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    My Boy in the Darkroom My boy and I have an adventurous streak, as you may know from my other stories about the risky sex we have with each other and with strangers. It really turns me on to see him take a fresh raw cock balls deep. Not only does he love it, I love fucking him after he’s been bred. His hole is so opened up and so juicy with seed. Last fall, I was headed out of town for a business trip. He was going to fly to Chicago to meet me and we were going to spend the weekend there, likely getting up to some naughty fun together. We get tested every three months for everything for PrEP and I got my results back before going to the airport. My boy’s results were held up for some reason. While I was at my conference, he messaged me that his HIV test came back inconclusive and he needed to go back to the doctor for a second test. I was surprised the neither of us seemed to freak out about it. But, we decided that if he was going to play either at home or in Chicago, he’d better make his tops bag up just to be responsible. We’re sluts, not heathens. I had one night off midweek and went to the bathhouse. I saw a very sexy tall slim guy with a buzz cut so short he was nearly bald, and a scruffy goatee, covered in tattoos. One on his arm was a full sleeve of tribal patterns. He introduced himself as Hal and bought me a beer at the bar and in our towels, we chatted. I told him about my boy and how we played together and apart, often raw. He pointed to his sleeve, and I recognized one of the flourishes as a stylized biohazard symbol. He told me he was POZ and on and off meds. I told him I was on PrEP, but my boy’s last results were problematic. He offered to make sure they came back positive on the next test. I couldn’t tell if he was kidding or not. He told me he was always there on Saturday nights, so I made a note to bring my boy there. Anyway, he told me he was mostly a top but liked having his ass eaten, so he took me to the darkroom area and I ate his ass. It was slick with a fresh cumload and I lapped it down. He then flipped me over and tried to enter me. I was way too tight to take on his thick eight inches, so I finished him off with my mouth, letting him cum all over my face. I told him my boy was a much better bottom than me. He made note of that saying he’d love to find out. We showered together and fingered each other’s holes. I’m sure he scooped some cum out of his ass and into mine. What a pig. My kind of guy. I knew my boy would like to meet him. My boy had gone back to the doctor end of the day on Friday and then packed and headed to the airport on Saturday morning. He met me at the hotel and we had a nice dinner. He wasn’t freaked out at all and told me that he’d been bad lately about missing doses. The doctor also suggested he refrain from taking PrEP pills until he got back results. So, he’d been missing doses and now hadn’t taken any for nearly a week. I told him about my piggy bathhouse friend and my boy grinned from ear to ear realizing that fucking now would be more risky than usual. After dinner, we went to the room to shower, clean out, and get ready to go to the bathhouse. After we were both really deep cleaned, he fingered some lube into me, just in case. I started fingering lube into his hole, and got hard and wet. I asked if I could seed him to get him opened up and ready for whatever would happen that night. I reminded him that he’d be wise to make guys use protection in case they wanted to fuck him. He agreed and made sure to tuck a few condoms into his little bag with hair gel, shampoo and a comb. We got to the bathhouse and it seemed much more crowded than the night I’d been there. I saw my tattooed friend and he smiled at us. I introduced him to my boy, who was instantly smitten. We all split up to have some fun. I dipped my bare cock into two or three holes but wasn’t in the mood to cum yet. I then went into the darkroom and saw my boy and Hal making small talk in a pool of downlight. My boy smiled at me and told me he’d let four guys fuck him and they’d all worn condoms and came on his ass or in his mouth. Good boy, right? Now my boy was stretched out, but dry inside. I bragged to Hal that I preferred to breed my boy after he had a load or two inside to mix up. Hal winked and offered to get him wet if we’d blow him. My boy and I knelt down and serviced Hal’s big cock. My boy suckled his egg-sized balls when I deep-throated his shaft. I suspected he was about to rawfuck my boy. Since he was already POZ, it couldn’t hurt to breed my boy, unless his results were indeed NEG… I was so hard thinking about that that it distracted me from doing a good job blowing Hal. I stood up and let my boy take over, fisting my own dick. Hal stood my boy up and leaned him over onto a bench. My boy’s upper body was out of the light, but his upturned ass was on full display. Hal lapped at his hole and jammed three long fingers into my boy. When he pulled them out they were slimy with my seed and some globby lube. Hal used that spooge to lube up his cock and stood up. He slapped his raw dick against my boy’s crack, rubbing it up and down. He sunk down on his hips and aimed his cock right at my boy’s hole. He jutted his crotch forward and must have sent the first two inches or so right into my boy’s unprotected hole, now more unprotected than ever. My boy’s back arched and stiffened. He stood up and I could see his conflicted face in the downlight. Hal whispered something in his ear and my boy nodded and bent back over, sending his upper body back into the darkness. Hal jammed two then three fingers on his left hand into my boy’s ass, then switched hands. My boy reached back and spread his cheeks wide. Hal spat on my boy’s hole and then again on his monster cock. Hal stood up and held his cock. Then he pushed forward and slid into my boy, again only one or two inches. It was so hot watching this POZ unmedicated cock entering my boy. Hal rocked his hips forwards and backwards, but never going any deeper. My boy stiffened again and he stood up, his conflicted face not sure what to do. Hal leaned forward and wrapped his tatted arm around my boy’s chest and hissed, ‘I wanna fuck you so bad…’ My boy leaned back and twisted so he could kiss Hal. Know that we rarely kiss guys were fucking around with so it really got me going. Hal grabbed my boy’s cock and stroked him. My boy melted into Hal’s toned chest. In doing so, he let Hal inside him, balls deep, raw. Hal supported himself with an outstretched arm to the wall and my boy reached back to Hal’s lower back, pumping his ass onto Hal’s cock. When my boy thrust forward, I could see his ass keeping a tight grip on Hal’s cock, like it didn’t want to let go. They fucked like that for a few minutes, long enough to attract a crowd. Hal pumped away until his face grimaced and he fired off his load into my boy’s willing guts. Hal backed away and waved me over to them. I knelt down as my boy spread his cheeks. I saw globs of POZ cum ooze out of his hair cunt. I lapped it up and kept as much in my mouth as I could. As I held his face, passing that fresh POZ cum into his mouth, I slid into him. He really was as wet and opened as he’d ever been. His hole felt amazing and shot off deep inside him. As I stepped aside, an older guy lined up behind my boy, with a big pot belly. He growled at Hal, ‘if he’ll let you fuck him raw, what have I got to lose?’ He slid his stubby cock right into my boy’s stretched out cummy hole. I held my boy’s face as the old man pummeled him for about thirty second before adding his load to the mix. A few guys applauded as a beefy furry redhead stepped up. Hal spat on his cock and lined it up with my boy’s hole. The ginger stud fucked for maybe a minute before he came too, deep inside my boy. My boy had had all the cock and cum he could take and leaned onto the bench, on his shoulders facing the room, and spreading his legs. The old man jerked my boy off as Hal squatted and shoved four fingers right up into my boy’s ass. I kissed my boy tenderly as he clenched his eyes shut and fired out his cum. The ginger stud crouched down and took all of my boy’s seed onto his face. Some got in his eyes, but he didn’t seem bothered. Hal suggested we all go for a shower and figure out if we were in need of a break or done for the night. We swung by the lockerroom. My boy checked his phone and saw a message from the doctor, ‘GOOD NEWS. TEST RESULTS BACK. YOU’RE NEGATIVE FOR HIV-1 AND HIV-2.’ He rolled his eyes and said, ‘Well. I was as of yesterday…’ He then winked at me, took Hal’s hand, and headed back to the darkroom.
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    I lay there in the dark. I could just see shapes in front of me. I was on a leather mattress, one of three next to each other. A guy I could see was lying next to me. Like me he had his ass open to the sky, to anyone. My ass was open to anyone as well. But it was open to Poz guys more than anyone else. I didn’t want to discriminate. But to me I needed Poz cum. Only 30 minutes before I was on my iPhone typing my position and area on my iPhone. The ad I placed in Barebackrt was very specific. “ Poz guys only to breed Neg guy not on Prep in dark room at Bathhouse. Please bareback Poz with the words not on Meds Poz” time and place. Here I was 30 mins later lying on my stomach in the dark . My asshole was lubed. Every other minute I sniffed poppers. My cock was irrelevant. It is an intense experience lying in the dark, sniffing poppers, watching shadows in front of you. The guy next to me was as still as a plank. Part of me wanted to check his pulse. When a guy came near him and start to fuck him, he hardly made a sound. You could feel men’s hands feel your ass and legs ,finger your hole. Random men . But I wanted something else . Something more . I waited. It seemed like forever and not long at all. A guy was feeling my leg in the dark. It was slow . He got to my ass and seemed to linger around my hole. Suddenly a voice came out of the darkness” Not on Meds , Poz” That was it . Nothing for a moment, as I breathed harder. Suddenly I felt wetness, Then I felt hardness. Then pain , then pleasure. Next to me the voice again.” You got more than you bargained for . Take that Poz cock.” He pushed it in hard. I had an intake of breath. We both stopped for a moment . Then a voice. “ “You sure you want this?. No turning back” He almost impaled me and I answered almost in a scream. “ Give me your Poz DNA.” He breathed against my neck. “ Your a fucking slut” “ Yes” I responded. The guy fucking me laughed. Then loudly he said to anyone in the room “ This slut wants to be fucked Poz, full of Poz cum. No self respect. He deserves everything he gets. Load him up with anything”. With his elbow he pushed me down. “I will be back”. He got off me. Emptiness. This was only for a minute or so . “ Fuck bitch you want fucking AIDS!!” In short jabbing movements the next guy did not care. “ Been Poz 3 weeks you will fucking have this Pozzz” He trailed off. He had cum. So quickly. He managed to say “ Slut” as he left me but he disappeared as quickly as he came. I felt myself smile. This is heaven.This is the meaning of life. Another voice. “ No meds, Poz” this guy just grunted, again and again pushing into me. “ Fuck slut you are Poz “ He came abruptly. Next to me the other guy being bottomed moved. He put his hand on my shoulder”. I need to cum “ He said. “ I have no idea what I am . If I have it or not. Never been tested”. “Please fuck me “ I replied. He moved on top of me and started to pound hard my ass . “ I need to cum .Fuck this is so hot. Fuck you are so we wet. Fuuck!”. He had cum. He breathed against my neck. He stayed there for the longest time and then moved” Hope you get what you want” He said as he left. I was still smiling to myself in the darkness when I heard a familiar voice. Gruffly he announced to the shadows . “Have you had your fill of Poz cum slut? “ “ Never” I replied. “Please fill me up with more” He rammed into me hard. I panted into the mattress. “I am close ,slut. You are going to be Charged Poz. Fuck you are going to have dirty seed in you. Take that Poz seed! “ We both lay there. “You are going to have to go out of this Dark room eventually. People are milling around out the door to see who the Poz loving cum dump is. I smiled to myself. I had achieved wanted I was a Poz loving cum dump in a Bathhouse darkroom.
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    Part 1 - The Meal Ticket Walking along the road in Knightsbridge it was already late in the evening and Conrad was a little lost trying to find the way back to his aunt's house. He often stayed up here during the summer holidays and visited with his cousin every evening who lived a thirty minute walk away to play on his xbox. Conrad was in London for two weeks and was taking the time to figure out how he would pay next terms fees and crucially the exams. Struggling to make ends meet he liked to be independent unlike his twin brother Charlie who was happy to visit the bank of mum and dad frequently, doing that have to be his last resort and would insist on paying them back not matter how long it took. Putting himself through college studying horticulture he never imagined the series of events that would unfold from this time of need. Somethings never crossed his mind like taking drugs or having sex with another man, Conrad was as straight as they come. At 20 years old he was average at best coming in at five foot nine inches tall, a swimmers build that lacked any sign of chest hair, just like his twin. The resemblance didn't stop there they both looked the same and that is to say ordinary, not head turners by any means and during school they constantly had a stream of girlfriends. Both of them had a weird strawberry blond colour hair and Conrad had brown eyes whereas Charlie had blue eyes that sparkled. To know them you knew that was the only subtle difference. Conrad began to recognise the shops and rowdy bars knowing he was only 10 minutes from the house. There were numerous young guys of all sorts standing outside one of the bars, some with shirts on others didn't and were showing off their muscular bodies like peacocks strutting around trying to find a mate. Conrad knew this was one of the gay bars and closing time was approaching and it amused him how some of the patrons now desperately searched for a fuck. It was one of several gay bars along this stretch of road and frankly it had never bothered him in the past, what did though was the limousine that drove slowly along behind him making him feel on edge. He could only assume it was slowing to deposit the passenger at the gay bar. Conrad could smell the cologne mixed with sweat the closer he got to the bar. Humid air still lingered after what had been a scorching day, they even had to stop play at Wimbledon for a few hours. Wearing only shorts and trainers Conrad had taken this t-shirt off for the walk back realising he looked just like one of the gays standing outside the bar that were leaning up against the wall. Some of the guys were chatting, others smoking but all watching diligently at any car that slowed down. The limousine had now slowed down and crawling along allowing Conrad to get further ahead of it. He thought the behaviour of the guys was strange at first then chuckled to himself wondering if they were escorts trying to pick up business.et further away from it, figuring that the guys leaning against the wall outside the bar were touting for business. Sure enough a car pulled in front of the limousine and one guy walked over to the car, after a few seconds of discussion he got in and the car pulled away. He just couldn't believe it was going on right in front of his eyes the noticed that several of the guys spotted the limousine and began moving edging closer to the curb of the pavement, in doing so they effectively blocked Conrad from passing easily. Dodging around the back of them and nearly crashing in to one that was moving forward. "Out of my way" he abruptly said to Conrad then looking at him up and down. Conrad looked shocked "I am just trying to get past" he replied annoyingly skirting around the back of him. Another guy spoke to the one he had the interaction with "Fucking straights always in the way". The guy laughed "Cute though" he replied. "Your just a slut like me Harry" the other guy replied moving right on the curb side. Stupidly Conrad looked over his shoulder whilst walking and saw the limousine slowly moving past the guys then it sped up a little and moved ahead of him stopping about 30 meters in front. You could hear the disgruntled moans from the guys who all moved back to the wall still looking at the limousine. Conrad heard the guys name Harry being called and he looking at Conrad and briefly made eye contact. When Conrad turned to carrying on walking a tall Arabic gentleman exited the limousine, jet black hair with greying sides and a black beard, he was solidly built and around late 40's possibly in his 50's and walking towards Conrad and spoke to him. "Do you have the time?" he asked in his heavy Arabic accent. Conrad looked at the man's wrist and gold rolex "You have a watch" he replied looking confused. He looked impatiently at Conrad "Do you have the time?" he asked again. Conrad realised what he was asking "Oh god no, I am not one of those" he replied nodding over his shoulder. "So you gay for pay?" he now asked "30 minutes for me to fuck you". "Are you serious?" Conrad replied shocked at how he continued to proposition him "I am not gay". He smirked "Even better" he said hinting to follow "£500 to fuck you". Conrad stood there rooted to the spot, had he really just been offered that much money to get fucked even though he had told the guy he was straight. Some bizarre decision had happened in his head from the lure of money that made his feet move following him. Was he really going to get in to the guys vehicle with no real idea of why? Conrad couldn't understand why his feet kept moving, the desperation for money was the contributing factor. Conrad felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up figuratively speaking and he glanced behind noticing several stares he was getting from the guys watching him, there was no mistake the looks were not happy ones. He held the door open and Conrad looked at it for a moment then at the man, he showed no friendly expression on his face and was more a business deal look nothing more. His body trembling a little at this bad idea but he still stepped inside sliding over the spacious seating, the leather smell instantly assaulting his senses along with cigar smoke. The strangeness in the way you could not see the driver through the blacked out partition window that was raised cutting them off from them. How bad can it be Conrad thought to himself watching the Arabic man climb in and the door closing like magic behind him. The limousine pulled away and he looked at Conrad for a moment. "Take your shorts down and lean over the back of the seat" he said in a just do it kind of way. Conrad embarrassingly pulled his shorts and underwear down and nervously leaned over the back of the seat "Like this?" he was asking to make sure. He said nothing taking his shirt off revealing a dark hairy chest and a very solid build, hanging the shirt up neatly on the coat hanger with his tie, he now undid his trousers revealing a bulge that looked enormous. Oh shit Conrad said out loud now concerned about what he had let himself in for knowing this was going to hurt. Conrad didn't even have time to think or back out feeling the body weight of the man leaning heavily down on his back the coarse hair on his chest making his back itch. He felt one arm laying over his neck holding him down in place, his other hand positioning his cock. Conrad let out a gurgling scream feeling his ass being pushed open abruptly taking the head of his cock inside he was almost sure he heard his ass tearing open, it burned like hell and the pain was excruciating. Conrad was gasping for breath his entire body engulfed by a pain that intensified the deeper he pushed his cock in, the thick shaft expanding his ass open wider. The agony and pain he felt left him unable to breath properly and he blacked out momentarily his eyes watering. Conrad snorted and snapped his eyes open crying out again in agony feeling his body and soul being crushed and destroyed by this man's cock. Wishing it would end so he could get his money and run, he suddenly felt a the sensation of he mans thick bush of pubes burying up against his hole. Getting a momentary relief from the pain only to become aware of the free arm circling around his waist ignoring his own cock it continued moved around like a snake until it held Conrad securely. Conrad felt completely immobilised and at the mercy of this man, the pain still burned deep in his body and gradually he felt like his ass was being pulled inside out. Each deep penetrating thrust made him cry out, unable to move his head he stared blankly out of the darkened back window in to the street lamp lit roads as they drove around west London. He was being fucked hard and steady, each thrust agonising with his calls to stop falling on deaf ears he could feel the warm breath from his benefactor who was now grunting and panting hard. Conrad let out one final loud agonising scream with the man pushing up hard, his cock sinking deeper than ever and simultaneously firing his seed in large thick gloopy streams deep in to Conrad's young body, electrifying jolts followed where each one seemed to penetrate him deeper. Conrad partly grunted and cried at the jolts from the man's orgasm and feeling relieved knowing this was over, even his eyes felt sore and his throat burned from the crying and screaming. Another painful long moan followed with the cock leaving his ass. He was still a little stunned at what he had done, confused, disgusted with himself and slightly dazed he heard a voice telling him to get dressed. Conrad pulled his underwear and shorts up seeing the lights from the bar appearing and the limo stopped exactly where it picked him up from. A wad of £50 notes was put in his hand and told to get out. The Arabic man grinned and lit up a cuban cigar waving Conrad away from the limousine he watched the door close and turned away in shame. He put the money in his pocket and stood looking at the brick wall in front of him. He felt dirty and degraded by his own actions stumbling towards the wall he leaned against it trying to gather his thoughts and compose himself. His ass felt like the pits of hell burning in so much pain he wanted to cry out in anger. "As gay as they come" Harry said walking up to Conrad "are you okay?" he asked. Conrad registered who it was "I'm fine" he replied standing up. Harry put his hand on Conrad's shoulder "Sure you don't need help?" he asked looking concerned. Conrad turned looking angry "Fuck off you queer" he responded shrugging Harry's hand off him. "Well fuck you" Harry replied punching Conrad in the face and walking off leaving him there. Rubbing his cheek and chin Conrad looked at Harry walking off re-joining his friends who all looked at him. It did nothing to help his self-confidence being looked down on by a bunch of gay guys in that way. Turning in the opposite direction he basically picked up where he stopped before getting in the limousine and painfully walked back to his aunt's house. He slept badly unable to get comfortable, every time he turned on to his left side he saw the pile of £50 notes on the bedside table. Unsure if the degradation and pain was worth it and to top it all he also now had to contend with a lightly bruised jaw from being punched. He couldn't ever remember calling someone queer like that since he had a school friend who turned out gay, then there was the man called Simon owner and occupier of Hibiscus Manor and Jack the gardener. Conrad was probably the only person in Hibiscus Drive who knew Jack was gay. By morning he woke managing to get a few hours sleep, his aunt went off to work and Conrad went to the bathroom. Sitting down he winced at the pain still around the entrance of his ass, he lost track of time sitting there his eyes watering every time the muscles in his ass pushed. Grabbing some toilet tissue he braced himself knowing this was going to hurt and he wasn't wrong, wiping gently he then stood up and saw rusty discoloured blobs floating in the toilet water. Not one or two but multiple ribbons of it. He felt sick again thinking about last night having never discussed using condoms, he had let a complete stranger fuck him and cum in his ass. Wallowing in self pity all day he sat out in the garden watching the planes in the distance heading to Heathrow and catching some of the late afternoon tennis matches on TV being played at Wimbledon. The pain in his ass had eased off although it was still agonising trying to poo he found out that evening. At least there was no more of the horrible stuff coming out of him, it was nagging at him wondering if the guy had hiv, but he did look respectable and bore a wedding ring. The following afternoon Conrad went to his cousins walking on the opposite side of the road away from the bar in case that Harry bloke was there again and didn't want to get in to any altercation with him. Stopping by the bank he deposited the money in to his account at the same time thinking about his ass and that the pain had all but gone. He spent the rest of the time with his cousin until 10pm. Heading back he walked on the same side of the road and sure enough he saw Harry standing there chatting with a guy. Harry noticed him and grinned giving him the finger. Conrad was so distracted by Harry that he didn't see the black limousine pass then do a U-turn in the road stopping a few meters in front of him. He wasn't sure at first if it was the same one until he started walking past it and the window opened and finger beckoned him over, there sat the Arabic man. He looked at Conrad and nodded "Same deal as the other night" he said smoking his cigar. Conrad saw the same guys looking at him from across the road "I'm not gay it was a mistake" he said. He laughed "You took it well and I need to fuck, get in" he said "£1k if you take like the other night". Conrad stepped back as the door magically opened "30 minutes" he said inching closer tempted by the money. "No" he replied "for as long as it takes me to be satisfied and empty my balls up your ass". Weirdly Conrad just saw the money side of it and slipped in to the seat next to him. It was gone midnight when he finally stepped out of the limousine after the Arabic man asked where he wanted dropping off. That was the extent of their conversation and his pocket was bulging with £50 notes again along with his sore ass that was even worse than the first time. True to his word it was only after the fourth time did he feel satisfied, Conrad just endured two hours of getting fucked stuck in the same position continuously, the Arab only took his cock out once he was done. And so it continued every other night he would get paid to be fucked by the same man in to the second week of his stay. Conrad was due to go home to Hampshire at the weekend and that Thursday afternoon he wandered around Knightsbridge bumping in to Harry who was dressed in public school boy uniform having finished classes for the day. Harry purposefully walked on a collision path with Conrad and every time Conrad stepped across so did Harry. The closer they got Conrad just gave up trying to avoid him. "How much have you made from Moham?" Harry asked stopping Conrad. "What?" Conrad asked looking at him "Man you still in school and whoring around?". "Shut the fuck up or I will punch you again" Harry replied smirking at Conrad. Conrad tried to pass by but Harry stopped him again "What happened to you being straight then?" Harry asked. "I am" Conrad replied looking at him unsure why he was still standing there hearing Harry laughing. "Was the money Moham offered too good to turn down?" Harry asked. Conrad blushed bright red not sure what to say "I am not gay" he said again. Harry just laughed in his face "You must be a fucking good bottom to take it from him so many times". "I am not gay" Conrad repeated to Harry "just get out of my face" he finally said having had enough. Harry cocked his head to one side "Your very sexy" he said. "I err" Conrad blushed again having never been told that by anyone "Sorry, what I said the other night". "That's okay, say it again and I will punch you harder next time" Harry replied making light of it. Conrad smiled and Harry shook his head "I have to go and do my homework, final exams coming up" he said. "Sure" Conrad replied awkwardly finding it amusing seeing an escort in school clothes. Harry walked off then turned "Meet me for a drink tomorrow evening, you know where" he said. He had to admit that Harry was one of a kind and in a way was a very attractive young and without a doubt he was flirting with him. Like himself he had copious amounts of blondish hair that made him look like a beach bum, those amazing blue eyes dazzled and he stood the same height as himself. Without knowing he was only 19 years old Harry had a pretty perfect body, not ripped but he was built for such a young person. Shaking his head Conrad was confused about meeting him and decided to sleep on it. He kept a low profile until Saturday afternoon, electing to stay in with his aunt that evening. Harry hung around the bar all of Friday evening chatting with his friends and keeping one eye on the direction he thought the guy would be walking from. By closing time Harry left the bar and walked home, it was no surprise the guy didn't turn up after all their meeting was not ideal. As difficult as it was he pinned to much on this so called straight guy but he couldn't help his feelings towards him, in truth Harry just couldn't stop thinking about him. Being an escort and finding a boyfriend was hard as most guys he met couldn't handle that part of him, even when he tried to explain that he did it for sex being a randy and very horny teenager. He was sad inside and tried to play his emotions down until he spotted the limousine and went running towards and tapped on the window. Moham lowered the window a little "What?" he asked taking a puff on his cigar. "The blond guy you had who is he?" Harry asked urgently "do you know where he lives?". Moham looked at him smiling "What's the information worth?" he asked putting the cigar back in his mouth. It was the last thing Harry wanted right now getting fucked by Moham "I just need to know where he lives". "It will cost you" Moham replied pressing a button and Harry stood back letting the door open. He sat next to Moham who looked at him and nodded down indicating for him to remove his jeans and underwear. Harry undid the zipper and the limousine pulled away. Moham put the cigar down and leaned over the back of Harry, his hand pulling his cock out that was already hard and he pushed it straight in to Harry's ass. He very rarely got to fuck Harry and liked that he was a little fighter when roughly taken, Moham loved the feel of Harry's body struggling. Harry didn't scream like the other guy he just wriggled and tired to reduce the impact by pushing his ass back. Moham had his arm secured around Harry's waist and with a steady brutal force he fucked him over and over until he shot his third load. Moahm spent fifteen minutes grinding his cock making sure Harry was properly bred before slowly he released him and sat back down doing his trousers up. The limousine stopped at the top of a road that Harry knew. "This is where I dropped him off" Moham said nodding down the road. Harry looked "So you don't know where he lives?" he now asked a little anger in his voice. The limo door opened "Down there" Moham replied lighting up his cigar "he screams when I fuck him". Harry slipped out of the limousine and the door closed immediately then drove off, he felt a pain of jealously at Moham's last remark or was it anger more importantly Moham had played him for a free fuck. He should have known since the man never spoke to guys he picked up, they just had to lean over and take it then get paid. Deciding this was a no hoper he turned to walk home even more upset than he was earlier. Saturday afternoon and Conrad headed back home for the Hampshire countryside, he had no regrets standing Harry up and didn't want the confrontation with him sensing they were complete opposites. His tuition fees well and truly covered by the £9k he made, the extra was pain money for enduring the nights he spent being driven around London taking a hammering from the Arab man. Sitting on the train out of Waterloo station he realised the thought of sex with the Arab had made him hard. Can't be he thought to himself, why would that turn me on? It was the start of his own confused emotions and state of mind questioning his own sexuality on the long journey until he reached home and the serenity of Hibiscus Drive. Sometimes your mind can hide things from you that only appear when you least expect them to. For Conrad he had subconsciously been fighting this battle for years and never even knew it.
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    Hi, Im Lee, and this is my story. I should say up front that I'm not a writer - so please don't expect everything to be themed and told in any sort of order. I started writing this because I was bored out of my fucking mind during lockdown, and I've just written encounters down as I've thought of them. Like I said, my name is Lee. I'm 32 years old and I run a lettings agency in west London. I've owned the business for about seven years now and, though I say it myself, I've made it into a really sucessful business. Outside work I play sport and I volunteer for a couple of charities. Oh, and I'm HIV positive and not on any meds. That's a bit of a long story and I might tell you about that another time. I was diagnosed about seven years ago - just after I had taken over the business. I suppose I felt a number of things when I was diagnosed - some expected and some unexpected. The most unexpected thing was how horny it made me. It seemed like my dick was permanently hard and I just wanted to fuck as many lads as I could - and actually that's more or less what I did and and pretty much what I've been doing ever since. Here's the deal. I don't stealth anyone - any guy who gets my load up his cunt knows he's going to get it. I don't lie either - if anyone asks me about my status I will tell them - but if they don't ask, I don't tell. I'm a top, I love to fuck and I don't like condoms. That's about it really. Well, let's say I'm mostly a top - if the truth be told, the more I've had to drink, the more likely you are to find me with my arse in the air, but I'm a top most of the time. I think I'm an ordinary looking guy but, though I say it myself, I do have quite a sizeable cock and I pack the front of my trousers out pretty well, even when my dick is soft. That's led to a lot of opportunities when I've seen guys checking out - I'm not shy about going for it and pretty soon one thing leads to another. That's true at work too. The business is quite a small business and so I do a lot of the property viewings, inspections and end of tenancy visits myself. We act for a number of landlords and the property portfolio consists of a lot of student flats and houses, some very high end flats and various other properties in and around west London. I know a lot of people think you should't mix business with pleasure but I have to be honest - I've had so much sex through work. You'd be surprised how often I find some lad checking out my crotch when I'm showing a flat. Sometimes its one of a group of students, sometimes it's the father of one of the students and very often it's one half a couple who are viewing a property together - and this applies to both gay and straight couples. When I've finished a viewing, I always give out my card and say if they have any questions or want a second viewing or anything they just need to call me. If I've noticed anyone checking me out, I give them a card with my personal mobile number written on it and you'd be surprised how many calls I get and how many times I get to enjoy a horny bareback fuck with no one any the wiser and more often than not, no questions asked. One time we took on the management of a flat just outside our area in south London. It was a nice flat but the parking around about it was terrible - London parking at it's worst. The first few times I went there I had to park miles away and then I noticed that there was a council estate just on the other side of the block which, unlike everywhere else around it, didn't appear to have controlled parking and I started parking in there. I got a couple of dirty looks from the residents and knew I probably shouldn't continue parking there but it was so convvenient I did - and then one day I got challenged. The guy who challenged me looked to be in his mid 30s - he was slim, dark haired and actually quite good looking. He was obviously nervous and had clearly taken his courage in both hands to challenge me. He was brick red but explained that the parking was for residents only and when people from outside parked there it made it harder for people who lived there. He told me he was a nurse who worked shifts and said it was really inconvenient if he couldn't get parked. When he finished tallkng he looked at me and I could tell he was nervous about my reaction so I smiled at him and told him he was quite right to call me out and I apologised for being selfish and told him I wouldn't park there again. He was a bit taken aback. "Oh, well.....I suppose it's not that big a deal," he said, with a smile. I held out my hand "I'm Lee," I said. He shook my hand. "I'm David". I had noticed him checking out the front of my trousers by now and I could feel my cock growing in my pants. There was no mistaking it now - he was definitely checking me out so I decided to go for it. I spread my legs a bit to give him a better view and he asked nervously if I would like a cold drink as it was such a hot afternoon. I said that would be great and soon I was following him up to the second floor of one of the blocks. I could tell he was nervous as he handed me a (very welcome) cold drink and guessed I would have to make the first move so I pulled him towards me and soon we were kissing. A few minutes later, my pants were down and he was sucking my cock. It was just what I needed and I must say he did it really well. I could easily have let him blow me until I unloaded in his mouth but I wanted to see if he was willing to go any further. I pulled him up and soon I was going down on him. I sucked his cock for a while and then turned him round. He bent over the kitchen counter and I pulled his cheeks apart and pushed my tongue into his arse. Along with fucking, licking arse is definitely my favourite thing. I love pulling a guys cheeks apart and pushing my tongue right up him, knowing that I'm soon going to be pushing my raw cock up there. David's arse was a little hairy and I enjoyed licking it and judging by the moans he was giving out, he was enjoying it as much as me. I stood up and began to rub my cock against his hole. He pulled back then. "Oh...." he said, "I can't....I...I've got a partner..." His voice tailed off as I pushed the head of my cock against his arse again. "I really want to fuck you," I said and he moaned. I knew he wanted it too but then he said "We have to use a condom." I told him I didn't like condoms and he moaned again. "I....I can't,,,,,not without a condom." I told him that was fine and said I totally respected his decision and said we didn't have to fuck. I've found to this to be a very effective strategy over the years in getting lads to fuck without a condom - especially when they're really horny for it as this guy was - I've found that so many safe only guys will fuck bare rather than miss out on a fuck if they're horny enough and this guy was no exception. He said hesitatingly "Well, maybe just for a little while...."and a few minutes later he was bent over the kitchen table and my bare cock was pushing up his arse. He pushed his arse out further and moaned as I began to fuck him. "Oh fuck!" he moaned, "Fuck me.....fuck me!" I could tell he was really horny and guessed that his boyfriend probably hadn't given him one for a while. He was still moaning as I began to fuck him harder and I guessed that he hadn't expected to end up bent over the kitchen table with his pants down and a bare cock up his arse when he came out to speak to me about parking on the estate. I was enjoying every minute of the fuck, expecting him to ask me to pull out soon but he didn't. I was getting close now and told him so but he didn't react and I kept fucking him. After another ten or twelve thrusts I could feel myself starting to cum and I told him so. "Do it..." he moaned, "Fucking do it!" I hadn't cum for several days and seconds later I was pumping what I knew was a massive load up his arse. It felt like I was never going to stop cumming - I really bred him. When I had pulled out he stood up and mopped his brow with his T shirt. "I really needed that!" he said with a grin. Then he reddened a bit and said he didn't normally cheat on his partner like this. I said we're all human and he grinned again. I don't think it occurred to him that I had just pumped a toxic load up him. I didn't have to visit that particular flat for a while after that but a few months later I was doing the property inspection and I parked on the council estate again. When I returned to my car, a group of four lads in trackie bottoms and T shirts who looked to be in their late teens or early twenties were drinking in an entrance way just beside it. As I approached my car they started shouting at me and calling me a posh cunt and telling me to fuck off out their estate. I'm not easily intimidated so I tried to ignore them and got into my car and started it up. They were making wanking signs now and as I moved off one of them, a dark haired lad in a football top, turned round, dropped his pants and bared his arse at me. I grinned - he had a nice arse - and then just as I had pulled away there was a crash as one of the other lads threw a full can of beer at my car with some force. I was not grinning now and kept driving. I stopped a few miles away to survey the damage - the rear light of the car was smashed and the bodywork dented quite badly. I was really pissed off - I was proud of my car and I had bought it when the business started to make some money - but much as I love cars, I understand they are inanimate objects and can be repaired so I just booked it in to a body repair shop. It wasn't cheap. I didn't park on the council estate again - I guess you could say I had finally learned my lesson - and I found somewhere to park a bit further away on the edge of some woodland. It was about three weeks later that I was walking back to my car when I heard someone calling to me. I turned round and saw it was one of the lads from the council estate - a tall blond lad. I didn't want any trouble so I started walking faster. "Wait," he called and then added "Please." I turned round and he caught up with me. "I'm sorry," he said "I just wanted to say I'm sorry." he said. "It was stupid and I'm really sorry I did it." I realised he was telling me it was him who threw the can at my car. I was really tempted to tell him to fuck off but I could see in his eyes that he genuinely seemed to be troubled about what had happened. He was a bit nervous now "Look," he said, "I don't have any money, but maybe I could buy you a drink or something?" I looked at him and he reddened "Just to say sorry, you know." I relented "How about I buy you one?" I said and a few minutes later we were in a bar on the main road near the estate. I bought him a lager and myself a soft drink (I was driving) and we talked. He told me his name was Robert and he was 20. He was employed part time but didn't earn very much money and he had recently split up with his girlfriend. On the second drink he told me that he had a two year old daughter but his ex girlfriend was being difficult and not allowing him proper access. He told me he was really sorry he had behaved like such a prick and wished he could pay for the damage to my car. I told him not to worry about it - It was repaired and I was not concerned about it. On the third drink he asked about me and did not seem particulary surprised when I told him I was gay. He asked if I had a partner and I told him I didn't. Robert picked up his lager which was half full and downed it in one. He grinned and said he needed to go for a piss. I said I did too and we made our way to the toilet. Soon we were standing at the urinal together and I could see Robert was checking out my cock as he pissed like a racehorse. A short time later we were in a cubicle and Robert was sitting on the toilet and I was standing in front of him. He unzipped my smart work trousers and pulled them down along with my pants and soon he was sucking my cock. He sucked me quite well and I couldn't help wondering just how straight he was. He certainly did not resist when I pulled him up. I wanked him for a while and then motioned to him to turn round. WIthout a word, he turned round, pulled his pants right down and bent over the toilet. I pulled his cheeks apart and pushed my tongue into his hole. It wasn't very fresh, but in fairness he probably hadn't been expecting anyone to stick their tongue up it and I didn't really care anyway. I licked his arse for a while and then reached into my pocket for the little pack of lube I always have somewhere about my person. Robert did not resist as I pushed my cock into him - he just gave a little grunt and soon my cock was right up him. I began to fuck him - turned on by the tightness of his arse and the fact that we were fucking in the toilet of a run down straight pub. The toilet was not very clean and it smelled very strongly of piss, but somehow this just turned me on even more and before long I was getting close to cumming. "I'm close," I panted and he asked if I was going to cum in him. "Do you want me to?" I asked and he nodded. I didn't hold back and soon I was pumping a nice big load of cum into his arse. When I had finished cumming, Robert stood up, took hold of his cock and began to wank. I fingered his cummy hole as he wanked and before long he was shooting a big load of cum down the tiled wall of the cubicle. He griined at me. "You've done that before!" I said and he shrugged "Now and then" he said. "Do you like it?" I asked and Robert nodded and grinned at me again. I didn't have cause to visit that area for a while after that and the only other time I visited the council estate was one afternoon when I badly needed to piss. I remembered there a little wooded area behind a brick shed on the estate and I figured that it wouldn't do any harm just to quickly take a piss there on the way past - and to be honest it was either that or wet my pants and I didn't want to do that. A few minutes later I was mid way through a much needed piss behind the shed when I sensed that I was not alone. I turned and found a dark haired young lad of about 18 or 19 watching me. He was dressed in a polo shirt and work trousers and I saw from his badge that his name was Reece and he was part of the council's Estate Services Team. I had seen members of the team on the estate now and then, cleaning and tidying the garden areas. Reece was staring openly at my cock and I pulled back a bit to give him a better view as I finished pissing. It wasn't long before my cock was in his mouth and I was enjoying a really good blow job. This lad may have been young but he certainly knew what he was doing - it was one of the best blow jobs I had had in ages. I let him suck me for a while longer and then pulled him up. He didn't take much persuading to drop his pants for me and soon he was leaning against the brick shed, his work trousers and his white underpants at his knees and my cock up his arse. He told me he wanted it hard and I gave it to him hard, before shooting my toxic load deep into his unprotected young arse. Shortly after this encounter, the landlord put his flat on the market and I had no cause to visit that area again - but I certainly had some horny fun when I was there and, as always, enjoyed every minute of it. I've also quite enjoyed writing this - if you like it, I'll write some more.
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    Moderator's Note: You can't get pozzed by skipping 2 doses of PrEP, so this is being moved into fiction. I'm 30. I've always been super health-conscious. I remember being super scared of HIV before I moved from a small town out East. Now I live in San Francisco. I volunteer in HIV prevention for crying out loud but I've always been thirsty for poz men and toxic cum. I would jack off to videos of neg men verbally getting pozzed all the time. One day I was walking home from work, not a great neighborhood, this older black guy is walking past me, a little roughed up but cleaned up enough. I've seen him walking around on the streets before. I was so fucking horny unknown to him, I hadn't had sex in a month. I felt the energy off him right away, but I knew that had I missed a couple doses of my PrEP that week... "Having a good night?" I tried to be nice. "Yeah, it's nice." "You have a boyfriend?" I laughed, "No I wish!" "...Take me home with you." he said. "Sorry I don't live alone." I followed. "Oh ok." We then walked with each other to the corner. While waiting for the crosswalk he just asked me straight out, "You wanna follow me?" Without hesitating, I said yeah. We walked a block away to this kind of open empty ally way, behind an Office Depot. It's like 9pm. He walked behind a dumpster, I walk up to him. He pulls his pants down and he had a nice healthy looking cock. Not the biggest but thick, thank goodness, I knew I was going to get *something out of this. I got to my knees, and sucked him off. He tasted good, not dirty, clean enough. He was really enjoying himself. I suck him off for like five minutes. We pause for a moment and he asks, "Can I fuck you?" "...Yeah." I said. I then get up, pull my pants down and lean against the dumpster, he then does his best to adjust himself and we both try to just force him in, only my spit to help him. And fuck, he was in and he dirty cock felt like a real presence. He started to fuck me.. raw..this quasi-homeless guy in an ally way, a block away from the shit-hole I lived in. He wasn't too fast, but damn he felt good. A guy probably like 10-20 years older than me. About near the end, we see these car lights behind us. I freak out and look back hoping it wasn't the police. It was this random van at the end. It stalled there for a few seconds before it drove off. The homeless guy keep going fucking me against the dumpster. I then hear these ridiculous moans from him and he cums in me. He sounded ridiculous but I was so turned on. He catches his breath. Pulls out of me. Pats me on the shoulder and walks off, "Thanks kid." Nearly four weeks later, I got my routine checks like I do every three months. They said they wanted to see me.. I was in the middle of changing clinics I completely spaced out what happened a month before. I hadn't had sex since then. I sat on the clinic bed as the doctor came in with a second guy I hadn't seen before, "Your tests came back as reactive.." For a split second the world just froze. I never thought I'd be blindsided like this. They took additional tests and just as they told me, I was now positive for HIV.. all because I missed a few doses and one random night, I said yes to being fucked raw by a homeless guy behind a dumpster. This was months ago now. And you know what? If I saw him, I'd do it again..
