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Curiosity kills the manhood

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I had been an in denial bi guy for years, with gfs n kids. Always ignored n fought the cravings and try to rid myself of them, never worked always came back stronger n stronger till near the end of my last relationship we got new neighbors. I knew them from work 3yrs before n they were gay n almost got me before I left. Now here they were and my then gf was going out of town for a week, during the strongest ever cravings. To make a long story short, they finished what they started that night and spun me 5 ways to sundown and used me. Ever since I've been an insatiable slut, erasing almost all inhabitions I had n had me a total sub bottom bitch.

Soon I discovered hypnos, they fueled my hunger even more. I really got into the sissy faggot ones, I fantasized about being sissified, feminized n having my 7" cock shrunk down  by hormones to an inched and caged. Maybe become a whore being pimped out for $10 bis and $20 ass fuckings.

Then while posting on tumblr I found a page with a guy posting a fantasy just like mine. I messaged him n said Mmmmmm if only this could happen to me!

In seconds he answered n said, It can u know, get kidnapped, drugged, forced to watch sissy hypno n brainwashed into one. With you it wouldnt take much I can tell, youd make a pretty lil sissy Tina whore! You just say the word n I'll make it happen, u will be safe, we wont make u but if u say the word it would come out of the blue n if u dont like it, we will stop.

I didnt take him serious, he didnt know where I lived in my town. I said, Sure, transform me! I was so hard picturing me w tits, nice curves n ass n a floppy, limp 1" caged clitty flopping around n leaking all over as I get gangbanged by 20 men. I came in no time n blew a huge load into my hand n licked it clean. Omg! I thought, if I didnt like it I probably would never get my dick back! Forever a sissified n totally feminized n a total slut, oh fuck yeah! If only.....

To be continued... .

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 Mn Gunn. For days afterward, all I could do is think fwhat if that guy does come n drug n kidnap me. And I wake up tied in a sling, shaved smooth w a TV screen showing the transformation from macho guy tied just like me to a sling,w earbuds playing hypno sissy porn. I woke up every morning after dreaming of ending up totally feminized, cock limp b useless in a cage n stud after stud using me. I'd wake up rock hard n jo in seconds. If only he would cum n turn me into another of his sissy cockwhores.

One morning I woke up n it was dark n I heard a voice through headphones saying, I told u Neal, I know who truly wants the transformation, n u will be my finest cockwhore! You're in a van headed to my secret lair meanwhile heres some fag hypno to help drive the bi right out of you, they saw u watch it over n over but we replaced the woman w a sissywhore n shes gonna get u so worked up. 

The hood was pulled off n a blonde guy smiled n said, Be cool n I'll untie u, n sit back n relax n let go of the last bit of heterosexual in u. He turned on a dvd player in front of me n plugged in headphones. 

I was in a pair of sleep pants n tee, the screen then started playing w some credits, it was a girl n she smiled, My name is Layla, I was Fred's first transformed sissy cockwhore, heres a pic of me before, it showed a skinny, bearded man hairy w tight pants on. I met him at a drag show n he told me he could make me the ultimate drag queen whore. He shaved me, grew my hair longer, dressed up slutty, caged my cock n fed me hormones to transform me to what u see today. He kept me high af n pimped me out 10 bjs n 20 ass fucks, God I loved it. So will u, now sit  back n enjoy ur favorite hypno narrated by me. Oh it gonna be so horned up when u get here, bobby give him shard! 

It went blank as I took the loaded bowl n huge chunks of Tina. Laylas sexy sissy voice spoke: Welcome Neal, think of a girly name later, the Tina ur smoking is a creation  of our own that turns even the straightest guy a flaming homo n w this video ull beg to be made a slutty lil cumdump submissive sissy. Ur batch is made especially for u, u will be more sub than any sissys here that aren't caged, u will serve them all alphas n dom sissys. By the way, nice dick but say goodbye after u get here, jerk it while u can. Hormones will shrink it slowly down to an inch n cage it, ill still cum but by rubbing it like a clit n ur prostate. Enough of that, let's get this ho begging for it! This is a computer animated version of u getting transformed into the trashyest, cock hungry cumdump ever n a possible scenario. Enjoy!

The screen showed a remarkable likeness of me in a sling tied up legs in the air. You wake up after being slipped a booty bump, a voice on headphones says, You will be the biggest, sluttiest cockwhore sissy bitch ever, the sensation up ur ass is a dildo conditioning ur boipussy for relentless pounding ull get by real cocks. My likeness was squirming n moaning, he asked wth was he n why is he shaved  to the toes n God that's incredible up my ass! Hypno played on a TV in front of him n mirror on the ceiling showed him made up n dressed like a $2 whore n him screaming in the ceiling, omg it's TRUE! I dont really wont it anymore, my nice 7in dick its limp af n caged! Yes it useless clitty is now just a sensitive limp shadow of its former self, the video said showing a struggling made up CD, a machine started sliding the dildo in n out,  another sissywhore came in n smoked Tina w him blowing shotguns then started putting lube on ur ass, ur our bitch now she says, the lubes laced w the Tina u smoked on the way here n going in ur ass. The new bitch started moaning n humping the hand, yeah that's it, it doom is sealed, now its irreversible. He started starting at the gangbang of the sissy on screen screaming please do me like that oh God yes! 

I was spun more than ever put shard in my spun fuck hole,  moaning omg that's me! Yeah use my faggot ass n mouth!!

To be continued....


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I was transfixed at the screen in awe of the feminized version of myself, I was actually pretty n from how I reacted to another's touch of my nipples, clitty  n ass very sensitive. God what happened to my nice dick? Now its tiny n useless, leaking like a slut. The passenger told me hormones shaped my body n shrunk it down to nothing. Its permanant n irreversable, u wont be allowed to change sexes but may be castrated. I started struggling, fighting the guy who easily contained my sissified ass, stuck me w a needle n before I went down he told me I would be a party/orgy/gangbang whore filmed doing it. I moaned a lil, he smiled n said see ur looking forward to being a group slut, I noticed u fantasize about some shall we say, about u going to the dogs. N winked, might have some of that too. I passed out, I dreamed of a sissy slut being used over n over, high af begging for more dick n cum.

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I cant wait to see me being turned into a stereotypical gay insatiable cockwhore w a less than an inch clitty, watching so much sissy hypno high af on cockwhore special meth. I bet I beg to be gangbanged, I havent really thought much about signifying n feminizing myself, I'm naturally a horndog for dick n cum 

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It really does take away your manhood i was once a cocky young teen never took shit from nobody after i started crossdressing shaving my body and got serious feminizing myself at 15 i noticed just how much i had changed i wud basically run from a confrontation with another guy!!! I realized i cud atract and please men just as any female cud and i realized i had awsum big ass to show off and i got very good at seducing straight men into sex by 18 my manhood was totally gone i knew i had become a total sissy and didn't bother me everyone knowing i was !!!!!

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