nipples and the the letter P on my left buttcheek another biohazard symbol on my hole for O and the Z on my right cheek so now everyone who spreads my ass knows about me. I could see Sam was so turned on with that idea he was openly stroking his hard cock in his pants. I told him he could get more comfortable if he wanted to and in an instant he was naked showing off more of his tattoos and I could also see he as well had a nice spiked PA on his 8 inch cock. Just like him when I saw it I engulfed his cock to the root like he did with me. I loved the taste of his cock and loved the feeling of his thick cock in my throat. Sam shaked at this surprised and had to grab the chair to help steady himself. Sam moaned as I lapped around his cock with my expert tongue making Sam moan even more. I could feel his balls start to tighten so I pulled off of him because I wanted his load somewhere else instead of my mouth. I stood up and smiled at Sam and let him catch his breath a bit and kissed Sam deeply on the lips and inserted my tongue deep into his mouth. Once we were done with the heavy make out session Sam had me bend over so he could look at my hole and ass to assess what needed to be done. I felt a chill as he rubbed his finger around my pink hole and a shock when he pushed it in all the way and it made me jump. Sam chuckled at my response and commented on how sensative I was. Well Elijah everything looks good but there was one more thing I need to do before we can start. I looked over at him and saw how much he was dripping precum and had an idea as to what he was going to say. He saw me looking and said "yeah you were right I need to have at that ass before we can start." I smiled back at him and bent over the tattoo table and shook my ass teasing him to come get it. Close your eyes sweetheart I got a few surprises in store for you. I got excited and closed my ass as requested and then I could feel something cold go around my my wrists and ankles and now felt I couldn't move. I was a little scared now but Sam rubbed my ass cooing at me that everything was going to be fine. Sam walked away from me again and because I wasn't instructed to open my eyes I kept them shut tight. I could hear more sounds of footfalls that sounded more like more people around me and it made me a bit more panicked. After the sounds quited now Sam's voice said you can go ahead and open your eyes now. I opened them and the first thing I saw was Jimmy naked as the day he was born along with about twenty other guys all naked and I could see all of them sporting bright red biohazard tattoos and they all said surprise.
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    After cleaning off the cum and my virgin blood off his cock I see the lust in his eyes and smile to him as he picks me up puts me on the bed. He takes the white powder puts some on the head of his dick and shoves in my sore hole. Soon my hole has that nice warm feeling as he piston fucks my hole. When he is finished he says to me that was a nice hole to break in and hope you enjoy your life here. I'm exhausted as I lay there and hearing sounds from the other rooms, some of people screaming in pain and others moans of pleasure. I'm wondering what kind of a place my Uncle is running here.Jess comes into the room and gives me a pill to take. I'm taken to a room with 4 men sitting on four sofas in a circle. Jess says he he is now go have some fun. These men are all over 40 with 8 inch plus dicks, I see a pipe as they hand it to me and say to me baby put your lips around the pipe and inhale the white smoke. I do and it hits me like a train and as I exhale I feel my pulse beating harder as I felt so exhausted from having my anal cheery broken, to now feeling so alive. I wish this chastity device was not on my dick as I'm so horny. The look on their faces is that of lust as one drags me over as I start to suck he cock. Someone has their face in my ass licking my hole and says what beautiful hole with a load in it already as he makes my ass really hard. I'm push off his cock and in the middle as they hand me a syringe and tell me to slam my self. Now what Jess was showing me before with the saline, but what is in this syringe? They hand be a belt to tie off my arm I find a vain , I see the flash of blood then push the plunger in. What happen next was a rush and thought I was going to die from coughing as I could not catch my breath. They are laughing as they grab and start to fuck me and use my body for their pleasure. What I can remember is they were having fun and my holes were really used, as later they gave me another slam as they were fucking me. When I work up later my hole was hurting but felt so full as it had a butt plug in it. In the door was was this very sick looking person with some tattoos and the biggest dick I have ever seen so far with a ring through the head of his dick with spikes. He said his name is Tommy and he takes care of all the chasers, I ask what a chaser is as he is laughing then says you will learn.
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    Once in the basement I see a syringe they tell me it's propofol to relax me for what's going to happen to me. I see the needle go in my arm and I'm told to count to 100, I get to 3 and the light go out. When I start to wake up I'm bound to a table that has a mirror on the ceiling. Uncle has removed what little hair I had, as he is stroking my dick. Uncle ask me how many times I have jerked off, I say once as my mother caught me and told me I would go blind if I jerked off. Uncle ask me how does it feel, It feels great as he stops. Uncle pulls out a ruler and measure my dick and gives the numbers to Jess, then takes out a syringe go in my arm and takes blood for testing. Uncle turns me over onto my stomach and reattaches the cuffs to the table. Once I'm on my stomach Uncle spreads my ass cheeks and sticks his tongue right on my hole and the feeling I'm getting is so wonderful as I moan in the ecstasy as his tongue does a dance around and into my hole.What I don't realize is my dick is like a rock and for the first time in my life my dick is pumping rope after rope of cum. Uncle and Jess take me off the table and tell me to lick up all the cum as it's my reward. They put on a scale. Weight: 120 lbs. Hight: 5 ft. 7 Dick: 9X6 Status: Negative Hole: Virgin Uncle says I have to be trained so they put a chastity cage on me. I'm strapped to a chair with my head so it could not move with headphones . In front is TV that I'm to watch willingly, for if I do not I will be hit with a cattle prod, as I don't know what it is Uncle shocks me as I jump against the restraints.The The TV starts up and it men kissing other men as they take off their clothes once they are naked they start to suck each other dick. This goes on for a few minutes then it's a older man and a younger boy as the younger boy is sucking dick. Then every few seconds a picture pops up RAW ONLY then it's back to the show. After a few hours of watch older men having sex with boys I'm taken out of the chair and told to rest. The next session is like the first one but the older male is telling the younger boy you want my load and the boy says YES and the word POZ shows up for a few seconds. This goes on for hours and when my eyes close the cattle prod goes off, the words POZ, HIV, RAW,LOADS,POZ ME keep showing up. This goes for days as I have lost all track of time and what day it is.
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    When I awoke they were already out of bed. It must have been around noon judging by the angles of light I could see through the window. I could hear voices down the hall, so I wandered naked toward the voices. The plug was heavy against my prostate as I padded barefoot across the old oak floors. My morning wood stayed firm from the pressure of the plug and the leather cockring I still wore. "Oh, to be young and full of cum," Carlos said as I entered the room. "Look at that dick." He grabbed me by the balls and kissed me, then he wrapped an arm around my shoulders. "Let's go shower and get ready." "Yessir." "Such a good boy." His green eyes sparkled. "Chris and Nathan are meeting us down there. They already left for lunch. I'll show you wear the shower is." Carlos guided me down the hall to the bathroom. He put his large, calloused hands on my neck, cradling my head. I leaned in to kiss him, but he stopped me and pressured me to my knees. He wasn't hard. I rubbed my nose under his balls, applying pressure and massaging him with my face. I licked his balls and sucked on them. I tried to get both in my mouth, but they were too large. His dick swelled against my cheek as I worked his balls. My stomach grumbled loudly. "Oh, you are hungry," he laughed. "I guess I should feed you." He looked down at me and caressed my cheek with his hand, guiding my head back. His dick rubbed against my cheek as I tilted my head back and stared into his gorgeous eyes. I couldn't even tell what color they were because the shade of green seemed to brighten and darken with different lighting. His dick was at my lips. I stuck my tongue out to catch a drop of precum. It was saltier than a lot of cum I'd tasted, but not at all bitter. He pulled my hair until his dick hit the back of my throat and I couldn't breathe because my nose was shoved against his soft black pubes. He pulled my hair again, pulling me back so I could breathe again. We locked eyes again and he spoke, "Blink once for 'yes' and twice for 'no'." I kept sucking his dick rubbing my tongue along the shaft and head as much as I could despite his firm grip on my hair. "Did you lie to get into my party?" I blinked. He pulled my hair hard, pounding his dick to the back of my throat, this time much harder than before, making me gag on his dick briefly then pulling my hair back to release me again. "You are negative?" I blinked. He released his clutch on my hair and ran his fingers through my soft brown coif to the back of my head. This time he gently fucked my mouth for minute. The large head just hitting the back of my throat and oozing precum along my tongue as he pulled back until my lips were around the coronal ridge and I whipped my tongue around the tip sucking precum from his thick dick because I truly was starving and I needed it. He became forceful again, fucking my face so hard my nose was sore. I was gagging on his dick. Tears welling in my eyes as I struggled to breathe. And then he slowed. He ran his fingers through my coif again, "Allen told you this was supposed to be a poz-only load swapping party?" I blinked. "And you lied because you want to be poz?" I blinked. "You want my poz load in your mouth right now, don't you boy?" I blinked. He pulled my hair again, pulled his dick out of my mouth. He bent down and spit in my mouth. Then he continued to work his dick between my lips. He fucked my mouth gently and we stared in each other's eyes until he started to cum. He closed his eyes and leaned back. I kept my gaze up waiting for him to look into my eyes again. His load was thick like pudding on my tongue. Salty with a hint of molasses. I swallowed. His dick oozed loads of thick cum filling my mouth. I swallowed again. He leaned forward to meet my waiting gaze. My eyes must have sparkled through the tears because he ran his fingers through my coif again and remarked, "You're such a gorgeous slut." I kept my lips on his dick, gently sucking and working the head to get every drop. Carlos lifted me up off the floor and licked a bit of cum from my bottom lip. He plunged his tongue into my mouth and I knew exactly what I was supposed to do. I sucked his tongue until he pulled it out and bit my lip. He held my bottom lip firmly between his teeth applying enough pressure that it hurt. He gritted through his teeth, "You want to be my poz slut?" "Yessir." He bit down harder and pulled away splitting my lip open. His teeth were big and yellow, probably from years of smoking, although he didn't smell of cigarettes. He stuck his tongue out at me and bit down on the tip. I could see the blood beading up from his tongue and taste my own from my lip. Blood was just about to drip from his tongue when he pressed it to my bottom lip and licked. He gently licked my lips in a circular motion. Then we kissed. The taste of our blood mixing in my mouth as our tongues met and whirled. I couldn't control myself anymore, "I love you." He smiled. "Let's get cleaned up." We stepped into the shower together. He squirted a handful of lube from a bottle on the side of the tub and began to massage around my hole. He told me to squat and push and as I did he pulled the plug from my ass. A slimy mix of piss and cum whooshed out between my feet. "Good boy." He massaged my gaping hole with his lubed fingers. "I own you now. Anything you want you can have, but you must have my permission." "Yessir." He turned the water on and stood in front of me. The hot shower burned my back, just how I like it. I got down on my knees and kissed his dick. "Open your mouth, boy." He started to piss and I opened my mouth just in time to catch it. It was salty and mildly bitter with an odd musky flavor and a hint of maple that was confusing. I found it delicious and wanted more. "I want to be your urinal, sir. I want to drink all of your piss. I don't want you to waste it in a toilet." "Good boy." Carlos grabbed the steel douche from its holster and turned the knob. He cleaned my ass for me. It was strange being so vulnerable to another man. Luckily it wasn't too embarrassing as I hadn't eaten in more than a day and had cleaned out very deep in preparation for the night before. We were both hard, kissing, pressing our dicks together as he reached around and used the steel nozzle on my ass. "How many loads are you going to take this weekend?" He asked. "All of them, sir." He smiled, "Good boy."
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    I’d seen the boy’s ad on line, in various places, BBRT, A4A. He was a horny little pig. It was a photo of his ass. Big, wide and furry. The text of the ad said: “My ass is in the air, I need loads. Come over and breed me. I’m desperate for cum. I’m short, furry and piggy.” Exactly my type. I’d never responded before because I was usually feeling like more of a whore bottom myself. I knew the feeling he was experiencing, desperate for cock and cum in your hole. But I’m a switch and sometimes you just gotta fuck a hole. I’m partial to beefy boys with big butts so I responded. “Hey pig. That’s a great cumdump you have. I love big butts. Love to come over and breed it, especially if you’re already partied up and dripping loads.” And I included some pics of my beefy, hairy body and fat cock. I’m 32, 5’5”, 175 lbs, covered in thick dark hair and have a big juicy uncut 8.5” dick. My dick has been known to make a few “top” daddies lift their legs and beg me to fuck them. But today I knew this wouldn’t be a hard sell. The boy was on line, so he was taking loads. I quickly got an email back from him. “Thank you for responding, sir. I’ve been partying for a few hours. This faggot has three loads in his hole already. Should be enough to lube up your cock so you can breed me full of the cum that I need desperately.” Then he gave me his address. It was just a mile or two away from my house, so I sent him a message back and told him I’d be there in 15 minutes and to be ready. I drove over and parked on a side street in front of an unassuming little white house. He told me to use a particular door code and when I reached for the door, it opened and a tall, slim guy with a sexy beard and hairy chest answered the door, wearing only a jockstrap. “You here to breed the fag? His cunt is nice and partied up. I’m Jesse. Just here helping my buddy get his pussy bred hard.” Jesse reached out and shook my hand. “Greg. Glad to meet ya. Where’s the whore?” Jesse pointed into another room, which had the blinds drawn and a large screen TV playing a Treasure Island video of a whore getting gang banged. I walked into the room and shucked my clothes, so I was only wearing a leather jock and cockring. The large hairy ass I had seen in the ad was on the bed, in the air, face in the pillow. “Hey whore,” I said. “Is your cunt hungry for loads today?” “Yes, sir. Today and every day.”His head stayed buried in the pillow, so I hadn’t yet gotten a good look at his face, but he had large, muscular legs to go with his big, hungry ass, and I could see that the rest of his body was covered in thick blonde hair. He looked like he played rugby or soccer regularly. “Good,” I said. “You’re going to get at least a few from me.” Jesse had followed me into the cumdump’s bedroom, he sat in the corner in a large overstuffed chair, and picked up a bubbler from a table. There was a large plastic bag of Tina on the table and a couple of loaded points. “Damn, man. You guys plan to get fucked UP,” I said, marveling at the amount. “Yeah, we plan to keep this up for a day or two, and don’t wanna run out. Nothing worse than trying to find product when you’re horny as fuck.” Jesse motioned me over and gave me a huge shotgun off the pipe. I held it for a long time in my lungs and then gave it back to him while we kissed each other deeply passing the smoke back and forth. He offered me a point and I took it, gratefully. “What’s the cumdump’s name? Besides faggot,” I said, laughing. Jesse laughed as well and said “Adam. Right faggot?” “Yes, sir,” came from the bed. I walked over, grabbed a large buttplug that was sitting next to him on the bed and slid it up his ass. I could hear him breathe in, sharply. Then he began to moan. “Sit up, I said,” and Adam sat up and scooted over to the edge of the bed so that he could share the pipe with Jesse. He was a sexy little fucker. No more than 5’3” tall, maybe 160 lbs., blonde and super hairy with a blonde buzzcut and trim beard. “Want a slam, faggot?” “Fuck yes. Slam me up and rape my cunt, you dirty fucker.” He had an evil grin on his face and his pupils were huge and black. “Of course I will. Let me do myself first, pig.” Jesse and Adam were sharing more clouds, and both of them leaned over to share with me as well. I was getting deliciously spun, and horny as fuck. Jesse reached over to the table and handed me a tourniquet which I put on my arm. A quick wipe with an alcohol pad and BOOM. Into the stratosphere. It was good shit and I began to cough. When I caught my breath I turned to Jesse and said “Motherfucker! How strong was that!?” He got an evil grin on his face, and said “I”ll never tell.” Then he leaned over and kissed me hard on the mouth while Adam got on his knees and pulled Jesse’s cock out of the pouch of his jockstrap. It was nice and fat and uncut. He started to slurp on the hard cock that would shortly be pounding his pussy. But first I had to slam the little pig. I pulled him off Jesse’s cock which caused him to whimper a little and told him to lay back on the bed. He complied quickly and I was able to quickly put the tourniquet on and find a nice fat vein and register. I looked Adam in the eye and said “you ready boy? We’re gonna set your cunt on FIRE.” “FUCK YEAH! I was born ready for this!.” Then I pulled back the plunger and pushed it hard into the fag. He was already tweaking pretty hard, although Jesse told me later they’d only been smoking up to that point, and his eyes rolled up into his head. He muttered “Oh, FUCK,” under his breath and then started to cough. I reached over, pulled the plug out of his ass, lifted his legs over his head and shoved my fat uncut dick into his gaping hole. Adam moaned hard and began to whimper. “Please fuck me, Sir. I’m a worthless faggot who needs to be raped and bred.” I looked down at his handsome face, spit right between his eyes, and said “You have no idea, faggot.” And I started to pound his cunt. Jesse laughed and moved over to the bed where he stuck his own fat uncut dick into Adam’s mouth. The boy was being spit roasted by two pig cocks and was clearly in heaven. I started to plow him in earnest and knew this was going to be a fun time. I didn’t have anything to do for several days so I figured we’d all have a good time. Just as I was getting a rhythm built up, I heard the front door open. Jesse laughed and pulled his cock out of Adam’s mouth. “Better go greet our next guest.” He disappeared out of the room and I couldn’t help but notice that he had a nice hairy ass, too. But. Turned my attention back to Adam and spit in his face again. “You’re a filthy fucking cumdump, aren’t you son?” He just glared back at me and spit back in my face and smiled. “Dirty fucker. Rape me hard.” END PART 1.
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    When not watching the videos about men fucking, sucking dick and bottoms begging for POZ loads. Jess is teaching me how to clean out my hole and how to suck dick with a small one and going larger till I'm gagging, that when ever a dick is near your mouth you are to suck, I'm shown how to use poppers as Jess says it helps you be a better cum dump. Jess has a syringe and loads it up with saline then teaches me how to find a vain and inject it into him, then inject into my self. I ask what's this for as Jess is laughing and says you will find out soon enough. Jess is so hot looking with these tattoos and body piercings and how he acts towards me. The videos are now giving me a hard on and I want to grab my dick and jerk off, but the chastity cage is preventing me from doing that. I'm getting very little sleep as all I can think about is dick now and how much I want one in my ass or mouth. To suck it until its hard, in my ass giving me that beautiful cum. Uncle puts a chain to the steel collar around my neck and takes me out of the basement to the top floor. I see 4 doors some you can hear people in them but it hard to make out what is going on. When the door is open Uncle introduces me to Dana and like me he is has a metal collar and a chastity device . The room is small just a bed with mirrors on the walls and ceiling and a bed a small bathroom. The TV is on with people about our age making out, Dana comes to me and gives me a kiss as his tongue is in my mouth so I respond the same way. Soon we are on the bed with Dana working over my nipples bitting them rubbing my cage turning me over spreading my cheeks putting his tongue on my hole, then putting a finger in then two and I'm in heaven. When he stope I do the same to Dana and like me the pre cum is leaking out of our chastity cages. Dana tells me we are being filmed so lets just enjoy each other bodies. The door opens as Dana an I are in each others arms enjoying our bodies. Uncle tell me to get cleaned up and out as he will be back, I ask Dana what's going on as he is laughing then says you have date. I look at him, A DATE, yes you are going to a room and get fuck and as he say that my heart is racing with excitement as it will be my first. Dana since you have never been fuck its going to hurt but in time you will enjoy it then beg to be fuck like me. Uncle comes in and take me down stairs and as we are walking he say this is your first day down the road of depravity as we pas Jess leading this skinny man who looks very sick with many tattoos with a P.A. on the tip of his dick, but the one thing I notice he is rock hard. I'm put in a room and told to wait here, a few minutes an older man in his 60s comes in naked. For some reason I get on my knees and go for his dick as I have been brain washed. He just stands there while I suck his dick, he is getting hard as its a 7 inch dick. He pushes me away and says your first load with be in that virgin ass. Get on all 4s on the bed he commands me, then he buried his face in my cheeks as he tongues my hole and probes it with his fingers. I see two syringes on the table one with a needle and one without. He takes the one with the needle and shoots it into his dick and it starts to get bigger, then says now it is ready to wreck your hole. The other one without the needle but a long tube he puts in my hole, then a few minutes later it starts to burn, it feels great. He hands me poppers an o take five good hits in each nostril, as my hole wants something in it NOW. I feel my first dick rubbing against my hole and the suspense is killing me as I say to him please fuck me, then the head goes in and does not stop until all 7 inches is in me. I have never felt pain like this before as the only lube he is using is his spit. I'm screaming and he says scream all you want bitch as he pulls out and back in as he is fucking me as hard and fast as he can. I hear him grunting as he is cumming as he falls right on top of me in exhaustion with his dick still me, but I like the feeling as his dick is shrinking and once out he rolls over. Something in my brain tells me to go suck his dick. I see the cum but also the blood as he says to me you are no longer a virgin but a hole to be used. How do you like it and where do you want it to go?
