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    My marriage had just ended. I also "discovered" gay porn and the fact that guys seemed to be open to doing darn near anything with another guy. I watched and learned about tops and bottoms and vers guys. I also realized that every now and then the guys would be fucking bareback. It gave me a little jolt and thrill. Naive? Yes. But, it turned my crank to think these guys were totally ignoring this 'safe sex' stuff I kept reading about. I hit that local spa a few times after work to see what went on in 'real life' and not the movies. Sure enough, it became obvious there were a lot of guys happy to take my raw cock down their throats or up their ass. And they enjoyed sucking cock and swallowing. And they insisted I shoot in their hole and not pull out. And it really turned my crank. Me? When I did bottom, I always asked for my top to wear a rubber. I was OK with topping raw but hesitant about bottoming. I was still experimenting and learning. Some would say I was selfish. It doesn't matter... double standard? Doesn't matter. I was reading and processing things. That's what I do. My male ex-partner and I met online and we dated for about a year before I moved in and we became a couple. The sex was undeniably hot. Lots of oral and rimming and fucking. When we did fuck, I topped him more often than he topped me. He always took it raw and talked dirty the whole time - egging me on to shoot in his hole, breed him.... and I did. I was still on the fence on the condom thing though. The few times he did fuck me, he dutifully suited up to stroke my hole. He would fuck me until I blew my load either hands free (he had a nice big cock) or by he/I stroking me off at the same time. If I took too long to cum, he would often go soft in the rubber and we would finish off another way. He never came in the rubber either. I would always finish him off by sucking him and stroking and taking his load on my face or mouth - he loved that. I told him I appreciated him not pushing me to fuck raw just yet and he said it was my decision. He'd wait. But we both knew he wasn't fond of the rubber. We talked about going monogamous and decided we would start off by getting tested. He tested Poz. I tested Neg. Hmm. Now what? We decided to stay together and figure it out. I went to all of his appointments for 2 years. And read a lot. Detection was early. They got his numbers under control quickly. I'm an IT guy by profession and I read a lot and do a lot of math and look at a lot of numbers. And I paid attention at all the immunology clinics. So, I made my decision and waited for the right time. We had a pool and hot tub and a 2100 sq. ft deck in the forest in a very private backyard. It allowed us to walk around, tan and swim naked. One particularly warm evening we were playing around a little out on the lounge chairs by the pool. At one point, he was laying back in a lounger and I was straddling his legs and sucking his cock and sensitive balls. I had him hard as a rock. I looked up and he was enjoying himself with his arms tucked behind his head, his eyes closed and a smile on his face. I had lubed my ass up in the pool house a few minutes before I came over to straddle him and suck his cock on his chair. I had lubed and fingered and opened and stretched a little bit in anticipation of what was to come (so to speak). I flicked the head of his cock with my tongue and sucked gently on just the head. I smiled to myself as I listened to him groan. I slowly worked that rock hard dick into my throat. Squeezing it a little as it slipped deeper. He was trying to push his cock deeper into my throat, so I let him give me a couple of cock thrusts deep into my gullet. I purposely coughed up some throat juice and spit to make sure his cock was completely covered in slime. Then, I slipped forward quickly from straddling his knees up closer towards his cock. I knew I had one chance to get this right the first time. It helped that his cock was wet and juicy and sticking straight out. I grabbed his cock at the base, held it firm and sat right down on it. My juicy hole easily opened up to his raw cock and I made sure to keep enough pressure on to just slide right down until the opening of my hole was at the base of his thick roundness. It took him about 2 seconds for realization to kick in. His eyes shot open and his arms flew out from behind his head, as if to push me away. I had expected that he would realize I was riding his cock raw and panic a little bit. So I quickly grabbed both his arms and pushed them to either side of his head and held them there. Then I leaned in for a wet slow kiss. I tongued him and nipped gently on his lips. I asked him if he was enjoying my hot juicy hole with his bare cock? He just kept groaning and thrusting gently upwards into my guts. All the while, I was slowly grinding my hole up and down his thick cock like I typically do. But this time? It 'felt' different. There was a different type of friction. I could feel the warmth of his cock without the rubber. I could feel the natural flare of his big cock head rubbing against my prostate every other stroke. As I pulled off for some air, he looked at me and asked if I was sure? I explained I was sure and that I had already shown him the answer by riding his raw dick. I was really squeezing his cock with my ass muscles and each time I gripped his dick, he moaned and thrust upward again. I told him to warn me when he came.... I wanted to know exactly what it was going to 'feel like' when he blew. A few minutes later, I saw his eyes go a little wild and he nodded.... and I slowed down my riding. We looked one another in the eye and held our gaze. He started one long groan and I stopped moving. I could feel his cock swell as he blew a massive first raw load of cum into me. I could feel the wetness and warmth start to ooze down around his dick and start leaking from my hole. He had a few days of cum already stored, and apparently this experience generated that extra-hard-cum that we all know about - from being turned on in a big way! I had been slowly stroking my cock between our hairy chests while I rode him to orgasm and the feeling of his first blast of hot cum breeding my 'virgin' hole made my cock spasm and my first shot of cum hit him right in the face. Second and third reached his throat, then his chest. The last shot pooled on his belly button as I sat right back down to the root of his cock while we made out. Eventually, he slipped out of my drenched hole. Any bottom here knows that feeling of a cummy cock slipping out of your freshly bred hole. It was the first of many times I would enjoy that feeling. I eased myself up just a little by straightening my legs on either side of the lounger and could hear and feel the cum dripping out of my hole. I looked him in the eye as I leaned forward and licked my cum from his chin, chest and belly. Then, I moved further down to slurp up all our joint juices from his cock and balls. I could feel his cock twitch a little and start to harden as I licked. He kept telling me how hot it was to let go inside of my hole and he had been waiting for a long time to do it. He said he wanted more. He gently grabbed my hips and made me turn around over the chair and pulled my puffy, cum dripping hole right down onto his face. I went rock hard again as soon as I felt his tongue push up into my open hole. He moaned and groaned to stimulate my asshole as he probed and sucked his cum from that dripping mess. By the time he was finished cleaning my hole, I looked down at his cock. It was rock hard again and the purple head was jutting upwards with just a little leftover cum oozing from the tip. I looked over my shoulder at him and winked, then got on all fours on the end of the lounger. He had that big hard cock shoved in balls deep in mere seconds. This time we really enjoyed a hot fuck that started out slow and worked up to him pounding my hole like there was no tomorrow. When he finished seeding me, he went down and once again ate my hole clean. First time he had ever felched me and I wanted more of that!! This was going to be great!!! I stood up long enough to take a drink of water and saw him turn around and get on all fours, ass up - just the way I like to fuck him. "Your turn. Breed me now".
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    After he arrived, Logan called and told me that Teddy had bit *HARD*; he'd started out with one of the hookup sites that allowed searching by location, figuring that was more plausible than saying Teddy's profile had "just happened" to pop up on one of the phone apps. The photos of his furry muscular body and the big suggestive bulge in the crotch of a pair of snug jeans and a speedo got him an enthusiastic response when he told Teddy he'd be visiting the area soon. Their chat had quickly gone to sex and after Logan provided a photo of his big dripping hardon, Teddy provided his hookup app accounts to make sure it was easy for them to connect. Logan had gotten himself a prime AirBnB setup - and when I came over he'd already set up his hidden cameras in the bedroom, because he planned to record every fuck and load he planted while he was there - "Especially the stealth caps I'm gonna pop in that furry slut's neg ass!" he said. "Forget him for the moment - I don't want this hot musk of yours to go to waste, and you promised me some of that PrEP-busting bug too!" I shoved one arm up and was thankful Logan always wore sleeveless muscle shirts as I ground my beard into his ripe, dripping pit fur. Logan had made the trip on his Harley and clearly hadn't showered for some time before that - much to my pleasure. "Fuck yeah, buddy - gonna cover you with my stink and recharge your poz ass with my strain! I love the idea of having you out there knocking up smug PrEP pigs with my resistant bugs!" I pulled back from his armpit and as I moved over to the other side, he stripped off the muscle shirt and started on his pants; after he dropped those, he maneuvered me so his free hand could dive down the back of my pants and start fingering my hole, which was pre-lubed and ready. I opened my pants, dropped 'em and kicked them to the side, then worked my way down through his sweaty chest fur to the main prize: his thick, hard, dripping, rank, uncut cum-cannon. I skinned it back and while he wasn't actually cheesy he was right on the edge, so I did a first pass with my beard to add that scent to his pit funk, then went to work spit-polishing his shaft from pisshole to root. I was all the way down on his meat, swabbing his balls with my now-raunchy beard when he said "I gotta breed! I've been thinking about that furry fuckhole of yours all day and I need to get this load of poison in you before I waste it!" I simply dropped to all fours and braced myself; uncharacteristically for him, he didn't even give my hole a pro-forma tongue swipe (normally, Logan religiously followed the maxim of "eat it before you fuck it") and slid his dripping cock into my hungry hole. Not a brutal ramming - but an irresistable steady push, until his bushy pubes were grinding against my hairy ass. "You want this, Max?" "Fuck yeah! I want your fucking killer cum blasted balls deep in my hole! I want that PrEP-busting bug so I can go to pig parties and leave men who think they're safe with a gift they'll never forget! I want a hot strain that both gift-givers and bugchasers will beg me to share with them! RECHARGE ME, FUCKER!" His furry bulk slammed down onto my back, knocking me down onto my chest and belly; he grabbed my shoulders and gave me a few more deep strokes, then rammed in as far as he could, howled and I felt his hot, thick jizz loaded with his vicious virus start spurting into me. He ground his hips against me as spurt after spurt of his infectious seed filled my hole. "FuuuUUUCK! I've been holding that back way too long!" he said. "Get up - let's get to the bed 'cause I have more bugs to blast up your hole, but I wanna see your face while I'm churning that first dirty load and gettin' ready to add to it!" He slowly pulled back, letting me feel his broad cockhead sliding out; next thing I knew I was on my back in bed, one of his ripe armpits covering my face while he plowed back into my ass. I turned my head to one side and said "Fucking DAMN you smell good, buddy! Better than I remember!" "Don't think I'd ever been in my raunchy leather jacket for days before you got to me... not to mention a lot of those days roasting in the sun riding here!" "Pity to waste it because of that little prick..." "Hey, I raunch up fast ...and I'll have my stinkin' pit shirt and the jacket to help once I'm done with him. Sorry that first load was so fast, but I haven't shot in almost three days." "I figured - besides, I know you can shoot over and over again - that's one of the reasons you're so popular at sex parties." "Just wonder how many I'm gonna be able to get into that dude ... I'm hoping I'm still one and done, but under the circumstances I'll breed him as many times as I can just to make sure." "I look forward to seeing him still walking funny days later!" Logan grinned. "One of my specialties!" and with that, he covered my face with his other armpit and picked up the pace until he blasted his second dose of anti-PrEP into my hungry hole. Over the next couple of days Logan bred me frequently - as he wasn't sure if a guy already poz would be easier or more difficult to convert to his strain. I explained that I had an acquaintance who studied the bug and liked getting samples from promiscuous barebackers to trace the variations. I suggested that after his attempt to knock up Teddy that we get a sample from him so I'd be able to tell if my strain changed to match his. "Great idea! More certain than just breeding every dude on PrEP you can and wondering - if any of 'em convert - if it was really you." "Well - breeding lots of guys sure sounds good to me, especially if your strain takes." Then the (for me) sad day arrived when Logan stopped breeding me; he'd decided he needed to not cum for a day to ensure a performance with Teddy that would pass as "horny biker who hasn't cum for days". I thought he was being a little overcautious - but on the other hand, I could see wanting to ensure he had a full-potency depth charge ready to plow into the target. I mentioned Logan's AirBnB setup - he was right near the local "bear bar" so it would make perfect sense to go there after meeting up with Teddy, and thus get the breeding on video... and of course anyone else he picked up to fuck after he was done with Teddy. It was surprising to me how much the weekend seemed to drag - no word from Logan, and I didn't see him out at the bear or the leather bar - I hoped that was a good sign. Finally, late Monday morning I got a text from him - "Lucky #13! Chat me up on Signal!" I pulled up the encrypted chat app and said "You got THIRTEEN loads in him?! How many on video?" "Finally got rid of him because he had to go to work - in rumpled clothes cause he never went back to his place. Yup, 13 - and 11 of 'em on video. He took me to some other bar a ways off Saturday night that had this sort of screened off area on their patio - lots of guys back there having sex and apparently he wanted people to see him getting bred by me. Then yesterday I took him for a ride on my Harley - surprisingly, he's not a bad passenger - and I decided to breed him in a dirty men's room after we stopped for gas; he wasn't too thrilled about that, but I love that shit. Rode him hard with barely any lube but my last load in his hole and I could feel him squirming every time I hit a bump on the way back." "Any problems with your B.O.?" "Fuck no! I'd already decided to let my musk come back on its own accord and just see what happened - don't know if I converted him in that way too or if he was just being prissy in his profiles but by the end he was sounding almost like you talking about how much he loved my 'hairy biker stink'... so I'm already back to being nearly as ripe as when I arrived. Got him raving about my stink in a couple of the last videos, not to mention me in the first one reminding him I'm poz and does he really want to take me raw, with him stating he's not worried because he's on PrEP... so if he gets pissy about it if I did knock him up, I've got proof he was MORE than willing. I already had that from the saved chat log, but better to have him on video." "Awesome! What now?" "I'm gonna take a day to recover, and we'll see; he's actually a pretty good fuck, but he can't suck a dick as thick as mine worth a shit and my cock is sore from his damn teeth. I kept trying to tell him I just wanted his fuckhole but he kept trying to suck me anyway. I'm going to spend some of that time putting together a "best of" video for ya; I normally don't share my fuck vids, but in this case you might need to have the proof he was willing on hand." "I understand you being cautious but I don't think it'll be necessary; remember, he's turned into a real PrEP slut and I doubt he'll be able to pick you out of the crowd as the one who knocked him up." "I like to be sure about this kind of thing, but you know him better than I do. Besides, even if you don't need it to defend my 'honor' - I owe you for setting this up, and I know you'll enjoy watching me bangin' my bugs up his ass!" "Damn right! I look forward to seeing it!" "I'll ping ya here when it's ready. I'm gonna go grab a late breakfast then get to it. Later, man!"
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    PART 12 The next day I was just wrecked. Besides my hole being super sore from all the cock I had taken at the bookstore, even my legs were sore from holding myself up so long. That didn’t stop me from jacking off thinking about what had happened in that 90 minutes or so I was in those booth. All of the guys had been hot older guys with big cocks and every one wanted it raw. I had done my best to keep all the cum inside me. It seemed important to have it soak in. And then there was the last guy, Ted. He had been the hottest. And he seemed to really like fucking me too. He had even given me his number. By the second day, I was feeling a lot better and by late afternoon I had looked at that phone number Ted had given me enough to have it memorized. I was so nervous but I kept repeating how amazing his cock was and how his cum shot so hard I felt it. His cum. His hiv positive cum that had been shot into once already after three other guys had wrecked my hole. But he was so sexy. And confident, as if he knew I wouldn’t be able to resist him and his giant poz cock. Isn’t that the world he used? Poz. I knew it was dangerous. I knew I shouldn’t have anything to do with him. But by 430 I was calling him. He answered on the third ring. “Uh hi, this is Chris. I met you at the, um, at the bookstore like two days ago.” I said, as nervous and awkward as could be. His tone changed from the gruff hello he had answered with. Now in a smoother gentler sexier voice he spoke back, “ I knew I would here from you. My new little 18 year old bareback bottom. You want to come over now don’t you Chris?” I was rock hard, even though I was also embarrassed to be called out like that. Still, I answered, “yes, really badly.” I could almost sense his grin thru the phone line. “Why do you want to come over Chris? What do you want? What do you want me to do to you?”, he said in that low voice. He was gonna make me say it. “I... I want you to fuck me again. Like the other day.” I whispered. “You want me to cum in your hole again dont you Chris? That’s what you are really hungry for isn’t it?” He had me. He knew it and i knew it. I was only 18 and totally new to man sex. Ted had been around enough to spot young guys discovering that they are meant to be cum sluts. He knew before I did what it was I needed and how bad i wanted it. And he wanted to feed my addiction. “I think you need to get here quick Chris. I have a nice big poz load for that boy hole.” He gave me the addresss and I was cleaning up and in my car within 20 minutes. All I could think about was how hot Ted was. That thin body offset by that huge cock and those giant low hanging balls. The fact that he had HIV was totally in my mind, but the overwhelming feeling was it was worth any risk. I just had to have it. I had to offer up my asshole to get fucked raw. And he was so tall and so skinny. It made his dick look even hotter. And he really wanted to cum in me. Thst just made it hotter, pleasing him by totally giving him my hole. My Dick was hard the whole ride over. As I tried to adjust myself as I walked to his apartment door, I thought one more time. I was about to go in to a strAngers house to have unprotected anal sex with a an older man that I know has hiv. It’s in his cum. And his cum had literally shot so hard I had felt it, a huge hot load of man sperm. And my thoughts weren’t fear or worry. My only thought was I hope I feel it when he shoots his cum into me. A I knocked, I was aware how the nerves had changed from fear to just excitement. I couldn’t wait to see Ted and be his bottom. To take his cum. Beg for it even, if he asks me too. And when he answered, the shiver of anticipation that ran thru me felt so hot. I couldn’t wait. And now here he was opening the door for me, guiding me in. And i couldn’t wait to go.
