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Docking has a high transmission rate?

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So I read an article today about how docking has a high transmission rate for HIV. Sounds interesting I guess it makes alittle sense too, containment of both guys precum and cum not to mention smegma. Honestly it would be a hot way to be converted but I'm always thinking of new and weird ways to get infected. But maybe I'm alone here or maybe not? Still would be something that I'd be willing to try but sadly uncut guys are kind of  rare already poz uncut guys must be super rare. What about you guys what do you think? Hot way to convert or not? Does it make sense or just boggles the mind? 



I'll include the original article where I saw it here:



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Poz and uncut here...hadn't heard of this study yet. I know being uncut puts you at higher risk for contracting and transmitting HIV/AIDS and so I guess transmission through docking makes sense. I must truly be naive as I figured it would be safe or safer and used it as an alternative for guys who didn't want to bareback, instead I've been exposing them. Thinking of a partnered bud I do this wife regularly as he doesn't consider it cheating on his BF. We do it cause he's not on Prep and won't BB...guess he could get pozzed as a result after all.

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