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    Part 3 A few days passed, and with the workweek back into full swing, everyone was busy except for me. Jim and Henry weren’t going to be available until Thursday and it was Wednesday. Even Quin was busy at the campgrounds the last couple of days. He said that, when he was alone, he’d find his fingers wondering towards his hole and slipping inside. We even already had phone sex once; after he came, I told him to wipe his cum on his fingers and shove them up his ass. After we were done, he said that he wasn’t going to be able to see me until the following week. I told him that I already missed him and he said that he REALLY missed me. That Wednesday, I decided to take a bath since I had the house to myself for a lot of the day. I was sore from exercising that morning even though I usually never got too sore. As soon as the hot water hit me, my muscles finally seemed to stop screaming. The relaxing water had me drifting off pretty quickly. I don’t remember how long I was out, but it couldn’t have been that long since the water was still hot when I woke up, but when I was sleeping, my throat had begun to hurt. I immediately pulled the plug on the tub and got out. That’s when I noticed that it wasn’t the water that was hot, it was me. Sometime when I was sleeping, I had gotten a fever and was probably sick. At first, I just contributed it to falling asleep while in the tub, but it finally hit me that this could be IT. I dried off as quickly as I could and practically ran to my medicine cabinet above my sink. I took out the quick result test and exploded a packet all over the bathroom while in a rush to open one. I picked it up, thankfully still individually wrapped, and swabbed away. I went to my room and started a timer on my phone just as my dad texted me. Dad: On my way home. Looks like rain so my boss called it off early today. Me: Yeah… so, can you pick up some cold medicine or something on your way home? Dad: Are you sick? Dad: Wait… Dad: Are you SICK? Me: I don’t know. I think I have a fever and my throat is killing me. I’m taking one of your tests now. Dad: Jesus! Ok. I’ll stop by the drug store and pick up some stuff. Hold tight, buddy! I had a million thoughts rushing through my head. I can’t pretend that there wasn’t a little voice in the back of my head screaming as loud as it could, “What the fuck did I do?!” But there was also a voice that was seemed to be sighing, “Fucking finally.” The timer couldn’t finish fast enough. I remembered getting fucked by Jim in the showers that first night; I begged for his POZ load, and I remembered the feeling of him splitting my virgin ass open as he shoved in deep and planted his toxic seed deep within me. I looked down and noticed that I was hard. I wanted nothing more than to shoot a load, but I was too distracted by the test that was waiting for me. Finally, the timer went off and I rushed to turn it off and look at the test; two lines. I was HIV positive. I felt a pulse between my legs and reached for cock to find the biggest erection I’d ever felt on myself. I didn’t know my dick could grow that big. It was at least a whole inch longer than I had ever seen it before in my life. I got my phone and took a picture of the positive test next to my engorged cock and sent it to a group chat I had open with Jim and Henry. Jim: Holy shit! Congrats kid! Jim: That’s a lethal tool you got there now! Henry: Congratulations, Aaron! Your cock looks huge! Someone must be excited! Jim: Fuck, I’m even more excited for tomorrow now! Me: Thanks! I got out of the bath and noticed that I had a fever and an itchy throat. My dad’s on his way with some meds. Henry: Awww, poor baby. Jim: Do you want us to come over tonight instead? Me: I should be fine until my dad gets here. I’ll make sure to keep you two up to date so you don’t worry, though. Henry: You’re a brave kid, Aaron. We love you! Jim: We really do, kid. Me: I love both of you, too Jim: Don’t forget that you’re probably at your most toxic right now. You got somebody on your way that wants that gift. It’s your duty now to give it to him. It’s a gift! Make sure to give it! It took me a moment to connect the dots, I was still in a daze over my new POZ status. Me: Yes, sir! Time to connect our families even more! 😉 I then switched over to my chat with Quin and sent him the picture of the test next to my hard cock. Quin: Is that what I think it is? Me: You mean a dick? Quin: lol Quin: You know what Me: Yep! I’m pregnant, baby! Quin: Fucking hot, babe! I’m off this weekend. Think I can come over for some of that toxic seed instead of next week? Me: Fuck yes, baby! I can’t wait to knock you up! As soon as I pressed send, I heard the front door open and my dad called my name. I came out to the kitchen and he pulled me in close before placing his meaty hand on my forehead. “Fuck! Yeah, you have a fever, alright.” “That’s not all,” I said as I pulled the test out from my pocket. My dad took one look at it, saw the two lines, and pulled me in tight for a hug. He didn’t say anything for a while. I didn’t know what to say either. “Are you scared, son?” He asked while still holding me. “I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t at least a little. But feel my cock, dad!” I commanded. He reached down and groped my dick which was still as hard and as big as it was earlier. “Fuck, was it always that big?” “Actually, I don’t think so. I’ve never seen it that big.” “That’s fucking hot, boy.” He pulled me to him tight again, and I felt his cock begin to harden against my warm body. “I’m at my most toxic right now, Jim said. So how about it, dad?” I reached around him and grabbed his ass through his jeans, “You want some POZ cum before I get any worse?” “If you're up for it, son, I would love some of your spunk up my chute.” He leaned down and kissed me deeply, our tongues battling for dominance between us. “But first, let’s get some meds into you so that fever doesn’t get any higher.” He pulled away from me and took out some Tylenol to get my fever down, which I took. He gave me some other stuff but I was too occupied looking at the erection that was tenting his jeans. After I swallowed the handful of pills he gave me, I followed him to his bed as he began to strip off a piece of clothing with almost every other step he took. By the time he laid down, he was completely naked. He put his feet up in the air and presented his hole to me. I nearly tore off the shorts and tank I was wearing and hopped into bed. “Are you ready for your son to fuck you with his POZ cock, dad?” “Fuck yes, son! Fuck your toxic load into your daddy!” It was so hot to hear him talk about my POZ sperm like that. I placed the tip of my cock against the entrance to his hole, “My life’s been changed forever. Are you ready to have yours changed forever too?” “Yes, son. Please fuck me! Fill me with your spunk, boy! Taint the family seed!” With that, I pushed my POZ cock into my dad, ultimately sealing his fate as a POZ cock slut, just like I was. His mouth opened wider and wider as I went deeper and deeper into him. “Fuck! I think your cock did grow a little bit; you feel way bigger!” I pushed the last inch of my throbbing cock into him and he let out a small yelp. “Shit! I think that was my second sphincter!” “Cool! Never thought I’d be able to hit it.” I paused for a moment and just savored being inside his body. I felt hornier than I had ever felt in my entire life. My dick wanted to cum so fast and fill him with my toxic jizz. The virus inside me wanted to spread, it didn’t matter that it was my own father that I was spreading it to, it wanted to spread, that was its only purpose. I was officially part of Jim and Henry’s family, and now I was making my dad part of their family too. As my virus began to soak into his body through my toxic precum, I began to fuck him. I pumped in and out of my dad as he moaned and begged me to fuck him harder and faster. His hole felt tighter around my engorged cock than it normally did. “Fuck dad, your NEG hole is so fucking tight!” “Yeah, son, fuck your daddy’s NEG hole! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” He moaned with every one of my thrusts until it became a chant. “That POZ cock feels so good in your daddy’s pussy, son!” “You like POZ cock now, don’t you, dad?” “Fuck yes, son! I only wish I would have done it sooner!” “Would you have infected me if you did?” He leaned up and kissed me deeply. “I would have made you fucking beg for it, boy!” “Then beg for it, dad! Beg for my POZ load!” I commanded as my thrust became faster and more erratic. “Fuck me, Aaron! Give me that POZ load, boy! Shoot that infected seed up my cunt! Give your daddy what he wants!” That pushed me over the edge, and I slammed into his ass hard one last time, causing my dad to yelp as I breached his second sphincter again. “Take my POZ load, dad! Take it! Fuck!” I began to fill my dad with my first official POZ load, with what felt like gallons of cum up his asshole and into his body. My toxic swimmers flooded his bowels and would begin their work on creating my dad into another POZ faggot just like I was. When I finally came down from my orgasmic high, I collapsed on top of him and fell into a puddle of cum on my dad’s belly and chest. I hadn’t even noticed that he had came while I was fucking him. I peeled myself off of him and licked what cum remained off of his furry torso and brought it up to his mouth, where we swapped it back and forth. The sweet nectar of his jizz tasted great as I lapped a little that spilled onto his lips back into his mouth and told him to swallow. He obeyed and moaned as his own seed slipped down his throat. I reached in between his legs and violently shoved two of my fingers in his asshole. “What the hell are you doing, son?” “Just trust me, dad. I want to make sure that it takes, but this is going to hurt a little,” I said before I began to scrape my nails again the cum-covered walls of his rectum. He hissed and howled as I scratched his insides so that my POZ seed would be less encumbered. “I feel my POZ cum inside you, dad!” “Yeah?” He moaned through his winces. “Yeah, I do. You like having my POZ seed in your ass, daddy?” “Fuck yes, son!” I looked down at my cock again and I was already fully hard and ready to go. Without even asking to see if he wanted me or was even ready for me, I took my fingers out of his ass and rammed my cock up inside of him to the hilt in one go. He nearly screamed with the pain from the scratches I gave him. “Sorry, it’s just… it’s just that I need to breed you again, dad!” I moaned as I pounded away at his insides. I ignored his moans and cries as my lust took over, and within five minutes, I found myself on the edge again. “Here it cums, dad! Your boy’s about to breed your ass again! Take my POZ sperm, daddy!” With that, I blasted his scratched-up insides with my seed again. At least ten shots of my toxic seed went inside his body as I collapsed my fevered body on top of his still cum-sticky torso. “Fuck, son. You’re burning up. Let me get you some more Tylenol.” “Wait,” I said out of breath and panting, “do you have a butt plug?” Without responding, he picked me up off of his chest and laid me down next to him before opening the top drawer of his nightstand and taking out a plug. He handed it to me and presented his ass to me. I noticed that a little bit of pink cum was seeping out of his hole. I spit on the plug, coating it in my saliva, and then shoved it inside of him. He hissed as the rubber of the plug chaffed the scratches I had left on his insides. “Fuuck! That stings! Did Jim and Henry scratch you up when they fucked you?” He asked. “I think Jim did that first night. So, yeah, I know it’s a bitch. But,” I shrugged, “it works.” “It better for how much it stings,” he got up from the bed and went to fetch me some more meds. Eventually, we got my fever down to a low-grade status and he called to set up a doctor's appointment for the following day. I fell asleep next to my dad that night and I had a pretty hot dream; I dreamed I was back at the campgrounds, but this time there were dozens of naked guys there. They were all grouped together in little clumps, each watching as two guys that I couldn’t see from afar fucked in the middle of them. I went over to see who was fucking in the closest group and when I walked up, I saw that it was myself taking a big, black cock by a beefy, muscle stud. I walked over to the next group of guys and saw that I was the one being fucked again, this time by a skinny twink with pierced nipples and a mohawk. In the next group, I was on my hands and knees, taking a long and skinny cock from a man with a biohazard tattoo that completely covered every inch of his chest in red and black ink. When he pulled his cock out of my ass, I noticed that it had a thick Prince Albert piercing, and I moaned as he shoved it back in. It was then that I noticed a voice from the group call out, “yeah, fuck him! Fuck that POZ pig!” I looked over at it was Quin, sporting a biohazard tattoo around his belly button. He also had a pierced nipple and was stroking his hard cock. Just as I went to open my mouth to call out to him, I woke up. I had a raging hard-on and had had some night sweats while I slept. I looked over and saw that my dad was asleep on his stomach next to me. I mounted his legs, slowly pulled out the butt plug, and shoved my hard, toxic cock deep inside him while he slept. He immediately woke up. “Whoah, kiddo! Someone’s awake!” “Yeah, my virus, apparently.” He reached behind him and felt my warm forehead. “Well, infect me already so we can get you some more meds,” I didn’t waste any time. I started to pump my dad’s NEG hole with my POZ dick for everything it was worth. I kept changing the position of my thrust and then I heard my dad’s moans get higher. “Fuck! Right there, baby! Fuck me right there! Just like that! You’re hitting my fucking prostate Aaron! Fuck me hard right there!” I started to pound his ass harder in the direction of his prostate and his moaning got louder to the point that it filled the whole room. “Oh, fuck, son! Please don’t stop fucking me! Fuck your old man, baby! Right there! Yeah! Your cock feels so fucking good in my man-pussy! Ohhhh fuuuucccckkkk!!!” He nearly screamed as he came against the sheets below his beefy body without touching himself. His orgasm caused his hole to tighten and twitch which sent me over the edge and caused me to cum and fill my dad’s ass with my toxic little swimmers with a low, guttural growl. I fell on top of him and kissed and sucked on his neck as we both came down from our climaxes. I pulled my cock out of his now sloppy ass and replaced the buttplug, which went in without me having to spit on it. He moaned as it went in, so I guess the scratches weren’t bothering him as much anymore. I know that my dad still wanted Jim and Henry to fuck him, but I hoped it was my sperm that would infect my dad. I loved the fucked up idea of POZZING my own father. If I hadn’t been so exhausted, I probably would have gotten hard again. My dad got more meds, and within minutes I was fast asleep. When I woke up in the morning, my fever was still high but not as bad as it was at its worst the day before, and I was spooning my dad. I felt the rubber tip of the buttplug against my limp cock, but I decided to let his hole have a break, especially since his ass would get plenty of attention and abuse that night. I took a shower to get the night sweats off of me and headed to my doctor’s appointment, where not only did they confirm that I had the flu, but they also confirmed what I already knew; I was now, officially, an HIV positive man. I had HIV positive sperm in my balls and that sperm could and would infect anyone that dared to let me fuck them. I was hard all the way home. To be continued….
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    Chapter 30 Xander went back to his room to rest up and I headed over to see Jack. He saw me coming and got a huge grin on his face. "Marty sent me a pic of your boy, he looks hot." "Yeah he did a great job. So I'm planning a little party for Xander tonight you should stop by my room anytime after eight, oh and feel free to bring any of your poz friends along, the more toxic the better." "Excellent, I'll definitely be there. I'm assuming you already invited Marty." "Yep he said he'd be there and he's hoping to bring some guys with piercings." "Mmm great! Nothing like a little metal in your cunt to make sure all that special cum makes it permanently into your DNA." I headed back upstairs and heard the shower running so I stripped and pulled back the shower curtain to join him. I shouldn't have been surprised but there was Mike on his knees blowing Brandon. "Jesus Christ Mike, how are you not totally hungover?" He pulled off of Brandon's cock and looked up at me, "coffee, lots of coffee." I chuckled, "okay you slut, off your knees. Brandon needs to save his loads for tonight. We have a special project we're working on." He pouted but got up. "So I don't get your cum anymore?" "Don't be a greedy bottom, there'll be plenty to go around tonight. It'll be good to have two bottom whores there." "Okay thanks," he's said leaning in to give me a kiss. "Your hubby know what a slut you've turned into on this trip?" "No, I'm not quite sure how to tell him I've been barebacking and taking poz loads." "We could always film you begging to be knocked up and send it to him." "Umm, yeah not so sure about the sending it to him part but I'd love to have it so I can watch myself." Brandon rolled his eyes, "you are such a slut. You should go back to the conference and see if you can attrack some more poz men to bring tonight since you seem to be really good at sniffing us out." We got Mike out of the shower and sent him on his way. "That boy is like a fucking puppy, he won't stop following me around." I started laughing, "yeah some of these chasers who don't realize they're chasers can be a little clingy when they get their first taste of the bug. Hopefully there'll be plenty of men here tonight." I jumped on bbrts and placed a party ad for tonight, 'my new totally smooth boy's in town for a few more days taking all loads. Prefer toxic men, need to make sure he leaves here knocked up but no load refused.' A couple of hours before the main event was scheduled to start I checked to see if anyone had requested an invite. Nice, twenty guys had expressed interest so far. I weeded out the escorts and the scary ones and ended up with fourteen potential guests, nine of which stated on their profiles they were poz. Not bad for a Wednesday night. I sent out acceptance notifications with the hotel info listed. Even if only half actually showed there should be plenty of guys to do one hell of a number on Xander's cunt. At seven on the dot there was a knock on the door. Brandon was standing closest to the door so he let Xander in. "Fuck you're even cuter in person. Come on in." He came in and immediately started taking his clothes off. "Damn Scotty was right you are a horny one." "No sir, I mean yes I'm extremely horny, but I have instructions to only wear clothes in public." I was sitting on the couch watching the interchange. "Boy, why don't you ask Brandon here to take you into the bathroom and make sure you're ready for your guests." "Sir I'd appreciate it if you could inspect my cunt and make sure I'm ready to go." "Absolutely," Brandon replied shedding his clothes and leading Xander into the bathroom. "Get in the tub and bend over." He did as instructed and Brandon started rubbing his hard cock around Xander's pink hole using his precum to lube him up. After a few seconds he pressed the head of his cock inside and started pissing. "You ever had a piss enema before?" "No sir, this is my first time." "Okay I'm just about done. When I start to pull out you need to clinch your ass muscles and keep every drop inside you until I tell you to release." "Yes sir." About thirty seconds later he pulled out, Xander clinched his ass, dropped to his knees and started to clean off Brandon's cock. "Good god Scotty, you've trained this slut well." "He's a natural, just needed a little encouragement to reach his full potential." "You like my piss deep inside your pussy?" "Mmm, yes sir I feel full but good." "Just a few more minutes then you can let it go. Just keep sucking me while we wait." He latched back on and deep throated Brandon until he was about to shoot his load. "Okay boy, that's enough for now, go ahead and release in the toilet. Then rinse off in the shower and when you're done get on the bed on all fours." About ten minutes later the boy was on the bed ready for loads. I couldn't wait any longer to eat him out so I dove into his ass and started rimming like crazy. He was moaning so loud Brandon shoved his dick in his mouth to keep him quiet. "Damn he's as really good sucker." "Wait until you breed him, his cunt is even better than his mouth." I reached under him and sure enough his little dick was leaking like crazy. I took some of his precum and lubed my cock up then slammed into him in one go. "Damn you're faggot ass was made for real men to use." I pounded in and out and soon grabbed him by his hips and impaled my dick all the way in giving him his first load of the evening. Brandon quickly took my place and had been fucking him for about twenty minutes when there was a knock at the door. I opened up and there was Jack, Mike, Marty and three other men. "Come on in guys and makes yourselves comfortable. We have two neg bottoms with us tonight and our mission is to make sure they both have enough toxic cum in them that's there's no question of their status by the end of the night." I could see Mike start to panic. Brandon got off the bed and put his arm around him and said, "slut, what the fuck did you think was going to happen tonight. This is a conversion party. Besides you've already taken so much poz cum the deeds probably already done." He was still freaking out and I could see that Jack had just about had it. "Look," Jack said turning Mike towards the bed, "see that slut over there with his ass in the air?" He shook his head yes, "he knows his place is to serve real men. He's ready to accept his destiny, so you either get naked and take your place next to him or leave. The real men in the room have work to do." With that Jack walked over and shoved his hard dick deep into Xander. "Thank you sir! Please poz my cunt." "Fuck yeah that's how a real boy behaves." It didn't take him long before he was adding his cum to the mix. After he pulled out he grabbed a sharpy from his pants and went back to Xander. On the small of his back he wrote 'neg', 'poz', and '?'. Under poz he made a hash mark then looked at me and I held up two fingers. He added two more lines than patted him on the ass and said, "good boy, you're off to a good start. Who's next?" I'd been so turned on watching Jack fuck Xander that I missed where Mike had disappeared to. Brandon caught my eye and said, "he bolted, decided this was too much for him." "I don't understand some guys. Guess he wasn't drunk enough to take poz cum tonight." Marty's three friends lined up in order of the size of their cocks. The first guy was average size and appeared to be so turned on it didn't take long for him to blast his load inside. The second guy had about eight inches and was pretty thick, he pounded away while his buddies egged him on to knock the bitch up. As he was shooting his load I finally took a good look at the third guy. Wow, how had I missed him. He patted Xander ass and told him to roll over into his back. "Hey slut I want to look in your eyes as I destroy your cunt." His dick was easily over nine inches, extremely thick, and had a beautiful PA with a rough finish to it that looked like it would definitely do a number on his insides. I watched Xander's eyes go wide when he saw the monster heading his way, but instead of fear it was hunger. The guy saw the same thing and said, "fuck yeah, they weren't kidding about you." He ran his hand over his biohaz tat right above his cock. "Tell me what you want boy?" "Poz me up sir! Make me complete. Please, fucking destroy my boy pussy." With that he slammed in deep causing Xander to catch his breath, his eyes rolled back in his head and he started moaning. "Fuck yeah you slutty whore, my cock is working all those poz loads deep into the lining of your cunt. There's no way you're not leaving here without carrying all our poz babies." He pulled all the way out and I could see streeks of red on his dick, damn that was beautiful. "You ready for my toxic load boy, "he asked as he rammed his cock back in not stopping till his balls were bouncing off his ass. "Yes, Damn it, yes," he screamed, "knock me up!" This had to be one of the hottest pozzing I'd ever had the privilege of participating in. Xander was smiling from ear to ear as the guy pulled out and presented him his dick to clean off. He reached out with his hands to pull his legs up and asked who's next while he took the cock covered in pink cum into his mouth. I'd been so turned on watching I hadn't realized four other men had arrived, all naked with their hard dick out ready to add their loads. "Hey guys any of you toxic?" Two of them smiled and raised their hands. "Perfect, you guys go first." One didn't wait to be told twice and took his place between Xander's legs and got to work. "Hope you don't mind waiting," I said addressing the other two." "Fuck no, totally understand. I'm only sorry I'm on meds, that was the hottest thing I've ever seen." "Agreed, I'm going home and flushing my meds down the toilet," the fourth guy said. "I never really understood the need to spread the bug until watching this bottom so willingly accept his place." Marty's friend had climbed off the bed and joined us watching Xander take his next load. "Fuck yeah do it man! Flush your meds. It's our responsibility to knock up all bottoms especially ones like this slut. He was made for real men to use, just look at him moaning begging for our poz seed." After that it became a free-for-all. A couple of us were versatile so we entertained the total tops while Xander was busy taking loads. The only rule we had was the guys couldn't cum in us they had to deposit in Xander regardless of their status. Ten out fourteen of the party invites actually showed up which I was really pleased with. Some guys just blew their loads and left but most stuck around to fuck him a couple time. As the party started to wind down it was just me, Brandon, Jack and Marty's friend, whose name I learned was Allen. Xander had his head in my lap. "How you doing boy?" "If anyone had told me on Monday that this conference would fucking change my life I would've told them they were crazy. But holy fucking hell this has been utterly amazing. My cunt is sore but I'm still horny. Not even sure how that's possible." Allen chuckled, "gotta say boy, I've pozzed a lot of guys in my life but I've never had anyone quite like you. Your body was made to serve real men and your cunt, damn don't even get me started. I know you're sore but I'm sorry I have to have one more go at it before I go home." Xander didn't say a word, simple lifted his legs up giving Allen access to his hole. He slid his hard cock inside and begin to fuck his ass. "Damn you are so much looser now that you were at the beginning of the night. Such a sloppy cunt, ahh here cums." It was soon just me, Brandon and Xander left in the room. We all collapsed on the bed. "Thank you Scotty, that was truly the best night of my life. I can't believe it took me so long to embrace my true self." "Glad I could help," I said leaning over to give him a kiss. "So just how many loads did I end up with?" He rolled over so we could do a final count. "Oh wow," Brandon was grinning, "man you're my hero. Five unkown, 3 neg, and a whopping 31 poz. No make that 32 I forgot to add Allen's last load." "Holy shit, I took 40 loads in one night. Good god I am a fucking slut no wonder I'm so sore." He started laughing. "Guess I truly earned that tat then." "Oh yeah I think it's safe to say there's no way you didn't get knocked up tonight." We all kissed then dozed off to sleep satisfied in knowing that Xander had had a very positive evening.
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    Justin waiting nervous yet excited kneeling facing the bed. His jock framed his bubble ass and his hairless butt. Brad Marks new found buddy walked in and said good slut boy, that ass look pretty nice there. Bet that shit is hungry as he slipped between Justin and the bed and forced his cock deep in Justin's mouth. Damn boy, you are one hungry slut! Brad Spit on his hand and especially two fingers and started to rub the boys hole, Justin tried to squirm but the dick formed down his throat kept him in place and before long Brad slipped a finger and then two up Justin's tight ass. Fuck boy that is tight, you might be a virgin! My lucky night! Just thought, fuck he wants my ass. I had not planned on that tonight, Brand's fingers kept sliding in and out of Justin's ass and before long Justin was moaning and enjoying it. Fucking whore, Brad said, as he kept finger fucking Justin and involuntary moans kept vibrating on Brad's dick and this low moan escaped Justin's lips. Brad pulled his hips back and slid his dick out and his fingers and told Justin to get up on all four on the edge of the bed. Justin hesitated and Brad slapped the back of hid head hard and just quickly got into place. Just was still dizzy and his head hurt while Brad put a bottle under his noise and said inhale. WTF Justin thought, I do not do drugs nut quickly inhaled not wanting to get hit again. Brad moved it to the other nostril and he said whore inhale, Justin followed three more time so each nostril took three hits and then Brad put the cap on it and pressed Justin's face into the bed and spit three times on Justin's hole and then on his hand and lubed up his dick and started to press his dick into Justin and slowly he opened the kid up and Justin started to whimper and say you have a condom on right? Without saying a work Brad put a pillow over Justin's head and started to fuck him relentlessly. Brad called him a dirty whore, fucking cum slut and cock hungry queer before shooting a huge load in Justin. The popper's had warn off and Justin's ass was sore. Brad kept fucking the boy, Justin thought he would have stopped after cumming in his ass but Brad was working up another load and after another five minutes she shot another load into the boy. With that he lifted the pillow and bend down and whispered, little slut you know know what your hole was made for. Be ready in an hour a buddy of mine needs your little slut hole! Justin wanted to shake his head no but just stayed right there and waited as Brad pulled his dick out and he said Beautiful little whore cunt on you. You will be just like this when my buddy walks in and I text you. Then he slapped his head again and said, don't fucking make me hurt you boy. Do as your are told and you will have a great time! Leave my cum in your ass boy and I want you to text me after my buddy leaves! Do you hear me? Just said Yes, in a soft voice. Good little whore, then Brad slapped his ass and left the room and got dressed and Justin heard the door shut and eased himself off the bed and slipped on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. He text Mark and did not get a response and then fired up BBRT and send him a message. Justin wrote: Mark I sent you a text, in about 50 minutes another guy is going to be here to fuck me. I really was not ready to get fucked but your buddy who came over fucked me and came inside me twice and he is really rough. I am not sure what to do, I feel like I should lock the door and take a shower. I need to talk to you please hit me back. Justin text again 30 min later. Mark I only have 20 minutes, please tell your friend not to send his friend. Brad text Justin ten minutes later and said: Slut boy, you still have my cum in your cunt? Justin, Yes. Brad: That is Sir to you. Justin: Yes Sir. Brad: Good Whore Boy, you ready for more cum? Justin: Silence Brad: Boy do not make me come over there and hurt you. Justin: Yes Sir. Brad: Not that is my whore boy! Brad: My buddy just text he is five minutes away, go get on your bed in that jock, Take your phone. Justin: Yes Sir. (Justin's heard was beating hard and he legs were shaking) Brad: He just parked he is coming in. Justin: I am ready Sir. Justin heard the door open and close, then steps toward his room and then a belt, zipper and pants dropping. It was dead silent and then Justin felt a hand on his back and then a blindfold was slipped on. then the guy walked around got in front of Justin and it sound like he was texting on his phone and snapped a couple pictures. Then more pictures and texting from the rear and the guy pulled Justin's checks apart and said nice cummy hole boy. Then he felt the guy grab his angle and slip what felt like a thick angle bracelet and the the other ankle and then both wrist. It was then that Justin heard the door open and close. His first thought was that Brad, he hard steps toward the bedroom and then a guy undressing while the first guy tied his arms to the headboard. Then the first guy got in place and fed Justin his cock. Fat uncut cock, had to be eight inches. Justin began to suck on his cock and the other guy started to eat his cummy hole. Justin loved that feeling but thought fuck is that guy really eating cum out of my ass, the guy tongue fucked him and then pulled off, spit on his hand and he lubed up his cock and started to slide in. OMG Justin thought as this big dick tried to invade his cummy hole, Without poppers it hurt like hell, then the guy stopped and he felt a finger but if felt really sharp and then the finger pulled out and then another. Fuck that hurt and suddenly Justin felt relaxed and warm. The guy pressed his dick against Justin's hole and slowly pressed inch after inch in until all nine inches were inside Justin. Fuck that is some good whore pussy the guy fucking him said, slowly sliding all the way out and then driving back in and he fucked like this for ten minutes and then said greedy bitch wants my cum. Fucking take it bitch and with he shot his load in the boy. He pulled out and told Mike, I know know his name is Mike Justin thought, thank bud that was a great piece of ass. Text my buddy it was his turn! Mike said invite whoever you want. The door opened and closed and in walked a tall skinny white guy, he quickly dropped his pants and his dick was rock hard in no time had to be 10 to 11 inches. He spread Justin's legs further and slapped his thick dick on Justin cummy hole and then slide his cock slowly to the base. The guy fucking Justin's mouth pulled out and Justin gasped and moaned, whispered OMG, please fuck me, you feel so good and muck more. Most of it was inaudible but after two minutes of fucking the guy whit the magic dick show a huge load in the boy. The guy said dude, that is one fucking hot hole. I will be in back in an hour to drop another load. Then he pulled out and got dressed and headed for the door.