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    Chapter 5: Jake's descent Over the summer, Alex and I continued to text sporadically. He was helping me come out of my shell. On his pushing, I'd twice ended up in the darkroom at XXL letting guys fuck me raw. At some point, I don't quite remember when, he got me to admit that I enjoyed bugchaser porn and reading posts on Breeding Zone. He thought it was super hot, and encouraged me. He also told me that he was poz, had been for about five years, but was on meds and undetectable. In mid-September he messaged me out of the blue, "Do you remember that Irish cub I made friends with at the start of the summer?"... Of course I do, "Yeah, I think so" I said, feigning ignorance. "I had a great time with him last weekend!". I really should shut this down. I shouldn't let it continue. I shouldn't break Jake's privacy. I shouldn't reply. But my dick thought better, "Oh yeah?" I typed. "Yeah, I think you'll like it <devil face>". What followed was probably the hottest conversation I've ever read, I won't transcribe it, instead this is what transpired the weekend before. Alex met Jake at the bear bar, after a few drinks they went back to Alex's place. By this point, they'd started fucking raw. I didn't check about whether he'd disclosed his status to Jake, but from reading between the lines I don't think he had. So they fucked that night. On Saturday morning, Alex asked Jake if he had any plans for the weekend, he didn't and so Alex suggested that maybe they try out Jake's fantasy to have an anon fuck session. Jake took some persuading but agreed. Jake went home to do some chores, but was back at Alex's by the mid-afternoon. Alex told him to strip as soon as he walked in the door, and handed him a jockstrap to put on. They play around a bit and then there's a knock at the door. Alex gets Jake on all fours and puts a blindfold on him. Five guys that Alex knows are at the door and Alex greets them all, although one of them stays silent so Jake can only ever make out four voices. Not that he knows what they're saying as they're all talking in German. Over the next couple of hours these guys use Jake's ass and mouth. And each fuck at least one load up his ass. Eventually the other guys leave, Alex pulls off Jake's blindfold and tells him he's done well for his first anon group. He starts fingering Jake's hole, playing with all the cum that's in there. Then he asks if Jake's up for more there's a friend of his that couldn't make it over earlier. Jake's a bit timid but with persuasion agrees. About 15 minutes later there's another knock at the door, Alex puts the blindfold on him and lets this other friend in. They get Jake back into position on his knees so one can fuck Jake's ass while he suck the other's cock. Alex and his new friend swap back and forth for a bit. And then at some point while Alex is fucking Jake he stops and asks him "Do you want me to take the blindfold off". His mouth being full of the other guy's cock he can't really say anything but he shrugs, which Alex interprets as a 'yes'. Alex gets behind Jake and holds his head, "stay still" he tells Jake, the guy fucking his throat moves in a bit deeper. Alex says "keep your eyes closed" while he starts to remove the blindfold, the guy fucking Jake's throat moves him deeper so that Jake's nose is buried in his pubes. Alex keeps holding Jake's head tightly in place, and tells him "open them". Jake slowly opens his eyes, while the guy fucking his throat starts to withdraw, allowing Jake to slowly see the giant biohazard tattoo between the guy's cock and belly button. The guy starts fucking back and forth in Jake's mouth, while Alex holds his head tightly. At first Jake is really tense, but eventually the throat fucking wins out and Jake starts moving with the rhythm of it. Alex moves round to the side and starts wanking in front of Jake's face. Jake notices that Alex is getting ready to cum and goes to switch dicks, but Alex says "no" and keeps Jake sucking the other guy's cock. Alex then blows his load, a big, thick load, all over the guy's tattoo. He looks at Jake and says "lick it up", Jake looks a bit puzzled, but Alex just barks back "lick up and eat my cum". And so Jake slowly pulls off the guy's dick, moves his tongue towards the guy's belly and starts to lick up Alex's cum. When Jake thinks he's done he starts to pull away, but Alex says "do a thorough job, repeat it, make sure you haven't missed anything". So he does, and Alex keeps him licking the tattoo for about five minutes. Then when Alex decides that Jake's done, he tells him to start sucking the guy again, while Alex starts to play with Jake's ass. He works a few fingers in, playing with Jake's cummy hole. Then he fucks him a bit. After a while, he pulls out and flips Jake onto his back, and starts fucking him again while his mate watches. Alex beckons his friend to come behind him. As Jake clocks what's about to happen his eyes get bigger, an element of fear finally runs across his face. "Let him fuck you" Alex commands, "he already has, not only when you were blindfolded just now, but also earlier today. He was here too, he just didn't say anything back then. He came in you twice already today. So let him fuck you again". While Alex was saying this, the other guy slid into Jake's cummy ass. After about 10 minutes or so, when Jake's finally into it, Alex takes Jake's hand that's been playing with the guy's nipples and chest fuzz and guides it down to Jake's ass. On the way down, Alex stops at the tattoo and makes Jake rub it for a bit. Then down to Jake's ass, making him feel the guy's cock slide in and out of him, in and out, in... and... out. Then Alex says very calmly, "Yes cub, feel that raw poz dick sliding in and out of your sleazy ass", and with that Jake's dick, which until now hadn't really been that hard, springs up instantly. Alex grabs Jake's dick and starts wanking it, "Yes cub, it feels good doesn't it"... Jake quietly murmurs in approval as Alex's works Jake's hardening dick... "feels good to have raw poz dick inside you, doesn't it"... Jake murmurs again... "what was that cub, you like raw poz dick inside you?"... Jake murmurs yet again... "I didn't hear you"... "yes" Jake says fairly quietly... "What do you like inside you?" Alex asks... "raw dick" Jake says... "what sort of raw cock?"... I take a while... "what sort of raw cock is inside you?"... "poz cock" Jake whispers softly, Alex looks at him, silently telling Jake with his look that he wants Jake to say it louder, and eventually after more coaxing he does... "Cub, your dick just pulsed when you said that in your proper voice, not whispering. You must really like it". With that Alex continues to wank Jake's cock but starts to move it so that the tip touches the guy's tattoo. "Yes cub, you really do like this raw poz dick inside you... now wank yourself" he says, and he moves one of Jake's hands to his own cock, and the other to the tattoo making Jake alternate between tracing out the biohazard patterns and rubbing it. After another 20 or so minutes of this, the guy fucking Jake goes through the tell tale signs that he's about to cum. Alex says to Jake "he's about to cum, do you want that raw poz dick to cum inside you?"... Jake murmurs yes... "I didn't hear you"... "Yes, I want him to cum in me"... "You want his cum? What type of cum is it cub?"... "Poz cum"... "You wat poz cum inside you"... "Yes" ... "Tell me what you want" .. "Cum" Jake says, Alex starts to look at him, but Jake quickly follows up with "poz cum... I want poz cum inside me"... "Yes cub. Now tell him" Alex says, pointing to his mate, "do you know what to say to him?"... Jake nods, and then looks straight at the other guy's face and says "poz me" and with that the guy fucking him starts his final assault... "Yes cub", Alex says, "you want to join us, you want him to make you poz, don't you?"... "Yes" Jake says almost immediately and at the same time starts cumming, just moments before the guy fucking him starts to cum. After the climax of the story, Alex also sent me a photo. The face was cropped but I could see Jake's distinctive cheeky grin and gingery beard. The very distinctive bird tattoo he has on his right pec. And then his cum covered belly, his still hard dick. And, Alex hadn't been lying the guy fucking Jake had a seriously large biohazard tattoo between his cock (which was still in Jake) and belly button. I was already on the verge of cumming myself, but that photo took me over the edge.
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    Tom and Daniel are best friends since they were little. Both boys were nerdy and got bullied a lot at school. When they were 15 years old Tom’s neighbour Sam encourage the boys to start working out at his gym. In the three years that followed the two transformed from 2 nerdy boys into two athletic studs. Tom and Daniel were inseparable and not very interested in making new friends. In their final year a new student transferred to their school called Max. When Tom first saw him he was mesmerised by this drop-dead gorgeous 19 y/o blond skater dude. When Max spotted the two boys he came up to them and asked were they worked out. Daniel told him that they worked out at Sam’s gym. “I’d like to be more defined like you guys. Is it possible to join you?” Max asked. Both boys looked at each other and then nodded. “Meet us at 7 pm in front of the Starbucks at Martin Luther King street” Tom answered. That evening both boys went to pick-up Max. When they arrived Max was already waiting for them. They went to Sam’s gym and after 3 hours of hard training the 3 boys headed to the shower. Tom had a hard time not to stare to much at Max’s hot tanned body. When they got dressed Max asked if they would like to chill at his place. When Tom and Daniel both hesitated, Max said “Dudes, it’s friday you need to relax more and have some fun!”. “Okay! Let’s have fun” Daniel replied while looking at Tom. Tom smiled and said “Count me in!”. When they arrived at Max’s place both boys could believe their eyes. “Wow!” gasped Tom. Max explained that he inherited a lot of money when his dad passed away. “Who want’s to join me in the jacuzzi?! Our muscles could use some relaxing!” Max asked. Both boy’s nodded and followed Max to the rooftop. “You don’t mind that i get in naked?” Max laughed. “No! You don’t mind if we do the same?” Daniel replied. They stripped naked and stepped into the warm bubbling water. After 20 minutes Max stood up and said “Are you both gay?”. The boy’s were surprised by this question and started to stutter. “I saw how you both looked at me in the shower, so…” Max continued. “I don’t know… but to be honest when i look at you i get a strange feeling inside” answers Daniel. Tom can’t believe what he is hearing and says “That makes two of us!”. Daniel looks at Tom and then looks back at Max. “Don’t you want to know?!” Max asks both boys. “I can help you explore your feelings” he adds. “I’m still a virgin” Tom answers. “Who cares!” says Max. “Good time for us both to lose it!” adds Daniel. Max sits down between the boys and moves his hands towards their dicks. He starts rubbing their dicks but feels that both boys don’t know how to act. “I have something to get more relaxed… wanna try?” Max asks. Both boys nod. “Follow me” says Max. Both boys follow Max to the living room. Max throws a few towels on the couch and tells them to sit. He walks to the kitchen and comes back with three Gatorade bottles and a bag. “Need to stay hydrated” Max says with a smile. When the boys start drinking Max gets a pipe out of the bag and starts to fill it with some crystals. He heats the pipe, brings the pipe to his lips and takes some deep breaths, after 10 seconds he exhales a thick white smoke. He offers the pipe to Tom but he shakes no. “Come on! For once relax” says Max. Daniel takes the pipe from Max and imitates what Max did. Max encourage him to take some more hits. Daniel offers the pipe to Tom again. Tom does;t want to be left out and takes the pipe. After 5 deep hits he returns the pipe to Max. After taking some hits Max loads the pipe again and offers it back to the boys. Both take some deep hits again before returning the pipe. Max sees that the T start to take over; clouding their minds. Max gets a remote control and with a push of a button the TV starts playing gay porn and the sound system starts playing Trance music. Tom starts watching the porn and after several minutes he realises that one of the guys is Max. He gives Daniel a nudge and points to one of the guys. Daniel is surprised to see Max on the TV. “Yes! That’s me… i make amateur porn.” Max explains. Daniel starts to get horny and begin stroking his cock. Max kneels before Tom and puts Toms dick in his mouth. Tom moans and begins to get hard. After 10 minutes of sucking Max moves to Daniel. Tom sees the pipe and can’t control the Tina induced urge. He takes the pipes heats it and takes a few deep hits before giving it to Daniel. After a few hits Daniel moves over to Tom and puts his cock in his mouth and starts sucking. Tom is in ecstasy after 20 minutes Max tells them to switch. Tom starts sucking Daniel and Max moves to Tom. After a few minutes Max tells them that it’s time to clean out and tells them to follow him into the bathroom. He shows both boys how to clean out their asses with an enema. After they are done Max leads them back to the couch and hands them a loaded pipe. When the both boys are busy with smoking he pulls Daniel’s ass towards him and lifts his legs exposing his ass. He gets a big syringe (without a needle) filled with a mixture of lube and Tina and squirts it into Daniel’s ass. He moves over to Tom and does the same. Both boys begin to moan about a burning sensation in their asses. He can see that both boys have enormous hard-on’s, so he quickly gets two laces and start tie-ing off the dicks so the blood can run back. Tom’s dick is 9.5” long and Daniel’s dick is smaller (8.5”) but thicker. Max sees how the Tina is loosening up their asses because Tom tries to finger his own hole. Max moves over to Tom and positions his cock in front off their hole. He takes a few deep hits from the pipe making him horny as hell. Max’s dick begins to grow to the full 12” and begins oozing pre-cum. He lubes his dick and begins pushing in the dick. Tom screams as his ass tries to resist but finally gives in and slowly the full length get buried inside. He pulls out but leaves the head in before plunging his dick back in. He increases the pass and the screaming turns into moaning. He grabs Tom’s hands and puts them on his chest and orders him to pinch and twist his nipples. Tom complies and the harder he works Max’s nipples the harder Max fucks his ass. Then he let’s out a loud roar as he starts to fill up Tom’s ass. He pulls out his cum covered dick and moves over grabs Daniel and rams his cock deep inside. Daniel screams and tries to get away. Tom sees this and climbs on top of him pushing him down, looks him in his eyes and says “Give in to it!!! Open yourself up!!!”. Daniel looks into Tom’s deep blue eyes and begins to relax. While Max begins to ram his cock harder and faster Daniel begins to moan louder. Tom grabs Daniels purple dick and slide it in his ass. Tom grabs Daniels nipples and start working them like he did with Max. Max sees this and grabs from behind Tom’s nipples. With every twist of Tom’s nipples he tightens his sphincter and starts to milk Daniel’s cock. The pressure begins to build up until Tom’s cock explodes by shooting out thick streams of cum. His orgasm tightens his sphincter so hard that it sets off a chain reaction. Daniel sphincter starts to pulsate while shooting his load deep inside Tom. With an enormous roar Max begins to fill up his second hole. The boys collapse onto each other. After 15 mins Max gets up get another bag and orders both boys to lay on the ground with their dicks side by side pointing up. Max hands the boys some lube. After lube-ing their cocks Max positions himself on top of the two dicks. He then grabs a strap, ties of his arm and slides a syringe inside a vein. He draws some blood before emptying the syringe. “This is going to be heavenly” Max says while removing the strap. He start to couch and with each couch his ass opens up some more. As the rush takes over Max’s body his sphincter relaxes. Daniel and Tom watch how he slides ball-deep over the two dicks. Max begins to ride on both dicks increasing the speed. Both boys see him ride their dicks as if it was a wild bull. Both boys feel the tension build up in their balls. “Shoot your loads in my ass” yells Max. The sight of this gorgeous blond skater boy with his tanned body covered in sweat is their breaking point. Max feels how both cocks start to swell up and start blasting huge amounts of cum inside his ass. “Wow! that’s hot… can’t wait until it’s my turn!” says Tom. “Me too.” adds Daniel. “That can be arranged” says a voice at the other side of the room. Both boys look up and see three guys standing in the room only wearing shorts. The guys where in their mid to late twenties and had ripped bodies. It took a few seconds before the boys recognised the three from Sam’s Gym. The black guy continued “I’m Dean, this is Andreas and he is Mohammed”. Andreas is latino and Mohammed arab. “We are the backup crew hired by Max to entertain you!”. Mohammed walks over to Max pulls him up and throws him over his shoulder. Andreas hands him a big plug. Mohammed forces the plug inside Max his ass and says “We don’t want to waste good cum”. Dean and Andreas grab the boys and lead them downstairs. They enter a dim lighted playroom with three slings. Mohammed drops Max in the middle sling. Max his eyes open up sees the guys and asks “Are the instructions clear”. Dean answers “Yes! They won’t leave before we converted them into one of us”. The boys were confused. Dean continued “It’s your turn now”. Mohammed and Andreas grabbed the two boys from behind in a neck-clamp. Then Dean began tie-ing off their arm and grabbed two prepared syringes. After he emptied them in side both boys he removed the straps at the same time as the guys let them go. They started couching. A warm feeling travelled thru their bodies and their brains got filled with horny thoughts. The guys picked them up and put them in the sling. The guys dropped there shorts revealing their massive dicks. Mohammed and Andreas dicks measured 12” and Dean’s cock was a whopping 13.5”. Dean was busy slamming Max. When he started to couch the three guys took their places; Dean with Max, Mohammed with Tom and Andreas with Daniel. They started to lube up the boys holes and started stretching them with their fingers. Then they pulled back the fingers and replaced them with their huge cocks. All boys let out a cry when the huge poles where jammed deep inside, but this quickly changed into moaning. “I want all of you to beg. Beg for our cocks. Beg to fuck us harder. And beg for our cum.” yells Dean. The boys started begging to fuck them harder and deeper. At one point you could hear Max beg to fill him with their toxic loads and to impregnate him with the Demon seed. “Do you see the tattoo on our chest? Do you know what that is? What it stands for?” Dean asked the two boys. The boys recognised the tattoo because it was the same as on Max’s chest. “This means that we are brothers. Brothers with the same DNA. Tonight you can become our brothers. If you want too… beg us to convert you… into our brothers!”. Both boys started to beg to be converted. Dean couldn’t hold it in anymore and exploded with a deep roar inside Max. Not long after also the other two filled up the holes of Tom and Daniel. They pulled out their dicks. The boys got straps around their wrists and ankles and got hooked to the chains of the sling. “Now it’s time to make sure that you become brothers!” said Dean. The guys began by lubing up their hands. Then they slipped two fingers in their asses, joined by a third one and a fourth. Their holes were stretch to the max, but were about to get stretched further. Then the thumb was added and the guys started to push their way inside. “We want to be sure you will convert into a brother, because tomorrow a friend of us is coming to mark you with the same tattoo as we have. So we going to fist our toxic poz seed deep inside you”. Both boys now realise what’s happening, but the tina laced lube is reprogramming their minds with raunchy and sleazy thoughts. Accepting their faith!”. The boys screamed as the fists ripped them open. For then next 40 minuted the boys drifted in and out of conscious while their holes got fisted brutally. At the end both guys could slide they arms in passed the elbow. Dean was fisting Max’s more experienced hole buried his arm in shoulder deep. The rest of the night the boys were loaded once or more by all the guys. The boys passed out and when they woke up they both had a tattoo on there chest. Finally they were brothers… Blood brothers! THE END????
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    This is a serial story I've been working on; it's finished through a good stopping point - but if there's enough interest, I can continue it further. There's also a side story already in the works. So - at least as far as THIS story goes, it will not be abandoned before a resolution. ***** "I detest that little shit!" I looked at Rick, puzzled. "Who? Why?" "The little dude over there in the green shorts hitting on that big musclebear." "Why - were you planning to go after that guy yourself?" "Not my point. Do you remember an obnoxious condom nazi who got himself banned from the bathhouses and the sex clubs who insisted everyone call him Theo?" "Oh, right... wait... that's him?! I remember him being a twink that turned up his nose at anyone who wasn't shaved from nose to toes." "He was... then I guess he realized he was aging out of the Twink zone, dropped out of sight for a few months and reappeared with a surprisingly heavy pelt grown back, a neat little beard and telling everyone to call him "Teddy" now - and instead of other hairless "little boy" types, now he chases muscle bears - emphasis on the muscle. If you recall, my big problem with him was that he had a vicious little habit of focusing his condom-nazi bullshit on guys HE didn't think were attractive - most often chunky bears and older men - and try and get them thrown out, like he was trying to turn a bathhouse into a hall of his own personal fantasy men. Well, he's still as big a body fascist as ever - to guys like the one he's talking to he's sweet as pie; if one's a little too old, a little too pudgy or whatever ... he's one of the nastiest little queens around ... unless he's trying to impress a potential trick, of course. On top of that, he went from condom nazi to Truvada campaigner - telling everyone it was a great *backup* in case a condom broke - to quietly dropping that and turning into a major PrEP Pig. I can only guess that at some point, one of those musclebears - on being told Ted was on PrEP - just held him down, raw-fucked him cross-eyed and he realized what he'd been missing all these years." "Aaaah, right, all the gossip is coming back to me now... I never ran into the little fuck, he never seemed to infest the sex clubs I like." "That's because all the sex club owners pre-emptively banned him when the first bathhouse banned him for his condom nazi tricks. Apparently he thought those places were beneath him until he got himself banned from all the bathhouses - and by then he was unwelcome at the sex clubs too. I know the owner of the Pig Trough and apparently Ted threw quite a fit when they wouldn't let him in, and would only tell him that it was because he'd been banned from the bathhouses. It's a little strange if you're expecting them to be competitive - but the owners of all the tubs and sex pits know each other and they share info about troublemakers. Usually it's druggies, dealers or guys who don't have even a rough idea of what 'consent' is - but Ted there got under their skin. I mean, sure they want to know about some kinds of misbehavior - especially if it's someone making a mess, literal or figurative they'll have to clean up - but a tattle-tale about guys he didn't find attractive who were fucking raw wasn't anything they wanted to deal with." "You said he's on PrEP?" I asked, and Rick nodded back. I started to chuckle. "What's so funny, Max?" "My buddy Logan is going to be visiting in about two weeks; he recently found out his strain of the bug is extremely resistant to Truvada; since he knows I'm as big a gift-giving perv as he is, he asked if I wanted to be exposed and of course I said yes. Now, I'm not Ted's type - maybe 'muscle bear' enough, but too old for his tastes. But from what you've said and going by that dude he's been chatting up, I bet he'd be all over Logan trying to get into his pants. He's about 6'4, built, covered in silky black fur and has a shaved head and a thick black beard. Oh, and a nice thick 8" to plow his dirty seed into any hole he can." "And you're thinking of siccing him on Teddy to see if that nasty strain can punch through the PrEP and knock Teddy up? I love it!" "Yeah - Logan used to brag about 'one fuck and knocked up' because his strain was so infectious; I don't know if it still is after whatever brought in the PrEP resistance, but it's sure worth a try if we can make it happen. He hasn't got any poz ink to give it away - while he gets off on any kind of breeding, he LOVES to stealth." "Damn... I'm getting a chub just thinking about it. I know a few guys in Teddy's orbit who'll know about what apps he's on and stuff." I looked at Rick. "This sounds like it's personal for you." "It's not about me, if that's what you mean. I don't want to talk about it right now, though." I dropped the point and we went on to chat about other things, and Rick later dropped me an email with a list of Teddy's hookup app and website accounts. I read them over and then contacted Logan - who, as I predicted, LOVED the idea; not just the stealthing part, but as someone who'd fuck anyone with facial hair and could be friendly with anyone else he loved the idea of sticking it to a former condom nazi who'd targeted "unattractive" men, and who was rude to anyone he didn't want to fuck. We talked about making some judicious edits to his own profiles to optimize his appeal to Teddy - who, for example, said he wasn't into "mansmells". (I'd just have to thoroughly tongue-bathe Logan before he showered to go after the little shit.) So - a photo of his arm in a bicep pose with his hairy armpit dripping sweat got recaptioned from "Wallow in my musk" to "I work out hard!" and other similar tweaks. He set up his travel dates to show a later arrival than he really had, so he and I would have time for our fun and getting set up for his pursuit of Teddy.
