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    PART 1 Of all the fucking days to have an appointment with my ID doctor, I had unluckily scheduled myself on a day that snow was coming down like crazy. I knew it would be even worse going home which pissed me even more. By the time I got to his office, the snow was really piled up and the parking lot was almost empty. I had 5 minutes to make my 4:00 appointment on time. I hurried as fast as I could. By the time I reached his office on the third floor, I had removed my scarf, toboggan, gloves, and winter coat. I was about to check-in when the receptionist appeared and said that all appointments had been cancelled. About that time, a voice in the hall began talking and telling the receptionist to leave now and forget about closing up that he would do it. The voice I recognized as my doctor who now rounded the corner and came into the receptionist’s area. “Don’t tell me you didn’t get the word?” he said when he saw me. Then, to his receptionist, “Go; now. I’ll take care of everything.” With that, the receptionist grabbed her belongings and took off for the door. My doctor began shutting down the office equipment as he told me to come on back and go in room one. In a few minutes, he came in the room and settled on his stool. We chatted about what had been happening since I had seen him last which was nothing of any medical note. He reviewed his notes on the computer making small talk and asking what I thought were silly questions. Then, much to my surprise and somewhat consternation he said he wanted to do a short physical exam because he had not done one in the last year. He handed me a paper gown and told me to strip to my underwear and left the room. He returned as I finished. He had me to sit on the table and began a slow exam of every crevice, surface, and orifice that I had. It was unlike his previous annual exams. After about five minutes, he began asking questions about my current sex life. I told him I was active. He stopped and looked me in the eyes and asked if I practiced safer sex. I looked at him and said that I did not and smiled. He shook his head and went on with his exam and questions. “Do you know your sexual partners?” he asked. “Usually, I do not,” I said blandly. “Yet, you allow them to discharge their semen in your rectal cavity,” he said. “Yes,” I said. “How can you do that knowing that is what caused you to be my patient?” he asked without a reproach in his voice. He really wanted to know. “Because having a dick repeatedly shoved in and out of my ass and hearing and feeling a man shooting his cum load in me is the greatest physical sensation that there is for a bottom gay man as I am,” I replied without blinking an eye. “Despite the propaganda, condoms do not afford the same feeling. And, from what I’ve heard tops say, it’s the same for them.” He continued on with his exam and other questions about my sex life such as how many partners, where I met them, where did we have sex, and so on. I realized at some point that his exam was different now. His hands were touching me on various parts of my body. They were innocuous but definitely not clinical either. And, then he announced that he was almost finished, but, he wanted to do a digital exam. As I had stepped down from the table and began to face it, I made a swift glance at my doctor and thought I detected a tent but couldn’t be absolutely sure. I assumed the position which allowed my gown to open in the back exposing my ass. In my mind I was chuckling as I don’t wear underwear and he had to have already noticed that I had on a favourite jock strap of mine. But, he said nothing. I felt the KY Jelly being applied and finally an index finger slowly being inserted in my ass. I suppose out of reflex I spread my feet a couple of inches further apart and bent my knees. I felt the digit rubbing all around inside me. It took a while but finally he began to touch my prostate. Slowly he rubbed it in different directions. He continued rubbing it slowly. I could stand it no longer and let out a gentle moan as my sphincter gave a snap closed impulse. He removed his finger but told me to stay where I was. I was a little uncomfortable now from embarrassment as I knew that my dick had been leaking pre-cum into the pouch. More KY was applied to my ass. I then felt two fingers being inserted. I knew this was not kosher but said nothing. The two fingers slowly entered my ass and pushed on until my prostate was found. A hand gently now rested on the small of my back as my prostate was stroked repeatedly. Again, I moaned as my dick stiffened as it leaked more pre-cum into my pouch. My sphincter reflexively grabbed the two fingers and tightened around them. A light sweat had broken out all over my body. Dr. Scholtz had been treating me now for four years. Never had this scenario ever entered my mind. He was my ID physician and physicians don’t get involved with their patients. They especially don’t get involved with their HIV infected patients. It’s just not done. But, here we were with me bent over the exam table, and he had two fingers up my ass massaging my prostate. I flashed back to when I had first met him. I was struck at how handsome he was but actually more than just handsome—he was fucking hot looking. I chastened myself for my lascivious thoughts. But, his 6 foot 2 inches, 190 pounds, dark features, and dark hair everywhere I could see on his body struck me as really someone with whom I could turn my back on so he could have better access to my ass. He was so damn sexy and sensual but in all these years I had held myself in check keeping everything on a professional. Now, he had two fingers in my ass. I moaned louder as his fingers stroked my prostate in unison. My body shivered as my head began a slow left and right roll. I shifted my stance as the fingers began to withdraw to the opening. As soon as they were there, back inside me they went. I gasped. I felt his fingers go as far inside as they could and once more began to be withdrawn. Ten, twelve, fifteen times Dr. Scholtz inserted and withdrew his fingers from my ass. With each insertion, he always stroked my prostate; I always moaned. Then, he began inserting and withdrawing his fingers faster until soon he was without a doubt finger fucking me. This definitely was not a digital exam. I tried holding myself still but just could not do so. My body was so used to this feeling. It wasn’t a dick but I was being fucked nevertheless. Soon, he was slamming his fingers deep inside me hard and fast. My prostate felt every insertion. “AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed and continued screaming as my balls blasted out their contents soaking my pouch so completely that some of my cum dripped down onto the floor. Dr. Scholtz pushed down on my back with his hand as he stroked my prostate with the two fingers on his other hand until I stopped screaming and began slowing my ejaculation. As the last of my cum load seeped out of my piss slit, I felt the fingers being withdrawn from my ass. When they had been completely withdrawn and the hand on the small of my back removed, I stood up and turned around facing my doctor. His face was ashen. I looked at his crotch and saw such a tent. I looked back into his eyes and knelt immediately in front of him. He moved backwards stopping only when he backed up to the counter top. I moved with him as my hands reached out to his pants unzipping them, unbuckling his belt, unsnapping his pants, and pushed his pants and boxers downward. He had made no effort to stop me. His uncut dick swung upwards as his boxers cleared his dick. Without hesitating, I opened my mouth and swallowed his uncut swollen dick. His piss slit hit the back of my throat. I wrapped my arms around his waist and held him tightly. I began sucking his dick calling on all the skill and tricks of the trade that I had. I slathered his dick with spit as I did a whirlwind job of getting his obviously hard dick even harder. It was his turn now to moan and jerk and shiver and that is exactly what he did as my mouth and tongue gave him what I am sure was his very first blow job by a gay man—an HIV positive gay man. In no time at all, my doctor was screaming as he held my head between his hands as his uncut 9 inches sprayed my throat with the first salvo of his cum load. Several minutes passed as the two of us enjoyed what was happening. He had a very sweet tasty cum. I relished every drop and swallowed every bit. With the last of his cum slowly oozing out of his piss slit, I began washing his dick with my tongue cleaning him as best as I could. I slid backwards off his dick which was still slightly hard. I made sure to clean under the foreskin. I stood up slowly, and we looked at each other both sweat soaked. What could be said at a time like this? Need anything be said? Time passed into awkward silence. PART 2 Dr. Scholtz spoke slowly and quietly as he avoided eye contact as much as possible. “That should not have happened. I take full responsibility. I have many patients but ever since you came to my practice I have not been able to put you in a patient-only position. I’m not gay, and I’m not bisexual. I don’t know what came over me. I am very sorry for what I did to you.” It was obvious that he now was embarrassed and racked with guilt. “Well, doc, now you know how I get myself into trysts without even trying. I’ve always seen you as my physician but also I’ve seen you very clearly as one helluva hot looking man,” I responded with blunt frankness. “I don’t regret anything that happened. So, don’t you be.” “You need to get dressed. We both need to get out of here,” he said and walked to the window. “Oh, no. It looks like we aren’t going to go anywhere. You get dressed. I’ve got to make a call. When you’re dressed, if you need to make a call, come out to the receptionist’s desk.” Dr. S left the room, and I got dressed. I had no one to call, but I was going to have a very slow trip back home as I now viewed how much snow had fallen as I looked out the window. There was at least a foot and a half on the ground and still more coming down. I went out to the receptionist’s desk hearing Dr. S say good-bye and hang up the phone. He turned to me and told me that the city was in shut down and that the major roads were becoming impassable. He told me he was going to walk to the Marriott about a mile away and get a room. He suggested that I do the same and wait for the storm to end and the roads to be cleared. I considered the suggestion and realized it was my best option. We left immediately. As the two of us walked inside the lobby at the Marriott, our numb limbs and faces had about reached their maximum punishment. The warmth felt so good. We dusted off the snow and loosened our coats. We walked up to the front desk and asked for two rooms but were informed that with the storm everyone from the interstate and expressway had preceded us. The only room left was a small room with a double bed. Nothing else was available. We looked at each other. I could not make the call, and it took Dr. S a few seconds to turn back to the manager and tell him that was fine; we’d take it. We registered, got the key card, and headed up to the fifth floor. The room was small. In fact, it really looked as if there had been a small left over space on the floor where someone came up with the idea of making just one more room. For me, it was heaven sent. At least I would not be curled up inside my car stuck on the expressway with no food, water, or blankets. I didn’t know and didn’t ask what Dr. S thought of the room. I suspected but he kept his thoughts to himself. I felt a tension from my physician which I considered realistic. I never approached him and tried to make everything to be as casual as possible. We ended up going to the dining room and having supper followed by a stop at the main bar. We each nursed a drink and talked casually as much as we could though numerous times there were awkward silences. Dr. S looked at his watch and said he was tired and wanted to go back to the room which we did. He called his wife and told her that he was at the Marriott and gave her the room number. I mentally noted that he never mentioned that he was sharing the room. We settled in and watched some programs on the TV. At 10:30, Dr. S said he was tired and was going to bed. I told him I was ready as well. I slipped off my shoes and socks, then, stood up taking off my shirt and pants. For modesty of some sort, I kept on my jock strap. I neatly put everything on or by the chair, walked to the right side of the bed, tossed back the covers, and slipped into bed. Dr. S began to undress slowly finally climbing into bed. He had left on his boxers and wife beater. We turned out the lights and settled in to sleep. I sharply woke up but not knowing why. I lay very still on my back and kept my breathing slow and shallow. At long last, I felt an ever so light touch on my hip. At first, a single finger traced down from the strap of my jock until it reached the bottom of my buttock. On the upward trace, I felt three finger tips making the trip. On reaching my strap once more, I felt the three finger tips follow the strap until it reached the pouch where an entire hand covered the pouch and began slowly and gently massaging the contents. Minutes passed as the hand continued the light massage. It took about a minute for my dick to begin to awaken to the soft massage. When my dick began to grow, I felt a jerky movement of my bed partner moving himself closer to me while trying not to awaken me. Still, I kept the same stance. His presence was noted as the mattress settled downward as his body moved closer to me. His hand soon began a more aggressive massage of my pouch. I thought it was time to move this “handiwork” along; I began a light moaning and sighing as I moved my arms and legs. I resettled myself on my left side. My bed partner held still until he thought that once more I was asleep. He then slowly moved closer settling himself so that his body was touching mine in about three places. Once more I felt his hand on my crotch. I let him again massage my dick for a couple of minutes before moving backwards and up against Paul who froze. We lay there several minutes as my dick grew hard and began to leak pre-cum. “I won’t stop you,” I finally quietly said. We lay there quietly for less than a minute before Paul began working on my crotch once more. He was unmerciful with his hand. I could tell he was getting his hand soaked with my pre-cum as he began to moan a little. His shadow now loomed above me as he tossed the covers off both of us. He moved in between my legs and continued to maul my hard dick and balls. Through the little light, I could see his face full of determination yet angst. Then, he grabbed my balls and dick and held them tightly with a look of panicked delight on his face. I let him suffer in his new wanton thoughts until I had a small streak of mercy. “Go ahead and do what you need to do. Go ahead and do what you have to do. You know you can’t stop yourself; you can’t stop now because you’ve come too far. You have to know. You have to experience it. It’s been eating at you for a long time. You’ve got the chance now. You know I won’t stop you,” I said quietly but firmly. He hesitated; I growled, “DO IT NOW!” Paul looked at me face-to-face. He released my crotch as I raised my legs upward where they were caught by his hands. He placed them on his shoulders as I raised my hips off the bed. Paul’s underwear was shoved down to his knees releasing his mighty 9-inch uncut dick that curved upwards ever so lightly. He pushed my knees to my chest where I held them. He fumbled with his dick trying to line the head up with my ass hole. He finally found the opening and began pushing. I was determined that I was going to get fucked and never to forget it. I clamped my sphincter tightly refusing to give way. I could hear frustration as Paul pitifully grunted, whined, squealed, and growled as he discovered he was making no progress at shoving his hard dick in me. Despite the darkness, I saw the savagery in his eyes when he finally looked into my eyes. He pulled his face and body upward, hesitated only a mere second or two, then, raised his hand high. He issued an open mouth primordial growl with his nostrils flaring as his hand raced downward slamming against my face jerking my head to the right. His hand made an equally as fast trip back from where it started. Paul grabbed me by my hips and slammed balls-deep into my ass ripping and tearing me in several places. I bit my lips at all the gloriously beautiful pain. Paul began to fuck me with such a wonderful violence the likes of which I had not felt in many years. On and on his dick was buried full length inside me and withdrawn so that only a mere fraction of his fat dickhead was still inside me. With each plunge inside me, I felt his two large orbs slap onto my butt. Paul was now driven by pure lust as he had finally discovered what it felt like to fuck another man in the ass. It was a feeling he now new and would know again. His inner anger controlled until now burst forth with a gusto of energy. I felt teeth sinking into my neck. A growl of deep savagery was sounded at the same time. I winced at the bite as my dick trembled with sheer delight of the physical pain. My dick strained itself and doubled the flow of pre-cum. Paul continued to deep dick my ass as he shifted into overdrive thrusting harder and faster into my ass. He opened his mouth releasing my neck and reared his head upward looking down at me never missing a stroke. He grabbed my hips and began pounding harder and faster still driving himself into a frenzy as sweat began to splatter everywhere around us and on me. “FUCK ME, YOU BASTARD! GIVE ME THAT CUM LOAD OF YOURS!” I growled and spit on his face. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” he screamed throwing his head backwards as he plunged deep inside me. I felt his dick swell and shrink a number of times as great globs of his sperm gushed through his urethra and coated my gut. More and more of his cum entered me as I clung to him. Paul finally pulled his deflated dick out of my ass and rolled over onto his side of the bed. I reached down and pulled the cover back up over us saying nothing. Paul, too, said nothing. What more needed to be said? I had already said it, and Paul had complied. No one needed to be remindful. It was what it was. I looked at my watch. It was quarter after one. We both went back to sleep. PART 3 Slowly, my eyes opened. I checked my watch: 3:07. As I nestled myself back into comfort, I heard a deep low voice whisper, “Fuck me.” I turned to look at Paul. His eyes were wide open when I finally could see them. “Fuck me, now. Please. Before I change my mind.” I raised my head a little and looked to be sure. Yes, his eyes were open; he was awake. I turned on the bedside light and looked at Paul again who was now resting on his left elbow. I looked at Paul closely. I finally said, “My rules; my way; no complaints; no stopping. If you try to stop, you will regret it.” I let him mull over what I had said. “Agreed,” he said as he tossed back the covers. He quickly got up pulling off his wife beater and boxers. He hurried to the bath room shutting the door. I began rubbing my dick through my pouch. I finally pulled my jockstrap off and tossed it beside the bed. Minutes passed. The commode was flushed as running water was heard. More minutes passed. At last, the water was turned off and Paul re-entered the bedroom. His dick was rigid in anticipation. When he began to climb on the bed, I held my hand up stopping him. “You need to suck my dick and get it hard; that won’t take long to do. As you suck me, get your ass as wet with spit as you can. You’re going to need as much as possible. It’s going to burn like Hell, and the pain is going to be like no other you’ve ever had. But, the pain will pass within a couple of minutes and eventually become very soothing and pleasurable. You’ll want more,” I cooed to him. “When you think you’ve got enough spit in your ass, straddle me and lower your ass down onto my dick. YOU will fuck yourself; I’m going to lay here. You have total control of how much of my dick you take, when you stop taking it, and when you start taking it. I’m not fucking you; you are fucking yourself using my dick.” Paul knelt between my legs and began sucking my dick as he did his best to lubricate his ass with his spit. He was so inept but made an effort. I relished the thought of the pain he would feel which hardened my dick. Then, removing his mouth from my dick, Paul looked at me, nodded, and scrambled to position himself astride me. It took him several tries to get the right spot. I maintained an enigmatic look. He finally began to settle his virgin straight ass onto my hard pre-cum smeared dick. Slower than a snail in a race with a lame tortoise, Paul forced his sphincter downward spearing the opening with my hard cut 7 ½ inches of meat. After several failed attempts, he raised his body upright, grabbed my dick with his right hand, closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and shoved himself downward in a big jerk. Immediately, his eyelids flew open. I heard the beginning of a pained cry that was shut down in four seconds and muted in his throat. A terrified panicked look overtook the pain-racked face that I saw. Twice more Paul made his downward jerks impaling himself further onto my dick. Each body jerk elicited more pain and panic. The fourth jerk found Paul fully impaled on my now very primed dick. I saw and felt his body trembling. I wondered if it was from fear of my status or if it was he finally understood what a bare cock in a man’s ass felt like. Paul sat astride me with a contorted face. His body was swaying as his hands and arms didn’t know what to do to alleviate his pain. I flexed my dick sending more bolts of enjoyment into him. Several minutes passed as he adjusted to the sensations. I continued to flex my dick. By the end of his adjustment time, Paul was swaying still but this time from the pleasure he was feeling. He finally opened his eyes and looked down at me . . . and smiled. He began rocking and rolling around on my dick as he felt it up inside himself. He became almost giddy at the feeling. Then, he placed his hands onto my nipples and began riding me very slowly. He was in control for now. More and more Paul began lifting himself up higher and lowering himself. In short order, he began a much more directed slam back down onto my dick. His pace quickened and quickened again. He grabbed my chest and held tightly as his almost menacing eyes now focused in on mine. His eyes demanded that I give him the final reward that he sought. His growls were animalistic and threatening. His urgency continued to grow as did his lust. I timed myself so that just as Paul bottomed out, I wrestled him around on the bed until he was on his back with his knees over my shoulders and being slammed in his ass by my now fully swollen dick. I began madly pounding his ass driving my dick in every possible direction. Paul was shocked and stunned at how quickly I had changed our position. He did not fully understand what was happening for several moments. By that time, I was in total control repeatedly driving my bloated oozing dick into his hole. More and more I slammed into Paul’s now open and willing if not demanding ass as he moaned and groaned his approval. His eyes were aflame with lust. His mouth partially open seeped the excess spit that he was creating out of lust. His body was coated with massive amounts of sweat as was mine. His hands held onto my waist as best they could pulling me closer into him. His nostrils flared wildly as his breathing was labored from all the exertion. I was now fucking Paul faster and harder than I had ever fucked any man before. I knew I was close and couldn’t figure out what was happening. I had never fucked as hard or as fast as this. I was a quick shooter when I fucked. I just couldn’t get myself over the top. Then, without warning, I smelled it. My nose picked up the unmistaken scent of blood, and I went wild. I slammed my dick into Paul hard grabbing a handful of his hairy chest pulling it upward to my lowering mouth where I bit down on it as I began to scream. Paul yelped. My dick began pumping my balls’ juices into his ass. More and more of my cum poured into Paul who was now whining and whimpering as he realized he was now being filled with my tainted sperm. I know not how long it took for me to finish unloading my cum load. But, I did finally and slowly slid out of Paul’s ass. We settled our sweaty bodies onto the bed. Two days later, the roads were finally all cleared. I went home and cleaned my condo. Paul went home to his wife. It is three years later, and I am no longer a patient at Paul’s practice. He now makes house calls for me. Next year, Paul is monitoring my numbers when I go off my meds. We plan on making his first numbers. And, even more numbers after I’m done with him.
