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Last night at my local pub

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I was bored last night so I went down to my local pub for a beer. It's not a gay bar never been chatted up in there before until last night. I just finish my beer and I went off to the toilet as you know what beer is like, as I walked into the toilet another guy follow me in and stood next to me at the urinals as I was pissing the guy next to me put his hand on my ass and gave it a good feel. I noticed he was standing there holding his rock hard cock then I felt his finger pushing on my hole as he spoke, "I want to fuck your hole and breed you good" so we headed into a cubical and I drop my pants as the guy spat on his cock and slid it into my hole, he must of been 8inchs felt so good having that raw cock in me, love it pumping me hard he was fucking hard and fast like he wanted to fuck and dump quickly which he did as he moan out as he cummed deep into my hole and kiss me on the back of my neck saying "thanks for that I really needed to fuck a hot guy ass I hope you enjoy the cum load deep in you" He pulled out and place his cock back in his jean and left I didn't see him in the bar when I came back in but I kept his load safe in me.

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