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    I remember when I heard about The Six. I had just been barebacked by a dominating top. We had Poz talk throughout. The last words I spoke was “ Give me your Poz babies” as he bred into me. “The problem with me” he said as he lay back down on the bed “ is I am firing blanks and it is clear you are ready for the real thing.” I laughed. “ You are the real thing. I love Poz guys even if you have meds. I have been fucked by many guys not on meds. I enjoy the feeling of Poz guys filling me up with dirty seed”. My top laughed “That is because you are a slut that craves Poz cum, but I have known you long enough to know you need more than just the Poz seed, you need the Gift.” He smiled “ I think you need The Six”. I laughed. It sounded absurd. “ it is no joke “ He said. That was 4 months ago. Now I was here in a large dark room in a bathhouse that had been booked for the night, under “ The Six” Well there were 6 of us in the room,but clearly we were not The Six. We were the bottom sluts. Some of us were freaking out. “ What the fuck am I doing here?” One guy was almost pleading to us. Another guy had a smile on his face , which probably matched my own. It was nirvana. Alright it was nirvana mixed with excitement and fear. But I was hot for this. Every fibre wanted this. The poppers that I breathed in heavily helped draw me into this new heaven. My dominant top , that was one of many on my way to Poz slutdom had explained it abit to me.” The Six “ are guys who are all Poz without meds. They are made up of either newly Poz guys or Poz guys that are dominant and need to infect continuously. They change , so one time it may be made up of the same guys for 2 pozzings but it might change along the way with a different guy appearing occasionally or several,” I was erect when he told me this “ How does it work ? “I could hardly contain my excitement. Basically it was a group of six guys who met every few months, sometimes only twice a year, sometimes 3 or 4 times a year. They were made up of guys not on meds who wanted to Gift willing guys. The guys who were going to be gifted needed to be invited by members and there could be no backing out if the invitation was accepted. The strike rate I was told was basically 100 %. Because of all of this you never entirely knew which one of the six made you pregnant. “ The moment they walk in, the name of the game is to make all the Negs Poz. You can get fucked by 1 or all 6. It is not up to you. It is up to them. There also needs to be 6 bottoms who need to be Poz. It is not enough to need it, you have to be almost fated to be Poz. It is why this sometimes takes months to occur, sometimes up to 6 months. You never truly know who infects you. God knows what happens if you try to back out” a wry smile came over him” let’s just say you don’t leave without the Gift” “How do you know so much about it. Are you part of it?” I asked. “ I am on Meds, of course not “ he smiled at me “ “But before that “ I said. He just smiled “ It usually happens at a bathhouse. The room is booked , the bottoms arrive and then The Six. “I gulped, I could hardly breath. This could be all bullshit. But part of me knew it wasn’t. “ I am going to put your name forward.” He said.” You will get an email. It will be an email will have a subject line “ The Six” It will have a Respond/ Delete button. If you delete, you can never again be one of the sluts going to be pozzed by The Six. If you respond you agree to it all, no backing out at all. You will receive an email with time and place. No backout.” He smiled again. “This is you “ Here I was 4 months later in a dark room in a bathhouse with 4 other slut bottoms and another near hysterical bottom. “ I am out of here” he said” Sorry this was all a mistake “ He didn’t move though. “ No one is forcing you to stay ,there is the door, you can open it “ said the guy with the smile on his face. There was footsteps outside the door then it opened. Six guys came in , one after the other, all different. It was hard to make out the features because of the dark. A guy had “ The look” veins and what I imagined with a largish belly and a long dick. I licked my lips. A couple of the guys looked like they were maybe bottoms in normal sex but here they all were in front of us full of Poz venom, infected with life force. It was a beautiful sight, only ruined by the nervous nelly wandering around. “ I have to go sorry. I made a big mistake “ said nervous nelly. There was no answer. One of the six stepped up to nervous nelly put his hands on the bottoms shoulders and pushed him down to the top’s dick. Nervous nelly was confused and just opened his mouth and let the dick come in. He started sucking hard on the dick. The top fed him poppers. I always thought at this point there would be a little speech about a group of Poz guys infecting a group of Neg guys. No one moved to make a speech, but smiling bottom seeing nervous nelly sucking furiously on the popper fed cock took it upon himself to go up to the top I had been eyeing and grab his cock. With expert handling, while my jealousy started to rise, he guided the Poz Look guy expertly with his hands and within 10 seconds he was being ridden by Poz look guy hard. “ I want your Poz babies” smiling guy yelled. Meanwhile already nervous nelly was getting bred by Poz top. His smile said everything. Nervous Nelly was as happy as a pig in shit. I felt hands against me and I was pushed forward. I didn’t have time to think before I felt a sharp pain inside me that eased as I put poppers up to me. A voice next to my ear said.” Don’t worry mate. I saw you eyeing crix guy, my Viral Load is higher than his. You are bound to be toxic. By the time you have been ridden a couple of times you will be in the Club. Infection guaranteed. “I allowed my self to sniff heaven with poppers and looked around. Everyone was fucking. There were 12 people in the room. Interspersed with the moans were words you heard. “ Charge me “ “ I want to be Poz” “fucking infect me !!” “ these are the last seconds you will be a neg boy” Breed me, breed me!!” I want to be pregnant with Poz” this last comment was made by nervous nelly as Poz Top pushed into him. “Fuck take that Poz infected load “ he gasped My maker whispered into my ear. “Fuck I am going to breed that scared little slut with my Poz load, after I have finished infecting you.I can feel my PA scraping against your insides. You should be bleeding now and the infection should take . Fuck I am about to poison you.” I was shocked that I maybe bleeding. It scared me ,but I didn’t miss a beat. “Infect me. Make me yours. Make me Poz “ that was too much for him and he suddenly lurched into me.” Have my dirty seed slut” he whispered. He lay there for a moment, then slowly backed away, leaving me raw , bloody and full of Poz sperm. “ “You all leave here infected” he said as walked away. Before I had time to react, someone else entered me . “ Fuck blood and sperm “ you sure are going to pregnant with Poz by the time this is finished. I am a bottom” he said “I have only topped twice and that is to Poz sluts like you. You are the Second guy. The first one was that scared guy over there, but now I have built up some more Poz sperm , it is going to be you. Fuck I feel the need charge you. “I whimpered” “Please make me toxic”. “Bitch the PA bitch before you created the cake, I am just putting the icing on top. Take those babies slut.” It felt like hours I was there. It felt at least 4. There were moments where I needed to sit but felt torn and sore. The Six would Poz then rest, the come back for more. Crix guy bred me, but I felt like a whimpering mess. As he pushed his Poz cum in my ass I felt a tear in my eye. When it was all over I was sore and bloodied and two weeks later I came down with the tell tale flu. I received an email after I knew my results. The subject line was “ The Six” It had an accept and a decline on it. The accept said “ Be part of The Six for the next conversion. The decline was I was going on Meds. I accepted and smiled. I could now give what I received.
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    Part 3 Eric sat there breathing a little heavy as his dialated pupils darted back and forth between me and Steve. This kid was spun. I took his head in my hands and started kissing him, tenderly making out with him. Part of me just wanted to backhand him and rape his hole, but there was plenty of time for that coming up. I had no idea if Eric had to work tomorrow or not, and I didn't give a fuck. I had him where I wanted him and he wasn't going anywhere for a while. And when we were finished with him, his mind and his world would be so fucked up, he probably wouldn't be in any shape to return to the Magic Kingdom anyway. I pushed him back on the bed and removed his towel. His teenage cock was rock hard, even with all the T he had already smoked. I'm sure the Viagra was responsible. I removed my shirt and layed on top of Eric, kissing him deeply. He moaned into my mouth as my hairy chest ground against his smooth one. He wrapped his arms around me tightly as my tongue explored every inch of his mouth. I reached between us and found one of those pretty pink nips and started pinching it. He moaned louder as his hips started moving, grinding his hard on against me. This kid had probably never touched his nips before. I was awakening the slut in him he hadn't been able to release himself yet. After I had worked his nipples for a bit, I sat up and looked down at my sweet young prince. He looked back at me with those dark Tina eyes and panted in desire. Then I leaned down and licked the precum off the head of his cock. It tasted so sweet. I licked up his shaft where more precum a seeped down, and he moaned as I engulphed his entire rod, taking all six inches to the base. I nursed on his dick for a few moments while he groaned his approval. I didn't suck his dick for too long, cause there was somewhere else I wanted his load more. I knew he could probably cum once, but then the Tina would take over for sure and his dick would shrivel up. I pulled off his cock, much to his dissapointment, and stood up. I retrieved a pair of wrist restraints and rope, holding them up for Eric to see. "Are you ready, my Prince?" He just smiled up at me licking his lips and nodded yes. In mere moments Steve and I had Eric's wrists tied to the corners of the bed. I removed the rest of my clothes and grabbed some lube as I looked down at my living fantasy. His dark, hairy pits were fully exposed and that was the first place I went to next. I buried my face in first one, then the other licking and biting them as I breathed in his teenage musk. Eric groaned at this new erotic sensation that he never knew existed. I moved over to his nipples, licking and biting them as Eric moaned and lightly squeeled. Then I took the lube, and lubed up Eric's throbbing cock. I slid my ass down on it in one easy stroke. This kids average sized cock was no problem, and he groaned as I ground my hairy ass into his freshly shaved skin. I sat on him, using my experienced ass muscles to milk his cock. I played with his nipples as his hips started bucking upwards, faster and faster until his eyes rolled back into his head. "I'm cumming!" He gasped. "Oh fuck! Oh my God! Oh shit. Aaaaagggghhhh!" He cried out as he slammed his hips up into me. I knew he was experiencing the most intense orgasm of his young life because of the drugs. I squeezed my ass as hard as I could as he filled my guts with a big load of 18 yo cum. He just layed there trembling as I carefully dismounted him. He twitched and jerked as I took his cock into my mouth to savour the taste of his cum. He begged me to stop as I sucked the head of his overly sensitive cock. Post orgasm torture is a favourite of mine. I stood up looked down at my captive prince. He just stared back at me with those glassy eyes. His body was bathed in a sheet of sweat which made his pale skin glisten in the light. I couldn't wait to leave some marks on his tender young body. His dark hair clung to his forhead, and I swept it off as I approached my first target. I pushed his head to the side as I planted my mouth on his neck. I started to suck as if I were a vampire. At first, Eric moaned, but as I sucked harder it started to become painful for him. He tried to object but I just covered his mouth with my hand and kept sucking on that fresh young skin. Eventually I pulled off with a strong sucking sound and looked at my handywork. A deep, dark red hickey showed prominently on his neck, marking him as my slut. I knew in a matter of minutes, it would become a deep purple. Now to move on to the main event for me. This kid didn't know it, but he was just mere moments away from receiving the first of many dirty loads that he would receive over the next few days, and probably his life. I grabbed his ankles and pushed his legs back until I exposed the real prize. His beautiful, pink, virgin hole. It was a thing of beauty. It looked so fragile and delicate. It was almost a shame that soon it would be a gaping wrecked cumhole. I said almost. Steve held Eric's legs for me as I dove on that little pucker of paradise. In no time at all, my little future whore was moaning loudly as he discovered yet another erogenous zone he hadn't explored. "Oh God that feels so good!" He cried out. "Eat my ass. Oh God please!" I feasted on his hole, sticking my tongue as far up him as I could get it. He just continued to moan his enjoyment as I sucked, licked, and nibbled his pink pucker. After a nice long ass eating session, I went to the dresser and found a nice sized shard. Returning to the bed I grabbed the lube and squirted some directly into Eric's hole. Then I inserted a finger, slowly until it was all the way in. Eric moaned as he felt his asshole breached for the first time ever. I worked one finger in and out, alternating between my index and middle finger. Then I put two fingers in the boy while he continued to moan. His hole was relaxing quickly, thanks to the drugs we had given him. Then I picked up the good sized shard. I knew it was a lot for his first time, but he was young and healthy, and I wanted to fuck him up. I placed the shard on Eric's hole, then pushed it in with my two fingers. He let out a small hiss as the sharp edges scraped his tender flesh. I buried it in him as far as I could. "Oh God, it's burning, why is it burning?" He cried out after a few seconds. "Make it stop!" "Shhh my prince." I hushed him. "This is just a booty bump. It's going to make your ass beg for our cocks." I continued to push two fingers in and out of him. I didn't use a third, because I wanted him to still be tight when I entered him. I enjoyed the slight pinkness that appeared on my fingers. I knew he would absorb my babies into him that much quicker. He started moaning again and I knew the burning had subsided. Steve released the kids legs as I sat back and lubed up my cock. Then I placed his knees over my shoulders and placed the tip of my cock against Eric's hole. "Aren't you going to use a condom?" He asked me with a worried look on his face. "Trust me my prince." I said to him. "Condoms don't feel good, and I know what you need. You need to be released from your strict upbringing and taught the joy of man on man sex in it's purest form. And I'm going to do that. I'm going to release you." With that, I started pushing myself self into him, taking possession of him, owning him like no other man will ever again. It was enough to make me want to explode right then. I knew this first fuck from me would not be a long one. I was way too turned on by my fantasy coming true. But later, I would be able to fuck him for hours. I watched his eyes pop open when my cockhead past his sphincter. "Take it out please." He gasped. "It's too big!" I didn't say a word as Steve placed a popper soaked handkerchief over the young princes mouth and nose, so he was only able to breath in the fumes. It's so great to have a partner who already knows the right things to do. Eric went kind of limp as I pushed forward into him, and by the time I was balls deep, he was letting out a deep gutteral moan. I stayed still as Steve removed the handkerchief, and looked down on my barely concious prince. 12 hours ago, he was a friendly Disney employee with dreams of going to BYU. Now here he was, drugged up in the hotel room of a guy he didn't really know with a hard cock buried deep inside him, minutes away from having his guts filled with poz cum. I waited till his eyes fluttered, and he looked at me trying to focus. His mouth moved like he was trying to say something, but no words formed. I just grabbed his thighs and started fucking him. Grunts escaped his pretty pink lips every time I slammed myself into him. His head flopped back and forth as I rode him hard. He started to form words that sounded like, fuck me, fuck me, but I couldn't be sure. I grabbed his bottom teeth and opened his mouth, spitting into it a few times, enjoying the sight of my spit slide down into his throat. I was really close when I held his strong thighs against me and just jackhammered his little cunt. My whole body felt like it was exploding when my cock finally shot off and I let out a gutteral, "ooooohhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuck," as I filled that sweet Mormon boy with his first load of dirty cum. I just collapsed on top of Eric, barely able to breathe as I watched Steve lubing up his cock for his turn.
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    Part 2 Well, hey there." I replied, trying to sound casual while my heart was pounding a mile a minute. "You off work now?" "Yea." He replied. "Uh, so I should ask, are you Steve or Craig?" "Oh Craig." I replied. "So, you wanna hang and have a drink?" I asked, biting my lip, expecting him to say he couldn't. I knew if I could just get close to him, I could trap him in my web. "Yea, that would be cool." He replied. "But.....the thing is, I'm not 21 yet. Is that a problem?" I almost laughed. "Problem? No man, not at all. So....how old are you?" "I'm 18. I just recently graduated. This is my summer job before college." Oh sweet hell, I thought to myself as my hard dick seeped some precum into my jeans. "That's awesome. We can still meet at the lounge at my hotel, we'll order you a coke." "That sounds fine." He replied. So I gave him the hotel information and we agreed we would meet there at 9:30. Steve and I rushed back to the hotel where I debated if I should grab a quick shower, but decided no, I'll just leave my natural smell. Steve and I got really stoned, and I prepared a little dose of G to try and slip into Ken's drink. At 9:30, we were at the lounge, but Ken was no where to be seen. I was afraid he had chickened out. Which honestly, would have been better for him. He had no idea what he was walking into. Steve and I ordered beers and a coke, which made it very easy to slip the G in, since he wasn't here yet. At 9:40, he walked in looking like the perfect sacrificial lamb. He was wearing white shorts and a button up shirt, making him look like a modern, preppy Prince Eric. I noticed his legs were hairy, but that can be fixed. I did love the fact that his legs were well defined, which practically guaranteed the rest of him would be too. I waved him over and he smiled that boyish smile. After we all shook hands, such a polite boy, he sat down and took his first sip of his laced coke. "So," I just jumped right in. Hell, I was stoned. "What promoted you to agree to call me? I'm old enough to be your dad." "How old are you? If you don't mind me asking?" He enquired. "45." "My dad's 39. So I guess you're older than him." That thought just made my dick ache more. "I don't know, you seemed nice, you know. I get hit on a lot. People are really creepy. But you didn't come across that way." He said, as he ran his fingers through his thick hair. I was so glad to see it wasn't a wig he had been wearing. But I chuckled silently to myself that he thought I wasn't creepy. If he only knew what was in store for him. "So," I started, hesitantly. "You said you liked my shirt." "Yea, well, I'm curious about......well I'm gay, and I've had sex a few times, but I've seen stuff, you know, like, on the internet....." He trailed off, drinking more of his coke. "Like kinky stuff?" I prodded. "Yea." He replied bashfully. Oh God I wanted him. "Like what?" I probed further. "Like, stuff.... you know. Like tying someone up, or blindfolding them. I don't know. I'm just curious. And I said when I came here I would try new things. And it's hard to meet certain guys, and the internet is just, I don't know, it's hard." "Where did you come from?" I asked. "Utah. Yea I'm Mormon. I'm going to BYU in the fall. Go courgars." He said, raising his fist in the air. "I'm putting off going on my mission for a while." I jumped a little when Steve grabbed my knee under the table. This corruption was getting better and better. "Hey, I gotta use the John." He said, getting up. As I watched that nice, round ass walk away, I turned to Steve." Can I keep him. Please?" I mock begged him. Steve laughed. "We'll see. This still might not go in your direction." "The kids putty in my hands." I replied. "All I have to do is get him up to our room, and I can guarantee he'll be carrying my babies in a couple of hours!" "Mine too?" Asked Steve. "Of course baby." I replied as I kissed him on the lips. "After I impregnate him, his little pussy will be open for business." "Is it warm in here?" Asked Ken as he sat back down. I smiled a little smile at Steve. The G was starting to work. "I have an idea." I said. "Our drinks are finished, let's go up to our room and chill a little more." "Sounds cool." Said Ken, standing back up. "Lead the way." I will, I thought. I'm leading this lamb to slaughter. I liked that my Prince was shorter than me. I much prefer dominating smaller guys. He was probably 5'9" to my 6ft and Steve's 6"2'. And I decided to assert my dominance the second the elevator closed. I pushed Ken against the wall and started kissing him. He was surprised at first, but quickly melted into me. This kid was going to be easy. I rubbed my hands on his face while my tongue probed his mouth. His face was a smooth as silk. Not a hair on it. I didn't stop until the doors opened. Once inside our room, I opened the mini bar and brought out three beers as Steve put towels at the bottom of the door . "Have you drank before?" I asked him. "A couple times. Not very much though." Was his reply. "Good." I said. "Ever smoked weed?" "No, I don't think I should do that." "Now come on. It's practically legal everywhere now. And besides, you did say you were going to try new things." "You're right." He said decisively. "Weeds not THAT bad. Sure." "And it will help relax you." I said as I lit a joint and inhaling. I handed it to Ken, and he held it to those lucious pink lips of his, and inhaled, coughing almost immediately. "You have to cough to get off!" I smirked. He bravely took another hit, and struggled to hold it in. He succeeded for a few seconds before coughing it out. Steve and I took a couple of hits, then handed it back to Ken. This time, he was able to hold it in without coughing. Soon the joint was gone, and Ken was high, and giggely, and more talkative. I managed to talk him out of his shirt and my mouth went dry as I surveyed his creamy, smooth skin, and his big, pink nipples. Nipples that were born to be abused. He talked about his life back in Utah on the farm, which explained his awesome body. He talked about his 4 brothers and three sisters. He talked about once, when he was younger, he spied on one of his older brothers masturbating in the barn. How it excited and scared him, but he couldn't take his eyes off his brothers cock. He talked about the few sexual encounters that he had. It turns out, they were mostly blowjobs, and he fucked a guy once. But he had never been fucked. Oh my God. I was going to impregnate a virgin Mormon boy. While he talked, Steve handed me four blue pills. Two were extasy, two were Viagra. I popped my two and told Ken to open his mouth. "What are those?" He asked through slited eyes. "Do you trust me? They're just going to make you feel real good." He just smiled at me as he popped them in his mouth and washed them down with the last of his beer. "So," I started. "Since a lot of what you've probably seen online is roll playing, can we do a little. Can I call you Eric? Can we pretend you really are Prince Eric." "Yea." He laughed. "I figured you wanted to, but I didn't know how to bring it up." "Sweet, and one more thing. Eric was nice and smooth. I want to shave your legs." "Really? I mean I don't know......" He stopped. "New things!" He pronounced. It's only hair, it'll grow back." With that, I took his hand and led him into the bathroom while Steve packed a glass pipe with some T. As I ran some bathwater, I pulled down Eric's shorts and underwear, admiring how well built his thighs were. He had a beautiful cock that was getting hard. I took the clippers to his legs first, and had them almost smooth in no time. Then I took the clippers to his bushy pubes. He didn't even object, he just let me do my work. Then I sat him in the tub. I did first one leg, then the other, then had him stand up so I could finish his crotch. His cock was rock hard and stood straight up, probably 6 inches. He moaned as I lathered his cock and balls, and carefully shaved the rest of his pubic hair. Soon, he was totally hairless, which just added to his boyish beauty. I did not touch his armpit hair though. That's a bit of a fetish for me. There is something so sexy to me about a hairless boy with hairy pits, and Eric's we're nice and bushy. After I washed him off, I wrapped a towel around him and we returned to the other room. Steve had changed into some of his leather items, including his leather jock strap. He didn't want Eric to see his mamoth cock yet. I had a really nice 8 inches, but Steve had a fat 10 inches with a big mushroom head. Guaranteed to destroy Eric's virgin hole. "One last thing." I said as I sat Eric between us on the bed. "What's that?" He asked, looking at the pipe Steve was about to smoke. "It's called Tina." She's a lot of fun. You'll like her." "Is that meth? I don't know, I've heard so many bad things about it." "Trust me my Prince." I said stroking him. "It's ok. We've been enjoying it for years. It's ok once in a while. Now, he's going to take a hit, and when he puts his mouth on yours, breath in while he exhales." I watched as the smoke passed from my partner to my new prize. After he exhaled, I held it up to his pink lips and lit the bowl, telling him to hold it until I said exhale. My cock started getting hard again as I watched his young, muscled chest expand, knowing his life would never be the same from this moment. After he blew out a big white cloud I took a hit myself, then placed my mouth on his. He didn't need to be told what to do a second time. When he exhaled, I held the pipe up to his lips. He took two hits from the pipe for our one each, so he had 8 full pipe hits, plus 8 shotgun hits from us. When we finished the pipe, is blue eyes had turned into saucers and he had a glazed look on his face. It was time for the real party to begin.
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    With my parents and brother out of town for the weekend I can finally get back to fucking around like my old self and taking advantage of it. Hen I found out they were leaving g I hit up my Army buddy to confirm if he was still going to the Friday night fuck fest that happens at a motel near the base and there was one happening Friday night. Better still, this time I could get there as early as I want and stay as late as I want with no worries. I haven’t been to one in ages and still remember the ground rules. It’s a shame I missed last week’s as it was a lot of guys on account of it being the 4h of July weekend. I didn’t want to get there right when it started as there likely wouldn’t be a lot of guys to choose from and it’s also bottom heavy at that point. It goes in unpredictable waves too where it’s busy and slow. And there’s different types of guys with different desires as well. I got there a little after 10 and there were already a few guys going at it on the beds and elsewhere, and a few guys watching and waiting. Pretty much everyone strips down naked except the terminally shy and I quickly stripped down and let my eyes adjust to the darkened room. I recognized one of the boys getting drilled is the slutty Puerto Rican Army boys I’ve hooked up with a few times...his ink is a dead giveaway and I recognized a chubbier redneck Army boy by his ink as he’s been to a few I’ve been at, but the rest were guys I’d never seen before. I moved next to one of the guys watching and let him stroke my cock and I reached over and started stroking his. It didn’t take long before I was up against the wall taking him balls deep to orgasm. And so it went for most of the night, waiting for the right moment with the right guy and getting what I wanted, sometimes up against the wall, sometimes on all fours on the floor, but the boys on the bed weren’t giving up their spots, as is often the case. One of the guys I hooked up with said they were like that on base as well. I didn’t care as I was getting plenty and loaded two Army guys that were down for swapping. As usual it was guys coming and going and it was a relief not to have to stop and look at the time and just give myself over to having fun. It’s not the kind of place you want to pass out or fall asleep at and I’d done an energy drink to keep going as long as I could but around 4am I realized I was fading fast. I was playing with this really cute eager redneck boy from Mississippi who was clearly wired and offered to go back to my place to swap. Things were dying down and so he agreed, going back to my place. I’m ashamed to admit I pretty much laid there as he loaded my ass and promised I’d fuck him once I woke up. About 7 I woke to him inside me loading me again and this time I was more awakE and into it, him riding me with a look of mad desire as I unloaded inside him twice. I loved how verbal and loud he was taking my dick, begging for my cum and telling me how good my dick felt in him. We passed out again only to wake up again at and have another round swapping loads. His hot smooth body was amazing and I was stunned at how good looking he was and his pretty flashing blue eyes in the morning light. He indicated he needed to roll by 10 and enthusiastically offered his number. I took it but cautioned him I couldn’t host again but we could meet up somewhere else to fuck. He indicated he was cool for that and we swapped once more as we showered together. I’m pretty wiped out now and ready for a nap and more fun.
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    Opening My Boy Up after A Few Months Last year, due to some crazy work circumstances, we decided to take some time off from sex with other guys. We’d jerk each other off, and I’d rim and blow him, but his hole was basically closed for business for a few months, even to me. He just wasn’t feeling very sexy at all and wasn’t in the mood to get fucked by me or by anyone else. I love sharing him with other guys, especially hung guys, most especially hung guys who will play raw and will breed him. I just love sliding into his hole after it’s been opened up and stretched out and filled up. One night before falling asleep, I got him onto his knees, ass up, and I ate him good, forcing three fingers into his ass with plenty of spit. It made me precum buckets, so I was smearing that from my cock to my fingertips and greasing him up with that. I slapped my bare cock on his crack thinking he might let me fuck him, but he wriggled away. As he flipped onto his back, he kept his legs spread, he pulled me up to his face, and he kissed me hard as he jammed three or four fingers into his now-hungry hole. “Babe, why don’t we find a really slutty celebratory way of opening me up for use again, and soon?” I kissed him back and told him I’d come up with something. We jerked each other off, as he told me about missing fresh loads in his cunt. He told me he missed getting bred by guys who might be POZ and came instantly. I lapped his load off of his chest and tongued it into his asshole. He whimpered and told me he was looking forward to tomorrow night. The next morning, I went to work. I fired up S**** and G***** and saw who was online. I chatted with a few regular guys we’d hooked up with. I messaged three who were close to my office, one of whom was POZ and usually undetectable, but had let his meds regime slip, and three who were close to our house, one of whom was POZ and never on meds. At my lunchbreak, I waited on the corner. My three buddies showed up within about five minutes of each other. They each went to the bathroom before heading to meet me and jerked off a fresh cumload into a styrofoam cup and brought it with them. I’d stopped by a coffee shop and grabbed a carboard cup holder. I collected their loads and poured them all into the same cup. There must have been nearly an inch of seed in that cup. I wrote my boy’s name on it and put it in the staff kitchen in the fridge. Before leaving for the day, I texted my boy and suggested that he take a long hot shower and get rinsed out really good. On the way home, I swung by our favorite porn shop. I bought a new bottle of poppers, a clear plastic anal syringe, and a nice thick 10” dildo. While I was there, I went into the booths and knelt in front of a gloryhole. I only needed to wait a few moments before a juicy tan dick came through the hole. I sucked him off as well as I could. Just before he was about to shoot his load, I grabbed my styrofoam cup full of seed and he shot his load into it. I stayed on my knees and had sucked two more strange dicks before firing my own load into the cup. It was now at least an inch a half deep, and three of those loads I didn’t ask status… When I got to our neighborhood, I waited on the corner and messaged the three guys close to our apartment. Two of them brought cups with their fresh cum in it. Leaning over a garbage can, I poured their cum into the cup. The last guy, the unmedicated one, showed up and said, ‘I couldn’t cum just by jerking off, man. Let’s go back in that alley and you can suck it out of me.’ I’d already blown three strangers for their seed, so what was one more? I followed the guy back behind a stack of filthy mattresses and got on my knees. The guy whipped out his uncut POZ cock and slapped it on my face. I sucked his cock as deeply as I could and let his balls slap against my chin. The guy rewarded me with a mouthful of POZ cum which I spit into the cup. It was now at least two inches full of cloudy white ball juice. When I got back to our house, my boy was still in the shower. I went to the kitchen sink and rinsed out the new syringe and filled it full of cum. With the last guys’ loads there, it was warm to the touch and full. I hid the cum-loaded syringe and dildo under my pillow and joined my boy in the bathroom. I climbed in the shower, and we made out as I fingered his hole. Under the showerhead, I knelt down onto the tiles and let him bend over and spread his cheeks. I lapped at his ass and forced in a few fingers. I told him he was in for a fun risky evening. He asked if I’d invited anyone over, to which I replied, ‘no…’ He wondered aloud how risky it could be then without any special guests. I just winked. We toweled dry and tumbled into the bed. I presented him with the fresh poppers and he took a big hit. My boy buried his face in his pillow as I reached for the syringe. I squirted a good amount onto my fingers and worked three inside his ass, still too tight and too dry to accept the dildo, but warming up very quickly. I forced in more cum and got four fingers inside my boy, really opening him up. I pulled out the dildo and teased his hole with it. I squirted more seed onto that dildo and forced the head into him. He moaned and looked over his shoulder at me, begging for more. As more and more slipped inside his quivering pussy, I kept squirting more and more of the guys’ cum onto the shaft. I finally got the dildo balls deep in him and flipped my boy over onto his back. I was leaking precum as my boy moaned taking every inch of that long fat dildo. I let my precum drip onto it and forced it inside his ass over and over again. When I knew I was about to cum, I held up the syringe. He looked curiously at it as I squirted the last of the fresh cum onto my own drooling cock. I pulled out the dildo and slapped my dick against his now-gaping hole. His lips were puffy and red streaked with the cloudy cream of many men. I grabbed my cock by the root and drove it all the way inside him. As inch after inch sunk into my boy’s hole, I told him where all the cum came from. He moaned in approval, especially knowing that I’d coaxed out at least one POZ load just for him in a filthy alley. Fucking my boy felt so good. He was so wet and opened up that I could barely feel the walls of his pussy. I wrapped my hand around the base of my cock and managed to shotgun my cock and hand into his sloppy cunt. Feeling all that spooge squelch and slosh around really got me close. My boy had been huffing the whole time and held the bottle up to my mouth. I took a deep breath and rode the high as I shot ropes of cream into my boy’s cummy guts. At exactly the same time, my boy shot his own load all over his belly without even touching himself. I collapsed onto him and we furiously made out as I rammed my fingers in and out of his stretched-out chute telling him that he’d been bred by at least nine guys’ sperm. I had my boy spread his ass wide and took a few snaps of his gaping well-bred hole to send to the guys kind enough to help open my boy up for the first time in months.
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    Doug busied himself with the usual workload for the week. He'd finished editing and selling Oliivers debut video a few days earlier and was truly impressed to review it at the end of the day. Doug appreciated his technique. most people wouldnt be able to control themselves at the sight of a teens virgin hole, and he'd certainly had his moments of raw lust, slamming his fat cock into restrained boys who howled in protest. "ah, youth" the tall man reminisced. So long ago. Doug had found his sensual side after he turned 50. He knew he would get much more satisfaction from Oliver by making sure he stayed in one piece as the teen took his meat. To make a good boypussy takes dedication, and doug saw this dedication in the video as he watched the slender teens fuck hole surrender to his fat cock. This was dougs highest artform, taking nice young men and grooming them as servile, submissive fuck holes. Away go the dreams of college, of marriage, and kids, to be replaced with only the pure raw sex they soon learn to crave. Oliver slumped into the waiting room seat. He had come down with a fever earlier that week and had wondered if it was something to do with his flu shot. or maybe he had the flu already? Olivers mind was pretty hazy. he'd never fainted from something as simple as a flu shot before, maybe this was something more serious? the teen tapped his foot as his mind wandered back to the last appointment. At least he'd gotten the physical out of the way. "Oliver?" the chipper voice announced oncemore as the boy looked up from his distraction. "Oliver the doctor will see you now" the friendly male nurse announced, and the boy rose to follow him. "any symptoms bud?" the nurse began taking his vitals. "oh uh, yeah kind of like the flu i guess." The nurse smiled as he made a mental note to confirm the boys charts for the nice little bug Doug gave him. He had always enjoyed seeing Dougs prey return to him, each reporting their conversion without a care in the world. "well well! its ollie! I see youve met Trey" doug stepped into the room with a warm smile as he clapped the nurses shoulder on his way out. Trey was one of his first glorious conversions. doug had spent weeks drugging the boy, pumping him nice and full of poz seed, and breaking him down for a brand new life. now Trey wouldnt dream of starting a day at work before making a stop at the bookstore or the park to get a pussy full of random seed for the day. "well ollie i think what we have here is a vitamin deficiency" doug declared in his best clinical sounding voice. "vitamins! thats it!" ollie confided to himself. how could he forget? i mean poptarts have vitamins but its probably not good to start every breakfast with them. his train of thought was momentarily interrupted as Doug wrapped a piece of tubing around the boys upper arm and swabbed. "make a big fist now ollie and we'll get you the vitamins you need." Oliver obediently complied and Doug injected the various contents of the syringe, releasing the band and watching the boy squirm and groan. "i think you need a little more vitamin D too" Doug sat next to the boy and opened his phone. ollie looked down with glassy eyes and watched himself, he was nude. "i dont remember this" he slurred. "ssh, this is the good part" doug turned the volume up and Olivers face turned to remorse as the video finished. "see ollie? Im sorry but i couldnt let you go trying to treat anything or clean yourself up." doug soothed as he began undoing his pants. "you did such a good job making me cum, but you had to keep the nice cum inside so you could have your gift" a tear ran down his face as ollie watched Doug drag his thick poisonous cock from his pants. "dont be sad ollie, i promised to turn your little hole into a nice pretty pussy and im going to keep that promise sweetie. Its just the best holes, the prettiest ones, are all poz." ollie watched mesmerized as a clear bead of precum emerged at the head of dougs massive cock. "it sure looks nice doesnt it ollie?" doug guided the boys hand around the length of his tool. Oliver had never seen a cock so big before, he'd never held anyone elses dick but his own, but Dougs felt warm and natural as it pulsed in his hand. "I know what you want to do ollie, dont be scared, its natural for boys to suck." "i-im not gay." ollie bashfully replied as he moved his head closer to dougs lap. "that doesnt matter ollie, just look at the nice big cock and take your time." olivers heart raced as he opened his mouth wide and began to suck dougs cock. "it...does feel pretty natural" ollie thought as he swallowed dougs precum instinctively. "There you go ollie! see? all boys like to suck, its just something in their nature, especially with big cocks." doug watched as ollies head bobbed up and down. As much as doug knew a load in the boys mouth would be nice, he had every intention of honoring his word. "okay buddy thats enough. Lets take those clothes off so we can keep going" Ollie reluctantly obeyed, the room had gotten very warm anyhow. "sorry" oliver blushed as the teen covered his raging erection. "oh dont be shy ollie, hop up on the table now and lie back." Ollie climbed on the table and clumsily laid down. why did Doug keep calling his butt a pussy? The drugs made it confusing to think about as doug lifted ollies thin legs and slid him to the edge of the table. "you have such a pretty pink hole ollie." Oliver blushed as Doug lowered his mouth to the winking boys most sensitive orifice and began greedily tonguing it. "ah! that tickles" oliver jumped at the sensation of the mans fuzzy beard on his butt as his laughter turned to a low moan. "oh fuck yeah" he panted, lifting his hips for Dougs hot tongue. "see ollie? I told you i would keep my promise." Ollie looked down at his rock hard cock. "im not gay i have a girlfriend" he protested,trying to ignore the precum smeared across his abs. "no baby no more girlfriends, just focus on your little pink hole for me." Doug continued chewing,sucking and tonguing the teen to a symphony of moans. after fifteen minutes oliver was a sweating, panting mess and just as intended, his soft relaxed hole was puffy and swollen. Doug squirted a blob of lube on his drooling cockhead and nudged it against the boy, dipping inside. "no please dont fuck me again I cant. I dont-" doug quieted the boy as his big dick continued its voyage into the slender teen. "yes you can ollie, see? we're making you a nice pretty pussy, and pretty poz pussies love big cocks." Oliver looked down in shock as his body betrayed him, the warm tool filling him completely in a clean stroke. "theres a good boy. tell me how it feels" ollie struggled to find the words. Dougs cock was...there. the whole thing, the angry swolen head, the shaft, all of it somehow made it deep inside his body. Oliver felt violated, carnal, as he watched the doctor begin sliding in and out of his most private and personal orifice. "full" ollie declared, as Doug squirted another glob of lube onto his shaft and watched it disappear in the teens shiny pink hole. "do you like being full of me?" doug watched the panting boys hips begin to move on their own. Ollie just grunted and nodded as doug pulled out with a lewd fart, gaping the boy. "there we go ollie youre doing great. That nice pink pussy looks so good" Doug took a moment to admire the kids guts as he skewered him once more effortlessly. "looser and looser baby thats it, take the nice big cock" doug whispered to the boy as he jerked his precum soaked dick. Olivers body wobbled back and forth on the table as doug sped up the pace and the boy groaned. "so good" he panted between slaps of the mans thick poz rod. "there you go ollie see? boys with pretty pussies get nice big cocks inside"
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    Part 2 I sent David a note back, "What makes Sir think I'm into poz loads?" I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. A few hours later I got his reply, "Explain to me why you mentioned it, considering both of our profiles clearly mention our HIV status." Well hell, he got me there...so I just told him that I felt we needed to get our statuses out in the open. I went about my day thinking about it and couldn't shake the feeling he knew my secret. Later that night, I sent another message..."Hopefully we can discuss it one day, Sir." Time differences suck. I wanted to have a real conversation not a few sentences at a time. The next morning, as I lay in bed jacking off watching BB porn, Sir sent a message; "boy, I will be in LA on business in three weeks. Let's meet for a beverage and talk." I immediately responded, "Yes Sir! I am happy I'll finally get to meet you in person." We continued to chat for the next two weeks. I had been told not to cum. The day arrived and David messaged me that I should come to the place he was staying. I was extremely nervous but very excited. Admittedly, I was hoping for sex. I craved his pierced cock in me. I hopped in the shower before I went over to clean out, you know...just in case... I arrived promptly at 7pm as instructed. I rang the buzzer and David came to let me in the gate. As soon as the door closed, Sir turned and said "Strip. You will wear nothing in the house when with me, pig." "Yes, Sir!" I quickly stripped and folded my things leaving them in the yard by the gate entrance. We went in the house and I was offered a beer. David and I sat on the couch and just chatted for a few hours. It was all about getting to know each other, nothing about sex. I was deflated as I knew our time was coming to a close. That's when it started happening... "boy, I need to take a piss and you are drinking and wearing it home. Follow me." David led me into the bathroom, which conveniently had a drain in the middle of the floor, and pulled out his cock. "Wrap your lips around the head boy." "Yes, Sir!" I love piss play so this was going to be a nice treat. As he started to piss, David started getting verbal. As he was pissing I was sucking and he would start and stop, controlling his flow. Things like, "That's right pig, swallow my piss" and "Drink my fluids, boy." Then the verbal got more interesting... "You like the taste of that poz piss, don't you boy?" "Take all of my poz piss, fag." On and on...and the more he talked the harder my dick got. It was starting to hurt it was so hard. David noticed and put his foot on my cock. "Looks like the pig likes the idea of drinking my poz piss. Don't you boy?" I looked up and nodded. He pulled his cock from my mouth and said, "Tell me boy, tell me how much you like it." "Sir, the pig loves the taste of your piss. I want to nurse on it day and night." *Smack, right across my face* "No boy...that isn't what I want to hear and neither do you. Now, say it again." "Yes Sir! The pig loves the taste of your poz piss. I want to nurse on it all day and night. I want to feel your poz fluids flowing into me." "That's much better boy. Now, stroke your cock and let's talk about my poz cum and how much you crave it in your pig hole." *Fuck, how did he pick up on this about my secret.* David proceeded to stroke his cock as he urged me to stroke mine. "I think the pig wants to be poz. He is just waiting and denying his true self. Right, boy?" "Sir, I am on PrEP which will help protect me from contracting HIV." "I see, keep stroking boy. Why then, when you were drinking my piss, did your dick not get hard until I mentioned my poz piss?" "Because the boy secretly craves poz cum, Sir." "That's right boy, you want a proper man to make you his. Truly own you and become part of you forever. His poz son. Right boy?" "Yes Sir, I need it Sir." "You have to earn my seed boy, I don't gift just anyone. Prove to me you want it boy." Just then, David turned and started shooting his beautiful poz cum on the floor. I bent over to lick it up but before I could David grabbed my neck. "NO, you don't get to taste it until you've earned it. Now, get out." I shot my load on top of his.