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    irthday Gifts Cast of Characters Paul: 18 (birthday Boy) b. 1999 Sean: 21 (middle brother) b. 1996 Kyle: 24 (oldest Brother) b. 1993 William: 26 (uncle) b. 1991 Charles: 41 (Dad) b.1976 Josie: 41 (Mom, Lesbian), b. 1976 Sally: 43 (mom’s live in girlfriend) b. 1974 Cody: 18 (Diver, BFF, cuddle buddy) b. 1999 Jose: 18 (Soccer player, Boyfriend) b. 1999 Frank: 59 (Grandfather) b. 1957 Assorted other twinks, daddies, persons 18-71 I can’t say I have a really normal family, as many of my friends can confirm we are unique. Let me introduce myself and my family so you can see just how not normal we are. I’m Paul, born when everyone was parting like it’s 1999, throwing caution to the wind in preparation for the millennium. I’m 6’1” and weigh in somewhere around 145, I have deep blue eyes sandy blond hair and a athletic build. I swim and dive competitively and play soccer in the fall. I have two brothers, Sean who just turned 21, a junior in college studying medicine. He is 6’ and carries a 160 pound frame. He also is athletic and played football in high school. Then there's Kyle. He is 24, 6’2 and 160 pounds, has a hot athletic body. In high school he both played basketball and wrestled. Kyle is a grad student at the local university which both he and Sean attend. Then there is William, my uncle, who is more like a big brother than an uncle. My Dad Charles has always encouraged me to bond with his little bro as our ages were so much closer, so Uncle Will, my brothers and I are a close knit family. Even my Grandpa Frank would come around and wrestle with us boys. Now one thing I haven’t mentioned is the Gay Gene - it runs rampant in my family. Grandpa Frank has had a string of lovers, spare “uncles” for us through the years. William was a late baby that he had conceived with Grandma during a night of rambunctious partying in the 90’s. Dad and mom dated in high school to silence the rumors and both really wanted kids, so during their senior year Dad jerked into a cup and Mom inseminated herself with a kitchen implement. I don’t think they ever actually had sex in all the years they had been married. Each went through life with with one or another partner, weaving themselves into the fabric of our lives. Well today is my birthday. I'm sure what my family has planned - if anything at all, but you only turn 18 once, so I think they have something up their sleeves. Today started out as any other Friday: my middle brother awoke me when his alarm went off at 6:00 AM. I was met in the kitchen by my mom and older brother who happened to be home for a change. I think he was dropping off his laundry for mom to handle. I ate a quick protein rich breakfast then headed out to school to see if I could catch Cody at the pool and swim some laps with him before school officially started. Cody was already in the pool when I arrived and smiling his usual big shit eating grin when he generally saw me. We each did 12 laps then rinsed off and dressed for class. Classes seemed boring, and dragged on, it seemed like the clock was going two clicks forward and three back. School only had a month to go till graduation and I was beginning to look forward to being valedictorian this year. My grades were off the charts, even in my AP classes. Sixth period finally arrived and I headed back to the gym and aquatic complex to do my training in the pool. After an hour or so I noticed my middle brother standing on the side of the pool. He told me he had stopped by to pick me up. Now I knew something was in the works. As I finished my last laps my hunky brother came down to the pool and offered me my towel as I exited the pool. He went so far as to actually wrap it around my shoulders and patting my back dry. I began to harden up in my Speedo trunks, as he walked me back to the locker room. As we opened the locker room door and I walked towards my locker he directed my away from my locker and into the team room. Now, the team room was were the various sports teams would come together before a meet or event and get a pep talk from one or all the coaches. As we entered the room, I was greeted by a lot of my jock friends, a couple of the coaching assistants. All were weating athletic gear denoting their sport. I am a huge sports gear nut, so seeing them all wearing the gear and only a jock straps boned me up. Soon I was tenting my swim trunks as the Lycra was not able to confine my monster snake. They all sang happy birthday to me and then Cody and Jose began rubbing on me, paying close attention to my raging cock. My towel soon disappeared, soon followed by Cody slipping my trunks off my legs, having me lay down on the bench. Jose and I had been going out together for a year but we only kissed and cuddled. We never did anything particularly sexual, beyond groping each other, but today, on my 18th birthday, Jose slipped his cock to my lips, moistening them with his precum. Opening my mouth in invitation, Jose slipped the knob into my moist throat, his eight inches sliding down effortlessly. Some would label me a natural cock sucker. As I deep throated Jose, I felt a warm mouth envelope my rock hard cock, which made it even harder - if that was possible. I guessed Cody was sucking my dick, but as I was busy being skull fucked by Jose, I couldn't take the time to confirm as much. In any event, Jose and (I assume) Cody both worked me over for a while. I sensed the other dozen guys had closed ranks. Several of the guys were stroking themselves, a few were massaging a buddy's cock, and still a couple had progressed to rendering head to a teammate. We were having an orgy in the team room. This was wild. Sean had moved up in the crowd and was standing beside Cody who had stopped sucking my raging boner. I lay there, my cock dripping with precum. Without saying a word, Cody lowered himself on my shaft, impaling himself on my nine and a half inch tool. Holy shit. I was fucking my BFF, as, at the same time, I deep throated my boyfriend. Sean dropped down and was working the area between where my cock was penetrating Cody and my virgin hole. The sensation was incredible. As his saliva dripped onto my ass pucker he began fingering it into my hole, sliding his finger in and out, touching a spot that drove me into orbit. Then he withdrew his fingers from my ass, and slid two fingers into Cody's ass, alongside my cock. Naturally Cody groaned in pleasure. Jose pulled his cock from my throat and made me worship the head and top of the shaft while Sean pushed Cody into position so he was laying on my torso. Cody and I began to make out and as we aso tried to service Jose’s rigid shaft. Sean, however, decided then to align his cock with mine, pushing against Cody's puckered rosebud, sliding back and forth until the head stretched out Cody’s hole and popped in. Suddenly Cody was tight again: not only was I was sloshing around in Cody's boy cunt, my brother’s cock was riding next to mine as both of us pumped his tool in and out of the Cody's ass, pistoning in sync and alternate strokes. At that moment Sean leaned down and whispered in Cody’s ear just loud enough for me to hear “Ready for a second dose of my toxic seed boy? It felt great lubing you up earlier with my poisoned cum so you could ride my little brother's hard cock. Now, take my poz cum, you little diver whore.” Sean began pumping seed into Cody’s stretched and sloppy ass. I could feel his cock pulse against mine with each spurt. This pushed me over the edge and I also blew my load into Cody, so he took both of our loads, which filled his ass, each of us blowing until neither could spurt any more cum. Jose, sensing our climax, began shoot his load between our mouths, covering our faces with his spunk. Several other guys also stepped forward, each spraying his load across our bodies. Sean leaned down and licked the cum from Cody’s back and ass. As we pulled out a couple of the guys leaned in and licked the cum from Cody’s gaping hole. One or two even mounted him as he lay against my chest, each pumping his seed into Cody's hot cummy orifice.
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    I've been trying to "seduce" my roommate into breeding me for the past several weeks but to no luck. Hell, I've even left my door open while other guys have fucked me and he's just stood there and watched. Finally this weekend all my work paid off! He had a friend in town and they went out during the day on Saturday. They got home and wanted to smoke a little 420 which I gladly did with them. After getting good and high his friend finally tells me "why don't you go into your bedroom and put on a jock" so of course I jumped at that invitation! I do so and shortly after his friend comes in and starts eating my ass and deep dicking me nice and slow for about 15 to 20 minutes. My roommate then comes in and starts to j/o and smack his cock on my face until I start sucking it. His friend unleashes a massive load in my hole and pulls out to shove his cock down my throat and clean him off. With that the roommate finally shoves his dick in and within a minute or so shoots his load up my ass. Of course I now have the taste of his cum and simply want more! Guess I should wear jockstraps more often :-)
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    New guy at work had a few of us over last night. There are 7 of us milling around on the deck. New guy was manning the grill and his boyfriend was in and out of the kitchen bringing drinks and keeping things lively. Everyone has had a few drinks and seems to be having a good time. New guy is funny and people are laughing at his stories. I head inside for a new drink and flirt with his boyfriend for a bit. He is flirting back just as much and asks if I want a tour of the house and I say sure. He shows me quickly through the first floor and then heads upstairs. I am enjoying watching his ass stretch the fabric of his shorts with each step. I take a chance and reach out to rub his ass and he stops and pushes back on my hand. He gropes my crotch and finds my cock well on its way to being hard. He grabs my hand and pulls me into their bedroom and says we don’t have much time. I undo my shorts and push them down as he falls to his knees and sucks me deep. He looks up at me as he takes my cock then says he needs me to fuck him. He stands up and pulls me over to the window and we can see the others outside on the deck as he pushes his pants down he bends over. He tells me he has new guys load in him already so I line up and he pushes back on my cock. We both know we don’t have much time so we get to fucking. I am pushing deep into him as we watch his boyfriend out on the deck. I know I am not going to last much longer and ask where he wants my load. He says breed my hole, give me your load, mix it with his and that sends me right over the edge. We get ourselves back together and then head back outside.
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    Went to a sex party in NYC last night. Got there about 10pm and it was a little slow, maybe 20 guys. I was thinking I had a so-so night ahead of me. Turns out I was one of the only bottoms, and there were plenty of tops wanting to plant their seed. I went into the fuck room and bent over. Immediately, one guy comes up behind me and starts fucking. Before I knew it, there was a bit of a crowd around. The tops took their turns breeding me--one would blow his load, and the next would get in there to add his to the mix. Just over an hour later, my hole was dripping with loads. My newly found versatility didn't factor in last night--I was a 100% bottom cumwhore!
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    I was in London a few days ago and very horny to get fucked. I had posted on BBRT and on Craigslist. I received numerous hits, but they all seemed to be flakes: several of the guys were 'no shows', and the balance would want to chat and swap pics, but then dropped the conversation. London seems to have an overabundance of game players when it comes to online cruising. But then I began to chat with a guy who answered my Craigslist ad. He said he lived just a mile from my hotel and wanted to come over. I had not seen any pics of him, but his self description sounded nice. He said he was in his mid 50's, a very athletic and fit body, covered in thick, black/grey hair, large/thick cock that got and stayed rock hard. He told me that he wanted to get sucked and rimmed. And that if the chemistry was right, he'd fuck me, but he'd only fuck me if covered. Normally I would turn down getting fucked by a guy wearing a condom, but on this occasion I was getting desperate to get fucked, and, as everything else he said about himself sounded great, I invited him over. Within about 35 minutes, he was knocking on my hotel room door. I opened the door to find a very attractive Middle Eastern man standing there. I invited him inside. "Are you okay with how I look?" he asked? "Fuck, yeah," I replied. We both began to undress. Then he stood before me in just his undershirt, briefs and socks. I stepped up to him and rubbed his chest and his already hard cock through his white briefs. Then I dropped to my knees and put my mouth on the bulge in his shorts. I chewed on it for a moment, then pulled his waistband over his hard cock and took his thick cock head into my mouth. I worked his cock as I pulled his briefs down and helped him step out of them. Next he pulled his undershirt up and over his head. I looked up to see his very sexy, hairy chest above me as I made love to his now rock hard cock. He sat on the edge of the bed and I continued to suck on his very large and thick cock. My tongue slid into his large piss hole in his mushroomed sized cockhead. Then I licked up and down the underside of his cock, working my way down to his balls, on which I licked and sucked. He moaned as I did this. I then licked under his balls and he moaned even louder. Then I lifted his legs a bit. He got the hint and pulled his legs up to his chest as I began to lick and eat his very hairy asshole. I spread his hole and got my tongue deep up inside his tight hole. I lapped my tongue across his hole and he was groaning with pleasure. Then he flipped over onto his knees and climbed up further onto the bed. I took some deep sniffs of my poppers and pressed my face into his hairy ass and again ate his hairy hole. I came up for air, "Wanna fuck me?" I asked? "Not yet. Keep eating my hole," he answered. I continued to eat his hole, then he flipped back onto his back and I went back to sucking his cock. I couldn't believe how large and hard his cock was for a man his age. The hardness was like a kid in his 20's, not a guy in his late 50's. Whether is was from a little, blue pill or not, I could care less. I was loving this rock, solid cock in my mouth. Finally, he reached for my ass and fingered my hole a bit. "Okay, I want your ass," he remarked. I got off the bed and grabbed my lube, took care of my hole and then presented the bottle to him, knowing he had said he had said he would only fuck with a condom, but I didn't offer him one. I had a few in the drawer. But would only pull one out if he insisted. I climbed back onto the bed and put my ass up towards him. I was expecting him to ask for a condom, but he never did. He lubed his cock and put his hard cock head up to my hole. I started to sniff the poppers deeply, as I felt him begin to press into me. "Take it slow, please," I asked. The thickness and hardness of his large cock would take a little time, however, soon he was balls deep in me and began to pump in and out of me with some speed and power. He was soon slamming into me, making a loud slapping sound as his pelvis slammed against my ass. He had grabbed my shoulders and was ramming up into me. I had to take some more popper sniffs, but it was feeling great. "You like my dick?", he asked. "Fuck, YEAH," I answered. His cock was rubbing against my prostate and I was in bottom/pig heaven. Bam! Bam! Bam! His cock was ramming into me. Then he reached under me and pinched my nipples as he fucked me. That really gets me going. I was soon cumming myself as he fucked me and pinched my nipples. When I began to cum, that set him off. Now, he was groaning, growling and grunting as he filled my ass with his load. I was squeezing my ass on his thick cock as it throbbed in my ass. He continued to thrust into me for quite some time as he emptied every drop of his seed into me. Finally he pulled out of me in a quick withdrawal and then jumped off the bed and went into the bathroom to wash off his dick. I dressed as I heard the water in the sink running. He came out. His now soft cock, still thick and long hanging down between his legs. He dressed in silence then said, "You've got my email address. Let me know when you're back. I'm married and it's sometimes difficult to get away. But I'll fuck you anytime I can," he remarked as he left my room.
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    This is a mostly a true story (names changed) and a story where I took my first poz load. Back in the late 90's I became online friends with a group of gay bikers who met up at Sturgis every year. I had been chatting with a few of the guys and they invited me to come out and camp with them for a weekend during the Biker Rally. Now I didn't have a bike, but bikers have always turned me on. I was looking forward to making the trip and hanging out with the guys and getting to know them I live in Minneapolis at the time and made the trek to the Black Hills. Now for those of you who have never been, its a wild time with a charged atmosphere of men and women just having a good old time. I arrived to the camp late morning. I felt kind of weird driving into the camp in my Chevy Cavalier. Yeah I know. I probably screamed gay. I got out and one of the guys I had been chatting with saw me pull up and got up from the picnic table and walked over to greet me. Now this guy made my dick hard every time I chatted with me. We would chat online and even chatted on cam. He taught me everything I needed to know about tobacco pipes. How to pack them, light them and smoke them. He is the one that helped me coin my online handle. He smoked big Boswell pipes and made me melt every time I chatted with him. His name was Alex, was in his 50s, about 5'9", stocky muscular build, shaved head and a long ginger goatee down to his chest, and was wearing only a pair of grungy jeans, no shirt. He pulled me into a kiss and I could smell he had not showered yet that day. Fuck he smelled good. Man smells always get my dick dripping. Alex was also a Daddy figure to me. We would talk about some of his life stories. How he started riding a bike, how he got into smoking pipes etc. We also talked about how he contracted HIV. At the time, I had played safe, but always thought it would be hot to have sex with a poz guy. Alex brought me over to the table of Bikers that were sitting around the fire pit and table. He introduced me to Bubba, Rick and another ginger named David. I have seen David around the net, but never was able to strike up a conversation with him. I knew he was poz, but I just couldn't get up the nerve to say hi. I have chatted with Bubba and he came over and gave me a big kiss and a hug. Bubba had this southern drawl that got me going. Later I found out years later he was extremly shy and wanted to get me naked. That is being planned currently. I sat down at the picnic table and Alex offered me a drink. He made me a jack and coke and started to chat. I pulled out my pipe and tobacco and started packing my pipe. Alex turned to me and barked at me to give him the pipe so he could pack it correctly. I was a bit nervous as this was the first time at the event and being around all the bikers made me visibly nervous. Bubba noticed this and came around and start rubbing my shoulders. He whispered to me to relax and have fun as the guys were all really cool. I had on shorts and a t-shirt and felt over dressed as most of the other 12 guys at the came were wearing far less. All of them were also furry as hell, and sported a full beard. Alex walked me around, introducing me to each guy. Being cordial, I walked over and shook each man's hand, eventually returning to the table. David sat down at the table next to me and pulled off his shirt. Again a waft of man scent hit me and I shivered. Alex chuckled, shook his head and told me that I should get comfortable. Bubba helped me out of my shirt. I was 26 yrs old and being from the upper Midwest I was pasty white except for the fur on my chest and back. I had a bushy goatee and shaved head so I fit in ok. At least the jack and coke told me that. Alex handed my pipe back after lighting it. David had pulled his pipe out and had lit it as well. So here I was sitting with three hot bikers smoking pipes. Bubba had pulled out a pack of reds. After a few drinks, I was loosening up. Alex had suggested that I go set up my tent as it would be getting dark soon. Bubba said he would help. We walked over and set up my tent. He asked me what I thought of the guys. Bubba and I had several conversations about likes and dislikes and he knew that this group of guys was right up my alley. I told him I was in heaven. I glanced over at the guys making sure I had not said it too loud. Bubba chuckled and said I would have a great weekend. After finishing the tent, we walked back over to the table where Alex had started up the grill and was cooking some burgers and brats. Yes brats, not sausages, in the Midwest we called them brats. We ate and drank into the evening. It was July so it didn't really cool off much during the night in the Black Hills. As the night went on the guys started to break off and head to their tents for bed. Which left Bubba, David, Alex and myself at the table chatting away. I had plenty to drink and was laughing and carrying on. A few hours later, Bubba and David called it a night leaving Alex and I talking. I was wound up with all the talk and drinking, but I hid it well or so I thought. Alex being the blunt one stopped mid sentence and asked me if I was going to let him suck my cock or would he have to go to bed and jerk it to my teasing him. I was taken back, but happy. He came around to me and leaned down and gave me the best fucking kiss. The taste of the tobacco on his tongue and the smell coming from his chest and pits got my dick hard as a rock. He told me to stand and in no time my shorts were on the ground. As we were kissing, he told me that if I come to camp with deodorant on again, he will beat the hell out of my ass. I blushed and apologized. He trailed down my chest to my underwear and started to mouth my cock through them. He pulled the waistband down and released my dripping cock and in one swift movement went down on me. I inhaled deeply as if in shock as no one has ever done that to me. After a short time Alex pulled off, looked up at me and told me that he had to have me in his ass. I stood up quick and almost fell over as my shorts were still around my feet. We both laughed as he caught me. He spit in his hand and coated his hole and my cock and guided me to his hole as he bent over the table. I slowly slid in as if giving him time to get used to my thickness. He just grunted and pushed back and my cock slid all the way into his hole. He just let out this low growl which made my cock even harder. It didn't take me long and after 20 minutes I was pounding hard and ready to blow. he leaned up and told me to slid in all the way so I he could feel it when I shot my load. I pushed in and shot one of the biggest loads. I had to sit down as my legs were wobbling. He was standing in front of me with a big old grin saying he wasn't finished. Grabbing my head, he forced me to my knees, and slid his cock into my mouth. "Good boy," he whispered, adding "Daddy is going to feed his boy a sweet load." I pulled off enough to answer, "Yes, please do, Sir." Then I resumed my work. After a little bit he started growling again and I knew he was close. I picked up speed and when his breath started to go short I shoved his cock all the way down my throat and was fed a huge poz load. It was his time to sit down. After a little bit he broke the silence and said "I think it's time for bed." After exchanging another big kiss, we parted and went to our tents to sleep. I took off my clothes and crawled into my tent and fell asleep. Not long after being asleep, I felt an arm slide over my chest and someone press up against my back. I tried to look to see who it was but could not tell which guy had crawled into my tent. To be continued...
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    The first time I ever had sex was with my uncle and his boyfriend. They lived a few blocks away and I would mow their yard and then jump in their pool. I would occasionally “catch” them fooling around but looking back on it I am sure they knew I was watching. One hot day, a cold beer, and skinny dipping in the pool turned into so much more. I can still close my eyes and clearly see both those hard cocks just as I did that day. I remember them sitting on the side of the pool kissing and swimming over to them and watching as my uncle pushed his boyfriends’ mouth down on his cock. I had never had sex and seeing it live and so close was amazing. My uncles’ boyfriend slipped back in the water, got behind me and inched me closer to my uncles’ cock. He rubbed his cock over my lips and I reached out and wrapped my hands around that thick shaft with his boyfriend behind me encouraging me to suck it. I licked and sucked my uncles’ cock like it was going to be my last meal. He got back in the water and we all three kissed and groped each other. Eventually we climbed out and my uncle told me he wanted to watch me fuck his boyfriend. He showed me how to eat his ass and get his hole ready. He got my cock slicked up with spit and lined it up with his boyfriend hole and guided me in. I could not believe how hot it was. We took turns fucking his boyfriend and then my uncle said he wanted my ass. I was scared but more turned on. He ate my hole and his boyfriend sucked my cock and then I was on my back with my legs on my uncles’ shoulders. He pushed into me that first time and it brought tears to my eyes I didn’t think I could take it but he leaned down and kissed me and slowly he worked more of his cock into me. He eased in but then just rammed into me balls deep and would give my virgin hole a few hard, rough pumps then ease off. Soon the pain turned into something amazing and I was begging for him to fuck me harder. We sucked and fucked each other all afternoon long. That was the first of many times we fooled around. That day started my obsession with fucking and cocks and cum.
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    1. You know you are a true cum dump when you have more sex partners in one night than the average person does in a lifetime. 2. You know you are a true cum dump when you lose count of how many guys fucked and/or bred you at your last bathhouse stay or gang bang. 3. You know you are a true cum dump when you will let anyone fuck you regardless of age, body, dick size, etc. 4. You know you are a true cum dump when you allow a guy with a condom to fuck you because you know you are going to extract the cum out of the condom and insert it in your hole. 5. You know you are a true cum dump when you've been fucked by 20 guys during your bathhouse stay and you feel unsatisfied. 6. You know you are a true cum dump when you want a really hot guy to breed you quickly just to get another load from the next guy who is unattractive with a small dick. 7. You know you are a true cum dump when you people watch and realize that you would bend over for every single guy you see. 1 - 7 are true for me. I no longer have a 'type'. I want every guy to unload in me.