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    Needed some things at the grocery and went to this Mexican supermarket near me. I’m not gonna lie...the bathroom is pretty cruise and I usually go in to see if there’s any action. There almost always is some hot latino papi looking to get his dick sucked and often more. Someone was in the big handicap stall so I took the one next to it and soon enough there was foot tapping and I tapped mine back. Soon enough this big thick uncut dick came across underneath the divider. I started stroking it and soon he had a pretty good amount of precum going. I’d been fucked earlier and decided to go for broke, pulled my pants down and backed my dick onto his cock. He stayed in me, which was a relief as sometimes guys just wanna get jacked and don’t wanna fuck a guy bare in a bathroom. It was clear he was down for it and I was working his cock with my ass as best I could. Part of me wanted to go over into his stall and get a proper fucking but I wasn’t about to stop now. He was precumming like crazy and trying hard to be quiet but I could hear his panting and knew his precum was leaking out of me along with the loads from the guy earlier. His thrusts stopped and I could feel his dick twitch inside of me and knew he’d cum. I feel a wave of pleasure mixed with embarrassment that I’d let a total stranger fuck me anon in a bathroom. I stuck my cock under the divider to see if he was interested but could hear him stand and buckle his belt and the door slam as he left the stall. I’m pretty sure I recognized him by his work boots out shopping later...late 20’s, mustache and goatee, pretty good looking and it amazed me he needed to take it to the bathroom for play, but then again I don’t know his story. I was now horned up and wanted release and more Latino cock so I went to the Latino sex club in East Dallas I’ve been to before. It was pretty quiet being a weeknight but there was a 20-ish white dude on one of thee benches getting tag teamed by three thuggy looking boys. I watched for a bit but drifted back to the blackout room to see if there was any action. Stepping in I took off my nylon shorts so I was naked like I usually do. I could hear sucking and fucking but couldn’t see much until my eyes adjusted. A hand guided my hand to a dick and I guided that dick to my ass...not caring who it was that fucked me or what he looked like...I was past that now. He had a nice big one and didn’t seem to care my ass was already loaded...part of why I came here as online picky faggots bitch endlessly if I’ve already been fucked. If you’re here you’re a pig and you don’t care. Pretty soon I was up against the wall taking his pounding until he stopped and I could feel his cock throbbing inside me. He slid out and another guy thrust his dick inside me. Even though I’d come to fuck some hot papi ass I didn’t care as I love getting bred like this. After he unloaded in me I wandered the room and jerked some guys, got jerked and sucked and got fucked by two more guys who unloaded inside me. by then I was done and wandered back out to see what was going on. The white boy gettingg. Drilled by the thugs had apparently got what he want and had moved on and I’m pretty sure one of the last two guys to fuck me was one of the thugs which got me rock hard as I love taking thuggy Latino dick. I saw this super cute Latino twink who looked under age but had to be at least 18 to get in. I hadn’t realized it but I was still naked carrying my shorts in my hand and he was staring at my dick and motioned towards the stalls and headed towards one. I followed and we went in one and he locked the door behind us and was soon kissing me and stroking my dick. I undid his pants which fell to the ground and started stroking his fat uncut dick which got hm moaning. We were making out with some intensity and he whispered in my ear that he wanted me to fuck him. I turned him to face the wall and got down to eat his ass and jerk his dick. It didn’t take long for him to cum and I used his cum to lube my dick and his ass and soon was balls deep in his hot smooth ass. I love that Latino boys don’t give a shit and just go bare. I knew I wouldn’t last long and quickly blew a load in him and kept stroking knowing a second one would take no effort at all. I was amazed that a hottie like him could get sex pretty easily and yet was here taking anon loads. I’m guessing he felt the same shame I did in taking anon seed in the bathroom and the blackout room. I blasted my second load in him and slid out panting. He asked me if I wanted to get fucked and I got up against the wall and let him pump two back to back loads in me. Once he was done he smiled at me and went to put his jeans back on. I put my shorts back on and we awkwardly smiled a knowing smile at each other. I went to the locker room and surprisingly he headed there too. I guess I gave him what he wanted and needed and we dressed in awkward silence. I offered my number but he looked terrified and said he couldn’t do that. I was a little saddened and disappointed but know some guys are more closeted and not yet cool with that part of themselves. I’m cool with having taken so many anon loads like I did and have no shame in the game. Clearly he’s not 5here yet and has the secret shame of wanting my anon load inside him. I’m sure I’m not the first anon load he’s taken and know I won’t be the last. Once you take anon seed it takes over and it’s all you can think about. Regular sex with someone you know, no matter how hot, just isn’t as exciting. I know it’s risky as fuck taking anon seed like I did but I’m powerless to stop it.
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    Chapter 33 "Hmm, don't suppose you have a shirt I can borrow seeing as you destroyed mine." "Ahh come on, it was in the way of your sexy chest, it had to go." I laughed and went in for a kiss. "Mmm I do love kissing you. I guess I can forgive you as long as you have something I can borrow." He went to his bag and pulled out a black t-shirt. "Here, wear this. With those pants, you'll look sexy as fuck." "Won't I be a little under dressed?" "Trust me no one will care. By the end of the conference no one gives a shit and please there'll be guys wearing shorts." "Okay you win." I put on the shirt which was a little tight on my frame but that just meant it really showed off my muscles and my tats. "Fuck I was right, you look good enough to eat." "Let's go before I change my mind and run back to my room to change." He grabbed my hand and lead me out of the room. We were still holding hands when we walked off the elevator towards the ballroom. Brandon was standing outside the doors with Xander deep in conversation. "You two look way too guilty," I said as we approached. They both broke into big grins. "Brandon was just eyeing every guy walking in to the party and telling me which ones he wanted to fuck." Brandon looked shocked at Xander. "You know, people who don't know you would have no idea what a sub you are in the bedroom with that feisty mouth on you." They both seemed to notice Mitch at the same time. "Hey guys this is Mitch. Mitch the big guy there is Brandon and the guy with the feisty mouth is Xander." They all shook hands and Mitch said, "so Xander, how's that ass of yours feeling? I understand it had quite the workout last night. I'm sorry I missed it." He blushed. "It was pretty fucking amazing. I'm a little sore today but Marty stuck a plug up there while we were at his shop to stop my cunt from leaking so much." "Nice! I take it you got some more loads, did you get anymore ink as well?" "Oh yeah can't wait to show you later." Brandon jumped in, "you would not believe this boy's pain tolerance. I have no idea how he lasted so long." "Well after the beating we put his boy's pussy through last night I can't say I'm surprised." Brandon noticed we were still holding hands. His eyes went a little larger, "umm, so how do you guys know each other?" "Mitch and I met at one of these conferences a few years ago but didn't have a chance to really connect so we've been catching up today." Mitch smiled, "mmm boy have we ever." Xander just laughed, "I can honestly say I've never met anyone quite like you Scotty. You are my fucking hero, not to mention you've totally changed my life this week." I winked at him, "glad I could help. Now why don't we go eat some food so we have energy for what's coming later tonight." The four us walked into the party and took everything in. Every year they tried to outdo themselves with the theme of the closing night party. This year was a beach theme. The waitstaff were all dressed in swim suits and damn did the guys look hot. Mitch and I were checking out the food stations when he nudged me and motioned to hot waiter walking towards us. "Hey, look at that tat below his naval. Does that look like what I think it does?" You couldn't see the whole thing but it definitely looked like the top of a bio haz symbol. "Hmm I think your right." "Good evening gentlemen, can I get you anything to drink?" We ordered our drinks and I causally said, "nice tattoo," then winked at him. "Thank you sir, I'll be right back with your drinks." We grabbed some food while waiting for the waiter to return. I started grinning as soon as I saw the guy coming back with our drinks. His swim trunks seemed to have slipped down on his hips a bit showing off more of his tat. Mitch took his drink and whispered in the guys ear, "hmm that tats looks a lot like the ones on my boyfriend's hip and back." "Hey hon do you mind holding my drink for a minute I'm going to hit the restroom," I asked looking right at the cute server. "Sure thing babe, take your time." "Umm sir, you should use the one in the back it's always less crowded." "Thanks," I said patting him on his shoulder. I'd been in the bathroom for about five minutes about ready to give up on the waiter when I heard the outer door open, then the second door. I was standing at the urinal with my dick out slowly stroking. "Umm, so do you really have a bio on your hip and back?" I turned towards him and lowered my pants just enough so he could see my first tat. "Fuck that's hot." "Now show me yours." He pulled down his trunks to reveal a beautiful red bio haz symbol. "You on meds kid?" "No sir! My gifter told me I needed to spread the gift." "Mmm good boy." He kept staring at my hard dick which was leaking precum. Finally he couldn't take it any longer, dropped to his knees and started sucking me off. Damn I hope he was right about this bathroom. "Boy, your lips look great around my dick. Yeah that's it. Oh fuck I'm getting close boy, don't spill a drop." With that I started cumming in his mouth and he sucked me dry. I pulled out of his mouth and did up my pants as I asked him, "what time you done tonight? "Around eleven, sir." "You should come to my room after, I'm having a few friends over whom I'm sure would love to play with you." "Thanks man, I'll definitely be there." I gave him my room number and headed back out to the party to join Mitch. I was grinning like a fucking fool. "Hmm so by the look on your face can I assume your bathroom break was a success?" "Mmm oh yeah. That boy can suck a mean dick." I showed him a pic I'd taken of the guy on his knees. "He is cute." "You'll get your turn if he actually shows up after the party." "Nice can't wait." He snickered and pointed to where our new friend was standing. "His trunks seem to be riding even lower now." You could see over half his tat, any lower and his cock would pop out. "Mmm such a good slut." We found an empty table with a good view of the dance floor to sit at while we ate. One of the guys out on the dance floor caught Mitch's eye and blushed. "Damn that guy just turned bright red when he saw you." He started laughing, "I gave him two loads yesterday, the second one while he was on the phone talking to his wife." "Damn! All these closeted men who play the second they're away from home, so hot." "He was begging for my load, never brought up status or asked for a condom." "Hmm, wonder if you knocked him up?" Our waiter friend showed up just then to remove our empty plates. He hesitated for a second then said, "excuse me, sorry to interrupt but I was wondering if you minded if I was to bring a couple other guys with me tonight?" He shyly pointed out a couple other hot young waiters standing over by the bar intently watching us. "They've both just started chasing sir." Mitch and I both, at the same time said, "fuck yeah they can come." He smiled and gave his buddies the thumbs up sign. I grabbed Mitch's hand and pulled him up, "come on let's go dance." There were about fifty people out on the large dance floor. You could tell the alcohol was flowing because there was a lot of dirty dancing going on. Ladies grinding up against guys, gross I know right, but over in one corner was a small group of guys dancing together. We headed in that direction. I started to laugh when I saw Xander backed up against Brandon grinding away in the middle of the group. A couple of the guys had taken off their shirts to be more in line with the beach theme and were quickly being groped by the others. A man who clearly worked for the hotel was speaking to a couple of guys to the right of us who had been making out. Looks like he was trying to quiet the action before it turned into a full on orgy on the dance floor. Damn too bad. The guys he was talking to smiled and walked away. Hmm okay. He saw me watching and approached us. "If you're interested, we've set up a special dance room for, umm, men where it's a little more private." I must have had a shocked look on my face because he added, "we've been hosting conferences for years and have learned a thing or two about how to throw a successful closing night party." He winked and told us where there room was located. I got Xander's attention and motioned for them to follow us. When I looked back I noticed our little group had expanded to about five guys following our horny boys. We made it down the hall to where an employee was sitting. He saw us coming, just grinned and opened the door for us. I guess it was obvious we were horny gay guys seconds away from fucking like bunnies. There was only four men in the room so far and they were all busy sucking face. Someone on our group said, "so can we actually fuck in here or just kiss?" I hadn't noticed that the employee had followed us inside. "This is a safe space gentlemen, you're welcome to do anything you like as long as no one gets hurt. There are condoms and lube over there, have fun." Mitch turned to me, "holy shit is this for real?" Xander was already naked bent over a table. He looked back at all of us and asked, "who's first?" One of the guys went to grab a condom but Brandon stopped him. "This slut doesn't allow condoms up his cunt. If you want to fuck him you go in raw and leave your load behind." He saw the poz pig tat on Xander's ass and started freaking out, "yeah sorry man that's too hardcore for me." "Fuck man, not for me, move out of the way and let me at that poz cunt," said one of the other guys as he slammed his hard dick all the way into Xander's sloppy cunt. "Damn you're a fucking whore aren't you. How many fresh loads you all ready got up there?" "Not sure, lost count sir, been collecting loads all day." A few more guys had entered the room and were quickly losing their clothes. A guy who looked like he was in his sixties but still in great shape saw my back tat and bee lined over to me. "Fuck, you toxic?" "Yep." "Hot, recharge my ass man," he said as he dropped to all fours. I quickly mounted him and started pounding away. He was a vocal bottom, screaming out telling me to give him my poz load. I noticed this younger guy probably in his twenties watching me with a look of hunger on his face. "You want this poz dick inside you don't you?" He shook his head yes as of he were in a trance. "You wish you were this guy don't you?" Again he shook his head yes. "Use your words boy, tell the room what you need." He quietly said poz cum. "I can't hear you boy." The guy I was fucking pulled off my dick, stood up and took the young guy's hand leading him over to me. "It's okay son, you ever had a poz dick inside you yet?" "No sir, not yet." "But you need it don't you son?" "Yes sir, I need it bad." "Good boy, now take my place on the floor and let this poz fucker change your life." Without saying a word the kid immediately dropped to the ground and presented his tight bubble butt to me. "Now tell the man what you need." "Poz cum sir. Please poz my ass." I gently started to sink my hard cock deep into his tight hole. He started moaning. The older guy never left the boy's side. "How's that poz cock feel son?" "Oh fuck, so good sir. I need this so bad." "You're doing so good boy. He's going to start really fucking you now. You ready for it?" "Yes please pound my ass." The older guy looked at me with an evil glint in his eyes, "you heard the slut, knock him up." I started to let loose, fucking him harder and harder. A group of guys had gathered around to watch. "Okay you horny fuckers," the guy older guy said, "here's how it's going to work. Anyone insisting on rubbers you guys fuck on the that side of the room, everyone else you're with us. Now, where are my neg chasers?" Nobody moved too afraid to raise their hand. "Ahh come on you sluts, I can tell by the tats on several guys here there's a few gifters in the room so man the fuck up, be like this guy on the floor with the poz dick in his cunt and admit what you need." Three guys slowly raised their hands. "Good boys. Poz tops get busy." With that he went back to encouraging my boy to join the club. "Damn," I said, "you're even more twisted than me." He grinned, "it's my fucking mission in life to bring as many guys into the family as possible. Some just need a little push to get started." I finished shooting my load and pulled out of the bottom's ass, moving around so the old guy could take my place and the boy could clean me off. I looked around and saw that everyone in the room was fucking raw. Either the safety guys left or realized what they were missing and joined in. I found Mitch and walked over to watch him breed the married guy he'd already given two loads to yesterday. "Damn you slut," I whispered into his ear, "what would your wife say if she knew you were about to take your third poz load of the week?" "Wait what? He's poz?" "Mmm, I am," Mitch called out, "just found out this afternoon. Do you want me to stop fucking you?" The guy hesitated for only a second as Mitch started to pull out. "No, ohh my god no! Keep fucking me, please." "Good answer, I wasn't really going to stop." He slammed in deep and shot his load. "Now stay just like that and let some more of these gifters feed you their loads." Mitch pulled out and another guy eagerly took his place. We walked over to the corner to take a break and noticed it was almost eleven. "Should we head back to my room and see if those waiters actually show up?" "Good idea and if they don't we can just make out." We pulled out clothes on and were heading towards the door when the older guy stopped us. "Damn, you boys aren't leaving so soon are you?" "We've got some neg waiters from the party meeting us back at my room in a few minutes. You're welcome to join us, plus I can't imagine with the main party winding down, the hotel will let this continue much longer. I'm Scotty by the way and this is Mitch." "Hey Scotty, Mitch. I'm Walt and that sounds like a great plan. Just let me grab my clothes and I'll meet you by the elevator. Mitch took my hand, gave me a deep kiss and lead us out of the room. We didn't have to wait long before Walt showed up with Brandon and three other guys. "No Xander," I asked? Brandon just grinned, "nope he found a hot poz daddy that lives close to him and they're busy getting acquainted." "Nice good for him!" The elevator arrived and I said to the group, "well guys, should we go poz some more neg boys?"
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    "Oh yeah, take that poz load you fucking slut." It was the handlebar mustache fucking me. I liked his dick. It wasn't the huge one. It was thick with a big head and curved up. When he fucked me there was a lot of pressure on my prostate and he knew how to work it to make my useless bottom dick cum from amazing assgasm. "Take his gag off," someone ordered from the dark. Hands fumbled for a moment and then the gag was slowly, gently raised out of my mouth. Whoever removed it was a true gentleman and knew how much it would hurt having worn it so long. Hands were on my face massaging my cheeks and jaw. I kissed them as they passed over my lips. I felt a soft beard on my nose before the full lips were pressed against mine. Tongue deep in my mouth, I sucked on it and massaged it with my tongue. He pulled away and rubbed his beard across my cheek then whispered in my ear, "Beg for his load." It was Allen, the married guy who invited me. "Beg for his AIDS," he slapped my face. I cried out, "Fuck my neg hole. Give me that poz load. I want your AIDS. Make me toxic like you." The only sound was the clanking of the chain and grunting from the handlebar mustache as he shot his load deep in my ass. He reached down and grabbed the harness, pulling me up to meet his gaze. We locked eyes for a moment as he tried to figure out which part was the lie. His dick was still rock hard inside me. He leaned in to kiss me. He sucked and nibbled on my lips with such passion I wanted to tell him I loved him and almost did. "Well if the lying little slut wasn't poz, he definitely is now," the handlebar mustache slapped me hard. "Now tighten that hole boy. I'm going to fill you up with piss and you're going to keep it inside." "Yessir," I panted. He let out a long sigh. My wrecked cunt filled with hot piss, expanding, stretching, flushing all their poz loads deep inside me. "Keep that hole tight boy." He pulled his dick from my ass and walked around the crowd. "Suck it clean." I licked the mixture of all of their cum from his hairy balls. Teased him with my tongue. He shoved his dick all the way in my mouth. It fit perfectly, hitting the back of my throat just as his pubes pressed against my nose. I was so intent to lick and suck every drop of cum from his dick and pubes I didn't notice he was unlocking the shackles until I noticed the pain in my wrists. One by one they shoved their dicks in my mouth and I cleaned them with my tongue. The handlebar mustache was unlocking my ankle restraints when he said, "I'm going to plug your hole. You're going to be plugged all weekend. If you aren't getting fucked you'll be plugged." "Yessir." He pressed a large butt plug against my hole and worked it in. It was blunt and hurt, but then it was inside me and the neck stretched my ring just a little. Keeping me open. "I'm going to help you out of the sling now." He guided my feet from the stirrups and lowered my legs slowly. I sat up and let my feet touch the floor. My legs were shaky and sore. He kissed me gently and said, "You need to unload. You're going to cum in my ass, slut." My stomach was covered in my cum because I had been oozing all night from all the fucking. It was dry and sticky, but he spit on my stomach and wiped it down to my shaved dick. Then he spit on my dick. He sat on the sofa and put his legs up. I spit on his hole and started to go slow, but he wrapped his legs around me and pulled me into him. I pounded his hole just as firmly as he pounded mine and leaned forward to kiss him again. His mustache smelled of essential oils I couldn't identify, something woodsy and musky. His tongue was smooth, he whipped it gently in my mouth. In the moments we kissed I was madly in love with this leather muscle bear who pozzed me. It didn't take long for me to cum. We didn't stop kissing. I shot my load in his ass and kept fucking him while we kissed until my dick hurt. He whispered, "Good boy. Now let's take a nap before we head out." Everyone else had already gone to bed. He grabbed my hand and pulled me down a hallway. Allen was already asleep in the bed. His husband must have been in another room. I crawled across the bed to Allen. He wrapped his arms around me and the handlebar got in, squeezing me between them. He kissed me gently again and exhaled, "I'm Carlos."
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    Chapter 31 I woke up late Thursday morning and rolled over to see Xander cuddled up against Brandon. When I looked closer I noticed that Brandon's dick was lodged firmly in Xander's ass. Not sure when that happened but I was pretty sure it wasn't that way when we finally crashed last night. I left the boys sleeping and went for a run. When I got back they were still out cold so I jumped in the shower to clean up. As I was getting dressed I started to hear some moaning coming from the bed. It sounded like Brandon was awake and giving Xander his first load of the day. "Morning boys, how's that cunt feel this morning?" They both answered at the same time, "sloppy as fuck man," and "sore but so good sir." I chuckled, "damn Xander I have to say I've never met anyone quite like you before. Did you even come once last night?" He thought for a second, "oh sir, nope I didn't. I was so focused on my cunt I never even gave my pathetic little cock a second thought." "That's because your little dick's not important," Brandon said, "god gave you an amazing cunt for real men to use." With that he grunted and shot his load. "Fuck I really should have found a plug for you yesterday to make sure all those loads stayed in place." "I thought the same thing last night, that's why when I woke up in the middle of the night with Xander up against my chest I could feel some cum leaking out so I stuck my cock inside him." Xander rolled over and gave him a deep kiss. "Mmm, thank you!" He got quiet for a second then asked, "do you really think I got knocked up last night?" He was so fucking cute. I sat on the bed next to him and took his hand. "Son, if your body's not in the process of joining team poz right now after the job we did on your boy pussy then I don't think any amount off cum can do the job. Why, you're not having second thoughts are you?" "Oh god no! Just wondering how long I'm going to have to wait to get my biohaz tat, those are so fucking hot." I leaned down and gave him a kiss. "I'm so glad I went for that run the other day and ran into you, this has been one hell of a conference." Brandon seemed to notice I was dressed for the day and said, "I suppose we have to responsible employees today huh." I laughed, "well I think I need too after yesterday, but I'm cool if you want to chill today. I don't think there's anything pressing for you to attend." "Sweet, thanks. Xander and I talked about going back to Marty's and getting some more ink." "I'm sure Marty will love that. You boys have fun." I kissed them both then went down to the conference. I found the session I was looking for and settled in just as they were getting started. About halfway through the presentation I looked around the room to check out the crowd and see if there was anyone I recognized. Sitting a row in front of me on the other side of the small room was this really hot guy that looked familiar but I couldn't quite place him. He must have sensed me staring at him because pretty soon he turned towards me and looked at me. After a few seconds he got a huge smile on his face. Holy shit I think that was this guy named Mitch. We'd met a few years ago at another conference and I almost hooked up with him and his boyfriend but he backed out at the last second. If I remember correctly, he told his bf he wasn't ready to do a threesome. I was so pissed. Anyway, back to now. Damn he looked even better than I remembered. He was sporting a nicely trimmed beard and looked like he'd filled out a bit. He was about my height but definitely had more muscles. He caught my eye, pointed to his arm then to me and gave me a thumbs up sign. The room was on the warm side so I had rolled up my sleeves, which gave him a good view of my tats. I didn't have full sleeve tats back then but I seem to recall he had a thing for tattoos. I felt my cock waking up. Damn this session couldn't get over fast enough. I couldn't tell you a word the presentors said after I noticed Mitch. I don't know about anyone else but ever since I joined team poz I can't get enough sex. I'm horny all the time. You'd think after the last two days I'd be good for at least a day or two but nope I needed more. As the session ended I debated about making a break for it or going over to say hi. Luckily I didn't have to decide. By the time I bent down to grab my bag and stood up Mitch was standing right next to me. "Scott right," he asked reaching out his hand. "Yeah Scotty, and you're Mitch?" "Yep, I was hoping you'd be here. I really wanted to run into you. Do you have plans for lunch? Want to grab a bite?" No, yes, and fuck me now! "Nope no plans. Lunch sounds great." We left the hotel and headed a block over to where there were a bunch of restaurants. "I'm really glad you were here this year Scotty. After that last time we met I've been hoping to run into you again." "I missed the conference the last couple of years. This is the first time I've been able to make it back since the time I hung out with you and your boyfriend." "You mean the time I got cold feet and backed out of you fucking me?" I laughed, "yep exactly, I was just trying to put it in a nicer way." "You know I have to say I really kicked myself for not going through with that threeway. I was so into you." "Don't worry about it, it's not for everyone. So, you still with that guy?" He started laughing, "oh you'll love this. So if you remember, he's the one who wanted to open our relationship up and I was hesitant." "Oh yeah I remember. I was so pissed at you." "Well the week after the conference he finally talked me into going through with it. Turns out I fucking loved it, him not so much." That made me laugh even harder. "That's so perfect, I love it!" "Yep turns out I'm a big ole slut." "So you're not still together then," I asked. "Oh god no, we broke up about a month after that. What about you, still doing threeways?" "Threeways, fourways, gang bangs hell yeah." "Man I saw this party advertised for last night. Some guy was whoring out his new boy, no loads refused." Hmm, interesting. "Where'd you see this?" "On bbrts, it's a barebacking site, oh sorry if that offends you." He was too funny, "yeah you're fine. I never use condoms." "Oh thank God! I was taking to some guy a few weeks ago and mentioned fucking raw and he lectured me for a half hour about how stupid I was being. Needless to say we did not fuck." "So this party last night, were they looking for poz guys to knock up the boy?" "Oh man did you see it too? I mean the ad said no load refused but poz guys preferred, so yeah seemed like a pozzing party to me." "How come you didn't go?" "Well, I waited too long to ask for an invite and honestly, I'm not sure if I'm poz or not so," he shrugged his shoulders and smiled at me. I pulled out my phone and pulled up the pic of Xander I used in the ad. "Was this the slut?" "Yep that's him. Wait, did you go?" "Umm yeah I threw the party." "Holy shit are you serious?" He got all quiet and asked, "so did he get knocked up?" "Well he took forty loads, the majority of which were poz so I'd say yeah we were successful." "Damn I'm so hard right now." "So what about you? You said you don't know if your poz, does that mean there's a chance you might be?" "Well, I haven't tested in over a year and I don't usually ask my partners status so who knows." "Nice! You on PrEP?" "I was, stopped taking it about a year ago." "You are a slut. You chasing?" "I wouldn't really call myself a chaser but I figure it's going to happen sooner or later." "And you're okay with that?" We were sitting side by side so he reached for my hand and placed it on his crotch under the table. He was rock hard. I squeezed his cock and said, "I think we need to get out of here now." We paid the check and made it back to the hotel in record time. "Your room or mine?" He asked. "Yours, if that's okay. It's not that I mind groups but right now I'd really like some quality one on one time." "Wait is that slut staying with you?" "He's not but when I left my room this morning he was still there with my assistant." "Oh my god, you're fucking your assistant? I love it." "Then you'll die when I tell you his uncle is my doctor and he's one of the guys who pozzed my ass." We barely made it into his room before he grabbed me and forced his tongue down my throat. His hands were busy trying to take my clothes off. He broke off the kiss and ripped his shirt off over his head showing me his tight sixpack covered with a nice layer of blond hair. I walked him back until he got to the edge of the bed, then pushed him so fell on his back. I quickly removed his pants and his hard cock jumped out. "Damn you horny slut going commando," I said as I swallowed his eight inch dick. I sucked his balls then moved my tongue further down to taste his sweaty ass. "Mmm, yummy," I moaned. I got him nice and wet and stuck a finger in his hole while eating him out. "Oh my god you're driving me crazy. Stick your fucking poz dick in my ass please!" He screamed. That's all the encouragement I needed. I slammed in balls deep, his ass gripping my cock trying to milk my load out of me. "Fuck you horny slut you want my poz load bad don't you?" "Yes! Give it to me man. Give me your dirty load." I was so turned on it didn't take me long to explode deep inside him. "I sure hope your versatile because it's your turn to breed my cunt now man." "Hell yeah!" He wrapped his legs around me, flipped me on my back and before I could even catch my breath, plunged his hard dick all the way in. "You like it rough don't you slut?" "Fuck yeah, breed my cunt. Harder man, destroy my ass." He continued pounding away for about twenty minutes, telling me what a whore I was. Soon I could tell he was getting close. He started kissing me as he shot rope after rope of cum into my ass. We kissed for another ten minutes or so then collapsed on the bed. "Fuck that was hot. I'm sure I've taken poz loads in the past year but hearing you tell me you were giving me your poz load was such a turn on. Thanks for that." He glanced at the clock and noticed the time. "Fuck, I'm on a panel that starts in twenty minutes. I better get cleaned up. Please tell me we can do that again tonight." "Absolutely, and I might even be able to arrange for you to have a go at the slut from last night." "Mmm the more the merrier." We got cleaned up and headed back down to the conference with a promise to meet up later.