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    Thankfully my mom loosened her iron grip on me quarantining and agreed to let me go over to a buds who was having fireworks at his place in our subdivision. He and I have played before and still play now that I’m back and he promised some “fireworks” of a different type, this scruffy 20-something redneck boy who was down for a three way. They play together regularly and my bud had showed him my pictures and he was down for a three way and is cool with bare. There were a few other people at my buds house for the actually fireworks and I got a chance to talk to Clay, the redneck boy, while all of that was going on. Clay already had his shirt off as it was hot as shit outside and for fun I took mine off too. He has a lightly hairy chest and some tattoos here and there. We were having beers and he coaxed me over to a side yard that was dark and away from everyone. We leaned up against the house and started kissing and I felt him unzip his shorts and pull his cock out and move my hand to it. “God I wanna fuck you” he murmured as I stroked his thick nice sized cock. He felt uncut and I asked him if he was and he said he was. He told me I should pull my shorts down so he could fuck me real quick. I was tempted but worried someone would stumble over into the yard and see us and the fireworks were adding to the tension. I told him I wanted his cum but that we should wait. We kissed some more and he pulled his dick back in and said I was taking his dick soon enough and we rejoined everyone else. My bud was pretty occupied with the fireworks and everyone else and Clay was clearly getting antsy to fuck as the night wore on. The house was full of people too and lay asked if there was anywhere else we could go to fuck. I told him about the nature trail and wooded area in our subdivision and he felt that was perfect so I told my bud what we were up to. He was a little pissed as he wanted to join but I said we could do that later and he could fuck us both then. He admitted that Clay was more for my benefit as Clay was verse and wanted a chance to play with someone new. I didn’t know Clay wanted to get fucked too and that had me horny as shit and now I wanted to drill his redneck ass. We headed off to the woods and I let Clay know that I get excited pretty easily and that if he wanted to get fucked I should probably fuck him first. “So long as it’s in me I’m cool” which had me hard as shit. I wasn’t sure if my bud had been joking or not but now all I could think of was loading this guys ass. By the time we got to a good spot I had a huge wet spot in the front of my shorts from all the precum and Clay let out a “damn” when he saw all the precum. He quickly stripped off his shorts and I grabbed a packet of lube out of my shorts pocket and lubed up his ass and my cock as he braved himself. His ass was hairy as fuck and already dripping wet from sweat and so I slid in easily with him gasping a few times as I slid in balls deep. I started slowly stroking and realizing I wasn’t going to last started thrusting deep and hard knowing I was gonna blast. He must have sensed what was coming and told me to cum, which I did with a heaving shudder. “Damn” he said, followed by “fuck” and “don’t stop”. He was clearly enjoying it as I started fucking him again, telling me how good I felt, and how bad he wanted my cum. I was surprised this redneck boy was such a slutty pig and wanted some random guys loads deep inside him. I was getting super turned on thinking about how he was a slut like me and probably taking random loads anon, which made me want his seed all the more. And knowing my bud he’s probably lined up other guys for three ways too. I worked myself up to a fever pitch and blasted my second load deep inside me which left him panting and gasping. We were both covered in sweat now. He told me it was my turn and I handed him what was left of the lube but honestly he probably didn’t need it as I’d been fucked earlier in the day. I loved the feel of his thick dick forcing my ass open wide and soon enough was moaning in delight as he pounded me. His first load didn’t take long and like me there was more where that come from as he kept stroking. He strokes were taking on a frantic tension and he was demanding I beg for his cum as he wrapped his arm around my neck and started choking me. I told him to cum in me, to breed me, to make me his bitch. He kept at it saying how he wanted to see other guys fuck me and breed me with me saying that’d be hot and I wanted it. He built to a climax and his own shuddering orgasm and I could feel it when he let go inside me. We kissed some more and then he said we should probably head back, so we pulled our shorts back on and headed back to my buds place. By now the crowd had thinned as the fireworks were over and everyone had pretty much finished picking up the trash. Clay and I grabbed a beer each and went to sit on a couch and catch our breath. My bud swung by and asked if we had fun, smirking as he did and we both said yes. He added once they were done it was time for round two. Which Clay smiled at. Cleanup done we headed over to the dark side yard and now with the last of the outdoor lights off it was darker, but thanks to the full on not that dark. We all stripped down and my bud asked who wanted his first load and to my surprise Clay said he wanted it. As he turned his back to my bud I was surprised at the huge amount of my cum clinging to his furry ass. My bud slid in with no effort and smirked at me saying I’d loaded him up good. He was at it a bit as I watched when Clay said I should take his dick while he got fucked. I was game and we repositioned so Clay was fucking me while my bud loaded him. Part of me was sad as I wanted to see Clay’s face as he took a load in his ass, see his desire for a guy to cum inside him. But like a good greedy slut he was begging for my buds load with a desperation that surprised me. My bud kept at it saying he’d love to line up other guys to gang fuck him which had Clay moaning like crazy and begging for his seed. I loved the thought of watching Clay take one cock after another and before I knew it I’d blasted a load and felt Clay let loose inside me again followed by my bud letting loose in Clay. I was pissed at myself for losing control and cumming as I wanted to load Clay again and was feeling spent. But I agreed to be in the middle getting fucked by my bud while I fucked Clay knowing that I might not orgasm again. Picking up on my bud I started call Clay a slut, saying how I wanted to see other guys load him and cum in his ass, asking him if he took a lot of seed and he said yeah which turned me on. He admitted he did and liked to get fucked, and loved guys cumming in his ass. I was hoping what he was saying was true and based on him taking our cocks my guess was it was true. My bud seemed to be enjoying it too and I was to the point where I knew I could cum in Clay’s ass again. Clay and I kept up that sex talk and soon enough my bud came inside me and I let go as well with Clay letting out a satisfied yes. We were all pretty much spent and so we zipped our shorts back up and went to go grab another beer and relax for a while and chat. Turns out Clay is the slut he says he is...he lives outside of town and works road construction and hops on Grindr when he’s gonna take a break or wrap up his day and often hooks up with guys at the truck stops nearby, fucking in the bathroom stalls, or going to park in his truck to do it. He’s not out at all but horny all the time and wanting to get it however he can. That had me horny as fuck knowing he was an anon slut like that but my bud seemed pretty blasé about it. Clay and I swapped numbers but I knew a chance of hooking up again would be tricky. But it was certainly a 4th to remember.
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    Doug Mandle was a physician at his own general practice in a small office park. The tall older gentleman sported a salt and pepper beard, a nice warm smile, and a dark side. Doug often took more from his patients than they expected or knew. The visit started simply enough. An eighteen year old boy named Oliver had scheduled an appointment in the morning for a flu shot and a physical and doug was only too happy to oblige when he saw the sandy blonde walk into the waiting room. He had cleared his schedule in anticipation of the visit, and made sure he had at least a few hours to tend to the boy. "so youre oliver!" doug smiled. "lets get started. itll be easier if we get going on the physical first i think. Take off your shirt and your pants." Oliver obeyed and unquestioningly trusted the fatherly doctors instruction. "hop up on the table ollie and just lie back." Oliver waited patiently as the doctor loaded a syringe and began swabbing his pale arm. "I havent seen many cases of the flu this year but its always good to catch up on vaccinations." The doctor plunged the needles contents into ollies arm. "Just lie back while i take a few notes" Ollie relaxed as he began to feel the room gently spin. "mufwaahh" he asked, as the doctor returned to stroke his hair. "thats a boy. nothing to worry about now lets just relax" Doug set and mounted the stirrups onto the table as he tugged olivers underwear off to explose his cock and balls. "very nice ollie, I bet you drive the ladies craaazy with that dont you?" Oliver raised his hand toward Doug, who gently guided it back to the table as he set the boys legs into the stirrups. "perfect. youre doing just great ollie." olivers mind was spinning. why couldnt he move? his arms and legs felt like clay. Doug pulled out his phone and set it on the countertop. Recording his little sessions for later was always a lucrative past time for the man. "now then, think happy thoughts for me, nice pretty girls yes? maybe some nice pretty boys too?" Doug began stroking the boys foreskin up and down his cock. "dont fight it now ollie just a little more" the doctor gripped and stroked the boys nuts in the other hand and Olivers cock began to stand to attention. Semihard, Doug stopped. "good boy ollie, now be brave for me, this next part makes our little movie very valuable." Oliver could barely hold his head up as the doctor reached into a drawer and removed a fresh catheter, liberally lubricating it and slipping it into the boys sensitive piss slit. "mmmgh" ollie grunted as the doctor seated the long tube inside him. "very good. im inside you now Ollie but we still have one more place to go boy" The doctor ran his rough lubricated digit around Olivers asshole, and then slipped the catheter tube inside. "We have to clean you out baby. dont worry, ill do all the work for you. Just lie back and dont fight." Doug opened the valve on the catheter as Olivers bright yellow piss flowed through the tube and into his own ass. Oliver huffed and moaned. "I know baby, feels warm in there doesnt it? youre doing great, just a little more." Finally spent, Oliver felt the catheter being slid from his cock and the clunk of dougs belt as it hit the floor along with his pants, revealing his nine inch uncut cock. doug sighed as he worked the catheter into the dripping piss slit of his own cock. "We're going to get to know each other really well Oliver." Doug released his own piss into the boys tight ass and smiled at his handywork. "Youre going to have so much fun making movies with me ollie. once we get you all nice and clean ill turn your butt," doug paused to slip the catheter out of both of them and set a bucket under the boys splayed legs. "into a beautiful pussy." Oliver shook his head from side to side in protest, "yes baby a pretty pink pussy with big puffy lips. Youll be a pretty girl for all the boys to fuck." A tear ran down Olivers as the doctor began massaging the boys firm lower abs and tight pink hole. "oh dont be upset. you might not like it now but I just know youre going to love it soon. Big finish now ollie, I know youre all full of piss so lets just let it all out for the camera" Ollie shook his head in protest as the doctor watched a dribble of brown liquid escape the boys ring. "dont fight it sweetie, the nice people paid to watch you get nice and clean so lets just relax and let it all out." Oliver groaned as he slowly gave in to the doctors firm circular motions and emptied himself into the bucket. "very good baby! youre pretty clean down there. Are you sure you dont already have some pretty young man of your own hmm? maybe a nice pretty boy with a big hard cock" Doug returned to the boys cock, rubbing a glob of clear lubricant into the shaft and continuing to stroke the boy as he teased him. "I'll find out soon enough sweetie. I can always tell if a boys been playing with other boys ollie." Ollie mewed in protest as doug dipped his middle finger into the boys slick hole "oh its nothing to be ashamed of sweetie, its really the best part of being a boy. Big dicks in your pretty little butt make you cum hard" Doug pressed hard on Olivers sensitive prostate and was rewarded with a glob of precum from the head. "see ollie? your pretty little butt made that happen. Although I have to say its a good thing we found eachother. This five inch cock of yours has no place fucking other boys. Its really best if we just get started on that new pussy for you." With that, doug moved the bucket and stood between the boys legs. "That sedative should help a little, but real men have real big cocks Ollie, so youre going to need to give a little push sweetie so i can get inside." Doug pressed his cock against the boys hole and looked into his dull, glassy green eyes. "push" he whispered, as ollie reluctantly complied and dougs red knob slipped into the tight ring. "oh ollie, youre a virgin! how lovely." doug pulled back and slipped in again, feeding another inch inside the boys protesting hole. "mmmgghh" oliver groaned. "I know ollie it feels strange, but once I get inside i promise youll feel better." doug quietly worked the boys hole for another twenty minutes until his balls kissed Olivers pale white ass cheeks and the boy sighed deeply. "there you go ollie im in you nice and deep now. how does your first big man inside feel?" Oliver rolled his head to the side and grunted. "you know what happens next ollie" Doug began gently fucking the tight virgin hole, "cum?" Olliver mumbled as he slowly rocked back and forth on the table. "thats right baby, your little butt is going to get a nice little gift. You see sweetie we're also going to take you from HIV negative to positive." Ollies breathing became rapid. he had to find a way out as his eyes scanned the room, but his body wouldnt budge. "noh...no" the boy moaned as he jostled about the table. "yes ollie just relax. a few warm squirts in your guts and its all over. Im going to make your pussy so beautiful Ollie." Doug stroked the boys dribbling cock as his balls tightened. "atta boy ollie, dont think about the gift sweetie, just focus on that big hard cock in your body and let nature take its course." Oliver gritted his teeth and groaned. He knew what was coming and he was powerless to fight it as his cock spewed a fountain of teenage cum across his chin and chest. He'd never cum like this in his entire young life, and here he was, impaled on the biggest cock he had ever seen outside of a porno, as the most powerful orgasm of his adult life ripped through his body. "here it comes ollie" Doug pushed deep and oliver grunted as he felt the older mans powerful cock kicking deep in his guts. "just a few more squirts baby almost done" doug soothed the boy as he slowly pulled his cock out of the battered hole and reached for a specimen jar. "Last clean load baby. Sometimes people need a little cum during fertility treatment. this saves me some cash and hey, you get to be a mystery daddy in the process." Oliver felt betrayed as the doctor collected the remainder of his seed and prepared another injection. "see you in a couple of hours sweetie" the doctors voice rang in his ears as he passed out. "Oliver?" the boy roused from the table and looked about the room. completely clean, not a single item out of place, and no trace of Doug. "what..happened?" "oh you passed out after your flu shot. Happens sometimes. i guess you must just not like needles very much." the male nurse chuckled. "my butt." he winced. "yep, Doug did most of your physical while you were out cold, checking for lumps and what not. That discomfort should go away in a few hours." Oliver rose to his feet and wandered back down the hall. "Oliver!" boomed the mans voice as he spun around on his heels. it was doug, clipboard and a smile. "Hey buddy! just wanted to say everything checks out and youre doing great. Let me know if you have any side effects from that flu shot and we'll check you out" "thanks" oliver smiled, and headed out the door.
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    I have a fantasy; One day I'm horny as fuck in a new apartment in a sketchy neighborhood. I hadn't realized when I moved in it was SO sketchy and that I was next to a black drug dealer. I'd seen the Boss and his buddies coming and going. All of them were huge bull studs, 6'6", 250 -300 lbs of solid rippling muscle, not an ounce of fat on any of them. I try to be friendly wherever I go, always helps to have good neighbors. Now, I'm a really small guy, 5'3", 140 lbs, very compact, solid, defined. I'm very well hung for my size, a real 8"x6" that gets titanium hard when I'm turned on. I'm lightly furry, nice thick 5 I clock shadow and generally considered a nice catch when out cruising. Because I have a deep voice most guys think I'm an exclusive top. I'm quite versatile though but my secret is I'm a size king. I do enjoy partying and when I do I love to bottom for big dicks. I've never told anyone it was too big, so when I saw these massive bulls my hole started to pulse, and my tongue must have been dragging on the ground salivating. I didn't realize I'd been staring so hard when one of the biggest brutes came over to me "Sup, you new to da hood, bro. What a whi' boy lak yew doin heah?". His voice was a profound deep basso, my hole twitched even more. I told him I just moved to the city and was looking for a great flat in a funky neighborhood, it was a great place and the price couldn't be beat, so I took it. Guy stuck out a hand the size of a dinner plate and rumbled "mAh name is Tee, I'm da boss round heah. You ain't 'fraid?" I told him I might be small but I could handle myself and I liked edgy neighborhoods and my flat seemed very secure. Tee rumbled "You parTEE, boy? " I knew exactly what he said and the inflection it conveyed, my hole went wild, clutching and spasming! I tried to be cool and said cautiously " I like 420, and sometimes some other things". Tee said,"It Fridee, we parTEE all weekend. You come by Tonite, we get down, heah? WelCUM yew to da hood". I gulped said as calmly as I could "sure, see you later.* When I shook his hand his huge paw completely engulfed mine. As I turned to go back inside my place I heard him say quietly to on of his cohorts "Lookit da pussy on dat boi, damn.." I pride myself on my physical condition and work out regularly, especially on my legs and butt. Around 6 I started a very long involved clean out. I really didn't know if this was a meet and greet or a total depraved fuck fest, so I decided to be prepared for whatever. By 8 I saw some of Tee's buddies arriving. Jesus, those guys were BIG! They were all thickly muscled, all had tank tops or skin tight T shirts that showed off incredible physiques. It was not.lost on me that they all wore loose sweats or basketball shorts. Despite the looseness it looked like there were baseball bats swinging fro their crotches. I noticed that every one arriving were all male, no girls. I couldn't clean out any more, all was clear. I put on the tightest jeans I had, which showed my front and rear to best advantage. Ioved how the seat was so right it rubbed on my hole, barely containing how horny I was! Knocked on the door, when it opened a totally opaque wedge of very strong pot came out into the cool night air. When the smoke cleared a massive hulking bull stepped out and rumbled " Tee said dere waz a new neighbor. Ahm Gee, hiz podner" Another dinner plate sized had engulfed mine. Then he said "Yew cute" and with that, he picked me up, brought my face even with his and gave me a long deep sensual kiss!" While he kissed me he passed a pill that was on his tongue to my mouth,I knew it was X. At the same time he reached around with his free hand and sensuously squeezed my butt; Oh, this was going to be some be evening. I was walked into the living room, where there were 2 other huge black muscle bulls on the couch. On the coffee table was a cornucopia of drugs piled high. I saw Tee in a thick haze of pot smoke, puffing on a huge joint the size of a cigar. "Yo, bro, you here, coo". Took a big toke on the joint, passed it to me. "Get in the groove, man" I took a pretty hefty toke, then started coughing uncontrollably. Man, that shit was strong; Just the one time made me dizzy. Still coughing, I sat down. Tee handed me a glass, said "Gatorade. Help that cough, drink it all down". I immediately tasted a VERY strong G dose, and the X was working already. Man, these guys were heavies! I drank the G down as fast as I could. One of the bulls said,"Man, it warm in heah" and stripped off his shirt. Holy Shit! The guy was ripped! One by one the others took off their tops. All were like ripped muscle gods! "Yo, bro, I bet you warm too ain't"cha? I was warm, took off my skin tight T shirt. "Nice body for a small guy, but yew don' look so small in front there, bro." By now I could see much clearer outlines of the rapidly expanding organs in their pants. Fuck! It looked like base ball bats! By now I'm really hot and shucked off my jeans. I had no underwear so everything was on display. Tee boomed. "Dayum, bou, yew nice all ovah."T time!". I smiled because I knew exactly what he meant. A huge bong on the table had it's large bowl filled with completely clear shards, torch was lit, Tee took a massive hit, held it in, motioned me over, planted his lips on mine and exhaled. At the same time I felt one if his thick fingers at my hole smeared with lube and pushed what I knew was a large rock deep in me. I writhed as it burned but very quickly I was enveloped in another huge shotgun from Gee this time.Fumbling around, I wanted to feel what was in those shorts. Oh My GOD! This thing was HUGE and it wasn't even fully hard yet! I was moaning when one of the other bulls came by and shotgunned me again and shoved another rock in me! Oh fuck, what had I gotten myself in to?!? I was REALLY FLYING! The X, the G, the booty rocks, all those shotguns, my hole was ravenous! Oh GOD I wanted them to brutally gang fuck me until I was ruined! I couldn't talk. All four of them were feeling me all over, they were stuffing 3 and 4 thick fingers stretching my hole, but I wanted the REAL THING. I started to speak but all that came out was a gutteral incoherent croak. Tee whispered in my ear. " Ah think yo bout ready for dick ain't you? You NEED big black thug dick up yo pussy doncha?" I made a gutteral sound and nodded my head. All the time this huge brute was massaging and teasing my hole with the tips of his fingers. I finally managed to croak out. "PLEASE FUCK ME! I CAN'T STAND IT! PLEEEASE!." Tee looked at me with a look of pure animal lust. "Jus one mo thing. He whipped the towel off a nearby tray and there were 5 points, all loaded to 0.5. I had never done more than a 0.35 before and I thought that was too much. I knew the dope these guys has wasn't cut at all; I tried to speak but couldn't form the words that I wanted/didn't want it, NEEDED it, but still didn't want it. Tee cooed in my ear. "Just relax, baby, we gon take good care o dat pussy," and he stroked my hole opening, sending electric shocks that made me twitch. While he was stroking my opening on of the other guys had tied off my arm and swabbed it. Gee came up with the syringe and since he was a phlebotomist, got immediate registration, pushed the plunger all the way in and unsnapped the tourniquet. WHAM! OH MY FUCKING GOD! FUCK ME!" I screamed. At the same time all the guys dropped their shorts. I couldn't speak, I was on a Mach 10 rocket to the stars and couldn't believe how freaking huge they all were. One by one each one pointed. When they did their cocks came to full mast. How were they going to fit without damaging me. That thought fled in a second, then the HUNGER took over. I couldn't form words. I saw Tee take a turkey baster filled with lube, gently inserted it in me and squeezed the bulb till the tube was empty, then I saw Tee liberally smear his mammoth organ with a thick coating of lube. An open bottle of real anyl was shoved under my nose and was commanded. "Breathe till I tell you to stop!". I took 5 huge huffs, then Tee placed the apple sized head of his cock and pushed. I was in awe as my hole swallowed it, and a third of his cock. Tee groaned "Oh baby...baby that so good...so hot, so tight". My hole clutched and spasmed around the Incredible girth. I took 5 more huge hits of poppers, felt my hole go completely slack and the rest of the 13 inch cock slid in to the base. I could only make gutteral fragments of words. "Uhh, ooh, uuhh, big, ohh, good" Then summoning all my concentration I screamed "FUCK ME! OH GOD! FUCK ME!". Tee pulled out almost to the head, then slowly slide back in. There was pain, but it was immediately replaced with THE HUNGER. Tee went in and out for a couple minutes, slowly picking up the pace, until he had a good rhythm going. Then, suddenly, he yanked it completely out with a loud wet squishing sound. I went nuts! "OOHH NOOO! PLEEEASE DON'T TAKE IT OUUT! OH, MORE! MORE!." Tee rammed it in deep. By now my hole had no resistance. Tee roared "OH FUCK, BABY, GONNA NUT!," rammed it in all the way. I could feel his cock pulsing and felt the hot jets of cum coat my insides. When he pulled out with a loud wet POP. I could see thick strings of cum drooling from my distended cunt. Immediately one of the other bulls grease up by and plug his fencepost sized cock in to the hilt. And it started all over again. Through the night they all took turns and I was alternating whimpering and screaming for MORE! Finally, just at dawn, they finished. They had each cum me 4 or 5 huge loads. I don't know where they got it from. They all knew they were extraordinarily huge and although they were vigorous they were never violent. They knew that an accomodating bottom was difficult to find. They wanted me for more! They carried me back next door to my house and tucked me in. Before they left Tee whispered in my ear. "Baby, you got the Grade A pussy. We want you back if you want. My eyes got wide. "I want it again!". Tee kissed me deeply. "We be in touch, whi' boy".I slept the rest of the weekend. 2 weeks later there's a knock at my door Thursday evening. It was Gee, says "You ready fo sum parTEE tomorrow night. I just nodded my head. "Same time, place and grabbed my ass and squeezed "Same good pussy"
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    Hi everyone! This is my first time writing a story on here so I am definitely looking for feedback. Here is Part 1 and I am excited to write more and tailor based upon your constructive criticism. While I am a small dicked South Asian faggot pussy boy, I am telling this story from the viewpoint of my partner, who is a beefy, big cocked Caucasian top daddy. Some parts are completely true and some parts I have fictionalized for the purposes of the story. I have chosen to write this story from the viewpoint of my daddy. Given faggots are inferior to men, I believe it is only right that this story be told from the perspective of a true man. Some aspects of this story may be quite controversial or polarizing. ----- My Faggot Pussy Boy – Part 1 It was a typical Friday night and I was out drinking with my friends at Woody’s, the local gay bar. My name is Brodie and I am 43 years old. I am 6’2, 225 lbs (beefy, muscular build), green eyes, brown hair and quite hairy with a thick beard and some tats on my chest, back, arms and legs. My cock is 8 inches hard and quite thick, almost like a beer can. When soft, I hang at about 5 inches with my big balls. I have a 0 gauge Prince Albert and a scorpion tattoo on my lower abdomen, just above my pubes. And yes, I am poz and enjoy seeding and converting faggot pussy boys. I am at that age, however, where I want to find a partner. I am attracted to younger men and ones that I can dominate. Ideally, they are just as sexually deviant as myself. As I was drinking at the bar with a couple buddies, I saw this beautiful boy across the room, at the bar drinking a cocktail by himself. He was young, maybe in his mid 20s. He looked to be about 5’10, 170 lbs, brown eyes, brown skin, pretty smooth and a smaller jock build. He was wearing a tight shirt and short shorts. Definitely a faggot. He didn’t appear to be here with anyone. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him, he was so fucking cute. Part of me wanted to go over to him, push him on his knees, spit on his face, shove my big cock down his throat then swing him around, bend him over the bar table and rape his pussy using just spit for lube. I kept partying and drinking with my buddies but intermittently, glancing over at this faggot boy. Around 11pm, I saw him begin to get up and he looked like he was ready to leave. I figured this may be my only chance so I bid my friends goodbye and bolted after him. “Hey, you leaving already?” “Oh hey. Yeah, I just needed to get out for a bit, I guess.” “I haven’t seen you here before. You new to the city?” I asked. “Yes, mister. Just moved here for nursing school. I don’t really know anyone here so I figured I would go out and try to make some friends but I’m pretty shy,” he answered. He gazed at my crotch and licked his lips as he noticed my bulge. This boy was definitely a faggot and needing daddy cock up his pussy. Fuck, I didn’t even know his name yet. I wanted to make this boy mine. This time, I decided to go with my gut. I walked up to him, put one hand on his lower back and used my other hand to tilt his head up to mine. “You’re a faggot, aren’t you?” He was startled but he wasn’t struggling or trying to get away. Faggot pussy boys know their place in life and at his age, I was confident he had been used by men already. “Yes, Daddy.” I kissed him and began exploring his sweet mouth with my tongue. Holding the back of his head, I pulled back a bit and spat directly in his mouth before kissing him again. “What’s your name, faggot?” “Asher,” he responded. “Cute. You want to go back to my place, don’t you, faggot boy?” “Yes, Daddy.” I called an Uber and on the way to my apartment, I held him close to me in the backseat. He nestled up near my side and his hand on my chest. We continued to kiss and I would intermittently spit in his mouth and watch him swallow it. The Uber driver looked back at us but didn’t say anything; he’s probably seen this and more before. In between our make out session, I learned a bit more about Asher. He recently moved to the city for school and lived alone. His family kicked him out after he came out to them and he didn’t have any family in the city and very few friends. This faggot was going to be mine. We finally arrived at my condo building. My cock was aching. I was so horny. I took him up to my penthouse suit and as soon as we entered my condo, I pushed him against a wall and began kissing his neck. He moaned and groaned. I pulled off my shirt and turned him around making him kiss my chest. He started to suck my nipples like a good faggot. He knew how to service men. He began to sniff and lick my pits. Fuck, this faggot was good! I pulled off his shirt, exposing his tight, little body. I pushed the faggot on his knees and unzipped my shorts. Pulling down my shorts and jocks, my cock bounced out and I knew by the look in his face, at that moment, he was mine. He was enthralled and amazed by the size of my big, fat cock. He immediately began to suck on it. Trying to take it all in his mouth. Gagging. I began to fuck his face hard, making him choke and gag. He tried to put his hands up on my thighs to gain some control. I pulled his head off my cock, pulled his hair and tilted his head back, spat on his face. “Give me your hands!” I pulled both his arms and hands, holding them together with one hand and using my other hand to continue to fuck his face. This faggot boy was going to quickly learn that I was in control and he was here to pleasure me how I wanted. While fucking his mouth, he began to notice the scorpion tattoo on my lower abdomen. “You know what this means, don’t you, faggot?” “Yes, Daddy.” “You want my poz load, don’t you, faggot?” “Yes, please, Daddy.” That was all the encouragement I needed. I pushed him back and pulled off his shoes then his shorts and briefs. Then what I saw was truly amazing. He had the smallest prick I had ever seen. It was hard and sticking straight out, no more than 3 inches and thin, drooling precum. No wonder this boy was a faggot! A useless dicklet like that couldn’t possibly penetrate or pleasure another man. I turned him over on all fours. And yes, we were still in my doorway. I spat on his pussy and began to lick his hole. A beautiful, shaven, brown pussy. His slit had clearly been used by many men already. He whimpered and moaned, pushing his pussy back into my face. He was being so submissive as he arched his back. I spit more and continued to eat out his juicy boy cunt, tonguing it. “Please fuck me.” “I know exactly what you want and need, faggot. Don’t even think about touching your little dicklet. Focus on my big white cock up your juicy brown pussy.” I got on my knees and spat on my dick, lubing it up and pushed in his shaved pussy with my metal on, of course. He moaned and whimpered. I kept pushing in, deep inside his pussy. He began to yelp. I pulled him back, covering his mouth with my hand. “Faggots like you were born to serve men like me. That’s why you were put on this Earth. You have a pussy and a small faggot dick. A reminder, that your dick is useless. You’re here to serve men with big cocks. You fuckin’ love my cock up your pussy!” This faggot was taking all eight inches of my cock up his tight pussy and now was in full submission, whimpering and moaning while I pounded him hard. His pussy was like velvet. I pushed him back down and re-positioned myself to keep fucking his boy pussy while planting my right foot on his face that was now on its side pushed down on the floor. I was dominating this faggot boy. He needed to know who was in control. He needed to know that his sole purpose was to please men and service cock. Asher was mine. I was getting close. “You want my poz load, boy?” “Mmmmmm fuck yes, daddy! I began to shoot ropes of cum deep inside his pussy, screaming and grunting, while my foot was still holding his face down. A big poz load was deep up his guts now. I caught my breath, wiping some sweat off my forehead. I took my foot off his face and slowly pulled my cock out, observing his wrecked pussy. Swollen, puffy and cum began drooling out. I didn’t even have to tell this faggot to turn around to clean my cock. He sucked me clean and then started to lick the cum that leaked out of his pussy, right off the floor! This dirty, faggot, cock whore was all mine! “Let’s go to the bedroom, faggot!” --- Looking forward to feedback and writing Part 2. My little faggot dick was definitely drooling precum while writing this first part.
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    Part 5 Our friends entered our hotel room and saw a naked Eric on the bed, with Steve still doing his magic with the electro box, making Eric whine and moan. Jeffrey wiped the dark sweaty hair off the teenage prince's forhead. "Damn, he really does look like Prince Eric. I mean, if Prince Eric was tweaked. How high is this kid?" "Oh he's pretty fucking high." I laughed. "He's had 8 full pipe hits, 8 shotguns, and four in the gas mask, oh and three booty bumps." " Niiiiice." Cooed Jeffrey in his deep voice. "That's what daddy likes. A hot little twink gacked out his mind." He rubbed his crotch as leaned over Eric's wide open mouth and let a long string of spit fall into it. "How many loads have you given him?" "Just 2 so far. But we have all night, and longer. Prince Eric might not realize it yet, but he's not going to be leaving any time soon. But I'm ready to give him another one now. That open mouth is just too inviting. I think it's time for a good old throat raping!" With that, I swung Eric's body around on the bed with his head hanging off. His wide open mouth left a straight passage over his tongue, past his tonsils, and right down his esophagus. I rubbed my cock all over his eyes and face, loving his silky smooth skin. Eric continued to make grunts and whines as Steve continued the electro torture. I reached for a pair of nipple clamps. I thought about using the alligator ones, with their sharp teeth digging into his tender, now swollen nipples, but I decided on the clover clamps, because the fun thing about them is, you can just rip them off in one excruciating moment. Jeffrey and Dave sat back to enjoy the show. I pulled the suction cups off his nips, to display two beautiful dark red nubs sticking out of his pale chest. I attached the clamps and Eric howled at this new pain. I just smiled as my hard cock twitched. Then I squatted over Eric, and began pushing my cock into his throat. The boy was as dry as the Sahara, but I knew that wouldn't last. As I pushed past the back of his throat, he began to gag, and his retching provided the perfect natural lubricant. I pulled out and Eric coughed and sputtered, gasping for air. I poured some poppers on the handkerchief, and covered Eric's nose with it while I covered his mouth. Soon I felt his body relaxing again and his head flopped loosely. This was what I was waiting for and I forced my 8 inches almost all the way down Eric's throat. The boy struggled beneath me as he gagged, but with his hands bound to his collar, and Steve holding the spreader bar so he couldn't move his legs, the most he could do was jerk his torso, which didn't accomplish much, except to amuse us. Then Steve hit the boy with an extra powerful jolt up his ass and down his cock. Eric's whole body went ridged and his back arched, and I slammed the last 3 inches down his throat and my balls were resting under his nostrils. The guys cheered as I slid my cock out of Eric's throat so the boy could get some air. Then I started to fuck his throat. I would slam it as deep as I could, giving five hard thrusts before I pulled out so I didn't suffocate my young prince. Eric would gasp for air, then I would repeat myself. He continued to gag and retch, which only served to massage my cock more. "That is so fucking hot!" Said Dave. "We can see your cock stretch that sluts throat out!" I continued this attack on the helpless boy for probably 10 minutes before I felt the stirring in my balls. Normally when I do T, my second orgasm takes a lot longer. But I was so worked up. I had never fucked anybody's throat the way I was fucking Eric's right now. This kid would be lucky to be able to talk when I finished. As soon as I knew I was about to blow my load, I buried myself self as deep as I could in Eric's throat. Then I grabbed the chain, and ripped the clamps off of his tender tits. Eric let out a blood curdling scream. At least it would have been if my cock wasn't buried in him pumping my cum right into his stomach. I pulled out as the last bits of sperm dribbled out of me. I rubbed my slimy cock all over Eric's pretty face as he coughed and gasped desperately for air. He spit up cum and slime which I wiped off his face and rubbed into his pissy smelling hair making my angel of a prince look closer to the dirty little piggy cumdump I was turning him into. I removed the spider gag from Eric's mouth and he moaned as he moved his sore jaw around. Well, croaked is more like it from the throat rape he had just had. "I think Prince Eric here is getting a little dehydrated. What should we do about that guys?" I asked, as I pulled a funnel gag out of our bag of tricks and tossed it to Dave. I knew they'd both have full bladders, as they were beer drinkers, and that would be the perfect introduction to Eric's first piss drinking. I smiled, remembering a party that Alex and Joe threw once where Brent was placed in a small kiddie pool with the funnel gag. He served as the only urinal for about 30 guys. For 6 hours he did nothing but drink piss. Then he would just have to relieve himself in the pool, so after a while, his was sitting in a couple of inches of re- recycled piss. I smiled as I imagined Eric like that. Steve and I carried Eric into the tub. Dave attached the funnel gag to Eric as he knelt there. Then Jeffrey and Dave took their cocks out and started filling the funnel. Even soft, Jeffries cock was a sight to behold. Especially with that zero guage p.a. Eric fought it at first, and visibly gagged when he actually swallowed for the first time, but soon he was gulping it down. "Do you like that my little toilet prince?" I asked as I stroked his hair and filmed him. He looked up at me and gave a couple of little nods as he swallowed more piss. That's when I knew I was really starting to break him. The guys used the last little bit of their urine to soak Eric's face and hair, adding their mark to the falling angel. "All right!" Declared Jeffrey, clapping his hands. "Let's get to some fucking!"
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    11. More of Everything Once spent, Tiago slowly pulled out of James. "Can't have you losing any of my sperm," he said, right before his cockhead slipped out with a faint pop. He turned to Tim. "Think we need another round of G," he said. "I do too. Especially our boy here. What did we do last time?" "1.4" "1.6," Tim countered. "I like your thinking," Tiago said, as he lifted himself out of the bed. "Be good," he said. "Or take pictures." "Of course we will," Tim said, before giving James a long kiss. By the time they broke it off, Tiago had stepped out to the kitchen, carrying the three dirty glasses from their dose of G. "It's just us," he said. "Boy," he finished, before giving James another kiss. "Daddy, I know." "You're a very fun boy," Tim said, kissing James again. As they made out, Tim got James on his back. Immediately, Tim had his cock pressed up against James's asshole. "It was so hot watching you get fucked." "Yeah Daddy?" James said. Tim ran his hand over James's thick chest hair. "Such a hot boy. I kinda want you all to myself." "I want to make you happy," James said. He didn't want to admit how hot Tim was. Or how much he wanted Tim's cock inside him. "You feel so good Daddy." "You want me back inside you?" James nodded in agreement with Tim. "Good." Tim fumbled, and produced the small brown bottle. "Let's do this together boy," he said, and took a long sniff from the bottle, before holding it under James's nose as well. The poppers hit him fast, even before James had finished his second hit. He fumbled briefly with the cap, but then put it down, and focused his attention on fucking. His dick went into James in a single, intense stroke. James gasped. "Fuck Daddy," he grunted. "Ok?" Tim asked. He was being sweet and kind, and it made James feel cared for. He wanted to make Tim feel this good. "Yeah. It's amazing Daddy." "I know. My boy's hole is awesome." He leaned in and kissed James. Their tongues played as Tim's dick explored the familiar depths of James's asshole. "So fucking sexy," Tim said. "I want you, Daddy" James managed to say. The two were silent for a moment, just the music in the background. "That's good," Tim finally said. "Really good." He paused. "Tiago is probably gonna want some of that money." "What?" James said. It took him even a moment to remember that guys had given him money to fuck his hole. "Yeah. He'll probably want a lot of it, boy" "Uh, Daddy" James started. But Tim leaned in and kissed him. Tim took the opportunity to force his cock deeper into the young man. "So much cum up there, my boy" Tim said. "Feels so good. Like a boy should feel." He pushed his dick back in, feeling the accumulated spooge slide around his cockhead. "Don't worry about him," Tim continued. "I'll make sure my boy gets his fair share." "Thank you Daddy," James said. He was glad he didn't have to worry about it. He didn't want to upset Tim or Tiago. His head was spinning again, and all he could process was how good he felt. Tim had his arms wrapped around him, holding him tight and safe. His thick cock was deep in James's ass, and kept him aroused and horny. "Feels good." "Yeah," Tim whispered into his ear. "It feels really good. Boy's hole. Daddy's cock. Making out." He stopped, and kissed the boy. It was long and slow, and James let himself imagine they were boyfriends. "That's hot," a voice from the doorway said. "Two men, making love," Tiago continued. "I've got just what we need." Tim and James stopped kissing, and looked towards Tiago. He had three glasses, barely half-full with orange juice. "Just gets better," Tim said. "Fucking you, and now Tiago brings the G." Tiago handed Tim one of the glasses, and put the other one down on the bed table. "To limits." "And breaking them," Tim replies. The two men clinked glasses, and downed the GHB in a single gulp. "Ugh," he said, and kissed James, sharing the chemical taste with the young man. "There's plenty for him," Tiago said. He swapped out glasses, and kneeled next to James's head. "Gonna give you a g-spout. Just keep on swallowing, ok?" "You're gonna love this," Tim said. "Be a good boy, and Just keep swallowing." Tiago guided his dickhead into Jame's mouth. "Keep you mouth open, ok?" James ran his tongue over the soft foreskin, exploring the hard shaft underneath it. He realized that Tiago was pouring the orange juice onto his dick, and it was dripping down into his mouth. James gulped, remembering his instructions. The orange juice tasted horrible, but he didn't care. He had two cocks in him, and it was all he could think about. He kept on swallowing. The juice was getting warmer and saltier, but the bitterness was always there. Tiago and Tim were making out. "He drinking it?" Tim asked. "Yeah," Tiago said. He focused on James. "Close your mouth now. But keep swallowing." James closed his mouth. The glass of orange juice had disappeared, but his mouth kept filling with the warm, bitter liquid. Tim was still pounding his hole, watching him as his lips wrapped around Tiago's cock. "You're drinking his piss now, boy," Tim said. He was drinking piss. James just kept on swallowing, not sure what else to do. It had seemed so dirty, so [banned word], but now it felt almost natural. It was right to be letting this man piss in his mouth, and he craved more. It took several more gulps before the stream finally died down. "You like my chempiss, boy?" Tiago asked. Tim was flying. He had just drank another man's piss, and he had even enjoyed it. He wondered what else he might do. Tiago started to slowly fuck his face, pushing his cock in deep. Only when James thought he was going to gag did Tiago pull back. Tim continued to fuck him just as hard. Finally, Tiago spoke. "How do you normally divide up the cash?" "He get fifty from both guys?" Tim replied. "Yeah," Tiago said. "Profitable little slut." He leaned into James. "You always been a whore?" "Whore? What?" James muttered. "No. I'm not a whore," he said, but wasn't an emphatic denial. He knew that his ass had been sold to several men. "Well. There's stack of cash over there that says otherwise," Tiago countered. "They paid you well boy," Tim said. "How do you want to split it?" Tiago asks. "I usually take half." James knew this was coming. He didn't know what a fair share was, and didn't even understands why they would split it. He was the one that got fucked. He opened his mouth, but Tim immediately kissed him. He whispered to James, "Let me take care of you, boy" he said. "Make you feel good." James nodded, and kissed Tim back. He felt a new wave of crystal wash over him. "Please Daddy." Tim turned back to Tiago. "Yeah. Me too. Half." "We should leave a bit for the boy?" James heard the inflection that made it question, not even a done deal. He hoped that Tim would get him a proper share. It still felt weird that two men were dividing up his cash. He had been the one that had gotten fucked by the strangers; Tim and Tiago had just watched. "Yeah. We should," Tim said. "The boy did a good job. Didn't you?" He rubbed James's furry stomach. The boy was almost thin enough that he expected to feel his cock. "Maybe thirty?" "So 35 for us?" Tiago asked. He pushed his cock in, pressing the dickhead against the back of James's throat. The boy struggled not to gag. "Maybe forty?" he asked, holding on to James's head to keep him from pulling off. "That's good. Isn't it, boy?" Tim was smiling at James, nodding his head. James felt like this wasn't great for him. He had let total strangers bareback him and had taken their loads. Yet, he was getting only ten dollars per man. Tiago released his grip, and James gasped for air. "But I got fucked?" he finally said. "But Tim hosted. And I brought favors." Tiago said. "But," James started. Tim put his finger on James's lips, quieting him for a moment. "No one likes a greedy boy," Tim said. "Not hot. Not at all, boy." "Boner killer," Tiago said, nodding in agreement. Tim held his cock in place, as Tiago kept his dick just out of reach of James's tongue. "Oh fuck," James grunted. He hadn't realized how good it had felt. Or how badly he wanted them to keep it up. He didn't need the money, and it was stupid to mess up things with Tim over something that small. At least not yet, and everything had felt so good. "Daddy. Please. Just fuck me. Please." The two men laughed when he said it, but Tim started to fuck him. "I knew you were a smart boy," he said, and kissed him again. James felt a warm vibration race over his body. Tim wrapped an arm around him, and held him close. He was safe. He could do anything that he wanted. "You know," Tiago said. "I know how you can get more money." James knew that it would be a bad idea, but nevertheless, he wanted to hear what Tiago had in mind. He could do anything that he wanted with these men, and it would be ok. "You thinking what I am thinking?" Tim asked before James could even answer. "What," James managed to ask. It was still hard to follow the conversation; every time one of the men would say something, his mind would spin off in some random direction of images. They were almost all sexual, and it only made James hungrier. "Let's just find another guy," Tiago said. He already had his phone out, and was tapping furiously. "You'll like that, won't you boy?" Tim said. James clenched his ass around Tim's cock. It was a reassuring presence; it was both a familiar and wonderful feeling that helping keep James's anxieties at bay. James nodded. Tim leaned in, nibbled on his ear, then whispered in his ear. "I love seeing my boy get fucked. It's a huge turn-on for me." "Please Daddy," James said, although his mouth was still full of Tiago's cock. It came out unintelligible, but Tim understood the tone. "Here's a guy," Tiago said, showing a picture of an older, muscular man. He was wearing a pair of shorts, but in the picture, a thick cock was straining against the fabric. "He'd open you up," Tiago said. James just nodded. He could only pay attention to a few things, and the two cocks sliding in and out of his body were high on his list. "Yeah," he managed to say. "Ohh," Tiago said; the disappointment clear in his voice. "He says he spent his cash on party favors. He's only got twenty left." Tim squeezed him. "It's just for fun, you know," Tim said. "My boy would give it away, wouldn't he." "If it makes you hard," James finally managed to say. "James will do it for ten," Tim told Tiago. "Won't you boy?" "Please," James said. He knew he was being very slutty, but it all felt so good. Besides, it was just a bunch of hot guys, just having a lot of naked fun. On Monday, he could just shake it off. "He'll be here in ten," Tiago said. He showed another picture. This was just a thick, hard cock. It might have been one of the biggest cocks that James had ever seen. "Gonna wreck your cheap-ass cunt," the man had messaged for James. "You want that in you, boy?" Tim whispered in James's ear. "Yeah," James said. He couldn't look away from it; the sheer size had him entranced, wondering how much it even weighed. "You going to let him fuck you raw?" Tim continued. "Please, yeah, Daddy," James grunted. Everything was hitting him, and all he could think about was cum. "You gonna let him cum in you?" Tim whispered in James's ear. His cock was rock-hard and pounding his hole. He recognized the new cadence; Tim was getting ready to cum. "Yeah, Daddy. Please cum in me." Tiago had stepped back, and was just watching the two fuck. "Damn this is hot," he said, stroking his cock. He was rock hard; as soon as Tim pulled out, he was ready to take over. "I'm going to cum in you," Tim grunted. "Fill you up." "Give it to me Daddy," James moaned. Tiago stroked his cock harder. He loved how desperate the boy was, the drug-fueled hunger coming out in how he said "Daddy." It was going to be a pleasure to debase the boy. "Oh FUCK," Tim moaned. His cock was throbbing. "I love your hole." "Please, Daddy." "I love cumming in...," Tim started. Then a deep grunt from the depths of his body; James felt the familiar, wonderful warmth fill his guts. "My Boy's HOLE," he grunted, and another thick spurt erupted from his cockhead. He moaned again, and whispered into James's ear. "I love my boy..." James thought he was going to say something more. But he just moaned as his cock spat out several globs of semen. Tim's sperm felt so good inside him. All James could imagine was more. More men. More drugs. More cock. More cum.