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    This chapter is dedicate to @RotzBBengel, because I think he will appreciate the story line. CHAPTER 14: As I’m about to head back to the living room a dirty thought occurs to me, I say it to Ty softly and with a lustful tone, “Get on all fours sexy. I only wanna see that hot hole of yours teasin’ me when I get back … face down, ass up”. Ty just looks at me his tongue hanging slightly out of his mouth and his best “fuck me” eyes and I quickly leave the room before my dick ‘accidentally’ falls into his ass again. I feel perverted. I’m intentionally putting my own health at risk by having raw sex with Jake, and I’ve made peace with being poz. Jake and I glorify it when we fuck, and personally, I keep hoping one of his toxic loads does the deed and knocks me up. But the fucking dirty pervert in me really wants Ty to take a poz load from Jake, and the truly perverted part of my brain wants him HIV-positive, too. Just the thought of that waiting hole is making me leak. I feel like a horny lab rat testing the effects of too much caffeine, I’m hard, energized, and running circles in a maze. I can smell the dampness in my pits; its nearly too much for me. When I get to the living room, Jake is sitting there on the couch looking hot as fuck – naked and ready. “Hey sexy”, I say as he moves toward me, and grab on to his cock while planting a kiss on him. “Ready to breed my tight neg …”, and I momentarily pause. He looks at me deliciously and reaches around to feel my hole, I know he thinks he’s fucking me. I quickly add, “… baby bro, Ty?”. I can see the words register as he looks intently at me. A smiles slowly develops on his face, “Dude … you’re fucking your little brother… that’s fucking twisted!”, he says. He reaches over and grabs a framed photo of me and Ty and glares at it. I put my hand on his ass and respond, “Well… I am now”, and then gently take the photo from him and setting it back down. He gives me another evil grin. I move to get my laptop and turn the cam recording software back on. I turn it around to show Jake, “See”, I tell him. On the screen you can clearly see Ty waiting ass up, “That’s a perfect little twinky ass waiting for another poz load”. Knowing Jake, I can almost imagine the twisted thoughts going through his head as he looks at the screen, then at me, then back, smiling as he does. “Fuck I’m so horny”, he says as I set the laptop down. “Me too”, I respond, and I see Jake raise an eyebrow, “Fuck yea”, nodding at me. I grab Jake’s hand and we head toward my bedroom. I know how much Jake enjoys breeding neg ass and part of me is turned by the idea of watching him fuck and breed Ty with the same toxic semen he’s been pumping into my ass for weeks now. We stop in the doorway glaring at Ty’s ass. He leans into my ear, “He’s neg?”, I shrug my shoulders, “Think so” which prompts me to look over at the test kits. Without saying anything I grab Ty’s test, the one nearest the bed, one slight red line is showing. I show Jake, mouthing the word “Neg” while lightly flexing my eyebrows as if to say “see”. He looks at me, grinning, I know he’s horny and turned on, but then he looks away and his eyes enlarge a bit. A devilish smirk crosses his face and I realize he’s looking over my shoulder at the other test kit. I grabbed Ty’s test so quick I didn’t even notice my own, I lean into him, “That’s mine”, and I turn around to switch Ty’s for mine. I’m frozen for a second looking at it carefully, but its clear, there are two faint red lines on the test. “I’m … I’m positive”, comes out of my mouth but its barely audible. I’ve administered hundreds of these tests I know exactly what two red lines mean. I suddenly feel a bit pail, tingly and light-headed, I turn around and show Jake. He nods. He’s looking at it, then my body, he leans into me and says it softly … “Poz”. I look at the test again, then at him, then the test; time seems to stand still for a moment while I collect my thoughts. Then I just nod my head at him affirming the test’s result. I set it back down, moving back to Jake and finally mouthing the words with a wicked grin, “Jake. I’m poz!”. I know these tests can often take weeks or months to show an accurate result, and I also know once in a while they aren’t 100% accurate, but right now I’m fairly sure – I am HIV+. “I’m poz”, saying it this time in his ear, I can hardly believe the words as I’m saying them. Jake kisses me, and whispers in my ear, “You’re poz” … then waiting a second for dramatic effect he adds, “… hot fucker”. I grab his cock and whisper back, “Your doing”, and he responds, “We did this”. Part of me is elated, I can only nod. I grab our poz dicks, rubbing them together, kissing him as a sign of my approval. My head is swimming but I’m not surprised by the test’s result. Jake isn’t taking any meds and we’ve been having lots of bareback sex; we were both intent on me testing poz. I guess I’m just surprised it happened so quickly. Jake looks at over Ty’s ass, then back to me, “He know?”, he asks softly. I shake my head. A grin covers our faces. I know Ty is about to be fucked and bred with more unmedicated poz cum. I feel almost a little weird and twisted about trying to convert my own brother, but a dark part of me hopes the virus that’s in my cum takes him over the edge. I climb on the bed behind Ty, my breathe on his hole, “You ready for more babe?”, he responds with a soft, “yea”. “Open it up for us", I tell him. Ty reaches behind himself with both hands and starts to pull his cheeks open. His hole is still wet with cum from me and Cody. He’s already taken two poz loads today. I blow on his hole and he reflexes a little and the I spit and lick at it, “fuck” comes out of his mouth in a slow moan. "Fuck", I hear Jake as he gazes at my little bro's wet hole. Ty rubs the spit into his hole and then I spit on him some more, "That hole needs to be wet". “I’m already wet Chris”, he says, “… please fuck me again”, I hear him. I look up at Jake with a huge smile, and he’s giving me his most devious grin that says, “Again, huh?”. Ty is fingering himself a little bit and working my spit into and around his ass. I know he’s horny and he can’t resist touching himself. Taking that as a cue that he wants it, I line up my poz dick with Ty's hot little hole. "You ready for this babe?", I ask. “This what you want?”, pressing against his hole teasing him, “You want poz dick in your ass?”. “OH fuck… fuck … fuck me Chris … please fuck me”, he responds from the pillows covering his face. Fucking Ty earlier I tried to be gentle at first. I loved the way his body tightened up, shook, spasmed, and then relaxed; his ass seemed to resist before suddenly giving in. Right now though, he’s been used, he’s wet and I’m just going to lay into him. I push forward plunging into my brother's ass. The thick head of my dick disappears into Ty inch after inch. Without a cock in my ass I can focus solely on using Ty to get me off. The sensations coming from my dick are amazing and if I hadn’t just unloaded a bit ago I’d worry I might blow this load too fast. I can already feel my dick leaking some of its venomous precum into him, and that perverted thought gives me a bit of a thrill. I get most of my poz dick into him and I can hear him grunting a little, but I’m not stopping until my balls are resting against his ass. I push just that extra bit harder to get it in all the way. Ty is twitching, and his stretched out asshole is tightly grabbing the base of my dick. I can feel him squeezing down on my cock, “Ahhh… fuck yea Ty, you want this”, “fuck yea”, he responds squeezing on my dick one more time for emphasis. I’m so wrapped up in breeding Ty that I’m completely ignoring Jake right now, but I feel like he’s ok just watching us, taking in brother on brother sex. I lower my body on top of Ty's. Ty is young and twinkish, but he’s not tiny. Still, I love the fact that I’m a bit bigger than him though. Every part of me is a little wider or longer. “Why haven’t we done this before? He let that fucker Jeremy breed him, but he can get his HIV from his own brother now”, I say in my own head grunting and forcing my hips against Tyler’s tight ass as I think those thoughts. Fucking him, sharing a poz load with him, it feels so right. My cock feels like its buried in it's rightful home. Jake is standing close, slow jacking his cock, and occasionally rubbing my ass; I know he wants his turn at some new meat. I move my hands over Ty’s nipples and twist them just enough to get the requisite “Ahhhhhhh….”, out of him. I keep a constant rhythm of fucking him going but I stop supporting myself, laying almost completely on his back. I want him addicted to the feeling of sweat from my chest and the smell of stink from my pits. We live together, he’s seen me naked plenty and likely smelled my pits more than once. I want that smell to connect him to our sex. As I fuck him my strokes tug on his ass lips, as I withdraw, and then I dive back in pushing at his stretched hole. I sit back up and pull on Ty’s shoulders encouraging him to move up with me in a half twist; I use this opportunity to make out with him. My fucking motions slow as our tongues battle. I reach over to Jake pulling him in close and suddenly the three of us are locked in a 3-way kiss. The kiss breaks and I push on Ty again, my arms are locked around his shoulders and arms as I ram my cock into him over and over. I want to cum. “I wanna cum inside you so bad”, and I go for a kiss again as I tell him that. I can feel every inch of my dick as it moves in and out of Ty. I position my mouth close to his ear, "You’ve got a fine ass, babe". My tongue traces over the lobe and then I bite down gently and a growling noise escapes me. I want this – I want my cum in his ass. My mouth moves to his neck. I bite down one more time, this time getting a groaning and noise from Ty. I look at Jake, “Give me your boxers”, I tell him. He leaves the room and returns just as quickly, handing them to me with a curious look on his face. I grab Jake’s dirty boxers and shove them into Ty's noisy mouth. In this moment I pick up the pace a bit more on his ass. I’m holding on to his waste, pounding him hard, I know I’m about to dump a poz load in this ass and I want him to feel it. My strokes are short so I’m able to keep the majority of my dick buried in his butt. I want to deposit this load as far up inside my brother as possible. This will, hopefully, increase the change that if he isn’t poz yet, that this is the fuck from which he converts. Ty grunts around the boxers as I slam fuck his willing hole, slamming my poz dick in and out of him. As I grind and use Ty, I feel myself getting progressively louder. Dirty, filthy, twisted thoughts and ideas are coming to me as I bang my bro’s butt. "That's right Ty, take my dick. Fuck! Take my poz dick! Your hole is so tight, feels like it was made for pulling poz loads out of me”, he grunts, “ I bet you've been dreaming about taking this dick forever. Haven't you? Did you even think about your own brother breeding any when Cody was using this ass? Huh, Ty?", I ask, indignantly. Ty doesn’t really respond to me. I grab onto his hair and get real close to his ear again. I know he can feel my hot breath on his cheek, "Did you ever eat your own cum dreaming that it was mine?". “Fuck”, I hear Jake moaning as he watches me use Tyler. I’m completely lost in the moment of our sex. Ty finally nods from my prodding. We both know he’s done all of these things and probably more. With a sharp thrust I push my dick into Ty. I’m getting so close to cumming now. "Oh, fuck, … fuck … I'm gonna overflow that ass with poz cum Ty. Gonna breed you … gonna make up for lost time." Ty is thrusting his body back against mine. He’s arching his back to try to connect us and get that skin-on-skin feeling again. I’m leaning back but I can see what Ty is doing and I lean forward against him instead. Our hot, sticky skin slides against each other as my tight balls bang up against him. Ty groans. He spits out Jake's boxers and he’s pants now – loudly. "You gonna cum Ty? Do it.”, Ty is jacking his cock feverishly, “Get off on me fucking you, babe", I tell him. Ty's is racing back and forth, then I feel his hole tight even more and I know he’s dumping his load all over my bed. He clamps down on my cock, and I can see the waves of pleasure that are breaking over his body are augmented by my own grunts as I get closer and closer to delivering another load of charged seed to that ass. "Fuck… fuck… so close … I'm so fucking close Ty. Gonna cum … Where you want it?", I ask him. "Ahhh… ahhhh… All the way in … deep", he responds. I thrust deep inside of Ty. I bend forward licking one of his ears. "Here it comes… fuck… oh fuck.. It's gonna be a big load. Fuck!", I can barely think or speak. I can feel the cum welling up and I know Ty’s about to take all of it. Then I let out a long moan, grunting and shoving into Ty, with short, bone shaking thrusts. Ty can feel me pushing his whole body moving forward as my poz cock expands and stretches him to the limit, and then violently, my hot cum begins flowing into his gut. I know he can feel my hot breath on his neck as I hump my load into him, but I also hope he can feel my cum squirting into him. This the first of many poz loads he’s going to receive from me. I slowly pull out of Ty’s ass and he turns around to kiss me. We make out for a solid minute. Its at that moment I again realize I’ve forgotten Jake, and that he’s still in the room, and watching us intently. I can see some sweat on his body and his cock is hard as granite. I kiss Ty again, “Get back on all fours babe, Jake’s turn”. Ty looks over at Jake, then at me, then he kisses me again and lays down in his own cum. He reaches back with his hands and pulls his cheeks apart exposed his hole. I can see some of my load leaking out of it, “Fuck … the little bitch wants it”, I hear Jake, “Yeah he does”, I respond. Jake leans down and uses his hands to pull Ty’s ass up like before, then he buries his tongue in it. “Ohhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhh… “, Ty groans as Jake makes out with Ty’s cum filled hole. I lean down to Jake’s ear, “Be right back”, but he ignores me. Jake is literally making out with Ty’s ass, trying to force his tongue inside. I return and just watch, like Jake did, as he teases and licks and eats at Ty’s well fucked hole. He finally pulls back, looking at it, his tongue hanging out of his mouth and lapping at his lips. I squeeze a little lube onto the toothbrush I brought back form the bathroom, “Let me in there for a moment”, I tell him. Jake moves. I kiss Ty’s hole and blow some cool air onto it again, and again he responds, “Ohhhhh ohhh… fuck… fuck me”. I don’t answer him and instead start using the brush to tease and tickle his ass, his hips jump, “ahhhhh” as the brush rubs roughly against his skin. “Hold on to him”, I tell Jake. Jake just looks at me, we haven’t used any toys in our sex play and the toothbrush I guess seems odd to him. I lightly brush back and forth against Ty’s hole, up and down, trying to get him used to the feeling. He’s moaning, he isn’t telling me to stop, so I start pushing the tip of the brush with increasing pressure until the head disappears in his hole. I read in a few places about guys using a toothbrush to make it more likely that poz cum will infect a bottom. I pushed in deeper slowly, not wanting to hurt him. After I get a few inches of the brush in I stop. Tyler is panting and moaning but he doesn’t appear to be in pain. Jake moves down the bed to face Ty and they start making out. I use that as my cue to keep going with the brush. I begin slowly then adding more and more agitation until I’m brushing the insides of his ass back and forth with a nice, steady motion. Then it occurs to me that I mean for Ty to convert today – I’m infecting my own brother with HIV. Whenever any other man fucks him he’ll always know this is the day he converted. The brushing keeps up for a few minutes and I slowly work it back out. The bristles are a deep red, I hope I haven’t injured him permanently, but he’s still making out with Jake and doesn’t seem in pain. I look down at Jake, and he looks at me, he knows its time for him to breed my brother.
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    It was dark out and could not see who had crawled into my tent. He wrapped his arm around my chest. I tried to see who was now laying behind me. I tried harder to roll over to see. As I did, he forced me on to my belly and push my face into the pillow. He laid down on top of me and started to grind his cock in the crack of my ass. All the while holding my wrists. He was kissing my neck and rubbing his beard on the back of my neck. He then whispered in my ear that he saw me and Alex from his tent. My hole was twitching and felt the furry sweaty pelt on his chest as he ground on top of me. He said he saw my reaction when he took off his shirt and knew he had to have my ass. I have seen you look at my profile on BBRT and wanted to know why I haven't wanted to talk to him. I knew then it was David. My cock was hard again underneath me. I told him with muffled breath that I had wanted to say hi, but I didn't know how. He told me that he knew I liked his profile and that the profile text told me that he was poz and unmedicated. I just nodded my head. He asked if I wanted him inside my hole. I whispered I did badly. You are going to get what you want. David loosened his grip on my wrists and sat up. I looked back and saw the image of a gorgeous ginger in the moon light as he spit into his hand to lube up his cock. He tossed me the bottle of poppers and said you are going to need these. He lifted my ass up so I was on all fours and buried his face in my hole. Lifting his head, he told me that when he slides in, he does not pull out until he empties his balls in my hole. The shear thought of what was about to happen made me shiver. He asked if I was ready for him to take my hole, to mark it with his toxic seed. I nodded. I wanted him to breed me over and over. To give me his gift. Please fuck me. I want you in me I said. He pushed me back on my belly and laid on top of me again. His cock found my hole and told me he wanted to be inside me. His cock was slipping over my hole, making me moan. fuck man, my precum is getting you so slick. David covered my mouth with his hand and he pressed his cock against my hole. His pushed the head in and stopped. He then asked me what I wanted. I took his hand off my mouth. I want your cock deep inside me now. He replaced his hand and pressed hard sinking his cock all the way in to the base. The immediate intrusion of his cock made me scream in his hand. That's it boy. Feel my poz cock in you. He held himself there felxing his thickness. After I got used to his intrusion he slowly started to slide in and out of my hole. He asked if I was ok. I nodded that I was good. He took his hand off my mouth and started to slide in and out faster. He leaned up and place his hands on the back of my shoulders and started to pound at a quicker pace. All the while he was fucking me he was whispering to me telling me that my hole was made for his cock and that he was going to give me what I have wanted. I whispered back and told him that I needed his load in me. I needed to be bred. He let out a low chuckle and said he knew that I wanted him to. He had been fucking me for a while like this and he pulled out and told me to get on my back. He grabbed my ankles and slide back in. You want me to breed you don't you. I nodded. Please I whispered. Harder I whispered. I could see a slight grin on his face as he picked up speed and started to really pound my hole. I kept my eyes locked on to his. His balls slapping my ass. A low guttural groan came from his throat. Please Sir, knock me up. I want you to blow your load in me. He placed my legs on his shoulders and leaned down and kissed me. He cock pistoning in and out of my ass. He stopped kissing me looked me in the eyes and said you ready for my poz load? You ready to be knocked up? I whispered yes please breed me. He sat up and grabbed my ankles again and started to really pound my hole quick. I grabbed my cock and started to jerk it. He whispered that he was getting close. hearing that My cock exploded. hitting my beard and the wall of the tent. Fuck yeah he whispered. I am ready to breed you. You want it in your hole. You want me to breed you? I nodded. David closed his eyes and pounded me even harder. His breath getting more labored. He opened his eyes and locked onto mine. Oh Fuck he said. Do it, breed me. He slammed his cock into me hard and I felt his cock flex as it shot his toxic load deep into me. Several shots. I could feel his load leaking out of my hole. We were both sweating in the heat of the tent. He pulled out and pushed my legs to my chest as he buried his bearded face into my hole eating his load out. He crawled on top of me and we embraced in a long kiss. My hands rubbing his back and feeling the sweaty fur on his back. He stopped kissing and looked down at me and said now are you happy you came up? I smiled and said fuck yeah. He crawled behind me and wrapped his armed around my body and we fell asleep spooning the rest of the night. It was probably the best sleep I have had in a long time. To be continued...
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    I am sitting here with a nice big load leaking out of my ass deposited by my ex who was in town to visit his mom for mother’s day. The sex with Scott was always good and we have fooled around several times since we broke up over a decade ago. We have done 3-ways and groups with his latest boyfriend but this time he said he wanted it to be just the 2 of us. His whole family was inside, including his boyfriend, as I snuck into the workshop in his parents backyard. I stripped down and bent over the workbench and didn’t have to wait long until I heard him come in. He got down and ate my hole getting it nice and wet. He pulled my cock back between my legs and sucked it as he fingered his spit into my hole. Soon he stood up behind me and rubbed the head of his cock against my hole and then with hands on my hips he pushed balls deep into me in one hard thrust. He pistoned his cock over and over into me and I was holding onto the workbench moaning when I felt one hand slap over my mouth to keep me quiet. He slowed his fuck and rolled his hips in just the right way to hit my prostate over and over with each pump into me. When he started talking about breeding my ass again after so long I knew he was close. His breathing got labored and his thrusting got quicker as he blasted yet another load into me. Scott can stay hard after he cums and kept fucking me as he jacked my cock and soon I was shooting into his hand. He pulled out and as I turned around he leaned in and wiped my load across my lips and kissed me before saying he had to get back inside. We straightened up and he headed back to his family and boyfriend and I snuck out and was on my way.
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    I've sucked off several paraplegic guys in wheelchairs before the following incident, but this was the first time a paraplegic guy has fucked me. I answered a Craigslist ad this afternoon. The poster described himself as straight, independent paraplegic guy, living at a timeshare condo on the south Las Vegas Strip. We shared a few back and forth messages and as well as some pics which showed a very nice looking guy in his mid 30's with a strong, muscular upper body. He had, however, no use of his legs. He also stated that while he was straight, he often let guys blow him as he had found more guys than women who wanted to suck him off. So, he was open to having me come to service him. I met him at his condo door. He let me in and locked the door behind me. He had a very nice, large suite with a beautiful view up towards the Las Vegas Strip hotels in the distance. He wheeled to the opposite side of the main room and parked his low chair with big wheels. He was wearing a white bathrobe. He untied the waist belt and opened his robe, showing off not merely his muscular, hairy chest, and his strong, muscled arms, but also his semi-hard cock, which was about seven inches, cut. I quickly walked over, dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. As I sucked him, his cock quickly hardened in my mouth. He had large, egg shaped balls hanging below his cock, but his chair kept his legs rather close together, making it difficult to get down to work on them, but, I was really enjoying working on his cock as it had swollen to full hardness in no time. "Hold it on a second," he remarked as he extracted himself from my mouth, and wheeled himself into the adjoining bedroom, through the french doors connecting the two rooms. Once there, he maneuvered his chair alongside the large, king-sized bed. Then, with some amazing feat of dexterity, he got himself out of the chair and onto the side of the bed, his legs dangling off the bed as he sat on the side. Again I dropped to my knees, my mouth, tongue and lips nursing his hard cock. His position on the edge of his bed meant I could more easily work his cock, sucking it, then licking it up and down, paying particular attention to the underside. In addition I was able to separate his legs and suck and lick his balls. Moaning in pleasure, he lay back on the bed, so I lifted his twig-like legs and licked under his large balls. He emitted another moan, so I lifted his legs higher and licked his asshole. Now, he really started to moan. "Fuck, YEAH!" he groaned as I licked his hole. I slid my tongue up into his hole and spread his hole with my fingers, getting my tongue up as deep into him as I could. "Fuck, Man..........Eat my shit hole," he gasped. I was eating, licking and lapping at his hole like a mad man. As I came up for air, he began to push himself farther up onto the bed, towards the middle of the mattress, so I climbed up on the bed and moved between his legs, renewing my attentions to his balls and asshole. As I did so I thought 'He's really an attractive man and has a really nice seven inch cock. I want him to fuck me, but not sure if he can or would'. I maneuver myself into a 69 position with him. He wouldn't suck my cock, he was, after all straight, but he did begin to play with my asshole, going so far as to slip one of his fingers into my asshole a bit. He also slapped my ass a few times. At that time I decided to make my move. I released his cock, stood, turned and straddled him, rubbing my ass against his throbbing cock. His contented smile told me he was game. I spat on my fingers and lubed up his cock, and then spat a few more times, lubing my ass, which I positioned over his cock, his head directly against my hole as, looking him in the eyes, I lowered my ass onto his cock. "OH, FUCK!!!" he groaned as my ass slid down his shaft. Riding his cock, I rose and lowered my ass so on the withdraw his cock head would almost clear my ass, only for me to descend, sliding down so he was balls-deep inside my hole. I also leaned forward so I could pinch his nipples in unison with the rise and fall of my ass. In a very few minutes his breathing got heavy, then ragged, and finally gasping, as I felt his cock throbbing in my ass. I could tell his cock had shot a few volleys into my hole, so I pulled off his cock a bit, feeling his warm cum drip from my hole and down my thigh, then I completely slid off his cock, spun around, taking his still-throbbing cock into my mouth so I could enjoy the last few bursts of cum that oozed into my mouth. When he was done I licked his cock clean as he caught his breath. "Oh, FUCK!", he says again. "I didn't want to cum so quickly. But I couldn't help it, dude. I haven't been fucked like that in a long time. Shit, that felt great!" he exclaimed. Smiling with satisfaction, I climbed off the bed and began to dress, answering "Glad you liked it. I did as well. How long are you in Vegas?" "'Till Monday, this time. But I come here three or four times a year, usually," he replied. Noticing a pad of paper and a pen on the bedside table, I wrote my email address and phone number on the paper, handing them to him as I suggested "Let me know if I can take care of you again." "Gladly," he answered as I finished dressing moved to exit his suite. His cum has been slowly dripping from my ass for the last three hours. I'm doing my best to keep it in me, but I suspect it's a loosing battle as he seems to have planted quite a large load in me. At this point I'm not sure how much longer I can hold it in my ass.