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    I got hit up on Kik by a straight guy wanting to get fucked anon. He was watching the 49’ers and Packers and was bored by the game and his GF wasn’t there. He admitted he isn’t gay but likes getting fucked...not interested in kissing or fucking me, just likes taking dick in the ass. I told him no worries, have a few straight guys I know who like it that way. He was pretty redneck looking, not hot certainly, average looks, OK body, nice dick. We didn’t talk about condoms and figured I’d negotiate that once there. I got to his place and it was a typical straight guy apartment. We started off with me sucking his dick as he admitted he doesn’t suck cock and I told him I’d get good and hard sucking him. We’d stripped down and he was already rock hard and dripping precum, so clearly he was more into sex with guys than he let on. He was moaning like crazy whenever I was fingering his ass and I was working in a lot of spit as I was going. Before long he suggested we move to the bedroom and grabbed a towel to lay down on the bed...I’m guessing to absorb any cum or lube so his GF wouldn’t know. I had him lie on his back on the bed with his legs over my shoulders and started teasing his ass with my cock head as I jerked him. To my amazement he hadn’t said anything about me putting On a condom or asking my status.i was precumming like crazy and soon had my cock head and more popping into his ass as he moaned like crazy saying how good my dick felt in him. I told him to beg for my cum and sure enough he did as I was frantically jacking his dick telling him I wanted to jack him off and use his cum as lube. His face lit up and it was clear he was into that. By now I was stroking about half my dick in his ass and could use the lube. He shot an enormous load spraying all over his groin, stomach, and chest. I had more than enough cum to use and smeared it on my cock and his ass and now was able to slide inside him with ease.he was still panting from cumming and loving it as I told him how hot his orgasm was and how bad I wanted to cum inside him. He was begging for my cum now and I was pounding him hard, slamming all the way in and pulling almost all the way out, furiously blasting a load balls deep inside him with quick series of thrusts. He was groaning with delight and I kept up my strokes knowing I could blast another one in him before long. As I kept stroking as asked him how he liked the load and like a little slut he was gushing about how good it and my dick felt in him and begging me for more. I kept at it and blasted another load in him. I was panting now and as my dick softened slid out of him and enjoyed the view of his now sloppy fucked out ass loaded with a mix of his cum and mine. I bent down and licked his still warm cum off his body and resumed sucking his dick, this time he pumped a satisfied load in my mouth which I eagerly swallowed. Once done he said I needed to get going so he could clean up, so I quickly dressed and realized I had no idea what to say, so I mumbled that I’d had fun and he was a hot fuck. He looked ashamed but thanked me, adding he didn’t do this kind of thing often but he’d message me if that was ok. I said it was cool and I’d gladly fuck him again. He admitted he liked doing it but knew he had to be careful and wished he could do it more. It was pretty clear he was conflicted over it and I said it was cool and that I enjoyed sucking his dick and anytime he wanted just a blowjob I was down. His face lit up at that and he said it would be cool. He wrapped the towel around his waist and led me to the door. It was hot leaving him knowing I’d blown two loads in his ass and now he was gonna scramble to clean up so his GF would never know he let a total stranger come by, fuck his ass bare, and load his ass twice.
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    Chapter 29 We dozed off for awhile but I soon woke up to a warm mouth on my rapidly expanding cock. "I'm sorry sir I didn't mean to wake you but I just couldn't resist your dick. I've never been so horny in my entire life." I put my hands on his head guiding him back down on me. "Don't worry about it, that's just your true self waking up and taking charge. Now get me hard so you can ride my dick." He sucked me for a few minutes then straddled my hips and sat down on my hard cock. He let out a very satisfied moan as he sank all the way down. "Oh man it feels so amazing." "I still can't believe you went five years without a hard cock inside your warm boy pussy." "Well to be honest I didn't really enjoy it that much. It always hurt with the condom on. I mean I know I've read a lot of dick stories and chatted with a lot of guys and they all said it was so much better skin on skin but you know what they say, doing is believing." I smiled, "and do you believe now?" "Mmm not sure, may need to get fucked a few hundred more times to be sure," he said with a wicked grin on his face. "Ahh, I'm sure that can be arranged," I said raising my hips up to meet him causing my dick to explode inside him. He clamped down hard trying to milk every last drop. "Damn we need to get you a butt plug to make sure you don't lose a drop of cum." "Mmm, I've always wanted to try one of those." He was still sitting on my cock trying to milk more cum. "Fuck, you're so sexy boy. I wish I knew a tattoo artist here in town we need to get some ink on this tight bod of yours." "I'd like that sir." He climbed off my cock and snuggled up beside me. "Thank you for tonight. I can't believe what I've been missing." "Don't worry boy we'll catch you up real fast." I looked at the clock by the bed and realized it was almost two in the morning. "Damn son I need to get back to my room and make sure Brandon's okay." "Your admin?" "Yeah, he's only nineteen. I'm sure he's fine but I keep forgetting he's my responsibility." "I'm sorry I kept you so late sir." "Don't apologize, this was amazing. Make sure your free tomorrow evening as we're going to continue your training and I'm guessing Brandon will be more than willing to help." I got up and threw my clothes on. I gave him a kiss and told him, "no clothes for the remainder of the trip unless you're in public." "Understood sir." "I'll text you tomorrow when I know the plan. Get some rest, you're going to need your strength tomorrow." I wasn't sure what to expect when I got back to our room but seeing Mike getting fucked by Brandon while another guy had his cock down his throat wasn't it. The guy getting blown saw me come in and said, "I've got dibs on this slut's ass next. You can have him once I've dumped my load." "No problem man, I just gave my new boy three loads so I think I'm tapped out for the night." Brandon looked over at me and grinned as he unloaded in Mike's ass. He pulled out and the other guy immediately took his place. Brandon walked over to me and I couldn't resist so I dropped to my knees and cleaned him off. "So how many loads does that make," I said pointing to Mike. "I just gave him load number five." "All poz?" "At least three, not sure about the other two. You know don't ask don't tell." He grinned. "Ahhhh," the other guy groaned, "take my poz load you fucking slut." I turned to Brandon, "where'd you find this guy?" "Mike picked him up at the bar. When he got a little drunk he started telling guys he was looking for poz guys to knock him up. There were three guys who wanted him to go with them. He was going to go but I convinced him it would be easier, not to mention safer, to just come here. I hope you don't mind. I tried to text you but you didn't respond." "No you did good. Sorry I didn't see your text my phone died and I was a little preoccupied." "So you said. Your new boy? Can't wait to hear all about that one." About this time the other guy had pulled his clothes on and was leaving. "Thanks, that was fun. Later dudes." "Hey Mike how you doing over there?" "I'm drunk on poz cum." "Yes you are, come on why don't I help you get back to your room." "Hey Scotty, when did you get here," he said as he sat up and noticed me for the first time. "Come on buddy, you've had a busy night. Let's get you home so you can sleep this off." We got him dressed and I helped him to his room and got him tucked in for the night. I wondered if he was going to remember any of this in the morning. When I got back to the room Brandon had cleaned up everything and was in bed waiting for me. "Looks like we both had eventful nights." I chuckled, "it does appear so. I take it Mike's okay with the fact he's going to be on team poz." "I think it's safe to say we managed to wake the beast inside of him and there's no going back. And your new boy?" I showed him pics of Xander with and without my dick buried deep inside his ass. "Well fuck me! Please tell me I'm going to get a chance at that pink hole of his." "Absolutely, I'm going to throw together something special for him tomorrow, uhh I mean tonight," I said looking at the clock. "We don't have to get up early tomorrow do we." I laughed, "hell no, don't set the alarm just wake up naturally. Now let's get some sleep." I woke up close to 11:00 feeling well rested. It's amazing how refreshed I always feel after a night of breeding. Brandon's arm was draped across my chest and he was snoring softly next to me. I carefully removed his arm and quietly got out of bed. I checked the conference agenda for the day and decided there was nothing pressing that I really needed to attend. Now don't judge me I realize I was there for work and should be trying to get a lot out of the sessions but, yeah not going to happen today. I threw on my running shorts and a tank top and slipped out of the room. I sent Brandon a quick text so he'd know where I'd gone then headed down to the lobby. As I got off the elevator I noticed that the really hot concierge was on duty this morning. He smiled at me as I passed by. "Good morning sir, enjoy your run." I stopped for second and walked over to him. "Hey thanks again for telling me about those trails yesterday." "No problem, hope you enjoyed them." "They were great, lots of nice scenery," I smiled, winked at him and turned to go. "Hey," he called out, "I just have to say I love your ink." He blushed a little like he couldn't believe he'd actually said that out loud. "Thanks, as you can tell I'm a little addicted." "They're hot, I mean they look good on you." I smirked, "thanks, got any of your own?" "Umm, yeah a couple, nothing like yours though." "Well we all have to start somewhere. Umm, hey I just had a thought. I'm assuming you got your ink done here in town." "Yep, my buddy has his own place just a few blocks away from here. Why, you looking to get some more while your staying with us?" "Not exactly, I uhh, have a new friend who's in desperate need of some ink on his totally smooth body." He looked at me and lowered his eyes, "totally smooth?" "Only hair he has is on the top of his head." I pulled out my phone and showed him a picture of of Xander naked from the waist up. "Fuck me! He shaves?" "Nope, naturally smooth." He had a look on his face as if to say, 'yeah right'. "Trust me I spent all night inspecting him from head to toe." "Damn that's hot. Gotta say I love hairy guys but there's something about a completely smooth bottom that makes me rock hard. He is a bottom right?" I laughed, "total bottom." "Fuck me! Don't suppose you're sharing him?" "Absolutely, he's becoming a no load refused boy." He reached down to adjust his crotch. "You okay there," I asked grinning at him. "Oh yeah, this constantly happens to me with this job. I tend to get turned on a lot working here." I chuckled, "hmm I could see that being a hazard of the job, being surrounded by all these hot guests. So how often do you given in to the temptation?" "Oh it's not temptation I consider it a perk of the job, and I'm very good at making sure our guests have a very positive experience with us." "Hmm I bet. So what do think the chance your buddy would be able to fit my boy in for his first tat today or tomorrow?" "Not sure, but his shop's only a couple of blocks from here, so you should just pop over before your run and check." "That's perfect, thanks." I got directions from him and headed out. It was literally one block from the hotel, very convenient. I walked into the shop and this hot biker type guy about my age greeted me, "hey you the guy with the smooth boy?" I looked at him a little confused. "Jack from the hotel warned me you were on your way over. Fuck man, love your ink, your guy did good work. You mind if I see you're back?" "Not at all," I said taking my tank top off. He ran his hand over my biohaz tat. "Damn, I bet this beast attracts a lot of chasers." "Like a moth to a flame." "Good man! So Jack said you wanted to mark your new boy." "Yeah, I'm thinking of something on his ass to let all the tops know exactly what he is." "He poz?" "Nope but he will be by the end of the week." I pulled out my phone and showed him Xander's pics including one of his tight bubble butt. "Damn," he whistled, "I can't wait to get my hands on that ass. I think I have the perfect ink to start him off." He pulled up a picture on his computer. "Oh fuck that's perfect. When can you fit him in?" "I'm pretty light today have come down whenever and I'll work on him." "Great what do I owe you?" "Nothing, just let me help knock the boy up and we'll call it even." I called Xander to see what he was doing right then. His phone rang for awhile before he finally picked up. "Hey slut did I wake you?" "Good morning sir, no I'm just lying in bed fingering my cunt." "You still have my loads inside you?" "Yes sir." "Good boy. You need to throw on shorts and a t-shirt. I'm going to text you an address, be here in ten minutes." I hung up before he could respond and sent him the address. While we we're waiting for him to show up I found out that my new friend was named Marty and he loved nothing more than breeding neg boys. Eight minutes later Xander walked in the shop. "Fuck you've got an obedient boy there." I grinned, "yeah he's doing great. Xander this is Marty, you belong to him for the next couple of hours so make sure you do everything he tells you to do." With that I gave him a deep kiss and left for my run. I made sure to do an extra long jog too give Marty enough to time to finish up. When I got back to the shop the front was empty but I could hear moaning coming from the back. I followed the sounds and walked in to see Xander bent over a bench with Marty's big dick unloading in his cunt. He slowly pulled out and gave me a big smile, "fuck your boy's got an amazing ass. Gave him two toxic loads to help him on his journey. Take a look at his ink and let me know what you think." "Holy shit that looks great. Has he seen it yet?" "Nope I figured you'd want to do the honors." I took a couple pictures so I could show Xander. His eyes got really big. He threw his arms around me and gave me a big wet kiss then did the same to Marty. "Thank you, now everyone who fucks me will know I'm a poz pig." "Well you're on your way to being poz but you're definitely a pig." On his ass cheek was the outline of a pig with the word poz inside, it was fucking beautiful. "Hey Marty, if you're free tonight you should come by my hotel room. I'm planning to see just how many loads we can get inside his cunt." "Fuck I'll be there. I definitely want another go at that ass. I also have some friends I can bring too if you're interested." "Toxic?" "Yep, and a couple have wicked PAs that with help ensure all those loads can do their job." "Perfect, anytime after eight." I hadn't even noticed Xander had dropped to the floor and was cleaning off Marty's dick. He was a fucking natural. "Come on boy let's go so he can get back to work." As he stood up to grab his clothes I noticed he had bars through both of his pink nipples. Marty saw and looked a little guilty. "Hope you don't mind, I started sucking oh his perky tits and just could resist piercing them." "Great idea they look good on him." He looked relieved, gave us both hugs and we were on our way. As we headed back to the hotel I asked him how he liked his first tattoo. "Yes thank you so much. It makes me feel even sluttier. But I am a little concerned that it says poz when I haven't earned the bug yet." "Believe me son, I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure you're poz by the end of the week." "Thank you sir." "Now go back to your room and take a nap, it's going to be a long night. Just make sure you're at my room by seven."
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    I know where to take hot shower get my holes fuck very well and to get Tina for free now, but that does not solve my financial problems. Someone tells I should post an add on Craigslist with a picture that you are looking for generous men for sex, I do. Well, so many fakes and asking questions to deal with in the beginning but I soon get a handle on it. 90% are looking to get fuck and the meds that make me undetectable do effect me. So I go off meds and my dick responds in a few days as it's with semi hard or rock hard looking to put my toxic seed in someone ass. I go to hotels most of he time and it's 50-50 who want it raw. The condom I hate but I'm here to provide a service and getting well paid for it. Some ask my status and I always tell them I'm negative unless they say they are chasing and the chasers are the most fun as they are begging for toxic POZ cum. When I bottom the Daddies are the most fun as they take their time and make sure my hole it taken care of. The ones who are POZ and not on meds love give it to me raw as they are giving me a recharge of their toxic load. I also go groups and this time I was asked if I would do 3 men and parTy with them. I'm no fool as this will be fun and I will be getting paid at the same time ( There is always a catch that you don't expect )I get to the address the door is open and greeted by this man only wearing a jock strap and 2 men naked on the couch. I know what I'm here for so I jump out of my clothes. The one on the couch says get on the floor while the one who open the door is on the phone. Yea the boy is here. Good looking just like you like them skinny and young. Sam is giving a needle to slam him self with. He is using my jock strap to tie off his arm. The boy knows how to slam him self and just wait till that slam hits him. So come over and help us wreck his hole. He is right this was a heavy slam as I have 2 makes men in front on me that I want to service. I have one dick in my mouth and another in my hand. The one who open the door is fingering my hole and giving me a booth bump so I'm really spun up. Now I have dick in my ass pumping away as they are say we are going to wreck his life when Harry gets over here. I did not know about the fourth guy until now as the deal was for three to fuck me, but who cares when you have good dick fucking you one in your mouth and another one getting ready to fuck you. I really don't know how long but all three of them have dump at least one load in my ass so far. The door opens and Harry shows. Harry is from the West coast of Africa stands over 6ft 8 weight 300 LBS and it's all mussel . I almost had a heart attack when he drop his pants as he does not have DICK but a baseball bat with the largest P.A. ring going through the head of his dick. Harry says give the faggot another slam as I want him in the worst way to leave here bleeding and walking crooked in pain. After the slam Harry picks me up like a rag doll throws my on the couch with my legs over my shoulders so he could look in my face as he fucks me. I feel the ring on my hole and very glad I have 4-5 loads to be used as lube. Harry is not going to be nice and take his time as he just shoves his monster dick into my ass, yes there is pain just like the first time you get fuck, but I'm a faggot who loves a big dick in my hole. He is pounding away and after a minute I'm used to it and enjoying as it eggs Harry to fuck me harder and faster, the sweat pouring off Harry and on to me is some to enjoy as the other three are saying. Rape the hole. Load him and make him bleed. Poz the little faggot. When Harry explodes balls deep in me the Poz cum is flowing out of my ass, someone grabs a cup and scoop is up and they tell me to push it out. When I have pushed as much as I could they give me to glass to drink the cum. They were right I did leave there bleeding and walking crooked but in a few days I was back to normal.
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    Justin was still flying and wondering where the other guy was and then he hard to door open and several footsteps toward him. Thank go he thought, Justin was so horny and needed some dick. He could not believe how amazing it felt and wanted more. The blindfold was still on so he did not even turn around to see and his hands were still bound. Justin's ass was still tingling as a finger touched his cummy hole and started to rub and then the finger popped inside. Justin gasped and then the finger was removed and he felt it against his hole and that sharp pain as the finger slide deep inside him. He thought fuck is that guy back and then out and another sharp pain as the finger was inserted again just as Justin pushed his ass back and arched his back a dick slapped his face. Then the guy said Fucker open your mouth in a rough raspy voice. This guy must have thought Justin was talking too long as he slapped his head harder than Brad had. Justin opened his mouth and the guy slapped his fat dick on Justin's tongue and the guy said stay right there. The guy slowly slide his cock into Justin as a guy got in place behind Justin after spitting on his ass and then as the guy started to press his fat dick against Justin's hole the guy with his dick in Justin's mouth grabbed his head and he impaled Justin on his dick as the guys grabbed his hips and shoved his dick in without mercy. The boy was partied up but not ready for two beer can dicks roosting roughly and tearing his ass up and stretching his throat. Justin was in pain and he could could not breath, he tried to pull of the big thick cock but the guy held him as the guy behind him piston fucked him. Then the guy holding his head let go and pulled back enough for Justin to gasp and cough and eventually caught his breath and then a a smack harder than the first. Fucking whore, get back over here and suck this dick, Justin obeyed and got the cock back in his mouth and tried to suck on it but the guy wanted more and grabbed his head and shoved it down on his dick and slowly fucked Justin's throat and Justin tried to relax but his ass was hurting as the guy behind him started to pick up the pace and two minutes later the guy fucking him shoved in deep, deeper than he had been before and shot his load. Justin hoped he would pull out but the guy just stayed there pulsing his dick, Then he said, fuck you are every bit the whore my buddy said you would be. I am gonna go hop in the shower and rinse off while the guy fucking your throat takes his turn. He is thicker then I am but make sure that throat is ready for me when I get out of the shower slut! The guy slowly fucking his throat pulled out and Justin again gasped and coughed and finally started to breath normally. The guy said fucker, one day you will be able to really deep throat me. You will learn and another slap against the head not as hard as the last time, Justin said Yes Sir quickly, finally boy the guy said and then he opened a bottle of popper and put them under the kids nose and said inhale slut, Justin did and the guy went to each nostril and soon Justin was flying. Then Justin was fed a straw and told to drink and he did, it tasted like some terrible generic grape punch. He hesitated but the guy said drink it all, between the poppers, G and the T up his ass Justin was again feeling so horny and ready to be fucked. Justin was so horny, he said please fuck me Sir. Boy you will get fucked soon enough. Justin's ass was tingling and he was press back trying to find some dick. Poor horny cum slut, I have a big dick for you, hope you are really ready for it. The guy got off the bed and Justin felt legs pressing his legs to open up and then he felt a fat dick against his ass. He wanted to push back but his hole was fighting to open up. Justin thought fuck, that feels so much bigger then the dick I had down my throat and the pressure intensified and then he pulled off. Poppers when under Justin's nose again and he inhaled and while he was inhaling and flying the pressure began again. Justin make a loud animal sound like a moose or some load bellowing moan as the dick at his anus stretched this hole and slowly pressed inside him. Oh fuck he whispered, I can't, please stop.... Then after about three minutes of pressure the guy bottomed out inside Justin. The poppers hit again and the guy begin to slowly pump a little inside Justin's hole. Tight as fuck the guy said, give him some more to drink! The key kept pulsing back and fourth hardly moving, the straw appeared and the guys said drink fucker, he recognized that voice it was the guy he had in his throat, just swallowed it all and calm started to come over him and he wondered if the guy he sucked gave him the juice who was in his ass? The popper appeared again and he was made to take eight hits and the guy behind said fuck that did it bro. Justin felt relaxed and the guy in his ass started sliding in and out more and Justin began to moan, softly at first and then louder. OMG I love that big dick, fuck me please. Then a slap against the side of his head and he immediately said Sir! Sorry Sir. Now open up that cunt for my buddy and give your ass to him! Here me boy and with that Justin quickly said yes Sir. Good whore the guy said, the guy was pumping deep and long and opening Justin up. Justin could hear the guys dick making squishing sound as he fucked his hole and then the poppers again, Justin was flying and before long he opened up enough and the guy fucking him bellowed holly fuck take that load you fucking bitch and shot in Justin. He slowly pulsed his dick for another minute and then pulled out and thirty seconds passed and he shoved it back in and Justin gasped. Fuck that hurt he thought....