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    Part Six Sir helped me out of the sling and shuffled me along the space. We stopped and I got on my knees, then I heard Sir order a beer. "boy, are you thirsty?" I nodded my head yes and said, "Yes Sir." "Good, open up boy, Sir needs to piss." The next thing I knew, Sir was sliding his cock in my mouth and started pissing. I gulped it down as fast as it came out, being sure to not miss a drop. As Sir pulled out, I kissed the head of his cock. Then I felt a tug on the good and knew we were on the move. Sir stopped again and I dropped to my knees. I heard Sir talking to a few people but I really couldn't make out what they were saying. Just then, I felt a cock on my lips and I opened my mouth. This guy had a smallish cock that wasn't pierced so I immediately knew it wasn't Sir. He started pissing so I started swallowing. Then as he was pissing he pulled out and pissed all over me before sliding his cock back in for me to finish. After he finished, he stood there whlith his cock in my mouth. I could smell his sweat and the asses he had fucked so far. He started to hump my face which made me start to suck. Then he grabbed my head and started pounding my face. After what seemed like a few minutes, he shot his load down my throat. As he slid out, I kissed the head of his cock. Someone placed a hand on my head and started stroking it through the hood. Then I heard Sir, "You are being such a good boy. You might get a reward tonight." My cock stirred, did I do a good enough job to earn his cum? Before I could ponder that question, another cock slid in my mouth and unleashed a torrent of piss. As he finished, I kissed the head of his cock. Just after that, I felt a different pressure at my mouth and I could smell cum. I stuck my tongue out and felt an ass nuzzle up to my face. I started licking and sucking cum out of a stranger's hole. It was fantastic! After about an hour, and a few more loads of piss on and on me, Sir pulled my leash to get up. Then I heard him say, "Gents, it's time for us to leave. I think my pig needs some rest and a reward for tonight. The mental gymnastics started, was my reward his load? Did I earn it? All I've been thinking about since the first visit was tasting Sir's load and feeling him unload in me. I was so deep in thought I didn't hear Sir tell me to dress. *Smack* I felt the sting of a belt against my ass and jumped. "I said, get dressed boy! Are you fucking deaf?" I quickly realized I couldn't see with the hood on and motioned to Sir. He grabbed my hand and placed it on the bag I had put my clothes in. I fumbled around and managed to get my pants on. Sir said, "That's enough pig, it's all coming off soon anyway." Sir lead me out to his car, helped me into the car. He started driving. "You did good tonight boy. I'm proud of you." "Thank You, Sir" "We are going to your motel and you'll get you reward." "Yes Sir. Thank You, Sir." When we got back to the room, I knelt and Sir removed the hood. "Undress me boy." Sir had his back to me so I pulled his jacket off. He turned around and I started unsnapping his shirt. As I got to his belly, I noticed a tattoo. I couldn't see what it was until I pulled open his shirt. It was the top of a biohazard tattoo. I stopped and looked up. "Like it boy?" "Yes Sir, it's amazing." "Take off my pants boy. That way you can see it fully." I finished taking Sir's clothes off, kissing and licking his boots as I unlaced them. I carefully unbuttoned his pants to reveal the full tattoo. As I slipped his pants down it was fully revealed. "It's so amazing Sir. It must be on the newer side, Sir...it wasn't there when You were in Los Angeles." "That's right boy. I had it done after I got home. Now, worship it boy." I kissed and touched his amazing biohazard tattoo. "You want it boy. Don't you?" "I...I...I don't know, Sir." "You know boy. Deep down, you know. Now get undressed, it's time for your reward and bed." "Yes Sir." I quickly stripped down and knelt down. "Open up boy, Sir needs to piss again." He slipped his cock in and started pissing. "Good boy, drink my poz piss. You love that poz piss, don't you boy?" I nodded being careful to not waste a drop. My cock was rock hard. As Sir finished, I kissed his cock. He pulled me up and guided me to the bed. Once on the bed, we started kissing anc making out. Sir gripped my nipples and twisted then bent down and started biting. I was moaning in deep pleasure. Taking Sir's pain like a good boy. He moved my hand down to his semi-hard cock and started me stroking it. Whispering in my ear, "Get it hard boy, it's going in that cum filled hole." I stroked him for a few minutes and then he slid down, lifting my legs...pulled the plug out and then as I was looking in his eyes he slid in. Tip to base, using the cum as lube. "Fuck Sir, that feels amazing. It feels like my pighole was made for your cock." "boy, your cum filled hole feels fantastic on my poz cock. At least three of the loads in your hole are poz boy." I just looked deep in his eyes, "No Sir, that hole belongs to you. It's full of cum for you." Sir started pounding harder. I was moaning and trying to stare in his eyes. It felt so good to be impaled on his pierced cock. Sir kept pushing my legs higher and higher. I looked down at my pathetic soft cock flopping around. Then I saw it, that biohazard tattoo. My cock started stirring. "SIR, PLEASE FILL ME WITH YOUR POZ SEED." Sir looked and smiled, "yeah boy? You want Sir to shoot his unmedicated poz seed in that pighole?" "Yes Sir, please Sir. Please give it to me Sir." "Give you what boy?" "Your poz seed, Sir. Dump it deep in me, Sir" Just then I shot my load all over my chest. Gripping his cock with my ass. "Fuckkkk, please poz me Sir!" Just then, Sir ripped his cock out and shot on my chest. "None of my cum goes in you while you are taking PrEP, boy." Then he kissed me and we curled up and fell asleep.
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    Oliver ran the bar of soap across his chest as the shower filled with warm steam. his heart sank thinking about the impending meeting with Doug, but he held his resolve. Doug had to know how to stop this. surely he could reason with him? Oliver planned his options carefully but just couldnt seem to think of the right words to say. Why was doug doing this? he hadnt done anything to upset the fatherly looking old man. "i dont..." oliver paused, fumbling for the words. "dont...cum in me?" oliver stammered in embarrassment. oliver sighed, running the soap across his ass and remembering Dougs words. "pussy" he grimaced. he stood there as the water cascaded over his thin frame. Doug picked the worst word for his body when he violated the boy. he said it over and over as Olivers body helplessly opened to invite dougs tool deeper. "girls have pussies" the boy grumbled, reaching down apprehensively to touch his soapy asshole he was shocked to see his dick begin to swell. "no" he gritted his teeth. he had to control this somehow. Oliver arrived at the office reception and nervously tapped his toe. the place seemed, emptier than usual. He scanned the room anxiously and tried to rehearse his demands. "Oliver?" Treys chipper voice rang out as the boy sheepishly rose to his feet and shuffled down the hallway. "room 11." the boy smiled. Oliver tentatively smiled back as he entered the dim room and sat awkwardly on the examination table. He waited for what seemed like hours as mere minutes ticked by. Finally the door swung open and Doug entered. "hey ollie! hows my favourite patient feeling today?" "a little better i guess" olivers heart sank, remembering the gift his body accepted just a few days ago. "oh dont be so glum there buddy. once you take your medicine im sure youll perk right back up' Doug turned to the boy, syringe in hand. "i...i dont want to do this" Oliver protested, as the strong older man wound the tubing tight around his arm. "nonsense ollie the medicine is good for you. it helps your special little gift." Doug gently squeezed olivers thin white arm, coaxing the teens vein. "i mean, i dont want to..." Oliver felt ashamed to even ask. What was he even asking for? its not like Doug didnt hear his protest. Doug carried on as if the boy hadnt spoken at all. "little stick" doug cooed, as he dipped the needle gently into the teens vein. "This medicine is a little stronger ollie so you might feel a bit different than last time." doug smiled at the despondent boy. "please no" he croaked, as Doug pushed the contents of the powerful cocktail into the young mans body and released his arm. "look at me ollie" dougs voice echoed in his head as the boy began to cough. "that a boy, see ollie? the nice medicine makes you feel good all over" Olivers heart pounded in his chest. "nnnnn" he groaned, trying to push a sentence of protest from his throat as Doug began unbuttoning the boys shirt. "my girl...." ollie groaned as doug unbuttoned the teens denim jeans. "lift up ollie" Obediently he picked himself up and Doug slid the rest of his clothes off. "she...." oliver stared down at his now rock hard cock, the soft blonde hairs at its base sparsely decorating the boys prick as a testament to his youth. "did you do have some fun last night ollie? you didnt sneak your little poz cock inside her did you?" doug teased as he began undressing. ollie shook his head. "its okay ollie I know. Once you teach a boy about that special little hole between his legs, its hard to even remember how to cum without it" Doug fetched a tube of lube from the countertop and squirted a glob onto the boys cockhead as it gently throbbed in time with his heartbeat. Oliver watched as Doug gently placed the boys hand on his cock. "nice big strokes now ollie" he instructed, as he hovered over the boy, phone in hand. Oliver began fisting his cock. the syrupy lube felt nice on his dick as he sighed contentedly, jerking his prick obediently. "youre doing great ollie. See, your body learns naturally once a mans cock is inside. At first it just feels...different" Doug smeared a glob of lube on his thick tool as ollie stared, mesmerized by the mans pendulous balls and swaying meat. "but eventually those big cocks in your pussy start to change things." doug pushed the boy back on his elbows and began massaging a dollop of cool sticky lube into the boys hairless pink cunt, working his fingers inside with ease. "see ollie? see how your little pink pussy just opened right up? your body wants a man inside you. its a natural part of how you cum now and pretty soon, you wont be able to cum without it." oliver groaned around the mans thick fingers as they danced in and out of him. "See Ollie can fight me. he can huff and puff and say no no no as much as he wants" Doug lined his leaking cock up with the boy and pressed gently, his hole opening around the glistening tool to accept the head. "but ollies body? well that will never say no. it opens up every time for my nice big cock" Doug stroked the boys cheek as he slid deeper inside. "look down ollie" The boy gazed at his slim hips, watching the doctor take him once again. Doug was right. Oliver could write an entire speech in the shower about how he just wanted to stop, but there was no way to keep doug out of his guts if his hole wouldnt cooperate. "just a little more, youre doing fine." Doug seated his cock into the boy fully as he groaned, a gentle gurgle emerging from his guts. "see ollie? thats your pussy talking, not you." doug began to gently fuck the teen on his rod, drawing his cock fully from the boy in a lewd slurp, before sliding it gently back inside. "Pretty soon thats all youre going to listen to, just what your body needs." doug smiled as the boys cock fired a quick shot of cum across his chest. "f-fuck" ollie stammered. "thats it, open up for the big pretty cock" doug whispered to the boy as he continued fucking just as if Oliver had never cum. "did you miss it ollie? this was what your body needed. what that nice little girlfriend of yours cant give you. Tell me where the nice big cock is ollie" doug watched the panting boy search his mind. Why did doug keep asking? of course he was inside him couldnt he hear it? dougs cock was loudly churning the boys hole. "in my pusssssy" he smiled, as doug held the camera to his face. "theres a good boy" doug cooed as Oliver relaxed his hips and leaned further back.
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    Part 1 Summer break was about to start in one day and then I was off to college so I made sure to have an awesome plan for my summer vacation. My parents were both doctors and we were always busy with work so they knew we weren't probably going to be able to do anything for the summer so they were perfectly fine with me making whatever plans I wanted to. A little about me. My name is Zack and I am 6'2 I played basketball and football so I was your average jock with the body to match. I have jet black hair that I let grow out so it reached the middle of my back. My blue eyes were surprising since my mom and dad both have brown eyes but I was always told that I have my dad's mom's eyes because she had them too. Of course being on both sports teams my body was fit with a nice six pack and I kept my body trimmed with a happy trail leading into my pants. I have a nice thick eight inch cock with some nice low hanger to go with and I always kept my pubes nicley trimmed. My ass was always free of hair since I always thought it would make my firm bubllble butt look less bubly. So back to my plan. I was doing some research on my computer when school was out for the day on places around the country to go to for my vacation. What no one knew though that it wasn't musemes and amusement parks that I was looking for but in fact they were all bathhouses and other gay areas that were keen on getting fucked allot with some keen on getting someone neg like me to leave Poz. I have always jacked off to the Poz porn I could find online and would jack off wishing it was me getting the bug instead of the guy on screen. Living in New York I was always aware of the gay scene but never did more than just browse some of the porn shops and glory holes but now I wanted to make this summer my time in the gay lime light. I ordered some mini cameras so I could catch all the fucking that I was hoping for to relive the summer and to share with others who share the same dream. Thankfully when the cameras came in my parents weren't home so I didn't have to explain why I ordered them. I started to pack up my travel bag and bookmarked all the spots I have looked up so far and had my Grindr , adam4adam ready for any more interesting times ahead. Once I was all packed and ready I turned in for the night looking forward to the early start tomorrow morning. I woke up in the morning and said goodbye to my parents and started my journey to be pozzed.
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    Decided on another neighborhood walk for the 4th of July to see if anyone was shooting off fireworks. Headed out about 9pm as it was just getting dark wearing a red tank top and jockstrap and blue gym shorts with my red Nikes and a good flashlight. Was surprised by just how many families were outside with either fireworks or sparklers. Before I knew it I was back in that part of the neighborhood and just thinking about what happened last time I started to get a hardon. Got to the house and he was outfront in a lawnchair with a buddy sipping beers watching fireworks that just started across the street. I started to turn around and head home but he called me over to join them. Asking if I wanted a beer as they both had one. I said sure and followed him in the house to get one. His friend followed too. He opened the fridge and I saw the beer was in the bottom bin so I bent over to grab one. He noticed the red jock as he patted me on the butt. I jumped not knowing what to think of his friend. But all was calm. He suggested we sit on the back porch with our beers as a more private place to watch the fireworks. I felt the vibe especially after the second beer on the couch between them. One thing led to another and I found myself naked between them with just my jockstap and Nikes on with both of their hard cocks showing thru their shorts. I took turns sucking on both their cocks to the sounds of the neighbor's fireworks going off. One to the next until the host started playing with my ass as I sucked his friend. First one finger then two and finally three. I heard some clothes rustling and then felt his cock starting to enter my fuckhole. No lube except for his dripping cock. He pounded my ass as I continued to suck on his buddy til he came. His buddy asked if he could have a turn as his wife was out of town. He fucked me like he hadn't had sex in awhile and loaded me up good. We finished our beers and then the fireworks stopped. I walked home in the dark with cum dripping down my leg. When I got home I ate what cum I found that was left and went to bed.
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    Chapter 4 I opened my eyes Saturday morning, groggy with sleep, and smiled to myself, thinking about yesterday. I turned to my right and saw that Adam and Jack were still asleep, with Jack snuggled up behind Adam, his arm around Adam’s chest. They looked so cute together like that. I sat up, went to the bathroom to pee, and when I returned, I could see that Adam and Jack were beginning to stir. Adam’s eyes were closed, but he had a big smile on his face. Jack’s eyes were also closed, but I could see that he was humping Adam’s butt. I climbed back into bed and laid down next to Adam, kissing him deeply on the mouth. He opened his eyes and smiled at me. “Morning Uncle Mike,” he said. “Hi baby. How you feeling?,” I asked. “Oh, horny as usual. Daddy’s cock is up my ass, so I can’t move. It’s so hard being me right now,” Adam joked and then leaned up to kiss me again. I kissed Adam for a long time, then broke away saying “Morning pig brother. Getting an early start, I see!” “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of fucking Adam’s ass,” Jack said. “Thank you Daddy. I don’t have to tell you you can fuck it any time you want,” Adam replied. I leaned over to kiss Adam some more, and reached down to play with his cock, which was rock hard and his foreskin had fully retracted to reveal the sexy fat head. I slowly jerked Adam’s cock while Jack methodically slid his cock in and out of his son’s ass, making the boy purr with delight. “Oh Daddy, I love how your cock feels buried inside me. Just exactly where it belongs. Please just shove it all the way inside my ass, and hold it there.” I looked over at Adam’s ass and could see that Jack’s whole cock was inside Adam, his pubic hair crushed against Adam’s furry butt. “Please just hold me tight, Daddy,” Adam said, and Jack put both of his arms around his boy and held onto him. “Oh Daddy, thank you. I love you so much Daddy, your cock is making me feel so good. I can’t believe how lucky I am that Uncle Mike found me yesterday and that you discovered us. I would’ve never had the courage to ask you to fuck me but it’s something I’ve wanted ever since I knew I liked men.” “Oh baby boy. I love you,” Jack said, holding Adam as tightly as he could, and nuzzling his neck. I could see him begin to move his hips back and forth, making Adam moan with pleasure. “OK, daddy now fuck me hard. Make me really feel your cock inside me. Take charge of my ass, own it. Make it yours, even more than it already is,” Adam said, thrusting his ass back onto Jack’s fat cock which was picking up speed, pummeling Adam’s hole. I reached up to kiss Adam again and he pulled my face hard toward his. I was still idly stroking his dick which, coupled with the pounding his ass was receiving made him moan deeply with pleasure. I broke our kiss and leaned down to take Adam’s fat, hard prick in my mouth, deep throating him and making him moan even louder. I maneuvered myself around so that my cock was staring him in the face and it quickly hit the back of his throat like the great cocksucker he was. We began sixty-nining with me fucking Adam’s throat just as his Dad was fucking his cunt. I knew that Jack wouldn’t last long and I wanted Adam to cum right after his Dad bred his hole so I tried to pace it. I could feel that Jack was beginning to speed up in his pounding of Adam’s ass, and Adam was moving his ass back to meet Jack’s every thrust, which meant he was basically fucking my mouth. I loved it and tried to deep throat Adam’s cock every time he thrust it into me. Jack began to pant loudly and said “Oh baby, I’m gonna fill your your hot little pussy with Daddy cream. Are you ready for me, baby?” Adam let my cock fall out of his mouth and leaned around to look at his Dad. “Oh yes, Daddy. Breed your boy. Mark my ass as your property with your load of cum. Shoot it inside me,” he said. Jack was pounding Adam’s cunt really hard and then I felt him tense up and release his load. Adam was moaning loudly saying “thank you Daddy, thank you” I kept up my mouth work on Adam’s fat dick, while Jack kept his cock buried inside Adam to the hilt. “Oh, fuck! Uncle Mike, you’re making me cum!,” Adam said, groaning loudly. Just then the first of five spurts of cum hit my mouth as Adam unloaded a huge wad of boy cream into me. I kept it in my mouth as his breathing began to return to normal, then I sat up, leaned over and kissed Jack, passing his son’s load of cum to him. Jack eagerly sucked the load of cum from my mouth as we kissed deeply. Then he reached around and passed the load to Adam, completing the circle. Adam swallowed his own load of cum and laid back with a contented look on his face. “Wow, guys, what a way to wake up. Can we do that every morning, Daddy?,” he asked. “You bet, sport. Every night too,” Jack said. We all lay back in a heap and enjoyed the afterglow. After lying in bed for an hour, talking, cuddling and laughing, we all got up and showered together in Jack’s bathroom which has a shower big enough for 6 guys, with shower heads everywhere, and endless hot water. I reached over and soaped up Adam’s back making sure to clean the crack of his hot little butt. I let my finger reach inside once or twice and Adam moaned like the little whore I knew he was growing to be. “OK, boys none of that, we’ve got Alex later,” Jack said, grinning. He slapped me on the ass and I finished washing Adam’s back, reaching around to playfully kiss him. Jack threw on some shorts and went downstairs to make us breakfast while I rummaged in his dresser for something clean to put on. I availed myself of one of my brother’s hot jockstraps. I pulled it out and could smell that it was unwashed, and a bit ripe. I pressed it to my nose and inhaled the amazing scent of Jack’s cock and body. I pulled the jock on, which felt hot even though it was slightly large on me, since Jack was bigger than I. Adam came in as I was putting it on and wolf whistled. “Damn, Uncle Mike, you shouldn’t wear anything but jockstraps. That makes your ass look amazing,” he said. “Thanks baby. Glad you like it,” I replied, bending over so he could get a good look at my furry asscrack. Adam walked up behind me and roughly shoved his index finger up my hole, eliciting a moan from me. I could’ve easily let him take me right there, but I remembered what Jack had said, so I reached around, kissed him roughly and slapped his hand away. “There’ll be time for that later, pig,” I said. “No fair, Mikey, you show off your cunt to me like that, how can I resist wanting to touch it and and fuck it?,” Adam replied, rubbing my hairy ass. We both laughed and I finished getting dressed so we could go have breakfast. Jack was calling us to come down and eat. We sat down and quickly wolfed down the food Jack had made for us. “Did Alex text you again?,” Jack asked Adam. “He did. He wants to know when he can come over and fuck me,” Adam said. “You just tell him that you’ll be ready for him around Noon. Lubed up and waiting, just like he asked last night,” Jack said with a big smile. “He won’t know what hit him.” “What’re you going to do Daddy?,” Adam smiled and asked. “First of all I’m gonna scare the shit out of him, then I’m going to fuck him hard. You watch, your Uncle and I will turn butch old Alex into a greedy cum dump in no time.” Jack smiled and started to laugh. “OK Daddy,” Adam said. “You’re the boss!” “I sure am, baby. Now text him and go get ready. Wear a nice tight jockstrap for Alex and lube up your cunt really well. I’m sure you won’t have any problem convincing Uncle Mike to help you with that.,” Jack said laughing and winking at me. It was already 11 and we figured that Alex was pretty horned up and would be over right on the dot of 12. Adam and I went into his room and picked out a sexy yellow jockstrap for him to wear. It was a little on the tight side to show off his nice package, and framed his furry ass cheeks really well. I kissed Adam and had him get on all fours on the bed. I reached over to get the lube from his nightstand and began to lovingly grease up his pussy so that it would be ready for what was coming. I reached as far inside his hole as I could, and could feel the, still warm, load that his dad had shot inside him just a few hours before. I pulled my finger out of his ass, tasted it myself and then stuck it in his mouth so he could taste the hot daddy cream that was inside him. Adam sucked on my finger, licked it clean of the jizz and turned to look at me and said “is that from Daddy?” I nodded and he moaned and said “fuck that’s hot.” I pulled my shorts down and greased up my already rock hard cock, and slid it into Adam’s cunt until it hit bottom. I could feel Jack’s load of jizz inside him and I wanted to lube Adam’s hole with it, to spread it around. I had just started to fuck Adam slowly when Jack came into the room. “Hey, slow down guys. Alex will be here soon!” “I know, I just wanted to spread your load around inside Adam’s cunt for Alex,” I said. I pulled my cock out of Adam’s hole, much to his displeasure. He whined a little when I pulled it out, saying “oh please fuck me some more, Uncle Mike!” “You little whore. We’ve created a monster, Mike,” Jack said, grinning. He reached over and slapped Adam’s furry butt and said “Just you wait, baby boy. You’re going to have all the cock and ass you can handle this afternoon.” “Thanks Daddy. I know you’re going to make sure I have fun. You get to shoot the last load inside me,” Adam said looking at his father with lust. Jack glanced over at the clock and noticed that it was 11:55. Almost time for our plan to go into action. “OK, Adam, you get ready for Alex, Mike and I are going to hide in the laundry room and when he gets started fucking you, we’ll come into the room and ‘confront’ him about what he’s been doing. You play along and act surprised and scared of me, got it?,” Jack said, smiling at his son. He reached over and kissed Adam on the mouth which automatically made Adam close his eyes and moan. “I got it Daddy. You’ll be proud of me,” Adam said. Jack and I went into the laundry room where we could see through Adam’s door if we carefully peered around the corner. We quietly closed the laundry room door most of the way, leaving it unlatched so we could open it without making a sound. On the dot of Noon, we heard the front door open and footsteps walk through the house. We heard the footsteps come near and enter Adam’s room, and a low voice said “There you are, whore. Just like I asked you. All lubed up and ready for me to rape. I was going to bring a buddy from work along today. I told him all about you, but he could get away. Next time. You’ll love him. I saw him in the shower at the gym once and he has a huge cock. It’ll split your hot little cunt right open. But that’ll have to wait until next time. For now, it’s my turn.” Jack and I could hear Alex removing his clothes. A belt hit the floor and shoes being kicked off. Then the splorch of the lube bottle and soon there was heavy moaning coming from Adam’s room. “Oh yes, sir! Thank you, sir! Thank you for raping my cunt today, sir!,” Adam said. This, I knew, wasn’t play acting. He loved getting his ass fucked. and Alex was a hot man. Jack and I listened to this go on for a few minutes, grunting and dirty talk and moaning from Adam’s throat. I sure as hell was hard. This was going to be fun. Jack tapped me on the shoulder and mouthed the word “NOW” and I very quietly pulled the laundry room door open. Neither Jack nor I was wearing shoes, and we were able to creep silently in the direction of the moans and groans coming from Adam’s room. Standing in the doorway, I had an intense feeling of de ja vu. I had just seen this yesterday. Alex’s powerful frame was standing behind Adam, cock buried all the way in his ass. Alex was a tall man and had a big, broad, furry ass, and strong legs to match. It was clear he had played some kind of sport like hockey or soccer in his past. His big beefy body was still well muscled with a hint of a beer belly. Jack was the first to speak. “Excuse me, but you seem to be fucking my son. What’s up with that?,” he said calmly. Alex turned toward us, yanking his dick out of Adam’s ass and began to splutter. “Um, hey Jack, um, it’s not what it looks like, it’s, um, we were, um wrestling,” he said. Adam turned around saying “Daddy don’t do anything rash!” He was playing it up to the hilt, exactly as Jack had asked him to do. “Don’t worry baby, Daddy knows this isn’t your fault. Wrestling your cock inside my son’s furry little ass? Practicing your ‘holds’ on him? Or is he practicing his sphincter’s holds on your cock? He’s pretty good at those, as Mike and I have recently found out,” Jack said. “What? You’ve been fucking him too?” “Only since yesterday. Mike here let himself into the house with his key and saw you pounding Adam’s cunt. He hid until you left and then I repeated the discovery when I came home and found Mike balls deep in my boy. Let’s just say I’m not especially mad at you Alex, I’m mad at you for not sharing,” Jack said, laughing. Alex let out a deep breath. He knew we weren’t going to kick his ass for fucking Adam. “So what do you wanna do now,” Alex asked. “I think you should go back to what you were doing when we walked in on you. Sorry to interrupt. But I also think you owe me now,” Jack said. “You’ve been fucking my property and there’s payment due for the use of that property.” Alex smiled uneasily. “What exactly did you have in mind?” “Oh just your ass. Repeatedly and at great length. With our cocks. Probably going to make Adam fuck you too. Then you’ll have all three of our loads inside you and you’ll have fully paid the debt. What do you think? That fair?” “I don’t get fucked,” Alex said, frowning. “I’m a top.” “Oh come on, Alex. Never once? Never wanted it?,” I said, teasing him brutally. Alex turned beet red and said “well yeah, once. A buddy of mine in college fucked my ass.” “And did you like it?,” I asked, moving toward him. Alex turned redder still and stammered in a low voice. “Um, well, um, yeah. But only faggots get fucked in the ass and I’m not a fucking faggot.” Jack looked at Alex and smiled. “Well, I think you are. You’ve been fucking my son for a year now, yes, I know all about it, Adam told me everything. How you picked him up in the toilet (naughty naughty!) and have been fucking him right here under my nose, in my house. We’re gonna make you pay and you don’t have a choice. So you might as well relax and enjoy it. Right, Mike?” “Right, Jack,” I said. Adam was lying on his back on the bed, looking incredibly sexy, and smiling the whole time. “The jig is up Alex,” Adam said. Lie down and take it. Daddy and Uncle Mike will fuck you good. Alex kept saying no, but his cock was screaming ‘YES!’ He fell onto the bed next to Adam, face down in the blankets, defeated. “Be gentle,” he said. “It’s been a long time.” “Jack, you do the honors. I’ll take sloppy seconds,” I said, laughing. “Alex, don’t look at this as getting your ass roughly violated, look at it as opening up a new horizon of pleasure and orgasms. If this works out, the four of us could have a lot of fun together.” Alex turned and looked at us, wanly smiling. “You think? My wife and I haven’t had sex in years, and so I started getting my cock sucked in t-rooms and adult bookstores. Anywhere it was anonymous. It’d be nice to have some buddies I could have a beer with and fuck our brains out.” I could see that his cock was still rock hard. Damn, the man was blessed. I finally got a good look at it and it had to be 8.5”, really thick and cut. No wonder Adam had gotten addicted to it. “OK, ass in the air, big guy,” Jack said. “Remember I’m short so you gotta crouch down so I can fuck you.” Alex got on his hands and knees and I handed the lube to Jack. Adam maneuvered himself in front of Alex and started swatting Alex’s handsome Daddy face with his fat cock. Alex was sticking his tongue out so he could lick the head of it and finally opened his mouth and took the whole thing in. It was clear he had sucked a few cocks in his day. Meantime, Jack was lubing up his fat uncut cock and Alex’s ass. I laid down on the bed next to Alex and leaned in close to him and said, “Don’t worry, we’re not going to hurt you. Just relax and let Jack drive. Trust me, I know more than anyone that he knows what he’s doing.” Alex looked at me, took Adam’s cock out of his mouth and smiled and then closed his eyes and kissed me passionately. I could feel him relax, as if a huge burden was being lifted from his shoulders. I knew this was going to be hot. Watching Jack fuck anyone was intensely sexy, but watching him fuck a beefy man almost a foot taller than he was really turned me on. I continued to make out with Alex while Jack opened up his cunt for the assault to come. I could feel Alex tense up a little bit, and knew that Jack was beginning to enter him. I broke our kiss and looked up to see Jack’s greasy cock slowly slide up Alex’s chute. I handed Alex the bottle of poppers and he took a huge hit. As soon as he did, I saw Jack’s cock slide the rest of the way to the hilt in Alex’s cunt. Jack was still for a moment to allow Alex to get used to the huge schlong penetrating him. Fuck that’s hot. I leaned down again and whispered to Alex “that’s it baby, you’ve got my brother’s whole fat uncut dick inside you. How’s it feel? I know I’ve loved it since we were kids.” Alex’s eyes rolled back in his head for a minute and then he looked at me and said “It feels amazing. I lied earlier. My college buddy used to fuck me 2-3 times a week, and I loved it. But I chickened out and thought I was being less of a man for loving cock up my ass.” I smiled and looked at him. “You’re not less of a man. You’re a hot fucker and your cunt’s getting fucked by one of the best.” He smiled, laughed and started to speak when he starting moaning uncontrollably. I looked up and saw that Jack was beginning to pump his huge dick in and out of Alex’s ass. I went back to kissing the moaning Alex. Adam was beginning to feel a bit left out of all of this, so he managed to slide under Alex, grabbing hold of his fat cock and sliding it up his cunt. So Alex was the meat in an Adam and Jack sandwich. All of the moaning was making the room sound like a cheap whorehouse, which it kind of was. I whispered in Alex’s ear “can you feel the load of cum that Jack deposited in Adam’s cunt this morning when we woke up? Drilled him hard and good.” “Oh fuck, that’s what’s lubing up his ass and making it all wet. What a dirty whore this boy is. I knew it when I picked him up in that bathroom,” he said with a smirk. I just smiled and said “I’m glad you broke him in. I’m glad I watched you yesterday. It was really hot.” Alex moaned loudly as Jack’s cock bottomed out hard in his cunt. “Oh fuck this is great. My ass feels so fucking good with his cock inside it. I’ve never felt this turned on!” More loudly he said “Fuck yeah, Jack, rape my cunt. Fuck that pussy hard and breed it.” Jack grunted and picked up speed in Alex’s hole. “You’ve got a tight fucking hole, you nasty pig. Think you could just come into my house and fuck my only son up the ass? Now you’re paying for that, you dirty pig.” Alex moaned louder and said “you’re right Jack, make my ass pay for what I did to Adam. Make me your bitch and breed that bitch. Knock me up.” Alex was caught between Jack and Adam. Jack pumping his ass full of fat uncut dick, and Adam sliding up and down on Alex’s cock. I was just along for the ride, kissing him, playing with his hairy chest, nipples and balls. I squeezed his balls and he moaned really loudly. “Harder,” Alex whispered in my ear. I obliged him by squeezing his nuts harder which elicited deep moans from his throat. “I....I....I.....I’m CUMMMMMMMMMING!,” Alex moaned and I could feel his whole body tense up. Adam began to moan, “fuck yeah, Alex, fuck my cunt, breed my hole again. Add your load to Daddy’s load in my pussy. Give it to me.” Alex stopped moving and I could tell he was shooting an enormous load into Adam’s asshole. Jack, however had not stopped his assault on Alex’s ass. “You ready boy fucker? You ready for Jack to breed your big hairy cunt?,” he asked Alex. “Fuck yes, give it to me. Make me remember what getting my cunt bred feels like. Shoot it inside me,” he moaned. Jack pounded Alex mercilessly and then held still. He was shaking all over, I could tell he was shooting an enormous load inside Alex’s ass. “Fuck yeah, give it to me, breed my cunt. Give it all to me, don’t waste a drop. I need it all inside me, Jack. Make me pay,” he said, panting hard. I sat up and laughed. “OK, my turn!” “Um, I’m not sure I can take another pounding like that, Mike,” Alex said. “Tough shit. You’re a man, you can take it. Outta my way, Jack.” I pushed Jack aside and his cock popped out of Alex’s ass with an audible noise. Jack flopped down on the bed and he began making out with Adam. I could hear Adam quietly whispering in Jack’s ear. “Oh Daddy. Thank you, thank you.” He leaned over and passionately kissed his father. Meantime, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t need much lube since Alex’s ass was wide open and full of Jack’s cum. I spit in my hand and slid my cock into Alex’s hole, eliciting a deep moan from him. Damn it felt nice and tight. The man hadn’t been fucked in a long time, that much was clear. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, since I’d been watching what amounted to a porn movie play out in front of me for the last 30 minutes, so I just started in to pounding Alex’s ass. He moaned loudly saying, “Oh fuck yeah Mike. I can take it. Oh god, I fucking need cock inside me. Fuck my cunt. Fuck me hard.” I laughed and obliged him by unleashing a fury on his ass. I began to pound Alex’s big furry butt hard and Adam and Jack were egging me on. “Fuck yeah, Uncle Mike, rape his cunt. Mark it with your seed,” Adam said, laughing and playing with his still rock hard cock. Jack leaned down and sucked on Adam’s cock a bit and said “Adam’s next. He gets the last load. Then payment is made in full, Alex. Three loads up your cunt, three breedings, Daddy, brother and boy, all seeding your cunt.” Alex moaned louder and said “yes, yes, yes, I need another load. I need to pay for what I did. Over and over again.” We all laughed. Jack had been right, it wasn’t hard to turn Alex into a begging whore for cum loads, once the proposal was put to him the right way. I sped up and said “here it comes, bitch. You want it, don’t you?” I pulled my cock most of the way out of Alex’s ass, as if I was going to stop fucking him. He moaned loudly and said, “Please, please don’t stop fucking me, Mike. I need your cock. Please breed my slutty cunt. It needs your load to add to Jack’s load.” Alex pushed back hard taking my fat cock all the way back up to the hilt in one fell swoop. He moaned loudly when I hit bottom and I began fucking him even harder. I could feel that I was just seconds away from blasting his cunt full of cream and said, “Fuck you, pig. Take my fucking load of filthy cum in your cunt. Take it!” I stopped fucking him and my huge, fat cock was throbbing and shooting load after load of jizz into Alex’s cunt. Alex had been turned into a blubbering idiot. “Fuck yeah. Oh fuck yeah, thank you for breeding my cunt. Fuck that load of jizz feels good inside me.” “Next!,” I said. Adam came around behind Alex and pushed him face down on the bed. He climbed on top of the much larger man, his short muscular boy’s frame looking very sexy against the beefy, furry body beneath him. “You ready for me, sir? This boy’s gonna rape your cunt, and return the favor you’ve done me so many times,” Adam said. “Oh fuck yeah, Adam, fuck me you hot little pig boy,” Alex said. “You say the nicest things, Sir. Here comes pig boy’s fat cock,” Adam replied. Adam pointed his thick piece at Alex’s hole which was throbbing and covered in ass juice and cum slime. I had a feeling he wasn’t going to last very long and within 2 minutes he was panting loudly. “Here it comes, Sir. Pig boy is going to breed you. Are you ready?,” he said. Alex just moaned assent by saying “yesssssss” and Adam went rigid while I kissed him long and hard. I reached around to stick my fingers in his wet, juicy cunt right as he began to shoot. He climaxed so hard I thought he was going to break my fingers. I massaged the sloppy insides of his pussy and then slowly felt him relax. We all collapsed into a heap on the bed. The room reeked of sweat, cum and sex. My favorite smell.
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    Part 4 I knew one of Steve's favourite positions for a bottom to be in, willing or not. So I grabbed the ankle restraints and the spreader bar, and quickly had Eric's feet spread wide. God, even this kids feet were beautiful! Then I attached a collar around his neck with rings that I quickly had his wrist restraints attached to. Eric didn't utter a word of protest. Steve then flipped the boy over and grabbed the spreader bar, pulling Eric down the bed untill his legs hung over the end. This way Steve could pound the shit out of him, and he couldn't go anywhere. Which is going to suck for my young prince, as Steve is a BRUTAL fucker when he's high. Steve was loading another couple of quick hits, and I decided they shouldn't be wasted when they were exhaled. I gagged Eric, and then put a gas mask over his head. After Steve took a huge hit, he blew the smoke into the tube and Eric's mask filled up with white smoke. He had no choice but to breathe it in, and it was quickly followed by another one from me. Two more hits each for us meant that was four more in total for our captive prince. This kids head must be in outer space by now. Just to be sure, I took another little shard and shoved it into the cum filled bottom. He groaned as his insudes burned again. Then Steve lined his slicked up, fat, (like I can't even get my fingers around it fat) 10 inch cock to the defensless hole before him and grabbed the kids hips. He took a deep breath, and with a roar slammed himself balls deep into Eric. The kids whole body went ridged as he threw his head back and screamed, which is exactly why I gagged him. I know Steve. I grabbed the fresh popper handkerchief and held it over the gas masks tube opening, and in a few seconds, Eric went limp again and his body sort of twitched. Steve pulled out all the way and smiled as he saw the pink tinted cum that covered his dick. I smiled too, knowing my babies were being driven even further into my little prince's body. Steve slammed himself back in again, balls deep, but this time, Eric only whimpered. I removed the gas mask, so Eric could breath better and Steve began his masterful fucking. I grabbed my phone to film some action, making sure I got some nice shots of Eric's face as his tear stained eyes winced every time Steve slammed into him. I decided to check my messages from our friends. I knew from experience that Steve's first fuck when he was high would usually last at least half an hour. I'd probably give the kid some more poppers in 15 minutes. One of the messages from Alex said that they went to a sex party and Brent was already up to 15 loads, and there were still a bunch of guys wanting a turn. He was blindfolded and tied down to a fuck bench. Exactly where he belonged. Jeffrey texted that they were at a bar, but it wasn't that exciting. Dave was trying to get this little twink to go home with them, but it wasn't looking good. I sent him a text with a couple of pics of my prince getting a pounding from Steve. I told them he was high as fuck and they should stop by later, he needs more dirty loads. He texted back with a big smiley face and said they should be back by 1:30. It was only 12:30 now, so there was plenty of time. I watched Steve powerfuck Eric for a while as Eric groaned and whimpered. Then I gave the kid some more poppers. Even with all the drugs, I know his formerly virgin ass was hurting right now. Steve was showing no mercy for this newbie. Not that I REALLY cared, mind you. And besides, once David and Jeffrey got here, that kid was going to take one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen! David had a nice 8 incher like mine. But Jeffrey, well, he was the same thickness as Steve, but a true 12 inches. Oh, and he had a big ole p.a. That kids gut was going to get torn up like nobody's business. And I couldn't wait. Finally, after fucking Prince Eric for 35 minutes, Steve grabbed a handful of the kids thick, black hair, painfully pulling his head back and forcing him to Arch his back. Steve then buried himself as deep as he could into the boy and gave him a second dirty load into his already ripped guts. I removed his gag as Steve stuck his ass slime covered dick into Eric's mouth. The boy instinctively started sucking it, probably too high to even realize it. But that's what we wanted. Then I took a medium sized metal butt plug and greased it up, sprinkling a fine dusting of Tina powder on it. This was going to make Eric's anal ring burn like fire this time, instead of his insides. Gotta keep it interesting for the kid! I waited until Steve had finished putting the spider gag in Eric's mouth, stretching it wide open. Then I rammed the plug into Eric's leaking hole and the kid whined as his anal ring burned. We didn't care, we just picked the kid up and headed into the bathroom. We had to piss and there was only one place it was going. We dropped Eric on his back in the tub. Normally, like with Brent, we would deposit our chem piss directly in his ass, but we didn't want to wash the cum loads out of Eric. They were staying in him. He looked up at us with those glassy eyes as we aimed our cocks and let go. We first filled his mouth with our two streams of piss. I didn't expect him to drink it, this was his first time after all. He would be drinking it soon enough. We soaked his face and hair, his chest, his cock, his legs and feet, everywhere. In no time he was baptized in our piss and we ran out. We carried him back to the bed and laid him on his back. In no time at all I had a metal cock cage with a urethra sound on the kid, and Steve had that and the plug hooked up to an electro box. I applied some suction nipple stretchers to his big pink tits and stretched them out a good quarter inch. Steve was a master with the electro box. He knew just how to manipulate the levels, from a mild pulse, to a surprising jolt. He had Eric's body twitching and trembling as he whined and moaned through the spider gag. I watched in wonder as Eric's caged cock emitted a continuous stream of precum. Once in a while I would lean down and lick it off his belly. It tasted so sweet. It seemed like almost no time at all when there was a knock on the door. Dave and Jeffrey had arrived.