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    PART 13 Ted smiled as he opened the door. In the light, he looked pretty much as I had remembered him from the booth, except maybe a few more years older than I had thought. But definitely as tall as I had thought and just as tbin, if not thinner. He had on a white tank top that cling to his thin frame and loose basketball shorts. As I looked closer, I could see the outline of his cock thru the thin satiny fabric. He caught me stAring and grinned even bigger as he guided me in by putting an arm around my shoulder. His apartment was clean and nice, not fancy, but definitely comfortable. But that was all I took in as Ted guided my down the hallway immediately, and into his “fuck room” as he called it. I took in what was normally a bedroom. It had a small desk and computer in one corner and one wall lined fully with mirrors, another wall had a tv screen already playing gay porn, and then a full size bed wa against another wall. Finally, hanging from the ceiling in another corner opposite of the mirrored wall was what I instinctively knew to be a sex swing, a sling. I don’t even know if the door was all the way shut before he was naked and urging me to take my clothes off. I was embarrassed that I was already hard, but quickly stripped. This was different than the booths. Ted had the lights bright in the room and he stopped and took a long look at my naked body. “Chris, are you SURE you are 18? Absolutely sure?”, he said with amlittle doubt. I was afraid he was going to stop and immediately spoke out “I swear to god I am 18. I can show you my license and everything. I am still in high school and live with my parents but I am 18. Please don’t make me leave.” I scrambled to my shorts and pulled out my wallet. He waved it away. “Chris I trust you. I am glad you trusted me enough to show me your ID. I don’t need to actually see it. You know what I really liked? I really liked how bad you want to be here. And that was really your first time at a bookstore like that wasn’t it?”, he said as he started handling his cock. I noddedand then added “I did get fucked one other time, but the other day at the bookstore was my second time with a guy. Or guys, I guess.”, as I laughed nervously. “Fuck that’s hot. And now you are here, all in a week. You must be so horny. All those years I bet, just thinking about cock and man sex, jerking off every day. And now finally, you discovered it. You tried it. And you just want it more and more. And the best part is you are already hooked on raw sex. I bet you wouldn’t let me use a condom if I wanted to.”, he said softly. At that last line, a visible look of fear shot across my face. “Don’t worry”, he continued, “there’s no way I would do that to you. No condoms right?” I shook my head. “Why don’t you say it. Say it out loud so I know you mean it. I know I don’t want to use a condom when I fuck you. I want to fuck that hole bareback and I want to shoot my load deep inside it. My poz load. Is that what you want too?” I gulped and in a quiet voice, I said those two words out loud, “no condoms.” “And how do you want me to fuck you?”, he whispered as he edged closer. “Bareback no condom.”, I said louder now as the excitement of the moment grew. “And my load? Do you want my poz load inside your hole? Do you want me to cum inside you Chris?”, he asked. “I want it! I want your cum in me. Please just fuck me til you cum. It’s ok.” I practically begged. His hard cock was now inches from my eager mouth but he paused and asked me another question, “You do know I have HIV Chris? And my cum is full of it. Are you sure this is what it want? Cuz I want to fuck you so bad and I want to flood that little hole, but I want to make sure you want it?” The way he said it was genuine not concern, but just really wanting to make sure this 18 year old kid knew what he was getting himself into. As serious a topic, somehow the gesture just made the whole scene sexier. I didn’t know what to say except the truth. “I don’t know. I love getting fucked but there’s something about knowing you are giving me your cum. I can’t help it. It’s like my favorite part of it and I just want it. I know it’s dangerous but I can’t help it. I don’t even know why but I just feel like I need it. Like I really need it. Even if, even if it’s so risky. Please, you’ll still cum inside me right?” In the moment, in that sex room, actually talking about all this stuff, it was almost too much and my need made me emotional. Ted looked down at me, my face a picture of desperation with tears almost swimming in my eyes, so hungry for him. “Don’t worry baby. I have so much cum for that hole. I’m gonna give you a huge load. Just what you need.” And the distance closed and my mouth opened and I was sucking his cock, worshipping it.
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    Alright guys. I’ll try to be as detailed as possible. I’m about to turn 30, not a Prince Charming but I often get people telling me how good looking I am. I’m 5’8, 180lbs, average to muscular body, white skin, big lips, blue eyes and hazel hair. The thing is, no matter how independent, successful and “good looking” The BB allay scene is always on my mind. 24/7. - I have considered to go see a psychology to check whether I should look for help or not. The place I live (Miami, FL) is the most superficial and snobby place you could be. Guys in sex apps are always looking for the most ripped bodies, the biggest asses and the super fat big cocks. As I mentioned, I look good but the competition here in town is pretty heavy. Since the tops are rare down here, every time the urge of some kinky fun crosses my mind i pack, book a room at Days Inn in Fort Lauderdale and head out. And that is exactly what I did yesterday. I left my place around 5pm but before leaving I made sure to change my BBRT location to Fort Lauderdale as well as posted an ad on the ad session. Fort Lauderdale is SO SIMPLE and EASY. By the time I got to my hotel room I had received over 12 messages. All types of guys. I typically go for either undetectable or PrEP guys though I was so horned up that the “no fucks given” button was on. I took it all. Sunday night, around 6:30 the first guy come in. Not a monster cock, white fit average 6 inches but he had a five day load so no better way to start it off that party. He got in, ate my ass like a champ and started fucking me. Lasted for about three minutes until he shot inside. I could definitely feel his warm load inside up my guts. He left, I brought weed with me so as soon as the first guy left I smoked some to keep myself on the whore out mood next guy, another white man. Much bigger cock. Typical North Carolina man. On his 50s. One of the most beautiful cocks I’ve seen to date. White, cut, around 8 and according them 6.5 girth. That man was hungry and he fucked me good. Last time I had had a cock before last night was about two weeks ago so I was pretty tight. He was so into it that as soon as his fame his hole body had little spasms from time to time. Onto the next one. That was a buddy of mine. Totally fucker who lives in the area. Latino, beautiful shaped thick cock. One of those guys that definitely know how to fuck a hungry hole. We spent some time together. He fucked me on fours, missionary, in front of the mirror, on the couch. The other two loads were so big that we could hear how sloppy and wet my ass was. He shot inside and left. Next... this was a catch! Temessean guy. Visiting. 6’4, around 190 pounds, bi according to him and new to the gay life. Huge feet and typical southern white cock. 7.5 super, extremely thick, one of those you’re proud to call beer can. He wanted me to ride him, so I did.... SO MUCH CUM DRIPPING OUT FROM MY HOLE!!! That man was rock hard. Going nuts and deep in me. I remember feeling it all that jizz leaking down through his cock. We did feel a connection in between and decided to trade numbers. He will be back in town in a week or so so hopefully we can connect again. One of those cocks you want to keep it close. The next guy on that night was a super chub, with a 6 inches cock. The next was another super chub, sleazy looking. Three day load. He did his job and left pretty quick this next one was handsome. Like very handsome white dad. Beautiful body, beautiful cut thick cock. But I’m oretty sure he was high on meth. Those tiny tweaked eyes said it all. I haven’t ever done tina in my life but maybe you guys can tell me? His cock was super soft but then I started sucking it and he got rock hard, like extremely hard. I didn’t ask anything but he was hungry for that ass. Fucked me deep, loud, hard, no shame. It felt like that man was born to fuck. it was already 2am or so so I decided to go to bed and set my alarm to 6am so I could catch that crowd who likes to drop some loads right before work. Another post on BBRT. Less messages back of course so I decided to try Grindr. For my surprise I had this black guy really close by. He offfered, I couldn’t say no. 8x6 cock, huge feet, slim and tall. Although I douched that morning I still had some fun left right there deep. He loved it. Fucked me like he hated me. Deep, it reached places that the other guys didn’t. Shot his nut pretty quickly and left them after him I had a couple, one poz another negative. Nice cocks, I’d say one 8 and 4 girth the other 8 by seven. It was massive ! Next man was probably high as well. Couldn’t keep his eyes open and rock hard cock all the time... I was about to leave the hotel at 1pm and it was 10:30 so I needed to rush. So I sent a shout on GROWLr. Got literally 50 messages in 10 minutes. Could only get two guys from there the first, a tall beautiful muscle bear, white blue eyes, average cock but a total whore in bed. Licked my ass, my soles, are the guy left in my crack and fucked the hell out of me. The next one was also from GROWLr. Daddy on his 60s... total fucker. Not a big cock but definitely experience makes all difference. He fucked so good that my second hole was totally open by there. So opened that the soreness had disappeared in a blink of an eye. No more success on GROWLr so back to BBRT. I don’t even waste my time with Grindr anymore. It doesn’t work. Not a success in Miami, not Fort Lauderdale or any other place I’ve been. Grindr is back and forth all the way and no meeting at all. Back to BBRT... got a couple of messages there. It’s funny because the more loads o get inside the bigger the cocks I want it. So my goal for that last hours at my hotel was to have my ass filled up by heavy thick meat. I then started scrolling BBRT and unlocking my profile pictures to all guys with either a Large or Holy shit type of cock. It didn’t take long until I started receiving some replies back. I was lucky because the lunch time was approaching so guys were looking for ass... the last two guys of my journey came together. A daddy on his late 50s, poz look, humangous cock. (Another observation, most poz guys carry huge cocks... anyone know why?) it was easily 9.5 long and 6 or 7 thick. I’m a power bottom but trust me that dick was a struggle ! I was a bit high on weed and sniffing poppers like a hoe and STILL, it was painful. The other guy was a muscle bear with a pretty thick dick. I assume somewhere around 7x6 or 7x6. They both take turns, they went deep, hard, made me moan uncontrollably, once my second hole was right there opened I could’ve taken all cock sizes, even fists. Totally not into fisting but the hole was wide open. They eat it, fuck it, dropped their loads inside like two hungry pigs. The huge cock guy asked me if he could piss inside and all of sudden my dick got rock hard... he saw it and I didn’t even need to respond his question. Put me on fours, ass really up, started pounding my sore swollen hole until he shot his cum. As soon as he did, he was like... don’t move don’t move... he stayed inside for around five minutes then suddenly my whole intestine was getting full with piss. It was one of the hottest things I’ve ever done sexually. The feeling of having my sloppy hole that full with piss made me so slutty... they left, I showered packed and head out to home this afternoon. Back to return to my “regular” life at the office tomorrow. I have a very young looking, kinda guy next door, no one can say a big of whore I am... I have my prep appointment on Wednesday so this time I am sure an STD will say hi but to be honest as bad as they are my whole adventure was paid off. Here is a pic of my ass for you guys Hope you guys like it
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    So I’m a 30 year old physician living in New Orleans. I’m 5’6”. 140lbs and like to think I have a face that has been called “pretty fucking cute” by some folks. I am however a slut with a never ending need to get fucked at baseline who is currently in a “healthy” “happy” “monogamous” relationship. I’ve been getting fucked raw behind his back for years but this New Years, I made a resolution to be faithful to him. I deleted all the apps from my phone and was happy for once to not be tempted. A few days ago, my sister texted me telling me that her father in law was going to be staying in New Orleans for a day on a convoluted connecting flight schedule from Turkey to Canada to see them. I had never met the man but I wanted to be polite and reached out to him via email inviting him to stay with us while he was visiting. He agreed with a “Thank you”. When I went to pick him up, I was a bit nervous. He was a fifty two year old, old fashioned Turkish Muslim man who had spent most of his life in a modern albeit Muslim country. Even his last name Ozturk meant “pure Turk”. I wasn’t sure how he was gonna take to staying with me and my husband. When the plane landed and people were coming off I held a sign with his last name. Halfway through the hoard of people exiting, I noticed a tall dark ugly looking man come towards me. He was dressed in khaki pants and a T-shirt. He was definitely a bear of a man with a big buff chest that showed that he had been a labouror for most of his life but a belly that also signified that he was one of those dad’s that didn’t care about how he looked. He wasn’t blessed in the face department and had a pretty big nose and one very bushy unibrow. His beard was thick and unkempt. What struck me even from afar as he walked towards me were his arms and neck. He was so hairy, I literally had throughly he was wearing a turtleneck undershirt and I was corrected as he came closer. “Hello, you are the doctor brother?” In a heavy thick accent. “Yes I am the doctor. Your daughter in law’s brother. It’s really nice to meet you and Ozturk. My car is right there. Can I help you with your bag?” He politely refused. We placed his luggage in the trunk and he got into the passenger seat. As he sat down, I felt a gust of very strong musk that can only be described as a man who had never used deodorant getting off a 17 hour flight. It was strong! I drove home as quickly as possible because I knew the smell was unbearable and yet for some reason I was so attracted to this ugly hunk of pure masculinity that was sitting right next to me. I reminded myself I had to behave because he was a house guest and my sisters father in law. We went home and I walked him to the guest room and showed him the guest bathroom. My husband was still gonna be at work for a few hours and I told him I’d bring him some fresh towels and that he could rest for a bit before dinner. I went to get my finest towels and as I entered the bathroom assuming he was in the room since bathroom door was ajar. As soon as I entered I made eye contact with what I can best describe as a naked 6’3” hairy Neanderthal in nothing but thick black socks standing in front of the toilet with his eyes fixed at me. I quickly said, “Oh my God I’m sorry”. And started to turn around but he replied, “No. No. Put towel.” As uncomfortable as I was, I turned my gaze away ensuring to keep my eyes and face away from him and reached out to place the towels on the towel rack right next to where he was standing. Suddenly I heard a distinct sound of liquid pouring. I instinctly turned towards the sound and saw a bushy cock, a good six inches long soft, and almost as thick in girth. It was cut with a big mushroom head. He had started to piss with me literally half a foot away from him. His dark urine was as pungent as the smell that eluded from him. Only smelled different and strongly of ammonia. I realized I had been looking at his cock and I quickly turned my eyes up to make eye contact with him. He looked at me straight in the eyes and grinned. “Like?” “Uhhh. Yeah you’ve got a pretty big dick there.” I said uncomfortably trying to slowly move away. I had turned my face to the wall and wasn’t gonna make any more embarrassing eye contact. “You want?” he said as he continued to empty his bladder. I looked back up at him. He was still grinning. I knew even with his broken English, what he meant. I courageously walked back up to him and grabbed his penis. He never took a pause in his piss streak and I could feel his cock start to harden as I held it. By the time he was finished pissing, he was so thick I could barely close my fingers around it. It was a good nine inches in length. I got down on my knees and licked the head of his cock. Salty. From the piss still on it. I grabbed his hairy smelly balls and tried to start to deep throat him. He started to moan. I tried to engulf his whole baby maker to the base and found myself gagging as his thick pubic hair touched my face and entered my mouth. I started to pull back to breathe but he held my head making me struggle as he started to pump my face. I knew I couldn’t pull away and I took a deep breath with my nose and continued to attempt to please him. His grip on my hair loosened. After about ten minutes of me blowing him he tugged at my hair and pulled me off and up. He turned me around me still on my knees and pushed my face down to the ground exposing my ass up. He placed a foot over my face and I smelled his reeking socks. God it was like he hadn’t changed his socks in a week. I felt him feeling around my anus and felt two thick dry fingers push through. I yelped in pain. He pushed harder on my face with his foot. He then repositioned himself and started to enter me with no lube but the saliva from my mouth when I was servicing him. It was excruciating and I started to tear up and scream. “Its too big.” I screamed as I tried to push him out. “No.” He barked and pushed all the way in as he started to pump. It hurt like hell and I knew I was probably bleeding but there was no stopping him at this point. He started to pump harder as his low hanging hairy balls slapped against mine. I tried to stay in position but quickly started to buckle with pain and tried to squirm away. He grabbed me with one hand holding my face up and the other around me to hold down both my arms. And then he put his whole weight on me. I was there lying on the cold bathroom floor struggling with this mammoth of a man laying on top of me and pumping hard. After what seemed like a century but what was probably like twenty minutes, I noted that his thrusts became deeper and harder and faster. He started do breathe differently. I knew he was close. And then just like that, he yelled something in Turkish. And beat my cunt hard with his hammer like cock. After about nine thrusts and volleys (I counted), he was done. He loosened his grasp on me. I lay there face down on the cold tile with him on top of me, still inside me, hurting, bleeding, feeling defiled and dirty. And yet all I could focus on was how his manly armpits smelled like bad onions and that I had been taken by my sister’s father in law in my own house. He eventually got off me and I tried to clean up the bloody cummy mess that was the bathroom. As he left the bathroom I yelled, “Dinner is at 8 downstairs Mr Ozturk.” So much for my New Years resolution of staying faithful.