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    Chapter 20 It'd been a week since I'd seen the apartment and no word from Lucas. I was starting to get antsy. I was in a meeting Friday afternoon when I finally received a text from him. 'Hi Kevin, I have some news for you. Do you have time to meet with me today?' Was he kidding me, come on already did they accept my offer or not? Not a hard question. 'Sure, is it good news or bad news,' I texted back. 'How about you swing by my office around six. We can talk then.' He was really starting to annoy me and by meeting at his office the chance of repeat performance on his ass was looking slim. 'Fine, six it is.' Luckily it was already four so it wouldn't be too long a wait. At six I made it to his office right as someone was locking up the place. "Ahh hi, I'm supposed to be meeting Lucas at six." The woman locking the doors gave me a disgusted look then said, "our office is closed. If you have an appointment you'll have to call your agent to let you in." She turned and walked away from me. Okay, I'm glad I wasn't working with her. I pulled out my phone to call Lucas just as I saw him walking into the lobby. He let me in and gave me big hug making sure to squeeze my ass in the process. "Hi Kevin, thanks for coming down. Let's go talk in the back." He lead me to conference room and I noticed walking through the office that we appeared to be the only ones there. "You're killing me Lucas, did they accept the offer or not?" "Mostly, they just wanted a few minor changes but I don't think you'll object to them." We quickly went through the changes and he was right, I was totally fine with everything. About ten minutes later we we're all done. "Okay, not that I don't love visiting your office but it seems we could have easily done that over the phone." "Sorry about that. That's totally my fault I told Lucas to have you come in so I could meet you." I turned towards the new voice and noticed this good looking older man standing in the doorway. "I'm Thomas," he said as he reached his hand out to me. "Hi Thomas, I'm Kevin and I'm confused," I responded shaking his hand. He chuckled, "I just wanted to meet the man who finally convinced Lucas to give up his cherry. I've been after this boy's ass ever since he started working for me but he always insisted he was a total top." "All you needed to do was run your tongue over his pink pucker and you would've had him. Turns out he enjoys having things in his ass." I grinned. "Mmm, so I've discovered. Isn't that right boy?" "Yes sir, will you please fuck me now sir, I'm so horny." "Did you finish your business with Kevin?" "Yes sir we just finished up." "Good boy, now strip." Holy fucking shit! This was the hottest thing is ever seen. Lucas, the total cocky alpha top male had become a sub and all it took was me rimming his cunt, well damn. He stood in front of us with his hands behind his back showing off his naked body. "Fuck me, Lucas what's happened to you?" His cock was locked away and all his body hair had been removed. "Sir, Thomas locked my cock away to punish me for being a rude top and being too picky about who I was willing to fuck. He said I needed to learn to share my seed with anyone who wanted it." God damn I was rock hard. "And your new smooth look," I asked while running my hands over his smooth chest, tweaking his nipples. "Dad prefers his boys smooth. He said he may let me grow it back after I've learned my proper place." I looked over at Thomas who had taken his dick out and was slowly stroking. He was grinning from ear to ear. "I can't believe this is the same cocky guy that showed me the condo last week." "Dad I'm so horny will you guys please fuck me now?" Thomas chuckled, "such an impatient horny boy. Why don't you help Kevin undress then we'll see about breeding your boy pussy." Lucas started taking my clothes off, I was hard as a rock. Once I was naked Lucas returned to his standing position. I looked over at Thomas and saw we were all naked now. Damn he was hot! He was probably in his sixties but his body was all muscles. He's noticed my biohaz tat and let out a low whistle. "Damn, boy did you notice Kevin's tattoo last week when he breed your cunt?" "No sir I wasn't really paying attention to anything other than my hole." "Take a good look at it now son. Do you know what that means?" You could tell by the expression on his face he knew exactly what it meant. He gulped, "yes sir I know what it means." "Say it out loud boy." "He's HIV positive sir." "Good boy. Now I wonder, do you think he's toxic or on meds and therefore basically safe. Should we ask him son?" I was so hard as I watched the interaction between Thomas and his new boy. You could see Lucas's internal battle going on behind his eyes. After a few seconds he said, "whatever you think's best sir." Thomas went over and gave him a big kiss then bent him over the conference room table. "You're such a good boy. I'm so proud of you. I'm going to let Kevin breed your cunt first and shoot his load deep inside you, then as your cleaning off his cock he can tell you what flavor of cum he just gave you." His whole body shivered as he said, "thank you sir." Thomas winked at me and moved out of the way giving me total access to his boy. I was so hard I just slammed my cock in his waiting hole. "You want me to destroy your hole boy?" "Oh my god, yes please breed my cunt, fill me with your load!" "Fuck I can't believe you're the same guy I met last week. Thomas has done a number on you hasn't he slut." "Holy fucking hell, I'm just a faggot slut who needs a cock inside his pussy." Thomas grinned at me, "it's been quite a week for the boy. He's come to realize he's nothing more than a hole." "Seriously, what'd you do to him?" Thomas chuckled, "the morning after he showed you the place I caught him in the bathroom with his fingers up his ass. Turns out he couldn't stop thinking about your cock being inside his cunt. Isn't that right son?" "Yes sir, I had no idea how amazing it would feel. I needed something back inside me so bad," he called out as I continued to breed his ass. "When he saw me instead of being embarrassed he simply turned around presented his butt to me and begged me fuck him. How could I possibly resist an offer like that. After I unloaded in him I told him he was too stay in the bathroom the rest of the morning and let all his coworkers take a turn." My mouth must have hit the floor because he added, "we're a small office and most of my agents are gay men so none of them minded at all, especially since Lucas here always thought he was better than the rest of us. Isn't that right boy?" "Yes sir, I'm sorry sir. I was a very bad boy." "I asked his coworkers what his punishment should be and they're the ones who came up with locking his precious cock away." Hearing that pushed me over the edge and I fired off my load deep inside him. When I pulled out he immediately dropped to his knees and started cleaning me off. "So slut, do you want to know if you just took a toxic load or not?" He looked up at me with my dick in his mouth and tired to say something. I smiled down at him, "don't worry boy, I'm sure you'll be poz soon and I can't imagine with all the cum you've been taking this week that I'm the only toxic cock you've had inside you." "Sadly I believe you may be," Thomas said. "A couple of us are undetectable but most of the others are on PrEP. Although after watching your toxic cock do a number on my newest boy I may have to rethink the whole meds thing since that was the hottest thing I've seen in a long time." "Do it man, you should poz your whole team." He couldn't take it any longer, so he pushed Lucas back over the table and mounted his ass. His cock was bigger than mine so it did a good job of pushing my toxic load deeper inside his boy. It didn't take long before he was adding his load to mine. We each gave him another dose of cum before we wrapped things up for the evening. Lucas promised me he'd be in touch as soon as everything was set for my closing. After that I gave Thomas a big kiss and thanked him for an amazing night. Next time I see Scotty I'd have to make sure to thank for recommending Lucas as my realtor.
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    Just came back from a local bear bareback orgy. About 40 guys tonight. I got there a bit early and was relaxing on one of the beds and a semi regular bud comes over and we start to kiss. Nice deep kissing with lots of tongue. He is a hot bottom blonde and loves getting nut deep inside. He is playing with my cock and getting me harder and harder. Another guy comes over and starts to suck on his nipples. He is moaning. Another guy joins in too. He leans over and puts my cock in his mouth. Licking and sucking getting me hard and wanting his hole. Another guy, older and hairy comes over and starts playing with us. Now there are 5 of us on this bed sucking and moaning. Playing with asses and cocks and balls and licking nipples etc. My buddy turns over and I mount his ass. I'm sliding inside him. He begins sucking another guy. Others are coming into the room and watching. Guys are sucking and kissing. The host has 2 rooms together and I hear more guys coming inside. Getting naked. Another couple of guys are on the next bed and they start to fuck. Bottom guy is on his back with his feet up in the air and the top is pounding his hole. Both are moaning and groaning with pleasure. I slide in and out of my bottom bud. He is getting sucked now and someone else is kissing him. Another bud I know comes over to me and starts to kiss my neck etc. He is horny for my cock too. I slide out of my first bud and turn my attention to guy number 2. Bottom #1 rolls over and another cock in inside him. All around me guys are fucking and sucking. More men join in the fun. The second room starts to fill up as I am fucking my bottom #2. I dump a big load in #2 and slide out for a breather. He kisses me and gets up in search of more cock. The bed is shaking and more guys are fucking. One guy is legs up and has a cock in his mouth and ass at the same time. Another guy goes behind the man fucking and slides his cock inside. HOT scene. Loads are dumped and mouths and asses are filled. At one point guys start to rest up and chat. The action slows down a bit. But then picks up and guys start sucking cock and kissing and getting fucked again. I see my bud #2 now fucking and breeding an older guy. He winks at me and I go behind him and play with his ass and nipples. He dumps a load deep inside. Another guy comes over to me and sucks my cock hard. He wants me to fuck him and breed him. We are on the bed in the second room and I get on top. I am thrusting and pumping my cock in and out. It feels so fucking good. My cum blasts out of my cock. More guys come into the room and start rutting. A three way is in front of me. I watch as the top goes from hole to hole as the two bottoms are side by side with their feet in the air. I lose track of them as my cock is gently sucked again. My bud #1 is sucking me. He has a guy rimming his ass as he sucks me. The rimming guy gets on top and fucks #1 and loads him up. I take a break to get something to drink. More fucking and sucking all around me. Another mouth is on my cock getting me hard so it can slide inside another warm hole. All in all I give out 4 loads and have fucked at least 6 guys. I lost count to be honest. After about 4 hours of fucking and cumming. I wash off and get dressed. There still are guys fucking around me. Lots of hot bare cocks inside bare hole. Some guys are getting dressed and leaving. I say goodbye and head out the door. What a great night!
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    The Super Bowl went on and on, and the guys got drunker and drunker. It was obvious that some of them were about to lose a ton of money and were drinking their blues away. Others were about to win big and wanted to celebrate. But everyone was drinking. Brent pulled Jason aside and explained the rest of the night: "When the game is over, I'm going to have to pay out a lot of money. I might make money tonight, and I might lose money tonight. Your job is to make sure I don't lose money. At the end of the night, I'm going to auction off your virginity. And one of these guys is going to get to use you. I'll keep 80% and you keep 20%. I figure your virginity will go for around 10 or 15k, so that will get you what you need to pay off your credit card. Deal?" Jason nodded silently and went back to serving drinks. As the game neared its end, Brent brought him over to a table. He had Jason lay down on his back on the table, then Brent handcuffed Jason's arms to the legs of the table so they were spread wide, and he tied Jason's legs back over his head so his hole was out for everyone to see. When the game was over, there was a lot of cheering. And then Brent stood up and began the auction, "As you know, gents, our boy tonight is an 18 year old virgin. He says he's straight, but you all saw him suck a dick earlier, so that's bullshit. The winner gets to "deflower" him however he wants. Rough, gentle, anything is fair game. You can give him a great first time or tear his hole apart. I don't care. And the best part is he isn't on prep!" The men cheered. Jason didn't understand what that meant. Brent continued, "Take a few minutes to look him over. You can touch, but nothing goes in his hole yet. The bidding will start soon." And with that, the men circled up around him. They were groping him even more, and they were feeling his hole. "Fuck he's tight," on of them yelled for the room to hear. "I'm going to tear him apart," another guy growled. Jason was terrified. Brent just stood back and smiled. (to be continued)
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    Chapter 32 Mitch Hi guys, I need to hijack the story for a bit to bring you up to speed with me, Scotty will be back shortly. Here's the deal. When I met Scotty all those years ago I had the biggest crush on him. One of my biggest regrets was not following through with our planned three-way, so when I looked across the room today and saw him sitting there looking hotter than ever, I knew I had to talk to him or I'd never forgive myself. I was thrilled how things went from there and couldn't believe how much both of us had evolved into sluts in such a short time. I hadn't given much thought to my status over the last year as I've become a no load refused guy. I never asked any of my hookups their status, I just didn't care. I few guys would be vocal and say things like, 'take my dirty load', and 'hope you like my gift you dumb fuck', so I was pretty sure I'd taken a poz load or two but honestly I didn't care. I'd never gotten sick so I didn't know if I'd been knocked up or not; however, spending time with Scotty got me thinking and now I was really curious to know my status. After the panel discussion I started heading to the next session but I couldn't get poz Scotty's out of my mind and my dick was rock hard. Fuck it, I wanted to know if I was. I'd seen a couple pharmacies close to the hotel so I figured what the hell. The second store I went to had one test left. I grabbed it and headed back to the hotel. I was a horny nervous wreck while I waited for the results. I didn't know which I wanted more, to already be poz or to be neg so Scotty could knock me up. Scotty I went back to my room and grabbed a quick shower then headed back down to the conference. As the last session of the day was wrapping up I received a text from Mitch. 'Can't stop thinking about this afternoon.' 'Me either.' I took a quick pic of my crotch where you could plainly see the outline of my hard dick and sent it to him. 'That's your fault.' 'Mmm! I'll gladly take responsibility for that. Looks like you could use a warm hole right about now.' 'Don't suppose you're up for a repeat?' 'I'm headed to my room now. Last one there bottoms first.' I didn't even try to hide my bulge as I grabbed my bag and headed to the elevators. I heard a few snickers as I passed by but I didn't care I was a man on a mission. My timing was perfect as I reached the elevator to find him waiting there. When he saw me his face broke into a big grin. He whispered in my ear, "since I made it to the elevator first technically I won, so I get your ass first." "I can live with that. But if this fucking elevator doesn't arrive soon you're going to have to breed me right here." Luckily the doors opened right then and we all loaded in the car. It took every ounce of self control to keep our hands off of each other. The second we were inside his room he ripped my shirt off sending my buttons flying across the room. "Fuck I don't know what it is about you that makes me so damn horny but I need inside that poz ass so bad." "Easy tiger, let me get my pants off first, I really like this pair and would rather you didn't ruin them too," I said laughing. "Sorry about your shirt but seriously man you need to be naked now." I quickly stripped and went for his mouth. He kissed me hard and deep like a man dying of thirst. He broke away, looked at me with hunger in his eyes and said, "bed, stomach, now." I assumed the position spreading my legs to give him access. I expected to feel his dick entering my hole but instead was pleasantly surprised to feel his beard on my hole as his tongue started to probe inside me. "Fuck you taste good, nothing better than a cummy hole." "Oh my god yes," I cried out, "eat my ass." He continued rimming my sensitive hole for another twenty minutes until I couldn't take it any longer. "Fuck me, need ahhh, cock ahh, now," I managed to stutter as I was grasping for breath. "You want me to fuck you?" "Yes!" I screamed out. He flipped me over onto my back and slammed his hard dick all the way in letting out a loud groan as he bottomed out. "Fuck, you have an amazing ass." He started pounding me into submission, damn he was good. "I'm getting close slut, you ready for my load?" "Fucking give it to me!" I said wrapping my legs around him pulling him into me. I felt his dick spasming releasing his load deep inside me. As soon as his dick started to soften and leave my ass I rolled us over so I was now on top. Without missing a beat I place my extremely hard cock right at his hole and sinked into his tight body. "That's it stud, my turn to take your toxic load. Fuck me hard." Now don't get me wrong I love orgies, nothing hotter than a group of hot sweaty bodies exchanging loads but there's something so intimate about just two guys who are so into each other. As I was moving in and out of his ass I leaned down and started kissing Mitch. There was something so intense about our connection I couldn't get enough of him. He kissed me back, putting his hands on my face looking deep into my eyes. "Give me your strain you fucking poz stud, recharge my ass." With that my dick exploded shooting one of my biggest loads deep inside his ass. I gave him a deep kiss as my dick was slowly deflating. "Fuck that was hot when you told me to recharge your ass." "Mmm glad you liked that, seems this past year I managed to get myself knocked up." "Wait, what, how, I'm confused." He laughed, "after our first fuck I couldn't stop thinking about your poz cock and wondering what my status was so after my panel discussion was over I ran to the pharmacy and got a rapid test." He reached over to the bedside table and grabbed the test strip. There, clear as day were two beautiful lines. "Well fuck me! Isn't that the hottest thing ever," I said kissing him again. "I have to say I'm a little disappointed I don't get to be the one to knock you up but on the other hand, there's nothing sexier than fucking another poz guy." I was sitting on top of him and could feel his cock growing against my back. I lifted up and sat back down on his dick. "Mmm, you like my poz dick in your ass? Damn I like saying that, my poz dick." "Yeah you fucking slut I love your poz dick. Now give me another load." "I've had a lot of sex but holy shit that was wow," he said as I collapsed next him after he finished giving me anther load. "God, intense right?" "Yes! Damn I wonder how long I've been poz." "Mmm, I wonder how many sluts you've knocked up and didn't even know it." "Oh fuck l didn't even think of that. Damn that's hot." We laid there for awhile chatting while he ran his hand up and down my tats. "You really like my tats huh?" "Oh yeah! Nothing turns me on more than a hot guy with tattoos." "We need to get you some of your own. You'll have to come up to the city and visit me some weekend and I'll take you to my guy. You'll like him, he's as big a slut as we are." He started chuckling. "What's so funny?" "I just realized we've been a little preoccupied so I never told you, I'm not in Florida anymore. I transferred to your city about six months ago." He had a big grin on his face. "Fuck, are you serious?" "Yep, I'm in the East Village." "Well damn! You've been blocks away from me for six months. Too funny." "I kept hoping I would run into you but nope it took us flying to the other side of the country to finally hookup." "Well you were definitely worth the wait." My phone buzzed so I looked and saw a text from Brandon wanting to know if we were going to the closing night party. "Everything okay," he asked. "Yep just Brandon asking about the party tonight." I looked at the clock and saw it was almost seven. "Fuck, I suppose we should take a break and make an appearance. Oh and then you can introduce me to your boy from last night. I'd love to add my toxic cum to his sloppy cunt later." "Great idea but I think we should probably rinse off first. We smell like sex." I sent Brandon a text telling him we'd meet him downstairs in about a half hour. I reached my hand out to Mitch and lead him to the bathroom. "Okay, let's go get clean so we can get dirty later."
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    Part 3. "He's mine". I looked down at that beautiful boy with my charged up dick and pubes grinding against his boy pussy lips. Grinding into him I could feel another urge taking over. Pulling out and hearing a loud plop as his hole struggled to shut quickly I jammed 3 fingers inside and gave him his next command. - "Wrap those legs around my lower back pig, I wanna flood you" His legs slid down my shoulders and wrapped around me with my vice grip and fingers up his cunt and my other hand pulling his lower back up to me and carried him over to my bathroom giant shower floor. Setting him down onto my shower mat he was on all 4's, panting, rocking like a pup in heat still. His mind was still not even there. I wanted to see his eyes one more time before his sweet mind was ruined. Back on his back I mounted him and buried my cock inside. "Give this cunt to me fully boy, relax.... there you go...open up. I wanna get this in you deep. You'd like that wouldn't you faggot?" He nodded and pulsed his hole as I felt my balls rest against his cheeks. I wiped the sweat from his face and held his sweaty head looking into his eyes. "Boy I want you feel the heat. We're not quite where you need to be yet." I held his face into my pits and gave another command, "Lick my fucking ripe pits clean". Kid nearly pulled my sweaty pit hair out from under my arms and lapped me up hungrily. (Now's the time) I start to let go of my chem piss and gently rubbed my lips against his, slowly licking up to his ear and gave him a preview of his future life. "This heat in your hole is going to fuck you up beyond belief. But it's good for you slut." His head started to roll back and eyes into back of his head. I flexed my cock inside him and unloaded another large burst of piss and slowly was fucking it into his hole. "Just let it happen, give in baby." I started to suckin on his neck as the last of my bladder emptied inside his full whore belly. His body got super hot and his eyes were nearly completely black. "If you want this dick back inside you, you gotta push that all for me pig." (I slipped 2 fingers in letting out some of it onto the floor and egged the fucker on). "PUSH FAGGOT". The flow exploded into the floor as the shower washed us down. Even in the water he was still sweating. I helped the gone slut and had him hold onto 2 handles bolted into the shower wall and then locked his hands to them. Kicking his feet apart I rammed my dick inside and pounded his boy cunt and split his ass open. His head was swaying with utteral moans and pig talk, "FUck me Sir. Fill my FUCKING HOLE...oh god..." he was pushing his ass back onto my dick. (Fuck yeah i'm getting close with this neg cunt gripping down hard). I kept pumping him in a hard rhythm. I wanted him to remember this for the rest of his whore life. The feeling was building up from my balls and into the base of my shaft. I started to slow down my strokes and wanted him to think I was making love to him. I ran my hands up the front of his chest and pulled him into me and leaned over him slowly grinding into his cunt as I got next to his ear again. Only words he was saying now was "Fuck yea, fuck me, oh god yes please more" - "This cock is ganna poz your hole boy. You want this seed to change you forever faggot?" (He continued to bounce into me sending me over the edge muttering fuck over and over) "Here's your reward slut!" The first blast nearly made my fall on top of the whore. It's like some fire was lit in my gut and I needed to fill him with everything I had. I kept bottoming out as deep as his hole would let me and blew blast over blast of toxic cum putting the words to his mind as it swirled. "Good job boy, you're poz now. Such a beautiful poz whore who needs more loads. Don't you boy? Squeeze that hole on my dick and milk out the last of it." He closed his eyes and tightened it down as I slid it slowly in and out, continuing to pulse as he was filled. I undid his hand restraints and washed each other off, sliding the butt plug into his hole as it snapped into place to hold that charged seed deep. He was more than good for now. We dried off and he stumbled and fell onto the bed and got on his stomach, reaching under his cock and felt for the plug and began pumping it in and out of his hole. I called my dealer back on facetime and showed him what was waiting for him. The boy began rocking in the bed. "Man, i'm busting the pussy open and fisting my cum into him in about 30 minutes. If you can cum again I'll want that rubbed over my wrist as I dig in deeper. Keep that crushed up t on standby. This boy ain't coming down anytime soon."
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    I was still unsure about my decision, but I didn't know what else to do. Brad jumped up, walked toward me and kissed me. I pulled away. "I'm not so sure about this. I don't know about going to a sex club. This is really more than I bargained for," I said with trepidation in my voice. "No," he replied, "this is exactly what you bargained for." I thought for a moment and realized he was right. But I still wasn't sure about this. I looked down at the floor. My nerves were getting the best of me. Brad grabbed my arm and said, "Don't worry about it, man. Everyone experiments in college. And it's not like there are even going to be a bunch of guys down there. It's 11pm. They're all going home to go to sleep now." He was lying to me, but in my head it made sense. I nodded, and together we turned and walked out the door. We got in the elevator and he started rubbing my dick. I'll admit it felt good. Really good. I heard the elevator ding, and the door opened. I pulled away from Brad. We weren't in the lobby. We were back on the roof. He pulled me to the bar and ordered more drinks. "Hey!" I protested, but he put his finger to my lips and said I'd thank him later. I wasn't sure what that meant. He kept getting me drinks and shots. Guys kept coming up to us, and Brad would whisper something in their ear and they'd go away. I was getting drunk and didn't realize he was telling them I'd be downstairs naked soon. We drank for a while, and then he leaned in and kissed me. "It's time," he said, "come with me." We got back in the elevator. All eyes were on us. As soon as the door closed again, he was on me. We were making out hard. He was rubbing my dick. I was dizzy, and disoriented, and I was getting hard fast. When the elevator stopped, it wasn't in the lobby, it was in a small waiting area with a window and a door. He walked up to the window and talked to the guy on the other side in German. He gave him some money and we showed our ID's, and he buzzed us into the door. There was a small waiting room on the other side, and then a hallway, and then the locker room. "Strip," Brad said authoritatively. And I did. I started to put my shoes back on once I was naked, but Brad stopped me. "You get to go barefoot. You're a nasty fucker tonight, boy," he said. He locked my clothes in a locker and I didn't see the code he put in. He could tell that made me nervous. "Just in case you decide to leave before we're done with you, boy," he explained, "you can go whenever you want, but you can't have your clothes back until you're good and fucked." Another guy walked into the locker room and looked me up and down. I tried to turn to hide myself from him and Brad laughed. "Come with me," he said, and we walked down another hallway. There were little rooms everywhere. And guys kept coming and going in and out of them. There were a ton of guys there. Way more than I thought. They were good looking though. Mostly 30's and 40's, in good shape. We walked into a big, open room, and there were guys all around. Some were getting sucked off. Some were fucking. Some were jerking. And some were just standing around watching or talking. There must have been 30 guys just in that room. Brad looked like a kid in a candy store. "This is just the beginning," he said, "There's another floor below us with a maze and another big room. There's a dark room, and a sauna. This place is huge. And it's packed tonight." He grinned, and before I knew what was happening, he leaned over, grabbed my wrist, and I heard the clicking of his cuffs again. The room heard it too and erupted in cheers. He pushed me over to a big sling in the middle of the room and cuffed my wrist to one of the loops, then he pushed me up into it and cuffed my other wrist. Then both my ankles. The room was spinning. And I was naked, with my legs in the air, my virgin ass exposed to dozens of sleazy guys, and no way out. I closed my eyes for a minute, hoping I'd wake up from this bad dream. But I didn't. Instead, hands started groping me. Lots of them. I started to protest and felt a hard slap across my face. Then someone stuffed something in my mouth. I looked in front of me and saw Brad, naked, lining up his dick to my hole. I pleaded with my eyes not to, but he didn't care. "Should I give him lube, boys?" he yelled. A resounding, "Fuck no!" rang out in the room, and he slammed his dick inside me as I screamed with pain into my gag.