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    (This story only has chem use in the last part, but I'm putting it in this section to make things simpler) Part 1 My brother and I had been fucking each other for most of our lives. He was a year older than I, and the first time he stuck his cock in my ass we were 12 and 13. I didn’t like it at first, but I knew I liked boys and before long I was begging him for his cock and sperm. He was a horny little fucker and every chance he got, he fucked my hole. That’s another story which I’ll share at some point. By the time we were adults, he had gotten married (and divorced after his wife disappeared with some douchebag), but whenever we saw each other he’d manage to slip it to me and I’d leave a family holiday or party with a nice juicy load of brother spunk in my cunt. Sometimes one before the meal and one after. He had a nice fat uncut dick that I loved to feel sliding up my hole. I learned to always arrive at one of these events cleaned out and lubed up and at some point in the evening, I’d probably end up getting a load of my sexy bisexual brother’s spunk up my ass. Like so many men, he had let himself slip a little by the time we were in our 40s, but he was still a powerfully built sexy guy from working construction. Like me, he was short, just 5’6” tall, but at 200 lbs of muscle (with a sexy, furry little gut) he really turned me on. I’m just 5’5” tall (we’re a very short family) and weigh 150 lbs. Like Jack, I’m really furry all over my body. We both have very hairy chests and asses and I like nothing more than to eat out his hole, even though I have to pick hairs out of my teeth afterwards. Jack has a son, Adam, who just turned 18 and he’s the reason for this story. Since Jack and I were really close, he had told me that he thought Adam was gay, and wanted me to talk to him, since Jack obviously didn’t have anything against gay guys, and wanted to make sure that Adam was taking care of himself, and knew that there were no problems with him being gay. Just to feel him out, so to speak. Little did he know how much feeling out would be done. I walked over to their house one day when I knew Jack was still at work, and knocked on the door. No one answered, which was strange since I knew that Adam should be home. I let myself in with my key and heard some noise coming from the back of the house. I quietly followed the noises and walked quietly to the back of the house where the door to Adam’s room was wide open. Inside, Adam was kneeling on the bed with his perfect furry little ass in the air getting drilled by a man as old as his father and I. I quietly watched while this powerfully built, tall, gray haired daddy roughly fucked my hot little nephew in the ass. “You know what a fucking whore you are boy?,” the older man said. “Yes, Daddy, I know I’m a total whore and need your fat daddy cock up my hole, please give it to me hard,” Adam said panting hard and pushing his ass back against the older man. I was getting incredibly turned on watching this older man fuck my nephew. Adam had been morphing into a hot little stud for several years. Like me and his dad, he was short, just 5’4.” But he was muscled and beginning to show the signs of our family’s trademark fur all over his hot little body especially on his ass. The boy clearly worked out and I had seen him wrestle in high school. He was good, and hoping for a college wrestling scholarship. So there he was, the slutty little horndog, ass in the air, letting some older man fuck him raw, all the while begging to have it harder. “Please Sir, please fuck me harder with your fat daddy cock. I have to have it inside me as often as possible, please fuck me,” Adam said. With that the older man sped up and his breathing became short. He stopped and held his cock inside Adam and I could tell he was shooting a load of cum up my nephew’s asshole. Adam was loudly moaning and saying “thank you, Sir, thank you for your load of cum.” He slapped Adam’s ass and pulled out with a pop and I could see a bit of white cum start to leak out of Adam’s ass. I could see the older man was about to turn and dress, so I ducked into the laundry room which was next to Adam’s bedroom and hid behind the door. I heard him put on his clothes and he said to Adam “Same time Thursday, you little whore. Be ready, I might bring a friend.” I knew that my brother worked late several days a week, so Daddy Man was clearly planning something more for my slutty nephew on Thursday. I heard him pull up his pants and pull on his shirt and he quietly walked out of the house. I heard the front door slam and then I heard a loud sigh from Adam’s room. I quietly walked toward the open door and saw him lying face down on the bed with the Daddy’s load of jizz leaking out of his hole and his own fingers playing with his cunt. I tiptoed to the open door and walked up behind Adam and stuck my index finger roughly into his hole and turned it side to side to feel the load (I was guessing there was more than one up there) inside Adam’s ass. He suddenly turned and pulled the sheet over himself, utterly shocked that I was there and mortified when he realized I had seen him getting his ass reamed out by a man my own age. “Uncle Mike! What the fuck are you doing here!?,” Adam said. “I came to talk to you, Adam. Looks like you were having a good time,” I rubbed my crotch a little so he could see that it was OK and because I was incredibly turned on. Adam noticed and relaxed and said “Fuck, I’m not in trouble am I? Please don’t tell Dad, OK!?” He was pleading with his eyes as he said this. He thought I was going to kick his ass. If he only knew. I had always thought that Adam knew I was gay. I never made a big deal out of it, and had lived with a lover when Adam was younger so I just figured he knew the score. Apparently not. I sat down on the messy bed, secretly drinking in the smell of boy sweat, man sweat, cum and sex in the air while I put my hand on Adam’s shoulder. “Adam, it’s OK. I always thought you knew I was gay. Are you saying you didn’t?” “I always wondered what happened to Uncle Justin,” he said, referring to my sexy but utterly insane ex who I had split up with a few years before. “But after he was gone you never talked about it, so I just figured he had been your roommate, and that I had misread the situation. I was just 15 at the time, so I wasn’t sure.” “Justin was my lover,” I said to Adam. I smiled and said “I’ll tell you that story sometime,” getting a slight boner thinking about Justin but the boner disappeared when I remembered his psycho behavior. “But who was that who just left?,”I asked Adam He turned beet red and said “he’s my best friend’s father. Nick and I have been friends since we were little and I’ve always had a crush on his dad. When I got older I figured out that Nick’s dad likes to fuck guys so I hit on him and he’s been fucking me several times a week since my junior year of high school.” “That’s really hot,” I said, giving my nephew a shit eating grin. Watching the beefy hairy daddy fuck my obviously slutty little nephew was one of the hottest things I’d seen in quite a while. Knowing Adam was only 18 and how small he is just turned me on even more. Nick’s dad was 6’3” and built like a football player with a sexy graying goatee and a thick coat of chest and back hair. Adam turned even redder if that’s possible. I’d caught him red handed (or red assed if you will) and the tent in the thin sheet he was using to cover himself made it clear that he was as turned on as I was. I leaned down and kissed Adam on the lips and pulled his face to mine, shoving my tongue in his mouth. I could see he was shocked by the look in his eyes, but he quickly closed them and reached his hand up behind my head, pulling me close to him. I could feel the need inside him as his tongue explored my mouth. We kissed for a long time and when our kiss broke he looked up at me with his beautiful blue puppy dog eyes and said, “Uncle Mike, please. Will you fuck me?” “Yes,” I said. “Yes, beautiful boy. I’ve wanted to fuck your hot pussy for a long time.” In truth was I had watched Adam blossom into a very sexy young man, and had wanted him for a long time, but I wanted to make sure that he was gay, and wanted to have sex with his Uncle before I put the moves on him. The boy was in good shape and the last thing I wanted was to get slugged in the jaw by Adam and lose the good dicking I’d been getting from Jack for years. Adam pushed the sheet off himself, and reached over to touch my cock through my shorts. It was summer and the house wasn’t air conditioned, so we were both sweating. My pits were ripe and my jock (which I rarely washed) was smelling pretty good. Adam played with my fat cock through my shorts and then reached up and pulled on the top button, which opened them up. He looked up at me with a shit eating grin on his face, and said “I love jocks, Uncle Mike,” and buried his face in my crotch. I reached down and put my hand on the top of his head, guiding his face into my jock covered cock. I could feel his tongue through the ridged fabric of the jock trying to reach my foreskin covered dick. I could sense his desire for me, his deep need for my cock and he reached up and pulled the pouch of the jock aside and my fat uncut dick sprang out of the jock and slapped him across the face. Adam looked up at me longingly and said “Uncle Mike, I’ve wanted you since I was a little boy. Before I even knew what sex was, I wanted to be next to you all the time. I’ve only ever loved my dad more than you, and once I figured out how to jerk off I beat my meat thinking about you hundreds of times.” I was astonished. To think that we had spent years wanting each other and only now were figuring out our mutual attraction. I smiled and said “I know, baby boy, I’ve felt the same way for a long time. Since you started to become a man, but I wanted to make sure. To wait until you were ready. I think you’re ready now.” I reached around to the top of his head and guided his pretty lips to my cock and plunged it inside. He gagged a little bit and then got used to the girth of my fat cock in his throat. The boy was a natural. He pulled my shorts down to my knees while my cock was buried in his throat while scooting himself up into a hands and knees position so his beautiful round ass was sticking up in the air. One of the things the men in our family shared (besides copious amounts of body hair and fat uncut dicks) was big round asses. Jack’s ass was amazing, big beefy and covered in dark fur. I jerked off thinking about it all the time. Adam was no exception. His powerfully built wrestler’s legs ended in a big beefy ass that was already covered in dark fur at 18. Watching him stick it up in the air just made my cock harden in his mouth. I reached down and shoved his head all the way down on my cock and this time he didn’t gag at all, he just smoothly took my cock into his throat like the slutty pro he was. The boy had clearly been sucking cock for a while. He deep throated my dick for a few minutes, all the while looking up at me pleadingly. It’s one thing to be turned on by someone you’re having sex with, it’s another to know you’ve known them their whole life and they’ve secretly been in love with you for most of that time. Adam was moaning every time my cock went into his throat and I was feeling pretty good myself. I took my tank top off and smelled my incredibly ripe pits. Fuck yeah. Every time I smelled my own scent my cock got a little harder whether it was on the street, in the locker room or in bed having piggy sex with a hot guy. Adam perked up too, when I lifted my arms up and I could tell that he liked his Uncle’s smell too. “You like those ripe pits, boy?,” I asked. “Yes, Uncle Mike, I love how you smell. Your crotch and balls smell sweaty and amazing too, I’ll bet your pits smell awesome.” He grinned like a kid in a candy store (which he was) and then plunged his mouth back onto my fat uncut cock. I pulled Adam’s face out of my crotch with a little yelp from him, and pulled it up so that it was planted right in my armpit. It was nasty and ripe as fuck, and Adam began to moan like a little whore as he explored my pit with his tongue. “You like that, boy?,” I said. “Oh yes, yes, I fucking love it. I love the way men smell, Uncle Mike, especially you.” I let Adam explore my armpits, and reached down to feel his hole which still had a light sheen of cum on the outside from where his friend’s dad had fucked him. I roughly put my index finger inside him and he moaned even louder. I reached down and felt his cock. It was hard as steel, and just like his old man’s, fat and uncut with a nice overhanging foreskin even when it was fully hard. I pulled my finger out of his hole and put it in my mouth. There had to be more than one load in his ass. Fuck it tasted good. Nick’s dad had nice tasting cum. “How many loads did he shoot in your hole, Adam?,” I asked. Adam pulled himself away from my pit and said “Three today,” Adam said. “Usually he shoots at least three inside me, sometimes one on on my face as well.” He loves using me and treating me like a slut. “I’ve gotta get inside you,” I said. I rolled Adam over on his back. The first time I fucked him I wanted to be able to watch his face while I was inside him. “Oh, Uncle Mike, I’ve wanted this since forever. I hoped I would have it with you one day.” He lifted his powerful wrestler’s legs in the air and rolled up on his back so his hole was exposed to me. The muscles in his big beefy ass were making his hole contract like it was breathing, and I couldn’t resist grabbing onto his butt with my hands and holding him up so I could shove my tongue all the way up his hole. Adam moaned as my tongue made its way into his ass, which was sweaty from the heat and still leaking bits of cum from Nick’s dad. My tongue dove in and slurped up the sweat and jizz from Adam’s hole, getting him wet and sloppy, ready to take my cock. All the while Adam was moaning like a bitch in heat. I positioned myself behind Adam, and pulled on my steely hard cock to retract my thick foreskin. I spit in my palm and rubbed it over my dick and spit again into Adam’s ass. “Please fuck me Uncle Mike, make me your slut, make me your whore, I have to have you inside me, please,” Adam said. Again, I could see the pleading and need in his eyes. I quickly slid my cock inside my nephew’s hole and it was just like velvet. The daddy who had fucked him earlier must’ve shot three huge loads, since my cock was enveloped in slippery cum being used as lube. My cock bottomed out in Adam’s ass and he moaned like a $20 whore. This was a boy who was made to be fucked and fucked roughly. He was lucky that he had discovered his calling early in life and with people he trusted and knew well. I knew that I wouldn’t last long in Adam’s sloppy, wet hole, so I picked up the pace and began to fuck him in earnest, making sure to bottom out in his hole with my fat 8” cock. Adam was moaning constantly and looking into my eyes with lust and need. He kept saying “Please fuck me harder, Uncle Mike, please.” I hadn’t cum in several days and the horniness of the situation turned me on so much that I couldn't last. I kept brutally fucking my nephew’s ass until I felt myself reach the point of no return and shot an enormous load of cum into the boy. My cock must’ve spasmed 7 or 8 times with huge ropes of thick jizz. I couldn’t see it, but I could feel the cum spurting out of the end of my cock. My nephew was moaning with unmitigated lust and passion, begging me over and over for my load of cum. Adam was shooting as well. As soon as I began to slow down my pounding of his hole, he started to shake and huge thick loads of cum came spurting out of the end of his fat cock, without him touching himself at all. I leaned down and licked the cum load up off Adam’s tummy and then reached up to kiss him, passing him his own load of cum. He eagerly played tonsil hockey with me and we were slowly coming back to earth when we both heard “What the FUCK is going on here?” I quickly spun around with my cock still planted up my nephew’s hole and saw my brother Jack standing there, having just come home from work. Busted. Ouch. “Talk to the kid,” Jack said. What did I do? I thought with my cock and ended up fucking his sweet furry hole and blew a fat load of cum inside him. Shit.
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    "612 Wharf Avenue" Oliver mumbled to himself as he followed the maps on his phone. "Its not so far from the clinic" he thought, as he remembered yesterdays checkup with Doug. After several sessions Oliver now looked forward to being used by Doug. The man had made him do things, and feel things, he had never in his wildest dreams imagined. With careful planning doug had spent days doping the boy up, and training him to serve. Taking a mans cock was almost part of his day now as he looked forward to the powerful narcotics and undeniable pleasure of dougs deep strokes. For the first time in a while, Olivers own cock twitched at the thought of another powerful orgasm at the older mans experienced hands. "Brickyard parlour" he read the neon sign in front of the dimly lit shop. it didnt sound as clinical as dougs own practice, but if Doug said this was the last step in his treatment then so be it. Stepping in the door he was greeted by Dougs warm smile. "Ollie! im so glad youre on time. come along now we dont want to keep our specialist waiting" he picked up a black medical bag and marched ollie through a corridor to a dimly lit back room. In the center was a sling suspended from the ceiling with a tray adjacent containing needles and several exotic tools he had never seen. "Oliver i presume?" the tall man smiled as he looked up from a magazine. "Im Joseph, one of dougs specialists." Josephs mohawk shimmered a brilliant red, and with tattoos extending the length of his body Oliver began to wonder what Joseph did at all. "now Dougs told me all about your treatment and I'll be finishing up today. hopefully we'll just be in...and out." he grinned, looking at the boys slender body. "why dont you get out of those clothes and hop up here" Joseph patted the leather sheet suspended in the room as Oliver looked at doug. "Its a simple procedure Ollie dont worry" Doug smiled assuredly at the boy. Obediently Oliver stripped his shirt off, then his pants and underwear, and awkwardly crawled into the sling. "here we go, scoot back now" Joseph instructed as Ollie felt his legs being strapped to the chains at the end of the contraption. Doug opened his bag and produced Olivers new favourite past time, a long needle full of fun. "a little more medicine this time sweetie, just relax and let it make you feel good" Joseph gripped the boys arm in his strong hand as Ollie eagerly made the fist doug taught him to make. Watching the plume of blood dance in the barrel of the syringe, Oliver stared at Dougs steady hand as he pumped the drugs into the boys slender arm. "off we go baby" Joseph released his powerful grip and the young boy gasped and groaned, coughing and squirming against the restraints. "he really does have a pretty pussy" Joseph remarked, casually sliding his fingertips along Olivers hole. "He sure does, and hes been such a good boy about it. isnt that right ollie? you like your nice pink pretty pussy dont you" Oliver mumbled and nodded with a grin as Joseph slipped a nasal cannula over the boys head. "We dont want you getting too excited now ollie, Joseph has to concentrate for this part" doug rubbed the boys chest as the tall punk adjusted the flow of nitrous oxide to the boy. Oliver let out a sigh and a giggle as Doug teased his tits. "that a boy ollie just relax. Why dont you suck a little?" Oliver turned his head to face Dougs now throbbing erection. the meat just looked so irresistably delicious, so perfect, with a clear pearl of sticky sweet precum forming at the tip. Oliver had to have it, as he hungrily fed the thick tool into his mouth. Joseph carefully lined the first needle up with Olivers hard pink nipple and pierced it effortlessly in a single stroke, eliciting nothing more than a loud groan from the boy as he hungrily slurped away. "youre doing so good ollie just a few more" Joseph thread the boys nippled with a small ring and moved to his other puffy pink nub. "mmmmfffghh" ollie gurgled as the pin drove into his sensitive tit. as Doug gently pushed more of his cock into the boys throat. "relax ollie, let the nice man finish his work. Its rude to complain" Dougs balls tightened as he invaded the teens throat. Oliver felt embarassed as he felt his throat stretch around Dougs warm tool. He didnt want to be anymore trouble, after all Doug said this was the last part. "big deep breaths ollie youre doing great" Joseph took the boys limp cock into his hand and inspected the little pink head. "that should do nicely" he remarked, as he quickly skewered the boys cockhead with a fresh needle Oliver jerked violently, his throat spasming around Dougs leaking cock. "Oh ollie thats so good sweetie." Doug groaned as he felt his cum rocket out of his balls and down the boys throat. "drink the nice warm milk ollie, its good for you" doug held the struggling boy down as he began to gulp his seed. "there we go baby" Doug pulled his glistening tool from the teens panting mouth as he looked down at his body. "owww" he remarked, looking at his freshly pierced nipplies, his gaze turned to his swollen prick. Embedded in the head was a shiny gold ring. "Do you like it ollie?" doug stroked the boys hair as doug gently lifted his sensitive member. "it has a nice shiny diamond in it too ollie, isnt it pretty?" The intoxicated boy just nodded. Doug marvelled at the sight of the boys new jewelery. "Just one more thing ollie and we'll be all finished up" Joseph smiled to the boy and pulled him down until his pale little cheeks barely dipped over the edge of the sling. "now be nice and still ollie" Joseph chided as he raised the tattoo gun to the boys tight ass and began stenciling a tiny biohazard tattoo. "What is that?" oliver asked curiously. "Joseph is just making sure people who see your pussy know its the best sweetie. You cant take any chances if you want the bigggest and best cocks to fuck you. This just makes sure they know Ollies little pussy is going to be warm and sweet." Oliver just sighed and slumped back into the sling. The low hum of the tattoo gun seemed distant in his ears as he thought about dougs words. Doug was so kind to make sure people didnt mistake his boypussy for just any old hole. It really was going to be a perfect pussy "there we go Ollie all done." Joseph bandaged the boys fresh ink. "looks inviting doesnt it?" doug remarked to the pig as he gazed at the boys pink hole. "he looks perfect doug just like all the rest. I'd love to get my cock up inside him." Doug slipped Josephs prick from his jeans and worked it in his palm. "why wait? hes right there Joe." Joseph groaned as doug rubbed his leaking tool at the warm lips of Olivers cunt. "i cant, he cant get hard for at least 3 days Doug." "open wide ollie, the nice mans going to fuck your pussy now" doug stuffed his fingers into the boys mouth, wetting them copiously as he returned to massage the boys drool into his own puffy pussy. "dont worry joe, hes not getting hard this month. now fuck that pretty little pussy." Joseph eased forward and pushed his pierced head into the boy as he groaned. "thats right, dont fight that pretty little cunt, give it a nice long fuck" Doug pointed his camera as it recorded the boys thirsty ass receiving another thick poz dong. ollie grunted and moaned as Joseph dragged the boy along the length of his meat, and true to his word, Ollies little cock didnt so much as stiffen. "oh god mister youre going to make me cum" Oliver panted. "i should probably quit now, thats bound to be a little painf-" Doug pushed the piggy punk back into the boy. "ssshhh, its not polite to stop when youre so close. besides it wouldnt matter, Ollies pussy can easily make him cum even if you dont move a muscle." The boy groaned as his eyes shot open and as he grit his teeth, the thick stream of pink cream flowed from his newly pierced cockhead. The agony, extacy, and drugs all combined to keep ollie cumming for far longer than he had ever thought possibe. "fuck me its like hes milking me! oh christ im cumming" Joseph grunted into the boy. "there ya go breed him deep. Ollie loves having nice big loads in his butt dont you ollie?" "cum in me" Oliver grunted commandingly as the salty seed tortured his cock, his ass milking away. "there, wasnt that nice joe? Say, why stop there, how about we just relax those muscles and have a nice big piss inside" Joseph hadnt intended on fucking anything today, but now that Doug was here, he found it practically irresistable as the older man gently rubbed his guts. "nnngh" Ollie groaned as the fit pig released a stream of hot yellow piss into his ass.
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    14. Good Decisions, Bad Choices Conrad pressed his face into James's ass. His beard was tickling James's hole, and the boy tried to concentrate. He was bent over the dresser, and trying to focus on the torch and pipe while Conrad ate him out. He could feel every strand of hair in Conrad's beard; it was like a wire brush against his hole. "Take a big hit for me, boy," Conrad said, his voice muffled by James's butt. James inhaled deeply. In between Conrad feeding him clouds, he had also done more of the G. It was hard for him to remember where he was; he thought he was home, but the apartment was too big. Nor could he really remember how he had met Conrad. It didn't matter. Conrad's tongue pressed into his hole, and his world exploded in pain and pleasure. He wanted Conrad to stop. But at the same time, he pressed his ass back against Conrad, forcing the older man's tongue into his own defenseless hole. "Don't be shy," Conrad said. "Hit that pipe as much as you want." James hit the pipe again. It wasn't as intense as the day before. James wondered if he was habituating to the drugs, or if he was just spent for the weekend. Nevertheless, he did feel that familiar energy, and he had always been craving cock. "Please," he grunted. "Fuck me," James said. "Please?" "Don't worry," Conrad said, between pressing his tongue deep into his hole. "There's gonna be plenty of fucking." He was licking the insides of James's hole like an ice cream, savoring every flick of his tongue across the creamy surface. "Plenty of fucking." James took two more long hits on the pipe. As he exhaled the last one, he realized it wasn't that the drugs were affecting him less, it was more that they took longer to take effect. His head was spinning, and it was even hard for him to just stay upright. "Fuck boy," Conrad said. "You're wasted." "Yeah," Conrad slurred. He thought Conrad had asked him how high he was. But he might have asked permission to fuck him. It was already hard to remember what they had just said. "I've gotta get on your level," Conrad said, standing up. He was brushing his dickhead against James's hole. James shivered. It meant he was going to get fucked again. "Give me the pipe, and I'll fuck you while I smoke." "Please," James grunted, and handed the pipe to Conrad. He took it, but before he did anything, he lined up his cockhead with James's hole. "Please," James repeated, pressing his ass back, trying to get the stiff rod inside of him. "Fuck me." Conrad knew a hungry boy's ways, and waited until the familiar thick cloud had filled his chest. Only then did he press into the well-fucked hole. He went slowly, but even with barely an inch of his dick inside, the boy was already struggling. "Fuck," James grunted. "That's... That is..." he started, but couldn't finish. Conrad savored the hit, then exhaled it. "It's ok boy," he said. He took another long hit, feeling the drug take over his imagination. It no longer seemed like a problem that his cock was hurting James. In fact, it was going to fun to watch the boy struggle against the intense fucking. Plus, his struggles would only serve to massage and caress Conrad's cock. "It's gonna hurt a little bit." He took one more long hit, then put the pipe down. He grabbed a bottle of lube from the bed table, and squeezed a thick glob onto his cock. He paused, and then pushed in another few inches. The lube disappeared into James's hole, and elicited a gentle sigh from the boy. "Better?" Conrad asked. From long experience, he knew it was just enough to get him all the way in. It wasn't enough to keep the boy from suffering. The boy nodded. "Thank you," James said. "Of course, boy," Conrad said, and sank his cock deeper into the young man's rectum. It was warm, and he could feel the remaining cum and the lube start to mix. "I want this to feel so good." "I want you to feel good too," James said. "Really good. I'll do anything for you." "I'm glad to hear it," Conrad said. "I want to find all the ways you can make my cock hard." He swapped the lube for the pipe, and did one more hit. As he inhaled, he pressed his dick the rest of the way into James's hole. He stopped inhaling when his balls hit James's ass. He put away the pipe, and held the hit. Finally, he exhaled, the cloud enveloping both of them. He started to stroke his shaft in and out of James's hole. James could feel every ridge and vein on Conrad's cock, as it slid in and out of him. James's mind had gotten completely overwhelmed by the drugs. He knew that Conrad's cock was one of the most painful things he had felt; every movement sent new sparks of pain across his body. He also knew that nothing had ever felt like Conrad's cock. It was hard and stiff and raw and slamming in and out of James's sore hole. He couldn't get respite from the first without losing the second. But he'd endure the pain of the first for the pleasure of the second. Rather than trying to force something with Conrad, James took the easy way out. He grabbed the bottle of poppers, unscrewed the top, and took long hits from the brown bottle. "That's it," Conrad said. "I want you to feel the fuck as well." James held the hit before answering. "Please. Make me feel it," James grunted. He couldn't believe he had just asked Conrad to fuck him harder. The man's cock hurt, like it had sharp edges. He gasped. "Fuck," he managed to say. "I want you to do more poppers," Conrad said. His voice was deep and commanding; it was easy to follow his instructions. "Make you feel really horny. And then you can make me feel really horny too." "Yes," James said, and did another hit of poppers. He savored the warm chemical scent and the oblivion of pleasure it promised. But Conrad was ready. Just as James was getting used to the poppers high, he changed his cadence, and did his best to obliterate that potential pleasure from the poppers. Conrad's strokes were deeper; his cock thicker and longer, and the force was more than James had ever felt. For a brief moment in the popper haze, it felt good. But as soon as the drugs started to fade, the agony of the fuck was front and center in his mind. "I think I need a break," James said. "Just a few more minutes," Conrad said. "You feel so good," he continued. "You want me to enjoy your ass, don’t you?" He paused, and James nodded his head. "You want me to know how good you can make my dick feel?" "Yeah..." James said. Before he could say anything, Conrad interrupted. "My dick feels so good right now. Buried deep in your hole. So fucking hot. So hungry." He pressed his body against James's back, and ran his hands across James's flat, furry stomach. "Just a little longer. I love fucking you." "But, it hur..." James started to say, but Conrad suddenly pulled his cock all the way out of him. He gasped at the white-hot pain from his ass, but the complete terror of being empty was what brought the tears to his eyes. "Let's get on the bed," Conrad said. He had pulled James up, and was stroking the thick stubble on his face. "We've got a lot more to do, don't you think?" Conrad nodded his head, and James subconsciously followed his lead. "Please," was all he managed to say. He was still trying not to scream in pain from his sudden de-penetration. Conrad smiled, and spun James around. The two faced each other. Conrad kissed him. "This is going to be epic," he said. He lead the two of them to the bed, a king-size bed, with thick metal pillars and head board. James noticed a few thick hooks and rings welded to the frame; some of them had thick leather restraints already attached. James stared at the restraints for a second; Conrad saw him. He laughed, and before James could even breathe, the young man was on his back, his arms spread wide and secured in the black leather. "Fucking EPIC," Conrad said, as he grabbed the boy's legs and spread them wide.
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    I met David on Twitter several years ago; we both followed some interesting people with hashtags like #bbbh, #gaybdsm, #gaypiss, #gayfisting, and others. As I scrolled through who he followed, I noticed a lot of guys who were poz or chasers. So, I reached out through a direct message just to say hello. We chatted a bit and he seemed like a nice guy. We exchanged profile names for a popular website for men into BDSM. David's profile was short, "Rubber Dom seeks pigs for raunchy sex play, fisting, and fucking. HIV+ but neg friendly, raw only and I don't pull out." I checked out his galleries and saw various images of him in rubber. He was a sexy man with an evil smile and glint in his eyes. No nudes, just my imagination and I got off looking at his pictures. We continued to chat on occasion just casually learning about each other. Not once did we discuss sex or his being poz and my being neg. I figured he just wasn't into me. Couldn't hurt to have a connection in London since I go there occasionally for work. One day I posted a pic of my hungry hole to Twitter. I was in my rubber catsuit kneeling, bent forward, zipper on my ass down, slipping a finger in...David retweeted my image with a comment about a nice hole to breed. I liked his post and went to bed. The next morning, I logged into the website to a message from David. "I want to breed you and fist it deep, boy." Attached was a picture of a beautiful uncut, veiny, pierced cock. INSTANT WOOD! I immediately responded, "Yes Sir, please breed my pighole." We chatted back and forth as I lay in bed stroking thinking about him breeding me. As I shot my load, David sent me a message, "You better take a picture of you cleaning up your cum and send it to me boy." Fuck, he knew I was jerking off...I responded "Yes Sir!" "Good boy, now Sir has to wrap up His work day." I cleaned up, taking pictures and a video and sent them to him. Then I showered and went to work. We still hadn't talked about him being poz and my being neg. I decided that needed to change. I needed to see just how open he was to chasers. That night, I sent him a message along the lines of...I noticed you are HIV+ and wanted to let you know I'm HIV- but poz friendly, I'm on PrEP. I figured that would break the ice. The next morning, David had sent me a message. "Yes pig, I figured you were on PrEP seeking poz loads. I'm poz and currently on meds, so I'm undetectable."
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    The next few days were much tamer for Oliver. Doug knew giving the boy a rest would work up his appetite for more cock, and chems. the little itch in his tight toxic pussy would need to get scratched eventually. days passed before the boy got a text from the kind older man who had so lovingly shepherded him into his role as a cumdump, inviting him to a party with some nice friends. Oliver knew this certainly meant more drugs, and more cock, and for the first time his cock began to throb at the prospect of filling his pussy. Stripping his clothes off he revealed his newfound form, his perky nipples standing at attention, his semihard cock glistening with its new jewelery, and his smooth curved hips tapering to highlight his tight cheeks and brand new tattoo. turning away from the mirror he spread his ass and gazed at the sight before him. what was once a little boyhole had been shaped, moulded, and stretched to a beautiful pink boypussy by Dougs bloated cock. on command, his hole would open eagerly for even the biggest pricks with no problem at all, enveloping them in Olivers sensual lips and warm moistness that he knew even Doug couldnt resist. reaching to the sink, he pumped a glob of lotion into his hand and gently worked it into his hole. the beautiful pussy was the center of his world now, and he made sure to keep it supple and perfect as doug has intended. "oh yesssss" he hissed as he slipped a greasy digit into himself. The boys slender little fingers would never be enough, but teasing his hole was enough to make his undersized prick drool a little stream of precum which he eagerly scooped up and sucked off his fingers. He couldnt wait to see doug. pulling into the driveway of the large stately home he walked anxiously to the door. "its a pool party, so just be yourself" he reassuringly repeated as he rang the doorbell. "Ollie??" it was the nice nurse from the clinic, wrapped in towel and grinning eagerly. "yeah!" he chirped, as the two hugged. "come on in sweetie the party is in the back." Oliver admired the ornate foyer and kitchen as Trey turned back to slip off his towel and reveal his nude form. "ok hun, clothes off..." he instructed, as ollie took off his shirt and shorts and paused for a moment. "I-i brought swimtrunks" he bashfully confessed as trey grinned. "its okay baby. This party is special so there are a few rules. If you have a boypussy you dont need to wear anything at all. its so much more comfortable." Oliver shrugged and shucked off the remainder of his clothes. "Oh ollie its beautiful!" Trey gushed as he took the boys cock in his hand and admired the ring. "oh before I forget you need some medicine first baby. something to make this party lots of fun." Trey stepped to the table and produced a handful of pills and a strange plastic syringe. "eat the tasty pills baby, this one goes in here." trey grazed his finger across Olivers hole and elicited a groan of pleasure. "wowee someones ready for some cock." Ollie grabbed a bottle of water off the countertop and gulped the pills, taking note of the strange aftertaste for a moment as Trey knelt down to face the boys hole. "open wide for me ollie" Trey lapped at the boys sweet pink pussy as he braced himself, groaning, against a chair. "here comes the medicine baby" Trey tucked the nozzle of the syringe into the boys glistening hole and squirted him full as he stood up. "ohmygod! ah! fuck that stings!!" Ollie jumped and squirmed as the copious bump went to work inside him and trey burst into laughter. Just as soon as the comedic performance began, ollie slowed, bearing his teeth as his breathing became labored. "Trey holy shit" he whispered, fondling his dribbling cock. "I know ollie ive got some in me too. It makes your pussy really hungry." Lets go meet some nice big men! Ollie surveyed the yard. About a dozen men and a few that looked similar to him, all mingling in various states of undress, but no sign of doug. "Ollie" he felt a mans hot breath on his neck as he spun around to face Joseph. "hey! did you see doug?" Ollie walked as he was led by the leather clad pig to a minibar. "oh hes upstairs taking care of some business, but! im sure he would want to make sure youre having a very good time." Joseph reached to tie the boys arm with a length of paracord. as he loaded a fresh point. "hows that little dick baby? is it feeling better?" Oliver thought it strange Joseph cared. He hardly thought about anything but his pussy anymore. Why would anyone care about his prick? "Good" he sighed, wincing as the needle entered his skin. "thats good baby. Its so pretty now." Ollie jeered as Joseph finished his shot and unwrapped his arm. "I dont care. id rather get fu--oohhh" the boy stopped midsentence as the powerful narcotic coursed through him. "all better now ollie? ready for a little fun?" Josephs words echoed in his head as he grinned a dopey smile. "here ollie, hop up on my lap and sit on my cock. Ive got a nice big load for your pretty pussy. Ive been craving that little pink cunt all week." Joseph fisted a glob of lube into his thick tool as the intoxicated boy lumbered up to face the man eye to eye. There was a primal hunger in Olivers eyes, a look that Joseph had never seen. Oliver reached down to aim the mans prick and in one quick movement, drove the entire length into his guts. "So fucking good inside" the boy spat, bracing his hands on Josephs broad shoulders and pounding himself mercilessly. "Oh god ollie that hole...its fucking...its amazing. baby we need to slow down or im gonna pop" Ollie lifted almost entirely off the mans oozing cock and looked him square in the eyes as he slammed himself mercilessly back down, a gutteral groan escaping his pursed lips as days of pent up cream drooled uncontrollably out of his cock. "holy shit" Joseph whispered as ollie continued as if he had never cum. "do you like my hole?" ollie mumbled. "god baby yes its incredible." Joseph panted, watching ollie scoop his seed into his cupped hand and dribble it into his mouth, not skipping so much as a beat while working the thick cock inside him. "cum in it" Ollie grunted. "cum in me I know you want to. do it." Joseph just lolled his head back and groaned as his balls drew close. "you cant fight it my pussy makes doug cum every time. " Feeling a big firm hand on his shoulder Ollie turned to see Doug in a bathrobe. "it sure does ollie" Doug smiled. "Dont be rude now Joseph Ollies right. That holes going to suck up all your seed no matter how slow you think you wanna go. Give the boy a load." It was all too much for Joseph as Ollie reached back to feel his balls. "c-cumming" he grunted as Ollie grined, rolling his hips and stirring the man meat inside him. "yesss thats it." Ollie Felt the familiar pulse of a mans thick hard tool inside him and sighed in relief. Finally, a load in him. He felt himself relax a little as he wrapped his arms around Josephs fit chest, laying his head on the pigs shoulder and breating the intoxicating musk from his armpit, embracing him and gently milking him dry.
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    Oliver roused from bed the next morning with a waiting text. It was doug, and he wanted to see him for another checkup. throwing the sheet off his body he grimaced as he noticed his nipples were puffy, more pronounced. his usual morning wood was flaccid as he reached down to give his dick a few pumps. thinking of his girlfriend produced no measurable effect as he sighed heavily. "maybe later today buddy" he thought to himself, trying to shrug off Treys description of the powerful hormone inside him. reaching down to his balls he gasped. They were getting smaller, just like Trey had said they would. Oliver leaped to his feet and headed to the bathroom. shucking his underwear off he turned to face the mirror and gripped his firm ass cheeks, spreading them as he had so many times for Doug. his once little asshole had changed too. the pink ring was thicker, almost puffy. you could obviously tell someone had been fucking Ollie regularly. he flexed his hole a few times curiously. The more he thought about it, the more it did seem to look inviting. Olivers expression faded from fear to shock and confusion. Doug wasnt just intent on changing him, giving him a pussy as he affirmed so many times, he was actually doing it. Olivers body was slowly changing to suit the older mans every need. at first he couldnt seem to cum without the fucking, and now his whole body seemed to crave it. Oliver had grown to enjoy the potent narcotics and powerful orgasms Doug forced from him. By the time the boy managed to arrive at the clinic it was nearly 1:00. Trey called him back almost instantly and before he left, gave Oliver a hug and a kiss. "youre doing perfect sweetie. I know how you feel. My first time with all this was so different. i didnt know what to think, but it really is for the best. Youre going to love your pussy so much Ollie you wont know what you ever did without it." Trey smiled and left the boy in the room. "there he is!" chimed Doug as he entered the room, his warm smile always seemed to put oliver at ease somehow despite repeatedly being violated by the mans cock. "Ollie youre doing amazing. how do you feel?" doug turned to the counter to prepare the injections for the boy. "fine i guess, i have a real bad headache though" Doug smiled as he confirmed the boy was slowly becoming dependent on his fun little injections. oliver stripped off his shirt and as he began undoing his pants he paused. He was stripping. Doug was right again, his body knew exactly what it wanted and Oliver just seemed to be along for the ride. "oh im sorry baby you just need your medicine is all. Did trey tell you? you need to take it every day so you feel good. I make sure all my boys get all their shots. do the shots make you feel nice ollie?" doug set the two needles on the tray next to the boy as he began fondling his prick, confirming the boy stayed soft as intended. "well, um, yeah the first one feels really really nice. like im floating or something. it makes everything feel swell" ollie obediently held his arm out as doug chided him, "no no baby, vitamins first, then its time for your special medicine." Ollie remembered Doug administering the estrogen into his ass cheek and began to protest as the doctor swabbed him again. "i dont want to be a girl!" he blurted in fear. Would doug even listen this time? his heart sank in his chest as doug pushed the needle into him and administered itts contents with a chuckle. "baby no thats not what we're doing at all. Im giving you a pretty poz boy pussy ollie, just changing a bit of this and a bit of that, and turning that hole between your legs into the only thing you need to care about. see?" Doug pumped the teens flaccid cock a few times, giving the head a nice slurp, but to no effect. "see baby? soft now. you dont have to be worried about having to fuck anymore. You take big strong man cocks and thats so much easier. A real man knows how to fuck you just right ollie, i promise." doug tied the tubing around the boys raised arm as Ollie pumped his fist. "okay" he mumbled. If doug said it was normal he had to be right, i mean, he was the doctor after all. "little stick" doug smiled at the boy as he emptied the syringe. "here we go ollie, just a little more than last time, go nice and high for me sweetie." doug pulled off the tubing and ollie gasped as his eyes rolled back into his head and he clutched the exam table. Doug stripped his clothes off and placed the teens fingers around his thick cock. "look at the nice big cock ollie." "the teens droopy eyes met dougs tool and he smiled. "helloooooo" he cooed as he began pumping dougs stiff cock. "today youre going to learn how to service the nice big cock ollie. Real men always know how to fuck your boypussy right, but its good manners to help them inside you." Ollie giggled as doug opened the boys other hand and squirted a glob of lube into his palm, then on dougs leaking cockhead. "that a boy ollie, smear it around my cock. and take this hand..." doug pushed the completely wasted boys lube filled palm toward his own ass, "and work that slippery goo into yourself." Ollie looked confused for a moment. "like this" doug pushed a digit into ollies hole, eliciting a moan. "fingers in your pussy ollie, be a good boy." Oliver nodded as he worked the mans tool in one hand, and fed his fingers into his asshole moaning like a bitch in heat. It was the first time the boy had dared to explore his private little hole on his own. He certainly never would have dreamed of doing it before he met doug, and yet now he seemed captivated. his fingers danced inside, pleasuring the teen as he remembered doug did so many times before. Doug watched the intoxicated boy loosen himself for a few minutes, slowly becoming more and more greedy. after 3 fingers he pulled his hand away. "I know it feels good baby but its not fair when a man needs to fuck you." Olliver looked down sympathetically, "oh god im sorry uh...um...here!" he lifted his legs in a flash, "here! now you can fuck" ollie smiled. as doug laid back next to him. "now ollie its rude to tell a big strong man to fuck you. He knows your pussy needs his cock so you need to show some respect, otherwise he might decide to fuck another boypussy" Ollie seemed to panic for a minute. His asshole was thirsty for the mans poz prick, but somehow he had made too many mistakes. Doug was right, he couldnt just go around telling a real man like doug to fuck him. "its okay ollie, thats why we're practicing. When you get your pretty pink pussy youll know just what to do. climb up onto my lap" Ollie obediently straddled the man and waited with bated breath. "that a boy, now take the big fat cock and push it against your hole for me. Careful now, its full of cum so you have to treat it right" Ollie gingerly reached between his legs and as if lifting the most precious thing in the world, slid dougs drooling cockhead to rest against his hole. "now ease it inside you. dont worry sweetie when you do this with more big men, youll have a perfect pussy. big man cocks love pussies that are just right." doug smiled at the boy and rested his hands on his hips. Olivers took a deep breath and bracing for the worst, was pleasantly surprised to find his body once again welcomed dougs poison tool like a close friend. "holy shit i did it" oliver thought to himself with a grin. "I did it!" he beamed, feeling the thick hairs on dougs balls tickling his butt. "There you go ollie I knew you could do it. now say thank you." Oliver felt Doug flex inside him and blurted a grateful appreciation. He had no idea until now just how precious these big cocks were. So many men probably went around without a single pussy to fuck, certainly not average guys without Dougs skilled training. "they must be miserable" oliver thought to himself as he began to ride Dougs girth. looking down he saw his lower abdomen gently bulge with each stroke. "my tummy" he remarked, stroking his abs. "its okay baby thats just your body making room for lots and lots of nice big cock. Ride it how you like baby." Like a teen with his first drivers license, oliver apprehensively impaled himself on the mans prick, concentrating on its angle, its girth, and reaching down from time to time to stroke his hole in sheer disbelief. Doug watched the teen slowly progress from gentle strokes to hungrily pounding his cunt like a whore, grunting and groaning, fondling his soft cock. "baby no, cum with your hole not this little thing" doug chuckled. Oliver smiled and nodded as he remembered dougs big cock was all he needed to cum. He was right, taking mancock really was the easiest thing in the world. oliver threw his head back as his cock dribbled a small stream of his own cum down his own balls. "i...didnt shoot" he remarked curiously. "no ollie, all boys can cum when they fuck, but only a real man shoots his cum. yours just dribbles a little. Keep riding sweetie we're almost there" Oliver redoubled his pace thinking of how dougs powerful cock shot thick ropes of seed. "so cool" he thought. in the fog of narcotics it just seemed to make sense. not having a big man cock meant not shooting like a big man does. doug growled and gripped Olivers hips tightly as he drove him down on his throbbing cock. "I did it!! i made you cum in me!" oliver proudly remarked as he gasped. "youre shooting!" doug stroked the boys thighs. "thats right ollie, im filling you up nice and full. doesnt that feel good?" "oliver nodded slowly as Doug toyed and teased the boys sensitive nipples, making him squirm on his dick. Lifting the teen Doug laid him down on his back and smiled. "you did such a good job I just have to give you more cum baby. a few more nice big squirts in your guts" Doug ran his fingertips across olivers belly, eliciting a giggle and a nod as he resumed driving into the boy. Just a few days ago this boy was probably no different than any other, but with dougs steady hand, he had slowly become a personal cumdumpster.