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    After Jace finished licking the cum and juices off his dick Trey laid on top of him and began grinding his limp cock against his while licking his ears and neck. “That pussy was so nice and tight” he whispered into Jace’s ear as he continued grinding their cocks together. “Opened up for me like a tight velvet glove. I’m gonna enjoy that ass this week”. Jace’s sense of concern and second guessing himself for what he had done slowly began to melt away like butter and he found himself starting to get turned on again thinking of Trey’s black cock rubbing against his and feeling Trey’s facial hair rubbing against his neck. “Are you gonna be my poz cock slut?” Trey whispered into Jace’s hear as he continued grinding their cocks together, both now starting to swell back up. Jace was silent for a few seconds, knowing that he should say no but the rest of his body telling him to say yes. “Ya” “Ya what?” “Ya I want to be a poz cock slut” Jace quietly responded, finally letting all his inhibitions go and letting himself do what he knew he wanted deep down inside. “Are you gonna take any cock I give you this and take it’s bare load?” “Yes”. Trey smiled to himself and knew that he had finally broken through the barrier and made Jace finally realize that he truly was a cock slut meant to take his loads. By now both of their cocks were rock hard and oozing pre-cum, Trey’s much larger cock pressing firmly against Jace’s and rubbing pre-cum all over Jace’s cock and stomach. Trey climbed off Jace and turned him over on his stomach. “Get up on all 4’s so I can take that pussy again”. Jace eagerly complied, knowing that he was about to get fucked by Trey’s black snake again. Trey stood behind Jace on his knees, his cock rock hard and pressing against Jace’s ass. “Reach back and guide that cock into your pussy if you really want another load of my baby batter”. Jace quickly reached back and guided Trey’s python against his now loosened but still tight and cum leaking entrance. Jace snickered to himself and said “That’s a good boi” as he firmly started pressing his dick black dick into Jace, not stopping until his balls were against firmly resting at Jace’s pussy entrance. “MMMMMMmmgghh Oh my god that feels so good” Jace groaned out as Trey’s member worked its way up him, using the last load it had dropped as lube. Trey started into a steady pumping rhythm with his cock withdrawing from Jace’s hole so just the head remained before bottoming back out as far up Jace’s ass that it could go, causing Jace to moan and groan every time Trey bottomed out. “Fuck this is a nice white pussy” “Give me that ass” “I’m gonna wreck this pussy and make you pregnant” Trey panted while fucking Jace. After fucking like this for 10 minutes Jace felt Trey bottom out in his ass and wrap his arms around his chest and flipped them over so Trey was now on his back and Jace was sitting impaled on his meat. “Ride that dick boi” and Jace began bouncing himself up and down on Trey’s cock. This new angle caused Trey’s cock to dig deeper into Jace’s hole, causing him to feel new full sensation deep in his ass that was uncomfortable at first but quickly was replaced by pleasure. Jace put his hand below his ass and felt Trey’s cock, which by now was full of frothy cum as it worked the previous load he had blown in Jace deeper up his ass. Jace did not last long as he rode Trey’s cock and felt it press against his sweet spot on every thrust, and before he knew it he was yelling out “I’m gonna cum” as he began to blow spurt after spurt of his load all over Trey’s chest. “Only a true bitch cums from just a cock up their ass” Trey told Jace, “now clean up your mess boi”. Jace quickly leaned forward while still impaled on Trey’s cock and began licking his cum off Trey’s chest while Trey grabbed onto the sides of his hips and began working him up and down on his cock. “Fuck yes boi I love this tight ass”. After fucking like this for what felt like forever Jace’s ass was starting to become sore and he prayed that Trey would cum soon because he did not know how much more his ass could take. Suddenly Trey grabbed him under his arm pits and held him against his cock as he stood both of them up and walked them over to the couch, with Trey’s fuck stick still lodged deep in Jace’s ass. Jace was amazed at Trey’s strength and admired his bulging veins and the bio hazard tattoo on his chest, reminding himself that Trey was working another poz load up his ass. Trey’s cock continued to feel like a warm poker in his ass as Trey roughly dropped him on the arm of the couch, with his body laying across the couch the long way and his ass sitting perched up on the arm rest with Trey’s cock still up his ass. Jace was shocked that Trey was able to keep his cock up his ass while he moved them, and before long Trey was pumping his ass harder than he had all night. “This third load always takes a little more work boi” Trey snickered at Jace as he continued jack-hammering his ass. By know Jace’s ass felt like it was on fire and he began trying to push his hands back at Trey’s body to slow him down, but this had little effect and Trey kept pounding away at his ass. “Hope that holes ready boi it’s about to get another dose of my poz cum” Trey yelled as his cock bottomed out in Jace’s ass and he held it there. “Here cum’s my poz batter boi” Trey grunted at Jace his cock swelled up to an even thicker size before launching spurt after spurt of warm poz cum up Jace’s ass for the second time that night. Trey stood there for a second and caught his breath as Jace layed beneath him, still impaled by Trey’s now slowly shrinking cock. Jace noticed that they both were again covered in a slick sheen of sweat and the room smelled like sex and cum. Trey’s black cock finally came out of Jace’s ass with a “POP” followed by a few drops of cum that ran down his ass crack. Trey went over a bag and began digging around before coming back with a black object that Jace could not tell what it was. Trey began working the rubbered object up Jace’s ass and explained “this is a butt plug boi. We would hate to lose any of that cum I put in your ass before it has a chance to take. Keep this in until tomorrow morning to make sure my load knocks you up”. Jace knew full well what Trey said when talked about his load “knocking him up” and thought immediately turned him on. Once Trey had the plug firmly lodged in Jace’s ass he gave his ass a quick slap, leaving a red hand print behind and causing Jace to yelp. “Better get dressed before your parents come back and find out their son was getting fucked by black cock while they were at the show. Make sure you bring this tight ass back tomorrow for another dose of my black poz cum.” “I can’t wait sir” Jace replied as he pulled himself off the couch and began to get dressed, glancing at the clock and noted that Trey had fucked him the second time for over 45 minutes. Trey went into the bathroom and closed the door and Jace heard the shower start shortly after. Jace took this as his cue to leave and he showed himself out of the room after he dressed. As he was walking toward the door, he caught a glance of himself in the mirror and noticed he looked like a wreck, with his hair messed up and shirt ruffled up, and he was pretty sure he smelled like cum. None of this bothered him as he left the room and went back to his cabin with the butt plug stuffed in his ass and Trey’s cum marinating in his new-found ass pussy. Jace had never been so turned on his life and could not wait to get Trey’s cock up his ass again. Once back in his room Jace quickly stripped down to his boxers and fell asleep in his bed with the butt plug still holding Trey’s cum in place. Before long the phone in his cabin was ringing and the steward on the other end told him it was his 8am wake up call. Jace sat up in bed and quickly felt the plug in his ass press deeper as he sat on the edge of the bed. Jace had forgotten about the plug and the two loads of poz cum it was holding in, but instantly was rock hard as he thought about it. He gathered some clothes and went into the bathroom to start the shower. While waiting for the shower to warm up Jace reached behind himself and pulled the plug from his ass. Jace had a little difficulty removing the plug at first because his ring had tightened around the base, but after a firm tug the plug fell from his ass onto the floor. Jace sat on the toilet and went to the bathroom and noticed that the remnants of Trey’s two blood tinged poz loads were also floating in the toilet. Jace showered and dressed himself in a light blue bro tank and board shorts and left the room to go meet his family at breakfast, wrapping the plug in his dirty clothes and hiding it in his suit case before he left. This first stop of the trip was St. Thomas, and his family had booked a shore excursion for the day that took them on a sightseeing tour of the island before stopping at a beach for a few hours. Jace was eager to get to breakfast, hoping that Trey would be there. He was quickly disappointed when he sat down and saw Trey’s chair was empty. The family ate quickly and then went back to their rooms to get their bags with towels and other things they would need for the day. Jace and his family exited the ship and met their tour guide on the dock who showed them to a 15-passenger van that had the roof cut off. Jace found himself checking out the tour guide who he noticed was about 6’3” with a toned swimmers build. His skin was dark as night, much darker than Trey’s, and his hair was a thick set of dread locks that hung below his neck, pulled back into a pony tail. What piqued Jace’s curiosity the most was the large bulge in the front of his black cargo shorts. The bulge looked as big or bigger than Trey’s and Jace was immediately turned on at the thought of the large cock that was tucked away in those shorts. Jace took a seat in the very last bench seat and the guide explained that they were waiting for a few more people before they left. As Jace looked at the people exiting the ship his eyes quickly found a muscled black man wearing black board shorts and a tight-fitting muscle shirt and back pack. Jace quickly realized this was Trey and his heart began to flutter at the sight, thinking about his big cock fucking two loads into him the night before. Trey was walking down the gang plank of the ship and planned to spend the day walking around the town with no definite plans. As he walked down the dock, he saw a tour bus with the roof cut off, and he his cock went hard in his pants as he noticed in the back seat of the bus was Jace. Trey immediately knew his plans had changed for the day and went to speak with the tour guide, who informed him that there were still openings on the tour. Trey paid the fee and got on the bus, crawling back to the empty seat next to Jace in the last row. Jace saw Trey talking to the tour guide and prayed that Trey would not be on their tour bus because he knew it would be next to impossible to focus on anything that day but Trey’s cock, and he did not want his family to find out his new secret. Trey got on the bus and sat down next Jace, and Jace knew that his day was about to get very challenging. A few more people got on the bus and the guide got into the driver’s seat and started the bus and took off down the road. They were barely out of the parking lot when Trey positioned the backpack in front their bodies, blocking the view of his hands from the people in front of him. Jace felt Trey’s meaty fingers behind his back, and the slowly moved down to the waist band of his shorts. Trey slowly worked his hand down inside of Jace’s shorts, and Jace shot him a panicked look as if he were saying “not here I can’t get caught”, but this did not stop Trey and he continued working his fingers toward Jace’s hole. Jace suddenly felt one of Trey’s fingers work into his tight ass opening and worm its way inside. Jace squirmed and tried to stifle a moan, praying that nobody would notice. Trey leaned over into his ear and whispered “relax they are all too distracted” as he continued working a second finger into Jace’s chute. “I’m gonna fuck you at some point today be ready”. Jace’s cock was now rock hard in his shorts and he noticed that Trey’s shorts were also sporting a nice tent. Jace did not know how Trey would be able to fuck him today without anybody knowing, but he was turned on at the thought and could not wait for it to happen.
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    I got group fucked at the weekend and one of the guys was supposedly full blown. The passion with which he was breeding my boy hole was very different to the rest of the guys so I honestly think he was, and he wanted to infect me.
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    PART 14 Something about what Ted had said and just the room and the whole scene had had an effect on me. I liked that he had all the lights on. I wanted to see him clearly. And I wanted him to see me. As I worked his cock with my mouth, I wasn’t shy in making eye contact and making it clear that I loved sucking him. His cock was so hard and every so often a fresh drop of precum would leak out, and that taste would make me even hornier. I took my time and he let me. I ran my tongue up and down the shaft. I licked his cock head. I sucked and licked his big cum filled balls. And I practiced taking a man’s cock deeper and deeper into your mouth. I wanted to be a good cocksucker for my top. My eyes watered and spit dropped off my chin but i worked more and more down my throat for longer and longer. The next day, my throat would be a little sore from ramming his cock down it, but for now all that mattered was his reaction and feeling his hardness in my mouth. Feeling it flex and throb as I sucked and licked it. “Fuck yeah Chris, work that Dick. I can’t wait to fuck you. I can’t wait much longer. You gonna give me that hole? You gonna let me have that little cunt to fuck?”, He said thru clenched teeth. I enthusiastically nodded and it wasn’t a few more seconds before he was pulling my lips off his cock and I wa hearing him say “Show me that hole. Turn around and show it to me.” I spun around and bent over the bed and spread my legs. “Climb up and get on your knees ass up and head down, with your knees near the edge.”, he commanded. It took me maybe 2 seconds to assume the position and hear him tell me “Yeah that’s it. Nice and spread. Your hole looks so hot Chris. So tight. And you live showing it to me don’t you?” “Yeah please. Please fuck me”, I begged. I felt him smearing lube onto my hole as he slowly teased it open. I gasped and bucked back into his touch. “What’s that sexy boy? What do you need?” He asked me, as his fingers worked me open. “Fuck me. Please fuck me. Fuck me til you cum. I need it.” I practically cried. And then I felt it. The blunt head of a rock hard man cock pressuring my hole, pushing it open. I focused on trying to relax my hole as he slid into me. I am sure I cried out a little as he was not being so gentle. He wasn’t ripping into me, but he was determined. It hurt but I didn’t care. I was so overloaded that I just needed his dick inside me. Even as I cried out in pain I was pushing back trying to impale myself on his cock. “Yeah boy open up. Open up that hole for me,” he grunted out. He never paused and I didn’t want him to, he just kept working my hole and sliding that huge Dick deeper and deeper. Despite the pain I was urging him on and pushing back. I wanted it all the way in. I really wanted it. He wasn’t going slow and easy and it wasn’t long before I hear hi tell me “I’m so close Chris. Your hole... I just can’t last. It’s like it’s pulling the cum up from my balls. I need to shoot in you baby. You want thAt?” Frantically i was begging him “yes! Yes! Yes!” A yes for every thrust into me that was knocking my breath out. And then he stopped. “Flip over on your back. I want to see your face when I give it to you.” He said. As he slid into me again, he pulled down close to me and began whispering to me. “Yeah. So close. So close to cumming in your hole. And you want it. That poz cum. You love this raw cock. I’m Gonna keep fucking you til you read poz just like me. As many loads as it takes.” And maybe that’s when he broke me. Who knows how many times I repeated the following words: “Fucking poz cum” and “as many loads as it takes” he just stArted pounding me then and within maybe a minute he practically shouted as he drove hArd into me “Fucking huge load. Pozzing you now. Fucking take it. Take my fucking cum.” I wrapped my legs around to pull him in, my ass milking his shaft to get every drop. He throbbed and flexed as he tried to push every bit out. Finally, I felt his cock slip out of me and he pulled back to catch his breath. He looked down at me and smiled. “Are you gonna come back later when you need more?” I nodded. “Anytime you need my cum, just call. I want my cum inside you every day sexy boy. Every day.”
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    Part 16 - The Stalker Angelo went down stairs to make coffee so Ethan showered quickly and pulled a t-shirt out of the draw, he slipped it over his head struggling to fit it over his body with one arm in he stopped trying to work out if he was putting it on correctly. Angelo walked in to the bedroom with coffee and laughed at the sight. "Ethan you can't get in to that t-shirt" Angelo stood shaking his head smiling. Ethan turned to look at him "Am I putting on weight as this fitted a few weeks ago". Angelo put the coffee down and walked up to him "No" he said taking the t-shirt off him. Ethan giggled "Your not just saying that to have your way with me?". Angelo turned him around to face the mirror "Look". Ethan looked at himself in the mirror "Look at what?". Angelo ran his hand up Ethan's biceps and chest "Your muscles are growing Ethan". Ethan looked, working out and knowing his body he never really saw the definition growing "Oh yes" he replied stunned. Angelo laughed "I'm gonna have to work out harder otherwise you will be getting the upper hand with me". Ethan kissed Angelo's hand "Your perfect as you are". Angelo kissed him on the neck "So it looks like we need to buy you some clothes" he smiled. Ethan nodded "That's today sorted out then, I will need to get some money out of the account". "No need, anyway I own you or have you forgotten that" Angelo smiled at Ethan's reflection in the mirror. Ethan turned to him "I can't let..." Angelo stopped him. "Ethan you are my partner so no more discussion about money" Angelo kissed him on the lips. Ethan knew this was a lost battle "Okay you win this time" and kissed Angelo back. Ethan stood by the front door waiting for Angelo as Adam walked up along the street wearing just his shorts, he watched Adam noticing how the rigours of working out daily were also paying off on Adam's body as his muscles had definitely grown even bigger. "Hey Ethan" Adam sprung up along the path and gave Ethan a kiss. Ethan still loved that he was allowed to kiss Adam "Sorry I can't work out with you this morning". Adam saw Angelo heading to the door "Morning sexy". Angelo smiled and kissed Adam "Morning, I have to take him shopping" he said squeezing Ethan's biceps. "Wow Ethan they are growing I never noticed before" Adam replied smiling at Angelo. Angelo laughed "Knock yourself out, if you leave before we are back lock up". "Will do and thanks Angelo" Adam replied as he watched them drive off. Adam closed the door and latched it since he would be in the workout room at the back of the house, Adam go to work with the weights and spent a good hour slowly working out. One the street the silver car returned and parked in the same spot, Matt noticed that the car was gone and the house looked quiet. He got out and walked over up along the path to the side of the house and discreetly peered in the kitchen window, nothing, everything looked empty clean and neat. Adam was sat on the floor drinking water and about to head off when he heard a sound coming from the kitchen. He stood up and walked silently to the door leading out towards the kitchen to investigate the sound, he wasn't sure but it sounded like the back door but he sure that was locked. Adam only caught a glance of the person moving in the back yard, a glance that told him the guy was a few years older and figured he must be a burglar casing the house to find an opening somewhere. Matt crept round in to the back yard towards the French windows when he stopped himself unsure why he was trying to get in the house but he kept trying anyhow. Adam quietly unlocked the kitchen door and slipped out, fortunately there was enough foliage to hide himself as he spied on the guy, watching his every move he saw him try the French windows. He suddenly thought that this must be why Ethan had that feeling of being watched. "It's locked you know" Adam said standing the back yard looking at Matt. Matt turned quickly on the spot "Who the fuck are you?". "Actually that is my question to you, and what are you doing here?" Adam replied stepping towards him. Matt looked at Adam's glistening body almost licking his lips "I was, I was looking for Angelo". "Really, or are you stalking them?" Adam asked. Matt averted his gaze as he had been uncovered "He isn't here so I will come back later". "Is that your silver car?" Adam stepped closer again to within a few feet of Matt. Matt looked at him assessing that he would have no trouble taking him down and he had to get away but the his only escape path was behind the guy in front of him. Matt was wearing gym shorts Adam noticed and obviously going commando underneath. Matt seized the moment and grabbed hold of Adam and put him in a reverse bearhug to prevent him from hitting out, Adam gasped as the arms clasped with extreme tightness around his chest pinning his own arms to his side, he panicked for a moment wriggling his body until he felt his feet leaving the ground and Matt held him aloft painfully jolting his arms and digging them deeper in to Adam's chest. As his feet touched the ground Adam got his footing and with a flash twisted his body sharply bending over causing Matt to let go flying on to his back on the grass. Adam grabbed his arms and pinned them down but failed to noticed Matt's legs either side of his body as he loomed over him 'Who the fuck are you' he repeated to Matt who continued to struggle and free his arms from Adams grip. Matt grew red in the face 'fuck you' he shouted back at Adam, as he raised his legs and clamped them around Adam's waist, Adam let out an agonising groan in pain as the legs constricted hard around him like metal bars. Matt wrenched his legs tautening the muscles harder as they dug in and constricted Adam, his head fell forward as he gasped at the sheer power of Matt's legs. Adam gripped harder on Matt's arms as he now began trying to free them, suddenly his body tossed left then right and left again as Matt moved his legs from side to side rapidly putting more pressure around Adam's waist, the agony but electrifying feeling running through Adam's body gave him such pleasure amongst the pain, his cock hardening as they struggled against each other. Adam collapsed forward releasing Matt's arms, his stomach hitting something hard realising Matt was also aroused, no sooner had he collapsed