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    I am a middle school teacher, and I have no shame about going on apps while my students are doing work. I especially love setting something up and knowing the moment that the school bell rings I get to leave and play as well. This past Friday I was hit up by someone with a blank profile. The guy asked if I was his younger brother's teacher. I replied it was possible. He replied he thought it would be very hot for him to screw his little brother's teacher. I asked for pictures and I send mine in return. He sent me a pic of a dick that was a little bit over average with trimmed pubes. The photograph also revealed the guy had abs and some muscle definition, but I couldn't see much of his chest or face. Still, I had no trouble agreeing to meet, he responded with his address, and immediately after school I drove over to his place. He was a well-built country boys with a baby face, clean shaven, blue eyes, short brown hair, and nicely packed with muscle. We got right down to business. I sucked him off in the living room of the house he shares with his parents and one of my students. Much of the time I blew him he stared out the front window, and after a few minutes he instructed me to look out the window. Doing so, I saw his little brother walking up the driveway. Naturally I panicked - if nothing else, my car was in the driveway, and while my car didn't display any particularly distinctive bumper stickers that would immediately identify me, I've found many students are quite aware of their teachers' cars. In any event, my host quickly escorted me to the second floor into his bedroom. Once the door was closed he handed me a bottle of poppers, instructing me to take several huffs. Then he had me lay on my back and he penetrated my ass, securing my throat with one hand as his other hand kept my mouth firmly closed. He also commented in an ominous voice "If you're too loud I'l let my little brother into the room." He pounded away, however, before five minutes passed his little brother knocked on the door, asking to come in. Repeatedly the older brother answered 'no', all the while pounding my ass faster and faster. By the time fifteen minutes had passed, I was certain he was about to blow - only for his younger brother, my student, to resume knocking at the door, threatening "I know you're screwing some bitch and I'm gonna take a picture of the two of you when you come out." For whatever reason, that is what sent him over the edge. I could actually feel his cock unload deep inside my ass. As he did so, he released my throat and mouth and passionately kissed me, as he furiously continued pumping my ass, in and out, in and out, ensuring his load wouldn't ooze down my legs. When he finally withdrew, he presented me with his wet, semen and lube covered cock - just so I could lick it clean. He made up a plan where, as I was leaving, he would run interference with his brother, but before he would allow me to leave he got me to to promise to return today, Monday, immediately after school - for another go-around. He also instructed me to teach his little brother's class while a medium sized butt plug was lodged in my ass. I am heading to work with those supplies inside of my bag as I finish this. Have a great work week, everybody!
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    It wasn't a test for him, it was a certification. He knew the results. He sat there reminiscing about that night four months ago. The initial pain, and then intense pleasure had by all three of them would live in his mind forever. God damn they were hot! Daniel had connected over the internet with two rough biker guys, and had finally talked them into participating in his plan. He had invited them to the city, paid for their gas as well as a cheap hotel room. The visions of that night flashed in his mind, the night he gave into his dark side. "I wanna know the men who infect me, I wanna know my breeders" he told them. They agreed to perform the job and met him at the hotel. The encounter wasn't tender or romantic - it was rough and primal, filled with lots of grunting and moaning and completely filthy talk. Even Daniel found himself surprised by his own words, particularly when he begged the bikers to "Yes, yes give me your AIDs load, Daddy," adding "Knock me up good papa!" The bikers had introduced themselves as Jeff and Jim, but Daniel doubted the names they supplied were accurate, and the anonymity of the experience heightened the excitement. The bikers also got into the occasion, striving to satisfy Daniel's cravings by exclaiming "Sick lil' fucker! Lay there and get AIDs! Yeah you like these poz dicks up your lil fag twat!" One of the men went to far as to break into laughter as he shot his load into Daniel, labeling him "...another diseased cunt." The other guy was equally creative, exclaiming "Bang, you're dead now, motherfucker," as he blew his toxic cum into Daniel's ass. Daniel also remembered when the bikers spat on him and slapped him around. Laying on the bed on his stomach with his leg out to the side, he was bred hard as if his comfort didn't matter. Because it didn't. Sitting there remembering the night of his pozzing he was getting hard. Then two staff members walked into the waiting room, neither of whom Daniel knew, but he followed them into a private conference room where one of the two, a woman, as Daniel recalled, closed the door and explained "Your test is complete but I'm afraid we have some unfortunate results. You're HIV positive, Daniel, but not to worry," she added, "the diagnosis isn't bad as it was years ago, and we're here to help you." Daniel covered his mouth to mask his smirk. The woman mistook his gesture as indicating he was breaking down. "Would you excuse me for a moment? I really need to use the men's room," Daniel politely explained as he stepped through the door. As he left, Daniel thought "This is similar to my experience with Jeff and Jim. It's just like when, just before they left, they slipped me a heavy duty sleeping pill, leaving me to sleep through the entire night, naked, with a a plug up my cunt so their tainted seed would have time to incubate inside my ass." His wallet was empty, but that meant nothing to him. Stepping into the men's room, he could barely walk. Once there he removed the plug he had kept in his hole almost continuously for several weeks. He had been determined to make the most of his time with Jeff and Jim, and the presence of the plug kept his hole permanently dilated. Once he was behind the door of the restroom, he removed the plug, as he wanted to appreciate the work Jim and Jeff's cocks did on his rectum. The plug hit the floor with a thud. A large glob of cum oozed out of him. It must have been the load he took from a man he chanced to meet on the street, a load Daniel took while standing in a small, dirty alley, scarcely a block from the medical office where he had received the good news. Not wanting to waste the precious sperm, Daniel dropped to his knees and licked up the load, and then reinserting the plug, Daniel fixed his clothing, and slipped out the emergency exit. He had no interest in hearing a lecture on being positive or on safe sex. He had more important things to do than waste his newly certified freedom on a lecture. As he walked around the corner he loaded the Uber app on his phone and got a lift. Then he sent a text to a friend saying "Hey, wanna fuck and take my load?" His friend responded quickly "Fuck yeah, I want your load. I haven't had it in months!" Daniel smiled thinking "Oh, the freedom!"
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    I need cum in my butt and I need to shoot mine into someone else.
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    Part 3. After a couple more rounds with our new friends, the weekend ended and they went back to their home city. On their way out, they mentioned they had another friend-couple who were planning on visiting in a few weeks, and maybe we’d like to meet them. I smiled, looking over at Jake, and said, “If they’re anything like you guys, we would LOVE to meet them!” Trusting Andre and Alex understood my implication, they responded, “Yeah, they’re a lot like us. You will like them for sure.” We exchanged contact information (other than the app where we met) and they were on their way. The sex with Jake that night was beyond incredible. Talking about all the fun we’d had, and looking forward to another fun encounter in a few weeks. The next day on my way home from work, I stopped off at the drugstore and picked up a bottle of Aleve, making sure to get the kind that looked an awful lot like the PrEP pills in Jake’s night stand. Getting home before him, I confirmed they looked almost identical, and swapped out the appropriate number, replacing them in the prescription bottle and closing the drawer. Over the next couple weeks, we dutifully took our pills every day, with Jake fucking me at least once a day. The amazing weekend we’d had really reignited things for us in bed, and our sex was never hotter. Every time he unloaded in me though, I would think back to those incredible moments when Andre and Alex had dumped their poz seed into my hole. The memory combined with the expert fucking of my boyfriend would make me cum so hard all over my chest, usually hitting my face and beyond. Mid-week before our new friends were supposed to come visit, I started to come down with a nasty cold. Turned into fever, chills, the works. When I got a text from an unknown number, I was momentarily confused until I remembered I hadn’t heard from them yet, just Andre and Alex. Checking out the message, I saw he introduced himself as Eddie, said A&A had given him my number, wondered if we’d like to meet up this weekend. Then another text came through with a picture - an enormous brown cock, uncut and dripping. My own cock jumped in my sick-bed pajamas, the first time I’d felt even remotely horny in the past couple days. Jake had left his phone on the bed next to me as he went downstairs to fetch me more chicken soup. I looked at his phone and saw texts from the same number, but noticed they hadn’t been sent as a group. He received the same intro text as had I. He also received a pic of Eddie and his husband Bill, a solidly-built white guy in his late 40s - hairy daddy type. I thought it curious until I felt my phone vibrate and saw a new txt come through from Eddie - this one a series of pics, the first showing his muscular back, with a tattoo peeking out over his underwear, then a couple more successively closer, until the last one was a closeup of the biohazard symbol on his upper ass. I was rock hard now, when I heard another text come through for Jake - this one another couple shot of them in a tropical location, all smiles with their sunglasses on, drinking a fruity drink with an umbrella. I was getting the picture now - it was clear A&A had told our new friends the whole story about our adventurous weekend. Eddie and I exchanged this series of text messages. Me: Hey bud, glad to hear from you! A&A said they had some fun friends who we should meet. Our weekend with them a few weeks ago was a special gift to us as a couple - our sex hasn’t been this hot in years. Eddie: I’m glad to hear it! Sounds like A&A really charged up your sex life. Me: I’m actually down with the flu at the moment. Eddie: Oh yeah? That’s no fun. Want us to reschedule? Me: No way. I may be out of commission, but my boyfriend is really looking forward to this. And so am I. I’ll be participating, in my own way. Eddie: Sweet. We get in late Friday, so maybe we can meet up on Saturday? Me: Perfect. You have our address. We’ll be here. When Jake returned with my dinner, I had already saved and deleted the extra pics Eddie had sent me, so when we compared text conversations, they looked mostly the same. I told him they’d be over on Saturday. Jake was concerned about me being sick, but I told him there was no way I’d let my little illness get in the way of this happening. After the last time, our sex life was undeniably better, and I wanted another jolt of that whether I could actively participate or not. Jake reluctantly agreed, and then got much more excited when he checked his phone and saw the pics they’d sent. By the time Saturday rolled around, I had worked Jake into a frenzy of anticipation. Some jerking off was all I could muster in my weakened state - this was the worst flu I’d ever had - and we had several hot sessions stroking our dicks as we looked at the cock pics Eddie and Bill kept sending. Jake is versatile, but knowing my ass was off limits, he realized it was up to him to satisfy these studs, and I assured him he was more than up to the task. He couldn’t deny he was looking forward to being a little bottom slut for our new friends in their short time here. When the doorbell rang, I was laying in bed reading through the text string Eddie and I had had on the app he recommended I download so we could communicate discreetly. We’d had multiple long exchanges over the past few days, and I shared with him what I had been up to with Jake’s PrEP. We came up with a plan - Eddie and Bill were happy to help Jake and me continue on the journey we started that weekend with Alex and Andre. As I heard introductions being made in the other room, I quickly retrieved full condom from my bedside table - the only load I could muster in the past couple days I had deposited in a rubber for today’s festivities - and put it under the bed. I also laid out two unopened rubbers and Jake’s little blue pill on his nightstand. I was back under the covers by the time the door opened and Jake peeked in to see if I was awake. I closed out the last few pics Eddie had sent me - a cum-stained piece of paper with HIV test results - and smiled and invited them in. Eddie entered the room and I literally gasped - his pictures truly did not do him justice. Tall, dark, and handsome didn’t begin to describe his magnetic good looks - he was a Latin god, with a smile that made you feel like you’d just made a new friend. His husband Bill followed, no slouch in the looks department, just a different beast entirely. Jake made the introductions and they both expressed disappointment that I wasn’t feeling well. I told them I was doing OK, and was really happy they were here - Jake and I were SO looking forward to their visit. And with that, I thought we might as well get down to it - we all knew what was on the agenda, so why bother with the formalities? I threw off the covers and moved over to Eddie, giving him a nice long grope before tugging at his tight t-shirt, lifting it off over his head revealing a chiseled chest with just a light dusting of fur. I growled as I undid his jeans and struggled to slide them over his muscled bubble ass. He was wearing a pair of light blue briefs, the fabric straining to contain what he was packing. I pointed him to the bed, where he lay down and watched as I repeated the process on Bill. The husbands now lay side by side in our bed in just their undies, as I gave Jake a meaningful smile and a wink and nodded toward them. He jumped on the bed and immediately fished Bill’s cock out of his briefs, taking it into his mouth. Eddie whipped his out, and Jake reached over and started jerking him as he sucked on Bill. I grabbed my stiffening cock as I watched my boyfriend eagerly service the cocks of two strangers he barely knew. Before things progressed too far, I grabbed the pill off the nightstand and pulled Jake’s mouth off Eddie’s cock - he had been going back and forth between the two enormous bones. I held up the pill and explained the ritual to our visitors, as if I hadn’t already explained it all in my texts. “As part of our agreement to play with others, we went on PrEP and we always use condoms. Because I’m not feeling up to it, the pleasure of playing with you two is all Jake’s.” With that, he stuck out his tongue and I put the pill on it. He swallowed it down, smiled at me, mouthing the words ‘I love you so much’ before leaning in and kissing me passionately. He then went back to sucking the two huge cocks before him as I sat in the chair opposite them and started stroking. I grabbed my phone and started documenting the scene - my boyfriend in a pair of jock briefs, his ass up in the air as he alternated sucking each cock in front of him. Eddie and Bill making out, smiling for the camera, winking at me as my boyfriend serviced them. I don’t ever remember being so turned on before. After a few minutes, Eddie moved behind Jake and parted his muscular cheeks, burying his tongue in my boyfriend’s hole. Jake moaned on Bill’s cock and ground his ass back against Eddie’s face, begging him to tongue him deeper. My boyfriend was being such a slut, which made me so damn horny. Jake reached over for one of the condoms and handed it back to me. I held it up to Eddie’s mouth and watched as he tore off a corner with his teeth. I pulled it out and took my time rolling it down over his enormous cock. I smiled at him and he went back to where he’d been earlier, next to his husband on the bed. Snagging another condom, I rolled it only Bill’s cock as I suggested to Jake “I think you should take turns riding them, babe.” Smiling at my suggestion, Jake smiled as he straddled Eddie and slid down onto his cock. I had the perfect view of my boyfriend’s hole stretching as he moaned and slid down on the big brown laytex-sheathed cock. Meanwhile, I stroked Bill, smiling as Eddie bottomed out in Jake’s hole - balls deep. Jake started moving up and down, getting used to being stuffed full. After riding him for a while, he stood up and moved over to Bill, squatting over his big dick as I pointed it straight upward, guiding it into my boyfriend’s loosened hole. He slid down easily and whimpered a bit as he took it to the hilt. I gave Jake’s dick a little squeeze as I shifted up and lay next to Eddie, who reached out and started stroking my cock as we watched our partners fuck. After we enjoyed the sights for a minute or so, Eddie leaned over, whispering for my benefit “I’m gonna dump my poz nut in your boyfriend’s hole, you evil little slut.” My dick involuntarily pulsated in his fist. I looked in his eyes, winked and nodded with a smile, as he got up to move behind Jake, who was still being pummeled by Bill. I followed, and wrapped my fist around Eddie’s huge cock, still in its intact condom. While Bill pulled Jake in for a kiss, I reached down with my fingernail and pierced the tip of the rubber, then gently pulled at the hole until it was about the size of a dime. I proceeded to stroke Eddie’s cock and pull down on the condom, watching as his beautiful brown dick head pressed against the hole, stretching the latex further and further until it emerged completely, the broken rubber still wrapped around his shaft. Eddie reached down and grabbed Jake’s hips, lifting him off Bill and pulling him back toward the middle of the bed. With one hand he guided Jake’s head to Bill’s balls as his partner stroked his shaft, and with the other, he fingered Jake’s now well-used hole, first one, then two, then three. He became increasingly aggressive with his fingering, and I noticed Jake twitch and jump a few times as his bowels were being scratched and his hole stretched even more. I guided Eddie’s bare cock head to my boyfriend’s hole as he pulled his fingers out, slightly tinged in pink slime. I watched as Eddie moved his weight forward and entered Jake in one long, slow stroke until just the base of the rubber was visible around his thick shaft at his pubes. Bill stroked with one hand and held Jake’s head on his balls as he winked at Eddie and me, as Eddie began to thrust. Every time he pulled out, I could see more of the rubber had shredded around his shaft and it was mostly just bare brown cock moving in and out of Jake’s hole. That sight, and the knowledge of what we were all doing, made Eddie realize he wasn’t going to last long. I saw Jake reach back at one point and touch the base of Eddie’s cock, and feeling the condom still there, returned his attention to Bill’s balls, even licking down into his hairy crack to tongue his hole. Jake was obviously feeling really slutty and horny, as he was moaning and pushing back on Eddie, likely squeezing around that huge dong pounding his hole. Eddie started breathing increasingly heavily as I pinched his nipples and ran my fingers down his lower back to his ass, tracing the biohazard tattoo on his cheeks as he thrust harder and deeper. The tell-tale signs increased and soon Eddie was growling, “I’m gonna nut!” I pushed on his ass, encouraging him as I muttered “Do, it man, go balls deep!” Grunting and he moaned a long “Fuuuuuuck!” holding still as he shot his load into my boyfriend’s hole, giving me an approving smile as his orgasm subsided, although holding himself firmly in place. Knowing the time was short to complete the deception, I leaned down and quickly reached under the bed, grabbing the full condom which Eddie made a show of slowly pulling out as Bill held Jake in place. We both admired the sight of his bare cock with the tatters of a broken condom around it, covered in Jake’s ass juices. I pulled what was left of the rubber off and hid it under the bed as I pretended to tie off the one with my own load. I moved down and quickly licked Eddie’s cock clean of any evidence, then dropped the full condom on the bed next to Jake. He looked up from rimming Bill, and smiled at me as Eddie encouraged him to sit on Bill’s cock again. In that brief window, I gave Bill’s condom the same treatment as I had Eddie’s, and then held his mostly-bare cock straight up as Eddie guided Jake down on it. We lay back and Eddie stroked my cock as we watched his partner’s bare dick slide in and out of my boyfriend’s hole. As Bill looked over Jake’s shoulder, Eddie and I mouthed words to him like, ‘Bareback him’ and ‘Seed his hole’. Our encouragements, in addition to the knowledge of what had just happened aided in pushing Bill over the edge. Pressing down on Jake’s hips, he helding his cock balls deep in Jake’s hole as rope after rope shot deep in my boyfriend’s guts. Jake leaned back, holding Bill inside him as he jerked off. I hopped up and stood next to them on the bed, my cock aiming at Jake’s face. We looked in each other’s eyes as we both stroked. I told him, “Babe, you were so slutty tonight, it turned me on so much. I just wanna shoot this load all over your whore face.” I never talk to him like that, but something about the moment made us both lose control and we exploded cum everywhere - him all over Bill’s chest and belly, me all over his sweet slutty face. After we came down from that high, Jake gently slid himself up and off Bill’s cock. As he reached down to take care of the rubber, he saw the state it was in. Reaching back, he felt his hole, which of course was dripping with cum. “Oh fuck, the condom broke!” All three of us chimed in with an ‘Oh fuck’ of his own, although I noticed, curiously, when I made my exclamation, my cock released one last spurt of cum. “What am I gonna do?” asked Jake.
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    I am really pumped as I am about to take a Trans Atlantic cruise. My last cruise was over-the-top great. We traveled from Los Angeles to Miami, via the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal cruise was my reward to myself as I was very tired as I had just finished up a long, long three-year project so I took two weeks off for the cruise. I even paid the higher price to cruise alone. I was looking forward to good food and wine, time alone, reading and generally forgetting the 70- to 80-hour weeks of the last three years. By the second night out, things changed. During the afternoon of the first full day, I was working out in the on board gym when I spotted a tall, 40-something guy, with a dark tan and salt-and-pepper hair, who was lifting weights. Like me, he was dressed in loose-fitting workout clothes, but as he was bench-pressing, I looked over in time to see a rather impressive mushroom head appear from under his shorts. I am bi, and it had been along time since a man, but I immediately had to suppress a woody. I finished the workout and headed for the sauna (for which I had paid extra). Once in the steam room, I lay back and just rested. Shortly after I had settled in, the door opened and the guy from the weight bench walked into the sauna. We nodded, and then were quiet for along time. After a time, he shifted his towel and out popped the biggest cock I have ever seen. Thick. Huge head. Long. Grinning, he remarked "I caught you looking in the gym." I smiled and reached out to touch the giant cock. Immediately it sprang to life. Now, obviously I didn't have a tape measure, but I gauged his cock came in easily at nine inches in length. We chatted as I gently stroked him, watching the door for any intrusion. He was married, on the cruise with his wife, who was more interested in shopping on board, and hanging by the pool than being with him. I finally blurted out, "We can go to my cabin. I am cruising alone." So we left for my cabin. Once inside, we quickly undressed. He was stunning naked: great muscle tone, tight ass, and, of course, his huge cock. We lay on the bed and started to fondle each other. He began to kiss my body and worked his way to my cock. He teased, licked and finally engulfed my six inches all the way and began sucking with passion. "Stop Stop. I am about cum," I said. He paused, remarking "I have plenty of time, so unless you're in a rush, we should have enough time for you to cum twice." With that he engulfed me again. I shot. Wow. He took every drop and swallowed. Then he came up for air and it was my turn. I kissed him all over and worked my way to his massive cock, slowly licking the length and watching surge into life. I gently licked each ball and then worked my way up his shaft, finally reaching that enticing mushroom head. Licking and teasing it, I took it into my mouth and slowly worked on his cock as it slid into my throat, but try as I might, only about half of this monster would fit. I was sideways to him sucking his cock, and his hands began to roam over my back, stopping at my ass. Somewhere in my servicing his cock, he must have wet a finger because he started playing with my ass, rubbing his finger around my anus, before gently easing it in. I sucked even harder, and moaned at the wonderful sensations in my ass. "I want to fuck you," he quietly said. Understand, I was in sheer terror of his cock fucking me, but I nodded yes. I did not come prepared for fucking, but I did have some body lotion. I lay flat on my stomach on a pillow, he lubed my ass and his cock, and he positioned himself at the entrance to my hole. He was hard as steel, and he teased my with that giant mushroom head. I moaned in excitement, finally backing my ass onto his cock. At least I tried. There as extreme pressure but no entry. He then began to gently move the head around in circles and then with a firm push, the head popped into my ass. My breath was taken away. I could not even scream. It hurt like hell. We stayed like that for a bit and then he slowly started to push. Inch-by-inch. Finally, I felt his pubes on my ass. "I can take it," I said in a muted tone. "Yes, you can," he whispered, as he slowly and deliberately alternately entered and withdrew from my hole, eventually sliding in to the hilt. Slowly and deliberately. Within a few minutes of his magic I began to feel a twitch in my ass. I was loving it. The pace built. He pulled back to the head and then shoved all the way. My prostate had been stimulated but never like this. Each time the head of his cock pressed on my prostate, it was unbelievable. I felt like I would pee. He was driving me to feel something I have never felt. He grabbed my hips and increased pace. In and out. Deep. Deep. I was moaning. Suddenly, without touching my cock, I groaned and shot. It was a deep orgasm, such as I had never before felt. Just then he exclaimed "Shit, I cumming," as he buried his cock deep in my hole. I could feel it twitching, twitch after twitch, until finally he lay on top me, giving a deep sign of satisfaction. Afterwards we both showered and went to the deck to have a beer, where we crossed paths with his wife. Giving her a quick kiss, he turned back to me and made the introductions. His wife smiled and commented "Hello, it's nice to meet you. Let's get to know each other better over the next few days." Knowing her husband's semen was churning in my ass I smiled. Later that night, after the wife went to bed, her husband and I fucked again, and that's not all: for the next 13 days, which is to say daily on the balance of the cruise, her husband and I fucked. We parted after the cruise and kept in touch via email but have not seen each other. Last week, however, I received a message from him, and when we chatted we were able to coordinate our vacation plans, so all three of us, the man, his wife and I will be on the same ship. I cannot wait for 17 days of food, wine, sun and fucking. What could possibly be better?
