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The white man who raped my ass

Posted by creamytwinky, 26 September 2011 · 1216 views

I was walking downtown one night when a car past me. I knew I was in a gay neighborhood which is why I got of at the train stop in the first place. I was hoping I could walk up the street get picked up by some horny stranger, go somewhere and get fucked then go about my business. I wasn't off the train 6 minutes before someone was pulling over to the side ot the road asking if I needed a ride. He was an older white man with bald head and a hairy face. He told he he lived only a few block from here and offered me a ride I excepted. About 10 minutes later we arrive at his home, he opened to door, told me to make myself at home and offered me a beer. I excepted and took a seat on the couch. When he reappeared from the kitchen he was butt naked with a beer in each hand. All I noticed was the thick white meat between his legs. He sat the beers on the table and told me to strip naked he'd be right back, I took off my clothes and sat back down on the couch. When he returned this time he had some poppers and a porn dvd. He popped in the dvd and took a wiff of the poppers before handing them to me. As I was taking a wiff of the poppers he took his beer and drank it down. Once he was done, he grabbed my hand pulled me from the couch and pulled me toward him. He then grabbed my head and began licking me in my mouth and one my face as he was rubbing and squeezing my ass. "Suck my dick boy" he then said as he pushed me on my knees. "You like that dontcha black bitch, sucking that big white daddy dick. Eat it boy" as he's now choking me with his meat. "Now come here and suck on daddies manhole boy." as he shoved my face in the crack of his hairy musty ass. "Thats what you like ain't it boy, a white man feeding you his ass after a long sweaty workout. Big licks boy, don't be shy". By now I'm nervous because he never asked me anything he just demanded me do it and he doesn't even know my name. Suddenly he lifts me to my feet and picks me up in the air holding me by my asscheeks, kissing me in my mouth again. "Give daddy a kiss bitch, let me taste those big black lips". I did what I was told, as he walked me into his bedroom and threw me on the bed telling me to lay on my stomach. As I'm laying there with my ass to him, he takes another wiff of the poppers before he hands them to me "Take this boy, keep it under your noise your gonna need it." Just then he puts his face in my asscrack, biting and nawing on my rosebud aggressively as I'm huffing poppers. After about 5 minutes of slobbing on my buttcrack, he lays directly on top of me wrapping his arm around my neck, telling me in my ear how he's about to rape my black ass and I'd better not make allot of noise. Seconds later, he shoves his dick in my ass all in one motion while holding his hand on my mouth. "Shut up black bitch, take this white daddy like a good bitch" while frantically pushing his huge meat up my now burning pucker. "That's where you belong, taking some white dick up that black boy shitter. You like this white daddy taking your ass don'tcha boy" Still licking my face in between insults. Suddenly, "Aaaaaaaaaaggggggh, yeah faggot take it." as he's now flooding my ass with a hugh thick load of manbutter. "Yeah baby, take my babies up your ass boy." Once he was done pumping my ass, he pulled my head toward his dick and told me "Lick it clean faggot" and I simply replied by trying to line my throat with what was left of his cum. He told me he needs a new house boy and he wants to see me again for a second interview in 2 days. I told him "yes sir" as I was pulling up my pants, cum still dripping from my ass. He wouldn't allow me to take a shower, he said he wanted me to think about why my ass was cummy while on my way home. Before he dropped me off at the station he made sure I had his number and told me what time to be walkin up the street in 2 days. I can't wait to see him again, I hope I do well for my next interview.