forward Matt clamped his arms around Adam's neck holding his face tight against his chest, his legs continued to squeeze Adam hard around the waist. Suddenly Adam became aware he was trapped, he moved his arm and went for the only course of action that would get a result, his hand slipped through Matt's shorts as he sought his ass. Matt tried to go into overdrive and crush Adam with his legs in a fruitless attempt as he felt Adam push two fingers straight in to his hole 'fuck' he shouted as his legs loosened their grip at the ensuing anal assault he was enduring, Matt moaned and yelped with the finger fucking he was getting but did not release his hold on Adam. Adam shifted his body at the first sign Matt's legs relaxed the tension around him, quickly withdrawing his fingers he released his cock from his own shorts and began sliding it through the leg of Matt's shorts until he found the target, abruptly he pushed it in dry. Matt arched his back and his legs released their hold on Adam, he cried at the penetration feeling the spasms rocketing through his body as Adam started fucking him. Matt's arms repositioned themselves to push Adam's shoulders. Adam raised his head looking Matt in the eye who was moaning partly in pain but with a tinge of delight, he moved forward towards Matt's mouth and kissed the eagerly waiting Matt deeply. Matt tried to push Adam off until he grabbed hold of Matt's arms and pinned them down over his head and ramped up the speed of his fucking. Matt whimpered 'oh fuck' he moaned 'oh god' again he moaned but Adam had the upper hand and continued fucking him until he began to feel his balls tightening all the time he looked Matt in the eye as he struggled underneath him. Adam raised his body and slammed in to Matt's ass several times before his hips crashed up hard against Matt's ass and his cock began spouting several large volleys of his toxic seed deep in to Matt's ass. As soon as the last few drops left his cock he pulled it out quickly and left Matt laying there panting heavily. Adam saw his cock was streaked in blood and cum mixed together, he rolled on to his back gathering himself. Like a flash Matt was on top of Adam prising his legs open, Adam panicked as Matt laughed at him 'You gonna take what you gave bitch'. Adam let out a long moan as Matt's eight inch cock powered in to his hole without stopping, it was Adam's turn to arch his back and as he cried from the fullness of Matt's cock. Matt was not only bigger that Adam but he had the power of jack hammer in his thighs and hips which he put to work straight way, Adam moaned and gasped trying to get his breath in between the rapid succession of the powerful thrusts, his arms were now pinned down as Matt now assumed the position of looming over him with a look of intent and purpose. He was powerless to stop Matt who showed no sign of easing up, his body was moving inch by inch across the grass with the coarseness scratching at his back adding to the euphoria he felt. Matt pushed in hard and began grunting and groaning muttering 'bitch take it' in between his grunts as he delivered his seed in to Adam who cried 'oh fuck yes'. Matt yanked his cock out of Adam's ass who let out a wail in pain. Matt stood up putting his cock back in his shorts "That will teach you" he laughed. Adam smiled gasping for breath "I hope your poz" he said. Matt stooped over Adam laying on the grass and slapped him hard across the face "Bitch" he called. Matt picked up his phone off the grass bending over to do so, Adam laughed again seeing a pink damp patch appear on his shorts. Matt turned to look at Adam and without a word he walked back round the house towards his car. Adam couldn't help but continue laughing as he saw a streak of pink fluid running down Matt's leg, what a fucking hot fuck that was he thought to himself before snapping back to reality, he also recognised they had in theory raped each other. He stood up and walked around the side of the house to see Matt getting in to the silver car, quickly he got a snap of Matt as he drove past in which you could clearly see him behind the wheel. Adam sent a text to Tony telling him of what just happened, Tony was annoyed and angry more so at the danger he just put himself in with the stranger. Adam cleaned up as best he could and made a coffee waiting for Angelo and Ethan to return, his mind wondered to the incredibly strong legs that almost knocked him out as they tried to squeeze the life out of him, he stroked his cock which was hard at the thought of him. He went back to the work out room to collect his bottle of water, glancing in the mirror he saw red marks had been left around the sides of his waist, underneath he knew that if he hadn't of fucked the guy he could have easily crushed him to death, but more importantly he had seen the stalker and knew Ethan was right. Half an hour had passed and he heard Angelo's car pulling up the drive, he sauntered over to the front door as Angelo approached immediately noticing the red marks around his waist. Ethan carrying bags from the trunk looked on in bewilderment. "What the hell happened to you?" Angelo asked and he took Adam in the kitchen to have a proper look. Adam put his finger to his lips "Not know". Angelo nodded "Why don't you go up and put your clothes away and sort out the ones that don't fit" he said to Ethan. Ethan nodded "Okay, then we can take them down to a charity shop". "Good idea Ethan" Angelo said "I will make sandwiches". Ethan didn't notice the marks on Adam and kissed him "See you in a mo" he said leaving the kitchen. "Out with it, what happened?" Angelo closed the kitchen door. Adam looked at him "Ethan was right, someone has been watching, well I suppose stalking you both". "Seriously?" Angelo remarked looking shocked "Can you describe him?". Adam nodded "I can do better than that" he showed Angelo the photo on his phone. Angelo shook his head "That is Matt my ex" he looked at Adam "So that explains the red marks". Adam looked confused "What do you mean?". "He got his legs wrapped around you didn't he?" Angelo raised a little smile. Adam laughed "Yes and fuck can he squeeze hard I though I was going to shit from the pressure". Adam continued "I got him wandering around trying to get in then we had a bit of a fight before the legs got me". "Did he hit you apart from that?" Angelo asked looking serious. Adam looked at Angelo "He slapped me hard after he finished fucking me, well more like raping me". Angelo clenched his fist "Going to have to teach him a another lesson". Adam grabbed Angelo's arm "No wait, I sort of raped him first to get him off me plus I wanted to do it". Angelo smiled "Adam seriously, you got to control your urges, still I need to speak to him about the stalking". Adam shook his head "Leave it for now, that silver car we see is his, we will know if he is still doing it". Angelo nodded "I ought to trust Ethan's instinct more. "What instinct" Ethan appeared hearing the last few words. Angelo looked over at Ethan "You were right about someone watching us". "I knew I wasn't being silly, how did you find out?" Ethan asked sitting at kitchen counter. "I caught him round the back of the house" Adam chipped in. Angelo laughed "They fucked each other as well, turns out it is Matt". "Matt... your ex?" Ethan said astounded looking at Angelo. Angelo nodded "Yes". Adam told Ethan about Matt stalking them and going through the events of the morning, Ethan waved his finger at Adam telling him he knew someone was watching them. Knowing it was Matt didn't seem to bother Ethan that much, but he was laughing his head off when Adam went into detail about how they ended up fucking. Tony arrived to pick Adam up and as he left he turned to Ethan and said he would pick him up at 7.30am on Monday for college. Ethan's heart sank as he would have to go back to educational life until the next break. Angelo and Ethan went out for a run later that afternoon around Harrison, as they entered the house Ethan went up to shower and Angelo saw he had a text message from his sister, she was in the area and would pop round before heading back to the Bronx, the text was nearly an hour old and he was about to text her back when there was a knock at the door. Maria stood on the doorstep and started giving him hell as he hadn't responded to her text, Angelo just laughed and said he was out running and was about to reply. Ethan dried himself off and pulled on some clothes, he was distracted by voices coming from the kitchen. Curious he made his way downstairs. Maria was sat at the counter drinking her coffee, Angelo could see her eyes darting around the kitchen. "How are things going with the company?" She asked Angelo. "Going really well" Angelo saw her eyes move carefully around the kitchen "What are you looking for?". Maria looked at him "Things are out of place Angelo what are you not telling me?" Angelo shook his head and spotted Ethan at the door "Maria this is Ethan, Ethan my sister Maria". Maria turned and looked him up and down and smiled "Hi Ethan". Ethan blushed "Hi, sorry I didn't know you had your sister here". Maria walked over to Ethan and hugged him "So your the one that's stolen my brothers heart". Ethan laughed "Well I think he stole mine first". The three of them went outside and sat by the pool chatting, Ethan and Maria got on and she knew that her brothers recent change was clearly down to Ethan's effect on him. As Maria got ready to leave she turned to Angelo telling him that the rest of the family will want to meet him so you better prepare Ethan for that, Angelo laughed and simply replied one day but not just yet. Angelo walked Maria to her car as he was about to leave. "He is very nice Angelo, but very young" She said looking at him "Are you sure about him?". Angelo nodded "Yes very sure, he looks at me like no one has ever done". Maria kissed him on the cheek "If you love him just promise to be you, be Angelo with him". "Si me hermana" Angelo smiled and kissed her on the cheek and watched her leave.
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    The next morning, I waved goodbye to my mother and got to the sauna about an hour before opening. Bill was behind the desk doing some paperwork. “Morning Timmy.” He said. I could hear some banging and clattering down the hall. “Got some guy’s in to fix the showers. One of the cubicles has a leak.” He said, typing something on the computer. I undressed, hanging my clothes in the cupboard behind the desk, and feeling the excitement grow as I got naked. There was a crumpled pack of lube in the locker. With shaky hands, I squeezed some onto a finger and smeared it over my arsehole as I’d been told. When I turned round, Bill had dropped his trousers and pants and was stroking his erection. “I hate doing these accounts,” He said, pulling me over to the counter. “Somehow they never seem to add up. Bend over, there’s a good lad.” I bent over the counter and he got behind me, still looking at the screen. Slowly, he slid his cock up me and begun to fuck me. “That’s better,” He said. “How’s your mum today?” “O..ok.” I gasped as he worked himself towards a climax. “That’s good….tell her I said you’re doing a good job, will you?” He thrust faster, then suddenly grunted and I felt his cock throb as it spurted. When he was done, he slid out and wiped it with a tissue and then returned to the screen. “That’s better.” He slapped my arse in appreciation. “Now go and see if the guys doing the shower need a cup of tea.” I got up and used the dirty tissue to wipe my backside, then went along the corridor to the shower area. There were two guys working there – almost like laurel and Hardy. One was short, fat and red-faced with filthy jeans below a belly bulging below his t-shirt and the other was wearing t-shirt and shorts and had hollow cheeks and skinny arms and legs They barely looked up when I appeared naked in the doorway. “Would you like some tea?” I asked, my cheeks red with embarrassment at being nude in front of them. “Mac? Time for a break?” said the skinny one. Mac nodded. “Two sugars for me. Jack here takes just milk.” I went off to the kitchen and made a couple of mugs of tea. When I returned, they were standing looking at the shower. “I think you’re right, Mac. Looks like that crack at the back is the problem.” Mac nodded, scratching his fat arse through the jeans. “Put them over there.” said Jack. I went and put them on a table. “What’s your name?” asked Mac, unzipping the fly below his bulging belly. “T..Timmy.” I replied, mesmerised as he pulled his jeans open and dug out a long, thick cock, rolling the foreskin over the head as it grew erect. “That’s the problem with these places,” Said jack, lifting off his t-shirt and dropping his shorts. “They don’t look after them like they should.” His cock was long and thin like him, and I noticed the veins standing out on his arms and legs. Mac also removed his t-shirt, exposing a huge scorpion tattoo which covered his pudgy shoulder, and a floppy belly above his glistening cock. Jack sat down on the sofa and rubbed his cock as Mac bent me forward until my face was in Jack’s crotch. I took his cock in my hand and began to lick the salty tip, noticing his dry, scaly skin and a couple of sores on his thighs. “well,” said Mac, getting behind me and resting his belly on my back. “That just means more work for us!” He thrust his cock into me, and I gasped at its girth which stretched my hole wide before sliding home and I felt his heavy balls slap against mine. Jack idly rubbed my hair as I sucked him whilst his partner fucked me with short, urgent thrusts. “Nice hole on this one.” He said to Jack who just grunted in acknowledgement. “Timmy wasn’t it?” He leant forward and whispered in my ear, his bulky body on my back. “Mmmm.” I replied, my mouth full of Jack’s cock.” “Well, Timmy. Here comes my dirty cum. Bill said he wants you knocked up!” With that, he gave a loud gasp and thrust hard into me and I felt his cock twitch and cum, twitch and cum. “Fuck, that was good!” He grunted as he levered himself off me and pulled out. “Hurry up, Jack, we’ve got work to do.” Jack raised my head, turned me round and pulled me down. His long, thin cock slid easily up me given the lube and two loads in my rectum, and I found myself sitting in his lap, impaled on his cock. “Crouch up a bit.” He said. I put my hands on his thighs and lifted myself so he could thrust up into me from below. “Dirty bastard” Laughed Mac. “Look at that cum dripping out!” He was right. As Jack’s cock fucked me, cum and lube dripped out and smeared his balls. Meanwhile, Mac had dressed and was on his knees fixing the crack. He looked over his shoulder and said. “C’mon Jack, I need a hand.” Jack grunted and snorted and then I felt him trembling as he added his spunk to the mix in my arse. Then he pushed me off and used and old towel to wipe himself. They ignored me, drinking their tea and discussing the shower as I wiped myself on the old towel and went back to reception on weak legs.
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    I cleaned up and made Bill a coffee. It felt strange to be walking around naked and available to the denizens who came to the sauna. Bill made me lube my arse ready as it had got quite busy. Sid was there, and the old troll called Arthur, along with a couple of guys I hadn't seen before, including a fat, black guy with sagging tits and a short, thick cock and heavy balls. I didn't really know what to do, so I wandered upstairs to the TV room. The black guy was there with Arthur and Sid watching porn on the TV. All were naked and jacking their cocks and talking. "So, we haven't seen you for a while, Mike". Said Sid to the black guy. "Where you been?" They ignored me as the black guy said "Been away working. Haven't had any tail in ages." They laughed as Sid nodded at his cock. "Looks like it wants some today, Mike!" I turned to go as Sid said. "So where were you working?" As he spoke, he casually took my wrist and pulled me towards the sofa. "Oh, up north."Said Mike, levering his bulk off the sofa as Sid pulled me down and onto my knees. "Big construction project, so the money's good." As he spoke, he got behind me and began to slide his cock up me. It was fat and stiff, but slid easily in through the lube. He sighed happily as he lifted his belly onto my back and began to fuck me. "Trouble is, you work long hours and then you're too knackered to do anything else...yeah that's tight...nice.."He said. Sid stuck a bottle under my nose and I sagged into the cushions as Mike began to thrust urgently into me. "Contracts..contracts ended now..." He puffed. " Hang on... I'm going to cum." With that he pushed into me and I felt his cock throb and throb as he spurted. "Phew!" He said " I needed that!" He pulled out roughly, and I felt sperm gush over my balls. "Cheers guys," He said. "I'm going for a coffee" He waddled out as Sid turned to Arthur. "You coming for a coffee?" "In a minute," Said the old man getting behind me and sliding his cock into my sopping hole. "Ok," Said Sid. " See you downstairs when you're done" He left as Arthur began to fuck me. Behind the sofa was a mirror. I saw myself kneeling, being fucked from behind, and there on Arthur's shoulder was a biohazard tattoo I hadn't noticed before. He grinned at me in the mirror. "Hold still," he said. "Got some more spunk for you" Then he grunted and shuddered as he emptied his old balls into me. With that, he slapped my arse, grabbed his towel and left. My descent into depravity had just begun...
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    Part 50   I made it to work the rest of the week alright. Took my meds as prescribed. In the evenings, which I spent mostly alone, I thought about what the heck I had done. Hank came over to talk a couple of times, mostly just hi and regular talk. He always had on shorts and I always had trouble keeping my eyes off of his crotch, knowing how good that could make my whole being feel.   Friday night came and I knew this would be the toughest test so far. I started to stay home and then decided to go out anyway. Went to my fav. bar and ran into some old friends. They were all kidding me about being gone so long and I told them it was only a couple of weeks.   It was kind of a nice time, seeing and talking to my old friends. A couple of times, women we knew stopped by and at least twice it seemed like they were hitting on me. I was interested, somewhat, but just didn't feel quite right about them after last weekends goings on. I still felt an attraction and kind of wanted to 'sample' the goodies offered, but did I really want to or just a longing to go back to...what?   As the night wore on, more and more of my old friends hooked up or called it a night. Soon there was just two of us left. Both of us had had more to drink than we should have. My, last friend standing, I knew had had too much to drink to be driving. He was married and lived quite a ways away, too. I told him he better not be driving home. He was out of it and didn't argue much. I told him I was calling his wife and tell her he was going to sleep it off at my place. She was upset when I called her, but thought it was really nice to have a friend like me to help out. She just wanted his butt back home with a good explanation the next day. LOL.   I got him loaded into the car and we were soon back at my place where I helped him in and he practically collapsed on the couch. He was still awake but I don't think he had any idea where he was. We talked a bit, or I should say I talked and he mumbled, then I headed up to drain my bladder. In my bathroom, I could hear noises, again, coming from next door. I leaned in and sure enough, they were definitely fucking over there again. Seems like every weekend. I listened for a bit and decided it had to be Hank drilling the ass of some guy good. My own cock stood up as I heard them. Damn, got to quit listening.   I didn't move away though and finally could tell for sure it was Hank when he spoke up good and loud that he was cumming and going to POZ that guy's hole but good. I just smiled, knowing what that guy was feeling and my own damn cock jumping around as I heard them. I then, said to hell with it, and went into my bedroom and got my clothes off and some pjs on. I started to climb in bed when I decided I was thirsty and headed down to the kitchen to get some water. As I was getting it, there was a knock on the door. I was pretty sure who it was, but answered it anyway.   There stood Hank, naked like normal and his cock standing at attention, even after the fucking he had just done to some guy a few minutes ago. He just grinned, when I looked up finally, and told me he knew where my eyes would be when I opened the door. We both laughed and then I remembered about my friend in the other room and whispered to Hank that we had to be quieter.   I crossed the kitchen and took a peek into the livingroom. My friend was sitting on the couch with his head back and I don't think he heard anything at all. Hank was looking over my shoulder and asked who that was? I told him about going to the bar and meeting up with some old friends and this one, married, was too drunk to drive home and had asked him to stay the night and sleep it off. Hank just laughed quietly. He knew what that was like.   Hank told me he had better get back over to his place as he had three guys over there wanting some pozzing tonight. He left and just as I was headed up to bed, I heard my friend, get up off of the couch. I stopped to see what he was doing and it looked like he was about to get sick. I grabbed him and the closest place was to the backyard and we barely made it before he was down in the grass and heaving his insides out but good. I stood and kind of watched out for him for a bit before I suddenly realized we had company and turning found three guys on the picnic table watching and all naked as the outdoors. One of them was Randy and he immediately got up and came over to offer assistance if I needed it. I told him it was just an old friend who had too much to drink. He laughed good.   My friend didn't want me to help him up yet, so I decided to go back inside and finish my drink of water. After downing my water, I headed back outside to get my friend up and in the house and tucked in for the night. I was completely caught by surprise when I found him bent over the picnic table, pants at his ankles and Randy's huge cock pounding away at his hole.   I ran over and asked what the hell was going on? I told them he was a married man and didn't do this kind of thing. Randy just grunted and laughed and told me it was too late now, as he had just cum in him deep. My friend was passed out and had no idea at all of what had just happened to him. I was panicky. What was I going to tell him or his wife or what the hell was I to do?   Randy just told me he thought he had wanted it as when he had got up from the ground he had dropped his own pants and took a piss and then had bent over the table and was out. His nice bare ass was just too much to ignore. With Randy's hvl, it was probably in his bloodstream already. What to do now? uch to pass up. I took one look at my friend's ass and knew he was probably in trouble as there was cum and blood showing all around his hole. With Randy's hvl, it was probably in his bloodstream already. What to do now?