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    A guy I fucked 3 weeks ago has been very sick this week. I think I might be a new daddy!
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    Part 2 - Bend Over for Daddy I could only stare in wonder as the Uber driver fished a mammoth dick out his shorts. His cock was even longer and thicker than the one that had just bred me. In a flash I had pulled-off my pants and was grunting face down in the back seat as he mounted me and raw fucked my ass, using the fresh cum that had just filled my guts as lube. “Give me that hole,” the driver demanded as he pushed deeper, “You like black dick? Huh? Maybe I should drive you around and find some street dudes to breed you. How much you pay me for that? You’d like that? Getting creamed by anonymous dick? Anonymous black dick? Hell yes you do! Cummy ass right here - cummy hole needing some more nutt. Ready for another breeding?” I could only grunt in affirmation and pleasure as he spurted his load and doubled my total for the morning. There’s just something fucking hot and amazing about a man who does not even ask about using a condom, but who just whips out his raw dick expecting a bottom will take it then, there, and anyway he wants. I was definitely game for that. The Uber driver grabbed some paper towels from underneath the front seat, wiped up a few streaks, leaned back, powered the window down a little and lit up a cigarette to enjoy that post-orgasm chill. I left my pants off, but put them under me so I would not spot the leather seats, and sat there gently playing with his semi-hard dick while he chilled and smoked. His dick would twitch, drool, get a little hard, then soften again as I touched and stroked it. I was eager for more and focused on working him back up when there was a sudden rapping on the window and I about pissed myself and said, “SHIT!” The Uber driver eased the window down a crack more and saw the guy from the house that had fucked me. His head turned at an angle so he could see in, “Yo slim, saw you were still here and lit up. Thought I might ask to take another crack at that as I got some more daddy juice to spill. You up for killing a few?” He then pressed his face close to the window so all I could really see was his mouth as he said more quietly, “Chill like a couple of real nasty Gs? Do that homie down low thing?” The Uber driver laughed, “Yeah man, sure,” then turned to me and said, “Scoot over.” He then reached into my pants, pulled out my phone, handed it out through the window to the daddy on the sidewalk, “Just so you don’t any ideas. I’m your ride remember.” The daddy stood by the car as we both got dressed, then climbed out of the backseat. Positioned between the two of them as we walked up the broken walkway, I asked “Don’t I get a say in this?” They both looked at each other, at me, and busted out laughing like I had just said the funniest joke ever. When we got inside the Uber driver asked where the bathroom was so he could piss. As his stream echoed off the porcelain, I asked our daddy host, “Do you guys know each other or what? I mean you said hi to him when he dropped me off and now...like how do you know he’s cool with...you know.” Daddy laughed as he paused, stripped, grabbed a crumpled box of cigarettes and tapped out a fresh one, lit up, inhaled and replied “Naw, but we from the same hood. Seen him around here and there and when I looked out and saw his car still parked, well - I knew he was a brotha that’s into sloppy seconds and freak shit and up for some more creep-and-roll. Now get the fuck out of them clothes and BEND OVER FOR DADDY!” I was getting naked when the Uber driver came out, “Hey slim,” the daddy host said as he waved the driver out of the room and into the kitchen. I could hear them speaking in hushed tones and was tempted to edge closer to the door to try to hear, but then they came back in. The Uber driver unzipped his pants, sat on the edge of the couch, lit up a cigarette and said, “Get that mouth down here. I need some sloppy head.” I eagerly bent forward, resting my hands on his firm thighs as I started to slurp on his hefty shaft. The daddy had shucked his pants back off, walked around us, dug around in the pile of filthy clothes on the couch and hauled out a couple more black, dirty caked socks and chuckled as he held them up to the light to inspect them. He then reached down onto the floor and grabbed the t-shirt I used earlier to wipe myself off, which he tossed to the Uber driver. The driver held the shirt up to his face, inhaled, “Oh yeah, smells like used pussy. I dropped a hefty nutt in there, so you don’t need no lotion man.” The daddy dropped the bottle of lotion back onto the floor that he had been preparing to slather me up with and with my throat busy, the daddy grabbed my hips and slammed into my open hole. I lifted off the driver’s dick, “Fuck me with that raw dick!” I pleaded, “I want all the dick you can give me.” In reply the Uber driver said, “SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SUCK THAT DICK!” while the daddy banged me, priming my engine with that BBC oil. The daddy handed the Uber driver the filth-matted socks and he immediately knew what to do. First he reached around and set his cigarette on an ashtray amidst the trash on the couch, then he held the back of my head firm with his left hand and with his right, wadded them up under and over my nose so the only way I could breath was to inhale the sharp, ripe, rank. I started gagging, sputtering through the spit onto his dick, which made him just press the socks tighter, and which made the daddy slam my hole harder. The Uber driver gripped my head, forcing the socks into my nostrils, cutting off all fresh air. I gagged and wretched. Apparently taking some pleasure in my discomfort, the driver demanded “Fuck, yeah, smell that shit! Chew it up. They stink to fuck'in bad! Come on, make them pussy walls talk. if you scrape them right they'll chatter back. Long dick that shit! It's good and wet for you. Fill that hole up. How 'bout we 'gag the fag? Open that mouth. Don't fuckin' fight. Mutha-fucker, I said 'Open that mouth'! If you bite my fingers I'll knock the living shit out of you. Now, goddammit, open that mouth! That's right. Choke on them dirty man socks. Fuck yeah. That shit's nasty! Gag on it, bitch! Wretch. Bet that wasn't the first black you was expecting in that throat, hug? Oh, no you don't. No breathing through that nose. You work that mouth. Only through your mouth. Swallow that filth. HERE THAT BRO? HE TRYING TO GAG UP IN THEM SOCKS - SO MAKE THAT ASS BOUNCE AND CLAP - COME ON FUCKER - SLAM THAT SHIT - POUND IT OUT - BITCH SHAKING GOOD - WANT ME CHOKE THE BITCH OUT? THAT’LL MAKE THAT HOLE CREAM ALL OVER YOUR DICK - COME ON G, FUCK IT - FUCK IT - FUCK IT - YEAH G - NUTT IT GOOD - THERE GO - HELL YEAH I HEAR THAT PUSSY GETTING WETTER - YOU FILLING IT UP MAN? CHRIST YEAH!” The daddy grunted and groaned as he bred me and I continued to struggle to breathe through the unclean air filters stuffing my throat. Once his bone was dry, he slid out. The Uber driver released his grip on my head and I stood up and reached to take the now slimy socks from my mouth. I got slapped hard, “No you fucking don’t,” the driver said. He reached down and picked up the dirty red t-shirt back up. Our daddy host plopped himself in the middle of the couch, lit a cigarette, and let out a contented sigh. The Uber driver stood behind me, spun the t-shirt into a cotton binding then wrapped it around my mouth and head, tying it tight. “There,” he said proud of his MacGyver styled handiwork, “Time to put those dirty socks on another spin cycle in that mouth. I want to hear you trying to puke that grit and dirt back up because it ain’t going nowhere so bend the fuck back over and bury that head in them dirty clothes, no one needs to be seeing you, all I need is that hole.” With that, I was unceremoniously upended, my hole jammed with a new, raging boner, and as he took advantage of me all I could do was struggle to keep my breathing focused. The blackened cotton in my mouth was mixing with the filth and saliva to create the foulest punishment. My stomach and throat wanted to push it out, but the tied t-shirt around my head ensured it stayed in place and stewed and brewed. The Uber driver was banging my ass hard when we heard a voice from the front door, “Hey bro, got your text. What’s...OH DAMN!” The driver paused, I set my hands on the couch arm to try to push myself up and got my head slapped, “Where the fuck you going?” I felt the couch move as the daddy host got up, I heard hands clasp, then he said, “Yo slim, this my neighbor Coop. Told you he’d be up for it.” More greetings made, then the new voice said, “Bro - you know the deal with this shit.” Our host said, “Yeah, yeah, fucking chill man. Hang on.” I then felt him rummaging in the pile of dirty clothes. He then pulled another t-shirt over the top of my head but instead of pulling it down over my body, twisted and wrapped it so it so it was like a hood with the neck hole positioned over my nose/mouth. He then took a belt and wound it around my neck and cinched it so my homemade gag and hood wood stay in place. Once his handiwork was done, the driver - who’s dick was still buried in my ass and I could feel the blood in it pulsing - said, “Why they call you Coop?” Before our new guest could answer, the daddy laughed and said, “Cause he be fucking the grannies around here for nothing more than a handful of grocery coupons with that magnum freak dick of his so we call him Coop for short.” All three of the BBCs laughed. The laughter was cut short as I heard a zipper. The Uber driver whistled and cursed. The daddy said, “And that shit ain’t even hard yet,” and Coop added, “You know there’s no worries on that front. See - it’s already coming to life seeing you got this freak’d out craziness happening and I can smell that creampied ass from here. That’s good cause you know I don’t wear fucking condoms and only fuck raw. So he’s good with that?” The other two laughed, “Like he has a choice?” Hmmm - just what I wanted to hear. The Uber driver yanked his dick out of my swollen, used hole. I grunted from the shock of being left gaping and the frustration of not being stuffed. He then took both hands and spread my ring open like he was trying to peek inside a clam shell, “See? Fucking slut right here and let both of us just climb right in raw and dawg it out. All that nicca milk, coating them guts, but I’m about ready to bust again - you down for that?” Coop quickly answered, “Hell yeah, let’s get it on!” I heard some rustling, a few quips, our host turned up the volume of the porn flick a little to which Coop said, “Yeah, luv hearing them bitches cry as they get dicked down.” The Uber driver - or maybe it was the daddy host - I was not real sure at that point, grabbed my right arm and walked me closer to the TV. I figured they would have me get on the ottoman or something, but no. I was guided so I stepped over someone lying on the floor as my left foot brushed his rib cage as I stepped across him. I was then made to kneel and get on my hands and knees - on all fours doggy style - over the body on the floor, which I knew was Coop when he said from underneath me, “Jesus, there’s nicca nutt coating them balls like glaze on a Krispy Kreme,” before he proceeded to start licking and slurping on my nut sack. That shit makes me squirm - can’t help it - have very sensitive balls - but that clearly did not bother him as he smacked, suckled, slurped, and rolled my balls around his mouth like he was shooting 8-ball corner pocket. The Uber driver smacked my head, “Put that face down there, get a feel for what’s coming.” I blindly bobbed my head around like I was dunking for apples at a Halloween fair, not sure what the fuck he was talking about. I then bumped into something long, thick, stiff - Coop’s fucking dick. I paused and the driver chuckled, “Fucking right. Nicca’s got that 12-inch eggplant. You think we busted that cootch open? Fuck no. G is swinging that king dick hole wrecker. Too bad you can’t taste it.” I could only grunt and moan in frustration and awe at what he said as the filthy sock gag in my mouth and t-shirt hood made anything else impossible. I felt hands position themselves on my lower back, then grunted as a big dick slid in my wet hole. The Uber driver started banging my ass again then paused as Coop’s mouth moved from my balls, followed the skin trail back towards my hole, and with a shift of his body underneath mine, he started lapping at the base of the driver’s shaft as he fucked me. “FUCK YEAH - WORK THAT TONGUE. TASTE THAT PUSSY AND DICK MIX - HAPPY TRAILS RIGHT HERE. YOU TRYING TO TASTE THAT DEEP TANG? YEAH? SCOOT BACK A LITTLE MORE - HELL! YOU GOT A MOUTH ON YOU BRO - LICK IT CLEAN SO I CAN DIRTY IT UP AGAIN - FEED YOU THAT HOLE NUTT.” It took me second to guess what was going on, but as Coop has adjusted his body and as his monster dick bounced and danced around my head I figured out he had moved on from just orally working my hole, to sucking the Uber driver’s dick. Coop was tasting my ass - freshly fucked as I coated the driver’s dick. Back and forth the driver went - full length into my arched ass, then dropping down a little to gag Coop. Frankly, tops who suddenly become dick suckers because a big dick is nearby is usually a turn off, but Cop’s donkey dick promised things to come so while he gargled and slurped I could only moan in frustration wishing I could remind them both that load was for my ass - not Coop’s throat. Our daddy host - who must have been back on the couch smoking, chimed in and said, “Yeah, Coops got some mad throat skillz too.” Clearly more than the grannies in the neighborhood were getting serviced. “HERE IT COMES - READY TO SEED THAT WHITE PUSSY AGAIN - LEMME FEEL THAT TONGUE TOO - YEAH - GET READY TO SLURP MY SHIT BECAUSE I GOT ANOTHER NUTT SACK FULL OF CUM - GONNA BLOW IT DEEPER IN THAT HOLE - YOU BETTER GET A STRAW G CAUSE THIS SHIT IS GOING DEEP - FUCKING HELL! BREEDING THAT ASS! RAW DAWGING IT! UGH - UGH - U...YEAH! OPEN THAT MOUTH, IT’S GONNA COME RUSHING OUT WHEN I PULL BACK.” Gagging and slurping filled the room as Coop cleaned off the driver’s dick and then went to town sucking at my gaping hole. He had a fucking Hoover mouth and as he cleaned up the creampie his dick swelled and got as straight and stiff as a Redwood. Coop stopped his deep tongue action, pushed at me; I rolled off to the side and heard him get up. I worked my tongue around the slimy-filthy-cotton-mass in mouth and inhaled through my nose. I would never get the taste or smell out! “I need to put something long and hard in that ass,” Coop warned. I stood up. Multiple hands grabbed me, feet entangled as I was wedged between two legs. Warm hands grabbed my hips, “Here,” Coop instructed, “Put one leg over mine, then the other, I want you to straddle me - don’t worry, I got you. Get in that cowgirl position - time for some black bull dick making you taste some nutt from the back door.” I wasn’t quite sure what he meant, but he and both the daddy and the Uber driver got me into position. In my mind I could see Coop sitting on the ottoman, me straddling his legs, my torso facing his. Coop guided me as he lined up his jumbo 747 for my runway, “That’s it, squat some more, put your arms on my shoulders and hands around my neck - that’s it. Don’t worry, my Gs are holding you up - you won’t fall, I got you too. You trust me? Huh? That’s right - you a good pussy hungry for dick. Good thing these homies opened that cunt up - otherwise - THIS - MIGHT - HURT!” As if he had said, “On 3” all at the same time, he pulled me downwards with his hands, the driver and daddy pushed me down from my shoulders, and Coop slammed up with his hips. The result? Well my ass split and even with all that cum his 12-inch Mandingo dick tore me open like a zipper as he raped my ass. My cries of pain were muffled in the dirty socks in my mouth and the t-shirt hood covering my face pulsed as my breath quickened. I tried to push off from his chest but Coop’s dick had impaled me like a spit through a pig and now he planned to roast and baste me. His two accomplices reached under my arms and lifted me up a bit - Coop slammed his hips up again - my hole split more - he moaned, I cried - they dropped me. I was gutted. Over and over they raised me back up and dropped me back down. All resistance broken, all flesh scorched and burned as Coop broke my walls down into utter destruction. Once Coop was buried as deep as he could go, he leaned back a little and I could hear him sucking someone’s dick again. Damn! I wanted that! I mumbled into the rags in my mouth, to no avail. Having got the taste he wanted, Coop sat up, “Aiight. Ease up off it - that’s it - stand all the way up. Here - turn around and sit. OK, now lean back - you OK. See? You’re on the stool. Scoot forward a little - good - good.” I was on my back on the ottoman and as Coop adjusted my body, the other two Gs started slapping their dicks across my hooded face and talking shit - the warm up for the grand finale as Coop pushed his 12-inches in. One voice mixed into another - yet the message was clear: “SLAM THAT BOSS DICK IN THAT PUSSY!” “MURDER THAT MAGNUM DICK WITH THAT SLOPPY CUNT - RIDE THAT RED BONE” “THAT HOLE DONE YET?” “TUCK THEM KNEES BACK - TIME TO GET THAT WOMB WRECKED!” “HUNGRY PUSSY FOR NICCA SEED - SLURPING THEM BABIES - FUCKING WHORE!” “SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LET INTRUDERS RAID YOUR HOME?” “PUSSY BLEEDING FOR IT GOOD NOW - THAT’S IT - TAKE THIS MOTHA-FUCKIN-DICK BALLS DEEPS - READY TO BREED IT - READY TO FILL IT WITH HOT NUTT!” Some time later the Uber pulled over to the curb. The driver put his right arm across the back of the front seat, turned, smiled and said, “How bout I help you inside? You look a little worse for wear. Maybe I should stay with you for a while, make sure you OK.” Yeah, the weekend was turning out alright after all. I smiled. Then he snapped his fingers, smirked and said, “Oh yeah. I almost forgot. You asked me to drive you around and find some street dudes to fuck you. What say we go grab your wallet and head out. I know just the place to get that hungry hole stuffed with more anonymous, black dick. Who knows? Maybe I’ll decide to tap that hole some more too.” (*From the author: If you like the story let me know - post a reply or give a reputation. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read these stories and for the continued support!)
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    Thanks for the great review. A sexual athlete like me could ask for nothing better. I have to say my first CumUnion was utter bliss from start to finish. I drove down to Atlanta the afternoon of the event and checked into the Cheshire Inn, a nearby hotel with a rep for being gay cruising friendly. I got settled in, left the blinds open and stripped down to begin my preparations for the evening, must of which involved hosing out my horsehole so it was squeaky clean and ready for the kind of heavy use I enjoy. I also brought a couple of my oversize toys from bad-dragon along with me and enjoyed taking those for a little while. After that I dressed in short body hugging gym shorts and a t-back tank top and headed over to Manifest. I was among the first guys to check in and eagerly stripped down. I carried a bottle of lube with me for part of the night even though by an hour in a was cum filled enough to not need it. Within 10 minutes of entering the front door of Manifest I was already taking my first cock in the form a nicely hung black guy. His load started off my evening and from there I went out to explore the rest of the club and its corridors, slings and open mating areas. My first stop was up a set of stairs towards the back where a group of guys were already going at it. A thick cocked young latin guy who would later fuck me started out by letting me suck on his sizable manhood. Then as I stood up his fingers groped my fucked hole and he slid a finger in. Realizing the kind of hungry hole I had he quickly retracted the finer and then reinserted four. While that was stimulating my ecstasy overdrive a guy on the landing below (this area has three tiers above ground level) was sucking my fat meat and stroking it while my ass was being semifisted and then fucked. From there I wandered down and into the dark area, which, once you became accustomed to the semi darkness it was easy to make out bodies and such. A guy felt my body, then my cock and my hole. As soon as his hands felt the moisture of lube and cum around my open hole he immediately slid his own cock in and began to fuck me. This was followed by another and another and another. This kind of scenario repeated itself for a good while and I gained some more cum in my jock hole. There was a lull in the action so I decided to explore some more. It was here that I found the fuck bench. I love fuck benches even more than slings. Not only are they very comfortable for the bottom by it puts you in the kind of position an animal would be in on a breeding far when it got mated. I was on the fuck bench all of a minute before the first guys was inside me. The guys took turns and I sucked a couple of guys while others were plowing me. It was great to look up and see guys getting off watching the amount of use I was getting, though I was amazed at how my guys stayed mostly clothed throughout the night. I love a good audience like that. One couple tag teamed me for a bit and I enjoyed the long cock of one and the fat cock of another. During this run of guys that lasted a god long while I got bred by justsexnowatl and it was great taking his load in with the others that were filling my well used fuck guts. Even with the heavy use my hole had received, which included a good deep fucking by another black horsehung guy, I still wanted more, so after a short break to get some water I returned for additional use on the fuck bench like the Breed Steed I am. After a while I took a break, which allowed another guy enjoy the bench, while I returned to the dark area. One thing I loved about it was that it was dim so you could barely see all the guys in there and it was great as they felt my body and slid their hands along my beefy ass crack to feel my gaping hole and cum drenched hind quarters. That seemed to inspire each one to have to slide into me and fuck me some more. I then followed that up with getting fucked by several different guys while bent over a sling in one of the short hallsways. From there I returned to the dark are for the third and final time. This was the best as it was late by then and guys who had been resisting the urge to nut were now all about it and I gained a number of loads in quick succession. It was hot feeling my ass so trashed that the moment a guy pulled out I could feel a noticeable increase in the amount cum that flowed from my well fucked jock cunt. I ende the night with over 40 partners, (although admittedly some of the guys with whom I played in the darker areas of the club could have been repeats), and got a solid 21 loads in my ass. I returned to my room, my ass sloppy with cum, deliberately leaving the blinds open, I slept naked in the beds (which were quite comfortable), awakening at 6:30 AM, well rested after five hours of sound. Having left the blinds open (as well as Grinder) paid off as, between 6:30 and 8:30 when I check out I was bred three more times. On the drive home nut juice leaked from my hole, and when I stopped the car at a rest area my crack of my bubble ass was slick with cum that I could feel as I walked. I returned home satisfied but hungry for more--and just a little sad I couldn't have sex like that everyday.
