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Stealth breeding by turkish trucker

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The large street was frequented by many turkish truck drivers due to parking lanes running alongside in both directions and a big mosque located nearby. I was cruising the street at night looking for a horny trucker in need of a hole or two. The few times I already tried to score one of the turkish truckers had been pretty unsuccessful. Especially when they were hanging around with one or more of their colleagues, which was most of the time. It had been a particularly disappointing evening with only a few trucks parked along the strip, so I was ready to leave and go home. Suddenly I saw a trucker standing next to his truck door having a smoke. He was middle-aged, dark, stocky built, had trimmed hair and a big mustache. A classic turkish daddy. He stared at me from afar coming closer and closer. I saw him looking up and down the street to make sure no one was around to witness the scene.

Even before I could approach him to ask for a cigarette, he let out a whistle and asked me in broken English "you bitch?" I nodded in exhilaration "yes". He immediately replied "show ass, bitch" and motioned for me to pull down my pants. As I followed his instructions, he grabbed my ass with one hand while the other still held the cigarette. He felt up my hole with his middle finger and apparently liked the fact that I had already prepared it with some lube. He whistled again and exclaimed "nice ass, bitch. Wet like pussy. Perfect for turkish cock." I became extremely horny leaning against the truck, fingered by this turkish daddy while he was casually smoking his cigarette. He took a last puff and flicked it onto the sidewalk. He opened the truck door and said calmly "get inside, bitch."

I proceeded to climp up and felt him giving me a  push. Once inside he locked the doors shut behind us and closed the curtains on the window screens. It was a cramped driver cabin with a small TV screen attached to the middle console and a mini oriental carpet on the floor in front of the bunk bed, with leather sandals standing on top of it. He proceeded to change into the sandals, put a white towel on the driver seat and sat down. He was switching channels on the TV screen and lit another cigarette. He pulled down his pants all the way to the ankles and I saw his already half-stiff cut dick popping up. He explained "you suck cock hard, I fuck pussy". I gladly obliged by kneeling down next to the seat and taking his dick in my mouth. It was a relaxed blowjob, all the while hearing the voices from a turkish soap running on the TV and the trucker puffing smoke into the air. It only took one quick cigarette before his cock became hard as a rock and he said "I fuck pussy now. Lay on bed". He stood up and put the white towel over a roll cushion on the small mattress in the bunk. He gestured for me to crawl on top of it and bend over the cushion so he could stand behind me and fuck me doggy style. Since there was no inclination by him to put on a condom, I told him sternly "If you don't have a condom with you, I can give you one of mine". He paused for a couple of seconds before answering "yes, you get condom". I removed the wallet from my pants and pulled out a packet. I ripped it open and rolled the translucent rubber over his dick with my own hands. He just stood there without any reaction at all. Satisfied with the rubber firmly wrapped around his hard cock, I bend over the roll cushion and lay down on all fours to finally receive that turkish meat stick inside of me.

He stood right behind me and put one hand on my back to apply a little pressure. I heard him spitting several times. He appeared to further lubricate my hole for ease of entry until I felt his dick sliding inside of me. I started to moan with pleasure as he continued to fuck me. He fucked like clockwork with no change in intensity and rhythm. There was no sound coming from him and there was no passion involved. It felt like a job that had to be done and he simply used my hole as a means to an end to unload. It only took about 2-3 minutes before he suddenly stopped moving, with his cock all the way up my ass. There was no quivering and moaning, just the slightly accelerated breathing as he seemed to come. I got slightly confused when he remained in this position for a full minute, keeping my upper body down on the mattress, until he finally pulled out his cock very carefully and let go of my back. I was able to get up again and when I turned around I saw the trucker with the condom in his hand. I could clearly see some white liquid in the tip of the rubber as he grabbed some tissues to wrap it all up and throw it in a small trash can. He proceeded to clean his cock with some wet wipes and handed me some for my ass. Before I was even finished and could say anything, he explained "you go now, I must drive". He buttoned up his pants and lifted the curtains just enough to peek outside the co-driver window. I was completely blindsided when he suddenly opened the door and shoved me outside. He didn't even wait for me to button up my pants before I was back on the sidewalk scrambling to fix myself. I heard a big thud as he closed the door and the roaring of the starting engine. Just like that he drove off into the night, leaving me there like a piece of trash dumped on the street.

Slightly annoyed by the rude farewell, I proceeded to head back to the subway. On the way home I was trying to figure out whether I actually liked the experience or not. It was not until I was already inside the subway and sat down that I first had a slight sensation of my hole feeling particularly sticky. I knew I had lubed it up very well in preparation for a quick fuck, but this felt different. It finally hit me when there was clearly something dripping out of my hole into my underwear. My mind was racing with questions. Do I have his cum in my hole? How is this possible, I put my condom over his cock?! And I saw it filled with cum before he threw it away!?! Since I was not alone in the subway, I saw no possibility to check there and then. My only option was to wait until I got home.

As I entered the flat, I immediately went to the bathroom and pulled down my pants. It was clear as night that there was some cum inside my underwear and I smelled its distinct odor. I put a finger up my hole and realized that he must have shot his full load all the way up my rectum. Sure enough I sat on the toilet and pushed out a sticky mess of lube and cum into the bowl. That sneaky bastard filled me up so good that even the next day there were still some remains coming out of me.

To this day I get extremely horny thinking back on my former inexperienced self in that situation. Laying there ass up and face down having no clue that the turkish trucker decided to let me put the condom over his cock with the plan in mind to just remove it when I can't see it anymore, just because he wanted to fuck the bitch bareback and shoot his load up its ass. That he spit inside the condom in order to present it to me as seemingly filled with his cum without raising any suspicion. That he was obviously experienced in barebacking unsuspecting holes and probably has bred and will breed many bitches like me on his long haul treks through Europe. And finally that I definitely saw a ring on his finger, making it extremely likely that this turkish daddy has a wife and kids waiting at home while he uses gay butts as substitute pussies on the road.

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