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Hoping To Breed Long-time Fuckbud Tonight

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Hold on!!!  I never said anything about WASTING any cum on the sheets lol!  If his ass is super clean (hopefully it is), I'm just saying to dive down on that gushing hole and lap it up.  If you're cool with eating cum before you've cum, it might surprise you how hot it is to nurse on his wet cummy hole.  Personally I used to be the same as you.  Once I came I was finished, but I forced myself a couple times to swallow a guy's load AFTER I bred him and came, and I also practiced letting a guy finish fucking me till he cums even if I've bred him first or I accidentally cum from getting fucked. I always let the other guy(s) finish now.  Your profile says vers, and it's way more satisfying to me to both fill each other with cum....had to "push through it" the first couple times, then I got total pleasure out of taking my partner's load and getting him off - kinda goes hand in hand with being able to suck your load out of his hole and hopefully sharing it with him - hopefully getting him off and swallow that too!

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