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    Ready to shoot my load
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    Pumping yet another craigs lister balls deep with my hot toxic load. My boy took the photo after he pumped his load down his throat. As I said good boy take that Toxic load he sort of shuddered at the thought and after asked are you rely HIV+? I said yes all he said is holy fuck I never thought to ask. and left in a hurry.
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    PART THREE - PHASE 2 They actually all left to get that drink, probably to the dive bar around the corner, and I could have just taken off and no longer subject myself to this assault. However, I was too exhausted and literally passed out as soon as I heard the front door shut. I woke up (I don’t know how long I’d been asleep) at the sound of the front door slamming. In HE walked, but he wasn’t with anyone. “Good, you’re still awake,” he commented, sitting down beside me on the bed and giving my ass a squeeze. “I wasn’t,” I murmured, blinking my eyes to clear things. “Let’s get that plug out of that pig hole. I need back in,” he said, standing and removing his clothes again and then the plug. My ass made a loud sucking sound as it released it’s hold of the plug, and then he dove into my upturned hole, nearly all the way on the first stroke. “I fuckin’ love using this ass. Who knew trying to make the rent would end up-” “If you need money-” I began. “Nope. Got it covered. Well, you’ll pay, just in your own way,” he told me slyly. As he got into a good rhythm, I forgot all about everything else and just enjoyed the deep pounding my ass was receiving from the beefy stud. At that point, I didn’t care what diseases his balls would infect me with. He was just too sexy, and his dick felt too good, to care. There is a point you pass when you've been fucked so often that nothing else matters, nothing of your 'normal' life. You might have a respectable job, pillar of the community, all of that bullshit. But when you reach the point of total cumdump slut, to hell with all of it. You find yourself living for the feel of another dick in your pig hole, and as many loads as you can get crammed up in there. “Oh, fuck, man, give me another load. I love your nut in me,” I moaned. “Pig bitch whore likes killer cum,” he laughed. “Good thing, you already took a lot of it. And you’re going to get more,” he grunted, thrusting harder and increasing the pace. Another few frantic moments and I felt his balls draining in my ass as he growled through gritted teeth. He was like an animal and I loved it. “Now that we got you warmed up again,” he began, sliding his still hard cock from my hole, “that ass is going to pay my rent.” Huh? My ass is what? He saw the puzzled look on my face and roared with laughter. “Last time your ass payed for kneeing me in the balls. This time your ass is paying for being stupid enough to come back for more of my toxic seed. You got to be one fucked up dude to come back for more.” Even though he was insulting me, staring up and him all I could think was how hot he is. “You’re hot. Can’t blame a guy for liking what he sees,” I told him bluntly. He was kind of a mess, obviously, and living in a sty, but he was sexy nonetheless. “Well good for me, then. Now about that ass. While I was over at the bar I told everyone there that I had a cumwhore available to take loads. Twenty bucks a pop.” Jesus, he’s pimping me out. I’m nothing but a cheap (clearly -$20! My ass should be at least worth $100!!) whore. Just then there was a knock at the door. He pulled on a pair of shorts that made both crotch and ass look fucking delicious, and then turned to me as he reached the doorway. “Get up and follow me to the living room. I don’t want these strange fucks doing you in my bed. And don’t let any of that cum in you leak out,” he ordered. I did my best to squeeze my ass closed before carefully getting to my feet and heading into the living room. HE was already waiting with a really ugly big guy. He wasn’t a wall of beefy muscle stud like HE was. No, this guy was just big, might have been muscular at some stage in life. But now he had a round middle along with the barrel chest. He did have a very obvious large bulge in the crotch of his leather pants. Fuck me, leather pants have always done something to me. I don’t know what it is, as soon as I see a man in leather, any man, no matter his body, age, or looks, I get a hunger. Top that with an impressive crotch bulge -what’s a whore to do? Immediately my mouth started watering. This is going to be good . . . The big leather man noticed my eyes transfixed on his crotch and laughed. “Your pig likes my bulge, I think,” he told HIM. “Well, get on it, bitch,” he ordered me. I immediately dropped to my knees and stuck my nose right in that crotch and gave a good hard sniff. I was no longer in control of my actions, my body and my need had taken over. As I sniffed him, my tongue involuntarily slipped from my mouth and began licking his leather bulge. He alternated between laughing at my zeal and grunting from pleasure. His bulge kept growing from my attention, and I was now licking the full length of his hard cock through his leather pants. What a fucking rush! After a while he shoved my face away and began undoing his pants. As much as I was enticed by his leather, I had developed a hunger for his meat, too. He pulled out a choice looking 8 incher which I immediately dove down on. I had always considered myself a very poor cock sucker, and it had never been something I craved or looked forward to. Not like I craved cock in my ass. But ever since HE had turned me out that first night, my body was for everything sexual, no matter the hole. I was only allowed to suck for a few minutes and then HE told us to get to fucking, that I had other customers to satisfy soon. The big man grabbed me under my arms and hefted me up, then tossed me onto my knees on the sofa, my ass to him. With no ceremony at all, he buried his beautiful cock up my behind. This was my new purpose, I knew it now. And I reveled in it, sighing a satisfied sigh as he bottomed out in me. Then I began to ride him as he pounded me. We were moving in perfect sync and it was a great fuck. “He poz?” my fucker asked HIM. “Working on it,” HE replied. “Well, he’s gonna get some good viral seed from me soon enough. I assume you gave him yours, too.” “I did,” HE confirmed. “And the bunch you came with into the bar?” my fucker asked. “All poz. A few are full-blown, too. Hell, everyone at the bar tonight is poz, so he’s going to be one toxic fucking mess. His body will be overwhelmed with all of the mixing viral strains. Might even create a new superbug in him,” HE said proudly. I should have been terrified at the prospect, but I was just feeling too damn good, and I continued to slam my ass back hard onto that hard 8 inch dick. Just as he began to blast my hole full of his poison cum, I heard a knock on the door. HE disappeared for a minute, and then returned with two rather skinny looking guys. Cute, but they’d obviously done their share of partying over the years, plus they had that wasting look. My current fucker continued to drain his balls into me and then quickly yanked out, slapped my ass and thanked me, then left. HE came up to me and turned my head to look him in the eyes. “These two have high viral loads, unmedicated, med-resistant, and full-blown AIDS. They’re not just going to fuck you. They’re doing to double-dick you.” My eyes grew wide because I knew he was talking about double penetration. I’d never tried that before, but my ass had been stretched and abused enough by now that I was fairly certain I could take it. Especially once I saw the two guys strip. Their cocks were not huge, but on the healthy side of average. I couldn’t help but think how strange it was to think that -the only healthy looking thing on either of them was their cocks. And those cocks fired toxic venom. There really wasn’t any conversation, either. The two men lay down on the floor, moving their crotches as close together as possible. Both cocks were fairly straight, so they actually stood up nicely together -they looked like on big dick. By now I was excited for the challenge. Something happens when you get a load or two of cum up your ass. You automatically NEED more. Doesn’t matter who they come from as long as you get them up your greedy pig hole. I straddled the two men and slowly lowered myself onto their meat. My hole was good and sloppy, and gaping, so I managed to get about half way down before I felt like they weren’t going to fit. HE didn’t miss a beat, and came over, legs on either side of the guy I was facing, and stuck his hard cock into my mouth while simultaneously pushing down on my shoulders, forcing my hole to stretch open. Without all of that cum in me, it would not have happened. However, I was nice and slick now, and somehow they managed to get further into me. Yes, I felt my hole stretching and it hurt a little, but I was so wet back there it just felt too good to care. It took me at least five minutes to get then as far as they could reach, and my thighs were in agony. At least with that depth of penetration I could rest on my knees for a minute. Once I’d had a bit of a rest, HE grabbed me under the arms and lifted me a little, only to lower me down again. He was going to fuck me on them. Gradually it sped up until my hole was loose around the two cocks inside me. It was a little awkward doing this on the floor, but I rode them as well as I could. There would have been a little more flexibility on a bed, but we managed. And the guys did their part trying to thrust up into me while I balanced and rode them. The first words they spoke came when the one my back was to announced he was seconds away from breeding me. His buddy quickly said that he was too. With that kind of incentive, I did my very best to bounce on those dicks, while HE helped me out by lifting and dropping my full weight onto them. A couple of deep plunges like that was all it took and both men began to moan as their dicks throbbed inside of me. Not the best position to be in for breeding, their cum spewed from their cocks but ran down the length of their shafts, over their draining balls, and pooling on the floor. After another minute HE lifted me completely off of them and by now I was so open that cum and blood was just freely running down the backs of my legs. Not a lot of blood again, so I didn’t worry. But it did remind me that there was no way their viruses had avoided my bloodstream. They quickly dressed and left, not even a thank-you to me or HIM, and I had a moment to catch my breath. He surprised me by coming to me and kissing me hard like he does, and then he noticed the pool of cum on the floor. “Someone needs to clean that up,” he mentioned, his hand was on the back of my neck and pushing my head down towards the floor. Despite the fact that the floor looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in ages, I fell to my knees and licked, slurped and sucked for all I was worth until I had a belly full of toxic cum. He enjoyed watching this aspect of my hunger, chuckling a bit at my hunger for the cum, but mostly I think it turned him on. When I stood back up, his dick was totally hard in his shorts. I didn’t even wait to be told. I tugged his shorts down enough to free his throbbing meat, and then spun around and crammed that gorgeous dick all the way in me. Fuck, I love his cock. Maybe because he was the one who broke me in, but his meat filled me perfectly. This time he let me take the lead while he just stood there and enjoyed my ass riding him. There was a knock on the door and HE just shouted, “Open!” and remained where he was for me to use him for a change.
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    Hi ... just catching up again on this topic. I know what Tallslender means ... it took me a while to learn the joys of sounds but once tried them I quickly became hooked. Now, if alone (at a loose end so to speak) I'll often reach for both my ball stretchers and the sounds. I don't think I've any pics of the combination but it is truly awesome to feel the balls pulling down, then followed by a nice large well lubricated sound easing its way down inside my cock. Unless I'm very disciplined with myself I can guarantee this'll bring me off ultra quickly so I just lie there slugging poppers, watching porn and feeling my juices beginning to boil deep inside me! Its like an inside-out wank.
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    Have to post this now to try and find out in my mind what the hell happened? I am, or had been, totally straight. Married, kids and no thoughts whatever of gay sex. Then the following happened and I am still trying to figure out how? There is a small park near my home that I pass by on the way to and from work a lot. Had stopped there a few times to use the toilet (an old fashion outhouse type-one holer). Seldom if ever saw anyone there at all. Park almost always either empty or maybe there would be one guy sitting at a table or sometimes some families had small gatherings there but most times empty. Then a couple of days ago as I was coming home from work and had to pee really badly, I pulled in to find about two dozen motorcycles there. Looked like all guys and they seemed to be drinking and playing soccer. I didn't really pay much attention as I just headed to the toilet in a hurry and there was nobody back where that was. On the way back, I stopped to watch them kick the ball around a little bit. I walked closer to watch a bit as I was bored anyway and going home was to be boring as wife was at least two hours from getting off of work, so no big hurry. They had stuck what looked like tent poles in the ground for their goals and it looked like a pretty lively game. One of the guys happened to turn around and noticed me standing there watching and got up and walked over and asked if I was from around there? I told him I was and he said they were all from out of state and just passing through and were taking a break. He said, "Why not have a seat and be comfortable for a bit." I said sure and we sat down. He offered me a nice cold beer and since it was a hot day I accepted although I seldom drink beer at all (love my Rum LOL). We talked about minor stuff, kind of town it was, family, traveling and the game of course. Before I knew it I had downed about a half dozen beers and was into the game and cheering for anyone since I didn't know any of them. Some of the other guys were talking to me too and everyone seemed to be having a good time. At some point I turned to pick up my beer on the table behind me and stopped dead as two of the guys were standing behind the table and kissing and groping each other. I pretty much gawked at them as I don't think I have ever seen two guys doing that in public till that time. The first guy I had met noticed me about then and turning and looking, laughed and told me I should see the look on my face. I apologized and told him it had just taken me by surprise is all. He told me not to worry about it as they probably didn't care if I was watching them or not. I continued watching the game but now turned around a little more often as I was curious as to how far those two were going to go in public like that. By now one of them had his hand down the front of the others shorts and I could tell the guy was hard. I kept looking past them too to see if anyone else might come into the park but no other cars seemed to be going by. I turned back to the game again and didn't look around again for a while. When I did look again, I didn't see them at first and then noticed they had sat down on the ground and were mostly out of sight now. I didn't think any more of it again for a while as the game got kind of exciting about then.
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    Part IV I was not sure what was happening but the guy on me stopped kissing finally. I was too breathless to say anything as he told me he was sorry but my ass just felt too good and watching his buddies fuck had him horned up badly. I could feel what seemed like his cock pushing into my hole and couldn't understand what was happening at all. He went on to tell me, in a whisper, that his cock was precumming like he had never done before and it was really lubing my hole up for him. He told me he couldn't stop now. I was so shocked I still could not talk. He went silent again and leaned forward more and kissed me again running his tongue into my mouth again and as he did I felt what must have been the head of his cock slide into me then. I groaned as it hurt some but not real bad. He kept kissing me and I could feel his cock sink into me more and more. I had no idea what to do. Then all at once I thought something else bump my balls and realized then that he must be all the way in me and it was his balls hitting mine. I couldn't believe a cock was buried all the way into my ass. My eyes had to be as big as saucers and I was panicking some now. He pulled back from the kiss and told me again, he was sorry, but couldn't stop himself. As he said that he was pulling his cock back out of me and then back in and again and again. I couldn't move at all and then he was hitting something inside me and I felt my own cock twitch in his hand. He smiled then and told me it was about time I started to feel the good part. I must have looked puzzled then and he told me he was now rubbing against my prostate and I would begin to love it real soon. He then started to just hammer my ass as hard as he could, in and out and in and out. Faster and harder and was stroking my cock with his hand also. He leaned in to kiss me again and this time I couldn't help it and returned the kiss. I was really flying now on the sex. My cock was about as hard as I could ever remember it being. His cock in my ass and his hand on me had me in overdrive. I pulled away from the kiss and asked what the hell was going on? He told me to just enjoy it. I dropped my head down some and then I felt it. The unmistakable feeling of my cock getting ready to release my cum. I looked him in the eyes and told him I was going to cum and he told me he was ready also. I then felt my cock erupt and he seemed to be cupping the end of it in his hand and before I knew what he was doing, he brought his hand up between us and licked up my cum and then planted another kiss on me and fed me my own cum. He kept his mouth sealed to mine and all I could do was swallow it. As I was swallowing it he pulled away then and told me he was cumming now and hoped I had enjoyed that load of mine as it was probably the last neg load I would have. I had no idea what that meant. He moaned and I could tell he was really cumming a lot in me and grinding hard into my ass. He then told me he loved my nolonger virgin ass and now I would probably be positive like him all his friends there. I still had no idea what he was talking about but it had felt damn good. He asked if I wanted some more? I asked what he meant? He then got up and as he did, before I knew what was happening, another guy had knelt down behind me and I felt his cock entering my hole. I yelped and tried to move but with nowhere to go he bottomed out in me quickly and started to pound my hole like there was no tomorrow. He was really just plainly pounding as hard and fast as he could into me and surprise surprise, to me it felt about as good as the first guy had. He did not last long though, maybe about 3 or 4 minutes, and he told me he was cumming in me too and I was sure to be pregnant now as he had a load measured at about 200,000, whatever that meant. My legs were so cramped now I couldn't move at all and before I knew it I had had about 8 guys fuck my ass. Everyone of them kept telling me to take their poz loads and get pregnant but that made no sense to me at all. Finally, the first guy was able to help me get up and I sat right down on the ground exhausted. I could not get my head around what had happened at all, but knew that it was probably just the damn drinking I had done. I vowed to not drink that much that fast again. Many of the guys there came by then and patted me on the back and told me welcome to their club. I thought they were just talking about their bikes or soccer. I sat there for a good half an hour with my pants, by know clear to my ankles, before I could really move much on my own. I felt my sore ass and my fingers came away with their cum and some blood on them that was seeping out of my abused hole. The first guy sat beside me then and told me not to worry as many times a virgin ass bled some but would go away soon. I smiled a little and told him I hoped so as I would hate for my wife to see much blood there. He laughed a little then. Then he got kind of serious and told me I might want to get to a doctor in the next couple of days though and let him know what I had had done to me. I asked why if the bleeding would stop soon anyway. He then told me what they had been talking about when they told me they were POZ, AND I WAS GOING TO GET PREGNANT WITH THEIR BABIES. My mouth dropped open and I could not even talk. He asked me if I was ok now or did I want some more? He was serious! WHAT A CRAZY DAY AND THING TO SAY TO ME. But, did I want more or not? I decided I had better call the doctor first thing in the morning for sure. As I got up to go, he told me they were camping out there for about 3 days if I wanted to stop back by?
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    love neg begging bitches with their asses in the air like they just don't care. they want the sleaze that i've got in me, so I just feed them the seed, while smoking some weed, and see them so happy.
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    Like many on here I have thought about becoming poz in the past. When i dated a poz guy I was almost sure it would happen given the amount of poz loads he plowed into me over the years we were together plus all the other guys/couples/groups we did I was sure I would turn up poz but never did. Right now I can say I enjoy the rush that poz loads bring and if it happens it happens. I am not actively seeking it out but I would never turn someone down for being poz either. In the end you have to feel comfortable with who you are now so you can be OK with whatever happens in the future.
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    My boyfriend and I have been dating for four years now, and I have been cheating off-and-on that entire time. He’s a fantastic guy, and the sex is great, but being a terrible, insatiable slut, I can’t help myself. This past Saturday was his birthday, and having just come off a particularly long streak of loyalty, my hole was craving diversity. One nondescript Grindr profile later, I had set myself up to be used by a stranger for the entire day day leading up to my boyfriend’s birthday dinner. I got up early on Saturday to prepare, and met the first top at one of the nicer hotels in the area, just a few miles away from my boyfriend’s house. He was an older Asian man visiting for work, in decent shape, but with a healthy cushioning of fat over his abs. He had obviously just gotten up not long before, because his morning wood greeted me through his robe when he opened the door. I spent maybe half an hour in that room, riding his cock, but he did send me off with one hell of a thick load. The second top was a real Alpha Male: mid thirties, black, and chest as hard as brick. I had tried hitting him up before, but it never worked out… oh, how glad I am it finally did. The moment I knocked on his door, he had me on my knees in front of him. Uncut and throbbing, it was a task to get enough spit to properly suck him. He made me his bitch for the next couple hours. He shot his first load on my face and said, “You better leave that there. I want you covered in my cum when you’re kissing your pussy boyfriend.” After that, he took me to his living room. He sat on his nearly worn out couch and instructed me to take his shoes off. I did so happily. Then came his socks, jeans, boxers, shirt, and wife beater, until finally he was naked, and told me to strip as well. He reassured me his roommate was gone (not that I was worried) before sternly ordering me to my knees again. He pulled a joint out from the end table and lit it as I worshiped his musky balls. All of a sudden, he grabbed me by the chin and blew the smoke in my face. My cock jumped, and started leaking a pool of precum onto the floor. As he finished the joint, his cock started showing signs of being ready for round two. I don’t know if it was a contact high, or just excitement, but I was a little clumsy standing up, so he grabbed me by the hair and bent me over the recliner. With very little warm up, he spit on his cock, pressed the pink head against my hole and started to ease into me. I was quite happy the first top's load was still in my ass, (not that the thought to getting rid of it ever crossed my mind). I think he could tell by how wet I was already, because the moment he was all the way inside of me, he pulled out most of the way and slammed back into me hard enough to make his bull balls slap into mine. The sound drove me wild as his rhythmic pounding echoed through the room. I could feel my cock leaking like a faucet onto the side of his chair. He grabbed me by the hair and slapped my ass hard. He fucked me like a man possessed, his grunts drowning out my moans and whimpering. I lost track of time, but in the wild thrusting, I shot hands-free all down the side of his recliner and onto the floor, something that doesn’t happen often for me. As I came, I felt my ass involuntarily contract around his cock. Part of me almost hoped it’d be enough to send him over the edge, because at this point the threshold of real discomfort was surpassing the line of pleasurable pain. But it wasn’t. He lasted for quite a while longer, during which time my cock never went fully soft, if only because of his assault on my prostate. The scent of musk and sex filled the air, and he swept his left arm under my waist and braced himself on the chair. His thrusts were hard and deep, and lasted longer than the others had. His glorious manhood throbbed and jumped as he bred me. I clenched as he withdrew, sweaty and out of breath, desperate to keep every drop inside of me. He stepped back and fell back onto the couch. “Lick that shit up, you bitch!” He noticed the mess I had made on his chair and floor. As exhausted as him, I knelt on all fours and licked my cum off the upholstery and floor as best I could. “Now rub my feet.” He caught his breath and told me to dress, after which he showed me out the door giving me a firm slap to the ass. Once inside my car, I put myself back together as much as I was able, using the rear view mirror. Then, before I turned the key to start the car, I sat in his driveway as I got the okay from the third guy I had arranged to meet. The third was in his sixties, and someone I had played with before. He had a thick, salt-and-pepper mustache, and quite the beer belly. It was afternoon at this point, and quite frankly, I was exhausted. He invited me into his house and we made out as he fingered my wet hole. I cut to the chase and undressed the both of us before deep throating his cock in one pass (he was an average size, but nowhere near as thick as the second Top). When I tasted his sweet precum, I laid down on his bed and threw my legs back. He took the invitation greedily. Despite us both moaning loudly, I heard my phone vibrate on the wooden floor. Half an hour passed before he blew his seed deep inside of my ass, after which he collapsed on top of me, and we made out with his cock still mostly in place. Eventually I got dressed yet again, and at that time I finally got around to checking my phone to see who called me. There was one text, from the boyfriend, and another from his mother. My heart raced as I walked out to my car. I checked my face in the rear view mirror to see if it was obvious I had another man’s cum soaked into my facial hair. The drive was uneventful, but I made it to my boyfriend’s house around 3:00 PM. I reapplied my deodorant before going inside. His parents, sister, and his sister’s kids were already there. We hugged, and I kissed him on the lips before handing him a bouquet I had bought the night before. His brother-in-law showed up, and we sang happy birthday while I had three loads from three different men buried deep inside of my ass.
