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Sleeping with cock in me

My partner and I often sleep with his cock in me. Not only after he's fucked me, but just because we like it. He especially likes sleeping in me when I've been filled by a hookup. In fact, we sometimes go to a club or sauna so I can get loaded for him while he watches, or he'll set up a meet for me. Sometimes it's me going to a guy's place and when I get back I describe how I got fucked. Other times, some guy comes to us so my partner can watch (often without the visitor knowing...) However it g


Monorchid in Partner

"He Wants Your Cum..."

Near Home—April, 2021 So my last outing in April was back to the bookstore nearest my home.  If the time before (detailed in the last entry) felt like I could not put a step wrong—this one felt quite different.  Until an explosive end…   The parking lot is busy—but not totally full as I pull in.  A good sign.  I pay and enter the larger, straight video room.  A small crowd.  I can actually sit in the aisle seat in the back.  It’s the one I call the cocksucker seat as guys can stan


FelchingPisser in Bookstore

how i want to tell men i am a bottom when visiting a bath house

The few times i have visited a bath house i have found myself struggling how to tell me i am a total submissive bottom. I have visited the bath house in Lisbon the Trombeta and also the bathhouse in Toronto SteamWorks. In both i do get guys looking over their shoulder to see me naked but then there is this question in my mind? are they tops or bottoms? what are they looking for or are they versatiles? Specially when i am a total submissive bottom, i have never really fucked a top but rather been


mikeboi1 in bathhouse sex

Am I setting myself up for a big 'let down'?

I've been actively looking for a dominant Alpha Male who is also Black, as I have so many fantasies about being pinned/held/tied down and forcefully fucked, I want so desperately to hear him verbally abusing me, whilie he instructs me on how to service his cock. To hear his grunts as he shoves his cock into m tight, twitching, hairless, pink, boi pussy, and feel him unloading in me. I'm not sure if my expectations are too much for what I will eventually experience and if I'm just setting myself


atyl7u in BBCSlut

am i a whore?

i have been called a whore since i was only fourteen years old. but was i a whore before? The truth is no, it was my top who told me he was going to have one of his friends fuck me and he would be watching me on my stomach as his friend lay on top of me fucking me. It was from that day on that he started to call me a whore. before i was just a bitch, from that day one i was both a bitch and his whore and only good to be fucked and pleasure me who wanted a piece of ass. so i have been ever since.


mikeboi1 in whore

The Bookstore: Hot, But Sweet

Near Home—April, 2021 The next encounter I had was with Ross and his amazing rosebud.  As much as I love playing with him, our scene was almost act for act as the one just a few posts ago—so I am not going to write it up again.  The only real change was his feeding me his rosebud from the sling and not on the rimseat. Towards the end of the month, with both my Moderna vaccinations under my belt, I ventured back, for the first time, to the bookstore nearest me.  I had avoided the smalle


FelchingPisser in Bookstore

A guy from sniffles

Tonight I guy I've hooked up with before came over.  I met him On Sniffies maybe a year ago.  He came over, and wanted something a little more passionate that I'm used to these days.  He was very into kissing and touching, and varying the tempo of his fucking.  Over the past year or so I've just gotten used to being pounded and bred.  lol.  and I think I like just being pounded and bred better.  


Harlemboy81 in another load

Matt Takes on Four

South Bend, IN—April, 2021 Don and Reid, the couple who were once ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ and are now finding new joy in playing together, had just gotten their second vaccine shot and wanted to play.  Matt, who was last at my house where we broke the bed (that post is here, if you missed it) wanted to be included.  As his ass was everyone’s favorite, it seemed logical.  We arranged to meet at a motel halfway between me in Michigan and Matt in Illinois.  Don got busy and found one more


FelchingPisser in Motel

Swing Low

Back Boards   0   HenryBravo  #confessions · 1 attachment 1h ago · 3 Views Today I answered a strangers request to join him and five friends for a bang session that would leave me, as he promised , a fully used whore. I paid an extravagant amount of money on an Uber, traveled an hour with my pussy getting wetter and my ass getting thirstier.  He answers  the door naked. Middle aged, and  balding with a bit of a tummy. The house is huge, the tvs are huge, the


UrBoyHenry in Balls Deep

First time

Huge step for me, had a guy come and feed me his cock and load orally. The seal has been broken, looking forward to doing more behind the bf back


Dcbbslut123 in Cheating

An Afternoon Orgy

Grand Rapids—April, 2021 By April, the host of the group that I attend in Grand Rapids was ready to host again.  He talked to me by text.  He wanted to start small—do a sort of All Star mini group.  He wanted men he knew were vaccinated.  Men who loved to fuck and were ready for sex.  I agreed with him—and in 24 hours he let me know he had the men and had set the date. He also asked me to bring the rimseat and my sling chains. “You need my sling?”  (I was surprised.  I knew he had