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    I was there for probably thirty minutes before I heard anything--enough time to thoroughly wallow in how much I hated myself for this. But, I kept telling myself, I needed the money. And then, Brad walked back through the door with another guy. The only light they turned on was a little lamp by the door, but I could see well enough. He must have been 35-40 years old, and very hot in a nerdy kind of way. He wasn't ripped, but he had a tight body. He wasn't tall but he wasn't short. He wasn't hairy, but he wasn't smooth. And, as I would learn later, he wasn't particularly hung, but his dick wasn't anything to scoff at either. He had brown hair, slicked to one side in a hipster kind of way, and black framed glasses. He wore jeans and a tight t-shirt. And his eyes... the closer he got the better I could see them. Bluish-grey and piercing. Wow. If I was ever going to go gay for someone, it would have been someone like him. He said something in German, and Brad stepped in to tell me what was going to happen. His name was Jonas, and he wanted a blowjob. I started to panic, but Brad calmed me down and assured me it would be fine. Nothing like Hans. He said that Jonas would be gentle. I believed him. Jonas didn't look dangerous or dominant or anything. He just looked like a nice guy who wanted a blowjob and then to go play some video games. I agreed. Jonas said something else in German, and this time it made Brad look a little nervous. I could tell he was thinking something over. Then he walked over to me, sat down and asked, "If I take the cuffs off, you promise you'll go the full 10 minutes? Jonas says he's not into bondage." Whew. That made me feel better. "Sure," I said, "I'm in." Brad uncuffed me and I got on my knees. Jonas smiled as he walked up, and not a deviant smile either--a nice one. I pulled down his jeans without even removing his shirt and took him into my mouth soft. His dick grew fast as I sucked. This was nothing like Hans. Brad was right. Jonas didn't smell like ball sweat, he smelled clean and fresh. He wasn't pushing down my throat, he was gentler. He never once slapped me. He played with my hair and caressed my cheek while he stared at me with those piercing blue eyes. He was bigger than I'd estimated--he grew a lot when he got hard. Maybe seven inches, but really thick. I was happy he hadn't wanted to fuck me. I sucked him slowly, using my tongue a lot. His moaning picked up pace, and before long, he started to buck into my mouth a little bit. It had only been a few minutes, but I was pretty sure I had him. I kept going, and after about another minute, he let out the loudest moan I'd ever heard and came in my mouth. There was no way I was making the same mistake twice. I swallowed it all. And there was a lot of it too. It wasn't that bad, honestly. I didn't get why girls complained about swallowing. Jonas smiled at me, leaned down to kiss me, pulled his jeans back up, and waved goodbye as he walked past Brad and out the door. Brad pulled another $500 out of his pocket and slipped it into the pocket of my jeans across the room with the other money. "That wasn't bad," I said. "Wow, faggot, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you liked it," Brad quipped back with a joking smile. He made me get back on the bed and laid down with me. We made out for a while and he touched me all over. His hands were electric as they ran softly over my chest. After a while, he picked his head up, looked intently in my eyes and asked the big question: "Again?" I nodded in approval. His demeanor changed. This time, he walked me out to the middle of the room away from the bed, and rather than using handcuffs, he tied my wrists to a loop on the ceiling with rope. He told me to get on my knees and put my hands over my head. Then he told me to spread my legs out. He tied my wrists and pulled the rope so my arms were stretched tight. Then I heard the clicking of the cuffs. He was fastenting my ankles to loops in the floor. What the fuck was about to happen to me? He could see my mind working, and said, "That's what you get when you spring for the penthouse suite at a gay hotel with a bath house in the basement... a bondage setup." He finished getting me all tied down, and then he took off his underwear and stuffed them in my mouth. He duct taped them in and stepped back to view his work. As Brad checked his knots and looked me over, he casually explained, "This next one is going to be rough, boy. He's been wanting to get at you all night. And I'm going to be honest. He wants to hurt you. He loves making boys like you scream. He'll make Hans look like a puppy. But if you agree and win, I'll give you $2k." Initially, I was panicked. I shook my head no, as if I had a choice. But when he said $2k, he could see I was starting to consider it. "3k then," he said confidently. What's the big deal, I reasoned to myself internally. So he wants to spank me or something. How bad could it be? $3k in addition to the $1k I already had would get me enough money to get home. I hung my head low and nodded to him. "Good boy," he said back as he walked back out the door. And as it closed behind him, I immediately knew that I was in over my head.
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    I grew up on a farm never knowing my father only my mother. We raised some crops to eat as we are vegetarians so no meat for us. We would go to town once or twice a year to pick up supplies, my Mother would not let me talk to others as she said they were evil people. We had no TV , Internet Telephone or a radio in the house. I was homeschooled by my mother with the few books we had. A few days after I turned 18 Mother became really sick, so all I could do is go down to the road and flag down a car for help as a state trooper stop then called the ambulance. While at the hospital a man came up to me and said he was my uncle on my father side and stood by me while I waited for news about my mother. I was told by my uncle that Mother was dead and I was to go with him. In the car we drove back to the farm so I could collect my things, but my uncle was really looking through my mothers papers. Once he found them he told me I will be getting new clothes where we are going so I won't need the rage I have. We drove for 2 days until we came to my uncles home, it was a big building and he said it was all his. Once inside there was this boy Jess who is about me age . Jess was naked and hairless except for the cage on his cock and the metal collar around his neck, Uncle kiss him and ask is everything is ready, yes uncle. Jess ask if I wanted a glass of juice, I said yes, as I drank it it tasted funny with a metallic taste but I was thirsty , a few minutes later I could barely stand, as uncle and Jess help me to the basement.
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    Ben pushed with all his weight and just a little bit of spit for lube. He was trying to hurt the boy. He only got a couple inches inside him, but Jason had never felt pain like this in his life. He screamed out as loud as he could and writhed in their hands. One of the men holding him down stuffed a pair of underwear in Jason's mouth to muffle him. The other guys laughed. Ben pulled back out, which hurt Jason even worse. Something about his hole trying to tighten back up, he guessed. He hadn't known what to expect, but it wasn't this. He had never expected it would be this bad. "Fuck he's tight!" Ben yelled to the room, "I'm going for blood this time, gents!" And they erupted in cheers and whistles. "Poz him!" one of the guys yelled. That caught Jason's attention, but he didn't know what it meant. As he looked around, he saw the other guys had mostly stripped and were jerking off watching him. He saw more scorpion tattoos. And a bunch of the biohazard symbol. Maybe they were some kind of club, he guessed. Just then, Ben went back for another thrust. He shoved himself into Jason with all his might. Tears streamed from Jason's eyes. He sobbed and begged through the undies stuffed in his mouth for them to stop. Ben looked to Brent, who shook his head no, and then he shoved again even harder. This time, Ben and Jason both felt a distinct tear, and Jason knew what had happened. Searing pain shot through his body and he screamed louder than he'd ever screamed before. Ben leaned over him so their faces were just inches apart, smiled, and gave another shove. Ben looked down to see that even after all that effort, his dick was only about halfway inside Jason. He pulled out again and smeared the blood from his dick on Jason's face, slapping him with his cock. Ben looked down at him and said, "If you want any more lube, I'd suggest you suck it." And Jason took it in his mouth for a while. He tried to get the cock as slobbery as possible. Then, Ben pulled his dick away from the boy's red-stained lips, and lined back up at his hole. With one giant thrust, he pushed all the way inside Jason, tearing him even worse. And he began to pummel him like a worthless whore. Jason just cried softly in defeat and pain. It went on for about 20 minutes. A few different positions. A lot of pain. And a truly gaped, broken, bleeding hole. Finally Ben began to grunt. He put Jason on his back again, and started fucking him hard and deep. He was getting ready to cum. He leaned in and whispered in Jason's ear, "Want to know what the scorpion means? It means I've got HIV. We all do. Every one of us here. And every year before the Super Bowl, we all go off our meds to try to poz the waiter Brent gets for us. Hope you got the money you needed. Because you earned everything you're getting tonight." Jason's face went pale, and he panicked. "Please, no," was all he could get out. Just then, Ben pushed balls deep inside him with all his might, tearing Jason's destroyed hole even worse, and he shot a massive load in the boy's once-virgin hole. He pulled out of the boy and looked at him. Pathetic. Blood smeared across his face. Cum from some of the bystanders on his chest. More cum leaking out of the boy's hole. He looked at Jason with contempt and disgust, slapped him across the face, and then kissed him deeply. Then he put his clothes back on, thanked Brent, paid him, and left. Jason laid there on the couch in disbelief while the other guys jerked off. A couple of them made him suck them off. He swallowed their loads too. One licked the boy's ass, but it hurt Jason too much, so he stopped. When they had all cum, put on their clothes, and left, Jason was left there with Brent. Brent took him to the same shower as before, cleaned him up, and gave him back his clothes from the safe. Then he sat Jason on the couch, cuddled up next to him, and caressed him, kissing him softly. "Well done," said Brent reassuringly, "You didn't earn all of the money you need, but I can help you earn the rest. Stay here with me tonight. We'll talk in the morning." And he ushered Jason to his bedroom, where the two fell asleep in each other's arms. (to be continued)
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    As Jason pulled up to the house, he was trembling. It wasn't cold outside, but he was literally shivering. He sat in his Jeep and focused on his breathing to calm himself. Brent hadn't seemed like a bad person, after all. He just wasn't willing to break the rules--Jason knew the no refund rule when he signed up for the site. He just didn't think he'd lose. Anyway, he didn't have a choice now. He was weeks away from getting a credit card bill he couldn't pay. He needed Brent's money. He'd worn trainers like Brent had on at the coffee shop, and he didn't wear any underwear. Now he was regretting it. He had a chub and he was worried it was obvious. He had on a simple t-shirt and sneakers. Nothing fancy. He figured since Brent was so casual last time, it would be ok. Jason walked to the door and rang the bell. He was surprised how nice the place was. The website must make a lot of money. The house was huge. And right on the beach strip. It looked pretty new, and it was modern in design. Lots of glass. It must have cost at least a couple million. Brent came to the door looking dapper--light brown oxfords, purple socks, light grey pants and a button down that gripped his abs perfectly. He took one look at Jason and laughed, "Really decided to class it up, huh boy?" Jason blushed and felt embarrassed, but Brent ushered him inside. "It doesn't matter," he said as soon as the door was shut, "you'll be naked anyway. Get your fucking clothes off." They stood together for a minute in the foyer. Jason couldn't believe how rude Brent was. He ignored him. "What am I going to have to do tonight?" Jason asked timidly. Brent replied, "For a fucking start, get your fucking clothes off. And don't make me ask twice again." Brent scared him a little bit, and Jason hesitantly complied. He stripped by the front door and handed his trainers, t-shirt, shoes, and socks to Brent who was waiting for them. "Didn't even wear undies, huh slut?" Brent laughed again. Brent walked into the study, which was right by the entryway, and put Jason's clothes in a safe and locked it. "You can have those back when you're done tonight," he said matter of factly. Jason started to get even more nervous. They walked together into the living room. Jason's boner had gone down now. He was too scared to be turned on, even though he was naked. The living room was massive, with high ceilings and a full wall of windows. Jason was worried about being seen by someone outside, but there wasn't much he could do about it. There was a bar and a massive TV--it had to be 80" or more. But there were no other guys there. Just the two of them. That made Jason feel a little bit better. Brent walked over to him and began to touch him. Jason shuddered. Brent felt Jason's abs, which were toned and sexy. He touched Jason's butt, and even worked his fingers to rubbing Jason's tight 18 year old hole a bit. Then he got on his knees and kissed Jason's legs. And then his nipples. Brent ran his fingers through Jason's hair, and Jason realized he was hard again. Jason thought Brent was about to kiss him, but instead, he took the boy by the hand and lead him to a bathroom. He turned on the shower and said, "Get cleaned up. The other men will be here soon. Oh, and if you want to make that $3k tonight, you'll need to give up that tight virgin hole of yours. So use this hose and get it nice and clean inside." Jason got in the shower and Brent left to go get a few things ready. He heard people coming in as he showered. Lots of people. He tried to calm his anxieties by turning his attention to the hose. He'd never cleaned his hole before, but he figured it out. The rush of warm water felt intense. And good. As he cleaned up, he couldn't help but think how tight his hole was. Thinking of getting fucked was scary. He tried to put his finger in his hole, but it hurt too much. He used some conditioner as lube and tried again, but it still hurt too much. Oh well. By that point, he was clean all over, inside and out. He stepped out of the shower, dried off with a towel, and used a drier for his hair. Then he nervously walked back into the living room with the towel on. As he stepped into the room, the guys erupted in cheers. There were at least thirty men there, all in their 30's and 40's, and fairly attractive. Brent walked over to him and pulled the towel off angrily. The cheers got even louder. Then they went back to their conversations. Brent led him to the bar and told him he'd be bartending the first half of the night. "Get some drinks out there," he said sternly, "I'll give you $500 just for bartending. More if you do a good job and don't put up a fight when the guys want to touch." Jason started walking around and asking what the guys wanted and bringing back beers and whiskeys. As he walked around the house, the men groped him, making rude comments about his body. "You got a sexy boy this time," one of them yelled to Brent. Another leaned into Jason's ear and whispered that Jason's ass was going to get used. But most of the guys just called him names like 'slut' and 'whore' as he walked past, slapping his ass or cupping his balls or pinching his nipples. After a while, Brent quieted everyone down and welcomed them. Based on what Brent was saying, Jason guessed that this was an annual event, with more people invited every year. And he also guessed that there was always a boy in his role. Brent announced that the game was about to start and explained the betting. He told the guys what bets they could place, the odds, and how much they could wager. He explained that he'd be taking the bets and keeping track of the cash. And then the guys started calling out their wagers. Brent's mouth hit the ground. They were betting tens of thousands of dollars, each trying to outdo the guy before. They were seriously competitive. When the game started the betting was closed, and Brent pulled Jason aside. "Go get on your knees in front of Danny and suck him off," he told the boy, pointing to a guy about 40 years old, fit, and tall. "He was the highest better," Brent explained, "It's one of our traditions. You'll learn the others soon enough." Jason shook his head no, but before he could get the words out, Brent added, "I'll give you another $200." Jason walked over to Danny with his head hung low and looked at him. "Get on your knees. Stop blocking the game," Danny said abruptly, and Jason obliged. The guys ignored him as he took out Danny's cock and started to suck. They were focused on the game. Jason took his cock into his mouth. It tasted salty, and it was oozing precum. He sucked and sucked, and finally he heard a little moan, and Danny came in his mouth. Remembering, Brent's comment about swallowing last time, he swallowed it all down, zipped up Danny's pants, and walked back to the bar. "Not bad," said Brent, as Danny gave him a thumbs up from across the room. "You've got $700 now. Only $2300 to go," he said sarcastically. And Jason hung his head in shame.
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    I woke up with a raging hardon in the morning and remember the dream I just had in which my new roommates were fucking me at both ends. The sun was just starting to rise and there was just enough light for me to look over at the shared bed of my roomies and was turned on, even more, when I saw they were both naked and one of them had their cock buried in the others ass and the one I could see was rock hard. It took all my energy not to go over there at that moment and take it down my throat so I quickly grabbed my shower stuff and a towel and went to the bathroom to take a shower and to relive my throbbing boner. Once in the shower, I replayed the scene in my room and made the change that I was in the middle of the two of them while they pumped their cocks in me at both ends. I used the wash I brought in and started to finger my hole and when I got three fingers in there I was once again interrupted by the sounds of the door opening up to tell me that another visitor has come in just like at the rest stop. I stopped what I was doing so I wouldn't make too much noise and let them know what I was up to. The shower curtain next to me opened up and I looked down and saw two sets of feet walk into the shower together and low and behold I could see the Taraus tattoo on the feet of both of my roommates and I almost came right there and then. I tried to concentrate on what I was doing when I saw both of their feet come under the stall and tap three times in unison and I couldn't pass this oppritunity so of course I tapped again like the rest stop. I looked for anything that would slide away but there wasn't one so I was confused as to how we were going to do this. I saw one of their hands appear under the stall so I took the hint and slid my ass under the stall with the top half of my body staying on my side. I loved the feeling of their hands probing my ass, spreading my cheeks and probing it with their finger and happy for the play time right before. Shortly after the probing a pair of the hands made the attempt to turn me over so I rolled onto my back so now my cock was available to the hunky twins playing with me. My eyes rolled in my head when I felt the two tounges running up the shaft of my seven inches and swirling around the tip of my cock before one of them engulphed it straight to the base in one swoop. The sensation was too overwelming I came in an instant shooting a good seven vollyes of cum down their throat. Once the intense orgasm was over I could feel the mouth be removed but I was still horny for more so my cock was still rock hard. My legs were raised in the air and I started to feel the brush of one of their cocks on my hole and I was lost in such pleasure to realise that one of them left the shower stall and walked over to mine just as the cock that was teasing my hole plunged inside in one great thrust causing me to gasp and open my eyes to the sight of one of the studs watching my reaction and storking his oozing cock. I looked at all of the precum that was dripping down the shaft of the gingers cock and making my mouth water. Once my utter shock was turned to a steady stream of moans the ginger stud fed me his whole cock that I took straight to his balls. I was so turned on that my fantasy that i just thought of happening was going on it triggered another breathtakeing orgasam and all i could do was clench and moan with my throat full of cock and clench with my ass just as full and I could feel the twins both loading me from each end at the exact same time. They both started to pull out and I was breathing heavly once I could and could feel and hear the pop of his brother's cock leaving my ass. Well brother I guess we have a roommate that will make the year at college very intersting. I could hear the other twin walk over and was happy to see the look of pleasure and surprise on his face as well and all I could do was smile and nod. Well boys once I found out who was at the rest stop i knew only once wouldn't be enough. They both looked surprised at eachother and smiled ear to ear. Well rommie get ready for more and welcome to our club they said at the same time and they both spread their assess and there I saw two matching biohazard tattoos over their holes and I was shocked more that I missed them let alone got bred by them on top of it. Once we were done in the shower we went back to our room and they went into the story of how they both wound up poz. They told me that they had been going to allot of the bathhouses off campus and that their father owned all of them and how he brought us to his most seedy one when we came of age and he made sure to have planned a conversion theme night to bring his boys into the family. They had been the center of attention for that night and was paraded around the place for everyone to see the fresh neg meat ready to be pozzed. Their dad made sure each of the guys at the bathhouse fucked his sons at least once and they all made sure to do so and come back for seconds until they all felt that they successfully impregnated the twins to their hearts desire. As soon as they were all done their dad took them straight to a tattoo parlor where he knew the artist specialized in biohazard tattoos and marked his only sons with their soon to be new status. Chuck the artist smiled as they walked in and was happy to start after dumping his dna to the mix and started with the first one as their father fucked one of them while they watched.
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    Chapter 19 I'd been home for a couple of months now and life had returned to a mostly normal routine of work, hanging with friends and lots of sex. I was busy but happy. The only thing bugging me now was my housing situation. When I first moved to the city I'd thought I'd found the perfect place but turns out my building had a lot of issues I wasn't aware of not to mention with my office's recent relocation to a different neighborhood it took me a lot longer to commute each day, so I'd decided to find a new place. I talked with Scotty and he was kind enough to hook me up with the real estate agent he'd used a few years ago. Lucas and I had been corresponding by email for a couple weeks so I wasn't really prepared for when we finally met. It was safe to say Scotty had definitely left out a few things. He was fucking gorgeous. He was tall, had to be close to 6'6" and didn't look like he had an ounce of fat on his tight muscular body, I hated him already. I guessed he was somewhere in his late twenties with short dark brown hair styled in a messy way that made him look even hotter. He had dark green eyes with a strong jaw line that was sporting a couple days worth of stubble. I had no idea if he was gay or not and frankly didn't really care, I'd bend over for this guy anytime. I learned he also had a deep sexy voice and firm grip when he greeted me and shook my hand. "Hi Kevin, it's great to finally meet you." "You too Lucas." Damn I could get lost in those eyes, fuck I needed to focus. "So I've got a couple of places I think you'll like," he said as we entered the first building and headed up to the apartment. "It's on the tenth floor, has one bedroom one bathroom but it's pretty big by city standards." He opened the door for me and let me enter first. As I walked past him I took a deep breath, fuck me, he even smelled good. The apartment was nice but just didn't speak to me so we left and headed to the next building. As we were riding down the elevator we kept stopping at almost every floor to pick up people. Pretty soon Lucas and I were smashed up against the back wall of the elevator. We stopped on the third floor and one more guy got on. I was forced to shift over a little and found myself with my back to Lucas. Okay so yes, I might have taken advantage of the situation and leaned back into him a bit. As we neared the lobby I swear I could feel something start to poke me in my ass so of course I pressed back even more. All too soon we reached the lobby and everyone emptied out. I glanced at Lucas's crotch and noticed he was definitely growing down there. "So how do you know Scotty," he asked as we started walking the couple of blocks to the next building. "God, I've known Scotty for years." "Oh cool, so did you guys ever date?" I started chuckling. "Oh god sorry, I just assumed you were gay like Scotty." "Oh Lucas you're fine, I am gay. I'm laughing because I can't picture Scotty ever dating anyone. That boy likes to fuck way too much to ever settle down with one guy and if he ever did, his partner would have to be as big a whore as he is." He was smiling, "you have a good point. I've heard rumors about him, just wasn't sure if they were true." "So you guys never hooked up then?" "No we had a very professional relationship. Honestly I haven't really seen him other than in passing for the last couple of years." "Ahh, well trust me if you worked with him now I'm sure he'd have you naked in seconds fucking your amazing ass." He grinned at me, "I don't get fucked but it's nice to know you think my ass is amazing." We'd reached the next building and the doorman let us in before I had a chance to respond. "Okay so this is another one bed one bath apartment with a recently renovated kitchen." "Great can't wait to see it and yes your ass is amazing," I said as I exited the elevator. He opened the door to the apartment and again stepped aside to let me enter first. This time as I moved by him I made sure to graze the front of his pants with my hand, "nice crotch too." Damn, I liked this apartment. It had an open concept so it made the space feel bigger than it was. The bedroom wasn't huge but it was still a good size. The owner had already moved out so the space was empty. "What do you think of the place?" "It's perfect." "The previous owner moved out of state and it's been on the market for awhile so I think they're pretty motivated to sell." "I think this is the one, I'd like to make an offer." "Excellent." He was grinning from ear to ear. "Fuck you are so handsome." My cock was starting to grow. He noticed and his grin got even bigger. "So tell me Kevin, are you as big a slut as Scotty?" "Hmm not sure anyone's as slutty as he is but I certainly try my best. So does your office have a policy about fucking around with clients?" I moved closer so I was standing right in front of him. "They certainly do. However, I feel very strongly about making sure my customers always have a positive home buying experience and I'm prepared to help them achieve that anyway I can." With that he grabbed my crotch, leaned down and gave me kiss. He broke off the kiss and placed his hands my shoulders pushing me down to my knees. "Take my cock out and show me just how slutty you really are." I undid his pants releasing a huge 9" throbbing cock that was already leaking a ton of precum. "Ahh fuck, that's it get him nice and wet since that's the only lube you're getting" I tried to get as much of his cock in my mouth as I could but only made it a few inches. He didn't seem to mind as he was moaning like crazy. After about ten minutes my jaw was killing me not to mention my hole was itching to be wrecked. I pulled off his dick, dropped my pants, got on all fours and presented my ass to him. "Enough foreplay breed me now!" "Fuck you've got a nice hole. I can tell you're definitely no virgin but I'm still going to love stretching out that cunt." "Less talking more fucking. Come on man I need your load." He slowly started shoving his dick inside me. Oh my god he was big and thick. He made it to my second hole and I couldn't wait any longer so I moved backwards to meet his thrust causing him to sink all the way in. "Holy fuck you're so big," I yelled out. "Shit man, I've never had anyone take my cock so easily. Your cunt's so silky, feels so damn good." "Seriously Lucas, pound my fucking ass hard." He started to pick up speed and it felt amazing. "That's it, harder fucking harder, destroy my hole. You want to sell me this condo you need to fuck me harder man." "You fucking slut, you like it rough huh. You're going to buy this condo you fucking faggot or I'm never going to breed your cunt again." "Holy shit yes that's it man harder." He went for it and started pounding my ass even rougher. I was in heaven moaning like a bitch in heat. Pretty soon I could feel his cock start to spasm in my cunt firing off shot after shot of hot cum. I clamped down hard and milked every last drop from his cock. He slowly pulled out and I immediately turned around and started cleaning off his cock. "Fuck you're so nasty licking the cock that just breed your cunt." "Got that right, can't waste a drop of cum." While I continued licking his dick my hand found its way to his ass and I started to run my finger around his hole. "Watch the finger man I don't like guys playing with my ass." "Seriously, you've never been eaten out before?" "Yeah no way man, I don't get fucked." "Nobody said anything about fucking just rimming your tight butt a little. Try it son trust me you'll love it." "I don't know man," he still protested even though he turned around and showed me his perfect bubble butt. I placed my hand on his back and got him to bend over. I started out slowly running my tongue over his hole. His body jumped and he started to moan. "Oh fuck, that's not what I expected." "Feels good huh." "Oh man yes, please don't stop." I dove back in and really went to town on his beautiful hole. I removed my tongue and replaced it with my fingers. "To be the best top you really should bottom at least once so you know what your bottom's feeling as you pound his cunt." I was up to three fingers and he seemed to be really enjoying himself. "See, having things up your ass isn't so bad now it's it." "Wow, had no idea! feel so good." He stuttered out as I continued to finger him. I pulled out and he gasped. "So empty please but them back." "I think you're ready for something else now." I didn't give him any time to react, simply stuck the head of my dick inside his tight hole. "How's that feel?" "Holy shit, give me more." I slowly sank my cock all the way in until my balls were bouncing off his ass. "I'm going to fuck you now and leave my load behind." "Oh my god yes, feels so good." It didn't take long before I was filling his ass with my toxic load. "Fuck I can't believe I've never done that before." "Hmm does this mean you're going to be taking more loads up that tight ass of yours." "Fuck yeah I definitely need to do that again." "Good slut, see being versatile is so much funner." "You're absolutely right. Thanks for that, now were you serious about putting an offer on this condo?" I burst out laughing, "yep totally serious." We got dressed and headed over to his office to write up the offer. He told me it'd probably be a few days before we'd hear anything but he'd let me know the second he did. I gave him a deep kiss, grabbed his ass and said, "can't wait. We'll definitely have to fuck again once you hear back." "Of course, no better way to celebrate. I'll be in touch soon." Now began the waiting game. I just hoped me fucking him hadn't made things too weird between us as I definitely wanted another go at that ass.