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    mid-week blues guys but the w/end is cumming soon ...
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    1999 I was excited, conflicted and scared to death about buying my first house. My dad always told me that a house was a good investment, but I was having doubts. I depleted my bank accounts, spent hours on the phone and signed my name to countless documents. Apartment living had been so easy -- write a rent check once a month and you're done. It was a small, cute house in very good shape, and I only knew about it from a guy I only sorta knew from work. Tony. He lived next door to the property and knew the owner was an old guy about ready to go into assisted living. He came by my office one morning and told me I should jump on it soon. I did. Once everything was finalized, I realized this would mean living next to Tony. He was okay, I guess. My age, not bad looking, friendly -- but talked all the time. He never shut up. I had lunch with him once and managed to finish my food before he'd even taken a bite. I guess I could handle that after living in apartment building where I had to listen to my neighbors' music and smell their cooking. Only after moving in did I realize I didn't really have much furniture. I moved things all around that day, trying to make the place look like it had not just been robbed. I'd need lots of stuff eventually. I had just finished reassembling my entertainment center when the doorbell ring. My first ring in my new home. Of course it was Tony. I opened the door and saw him standing there with a bottle of gin. "Welcome Wagon! I brought you a house-warming present." "Hi, Tony. Come on in." "You look exhausted, man. Take a break." "I don't even have the TV or stereo hooked up yet. And I don't have anything to mix gin with. Maybe we can do this another time." "Nah. We'll just go sit out on the front porch and sip straight from the bottle. This is the good shit. Bombay." One of the things the original owner left behind was an iron bench that set out on concrete porch. We settled there and watched the quiet street and passed the bottle. My mind was racing with all the things I had to get done in the next three days of vacation I'd taken from work. The thoughts got less immediate with each sip. "Cable's coming tomorrow. I need to be up early or else who knows when I'll have TV or the internet." "I'm not going to keep you up too late, Ray. I don't have vacation tomorrow...unless you want me to." What the fuck did he mean by that? I'd always wondered if Tony was gay, but never bothered finding out. He was always just a pest in my mind. After the sun went down and the bottle emptied, I finally just asked him if he was gay. "Yeah. Are you?" "Probably. I'm not sure." "Not sure??? You're what? 26? Pick a side, dude." Quiet. It was early summer and the crickets were singing up a storm in my new yard. He hugged me goodnight and went back to his place. The summer grew hotter and I was finally settled in. I was adjusting pretty well and loving the quiet nights. There was a big stray cat that I fed each morning, and of course Tony was a frequent visitor as well. We arranged another 'drink on the porch night' and I sat listening to him blather on and on about nothing. "So -- you got your internet hooked up, right?" "Oh yeah, Why?" "Just wondered. What kind of stuff do you look at on the computer?" Nosy motherfucker. "Just stuff." "I look at a lot of porn and kinky stuff." I could have guessed as much. "Did you know there's a whole website catering to guys who want to have unsafe sex with other guys. Some of them WANT to get infected with AIDS and some who want to spread it?" "God. Really?" "Yeah. Check it out sometime. When we finally trade email addresses, I'll send you the link for the website. You are going to give me your email, right?" "Sure. Let me go get some paper and a pen." Under the glow of the yellow bug light, we tore the paper in half and exchanged e-mail addresses. Somewhere around the end of July I started noticing Tony's habits. He always just wore gray shorts, no shirt and was barefoot when he went to take out the trash or work in his yard. He even mowed the lawn barefoot...can you believe that? I expected he'd be toe-less by the end of the summer. Why in the world was I so intent on watching him? He wasn't exactly my type. But I loved looking at his almost naked body. One day I was straightening up my 'office' and found the slip of paper on which Tony had written the website of which he had spoken, so I took a minute to check it out. Everything was scary. I read some of the testimonials about sharing blood and semen unprotected. I was half-disgusted, and also fascinated. I kept reading, looking at pictures and watching videos. Is this what what my neighbor was into? I spent hours on that website. It started entering my dreams. The next time Tony came over to watch the baseball game, I told him I'd finally checked out his recommendation. "Well? Hot, isn't it?" I admitted it was. "Do you fantasize about getting AIDS from a man? Or wait -- do you wish you had AIDS to give somebody like I wish I did?" My instinct was to say nothing but I admitted that I fantasized about 'getting pozzed'. "Cool! This is so perfect, Ray. We can pretend. You know, do some role-play." "Hell no." "Come on. This'll be good for both of us and we'll have the fun while still being safe." With that he dropped his shorts and stood in my living room completely naked from the top of his head down to his dirty toes. "N-NO. We can't. Your my neighbor and...just no." He was, however, hardly so easily dissuaded, which was why he was already jerking his impressive penis as he urged "Come on, Ray, suck my poz cock, buddy." What the hell. I knelt down and took it my mouth. Something had been broken inside of me because I wanted this moment so bad. I couldn't even take half of it, but I kept trying to get more. It was hard to breathe as it entered my throat. He was trembling and thrusting and finally came in my mouth. It was so surprising that I loved it. "Yeah...drink up that poz seed. You're going to lick my ass next." After I swallowed, he turned around and parted his cheeks. I darted forward and kissed his anus. I licked around and around and was on auto-pilot. "Good boy. I'll do this to you tomorrow when I fuck your virgin ass at last. Keep lapping it up." And then it was over. I hadn't even realized that I'd cum at some point. My underwear was full of sticky cum. He left. I tried nor to think of it too seriously. After all, what we did was only 'play'. The next evening, I got home just in time for the sky to open, unleashing a deluge of rain. There was some thunder and harsh winds, but no lightning. I got changed and went and sat on my bench, waiting for Tony. He pulled his little red car in my driveway. He ran up to me, took off his clothes and said,"It's a great storm! Let's go play!" He apparently wanted to go run around in the heavy rain, so against my inclination I found myself peeling off all my clothes except for my jockey briefs and off we went, running though the downpour. I guess it was an impromptu game of tag or something like that. We got to the front of a foreclosed home's lawn when he finally tackled me from behind. I went down into the grass and he started mounting me while I was flat on my stomach. "STOP TONY!!! It hurts too much." "I'm getting you all bloody so my death seed will get in you faster." It was just play. So I relaxed as best as I could. I thought it would go on and on, but he finished up. He dumped his fictional infected sperm right up my ass. We were done for the night, but didn't stop playing the game. For weeks we fucked. My bed, his bed, the backyard. Yeah, I knew it was weird, but I could not get enough of him...shooting his seed into my ass. At one point, after several months of play sessions with Tony, we had to take a break as I came down with a nasty case of the flu. Real bad. Or maybe it was food poisoning. Whatever it was, it was definitely to be remembered. Tony kept coming over to check on me while I lay in bed. He would feel my forehead and bring 7-up. "The game is over, Ray." "You're telling me? I don't feel like playing for a long time." "No. The game was over before you ever joined. I've had HIV for three years. I tricked you and I'm really sorry, seeing you like this. I never got the fuck flu." I couldn't believe it. I'd been having unsafe sex with an HIV+ man for months and thinking it was harmless. "I'll never be able to make it up to you, but I need you to know I did it for both of us. I love you." I recovered just fine. He was fine. We were fine. We became a pair. Sometimes we even played like I was still negative.
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    CHAPTER 6 The door swung open and I was greeted by the familiar face of the guy from the bathroom. "Here he is! I'm glad you came." He said as I stepped inside. His boyfriend was sitting on the couch, stroking his cock through his boxers. "I'm Brian & that's my boyfriend Tyler" he said, nodding to the guy on the couch who smiled at me. "Um hi guys...I'm Jeff", I managed to croak out, my voice so dry & nervous. "Hey Jeff, no need to be nervous, we're all friends here!" Brian said. "Or at least, we will be soon..... Can I get you a drink?" "Just some water's fine thanks" "So, your wife know you're a sickening faggot?" Brian asked me as he came back from the kitchen, handing over the glass. "Oh, I'm not gay." I quickly replied (I wasn't, was I?) "How long have you been sucking cock then?" "I'd never done it before coming here" "Who's the lucky guy then? Some random hookup here?" "Um....no" I could feel myself blushing. "It's my brother in law" "Holy shit!" Tyler exclaimed. "That's so fucking sick, I love it" I could tell even through his boxers that his cock was gonna be massive. "Tell you what, you still seem uncomfortable" Brian said "How about we all get naked, maybe that'll relax you a bit more?" "I've been waiting so long for you to say that!" Tyler peeled off his tight singlet, his body looked like it was made out of granite! "I'll leave my boxers on though, I want my new friend to have a surprise" I took my running singlet off & shyly removed my shorts, feeling very intimidated - I could see almost all of Tyler's body and as Brian started to take his clothes off, he was gonna be well-built too. I quickly did the sums in my head. I figured they wanted a threesome, maybe if I sucked Tyler off only Brian would fuck me? Brian's thickening cock was roughly the same size as Mike's so it was gonna hurt but it'd be nothing compared to Tyler's! I walked over & knelt in front of Tyler "Damn, you white boys always make a beeline for my cock don'tcha?" I wanted to get him out of the way first but I had to admit I was curious. Kneeling down in front of him, he almost looked like a god. "Take it out boy, you know you want to". My hand slipped into his boxers & felt his hot, hard cock. It was so thick I could barely get my hand around it! I pulled his boxers down and it looked like one of those massive cocks from the interracial porn I used to watch. The slutty young girls in those scenes could barely fit it in their mouths and I was about to do the same! "C'mon buddy, you know want it" Tyler whispered. I had to admit that deep down, I did. He'd been working himself pretty hard so his head was covered in precum and glistening in the dim light of the room. I thought to myself that the better I made the blowjob, the quicker I could get to Brian & my night would be over. I took the head in my mouth straight away & started slurping, "Damn! He's a horny little slut this one!" Tyler yelled across to Brian. I was too busy concentrating on his cock to care. As I took more & more of his cock in my mouth I could tell that it tasted different to Mike's, aside from it being much bigger of course! Oh my God, was I becoming an expert on cock now or something? I could only take about 3 or 4 inches before I started gagging, I'd never had my mouth stretched so wide before. "He might've hit his limit here, can you help him out Brian?" Out of the corner of my eye I saw Brian walk across and hand Tyler a little bottle. He took a deep sniff in each nostril and then held it to my nose. "Now what I want you to do here boy, is keep sniffing in each nostril until I tell you to stop. You'll be glad you did", I did as I was told. Pretty much straight away I felt I was flying, everything felt like it was tingling. All I wanted to was pleasure this beautiful cock that I was sucking, I think Tyler could sense that I was feeling different too. "There, now doesn't that feel sooo much better?", his voice was so soothing & sexy just like him. Fuck I was so lucky to be sucking this sexy man. "You're a natural cocksucker boy & don't let anyone tell you otherwise." I was so turned on & concentrating on sucking Tyler I didn't even feel Brian applying lube to my ass. "Damn boy, you want more of my cock don't you?" I needed it so badly, if I could deep throat him I would! I moved a bit more onto all fours as I'd been kneeling for a while. "Take some more of the poppers, it'll help you relax your throat a little more". I sniffed deeply from the bottle, fuck it felt so good. I could sense Brian moving behind me but just assumed he wanted a better look at what a good cocksucker I was but I then felt his cock pressing against my hole. "Look at his hole winking at me man, he wants it so much!" Brian yelled across to Tyler. I had to admit that in my state of mind, I didn't want Brian to fuck me, I NEEDED it. I felt Brian's hands on my hips as his head pushed inside my willing ass. "Doesn't that feel so good?", Tyler asked me. Fuck, that voice would make me do anything. I looked up at him nodding, my mouth still on his cock. "Polite as well, he knows not to speak with his mouth full!" He laughed. I closed my eyes as Brian pushed further and further into me, it was a mixture of pain & the best pleasure I'd ever had. I'd never had a threesome before when I was (wait, was?) straight, and now here I am pleasuring two guys! They both started to get into a rhythm and before long, Brian's balls were slapping against my ass while I kept sucking Tyler. His voice and eyes were almost hypnotic, I'd do almost anything he said. Of course, anytime I started to come down from the poppers he'd hold them to my nose and I'd inhale deeply, partly because I loved the feeling he gave me but also I had a mouthful of his cock so couldn't breathe through there! A part of me knew that I was being used as a piece of meat but I loved it so much, and I knew I was so good at it, that I didn't care. I don't know how long I'd been in that position for but I could feel Brian's cock getting so thick inside me. "Fuck man, I think I'm close," he said to Tyler. "How about you?" "Man, I've been holding back for ages waiting for you!" he replied. "Let's keep him off the poppers so he knows what's happening" I could feel myself starting to come down & reached out for the poppers, "Nuh uh" Tyler said, "We want you to feel every second of this." My mouth and asshole seemed to be shrinking just as their cocks started to grow. The two much bigger men held me in place so there was no way out from what was to come. Tyler came first with a massive groan, his cum shooting deep into my throat & filling my mouth. All I could do was swallow him, and coz I didn't mind the taste I knew it was OK but I felt so slutty swallowing this complete stranger's load! "And now here comes the big surprise" Tyler whispered as I could hear Brian's panting. I felt the warmth hit me almost immediately as Brian came deep into my ass, it was only then that I realised he'd been fucking me bare all along! I was pinned between the two men so I knew that I was there as long as they wanted me. My ass pulsed on Brian's cock, milking him, as Tyler's fell out of my mouth. Brian pulled out & patted me on the ass, "For a straight boy, you make one hell of a faggot!" Tyler & himself both laughed "Feel free to use our bathroom, you might need it soon". I groggily made my way to their bathroom trying to process what had happened. I'd been in a threesome with two complete strangers and one had cum inside me! I saw myself in the mirror & could see that I'd been totally used, not least by some of Tyler's cum in my mouth & then Brian's dribbling down my leg. I sat on the toilet & felt Brian's cum stream out of me, god there was so much! I thought I'd have a shower in my own room to try & think everything through about what had happened. Opening the door I was met by the sight of Brian sucking Tyler's rapidly hardening cock, a big smile on Tyler's face. "Ready for round 2?" he asked. ROUND 2?!?!?! END OF CHAPTER 6
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    I'm a 37 year old in fairly decent shape, shaved head with a 7.5" thick cock. The last load I gave was to a 19 year old half latino boy. He had just moved away from his parents' in Texas and started college in Oklahoma. He was masculine, cute, 5'8", smooth muscular body with a phenomenal bubble ass. We met on Grindr and we decided to hookup, I had condoms and lube. He gets to my place and we immediately start making out. I get him naked in no time and start eating his hole and really tongue fucking him. I had his hole wet and wanting more. I start working my cock on his hole, rubbing it and putting pressure on it. It was like I had hit a switch on him. He turned into a moaning cock hungry girl. I was so hot and horny I grabbed the lube and slathered it on my raging cock. My head easily went in, but boy was his hole tight! He really started moaning at this point. He never said anything about the condom so I kept inching into him. I got into a really good pace nailing his bubble butt and watching his hole squeezing the life out of my dick. It was too much for me and I leaned down and quickly said,"I'm gonna cum in you." He was moaning and groaning so much he barely had time to say,"Okay!" That's when I shot my first load up inside him. I came hard and shot a lot of juice up his boy hole. I never lost my erection, but I pulled out, flipped him over onto his back and started sucking his small, but beautiful uncut cock, he barely last 2 minutes he was so horned up he came in my mouth quite a bit. I started slowly licking down his balls and taint then got to his ass, where I began tongue fucking him again. His hole was wet but back to being tight as ever. This really turned me on, so I pushed his legs apart wide and crawled up in between them and pushed my still hard cock back into his hole. He just laid there with a glazed look on his face and let me pound the hell out of his ass. This time I didn't even tell him I was going to cum, I just start drilling him and unloaded a second volley of jizz up his ass. I pulled out and sucked him off again, getting another nice load in my mouth. Afterward during a light cuddle sesh, he admitted that he was a goody two-shoes all through school and was tired of it. He had only been with one guy in high school and I was his first bareback fuck. I was surprised and also extremely horny again. I rolled him over onto his stomach and again entered that tight ass. This time I fucked him hard and long, I tried to pull out and shoot on his back because my third cum is sometimes my biggest, but I shot half of my load just inside his hole and the other half all the way up his back. We had several more hookups after that and it was all very hot.
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    Part III I had had too much to drink and just couldn't seem to move and was watching two guys really going to town on each other. As I watched the one who had been tongueing the hole of the one stopped and the other guy rolled him over and propped his legs up and went to doing his hole with his tongue now. I watched as he slobbered all over that hole and then his tongue was actually going in just like the other guys had done to him. Then I saw the guy start probing at that hole with a finger too and it slowly entered in more and more until it was buried all in. Damn, I had to get up and turn around but could hardly move. I started to rise and then, basically, fell over the seat with my head under the table and was on my stomach and just had to lie there and couldn't move. As I looked up again I notice the guy now seemed to have at least three of his fingers in that other guys hole now along with his tongue. I felt the seat move some and then heard the voice of the first guy I had met talking to me. He told me it didn't look like I was in a very good position there. I told him I thought I had too much to drink and couldn't get up for crap. He laughed and then grabbed me to try and help me up but that was found to be easier said than done when he banged my head on the underside of the table and had to let go of me. I dropped back to the same position I had been in before. Then he tried to get behind me to pull me but by now I was so limp I was almost folded over the seat completely and all he accomplished was to pull me back a little and then I would fall back forward. My legs got spread out and he was pretty much up against my ass trying to move me then. I was really out of it but it seemed like as he pulled back on me I felt his hips bump my ass and was almost sure I felt something hard bump up against the crack of my ass. We were both starting to laugh about this predicament now and he slipped and fell right on top of me and now I was sure I felt his hard cock bump my ass crack. I was somewhat put off by that but neither of us could hardly move for laughing now and the more we laughed the more his cock pushed against me and seemed to really be getting hard now and quite large too. I raised my head up to tell him about it and was looking at the two guys straight ahead of me again. The one had quit tongueing and fingering the others hole now and had dropped him down, turned around and as I watched, lifted the guys legs up and started to enter his hole with his cock. I froze completely and couldn't move or say anything. I just stared as I had never seen anything like that before. As I watched the guys cock sunk in till it was buried to his balls and then he held still for a little bit. The guy on top of me now, told me, wow, I didn't know they were going to go all the way there. He then kind of ground his own cock into me as we both watched. He then appeared to realize what he was doing and stopped and told me he was sorry but watching those two and the feel of my nice ass had gotten to him. I couldn't answer as just then the guy started to pull his cock back out of the other one till only about the head was still in and then thrust forward and started to fuck him then. I was still just staring. The guy on me was watching too and then all at once he reached around me and I felt him grab my cock. I turned my head to tell him he shouldn't do that to me and he planted his lips over mine before I could speak and was all at once kissing me and then drove his tongue into my mouth so I could not speak. I could feel him stroking my cock, which started to come up, which kind of surprised me too. He was kissing me and driving his tongue into my mouth and I was so surprised I could do nothing at all. Then I felt his other hand undoing my pants and then his other hand reached in and took my cock out and continued stroking it. I was completely hard now and having a really tough time trying to figure out just what the heck was going on. My cock was feeling too good to really stop now but at the same time I wanted away from there. By now my own cock was about as hard as it could get and when like that I wanted it to go off but was really conflicted about what was happening here. I needed to get away somehow. I then felt him dragging my pants down and pushing them down and my bare ass was now exposed and my pants were clear to my knees now. He had lifted up just a little to allow my pants to drop and then I felt him fidgeting around and all at once I felt his cock against my crack again, only this time it seemed to be bare and just as hard as mine was. I tried to squirm around to see but he had ahold of my cock in one hand stroking me furiously and was still kissing me, so about all that I accomplished was to get his tongue further into my mouth and his cock sliding up and down my crack and then catching on my hole. He felt somewhat wet there too which was a surprise. I tried to say something but wasn't able to and rolled my eyes some and could still see the other two guys on the ground fucking away. I stopped as I heard the one say here it comes and as I watched and listened he told the guy he was cumming in him good. The other guy was moaning and told him I am too and as I watched his cock erupted also cumming all over his stomach and chest. I froze again for a few seconds and then I felt something very funny happening to my own ass. It seemed like my own hole was opening up or something. I wasn't sure but as I turned my eyes back the guy on me was not only kissing me still but looking deep into my eyes.
