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    BB, promiscuous, anon and strangers horny since il ost my virginity by the age of 12 y.o to a guy that i meet on a online gay live chat that FINALLY accepts expending a whole afthernoon, going slow and patient until a full dick is inside me and cumming deep !!! BB AGAIN at 14y.o when i lost my virginty going all the way with my girlfriend at the time.
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    Bissexual 28y.o, Neg, Recently Tested, on shape, 100% shaved from the Waistline below, male from Brazil, THAT TRAVELS ALOT TO USA AND EUROPE, LOVE IT slutty/promicuous girls that like to be filled with cum from any and as many partners the she whants to... i clean and swallow all from all holes and mouth if she likes that. Doing all ...when they just fuck on the first day and dont even ask for c

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  1. I'm in SF from 9 oct to 17 oct in the Comfort Bay Inn. Anyone for real action ?
  2. Hi every body, i'm from brazil, travelled a lot around the world, really admires womans from russia, sweden, finland, netherlands and specially uk female barebackers single and married. USA varies a lot. From the do it all with anyone anon/stranger in states considere more conservator/sex culture less visible to REALLY DAMN HOT cougar housewifes looking to cheat their husbands, from an NY beautifull as possible lesbian who feels attracted by submissive mens to tie up fist with both hands inside by anyway that tells that she wanna rape a guy really hard. Or Ruthie hays for example, who i reall
  3. Loved your profile, i really would like to meet you, add me on msnfist@hotmail.com (msn/microsoft messenger)

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