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    Thursday night I picked up my cousin from the airport with her friend. She lives an hour away from my house and it was late so the plan was for her and her friend to stay over and I would take them early in the morning home. I had not met her friend so I wasn’t sure if it was a girl or guy. A boyfriend or a friend. When I saw them at arrivals I saw that he is a 6’ something black man. Even with his jacket on I could see he had a nice body. I loaded their stuff in the car and drove back to my place. On the way back I did get out of him that he was 32. Not married or in a relationship. He and my cousin were just friends. I got the feeling he was fat but wasn’t sure. A bottom usually knows though. Lol. When we got back to my place we sat and watched to for a while and my cousin finally got tired and went to bed. Her friend (Anthony). Decided to stay up with me. He got up and went to the bathroom and change into sleeping gear. When he came back he sat down close to me on the couch. It’s a sectional so I started to think he was up for more than talk. He turned towards me and shifted his body. I could see in his lounge pants that his dick was free and looked like it was nice and big. He started asking me why I was single and that he thought I was cute. Naturally I started moving closer and not long after he kissed me. He is a great kisser and we started making out. His hands were all over me and it didn’t take me long to get out of my pants and underwear. I kept rubbing his cock through his lounge pants and it was getting huge. I asked him if I could suck it and he said yes. I pulled it out and it was huge. At least 10” with girth. I knew I was in for a fun night. I went to town sucking his beautiful cock. He slid his hand down my back and started playing with my pussy. He put one then two then three fingers in. He said he wanted to fuck me so I turned around. He slid his big cock in me. I get fucked a lot but it still took me a little while to get adjusted to him. I am loud when getting bred so I was moaning like a bitch. He just kept pounding away. He cam in me after about 5 minutes of heavy pounding. He pulled out and we lates in the couch spooning and talking. He said he knew I was a bottom because when he was in the bathroom he saw the douche under the sink. He bred me again that night. In the morning my cousin told me that she could hear me all night. Lol
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    The next thing I heard was his voice. "Don't worry," he said, "I'm not going to make you do anything you don't want to do." I started to scream and he stuffed the towel from my eyes into my mouth. "I just want to play a little game," Brad said in a mischievous voice as I quieted down. "If you agree to play, you can make some money. For every round you win, I'll give you 500 dollars." Now he had my attention. I thought about my empty wallet and how I was going to get home. I needed the money bad. "You going to scream if I take that towel out of your mouth?" he asked. I shook my head no, and he removed it gently. "Is it a... sex game?" I asked without looking up at him. He answered, "Wouldn't offer you that much money to play monopoly, boy." He paused, ran his fingers down my back and caressed my thigh, giving me the chills. Then he explained, "Every round is a different guy I bring up from the bath house downstairs. He gets to pick what he wants to do with you, and I set a timer for 10 minutes. If a guy wants to suck you, for instance, you have to try to last more than 10 minutes. If he wants you to suck him, you have to make him cum in less than 10 minutes. Whatever the game is, it'll be 10 minutes. You can do anything for 10 minutes, right boy?" he teased. He could see the wheels in my head turning. He kept going, "Between every guy, I'll ask you if you want to play another round. If you do, great! If not, I'll untie you, give you any cash you've earned, and send you on your way. You have my word. But once you agree to play another round, there's no getting out of it until that timer goes off. No matter what happens. That's why you're going to be restrained." He paused to let me think. "What do you say?" he asked. I told him I didn't know. I said I needed to think about it. He slapped my ass hard, then pulled my jeans down around my ankles and reached down to touch my dick. I'll admit it felt good. Really good. Then, abruptly, he stopped touching me and said, "You think about it boy. I'm going down to the bath house to see who's around and start talking you up." He took a few pics of me with his phone. "I'll be back in 10 minutes, and you better have a decision made by then," he said as the door closed behind him. I laid there and thought about it for a while. I needed the money. I didn't know what else to do. But I'd never been into guys, and I definitely didn't want any of them fucking me. I'd heard how much anal hurt. At the same time, I felt so comfortable around Brad. I mean, I wasn't into him sexually, but I had to admit he was hot. And he was funny. And he made me feel good about myself. His touch was electric. I also had to consider what options I had. I wanted to be independent. I'd begged my parents to let me go on this trip. I promised them everything would be fine. I couldn't call them and beg for help now. I didn't know what to do. I was out of money in a foreign city and didn't know anyone there. I laid there for a while paralyzed with fear, one wrist cuffed to the bed, my pants around my ankles, and my dick hard as a rock. Then I heard the door open, and in came brad. He was alone, thank goodness. He looked at me and smirked. "There's a crowd down there tonight. You can make some money if you want it bad enough. And boy, do they like your pic! But they did insist on one more rule to our little game: no condoms," he said before pausing to let me think. He continued, "What do you say, boy?" he asked with both curiosity and challenge in his voice, and added, "Tick tock, tick tock." My voice cracked as I replied, "I'm in, I guess." A smile settled across his face. "Good boy," he said as he removed his shirt, "I'm first." (to be continued)
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    Loaded Up: PART 1: At the theater It was late Friday night and I needed some cock. I took a Lyft home and logged onto BBRT to see who was online. After a few minutes of scrolling, I saw this hot daddy: mid-40’s, muscled up, scruffy, biohazard tattoo on his left pec. We started chatting and he sent over some fuckin’ HOT dick pics. Said he was lookin’ to plow a tight ass and that his name was Joe. Asked me what I was lookin’ for. “Loads, man. It’s been a long shitty week in the office and I need a cock to stretch me out and load me up.” I said. He said he couldn’t host, but he knew a place here in the SOMA district here in San Francisco called Folsom Gulch. “Its pretty run down” he said “but it gets a pretty diverse group of guys and it can get pretty hot- always guys raw fuckin’ there. You can get as much dick as you need there, especially if you like men of color.” “Yeah, man that’s just what I need, man. I love riding cock- especially black cock and think it’d be hot to try some D/s race play” I said. He got quiet for a second, so when I asked him what made his cock start leaking- he started talkin’ about how hot incest was and how he’d always wanted a brother or cousin to fuck. Hell, he even liked the idea of finding a hot little fucker to pimp out and, if people asked who he was fuckin’- he wanted to tell them it was his “little brother”. “Works for me, man” I said, my asshole starting to twitch. “Let’s do this”. I gave him my cell number and we decided to meet up in an hour at the Gulch- see if we could make both our fantasies work. About 45 minutes later, I was lubed up (I like using t-lube- makes me even more hungry) and in my favorite drawstring sweat shorts (they actually had a tear in the back for easy access). As I headed over to Folsom Gulch in my beat up van to see if my “big brother” had made it to the store., I lit up a t-laced blunt and smiled thinking about all the anon loads I was hopin’ to get. By now it was about 2 am and I easily found parking outside the shop. There were 4-5 cars parked on the street- looks like it had some potential for a hot night. I grabbed my poppers, killed the last of the joint and headed into the store. Typical sex shop- dvd’s, didlo’s in the front, theater screening porn with a few seats in the back of the shop- you know what I’m talkin’ about. I looked around and saw a few guys lingering around inside the store- but didn’t spot Joe. I started walking back toward the theater with my sweat shorts hanging low- making sure everyone knew I wasn’t wearing underwear. There was a really tall fuckin’ black dude looking at the dvd rentals when I walked through the back area of the store. He looked at me outta the corner of his eye- so I slowed down a bit, nodded to him and took a huge hit off my poppers (making sure to make eye contact) and stepped into the theater. Now, although it was pretty dark in the theater, the first thing I noticed was a hairy guy in a construction vest on his knees sucking my "big brother's" fat fucking cock while Joe leaned up against a wall. Fuck, yeah! I started taking off my shirt and threw it on the nearest chair as I walked over and started to make out with Joe and rubbing my hard fucking bulge on the side of the face of the construction dude who was on his knees servicing him. Construction guy leaned over, pulled my cock out to suck and immediately reached up the leg of my loose shorts and started to stroke my ass. I started chewing on Joe’s big nips, while he talked all kinds of nasty shit into my ear. Damn, this guy had some serious cock sucking skills. After a few minutes, construction guy realized that I was all lubed up and immediately shoved two fingers up my hungry cunt while he kept deep throating my cock. I finally had to shove his mouth over to my Joe's dick to keep from shooting my load. He just turned and quickly swallowed my buddy's fat fucker while- without skipping a beat- he added a third finger to my wet, hole. At this point, the construction guy started to stand up and Joe smiled and said “baby bro- it’s on, now!”. He turned around and leaned me over a padded chair. He stood there for a second with his hard cock in front of my mouth as the construction guy lined up his long cock with my ass. I took out my poppers and took a big fuckin’ hit right before Joe slid that fat dick of his down my throat and then he took the poppers and handed them to the construction guy- who took a big hit as his cock sunk all the way into my hole in one shove. I sucked my shit-talking “bro’s” cock while this hairy construction dude pounded my hole and twisted my nips while he kept telling me he was gonna “knock me up” and if I was ready for his “hot” load. After a few minutes, he started breathing faster- really slamming it deep up in my guts and then he pulled out and made a groaning sound as he shot all over my back and ass….. and then he pulled up his pants and was gone. It was just Joe and me there, now in the theater. “So- was that what you wanted, fucker?” he asked me? Right about then, the tall black guy I had seen in the back of the store came in. My buddy immediately started saying shit in my ear like, "Oh- fuck yeah, man! This ones for you, bro. I wanna see you get fucked by some black cock. This one's gonna really fucking stretch that sloppy cunt of yours like you need. Go on, fucker- offer your fuckin’ pussy to him, bro." I looked him in the eye for a second and leaned forward on the chair and started to suck on Joe’s cock again, real slow-like, while turning my head a bit to make eye contact with the black guy who had sat down near us. He looked over and started rubbing on his crotch as Joe started talking to him. "Hey man, how you doing? Horny? Wanna get some of this? My little brother here sucks dick like a champ, man. Take your cock out, bro- you’ll like it. Here- c’mon, man- look how much he’s loving this- he’ll swallow that load for you. You should check out how good this feels- look at it stretching his throat, man." I kept watching the black guy without slowing down. Now, this guy was really tall- maybe 6’4- built thick and muscular and I honestly, was a little afraid of him. Seemed like he was starting to get into it, though as he started rubbing his dick in his baggy jeans and watching us. His eyes got a little bigger when my bro told him about how we were “brother's out on the prowl”. “Fo’ real, man? Your brothers?! Nah- c’mon, that’s bullshit…” he said "Dude” Joe said “My brothers been suckin’ cock since we were kids. Hell, by the time he was 10, he was taking more cocks then most cracked out whores workin’ the street. Seriously, man” The guys eyes got real big right about then and he leaned forward to watch me a bit- So I just kept sucking Joes cock- from the head all the way to the balls and waited to see what would happen. I shifted my ass a bit, as my mouth slid up and down that cock, so he could see the ripped hole in the back of my shorts and he finally spoke. "He really is a fucking whore isn't he?" He sounded pissed off. "Yep" Joe responded with a big smile. With that the black guy pulled out his huge fucking uncut, hard as a steel, cock. I was amazed at how fucking THICK and hard the dude was- I mean his cock actually made a “smacking” sound when it flew up against his abs. It must have been about 9 inches long, but around 8 inches around- a real ass stretcher. He just stroked it, his hand starting at the base and giving a little swirl at the head as Joe spewed his incest shit. "My brother wants some black cock, man. He loves sucking it and getting fucked by it." – you know, shit like that. The black guy leaned forward and ran his finger down the crack of my hairy ass. His finger reached through the tear in the back of my shorts and he started playing with my lubed up hole. He had long skinny fingers and he pushed his finger in deep. "Shit man" he said to my bud, "Your brothers fucking pussy, man- it’s wet and wide open… it’s like a fucking hairy snatch." He sounded like he was hypnotized. Like all the hot talking that my "bro" was doing had put him in some kind of trance. He had added a second long finger and was grinding my hole, not really finger fucking it, but just grinding in and twisting in and out an inch or so. It felt so fucking hot. My brother pushed me off of his cock and told me it was time to stretch my mouth and show my skills on some black dick. The black dude just ripped his fingers out of my ass, sat back and pulled his jeans all the way down to his knees. He reached over, grabbed my head and rammed it down on his fucking monster cock. He face fucked me (with some help from my bro's big, beefy hands that kept pushing my head down on his meat) for the next five minutes or so. Joe kept on talking nasty while that fat cock tore up my throat- making my eyes water and stretching my throat to its limit. I was right about the black guy, he was a mean fucker. He enjoyed forcing his cock deeper that I could take it. Now, I've taken some huge cocks down my throat over the years- hell some of ‘em longer than this kids- but the thickness and amazing hardness of his black pole eluded me- but even though I kept trying, I couldn't get it all the way down my throat- it was just too damn fat. But we kept trying- Joe seemed to had made it his mission. He was saying things like "I wanna see your lips all the way down on his pubes, you fuckin’ whore” and then he would lean down to my ear and say quietly "Swallow that mother-fuckin’ cock, bro. If my brother wants a thick load of cum from a black fucker in his throat and hole, I'm gonna get it for him. Ya know I love watching you slobber on a mans cock, baby bro and I want you to have what you want- hell, what you fucking NEED!. Yeah, baby-You feel how hard that fuckin’ cock is, that's because your a hot, nasty whore and this man loves to fuck hot, nasty whores like you." He would ram his fingers in me to punctuate his dirty talk and..... fuck… that was like a drug to me. He pulled me up off my knees and pushed me back over one of the cheap plastic chairs and handed the black guy a condom. "Wait.. a fucking condom? What the fuck?" I thought "Fuck my whore brother, man. Give it to him hard. He aint no soft little bitch, he can take a beating." The guy ripped open the condom - like he was in a trance and rolled it down his black cock- stretching that fucking rubber to capacity. I was a little scared of the shit Joe was saying to the guy, but honestly-it was exactly what I wanted and had jerked off to for years. It was like Joe could read my dirtiest fantasies and speak them out loud. I opened my bottle of poppers and held it under my nose. I was gonna need a steady stream of vapors to take what this fucker was about to slam up my hole and I planned on throwing my horny cunt right back at him. The guy stood up and as I looked back at him over my shoulder, he stared me in the eye while that rock hard black cock started zeroing in on my already cum filled hole Right about then someone came in (a latin guy, in dirty jeans and a work shirt- looked like a mechanic, maybe) and we both slowed for a second to look at him. I was bent over a seat, facing the door with a young black fucker with his pants around his ankles about to breed me and this guy just acted like nothing special was going on. Fucking hot! The latin guy sat down a couple of chairs over from the one I was bent over and fished out a nice, veiny, uncut cock- semi hard, but pretty big already. Right then my fucker found the mark and sank in all the way- with an extra slam of force on the last couple of inches that made me gasp. I could feel every inch of that thick fuck stick in my guts. Joe kept talking to the guy stretching my cunt, encouraging him to “fuck me with everything he had” and “to really make me remember the night that I got fucked by a real man that knew what to do with a white boy”. This guy fucked me so hard and deep he was almost knocking me off the chair. Finally Joe came around to the front of me so he could slide his slimy cock down my throat and giving me something to lean against so that I wouldn't fall over from the vicious fuck that was being served to me. After about ten minutes of deep pounding the guys breathing quickened and he grabbed my hips tight- seemed like he was about to shoot his load when all of a sudden he pulled nearly all the way out. “Fuck” he said. I looked over my shoulder and noticed that the condom had broken- ¾ of the condom had rolled all the way down to the base of his cock when he was fucking me. He got sheepish all of the sudden and just stood there with the head of his cock at the edge of my hole and said, "It broke". I responded by looking him straight in the eyes as I slid my ass back down on his cock to the base in one smooth stroke. I moaned around Joe’s cock- which he immediately shoved balls deep down my throat and growled, "Atta boy, bro, get that black nut." I started to fuck back on the guy and he grabbed my hips and murmured "ah...Fuck it" and started to brutally pound my hole again. My "brother" was still talking as they spit roasted me. "Beat that pussy up, man. Give my whore little brother what he needs. He loves taking seed from the black man. Fill his whore ass with your load, man. Knock his fuck-hole up." I was transfixed. Half hypnotized and half fucked into submission. I just took it- just let my body get thrown back and forth between these to forceful fuckers. The black dude started talking now too (as guys will when they are getting close to shooting) saying "Goddamn I love me some sloppy, slut’s hole." He smacked the back of my head. "I wish you could see your bitch cunt being stretched out by my fuckin’ cock, you whore. You like it don't you? You love a hard cock in your hot fucking cunt, don't you?" When I heard that, I reached down to where my shorts were around my ankles and grabbed my phone. Without taking my buddy's cock out of my mouth I opened the video app and handed it up to Joe. He took the hint and started filming. I found out later that he filmed everything. He even handed the camera to guys that were fucking me so that they could get close-ups of my pussy getting slammed and the creampies that occurred between fuckings. I still love that fucking video! I groaned again around the long cock in my throat and was starting to get dizzy from lack of oxygen and the constant head smacking. I think Joe sensed it and pulled out, kneeling in front of me, looking directly in my eyes, telling me that he loved watching me get fucked by all that hard black meat. He also kept encouraging the guy to “fuck me harder” while he kept feeding me poppers. After a few minutes, he turned to the latin guy two seats away, watching the whole thing and beating off his now huge, veiny cock. Damn- that dude had a bigger cock that the fucker wrecking my hole! Joe saw me looking and, as the black dude started to tell me that he was getting ready to load my stretched cunt with cum, Joe started talking to the other guy, asking him if he wanted to fuck me. After a minute or so- Joe stood up again and shoved his cock back into my throat right about the time the black guy started calling out, "Take it, you fucking cunt! Ima make you pregnant, bitch!" and shoved his whole fat fuckin’ cock up into my guts as he shoved my head down onto my Joe's thick, white meat, and I felt shot after shot warming up my guts. The black guy reached forward and wrapped his long ass fingers around my throat and started to choke me- harder and harder as he continued to spasm in my ass. I was just starting to panic when he let go, and eased his softening cock out of me, it seemed to take a full minute to slide out of my slick pussy, finally popping out with a wet sound and falling down to slap against the dudes naked thigh. I was in ecstasy, moaning like a contented whore. Joe pulled his still hard cock out of my mouth and told me to "turn your ass around and clean that black cock up, bitch." I did. I took that softening black snake in my mouth and swallowed it whole. I managed to latch onto the ring of the rubber that remained around the base of his softening cock and pulled it off with my tongue and lips. I spit it aside and looking up into the guy's eyes as he took my head gently in his hands and pulled me back, deep onto his cock and just held me there- fully impaled on his cock as it leaked the last few drops into my throat. Now, I usually like to apply suction and run my tongue up the underside of a cock after it shoots, all the way up to the tip so that I can get that last glob of cum still in the tube. I sucked the last of the nut out and smiled up at the guy. He winked at me and pulled away, pulling up his pants and turned away- reminding me that I was just a cock-sucking faggot and he was done with me. I sighed contentedly and turned around, noticing that my "brother" was no longer talking. He couldn't talk cause he was being fed that monster latin meat. He was on his knees and the latin guy had his head in a hard grip with one hand, fucking his throat, while reaching forward and torturing one of his nips with his other callused, grease-stained hands. Joe was moaning and taking that big dick like a champ. I looked around and noticed that quite a few guys had entered while I was getting loaded. There was another smaller black guy in the corner, a couple of old trolls and a skinny, younger guy with a Target work shirt on the other side. I was naked and on my knees with cum dripping outta my obviously stretched ass. All of these guys had just seen me get fucked like a whore and filled with sperm. I looked back to the new smaller black dude who about 45, ripped/ wiry body and had a wedding ring on his finger. He was an ugly fucker. Dark as coal and a big scar on the side of his face. He had a huge flat nose and looked back at me with a look of disgust. I kneeled there- not ten feet away from him- dripping cum from my hole. My cock was hard as a rock- this all turned me THE FUCK on. He reached down and started to undo his belt, which he then pulled all the way off- laying it over his thighs as he started to pop the buttons on his jeans. I watched him as I took my poppers from off the floor, took a really deep hit in each nostril and then tucked them back into the elastic of my shorts. I dropped to my hands and knees and started to crawl toward him. I heard Joe, behind me whisper "that's right bro go get that fuckin’ black dick, man- you know how much you need it." I stayed focused on the black man's big hands as they unbuttoned the final metal buttons and he reached into the fly of his boxers with his wedding ring hand and started to pull out a massive, ridiculously long slab of black meat. I love it when the hand around a cock being offered to me has a wedding ring around it. It means that I'm going to get a chance to show this married guy all the things his wife wasn’t giving him. As I got close to him he sneered at me, his hard, knotted, veiny, log of a cock pointing right at me and then he stood up. He held the belt in one hand and for a moment I thought he was going to hit me with it- but he didn't. He just leaned over and wrapped the belt around my neck. As he did, I noticed that it had holes all the way from the end of the buckle. He secured it at the tightest buckle that wouldn't be choking me and then tugged on it a couple of times. He seemed satisfied and then he spoke. His voice was deep and evil sounding. It sent shivers through me and made my hole throb as it leaked sperm onto the cement. He said. "Look at me, bitch" My gaze had fixated back on that ebony ass wrecker sticking out of his fly. It was so dark black, not even seeming to have any brown in it, just slick, coal black. The skin on it was mesmerizing. "Look at me!" he said again- with authority and depth, more than volume. I looked up into his eyes and he looked down at me with a cold, dark stare. "Good boy. Here’s what’s gonna happen: You’ll take any cock in your cunt or throat that wants to feed or fuck you and then- after you’ve takin’ ‘em all- I’ll wreck your fuckin’ hole with this." He tugged me closer and- never taking my eyes off of his- I crawled over to him. He took his cock in his hand again and he started to smack that fucker against the side of my face hard- holding me in place with the belt leash. He stopped after a few slaps and then he fed me just the tip of his cock and -with a grunt and a solid push- the head popped past my stretched lips. "That's it, faggot. Hold your black master's cock head in your little slut mouth. Ah… yeah, baby,,, work your lips and tongue but don't you worry about trying to take more of it just now. Just suck on the tip , cunt." I did- looking up at him the whole time. "That's a good bitch, keep looking at me, I want to see all the pain and how good it feels as these guys fuck you.” I felt a hand on my ass, then more hands all over my back and shoulders and ass- while I still held the huge, black cock head in my mouth, "Ready to get fucked some more, bro? You know ya need more cock." I heard from behind me as I felt what had to be Joe’s fleshy cock at the entrance to my slick hole. The dude holding the leash held out his hand and told me to give him my poppers. I immediately handed them to him and he opened the bottle holding it under my nostrils till my head was spinning. I passed ‘em back, heard him taking a few huffs and passing them around as Joe (who I had only met a couple of hours ago) shoved his meaty rod into my hungry cum-hole. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear. "Be a good whore and give every guy that comes into this theater tonight. You're my slut brother now. Let your black master pimp your ass all night, cunt." Then he stood back up, pulled his rock hard cock almost out of my ass and without even a beat, rammed it raw back in as hard as he could and proceeded to fuck me like a demon, forcing me further onto my black master's cock, stretching me so that I thought my lips would rip at the corners. My master quickly pulled my face off of his cock with a loud pop and said. "I tole you not to take more than the head, you stupid slut" and pulled the leather belt around my neck hard a couple of times while Joe raped my ass. After a few seconds, he jammed the head back in my mouth and said, "You better hold it there, bitch or I will beat your motherfuckin ass….."