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    Part 1 Whenever my parents fought, I’d always go over to my neighbor’s house. Jim was close with my dad, so it wasn’t too odd the first time I went over to play basketball or see if he’d want to go fishing at the nearby lake. He was the first person I ever told that I was gay. It was pretty easy since I knew that not only was he gay too but that he had a partner, Henry. Their home became my home away from home, and he practically became my second dad. My actual dad knew that I was going over there and, knowing that Jim and Henry were good guys, was fine with it. When the summer of my 17th birthday came around Jim asked if I wanted to go camping with him and Henry at my birthday party. My parents were fine with it, and since they were fighting now more than ever, I was eager to get the fuck out of that house, even it was just for a few days. Jim, Henry, and I headed up to Jim’s favorite campsite the weekend after my birthday. That night we all talked around the fire about the previous year, and I told them that I had come out to my mom and dad. They were both excited and happy for me. Henry told us about how his father was furious when he found out about Jim and that he didn’t speak to him for a month. Now they’re fine, and Jim even goes over to watch hockey with them sometimes. The night moved on and as we talked Henry told me that he had just been diagnosed with HIV. In all honesty, I didn’t know how to feel; I knew that HIV wasn’t a death sentence anymore, but it still had to be a downer. To my surprise, Henry seemed fine with the diagnosis, if not a bit excited. “When I got the results back, I was stunned at first, and then I noticed that I was rock hard in front of the doc,” Henry said. “You got turned on by having HIV?” “Yeah, it’s weird to say, but knowing that your jizz is potent, adds a sense of danger to any sex you have. Not to mention, I’m not really afraid of catching anything anymore. At least STI related. I’m a terrible influence, I know.” “You can say that again.” My uncle said before groping Henry’s cock through his shorts. “But, aren’t you afraid that you’ll give it to Jim?” “I was at first, but when he heard I was POZ he threw his pants off and ordered me to POZ his hole right there on the kitchen table. Honestly, it was one of the hottest fucks of my life.” I was dumbfounded by this concept yet even I found it kinda hot. That night we had all gone to bed at roughly about the same time, tucked into our sleeping bags. Jim and Henry snuggled together. Sometime during the night, I woke up and found Henry and Jim gone. I went outside, only wearing the boxers I slept in, and looked around for them. I didn’t see them at first, but once I got closer to the campground’s showers, I started to hear the sound of flesh slapping flesh. I looked inside and saw Henry fucking Jim who was holding onto a showerhead for dear life. I watched as Henry’s cock pounded Jim’s ass. I had seen Jim’s sizable cock last year when we used these very showers after a hike, but now he was fully hard and begging for Henry to breed his neg ass. Henry pushed all the way inside him and unleashed a torrent of POZ cum deep inside of him. I imagined the cum soaking into the walls of his rectum, becoming part of Jim, incurably forever. I understood the attraction now, even though I didn’t yet agree with it. We hiked and talked throughout the rest of the trip until it was time to head home. Another year passed, and by the time my 18th birthday came around, Jim had planned another camping trip for just us. Henry couldn’t go this year because of his job, so we’d be all alone this time. I really wanted to go camping with both of them again since we had so much fun the previous year, though. Not to mention I couldn’t get the image of Henry fucking Jim out of my mind all year. The few times I saw them my eyes couldn’t help but wander down to their crotches. Since it was my senior year, I was pretty busy with school work and college application, not to mention Henry was working a lot and Jim got sick near the start of the school year. We got to the campgrounds earlier this time, so once we were done setting up the tent, we went on a hike down one of the shorter trails. By the time we got back to the tent, it was already getting dark, but we were both pretty sweaty since the trail we took had a lot of hills that we had to climb. When we got to the showers and started to undress, I noticed a tattoo around Jim’s right nipple; it was a biohazard tattoo. Even though we were able to play basketball a few time throughout the year, we typically kept our shirts on so this was the first time I had seen his chest since last summer. “That new tattoo mean what think it means?” I asked. “Yep, looks like Henry POZZED me last summer. Could’ve been when you were spying on us.” I blushed. I hadn’t known that I had been spotted. I looked down, embarrassed. “Hey, no need to feel bad. I thought it was hot that you were watching us. Did you like what you saw?” He was completely undressed now, with his 7” cock dangling between his legs. I wanted to slap myself for not putting two and two together with Jim being sick near the start of the school year. “Actually, yeah. I jacked off thinking about it a few times during the year. Hot to think that it took.” “You kinky little boy.” He playfully slapped my ass and went for the nearest shower nozzle. “Let’s get cleaned up before it gets any later.” I followed him and turned on the nozzle next to his. As we washed the sweat off of our bodies, I’d bend down and spend a bit of extra time washing my ankles, exposing my hole to Jim. “If you keep doing that, I can’t be held responsible for what happens to you.” He said, slyly. “Oh, really? What would happen to me, Jim?” I playfully asked as I stood back up. When I looked over at Jim, he was rock hard, and his 7” cock was now easily 9”. He stepped closer to me to the point where I had to look up into his face. “Seems to be that you want me to fuck you, boy. Is that it?” “It might be,” I said, looking up into his eyes, getting lost in them. “And you know you can get POZZED by me fucking you?” “Yeah,” I said as I brought my hand up and placed it over his nipple that was encircled in his biohazard tattoo. “You want me to POZ you, boy?” “Yeah, I do, Jim. If it hadn’t been for you and Henry these past few years, I don’t know what I would have done. I was so alone and unsure of so many things until you two helped me realize that there’s nothing to fear from the future. You two are lucky to have each other, true, but I’m lucky to have both of you too. And I want to always have a piece of you with me, Jim.” I said right before I brought my mouth down and began to kiss and suck on his nipple. His hands went to the back of my head and began running through my hair as I sucked on his erect nipple and felt his erect cock press against my stomach. “Fuck, Aaron. I’m the lucky one to have YOU in MY life. Henry and I have both been lucky to have known a man like you. Not to mention, we’ve both been counting the days until you turned 18.” “You could’ve had me any time you wanted,” I said, momentarily taking my mouth away from his nipple. Without saying anything, he grabbed me by my chin and kissed me. His tongue invaded my mouth and began to lap at mine, massaging it. I moaned at the sensation into his mouth and began to massage his tongue right back. As we kissed, he brought his hand down and wrapped it around my cock. “Fuck, you’re thick.” He said as he slowly began to pump my dick with his fist. My dick wasn’t as long as his, but it was slightly thicker. I leaned into his neck and moaned. No one besides me or a doctor had ever touched my cock before. “Lick and suck on my neck, just like you did to my nipple, Aaron.” I did as I continued to moan. I first licked the soft spot on the side of his neck. “Suck it harder, Aaron! Fuck yes! Leave a mark on me!” Hearing my neighbor beg for me to give him a hickey made my cock twitch in his hand. I sucked harder at his neck, and he moaned into my ear. Just as I began to put more pressure on the skin right above the artery on the right side of his neck, he pulled me off of him. “Fuck! I can’t take it anymore.” He turned us around and pressed me against the wall. As I stood there, I felt his huge cock between my cheeks. “Bend over for me.” I did as he said and bent over, exposing my virgin hole. Without saying anything, he got on his knees and dug his face into my cheeks. He licked my hole and even began to lick the inside of it. In some ways, it felt uncomfortable, but at the same time it felt amazing, and I didn’t want him to stop. I moaned with my face smashed against the wall. He took his tongue out of my ass and stood up behind me again. He slowly began to rock his hips, pressing his sex against my entrance. “I’m not going to lie, Aaron. If this is your first time, it’s going to hurt… like, a lot. I’m not exactly small, and we’re going to have to make do with our spit. I’ll go slow, though.” “I trust you. Please fuck me!” “You ready to take your first cock in your ass? And your first POZ load? There’s no turning back once I’m in. I’m already leaking like crazy here.” He said. I looked behind me at his cock and saw that he was leaking precum as if he had left a faucet on. “Yeah, Jim. POZ my virgin hole! Fill me with your jizz!” I said as I ground my ass against his twitching cock. “Fuck yes! That’s my boy!” He said before slapping my ass. He spit on his cock a few times before leaning back down and spitting directly onto my eager entrance. “Here we go. Once you feel me pushing into you, don’t forget to breathe.” I felt the tip of his cock press against my sphincter. He began to push, and the second I felt the head of his cock pop into my hole I nearly screamed. The pain racked through my body, and it felt like he was plunging a kitchen knife up my ass instead of his cock. “Breathe, Aaron. Relax. The pain will fade pretty quickly.” He held still for a while, letting me get used to the pain and breathe to relax. After about a minute, I felt the sharp sensation go away. “Better?” He asked when he noticed my breathing was returning to something like normal. I was too preoccupied to talk, so I just looked over my shoulder and nodded. I felt his dick slide further and further into me. It felt amazing; it was as if I didn’t know I had this much emptiness to fill inside of me. Eventually, he bottomed out, and his balls were against my taint. “I’m all the way inside you. How are you doing?” “I’m alright now. Your cock feels amazing. I feel so full, Jim.” “Oh, you might think you’re full now, but just wait until I pump a toxic load into you.” He wrapped his hand around me and began to rub my belly, just over my pubes. “I can almost feel your womb where my virus is going to take hold. You ready for that, Aaron?” “Fuck yeah! Knock me up! Make me yours!” He began to pump his cock in and out of my ass, and I couldn’t help but moan. The feeling of his cock stretching my virgin hole felt so good I didn’t think that anything could top it. Then he changed the angle of his cock and started to hit my prostate. It felt like my insides were being electrified in the best way possible. I nearly screamed with pleasure until Jim put his big, meaty hands over my mouth. “Quiet, now. Remember, we’re pretty much alone out here, but we don’t know that for sure.” “Sorry, just it feels amazing. I didn’t know my ass could feel so good.” “Really? I always knew your ass could feel so good.” He said. I playfully pushed him, and he resumed fucking me. With his precum already soaking into my insides, I knew that the virus could already be seeping into my system, changing my DNA forever. The strangest thing, though, was that I didn’t fear it. I knew that I’d always have Jim and Henry there to help me through anything that would come my way. “Jim?” “Yeah?” He said, puffing as he rammed my hole as hard as he could. “Can I face you?” “Sure.” He said. He slowly pulled his cock out of my ass, and I felt an incredible, aching emptiness. “Would you mind being on the floor?” “Well, it’s not like I’m afraid of catching anything from IT.” I sarcastically said. He playfully slapped my ass, and I giggled. I laid on my back against the cold, concrete ground as Jim loomed over me with his erect cock. He spit more onto his cock and then laid down on top of me. He began to kiss me and caress my body as our tongues lapped at each other. As he was kissing me, he positioned his cock at my entrance and pushed in. I moaned with the feeling of being filled by him again. He pulled his mouth back from mine and looked down at me as he began to pump in and out of my juicy hole with his thick cock. “Fuck me, Jim!” I moaned. “Yeah? You like my big cock filling your hole, Aaron?” “Oh yeah! Fill me, Jim! Take my virgin hole!” “Yeah! I’m gonna POZ your virgin hole. Give you Me and Henry’s DNA!” “Fuck yeah! POZ my fucking virgin hole, Jim! Fill me with your jizz.” I felt Jim pump his cock quicker and quicker in and out of my ass and a loud, low, guttural moan begun to resonate from his throat. “Fuck! I’m gonna cum, Aaron! I’m gonna cum inside your ass! POZ you with my seed!” “Please! Please cum inside me, Jim! Cum inside me!!!” I nearly screamed. He let out a loud grunt before slamming his throbbing cock all the way inside my ass. I felt his warm, toxic cum flood my guts and his cock twitch inside me with every spirt. He pumped his cock into me a few more times before pushing all the way in and staying there. We kissed on the floor of the shower embracing in the afterglow of our carnal act. It was then that I noticed that the shower was still on from earlier and the water was pooling around us. I didn’t care, though. “How does that POZ load feel in your hole, boy?” “Amazing! I want more of your cum in me, Jim!” “I can guarantee that that’s going to happen. We still have a few more days out here, and I know that Henry’s going to want a piece of that ass.” “Fuck! That sounds amazing! I want to be a cumdump for both of you this summer!” “I’m sure we can work something out.” I felt his cock twitch in my hole one last time before he pulled out. He helped me up, and we rinsed off, for real this time. When we were cleaned up, we headed back to the tent. To Be Continued….
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    I didn't get the video until the next day - but it was worth the wait. His camera placement was excellent and he knew how to play to them without it being obvious to Teddy that's what he was doing. I was amazed when on fuck 4 or 5, as he got close Logan said "Gonna cum!" - and I was expecting Teddy to respond with something like "cum in me" or maybe "fuck me harder" - but Teddy started dropping poz chaser lines! OK, he didn't go as far as asking for a "toxic" load or begging to be "knocked up" - but he did say he wanted Logan's "dirty" load "balls deep" and like that. I don't know if that was genuine or what he thought Logan wanted to hear... but it was quite something hearing this coming out of a former condom nazi! I'd noticed - but it hadn't really registered on me - that one of the profile view cameras just happened to look all the way into the attached bathroom - a happy accident of the door placement. But then I get to the part where Logan ushers Teddy into the bathroom, shoves him down to his knees and starts pissing in his mouth! Another of Teddy's raunch limits blown to hell - maybe we need to bottle Logan's B.O. for the effect it has on bottom pigs! I should clarify - Logan was pissing in Teddy's mouth, who was *guzzling it down* not just letting it flow out again and getting wet in the process. The audio from the bathroom was poor, but I did think I heard Logan telling him "don't spill a drop". And then there were those 11 PrEP-busting, bug-laden loads! Logan had told me that he felt a lot of the stuff that some breeders do to willing chasers to try and ensure the bug "takes" was overkill; he felt that the best approach - and one compatible with stealthing - was just to *keep on fucking* after dropping a load, actively massaging that charged cum into the recipient's fuckhole. Of course with him that tended to just roll forward into fucking another load in - but that could only help too. (Of course, he was used to having a highly infectious strain, so who knows?) I had two particular favorites - Logan woke up first on Saturday morning after banging 3 loads in a row into Teddy on Friday night; he had his typical raging-hard, drooling morning wood - and just shoved that into Teddy's cum-oozing hole and started fucking, pinning him down and forcing him to take it. Teddy struggled a bit at first, but quickly got into it with Logan's broad cockhead banging hard on his prostate. The other was the reverse - Logan lying there on his back snoring with a roaring hardon - and Teddy sitting on it... which led to Teddy getting rolled over, held down and reamed mercilessly when Logan awoke. It was clear that Teddy was shocked by Logan's forceful approach - though you'd think after 10 or more loads he'd have gotten a clue by then - but he quickly got into it, encouraging Logan to "ride me hard" and so on. My own hole was no longer sore from Logan's plowing but his powerfucking style was obviously familiar and made my hole clench at times. I had to start stroking as I watched the video and the count of potent loads blasted up Teddy's hole rose; when I got to the last one - the Monday morning wake-up fuck that was just shy of sexual assault - I shot all over my own beard when Logan roared "Take my NUT, faggot!" as he plowed in toxic dose #13, his crotch grinding hard against Teddy's hairy butt. I wished I could see the entire fucks instead of just a highlight reel - but figured maybe I could convince him to show them to me someday, if not let me have full copies. (He had finally agreed to let me have the videos of him fucking ME, as long as I promised not to post them online. Our poz talk was very blunt throughout all our fucking and he understandably didn't want any potential stealth targets tipped off.) During the week I got several updates from him via Signal; he'd had a number of other men lined up to breed, mostly either already poz who wanted to get held down and plowed by a big burly biker or bugchasers who were hoping to get knocked up; but despite having told Teddy he had plans during the week and would be busy, the little shit seemed to not care that Logan had other things/men to do. Logan got progressively more irritated with Teddy's wheedling for more of his cock; "In a way it's an ego boost to have someone so desperate for more of me - but damn it, he GOT a baker's dozen of my loads over a long weekend! What a greedy little creep!" "Yeah, well - that fits." "I didn't tell ya before - but I'd actually started to wonder if he was so bad... then at one point I went off to get us drinks and I overheard him trashing people right and left with his friends when he thought I was out of earshot. I have NO regrets for doing my best to knock him up!" "Glad to hear it, buddy. Other than him being a pest, how's it going?" "Great! Lots of willing holes - had a 'mostly top' guy the other day who wants to go from shooting blanks to live ammo, so I really reamed him hard; after, he thanked me for 'doing the job right' so I hope he gets what he wants. I'm looking forward to that party Friday night you were telling me about, but I blanked on the details...?" "Oh, it's a 'breed the bugchasers' party - 3 slings, 3 pigs who want to poz and they don't know which tops are poz - and at the end, they're only told their *total* of charged loads, not who gave them the poison seed. I've been to a couple, they're lots of fun. The bottoms have to impress the buddy of mine who throws 'em because to have at least two tops per bottom is difficult to put together so they have to make it worth the tops' time. Like I said the other day, you and your machine-gun cock are going to be popular even if you have to wait a while in between turns while all the tops get rotated through. All the bottoms have at least a goatee, so I'm sure you'll breed 'em all. <grin>" "One last thing for now... I discovered I fucked up when I made my reservation - I have to be out of here on Saturday, but I wasn't going to leave 'til Sunday. Any ideas?" "Sure, you can stay here Saturday night. We'll go out, have some fun and you can gift me any dirty cum you don't want to take home. I've got space in my garage for your bike so you won't have to park it on the street." "Great! By the way, have you heard anything from your scientist bud?" "We just gave him your blood sample two days ago - it takes at least a week for all the testing. He told me he would like samples from me once a month for a while to follow what happens. I'll be sure to keep you updated on the results." "I don't know why, but it's really been turning me on to think of having a brother breeder with my strain of the virus... can you imagine us double-penetrating some pig and both of us filling him with the same strain? Just thinkin' about it makes my dick leak!" "Doing your laundry makes your dick leak," I joked, "but I know what you mean. Love the idea of our cocks slipping back and forth next to each other in the fuckhole of a piggy begging for us to plant our dirty seed...!" "Fuck yea! Whoops, gotta run, bud - have a trick showing up soon. I'll take a half day off before the party and I'll see you there - I found the email you sent with all the details." "Ride hard, man!" "As always!"