Whored Out

There's this big-dicked Daddy-type man who used to fuck me, but he's quite demanding and since I haven't been fucked for a while he won't let me visit him. He wants to know my arse is in shape to take his large cock (21cm, so roughly 8½", and with significant girth) as well as some of his toys and whatever else he fancies. He's the one who has previously gotten a slim dildo 42cm / 17" inside me, fisted me, and dropped a length of rather heavy metal chain into my gaping hole, so you can see he's


DanishAss in Fucked

Monday night ( I'm on a roll)

Tonight a guy I've hooked up with a free times came over.  I forgot that he is so..... long winded lol.  He isn't particularly into "long sessions".  It's just that he takes him a while to cum, and he really pounds HARD (love it).   Long story short my ass is gaping is dripping with a huge load.  Hopefully I see him again soon. 


Harlemboy81 in loads

Sunday night

Sunday a fb come by.  I have to say that sex with him is never really exciting, but he is reliable and gets the job done.  He always give me the 1st load in my ass, and makes me swallow the second.  a good time was had by all.  Now tonight I have a possible hook-up.  Another guy I see semi regularly.  Texting with him right now.  Hopefully I'll get another load tonight. On a side note, getting fucked this regularly is making my hole loose (which I love because it just means that it's e


Harlemboy81 in loads

Davis Gets Wet Inside and Out

My Playroom—April, 2021 Davis wanted to come back to the playroom.  We had both loved our January session.   We agreed on a time during the first week of April.  Davis also mentioned that he wanted to be used a little rougher than before. That got me thinking. I readied the playroom by lowering the fuck bench so it was flat.  I also dropped the sling so it hung by just the two D rings on the head side. I set out some other things on the bed…   I hear Davis step out

Saturday night

So last night was a little disappointing.  I've been talking to a guy I met on dick code all week.  He's been saying how he was going to pound me HARD.   He told me he would leave me flooded and gaped.  He comes over last night ( an hour later than the time we agreed), and has a difficult time getting hard.  Now this wouldn't;t be so terrible ( I know it happens) except that when I suck his dick I can tell that he has recently fucked someone else.   He eventually is able to get erect enough


Harlemboy81 in 2021 loads


if yu want to come fuck and cumdump my ass and allow me yo fullfill your pleasure give me a message and well make a chat. email: hapii.wildflxwrr@gmail.com


Skibaby in Cumcump

"You Still Eat Ass?"

South Central Michigan—March, 2021 I went back to the same bookstore one other time in March.  It was all but deserted… But being me, I still had some fun…   I am sitting and stroking to the straight porn in the main area.  There is a cross dresser, hidden from view, in the Trans area.  I can’t tell if he wants to play or is just luxuriating in watching porn fully dressed.  There is a man in the Gay area, too, but he has fallen asleep.  I sit and stroke to two guys on the big


FelchingPisser in Bookstore

"Can I Sit On It?"

So here is a list of all the men I had sex with in February, 2021:             Yup.  I had nary a hook up in February.  I do remember turning the heat on in the playroom and jerking to Jake Morgan taking all the other inmates up his fabulous ass in Death Row Cum Dump.  My orgasm was all the sweeter as I have personal experience with my cock inside that hot man…   South Central Michigan—March, 2021 I now had my first Moderna shot.  And I went back


FelchingPisser in Bookstore


A week or so ago I found myself awake at 12am. I was horny as fuck and wanted to get off. Still apprehensive about sex outside my relationship but I was able to chat up this guy on sniffies and I have him a live show of me jacking off, blowing my load, and eating my cum. Maybe soon I'll be sneeking off to collect loads 


Dcbbslut123 in Cheating

Ross in Full Bloom

North of Home—January, 2021 I hadn’t seen Ross, the man with the amazing rosebud, for quite awhile.  No, that parenthetical phrase isn’t quite right.  I hadn’t seen Ross, the man with the AMAZING rosebud, for quite awhile.  That’s better.  He had returned to Michigan to work and now lived to the north of me.  We made plans to meet, but they were cancelled by Covid.  By January, He was ready to get back to play.  I told him how I had been playing—in my ‘meet a man and then wait’ sc


FelchingPisser in Fisting

Lucky Seven

I just, this moment, realized that yesterday was the anniversary of the day I walked out of the hospital in 2014 to begin life with AIDS. I am now a 7-year AIDS survivor. There are flavors of irony in this moment all mixing together as I contemplate this conjunction of events. First and most immediate of these is that I’m currently lying naked on my bed with another man’s load of semen in my cunt, so fresh it hasn’t even had time to start leaking out. Ironic, on this day, that they call it


ErosWired in Life with AIDS

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