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    I went to a lacrosse team party a couple weeks ago with Jr and ended up busting a nut in this hot super waspy Lacrosse bros mouth, his names Josh. Since then Josh and I have been hanging out a little bit. We hung out at school a couple days after school when I didn't have practice. He's really shy about wanting to hook up, so we basically sit around playing video games for a bit until he works up the nerve or gets receptive to me. After some casual rubbing of his leg or chest, it quickly moves on to making out for an hour. Shirts come off pretty quick. and after some grinding were both making out in boxers grinding our boners against each other. Eventually hell get worked up enough to pull mine out and stroke it a bit before quickly taking it in his mouth and bobbing up and down on it. Hell take it almost to the hilt and I feel my cock hit the back of his throat. hell back off a little bit and wrap his hand around my cock to stroke it while he works on the top half. After a few sessions I stopped having to put my hand on the back of his head when I get close, he just dives down on it taking me balls deep until I cum. He starts to gag a bit and quickly has to come up for air. LoL swimmers are so much better at holding their breath. I've tried speeding the pre-game process up my trying to grab his cock, but he swats my hand away, but he loves when I grab his ass. So I Make sure to slide a finger down his crack and rub on his hole. If i keep it there it freaks him out. This week Josh got a little more comfortable hooking up and he gave me a ride home from practice twice this week. Both times before we are in the parking lot he started stroking my crotch through my warmups, and then slid his hand undern the waist band and into my boxers. The second time I got wise to what was going to happen and freeballed in my team track suit. He strokes me nice and slow till I'm almost home, edging me getting me to leak a bit. Then he pulls into the parking lot of park down the street and leans and pulls my cock out and takes me in his mouth furiously till I bust in his mouth. After being jerked for 10 minutes this doesn't take long. Afterwards he kisses me and i can taste my cum on his tongue. After my wrestling meets I'm usually exploding with energy. A combination of testosterone, adrenaline, and food. The best part of meets is being able to eat after weigh in and making weight all week. Josh picked me up when the team bus got back to school. I was ready freeballing in my warmups expecting a bj on my way home. Instead he suggests we hang out at his house, since his MILF mom is out with her friends. Instead of hanging out on the couch we head right to his room and as soon as the door is shut were making out , our shirts and his pants are near in a pile near the door. I somehow get him out of his boxer briefs before we land on the bed. We start making out, grinding my chest against his, grinding my boner against his. Pretty soon , I'm full on dry humping his crotch, occasionally my cock slides under his but and runs down his crack. He doesn't seem to mind. Josh flips me over on my back and straddles me in a 69 position and starts to suck me. He has a pretty nice cock, not as big as mine, maybe 7"-8" but not too thick. Def not that 9" monster my swim coach used to fuck me with. Is hovering over my face so i grab his but and take his cock in my mouth digging his pre-cum out of the slit with my tongue. I pull down on his but to get him deeper on my cock. I play with his hole a bit and he doesn't resist, so i wet my finger and probe it a bit, and he pulls his cock out of my mouth, but keeps sucking me. I keep reading about you guys rimming guys, so i figure what the hell. I pick my head up n start tonguing his asshole. He moans in approval, so I pull his ass cheeks apart and dive in deeper. I cant stand it anymore. I'm about to cum, so I flip Josh on his back and start making out with him. humping his crotch with his legs wrapped around my hips. my cock starts sliding under his but running up n down his crack. He moans when my cock hits his hole. Eventyally my aim gets better and im hitting his hole each stroke, soon I'm working my cock head against it as i hump him and we make out. He's got his arms wrapped around me so our pecs are rubbing. His hole starts to give a little and my head pops in. I just keep it there an keep working it. its too tight and not enough lube to go further. Josh abs flex as he moans as my cock head stretches the outside of his ass. Hes surprised n clams down a bit so i can't go any further. Soon I cant help my self and Im cumming all over his ass. I'm not in deep enough for it to shoot inside so its all leaking back out. But my cock gets slippery and I push against his ass muscle and my cock sinks in deeper, Jock moans n hisses as I slowly work my cock balls deep in his ass. His hole clamps down from the shock of the intrusion. and its like a tight fist around my throbbing cock jerking me off into his hole, suddenly i'm cumming again balls deep inside his hole. My tongue in his mouth. But he cant take it any more, and I have to pull out. I let his legs off my shoulders so he can relax. I still so horny and worked up I cant stand it. I've cum twice and I'm still hard. Josh is hard and dripping out his cock and ass . I roll him over on his stomach and slowly work my cock back in his sloppy cum filled hole. It goes in a little easier this time, but there is still grunting and hissing as I drive my cock into his hole, but this time its muffled by a pillow. One of my arms is under his chest and the other is under his arm holding his shoulder pulling his body into me as i thrust my cock deeper. the grunt give away to moans. I'm like out of my mind horny all I can think about is banging this hot muscle piece of ass . my pelvis is slamming against his massive glutes. He starts moaning louder as it starts to hurt a little. I just cant stop i push his head into the pillow, n keep hammering his hole as he starts squirming underneath me. Hes asking me to stop but Im too close. His hole is trying to squeeze me out, but my balls have tightened up and im so close, but can't cum, Suddenly i head a loud grunt from josh and his hole spasms. It pushes me over the edge and I'm cumming as I collapse on top of him. he quickly rolls over and my softening cock pulls out of his soggy hole. There's a spot of Josh's cum on the bed. I dive on his cummy cock and he dumps his second load in my mouth.
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    As I walk around in a towel I see inside rooms men sucking , fucking ,fisting and those not doing anything are looking at me like fresh meat to jump on top of, which I don't mind. I can't hide my hard on as one ask if if I want to dump a load into this hole he is pointing at. My dick leads the way as I drop my towel as stick my dick in the bottoms hole and he is already loaded with cum, as I bang away on this sloppy hole. Behind me I'm being kissed and a finger going in my hole then 2 fingers with something else as it's starting to burn as I explode a big load in his hole. As I pull away the person behind me says boy that is some load you put in that faggot hole, as he takes me to the big room to meet his friend. Both of them have monster dicks as they lay down dragging me along. I'm trying to service this dick as the one behind me I feel the head rubbing my hole. He says to his friend you think we can POZ 2 tonight, little do they know I'm already POZ but why kill the moment. The dick Is going in and I really like the feeling as I back up onto his dick. He says what faggot you are then pounds me trying me to scream in pain as I'm having so much fun with a booth bump in my hole. He pulls out as I climb on top of the one who's dick I was sucking and sit right down till I'm balls deep as he pulls me to his chest as I feel his friend dick pushing in so they are going to DP me, I guess I'm in PIG HEAVEN
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    As Jason got to the coffee shop, his heart was still racing. He got out of his old Jeep Wrangler and walked inside. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and flip flops. Nothing special. He just threw something on. He brushed his blond curls out of his eye as he walked through the door and looked for the guy. There he was, in the corner, kind of away from everyone. At least Jason wasn't going to feel embarrassed having to explain his situation with strangers in ear shot. The man was well built and looked young for thirties. He had short brown hair with a tight fade on the sides. Jason was expecting someone a little bit more business like, since he ran a website and all, but Brent just looked like a normal Miami fuckboy. In tight trainer sweats, expensive shoes, and a designer t-shirt, he was nothing like what Jason expected. But it didn't matter. All that mattered was getting that refund. Jason walked over to the man and said hello. He looked up, smiled, and introduced himself as Brent. Jason sat down. They sat there, awkwardly silent for a minute, and Brent said, "You are young. Can I see your ID? To make sure you are even old enough to be on the site?" Jason nodded and handed it to him. Brent smiled and said, "Good," and handed it back. "You just turned 18, huh? Tell me your story. What happened?" he asked. Jason told him what had happened. He didn't leave anything out. He told Brent that his parents were broke. He told him that he couldn't pay his credit card bill. And he begged and pleaded for Brent to refund the money. "I'll do anything," Jason kept pleading. And then he sat silently and waited as Brent rubbed the back of his head and thought for a minute. "Ok, come with me," Brent said, and he got up and walked down a back hallway. Jason was stunned. Did Brent have the cash with him? Did he own the coffee shop--were they going back to his office or something? Or out the back door to his car maybe? But he didn't have a choice. He stood up and followed. Brent took a detour into the men's room, and Jason stopped to wait in the hallway. Brent held the door open for him, and looked at him expectantly. Jason said, "I'll wait here." Brent chuckled, realizing Jason didn't understand, and replied, "No, kid, you've gotta come in here with me. I'm not giving the money away." Jason didn't fully understand what Brent meant, but he stepped inside, and Brent locked the door behind them. "Get on your knees," Brent said with a rough voice as he tugged at his growing bulge. Jason held up his hands and just said, "Oh." He stood there stunned for what felt like an eternity, and Brent pointed toward the floor and flashed him a little smile. "No, man, I'm not into that. Sorry," Jason said. But Brent just shook his head, "I knew you didn't really want it. You said you'd do anything. This is nothing. It's just a blowjob. Who even cares? It's not a big deal." Jason was still stunned. "It's cool," said Brent, "Just walk back out to your car and go home and figure out how to pay off your credit card on your own." Jason thought for another minute silently. Brent could see the wheels turning, and his bulge grew even more. "On your knees," he repeated. And Jason dropped down on his 18-year-old knees to the dirty bathroom floor, his head hung low. Brent pulled the trainers down and pulled out a huge dick. It was at least eight inches long and really thick, and it was uncut. His pubes were trimmed nicely and his balls were shaved. Jason took it in his mouth and it grew even more. He started to suck and Brent reached down to play with Jason's hair. Brent moaned. Jason sucked and sucked. He just wanted this to be over. It took about 10 minutes, and finally, he felt Brent start to buck into his throat a bit and picked up the pace. Brent was on his tip-toes with his eyes closed, and he was letting out little moans every once in a while. Then all of the sudden, with no warning at all, and with his dick most of the way down Jason's throat, Brent shot a massive load in the boy's mouth. He pulled his dick out, slapped Jason on the face, and said sternly, "Swallow. Don't be rude." They put their clothes on and walked out of the bathroom, and then out of the coffee shop together. They stopped in the parking lot, and Jason timidly asked, "So, will the money be refunded to my card, or do you have cash or something?" Brent burst into laughter and doubled over. "Oh fuck," he squealed, "You think that blowjob was worth $3k? Fuck no, kid! That would have been $30 from any boy on the street, or I could have gotten it free from a dozen guys with just a text message. I just needed to see if you were game." He laughed some more as Jason looked at him shocked. Brent was still chuckling as he handed Jason a piece of paper. Jason unfolded it and found an address. "Be there tomorrow by 5:30pm," Brent said. Then he added, "And you are a virgin, right? Just need to be sure." Jason was pissed and terrified, but he didn't have a choice. He nodded yes and started to walk back to his Jeep defeated. Then he paused and turned back, "Wait, isn't the Super Bowl tomorrow?" Jason asked. Brent smiled, "Yep," he said, "and we have a few friends coming to a Super Bowl party. They'll want to gamble, and they'll have real money with them. I know how much you like gambling, after all. You see, I can't give you a refund. Against the policy. Sorry, kid. But I can let you keep gambling to try to win back your money." He smirked again as he got in his BMW. As he pulled out of the parking lot, he stopped and looked at Jason, who was still standing there in disbelief. "You going to be there, kid?" he asked. Jason just nodded yes, and Brent nodded back to him and drove off. Jason was left feeling used and broken. But he didn't have a choice. He tucked the address into his pocket and got back in his Jeep to go home. (to be continued)
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    I had met up with this middle age guy over a year ago. He had a motel room. People stopping by. I dropped by and dropped a fast load in him. It seemed like a blur. He’s been asking for a repeat ever since. Then this past Friday it worked out. He asked me over to his house to do it again. Said he had someone else coming by too, and could I prelube his hole? Here in the outer-yet-still-affluent DC suburbs, in the past red politics type gravitate towards northern VA, and blue politic types towards MD. Even though that is changing fast, there are still pockets of deep red in the Northern VA suburbs. He lives in one of those. Way out on the rural edge, his neighborhood is a gated community. Seriously, two gates and a guard to get in. Manicured landscape, homeowners’ association-approved mailboxes . . . all propriety and safety. I park my pickup in the tiny two car garage drive. He greets me at the door wearing only a t shirt and takes me to the first floor master - leads me through HER house. His wife’s I mean. Her kitchen. Her tacky bric-a-brac. HER bedroom. And her’s it is. King size bed. Linens she obviously picked. Her dresser covered with her photos. Her bible on her nightstand! He’s already got a towel down on the end of the bed. Before he climbs on it, he spreads another on the floor below it, just in case. Nice. Dirty. He climbs on, legs in the air, and I am in him balls deep and raw. Ahhhhhhhh. feels so amazing having him squirm around wanting my dick. And I’m fucking away in and out head swimming like it does. Her pictures. Her decorations. “She’ll be gone all day volunteering, don’t worry,” he said. Worry? Worry? I was just hoping she would walk in. They’ve probably been married 30 years. It would blow her mind to find him ass up taking raw dick IN THEIR BED. And best of all her dirty pig dick-loving slut husband was getting fucked again after me. There. Her bath towels are catching juices from his precum slick ass. I would love to make it last but HER BIBLE SITTING ON THE NIGHTSTAND LIKE SHE ACTUALLY READS IT is just too much. I blew my load hard inside him FUCK a huge load. FUCK FUCK FUCK what a mind trip. Conservative values in this country are the sham. They are fake news. Imagine how “Christian” she’d be to him if she caught him. Probably not as accepting as she is about what President Trump did to Melanoma.
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    Went to the Saturday night fuck fest one of my buds from SMU lines up. It’s a pretty consistent group of guys but usually we’ll bring people with to join. I brought Wade this cute but dirty bi boy I’ve been banging regular...dark skinned white body, dark blonde hair, goatee, slightly hair chest and body...first hooked up with him at the Cage the Elephant show last year. Looks like he reeks of BO and pot but he’s always eager to get fucked and wanted to get tagged. There were two new guys there as well, generically hot blonde guys who look a bit like me, one of whom I’ve hooked up with at the gym multiple times who was there with a bud. I wanted to be careful and not say that in case his bud didn’t know he has anon sex at the gym and I got a knowing wink from him early on. He pulled me aside at one point and said not to mention the gym. As we got naked and split off in groups to fuck it was clear Wade was going to get what he wanted from two of the regular guys. The two new guys were interested in me and soon enough I was sucking gym boy’s dick while his bud was working my ass over. It wasn’t long before he was balls deep inside me fucking me for all I was worth and gym boy was soon behind him, fucking him too. I was turned on as now I knew both guys liked to get fucked and wanted to load both of them like they wanted to load me. the two kept it up until I could feel the new guys dick pulsating inside me and I knew he’d cum. Gym boy told him it was his turn to get to fuck me and quickly slid in as his buddy pulled out. His buddy slid in him and they essentially swapped places. I was loving being their personal cum dump and was enjoying watching Wade out of the corner of my eye as he took the first guy’s loads while sucking on a hot mixed race guy’s dick. Gym boy shot in me with a loud groan and told his buddy to keep fucking him cause he wanted to pump another load in me. The first one was intense and I could feel it. Clearly he was saving his load for the party. His bud said he was getting close and asked if gym boy wanted the load. He said to pull out cause he wanted to see me take it and was close to cumming. He pulled out and I was loving how cummy his dick was. Clearly he was worked up fucking gym boy and gym boys ass had to be a cummy mess by now. Gym boy was now sucking his buddy’s cummy dick and moaning like crazy and soon shot his second load in me. He quickly slid out and his buddy slid into me pounding me like crazy while he was jerking my dick. Glancing over at Wade I could see he was getting fucked by the mixed race guy, his face pure ecstasy as he was taking his second dick of the evening. Gym boys buddy shot his load in me and to my surprise pulled out and quickly straddled my dick and eased his ass down on it. The look on his face was pure desire and I was loving it as he pulled at my chest and was demanding I cum inside him. I was so worked up from taking both their loads it didn’t take long for me to unload inside him, an intense shuddering orgasm that led him to say fuck that was hot. He kept riding my dick with the look of desire in his eyes. Gym boy had wandered off and now was letting Wade suck his dick while mixed race boy came closer to cumming. I saw a bud cum up behind gym boys bud and could see his eyes widen and hear him gasp at the same time I felt another dick up against mine. I was pretty sure my bud was now double penetrating this guy and soon enough we got our rhythm going. The look on my buds face was one of evil delight as he was doing most of the fucking and I could barely hear what he was saying to the guy over his moaning. Soon enough my bud came in his ass and I followed not long after. He slid off both our dicks panting, saying he needed a moment, wanting and laying down on a towel. By now mixed race boy had finished fucking Wade and gym boy was sliding in for his turn. mixed race boy and I hooked up and went on to have our own fun, fucking him and him fucking me. Wade wound up getting loads from two more guys and by then we were both pretty spent and called it an evening. On the drive home Wade admitted it’s was hot but he was worn out. Asked if he’d do it again I got an emphatic “he’ll yeah” out of him.
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    Part 3 - Broken The room felt warmer, I was definitely sweating a bit, Paul was boring his tongue into my mouth and his cock into my asshole, a steady rhythm accompanied by the soft sound of his penetrations. He moved his lips from mine, licking his way to an armpit, then bathing my pit with his tongue, pushing against it, rubbing his scruff on that tender, sensitive skin. I was squirming beneath him, gasping, small sounds escaping, as he moved to the other side and did the same. My pits are supersensitive in the same way nips are on lots of other guys, and the way he was working them over was almost too much. Grabbing my upper arms, he pinned them down, settling his body on mine, using his heavier weight to keep me from wriggling so much. “Something wrong, faggot? Can’t control yourself?” He started slamming his cock into me, hard and deliberate. “No - nothing - just, shit, it’s crazy - I mean, this…” My voice trailed off, in my fucked up state I couldn’t put a sentence together. My whimpers resumed. He paused for a second, grabbed poppers, shoved them under a nostril. Obediently, I inhaled once, then again. My head started to spin, now my boipussy somehow was more open, even warmer. “You want my load in your cunt?” I just looked at him, the poppers had now made even speaking a challenge. Unexpectedly, he slapped me, more than lightly. Startled, I didn’t answer at first, then looked at him and nodded. Another slap, “What? Answer me.” “Yes, please, breed my ass, fucking mark my party hole.” “You’re such a fucking pigboy.” “Please.” He started to piston in and out off my hole, drilling in rough and deep, breathing harder. His face contorted, then came a torrent of abuse and cum. "Fuck! Yeah, you’re getting it! What all you whores want. Take my cum. Take it. This cunt is mine. You fucking slut!” Paul was pressing deep, forcing the sperm in, ramming his dick, I could feel the heat and wetness of his load start to seep around my ass lips. He bent down again and kissed, forcefully. The pace slowed, he was reveling in the sensations of my open hole, his cum, the warmth, the conquest. We made out, then he rose up off me, pulled all the way out except for the head, used his finger to trace the outline of my asshole, stretched wide with his cock. Took some of his seed on his fingers, fed it to me, roughly moving his fingers inside my mouth. I sucked them clean. I had lost any sense of control. Of my body, emotions, any ability to do anything except obey and be used. I was broken.
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    Had no interest in the Oscars and was horny as shit and it seemed all my regular hookups were either watching it or up to something else except one Latino boy who works the desk at a hotel up in NW Dallas. We’ve worked out deals where I can get a room for favors but he’s too circumspect to want to get one for himself so we can fuck there. We usually take it to the nearby Home Depot parking lot as there’s some good spots to park in my truck and fuck and it doesn’t look out of place with the other contractors there. He was off at 9 and he followed me to the lot, parked, and got in my truck. We hook up a fair amount and I never get tired of his thick uncut dick and the huge loads he unleashes in me. I also love how loud he gets when I fuck him and hearing him beg for my dick and loads and tonight he was in a mood to get fucked first. He sucked me for a little bit just to get me hard and quickly he was riding my throbbing cock, telling me how hot it was that I hook up with so many guys, saying he wished he could do what I did. I was deep into his hot muscled sweaty body milking my dick and soon blasted my first load in him. He kept rising me knowing I was good for a second and as the second came close he repositioned to be on his back with his legs over my shoulders and I pounded load two in him staring into his eyes, taking in the satisfaction on his face as he felt me blow inside him. It was my turn now and he admitted he was worked up as this group of hot guys had checked in and two of them had been flirting with them. One had asked him to come up after he was off work but he knew that he couldn’t do that. He badly wanted to fuck that guy and now was giving me that fucking instead. He gets pretty rough fucking me, choking me sometimes, calling me a whore and a slut and honestly, I love it. When he’s fucking me he loves hearing how many guys have fucked me and cum inside me. I give him what he wants and soon enough I could feel him clench up as he starts spurting inside me and I can feel his cock pulsating inside me and feel the flood of cum. He’s panting and sweating like crazy and pulls out to mount my dick again saying he needed to get some more to pump load two in me. I’m more than happy to give him load three, but he rides a little more while furiously jerking and then soon enough slams back in me to pound me hard and furious, pumping load two inside me. One done I toss him a towel to clean his dick and ads and he says he’s gotta go. I know he lives with his parents so they’re expecting him and by now it’s a little past ten. I’m worked up from him riding my dick so I decide to swing by Paris, an ABS, that’s nearby. the parking lot at Paris is kinda dead but I figure it’s either than or find one of the hustlers nearby on Brockbank or Josey. I head in and it’s a grab bag of the usual methheads and Latinos. I’m barely inside and a hot scrawny redhead is already hitting me up. He’s mid 20s, clearly a methhead and puts my hand on his cock and it’s huge. Tells me we can do it for $20 and I’m tempted but he’s scaring me a bit. I tell him no and move on and before long find a cute young Latino boy with his shirt off to the back. We quickly start making out and take it into a booth. We quickly strip down and soon enough he has me up against the wall and is stuffing his cock inside my ass, no lube and no condom. He isn’t at it long before he unloads in me and is soon enough up against the wall for his turn saying nothing. I slowly slid inside him and it was clear he hadn’t been fucked yet but had been fucked lately as his ass opened up fairly easily. I was so worked up I came in no time and stayed in him as he was moaning softly begging for me to cum inside him and soon enough pumped load two in him. We dressed and said nothing and stepped back out in the hall. By now I was spent. The scrawny redhead was still out there and curiosity was eating at me. Again he came onto me and pulled me into a booth and he pulled out his dick as the door closed. It was a nice long one, probably 8 inches, uncut and pink as a newborn baby with a thick amount of precum at the tip. I dropped to my knees to suck him and immediately hated myself as I knew I wanted him to fuck me. I sucked him for a while and then stood up to get a better look at him. He pulled me in to kiss him and I could tell that if he cleaned up he could be hot. It was like he could read my mind and asked if I wanted to get fucked. I said I did and dropped my pants again and got up against the wall. He slid in me and his cock felt amazing. He was a hot fuck but like most methheads he just couldn’t cum. He must have pumped a fair amount of precum in me and I could feel his cum and the loads of the two guys before running down my legs. Eventually he said for me to fuck him as that would get him there. He got against the wall and I slid inside his already cummy ass. I have no place to judge as I’m probably as big a fuck slut as he is and soon enough he said he was ready. I pulled out, got back up against the wall and in a hurry he was back in me and blasted a sizable load in me. He pulled out and said for me to finish off inside him and I did that, spurting another load in his cummy ass. We dressed and he asked me for his $20 and I decided to have my own Oscar moment and said I’d already given him the $20. He pulled at his pocket and finding a $20 bill seemed lost in thought then added “oh yeah.” I got one on the house off the dumbass methhead. By now I was spent and ready to go, even though I was tempted by the chubby Latino boy tugging at his thick cock through his jeans. I hesitated for a moment and then saw methhead boy come on to him and figured I’d let that play out and left.
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    I was hoping I could win this one. It didn't sound like this next guy was going to fuck me. It sounded like he was into bondage and spanking and that kind of stuff. If I could get enough money to get home without getting fucked, I'd be happy with myself. Even if I had to take a spanking to do it. But when he and Brad walked through the door, I realized I'd made a mistake. He was easily 6'6" and muscled, and he looked angry. He was in leather and had a belt in his hand. I think I audibly whimpered when I saw him because I remember Brad laughed when I did it. Brad stepped in and gave us both the rules. He seemed nervous, which made me nervous too. The guy's name was John, and he spoke English, luckily. John wanted to hurt me. He was a sadist. So Brad was upping the cash reward and giving me a safe word, just in case. But the deal was, if I used the safe word, we were done, and I had to forfeit the money I'd already earned. So I had the power to end it and leave, but then I'd be back where I started. That was the last thing I wanted. But the terms were fair. I agreed, and so did John. If I could make it 10 minutes, I'd walk away with the money I needed. John asked me what my safe word was. I picked 'pineapple.' I figured my chance of needing to say pineapple was pretty low. Then John told me if I was gagged, I was supposed to shake my head back and forth as hard as I could, like I was trying to say no. If I did, he'd stop, un-gag me, and let me use the safe word. I was feeling good. After all, I thought I could do anything for 10 minutes. Then the egg timer started clicking, and I felt the first blow of John's belt on my back. He must have swung it as hard as he could. I was sure it had cut me it stung so bad. He let out a grunt as he swung again, as hard as he could, this time on my ass. Then my chest. And two more on my back. I started screaming, and he stuffed some underwear in my mouth and kept going. One after the other. I was sobbing, which only seemed to make John want to hurt me worse. This was way worse than I thought it would be. I was seriously condiering using the safe word. Then Brad stopped John and pulled him aside for a second. Brad was whispering to him, but I could hear him. "Hey man, go easy on him," Brad said, "I don't want to seriously hurt him. Just letting you have some fun. I don't want him tapping out. I want him to go another round with me." But John seemed to shrug it off. He said, "You told me to do whatever I want to him for 10 minutes. I want to make him cry. Fuck off." John walked back over to me, and I felt his hand grip my balls and start to squeeze. Fuck, it hurt in my stomach. I was crying and begging him to stop through his cum-stained underwear in my mouth. "Oh, you want me to stop, boy?" John asked. I nodded my head yes frantically. He smiled at me, laughed, and said, "Ok," then he picked up the belt and began to swing again. It was a swing every few seconds. And as hard as he physically could. He was grunting with every swing like a tennis pro serving across the court. He was trying to break me. It only took about 15 lashes before I started shaing my head 'no' violently. I didn't care how much I was going to lose. I couldn't do this. "I knew you were a pussy," John said, and he walked out without saying another word. Brad untied me, and apologized, and brough me back to the bed. He kissed my back where the lash had left its marks and held me. I calmed and asked him if I could keep the money I'd earned. "Sorry," he said, " a deal's a deal." And he took the cash back out of my jeans pocket and put it in his. I begged him, but he said no. He told me to get dressed and leave. And I started to cry again. Where was I going to go? How would I get home? Was I going to have to sleep on the street tonight? I put on my jeans in silence and threw on my t-shirt. I walked to the door, and turned back to Brad who was laying on the bed and had started rubbing his dick through his jeans. "I really wanted you, boy," he said, "I'm sorry I didn't get the chance." I saw my opportunity. I knew he wanted to fuck me, and I didn't want that, but what choice did I have? "What if I agree to play another round?" I asked. "No," Brad replied, "a deal's a deal." "Please," I begged. He thought for a minute, and then cracked a smile. "How about this, boy... I'm going to take you downstairs to the bath house, strip you naked, and for every load of cum you take in your mouth or ass, I'll give you $100." "That's not fair," I said, "last time it was $500." Brad replied, "Life's not fair. You shouldn't have tapped out." Then he continued, "And you have to let anyone use you who wants to. If you turn down a dick, you owe me $100 instead. Deal?" I stood there by the door thinking. Maybe sleeping on a bench wouldn't be too bad for a night. But it was cold out. Brad looked at me, still rubbing the bulge in his jeans impatiently. "You've got about 5 seconds to make your choice or I'm kicking you out on the street, boy," Brad said. I thought for a second, lowered my head, and nodded yes in defeat. Brad smiled.

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