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    Thanks for the feedback. - - - - - Chapter 3: Messages with the German bear I'd sort of forgotten about the German guy that had messaged me. Well, I never forgot that cock (and nor did my photos app, having obviously saved it). But after that initial interaction we did keep up messaging. And then in March on the Easter weekend he sent me another message out of the blue, "Hi, it's Alex, so when are you coming back to Germany?". Just after Christmas I'd deleted all the apps, thinking that if I got rid of them, then the temptation to bareback might go. About a week before Easter I succumbed to my urges and re-installed Scruff, his profile pic was just a thumbnail. A thumbnail of that rather magnificently hairy, beefy chest of his. So until I realised we still had our private galleries unlocked for each other I was racking my brain thinking who on earth this Alex guy could be. "Hi, I'm might be back in June. How have you been?" I replied. He replied almost immediately, "Great. The summer is wonderful here. You must go to the lake, it is very beautiful"... "Thanks for the tip, I'll try. I'm only over for a weekend though. Visiting a friend." ... "A sex friend?" ... "Haha, no, we don't have sex" ... "Oh, that is a shame, German guys can be very good sex friends". Our conversation then descended into an exchange of more explicit pics that weren't in our private galleries, and some general chat about how hot we found each other. But it was late, and my eyelids were heavy, so I made my apologies and wished him goodbye. A few weeks later, he messaged again. This time I was on my way home from some late drinks with colleagues. "Hi cub. How are you?" he asked... "A bit drunk. Just on my way home" I replied... "Going home alone?" ... "Yes" ... "That's a shame. Sexy cub like you shouldn't be alone"... "I wouldn't be if you were here"... "No. That is true. I wouldn't let you go home alone. Especially if you are drunk. You need looking after"... "I think I need something else" I replied... "Oh really? And what would that be?"... "Your cock"... "Yes?" ... "Yeah, I love it. I love how thick and veiny it is. I want to feel it" ... "You can do that when you visit"... "I want to feel it now" ... "But we are so far apart cub" ... "I know :("... "But if I was there, you could definitely feel it". I got distracted by some other notification and exited Scruff. After a few minutes he messaged again, "Where do you want to feel it cub? Where do you want to feel my cock?"... "You know" I replied"... "Tell me"... "My ass" ... "Yeah cub. I knew you wanted it"... "So badly"... "You want my cock in you cub?"... "Yes"... "Tell me cub"... "I want your cock inside me"... "Like this?" he said, following it up with a picture of his thick, veiny, raw cock entering a guy's furry ass. "YES" I replied... "You want it exactly like this?" he asked. "Yes" I replied. "You like it raw then cub?". Despite my predilection for barebacking, I'd never actively solicited it through the apps before. It was always something that happened when I was drunk, or once I was at a guy's place. It happening in the spur of the moment was a way of excusing it, I was just a guy that barebacked rather than being a barebacker. That yes I had bareback sex, but I wasn't someone that actively chose to bareback. "So cub, do you like getting fucked raw?" he asked again. He wanted to know. He wanted me to admit it. I would have to commit it to writing. "Yes" I eventually replied. "Yes, what?" he asked. "Yes, I like getting fucked raw" I typed, my dick getting harder than it ever had before. "Good" he replied. "Will you let me fuck you raw when you visit in June?"... "Yes"... "Dirty cub". So there it was technically, I'd committed in writing for the first time to let someone I'd never met before fuck me raw. I never replied to his message, having just got through the door as it arrived. I got into bed, and wanked off to his private gallery, thinking about how wonderful his cock was. How amazing it would feel to have it inside me. A few more weeks passed until he messaged again. "Not long now cub". It was mid-May, and he was right, it was only 4 and a bit weeks till I'd be back. We flirted back and forth, him telling me how much he wanted my ass, me saying how much I wanted his cock. But ultimately, I knew it was unlikely. Jake had said that one of his German friend's parents had a cabin in a forest about an hour's train journey. Knowing I loved hiking and the countryside he said he'd thought it would be great to do, we could head out Friday after I arrived, do a hike on the Saturday, and then head back on Sunday via the lake. I flirted with the hot German bear, it was some harmless fun and we'd not specifically committed to anything. Part of me felt a bit bad for leading him on, but at the same time I thought that maybe the next time I visit Jake, perhaps I'd bump into him at the bear bar.
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    I recently tagged along with my partner on a business trip to Philadelphia and had quite a bit of extra time to lay around the hotel room to watch crappy movies, order room service, and cruise Grindr. I got a message early in the morning from Phil, a bald, bearded, furry, lean guy. Definitely my type, not so much for my partner, but he’s pretty good about going with the flow. Phil and I exchanged the usual pleasantries and then the sexting began and the sharing of pictures. He was versatile and always played safe. My partner finished up with his meetings and we headed into the city to explore, eat, and drink. Once back at the hotel, I let Phil know we were ready for him. He arrived 20 minutes later looking quite sexy in tight jeans and cowboy boots. We shared a three-way kiss while shirts were unbuttoned and pants were pushed down to our ankles. But like most versatile men, Phil wanted cock in his hole. My partner and I rubbered up and took turns on his hole. I would have loved to have been in there raw since his hole had the perfect amount of tightness, open but with friction. I could have have fucked it for hours. No, literally. Since I was wrapped up, there’s no worry about cumming too fast. Phil started to grab at my ass, spreading my cheeks. He asked to fuck me. I unrolled a condom on his dick, spread some lube on my hole and worked it in. He had a 6-inch, normal-sized dick, so it was easy to sit down on it. I rode him for a bit before he asked for my partner to get back in his hole. So I pulled off for a second while my partner lifted Phil’s legs and slid in. Since Phil was on his back with my partner’s cock in his ass, I went to sit on his cock again. It was a tricky position, but we were desperate to make it work. I reached back and moved Phil’s cock to the entrance of my hole. The angle was a bit off so I had to force it a bit. That’s when I heard a strange sound. I don’t know if Phil or my partner heard it, but there was a muffled snapping sound. I was 90% sure the condom had split open right at the top. But maybe it didn’t. Maybe the snap was just the weird angle and the sudden force of pushing into my hole. Hmmmm. Do I check? Do I stop the action to replace the condom when I would have been happy to sit on his raw cock anyway? Of course not. Knowing the condom is most likely split, I ride Phil’s cock and squeeze my hole as tight as I can each time I sit on it. My secret hope is that my hole is pushing the broken condom to the base of his cock so that there’s nothing but skin on skin. It doesn’t take Phil long to announce he’s ready to blow his load. And I completely understand. The guy is getting pounded by my partner’s fat dick while I’m riding his now-raw cock. I say, “Do it, man.” He grunts and moans and unloads. This sends me over the edge and I cum all over his furry chest. My partner pulls out, removes the rubber, and adds his cum to Phil’s chest. When I lift myself off Phil’s dick, I reach around and remove his condom. The room is dark. I can’t tell if it’s broken or full of cum. I put it on the dresser with the other used ones. Once Phil is gone, my partner and I turn on the TV and chill for an hour. That’s when I feel it. That feeling that I need to release some pressure from my hole, but, if I do, something is coming out with it. That’s when I know. I had been bred. I went into the bathroom, pretending that I needed to pee, and fingered my hole. It was wet, but not too wet. I smelled my finger. Cum. Sweet, warm man-cum. This pig was happy. I slept with that load in there. Only I would know. Which, of course, made me completely horny again. The next morning, the whole load came out. All condoms should fail so wonderfully as this one had.
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    Part 17 - Back To College Angelo was feeling quite sad that Ethan was going back off to college, he had got use to him being around and love chatting to him during the day from the office. But today Ethan was going back to a somewhat normal existence and studying 5 days a week, he came down the stairs after breakfast fully dressed with his books ready to go. Adam arrived on cue at 7.30am, Angelo kissed and hugged Ethan not wanting to let him go but finally he released him and Ethan opened the car door before looking back at Angelo 'Love you' he called as he got in the passenger seat. They hardly seemed to be on the road very long as Adam parked the car and they walked over to the common room and cafeteria as they had some time to spare before lessons started. Adam pointed to a large table telling Ethan to sit down whilst he grabbed coffees. Javier came in and stopped seeing Ethan sat there at the table, he also noticed Adam at the counter. Ethan glanced up trying to hide that he was looking at Javier who was acting as though he wanted to come over and say something but instead he turned and took a seat at the opposite end of the cafeteria. Javier's brother walked in and watched him sitting at a small table in the corner, he shook his head and seeing Adam he went over to join him at the counter. They chatted and wandered back over to where Ethan sat, Adam introduced Juan as they sat down, initially Ethan felt a little out of place with Adam and Juan as they quickly caught up about the last few weeks. Juan then started questioning Ethan and including him in the conversation, Ethan couldn't help but seeing Javier in him until his gaze averted across to the entrance as Ben walked in behind a small group of students. Instead of going towards Javier he went in the opposite direction and sat down with some girls from their class. "Don't worry about him" Javier noticing Ethan's eyes wondering to Ben. Ethan looked at Juan "What do you mean?" he said quietly. "Javier has been told not to socialise with Ben" Juan responded. Ethan sipped his coffee "Why is that?" he asked Juan. "He is a bad influence on my brother and also what happened in the Diner" Juan looked at Ethan nodding. Ethan had a surprised look on his face "Never thought that everyone would know". Juan laughed "It has been the topic of conversation the last few weeks". Ethan looked down embarrassed "So everyone knows I am gay then?". Juan put his hand under Ethan's chin holding it up "Yes, but no one is judging you". Ethan smiled "You are quite the charmer Juan". Juan smiled "Don't get any ideas, strictly girls only here" he laughed. Adam re-joined the conversation "My mother put word out about the lunch episode, but everyone knew anyway it got round very quickly". Juan nodded "And I.. lets say just had a little word with my brother about his attitude". Ethan looked back at Juan "You mean towards me?". Juan nodded again "I made it clear that loosing friends like you is not the best way forward". Adam and Ethan were in the same lecture for the morning and headed out of the cafeteria towards the classroom. The walk was unusual for Ethan as many students now said hello to him, whenever Adam spoke to anyone they looked at Ethan and greeted him by name as well. Adam would quickly summarise gay or straight with a little background, the short walk to lectures had revealed 3 more gay students in that space of time. They took their seats together in the classroom then Ethan spotted Franco coming in and sitting at the back with his group of friends, Franco was the same age as Adam but he was built like the proverbial brick house and sported some tattoos on his neck and hands which most of the teachers deplored and made him sit at the back. Surprisingly though he was very well educated and smart but played it down a little. People mostly clung to him as they didn't want to be on his bad side, his reputation as a bit of bruiser if anyone annoyed him made them all worship the ground he walked on. He was from White Plains the next town over but his parents sent him to Harrison to be educated due to the college's reputation of turning out scholars. Adam turned to Ethan and quietly spoke "Makes me orgasm every time he walks in the room". Ethan burst out laughing and Adam play punched him on the arm "You are such a slut Adam". Adam leaned over "Tell me you wouldn't if you had the chance". Ethan smiled and nodded "But I have my Latino god. Do you know Franco?". Adam shook his head "I think he would probably punch my lights out if I spoke to him". Ethan laughed and nodded in agreement "Yeah your probably right". They struggled to keep their focus through the first lecture as it droned on and on, but they both diligently took notes and breathed a sigh of relief as the bell rang at midday. Adam and Ethan sat outside for a while until a rain cloud threatened to expose itself so they headed towards the cafeteria to grab a coffee. Ethan paid the cashier as they hunted for a quiet table to sit and chat, being lunchtime it was pretty full but they spied a couple of seats at one of the larger canteen style tables. They chatted away about the morning lecture oblivious to everyone else but it was Ethan who spotted Franco sitting opposite them on the next table. Ethan never meant to but he looked and made eye contact with Franco, he quickly averted his gaze hoping he didn't get noticed and focused on Adam, his eyes kept darting behind Adam and every time he found Franco starring at him. Ethan leaned over to Adam "I think we better go". Adam looked questioningly at him "What is wrong Eth?" he replied using his new nickname for Ethan. "I accidentally made eye contact with him and now he is starring at us" Ethan responded. They both stood trying to be as casual as possible chatting and not making eye contact with anyone. Their exit from the cafeteria complete Adam laughed whilst Ethan's heart was pounding in his chest, he leaned back against the wall and laughed. "I don't want to get on the his bad side on day one" Ethan said not realising that Franco had followed them. "Whose bad side" Franco remarked. Ethan turned "Oh fuck" he spurted out and clamped his hand over his mouth quickly to silence himself. Franco looked at Adam "Disappear" he said to Adam. Adam shook his head and stood his ground "No, I have promised to look after him". Franco laughed "You his bodyguard then?" mocking Adam as he said it. Ethan put his arm in front of Adam "Listen don't want any trouble with you, sorry I looked at you in there". Franco looked Ethan up and down "Why did you look at me, do you like a bit of Latino?". Ethan shook his head "Sorry I didn't mean to you were just in my line of sight". Franco laughed and told his group of friends to disappear "Come with me" he said to Ethan and Adam. They pushed the doors open to the cafeteria and walked over to a table where Franco told them to sit. Like two obedient puppies they sat down on the opposite side of the table. A few of the students watched eagerly wondering what was about to take place. Ethan wanted this over done with "Can we just get this over with whatever is it you want". Franco looked at Ethan "Got somewhere you need to be then?". "Yes I do" Ethan said in a determined manner. Franco was definitely amused by Ethan's change "And what is so important that you rush for... your lover?". Ethan stared at Franco "My life is my business, what do you want?" he spoke having had enough of Franco's game. "You don't look scared of me Ethan" Franco remarked as he leaned on the table. Ethan shrugged his shoulders "Should I be?". Franco smiled "No you don't need to be, neither of you need to be" he said nodding at Adam. Ethan kept up his brave appearance "Did you think I was eyeing you up" he said brazenly. Franco laughed "You have a thing for Latino's or did you just fall for one?" he said loving his little game. "How do you know so much about me?" Ethan asked his voice slightly shaking now. "Pretty young boy aren't you, Angelo never imagined he would land someone like you" Franco replied grinning. Ethan looked at Adam and back to Franco stunned "You know Angelo?". Franco nodded "He is my cousin, I work with Angelo during the holidays at his company" Franco replied.". Ethan shook his head in a confused state "I don't remember seeing you there". "No I came in and out quickly as I was on a job, but I recognised you straight away" Franco grinned at him. He continued "When Angelo realised I was at the same college he asked me to discreetly look out for you both". Ethan still sat shaking his head "Why didn't he tell me?". "He didn't want you think he was spying on you or anything" Franco replied to Ethan. Ethan and Adam both relaxed and stayed chatting to Franco for sometime before Adam realised the time. As they walked to the car Ethan turned to Adam and said that he could now see the resemblance between Angelo and Franco. They drove out of college and parked up at Mel's Diner to grab coffee with their mothers before they headed back to Larchmont. Life at college took on a whole new perspective and the weeks just floated by as they settled in to their routines, these now included meeting their mothers a couple of times a week and also lunching with Franco several times a week. Javier stayed well clear of Ben and neither of them was talking to Ethan, a couple of times Javier had almost tried to talk to Ethan but he soon realised that he was never alone long enough since his circle of new friends had grown. The long summer days were changing in to cooler autumnal weather and Ethan was again having problems getting in to his clothes, for a young 18 year old his body had changed through all his working out with Angelo and Adam. He stood looking in the mirror amazed at how his biceps had grown, Angelo walked out of the bathroom in to the bedroom and stood smiling at him. "Do we need to shopping?" Angelo said standing behind Ethan. Ethan looked at Angelo in the mirror "I guess so" he turned and kissed Angelo "Off to the mall then?". Angelo patted his ass "Absolutely, how about dinner at the Marina tonight?". "Just the two of us, Saturday date night?" Ethan fell back on the bed looking at Angelo holding his arms up. Angelo laughed "Yes just us" he pulled Ethan off the bed "Later, get dressed". Angelo knew what Ethan wanted to do instead of shopping and laughed when Angelo hauled him off the bed, he kissed him and found the tightest t-shirt he could find whilst Angelo booked a table for 8pm. Ethan sent his weekly text to Sofie and finished up by saying they were dining at the Marina and he would see her on Monday. Sofie walked around Harrison with her mother reading Ethan's text and debating weather now was a good time to try and get things patched up in the family, she persuaded her mother to stop at Mel's Diner for a drink. Sofie took a slurp on her milkshake and looked at her mother "Had a text from Ethan this morning". Ellie put her coffee down "What is he up to this weekend?". "Out shopping for clothes and then he is out for dinner with his boyfriend at the Marina tonight" said wistfully. Ellie looked up "Marina hmm, your father knows his boyfriend you know". "So I heard, you haven't met him yet have you?" Sofie said putting down her milkshake. Ellie smiled she knew what her daughter was up to "Are you saying that your father and I should dine there?". Sofie nodded "Maybe it would be a good idea". Ellie picked up her phone and booked a table at the restaurant "Maybe it is the only way". "I promise I won't tell Ethan and you must not tell him I told you" Sofie said looking at her mother. Ellie sent a message to Jack 'Dinner at the Marina tonight just the two of us', Jack stood on the tennis court and smiled reading the message and sent a reply 'Great idea'. Sofie's job was done she knew her father had calmed down a lot and was hiding worried thoughts about Ethan as he would not speak to him still, she had overheard many of the conversations her parents had behind closed doors. Sofie waved them off as the taxi arrived to take them to Larchmont for dinner. Ethan and Angelo were sat in a quiet part of the restaurant ordering their dinner. Ellie nervously stood outside the restaurant waiting for Jack to pay the taxi, they both wanted to have a drink and Jack was looking forward to a relaxing dinner out with his wife. Jack not one to pay attention to other people never saw Ethan as they passed by some 5 meters away, Ellie glanced in their direction following Jack and the waiter to their own table, she saw that Ethan was deep in conversation with Angelo and never looked in their direction. She ensured Jack was positioned facing away from Ethan, Ellie on the other hand sat down and was facing them some 6 tables away. She would bide her time and allow Jack to get relaxed, on the other hand she couldn't help but get distracted by Ethan's boyfriend and glanced whenever she could thinking how attractive Angelo was, Latin, tall and very well built with dashing looks, well Margarite had been right about something at least she chuckled to herself. Angelo and Ethan closed their menus and handed them back to the waiter ordering desert, Ethan caught Angelo looking away again for about the hundredth time that evening. "What is it, you look distracted?" Ethan asked placing his glass of water down. Angelo returned his gaze "Promise me you won't turn round if I tell you?". Ethan laughed but then went serious "Maybe but it depends". "There is a table over the other side, the woman keeps looking at us, and the man..." Angelo glanced at the table. Ethan kept his gaze fixed on Angelo "The man what?". Angelo shook his head "I can't quite see him but I am sure I know him, she's ordering have a look". Ethan turned his head and studied the restaurant "Oh no". "What?" Angelo asked looking at Ethan. Ethan's head went down "My parents are over there". Angelo laughed then smiled "Oh so I do know the man then". "Do you think they have seen me?" Ethan said looking worried but mildly amused. Angelo smirked "I think your mother knows, but you have to face this Ethan". Ellie turned to her husband "Have you spoken with Ethan yet?". Jack handed the menu to the waiter "No he won't return my calls or texts". "Are you worried about him?" Ellie held her husbands hand. Jack looked out across the marina "Yes but no, I know he is in safe hands". "Will you make an attempt with him and his boyfriend if you had the chance?" She asked looking at him. Jack turned to look at her "If he will speak to me". "I know it is nothing we have done Jack, it is who he has become now" Ellie quickly glanced at Ethan. Jack sighed "I suppose I could speak to Angelo but we left things a little awkward between us". "What is his boyfriend like Jack?" Ellie asked him. Jack resumed his gave over the marina "Certainly not your stereotypical gay guy, I got taken in by him". Ellie laughed "He must be good person if he got through you". Jack smiled "Yes, I suppose he is a nice person". "You won't strike out again at him?" Ellie asked. Jack's smile disappeared "I think Angelo will hit me if I do. When he is ready we can talk". Ellie smiled "Be the father you should be Jack, go and at least say hello to him" she nodded over Jack's shoulder. Jack turned his head and saw Angelo sat with Ethan in conversation "Do they know we are here?". Ellie nodded "They have just realised we are sat here". Jack sat motionless after turning back to face Ellie, he was conflicted about what to do after all the last time he saw Ethan he had hit him and thrown him out. One thing he didn't expect to see this evening was Ethan with Angelo, it was hitting home hard. Everything Ellie had told him about Ethan doing okay in the big world with the man he loved came flooding back. Underneath he knew that whatever may be, he couldn't just ignore him and had to at least make some effort to start communicating with Ethan properly. He looked at Ellie who sat there watching him and poured him another glass of wine "Think about what you want to say, don't just go over without a plan" Ellie said putting the bottle down. Jack bided his time and allowed Ethan and Angelo to finish their dinner first. He placed his napkin on the table and stood up seeing Ellie smile he turned and walked over towards the table as Angelo caught his eye. Unmistakably he saw Angelo give a little nod as he got closer. "Angelo nice to see you, Ethan how are you?" Jack nervously spoke standing in front of them. Angelo stood up and held out his hand "Jack great to see you". Jack shook his hand without hesitation and looked at Ethan who stared ahead "Ethan can we talk?". Ethan looked up worryingly "I guess so, pull up a chair". Ethan did not feel afraid of his father but he knew that he was cornered into talking to him, and he also knew that Angelo wouldn't let him get off so lightly now his father was in front of him.