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    Part 4 My flight from Los Angeles to London landed about 10:30am on a Friday. As soon as we landed I sent a message to Sir. "Just landed, Sir." "Welcome to London boy. I'm sure you are tired so I suggest going to your motel and resting. You are gonna need to be fresh for tonight. I will meet you at your motel at 9pm. Be ready, Sir." I woke up about 7pm, horny as all hell. I haven't been allowed to cum for the past two weeks. I got up and jumped in the shower to rinse off and do a nice long douche. Sir told me to be ready and that could mean anything. Promptly at 9pm, there was a knock at the door. I answered the door naked and immediately knelt in front of Sir. He walked past me and said, "Good boy. Now, get over here and lick my boots." After a few minutes, Sir asked, "Where are your pills, boy? Show me." I got up and went to the toilet and Sir followed me in. I picked up my carefully portioned out pills and showed them to him. Sir took the pills, opened up the first night, and pulled out the PrEP. "What should I do with this boy?" I stammered, "Force it down my throat, Sir?" "No boy." As he flicked it right in the commode. "Get dressed boy, it's time to go. You have a lot of work ahead of you tonight." I had laid out my rubber but Sir pointed at a leather jock, so that went on. Next was a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and boots. Sir told me that was perfect for tonight. We left the motel and jumped in Sir's car. As we drove, Sir told me I was to kneel by his side whenever possible. I was not allowed to ask any questions but relax and have fun. He drove me to a pretty deserted place and parked. As we got out, I could hear people gathering so I figured there was a bar around here. "Follow me." We walked to what looked like a garage with bright lights and security. The doorman didn't ask Sir for ID but stopped me and asked. I fumbled out my ID and was told to go through. As we went inside, Sir turned to me and said "Strip off everything but the boots and jock boy." "Yes Sir." As I got through changing, Sir stepped in front of me and put a hood over my head. "If you can hear me boy, nod." I nodded. I immediately got hard as I didn't know what to expect. Next I felt a tugging sensation round my neck and realized Sir must have a leash on me. I stood up and was guided through the space. I could hear music and people, I just couldn't see. The next thing I know, Sir was pushing me back into a sling. Then I felt him fingering my hole. "Very nice boy, these men are gonna like that pighole. Get comfortable, boy." I mumbled "Yes Sir" but at the same time, I was a little scared. Sir must have moved by my head as he told me, "Don't worry boy, Sir won't let anything bad happen to you." Just then, I smelled the poppers and someone pushing his cock in my hole.
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    Day 1 So I got into the cab that was waiting to take me to JFK and was super excited when I saw that the cab driver was super hot and not one of those really old retired guys. I was in the back seat trying not to fantasize about him pulling over in a rest stop or a secluded area and fucking my brains out but that was a little harder to do (pun intended). I was rock hard and I needed to try and make it go down and thought if I could during the drive rub one out in my pants I would just change when I could so I wouldn't have to walk around in cum filled pants. I caught a few glances of the cab driver watching my in the mirror before he saw me and focused more on the road. I thought him watching me was hot so I decided to put on a little show for him when he looked again so I undid my pants and started to rub myself through my underwear. I lifted my shirt as well and started to play with my nice pink nipples and I swear I saw him lick his lips at the sight. The playing in the cab made it start to warm up so I took my shirt off exposing my body to him in fullness. I heard him moan and saw he had a hand in his pants as he watched me tease him. We drove like this for a while and when I saw we were coming up to a rest stop I asked him if he needed a break for a moment. He moaned a yes and pulled to the back of the rest stop. I got out of the cab just as I was and he did as well and within a quick moment we were kissing each other. He quickly shoved his tounge down my throat while pinching my nipples causing me to moan in his mouth and no sooner did we break the kiss he latched on my left nipple with his mouth like he was suckling from a teat. His hand went under the waistband of my underwear and wrapped around my precum soaked cock causing a whimper to come from me. After a few more minutes of foreplay he pushed me to my knees and undid his pants reveling a lushes bush and a thich 12 inch cock that made my mouth water. In preparation for this I practiced allot on large and long items to make sure I wouldn't be bothered with any cock size and was able to take his down to the root in one shot making him shake and moan. I slobbered all over his cock to get it nice and ready for what I truly wanted. I came up for air and was shocked to see that I had missed the biohazard tattoo that was on the tip of his dick. He saw me looking and told me that he has some condoms in the cab if I wanted me to use one. I told him that there was no way that I would want one and told him about my Poz pilgrimage trip and I wanted to end the summer with as many strains of the bug as I could find. This made my hunky cab driver smile and said well I am glad that I could start the beginning of what will be the best summer of your life as he spun me around and didn't waste any time shoving his cock into my aching ass. Thankfully I used enough saliva to help with some lube but with the fierceness of him plunging in like that I knew it was going to still be a bit painful and he would tear me a bit. Sure enough he pulled out and spun me around to show me the hit of red on his cock. This is to make sure you start to take my babies and to help you complete your goal. I kissed him and spun back around and let him continue his onslaught to my ass. He was pounding me for about fifteen minutes and he told me he was about to cum and he slammed into my hole one last time and unloaded with gusto a river of poz cum inside my ass. He shuddered and fell on top of my back and started to kiss my neck and nibble my ear. He whispered "here you go sexy the first of hopefully many Poz loads to infect you". He slid out of me with a plop and I asked him to go into the trunk and get my rubber butt plug from my bag and put it in. He did and we got dressed again and continued our drive to the air port. As I got out of the cab I hugged him and kissed him one last time and he gave me his card with his personal number on it asking for me to text him to see how the trip was going and that when I get back if I want him to pick me up again to call. I winked at him and told him I sure would and then I started to go check in for my flight.
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    The party would down by the early hours of the morning, with a handful of guests sprawled onto couches and beds, Jake found himself curled up next to clint gently snoring, his sticky prick still semihard and his hole leaking a pungent pink mixture of poz cum and virgin blood, Jake glanced at his growing erection and stroked it gently. Last night had been amazing, clints tight boyhole gripped and tugged the hungry tops fat cock for all its jizz. he may have been straight, but once his ass got a taste of mancock the primal urges took control. The chems worked wonders to make clint focus only on the cock in his guts, pounding him to orgasm and planting its tainted seed. Jake gently slid his cockhead through the river of cum in clints asscrack, getting nice and slick. "every boys ass lusts for cock i guess" he thought to himself, remembering Mikeys thick fat tool pounding the cum out of him and into Clint. The seed felt cool as it oozed from his cunt. it felt right, like he was supposed to use his ass to take a mans hot cum amd make it his. Jake couldnt imagine ever being as cockthirsty as Seth or Mikey, but he could understand how a warm thick cock in hole could easily turn him into a cumdump. Jake looked down at Clints tight ass and gently began returning his cock where it belonged, deep inside the boy. As he pressed the head inside, Clint gave a sigh and a moan. "wakey wakey buddy, it feels like you missed me" Jake whispered into the boys ear as he slid home into the hot hole. "oh god. hngh...oh god no please you have to stop." Jake gripped Clints hips and held him in place. "Now thats no way to say good morning is it? Do you remember who I am?" The boy glanced over his shoulder and sighed, "Jake. Jake please dont do this i-" the boys futile plea was cut short by his own gasp as Jake bumped gently into his prostate. "Sure we can clint. We're just two guys having a little fun. Relax and let me get you hard" jake changed his angle and banged into the boys sensitive gspot once again, eliciting a grunt of protest and pleasure as clint looked down to see his eighteen year old cock thicken. "please dont cum in me Jake" Jake smiled and reassured the boy as he guided clints hand to his cock. "Stroke for me now, that a boy. Clint i spent all last night making your pussy drink my cum. dont you want a little more?" Clint sighed, listening to the lewd sound of the jizz sloshing around in his body as Jake fucked an undeniably perfect tempo. "y-youre dont have anything do you?" he panted, his hips betraying his body and gently rocking to meet the poz cock with every stroke. "just a nice big dick clint. you can be honest with me, doesnt a nice big dick inside you feel so good?" Clint groaned and tucked his head into the pillow. "i know baby i know, "Jake soothed the boy. "just enjoy me, let my cock in nice and deep. youre so beautiful when youre being fucked clint. did you know that? last night I took your virgin hole and turned it into something special. Do you feel me inside you?" "yes, ungh, god yes" clint whined, "why are you doing this to me?" he panted. "Because you were made to do this clint. Before when you fucked girls im sure the sex was great but after today, your little pink hole is going to be hungry too. You can cum and cum all you want but it will never feel as good as when I fill you up inside." Clint alternated between sobbing and moaning, totally broken, he offered no resistance to Jakes creamy fuck stick as it pistoned into his young body again and again. "now now none of that baby. here, lets turn over so we can see eachother." Jake slid out of the boys hole with a noisy slurp and laid on his back. as clint panted, staring at him. "we gotta finish up baby, straddle me." Clint sighed and did as he was told, straddling the tops powerful abs. Clint had never noticed how much bigger Jake was than him, comparing his cock to Jakes seemed an impossible feat. How did he take that inside his body? "now look at me, lift your hips, and lets put that nice big fat cock back inside your pretty pussy." Jake waited for Clint to sit forward and soon enough, felt his small hand wrap around his thick member. Jake slid his hands to clints ass and spread his cheeks open. "good boy, find your little pink cumhole." Clint resented Jakes terminology until he touched his fingers to his asshole and found he was leaking a thick sticky slime from his butt. Clint paused to play with his ass a little, dipping a finger tentatively inside. Maybe jake was right about him. Did he even like girls? His ass was on fire for Jakes big dick and Jake knew it. taking a deep breath, he slowly sat down on Jakes cock, first the head, then the shaft, and finally he came to rest with Jake fully embedded in him with a warm sloppy gurgle. Clint blushed, looking down at his precum leaking on Jakes toned abs he stared back to jake confused. "there ya go. see how easy you did it? I told you, you were made to get fucked." Jake smiled, knowing most of the reason lied within the boy. Jakes thick poz cum was still sloshing around inside him, loosening the hole and making it slippery enough to casually fuck whenever he wanted. "now" Jake took the boys hand and returned it to his cock. "up and down" Clint began working his cock, and as he did, his hips seemed to automatically begin rising and falling on their own, grinding on Jakes cock. "Good job clint! how do you feel?" Jake rested his hands on the boys hips. "nnngh, fucking goooood." he hissed. "atta boy just keep going, let those balls get nice and tight, and shoot a big load for me" Jake massaged the boys scrotum as he plunged down harder and harder on Jake. "lets see if we can time it together Clint, im so close to cumming" Clint registered the throb of his cock and made one final plea. "Just, can you pull it out?" he moaned. "not in my ass again" Clint felt almost lewd with the amount of spooge currently gurgling away in his belly and figured he might at least try to save some dignity. "no baby just a little more besides, it feels best when you let guys cum in you. Keep riding youre doing fine baby. once you start cumming youll milk me while I cum. its like your body knows to take it. its natural!" Jake gave the boys sack one final squeeze and as his eyes shot open, Clint blew the longest, thickest load of his young life. Time stood still as Jake watched the boys prick belch cum across his chest. wasting no time, he pushed fully into the boys rippling hole and began breeding him once again. Clint collapsed, coating himself in his own cum on jakes chest and softly moaning as Jake ran his fingers through the boys hair, and held his toxic cock inside the hole a while longer.
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    So any of you that follow my stories may know that I got annoyed with unnecessary editing to my stories, and that I wouldn't write anymore here. Well I have been writing stories on Nifty, which is nice because I can write about things there that I can't write here. But I did miss not being able to share Chem stories, and I do enjoy writing some messed up shit, so I will try BZ again and hope I don't have the same issues. _____________________________________ Part 1 My partner and I are big Disney fanatics. And for me, Prince Eric was the ultimate. That perfect dark hair, and those big, blue eyes, topped by those awesome thick brows. Then there was that perfect square jawline, and sweet, boyish smile. And that body, so perfectly smooth. Defind, but still twinkish. Yea, I had the hots for a cartoon, but that's not so weird. I had jerked off many times imagining ruining his perfect life. So one year we planned a trip to Disney world for gay day. We made it a five day trip with two other couples we were friends with, all of who were into the leather scene. We were all in our 40's and pretty good looking. None of us were totally muscular, but we weren't completely out of shape. We had bellies, and most of us were pretty hairy. One couple, Joe and Alex even had their own boy, a sweet little blond twink. Not that hair colour mattered as it was always buzzed short. It was of course much easier to deal with various hoods and such that way, as he spent lots of time in full leather or rubber. He was barely 22, named Brent. He was pretty small, what you would call "fun size" I guess. Of course, we had all used him many times before, friends share, right? And he had been trained to take any cock his Master's wished him too, which was particularly great for our little group since we were all Hiv+. It wasn't always easy to find a bareback bottom. But Brent was a good little cumdump. So the seven of us got a nice hotel in Orlando. The other couple, Dave and Jeffrey flew down, but Joe, Alex, Brent, me and my partner Steve, rented a van and drove down. It was a 12 hour drive, but this way we were able to bring our leather gear and toys and what not, as well as plenty of party supplies to last us the four days. We had four 8 balls of Tina, a bunch of extasy, some G, weed, and plenty of bottles of fresh poppers. And besides, the long drive isn't so bad when you got a boy to keep you occupied. At one point, I was in the passenger seat, and he was on me naked, riding my cock when we passed a trucker. He looked down and honked at us and we ended up pulling over and letting him have a turn on Brent's hole. And I'll tell you, there are few things hotter than watching a big, fat, black cock pounding a skinny little white boy. Plus, we didn't have to stop to piss. Brent drank down every bit we gave him. When he had to piss, he just did it in a jug that we would dump out the window. So here we are, gay day at the park, high on weed and extasy, all wearing our leather pride shirts, leather caps, and leather boots. Brent of course was wearing leather shorts with a wife beater and a collar and leash. About half the day in, I spotted him. There he was, Prince Eric in person. And the actor they had playing him did NOT disappoint! He was 100% the personification of the ultimate Disney Prince. "There he is! There he is!" I said excitedly, grabbing Steve's hand, feeling like a little child. I instantly broke out in a sweat. Of course the heat and the extasy didn't help much. I just stood there watching him interact with the other guests. He was so perfect, and my cock got hard in my pants as I imagined him on his knees with my dick in his mouth, with those pink, pouty lips, looking up at me with those big blue eyes, tears running down as I grabbed his thick, dark hair and made him choke on my cock. "Come on silly!" Said Steve as he dragged me toward my fantasy boy. Eric saw us approaching and flashed us a big white smile with his perfect teeth, which I'm sure he does to everyone. This is Disney after all. I had butterflies in my stomach as we approached him. Of course I really didn't expect anything more than a picture, but I was glad I was high, because I could at least embarrass myself and not give two shits about it. "Are you enjoying the Magic Kingdom?" Eric asked as he smiled at us. "Oh yeah!" I replied as I got next to him while Steven took pictures on the phone. "And you are my highlite!" I gushed at him. "I love Prince Eric." I said as I gazed down into his eyes. "Well thank you, kind sir." He replied in an awe shucks kind of way as his cheeks flushed. "That's very flattering." We chatted for a moment when he leaned into me and whispered, "I like your shirt." Well what the fuck? Did Prince Eric just flirt with me? My cock got harder in my pants as I imagined the nasty, degrading, perverted things I wanted to do to this boy. And like I said, thank God for the drugs, or I never would have done what I did next. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a business card. Steve and I had some printed up with our first names and our phone number in case we ran into interesting people we might want to party with. I casually passed the card to Eric as I shook his hand. I leaned in and whispered, "I'd love to have a drink with you when your off shift." Oh God, how can I embarrass myself like that? But to my surprise, he glanced at the card and discreetly tucked it into his costume. "I'll call you." He whispered back. Then he turned away as more people approached him. I hurried back to Steven who asked, "Did you actually give him our number?" "Yea, can you believe that?" I replied. "What did he say?" "That he would call me." "Holy shit! You lucky [banned word]!" "Oh come on, that's never going to actually happen! Disney characters get hit on ALL the time! He was just being nice." Imagine my shock when my phone rang at 8 o'clock that night. "Oh hey, it's Ken." Said a voice, followed by a brief silence. "Um, you probably know me as Prince Eric?" I almost dropped the fucking phone.
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    Somethin's Burning Work had slowed down a bit and I was just sifting through the morning's emails when my phone dinged. The notification was from the pharmacy that my prescription was ready for pickup. It kept distracting me through the rest of the day. I kept thinking "Should I pick it up? Forget about it for a few days, weeks or months?" and finally decided on just leaving it sit there for a few days. What a few days those turned out to be. All hell broke loose and the protests, a few of which I was in, turned to riots. The peace and quiet of the past few months was gone. When the violence subsided a couple weeks later and things started to get back to normal, I remembered my meds and called the pharmacy. My call got automatically transferred to another store a couple miles away. After finding out that my local place was in ruins and all the prescriptions had been reassigned to other nearby stores, I asked how soon the 'script would be ready. It took a little while but they told me I could pick it up in a couple days. Two days later, I got a notification that it was ready for pickup. "Might as well combine two things and jog over to the pharmacy" I thought. I took a long lunch and headed downstairs dressed for a run, but also brought half of the stuff in my wallet to deal with the pharmacy. James, the doorman, looked a little surprised that I was going out for a run and told me "Be careful", which I thought was strange. I started out as usual, jogging over to the lakefront and then north along the lake towards sleazy bush. As I got near, I headed back inland and in the direction of the pharmacy. I got almost four blocks when a cop car went speeding past me and then pulled around the corner and stopped, blocking the sidewalk. I slowed as I approached and the cop was walking around the front of the car. Stopping twenty feet away, I looked and saw Carlos standing there. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" he asked in that unmistakable authoritarian voice. "Out for a jog and stopping at the drug store for my meds" I replied, trying to figure out why this was such a deal. "Ya know, its probably a bad idea for a guy like you to be out running around after what just happened. Some people might think you're running away from something bad you just did. There's still vandalism and fires getting set..." he said in a slightly friendlier voice. I slowly moved a little closer but was still about eight feet away when I stopped. I was guessing that he was referring to my non-white skin when he said "a guy like you." "Oh, fuck. I didn't think about that. Sorry... I'll just walk the rest of the way. OK?" I answered, "Good idea. You're lucky I was the one that stopped you, since I know you ain't gonna cause any trouble unless it's a hot neg bottom that you've spotted" Carlos replied, adding a little chuckle. I shook my head and laughed, knowing he was right. "And don't forget about our deal. How's the guy from the park? Still shooting blanks?" He asked quietly. I had kind of forgotten about that little incident, but it was suddenly fresh in my mind again. "Nah, he's one of us now. And he's calling himself a top, too" I said in a hushed tone. Carlos chuckled. "Not around me. You were the last top I had and I aim to keep it that way. I expect to hear a call from you in the next week or I'll hunt you down" he said, the humor gone from his voice. "Yes, Officer Ramirez" I said, starting to walk around the front of the squad car. He put his arm around my shoulder and squeezed firmly. "Don't disappoint me, Craig" he said before getting back into his car. "Crap, he knows my name" I thought. I continued my walk over to the pharmacy and noticed a boarded up window on the front and went inside. None of the workers inside the place looked familiar and I wondered what the people from my regular store were doing now that their store was a burned out mess. Especially the cute pharmacist that usually waited on and flirted with me. I wandered to the back of the store to the pharmacy counter and waited for the two people in front of me to get served. It gave me plenty of time to check out the new pharmacist. While the uniform and mask hid most of the details, I could tell that he was a tall, thin guy probably about my age. I got a few glimpses when he pulled his mask down and saw some dark flawless skin, nicely defined cheekbones and a trimmed mustache and goatee. His name tag said "Sanjiv" and I filed it away in my brain in case he showed any interest. I licked my lips behind my mask and felt my cock start to stir. Finally it was my turn and I stopped on the spot marked on the floor. I gave him my name and birthdate while fishing my id, insurance card, drug discount card and credit card out. His eyes got a little big when he pulled up my prescription and he leaned forward and asked "Is this a new prescription for you?" "No, its a refill. I just haven't been able to get it filled for the past few months" I replied, almost on auto-pilot since I was mentally undressing him. "Do you mean you ran out? How long have you been off of this medication?" he then asked, inquisitively. "Yeah, I ran out. It's been about three months since I last took my last dose" I said, wondering what he was going to say. "You have discussed this with your doctor and he's aware of the lapse?" the pharmacist asked, leaning closer. "Yeah, he knows. He told me to cross my fingers and hope there aren't any issues" I replied, chuckling slightly. "Oh... good. Uh, there are condoms in aisle 12 if you need them. Let me get your prescription" he said, turning back to the large wall of bins. Chuckling again, I muttered loud enough for him to hear "Nah, I don't use 'em." He looked through one bin and then another while I stood there watching him. I heard him make a few undecipherable comments as he moved from bin to bin. He got up and went into the back and I heard some stuff being shuffled around. Another couple of minutes later he came back. "Sir, I'm sorry, but I can't find your prescription. It isn't where it was supposed to be. I'll have to re-order it and it should be here tomorrow. Can you come back then to pick it up?" he asked. It sounded suspicious but I decided to follow along and replied in an irritated voice, "What? You can't find it? I got a notification that it was ready for pickup!" "Yes, I know. The system says it's here, but I've looked all over and I can't find it" he replied. "Look again" I said, firmly. A grin came across my face as I watched him stand there nervously. "Yes... sir" he answered and turned around and dug through most of the bins again. When he rifled through the lower bins this time, Sanjiv bent over showing a decent looking butt. He seemed to be flipping so fast he couldn't possibly be reading the names on the prescription bags. He came back a few minutes later and said "Sorry, I can't find it. I'll have a new one expedited. Tomorrow for sure." I wondered how he was expecting this to play out when he suddenly said louder, for anyone in the back half of the store to hear him, say "The restrooms are over by cosmetics. They are locked, I can open them for you, sir." It was an interesting turn and definitely one made by a horny bottom. I looked around and there was no one else waiting for the pharmacy. He came out the door and walked quickly along the back aisle of the store. I followed closely and watched him unlock the door to the restrooms. He headed straight to the men's room and went inside with me right behind him. He stopped in the middle of the room and turned back to face me. "I've been waiting on this for a long time. You got what I need. We have to be quick, though. You're a top, I hope?" he asked staring back at me. "Yeah, I am. You sure you want this?" I replied, grabbing my crotch suggestively. Normally, I wouldn't even think about fucking a guy in this situation. The risk of getting caught was high and the chances of him changing his mind and making trouble for me was also high. But... he had a few things working in his favor - I was horny, he was aggressive and he seemed pretty cute. "Mmmhmm" he answered, turning to the sink and then unbuttoning his pants and pushing them down. "I hope you're serious cuz there's one guy already this month that knows how infectious I am" I said as I pushed down my running shorts. I moved closer, pulling my foreskin back as my cock pried its way between his dark, hairy ass cheeks. The bare head of my cock nestled into the pucker and began to leak in anticipation. Leaning closer, my hand turned his chin so he could see my masked face. "You better share when you're toxic. I don't like to waste my special sauce." "My boyfriend will be the first but he won't be the last. Please go easy, I've only bottomed a few times" he replied quietly, his body quivering in front of me. I felt his hole try to relax against the tip of my cock, but I could tell it was still going to be a tight fit. I chuckled as I turned his head back so it was facing the mirror and covered his masked mouth with my hand. "Nah, its supposed to hurt. I have to tear that chute up to make sure my bug is swimmin' inside you" I whispered in his ear before I thrust my cock into his tight hole. He tried to stifle his scream and my hand muffled a lot of the rest. My dick hurt from the sudden intrusion into his hole, but I knew he was hurting a lot more. His whole body was twitching from the searing pain as he got used to my cock stuffed inside him. I held him there for a half a minute before I began to pull my dick back out. Sanjiv's hole was throbbing around my cock as I withdrew and then I plunged back in. The milking action from his pucker was getting my balls excited and as much as I wanted to pump him full of my poison, I wanted a decent, if quick, fuck to go with it. That's what I gave him. A fast, hard fuck that made him feel every inch of my cock. He did fade out briefly a couple times, but that just made it more erotic for me. For the last two minutes, I wrapped my arm around his neck and hammered him faster until my balls couldn't resist any longer. A half dozen ropes of my diseased cum flooded his colon before I took a few last stabs with my cock and then pulled out. Our dark skin hid most of the possible damage I did to him but I soon found out how badly I wrecked him when I grabbed a paper towel from the dispenser next to us and wiped my dick clean. The white paper towel was now smeared with a red mixture of cum and blood. I held it out in front of his face to let the consequences of our six minute fuck sink in and then rolled it up and pushed it into his ass like a tampon. "Keep my swimmers inside until you get home, ok?" I whispered in his ear. I stuffed my cock back into my shorts and slapped his bare ass before I walked out of the restroom. No one seemed to pay attention to me as I strolled back home with a contented look on my covered face. The same scene happened the next day. I was the disgruntled customer who's prescription was still missing and we ended up in the restroom again. This time in the stall with Sanjiv bent over the toilet taking another dose of viral semen. He was still hurting from the day before and I added a new layer of pain on top of it. The fuck was just as rough as the day before and the toilet paper was the same hue as the paper towel the day before. The third day was another repeat. On the fourth day, the look in his eyes when I approached the counter told me how much he feared another fuck. I've known well used bottoms that couldn't take two of my hardest fucks much less the three he had gotten so far, so I kind of understood. But I still wanted this top guy to be able to pass along my bug to future generations and I felt a fourth dose would do it. With my meds finally in hand, we made our way back to the men's room. I pushed him to the sink and he braced like a good slut. I pulled his pants down and then my shorts. My cock was as rigid as it had ever been and it soon speared his hole. With one hand holding him to my chest, I pulled my mask down and then his. We stared at each other in the mirror and he saw my evil grin while I saw the doubt in his expression. I knew his sexy face would be able to lure lots of victims into his clutches and soon they would have a belly full of toxic seed taking over their clueless bodies. I pulled back and slammed my cock back in, both of us still staring at each other. Or maybe he would tell them and they would beg for his cum not caring how deadly it was. My cock withdrew until just the last inch was inside him and I thrust in again. This time I got a whimper from him and he saw my smile. "I'm going to come back here in a couple weeks. Hopefully, you will have someone filling in for you as you are taking a few sick days. The conversion sucks, trust me on that" I said to him quietly in his ear. His eyes got big and then he nodded 'yes.' "You have one week after that to fuck your boyfriend and knock him up. Plant as many loads in him as you can during that week. Then you're going to invite me over to breed him. I don't care what you tell him, make up any excuse you like, but I'm going to fuck him three or four times over the following week until his body succumbs and he's a knocked up cumdump. Got it?" I said. "But" Sanjiv started to say but I cut him off. "No 'buts' on this. I want to use his ass and guarantee he never shoots another neg load" I said firmly. "I mean, what if it doesn't take and I don't convert?" Sanjiv asked. "Well that would piss me off, but I guess we'll keep going until it fuckin' happens. We'll need to find a new place to fuck though. This one's too risky" I replied. The hammering I gave him next was brutal. His ass was trashed and then I dumped another load inside. This time, there was no yelling or signs of distress. He took the fuck like any good bugchaser should. The paper towel I used to clean off my dick after our fuck was just like the past three days. Maybe a little darker red, but then this was the hardest fuck. I pulled up my shorts and then my mask before grabbing the prescription off the sink. Walking over to the door, I pulled it open and turned back to him just as he pulled his pants up. "Enjoy" I said and walked out the door, through the store and then down the street towards my building. While I walked I thought about his comment about not converting and thought to myself "That wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen - he was a decent fuck. I'll just need to try harder next time."
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    as he pulled into the driveway jake saw his boyfriends truck, and his heart crashed through his chest. until now everything was manageable, something he could explain and something that could be forgiven and absolved. but the past few days had been such a massive change. "im poz now, Lucas would leave me in a heartbeat if he found out.." minutes ticked by as Jake formulated his ruminations into explanations and slowly exited the vehicle toward the apartment. How do you even begin to describe Seth? he was...almost unholy. Seth lived to fuck. he had honed his body into a virulent poz beast, something no reasonable gay man could ever deny. everything from his plump lips to his thick as and silky smooth hole begged innocent men to cum to their hearts content. Seth was a friend so long as he could manage to make you give up the cum in your balls. There wasnt a minute Jake could even recall that the devious bottom wasnt leaking. his thick cunt lips always seemed to glisten with a load. Seth converted boys based on the time of day. he didnt care about consent. Lucas jumped ravenously into Jakes arms. "We need to fuck" he commanded. "this weeks been miserable and ive missed that great big tool." lucas gripped Jakes eager cock. He had spent the entire weekend blasting poz loads, and now Lucas wanted it too. slowly moving to the bedroom the two boys shed their clothes until Lucas made it to the bed. turning around to face Jake, he slid his boxers off and crawled onto the mattress, presenting his tight latin hole. Jakes general response was to slide on a condom and work it up the hungry bottoms cunt, but something was different. Jake eased his hands around the tight ass and knelt down, tonguing the pretty brown hole. Jake had become far more intimate with a boys pussy in the last few days, and contented himself slurping and chewing the little pucker between his lips. he remembered spraying load after load into seth, how good the boys thick ass felt on his cock as it drained his seed. And mikeys puffy cunt was simply heavenly to cum into, watching his shaft pulse and the boys hole flex against his pumping prick. Jake had to have it again. he needed to feel the hole. "put it in me jake" Lucas commanded. It was a moment of truth. Jake reached into the bowl of condoms on the nightstand as his cock bobbed in front of the boys shimmering hole. As he stared at the condom he paused. it would be so easy. Lucas was his usual self, face down in the pillow and ready to receive. all jake had to do was just not put it on. jake bit the wrapper between his teeth and ripped the packaging open, staring down at the inviting cunt below him. As best he tried, all he could remember was Seths warm soft hole. holes were a hot wet treat for him now, and a condom seemed almost comical as he thumbed the boys moist hole. Seth had trained him to always cum inside, and Jake now found the idea undeniable. Jake pumped a blob of lube into his hand and began moistening his bare cock. "are you ready? Lucas prodded, eager to get the boys covered cock into his hole. "yeah" jake panted hungrily as he gently set the condom behind him. "im all ready baby" Jake rested his cockhead on the boys smooth latin hole. "take me inside" he commanded. Obediently the boy flexed his hips and began driving obliviously against the bare cock, taking jakes head inside. "oh god jake it feels so good" lucas groaned, mindlessly inviting the boys thick shaft into his hole. "yeah" jake panted as he watched his boyfriend gobble his newly cristened poz tool. "keep going baby, all the way in. I want you to cum on my prick" he hissed. Lucas was only too eager to oblige as he pounded his cunt on the boys tool. Jake watched himself piston in and out of the tight hot boy, blissfully unaware of the poz precum oozing into his body. Jake reached down to stroke the boys prick as it flopped against his stomach in rhythm to the deep thrusts from his hips. Just a little more and Jake would unload inside the boy. "Jake youre gonna make me cum!" Lucas pleaded as the boy continued to slam his bare cock into the dripping hole. "thats the way baby cum on the nice big dick" in a flash, Lucas reached back to feel the boys full balls and the secret was revealed. Jake felt better than ever because he was barebacking him. "Jake jesus christ no! nnnnghhh put a condom on!!" Lucas squirmed about on the bed as Jake held his hips in one hand, and the boys drooling cock in the other. "baby were so close, dont fight." Jake pounded his thick fuckmeat harder into the moaning boy, diminishing his resolve as the big dick tantalized and pleasured the boy. "jaaaake please. Stop. we need a condom." Lucas moaned, "no baby we need to cum, just relax and cum with me youll see. Ill make it feel so good baby i promise" Jake stroked lucas faster as he felt his balls tighten. "Jake please, im gonna cum!" Lucas groaned as the first jet oozed from the boys throbbing cockhead. "ah yeah thats right baby milk the big cock with your hole" Jake pushed into the boy once more as his balls pumped his sticky poz seed into the pulsing little hole. The boys laid together panting, lucas still full of Jakes leaking cock. Suddenly Lucas rolled over. "i cant believe you did that" he spat, storming out of the room as jake smiled happily, watching a few slick lines of his cum oozing down the boys leg as he left. Seth was right, Jake craved nothing more than a raw pussy now.
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    Return To The Theater This is a sort of continuation of my earlier story "Marked At The Theater". I was encouraged by the number of cars as I pulled into the parking lot at the bookstore. This isn't the one I usually go to, but I've gone here a few times, once recently that I wrote about. This bookstore is very seedy and has a large open theater area instead of just booths like the ones I usually go to. They don't do a really good job of keeping this place clean, but on the other hand they also pretty much let whatever happens go without monitoring. It is a flat admission fee instead of tokens and they only have a few cameras in the hallways so everywhere else is pretty much anything goes. Putting on my mask as I went in there were a few other guys showing up so it was definitely going to be one of the busier days I've been here. I usually go in the late afternoons but today I was here at the lunch hour, so maybe that's why. As I approached the counter, the same lady was working as last time I was here. She was a good looking blonde lady around my age, a small BBW, late 40s or early 50s. She smiled as I approached and said, "Back again so soon? I heard about all the fun you had last time you were here.". I told her I just needed theater admission and a bottle of the yellow Rush poppers. She smirked and said, "No condoms again? I shouldn't tell you this, you're going to get your ass knocked up if it isn't already if you keep taking anon loads back there. Most of those guys are poz and a lot are not on meds." I told her I knew, but I loved the thrill of the risk so much I just couldn't quit. She just laughed and said, "Well, you really are a sissy slut cum dump, aren't you. You're definitely going to get gifted and pozzed up very soon." I told her that she was probably right, it was most likely inevitable that it would happen sooner or later. She said, "I see you are wearing a wedding ring, you married to a woman or a man." I told her a woman. She raised her eyebrow and asked, "Does she know you are a cocksucker and take anon loads up your faggot ass?". I told her no, that she had no idea. She said, "So if she gets the fuck flu and gets pozzed by you she will be surprised?" I told her that we rarely had sex, and when we did it was mostly me licking her. She told me that the guys from last time I was here said I had a tiny little dick so it was obvious why I was a bottom, and probably I never satisfied my wife anyway. I was ashamed to tell her that it was true and that I also suffer from ED. Another customer was waiting behind me, listening in on the conversation with an amused look on his face. She told me that she wouldn't keep me any longer because she knew I was desperate for dick and loads, but that if she had time on her break she might come into the theater and watch me sucking and getting my ass bred. I told her that I would like that because I love being watched, teased and humiliated. After that I proceeded past the booth area and down the hallway towards the theater room at the back of the building. I could hear the sounds of the porn playing and the walls were as always lined with DVD videos available for rent or sale. I could hear footsteps from the other customer behind me as I reached the door to the theater and went in. It took my eyes a bit to adjust to the dark, the only light coming from the screen. I moved away from the door and the other customer came in and moved to the opposite side of the doorway. Once I could see enough to move safely I moved towards one of the couches at the back of the theater that was unoccupied. I could see that there was at least a dozen guys in the theater. Some were just sitting there stroking themselves while they watched, others were sucking dick. A few were smoking something from glass pipes. I took off my crocs and dropped my shorts down and stepped out of them. I unbuttoned my shirt and set it and my pants and shoes off to the side of the couch and sat down in just my thong sissy panties. It didn't take long before a tall thin black man with a slight belly came over and asked if he could sit down next to me. Of course I told him yes. He wasted no time in reaching over and starting to play with my ass and man boobs. I'm sure from my sissy panties and my tiny little cock he could tell right away I was a bottom guy. I returned the grope and felt that he'd opened up his pants and I stroked his long uncut dick. Seeing this another black guy who had been sitting on another couch nearby got up and came over to the side of the couch and put his big fat dick into my face and ordered me to suck it. I took it in my mouth and as I got up to do that the guy next to me started playing with my ass more and fingering my hole. As I was sucking the big cock in front of me with loud smacking noised I could feel my panties being pulled down and then I could feel the head of the dick behind me start to slide up and own in my crack until it found my hole and started to make entry causing me to moan out with pleasure. The guy behind me groaned out as his dick started to slide deep inside of me. My hole was already cleaned out and lubed and ready to be used. Guys were starting to notice and gather around matching me get filled with dick from both ends. Several of the guys watching were stroking their stiff dicks and I could hear them saying things encouraging the guys using my holes, things like "Yeah, give it to that faggot good!" and "Stretch that hole out good!" Someone had opened up my poppers and put the bottle under my nose. The guys using my holes got into a rythym in and out causing me to moan out around the dick in my mouth as I could hear the balls slapping my taint and my chin. In a few minutes I could hear the breathing of the guy behind me start to get ragged and his pace picked up. I could tell his balls were pulling up and he was getting ready to blast his load deep inside my ass, then I felt his dick start to twitch and the pulses of his cum shooting into my hole. The guy in front of me pulled out of my mouth and moved around behind me and slammed his big dick deep into my already wet and stretched hole in one stroke. He started pounding my hole like a jackhammer, obviously planning to quickly plant his seed as well. Another guy stepped out of the crowd of watchers, a short thin hispanic guy. He offered up his long uncut dick and I took it into my mouth. I could smell the sweat on him and his crotch smelled slightly of piss but I nonetheless worked to get him hard. The guys were passing the poppers around and the bottle was put under my nose again. I could hear the door to the theater open and close repeatedly and the brief bits of light let me see that many of the guys waiting to use my holes had tattoos advertising their status and a few showed obvious signs of wasting, vascularity or even KS lesions. I knew my neg days would probably be over soon. The big black dick in my hole added another large load to my hole as more guys said things like "Yeah, spunk him up good" and "Breed that sissy bitch". Again and again the guys changed places adding load after load of cum and guys came and went from the theater. During this time I noticed the lady from the counter among the crowd and she laughed and said to me "Every day some guy gets bred and gifted here, and today it is you!" Somehow hearing that just excited me more. Eventually the crowd started to thin and I noticed the guy taking his turn at my mouth was the guy who had followed me down to the theater. His shirt was open and I could see he had a big biohazard tattoo around his belly button. He said to me "Yeah, you're going to get pregnant today for sure, I'm not on meds and my VL is well over a million". That must have triggered the guy currently in my ass because right then he froze and groaned out loudly as I felt his hot cum coat my insides. "Fuck me, knock my ass up" I heard myself say as the guy moved from my mouth back to mount my proffered ass. "Oh, I will, you are going to be completely fucked after today". I was so turned on I started to buck back as I could feel his hips slapping against mine. He must have waited until last as there were no more guys waiting to take his place at my mouth. I fully concentrated on his massive dick, thankfully by then I was well slicked up and stretched because his dick was bigger than just about any of the others I'd ever taken. He had incredible stamina as he fucked my abused hole for a long time before I felt the telltale signs of his approaching orgasm and he yelled out "Take that poz cum!" as he shot into me. I slumped down onto the couch as he pulled out, realizing from the wet spot that sometime along the way I had cum myself, never even touching my little dick. Once I had regained my composure and put my panties, pants and shirt back on I noticed that the theater had returned to how it was when I got there, a few guys watching the movie, stroking themselves or smoking from glass pipes. All waiting for the next cum dumpster to get things started I guess. I knew that soon it would be me again, although maybe next time I'd be sporting my own tattoo. I plodded back up the hallway to the front. The lady at the counter winked at me slyly and told me to come back again. There was no doubt in my mind that it would be at my earliest opportunity.