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    Part II The game was getting more intense now and I just kept on staying and watching. Didn't realize that I had now downed another 3 or 4 beers and really had to go pee again. Went to get up and almost fell on top of the first guy I had met. He grabbed me and held me up. I apologized and told him I guessed I had not been paying attention to how much I had been drinking and it kind of caught me by surprise. I kind of staggered off to the toilet then. I didn't know he had followed me until I got there. He told me he just wanted to make sure I was alright. I really was fumbling trying to unzip my pants and was almost giggling about it. He told me to hold still a sec and reached out and before I knew it he had undone my pants, button and zipper and they almost fell off me as he reached in and grabbed my cock and pulled it out for me. I was so out of it that it didn't even register at first and then I was kind of embarrassed. He let go of me then and I took ahold of myself and was able to mostly hit the hole with my piss. I was so shaky that some missed and got on the seat though and then I just couldn't seem to get my pants back up good and fastened. He, again, took matters into his own hands and tucked me in and did my pants back up for me. For some reason I didn't even notice at the time my cock had started to come up some. We walked back to the table, mostly him walking and me staggering badly by now. I must have looked pretty funny and some of the guys there had huge grins on their faces and a couple laughed when I almost missed the seat sitting down. I was a little red in the face I am sure and grabbed my beer there and took another drink hoping the cold would just help a little or something. I started watching the game again but found myself almost slipping off of the seat now. I finally gave up and sat on the ground. I turned to place my beer on the seat then and from this vantage point I now could see behind the table and the two guys from earlier were in plain sight now. I am sure my eyes bugged out and they were both now completely nude it seemed and were in a 69 position. From my point of view, from the side actually of them, I could see they both had their cocks in each others mouths and were really gulping on each other. I just sat and stared. I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of them for a while and then as I was watching, one of them grabbed the others legs and lifted them up and apart. I saw him then licking the guys balls and then his tongue kept on going until I could tell he was licking his hole. As I watched he got more and more spit on that hole and then I could tell his tongue was actually going into it some and the other guy had quit sucking him and was now moaning and telling him how great it felt. I was mesmerized. What the hell?
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    After work, this past Tuesday I got a motel room and posted an advertisement on Craigslist, which said 'Anonymous, motel room door ajar, lights off, porn on the TV'. My favorite scene. In total seven guys showed up, which, considering the number of guys who flake out, is pretty good for this kind of scene. The room was dark so I didn't get a good look at anyone but all were decently hung. There were four black guys, one Hispanic, and two white guys. I took three loads in my ass, one on my face, one down my throat and two guys insisted on using condoms. (I ate their loads out of the condoms once they left.) All in all a very good night!
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    As I approached the beautiful shore house, the front door of which had been left slightly ajar, I pretty much knew how this was going to go down. I entered the foyer and had begun to climb the stairs to the bedroom when I heard a voice from the living room. "In here!" Well, this was different. I had been fucking this couple for over a year. I found them on a4a when I was living on the Jersey Shore (not the TV Jersey Shore, the nice Jersey Shore). They were a committed couple in their mid forties, both in good shape and in their relationship. Tom (6'0, 240, Beefy Built Daddy) was the top and Jerry (5'8, furry otter build) was the total bottom. Turned out, Tom has a versatile side and while they rarely played with others, when they did it was a top who would fuck them while they were on all fours side by side. When Tom saw my profile pic: He knew he had to have it deep in his ass and he couldn't wait to see me deep dicking Jerry. Tom set up everything, pursued me aggressively, and offered me one thing to which I couldn't say no: two piggy bottoms with great asses (one furry and round, one meaty and muscular) both of which wanted to take my raw cock. After the first session, during which I blew two loads in Jerry and one in Tom, I could tell that they both loved it, but Tom was clearly especially hooked. When for the first time I slid in balls-deep into Tom's hole, a wild look crossed his face, a look that was reflected in the floor to ceiling mirror on one of the bedroom walls and they faced, side by side, on all fours, so they could watch themselves (and each other) being used. Anyhow, when, on the occasion I first entered Tom's tight hole, he moaned in ecstasy, his eyes locked on mine. His hole opened up but his ass remained tightly wrapped around my shaft as each inch slid deeper in his guts. I sensed when the curvature of my cock dragged across his prostate, particularly as his ass juices went into overdrive, which left his hole amply lubed. Tom never broke his stare with me, and I almost forgot that Jerry was there as we locked eyes and I really got into a good fucking rhythm. Every once in awhile, I drove myself in deep and intentionally hard to pop in a bit deeper and really open him up. Tom gasped in pleasure only to growl two words through his heavy moaning and breathing, "Breed me." After I'd dumped my first load in Tom's guts, we tag teamed Jerry until he got one of Tom's loads and two of mine and his bottom sensibilities were completely satisfied. He quickly ran off to the shower and smiled at Tom as he said, "show our guest out, Tom. And make sure he knows the way. He'll definitely be back." As Tom took me to the door, he stopped me and kissed me, long and deep. As we were kissing, I reached around and smacked his ass and both cheeks in my large hand and he moaned into my mouth. We stopped kissing with a small, semi-awkward laugh and Tom looked at me. "Here's my number. We have to do that again. Us - you and me." He gave me a very satisfied smile, and I took my cue and left. A week went by and I'd only fucked only one new bottom, who was a bit of a disappointment, so needless to say I was horny as fuck. Tom texted me on Friday afternoon asking "Hey, what are you up to, stud?" "Just got home from work, just about to eat, why?" "Want to eat my ass and then breed it?" I stared at the text as my cock began to harden. "Should I head over to your place?" "No," Tom replied. I was confused until he sent, "Send address. I'm coming to you." I quickly began to clean up my place, horny and excited at the thought of fucking Tom...and Jerry, right? He didn't say. Tom showed up alone. Within 30 seconds of stepping into the house, he was on his knees and my cock was deep down his throat. Ten minutes later I had Tom on the sofa on his knees bent over the back looking out the window and moaning like a bitch as I tongue- fucked his hot daddy hole. His "mostly top" daddy hole, I thought as I spread his cheeks and darted my tongue around the edges of his hole before driving my tongue deep and letting my beard tickle and scratch his exposed ass crack and cheeks. I handed Tom a bottle of poppers and smiled suggesting "Take a big hit, Daddy, 'cuz I'm about to breed your ass and claim it as my hole." "You already claimed it when I first felt that cockhead swell as you dumped your seed in me. That cock is amazing, boy. Give it to Daddy." So that became the norm. Once a month or so I was at Tom and Jerry's place fucking them senseless (always making sure that Jerry got more loads that Tom, if only to make Tom crave it more)...and about once a week, Tom was sneaking over to my place or I was going to his while Jerry was working and putting loads in his ass. Tom was texting me daily, taking pics of his ass and sending them to me, wearing jocks to work and sending me pics to entice me to let him come over. I had a couple other bottoms that I fucked here and there to keep things fresh, the occasional random bottom to try out a new hole (who doesn't love breeding a new butt for the first time?!) but Tom was my regular, steady cumdump. I loved filling him up knowing that he went home and his partner had no idea he had just been ass up on my bed a few miles away spreading his ass cheeks and begging for my load. He was a top at home, but that top was my bottom cumdump. So when I arrived at Tom and Jerry's place to breed Tom (knowing Jerry was out of town) I was surprised to be going into the living room. I'd never been in any room in the house other than the upstairs master bedroom and master bathroom. I entered the living room and immediately my cock thicken in my pants as I saw Tom sitting naked on their L-shaped couch. "Thought we'd try something a little different this time. Why don't you get naked, take a seat here on the couch and let me get my mouth on that thick cock. We have time. Let's enjoy ourselves. I know it was only a different location in their house, but sitting on their couch as Tom was on his knees between my legs slobbering and deep throating I was really fucking turned on. Tom was licking my balls now and I slid down the couch a bit, really giving him room to get in there and worship my nuts. Then Tom's tongue darted lower, leaving my balls behind as he took his hands and put them on my legs, going to raise my legs in the air, exposing my butt. I resisted for a moment and thought 'I'm a total top--I don't do things with my ass. Hell, no one's even licked my ass before and I, well, I should stop him. I mean, I'm a total top'. And then I looked down between my legs at the man who was a total top (except when he was giving up his hole to me to breed and seed), and I saw Tom's thick cock, a cock I've watched fuck and breed Jerry many times - well, almost involuntarily I lifted my legs, allowing Tom to place them on his shoulders. Tom flashed a devilish, hungry grin as he looked me in the eyes then looked back at my butt. He leaned forward, his tongue already escaping his lips. Well, it was clear this was going to be a new experience. Stay tuned for Part II
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    The following is based on true events, however some changes have been made to heighten the story. I cannot disclose what is truth and what is fiction. It was a Sunday morning and I was on BBRT chatting to various guys, when a guy I know in Newcastle asked what I was up to. We switched to MSN to save messages, and he told me how he had arranged one of his group parties for that evening. I had often heard the exploits of his parties in which all tops are generally poz, and all the bottoms are generally neg except where he has to make up numbers. This Sunday he'd arranged for a group of neg bottoms to come for an all bareback group session, but two of the bottoms had dropped out meaning there would be nine tops and two bottoms. Given the disparity in numbers, he thought I might want to attend to help make up the numbers, especially given I'm neg, the tops would be pleased. I couldn't really afford to travel so he offered to pay, and I agreed as long as he could get me to the train station for the first train back so that I could get to work. I asked about the other bottoms, and they were both safe sex bottoms, and there was a potential third (who ended up coming). The organiser had met these guys and had condom-only sex with them a number of times, and floated the idea of group sex, to which they agreed. His usual approach was to ask them about group sex, and if they liked the idea would tell them about the bareback group sessions he hosts, but he made it clear he would only extend an invitation to the guys if it was certain they were neg 'cause the tops were very particular about the bottoms, which included the provision the bottoms were not allowed to inquire as to the status of the tops, which meant that he never had to lie. When the evening arrived, I was one of four bottoms. I was also the only bottom who knew the status of the tops. While people were arriving we sat round drinking plenty of vodka and various shooters. After a while the tops started to make their moves and began to strip the bottoms. There were nine tops all aged between 30 and 50, and four bottoms, (three of whom were in the range of 18 to 20, and at 26, I was the oldest bottom). As the night progressed and all the bottoms had taken four or so cocks, the first bottom gave up and left the session, having decided his ass was too sore to continue. I looked disapprovingly as he left as he hadn't fulfilled his responsibility to serve the needs of the tops over his personal preferences.* The rest of us continued playing, and I'm fairly sure up to this point there had been no discussion about status, but when one of the tops noticed blood mixed into the cum leaking from one of the bottom's hole, he slid into the bottom announcing "We have a bleeder, boys!" He pounded the bottom's hole quite roughly, and just before he climaxed, he specifically asked the bottom "You want my load?" "God, yes," the bottom gasped. With that permission, the top spurted deep in the bottom's arse, exclaiming as he did, "Yeah! Take my load boy, take my toxic load. I'm gonna work this deep into your guts so you never forget it!" The bottom pushed him off and got very upset, and saying "I'm neg and want to stay that way. You guys lied to me!" At that point our host intervened, answering "No one lied to you, and not only didn't you ask about the HIV status of the tops, perhaps you should have considered the risks of bareback sex before you accepted the invitation to this session." The other bottom looked shocked, but then when asked if he wanted to continue, he asked who was poz, and when he realized he had taken four poz loads, he remarked "Well, a few more aren't going to make that much difference." In the time at his disposal he managed to take another two loads before he had to make his departure, which left me as the only available bottom. By this point I was the only bottom left, and all the tops were still up to relieving themselves of at least one more load. As a subservient bottom I felt obliged to continue and managed to accommodate each man one more time, one-by-one. When they had all gone my friend asked if I was could manage to give him one more go around. Notwithstanding I was exhausted and my arse had seen better days, I decided the least I could do for the host was to offer up my hole for him one more time. Across the night, I took fifteen or sixteen anal loads, and several more oral loads. By the time I left my arse was quite sore, and blood and cum were leaking from my hole and oozing my leg. By the way, it's been a week. My arse is still a bit sore, but I am certainly glad I accepted the invitation to attend the session.
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    ... maybe something to take home for later?
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    How lucky am I to have three guys I've knocked up, all come back to fuck my aidz back into me.
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    I finally made my way to Atlanta Cumunion again this week. I loved it the first time, but have reg fuckbuds and was trying to avoid what seems like a guaranteed sti at cumunion (didn't catch anything the first time). But I loved the sleazy and anon atmosphere, and my main purpose this time was to finally breed MuscledHorse on here who I started talking to since he joined. I wanted that muscle hole and I wanted it sloppy, so this was my chance! I got there at 8:30, and it was pretty different than my first time there. Many fewer guys and many fewer that made my dick hard But I was there with one purpose in mind - although I did go with my hole cleaned and ready for whatever happened until I was ready to unload. As soon as I wandered around I pretty quickly found my "target" at the edge of the darkroom with guys waiting their turn to fuck that fine muscle slut. I took my turn in that perfect ass, and his hole had a nice grip and friction. I could have cum, but I was only there 5 mins and wanted to have more fun first. I wandered around for a while more, kind of amazed at the difference from the last time I was there, then I stumbled on the exact same muscled black guy that fucked and bred me on my first trip to Cumunion. I shot a nozzle full of lube up my ass before I left home - just in case - and I was glad I did since no one had messed with my hole yet and neither of us had lube on us. We swapped head, made out and rimmed each other, and before long he was pushing against my hole again. Nice rigid fat BBC with no lube besides what I had squirted in before I left home. But soon he was fucking me and I was hard as a rock. Was hoping we'd flip, but pretty quickly he was ready to cum. For some reason he pulled out this time and shot all over my legs and cock (bred me deep last time), but it was good. PLay around with a few more guys, had some small latin guy wrecking my hole with multiple fingers in the dark area. Thought for sure he'd fuck me after but never did. Fucked one muscled Daddy type but careful not to cum. After about 90 mins, this crazy hot bubble butt jock/frat type with a jock on and backwards cap arrived, and he messed around with me and I had a couple fingers up his unused ass (so far)....cock was totally hard in the jock, but fairly obvious he was there to bottom. He had just arrived and had guys all over him though. I pulled myself away, hoping he's a local, and walked around to find MuscledHorse again and found him bent over on the fuck bench where I already saw him a few times. Guys all around watching him get fucked by someone. As soon as that guy stepped away, no one immediately took his place. He'd been getting fucked for at least 90 mins by that point, so I decided this was it - I pulled up behind that slut - never turned around to see who anyone was fucking him - and his fuckhole was so loose I barely even realized I was inside (like fucking a tunnel). I'm so visual, and this guy was such a hot muscle stud I knew I'd get off fast. He was egging me on to breed him without any clue who it was, and I only lasted a minute or two till I blasted my load up his slimy ass and added to whatever he had already. I walked around to the front of him and said thanks, and told him who I was from here. Some other heavy guy had taken my place, but when he finished, MuscledHorse got off the bench and we talked a few minutes (true gentleman ). I reached around his ass and loads were literally running down his big legs. That stud is 100% accurate with his pics and self description - true cumwhore happy to help guys get off and clearly loves being mounted and taking cock and seed.......wish there was a way to give "references" on bbrt. I'm guessing he will post here about his accomplishments - I'm already looking forward to the next time but hopefully get my shot at that young jock ass I gave up on in the meantime lol - wish i were a multi-cummer, or at least stay hard after I cum!! Thanks MuscledHorse - true mating stud!!
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    Chatted with a guy from Craigslist last night and agreed to meet him in his hotel room after I got off work. He was just in town overnight and was looking for some head and maybe fuck. I arrived at hotel and emailed him I was there. He gave room number and told me room would be in bed, room would be dark and I was to come in, strip and start sucking his dick. Room was dark, no tv on, just the radio. Could not see anything of him or what he looked like. His uncut dick fit good in my mouth. Sucked him till he was close and I could really taste his precum. He told me to stop and turn around on the bed and face the wall on all 4s. He fingered my hole with spit, shove his dick in and proceeded to pound me deep. He didn't last long, he grunted and went balls deep and pumped a load in my ass. He pulled out and went to bathroom, I dressed as my hole was dripping cum and left. Totally anonymous plus strangers cum in me equals one hot fuck.
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    Seems like the older guys sort of like going thru the motions of being tricked. I don't know if they are acting-out or just give into the idea when they get hot. But always surprised at how easy it is to do a younger dude. Here's one for you. I was doing a neighbor kid this summer....18/19 or some such. I looked forward to it for several years and sort of strange how I always knew I'd get him some day but never felt in any hurry - he's sort of young for his age. But he was out of town this summer and planning on college in the fall so it was time. Think he had just a little experience - wasn't as nervous about it as if it was his first ever time, but definitely needed some lessons. Anyway, lots of sessions starting in June and it was fun plus nice having some nearby. We "forgot" ourselves a few times and barebacked, and pulled the old trick many more. So he leaves for school in late August but keeps in touch by email and I get to hear a little about his love life....not slutting around a lot but getting some at Ohio State....he talked about most as regular school buds but there was one guy I didn't get details on and sort of think that was "love" and was an older guy. The tone of his e-mails sort of changed in late November, he had something to tell me when he was home for Christmas, etc. Had me guessing that he had his test results and was wondering if he figured-out it was me or really thought he had converted that fast from his contacts at school. That was it - and you wouldn't believe what a perverse thrill it was to listen to him pouring out his story - feeling all pumped inside but having to act serious and sorry. I gave him all kinds of good advice, etc. He was pathetically grateful when I still wanted to bed him after knowing that he's poz!!!!!! BUT THE GREATEST THING: To keep my cover, course we'd be safe. He'd never topped me during the summer but got into it a little at school so he did me a couple times. Then the day after Christmas we had a nice long session. I did him first, then he was doing me. If course I made a big production of slipping the rubber off him...telling him how much I like him, that I wanted his sperm in me - poz or not whatever would be would be. At first it sort of freaked him, but he was horned pretty good by then and went for it. Tentative at first, but he got into it fast. I was looking forward to the thought of taking back my bugs that I had seeded over the summer - thought that was going to be a real turn-on.....but what was so over-the-top. As he was working me, I could see this transformation in him: like he had never considered breeding a guy on purpose – that he was totally into being safe with his newly toxic loads. But while it's going down I could just see the ideas forming in his head - how he was getting into the idea of pozzing me - and liking it! By the time he got to the squirt strokes, I knew he had moved onto a new stage. When he shot he was past making love to his old bud - he was definitely into gifting. No words to express the pride I felt! Anyway....he'll be driving back to college this week but we're spending tonight playing together. When he left for school the first time, it was sort of hard to say goodbye. This time will be a lot more gratifying for me knowing that he's going back looking to share my gift with his buds - what a feeling!
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    On Tuesday I met up with a very dom top I'd been talking to for a week online, after years of anal chastity following some surgery. When I showed up at his place I was taken aback at first - the apartment was almost empty, with no furniture except a stripped twin-sized mattress on a box-spring and some shelves in the kitchen. The linoleum floors were filthy and gritty with tracked-in dirt, which got ground into my sweats when he shoved me to my knees. We both dropped an E as I started worshiping his cock; I'd barely got it wet before he spun me around and speared my unlubed hole. I melted into the bed as the roll began, staring at cum-stains on the wall while he pounded into my ass and throat, telling me how next time he was going to pimp my ass out to earn some cash. After three or four hours and at least two loads, he was ready to call it quits, but I needed more. I took the subway into Manhattan, hoping nobody would notice my dilated pupils or the cum leaking into my sweats. My next stop was the Blue Store, an infamous ABS with gloryholes in Chelsea. The cumdump gods must have been smiling on me, because the place was hopping. I grabbed an open booth and stripped totally naked, with a thick white cock waiting for me before I had a chance to put my clothes away. He fucked my mouth and came down my throat in only a few minutes, but was immediately replaced by a dark, lanky kid with a ripe but beautiful uncut dick. In a thick borough accent, he asked if I wanted his load up my ass, and I answered by taking it to the hilt. He tried to hustle me for $20 after he bred me, and when I said "no" he immediately dropped his request to $5. I paid up so he would leave the booth and make room for the next cock, although paying so little to get fucked was kind of a turn-on. I was alone for a minute or two after the hustler left, until a handsome, bearded guy came into the next stall and motioned for my cock. He gave great head, but that's not what I was there for. As soon as he let go of my dick I pulled it back and dropped to my knees, pressing my open mouth against the cum-stained partition. He gasped when I throated his cock to the root, and started fucking my face through the partition. Just as I was worried my throat might be getting fucked too raw, he told me to give him my ass if I wanted to get bred. I was already slack and leaking cum, and his cock slid in without any effort or lube. As he fucked me to orgasm, I noticed wet spots of cum on the floor, loads that had dripped from my hole while I was busy slobbering on anonymous dick. It was so depraved and filthy I had to do it - I started scooping up my dropped loads and sucking them from my fingers, while still getting pounded through the wall. The strokes into my ass got longer and slower, until my fucker buried his cock to the hilt and flooded my ass with more jizz. I expected a geyser of cum when he pulled out, but instead felt only a trickle running down my thigh. At that point it was late and my throat and hole were feeling pretty abused, so I headed back to Brooklyn, reeking of cum and temporarily satiated.
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    It happened! My new neighbor has a mutt n we started talking n found out we both are gay n pnped. That night we got high af, flip flopped n then he asked me, Have u ever tried sex w a dog? Id love to see Hector mount n breed u! I was high af, ass still hungry n i said God yes! Been wanting dog dick for a long time! Me n mike got into a 69 while Hector came up behind me, mounted me n shoved in my cum lubbed fuck hole. God it hurt at first but it gave into pure pleasure. Yeah, u love that dog dick knotting up in u faggot? I thunk me n Hector are going love sharing that cunt of urs. Omg yes! God i wish i could see it fucking me! Mike said look, showed me his phone he was videoing that big pink dick pounding me! This set me off, i was moaning n begging for more watching my own ass being impaled by dog dick n i attacked mikes dick n sucked it hard n he shot his load down my throat as he called me a dirty cumdump.
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    feeling especially horny today....really wanna bury my raw, hard up dick in some good, tight hole
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    fucking a hot buddy
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    Welcome back. So, you already know the satisfaction of indulging some of your deep, dark sexual needs. You belong in the Brotherhood, and we want you to join us. Take the next steps. Your sexual satisfaction will be on the rise, and your true self will emerge even more. Lay back., get your legs in the air, and spread those ass cheeks for your next poz lover. Let him penetrate you with his power tool. Let his power strokes become your sexual heartbeat. Let him discharge in your wannabe AIDSHole, and thank him for the Gift.

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