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    My tea was ready for me when I got home. “How was your first day?” Asked my mother as I sat down to eat. “Alright,” I replied, blushing as I remembered being fucked and feeling my arsehole still wet and puffy from the pounding it had received. “That’s good.” She replied and noted his blush and the excitement in his eyes. She was sure she was right – Timmy was gay and, if his face was to be believed, no longer a virgin. “You’ll be going back tomorrow, then?” She asked. I looked at her and returned her smile. “Oh yes.” The next day, I went to the Sauna and helped Bill clean up before the sauna opened. Bill was stripped down to singlet and shorts to clean the shower area and I saw he was covered with tattoo’s. In particular, there was a large biohazard symbol on Bill’s fat, hairy stomach with two scorpion’s either side. Bill saw me looking. “Like my tatt’s?” He said. “Yeah,” I said “but what does that symbol mean on your stomach?” “Don’tcha know what that means?” I shook my head. “It means I’m poz, mate. You might see a few more on the clientele.” I was surprised, and also slightly excited, and wracked my brains to remember if there had been tattoos on the men the previous day. Bill was rubbing his crotch and there was a sizeable bulge in his trousers. “Mind you, they don’t all have them. May be you got pregnant yesterday already!” And he laughed at my shocked expression. He also noticed me lick my lips unconsciously. Slowly, he unzipped his trousers. “Want to see my old, poz cock?” I stared, mesmerised, as Bill opened his trousers and levered out a fat, heavy cock with a thick mushroom head, slimey with pre-cum. I was trembling with fear and excitement and didn’t resist as Bill took my hand and placed it on the warm flesh which stiffened slowly until I was holding Bill’s erection. “Good lad,” said Bill. “Give it a rub, then” I began to wank the warm. Silky flesh, feeling my own erection in my pants, but feeling my arsehole throb and twitch even more strongly. Suddenly, Bill pulled me into his arms and kissed me on the mouth. I gasped as I felt a man’s lips on minefor the first time, and the wet tongue probing my mouth. I gasped with pleasure, almost swooning in Bill’s arms as the man’s hands went round to cup my buttocks, and my heart pounded in his chest. I couldn’t resist as the hands moved to myis belt, undid the buckle and slid them and myunderwear down to my knees. My cock sprang up against Bill’s belly, but the man ignored it. He sensed Timmy was almost there, almost ready for impregnation. He fumbled in his pocket, found the poppers and opened the brown bottle. He took a brief sniff to get him going, then stuck the bottle under Timmy’s nose. “breathe,” He said. Timmy I took a deep sniff and felt the poppers explode in my head and a warmth which swept away my inhibitions. I began to snog Bill’s lips, gasping with pleasure, as Bill hurriedly pushed his own trousers and underwear down. It was time. “Do you want my cock?” He breathed into my ear. I barely heard, instead squeezing the heavy cock pressing against mys belly. Bill chuckled to himself. There was an old sofa in the changing area. He lifted Timmy’s t-shirt over his chubby torso, squeezing the young man’s flabby tits and nipples until he gasped with pleasure. It was definitely time to mate, he thought. He turned Timmy round, bent him over the arm of the sofa, dug the tube of lube out of his pocket, and smeared it gently between the fat, upraised buttocks, dipping his finger in gently until the lad squealed with delight. Then he grasped his cock, and began to push the mushroom head into the delicate pink slit between the cheeks. I gasped with pain and began to wriggle. “Easy, just relax” Whispered Bill and pushed the poppers under my nose. He felt the quivering body sag in surrender, pushed forward and then the head burst in and his shaft followed in a delicious rush until he was balls deep in Timmy’s backside. I couldn’t believe how good it felt as Bill began to thrust slowly in and out. My own erection had subsided, and my sole focus was on the sensation of Bill’s heavy cock sliding in and out. I felt Bill pull my arms back. “Hold it open!” He gasped, placing my hands on my buttocks and making me pull them apart so he could get deeper in. I was gasping with pleasure, wanting only to be fucked, and with a growing sense of wanting more – of wanting Bill’s tainted seed. I groaned, my eyes opened wide and my tongue flickered over dry lips as I knew Ie was going to let this man come in me.. Bill was gasping now, close to cumming and he sensed Timmy’s acceptance of his fate. But he wanted to be sure. He leant over the chubby, sweating body and whispered in his ear. “I’m…I’m…gonna cum!” He gasped. “Gonna…ahh…gonna give you my baby’s. Is that what you want… want me to get you pregnant?” I could only arch my back and thrust against Bill’s belly. “Cum in me!” I sobbed. With a growl of pleasure Bill thrust into the chubby body, his cock swelling and throbbing as he shot his dirty load into Timmy’s rectum, sensing with every spurt that he was impregnating the willing body beneath him. Finally he finished and slowly slid his cock out, closing the buttocks behind to prevent sperm leaking from Timmy’s ravaged hole. “There you go, you’re fucked now.” He said, belching with pleasure and slapping the quivering buttocks. “I need to open up. Wipe your arse but don’t bother putting your clothes on. I’ve told the regulars you’re an added bonus for them. They can fuck you whenever they want. “ I stood up and nodded. Bill stroked my hair. “Let’s see how many babies we can give you, eh?”
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    Here's another hot story from the old bugshare site for my bareback blog. http://fuckworker.blogspot.com/2012/05/stealth-pozzing-19yo-newbie.html ........................... When I got home I got a big surprise—a phone call from a 19 year old I’d POZZED 3 months ago. I‘d been only the second one to TOP him, and never thought I’d hear from him again. We met last June. I couldn’t wait to caress his youthful, tender Ass. He, in turn, went down on me, and sucked me close to Cumming. I stopped him cause I had better use for my POZ Cum than that. He’d find that out. I led him to the bedroom. He tried to escape my engorged Cock, but I trapped him to the mattress. He began to whimper, so I kissed him and whispered sweet nothings in his ear. I fucked him slowly, with powerful deep thrusts. I hit his Prostate, and he felt it. I couldn't hold back—filled his Virgin Hole with hot POZ Jizm, paused to allow my Toxic Seed to settle, then began to fuck him hard and fast. He bellowed in shear pleasure. After 15 minutes he reached down and felt my Dick. His eyes went wide. "No Rubber? Don’t Cum in me, OK? Shoot on my Chest and Stomach.” I acquiesced. He hadn’t counted on my Special Gift—that I can Cum a half dozen times, depending on the NEG-AND-SEX-APPEAL of the Dude I’m GIFTING. And Joey boy was VERY NEG and VERY SEXY. I fucked him harder. God, the Kid appealed to me—so young and vibrant and voluptuous! I felt It tingle in my Balls, rising toward my Piss Slit! I shot again, inundating his Guts with my POZ Jism. And kept on screwin’ for half an hour longer. “I’M CUMMIN!” That was him; not me. He hadn’t even touched himself. I was fucking the NEG Shit out of him. How I wanted to swallow his last NEG Load. I slowed my pace and licked up what I could, without stopping. "Man are you going to Cum or what?" he asked, almost exasperated. I had a duty to perform, and didn’t want to shirk my obligation. I responded I’d shoot soon. I wanted my first Loads to fester for as long as possible, so I intentionally held off and fucked him for another quarter-hour. "Please Cum! I can't take this any longer!" I spooged all over him. He got so excited at the sight of my raw Seed. He said he was afraid that I would Cum in him. He wanted to play Safe. I only smiled—I may have POZZED another one. ***************************************************************************************************************************** “Hello.” "It’s me, Joey, remember? Three months ago. I’ve tested POZ. You didn’t….?" “Wasn’t me, Joey. I never came in you. Have you played with someone else?” “A couple—but they all wore Condoms.” “Then it must have been a friggin’ accident. A broken Rubber or something. Tell you what. Cum over and we’ll talk about it.” “Are you POZ?” I hesitated. To continue the charade or tell the truth. “Yes, I am.” “I’ll be over in 30 minutes.” Talk we never did—at least not that evening. Talk is cheap, and not what I was in the mood for. He arrived visibly upset, wearing Tank Top and Cutoffs, and, for the record, no underwear. I asked if he wanted anything to drink. “Ginger Ale would be fine.” He’d drunk Ginger Ale the first night, too. Silently we sat on the couch. I massaged his inner thigh, worked up his pant leg, brushed his past his Balls, and stroked his soft Cock with nimble, practiced fingers. Magnificent! My POZ Child’s Shaft was hardening. I unbuttoned his cutoffs. The well-worn zipper glided easily, exposing his infected tumid Shaft. I couldn’t wait to taste his POZ Precum, knowing one so recently knocked up must be rife with the Virus. Yeah, I was responsible; and proud of it! I shoved my unlubed index finger up his Pussy. He jerked reflexively, then relaxed. I led him to the bedroom leaving his Cutoffs on the couch, pulled off his Tank Top, lubed up with Vaseline, and fucked him for an hour. I came 4 times, and with each climax acknowledged how good it felt to have my POZ Jizm flowing up his Pussy. By my 4th ejaculation, I think he knew exactly how he’d been POZZED. I began to masturbate him mercilessly. I worked his fat Cock faster, my hand but a blur upon his Tool. “Shoot your Toxic Jism, Joey. Shoot It down my throat. And promise me, you’ll remember— ’Tis better to give than to receive.’”
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    Part 2 The sun had set while we were having our fun in the showers. Jim had put on his sleeping shorts but had begun to walk back bare-chested. Being the cheeky little guy that was, halfway back, I decided to strip completely and ran in front of him all the way back to the tent bare-ass naked. He slapped my ass as I ran past him and halfheartedly ran after me. I think he wanted to stay behind me to watch my ass while I was running, but maybe that just me being narcissistic. I didn’t see anyone on the way back, so I was pretty sure we were as completely alone as we thought we had been. I reached the tent before Jim and looked back and saw that he was already tenting the front of his shorts with his huge cock. “Damn! You’re already hard again? I thought you older guys were supposed to have a hard time getting it up?” “Who you calling old, boy?” He said as he jogged up to me. He pulled me in close and kissed me while grabbing my ass. I felt his cock press against my stomach through his shorts as his tongue invaded my mouth again. I barely found the strength to pull away from him and unzip the tent so that we could get in. Once we were in, I laid down on the sleeping bags we had laid out earlier and waited as he zipped the entrance to the tent up. After he was done, he crawled on his knees over to me and pinned me down as he got on top of me and started to kiss me again. I loved having the weight of another man on top of me. I loved being at his mercy and at the mercy of his sexual desires as well, with his cock pressing into my thigh. He pulled himself away and went down to my nipples. I had never had someone do anything with my nipples before, and I loved it when he began to suck my tit into his mouth while he massaged my pecs with his hands. The tingling sensation that he was causing in my nipples was like nothing I had ever felt before. I knew that he seemed to like it when I did it to him earlier, but I honestly didn’t know that my chest could feel that good. As Jim continued to suck on my tit, he brought his hand down and began to tease the outside of my hole with his finger. I had already been moaning since he first brought his lips to my nipple, but now I was practically writhing as he shoved his finger inside of me. His cum from earlier still had me slick, and he began to move his finger in and out of me. I felt him begin to scratch the inside of my rectum while he fingered me. “Damn, your nails are sharp.” “Not really, but I’m trying to dig them in as deep as I can.” He said, pulling back from my nipple. “Wanna give my DNA a chance to take hold.” I pictured his nails scrapping up the lining of my rectum beneath his nails, and the virus from his earlier orgasm finding its way into my bloodstream, taking hold and changing me forever. I must have been smiling or something while I was thinking about his virus. When I looked into his face, he was smiling, and it was as if he could hear my thoughts and the scene that was playing out in them. He rubbed my stomach, just as he had earlier, “Yeah, I can almost feel my virus seeping into you, boy. If you’re not POZ now, I’d bet you’d be before this trip is over.” “Yeah? You wanna fuck my tight ass again, Jim?” “You know it, boy. You got me about to rip my shorts open with my own cock.” “Well, you better release it then,” I said before grinding my dick into his thigh. He immediately pulled his finger out of my ass and pulled his shorts down. He spat a little into his hand, coated his cock with his spit, and then shoved his dick into me without saying anything. It didn’t hurt nearly as much this time, and him fingering me probably helped to loosen me up, but I definitely felt the scratches now. It stung, and I hissed as I winced away from his face. “Sorry, got a little carried away.” “No problem. You just still might want to go a little slow.” He began to fuck me, slowly this time. I felt every vain of his throbbing cock as it pulled out of me and then slid back in. I loved having my hole stretched by him, regardless of the pain. I loved feeling full. “Your cock feels so fucking good in my hole, Jim.” “Your ass feels so tight and amazing, Aaron. I can already tell that I’m not going to last very long.” “Yeah, add more POZ cum into my ass,” I said before he picked up the pace. I just now realized that we had left the flap to the top of the tent open and I could see the stars as my neighbor fucked my ass. It was weird to think that I was no longer a virgin. Being on the football team, it was like everyone else around me was fucking like crazy except for me. I don’t know why I waited, lord knows I had plenty of opportunities (both male and female), but in the end, I’m glad I did. Jim picked up his pace more and more, and I feel his cock start to get a little bigger with every thrust. “I’m getting close again! You ready to take more of my POZ cum, Aaron?” “Fuck yeah! POZ my fucking hole, Jim!” “I’m cumming! I’m charging up your NEG hole! POZing up your hole!” He practically yelled as he began to huff and grunt. He slammed his cock all the way into me, and I felt the warmth of his POZ cum flood into me. His cock kept twitching and pumping cum into my body for what felt like a solid minute before I felt his cock twitch for the last time. He leaned down and kissed me. “Welcome to the brotherhood, Aaron! We have so much to teach you.” He collapsed onto me and held me until his cock went soft and he slipped out of my ass. We fell asleep in each other’s arms that night, beneath the stars. To Be Continued....
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    Over the last few years, I have come across two different 'very' hot guys that absolutely wanted to fuck me.... but would only do it 'wrapped'. In both cases, I let them wrap up and the sex was very hot.... and when finished, they both said it was better than they possible thought (muscle control LOL). But I realized it would have been hotter for ME had I felt those hard uncut cocks spreading my hole open, and dumping a hot load deep inside the second hole. When Guy #1 and I met in the spring and fucked, he said he ‘had to’ wrap up. At that point I was hot as fuck for his big uncut cock and I wanted to see if that big cock was going to feel good as it looked… so I begrudgingly said yes. Apparently blew his mind (amongst other things) and he texted a few weeks later and wanted a repeat - but wanted to wrap up again. I realized it was more fun for him than me, and it wasn't going to happen.. so I politely declined. He was cool. I was cool. We're done playing. Guy #2 and I met in early summer. He was a divorced hot uncut Brazilian who had just started to experiment with man sex. Newly experimenting. Last minute he announces that he wants to suit up. We fucked. It was mind boggling hot and sweaty and lots of dirty talk about fucking me and cumming in my hole. Big turn ON for both of us. We both blew our loads. Afterwards, he asked me why I was ok with getting fucked raw? And we had a good chat about PrEP and stuff after our 'suited' romp. He was a sexy smart dude and wanted to understand the whole risk thing. I explained that in Canada in the clinic I attend, I have to agree to be tested every 3 months. They monitor the potential side effects of the drug and I am tested regularly for 'everything'. And so, I had a good handle on my personal situation and it worked for me, as I preferred to fuck raw – topping or bottoming. He thanked me for all the information. Guy #2 texted a couple of months later. Asked if I would be around in the next couple of days for a repeat? He said he enjoyed our talk and that he had enjoyed my ass so much the first time that he was absolutely stoked about fucking me raw next visit.... if I was OK with that?? Hell ya!!! And what a memorable fuck it was... I used every cock milking ass muscle trick I knew to make sure that bare dick touched places he had never felt. I made sure he would remember his first male raw ass fucking. He took his time. He fucked me six ways to Sunday. Slow. Fast. Shallow. Deep. He blew his load. He took his time churning it around and feeling the hot cum around his cock and told me how much he enjoyed feeling his hot cum and my hot guts. He got totally into it all and was just a regular piggy mouth. He said he was going to come back and breed me again. And after he pulled out, he told me push his load out of my hole for him to see. He fingered my hole the entire time I was pushing his dripping cum out across his fingers. He has been back for more raw fucking a number of times. His cock is a meaty, uncut 9 inches and has a perfect angle. Now that he feels more comfortable about teasing and punishing my raw hole with that big cock, he really gets into telling me how much he enjoys feeling his cum and my juices. He also knows I clean out really well before we fuck. Last night he was here and we fucked for about an hour before he dumped one of his famous BIG loads way up into my guts. He always starts out face to face and pumps nice and slow while he grinds that big hard latino dick into me. And typically, flips me over onto all fours and really rails on my ass and dumps a load deep. This time though, he fucked me on the edge of the sling. A nice steady pumping of my hole. Talking dirty to me and telling me he is going to seed me. And then of course, the major cum flood. Last night he surprised me and pushed my legs back on either side of my head and licked my hole clean. He licked around my hole and told me he wanted to clean it all off. I was amazed. He had never shown any interest in my ass, except to fuck it. Last night, he was rimming me and taking broad licks all around my hole to gather cum. He looked up at me and opened his mouth and swallowed. Then he leaned forward to my hole and told me to push out the rest of his load. I could hear him slurping as I pushed the warm juices out of my hole. He was moaning and slurping and probing my hole deeper while pushing my legs wider yet. I was in heaven as his tongue worked on my stretched hole. He slid in two fingers and scooped out some cum and help it up to my mouth for me to lick off his fingers. Then he let me go and we both sat on the floor breathing heavy. He said he loved it. He told me I am the only guy he fucks raw and he loves it. Apparently, I am his fantasy fuck and he is happy to let himself go and enjoy a good raw fuck and dripping loads. He had always been curious about the taste of his cum and he knew I would be open to it all, so he had held off cumming for a full week to save this load up for my hole. With every intention of eating it all out. Just talking about his ‘fantasy’ got his cock coming back to life. This time, I rolled onto my knees on the floor with my back arched and ass in the air… waiting for his hard cock and load two. He didn’t disappoint. He started out nice and slow while telling me how hot it was to feel his cum in my hole and eat it all out. As he talked about what had just happened, he picked up speed. He was talking faster about how he wanted to plant another load deep in my ass shortly. And then he really leaned into it and pounded the fuck out of my hole. Thankfully he lasted long and gave me a solid fuck before unloading a second huge load deep inside. I could feel the warmth spreading inside of me as he groaned and pushed his cock as far inside as possible. When his cock slipped out of my hole, I turned around and took it into my mouth and cleaned it from top to bottom. I licked all around his shaved balls and down his crack. Made sure he was licked as clean as a whistle. He’s one of my fave fucks and now he always gives me a huge load deep in my hole.

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