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Hi Guyz, this is Fiona from Germany.

I am writing on a story and i am stuck.

maybe you could give me some ideas or hints.


the setting: A guy (Kevin) has an encounter with a dominant transsexual

( Kim).


Kim put Kevin high on poppers. While he enjoys his rush she asked him about condoms. He said no, because he hadnt any in his nightstand.

now Kim wants to enter Kevin ass, when he realize she didn’t wear a condom. 

Now I don’t know how to go on. 

Kims generally intention is always to fuck her subs bare. Kevin(high and Hirntod on poppers) fantasied of bareback but is afraid.

So either she persuades Kevin into it, or she force him to take her bare.

so what do you think?


There will probably be two version of the story.  

One with normal bareback sex and one with a little poz plot twist;)

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