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    Chapter 5 The next few weeks were a blur of sex and cum. Alex came over frequently and we all fucked our brains out in all sort of combinations. Jack even let Alex fuck his hole. He’s mostly a top, but after seeing Alex’s thick cut piece, Jack got on his hands and knees, I licked his hole until it was dripping and Alex slipped Jack his fat cock. Jack was soon begging for it harder. That day, we all fucked Jack hard and rough. Like I said, Jack’s mostly a top but I’d seen him in these situations before. Once he gets a cock up his ass, he can’t get enough. So Adam, Alex and I I each fucked his hot furry little cunt twice, and pretty soon he had six loads of cum up his ass before he made us call it quits. I think Adam could’ve fucked him four more times, the boy was so horny to fuck his Daddy. I’d rarely seen such passion. The next day I was talking to Adam and he mentioned that he wanted to invite Alex’s son, his friend Nick, to play with us. He wasn’t sure whether Nick was gay but they had played around a few times, and Nick had fucked Adam. They were on the wrestling team at school together, and Nick was also 18. I’d met him a few times and thought him a handsome boy. Dark hair, getting a little furry patch on his chest and tummy (but nothing like Adam) and a big beefy round ass. He was tall, like his Dad, and broad shouldered. He wrestled in a much heavier weight class than Adam who only weighed about 130 lbs. on his 5’4” frame. Nick was 6’2” and weighed about 190. I told Adam I thought that would be hot, that I’d love to see two Dads fucking their sons while the two sons were making out. Adam just smiled and told me he’d see what he could do. One day, Adam decided to broach the subject with Nick. But we all thought Alex’s participation should be a surprise. I knew Nick idolized his Dad and Alex loved his son. After practice one day, Nick and Alex were taking off their sweaty singlets and jocks and getting ready for the showers. They had stayed after to do some extra workouts as they often did after wrestling practice was over. It was late and most everyone else had gone home, or so they thought. They were in the shower room shooting the breeze and talking about school when Adam reached over and playfully tugged on Nick’s fat cock. “You getting much action with that thing these days,” Adam asked his friend. “Nah, I’ve been jerking off like mad lately, but nothing else. It sucks. I’m horny all the time and it makes me a little crazy.” “Well we could play around again, anytime you want, Nick. You know that,” Adam responded, feeling Nick’s cock start to get hard. “Really, man? That’d be awesome, you’ve got such a great, tight ass. I’d love to fuck it again,” Nick said, looking around. “You think we could do it now? I’ve gotta cum.” Adam didn’t say a word but leaned down and started sucking on Nick’s now fully hard cock, eliciting a low moan from his buddy. “Fuck man, that’s so fucking awesome,” Nick said. Adam continued to suck on Nick’s cock under the warm water of the shower, all the while reaching around to use his fingers to loosen up his ass so he could take all of Nick inside him. After a few minutes of sucking Nick’s cock and Nick moaning quietly, Adam stood up, leaned over and presented his hole to Nick. “Shove it inside me, buddy. I like it rough, you can do it hard,” Adam said, pulling his ass cheeks apart. Nick lined up his cock and with one thrust shoved all 8” of it inside Adam’s little furry ass, eliciting a grunt and a moan of pleasure from Adam. “Dude, you OK?,” Nick asked. “Oh fuck, I’m so OK, man, just fuck me now,” Adam loudly whispered back. They fucked with quiet abandon for a few minutes and were caught up in the moment when they heard a noise. Nick quickly pulled his fat cock out of Adam’s ass, which elicited a hiss from Adam, and turned toward the wall so their cocks could deflate a little bit. Two of their teammates had entered the shower area, and all four began talking while the new new guys showered off their sweaty, tired bodies after a long practice. Adam had secretly lusted after all of the members of his team and these two, John and Rob were no exception. John was small, like Adam, they competed in similar weight classes but Rob was just the opposite. He was huge and built and very hairy, especially for an 18 year old. Adam had always assumed that Rob was straight, but that hadn’t stopped Adam from beating off imagining Rob fucking his hole. Rob and John seemed to be taking a very long shower, and Adam looked over at Nick who had also noticed this. It was clear that they were waiting for Nick and Adam to leave. Adam turned off the water and went to dry off. Nick followed and they chatted in low voices about what to do. “Rob and John?,” Adam said. “Fucking hot. I’d like to see that.” “Let’s pretend to sneak out and then spy on them,” Nick said grinning. Nick and Adam quickly got dressed except for their shoes, and took their gym bags and called out to the guys in the shower. “See you tomorrow,” Adam said. Rob and John responded and Nick and Adam walked toward the door, opened it and then let it shut wile remaining inside the locker room. Nick and Adam quietly set down their gym bags and tiptoed back over to where they could see the showers from behind a row of lockers. It was exactly as they suspected, Rob and John were locked in a passionate kiss with Rob holding the much smaller man in his arms, John’s powerful wrestler’s legs locked around Rob’s waist. From his hiding place, Adam could see that Rob’s thick finger was working its way into John’s tight little asshole, to make way for one of the fattest cocks Adam had ever seen. Rob’s cock looked like him, broad, thick and veiny. Adam’s hole puckered just looking at it. He badly wanted that cock inside him and he wondered how he was going to manage it. Nick’s aborted fucking had made Adam incredibly horny and he rally wanted cock inside him. He looked over at Nick who smiled a huge smile and reached over to touch Adam’s tight ass inside his shorts. Back in the shower, Rob had guided his cock inside John’s tight hairless ass and was beginning to fuck him in earnest. They still hadn’t broken their kiss and were fucking as if no one was watching. John took a deep breath and the look of ecstasy on his face told the tale. He was in heaven, filled with Rob’s long fat cock and loving every minute of it. They had clearly done this before. After a few minutes, Rob was clearly getting close to cumming, as his breath became fast and his strokes into John’s ass were getting faster. “Fuck me baby, oh yeah, I need your fucking load inside me!,” John said, egging Rob on. “Breed my hole, big bro, breed my hole.” “Oh Johnny, fuck yeah, your hole is sucking the cum out of my dick, here it comes!” With that, Rob stopped thrusting and his whole body throbbed. He was shooting a huge load inside John’s hole, while John gripped Rob even tighter with his legs. Nick and Adam were playing with each other’s dicks through their shorts, and at that moment, they nodded to each other, and came out from behind the lockers. “Damn, guys. Why didn’t you invite us to the party?,” Adam said, pulling his shorts down to expose his hard, fat, uncut dick. Rob and John turned, terrified at being discovered. Rob was still holding John in his arms, his cock still buried up the much smaller guy’s hole. “Adam, Nick, um, we were just.....,” John said. “Getting Rob’s fat cock up your cunt? Is that what you were doing John? That I can see. The question is why didn’t you invite me and Nick to play too?” “We, um, well....uhh...we didn’t know you wanted to,” John said, blushing. Rob lifted John off his cock and set him down on the floor. He got a big smile on his face and said, “Damn I do love you short boys. You next, Adam?” “I thought you’d never ask,” Adam said, reaching over to touch Rob’s still hard cock. “Can you go again?” “He can usually fuck me four or five times without stopping,” John said. “It usually makes me cum too.” “I have an idea,” Adam said. “Let’s go to my house. We can get naked and have a bed to fuck on there and not worry about being caught.” John and Rob grinned at each other, quickly got dressed and they all piled into Adam’s car and drove the short distance to Adam’s house. When they arrived, no one was home and they quickly dropped their bags and trooped back to Adam’s room at the back of the house, quickly ripping off their clothes so they were all four naked. John, just 5’5” and hairless, with a ripped body, Adam, 5’4” and the start of a fur farm on his chest and ass, Nick, 6’2”, lanky and muscled and Rob, 5’11” and built like a fur covered brick shit house. Adam quickly laid on the bed, pulled his knees to his chest and begged Rob to fuck his hole. Rob quickly sank his super fat cock into Adam’s cunt. Adam’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and he took in a sharp breath as he felt the fat cock enter him and take possession of his hole. “Nick hand me that bottle,” Adam said, pointing at the poppers on his nightstand. Nick grabbed the bottle and held it under Adam’s nose while he took a huge hit, relaxing his ass for Rob’s assault. “What’s that,” John asked. “Try it,” Nick said, holding the bottle under John’s nose. He closed off one of John’s nostrils and said “breathe in deeply and hold it.” Then he did the other one. John began to feel the effects of the great poppers I had given Adam, rolled over on his stomach and said “Oh fuck, Nick, you need to fuck me NOW!” Nick handed the popppers to Adam, then reached over to touch John’s hole, sliding his finger inside, and felt Rob’s huge load of cum on his finger. He lubed up his cock with some spit and slid his cock into John’s pussy, making him moan with delight. “Oh fuck Nick. Only Rob has ever fucked me, but damn that feels good.” Nick reached down and began kissing John while he began to deeply fuck John’s cunt, eliciting deep moans of pleasure from him. “Hand me that bottle again, that’s amazing,” John said, reaching over to get the poppers back. Adam took a huge hit of them and handed the little brown bottle over to John who also took a large sniff and replaced the cap. I had been spending a lot of time with Adam and Jack lately, fucking our brains out, so I had let myself in with a key again and heard the telltale sounds of moaning and groaning coming, once again, from Adam’s slutty den of pleasure, aka his bedroom. This time I knew I didn’t have to hide myself, so I just walked up to the doorway and began rubbing my cock through my jeans. I knew Adam and his friend Nick, but I didn’t know the other two boys who were helping the room to smell like sex and poppers. “Hey boys, can an old guy get in on some of this action?,” I said. Nick, John and Rob looked at me, startled and I could tell they were uncomfortable for a second, but Adam put them all at ease. “Hey Uncle Mike! Guys, this is my Uncle Mike, he’s totally hot and a pig like me. Come here Uncle Mike, stick that cock in my mouth, let me suck on your foreskin!” I pulled off my t-shirt and jeans and left my red jockstrap on, pulling the pouch aside to release my quickly hardening cock. I walked over to the bed, leaned down to kiss my piggy nephew and shoved my cock all the way into his throat in one quick move. He gagged for just a second and then he showed them all what a first class cocksucker he was by repeatedly deep throating my cock. “Dude, that’s fucking HOT,” Rob said. I wanna try that next. “Can I fuck your throat after I bust a nut up your ass, Adam?” Adam started to take my cock out of his mouth to reply, but I slapped him lightly across the face and said “Don’t talk with your mouth full, slut. Of course you can fuck Adam’s throat, that’s what it’s there for. What’s your name, son?” “Rob,” he said. “Well Rob, you’re doing a fine job of fucking my nephew’s hot little cunt, but I’d love to have sloppy seconds after you’re done shooting a load of jizz up there. Best lube there is.” Rob grinned, leaned over and kissed me deeply while he sped up his assault on Adam’s slutty little cunt. Adam was moaning uncontrollably with his mouth full of my fat cock, and pretty soon Rob tensed up and I could tell he was shooting his load. He broke our kiss and said “fuck that was hot!” I didn’t want to blow my load in Adam’s mouth but was waiting for his asshole to be free for a deposit of Uncle cum. Rob slowly pulled his still rock hard cock (that’s the one thing I miss about being 18!) out of Adam, much to my nephew’s displeasure. Adam moaned loudly when his gaping cunt was emptied of Rob’s fat dick. Rob and I quickly switched places and I leaned down to suck on Adam’s hole before I shoved my cock inside him, being careful not to dig out the load of cum Rob had just deposited up there. After I had eaten Adam’s pussy for a few minutes I came up for air and saw that John and Adam were both of their backs, deeply kissing while John got his pussy pounded hard by Nick. It was really hot to watch both of the small guys passionately kissing each other while one of them got his cunt raped. I could tell that Adam was quietly whispering in John’s ear as well. I couldn’t quite hear what he was saying but I could tell it was filthy. Nick sped up his fucking and I could tell he was about to blow, so I reached over and roughly pinched his nipples, which surprised him, but also caused him to close his eyes and moan loudly. “Oh fuck, Mike, that’s so good. Harder, please. Fuck yeah, I’m gonna blow!” Nick tensed up and I pinched his tits as hard as I could while he was shooting his load of cum inside John’s cunt. John was kissing Adam furiously and his cock was rock hard. John and Nick collapsed into a heap and began making out, coming down off the high of their intense fuck. I took this as my cue to roll my nephew over on his belly and have him stick his furry little ass up in the air. I quickly licked his crack and got a little taste of Rob’s load which was just beginning to seep out of Adam’s hole. I pulled back my foreskin the rest of the way and started to tease Adam’s hole with the fat head of my cock. He mumbled something but like the champion cocksucker he was, his mouth was full of Rob’s cock so I didn’t understand a word. “What did you say, slut? Were you trying to say something with your mouth full of cock?” Adam briefly took Rob’s cock out of his mouth and said “Fuck me hard Uncle PIG!!” “That’s my boy,” I said, ramming my cock home in one thrust inside his sloppy cunt, eliciting a deep, furious moan from deep within Adam. I knew I wasn’t going to last very long, surrounded by four hot young men, while fucking my nephew’s slutty cunt, which was already full of a hot load of Rob’s cum. Indeed, I only lasted a few minutes, during which time Rob was steadily fucking Adam’s throat with his still steel hard cock. “Damn, boy how do you DO that?,” I asked Rob. “I dunno. I can cum a bunch of times in a row. Ten times in about 2 hours is my record,” he said sheepishly, grinning a goofy grin. “I wanna hear all about that sometime, boy, but for now, I’m gonna add to the loads up Adam’s hole. You ready slutty nephew?” “Fuck yeah! Breed my cunt Uncle Mike!” I pounded faster and faster, all the while frothing up the cum that was already up his cunt. After just a few minutes of hard pounding, I shot an enormous load of jizz up his ass, and pretty soon Rob was right behind me. “Fuck Adam, your throat is amazing, I’m gonna shoot again!,” he said. I reached over to kiss him while my cock was still shoved all the way up inside Adam and felt Rob tense up and with a shudder, he came. The entire room smelled of poppers, cum and sex, and Adam couldn’t have been happier. “Who wants to fuck my cunt next?,” he said, offering his hole to any of the four of us who wanted to use it.
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    Part 2 My brother Jack was standing there looking at me, with my rapidly deflating cock still inside his son’s hole. I started to say something, but Jack spoke first. “Damn, I’ve rarely seen something so fucking hot. My two favorite men in the world, fucking their brains out,” and with that he got a huge grin on his face, and dropped his toolbox on the floor of Adam’s bedroom. I looked down at my nephew who a moment before had been scared shitless of what his father was going to do, and saw him smile and sit up. My cock slipped out of his slutty cunt followed by a trickle of ass juice and my cum, mixed with Nick’s dad’s three loads. Jack walked over to Adam’s bed, and started shucking his clothes, jeans, work shirt, wife beater and really sexy boxer briefs. Damn he’s a hot little fucker. Every time I see him naked, my cock gives a little start and I want him to fuck my pussy hard and give me his load of jizz. It was still pretty hot out and Jack had been working outside all day so he was incredibly ripe. I could smell him from across the room, and when he lifted his arms, I thought I was going to pass out it smelled so good. He walked up to the bed, leaned down and very tenderly kissed his boy, pulling Adam tight to his chest, and almost crushing him he hugged him so tightly. “You dirty little fuck,” Jack said, breaking their kiss and smiling at Adam. “You nasty, filthy little whore. Seducing your Uncle like that. I’m shocked,” Jack said sarcastically. “Baby boy, I just wish you had saved your ass cherry for your dear old Daddy.” “Oh Daddy, I love you so much,” Adam said, kissing Jack intensely again. “But Uncle Mike didn’t take my cherry, Daddy,” Adam said, looking down, slightly embarrassed. “Oh, who did?,” Jack asked, surprised. “How long have you been getting it up the ass, you little slut?” “Since my Junior year,” Adam said. “With.....um.....Nick’s Dad.” “Well son of a bitch,” Jack said. “That dirty pig Alex has been fucking my boy for almost two years, and never let on.” “I wanted to tell you so badly, Daddy, but I was afraid you would be mad at me, or get upset,” Adam said. “I just couldn’t stop, once he started fucking me, I got hooked and had to have his cock as often as I could get it. I fucked around with a couple of guys on the team too. When Uncle Mike got here today, Nick’s Dad was fucking me, and Uncle Mike saw the whole thing and waited until he left to talk to me.” “Damn, you’re even hornier than your Uncle Mike,” Jack said. “Which is saying something pretty serious, since I’ve rarely met a horndog more piggy than Mike.” Jack smiled and looked at me. “I set this up today, since I was was hoping that you might break Adam in, Mike. Best to keep it in the family if we can, like you and I have been doing since we were kids. But I see slutty little Adam outsmarted his old Dad.” Jack smiled and looked at both of us with intense affection and lust. “Holy shit Dad! Shut the fuck up!” Adam said. “You guys? Son of a bitch, I’ve died and gone to heaven.” “Yeah, your Dad and I have been fucking around since we were teenagers,” I said. “Nobody throws a fuck in my ass like your Dad. You always know your hole’s been fucked when Jack’s done with you.” Jack looked at me and smiled. “So what are we waiting for,” Jack said. “I’ve got two cunts to breed, and if you’re lucky I’ll have more than one load for both of you!” Adam reached up and started kissing his Dad again, while I leaned down and took Jack’s rapidly expanding 8.5” cock in my mouth. God I loved sucking his fat prong. I could spend hours lazily sucking on it, playing with the foreskin with my tongue and licking inside it, and sucking on the head to get every drop of precum out of it. I took turns back and forth between Adam and Jack’s cocks, marveling at how similar they were, and how much they looked alike. If he stayed in good shape, Adam could easily tell what he would look like in 20 years. Hot as hell and just like his Dad. I got both of their cocks hard, and was enjoying sucking on both foreskins when Jack broke his long make out session with his son and leaned down to touch his boy’s pussy which was wet and pink. Adam looked up at his Daddy and said “I’ve been a very bad, very slutty pigboy, Daddy.” He grinned from ear to ear and then said “Whatcha gonna do about that?” Jack quickly flipped Adam over on his stomach and and moved behind him, slapping his ass hard, saying “Adam has been a dirty, dirty slut, and Daddy’s gonna fuck his pussy, and breed it with the spunk that made him.” “Oh yes, Daddy, PLEASE!,” Adam pleaded. “I’ve gotta have your cock, Daddy, please fuck me!” I could see that need in Adam’s eyes again, this time even more intense. He was about to get fucked and filled with cum by the cock that sired him. Jack roughly pulled Adam’s cheeks apart and hawked a big wad of spit into his gaping butthole and used his finger to push it inside, causing Adam to moan deeply and long. “Oh fuck yeah, Daddy, please, I need it so badly!,” he pleaded. Jack pulled me close to him and whispered in my ear, “this is what I was hoping would happen tonight. I love you Mike, you fucking pig.” He then began tonguing my ear which drives me wild. He leaned up and began to intently kiss me while he played with Adam’s cunt, which was quickly opening up to Jack’s finger. Jack pulled his finger out of Adam’s hole and I could see it was glistening with cum, some of it my own. He broke our kiss and roughly shoved his cum coated finger in my mouth hissing, “lick it off, fucker!” I did exactly what my brother wanted, as always, and leaned back to watch him aim his fat 8.5” cock at his son’s gaping pussy. I laid down on the bed next to Adam and began to kiss him and play with his nipples. I pinched his tits hard and Adam groaned a long, deep groan of intense pleasure, just as I watched Jack slide his entire cock into his son’s big furry ass. Jack kept right on pushing until he was balls deep in Adam’s pussy and Adam was clearly on fire. His ultimate fantasy was being fulfilled, he was getting fucked by his own Dad. As Jack began to fuck Adam’s cunt, varying the speed and length of his thrusts, Adam was reduced to a blubbering idiot, barely able to make out a word. He was moaning and groaning like the filthy pig he was, occasionally yelling “harder” or “OH DADDY!” which just served to make Jack’s assault on his own boy rougher and hotter. I kept up pinching Adam’s firm boy tits, and laughed as he became more and more incoherent the rougher his father fucked his slutty little hole. I moved up and shoved my fat cock in his mouth in order to fill it so he would have another cock to concentrate on rather than just the one in his ass. Now my sexy little nephew was being spit roasted by his two closest relatives, and I couldn’t imagine a boy being happier. Some moans still escaped from his lips, despite being stuffed with my fat piece of meat. A blow job was just a warmup, though, I was determined to dump another load of jizz in Adam’s hole. Jack and I developed a rhythm with Adam, fucking in and out of him in tandem, using each of his holes for exactly their intended purpose, pleasing cocks. I could see Jack begin to speed up so I pulled my cock out of Adam’s mouth which led to him pleading with me to put it back in, but I wanted to save my load to breed his cunt again. Jack was long dicking Adam at this point, pulling his cock all the way out and roughly jamming it back in his boy’s ass as brutally as he could. Every time he pulled it out, I could see the shaft of his fat cock coated in ass juice and bits of the four white frothed up cum loads that were already inside Adam’s pussy. A minute later, Jack jammed his cock back into Adam so hard that Adam moved 2” up on the bed and screamed in pain and pleasure. “Oh Daddy,” he said, “please breed my hole. Please breed me with the cum that made me!” Jack just grunted. I could see his fur covered, beefy ass flexing and I knew he was depositing another huge load of cum up Adam’s ass. He collapsed on his son’s boyish back, panting heavily. Jack began kissing Adam’s neck while his son moaned beneath him. “Thank you Daddy, I love you so much Daddy,” Adam said. I could see both of them smiling and Jack reached up and began to deeply kiss Adam, while his cock was still inside the boy’s ass. Once Jack and Adam’s breathing came back to normal, we all relaxed for a minute. I laid on one side of Adam and Jack laid on the other, basking in the glow of our shared love for each other, and shared lust for each other’s cocks and asses. “So baby boy, the burning question in my mind is how did you ever manage to get together with Alex?,” Jack asked Adam. “I ducked into the bathroom in the park downtown one day to take a leak, on my way home from class. When I walked in, he was getting blown by this blonde guy. The blonde guy got spooked and ran off, leaving Alex standing there with his cock out and hard. He’s got a really big dick and he just stood there while I stared at it. He looked at me and said ‘well, why don’t you suck it, boy?’ so I leaned down and started sucking him, while kneeling on the dirty floor of the public toilet. When he came in my mouth, he pulled out a little bit so some of his load went all over my face. He wanted to humiliate me a little bit and I loved it. He pulled up his pants and looked down at me and demanded to know when he could fuck my ass. I told him a time when I knew you wouldn’t be home, and he’s been fucking me a couple times a week ever since. Nick said he thought his parents hadn’t had sex in years.” “Well, that would explain it, wouldn't it?,” Jack said. “I’ll have to have a little chat with Alex about you.” “Oh Daddy, please don’t get him in trouble! I loved it! He never forced me to do anything I didn’t want to do!,” Adam said. “I know I wasn’t legal yet, but please, please don’t.....” Jack reached over and ruffled Adam’s short buzzed hair and said “don’t worry baby, I know. I’m not going to get Alex in trouble, I’m just going to see if he wants to have some more fun with all of us. Watching that big lug fuck your Uncle Mike would be hot, don’t you think?” Adam smiled and said “Fuck yeah!” Jack looked over at me and smiled an enigmatic smile. He was planning something, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. “OK, who’s up for round two?,” I said. My cock was still rock hard and I had at least one more load to shoot. “Uncle Mike, my ass is yours any time you want it, you don't even have to ask,” Adam said with a smile. He reached up and deep kissed me. Jack was idly playing with Adam’s sloppy cunt, pulling his fingers out of Adam’s hole and putting them in his mouth, feeding Adam the combined cum of himself, me and Alex. Adam softly moaned while he licked Jack’s fingers clean. I got on top of Adam and moved Jack’s fingers out of his hole, slowly sliding my fat dick inside my sexy nephew’s ass. It was so full of cum there was no need of any lube. I just slid inside all the way to the bottom. Jack leaned down and began kissing Adam again. Adam moaned loudly and kissed his father harder. I laid down on top of Adam’s back, rubbing my furry chest against his smooth back. We’d gotten the urgent, brutal fucks out of the way and this felt more relaxed and easy, like something we were going to repeat often in the coming years. Adam’s pussy felt really warm and sloppy, it was so full of cum that on every stroke my dick came out coated in frothy white stuff. We were all incredibly turned on. I closed my eyes, lost in thought when I felt Adam kiss me hard on the mouth and noticed Jack behind me. Uh oh, better relax. I heard Jack spit into his hand and his fingers roughly open up my cunt. I’d been here many, many times before and was used to taking Jack’s fat cock with just spit for lube. Jack put his hand near Adam’s ass and when I pulled my cock out, he took some of the cum from my cock and put it in his hand. He spit in his hand again and rubbed the spit and assorted cum from Adam’s hole onto his cock. He pulled my furry, beefy cheeks apart with one hand and guided his fat uncut piece into the place it had been hundreds of times over the years. I involuntarily moaned when he hit bottom. Jack began to fuck me hard, saying “I love you fucking pigs, and I’m gonna show you just how much by raping your slutty cunts.” I tried to push back onto Jack’s cock as much as I could, so I stopped fucking Adam. I just held my cock inside his asshole and leaned down and kissed him deeply. “Fuck yeah, Uncle Mike, let Dad fuck your hole. It’s so fucking hot watching the two men I love fuck each other like animals,” Adam said, looking into my eyes with a look only a fellow pig could recognize. “Let him breed your hole, Uncle Mike. Let Daddy knock you up.” I was holding on to Adam for dear life as Jack pummeled my ass with his fat uncut dick. He hadn’t fucked me this hard in a long time, but I think watching me fuck Adam and then fucking his own kid up the ass had turned him on like he hadn’t been turned on in a long time. I had felt relaxed and easy, but apparently Jack didn’t. I could tell this was going to be a short, hard fuck that meant I was just a hole to him, a receptacle for his cock and cum. Exactly what I was meant to be, my big brother’s cumdump. Jack started to talk dirty to me while Adam kissed me and I held on to Adam with my cock still firmly planted up his cunt. “You dirty faggot whore. Coming home after a hard day’s work, walking into my son’s room to find his filthy faggot uncle fucking him up the ass. You dirty....fucking....pig,” he said. After each word he would pull his cock all the way out and ram it all the way up my pussy, taking charge of my cunt. “I fucking own your filthy faggot hole, you dirty filthy pig. Breeding my boy’s cunt before I got a chance myself. Adam’s pussy belongs to me, you dirty faggot,” Jack said. I’d seen him like this a couple of times before, when he was so turned on that he couldn’t stop his filthy mouth from running (I knew the words were just dirty talk) and I loved hearing it. I loved my own brother demeaning me while he virtually raped my asshole with his fat cock. I knew his cock so well I could tell he was extra turned on since I could feel that it was fatter than normal, and I loved it. I loved how he was reaming my cunt and taking what he wanted from me. Both Adam’s and my cunt belonged to Jack and I was fine with that. Jack started picking up the speed and through his ever filthier mouth, I could feel his cock start to throb. Finally, he pulled his cock out one last time all the way, jamming it back in over and over saying “FUCKING FAGGOT, I’M BREEDING YOUR CUNT. IT’S MINE! TAKE MY FUCKING LOAD YOU FILTHY WHORE!” I could feel his cock throb inside my hole, which was aching and begging for his load. I could feel each spurt of cum up my cunt, coating the insides of my asshole with his huge load of creamy white spunk. I broke away from Adam and reached around to kiss Jack on the mouth. He was grinning from ear to ear, and kissed me brutally on the mouth saying “Fuck I love you brother. You filthy faggot whore.” Jack’s cock was still shoved all the way up my cunt, throbbing so hard I could feel him breathing. I knew that I was right on the edge of the precipice. Jack provided the final spark by grabbing my tits and pinching them over and over again, really hard. My cock flooded Adam’s pussy with my spunk. Every time Jack would pinch my tits, my cock would spurt another bit of cum into Adam’s hole. We all collapsed into a heap on the bed, covered in sweat, spunk and ass juice. I snuggled up behind Adam with my cock still inside his pussy and fell fast asleep, with Jack behind me snoring softly, with his cock still firmly planted up my hole.
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    I had my first really hot group bareback scene in a bath house in Rhode Island. We were in the steam room. He had me bent over the tile bench fucking me bare in front of everyone there. Soon a couple hot muscle beefy guys came over.... one was making out with my ex.... got him so worked up. He stepped away... giving his other buddy time to step in between him and I .... the guy he was making out with stopped and ask my ex if his buddy could feel my hole on his bare shaft. The guy asked my ex could he ride me bare. My ex nodded so the stranger started riding me bareback since he obviously felt better t without a rubber so I wasn’t stopping him! The one guy went with my ex to his room to play. He had a couple of his buddies in his room which he booted out of the room so they could play. He told them how he left his bf and this guys’mBF in the steam room taking the other guys bare cock!! All told after the three of them were done, one went back to the room... he starts fooling around with my ex and his buddy .... when another comes back... he leaves three in his room and comes back with another guy... meanwhile his raw buddy was loading my hole. The last two took turns for a bit until they nutted in me . He goes back to tell tmy ex how hot the scene was... he should not have gotten distracted... they all put about 8 loads in me... 5 of them, my ex, and a couple extras as two goes were so horned from the scene they shot in my ass twice! I was online 6-7 weeks later and one of them recognized me. Realized from my photo ass and face, I was the guy they all bred in the baths. He said how hot it was... asked how long I had been poz. I told him I was not poz. This was early 90’s, He said people don’t fuck bare in baths unless they are poz. I went to the clinic to get tested.... my results came back a week later I was still negative. I thought I dodged a bullet. I said I would not ever do something this risky again. It was such a hot scene in my memory, it couldn’t help wanting bareback more. Shortly, after I started letting more random guys fuck me bare. It turned me on because 6-7 loads I took had been poz. I must be immune as It did not get me. I went back to bath houses, video booths, and all the similar places I played before except this time I was playing only bareback. Our buddy, Tom hung out with us and would go to the tubs with me... never fucked me bare. He became good friends with my ex and I. We would play but he’d use a rubber. Until one day, we went to sunbathe at a nude beach. My ex was working so we went the two of us. He was so horny and excited to go to the nude beach. He asked me to give him road head off and on as we drove to the beach. After having blown him for a bit before we got there, my buddy was horny and boned. We spent an hour on the beach with him in various states of being boned. He said he was going for a walk on the beach and then in the dunes. I was not new to the rodeo so I knew guys cruised back there!!! Thinking to myself, how the fucker had left me here so he could play!!! In about 5 minutes, I had packed up my stuff. I grabbed the backpack and towel so I could start walking naked too in the dunes. It took only moments to see my buddy Tom fucking this guy. He asked the guy if he wanted to ride my cock too. Stupid question... of course, the other guy want two of us to fuck him bare. Tom was already barebacking the guys tight hole. We had not brought lube so I asked what he was using. Tom hands me his bottle of #2 sunning oil from HAWAIIAN Tropics. I still remember smelling coconut as I was feeling my freshly oiled cock sliding in the stranger balls deep and bare as I started to fuck his warm fuck hole! Tom and I took turns fucking our new raw playmate. Tom was getting so turned on watching me top, he could not help fucking my ass bare too while I was fucking the other dude. I shot a look back over my shoulder which he immediately responded he would not cum in me. This was too hot not to fuck my bare hole too. Shortly, some guy comes along to tell the bottom his BF was coming looking for him as he had been gone so long. I was so turned on by fucking a stranger with tanning oil. Additional, Tom was fucking me bareback for the first time. All I could was just nut in our raw stranger. We grabbed our backpacks and left the guy dripping my load before his BF showed up to see it happen. It was not late afternoon so the beach started to clear. Tom wanted to beat traffic so he suggested we head home. At this point, we were both aware, he still had not gotten off. Once we were on the highway, He again asked me road head. I enjoyed using the 30 minute drive to get home to tease his cock which had been straining to get off since the morning. My ex was still an hour or maybe more like an hour and half away. I told Tom I wanted to help get him off cause because for the third time, I teased his 8” cut thick cock until we had to stop before he could cum. I stripped naked and dropped to my hands and knees on the carpeted floor in my bedroom. We both still smelled of coconut and saltwater of the beach!! He leans in close to whisper in my ear if I had really enjoyed fucking and breeding in the dunes with him. He says tell me what you liked best? Immediately, I said the Hawaiian Tropics suntan oil being used for lube. It smell great combined with feeling a total stranger sitting on my cock bare. It was enough feeling a stranger’s BF’s naked hole on my cock, but to have him FNALLY sliding his raw poz cock in me too was just too much for me to handle. He grabbed the suntan oil, so we could fuck one more time with JUST suntan oil!!! It sent me over the edge with hi whispering his it’s not good for condoms. In fact, he says the rubbers will just break inside my bare cunt as he pounds my hungry hole like it deserved. I leaned back to his face and lips so I could tell him how I know he hates fucking me with rubbers on!! In fact, since we met, he has been needing to fuck me bare with his raw poz cock. I leaned in even more to whisper how much I knew both of us wanted to no longer pull out as his raw shaft unloaded in bare fuck hole balls deep!!! Tom fucked my ass bare for another hour swapping positions!! He was well aware my bare ass milked his condom free raw shaft. It tempted him so much slamming balls deep in my bare hole, he could not help but slow down inside me. However, We could feel his balls slapping against my bare cunt. This ONLY made us think how his low balls kept slapping against my freshly shave hole. The combination of this feeling would ultimately force him to splatter my insides with his hot poz cum. He started to slow down. He whispered that if he kept going he would quickly blow a huge load in me. In the past, He ALWAYS loved unloading inside even in a rubber!! He knew exploding in a rubber allowed him to save his load for another time. He had made a habit of freezing them. By placing the cum in an ice cube tray , he could use them another time for additional lube for fucking his ass. It had been so fucking hot that the entire day and the memory of the bareback bath house scenes, sent my hunger over the edge. I just started pushing back riding his bare cock. He realized what I was doing was adding more stimulus to his overworked cock/ He asked me if I was trying to get him off. I just moaned Uhuh. He said if I did not stop he would cum And He didn’t have a rubber on. You know that, right? All I could do was moan again and keep riding him. At this point, To, says you want my poz cum in you, don’t you. All I did was moan again!!! With this, I sent him to the top. He said, “Are you sure you really want my poz cum inside you. I rode all the way down his shaft one more time. This time he grabbed my hips, slammed his cock all the way inside me, and blew a huge load of toxic seed deep in my hole. Tom says, “I always knew you wanted me to cum in you since I found out I was poz!” As he collapses inside me, his hard cock is throbbing in me until it subsides moments later. Nearly, 2 months later, I was living in a new country as my work was relocating me for an opportunity within the organization. One of the requirements, the country wanted a battery health tests to understand my health needs now and it the future! Two days after the bloodwork testing was completed, they asked me to come back to the office. I showed up for them to tell me - The first test result I had was positive... they are required by law to test two more times to confirm the original assessment. The second test was negative... the third sample was positive. They called me in because they could not give me the news over the phone.... I was now HIV positive!! I left the office thinking I knew this day was coming. What a relief to finally know. I also knew it was someone I knew and not a random stranger.I walked to the gay bar in the downtown market. I had two close friends who worked as bartenders there. I did not want to go home alone. Instead, I sat on the stool. One friend asks what I wants for a beer. The other friend who was also my roommate knew I was not working for 3 days, so he walks down the length of the bar. He comes back with 3 liquid cocaine shooters for us. I spent the night there. My roomie and I walked towards home after the bar closed!! We did not quite make it as we walk by one of the bathhouses to get home. He says come on in my treat!! I was back to my usual routine in no time.
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    Part 5 As the first guy was fucking me, someone else started pissing on me. "How does the boy feel?" "So good, Sir." "What does boy want? "To be bred, Sir!" "Yeah boy, you want this stranger to cum in you?" "Yes Sir, please Sir!" Just then the guy fucking me started pounding harder. Then grunted and slammed his cock in just as I felt him spasm. He shot three ropes of cum in my hole. As he slid out, Sir yelled "Next!" "Open wide boy, time to clean off cock number one." Just as he shoved his cock in my mouth another went up my ass. The poppers started again and I was moaning. I needed this, to be used. Just holes to pleasure men. This went on as four more guys fucked me. Each time Sir asking me what I wanted, each time me begging to be bred. As the fifth guy slid in my hole, he said something to Sir and the only word I heard was poz. Then Sir responded, "Not yet." Then the guy let out a laugh as I felt his pierced cock slide in my hole. As he was pounding my hole Sir asked, "What do you want boy?" "To be bred, Sir." "Beg this man to breed you boy." "Please breed me, dump your load in my hole." "Call me Daddy, pig. You want my poz seed pig?" "Yes Daddy!" "Then beg boy! Let these men know what kind of pig you are." "Please Daddy, breed my pighole." "What do you want in that hole pig?" "Daddy, please cum in my pighole." "Come on pig, you can do better. Tell these men how much you want my poz cum in your guts." "FUCK DADDY, PLEASE FILL MY GUTS WITH YOUR POZ CUM." "Good pig! Here it comes pig." Just then he rammed his cock in my hole and shot ripe after rope. I wasn't sure he would finish. Just then, he pulled out. Sir said, "Next, come breed the pighole. All loads accepted." Then Sir whispered in my ear, "You know you want poz cum, boy. You know you want to be mine in more ways than one." "Yes Sir, boy wants Sir to own him." "Tell me boy." "boy wants Sir to collar him and poz him. Spread Your DNA and make it part of me, Sir." "Good boy!" Then Sir slid a buttplug in my hole. Time for some rest and hydration.
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    No Golf Foursome It had been a few days since I last heard from college boy and figured that the worst of his flu was over. His comments made it sound like it hit him really hard and I kind of wondered if he was just being a drama queen and milking out the attention from his dad for a couple weeks. Hopefully the extended flu meant he was really potent. The more I thought about it, the more it turned me on that I had charged him up. And had knocked his dad up too. My last fuck had been with college boy in the alley and I really needed to get my dick in a guy soon. I took a break from work and scanned my phone apps to see who might be around. On the second app, I spotted college boy and checked out his profile. There were a few changes including a new pic. His status now said "ask" and he now listed himself as a top. My dick twitched and I smiled to myself. I sent off a message and just said "How ya doin?" "Fuckin gr8 glad thats ovr horny af" was his quick reply. "LOL spread ur seed" I sent back. "bred my 1st 2 bad hes poz" college boy responded. "dont turn down poz guys. ur one now. he in bldg?" I answered. "did dad 3x he got rash n fever today ;)" he replied. "cool. now u need to try neg" I typed back. "talked 2 1 but he wants proof" was his response. "might b hard to get test now. keep lookin" I replied. I looked around some more and didn't see anyone interesting, but I needed to get back to work anyway. At the end of the day, I grabbed my laptop and sat down on the couch. My dick had been throbbing for the past half hour and I knew I needed to drain my balls soon. I checked out the messages on a few sites and looked to see who was online. A smile grew across my face as I saw the profile and quickly fired off a message. "Hey, up for fun?" I sent off to dragonboy. I wasn't sure who was going to be on the other end - him or his cousin, but I didn't care since both were good fucks and liked getting bred. A few minutes later I got a reply "sorry my cousin is here. I can't." I shook my head and said "What?" to myself and sent back "We did it before. I can fuck both of you." "I don't like to share" he replied. Part of me was thinking he was just making excuses and wasn't interested. Maybe he heard my comment last time that I was toxic and didn't want to push his luck. Another part of me was thinking maybe we could just hookup in the stairwell or some other spot in the building, and then I got a real evil idea. I sent off "LOL greedy huh? What if I bring another top?" and waited. If he turned that down then I'd give up on him and hunt elsewhere. "He got a good dick?" dragonboy responded a few minutes later. "Got him" I said to myself. I couldn't remember, but told him "Not as good as mine but should feel good in you" as I picked up my phone. I quickly sent off a message "u up 4 tagging someone?" Several minutes later, I had everything set up. Another half hour and I was walking out of my condo and taking the trip down the stairs. I got to the 4th floor and waited another minute or so until I heard footsteps on the stairs above me. It was deja vu, since collegeboy looked almost identical to our first fuck. He had the same tight tank top, the same baggy shorts, the tall leather army boots and his hair tied up in a bun. But this time he didn't have a nervous look on his face, it was replaced with a wry grin. I whispered "I get the one with the ink first, you get the other one. When we've dropped our first load, we swap. Dirty talk is good, just no poz talk, ok? Oh... and you need to wear a mask." "They neg?" collegeboy asked before pulling a mask out of his pocket. "Maybe" I said with a smile. We walked out of the stairwell and down the hall to apartment 4C and I knocked on the door. We slipped on our masks just as the door opened and there stood dragonboy in just a thong and a smile. "Fuck! I forgot my mask, sorry. Come on in." He glanced at me and then looked collegeboy over. "Uh... is he legal?" dragonboy asked. I chuckled and said "Yeah, he is" while collegeboy nodded his head. "Hope he's a good fuck" dragon boy said as we followed him back toward his bedroom. I felt my cock start to get hard as I looked at the thong strap disappear between his two firm butt cheeks. Collegeboy was looking at the same thing and rubbing his crotch as he walked, the baggy shorts obscuring his stiff cock. Once in the bedroom I saw his cousin on his knees on the bed. I had to look twice but then I realized he had a puppy tail butt plug in his ass. "I lubed him up already since he hasn't been fucked since you last did him and I thought he needed to get his hole stretched out to take you" dragonboy explained. I wasn't sure which time I fucked his cousin he was referring to, but I doubted he knew about me fucking his cousin solo. "I'm probably tight too since I only got fucked once since then and that guy insisted on wrapping it. I forgot how much I hate condom sex" dragonboy said, turning his head and smiling at me. He climbed on the bed next to his cousin and handed a small bottle of lube back to me. I pushed my shorts off, letting my hard shaft spring free, and let them drop to the floor before pulling my tee over my head. Collegeboy followed my lead and was stepping out of his shorts and peeling his tight tank top off about a half step behind me. He looked hot standing there in just his leather boots with his cock sticking straight out, a sheen of pre on the head. I lubed up dragonboy's hole while collegeboy worked the plug out of the cousin's ass. With a loud plop, the plug came free and the cousin moaned loudly. Collegeboy slipped a pair of fingers into the cousin's hole and muttered "fuck yeah" as he yanked them out and stuffed his cock inside. I was a little pissed that collegeboy was the first to get his dick in, but I liked his enthusiasm. Working my fingers in dragonboy's ass a bit more got him ready until my dripping cock found its way to his entrance. I must have waited too long because dragonboy shoved his ass back, impaling himself on my cock. He had never been one of those 'lay there and take it' bottoms and that was something I liked about him. Resting my hands on his back, I let him fuck himself on my shaft with little movement from me. He was snarling and grunting out of his uncovered mouth, unlike his cousin who was just letting out muffled whimpers as collegeboy fucked harder and faster. Grabbing his hips, I took control and drove my cock in with a hard, firm thrust. Dragonboy growled but stayed still while I stood there a moment. Slowly I pulled back until just the tip was inside before I shoved back and broke through, planting every millimeter of my cock inside his chute. "Wreck that hole" I heard from collegeboy. I looked over and saw that he had slowed down and was now pumping his cock in and out of the cousin much less forcefully. "You cum after I do" I said quietly, trying to make sure he lasted a while. He nodded and backed off the pace a little more. I wanted him to enjoy the fuck first and not be concentrating solely on knocking the guy up. If it happened, that would just be an added bonus. I flipped my concentration back to dragonboy and varied my thrusts. Some were gentle and some were hard, sometimes I gave him a long strokes and sometimes it was only a few inches. Looking over again, collegeboy was now pounding the cousin again. He would hammer him and then pull out a second before shoving back in and hammering him again. After seeing him do it a few times I thought he must be getting close. When he pulled out and flipped the cousin on to his back, I felt my own balls start to tingle. I pushed dragonboy's shoulders down until his head was pressed against the bed and started to thrust faster. He started to work his ass muscles around my cock and it took every bit of determination not to breed him right then and there. I knew that's what he wanted, but I wanted to fuck a little longer. Out of the side of my eye, I saw collegeboy pull out and groan as he tried desperately to not shoot his load yet. He stood there several seconds and the cousin even looked back at him, his eyes pleading to get fucked more. I drilled dragonboy another couple minutes and I couldn't delay any longer. Slamming in, my cock engorged and started to shoot spurts of diseased cum into dragonboy's hole. He moaned out "Oh fuck yeah" the moment he felt my cock start to flood his ass and he milked my cock hoping to get every last drop. After the first four or five shots, I slowly rocked my hips, makng sure I painted my seed over as many parts of his boi cunt as I could. With the last of my load emptied, I churned it up and looked over at collegeboy just in time to see him lunge forward and growl as he shot his load into the cousin. His orgasm seemed to last a while and I hoped he saved enough for our second round. As good as dragonboy's hole felt I wanted to get into his cousin and feel my dick get coated in collegeboy's viral slime. Collegeboy looked over at me with a wicked grin and then started to plow into the cousin's hole. He matched my pace with dragonboy for a few minutes until I pulled out. I slapped dragonboy's ass and moved back. I put my hand on collegeboy's shoulder, pulling him to his left. His cock plopped out of the cousin's hole along with a stream of pink tinged cum. The hole slowly started to close and I moved in, pulling back my foreskin and covering the head with the cum that was around the cousin's hole and on his shaved balls. With a quick plunge, I was mostly inside with my first push and only a little protest from the cousin. Collegeboy and the plug had stretched him out enough that my only impediment to being balls deep was a tight inner ring. I knew from past experience that I could get in all the way with a little effort and today was no different. Collegeboy took no time to get his cock into dragonboy. His shaft was a couple inches shorter than mine but almost as thick and judging by the moans from dragonboy, he knew how to use it. It was an interesting contrast between dragonboy and his cousin. Dragonboy encouraged a top to use him and even slipped into power bottom mode if the top wasn't vigorous enough. His cousin knew he was there for the top's pleasure and while he might show signs of discomfort or having gone past his personal limits he never pulled away. Collegeboy drilled fast and then slow while keeping an eye on me to make sure that I was in control of both fucks. I have done several scenes like this other tops and this was one of the more enjoyable ones. With other tops it seemed that everyone wanted to be the alpha and in control, but collegeboy seemed to be happy with his beta role. We fucked our respective bottoms, mixing up each other's seed inside and forcing some out as we fucked. I started getting rougher with the cousin after I made it past his inner ring. He was mumbling something that I couldn't decipher, but occasionally I could make out "FUCK!" when I pounded especially hard. My cock started to swell again and my balls tightened up signaling my impending orgasm. I looked over and nodded at collegeboy and we both started to pound harder. It took a couple strokes and we were in unison fucking the bottoms. With the bed squeaking, I grabbed on to the cousin's shoulders and planted my cock in all the way and the the cum fly. He let out a loud moan and I could feel his hole spasm around my cock, sucking even more cum out of my balls as he shot hands-free over the bed. Collegeboy growled as he shot his load too. I don't know if dragonboy shot his load then or if it was before, but there was a large pool of cum on the bed when he stood up later. With my balls now empty and collegeboy's drained we both gave a few last strokes of our cocks and then pulled out. The cousin collapsed on his stomach on the bed and dragon boy slowly crawled off and stood next to collegeboy. "Damn, that was hot. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, but this was fuckin' amazing" dragonboy said with a big grin on his still uncovered face. I had to chuckle since the rest of us were masked up and mine was soaked through from sweat and my moist breath and the guy that insisted on masks had skipped wearing one. A mask wouldn't protect him from the virus that was now swimming in his ass, anyway. I grabbed the puppy tail plug and pushed it into the cousin's ass, startling him quite a bit. "You should have one too" I said to dragonboy with a wink. I picked up a towel and wiped my cock off before tossing it to collegeboy. The two of us dressed quickly and were walking out the door a minute later. Collegeboy took the elevator up to his place and I took the stairs up to mine.
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    On contact, a loud moan escaped his chest. I knew I must be doing something right, so then I did even more. My thick tongue speared through the ring of his ass like a cock trying to fuck a virgin hole. I began tonguing him out for all I was worth… on a popper high, and on a mission. I love eating ass and find it still the best way to truly prep a hole for invasion, and he tasted great. So, I kept blowing spit into his hungry hole to get it wet as it continued to just keep opening up further and further for me. The moans of approval kept increasing in volume as I worked that hole. At one point he had his hand on the back of my head trying to push my face in even further as he ground his ass back against my tongue. Fifteen minutes passed when I knew I had my tongue in his ass as far as I could physically get it. The time was now right. I reached up and handed him the poppers and told him to take some good huffs of them. I quickly rose up behind him while he was huffing away, spit on my cock, and lined it up to his previously unavailable hole. Just as he was screwing the poppers cap back on, I pushed forward. The fifteen minutes of making mad love to his juicy boyhole had paid off, as my raw cockhead breached his ring and begin to slide on into his hole. Remembering past history, I took no chances. I plowed forward as fast and as steady as I possibly could, while pushing his ass along with the rest of his body tight up against the bookstore wall. This way he was pinned between me, and it, and had nowhere he could pull of it to. There was in his body what felt like a moment’s hesitation, but then I felt again that slackness of submission… that feeling when a boy just gives in and takes what he knows is coming. And as soon as I felt that I seized my opportunity and pushed all the rest of the way home. It may have taken awhile, but damn, did his kunt finally feel good. It fit my cock like a glove. And when I finally bottomed out in his hole, I gave an extra shove just for good measure so that he knew I was hilted fully in place. My sword was in his scabbard. The sound of the last wind getting knocked out of his lungs was my signal to let loose. I told him to take some more poppers and then to give the bottle to me. I took some heavy hits too, and while we were both feeling that popper rush, I laid into his ass and gave him the fucking that I had always wanted to give him. I pistoned in and out of his ass like a porn star. And he had one of those self-lubricating holes. The harder I fucked him, the wetter it got, which I love. To say that I brutalized that hole was an understatement. I plowed him to within an inch of his life, all the while pulling his head back by his thick hair and kissing him. I even bit his neck while I fucked him and gave him a hicky at a place that would be very obvious afterwards. And he just submissively left me do it like the obedient little bottom that I had already known that he was. Our coupling probably went on for a good twenty minutes. By this time, everyone in the place knew exactly what we were doing. I didn’t really care how loud I was getting. I WANTED everyone standing out side those booths to know EXACTLY what was going on inside… partly so they would wish it was them in there with me, but mostly because when we were done, I wanted them to know that that bottom bitch had been fucked royally. That was his cost for never having given me what he knew I so badly wanted. As I started to feel the cumload building up in my overstuffed nuts, he still had not shown the slightest glimmer of recognition as to who this was that was plowing his ass. So I decided to put my end-game strategy in play. I started asking him if he liked how my cock felt in his hole. And when he didn’t answer fast enough, or appropriately, I’d slap his milky white ass till I got the correct response, provided loudly enough. Everyone outside could hear what he was saying. In the pale light of that video booth the bright red handprints on his ass almost glowed and I got off on how it looked. Eventually he began to respond correctly, and loudly. So I asked him if he liked my fat cock. I asked him if it felt good plowing in and outta his kunt. I asked him if he liked getting Daddy fucked in dirty bookstore booths. All of which he answered yes to. Finally, I asked him if he liked raw cock barebacking his hole. I had to smack his ass hard to get him to answer that question, but when he did, he grunted out a loud YES. And that sent me over the edge. I grabbed hold of his hips, and started my final pile drive into his slutty ass, while he grabbed his cock and started stroking it for all he was worth. He knew I was close and he wanted to cum with me. Just as I felt my balls about ready to jettison my pent up load up and out outta my cock and into his hungry hole, I grabbed him again by the hair and pulled his head back, and I leaned slightly forward to where he his ear was close to my mouth, and as I erupted like a volcano into his sucking, grasping hole, I whispered just loudly enough into his ear Take…My… Dirty… Load… Mel.
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    doug took great care to keep the boys hole slick as he worked at a calm rhythm. It was important to making the transition as seamless as possible, from bright eyed straight boy to cockthirsty power bottom. These first few sessions were always special, watching the boy try to understand what was happening amidst the haze of the drugs and the wonderful new sensations rising inside them from Dougs warm cock. High, but not too high, Doug had perfected his fun little party needles over decades to make sure there was just enough of a boy left to break. With each thrust, Doug slowly shepherded Oliver off his once bright path of girlfriends and marriage, college and kids, to a nice dark world of cocks and cum. Looking to the clock, Doug had spent nearly an hour inside the boy and was slowly milking him to his second orgasm. "please, no more" the boy begged raggedly as his cock betrayed him at the command of dougs relentless pounding. "here we go, one more for me ollie and then we'll be all done." Doug took his hand off Olivers swollen prick and began pounding harder. "oh god no please, somethings-" Oliver couldnt make out the impending calamity inside him, but he knew something was coming. "just relax ollie, let it come. look at my eyes and let it happen." Oliver froze in a silent, gasping scream as Dougs meaty cock forced the cum out of the boy one last time. "thats it ollie let your pussy do it for you." Doug watched the boy as he grit his teeth and bucked wildly against the mans girth, slowly panting on the table. "oh god." he sighed. "oh my god" he stared at the ceiling. "see Ollie? I would never lie to you." Oliver just smiled at the handsome older man. he could feel Dougs heartbeat through the thick dripping cock inside him. Doug picked up the cellphone and began recording. "now ollie, whats in you right now?" doug held the camera to the boys face. "your dicks in my butt" he sighed. "no baby its in your pussy" doug inched in and out of the exhausted boy. "my pussy. its in my pussy" oliver mumbled. doug pulled the phone down to the boys spread legs and framed the union of the two. "I have some nice warm cream for your tired little pussy baby. does your pussy want some cream?" doug was now pulling fully in and out of the boys gaped ring with loud plops. "okay" the boy sighed, resigned as he laid in a puddle of cum. "i bet that pussys thirsty baby." If doug said his pussy was thirsty is must be true. "i do feel a little thirsty" oliver dreamily thought to himself as doug sprayed his first shot across the boys puffy gaped cunt. "that feels nice" the boy absently remarked as the warm poz spunk painted his ring. how long had they been fucking? he couldnt remember. Ollie just knew the hot splash of cum was soothing as it coated his tired hole. "good boy, drink it all up" Doug returned his throbbing member to the depths of the young mans guts and finished emptying his balls, rubbing olivers cum in slow circles along his stomach. Doug cleaned the last of the boys warm juices off his thick cock and turned to ollie as he reached for a paper towel. "no no sweetie, here" doug lifted the boys jeans to his hands and watched as he tugged them over his leaking ass and sticky thighs. "thats it. here you go" Doug watched as the boy took his shirt from the smiling doctor "but my girlfriends picking me up and i-" doug smiled at the boys inelegant attempt to explain why he shouldnt leave painted in jizz. "oh dont worry ollie its just a short little ride home im sure." Oliver sighed and slowly lugged his shirt over his sticky, cum drenched upper body. "atta boy ollie. Now, I want to see you again a few more times this week. I know this is all a little inconvenient" doug reached down the back of the boys trousers and easily dipped two fingers inside him. "but we need to keep working on that pretty pussy. I just know youll love it when were done." oliver groaned as the man fingered his sore swollen cunt lips, stirring the load inside before presenting his fingers to the boy. "go on, taste it ollie" the doctor instructed as ollie cautiously licked the mans rough digits. "salty." he remarked "thats right baby. boys who get pussies dont have salty loads inside, they only taste how sweet the cum is." Ollie thought about this quizzically for a moment. What had been a routine checkup a few days ago had turned into something he no longer had any real control over. the former virgin spent hours today high as a kite shamefully surrendering his most private body part to this guy. his girlfriend hadnt even seen his asshole and now this complete stranger had opened him up like a so easily, recording the boy as he helplessly orgasmed on the mans hard tool. documenting for all the world to see as Oliver patiently and obediently let the man pump more of his thick toxic seed into him. He laid violated as the man again filled him with cum, and his body obediently seemed to just...drink it up. Oliver saw no way out as he headed past the door and through the waiting room toward his girlfriends waiting ride. He hopped in and as the two headed for a movie oliver flexed his asshole, feeling the load he had taken shift around inside and continue to grease his pucker. His girlfriend seemed totally oblivious to him. to Olivers relief she arrived smoking a cigarette and clearly didnt smell the cum he was marinading in. There was just no way he could say anything, what would he even start with? "oh hey I just spent hours being turned into a girl, dont mind the smell its all just my cum its not like i could really fight it i mean the dick was just so powerful but hey at least its not his cum am i right? yeah thats inside my body I really just let that happen" Oliver rehearsed condescendingly in his head. After the movie the two headed back to Olivers apartment and he made an excuse that the theater was a little too warm to sneak a quick shower. A few more episodes of their favourite show and she was making out. "finally, a return to something fucking normal" Oliver thought, easing his pants off and trading the humiliating experience with Doctor Doug for the womans slender curves. Something was different though, almost wrong. just as the boy thought he was ready to fuck, his prick wilted in protest. frustrated, he finally gave up and called it a night. maybe today was just too stressful. too much action, or drugs? who knew. Oliver flopped down on the bed to check his messages. it was the nice nurse from the clinic confirming his appointment tomorrow at noon as Olivers jaw went slack. of course....dougs words burned in his mind. "no more girlfriends" he croaked. Whatever this monster was doing to his body was actually working. Dougs cock forced the jizz right out of Olivers nuts. his whole body screamed in a pure radiant pleasure, in a way he had never ever felt. he couldnt control it if he wanted to as the man worked the teens body against him. But his girlfriend? aside from a few kisses, he couldnt seem to stay hard no matter what she did. Whatever Doug did, just maybe he could...undo? Oliver hopefully set an alarm and tried to get some sleep for his next appointment.
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    My parents surprised me by saying they were going out of town this weekend to a cabin we have in West Texas to take a break from everything. They asked if I wanted to go and finagled my way into staying home instead. Mom suggested I go grocery shopping to have stuff for the weekend and I went to the store. While shopping I saw I guy I was pretty sure I've hooked up with before, but wasn't sure and couldn't remember the details. He gave me a knowing look like "Hey I know you!" We ran into each other a couple times and finally he said hey and from him rubbing his crotch I could tell he remembered hooking up as well. He's a good looking guy, mid 20's, pale complexion, with reddish blonde hair and a cum-catcher goatee. He was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt that showed off a tattoo on one that I distinctly remembered too. "Bathroom?" he muttered lowly and I said yeah and we both headed to it. There was no one in there and we both headed back to the big handicap stall, locking the door behind us. We started kissing and almost right away he had his hands inside my shorts and fingering my ass. He had me moaning softly as I loved the fingers in my ass and could feel his hard cock grinding up against me as he pressed me against the wall. "Wanna fuck?" he asked and I said yeah and as soon as I did I could feel him pulling my shorts down and telling me to turn around as he asked if I had lube. I said I didn't but before I could even suggest it heard him spit and could feel it on my ass along with his cock head, followed by him slowly and steadily forcing his cock in me. I kept running over in my mind where we had hooked up as we hadn't gone to school together and could only imagine it was at a park or maybe the Target. We'd fucked a few times but I didn't think we'd swapped digits but couldn't remember. I stopped wondering and gave in to the feel of him stroking in me and how good it felt and how bad I wanted his cum in me. I loved that he didn't ask for a condom or if I cared he was going raw. I could tell from his breathing he was close and I quietly told him to cum inside me and how bad I wanted it. I could feel him shudder and jerk and knew he'd shot his load in me. I was super close to cumming as well and asked him if he wanted to get fucked, not remembering if I had fucked him before or not. "Are you clean?" I said I was and he pulled down his shorts and told me to go slow and be gentle as he hadn't been fucked in a while. I had a huge amount of precum going and rubbed it up against his ass and added some spit to it popping my cock head in to a loud gasp from him. I'd barely stroked much when I came, an intense spasming orgasm and let out a loud noise. I was glad there was no one in the bathroom or they would have heard that. I kept stroking in him and it was easier now that I'd cum inside him. He was moaning a lot and begging me to take it easier and slower saying he hadn't been fucked in a while. I was trying not to be so in my head about him, where I knew him from, and trying to figure out what to say. I asked him how he liked it and to say how much he liked his dick but he kept saying to warn me when I got close and asking me to pull out to cum. I was kind of bummed he said that as I wanted to shoot my second load inside him and wondered why he cared when I'd already shot my first load in him. I kept stroking focusing on how bad I wanted to cum in his ass and not pull out. He seemed to have a sixth sense knowing when I was going to cum and told me to pull out and that he wanted to suck me off. I did and he quick dropped to his knees to suck me off. I unloaded a huge load in his mouth that he eagerly swallowed giving me a satisfied smile. What he didn't know was a fair amount of my cum dribbled onto his chin, goatee, and tank top. He stood back up and started snowballing my load between both our mouths before he swallowed it, saying how good I tasted and how bad he wanted to swallow a load. We were kissing more intensely now, deeper than I typically do with a random hookup. I admitted I wanted him to fuck me again and he half laughed saying he needed to save some for later, but not elaborating on it. I wondered if it was for a GF or BF. Now I was wondering why we hadn't hooked up more as he was a good fuck; not exactly satisfying for me as I couldn't dump my second load in him. I said we should do this again and it had been too long. He looked at me more serious now and said he had my number but he couldn't do this often. I said I was back in town for a while and available if he wanted to do this again and asked for his number. He again gave me a look I didn't like and he said he couldn't do that before as he couldn't take the risk of getting a text. More of this was coming back to me as I recalled we had hooked up more than once, it was always him messaging when he was free, but I still couldn't remember his name, if he was gay, bi, straight or what. I felt guilty and embarrassed and said for him to message me when was interested and put my shorts back on. He said he would and put his shorts back on and I didn't have the heart to tell him he had cum on the front of his t-shirt. I headed out far less satisfied than I'd hoped to be. It was a good fuck and I loved taking his load but wished I could remember more of the details. I guess he's one of those guys I only get lucky with so infrequently I can't remember them. That's a little sad but I guess it works for him, but I can't say it would work for me.
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    13. Re-Elevation James tried to relax once he was back in his apartment, but it was hard for him to focus. The marijuana that he had smoked had helped, but he still felt edgy and horny. Despite how horny he was, his cock remained alarmingly soft. Still, he was playing with it, as he jumped from video to video on Pornhub. He kept thinking back to what he had done over the previous twenty-four hours. He couldn't even remember how many men had fucked him. He could think of at least six, and there had no doubt been more when he had been half-passed out. He ran a finger over his asshole. Even the slightest touch revealed just how sore and tender it was. Nevertheless, he wondered what it would feel like to have a cock up there. He pulled out his phone, and downloaded Grindr. He had always quickly deleted his account back home; he didn't want anyone he knew seeing him online. But here, it didn't matter. He could be himself, and no one would care. He found a picture of himself, posing in the mirror. He thought he looked older in it, he hoped no one would care about his relatively young age. He filled out the rest of the profile, saying he was a bottom, and looking for some fun. There were a lot of guys online, some even in his building. He had been so used to people being fifty miles away; this was a new experience in freedom. Almost immediately, the messages started to roll in. He ignored them. Instead, he was staring at a profile. "ToPnP, 49," it read. The guy had a thick reddish-blond beard, flecked with a bit of grey. He was wearing leather gloves, and his broad, hairy chest was accentuated by a thick leather harness. James read the details. "Rough top. Hung. Like to play in the clouds." He was only two hundred feet away. Before he realized it, he had tapped him. "What's up boy," he quickly replied. "You look familiar." "Just moved here," James said. "But we're close." "Yeah," the guy replied. He gave his address. It was James's apartments. "Same," James said. "Wanna come over? Just filled the pipe, and looking forward to a cloudy evening." He was direct and forthright. He sent two pictures, one of him in the harness and boots, his thick dick hard. The other was him holding some boy down on his dick. He was wearing black gloves; James wondered what those gloves would feel like against his skin. "Sure," James texted back. He sent two more pictures. One was of his cock, the other was of his ass. "Apart 4F," he sent back. "And bring that furry ass with you." James gathered up his phone, wallet and keys. As he stuffed them into his jeans, he brushed against a wad of cash. He remembered what he had done to get that cash, and wondered if it had been worth it. But it was too late for second thoughts; the men had fucked him, and Tim had taken money for it. That was what had bothered him the most. Even now, he didn't really understand why Tim and Tiago had taken so much. But then, that was what Tiago had told him. That when he understood why, he would want them to take care of it for him. It was confusing, and he wanted to impress the leather man. He ignored the thought, and focused on getting on his shoes and getting out the door. Less than a minute later, James was at the door. For a moment, he hesitated. He had gotten fucked so much, and his hole was still sore and tender. He wasn't sure if he could take another cock. But then he remembered the picture of the man's cock and how it stuck straight up when erect. He wanted to taste it. Before he could second-guess himself, he knocked on the door. "Coming," a deep voice inside called out. A few seconds later, the door opened. The shades were pulled shut, and the lights were dim. "Come in," he said. "I'm Conrad." Conrad was wearing only a tank top and a pair of sweat pants. The tank top showed off his hairy chest, and James though he could see Landon's cock pressing against the sweat pants. "James," James replied. His voice was a bit raspy and hoarse. "Already been smoking, huh?" Conrad's voice was deep and masculine. James wanted to fall on his knees and worship him. "Yeah," "Nice. Been playing too?" "Yeah," James said. James's stomach balled up. He knew the next question. He would have to admit just how much of a slut he had been. "Hot. Get a lot of loads?" "A few," James started. "Well, let's get high, and get you a few more?" Conrad pointed to the bedroom in back. "But first, get naked." James wasn't wearing much already. He kicked off his sandals, pulled off his t-shirt, and then pushed down his shorts. It was a bit uncomfortable, getting undressed in front of a relative stranger. "Nice, boy," Conrad said, reminding James of how Tim had called him boy. He wondered if Conrad would feel as good inside him. James stopped, leaving his white briefs on, and started to go for the bedroom. "Wait boy," Conrad said. "All the way." James stopped, and pushed his briefs down, letting his soft cock swing freely. Conrad stepped in front of him, and ran his hand down James's body. James shivered under Conrad's touch. Where Tim's touches had been caring and respectful, Conrad's contact was possessive and domineering. He ran his hand around James's waist, reaching his butt, and pressing in. James gasped as Conrad fingered his hole. "Wet and sloppy," Conrad pronounced, as he pulled his hand back and smelled his fingers. "Cummy too," he continued. "We're going to have fun." He led the way into the bedroom. The curtains were still pulled tight, and the light was dim. In the middle was a large bed; it faced a TV. On the screen were two men fucking, a long, uncovered cock sliding in and out of the bottom's hole. He stared for a few seconds, mesmerized by the scene. "Gotta catch up to you," Conrad said, and took a long hit from the glass pipe. James watched as Conrad puffed and inhaled. Conrad savored the hit, then he kissed James and exhaled his hit. It flooded his lungs, and he immediately knew this was possibly the worst decision he had made. Or it was the best decision ever.
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    Chapter 3 It was Friday night and after a post sex nap, the three of us hung out at Adam and Jack’s house. We ordered dinner in, and were sitting on the sofa chilling out when Adam’s phone buzzed on the table. He picked it up and smiled, and since we were all sitting around naked, I noticed his cock twitch. “Who’s that?,” I asked Adam. Adam blushed slightly, so I really began to wonder who it was. I glanced over at Jack and could tell that he was thinking the same thing as I was. “Um, it’s Nick’s Dad,” Adam said. “Oh really?,” said Jack grinning. “What, did he want?” Adam was snuggled up next to his Dad, and he handed to phone to Jack, who took it and smiled. He turned it around and showed it to me. On the screen the text message said “Your cunt was good today. Need to knock it up again tomorrow. Tell me what time. Be ready for an assault.” Jack smiled, and said “leave Alex to me, baby boy.” Adam snuggled up closer to his Dad and nuzzled Jack’s shoulder. “Thanks Daddy. I’m the happiest boy in the world right now.” Jack looked intently at Adam’s phone and began pecking at the keyboard. “There we go,” Jack said. He held the phone up for me to see and I read his reply to Alex. “I’ll be in my room, naked, lubed up and ready for whatever you have to dish out, Sir.” Quickly, Alex’s reply flashed on the screen: “Good. I’m gonna rape your hot little pussy hard. I’m bringing a friend with a huge cock too.” Jack and I both laughed. I’d figured out his plan, but Alex had drifted off to sleep, curled up next to his father. Jack set the phone down, and leaned over to kiss me on the lips. “You’re a hot little fucker, Mike. I’m really happy about this afternoon. I don’t know when I was that hard or that turned on,” he said. “I don’t know that you’ve ever shot that huge a load in my ass, big brother,” I said. I leaned in and kissed him again, more gently than earlier. We kissed for a long time, then laid together watching a movie, until it was time for bed. Adam had been sleeping the whole time, quietly, and when the movie was over, Jack leaned in and said “Spend the night.” He nudged Adam and said “hey baby boy, it’s time to go to sleep.” “OK Daddy. Can I sleep with you tonight?,” Adam asked. “I’m not going to let you sleep in your own bed very often from now on, Adam. Your old man’s a horny goat 24x7 and one of your jobs from now on is to take care of my cock,” Jack said. Adam smiled a huge sleepy smile and looked up at Jack lovingly. “Any time you want, Daddy. My cock and ass are your property.” Adam stood up and Jack smacked him on his furry little ass. “That’s my boy,” Jack said. “Now get in bed.” We all trooped into Jack’s bedroom. We’re all pretty small, but having a king sized bed makes sleeping three to the bed a lot easier. Adam laid down on the bed first, and Jack and I slid in on either side of him. Jack leaned over and started making out with his son, gently pulling on Adam’s nipples while they kissed each other deeply. Despite having 5 or 6 loads of jizz up his ass, Adam hadn’t cum today. Like both myself and his dad, Adam was blessed with a fat, uncut dick and I had decided it was my mission to stuff it up my ass, which was still lubed by the huge load Jack had deposited inside me several hours earlier. I leaned down and began sucking on Adam’s cock which was partly hard from the make out session with his dad. He began to moan when I deep throated his thick dick, and very quickly it reached its full hardness. I made sure that I left a generous amount of spit all over the head, which was just peeking out of his foreskin. Adam was laying on his back, with his father on his right, so I just spit on my hand, applied the spit to my hole, climbed on top of him and slid down on his dick in one movement. “FUCK Uncle Mike!,” Adam said. “Your hole is so fucking juicy. Damn it feels good.” Jack chuckled and said “it’s full of daddy juice, baby. The best kind of lube there is. I want you to fuck your Uncle as hard and as deep as I did this afternoon. I know you’re a fantastic bottom slut, baby, but Daddy wants to turn you into a stud fucker as well. Now go to town on your Uncle’s slutty whore cunt.” My brother knew the nicest things to say. Jack leaned over and began biting and pinching Adam’s nipples hard, which elicited moans of excitement from the teen’s throat. Moans of “FUUUUUUCK Daddy!” and “Harder Daddy!” I started to ride Adam’s fat dick more quickly, feeling the head of it pounding against my ass walls and prostate. My nephew was going to be one hot little fucker when Jack and I got done with him. Quickly, Jack moved around behind me but I was far too lost in feeling Adam’s fat cock raping my hole to notice. Suddenly I heard a squirt bottle of lube and felt Jack’s hand on my upper back, pushing me down onto Adam’s torso. “Uh oh. Here it comes,” I thought. “Hold him down, Adam,” Jack said. “He may try to squirm away, but his slutty hole has done this before, many times. He’ll get used to it in a minute. If he screams, just gag him with that jockstrap.” Adam reached up and put his strong arms around me and held me down, kissing me hard on my mouth. With that, Jack began determinedly sliding his huge cock inside my pussy, right next to his son’s. I started to scream involuntarily and was rewarded with a ripe, smelly, sweaty jockstrap in my mouth, the funky odor and taste of it quickly took my mind off the fact that I was being split open by two really fat dicks. The moans coming from all three of us were loud enough to wake the dead. Jack leaned over to the nightstand and handed me a bottle of poppers and I took a huge sniff in each nostril, making my head spin. The poppers helped my hole quickly get used to the assault it was getting from both cocks, and opened me up to a gaping size to accommodate the massive girth of the two dicks that were raping my pussy. “Just sit still and let Daddy drive, baby boy,” Jack said. Adam was lying beneath me moaning like a bitch in heat as the heat from my slutty hole and the friction from his father’s cock made his dick feel amazing. Meanwhile my deep moans were turning from pain to pleasure and were muffled by the smelly jock in my mouth, which I was getting off on sucking and sniffing while my anus was ravaged by two fat cocks. Jack picked up speed and began to really assault my cunt, and every time he pulled all the way out my muscles were so relaxed and spread that my hole was left gaping open ready for the next long stroke of his fat cock up against Adam’s schlong already nestled inside my hole. Jack pounded me harder and harder, until I was reduced to a moaning idiot. I never shot a load of cum, but my ass made me cum at least three times while he was assaulting my cunt with his cock. I could feel him building to a huge orgasm and after about 10 minutes of full on ass raping, Jack finally shouted “I’m gonna breed you little brother!” and I could feel his huge cock throbbing all the way inside me as he deposited his sperm as far up my ass canal as his cock could go. All of the friction from his dad’s cock had left Adam moaning and groaning below me. He was solidly holding on to me, and I was frantically kissing him hard on the mouth while he and his father raped me from behind. After he came, Jack kept on pistoning his cock in and out of my gaping cunt, knowing that the lube of his loads would make Adam shoot his load of boy cum up my pussy. Soon enough Adam, too, shouted “You fucking whore, Uncle Mike, I’m gonna breed you too!,” and I could feel him loading my hole with a huge load of cream, while I desperately held on to him, shoving my tongue into his mouth. Jack rolled off me and streams of cum dripped from my sloppy cunt. Adam’s piece was still buried deep in my gaping, sloppy, cum-filled ass. He was still rock hard as only an 18 year old can be. Jack turned around, leaned over and began licking he outside of my ass, paying special attention to licking up the wads of cum that were dripping from my chute. He licked around the shaft of Adam’s cock, still buried inside my cunt, eliciting moans from the kid, who began to slowly hump my ravaged, sloppy, greedy pussy. Jack came up gasping for air, and moved up the bed and began kissing both Adam and I, with his beard and mouth covered in cum. We both eagerly licked the loads from his lips and beard while intensely kissing each other. I came up for air and looked at my big brother smiling and said, “you are such a bastard. I’m not going to walk straight for a week.” Jack got a shit-eating grin on his face and said “you deserved it, you dirty pig. and don’t tell me you didn’t love getting split open.” He was right, I was in heaven, and had rarely felt so much pleasure in any part of my body. I was completely spent, but Adam wasn’t finished with me yet. “Uncle Mike, can I fuck you again, my cock is still SO hard,” he said. I leaned down to kiss him again and said “of course baby boy.” I took a huge snort of poppers, and started gripping his dick with my ass muscles, which elicited moans of pleasure from him. “Do you wanna fuck your slutty Uncle’s hole again, boy? Is that what you want? Tell your dirty piggy Uncle what you want, baby,” I said. I continued to flex my muscles and grip his cock. Adam got a nasty glint in his eye and said “you’re such a fucking dirty whore, Uncle Mike. Dad said it himself. Your slutty cunt just opened up for both our cocks at once, and after getting raped by two cocks all you want is more. You know what I think, Uncle Pigboy?” “No, what’s that boy?,” I replied. “I think you’re nothing but a filthy cumdump for our loads. Isn’t that right, Uncle Mike?,” Adam said, pulling his cock all the way out of my gash and roughly jabbing it back inside me, making me groan loudly. “That’s what I thought. See, Dad, he’s nothing but a whore for our dicks!” “If anybody knows how much of a whore my brother is, it’s me,” Jack said. Adam quickly rolled me over on my back with my legs over his shoulders and began to pummel my ass with his fat uncut boy cock. It felt so good in my ass, I began to moan and groan and beg him for his dick. “Oh please, Adam, fuck your slutty Uncle’s hole. Give me that fat cock, I need it inside me. You’re right, I’m just a cumdump for you and your dad. Load me up with your cum. Breed that fucking ass of mine,” I said, loving how my ass was making me feel. “You’re such a dirty pig, but I love fucking your sweet hairy cunt. It makes my dick feel so good. All that cum in your chute is just lubing up my cock so it’s all frothy and slick,” Adam said. Adam continued his stream of filthy talk and fucked my cunt as hard as he could. Jack laid next to me and played with my cock while he passionately kissed me and whispered in my ear how hot the whole scene was. “Oh god, you can’t imagine how turned on I am watching Adam rape your pussy, little bro. I can’t wait until he shoots in your cunt again and breeds that hole with another load of family cum,” Jack whispered in my ear. “He’s going to turn into as much of a whore pig as you if I have anything to say about it. And wait until you see what I have planned for Alex.” Jack leaned away from me and smiled at me with a huge evil smile. He sat up and leaned over to kiss his boy. “Fuck his whore cunt, boy. Rape that cunt hard. I wanna see you shoot another load up there, so we can knock him up good.” Adam kissed Jack hard and said “Yes, Daddy! You tell me when you want me to cum and I will!” “That’s my boy,” Jack said. Adam picked up speed and was brutally raping my cunt, just like Daddy asked, for a few more minutes, letting a stream of filth come out of his mouth. Jack then licked his fingers on his left hand, leaned over and roughly shoved four of them up Adam’s hole in one fell swoop. “Oh FUCK YES DADDY!,” Adam said. “Oh my god that feels great! Please fuck my pussy, Daddy! Please make me cum inside Uncle Mike!” Jack was roughly fucking four fingers in and out of Adam’s ass which was still sloppy from being fucked earlier. I could tell he was playing with Adam’s prostate and Adam kept gasping every time Jack would touch it. “COME NOW BOY!,” Jack said. “Of FUCK DADDY! I’m shooting my load! Uncle Mike, I’m BREEDING YOUR HOLE!,” Adam said. “Fuck me baby boy! Fuck your slutty uncle’s cunt! Breed my ass, shoot that load inside me!” I was begging for his cum and could feel his cock throbbing hard and another huge load of creamy boy cum shot into the depths of my pussy. Jack was holding Adam up since he seemed a little shaky from the intense orgasm, and he slowly relaxed and laid down next to me. My hole was a sloppy mess and I could feel little bits of cum dribble out of my ass onto the bed. Jack leaned down and licked it up from the bed and from my ass and fed it to me again. I greedily licked it up. Jack laid down next to me and we all fell fast asleep, covered in sweat and smelling like the whores we were..
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    Jake stood motionless in the tile shower as the warm water cascaded across his body. stepping forward he placed his hands above his head, bracing his body against the satin grey tile as the water poured down his back, channeling naturally between his shoulders, to his hips, and along his taut milky cheeks as he stared down at his pendulous tool. Lucas would never understand how beautiful and perfect he had become, how he could become. maybe his strain would take, or maybe not, but Jake was sure this was a gift, a precious gift. Being poz among men was...it was as if he were some demigod. He could bless boys as he chose, convert the worthy few who invited his virulent hungry organ into their bodies and accepted his warm potent gift. Jake ran his hand along the length of his member. Poz meant his cock was home in only the finest, most exclusive bottoms. The boys who only cared about the purest pleasure. His exclusivity was confirmed gratefully by willing boys who buttered their holes with his precum and begged for his release, and denied to those who refused his generous pursuit of raw lust. Jakes head shot up as he heard his phone skittering across the marble kitchen countertop, vibrating with an incoming call. Scrambling to open the shower door he scuffed his feet on the bathroom rug momentarily and took off like a wet nude flash down the hall. "Lucas?!" he eagerly waited for the voice on the line to affirm his existence again if even for a moment. "uhm, Jake?" The boy searched his mind for what this timid voice was. It certainly wasnt Lucas. "Seth gave me your number. its Clint!" Jakes smile faded as he plodded back to the shower to fetch a towel. He certainly remembered blowing more greasy loads of pod spunk than he could count into this boy, he just never expected to hear from him again for some reason. His cock twitched at the thought of Clints insatiable cunt. "Hows it goin buddy?" Jake finished wiping himself down as he scooted the towel across puddles of water in the hall. "I feel...i dont feel good today jake. do you think it worked?" Jake felt a swell of pride as he heard the boys hoarse cough over the phone. "i think so baby." Jakes cock was rock hard as he imagined the boys smooth body embracing his gift. "I-if your not busy do you want to come over?" Clint asked bashfully. "of course i do baby ill be right there." Jake was now openly fisting his cock in anticipation of a slick poz hole to start his day with. "hi" Clint looked exhausted as he opened the door to his apartment dressed only in a pair of black briefs. his tired shoulders slumped as Jake embraced him. "Its all over baby you did a great job. Youre poz now" he stroked clints hair as the boy kissed him on the cheek. "i missed you Jake" he mumbled, moving his hand down to his underwear and slipping them down to present his pale cheeks. "i tried fingering my hole but it doesnt make me cum Jake" The boy couldnt believe his eyes. After all this, all clint could still think of was Jakes cock? it throbbed eagerly as he undid the buttons on his jeans. "i know baby, your boypussy needs a big cock in it doesnt it?" Clint nodded wearily as he spread his legs wider. "I made it slick already." he spread his hole obscenely for the hungry raw top to expose his dripping hole. "i mean, seth helped earlier. he brought lube" Clint pointed to a tupperware dish on the countertop that was obviously full of anonymous loads. "i never saw this kind before, but he put lots of it inside" clint remarked absently as he dipped a finger into his hungry toxic cunt. "this is the best kind of lube baby, but only poz holes get to use it. its very special." Jake scooped a gob of the seed into his fist and smeared it on his cock. "please Jake i need it inside. make me feel good." Jake stepped to the boys eager hole and gripped his hips. "put the nice big cock inside where it feels good clint" The boy sighed as he nudged his ass back and swallowed Jakes tool halfway. "oooooh fuck yes" clint moaned, continuing to slide back on the mans thick leaking prick. "god please jake fuck my hole" the desperate boy begged. "Jake began forcefully slamming his impossibly large cock into the smaller teens frame. this was what he was made for, charging up holes and shooting his load deep.
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    15. Show of Force "It's so red. You really got fucked, didn't you?" Conrad whispered. James's arms were still locked in the leather cuffs; they were in turn attached to the headboard. James's legs were similar: restraints around the ankles, fastened to ensure his most intimate and sensitive parts were on display. Conrad had also put a blindfold on him; at first he was terrified of the darkness. But Conrad had fed him several hits from the pipe in quick succession, and the darkness began to feel like a friend. Conrad made sure to always keep a hand on him, and the touch helped anchor him from the panic. Conrad pressed himself against James's body as he did several hits himself. "How many men?" Conrad asked. "I can't remember." "Fucking slut. You deserve this, don't you?" "Fuuuck," James said. "I need it." His head was spinning now. He was as high as he had ever been, and all he could think about was getting fucked. "Give it to me." "As you want," Conrad said. He put down the pipe, and squirted a bit of lube on James's ass. The cold felt good, and it soothed the soreness. Conrad ran his dick across James's hole, teasing it. It felt so warm in contrast with the chill lube. "Please. Put it in me," James moaned. Conrad lined his cockhead up, pressing right against James's tender hole. "Stop teasing me," James begged, but Conrad had one more step in his preparations. He held the bottle of poppers under James's nose. "Deep breaths. You're going to need it." James inhaled, savoring the warmth of the amyl. Then, the warmth was on both ends; Conrad's cock was sliding into him and the first sensation was fire. His ass was far more sensitive than he had thought. "Oh fuck. Oh Please. Please. WAIT," James's cries became increasingly desperate as Conrad slid all the way into his guts. "Just relax boy," Conrad said. He was glad he had blindfolded the boy. He was practically drooling at the sounds James was making and each desperate contortions the boy used to avoid his cock only made him harder. "You could take it just a moment ago." It was rare treat to have a new boy this far gone. James would always remember this fuck. "But, we'll go slow, ok?" He pulled out a bit, then slid back in. This time, James arched his back to welcome Conrad back inside him. "How does it feel now?" James asked Conrad. Conrad ran his hand against the boy's furry chest. He could feel the thick knots of muscle underneath; the boy was no weakling. "Fucking amazing boy. Your hole is so hot." "It feel like it's burning." "Yeah?" Conrad asked. "You feel that burn boy?" James nodded, trying to track Conrad's body while he was tied up and blindfolded. "Good," Conrad continued. "That's got some tina mixed in. Gonna help you take care of me and my friends." "Friends?" James gasped. His asshole was on fire, and Conrad's thrusting shaft only made it worse. He wished Conrad would slow down. James thought he could get used to it still; but he wasn't as sure about multiple men. "Friends," Conrad said. "Party buds. Or, as the Brits would say, high and horny friends." James winced at the next thrust from Conrad. Conrad's dick throbbed. He was in control, and there was nothing that James could do. "I'm not sure I can take that," he said, teeth clenched. Conrad tried not to laugh at the boy. He wanted James to trust him for now. It only made the eventual betrayal sweeter. "It's all right," Conrad said. "I've got some tricks to make sure you take every last cock." He started a slow rhythmic thrust into James's ass. The boy shivered, and then relaxed, before shivering again. Conrad recognized the pattern; thrusting in hurt more than pulling out. "Maybe not so deep," James grunted, trying to get comfortable with the fuck. Conrad's dick was throbbing in pleasure, and it was hard not to indulge the dark fantasy of pressing all the way into James. "OHH GOD," he yelped, as Conrad's dick opened up his tender depths. "You feel like heaven. So wet. So hot. Your ass is kissing my cock. Making it so hard." The boy was begging for any small mercy. He wouldn't have been quite so verbal had he been able to see how his every whimper and moan were just arousing Conrad. "Just relax," he said once more. "Inhale," he continued. The brown bottle was back under James's nose. He inhaled like his life depended on it. He knew it was one of the few ways he was going to be able to withstand this fuck. Conrad's cock felt like a white-hot poker, and it was destroying his already tender hole. All he wanted was for it to stop. He tried to move his arms; the leather wrist straps had him pinned ineffectually to the bed. The situation was the same for his legs. He couldn't move enough to make any difference. "Please," he said, when Conrad started huffing on the poppers. "I need a quick break." "Just a few more minutes, I want to give you my load." Before James could even respond, the brown bottle was back under his nose. "Don't think about the pain," Conrad said. Conrad jerked his cock as he said it, ant it sent a spasm of agony across James's body. "Oh fuck," the boy moaned, and he started to cry. Conrad pushed his cock in again, getting more of the same. He loved it when he made a boy cry. "Oh please," "Yeah?" Conrad said. "You like that, huh?" Another sharp cry. "Please," James said. He was still crying, but his voice had become flat. "Please," he repeated. "What do you want?" Conrad whispered in his ear. He knew the signs. The boy was starting to disassociate. "Wanna get bred, boy?" Some guys hated that separation of the body and spirit, but Conrad had hoped to push James this far. It meant the gang could push James to the very limit of his endurance. "You want cum, right? "Please," James moaned again. "Please." "FUCK," Conrad grunted, and pushed his cock all the way into James. The boy whimpered, and the tears continued to flow. It was exactly what Conrad needed. He did it again, and knew just how much pain the boy was in. He couldn't hold it any longer. "FUCK." His dick exploded, shooting huge jets of sperm deep into James's hole. "Please," James whimpered. "It's so big. So hot." Conrad's dick continued to pump thick ropes of spooge. His sperm was already attacking the sensitive anal walls. He slowed down his pace slightly. It was the first of several loads he was planning on giving to James, and he could afford to truly enjoy the time with the boy. "Oh god, that cock." James had started to come back, and remember the ordeal his body was going through. Conrad was getting the pipe ready when he heard the door open. He looked up and smiled. "You better not have ruined him," a new voice said.

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